Contribution Guide

So you want to contribute to our database of routes with a calculated Eliot Deviation Index? It's not as easy as just screaming out on some internet forum or social media page with what you say that it is. This isn't anything super crazy, but there's some rules to follow to ensure consistency and accuracy with the measurement.

Part 1: Eligibility
In order for a route to be added to the database, it needs to be eligible for an Eliot Deviation Index. The three eligibility criteria are listed on the home page of this website and are repeated below.
1. The line must begin and end at different stops. No loops allowed.
2. The line must have at least three stops.
3. The line must not end along the return journey to the beginning.
There is also a fourth rule when it comes to crowdsourced data - the agency that operates the route must already have its stops listed in the stop database. If your desired agency isn't listed, let Eliot know. They'll work on adding it at some point.

Part 2: Line Definition
How do you define the line? Where do you start and end? This is best explained with some diagrams.

(Please excuse the fact that I ripped out a page of a notebook to draw these. All points represent terminals.)
Upper Left: Please measure all the way from A to C, as long as there are no additional deviations between A and B. In these cases, B counts as a short-turn point.
Upper Right: These routes must be split into multiple routes. One going between D and E, and one between D and F. (If trips operate D to F via E, follow the above or below procedure.)
Bottom Left: Please use whichever route is the main or most common version for trips between G and I. If deviations to H are frequent, please include the deviation to H. If the deviation to H is infrequent or rare (e.g. deviations to schools), please do not add it. (Multiple listings for the same line can be added into the database.)

Part 3: Submission
To submit a route, a list of consecutive stop IDs must be sent to Eliot (don't have a way to contact? here's an email.) for verification. You can run it through the online calculator, but that has no way of adding it to the database. Please include in your message the agency and route being submitted (if using a variation as defined in the upper right diagram, please give the variation being submitted). All submitted routes will be verified to make sure all data is correct, and will be ran through the calculator before being added to the database.

That's it! I told you it would be simple.