Stop Listing

Lynx, Orlando (fl-lynx)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
69949th St and E Cypress St28.556002-81.575169
70059th St and E Cypress St28.556208-81.57529
64139th St and W Colonial Dr28.552254-81.57532
69939th St and W Colonial Dr28.552974-81.575114
59513th St and Arizona Ave28.247068-81.305326
575213th St and Arizona Ave28.247323-81.306986
59713th St and Brown Chapel Rd28.249565-81.310538
55613th St and Old Canoe Creek Rd28.250864-81.313087
59813th St and Old Canoe Creek Rd28.25121-81.312863
60013th St and Robinson Ave28.246435-81.302542
275033rd St and Mo Ho Dr28.508914-81.409002
550733rd St and S Rio Grande Ave28.508908-81.402526
518633rd St and Vision Blvd28.508661-81.415436
274933rd Street and Vision Boulevard28.50884-81.413209
915934th St and Bartlett Blvd28.505893-81.433688
915736th St and Maggie St28.502451-81.441001
915836th St and Saint Valentine Way28.502542-81.433498
1278225 Westmont Dr28.659986-81.393159
10036241 S Westmont Dr28.658912-81.391432
1277300 Wymore Rd28.656951-81.390245
10023398 W State Rd 43428.697659-81.352631
10035426 Wymore Rd28.657891-81.39043
10063540 Alexander Pl28.548425-81.385933
6594720 S Conway Rd and Loring Pl28.528019-81.330978
3034932 S Central Ave 28.666413-81.511566
100131140 FL 43628.662954-81.352618
69371251 Ocoee Apopka Rd28.66144-81.525204
11532700 SR 46 and Persimmon Avenue28.811404-81.289315
49203300 John Young Pky and Arlington St28.550866-81.413894
100274400 Millenia Blvd28.486906-81.438044
100284509 Millenia Blvd28.477828-81.442419
100377715 Palm Parkway28.400714-81.487446
1002411814 W Colonial Dr28.551376-81.555646
1000414900 Chelonia Pkway28.358892-81.527475
6452AAA Dr and International Pky28.770715-81.360677
6453AAA Dr and International Pky28.770598-81.35989
6464AAA Dr and Stephens Pass Cv28.773933-81.362372
5082Aaron Ave and Gallimore St28.517821-81.432291
6463Alafaya Trl and Alafaya Woods Blvd28.649654-81.208277
6370Alafaya Trl and Alexandria Blvd28.653398-81.20834
6372Alafaya Trl and Alexandria Blvd28.651123-81.207959
1197Alafaya Trl and Burnsed Pl28.638539-81.207849
1307Alafaya Trl and Burnsed Pl28.63855-81.208195
1174Alafaya Trl and Carrigan Ave28.626251-81.207723
1162Alafaya Trl and Dalton Dr28.645663-81.208216
1457Alafaya Trl and Dalton Dr28.644083-81.207892
1306Alafaya Trl and E Chapman Rd28.642123-81.207885
1154Alafaya Trl and E Mcculloch Rd28.613211-81.207444
1172Alafaya Trl and E Palm Valley Dr28.615468-81.207516
1201Alafaya Trl and Econ River Pl28.623274-81.207998
1173Alafaya Trl and Riverwind Way28.623927-81.207691
1164Alafaya Trl and Sawyerwood Pl28.629192-81.208087
1175Alafaya Trl and Sawyerwood Pl28.629246-81.207764
1198Alafaya Trl and Stillwater Dr28.632717-81.207247
1199Alafaya Trl and Stillwater Dr28.632375-81.207682
6689Alafaya Trl and W Chapman Rd28.642737-81.20822
1163Alafaya Trl and W Mcculloch Rd28.613086-81.207788
1171Alafaya Trl and W Palm Valley Dr28.614935-81.207825
4762Alexander Pl and N Hughey Ave28.548435-81.384332
3239All American Blvd and Carder Rd28.612632-81.420076
3253All American Blvd and Carder Rd28.612469-81.420029
3252All American Blvd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.609614-81.424833
3329All American Blvd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.609836-81.42482
3335Aloma Ave and Balfour Dr28.601765-81.318291
3414Aloma Ave and Balfour Dr28.601995-81.318517
3227Aloma Ave and Cortland Ave28.600355-81.338101
3234Aloma Ave and Cortland Ave28.60018-81.33774
3336Aloma Ave and Ellendale Dr28.603187-81.312346
3413Aloma Ave and Ellendale Dr28.603262-81.312958
3235Aloma Ave and Fletcher Pl28.600251-81.335224
3237Aloma Ave and Harris Ave28.60034-81.328752
3174Aloma Ave and Lander Rd28.600402-81.325366
3224Aloma Ave and N Phelps Ave28.600535-81.331435
3341Aloma Ave and Oak Reserve Ln28.606472-81.297611
3342Aloma Ave and Oak Reserve Ln28.606974-81.294923
3344Aloma Ave and Seminole Ave28.608296-81.290568
3225Aloma Ave and Shepherd Ave28.600506-81.33248
3415Aloma Ave and St Andrews Blvd28.600964-81.322802
3333Aloma Ave and Strathy Ln28.600741-81.322799
3236Aloma Ave and Sylvan Dr28.600324-81.332593
3343Aloma Ave and Tangerine Ave28.607506-81.292968
3334Aloma Ave and Village Ln28.601412-81.31992
5050Altamira Dr and International Dr28.469114-81.451553
4761Amelia St and Hughey Ave28.549526-81.383905
2261Americana Blvd and Arpana Dr28.487048-81.411031
2310Americana Blvd and Arpana Dr28.486821-81.41157
2808Americana Blvd and Esplanade Park Cir28.48492-81.404677
2881Americana Blvd and Esplanade Park Cir28.485184-81.404853
2262Americana Blvd and Grand Central Pky28.487031-81.413342
2309Americana Blvd and Grand Central Pky28.486833-81.413646
2807Americana Blvd and Pointe Vista Cir28.4856-81.406276
2260Americana Blvd and S Texas Ave28.487025-81.408047
2311Americana Blvd and S Texas Ave28.486854-81.408436
6564Amiens Rd and Chestnut St28.10932-81.442732
6559Amiens Rd and Martigues Dr28.121288-81.444574
6560Amiens Rd and Morvan Ln28.119243-81.443552
6561Amiens Rd and Najac Ln28.117331-81.442599
6562Amiens Rd and Pantheon Dr28.113774-81.441871
6563Amiens Rd and Roan Ct28.111625-81.442203
3746Anthony Ln and Britt Dr28.496046-81.276428
3747Anthony Ln and Yount Dr28.492162-81.277399
630Armstrlong Blvd and Vine St28.305026-81.44117
631Armstrlong Blvd and W Columbia Ave28.308152-81.440485
632Armstrlong Blvd and W Vine St28.305479-81.441304
6517Armstrong Blvd and W Columbia Ave28.308177-81.440296
5024Backlot Dr and Universal Studios Plz28.478694-81.471941
3819Bamboo Dr and S Oxalis Dr28.540047-81.30028
6676Bear Rd and Cargo Rd28.442477-81.315257
6674Bear Rd and Tradeport Dr28.448112-81.33337
6675Bear Rd and Tradeport Dr28.448349-81.33229
2104Belco Dr and N Pine Hills Rd28.578996-81.451612
4695Bennett Rd and Bobolink Ln28.565498-81.333557
4700Bennett Rd and Bobolink Ln28.566331-81.333838
4701Bennett Rd and Ibis Dr28.562247-81.333684
4694Bennett Rd and Maguire Blvd28.561258-81.333413
6382Bent Pine Dr and Augusta National Dr28.474022-81.306237
6393Bent Pine Dr and Augusta National Dr28.472249-81.303615
6396Bent Pine Dr and Augusta National Dr28.473712-81.305875
9227Bent Pine Dr and Augusta National Dr28.474808-81.308464
6397Bent Pine Dr and Corporate Center Blvd28.472929-81.299488
6377Bent Pine Dr and Corporate Centre Blvd28.472699-81.299488
6395Bent Pine Dr and Corporate Centre Blvd28.47237-81.303565
6392Bent Pine Dr and S Semoran Blvd28.474596-81.30844
5135Bethune Dr and Lewis Ct28.528337-81.42024
4988Bethune Dr and Spaulding Rd28.532137-81.419747
754Bill Beck Blvd and E Osceola Pky28.342988-81.387664
2838Blackwood Ave and Old Winter Garden Rd28.549389-81.529737
4930Blackwood Ave and W Colonial Dr28.550194-81.529509
6546Boggy Creek Rd and Grande Blvd28.304153-81.359255
6547Boggy Creek Rd and Grande Blvd28.304362-81.35936
688Brdway and E Dakin Ave28.293915-81.405542
687Brdway and N Stewart Ave28.292162-81.407394
9172Bruton Blvd and Booker St28.525104-81.425967
5098Bruton Blvd and Cepeda St28.523514-81.426153
5100Bruton Blvd and Chandler St28.515148-81.426109
5978Bruton Blvd and Chandler St28.51505-81.425872
5074Bruton Blvd and Covington St28.518517-81.426152
5088Bruton Blvd and Covington St28.519346-81.425914
5087Bruton Blvd and Hailles Pl28.517785-81.425888
5136Bruton Blvd and Prince Hall Blvd28.512023-81.426077
5137Bruton Blvd and Prince Hall Blvd28.51059-81.42607
5164Bruton Blvd and Prince Hall Blvd28.511878-81.425817
5099Bruton Blvd and Wells St28.521819-81.426138
9829Bruton Blvd and Wells St28.52185-81.425997
5075Bruton Boulevard and Roseboro Street28.516886-81.426125
6059Buenaventura Blvd and Bridle Ct28.330427-81.351787
757Buenaventura Blvd and Buttonwood Dr28.338537-81.360458
778Buenaventura Blvd and Buttonwood Dr28.338584-81.359933
755Buenaventura Blvd and E Osceola Pky28.347617-81.362909
780Buenaventura Blvd and E Osceola Pky28.345857-81.362606
777Buenaventura Blvd and Florida Pky28.336231-81.356664
6060Buenaventura Blvd and Gait Ct28.330245-81.35203
756Buenaventura Blvd and Lakepointe Cir28.342928-81.362873
779Buenaventura Blvd and Lakepointe Cir28.342241-81.362576
9301Buenaventura Blvd and Oakwood Dr28.32057-81.34048
9302Buenaventura Blvd and Oakwood Dr28.320413-81.340752
9949Buenaventura Blvd and Royal Palm Dr28.325292-81.347925
758Buenaventura Blvd and Trotters Cir28.336258-81.356995
759Buenaventura Blvd and Wagon Cir28.332791-81.353641
776Buenaventura Blvd and Wagon Cir28.332953-81.353484
1202Business Park Ln and Business Center Dr28.785351-81.359205
4985C R Smith St and S Cottage Hill Rd28.534579-81.415387
5008C R Smith St and S Cottage Hill Rd28.534458-81.415411
6886Cagan Ridge Blvd and Southlake Commons Dr28.351953-81.673396
10003Cagan Valley Way and Cagan View Road28.357106-81.67681
6677Cargo Rd and Cargo Slip Rd28.441804-81.313909
6678Cargo Rd and Jeff Fuqua Blvd N28.442145-81.302062
6990Carter Rd and E Story Rd28.556972-81.564721
6996Carter Rd and E Story Rd28.556974-81.564843
6654Carter Rd and W Colonial Dr28.551914-81.564735
