Stop Listing

Delaware Authority for Regional Transit (de-dart)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
13472nd St @ Adams St39.742166-75.560642
19262nd St @ Broom St39.744683-75.566794
13492nd St @ Franklin St39.743963-75.565038
18572nd St @ French St39.738084-75.550647
13422nd St @ King St39.738751-75.552085
19292nd St @ Lincoln St39.747155-75.572841
13462nd St @ Madison St39.741313-75.558497
39382nd St @ N. Dupont St39.746186-75.570472
13442nd St @ Orange St39.739160-75.553287
13482nd St @ Van Buren St39.743084-75.562840
13452nd St @ West St39.740076-75.555527
33834th St @ Bancroft Pkwy39.749346-75.573442
13004th St @ Bancroft Pky39.749511-75.573462
33824th St @ Bayard Ave39.750006-75.575039
2414th St @ Broom St39.746254-75.565874
9574th St @ Broom St39.746531-75.566014
16264th St @ Church St39.736715-75.542454
17924th St @ Church St39.736854-75.542356
9584th St @ Clayton St39.747301-75.567959
9974th St @ Clayton St39.747213-75.568259
13024th St @ Ferris St39.750620-75.576088
9564th St @ Franklin St39.745680-75.563923
10004th St @ Franklin St39.745588-75.564193
24604th St @ French St39.739747-75.549731
13044th St @ Greenhill Ave39.751918-75.579734
13034th St @ Hawley St39.751543-75.578376
33814th St @ Hawley St39.751322-75.578264
17944th St @ King St39.740019-75.550118
854th St @ Lincoln St39.748824-75.571695
12774th St @ Lombard St39.738509-75.546422
844th St @ Monroe St39.743612-75.558809
904th St @ Monroe St39.743320-75.558707
9504th St @ Orange St39.741157-75.552761
40054th St @ Orange St39.740928-75.552656
16224th St @ Poplar St39.738641-75.547128
9604th St @ Scott St39.748351-75.570489
9954th St @ Scott St39.748296-75.570774
17934th St @ Spruce St39.737423-75.543758
9544th St @ Van Buren St39.744778-75.561738
10024th St @ Van Buren St39.744739-75.562020
12794th St @ Walnut St39.739282-75.548378
9514th St @ Washington St39.742099-75.555114
10064th St @ Washington St39.741822-75.555011
16254th St opp Spruce St39.737484-75.544332
37955th St @ Jefferson St39.574772-75.597171
37945th St opp Madison St39.574878-75.597524
1736th St - New Castle @ Delaware St39.661919-75.566849
16796th St - New Castle @ South St39.659974-75.569476
16786th St - New Castle @ Tremont St39.660939-75.568268
17416th St - New Castle @ Tremont St39.661007-75.568037
1646th St @ Delaware Ave (Historic New Castle)39.661842-75.567140
16807th St - New Castle @ South St39.660168-75.571099
40457th St - New Castle @ The Garrison Apts39.658977-75.573601
40447th St - New Castle opp The Garrison Apts39.658851-75.574224
17397th St @ South St39.660132-75.570899
12898th St @ Adams St39.746811-75.557406
12948th St @ Broom St39.749314-75.563575
1158th St @ Clayton St39.750312-75.565963
12968th St @ Dupont St39.750741-75.567133
12998th St @ Grant Ave39.752584-75.571659
12928th St @ Harrison St39.748158-75.560730
9088th St @ King St39.743057-75.548233
12808th St @ Kirkwood St39.740638-75.542366
12988th St @ Lincoln St39.751738-75.569638
12828th St @ Lombard St39.741283-75.543925
12888th St @ Morrow St39.746100-75.555741
12858th St @ Orange St39.744040-75.550618
12978th St @ Scott St39.751284-75.568483
738th St @ Shipley St39.743609-75.549600
12918th St @ Van Buren St39.747719-75.559602
12838th St @ Walnut St39.742243-75.546271
12878th St @ Washington St39.745113-75.553341
12868th St @ West St39.744623-75.552141
13149th St @ Broom St39.750391-75.562711
1189th St @ Clayton St39.751440-75.565000
13139th St @ Dupont St39.752046-75.566565
37789th St @ Grant Ave39.753798-75.570844
13189th St @ Jackson St39.748497-75.558007
13229th St @ Jefferson St39.746797-75.553623
13259th St @ King St39.744161-75.547243
13119th St @ Lincoln St39.752899-75.568840
13269th St @ Lombard St39.742681-75.543720
1199th St @ Market St39.744717-75.548684
13209th St @ Monroe St39.747691-75.555806
13279th St @ Pine St39.742146-75.542366
13129th St @ Scott St39.752384-75.567438
1149th St @ Spruce St39.741655-75.541192
13179th St @ Van Buren St39.748933-75.559115
1209th St @ Walnut St39.743413-75.545412
13239th St @ Washington St39.746327-75.552593
226210th St @ Clifford Brown Walk39.743897-75.543619
385110th St @ King St (Rodney Square)39.745406-75.547296
226010th St @ Kirkwood St39.742721-75.540772
226110th St @ Lombard St39.743462-75.542606
397010th St @ Tatnall St39.746874-75.550161
226310th St @ Walnut St39.744327-75.544703
390210th St between Poplar St and West St38.550338-75.572481
392210th St between Poplar St and West St38.550450-75.576011
225911th St @ Bennett St39.743471-75.539120
220311th St @ Clifford Brown Walk39.744680-75.542909
411th St @ King St (Rodney Square)39.746129-75.546627
220411th St @ Pine St39.743954-75.541154
220511th St @ Spruce St39.743541-75.540043
336211th St @ West St39.747709-75.550389
386012th St @ Orange St39.747868-75.547667
108612th St @ Washington St39.749131-75.550896
398313th St @ Bassett St39.748325-75.546620
398515th Street @ King St39.749167-75.543855
91316th St @ Jessup St39.748321-75.538948
94916th St @ Walnut St39.748973-75.541813
140317th St @ Greenhill Ave39.762790-75.572799
140217th St @ Riverview Ave39.762079-75.571031
140617th St @ Tower Rd39.764364-75.576690
140117th St @ Woodlawn Ave39.761350-75.569203
84318th St @ Baynard Blvd39.755265-75.546689
89718th St @ Baynard Blvd39.755349-75.546927
7118th St @ Broom St39.759707-75.550155
89518th St @ Van Buren St39.757260-75.548344
84518th St @ Warner School39.758370-75.548951
146019th St @ Tower St39.765561-75.575822
94126th St @ Heald St39.749799-75.528473
8226th St @ Jessup St39.753338-75.534038
91926th St @ Locust St39.751035-75.530530
94226th St @ Locust St39.750957-75.530300
92126th St @ Northeast Blvd39.749512-75.528137
91726th St @ Pine St39.752565-75.532991
94426th St @ Pine St39.752750-75.533121
92026th St @ Thatcher St39.750222-75.529246
1924A St @ Humane Society39.731906-75.547007
3918A St @ S. Claymont St39.729644-75.541787
3921A St @ S. Claymont St39.729840-75.541823
1860A St @ Townsend St39.730606-75.544142
1925A St @ Walnut St39.733705-75.551309
1923A St opp Buttonwood St39.730915-75.544543
1859A St opp Humane Socty39.731690-75.546763
3805Adams St & 2nd St39.742291-75.560689
432Adams State Service Center at Bedford St38.665382-75.379116
4096Ai Dupont Hopsital Main Entrance39.778359-75.556394
2944Airpark Plaza & Nemours Clinic38.928784-75.433186
1704Airport Rd @ Cherry Rd39.673430-75.629448
231Airport Rd @ Churchmans Rd39.677584-75.625494
238Airport Rd @ Churchmans Rd39.677343-75.625340
3697Airport Rd @ DMV39.674815-75.628258
1715Airport Rd @ Edinburgh Dr39.669742-75.632877
1701Airport Rd @ Mowery Rd39.681741-75.621496
1717Airport Rd @ Prestwick Dr39.673293-75.629326
1721Airport Rd @ Schley Rd39.683875-75.619179
1720Airport Rd opp Mowery Rd39.681617-75.621295
1719Airport Rd opp Ol Churchmans Rd39.679578-75.623194
1700Airport Rd opp Schley Rd39.684116-75.619285
4093Amazon (Ilg1)39.623825-75.631428
4006Amazon (Ilg1) opp Bldg39.623496-75.630828
3834Amazon (PHL 1)39.664455-75.591141
3832Amazon (PHL 7 & 9)39.440056-75.736722
60Amtrak Station @ Front / French39.737315-75.551305
3669Anchor Mill Road opp 5 Below Inc39.673960-75.556612
2139Appleby Rd @ Frenchtown Rd39.661761-75.641354
2157Appleby Rd @ Frenchtown Rd39.661260-75.640601
3774Appleby Rd @ Old Forge Rd39.654160-75.634344
2155Appleby Rd @ Saybrook Way39.657562-75.636594
2142Appleby Rd @ Wilton Blvd39.655374-75.635195
3847Appleby Rd @ Winburne Dr39.659959-75.639407
2156Appleby Rd opp Winburne Dr39.659607-75.638730
4087Ash Blvd @ Foxtail La39.459481-75.724161
3724Ash Ln opp Foxtail Lane39.459313-75.724015
2302Augustine C-off @ 18th St39.761532-75.554069
2311Augustine C-off @ 18th St39.761633-75.554631
2312Augustine C-off @ Wawaset Rd39.760599-75.558543
2301Augustine C-off opp Wawaset Rd39.760494-75.558404
3662Babb Drive & Luther Village39.159733-75.508054
86Barley Mill Plaza - Inside39.758718-75.600147
1730Basin Rd @ Amstel Dr39.674877-75.586712
1691Basin Rd @ Blount Rd39.675804-75.587044
172Basin Rd @ Commons Blvd39.692838-75.599034
166Basin Rd @ Crippen Dr39.677239-75.588071
1690Basin Rd @ E Roosevelt Ave39.674770-75.586323
165Basin Rd @ Frenchtown Rd39.665321-75.579640
1734Basin Rd @ Frenchtown Rd39.665235-75.579874
1692Basin Rd @ Jay Dr39.686287-75.594368
239Basin Rd @ News Journal39.695522-75.600254
1688Basin Rd @ Notre Dame Ave39.670714-75.583442
4104Basin Rd @ Paul Rd39.691448-75.597595
1729Basin Rd @ Penn Mart Sh Ctr39.677934-75.588850
1687Basin Rd @ Stockton Dr39.668548-75.581919
1689Basin Rd @ University Ave39.672836-75.584953
1731Basin Rd @ University Ave39.673058-75.585425
1693Basin Rd @ Washington Ave39.683835-75.592655
1732Basin Rd @ Wm Penn Hs North39.670554-75.583641
1733Basin Rd @ Wm Penn Hs South39.668708-75.582343
1728Basin Rd opp Jay Dr39.686304-75.594744
372Bay Rd & Blue Hen Mall39.152117-75.503111
2785Bay Rd & Imperial Sc39.138183-75.496025
2809Bay Rd & Kings Cliff Tp39.139111-75.495963
4013Bayhealth Campus Main Hospital38.885264-75.390882
4014Bayhealth Campus Nemours Pediatric38.885140-75.390847
3695Baylor Women's Correctional Inst39.702808-75.581105
151Baynard Blvd @ 18th St39.754723-75.546575
153Baynard Blvd @ 18th St39.755143-75.546447
1577Baynard Blvd @ 19th St39.755503-75.545983
1578Baynard Blvd @ 20th St39.756304-75.545495
1605Baynard Blvd @ 20th St39.756903-75.545214
1604Baynard Blvd @ 21st St39.757867-75.544545
1580Baynard Blvd @ 22nd St39.757939-75.544380
1603Baynard Blvd @ 22nd St39.758760-75.543958
1581Baynard Blvd @ 23rd St39.759123-75.543562
1583Baynard Blvd @ 26th St39.761790-75.541762
1584Baynard Blvd @ 28th St39.763467-75.540647
1582Baynard Blvd @ Van Buren St39.760369-75.542700
842Baynard Blvd @ Washington St39.753699-75.547276
898Baynard Blvd @ Washington St39.753368-75.547680
4083Bear Library @ Songsmith Dr39.635784-75.660697
3513Beiser Blvd opp Southside Family Med39.154021-75.543092
45Bellevue Park Corporate Center39.780999-75.494115
53Bellevue Park Corporate Center39.781052-75.494286
685Bellevue Pkwy & Providnt Grp 10139.778441-75.489434
824Bellevue Pkwy @ Providnt Grp-20039.778786-75.492676
2917Big Oak Campgrnd38.738693-75.131064
1370Boxwood Rd @ Augustine St39.725061-75.610136
3886Boxwood Rd @ Boxwood Ave39.723811-75.600185
1374Boxwood Rd @ Jackson Rd39.723819-75.600527
126Boxwood Rd @ Newport Gap Pk39.725560-75.618075
1368Boxwood Rd @ Newport-gap Pk39.725248-75.618010
1359Boxwood Rd @ Read Ave39.724818-75.607079
1371Boxwood Rd @ Rochelle Pl39.724668-75.606865
1360Boxwood Rd opp Augustine St39.725309-75.610689
4112Boxwood Rd opp Copa Ln39.725563-75.613563
3138Boyds Corner P&r39.501379-75.643922
3975Boys & Girls Club Milford38.935452-75.451854
2214Bradywine Blvd @ River Rd39.759366-75.507561
42Brandywine Blvd @ Bellefonte Ave39.767677-75.498541
43Brandywine Blvd @ Highland Ave39.768316-75.497307
39Brandywine Blvd @ Lindamere Ent39.764045-75.502267
38Brandywine Blvd @ Lore Ave39.762775-75.503501
784Brandywine Blvd @ Lore Ave39.763137-75.503323
40Brandywine Blvd @ Maple Ave39.765270-75.501053
782Brandywine Blvd @ Maple Ave39.765465-75.501053
41Brandywine Blvd @ Marion Ave39.766324-75.499997
781Brandywine Blvd @ Marion Ave39.766520-75.500006
783Brandywine Blvd @ Stidham Ave39.764150-75.502364
779Brandywine Blvd opp Bellefonte Av39.767845-75.498554
778Brandywine Blvd opp Highland Ave39.768408-75.497452
69Brandywine Commons @ Shop Rite39.824502-75.548498
65Brandywine Commons opp Shop Rite39.823979-75.548572
67Brandywine Town Center Park & Ride39.831111-75.535145
872Brandywine Twn Ct @ Community Ctr39.830435-75.536329
3463Brandywine Twn Ct @ Target39.829939-75.538365
871Brandywne Twn Ct opp Community Ctr39.830401-75.536153
3462Brandywne Twn Ct opp Target39.829803-75.538594
459Bridgeville Stsc at Mill / Cannon St38.743367-75.605168
4077Broad St @ Church St39.556814-75.650814
4082Broad St @ Crawford St39.451067-75.716968
4059Broad St @ Crawford St39.451245-75.717238
4085Broad St @ Greenlawn Blvd39.458084-75.719310
4056Broad St @ Greenlawn Blvd39.456603-75.719022
4084Broad St @ Shallcross Pl39.453724-75.717848
4057Broad St @ Shallcross Pl39.453831-75.718106
3145Brookmont Dr opp Royal Farms39.622908-75.687532
3631Brookmont Farms @ E-z Waymart39.622527-75.687431
1350Broom St & Lancaster Ave39.743655-75.567781
256Broom St @ 19th St39.760186-75.549385
264Broom St @ 19th St39.760297-75.549426
847Broom St @ 21st St39.761327-75.546802
848Broom St @ 23rd St39.762011-75.545405
849Broom St @ 25th St39.762790-75.543572
891Broom St @ 25th St39.762973-75.543414
1353Broom St @ Cedar St39.737799-75.571706
1376Broom St @ Cedar St39.737540-75.571655
1379Broom St @ Lancaster Ave39.743711-75.567490
124Broom St @ Linden St39.741905-75.568871
128Broom St @ Linden St39.741650-75.568857
1351Broom St @ Sycamore St39.740413-75.569880
893Broom St opp 21st St39.761044-75.547784
892Broom St opp 23rd St39.761989-75.545649
1378Broom St opp Sycamore St39.740147-75.569892
1918Bunche Blvd @ Anderson Dr39.710411-75.556975
1864Bunche Blvd @ Carver Dr39.711663-75.555216
1919Bunche Blvd @ Carver Dr39.711497-75.555422
1863Bunche Blvd @ Cheyney Dr39.712523-75.553547
1921Bunche Blvd @ Talledega Dr39.713542-75.551427
1865Bunche Blvd opp Anderson Dr39.710554-75.557034
1920Bunche Blvd opp Cheyney Dr39.712354-75.553666
2747Caesar Rodney Av & Camden Wyoming Av39.116386-75.553240
2750Caesar Rodney Av & Peach St39.112592-75.554452
2749Caesar Rodney Av & Stevens St39.113836-75.553761
3402Camden Walmart On-site39.101542-75.545847
2743Camden-wyming Av & Main St39.113477-75.541120
686Carr Rd @ 1100 Carr Road39.784409-75.492564
687Carr Rd @ Hillside Ave39.785600-75.487031
148Carr Rd @ Rockwood Off Pk39.776539-75.510506
823Carr Rd opp Elect Pay Ser39.784350-75.493464
822Carr Rd opp Hillside Ave39.785748-75.486820
97Casino at Delaware Park39.704205-75.671424
4078Catherine St @ Main St39.449580-75.712680
4063Catherine St @ Main St39.449758-75.712494
2827Center Dr & Metro Food Mkt39.170189-75.515517
2833Center Dr & Olive Garden39.171149-75.517299
3207Center Dr opp Metro Food Market39.170048-75.515663
3764Center St @ Park Brown Rd Herit Man38.927957-75.581714
3763Center St @ Park Brown Rd Opheri Mn38.928094-75.581579
2828Center at Dover & Red Lobster39.171080-75.517774
3202Centerpoint Blvd @ Amazon.com39.664158-75.587576
3919Centerville Rd @ 271039.754367-75.624677
3830Centerville Rd @ E. Red Clay Dr39.759051-75.625290
2486Centerville Rd @ Elder Dr39.740065-75.623287
3828Centerville Rd @ Ent St Catherine Of Siena School39.750373-75.624376
2483Centerville Rd @ Faulkland Rd39.745703-75.624012
2536Centerville Rd @ Faulkland Rd39.745677-75.623836
