Stop Listing

San Mateo County Transit District (ca-samtrans)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
3410031st Ave & B St.37.567253-122.323858
3120022nd St & Main St37.545439-122.513636
3350013rd Ave & Angus Ave37.627113-122.407527
3350023rd Ave & Belle Air School37.624812-122.406193
3350043rd Ave & Pine St37.628886-122.408537
3350033rd Ave & Pine St.37.628629-122.408504
3350053rd Ave & San Bruno Ave37.630689-122.409501
3350063rd Ave & San Bruno Ave.37.630732-122.409404
3410304th Ave & El Camino Real - San Mateo37.562090-122.325479
3410314th Ave. & El Camino Real - San Mateo37.562073-122.325307
3440015th Ave & Spring St37.480438-122.199444
3444645th Ave & Spring St37.479796-122.199633
3120276th St & Audubon Ave37.539497-122.507580
3120266th St & Audubon Ave.37.539567-122.507903
3120246th St & Le Conte Ave37.540410-122.509680
3120256th St & Le Conte Ave.37.540450-122.509730
3310159th St & Folsom St37.774021-122.411777
3310179th St & Harrison St37.772774-122.410213
33100110th St & Bryant St37.769979-122.409406
33100310th St & Howard St37.773645-122.414003
33160911th St & Market St.37.775180-122.418450
33100619th Ave & Winston Dr37.726296-122.475195
34161828th Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.538115-122.311424
34161928th Ave & Hacienda St37.539525-122.308055
34194928th Ave & Hillsdale Station37.542028-122.301947
34195028th Ave & Hillsdale Station37.542192-122.302222
34162828th Ave & S El Camino Real37.541505-122.303019
34101631st Ave & Fernwood St - Hillsdale HS37.532930-122.313675
36120046 Port Royal Ave37.535367-122.274715
33200858 Alta Vista Way37.704751-122.431734
33200187th St & Nimitz Dr37.693140-122.480460
33200287th St & Park Plaza Dr37.693301-122.480546
33260792nd St & Bryant St37.689635-122.473571
33252692nd St & Edgeworth Ave37.689735-122.474216
31114595 Palmetto Ave37.653953-122.490951
332007146 Alta Vista Way37.704715-122.436226
341108153 N Delaware St37.571962-122.325425
344120175 G St37.495282-122.242725
335009220 Allen Dr37.630396-122.457299
341621225 37th Ave - San Mateo Medical Center37.531804-122.300636
335010231 Allen Dr37.630437-122.457696
315029250 Hwy 92 - Hilltop Mobile Home Park37.469091-122.426334
315028251 Hwy 92 - Hilltop Mobile Home Park37.469095-122.425797
334007255 S Airport Blvd - South SF Conference Ctr37.647288-122.405365
341620256 37th Ave - San Mateo Medical Center37.531773-122.300997
334500264 S Airport Blvd - Four Points Sheraton Hotel37.647728-122.405689
331525280 Buckingham Way37.727174-122.480040
332287317 Skyline Dr37.688087-122.490795
332107332 Gellert Blvd37.667627-122.468862
332604395 Hickey Blvd & Kaiser Medical Offices Driveway37.663473-122.462038
335504585 McDonnell Rd - UAL Cargo37.615875-122.395600
335119586 McDonnell Rd - Opposite UAL Cargo37.615493-122.395311
341633640 N Delaware St37.577720-122.331543
311159700 Palmetto Ave - SF RV Resort37.646097-122.492229
315036735 Main St - Ides Hall37.460146-122.429677
316603741 Main St - Ides Hall37.460050-122.429840
361041833 Gull Ave37.567106-122.259259
311124903 Oceana Blvd - Good Shepherd School37.641910-122.490790
311123904 Oceana Blvd - Good Shepherd School37.641356-122.490672
332295969 Skyline Dr37.667732-122.486752
3450171000 El Camino Real - Menlo College37.457543-122.191284
3431191011 Crestview Dr37.484282-122.284103
3406061060 Carolan Ave37.586685-122.359627
3340841200 El Camino Real - Kaiser Med Ctr South SF37.658627-122.439480
3615181250 E Hillsdale Blvd - Waters Edge Apts37.567388-122.267230
3111751256 Rosita Rd37.580971-122.486972
3616071261 E Hillsdale Blvd37.568309-122.266576
3400921333 Bayshore Hwy - Hyatt Regency37.593927-122.364402
3111691391 Peralta Rd37.588469-122.499175
3111901450 Terra Nova Blvd37.594030-122.476101
3111911450 Terra Nova Blvd.37.593872-122.476132
3356341555 Crystal Springs Rd - San Bruno Senior Ctr37.613851-122.419868
3444981725 E Bayshore Rd37.490490-122.211217
3326031901 Junipero Serra Blvd - Century Theater37.703060-122.470682
3444991933 E Bayshore Rd37.487721-122.204924
3445002053 E Bayshore Rd.37.487249-122.201142
3419002053 Queens Ln37.519639-122.333213
3630642111 University Ave - Bell St Park37.463668-122.141855
3351432233 Rollingwood Dr37.630787-122.439863
3351442260 Rollingwood Dr37.631057-122.439882
3150122265 Hwy 137.439797-122.427622
3430902757 Melendy Dr (Heather School)37.492392-122.275729
3445133015 E Bayshore Rd.37.486726-122.196805
3150013040 Hwy 137.493246-122.453276
3445013401 E Bayshore Rd.37.486091-122.191673
3442113500 Middlefield Rd - St Anthonys Church37.470148-122.200564
3441023550 Farm Hill Blvd37.463390-122.249955
3441033550 Farm Hill Blvd37.463772-122.249787
3445033555 Haven Ave37.486475-122.187663
3445043639 Haven Ave37.485579-122.183517
3445053719 Haven Ave.37.486471-122.181398
3510023745 Bayshore Blvd - Andrys Trailer Park37.680194-122.394173
3510013800 Bayshore Blvd - Andrys Trailer Park37.679916-122.394444
31503112340 Hwy 92 - La Nebbia Winery37.480279-122.406628
31503012341 Hwy 92 - La Nebbia Winery37.480226-122.405918
344002A St & Stafford St37.491758-122.239651
334002Airport Blvd & Baden Ave37.653159-122.408333
334005Airport Blvd & Butler Ave37.663237-122.400985
334010Airport Blvd & Butler Ave37.662851-122.401060
334006Airport Blvd & E Grand Ave37.654427-122.408089
334008Airport Blvd & Linden Ave37.660716-122.404561
334009Airport Blvd & Linden Ave37.660860-122.404039
334635Airport Blvd & Tower Pl37.665975-122.397522
313609Airport St & Harvard Ave37.504337-122.491840
313610Airport St & Harvard Ave37.504177-122.491853
313001Airport St & La Granada Ln - Mobile Home Park37.509370-122.498098
313011Airport St & La Granada Ln - Mobile Home Park37.509622-122.498204
314014Airport St & Los Banos Ave37.519891-122.510278
314015Airport St & Los Banos Ave37.519642-122.510166
341040Alameda de las Pulgas & 24th Ave37.542357-122.316448
341041Alameda de las Pulgas & 26th Ave37.540902-122.315009
341042Alameda de las Pulgas & 26th Ave37.541222-122.315067
341044Alameda de las Pulgas & 28th Ave37.538118-122.312120
341045Alameda de las Pulgas & 31st Ave37.534697-122.309914
341048Alameda de las Pulgas & 39th Ave37.528027-122.305636
341049Alameda de las Pulgas & 39th Ave37.527751-122.305697
341050Alameda de las Pulgas & 42nd Ave37.524680-122.303109
341051Alameda de las Pulgas & 42nd Ave37.525098-122.303241
342002Alameda de las Pulgas & Alden St37.515522-122.295747
342003Alameda de las Pulgas & Alden St37.515790-122.295961
343118Alameda de las Pulgas & Alma St37.500978-122.270289
343120Alameda de las Pulgas & Alma St37.501326-122.270238
341052Alameda de las Pulgas & Alta Ave37.542253-122.316757
345002Alameda de las Pulgas & Atherton Ave37.439932-122.217434
346002Alameda de las Pulgas & Avy Ave37.431556-122.201330
342004Alameda de las Pulgas & Belmont Library37.508815-122.292531
343404Alameda de las Pulgas & Brittan Ave37.490770-122.265196
344034Alameda de las Pulgas & Carson St37.459128-122.240986
341053Alameda de las Pulgas & Castilian Way - Aragon HS37.551731-122.329032
342006Alameda de las Pulgas & Cipriani Blvd37.522265-122.300678
342007Alameda de las Pulgas & Cipriani Blvd37.522327-122.300646
343005Alameda de las Pulgas & Eaton Ave37.483737-122.256880
343006Alameda de las Pulgas & Eaton Ave37.483992-122.256939
342005Alameda de las Pulgas & El Verano Way37.508350-122.290930
342009Alameda de las Pulgas & El Verano Way37.508019-122.290308
344005Alameda de las Pulgas & Fernside St37.450746-122.234295
345003Alameda de las Pulgas & Fletcher Dr37.442317-122.221810
344661Alameda de las Pulgas & Harding Ave37.472610-122.250409
344662Alameda de las Pulgas & Harding Ave37.472121-122.250120
343007Alameda de las Pulgas & Hill Way37.487101-122.260916
344010Alameda de las Pulgas & Hull Ave37.447274-122.229718
344011Alameda de las Pulgas & Hull Ave37.447458-122.229622
345004Alameda de las Pulgas & Inyo Pl37.445409-122.227149
344006Alameda de las Pulgas & Maddux Dr37.458701-122.240703
343009Alameda de las Pulgas & Madera Dr37.498310-122.268728
346004Alameda de las Pulgas & Manzanita Ave37.435542-122.209285
344016Alameda de las Pulgas & Massachusetts Ave37.454019-122.237482
344017Alameda de las Pulgas & McGarvey Ave37.464231-122.245904
344033Alameda de las Pulgas & Mcgarvey Ave37.464193-122.246081
343402Alameda de las Pulgas & Melendy Dr37.494247-122.267014
342010Alameda de las Pulgas & Mezes Ave37.519908-122.297398
342011Alameda de las Pulgas & Mezes Ave37.520208-122.297665
343011Alameda de las Pulgas & Oakview Dr37.488083-122.261864
341058Alameda de las Pulgas & Parkside Way37.539479-122.313481
341059Alameda de las Pulgas & Portola Dr37.539570-122.313244
342012Alameda de las Pulgas & Ralston Ave37.511612-122.294002
342013Alameda de las Pulgas & Ralston Ave37.512545-122.294511
344020Alameda de las Pulgas & Roosevelt Ave37.461929-122.243579
344029Alameda de las Pulgas & Roosevelt Ave37.461746-122.243565
343014Alameda de las Pulgas & Saint Francis Way37.485319-122.258565
346008Alameda de las Pulgas & Sharon Rd37.430464-122.199264
346009Alameda de las Pulgas & Valparaiso Ave37.433880-122.205647
344023Alameda de las Pulgas & Vera Ave37.466600-122.245620
344041Alameda de las Pulgas & Vera Ave37.466620-122.245821
341061Alameda de las Pulgas & Virginia Ave37.553350-122.333413
341039Alameda de las Pulgas & W 20th Ave37.545149-122.320511
341640Alameda de las Pulgas & W 20th Ave37.545807-122.321025
346011Alameda de las Pulgas & Walsh Rd37.437526-122.213545
344663Alameda de las Pulgas & Westgate St37.476540-122.251068
344664Alameda de las Pulgas & Westgate St37.476690-122.251240
344024Alameda de las Pulgas & Whipple Ave37.481164-122.253589
344025Alameda de las Pulgas & Whipple Ave37.481242-122.253436
341422Alameda de las Pulgas & Woodland Dr37.552544-122.330610
344013Alameda de las Pulgas & Woodside Dr37.454057-122.237778
344026Alameda de las Pulgas & Woodside Rd37.449588-122.232563
334013Alhambra Ave & Avalon Ave37.641538-122.438110
335012Allen Dr & Ross Way37.631554-122.459330
335013Allen Dr & Ross Way37.631993-122.459340
347001Alma St & Lytton Ave37.444254-122.165096
322519Alpine Rd & Golden Oak Dr37.382304-122.194356
322003Alpine Rd & Westridge Dr37.392877-122.190863
346901Alpine Rd & Wildwood Ln37.418930-122.191420
334016Alta Loma Ave & Del Monte Ave37.663022-122.452942
334017Alta Loma Ave & Del Monte Ave37.663141-122.453004
332003Alta Loma Ave & Eastmoor Ave37.684521-122.479414
332004Alta Loma Ave & Eastmoor Ave37.684473-122.479287
332005Alta Loma Ave & Saint Francis Blvd37.681889-122.478456
332036Alta Loma Ave & Saint Francis Blvd37.681575-122.478350
332009Alta Vista Way & Ardendale Dr37.704422-122.438693
332010Alta Vista Way & Caroline Way37.704797-122.433962
332011Alta Vista Way & S Hill Blvd37.704113-122.441830
335509Angus Ave & 2nd Ave37.626626-122.408503
347603Arboretum Rd & Quarry Rd37.439809-122.171854
344027Arguello St & A St37.492085-122.239036
334021Armour Ave & Linden Ave37.661548-122.407515
334024Arroyo Dr & Capay Cir37.651854-122.443357
334535Arroyo Dr & Capay Cir37.649840-122.445967
334025Arroyo Dr & Cuesta Dr37.652002-122.443379
334027Arroyo Dr & El Camino Real37.656171-122.436755
334028Arroyo Dr & Erica Dr37.648824-122.449032
334029Arroyo Dr & Escanyo Dr37.649761-122.446332
334030Arroyo Dr & Escanyo Dr37.648532-122.448465
334031Arroyo Dr & Indio Dr37.654320-122.440080
334032Arroyo Dr & Indio Dr37.654245-122.440463
340003Arundel Rd & Howard Ave37.580804-122.340167
334033Avalon Ave & Alhambra Ave37.641782-122.438048
334034Avalon Ave & Valencia37.643413-122.435503
314003Ave Alhambra & Coronado St - San Luis Ave37.503369-122.473562
314004Ave Alhambra & Francisco St - Sonora Ave37.504227-122.476858
314005Ave Alhambra & Sonora Ave - Francisco St37.504167-122.477026
314001Ave Alhambra & The Alameda37.503520-122.474582
314006Ave Alhambra & Vallejo St37.505089-122.480079
314002Ave Alhambra & Vallejo St - Carmel Ave37.505533-122.480407
346012Avy Ave & Altschul Ave37.429811-122.203106
346013Avy Ave & Cloud Ave37.433140-122.200300
346014Avy Ave & Lucky Ave37.432535-122.200961
346015Avy Ave & Monte Rosa Dr37.427952-122.205312
346016Avy Ave & Santa Cruz Ave37.434680-122.198572
346017Avy Ave & Sherman Ave37.434100-122.199231
361005Baffin St & Edgewater Blvd37.536141-122.263097
361007Baffin St & Melbourne St37.539102-122.261575
361008Baffin St & Prescott Ln37.541294-122.260507
362413Barkentine Ln & Cringle Dr37.527427-122.246709
362417Barkentine Ln & Tiller Ln37.526065-122.249039
361037Barkentine St & Catamaran St37.552104-122.259966
341063Barneson Ave & Rhus St37.550060-122.322663
344607Bay Rd & 2nd Ave37.482484-122.201144
344030Bay Rd & 5th Ave37.481379-122.198193
344031Bay Rd & 8th Ave37.480646-122.195851
344032Bay Rd & 8th Ave37.480497-122.195857