6997Carter Rd and W Colonial Dr28.552084-81.564872
3745Cascade Rd and Anthony Ln28.498657-81.274554
3744Cascade Rd and Spring Breeze Dr28.498194-81.272242
6318Cassius St and Aaron Ave28.52198-81.432402
958Celebration Ave and Blake Blvd28.330401-81.529562
957Celebration Ave and Celebration Pl28.330669-81.529707
1053Celebration Ave and Riley Rd28.331382-81.528689
1051Celebration Pl and Celebration Pl28.330421-81.532037
1052Celebration Pl and Celebration Pl28.33024-81.533411
1049Celebration Pl and W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy28.331881-81.534679
1573Celery Ave and Orange Ave28.801354-81.260161
1571Celery Ave and S Mellonville Ave28.801376-81.255396
1657Celery Ave and S Mellonville Ave28.801254-81.255824
1572Celery Ave and Willow Ave28.80137-81.258542
1656Celery Ave and Willow Ave28.801251-81.258684
5636Center Dr and Reams Rd28.429008-81.578769
9957Centerview Blvd and Crosslands Shopping Center28.340528-81.409239
9964Centerview Blvd and Crosslands Shopping Center28.340522-81.409789
2447Central Florida Pky and Discovery Cove Way28.406199-81.459232
2557Central Florida Pky and Discovery Cove Way28.406478-81.459443
6495Central Florida Pky and Sea Harbor Dr28.408476-81.469573
5120Cepeda St and S Ivey Ln28.522863-81.434518
2357Chancellor Dr and Directors Row28.459025-81.412334
2389Chancellor Dr and Directors Row28.45858-81.412177
2390Chancellor Dr and Premier Row28.460215-81.41218
2359Chancellor Dr and Titan Row28.452756-81.412311
2387Chancellor Dr and Titan Row28.452828-81.412161
2358Chancellor Dr and Viscount Row28.456505-81.412323
2388Chancellor Dr and Viscount Row28.456389-81.412179
2386Chancellor Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.450966-81.41209
6554Chelonia Pky and Bonnet Creek Resort Ln28.357003-81.534672
6565Chestnut St and Bordeaux Rd28.111119-81.450263
4304Church St and Lee Ave28.540052-81.391229
3240Cinderln Pky and North Lake Orlando Pky28.603261-81.431186
3249Cinderln Pky and North Lake Orlando Pky28.603263-81.430956
3250Cinderln Pky and North Lake Orlando Pky28.60517-81.429922
5817Cinderln Pky and North Lake Orlando Pky28.604678-81.430541
3251Cinderln Pky and Rosewood Way28.607558-81.429743
3314Cinderln Pky and Rosewood Way28.60606-81.429923
1718Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Busby Ave28.612548-81.435159
6581Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Cona Reef Ct28.611919-81.44809
6583Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Lake Sparling Rd28.611192-81.459166
6584Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Lake Sparling Rd28.610953-81.460161
3248Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Lighthouse Rd28.611767-81.447835
1874Clarcona Ocoee Rd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.613382-81.430327
1875Clarcona Ocoee Rd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.613009-81.430863
6582Clarcona Ocoee Rd and N Pine Hills Rd28.611435-81.451266
6585Clarcona Ocoee Rd and N Pine Hills Rd28.611177-81.453227
6687Clarcona Ocoee Rd and N Pine Hills Rd28.61135-81.454045
6578Clarcona Ocoee Rd and New Clarcona Rd28.612779-81.434185
1717Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Pope Rd28.612632-81.439717
6579Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Pope Rd28.612838-81.439899
1716Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Rose Ave28.612543-81.4438
6580Clarcona Ocoee Rd and Rose Ave28.612888-81.442725
1749Clarcona Rd and E 12th St28.663428-81.509409
1935Clarcona Rd and E 12th St28.663083-81.509296
1751Clarcona Rd and E 18th St28.657646-81.509379
1750Clarcona Rd and E Ella J Gilmore St28.660904-81.509383
985Clay St and Davis St28.276536-81.432621
6693Clay St and Davis St28.276439-81.432601
720Clay St and Pershing St28.279492-81.427122
721Clay St and Pershing St28.279294-81.427672
953Clay St and S Hoagland Blvd28.274738-81.435839
954Clay St and S Hoagland Blvd28.274642-81.435809
4992Columbia St and Amaros Ave28.527071-81.430018
5002Columbia St and Amaros Ave28.527076-81.43141
5003Columbia St and Crooms Ave28.526918-81.423922
4990Columbia St and Drew Ave28.527086-81.424394
5738Columbia St and Florence Ave28.526871-81.428769
4991Columbia St and Henton Ln28.527093-81.426485
5272Columbia St and Lake Park Ct28.526586-81.417447
5255Columbia St and Ola Dr28.526921-81.424983
5273Columbia St and S Goldwyn Ave28.526892-81.417616
5284Columbia St and S Ivey Ln28.527792-81.432841
5286Columbia St and S Ivey Ln28.527654-81.433255
5016Conroy Rd and Cason Cove Dr28.496884-81.439509
5027Conroy Rd and Cypress Woods Dr28.494427-81.451642
5557Conroy Rd and Eastgate Dr28.486942-81.426323
6265Conroy Rd and Eastgate Dr28.4866-81.426133
5015Conroy Rd and Emerald Forest Way28.496231-81.437973
5031Conroy Rd and Emerald Forest Way28.495884-81.437913
5025Conroy Rd and Lawing Ln28.493818-81.458172
5018Conroy Rd and Middlebrook Rd28.49588-81.449098
5019Conroy Rd and Middlebrook Rd28.494632-81.451737
5028Conroy Rd and Middlebrook Rd28.495895-81.448594
5554Conroy Rd and Millenia Blvd28.490233-81.429871
5556Conroy Rd and Millenia Blvd28.490761-81.429599
2266Conroy Rd and Moonglow Blvd28.486955-81.424515
2305Conroy Rd and Moonglow Blvd28.486661-81.424689
2306Conroy Rd and Moxie Blvd28.486693-81.422988
5020Conroy Rd and Pine Creek Dr28.494181-81.455135
5026Conroy Rd and Pine Creek Dr28.493925-81.455733
5017Conroy Rd and Pres Barack Obama Pky28.497289-81.442954
2263Conroy Rd and S John Young Pky28.487042-81.418409
5030Conroy Rd and Southgate Dr28.496589-81.439396
9083Conroy Rd and Southgate Dr28.497047-81.442198
2265Conroy Rd and Tradition Pky28.486942-81.423093
5014Conroy Rd and Vineland Rd28.495294-81.436309
5032Conroy Rd and Vineland Rd28.494957-81.436318
5549Conroy Rd and Water Garden Dr28.488481-81.428896
5558Conroy Rd and Water Garden Dr28.486862-81.427969
6111Conroy Rd and Water Garden Dr28.488059-81.429151
2264Conroy Rd and Winter Run Dr28.486959-81.420336
2307Conroy Rd and Winter Run Dr28.486679-81.420323
6443Consualte Dr and S Orange Blossom Trl28.42838-81.405964
6444Consulate Dr and Delegates Dr28.429864-81.407613
5396Conway Rd and Anderson Rd28.501733-81.331047
5419Conway Rd and Anderson Rd28.50199-81.330785
4557Conway Rd and Ashford Blvd28.510007-81.331045
4560Conway Rd and Ashford Blvd28.510372-81.330805
6590Conway Rd and Corbett Pl28.524798-81.331172
4552Conway Rd and Derbyshire Ln28.521968-81.331135
4565Conway Rd and Derbyshire Ln28.522051-81.330897
4556Conway Rd and E Michigan St28.512083-81.331067
4561Conway Rd and E Michigan St28.512487-81.330809
4562Conway Rd and E Michigan St28.51438-81.330832
5358Conway Rd and Gatlin Ave28.494845-81.330967
5378Conway Rd and Gatlin Ave28.494516-81.330736
5360Conway Rd and Gilpin Way28.49013-81.330945
5440Conway Rd and Gilpin Way28.489976-81.330699
5443Conway Rd and Inwood Landing Dr28.497737-81.330738
4558Conway Rd and Lake Tennessee Dr28.507949-81.331055
4553Conway Rd and Lancashire Ln28.519473-81.331146
4554Conway Rd and Lancashire Ln28.517397-81.331115
4564Conway Rd and Lancashire Ln28.519825-81.330891
4559Conway Rd and Landtree Pl28.507987-81.330777
5357Conway Rd and Marilyn Ave28.500444-81.330989
5359Conway Rd and Old Dominion Rd28.492703-81.330954
5377Conway Rd and Old Dominion Rd28.492318-81.330722
6586Conway Rd and Rockledge Rd28.535981-81.33132
6595Conway Rd and Rockledge Rd28.535932-81.331078
6430Conway Rd and Roy St28.504868-81.331007
5397Conway Rd and Simmons Rd28.488076-81.330935
5418Conway Rd and Simmons Rd28.487564-81.330695
5415Conway Rd and Southmore Dr28.482531-81.330663
5398Conway Rd and St Marys Ln28.486562-81.330924
5417Conway Rd and St Marys Ln28.486581-81.330693
5399Conway Rd and Trasure Oaks Ln28.485032-81.330928
5416Conway Rd and Trasure Oaks Ln28.484451-81.330688
4563Conway Rd and Watanuga Ave28.517385-81.330867
6378Corporate Center Blvd and Leevista Blvd28.467033-81.297358
6379Corporate Center Blvd and Leevista Blvd28.466679-81.29702
6513Corporate Centrle Blvd and Swissco Dr28.469959-81.298759
6537Corporate Centrle Blvd and Swissco Dr28.469621-81.298433
6508Corrine Dr and Chapel Dr28.567971-81.344344
6509Corrine Dr and Chapel Dr28.567765-81.343988
9245Corrine Dr and N Bumby St28.5677-81.351405
4698Corrine Dr and Osprey Ave28.567782-81.337593
4696Corrine Dr and Robin Rd28.567983-81.334984
1028Countrly Club Rd and Chip Ct28.144304-81.455091
1027Countrly Club Rd and Country Club Ct28.144182-81.456816
1029Countrly Club Rd and S Flag Ct28.143581-81.452545
5658County Club Rd and Bogie Ct28.128906-81.458315
5662County Club Rd and Caddy Ln28.141174-81.458284
5661County Club Rd and Drr Ln28.139241-81.458933
5659County Club Rd and Midiron Dr28.132752-81.458284
5660County Club Rd and Putt Ln28.136397-81.458888
6506Coyote Rd and Bobcat Ct28.113546-81.474096
6505Coyote Rd and Camel Ct28.113887-81.471686
6504Coyote Rd and Mink Ct28.114259-81.468865
6503Coyote Rd and Squirrel Ct28.114685-81.465678
3738Curry Ford Rd and Autumn Run Pl28.509847-81.27483