3217Centerville Rd @ Red Clay Dr39.758814-75.625611
2534Centerville Rd @ Rhode Island Ave39.742286-75.623459
2532Centerville Rd @ Trenton Pl39.738495-75.622835
3829Centerville Rd @ Turnstone Dr39.750476-75.624224
3920Centerville Rd @ Turnstone Dr39.753189-75.624708
2485Centerville Rd opp Rhode Island Ave39.742366-75.623636
2487Centerville Rd opp Trenton Pl39.738602-75.623023
2982Central Ave & 4th St Before Laurel Public Library38.555986-75.571008
2986Central Ave & 8th St Laurel Ms38.552361-75.570098
2988Central Ave & Market St38.557090-75.571387
2981Central Ave & Market St Laurel Senior Ctr38.557210-75.571311
3352Central Ave @ Boys & Girls Club38.560969-75.571726
2989Central Ave at Discount Land Rd Ram Deli Market38.566101-75.571885
3351Central Ave opp Boys & Girls Club38.560844-75.571612
4119Centre Rd @ Barley Mill Plaza39.761647-75.601051
4121Centre Rd @ Lancaster Pike39.759554-75.603777
4120Centre Rd opp Barley Mill Plaza39.764855-75.598999
2413Chapman Rd @ Regal Blvd39.666370-75.690411
2412Chapman Rd @ Residence Inn En39.666845-75.681371
285Chapman Rd @ Salem Church Rd39.666715-75.694690
2414Chapman Rd @ Sandlewood Apts39.666840-75.694785
2193Chapman Rd @ Wakefield Dr39.667425-75.676199
2190Chapman Rd opp Lawrence Rd39.667851-75.675134
2455Chapman Rd opp Regal Blvd39.666244-75.689904
2456Chapman Rd opp Residence Inn39.666872-75.679786
2411Chapman Rd opp Wakefield Dr39.667426-75.677473
3746Cherry Dr East @ Orange St39.066627-75.526820
3692Cherry Lane @ Dept Of Corrections39.689260-75.544018
3696Cherry Lane @ Riverview Dr39.691515-75.549555
2378Chestnut Hill Rd @ Argyle Rd39.660654-75.739091
2353Chestnut Hill Rd @ Augusta Dr39.674477-75.704566
2383Chestnut Hill Rd @ Ch Plaz Shop Ctr39.663158-75.724644
2352Chestnut Hill Rd @ Ches Cross E39.665075-75.720749
4003Chestnut Hill Rd @ Chestnut Crossing Dr39.665952-75.717506
2380Chestnut Hill Rd @ DE 72 Pnr39.661514-75.735116
2363Chestnut Hill Rd @ DE 72 opp P & R39.661916-75.734930
2362Chestnut Hill Rd @ Kingston Rd39.662214-75.730544
2381Chestnut Hill Rd @ Kingston Rd39.661962-75.729502
2358Chestnut Hill Rd @ Malvern Ave39.666766-75.716663
2361Chestnut Hill Rd @ Marrows Rd39.662606-75.727417
280Chestnut Hill Rd @ Martindale Dr39.663524-75.724693
2357Chestnut Hill Rd @ Old Newark Rd39.669182-75.712694
2388Chestnut Hill Rd @ Pearson Dr39.670633-75.709968
2377Chestnut Hill Rd @ Robscott Manor Ent39.659072-75.743428
284Chestnut Hill Rd @ Salem Church Rd39.676107-75.700507
2356Chestnut Hill Rd @ Todd Est Ent39.670664-75.710623
2390Chestnut Hill Rd @ Todd Ln39.673318-75.706030
2365Chestnut Hill Rd opp Argyle Rd39.660965-75.740018
2391Chestnut Hill Rd opp Augusta Dr39.674896-75.702795
2387Chestnut Hill Rd opp Old Newark Rd39.669487-75.711689
2364Chestnut Hill Rd opp Pencader S Cr39.661624-75.737487
2366Chestnut Hill Rd opp Robscott Ent39.659229-75.744152
279Chestnut Hill Rd opp Salem Chrh Rd39.676607-75.700438
2354Chestnut Hill Rd opp Todd Ln39.673333-75.706706
4046Chestnut St @ River Plaza Shop Ctr39.663780-75.566427
4049Chestnut St opp River Plaza Shop Ctr39.663691-75.566215
3385Childrens Dr @ Rockland Rd39.782860-75.554496
275Christiana Hospital (Parking Garage)39.689170-75.669875
1711Christiana Mall (Target)39.679634-75.650307
96Christiana Mall Park & Ride (Inside)39.679932-75.655795
4069Christiana Mall Park & Ride (Outside)39.680262-75.655890
169Christiana Rd & Airport Rd39.662911-75.640206
2130Christiana Rd @ Churchmans Rd39.665428-75.612103
2167Christiana Rd @ Churchmans Rd39.665306-75.610421
170Christiana Rd @ Community Plaza39.662718-75.639939
2136Christiana Rd @ Edinburgh Dr39.663723-75.630300
2161Christiana Rd @ Edinburgh Dr39.663557-75.629270
2159Christiana Rd @ Freedom Trail39.662942-75.636904
2133Christiana Rd @ Fresconi Dr39.664390-75.622877
2137Christiana Rd @ Gtown Apts East Q139.663470-75.633045
2134Christiana Rd @ Pleasant Pl39.664240-75.624572
2164Christiana Rd @ Rambleton Dr39.664150-75.622803
2131Christiana Rd @ Sally Mae Bldg39.665164-75.615020
1712Christiana Rd @ Wedgefield Dr39.662375-75.644895
4031Christiana Rd opp 273 / 7 P & R39.660714-75.653994
2160Christiana Rd opp Georgetown Apts39.663292-75.632586
2138Christiana Rd opp Saddlebrook39.663150-75.636902
2166Christiana Rd opp Sally Mae Bldg39.664924-75.614619
1710Christiana Rd opp Wedgefield Dr39.662653-75.644333
3243Christiana Retail Ctr @ Pier 139.674893-75.650165
3244Christiana Retail Ctr opp Pier 139.674394-75.650156
3317Christiana Town Ctr @ Boscovs39.668315-75.664828
3318Christiana Town Ctr opp Boscovs39.668240-75.664679
3524Christina Ave @ Public Works Yard39.719662-75.533565
2630Chubb Conference Center39.830900-75.546580
3062Chubb Conference Center39.830945-75.546745
3858Chubb On Site East39.831090-75.544989
3857Chubb On Site West39.831375-75.545473
648Church St & Burton Village38.712165-75.097818
3976Church St at Bright Way38.922836-75.431166
3977Church St at Nw 5th St38.916974-75.431943
3378Church St opp 5th St39.737539-75.542154
3379Church St opp Curlett St39.738809-75.541299
3149Churchmans Rd @ Cavalier Apts39.687168-75.643444
2336Churchmans Rd @ Churchmans Plaza39.689367-75.658842
2400Churchmans Rd @ Continental Dr39.689009-75.659100
3194Churchmans Rd @ Deltech Ent39.687940-75.649989
3577Churchmans Rd @ Gooding Dr39.686956-75.637949
3192Churchmans Rd @ Ncc Com Pk39.686363-75.635923
3195Churchmans Rd @ Office Max39.687636-75.650070
3193Churchmans Rd opp Cavalier Apts39.687305-75.642257
3222Churchmans Rd opp Ncc Com Park39.685874-75.634886
3079Clapham Rd & Jury Dr39.052781-75.462123
3087Clapham Rd opp Jury Dr39.052548-75.461734
3080Clapham Rd opp Mulberrie Pt39.050668-75.460331
3086Clapman Rd & Mulberrie Pt Rd39.050519-75.459976
3762Clark St @ Thomas St38.923299-75.572683
3265Clarks Corner Harrington38.930096-75.587179
1335Claymont St @ 15th St39.744161-75.531780
1391Claymont St @ 15th St39.744420-75.531678
1390Claymont St @ Vandever Av39.745354-75.531097
1336Claymont St @ Vandever Ave39.745472-75.530863
48Claymont Station39.798261-75.451810
3913Clayton @ Delaware Ave39.756908-75.561490
3427Clayton St @ 8th St / St. Francis Hopsital39.749827-75.566298
3428Clayton St @ 9th St39.751412-75.565211
3400Clayton St @ Pennsylvania Ave39.754106-75.563403
3197Coastal Hwy at 144th St38.449396-75.052894
2861College Rd & College Pk Dr39.177865-75.551763
2877College Rd & Jason St39.181516-75.546715
2860College Rd opp College Pk Dr39.177368-75.552099
2878College Rd opp Jason St39.181705-75.546660
2903Commerce Way & North St / DE 1539.151719-75.550457
3514Commerce Way @ Peoples Place39.153546-75.549830
3638Commerce Way at Enterprise Pl39.153506-75.547293
1722Commons Blvd @ Easter Seals39.685313-75.615178
4103Commons Blvd @ Fed Ex Ship Center39.692843-75.601576
3968Commons Blvd @ Reads Way39.687468-75.608137
1699Commons Blvd opp Easter Seals39.685521-75.615189
1726Commons Blvd opp Reads E Ent39.687433-75.607607
867Concord Mall @ Boscovs39.824660-75.544008
64Concord Mall @ Sears39.821250-75.545427
3063Concord Mall opp Boscovs39.824762-75.544083
289Concord Mall opp Sears39.821207-75.545536
63Concord Pk @ Brandywine Blvd39.808036-75.548920
3061Concord Pk @ Chubb39.830931-75.543916
4126Concord Pk @ Chubb39.831118-75.543503
860Concord Pk @ Cleveland Av39.800022-75.547700
865Concord Pk @ Concord Sq39.812616-75.549593
854Concord Pk @ Fairfax Shop Ctr39.787818-75.546027
861Concord Pk @ Florence Ave39.802389-75.548025
878Concord Pk @ Garden Of Eden Rd39.810883-75.550230
257Concord Pk @ Independence Mall39.781515-75.545256
879Concord Pk @ Mt Lebanon Rd39.806471-75.549309
262Concord Pk @ Murphy Rd39.784263-75.546005
853Concord Pk @ Murphy Rd39.786033-75.545866
874Concord Pk @ Naamans Rd39.828145-75.544640
859Concord Pk @ Nichols Ave39.798167-75.547464
4123Concord Pk @ Northern Mall Ent39.826932-75.544414
862Concord Pk @ Prospect Ave39.804346-75.548392
858Concord Pk @ Prospect Dr39.795866-75.547143
877Concord Pk @ Righter Pkwy39.812700-75.550098
876Concord Pk @ Rocky Run Blvd39.818359-75.548556
4122Concord Pk @ Rocky Run Pkwy39.824744-75.545717
886Concord Pk @ Rollins Bldg39.791652-75.546923
863Concord Pk @ Seasons39.806412-75.548691
885Concord Pk @ Sharpley Rd39.793705-75.547195
70Concord Pk @ Silverside Rd39.808310-75.550066
864Concord Pk @ Silverside Rd39.810354-75.549293
4124Concord Pk @ Southern Mall Ent39.820877-75.547359
881Concord Pk @ Whitby Rd39.801967-75.548334
887Concord Pk @ Zeneca Bldg39.788777-75.546567
882Concord Pk opp Cleveland Ave39.799878-75.548041
890Concord Pk opp Indepndnce Ml39.780279-75.545516
883Concord Pk opp Nichols Ave39.797907-75.547764
880Concord Pk opp Prospect Ave39.804740-75.548830
866Concord Pk opp Rocky Run Pkwy39.817693-75.548425
856Concord Pk opp Rollins Bldg39.791340-75.546530
857Concord Pk opp Sharpley Rd39.793724-75.546838
884Concord Pk opp Woodrow Ave39.796326-75.547541
855Concord Pk opp Zeneca Bldg39.789074-75.546214
1669Constitution Blv @ Independence Blv39.677186-75.571974
1756Constitution Blv @ Independence Blv39.677277-75.571707
1671Constitution Blv @ Moores Ln39.679637-75.566279
1670Constitution Blv opp Monticello Bl39.678065-75.568714
1755Constitution Blvd @ Monitcello Blvd39.678483-75.568499
1754Constitution Blvd @ Moores Ln39.679616-75.566945
2610Corporate Blvd @ Dept Of Labor39.616309-75.749990
325Corporate Blvd @ Lake Dr39.616594-75.753188
3326Corporate Blvd @ Lake Dr39.616745-75.753490
3327Corporate Blvd @ Pencader Dr39.616998-75.756471
2609Corporate Blvd opp Dept Of Labor39.616442-75.749979
3282Corporate Kids Care @ Blue Hen Corp39.155270-75.502745
3250Court St @ Cowgill St39.157559-75.514173
3508Creekwood Dr @ E. Commons Blvd39.696705-75.597269
408DE 1 & Bay Rd Rehoboth Motors38.707130-75.089243
420DE 1 & Camelot Dr (Econo Lodge)38.719996-75.118082
409DE 1 & Church St38.711443-75.099036
406DE 1 & Cullen St38.700064-75.079082
412DE 1 & Cvs Pharmacy38.715240-75.107421
3772DE 1 & Dickinson St38.689360-75.074248
413DE 1 & Kmart38.719578-75.116327
2916DE 1 & Munchy Branch Rd38.724604-75.124394
3956DE 1 & Oyster House Road38.710630-75.097432
396DE 1 & Phillips St38.710981-75.098788
407DE 1 & Rattan Company38.705048-75.086091
417DE 1 & Rehob Mall38.729107-75.130793
402DE 1 & Ruddertown38.689424-75.074590
405DE 1 & Saulsbury St38.695826-75.075055
422DE 1 & Tanger Outlets Bayside38.715493-75.109029
410DE 1 & Tanger Outlets Seaside38.717137-75.111238
416DE 1 & Tanger Outlets Surfside38.735685-75.140081
418DE 1 & The Market Pl (Sea Shell)38.722408-75.122297
397DE 1 & Washington St Rehoboth Inn Motel38.707001-75.089691
3266DE 1 @ Bayard Ave38.457530-75.052257
3295DE 1 @ Comfort Inn38.725397-75.126074
3739DE 1 @ Community Bank38.743569-75.151211
3489DE 1 @ Fenwick Isld State Park38.472331-75.051480
3647DE 1 @ Fred Hudson Rd38.555114-75.060148
3294DE 1 @ Hampton Inn38.732509-75.135209
399DE 1 @ Houston St38.698006-75.076466
3166DE 1 @ Indian River Campground38.605817-75.063556
3252DE 1 @ Lighthouse Plaza38.721859-75.120808
3290DE 1 @ Midway Galleria38.735154-75.138517
3475DE 1 @ Palms at Rehoboth38.718296-75.114637
3587DE 1 @ Quality Inn38.702277-75.082076
3292DE 1 @ Savannah West Apts38.745810-75.155299
3297DE 1 @ Sea Air Ave38.717370-75.112705
398DE 1 @ Sea Esta IV38.701812-75.081957
3571DE 1 @ Spring Lake Dr38.705381-75.087117
3293DE 1 @ Tenly Ct38.742638-75.150528
3167DE 1 @ Villas Of Beach Cove38.589733-75.062203
3954DE 1 @ Wells Fargo Bank38.738393-75.143418
3187DE 1 at Dune Rd38.587887-75.061630
3837DE 1 at Pelican Square Sc38.737309-75.142396
3181DE 1 opp Evergreen Rd38.521330-75.054995
3488DE 1 opp Fenwick Isld State Park38.472047-75.051922
3648DE 1 opp Fred Hudson Rd38.555435-75.059751
3939DE 1 opp Old Landing Rd38.727674-75.128359
423DE 1 opp Reho Mall38.729228-75.130301
3987DE 4 & Delaware Park Dr39.693603-75.668024
2396DE 4 @ Allandale Apts39.682774-75.687508
1042DE 4 @ Argonne Ave39.712946-75.647609
3872DE 4 @ Brookbend Dr39.684124-75.684541
2399DE 4 @ Christiana Hospital Entrance39.689833-75.673210
3221DE 4 @ Creekside Dr39.712555-75.646342
3880DE 4 @ Delaware Park39.693682-75.668566
1029DE 4 @ Ethan St39.714628-75.610757
1036DE 4 @ Glenberne Dr39.715930-75.630612
1035DE 4 @ Glenmore Dr E39.715411-75.626621
1059DE 4 @ Glenmore E Dr39.715237-75.626990
1063DE 4 @ Grant Ave39.713578-75.614856
1031DE 4 @ Gregg Ave39.713756-75.615027
2339DE 4 @ Harmony Rd39.685495-75.682562
2397DE 4 @ Harmony Rd39.685800-75.681050
1034DE 4 @ Hershey Run Dr39.715165-75.624842
2337DE 4 @ Hygeia Dr39.690227-75.673235
2395DE 4 @ JP Morgan39.680652-75.691856
1061DE 4 @ Kentucky Ave39.714460-75.621319
1030DE 4 @ Market St39.714064-75.612508
1060DE 4 @ Mc Arthur Dr39.715007-75.625317
2341DE 4 @ Navient39.680991-75.692081
1043DE 4 @ Old Churchmans Rd39.695632-75.662749
2340DE 4 @ PRides Crossing39.682582-75.688723
2338DE 4 @ Rolling Dr39.687430-75.678578
1037DE 4 @ Rothwell Dr39.716121-75.633062
2398DE 4 @ Samoset Dr39.687056-75.678411
1032DE 4 @ State St39.714057-75.617003
3432DE 4 @ Twin C Ln39.697099-75.657000
1038DE 4 @ W Redmont Dr39.715999-75.635951
1028DE 4 @ Walnut St39.714962-75.607162
1062DE 4 @ Westmont Dr39.713916-75.617466
1033DE 4 opp Kentucky Ave39.714729-75.622024
3549DE 4 opp Old Churchmans Rd39.696178-75.661951
1058DE 4 opp Rothwell Dr39.715859-75.633523
1055DE 4 opp Stanton Rd39.714687-75.640994
3431DE 4 opp Twin C Ln39.696783-75.654528
1057DE 4 opp W Redmont Rd39.715826-75.635551
2959DE 5 & Willow St38.783657-75.313917
1052DE 7 @ Aaa Blvd39.693211-75.652629
2564DE 7 @ Christiana Meadow39.655037-75.654655
1044DE 7 @ DE 439.696358-75.651974
2548DE 7 @ Deldot North39.655456-75.654927
2550DE 7 @ Freedom Dr39.642380-75.657889
3941DE 7 @ Newtown Dr39.646421-75.657022
2198DE 7 @ Old Baltimore Pike39.664892-75.658925
2187DE 7 @ Old Baltimore Pk39.664969-75.658703
2549DE 7 @ Rivers End Dr39.651108-75.655899
3323DE 7 @ School Bell Rd39.657572-75.654335
1050DE 7 @ Stairway To Churchmans Rd39.686269-75.655324
94DE 7 @ Telegraph Rd39.711123-75.650698
1046DE 7 opp Aaa Blvd39.693307-75.653036
2562DE 7 opp Freedom Rd39.643064-75.657386
3779DE 7 opp Newtown Dr39.645466-75.656866
2563DE 7 opp Rivers End Dr39.650091-75.655789
4102DE 7 opp School Bell Rd39.657241-75.654734
98DE 7 opp Telegraph Rd39.710897-75.650440
3640DE 10 & Moores Lake Sc39.117691-75.516723
3279DE 10 @ Liberto Ind Park39.119528-75.502638
3639DE 10 @ Wawa39.122537-75.500688
363DE 10 opp Moores Lake Sc39.117824-75.517564
2956DE 16 & Ellegood Ave38.806928-75.427406
2930DE 16 & Mccaully Ave38.807069-75.424810
2957DE 16 & Mccaully Ave38.806993-75.424668
2929DE 16 & Mulberry St38.787873-75.319202
2958DE 16 & Mulberry St38.787702-75.319119