344028Bay Rd & 10th Ave37.479851-122.194192
346023Bay Rd & Christopher Way37.476714-122.185171
363601Bay Rd & Clarke Ave37.471635-122.135317
363606Bay Rd & Clarke Ave37.471853-122.135518
345008Bay Rd & Del Norte Ave37.473054-122.170306
346024Bay Rd & Del Norte Ave37.473275-122.170519
363002Bay Rd & Gloria Way37.471436-122.142112
345009Bay Rd & Greenwood Dr37.475348-122.175053
346025Bay Rd & Greenwood Dr37.475566-122.175478
346026Bay Rd & Harmon Dr37.476579-122.182417
344035Bay Rd & Haven Ave37.479053-122.192072
344465Bay Rd & Haven Ave37.479255-122.192224
345010Bay Rd & Hedge Rd37.476075-122.177579
346027Bay Rd & Hedge Rd37.476260-122.178223
346028Bay Rd & Hollyburne Ave37.469851-122.160984
346029Bay Rd & Hollyburne Ave37.469982-122.160998
346030Bay Rd & Marsh Rd37.476700-122.186179
346031Bay Rd & Menlo Oaks Dr37.471254-122.165889
363041Bay Rd & Oakwood Dr37.470827-122.146873
363003Bay Rd & Palo Verde Ave37.471038-122.144182
363004Bay Rd & Palo Verde Ave37.471179-122.144170
363602Bay Rd & Pulgas Ave37.472706-122.132073
363605Bay Rd & Pulgas Ave37.472747-122.132640
346022Bay Rd & Ringwood Ave37.471488-122.167278
363005Bay Rd & University Ave37.471685-122.140248
363001Bay Rd & University Ave - Fordam St37.471815-122.137722
363080Bay Rd & University Ave Farside37.471589-122.139024
363006Bay Rd & University Ave Nearside37.471500-122.140250
344606Bay Rd & Warrington Ave37.483370-122.204405
331545Bayshore Blvd & Arleta Ave37.712304-122.402890
331553Bayshore Blvd & Augusta Ave37.733989-122.405420
331538Bayshore Blvd & Blanken Ave37.712197-122.401837
331531Bayshore Blvd & Cortland Ave37.739829-122.406774
331605Bayshore Blvd & Fitzgerald Ave37.726477-122.401683
331606Bayshore Blvd & Fitzgerald Ave37.726393-122.401837
331557Bayshore Blvd & Flower St37.742350-122.405592
332023Bayshore Blvd & Geneva Ave37.704000-122.407517
332503Bayshore Blvd & Geneva Ave37.705125-122.406599
351005Bayshore Blvd & Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy37.691945-122.404510
351006Bayshore Blvd & Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy37.693031-122.404722
331539Bayshore Blvd & Industrial St37.738982-122.406843
351007Bayshore Blvd & Industrial Way37.701097-122.408678
351008Bayshore Blvd & Industrial Way37.701435-122.408295
331532Bayshore Blvd & Oakdale Ave37.743228-122.405320
351009Bayshore Blvd & Old County Rd37.684810-122.397639
351010Bayshore Blvd & Old County Rd37.685313-122.397701
331552Bayshore Blvd & Silver Ave37.733389-122.404745
331546Bayshore Blvd & Sunnydale Ave37.708813-122.405330
351011Bayshore Blvd & Valley Dr37.686831-122.400197
351012Bayshore Blvd & Valley Dr37.687693-122.400834
331537Bayshore Blvd & Visitation Ave37.710678-122.403848
340089Bayshore Hwy & Airport Blvd37.591597-122.362063
340090Bayshore Hwy & Burlway Rd37.596040-122.365189
340091Bayshore Hwy & Burlway Rd37.596484-122.365656
340093Bayshore Hwy & Mitten Rd37.602886-122.372473
340094Bayshore Hwy & Mitten Rd37.602401-122.371940
340095Bayshore Hwy & One Bay Plz37.594496-122.364379
340096Bayshore Hwy & Stanton Rd37.601114-122.369436
340097Bayshore Hwy & Stanton Rd37.600391-122.368866
361013Beach Park Blvd & Catamaran St37.548194-122.266362
361014Beach Park Blvd & Cutter Ln37.548590-122.255695
361021Beach Park Blvd & Cutter St37.548434-122.255919
361015Beach Park Blvd & Edgewater Blvd37.545995-122.271452
361016Beach Park Blvd & Egret St37.570184-122.257434
361017Beach Park Blvd & Farragut Blvd37.547120-122.267787
361018Beach Park Blvd & Farragut Blvd37.546960-122.267655
361019Beach Park Blvd & Foster City Blvd37.551678-122.251300
361519Beach Park Blvd & Gull Ave37.566240-122.251503
361020Beach Park Blvd & Gull Ave.37.569429-122.265001
361022Beach Park Blvd & Halibut St37.553904-122.249207
361024Beach Park Blvd & Halsey Blvd37.548538-122.264277
361026Beach Park Blvd & Marlin Ave37.563543-122.249841
361027Beach Park Blvd & Sanderling St37.568401-122.254238
361029Beach Park Blvd & Shell Blvd37.548734-122.263290
361030Beach Park Blvd & Swordfish St37.557609-122.247902
361032Beach Park Blvd & Tarpon St37.560130-122.247910
361520Beach Park Blvd & Teal St37.571459-122.261805
332032Bellevue Ave & Acton St37.705149-122.450401
332033Bellevue Ave & Acton St37.705316-122.450246
332006Bellevue Ave & Guttenberg St37.707964-122.442118
332601Bellevue Ave & Guttenberg St37.707985-122.442385
332037Bellevue Ave & Lowell St37.707232-122.444617
332038Bellevue Ave & Pope St37.708246-122.440715
332513Bellevue Ave & Pope St37.708328-122.440751
332040Bellevue Ave & S Hill Blvd37.706472-122.437046
332041Bellevue Ave & Waverly Way37.707430-122.438590
332600Bellevue Ave & Waverly Way37.707728-122.439052
332042Bellevue Ave & Whittier St37.706493-122.446404
332043Bellevue Ave & Whittier St37.706552-122.446593
344160Blomquist St & Maple St37.493629-122.219157
341068Borel MS - Borel Ave Bay 237.548928-122.320540
341901Borel MS - Borel Ave Bay 337.548761-122.320762
311013Bradford Way & Fairway Dr37.621694-122.485818
362400Bridge Pkwy & Bowsprit Dr37.527639-122.252865
362415Bridge Pkwy & Bowsprit Dr37.527779-122.252607
341607Bridgepointe Pkwy & Chess Dr37.561443-122.282524
343019Brittan Ave & 3200 Brittan Ave37.484686-122.281646
343600Brittan Ave & Brook St37.492129-122.263991
343601Brittan Ave & Cedar St37.496287-122.258594
343617Brittan Ave & Cedar St37.496393-122.258170
343022Brittan Ave & Cordilleras Ave37.494686-122.260753
343604Brittan Ave & Cordilleras Ave37.494567-122.260717
343023Brittan Ave & Crestview Dr37.482514-122.283869
343024Brittan Ave & Drake Ct37.485887-122.277648
343025Brittan Ave & Hewitt Dr37.487697-122.271609
343026Brittan Ave & Laurel St37.499911-122.253670
343018Brittan Ave & Rogers Ave37.490735-122.266207
343028Brittan Ave & Sunset Dr37.489488-122.267938
344655Broadway & Douglas Ave37.485910-122.207475
344434Broadway & Woodside Rd37.487022-122.215908
344485Broadway / Charter37.486707-122.212774
332048Brunswick St & Templeton Ave37.707179-122.453043
332556Bryant St & DMV Driveway37.689073-122.473213
332052Buena Vista Ave & Camelia Dr37.682043-122.476747
341905Bunker Hill Dr & Bennington Dr37.523627-122.342617
341906Bunker Hill Dr & Bennington Dr37.523580-122.342748
341907Bunker Hill Dr & Lundy Ln37.525666-122.347256
341908Bunker Hill Dr & Lundy Ln37.525690-122.346776
340004Burlingame Ave & Myrtle Rd37.581106-122.343347
341910CSM Dr & Parrott Dr37.530628-122.338149
341911CSM Dr & Parrott Dr37.530417-122.338499
341081CSM Transit Ctr37.533785-122.337045
340005California Dr & Bellevue Ave37.580536-122.346790
340007California Dr & Broadway37.587099-122.362094
340008California Dr & Broadway37.587197-122.362851
340022California Dr & Howard Ave37.578956-122.343680
340023California Dr & Howard Ave37.578959-122.344082
340012California Dr & Morrell Ave37.584157-122.355810
340013California Dr & Morrell Ave37.584336-122.355764
340006California Dr & North Ln37.580018-122.346072
340014California Dr & Oak Grove Ave37.582478-122.351281
340015California Dr & Oak Grove Ave37.582130-122.351053
340028California Dr & Peninsula Ave37.577194-122.339524
340017California Dr & Sanchez Ave37.585723-122.359328
332057Callan Blvd & Beverly St37.653793-122.469128
332058Callan Blvd & Beverly St37.654223-122.468923
334043Callan Blvd & Duhallow Way37.645461-122.464220
334044Callan Blvd & Greendale Dr37.648052-122.466554
332059Callan Blvd & Heath Ct37.657867-122.470567
332061Callan Blvd & Hickey Blvd37.665620-122.474833
334537Callan Blvd & King Dr37.650137-122.468766
334613Callan Blvd & King Dr37.650043-122.468899
334046Callan Blvd & Leix Way37.648408-122.467304
332064Callan Blvd & Morton Dr37.657073-122.470200
334042Callan Blvd & Olmstead Ct37.646135-122.464522
332065Callan Blvd & Serramonte Blvd37.668902-122.475458
332067Callan Blvd & Victoria Dr37.660064-122.471206
332066Callan Blvd & Victoria St37.661033-122.471153
334047Callan Blvd & Westborough Blvd37.643532-122.462767
334048Callan Blvd & Westborough Blvd37.643412-122.462363
334605Camaritas Ave & Arroyo Dr37.655182-122.438027
334606Camaritas Ave & Arroyo Dr37.655128-122.438107
334050Camaritas Ave & Del Paso Dr37.656437-122.441016
334051Camaritas Ave & Del Paso Dr37.656352-122.441026
334052Camaritas Ave & El Campo Dr37.657461-122.443664
334053Camaritas Ave & El Campo Dr37.657513-122.443579
334054Camaritas Ave & Hickey Blvd37.665690-122.453240
334055Camaritas Ave & Hickey Blvd37.665471-122.453340
321001Canada College37.448957-122.265122
311016Capistrano Dr & Linda Mar Blvd37.582440-122.483578
311018Capistrano Dr & Rosita Rd37.581126-122.483647
314900Capistrano Rd & Pillar Point Harbor37.504793-122.481571
314901Capistrano Rd & Pillar Point Harbor37.504895-122.481689
342019Carlmont Dr & Merry Moppet Ln37.510613-122.297269
340605Carolan Ave & Morrell Ave37.584702-122.354858
340604Carolan Ave & Oak Grove Ave37.582650-122.350148
361073Catamaran St & Barkentine St37.552400-122.259723
343408Cedar St & Arroyo Ave37.497937-122.260305
343605Cedar St & Brittan Ave37.496523-122.258455
343096Cedar St & San Carlos Ave37.503548-122.264740
322006Cervantes Rd & Meadwood Dr37.384640-122.219209
335022Cherry Ave & Bay Hill Dr - Bay Hill Shopping Ctr37.626814-122.425141
335021Cherry Ave & Grundy Ln37.628291-122.425579
335023Cherry Ave & Hickory Ave37.625013-122.423839
335513Cherry Ave & Hickory Ave37.624860-122.423912
335024Cherry Ave & Park Ave37.621976-122.421794
335025Cherry Ave & Park Ave37.621948-122.421941
335026Cherry Ave & Peninsula Pl37.631967-122.428132
335027Cherry Ave & Sneath Ln37.632482-122.428136
361602Chess Dr & Vintage Park Dr37.562413-122.279092
332072Chester St & Abbot Ave37.688386-122.457740
332073Chester St & Abbot Ave37.688350-122.457967
332074Chester St & Villa St37.686975-122.458968
332075Chester St & Villa St37.686603-122.459456
342026Chula Vista Dr & Fernwood Way37.510643-122.286980
342502Chula Vista Dr & Fernwood Way37.510845-122.287018
342027Chula Vista Dr & Ralston Ave37.514815-122.283139
342507Chula Vista Dr & Ralston Ave37.514828-122.283294
342028Chula Vista Dr & Solana Dr37.511751-122.284406
342501Chula Vista Dr & Solana Dr37.511445-122.284639
342029Cipriani Blvd & Buena Vista Ave37.516989-122.303880
342030Cipriani Blvd & Buena Vista Ave37.516897-122.303764
342032Cipriani Blvd & San Juan Ave37.513097-122.303976
342031Cipriani Blvd & San Juan Blvd37.513167-122.304116
342033Cipriani Blvd & Wooster Ave37.520110-122.303441
342034Cipriani Blvd & Wooster Ave37.520412-122.303394
311019Clarendon Rd & Francisco Blvd37.629827-122.489951
311020Clarendon Rd & Francisco Blvd37.629935-122.490219
341085Clark Dr & Crescent Ave37.569653-122.342982
341086Clark Dr & Dorchester Rd37.568330-122.345554
341087Clark Dr & El Camino Real37.571668-122.339389
341088Clark Dr & Hurlingham Ave37.570736-122.340671
363013Clarke Ave & Bell St37.466278-122.134852
363014Clarke Ave & Bell St37.466070-122.134705
363613Clarke Ave & Donohoe St37.462741-122.134755
363016Clarke Ave & E Bayshore Rd37.457916-122.134467
363017Clarke Ave & O Connor St - Ravenswood Shopping Ctr37.460900-122.134539
363018Clarke Ave & O'Connor St - Ravenswood Shopping Ctr37.460454-122.134678
363608Clarke Ave & Runnymede St37.468068-122.134771
363609Clarke Ave & Runnymede St37.468092-122.134957
343406Clifford Ave & Victoria Mnr - Clifford ES37.482835-122.262909
346034Coleman Ave & Menlo Oaks Dr37.464445-122.169651
346035Coleman Ave & Menlo Oaks Dr37.464214-122.169270
346036Coleman Ave & Santa Monica Ave37.462601-122.163738
346037Coleman Ave & Santa Monica Ave37.462455-122.163574
335033College Dr & Allen Dr37.632325-122.459044
335036College Dr & Sheryl Dr37.632465-122.459782
335649College Dr & Skyline Blvd37.631860-122.455380
335648College Dr & Susan Dr37.632257-122.455433
333502Colma BART - Bay 237.684222-122.465215
333503Colma BART - Bay 337.684342-122.465422
333504Colma BART - Bay 437.684462-122.465600
333505Colma BART - Bay 537.684605-122.465817
333506Colma BART - Bay 637.684879-122.466203
333507Colma BART - Bay 737.685025-122.466438
333508Colma BART - Bay 837.685190-122.466662
333510Colma BART - Bay 1037.684640-122.465568
333511Colma BART - Bay 1137.684795-122.465800
334058Conmur St & Granada Dr37.640514-122.436688
344060Connecticut Dr & Palm Ave37.460293-122.237520
342036Continentals Way & Cipriani Blvd37.511640-122.304224
342037Continentals Way & Lyall Way37.510742-122.302926
322011Corte Madera School37.367887-122.211422
332077Crenshaw Dr & Skyline Dr37.660838-122.488156
332078Crenshaw Dr & Skyline Dr37.660928-122.488274
312012Crescent St & Sunshine Valley Rd37.537169-122.500355
311025Crespi Dr & De Solo Dr37.595272-122.497519
311029Crespi Dr & Fassler Ave37.598728-122.482538
311030Crespi Dr & Hwy 137.598951-122.499371
311032Crespi Dr & Ladera Way37.596613-122.496897
