Stop Listing

Regional Transportation District (co-rtd)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
203761st Ave & Downing St39.718144-104.972827
188611st Ave & Fillmore Plaza39.718256-104.953168
104131st Ave & Fillmore Plaza39.717975-104.95362
195061st Ave & Garfield St39.717737-104.944055
104271st Ave & Garfield St39.717893-104.94414
104381st Ave & Harrison St39.717898-104.941987
104441st Ave & Harrison St39.717744-104.942048
104541st Ave & Madison St39.717905-104.946615
104531st Ave & Madison St39.717737-104.94582
104731st Ave & Steele St39.717741-104.948811
104811st Ave & University Blvd39.718394-104.960117
104801st Ave & University Blvd39.717998-104.958053
345822nd & Abilene Station39.71895-104.825879
345812nd & Abilene Station39.719781-104.825491
347162nd Ave & Abilene St39.718886-104.82622
346802nd Ave & Abilene Station39.719484-104.825073
226412nd Ave. & Abilene St.39.718669-104.826253
110763rd Ave & Coffman St40.164026-105.104067
266383rd Ave & Collyer St40.163855-105.097707
266453rd Ave & Collyer St40.164037-105.097246
342153rd Ave & Kimbark St40.163831-105.100538
266443rd Ave & Martin St40.164032-105.093938
110803rd Ave & Terry St40.163867-105.104496
115196th Ave & Adams St39.725547-104.948256
115246th Ave & Birch St39.725653-104.936522
115276th Ave & Clayton St39.725551-104.955439
115256th Ave & Clermont Pkwy39.725267-104.934622
266296th Ave & Collyer St40.168953-105.098549
115316th Ave & Collyer St40.169087-105.098722
115326th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.725261-104.939775
114546th Ave & Corona St39.725517-104.97381
115346th Ave & Dayton St39.725668-104.875794
115336th Ave & Dayton St39.725469-104.87491
115366th Ave & Del Mar Cir W39.725792-104.850883
200036th Ave & Del Mar Cir W39.725576-104.850613
115406th Ave & Dexter St39.725657-104.933242
115416th Ave & Elm St39.725279-104.929176
115426th Ave & Elm St39.725652-104.929761
211156th Ave & Emery St40.168946-105.09957
197506th Ave & Emery St40.169087-105.10017
115486th Ave & Fulton St39.725646-104.870947
115476th Ave & Fulton St39.725466-104.869972
116026th Ave & Gaylord St39.725525-104.962304
115506th Ave & Glencoe St39.725672-104.926313
115496th Ave & Glencoe St39.725282-104.925809
115536th Ave & Havana St39.725685-104.866569
115526th Ave & Havana St39.725482-104.865438
115546th Ave & Holly St39.725292-104.922242
115556th Ave & Holly St39.725657-104.923136
115566th Ave & Ivy Ln39.725289-104.918725
115586th Ave & Jackson St39.725536-104.942651
115596th Ave & Jersey St39.725672-104.919952
115606th Ave & Josephine St39.725548-104.958387
115616th Ave & Kenton St39.725502-104.861422
115626th Ave & Kenton St39.725724-104.862196
115666th Ave & Krameria St39.725299-104.915628
115676th Ave & Krameria St39.725675-104.916466
115686th Ave & Lafayette St39.725519-104.97028
115696th Ave & Milwaukee St39.725544-104.951937
115706th Ave & Moline St39.725505-104.856561
115716th Ave & Moline St39.725774-104.856539
115736th Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.725682-104.913073
115726th Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.725298-104.91213
115766th Ave & Monroe St39.725546-104.944662
115806th Ave & Olive St39.725302-104.906843
115816th Ave & Olive St39.725684-104.907499
115836th Ave & Pennsylvania St39.725566-104.980921
115856th Ave & Peoria St39.725824-104.847972
115896th Ave & Quebec St39.725677-104.904017
116036th Ave & Washington St39.725555-104.978388
116046th Ave & Williams St39.725531-104.96612
336748th & Coffman PnR Gate A40.171248-105.103926
336778th & Coffman PnR Gate B40.171479-105.103927
177988th & Coffman PnR Gate C40.171971-105.10392
338408th / Coffman40.17211-105.104345
118308th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.729188-104.941461
118408th Ave & Cook St39.729171-104.947823
118428th Ave & Detroit St39.729174-104.954743
118448th Ave & Downing St39.729114-104.97359
118548th Ave & Garfield St39.72917-104.944223
118568th Ave & High St39.729142-104.965155
118598th Ave & Humboldt St39.729126-104.969752
118618th Ave & Josephine St39.729155-104.959567
118628th Ave & Logan St39.729114-104.982724
118698th Ave & Saint Paul St39.729177-104.950826
225608th Ave & Sherman St39.729112-104.984677
118738th Ave & Washington St39.729124-104.979104
341799th Ave & Bross St40.173854-105.108119
118969th Ave & Clermont St39.731115-104.935499
189609th Ave & Clermont St39.730958-104.936055
119039th Ave & Dahlia St39.731129-104.931942
341809th Ave & Pratt St40.173846-105.105004
2304310th & Osage Station39.732222-105.005654
2305910th & Osage Station39.731664-105.005549
3410910th / Osage Station39.73215-105.0055
3323110th St & Washington Ave39.757805-105.222664
3497011th St & Auraria Pkwy39.7472-105.004918
1015912th Ave & Broadway39.735237-104.986919
1016012th Ave & Corona St39.7351-104.973595
1016112th Ave & Downing St39.73519-104.973475
1016212th Ave & Elizabeth St39.735096-104.956006
1016312th Ave & Elizabeth St39.735186-104.956081
1016712th Ave & Fillmore St39.735169-104.95261
1016612th Ave & Fillmore St39.735078-104.952621
1018812th Ave & Gilpin St39.736056-104.966469
1018912th Ave & Gilpin St39.736106-104.966278
1016812th Ave & Grant St39.735227-104.983287
1016912th Ave & Grant St39.735332-104.984014
2230012th Ave & Harrison St39.735047-104.94132
1017012th Ave & Humboldt St39.735125-104.968576
1017112th Ave & Humboldt St39.73522-104.968754
1017412th Ave & Josephine St39.735086-104.959123
1017512th Ave & Madison St39.735067-104.945899
1017612th Ave & Madison St39.735165-104.946462
1017712th Ave & Pennsylvania St39.735102-104.980599
1017812th Ave & Pennsylvania St39.735182-104.981386
1017912th Ave & Race St39.735005-104.963223
1018012th Ave & Race St39.735091-104.963763
1018212th Ave & Steele St39.735188-104.949863
1018112th Ave & Steele St39.735064-104.948897
1018612th Ave & Washington St39.735093-104.97837
1018712th Ave & Washington St39.735237-104.97904
1019012th Ave & York St39.734996-104.95948
1020513th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.73679-104.941204
1021113th Ave & Garfield St39.736801-104.94427
3539913th Ave & Lisbon St39.736245-104.740747
3468113th Ave Station39.734452-104.824601
3458313th Ave Station39.735376-104.823497
3458413th Ave Station39.73446-104.82369
1770815th St & Blake St39.749937-105.000624
1770215th St & California St39.744592-104.993709
1025215th St & Canyon Blvd40.016072-105.275215
2258315th St & Central St39.757663-105.010965
1025415th St & Central St39.757844-105.010929
1770415th St & Champa St39.745953-104.995464
1769815th St & Cleveland Pl39.741184-104.989239
1770515th St & Curtis St39.746779-104.996523
2257715th St & Delgany St39.752107-105.003723
2257315th St & Delgany St39.752138-105.003468
1770015th St & Glenarm Pl39.743236-104.991904
1770715th St & Larimer St39.748253-104.998456
2348815th St & Little Raven St39.754792-105.007207
1903015th St & Little Raven St39.754696-105.006788
2257515th St & Platte St39.75679-105.009807
1831515th St & Platte St39.756223-105.008787
1770315th St & Stout St39.745549-104.994948
1769915th St & Tremont Pl39.742597-104.991089
1770115th St & Welton St39.743924-104.992835
2257215th St & Wynkoop St39.751336-105.002419
2257415th St & Wynkoop St39.751033-105.002397
2304616th & California Station39.744907-104.992421
3526616th & Stout Station39.746121-104.99284
2305616th & Stout Station39.746121-104.992838
2621316th Ave & Aurora Ct39.741428-104.840049
2621416th Ave & Aurora Ct39.741303-104.839334
3419616th Ave & Quentin St39.741319-104.844334
1027316th St & Boulder St39.758852-105.010098
3411416th St / California Station39.744864-104.992508
3411516th St / Stout Station39.746142-104.992797
3519416th St Mall & Wewatta St39.752522-105.001819
3519316th St Mall & Wewatta St39.752626-105.00163
2235316th Street Mall & Arapahoe St39.747869-104.995887
2237116th Street Mall & Arapahoe St39.747834-104.99542
3357016th Street Mall & Blake St39.750602-104.999357
3437916th Street Mall & Blake St39.750486-104.999023
2236716th Street Mall & California St39.745154-104.991982
2235716th Street Mall & California St39.745179-104.992403
2235516th Street Mall & Champa St39.74652-104.994151
2236916th Street Mall & Champa St39.746471-104.993709
2236216th Street Mall & Cleveland Pl39.741796-104.987998
2236316th Street Mall & Court Pl39.74241-104.988531
2236116th Street Mall & Court Pl39.742503-104.988861
2235416th Street Mall & Curtis St39.747203-104.995041
2237016th Street Mall & Curtis St39.747157-104.994606
2235916th Street Mall & Glenarm Pl39.743836-104.990629
2236516th Street Mall & Glenarm Pl39.743839-104.990234
2235116th Street Mall & Larimer St39.749249-104.997681
2237316th Street Mall & Larimer St39.749098-104.997223
2237216th Street Mall & Lawrence St39.748444-104.996392
2235216th Street Mall & Lawrence St39.748544-104.996777
3438016th Street Mall & Market St39.749912-104.998459
3438116th Street Mall & Market St39.749838-104.998162
2235616th Street Mall & Stout St39.745893-104.993246
2236816th Street Mall & Stout St39.745811-104.992809
2236416th Street Mall & Tremont Pl39.743168-104.98935
2236016th Street Mall & Tremont Pl39.743152-104.989761
2542216th Street Mall & Wazee St39.751271-105.000201
2542416th Street Mall & Wazee St39.75114-104.999778
2235816th Street Mall & Welton St39.744495-104.991487
2236616th Street Mall & Welton St39.744507-104.991086
2542516th Street Mall & Wynkoop St39.751815-105.000764
2542316th Street Mall & Wynkoop St39.751959-105.00109
1027717th Ave & Broadway39.743228-104.987267
1028017th Ave & Clarkson St39.743193-104.977204
2332617th Ave & Collyer St40.188469-105.097049
1028117th Ave & Cook St39.743684-104.947424
1031417th Ave & Downing St39.743184-104.973098
1028417th Ave & Esplanade39.743726-104.956224
1028517th Ave & Esplanade39.743882-104.956448
1028817th Ave & Fillmore St39.743715-104.953279
1028917th Ave & Fillmore St39.743905-104.95435
1029017th Ave & Franklin St39.743166-104.968186
1029217th Ave & Garfield St39.743835-104.944028
1029117th Ave & Garfield St39.743681-104.943681
1033517th Ave & Josephine St39.743299-104.959408
2332717th Ave & Lamplighter Dr40.188485-105.093261
1030717th Ave & Logan St39.743198-104.98209
1030817th Ave & Madison St39.743839-104.946356
1032017th Ave & Race St39.743153-104.963147
1032317th Ave & Steele St39.743721-104.949755
1032517th Ave & Steele St39.743856-104.950366
1033017th Ave & Williams St39.743162-104.965699
2657217th Pl & Aurora Ct39.744538-104.837592
1771617th St & Arapahoe St39.748379-104.99408
1771217th St & California St39.745801-104.990744
2341517th St & Canyon Blvd40.017396-105.272863
1771417th St & Champa St39.747089-104.992397
1771517th St & Curtis St39.747891-104.99344
1771017th St & Glenarm39.744464-104.989005
1771717th St & Lawrence St39.749498-104.995545
2074517th St & Market St39.750938-104.997405
1771317th St & Stout St39.746469-104.991578
1771117th St & Welton St39.745157-104.989886
2304718th & California Station39.746846-104.989894
2305518th & Stout Station39.747997-104.990429
1033618th Ave & Downing St39.744891-104.973807
1033818th Ave & Emerson St39.7449-104.976504
1033918th Ave & Franklin St39.744875-104.968741
1034018th Ave & Grant St39.744942-104.983854
1034118th Ave & High St39.744857-104.965151
1034518th Ave & Washington St39.74491-104.979029
1034618th Ave & York St39.744846-104.960352
1772318th St & Arapahoe St39.750075-104.993585
1783418th St & Blake St39.752629-104.996932
3430318th St & Glenarm Pl39.745596-104.987734
1772218th St & Stout St39.74801-104.990867
3411618th St / California Station39.746934-104.98974
3411718th St / Stout Station39.748064-104.990319
2187119th Ave & Andes St39.745604-104.771536
1035319th Ave & Biscay St39.745584-104.768194
1035419th Ave & Broadway39.746131-104.986787
1035519th Ave & Ceylon St39.745599-104.765732
1035719th Ave & Grant St39.746128-104.983247
3510319th Ave & Grant St39.746271-104.983295
1035919th Ave & Pearl St39.746135-104.980028
3510419th Ave & Pearl St39.746263-104.980467
1036619th St & Avocado Rd40.055499-105.272821
1036519th St & Avocado Rd40.056164-105.272643
1036719th St & Cedar Ave40.027895-105.272534
1036819th St & Elder Ave40.030185-105.272721
1036919th St & Elder Ave40.030053-105.27257
1037219th St & Floral Dr40.031812-105.272579
1037419th St & Forest Ave40.032302-105.272726
1037519th St & Glenwood Dr40.033385-105.272603
2609719th St & Iris Ave40.035864-105.272623
1931219th St & Iris Ave40.036849-105.272767
1037319th St & Jackson St39.750528-105.214651
1037919th St & Joslin Ct40.037437-105.272633
1038119th St & Kalmia Ave40.040319-105.272678
3317419th St & Kalmia Ave40.041334-105.27284
3521619th St & Lawrence St39.751818-104.993746
1038319th St & Market St39.752397-104.994418
1038519th St & Norwood Ave40.043772-105.272825
1038419th St & Norwood Ave40.04396-105.272662
1038819th St & Poplar Ave40.047039-105.272685
1038719th St & Poplar Ave40.046769-105.272831
1039019th St & Redwood Ave40.048573-105.27285
1038919th St & Riverside Ave40.050373-105.272684
1772419th St & Stout St39.748748-104.989695
1036319th St & Tyler Rd40.026155-105.272695
1039219th St & Upland Ave40.052613-105.272691
1039119th St & Upland Ave40.052543-105.27283
1039319th St & Yarmouth Ave40.057985-105.272817
2304820th & Welton Station39.748074-104.986647
2305420th & Welton Station39.747879-104.987032
2340120th St & Blake St39.753883-104.993875
1036420th St & Bluff St40.02378-105.271039
2340020th St & Chestnut St39.757767-104.998829
2340220th St & Chestnut St39.758102-104.998663
1055020th St & Larimer St39.75323-104.992806
2339920th St & Little Raven St39.759778-105.002324
2340320th St & Little Raven St39.759715-105.001531
1055220th St & Mapleton Ave40.023237-105.270697
1055320th St & Mesa Dr40.024791-105.271299
2006720th St & Pearl St40.020488-105.269753
3433520th St & Pearl St40.020388-105.269883
1055420th St & Pine St40.02233-105.270394
1038620th St & Pine St40.021746-105.270335
3411820th St / Welton Station39.748163-104.986671
3417621st Ave & Emery St40.19592-105.100161
3417721st Ave & Emery St40.195779-105.099602
2666321st Ave & Francis St40.196038-105.117025
2564621st Ave & Francis St40.195638-105.11639
2252121st Ave & Frontier St40.196027-105.127264
1943921st Ave & Frontier St40.196152-105.127941
2224421st Ave & Hackberry Cir40.195817-105.122216
1764521st Ave & Hackberry Cir40.196085-105.122324
2252021st Ave & Hover St40.196017-105.13035
1941021st Ave & Lincoln St40.196021-105.113704
1941521st Ave & Lincoln St40.195655-105.113528
1756121st Ave & Pratt St40.195547-105.108141
2224321st Ave & Spencer St40.19601-105.125321
1764621st Ave & Sumac St40.19614-105.125197
3458921st Ave & Terry St {1st Pass}40.196018-105.104657
1749221st Ave & Vivian St40.196077-105.11941
2252321st Ave & Vivian St40.19556-105.118805
2351321st St & Champa St39.751287-104.988142
1055722nd Ave & Clarkson St39.749418-104.977186
1055622nd Ave & Downing St39.749563-104.97364
1055822nd Ave & Emerson St39.749565-104.975577
2322022nd St & Blake St39.755899-104.991718
2322122nd St & Larimer St39.755072-104.990615
1056823rd Ave & Albion St39.751095-104.939679
1057023rd Ave & Birch St39.75111-104.936454
1056923rd Ave & Birch St39.750974-104.93589
1057523rd Ave & Dexter St39.751103-104.933099
1057423rd Ave & Dexter St39.750989-104.932565
1057623rd Ave & Elm St39.750995-104.929011
1057723rd Ave & Elm St39.75111-104.929883
1765723rd Ave & Gay St40.199465-105.110065
1058323rd Ave & Glencoe St39.751003-104.925255
1058223rd Ave & Glencoe St39.751124-104.926096
1058623rd Ave & Holly St39.751132-104.922766
1058523rd Ave & Holly St39.751001-104.921986
1059123rd Ave & Jasmine St39.751132-104.919082
1059223rd Ave & Jasmine St39.751013-104.918223
1059623rd Ave & Leyden St39.751137-104.915441
1059523rd Ave & Leyden St39.75102-104.914753
1784323rd Ave & Main St40.199602-105.103132
1765823rd Ave & Main St40.199466-105.104269
1059923rd Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.750985-104.912538
1060023rd Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.751109-104.912696
1060123rd Ave & Oneida St39.750962-104.908326
1060223rd Ave & Oneida St39.751055-104.908029
1060523rd Ave & Pontiac St39.750957-104.905505
1060623rd Ave & Pontiac St39.751058-104.906119
1060723rd Ave & Pratt St40.19947-105.106607
1060823rd Ave & Pratt St40.199581-105.107508
1060923rd Ave & Quebec St39.751062-104.903994
2607623rd Ave & Quebec St39.750961-104.903772
2620123rd Ave & Syracuse St39.75096-104.899469
2607923rd Ave & Syracuse St39.751089-104.8993
2304925th & Welton Station39.753528-104.979493
2305325th & Welton Station39.753227-104.97998
3411925th St / Welton Station39.753121-104.980105
3511426th Ave & Yates St39.754904-105.051329
2370927th & Welton Station39.754909-104.977791
2370827th & Welton Station39.755249-104.977279
3412027th St / Welton Station39.755133-104.977487
1243827th Way & Broadway PnR39.997013-105.261311
2143927th Way & Moorhead Ave39.998125-105.260228
3378927th Way / Broadway39.99712-105.26104
1070528th Ave & Columbine St39.756913-104.956879
1070628th Ave & Columbine St39.757033-104.95762
1070828th Ave & Fillmore St39.757028-104.953907
1070928th Ave & Fillmore St39.756905-104.953122
2256328th Ave & High St39.757038-104.965028
1905328th Ave & Madison St39.756896-104.947029
1071428th Ave & Race St39.756918-104.964069
1071528th Ave & Race St39.757037-104.963739
1071628th Ave & Steele St39.756903-104.949457
1071728th Ave & Steele St39.757021-104.950448
1072028th Ave & York St39.756912-104.959472
1072128th Ave & York St39.757031-104.960076
1798928th St & Canyon Blvd40.017918-105.258208
3521528th St & Canyon Blvd40.017862-105.258534
1981528th St & Glenwood Dr40.032532-105.258574
1982928th St & Glenwood Dr40.03202-105.258276
1939528th St & Hwy 119 Farside40.037148-105.258301
1072628th St & Hwy 119 Nearside40.035155-105.258283
1072528th St & Iris Ave40.035089-105.25868
2566628th St & Jay Rd40.049392-105.259204
2566928th St & Jay Rd40.049742-105.259096
1072728th St & Kalmia Ave40.039811-105.258309
1072828th St & Kalmia Ave40.039549-105.258629
1073028th St & Mapleton Ave40.026076-105.258515
1072928th St & Mapleton Ave40.025783-105.258268
2566728th St & Palo Pkwy40.044071-105.2584
2609528th St & Spruce St40.023492-105.258565
2532528th St & Spruce St40.023833-105.258186
1799228th St & Valmont Rd40.029585-105.258268
1933228th St & Valmont Rd40.028417-105.258572
1073428th St & Winding Trail Dr40.042666-105.258669
1073529th Ave & Bellaire St39.758256-104.936959
1073629th Ave & Bellaire St39.758336-104.937486
1074229th Ave & Birch St39.758341-104.935822
1074129th Ave & Clermont St39.758268-104.934719
1074329th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.75825-104.940044
1074429th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.758323-104.941175
1074529th Ave & Dahlia St39.758342-104.932234
1074729th Ave & Dexter St39.758272-104.932514
1074829th Ave & Elm St39.758393-104.929915
1074929th Ave & Fairfax St39.758325-104.92865
1075529th Ave & Forest St39.758403-104.926387
1075429th Ave & Forest St39.758329-104.927137
2256229th Ave & Franklin St39.758193-104.967771
2256429th Ave & Franklin St39.75828-104.968696
1075829th Ave & Hudson St39.758329-104.923561
1075929th Ave & Hudson St39.758423-104.923013
1076529th Ave & Ivanhoe St39.758403-104.920554
1076429th Ave & Ivanhoe St39.758332-104.921654
1076629th Ave & Jackson St39.758143-104.942642
1076729th Ave & Jasmine St39.758336-104.918507
1076829th Ave & Kearney St39.758409-104.918205
1077129th Ave & Krameria St39.758343-104.915732
2271429th Ave & Lafayette St39.758194-104.970532
1077229th Ave & Leyden St39.758411-104.915788
1077629th Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.758423-104.912705
1077529th Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.758344-104.912551
1822229th Ave & Newport St39.758438-104.909887
1822129th Ave & Niagara St39.758357-104.910217
1905429th Ave & Oneida St39.758355-104.907669
1078129th Ave & Oneida St39.758442-104.907539
1078429th Ave & Quebec St39.758451-104.903959
1078929th Ave & Richard Allen Ct39.758237-104.942404
2320530th & Downing Station39.759189-104.973652
2305130th & Downing Station39.759213-104.973456
3370330th / Downing Station39.758977-104.973786
1785730th Ave & Abilene St39.756861-104.825021
1081130th Ave & Abilene St39.75702-104.825884
1081230th Ave & Billings St39.757039-104.82358
1081330th Ave & Billings St39.756867-104.822499
1081430th Ave & Parklane Dr39.757453-104.835947
1081530th Ave & Parklane Dr39.758261-104.836974
3488730th Ave & Peoria St39.759111-104.846503
2173730th Ave & Quari St39.759245-104.846116
1081730th Ave & Sable Blvd39.757009-104.819857
1081930th Ave & Scranton St39.758868-104.841486
1081830th Ave & Scranton St39.759009-104.841739
1082030th Ave & Uvalda St39.757254-104.833747
1082130th Ave & Uvalda St39.757433-104.834417
1082330th Ave & Victor St39.757063-104.831661
1082230th Ave & Wheeling St39.757161-104.831586
1082530th Ave & Xanadu St39.756906-104.829559
1082430th Ave & Xanadu St39.757014-104.829409
2511730th St & Arapahoe Ave40.013638-105.253935
1083430th St & Arapahoe Ave40.015299-105.253563
1082830th St & Aurora Ave40.004183-105.253023
2512130th St & Aurora Ave40.00316-105.253216
2512230th St & Baseline Rd40.000596-105.252947
2541930th St & Bixby Ave40.001895-105.253234
1083330th St & Canyon Blvd40.015957-105.253861
3337430th St & Canyon Blvd40.016973-105.253575
2546530th St & Colorado Ave40.00784-105.253389
1082930th St & Colorado Ave40.007074-105.253371
1992330th St & Corona Trail40.034651-105.253774
2168530th St & Eagle Way40.030873-105.253773
1083630th St & Euclid Ave40.005541-105.253023
1083530th St & Euclid Ave40.004536-105.253212
1083830th St & Glenwood Dr40.032216-105.253767
1969230th St & Iris40.036184-105.253794
1084130th St & Mapleton Ave40.02603-105.253767
1084230th St & Mapleton Ave40.024917-105.25356
2250930th St & Marine St40.013357-105.253662
3539830th St & Pearl St40.022735-105.25356
2517630th St & Shadow Creek Dr40.010954-105.253599
2512330th St & Shadow Creek Dr40.011003-105.2534
1084030th St & Steelyard Pl40.026494-105.253537
1084530th St & Valmont Rd40.029701-105.253562
1084630th St & Valmont Rd40.02886-105.253804
1084830th St & Walnut St40.019505-105.253785
1084730th St & Walnut St40.020784-105.253512
1084931st Ave & Columbine St39.761017-104.957095
3470731st Ave & Downing St39.760679-104.973084
1085031st Ave & Franklin St39.760683-104.96787
1085231st Ave & Race St39.760692-104.963175
1085331st Ave & Williams St39.760678-104.965607
1085431st Ave & York St39.760691-104.959332
2201731st St & Ringsby Ct39.768439-104.986216
2202331st St & Ringsby Ct39.768122-104.985565
2473532nd Ave & Airport Cir39.761806-104.79305
3489632nd Ave & Chambers Rd39.762005-104.80945
2470332nd Ave & Chambers Rd39.761848-104.809108
2469932nd Ave & Jasper St39.761857-104.804144
2470032nd Ave & Jasper St39.761987-104.804376
2435232nd Ave & Lewiston St39.761851-104.798198
2435332nd Ave & Lewiston St39.762025-104.798105
2473632nd Ave & Ouray St39.762017-104.792666
2351833rd Ave & Oakland St39.763785-104.850426
3487533rd Ave & Peoria St39.763935-104.850241
3334633rd Ave & Peoria St39.763831-104.846658
3504533rd Pl & Fraser St39.764834-104.812837
3504433rd Pl & Fraser St39.764678-104.81214
3504733rd Pl & Sable Blvd39.766404-104.818821
3504633rd Pl & Sable Blvd39.766078-104.818176
1094634th Ave & Forest St39.764648-104.927153
1096335th Ave & Elm St39.765636-104.92986
1096535th Ave & Forest St39.76566-104.926807
1096635th Ave & Glencoe St39.765555-104.925229
1882135th Ave & Holly St39.765551-104.9228
1432435th Ave & Holly St39.765671-104.922815
3359436th Ave & Quebec St39.767479-104.901788
2549336th Ave & Quebec St39.767289-104.901783
3360836th Ave & Syracuse St39.767473-104.898349
3360936th Ave & Syracuse St39.767245-104.897712
3532038th & Blake Station39.77055-104.973378
3446538th & Blake Station Track 139.770931-104.973337
3446638th & Blake Station Track 239.770355-104.974267
3468438th / Blake Station39.770729-104.9734
1106738th St & Arkins Ct39.774849-104.977789
1106938th St & Brighton Blvd39.772599-104.975069
1106838th St & Brighton Blvd39.773244-104.975691
1107038th St & Chestnut Pl39.77442-104.977446
3478738th St & Wynkoop St39.772227-104.974334
3378839th St / Table Mesa39.985522-105.248455
3374040th / Airport - Gateway Park Station39.76983-104.785452
3447740th & Colorado Station Gate A39.775904-104.942596
3447840th & Colorado Station Gate B39.775891-104.942848
3447940th & Colorado Station Gate C39.775888-104.943169
3448040th & Colorado Station Gate D39.77587-104.943459
3448140th & Colorado Station Gate E39.775395-104.943743
3446740th & Colorado Station Track 139.776071-104.942045
3446840th & Colorado Station Track 239.776143-104.943434
3450040th / Colorado Station39.775841-104.944754
2470240th Ave & 40th Cir E39.772733-104.795596
2569740th Ave & 40th Cir W39.772693-104.801924
3303940th Ave & Airport Blvd39.772981-104.789103
3447340th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Track 139.770316-104.787626
3447440th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Track 239.769435-104.787769
2615540th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate B39.770079-104.78641
2615640th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate C39.770081-104.786684
2615740th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate D39.770084-104.786985
2615840th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate E39.769651-104.787109
2615940th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate F39.769656-104.786702
2616040th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate G39.76965-104.786449
2616340th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate J39.769813-104.786677
2616440th Ave & Airport Blvd - Gateway Park Station Gate K39.769807-104.786407
2470140th Ave & Airport Way39.772928-104.795764
2548040th Ave & Andrews Dr39.77327-104.807547
3439940th Ave & Central Park Blvd39.773475-104.873603
3440040th Ave & Central Park Blvd39.773265-104.873626
2547940th Ave & Chambers Rd39.773032-104.808318
3338440th Ave & Clayton St39.772867-104.955216
2188040th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.772943-104.941371
1109040th Ave & Columbine St39.772963-104.956854
1109240th Ave & Fillmore St39.772954-104.953225
3440140th Ave & Havana St39.773039-104.866649
2569640th Ave & Kittridge St39.772946-104.801354
2433940th Ave & Lewiston St39.77273-104.798659
2433840th Ave & Memphis Ct39.772924-104.799469
1109140th Ave & Milwaukee St39.772857-104.952052
2638440th Ave & Salida St39.77294-104.784299
1110040th Ave & Steele St39.77295-104.950487
1109840th Ave & Steele St39.772828-104.949256
1110140th Ave & Williams St39.772835-104.965366
1110440th Ave & York St39.772689-104.96018
3455841st & Fox Station Track 139.773673-104.996885
3455941st & Fox Station Track 239.773021-104.996992
3454841st / Fox Station39.772741-104.995362
3343742nd Ave & Ireland Ct39.774262-104.751012
3345642nd Ave & Ireland St39.774683-104.751723
3345542nd Ave & Jericho St39.774151-104.749344
3343942nd Ave & Jericho St39.774286-104.748144
3345442nd Ave & Lisbon St39.775058-104.746572
2085542nd Ave & Lisbon St39.775196-104.745605
1873944th Ave & Andrews Dr39.777295-104.824167
2487144th Ave & Cornish Way39.776453-104.83092
2487044th Ave & Cornish Way39.776183-104.830409
1873844th Ave & Davenport Way39.776113-104.827704
1881244th Ave & Denmark Ct39.776231-104.827711
2084645th Ave & Andes Ct39.777885-104.771668
3342045th Ave & Andes St39.778062-104.771039
2084745th Ave & Argonne St39.777926-104.769529
1966345th Ave & Biscay St39.778026-104.767675
1966245th Ave & Ceylon St39.77768-104.764344
2084845th Ave & Ceylon St39.777295-104.763854
2084945th Ave & Ensenada St39.776289-104.760931
1966145th Ave & Ensenada St39.776399-104.760906
1881046th Ave & Andrews Dr39.779096-104.824275
1874046th Ave & Andrews Dr39.778831-104.82426
1880646th Ave & Chambers Rd39.7768-104.810238
1880946th Ave & Dearborn St39.779145-104.821176
1911746th Ave & Durham Ct39.778885-104.820326
2064546th Ave & Enid Ct39.778837-104.818428
2064446th Ave & Eugene Way39.778407-104.817844
1880846th Ave & Fairplay Way39.778155-104.816026
1874246th Ave & Fairplay Way39.77772-104.815418
1880746th Ave & Fraser Way39.777447-104.813526
1874346th Ave & Freeport Way39.777221-104.81366
1874446th Ave & Fullerton Ct39.776567-104.811144
3443446th Ave & Quivas St39.780092-105.007509
3443546th Ave & Quivas St39.780232-105.007825
1314747th Ave & Columbine St39.781895-104.957354
2085047th Ave & Flanders Way39.781365-104.758823
3302747th Ave & Florence St39.782111-104.871707
3301847th Ave & Florence St39.782584-104.872493
3302847th Ave & Geneva St39.782119-104.868538
3301747th Ave & Geneva St39.782598-104.869157
1123147th Ave & Havana St39.782227-104.865472
1123247th Ave & Havana St39.782496-104.866336
1123547th Ave & Ironton St39.782231-104.862942
1123647th Ave & Ironton St39.78248-104.863622
1123847th Ave & Joliet St39.782484-104.861644
1123747th Ave & Joliet St39.782235-104.860638
1928347th Ave & Josephine St39.782004-104.958664
1124147th Ave & Lima St39.782318-104.856265
1124247th Ave & Lima St39.782421-104.857137
1124647th Ave & Moline St39.782424-104.855193
1124547th Ave & Moline St39.782321-104.854205
1124847th Ave & Nome St39.782431-104.853077
1124947th Ave & Nome St39.782324-104.852554
1125147th Ave & Oakland St39.782326-104.85074
1125047th Ave & Oakland St39.782432-104.850966
1125347th Ave & Paris St39.782439-104.848467
1125247th Ave & Paris St39.782328-104.848264
1126147th Ave & York St39.781903-104.958926
2567848th & Brighton - National Western Center Station Gate A39.785328-104.966619
2514748th & Brighton - National Western Center Station Gate B39.784889-104.966753
3524648th & Brighton - National Western Station Track 139.784458-104.968958
3524748th & Brighton - National Western Station Track 139.785151-104.96781
1127148th Ave & Claude Ct39.783723-104.959708
1126948th Ave & Clayton St39.783701-104.95432
1127048th Ave & Clayton St39.783816-104.954632
1127248th Ave & Colorado Blvd East Frontage Rd39.783346-104.939443
1127548th Ave & Colorado Blvd East Frontage Rd39.783465-104.939881
1127748th Ave & Columbine St39.783806-104.956856
1127648th Ave & Columbine St39.783705-104.956508
1127948th Ave & Dahlia St39.783349-104.930909
1127848th Ave & Dahlia St39.783502-104.932022
1128248th Ave & Forest St39.783696-104.926428
1128348th Ave & Forest St39.783806-104.927377
1128748th Ave & Holly St39.783704-104.923402
1128648th Ave & Holly St39.78385-104.923246
1128948th Ave & Ivy St39.783718-104.9203
1128848th Ave & Ivy St39.783818-104.920518
1129148th Ave & Jackson St39.78372-104.943278
1129048th Ave & Jackson St39.78385-104.943196
1129748th Ave & Saint Paul St39.783791-104.951326
1129848th Ave & Saint Paul St39.783694-104.950877
1130248th Ave & York St39.783821-104.959752
3536248th Ave / Brighton Blvd @ Nat`L Western Ctr39.784667-104.967472
3321949th Ave & Pontiac St39.78515-104.905177
2632049th Ave & Pontiac St39.78538-104.905273
3341050th Ave & Bridge St39.986182-104.752357
3341150th Ave & Bridge St39.98649-104.752227
1497350th Ave & Lincoln St39.787452-104.986041
1133850th Ave & Locust St39.787378-104.914084
1133950th Ave & Locust St39.787489-104.91414
3341250th Ave & Mt Massive Dr39.981351-104.752403
1134350th Ave & Newport St39.787515-104.91032
1134250th Ave & Niagara St39.787389-104.91071
1134650th Ave & Pontiac St39.78741-104.906363
3487051st Ave & Boiling Dr39.787146-104.824261
1135551st Ave & Broadway39.789166-104.986988
3486851st Ave & Chandler Way39.787902-104.826863
3486751st Ave & Chandler Way39.78819-104.826754
3486951st Ave & Columbus Way39.787492-104.825186
3487251st Ave & Crystal Way39.786903-104.821864
3487351st Ave & Deephaven Ct39.786826-104.820596
3487451st Ave & Deephaven Ct39.786347-104.820012
3487151st Ave & Dillon St39.787355-104.822359
1135751st Ave & Lincoln St39.789268-104.986877
2411851st Ave & Scranton St39.78922-104.843315
2412151st Ave & Scranton St39.789361-104.843259
3358551st Ave & Tucson Way39.789382-104.841352
2442251st Ave & Tucson Way39.789251-104.840613
2442351st Ave & Upton Ct39.789833-104.837934
1136251st Ave & Ursula Way39.790031-104.837862
1930252nd Ave & Adams St39.791045-104.949277
2000152nd Ave & Monroe St39.790925-104.945206
2000252nd Ave & Monroe St39.791041-104.944918
1138352nd Ave & Steele St39.790956-104.94929
1927852nd Ave & Vasquez Blvd39.790919-104.942336
1927352nd Ave & Vasquez Blvd39.791033-104.942643
2550653rd Ave & 51st Pl39.789073-104.804094
2550853rd Ave & Chambers Rd39.79022-104.809206
2550753rd Ave & Idalia St39.79033-104.807014
2550953rd Ave & Idalia St39.790132-104.807073
2551053rd Ave & Kittredge St39.788829-104.802659
2208655th St & Arapahoe Ave40.015143-105.225287
1969655th St & Baseline Rd39.999755-105.225438
3387455th St & Blackhawk Rd39.99813-105.224664
1140755th St & Central Ave40.019339-105.225524
1988555th St & Central Ave40.019209-105.22529
2103755th St & Flatiron Pkwy40.024536-105.225279
2253655th St & Flatiron Pkwy40.023556-105.225528
1981655th St & Tenino Ave39.997086-105.224417
1140855th St & Valmont Rd40.028682-105.225484
2209156th Ave & Bowen Ct39.798464-104.907702
2208956th Ave & Bowen Ct39.798298-104.908433
3492156th Ave & Genoa St39.79823-104.758149
3340856th Ave & Genoa St39.798532-104.758655
1141356th Ave & Holly St39.798246-104.921894
1141756th Ave & Leyden St39.798272-104.91531
1497756th Ave & Lincoln St39.798325-104.985757
1141856th Ave & Locust St39.798444-104.915126
2293856th Ave & Logan St39.798351-104.982644
2293756th Ave & Logan St39.798252-104.982654
2208856th Ave & Monaco St39.798272-104.913102
1548156th Ave & Monaco St39.798447-104.913456
2351656th Ave & Quebec St39.798307-104.905316
2209056th Ave & Quebec St39.798538-104.904122
3312158th Ave & Glencoe Ct39.801931-104.926444
3312258th Ave & Glencoe Ct39.801767-104.927363
3349658th Ave & Holly St39.801958-104.922732
2406959th Ave & Logan Ct39.802006-104.981686
3452660th & Sheridan - Arvada Gold Strike Station Track 139.80364-105.049564
3452560th & Sheridan - Arvada Gold Strike Station Track 239.803714-105.048802
3452760th & Sheridan - Arvada Gold Strike Station Gate A39.803813-105.049371
3452860th & Sheridan - Arvada Gold Strike Station Gate B39.803855-105.049102
3425160th / Dahlia39.805189-104.92926
3450660th / Sheridan - Arvada Gold Strike Station39.804374-105.049081
1148960th Ave & Dahlia St39.805637-104.928908
1148860th Ave & Dahlia St39.805452-104.928854
1149060th Ave & Glencoe St39.805506-104.926042
2608060th Ave & Holly St39.805517-104.921626
1149260th Ave & Hudson St39.805514-104.923718
1149160th Ave & Hudson St39.805643-104.922771
2608160th Ave & Kearney St39.805561-104.917307
2608860th Ave & Kearney St39.805695-104.918204
3479360th Ave & Monaco St39.805719-104.91343
3460561st & Pena Station Track 139.807307-104.783939
3460661st & Pena Station Track 239.806553-104.784076
3468561st / Pena Station39.806945-104.783907
1969063rd St & Gunbarrel Ave40.061524-105.20695
1980763rd St & Jay Rd40.051501-105.20676
1981063rd St & Longbow Dr40.064725-105.206706
1968963rd St & Longbow Dr40.063807-105.206943
2594263rd St & Lookout Rd40.07078-105.206748
1980963rd St & Nautilus Dr40.061588-105.206756
1969163rd St & Notting Hill Gate40.056347-105.206963
1980863rd St & Twin Lakes Rd40.05697-105.206793
1151469th Ave & Ivy St39.821974-104.919526
1151369th Ave & Ivy St39.821864-104.919009
1151569th Ave & Krameria St39.821996-104.91679
1151669th Ave & Krameria St39.82188-104.91692
2596069th Ave & Leyden St39.8219-104.914953
2595969th Ave & Locust St39.822011-104.914602
1151769th Ave & Monaco St39.822024-104.913127
2204670th Ave & Broadway39.823535-104.988355
1163370th Ave & Monaco St39.823874-104.911161
1163270th Ave & Monaco St39.823799-104.912336
1928270th Ave & Newport St39.82388-104.909317
1163470th Ave & Niagara St39.823781-104.90922
3304570th Ave & Pontiac St39.823775-104.906048
1163870th Ave & Poplar St39.823887-104.905517
1447070th Ave & Washington St39.823535-104.97711
1447170th Ave & Washington St39.82381-104.979659
2059372nd Ave & Brighton Blvd39.827141-104.928566
1165172nd Ave & Brighton Rd39.827285-104.928616
1165372nd Ave & Clermont St39.827171-104.934483
1165472nd Ave & Clermont St39.82731-104.934695
2005272nd Ave & Colorado Blvd39.827126-104.939149
3459672nd Ave & Colorado Blvd39.827302-104.938812
1165672nd Ave & Dahlia St39.827188-104.931057
1165772nd Ave & Dahlia St39.827293-104.931076
2139972nd Ave & Elm St39.827338-104.926118
1927972nd Ave & Elm St39.827146-104.924902
3436672nd Ave & Fairfax Dr39.82733-104.923714
2140072nd Ave & Hwy 239.827107-104.915093
1166972nd Ave & Ivanhoe St39.827145-104.920546
1166872nd Ave & Ivanhoe St39.827311-104.92091
2203572nd Ave & Kearney St39.827153-104.916841
1167172nd Ave & Kearney St39.82732-104.916919
1167672nd Ave & Magnolia St39.827296-104.911405
1928172nd Ave & Monaco St39.827111-104.912898
1167372nd Ave & Monaco St39.827297-104.914037
1167972nd Ave & Niagara St39.827113-104.910138
1168272nd Ave & Olive St39.827304-104.907389
1168172nd Ave & Olive St39.827121-104.906668
2297476th Ave & Krameria St39.83443-104.916322
2296876th Ave & Leyden Ln39.834525-104.914562
2297576th Ave & Leyden St39.834423-104.914811
2298180th Ave & Hollywood St39.841829-104.920696
2295680th Ave & Hollywood St39.841692-104.920741
2295780th Ave & Kimberly St39.841677-104.917734
2298080th Ave & Kimberly St39.841795-104.917726
2295880th Ave & Larkwood St39.841661-104.913906
2297980th Ave & Larkwood St39.841769-104.914581
2298688th Ave & 89th Ave39.857032-104.918175
2295288th Ave & 90th Ave39.857154-104.917439
2298988th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.856035-104.940681
2294888th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.855853-104.94059
1180688th Ave & Corona St39.856161-104.974011
1180788th Ave & Corona St39.856345-104.974976
2298888th Ave & Dahlia St39.856341-104.931205
2294988th Ave & Dahlia St39.856212-104.931177
2294488th Ave & Devonshire Blvd39.856027-104.955884
2299388th Ave & Devonshire Blvd39.856199-104.956
1180988th Ave & Downing St39.856145-104.97082
1181088th Ave & Downing St39.856319-104.971296
2601788th Ave & Fish Hatchery Rd39.856296-104.924673
2601888th Ave & Fish Hatchery Rd39.85618-104.925075
1181488th Ave & Grant St39.856421-104.984264
2318288th Ave & Grant St39.85618-104.983258
1181688th Ave & Hoffman Way39.856272-104.963953
1181788th Ave & Hoffman Way39.856079-104.963524
1182088th Ave & McElwain Blvd39.856116-104.96687
2294788th Ave & Monroe St39.855929-104.945955
2299088th Ave & Monroe St39.856103-104.946299
1984888th Ave & Pearl St39.856377-104.981241
2318388th Ave & Pearl St39.85617-104.979566
1182388th Ave & Poze Blvd39.856291-104.966969
2294388th Ave & Rainbow Ave39.856051-104.958224
1182888th Ave & Washington St39.856187-104.977391
2076088th Ave & Washington St39.856366-104.978428
2294588th Ave & Welby Rd39.856029-104.953657
2299488th Ave & York St39.856236-104.958336
20897100th Ave & Clayton St39.877827-104.955756
20898100th Ave & Detroit St39.877693-104.954307
23188100th Ave & Madison St39.877609-104.944935
23193100th Ave & Madison St39.87776-104.945781
23641100th Ave & Steele St39.877649-104.949163
23642100th Ave & Steele St39.877778-104.950204
21719100th Ave & York St39.877853-104.958391
10013100th Ave & York St39.877727-104.958489
26093104th Ave & Belle Creek Blvd39.885351-104.882843
26092104th Ave & Belle Creek Blvd39.885192-104.883163
26208104th Ave & Blackhawk St39.885493-104.823827
26207104th Ave & Blackhawk St39.885206-104.823015
33267104th Ave & Brighton Rd39.885204-104.889301
33266104th Ave & Brighton Rd39.885359-104.89024
33172104th Ave & Chambers Rd39.88533-104.808857
33173104th Ave & Chambers Rd39.885589-104.80979
23499104th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.884702-104.941108
20983104th Ave & Grant Dr39.885338-104.982762
20980104th Ave & Irma Dr39.885201-104.962966
18867104th Ave & Irma Dr39.884936-104.962783
33278104th Ave & Landmark Dr39.885712-104.791061
33277104th Ave & Landmark Dr39.885372-104.78989
25564104th Ave & Reunion Pkwy39.885709-104.78144
25563104th Ave & Reunion Pkwy39.885464-104.780571
33175104th Ave & Revere St39.885343-104.842656
33104104th Ave & Revere St39.885025-104.843093
33644104th Ave & Sable Blvd39.885292-104.818361
33645104th Ave & Sable Blvd39.88557-104.819245
23719104th Ave & Steele St39.884781-104.950031
23718104th Ave & Steele St39.885141-104.950111
33804104th Ave & Walden St39.885448-104.775816
33803104th Ave & Walden St39.885745-104.776891
20982104th Ave & Washington St39.885318-104.978927
20958104th Ave & Washington St39.885004-104.976722
33786104th Ave / Revere39.884829-104.843141
10028106th & Melody Transfer Center Gate C39.888627-104.994739
34129106th / Melody39.888698-104.995115
17870111th St & Cabrini Dr40.0072-105.093349
26113112th Ave & Frcc39.899589-105.040183
26112112th Ave & Frcc39.899786-105.041018
35279112th Ave & Irma Dr39.89943-104.964696
35280112th Ave & Irma Dr39.899582-104.96475
33259119th St & Austin Ave40.034345-105.074492
33248119th St & Meadow Sweet Farm Pkwy40.033655-105.074633
33249119th St & Pioneer Pl40.029579-105.074646
26056120th & Chambers Rd39.914419-104.809227
22716120th Ave & Birch Dr39.913843-104.932328
22756120th Ave & Birch Dr39.914012-104.933051
33034120th Ave & Brighton Rd39.912553-104.8728
33033120th Ave & Brighton Rd39.912175-104.871882
26055120th Ave & Chambers Rd39.914225-104.80858
21746120th Ave & Claude Ct39.914087-104.960622
22715120th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.913772-104.939482
19577120th Ave & Colorado Blvd39.914042-104.941303
22717120th Ave & Fairfax St39.913867-104.928259
22755120th Ave & Fairfax St39.914042-104.928157
10154120th Ave & Grant St39.913958-104.984694
10155120th Ave & Grant St39.914219-104.985746
22754120th Ave & Holly St39.914078-104.922604
22718120th Ave & Holly St39.913902-104.92257
24224120th Ave & Irma Dr39.914158-104.968406
24221120th Ave & Irma Dr39.913868-104.967548
23032120th Ave & Jasmine St39.914135-104.91877
23031120th Ave & Jasmine St39.914-104.918406
19576120th Ave & Madison St39.913694-104.945202
19578120th Ave & Madison St39.913996-104.946488
33633120th Ave & Moline St39.914187-104.853385
33636120th Ave & Moline St39.914388-104.85329
22752120th Ave & Niagara St39.914311-104.91073
22753120th Ave & Niagara St39.91417-104.909915
23394120th Ave & Pennsylvania St39.913956-104.980494
23382120th Ave & Pennsylvania St39.914236-104.981836
33634120th Ave & Peoria St39.914242-104.847236
33635120th Ave & Peoria St39.914479-104.846058
34102120th Ave & Prairie View High School39.91448-104.840337
26316120th Ave & Quebec St39.914449-104.90165
26315120th Ave & Quebec St39.914121-104.902546
21735120th Ave & Race St39.914134-104.964094
21129120th Ave & Race St39.913879-104.96344
26039120th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.913985-105.051899
19575120th Ave & Steele St39.914017-104.953823
24225120th Ave & Sylvia Dr39.914154-104.974564
24222120th Ave & Sylvia Dr39.91382-104.975151
33630120th Ave & US 8539.914206-104.858405
33631120th Ave & US 8539.914462-104.858023
10158120th Ave & Washington St39.914235-104.979087
24223120th Ave & Washington St39.913866-104.976835
22450120th Ave & York St39.913719-104.952769
35281128th Ave & Bellaire St39.928512-104.937724
35282128th Ave & Bellaire St39.928263-104.937585
35283128th Ave & Eudora Dr39.928323-104.929138
35285128th Ave & Holly St39.928557-104.922572
35284128th Ave & Summit Grove Pkwy39.928518-104.930056
33216400 Block S Vance St39.708053-105.07992
24441500 Block N 111th St40.002993-105.09325
24442500 Block N 111th St40.003207-105.093387
18624700 Block Potomac St39.727601-104.828414
33870700 Block W 104th Ave39.885387-104.995101
34734800 Block S Blackhawk St39.7-104.824147
24403800 Block S Jason St39.701768-104.999099
24395800 Block S Jason St39.701686-104.999261
25236800 Block S Quebec St39.699761-104.903646
24396900 Block S Jason St39.698906-104.999247
24402900 Block S Jason St39.699471-104.999092
253431000 Block Airport Rd40.147837-105.152804
253421000 Block Airport Rd40.148287-105.152832
344131150 Block Prairie Center Pkwy39.969178-104.77115
341501150 Block Prairie Center Pkwy39.969131-104.770855
163661400 Block Sable Blvd39.738086-104.819328
163651400 Block Sable Blvd39.738078-104.81951
150591600 Block Louisiana Ave39.692884-104.96774
132941600 Block W Dartmouth Ave39.660414-105.007175
336201800 Block 30th St40.01879-105.253557
132931800 Block W Dartmouth Ave39.660525-105.008274
194951900 Block S Quebec Way39.682909-104.88947
194921900 Block S Quebec Way39.682724-104.8895
214732000 Block Hwy 22439.827995-104.962485
144652000 Block Hwy 22439.828006-104.963381
331022000 Block S Quebec Way39.681915-104.887714
331012000 Block S Quebec Way39.68176-104.887661
253612000 Block W Oxford Ave39.642297-105.010629
253602000 Block W Oxford Ave39.642165-105.011591
108432100 Block 30th St40.021767-105.25381
346732100 Block 95th Ave39.868675-104.961064
114062300 Block 55th St40.02154-105.225272
332582800 Block 119th St40.029654-105.074474
198842900 Block Hwy 11940.037349-105.255411
150973500 Block S Lowell Blvd39.651019-105.034551
150963500 Block S Lowell Blvd39.651048-105.034668
191193600 Block 40th Ave39.772964-104.944689
110943600 Block 40th Ave39.772814-104.94465
196263800 Block S Chambers Rd39.648116-104.809896
196113800 Block S Chambers Rd39.648144-104.810194
236723800 Block W 112th Ave39.899529-105.035657
211303800 Block W 112th Ave39.899732-105.035334
259523800 Block W Kenyon Ave39.649566-105.040933
259513800 Block W Kenyon Ave39.649729-105.041544
256683900 Block 28th St40.04729-105.25848
107233900 Block 28th St40.045922-105.25864
163003900 Block S Reservoir Rd39.644531-104.770525
162993900 Block S Reservoir Rd39.64435-104.770782
191134000 Block Youngfield St39.769999-105.14245
191124000 Block Youngfield St39.769913-105.142628
124244100 Block Brighton Blvd39.775695-104.971751
124234100 Block Brighton Blvd39.77572-104.971967
348924100 Block S Parker Road39.640204-104.828677
241724200 Block 9th Ave39.731096-104.937818
112674400 Block 48th Ave39.783479-104.935602
112684400 Block 48th Ave39.783321-104.935604
113854700 Block W 52nd Ave39.791029-105.047686
113864700 Block W 52nd Ave39.791144-105.047637
352014700 Block Ward Rd39.783455-105.138158
123504800 Block Baseline Rd39.999944-105.234323
333914800 Block W Kenyon Ave39.65017-105.04819
333904800 Block W Kenyon Ave39.649913-105.047916
339744900 Block S Ulster St39.627693-104.894436
247454900 Block S Ulster St39.627841-104.894819
208675000 Block Chambers Rd39.785864-104.809553
336125000 Block S Picadilly St39.62406-104.738393
347305100 Block Mississippi Ave39.696719-104.927743
240015200 Block S Wadsworth Blvd39.620604-105.091452
240005200 Block S Wadsworth Blvd39.620861-105.090989
171775300 Block Washington St39.791912-104.978187
171785300 Block Washington St39.792042-104.97836
132215400 Block Dahlia St39.794237-104.931737
132205400 Block Dahlia St39.794302-104.931574
351815400 Block W 72nd Ave39.827154-105.055151
222885600 Block S Lowell Blvd39.614711-105.035637
150895600 Block S Lowell Blvd39.615178-105.035827
122375700 Block Arapahoe Ave40.014762-105.220185
122365700 Block Arapahoe Ave40.014519-105.22017
150905700 Block S Lowell Blvd39.61318-105.035766
216915700 Block S Lowell Blvd39.612965-105.036022
169835700 Block S Wadsworth Blvd39.612519-105.091494
114155800 Block 56th Ave39.798253-104.919507
114165800 Block 56th Ave39.798428-104.91936
333335800 Block 88th Ave39.856318-105.060343
124485900 Block Broadway39.803825-104.987586
223145900 Block Broadway39.804682-104.987353
171846000 Block Washington St39.804701-104.978155
171836000 Block Washington St39.804566-104.9779
214706200 Block W Hampden Ave39.653027-105.064254
214696200 Block W Hampden Ave39.652921-105.064265
124536300 Block Broadway39.81064-104.987388