3394DE 16 @ Church Of Jcaf38.792026-75.375834
3534DE 16 @ Ponder Ave Eb38.807086-75.420090
3854DE 16 @ Ponder Ave Wb38.807174-75.420216
3395DE 16 opp Church Of Jcaf38.791905-75.375884
2931DE 16 opp Ellegood Ave38.807034-75.427213
3821DE 18 / 404 at US 113 / Boulevard Ford38.698545-75.398473
2970DE 18/404 East at Chaplins Chapel Rd38.710124-75.532890
2969DE 18/404 East at Coverdale Rd38.710118-75.532094
3593DE 23 & Bayshore Dr38.634330-75.189200
661DE 23 & Long Neck Plaza38.631971-75.180324
443DE 23 & Shoppes Of Lngnck38.630613-75.175274
3482DE 23 @ Bay Blvd38.625168-75.141811
3478DE 23 @ Church Ln opp Reho Shore38.625108-75.142011
3596DE 23 @ Cove Dr38.622348-75.134192
3595DE 23 @ Cove Vill Shopping Ctr38.622345-75.134138
3565DE 23 @ Fairfield38.622970-75.130754
3485DE 23 @ Greens Way Baywood Gr38.633004-75.183674
3567DE 23 @ Harbor Rd Malone Bay Sd38.624672-75.120718
3655DE 23 @ Jasper View Rd38.625331-75.103143
3480DE 23 @ Mallard Rd Dockside38.625105-75.107840
3486DE 23 @ Nannyberry Rd/pot Nets38.629087-75.169529
3481DE 23 @ Pine Cone Dr (Coveside)38.624809-75.111828
3477DE 23 @ Pot Nets Rd38.628286-75.161570
3597DE 23 @ Radie Kay Ln Leisure Pt38.628569-75.166876
3483DE 23 @ Ridgewood Rd38.628454-75.163659
3487DE 23 @ Sharkstooth38.624994-75.107881
3449DE 23 at Massey's Landing Community38.625505-75.102295
3616DE 23 opp Bayshore Dr38.634180-75.187986
3566DE 23 opp Clam Rd opp Malones Bay38.624752-75.121813
663DE 23 opp Long Neck S P38.632156-75.180433
3479DE 23 opp Pine Cone Dr38.624686-75.111881
3484DE 23 opp Pot Nets Lakeside38.629276-75.169562
3594DE 23 opp Radie Kay Ln Leisure Pt38.628799-75.168474
662DE 24 & Ent Holly Lake Camp38.658573-75.189366
665DE 24 & Love Crk Marina38.702115-75.163746
442DE 24 & Peddlers Village38.699212-75.170624
3654DE 24 @ DE 2338.637181-75.193785
3539DE 24 @ Ent Beebe Medical Ctr38.726835-75.139039
3540DE 24 @ The Eye Institute38.729099-75.136494
3538DE 24 opp Beebe Medical Ctr38.726956-75.139247
664DE 24 opp Holly Lake38.657883-75.189221
660DE 24 opp Love Crk Mari38.704568-75.160339
447DE 24 opp Nanticoke Cr38.636830-75.193716
448DE 24 opp Peddlers Vill38.700498-75.167625
3537DE 24 opp The Eye Institute38.729179-75.136833
3339DE 72 @ Bellevue Rd39.650589-75.732688
4054DE 72 @ Blue Hen Dr39.653219-75.733547
3325DE 72 @ Dawson Dr39.650269-75.732368
3665DE 72 @ Kenmar Dr39.659925-75.735320
1193DE 72 @ Ogletown Rd39.685187-75.736680
4015DE 72 @ Old Baltimore Pk39.639917-75.729203
4016DE 72 @ Old Baltimore Pk39.641271-75.729997
3663DE 72 @ Pencader Plaza39.658848-75.735321
4053DE 72 @ Scottfield Turn39.653790-75.733514
3690DE 72 @ Wyoming Road39.680599-75.736021
282DE 72 opp Newark Library39.682972-75.736337
233DE 273 & DE 7 Park & Ride39.661610-75.654566
4115DE 896 / 4 Park & Ride (Outside)39.658152-75.749942
180DE 896 @ DE 4 Park & Ride (Inside)39.657875-75.750176
3964DMV Wilmington39.714265-75.564352
365Danner Campus @ Deldot Admin Empent39.147951-75.503951
3289Danner Campus opp Deldot Admin Emp39.148028-75.503856
751Darley Rd @ Lenape Way39.806914-75.456040
156Darley Rd @ Peachtree Rd39.812989-75.466134
746Darley Rd @ Peachtree Rd39.812769-75.466108
726Darley Rd @ Ruby Dr39.811750-75.462918
747Darley Rd @ Ruby Dr39.811447-75.462476
722Darley Rd opp Lenape Way39.807334-75.456300
3177De1 & Bayard Ave38.457933-75.051929
3175De1 & Dagsboro St38.459954-75.052183
3178De1 & Essex St38.460255-75.051831
3179De1 & Lewes St38.467303-75.051631
3176De1 & S Carolina St38.455881-75.052289
3173De1 & York Beach Mall38.510358-75.054896
3172De1 at Evergreen Rd38.519609-75.055334
3174De1 opp Lewes St38.467273-75.051953
4010Del Tech Stanton-on Site39.689236-75.648982
495Delaware Ave & Clark St38.923898-75.577021
3006Delaware Ave & US 1338.932725-75.566685
1188Delaware Ave @ Academy St39.681919-75.749120
465Delaware Ave @ Adams St39.750532-75.554576
1466Delaware Ave @ Bancroft Pkwy39.762076-75.567062
1394Delaware Ave @ Broom St39.755358-75.559519
1473Delaware Ave @ Broom St39.755366-75.559673
131Delaware Ave @ Clayton St39.757060-75.561361
138Delaware Ave @ Clayton St39.757059-75.561537
1396Delaware Ave @ Dupont St39.757986-75.562423
1471Delaware Ave @ Dupont St39.758030-75.562635
1393Delaware Ave @ Franklin St39.754288-75.558292
1474Delaware Ave @ Franklin St39.754172-75.558315
1463Delaware Ave @ Greenhill Ave39.764514-75.571755
254Delaware Ave @ Harrison St39.753477-75.557442
265Delaware Ave @ Harrison St39.753352-75.557465
1088Delaware Ave @ Jackson St39.751428-75.555106
1271Delaware Ave @ Jefferson St39.748674-75.552414
1469Delaware Ave @ Lincoln St39.759697-75.564441
3814Delaware Ave @ Lincoln St39.759670-75.564253
1464Delaware Ave @ Riverview Ave39.763803-75.569999
3861Delaware Ave @ Tatnall St39.746625-75.550102
1468Delaware Ave @ Union St39.760525-75.565385
3827Delaware Ave @ Van Buren St39.752711-75.556569
1189Delaware Ave-new @ Chapel St39.682217-75.745854
341Delaware Ave-new @ Newark Hs Pedx39.681078-75.740305
2434Delaware Ave-new @ S College Ave39.681739-75.751912
4043Delaware Park @ Stables39.707761-75.661948
95Delaware Park opp Stables39.707921-75.662275
4036Delaware St @ 10th St39.663770-75.573202
4076Delaware St @ Broad St39.555594-75.649659
4048Delaware St @ Washington St39.664013-75.577531
4035Delaware St opp 10th St39.663948-75.573155
2847Dennys Rd & Comcast Cable US 1339.201406-75.561023
2849Dennys Rd opp Comcast CableUS 1339.201073-75.561039
195Dept Of Health & Social Services39.700151-75.575032
4092Diamond State Blvd @ Mot Plaza Dr39.446601-75.728756
623Division St & Bayard Av39.162812-75.517299
2812Division St & Cvs39.163989-75.513801
2813Division St & Edgehill Gift39.165303-75.510520
377Division St & Edgehill Shop Ctr39.163704-75.514172
2823Division St & Kent Ave39.162871-75.520732
2821Division St & Upland St39.165438-75.510529
2700Division St @ Booker T. Wash E.s.39.159122-75.539391
2698Division St @ Kirkwood St39.160372-75.531853
2822Division St opp Bayard Ave39.162900-75.517361
3284Division St opp Greenhill Ave39.164353-75.512729
622Division St opp Kent Av39.162773-75.520618
3436Division St opp Kirkwood St39.160331-75.531489
3511Division St opp Ridgly St39.159373-75.535631
3791Dover Air Base Visitor Ctr39.122749-75.477998
383Dover Downs & On Site39.187624-75.533479
4097Dover High School39.156947-75.574702
3777Dover Transit Center39.152653-75.529575
3950Drba Ferry Terminal38.780873-75.118736
3253Dtc Admin Bldg On Site39.149390-75.508917
582Duke Of York St @ Legislative Av39.158116-75.519167
830Duncan Rd & Philadelphia Pk39.771857-75.497305
44Duncan Rd @ Brandywine Blvd39.770930-75.495360
54Duncan Rd @ Brandywine Blvd39.770517-75.494836
680Duncan Rd @ Philadelphia Pk39.771831-75.496881
2279Dupont Hwy & Vinway Rd39.636418-75.630566
2269Dupont Hwy @ 3rd St39.658608-75.612285
2268Dupont Hwy @ 5th Ave39.659784-75.610920
2288Dupont Hwy @ 84 Lumber39.652468-75.618178
2117Dupont Hwy @ Bacon Ave39.689733-75.582258
2181Dupont Hwy @ Boulden Blvd39.689850-75.581459
2278Dupont Hwy @ Buena Vista Dr39.638205-75.629314
2183Dupont Hwy @ Christiana Plaza39.712743-75.560947
1887Dupont Hwy @ County Police Bl39.707426-75.566466
1888Dupont Hwy @ Delaware Public Auto Auction39.705646-75.568100
2121Dupont Hwy @ Garfield Ave39.683656-75.587819
1894Dupont Hwy @ Gracelawn Mem Pk39.703165-75.569550
2120Dupont Hwy @ Harrison Ave39.685470-75.586172
194Dupont Hwy @ Hazeldell Ave39.709651-75.564447
1892Dupont Hwy @ Health & Soc Svc39.699992-75.573119
2282Dupont Hwy @ Heddington Dr39.638520-75.628511
2114Dupont Hwy @ Hessler Indus Pk39.711838-75.562492
2118Dupont Hwy @ Jefferson Ave39.688384-75.583467
2176Dupont Hwy @ Lincoln Ave39.683603-75.587195
3223Dupont Hwy @ Llangollen Blvd39.648116-75.621798
1890Dupont Hwy @ Lovelace Ave39.701591-75.571711
3559Dupont Hwy @ Mallard Pointe39.640591-75.627640
2115Dupont Hwy @ Mcmullen Ave39.692791-75.579573
196Dupont Hwy @ Memorial Dr39.709259-75.564034
1855Dupont Hwy @ Millside Rd39.721434-75.555389
2124Dupont Hwy @ Ncc Airport-site39.674573-75.597933
2289Dupont Hwy @ Nur Temple39.655786-75.614649
2175Dupont Hwy @ Penn Mart Shop Ctr39.678014-75.592232
3644Dupont Hwy @ Pine Valley Apts39.644532-75.624479
2293Dupont Hwy @ Quigley Blvd39.663154-75.606239
1893Dupont Hwy @ Red Roof Inn Ent39.701788-75.570783
2119Dupont Hwy @ Roosevelt Ave39.686981-75.584788
2179Dupont Hwy @ Roosevelt Ave39.686404-75.584606
2173Dupont Hwy @ School Ln39.673773-75.596155
2180Dupont Hwy @ Stahl Ave39.685578-75.585326
1896Dupont Hwy @ Wildel Ave39.707186-75.565900
2270Dupont Hwy @ Wilson Dr39.655310-75.616059
2290Dupont Hwy opp 3rd Ave39.658155-75.611928
2291Dupont Hwy opp 5th Av39.659638-75.610245
1895Dupont Hwy opp Delaware Public Auto Auction39.705440-75.567550
1889Dupont Hwy opp Gracelawn Mem Pk39.702538-75.570866
2174Dupont Hwy opp Grtr Wilm Airport39.675730-75.594396
2272Dupont Hwy opp Llangollen Blvd39.648955-75.621612
229Dupont Hwy opp Millside Rd39.721148-75.555741
3945Dupont Hwy opp Quigley Blvd39.663233-75.607004
4004Dupont Hwy opp School La39.673003-75.597576
2280Dupont Hwy opp Vinway Rd39.636714-75.629791
2547Dupont Rd @ Lancaster Pk39.751738-75.587180
3423Dupont St @ 7th St39.749907-75.568092
3885Dupont St @ 10th St39.753019-75.565908
3422Dupont St @ 11th St39.753952-75.565320
3912Dupont St @ 16th St39.757575-75.562822
2313Dupont St @ Gilpin Ave39.758678-75.561375
3397Dupont St @ W 9th St39.752336-75.566425
3824Dutton Ave at Seaford Asst Living Center38.653047-75.599333
2974Dutton Ave at Seaford Meadows Apts38.654563-75.601451
4038E Masten Cir @ Brandywine Coun38.920316-75.441479
4094Eagle Meadows39.106468-75.506584
3927Eden Hill Med Ctr39.153914-75.534728
2212Edgemoor Rd @ Beekman Rd39.757974-75.509582
2211Edgemoor Rd @ Denny Rd39.754438-75.505863
2253Edgemoor Rd @ Paladin Dr39.757152-75.509168
2254Edgemoor Rd opp Denny Rd39.754917-75.506898
3316Edinburgh Dr @ Chiming Rd39.668602-75.632733
2201Edinburgh Dr @ Freeport Rd39.667847-75.630449
2186Edinburgh Dr @ Frenchtown Rd39.664269-75.630001
2199Edinburgh Dr opp Bellamy Dr39.665073-75.629957
3319Edinburgh Dr opp Chiming Rd39.668647-75.632545
2184Edinburgh Dr opp Freeport Rd39.667687-75.630519
2902Enterprise Place @ Easter Seals39.152563-75.547436
2012Erickson Ave @ Becket Ct39.781429-75.695981
3134Fairplay Station39.693817-75.672297
2537Faulkland Rd @ Armstrong Ave39.746849-75.621955
2479Faulkland Rd @ Centre Rd39.748278-75.611704
2541Faulkland Rd @ Ches Run Shop Ct39.747994-75.611734
2539Faulkland Rd @ Kendall Rd39.748461-75.614118
2543Faulkland Rd @ Montgomery Rd39.747780-75.602233
2544Faulkland Rd @ Oak Hill Dr39.748286-75.597064
2545Faulkland Rd @ Village Rd39.748573-75.590732
2531Faulkland Rd @ Walls Ave39.746759-75.622662
304Faulkland Rd @ Willow Run Ent39.748124-75.607082
2481Faulkland Rd opp Kendall Rd39.748851-75.615591
2477Faulkland Rd opp Montgomery Rd39.748043-75.603648
2476Faulkland Rd opp Oak Hill Dr39.748391-75.598021
2475Faulkland Rd opp Village Rd39.748761-75.590603
294Faulkland Rd opp Willow Run En39.748348-75.607453
3712Federal St @ New St38.771196-75.314490
572Federal St @ Water St39.155725-75.521522
3807Federal St @ Water St Ib39.155362-75.521522
2927Federal St @ Wharton St38.775231-75.311413
3711Federal St opp New St38.771337-75.314522
2961Federal St opp Wharton St38.774886-75.311788
3742Felton US 13 @ SR 1239.005951-75.569041
3342Flamingo Dr @ Curlew Dr39.628356-75.691360
3341Flamingo Dr @ Heron Ct39.625656-75.688627
2704Forrest Ave & Bennington St39.158728-75.550051
2679Forrest Ave & Kenton Rd39.158937-75.556782
353Forrest Ave & Modern Maturity39.159229-75.547527
3490Forrest Ave @ Cardiologies Consult39.158622-75.546530
3437Forrest Ave @ Gateway West Ent.39.158665-75.544871
2053Foulk Rd @ 300 Foulk Bldg39.780759-75.541191
2074Foulk Rd @ Annwood Dr39.819449-75.505014
2093Foulk Rd @ Annwood Dr39.819791-75.504946
2068Foulk Rd @ Chatham Dr39.804795-75.518204
2107Foulk Rd @ Fairfax Blvd Pnr39.789428-75.533150
2071Foulk Rd @ Foulk Office Plz39.813861-75.509975
2108Foulk Rd @ Foulk Plaza39.787668-75.534784
2095Foulk Rd @ Foulkwoods Rd39.812199-75.511758
2073Foulk Rd @ Grubb Rd39.817265-75.506930
2094Foulk Rd @ Grubb Rd39.817040-75.507464
2057Foulk Rd @ Leader Rn Home39.787221-75.535042
2085Foulk Rd @ Locust Ave39.823694-75.501640
2070Foulk Rd @ Marleton Rd39.811858-75.511845
2077Foulk Rd @ Naamans Rd39.824212-75.501016
2105Foulk Rd @ Oak Lane Rd39.792689-75.529928
2098Foulk Rd @ Pembrey Pl39.804624-75.518603
221Foulk Rd @ Silverside Rd39.808886-75.514452
223Foulk Rd @ Silverside Rd39.807590-75.515886
2054Foulk Rd @ Simon Rd39.783353-75.538687
2111Foulk Rd @ Simon Rd39.783183-75.539004
2100Foulk Rd @ Tenby Dr39.800881-75.522108
2059Foulk Rd @ Wilson Rd39.790032-75.532262
2076Foulk Rd @ Wynnwood Rd39.822308-75.502414
2112Foulk Rd opp Cavalier Apts39.779779-75.542425
2103Foulk Rd opp Foulk Manor N39.795741-75.526893
2061Foulk Rd opp Oak Lane Rd39.792640-75.529725
2066Foulk Rd opp Tenby Dr39.800328-75.522331
2064Foulk Rd opp Windsor Hills Dr39.796352-75.525980
2091Foulk Rd opp Wynnwood Rd39.822640-75.502381
1590Franklin St @ 39th St39.767628-75.529853
4098Frederica Park N Ride38.989853-75.445272
3454Frederica Rd at Front St / SR 1239.009350-75.464809
3504Frederica Rd opp Front St / SR 1239.009221-75.464578
3961French St @ 8th St39.743404-75.547121
102French St @ 9th St39.744050-75.546434
4047Frenchtown Rd @ Bellanca Rd39.664400-75.581378
3230Frenchtown Rd @ Centerpoint Blvd39.664737-75.588389
2127Frenchtown Rd @ Farmers Mkt Ent39.665280-75.599459
2169Frenchtown Rd opp Farmers Market39.665074-75.600423
3305Front St @ Poplar St38.644388-75.608982
3307Front St @ Poplar St38.643839-75.609116
3308Front St @ Walker St38.646612-75.609020
3306Front St at Mill St38.646141-75.609127
3572Garfield Ave @ Pennsylvania Ave38.538162-75.057477
3573Garfield Ave @ Pennsylvania Ave38.538486-75.057513
566Gateway South & Food Lion39.123553-75.498237
2862Gateway West & Food Lion39.156783-75.543964
3583Gateway West @ Dollar Tree39.157601-75.544517
2920Georgetown Pro Park Blvd at Bedford Bldg38.703523-75.401120
3962Georgetown Probation & Parole38.667176-75.381426
3737Georgetown Transit Hub38.693068-75.384975
2300Gilpin Ave @ Dupont St39.758577-75.561235
2220Gov Printz Blvd @ Haines Ave39.755928-75.495658
2244Gov Printz Blvd @ Haines Ave39.756150-75.495643
934Gov Printz Blvd @ Lea Blvd39.753462-75.517293
246Gov Printz Blvd @ Paladin Dr39.752933-75.514168
936Gov Printz Blvd @ Pepsi Plant39.753803-75.520581
927Gov Printz Blvd opp Del Olds39.753557-75.519023
3466Gov Printz Blvd opp Lea Blvd39.753225-75.517144
242Gov Printz Blvd opp Paladin Dr39.752728-75.514287