311034Crespi Dr & Lerida Way37.594293-122.480849
311035Crespi Dr & Manzanita Dr37.589688-122.484194
311038Crespi Dr & Peralta Rd37.593324-122.496091
311039Crespi Dr & Regina Way37.593406-122.488870
311040Crespi Dr & Roberts Rd37.598040-122.498012
311041Crespi Dr & Roberts Rd37.598241-122.497991
311606Crespi Dr & Roberts Rd37.598972-122.499001
311026Crespi Dr & Seville Dr37.593491-122.492214
311042Crespi Dr & Tapis Way37.589759-122.488455
313607Cypress Ave & Hwy 137.524148-122.510597
313608Cypress Ave & Hwy 137.523727-122.510935
332611D St & Makibaka St37.683976-122.469785
342038Dale View Ave & Hiller St37.529852-122.284869
332014Daly City BART - Bay 137.706220-122.468854
332019Daly City BART - Bay 337.706122-122.468737
332021Daly City BART - Bay 437.705963-122.468885
341096Dartmouth Rd & 5th Ave37.559881-122.327631
341097Dartmouth Rd & 5th Ave37.559923-122.327537
342039Davey Glen Rd & Edgewood Pl37.524409-122.286824
342040Davey Glen Rd & El Camino Real37.526208-122.284308
342041Davey Glen Rd & El Camino Real37.526260-122.284002
342042Davey Glen Rd & Middle Rd37.523700-122.285858
342043Davey Glen Road & Edgewood Pl37.524801-122.286616
334524Del Monte Ave & El Campo Dr37.657091-122.444928
334062Del Monte Ave & Romney Ave37.660726-122.451060
334626Del Monte Ave & Romney Ave37.660460-122.450479
334063Del Monte Ave & San Felipe Ave37.658209-122.446994
341944Delaware St & E 28th Ave37.543338-122.300580
341945Delaware St & E 28th Ave37.543097-122.300665
340601Delaware St & Peninsula Ave37.579976-122.333965
311619Devil's Slide Tunnel Stop37.570210-122.515648
311620Devil's Slide Tunnel Stop37.569983-122.515805
363020Donohoe St & Capitol Ave37.462445-122.139895
363021Donohoe St & Clarke Ave37.462446-122.134904
363022Donohoe St & Clarke Ave37.462552-122.134982
331061Drumm St & Clay St37.795815-122.396744
346038Durham St & Laurel Ave37.464691-122.154403
346039Durham St & Laurel Ave37.464528-122.153793
341023E 3rd & Anchor Rd37.570559-122.290185
341024E 3rd Ave & Anchor Rd37.570409-122.289146
341025E 3rd Ave & S Fremont St37.568257-122.318563
341026E 3rd Ave & S Humboldt St37.569311-122.317067
341027E 3rd Ave & S Norfolk St37.573388-122.311274
341028E 3rd Ave & S Norfolk St37.573615-122.310508
341029E 4th Ave & N Delaware St37.566469-122.318928
341034E 4th Ave & S Ellsworth Ave37.564069-122.322366
341548E 4th Ave & S Grant St37.568311-122.316288
363600E Bayshore Rd & Donohoe St37.461224-122.137964
361092E Hillsdale Blvd & Altair Ave37.552362-122.279864
361094E Hillsdale Blvd & Center Park Ln37.556018-122.275122
341186E Hillsdale Blvd & Curtiss St37.539490-122.293632
341187E Hillsdale Blvd & Curtiss St37.539396-122.294144
361096E Hillsdale Blvd & Edgewater Blvd37.554046-122.278305
361098E Hillsdale Blvd & Foster City Blvd37.561602-122.268636
361099E Hillsdale Blvd & Foster City Blvd37.560790-122.269730
341195E Hillsdale Blvd & Pike Ln37.540881-122.291497
361101E Hillsdale Blvd & Pilgrim Dr37.563900-122.267816
361608E Hillsdale Blvd & Pilgrim Dr37.563059-122.268132
341193E Hillsdale Blvd & S Norfolk St37.546218-122.285273
341194E Hillsdale Blvd & S Norfolk St37.546291-122.284592
341196E Hillsdale Blvd & Saratoga Dr37.541200-122.291485
361103E Hillsdale Blvd & Sea Spray Ln37.552579-122.280088
361104E Hillsdale Blvd & Shell Blvd37.558322-122.271784
361105E Hillsdale Blvd & Shell Blvd37.558960-122.270881
332095E Market St & 1st Ave37.689653-122.464446
332509E Market St & 1st Ave37.689824-122.464545
332097E Market St & Hillside Blvd37.690166-122.460948
332555E Market St & Wayandotte Ave37.690530-122.459682
363103East Okeefe St & Euclid Ave37.461643-122.145316
363104East Okeefe St & Euclid Ave37.461796-122.145588
363101East Okeefe St & Menalto Ave37.462227-122.149472
363102East Okeefe St & Menalto Ave37.462300-122.149159
332086Eastmoor Ave & Camelia Dr37.684692-122.476380
332089Eastmoor Ave & Mirada Dr37.684575-122.475938
332087Eastmoor Ave & Sullivan Ave37.684632-122.473215
332088Eastmoor Ave & Sullivan Ave37.684488-122.473204
361060Edgewater Blvd & Altair Ave37.552903-122.275776
361061Edgewater Blvd & Beach Park Blvd37.546183-122.272427
361062Edgewater Blvd & Beach Park Blvd37.546231-122.272809
361063Edgewater Blvd & Boothbay Ave37.540902-122.271580
361064Edgewater Blvd & Dorado Ln37.548313-122.273929
361065Edgewater Blvd & E Hillsdale Blvd37.553882-122.277146
361066Edgewater Blvd & E Hillsdale Blvd37.554919-122.277735
361069Edgewater Blvd & Monterey Ave37.539150-122.270481
361070Edgewater Blvd & Port Royal Ave37.543070-122.271640
361071Edgewater Blvd & Regulus St37.550637-122.274356
361072Edgewater Blvd & Regulus St37.550381-122.274630
344491Edgewood Rd & Scenic Dr37.479709-122.259364
344492Edgewood Rd & Scenic Dr37.479591-122.259679
332518Edgeworth Ave & 90th St37.691331-122.474425
332519Edgeworth Ave & 90th St37.691207-122.474533
343052Edmonds Rd & Crestview Dr37.475725-122.280285
334076El Camino & Arroyo Dr37.656860-122.436482
334077El Camino & Arroyo Dr37.656146-122.436081
334073El Camino Real & 1st St37.653284-122.432287
341130El Camino Real & 2nd Ave37.563768-122.326930
341132El Camino Real & 2nd Ave37.564145-122.326973
341143El Camino Real & 4th Ave37.561919-122.324971
345400El Camino Real & 5th Ave37.466759-122.208728
342044El Camino Real & 5th Ave - Belmont37.514119-122.268390
342045El Camino Real & 5th Ave - Belmont37.514102-122.268734
341147El Camino Real & 9th Ave37.559202-122.322014
341148El Camino Real & 9th Ave37.559539-122.321979
341121El Camino Real & 12th Ave37.556302-122.318367
341123El Camino Real & 17th Ave37.552474-122.314240
341149El Camino Real & 17th Ave37.551834-122.313886
341124El Camino Real & 20th Ave37.548843-122.310668
341128El Camino Real & 27th Ave37.542377-122.303670
341129El Camino Real & 27th Ave37.542468-122.303381
341135El Camino Real & 31st Ave37.540131-122.300897
341134El Camino Real & 31st Ave - Hillsdale Shopping Ctr37.538596-122.299674
341136El Camino Real & 37th Ave37.534433-122.294383
341137El Camino Real & 37th Ave37.534499-122.294877
341138El Camino Real & 39th Ave37.533013-122.292976
341139El Camino Real & 39th Ave37.532912-122.292426
341140El Camino Real & 41st Ave37.531086-122.290333
341141El Camino Real & 42nd Ave37.530704-122.289392
341142El Camino Real & 43rd Ave37.529380-122.287781
340032El Camino Real & Adeline Dr37.589410-122.375022
340033El Camino Real & Adeline Dr37.589257-122.375054
345012El Camino Real & Almendral Ave37.464371-122.204405
345013El Camino Real & Almendral Ave37.464047-122.204330
334410El Camino Real & Alta Loma Stairway37.661748-122.443469
345900El Camino Real & Amherst - 5th Ave37.466406-122.207690
335062El Camino Real & Angus Ave W37.625430-122.414194
335063El Camino Real & Angus Ave W37.625432-122.414599
340034El Camino Real & Arc Way37.580056-122.358965
334074El Camino Real & Arlington Dr37.670139-122.453087
334075El Camino Real & Arlington Dr37.670455-122.453106
343053El Camino Real & Arroyo Ave - San Carlos37.503576-122.255629
343054El Camino Real & Arroyo Ave - San Carlos37.503023-122.255394
334079El Camino Real & BART - South SF37.663301-122.444987
340035El Camino Real & Bellevue Ave37.577292-122.353210
341161El Camino Real & Bellevue Ave37.570895-122.337354
340036El Camino Real & Bellevue Ave.37.576924-122.352397
343055El Camino Real & Belmont Ave37.497643-122.248745
343056El Camino Real & Belmont Ave37.497331-122.248791
334078El Camino Real & Brentwood Dr37.641987-122.424817
344069El Camino Real & Brewster Ave37.486650-122.235590
344070El Camino Real & Brewster Ave37.487500-122.236210
343058El Camino Real & Brittan Ave37.500383-122.252290
343608El Camino Real & Brittan Ave37.501096-122.252656
340037El Camino Real & Broadway - Burlingame37.584154-122.365967
340038El Camino Real & Broadway - Burlingame37.583967-122.366001
340039El Camino Real & Burlingame Ave37.576574-122.350446
340040El Camino Real & Burlingame Ave37.576146-122.349376
346040El Camino Real & Cambridge Ave37.448402-122.173795
346041El Camino Real & Cambridge Ave37.448103-122.173831
336026El Camino Real & Capuchino Dr37.611165-122.402515
344094El Camino Real & Cedar St37.479312-122.225569
336027El Camino Real & Center St - Millbrae37.607458-122.398854
336028El Camino Real & Center St - Millbrae37.607874-122.398851
344075El Camino Real & Center St - Redwood City37.473286-122.217661
344074El Camino Real & Charter St37.474119-122.218368
333004El Camino Real & Colma Blvd37.680129-122.462066
333005El Camino Real & Colma Blvd37.679880-122.461345
334086El Camino Real & Costco37.664352-122.448701
334080El Camino Real & Country Club Dr37.645655-122.427538
334081El Camino Real & Country Club Dr37.646036-122.427400
335065El Camino Real & Crystal Springs Rd37.620322-122.410965
342047El Camino Real & Davey Glen Rd37.526595-122.283194
342048El Camino Real & Davey Glen Rd37.526387-122.283505
344900El Camino Real & Dumbarton Ave37.470402-122.213201
341145El Camino Real & E 5th Ave37.561947-122.324614
341125El Camino Real & E 20th Ave37.548703-122.310076
341126El Camino Real & E 25th Ave37.543940-122.305286
341127El Camino Real & E 25th Ave37.544785-122.305762
340041El Camino Real & Easton Dr37.586134-122.369530
340042El Camino Real & Easton Dr37.585870-122.369327
343059El Camino Real & Eaton Ave37.493618-122.244464
341151El Camino Real & El Cerrito Ave37.567024-122.330207
346042El Camino Real & Encinal Ave37.457614-122.190904
333516El Camino Real & F St37.682941-122.463807
341150El Camino Real & Grand Blvd37.571593-122.338082
342049El Camino Real & Harbor Blvd37.517734-122.272489
342050El Camino Real & Harbor Blvd37.516879-122.271954
334082El Camino Real & Hickey Blvd37.665946-122.451056
334083El Camino Real & Hickey Blvd37.666263-122.450952
336029El Camino Real & Hillcrest Blvd37.602207-122.391364
341152El Camino Real & Hillsdale Blvd37.537881-122.298087
341153El Camino Real & Hillsdale Blvd37.536236-122.297005
340044El Camino Real & Hillside Dr37.587728-122.372174
340045El Camino Real & Hillside Dr37.587336-122.371717
341154El Camino Real & Hobart Ave37.555827-122.318239
344082El Camino Real & Hopkins Ave37.488568-122.237968
344083El Camino Real & Hopkins Ave37.489373-122.238344
340046El Camino Real & Howard Ave37.575959-122.348021
340047El Camino Real & Howard Ave37.575657-122.347527
343061El Camino Real & Hull Dr37.511270-122.265865
335067El Camino Real & Hwy 38037.631619-122.418510
345016El Camino Real & Isabella Ave37.459917-122.196005
344084El Camino Real & Jefferson Ave37.482364-122.230220
344085El Camino Real & Jefferson Ave37.483516-122.231384
335070El Camino Real & Jenevein Ave37.622643-122.412640
335071El Camino Real & Jenevein Ave37.622938-122.412445
334085El Camino Real & Kaiser Hospital37.658280-122.439524
344086El Camino Real & Lincoln Ave37.479518-122.226286
336034El Camino Real & Linden Ave37.599547-122.388219
346044El Camino Real & Live Oak Ave37.452022-122.180179
344087El Camino Real & Main St37.477299-122.222767
334087El Camino Real & McLellan Dr - South SF BART37.663357-122.446594
336031El Camino Real & Meadow Glen Ave37.606242-122.396913
336032El Camino Real & Meadow Glen Ave37.605572-122.396571
346045El Camino Real & Middle Ave37.450628-122.177694
346046El Camino Real & Middle Ave37.451127-122.177994
336035El Camino Real & Millwood Dr37.610269-122.401256
336036El Camino Real & Murchison Dr37.597125-122.386036
340049El Camino Real & Murchison Dr37.596249-122.385613
344901El Camino Real & Northumberland Ave37.472764-122.216475
344090El Camino Real & Oak Ave37.477775-122.223870
340050El Camino Real & Oak Grove Ave - Burlingame37.578864-122.356521
340051El Camino Real & Oak Grove Ave - Burlingame37.578338-122.355872
346047El Camino Real & Oak Grove Ave - Menlo Park Caltrain37.454045-122.184196
346048El Camino Real & Oak Grove Ave - Menlo Park Caltrain37.454607-122.184780
343062El Camino Real & Oak St37.510966-122.264789
344091El Camino Real & Oakwood Dr37.470676-122.214044
333006El Camino Real & Old Mission Rd37.674020-122.454968
333007El Camino Real & Old Mission Rd37.673440-122.454932
340052El Camino Real & Palm Dr37.580309-122.359140
336037El Camino Real & Park Pl37.613530-122.404865
341156El Camino Real & Poplar Ave37.569734-122.335156
341157El Camino Real & Poplar Ave37.570130-122.335591
347016El Camino Real & Quarry Rd - Stanford Shopping Ctr37.444456-122.168262
347017El Camino Real & Quarry Rd - Stanford Shopping Ctr37.444092-122.168385
342052El Camino Real & Ralston Ave37.519951-122.275617
342053El Camino Real & Ralston Ave37.521213-122.276657
346049El Camino Real & Ravenswood Ave37.453309-122.182107
340053El Camino Real & Ray Dr37.590730-122.377709
340054El Camino Real & Rosedale Ave37.591213-122.378209
342054El Camino Real & Ruth Ave37.529010-122.286794