230276300 Block Broadway39.810658-104.987572
122256400 Block Arapahoe Rd40.014621-105.202388
193426400 Block Arapahoe Rd40.01473-105.203957
334856400 Block South Boulder Rd39.986336-105.203408
334846400 Block South Boulder Rd39.986107-105.203522
228216800 Block Baseline Rd40.000065-105.191213
228226800 Block Baseline Rd40.000156-105.192286
210696800 Block Broadway39.820181-104.987554
210686800 Block Broadway39.820321-104.98734
242766900 Block S Tucson Way39.590234-104.835819
242776900 Block S Tucson Way39.590283-104.835647
236837100 Block S Boulder Rd39.986874-105.186032
139517300 Block W Florida Ave39.689495-105.079071
352727400 Block W Long Dr39.611262-105.083058
331577500 Block Hampden Ave39.653283-104.902033
333677600 Block Hampden Ave39.652956-104.900777
250017600 Block West Grant Ranch Blvd39.618519-105.082313
250207700 Block W Grant Ranch Blvd39.618629-105.083019
204447800 Block Iliff Ave39.674667-104.895119
346717800 Block Smith Rd39.770766-104.896167
228348400 Block Baseline Rd40.00017-105.158134
228338400 Block Baseline Rd40.000078-105.157935
251868500 Block Alameda Ave39.710952-104.89147
226688500 Block Alameda Ave39.709741-104.890056
119488600 Block Alameda Ave39.708316-104.887302
119468600 Block Alameda Ave39.708112-104.887429
229848600 Block Brighton Rd39.852559-104.915837
229548600 Block Brighton Rd39.852541-104.916038
256038600 Block Webster Dr39.855115-105.079364
229068700 Block Ridgeline Blvd39.556166-104.99645
262448700 Block Ridgeline Blvd39.55626-104.99634
212398800 Block Florida Ave39.68922-104.885301
212498800 Block Florida Ave39.689383-104.885319
262508900 Block Ridgeline Blvd39.553734-104.996451
229078900 Block Ridgeline Blvd39.553211-104.996647
109848900 Block W 38th Ave39.769271-105.097111
109858900 Block W 38th Ave39.76939-105.097594
172108900 Block Washington St39.857667-104.978017
198619000 Block Harlan St39.858893-105.064051
252929100 Block Lowry Blvd39.725075-104.881879
231369100 Block Vance St39.861526-105.0788
231329100 Block Vance St39.861484-105.079103
330599200 Block Northfield Blvd39.785178-104.880577
336389300 Block Grant St39.865507-104.985026
336379300 Block Grant St39.8662-104.984973
333349400 Block Pecos St39.866401-105.006175
158599400 Block Pecos St39.866494-105.00599
334759500 Block S University Blvd39.543305-104.942347
187309800 Block W 58th Ave39.802014-105.107648
114329800 Block W 58th Ave39.80181-105.107542
1161410200 Block W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd39.725824-105.113139
1161510200 Block W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd39.725707-105.11294
2301510300 Block Arapahoe Rd40.014799-105.108253
2302810300 Block Arapahoe Rd40.014669-105.108157
2572510300 Block Park Meadows Dr39.541779-104.871217
2573010300 Block Park Meadows Dr39.542253-104.870826
2572610400 Block Park Meadows Dr39.540213-104.872728
1441311000 Block Huron St39.896995-104.996551
1441211000 Block Huron St39.897073-104.996789
3527612200 Block Claude Ct39.916905-104.959387
3527512200 Block Claude Ct39.916051-104.959121
2216813000 Block Colorado Blvd39.931522-104.940387
2216713000 Block Colorado Blvd39.931522-104.940178
1916813200 Block Smith Rd39.764776-104.829732
1916713200 Block Smith Rd39.764895-104.830828
1937414100 Block Denver West Pkwy39.742591-105.158452
1936514100 Block Denver West Pkwy39.742519-105.15814
2482816200 Block Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.78361-104.79954
3341916200 Block Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.783857-104.800138
3387719600 Block Smoky Hill Rd39.614727-104.760213
3387819600 Block Smoky Hill Rd39.61457-104.760562
2548420200 Block Smoky Hill Rd39.610237-104.751925
2548320200 Block Smoky Hill Rd39.610821-104.752646
33503Acres Green Dr & Park Meadows Dr39.56339-104.896742
33502Acres Green Dr & Park Meadows Dr39.563159-104.897006
33628Adams County Pkwy & Valente Dr39.923401-104.814009
33629Adams County Pkwy & Valente Dr39.922161-104.813413
21183Airport Blvd & 2nd Ave39.719467-104.791218
21180Airport Blvd & 2nd Ave39.719737-104.790881
21182Airport Blvd & 6th Ave39.724177-104.791313
23886Airport Blvd & 6th Ave Farside39.725992-104.79102
21181Airport Blvd & 6th Ave Nearside39.724315-104.791018
23887Airport Blvd & 8th Ave39.729878-104.791039
23909Airport Blvd & 8th Ave39.729368-104.791336
23908Airport Blvd & 10th Ave39.732623-104.791353
23889Airport Blvd & 10th Ave39.733125-104.791058
23890Airport Blvd & 13th Ave39.73669-104.791078
23907Airport Blvd & 13th Ave39.73635-104.791369
24360Airport Blvd & Alameda Dr39.709263-104.79096
24123Airport Blvd & Centretech Pkwy39.716295-104.791015
24521Airport Blvd & Colfax Ave39.739688-104.791395
25341Airport Rd & Buckthorn Dr40.146502-105.151466
25344Airport Rd & Buckthorn Dr40.146531-105.151794
25613Airport Rd & Clover Basin Dr40.143679-105.149863
25853Airport Rd & Nelson Rd40.152109-105.154639
18671Alameda & Havana PnR39.712246-104.864808
33790Alameda / Havana39.712073-104.864438
11950Alameda Ave & Alameda Dr39.709199-104.814748
11989Alameda Ave & Fairmount Dr39.711082-104.8925
11990Alameda Ave & Fairmount Dr39.71137-104.893334
19000Alameda Ave & Jamaica Way39.710962-104.862031
12034Alameda Ave & Leetsdale Dr39.711121-104.935294
12035Alameda Ave & Leetsdale Dr39.711601-104.937396
12082Alameda Ave & S Abilene St39.711355-104.824757
19146Alameda Ave & S Airport Blvd39.706618-104.791522
21050Alameda Ave & S Blackhawk St39.711003-104.822526
11964Alameda Ave & S Chambers Rd39.708739-104.810481
18589Alameda Ave & S Chambers Rd39.7085-104.80935
11970Alameda Ave & S Clinton St39.708082-104.878471
11971Alameda Ave & S Clinton St39.708108-104.879486
11974Alameda Ave & S Colorado Blvd39.71138-104.939338
11973Alameda Ave & S Colorado Blvd Farside39.711654-104.941215
33149Alameda Ave & S Colorado Blvd Nearside39.711717-104.940349
11977Alameda Ave & S Dahlia St39.711383-104.932121
11976Alameda Ave & S Dahlia St39.711145-104.930865
11978Alameda Ave & S Dayton St39.708936-104.874865
18860Alameda Ave & S Dayton St39.708991-104.875785
11982Alameda Ave & S Downing St39.71116-104.973752
11981Alameda Ave & S Downing St39.711055-104.973103
11985Alameda Ave & S Emerson St39.711054-104.97651
11986Alameda Ave & S Emerson St39.71115-104.976647
11993Alameda Ave & S Forest St39.711124-104.926563
11994Alameda Ave & S Forest St39.711414-104.927325
11996Alameda Ave & S Galena Way39.710348-104.869133
11997Alameda Ave & S Galena Way39.710113-104.871104
18513Alameda Ave & S Harrison St39.71142-104.941502
12008Alameda Ave & S Havana St39.711197-104.866456
33992Alameda Ave & S Havana St39.710783-104.867307
12011Alameda Ave & S Holly St39.711153-104.921906
12012Alameda Ave & S Holly St39.711387-104.922643
34726Alameda Ave & S Ironton St39.710936-104.864484
34737Alameda Ave & S Jamaica Way39.71123-104.861959
23416Alameda Ave & S Joplin St39.707578-104.80345
23417Alameda Ave & S Joplin St39.707782-104.80329
18590Alameda Ave & S Kalispell Way39.707076-104.801254
18594Alameda Ave & S Kalispell Way39.707338-104.801389
12025Alameda Ave & S Kearney St39.711433-104.918031
12024Alameda Ave & S Kearney St39.711139-104.917255
12033Alameda Ave & S Lansing St39.710997-104.857125
18859Alameda Ave & S Lansing St39.71122-104.857691
23207Alameda Ave & S Lincoln St39.711216-104.985674
18591Alameda Ave & S Memphis Way39.706724-104.797665
18593Alameda Ave & S Memphis Way39.706993-104.798364
12045Alameda Ave & S Moline St39.71124-104.855096
12044Alameda Ave & S Moline St39.711015-104.854267
22875Alameda Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.711159-104.913248
12047Alameda Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.711431-104.913498
12046Alameda Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.711155-104.912059
12048Alameda Ave & S Monroe St39.711561-104.945514
22147Alameda Ave & S Monroe St39.711431-104.945304
12051Alameda Ave & S Niagara St39.711147-104.909341
12052Alameda Ave & S Niagara St39.711438-104.910057
12053Alameda Ave & S Nome St39.711041-104.850293
12054Alameda Ave & S Nome St39.711264-104.851093
12057Alameda Ave & S Olive Way39.711143-104.906108
12058Alameda Ave & S Olive Way39.711437-104.906845
12062Alameda Ave & S Pearl St39.711074-104.980993
12061Alameda Ave & S Pearl St39.71117-104.981104
12065Alameda Ave & S Peoria St39.711061-104.846722
12066Alameda Ave & S Peoria St39.711287-104.847568
12069Alameda Ave & S Potomac St39.711044-104.82772
12070Alameda Ave & S Potomac St39.711275-104.828793
12074Alameda Ave & S Quebec St39.711422-104.90388
12075Alameda Ave & S Quebec St39.71117-104.902627
12104Alameda Ave & S Revere St39.711282-104.838104
25357Alameda Ave & S Sable Blvd39.711255-104.820033
12038Alameda Ave & S Sherman St39.711087-104.98556
12100Alameda Ave & S Troy St39.711285-104.84268
12099Alameda Ave & S Troy St39.711059-104.841979
12105Alameda Ave & S Ursula Way39.711054-104.83624
25551Alameda Ave & S Vine St39.711152-104.963295
25550Alameda Ave & S Vine St39.71107-104.962308
25549Alameda Ave & S Williams St39.711072-104.966463
25552Alameda Ave & S Williams St39.711155-104.966853
12113Alameda Ave & S Xapary St39.711051-104.832001
12114Alameda Ave & S Xapary St39.711278-104.832668
26651Alameda Dr & Alameda Ave39.709241-104.815445
23042Alameda Station39.708706-104.993143
23060Alameda Station39.708196-104.992785
33704Alameda Station39.70892-104.992883
26256Alameda Station Gate B39.707777-104.992252
26257Alameda Station Gate C39.707948-104.992384
26258Alameda Station Gate D39.708096-104.992459
35011Alameda Station Gate E39.708667-104.992495
35012Alameda Station Gate F39.708839-104.9925
12154Albrook Dr & Abilene St39.778522-104.837901
12153Albrook Dr & Abilene St39.778567-104.83767
18813Albrook Dr & Anaheim Ct39.777591-104.834548
18737Albrook Dr & Anaheim Ct39.777453-104.834474
18736Albrook Dr & Crown Blvd39.779116-104.839591
12155Albrook Dr & Crown Blvd39.779559-104.840049
34858Albrook Dr & Peoria St39.782138-104.845326
34715Albrook Dr & Peoria St39.781821-104.844882
18735Albrook Dr & Tulsa Ct39.780136-104.841137
12156Albrook Dr & Tulsa Ct39.780888-104.842059
34948Allison St & 5300 Block39.79385-105.086185
34947Allison St & 5300 Block39.794171-105.08607
26640Alpine St & E 4th Ave40.164472-105.083534
26642Alpine St & E 5th Ave40.166561-105.083207
26641Alpine St & E 5th Ave40.166622-105.083005
23340Alpine St & E Longs Peak Ave40.170061-105.083006
23339Alpine St & E Longs Peak Ave40.171086-105.083161
12174Alpine St & E Mountain View Ave40.180865-105.083016
23334Alpine St & Elliott St40.173254-105.083016
23333Alpine St & Elliott St40.17326-105.083159
12177Alpine St & Highland Dr40.175616-105.08316
17490Alpine St & Independence Dr40.180268-105.083165
23338Alpine St & Saint Clair Ave40.168439-105.083162
23337Alpine St & Saint Clair Ave40.169158-105.083005
17486Alpine St & Verdant Cir40.178263-105.083016
12176Alpine St & Verdant Cir40.177994-105.083162
17485Alpine St & Yew Ct40.175365-105.083014
23813Amherst Ave & Bates Ave39.664228-104.767675
23822Amherst Ave & Bates Ave39.664374-104.767662
23823Amherst Ave & S Argonne St39.665644-104.77096
23812Amherst Ave & S Tower Rd39.665519-104.771295
18811Andrews Dr & 44th Ave39.777605-104.824111
34862Andrews Dr & Billings St39.785281-104.833299
34864Andrews Dr & Crown Blvd39.784545-104.831557
34861Andrews Dr & Elgin Pl39.785628-104.834931
34863Andrews Dr & Elk Pl39.784979-104.833374
12196Andrews Dr & Titan Ct39.785567-104.83893
34859Andrews Dr & Titan Ct39.785678-104.837985
16767Andrews Dr & Tulsa Ct39.784757-104.840232
34860Andrews Dr and Worchester St39.786188-104.83549
35049Arapahoe Ave & 14th St40.014643-105.275743
12201Arapahoe Ave & 16th St40.014509-105.273491
12202Arapahoe Ave & 17th St40.014644-105.272935
12204Arapahoe Ave & 19th St40.014543-105.269629
12203Arapahoe Ave & 19th St40.014653-105.269778
12206Arapahoe Ave & 21st St40.014551-105.266645
12205Arapahoe Ave & 21st St40.014672-105.267209
12207Arapahoe Ave & 23rd St40.014668-105.264403
12208Arapahoe Ave & 28th St40.014734-105.261263
12229Arapahoe Ave & 28th St40.014528-105.25921
12212Arapahoe Ave & 29th St40.014771-105.256791
12209Arapahoe Ave & 29th St40.014513-105.255688
12215Arapahoe Ave & 30th St40.014759-105.252843
12214Arapahoe Ave & 30th St40.014485-105.253143
12216Arapahoe Ave & 33rd St40.01451-105.249753
12217Arapahoe Ave & 33rd St40.014762-105.250629
12240Arapahoe Ave & 38th St40.014748-105.247114
12219Arapahoe Ave & 48th St40.014617-105.234502
12220Arapahoe Ave & 48th St40.014857-105.235411
12221Arapahoe Ave & 55th St40.014515-105.22462
12222Arapahoe Ave & 55th St40.014783-105.226349
21324Arapahoe Ave & 62nd St40.014624-105.209091
19343Arapahoe Ave & 63rd St40.014763-105.207476
12223Arapahoe Ave & 63rd St40.014624-105.206218
12231Arapahoe Ave & Cherryvale Rd40.014853-105.213448
12232Arapahoe Ave & Cherryvale Rd40.0146-105.212603
12233Arapahoe Ave & Commerce St40.01483-105.232478
19185Arapahoe Ave & Conestoga St40.014784-105.228538
19387Arapahoe Ave & Conestoga St40.014556-105.227226
12235Arapahoe Ave & Eisenhower Dr40.014573-105.231506
19386Arapahoe Ave & Folsom St40.01453-105.262526
19186Arapahoe Ave & Foothills Pkwy Farside40.01478-105.24416
33165Arapahoe Ave & Foothills Pkwy Farside40.014496-105.239768
33409Arapahoe Ave & Foothills Pkwy Nearside40.014924-105.239636
19189Arapahoe Ave & Foothills Pkwy Nearside40.014444-105.244343
12238Arapahoe Ave & MacArthur Dr40.014613-105.237648
12239Arapahoe Ave & MacArthur Dr40.014875-105.237901
12241Arapahoe Ave & Marine St40.014454-105.246151
12243Arapahoe Ave & Old Tale Rd40.014822-105.216249
12244Arapahoe Ave & Old Tale Rd40.014566-105.216384
11935Arapahoe Community College39.608916-105.018723
17923Arapahoe Rd & 65th St40.014785-105.201074
22647Arapahoe Rd & 65th St40.014604-105.200135
17862Arapahoe Rd & 75th St40.014488-105.17746
17922Arapahoe Rd & 75th St40.014817-105.179347
33256Arapahoe Rd & 111th St40.014623-105.092745
12269Arapahoe Rd & Briarwood Cir39.594945-104.909122
22888Arapahoe Rd & Cross Creek Dr40.014748-105.134489
22889Arapahoe Rd & Dagny Way40.014549-105.133782
33749Arapahoe Rd & East Boulder Trail40.014716-105.15944
33750Arapahoe Rd & East Boulder Trail40.014592-105.160324
12261Arapahoe Rd & Euclid Ave39.595225-104.949668
25172Arapahoe Rd & Forest Park Dr40.014546-105.127756
25171Arapahoe Rd & Forest Park Dr40.014758-105.128467
19111Arapahoe Rd & Greenwood Plaza Blvd39.59515-104.893982
33257Arapahoe Rd & Hawkridge Rd40.014674-105.086019
33250Arapahoe Rd & Hawkridge Rd40.014789-105.086548
12270Arapahoe Rd & Heritage Pl S39.595119-104.909922
12274Arapahoe Rd & Homestead Pkwy39.594955-104.919399
12275Arapahoe Rd & Homestead Pkwy39.595153-104.919374
22441Arapahoe Rd & Marshallville Ditch Rd40.014695-105.153087
22442Arapahoe Rd & Marshallville Ditch Rd40.014587-105.153025
33341Arapahoe Rd & N 95th St40.014774-105.130645
33342Arapahoe Rd & N 95th St40.014593-105.130565
21669Arapahoe Rd & N 101st St40.014761-105.115897
21663Arapahoe Rd & N 101st St40.01466-105.11584
22545Arapahoe Rd & N 111th St40.014735-105.093798
17863Arapahoe Rd & Park Lake Dr40.014569-105.14626
17921Arapahoe Rd & Park Lake Dr40.014701-105.146756
12247Arapahoe Rd & S Adams Way39.594965-104.949469
12255Arapahoe Rd & S Albion Way39.595234-104.940291
12249Arapahoe Rd & S Broadway39.594952-104.986864
26429Arapahoe Rd & S Buckley Rd39.595124-104.788306
33362Arapahoe Rd & S Chambers Way39.594787-104.809414
33363Arapahoe Rd & S Chambers Way39.595147-104.809926
12251Arapahoe Rd & S Clayton St39.595234-104.954796
12250Arapahoe Rd & S Clayton St39.594985-104.954491
12253Arapahoe Rd & S Clermont St39.59495-104.93527
12252Arapahoe Rd & S Clermont St39.595134-104.935318
21684Arapahoe Rd & S Clinton St39.594866-104.880352
12254Arapahoe Rd & S Colorado Blvd39.595057-104.940975
20060Arapahoe Rd & S Dayton St39.594874-104.875831
20059Arapahoe Rd & S Dayton St39.595159-104.876598
12256Arapahoe Rd & S Dexter St39.594956-104.932581
12257Arapahoe Rd & S Dexter St39.595144-104.933206
12258Arapahoe Rd & S Downing Cir39.595012-104.972522
12260Arapahoe Rd & S Downing St39.595221-104.973453
12262Arapahoe Rd & S Fairfax Way39.594924-104.929487
12263Arapahoe Rd & S Fairfax Way39.595144-104.930184
12264Arapahoe Rd & S Forest Way39.594923-104.92783
12265Arapahoe Rd & S Forest Way39.595178-104.926959
12266Arapahoe Rd & S Franklin St39.595018-104.969613
12268Arapahoe Rd & S Franklin St39.59523-104.970617
22599Arapahoe Rd & S Galena St39.594883-104.870012
22600Arapahoe Rd & S Galena St39.595171-104.870726
21506Arapahoe Rd & S Havana St39.595206-104.865305
21497Arapahoe Rd & S Havana St39.594866-104.865642
12271Arapahoe Rd & S High St39.595028-104.966328
21772Arapahoe Rd & S High St39.595235-104.96728
12272Arapahoe Rd & S Holly St39.594917-104.922422
12273Arapahoe Rd & S Holly St39.595203-104.923372
21501Arapahoe Rd & S Jordan Rd39.5948-104.820172
12276Arapahoe Rd & S Kit Carson Cir39.595002-104.975596
12279Arapahoe Rd & S Kit Carson St39.595214-104.976704
12280Arapahoe Rd & S Krameria Way39.594949-104.91538
12281Arapahoe Rd & S Krameria Way39.595134-104.916031
12282Arapahoe Rd & S Lee Ct39.594985-104.98469
12283Arapahoe Rd & S Lee Ct39.595183-104.985632
21505Arapahoe Rd & S Lima St39.595182-104.857947
21498Arapahoe Rd & S Lima St39.59487-104.859106
12286Arapahoe Rd & S Logan St39.595198-104.982462
12285Arapahoe Rd & S Logan St39.595051-104.981505
25559Arapahoe Rd & S Parker Rd39.595113-104.797951
19774Arapahoe Rd & S Parker Rd39.595116-104.805758
12287Arapahoe Rd & S Pearl St39.595206-104.979383
12288Arapahoe Rd & S Pearl St39.595058-104.979464
21504Arapahoe Rd & S Peoria St39.595192-104.848744
21499Arapahoe Rd & S Peoria St39.594897-104.848549
12289Arapahoe Rd & S Quebec St39.594902-104.903272
12290Arapahoe Rd & S Quebec St39.595165-104.90457
20463Arapahoe Rd & S Revere Pkwy39.595169-104.841051
19109Arapahoe Rd & S Spruce St39.594915-104.897525
12246Arapahoe Rd & S Syracuse St39.595162-104.898571
12291Arapahoe Rd & S Uinta St39.594919-104.893007
12294Arapahoe Rd & S University Blvd39.595021-104.958837
33465Arapahoe Rd & Stonehenge Dr40.014708-105.104614
21667Arapahoe Rd & Stonehenge Dr40.014798-105.104893
21670Arapahoe Rd & US 28740.015384-105.100497
21423Arapahoe Rd & US 28740.015098-105.099625
22427Arapahoe Rd & Valtec Ln40.014673-105.187302
20364Arapahoe Rd & Valtec Ln40.014576-105.186406
17864Arapahoe Rd & Wicklow St40.014541-105.140698
17920Arapahoe Rd & Wicklow St40.014711-105.140721
20359Arapahoe Rd & Willow Creek Dr40.014688-105.166625
20365Arapahoe Rd & Willow Creek Dr40.014585-105.166503
23004Arapahoe Rd & Yarrow St40.014619-105.122161
23005Arapahoe Rd & Yarrow St40.014791-105.122346
33705Arapahoe at Village Center Station39.601315-104.887494
34008Arapahoe at Village Center Station39.600442-104.888539
25990Arapahoe at Village Center Station39.600301-104.888555
19074Arapahoe at Village Center Station Gate A39.600876-104.887187
26292Arapahoe at Village Center Station Gate B39.600901-104.887415
26187Arapahoe at Village Center Station Gate C39.600944-104.887642
26189Arapahoe at Village Center Station Gate E39.60131-104.887987
20481Arizona Ave & S Birch St39.694718-104.935899
20464Arizona Ave & S Cherry St39.694824-104.934405
20482Arizona Ave & S Cherry St39.694746-104.934256
24462Arkansas Ave & S Potomac St39.691315-104.832085
24463Arkansas Ave & S Wheeling Way39.691199-104.831948
34505Arvada Ridge Station39.791993-105.110976
34523Arvada Ridge Station Gate C39.792338-105.111202
34524Arvada Ridge Station Gate D39.792287-105.111452
34520Arvada Ridge Station Track 139.792562-105.111727
34519Arvada Ridge Station Track 239.792694-105.110879
33793Aspen Park39.541051-105.298494
21794Aspen Park PnR39.540857-105.297909
20541Aspen Park PnR39.540742-105.298233
34417Aspen Ridge Dr & Black Diamond Dr40.001442-105.105314
34416Aspen Ridge Dr & Black Diamond Dr40.001404-105.105145
34391Aspen Ridge Dr & Diamond Cir40.003433-105.106463
25415Auraria Pkwy & 7th St39.745423-105.009336
25416Auraria Pkwy & 7th St39.745169-105.009129
21357Auraria Pkwy & 9th St39.746751-105.007382
21356Auraria Pkwy & 9th St39.746507-105.007105
34112Auraria West Campus Station39.742207-105.011133
25427Auraria West Station39.742027-105.010937
25431Auraria West Station39.741316-105.010685
33171Aurora Ct & 16th Ave39.74272-104.837538
26246Aurora Ct & 16th Ave39.742168-104.837696
33113Aurora Ct & 17th Ave39.743073-104.837693
34579Aurora Metro Center Station39.708951-104.818993
34678Aurora Metro Center Station39.709069-104.818422
34580Aurora Metro Center Station39.70843-104.819136
26331Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate B39.708585-104.818351
26332Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate C39.708586-104.818084
26333Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate D39.708432-104.81817
26334Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate E39.708415-104.818549
26335Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate F39.708145-104.818418
26336Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate G39.708153-104.818066
26337Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate H39.707975-104.818481
26338Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate J39.707982-104.81824
26339Aurora Metro Center Stn Gate K39.70798-104.817997
25429Ball Arena / Elitch Gardens Station39.748736-105.00943
34110Ball Arena / Elitch Gardens Station39.748691-105.009234
25433Ball Arena / Elitch Gardens Station39.748568-105.009966
19003Bannock St & Speer Blvd39.730569-104.99035
12323Bannock St & W 3rd Ave39.721091-104.990755
12324Bannock St & W 3rd Ave39.720732-104.990923
12325Bannock St & W 5th Ave39.724343-104.990757
12326Bannock St & W 5th Ave39.723912-104.990925
12327Bannock St & W 7th Ave39.726995-104.990364
12328Bannock St & W 9th Ave39.730624-104.990166
12319Bannock St & W 11th Ave39.73368-104.990384
12318Bannock St & W 11th Ave39.734081-104.990172
12320Bannock St & W 13th Ave39.736623-104.99034
12331Bannock St. & 7th Ave39.72659-104.990221
22809Baseline & Meadow Glen Dr40.000163-105.223052
22811Baseline & Meadow Glen Dr40.000059-105.221884
12340Baseline Rd & 29th St40.000001-105.256094
12342Baseline Rd & 30th St39.999865-105.252413
12341Baseline Rd & 30th St40.000118-105.25383
12344Baseline Rd & 35th St39.999887-105.249538
12343Baseline Rd & 35th St40.00016-105.248825
12346Baseline Rd & 37th St39.999928-105.246154
12345Baseline Rd & 37th St40.000175-105.246974
22880Baseline Rd & 55th St40.000222-105.225809
22807Baseline Rd & 55th St40.000039-105.224578
22826Baseline Rd & 75th St40.000277-105.176571
22825Baseline Rd & 75th St40.000076-105.177747
33155Baseline Rd & Anna Thomas Pkwy40.000092-105.107765
33154Baseline Rd & Anna Thomas Pkwy40.000291-105.107662
22845Baseline Rd & Aspen Ridge Dr40.000274-105.105514
12338Baseline Rd & Broadway40.00033-105.262765
12348Baseline Rd & Broadway40.000146-105.261744
21872Baseline Rd & Caria Dr40.000098-105.104511
22812Baseline Rd & Cherryvale Rd40.000055-105.213609
22813Baseline Rd & Cherryvale Rd40.000141-105.213528
19819Baseline Rd & Crescent Dr40.000154-105.230056
17969Baseline Rd & Crossing Dr40.000151-105.100005
22835Baseline Rd & Elgin Dr40.000089-105.143488
22836Baseline Rd & Elgin Dr40.000184-105.143448
23998Baseline Rd & Gold Hill Dr40.000089-105.116065
23999Baseline Rd & Gold Hill Dr40.000258-105.116255
12352Baseline Rd & Inca Pkwy40.000221-105.240602
12351Baseline Rd & Inca Pkwy39.999977-105.239557
22843Baseline Rd & Indian Peaks Dr40.000069-105.124053
22858Baseline Rd & Indian Peaks Dr40.000286-105.124635
33365Baseline Rd & Indian Peaks Trail West40.000313-105.134266
22838Baseline Rd & King St40.000256-105.138527
22837Baseline Rd & King St40.000094-105.137689
22819Baseline Rd & Lakeview Dr40.001239-105.19756
22820Baseline Rd & Lakeview Dr40.001604-105.197851
22824Baseline Rd & Mallard Pond Dr40.000165-105.184352
22823Baseline Rd & Mallard Pond Dr40.000058-105.183656
19694Baseline Rd & Manhattan Dr39.99994-105.229834
12354Baseline Rd & Meadowbrook Dr39.999983-105.243269
12355Baseline Rd & Meadowbrook Dr40.000232-105.243496
12358Baseline Rd & Mohawk Dr39.999977-105.236847
12357Baseline Rd & Mohawk Dr40.000222-105.236953
22839Baseline Rd & N 95th St40.000072-105.129332
22832Baseline Rd & Nyland Way40.000168-105.152134
22831Baseline Rd & Nyland Way40.000069-105.150974
22830Baseline Rd & Ord Dr40.000174-105.167843
22829Baseline Rd & Ord Dr40.000078-105.167367
22859Baseline Rd & Platt Middle School40.003583-105.20994
22860Baseline Rd & Platt Middle School40.003688-105.21008
22842Baseline Rd & Rendezvous Dr40.000334-105.129618
33366Baseline Rd & Roser Dr40.000113-105.134165
22817Baseline Rd & Stearns Ave40.003267-105.20273
22818Baseline Rd & Stearns Ave40.003368-105.202665
22827Baseline Rd & Wewoka Dr40.00006-105.170771
22828Baseline Rd & Wewoka Dr40.000174-105.171002
12359Batavia Dr & Genoa St39.741895-104.755686
34134Bear Valley39.655993-105.052943
24130Belleview Ave & S Niagara St39.624023-104.907964
33706Belleview Station39.627524-104.904746
25991Belleview Station39.627686-104.904568
34010Belleview Station39.628012-104.904639
26293Belleview Station Gate A39.627557-104.904545
24833Bent Way & Dry Creek Dr40.14986-105.133004
34382Bent Way & Hover Rd40.150384-105.131492
33792Bergen Park39.691131-105.363125
18898Bergen Park PnR39.691522-105.363129
22325Bergen Park PnR39.691666-105.363943
21375Blake St & 14th St39.749044-105.001287
17835Blake St & 17th St39.751244-104.998374
18028Boulder Canyon Dr & E 3rd St39.963012-105.50961
18021Boulder Canyon Dr & E 3rd St39.963384-105.508264
33791Boulder Church of The Nazarene39.989328-105.255235
34454Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station40.024131-105.25162
25116Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station Gate S240.023618-105.2538
12396Boulder St & 15th St39.758719-105.011072
16938Boulder Technical Education Center40.014234-105.198501
22047Briarwood Ave & S Revere Pkwy39.592682-104.839904
22048Briarwood Ave & S Revere Pkwy39.592857-104.839842
24345Bridge St & 42nd St39.987021-104.767502
25200Bridge St & 42nd St39.986789-104.766642
26249Bridge St & 45th Ave39.987053-104.762204
26248Bridge St & 45th Ave39.986832-104.76123
26013Bridge St & Eastgate Village Ent39.986739-104.786616
26014Bridge St & Eastgate Village Ent39.986899-104.786402
20041Bridge St & N 8th Ave39.98685-104.812176
20039Bridge St & N 13th Ave39.986828-104.805937
33193Bridge St & N 18th Ave39.986886-104.802087
20038Bridge St & N 19th Ave39.98685-104.79909
25879Bridge St & N Telluride St39.986918-104.781062
20030Bridge St & S 4th Ave39.986718-104.817754
20031Bridge St & S 8th Ave39.986691-104.813638
20032Bridge St & S 9th Ave39.98669-104.811624
21217Bridge St & S 13th Ave39.986688-104.806402
20034Bridge St & S 18th Ave39.986662-104.798846
20037Bridge St & S 22nd Ave39.98685-104.794095
20035Bridge St & S 22nd Ave39.986679-104.794143
25878Bridge St & S Telluride St39.986663-104.779979
20033Bridge St & Sheraton Ave39.986659-104.802073
25199Bridge St & Sierra St39.986916-104.776587
24344Bridge St & Sierra St39.98676-104.775282
12420Brighton Blvd & 29th St39.764203-104.986594
22250Brighton Blvd & 29th St39.764213-104.986862
12421Brighton Blvd & 31st St39.766895-104.983437
21779Brighton Blvd & 31st St39.766037-104.984263
35198Brighton Blvd & 33rd St39.768866-104.980572
35197Brighton Blvd & 33rd St39.768361-104.98154
25837Brighton Blvd & 35th St39.770148-104.979246
25839Brighton Blvd & 35th St39.770941-104.977903
12422Brighton Blvd & 38th St39.773168-104.974959
25324Brighton Blvd & 38th St39.772777-104.975818
12426Brighton Blvd & 43rd St39.777209-104.969806
12425Brighton Blvd & 43rd St39.777396-104.969814
35372Brighton Blvd & 47th Ave39.782306-104.966638
35373Brighton Blvd & 47th Ave39.78254-104.96686
23232Brighton Rd & 81st Ave39.843775-104.920963
23233Brighton Rd & 81st Ave39.844045-104.92102
22982Brighton Rd & 82nd Ave39.846193-104.92
22955Brighton Rd & 82nd Ave39.846243-104.920131
22983Brighton Rd & 84th Ave39.849326-104.91801
23065Brighton Rd & 84th Ave39.848859-104.918502
22953Brighton Rd & 88th Ave39.856278-104.911528
33153Brighton Rd & 88th Ave39.856206-104.911166
17773Broadway & 4th Ave39.722192-104.987628
12434Broadway & 20th St40.003173-105.267222
12437Broadway & 21st St39.750939-104.987305
12439Broadway & 27th Way39.995932-105.260951
12442Broadway & 52nd Ave39.791229-104.987484
12441Broadway & 52nd Ave39.790816-104.98762
12446Broadway & 58th Ave39.802994-104.987294
12449Broadway & 60th Pl39.80696-104.987387
12458Broadway & 64th Ave39.813148-104.98736
34645Broadway & 70th Ave39.824893-104.987222
34646Broadway & 70th Ave39.824927-104.987573
12465Broadway & Alpine Ave40.026098-105.281975
12475Broadway & Alpine Ave40.026273-105.282194
17928Broadway & Arapahoe Ave40.013339-105.278499
25203Broadway & Arapahoe St39.753714-104.987521
12478Broadway & Baseline Rd39.999344-105.263297
12479Broadway & Baseline Rd39.999584-105.263113
33349Broadway & Blake St39.759382-104.987509
33350Broadway & Blake St39.759778-104.98782
12484Broadway & Bowie Ct39.830616-104.987432
12485Broadway & Bowie Ct39.829781-104.98721
12487Broadway & Bronco Rd39.828341-104.987526
12470Broadway & Canyon Blvd40.015306-105.278986
12490Broadway & Canyon Blvd40.015157-105.279133
12493Broadway & Cedar Ave40.028344-105.282173
12492Broadway & Cedar Ave40.028618-105.282028
17730Broadway & Cleveland Pl39.74246-104.987551
12574Broadway & College Ave40.007812-105.275329
12504Broadway & Cragmore St39.833257-104.987419
12503Broadway & Cragmore St39.833092-104.987191
12505Broadway & Curtis St39.753336-104.987284
12508Broadway & Curtis St39.75225-104.9875
12513Broadway & Elder Ave40.030434-105.282028
12514Broadway & Elder Ave40.030291-105.282183
12432Broadway & Euclid Ave40.006482-105.273076
12433Broadway & Euclid Ave40.005428-105.27168
12525Broadway & Forest Ave40.032206-105.282177
19385Broadway & Forest Ave40.031886-105.281968
19128Broadway & Glenarm Pl39.746372-104.987503
12528Broadway & Grape Ave40.033831-105.282149
12534Broadway & Grape Ave40.033683-105.281983
33604Broadway & Hawthorn Ave40.035262-105.281983
12539Broadway & Hawthorne Ave40.035184-105.282179
12543Broadway & Iris Ave40.036767-105.281974
12542Broadway & Iris Ave40.036905-105.282211
12551Broadway & Kalmia Ave40.039375-105.281959
12548Broadway & Larimer St39.75788-104.987301
12550Broadway & Lawrence St39.755746-104.987521
12549Broadway & Lawrence St39.756092-104.987303
22003Broadway & Lee Hill Dr40.061394-105.282238
22004Broadway & Lee Hill Dr40.061015-105.282037
19193Broadway & Linden Ave40.040563-105.282214
12559Broadway & Mapleton Ave40.021207-105.281019
25444Broadway & Marine St40.013145-105.278214
12562Broadway & Maxwell Ave40.021498-105.281295
22998Broadway & North St40.02435-105.28194
23066Broadway & North St40.024716-105.282171
12507Broadway & Norwood Ave40.04426-105.28217
12569Broadway & Norwood Ave40.044112-105.281952
17892Broadway & Pleasant St40.009321-105.275998
12577Broadway & Poplar Ave40.046095-105.282165
12578Broadway & Poplar Ave40.046189-105.282004
12580Broadway & Portland Pl40.022882-105.281582
12579Broadway & Portland Pl40.022729-105.281727
12582Broadway & Quince Ave40.047727-105.282171
12581Broadway & Quince Ave40.048257-105.282011
12473Broadway & Rayleigh Rd39.993325-105.259078
12471Broadway & Rayleigh Rd39.99363-105.258899
12585Broadway & Regent Dr40.003993-105.268574
17771Broadway & Speer Blvd39.72632-104.987563
12591Broadway & Spruce St40.019366-105.280402
12590Broadway & Spruce St40.018459-105.280279
12599Broadway & Stout St39.749801-104.987501
12601Broadway & Sumac Ave40.051201-105.282018
19308Broadway & Tamarac Ave40.051684-105.282194
23409Broadway & Union Ave40.053243-105.282202
12609Broadway & University Ave40.009841-105.27658
23404Broadway & Upland Ave40.053033-105.282022
12612Broadway & Violet Ave40.054887-105.282012
12554Broadway & Violet Ave40.054998-105.282199
17774Broadway & W 1st Ave39.718153-104.98762
17772Broadway & W 5th Ave39.724291-104.987625
12463Broadway & W 9th Ave39.729734-104.987564
17770Broadway & W 11th Ave39.733487-104.987534
12427Broadway & W 13th Ave39.736373-104.987538
12450Broadway & W 60th Pl39.805302-104.987607
12454Broadway & W 62nd Ave39.808713-104.98762
12457Broadway & W 64th Ave39.81356-104.987596
12461Broadway & W 70th Ave39.823168-104.987577
21472Broadway & W Center Ave39.706448-104.98771
17731Broadway & W Colfax Ave39.740318-104.987529
24252Broadway & Walnut St40.017152-105.27965
24251Broadway & Walnut St40.016503-105.279604
12614Broadway & Walnut St39.757605-104.9875
12618Broadway & Yarmouth Ave40.058537-105.282048
22247Broadway & Yarmouth Ave40.059011-105.282223
33707Broadway Marketplace39.708879-104.989493
35404Bromley Ln & Judicial Center Dr39.972275-104.761051
25335Bromley Ln & Kuner Rd39.972425-104.828563
33281Bromley Ln & Medical Center Dr39.972291-104.756401
33282Bromley Ln & Medical Center Dr39.972503-104.757241
34414Bromley Ln & Tower Rd39.972525-104.766696
33164Bromley Ln & Tower Rd39.972241-104.766437
34111Broncos Stadium at Mile High39.743181-105.013483
10936Bruce Randolph Ave & Bellaire St39.764408-104.93655
10937Bruce Randolph Ave & Bellaire St39.764521-104.937389
10939Bruce Randolph Ave & Cherry St39.764527-104.934953
10938Bruce Randolph Ave & Cherry St39.764412-104.934978
10940Bruce Randolph Ave & Clayton St39.76453-104.955423
10942Bruce Randolph Ave & Colorado Blvd39.764514-104.941295
10941Bruce Randolph Ave & Colorado Blvd39.764401-104.940151
10943Bruce Randolph Ave & Elizabeth St39.764413-104.955829
10944Bruce Randolph Ave & Fillmore St39.764406-104.953925
10945Bruce Randolph Ave & Fillmore St39.764526-104.954089
10948Bruce Randolph Ave & Franklin St39.764443-104.968644
10947Bruce Randolph Ave & Franklin St39.764563-104.968739
10950Bruce Randolph Ave & Jackson St39.764373-104.94295
10949Bruce Randolph Ave & Jackson St39.764516-104.943025
10952Bruce Randolph Ave & Lafayette St39.764446-104.971205
10954Bruce Randolph Ave & Madison St39.764533-104.945958
10951Bruce Randolph Ave & Madison St39.764411-104.945729
10953Bruce Randolph Ave & Marion St39.764565-104.97235
10955Bruce Randolph Ave & Race St39.764556-104.963762
10956Bruce Randolph Ave & Race St39.764433-104.962955
10958Bruce Randolph Ave & Steele St39.764515-104.950511
10957Bruce Randolph Ave & Steele St39.764415-104.949584
10960Bruce Randolph Ave & Williams St39.764556-104.966272
10959Bruce Randolph Ave & Williams St39.764439-104.965624
10961Bruce Randolph Ave & York St39.764426-104.959264
10962Bruce Randolph Ave & York St39.764546-104.960068
24436Buchanan Pl & Dunkirk St39.745422-104.762728
33044Buchanan Pl & Ensenada St39.744639-104.760025
12625Buchtel Blvd & S Colorado Blvd39.680117-104.942205
21043Buchtel Blvd & S Colorado Blvd39.680276-104.942481
34611Buchtel Blvd & S Monroe St39.680411-104.944227
23511Buchtel Blvd & S Monroe St39.680548-104.944232
12644Buchtel Blvd & S University Blvd39.683047-104.961345
12643Buchtel Blvd & S University Blvd39.683167-104.960761
26011Bush St & S 3rd Ave39.985336-104.819295
33807C470 / University Blvd39.561203-104.96119
21326C - 470 & University PnR Gate B39.561527-104.961642
35409CO 42 & Baseline Rd40.00109-105.130939
35408CO 42 & Baseline Rd40.000625-105.131245
35407CO 42 & Hecla Dr39.989292-105.127983
22038Caley Ave & S Boston St39.602403-104.881184
17733California St & 17th St39.746352-104.990792
17732California St & 19th St39.748117-104.988511
12651California St & 21st St39.749701-104.986444
12653California St & 25th St39.753465-104.981579
12654California St & 27th St39.755316-104.979204
12656California St & 29th St39.757478-104.976413
12652California St & Park Ave West39.751589-104.983976
25898Campus Dr & US 28739.967442-105.088469
25889Campus Dr & US 28739.967275-105.088365
21897Canyon Blvd & 3rd St40.0144-105.291177
12667Canyon Blvd & 4th St40.014839-105.289961
12668Canyon Blvd & 6th St40.015283-105.287839
19026Canyon Blvd & 6th St40.015063-105.28688
12670Canyon Blvd & 9th St40.015109-105.28358
12669Canyon Blvd & 9th St40.015033-105.282841
12662Canyon Blvd & 11th St40.015613-105.280112
12663Canyon Blvd & 11th St40.015609-105.281034
33383Canyon Blvd & 17th St40.017188-105.27225
19979Canyon Blvd & 17th St40.017338-105.272514
17987Canyon Blvd & 19th St40.017172-105.270025
18016Canyon Blvd & 19th St40.017353-105.270091
17988Canyon Blvd & 22nd St40.017189-105.265949
18015Canyon Blvd & 22nd St40.017371-105.265817
18014Canyon Blvd & Folsom St40.017445-105.263779
12672Canyon Blvd & Mcguckin Wy40.017314-105.261532
18718Canyon Blvd & Pearl St40.014049-105.294278
34955Carr St & Brentwood St39.796796-105.090814
34954Carr St & W 53rd Ave39.793071-105.090903
23208Cedar Ave & S Lincoln St39.713009-104.986864
25931Centennial Blvd & Plaza Dr39.559937-104.991041
25676Centennial Blvd & Plaza Dr39.559222-104.990265
22454Centennial Blvd & S Broadway39.561986-104.98849
26613Centennial Blvd & S Broadway39.562058-104.98882
25185Centennial Blvd & S Broadway39.562585-104.987279
12690Center Ave & S Alton Way39.706251-104.882353
12692Center Ave & S Clinton St39.70651-104.878022
12693Center Ave & S Dayton St39.706833-104.876209
12694Center Ave & Windsor Gardens Lot 1739.706461-104.88197
12691Center Ave & Windsor Gardens Lot 2039.706543-104.879262
12695Center Ave & Windsor Gardens Lot 2039.706724-104.880251
26254Central Park Blvd & 21st Ave39.749228-104.886541
26255Central Park Blvd & 23rd Ave39.749891-104.886873
25598Central Park Blvd & 26th Ave39.75499-104.890343
25597Central Park Blvd & 26th Ave39.75489-104.890871
26071Central Park Blvd & 29th Ave39.758294-104.890792
25599Central Park Blvd & 29th Ave39.757555-104.89031
33598Central Park Blvd & 35th Ave39.765623-104.890242
33597Central Park Blvd & 35th Ave39.764703-104.890672
34975Central Park Blvd & 46th Pl39.781356-104.882635
34976Central Park Blvd & 46th Pl39.780564-104.883015
34788Central Park Blvd & 54th Ave39.79581-104.884094
34977Central Park Blvd & Northfield Blvd39.784957-104.883188
26073Central Park Blvd & Verbena St39.751575-104.889916
26075Central Park Blvd & Wabash St39.752334-104.890064
34501Central Park Station39.769723-104.892912
34483Central Park Station Gate A239.769855-104.890699
34484Central Park Station Gate A339.769507-104.890699
34485Central Park Station Gate B139.770017-104.890882
34486Central Park Station Gate B239.769805-104.890878
34488Central Park Station Gate C139.770009-104.891063
34489Central Park Station Gate C239.769816-104.891069
34490Central Park Station Gate C339.769611-104.891073
34491Central Park Station Gate D139.770005-104.891287
34492Central Park Station Gate D239.769817-104.891308
34469Central Park Station Track 139.770555-104.891099
34470Central Park Station Track 239.770753-104.892193
18787Chambers Rd & 1st Ave39.71872-104.809638
19127Chambers Rd & 1st Ave39.718216-104.809915
20223Chambers Rd & 5th Ave39.722987-104.809752
20224Chambers Rd & 5th Ave39.722826-104.809992
18788Chambers Rd & 6th Ave39.726021-104.81024
18762Chambers Rd & 6th Ave39.725047-104.810514
18761Chambers Rd & 8th Ave39.728447-104.810116
18789Chambers Rd & 8th Ave39.728913-104.809846
18790Chambers Rd & 10th Ave39.731503-104.809859
18760Chambers Rd & 10th Ave39.730947-104.810145
19017Chambers Rd & 12th Ave39.736042-104.809874
12703Chambers Rd & 13th Ave39.735349-104.810144
22232Chambers Rd & 13th Ave39.737742-104.810177
18791Chambers Rd & 13th Ave39.737643-104.809884
18804Chambers Rd & 40th Ave39.773535-104.809647
20865Chambers Rd & 46th Ave39.776448-104.80966
20872Chambers Rd & 46th Ave39.776187-104.80997
20874Chambers Rd & 51st Ave39.78543-104.809853
25188Chambers Rd & 52nd Ave39.787835-104.809528
25189Chambers Rd & 52nd Ave39.787465-104.809846
20868Chambers Rd & 53rd Ave39.790708-104.809517
20870Chambers Rd & 53rd Ave39.790043-104.809823
20866Chambers Rd & Bolling Dr39.780633-104.809651
20871Chambers Rd & Bolling Dr39.780022-104.809903
12704Chambers Rd & Colfax Ave39.739619-104.810193
25511Chambers Rd & Gateway Ave Farside39.783382-104.809867
23699Chambers Rd & Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.784676-104.80949
20869Chambers Rd & Maxwell Pl39.794464-104.809792
25737Chambers Rd & S Chambers Rd39.615794-104.813698
17740Champa St & 15th St39.745498-104.995451
21167Champa St & 18th St39.748157-104.991924
21166Champa St & 19th St39.749497-104.990196
21165Champa St & 21st St39.750918-104.988358
25997Chenango Ave & S Himalaya St39.62666-104.753084
25998Chenango Ave & S Himalaya St39.626452-104.753265
25996Chenango Ave & S Jebel St39.627213-104.749561
25999Chenango Ave & S Jericho St39.626912-104.748905
25995Chenango Ave & S Liverpool Cir39.626913-104.746381
26000Chenango Ave & S Malaya Way39.626699-104.744576
33189Chenango Ave & S Picadilly St39.627153-104.738715
33188Chenango Ave & S Picadilly St39.627352-104.738763
12738Cherokee St & W 13th Ave39.737057-104.991581
12739Cherokee St & W 14th Ave39.738761-104.991564
12744Cherokee St & W Irvington Pl39.717767-104.992116
12740Cherokee St & W Irvington Pl39.717028-104.992226
34136Cherry Creek39.718122-104.957349
22863Cherryvale Rd & Baseline Rd40.003167-105.212436
22814Cherryvale Rd & Dimmit Dr40.00298-105.212623
26051Chestnut St & 19th St39.756984-104.999681
26050Chestnut St & 19th St39.757013-104.999389
23485Civic Center Mall Loop39.741392-104.987192
26118Civic Center Mall Loop39.741031-104.987191
33701Civic Center Station39.740986-104.986849
35030Civic Center Station (16th Drop - Off)39.741569-104.987065
35032Civic Center Station Gate 239.741183-104.986693
35033Civic Center Station Gate 339.740952-104.986429
35034Civic Center Station Gate 439.740811-104.986479
35035Civic Center Station Gate 539.740774-104.986746
35036Civic Center Station Gate 639.740766-104.98708
21063Clarkson St & 20th Ave39.748302-104.977032
34530Clear Creek - Federal Station Track 139.804019-105.023739
34529Clear Creek - Federal Station Track 239.803879-105.022902
34507Clear Creek / Federal Station39.804819-105.022624
34531Clear Creek - Federal Station Gate A39.804192-105.023342
34532Clear Creek - Federal Station Gate B39.804151-105.023053
35101Clover Basin Dr & Airport Rd40.143182-105.148965
25675Clover Basin Dr & Dry Creek Dr40.144215-105.134647
33009Clover Basin Dr & Dry Creek Dr40.143965-105.133767
34213Clover Basin Dr & Larkspur Dr40.143223-105.143967
25612Clover Basin Dr & Larkspur Dr40.143368-105.144661
25658Clover Basin Dr & S Fordham St40.144245-105.140051
25611Clover Basin Dr & S Fordham St40.144074-105.13996
25608Clover Basin Dr & S Hover St40.1442-105.131927
34133Coalton Rd & Rock Creek Pkwy39.928762-105.146595
25819Coalton Rd & S Summit Blvd West39.928721-105.141877
25040Coalton Rd & S Tyler Dr39.929004-105.142955
25072Coalton Rd & Summit Blvd39.928698-105.135522
25820Coalton Rd & W Flatirons Crossing Dr39.929009-105.135598
26044Colfax & Federal Transfer Center Gate C39.741443-105.023966
34137Colfax / Federal39.741316-105.02405
12852Colfax Ave & Airport Blvd39.740333-104.792031
12851Colfax Ave & Airport Blvd39.74003-104.790657
18793Colfax Ave & Altura Blvd39.74028-104.815189
18758Colfax Ave & Altura Blvd39.739912-104.814449
12995Colfax Ave & Aurora Ct39.740412-104.838567
12844Colfax Ave & Beeler St39.740261-104.880603
12843Colfax Ave & Beeler St39.74005-104.880858
12845Colfax Ave & Bellaire St39.740014-104.936968
12846Colfax Ave & Bellaire St39.740231-104.937692
12847Colfax Ave & Billings St39.740066-104.82309
12848Colfax Ave & Billings St39.74037-104.823047
12849Colfax Ave & Broadway39.739947-104.986666
12850Colfax Ave & Broadway39.740185-104.987113
18792Colfax Ave & Chambers Rd39.740196-104.810881
12855Colfax Ave & Chambers Rd39.739936-104.809585
12858Colfax Ave & Cherry St39.740235-104.93407
12857Colfax Ave & Cherry St39.740048-104.933521
12861Colfax Ave & Clarkson St39.739934-104.977259
12865Colfax Ave & Colorado Blvd39.740224-104.940278
12864Colfax Ave & Colorado Blvd39.740023-104.940985
12840Colfax Ave & Cook St39.740073-104.947489
12866Colfax Ave & Cook St39.740237-104.948043
12867Colfax Ave & Dayton St39.740055-104.8738
12868Colfax Ave & Dayton St39.740262-104.875627
12869Colfax Ave & Detroit St39.740257-104.955228
12871Colfax Ave & Downing St39.74009-104.973012
12870Colfax Ave & Downing St39.739936-104.973671
23712Colfax Ave & Dunkirk St39.74002-104.762551
12874Colfax Ave & Elizabeth St39.7401-104.956005
12875Colfax Ave & Elm St39.740237-104.930205
34367Colfax Ave & Emerson St39.740104-104.976714
12876Colfax Ave & Eudora St39.740029-104.93005
12878Colfax Ave & Fillmore St39.740091-104.952698
25561Colfax Ave & Fitzsimons Pkwy39.74041-104.829215
12879Colfax Ave & Florence St39.74005-104.871298
12883Colfax Ave & Franklin St39.739917-104.968175
12880Colfax Ave & Fulton St39.740238-104.870749
12885Colfax Ave & Garfield St39.740059-104.943664
12886Colfax Ave & Garfield St39.740219-104.943854
19294Colfax Ave & Glencoe St39.740038-104.925407
12882Colfax Ave & Glencoe St39.740237-104.926114
12891Colfax Ave & Grant St39.740138-104.9839
12895Colfax Ave & Havana St39.740274-104.865486
12894Colfax Ave & Havana St39.740036-104.866217
12897Colfax Ave & High St39.739936-104.964501
12898Colfax Ave & High St39.74007-104.965188
12899Colfax Ave & Hudson St39.740038-104.923144
12900Colfax Ave & Hudson St39.740238-104.923931
12901Colfax Ave & Idalia Ct39.739991-104.805713
12906Colfax Ave & Ivy St39.740032-104.920279
12907Colfax Ave & Ivy St39.740251-104.920289
12908Colfax Ave & Jamaica St39.740047-104.861943
12909Colfax Ave & Jamaica St39.74028-104.862679
21520Colfax Ave & Jasper St39.740243-104.80584
13019Colfax Ave & Josephine St39.739968-104.959123
12913Colfax Ave & Josephine St39.740146-104.959184
12917Colfax Ave & Kingston St39.740259-104.859081
12916Colfax Ave & Kingston St39.740051-104.858334
12921Colfax Ave & Krameria St39.740046-104.915631
12922Colfax Ave & Krameria St39.740238-104.916716
12925Colfax Ave & Laredo St39.740333-104.800969
12924Colfax Ave & Laredo St39.740073-104.800122
12933Colfax Ave & Moline St39.74005-104.853472
12934Colfax Ave & Moline St39.740257-104.854673
12935Colfax Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.740051-104.91183
12936Colfax Ave & Monaco Pkwy39.740274-104.912256
12939Colfax Ave & Nome St39.740256-104.852054
12938Colfax Ave & Nome St39.740047-104.850781
12940Colfax Ave & Norfolk St39.740331-104.796513
12941Colfax Ave & Norfolk St39.740061-104.795824
12948Colfax Ave & Oneida St39.740043-104.907842
12949Colfax Ave & Oneida St39.740252-104.90854
12951Colfax Ave & Park Ave39.740088-104.96909
12953Colfax Ave & Pearl St39.73994-104.979594
12952Colfax Ave & Pennsylvania St39.740096-104.980868
12955Colfax Ave & Peoria St39.740257-104.847692
12954Colfax Ave & Peoria St39.740056-104.845858
12964Colfax Ave & Quebec St39.740253-104.903837
12963Colfax Ave & Quebec St39.740044-104.902997
12965Colfax Ave & Roosevelt Way39.740317-104.786545
12966Colfax Ave & Roosevelt Way39.740052-104.786787
18757Colfax Ave & Sable Blvd39.740001-104.818928
12970Colfax Ave & Sable Blvd39.740345-104.820372
12971Colfax Ave & Salida St39.740347-104.782084
12972Colfax Ave & Salida St39.740049-104.783137
12973Colfax Ave & Scranton St39.740074-104.841762
12974Colfax Ave & Scranton St39.740451-104.841734
12978Colfax Ave & Sherman St39.739975-104.984252
35368Colfax Ave & Steele St39.740082-104.949184
35321Colfax Ave & Steele St39.740264-104.950403
12983Colfax Ave & Syracuse St39.740048-104.898351
12984Colfax Ave & Syracuse St39.740256-104.899072
16754Colfax Ave & Tower Rd39.740314-104.773432
33997Colfax Ave & Tower Rd39.740001-104.771526
25373Colfax Ave & Tower Rd39.740331-104.777438
35370Colfax Ave & Uinta St39.740248-104.893331
35369Colfax Ave & Uinta St39.740067-104.892574
12994Colfax Ave & Ursula St39.740031-104.836427
12999Colfax Ave & Vaughn St39.740403-104.835536
13014Colfax Ave & Wheeling St39.740438-104.832215
13006Colfax Ave & Willow St39.74005-104.887671
13007Colfax Ave & Willow St39.74029-104.888734
13013Colfax Ave & Xanadu St39.740081-104.831107