3152Governors Ave & Artisan Bank39.129277-75.530568
2858Governors Ave & Bank Ln39.155330-75.526175
2839Governors Ave & Cecil St39.163718-75.529186
2854Governors Ave & Columbia Ave39.169568-75.531565
2735Governors Ave & Del Surgery Ctr39.146684-75.525313
390Governors Ave & Fulton St39.162545-75.528892
2740Governors Ave & Gunning Bedfd Dr39.130261-75.530674
2734Governors Ave & Holden Dodge39.151124-75.524979
2737Governors Ave & Jefferson Terr39.142987-75.525637
2782Governors Ave & Kent Hospital39.150253-75.524805
2857Governors Ave & Loockerman St39.158287-75.527286
2856Governors Ave & Mary St39.165081-75.529879
2838Governors Ave & Minor St39.158310-75.527135
2837Governors Ave & North St39.156521-75.526455
2779Governors Ave & Southebee Dr Cerny39.136725-75.528088
2780Governors Ave & Stop N Shop39.142223-75.525466
2781Governors Ave & Waples Ave39.146674-75.525110
2738Governors Ave & Webbs Ln39.132340-75.530324
2778Governors Ave & Webbs Ln39.132395-75.530048
2841Governors Ave & William St39.168283-75.530855
3273Governors Ave @ Kesselring Ave39.135567-75.529389
3271Governors Ave @ Lynnhaven Dr39.141094-75.525757
2855Governors Ave @ William St39.167904-75.530928
2579Governors Square Shopping Center39.632967-75.663826
3496Governors Square Shopping Center39.633583-75.663593
4081Green St @ Broad St39.448678-75.716112
4060Green St @ Cox St39.448610-75.714728
1124Greenbank Rd @ Albertson Blvd39.738551-75.626367
2489Greenbank Rd @ Albertson Blvd39.738667-75.626203
2490Greenbank Rd @ Greenbank Apt39.738904-75.628134
4022Greenbank Rd @ Railroad East39.739602-75.631657
4023Greenbank Rd @ Railroad West39.739646-75.632022
2628Greenbank Rd opp Greenbank Apt39.738914-75.629071
3884Greene Ave at 6th St Wexford Village38.557437-75.585485
346Greentree Dr @ Greentree Shop Ctr39.160182-75.553176
36Haines Ave @ Bluerock Ave39.762459-75.505718
786Haines Ave @ Chestnut Ave39.762886-75.506284
4107Hamburg Rd @ Outside Tybouts Corner P&p39.619498-75.639712
4055Harbeson DE 9 / DE 538.725136-75.285588
3855Harbeson Rd at US 9 Sb38.725092-75.285750
1522Harvey Rd @ Hillside Rd39.811932-75.491313
1523Harvey Rd @ Little Ln39.811445-75.489581
1528Harvey Rd @ Millers Rd39.807064-75.484517
1524Harvey Rd @ Orleans Rd39.811097-75.488407
1526Harvey Rd opp Loreley Ln39.808023-75.485621
1525Harvey Rd opp The Sweep39.809937-75.487314
191Hastie Dr @ Rogers Rd39.714516-75.551491
199Hastie Dr @ Rogers Rd39.714525-75.551284
1628Heald St @ A St39.730160-75.543283
1629Heald St @ B St39.728911-75.544188
3661Heald St @ D St39.727211-75.545366
1627Heald St opp Apple St39.731813-75.542218
636Henlopen Dr & Dairy Queen38.780611-75.131821
789Hillcrest Ave @ Beeson Ave39.764004-75.511674
34Hillcrest Ave @ Marsh Rd39.763616-75.510300
788Hillcrest Ave @ Marsh Rd39.763664-75.509905
32Hillcrest Ave @ Philadelphia Pk39.764212-75.513759
790Hillcrest Ave @ Philadelphia Pk39.764378-75.513770
33Hillcrest Ave @ Weir Ave39.763924-75.511872
787Hillcrest Ave @ Woodside Ave39.763304-75.507926
35Hillcrest Ave opp Woodside Ave39.763162-75.507647
3736Howard St @ Shop Rite39.732781-75.555296
122Howard Young Correctional Inst39.742320-75.531088
178I-95 Service Plaza39.662153-75.691940
1759Independence Blv @ Monticello Blvd39.681458-75.572830
1666Independence Blv @ Raleigh Ct39.681634-75.572921
1668Independence Blv @ Shadwell Ct39.678549-75.572767
1667Independence Blv @ Tuckahoe Rd39.680146-75.572933
1757Independence Blv opp Shadwell Ct39.678475-75.572613
1758Independence Blv opp Tuckahoe Rd39.679975-75.572782
1012Jackson St & Maple St39.739032-75.564423
1010Jackson St @ 3rd St39.743779-75.561201
1011Jackson St @ Elm St39.740439-75.563477
91Jackson St @ Lancaster Ave39.742000-75.562394
3745Jeffery Dr @ Boyd Dr39.069929-75.530759
948Jessup St @ 16th St39.748775-75.539079
946Jessup St @ 23rd St39.751672-75.536072
945Jessup St @ 25th St39.752862-75.534779
947Jessup St @ Vandever Ave39.749711-75.538143
333Jp Morgan Ctr @ Newark Corp Ctr39.693449-75.648621
4000Judy Johnson Dr @ Orange St39.728293-75.557877
93Justis St @ Marshall St (Newport)39.714746-75.609139
3404Justison St @ Frawley Dr39.733812-75.561846
3843Justison St @ Hollingsworth Ave39.735250-75.560648
3844Justison St @ Hollingsworth Ave39.735518-75.560590
3684Justison St opp Frawley Dr39.733615-75.561786
3343Kemper Dr @ Egret Ct39.624709-75.690962
3241Kemper Dr @ Plover Dr39.627291-75.693539
1410Kennett Pk @ Brecks Ln39.768378-75.586370
1413Kennett Pk @ Briars Ln39.774799-75.594616
1447Kennett Pk @ Brook Valley Rd39.782090-75.600778
1445Kennett Pk @ Campbell Rd39.788510-75.603801
1427Kennett Pk @ Center Mtg Rd39.818876-75.615661
1453Kennett Pk @ Christiana Care39.769360-75.588059
1444Kennett Pk @ Country House39.795614-75.607315
1455Kennett Pk @ Dupont Rd Park & Ride39.767901-75.586112
1456Kennett Pk @ Hopeton Rd39.766901-75.584747
1419Kennett Pk @ Kirk Rd39.789285-75.603996
1441Kennett Pk @ Lower Br Pres Ch39.804406-75.611626
1443Kennett Pk @ Nat History Musm39.798460-75.608682
1452Kennett Pk @ Presidential Dr39.774603-75.594786
1424Kennett Pk @ Pyles Ford Rd39.809321-75.613348
1414Kennett Pk @ Railroad Tracks39.777967-75.597423
1450Kennett Pk @ Railroad Tracks39.777619-75.597360
1418Kennett Pk @ Sunnyside Rd39.785146-75.602133
1429Kennett Pk @ Twaddell Mill Rd39.821226-75.616416
1457Kennett Pk @ Westover Rd39.765895-75.583427
1420Kennett Pk @ Wilm Country Clb39.795505-75.607093
1417Kennett Pk opp Brk Valley Rd39.781415-75.600078
1412Kennett Pk opp Christiana Care39.770563-75.589082
1409Kennett Pk opp Hopeton Rd39.767027-75.584564
1423Kennett Pk opp Lower Pres Ch39.805582-75.611994
1421Kennett Pk opp Nat History M39.798699-75.608608
1425Kennett Pk opp Somero Ln39.813278-75.614313
1446Kennett Pk opp Sunnyside Rd39.785361-75.602367
1426Kennett Pk opp Swallow Hollw39.816301-75.615062
1408Kennett Pk opp Westover Rd39.766019-75.583301
3580Kent County Bldg @ Blue Hen Corp39.153812-75.505249
2730Kesselring Ave & 349 & 35339.135792-75.538174
355Kesselring Ave & Haman Dr39.136664-75.540690
2717Kesselring Ave between #342 & 34639.135728-75.537502
2712Kesselring Ave opp Haman Dr39.136846-75.540718
907King St @ 3rd St39.739538-75.550804
675King St @ 6th St39.741333-75.549595
58King St @ 8th St39.742757-75.548705
903King St @ 9th St39.744138-75.547718
57King St @ 10th St (Library)39.745138-75.547092
3974King St @ 13th St39.747863-75.545159
583Kings Hwy & Division St39.162050-75.523080
2824Kings Hwy & Pennsylvania Ave39.161792-75.523364
2826Kings Hwy & Probation Dept39.165529-75.518701
3285Kings Hwy @ Reed St39.160187-75.524226
3287Kings Hwy Opp Playtex39.164157-75.518477
621Kings Hwy opp Reed St39.160133-75.524057
1118Kirkwood Hwy @ Bj's Store39.738321-75.610396
1205Kirkwood Hwy @ Brewster Dr39.699772-75.703000
1238Kirkwood Hwy @ Central Ave39.738090-75.610439
1165Kirkwood Hwy @ Cleveland Ave39.687497-75.735559
1119Kirkwood Hwy @ Clifton Ave39.738182-75.612198
1237Kirkwood Hwy @ Clifton Ave39.737930-75.612516
1158Kirkwood Hwy @ Delaplane Ave39.695724-75.716127
1154Kirkwood Hwy @ Drummond Plaza39.698312-75.708477
1133Kirkwood Hwy @ Duncan Rd39.733256-75.640235
1226Kirkwood Hwy @ Duncan Rd39.733588-75.638607
1134Kirkwood Hwy @ Dunlinden Rd39.732095-75.642519
1108Kirkwood Hwy @ Dupont Rd39.739255-75.589955
1247Kirkwood Hwy @ Dupont Rd39.739239-75.589258
1930Kirkwood Hwy @ Evelyn Dr39.730113-75.646277
1137Kirkwood Hwy @ Farrand Dr39.728045-75.650347
1222Kirkwood Hwy @ Farrand Dr39.728663-75.648372
1208Kirkwood Hwy @ Green Valley Ln39.703597-75.691291
1132Kirkwood Hwy @ Greenbank Rd39.734602-75.636551
1227Kirkwood Hwy @ Greenbank Rd39.734400-75.636061
1140Kirkwood Hwy @ Griffin Dr39.721190-75.663638
111Kirkwood Hwy @ Harmony Rd39.701063-75.699068
1240Kirkwood Hwy @ Hazel St39.738563-75.605343
1110Kirkwood Hwy @ Leech Ave39.738793-75.594733
106Kirkwood Hwy @ Limestone Rd39.724654-75.656855
112Kirkwood Hwy @ Limestone Rd39.724373-75.656694
1219Kirkwood Hwy @ Limestone Rd39.722592-75.660167
1166Kirkwood Hwy @ Mcdonalds Rest39.685398-75.737214
1147Kirkwood Hwy @ Meadowood Dr39.706975-75.684942
1210Kirkwood Hwy @ Meadowood Dr39.706801-75.684653
1139Kirkwood Hwy @ Midway Shop Ctr39.722756-75.660525
3491Kirkwood Hwy @ Milltown Rd39.716479-75.672367
1121Kirkwood Hwy @ N Woodward Ave39.737902-75.615262
1131Kirkwood Hwy @ Newport-gap Pk39.736019-75.631359
1221Kirkwood Hwy @ Old Capitol Tr39.726286-75.653047
1207Kirkwood Hwy @ Old Harmony Rd39.701893-75.696484
1149Kirkwood Hwy @ Park Ave39.704474-75.689362
1145Kirkwood Hwy @ Pike Creek39.709050-75.682158
1200Kirkwood Hwy @ Possum Park Mall39.695009-75.717983
1199Kirkwood Hwy @ Possum Pk Apts39.693441-75.722239
1159Kirkwood Hwy @ Possum Pk Rd39.695106-75.718646
4114Kirkwood Hwy @ Prices Corner Car Wash39.737392-75.625351
1106Kirkwood Hwy @ Prospect Rd39.741612-75.581520
1248Kirkwood Hwy @ Prospect Rd39.741465-75.581201
1204Kirkwood Hwy @ Red Mill Rd39.698060-75.708307
1156Kirkwood Hwy @ Rose Cir39.696995-75.712177
1198Kirkwood Hwy @ S Dillwyn Rd39.691417-75.726231
1235Kirkwood Hwy @ S Woodward Ave39.737709-75.615199
1112Kirkwood Hwy @ Sanders Rd39.739641-75.599023
1243Kirkwood Hwy @ Sanders Rd39.739417-75.598776
1114Kirkwood Hwy @ Spruce Ave39.739173-75.602837
1201Kirkwood Hwy @ Squire Apt39.695566-75.715671
1218Kirkwood Hwy @ St James Ch Rd39.721480-75.662298
1241Kirkwood Hwy @ Tamarack Ave39.739128-75.600952
1151Kirkwood Hwy @ Upper Pike Creek39.702160-75.696495
1115Kirkwood Hwy @ Vet Hospital39.738857-75.605234
1144Kirkwood Hwy @ Wallaston Rd39.712210-75.678008
1213Kirkwood Hwy @ Wallaston Rd39.711372-75.678641
104Kirkwood Hwy @ Western Ave39.738925-75.591713
113Kirkwood Hwy @ Western Ave39.738713-75.591995
1194Kirkwood Hwy @ Woodlawn Ave39.687243-75.735413
1141Kirkwood Hwy @ Woodmill Dr39.718091-75.669543
1217Kirkwood Hwy @ Woodmill Dr39.718167-75.668770
1249Kirkwood Hwy opp Barry St39.741902-75.578750
1111Kirkwood Hwy opp Birch Ave39.739272-75.597012
1153Kirkwood Hwy opp Brewster Dr39.699712-75.704155
1143Kirkwood Hwy opp Delaware Park39.714088-75.675528
1225Kirkwood Hwy opp Dunlinden Rd39.732342-75.641249
1223Kirkwood Hwy opp Evelyn Dr39.729713-75.646418
1150Kirkwood Hwy opp Grn Valley Ln39.703547-75.692138
107Kirkwood Hwy opp Harmony Rd39.701078-75.699887
1245Kirkwood Hwy opp Leech Ave39.738602-75.594838
301Kirkwood Hwy opp Milltown Rd39.714209-75.674827
1138Kirkwood Hwy opp Ol Capitol Tr39.726080-75.654169
1209Kirkwood Hwy opp Pekin Ave39.704367-75.688736
1212Kirkwood Hwy opp Pike Creek Rd39.709617-75.680935
1160Kirkwood Hwy opp Possum Pk Apt39.693751-75.722084
1203Kirkwood Hwy opp Rose Cir39.696777-75.712080
1161Kirkwood Hwy opp S Dillwyn Rd39.691564-75.726467
2234Kynlyn Dr @ Bldg 131139.763939-75.491530
244Kynlyn Dr @ Prospect Dr39.763388-75.488882
2235Kynlyn Dr @ River Rd39.764970-75.493483
2233Kynlyn Dr @ Riverside Dr39.763425-75.490608
3802Laboratory Rd @ Pavilion Rd (Chestnut Run)39.755987-75.601220
293Lancaster Ave @ Bancroft Pkwy39.747276-75.575550
305Lancaster Ave @ Bancroft Pkwy39.747142-75.575491
1976Lancaster Ave @ Broom St39.743879-75.567510
1974Lancaster Ave @ Clayton St39.744848-75.569880
1380Lancaster Ave @ Franklin St39.743185-75.565813
966Lancaster Ave @ Gray Av39.750628-75.583778
990Lancaster Ave @ Gray Ave39.750512-75.583766
965Lancaster Ave @ Greenhill Ave39.749899-75.581975
989Lancaster Ave @ Ogle Ave39.751187-75.585428
1973Lancaster Ave @ Scott St39.745957-75.572567
1382Lancaster Ave @ Van Buren St39.742296-75.563621
964Lancaster Ave @ Woodlawn Ave39.748450-75.578414
992Lancaster Ave opp Woodlawn Ave39.748276-75.578285
4118Lancaster Pk @ Barley Mill Plaza39.758298-75.602490
2005Lancaster Pk @ Brackenville Rd39.780562-75.679933
2025Lancaster Pk @ Brackenville Rd39.779457-75.679223
969Lancaster Pk @ Cannery39.753435-75.590460
980Lancaster Pk @ Centerville Rd39.761641-75.623494
1986Lancaster Pk @ Centerville Rd39.761946-75.623678
2042Lancaster Pk @ Coffee Run Condo39.769963-75.661415
2007Lancaster Pk @ Coffee Run S Ctr39.785345-75.684858
971Lancaster Pk @ Court Dr E Ent39.755404-75.595628
984Lancaster Pk @ Court Dr W39.755938-75.597472
983Lancaster Pk @ Downs Dr39.759533-75.607219
968Lancaster Pk @ Dupont Rd39.752294-75.587898
981Lancaster Pk @ Harlech Dr39.761089-75.617068
977Lancaster Pk @ Hedgerow Pl39.761342-75.616713
2000Lancaster Pk @ Loveville Rd39.771024-75.663835
2041Lancaster Pk @ Loveville Rd39.770867-75.663835
986Lancaster Pk @ Maryella Dr39.754298-75.593363
982Lancaster Pk @ Masonic Home39.760830-75.612909
2027Lancaster Pk @ Sanford School39.775165-75.674532
988Lancaster Pk @ Silverbrook Cemt39.752574-75.588965
2023Lancaster Pk @ Small Shop Ctr39.785438-75.685712
216Lancaster Pk @ Wells Fargo39.787563-75.692280
2043Lancaster Pk @ Westgate Dr39.766211-75.654537
4117Lancaster Pk opp Barley Mill Plaza39.758012-75.602654
1999Lancaster Pk opp Coffe Rn Cond39.769959-75.661267
975Lancaster Pk opp Downs Dr39.759841-75.607308
970Lancaster Pk opp Maryella Dr39.754394-75.593102
976Lancaster Pk opp Masonic Home39.761062-75.613188
2003Lancaster Pk opp Sanford Schl39.775536-75.674780
212Lancaster Pk opp Wells Fargo39.787300-75.690731
1998Lancaster Pk opp Westgate Dr39.766076-75.653962
1767Landers Ln @ East Ave39.690885-75.563459
1656Landers Ln @ Glen Ave39.689550-75.560445
1769Landers Ln @ Glen Ave39.689552-75.560696
1659Landers Ln @ Moores Ln39.691971-75.565309
1771Landers Ln @ New Castle Ave39.688180-75.557946
1768Landers Ln @ Queen Ave N Ent39.690280-75.562085
1770Landers Ln @ Queen Ave S Ent39.688741-75.559065
1658Landers Ln opp East Ave39.691020-75.563416
1655Landers Ln opp Queen Ave E En39.688776-75.558860
1657Landers Ln opp Queen Ave W En39.690245-75.561857
4030Lawrence Dr @ Chapman Rd39.667433-75.674250
928Lea Blvd @ Colony Fair S C39.755797-75.517489
78Lea Blvd @ Colony North39.757574-75.517703
929Lea Blvd @ Fox Valley S C39.761860-75.520685
80Lea Blvd @ Goodwill Ent39.755250-75.517505
933Lea Blvd @ Goodwill Exit39.757316-75.517816
1592Lea Blvd @ Monroe St39.766589-75.526955
3519Lea Blvd @ Pine St39.760298-75.519761
3520Lea Blvd @ Pine St39.760556-75.519789
932Lea Blvd @ Tatnall St39.762791-75.521658
4002Lea Blvd @ W Matson Run Pkwy39.766385-75.526224
3999Lea Blvd @ Washington St39.764746-75.523218
4001Lea Blvd @ Washington St39.764898-75.523100
1591Lea Blvd opp Coverly Rd39.767204-75.528005
79Lea Blvd opp Ruskin Rd39.763789-75.522472
1496Lea Blvd opp Tatnall St39.762929-75.521584
3953Leipsec Road @ Home Depot39.182777-75.527858
3852Lewes Transit Center38.748176-75.169855
1937Limestone Rd @ Arundel Dr39.733635-75.672549
207Limestone Rd @ Faith Baptist Church P&r39.737455-75.685262