343065El Camino Real & Saint Francis Way37.495016-122.245736
335073El Camino Real & San Bruno Ave37.629171-122.416651
335074El Camino Real & San Bruno Ave37.628082-122.416342
343063El Camino Real & San Carlos Ave37.506892-122.260022
343064El Camino Real & San Carlos Ave37.506554-122.259186
335075El Camino Real & San Felipe Ave37.617898-122.408781
335076El Camino Real & San Felipe Ave37.617522-122.408827
340043El Camino Real & Sanchez Ave37.581401-122.361476
340055El Camino Real & Sanchez Ave37.582323-122.362746
335077El Camino Real & Santa Dominga Ave37.615944-122.406748
335078El Camino Real & Santa Inez Ave37.613770-122.404692
333010El Camino Real & Serramonte Blvd37.676326-122.458203
333011El Camino Real & Serramonte Blvd37.676217-122.457588
336038El Camino Real & Silva Ave37.603827-122.394229
336039El Camino Real & Silva Ave37.604044-122.394124
335079El Camino Real & Sneath Ln37.636362-122.421289
335080El Camino Real & Sneath Ln37.637857-122.421694
334088El Camino Real & Southwood Dr37.652805-122.432410
334089El Camino Real & Spruce Ave37.643042-122.425152
341158El Camino Real & State St37.573459-122.340755
335082El Camino Real & Taylor Ave37.620903-122.410924
336040El Camino Real & Taylor Ave37.602527-122.392489
341159El Camino Real & Tilton Ave37.567399-122.330541
340057El Camino Real & Trousdale Dr37.594727-122.383262
340058El Camino Real & Trousdale Dr37.594106-122.382975
346051El Camino Real & Valparaiso Ave37.455640-122.187378
336627El Camino Real & Victoria Ave37.600146-122.389438
336628El Camino Real & Victoria Ave37.600826-122.389844
334090El Camino Real & W Orange Ave37.650339-122.430829
334091El Camino Real & W Orange Ave37.650020-122.430224
341160El Camino Real & Warren Rd37.573359-122.340884
345022El Camino Real & Watkins Ave37.459854-122.195358
344079El Camino Real & Whipple Ave37.491104-122.241001
344080El Camino Real & Whipple Ave37.491469-122.241082
345023El Camino Real & Winchester Dr37.461066-122.198343
344095El Camino Real & Winklebleck St37.485375-122.233802
346054Encinal Ave & Middlefield Rd37.463359-122.186223
313002Etheldore St & California Ave37.528466-122.512891
313003Etheldore St & California Ave37.528455-122.512654
313005Etheldore St & Marine Blvd37.525073-122.508628
313007Etheldore St & Sunshine Valley Rd37.527541-122.510890
313606Etheldore St & Sunshine Valley Rd37.527291-122.510730
313004Etheldore St & Vermont Ave37.527691-122.511389
334095Evergreen Ave & Mission Rd - El Camino HS37.664448-122.442522
344097F St & G St37.494105-122.242979
344098Fair Oaks Ave & 2nd Ave37.479111-122.203414
344463Fair Oaks Ave & 2nd Ave37.478976-122.203390
344099Fair Oaks Ave & 5th Ave37.478177-122.201377
344100Fair Oaks Ave & 5th Ave37.478149-122.201022
344462Fair Oaks Ave & Barron Ave37.479710-122.205322
344461Fair Oaks Ave & Hurlingame Ave37.480952-122.208323
344466Fair Oaks Ave & Hurlingame Ave37.481013-122.208244
344104Farm Hill Blvd & Cambridge Rd37.454742-122.253158
321006Farm Hill Blvd & Canada College Loop Rd37.448335-122.260457
344105Farm Hill Blvd & Eden Bower Ln37.451534-122.259889
344106Farm Hill Blvd & Eden Bower Ln37.451154-122.260351
344107Farm Hill Blvd & Emerald Hill Rd37.455121-122.252791
344108Farm Hill Blvd & Glennan Dr37.457846-122.248451
344109Farm Hill Blvd & Glennan Dr37.457899-122.248639
344110Farm Hill Blvd & Jefferson Ave37.465042-122.249489
344111Farm Hill Blvd & Jefferson Ave37.465014-122.249277
344112Farm Hill Blvd & Lonesome Pine Rd37.453345-122.256357
344113Farm Hill Blvd & Lonesome Pine Rd37.453377-122.257174
344114Farm Hill Blvd & Mcgarvey Ave37.461133-122.249917
344115Farm Hill Blvd & Mcgarvey Ave37.460938-122.250040
321005Farm Hill Blvd & Woodhill Dr37.447848-122.260159
341947Fashion Island Blvd & Mariners Blvd37.557777-122.287598
341946Fashion Island Blvd & Mariners Island Blvd37.557822-122.286795
344117Florence St & 17th Ave37.478662-122.188338
344118Florence St & 17th Ave37.478600-122.187397
363026Fordham St & Michigan Ave37.473786-122.137204
363027Fordham St & Michigan Ave37.473985-122.137063
363028Fordham St & Notre Dame Ave37.475525-122.137258
361074Foster City Blvd & Balclutha Dr37.559836-122.266107
361023Foster City Blvd & Beach Park Blvd37.551660-122.251626
361701Foster City Blvd & Beach Park Blvd37.551529-122.251768
361075Foster City Blvd & Bounty Dr37.557017-122.261085
361700Foster City Blvd & Bounty Dr37.556317-122.260402
361215Foster City Blvd & E Hillsdale Blvd37.560774-122.267744
361076Foster City Blvd & Marlin Ave37.554172-122.255883
361077Foster City Blvd & Polynesia Dr37.558526-122.263772
311049Francisco Blvd & Lakeside Ave37.628538-122.489777
341952Franklin / Franklin37.540828-122.295018
341951Franklin Pkwy & Curtis St37.540653-122.294822
341940Franklin Pkwy & Delaware St37.540266-122.297720
341941Franklin Pkwy & Delaware St37.540449-122.297795
341942Franklin Pkwy & Park Pl37.542796-122.292571
341953Franklin Pkwy & Saratoga Dr37.542752-122.292222
341164Franklin St & Virginia Ave37.558774-122.329180
344121G St & Industrial Rd37.497474-122.241308
344122G St & Industrial Rd37.497720-122.240790
344123G St & Lenolt St37.496674-122.242195
334105Galway Dr & Greendale Dr37.646997-122.457048
334106Galway Dr & Wright Ct37.644711-122.456220
334107Galway Dr & Wright Ct37.645193-122.456443
334637Gateway Blvd & Corporate Dr37.656673-122.401187
334638Gateway Blvd & Corporate Dr37.657145-122.400334
334639Gateway Blvd & Larkspur Landing37.658995-122.397559
334640Gateway Blvd & Larkspur Landing37.659025-122.396925
311050Gateway Dr & Eastridge Cir37.664568-122.482055
311051Gateway Dr & Eastridge Cir37.664629-122.482516
311052Gateway Dr & Hickey Blvd37.660276-122.478764
311053Gateway Dr & Hickey Blvd37.660598-122.478832
311054Gateway Dr & Skyline Dr37.665769-122.485931
311420Gateway Dr & Skyline Dr37.665623-122.485382
311055Gateway Dr & Springdale Dr37.663181-122.479520
311056Gateway Dr & Springdale Dr37.662976-122.479581
334112Gellert Blvd & Delvin Way37.639069-122.446544
334627Gellert Blvd & Delvin Way37.638898-122.446298
332110Gellert Blvd & Hickey Blvd37.664045-122.469334
332111Gellert Blvd & Hickey Blvd37.664851-122.468871
332514Gellert Blvd & Hickey Blvd37.665165-122.469094
334114Gellert Blvd & Kenry Way37.641424-122.448497
332112Gellert Blvd & Margate St37.658116-122.466516
332113Gellert Blvd & Margate St37.658009-122.466709
332116Gellert Blvd & S Lycett St37.655849-122.463733
332117Gellert Blvd & S Lycett St37.655602-122.463746
332114Gellert Blvd & Serramonte Blvd37.667608-122.468572
334533Gellert Blvd & Sunrise Ct37.641393-122.448076
332118Gellert Blvd & Verducci Dr37.653077-122.459759
332119Gellert Blvd & Verducci Dr37.652965-122.459960
332120Gellert Blvd & Victoria St37.661690-122.468888
332121Gellert Blvd & Victoria St37.661121-122.468832
332122Gellert Blvd & Warwick St37.654001-122.461704
332123Gellert Blvd & Warwick St37.654115-122.461534
334116Gellert Blvd & Westborough Blvd37.642884-122.452157
334117Gellert Blvd & Westborough Blvd37.642908-122.452602
334118Gellert Blvd & Wexford Ave37.642381-122.450736
334119Gellert Blvd & Wexford Ave37.642016-122.450163
332125Geneva Ave & Bayshore Blvd37.705016-122.407875
332124Geneva Ave & Rio Verde St37.707017-122.415933
332126Geneva Ave & Rio Verde St37.707193-122.415616
332127Geneva Ave & Santos St37.708376-122.419855
332128Geneva Ave & Santos St37.708015-122.419550
332129Geneva Ave & Schwerin St37.706196-122.413013
332130Geneva Ave & Schwerin St37.706441-122.412968
346057Gilbert Ave & Menalto Ave37.458940-122.152993
346059Gilbert Ave & Willow Rd37.460014-122.160772
341171Ginniver St & 19th Ave37.551731-122.302065
311060Glencourt Way & Inverness Dr37.648432-122.474911
334636Grand Ave & Airport Blvd37.654612-122.408183
334120Grand Ave & Chestnut Ave37.659577-122.430354
334121Grand Ave & Chestnut Ave37.659761-122.430543
334122Grand Ave & Eucalyptus Ave37.658692-122.426328
334123Grand Ave & Eucalyptus Ave37.658917-122.426750
334124Grand Ave & Linden Ave37.655293-122.410391
334125Grand Ave & Magnolia Ave37.657376-122.419780
334126Grand Ave & Magnolia Ave37.657146-122.419371
334127Grand Ave & Maple Ave37.655823-122.412735
334128Grand Ave & Maple Ave37.655577-122.412260
334129Grand Ave & Orange Ave37.657912-122.422821
334130Grand Ave & Orange Ave37.658148-122.423257
334131Grand Ave & Spruce Ave37.656352-122.415760
334132Grand Ave & Spruce Ave37.656616-122.416304
334133Grand Ave & Willow Ave37.659846-122.433047
334134Grand Ave & Willow Ave37.659753-122.433268
334135Greendale Dr & Callan Blvd37.648674-122.466057
334136Greendale Dr & Callan Blvd37.648410-122.466699
334137Greendale Dr & Fairfax Way37.648568-122.459637
334138Greendale Dr & Fairfax Way37.648686-122.460186
334139Greendale Dr & Galway Dr37.647396-122.457217
334140Greendale Dr & Palos Verdes Way37.648640-122.462349
334141Greendale Dr & Palos Verdes Way37.649020-122.463047
361082Gull Ave & Beach Park Blvd37.565925-122.251734
361083Gull Ave & Crane Ave37.568701-122.264221
346599Hamilton Ave & Carlton Ave37.479619-122.152304
346595Hamilton Ave & Hazel St37.478874-122.159513
346596Hamilton Ave & Henderson Ave37.479117-122.158377
346597Hamilton Ave & Hollyburne Ave37.479263-122.156160
346598Hamilton Ave & Hollyburne Ave37.479414-122.155441
312011Harte St & Date St37.538289-122.504862
312021Harte St & Date St37.538100-122.504822
344502Haven Ave & E Bayshore Rd37.486027-122.189807
334144Hazelwood Dr & Maywood Way37.641310-122.428162
334145Hazelwood Dr & Northwood Dr37.642355-122.425800
335093Herman St & Diamond St37.635569-122.413306
335094Herman St & Pacific Ave37.639515-122.413378
335095Herman St & Scott St37.636966-122.413326
332132Hickey Blvd & Callan Blvd37.665352-122.474158
334151Hickey Blvd & Camaritas Ave37.666288-122.453068
332134Hickey Blvd & Campus Dr37.664800-122.475488
311062Hickey Blvd & Catalina Ave37.653929-122.480670
311063Hickey Blvd & Catalina Ave37.654096-122.480784
311064Hickey Blvd & Firecrest Ave37.657405-122.478883
311067Hickey Blvd & Gateway Dr37.659331-122.478147
311068Hickey Blvd & Gateway Dr37.659939-122.477901
332612Hickey Blvd & Gellert Blvd37.664211-122.468375
332131Hickey Blvd & Hwy 28037.663580-122.464949
311069Hickey Blvd & Inverness Dr37.655155-122.478923
332605Hickey Blvd & Kaiser Medical Offices Driveway37.663635-122.462322
334152Hickey Blvd & Longford Dr37.665371-122.460246
334153Hickey Blvd & Longford Dr37.664415-122.460913
311072Hickey Blvd & Parkview Cir37.656789-122.479046
332141Hickey Blvd & Saint Francis Blvd37.663043-122.475803
332143Hickey Blvd & Saint Francis Blvd37.664415-122.475461
347026High St & Lytton Ave37.444699-122.164473
342061Hiller St & Cambridge St37.527008-122.275880
342062Hiller St & Cambridge St37.527042-122.276169
342063Hiller St & Marine View37.527789-122.278387
342064Hiller St & Marine View37.527809-122.278953
342065Hiller St & Mountain View Ave37.528426-122.280841
342066Hiller St & Mountain View Ave37.528404-122.281259
342602Hiller St & Ralston Ave37.523428-122.272734
342068Hiller St & Wessex Way37.524520-122.273426
342069Hiller St & Wessex Way37.524661-122.273538
341937Hillsdale Blvd & Caxton Ct37.529698-122.321904
341934Hillsdale Blvd & Del Monte St37.530048-122.314320
341650Hillsdale Blvd & Edison St - Hillsdale Shopping Ctr37.535455-122.299860
341938Hillsdale Blvd & Glendora Dr37.532866-122.326769
341939Hillsdale Blvd & Glendora Dr37.533164-122.326686
341936Hillsdale Blvd & Rockwood Ct37.531019-122.322469
341943Hillsdale Blvd & Saratoga dr37.542075-122.290501
332151Hillside Blvd & Alp Ave37.701746-122.462321
332152Hillside Blvd & Bismark St37.696255-122.461891
332153Hillside Blvd & Bismark St37.695711-122.462133
332154Hillside Blvd & Brunswick St37.704336-122.462004
332155Hillside Blvd & Brunswick St37.704224-122.462143
332156Hillside Blvd & Cottonwood Dr37.702150-122.462209
334154Hillside Blvd & Drake Ave37.665128-122.411072
334155Hillside Blvd & Drake Ave37.665204-122.410902
334601Hillside Blvd & Franklin Ave37.666426-122.412615
332157Hillside Blvd & Gambetta St37.699153-122.462040
332158Hillside Blvd & Gambetta St37.698627-122.462261
334602Hillside Blvd & Grove Av37.666893-122.412950
334158Hillside Blvd & North Spruce Ave37.663712-122.408624
332159Hillside Blvd & Price St37.692756-122.461850
332160Hillside Blvd & Price St37.693311-122.461683
334159Hillside Blvd & School St37.663533-122.408669
332161Hillside Blvd & Sylvan St37.688098-122.460525
332162Hillside Blvd & Valley St37.688534-122.460881
332163Hoffman St & Lausanne Ave - The Franciscan37.689175-122.455054
332164Hoffman St & Lausanne Ave - The Franciscan37.689053-122.455026
335097Huntington Ave & Euclid Ave37.632235-122.413112
335098Huntington Ave & Euclid Ave37.632447-122.412958
335099Huntington Ave & Sneath Ln37.640646-122.419192