4345Curry Ford Rd and Bel Air Ave28.524197-81.323764
4371Curry Ford Rd and Berwyn Rd28.524327-81.336569
4352Curry Ford Rd and Bowen Dr28.522182-81.307043
4361Curry Ford Rd and Bowen Dr28.522206-81.306381
4357Curry Ford Rd and Camella Graden Dr28.519472-81.299004
3724Curry Ford Rd and Camellia Garden Dr28.518423-81.296212
4356Curry Ford Rd and Caralee Blvd28.519408-81.299558
4339Curry Ford Rd and Ceylon Dr28.524086-81.340567
3649Curry Ford Rd and Colton Dr28.517065-81.293148
3694Curry Ford Rd and Colton Dr28.517295-81.293174
4343Curry Ford Rd and Conway Rd28.524164-81.330251
4346Curry Ford Rd and Curry Ave28.524215-81.3214
4349Curry Ford Rd and Dixie Belle Dr28.524266-81.314768
4340Curry Ford Rd and Dunsany Ave28.524079-81.337605
4372Curry Ford Rd and Dunsany Ave28.524307-81.338268
4342Curry Ford Rd and Edmundshire Ln28.524155-81.33231
4370Curry Ford Rd and Edmundshire Rd28.524355-81.332215
5305Curry Ford Rd and El Paso Ave28.524263-81.345203
4344Curry Ford Rd and Foxboro Dr28.524155-81.328365
4369Curry Ford Rd and Foxboro Dr28.524423-81.327121
4347Curry Ford Rd and Fredrica Dr28.524232-81.319277
4366Curry Ford Rd and Fredrica Dr28.524429-81.319213
4364Curry Ford Rd and Gadsen Blvd28.524458-81.31557
4368Curry Ford Rd and Gaston Foster Rd28.524391-81.324693
3735Curry Ford Rd and Goldenrod Rd28.514655-81.288241
3737Curry Ford Rd and Hanson Pky28.509842-81.278974
4348Curry Ford Rd and Larkin Ave28.52424-81.316711
4365Curry Ford Rd and Larkin Ave28.524453-81.316773
4367Curry Ford Rd and Lockwood Ave28.524403-81.322345
5304Curry Ford Rd and Morristown Ave28.52405-81.344562
5303Curry Ford Rd and Peel Ave28.524032-81.347651
3736Curry Ford Rd and Pine Branch Dr28.511559-81.28301
4354Curry Ford Rd and Raper Dairy Rd28.520834-81.303449
4355Curry Ford Rd and Raper Dairy Rd28.520172-81.301617
4777Curry Ford Rd and Roscomare Ave28.524139-81.334483
3739Curry Ford Rd and S Chickasaw Trl28.509831-81.269393
4775Curry Ford Rd and S Crystal Lake Dr28.524072-81.34236
4358Curry Ford Rd and S Oxalis Ave28.520463-81.301718
4359Curry Ford Rd and S Oxalis Ave28.521036-81.303233
5306Curry Ford Rd and S Primrose Dr28.524241-81.347334
4351Curry Ford Rd and S Semoran Blvd28.52273-81.308596
4362Curry Ford Rd and S Semoran Blvd28.523064-81.30867
4373Curry Ford Rd and Shores Alley28.524292-81.341342
4776Curry Ford Rd and Silverstone Ave28.524341-81.334363
4353Curry Ford Rd and Trotter St28.521324-81.304736
4360Curry Ford Rd and Trotter St28.521554-81.304638
4341Curry Ford Rd and Vantage Dr28.524106-81.336262
4350Curry Ford Rd and Wooco Way28.524017-81.311995
3648Curry Ford Rd and Woodgate Blvd28.518452-81.297038
4363Curry Ford Rd and Woolco Way28.524179-81.311667
993Cypress Pky and Interior St28.147186-81.448568
1030Cypress Pky and Interior St28.146809-81.449072
6925Cypress Pky and Solivita Blvd28.144756-81.474921
3812Dahlia Dr and Croton Dr28.545835-81.304848
3813Dahlia Dr and S Linden Dr28.545845-81.303001
5813Dahlia Dr and S Semoran Blvd28.545766-81.30952
5814Dahlia Dr and Willow Dr28.545821-81.305866
9240Daniels Rd and Fowler Exchange Blvd28.520917-81.587446
10016Daniels Rd and Fowler Exchange Blvd28.522048-81.587338
4442Delaney Ave and Briercliff Dr28.527425-81.372308
4267Delaney Ave and E Gore St28.53134-81.374814
4444Delaney Ave and E Gore St28.530789-81.37462
4438Delaney Ave and E Grant St28.51643-81.372193
4440Delaney Ave and E Kaley St28.520048-81.372225
4264Delaney Ave and N Lucerne Cir E28.535792-81.374808
4446Delaney Ave and Ponce De Leon Pl28.534442-81.374687
4265Delaney Ave and S Lucerne Cir E28.534302-81.37479
4269Delny Ave and Delny Park Dr28.528007-81.37241
4278Delny Ave and E Compton St28.511962-81.372297
4275Delny Ave and E Grant St28.516822-81.372296
4277Delny Ave and E Jersey St28.513507-81.372266
4273Delny Ave and E Kaley St28.520434-81.372324
4394Delny Ave and E Miller St28.52369-81.372246
4271Delny Ave and Jasmine Ave28.524311-81.372349
652Denn John Ln and East Oak Leaf Ln28.312325-81.379254
653Denn John Ln and East Oak Leaf Ln28.311916-81.379074
740Denn John Ln and Old Boggy Creek Rd28.305163-81.379057
741Denn John Ln and Old Boggy Creek Rd28.305313-81.379229
616Denn John Ln and Sunburst Way28.30948-81.380088
617Denn John Ln and Windsor Oak Ct28.308001-81.380475
3147Denning Dr and Canton Ave28.600003-81.361173
9183Destination Pkwy28.427114-81.446088
9184Destination Pkwy28.427677-81.44505
6249Destination Pky and International Dr28.42392-81.45932
5861Destination Pky and Tradeshow Blvd28.423581-81.455876
6075Disney Vacation Club Way and Cast Member Only Rd28.377203-81.536193
9934Disney Vacation Club Way and Cast Member Only Rd28.377267-81.536281
9971Disney Vacation Club Way and Community Dr28.380072-81.526251
9972Disney Vacation Club Way and Community Dr28.380018-81.526112
2393Dividend Dr and Lake Ellenor Dr28.461361-81.40442
2353Dividend Dr and Premier Row28.460727-81.404551
10055Division Ave and South St28.537944-81.384984
4516Dixie Belle Dr and Andover Dr28.518278-81.314558
4520Dixie Belle Dr and Andover Dr28.518583-81.314417
5496Dixie Belle Dr and Ashford Blvd28.512156-81.31455
5500Dixie Belle Dr and Ashford Blvd28.512742-81.314343
4522Dixie Belle Dr and Curry Ford Rd28.524198-81.314447
5495Dixie Belle Dr and E Michigan St28.513998-81.31455
5501Dixie Belle Dr and E Michigan St28.515198-81.314331
4515Dixie Belle Dr and Forzley St28.522213-81.314589
4521Dixie Belle Dr and Forzley St28.522382-81.314445
4774Dixie Belle Dr and Gatlin Ave28.495785-81.314225
5497Dixie Belle Dr and Halifax Dr28.509194-81.314491
5499Dixie Belle Dr and Halifax Dr28.508976-81.314346
4517Dixie Belle Dr and Hickey Dr28.501668-81.314486
4519Dixie Belle Dr and Hickey Dr28.501436-81.314317
5498Dixie Belle Dr and Lake Margaret Dr28.505654-81.314291
5954Dixie Belle Dr and Lake Margaret Dr28.505568-81.31453
5510Dixie Belle Dr and Villa Park St28.49695-81.314408
4587Dollins Ave and W Central Blvd28.541887-81.407497
10030Douglas Grand Dr and Westside Blvd28.345036-81.64793
9831Dyer Blvd and Eagles Reserve Blvd28.344002-81.43067
9959Dyer Blvd and Espinosa Dr28.345005-81.426176
1583E 1st St and Chapman Ave28.811801-81.260834
1584E 1st St and Cypress Ave28.811822-81.26382
1644E 1st St and Cypress Ave28.811675-81.264072
1645E 1st St and Locust Ave28.811654-81.260808
1585E 1st St and N Palmetto Ave28.811797-81.265765
1586E 1st St and N Park Ave28.811788-81.267837
1643E 1st St and Palmetto Ave28.811695-81.266129
1581E 1st St and San Carlos Ave28.81146-81.256109
1647E 1st St and San Carlos Ave28.811301-81.256075
1580E 2nd St and S Mellonville Ave28.809827-81.255322
1578E 2nd St and San Juan Ave28.810079-81.258824
1650E 2nd St and San Juan Ave28.810185-81.258902
6070E 13th St and Clarcona Rd28.661956-81.509568
9914E 13th St and Georgia Ave28.662128-81.501832
9915E 13th St and Georgia Ave28.661992-81.501807
6042E 13th St and Old Apopka Rd28.661955-81.507692
6043E 13th St and Old Apopka Rd28.662072-81.507958
6037E 13th St and S Apopka Blvd28.662005-81.49373
6038E 13th St and S Apopka Blvd28.662099-81.494179
6039E 13th St and S Christiana Ave28.66204-81.496622
6040E 13th St and S Christiana Ave28.662169-81.497756
856E 13th St and S Highland Ave28.661987-81.50533
6041E 13th St and S Highland Ave28.662095-81.504912
1063E Altamonte Dr and Anchor Rd28.663195-81.346213
1378E Altamonte Dr and Anchor Rd28.662422-81.344417
1379E Altamonte Dr and Anchor Rd28.662631-81.34423
1380E Altamonte Dr and Anchor Rd28.663476-81.346319
1309E Altamonte Dr and Boston Ave28.663729-81.370795
1321E Altamonte Dr and Boston Ave28.663985-81.369698
1062E Altamonte Dr and Brewer St28.66323-81.347733
1324E Altamonte Dr and Cranes Roost Blvd28.662265-81.383329
1322E Altamonte Dr and Essex Ave28.664872-81.377822
1311E Altamonte Dr and Hermits Trl28.663001-81.362365
1319E Altamonte Dr and Hermits Trl28.66327-81.362464
9188E Altamonte Dr and Jasmine Rd28.663724-81.367912
1310E Altamonte Dr and Maitland Ave28.662977-81.364535
1318E Altamonte Dr and Newburyport Ave28.663294-81.359307
1323E Altamonte Dr and Northlake Blvd28.661711-81.385612
1320E Altamonte Dr and Park Pl28.663848-81.366961
1315E Altamonte Dr and Robin Rd28.662979-81.354618
1316E Altamonte Dr and Robin Rd28.663227-81.354833
1382E Altamonte Dr and Robin Rd28.663239-81.352581
1314E Altamonte Dr and Station St28.662992-81.356154
1317E Altamonte Dr and Station St28.663269-81.356472
1377E Altamonte Dr and Via De Lago28.663209-81.349447
4315E Anderson St and Margaret Ct28.536596-81.373596
4545E Anderson St and S Bumby Ave28.537847-81.352149
4492E Anderson St and S Hampton Ave28.537819-81.355259
5737E Anderson St and S Magnolia Ave28.536986-81.376784
4491E Anderson St and S Mills Ave28.536771-81.363521
4313E Anderson St and S Orange Ave28.536993-81.378062
4316E Anderson St and S Osceola Ave28.536625-81.370891
4497E Anderson St and S Primrose Dr28.53789-81.347012
4447E Anderson St and S Summerlin Ave28.536645-81.367822
9164E Anderson Street and S Hyer Avenue28.53664-81.366414