1936Limestone Rd @ Medical Center39.732873-75.670073
1935Limestone Rd @ Milltown Rd39.731612-75.667243
1967Limestone Rd opp Arundel Dr39.733461-75.673095
1968Limestone Rd opp Bldg 310539.732614-75.670214
201Limestone Rd opp Faith Baptist Church P&r39.738191-75.685718
2887Lincoln St & Cherry St39.157769-75.535991
2888Lincoln St & Loockerman St39.157847-75.534132
2886Lincoln St & Reese St39.157559-75.539288
994Lincoln St @ 2nd St39.747039-75.572927
89Lincoln St @ 4th St39.748636-75.571825
1257Lincoln St @ 6th St39.750206-75.570805
1258Lincoln St @ 8th St39.751678-75.569771
1259Lincoln St @ 9th St39.752894-75.568947
1260Lincoln St @ 10th St39.753742-75.568369
1261Lincoln St @ 11th St39.754968-75.567502
1252Lincoln St @ Elm St39.744743-75.574494
208Lincoln St @ Lancaster Ave39.746270-75.573444
1250Lincoln St @ Sycamore St39.742868-75.575810
3897Locust St between Shipley St and Bradford St38.643309-75.622054
2835Loockerman St & Bradford St39.157939-75.525502
679Loockerman St & Federal St39.158380-75.522506
2834Loockerman St & Post Office39.158755-75.522184
2825Loockerman St opp Bradford St39.157845-75.525645
3512Loockerman St opp Kirkwood St39.157317-75.531237
2242Lore Ave @ Channel Ave39.758270-75.495271
2221Lore Ave @ Gov Printz Blvd39.757384-75.493600
2243Lore Ave @ Gov Printz Blvd39.757364-75.493708
2240Lore Ave @ Woodcroft Ave39.759421-75.497251
2222Lore Ave opp Channel Ave39.758231-75.495075
2224Lore Ave opp Woodcroft Ave39.759290-75.497210
3104Lukens Dr @ 2 Lukens Dr39.689769-75.548422
3100Lukens Dr @ 55 Lukens Dr39.687980-75.550115
3313Lukens Dr @ 551 Mews Dr39.678554-75.547612
3314Lukens Dr @ Building 17039.679762-75.546644
3102Lukens Dr @ Movers Intl39.685332-75.545456
3106Lukens Dr opp 2 Lukens Dr39.689816-75.548536
3105Lukens Dr opp 55 Lukens Dr39.688045-75.549953
3099Lukens Dr opp Movers Intl39.685358-75.546268
382Luther Towers & Bldg 139.168466-75.519525
571M L King Blvd @ Courtside Apts39.157778-75.514403
1384M L King Blvd @ Monroe St39.741015-75.560415
3363ML King Blvd @ Orange St39.738543-75.554310
458Main St - Bridgeville at Austin Lane38.736357-75.596273
2971Main St - Bridgeville at Jacobs Ave38.736114-75.596272
3078Main St - Magnolia & Irish Hill Rd39.071137-75.475945
3088Main St - Magnolia & Post Office/fire39.072166-75.476610
1170Main St - Newark @ Academy St39.683363-75.749551
1169Main St - Newark @ Chapel St39.683669-75.745635
1171Main St - Newark @ Elliot Hall39.683192-75.752120
4105Main St - Newark @ Pomeroy Tr39.683807-75.744283
1167Main St - Newark opp Med Center39.684227-75.739544
1040Main St - Stanton @ Redwood Ave39.715211-75.642039
1041Main St - Stanton @ Royal Ave39.713813-75.645511
486Main St @ N Catherine St39.449796-75.713685
3015Main St @ N Catherine St39.449964-75.712553
2459Mall Access Rd @ Old Baltimore Pk39.674102-75.656879
3059Market Sq @ Tj Maxx39.832812-75.540553
2633Market Sq opp Tj Maxx39.832669-75.540640
427Market St & 2nd St38.775412-75.140515
3019Market St & 7th St38.631490-75.609158
3862Market St @ 2nd St39.738804-75.552427
3932Market St @ 3rd39.739680-75.551652
3933Market St @ 7th Nb39.742556-75.549727
3935Market St @ 7th St39.742725-75.549763
3934Market St @ 9th St39.744726-75.548355
818Market St @ 19th St39.751489-75.542611
815Market St @ 22nd St39.752741-75.539891
8Market St @ 23rd St39.753147-75.538711
813Market St @ 24th St39.753746-75.537700
3817Market St @ 25th St39.754002-75.536834
811Market St @ 26th St39.754550-75.535867
10Market St @ 27th St39.754979-75.534630
810Market St @ 28th St39.755221-75.534265
11Market St @ 29th St39.755626-75.533163
808Market St @ 30th St39.756373-75.531816
13Market St @ 31st St39.756582-75.531056
806Market St @ 33rd St39.757857-75.528565
16Market St @ 35th St39.758473-75.526994
804Market St @ 36th St39.759090-75.525893
17Market St @ 38th St39.759485-75.524689
803Market St @ 38th St39.759704-75.524514
18Market St @ 40th St39.760236-75.523078
801Market St @ 41st St39.760794-75.522139
1796Market St @ A St39.735160-75.554973
3808Market St @ Asph Parking Lot39.731936-75.556355
816Market St @ Concord Ave39.752375-75.540765
1797Market St @ Howard St39.733141-75.556228
20Market St @ Lea Blvd39.761296-75.520751
56Market St @ Lea Blvd39.761314-75.521029
99Market St @ Marshall St (Newport)39.713741-75.608532
4042Market St @ New Sweden St39.728911-75.556160
4062Market St @ New Sweden St39.727484-75.555685
1795Market St @ Shipley St/rosa Parks Dr39.737402-75.553401
14Market St @ Todds Ln39.757592-75.528873
2978Market St at 7th St38.631563-75.609070
6Market St opp 20th St39.751561-75.542246
1064Market St-nwpt @ Mary St39.713480-75.611899
1065Market St-nwpt @ Walnut St39.713923-75.607256
3948Marrows Rd @ Baseball Field39.669405-75.727567
2418Marrows Rd @ Brookside Blvd39.666551-75.727189
2451Marrows Rd @ Brookside Dr Eb39.666792-75.727061
283Marrows Rd @ Kensington Ln39.664553-75.726780
3916Marrows Rd @ Kimberton Dr39.675292-75.728559
2447Marrows Rd @ White Chapel Dr39.675194-75.728712
2446Marrows Rd @ Wyoming Rd39.679692-75.730341
3947Marrows Rd opp Baseball Field39.669343-75.727390
4109Marsh Rd @ Bellevue Park Nb39.777721-75.506361
4110Marsh Rd @ Bellevue Park Sb39.777730-75.506715
1539Marsh Rd @ Bette Rd39.791803-75.505686
1511Marsh Rd @ Crest Rd39.787493-75.505761
1540Marsh Rd @ Crest Rd39.787879-75.505871
1520Marsh Rd @ Durboraw Rd39.810798-75.496372
1544Marsh Rd @ Faith Pres Church39.782377-75.506226
1521Marsh Rd @ Harvey Rd39.812415-75.493675
1536Marsh Rd @ Mayfield Rd39.799130-75.505354
1513Marsh Rd @ Northwood Rd39.792564-75.505507
1519Marsh Rd @ Old Orchard Rd39.809527-75.498192
1518Marsh Rd @ Plaza Iii39.805731-75.501735
1508Marsh Rd @ Rowland Park Bvd39.783515-75.505951
1543Marsh Rd @ Rowland Park Bvd39.783925-75.506076
1517Marsh Rd @ Silverside Rd39.802898-75.504344
141Marsh Rd @ Washington St39.774097-75.507061
1537Marsh Rd @ Webster Dr39.794701-75.505568
1512Marsh Rd opp Bette Rd39.791638-75.505553
1507Marsh Rd opp Faith Pres Ch39.782001-75.506103
144Marsh Rd opp Forwood Manor39.806984-75.500563
1516Marsh Rd opp Gray Sh Ctr39.800543-75.505072
1515Marsh Rd opp Mayfield Rd39.798533-75.505159
1514Marsh Rd opp Webster Dr39.794874-75.505329
1081Maryland Ave @ 5th Av39.736308-75.569784
1075Maryland Ave @ Ashley Place39.729857-75.583888
1015Maryland Ave @ Banning St39.736294-75.570106
1083Maryland Ave @ Beech St39.737974-75.565376
92Maryland Ave @ Boxwood Rd39.722549-75.594625
100Maryland Ave @ Boxwood Shop Ctr39.723684-75.592754
1016Maryland Ave @ Broom St39.735166-75.572974
1079Maryland Ave @ Canby Park Shopping Center Entrance39.733877-75.575787
1027Maryland Ave @ Cedar St - Newport39.715749-75.604397
1022Maryland Ave @ Champlain Ave39.725845-75.589879
1071Maryland Ave @ Champlain Ave39.725601-75.589994
1020Maryland Ave @ Dupont Rd39.729879-75.584133
1021Maryland Ave @ Elmhurst Place39.727974-75.586871
1024Maryland Ave @ Fallon Ave39.721454-75.596221
1067Maryland Ave @ Forest Dr39.717629-75.601386
1077Maryland Ave @ Germay Dr39.732208-75.579829
1014Maryland Ave @ Harrison St39.736960-75.568420
1023Maryland Ave @ Hayden Ave39.723671-75.593063
1026Maryland Ave @ Highland Ave39.717512-75.601840
1080Maryland Ave @ Latimer Pl39.734941-75.573139
1017Maryland Ave @ Mcgovern Terr39.734291-75.575225
1070Maryland Ave @ Middleboro Rd39.722783-75.594005
3875Maryland Ave @ Race St39.731382-75.581736
1082Maryland Ave @ Stroud St39.736967-75.568138
1073Maryland Ave @ Summit Ave39.727453-75.587271
1025Maryland Ave @ Troy Ave39.719258-75.599392
1074Maryland Ave @ Valley Rd39.728296-75.586128
1013Maryland Ave @ Van Buren St39.737719-75.566480
1066Maryland Ave opp Cedar St-nwpt39.715835-75.603964
1069Maryland Ave opp Fallon Ave39.721257-75.596341
1019Maryland Ave opp Germay Dr39.732392-75.579922
1084Maryland Ave opp Maple St39.738728-75.563694
1018Maryland Ave opp Robinson Ln39.733250-75.577782
1068Maryland Ave opp Troy Ave39.719310-75.599005
2872Mckee Rd @ Brown St39.171372-75.547071
2874Mckee Rd @ College Rd39.175674-75.552487
2880Mckee Rd @ Old Forge Dr39.173857-75.550113
2871Mckee Rd @ Walker Rd39.168097-75.545917
2881Mckee Rd opp Brown St39.171015-75.547206
2873Mckee Rd oppoldforgerd (Doc Bldg)39.173787-75.549667
2879Mckee St @ College Rd39.175584-75.552787
1883Memorial Dr @ Bizarre Dr39.701906-75.556268
1900Memorial Dr @ Bizarre Dr39.702001-75.556611
1886Memorial Dr @ Karlyn Dr N39.708513-75.561667
1897Memorial Dr @ Karlyn Dr N39.708745-75.562276
1884Memorial Dr @ Karlyn Dr S39.704128-75.558108
1899Memorial Dr @ Karlyn Dr S39.704358-75.558632
197Memorial Dr @ Lind Ave39.699953-75.553680
1885Memorial Dr @ Parma Ave39.707250-75.560727
1898Memorial Dr @ Parma Ave39.707457-75.561161
193Memorial Dr opp Lind Ave39.700052-75.553517
2276Mendell Pl @ Saienni Blvd39.641823-75.622459
2284Mendell Pl @ Saienni Blvd39.642083-75.622166
4058Merrimac Ave @ Bunker Hill Rd Nb39.452676-75.735880
4065Merrimac Ave @ Bunker Hill Rd Sb39.452872-75.735951
4064Merrimac Ave @ Commerce Dr39.444704-75.740004
3733Merrimac Ave @ Middletown Walmart39.446267-75.739589
3728Merrimac Ave @ South Ridge Ave39.450684-75.737817
4075Merrimac Ave @ Spring Arbor Dr39.450885-75.737888
3784Mid Sussex Sc Opposite Roses38.580310-75.288186
4061Middletown-warwick Rd @ Merrimac Ave39.442836-75.741425
361Mifflin Meadows & On Site39.087871-75.547280
493Milford Commons On-site38.933003-75.433381
3982Milford Wellness Village38.907918-75.432763
3749Millchop Ln @ Mabel Dr39.067325-75.532404
3744Millchop Ln @ Stephenson Dr39.068441-75.538302
3750Millchop Ln opp Stephenson Dr39.068415-75.537653
2014Millcreek Rd @ Grant Ave39.784542-75.697930
1586Miller Rd @ 30th St39.765452-75.537742
1588Miller Rd @ 34th St39.766684-75.536037
152Miller Rd Shop Ctr39.766348-75.534410
302Milltown Rd @ Cratchett Rd39.731340-75.665017
2495Milltown Rd @ Dartmouth Rd39.738496-75.649032
2526Milltown Rd @ Dartmouth Rd39.738371-75.649031
295Milltown Rd @ Duncan Rd39.740673-75.644919
303Milltown Rd @ Duncan Rd39.740379-75.645190
2522Milltown Rd @ Hartley Rd39.733417-75.658532
2496Milltown Rd @ Maclary Dr39.736991-75.651923
2530Milltown Rd @ Oaknoll Rd39.740389-75.638852
2523Milltown Rd @ Owen Dr39.734765-75.655936
2525Milltown Rd @ Parris Dr39.737144-75.651370
2500Milltown Rd @ Pecksniff Rd39.732383-75.661571
2521Milltown Rd @ Pecksniff Rd39.732285-75.661453
2499Milltown Rd @ Sheen Rd39.733443-75.658679
296Milltown Rd opp Cratchett Rd39.731474-75.665088
2491Milltown Rd opp Oaknoll Rd39.740489-75.638984
2498Milltown Rd opp Owen Dr39.734822-75.656071
1594Monroe St @ 37th St39.764765-75.530049
1593Monroe St @ 39th St39.765615-75.528107
1595Monroe St opp 35th St39.763397-75.532649
1762Montpelier Blvd @ Commonwealth Blv39.683319-75.568424
1664Montpelier Blvd @ Lunenburg Dr39.683071-75.569868
1665Montpelier Blvd @ Powhatan Rd39.682824-75.572336
1761Montpelier Blvd opp Lunenburg Dr39.682996-75.569821
1870Moorehouse Dr @ Anderson Dr39.703930-75.554562
1913Moorehouse Dr @ Anderson Dr39.703882-75.554310
1914Moorehouse Dr @ Anderson Dr39.704363-75.554843
1915Moorehouse Dr @ B Anderson-bunch39.706351-75.556483
1868Moorehouse Dr @ B Bunche-anderson39.706365-75.556655
1866Moorehouse Dr @ Bunche Blvd39.708785-75.558236
1916Moorehouse Dr @ Bunche Blvd39.707590-75.557498
1917Moorehouse Dr @ Bunche Blvd39.708828-75.558188
1867Moorehouse Dr @ E Of Bunche Blvd39.707594-75.557705
1871Moorehouse Dr @ New Castle Ave39.702886-75.551756
1912Moorehouse Dr @ New Castle Ave39.703068-75.551835
1869Moorehouse Dr @ W Of Anderson Dr39.705019-75.555536
4111Moores La opp Rogers Manor Park39.678308-75.565887
175Moores Lane opp Montpelier Bl39.683985-75.567397
1674Moores Ln @ 12th St39.674414-75.562200
1663Moores Ln @ Colonial Vill Ap39.684241-75.567636
1766Moores Ln @ Landers Ln39.691894-75.565443
1765Moores Ln @ Midfield Ave N39.690202-75.566976
1763Moores Ln @ Midfield Ave S39.685472-75.567646
162Moores Ln @ Montpelier Blvd39.683454-75.568265
1764Moores Ln @ Pierson Pl39.687390-75.567959
3267Moores Ln @ Rogers Manor Park39.678312-75.565785
1672Moores Ln @ Swedes St39.676969-75.565220
1751Moores Ln opp 12th St39.674377-75.562043
1752Moores Ln opp 14th St39.675798-75.563602
1660Moores Ln opp Midfield Ave N39.690300-75.567079
1662Moores Ln opp Midfield Ave S39.685526-75.567849
1661Moores Ln opp Pierson Pl39.687479-75.568122
1753Moores Ln opp Swedes St39.676959-75.565035
3931Mountaire Farms38.601259-75.259841
2305Murphy Rd & Zeneca Ent39.784624-75.549634
2308Murphy Rd opp Zeneca Ent39.784464-75.549563
720Myrtle Ave @ Philadelphia Pk39.804060-75.453822
721Myrtle Ave @ Philadelphia Pk39.804155-75.453666
3687N Market St @ Rodney Square39.746054-75.547353
3448N Vill Main Blvd @ E Austin St38.751715-75.168439
3476N Vill Main Blvd @ W Austin St38.751376-75.168312
2940N Walnut St & 2nd St38.915477-75.428333
2941N Walnut St & 5th St38.918555-75.428521
2942N Walnut St & 7th St38.922248-75.428628
454N Walnut St & Park St-dhss38.913272-75.428455
2943N Walnut St & Rehoboth Blvd38.927129-75.428957
3017Naamans Rd @ Amethyst Dr39.829020-75.529506
3607Naamans Rd @ Ballymeade39.823695-75.492387
2649Naamans Rd @ Brandywine Ent39.829782-75.533328
3611Naamans Rd @ Brandywood Dr39.827018-75.515973
1617Naamans Rd @ Carpenter Rd Pnr39.819214-75.466360
222Naamans Rd @ Cedar Tree Apts39.824577-75.497263
3609Naamans Rd @ Channin Dr39.827484-75.517122
4108Naamans Rd @ Darley Rd Wb39.822325-75.484558
2647Naamans Rd @ Ebright Rd39.828608-75.524805
2078Naamans Rd @ F&n Shopping Center39.824159-75.497223
3260Naamans Rd @ Kirkwood Fitness39.822903-75.489233
1615Naamans Rd @ Marilyn Dr39.820841-75.477972
3113Naamans Rd @ Marsh Rd39.822944-75.487509
1616Naamans Rd @ Merribrook Rd39.820003-75.471277
3110Naamans Rd @ Merribrook Rd39.820225-75.471395
732Naamans Rd @ Montclair Dr39.817689-75.459995
3612Naamans Rd @ Mousley Pl39.826009-75.509593
3608Naamans Rd @ Northgate Rd39.826356-75.510058
870Naamans Rd @ Perry Pl39.828791-75.541848
3657Naamans Rd @ Pin Oak Dr39.821570-75.480333
2634Naamans Rd @ Shops at Naamans Rd39.829757-75.536407
3610Naamans Rd @ Smith La39.827965-75.521894
2648Naamans Rd @ Trotters Dr39.829283-75.529353
3613Naamans Rd opp Ballymeade39.823279-75.491509
2635Naamans Rd opp Ebright Rd39.828228-75.524189
3111Naamans Rd opp Marilyn Dr39.821118-75.477673
1614Naamans Rd opp Pin Oak Dr39.821259-75.480215
3058Naamans Rd opp Shopping Ctr39.830072-75.536287
3016Naamans Rd opp Trotters Dr39.829382-75.532560
4099Naamans Wb @ Brandywine Pkwy39.829554-75.538454
3955Nanticoke Health Pav38.662652-75.602024
463Nanticoke Hospital at Middleford Rd38.642267-75.605406
260Nemours Clinic39.781096-75.552312