335401Huntington Ave & Sneath Ln37.639859-122.419052
334400Huntington Ave & Spruce Ave37.644191-122.421561
334401Huntington Ave & Spruce Ave37.643805-122.421499
335607Huntington Ave East & Herman St37.634508-122.413864
335608Huntington Ave East & Herman St37.634040-122.413827
344139Hurlingame Ave & San Mateo Ave37.478026-122.210676
312004Hwy 1 & 14th St37.537453-122.517388
312005Hwy 1 & 16th St37.535555-122.517960
315002Hwy 1 & Alto Ave37.494615-122.454391
311074Hwy 1 & Crespi Dr37.599209-122.500147
311078Hwy 1 & Fassler Ave37.608866-122.494765
315021Hwy 1 & Grand Dr37.471976-122.435207
315006Hwy 1 & Grandview Blvd37.475797-122.438751
315008Hwy 1 & Kehoe Ave37.476222-122.439488
315013Hwy 1 & Kelly Ave37.464831-122.434233
314013Hwy 1 & Medio Ave37.495848-122.457500
314016Hwy 1 & Medio Ave37.496127-122.457710
315010Hwy 1 & Miramontes Point Rd37.431902-122.426521
315003Hwy 1 & Nurseyman Exchange37.435730-122.427023
315609Hwy 1 & Nurseyman Exchange37.488258-122.449599
315014Hwy 1 & Redondo Beach Rd37.440920-122.427967
311081Hwy 1 & Reina Del Mar Ave37.614154-122.486501
311082Hwy 1 & Reina Del Mar Ave37.613675-122.487606
311085Hwy 1 & Rockaway Beach Ave37.608310-122.496235
315015Hwy 1 & Roosevelt Blvd37.491353-122.451706
315016Hwy 1 & Roosevelt Blvd37.490503-122.451380
315017Hwy 1 & Ruisseau Francais Ave37.483802-122.446712
315018Hwy 1 & Ruisseau Francais Ave37.483849-122.446537
315019Hwy 1 & Spindrift Way37.479297-122.442399
315020Hwy 1 & Spindrift Way37.478779-122.442172
315022Hwy 1 & Terrace Ave37.473097-122.435910
315463Hwy 1 & Wavecrest Rd37.447619-122.428908
311087Hwy 1 & Westport Dr37.620861-122.484829
311088Hwy 1 & Westport Dr37.620447-122.485282
315900Hwy 92 & Skyline Blvd37.496105-122.368123
315024Hwy 92 & Berta's Fruit Farm37.478133-122.414234
315025Hwy 92 & Hwy 137.468017-122.431954
315901Hwy 92 & Hwy 35 - Skyline Blvd37.495580-122.368676
315026Hwy 92 & Main St37.468136-122.428950
315027Hwy 92 & Marsh Farms37.475873-122.417956
315902Hwy 92 & Pilarcitos Creek Rd37.492137-122.386360
315903Hwy 92 & Pilarcitos Creek Rd37.490860-122.388722
341179Hwy 101 & 3rd Ave37.570609-122.313208
341180Hwy 101 & 3rd Ave37.571095-122.314756
311089Inverness Dr & Foothill Dr37.652040-122.478171
311090Inverness Dr & Foothill Dr37.652117-122.478058
311093Inverness Dr & Glencourt Way37.648244-122.475101
311095Inverness Dr & Heathcliff Dr37.651087-122.477508
311096Inverness Dr & Heathcliff Dr37.651153-122.477332
311099Inverness Dr & Horizon Way37.653907-122.479200
344148Jefferson Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.469927-122.247029
344149Jefferson Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.469626-122.247322
344654Jefferson Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.469697-122.247682
344665Jefferson Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.469821-122.246814
344150Jefferson Ave & Altamont Way37.467859-122.249891
344151Jefferson Ave & Ave Del Ora37.473407-122.240315
344153Jefferson Ave & Devon Way37.467842-122.249619
344418Jefferson Ave & Marshall St37.487965-122.228184
344416Jefferson Ave & Myrtle St37.474466-122.239299
344164Jefferson Ave & Ruby St37.471156-122.243661
344165Jefferson Ave & Ruby St37.471313-122.242734
344168Jefferson Ave & Topaz St37.470581-122.245238
344169Jefferson Ave & Topaz St37.470528-122.244885
344170Jefferson Ave & Valota Rd37.471958-122.241124
344657Jefferson Ave at Adams St37.481954-122.231533
344658Jefferson Ave at Adams St37.481606-122.231571
344659Jefferson Ave at Grand St37.478258-122.235733
344666Jefferson Ave at Hawes St37.473658-122.239921
344660Jeffesrson Ave at Hudson St37.477515-122.236277
335103Jenevein Ave & Beech Ave37.620104-122.418878
335104Jenevein Ave & Chestnut Ave37.620013-122.419340
335106Jenevein Ave & Cypress Ave37.621123-122.416612
335108Jenevein Ave & El Camino Real37.623238-122.412217
335612Jenevein Ave & El Camino Real37.623189-122.412027
335109Jenevein Ave & Elm Ave37.621842-122.415277
335613Jenevein Ave & Elm Ave37.622003-122.414639
335650Jenevein Ave & Hawthorne Ave37.618234-122.422901
332165John Daly Blvd & Cliffside Dr37.702128-122.482705
332166John Daly Blvd & Dorchester Dr37.699940-122.489370
332167John Daly Blvd & Eastgate Dr37.699853-122.490436
332168John Daly Blvd & Lake Merced Blvd37.701024-122.485629
332169John Daly Blvd & Lake Merced Blvd37.701142-122.486106
332170John Daly Blvd & Mission St37.704994-122.462520
332171John Daly Blvd & Mission St37.705072-122.462522
332172John Daly Blvd & Park Plaza Dr37.702202-122.481533
332173John Daly Blvd & Poncetta Dr37.703814-122.476102
332175John Daly Blvd & Sheffield Dr37.704135-122.475953
332178Junipero Serra Blvd & 87th St37.693517-122.471144
332188Junipero Serra Blvd & Citrus Ave37.697292-122.470656
332602Junipero Serra Blvd & Citrus Ave37.698837-122.470651
333014Junipero Serra Blvd & Colma Blvd37.677298-122.469602
333513Junipero Serra Blvd & Colma Blvd37.677014-122.469724
333015Junipero Serra Blvd & Colma Park N Ride37.682535-122.470576
332532Junipero Serra Blvd & John Daly Blvd37.703272-122.471092
332184Junipero Serra Blvd & School St37.693580-122.470920
333017Junipero Serra Blvd & Serra Ctr37.673362-122.466415
333018Junipero Serra Blvd & Serra Ctr37.673073-122.466633
332186Junipero Serra Blvd & Serramonte Blvd37.671175-122.464663
346593Kavanaugh Dr & Farrington Way37.475381-122.141243
346592Kavanaugh Dr & Gloria Way37.475475-122.141981
346591Kavanaugh Dr & Kirkwood Ct37.475292-122.145836
346594Kavanaugh Dr & Kirkwood Ct37.475181-122.145653
341521Kehoe Ave & Van Buren St37.565630-122.296037
315617Kelly Ave & Church St37.463900-122.431320
315612Kelly Ave & Church St - Community Center37.463870-122.432270
332189King Dr & Camelot Ct37.649995-122.460146
334174King Dr & Fairfax Way37.649763-122.459948
332190King Dr & Gellert Blvd37.650296-122.456103
334175King Dr & Gellert Blvd37.650023-122.456206
334177King Dr & Junipero Serra Blvd37.654590-122.453458
334178King Dr & Junipero Serra Blvd37.654340-122.453530
334179King Dr & Stein Ct37.650115-122.462665
332191King Dr & Verducci Dr37.650308-122.463153
341916Kings Ln & Queens Ln37.517350-122.331796
322910La Cuesta Dr & Alpine Rd - Aliso Way37.403237-122.193132
322902La Cuesta Dr & W Floresta Way37.402036-122.196467
322903La Honda Rd & Fox Hill Rd37.398380-122.256211
322904La Honda Rd & Grandview Dr37.388365-122.263322
322906La Honda Rd & Skywood Way37.392793-122.261340
322908La Mesa Dr & Alpine Rd37.400042-122.192774
341206La Selva St & Casa De Campo37.543373-122.284883
341205La Selva St & Los Prados St37.544480-122.283735
331526Lake Merced Blvd & Brotherhood Way37.713527-122.485154
331527Lake Merced Blvd & Brotherhood Way37.713988-122.485488
331044Lake Merced Blvd & Font Blvd37.724213-122.485227
331613Lake Merced Blvd & Font Blvd37.724510-122.484780
331045Lake Merced Blvd & Higuera Ave37.718145-122.485280
331528Lake Merced Blvd & Higuera Ave37.718678-122.484967
332192Lake Merced Blvd & John Daly Blvd37.700947-122.484481
332193Lake Merced Blvd & John Daly Blvd37.700850-122.484680
331555Lake Merced Blvd & Lake Merced Hill37.711588-122.485250
331556Lake Merced Blvd & Lake Merced Hill37.711404-122.485487
332194Lake Merced Blvd & Southgate Ave37.698083-122.483111
332527Lake Merced Blvd & Westlake Park Dr37.703638-122.485824
332528Lake Merced Blvd & Westlake Park Dr37.704898-122.486078
342070Lake Rd & Carlmont Dr37.509571-122.299486
346065Laurel St & Glenwood Ave37.458409-122.185011
346067Laurel St & Oak Grove Ave37.457162-122.182310
346070Laurel St & Ravenswood Ave37.454851-122.178259
346071Laurel St & Sherwood Way37.451975-122.172183
346606Laurel St & Sherwood Way37.452025-122.171948
341917Lexington Ave & Yorktown Rd37.519420-122.348172
341918Lexington Ave & Yorktown Rd37.519397-122.348386
311616Linda Mar Blvd & Alicante Dr37.584162-122.486210
311613Linda Mar Blvd & Capistrano Dr37.582598-122.483315
311621Linda Mar Blvd & Highway 137.595236-122.503043
311510Linda Mar Blvd & Madeira Dr37.582148-122.479467
311615Linda Mar Blvd & Peralta Rd37.591180-122.497013
311617Linda Mar Blvd & Seville Dr37.588464-122.493991
311106Linda Mar Park N Ride37.595585-122.502932
334180Linden Ave & Armour Ave37.661467-122.407836
334181Linden Ave & Aspen Ave37.660148-122.408295
334182Linden Ave & Aspen Ave37.659800-122.408559
334183Linden Ave & California Ave37.658162-122.409000
334184Linden Ave & California Ave37.658201-122.409124
334185Linden Ave & Miller Ave37.656357-122.409775
334186Linden Ave & Miller Ave37.656351-122.409618
335110Longview Dr & Goodwin Dr37.628690-122.455536
335111Longview Dr & Goodwin Dr37.628823-122.455847
335112Longview Dr & Moreland Dr37.630288-122.454234
335113Longview Dr & Moreland Dr37.630563-122.453983
332202Los Olivos Ave & San Diego Ave37.705928-122.466791
332203Los Olivos Ave & Santa Barbara Ave37.705542-122.464146
311112Lundy Way & Ridgeway Dr37.621728-122.484298
347027Lytton Ave & Cowper St37.449244-122.160230
347028Lytton Ave & Florence St37.447308-122.162374
347029Lytton Ave & Kipling St37.448360-122.161340
347032Lytton Ave & Kipling St37.448380-122.161117
347030Lytton Ave & Ramona St37.446277-122.163179
347031Lytton Ave & Ramona St37.446001-122.163699
344457Maddux Dr & Alameda de las Pulgas37.458570-122.240514
332205Maddux Dr & Foothill Dr37.695071-122.486079
332206Maddux Dr & Foothill Dr37.695014-122.486320
332207Maddux Dr & Stewart Ave37.694022-122.482321
332208Maddux Dr & Stewart Ave37.694120-122.482394
315039Main / Miramontes37.462447-122.429324
312006Main St & 4th St37.543749-122.514103
312007Main St & 4th St37.544011-122.513807
312008Main St & 7th St37.541945-122.515420
312009Main St & 7th St37.542241-122.515007
315034Main St & Grove St37.455378-122.429819
315605Main St & Grove St37.455630-122.430003
315035Main St & Higgins Canyon Rd37.451501-122.429336
315606Main St & Higgins Canyon Rd37.451453-122.429476
315614Main St & Lewis Foster Dr37.469340-122.431700
315615Main St & Lewis Foster Dr37.469794-122.432510
331072Main St & Market St37.792512-122.395675
315041Main St & Miramontes St37.462071-122.429571
315033Main St & Poplar St37.457039-122.430008
315604Main St & Poplar St37.457190-122.430153
363048Manhattan Ave & O'Connor St37.459963-122.143275
311113Manor Dr & Skyline Blvd37.645945-122.471708
313006Marine Blvd & Etheldore St37.524974-122.508646
362176Marine Pkwy & Beacon Shores Dr37.536328-122.250790
362605Marine Pkwy & Bridge Pkwy37.530545-122.257886
362403Marine Pkwy & Corriente Pointe Dr37.540855-122.247809
362005Marine Pkwy & Island Dr37.534921-122.254870
362008Marine Pkwy & Oracle Pkwy37.528744-122.259426
362059Marine Pkwy & Oracle Pkwy37.528808-122.261742
362010Marine Pkwy & Sandpiper Ln37.532918-122.256597
362402Marine Pkwy & Shell Pkwy37.538044-122.248935
362014Marine Pkwy & Twin Dolphin Dr37.528744-122.263542
362015Marine Pkwy & Twin Dolphin Dr37.528476-122.263212
341213Mariners Island Blvd & Armada Way37.561365-122.287596
341214Mariners Island Blvd & Armada Way37.561466-122.287841
341218Mariners Island Blvd & Fathom Dr37.567114-122.284625
341224Mariners Island Blvd & Trader Ln37.563708-122.285009
346075Market Pl & Alpine Ave37.476456-122.166179
346073Market Pl & Del Norte Ave37.477308-122.167435
346074Market Pl & Del Norte Ave37.477165-122.167392
346076Market Pl & Hamilton Ave37.476466-122.165970
345901Marlborough Ave & Dumbarton Ave37.471859-122.212764
361108Marlin Ave & Foster City Blvd37.554093-122.255221
361109Marlin Ave & Foster City Blvd37.553524-122.255951
346078Marmona Dr & Robin Way37.457380-122.160186
346079Marmona Dr & Robin Way37.457155-122.160128
344036Marsh Road & 1000 Marsh37.479447-122.184994
344441Marshall St & Main St37.487732-122.226798
335508McDonnell Rd & San Bruno Ave37.632193-122.398187
335605McDonnell Rd & San Bruno Ave37.632446-122.398588
335525McDonnell Rd & West Area Rd37.626792-122.401003
335606McDonnell Rd & West Area Rd37.627012-122.401330
335121McDonnell Rd & West Field Rd37.622111-122.399610
335122McDonnell Rd & West Field Rd37.621848-122.399731
343091Melendy Dr & 3363 Melendy Dr37.488193-122.285539
343088Melendy Dr & Alameda de las Pulgas37.493631-122.266932
343089Melendy Dr & Cabot Ct37.488278-122.281802
343123Melendy Dr & Crestview Dr37.486752-122.287500
343400Melendy Dr & Hewitt Dr37.493689-122.272733
343093Melendy Dr & Portofino Dr37.491485-122.277549
343094Melendy Dr & Somerset Ct37.489597-122.278674
343128Melendy Dr & Sunset Dr37.493000-122.269529
346085Menalto Ave & E O'Keefe St37.463058-122.151599
346086Menalto Ave & E O'Keefe St37.462582-122.151835
346083Menalto Ave & Oak Ct37.459489-122.152420
346087Merrill St & Santa Cruz Ave37.454178-122.182020
361623Metro Center Blvd & Vintage Park Dr37.558998-122.277970
361624Metro Center Blvd & Vintage Park Dr37.559902-122.276277