4498E Anderson Street and Sunrise Drive28.537906-81.344767
5643E Buena Vista Dr and Bonnet Creek Pky28.371869-81.52403
5677E Buena Vista Dr and E Buena Vista Dr28.37288-81.513005
6973E Central Blvd and S Summerlin Ave28.542281-81.368943
6972E Centrlal Blvd and Lake Ave28.542187-81.373013
6971E Centrlal Blvd and N Magnolia Ave28.54211-81.378117
6947E Church Ave and N Longwood St28.700936-81.345167
6975E Church St and Lake Ave28.540527-81.372667
6974E Church St and S Eola Dr28.540595-81.370138
4756E Church St and S Magnolia Ave28.540316-81.377623
6890E Church St and S Magnolia Ave28.540454-81.377146
6977E Church St and S Rosalind Ave28.540495-81.375525
1752E Cleveland St and Clarcona Rd28.655708-81.509378
4103E Colonial Dr and Altaloma Ave28.553033-81.357831
4128E Colonial Dr and Altaloma Ave28.553245-81.358228
3440E Colonial Dr and Amber Rd28.561236-81.304781
3526E Colonial Dr and Amber Rd28.561877-81.304638
3472E Colonial Dr and Armone St28.567735-81.216102
3530E Colonial Dr and Barton Dr28.555838-81.31386
4121E Colonial Dr and Bennett Rd28.553603-81.334114
4111E Colonial Dr and Calvin Ave28.553328-81.33524
4097E Colonial Dr and Cathcart Ave28.553076-81.370788
3452E Colonial Dr and Constantine St28.568206-81.260345
3515E Colonial Dr and Constantine St28.568535-81.260979
3502E Colonial Dr and Crescent Blvd28.567168-81.209192
3509E Colonial Dr and Culver Rd28.569994-81.237117
3443E Colonial Dr and Denley Ave28.56507-81.298632
3524E Colonial Dr and Denley Ave28.565256-81.299073
6597E Colonial Dr and Denley Ave28.56618-81.296953
3446E Colonial Dr and Fabian Ave28.568125-81.284873
4123E Colonial Dr and Fashion Square28.55356-81.340872
3468E Colonial Dr and Floral Park Blvd28.569347-81.231275
3508E Colonial Dr and Floral Park Blvd28.569908-81.233403
4126E Colonial Dr and Garden Plz28.553288-81.353799
4119E Colonial Dr and Gear Lake Ave28.553555-81.329836
3451E Colonial Dr and Harrell Rd28.568201-81.269002
3516E Colonial Dr and Harrell Rd28.568505-81.269804
4122E Colonial Dr and Herndon Ave28.553584-81.337166
4660E Colonial Dr and Herndon Ave28.553299-81.337656
4096E Colonial Dr and Highland Ave28.553031-81.373942
4133E Colonial Dr and Highland Ave28.553258-81.374066
4114E Colonial Dr and Humphries Ave28.553219-81.327522
4124E Colonial Dr and Irvington Ave28.553429-81.346468
4115E Colonial Dr and Jamajo Blvd28.553212-81.324371
4117E Colonial Dr and Jamajo Blvd28.553518-81.324329
4118E Colonial Dr and Lake Baldwin Ln28.553513-81.327063
3471E Colonial Dr and Lake Berge Rd28.56805-81.219514
3465E Colonial Dr and Lake Downey Dr28.569628-81.237963
4110E Colonial Dr and Maguire Blvd28.553242-81.34114
3522E Colonial Dr and Marcia Dr28.567803-81.291435
3463E Colonial Dr and Miami Rd28.568602-81.248763
4771E Colonial Dr and N Bumby Ave28.553053-81.351371
3448E Colonial Dr and N Chickasaw Trl28.56813-81.277313
3518E Colonial Dr and N Chickasaw Trl28.568498-81.277458
3464E Colonial Dr and N Dean Rd28.569085-81.244045
3511E Colonial Dr and N Dean Rd28.56928-81.245582
4102E Colonial Dr and N Fern Creek Ave28.553011-81.359763
4129E Colonial Dr and N Fern Creek Ave28.553236-81.360899
3444E Colonial Dr and N Forsyth Rd28.566997-81.293352
4127E Colonial Dr and N Hampton Ave28.553269-81.356015
4105E Colonial Dr and N Hillside Ave28.553068-81.353738
4108E Colonial Dr and N Lakewood Dr28.553154-81.346272
4095E Colonial Dr and N Magnolia Ave28.553023-81.377329
4100E Colonial Dr and N Mills Ave28.553058-81.36391
4107E Colonial Dr and N Primrose Dr28.553133-81.348088
4125E Colonial Dr and N Primrose Dr28.553385-81.348103
3528E Colonial Dr and N Semoran Blvd28.558465-81.309353
3529E Colonial Dr and N Semoran Blvd28.556822-81.311919
6435E Colonial Dr and N Semoran Blvd28.557442-81.309517
6518E Colonial Dr and N Semoran Blvd28.555765-81.312457
4098E Colonial Dr and N Summerlin Ave28.553097-81.368214
4131E Colonial Dr and N Summerlin Ave28.553309-81.368969
5724E Colonial Dr and N Thornton Ave28.553277-81.365386
5725E Colonial Dr and N Thornton Ave28.553067-81.365925
3503E Colonial Dr and Oberry Hoover Rd28.567444-81.211637
3438E Colonial Dr and Old Cheney Hwy28.553696-81.319476
3520E Colonial Dr and Old Cheney Hwy28.568379-81.287261
4116E Colonial Dr and Old Cheney Hwy28.55346-81.321322
9920E Colonial Dr and Old Cheney Hwy28.554293-81.316978
4104E Colonial Dr and Palm Dr28.553055-81.355733
4132E Colonial Dr and Park Lake Cir28.553291-81.371498
3469E Colonial Dr and Park Manor Dr28.568738-81.225872
3506E Colonial Dr and Park Manor Dr28.569096-81.225814
3505E Colonial Dr and Piney Branch Way28.56847-81.220548
2038E Colonial Dr and Powers Dr28.552332-81.467448
4112E Colonial Dr and Rickenbacker Dr28.553328-81.333689
3504E Colonial Dr and Rouse Lake Rd28.568015-81.216558
3519E Colonial Dr and Salem Dr28.568476-81.282399
3437E Colonial Dr and Santa Rosa Dr28.554846-81.315219
3531E Colonial Dr and Santa Rosa Dr28.554568-81.317402
3454E Colonial Dr and Selma Ave28.568149-81.255913
3513E Colonial Dr and Selma Ave28.568491-81.25518
4101E Colonial Dr and Shine Ave28.553046-81.362107
4664E Colonial Dr and Shine Ave28.553245-81.36215
3450E Colonial Dr and Sue Ann St28.568138-81.271647
3517E Colonial Dr and Sue Ann St28.568485-81.272502
3523E Colonial Dr and Tilden Ave28.566793-81.295262
4113E Colonial Dr and Warner Ln28.553218-81.330978
4120E Colonial Dr and Warner Ln28.553568-81.331619
3512E Colonial Dr and Westfall Dr28.569057-81.24789
3534E Colonial Dr and Wingo St28.553621-81.322455
3230E Fairbanks Ave and Chapman Ave28.593952-81.34939
3231E Fairbanks Ave and S Interlachen Ave28.594052-81.347946
5299E Grant Ave and Peel Ave28.516776-81.349269
5300E Grant Ave and Peel Ave28.51679-81.347692
5339E Grant Ave and Peel Ave28.516882-81.349373
5298E Grant Ave and S Bumby Ave28.516757-81.351079
5340E Grant Ave and S Bumby Ave28.516865-81.351351
4744E Grant St and Oak Park Way28.517302-81.305635
4743E Grant St and Raper Dairy Rd28.517345-81.303104
4746E Grant St and S Semoran Blvd28.517239-81.309937
4745E Grant St and Sundown Cir28.517277-81.307531
989E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Academy Dr28.281909-81.347557
988E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Aeronautical Dr28.282048-81.348387
790E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and City Of Life Way28.261202-81.328477
788E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Emerald Dr28.270378-81.337276
798E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Emerald Dr28.269916-81.33664
959E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Interior St28.284925-81.352092
9075E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Interior St28.26358-81.331588
789E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Mickey Johnson Ct28.262418-81.330212
799E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Partin Settlement Rd28.278436-81.342525
5759E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Partin Settlement Rd28.279234-81.344138
5760E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Partin Settlement Rd28.279476-81.343896
934E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Pecan St28.276533-81.341117
960E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Shady Ln28.285091-81.353102
797E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Simmons Rd28.262563-81.329834
791E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and St Cloud Village Ct28.258375-81.324242
795E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and St Cloud Village Ct28.258853-81.324328
9826E Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy and Aeronautical Dr28.282972-81.349062
5943E Kennedy Blvd and Gabriel St28.618223-81.383896
5941E Kennedy Blvd and N Calhoun Ave28.618451-81.37897
3097E Kennedy Blvd and N East St28.618595-81.37594
3100E Kennedy Blvd and N Wymore Rd28.618404-81.384939
5939E Kennedy Blvd and S Calhoun Ave28.618559-81.379544
5940E Kennedy Blvd and S College Ave28.618469-81.380994
6269E Kennedy Blvd and S College Ave28.61826-81.381826
5942E Kennedy Blvd and S West St28.618467-81.377439
3105E Kennedy Blvd and S Wymore Rd28.618222-81.384962
4747E Livingston St & N Magnolia Ave28.547579-81.378117
3985E Livingston St and N Graham Ave28.547853-81.350512
4327E Livingston St and N Graham Ave28.547699-81.350017
4665E Livingston St and N Magnolia Ave28.547675-81.378115
5733E Livingston St and N Magnolia Ave28.547589-81.377401
2983E Main St and Alabama Ave28.673207-81.502097
3036E Main St and Alabama Ave28.673004-81.502076
2984E Main St and Edgewood Dr28.673213-81.503848
2995E Main St and Midland Ave28.672992-81.50477
2994E Main St and S Forest Ave28.672988-81.506478
2985E Main St and S Highland Ave28.673213-81.506308
5919E Martin St and N Central Ave28.69129-81.511283
4279E Michigan St and Center Ave28.512837-81.374696
4280E Michigan St and Delaney Ave28.512868-81.371735
4768E Michigan St and Gowen St28.513075-81.353934
4281E Michigan St and Ives Ave28.51305-81.357287