176New Castle Ave & Cherry Lane39.693004-75.554569
374New Castle Ave & River Rd39.152738-75.515262
1789New Castle Ave @ A St39.729955-75.542659
1784New Castle Ave @ Albany Ave39.721171-75.545053
1788New Castle Ave @ B St39.728589-75.543021
1644New Castle Ave @ Bowlerama39.701128-75.552022
1787New Castle Ave @ C St39.727554-75.543336
161New Castle Ave @ Cherry Ln39.693057-75.554832
1783New Castle Ave @ Dover Ave39.719519-75.545579
1638New Castle Ave @ Gmc Truck39.714061-75.547615
1776New Castle Ave @ Hillview Ave39.702458-75.551284
1777New Castle Ave @ Lambsons Ln39.705317-75.550308
1647New Castle Ave @ Landers Ln39.688127-75.556593
1790New Castle Ave @ Lobdell St39.731142-75.542332
1645New Castle Ave @ Memorial Dr39.698824-75.552806
1774New Castle Ave @ Memorial Dr39.699985-75.552149
1643New Castle Ave @ Moorehouse Dr39.702967-75.551391
1786New Castle Ave @ New York Ave39.724885-75.543955
1782New Castle Ave @ North St39.716636-75.546538
1791New Castle Ave @ Peach St39.732527-75.541534
1779New Castle Ave @ Revis Ave39.708403-75.549287
1772New Castle Ave @ Riverview Dr39.688181-75.556291
1780New Castle Ave @ Rizzo Ave39.710288-75.548636
1773New Castle Ave @ Rodney Dr39.691245-75.555188
160New Castle Ave @ Rogers Rd39.711976-75.548377
1778New Castle Ave @ Rose Ln39.707369-75.549624
1640New Castle Ave @ Ryan Ave39.708341-75.549544
1781New Castle Ave @ South St39.715323-75.546970
1785New Castle Ave opp Claymont St39.723063-75.544527
1635New Castle Ave opp Dover Ave39.719518-75.545778
3615New Castle Ave opp Family Court Bldg39.156872-75.515578
3614New Castle Ave opp Kent Ave39.155894-75.514130
1642New Castle Ave opp Lambsons Ln39.705272-75.550622
1633New Castle Ave opp New York Ave39.724128-75.544471
1636New Castle Ave opp North St39.716761-75.546712
1639New Castle Ave opp Rizzo Ave39.709918-75.549052
1646New Castle Ave opp Rodney Dr39.691329-75.555458
177New Castle Ave opp Rogers Rd39.712395-75.547917
1641New Castle Ave opp Rose Ln39.707217-75.549930
1637New Castle Ave opp South St39.715270-75.547123
576New Castle Ave opp Sussex Ave39.154369-75.514674
1634New Castle Ave opp Terminal Ave39.721331-75.545242
4071New Castle County Logistics Ctr39.585611-75.654491
1953New Linden Hill @ Henderson Hill R39.720953-75.705532
1950New Linden Hill Rd @ Boyds Valley Dr39.720739-75.706198
3873New Linden Hill Rd @ Limestone Rd39.739342-75.689432
206New Linden Hill Rd @ Linden Park39.735539-75.690099
1947New Linden Hill Rd @ Pike Creek Blvd39.735271-75.690333
1965New Linden Hill Rd @ Pk Cr Office Pla39.733613-75.689408
3227New Linden Hill Rd @ Riding Blvd39.737994-75.690029
203New Linden Hill Rd @ Skyline Dr39.727520-75.692137
1964New Linden Hill Rd @ Skyline Dr39.727413-75.692031
3523New Linden Hill Rd opp Brownstone Pl39.733274-75.689477
2694New St & Bank Ln39.155290-75.527308
2711New St & Bank Ln39.155622-75.527590
2710New St & Loockerman St39.156965-75.528108
2695New St & North St39.156355-75.527709
4070New Sweden St @ Shipyard Dr39.727661-75.563479
339Newark Regional Transit Center39.669268-75.754138
3678Newark Transit Hub (Farmer Lane)39.682337-75.743428
3679Newark Transit Hub (Pomeroy La)39.682421-75.743541
1367Newport Gap Pike @ Meadowbrook Ave39.727211-75.620850
1365Newport Gap Pk @ Hillards Inc39.731290-75.625440
1364Newport Gap Pk opp Hillards Inc39.731172-75.625112
1362Newport Gap Pk opp Meadowbrook Ave39.726722-75.620112
1230Newport-gap Pk @ Clayton Ave39.733592-75.627985
1129Newport-gap Pk @ Fmr Sears Ent39.733813-75.628042
1228Newport-gap Pk @ Kirkwood Hwy39.735393-75.630053
2818Nimitz Rd & Harrison Dr39.173099-75.510420
2912Nimitz Rd & Mcdowell Dr39.176863-75.514077
627Nimitz Rd & Townsend Blvd39.178323-75.515747
584Nimitz Rd & White Oak Rd39.173067-75.510168
625Nimitz Rd between #337 and 34539.174641-75.511417
626Nimitz Rd opp Mcdowell Dr39.176819-75.513769
2973Nor Eskridge Pwy at US 13 McDonalds38.652772-75.596294
4106North Middletown Park & Ride39.485978-75.722560
2746North St & Wb Simpson Elementary39.119212-75.551229
3272North St @ Kraft39.152768-75.542594
3560North St @ Vining Run39.119359-75.546855
2744North St opp Mtng House Ct39.116736-75.539951
2206Northeast Blvd @ 12th St39.743683-75.536406
2258Northeast Blvd @ 13th St39.744175-75.535579
2257Northeast Blvd @ 16th St39.745122-75.533507
2209Northeast Blvd @ 23rd St39.747355-75.529944
2210Northeast Blvd @ 25th St39.748531-75.528738
2255Northeast Blvd @ 25th St39.749073-75.528428
76Northeast Blvd @ 27th St39.749729-75.527429
81Northeast Blvd @ 27th St39.749825-75.527662
922Northeast Blvd @ 30th St39.751842-75.525156
3789Northeast Blvd @ 30th St39.752246-75.525009
937Northeast Blvd @ 35th St39.753360-75.522431
2207Northeast Blvd @ Heald St39.744847-75.533603
2208Northeast Blvd @ Vandever Ave39.746174-75.531219
2256Northeast Blvd @ Vandever Ave39.746206-75.531495
938Northeast Blvd opp 29th St39.751259-75.526149
925Northeast Blvd opp Eastlawn Ave39.752865-75.523124
3136Odessa Park & Ride (DE 299 & DE 1)39.454410-75.678407
2430Ogletown Rd @ 1800 Ogletown Ent39.684246-75.718245
2425Ogletown Rd @ Gaylord Dist39.685832-75.729408
2429Ogletown Rd @ Lowes/second Avon Ent39.684476-75.715061
2436Ogletown Rd @ Marrows Rd39.685426-75.732211
2444Ogletown Rd @ Southern States39.686027-75.729981
2426Ogletown Rd @ White Clay Ctr39.684919-75.722958
2427Ogletown Rd @ Winner/infin Ent39.683987-75.718168
2431Ogletown Rd opp White Clay Ctr39.685160-75.722830
2428Ogletown Rd opplowes/2nd Avon Ent39.684226-75.715048
3507Old Balt Pike @ Martha Washington39.653768-75.682040
3506Old Balt Pike @ Norwegian Woods Dr39.653635-75.682863
3859Old Baltimore Pike @ Word Of Life39.642742-75.727394
3649Old Baltimore Pk @ Albe Dr39.646569-75.714489
3246Old Baltimore Pk @ Aspen Dr39.649802-75.692266
2599Old Baltimore Pk @ Birch Brook Dr39.663954-75.662175
2408Old Baltimore Pk @ Browns Ln39.669064-75.658868
3367Old Baltimore Pk @ Christiana Farms39.646976-75.711544
3652Old Baltimore Pk @ Deer Run Dr39.646328-75.714464
2407Old Baltimore Pk @ Edgebrook Way39.671977-75.658482
2604Old Baltimore Pk @ Hanna Dr39.647603-75.707469
2615Old Baltimore Pk @ Hanna Dr39.647354-75.707649
2605Old Baltimore Pk @ Lucerne Dr39.645346-75.718826
2614Old Baltimore Pk @ Lucerne Dr39.645139-75.718727
328Old Baltimore Pk @ Main St (Christiana)39.665106-75.660226
2670Old Baltimore Pk @ Main St (Christiana)39.665525-75.659884
2457Old Baltimore Pk @ Patterson Dr39.668573-75.658846
2406Old Baltimore Pk @ Road A39.673778-75.658242
330Old Baltimore Pk @ Salem Church Rd39.648357-75.699151
327Old Baltimore Pk @ Salem Woods Rd39.648408-75.697315
3770Old Baltimore Pk @ Sr 7239.642523-75.728945
2602Old Baltimore Pk @ Timerwood Blvd39.651495-75.688561
3651Old Baltimore Pk @ Torington Way39.644372-75.721734
2619Old Baltimore Pk @ Trefoil Dr39.659020-75.670156
2600Old Baltimore Pk @ Trevett Dr39.659206-75.670301
2617Old Baltimore Pk @ Walther Rd39.651272-75.688515
3650Old Baltimore Pk @ Westover Woods Dr39.644362-75.722298
2601Old Baltimore Pk @ WoodshaDE Dr39.655143-75.678976
2618Old Baltimore Pk @ WoodshaDE Dr39.655001-75.678866
3245Old Baltimore Pk opp Aspen Dr39.649828-75.692643
2620Old Baltimore Pk opp Birch Brook Dr39.663658-75.662408
3366Old Baltimore Pk opp Christiana Farms39.647029-75.712398
2458Old Baltimore Pk opp Edgebrook Way39.671269-75.658438
1231Old Capitol Tr @ Newport Gap Pk39.732575-75.625648
1128Old Capitol Tr @ Newport-gap Pk39.732259-75.626124
1127Old Capitol Tr @ Pr Cor-penneys39.734690-75.623988
1232Old Capitol Tr opp Pr Cor Sh C39.734606-75.623865
2143Old Forge Rd @ Appleby Rd39.653368-75.633056
2144Old Forge Rd @ Jennings Ct39.654074-75.630131
226Old Forge Rd opp Chelton Apt39.651754-75.625805
2145Old Forge Rd opp Marlborough Ct39.652525-75.627484
214Old Lancaster Pk @ Erickson Ave39.785503-75.692050
2009Old Lancaster Pk opp Wells Fargo39.786113-75.693375
2745Old North Rd & Caesar Rod Hs39.118359-75.542997
3180Op York Beach Mall38.510354-75.054459
4095Opp Eagle Meadows39.106441-75.506946
1385Orange St @ 2nd St39.739138-75.553743
1386Orange St @ 4th St39.740356-75.552807
1Orange St @ 5th St39.742018-75.551716
2Orange St @ 8th St39.743706-75.550554
3Orange St @ 10th St39.745723-75.549155
3898PA Ave / High St between Bradford St and Cannon St Connection38.639421-75.616208
3899PA Ave / High St between Bradford St and Cannon St opp Lared38.640891-75.612200
4027POW/MIA Pkwy @ Charles Polk39.125719-75.534530
4028POW/MIA Pkwy Eden Park N39.149357-75.539647
4029POW/MIA Pkwy Eden Park S39.149214-75.539985
4026POW/MIA Pkwy Rodney Village S39.125185-75.533665
456Palmer St & Luther Towers38.785518-75.309925
449Palmer St opp Luther Twrs38.785469-75.309754
539Peachtree & Honda Dealer39.098583-75.543010
742Peachtree Rd @ Appletree Ct39.815730-75.460282
744Peachtree Rd @ Birchtree Ln39.815364-75.463522
730Peachtree Rd @ Cedartree Ln39.814791-75.462016
731Peachtree Rd opp Appletree Ct39.815695-75.460157
729Peachtree Rd opp Birchtree Ln39.815160-75.463808
743Peachtree Rd opp Cedartree Ct39.814904-75.462045
2758Peachtree Run & Lochmeath Way39.095269-75.544833
2759Peachtree Run & Lockmeath Way39.095096-75.544719
2757Peachtree Run & Palmer Rd39.102160-75.540517
3803Peachtree Run & Vanessa Dr39.101763-75.540663
3337Pencader Dr @ 405 Pencader Blvd39.611878-75.762682
3328Pencader Dr @ 650 Pencader Dr39.611962-75.762844
3338Pencader Dr @ Corporate Blvd39.616578-75.756695
3329Pencader Dr @ Reynolds Aluminum39.611339-75.767761
3336Pencader Dr @ UCP39.611272-75.767436
3170Pennsylvania Ave & Maplewood St38.533809-75.057072
3183Pennsylvania Ave & Maplewood St.38.533850-75.056918
1309Pennsylvania Ave @ Bancroft Pkwy39.757573-75.570630
1090Pennsylvania Ave @ Broom St39.753889-75.561092
1266Pennsylvania Ave @ Broom St39.753627-75.560989
1092Pennsylvania Ave @ Clayton St39.754377-75.563151
1264Pennsylvania Ave @ Clayton St39.754278-75.563529
1093Pennsylvania Ave @ Dupont St39.754762-75.564549
1263Pennsylvania Ave @ Dupont St39.754692-75.564893
1089Pennsylvania Ave @ Franklin St39.753221-75.558759
1267Pennsylvania Ave @ Franklin St39.753137-75.559177
1981Pennsylvania Ave @ Greenhill Ave39.760067-75.574551
2049Pennsylvania Ave @ Greenhill Ave39.759639-75.574210
1977Pennsylvania Ave @ Lincoln St39.755720-75.566949
1982Pennsylvania Ave @ Mt Salem Ln39.761532-75.577037
132Pennsylvania Ave @ Rising Sun Ln39.763110-75.579490
2046Pennsylvania Ave @ Rising Sun Ln39.763064-75.579738
1310Pennsylvania Ave @ Union St39.756382-75.568569
1978Pennsylvania Ave @ Union St39.756781-75.568827
1269Pennsylvania Ave @ Van Buren St39.752559-75.557087
209Pennsylvania Ave @ Woodlawn Ave39.758050-75.571179
220Pennsylvania Ave @ Woodlawn Ave39.758152-75.571589
3171Pennsylvania Ave Opp Sea Colony38.527884-75.055987
3182Pennsylvania Ave at Sea Colony38.527212-75.055644
2048Pennsylvania Ave opp Mt Salem Ln39.761362-75.577252
313Peoples Plaza Park & Ride39.602733-75.746030
3963Perdue Georgetown38.697966-75.382480
3946Perdue Milford38.922161-75.423110
3951Persimmon Tree Lane @ Persimmon Circle39.191637-75.519847
270Pettinaro Park Dr @ Chase Ctr39.730173-75.563816
3429Philadelphia Pike opp Delaware Ave39.787988-75.474540
834Philadelphia Pk @ 44th St39.762061-75.519323
155Philadelphia Pk @ Archmere Academy39.803891-75.455341
25Philadelphia Pk @ Beeson Ave39.765498-75.511460
30Philadelphia Pk @ Beeson Rd39.770439-75.500647
821Philadelphia Pk @ Bellevue Corp Cr39.778008-75.488838
770Philadelphia Pk @ Clearview Ave39.781789-75.482945
757Philadelphia Pk @ Commonwealth Ave39.797814-75.463819
700Philadelphia Pk @ Delaire Sunset Dr39.779927-75.485498
31Philadelphia Pk @ Duncan Rd39.771944-75.497474
791Philadelphia Pk @ Dupont Ave39.771859-75.498016
3813Philadelphia Pk @ E Clearview Ave39.781614-75.482865
23Philadelphia Pk @ Edgemoor Rd39.763837-75.515131
683Philadelphia Pk @ Eskridge Dr39.774749-75.493361
800Philadelphia Pk @ Forman Mills39.762818-75.517760
716Philadelphia Pk @ Governor Printz39.801246-75.459361
760Philadelphia Pk @ Harvey Rd39.793799-75.468398
702Philadelphia Pk @ Holly Oak Rd39.784938-75.477906
767Philadelphia Pk @ Holly Oak Rd39.784893-75.478262
756Philadelphia Pk @ Lawson Ave39.799985-75.461334
681Philadelphia Pk @ Lindsey Pl39.773397-75.495240
718Philadelphia Pk @ Manor Ave39.803122-75.456656
761Philadelphia Pk @ Maple Rd39.791726-75.470757
27Philadelphia Pk @ Marsh Rd39.766581-75.509097
55Philadelphia Pk @ Marsh Rd39.766787-75.509109
792Philadelphia Pk @ Parkway Ln39.771022-75.499859
759Philadelphia Pk @ Pennsylvania Ave39.795912-75.466018
797Philadelphia Pk @ Pennyacres-opbee39.765623-75.511705
712Philadelphia Pk @ Princeton Ave39.795861-75.465814
28Philadelphia Pk @ Rodman Rd39.767649-75.506753
754Philadelphia Pk @ Seminole Ave39.802451-75.457921
799Philadelphia Pk @ Shipley Rd39.763683-75.515701
46Philadelphia Pk @ Silverside Rd39.782977-75.480803
52Philadelphia Pk @ Silverside Rd39.782588-75.481664
715Philadelphia Pk @ Stockdale Ave39.799954-75.461104
765Philadelphia Pk @ W Delaware Ave39.787414-75.475447
793Philadelphia Pk @ Washington St Xt39.769268-75.503648
795Philadelphia Pk @ Weldin Ln39.767907-75.506647
706Philadelphia Pk @ Winding Ln39.789048-75.473365
158Philadelphia Pk opp Archmere Academy39.804002-75.455490
698Philadelphia Pk opp Bellevue Corp39.777988-75.488537
825Philadelphia Pk opp Bellevue Rd39.775826-75.492159
714Philadelphia Pk opp Commonwealth Ave39.798591-75.462632
22Philadelphia Pk opp Forman Mills39.762631-75.517826
711Philadelphia Pk opp Harvey Rd39.794352-75.467526
828Philadelphia Pk opp Lindsey Pl39.773459-75.495538
709Philadelphia Pk opp Maple Rd39.791940-75.470230
772Philadelphia Pk opp Sunset Dr-del39.780241-75.485162
29Philadelphia Pk opp Wash St Ext39.769457-75.502798
764Philadelphia Pk opp Winding Rd39.789254-75.473431
368Pine Cabin Rd opp Generals Grn Apt39.128966-75.493711
915Pine St @ 22nd St39.750135-75.536045
75Pine St @ Vandever Ave39.749306-75.536924
916Pine St opp 25th St39.752150-75.533875
3806Plaza Rd opp Bldg 70139.753404-75.604698
3335Pleasant Valley Rd @ Pencader Bar39.607178-75.769451
3330Pleasant Valley Rd opp Pencader Bar39.607288-75.769633
3748Plum Dr @ Apple Run39.065471-75.531338
3747Plum Dr @ Cherry Dr East39.063467-75.530538
204Polly Drummond Shopping Center39.718517-75.709555
3354Polytech at Walnut Shade Rd39.073502-75.547394
3216Port Of Wilmington39.716930-75.532390
562President Dr @ Bay Rd39.144190-75.499348
88Prices Corner Park & Ride39.736854-75.621993
105Prices Corner Park & Ride39.736132-75.621803
2231Prospect Dr @ Bldg 125839.765048-75.491041
3268Public Safety Blvd @ Central Dist39.150344-75.510979
3269Public Safety Blvd @ Kent Co EMS39.150439-75.511122