342075Middle Rd & Davey Glen Rd37.523513-122.285828
342079Middle Rd & Notre Dame Ave37.521680-122.287834
342080Middle Rd & Notre Dame Ave37.521728-122.287931
344191Middlefield Rd & 2nd Ave37.473768-122.206804
344192Middlefield Rd & 2nd Ave37.473512-122.206837
344193Middlefield Rd & 5th Ave37.472352-122.204673
344206Middlefield Rd & 5th Ave37.471895-122.204383
344205Middlefield Rd & 7th Ave37.470835-122.202784
344194Middlefield Rd & 8th Ave37.470541-122.201887
344195Middlefield Rd & Cassia St37.483420-122.224626
344197Middlefield Rd & Charter St37.479712-122.216372
344198Middlefield Rd & Chestnut St37.481964-122.221326
344199Middlefield Rd & Chestnut St37.482368-122.221777
344200Middlefield Rd & Douglas Ave37.477785-122.212906
344201Middlefield Rd & Douglas Ave37.477560-122.212893
344203Middlefield Rd & Dumbarton Ave37.475140-122.208902
344204Middlefield Rd & Dumbarton Ave37.474952-122.208998
344196Middlefield Rd & Elm St37.483431-122.224164
345026Middlefield Rd & Fair Oaks Ln37.469724-122.195184
344207Middlefield Rd & Flynn Ave37.478892-122.214543
345027Middlefield Rd & James Ave37.467012-122.188523
345028Middlefield Rd & Lane Pl37.466460-122.187764
344208Middlefield Rd & Laurel St37.480771-122.218144
346106Middlefield Rd & Linfield Dr37.456065-122.167182
345025Middlefield Rd & Oak Grove37.462354-122.179297
345600Middlefield Rd & Oak Grove Ave37.461597-122.178108
346200Middlefield Rd & Ringwood Ave37.459201-122.173021
345030Middlefield Rd & San Benito Ave37.469892-122.196093
346109Middlefield Rd & Santa Margarita Ave37.455190-122.165031
346110Middlefield Rd & Santa Margarita Ave37.455351-122.165814
346103Middlefield Rd & Survey Ln37.457682-122.169972
346104Middlefield Rd & Survey Ln37.457472-122.170048
336623Millbrae BART - Bay 12 West Busway37.599495-122.386561
315610Miramontes Point Rd & Hwy 137.431331-122.426164
315607Miramontes Point Rd & Iris Ln37.432727-122.420632
315608Miramontes Point Rd - Moonridge Apts37.434760-122.417448
334200Mission Rd & Evergreen Ave - South SF37.664511-122.442974
334201Mission Rd & Holly Ave37.660791-122.438241
334202Mission Rd & Holly Ave37.660970-122.438251
331059Mission St & 1st St37.790137-122.396950
331601Mission St & 1st St37.788898-122.398837
331019Mission St & 2nd St37.787990-122.400080
331067Mission St & 2nd St37.787785-122.399926
331070Mission St & 3rd St37.785300-122.403408
331071Mission St & 3rd St37.786572-122.401433
331437Mission St & 4th St37.784532-122.404034
331419Mission St & 5th St37.782456-122.406687
331420Mission St & 5th St37.782362-122.407083
331418Mission St & 7th St37.779354-122.410526
331421Mission St & 7th St37.778696-122.411721
331417Mission St & 8th St37.777616-122.412820
331416Mission St & 9th St37.776533-122.414193
331422Mission St & 9th St37.775921-122.415250
332216Mission St & Alp Ave37.702545-122.462945
332214Mission St & Bismark St37.696305-122.464398
332215Mission St & Bismark St37.695921-122.464761
332230Mission St & E Market St37.689194-122.465890
332220Mission St & Eastlake Ave37.699809-122.463663
332221Mission St & Evergreen Ave - Daly City37.707388-122.456534
332218Mission St & Flournoy St37.706419-122.459780
332225Mission St & Goethe St37.707404-122.457104
332227Mission St & John Daly Blvd37.705272-122.462343
332232Mission St & Parkview Ave37.701678-122.463454
332233Mission St & Price St37.692820-122.464928
332234Mission St & San Pedro Ave37.688820-122.466241
332235Mission St & School St37.693500-122.465157
331430Mission St & Sickles Ave37.708708-122.453277
331073Mission St & Spear St37.792466-122.394310
332544Mission St & Wellington Ave37.705753-122.461347
332238Mission St & Westlake Ave37.699581-122.464039
346618Monte Rosa Dr & Eastridge Ave37.425550-122.200750
311115Monterey Rd & Beaumont Blvd37.651201-122.483763
311116Monterey Rd & Beaumont Blvd37.651043-122.483479
311117Monterey Rd & Waterford St37.651685-122.488842
311118Monterey Rd & Waterford St37.651803-122.488979
341109N Delaware St & E Bellevue Ave37.576163-122.329864
341612N Delaware St & E Poplar Ave37.575307-122.329118
341555N Delaware St & Monte Diablo Ave37.572397-122.325743
341629N Delaware St & Monte Diablo Ave37.572377-122.325915
341111N Delaware St & Tilton Ave37.570888-122.324091
346614Newbridge St & Alamanor Ave37.475068-122.162072
346113Newbridge St & Almanor Ave37.474991-122.161962
363037Newbridge St & Bay Rd37.470747-122.148323
346114Newbridge St & Carlton Ave37.473207-122.155847
346115Newbridge St & Hollyburne Ave37.473980-122.158208
346615Newbridge St & Hollyburne Ave37.474198-122.158687
363039Newbridge St & Laurel Ave37.471855-122.151281
346612Newbridge St & Madera Ave37.473531-122.156557
346616Newbridge St & Market Pl37.475002-122.164770
363040Newbridge St & Mello St37.471409-122.150381
346116Newbridge St & Pierce Rd37.474915-122.164606
363042Newbridge St & Saratoga Ave37.472580-122.153444
363043Newbridge St & Willow Rd37.472585-122.153957
346112Newbridge St & Windermere Ave37.474357-122.159173
346117Newbridge St & Windermere Ave37.474456-122.159697
341919Newport St & Lexington Ave37.522977-122.350297
341920Newport St & Monticello Rd37.523184-122.350174
335100Niles Ave & Cedar Ave - Parkside Intermediate School37.616384-122.419663
345902Northumberland Ave & Marlborough Ave37.473816-122.216088
334207Northwood Dr & Conmur St37.638741-122.435148
342081Notre Dame Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.521913-122.298943
342082Notre Dame Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.522028-122.298728
363044Notre Dame Ave & Illinois St37.475935-122.135706
342083Notre Dame Ave & Mezes Ave37.523172-122.294944
342084Notre Dame Ave & Mezes Ave37.523200-122.294435
346119Oakgrove Ave & Laurel St37.456978-122.182200
334208Oakmont Dr & Bantry Lane37.642058-122.461700
334210Oakmont Dr & Westborough Blvd37.642390-122.462140
332240Oakridge Dr & Alta Vista Way37.705299-122.428765
332241Oakridge Dr & Mira Vista Ct37.706837-122.429491
332508Oakridge Dr & S Hill Blvd37.706274-122.432876
332242Oakridge Dr & Southridge Way37.706840-122.431319
341089Occidental Ave & Clark Dr37.565901-122.347489
311119Oceana Blvd & Brighton Rd37.630466-122.488969
311120Oceana Blvd & Clarendon Rd37.630123-122.489105
311121Oceana Blvd & Eureka Sq37.634078-122.489363
311122Oceana Blvd & Eureka Sq37.634338-122.489237
311126Oceana Blvd & Manor Dr37.648947-122.490504
311127Oceana Blvd & Milagra Dr37.645975-122.491054
311128Oceana Blvd & Milagra Dr37.646991-122.490958
311132Oceana Blvd & Pacific Manor School Rear Entrance37.650369-122.490358
311133Oceana Blvd & Pacific Manor School Rear Entrance37.650746-122.490156
311134Oceana Blvd & Paloma Ave37.636889-122.489257
311135Oceana Blvd & Paloma Ave37.636720-122.489429
311142Oddstad Blvd & Terra Nova Blvd37.582905-122.474648
351014Old County Rd & Bayshore Blvd37.685145-122.399321
351015Old County Rd & Bayshore Blvd37.685221-122.398375
342085Old County Rd & Dale View Ave37.529277-122.286162
351027Old County Rd & San Francisco Ave37.685040-122.402121
351500Old County Rd & San Francisco Ave37.684966-122.402344
346124Onetta Harris Community Ctr37.478292-122.167266
334218Orange Ave & B St37.650884-122.429247
334211Orange Ave & Baden Ave37.657258-122.423407
334212Orange Ave & Baden Ave37.656944-122.423410
334214Orange Ave & Myrtle Ave37.651655-122.427342
334217Orange Ave & Tennis Dr37.654826-122.424465
332243Orange St & Chester St37.690835-122.455476
332244Orange St & Chester St37.690788-122.455527
332245Orange St & E Market St37.691517-122.456882
332246Orange St & E Market St37.691582-122.456804
322012Ormondale School37.381312-122.217796
334641Oyster Point Blvd & Eccles Ave37.662345-122.388646
334642Oyster Point Blvd & Eccles Ave37.662639-122.388999
334643Oyster Point Blvd & Veterans Blvd37.662548-122.392503
334644Oyster Point Blvd & Veterans Blvd37.662250-122.393135
334097Oyster Point Terminal37.662461-122.377287
341263Pacific Blvd & Laurie Meadows Dr37.530434-122.287869
341264Pacific Blvd & Laurie Meadows Dr37.529907-122.287368
311146Palmetto Ave & Bella Vista Ave37.637103-122.492322
311147Palmetto Ave & Brighton Rd37.630489-122.492478
311148Palmetto Ave & Clarendon Rd37.630116-122.492677
311149Palmetto Ave & Esplanade Ave37.654638-122.491459
311158Palmetto Ave & Hwy 1 Onramp - SF RV Resort37.645991-122.492018
311150Palmetto Ave & Manor Dr37.649897-122.491070
311151Palmetto Ave & Manor Dr37.648955-122.491141
311152Palmetto Ave & Montecito Ave37.632984-122.492205
311153Palmetto Ave & Montecito Ave37.632495-122.492630
311154Palmetto Ave & Monterey Rd37.652384-122.490786
311155Palmetto Ave & Monterey Rd37.652209-122.490916
311157Palmetto Ave & Paradise Dr37.660515-122.489483
311160Palmetto Ave & Santa Maria Ave37.635497-122.492003
311161Palmetto Ave & Santa Maria Ave37.635156-122.492141
311605Palmetto Ave & Shell St37.638993-122.492382
311609Palmetto Ave & Shell St37.639268-122.492397
311506Palmetto Ave & Shoreview Ave37.640160-122.492583
311608Palmetto Ave & Shoreview Ave37.639522-122.492407
311164Palmetto Ave & Westline Dr37.660865-122.491733
347082Palo Alto Transit Ctr - Bay 137.443779-122.166092
347084Palo Alto Transit Ctr - Bay 437.444114-122.166631
347085Palo Alto Transit Ctr - Bay 537.444220-122.166808
347609Palo Alto Transit Ctr - Bay 937.443901-122.166051
332247Park Plaza Dr & John Daly Blvd37.701105-122.481733
341267Parrott Dr & Alameda de las Pulgas37.554053-122.334482
341921Parrott Dr & Charing Cross Rd37.524841-122.335147
341922Parrott Dr & Charing Cross Rd37.524665-122.335201
341268Parrott Dr & De Anza Blvd37.521709-122.337013
341269Parrott Dr & De Anza Blvd37.521831-122.336973
341270Parrott Dr & Franklin St37.558512-122.329766
341272Parrott Dr & Harvard Rd37.556570-122.331050
341923Parrott Dr & Londonderry Dr37.526265-122.334158
341924Parrott Dr & Londonderry Dr37.525914-122.334207
341611Peninsula Ave & Anita Rd37.577771-122.338195
340600Peninsula Ave & Bloomfield Rd37.579186-122.336455
341278Peninsula Ave & Humboldt St37.582760-122.330964
341614Peninsula Ave & N Claremont St37.579689-122.335339
341549Peninsula Ave & Victoria Rd37.582390-122.331824
311167Peralta Rd & Linda Mar Blvd37.591008-122.497428
361111Pitcairn Dr & Edgewater Blvd37.538680-122.267272
361112Pitcairn Dr & Santa Catalina Ln37.540283-122.264682
361110Pitcairn Dr & Santa Rosa Ln - Baffin St37.542789-122.261234
314009Plaza Alhambra & Ave Portola37.502396-122.469338
314010Plaza Alhambra & Ave Portola37.502656-122.469620
314011Plaza Alhambra & Coronado St37.500674-122.467325
314012Plaza Alhambra & Coronado St37.500704-122.467128
341280Polhemus Rd & De Anza Blvd37.520211-122.338404
341281Polhemus Rd & De Anza Blvd37.520087-122.337819
341915Polhemus Rd & Tower Rd37.515294-122.333932
341926Polhemus Rd & Tower Rd37.515829-122.334172
334220Ponderosa Rd & Alhambra Rd37.644165-122.437070
334222Ponderosa Rd & Lassen St37.646591-122.433639
334223Ponderosa Rd & Lassen St37.646352-122.433855
334221Ponderosa Rd & Southwood Ctr37.648479-122.430130
334224Ponderosa Rd & Valencia St37.643936-122.436967
332046Pope St & Bellevue Ave37.707367-122.441146
361201Port Royal Ave & Biscayne Ave37.535983-122.270371
361202Port Royal Ave & Cumberland Ct37.542884-122.275952
361203Port Royal Ave & Edgewater Blvd37.536481-122.266030
361204Port Royal Ave & Jamaica St37.540589-122.276067
361205Port Royal Ave & Montego Ln37.536253-122.277839
361206Port Royal Ave & Winchester Ct37.538255-122.276815
322020Portola Rd & Alpine Rd37.372080-122.208772
322021Portola Rd & Alpine Rd37.372095-122.208537
322022Portola Rd & Corte Madera Rd37.374553-122.215169
322024Portola Rd & Family Farm Rd37.398351-122.244318
322510Portola Rd & First Family Farm37.391493-122.241020
322025Portola Rd & Grove Dr37.375478-122.219486
322026Portola Rd & Grove Dr37.375424-122.219051
321008Portola Rd & Mountain Home Rd37.403932-122.247583
321012Portola Rd & Phillip Rd37.404330-122.251921
322031Portola Rd & Santa Maria Ave37.387603-122.237656
322035Portola Rd & Village Sq37.383067-122.232049
322037Portola Rd & Westridge Dr37.379265-122.224677
322023Portola Rd & Woodside Ave37.374892-122.215484
322039Portola Rd & Wyndham Dr37.383944-122.234296
322511Portola Valley Town Hall37.382304-122.228961
331536Potrero Ave & 16th St37.765574-122.407700
331544Potrero Ave & 16th St37.766112-122.407450
331543Potrero Ave & 18th St37.763382-122.407218
331534Potrero Ave & 21st St37.757615-122.407019
331542Potrero Ave & 21st St37.757970-122.406708
331533Potrero Ave & 24th St37.752641-122.406447
331541Potrero Ave & 24th St37.753451-122.406251
331535Potrero Ave & Mariposa37.762954-122.407414
332502Price St & E Market St37.694701-122.455603
314902Prospect Way & Broadway37.504670-122.487413
314903Prospect Way & Capistrano Rd37.504800-122.486756