5293E Michigan St and Keystone Dr28.512967-81.366812
4433E Michigan St and Marlboro St28.513314-81.355428
5342E Michigan St and Mayer St28.513209-81.362661
5295E Michigan St and S Brown Ave28.512993-81.3621
4432E Michigan St and S Bumby Ave28.513293-81.3522
5292E Michigan St and S Osceola Ave28.512921-81.369847
5296E Michigan St and S Shine Ave28.513027-81.360568
5341E Michigan St and S Shine Ave28.513227-81.360668
4434E Michigan St and Storrow Dr28.513155-81.369587
2578E Oak Ridge Rd and Anno Ave28.472908-81.371919
2744E Oak Ridge Rd and Anno Ave28.472706-81.372243
2743E Oak Ridge Rd and Dumont St28.472689-81.374421
2579E Oak Ridge Rd and Joyce St28.472893-81.374512
2577E Oak Ridge Rd and S Orange Ave28.472911-81.370611
2745E Oak Ridge Rd and S Orange Ave28.472732-81.370319
5937E Orange St and N Park Ave28.678016-81.509926
5938E Orange St and S Park Ave28.677916-81.509714
9943E Osceola Pkwy and Buenaventura Blvd28.3449-81.365094
9950E Osceola Pkwy and Buenaventura Blvd28.345373-81.36595
866E Osceola Pkwy and Coral Reef Cir28.344322-81.373621
809E Osceola Pkwy and Florida Pkwy28.344085-81.373362
9942E Osceola Pkwy and Lions Ct28.340335-81.386629
9951E Osceola Pkwy and Michigan Ave28.340694-81.385708
9947E Osceola Pkwy and Quarterdeck Ct28.345321-81.33372
9944E Osceola Pkwy and Sandalwood Dr28.34246-81.35567
9945E Osceola Pkwy and Saratoga Dr28.342543-81.350953
9869E Osceola Pkwy and Simpson Rd28.342902-81.328099
9946E Osceola Pkwy and Windy Cove Dr28.346366-81.344164
808E Osceola Pky and Plumwood Cir28.342455-81.37724
5705E Pineloch Ave and S Orange Ave28.50936-81.375805
5291E Pineloch Ave and Sylvan Ave28.509379-81.373606
4678E Princeton St and Formosa Ave28.571203-81.377329
4679E Princeton St and Musselwhite Ave28.571391-81.377672
4028E Robinson St and Broadway Ave28.545767-81.373351
3978E Robinson St and Celia Ln28.545777-81.359789
4021E Robinson St and Celia Ln28.545908-81.359838
3973E Robinson St and Hillman Ave28.545661-81.371886
4026E Robinson St and Hillman Ave28.5458-81.371085
6904E Robinson St and N Bumby Ave28.545868-81.351501
3974E Robinson St and N Eola Dr28.545691-81.369768
4025E Robinson St and N Eola Dr28.545804-81.369779
4017E Robinson St and N Glenwood Ave28.546003-81.352652
3982E Robinson St and N Graham Ave28.545894-81.349482
9230E Robinson St and N Graham Ave28.546031-81.34949
3980E Robinson St and N Hampton Ave28.545823-81.355694
4019E Robinson St and N Hampton Ave28.545948-81.356397
3976E Robinson St and N Hyer Ave28.545725-81.366376
4023E Robinson St and N Hyer Ave28.545837-81.366298
5717E Robinson St and N Magnolia Ave28.545611-81.377962
4022E Robinson St and N Mills Ave28.545868-81.364151
4029E Robinson St and N Rosalind Ave28.545756-81.375523
5992E Robinson St and N Rosalind Ave28.545635-81.373879
3975E Robinson St and N Summerlin Ave28.545671-81.368102
4024E Robinson St and N Summerlin Ave28.545816-81.368252
3977E Robinson St and Shine Ave28.545751-81.362387
2379E Sand Lake Rd and Lake Gloria Blvd28.451143-81.373893
2370E Sand Lake Rd and Sunport Dr28.450815-81.372718
5912E Semoran Blvd and Lake Border Dr28.673072-81.464968
3044E Semoran Blvd and Monica Rose Dr28.672757-81.47281
1862E Semoran Blvd and Ocean Ave28.673205-81.485734
1727E Semoran Blvd and Otter Ln28.672803-81.480451
1861E Semoran Blvd and Otter Ln28.673199-81.480167
1729E Semoran Blvd and Piedmont Wekiwa Rd28.67266-81.46752
2852E Semoran Blvd and S Aurora Dr28.673161-81.472936
2863E Semoran Blvd and S Lake Cortez Dr28.672677-81.462927
1728E Semoran Blvd and S Lake Pleasant Rd28.672799-81.476669
1860E Semoran Blvd and S Lake Pleasant Rd28.673194-81.477196
6004E Semoran Blvd and S Line Dr28.672991-81.460263
6005E Semoran Blvd and S Roger Williams Rd28.672832-81.483735
1863E Semoran Blvd and S Thompson Rd28.673201-81.489073
2875E Semoran Blvd and S Wekiwa Springs Rd28.673161-81.468551
1726E Semoran Blvd and Sand Ave28.672823-81.487905
3058E Semoran Blvd and Sheeler Ave28.672819-81.493428
5911E Semoran Blvd and Sheeler Ave28.673179-81.493421
3900E Silver Star Rd and Lake Johio Dr28.573845-81.515445
5716E Silver Star Rd and Lake Johio Rd28.573628-81.514631
3901E Silver Star Rd and Silver Bend Blvd28.573901-81.511557
3902E Silver Star Rd and Silver Bend Blvd28.573682-81.510795
4487E South St and Lake Ave28.538499-81.372847
4488E South St and Liberty Ave28.538497-81.374096
4541E South St and Mc Jordan Ave28.538665-81.357203
4543E South St and Reeves Ct28.538629-81.360111
4540E South St and S Forest Ave28.538716-81.354781
4571E South St and S Glenwood Ave28.538743-81.352743
4484E South St and S Hyer Ave28.538565-81.366422
5769E South St and S Magnolia Ave28.538484-81.377063
5805E South St and S Mills Ave28.538594-81.363999
4758E South St and S Orange Ave28.538498-81.378596
4486E South St and S Osceola Ave28.538517-81.371233
4485E South St and S Summerlin Ave28.538546-81.368834
4542E South St and Victor Ave28.538642-81.359055
6281E SR 434 and Bear Springs Dr28.699257-81.264612
6282E SR 434 and Bennett St28.700632-81.297939
6308E SR 434 and Central Winds Dr28.704851-81.270822
6359E SR 434 and Costa Rica Dr28.698894-81.302326
6339E SR 434 and East St28.698022-81.328532
6424E SR 434 and East St28.697756-81.328887
6306E SR 434 and Hacienda Dr28.700358-81.29811
6360E SR 434 and Hayes Rd28.701464-81.295378
6365E SR 434 and Hayes Rd28.701713-81.295275
6307E SR 434 and Heritage Park St28.704269-81.270306
6309E SR 434 and Mcleods Way28.699311-81.265088
6343E SR 434 and Myrtle St28.697922-81.344816
6283E SR 434 and N Moss Rd28.698838-81.305111
6338E SR 434 and Oxford St28.697781-81.333058
6350E SR 434 and Parkstone Blvd28.704918-81.281758
6288E SR 434 and S Grant St28.697948-81.338686
6304E SR 434 and S Grant St28.697758-81.338342
6305E SR 434 and S Moss Rd28.69866-81.304969
6337E SR 434 and S Ronald Reagan Blvd28.697717-81.345699
6340E SR 434 and S Wayman St28.697984-81.33219
6366E SR 434 and Sherry Ave28.699044-81.302783
6351E SR 434 and Stone Gable Cir28.704471-81.285739
6361E SR 434 and Stone Gable Cir28.704157-81.285942
6362E SR 434 and Winding Hollow Blvd28.704624-81.281775
1105E SR 436 and Avery Ln28.669356-81.448027
1103E SR 436 and Balmy Beach Dr28.671152-81.454705
1106E SR 436 and Bear Lake Rd28.669357-81.444598
1108E SR 436 and Campus Loop28.669208-81.437859
1117E SR 436 and Campus Loop28.66895-81.435977
1120E SR 436 and Executive Park Ct28.669634-81.446337
1122E SR 436 and Foxhill Cir28.672139-81.455628
1119E SR 436 and N Bear Lake Rd28.669633-81.443574
1104E SR 436 and S Hunt Club Blvd28.670021-81.452889
1121E SR 436 and S Hunt Club Blvd28.670238-81.452492
1142E SR 46 and Brisson Ave28.786819-81.239822
6664E SR 46 and Frog Aly28.786693-81.228061
1187E SR 46 and Granby St28.786678-81.235126
6661E SR 46 and Granby St28.786852-81.234777
6665E SR 46 and Jitway28.786874-81.227826
6666E SR 46 and N Beardall Ave28.78669-81.222196
6667E SR 46 and N Beardall Ave28.786864-81.223091
6659E SR 46 and Starport Way28.786572-81.239555
6662E SR 46 and Water St28.786679-81.232011
6663E SR 46 and Water St28.786859-81.231846
6626E Story Rd and Business Park Blvd28.558398-81.571813
6627E Story Rd and Business Park Blvd28.558531-81.572025
6991E Story Rd and Carter Rd28.558579-81.568575
6995E Story Rd and Carter Rd28.558465-81.568541
572E US 192 and Crawford Ave28.246152-81.259956
563E US 192 and Delaware Ave28.245784-81.272189
792E US 192 and Delaware Ave28.246083-81.272514
564E US 192 and Grape Ave28.245773-81.266195
574E US 192 and Grape Ave28.246099-81.266662
570E US 192 and Kelly St28.246212-81.252621
562E US 192 and Michigan Ave28.245794-81.276669
793E US 192 and Michigan Ave28.246084-81.276943
576E US 192 and Minnesota Ave 28.246112-81.286707
9123E US 192 and Minnesota Ave 28.245813-81.287093
568E US 192 and Murcott Dr28.245886-81.252306
569E US 192 and Narcoossee Rd28.246272-81.245255
794E US 192 and New York Ave28.246094-81.28373
5994E US 192 and New York Ave28.245804-81.283486
561E US 192 and Ohio Ave28.245803-81.280042
575E US 192 and Ohio Ave28.246093-81.280591
567E US 192 and Old Hickory Tree Rd28.245852-81.256025
571E US 192 and Old Hickory Tree Rd28.246187-81.256726
565E US 192 and Orange Ave28.245782-81.264193
573E US 192 and Orange Ave28.246117-81.26464
566E US 192 and River Rd28.24579-81.261623
578E US 192 and Tennessee Ave28.246121-81.297171
593E US 192 and Tennessee Ave28.245823-81.296785
577E US 192 and Vermont Ave28.246121-81.292752
594E US 192 and Vermont Ave28.245823-81.292376
642E Vine St and Brack St28.304285-81.401953
738E Vine St and E Oak St28.304076-81.389327
643E Vine St and Ingram St28.30442-81.397982
644E Vine St and Kevstin Dr28.304315-81.394032
739E Vine St and Michigan Ave28.304471-81.388368
620E Vine St and N Main St28.304609-81.404458
618E Vine St and Nebraska Ave28.304541-81.393298
619E Vine St and Ross Ave28.304648-81.398787
5914E Welch Rd and N Rock Springs Rd28.70578-81.51003
4995Edgemoor St and N Ivey Ln28.542562-81.434809