2890Queen St & Bank Lane39.155153-75.528773
2889Queen St & Loockerman St39.156704-75.529372
2891Queen St & Water St39.154127-75.528375
2864Queen St @ Loockerman St39.156828-75.529233
2863Queen St @ Queen Manor Apts39.154706-75.528406
3849Queen St @ Reed St Nb39.158853-75.530054
3780Queen St @ Reed St Sb39.158594-75.530016
4080Ramunno Dr @ Ash Blvd34.459056-75.728960
4088Ramunno Dr @ Lisa La39.457084-75.729228
4089Ramunno Dr @ Louis La39.453970-75.729131
3722Ramunno Dr @ Louis Ln39.453989-75.728943
3723Ramunno Dr opp Lisa Ln39.457283-75.728977
2954Rd 207 @ Rd 21338.870961-75.429986
2934Rd 213 & Rd 207 / Johnson Rd38.871694-75.428886
3533Rd 213 @ Susquehanna Ave38.874988-75.428312
3536Rd 213 @ Susquehanna Ave38.874683-75.428158
171Reads Way @ 2 Reads Way39.688314-75.609057
1697Reads Way @ 31 Reads Way39.688819-75.612407
1725Reads Way @ Bldg 4239.689192-75.611825
1724Reads Way @ Bldg 9239.686364-75.611557
168Reads Way @ Bldg One39.688554-75.609154
1698Reads Way @ New Castle Cy Gov Ct39.686551-75.611805
394Rehoboth Ave & Boardwalk38.716627-75.077004
649Rehoboth Ave & Church St38.713839-75.095489
395Rehoboth Ave & City Hall38.716040-75.083491
3738Rehoboth Ave @ The Ark38.715355-75.089408
3473Rehoboth Ave Ext @ Ames Dr Cvs Phar38.715255-75.106470
393Rehoboth Ave opp City Hall38.715745-75.083559
3949Rehoboth Ave opp Perdue38.922054-75.423272
392Rehoboth P-N-R & Country Club Rd38.712003-75.107270
137Rising Sun Ln @ 17th St39.765084-75.578659
1459Rising Sun Ln @ 19th St39.766174-75.577920
373River Rd & Family Ct39.157393-75.515910
574River Rd & Kent St39.156270-75.515959
2251River Rd @ Brandywine Blvd39.759409-75.507227
2229River Rd @ Kynlyn Dr39.764884-75.493507
2236River Rd @ Marion Ave39.763605-75.495063
2230River Rd @ Prospect Dr39.765793-75.492561
2237River Rd @ Rodman Ave39.762051-75.496623
2227River Rd opp Marion Ave39.763381-75.494995
2226River Rd opp Rodman Ave39.761851-75.496739
575River Rd opp Sussex Ave39.154701-75.517274
2597Rivers End Dr @ Kendal Dr39.649230-75.659348
2565Rivers End Dr @ Providence Dr E39.649442-75.658809
2569Rivers End Dr @ Providence Dr W39.650811-75.665094
2595Rivers End Dr @ Silver Run Tr39.649941-75.662512
2571Rivers End Dr @ Smalleys Dam Rd39.649368-75.668087
2592Rivers End Dr @ Smalleys Dam Rd39.649586-75.667421
2594Rivers End Dr opp Providnc Dr W39.650550-75.665404
2567Rivers End Dr opp Silver Run Tr39.650050-75.662433
290Rocky Run Pwky @ Marriott Courtyard39.818229-75.550584
3984Rodney Village Shopping Center39.127033-75.532431
1861Rogers Rd @ Oakmont Dr39.712773-75.549464
1922Rogers Rd @ Oakmont Dr39.712874-75.549745
3124Rt 13 @ Mt Vernon St39.303799-75.605044
3125Rt 13 @ Mt Vernon St39.304597-75.605365
2245Rysing Dr @ Clayton St39.756988-75.500549
2249Rysing Dr @ N Pennewell Dr39.759129-75.504075
2219Rysing Dr @ Painter Dr39.756942-75.500519
2218Rysing Dr @ Polk Rd39.757559-75.501623
2250Rysing Dr @ River Rd39.759144-75.505831
2216Rysing Dr @ S Pennewell Dr39.758812-75.503684
2248Rysing Dr @ S Pennewell Dr39.758641-75.503270
243Rysing Dr @ Salisbury Dr39.756012-75.499189
245Rysing Dr @ Salisbury Dr39.756089-75.499108
2246Rysing Dr opp Polk Rd39.757719-75.501710
2215Rysing Dr opp River Rd39.759087-75.505829
641S Bedford St & Family Ser Bldg38.677626-75.379519
655S Bedford St & Harris Alley38.688758-75.384372
642S Bedford St & Harris Alley Bodies Market38.688905-75.384302
1800S College Ave @ Bob Carpenter Ctr39.661341-75.751946
1854S College Ave @ Chestnut Hl Rd W39.654819-75.751360
2608S College Ave @ Corporate Bvd39.616929-75.745209
2611S College Ave @ Dade39.616779-75.744773
4019S College Ave @ Discovery Blvd39.663811-75.752617
331S College Ave @ Four Seasons Pkwy39.624569-75.744297
179S College Ave @ Friendlys39.650749-75.748740
2613S College Ave @ Glasgow Hs39.631712-75.743511
1802S College Ave @ Kells Ave39.673473-75.753395
2375S College Ave @ Kent Way39.678880-75.753599
1847S College Ave @ Marvin Dr39.661224-75.752286
2469S College Ave @ Newark Sta Ent39.667370-75.753070
1799S College Ave @ Old Chestnut Hill Rd39.655391-75.751127
340S College Ave @ Ped X Amstel Ave39.680264-75.753512
342S College Ave @ Ped X Amstel Ave39.680112-75.753652
1846S College Ave @ Ritter Ln39.672116-75.753494
1845S College Ave @ W Park Pl39.674044-75.753575
4086S College Ave opp Discovery Blvd39.663883-75.752288
2667S College Ave opp Four Seasons Pkwy39.626198-75.743801
188S College Ave opp Friendlys39.650685-75.749140
2606S College Ave opp Glasgow Hs39.630845-75.743973
181S College Ave opp Inspiration Blvd39.666533-75.752631
1801S College Ave opp Ritter Ln39.671983-75.753352
2810S Little Crk Rd & Cntry Village Ap39.157190-75.503470
579S Little Crk Rd & Roberta Av39.156935-75.500636
375S Little Crk Rd & Tudor Ind Park39.156818-75.498301
2373S Main St @ Delaware Ave39.681823-75.757355
1813S Main St @ Murray Rd39.675684-75.764375
109S Main St @ Newark Municipal Bldg39.677238-75.762908
183S Main St @ Park & Shop Shopping Ctr39.677239-75.762449
1175S Main St @ Rittenhouse Rd39.676449-75.763857
1173S Main St opp Amstel Ave39.681428-75.758165
2938S Walnut St & Barker St38.910152-75.428564
2950S Walnut St & Barker St38.910167-75.428695
2936S Walnut St & E Clarke St38.904403-75.429532
2935S Walnut St & Elizabeth St38.900854-75.430132
2951S Walnut St & Kings Hwy38.905817-75.429414
451S Walnut St & Mispillion Apts38.895212-75.429978
455S Walnut St & Mispillion Apts38.895196-75.430121
452S Walnut St & Park Ave38.913190-75.428340
2939S Walnut St & Se 2nd St38.911099-75.428437
2949S Walnut St & Se 2nd St38.911143-75.428534
2952S Walnut St & W Clarke St38.904464-75.429645
2953S Walnut St & Wilbur St38.901212-75.430237
2937S Walnut St opp Kings Hwy38.907089-75.429077
4032SR 16 @ US 11338.806705-75.437337
3304SR 18 / 404 @ Walkers Mill Rd38.707896-75.552244
3303SR 18 / 404 Opp Walkers Mill Rd38.707730-75.552755
3393SR 18 / 404 at Bridgeville Park Sc38.719831-75.584942
3392SR 18 / 404 opp Food Lion38.720298-75.585217
3127SR 299 @ Dove Run Blvd39.452169-75.689368
3725SR 299 @ Middletown Commons Sc39.449188-75.725789
3126SR 299 @ Middletown High School39.451788-75.690380
3731SR 299 @ New St39.450167-75.708378
3364SR 299 @ Silver Lake Road39.450552-75.699001
3727SR 299 opp New St39.450030-75.707881
3365SR 299 opp Silver Lake Road39.450694-75.699059
249Saienni Blvd @ Dupont Hwy39.640853-75.625983
251Saienni Blvd @ Dupont Hwy39.640603-75.626065
2283Saienni Blvd @ Essex Court39.640277-75.623724
2277Saienni Blvd opp Maple Ct Apts39.640581-75.623607
278Salem Church Rd @ Chapman Rd39.667863-75.695942
2415Salem Church Rd @ Elm Dr39.672733-75.697045
2452Salem Church Rd @ Salem Ch Ind Pk39.675453-75.697645
2453Salem Church Rd opp Elm Dr39.671776-75.697009
2416Salem Church Rd opp Salem Ch I Pk39.675561-75.697516
2454Salem Church Rd opp Salem Village Square39.668461-75.696156
3721Sandhill Dr @ Hampton Inn Rear Ent39.451460-75.730104
4090Sandhill Dr @ Ketlay Plaza39.451631-75.729612
2868Saulsbury Rd @ Carver Rd39.161234-75.543486
2869Saulsbury Rd @ Clara St Ext39.163431-75.544268
2884Saulsbury Rd @ Green Meadows39.163318-75.544499
2870Saulsbury Rd @ Whatcoat Apts39.166992-75.545523
2883Saulsbury Rd @ Whatcoat Village39.166570-75.545620
3288Saulsbury Rd opp Afton Ct39.159661-75.542925
2885Saulsbury Rd opp Carver Rd39.160688-75.543542
2882Saulsburyrd @ Walkerrd Del Guid Ser39.168094-75.546174
2918Savannah Rd & 3rd St38.773245-75.140219
632Savannah Rd & Bay View Med Ctr38.753238-75.161924
426Savannah Rd & Beebe Ave.38.770761-75.142854
428Savannah Rd & Beebe Hospital38.771205-75.142562
3958Savannah Rd & Cape Henlopen38.780331-75.132635
430Savannah Rd & Covey Creek38.756387-75.158442
2919Savannah Rd & Daily Market38.778159-75.135187
429Savannah Rd & Huling Cove38.765281-75.148844
424Savannah Rd & Quaker Rd38.755551-75.159122
634Savannah Rd & Smith Av38.777200-75.136022
425Savannah Rd & Us Army Reserve38.765116-75.148779
631Savannah Rd opp Bay Med Ctr38.753037-75.161899
635Savannah Rd opp Daily Market38.778111-75.135046
3137Scarborough Rd P&r39.196973-75.559359
3840Seaford Rd and Oneals Rd North38.602544-75.592180
3548Seaford Rd at Skate World38.593780-75.588870
2990Seaford Rd opp Sussex Manor Mhp38.611387-75.597521
3839Seaford Road and Oneals Rd South38.602713-75.592482
461Seaford Village SC Roses / Dollar Store38.660423-75.596159
2972Seaford Village Sc Dialysis Center38.657265-75.595965
2996Seashore Hwy @ Del Tech38.698446-75.404369
4024Seashore Hwy opp Del Tech38.698473-75.405228
3055Shipley Rd @ Burnett Dr39.825628-75.534460
2658Shipley Rd @ Cross Country Rd39.815726-75.535575
3051Shipley Rd @ Drexel Dr39.818137-75.535099
3057Shipley Rd @ Granite Way39.828750-75.534527
3022Shipley Rd @ Heathwood Rd39.814518-75.535531
2655Shipley Rd @ Morningside Dr39.821575-75.534484
3021Shipley Rd @ N Lori Ln39.810909-75.535756
2652Shipley Rd @ N Rockfield Dr39.827027-75.534659
2660Shipley Rd @ Pheasant Run Dr39.810902-75.535901
2659Shipley Rd @ Pierson Dr39.814622-75.535687
2654Shipley Rd @ S Rockfield Dr39.823718-75.534589
292Shipley Rd @ Silverside Rd39.809468-75.535835
3052Shipley Rd @ Summerset Rd39.819467-75.534872
2653Shipley Rd opp Burnett Dr39.825601-75.534577
3050Shipley Rd opp Cross Country Rd39.815910-75.535366
2657Shipley Rd opp Drexel Dr39.817926-75.535270
2651Shipley Rd opp Granite Way39.828459-75.534690
3053Shipley Rd opp MorningsDE Dr39.821567-75.534369
3056Shipley Rd opp N Rockfld Dr39.827155-75.534477
3054Shipley Rd opp S Rockfld Dr39.824251-75.534442
2656Shipley Rd opp Summerset Rd39.819338-75.535065
286Shipley Road & Silverside Rd39.809074-75.535589
462Shipley State Service Center at Virginia Ave38.654142-75.609647
3667Ships Landing Way @ Essbar Equipment39.672996-75.554899
3668Ships Landing Way opp Hibbert Group39.671291-75.555106
3666Ships Landing Way opp. Tire Rack39.671110-75.557494
4067Shipyard Dr @ Frawley Stadium39.732346-75.563691
4068Shipyard Dr @ Judy Johnson Dr39.728070-75.564457
4066Shipyard Dr @ Pettinaro Park Dr39.730310-75.564109
3570Shuttle Rd @ Exxon Station38.713733-75.107908
2913Silverside Rd @ Concord Pk39.809044-75.548670
2664Silverside Rd @ Concord Plaza39.809040-75.544091
2663Silverside Rd @ Greenmount Dr39.808708-75.540596
697Silverside Rd @ Harrison Ave39.784668-75.484409
3049Silverside Rd @ N Bapt Church Pnr39.808474-75.538836
2662Silverside Rd @ N Baptist Church39.808586-75.538797
3790Silverside Rd @ Philadelphia Pk39.783074-75.481694
2665Silverside Rd @ Talleyville Sctr39.809257-75.547849
2914Silverside Rd @ The Commons39.808807-75.544264
3018Silverside Rd opp Greenmount Dr39.808585-75.540548
581Slittle Crk Rd & Moriarty St39.157060-75.500525
2572Smalleys Dam Rd @ Taylor Dr39.645144-75.665495
2590Smalleys Dam Rd @ Victoria Blvd39.644030-75.664515
2591Smalleys Dam Rd @ Wolf Dr39.646523-75.666317
474Smyrna Rest Area @ P&R39.323605-75.618173
735Society Dr @ Bldg 200039.820361-75.460975
736Society Dr @ Bldg 700039.821625-75.458880
737Society Dr @ Shelter 239.820153-75.456954
738Society Dr opp Northtowne Plaza39.818258-75.457844
2588Songsmith Dr @ Blatty Pl39.638631-75.664694
4079Songsmith Dr @ Buckson Ct39.636026-75.660334
2578Songsmith Dr @ Governors Sq Ent39.635712-75.661015
2577Songsmith Dr @ Honeysuckle Dr39.636732-75.663958
2575Songsmith Dr @ Iris Lane39.638845-75.664930
2573Songsmith Dr @ Smalleys Dam Rd39.642049-75.663522
2589Songsmith Dr @ Smalleys Dam Rd39.641963-75.663366
3812Songsmith Dr @ Tolstoy Pl39.636902-75.663923
3889Songsmith Dr opp Carvel Ln39.635629-75.662331
2751South St & Vepco Blvd39.111498-75.553242
1740South St @ 6th St39.659919-75.569934
2752South St opp Wesley St39.111270-75.551845
2753South St opp West St39.110785-75.548357
1274Spruce St @ 5th St39.738033-75.543525
1273Spruce St @ 6th St39.739026-75.542871
1272Spruce St @ 8th St39.740277-75.542015
3562State Rd @ Rehoboth Ave38.714959-75.088534
3569State Rd @ Washington St - Med Ctr38.706955-75.090729
3091State St & Becky Ln39.112468-75.514855
358State St & Capital Cleaners39.141271-75.523027
364State St & Carrolls Cn Dov Pools39.142185-75.522649
552State St & Cooper Rd39.131657-75.519875
606State St & Delaware Ave39.163112-75.526286
556State St & Emerson Dr39.120149-75.515746
3077State St & Fosky Dr39.095658-75.508394
548State St & Gooden Ave39.147791-75.522534
558State St & Highview Av39.132437-75.519961
357State St & Holy Cross39.151004-75.522202
3075State St & Howe Dr39.111753-75.514973
559State St & Huntley Cir39.135784-75.521310
490State St & Kent General Hos39.151041-75.522381
557State St & Lakeland Ave39.128546-75.518400
605State St & Library39.160302-75.525175
554State St & Old Mill Rd39.124798-75.517074
551State St & Old Rudnik Ln39.135284-75.521390
561State St & Pine St39.146985-75.522417
2691State St & Reed St39.159629-75.525091
3092State St & Richardson Ln39.116702-75.515360
3076State St & Sorghum Mill Rd39.100949-75.513636
3090State St & Sorghum Mill Rd39.100473-75.513284
604State St & The Green39.156266-75.523678
2692State St & The Green39.156050-75.523730
607State St & Washington St39.166780-75.527623
560State St & YMCA39.144562-75.522529
3502State St @ Brookdale Rd39.084849-75.489843
3310State St @ Plaindealing Rd39.078769-75.483354
3505State St @ Ponderosa Dr39.084034-75.488768
3309State St @ Woodleytown Rd39.078753-75.483478
2674State St opp Cecil St39.164101-75.526599
555State St opp Emerson Dr39.120680-75.515977
3089State St opp Fosky39.095760-75.508282
553State St opp Lakeland Tp39.129373-75.518937
3074State St opp Richardson Ln39.116769-75.515528
608State St opp William St39.168892-75.528420
549State St opp Ymca39.144567-75.522779
3095Steel Dr @ Lukens Dr39.677175-75.549006
3940Summit Bridge Rd @ Main St39.398109-75.684933
3942Summit Bridge Rd @ Pine Tree Rd39.398146-75.684664
225Sunset Blvd @ Arbys Rest39.670360-75.598239
227Sunset Blvd @ Arbys Rest39.670485-75.598027
4008Sunset Lake Rd @ Pulaski Hwy39.608784-75.715328
453Super Wal-mart On-site38.929727-75.434225
3212Sussex Correctional & On-site38.659232-75.373074
1862Talledega Dr @ Bunche Blvd39.713673-75.551539
2816Townsend Blvd & #84439.177694-75.518841
2817Townsend Blvd & Nimitz Rd39.178599-75.516114
585Townsend Blvd & US 1339.175193-75.521501
628Townsend Blvd Btwn #851&84739.178103-75.518666
2170Traders La @ Bjs39.667931-75.599408
2126Traders La opp Bjs39.667913-75.599514
3277Transportation Cir @ DMV39.148384-75.507204
3275Transportation Cir opp DMV Admin Bld39.148588-75.507056
3258Trinity Church P-n-r & On-site39.821664-75.482480
3881Tull St at Sussex Ave Meadow Bridge Apts38.648007-75.633088
647US 9 & Arbys38.750062-75.168962
439US 9 & DE538.724753-75.286366