13020Colfax Ave & Yosemite St39.740054-104.883808
13021Colfax Ave & Yosemite St39.74026-104.884985
25372Colfax Ave & Zeno St39.740015-104.773573
24630Colfax Ave & Zeno St39.740008-104.777386
34585Colfax Station39.740689-104.826999
25560Colfax Station39.74004-104.827194
35014Colfax Station39.740412-104.826867
34586Colfax Station39.739748-104.826916
34682Colfax Station39.74083-104.826398
33724Colfax at Auraria Station39.740277-105.001338
23058Colfax at Auraria Station39.74033-105.002519
23044Colfax at Auraria Station39.740285-105.001608
26637Collyer St & 4th Ave40.165582-105.098293
26646Collyer St & 4th Ave40.166167-105.09808
13029Collyer St & 17th Ave40.18928-105.097553
13031Collyer St & 19th Ave40.192622-105.098038
13032Collyer St & 19th Ave40.191898-105.098164
23332Collyer St & 21st Ave40.195387-105.097596
13034Collyer St & 21st Ave40.195306-105.097753
13055Colorado Blvd & 1st Ave39.718163-104.94057
13056Colorado Blvd & 1st Ave39.717358-104.940846
13069Colorado Blvd & 3rd Ave39.721199-104.940561
13070Colorado Blvd & 3rd Ave39.720694-104.940846
13076Colorado Blvd & 6th Ave39.726002-104.940558
13077Colorado Blvd & 6th Ave39.725395-104.940837
13079Colorado Blvd & 8th Ave39.729601-104.940547
13080Colorado Blvd & 8th Ave39.728795-104.940831
13081Colorado Blvd & 9th Ave39.731922-104.940494
13082Colorado Blvd & 9th Ave39.730717-104.940839
13047Colorado Blvd & 11th Ave39.73376-104.940864
13049Colorado Blvd & 11th Ave39.733631-104.940533
13051Colorado Blvd & 13th Ave39.736956-104.940809
13050Colorado Blvd & 14th Ave39.737757-104.94053
13053Colorado Blvd & 17th Ave39.744314-104.940581
13054Colorado Blvd & 17th Ave39.744102-104.940865
13057Colorado Blvd & 23rd Ave39.750661-104.940827
13058Colorado Blvd & 23rd Ave39.750804-104.940523
13060Colorado Blvd & 26th Ave39.754096-104.940811
13059Colorado Blvd & 26th Ave39.754909-104.940463
13062Colorado Blvd & 29th Ave39.757982-104.940736
13061Colorado Blvd & 29th Ave39.758154-104.940409
13065Colorado Blvd & 36th Ave39.767293-104.94042
13066Colorado Blvd & 36th Ave39.766634-104.940703
13072Colorado Blvd & 40th Ave39.772359-104.940682
13071Colorado Blvd & 40th Ave39.773232-104.940388
13073Colorado Blvd & 48th Ave39.783413-104.940653
23192Colorado Blvd & 100th Ave39.877665-104.940365
23189Colorado Blvd & 100th Ave39.87783-104.940109
23191Colorado Blvd & 104th Ave39.883663-104.940404
33381Colorado Blvd & 104th Ave39.883746-104.940097
18935Colorado Blvd & 106th Ave39.888551-104.940347
18871Colorado Blvd & 106th Ave39.889421-104.94014
18872Colorado Blvd & 108th Ave39.892398-104.940143
18934Colorado Blvd & 108th Ave39.891822-104.940354
20844Colorado Blvd & 110th Pl39.895341-104.940145
18932Colorado Blvd & 112th Ave39.899062-104.940347
18874Colorado Blvd & 112th Ave39.89964-104.940137
18931Colorado Blvd & 115th Ave39.903647-104.940347
18875Colorado Blvd & 115th Ave39.904349-104.940134
18877Colorado Blvd & 119th Pl39.912039-104.940148
18929Colorado Blvd & 119th Pl39.911174-104.940359
18928Colorado Blvd & 120th Ave39.913496-104.940364
18881Colorado Blvd & 128th Ave39.928761-104.940169
35295Colorado Blvd & 133rd Ave39.935279-104.940445
18992Colorado Blvd & 133rd Ave39.935933-104.940197
35294Colorado Blvd & 136th Ave39.942541-104.940426
23680Colorado Blvd & Arrowhead Pass Rd39.879843-104.940358
23679Colorado Blvd & Arrowhead Pass Rd39.88054-104.940142
13063Colorado Blvd & Bruce Randolph Ave39.76488-104.940429
13064Colorado Blvd & Bruce Randolph Ave39.763951-104.940713
13092Colorado Blvd & Colfax Ave39.741007-104.940502
13093Colorado Blvd & Colfax Ave39.739769-104.940805
18882Colorado Blvd & Cottonwood Lakes Blvd39.93434-104.94019
18887Colorado Blvd & Cottonwood Lakes Blvd39.933601-104.9404
13132Colorado Blvd & MLK Blvd39.762499-104.940396
13133Colorado Blvd & MLK Blvd39.761369-104.940722
13137Colorado Blvd & Montview Blvd39.747672-104.940558
13138Colorado Blvd & Montview Blvd39.747635-104.940835
23647Colorado Blvd & Muriel Dr39.896667-104.940134
22155Colorado Blvd & Muriel Dr39.8962-104.94039
33494Colorado Blvd & Summit Grove Pkwy39.937546-104.940181
18930Colorado Blvd & Woodglen Blvd39.907075-104.940345
18876Colorado Blvd & Woodglen Blvd39.907868-104.940138
23423Colorado Department of Corrections39.768057-104.860921
33708Colorado Station39.679398-104.937673
25980Colorado Station39.679672-104.937714
34013Colorado Station39.679757-104.938313
26121Colorado Station Gate A39.679881-104.938629
26149Colorado Station Gate B39.679836-104.938318
26150Colorado Station Gate C39.679788-104.938003
26151Colorado Station Gate D39.679744-104.937676
26152Colorado Station Gate F39.680024-104.93807
13148Columbine St & 47th Ave39.782109-104.95709
25145Commerce City & 72nd Station Gate A39.82545-104.9426
25065Commerce City & 72nd Station Gate B39.825727-104.942665
24788Commerce City & 72nd Station Gate C39.82597-104.942753
24438Commerce City & 72nd Station Gate D39.826396-104.942907
35248Commerce City - 72nd Station Track 139.825899-104.942995
35249Commerce City - 72nd Station Track 239.826773-104.943129
35363Commerce City / 72nd Ave Station39.826497-104.942292
35278Community Center Dr & 112th Ave39.90016-104.994333
35277Community Center Dr & 112th Ave39.899753-104.99465
19698Conestoga St & Arapahoe Ave40.015678-105.228063
22085Conestoga St & Arapahoe Ave40.015513-105.228223
13160Conifer Rd & Dakin St39.837662-104.990546
13159Conifer Rd & Dakin St39.838536-104.990843
18994Conifer Rd & Durango St39.836562-104.989283
13161Conifer Rd & Durango St39.836123-104.988972
13162Conifer Rd & Leona Dr39.843618-104.991385
13163Conifer Rd & Leona Dr39.843512-104.991879
13154Conifer Rd & W 79th Pl39.839764-104.991645
13155Conifer Rd & W 79th Pl39.840445-104.992332
33592Conifer Rd & W 80th Ave39.842154-104.992713
33591Conifer Rd & W 80th Ave39.84196-104.99248
13156Conifer Rd & W 81st Pl39.845019-104.990115
13157Conifer Rd & W 83rd Ave39.847357-104.989579
13158Conifer Rd & W 84th Ave39.848665-104.989797
13165Conifer Rd & W Marigold Dr39.845196-104.990259
13183Corona St & 4th Ave39.722225-104.974121
13184Corona St & 6th Ave39.725061-104.974129
13185Corona St & 8th Ave39.728857-104.974131
13186Corona St & 9th Ave39.730211-104.974146
13179Corona St & 11th Ave39.733394-104.974164
13180Corona St & 12th Ave39.734884-104.974166
13187Corona St & Colfax Ave39.739595-104.974203
26001County Line Rd & S Willow St39.565812-104.887056
26002County Line Rd & S Yosemite St39.566218-104.886585
34006County Line Station39.562189-104.872231
25988County Line Station39.561818-104.872282
33709County Line Station39.561964-104.870532
17745Court Pl & 14th St39.740833-104.99076
35360Courtesy Rd & Hecla Dr39.98976-105.127729
13192Crescent Dr & Baseline Rd40.000657-105.229504
19334Crescent Dr & Baseline Rd40.000639-105.229615
13193Crescent Dr & Laurel Ave40.003891-105.231007
13194Crescent Dr & Laurel Ave40.003689-105.231056
34866Crown Blvd & 50th Ave39.786583-104.829551
34865Crown Blvd & 50th Ave39.787835-104.828899
25739Crown Crest Blvd & S Parker Rd39.549847-104.773843
17747Curtis St & 16th Street Mall39.747278-104.994561
22700Curtis St & 18th St39.748868-104.992565
22701Curtis St & 20th St39.751116-104.989571
22675Dad Clark Dr & S University Blvd39.560619-104.960295
13213Dahlia St & 35th Ave39.765415-104.93192
13215Dahlia St & 48th Ave39.783962-104.931548
13216Dahlia St & 50th Ave39.787479-104.931536
13217Dahlia St & 50th Ave39.786717-104.931686
13219Dahlia St & 52nd Ave39.791354-104.931707
13218Dahlia St & 52nd Ave39.790484-104.931555
19276Dahlia St & 56th Ave39.795858-104.933058
21749Dahlia St & 56th Ave39.795638-104.93222
13223Dahlia St & 58th Pl39.803004-104.93147
13222Dahlia St & 58th Pl39.802685-104.931392
25447Dahlia St & 60th Ave39.804965-104.931119
13224Dahlia St & 60th Ave39.805005-104.93128
13212Dahlia St & Bruce Randolph Ave39.76478-104.931769
13246Dartmouth Ave & Bethany Dr39.660416-104.864153
13276Dartmouth Ave & Bethany Dr39.660164-104.864013
13280Dartmouth Ave & S Kenton St39.660399-104.858625
13279Dartmouth Ave & S Kenton St39.660175-104.858586
13290Dartmouth Ave & S Parker Rd39.660468-104.85611
34004Dayton Station39.642743-104.878433
25974Dayton Station39.643119-104.87767
33710Dayton Station39.643677-104.878653
33958Decatur / Federal Station39.737394-105.023633
33558Decatur / Federal Station39.737129-105.024452
33972Decatur / Federal Station Gate A39.737848-105.024379
33692Decatur / Federal Station Gate B39.737909-105.023908
33693Decatur / Federal Station Gate C39.737953-105.023223
33694Decatur / Federal Station Gate D39.738056-105.022653
13703Decatur / Federal Station Gate E39.737734-105.024986
13702Decatur / Federal Station Gate F39.737666-105.025362
21279Decatur / Federal Station Gate G39.737951-105.02589
10224Decatur / Federal Station Gate H39.73805-105.025753
13350Decatur St & W 8th Ave39.729841-105.021628
25926Decatur St & W 10th Ave39.732739-105.021807
34614Decatur St & W Holden Pl39.73628-105.021842
34232Decatur - Federal Station39.737418-105.024806
22452Del Mar Cir & 6th Pl39.725033-104.843067
21865Del Mar Cir & Oswego St39.722911-104.849016
13353Del Mar Cir & Parkview Dr39.723408-104.843756
22337Del Mar Cir & Quari Ct39.728841-104.845939
22338Del Mar Cir & Quari St39.728869-104.845352
13354Del Mar Cir & Quentin St39.722451-104.846701
13355Del Mar Cir W & 6th Ave39.724986-104.85042
22924Den Commercial Vehicle Holding Area39.838622-104.669533
34475Denver Airport Station39.846725-104.673986
34503Denver Airport Station39.847913-104.673943
34476Denver Airport Station39.84657-104.673988
34650Denver Airport Station Gate 639.847909-104.673762
34651Denver Airport Station Gate 739.847919-104.673639
34652Denver Airport Station Gate 839.84793-104.673377
34653Denver Airport Station Gate 939.847944-104.673172
34654Denver Airport Station Gate 1039.847957-104.672991
21061Denver West Pkwy & Denver West Blvd39.741254-105.161361
19021Denver West Pkwy & Denver West Blvd39.740979-105.161416
19373Denver West Pkwy & Denver West Cir39.744923-105.155376
19364Denver West Pkwy & Denver West Cir39.744659-105.155365
21062Denver West Pkwy & Denver West Dr39.740666-105.163445
23468Denver West Pkwy & Denver West Dr39.740481-105.163329
19366Denver West Pkwy & W 20th Ave39.747134-105.152651
19372Denver West Pkwy & W 20th Ave39.746886-105.153281
34390Diamond Cir & Aspen Ridge Dr40.00379-105.106016
34415Diamond Cir & Black Diamond Dr40.003903-105.105164
13384Downing St & 4th Ave39.722166-104.972859
13385Downing St & 6th Ave39.725452-104.972868
13386Downing St & 8th Ave39.729301-104.972894
13387Downing St & 9th Ave39.730699-104.972903
13367Downing St & 11th Ave39.733914-104.972928
13368Downing St & 12th Ave39.735409-104.97294
23074Downing St & 18th Ave39.745104-104.973487
13370Downing St & 18th Ave39.745392-104.97318
20552Downing St & 20th Ave39.746556-104.973454
13371Downing St & 20th Ave39.74728-104.973232
13372Downing St & 22nd Ave39.749717-104.973306
13373Downing St & 22nd Ave39.749215-104.973418
20555Downing St & 24th Ave39.752214-104.973306
20556Downing St & 24th Ave39.752184-104.973424
13375Downing St & 26th Ave39.754302-104.9733
20554Downing St & 26th Ave39.754972-104.973415
34509Downing St & 29th Ave39.758611-104.973286
23206Downing St & 30th St39.758698-104.973412
13380Downing St & 31st Ave39.759845-104.973416
13379Downing St & 31st Ave39.761073-104.97327
13417Downing St & 36th St39.767292-104.973422
13382Downing St & Arapahoe St39.764623-104.973407
33208Downing St & Bruce Randolph Ave39.76408-104.973465
20547Downing St & Bruce Randolph Ave39.764226-104.97327
13394Downing St & Colfax Ave39.740388-104.973354
13421Downing St & MLK Blvd39.761573-104.973427
13420Downing St & MLK Blvd39.761866-104.973254
13424Downing St & Park Ave39.743494-104.973355
13426Downing St & Speer Blvd39.719385-104.973181
13434Downing St & Speer Blvd S39.717743-104.973456
13431Downing St & Walnut St39.768537-104.973446
33700Downtown Boulder Station40.016966-105.27665
99850Downtown Boulder Station (Ar)40.017364-105.276537
18977Downtown Boulder Station Gate 140.017238-105.276595
26100Downtown Boulder Station Gate 240.017105-105.276563
26101Downtown Boulder Station Gate 340.016865-105.276486
26102Downtown Boulder Station Gate 440.016794-105.276458
33236Downtown Boulder Station Gate A40.017263-105.276845
10097Downtown Boulder Station Gate B40.017049-105.276789
34281Downtown Boulder Station Gate E40.016598-105.276837
24591Downtown Boulder Station Gate F40.01698-105.27697
34279Downtown Boulder Station Gate G40.017132-105.277025
19825Downtown Boulder Station Gate J40.017366-105.2767
33557Downtown Boulder Station Gate K40.016653-105.276005
17985Downtown Boulder Station Gate L40.016688-105.274857
25741Dransfeldt Rd & Lincoln Ave39.53545-104.771873
25794Dransfeldt Rd & Mainstreet39.517939-104.770876
34759Dransfeldt Rd & Mainstreet39.515456-104.769925
34760Dransfeldt Rd & Plaza Dr39.527759-104.771562
25742Dransfeldt Rd & Progress Ln39.531772-104.771596
25751Dransfeldt Rd & Progress Ln39.532527-104.771432
25750Drasnfeldt Rd & Plaza Dr39.52694-104.77125
24834Dry Creek Dr & Nelson Rd40.152076-105.134993
33711Dry Creek Station39.579487-104.877416
25989Dry Creek Station39.579064-104.876783
34007Dry Creek Station39.579326-104.876957
33460Dunkirk St & Dunkirk Way39.790867-104.76243
33445Dunkirk St & Dunkirk Way39.790707-104.761932
33483Dunkirk St & Robins Dr39.796561-104.762857
33482Dunkirk St & Robins Dr39.797061-104.762587
26643E 3rd Ave & Alpine St40.164105-105.084012
26319E 3rd Ave & Lashley St40.164026-105.088352
26318E 3rd Ave & Lashley St40.16373-105.087761
26639E 3rd Ave & Martin St40.163811-105.092699
34214E 9th Ave & Kimbark St40.174042-105.101698
23364E 17th Ave & Lamplighter Dr40.188632-105.092895
17488E 17th Ave & Lashley St40.188492-105.088879
23365E 17th Ave & Lashley St40.188674-105.089237
25157E Mountain View Ave & Alpine St40.181268-105.081517
25170E Mountain View Ave & Alpine St40.181392-105.081696
25158E Mountain View Ave & Independence Dr40.18132-105.076233
25159E Mountain View Ave & Pace St40.18168-105.074082
22058E Spaulding St & Dove Cove39.991296-105.084676
17909E Spaulding St & Dove St39.99139-105.084849
20012E Spaulding St & S Public Rd39.991306-105.090031
17910E Spaulding St & S Public Rd39.991403-105.089906
26432Eagle St & S Jordan Rd39.586226-104.81695
13490Easter Ave & S Gaylord St39.588814-104.962834
13492Easter Ave & S Race St39.588966-104.965123
13493Easter Ave & S University Blvd39.588935-104.961085
13491Easter Ave & S Vine St39.588827-104.964429
26015Eastlake & 124th Station Gate A39.923223-104.962765
25969Eastlake & 124th Station Gate B39.922991-104.962881
35257Eastlake - 124th Station Track 239.923443-104.962282
35367Eastlake / 124th Ave39.922525-104.962657
26012Egbert St & S 4th Ave39.98361-104.818886
13504Eisenhower Dr & Arapahoe Ave40.014192-105.2319
13505Eisenhower Dr & Arapahoe Ave40.013896-105.232036
20069Eisenhower Dr & Harrison Ave40.008729-105.234733
13507Eisenhower Dr & Harrison Dr40.008241-105.234859
13509Eisenhower Dr & Kellogg Cir40.009826-105.234861
13508Eisenhower Dr & Kellogg Cir40.010298-105.234724
13511Eisenhower Dr & McKinley Dr40.011795-105.234865
13510Eisenhower Dr & McKinley Dr40.011541-105.234726
13512Eisenhower Dr & Merritt Dr40.012968-105.231993
18032Eldora Mountain Resort39.93774-105.584149
18019Eldora Rd & Hwy 7239.957215-105.517103
18030Eldora Rd & Hwy 7239.957488-105.517223
33359Eldora Rd & Nederland High School Driveway39.953558-105.525746
13530Elm St & 35th Ave39.765149-104.929444
25428Empower Field at Mile High Station39.743543-105.013526
25432Empower Field at Mile High Station39.743342-105.012761
40001Englewood City Center39.65524-104.99855
20093Englewood Pkwy & S Acoma St39.655026-104.989193
20094Englewood Pkwy & S Acoma St39.654834-104.9891
41004Englewood Pkwy & S Cherokee St39.654971-104.992772
41003Englewood Pkwy & S Elati St39.654933-104.995098
41001Englewood Pkwy & S Elati St39.654841-104.99279
41002Englewood Pkwy & S Galapago St39.654856-104.995105
24890Englewood Station39.655904-104.999736
25436Englewood Station39.655291-105.000065
33712Englewood Station39.655506-104.999664
26174Englewood Station Gate B39.655319-104.999591
26175Englewood Station Gate C39.655756-104.999554
26176Englewood Station Gate D39.655819-104.999518
26178Englewood Station Gate F39.656131-104.999399
26179Englewood Station Gate G39.656238-104.999351
26180Englewood Station Gate H39.656478-104.999244
23184Eppinger Blvd & Clarkson St39.863928-104.976724
18518Eppinger Blvd & Gail Ct39.866083-104.966975
23147Eppinger Blvd & Gaylord St39.866715-104.96041
20759Eppinger Blvd & Grant St39.863815-104.981642
33389Eppinger Blvd & Grant St39.863827-104.982513
23186Eppinger Blvd & Hoffman Way39.864349-104.971942
23194Eppinger Blvd & Hoffman Way39.864176-104.972863
18525Eppinger Blvd & Myrna Pl39.866107-104.965843
18524Eppinger Blvd & Nagel Dr39.864942-104.96939
18519Eppinger Blvd & Nagel Dr39.864742-104.970159
23185Eppinger Blvd & Ogden St39.863933-104.974762
23195Eppinger Blvd & Ogden St39.864047-104.975672
20104Eppinger Blvd & Race St39.866329-104.962152
18517Eppinger Blvd & Race St39.866255-104.963031
33471Eppinger Blvd & Russell Way39.866197-104.965189
21551Eppinger Blvd & Washington St39.864057-104.97836
33200Erie Community Center40.038626-105.052597
33260Erie Pkwy & Brennan St40.036636-105.0718
33247Erie Pkwy & Brennan St40.036882-105.072631
33261Erie Pkwy & Meller St40.036558-105.064508
33246Erie Pkwy & Meller St40.036807-105.065501
13540Espana St & Batavia Dr39.743537-104.759309
13550Eudora St & 56th Ave39.79856-104.930338
22589Eudora St & 58th Ave39.800992-104.930334
13568Evans Ave & S Birch St39.678375-104.936042
13558Evans Ave & S Broadway39.678413-104.986694
13566Evans Ave & S Clayton St39.678348-104.954766
13567Evans Ave & S Clayton St39.678503-104.955453
13573Evans Ave & S Cook St39.678497-104.948306
13572Evans Ave & S Cook St39.678347-104.947674
13574Evans Ave & S Dahlia St39.678386-104.931241
13575Evans Ave & S Dahlia St39.678539-104.931162
13578Evans Ave & S Downing St39.678579-104.973815
13577Evans Ave & S Downing St39.678404-104.97301
13583Evans Ave & S Franklin St39.678383-104.968212
13584Evans Ave & S Gilpin St39.67858-104.967917
13586Evans Ave & S Grape St39.678517-104.925668
13585Evans Ave & S Grape St39.678393-104.924824
13587Evans Ave & S High St39.678365-104.964836
13588Evans Ave & S High St39.678572-104.9656
13590Evans Ave & S Holly St39.678526-104.921708
13589Evans Ave & S Holly St39.678392-104.922567
13594Evans Ave & S Jasmine St39.678521-104.919291
13593Evans Ave & S Jasmine St39.678391-104.918475
13597Evans Ave & S Leyden St39.678362-104.914936
13598Evans Ave & S Leyden St39.678527-104.916185
13602Evans Ave & S Logan St39.678484-104.982392
13601Evans Ave & S Logan St39.678638-104.983478
13605Evans Ave & S Milwaukee St39.678522-104.952638
13606Evans Ave & S Milwaukee St39.678352-104.952551
13607Evans Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.678361-104.912182
13608Evans Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.678544-104.913613
13613Evans Ave & S Oneida St39.678376-104.907676
13614Evans Ave & S Oneida St39.678531-104.908593
13618Evans Ave & S Pearl St39.67864-104.980842
13617Evans Ave & S Pearl St39.678491-104.980746
13624Evans Ave & S Quebec39.677482-104.904667
20309Evans Ave & S Quebec St39.677819-104.904694
13627Evans Ave & S Race St39.6783-104.963092
13638Evans Ave & S University Blvd39.678533-104.95973
13639Evans Ave & S University Blvd39.678321-104.959727
25435Evans Station39.677331-104.992946
33713Evans Station39.677962-104.992465
24882Evans Station39.678143-104.992653
26301Evans Station Gate B39.678557-104.992382
26300Evans Station Gate C39.678308-104.992387
34564Evergreen PnR {1302}39.638777-105.3317
25897Exempla Cir & Entrance 339.968229-105.083828
25890Exempla Cir & Entrance 339.968311-105.083579
25892Exempla Cir & Public Rd39.971947-105.083778
25896Exempla Cir & Public Rd39.972017-105.084318
13651Exposition Ave & S Blackhawk St39.704007-104.82378
25801Exposition Ave & S Blackhawk St39.703785-104.824044
18223Exposition Ave & S Sable Blvd39.70398-104.819836
25802Exposition Ave & S Sable Blvd39.703794-104.821203
34140Federal / Evans39.678787-105.025263
13804Federal Blvd & Cottonwood Dr39.839203-105.025086
13803Federal Blvd & Cottonwood Dr39.838864-105.024713
13705Federal Blvd & W 1st Ave39.71799-105.024955
13824Federal Blvd & W 1st Ave39.717654-105.025271
13720Federal Blvd & W 3rd Ave39.721907-105.025313
13729Federal Blvd & W 4th Ave39.722287-105.025028
13740Federal Blvd & W 5th Ave39.724027-105.02493
13741Federal Blvd & W 5th Ave39.724152-105.025253
13750Federal Blvd & W 6th Ave39.726872-105.024988
13758Federal Blvd & W 7th Ave39.727194-105.025315
13768Federal Blvd & W 8th Ave39.729654-105.025279
13767Federal Blvd & W 8th Ave39.729677-105.025051
13698Federal Blvd & W 10th Ave39.733214-105.025048
13699Federal Blvd & W 10th Ave39.732643-105.025277
13700Federal Blvd & W 12th Ave39.735104-105.025017
13704Federal Blvd & W 17th Ave39.744283-105.025117
18820Federal Blvd & W 17th Ave39.743602-105.02532
22773Federal Blvd & W 19th Ave39.746163-105.025118
13706Federal Blvd & W 20th Ave39.747888-105.025117
13707Federal Blvd & W 20th Ave39.747314-105.025355
13708Federal Blvd & W 23rd Ave39.751407-105.025014
13709Federal Blvd & W 23rd Ave39.750933-105.025317
13711Federal Blvd & W 26th Ave39.755667-105.025076
13712Federal Blvd & W 27th Ave39.755605-105.025318
13714Federal Blvd & W 29th Ave39.758669-105.025336
13713Federal Blvd & W 29th Ave39.75886-105.025092
13715Federal Blvd & W 32nd Ave39.762412-105.025124
13716Federal Blvd & W 35th Ave39.765891-105.025055
13717Federal Blvd & W 35th Ave39.765341-105.025324
13718Federal Blvd & W 38th Ave39.769614-105.025159
13719Federal Blvd & W 38th Ave39.768645-105.025344
21367Federal Blvd & W 39th Ave39.771441-105.025337
13722Federal Blvd & W 41st Ave39.773423-105.025336
13721Federal Blvd & W 41st Ave39.773193-105.025144
13724Federal Blvd & W 44th Ave39.77628-105.025319
13723Federal Blvd & W 44th Ave39.776918-105.025086
13725Federal Blvd & W 46th Ave39.780596-105.025087
13726Federal Blvd & W 46th Ave39.779961-105.025304
13728Federal Blvd & W 47th Ave39.782872-105.025287
13727Federal Blvd & W 47th Ave39.782393-105.025094
13730Federal Blvd & W 50th Ave39.787751-105.025087
13731Federal Blvd & W 50th Ave39.786801-105.025288
13732Federal Blvd & W 52nd Ave39.790373-105.025325
13733Federal Blvd & W 52nd Ave39.790638-105.025052
13735Federal Blvd & W 54th Ave39.794487-105.025379
13734Federal Blvd & W 54th Ave39.794949-105.025094
13736Federal Blvd & W 56th Ave39.79773-105.025137
13737Federal Blvd & W 56th Ave39.798154-105.025445
13738Federal Blvd & W 58th Ave39.802971-105.025453
13739Federal Blvd & W 58th Ave39.802877-105.02514
13742Federal Blvd & W 60th Ave39.805624-105.025149
13744Federal Blvd & W 62nd Ave39.809309-105.025448
13743Federal Blvd & W 62nd Ave39.809613-105.025152
13745Federal Blvd & W 64th Ave39.813151-105.025147
13746Federal Blvd & W 64th Ave39.812458-105.02545
13747Federal Blvd & W 65th Pl39.815404-105.025091
13749Federal Blvd & W 67th Ave39.818018-105.025028
13748Federal Blvd & W 67th Ave39.817616-105.025328
13752Federal Blvd & W 70th Ave39.823644-105.025178
13751Federal Blvd & W 70th Ave39.822608-105.024892
13754Federal Blvd & W 72nd Ave39.826917-105.025102
13753Federal Blvd & W 72nd Ave39.827649-105.024755
13757Federal Blvd & W 74th Ave39.829413-105.024793
13756Federal Blvd & W 74th Ave39.829863-105.025118
13760Federal Blvd & W 80th Ave39.84141-105.025018
13759Federal Blvd & W 80th Ave39.842107-105.024736
13761Federal Blvd & W 82nd Ave39.845136-105.02501
13762Federal Blvd & W 82nd Ave39.845197-105.024724
13763Federal Blvd & W 84th Ave39.849698-105.024765
13764Federal Blvd & W 84th Ave39.84866-105.025054
22020Federal Blvd & W 86th Ave39.852931-105.024782
22019Federal Blvd & W 86th Ave39.852574-105.025079
13766Federal Blvd & W 88th Ave39.856776-105.025173
13765Federal Blvd & W 88th Ave39.856551-105.024877
13770Federal Blvd & W 90th Pl39.860524-105.025227
13769Federal Blvd & W 90th Pl39.860971-105.024929
13772Federal Blvd & W 92nd Ave39.862778-105.02525
13771Federal Blvd & W 92nd Ave39.863982-105.024961
13774Federal Blvd & W 94th Ave39.8669-105.024949
13773Federal Blvd & W 94th Ave39.866803-105.025235
13775Federal Blvd & W 95th Ave39.869078-105.025215
13776Federal Blvd & W 95th Ave39.869298-105.024936
21725Federal Blvd & W 96th Ave39.870398-105.025257
21724Federal Blvd & W 96th Ave39.871123-105.02499
13777Federal Blvd & W 97th Ave39.872507-105.025077
13778Federal Blvd & W 97th Ave39.872342-105.025356
13779Federal Blvd & W 98th Ave39.875483-105.025049
13780Federal Blvd & W 98th Ave39.874647-105.025346
13692Federal Blvd & W 100th Ave39.877882-105.025327
13691Federal Blvd & W 100th Ave39.878662-105.025023
13694Federal Blvd & W 104th Ave39.884373-105.025314
22399Federal Blvd & W 104th Ave Farside39.885863-105.024955
13693Federal Blvd & W 104th Ave Nearside39.884053-105.024975
20132Federal Blvd & W 107th Pl39.890106-105.025241
13696Federal Blvd & W 108th Ave39.892346-105.02491
13821Federal Blvd & W Highland Park Pl39.76286-105.025319
13701Federal Blvd & W Holden Pl39.735913-105.025429
13831Federal Blvd & W Longfellow Pl39.81528-105.025388
33955Federal Center Station39.719895-105.128448
33566Federal Center Station39.720037-105.12964
33741Federal Center Station39.719005-105.129257
33652Federal Center Station Gate E39.719828-105.129325
33655Federal Center Station Gate H39.719837-105.130186
33656Federal Center Station Gate J39.719649-105.130177
33659Federal Center Station Gate M39.719622-105.129191
33660Federal Center Station Gate N39.719619-105.128682
33614Fitzsimons Pkwy & Montview Blvd39.747239-104.829488
34683Fitzsimons Station39.755018-104.838018
34587Fitzsimons Station39.755008-104.840933
34588Fitzsimons Station39.754789-104.839819
19660Flanders Way & 46th Ave39.780327-104.75908
25077Flatiron Crossing Mall Ring Rd & Interlocken Blvd39.930211-105.132552
25076Flatiron Crossing Mall Ring Rd & Interlocken Blvd39.930353-105.1325
21248Florida Ave & S Alton St39.689378-104.882674
21240Florida Ave & S Alton St39.689207-104.88268
23981Florida Ave & S Beeler St39.689378-104.879747
23982Florida Ave & S Clinton St39.689202-104.878002
21241Florida Ave & S Dayton St39.689198-104.875619
21247Florida Ave & S Dayton St39.689373-104.8759
21238Florida Ave & S Parker Rd39.689224-104.888572
19488Florida Ave & S Quebec St39.689284-104.903061
19498Florida Ave & S Quebec Way39.689397-104.897891
19842Florida Ave & S Syracuse St39.689308-104.8974
34679Florida Station39.689917-104.828099
34577Florida Station39.690358-104.82847
34578Florida Station39.689534-104.828474
33402Ford St & 12th St39.756744-105.219485
24398Ford St & 13th St39.755079-105.217935
13983Ford St & 22nd St39.748723-105.211807
13984Ford St & 24th St39.746175-105.20885
35410Forest Park & Arapahoe Rd40.013901-105.127891
13987Forest St & 34th Ave39.764777-104.92703
23285Francis St & 8th Ave40.172879-105.116477
23286Francis St & 8th Ave40.172407-105.116651
23287Francis St & 9th Ave40.174454-105.116593
18923Francis St & 9th Ave40.174531-105.116431
25657Francis St & 10th Ave40.176262-105.116599
17538Francis St & 11th Ave40.178527-105.116613
14000Francis St & 12th Ave40.178966-105.11647
23284Francis St & Longs Peak Ave40.170851-105.116609
14003Francis St & Mountain View Ave40.1804-105.116647
23378Francis St & Sharpe Pl40.176209-105.116454
26416Fremont Ave & S Blackhawk St39.584186-104.824549
26434Fremont Ave & S Blackhawk St39.584278-104.825622
33016Fremont Ave & S Dillon Ct39.585676-104.821416
33015Fremont Ave & S Dillon Ct39.585625-104.821211
26417Fremont Ave & S Eagle St39.585945-104.817257
21940Fremont Pl & S Potomac St39.584094-104.83148
21945Fremont Pl & S Potomac St39.584159-104.831298
33233Front Range Ave & Broadway40.062838-105.282576
24253Front Range Ave & Broadway40.06284-105.282297
12680Front Range Community College39.90016-105.039702
14020Galapago St & W 2nd Ave39.719128-104.996429
14019Galapago St & W 2nd Ave39.719495-104.996287
14022Galapago St & W 4th Ave39.722294-104.996434
14021Galapago St & W 4th Ave39.722763-104.9963
19832Galapago St & W 5th Ave39.724327-104.996295
14023Galapago St & W 6th Ave39.725992-104.996308
14024Galapago St & W 6th Ave39.72544-104.996447
25846Garfield Ave & South Boulder Rd39.986239-105.137948
14036Garrison St & Brooks Dr39.80431-105.100144
14037Garrison St & Brooks Dr39.803531-105.100296
14042Garrison St & Cole Dr39.810515-105.100152
14053Garrison St & Oberon Rd39.810568-105.1003
14054Garrison St & Ralston Rd39.802679-105.100146
14026Garrison St & W 61st Ave39.807434-105.100153
24261Garrison St & W 61st Ave39.806894-105.100293
34238Garrison Station39.736531-105.099528
33564Garrison Station39.736608-105.099811
33957Garrison Station39.736524-105.099125
34898Gateway Ave & Eagle Ct39.785619-104.816489
34899Gateway Ave & Eagle St39.785513-104.817363
34900Gateway Ave & Enid Way39.785321-104.81544
34901Gateway Ave & Enid Way39.784699-104.814673
34902Gateway Ave & Fraser Way39.784317-104.812153
34903Gateway Ave & Fraser Way39.783745-104.811488
34178Gay St & 8th Ave40.172541-105.110137
22548Gay St & 21st Ave40.196474-105.110416
22547Gay St & 21st Ave40.196244-105.110249
14072Gaylord St & Eppinger Blvd39.866953-104.959751
23187Gaylord St & Eppinger Blvd39.866992-104.959584
33810Genesee Park39.711016-105.294117
18896Genesee PnR39.710918-105.294109
20352Genesee PnR39.710784-105.294047
24257Gillaspie Ave & Armer Ave39.982878-105.252212
24256Gillaspie Ave & Britting Ave39.981435-105.251121
14085Gillaspie Dr & Berea Dr39.975296-105.249098
19390Gillaspie Dr & Darley Ave39.978846-105.24943
14087Gillaspie Dr & Greenbriar Blvd39.970452-105.247377
21032Gillaspie Dr & Grinnell Ave39.977045-105.248004
14089Gillaspie Dr & Heidelberg Dr39.972973-105.251508
14090Gillaspie Dr & Julliard St39.971531-105.252154
14091Gillaspie Dr & Kittrell Ct39.970401-105.250021
20728Girard Ave & S Lincoln St39.654918-104.985939
33583Glenarm St & 17th St39.744847-104.988924
14104Glenwood Dr & 29th St40.032862-105.257154
14103Glenwood Dr & 29th St40.032767-105.25702
14105Glenwood Dr & 30th St40.032867-105.254195
34188Grand Ave & S Bowen St40.15126-105.113651
34187Grand Ave & S Lincoln St40.151143-105.113515
34978Grandview Meadows Dr & Nelson Rd40.151804-105.163934
14114Grant St & 8th Ave39.728831-104.983703
14111Grant St & 10th Ave39.731408-104.983671
14112Grant St & 12th Ave39.735039-104.983675
18999Grant St & 14th Ave39.73814-104.983662
23181Grant St & 88th Ave39.855787-104.983934
21547Grant St & 98th Ave39.875327-104.983134
21542Grant St & 98th Pl39.873848-104.982827
21541Grant St & 100th Ave39.878336-104.983955
21548Grant St & 100th Ave39.878424-104.983526
21549Grant St & 102nd Ave39.882448-104.982024
21540Grant St & 102nd Ave39.880843-104.982489
21538Grant St & 104th Ave39.884352-104.982361
22259Grant St & Eppinger Blvd39.863928-104.984123
21545Grant St & Eppinger Blvd39.863935-104.983513
21546Grant St & Thornton Pkwy39.871457-104.981498
21543Grant St & Thornton Pkwy39.869827-104.981768
10858Green Ct & W 32nd Ave39.762636-105.027771
34878Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Argonne St39.783861-104.765319
34879Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Argonne St39.783599-104.764455
34880Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Flanders Way39.783887-104.761484
21266Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Himalaya Rd39.78322-104.755831
25467Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Kittredge St39.783732-104.801427
33441Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Malaya St39.781194-104.741796
33611Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Memphis St39.783552-104.797497
24829Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Memphis St39.783866-104.797573
33443Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Orleans St39.781683-104.737936
33453Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Orleans St39.781935-104.73761
34876Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Tower Rd39.78386-104.769259
34877Green Valley Ranch Blvd & Tower Rd39.783567-104.771601
20851Green Vally Ranch Blvd & Flanders Way39.783615-104.760804
14126Greenbriar Blvd & Gillaspie Dr39.971571-105.245304
22876Greenbriar Blvd & Greenbriar Ct39.971971-105.241884
19797Greenbriar Blvd & Silver Plume Ln39.967213-105.248011
19723Greenbriar Blvd & Smuggler Way39.964498-105.25029
14129Greenbriar Blvd & Toedtli Dr39.974585-105.241414
35199Gunpark Dr & Lookout Rd40.072197-105.198339
26016Hale Pkwy & Clermont St39.733344-104.934008
33839Hale Pkwy & Dahlia St39.732829-104.931875
18397Hampden Ave & Hamilton Dr39.653207-104.827119
18374Hampden Ave & Hamilton Dr39.652969-104.827181
20231Hampden Ave & Hampden Cir E39.652952-104.806722
18377Hampden Ave & Hampden Cir W39.652964-104.813607
22895Hampden Ave & Hampden Pl39.653207-104.825208
22894Hampden Ave & Hampden Pl39.652971-104.823718
14131Hampden Ave & S Akron St39.652941-104.880666
14132Hampden Ave & S Akron St39.65317-104.881952
34894Hampden Ave & S Biscay St39.652893-104.767421
34895Hampden Ave & S Biscay St39.653141-104.768409
26393Hampden Ave & S Buckley Rd39.652937-104.79067
18390Hampden Ave & S Buckley Rd39.653194-104.792047
26125Hampden Ave & S Ceylon St39.65314-104.764199
19105Hampden Ave & S Chambers Rd39.653204-104.810756
17621Hampden Ave & S Chambers Rd39.652967-104.809498
14134Hampden Ave & S Clarkson St39.65308-104.977914
14136Hampden Ave & S Clermont St39.653119-104.93454
14135Hampden Ave & S Clermont St39.652953-104.934814
14137Hampden Ave & S Colorado Blvd39.652894-104.940188
14138Hampden Ave & S Dahlia St39.652953-104.931017
14139Hampden Ave & S Dahlia St39.653145-104.931032
18396Hampden Ave & S Dawson St39.653206-104.820435
18375Hampden Ave & S Dawson St39.652973-104.819418
14140Hampden Ave & S Dayton St39.652932-104.875007
14141Hampden Ave & S Dayton St39.653157-104.876129
14142Hampden Ave & S Downing St39.653196-104.973919
18395Hampden Ave & S Eagle St39.653206-104.817276
18376Hampden Ave & S Eagle St39.652971-104.816275
34368Hampden Ave & S Emerson St39.653206-104.977509
18394Hampden Ave & S Fairplay Way39.653201-104.813441
14147Hampden Ave & S Florence St39.652942-104.871393
14148Hampden Ave & S Florence St39.653149-104.872639
14149Hampden Ave & S Forest St39.653131-104.927521
14150Hampden Ave & S Forest St39.652957-104.927026
14155Hampden Ave & S Holly St39.653159-104.923234
14154Hampden Ave & S Holly St39.652963-104.922181
14160Hampden Ave & S Kalispell St39.653193-104.803463
17623Hampden Ave & S Kalispell St39.652951-104.802744
14161Hampden Ave & S Laredo St39.653186-104.799895
17624Hampden Ave & S Laredo St39.652949-104.798923
14164Hampden Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.6532-104.913586
14163Hampden Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.652974-104.912408
17625Hampden Ave & S Nucla St39.652937-104.795433
18391Hampden Ave & S Nucla Way39.653175-104.796772
14165Hampden Ave & S Ogden St39.653182-104.976065
14167Hampden Ave & S Oneida Way39.653217-104.908382
14166Hampden Ave & S Oneida Way39.652986-104.908443
14180Hampden Ave & S Pearl St39.653226-104.980305
14169Hampden Ave & S Pennsylvania St39.653184-104.981923
14171Hampden Ave & S Poplar St39.653254-104.906113
14170Hampden Ave & S Poplar St39.652999-104.904209
26394Hampden Ave & S Richfield St39.652941-104.783947
20173Hampden Ave & S Sherman St39.653111-104.984921
25212Hampden Ave & S Sherman St39.653194-104.985655
14175Hampden Ave & S Tamarac Dr39.653247-104.899315
14174Hampden Ave & S Tamarac Dr39.652988-104.898384
26406Hampden Ave & S Telluride St39.653201-104.78487
26395Hampden Ave & S Telluride Way39.652937-104.781573
26396Hampden Ave & S Tower Rd39.65287-104.771789
26404Hampden Ave & S Tower Rd39.653227-104.773046
33013Hampden Ave & S Uravan St39.653247-104.777794
33014Hampden Ave & S Uravan St39.652931-104.776925
26405Hampden Ave & S Ventura St39.653233-104.779935
14179Hampden Ave & S Verbena St39.653201-104.892203
14178Hampden Ave & S Verbena St39.652976-104.89153
14181Hampden Ave & S Willow St39.653189-104.888332
14182Hampden Ave & S Willow St39.652965-104.888345
18392Hampden Ave & S Winston St39.653197-104.807616
14183Hampden Ave & S Yosemite St39.653179-104.885636
14184Hampden Ave & S Yosemite St39.652946-104.883627
14168Hampden Ave & S. Pearl St39.653066-104.980349
14202Harlan St & W 44th Ave39.777043-105.062432
14203Harlan St & W 46th Ave39.7794-105.062754
14204Harlan St & W 46th Ave39.780183-105.062426
14205Harlan St & W 47th Ave39.782333-105.062758
14206Harlan St & W 91st Ave39.859905-105.063825
20764Harlan St & W 92nd Ave39.862857-105.062932
24868Harlan St & W 92nd Ave39.86219-105.063353
14207Harlan St & W Lakeside Ln39.782332-105.062431
14235Havana St & 1st Ave39.718514-104.865817
14236Havana St & 1st Ave39.718723-104.866084
14246Havana St & 4th Way39.721298-104.866083
14245Havana St & 4th Way39.721679-104.86584
14248Havana St & 6th Ave39.724831-104.865775
14249Havana St & 6th Ave39.725264-104.866084
14251Havana St & 8th Ave39.729011-104.865977
14250Havana St & 8th Ave39.72952-104.865789
14224Havana St & 11th Ave39.733128-104.86578
14225Havana St & 11th Ave39.733125-104.865931
14229Havana St & 13th Ave39.736195-104.865911
14228Havana St & 13th Ave39.736838-104.865778
14233Havana St & 17th Ave39.743993-104.865739
14234Havana St & 17th Ave39.743299-104.865881
23425Havana St & 37th Ave39.76968-104.865637
23420Havana St & 40th Ave39.771796-104.865953
14256Havana St & Colfax Ave39.740582-104.865715
14257Havana St & Colfax Ave39.7398-104.865942
14280Havana St & Montview Blvd39.746999-104.865862
24974Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Boardwalk Dr39.536544-105.029736
24943Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Boardwalk Dr39.535948-105.029375
24949Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Broadway39.549049-104.990738
24975Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Bucknell Dr E39.537948-105.032451
24976Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Bucknell Dr W39.538294-105.034462
24952Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Burntwood Way39.54612-104.979457
24964Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Burntwood Way39.54644-104.980514
24959Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Clairton Dr39.540537-104.954132
24972Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Deer Creek St39.533475-105.022933
24969Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Desert Willow Rd39.542838-105.009865
34917Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Fairview Pkwy39.542907-104.947354
24645Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Foothills Canyon Blvd39.53933-105.013239
24970Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Foothills Canyon Blvd39.53888-105.014152
24965Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Longfellow Ln39.547231-104.984012
24951Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Longfellow Ln39.546929-104.984047
24968Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Lucent Blvd39.545962-105.005772
24647Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Lucent Blvd39.546434-105.004105
24961Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Montclair Dr39.540429-104.955309
24950Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Ridgeglen Way39.547814-104.98633
24966Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Ridgeglen Way39.548323-104.986835
24648Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Ridgeline Blvd39.549201-104.995731
24942Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Rosewalk Dr39.537474-105.031804
24941Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Rosewalk Dr39.538016-105.033644
24997Highlands Ranch Pkwy & S Broadway39.549574-104.992589
24953Highlands Ranch Pkwy & S Ranch Rd39.543374-104.970508
24880Highlands Ranch Pkwy & S Santa Fe Dr39.538067-105.035335
24960Highlands Ranch Pkwy & S University Blvd39.544537-104.945394
24971Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Spring Hill Pkwy39.536004-105.017108
24954Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Venneford Ranch Rd39.540104-104.960878
24962Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Venneford Ranch Rd39.540612-104.961869
34918Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Viaggio Way39.542686-104.94883
24646Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Westridge Knolls Ave39.543153-105.009057
24945Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Westridge Pkwy39.533321-105.021923
24944Highlands Ranch Pkwy & White Oak Ln39.534584-105.027587
24973Highlands Ranch Pkwy & White Oak Ln39.535036-105.027811
24946Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Wildcat Reserve Pkwy39.536874-105.015778
34276Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Wildcat Reserve Pkwy39.535531-105.017194
24963Highlands Ranch Pkwy & Windsor Way39.544415-104.971743
33811Highlands Ranch Town Center39.547521-104.997432
24919Highlands Ranch Town Center PnR Gate A39.547109-104.997463
26262Highlands Ranch Town Center PnR Gate B39.547191-104.997556
26263Highlands Ranch Town Center PnR Gate C39.548-104.998035
21893Highway 119 & Niwot Rd PnR40.101892-105.175878
18095Highway 119 & Niwot Rd PnR40.101911-105.177884
34854Himalaya Rd & 46th Ave39.779157-104.755428
34855Himalaya Rd & 46th Ave39.778467-104.75528
33442Himalaya Rd & 49th Ave39.787333-104.756999
33438Himalaya Rd & 49th Ave39.786793-104.756622
33435Himalaya Rd & 50th Ave39.788717-104.759419
33444Himalaya Rd & 50th Ave39.788799-104.759134
33440Himalaya Rd & Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.783468-104.754917
34852Himalaya Rd & Mitchell Pl39.777658-104.754102
34853Himalaya Rd & Mitchell Pl39.776959-104.753972
14311Himalaya St & Batavia Dr39.741501-104.752319
14315Hoffman Blvd & Del Mar Cir39.72846-104.843815
18617Hoffman Blvd & Del Mar Cir39.728614-104.84335
14316Hoffman Blvd & Potomac St39.734413-104.8288
18618Hoffman Blvd & Revere St39.729714-104.840982
14317Hoffman Blvd & Salem St39.729873-104.840897
18619Hoffman Blvd & Tucson St39.731321-104.837436
14318Hoffman Blvd & Tucson St39.731045-104.838319
18620Hoffman Blvd & Victor St39.732893-104.833967
14319Hoffman Blvd & Wheeling St39.732998-104.834055
18621Hoffman Blvd & Xapary St39.734154-104.831034
14320Hoffman Blvd & Yost St39.734356-104.830617
24832Holly St & 36th Ave39.767318-104.922238
24831Holly St & 36th Ave39.767535-104.922348
14326Holly St & 38th Ave39.769133-104.922235
34889Holly St & 39th Ave39.770568-104.922414
34890Holly St & 39th Ave39.771596-104.922224
33120Holly St & 56th Ave39.799143-104.922108
33152Holly St & 58th Ave39.801528-104.922349
34421Holly St & 60th Ave39.806013-104.92217
14332Holly St & 62nd Ave39.809428-104.922161
14333Holly St & 62nd Ave39.808993-104.922287
33422Holly St & 63rd Ave39.811336-104.922314
33421Holly St & 63rd Ave39.811242-104.922163
14334Holly St & 64th Ave39.813082-104.922134
14335Holly St & 64th Ave39.812263-104.922275
14336Holly St & 66th Way39.816399-104.922108
14337Holly St & 66th Way39.814656-104.922264
14339Holly St & 67th Ave39.818259-104.922228
35286Holly St & 128th Ave39.927072-104.92206
35299Holly St & Holly Cir39.923187-104.922051
35298Holly St & Holly Cir39.92388-104.921748
14364Holly St & Hwy 239.819666-104.923075
14365Holly St & Hwy 239.819811-104.922943
34888Holly St & Smith Rd39.773872-104.922419
21437Holly St & Tichy Blvd39.8179-104.922091
22517Hover St & 3rd Ave40.167282-105.130716
23258Hover St & 9th Ave40.174317-105.130797
21116Hover St & 11th Ave40.177864-105.130798
17806Hover St & 15th Ave40.185702-105.131013
22519Hover St & 15th Ave40.185233-105.1308
17536Hover St & 17th Ave40.188193-105.131024
25648Hover St & 17th Ave40.188073-105.130778
34170Hover St & 18th Ave40.191588-105.130784
23261Hover St & 20th St40.193725-105.130747
23262Hover St & 20th St40.193214-105.131019
22500Hover St & 21st Ave40.195568-105.131034
12386Hover St & Belmont Dr40.183385-105.131
23256Hover St & Dale Pl40.169399-105.130728
22518Hover St & Mountain View Ave40.182128-105.130785
34666Hover St & Village at The Peaks Mall40.1474-105.130627
34665Hover St & Village at The Peaks Mall40.147391-105.130984
34171Hover St & Wedgewood Ave40.191455-105.131069
34342Huron St & Community Center Dr39.898998-104.996554
14414Huron St & Community Center Dr39.900169-104.996572
14431Huron St & Croke Dr39.867695-104.996531
14432Huron St & Croke Dr39.867246-104.996761
14434Huron St & Fox Dr39.859897-104.996514
14433Huron St & Gale Blvd39.859305-104.996741
14435Huron St & Kennedy Dr39.8935-104.996553
20145Huron St & Kennedy Dr39.893217-104.996807
14436Huron St & Milky Way39.853345-104.996498
14437Huron St & Milky Way39.852789-104.996738
22002Huron St & Naiad Dr39.887363-104.996551
14439Huron St & Naiad Dr39.887731-104.996788
23994Huron St & Switzer Ln39.869287-104.996535
23993Huron St & Switzer Ln39.868868-104.996761
14425Huron St & Thornton Pkwy39.864158-104.996524
14422Huron St & W 84th Ave39.849385-104.996504
14423Huron St & W 88th Ave39.856623-104.996507
33474Huron St & W 88th Ave39.857148-104.996756
14426Huron St & W 92nd Ave39.862802-104.996754
14428Huron St & W 96th Pl39.871594-104.996766
14427Huron St & W 96th Pl39.87216-104.996538
14430Huron St & W 99th Ave39.875885-104.996546
14429Huron St & W 99th Ave39.875126-104.996776
14407Huron St & W 100th Pl39.87813-104.99677
14406Huron St & W 100th Pl39.878768-104.996553
14409Huron St & W 102nd Pl39.881175-104.996772
14408Huron St & W 102nd Pl39.881711-104.996558
24811Huron St & W 104th Ave39.885908-104.996547
14421Huron St & W 104th Ave39.884631-104.99677
14410Huron St & W 104th Ave39.884214-104.996558
23383Huron St & W 106th Ave39.889332-104.996537
34674Huron St & W 106th Ave39.889167-104.996798
14415Huron St & W 112th Ave39.89931-104.996788
14417Huron St & W 114th Ave39.902983-104.996572
26239Huron St & W 114th Ave39.903461-104.996824
14416Huron St & W 114th Ave39.901062-104.996831
19728Huron St & W 116th Ave39.906514-104.996843
19729Huron St & W 116th Ave39.907376-104.996584
24272Huron St & W 118th Ave39.911367-104.996591
24273Huron St & W 119th Ave39.911734-104.996912
18894Hwy 40 & Hwy 2639.698306-105.207258
21449Hwy 40 & Lookout Mountain Rd39.711157-105.27148
20338Hwy 74 & Brookline Rd39.671278-105.360638
20350Hwy 74 & Brookline Rd39.67178-105.360713
20351Hwy 74 & Kerr Gulch Rd39.693497-105.338047
19484Hwy 74 & Lewis Ridge Rd39.66338-105.35532
19485Hwy 74 & Lewis Ridge Rd39.663962-105.355292
20336Hwy 74 & Pine Crest Dr39.693622-105.338414
20339Hwy 74 & Stagecoach Blvd39.65253-105.345605
20349Hwy 74 & Stagecoach Blvd39.653369-105.346085
21022Hwy 119 & 30th St40.03784-105.254713
21023Hwy 119 & 34th St40.03821-105.249163
19828Hwy 119 & 34th St40.037962-105.248447
17993Hwy 119 & 47th St40.038539-105.243727
18010Hwy 119 & 63rd St40.075077-105.207176
13365Hwy 119 & 63rd St40.074098-105.20633
19973Hwy 119 & Airport Rd40.121142-105.151456
33405Hwy 119 & Big Springs Dr39.959901-105.510284
21807Hwy 119 & Boulder Falls40.004529-105.406596
21919Hwy 119 & Boulder Falls40.004462-105.404861
25783Hwy 119 & Chapman Dr40.009307-105.325953
25782Hwy 119 & Chapman Dr40.011466-105.325973
21917Hwy 119 & East St39.964973-105.503948
26386Hwy 119 & Fordham St40.130638-105.139617
26385Hwy 119 & Fordham St40.130928-105.140774
20306Hwy 119 & Fourmile Cnyn Rd40.015194-105.325572
18025Hwy 119 & Fourmile Cnyn Rd40.015314-105.323801
21918Hwy 119 & Hurricane Hill Rd39.968357-105.48502
21922Hwy 119 & Hurricane Hill Rd39.968288-105.484172
18107Hwy 119 & Hwy 5240.088298-105.191316
17996Hwy 119 & Hwy 5240.089322-105.18962
18011Hwy 119 & Jay Rd40.050452-105.235313
17994Hwy 119 & Jay Rd40.051757-105.231867
21921Hwy 119 & Magnolia Dr40.005593-105.351202
18023Hwy 119 & Magnolia Dr40.005542-105.349882
18027Hwy 119 & Milepost 3540.004497-105.378685