4997Edgemoor St and N Ivey Ln28.54268-81.434911
1864Edgewater Dr and 2nd St28.608385-81.412714
1895Edgewater Dr and Aloha St28.606494-81.410689
1894Edgewater Dr and Alpha Dr28.607681-81.412166
4224Edgewater Dr and Bryn Mawr St28.574905-81.389606
6188Edgewater Dr and Ellis Dr28.597476-81.399701
1721Edgewater Dr and Fayette St28.612636-81.418412
1722Edgewater Dr and Forest City Rd28.61109-81.416397
1893Edgewater Dr and Hambelton Ave28.608719-81.413451
6199Edgewater Dr and Lee Rd28.603177-81.406562
6200Edgewater Dr and Lee Rd28.603395-81.4065
1711Edgewater Dr and Neal Dr28.611361-81.416415
4217Edgewater Dr and Rugby St28.573399-81.389394
4225Edgewater Dr and Rugby St28.573717-81.389588
2713Edgewater Dr and Satel Dr28.605905-81.409654
6268Edgewater Dr and Thistledown Dr28.597916-81.40058
4219Edgewater Dr and W Hazel St28.577858-81.389461
4223Edgewater Dr and W King St28.577298-81.389642
5731Edgewater Dr and W Winter Park St28.575169-81.389412
6216Edgewater Dr and Wentrop Ln28.599439-81.401979
6217Edgewater Dr and Wentrop Ln28.599535-81.401796
4220Edgwater Dr and Maury Rd28.582393-81.39015
2114Edgwater Dr and W Par St28.582657-81.390132
704Emmett St and N Randolph Ave28.29184-81.415209
685Emmett St and N Vernon Ave28.291859-81.410766
703Emmett St and N Vernon Ave28.291639-81.410675
684Emmett St and S Dillingham Ave28.29163-81.4144
3015Errol Pky and Old Dixie Hwy28.687463-81.535849
3016Errol Pky and W Orange Blossom Trl28.686817-81.535675
9940Eslinger Wat and S Orlando Dr28.748434-81.29823
9939Eslinger Way and S Orlando Dr28.748352-81.298284
10017Faquette Rd and Fossick Rd.28.4755-81.582491
10011Faquette Rd and Summerport Willage Pky.28.478159-81.582856
10012Faquette Rd and Tortona Ln.28.475391-81.582826
10018Faquette Rd and Winter Garden Vineland Rd.28.478124-81.582489
2000Ferguson Dr and Arch St28.55763-81.420102
2036Ferguson Dr and Cherry Ln28.553586-81.420042
6908Ferguson Dr and Cherry Ln28.553355-81.420122
2034Ferguson Dr and Kipling Dr28.557048-81.420197
1999Ferguson Dr and Meadow Lake Ln28.555118-81.420063
2035Ferguson Dr and Meadow Lake Ln28.555087-81.420155
2001Ferguson Dr and W D Judge Dr28.559568-81.420128
2033Ferguson Dr and W D Judge Dr28.559553-81.420225
1067Fernwood Blvd and Oxford Rd28.656601-81.340841
2366Florida Mall Ave and Crystal Clear Ln28.445714-81.400335
2592Florida Mall Ave and Golden Sky Ln28.448619-81.39122
9225Florida Mall Ave and Golden Sky Ln28.448742-81.391315
6614Florida Pky and Alixco Ct28.32712-81.353225
815Florida Pky and Buttonwood Dr28.329094-81.367353
860Florida Pky and Buttonwood Dr28.329025-81.366181
819Florida Pky and Corena Ct28.327392-81.352531
814Florida Pky and E Birchwood Cir28.328198-81.370551
861Florida Pky and E Birchwood Cir28.328314-81.370447
810Florida Pky and Fruitwood Dr28.338812-81.375241
865Florida Pky and Fruitwood Dr28.338706-81.375116
818Florida Pky and Hidalgo Ave28.326006-81.356602
857Florida Pky and Hidalgo Ave28.326143-81.356632
817Florida Pky and Jalapa Dr28.326015-81.360535
858Florida Pky and Jalapa Dr28.326143-81.36063
816Florida Pky and Royal Palm Dr28.327622-81.364192
859Florida Pky and Royal Palm Dr28.327736-81.364212
862Florida Pky and Tamarack Ct28.33045-81.373973
813Florida Pky and W Birchwood Cir28.330127-81.373898
811Florida Pky and White Birch Dr28.336187-81.374142
812Florida Pky and White Birch Dr28.333568-81.374705
863Florida Pky and White Birch Dr28.333547-81.374577
864Florida Pky and White Birch Dr28.335953-81.374028
10015Floridian Pl and Reams Rd28.431667-81.578982
1708Forest City Rd and All American Blvd28.617991-81.415105
1889Forest City Rd and Calumet Dr28.638077-81.415414
1886Forest City Rd and Falkner Rd28.629873-81.414857
1891Forest City Rd and Falkner Rd28.629083-81.415173
2874Forest City Rd and John Paul Dr28.621939-81.415128
6197Forest City Rd and John Paul Dr28.622697-81.414857
1885Forest City Rd and Juergensen Dr28.627751-81.414855
1888Forest City Rd and Maitland Crossing Way28.637515-81.414953
1887Forest City Rd and Pembrook Dr28.63314-81.41488
1890Forest City Rd and Pembrook Dr28.632987-81.415211
6211Forest City Rd and Riverside Park Rd28.625392-81.41486
6212Forest City Rd and Riverside Park Rd28.624971-81.415171
1709Forest City Rd and Villa Dr28.614507-81.415076
1724Forest City Rd and Villa Dr28.61447-81.414726
1710Forest City Rd and Weston Ln28.612218-81.414991
1723Forest City Rd and Weston Ln28.612377-81.414686
9122Fortune Rd and Bill Beck Blvd28.304079-81.365998
9212Fortune Rd and Bill Beck Blvd28.304305-81.365116
769Fortune Rd and Keston Ct28.304094-81.368372
781Fortune Rd and Lakeside Dr28.304197-81.354631
805Fortune Rd and Lakeside Dr28.304411-81.3549
767Fortune Rd and Old Boggy Creek Rd28.30408-81.37098
766Fortune Rd and Shadow Oaks Rd28.304315-81.368128
9141French Ave and Fulton St28.813238-81.273081
10056Garland Ave and Church St28.540814-81.381633
6473Gateway Dr and Lotus Landing Blvd28.64489-81.417294
4056Gatlin Ave and Dixie Belle Dr28.49532-81.312912
4047Gatlin Ave and S Semoran Blvd28.495213-81.31166
4055Gatlin Ave and S Semoran Blvd28.495339-81.311693
6502Gazelle Dr and Coyote Rd28.116141-81.464475
3486Gemini Blvd W and Centaurus Dr W28.600661-81.205343
4000General Rees Ave and Glenridge Way28.577832-81.339859
3998General Rees Ave and Lower Union Rd28.569187-81.339722
4003General Rees Ave and Lower Union Rd28.569173-81.339863
3999General Rees Ave and Parkland Dr28.572608-81.339775
4002Genreal Rees Ave and Parkland Dr28.572565-81.339903
2968George Martin Rd and Holly Creek Rd28.739327-81.628438
2969George Martin Rd and Holly Creek Rd28.73742-81.628526
2967George Martin Rd and Holly St28.741245-81.628932
3165Glenridge Way and Mercy Ave28.578994-81.325356
3161Glenridge Way and Preserve Point Dr28.578749-81.336677
3184Glenridge Way and Preserve Point Dr28.578886-81.336095
3182Glenridge Way and S Lakemont Ave28.579649-81.328384
5995Glenridge Way and S Lakemont Ave28.578814-81.326389
3162Glenridge Way and St George St28.578779-81.333319
3183Glenridge Way and St George St28.57893-81.333208
3185Glenridge Way and Timberland Dr28.578868-81.338699
4655Grand St and S Lee Ave28.52659-81.390634
4716Grand St and S Lee Ave28.526491-81.390612
4656Grand St and S Westmoreland Dr28.526554-81.393422
4715Grand St and S Westmoreland Dr28.526466-81.39311
4657Grand St and Woods St28.526518-81.395652
4654Grand Street and S Parramore Avenue28.526577-81.389087
4717Grand Street and S Parramore Avenue28.52649-81.389068
9965Greenwald Way N and Lane Davis Dr28.344635-81.416293
9956Greenwald Way N and Miranda Ln28.346905-81.417026
9963Greenwald Way N and N John Young Pkwy28.346949-81.418526
1433Greenwood Blvd and Exchange Pl28.74809-81.363751
1434Greenwood Blvd and Exchange Pl28.745216-81.365163
1432Greenwood Blvd and Lake Emma Rd28.750186-81.363071
1435Greenwood Blvd and Sand Pond Rd28.743373-81.36558
1204H.e. Thomas Junior Pky and International Pky28.786501-81.358778
3559Hanging Moss Rd and Mercator Dr28.578939-81.300724
3557Hanging Moss Rd and N Semoran Blvd28.578872-81.307998
3558Hanging Moss Rd and Passamonte Dr28.578868-81.30452
3560Hanging Moss Rd and Venture Cir28.579006-81.29655
2245Hansel Ave and E Filmore Ave28.470293-81.367721
5523Hansel Ave and E Mary Jess Rd28.480432-81.370615
2246Hansel Ave and Fairlane Ave28.472416-81.367748
5521Hansel Ave and Hoffner Ave28.475881-81.367822
5522Hansel Ave and Lake Harbor Cir28.478079-81.368935
5524Hansel Ave and Mandalay Dr28.484084-81.371815
2244Hansel Ave and Prince St28.468023-81.367672
1946Harry St and Hermit Smith Rd28.70416-81.567226
1945Harry St and Janet Ave28.704186-81.564013
6928Hartwell Ct and Laureate Blvd28.365228-81.271862
9898Hazeltine National Dr and Tcp Blvd28.45893-81.297503
6380Hazeltine National Dr and Tpc Dr28.459124-81.298542
1942Hermit Smith Rd and Dew Berry Ave28.699878-81.567016
1947Hermit Smith Rd and Dew Berry Ave28.700021-81.567143
1941Hermit Smith Rd and Fudge Rd28.698429-81.56692
1948Hermit Smith Rd and Fudge Rd28.698354-81.567044
1943Hermit Smith Rd and Janet St28.703114-81.567203
2445Hillenmeyer Way and Stonerock Cir28.428344-81.477551
5348Hoffner Ave and Conway Rd28.480394-81.329475
5414Hoffner Ave and Conway Rd28.480643-81.329415
5410Hoffner Ave and Kailua Ln28.480677-81.317808
5409Hoffner Ave and Kempston Dr28.480668-81.31562
5314Hoffner Ave and Kingfish St28.48044-81.327787
5401Hoffner Ave and Kingfish St28.480491-81.325682
5402Hoffner Ave and Kingfish St28.480501-81.323962
5413Hoffner Ave and Kingfish St28.480599-81.325037
5403Hoffner Ave and Mauna Loa Ln28.480526-81.321146
5404Hoffner Ave and Mauna Loa Ln28.480524-81.318489
5411Hoffner Ave and Mauna Loa Ln28.480622-81.320854
5412Hoffner Ave and Mauna Loa Ln28.480612-81.322911
5407Hoffner Ave and S Semoran Blvd28.480722-81.311185
5405Hoffner Ave and Tinkham Ave28.48053-81.316536
5406Hoffner Ave and Turnbull Dr28.480521-81.312538
5699Hoffner Ave and Turnbull Dr28.480674-81.314008
9081Hoffner Ave and Turnbull Dr28.480508-81.313984
3799Hoffner Ave and Volusia Dr28.48072-81.293913