363049Pulgas Ave & E Bayshore Rd37.454866-122.129962
363050Pulgas Ave & E Bayshore Rd37.455028-122.129824
363023Pulgas Ave & Gaillardia Way37.458286-122.129941
363611Pulgas Ave & Garden St37.466424-122.130290
363612Pulgas Ave & Garden St37.467304-122.130157
363051Pulgas Ave & O'Connor St37.461141-122.130140
363052Pulgas Ave & O'Connor St37.461298-122.130004
363024Pulgas Ave & Oakes St37.457905-122.130098
363053Pulgas Ave & Sage St37.463932-122.130217
363054Pulgas Ave & Sage St37.464108-122.130085
363604Pulgas Ave & Weeks St37.470450-122.130373
363607Pulgas Ave & Weeks St37.469789-122.130381
363055Purdue Ave & Fordham St37.478131-122.136781
347605Quarry Rd & Palo Dr37.442068-122.169526
340207Quesada Way & Trousdale Dr - Burlingame School37.588577-122.385612
342087Ralston Ave & Alameda de las Pulgas37.512073-122.294818
342089Ralston Ave & Belmont Canyon Rd37.511983-122.316294
342090Ralston Ave & Belmont Canyon Rd37.511989-122.315053
342900Ralston Ave & Christian Dr37.511567-122.326357
342091Ralston Ave & Chula Vista Dr37.515726-122.283276
342902Ralston Ave & Chula vista Dr37.515157-122.283585
342093Ralston Ave & Cipriani Blvd37.512538-122.304549
342095Ralston Ave & Davis Dr37.512422-122.308843
342096Ralston Ave & Davis Dr37.512737-122.309604
342097Ralston Ave & El Camino Real37.519945-122.276629
342098Ralston Ave & El Camino Real37.519599-122.276736
342100Ralston Ave & Hallmark Dr37.511386-122.318698
342101Ralston Ave & Hallmark Dr37.511429-122.319486
342107Ralston Ave & Hiller St37.523211-122.273314
342601Ralston Ave & Hiller St37.523155-122.273022
342109Ralston Ave & Hwy 101 Overpass37.527271-122.268536
342600Ralston Ave & Old County Rd37.521260-122.274757
342113Ralston Ave & South Rd37.518311-122.277864
342086Ralston Ave & Tahoe Dr37.512236-122.311946
342114Ralston Ave & Twin Pines Park37.518080-122.277737
346130Ravenswood Ave & Laurel St37.456478-122.178298
346129Ravenswood Ave & Noel Dr37.454442-122.180075
346131Ravenswood Ave & Pine St37.456164-122.178724
334225Ravenwood Dr & Northwood Dr37.639957-122.431799
344631Redwood City Caltrain - Lane A37.486045-122.232237
344633Redwood City Caltrain - Lane A37.485902-122.232045
344636Redwood City Caltrain - Lane B37.485820-122.232068
344637Redwood City Caltrain - Lane C37.485737-122.232138
362600Redwood Shores Pkwy & Airport Way37.517104-122.253754
362411Redwood Shores Pkwy & Avocet Dr37.534530-122.239740
362410Redwood Shores Pkwy & Egret Ln37.536012-122.236295
362604Redwood Shores Pkwy & Electronic Arts Dr37.520932-122.252813
362601Redwood Shores Pkwy & Market Place37.522153-122.252895
362409Redwood Shores Pkwy & Shearwater Pk37.539498-122.234768
362412Redwood Shores Pkwy & Shell Pkwy37.531990-122.244074
362602Redwood Shores Pkwy & Shoreline Dr37.523705-122.253270
362603Redwood Shores Pkwy & Twin Dolphin37.518475-122.252935
345031Ringwood Ave & Altree Ct37.467897-122.169794
346133Ringwood Ave & Arlington Way37.460509-122.173316
346135Ringwood Ave & Colby Ave37.467361-122.169923
346136Ringwood Ave & Coleman Ave37.464942-122.171125
345034Ringwood Ave & Edge Rd37.466625-122.170426
345035Ringwood Ave & Frederick Ave37.470627-122.168425
346134Ringwood Ave & Middlefield Rd37.460215-122.173660
335141Riverside Dr & Moreland Dr37.628379-122.453130
335616Riverside Dr & Sneath Ln37.627458-122.452574
335145Rollingwood Dr & Cottonwood Dr37.629450-122.444208
335146Rollingwood Dr & Cottonwood Dr37.629461-122.443848
335151Rollingwood Dr & Sequoia Ave37.628823-122.446038
335147Rollingwood Dr & Sneath Ln37.630177-122.436833
335152Rollingwood Dr & Sneath Ln37.630278-122.436562
334226Romney Ave & Serra Dr37.658666-122.452827
344231Roosevelt Ave & Cleveland St37.476154-122.229172
344608Roosevelt Ave & Cleveland St37.476131-122.229389
344232Roosevelt Ave & Connecticut Dr37.462803-122.241529
344233Roosevelt Ave & Ebener St37.474850-122.230840
344609Roosevelt Ave & Ebener St37.475145-122.230642
344234Roosevelt Ave & El Camino Real37.478779-122.225833
344235Roosevelt Ave & Fairview Ave37.466562-122.241213
344237Roosevelt Ave & Hudson St37.473599-122.232445
344610Roosevelt Ave & Hudson St37.473828-122.232293
344239Roosevelt Ave & Ruby St37.467897-122.239593
344614Roosevelt Ave & Ruby St37.467771-122.239951
344240Roosevelt Ave & Sanchez Way37.470746-122.235986
344241Roosevelt Ave & Valota Rd37.468922-122.238328
344613Roosevelt Ave & Valota Rd37.469129-122.238274
344242Roosevelt Ave & Windsor Way37.461995-122.242793
311301Rosita Rd & Adobe Dr37.585731-122.497219
311177Rosita Rd & Palou Dr37.583386-122.492807
311300Rosita Rd & Perez Dr37.581994-122.488906
335193S Airport Blvd & Airport Long Term Parking37.636455-122.399796
334003S Airport Blvd & Belle Air Rd37.641221-122.402262
334004S Airport Blvd & Belle Air Rd37.640627-122.402243
335196S Airport Blvd & UAL Maintenance - Gate 7837.636365-122.399400
334011S Airport Blvd & Utah Ave37.645537-122.405195
334012S Airport Blvd & Utah Ave37.645548-122.404887
341103S Delaware St & 2nd Ave37.568133-122.321037
341105S Delaware St & 3rd Ave37.567248-122.320300
341104S Delaware St & 10th Ave37.562162-122.314523
341613S Delaware St & 10th Ave37.562085-122.314588
341098S Delaware St & 16th Ave37.557461-122.309654
341099S Delaware St & 16th Ave37.557607-122.309527
341106S Delaware St & Bermuda Dr37.550925-122.305002
341416S Delaware St & Birch Ave37.560158-122.312555
341608S Delaware St & Charles Ln37.555565-122.307294
341615S Delaware St & Charles Ln37.554993-122.306942
341107S Delaware St & Cypress Ave37.569357-122.322594
341625S Delaware St & Pacific Blvd37.549450-122.305021
341170S Grant St & Concar Dr37.554031-122.302034
332506S Hill Blvd & Bellevue Ave37.706218-122.437313
341232S Norfolk St & Cottage Grove Ave37.568567-122.306237
341233S Norfolk St & Cottage Grove Ave37.568055-122.305901
341234S Norfolk St & Dale Ave37.566961-122.304487
341246S Norfolk St & Dale Ave37.566764-122.304513
341241S Norfolk St & E Hillsdale Blvd37.546868-122.285480
341304S Norfolk St & E Hillsdale Blvd37.545367-122.284425
341236S Norfolk St & Fashion Island Blvd37.553320-122.290693
341237S Norfolk St & Fashion Island Blvd37.553544-122.291232
341410S Norfolk St & Halsey Ave37.560841-122.298460
341242S Norfolk St & Kehoe Ave37.564188-122.302131
341538S Norfolk St & Kehoe Ave37.564273-122.302019
341243S Norfolk St & Lodi Ave37.561714-122.299476
341537S Norfolk St & Lodi Ave37.561871-122.299413
341238S Norfolk St & Marina Ct37.549175-122.287935
341244S Norfolk St & Marina Ct37.549439-122.287982
341249S Norfolk St & Shoreview Ave37.571499-122.309712
341250S Norfolk St & Shoreview Ave37.571990-122.309963
341251S Norfolk St & Stanford Ave37.557886-122.295931
341252S Norfolk St & Stanford Ave37.558055-122.295882
341253S Norfolk St & Susan Ct37.555307-122.293038
341254S Norfolk St & Susan Ct37.555687-122.293488
341290S San Mateo Dr & 2nd Ave37.565853-122.325617
341292S San Mateo Dr & E 4th Ave37.563717-122.323690
334534S Spruce Ave & N Canal St37.651814-122.417747
334246S Spruce Ave & Railroad Ave37.654002-122.416792
334247S Spruce Ave & Victory Ave37.648726-122.418840
334248S Spruce Ave & Victory Ave37.647916-122.419090
331100SF Transit Center - BART shuttle connection37.790137-122.396950
335503SFO Airport Terminal 2 - Lower Level37.616795-122.384193
335162SFO Airport Terminal 3 - Lower Level37.616675-122.388285
335637SFO Airport Terminal A - Lower Level37.615019-122.389293
335620SFO Airport Terminal G - Lower Level37.615824-122.390399
335643SFO Rental Car Center Airtrain Station37.627261-122.400155
332339Saint Francis Blvd & Belhaven Ave37.673490-122.480258
332335Saint Francis Blvd & Casa Ave37.678118-122.479070
332341Saint Francis Blvd & Casa Ave37.678536-122.478886
332336Saint Francis Blvd & Clarinada Ave37.671014-122.480246
332342Saint Francis Blvd & Clarinada Ave37.670994-122.480032
332337Saint Francis Blvd & Mariposa Ave37.679799-122.479076
332343Saint Francis Blvd & Mariposa Ave37.680086-122.478894
332340Saint Francis Blvd & San Miguel Ave37.674456-122.480054
332344Saint Francis Blvd & Southgate Ave37.675586-122.479872
332345Saint Francis Blvd & Southgate Ave37.675538-122.479695
334611SamTrans N Dvwy & N Access Rd - Safe Harbor Shelter37.639383-122.391398
334612SamTrans N Dvwy & N Access Rd - Safe Harbor Shelter37.639399-122.391534
335158San Bruno Ave & Cherry37.625518-122.425553
335154San Bruno Ave E & 3rd Ave37.630905-122.409872
335155San Bruno Ave E & 3rd Ave37.630808-122.408871
335157San Bruno Ave W & El Camino Real37.628644-122.417311
335160San Bruno Ave W & Green Ave37.629367-122.414930
335161San Bruno Ave W & Green Ave37.629358-122.415426
335627San Bruno BART - Bay 437.638816-122.417160
335628San Bruno BART - Bay 537.638662-122.417066
335629San Bruno BART - Bay 637.638529-122.416983
335630San Bruno BART - Bay 7 Outer Busway37.639120-122.417008
335631San Bruno BART - Bay 8 Outer Busway37.638953-122.416925
335632San Bruno BART - Bay 937.638790-122.416866
343097San Carlos Ave & Beverly St37.502683-122.279126
343098San Carlos Ave & Cedar St37.503658-122.265170
343099San Carlos Ave & Cedar St37.503811-122.264646
343100San Carlos Ave & Charlton St37.502515-122.278577
343101San Carlos Ave & Club Dr37.506824-122.285578
343102San Carlos Ave & Dartmouth Ave37.507128-122.285183
343104San Carlos Ave & Devonshire Blvd37.502077-122.275826
343105San Carlos Ave & Elm St37.505189-122.262827
343106San Carlos Ave & Kenton Ave37.506329-122.281756
343107San Carlos Ave & Kenton Ave37.506277-122.281577
343108San Carlos Ave & Laurel St37.506482-122.261493
343110San Carlos Ave & Phelps Rd37.502374-122.272645
343111San Carlos Ave & Phelps Rd37.502301-122.272079
343115San Carlos Ave & Sycamore St37.502301-122.266450
343117San Carlos Ave & Wellington Dr37.502254-122.276488
344244San Carlos Ave & Woodside Rd37.457130-122.226888
343607San Carlos Caltrain Station37.506411-122.258953
334228San Felipe Ave & Del Monte Ave37.658166-122.447384
332252San Fernando Way & Seton Medical Ctr Rear Entrance37.680339-122.475607
332406San Jose Ave & Bepler St37.706065-122.461502
332554San Jose Ave & Shakespeare St37.706580-122.460599
335165San Mateo Ave & Sylvan Ave37.624418-122.411160
335166San Mateo Ave & Sylvan Ave37.624658-122.411267
332255San Pedro Rd & Hill St37.686823-122.469278
333515San Pedro Rd & Mission St37.689283-122.466475
347602Sand Hill Rd & London Plane Way37.445373-122.172116
346147Santa Cruz Ave & Arbor Rd37.446924-122.188532
346148Santa Cruz Ave & Chestnut St37.451582-122.184480
346150Santa Cruz Ave & Crane St37.450949-122.185196
346151Santa Cruz Ave & Curtis St37.452473-122.183926
346152Santa Cruz Ave & Doyle St37.453008-122.183297
346140Santa Cruz Ave & Elder Ave37.438232-122.195771
346601Santa Cruz Ave & Elder Ave37.438768-122.195341
346153Santa Cruz Ave & Evelyn St37.450251-122.185586
346154Santa Cruz Ave & Fremont St37.447506-122.187831
346155Santa Cruz Ave & Hermosa Way37.443161-122.191684
346600Santa Cruz Ave & Hermosa Way37.443249-122.191382
346201Santa Cruz Ave & Hobart St37.441321-122.193208
346162Santa Cruz Ave & Johnson St37.448712-122.187068
346156Santa Cruz Ave & Lemon St37.437056-122.196562
346157Santa Cruz Ave & Merrill St - Menlo Park Caltrain37.454213-122.182402
346158Santa Cruz Ave & North Lemon Ave37.435715-122.197876
346159Santa Cruz Ave & Olive St37.440631-122.193559
346610Santa Cruz Ave & Palo Alto Way37.427023-122.194193
346160Santa Cruz Ave & San Mateo Dr37.445154-122.189781
346161Santa Cruz Ave & San Mateo Dr37.444995-122.190142
346166Santa Monica Ave & San Andreas Dr37.457138-122.166073
341636Saratoga Dr & Park Pl37.544834-122.293121
341635Saratoga Dr & Yates Way37.545148-122.294022
345037Selby Ln & Serrano Dr - Selby Lane School37.457538-122.219547
335602Sequoia Ave & Fleetwood Dr37.625955-122.443703
335600Sequoia Ave & Rollingwood Dr37.628406-122.445772
335601Sequoia Ave & Sneath Ln37.625802-122.443797
334625Serra Dr & San Felipe Ave37.656405-122.449889
332263Serramonte Blvd & Callan Blvd37.669532-122.475177
332264Serramonte Blvd & Callan Blvd37.669331-122.474849
332266Serramonte Blvd & Hwy 137.669172-122.478029
332267Serramonte Blvd & Hwy 137.669355-122.478321
332269Serramonte Blvd & Saint Francis Blvd37.669003-122.479686
332270Serramonte Blvd & Saint Francis Blvd37.669154-122.479787
332538Serramonte Shopping Ctr - Bay 137.670280-122.472119
332533Serramonte Shopping Ctr - Bay 237.670440-122.472099
332536Serramonte Shopping Ctr - Bay 337.670610-122.472082
332534Serramonte Shopping Ctr - Bay 437.670518-122.472037
332535Serramonte Shopping Ctr - Bay 537.670180-122.472051
332537Serramonte Shopping Ctr - Bay 537.670294-122.471992
313604Seton Coastside Med Ctr37.526519-122.507641
332209Seton Medical Ctr - Daly City37.679141-122.474634