21920Hwy 119 & Milepost 3540.004254-105.380062
22936Hwy 119 & Milepost 3640.003705-105.366762
22030Hwy 119 & Milepost 3640.003349-105.367453
24826Hwy 119 & Monarch Rd40.094024-105.185684
24827Hwy 119 & Monarch Rd40.094655-105.183781
18005Hwy 119 & S Airport Rd40.124184-105.148555
25875Hwy 119 & S Hover St40.138982-105.132465
25876Hwy 119 & S Hover St40.140264-105.131504
17808Hwy 119 & S Sunset St40.148842-105.121045
21416Hwy 119 & Saint Anton39.987087-105.440149
21417Hwy 119 & Saint Anton39.986857-105.44068
21808Hwy 119 & Stinky Gulch Rd39.964857-105.504558
19763Hwy 119 & Village at The Peaks Mall40.144441-105.12612
19898Hwy 119 & Village at The Peaks Mall40.143901-105.127689
33406Hwy 119 & W Boulder St39.961006-105.510434
33816Hwy 119 / Niwot40.101973-105.176797
14467Hwy 224 & Clayton St39.830172-104.954693
14466Hwy 224 & Clayton St39.830172-104.954112
14468Hwy 224 & Lafayette St39.825347-104.971147
14469Hwy 224 & Lafayette St39.825335-104.970735
14473Hwy 224 & York St39.828839-104.960032
14472Hwy 224 & York St39.828972-104.958308
23041I - 25 & Broadway Station39.701958-104.990075
35383I - 25 & Broadway Station39.701779-104.990332
23061I - 25 & Broadway Station Center Track39.701418-104.990111
26272I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate A139.702136-104.989996
26274I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate A339.70162-104.989935
26278I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate B139.70214-104.989809
26280I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate C139.701951-104.989791
26282I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate D139.701792-104.989767
26285I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate E139.701608-104.989741
26286I - 25 & Broadway Station Gate E239.701621-104.989525
33686I - 25 / Broadway Station39.701235-104.98886
14519Iliff Ave & S Blackhawk St39.674971-104.823583
14518Iliff Ave & S Blackhawk St39.674724-104.823547
14523Iliff Ave & S Dayton St39.674678-104.879331
22333Iliff Ave & S Dayton St39.674866-104.879092
21106Iliff Ave & S Dayton Way39.67463-104.874536
14526Iliff Ave & S Dayton Way39.674895-104.875665
14530Iliff Ave & S Havana St39.674657-104.865329
14531Iliff Ave & S Havana St39.674892-104.866428
14533Iliff Ave & S Jamaica St39.67486-104.862226
14532Iliff Ave & S Jamaica St39.674684-104.862913
14536Iliff Ave & S Lima St39.674866-104.856934
14535Iliff Ave & S Lima St39.674708-104.856218
14539Iliff Ave & S Oswego St39.674694-104.849887
14540Iliff Ave & S Oswego St39.674877-104.851771
14542Iliff Ave & S Parker Rd39.674828-104.871577
14541Iliff Ave & S Parker Rd39.674658-104.870056
14543Iliff Ave & S Peoria St39.674693-104.846861
14544Iliff Ave & S Peoria St39.674907-104.847788
16679Iliff Ave & S Quebec St39.675279-104.902292
21072Iliff Ave & S Revere St39.675007-104.842921
21071Iliff Ave & S Revere St39.674796-104.842044
20443Iliff Ave & S Rosemary St39.674967-104.900667
14545Iliff Ave & S Sable Blvd39.674956-104.820895
14546Iliff Ave & S Syracuse Way39.674767-104.900727
20442Iliff Ave & S Trenton Way39.674952-104.897463
14552Iliff Ave & S Vaughn Way39.675098-104.836876
14549Iliff Ave & S Vaughn Way39.67488-104.837386
14553Iliff Ave & S Wabash St39.674867-104.889818
14554Iliff Ave & S Wabash St39.674698-104.88892
14557Iliff Ave & S Xanadu Way39.67482-104.833436
14556Iliff Ave & S Xanadu Way39.67507-104.833906
14559Iliff Ave & S Yosemite St39.674855-104.885127
14558Iliff Ave & S Yosemite St39.674685-104.884281
34575Iliff Station39.672974-104.827232
34574Iliff Station39.673649-104.826472
34677Iliff Station39.673511-104.826044
25024Inca St & W Dartmouth Ave39.659563-104.997222
16255Independence St & Ralston Rd39.802487-105.104694
14568Independence St & W 58th Ave39.801485-105.104922
23676Indiana St & S Golden Rd39.733247-105.165593
23675Indiana St & S Golden Rd39.733577-105.165355
14582Iowa Ave & S Downing St39.687602-104.973828
14592Iowa Ave & S Pearl St39.687541-104.979903
14593Iowa Ave & S Washington St39.687623-104.979785
34797Ireland St & 55th Ave39.796721-104.752348
34796Ireland St & 55th Ave39.796633-104.752522
34798Ireland St & Maxwell Pl39.795169-104.75206
34794Ireland St & Randolph Pl39.7977-104.753221
14595Iris Ave & 13th St40.036472-105.281159
14597Iris Ave & 16th St40.036317-105.276358
14599Iris Ave & 19th St40.036311-105.27237
14600Iris Ave & 19th St40.036483-105.273086
14601Iris Ave & 22nd St40.036476-105.2689
14602Iris Ave & 28th St40.036528-105.26018
14596Iris Ave & Broadway40.036337-105.281064
14612Iris Ave & Folsom Ave40.03634-105.263934
14611Iris Ave & Folsom Ave40.036513-105.263691
14613Iris Ave & Hermosa Dr40.036347-105.268425
14598Iris Ave & Iris Ct40.036479-105.278278
14615Irving St & W 72nd Ave39.826772-105.029693
21278Irving St & W Colfax Ave39.739861-105.029922
14624Ivy St & 50th Ave39.787251-104.919842
14623Ivy St & 50th Ave39.787187-104.920004
33105Ivy St & 72nd Ave39.827892-104.919886
33106Ivy St & 72nd Ave39.828508-104.919681
24415Jackson St & 17th St39.751575-105.216265
14626Jackson St & 19th St39.749706-105.21452
14629Jackson St & 22nd St39.747594-105.212543
14630Jackson St & 24th St39.745858-105.208869
14632Jackson St & 40th Ave39.773271-104.94304
25670Jay Rd & 28th St40.050986-105.258963
14634Jay Rd & 28th St40.051106-105.259334
25671Jay Rd & 30th St40.050973-105.25449
25663Jay Rd & 47th St40.051138-105.244588
25673Jay Rd & 47th St40.050989-105.243366
25674Jay Rd & 51st St40.051021-105.236266
25662Jay Rd & 51st St40.051144-105.236192
14635Jay Rd & 55th St40.050995-105.225607
14636Jay Rd & 55th St40.051097-105.225732
14637Jay Rd & 57th St40.050968-105.219974
14641Jay Rd & 63rd St40.05107-105.207546
14649Jay Rd & Hwy 11940.051131-105.231037
14648Jay Rd & Hwy 11940.051003-105.230082
14650Jay Rd & Juhls Dr40.05108-105.221972
23226Jay Rd & Juhls Dr40.050975-105.222374
33699Jay Rd & Lonetree Ct40.051155-105.247075
33698Jay Rd & Lonetree Ct40.051007-105.246511
25672Jay Rd & Saint Croix St40.051018-105.250395
25664Jay Rd & Saint Croix St40.051162-105.250916
19327Jay Rd & Spine Rd40.050935-105.214852
19331Jay Rd & Spine Rd40.051086-105.216462
25665Jay St & 30th St40.051107-105.255257
33568Jeffco Government Center Station39.726394-105.200985
33948Jeffco Government Center Station39.726318-105.201046
34241Jefferson CO Government - Golden Station39.726354-105.199734
26460Jewell Ave & S Cherry St39.682016-104.934607
26495Jewell Ave & S Clermont St39.682165-104.935272
16790Josephine St & 1st Ave39.718783-104.958952
16792Josephine St & 3rd Ave39.720759-104.958185
16795Josephine St & 4th Ave39.722371-104.958202
22235Josephine St & 6th Ave39.725399-104.9585
14716Josephine St & 8th Ave39.72938-104.958999
14708Josephine St & 9th Ave39.731563-104.959194
14709Josephine St & 12th Ave39.735331-104.958555
14710Josephine St & 13th Ave39.736995-104.958558
14711Josephine St & 17th Ave39.743755-104.959257
14712Josephine St & 40th Ave39.773373-104.958911
14713Josephine St & 43rd Ave39.776305-104.958186
14714Josephine St & 45th Ave39.779283-104.958184
14717Josephine St & Colfax Ave39.740936-104.95899
22864Josephine St & Steavenson Pl39.780722-104.958122
14722Kalamath St & W 9th Ave39.730239-105.000249
14718Kalamath St & W 10th Ave39.731876-105.000244
14719Kalamath St & W 12th Ave39.734639-105.000233
14720Kalamath St & W 13th Ave39.73664-105.000285
14721Kalamath St & W 14th Ave39.738922-104.999756
14723Kalamath St & W Colfax Ave39.739508-105.000259
34184Kansas Ave & S Sherman St40.147278-105.118711
34183Kansas Ave & S Sherman St40.147411-105.118746
18666Kansas Pl & S Troy St39.694739-104.839202
33108Kearney St & 74th Ave39.829637-104.917466
33107Kearney St & 74th Ave39.829765-104.917342
22973Kearney St & 74th Pl39.831721-104.917263
22970Kearney St & 74th Pl39.831597-104.917389
22969Kearney St & 76th Ave39.834144-104.917448
33817Ken Caryl / C - 47039.581332-105.136671
24886Ken Caryl PnR Gate A39.580704-105.137219
17573Ken Pratt Blvd & S Bowen St40.152234-105.111595
13938Ken Pratt Blvd & S Bowen St40.152408-105.112315
17677Ken Pratt Blvd & S Pratt Pkwy40.152508-105.107643
17809Ken Pratt Blvd & S Pratt Pkwy40.15227-105.106802
22885Ken Pratt Blvd & S Sherman St40.15222-105.11521
17678Ken Pratt Blvd & S Sherman St40.152432-105.116081
14442Ken Pratt Blvd & S Sunset St40.148374-105.121867
21421Kentucky Ave & Ada Cir39.700456-104.781935
21829Kentucky Ave & Ohio Cir39.700354-104.783274
21828Kentucky Ave & S Buckley Rd39.70022-104.790091
14766Kentucky Ave & S Rifle St39.700222-104.784382
14767Kentucky Ave & S Rifle Way39.700352-104.785593
14768Kentucky Ave & S Salida St39.70024-104.782522
20228Kentucky Ave & S Uravan St39.700839-104.780452
20227Kentucky Ave & S Uravan St39.700683-104.780477
23352Kimbark St & 3rd Ave40.164222-105.101303
33753Kimbark St & 4th Ave40.165884-105.101065
33754Kimbark St & 6th Ave40.169187-105.101087
14783Kimbark St & 6th Ave {1103}40.168466-105.101287
23377Kimbark St & Longs Peak Ave40.170872-105.101105
25653Kimbark St & Longs Peak Ave40.170402-105.101263
34925Kipling Ct & W 51st Pl39.790637-105.110403
34926Kipling Ct & W 52nd Pl39.790398-105.110551
35203Kipling Pkwy & W 55th Ave39.796115-105.112237
35202Kipling Pkwy & W 55th Ave39.796268-105.111948
33522Kipling St & 8th Pl39.729582-105.109818
19417Kipling St & Independence Way39.85028-105.110226
19423Kipling St & Independence Way39.850235-105.109858
14832Kipling St & W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd39.727515-105.109517
14847Kipling St & W 8th Ave39.728474-105.109831
14846Kipling St & W 8th Pl39.730335-105.109536
14791Kipling St & W 10th Ave39.732641-105.109514
14790Kipling St & W 10th Ave39.733001-105.109744
14793Kipling St & W 11th Ave39.734585-105.10973
14792Kipling St & W 11th Ave39.734512-105.109473
14795Kipling St & W 13th Pl39.737448-105.109504
14794Kipling St & W 13th Pl39.736847-105.10972
14798Kipling St & W 17th Ave39.744157-105.109446
14799Kipling St & W 17th Pl39.743973-105.109681
22303Kipling St & W 18th Ave39.745468-105.109724
14800Kipling St & W 20th Ave39.74774-105.109459
14801Kipling St & W 20th Ave39.748271-105.1097
14803Kipling St & W 23rd Ave39.75039-105.10971
14802Kipling St & W 23rd Ave39.751336-105.109475
14804Kipling St & W 26th Ave39.754981-105.109458
14805Kipling St & W 26th Ave39.754151-105.109699
14806Kipling St & W 29th Ave39.758804-105.109488
14807Kipling St & W 30th Ave39.758821-105.109718
14811Kipling St & W 32nd Ave39.761661-105.109736
14810Kipling St & W 32nd Ave39.762288-105.109519
14814Kipling St & W 34th Ave39.764603-105.109776
14815Kipling St & W 34th Dr39.765158-105.109546
14817Kipling St & W 38th Ave39.768445-105.109776
14816Kipling St & W 38th Ave39.76972-105.109498
20373Kipling St & W 39th Ave39.770735-105.10982
20372Kipling St & W 39th Ave39.771592-105.109532
14819Kipling St & W 41st Ave39.772991-105.109754
14818Kipling St & W 41st Ave39.773703-105.109526
14821Kipling St & W 44th Ave39.777502-105.109748
14820Kipling St & W 44th Ave39.778837-105.109479
14824Kipling St & W 48th Ave39.781593-105.109774
14822Kipling St & W 48th Ave39.78222-105.109465
21155Kipling St & W 49th Ave39.785309-105.109779
14825Kipling St & W 49th Ave39.786041-105.109419
14828Kipling St & W 51st Pl39.790486-105.1093
21282Kipling St & W 51st Pl39.789822-105.109598
14833Kipling St & W 70th Ave39.823781-105.109593
14834Kipling St & W 70th Ave39.823796-105.109704
14835Kipling St & W 72nd Ave39.826631-105.109755
14836Kipling St & W 72nd Ave39.827898-105.10958
14837Kipling St & W 73rd Pl39.830211-105.109628
14838Kipling St & W 73rd Pl39.829847-105.109927
14839Kipling St & W 75th Way39.833233-105.109766
14840Kipling St & W 75th Way39.832973-105.110022
14842Kipling St & W 77th Dr39.836793-105.110128
14841Kipling St & W 77th Dr39.837565-105.10987
14844Kipling St & W 78th Ave39.838964-105.109912
14843Kipling St & W 78th Ave39.838731-105.110161
14845Kipling St & W 80th Ave39.841017-105.110247
19420Kipling St & W 80th Ave39.842808-105.109941
19419Kipling St & W 81st Ave39.844924-105.110262
19421Kipling St & W 81st Ave39.845844-105.109887
19422Kipling St & W 82nd Ave39.847626-105.109876
19418Kipling St & W 82nd Ave39.847139-105.110223
25387Kipling St & W 82nd Ln39.848524-105.110189
24071Kipling St & W 86th Pkwy39.852514-105.109871
24070Kipling St & W 86th Pkwy39.852443-105.110159
22596Kipling St & W Colfax Ave39.739645-105.109763
14860Kipling St & W Colfax Ave39.740873-105.109675
14859Kipling St & W Colfax Ave39.740562-105.109433
25504Kittredge St & 48th Ave39.784071-104.8016
25815Kittredge St & 51st Ave39.786668-104.801887
25814Kittredge St & 51st Ave39.78624-104.802136
25505Kittredge St & 53rd Ave39.788867-104.80213
33210Knox Ct & 7th Ave39.72798-105.032385
20776Knox Ct & W 1st Ave39.71847-105.032395
20777Knox Ct & W 3rd Ave39.721581-105.032401
20780Knox Ct & W 3rd Ave39.721583-105.032561
20779Knox Ct & W 5th Ave39.724306-105.032575
20996Knox Ct & W 5th Ave39.724901-105.032404
14908Knox Ct & W 6th Ave39.725848-105.032583
14907Knox Ct & W 6th Ave39.726442-105.032413
33209Knox Ct & W 7th Ave39.727903-105.032618
14909Knox Ct & W 8th Ave39.72906-105.032583
14910Knox Ct & W 8th Ave39.729082-105.032423
14904Knox Ct & W 10th Ave39.733285-105.032096
14905Knox Ct & W 10th Ave39.733102-105.032212
33952Knox Ct & W 12th Ave39.735228-105.032305
33951Knox Ct & W 12th Ave39.735418-105.032031
34233Knox Station39.735434-105.03288
33559Knox Station39.735687-105.033303
33941Knox Station39.735353-105.032364
20027Kuner Rd & Bridge St39.985963-104.824473
20026Kuner Rd & Egbert St39.984238-104.824638
20024Kuner Rd & Jessup St39.977391-104.826563
20025Kuner Rd & Southern St39.979148-104.826046
17962Lafayette PnR Gate A39.988588-105.089802
25903Lafayette PnR Gate B39.98852-105.089588
34144Lakewood Commons39.708029-105.085237
34237Lakewood - Wadsworth Station39.736884-105.081096
14917Lamar St & W 11th Ave39.735346-105.067336
14916Lamar St & W 11th Ave39.735195-105.067204
33953Lamar St & W 13th Ave39.736818-105.067154
33954Lamar St & W 13th Ave39.736787-105.067306
20825Lamar St & W 56th Ave39.798667-105.067396
20826Lamar St & W 56th Ave39.798514-105.067742
20387Lamar St & W 58th Ave39.803137-105.067376
20388Lamar St & W 58th Ave39.803391-105.067244
20265Lamar St & W 60th Ave39.805357-105.067388
20268Lamar St & W 60th Ave39.805806-105.067234
20264Lamar St & W 61st Ave39.807311-105.067388
20269Lamar St & W 61st Ave39.807399-105.06725
20270Lamar St & W 62nd Ave39.810383-105.067254
20263Lamar St & W 62nd Ave39.809634-105.067374
14920Lamar St & W 64th Ave39.81316-105.067246
20303Lamar St & W 64th Ave39.81245-105.067393
14922Lamar St & W 66th Ave39.816114-105.067411
14921Lamar St & W 66th Ave39.816727-105.067248
14923Lamar St & W 68th Ave39.819764-105.067407
14924Lamar St & W 68th Ave39.81967-105.067253
14926Lamar St & W 70th Ave39.823341-105.067423
14925Lamar St & W 70th Ave39.824016-105.067278
14928Lamar St & W 72nd Ave39.827126-105.0673
14927Lamar St & W 72nd Ave39.826922-105.067449
34236Lamar Station39.736672-105.066483
33959Lamar Station39.736662-105.06591
33562Lamar Station39.736683-105.066872
35474Larimer St & 12th St39.745788-105.002871
17749Larimer St & 14th St39.747143-105.000162
17750Larimer St & 19th St39.751793-104.994254
20522Larimer St & 20th St39.752724-104.993012
14942Larimer St & 25th St39.75774-104.986501
35229Larimer St & 26th St39.758419-104.985394
35230Larimer St & 28th St39.760294-104.982985
14943Larimer St & 28th St39.760244-104.983271
35231Larimer St & 30th St39.762042-104.980714
14944Larimer St & 30th St39.762163-104.980794
14945Larimer St & 32nd St39.764319-104.97801
35232Larimer St & 32nd St39.764239-104.97787
14946Larimer St & 34th St39.765946-104.975903
35233Larimer St & 34th St39.765885-104.975756
14947Larimer St & Downing St39.76765-104.973659
35234Larimer St & Downing St39.767591-104.973545
23319Lashley St & Caribou Pl40.180416-105.088381
23315Lashley St & Chinook Pl40.174992-105.088374
34166Lashley St & E 3rd Ave40.164086-105.088031
34173Lashley St & E 5th Ave40.16663-105.088268
34172Lashley St & E 5th Ave40.167201-105.088094
23314Lashley St & E 9th Ave40.174824-105.088207
25655Lashley St & E 15th Ave40.185393-105.088222
34174Lashley St & E Longs Peak Ave40.170838-105.088213
34175Lashley St & E Longs Peak Ave40.170303-105.08831
23318Lashley St & E Mountain View Ave40.180411-105.0882
23316Lashley St & Elk Pl40.177594-105.088359
23317Lashley St & Elk Pl40.177549-105.088229
25650Lashley St & Empson Dr40.185325-105.088384
25654Lashley St & Mt Evans Dr40.182489-105.088202
25609Lashley St & Mt Evans Dr40.182157-105.088364
19339Laurel Ave & McIntire St40.004143-105.2335
14948Laurel Ave & McIntire St40.004046-105.233599
17752Lawrence St & 16th Street Mall39.748373-104.996625
17753Lawrence St & 18th St39.750774-104.993505
23222Lawrence St & 20th St39.752478-104.991333
26096Lee Hill Rd & Broadway40.061861-105.282726
20394Leetsdale Dr & Exposition Ave39.704057-104.915295
20095Leetsdale Dr & Exposition Ave39.704074-104.914879
21665Leetsdale Dr & S Cherry St39.70944-104.932872
21666Leetsdale Dr & S Cherry St39.709918-104.933606
18865Leetsdale Dr & S Forest St39.707892-104.926412
18866Leetsdale Dr & S Forest St39.708268-104.927438
21420Leetsdale Dr & S Holly St39.707286-104.921634
21419Leetsdale Dr & S Holly St39.707127-104.921811
19920Leetsdale Dr & S Monaco Pkwy39.703204-104.913177
19921Leetsdale Dr & S Monaco Pkwy39.702184-104.912073
19504Leetsdale Dr & S Oneida St39.699969-104.907837
19503Leetsdale Dr & S Oneida St39.700549-104.90885
25328Leetsdale Dr & S Quebec St39.698814-104.904049
23342Lefthand Cir & S Sunset St40.139997-105.122938
19441Lefthand Cir S & S Sunset St40.139875-105.122996
14961Lehigh St & Darley Ave39.978965-105.26003
13537Lehigh St & Emerson Ave39.974629-105.260023
19727Lehigh St & Heidelberg Dr39.97233-105.260018
19726Lehigh St & Julliard St39.970002-105.260026
20078Lehigh St & Lafayette Dr39.967421-105.258547
19724Lehigh St & Redstone Rd39.964848-105.253703
19725Lehigh St & Tin Cup Cir39.96656-105.256052
19799Lehigh St & Yarrow Ct39.976848-105.260025
25488Lincoln & Jordan PnR39.534533-104.795142
21816Lincoln - Jordan PnR39.533761-104.795066
33819Lincoln / Jordan39.534167-104.795119
25092Lincoln Ave & 3rd St39.536496-104.823973
26525Lincoln Ave & 6th St39.536357-104.813873
22904Lincoln Ave & 6th St39.53666-104.814169
33262Lincoln Ave & Chambers Rd39.536394-104.811573
24855Lincoln Ave & Dransfeldt Rd39.53671-104.771479
24846Lincoln Ave & Jefferson Pkwy39.536462-104.845453
24847Lincoln Ave & Jefferson Pkwy39.536162-104.845539
21815Lincoln Ave & Jordan Rd39.533688-104.792844
25093Lincoln Ave & Meridian Village Pkwy39.536248-104.822954
25712Lincoln Ave & Park Meadows Dr39.536127-104.872132
23506Lincoln Ave & S Havana St39.536396-104.860257
23505Lincoln Ave & S Havana St39.536105-104.860965
26438Lincoln Ave & S Oswego St39.536152-104.852118
26437Lincoln Ave & S Oswego St39.536449-104.852886
33010Lincoln Ave & S Peoria St39.536213-104.836563
33011Lincoln Ave & S Peoria St39.5365-104.837094
21817Lincoln Ave & Stonegate Pkwy39.535226-104.806548
21814Lincoln Ave & Stonegate Pkwy39.534393-104.805468
14967Lincoln St & 1st Ave39.718831-104.986151
24434Lincoln St & 4th Ave39.722303-104.986155
17782Lincoln St & 5th Ave39.723862-104.986181
14978Lincoln St & 7th Ave39.727596-104.986043
17783Lincoln St & 9th Ave39.730712-104.986039
17784Lincoln St & 11th Ave39.733401-104.986033
14965Lincoln St & 13th Ave39.736705-104.986027
33344Lincoln St & 46th Ave39.780334-104.985716
33343Lincoln St & 46th Ave39.780343-104.985852
14968Lincoln St & 47th Ave39.782255-104.985751
14970Lincoln St & 48th Ave39.784373-104.985751
14971Lincoln St & 48th Ave39.783947-104.985946
14972Lincoln St & 50th Ave39.787109-104.985855
14975Lincoln St & 54th Ave39.793278-104.987615
14974Lincoln St & 54th Ave39.794922-104.987216
14976Lincoln St & 56th Ave39.798065-104.986007
34005Lincoln Station39.546353-104.869622
25973Lincoln Station39.54579-104.86963
33714Lincoln Station39.546147-104.869738
26294Lincoln Station Gate B39.544941-104.869653
14991Lipan St & W 38th Ave39.769466-105.001834
14990Lipan St & W 38th Ave39.769533-105.0017
14993Lipan St & W 40th Ave39.771463-105.001829
14992Lipan St & W 40th Ave39.772027-105.001691
14995Lipan St & W 42nd Ave39.773922-105.001827
14994Lipan St & W 42nd Ave39.774532-105.001688
14996Lipan St & W 44th Ave39.776342-105.00182
14997Lipan St & W 44th Ave39.776425-105.001677
14998Lipan St & W 45th Ave39.777773-105.001639
14999Lipan St & W 45th Ave39.778052-105.001787
15000Lipan St & W 46th Ave39.779895-105.001786
24894Littleton / Downtown Station39.612258-105.014684
33715Littleton / Downtown Station39.611904-105.01521
25438Littleton / Downtown Station39.611761-105.015065
24896Littleton / Mineral Ave Station39.580413-105.024812
25439Littleton / Mineral Ave Station39.579865-105.025202
33716Littleton / Mineral Station39.58039-105.02611
26182Littleton / Mineral Station Gate D39.580822-105.025656
26266Littleton Downtown Station Gate B39.610818-105.015854
33235Littleton Downtown Station Gate C39.610951-105.015765
26268Littleton Downtown Station Gate D39.611306-105.016043
11427Logan Ct & 57th Ave39.79989-104.98115
11426Logan Ct & 57th Ave39.80015-104.981252
15024Logan Ct & 58th Ave39.801479-104.981296
15025Logan Ct & 58th Ave39.801459-104.981133
35209Lone Tree City Center Station39.528022-104.863143
35207Lone Tree City Center Station39.527318-104.863268
35244Lone Tree City Center Station39.527669-104.86294
18001Longmont PnR40.149175-105.103039
15032Longs Peak Ave & Bowen St40.170407-105.112174
15031Longs Peak Ave & Bowen St40.170637-105.111046
23283Longs Peak Ave & Francis St40.170421-105.116251
19734Longs Peak Ave & Gay St40.170751-105.110546
19735Longs Peak Ave & Grant St40.170421-105.114388
19747Longs Peak Ave & Lincoln St40.170314-105.113812
15036Longs Peak Ave & Pratt St40.170746-105.107267
34015Louisiana & Pearl Station39.693283-104.978684
25982Louisiana & Pearl Station39.692825-104.978216
33725Louisiana / Pearl Station39.692708-104.97812
15056Louisiana / Pearl Station Gate A39.692899-104.977777
21467Louisiana / Pearl Station Gate B39.693094-104.978208
19375Louisiana Ave & S Broadway39.692967-104.986906
15054Louisiana Ave & S Downing St39.692919-104.973113
33012Louisiana Ave & S Downing St Farside39.693071-104.974092
15055Louisiana Ave & S Downing St Nearside39.693059-104.972797
15058Louisiana Ave & S Franklin St39.693004-104.969158
21466Louisiana Ave & S Gaylord St39.693006-104.962181
19376Louisiana Ave & S Grant St39.692957-104.983372
33070Louisiana Ave & S Logan St39.693094-104.983155
15064Louisiana Ave & S Tower Rd39.692988-104.772773
15063Louisiana Ave & S Tower Rd39.693119-104.772841
33356Louisiana Ave & S Uravan St39.693118-104.777737
33355Louisiana Ave & S Uravan St39.693287-104.777834
15071Louisiana Ave & S Yampa Ct39.693118-104.775055
15072Louisiana Ave & S Yampa Way39.692987-104.776117
25291Lowry Blvd & Alton Way39.725714-104.879394
24470Lowry Blvd & Alton Way39.725439-104.878023
25263Lowry Blvd & Fairmount Dr39.717394-104.894788
25261Lowry Blvd & Quebec St39.716944-104.903166
15122Lowry Blvd & Rampart Way39.717479-104.895156
25262Lowry Blvd & Rosemary St39.716957-104.89922
25232Lowry Blvd & Rosemary St39.717182-104.900145
25230Lowry Blvd & Uinta Way39.720303-104.890145
25264Lowry Blvd & Uinta Way39.720095-104.890098
25228Lowry Blvd & Yosemite St39.723464-104.884611
25293Lowry Blvd & Yosemite Way39.723881-104.883318
15222MLK Blvd & Albion St39.761778-104.939116
26664MLK Blvd & Ash St39.762057-104.93845
15225MLK Blvd & Birch St39.762036-104.935302
15224MLK Blvd & Birch St39.761794-104.93584
21731MLK Blvd & Colorado Blvd39.761645-104.941488
15226MLK Blvd & Colorado Blvd39.761969-104.941174
15228MLK Blvd & Dahlia St39.761801-104.931114
15227MLK Blvd & Dahlia St39.762044-104.93222
15229MLK Blvd & Elizabeth St39.762025-104.956487
21314MLK Blvd & Elm St39.762037-104.929833
15230MLK Blvd & Fairfax St39.761807-104.927907
15231MLK Blvd & Fillmore St39.761784-104.953364
15232MLK Blvd & Fillmore St39.762019-104.954421
15234MLK Blvd & Franklin St39.762039-104.969034
15257MLK Blvd & Gilpin St39.76204-104.96678
21411MLK Blvd & Glencoe St39.76205-104.925555
15235MLK Blvd & Grape St39.761818-104.924329
21440MLK Blvd & Holly St39.761747-104.92206
19897MLK Blvd & Holly St39.762038-104.921933
15240MLK Blvd & Krameria St39.762031-104.916758
15239MLK Blvd & Krameria St39.761799-104.916136
15241MLK Blvd & Madison St39.761687-104.945626
15242MLK Blvd & Madison St39.76199-104.946792
15244MLK Blvd & Magnolia St39.761774-104.911194
15243MLK Blvd & Marion St39.762041-104.971352
33632MLK Blvd & Monaco Pkwy39.761778-104.913124
15245MLK Blvd & Monaco Pkwy39.762033-104.913155
34442MLK Blvd & Niagara St39.762025-104.910868
15246MLK Blvd & Oneida St39.761781-104.907852
15247MLK Blvd & Oneida St39.762019-104.908747
19868MLK Blvd & Pontiac St39.761779-104.905415
15249MLK Blvd & Pontiac St39.76201-104.905461
21273MLK Blvd & Poplar St39.761484-104.903822
15254MLK Blvd & Quebec St39.761577-104.900907
26003MLK Blvd & Quebec St39.760849-104.901913
15253MLK Blvd & Steele St39.76202-104.950467
15252MLK Blvd & Steele St39.761748-104.949582
15256MLK Blvd & Vine St39.762033-104.962488
15258MLK Blvd & York St39.762032-104.96002
15130Madison St & 28th Ave39.757085-104.946525
15131Madison St & 29th Ave39.758095-104.94642
15146Main St & 1st Ave40.160732-105.102389
15150Main St & 3rd Ave40.165077-105.102426
15151Main St & 3rd Ave40.163474-105.102641
15152Main St & 4th Ave40.16592-105.102419
15154Main St & 5th Ave40.167551-105.102403
17509Main St & 6th Ave40.16953-105.102615
17551Main St & 6th Ave40.169737-105.102387
15158Main St & 8th Ave40.172571-105.102384
35022Main St & 8th Ave40.172484-105.102382
15159Main St & 9th Ave40.1746-105.102369
15141Main St & 11th Ave40.177319-105.102322
15142Main St & 11th Ave40.177176-105.102569
15144Main St & 15th Ave40.183599-105.102478
15143Main St & 15th Ave40.185779-105.102207
17638Main St & 17th Ave40.189279-105.102141
15145Main St & 17th Ave40.187735-105.102414
17659Main St & 19th Ave40.191064-105.10252
17639Main St & 20th Ave40.193508-105.102205
17968Main St & 20th Ave40.193622-105.102517
17848Main St & 21st Ave40.197547-105.102592
17546Main St & 21st Ave40.197314-105.102263
26648Main St & 23rd Ave40.199907-105.102339
26649Main St & Crisman Dr40.200842-105.102647
35406Main St & Gateway Dr39.951834-105.163984
22289Main St & Greenway Dr W39.912305-105.071688
17901Main St & Griffith St39.983407-105.13223
17883Main St & Griffith St39.983412-105.132075
15174Main St & Mountain View Ave40.180986-105.102505
15173Main St & Mountain View Ave40.181932-105.102265
17902Main St & Short St39.980457-105.132206
17882Main St & Short St39.980923-105.132066
17903Main St & Spruce St39.977898-105.132204
17881Main St & Spruce St39.97763-105.132076
19556Main St & W 113th Pl39.901814-105.071624
19561Main St & W 116th Ave39.906388-105.071907
19557Main St & W 116th Ave39.907264-105.071656
19560Main St & W 117th Ave39.909601-105.07192
19558Main St & W 117th Ave39.909709-105.071675
22290Main St & W 119th Ave39.912297-105.071936
26448Mainstreet & Dransfeldt Rd39.518478-104.771228
26128Mainstreet & Jordan Rd39.514841-104.792191
26445Mainstreet & Motsenbocker Rd39.517604-104.785618
26450Mainstreet & Motsenbocker Rd39.517274-104.786567
25746Mainstreet & S Parker Rd39.518691-104.764469
26449Mainstreet & Twentymile Rd39.518512-104.775354
26446Mainstreet & Twentymile Rd39.518089-104.774152
20858Malaya & Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.780815-104.742365
20860Malaya St & 42nd Ave39.775481-104.7425
20856Malaya St & 42nd Ave39.775451-104.742362
20859Malaya St & 45th Ave39.778154-104.742804
20857Malaya St & 45th Ave39.778254-104.742654
25972Manhattan Cir & South Boulder Rd39.984369-105.228501
15177Manhattan Dr & Baseline Rd39.999355-105.229497
15179Manhattan Dr & Cimmaron Way39.990181-105.228222
15180Manhattan Dr & Cimmaron Way39.990109-105.228019
15182Manhattan Dr & Illini Way39.988162-105.227529
15181Manhattan Dr & Illini Way39.987916-105.227423
15186Manhattan Dr & Kewanee Dr39.992265-105.228897
15185Manhattan Dr & Kewanee Dr39.991909-105.229042
19818Manhattan Dr & Manhattan Pl39.998932-105.229237
15190Manhattan Dr & Santa Clara Pl39.996278-105.229939
20068Manhattan Dr & Santa Clara Pl39.996292-105.229822
15183Manhattan Dr & Seminole Dr39.994971-105.229827
15187Manhattan Dr & South Boulder Rd39.986231-105.227415
15188Manhattan Dr & South Boulder Rd39.986181-105.227551
21868Mansfield Ave & Loyola Dr39.644353-104.776011
22776Mansfield Ave & Loyola Dr39.643192-104.783701
15193Mansfield Ave & Loyola Pl39.644316-104.77621
15194Mansfield Ave & Milan Cir39.646001-104.789092
15195Mansfield Ave & Nassau Dr39.643287-104.777159
15196Mansfield Ave & Nassau Dr39.643243-104.777555
22686Mansfield Ave & S Pagosa St39.645894-104.790167
15198Mansfield Ave & S Richfield St39.645538-104.78719
15199Mansfield Ave & S Richfield St39.645709-104.787284
15200Mansfield Ave & S Rifle Way39.643762-104.784775
15201Mansfield Ave & S Rifle Way39.644268-104.785141
15192Mansfield Ave & S Telluride Ct39.642855-104.783228
15206Mansfield Ave & S Truckee Ct39.642706-104.779875
15203Mansfield Ave & S Uravan St39.642788-104.780196
23988Mansfield Ave & S Yampa St39.647069-104.773034
23987Mansfield Ave & S Yampa St39.646968-104.772802
15212Marion St & Walnut St39.769482-104.971945
24371Mariposa St & W 8th Ave39.729232-105.002752
21374Market St & 14th St39.748135-105.00042
17756Market St & 16th Street Mall39.749677-104.99839
34800Maxwell Pl & 55th Ave39.794861-104.749013
15273Maxwell Pl & Atchison St39.793197-104.826115
15272Maxwell Pl & Atchison St39.793636-104.826834
20873Maxwell Pl & Chambers Rd39.794842-104.810023
15274Maxwell Pl & Crown Blvd39.792695-104.823423
15275Maxwell Pl & Crown Blvd39.793086-104.824041
15276Maxwell Pl & Crystal St39.792151-104.820722
15277Maxwell Pl & Elkhart St39.794518-104.814343
15278Maxwell Pl & Elkhart St39.794199-104.815066
20391Maxwell Pl & Fairplay St39.794859-104.812924
21109Maxwell Pl & Fairplay St39.794738-104.812311
34799Maxwell Pl & Ireland St39.795011-104.751606
34801Maxwell Pl & Jebel Ct39.794938-104.749294
34802Maxwell Pl & Kirk St39.795245-104.74583
34803Maxwell Pl & Kirk St39.795389-104.746501
34804Maxwell Pl & Malaya St39.795149-104.742934
34805Maxwell Pl & Malaya St39.795291-104.742891
34806Maxwell Pl & Netherland St39.795981-104.739895
34807Maxwell Pl & Netherland St39.795687-104.740592
33571Maxwell Pl & Olmsted Dr39.792059-104.818845
34713Maxwell Pl & Orleans St39.796074-104.736894
15279Maxwell Pl & Pensacola Dr39.792562-104.821427
15281Maxwell Pl & Sable St39.79317-104.816595
23429Maxwell Pl & Sable St39.791873-104.818437
15280Maxwell Pl & Sable St39.793354-104.816059
15283Maxwell Pl & Wheeling St39.794743-104.832471
15282Maxwell Pl & Wheeling St39.794339-104.831883
15285Maxwell Pl & Yost Ct39.794008-104.828746
15286Maxwell Pl & Yost Ct39.793734-104.828823
25047McCaslin Blvd & Century Cir39.967795-105.163242
25050McCaslin Blvd & Century Cir39.967223-105.163615
34125McCaslin Blvd & Cherrywood Ln39.971218-105.163324
25073McCaslin Blvd & Coal Creek Dr39.953722-105.1657
33115McCaslin Blvd & Coal Creek Dr39.953779-105.165299
22781McCaslin Blvd & Dillon Rd39.962149-105.163926
25051McCaslin Blvd & Dillon Rd39.96225-105.16436
25082McCaslin Blvd & Via Appia39.971774-105.163985
34128McCaslin Blvd & W Cherry St39.966085-105.16322
15287McIntire St & Pennsylvania Ave40.006279-105.234121
15288McIntire St & Shoup Pl40.006072-105.233994
20010Merlin Dr & E Spaulding St39.99085-105.081024
20013Merlin Dr & E Spaulding St39.990639-105.081202
25877Miller Dr & Pike Rd40.139239-105.12857
25619Miller Dr & Pike Rd40.13926-105.128752
15440Mississippi Ave & S Alton St39.696709-104.882798
15439Mississippi Ave & S Alton St39.696441-104.881842
33540Mississippi Ave & S Bellaire St39.696517-104.936789
15321Mississippi Ave & S Birch St39.696639-104.937102
21405Mississippi Ave & S Buckley Rd39.696725-104.792775
21404Mississippi Ave & S Buckley Rd39.69649-104.793287
15328Mississippi Ave & S Chambers Rd39.696477-104.808315
15329Mississippi Ave & S Chambers Rd39.696737-104.810454
15320Mississippi Ave & S Cherry St39.696529-104.934737
34728Mississippi Ave & S Cherry St39.696668-104.934358
15319Mississippi Ave & S Colorado Blvd Farside39.696479-104.938839
21066Mississippi Ave & S Colorado Blvd Farside39.696613-104.94124
15334Mississippi Ave & S Colorado Blvd Nearside39.696519-104.941371
15335Mississippi Ave & S Colorado Blvd Nearside39.696635-104.939824
34727Mississippi Ave & S Dahlia St39.696525-104.932242
34729Mississippi Ave & S Dahlia St39.69667-104.932017
15341Mississippi Ave & S Dayton St39.696642-104.875933
15340Mississippi Ave & S Dayton St39.696365-104.874729
15347Mississippi Ave & S Elizabeth St39.696544-104.955339
15346Mississippi Ave & S Elizabeth St39.696613-104.95613
15348Mississippi Ave & S Elkhart St39.696474-104.814551
15350Mississippi Ave & S Elkhart St39.696712-104.815287
15358Mississippi Ave & S Fulton St39.69641-104.870278
15357Mississippi Ave & S Fulton St39.696603-104.871027
15365Mississippi Ave & S Gaylord St39.696547-104.961229
15366Mississippi Ave & S Geneva St39.696445-104.867957
15369Mississippi Ave & S Havana St39.696432-104.864628
15370Mississippi Ave & S Havana St39.696667-104.86673
33539Mississippi Ave & S Idalia St39.696729-104.806591
15374Mississippi Ave & S Ironton St39.696678-104.864202
15381Mississippi Ave & S Joliet St39.696453-104.861169
15383Mississippi Ave & S Kalispell St39.696485-104.802538
15384Mississippi Ave & S Kalispell St39.69676-104.802407
15420Mississippi Ave & S Kansas Pl39.696479-104.849984
15412Mississippi Ave & S Kansas Pl39.696712-104.850193
23428Mississippi Ave & S Kenton Way39.696688-104.86063
15393Mississippi Ave & S Lansing St39.696695-104.85805
15395Mississippi Ave & S Lewiston St39.696728-104.799627
15394Mississippi Ave & S Lewiston St39.696486-104.79969
15397Mississippi Ave & S Leyden St39.696577-104.914985
15398Mississippi Ave & S Leyden St39.696689-104.91509
15402Mississippi Ave & S Madison St39.696521-104.945915
15403Mississippi Ave & S Madison St39.696614-104.947087
15408Mississippi Ave & S Moline St39.696471-104.853844
15409Mississippi Ave & S Moline St39.696704-104.854646
15410Mississippi Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.696564-104.912494
15411Mississippi Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.696687-104.913261
15413Mississippi Ave & S Norfolk St39.696724-104.796851
21403Mississippi Ave & S Norfolk St39.696487-104.795981
15416Mississippi Ave & S Oneida St39.696534-104.907705
15417Mississippi Ave & S Oneida St39.696679-104.908624
15423Mississippi Ave & S Peoria St39.696719-104.847663
15422Mississippi Ave & S Peoria St39.696481-104.846712
33387Mississippi Ave & S Quebec St39.695614-104.904259
15428Mississippi Ave & S Quebec St39.695721-104.904023
15430Mississippi Ave & S Quentin St39.69672-104.845379
22884Mississippi Ave & S Racine Way39.696483-104.843472
15441Mississippi Ave & S Sable Blvd39.696474-104.818677
15446Mississippi Ave & S Steele St39.696616-104.949365
15445Mississippi Ave & S Steele St39.696526-104.949753
15447Mississippi Ave & S Tamarac St39.696717-104.895892
15448Mississippi Ave & S Tamarac St39.696474-104.895721
15451Mississippi Ave & S Troy St39.696723-104.841789
15454Mississippi Ave & S University Blvd39.696545-104.958793
15455Mississippi Ave & S University Blvd39.696611-104.960008
15461Mississippi Ave & S Valentia St39.696729-104.892241
15460Mississippi Ave & S Valentia St39.696467-104.891993
21465Mississippi Ave & S Willow St39.696454-104.887818
23704Mississippi Ave & S Willow St39.696692-104.888504
15501Monaco Pkwy & 1st Ave39.718059-104.912913
15500Monaco Pkwy & 1st Ave39.718611-104.912679
15509Monaco Pkwy & 4th Ave39.721575-104.91284
15508Monaco Pkwy & 4th Ave39.72236-104.912672
15511Monaco Pkwy & 6th Ave39.725725-104.912863
15510Monaco Pkwy & 6th Ave39.725999-104.912364
15513Monaco Pkwy & 8th Ave39.728988-104.912846
15512Monaco Pkwy & 8th Ave39.729506-104.912366
15493Monaco Pkwy & 10th Ave39.731839-104.912367
15494Monaco Pkwy & 10th Ave39.73145-104.912849
15495Monaco Pkwy & 12th Ave39.73524-104.912383
15496Monaco Pkwy & 12th Ave39.734874-104.912847
15497Monaco Pkwy & 14th Ave39.738022-104.912841
15499Monaco Pkwy & 17th Ave39.743125-104.91285
15498Monaco Pkwy & 17th Ave39.744016-104.912373
15503Monaco Pkwy & 23rd Ave39.750799-104.912908
15502Monaco Pkwy & 23rd Ave39.751287-104.91232
15505Monaco Pkwy & 26th Ave39.754319-104.912898
15504Monaco Pkwy & 26th Ave39.755152-104.912383
15506Monaco Pkwy & 29th Ave39.758706-104.912353
15507Monaco Pkwy & 29th Ave39.758108-104.912866
15529Monaco Pkwy & Colfax Ave39.739827-104.912848
15528Monaco Pkwy & Colfax Ave39.740462-104.912366
15554Monaco Pkwy & MLK Blvd39.761465-104.912897
15560Monaco Pkwy & Montview Blvd39.747008-104.91287
15559Monaco Pkwy & Montview Blvd39.747741-104.91241
26082Monaco St & 60th Ave39.805943-104.912787
26086Monaco St & 62nd Ave39.8096-104.91293
26083Monaco St & 62nd Ave39.809568-104.91282
26085Monaco St & 63rd Pl39.812036-104.912938
26084Monaco St & 63rd Pl39.81216-104.912811
15485Monaco St & 64th Ave39.813331-104.912835
15487Monaco St & 65th Pl39.815002-104.912899
15486Monaco St & 65th Pl39.815324-104.91279
15489Monaco St & 67th Ave39.817917-104.91286
15488Monaco St & 67th Ave39.81844-104.912752
15490Monaco St & 69th Ave39.822362-104.912709
15491Monaco St & 69th Ave39.82152-104.912807
35043Monaco St & 70th Pl39.825075-104.91277
19265Monaco St & 71st Ave39.825649-104.912664
22967Monaco St & 76th Ave39.834964-104.912741
22976Monaco St & 76th Pl39.834684-104.912602
23235Monaco St & 77th Pl39.836914-104.912584
23234Monaco St & 77th Pl39.836792-104.912725
22977Monaco St & 78th Way39.839566-104.91258
22966Monaco St & 78th Way39.839215-104.912688
22978Monaco St & 80th Ave39.841598-104.912566
22965Monaco St & 80th Ave39.8412-104.912676
15572Montview Blvd & Beeler St39.747325-104.880782
15574Montview Blvd & Beeler St39.747511-104.881386
15575Montview Blvd & Clinton St39.747325-104.877064
15578Montview Blvd & Dayton St39.747538-104.874926
15577Montview Blvd & Dayton St39.747325-104.874784
15579Montview Blvd & Florence St39.747513-104.872016
15580Montview Blvd & Florence St39.747321-104.87113
15581Montview Blvd & Galena St39.747322-104.869029
15582Montview Blvd & Galena St39.74751-104.869094
15584Montview Blvd & Havana St39.747322-104.865287
15583Montview Blvd & Havana St39.747511-104.866186
15586Montview Blvd & Jamaica St39.747511-104.862596
15585Montview Blvd & Jamaica St39.747321-104.86193
15588Montview Blvd & Kingston St39.747506-104.859067
15587Montview Blvd & Kingston St39.747314-104.858423
15590Montview Blvd & Moline St39.747498-104.854368
15589Montview Blvd & Moline St39.747308-104.853658
15591Montview Blvd & Nome St39.747319-104.851482
15592Montview Blvd & Nome St39.747502-104.851388
15593Montview Blvd & Peoria St39.747504-104.847663
26407Montview Blvd & Peoria St39.747325-104.846453
15600Montview Blvd & Syracuse St39.747361-104.898351
15603Montview Blvd & Trenton St39.747366-104.895973
15602Montview Blvd & Trenton St39.747537-104.896171
15606Montview Blvd & Valentia St39.747569-104.892201
15604Montview Blvd & Valentia St39.747388-104.891358
15608Montview Blvd & Willow St39.747575-104.888693
15607Montview Blvd & Willow St39.747393-104.88785
15609Montview Blvd & Yosemite St39.747558-104.885506
15610Montview Blvd & Yosemite St39.747329-104.884083
15611Moorhead Ave & 27th Way39.99903-105.258444
15612Moorhead Ave & 27th Way39.99921-105.259225
15614Moorhead Ave & 29th St39.998157-105.256381
15613Moorhead Ave & 29th St39.997834-105.256105
15618Moorhead Ave & Ash Ave39.995228-105.251346
15617Moorhead Ave & Ash Ave39.994903-105.251047
15620Moorhead Ave & Davidson Pl39.992432-105.246503
15619Moorhead Ave & Davidson Pl39.992148-105.2463
15621Moorhead Ave & Fuller Ct39.990476-105.243416
15622Moorhead Ave & Fuller Ct39.990801-105.243729
15623Moorhead Ave & Hamilton Ct39.989064-105.240737
15624Moorhead Ave & Hamilton Ct39.988768-105.240469
15626Moorhead Ave & Martin Dr39.996522-105.253561
15625Moorhead Ave & Martin Dr39.996096-105.253114
15615Moorhead Ave & S 36th St39.994237-105.249659
15616Moorhead Ave & S 36th St39.993989-105.249473
15628Moorhead Ave & Table Mesa Dr39.986862-105.237606
15629Moorhead Ave & Table Mesa Dr39.986525-105.237745
34459Morrison Rd & S Meade St39.708456-105.036847
25867Morrison Rd & S Osceola St39.707505-105.038162
25864Morrison Rd & S Osceola St39.707509-105.037934
25863Morrison Rd & S Patton Ct39.705806-105.040314
25868Morrison Rd & S Quitman St39.705449-105.041094
25862Morrison Rd & S Raleigh St39.703865-105.04313
25869Morrison Rd & S Stuart St39.703574-105.043804
25870Morrison Rd & S Utica St39.702261-105.04564
34464Morrison Rd & W Ada Pl39.701065-105.047339
25843Morrison Rd & W Kentucky Ave39.700799-105.047429
34460Morrison Rd & W Nevada Pl39.710225-105.034322
34461Morrison Rd & W Nevada Pl39.710951-105.032895
34462Morrison Rd & W Nevada Pl39.710501-105.033608
25861Morrison Rd & W Ohio Ave39.702448-105.045146
15633Mountain View Ave & Francis St40.181361-105.117171
15634Mountain View Ave & Frontier Dr40.181261-105.127952
21855Mountain View Ave & Hover St40.181274-105.130315
15646Mountain View Ave & Linden St40.181379-105.122869
15645Mountain View Ave & Linden St40.181254-105.122396
25168Mountain View Ave & Pace St40.181477-105.0749
17537Mountain View Ave & Spencer St40.181262-105.124829
15648Mountain View Ave & Stuart St40.181389-105.128868
15649Mountain View Ave & Tulip St40.181384-105.125453
15652Mountain View Ave & Vivian St40.181365-105.119478
15651Mountain View Ave & Vivian St40.181244-105.11828
25064Mountain View PnR39.502743-105.322805
24592N 111th St & Arapahoe Rd40.014238-105.093351
24608N 111th St & Beacon Hill Dr40.009697-105.093396
17916N 111th St & Beacon Hill Dr40.00985-105.09323
17915N 111th St & Lucerne Dr40.007753-105.093237
17871N 111th St & Starline Ave40.004907-105.093359
17914N 111th St & Starline Ave40.00574-105.093243
17965N Public Rd & E Geneseo St39.999599-105.090408
17872N Public Rd & W Geneseo St39.999373-105.090559
23459National Renewable Energy Lab39.740553-105.167503
21976Navajo St & W 33rd Ave39.763403-105.004072
24459Navajo St & W 34th Ave39.764586-105.004189
24458Navajo St & W 35th Ave39.765517-105.003954
21980Navajo St & W 37th Ave39.76827-105.00419
18018Nederland High School39.953595-105.525483
21899Nederland PnR39.962299-105.513066
34258Nelson Rd & Airport Rd40.152647-105.155024
33915Nelson Rd & Gooseberry Dr40.152641-105.158629
33914Nelson Rd & Gooseberry Dr40.152459-105.158478
33719Nine Mile Station39.658414-104.845517
25987Nine Mile Station39.657552-104.845102
34003Nine Mile Station39.657344-104.845575
18672Nine Mile Station Gate A39.657547-104.846283
26193Nine Mile Station Gate B39.657624-104.846093
26194Nine Mile Station Gate C39.657749-104.845921
26195Nine Mile Station Gate D39.657886-104.845611
26196Nine Mile Station Gate F39.658014-104.846143
26197Nine Mile Station Gate G39.657911-104.846298
26198Nine Mile Station Gate H39.657834-104.846434
33060Northfield Blvd & Beeler St39.785108-104.881247
33026Northfield Blvd & Dallas St39.782111-104.875754
33019Northfield Blvd & Dallas St39.78256-104.876657
33023Northfield Blvd & Trenton St39.785437-104.895922
33022Northfield Blvd & Trenton St39.785695-104.896011
33024Northfield Blvd & Uinta St39.785433-104.893853
33021Northfield Blvd & Uinta St39.785825-104.892741
33020Northfield Blvd & Verbena St39.78581-104.89097
33025Northfield Blvd & Verbena St39.785422-104.890224
23700Northglenn & 112th Station Gate A39.901829-104.959744
23446Northglenn & 112th Station Gate B39.901697-104.959494
35254Northglenn - 112th Station Track 139.902133-104.960231
35255Northglenn - 112th Station Track 239.903194-104.960028
35366Northglenn / 112th Ave Station39.902677-104.959583
35411Northpark Dr & 95th St40.013014-105.129468
33960Oak Station39.73717-105.119452
33565Oak Station39.7374-105.120463
34239Oak Station39.737381-105.119365
33961Oak Station Gate A39.737497-105.121054
33963Oak Station Gate C39.73749-105.120309
15696Oberon Rd & Garrison St39.811191-105.100676
15693Oberon Rd & W 64th Ave39.813642-105.102508
15692Oberon Rd & W 64th Ave39.81338-105.102633
15695Oberon Rd & W 65th Ave39.816151-105.102919
15694Oberon Rd & W 65th Ave39.816184-105.102779
15698Ogden St & 17th Ave39.743639-104.974839
23932Old Wadsworth Bl & W 53rd Ave39.794733-105.081362
23933Old Wadsworth Blvd & W 53rd Ave39.794634-105.081574
33833Olde Town Arvada39.798974-105.078976
34541Olde Town Arvada E - Bound39.799041-105.079948
34534Olde Town Arvada Stn Gate A39.798431-105.080881
34535Olde Town Arvada Stn Gate B39.79853-105.080613
34536Olde Town Arvada Stn Gate C39.798604-105.080334
34538Olde Town Arvada Stn Gate E39.798769-105.079798
34539Olde Town Arvada Stn Gate F39.798835-105.079561
34540Olde Town Arvada Stn Gate G39.798917-105.079325
34542Olde Town Arvada W - Bound39.798843-105.080742
22087Olive St & 49th Ave39.786736-104.906851
33834Olympic Park39.667301-104.807628
18955Olympic PnR39.667168-104.80702
34009Orchard Station39.613872-104.896351
25983Orchard Station39.613379-104.896079
33720Orchard Station39.6134-104.89641
21936Original Thornton & 88th Station Gate A39.858522-104.953208
20829Original Thornton & 88th Station Gate B39.858712-104.953082
35250Original Thornton - 88th Station Track 139.858431-104.953371
35251Original Thornton - 88th Station Track 239.859205-104.952835
35364Original Thornton / 88th Ave Station39.858851-104.952449
33452Orleans St & 49th Ave39.783193-104.737115
34816Orleans St & 49th Ave39.783692-104.736939
34814Orleans St & 51st Ave39.788309-104.737795
33448Orleans St & 51st Ave39.787625-104.737974
34813Orleans St & 51st Dr39.790089-104.737645
34812Orleans St & 51st Dr39.789601-104.737956
34811Orleans St & 52nd Ave39.791684-104.736881
34810Orleans St & 52nd Ave39.791674-104.73703
34809Orleans St & 53rd Pl39.794108-104.736689
34808Orleans St & 53rd Pl39.793534-104.736731
34850Orleans St & Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.78217-104.736927
34714Orleans St & Maxwell Pl39.796497-104.736722
34815Orleans St & Stoll Pl39.785877-104.73764
33451Orleans St & Stoll St39.785604-104.737672
23397Osage St & 20th St39.761811-105.00572
23405Osage St & 20th St39.761908-105.005473
24888Oxford - City of Sheridan Station39.643408-105.004413
25437Oxford - City of Sheridan Station39.642554-105.004967
24892Oxford - City of Sheridan Station39.64339-105.00457
33726Oxford - City of Sheridan Station39.643421-105.004535
25160Pace St & E 17th Ave40.187595-105.073953
25166Pace St & E 17th Ave40.188342-105.074173
25167Pace St & Red Oak Dr40.184906-105.074232
25161Pace St & Red Oak Dr40.184581-105.074078
33835Paradise Hills39.704446-105.250268
18895Paradise Hills PnR39.704626-105.250208
21900Paradise Hills PnR39.704529-105.250232
15765Parfet St & W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd39.726162-105.119526
15764Parfet St & W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd39.726059-105.119382
15766Parfet St & W 8th Ave39.72889-105.119503
23956Park Ave W & Delgany St39.75969-104.993902
23224Park Ave West & Blake St39.756991-104.990429
23408Park Ave West & Clarkson St39.747326-104.977903
23219Park Ave West & Globeville Rd39.765953-104.995086
23225Park Ave West & Globeville Rd39.765995-104.994758
23223Park Ave West & Lawrence St39.755422-104.988414
23955Park Ave West & Wewatta St39.759506-104.994238
25777Park Meadows Center Dr & S Chester St39.559196-104.877261
26439Park Meadows Dr & Lincoln Ave Farside39.537788-104.873198
25727Park Meadows Dr & Lincoln Ave Nearside39.537732-104.873476
25881Park Meadows Dr & S Quebec St39.561373-104.901018
25880Park Meadows Dr & S Quebec St39.561629-104.900204
25905Park Meadows Mall39.564328-104.874702