3798Hoffner Avnue and Pasco St28.480107-81.288949
2800Holden Ave and S Orange Blossom Trl28.494551-81.398154
2801Holden Ave and S Rio Grande Ave28.494473-81.401664
2802Holden Ave and S Rio Grande Ave28.494438-81.4039
2886Holden Ave and S Rio Grande Ave28.49434-81.403816
2887Holden Ave and S Rio Grande Ave28.494358-81.401624
2970Holly Creek Rd and George Martin Rd28.737017-81.627033
2971Holly Creek Rd and Mohawk Dr28.73674-81.623963
2966Holly St and George Martin Rd28.741666-81.627009
1958Holly St and N Orange Blossom Trl28.741781-81.614414
2257Honour Rd and Grande Pointe Blvd28.490807-81.404494
2255Honour Rd and S Rio Grande Ave28.490742-81.401453
9149Hotel Plaza Blvd and Best Western28.379086-81.507665
9150Hotel Plaza Blvd and Double Tree Suites28.379235-81.507392
5676Hotel Plaza Blvd and E Buena Vista Dr28.37361-81.512991
2088Indian Hill Rd and Indian Woods Rd28.588995-81.461983
2084Indian Hill Rd and N Pine Hills Rd28.589122-81.452603
2085Indian Hill Rd and Pine Ridge Rd28.589095-81.454902
2089Indian Hill Rd and Ranchwood Rd28.588937-81.464426
2087Indian Hill Rd and Westgate Rd28.589053-81.459639
5041International Dr and American Way28.462164-81.460617
5054International Dr and American Way28.462434-81.462174
2416International Dr and Austrian Ct28.441381-81.47069
2417International Dr and Austrian Ct28.43961-81.471299
2851International Dr and Austrian Ct28.437392-81.472386
2329International Dr and Austrian Row28.437741-81.471801
2330International Dr and Austrian Row28.44055-81.470479
5781International Dr and Avenida Vista28.39923-81.460317
2334International Dr and Carrier Dr28.453245-81.470726
2335International Dr and Carrier Dr28.455095-81.470727
2336International Dr and Carrier Dr28.456865-81.470735
2410International Dr and Carrier Dr28.456235-81.47094
5036International Dr and Carrier Dr28.458108-81.470223
5037International Dr and Carrier Dr28.460112-81.468457
5058International Dr and Carrier Dr28.460027-81.468767
5059International Dr and Carrier Dr28.457997-81.470531
6013International Dr and Carrier Dr28.454849-81.470889
2448International Dr and Central Florida Pky28.40567-81.456271
5782International Dr and Central Florida Pky28.404261-81.456228
2326International Dr and Convention Way28.42599-81.467412
2421International Dr and Convention Way28.425595-81.467385
2902International Dr and Crossland Dr28.387695-81.477204
6047International Dr and Daryl Carter Pky28.386386-81.481753
6048International Dr and Daryl Carter Pky28.386124-81.481599
2420International Dr and Exhibit Dr28.427453-81.469892
5051International Dr and Fun Spot Way28.467002-81.45059
5043International Dr and Funspot Way28.467172-81.450202
4955International Dr and Grand National Dr28.462198-81.455633
5053International Dr and Grand National Dr28.462515-81.456045
2325International Dr and Hawaiian Ct28.42588-81.463841
2422International Dr and Hawaiian Ct28.425463-81.463407
2694International Dr and Hawaiian Ct28.424808-81.460919
2816International Dr and Hawaiian Ct28.422939-81.460352
2821International Dr and International Golf Club Rd28.399314-81.460708
2331International Dr and Jamaican Ct28.444981-81.470626
2414International Dr and Jamaican Ct28.446737-81.471168
2415International Dr and Jamaican Ct28.44354-81.470653
2860International Dr and Kingstown Reef Blvd28.389583-81.471245
2907International Dr and Kingstown Reef Blvd28.388973-81.47215
5042International Dr and Municipal Dr28.462314-81.451779
5052International Dr and Municipal Dr28.462523-81.452877
2419International Dr and Pointe Plz Ave28.430512-81.470662
2823International Dr and Riveroaks Bay Dr28.393284-81.466542
5779International Dr and Riveroaks Bay Dr28.39324-81.466167
2328International Dr and Samoan Ct28.434055-81.471827
2418International Dr and Samoan Ct28.434054-81.472266
2817International Dr and Sea Splash Way28.417493-81.459988
2833International Dr and Sea Splash Way28.417423-81.459573
5780International Dr and Sugarcreek Bush Dr28.394599-81.464789
2822International Dr and Sugarcreek Dr28.395146-81.464719
2903International Dr and Vineland Ave28.385216-81.485685
5056International Dr and Visitors Cir28.461645-81.466423
5057International Dr and Visitors Cir28.46074-81.467981
2906International Dr and Vistana Resort Ter28.387403-81.47717
5038International Dr and Vuniversal Blvd28.461388-81.466418
9220International Dr and W Oak Ridge Rd28.470922-81.450585
2332International Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.448673-81.470744
2333International Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.451593-81.470718
2412International Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.450966-81.470964
2413International Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.448793-81.471091
5039International Drive and Visitors Circle28.461241-81.46674
1207International Pky and Bridgewater Dr28.761375-81.366143
1208International Pky and Bridgewater Dr28.761899-81.366108
1223International Pky and Business Center Dr28.775749-81.358987
1224International Pky and Business Center Dr28.776487-81.358353
1219International Pky and Heathrow Center Ln28.784622-81.35789
1220International Pky and Heathrow Center Ln28.784202-81.35817
1221International Pky and Heathrow Park Ln28.7803-81.357574
1222International Pky and Heathrow Park Ln28.781354-81.357643
1205International Pky and Maintenance Pt28.765004-81.361596
1206International Pky and Maintenance Pt28.765111-81.3611
1210International Pky and W Lake Mary Blvd28.757848-81.367615
1211International Pky and W Lake Mary Blvd28.757736-81.367363
1532Jamestown Blvd and Glades Cir28.680899-81.410862
1533Jamestown Blvd and Glades Cir28.681674-81.408321
1538Jamestown Blvd and Glades Cir28.681779-81.407992
1539Jamestown Blvd and Glades Cir28.681004-81.410736
1541Jamestown Blvd and N SR 43428.682858-81.417654
1530Jamestown Blvd and Sanlando Dr28.682718-81.41733
1536Jamestown Blvd and Sun Ridge Pl28.681128-81.403999
1535Jamestown Blvd and Sun Valley Vlg28.681109-81.403615
1531Jamestown Blvd and Town Way28.682321-81.413762
1540Jamestown Blvd and Town Way28.682105-81.413003
1534Jamestown Blvd and Youngstown Pky28.681214-81.406789
1537Jamestown Blvd and Youngstown Pky28.681304-81.4064
1944Janet St and Janet Ave28.703188-81.564348
5566Jeff Fuqua Blvd S and Quick Turnaround Rd28.432306-81.306479
6910Jetport Dr and Benrus St28.449977-81.345598
5307Jetport Dr and Boggy Creek Rd28.449827-81.34845
6673Jetport Dr and Daetwyler Dr28.450142-81.340055
4921John Young Pky and Amelia St28.549344-81.413931
2588Jordan Ave and Prect Dr28.458164-81.385022
2596Jordan Ave and Prect Dr28.458088-81.384994
2589Jordan Ave and Voltaire Dr28.45835-81.387198
5085Kirkland Blvd and Mantilla Ave28.516372-81.429416
998Koa St and Hunter Rd28.158388-81.462758
999Koa St and Marigold Ave28.157474-81.470524
1025Koa St and Marigold Ave28.157307-81.471654
214Koa St and Monterey Rd28.15652-81.481553
1024Koa St and San Lorenzo Rd28.157283-81.474965
997Koa St and San Remo Rd28.157864-81.456089
5165L B Mcleod Rd and Bruton Blvd28.508859-81.427659
5973L B Mcleod Rd and Bruton Blvd28.508923-81.424644
5189L B Mcleod Rd and Canal Ln28.510034-81.4094
5166L B Mcleod Rd and Crossrds Ct28.508784-81.431952
5167L B Mcleod Rd and Crossrds Ct28.50881-81.434834
5185L B Mcleod Rd and Gardenia Ave28.508767-81.4226
5955L B Mcleod Rd and Gardenia Ave28.509075-81.422227
5190L B Mcleod Rd and Herbert Ln28.510024-81.411693
5191L B Mcleod Rd and Marathon Ave28.510017-81.413373
5188L B Mcleod Rd and Rio Ln28.510052-81.404598
5192L B Mcleod Rd and S John Young Pky28.51006-81.41888
5187L B Mcleod Rd and S Rio Grande Ave28.510222-81.401674
5184L B Mcleod Rd and Vineland Rd28.508673-81.425243
3077Lake Ave and Cottontail Ln28.618464-81.367857
3065Lake Ave and Grove St28.618349-81.374171
3076Lake Ave and Grove St28.618153-81.373957
3064Lake Ave and Park Lake Cir28.617749-81.372687
3062Lake Ave and S Orlando Ave28.618598-81.367055
3078Lake Ave and S Orlando Ave28.618439-81.366793
4546Lake Como Cir and S Bumby Ave28.53674-81.352308
4570Lake Como Cir and S Bumby Ave28.536623-81.351435
1276Lake Destiny Rd and Destiny Springs Condominiums28.64191-81.389251
1267Lake Destiny Rd and Lake Destiny Rd28.639699-81.388288
2351Lake Ellenor Dr and Diplomacy Row28.462539-81.402413
2394Lake Ellenor Dr and Diplomacy Row28.462414-81.40238
2352Lake Ellenor Dr and Dividend Dr28.461738-81.403835
2350Lake Ellenor Dr and Orlando Central Pky28.46361-81.401446
2395Lake Ellenor Dr and Orlando Central Pky28.46416-81.400906
2349Lake Ellenor Dr and W Lancaster Rd28.465474-81.400905
2396Lake Ellenor Dr and W Lancaster Rd28.465618-81.400644
1438Lake Emma Rd and Exchange Pl28.746436-81.359156
1167Lake Emma Rd and Flagg Ln28.753517-81.358834
1169Lake Emma Rd and Flagg Ln28.754429-81.358109
1431Lake Emma Rd and Greenwood Blvd28.750013-81.359244
1439Lake Emma Rd and Greenwood Blvd28.750009-81.358899
1437Lake Emma Rd and Sun Lake Cir28.742694-81.358606