334232Shannon Dr & Dublin Dr37.640239-122.457194
334233Shannon Dr & Dublin Dr37.640217-122.457410
334234Shannon Dr & Oakmont Dr37.640406-122.460517
334235Shannon Dr & Oakmont Dr37.640595-122.460332
334236Shannon Dr & Olympic Dr37.638978-122.454228
334237Shannon Dr & Olympic Dr37.638919-122.454708
334238Shannon Dr & Orrey Way37.636796-122.451150
334239Shannon Dr & Orrey Way37.636991-122.451247
334241Shannon Dr & Wexford Ave37.637132-122.447417
346173Sharon Park Dr & Sharon Rd37.424503-122.197381
346170Sharon Rd & Altschul Ave37.428490-122.200717
346171Sharon Rd & Eastridge Ave37.426368-122.198257
346912Sharon Rd & Sharon Park Dr37.425215-122.196990
322515Shawnee Pass & Cervantes Rd37.383539-122.215994
362408Shearwater Pkwy & Breakwater Dr37.540160-122.236579
362404Shearwater Pkwy & Marine Pkwy37.542387-122.246833
362407Shearwater Pkwy & Mindanao Dr37.541934-122.238460
362405Shearwater Pkwy & Monaco Dr37.543364-122.243876
362406Shearwater Pkwy & Saint Lucia Dr37.543075-122.240485
361208Shell Blvd & Beach Park Blvd37.549334-122.263875
361209Shell Blvd & Bounty Dr37.555031-122.264843
361605Shell Blvd & Bounty Dr37.555294-122.265468
361210Shell Blvd & Catamaran St37.551983-122.263438
361606Shell Blvd & Catamaran St37.551289-122.263669
361600Shell Blvd & E Hillsdale Blvd37.557899-122.269825
361604Shell Blvd & E Hillsdale Blvd37.557719-122.270104
361619Shell Blvd & E Hillsdale Blvd37.559073-122.272040
335640Shelter Creek Ln & Fire Rd 137.622200-122.427780
335641Shelter Creek Ln & Fire Rd 237.620950-122.426900
335642Shelter Creek Ln & Fire Rd 337.619150-122.425730
311182Skyline Blvd & Glencourt Way37.648825-122.472054
322909Skyline Blvd & La Honda Rd37.386894-122.264585
311184Skyline Blvd & Manor Dr37.645892-122.470858
335173Skyline Blvd & Sharp Park Rd37.639319-122.464679
335500Skyline Blvd & Westborough Blvd37.639297-122.464251
335639Skyline College Transit Ctr37.629502-122.466388
332289Skyline Dr & Arcadia Dr37.661981-122.485666
332290Skyline Dr & Arcadia Dr37.661702-122.486552
332291Skyline Dr & Belcrest Ave37.664232-122.486546
332292Skyline Dr & Belcrest Ave37.664180-122.486666
332293Skyline Dr & Highland Ave37.678899-122.490947
332294Skyline Dr & Highland Ave37.679095-122.490804
332296Skyline Dr & Menlo Ave37.675705-122.490532
332297Skyline Dr & Menlo Ave37.676077-122.490519
332298Skyline Dr & Oceanside Dr37.671797-122.488726
332299Skyline Dr & Oceanside Dr37.671684-122.488898
332300Skyline Dr & Palisades Dr37.688386-122.491259
332301Skyline Dr & Upland Ave37.685807-122.489659
332302Skyline Dr & Upland Ave37.685688-122.489796
332303Skyline Dr & Westmoor Ave37.683355-122.490217
332304Skyline Dr & Westmoor Ave37.683740-122.490014
332522Skyline Dr & Westridge Ave37.689981-122.492973
332523Skyline Dr & Westridge Ave37.689853-122.493014
335635Sneath & Huntington Inbound BART37.638500-122.419135
335636Sneath & Huntington Outbound BART37.638990-122.419046
335184Sneath Ln & Cherry Ave37.633186-122.429454
335186Sneath Ln & Cherry Ave37.633118-122.429050
335609Sneath Ln & Claremont Dr37.624957-122.445729
335611Sneath Ln & Colusa Ct37.626464-122.450273
335622Sneath Ln & Colusa Ct37.625933-122.450171
335610Sneath Ln & Earl Ave37.624753-122.445877
335617Sneath Ln & Mendocino Ct37.627257-122.452087
335187Sneath Ln & Monterey Dr37.624604-122.448804
335623Sneath Ln & Monterey Dr37.624064-122.448400
335651Sneath Ln & National Ave37.635925-122.423537
335652Sneath Ln & National Ave37.635656-122.423400
351602South Hill Dr & North Hill Dr37.687418-122.411021
334617South SF BART - Bay 2 Westside Busway37.663742-122.443535
334618South SF BART - Bay 3 Westside Busway37.663887-122.443763
334620South SF BART - Bay 5 Westside Busway37.664380-122.444582
332308Southgate Ave & Cerro Dr37.675550-122.475929
332324Southgate Ave & Cerro Dr37.675696-122.475819
332325Southgate Ave & Crestline Ave37.685484-122.487077
332326Southgate Ave & Creston Ave37.693431-122.491103
332327Southgate Ave & El Dorado Dr37.675531-122.478700
332328Southgate Ave & El Dorado Dr37.675703-122.478585
332309Southgate Ave & Glenrose Ave37.694583-122.491398
332310Southgate Ave & Lake Merced Blvd37.697631-122.483476
332311Southgate Ave & Lakeshire Dr37.676195-122.483779
332312Southgate Ave & Lakeshire Dr37.676035-122.483123
332313Southgate Ave & Lakewood Dr37.697112-122.490777
332329Southgate Ave & Lakewood Dr37.696991-122.490669
332314Southgate Ave & Lincoln Ave37.678619-122.486823
332315Southgate Ave & Lincoln Ave37.678768-122.486999
332322Southgate Ave & Maddux Dr37.697412-122.486269
332317Southgate Ave & Montrose Ave37.688902-122.488842
332330Southgate Ave & Montrose Ave37.689248-122.488920
332318Southgate Ave & Ocean Grove Ave37.685676-122.487284
332511Southgate Ave & Sullivan Ave37.675810-122.474026
332512Southgate Ave & Sullivan Ave37.675739-122.473501
332319Southgate Ave & Westmoor Ave37.682757-122.487173
332320Southgate Ave & Westmoor Ave37.682698-122.487004
332321Southgate Ave & Westridge Ave37.691114-122.491020
332331Southgate Ave & Westridge Ave37.691621-122.490936
332323Southgate Ave & Windsor Dr37.697275-122.485471
334242Spruce Ave & Baden Ave37.655251-122.416506
334244Spruce Ave & North Canal St37.652050-122.417466
334245Spruce Ave & Orowheat Co37.646705-122.420706
344489Stafford St & E St37.493449-122.242985
332338Stewart Ave & Maddux Dr - Ben Franklin IS37.694592-122.482065
315040Strawflower Shopping Ctr37.469601-122.435083
332346Sullivan Ave & Southgate Ave37.676689-122.473433
332347Sullivan Ave & Southgate Ave37.676158-122.473302
313605Sunshine Valley Rd & Etheldore St37.527489-122.510738
312018Sunshine Valley Rd & Harte St37.537452-122.500317
312014Sunshine Valley Rd & Hawthorne St37.535843-122.500780
312022Sunshine Valley Rd & Hawthorne St37.535997-122.500768
361212Tarpon St & Beach Park Blvd - Bowditch Middle School37.560588-122.248635
332348Templeton Ave & Brunswick St37.706806-122.453666
332606Templeton Ave & Brunswick St37.706907-122.453643
332349Templeton Ave & Hanover St37.705987-122.452627
346126Terminal Ave & Almanor Ave37.478543-122.163172
346125Terminal Ave & Modoc Ave37.478606-122.163636
311010Terra Nova Blvd & Alicante Dr37.585609-122.476654
311610Terra Nova Blvd & Everglades Dr37.592062-122.475490
311189Terra Nova Blvd & Fassler Ave37.598852-122.481528
311302Terra Nova Blvd & Lerida Way37.587627-122.477459
311192Terra Nova Blvd & Mason Dr37.595976-122.479277
311193Terra Nova Blvd & Mason Dr37.596010-122.479583
311194Terra Nova Blvd & Miranda Ct37.597602-122.481531
311196Terra Nova Blvd & Oddstad Blvd37.583847-122.474912
341927Ticonderoga Dr & Allegheny Way37.515111-122.338614
341928Ticonderoga Dr & Cobblehill Pl37.515506-122.340408
341929Ticonderoga Dr & Lexington Ave37.518490-122.345375
341930Ticonderoga Dr & Lexington Ave37.518476-122.345549
341902Ticonderoga Dr & Sheraton Pl37.517808-122.342783
341528Timberlane Way & Kings Ln37.520161-122.335914
321013Tripp Rd & Woodside Rd37.420219-122.269674
340085Trousdale Dr & Magnolia Ave37.593553-122.384094
340110Trousdale Dr & Magnolia Ave37.593672-122.384299
363062University Ave & Bell St37.465892-122.141451
363063University Ave & Bell St37.466320-122.141693
347059University Ave & Chaucer St37.455395-122.152055
347060University Ave & Chaucer St37.455439-122.152205
363060University Ave & Donohoe St37.463657-122.141604
347062University Ave & Lincoln Ave37.455485-122.146612
347063University Ave & Lincoln Ave37.455543-122.147088
347064University Ave & Middlefield Rd37.450586-122.156853
347065University Ave & Middlefield Rd37.450209-122.157440
363065University Ave & Runnymede St37.468254-122.141585
363066University Ave & Runnymede St37.468747-122.141153
363067University Ave & Sacramento St37.469834-122.140746
347066University Ave & Seneca St37.453301-122.154168
347067University Ave & Seneca St37.453272-122.154403
363068University Ave & Woodland Ave37.457710-122.142116
363074University Ave & Woodland Ave37.457621-122.141931
346188VA Medical Ctr - Menlo Park37.465153-122.158507
334250Valencia St & Avalon Ave37.643683-122.435533
346177Valparaiso Ave & Arbor Rd37.449339-122.192947
346202Valparaiso Ave & Elder Ave37.441126-122.199787
346203Valparaiso Ave & University Dr37.452051-122.190693
344420Veterans Blvd & Hansen Way37.488992-122.219712
344439Veterans Blvd & Maple St37.489684-122.222849
344419Veterans Blvd & Walnut St37.489388-122.222963
363007W Bayshore Rd & Cooley Ave37.458728-122.138834
363029W Bayshore Rd & Newell Rd37.457509-122.136535
363008W Bayshore Rd & Woodland Ave37.453673-122.130018
341183W Hillsdale Blvd & Alameda de las Pulgas37.532038-122.307940
341184W Hillsdale Blvd & Clearview Way37.531753-122.333464
341185W Hillsdale Blvd & Clearview Way37.531649-122.332549
341188W Hillsdale Blvd & Edison St - Bay 637.535440-122.299480
341544W Hillsdale Blvd & Edison St - Bay 737.535250-122.299696
341543W Hillsdale Blvd & Edison St - Bay 837.535159-122.299807
341190W Hillsdale Blvd & Hacienda St37.533781-122.304168
341191W Hillsdale Blvd & Hacienda St37.533786-122.304802
341282W Poplar Ave & Costa Rica Ave37.565051-122.345517
341283W Poplar Ave & El Camino Real37.569770-122.335993
341287W Poplar Ave & Park Ln37.566506-122.342275
332068Warwick St & Callan Blvd37.652289-122.468829
332354Warwick St & Christen Ave37.652377-122.466634
332355Warwick St & Christen Ave37.652276-122.466417
344459Washington Ave & Connecticut Dr - Kennedy MS37.459647-122.236574
332358Washington St & 88th St37.692230-122.477884
332359Washington St & 90th St37.691164-122.476801
332360Washington St & Edgeworth Ave37.687816-122.474094
332361Washington St & Edgeworth Ave37.687950-122.474151
332362Washington St & Heather Rd37.687829-122.476863
332363Washington St & Louvaine Dr37.691094-122.476922
332364Washington St & MacArthur Dr37.692123-122.478038
332366Washington St & Sullivan Ave37.687833-122.472838
332368Washington St & Sweetwood37.687924-122.476698
311197West Manor Dr & Palmetto Ave37.649393-122.491492
334219West Orange Ave & C St37.651619-122.427205
334216West Orange Ave & Railroad Ave37.655052-122.423987
335653Westborough Blvd at Skyline Blvd37.638845-122.463619
332373Westlake Ave & Woodrow St37.699513-122.466847
332374Westlake Ave & Woodrow St37.699409-122.467075
332517Westmoor Ave & Baldwin Ave37.684630-122.484189
311163Westport Dr & Hwy 137.620597-122.485479
311199Westport Dr & Lundy Way37.620582-122.484582
322503Westridge Dr & Cervantes Rd37.385354-122.222421
344495Whipple Ave & Copley Ave37.483666-122.248425
344474Whipple Ave & Duane St37.487849-122.242881
344475Whipple Ave & El Camino Real37.489753-122.240521
344473Whipple Ave & Fulton St37.486616-122.244405
344472Whipple Ave & Iris St37.484552-122.247086
344470Whipple Ave & Nevada St37.481686-122.250702
344494Whipple Ave & Oakdale St37.487733-122.243238
335204Whitman Way & Shelter Creek Ln37.617609-122.424883
346179Willow Rd & Blackburn Ave37.456210-122.163035
346180Willow Rd & Blackburn Ave37.455819-122.163446
346181Willow Rd & Chester St37.466091-122.156660
346182Willow Rd & Coleman Ave37.461169-122.159998
346183Willow Rd & Coleman Ave37.461082-122.160287
346184Willow Rd & E Creek Dr37.452127-122.167642
346185Willow Rd & Gilbert Ave37.459956-122.161100
346186Willow Rd & Nash Ave37.458662-122.162002
346187Willow Rd & O'Keefe St37.463260-122.158262
346189Willow Rd & Waverley St37.452553-122.167053
331504Winston Dr & Buckingham Way37.727858-122.478709
331529Winston Dr & Lake Merced Blvd37.726980-122.483327
346190Woodland Ave & Cleland Pl37.455203-122.156504
363610Woodland Ave & Manhattan Ave37.458322-122.143543
363009Woodland Ave & Newell Rd37.454849-122.137023
363032Woodland Ave & University Ave37.457861-122.141267
346191Woodland Ave & Woodland Ct37.455218-122.156383
344643Woodside Rd & Alameda de las Pulgas37.449335-122.231123
344644Woodside Rd & Alameda de las Pulgas37.449357-122.231438
344444Woodside Rd & Atherwood Ave37.460987-122.225372
344448Woodside Rd & Bonita Ave37.468032-122.223701
344449Woodside Rd & Central Ave37.469513-122.223361
344452Woodside Rd & Gordon St37.467024-122.224216
344450Woodside Rd & Hess Rd37.471314-122.223210
344624Woodside Rd & Hess Rd37.471374-122.222936
344451Woodside Rd & Hudson St37.469138-122.223729
344445Woodside Rd & Kentfield Ave37.462427-122.224988
344454Woodside Rd & Kentfield Ave37.461413-122.225483
344645Woodside Rd & Massachusetts Ave37.456823-122.227903
344443Woodside Rd & Nimitz Ave37.459753-122.225969
344447Woodside Rd & Orchard Ave37.466696-122.224012
344646Woodside Rd & Santa Clara Ave37.453803-122.228968
344446Woodside Rd & Union Ave37.465197-122.224364
344453Woodside Rd & Union Ave37.465208-122.224627
344455Woodside Rd & Volota Rd37.459339-122.226500
344018Woodside Road & San Carlos Ave37.457583-122.227190

Agency Stops: 1874