33373Park Meadows Pedestrian Bridge39.562134-104.872704
26342Park Ridge Ave & Main St40.206556-105.099263
18976Parker PnR39.523491-104.763499
35002Peck Dr & Redmond Dr40.149948-105.161634
34508Pecos Junction Station39.805421-105.003505
34544Pecos Junction Station Track 139.805346-105.005393
34543Pecos Junction Station Track 239.805-105.004814
33335Pecos St & Cherrywood Dr39.869382-105.005999
15860Pecos St & Cherrywood St39.869102-105.006165
15868Pecos St & Del Norte St39.832213-105.005972
15848Pecos St & El Paso Blvd39.834793-105.005974
15876Pecos St & Elmwood Ln39.837855-105.00621
15875Pecos St & Elmwood Ln39.838471-105.005944
15879Pecos St & Milky Way39.855221-105.005888
15880Pecos St & Milky Way39.854977-105.00615
15881Pecos St & Nola Dr39.843846-105.006183
22130Pecos St & Samuel Dr39.82287-105.006376
15819Pecos St & W 46th Ave39.780549-105.006359
15820Pecos St & W 47th Ave39.781832-105.006346
15821Pecos St & W 47th Ave39.781199-105.006547
15823Pecos St & W 48th Ave39.784547-105.00655
15822Pecos St & W 48th Ave39.784887-105.006298
15824Pecos St & W 50th Ave39.785835-105.006493
15825Pecos St & W 50th Ave39.785718-105.006352
15827Pecos St & W 51st Ave39.788225-105.006487
15826Pecos St & W 51st Ave39.788864-105.006345
15829Pecos St & W 52nd Ave39.790688-105.006483
15828Pecos St & W 52nd Ave39.791329-105.006273
15831Pecos St & W 54th Pl39.794923-105.006424
15830Pecos St & W 54th Pl39.795635-105.006257
15833Pecos St & W 56th Ave39.798639-105.006206
15832Pecos St & W 56th Ave39.797737-105.006418
21985Pecos St & W 64th Ave N39.81436-105.006373
15837Pecos St & W 64th Ave N39.81556-105.006116
15839Pecos St & W 64th Ave S39.812319-105.006395
19006Pecos St & W 64th Ave S39.81296-105.006144
15841Pecos St & W 68th Ave39.820501-105.00635
15840Pecos St & W 68th Ave39.820515-105.006088
15842Pecos St & W 70th Ave39.823979-105.006056
15843Pecos St & W 70th Pl39.824812-105.006301
15845Pecos St & W 72nd Ave39.827859-105.006041
15844Pecos St & W 72nd Ave39.826954-105.00629
15849Pecos St & W 76th Ave39.833466-105.006261
15850Pecos St & W 79th Way39.841124-105.006186
15851Pecos St & W 79th Way39.841321-105.005916
15852Pecos St & W 81st Pl39.845149-105.005903
15853Pecos St & W 83rd Ave39.846038-105.006175
15855Pecos St & W 84th Ave39.848774-105.006097
15854Pecos St & W 84th Ave39.84956-105.00589
20516Pecos St & W 85th Ave39.852107-105.005893
20515Pecos St & W 85th Ave39.851951-105.006154
21996Pecos St & W 88th Ave39.856561-105.006118
20754Pecos St & W 88th Ave39.856901-105.005927
15874Pecos St & W 90th Ave39.860556-105.005939
15856Pecos St & W 90th Ave39.859949-105.006136
15857Pecos St & W 92nd Ave39.863785-105.005945
15858Pecos St & W 92nd Ave39.862927-105.006153
15862Pecos St & W 96th Ave39.871212-105.005655
15861Pecos St & W 96th Ave39.870657-105.00552
15864Pecos St & W 97th Ave39.873912-105.005666
15863Pecos St & W 97th Ave39.874159-105.005482
15878Pecos St & W Marigold Dr39.846731-105.005905
35374Pecos St and I - 7639.80837-105.006157
35375Pecos St and I - 7639.808238-105.006398
15894Peoria St & 1st Ave39.71821-104.847342
15899Peoria St & 2nd Ave39.718835-104.84717
15912Peoria St & 6th Ave39.726458-104.847097
15885Peoria St & 11th Ave39.733383-104.847058
33228Peoria St & 11th Ave39.732473-104.847304
15887Peoria St & 13th Ave39.737002-104.846918
15888Peoria St & 13th Ave39.735847-104.847228
15891Peoria St & 17th Ave39.744038-104.846853
15892Peoria St & 17th Ave39.743176-104.847152
33680Peoria St & 23rd Ave39.751354-104.846764
15896Peoria St & 23rd Ave39.750832-104.847056
15898Peoria St & 25th Ave39.752943-104.84704
15897Peoria St & 25th Ave39.753404-104.846742
10816Peoria St & 30th Ave39.75885-104.846744
15901Peoria St & 30th Ave39.758695-104.847056
33345Peoria St & 33rd Ave39.764356-104.846819
15905Peoria St & 39th Ave39.769859-104.847165
15906Peoria St & 39th Ave39.770641-104.847184
15910Peoria St & 46th Ave39.779078-104.846882
15909Peoria St & 46th Ave39.778944-104.847169
15911Peoria St & 47th Ave39.780856-104.847173
34922Peoria St & 49th Ave39.785922-104.847209
24116Peoria St & 51st Ave39.788597-104.847235
24092Peoria St & 51st Ave39.788738-104.846911
23014Peoria St & Albrook Dr39.782874-104.846851
24117Peoria St & Andrews Dr39.786893-104.846891
15921Peoria St & Colfax Ave39.739388-104.84686
15922Peoria St & Colfax Ave39.739495-104.847174
15926Peoria St & Del Mar Cir N39.729457-104.847126
15927Peoria St & Del Mar Cir N39.728209-104.847326
22299Peoria St & Del Mar Cir S39.72218-104.847335
22942Peoria St & Del Mar Cir S39.721471-104.847141
15947Peoria St & Montview Blvd39.747796-104.846788
15948Peoria St & Montview Blvd39.747016-104.847108
33288Peoria St & Smith Rd39.76677-104.847165
34502Peoria Station39.766094-104.852057
34744Peoria Station39.767176-104.849977
34745Peoria Station39.767391-104.851022
34495Peoria Station Gate B39.766258-104.850626
34496Peoria Station Gate C39.766449-104.850639
34497Peoria Station Gate D39.766713-104.850614
34499Peoria Station Gate F39.76653-104.850899
34738Peoria Station Gate G39.766232-104.850903
34739Peoria Station Gate H39.766027-104.850901
34471Peoria Station Track 139.767483-104.849974
34472Peoria Station Track 239.767654-104.850903
33965Perry Station39.734688-105.039597
34234Perry Station39.734568-105.040036
33560Perry Station39.73479-105.040409
24602Picadilly Rd & S Malaya Way39.618798-104.738831
15968Pierce St & W 11th Ave39.733852-105.072041
15970Pierce St & W 13th Ave39.735723-105.072004
15971Pierce St & W 14th Ave39.737964-105.072056
25623Pike Rd & Kristy Ct40.138047-105.104313
25639Pike Rd & Ridgeview Dr40.137901-105.115093
25622Pike Rd & Ridgeview Dr40.137756-105.115134
25638Pike Rd & S Coffman St40.138005-105.10732
25624Pike Rd & S Main St40.138186-105.101802
25637Pike Rd & S Main St40.1383-105.101663
25621Pike Rd & S Sunset St40.137794-105.120985
33837Pine Junction39.467052-105.396773
34337Pine Junction PnR39.46738-105.39701
21647Pine St & Grant Ave39.97674-105.136285
21650Pine St & Jefferson Ave39.976874-105.135149
21646Pine St & Johnson Ave39.976738-105.140902
21651Pine St & Johnson Ave39.976831-105.141555
18824Pinery PnR39.456877-104.756483
16327Platte Employee Lot (Ar)39.770139-104.983134
16328Platte Employee Lot (Sb)39.770187-104.982984
25838Platte Maintenance Lot39.769414-104.986816
25217Platte River Blvd & Bromley Ln39.972644-104.831168
25219Platte River Blvd & Miller Ave39.975508-104.830399
26354Platte Valley Medical Center39.964958-104.77003
19055Pontiac St & 29th Ave39.75876-104.905707
16056Pontiac St & 49th Ave39.786213-104.90575
33049Poplar St & 72nd Ave39.826843-104.905269
33048Poplar St & 72nd Ave39.826955-104.905099
33047Poplar St & Poplar Ct39.824924-104.905298
33046Poplar St & Poplar Ct39.825163-104.905142
20718Potomac St & 6th Ave39.72467-104.828388
16060Potomac St & 6th Ave39.726815-104.828216
18623Potomac St & 10th Ave39.731537-104.828409
18622Potomac St & Hoffman Blvd39.73409-104.828399
18625Potomac St & Parkview Dr39.721726-104.8284
18630Potomac St & Parkview Dr39.722462-104.828146
16059Potomac St & Potomac Cir39.73149-104.828228
34411Prairie Center Pkwy & 2100 South39.956992-104.776072
34410Prairie Center Pkwy & 2100 South39.956023-104.776708
34408Prairie Center Pkwy & 2300 South39.952285-104.780388
34409Prairie Center Pkwy & 2300 South39.952856-104.779279
34389Prairie Center Pkwy & S 27th Ave39.950217-104.782497
34443Prairie Center Pkwy Loop39.950426-104.785025
34405Prairie Ctr Pkwy & Medical Ctr Dr39.964747-104.771185
23282Pratt St & 6th Ave40.169215-105.106762
16102Princeton Ave & S Oneida St39.640597-104.907943
16101Princeton Ave & S Oneida St39.640799-104.909296
33822Public Rd & Exempla Cir39.972912-105.084308
33821Public Rd & Exempla Cir39.972995-105.0841
19958Public Rd & South Boulder Rd39.985395-105.090665
29201Public Rd & Viridian Dr39.974324-105.086097
29202Public Rd & Viridian Dr39.974894-105.087051
25627Quail Rd & S Emery St40.145215-105.099304
25634Quail Rd & S Main St40.145048-105.101885
25635Quail St & S Emery St40.144977-105.099103
34355Quail St & W Colfax Ave39.739829-105.123756
25626Quebec Ave & Kestrel Ln40.141565-105.098686
16119Quebec St & 1st Ave39.718765-104.903541
16120Quebec St & 1st Ave39.718813-104.90383
16133Quebec St & 3rd Ave39.721842-104.903426
16134Quebec St & 3rd Ave39.721245-104.903649
16139Quebec St & 6th Ave39.724954-104.903635
16138Quebec St & 6th Ave39.725913-104.903233
16143Quebec St & 8th Ave39.729652-104.903364
16144Quebec St & 8th Ave39.729001-104.903545
16113Quebec St & 11th Ave39.73331-104.903556
16112Quebec St & 11th Ave39.733175-104.90337
16114Quebec St & 12th Ave39.735208-104.903531
16116Quebec St & 13th Ave39.737051-104.903518
16115Quebec St & 13th Ave39.737514-104.903412
25221Quebec St & 17th Ave39.744099-104.903519
25273Quebec St & 17th Ave39.744101-104.903371
16121Quebec St & 23rd Ave39.751259-104.903315
16122Quebec St & 23rd Ave39.750637-104.903511
16124Quebec St & 26th Ave39.754471-104.903512
34403Quebec St & 28th Ave39.755745-104.903242
16125Quebec St & 29th Ave39.757774-104.903534
16126Quebec St & 29th Ave39.758423-104.903221
16130Quebec St & 35th Ave39.765238-104.903517
16128Quebec St & 35th Ave39.765746-104.90243
25451Quebec St & 36th Ave39.767028-104.903543
25775Quebec St & 53rd Pl39.791088-104.903274
25774Quebec St & 53rd Pl39.790957-104.903552
33032Quebec St & 53rd Pl39.793069-104.903546
33030Quebec St & 54th Pl39.797801-104.903131
33031Quebec St & 54th Pl39.795245-104.903585
25222Quebec St & Colfax Ave39.741002-104.903502
25272Quebec St & Colfax Ave39.740568-104.903335
25233Quebec St & Lowry Blvd39.716735-104.903855
25683Quebec St & Lowry Blvd39.717571-104.903461
19285Quebec St & MLK Blvd39.761107-104.903545
33640Quebec St & MLK Blvd39.762962-104.902632
25220Quebec St & Montview Blvd39.746912-104.903537
16174Quebec St & Montview Blvd39.748034-104.903374
16181Quebec St & Richthofen Pl39.735076-104.903401
33075Quentin St & 16th Ave39.741685-104.844616
26409Quentin St & 17th Pl39.744813-104.844765
26410Quentin St & 17th Pl39.744191-104.844611
26408Quentin St & 19th Pl39.746678-104.844755
26411Quentin St & 19th Pl39.746071-104.844612
16214Quincy Ave & Pheasant Run Pkwy39.638397-104.815937
16195Quincy Ave & S Atchison Way39.638446-104.82667
16196Quincy Ave & S Atchison Way39.638685-104.826419
19621Quincy Ave & S Buckley Rd39.638619-104.79202
16201Quincy Ave & S Carson Way39.638656-104.822173
16190Quincy Ave & S Chambers Rd39.638612-104.812288
16199Quincy Ave & S Chambers Way39.638601-104.808517
16200Quincy Ave & S Chambers Way39.638378-104.808514
16215Quincy Ave & S Eagle Ct39.638633-104.816688
18657Quincy Ave & S Fraser St39.638386-104.812825
23650Quincy Ave & S Jasper St39.638605-104.805625
23649Quincy Ave & S Jasper St39.638382-104.804027
16206Quincy Ave & S Memphis St39.638383-104.798652
16207Quincy Ave & S Memphis St39.638606-104.799625
16210Quincy Ave & S Nucla St39.638616-104.795647
16209Quincy Ave & S Nucla St39.638382-104.79504
16202Quincy Ave & S Quebec St39.63854-104.903558
16220Quincy Ave & S Syracuse St39.638542-104.898951
16221Quincy Ave & S Syracuse St39.63878-104.899648
16192Quincy Ave & S Tamarac Pkwy39.638765-104.896849
16191Quincy Ave & S Tamarac Pkwy39.638535-104.896835
16219Quincy Ave & Smoky Hill Rd39.638423-104.82142
34145Race / Davies39.590816-104.965729
16259Ralston Rd & Allendale Dr39.806849-105.108763
16273Ralston Rd & Miller St39.812697-105.1153
16277Ralston Rd & Rensselaer Dr39.809483-105.111553
16278Ralston Rd & Rensselaer Dr39.809374-105.111165
26007Ralston Rd & Upham St39.801902-105.077867
16258Ralston Rd & W 59th Ave39.804985-105.106515
16257Ralston Rd & W 59th Pl39.80479-105.106662
16274Ralston Rd & W 63rd Pl39.811761-105.114028
20827Ralston Rd & Wadsworth Blvd39.801898-105.08104
34240Red Rocks College Station39.724954-105.149955
33567Red Rocks Community College Station39.725078-105.152812
33966Red Rocks Community College Station39.725014-105.151782
11335Regis Blvd & Irving St39.787378-105.030254
35245Ridgegate Parkway Station39.51936-104.865365
35212Ridgegate Parkway Station39.520791-104.86521
35211Ridgegate Parkway Station39.520244-104.865725
26247Ridgeline Blvd & Bluepoint Rd39.556684-104.99819
26245Ridgeline Blvd & Bluepoint Rd39.55677-104.998564
24947Ridgeline Blvd & Highlands Ranch Pkwy39.548417-104.996231
25602Ridgeline Blvd & Highlands Ranch Pkwy39.549632-104.996192
25070Rock Creek Pkwy & Coalridge Dr39.934822-105.14584
25041Rock Creek Pkwy & Coalton Rd39.930259-105.147075
25071Rock Creek Pkwy & Coalton Rd39.930534-105.147278
25042Rock Creek Pkwy & Honey Creek Ln39.935516-105.145765
25044Rock Creek Pkwy & Indiana St39.940077-105.155731
25068Rock Creek Pkwy & Indiana St39.939493-105.155127
25079Rock Creek Pkwy & McCaslin Blvd39.945329-105.163083
25537Rock Creek Pkwy & McCaslin Blvd39.945017-105.16283
25067Rock Creek Pkwy & Pitkin Ave39.943201-105.158564
25045Rock Creek Pkwy & Pitkin St39.943916-105.1586
25043Rock Creek Pkwy & S 88th St39.937883-105.147887
25069Rock Creek Pkwy & S 88th St39.937656-105.147988
22730S 4th Ave & Bromley Ln39.9727-104.818006
22732S 4th Ave & Jessup St39.977923-104.818035
22737S 4th Ave & Laurel St39.978775-104.818189
22736S 4th Ave & Skeel St39.981799-104.818203
22733S 4th Ave & Skeel St39.982489-104.81807
22731S 4th Ave & Voiles St39.975603-104.818049
22738S 4th Ave & Voiles St39.975687-104.818206
22739S 4th St & Bromley Ln39.972869-104.81827
24726S 50th Ave & Golden Eagle Pkwy39.977455-104.752074
24727S 50th Ave & Golden Eagle Pkwy39.97745-104.75219
24840S 50th Ave & Nighthawk Pkwy39.981842-104.752104
33413S 50th Ave & Southern St39.97953-104.752257
24841S 50th Ave & Southern St39.979841-104.752012
34155S Abilene St & Cedar Ave39.712673-104.824687
34154S Abilene St & Cedar Ave39.712818-104.824538
25338S Adams St & Ellsworth Ave39.716091-104.94866
22129S Airport Blvd & Alameda Pkwy39.706925-104.790818
22128S Airport Blvd & Alameda Pl39.71177-104.791019
22127S Airport Blvd & Alameda Pl39.71077-104.791317
22126S Airport Blvd & Centretech Pkwy39.716289-104.791315
25312S Allison Pkwy & W Alameda Ave39.710135-105.08606
25313S Allison Pkwy & W Alameda Ave39.710594-105.08633
24858S Allison Pkwy & W Virginia Ave Gate A39.707789-105.084765
24857S Allison Pkwy & W Virginia Ave Gate B39.707613-105.084986
12187S Alton Way & S Clinton St39.701798-104.876734
12190S Alton Way & S Clinton St39.70162-104.877556
12188S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 839.701985-104.87956
12189S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 939.701283-104.878669
12182S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 1239.702707-104.880429
12183S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 1339.703478-104.882079
12184S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 1539.703615-104.882875
12185S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 1539.705429-104.883342
12186S Alton Way & Windsor Gardens Lot 1839.704665-104.883194
33127S Aurora Pkwy & Smoky Hill Rd39.597924-104.705064
34672S Bannock St & W Dakota Ave39.709151-104.989933
26459S Bellaire St & Colorado Ave39.684072-104.937415
26496S Bellaire St & Colorado Ave39.684131-104.937234
26497S Bellaire St & Mexico Ave39.68545-104.937197
26458S Bellaire St & Mexico Ave39.685441-104.937426
20465S Birch St & Arizona Ave39.694509-104.936284
20474S Birch St & Arkansas Ave39.69148-104.936173
20467S Birch St & Arkansas Ave39.690918-104.936265
20473S Birch St & Florida Ave39.689561-104.936164
20468S Birch St & Florida Ave39.689625-104.936265
20472S Birch St & Iowa Ave39.687315-104.935919
20469S Birch St & Iowa Ave39.687096-104.936052
20466S Birch St & Louisiana Ave39.692716-104.93628
20475S Birch St & Louisiana Ave39.693469-104.93613
20471S Birch St & Mexico Ave39.686014-104.936049
20470S Birch St & Mexico Ave39.686129-104.936165
34735S Blackhawk St & Exposition Ave39.702641-104.825099
34733S Blackhawk St & Kentucky Pl39.700535-104.82399
34732S Blackhawk St & Mississippi Ave39.697779-104.823915
34731S Blackhawk St & Mississippi Ave39.697261-104.823759
21604S Boston St & Arapahoe Rd39.595696-104.880757
23200S Boston St & Arapahoe Rd39.596342-104.881017
22037S Boston St & Caley Ave39.601946-104.88093
24781S Boston St & Peakview Ave39.598999-104.881015
24782S Boston St & Peakview Ave39.599132-104.88065
35438S Boulder Rd & Garfield Ave39.986881-105.137712
17610S Broadway & Geddes Ave39.584285-104.988231
12469S Broadway & Arapahoe Rd39.595771-104.988121
12468S Broadway & Arapahoe Rd39.595007-104.988462
12480S Broadway & Bates Ave39.664635-104.987466
12482S Broadway & Belleview Ave39.624601-104.987788
12489S Broadway & Caley Ave39.603369-104.988004
12495S Broadway & Centennial Ave39.621713-104.98784
12498S Broadway & Chenango Ave39.627898-104.9878
12500S Broadway & Colorado Ave39.684251-104.987441
20378S Broadway & County Line Rd39.565628-104.988345
19179S Broadway & Darley Ave39.980196-105.245306
12509S Broadway & Dartmouth Ave39.989015-105.25559
12512S Broadway & Dartmouth Ave39.98926-105.255521
12510S Broadway & Dartmouth Ave39.660901-104.987463
19143S Broadway & Dry Creek Rd39.580306-104.988222
12522S Broadway & Eastman Ave39.657858-104.98749
21017S Broadway & Euclid Ave39.598308-104.988066
12516S Broadway & Evans Ave39.678824-104.987407
12520S Broadway & Florida Ave39.689655-104.987395
33371S Broadway & Floyd Ave39.656238-104.987535
19336S Broadway & Grinnell Dr39.977428-105.242798
12529S Broadway & Hampden Ave39.653404-104.987512
12531S Broadway & Hanover Ave39.982514-105.24738
12532S Broadway & Harvard Ave39.67153-104.987481
12535S Broadway & Iliff Ave39.675189-104.987477
12537S Broadway & Iowa Ave39.687251-104.987406
22218S Broadway & Jamison Ave39.575734-104.988338
12540S Broadway & Jewell Ave39.682406-104.987461
12546S Broadway & Kenyon Ave39.650045-104.987534
12552S Broadway & Littleton Blvd39.613585-104.987897
12555S Broadway & Louisiana Ave39.693308-104.987358
12557S Broadway & Mansfield Ave39.646166-104.987581
17611S Broadway & Mineral Ave39.573835-104.98833
12563S Broadway & Mississippi Ave39.696946-104.987333
12571S Broadway & Orchard Rd39.610277-104.987888
12572S Broadway & Oxford Ave39.642671-104.987625
12444S Broadway & Powers Ave39.61574-104.987842
12583S Broadway & Quincy Ave39.639117-104.987673
22455S Broadway & S Grant Way39.571138-104.988347
22453S Broadway & S Grant Way39.570567-104.988648
18856S Broadway & S Lincoln Way39.588159-104.988206
24460S Broadway & Southpark Dr39.567679-104.988699
24461S Broadway & Southpark Dr39.568642-104.988392
12594S Broadway & Stanford Ave39.63519-104.987717
12604S Broadway & Table Mesa Dr39.98604-105.250119
12603S Broadway & Table Mesa Dr39.984618-105.24925
12606S Broadway & Union Ave39.631784-104.987756
12464S Broadway & W Alameda Ave39.710672-104.987721
12481S Broadway & W Bates Ave39.663795-104.987727
17776S Broadway & W Bayaud Ave39.714549-104.987633
12483S Broadway & W Belleview Ave39.623201-104.988139
12486S Broadway & W Broadmoor Dr39.608539-104.98823
12494S Broadway & W Centennial Ave39.621519-104.98818
12497S Broadway & W Chenango Ave39.627396-104.988081
12501S Broadway & W Colorado Ave39.683663-104.987657
12511S Broadway & W Dartmouth Ave39.660055-104.987753
18837S Broadway & W Davies Ave39.588663-104.988459
19144S Broadway & W Dry Creek Rd39.580219-104.988574
12517S Broadway & W Evans Ave39.678136-104.987684
12519S Broadway & W Exposition Ave39.704141-104.987679
20637S Broadway & W Fair Ave39.603255-104.988294
12521S Broadway & W Florida Ave39.689131-104.987608
22268S Broadway & W Floyd Ave39.656016-104.98775
17609S Broadway & W Fremont Ave39.583205-104.988538
24177S Broadway & W Fremont Pl39.585864-104.988236
24176S Broadway & W Fremont Pl39.586565-104.9885
12530S Broadway & W Hampden Ave39.652807-104.987763
12533S Broadway & W Harvard Ave39.671031-104.987687
12536S Broadway & W Iliff Ave39.674424-104.987683
22217S Broadway & W Jamison Ave39.575836-104.988605
12541S Broadway & W Jewell Ave39.681928-104.987671
12547S Broadway & W Kenyon Ave39.64912-104.987827
12553S Broadway & W Littleton Blvd39.612492-104.988213
12556S Broadway & W Louisiana Ave39.692677-104.987574
12558S Broadway & W Mansfield Ave39.645532-104.987874
12538S Broadway & W Mexico Ave39.686382-104.98763
20446S Broadway & W Mineral Ave39.572906-104.988629
12564S Broadway & W Mississippi Ave39.69616-104.987539
12573S Broadway & W Oxford Ave39.641971-104.987915
12443S Broadway & W Powers Ave39.616343-104.98819
12584S Broadway & W Quincy Ave39.638284-104.987961
22056S Broadway & W Rafferty Gardens Ave39.618587-104.988201
26200S Broadway & W Rafferty Gardens Ave39.617307-104.987841
12586S Broadway & W Ridge Rd39.590965-104.988175
18836S Broadway & W Ridge Rd39.590388-104.988468
12595S Broadway & W Stanford Ave39.634685-104.988006
12597S Broadway & W Sterne Pkwy39.59322-104.98815
12596S Broadway & W Sterne Pkwy39.592567-104.988443
12526S Broadway & W Tennessee Ave39.698129-104.987552
12607S Broadway & W Union Ave39.631019-104.988042
12617S Broadway & W Yale Ave39.667236-104.98773
12615S Broadway & Weaver Pl39.598094-104.988372
12616S Broadway & Yale Ave39.667997-104.987477
24068S Buckley Rd & Alameda Pkwy39.70597-104.791095
33504S Buckley Rd & Arizona Dr39.69386-104.791233
23881S Buckley Rd & Arkansas Ave39.691875-104.790891
23914S Buckley Rd & Arkansas Ave39.691869-104.791208
23915S Buckley Rd & Arkansas Dr39.689897-104.791198
23880S Buckley Rd & Arkansas Pl39.690498-104.790833
20249S Buckley Rd & Asbury Ave39.680877-104.790843
20240S Buckley Rd & Asbury Ave39.680271-104.791154
18951S Buckley Rd & Bates Ave39.663687-104.790915
23918S Buckley Rd & Bates Ave39.662924-104.791243
26371S Buckley Rd & Berry Pl39.615652-104.791552
26364S Buckley Rd & Caley Cir39.601444-104.787808
26367S Buckley Rd & Caley Cir39.6027-104.786961
26372S Buckley Rd & Crestline Ave39.618509-104.791517
26359S Buckley Rd & Crestline Ave39.617864-104.791768
22645S Buckley Rd & Dartmouth Ave39.659741-104.791271
18950S Buckley Rd & Dartmouth Ave39.659967-104.790957
26370S Buckley Rd & Dorado Dr39.613393-104.791579
20248S Buckley Rd & Evans Ave39.678128-104.790854
23920S Buckley Rd & Floyd Ave39.65604-104.791289
18949S Buckley Rd & Floyd Ave39.656722-104.790992
18948S Buckley Rd & Hampden Ave39.653505-104.79102
17626S Buckley Rd & Hampden Ave39.652506-104.791345
33477S Buckley Rd & Harvard Ave39.671243-104.790851
33476S Buckley Rd & Harvard Ave39.670574-104.791189
23916S Buckley Rd & Iliff Ave39.673147-104.79118
20247S Buckley Rd & Iliff Ave39.67416-104.790864
17632S Buckley Rd & Jefferson Ave39.651049-104.791065
17631S Buckley Rd & Kent Dr39.648357-104.79112
17628S Buckley Rd & Kent Dr39.647711-104.791448
23912S Buckley Rd & Kentucky Ave39.699963-104.791129
23883S Buckley Rd & Kentucky Ave39.700636-104.790796
17627S Buckley Rd & Kenyon Dr39.649506-104.791416
26362S Buckley Rd & Lake Ave39.608464-104.791686
26369S Buckley Rd & Lake Ave39.607625-104.790643
17630S Buckley Rd & Mansfield Ave39.646331-104.791164
26368S Buckley Rd & Maplewood Ave39.605446-104.787471
26363S Buckley Rd & Maplewood Dr39.604528-104.787289
20239S Buckley Rd & Mexico Ave39.685301-104.791165
23879S Buckley Rd & Mexico Ave39.68613-104.790853
23913S Buckley Rd & Mississippi Ave39.696152-104.791235
23882S Buckley Rd & Mississippi Ave39.696966-104.790934
12646S Buckley Rd & Nassau Dr39.643864-104.791528
12645S Buckley Rd & Nassau Dr39.644534-104.791201
20695S Buckley Rd & Ohio Pl Farside39.703799-104.790779
33194S Buckley Rd & Ohio Pl Nearside39.702909-104.790742
26365S Buckley Rd & Peakview Ave39.598364-104.78771
26366S Buckley Rd & Peakview Ave39.598979-104.787622
26360S Buckley Rd & Powers Ave39.614318-104.791833
12648S Buckley Rd & Princeton Dr39.641078-104.79158
12647S Buckley Rd & Princeton Dr39.640952-104.791271
26373S Buckley Rd & Progress Ave39.622441-104.791441
26358S Buckley Rd & Progress Ave39.621959-104.79175
22227S Buckley Rd & Quincy Ave39.639078-104.791304
22200S Buckley Rd & Quincy Ave39.636679-104.791634
23486S Buckley Rd & Quincy Ave39.639439-104.791628
21454S Buckley Rd & S Nucla Way39.677535-104.791167
26361S Buckley Rd & S Olathe Way39.611943-104.791887
23711S Buckley Rd & S Pagosa Way39.675949-104.791195
33505S Buckley Rd & S Pitkin Way39.694079-104.790916
19618S Buckley Rd & Smoky Hill Rd39.626817-104.791368
26140S Buckley Rd & Smoky Hill Rd39.625714-104.791658
19620S Buckley Rd & Stanford Ave39.634746-104.791342
22201S Buckley Rd & Stanford Ave39.634233-104.791632
19619S Buckley Rd & Wagontrail Pkwy39.630933-104.791352
23659S Buckley Rd & Wagontrail Pkwy39.630256-104.791653
23835S Buckley Rd & Yale Ave39.667867-104.790882
23917S Buckley Rd & Yale Ave39.667153-104.791196
26124S Ceylon St & Hampden Ave39.653457-104.763575
23814S Ceylon Way & Columbia Pl39.661469-104.764844
26399S Ceylon Way & Columbia Pl39.661309-104.764651
23815S Ceylon Way & Eldorado Pl39.657541-104.764907
26398S Ceylon Way & Eldorado Pl39.658299-104.764424
24091S Ceylon Way & Floyd Ave39.655409-104.764852
26397S Ceylon Way & Floyd Ave39.65558-104.764761
33469S Ceylon Way & S Cathay Cir39.660043-104.764888
33468S Ceylon Way & S Ensenada Way39.660145-104.764703
33243S Chamber Rd & Brookstone Dr39.539861-104.811086
18786S Chambers Rd & Alameda Ave39.709086-104.809851
12711S Chambers Rd & Arizona Dr39.693952-104.809728
18956S Chambers Rd & Bates Ave39.663289-104.81011
19628S Chambers Rd & Bates Ave39.663932-104.809801
23677S Chambers Rd & Belleview Ave39.624295-104.810189
25735S Chambers Rd & Belleview Ave39.623529-104.810528
33242S Chambers Rd & Brookstone Dr39.540334-104.810577
25736S Chambers Rd & Crestline Ave39.620206-104.810549
25754S Chambers Rd & Crestline Ave39.620733-104.810268
18380S Chambers Rd & Dartmouth Ave39.660799-104.809807
18957S Chambers Rd & Dartmouth Ave39.660238-104.810125
12705S Chambers Rd & Evans Ave39.678707-104.809769
12706S Chambers Rd & Evans Ave39.678129-104.810068
21458S Chambers Rd & Evanston Way39.713244-104.809853
21457S Chambers Rd & Evanston Way39.712874-104.810266
18766S Chambers Rd & Exposition Ave39.703379-104.810085
12707S Chambers Rd & Florida Ave39.689619-104.809736
12708S Chambers Rd & Florida Ave39.688958-104.810018
18379S Chambers Rd & Floyd Ave39.657652-104.809814
18958S Chambers Rd & Floyd Ave39.657142-104.810129
18768S Chambers Rd & Fraser Way39.698832-104.810022
18378S Chambers Rd & Hampden Ave39.652247-104.809839
19610S Chambers Rd & Hampden Ave39.652721-104.810102
19612S Chambers Rd & Hampden Cir39.65067-104.81015
33806S Chambers Rd & Haseley Dr39.544447-104.809741
33805S Chambers Rd & Haseley Dr39.545171-104.809456
12710S Chambers Rd & Iliff Ave39.675255-104.809773
18769S Chambers Rd & Iliff Ave39.674191-104.810056
23451S Chambers Rd & Layton Pl39.628721-104.810469
23452S Chambers Rd & Layton Pl39.629129-104.810163
12712S Chambers Rd & Louisiana Ave39.692783-104.810009
12714S Chambers Rd & Mexico Ave39.684895-104.809747
12713S Chambers Rd & Mexico Ave39.685275-104.810051
12715S Chambers Rd & Mississippi Ave39.696145-104.809998
18777S Chambers Rd & Mississippi Ave39.696956-104.809727
19625S Chambers Rd & Nassau Ave39.644855-104.809975
19613S Chambers Rd & Nassau Ave39.644206-104.810271
18779S Chambers Rd & Ohio Ave39.701266-104.809778
18767S Chambers Rd & Ohio Ave39.700752-104.810048
19614S Chambers Rd & Oxford Ave39.641834-104.810324
19624S Chambers Rd & Oxford Ave39.6424-104.810015
25757S Chambers Rd & Pheasant Run39.634318-104.81053
25756S Chambers Rd & Pheasant Run Pkwy39.635011-104.810135
19615S Chambers Rd & Quincy Ave39.63813-104.810401
21313S Chambers Rd & Quincy Ave39.639-104.810081
22440S Chambers Rd & S Chambers Way39.640515-104.810055
23457S Chambers Rd & S Fraser Cir39.631111-104.810155
18778S Chambers Rd & S Helena St39.69949-104.809757
25753S Chambers Rd & S Parker Rd39.614536-104.814482
25755S Chambers Rd & Smoky Hill Rd39.63222-104.810137
23456S Chambers Rd & Smoky Hill Rd39.631991-104.810456
20055S Chambers Rd & Yale Ave39.669744-104.810113
20056S Chambers Rd & Yale Ave39.670922-104.809748
19609S Chambers Rd & Yale Ave39.665636-104.810125
19629S Chambers Rd & Yale Ave S39.666219-104.809793
23212S Cherokee St & W Bayaud Ave39.715072-104.992139
23210S Cherokee St & W Bayaud Ave39.714433-104.992424
23250S Cherokee St & W Byers Pl39.712609-104.992317
23249S Cherokee St & W Cedar Ave39.712743-104.992448
23209S Cherokee St & W Ellsworth Ave39.716184-104.992225
23213S Cherokee St & W Ellsworth Ave39.716468-104.992083
12752S Cherry St & Cherry Creek S Dr39.70329-104.934232
12753S Cherry St & Cherry Creek S Dr39.703517-104.934081
12754S Cherry St & Kentucky Ave39.70048-104.934082
12755S Cherry St & Kentucky Ave39.699985-104.934215
12756S Cherry St & Mississippi Ave39.69747-104.933954
12757S Cherry St & Mississippi Ave39.696789-104.934116
18612S Cherry St & Tennessee Ave39.698717-104.933981
23928S Cherry St & Tennessee Ave39.698102-104.934113
23163S Cherry St & Virginia Ave39.70673-104.933538
21208S Clay St & W Asbury Ave39.680198-105.020439
21209S Clay St & W Warren Ave39.677128-105.020308
12789S Clinton St & Alameda Ave39.707685-104.879024
12790S Clinton St & Center Ave39.706088-104.876237
12791S Clinton St & Windsor Gardens Lot 139.705445-104.876235
12793S Clinton St & Windsor Gardens Lot 239.704189-104.876323
12792S Clinton St & Windsor Gardens Lot 239.7043-104.876412
13191S Collyer St & Countryside Estates40.139506-105.098196
25625S Collyer St & Countryside Estates40.139549-105.09807
17663S Collyer St & Quebec Ave40.141266-105.09821
34979S Collyer St & Quebec St40.141262-105.098048
13084S Colorado Blvd & Alameda Ave Farside39.710998-104.940879
13083S Colorado Blvd & Alameda Ave Farside39.711853-104.940551
13085S Colorado Blvd & Amherst Ave39.666045-104.94048
13086S Colorado Blvd & Amherst Ave39.665216-104.940822
13088S Colorado Blvd & Bayaud Ave39.71547-104.940563
13089S Colorado Blvd & Bayaud Ave39.713805-104.940838
21795S Colorado Blvd & Cherry Creek N Dr39.706876-104.940926
24716S Colorado Blvd & Colorado Center Dr39.680476-104.940542
13101S Colorado Blvd & Dartmouth Ave39.660633-104.940522
13100S Colorado Blvd & Dartmouth Ave39.660117-104.940806
13104S Colorado Blvd & Dickinson Pl39.672165-104.940537
13124S Colorado Blvd & Dickinson Pl39.670925-104.940837
13111S Colorado Blvd & Evans Ave39.677739-104.940971
13110S Colorado Blvd & Evans Ave39.678771-104.940518
34724S Colorado Blvd & Evans Ave39.678856-104.940515
13114S Colorado Blvd & Exposition Ave39.704415-104.940479
13115S Colorado Blvd & Exposition Ave39.704179-104.940888
13117S Colorado Blvd & Florida Ave39.688961-104.940819
13116S Colorado Blvd & Florida Ave39.689612-104.940486
13125S Colorado Blvd & Iliff Ave39.674428-104.940539
13126S Colorado Blvd & Iliff Ave39.675131-104.940855
13127S Colorado Blvd & Iowa Ave39.68707-104.940851
13128S Colorado Blvd & Kentucky Ave39.700515-104.940507
13129S Colorado Blvd & Kentucky Ave39.69986-104.94086
13131S Colorado Blvd & Louisiana Ave39.693608-104.940489
13130S Colorado Blvd & Louisiana Ave39.692697-104.94079
13134S Colorado Blvd & Mexico Ave39.686275-104.940504
13136S Colorado Blvd & Mississippi Ave39.696236-104.940823
13135S Colorado Blvd & Mississippi Ave39.69687-104.940505
13141S Colorado Blvd & Ohio Ave39.701641-104.94085
13140S Colorado Blvd & Ohio Ave39.70235-104.940514
23387S Colorado Blvd & Virginia Ave39.707765-104.940541
13145S Colorado Blvd & Yale Ave39.666977-104.940821
13144S Colorado Blvd & Yale Ave39.669176-104.940539
41000S Corona St & Girard Ave39.653916-104.974799
33100S Corona St & Girard Ave39.654051-104.974791
24126S DTC Blvd & Tufts Ave39.632863-104.893241
26494S Dahlia St & Jewell Ave39.681899-104.931579
26461S Dahlia St & Jewell Ave39.681812-104.931737
26493S Dahlia St & Pacific Pl39.679814-104.931514
26462S Dahlia St & Pacific Pl39.679378-104.931682
13338S Dayton St & Alameda Ave39.7085-104.875475
13339S Dayton St & Center Ave39.707333-104.875295
21245S Dayton St & Jewell Ave39.682324-104.875172
21243S Dayton St & Jewell Ave39.682957-104.875324
21246S Dayton St & Mexico Ave39.68628-104.875192
21242S Dayton St & Mexico Ave39.685372-104.875355
21385S Dayton St & S Parker Rd39.679375-104.875351
21244S Dayton St & S Parker Rd39.678795-104.875202
20877S Dayton Way & Harvard Ave39.670951-104.875362
20884S Dayton Way & Harvard Ave39.671405-104.87521
20876S Dayton Way & Iliff Ave39.674228-104.875389
20885S Dayton Way & Iliff Ave39.674053-104.875199
20878S Dayton Way & Vassar Ave39.668295-104.873655
20883S Dayton Way & Vassar Ave39.66829-104.873463
13360S Depew St & W Evans Ave39.67949-105.057201
21058S Depew St & W Jewell Ave39.681627-105.057199
13388S Downing St & Alameda Ave39.711339-104.973335
13389S Downing St & Alameda Ave39.710743-104.973455
13391S Downing St & Bates Ave39.663844-104.973561
13390S Downing St & Bates Ave39.664447-104.973417
13392S Downing St & Bayaud Ave39.714262-104.97347
13393S Downing St & Bayaud Ave39.714467-104.973337
13396S Downing St & Colorado Ave39.683736-104.973482
13395S Downing St & Colorado Ave39.684241-104.973297
13397S Downing St & Dartmouth Ave39.660258-104.973429
13398S Downing St & Dartmouth Ave39.660099-104.973571
13400S Downing St & Evans Ave39.67874-104.973519
13401S Downing St & Evans Ave39.678853-104.97335
13403S Downing St & Exposition Ave39.703716-104.97334
13402S Downing St & Exposition Ave39.703592-104.973432
13404S Downing St & Floyd Ave39.657006-104.973456
13405S Downing St & Floyd Ave39.656517-104.973592
13406S Downing St & Hampden Ave39.653418-104.97348
13408S Downing St & Harvard Ave39.671166-104.973401
13407S Downing St & Harvard Ave39.67088-104.973532
13409S Downing St & Iliff Ave39.674712-104.973399
13410S Downing St & Iliff Ave39.675102-104.973536
13412S Downing St & Iowa Ave39.68733-104.973482
13416S Downing St & Kentucky Ave39.70008-104.973337
13415S Downing St & Kentucky Ave39.699982-104.973467
13418S Downing St & Louisiana Ave39.693481-104.973357
13423S Downing St & Mississippi Ave39.696523-104.973348
13422S Downing St & Mississippi Ave39.696344-104.973488
13429S Downing St & Virginia Ave39.707332-104.973338
13428S Downing St & Virginia Ave39.707276-104.973424
13432S Downing St & Yale Ave39.667473-104.973414
13433S Downing St & Yale Ave39.667939-104.973561
25799S Dransfeldt Rd & Twenty Mile Rd39.513184-104.769838
25795S Dransfeldt Rd & Twenty Mile Rd39.511359-104.770301
16103S Eastmoor Dr & Princeton Ave39.640756-104.905516
13501S Eastmoor Dr & Princeton Ave39.64041-104.905149
13503S Eastmoor Dr & Quincy Ave39.63914-104.903855
13514S Elati St & Englewood Pkwy39.655719-104.993439
20171S Elati St & Englewood Pkwy39.65571-104.993607
25636S Emery St & Quebec Ave40.141568-105.099728
13797S Federal Blvd & S Federal Cir39.620117-105.027636
13798S Federal Blvd & S Federal Cir39.619609-105.027934
13782S Federal Blvd & W Alameda Ave39.710616-105.02527
13781S Federal Blvd & W Alameda Ave39.711542-105.024903
13783S Federal Blvd & W Amherst Ave39.665654-105.025017
13784S Federal Blvd & W Amherst Ave39.664595-105.025244
13786S Federal Blvd & W Bates Ave39.663477-105.02503
13788S Federal Blvd & W Bayaud Ave39.714733-105.025276
13787S Federal Blvd & W Bayaud Ave39.715358-105.024955
13789S Federal Blvd & W Belleview Ave39.624644-105.025317
13790S Federal Blvd & W Belleview Ave39.623469-105.025645
13791S Federal Blvd & W Bellewood Dr39.625473-105.025594
13792S Federal Blvd & W Berry Ave39.617146-105.027943
13793S Federal Blvd & W Berry Ave39.61725-105.027667
13794S Federal Blvd & W Bowles Ave39.612905-105.027703
13799S Federal Blvd & W Chenango Ave39.62771-105.025292
13801S Federal Blvd & W Colorado Ave39.684737-105.025145
13800S Federal Blvd & W Colorado Ave39.684671-105.024949
13802S Federal Blvd & W Cornell Ave39.662576-105.025258
13806S Federal Blvd & W Cornell Ave39.660754-105.025035
13805S Federal Blvd & W Dartmouth Ave39.660243-105.02527
13807S Federal Blvd & W Ellsworth Ave39.716303-105.025258
26184S Federal Blvd & W Evans Ave Gate B39.677948-105.02526
26185S Federal Blvd & W Evans Ave Gate C39.67777-105.025261
26186S Federal Blvd & W Evans Ave Gate D39.677545-105.02526
33290S Federal Blvd & W Evans Ave Gate E39.677222-105.025247
13809S Federal Blvd & W Evans Ave Gate G39.679071-105.024881
13812S Federal Blvd & W Exposition Ave39.703702-105.024984
13811S Federal Blvd & W Exposition Ave39.703739-105.025181
13813S Federal Blvd & W Florida Ave39.689857-105.024936
13814S Federal Blvd & W Florida Ave39.68921-105.025157
13815S Federal Blvd & W Floyd Ave39.657597-105.025298
13816S Federal Blvd & W Floyd Ave39.65741-105.025079
23068S Federal Blvd & W Girard Ave39.655597-105.025317
23069S Federal Blvd & W Girard Ave39.655607-105.025092
25454S Federal Blvd & W Grand Ave39.627257-105.025594
13817S Federal Blvd & W Hampden Ave39.65383-105.025087
13818S Federal Blvd & W Hampden Ave39.653762-105.025315
13820S Federal Blvd & W Harvard Ave39.671712-105.025174
13819S Federal Blvd & W Harvard Ave39.672082-105.024954
13822S Federal Blvd & W Iliff Ave39.676189-105.024937
13823S Federal Blvd & W Iliff Ave39.674707-105.025165
13825S Federal Blvd & W Jefferson Ave39.650587-105.025372
13826S Federal Blvd & W Jefferson Ave39.65029-105.025148
13828S Federal Blvd & W Jewell Ave39.681972-105.025142
13827S Federal Blvd & W Jewell Ave39.682532-105.024946
13829S Federal Blvd & W Kentucky Ave39.700918-105.024985
13830S Federal Blvd & W Kentucky Ave39.700093-105.025218
19866S Federal Blvd & W Kenyon Ave39.649091-105.025385
13832S Federal Blvd & W Louisiana Ave39.692798-105.025209
13833S Federal Blvd & W Louisiana Ave39.69391-105.024933
13834S Federal Blvd & W Mansfield Ave39.646032-105.025173
13835S Federal Blvd & W Mansfield Ave39.645357-105.025423
13836S Federal Blvd & W Mississippi Ave39.69712-105.02498
13837S Federal Blvd & W Mississippi Ave39.69646-105.025212
13840S Federal Blvd & W Oxford Ave39.641994-105.025457
13839S Federal Blvd & W Oxford Ave39.642481-105.025197
13842S Federal Blvd & W Princeton Pl39.638529-105.025487
13841S Federal Blvd & W Princeton Pl39.639372-105.025245
13849S Federal Blvd & W Progress Ave39.621979-105.027091
19984S Federal Blvd & W Progress Ave39.6218-105.02687
13843S Federal Blvd & W Radcliff Ave39.637814-105.02524
13844S Federal Blvd & W Radcliff Ave39.636938-105.025467
13846S Federal Blvd & W Saratoga Ave39.628541-105.025567
13847S Federal Blvd & W Stanford Dr39.633604-105.025524
13848S Federal Blvd & W Stanford Dr39.633698-105.02524
13852S Federal Blvd & W Union Ave39.631212-105.025544
13851S Federal Blvd & W Union Ave39.63198-105.025257
13854S Federal Blvd & W Virginia Ave39.707188-105.025204
13853S Federal Blvd & W Virginia Ave39.708014-105.024996
23509S Federal Blvd & W Warren Ave39.677566-105.024891
13856S Federal Blvd & W Yale Ave39.667331-105.025221
13855S Federal Blvd & W Yale Ave39.667972-105.024995
18352S Garrison St & W Alameda Ave39.710477-105.100358
18354S Garrison St & W Center Ave39.704617-105.100369
18369S Garrison St & W Center Ave39.705173-105.100203
14045S Garrison St & W Florida Ave39.688853-105.100405
14044S Garrison St & W Florida Ave39.690018-105.100237
14046S Garrison St & W Iowa Ave39.687886-105.100207
14047S Garrison St & W Jewell Ave39.683397-105.100138
18355S Garrison St & W Kentucky Ave39.699794-105.100423
18368S Garrison St & W Kentucky Ave39.700397-105.100233
14048S Garrison St & W Louisiana Ave39.693119-105.100549
14049S Garrison St & W Louisiana Ave39.693415-105.10039
14051S Garrison St & W Mexico Ave39.685511-105.100385
14050S Garrison St & W Mexico Ave39.686013-105.100169
14052S Garrison St & W Mississippi Ave39.696095-105.100476
18367S Garrison St & W Mississippi Ave39.697068-105.100229
18370S Garrison St & W Virginia Dr39.707847-105.100164
18353S Garrison St & W Virginia Dr39.707439-105.100347
14075S Gaylord St & Louisiana Ave39.69317-104.961687
14076S Gaylord St & Mississippi Ave39.696402-104.961785
14252S Havana St & Alameda Ave39.711877-104.865789
33991S Havana St & Alameda Ave Farside39.710339-104.866143
14247S Havana St & Bayaud Ave39.715489-104.86613
14254S Havana St & Bayaud Ave39.715769-104.865833
14259S Havana St & Dartmouth Ave39.659843-104.866493
14258S Havana St & Dartmouth Ave39.661225-104.866174
14261S Havana St & Evans Ave39.678087-104.86609
14260S Havana St & Evans Ave39.678669-104.865773
14262S Havana St & Exposition Ave39.704847-104.865819
14263S Havana St & Exposition Ave39.704249-104.866122
14266S Havana St & Florida Ave39.68908-104.866091
14265S Havana St & Florida Ave39.689809-104.865782
14267S Havana St & Girard Ave39.65673-104.866323
14268S Havana St & Girard Ave39.656713-104.866601
14231S Havana St & Idaho Pl39.691649-104.866083
14230S Havana St & Idaho Pl39.69302-104.865703
14270S Havana St & Iliff Ave39.674187-104.866119
14269S Havana St & Iliff Ave39.675111-104.865795
14272S Havana St & Jewell Ave39.681682-104.866065
14271S Havana St & Jewell Ave39.682343-104.865752
14275S Havana St & Kentucky Ave39.699857-104.866121
14274S Havana St & Kentucky Ave39.700549-104.865815
14277S Havana St & Mexico Ave39.685141-104.866072
14276S Havana St & Mexico Ave39.686222-104.865769
14279S Havana St & Mississippi Ave39.696128-104.866167
14278S Havana St & Mississippi Ave39.697184-104.86581
22604S Havana St & S Parker Rd39.670375-104.865861
14282S Havana St & S Parker Rd39.671511-104.866249
14284S Havana St & Virginia Ave39.707111-104.866124
14283S Havana St & Virginia Ave39.707682-104.865819
14285S Havana St & Yale Ave39.667922-104.86598
14286S Havana St & Yale Ave39.667209-104.866301
22109S Himalaya St & Chenango Dr39.627319-104.754194
19855S Holly St & Cherry Crk S Dr39.696853-104.921877
14389S Holly St & Vale Dr39.697034-104.921617
19894S Hover St & Boston Ave40.158953-105.13047
34190S Hover St & Ken Pratt Blvd40.139868-105.131018
34191S Hover St & Ken Pratt Blvd40.140173-105.130744
25023S Inca St & W Dartmouth Ave39.659699-104.997158
14619S Irving St & W Kentucky Ave39.70068-105.02972
14620S Irving St & W Oxford Ave39.640764-105.030021
14621S Irving St & W Oxford Ave39.640767-105.02992
14622S Irving St & W Walsh Pl39.703398-105.029872
24404S Jason St & W Exposition Ave39.704664-104.999107
24394S Jason St & W Exposition Ave39.704401-104.99927
26131S Jordan Rd & Arapahoe Rd39.594458-104.82093
26430S Jordan Rd & Briarwood Ave39.591803-104.819363
26452S Jordan Rd & Clark Farms Dr North39.524348-104.793277
26444S Jordan Rd & Clark Farms South39.517984-104.793597
26443S Jordan Rd & Clarke Farms Dr N39.523608-104.793616
26451S Jordan Rd & Clarke Farms Dr South39.51861-104.793259
26420S Jordan Rd & Dawson Cir39.592508-104.819439
26431S Jordan Rd & Easter Ave39.58881-104.817612
26419S Jordan Rd & Easter Ave39.589534-104.817639
26418S Jordan Rd & Fremont Dr39.586843-104.816089
26129S Jordan Rd & Mainstreet39.515445-104.793248
26453S Jordan Rd & Rock Brook Blvd39.530329-104.793283
26440S Jordan Rd & Rock Brook Blvd39.529904-104.793567
21448S Kalamath St & W Lehigh Ave39.647816-105.000485
20314S Kalamath St & W Lehigh Ave39.647352-105.000643
20315S Kalamath St & W Nassau Ave39.644306-105.000533
34566S Kalamath St & W Oxford Ave39.642656-105.000545
25034S Kalamath St & W Oxford Ave39.642683-105.000551
19256S Kipling Pkwy & W Dartmouth Ave39.660285-105.112547
19257S Kipling Pkwy & W Girton Dr39.656612-105.111588
19255S Kipling Pkwy & W Jewell Ave39.681321-105.120388
14886S Kipling St & Morrison Rd39.668462-105.109798
14887S Kipling St & Morrison Rd39.668612-105.109557
14892S Kipling St & S Lakehurst Way39.633675-105.110061
14851S Kipling St & W Alamo Pl39.614113-105.11016
14852S Kipling St & W Alamo Pl39.614966-105.109735
14864S Kipling St & W Asbury Dr39.680349-105.109775
14854S Kipling St & W Belleview Ave39.623323-105.109792
14853S Kipling St & W Belleview Ave39.623451-105.110201
14856S Kipling St & W Bowles Ave39.608803-105.110197
23410S Kipling St & W Bowles Ave39.611091-105.110172
14855S Kipling St & W Bowles Ave39.610337-105.109756
14862S Kipling St & W Cornell Pl39.661896-105.109739
14861S Kipling St & W Cornell Pl39.662193-105.109534
14863S Kipling St & W Evans Ave39.679287-105.109618
14865S Kipling St & W Fair Dr39.604232-105.110221
19258S Kipling St & W Girton Dr39.656864-105.11129
14878S Kipling St & W Hampden Ave39.652677-105.1097
23697S Kipling St & W Hampden Ave39.649974-105.109526
14877S Kipling St & W Jewell Ave39.681558-105.10978
14881S Kipling St & W Lehigh Ave39.646026-105.109923
14882S Kipling St & W Lehigh Ave39.646617-105.109579
19155S Kipling St & W Montgomery Ave39.618878-105.109744
14885S Kipling St & W Montgomery Ave39.618524-105.110226
14888S Kipling St & W Quincy Ave39.639333-105.10967
14889S Kipling St & W Quincy Ave39.638014-105.110108
14891S Kipling St & W Saratoga Ave39.629764-105.110049
14890S Kipling St & W Saratoga Ave39.630215-105.109687
14893S Kipling St & W Stanford Ave39.633675-105.109719
14895S Kipling St & W Walker Ave39.599888-105.110288
14896S Kipling St & W Warren Dr39.677121-105.109607
14897S Kipling St & W Warren Dr39.678171-105.109764
14899S Kipling St & W Wesley Ave39.672925-105.109645
14898S Kipling St & W Wesley Ave39.672794-105.109753
22654S Kipling St & W Yale Ave39.665484-105.109594
22653S Kipling St & W Yale Ave39.665037-105.109719
35358S Lewiston Way & Mccallin Gate39.598997-104.80061
33940S Lewiston Way & Mccallin Gate39.598068-104.799964
35359S Lewiston Way & S Jasper Way39.602482-104.805401
25557S Lewiston Way & S Parker Rd39.602116-104.804496
14982S Lincoln St & Alameda Ave39.711333-104.986249
17779S Lincoln St & Bayaud Ave39.715045-104.986201
14986S Lincoln St & Exposition Ave39.704085-104.986211
25562S Lincoln St & Girard Ave39.654631-104.986278
14988S Lincoln St & Virginia Ave39.707768-104.986327
15082S Lowell Blvd & W Aqueduct Ave39.61953-105.035399
15083S Lowell Blvd & W Arrowhead Rd39.620139-105.035398
15084S Lowell Blvd & W Belleview Ave39.623603-105.03504
15085S Lowell Blvd & W Belleview Ave39.623697-105.034883
15087S Lowell Blvd & W Berry Ave39.616526-105.035787
15086S Lowell Blvd & W Berry Ave39.61729-105.03557
15088S Lowell Blvd & W Bowles Ave39.610504-105.036896
15091S Lowell Blvd & W Dartmouth Ave39.662269-105.035038
15108S Lowell Blvd & W Edgemore Pl39.636378-105.03466
15093S Lowell Blvd & W Grand Ave39.627238-105.034973
15092S Lowell Blvd & W Grand Ave39.62676-105.034852
15094S Lowell Blvd & W Kenyon Ave39.649172-105.034587
15095S Lowell Blvd & W Kenyon Ave39.649167-105.034674
15098S Lowell Blvd & W Layton Ave39.629125-105.034882
15099S Lowell Blvd & W Layton Ave39.629622-105.034727
15100S Lowell Blvd & W Linvale Pl39.664442-105.034441
15101S Lowell Blvd & W Linvale Pl39.664761-105.034595
15102S Lowell Blvd & W Mansfield Ave39.646023-105.034594
15103S Lowell Blvd & W Mansfield Ave39.64599-105.034702
15104S Lowell Blvd & W Oxford Ave39.642576-105.034612
15106S Lowell Blvd & W Quincy Ave39.63809-105.03464
15105S Lowell Blvd & W Quincy Ave39.638143-105.034785
15107S Lowell Blvd & W Radcliff Ave39.636264-105.034806
15109S Lowell Blvd & W Tufts Ave39.634325-105.034678
15110S Lowell Blvd & W Tufts Ave39.633831-105.034796
15111S Lowell Blvd & W Wagontrail Dr39.631214-105.034705
15112S Lowell Blvd & W Wagontrail Dr39.630664-105.034843
15114S Lowell Blvd & W Yale Ave39.667425-105.035051
25633S Main St & 1st Ave40.159686-105.102641
15166S Main St & Delaware Ave40.154343-105.102422
15167S Main St & Grand Ave40.151707-105.102701
17636S Main St & Jersey Ave40.149029-105.102335
17660S Main St & Jersey Ave40.149018-105.102689
15168S Main St & Ken Pratt Blvd40.152139-105.102363
15165S Main St & Ken Pratt Blvd40.155185-105.102576
17661S Main St & Missouri Ave40.144378-105.102595
17635S Main St & Quail St40.145426-105.102354
17634S Main St & Quebec Ave40.141658-105.102324
17844S Main St & Quebec Ave40.14157-105.102641
15161S Main St & St Vrain Greenbelt40.156432-105.102695
15162S Main St & St Vrain Greenbelt40.156324-105.102357
34991S Main St & W Bromley Ln39.973149-104.82674
15515S Monaco Pkwy & Alameda Ave39.710856-104.912975
15514S Monaco Pkwy & Alameda Ave39.712335-104.91269