434US 9 & DE 538.724691-75.286215
644US 9 & DE 3038.713732-75.317674
653US 9 & DE 3038.713963-75.317453
643US 9 & Dollar Store38.695152-75.379294
4025US 9 & Emerson Way38.716554-75.311093
652US 9 & Hunters Mill38.728679-75.266800
433US 9 & N Railroad Ave38.692124-75.383186
440US 9 & N Railroad Ave38.692120-75.383414
435US 9 & Rd 28138.734189-75.238240
438US 9 & Rd 28138.734199-75.238895
646US 9 & Stingey Ln38.745879-75.180384
651US 9 & Stingey Rd38.746107-75.180308
437US 9 & Sussex East38.739784-75.200524
3545US 9 @ Airport Rd38.698677-75.369288
3389US 9 @ Fisher Rd38.729658-75.261058
3390US 9 @ Fisher Rd38.729603-75.262092
3546US 9 @ Sand Hill Rd38.698905-75.369015
3387US 9 @ Stiener Rd38.708015-75.337645
3908US 9 Opposite The Vineyards Social Security Eb38.741815-75.191265
3909US 9 at The Vineyards Social Security Wb38.742126-75.190927
654US 9 opp Dollar Store38.695111-75.379551
645US 9 opp Hunters Mill38.728504-75.266865
3388US 9 opp Stiener Rd38.708212-75.337265
436US 9 opp Sussex East38.739683-75.199889
2995US 13 & Beaver Dam Dr38.655152-75.594297
2831US 13 & Best Buys/michaels39.187975-75.538525
2852US 13 & DE Agricultural Museum39.182774-75.532001
478US 13 & Denneys Rd39.201364-75.557936
480US 13 & Denneys Rd39.202894-75.559439
384US 13 & Dover Mall Ent 139.194441-75.541366
2775US 13 & Dover Skating Ct39.116791-75.535463
3073US 13 & Faith Comm Chrch39.116777-75.535986
477US 13 & Fast Landing Rd39.223084-75.576486
481US 13 & Fast Landing Rd39.224372-75.576605
2830US 13 & Jefferic Blvd39.178426-75.526444
674US 13 & North Dover Ctr Staples39.185809-75.533810
2845US 13 & Rustic Ln39.194326-75.547410
2776US 13 & Shamrock Ave39.119215-75.534278
476US 13 & Smyrna Lepsic Rd39.290914-75.596539
2829US 13 & Townsend Blvd39.175441-75.523333
3800US 13 @ Big Oak Rd39.269347-75.588428
534US 13 @ Camden Wyoming Ave39.114683-75.537057
3600US 13 @ Carter Rd39.280344-75.593031
3603US 13 @ Carter Rd39.279081-75.592098
3760US 13 @ Corn Crib Rd38.915526-75.568881
3757US 13 @ Delaware Ave38.932712-75.566280
4037US 13 @ Delmar Business Park38.460569-75.558360
3500US 13 @ Entr Sunrise Motel38.672951-75.592671
3752US 13 @ Evens Rd39.046309-75.558005
3759US 13 @ Fairground Rd38.915420-75.569327
3601US 13 @ Hedgegrow Hollow Rd39.273472-75.590559
3563US 13 @ Hickory Ridge Rd39.248856-75.587697
3761US 13 @ Holiday Inn Express Hotel38.921580-75.567299
3602US 13 @ Lawndale Rd39.273755-75.590223
2774US 13 @ Lebanon Rd39.114557-75.536497
3627US 13 @ Marian Dr39.207370-75.566340
3628US 13 @ Marion Dr39.207785-75.566300
385US 13 @ N College Rd / Del State39.187990-75.540098
3754US 13 @ Old New Rd/willis Tires39.030498-75.562236
3634US 13 @ Pinewood Acres39.212010-75.571385
3274US 13 @ Positive Outcomes Sch39.108062-75.539386
3743US 13 @ Redners Market39.209451-75.569248
3756US 13 @ Reeves Crossing Rd38.983962-75.567501
3753US 13 @ Rubeon May Allens Tp39.034457-75.561049
3755US 13 @ S Erin Ave39.012258-75.567724
3758US 13 @ Shaw Ave38.928209-75.567132
2846US 13 @ Smith St39.197445-75.551748
482US 13 @ Smyrna Lepsic Rd39.292143-75.596751
3564US 13 @ Spring Meadows Dr39.249755-75.587013
3408US 13 @ Voshells Mill Rd39.104297-75.541291
3811US 13 @ opp Jerome Dr39.217381-75.573808
3598US 13 Dovemall @ Back Ent Dovecom39.191330-75.538241
3286US 13 W Rustic Lane39.193497-75.546993
3635US 13 Walmart Cheswold39.215987-75.572733
3768US 13 at Crestwood Dr39.054929-75.555679
3767US 13 at Irish Hill Rd39.040858-75.558638
3765US 13 at Killens Pond Rd38.985600-75.567252
673US 13 at Kw Blvd Near Sams Club39.196365-75.550944
3904US 13 at National Blvd Yoder Overhead Door Co38.549183-75.556633
3355US 13 at SR 12 Felton39.005905-75.569527
3905US 13 at Trussum Pond Rd Johnny Janosik38.549327-75.556159
460US 13 at Walmart on Site38.661591-75.590886
3801US 13 opp Chestnut St39.299361-75.601162
3751US 13 opp Crestwood Dr39.055233-75.556288
3501US 13 opp Elm St and The Sunrise Motel38.673187-75.592205
3766US 13 opp Rubeon May Dr39.034417-75.560572
2998US 13 opp Shamrock Ave39.119868-75.534543
2979US 13A & Sussex Manor Tp38.611145-75.597507
3547US 13A opp Skate World38.593994-75.589230
3469US 40 @ Aiken Ave39.607065-75.730481
3471US 40 @ Aiken Ave39.606801-75.729345
2554US 40 @ Becks Woods Dr39.616294-75.699036
3235US 40 @ BellwooDE Dr39.606166-75.736109
3624US 40 @ Best Western Plus Hotel39.638752-75.650291
3332US 40 @ Biddle Ave39.603660-75.754333
2556US 40 @ Broadleaf Dr39.608030-75.719467
308US 40 @ Brookmont Dr39.621571-75.687496
322US 40 @ Buckley Blvd39.640308-75.646839
2560US 40 @ Church Rd39.622759-75.683046
3333US 40 @ Deer Park Plaza39.603577-75.758316
4017US 40 @ Elizabeth Plaza39.623674-75.680741
2581US 40 @ Fairwinds Trailer Park39.644253-75.639588
2583US 40 @ Fir Ave39.646186-75.636949
314US 40 @ Fox Run Shop Ctr39.608063-75.714443
3470US 40 @ Glasgow Ave39.605656-75.746062
309US 40 @ Glasgow Dr39.620682-75.689928
319US 40 @ Glendale Blvd39.627923-75.670043
3551US 40 @ Governors Sq Plaza 239.630160-75.665637
306US 40 @ Governors Square39.631317-75.663102
2584US 40 @ Holly Ave39.644600-75.639777
3334US 40 @ La Grange Parkway39.603964-75.763219
3468US 40 @ Old Town Hall Ctr39.624546-75.679655
3819US 40 @ Peoples Plaza West Entrance39.604209-75.749635
3331US 40 @ Perch Creek Dr39.603826-75.764582
316US 40 @ Porter Rd39.618771-75.694133
2558US 40 @ Rickey Blvd39.608577-75.710658
4018US 40 @ Rockwood Rd39.625155-75.677044
310US 40 @ Salem Church Rd39.618408-75.695824
311US 40 @ Scotland Dr39.610942-75.705524
315US 40 @ Scotland Dr39.611671-75.703704
312US 40 @ Sunset Lake Rd39.608324-75.716177
2552US 40 @ Walther Rd39.627881-75.671400
2553US 40 @ Wellington Dr39.622684-75.684401
4073US 40 @ Wilton Blvd39.651759-75.620622
2559US 40 opp Becks Woods39.614864-75.700111
2557US 40 opp Broadleaf Dr39.607611-75.720070
318US 40 opp Brookmont Dr39.621322-75.686949
324US 40 opp Buckley Blvd39.640477-75.647264
2582US 40 opp Fir Ave39.646260-75.636080
4113US 40 opp Glasgow Dr39.619740-75.691433
320US 40 opp Governors Sq Ent39.631516-75.661833
2555US 40 opp Rickey Blvd39.608920-75.710839
4074US 40 opp Wilton Blvd39.650479-75.622699
640US 113 & Georgetown Plaza SC38.680245-75.394852
3592US 113 / DE 1 @ Spring Hill Dr38.966882-75.432225
3604US 113 @ Cicadia Ln (Rd 403)38.966060-75.432348
3590US 113 @ Georgetown Professional Plaza38.704226-75.402114
3629US 113 @ Johnson Rd38.868489-75.439590
3630US 113 @ Morgan Dr38.867650-75.439051
3543US 113 @ Old Jenkins Rd38.950325-75.425487
4039US 113 @ Plaza at Milford38.919443-75.439302
3542US 113 @ Super 8 Motel38.949277-75.425918
3298US 113 Express Only @ Sr 1638.807333-75.438467
657US 113 opp Georgetown Plaza38.680945-75.394813
2928Union St & Magnolia St38.778696-75.310969
2960Union St & Magnolia St38.778684-75.311160
962Union St @ 2nd St39.747726-75.574146
103Union St @ 4th St39.748900-75.573351
1099Union St @ 6th St39.750836-75.571948
1098Union St @ 8th St39.752335-75.570927
1097Union St @ 9th St39.753682-75.570116
1399Union St @ 17th St39.759954-75.565749
200Union St @ Lancaster Ave39.746795-75.574736
1104Union St @ Sycamore St39.743404-75.577129
3853Union St at Bay Rd38.783684-75.313760
2195University Plz @ Burlington Fac39.666418-75.669412
2189University Plz opp Burlington Fac39.666561-75.669366
1599Van Buren St @ 26th St39.760888-75.540630
1598Van Buren St @ 28th St39.761712-75.538806
1597Van Buren St @ 30th St39.762669-75.536664
1596Van Buren St @ 32nd St39.763465-75.534899
1601Van Buren St @ Baynard Blvd39.760198-75.542854
1341Vandever Ave @ Buena Vista St39.751612-75.540286
1387Vandever Ave @ Buena Vista St39.751394-75.540175
123Vandever Ave @ Carter St39.750257-75.538202
1338Vandever Ave @ Church St39.748185-75.534770
129Vandever Ave @ Jessup St39.750013-75.537978
1339Vandever Ave @ Spruce St39.748790-75.535776
1388Vandever Ave @ Spruce St39.748787-75.536029
1337Vandever Ave @ Thatcher St39.746689-75.532526
1389Vandever Ave @ Thatcher St39.746506-75.532453
3377Veale Rd @ BellemeaDE Pl39.804721-75.489804
145Veale Rd @ Buckingham Rd39.804319-75.493129
146Veale Rd @ Silverside Rd39.800744-75.503336
1531Veale Rd @ Sunset Ln39.805675-75.485659
1534Veale Rd @ Sutton Pl39.802462-75.498284
1529Veale Rd @ Willow Way39.804804-75.488259
1535Veale Rd @ Woodbrook Cir39.801693-75.500501
1532Veale Rd opp Hilton Rd39.803420-75.495555
2754Voshells Mill Rd & Maple Ln39.108302-75.545456
2755Voshells Mill Rd & Park Ln39.106480-75.542457
2756Voshells Mill Rd & Peachtree Run39.104335-75.539412
2188W Main St @ Chris Sal Elem S39.667206-75.664428
2197W Main St @ Old Baltimore Pk39.665820-75.661282
2410W Main St @ Old Baltimore Pk39.665848-75.661092
2196W Main St opp Chris Salem Es39.667125-75.664510
350W North St & Simon Cir39.154710-75.539581
1181W Park Pl @ Apple Rd39.674656-75.760930
1805W Park Pl @ Apple Rd39.674753-75.761295
1179W Park Pl @ S Main St39.674659-75.764578
1806W Park Pl @ Willa Rd39.674754-75.763848
2675Walker Rd & Anne Ave39.169753-75.545217
2676Walker Rd & Capitol Nursing39.167631-75.554668
345Walker Rd & Liberty Ct39.167272-75.556404
609Walker Rd & Phys Therapy Ser39.170901-75.540254
344Walker Rd & Silver Lk Plaza39.171983-75.535491
613Walker Rd & The Hamlet39.168993-75.548813
2677Walker Rd & Walker Woods39.166460-75.559942
3406Walker Rd @ Catholic Charities39.168380-75.551413
610Walker Rd opp Playtex39.170287-75.543018
3914Walnut @ 8th St39.742096-75.546559
72Walnut St @ 5th St39.739863-75.548167
909Walnut St @ 12th St39.746053-75.543824
910Walnut St @ 14th St39.748188-75.542460
4072Walnut St @ A St39.732718-75.552601
1856Walnut St @ Howard St39.731047-75.553940
1684Washington St - New Castle @ 10th St39.661052-75.576594
1736Washington St - New Castle @ 10th St39.661071-75.576762
1685Washington St - New Castle @ 11th St39.662058-75.577319
1735Washington St - New Castle @ 11th St39.662371-75.577668
1686Washington St - New Castle @ 13th St39.663574-75.578365
901Washington St @ 12th St39.748712-75.550825
3218Washington St @ 13th St39.749945-75.549838
841Washington St @ 14th St39.750936-75.549158
899Washington St @ 14th St39.750954-75.549323
1476Washington St @ 17th St39.753406-75.546447
1574Washington St @ 17th St39.753499-75.546640
1477Washington St @ 18th St39.753938-75.545428
1573Washington St @ 18th St39.753980-75.545596
1571Washington St @ 20th St39.754717-75.543941
3816Washington St @ 20th St39.754477-75.544019
1479Washington St @ 21st St39.754997-75.543041
1570Washington St @ 21st St39.755199-75.542863
1482Washington St @ 24th St39.756380-75.539958
1567Washington St @ 24th St39.756564-75.539827
1484Washington St @ 26th St39.757202-75.538117
1566Washington St @ 26th St39.757389-75.537991
1486Washington St @ 28th St39.758011-75.536294
1564Washington St @ 28th St39.758219-75.536099
1488Washington St @ 30th St39.758966-75.534142
1562Washington St @ 30th St39.759191-75.533960
1560Washington St @ 32nd St39.759969-75.532138
1558Washington St @ 34th St39.760845-75.530595
1493Washington St @ 36th St39.761546-75.529415
1556Washington St @ 36th St39.761766-75.529266
1495Washington St @ 38th St39.762618-75.527106
1554Washington St @ 38th St39.762818-75.526956
139Washington St @ 39th St39.763133-75.525969
1545Washington St @ Brighton Rd39.773799-75.508438
1549Washington St @ Carr Rd39.772744-75.515131
1481Washington St @ Concord Ave39.755663-75.541557
1568Washington St @ Concord Ave39.755962-75.541100
1499Washington St @ Dryden St39.766993-75.520233
1505Washington St @ Hanover Rd39.773643-75.509671
3694Washington St @ Harbor St39.579828-75.588669
1498Washington St @ Hawthorne Dr39.765821-75.521237
1552Washington St @ Hawthorne Dr39.765753-75.521710
1497Washington St @ Lea Blvd39.764339-75.523240
150Washington St @ Matson Run Pkwy39.763405-75.525536
1551Washington St @ Milton Dr39.767212-75.520443
3435Washington St @ Rockwood Mansn Park39.769697-75.518391
1501Washington St @ Shipley Rd39.771436-75.516855
1550Washington St @ Shipley Rd39.771011-75.517710
1504Washington St @ Wyndham Rd39.773454-75.510972
3926Washington St opp 13th St39.749748-75.550121
1490Washington St opp 32nd St39.759892-75.532003
1547Washington St opp Wyndham Rd39.773772-75.510574
2720Webbs Ln & Nath Mitchell Rd39.132964-75.532886
2727Webbs Ln & Rodney Village Apts39.133058-75.532770
3973Webbs Ln @ Alder Rd39.132529-75.539973
3972Webbs Ln opp Alder Rd39.132369-75.539938
2052Weldin Rd @ Foulk Rd39.780064-75.544024
3900West 6th St at Crockett Ave Hope House 1 & 238.557727-75.583111
3901West 7th St at Crockett Ave Little Creek Apts38.555959-75.583709
839West St @ 11th St39.747847-75.549999
3863West St @ Barclays Wb39.737485-75.558064
3251West St @ Water St39.737761-75.557093
573William Penn St @ Tatnall Bldg39.156630-75.519791
2815Willis Rd & Bldg 14139.169457-75.508253
2811Willis Rd & Dickerson Arms39.171241-75.510252
2814Willis Rd & Division St39.167477-75.506586
2820Willis Rd & Division St39.167195-75.506537
378Willis Rd & Lease Office39.171133-75.509924
2819Willis Rd opp Mapleton Sq39.169097-75.508156
1652Wilmington Rd @ Adair Ave39.679325-75.559706
3380Wilmington Rd @ Baldt Ave39.672291-75.561273
1654Wilmington Rd @ Brylgon Ave39.675022-75.561091
1749Wilmington Rd @ Buttonwood Ave39.683959-75.557724
1649Wilmington Rd @ Castle Hills Dr39.684078-75.558021
1743Wilmington Rd @ E 6th St39.668107-75.560486
1746Wilmington Rd @ Holcomb Ln39.679853-75.559173
1748Wilmington Rd @ Jacquette Sq39.682263-75.558320
174Wilmington Rd @ Meggisson Av39.674448-75.561013
1744Wilmington Rd opp Baldt Ave39.671783-75.560883
1675Wilmington Rd opp E 6th St39.668080-75.560768
4050Wilmington TC (Inside)39.737157-75.549397
4051Wilmington TC (Outside)39.737398-75.549716
3835Wilmington University Complex39.625996-75.675978
3907Wilson St at Daniels St Carvel Gardens38.566463-75.570205
3906Wilson St at Daniels St opp Carvel Gardens38.566294-75.570321
2149Wilton Blvd @ Andover Ct39.656733-75.628082
2153Wilton Blvd @ Berkley Way39.655795-75.633371
2150Wilton Blvd @ Edinburgh Dr39.656864-75.629529
323Wilton Blvd @ Old Forge Rd39.653101-75.623343
2147Wilton Blvd @ Stonebridge Blvd39.654567-75.624294
2148Wilton Blvd opp Candlewick Ct39.656085-75.626152
3831Woodlawn Ave at State Line Rd behind Rite Aid Delmar38.455356-75.559897
3064Woodlawn Rd @ Red Lobster Rest39.819867-75.549264
3576Wrangle Hill Park & Ride39.576003-75.657404
4007Wrangle Hill Rd @ Pulaski Hwy39.607534-75.715487
3347Wyoming Rd @ DE Technology Park39.679096-75.733410
3346Wyoming Rd opp DE Technology Park39.679387-75.733140
213Yorklyn Rd @ Lancaster Pk39.788452-75.696469
215Yorklyn Rd @ Lancaster Pk39.788270-75.696447

Agency Stops: 2367