21121S Monaco Pkwy & Alaska Dr39.708535-104.912733
15516S Monaco Pkwy & Arizona Ave39.695225-104.913016
15517S Monaco Pkwy & Arizona Ave39.695053-104.91274
15518S Monaco Pkwy & Baker Pl39.671162-104.913006
15520S Monaco Pkwy & Bates Ave39.664161-104.913014
15519S Monaco Pkwy & Bates Ave39.664713-104.91274
15521S Monaco Pkwy & Carter Cir39.661403-104.912749
15522S Monaco Pkwy & Carter Cir39.660809-104.913023
15524S Monaco Pkwy & Cedar Ave39.712834-104.912965
15523S Monaco Pkwy & Cedar Ave39.713633-104.912662
15526S Monaco Pkwy & Cherry Crk Dr39.691668-104.912739
19014S Monaco Pkwy & Cherry Crk Dr39.691997-104.913014
15530S Monaco Pkwy & Eastman Ave39.658984-104.912761
15531S Monaco Pkwy & Eastman Ave39.658345-104.913032
15533S Monaco Pkwy & Evans Ave39.678085-104.912986
15532S Monaco Pkwy & Evans Ave39.678789-104.912666
19836S Monaco Pkwy & Exposition Ave39.704049-104.912743
15534S Monaco Pkwy & Exposition Ave39.70454-104.913025
15536S Monaco Pkwy & Florida Ave39.689077-104.91296
15535S Monaco Pkwy & Florida Ave39.689744-104.912741
15538S Monaco Pkwy & Floyd Ave39.656244-104.913035
15537S Monaco Pkwy & Floyd Ave39.656769-104.912762
15539S Monaco Pkwy & Hampden Ave39.653687-104.912777
34167S Monaco Pkwy & Hampden Ave39.654147-104.913068
15540S Monaco Pkwy & Hampden Ave39.652631-104.913096
15541S Monaco Pkwy & Harvard Ave39.671178-104.91273
15542S Monaco Pkwy & Iliff Ave39.675139-104.912728
15543S Monaco Pkwy & Iliff Ave39.674534-104.913011
15545S Monaco Pkwy & Jewell Ave39.681663-104.912727
15546S Monaco Pkwy & Jewell Ave39.681713-104.913018
15548S Monaco Pkwy & Kentucky Ave39.700929-104.912675
15547S Monaco Pkwy & Kentucky Ave39.700041-104.912947
15550S Monaco Pkwy & Leetsdale Dr39.702558-104.912964
15551S Monaco Pkwy & Mansfield Ave39.646008-104.91267
15552S Monaco Pkwy & Mansfield Ave39.645624-104.912876
15556S Monaco Pkwy & Mexico Ave39.685448-104.912961
15555S Monaco Pkwy & Mexico Ave39.685986-104.912739
15557S Monaco Pkwy & Mississippi Ave39.697001-104.912728
15558S Monaco Pkwy & Mississippi Ave39.696432-104.913071
22331S Monaco Pkwy & Nevada Pl39.710053-104.912748
15544S Monaco Pkwy & S Newport Way39.650267-104.913185
15563S Monaco Pkwy & S Niagara Way39.643093-104.912296
15562S Monaco Pkwy & S Niagara Way39.643064-104.912003
15568S Monaco Pkwy & Virginia Ave39.707271-104.912978
15570S Monaco Pkwy & Yale Ave39.667299-104.913017
15569S Monaco Pkwy & Yale Ave39.667915-104.912727
15561S Monaco St & S Newport Way39.650716-104.91285
34608S Monroe St & Evans Ave39.679145-104.944921
34609S Monroe St & Evans Ave39.679167-104.945253
34986S Parker Rd & Belleview Ave39.624649-104.822053
34985S Parker Rd & Belleview Ave39.624685-104.821696
19879S Parker Rd & Bethany Dr39.663604-104.858626
22255S Parker Rd & Broncos Pkwy39.578134-104.792829
20057S Parker Rd & Cottonwood Dr39.557385-104.779073
20058S Parker Rd & Cottonwood Dr39.557946-104.779999
15772S Parker Rd & Dartmouth Ave39.660295-104.854816
15773S Parker Rd & Dartmouth Ave39.659794-104.851638
19916S Parker Rd & Florida Ave39.689637-104.889723
25319S Parker Rd & Hilltop Rd39.511096-104.763655
19877S Parker Rd & Iliff Ave39.67374-104.86981
19912S Parker Rd & Iliff Ave39.675116-104.871092
23013S Parker Rd & Indianpipe Ln39.500655-104.761594
23012S Parker Rd & Indianpipe Ln39.499889-104.7619
22292S Parker Rd & J Morgan Blvd39.485659-104.758454
22291S Parker Rd & J Morgan Blvd39.484724-104.75877
22256S Parker Rd & Jamison Ave39.579237-104.792782
20368S Parker Rd & Lehigh Ave39.647585-104.829105
15770S Parker Rd & Lehigh Ave39.647659-104.82876
25740S Parker Rd & Lincoln Ave39.538241-104.768824
21754S Parker Rd & Lincoln Ave39.537829-104.768102
22257S Parker Rd & Long Ave39.573774-104.79012
22254S Parker Rd & Long Ave39.573108-104.790131
15778S Parker Rd & Mississippi Ave Farside39.696822-104.898621
19918S Parker Rd & Mississippi Ave Nearside39.695713-104.896237
25829S Parker Rd & Mississippi Ave Nearside39.696441-104.898127
21218S Parker Rd & Mountain Man Dr39.529975-104.766825
25738S Parker Rd & Orchard Rd39.609719-104.810454
25752S Parker Rd & Orchard Rd39.611131-104.810949
22045S Parker Rd & Pine Ln39.544841-104.771949
21755S Parker Rd & Pine Ln39.54368-104.771879
21219S Parker Rd & Plaza Dr39.527594-104.766074
34891S Parker Rd & Quincy Ave39.63809-104.829133
21389S Parker Rd & S Emporia St39.676798-104.873537
15777S Parker Rd & S Havana St39.669669-104.864797
19911S Parker Rd & S Havana St39.671373-104.866464
19910S Parker Rd & S Lansing Way39.663447-104.858114
19909S Parker Rd & S Macon St39.661339-104.856023
15774S Parker Rd & S Peoria St39.659374-104.850413
15780S Parker Rd & S Peoria St39.659363-104.848624
15783S Parker Rd & S Quebec St39.698197-104.902885
19904S Parker Rd & S Ulster St39.692491-104.893581
19917S Parker Rd & S Ulster St39.693427-104.894333
34984S Parker Rd & Temple Dr39.631927-104.826312
34983S Parker Rd & Temple Dr39.631286-104.82628
25318S Parker Rd & Twentymile Rd39.509096-104.763797
22253S Parker Rd & Valley Hi Dr39.56218-104.782756
22258S Parker Rd & Valley Hi Dr39.562764-104.782638
34430S Parker Rd & Warren Ave39.677074-104.873468
34990S Parker Rd & Whitaker Pl39.626795-104.823254
34989S Parker Rd & Whitaker Pl39.626933-104.822939
19878S Parker Rd & Yale Ave39.667217-104.862053
15787S Parker Rd & Yale Ave Farside39.668342-104.862775
15800S Pearl St & Florida Ave39.689271-104.980357
15801S Pearl St & Florida Ave39.6892-104.98049
15808S Pearl St & Louisiana Ave39.692674-104.980491
15914S Peoria St & Alameda Ave39.711552-104.84732
15913S Peoria St & Alameda Ave39.711996-104.847106
15916S Peoria St & Amherst Way39.665216-104.847064
15915S Peoria St & Amherst Way39.665594-104.847426
15918S Peoria St & Archer Pl39.715514-104.847334
15917S Peoria St & Archer Pl39.716345-104.847157
22323S Peoria St & Cornell Ave39.662008-104.847092
15924S Peoria St & Dakota Ave39.709275-104.847124
15950S Peoria St & Dakota Ave39.708742-104.847306
15925S Peoria St & Dartmouth Ave39.661401-104.847418
33678S Peoria St & Exposition Ave39.70405-104.847311
15929S Peoria St & Exposition Dr39.704374-104.847099
15932S Peoria St & Florida Ave39.689035-104.847293
15931S Peoria St & Florida Dr39.689576-104.847098
15933S Peoria St & Ford Ave39.699617-104.847065
15934S Peoria St & Ford Ave39.69976-104.847298
22318S Peoria St & Harvard Ave39.670064-104.847408
21738S Peoria St & Harvard Ave39.671008-104.847094
15935S Peoria St & Iliff Ave39.675181-104.847082
15936S Peoria St & Iliff Ave39.67444-104.847414
15937S Peoria St & Jewell Ave39.682543-104.847122
15938S Peoria St & Jewell Ave39.681793-104.847424
24065S Peoria St & Kansas Pl39.694861-104.847061
15940S Peoria St & Louisiana Ave39.69261-104.847262
15939S Peoria St & Louisiana Ave39.692404-104.847084
15942S Peoria St & Maple Ave39.713083-104.847324
15941S Peoria St & Maple Ave39.713702-104.847142
15944S Peoria St & Mexico Ave39.685446-104.847308
15943S Peoria St & Mexico Ave39.685908-104.847121
15945S Peoria St & Mississippi Ave39.697062-104.847062
15946S Peoria St & Mississippi Ave39.695902-104.847271
15930S Peoria St & Ohio Ave39.702235-104.847266
33679S Peoria St & Ohio Ave39.702254-104.847084
33375S Peoria St & Pacific Dr39.678096-104.847437
33376S Peoria St & Pacific Dr39.678686-104.847094
15949S Peoria St & S Parker Rd39.659978-104.847226
15952S Peoria St & Virginia Ave39.706429-104.84713
15953S Peoria St & Virginia Dr39.705764-104.847285
19845S Peoria St & Warren Pl39.676887-104.847094
19844S Peoria St & Warren Pl39.6764-104.847407
15955S Peoria St & Yale Ave39.667209-104.847426
15954S Peoria St & Yale Ave39.668094-104.847098
21587S Picadilly Rd & Berry Dr39.614319-104.744271
21588S Picadilly Rd & Berry Dr39.614425-104.744448
21698S Picadilly Rd & Dorado Ave39.611216-104.744832
22036S Picadilly Rd & Dorado Ave39.611754-104.744607
24605S Picadilly Rd & S Netherland St39.616713-104.7405
24606S Picadilly Rd & S Riviera Way39.619471-104.738603
24603S Picadilly St & Berry Ave39.616012-104.742335
24604S Picadilly St & Berry Ave39.615349-104.743228
24601S Picadilly St & Progress Ave39.621974-104.738745
24607S Picadilly St & Progress Ave39.621896-104.738431
17522S Pierson St & W Jewell Ave39.681732-105.123266
17596S Potomac St & Arkansas Ave39.692491-104.831148
17597S Potomac St & Arkansas Ave39.692421-104.831311
15426S Potomac St & Louisiana Ave39.69484-104.83288
17601S Potomac St & Mississippi Ave39.695912-104.833284
17667S Pratt Pkwy & Boston Ave40.157644-105.106975
17803S Pratt Pkwy & Boston Ave40.157612-105.10675
17802S Pratt Pkwy & Delaware Ave40.155095-105.106751
25610S Pratt Pkwy & Delaware Ave40.154948-105.106997
22438S Pratt Pkwy & Elgin Ave40.153588-105.107119
13939S Pratt Pkwy & Ken Pratt Blvd40.152804-105.10711
24430S Prince St & W Alamo Ave Gate F39.611393-105.016295
16081S Prince St & W Church Ave Gate E39.611011-105.016095
17964S Public Rd & E Chester St39.995868-105.090378
17963S Public Rd & E Spaulding St39.990956-105.090361
25315S Public Rd & Miners Dr39.983795-105.090375
25314S Public Rd & Miners Dr39.983355-105.090564
34742S Public Rd & Old Laramie Trail39.981845-105.090359
34743S Public Rd & Old Laramie Trail39.980361-105.09064
17873S Public Rd & W Chester St39.995447-105.090518
17875S Public Rd & W Spaulding St39.991671-105.090534
25235S Quebec St & Alameda Ave39.710858-104.903598
25259S Quebec St & Alameda Ave39.711085-104.903278
16146S Quebec St & Amherst Ave39.665663-104.902952
16145S Quebec St & Amherst Ave39.666209-104.902923
19487S Quebec St & Arkansas Ave39.691601-104.903651
19500S Quebec St & Arkansas Ave39.692012-104.903367
23842S Quebec St & Ashburn Ln39.549169-104.910644
25234S Quebec St & Bayaud Ave39.714872-104.903835
25260S Quebec St & Bayaud Ave39.714864-104.903526
23839S Quebec St & Business Center Dr39.559247-104.905091
25317S Quebec St & Cherry Creek S Dr39.686206-104.903347
25316S Quebec St & Cherry Creek S Dr39.686166-104.903579
23851S Quebec St & Chestnut Hill St39.555345-104.911225
23849S Quebec St & Chestnut Hill St39.557219-104.908192
23843S Quebec St & Collegiate Dr39.54634-104.910272
23847S Quebec St & Collegiate Dr39.546282-104.909924
16157S Quebec St & Cornell Ave39.663043-104.902598
16156S Quebec St & Cornell Ave39.663215-104.902283
20659S Quebec St & Corp Center Pkwy39.558883-104.904904
16160S Quebec St & Dartmouth Ave39.660584-104.902441
25238S Quebec St & Evans Ave39.676052-104.903731
25371S Quebec St & Evans Ave39.677602-104.90376
33203S Quebec St & Exposition Ave39.703543-104.903607
25237S Quebec St & Florida Ave39.689001-104.903647
19499S Quebec St & Florida Ave39.689673-104.903371
25256S Quebec St & Harvard Ave39.671642-104.903457
25274S Quebec St & Harvard Ave39.672213-104.903733
25257S Quebec St & Iliff Ave39.677144-104.903438
25309S Quebec St & Jewell Ave39.681722-104.903606
25310S Quebec St & Jewell Ave39.682392-104.903328
16178S Quebec St & Leetsdale Dr39.697845-104.903665
24431S Quebec St & Lincoln Ave39.542275-104.912828
19486S Quebec St & Mississippi Ave39.695321-104.903645
23848S Quebec St & Mountain Brush Cir39.550038-104.910507
23841S Quebec St & Palomino Park Ln39.554692-104.911838
23840S Quebec St & Palomino Pkwy39.557584-104.908044
26059S Quebec St & Park Meadows Dr39.56025-104.904231
19986S Quebec St & Quincy Ave39.638326-104.904165
24777S Quebec St & Quincy Ave39.637542-104.90385
25258S Quebec St & S Parker Rd39.699128-104.903368
16173S Quebec St & S Quebec Way Farside39.69647-104.903403
33388S Quebec St & S Quebec Way Nearside39.695427-104.90335
23846S Quebec St & Timberline Rd39.54374-104.91119
23844S Quebec St & Trailhead Rd39.543851-104.91153
33202S Quebec St & Virginia Ave39.707111-104.903616
19304S Quebec St & Yale Ave39.66699-104.903631
19491S Quebec Way & Colorado Ave39.68443-104.892163
19496S Quebec Way & Colorado Ave39.684828-104.892426
19489S Quebec Way & Florida Ave39.688866-104.896418
19490S Quebec Way & Iowa Ave39.687132-104.894839
19497S Quebec Way & Iowa Ave39.687285-104.894721
21387S Quebec Way & S Xenia Way39.680543-104.885898
21386S Quebec Way & S Xenia Way39.680442-104.88599
19031S Race St & Briarwood Ave39.593576-104.965746
16233S Race St & Briarwood Ave39.593925-104.965882
16235S Race St & Davies Pl39.590805-104.965483
16237S Race St & Davies Pl39.591261-104.965647
16243S Raleigh St & W Amherst Ave39.665183-105.042836
16242S Raleigh St & W Amherst Ave39.664904-105.042873
16244S Raleigh St & W Bates Ave39.662818-105.044023
16245S Raleigh St & W Bates Ave39.662241-105.044171
16246S Raleigh St & W Dartmouth Ave39.659599-105.043553
16254S Raleigh St & W Yale Ave39.667433-105.04182
15197S Reservoir Rd & Mansfield Ave39.646038-104.772111
18920S Reservoir Rd & Mansfield Ave39.645409-104.771248
16302S Reservoir Rd & Princeton Dr39.64059-104.763431
16301S Reservoir Rd & Princeton Dr39.6405-104.763704
22216S Reservoir Rd & Quincy Ave39.638205-104.763377
16303S Reservoir Rd & Quincy Ave39.638949-104.763075
22102S Reservoir Rd & Rice Dr39.63668-104.763395
22110S Reservoir Rd & Rice Dr39.636834-104.763135
16297S Reservoir Rd & S Ceylon Way39.642406-104.766174
16298S Reservoir Rd & S Ceylon Way39.642136-104.766064
24006S Reservoir Rd & S Flanders St39.633594-104.758721
24007S Reservoir Rd & S Flanders St39.634087-104.759457
22925S Reservoir Rd & S Gibraltar St39.631585-104.755388
22926S Reservoir Rd & S Gibraltar St39.63228-104.756034
33464S Revere Pkwy & Arapahoe Rd39.594507-104.840584
16378S Sable Blvd & Alameda Ave39.710659-104.819475
16377S Sable Blvd & Alameda Ave39.711615-104.819208
21133S Sable Blvd & Arkansas Dr39.691674-104.819352
16400S Sable Blvd & Arkansas Dr39.693339-104.819177
19106S Sable Blvd & Bayaud Ave39.714385-104.819227
19107S Sable Blvd & Bayaud Ave39.71423-104.81949
16382S Sable Blvd & Centrepoint Dr39.707394-104.819417
16384S Sable Blvd & Colorado Dr39.684247-104.819367
16385S Sable Blvd & Colorado Dr39.684854-104.819203
16381S Sable Blvd & Ellsworth Ave39.7162-104.819263
16380S Sable Blvd & Ellsworth Ave39.715895-104.819481
22444S Sable Blvd & Exposition Ave39.702891-104.819477
16387S Sable Blvd & Exposition Ave39.704384-104.819171
16388S Sable Blvd & Florida Ave39.690471-104.819187
16389S Sable Blvd & Florida Ave39.689081-104.819355
16394S Sable Blvd & Gunnison Pl39.687743-104.819367
16393S Sable Blvd & Gunnison Pl39.687808-104.819194
16392S Sable Blvd & Iliff Ave39.675366-104.820303
16395S Sable Blvd & Jewell Ave39.682385-104.819208
16396S Sable Blvd & Jewell Ave39.681397-104.819406
16398S Sable Blvd & Kentucky Dr39.701202-104.819172
16403S Sable Blvd & Mississippi Ave39.696085-104.819339
16402S Sable Blvd & Mississippi Ave39.697008-104.819068
16404S Sable Blvd & Pacific Pl39.680193-104.819213
16405S Sable Blvd & Pacific Pl39.679773-104.819378
16399S Sable Blvd & Security Dr39.700626-104.819443
16407S Sable Blvd & Tennessee Ave39.698216-104.819067
16408S Sable Blvd & Tennessee Ave39.697685-104.819374
34394S Santa Fe Dr & Blakeland Dr39.560545-105.036564
34393S Santa Fe Dr & Blakeland Dr39.560591-105.036216
24881S Santa Fe Dr & Highlands Ranch Pkwy39.5389-105.036253
25035S Santa Fe Dr & Midway Dr39.547411-105.036602
25036S Santa Fe Dr & Town Center Dr39.548297-105.036219
16430S Santa Fe Dr & W County Line Rd39.566553-105.032325
22252S Santa Fe Dr & W County Line Rd39.567436-105.031542
22631S Santa Fe Dr & W Mineral Ave39.578588-105.026434
33211S Saulsbury St & W Alaska Dr39.708964-105.075184
25824S Saulsbury St & W Alaska Dr39.709472-105.074988
33220S Saulsbury St & W Virginia Ave39.707336-105.075008
16572S Sheridan Blvd & Morrison Rd39.697811-105.053144
16574S Sheridan Blvd & S Zenobia Way39.686355-105.05307
16535S Sheridan Blvd & W Alameda Ave39.711899-105.053106
16536S Sheridan Blvd & W Alameda Ave39.710858-105.053352
16538S Sheridan Blvd & W Alaska Pl39.708334-105.053342
16541S Sheridan Blvd & W Bates Ave39.663005-105.053139
16542S Sheridan Blvd & W Bates Ave39.662099-105.053352
16544S Sheridan Blvd & W Bayaud Ave39.714694-105.053403
16543S Sheridan Blvd & W Bayaud Ave39.715378-105.053177
16545S Sheridan Blvd & W Center Ave39.705674-105.053338
16549S Sheridan Blvd & W Cornell Ave39.659387-105.053342
16548S Sheridan Blvd & W Cornell Ave39.660012-105.053124
16550S Sheridan Blvd & W Custer Pl39.706139-105.053154
16537S Sheridan Blvd & W Dakota Ave39.709965-105.053176
16551S Sheridan Blvd & W Dartmouth Ave39.656701-105.05309
16552S Sheridan Blvd & W Dartmouth Ave39.655868-105.053367
16553S Sheridan Blvd & W Evans Ave39.679011-105.053146
16554S Sheridan Blvd & W Evans Ave39.678652-105.053387
16556S Sheridan Blvd & W Florida Ave39.689901-105.053124
16557S Sheridan Blvd & W Florida Ave39.688809-105.05339
16555S Sheridan Blvd & W Gill Pl39.703654-105.053168
16508S Sheridan Blvd & W Hampden Ave39.652104-105.052963
16579S Sheridan Blvd & W Iliff Dr39.67346-105.053347
16560S Sheridan Blvd & W Jewell Ave39.681571-105.053429
16559S Sheridan Blvd & W Jewell Ave39.68263-105.053031
16562S Sheridan Blvd & W Kentucky Ave39.699987-105.053333
16561S Sheridan Blvd & W Kentucky Ave39.700798-105.053137
16564S Sheridan Blvd & W Lakeridge Rd39.670988-105.053347
16565S Sheridan Blvd & W Lakeridge Rd39.67074-105.053146
16569S Sheridan Blvd & W Louisiana Ave39.692492-105.053354
16568S Sheridan Blvd & W Louisiana Ave39.693711-105.053082
16570S Sheridan Blvd & W Mexico Ave39.685695-105.053316
16571S Sheridan Blvd & W Mississippi Ave39.696436-105.053353
16573S Sheridan Blvd & W Ohio Ave39.701772-105.053398
16578S Sheridan Blvd & W Vassar Ave39.673606-105.053143
16580S Sheridan Blvd & W Warren Ave39.676077-105.053139
16581S Sheridan Blvd & W Warren Ave39.675494-105.053335
16582S Sheridan Blvd & W Yale Ave39.668185-105.053138
16583S Sheridan Blvd & W Yale Ave39.667034-105.053399
34185S Sherman St & Iowa St40.148923-105.115469
34186S Sherman St & Iowa St40.149305-105.115655
23626S Simms St & Gore Range Rd39.582177-105.129167
23595S Simms St & Meadows Dr39.582156-105.128817
26211S Simms St & S Ward St39.596268-105.128927
23621S Simms St & W Arlington Ave39.618573-105.12889
23600S Simms St & W Arlington Ave39.619128-105.128534
23620S Simms St & W Belleview Ave39.623614-105.128859
23598S Simms St & W Bowles Ave39.610276-105.128586
23623S Simms St & W Bowles Ave39.609166-105.128961
23599S Simms St & W Brandt Pl39.614449-105.128567
23602S Simms St & W Chenango Ave39.627243-105.12851
23619S Simms St & W Chenango Ave39.628096-105.128826
23597S Simms St & W Coal Mine Ave39.60293-105.128656
23624S Simms St & W Coal Mine Ave39.603261-105.128957
26212S Simms St & W Cooper Ave39.600819-105.128665
23622S Simms St & W Cross Ave39.614764-105.128899
23625S Simms St & W Fremont Ave39.585634-105.129094
23596S Simms St & W Fremont Ave39.586324-105.128818
23601S Simms St & W Hialeah Pl39.623197-105.128527
23603S Simms St & W Marlowe Ave39.632099-105.128493
23618S Simms St & W Marlowe Ave39.633235-105.128851
25692S Simms St & W Temple Dr39.635458-105.128463
25693S Simms St & W Temple Dr39.636418-105.128828
33298S Southlands Pkwy & S Central St39.600268-104.70669
21849S Steele St & Ellsworth Ave39.715874-104.950001
19999S Sunset St & Lefthand Cir40.142744-105.121695
34189S Sunset St & Lefthand Cir40.143061-105.121414
34242S Sunset St & Pike Rd40.138402-105.121384
23351S Sunset St & Sunset Pl40.145295-105.121575
23350S Sunset St & Sunset Pl40.14617-105.121406
33240S Syracuse Way & S Uinta St39.666576-104.893065
33196S Syracuse Way & S Uinta St39.66695-104.893198
25243S Syracuse Way & S Whiting Way39.664168-104.890014
25254S Syracuse Way & S Whiting Way39.664426-104.890108
25252S Syracuse Way & S Xeric Ct39.662231-104.887401
25244S Syracuse Way & S Xeric Ct39.662128-104.887482
16161S Tamarac Dr & Dartmouth Ave39.659842-104.902265
16698S Tamarac Dr & Eastman Ave39.657808-104.900091
16699S Tamarac Dr & Eastman Ave39.65725-104.899962
20813S Tamarac Dr & Girard Ave39.654834-104.898901
16700S Tamarac Dr & Hampden Ave39.653478-104.898602
33988S Tamarac Pkwy & Quincy Ave39.637511-104.894529
26066S Tamarac Pkwy & Quincy Ave39.637802-104.894241
16738S Teller St & W Archer Pl39.716279-105.076922
16737S Teller St & W Bayaud Ave39.715189-105.076761
16739S Teller St & W Cedar Ave39.712713-105.076722
16740S Teller St & W Cedar Ave39.71218-105.076932
19222S Teller St & W Hampden Ave39.652325-105.076588
19228S Teller St & W Hampden Ave39.652398-105.076465
19227S Teller St & W Jefferson Ave39.650193-105.076454
23810S Tower Rd & Dickenson Pl39.671929-104.772624
23825S Tower Rd & Dickenson Pl39.672447-104.772314
33269S Tower Rd & Evans Ave39.680576-104.772279
33268S Tower Rd & Evans Ave39.68117-104.772612
23826S Tower Rd & Iliff Ave39.677654-104.772304
23809S Tower Rd & Iliff Ave39.676866-104.772606
26402S Tower Rd & Iowa Dr39.687499-104.77254
26401S Tower Rd & Iowa Dr39.6884-104.772163
26403S Tower Rd & Mexico Pl39.685302-104.772526
26400S Tower Rd & S Andes Cir39.685121-104.772162
23824S Tower Rd & S Telluride St39.66862-104.772328
23811S Tower Rd & S Telluride St39.668581-104.772628
16756S Troy St & Kansas Pl39.69508-104.840505
16758S Troy St & Mississippi Ave39.696166-104.841002
21947S Tucson Way & Briarwood Ave39.592811-104.835501
21938S Tucson Way & Briarwood Ave39.592732-104.835688
21939S Tucson Way & Fremont Pl39.585751-104.835657
21946S Tucson Way & Fremont Pl39.58612-104.835479
21352S Ulster Pkwy & Belleview Ave39.626051-104.894449
22687S Ulster Pkwy & Belleview Ave39.62575-104.894828
24449S Ulster Pkwy & Technology Way39.633169-104.900876
19988S Ulster Pkwy & Tufts Ave39.632408-104.898641
20538S Ulster St & Tufts Ave (Nb)39.631127-104.896298
20101S Ulster St & Tufts Ave (Sb)39.630612-104.89625
16779S Union Blvd & W Alameda Ave39.710364-105.132889
16782S Union Blvd & W Cedar Dr39.712124-105.133031
33542S Union Blvd & W Cedar Dr39.712557-105.133381
16788S Union Blvd & W Ellsworth Ave39.71492-105.133116
16801S University Blvd & Alameda Ave39.711701-104.959071
16802S University Blvd & Alameda Ave39.710718-104.959393
25586S University Blvd & Alameda Ave39.711366-104.959431
16803S University Blvd & Arapahoe Rd39.596082-104.959193
16804S University Blvd & Arapahoe Rd39.594105-104.960322
16805S University Blvd & Bates Ave39.663674-104.959356
16806S University Blvd & Bates Ave39.663985-104.959536
16807S University Blvd & Belleview Ave39.624936-104.959667
16808S University Blvd & Belleview Ave39.623507-104.959995
16853S University Blvd & Buchtel Blvd39.681049-104.959306
16812S University Blvd & Cherry Hills Dr39.64407-104.959352
16813S University Blvd & Cherry Hills Dr39.643008-104.959624
16866S University Blvd & Cherryridge Rd39.634039-104.959811
22298S University Blvd & Cherryridge Rd39.635137-104.959504
16826S University Blvd & Commons Ave39.590792-104.960369
22080S University Blvd & County Line Rd39.566723-104.960282
22079S University Blvd & County Line Rd39.566955-104.960617
22491S University Blvd & County Line Rd Farside39.565559-104.960663
16819S University Blvd & Crabtree Dr39.603369-104.960194
16820S University Blvd & Cresthill Ave39.604111-104.959957
25060S University Blvd & Crossland Way39.544393-104.918528
25062S University Blvd & Crossland Way39.543953-104.917725
22676S University Blvd & Dad Clark Dr39.561298-104.959772
16822S University Blvd & Dartmouth Ave39.66066-104.959552
16821S University Blvd & Dartmouth Ave39.66067-104.959361
19032S University Blvd & Dry Creek Rd39.580044-104.96051
16824S University Blvd & Dry Creek Rd39.581284-104.960184
33588S University Blvd & Easter Ave39.592115-104.96003
22435S University Blvd & Easter Ave39.588366-104.960397
16829S University Blvd & Euclid Ave39.597649-104.957596
16830S University Blvd & Euclid Ave39.596835-104.958737
16832S University Blvd & Evans Ave39.677967-104.959537
16831S University Blvd & Evans Ave39.678782-104.959244
16834S University Blvd & Exposition Ave39.703684-104.959454
16833S University Blvd & Exposition Ave39.704194-104.959261
16835S University Blvd & Florida Ave39.689572-104.959289
16836S University Blvd & Florida Ave39.689013-104.95943
16838S University Blvd & Floyd Ave39.656882-104.959553
16837S University Blvd & Floyd Ave39.656839-104.959377
16839S University Blvd & Garden Ln39.617142-104.959677
16840S University Blvd & Garden Ln39.616739-104.959948
16842S University Blvd & Geddes Ave39.584922-104.960444
16841S University Blvd & Geddes Ave39.585979-104.960141
16843S University Blvd & Hampden Ave39.654511-104.959385
16844S University Blvd & Hampden Ave39.654238-104.959552
16845S University Blvd & Harvard Ave39.671598-104.959293
35355S University Blvd & Harvard Ave39.670809-104.95948
24661S University Blvd & Highlands Ranch Pkwy39.544141-104.943777
16849S University Blvd & Iliff Ave39.675113-104.959315
19040S University Blvd & Jamison Ave39.577421-104.960263
16854S University Blvd & Jewell Ave39.681783-104.959456
16856S University Blvd & Kentucky Ave39.699917-104.959401
16855S University Blvd & Kentucky Ave39.700421-104.959256
19033S University Blvd & Kettle Ave39.576869-104.960493
16857S University Blvd & Louisiana Ave39.693191-104.959268
16858S University Blvd & Louisiana Ave39.692568-104.95943
19039S University Blvd & Mineral Ave39.574318-104.960255
19034S University Blvd & Mineral Ave39.57357-104.960522
16860S University Blvd & Mississippi Ave39.696332-104.95939
16859S University Blvd & Mississippi Ave39.696864-104.959248
16862S University Blvd & Orchard Rd39.608853-104.960147
16863S University Blvd & Orchard Rd39.608875-104.959862
19038S University Blvd & Otero Ave39.570834-104.960274
21343S University Blvd & Otero Ave39.569941-104.960592
33226S University Blvd & Otero Cir39.568628-104.960276
16865S University Blvd & Quincy Ave39.637232-104.959561
16864S University Blvd & Quincy Ave39.637239-104.959775
24674S University Blvd & S Colorado Blvd39.544153-104.943294
24672S University Blvd & S Cresthill Ln39.542742-104.931402
24663S University Blvd & S Cresthill Ln39.542442-104.931468
24671S University Blvd & S Crosspointe Dr39.54402-104.924444
24664S University Blvd & S Crosspointe Dr39.543934-104.923628
16827S University Blvd & S Elizabeth Way39.606615-104.95993
16828S University Blvd & S Elizabeth Way39.605791-104.960166
25085S University Blvd & S Quebec St39.542508-104.913941
24673S University Blvd & Teal Ridge Ct39.542876-104.937225
24662S University Blvd & Teal Ridge Ct39.542592-104.937144
16871S University Blvd & Virginia Ave39.707262-104.959406
16872S University Blvd & Virginia Ave39.707592-104.959266
16873S University Blvd & Weaver Ave39.600318-104.957589
16874S University Blvd & Weaver Ave39.599789-104.957541
16850S University Blvd & Wesley Ave39.673711-104.959541
16878S University Blvd & Yale Ave39.667264-104.959485
16877S University Blvd & Yale Ave39.668293-104.959298
20229S Uravan St & Mississippi Ave39.696908-104.777722
20238S Uravan St & Mississippi Ave39.696229-104.777893
20226S Uravan St & Tennessee Ave39.697533-104.777892
33218S Vance St & W Alaska Dr39.710192-105.079929
20455S Vance St & W Ohio Ave39.704199-105.07964
20453S Vance St & W Virginia Ave39.706668-105.079846
20454S Vance St & W Virginia Ave39.70673-105.079681
17085S Wadsworth Blvd & Morrison Rd39.67404-105.081519
17084S Wadsworth Blvd & Morrison Rd39.67477-105.08125
17056S Wadsworth Blvd & US 28539.654429-105.081184
17023S Wadsworth Blvd & W Alameda Ave39.711748-105.081272
17022S Wadsworth Blvd & W Amherst Ave39.665676-105.081575
17021S Wadsworth Blvd & W Amherst Ave39.665339-105.081352
17068S Wadsworth Blvd & W Bails Ave39.683804-105.081592
17024S Wadsworth Blvd & W Bayaud Ave39.714444-105.081618
17025S Wadsworth Blvd & W Bayaud Ave39.715297-105.081301
17027S Wadsworth Blvd & W Belleview Ave39.625427-105.091208
17026S Wadsworth Blvd & W Belleview Ave39.625006-105.090846
33170S Wadsworth Blvd & W Byers Pl39.712727-105.081713
17066S Wadsworth Blvd & W Colorado Dr39.684812-105.081333
17105S Wadsworth Blvd & W Colorado Dr39.686369-105.08136
19839S Wadsworth Blvd & W Crestline Ave39.617377-105.091023
19838S Wadsworth Blvd & W Crestline Ave39.617639-105.091484
17041S Wadsworth Blvd & W Dartmouth Ave39.662408-105.081309
17042S Wadsworth Blvd & W Dartmouth Ave39.66226-105.081638
17046S Wadsworth Blvd & W Eastman Pl39.658578-105.081297
17047S Wadsworth Blvd & W Eastman Pl39.657834-105.081577
17048S Wadsworth Blvd & W Evans Ave39.678735-105.081611
17049S Wadsworth Blvd & W Evans Ave39.678991-105.08135
17052S Wadsworth Blvd & W Florida Ave39.689992-105.081375
17053S Wadsworth Blvd & W Florida Ave39.689118-105.081604
17054S Wadsworth Blvd & W Girton Ave39.656118-105.081224
17055S Wadsworth Blvd & W Girton Ave39.655473-105.081514
20953S Wadsworth Blvd & W Hampden Ave39.651097-105.08164
17063S Wadsworth Blvd & W Jefferson Ave39.650508-105.081234
17064S Wadsworth Blvd & W Jefferson Ave39.649321-105.081603
17067S Wadsworth Blvd & W Jewell Ave39.682605-105.081261
17065S Wadsworth Blvd & W Jewell Ave39.681799-105.08164
17071S Wadsworth Blvd & W Kentucky Ave39.700421-105.081395
17072S Wadsworth Blvd & W Kentucky Ave39.700477-105.081626
17073S Wadsworth Blvd & W Layton Ave39.630071-105.086765
17075S Wadsworth Blvd & W Layton Ave39.6297-105.08766
17076S Wadsworth Blvd & W Louisiana Ave39.692652-105.081444
17077S Wadsworth Blvd & W Louisiana Ave39.692312-105.081691
17078S Wadsworth Blvd & W Mansfield Ave39.646378-105.081266
17079S Wadsworth Blvd & W Mansfield Ave39.645538-105.081662
17081S Wadsworth Blvd & W Mexico Pl39.685531-105.081563
17083S Wadsworth Blvd & W Mississippi Ave39.696188-105.081758
17082S Wadsworth Blvd & W Mississippi Ave39.697105-105.081348
17087S Wadsworth Blvd & W Ohio Ave39.703471-105.081622
17088S Wadsworth Blvd & W Oxford Dr39.642593-105.081358
17089S Wadsworth Blvd & W Oxford Dr39.642108-105.081677
17100S Wadsworth Blvd & W Quincy Ave39.638129-105.081895
17099S Wadsworth Blvd & W Quincy Ave39.638147-105.08153
22530S Wadsworth Blvd & W Stanford Ave39.634533-105.082515
22765S Wadsworth Blvd & W Stanford Ave39.63494-105.082752
17106S Wadsworth Blvd & W Vassar Ave39.670278-105.081232
17107S Wadsworth Blvd & W Vassar Ave39.670384-105.081506
17108S Wadsworth Blvd & W Woodard Dr39.676063-105.081589
17110S Wadsworth Blvd & W Yale Ave39.667332-105.0816
17109S Wadsworth Blvd & W Yale Ave39.668549-105.081339
17233S Webster St & W Amherst Ave39.665261-105.078531
17232S Webster St & W Bates Ave39.66474-105.078493
17234S Webster St & W Dartmouth Ave39.663066-105.07912
17235S Webster St & W Dartmouth Ave39.662893-105.079343
17237S Webster St & W Yale Ave39.667287-105.078772
17594S Wheeling Way & Louisiana Ave39.692678-104.83427
17599S Wheeling Way & Louisiana Ave39.693077-104.834789
17600S Wheeling Way & S Uvalda St39.694384-104.837281
17593S Wheeling Way & S Uvalda St39.694177-104.83727
17430S Yosemite St & Arapahoe Rd39.595804-104.888789
25251S Yosemite St & Eastman Ave39.656883-104.884634
25245S Yosemite St & Eastman Ave39.657408-104.884839
26064S Yosemite St & Hampden Ave39.653514-104.884621
25276S Yosemite St & Hampden Ave39.651941-104.884627
25275S Yosemite St & Hampden Ave39.653637-104.884932
25250S Yosemite St & Jefferson Ave39.65058-104.884666
25246S Yosemite St & Jefferson Ave39.650539-104.884997
25247S Yosemite St & Lehigh Ave39.647182-104.885126
25249S Yosemite St & Lehigh Ave39.648245-104.884771
17443S Yosemite St & Mansfield Ave39.644393-104.885192
25248S Yosemite St & Mansfield Ave39.645056-104.884868
17445S Yosemite St & Nassau Ave39.642968-104.885217
17444S Yosemite St & Nassau Ave39.643467-104.884921
17448S Yosemite St & Oxford Dr39.640666-104.884923
17447S Yosemite St & Oxford Dr39.640677-104.885248
17451S Yosemite St & Peakview Ave39.598292-104.889062
17452S Yosemite St & Radcliff Ave39.636851-104.885015
17459S Yosemite St & S Xeric Way39.635979-104.885322
21867S Yosemite St & S Yosemite Cir39.597763-104.888772
21711S Yosemite St & S Yosemite Cir39.596286-104.889036
17454S Yosemite St & Tufts Ave39.633151-104.885321
17453S Yosemite St & Tufts Ave39.633732-104.885055
17455S Yosemite St & Union Ave39.63173-104.885081
19494S Yosemite St & Warren Ave39.676787-104.884484
19493S Yosemite St & Warren Ave39.676771-104.884658
16390Sable Blvd & 2nd Ave39.718937-104.819255
16391Sable Blvd & 2nd Ave39.718724-104.819483
16370Sable Blvd & 4th Ave39.722269-104.819264
16371Sable Blvd & 4th Ave39.721633-104.819571
22009Sable Blvd & 6th Ave39.726127-104.817457
16372Sable Blvd & 6th Ave39.725298-104.819266
21713Sable Blvd & 6th Ave39.726255-104.817636
16373Sable Blvd & 6th Ave39.72511-104.819601
16357Sable Blvd & 10th Ave39.729683-104.818416
16358Sable Blvd & 10th Ave39.729464-104.818378
16359Sable Blvd & 12th Ave39.733516-104.819308
16360Sable Blvd & 12th Ave39.733083-104.819461
16364Sable Blvd & 13th Ave39.736371-104.819495
19406Sable Blvd & 13th Ave39.736392-104.819318
18795Sable Blvd & 16th Pl39.742345-104.819332
18753Sable Blvd & 23rd Ave39.751332-104.819486
18798Sable Blvd & 23rd Ave39.751451-104.819335
18799Sable Blvd & 25th Ave39.75328-104.819338
18752Sable Blvd & 25th Ave39.753-104.819519
22343Sable Blvd & 28th Ave39.755736-104.819327
18751Sable Blvd & 28th Ave39.755721-104.819473
24530Sable Blvd & 120th Ave39.916857-104.818393
24529Sable Blvd & 120th Ave39.91622-104.81879
24531Sable Blvd & 132nd Ave39.936274-104.818262
24528Sable Blvd & 132nd Ave39.936216-104.818384
24527Sable Blvd & 136th Ave39.943013-104.818368
24532Sable Blvd & 136th Ave39.943995-104.818227
24526Sable Blvd & 144th Ave39.957497-104.818365
24533Sable Blvd & 144th Ave39.958088-104.818233
26414Sable Blvd & Bromley Ln39.969903-104.818049
26415Sable Blvd & Bromley Ln39.96963-104.81832
21342Sable Blvd & Colfax Ave39.741236-104.819511
16383Sable Blvd & Colfax Ave39.73946-104.819502
18794Sable Blvd & Colfax Ave39.740931-104.819327
18755Sable Blvd & Evergreen Ave39.744362-104.819514
18796Sable Blvd & Evergreen Ave39.744754-104.819341
18754Sable Blvd & Montview Blvd39.747592-104.819483
18797Sable Blvd & Montview Blvd39.74682-104.819342
35102Salida Ct & Walden St39.763818-104.775213
26383Salida St & 40th Ave39.772394-104.783737
16421Santa Fe Dr & W 8th Ave39.729147-104.998562
16418Santa Fe Dr & W 11th Ave39.733915-104.998604
16420Santa Fe Dr & W 13th Ave39.737446-104.998614
16479Sheridan Blvd & 49th Ave39.78605-105.053359
16519Sheridan Blvd & Turnpike Dr39.85427-105.053451
16520Sheridan Blvd & Turnpike Dr39.85423-105.053132
16456Sheridan Blvd & W 1st Ave39.718173-105.053412
16455Sheridan Blvd & W 1st Ave39.718911-105.053154
26091Sheridan Blvd & W 1st Ave39.718746-105.053377
16473Sheridan Blvd & W 2nd Ave39.720917-105.053192
16465Sheridan Blvd & W 2nd Ave39.720519-105.053355
16489Sheridan Blvd & W 5th Ave39.723331-105.053398
16480Sheridan Blvd & W 5th Ave39.723783-105.053149
22674Sheridan Blvd & W 8th Ave39.729268-105.053124
16509Sheridan Blvd & W 8th Ave39.728212-105.053375
16444Sheridan Blvd & W 10th Ave39.733439-105.053141
16445Sheridan Blvd & W 10th Ave39.732788-105.053338
16450Sheridan Blvd & W 13th Ave39.736973-105.053129
16453Sheridan Blvd & W 17th Ave39.743486-105.053307
16452Sheridan Blvd & W 17th Ave39.744605-105.053122
16458Sheridan Blvd & W 20th Ave39.74577-105.05339
16457Sheridan Blvd & W 20th Ave39.747475-105.053115
34357Sheridan Blvd & W 20th Ave39.748086-105.053374
16459Sheridan Blvd & W 24th Ave39.751358-105.053365
16460Sheridan Blvd & W 24th Ave39.751712-105.053133
16461Sheridan Blvd & W 26th Ave39.75513-105.053146
16462Sheridan Blvd & W 26th Ave39.754509-105.053374
16464Sheridan Blvd & W 29th Ave39.758108-105.053332
16463Sheridan Blvd & W 29th Ave39.758807-105.053145
16467Sheridan Blvd & W 32nd Ave39.761863-105.053339
16466Sheridan Blvd & W 32nd Ave39.762499-105.053152
16468Sheridan Blvd & W 35th Ave39.766255-105.053144
16469Sheridan Blvd & W 35th Ave39.765814-105.053334
16471Sheridan Blvd & W 38th Ave39.769019-105.053335
16470Sheridan Blvd & W 38th Ave39.769622-105.053139
16475Sheridan Blvd & W 41st Ave39.77153-105.053332
16474Sheridan Blvd & W 41st Ave39.773248-105.053152
16476Sheridan Blvd & W 44th Ave39.776148-105.053348
16477Sheridan Blvd & W 48th Ave39.784289-105.053117
16478Sheridan Blvd & W 49th Ave39.786045-105.053162
16481Sheridan Blvd & W 52nd Ave39.791607-105.053077
16482Sheridan Blvd & W 52nd Ave39.791605-105.053364
16483Sheridan Blvd & W 53rd Ave39.793184-105.053035
16484Sheridan Blvd & W 53rd Ave39.793313-105.053371
16492Sheridan Blvd & W 60th Ave39.805165-105.053198
16491Sheridan Blvd & W 60th Ave39.805831-105.053075
16494Sheridan Blvd & W 62nd Ave39.809291-105.053423
16493Sheridan Blvd & W 62nd Ave39.809861-105.053103
16496Sheridan Blvd & W 64th Ave39.811838-105.053429
16495Sheridan Blvd & W 64th Ave39.813471-105.053094
23701Sheridan Blvd & W 66th Ave39.815679-105.053439
23702Sheridan Blvd & W 66th Ave39.816042-105.053151
16497Sheridan Blvd & W 68th Ave39.820371-105.053111
16498Sheridan Blvd & W 68th Ave39.819815-105.053418
19121Sheridan Blvd & W 70th Ave39.824035-105.053159
19122Sheridan Blvd & W 70th Ave39.824064-105.053521
16500Sheridan Blvd & W 72nd Ave39.826648-105.053627
16499Sheridan Blvd & W 72nd Ave39.827822-105.053106
16504Sheridan Blvd & W 76th Ave39.833959-105.053422
33975Sheridan Blvd & W 76th Ave39.833773-105.053085
23507Sheridan Blvd & W 78th Ave39.837516-105.053402
33581Sheridan Blvd & W 78th Ave39.837632-105.053092
16510Sheridan Blvd & W 80th Ave39.842258-105.053092
16511Sheridan Blvd & W 80th Ave39.840661-105.053392
16514Sheridan Blvd & W 82nd Pl39.845461-105.053336
16515Sheridan Blvd & W 82nd Pl39.846088-105.053107
16518Sheridan Blvd & W 84th Ave39.849885-105.053058
16517Sheridan Blvd & W 84th Ave39.849297-105.053318
16522Sheridan Blvd & W 88th Ave39.85553-105.054296
16527Sheridan Blvd & W 92nd Ave39.862899-105.053398
16546Sheridan Blvd & W Colfax Ave39.740854-105.053077
16547Sheridan Blvd & W Colfax Ave39.739808-105.053338
22707Sheridan Blvd & W Colfax Ave39.740179-105.05311
16488Sheridan Blvd & W Ralston Rd39.799621-105.053273
16487Sheridan Blvd & W Ralston Rd39.798869-105.052968
33561Sheridan Station39.735147-105.053616
33968Sheridan Station39.734938-105.053456
33969Sheridan Station39.73495-105.053108
33967Sheridan Station39.735114-105.052794
34235Sheridan Station39.735028-105.053634
20523Simms St & W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd39.727616-105.12832
16589Simms St & W 8th Ave39.728642-105.128627
17878Sir Galahad Dr & South Boulder Rd39.986988-105.079253
17906Sir Galahad Dr & South Boulder Rd39.987087-105.079109
35204Sky Ridge Station39.532059-104.870263
35243Sky Ridge Station39.532268-104.869854
35205Sky Ridge Station39.532536-104.870481
23424Smith Rd & Havana St39.768557-104.865177
23422Smith Rd & Havana St (Denver County Jail)39.768237-104.863331
16605Smith Rd & Holly St39.774258-104.920806
16607Smith Rd & Kearney St39.773645-104.916865
16608Smith Rd & Kearney St39.773733-104.916746
16612Smith Rd & Magnolia St39.772937-104.91155
16613Smith Rd & Monaco Pkwy39.77325-104.913234
16614Smith Rd & Newport St39.772823-104.910087
16615Smith Rd & Oneida St39.772473-104.908407
22078Smith Rd & Poplar St39.772027-104.90517
21080Smith Rd & Poplar St39.772008-104.904396
17854Smith Rd & Quentin St39.766827-104.844164
17855Smith Rd & Scranton St39.76632-104.837364
17859Smith Rd & Scranton St39.766483-104.837915
17856Smith Rd & Smith Dr39.763413-104.825
21739Smith Rd & Smith Dr39.763698-104.825603
34670Smith Rd & Syracuse St.39.771274-104.899256
26126Smoky Hill - Picadilly PnR39.608726-104.746993
33842Smoky Hill / Picadilly39.608862-104.746141
21591Smoky Hill Rd & Danube St39.615391-104.763677
22437Smoky Hill Rd & Himalaya St39.612415-104.75589
23448Smoky Hill Rd & Pheasant Run Pkw39.627986-104.796591
19824Smoky Hill Rd & Pheasant Run Pkwy39.627187-104.795198
33507Smoky Hill Rd & Picadilly PnR39.609297-104.74561
18281Smoky Hill Rd & Quincy Ave39.638151-104.822469
19104Smoky Hill Rd & Radcliff Dr39.637242-104.821036
18282Smoky Hill Rd & Radcliff Dr39.636713-104.820832
33128Smoky Hill Rd & S Aurora Pkwy39.597776-104.706198
24003Smoky Hill Rd & S Biscay Cir39.617313-104.769134
24002Smoky Hill Rd & S Biscay Cir39.61668-104.768275
18303Smoky Hill Rd & S Buckley Rd39.626422-104.791948
18292Smoky Hill Rd & S Buckley Rd39.625685-104.790814
18285Smoky Hill Rd & S Chambers Rd39.632231-104.809594
18310Smoky Hill Rd & S Chambers Rd39.632908-104.810832
21584Smoky Hill Rd & S Danube St39.61535-104.764733
18283Smoky Hill Rd & S Eagle Cir39.63533-104.81855
18311Smoky Hill Rd & S Evanston St39.63438-104.815185
18284Smoky Hill Rd & S Evanston St39.634307-104.815593
33322Smoky Hill Rd & S Gun Club Rd39.602086-104.717014
33323Smoky Hill Rd & S Gun Club Rd39.602429-104.717646
22436Smoky Hill Rd & S Himalaya St39.612221-104.756231
23450Smoky Hill Rd & S Kalispell St39.630617-104.804184
19821Smoky Hill Rd & S Kalispell St39.630258-104.803901
21585Smoky Hill Rd & S Kirk St39.609248-104.749208
21590Smoky Hill Rd & S Kirk St39.609299-104.748588
19822Smoky Hill Rd & S Laredo St39.629068-104.800494
23449Smoky Hill Rd & S Laredo St39.629491-104.800925
26377Smoky Hill Rd & S Liverpool St39.607536-104.743708
33324Smoky Hill Rd & S Main St39.599569-104.710762
33325Smoky Hill Rd & S Main St39.60035-104.711822
26379Smoky Hill Rd & S Ponderosa Trail39.601058-104.722317
18294Smoky Hill Rd & S Richfield St39.623824-104.786135
26375Smoky Hill Rd & S Riviera Way39.605761-104.730069
18309Smoky Hill Rd & S Shenandoah Way39.631454-104.806472
18286Smoky Hill Rd & S Shenandoah Way39.631131-104.806377
26501Smoky Hill Rd & S Telluride St39.622244-104.782096
18300Smoky Hill Rd & S Telluride St39.622781-104.782904
21592Smoky Hill Rd & S Tower Rd39.619037-104.773513
21583Smoky Hill Rd & S Tower Rd39.618876-104.773726
26374Smoky Hill Rd & S Versailles Pkwy39.601284-104.723255
26376Smoky Hill Rd & S Waco St39.620852-104.777988
21582Smoky Hill Rd & S Waco St39.620307-104.777311
26378Smoky Hill Rd & Saddlerock Trails39.605069-104.72946
18312Smoky Hill Rd & Tufts Ave39.635662-104.81874
18293Smoky Hill Rd & Wagontrail Pkwy39.624505-104.78786
18302Smoky Hill Rd & Wagontrail Pkwy39.625024-104.788514
34432So Chambers Rd & Aventerra Pkwy39.549026-104.80882
19455South Boulder Rd & 76th St39.986652-105.175697
19453South Boulder Rd & 76th St39.986881-105.176026
22228South Boulder Rd & Angevine Way39.987105-105.104444
34336South Boulder Rd & Angevine Way39.986886-105.103141
18046South Boulder Rd & Barcelona Dr39.986647-105.178794
17890South Boulder Rd & Barcelona Dr39.986871-105.179998
21649South Boulder Rd & Cannon Cir39.98699-105.1303
20016South Boulder Rd & Centaur Village Dr39.987097-105.108172
20007South Boulder Rd & Centaur Village Dr39.986913-105.107361
19450South Boulder Rd & Centennial Dr W39.987094-105.145305
21135South Boulder Rd & Ceres Dr39.987066-105.114227
21709South Boulder Rd & Cherryvale Rd39.986209-105.213243
21708South Boulder Rd & Cherryvale Rd39.986019-105.2124
23684South Boulder Rd & Clyncke Ln39.986679-105.186072
20009South Boulder Rd & Coal Creek Dr39.986862-105.095894
20014South Boulder Rd & Coal Creek Dr39.987061-105.096762
33853South Boulder Rd & Cottonwood Dr39.986857-105.140406
21857South Boulder Rd & Dixon Ave39.987033-105.09309
21673South Boulder Rd & Ed's Way39.986361-105.195907
21675South Boulder Rd & Ed's Way39.986563-105.196516
20006South Boulder Rd & Edessa Dr39.986894-105.113382
23407South Boulder Rd & Etna Ct39.987048-105.116486
23406South Boulder Rd & Etna Dr39.986869-105.116501
25845South Boulder Rd & Garfield Ave39.987051-105.138554
18044South Boulder Rd & Hayes Dr39.98699-105.158281
26209South Boulder Rd & Hays Dr39.986723-105.157801
20005South Boulder Rd & Hwy 4239.986728-105.126587
24620South Boulder Rd & Hwy 4239.987008-105.125838
17897South Boulder Rd & Kennedy Ave39.98672-105.160672
21697South Boulder Rd & Main St39.9868-105.131392
22307South Boulder Rd & Malory St39.986961-105.083653
19452South Boulder Rd & Manhattan Dr39.986033-105.227765
19454South Boulder Rd & Manhattan Dr39.985832-105.227151
19456South Boulder Rd & McCaslin Blvd39.986726-105.163678
19451South Boulder Rd & McCaslin Blvd39.986944-105.164914
20008South Boulder Rd & Minotaur Dr39.986879-105.101084
20015South Boulder Rd & Minotaur Dr39.987071-105.101798
22344South Boulder Rd & Plaza Dr39.986807-105.123418
22345South Boulder Rd & Plaza Dr39.987033-105.122603
22302South Boulder Rd & Robin Hood St39.986863-105.080485
22301South Boulder Rd & Robin Hood St39.986752-105.080249
20717South Boulder Rd & S 55th St39.985986-105.224097
21672South Boulder Rd & S 55th St39.985757-105.223947
22308South Boulder Rd & Saratoga Dr39.98676-105.084298
20696South Boulder Rd & Via Capri39.98686-105.146066
21858South Boulder Rd & Waneka Pkwy39.986854-105.09352
17888South Boulder Rd & Washington Ave39.987009-105.154949
17898South Boulder Rd & Washington Ave39.986789-105.153936
34433South Chambers Rd & Aventerra Pkwy39.548972-104.809179
34440South Federal Blvd & West Alameda Ave39.712177-105.025253
15705South Golden Rd & Camp George West39.733711-105.171819
15704South Golden Rd & Camp George West39.733974-105.171732
15706South Golden Rd & Grand Ct39.745308-105.206182
15707South Golden Rd & Grand Ct39.745701-105.206536
15713South Golden Rd & Isabell St39.734015-105.169408
15712South Golden Rd & Isabell St39.733919-105.169133
15711South Golden Rd & Johnson Rd39.741656-105.200162
15714South Golden Rd & Lunnonhaus Dr39.740182-105.197888
15715South Golden Rd & Lunnonhaus Dr39.741112-105.198957
15716South Golden Rd & McIntyre St39.733944-105.175407
15717South Golden Rd & Moss St39.733836-105.17627
15718South Golden Rd & Mt Vernon Rd39.733869-105.178459
15730South Golden Rd & Mt Vernon Rd39.734127-105.179332
15719South Golden Rd & Pike St39.734649-105.18185
15720South Golden Rd & Pike St39.734733-105.181782
15722South Golden Rd & Quaker St39.735329-105.184136
15721South Golden Rd & Quaker St39.735498-105.185258
15723South Golden Rd & Sunset Dr39.74414-105.203557
15724South Golden Rd & Sunset Dr39.743558-105.203135
15725South Golden Rd & Ulysses St39.737518-105.193312
15727South Golden Rd & Ulysses St39.737447-105.192427
15726South Golden Rd & Ulysses St39.738466-105.19487
15728South Golden Rd & Utah St39.738711-105.195619
15729South Golden Rd & Utah St39.73969-105.196775
15701South Golden Rd & W 12th Ave39.73666-105.189422
15702South Golden Rd & W 12th Ave39.736452-105.189248
15703South Golden Rd & W 16th Ave39.742581-105.201153
34011Southmoor Station39.648971-104.916439
25978Southmoor Station39.648226-104.9161
33721Southmoor Station39.648898-104.915046
26317Southmoor Station Gate A39.649065-104.91468
18673Southmoor Station Gate B39.649087-104.915044
26302Southmoor Station Gate C39.649085-104.915288
26303Southmoor Station Gate D39.64873-104.914929
26304Southmoor Station Gate E39.648726-104.914734
26312Southmoor Station Gate F39.648718-104.914346
16324Southwest Plaza39.613745-105.092074
33843Southwest Plaza39.613689-105.091964
20712Speer Blvd & Downing St39.718713-104.97309
20127Speer Blvd & Washington St39.720755-104.978445
20128Speer Blvd & Washington St39.720166-104.978759
19688Spine Rd & 63rd St40.067263-105.205766
16631Spine Rd & Williams Fork Trail40.067623-105.202577
16653Steele St & 49th Ave39.784596-104.949893
16652Steele St & 49th Ave39.785152-104.949761
16655Steele St & 50th Ave39.787482-104.949984
16654Steele St & 50th Ave39.78758-104.949864
16656Steele St & Ellsworth Ave39.716521-104.949708
17759Stout St & 14th St39.743863-104.995517
17760Stout St & 16th Street Mall39.745686-104.99312
35400Stout St & 18th St39.748307-104.989777
17761Stout St & 18th St39.747524-104.990715
17762Stout St & 19th St39.748812-104.989084
16660Stout St & 21st St39.750635-104.986756
16662Stout St & 25th St39.754388-104.981914
16663Stout St & 27th St39.756263-104.979505
16664Stout St & 29th St39.75817-104.977043
16661Stout St & Park Ave39.752555-104.984287
14724Stout St & W Colfax Ave39.740646-104.999836
33606Syracuse St & 32nd Ave39.762407-104.898786
33607Syracuse St & 32nd Ave39.762626-104.899009
33007Syracuse St & 35th Ave39.764835-104.898758
33006Syracuse St & 35th Ave39.764794-104.898985
25492Syracuse St & 36th Ave39.767165-104.899642
33601Syracuse St & 36th Ave39.767058-104.89979
26078Syracuse St & Montview Blvd39.748306-104.898616
33743Table Mesa39.986443-105.232995
16680Table Mesa Dr & 39th St39.985739-105.247903
16681Table Mesa Dr & 40th St39.985915-105.247589
16688Table Mesa Dr & Colby Dr39.980261-105.258666
19314Table Mesa Dr & Gillaspie Dr39.982903-105.254278
16691Table Mesa Dr & Harvard Ln39.985026-105.251049
19310Table Mesa Dr & Ithaca Dr39.980687-105.256714
16694Table Mesa Dr & Moorhead Ave39.985717-105.236706
16683Table Mesa Dr & S 42nd St39.985897-105.245111
16682Table Mesa Dr & S 43rd St39.985743-105.244754
16686Table Mesa Dr & S Broadway39.984738-105.250824
19313Table Mesa Dr & Stanford Ave39.98404-105.252912
21103Table Mesa Dr & Tantra Dr39.985736-105.24081
16685Table Mesa Dr & Tantra Dr39.985937-105.240079
19311Table Mesa Dr & Yale Rd39.982307-105.254358
19315Table Mesa Dr & Yale Rd39.981545-105.255469
33844Tantra Dr / Table Mesa39.986328-105.239925
10272Tejon St & W 31st Ave39.761142-105.011056
23230Tejon St & W 31st Ave39.76059-105.011205
16709Tejon St & W 32nd Ave39.761731-105.011212
16708Tejon St & W 32nd Ave39.762285-105.011124
16711Tejon St & W 34th Ave39.764615-105.011257
16710Tejon St & W 34th Ave39.76476-105.011133
16712Tejon St & W 36th Ave39.767075-105.011138
16713Tejon St & W 36th Ave39.766635-105.011265
16714Tejon St & W 38th Ave39.769567-105.011141
16715Tejon St & W 38th Ave39.769013-105.011265
16717Tejon St & W 41st Ave39.772702-105.011288
16716Tejon St & W 41st Ave39.773141-105.011164
16718Tejon St & W 44th Ave39.776238-105.011283
16733Teller St & W 1st Ave39.718018-105.076928
20811Temple Dr & S Wabash St39.632215-104.889377
20810Temple Dr & S Wabash St39.632414-104.889404
20812Temple Dr & S Xenia St39.63148-104.886933
20809Temple Dr & S Xenia St39.631479-104.886353
22432Tenino Ave & 55th St39.99662-105.225853
19817Tenino Ave & Manhattan Dr39.99654-105.229498
33876Tenino Ave & Manhattan Dr39.996416-105.229471
33875Tenino Ave & Oneida St39.996483-105.226048
16741Tennessee Ave & S Jersey St39.698704-104.91937
16742Tennessee Ave & S Jersey St39.698822-104.919092
23359Terry St & 2nd Ave40.162678-105.10507
23360Terry St & 2nd Ave40.162657-105.105246
34113Theatre District / Convention Center39.743923-104.99607
29104Theatre District / Convention Center Station39.743652-104.997481
25884Theatre District / Convention Ctr Station39.743866-104.996427
25882Thomas Jefferson High School39.647822-104.922373
15292Thornton Crossroads & 104th Station Gate D39.881541-104.941333
13960Thornton Crossroads & 104th Station Gate F39.882055-104.942018
35252Thornton Crossroads - 104th Station Track 139.881832-104.942045
35253Thornton Crossroads - 104th Station Track 239.882482-104.942763
35365Thornton Crossroads / 104th Ave Station39.881986-104.940968
33732Thornton East Side39.855342-104.985899
23103Thornton PnR Gate A39.855285-104.986388
21994Thornton PnR Gate B39.855338-104.986479
18681Thornton PnR Gate C39.85546-104.987473
33733Thornton West Side39.8553-104.987905
24510Tower Rd & 19th Ave39.745923-104.772342
24520Tower Rd & 19th Ave39.74519-104.772524
24519Tower Rd & 22nd Ave39.748817-104.772472
24511Tower Rd & 22nd Pl39.750877-104.772255
34362Tower Rd & 28th Ave39.755926-104.772389
34361Tower Rd & 28th Ave39.756446-104.77205
24512Tower Rd & 32nd Pkwy39.760856-104.772029
23902Tower Rd & 32nd Pkwy39.761353-104.772415
25805Tower Rd & 38th Ave39.768844-104.772053
25804Tower Rd & 40th Ave39.768787-104.772375
33462Tower Rd & 43rd Ave39.774203-104.772347
33461Tower Rd & 43rd Ave39.775003-104.771992
19667Tower Rd & 45th Ave39.777666-104.772316
24513Tower Rd & 45th Ave39.777557-104.771972
23706Tower Rd & 47th Ave39.781461-104.772306
23707Tower Rd & 47th Ave39.780921-104.771983
26435Tower Rd & 51st Ave39.789788-104.771957
26436Tower Rd & 51st Ave39.789794-104.772299
24619Tower Rd & 56th Ave39.797779-104.772255
24618Tower Rd & 56th Ave39.79873-104.771986
35183Tower Rd & 61st Ave39.807006-104.772253
35182Tower Rd & 61st Ave39.807062-104.771986
24515Tower Rd & 63rd Ave39.810555-104.771976
24518Tower Rd & 63rd Ave39.810459-104.772252
24517Tower Rd & 68th Ave39.820692-104.772095
25193Tower Rd & 69th Ave39.821148-104.771839
25472Tower Rd & 71st Ave39.825116-104.772011
25471Tower Rd & 71st Ave39.825262-104.771671
25812Tower Rd & Colfax Ave39.741434-104.772244
33996Tower Rd & Colfax Ave39.741297-104.772596
33364Tower Rd & Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.783329-104.772286
24514Tower Rd & Green Valley Ranch Blvd39.784096-104.771922
25791Tower Rd & Smith Rd39.753551-104.772407
25792Tower Rd & Smith Rd39.753673-104.772177
17764Tremont Pl & 16th Street Mall39.743046-104.989877
18658Tufts Ave & S DTC Blvd39.633233-104.895051
18654Tufts Ave & S DTC Blvd39.63301-104.894782
16765Tulsa Ct & Albrook Dr39.78092-104.841111
16769Tulsa Ct & Elk Pl39.782264-104.840634
16768Tulsa Ct & Elk Pl39.782702-104.840358
25798Twenty Mile Rd & Dransfeldt Rd39.510437-104.767321
25796Twenty Mile Rd & Pavillion Dr39.510168-104.767538
24435Twin Forks PnR39.606948-105.229666
33527US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate C39.906219-105.086255
33528US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate D39.906222-105.085985
33529US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate E39.906569-105.086231
33533US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate H39.906799-105.086177
33534US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate J39.907021-105.086338
33535US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate K39.906116-105.085189
33536US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate L39.906525-105.084592
34658US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate P39.906238-105.085272
34659US 36 & Broomfield Station Gate R39.906451-105.084539
26566US 36 & Church Ranch Station Gate A39.887992-105.073145
26567US 36 & Church Ranch Station Gate B39.888416-105.07178
34657US 36 & Flatiron Station Gate A39.933392-105.122865
25332US 36 & Flatiron Station Gate B39.933858-105.123899
25331US 36 & Flatiron Station Gate D39.932788-105.123817
35242US 36 & Flatiron Station Gate F39.932492-105.123462
19775US 36 & McCaslin Station Gate A39.958022-105.168041
34655US 36 & McCaslin Station Gate B39.958161-105.168151
19732US 36 & McCaslin Station Gate D39.95901-105.167351
34656US 36 & McCaslin Station Gate E39.95898-105.167154
25052US 36 & McCaslin Stn Gate F39.957214-105.165746
25046US 36 & McCaslin Stn Gate G39.9584-105.165466
18685US 36 & Sheridan Station Gate A39.856969-105.053582
34660US 36 & Sheridan Station Gate C39.85743-105.054121
22903US 36 & Sheridan Station Gate D39.857772-105.053267
34195US 36 & Table Mesa Station Gate A39.98578-105.23454
33855US 36 & Table Mesa Station Gate B39.986706-105.232717
17891US 36 & Table Mesa Station Gate C39.986751-105.232921
22566US 36 & Table Mesa Station Gate D39.98687-105.232758
16342US 36 & Table Mesa Station Gate E39.987034-105.232168
33745US 36 / Broomfield Station39.906436-105.086374
33737US 36 / Church Ranch Station East Side39.89013-105.07321
33736US 36 / Church Ranch Station West Side39.890279-105.075173
33744US 36 / Flatiron Station East Side39.933697-105.123056
34259US 36 / Flatiron Station West Side39.93249-105.123607
33739US 36 / McCaslin Station East Side39.959154-105.167602
34706US 36 / McCaslin Station West Side39.957994-105.168557
33734US 36 / Sheridan Station East Side39.857837-105.052841
33735US 36 / Sheridan Station West Side39.856981-105.054209
18906US 40 & Hwy 2639.698342-105.207026
22326US 40 & Lookout Mountain Rd39.711197-105.271036
19164US 85 & 104th Ave39.884842-104.882619
19163US 85 & 104th Ave39.885775-104.881038
24872US 85 & 112th Ave39.89999-104.86805
24873US 85 & 112th Ave39.899281-104.869082
19162US 85 & 120th Ave39.913861-104.857666
19161US 85 & 120th Ave39.914894-104.856584
19160US 85 & 144th Ave39.957115-104.832896
19159US 85 & 144th Ave39.958454-104.831776
29203US 85 & Bridge St PnR39.984322-104.823124
33850US 85 / Bridge St39.984264-104.823496
33846US 285 / Mountain View39.502526-105.322924
33845US 285 / Twin Forks39.607118-105.229658
33110US 287 & Arapahoe Rd40.016709-105.102759
33109US 287 & Arapahoe Rd40.017138-105.103104
25901US 287 & Campus Dr39.967886-105.090023
23799US 287 & Dawson Dr40.061827-105.102535
23798US 287 & Dawson Dr40.061667-105.102854
19959US 287 & Diamond Cir40.003566-105.103068
19961US 287 & Diamond Cir40.004371-105.10269
17972US 287 & Dillon Rd39.957521-105.090469
21286US 287 & Empire Rd39.970946-105.090427
19960US 287 & Goose Haven Dr40.053974-105.10285
33296US 287 & Hwy 5240.086627-105.103036
33297US 287 & Hwy 5240.08848-105.102706
33685US 287 & Isabelle Rd40.035839-105.103248
33683US 287 & Isabelle Rd40.037329-105.102805
19962US 287 & Jasper Rd40.053942-105.102523
23797US 287 & Lookout Rd40.072405-105.102653
23796US 287 & Lookout Rd40.073412-105.10232
19099US 287 & Lucerne Dr40.010189-105.103065
19971US 287 & Lucerne Dr40.010647-105.102748
35475US 287 & Medtronic Dr39.963285-105.090024
17957US 287 & Midway Blvd39.923004-105.090548
20536US 287 & Miramonte Blvd39.934933-105.090537
20537US 287 & Miramonte Blvd39.934779-105.090962
21009US 287 & Niwot Rd40.101956-105.103046
21010US 287 & Niwot Rd40.10207-105.102726
25095US 287 & Pike Rd40.137914-105.102531
25094US 287 & Pike Rd40.138752-105.102232
25900US 287 & South Pointe Dr39.96703-105.090427
21222US 287 & W 5th Ave39.923655-105.090965
17958US 287 & W 10th Ave39.929321-105.090572
17973US 287 & W 10th Ave39.928206-105.090954
33847US 287 / 21st Ave40.197323-105.102972
33848US 287 / Niwot Rd40.102022-105.103487
34147Ulster / Tufts39.630961-104.896356
24015Union Ave & S DTC Blvd {2nd Pass}39.631005-104.893181
16772Union Blvd & W 2nd Pl39.718411-105.132314
16773Union Blvd & W 2nd Pl39.717643-105.132747
16775Union Blvd & W 4th Ave39.722618-105.13242
33665Union Blvd & W 4th Ave39.72156-105.132112
16789Union Blvd & W Ellsworth Ave39.714867-105.133462
33647Union Station39.755067-105.002733
33727Union Station39.754338-105.00214
34343Union Station39.753394-105.000558
34344Union Station39.7552-105.00255
33646Union Station39.754727-105.00345
34324Union Station Gate B539.754028-105.001423
34325Union Station Gate B639.754218-105.001627
34326Union Station Gate B739.754355-105.001835
34327Union Station Gate B839.754489-105.002008
34328Union Station Gate B939.754666-105.002224
34329Union Station Gate B1039.754842-105.002457
34313Union Station Gate B1539.754647-105.001853
34314Union Station Gate B1639.75449-105.001649
34312Union Station Gate B1739.754353-105.001477
34315Union Station Gate B1839.754149-105.001205
10101Union Station Loop39.755067-105.002733
34667Union Station Track 139.753698-105.0002
34668Union Station Track 239.753269-105.00108
34781Union Station Track 739.753772-105.000812
34782Union Station Track 839.753838-105.000962
25430Union Station Track 1139.755422-105.00297
25434Union Station Track 1239.755125-105.003351
16791University Blvd & 1st Ave39.717583-104.959365
16793University Blvd & 3rd Ave39.720648-104.959515
16794University Blvd & 4th Ave39.722254-104.959509
16814University Blvd & Cherry Creek North Dr39.716948-104.958987
34014University of Denver Station39.685437-104.965175
33722University of Denver Station39.684914-104.964677
25981University of Denver Station39.685254-104.964706
26299University of Denver Station Gate C39.68501-104.964386
26307University of Denver Station Gate D39.685087-104.964562
35108Uptown Ave & Broomfield Ln39.901667-105.08689
35109Uptown Ave & Broomfield Ln39.901522-105.087679
33929Uptown Ave & Destination Dr39.908271-105.093194
33930Uptown Ave & Destination Dr39.908971-105.093698
16884Ura Ln & W 101st Cir39.880197-105.012198
16883Ura Ln & W 102nd Ave39.880925-105.012068
16885Ura Ln & W 103rd Ave39.882775-105.012203
16886Ura Ln & W 103rd Ave39.882817-105.012073
16888Ura Ln & W 104th Ave39.884874-105.012073
16887Ura Ln & W 104th Ave39.884684-105.012203
24424Uvalda St & 51st Ave39.791882-104.835406
24425Uvalda St & 55th Ave39.793583-104.835379
24427Uvalda St & Elmendorf Pl39.792139-104.835756
24426Uvalda St & Tulsa Way39.794355-104.835724
33358Valley Pkwy & Amaranth Dr39.575644-105.162837
23591Valley Pkwy & Buckthorn Dr N39.576708-105.163945
23590Valley Pkwy & Buckthorn Dr S39.574501-105.162672
23589Valley Pkwy & Club Dr39.57266-105.158647
23593Valley Pkwy & Dawn Heath Dr39.583515-105.166033
23594Valley Pkwy & Long Spur Dr39.586114-105.164546
23592Valley Pkwy & Mahonia Dr39.579751-105.167474
23588Valley Pkwy & Mountain Pine Dr39.569047-105.155877
16918Valmont Rd & 30th St40.02911-105.253237
16919Valmont Rd & 34th St40.029283-105.249075
16920Valmont Rd & 34th St40.02912-105.249434
20402Valmont Rd & 47th St40.02913-105.24276
20403Valmont Rd & 47th St40.029306-105.243503
16926Valmont Rd & Airport Rd40.029309-105.23516
16927Valmont Rd & Airport Rd40.029143-105.23403
16921Valmont Rd & Centergreen Ct40.029337-105.24575
16922Valmont Rd & Centergreen Ct40.029126-105.246326
16930Valmont Rd & Kings Ridge Blvd40.029247-105.239172
16925Valmont Rd & Minshal Dr40.029314-105.225808
16923Valmont Rd & Sterling Cir40.029321-105.230545
16929Valmont Rd & Sterling Ct40.02912-105.239566
16924Valmont Rd & Sterling Dr40.029158-105.230027
23135Vance St & W 90th Ave39.860659-105.077274
23133Vance St & W 90th Ave39.860334-105.077284
23137Vance St & W 92nd Ave39.863207-105.079731
23131Vance St & W 92nd Ave39.863123-105.079981
33056Via Appia & Church Ln39.97728-105.151736
22124Via Appia & Eldorado Ln39.974297-105.161304
22112Via Appia & Eldorado Ln39.974098-105.161038
21639Via Appia & Lafayette St39.981155-105.145132
21658Via Appia & Lafayette St39.98155-105.144528
25081Via Appia & McCaslin Blvd39.973016-105.163414
22113Via Appia & Nighthawk Cir39.975624-105.157053
25536Via Appia & Nighthawk Cir39.975628-105.157874
21657Via Appia & Sagebrush Way39.979825-105.146652
21640Via Appia & Sagebrush Way39.979751-105.147267
17887Via Appia & South Boulder Rd39.986257-105.142175
21637Via Appia & South Boulder Rd39.986395-105.142337
21656Via Appia & Tyler Ave39.978034-105.149872
21641Via Appia & Tyler Ave39.97789-105.150878
21659Via Appia & W Harper St39.984432-105.143571
21638Via Appia & W Harper St39.984405-105.144117
22122Via Appia & W Pine St39.976742-105.154297
22123Via Appia & W Pine St39.976473-105.15429
34784Via Varra Rd & Midway Blvd39.940911-105.125386
34783Via Varra Rd & Midway Blvd39.940652-105.125048
34786Via Varra Rd & Via Lata Dr39.946661-105.123677
34785Via Varra Rd & Via Lata Dr39.946372-105.123247
20419Victorian Dr & Mainstreet39.519319-104.762688
20421Victorian Dr & Mainstreet39.519656-104.762856
16937Vine St & Rowena St39.869649-104.96178
16936Vine St & Rowena St39.869492-104.961893
33103Virginia Ave & Birch St39.707459-104.938054
23773Virginia Ave & S Birch St39.707454-104.93587
23162Virginia Ave & S Birch St39.707353-104.935036
26058Virginia Ave & S Birch St (Ns)39.707339-104.937512
33224Virginia Ave & S Cherry St39.707479-104.933959
23161Virginia Ave & S Colorado Blvd39.707337-104.939493
25793Virginia Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.707454-104.914228
10398W 1st Ave & Bannock St39.718454-104.991166
10399W 1st Ave & Bannock St39.718315-104.991021
10407W 1st Ave & Chase St39.718612-105.0575
10406W 1st Ave & Chase St39.718518-105.056239
10423W 1st Ave & Fenton St39.718608-105.060474
10422W 1st Ave & Fenton St39.718495-105.060519
10436W 1st Ave & Harlan St39.718486-105.062284
10437W 1st Ave & Harlan St39.718635-105.062317
10443W 1st Ave & Ingalls St39.718582-105.064461
10445W 1st Ave & Jay St39.718466-105.064688
10447W 1st Ave & Knox Ct39.718214-105.032991
10449W 1st Ave & Lamar St39.718458-105.067013
10450W 1st Ave & Lamar St39.718554-105.06743
10457W 1st Ave & Meade St39.718089-105.035739
10458W 1st Ave & Meade St39.718205-105.036629
10460W 1st Ave & Newland St39.718558-105.07011
10459W 1st Ave & Newland St39.718451-105.069303
10466W 1st Ave & Perry St39.718088-105.039187
10467W 1st Ave & Perry St39.718234-105.040255
22219W 1st Ave & Pierce St39.718433-105.072694
10469W 1st Ave & Quay St39.718545-105.072863
10471W 1st Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.718158-105.052736
34263W 1st Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.718298-105.052414
10472W 1st Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.71866-105.053797
10477W 1st Ave & Stuart St39.718216-105.043755
10476W 1st Ave & Stuart St39.718084-105.042945
10478W 1st Ave & Teller St39.718412-105.076463
10485W 1st Ave & Vrain St39.718239-105.046051
10484W 1st Ave & Vrain St39.718102-105.045417
10491W 1st Ave & Wolff St39.718123-105.047607
10490W 1st Ave & Wolff St39.718255-105.048491
10493W 1st Ave & Yates St39.718269-105.050425
10492W 1st Ave & Yates St39.718141-105.050058
34370W 2nd Pl & Union Blvd39.717896-105.131974
11616W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd & Kipling St39.727173-105.110251
11617W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd & Miller Ct39.7258-105.115262
11618W 6th Ave North Frontage Rd & Miller Ct39.725671-105.115115
20580W 7th Ave & Galapago St39.727272-104.996618
11721W 7th Ave & Galapago St39.727366-104.99676
20579W 7th Ave & Inca St39.727259-104.997938
11723W 7th Ave & Santa Fe Dr39.727359-104.998428
25409W 8th Ave & Bryant St39.729411-105.01834
20508W 8th Ave & Bryant St39.729256-105.018896
11841W 8th Ave & Decatur St39.72924-105.021033
20525W 8th Ave & Mariposa St39.728986-105.001925
11864W 8th Ave & Parfet St39.729208-105.119775
11865W 8th Ave & Quail St39.729071-105.123316
11866W 8th Ave & Quail St39.729193-105.122932
11867W 8th Ave & Simms St39.729049-105.127858
22029W 8th Ave & Simms St39.729198-105.12755
21441W 8th Ave & Wyandot St39.729389-105.013733
25600W 8th Ave & Wyandot St39.729228-105.013839
20125W 9th Ave & Kalamath St39.730464-104.999837
20124W 9th Ave & Mariposa St39.730429-105.002442
11926W 9th Ave & Vrain St39.731201-105.045719
10038W 10th Ave & Decatur St39.733039-105.022107
10039W 10th Ave & Depew St39.733-105.057679
10040W 10th Ave & Depew St39.73313-105.057576
10045W 10th Ave & Federal Blvd39.732985-105.025626
10044W 10th Ave & Federal Blvd39.732946-105.024758
10049W 10th Ave & Gray St39.73312-105.061687
10048W 10th Ave & Gray St39.733052-105.061044
10050W 10th Ave & Hooker St39.732913-105.028345
10051W 10th Ave & Hooker St39.732976-105.02897
10055W 10th Ave & Jay St39.733117-105.065174
10060W 10th Ave & Julian St39.732914-105.030539
10057W 10th Ave & Kendall St39.733051-105.065219
25201W 10th Ave & King St39.733009-105.03391
25202W 10th Ave & King St39.732899-105.03394
10061W 10th Ave & Knox Ct39.732994-105.032475
10067W 10th Ave & Meade St39.733018-105.035629
10066W 10th Ave & Meade St39.732915-105.036005
10071W 10th Ave & Perry St39.733045-105.039675
10070W 10th Ave & Perry St39.732948-105.038991
10073W 10th Ave & Raleigh St39.733078-105.042204
10075W 10th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.733139-105.054278
10076W 10th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.733072-105.052504
10077W 10th Ave & Stuart St39.732976-105.042225
10074W 10th Ave & Teller St39.733069-105.0763
21748W 10th Ave & Upham Ct39.733055-105.079739
10081W 10th Ave & Winona Ct39.733125-105.047719
10082W 10th Ave & Winona Ct39.733019-105.046716
10083W 10th Ave & Wolff St39.73304-105.04949
10084W 10th Ave & Xavier St39.733152-105.050763
10201W 13th Ave & Broadway39.736911-104.98786
10204W 13th Ave & Cherokee St39.736925-104.992051
10209W 13th Ave & Elati St39.736913-104.994377
23795W 13th Ave & Speer Blvd39.736917-104.996861
10228W 14th Ave & Galapago St39.738407-104.996035
10230W 14th Ave & Irving St39.739044-105.028152
21368W 14th Ave & Irving St39.739291-105.029589
10232W 14th Ave & Java Ct39.738427-105.030752
20130W 14th Ave & Julian St39.738518-105.031552
10236W 14th Ave & Newland St39.738444-105.069056
10235W 14th Ave & Newland St39.738535-105.069949
10238W 14th Ave & Pierce St39.738443-105.071531
34613W 14th Ave & Reed St39.738396-105.074445
34612W 14th Ave & Vance St39.738396-105.078285
10287W 17th Ave & Federal Blvd39.744014-105.026211
10295W 17th Ave & Grove St39.743879-105.026515
10301W 17th Ave & Irving St39.743982-105.030238
10300W 17th Ave & Irving St39.743901-105.029635
10303W 17th Ave & King St39.743995-105.033399
10304W 17th Ave & King St39.743897-105.032791
10313W 17th Ave & Meade St39.744018-105.036125
10311W 17th Ave & Meade St39.743902-105.035474
10317W 17th Ave & Perry St39.743911-105.039617
10316W 17th Ave & Perry St39.743999-105.039653
34200W 17th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.744037-105.05466
10321W 17th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.743921-105.052763
10327W 17th Ave & Stuart St39.744027-105.041999
10326W 17th Ave & Stuart St39.743916-105.042459
10329W 17th Ave & Utica St39.744038-105.045491
10328W 17th Ave & Utica St39.74392-105.044891
10331W 17th Ave & Wolff St39.743922-105.048372
10332W 17th Ave & Wolff St39.744035-105.049007
10334W 17th Ave & Yates St39.743924-105.051133
10333W 17th Ave & Yates St39.744043-105.05132
10496W 20th Ave & Allison St39.747485-105.086357
10497W 20th Ave & Allison St39.747586-105.086633
19367W 20th Ave & Beech Ct39.747291-105.149489
19371W 20th Ave & Beech Ct39.747402-105.149841
10500W 20th Ave & Bell Ct39.747438-105.095151
10499W 20th Ave & Bell Ct39.747531-105.095217
21800W 20th Ave & Benton St39.747548-105.055334
10502W 20th Ave & Carr St39.747577-105.09135
10503W 20th Ave & Cody St39.747476-105.091507
10505W 20th Ave & Depew St39.747704-105.058429
10504W 20th Ave & Depew St39.747546-105.057563
10506W 20th Ave & Garrison St39.747505-105.100474
10507W 20th Ave & Glen Ayr Dr39.747451-105.09967
10509W 20th Ave & Harlan St39.747556-105.062224
10510W 20th Ave & Harlan St39.747698-105.062993
10511W 20th Ave & Independence St39.747418-105.104142
10512W 20th Ave & Independence St39.747528-105.104553
10513W 20th Ave & Jay St39.747703-105.065657
10515W 20th Ave & Kipling St39.747399-105.108949
10516W 20th Ave & Kipling St39.747505-105.109961
21107W 20th Ave & Lamar St39.747541-105.067038
10518W 20th Ave & Lewis St39.747382-105.113024
10517W 20th Ave & Lewis St39.747496-105.113219
10520W 20th Ave & Marshall St39.747683-105.06905
10521W 20th Ave & Moore St39.747475-105.116275
10522W 20th Ave & Nelson St39.747374-105.116335
10523W 20th Ave & Newland St39.747539-105.068974
10524W 20th Ave & Owens Ct39.74736-105.120158
10525W 20th Ave & Owens Ct39.747469-105.121102
33643W 20th Ave & Pierce St39.747629-105.072365
33642W 20th Ave & Pierce St39.747519-105.071438
10530W 20th Ave & Quail Dr39.747447-105.124744
10527W 20th Ave & Reed St39.747641-105.074243
10528W 20th Ave & Reed St39.74747-105.074005
10529W 20th Ave & Robb St39.747349-105.125437
21060W 20th Ave & Routt St39.747443-105.127368
10532W 20th Ave & Simms St39.747334-105.127616
10533W 20th Ave & Simms St39.747445-105.129467
10534W 20th Ave & Teller St39.747509-105.076253
10535W 20th Ave & Teller St39.747609-105.077009
10537W 20th Ave & Urban Dr39.747403-105.135485
10539W 20th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.747613-105.082017
10538W 20th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.74747-105.080764
10541W 20th Ave & Willow Ct39.747273-105.139043
10540W 20th Ave & Willow Ct39.747383-105.138271
10536W 20th Ave & Winfield Dr39.747281-105.134818
19369W 20th Ave & Youngfield St39.747353-105.143067
10542W 20th Ave & Youngfield St39.747207-105.142049
23414W 20th Ave & Zang St39.747204-105.145989
23413W 20th Ave & Zinnia St39.747395-105.146891
10624W 26th Ave & Alcott St39.754759-105.017544
10625W 26th Ave & Alcott St39.754876-105.017536
10630W 26th Ave & Benton St39.754759-105.05584
10633W 26th Ave & Chase St39.754866-105.05688
34723W 26th Ave & Clay St39.754894-105.020877
10634W 26th Ave & Clay St39.754781-105.021041
34675W 26th Ave & Federal Blvd39.754771-105.02481
34676W 26th Ave & Federal Blvd39.75491-105.025982
10643W 26th Ave & Fenton St39.754864-105.059851
10642W 26th Ave & Fenton St39.754754-105.059709
10651W 26th Ave & Ingalls St39.754862-105.063614
10650W 26th Ave & Ingalls St39.754747-105.06338
34718W 26th Ave & Irving St39.754779-105.029298
34719W 26th Ave & Irving St39.754886-105.030208
10656W 26th Ave & Kendall St39.75474-105.065951
10657W 26th Ave & Kendall St39.754852-105.066411
10661W 26th Ave & Lamar St39.754752-105.067753
20677W 26th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.754901-105.035188
34717W 26th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.754793-105.03425
10665W 26th Ave & Newland St39.754858-105.069525
10667W 26th Ave & Newton St39.754818-105.037134
10666W 26th Ave & Newton St39.754906-105.037496
10671W 26th Ave & Pierce St39.754749-105.071593
10672W 26th Ave & Quay St39.754882-105.072767
10675W 26th Ave & Quitman St39.754823-105.040065
10676W 26th Ave & Quitman St39.754909-105.040888
10680W 26th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.754888-105.053666
35052W 26th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.754799-105.052381
10679W 26th Ave & Teller St39.754881-105.077069
10688W 26th Ave & Teller St39.754773-105.076391
10689W 26th Ave & Tennyson St39.754912-105.043861
10690W 26th Ave & Tennyson St39.75482-105.043971
10693W 26th Ave & Vrain St39.754905-105.047255
10695W 26th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.754892-105.080362
10694W 26th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.754751-105.079771
10696W 26th Ave & Wolff St39.754816-105.047921
10699W 26th Ave & Yates St39.754804-105.050581
10795W 29th Ave & Vallejo St39.758465-105.013755
10796W 29th Ave & Vallejo St39.758352-105.01344
10802W 29th Ave & Zuni St39.758336-105.015488
10869W 32nd Ave & Chase St39.76213-105.057169
10870W 32nd Ave & Chase St39.762062-105.056222
10872W 32nd Ave & Clay St39.762085-105.020828
10871W 32nd Ave & Clay St39.761972-105.02077
10873W 32nd Ave & Eliot St39.76197-105.022594
19359W 32nd Ave & Eliot St39.762081-105.024619
10879W 32nd Ave & Federal Blvd39.762082-105.025725
10878W 32nd Ave & Federal Blvd39.761975-105.024665
10880W 32nd Ave & Fenton St39.762062-105.059901
10883W 32nd Ave & Gray St39.762136-105.06177
10859W 32nd Ave & Green Ct39.762605-105.02739
10888W 32nd Ave & Ingalls St39.76206-105.064523
10889W 32nd Ave & Ingalls St39.762141-105.063818
20716W 32nd Ave & Irving St39.762088-105.029688
20715W 32nd Ave & Irving St39.762173-105.029785
10892W 32nd Ave & Julian St39.762189-105.032615
10891W 32nd Ave & Julian St39.762102-105.03197
10895W 32nd Ave & Lamar St39.762068-105.067295
10896W 32nd Ave & Marshall St39.762131-105.067913
10898W 32nd Ave & Meade St39.762186-105.03605
10897W 32nd Ave & Meade St39.76207-105.036072
10903W 32nd Ave & Osceola St39.762087-105.037794
10904W 32nd Ave & Perry St39.762181-105.039473
10906W 32nd Ave & Pierce St39.762139-105.072566
10905W 32nd Ave & Pierce St39.762044-105.0716
10912W 32nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.762062-105.052799
10911W 32nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.762138-105.053605
10914W 32nd Ave & Stuart St39.762155-105.043351
10913W 32nd Ave & Stuart St39.762094-105.04256
10917W 32nd Ave & Tejon St39.762089-105.011533
10918W 32nd Ave & Teller St39.762066-105.076102
10919W 32nd Ave & Teller St39.762154-105.077138
25477W 32nd Ave & Vallejo St39.761988-105.012888
10921W 32nd Ave & Vrain St39.762083-105.046052
10922W 32nd Ave & Vrain St39.762146-105.047088
10923W 32nd Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.76203-105.080746
10920W 32nd Ave & Webster St39.76215-105.080247
10927W 32nd Ave & Yates St39.762073-105.050554
10928W 32nd Ave & Yates St39.762151-105.050962
10933W 32nd Ave & Zuni St39.761969-105.015369
10934W 32nd Ave & Zuni St39.762095-105.016131
10968W 38th Ave & Alcott St39.769353-105.017101
10967W 38th Ave & Alcott St39.769202-105.017733
10970W 38th Ave & Allison St39.769285-105.085273
10969W 38th Ave & Allison St39.769417-105.086316
10974W 38th Ave & Brentwood St39.769429-105.088897
10975W 38th Ave & Brentwood St39.769251-105.089586
10978W 38th Ave & Clay St39.769355-105.021026
10979W 38th Ave & Depew St39.769396-105.058291
10980W 38th Ave & Depew St39.769263-105.057317
10981W 38th Ave & Dover St39.769408-105.092321
10982W 38th Ave & Dudley St39.769271-105.092797
10988W 38th Ave & Federal Blvd39.769359-105.025837
10987W 38th Ave & Federal Blvd39.769192-105.024789
21077W 38th Ave & Fox St39.769325-104.996069
23218W 38th Ave & Fox St39.769224-104.99622
10991W 38th Ave & Harlan St39.769298-105.062228
10992W 38th Ave & Harlan St39.769432-105.063248
10993W 38th Ave & High Ct39.769433-105.076553
10994W 38th Ave & High Ct39.769296-105.076414
10996W 38th Ave & Holland St39.769266-105.101511
10995W 38th Ave & Holland St39.769382-105.102254
10998W 38th Ave & Independence Ct39.769391-105.104752
10999W 38th Ave & Independence St39.769263-105.104472
11000W 38th Ave & Irving St39.769312-105.029395
11001W 38th Ave & Irving St39.769495-105.030392
11011W 38th Ave & Kalamath St39.769204-105.000248
11006W 38th Ave & Kendall St39.769302-105.06689
11005W 38th Ave & Kendall St39.769423-105.067135
11007W 38th Ave & Kipling St39.769384-105.110422
24155W 38th Ave & Kipling St (Fs)39.769264-105.10889
22033W 38th Ave & Lipan St39.769344-105.002048
11013W 38th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.769615-105.034993
11012W 38th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.769456-105.034356
11015W 38th Ave & Marshall St39.76943-105.069095
11016W 38th Ave & Miller St39.769215-105.115876
11017W 38th Ave & Miller St39.769333-105.11505
11020W 38th Ave & Navajo St39.769356-105.004511
11021W 38th Ave & Navajo St39.769205-105.003834
11024W 38th Ave & Nelson St39.769292-105.11826
11023W 38th Ave & Nelson St39.769218-105.118053
11025W 38th Ave & Newland St39.769316-105.068429
11032W 38th Ave & Owens St39.76929-105.120766
11033W 38th Ave & Parfet St39.769191-105.121093
11036W 38th Ave & Perry St39.769512-105.039825
11037W 38th Ave & Perry St39.769367-105.038775
11039W 38th Ave & Pierce St39.769444-105.072644
11038W 38th Ave & Pierce St39.7693-105.071548
11040W 38th Ave & Quail St39.769175-105.124326
11041W 38th Ave & Quail St39.769253-105.124557
11034W 38th Ave & Quivas St39.769357-105.0075
11035W 38th Ave & Quivas St39.769215-105.007126
11043W 38th Ave & Routt St39.769237-105.127687
11044W 38th Ave & Routt St39.769156-105.127455
11046W 38th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.769259-105.052771
11045W 38th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.769387-105.054624
11048W 38th Ave & Simmsct39.76909-105.129601
11047W 38th Ave & Swadley St39.768933-105.130013
11049W 38th Ave & Tejon St39.769358-105.010869
11050W 38th Ave & Tennyson St39.76929-105.043669
11051W 38th Ave & Tennyson St39.769437-105.044549
11053W 38th Ave & Union Ct39.768526-105.133188
11054W 38th Ave & Union Ct39.768432-105.134112
18610W 38th Ave & Vallejo St39.769208-105.012291
11057W 38th Ave & Vance St39.769461-105.080114
11055W 38th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.769243-105.081
11056W 38th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.769434-105.082396
11059W 38th Ave & Ward Rd39.767623-105.138102
11060W 38th Ave & Wolff St39.769264-105.048403
11061W 38th Ave & Wolff St39.769437-105.049079
11058W 38th Ave & Wright St39.767711-105.138185
21463W 38th Ave & Wyandot St39.769359-105.014369
35379W 38th Ave & Youngfield St39.766883-105.142357
11063W 38th Ave & Zuni St39.769204-105.015055
11111W 44th Ave & Ammons St39.776569-105.08694
11112W 44th Ave & Brentwood St39.776677-105.088693
11114W 44th Ave & Bryant St39.776544-105.019298
11113W 44th Ave & Bryant St39.776659-105.019698
11115W 44th Ave & Chase St39.776524-105.05637
11117W 44th Ave & Cody St39.776676-105.09178
11118W 44th Ave & Cody St39.776565-105.091187
11119W 44th Ave & Depew St39.776661-105.05782
11124W 44th Ave & Eaton St39.776689-105.059591
11129W 44th Ave & Elm Ct39.776671-105.023025
11128W 44th Ave & Elm Ct39.776567-105.022458
11130W 44th Ave & Everett Dr39.777431-105.095351
11131W 44th Ave & Everett St39.777241-105.095269
11132W 44th Ave & Federal Blvd39.776577-105.0248
11133W 44th Ave & Federal Blvd39.776697-105.025712
11134W 44th Ave & Fenton St39.776521-105.059875
11136W 44th Ave & Field St39.777986-105.098003
11135W 44th Ave & Field St39.778137-105.098684
11139W 44th Ave & Garrison St39.778148-105.101314
11138W 44th Ave & Garrison St39.778034-105.100474
11141W 44th Ave & Harlan St39.776535-105.062159
21732W 44th Ave & Harlan St39.776681-105.063848
11144W 44th Ave & Hooker St39.776733-105.02861
11143W 44th Ave & Hooker St39.776604-105.028464
11145W 44th Ave & Hoyt Ct39.778048-105.103854
11146W 44th Ave & Independence St39.778165-105.105306
11150W 44th Ave & Jay St39.776677-105.065349
11149W 44th Ave & Jay St39.776543-105.064517
11153W 44th Ave & Kipling St39.778068-105.108911
11154W 44th Ave & Kipling St39.778209-105.1105
11156W 44th Ave & Knox Ct39.776767-105.031332
11155W 44th Ave & Knox Ct39.77665-105.031723
11157W 44th Ave & Lamar St39.776559-105.067167
11158W 44th Ave & Lamar St39.776674-105.067594
11159W 44th Ave & Meade St39.776783-105.035403
11162W 44th Ave & Meade St39.776688-105.035523
11163W 44th Ave & Miller St39.778081-105.114051
11164W 44th Ave & Miller St39.778226-105.11412
11167W 44th Ave & Oak St39.778142-105.118413
11168W 44th Ave & Owens St39.77826-105.119697
11171W 44th Ave & Perry St39.776763-105.03907
11170W 44th Ave & Perry St39.776653-105.038996
11173W 44th Ave & Pierce St39.776696-105.071825
11172W 44th Ave & Pierce St39.776555-105.071677
11174W 44th Ave & Pierson St39.778156-105.12177
11175W 44th Ave & Pierson St39.778271-105.122851
11177W 44th Ave & Robb St39.778171-105.126428
11176W 44th Ave & Robb St39.778289-105.12653
11180W 44th Ave & Saulsbury St39.776691-105.076038
11181W 44th Ave & Saulsbury St39.776573-105.075778
11183W 44th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.776635-105.053774
11182W 44th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.776489-105.052778
11184W 44th Ave & Tabor St39.778087-105.130403
11185W 44th Ave & Tabor St39.778297-105.130454
11186W 44th Ave & Tejon St39.776603-105.011788
11187W 44th Ave & Tennyson St39.776562-105.043648
11188W 44th Ave & Tennyson St39.77662-105.044261
21079W 44th Ave & Van Gordon St39.778195-105.133817
11189W 44th Ave & Van Gordon St39.778466-105.134498
11191W 44th Ave & Vance St39.776563-105.078784
11194W 44th Ave & Vrain St39.776634-105.046789
11193W 44th Ave & Vrain St39.776499-105.045993
11195W 44th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.776526-105.080644
11196W 44th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd Farside39.776733-105.081997
23038W 44th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd Nearside39.776723-105.080494
11197W 44th Ave & Ward Rd39.778213-105.137336
11198W 44th Ave & Ward Rd39.778457-105.138717
11200W 44th Ave & Wyandot St39.776508-105.015119
11199W 44th Ave & Wyandot St39.776607-105.014954
11201W 44th Ave & Xavier St39.776615-105.049263
11202W 44th Ave & Xavier St39.776526-105.049233
11203W 44th Ave & Yarrow St39.77657-105.083329
11204W 44th Ave & Yarrow St39.776679-105.084197
24525W 44th Ave & Zenobia St39.776631-105.052601
11224W 46th Ave & Lipan St39.780218-105.002174
20641W 46th Ave & Navajo St39.780228-105.004735
20642W 46th Ave & Navajo St39.780111-105.003825
11225W 46th Ave & Pecos St39.780105-105.005302
34334W 46th Ave & Tejon St39.78023-105.010685
34333W 46th Ave & Tejon St39.780094-105.010738
34350W 46th Ave & Zuni St39.780228-105.015487
34349W 46th Ave & Zuni St39.780121-105.015311
11265W 48th Ave & Chase St39.783748-105.056967
11266W 48th Ave & Chase St39.78389-105.057044
11285W 48th Ave & Golden Ct39.783758-105.060949
11284W 48th Ave & Golden Ct39.783904-105.061181
11296W 48th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.783894-105.053874
11327W 50th Ave & Beach Ct39.787471-105.017976
11326W 50th Ave & Beach Ct39.787379-105.017607
11329W 50th Ave & Clay St39.787378-105.01987
11328W 50th Ave & Clay St39.787485-105.020792
11331W 50th Ave & Elm Ct39.787375-105.022251
11330W 50th Ave & Elm Ct39.787485-105.023141
11333W 50th Ave & Federal Blvd39.787372-105.024784
11332W 50th Ave & Federal Blvd39.787554-105.025811
22466W 50th Ave & Hooker St39.787389-105.028252
11334W 50th Ave & Irving St39.787622-105.029948
11336W 50th Ave & Knox Ct39.787385-105.0317
11337W 50th Ave & Knox Ct39.787556-105.032873
11340W 50th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.787487-105.034953
11341W 50th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.787375-105.034151
11344W 50th Ave & Osceola St39.787389-105.037586
11345W 50th Ave & Osceola St39.787481-105.037882
11347W 50th Ave & Quitman St39.787389-105.040549
11348W 50th Ave & Quitman St39.787477-105.040272
11350W 50th Ave & Tennyson St39.78739-105.043384
11351W 50th Ave & Tennyson St39.787481-105.043777
34346W 50th Ave & Zuni St39.787487-105.016562
34946W 52nd Ave & Allison St39.791179-105.08656
11382W 52nd Ave & Benton St39.79111-105.054793
21682W 52nd Ave & Benton St39.790971-105.055185
34943W 52nd Ave & Carr St39.791057-105.090435
11372W 52nd Ave & Clear Creek Dr39.791102-105.055979
11371W 52nd Ave & Clear Creek Dr39.791011-105.056806
11378W 52nd Ave & Eaton St39.79112-105.058626
11379W 52nd Ave & Gray St39.791016-105.060532
19126W 52nd Ave & Ingalls St39.791126-105.064586
19301W 52nd Ave & Ingalls St39.791025-105.063813
20818W 52nd Ave & Marshall St39.791158-105.069163
11380W 52nd Ave & Marshall St39.79097-105.070221
20819W 52nd Ave & Quay St39.791155-105.073664
20824W 52nd Ave & Quay St39.790974-105.073582
20820W 52nd Ave & Saulsbury Ct39.791184-105.077253
11381W 52nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.791015-105.05251
23437W 52nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.791118-105.052747
20823W 52nd Ave & Teller St39.790981-105.076232
21086W 52nd Ave & Tennyson St39.791041-105.044497
11384W 52nd Ave & Tennyson St39.791146-105.044467
21429W 52nd Ave & Vance St39.790987-105.077701
22763W 53rd Ave & Wadsworth Bypass39.79253-105.078754
21428W 53rd Ave & Wadsworth Bypass39.792781-105.078694
34952W 55th Ave & Olde Wadsworth Blvd39.797005-105.081998
20821W 55th Ave & Vance St39.796336-105.079697
35392W 55th Ave & Vance St39.796332-105.07965
34949W 55th Ave & Zephyr Ct39.796929-105.085517
34950W 55th Ave & Zephyr Ct39.797007-105.085345
34973W 56th Ave & Newland Way39.798337-105.070045
34974W 56th Ave & Newland Way39.79822-105.069845
34972W 56th Ave & Wadsworth Bypass39.798167-105.075629
34971W 56th Ave & Wadsworth Bypass39.798302-105.075571
34959W 57th Ave & Cody St39.800124-105.092381
34964W 57th Ave & Estes St39.800231-105.096123
34965W 57th Ave & Everett St39.800098-105.096128
34966W 57th Ave & Garrison St39.800247-105.099507
34967W 57th Ave & Garrison St39.800063-105.098975
34960W 57th Ave & Glen Ellen Dr39.800266-105.092785
34969W 57th Ave & W 56th Pl39.799692-105.102677
18724W 58th Ave & Allison St39.802079-105.08668
18693W 58th Ave & Allison St39.801936-105.086495
18725W 58th Ave & Balsam St39.802077-105.088555
18692W 58th Ave & Carr St39.801939-105.090232
22660W 58th Ave & Carr St39.802117-105.09156
18726W 58th Ave & Dover St39.802091-105.094322
18691W 58th Ave & Dover St39.801974-105.093541
18727W 58th Ave & Field St39.802133-105.097814
18690W 58th Ave & Field St39.801977-105.097641
18689W 58th Ave & Garrison St39.801867-105.099919
18728W 58th Ave & Garrison St39.802094-105.100718
18729W 58th Ave & Holland St39.802089-105.103157
16272W 58th Ave & Independence St39.801914-105.104098
25368W 58th Ave & Kipling Pkwy39.801972-105.111838
11433W 58th Ave & Kipling St39.801766-105.110141
11435W 58th Ave & Miller St39.80189-105.114473
11436W 58th Ave & Miller St39.801703-105.114362
11437W 58th Ave & Oak St39.801712-105.118721
11438W 58th Ave & Oak St39.801888-105.119293
11440W 58th Ave & Quail St39.80188-105.123814
11439W 58th Ave & Quail St39.801614-105.123353
11442W 58th Ave & Simms St39.801695-105.129425
11443W 58th Ave & Simms St39.801871-105.129703
26008W 58th Ave & Upham St39.802065-105.077785
11444W 58th Ave & Urban St39.801872-105.134101
11445W 58th Ave & Urban St39.80169-105.133941
18723W 58th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.802059-105.081905
11447W 58th Ave & Ward Rd39.80174-105.136944
21081W 58th Ave & Ward Rd39.801944-105.13654
23927W 63rd Ave & Wright St39.810931-105.140666
18065W 64th Ave & Oak St39.812643-105.118462
16275W 64th Ave & Oak St39.812814-105.119434
11501W 64th Ave & Quail St39.812826-105.124069
11500W 64th Ave & Quail St39.81265-105.123251
11503W 64th Ave & Simms St39.812869-105.129263
11502W 64th Ave & Simms St39.812658-105.128041
11506W 64th Ave & Union St39.812823-105.133424
11507W 64th Ave & Union St39.81262-105.132383
11508W 64th Ave & Ward Rd39.812599-105.136055
25520W 64th Ave & Ward Rd39.812596-105.139898
11623W 70th Ave & Broadway39.823772-104.988413
11626W 70th Ave & Elati St39.823532-104.993045
11628W 70th Ave & Huron St39.823702-104.995979
11627W 70th Ave & Huron St39.823529-104.995879
11629W 70th Ave & Jennie Dr39.823708-104.993046
11630W 70th Ave & Mariposa St39.823542-105.002607
11631W 70th Ave & Mariposa St39.823683-105.002835
11636W 70th Ave & Pecos St39.823542-105.005701
11640W 70th Ave & Santa Fe Dr39.823665-104.999106
11643W 71st Ave & Grove St39.824717-105.026585
11648W 72nd Ave & Alcott St39.827361-105.0161
11649W 72nd Ave & Berthoud St39.827212-105.016455
20082W 72nd Ave & Bradburn Blvd39.827352-105.04087
11652W 72nd Ave & Clay St39.827208-105.020173
11658W 72nd Ave & Depew St39.826838-105.05861
11659W 72nd Ave & Depew St39.826659-105.058534
11660W 72nd Ave & Eliot Cir39.827297-105.020976
11663W 72nd Ave & Federal Blvd39.827179-105.024103
11662W 72nd Ave & Federal Blvd39.827391-105.02548
11665W 72nd Ave & Ingalls St39.827416-105.063075
11664W 72nd Ave & Ingalls St39.827232-105.062998
11667W 72nd Ave & Irving St39.827361-105.030246
11675W 72nd Ave & Lowell Blvd39.827365-105.034938
11674W 72nd Ave & Lowell Blvd39.827215-105.034005
11677W 72nd Ave & Newton St39.827363-105.03772
11678W 72nd Ave & Newton St39.827222-105.037341
11683W 72nd Ave & Pecos St39.827366-105.006792
11687W 72nd Ave & Raleigh St39.827223-105.040576
11688W 72nd Ave & Raritan St39.82721-105.009293
11689W 72nd Ave & Raritan St39.827361-105.010221
11690W 72nd Ave & Ruth Way39.827365-105.013654
11691W 72nd Ave & Ruth Way39.827212-105.012869
11692W 72nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.827196-105.051923
11693W 72nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.827476-105.054102
11698W 72nd Ave & Utica St39.827355-105.044884
11699W 72nd Ave & Utica St39.827228-105.045252
11701W 72nd Ave & Xavier St39.827212-105.04954
11700W 72nd Ave & Xavier St39.827361-105.049578
11780W 84th Ave & Conifer Rd39.849108-104.990137
21160W 84th Ave & Elati St39.848909-104.992203
11781W 84th Ave & Fox St39.84911-104.99428
11785W 84th Ave & Huron St39.848896-104.995336
11804W 88th Ave & Benton St39.85654-105.05646
11805W 88th Ave & Benton St39.856277-105.056508
33463W 88th Ave & Conifer Rd39.856195-104.991809
33501W 88th Ave & Conifer Rd39.856408-104.991418
18196W 88th Ave & Dover St39.856383-105.093797
11808W 88th Ave & Dover St39.856193-105.093014
11812W 88th Ave & Field St39.856438-105.098692
11811W 88th Ave & Field St39.85625-105.097911
20761W 88th Ave & Fox Dr39.856407-104.994749
20770W 88th Ave & Fox Dr39.856208-104.994277
17826W 88th Ave & Garrison St39.856487-105.101075
19412W 88th Ave & Garrison St39.856247-105.101024
11800W 88th Ave & Harlan St39.856347-105.062533
11815W 88th Ave & Harlan St39.856604-105.061363
20762W 88th Ave & Huron St39.856395-104.997205
20772W 88th Ave & Huron St39.856205-104.995862
19414W 88th Ave & Independence St39.856288-105.103347
19416W 88th Ave & Independence St39.856527-105.104176
11819W 88th Ave & Lamar Dr39.85663-105.067196
11818W 88th Ave & Lamar Dr39.856417-105.066432
20763W 88th Ave & Lipan St39.85638-105.001393
20769W 88th Ave & Mariposa St39.856162-105.001781
20755W 88th Ave & Osage St39.856146-105.005194
22892W 88th Ave & Osage St39.856315-105.004936
11821W 88th Ave & Pierce St39.856435-105.073562
11822W 88th Ave & Pierce St39.856636-105.074696
20771W 88th Ave & Santa Fe Dr39.856181-104.998489
11825W 88th Ave & Teller St39.856358-105.07699
33942W 88th Ave & Teller St39.856419-105.074746
11824W 88th Ave & Teller St39.8566-105.077051
11802W 88th Ave & W 87th Dr39.856215-105.088334
11803W 88th Ave & W 87th Dr39.856327-105.089647
11827W 88th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.856536-105.082658
11826W 88th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.856296-105.08086
11829W 88th Ave & Yukon St39.856269-105.08301
23686W 90th Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.859555-105.079805
33495W 92nd Ave & Bryant Dr39.86339-105.016497
18323W 92nd Ave & Bryant Dr39.86355-105.017544
18342W 92nd Ave & Camenish St39.863431-105.019378
18324W 92nd Ave & Camenish St39.863581-105.019956
18325W 92nd Ave & Elm Ct39.86357-105.022364
18340W 92nd Ave & Elm Ct39.863395-105.021277
18326W 92nd Ave & Federal Blvd39.863568-105.025749
18339W 92nd Ave & Federal Blvd39.86342-105.024604
18327W 92nd Ave & Grove St39.863571-105.027957
18338W 92nd Ave & Grove St39.863377-105.026662
18320W 92nd Ave & Holiday Blvd39.863561-105.009357
18345W 92nd Ave & Holiday Blvd39.863406-105.008726
18343W 92nd Ave & Holiday Cir39.863403-105.012131
18322W 92nd Ave & Holiday Mall39.863582-105.012675
21236W 92nd Ave & Ingalls St39.863557-105.06467
21228W 92nd Ave & Ingalls St39.863761-105.064571
18328W 92nd Ave & Irving St39.863571-105.030992
18337W 92nd Ave & Lander St39.8634-105.030348
18336W 92nd Ave & Lowell Blvd39.863404-105.033778
18329W 92nd Ave & Lowell Blvd39.86357-105.0348
18335W 92nd Ave & Osceola St39.863412-105.037011
18330W 92nd Ave & Osceola St39.863577-105.037868
18319W 92nd Ave & Pecos St39.863558-105.006436
21230W 92nd Ave & Pierce St39.863843-105.071001
18331W 92nd Ave & Raleigh St39.863582-105.040721
21013W 92nd Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.863415-105.052176
18334W 92nd Ave & Stuart St39.863423-105.040713
18321W 92nd Ave & Tejon St39.863545-105.010994
18344W 92nd Ave & Tejon St39.863408-105.010367
18332W 92nd Ave & Vrain St39.863599-105.045277
18333W 92nd Ave & Vrain St39.863433-105.044944
21235W 92nd Ave & W 91st Ct39.863589-105.072087
21147W 92nd Ave & Yates St39.863405-105.049855
21442W 92nd Ave and City Center Dr39.863714-105.049877
10007W 100th Ave & Pecos St39.878638-105.006153
15815W 100th Ave & Pecos St39.878437-105.006527
10008W 100th Ave & Ura Ln39.877913-105.011188
10009W 100th Ave & Ura Ln39.878006-105.011309
24204W 104th Ave & Bryant St39.885341-105.017432
10016W 104th Ave & Croke Dr39.885319-105.000391
10014W 104th Ave & Croke Dr39.885039-104.999657
24197W 104th Ave & Federal Blvd39.884989-105.024457
10020W 104th Ave & Huron St39.885332-104.997422
10022W 104th Ave & Livingston Dr39.885307-105.003771
10021W 104th Ave & Livingston Dr39.885038-105.002857
10024W 104th Ave & Quivas St39.88507-105.007153
10025W 104th Ave & Quivas St39.885344-105.006939
24198W 104th Ave & Zuni St39.884982-105.015087
19447W 112th Ave & Alcott St39.899754-105.015719
19881W 112th Ave & Alcott St39.899524-105.016481
23465W 112th Ave & Benton St39.899693-105.054795
19551W 112th Ave & Benton St39.89988-105.055597
25543W 112th Ave & Decatur Dr39.899516-105.022403
25542W 112th Ave & Decatur St39.899753-105.023133
20564W 112th Ave & East Dr39.899618-105.00101
20559W 112th Ave & East Dr39.89983-105.001269
19552W 112th Ave & Eaton St39.899909-105.059028
19566W 112th Ave & Eaton St39.899688-105.058176
10091W 112th Ave & Federal Blvd39.899515-105.027084
10090W 112th Ave & Federal Blvd39.899746-105.025765
19565W 112th Ave & Harlan St39.899707-105.061874
19553W 112th Ave & Harlan St39.899979-105.062845
20989W 112th Ave & Huron St39.899843-104.998363
33037W 112th Ave & Irving Dr39.899804-105.028104
19564W 112th Ave & Kendall St39.899723-105.065693
19554W 112th Ave & Kendall St39.899937-105.066416
19459W 112th Ave & Legacy Ridge Pkwy39.899524-105.031905
19563W 112th Ave & Newland St39.899746-105.069012
19555W 112th Ave & Newland St39.899956-105.069647
20569W 112th Ave & Pecos St39.899601-105.005747
20991W 112th Ave & Pecos St39.89981-105.00695
21757W 112th Ave & Raleigh St39.899752-105.038408
17951W 112th Ave & Ranch Dr39.899805-105.011027
18047W 112th Ave & Raritan St39.899624-105.010975
10094W 112th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.899623-105.051659
23671W 112th Ave & Stratford Lakes Dr39.899775-105.032899
21128W 112th Ave & Stuart St39.89958-105.041909
21131W 112th Ave & Stuart St39.899824-105.042139
10096W 112th Ave & Vrain St39.899835-105.046329
10095W 112th Ave & Vrain St39.899599-105.045178
23467W 112th Ave & Wolff St39.899624-105.048308
23466W 112th Ave & Wolff St39.899875-105.049907
26221W 120th Ave & Ash St39.914065-105.062792
26237W 120th Ave & Ash St39.914345-105.062807
26224W 120th Ave & Bradburn Blvd39.913958-105.041191
26236W 120th Ave & Chase St39.914343-105.05828
26222W 120th Ave & Chase St39.914034-105.058378
26226W 120th Ave & Federal Blvd39.913947-105.022642
26232W 120th Ave & Federal Blvd39.914285-105.022516
26220W 120th Ave & Lamar St39.914071-105.066455
26038W 120th Ave & Lowell Blvd39.913995-105.034023
26041W 120th Ave & Lowell St39.914259-105.035509
26040W 120th Ave & Main St39.914113-105.070867
26229W 120th Ave & Mariposa St39.914152-105.001995
18050W 120th Ave & Pecos St39.913764-105.005348
26230W 120th Ave & Pecos St39.914169-105.006705
26235W 120th Ave & Perry St39.914286-105.039759
26234W 120th Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.914334-105.05444
26238W 120th Ave & Spader Way39.914378-105.067562
33035W 120th Ave & Vrain St39.914282-105.046861
26231W 120th Ave & Zuni St39.914186-105.015132
26227W 120th Ave & Zuni St39.913879-105.015295
11952W Alameda Ave & S Ammons St39.711194-105.087758
11954W Alameda Ave & S Bannock St39.711249-104.990666
35428W Alameda Ave & S Bannock St39.71122-104.990705
11957W Alameda Ave & S Broadway39.711257-104.988015
11958W Alameda Ave & S Broadway39.711059-104.988452
11959W Alameda Ave & S Bryant St39.711248-105.018303
11961W Alameda Ave & S Carr St39.711112-105.091407
11960W Alameda Ave & S Carr St39.7109-105.090472
11968W Alameda Ave & S Clay St39.711082-105.019621
11969W Alameda Ave & S Clay St39.711242-105.020717
11979W Alameda Ave & S Depew St39.711087-105.057327
11980W Alameda Ave & S Depew St39.71127-105.058347
11988W Alameda Ave & S Estes St39.711115-105.094841
11987W Alameda Ave & S Estes St39.710873-105.095283
11991W Alameda Ave & S Federal Blvd39.711025-105.024578
11992W Alameda Ave & S Federal Blvd39.711275-105.025562
11999W Alameda Ave & S Garrison St39.710904-105.099522
12000W Alameda Ave & S Garrison St39.711128-105.100928
12004W Alameda Ave & S Harlan St39.711046-105.062145
12005W Alameda Ave & S Harlan St39.711262-105.063355
12013W Alameda Ave & S Hooker St39.711243-105.029121
12015W Alameda Ave & S Hoyt St39.710914-105.103671
12016W Alameda Ave & S Hoyt St39.711086-105.104126
12023W Alameda Ave & S Kalamath St39.711078-104.997817
12084W Alameda Ave & S Kalamath St39.711315-104.998042
24004W Alameda Ave & S Kipling St39.7111-105.110588
12026W Alameda Ave & S Kipling St39.710872-105.108332
12030W Alameda Ave & S Knox Ct39.711331-105.033414
12029W Alameda Ave & S Knox Ct39.711067-105.030627
12031W Alameda Ave & S Lamar St39.711224-105.067004
12032W Alameda Ave & S Lamar St39.711034-105.066591
12039W Alameda Ave & S Lipan St39.711101-105.001158
12040W Alameda Ave & S Lipan St39.711268-105.001901
12043W Alameda Ave & S Meade St39.711344-105.036455
12042W Alameda Ave & S Meade St39.711108-105.035726
12049W Alameda Ave & S Moore St39.710896-105.11519
12050W Alameda Ave & S Moore St39.711065-105.115795
12055W Alameda Ave & S Oak St39.710878-105.118679
12056W Alameda Ave & S Oak St39.711068-105.119592
12063W Alameda Ave & S Pecos St39.711118-105.005896
12064W Alameda Ave & S Pecos St39.711275-105.006566
22264W Alameda Ave & S Perry St39.711363-105.040198
12079W Alameda Ave & S Pierce St39.711195-105.07265
12067W Alameda Ave & S Pierce St39.710999-105.071668
12068W Alameda Ave & S Pierson St39.710857-105.12341
12072W Alameda Ave & S Quail St39.711023-105.124386
12076W Alameda Ave & S Quitman St39.71116-105.040448
12080W Alameda Ave & S Robb Way39.710845-105.126837
12081W Alameda Ave & S Routt St39.711056-105.128387
12098W Alameda Ave & S Saulsbury St39.710931-105.075411
12086W Alameda Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.711454-105.053867
12085W Alameda Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.711225-105.052589
12088W Alameda Ave & S Stuart St39.711145-105.044146
12087W Alameda Ave & S Stuart St39.711379-105.0438
12089W Alameda Ave & S Swadley St39.710672-105.129923
12091W Alameda Ave & S Taft St39.710743-105.130492
12092W Alameda Ave & S Tejon St39.711121-105.01074
12093W Alameda Ave & S Tejon St39.711279-105.011987
12094W Alameda Ave & S Teller St39.711538-105.07673
12101W Alameda Ave & S Union Blvd39.70974-105.132443
12106W Alameda Ave & S Utica St39.711167-105.047151
12109W Alameda Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.710831-105.080685
12107W Alameda Ave & S Winona Ct39.711393-105.04679
12115W Alameda Ave & S Xavier St39.711198-105.049641
12116W Alameda Ave & S Xavier St39.71143-105.049906
12119W Alameda Ave & S Yuma St39.71109-105.014756
12118W Alameda Ave & S Yuma St39.711276-105.014922
20424W Alamo Ave & S Prince St Gate G39.612585-105.015254
19963W Baseline Rd & N Carr Ave40.000282-105.098917
20370W Baseline Rd & N Cornelius St40.000171-105.092556
19964W Baseline Rd & N Cornelius St40.000295-105.092263
12413W Bowles Ave & Bell Flower Dr39.609549-105.043592
24922W Bowles Ave & Bellflower Dr39.609734-105.04479
12419W Bowles Ave & Echostar39.613298-105.023398
12417W Bowles Ave & Echostar39.613075-105.022425
24923W Bowles Ave & Laurel Pl39.60973-105.048261
12415W Bowles Ave & Lowell Way39.609945-105.03456
24924W Bowles Ave & Lupine Dr39.609748-105.051404
24357W Bowles Ave & S Ames St39.609666-105.054217
12406W Bowles Ave & S Coventry Ln39.609588-105.051146
17581W Bowles Ave & S Estes St39.609887-105.094933
12408W Bowles Ave & S Federal Blvd39.612557-105.027091
12409W Bowles Ave & S Federal Blvd39.611887-105.029399
17582W Bowles Ave & S Flower St39.609867-105.099004
17534W Bowles Ave & S Holland Way39.609614-105.105487
17584W Bowles Ave & S Holland Way39.609892-105.105235
17577W Bowles Ave & S Kipling St39.609571-105.108052
25555W Bowles Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.609731-105.036965
12414W Bowles Ave & S Middlefield Rd39.609713-105.034635
24584W Bowles Ave & S Oak St39.609576-105.119024
12418W Bowles Ave & S Platte Canyon Rd39.609458-105.036598
24583W Bowles Ave & S Quail St39.609588-105.124238
24926W Bowles Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.609918-105.054506
24582W Bowles Ave & S Simms St39.60958-105.129124
24581W Bowles Ave & S Union St39.609578-105.134103
24580W Bowles Ave & S Wright St39.609547-105.139274
24925W Bowles Ave & Shasta Cir39.609745-105.052861
25934W Bowles Ave & W Bowles Dr39.609492-105.142197
24579W Bowles Ave & W Coal Mine Ave39.609454-105.147082
17583W Bowles Ave & W Cross Dr39.60986-105.101369
24817W Bowles Ave & W Grant Ranch Blvd39.60969-105.056221
12412W Bowles Ave & Watson Ln39.6115-105.029927
24921W Bowles Ave & Wood Sorrel Dr39.60971-105.043547
12759W Church Ave & S Curtice St39.610347-105.018784
12762W Church Ave & S Nevada St39.610218-105.017718
19865W Church Ave & S Nevada St39.610355-105.017499
12761W Church Ave & S Rapp St39.610222-105.019598
24839W Church Ave & S Santa Fe Dr39.610349-105.020298
24570W Coal Mine Ave & Moore St39.598057-105.115727
34444W Coal Mine Ave & S Kipling St39.597789-105.111329
24572W Coal Mine Ave & S Quail St39.601845-105.125397
24573W Coal Mine Ave & S Simms St39.602593-105.12963
24575W Coal Mine Ave & S Ward St39.60012-105.14111
26006W Coal Mine Ave & S Zang St39.607505-105.14815
24578W Coal Mine Ave & W Bowles Ave39.608759-105.147374
24577W Coal Mine Ave & W Coal Mine Dr39.602206-105.150463
24571W Coal Mine Ave & W Peakview Dr39.597797-105.119442
23215W Colfax Ave & 14th St39.740263-104.989769
12842W Colfax Ave & Allison St39.74037-105.085781
12841W Colfax Ave & Allison St39.740164-105.08557
23217W Colfax Ave & Bannock St39.740044-104.989681
12853W Colfax Ave & Carr St39.740375-105.091636
12854W Colfax Ave & Carr St39.740142-105.091008
12863W Colfax Ave & Cole Blvd39.738431-105.154022
21883W Colfax Ave & Colorado Mills39.734279-105.160129
21885W Colfax Ave & Colorado Mills39.734558-105.160542
24158W Colfax Ave & Colorado Mills Blvd39.732685-105.16262
24159W Colfax Ave & Colorado Mills Pkwy39.736965-105.156633
24160W Colfax Ave & Denver West Blvd39.737133-105.15715
12872W Colfax Ave & Dudley St39.740334-105.095153
12873W Colfax Ave & Eaton St39.740246-105.058509
21699W Colfax Ave & Eaton St39.740439-105.059628
23216W Colfax Ave & Elati St39.739964-104.994326
12877W Colfax Ave & Estes St39.740126-105.096163
12887W Colfax Ave & Garrison St39.740119-105.099022
12888W Colfax Ave & Glen Moor Dr39.740328-105.099616
12893W Colfax Ave & Harlan St39.740431-105.062351
12892W Colfax Ave & Harlan St39.740229-105.06234
19018W Colfax Ave & Hawthorne Rd39.738279-105.153146
12902W Colfax Ave & Independence St39.740104-105.104389
12903W Colfax Ave & Independence St39.740315-105.104821
24161W Colfax Ave & Indiana St39.732529-105.164432
12905W Colfax Ave & Irving St39.740419-105.030594
12914W Colfax Ave & Kendall St39.74042-105.066489
12915W Colfax Ave & King St39.740417-105.033518
12918W Colfax Ave & Kipling St39.740062-105.108948
25789W Colfax Ave & Kipling St39.740302-105.110436
12920W Colfax Ave & Knox Ct39.740259-105.031847
12923W Colfax Ave & Lamar St39.740216-105.066797
18982W Colfax Ave & Lipan St39.740236-105.001567
18863W Colfax Ave & Mariposa St39.739974-105.00228
12929W Colfax Ave & Meade St39.740417-105.036136
12928W Colfax Ave & Meade St39.740259-105.035537
12943W Colfax Ave & Meadow Sweet Rd39.738855-105.148445
12931W Colfax Ave & Miller St39.740334-105.11377
12930W Colfax Ave & Miller St39.740083-105.114924
12942W Colfax Ave & Normandy Rd39.739071-105.148731
12944W Colfax Ave & Oak St39.74007-105.118426
34562W Colfax Ave & Oak St39.740323-105.119315
12950W Colfax Ave & Oak St39.740322-105.119452
12991W Colfax Ave & Perry St39.74042-105.039629
12956W Colfax Ave & Perry St39.740265-105.039579
12958W Colfax Ave & Pierce St39.740403-105.072714
12957W Colfax Ave & Pierce St39.740204-105.071233
12961W Colfax Ave & Quail St39.740272-105.124162
12976W Colfax Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.740264-105.052817
12977W Colfax Ave & Sheridan Blvd39.74045-105.053529
12980W Colfax Ave & Simms St39.74026-105.128644
12979W Colfax Ave & Simms St39.740051-105.127447
12992W Colfax Ave & Tabor St39.740026-105.131113
12987W Colfax Ave & Teller St39.740189-105.076915
12988W Colfax Ave & Teller St39.74044-105.077666
12989W Colfax Ave & Tennyson St39.740426-105.044304
12990W Colfax Ave & Tennyson St39.740271-105.043478
33989W Colfax Ave & Tremont Pl39.740202-104.992717
12993W Colfax Ave & Union St39.740258-105.132643
13001W Colfax Ave & Viewpoint Rd39.740244-105.135957
13005W Colfax Ave & Wadsworth Blvd39.740121-105.080727
13004W Colfax Ave & Wadsworth Blvd Farside39.740447-105.08202
21781W Colfax Ave & Welch St39.739963-105.138018
13012W Colfax Ave & Welch St39.74013-105.138516
13008W Colfax Ave & Winona Ct39.740429-105.047863
13009W Colfax Ave & Winona Ct39.740278-105.046979
13023W Colfax Ave & Youngfield St39.739752-105.142089
13022W Colfax Ave & Youngfield St39.739529-105.142512
34201W Colgate Pl & S Sheridan Blvd39.657248-105.054378
25000W Crestline Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.618206-105.087742
25021W Crestline Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.618415-105.089322
16323W Cross Dr & S Estes St39.614445-105.097846
22149W Cross Dr & W Bowles Ave39.610256-105.102677
13247W Dartmouth Ave & S Bryant St39.660553-105.018397
13248W Dartmouth Ave & S Bryant St39.660443-105.018451
13258W Dartmouth Ave & S Dale Ct39.660551-105.021664
13257W Dartmouth Ave & S Dale Ct39.660442-105.02126
13264W Dartmouth Ave & S Federal Blvd39.66044-105.023814
13265W Dartmouth Ave & S Golden Way39.655993-105.059327
13270W Dartmouth Ave & S Golden Way39.655793-105.058696
13272W Dartmouth Ave & S Hurley Cir39.656974-105.06237
13271W Dartmouth Ave & S Hurley Cir39.657356-105.062795
13275W Dartmouth Ave & S Ingalls Way39.658902-105.064776
13274W Dartmouth Ave & S Ingalls Way39.659154-105.064889
13282W Dartmouth Ave & S Lamar St39.659714-105.06744
13281W Dartmouth Ave & S Lamar St39.659818-105.067686
19050W Dartmouth Ave & S Lipan St39.660502-105.002833
13283W Dartmouth Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.661917-105.035625
13286W Dartmouth Ave & S Mabry Ct39.66179-105.035847
13287W Dartmouth Ave & S Meade St39.661605-105.037655
13288W Dartmouth Ave & S Newland St39.660502-105.071459
13289W Dartmouth Ave & S Newland St39.660855-105.072148
13292W Dartmouth Ave & S Patton Ct39.660786-105.039696
13291W Dartmouth Ave & S Patton Ct39.660684-105.039619
13297W Dartmouth Ave & S Platte River Dr39.66051-105.004822
13296W Dartmouth Ave & S Platte River Dr39.660404-105.004801
19041W Dartmouth Ave & S Platte River Dr39.660389-105.002307
13306W Dartmouth Ave & S Raleigh St39.659107-105.043891
13305W Dartmouth Ave & S Raleigh St39.659404-105.042817
13307W Dartmouth Ave & S Reed St39.661688-105.074679
13308W Dartmouth Ave & S Reed St39.661789-105.074593
13310W Dartmouth Ave & S Santa Fe Dr39.660563-105.000006
13311W Dartmouth Ave & S Santa Fe Dr39.660326-105.00017
13313W Dartmouth Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.656146-105.054487
13312W Dartmouth Ave & S Sheridan Blvd Farside39.656073-105.052293
33222W Dartmouth Ave & S Sheridan Blvd Nearside39.655986-105.054521
19051W Dartmouth Ave & S Tejon St39.66054-105.011562
13318W Dartmouth Ave & S Tejon St39.660429-105.010587
13319W Dartmouth Ave & S Teller St39.661998-105.07766
13320W Dartmouth Ave & S Teller St39.661797-105.077407
13324W Dartmouth Ave & S Winona Ct39.65774-105.047311
13325W Dartmouth Ave & S Winona Ct39.657899-105.04657
13326W Dartmouth Ave & S Wyandot St39.660551-105.014948
13330W Dartmouth Ave & S Yates St39.656916-105.04903
13327W Dartmouth Ave & S Zuni St39.660451-105.015242
13329W Dartmouth Ave & S Zurich Ct39.656309-105.051053
20092W Dartmouth Pl & S Kipling Pkwy39.660839-105.111613
19831W Ellsworth Ave & Galapago St39.71662-104.996046
13526W Ellsworth Ave & S Cherokee St39.71663-104.993175
13525W Ellsworth Ave & S Elati St39.716565-104.993052
13527W Ellsworth Ave & S Galapago St39.716534-104.995974
13559W Evans Ave & S Broadway39.67858-104.987987
13565W Evans Ave & S Clay St39.678723-105.020864
13564W Evans Ave & S Clay St39.678591-105.019967
13576W Evans Ave & S Depew St39.679097-105.056929
13582W Evans Ave & S Federal Blvd39.678696-105.02564
13581W Evans Ave & S Federal Blvd39.678537-105.024328
13622W Evans Ave & S Huron St39.67855-104.997411
13592W Evans Ave & S Irving St39.678211-105.030143
13591W Evans Ave & S Irving St39.678134-105.029441
13599W Evans Ave & S Lipan St39.678429-105.001285
13600W Evans Ave & S Lipan St39.6786-105.002114
13603W Evans Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.678545-105.034048
13604W Evans Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.678651-105.034698
13615W Evans Ave & S Patton Ct39.679345-105.03864
13620W Evans Ave & S Pecos St39.678663-105.006977
13619W Evans Ave & S Pecos St39.678492-105.006325
13621W Evans Ave & S Platte River D39.678311-104.997066
13625W Evans Ave & S Quitman St39.679747-105.040994
13626W Evans Ave & S Quitman St39.679895-105.041587
13629W Evans Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.679092-105.05282
13630W Evans Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.679204-105.053695
34463W Evans Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.679212-105.055225
13634W Evans Ave & S Tejon St39.678716-105.010681
13633W Evans Ave & S Tejon St39.678565-105.010651
13636W Evans Ave & S Tennyson St39.679567-105.04447
13635W Evans Ave & S Tennyson St39.679563-105.043747
13640W Evans Ave & S Vallejo St39.678744-105.013994
13642W Evans Ave & S Winona Ct39.679217-105.047235
13643W Evans Ave & S Xavier St39.679093-105.049775
13644W Evans Ave & S Xavier St39.679213-105.050579
13646W Evans Ave & S Zuni St39.678754-105.016536
13645W Evans Ave & S Zuni St39.678596-105.015001
13654W Exposition Ave & S Bryant St39.703955-105.018495
13653W Exposition Ave & S Bryant St39.70386-105.017762
13655W Exposition Ave & S Dale Ct39.703855-105.02126
13656W Exposition Ave & S Dale Ct39.703935-105.021908
13658W Exposition Ave & S Federal Blvd39.703943-105.024792
13657W Exposition Ave & S Federal Blvd39.703838-105.02463
13665W Exposition Ave & S Irving St39.703967-105.02929
24406W Exposition Ave & S Lipan St39.704016-105.002206
24392W Exposition Ave & S Mariposa Way39.703909-105.002181
13672W Exposition Ave & S Pecos St39.704002-105.006633
33197W Exposition Ave & S Quivas St39.703911-105.006975
13678W Exposition Ave & S Shoshone St39.703918-105.009519
13679W Exposition Ave & S Shoshone St39.704021-105.010451
13683W Exposition Ave & S Vallejo St39.703906-105.012992
13684W Exposition Ave & S Vallejo St39.703992-105.013768
23727W Exposition Ave & S Zuni St39.703954-105.016269
23728W Exposition Ave & S Zuni St39.703883-105.015385
13901W Florida Ave & Kendall St.39.68954-105.065805
13868W Florida Ave & S Benton St39.689595-105.055637
13867W Florida Ave & S Benton St39.689477-105.054718
13878W Florida Ave & S Depew St39.689465-105.057508
13877W Florida Ave & S Depew St39.689575-105.058376
13880W Florida Ave & S Eaton Ct39.689563-105.060371
13884W Florida Ave & S Federal Blvd39.689525-105.026204
34274W Florida Ave & S Federal Blvd39.689414-105.026213
13885W Florida Ave & S Fenton St39.689443-105.060124
13889W Florida Ave & S Harlan St39.689429-105.062179
13890W Florida Ave & S Harlan St39.689541-105.063172
13895W Florida Ave & S Irving St39.689378-105.029144
13896W Florida Ave & S Irving St39.689505-105.029524
13905W Florida Ave & S Kendall St39.689409-105.065657
13911W Florida Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.68938-105.033891
13912W Florida Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.689502-105.034644
13914W Florida Ave & S Marshall St39.689506-105.068942
13915W Florida Ave & S Marshall St39.689397-105.068001
13923W Florida Ave & S Osceola St39.689518-105.038153
13924W Florida Ave & S Osceola St39.689399-105.038121
13930W Florida Ave & S Pierce St39.689485-105.07261
13929W Florida Ave & S Pierce St39.689374-105.071515
13936W Florida Ave & S Quitman St39.689411-105.040658
13935W Florida Ave & S Quitman St39.689535-105.041651
13940W Florida Ave & S Saulsbury St39.689489-105.07622
13942W Florida Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.689604-105.053679
13941W Florida Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.689492-105.05262
13944W Florida Ave & S Tennyson St39.689425-105.043555
13945W Florida Ave & S Tennyson St39.68955-105.044628
13949W Florida Ave & S Upham St39.689379-105.076346
13953W Florida Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.689387-105.080319
13954W Florida Ave & S Winona Way39.68946-105.046789
13955W Florida Ave & S Wolff St39.689564-105.047434
13956W Florida Ave & S Xavier St39.689476-105.049617
13957W Florida Ave & S Xavier St39.689581-105.050541
25013W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Jay Cir39.614569-105.06096
25009W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Jay Cir E39.61445-105.060101
25007W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Lamar Pl39.616997-105.067726
25015W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Lamar Pl39.617109-105.067787
25016W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Newland Way39.616872-105.069912
25006W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Newland Way39.616823-105.069297
25003W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Reed Way39.618522-105.077785
25018W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Reed Way39.618642-105.077866
25019W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Saulsbury Way39.618636-105.07952
25002W Grant Ranch Blvd & S Saulsbury Way39.618514-105.079785
24900W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Bowles Ave39.610043-105.056749
25011W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Dorado Dr E39.611361-105.057102
25012W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Dorado Dr E39.612092-105.056903
33415W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Dorado Dr W39.61684-105.071399
25005W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Dorado Dr W39.616686-105.071297
25017W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Prentice Ave39.618371-105.074209
25004W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Prentice Ave39.617966-105.07375
25008W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Sumac Ave39.615099-105.064008
25014W Grant Ranch Blvd & W Sumac Ave39.615579-105.064295
25213W Hampden Ave & S Broadway39.653208-104.988003
33093W Hampden Ave & S Broadway39.653119-104.988045
19232W Hampden Ave & S Depew St39.652887-105.057656
19218W Hampden Ave & S Depew St39.653015-105.057457
14146W Hampden Ave & S Federal Blvd39.653332-105.025864
19231W Hampden Ave & S Harlan St39.652925-105.062222
19219W Hampden Ave & S Harlan St39.653026-105.062491
14156W Hampden Ave & S Irving St39.653221-105.029718
14157W Hampden Ave & S Irving St39.653309-105.02967
19220W Hampden Ave & S Kendall St39.653019-105.066631
19230W Hampden Ave & S Kendall St39.652918-105.066305
19221W Hampden Ave & S Pierce St39.652508-105.072329
19229W Hampden Ave & S Pierce St39.652399-105.07226
19233W Hampden Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.652026-105.055146
19216W Hampden Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.652006-105.054916
34265W Holden Pl & Federal Blvd39.735734-105.024308
35228W Ithaca Ave & S Fox St39.651859-104.994903
35227W Ithaca Ave & S Fox St39.651976-104.995053
21534W Jefferson Ave & S Teller St39.650019-105.076941
25207W Jefferson Ave & S Teller St39.649783-105.077218
21535W Jefferson Ave & S Vance St39.65001-105.079603
21536W Jefferson Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.649814-105.08025
19015W Jewell Ave & S Allison St39.682296-105.08439
14656W Jewell Ave & S Allison St39.682125-105.084318
14658W Jewell Ave & S Ammons St39.682328-105.088312
14657W Jewell Ave & S Ammons St39.682147-105.086976
14661W Jewell Ave & S Cody St39.682269-105.092196
14662W Jewell Ave & S Cody Way39.682119-105.091326
13361W Jewell Ave & S Depew St39.682125-105.057758
33054W Jewell Ave & S Depew St39.682377-105.057755
14665W Jewell Ave & S Estes St39.682252-105.09628
14664W Jewell Ave & S Estes St39.682127-105.095442
14667W Jewell Ave & S Garrison St39.682068-105.099778
14668W Jewell Ave & S Garrison St39.68222-105.100756
19298W Jewell Ave & S Harlan Cir39.682304-105.061597
14674W Jewell Ave & S Independence Ct39.682211-105.106009
14671W Jewell Ave & S Independence Ct39.682044-105.105291
14676W Jewell Ave & S Ingalls St39.682132-105.064525
14675W Jewell Ave & S Ingalls St39.682291-105.064507
23440W Jewell Ave & S Kipling Pkwy39.681974-105.12177
14679W Jewell Ave & S Kipling St39.682198-105.110846
14678W Jewell Ave & S Kipling St39.68203-105.108734
14681W Jewell Ave & S Oak St39.682196-105.118349
14680W Jewell Ave & S Oak St39.68203-105.117192
14687W Jewell Ave & S Pierce St39.682281-105.072466
14686W Jewell Ave & S Pierce St39.682095-105.071656
21070W Jewell Ave & S Upham St39.682125-105.079043
14691W Jewell Ave & S Upham St39.682292-105.078998
14693W Jewell Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.682115-105.080861
14694W Jewell Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.682315-105.081967
19297W Jewell Ave & W Iliff Dr39.682143-105.060631
23587W Ken Caryl Ave & C - 47039.57756-105.145177
21495W Ken Caryl Ave & S Alkire St39.580586-105.133287
21492W Ken Caryl Ave & S Alkire St39.580849-105.134155
21491W Ken Caryl Ave & S Simms St39.58088-105.129732
21494W Ken Caryl Ave & Shaffer Pkwy39.579331-105.13896
14751W Kentucky Ave & S Irving St39.700389-105.030397
14755W Kentucky Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.700295-105.034015
14754W Kentucky Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.700402-105.034779
14760W Kentucky Ave & S Osceola St39.70031-105.03739
14759W Kentucky Ave & S Osceola St39.70042-105.038282
14764W Kentucky Ave & S Quitman St39.700328-105.040978
14763W Kentucky Ave & S Quitman St39.700427-105.041182
14769W Kentucky Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.700392-105.052525
19011W Kentucky Ave & S Tennyson St39.700348-105.044293
19012W Kentucky Ave & S Tennyson St39.700435-105.043437
14772W Kentucky Ave & S Vrain St39.70036-105.047456
14773W Kentucky Ave & S Vrain St39.700461-105.04733
19834W Kentucky Ave & S Yates St39.700488-105.051836
20312W Kenyon Ave & S Inca St39.649485-104.998895
20313W Kenyon Ave & S Jason St39.649366-104.998848
23007W Kenyon Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.649543-105.036384
23008W Kenyon Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.649642-105.036887
23009W Kenyon Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.650557-105.051767
23006W Kenyon Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.650496-105.051371
15003W Littleton Blvd & S Broadway39.613329-104.98869
15002W Littleton Blvd & S Cherokee St39.613128-104.991142
15004W Littleton Blvd & S Cherokee St39.613318-104.991929
15005W Littleton Blvd & S Datura St39.613145-105.00319
15006W Littleton Blvd & S Datura St39.613344-105.004715
15008W Littleton Blvd & S Fox St39.613319-104.995536
15009W Littleton Blvd & S Fox St39.61313-104.995097
15010W Littleton Blvd & S Hickory St39.613134-104.998721
15011W Littleton Blvd & S Hickory St39.613323-104.999471
15018W Littleton Blvd & S Spotswood St39.613135-105.010982
15016W Littleton Blvd & S Spotswood St39.613335-105.012281
15001W Littleton Blvd & S Windermere St39.61333-105.007608
15019W Littleton Blvd & S Windermere St39.613128-105.006371
15176W Main St & S Rio Grande St39.61374-105.014912
15323W Mississippi Ave & S Broadway39.696731-104.987885
15325W Mississippi Ave & S Bryant St39.696809-105.018327
15324W Mississippi Ave & S Bryant St39.696687-105.017591
34690W Mississippi Ave & S Cherokee St39.696548-104.99145
15338W Mississippi Ave & S Dale Ct39.696677-105.021303
15339W Mississippi Ave & S Dale Ct39.696803-105.021802
15342W Mississippi Ave & S Depew St39.696706-105.057877
15343W Mississippi Ave & S Depew St39.696802-105.057698
34689W Mississippi Ave & S Eliot St39.696815-105.023658
15355W Mississippi Ave & S Federal Blvd39.696666-105.024684
15360W Mississippi Ave & S Galapago St39.696747-104.995445
15359W Mississippi Ave & S Galapago St39.696613-104.99496
15367W Mississippi Ave & S Harlan St39.696663-105.062268
15368W Mississippi Ave & S Harlan St39.696786-105.063019
15378W Mississippi Ave & S Jason St39.69677-104.998834
15377W Mississippi Ave & S Jason St39.696588-104.9989
15390W Mississippi Ave & S Lamar St39.696659-105.06722
15405W Mississippi Ave & S Mariposa St39.696762-105.002512
15404W Mississippi Ave & S Mariposa St39.69664-105.002362
15391W Mississippi Ave & S Marshall St39.696743-105.067933
15424W Mississippi Ave & S Pierce St39.695868-105.071797
15425W Mississippi Ave & S Pierce St39.695992-105.071924
15433W Mississippi Ave & S Quivas St39.696785-105.006973
15434W Mississippi Ave & S Quivas St39.69666-105.006388
15436W Mississippi Ave & S Raritan St39.6968-105.009763
15435W Mississippi Ave & S Raritan St39.696672-105.009096
15438W Mississippi Ave & S Reed St39.6967-105.075364
15437W Mississippi Ave & S Reed St39.696607-105.074684
15443W Mississippi Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.696866-105.053883
25363W Mississippi Ave & S Sheridan Blvd39.696731-105.054183
15456W Mississippi Ave & S Teller St39.696688-105.077614
15457W Mississippi Ave & S Teller St39.696579-105.07728
15462W Mississippi Ave & S Vallejo St39.696846-105.014166
15469W Mississippi Ave & S Vallejo St39.696673-105.014009
15467W Mississippi Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.696496-105.081053
25758W Mosier Pl & S Quivas St39.695839-105.007663
20456W Ohio Ave & S Vance St39.703892-105.080097
21040W Ohio Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.703713-105.080769
25026W Oxford Ave & S Clay St39.642334-105.019776
25031W Oxford Ave & S Clay St39.642188-105.020283
25030W Oxford Ave & S Decatur St39.642183-105.022437
25027W Oxford Ave & S Eliot St39.64234-105.02347
24990W Oxford Ave & S Federal Blvd39.64235-105.026087
24889W Oxford Ave & S Federal Blvd39.642183-105.02477
25029W Oxford Ave & S Hooker St39.642179-105.028116
25028W Oxford Ave & S Hooker St39.642314-105.029097
15758W Oxford Ave & S Knox Ct39.642237-105.031705
15759W Oxford Ave & S Knox Ct39.642297-105.032133
15760W Oxford Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.642199-105.034222
25032W Oxford Ave & S Natches Ct39.642117-105.007719
25033W Oxford Ave & S Navajo St39.642109-105.003638
34565W Oxford Ave & S Navajo St39.642104-105.003568
25025W Oxford Ave & S Santa Fe Dr39.642361-105.007088
21645W Pine St & Hoover Ave39.975825-105.143583
21652W Pine St & Hoover Ave39.975567-105.144474
21643W Pine St & S Polk Ave39.974273-105.150628
21654W Pine St & S Polk Ave39.974431-105.151427
21644W Pine St & Tyler Ave39.974323-105.148601
21653W Pine St & Tyler Ave39.974439-105.149402
21642W Pine St & Via Appia39.976411-105.153872
21655W Pine St & Via Appia39.976581-105.153681
23613W Quincy Ave & S Arbutus Way39.638372-105.148207
23608W Quincy Ave & S Arbutus Way39.638492-105.148311
23609W Quincy Ave & S Cole Ct39.636179-105.153285
23612W Quincy Ave & S Cole Ct39.636282-105.15249
23610W Quincy Ave & S Eldridge St39.635103-105.156461
23611W Quincy Ave & S Eldridge St39.634909-105.156349
16204W Quincy Ave & S Irving St39.638641-105.030461
16205W Quincy Ave & S Irving St39.638541-105.03067
23604W Quincy Ave & S Swadley Ct39.638731-105.130794
23617W Quincy Ave & S Swadley Ct39.638615-105.130302
23605W Quincy Ave & S Union St39.638739-105.13311
23616W Quincy Ave & S Union St39.638618-105.132876
23606W Quincy Ave & S Wright Way39.638606-105.139627
23615W Quincy Ave & S Wright Way39.638506-105.138932
23614W Quincy Ave & S Youngfield St39.638433-105.142607
23607W Quincy Ave & S Youngfield St39.638591-105.143309
24393W Virginia Ave & S Lipan St39.707477-105.000663
24405W Virginia Ave & S Lipan St39.707616-105.00036
33212W Virginia Ave & S Saulsbury St39.707163-105.075449
25826W Virginia Ave & S Teller St39.707023-105.077104
35024W Virginia Ave & S Upham St39.707146-105.078715
33213W Virginia Ave & S Vance St39.707003-105.078988
25137W Virginia Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.706944-105.082571
25136W Virginia Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.707144-105.082279
21747W Warren Ave & S Decatur St39.676723-105.022861
17314W Yale Ave & S Federal Blvd39.66778-105.025643
17322W Yale Ave & S Hooker St39.667669-105.028408
17323W Yale Ave & S Irving St39.667751-105.029637
17331W Yale Ave & S Knox Ct39.667643-105.03222
17330W Yale Ave & S Knox Ct39.667736-105.032277
17342W Yale Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.667726-105.035463
17341W Yale Ave & S Lowell Blvd39.667631-105.034405
17345W Yale Ave & S Newton St39.667641-105.036389
17346W Yale Ave & S Newton St39.66774-105.037317
17354W Yale Ave & S Perry St39.667659-105.039158
17355W Yale Ave & S Perry St39.667757-105.040194
17358W Yale Ave & S Raleigh St39.667667-105.041197
17366W Yale Ave & S Wadsworth Blvd39.667627-105.080648
17367W Yale Ave & S Webster St39.667799-105.079115
18675Wadsworth & Hampden PnR39.650534-105.083005
33851Wadsworth / Hampden39.650897-105.082726
17061Wadsworth Blvd & Highland Dr39.728165-105.081653
17060Wadsworth Blvd & Highland Dr39.728658-105.08135
21974Wadsworth Blvd & Marilyn Jean Dr39.804624-105.081514
17094Wadsworth Blvd & Pikeview Ct39.751407-105.081592
17096Wadsworth Blvd & Pomona Dr39.847529-105.08161
17097Wadsworth Blvd & Pomona Dr39.846111-105.081967
15746Wadsworth Blvd & Ralston Rd39.802299-105.08138
17009Wadsworth Blvd & Vance Dr39.838062-105.081603
16946Wadsworth Blvd & W 1st Ave39.71885-105.081335
16947Wadsworth Blvd & W 1st Ave39.71788-105.081729
23037Wadsworth Blvd & W 2nd Ave39.72053-105.081722
22917Wadsworth Blvd & W 4th Ave39.722168-105.081351
16974Wadsworth Blvd & W 4th Ave39.721852-105.081718
16985Wadsworth Blvd & W 5th Ave39.723526-105.081699
33666Wadsworth Blvd & W 9th Ave39.730827-105.081632
33667Wadsworth Blvd & W 9th Ave39.731046-105.081353
16940Wadsworth Blvd & W 10th Ave39.733408-105.081323
16941Wadsworth Blvd & W 10th Ave39.733672-105.081605
33971Wadsworth Blvd & W 13th Ave39.737064-105.081178
16943Wadsworth Blvd & W 13th Ave39.736985-105.081559
16944Wadsworth Blvd & W 17th Ave39.743593-105.081558
16945Wadsworth Blvd & W 17th Ave39.744636-105.081227
16949Wadsworth Blvd & W 20th Ave39.747111-105.081563
16948Wadsworth Blvd & W 20th Ave39.74821-105.081242
16950Wadsworth Blvd & W 23rd Ave39.751163-105.081295
16951Wadsworth Blvd & W 26th Ave39.755201-105.08135
16952Wadsworth Blvd & W 26th Ave39.754511-105.081515
16953Wadsworth Blvd & W 29th Ave39.758786-105.081386
16954Wadsworth Blvd & W 29th Ave39.757938-105.081652
16959Wadsworth Blvd & W 32nd Ave39.762454-105.081296
16960Wadsworth Blvd & W 32nd Ave39.761741-105.081596
16961Wadsworth Blvd & W 34th Ave39.764974-105.081619
16962Wadsworth Blvd & W 35th Ave39.766042-105.081335
16963Wadsworth Blvd & W 38th Ave39.769009-105.081581
16964Wadsworth Blvd & W 38th Ave39.769885-105.081286
16966Wadsworth Blvd & W 41st Ave39.773067-105.08128
16965Wadsworth Blvd & W 41st Ave39.772677-105.081569
16968Wadsworth Blvd & W 44th Ave39.7759-105.081565
16967Wadsworth Blvd & W 44th Ave39.777517-105.08126
16971Wadsworth Blvd & W 45th Pl39.779169-105.081553
16970Wadsworth Blvd & W 45th Pl39.779738-105.081263
16973Wadsworth Blvd & W 46th Ave39.780753-105.08155
16972Wadsworth Blvd & W 48th Ave39.781995-105.081288
16976Wadsworth Blvd & W 52nd Ave39.790418-105.081598
21277Wadsworth Blvd & W 52nd Ave39.790018-105.08113
15742Wadsworth Blvd & W 60th Ave39.805264-105.081369
21692Wadsworth Blvd & W 61st Ave39.80643-105.081519
21695Wadsworth Blvd & W 61st Ave39.806928-105.081365
17080Wadsworth Blvd & W 62nd Ave39.808692-105.081523
15743Wadsworth Blvd & W 62nd Ave39.809508-105.081369
16989Wadsworth Blvd & W 62nd Pl39.810551-105.081512
15744Wadsworth Blvd & W 64th Ave39.812204-105.081347
16992Wadsworth Blvd & W 64th Ave39.812417-105.0815
16994Wadsworth Blvd & W 65th Ave39.815076-105.08156
16995Wadsworth Blvd & W 66th Ave39.81703-105.081251
16997Wadsworth Blvd & W 68th Ave39.819809-105.081561
16996Wadsworth Blvd & W 68th Ave39.820562-105.081229
16998Wadsworth Blvd & W 69th Pl39.823916-105.081314
16999Wadsworth Blvd & W 69th Pl39.823389-105.0816
17000Wadsworth Blvd & W 72nd Ave39.827788-105.081332
17001Wadsworth Blvd & W 72nd Ave39.826703-105.081767
17002Wadsworth Blvd & W 74th Ave39.830778-105.081433
17003Wadsworth Blvd & W 74th Ave39.830441-105.081731
17005Wadsworth Blvd & W 75th Ave39.832431-105.081776
17004Wadsworth Blvd & W 75th Ave39.83322-105.081489
17007Wadsworth Blvd & W 76th Ave39.834685-105.081849
17006Wadsworth Blvd & W 76th Ave39.835212-105.081538
17008Wadsworth Blvd & W 77th Dr39.837491-105.081918
17011Wadsworth Blvd & W 80th Ave39.840893-105.082059
17010Wadsworth Blvd & W 80th Ave39.842744-105.081623
17013Wadsworth Blvd & W 87th Dr39.854799-105.081522
17014Wadsworth Blvd & W 87th Dr39.853539-105.0819
17016Wadsworth Blvd & W 88th Ave39.855765-105.081932
17015Wadsworth Blvd & W 88th Ave39.857358-105.081463
17018Wadsworth Blvd & W 90th Ave39.860428-105.081673
17017Wadsworth Blvd & W 90th Ave39.858935-105.081901
17036Wadsworth Blvd & W Colfax Ave39.74092-105.081128
17037Wadsworth Blvd & W Colfax Ave39.739753-105.081624
16991Wadsworth Bypass & W 64th Ave39.814329-105.080967
14443Wadsworth Pkwy & Church Ranch Blvd39.879071-105.095841
19292Wadsworth Pkwy & Independence Dr39.874501-105.093053
19293Wadsworth Pkwy & Independence St39.873788-105.092931
18554Wadsworth Pkwy & Metro Airport Ave39.908661-105.096571
14455Wadsworth Pkwy & Uptown Ave39.908382-105.09606
14451Wadsworth Pkwy & W 92nd Ave39.863649-105.08444
14450Wadsworth Pkwy & W 92nd Ave39.863617-105.083917
14452Wadsworth Pkwy & W 94th Ave39.868034-105.087625
14453Wadsworth Pkwy & W 94th Ave39.867277-105.08746
14444Wadsworth Pkwy & W 100th Ave39.877711-105.095821
24349Wadsworth Pkwy & W 102nd Ave39.882099-105.09643
24350Wadsworth Pkwy & W 102nd Ave39.882154-105.096039
14445Wadsworth Pkwy & W 104th Ave39.884863-105.096412
14446Wadsworth Pkwy & W 104th Ave39.885811-105.095974
14447Wadsworth Pkwy & W 108th Ave39.893153-105.095717
14448Wadsworth Pkwy & W 108th Ave39.892225-105.096124
25449Wadsworth Pkwy & W 116th Cir39.904083-105.095947
25448Wadsworth Pkwy & W 116th Cir39.903055-105.096384
33970Wadsworth Station39.736607-105.080761
33563Wadsworth Station39.736664-105.082063
33746Wagon Road39.912353-104.994181
26109Wagon Road PnR Gate B39.912258-104.994002
26104Wagon Road PnR Gate D39.912483-104.994614
26106Wagon Road PnR Gate F39.912496-104.993985
26108Wagon Road PnR Gate H39.912274-104.99353
26020Wal - Mart @ Salida St & Tower Rd39.763702-104.774848
19776Walnut St & 16th St40.017852-105.274561
19777Walnut St & 18th St40.018401-105.271901
17113Walnut St & 18th St40.018515-105.272113
17115Walnut St & 20th St40.019002-105.269606
17116Walnut St & 20th St40.018851-105.269592
17119Walnut St & 38th St39.769882-104.97262
34428Walnut St & 40th Ave39.772534-104.969168
17120Walnut St & 40th St39.772126-104.969434
35200Ward Rd & I - 70 Frontage Rd39.784218-105.137836
23565Ward Rd & W 52nd Ave39.790414-105.138174
17124Ward Rd & W 60th Ave39.805141-105.137811
17125Ward Rd & W 60th Ave39.804676-105.138043
17126Ward Rd & W 61st Ave39.807296-105.138027
17127Ward Rd & W 61st Ave39.807759-105.137795
17129Ward Rd & W 62nd Ave39.808813-105.138023
17128Ward Rd & W 62nd Ave39.809306-105.13775
17131Ward Rd & W 64th Ave39.811493-105.138043
24413Washington Ave & 13th St39.754272-105.220267
24412Washington Ave & 16th St39.752432-105.218461
17149Washington Ave & 19th St39.750067-105.216252
17166Washington St & 20th Ave39.748248-104.97808
17168Washington St & 45th Ave39.777964-104.979377
17167Washington St & 45th Ave39.77865-104.979081
17170Washington St & 47th Ave39.782014-104.978737
17169Washington St & 47th Ave39.782115-104.978489
22041Washington St & 49th Ave39.785969-104.978237
17174Washington St & 50th Ave39.787068-104.978362
17173Washington St & 50th Ave39.788097-104.978225
17176Washington St & 51st Ave39.788907-104.978375
17175Washington St & 51st Ave39.789593-104.978222
17180Washington St & 56th Ave39.797322-104.978318
17179Washington St & 56th Ave39.797703-104.978171
17182Washington St & 58th Ave39.800984-104.978198
17181Washington St & 58th Ave39.802483-104.977864
34570Washington St & 58th Ave39.800718-104.977972
17185Washington St & 62nd Ave39.809511-104.97794
17186Washington St & 62nd Ave39.808923-104.978217
17188Washington St & 64th Ave39.812507-104.978187
17187Washington St & 64th Ave39.813134-104.977951
17190Washington St & 66th Ave39.816118-104.978186
17189Washington St & 66th Ave39.81667-104.97797
24706Washington St & 68th Ave39.820235-104.977911
24707Washington St & 68th Ave39.820101-104.978114
21224Washington St & 73rd Ave39.829472-104.977983
17193Washington St & 73rd Ave39.829336-104.9778
17195Washington St & 76th Ave39.833798-104.977968
23724Washington St & 76th Ave39.835163-104.97778
17211Washington St & 78th Ave39.837314-104.978047
17197Washington St & 78th Pl39.839603-104.977771
33641Washington St & 78th Pl39.840083-104.978016
17198Washington St & 80th Ave39.842078-104.978036
17199Washington St & 83rd Dr39.846203-104.978008
17200Washington St & 84th Ave39.850094-104.977744
17202Washington St & 85th Ave39.850741-104.978022
17206Washington St & 88th Ave39.855301-104.978029
17205Washington St & 88th Ave39.857787-104.977777
17155Washington St & 104th Ave39.88605-104.977591
17157Washington St & 105th Pl39.88804-104.977592
17161Washington St & 112th Ave39.899911-104.97749
17162Washington St & 112th Ave39.899227-104.977784
17214Washington St & Coronado Pkwy39.846803-104.97775
17216Washington St & Eppinger Blvd39.863679-104.977964
17217Washington St & Explorador Calle39.842425-104.977765
17219Washington St & Garland Dr39.891193-104.977796
17218Washington St & Garland Dr39.891125-104.977568
17192Washington St & Hwy 22439.824593-104.978097
17191Washington St & Hwy 22439.824522-104.977873
17222Washington St & Malley Dr39.902389-104.977846
17224Washington St & Muriel Dr39.897617-104.977532
17225Washington St & Muriel Dr39.896812-104.977774
17227Washington St & Russell Blvd39.859833-104.977998
17228Washington St & Russell Blvd39.859484-104.977757
17203Washington St & Sheldon Dr39.853927-104.977744
17159Washington St & Washington Way39.88746-104.977806
17766Wazee St & 16th Street Mall39.751042-105.000108
33498Webster Dr & W 84th Way39.853637-105.080786
24574West Coal Mine Ave & South Van Gordon Way39.601404-105.137811
22084Western Ave & 55th St40.017795-105.225892
34549Westminster Station39.823124-105.027939
34701Westminster Station Gate B39.823295-105.027012
34702Westminster Station Gate C39.823131-105.027173
34703Westminster Station Gate D39.823246-105.027215
34561Westminster Station N - Bound39.823078-105.029428
34560Westminster Station S - Bound39.82239-105.028733
34385Wewatta St & 17th St39.754143-105.001356
34384Wewatta St & 17th St39.754216-105.001462
25924Wewatta St & 21st St39.756836-104.996552
25925Wewatta St & 21st St39.756907-104.996797
34510Wheat Ridge - Ward Station Track 139.788077-105.132658
34504Wheat Ridge / Ward Road Station39.789544-105.13327
34513Wheat Ridge - Ward Station Gate C39.788102-105.133495
34515Wheat Ridge - Ward Station Gate E39.788316-105.132744
10719Williams St & 28th Ave39.757377-104.966013
22678Williams St & 29th Ave39.758003-104.965895
26382Yale Ave & Brown Dr39.667467-104.794417
25443Yale Ave & Helena Way39.667117-104.806787
20875Yale Ave & Marina Dr39.667499-104.821113
17357Yale Ave & Racine Ct39.667644-104.843519
17356Yale Ave & Racine Ct39.667486-104.842762
18400Yale Ave & S Abilene St39.66752-104.828003
26380Yale Ave & S Abilene St39.667719-104.828833
24011Yale Ave & S Blackhawk St39.667493-104.824802
22684Yale Ave & S Brook Dr39.667387-104.934549
18952Yale Ave & S Buckley Rd39.667647-104.791537
20643Yale Ave & S Chambers Rd39.670782-104.810612
22685Yale Ave & S Cherry St39.667535-104.934677
18412Yale Ave & S Cimarron St39.667684-104.82218
33506Yale Ave & S Clermont Dr39.667939-104.937392
33158Yale Ave & S Clermont St39.667461-104.936886
22077Yale Ave & S Colorado Blvd39.668208-104.939879
17309Yale Ave & S Dahlia St39.667388-104.931298
17310Yale Ave & S Dahlia St39.667539-104.93209
18770Yale Ave & S Elkhart St39.668054-104.815166
25476Yale Ave & S Elkhart St39.668125-104.814644
20879Yale Ave & S Elmira St39.666889-104.871186
20882Yale Ave & S Elmira St39.666987-104.871305
26065Yale Ave & S Eudora St39.667602-104.930669
17315Yale Ave & S Forest St39.667392-104.928071
20881Yale Ave & S Havana St39.667599-104.867395
17321Yale Ave & S Holly St39.667645-104.921305
17325Yale Ave & S Hudson St39.667724-104.924113
17324Yale Ave & S Hudson St39.667491-104.923264
17329Yale Ave & S Jersey St39.667538-104.919785
17333Yale Ave & S Krameria St39.667647-104.916865
26381Yale Ave & S Laredo St39.667478-104.801825
18954Yale Ave & S Laredo St39.667637-104.801725
17332Yale Ave & S Locust St39.667488-104.915396
17343Yale Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.667564-104.912133
17344Yale Ave & S Monaco Pkwy39.667696-104.913584
18953Yale Ave & S Norfolk St39.667638-104.795693
17348Yale Ave & S Norman Ct39.667569-104.908775
17347Yale Ave & S Norman Ct39.667695-104.908496
17352Yale Ave & S Oneida St39.667679-104.906532
17351Yale Ave & S Oneida St39.667573-104.906242
17353Yale Ave & S Peoria St39.667467-104.846529
25277Yale Ave & S Quebec St39.667694-104.902417
25240Yale Ave & S Quebec St39.667548-104.902805
19305Yale Ave & S Quebec St39.667683-104.904123
25255Yale Ave & S Sidney Ct39.667694-104.899314
25241Yale Ave & S Sidney Ct39.667566-104.897835
25253Yale Ave & S Syracuse Way39.667688-104.89583
17361Yale Ave & S Ursula St39.667658-104.839542
17362Yale Ave & S Ursula St39.667477-104.839507
17363Yale Ave & S Vaughn Way39.667666-104.83715
17368Yale Ave & S Wheeling Way39.667492-104.835972
17372Yale Ave & S Xanadu Way39.667507-104.833737
17371Yale Ave & S Xanadu Way39.667678-104.833791
33723Yale Station39.668779-104.927566
25979Yale Station39.668627-104.927157
34012Yale Station39.669084-104.927293
26132Yale Station Gate A39.668728-104.927342
23569Yank Way & W 63rd Ave39.811858-105.142659
25785Yarmouth Ave & 13th St40.058155-105.280705
25786Yarmouth Ave & 15th St40.058218-105.278784
24848Yarmouth Ave & 15th St40.058297-105.278254
25787Yarmouth Ave & 17th St40.058175-105.275994
17379Yarmouth Ave & 17th St40.058309-105.276445
17382Yarmouth Ave & 19th St40.058355-105.273303
17381Yarmouth Ave & Broadway40.058296-105.280785
17410York St & 6th Ave39.725341-104.96014
17412York St & 8th Ave39.728825-104.960254
17384York St & 9th Ave39.732524-104.959882
17385York St & 12th Ave39.734817-104.959869
17386York St & 13th Ave39.736597-104.95987
17387York St & 17th Ave39.742614-104.959842
17388York St & 18th Ave39.745099-104.959713
17390York St & 21st Ave39.748472-104.959698
17391York St & 21st Ave39.747929-104.959857
17392York St & 23rd Ave39.750962-104.959702
17393York St & 23rd Ave39.750466-104.959839
17395York St & 26th Ave39.754125-104.959839
17394York St & 26th Ave39.754724-104.959695
17397York St & 28th Ave39.756732-104.959826
17396York St & 28th Ave39.757252-104.959678
17398York St & 30th Ave39.759724-104.95969
17399York St & 30th Ave39.759264-104.959817
17400York St & 31st Ave39.761012-104.959693
17403York St & 36th Ave39.76716-104.959677
17404York St & 36th Ave39.766749-104.959809
17405York St & 38th Ave39.76943-104.959676
17407York St & 40th Ave39.772176-104.959729
11103York St & 40th Ave39.773565-104.959508
21377York St & 40th Ave39.772382-104.959326
17408York St & 43rd Ave39.776174-104.959478
17409York St & 45th Ave39.77839-104.959454
23639York St & 97th Ave39.873016-104.958845
23645York St & 97th Ave39.872594-104.959021
23644York St & 98th Ave39.874389-104.95901
23640York St & 98th Ave39.874424-104.958839
17401York St & Bruce Randolph Ave39.764758-104.959682
17402York St & Bruce Randolph Ave39.764974-104.959818
17415York St & Colfax Ave39.739667-104.959845
17419York St & MLK Blvd39.76168-104.959815
17418York St & MLK Blvd39.762247-104.959683
23638York St & Thornton Pkwy39.8714-104.958858
21723York St & Thornton Pkwy39.870836-104.959034
35356Youngfield St & W 38th Ave39.766976-105.142537
17473Zuni St & W 27th Ave39.755807-105.015901
17474Zuni St & W 28th Ave39.756878-105.015753
22014Zuni St & W 29th Ave39.758053-105.015923
34347Zuni St & W 47th Ave39.78203-105.015898
34345Zuni St & W 50th Ave39.786943-105.015905
34348Zuni St & W Elk Pl39.782762-105.015757

Agency Stops: 7449