5325Lake Margaret Dr and Berrywood Dr28.506032-81.324015
5328Lake Margaret Dr and Berrywood Dr28.506172-81.324453
5324Lake Margaret Dr and Carisudo Ct28.506015-81.327548
5329Lake Margaret Dr and Carisudo Ct28.506148-81.327334
5322Lake Margaret Dr and Condel Dr28.50608-81.334532
5331Lake Margaret Dr and Condel Dr28.506199-81.335134
6045Lake Margaret Dr and Conway Gardens Rd28.506174-81.338852
5323Lake Margaret Dr and Conway Rd28.505971-81.332154
5330Lake Margaret Dr and Conway Rd28.506083-81.332083
5442Lake Margaret Dr and Conway Rd28.506109-81.330557
4427Lake Margaret Dr and Dixie Belle Dr28.506068-81.315633
4430Lake Margaret Dr and Dixie Belle Dr28.506246-81.315806
5502Lake Margaret Dr and Dixie Belle Dr28.506155-81.31269
5320Lake Margaret Dr and Hidalgo Dr28.506085-81.338523
5319Lake Margaret Dr and Jan Dr28.506075-81.34122
5334Lake Margaret Dr and Jan Dr28.506169-81.341106
5318Lake Margaret Dr and S Crystal Lake Dr28.505898-81.343619
5332Lake Margaret Dr and S Crystal Lake Dr28.506006-81.343739
5494Lake Margaret Dr and S Semoran Blvd28.505858-81.312362
5326Lake Margaret Dr and Southfork Ranch Dr28.506065-81.31863
5327Lake Margaret Dr and Southfork Ranch Dr28.506232-81.318671
5321Lake Margaret Dr and Touraine Ave28.506108-81.336332
5333Lake Margaret Dr and Touraine Ave28.50619-81.336852
9839Lake Nona Blvd and Nemours Pkwy28.374172-81.276755
9838Lake Nona Blvd and Tavistock Lakes Blvd28.371566-81.278366
1073Lake Of The Woods Blvd and Carolwood Blvd28.650246-81.345743
5903Lake Of The Woods Blvd and Fontebranda Loop28.650374-81.34523
1074Lake Of The Woods Blvd and Meadowood Blvd28.650279-81.342367
1081Lake Of The Woods Blvd and Meadowood Blvd28.65042-81.342002
1082Lake Of The Woods Blvd and N Carolwood Blvd28.65237-81.347569
1072Lake Of The Woods Blvd and S US Hwy 17-9228.6522-81.347871
9984Lake St and Regency Village Dr28.391456-81.487418
4508Lake Underhill Rd and Andes Ave28.538959-81.319624
4503Lake Underhill Rd and Conway Rd28.537214-81.332461
4504Lake Underhill Rd and Conway Rd28.537437-81.329656
4531Lake Underhill Rd and Conway Rd28.537583-81.329706
4532Lake Underhill Rd and Conway Rd28.537384-81.332475
4844Lake Underhill Rd and Conway Rd28.536395-81.333673
6603Lake Underhill Rd and Fl Hospital East28.539268-81.280422
4505Lake Underhill Rd and Gaston Foster Rd28.538034-81.327606
4506Lake Underhill Rd and Gaston Foster Rd28.538777-81.325437
4529Lake Underhill Rd and Gaston Foster Rd28.538828-81.32447
4530Lake Underhill Rd and Gaston Foster Rd28.53811-81.327839
4509Lake Underhill Rd and Mercado Ave28.538907-81.314604
6274Lake Underhill Rd and Mercado Ave28.539102-81.314767
4500Lake Underhill Rd and Palmer St28.535252-81.340333
4535Lake Underhill Rd and Palmer St28.535198-81.339832
3659Lake Underhill Rd and S Chickasaw Trl28.539049-81.278903
5715Lake Underhill Rd and S Chickasaw Trl28.539304-81.277756
6602Lake Underhill Rd and S Goldenrod Rd28.539103-81.281357
4510Lake Underhill Rd and S Semoran Blvd28.538879-81.311859
6273Lake Underhill Rd and San Juan Blvd28.539126-81.318194
4507Lake Underhill Rd and Santiago Ave28.538866-81.322168
4502Lake Underhill Rd and Springview Dr28.534955-81.335655
4533Lake Underhill Rd and Springview Dr28.534934-81.335973
4843Lake Underhill Rd and Springview Dr28.536099-81.334098
4501Lake Underhill Rd and Tam O Shanter Dr28.534707-81.337605
4534Lake Underhill Rd and Tam Oshanter Dr28.53477-81.337688
9163Lake Underhill Rd and Verbena Ct28.539087-81.312626
5997Landstar Blvd and Amber Lake Blvd28.365741-81.36671
2208Landstar Blvd and Arbor Meadows Blvd28.363047-81.36544
2217Landstar Blvd and Arbor Meadows Blvd28.363152-81.365214
5998Landstar Blvd and Arbor Meadows Blvd28.364986-81.366734
2216Landstar Blvd and Brook Hollow Dr28.36036-81.364776
2206Landstar Blvd and Chicago Woods Cir28.375568-81.364999
2218Landstar Blvd and Greenway Professional Ct28.372268-81.366569
2222Landstar Blvd and Iowa Woods Cir E28.381149-81.369484
2203Landstar Blvd and Iowa Woods Cir W28.38313-81.371657
2204Landstar Blvd and Iowa Woods Cir W28.381017-81.369719
2209Landstar Blvd and Island Cove Dr28.360543-81.365023
2220Landstar Blvd and Kentucky Woods Ln E28.377746-81.364584
2221Landstar Blvd and Kentucky Woods Ln E28.379458-81.366447
2205Landstar Blvd and Kentucky Woods Ln W28.379099-81.366339
2211Landstar Blvd and Misley Dr28.353335-81.361353
2214Landstar Blvd and Misley Dr28.35352-81.36109
2212Landstar Blvd and Peach Blossom Dr28.350983-81.361995
2213Landstar Blvd and Peach Blossom Dr28.350323-81.362042
2207Landstar Blvd and Pinnacle Cove Blvd28.372009-81.366997
2219Landstar Blvd and Rhode Island Woods Cir28.375412-81.364789
2210Landstar Blvd and Sandy Shoals Way28.356637-81.364413
2215Landstar Blvd and Twelve Oaks Dr28.356453-81.363771
2223Landstar Blvd and Washington Woods Ln28.383303-81.371482
1957Laughlin Rd and Holly St28.741589-81.609672
7038Laureate Blvd and Veterans Way28.367857-81.276187
1009Laurel Ave and Marigold Ave28.175783-81.487043
9155Lb Mcleod Rd and Maggie Blvd28.508453-81.440275
1900Lee Rd and Adanson St28.606027-81.394461
1901Lee Rd and Adanson St28.607996-81.392107
2867Lee Rd and Adanson St28.607503-81.393226
3907Lee Rd and Aldrich Ave28.605803-81.374403
1902Lee Rd and Alloway St28.608134-81.389857
2866Lee Rd and Alloway St28.608487-81.390252
3906Lee Rd and Beard Ave28.605786-81.375791
3908Lee Rd and Beard Ave28.606024-81.376119
3206Lee Rd and Country Club Dr28.60582-81.37229
3238Lee Rd and Country Club Dr28.606066-81.371907
1896Lee Rd and Ctland St28.604348-81.406223
2873Lee Rd and Ctland St28.60417-81.406801
1903Lee Rd and Diplomat Cir28.606985-81.38823
2865Lee Rd and Diplomat Cir28.607523-81.388375
2872Lee Rd and Eggleston Ave28.605509-81.404793
2975Lee Rd and Eggleston Ave28.605321-81.404507
3910Lee Rd and Fremont Ave28.605951-81.381967
3904Lee Rd and Gloriosa Ave28.605694-81.382137
1897Lee Rd and Goddard Ave28.605738-81.401219
2871Lee Rd and Goddard Ave28.605989-81.402011
1898Lee Rd and Kingswood Dr28.605695-81.398732
2869Lee Rd and Kingswood Dr28.605955-81.398704
3201Lee Rd and Loren Ave28.606094-81.368349
3207Lee Rd and Loren Ave28.60584-81.367751
3911Lee Rd and N Wymore Rd28.605911-81.384735
3912Lee Rd and N Wymore Rd28.605658-81.384757
1899Lee Rd and Palace Ct28.605691-81.396072
2868Lee Rd and Palace Ct28.605935-81.396273
3905Lee Rd and Turner Rd28.605758-81.378087
3909Lee Rd and Turner Rd28.605993-81.378475
10002Live Oak Blvd and US 19228.245638-81.24298
1655Locust Ave and Celery Ave28.801414-81.2608
1577Locust Ave and E 4th St28.808511-81.260737
1651Locust Ave and E 5th St28.808363-81.260839
1576Locust Ave and E 7th St28.806183-81.260729
1652Locust Ave and E 7th St28.806424-81.260825
1574Locust Ave and E 11th St28.802892-81.260709
1654Locust Ave and E 11th St28.802804-81.2608
1575Locust St and E 9th St28.804374-81.26071
1653Locust St and E 9th St28.80416-81.26081
1719Long Rd and Barbara Rd28.610727-81.4347
1720Long Rd and Davy St28.604402-81.435137
5809Long Rd and North Lake Orlando Pky28.600864-81.434732
2911Long Rd and Point Look Out Rd28.605799-81.435042
2913Long Rd and Worth St28.608062-81.434904
6474Lotus Landing Blvd and Renaissance Pointe28.647426-81.41686
6475Lotus Landing Blvd and Windy Pl28.649812-81.41686
5844Lucerne Ter and Columbia St28.528394-81.38078
4282Lucerne Ter and W Gore St28.529859-81.380799
9872Lucien Way and Dean Jones Blvd28.622285-81.393472
9873Lucien Way and Dean Jones Blvd28.622145-81.394002
9874Lucien Way and S Keller Rd28.621634-81.398026
9875Lucien Way and S Keller Rd28.621472-81.39741
9871Lucien Way and S Lake Destiny Dr28.622873-81.390233
3067Lucien Way and S Lake Destiny Rd28.62514-81.388458
3074Lucien Way and S Lake Destiny Rd28.625152-81.38744
9870Lucien Way and S Lake Destiny Rd28.624152-81.390295
6317Lynx Ln and N John Young Pky28.572941-81.414048
5095Mable Butler Ave and Columbia St28.526558-81.420891
5065Mable Butler Ave and Starks St28.526565-81.420984
5093Mable Butler Ave and Wilts Cir S28.523241-81.420879
5067Mable Butler Ave and Wilts St28.522734-81.420979
4750Magnolia Ave and Jefferson St28.544775-81.377599
1879Magnolia Homes Rd and Alpert Dr28.622842-81.427369
6717Magnolia Homes Rd and Doctor Love Rd28.620322-81.4275
1878Magnolia Homes Rd and Dr Love Rd28.620033-81.427385
1877Magnolia Homes Rd and Edgewater Dr28.617173-81.427352
6718Magnolia Homes Rd and Edgewater Dr28.616547-81.427529
6716Magnolia Homes Rd and Magnolia Pointe Ln28.622474-81.427529
1876Magnolia Homes Rd and Orwood Rd28.614604-81.427374
6719Magnolia Homes Rd and Orwood Rd28.614528-81.427504
6533Maguire Blvd and E Colonial Dr28.552815-81.344862
6534Maguire Blvd and Fairgreen St28.551365-81.344598
4693Maguire Blvd and Lawton Rd28.559864-81.338566
4702Maguire Blvd and Lawton Rd28.559627-81.338686
4709Maguire Blvd and Warehouse Rd28.555576-81.344255
4687Maguire Blvd and Woodcock Rd28.556889-81.342919
9882Maitland Center Pky and N Keller Rd28.634613-81.397865
3072Maitland Center Pky and N Lake Destiny Rd28.633808-81.391123
3069Maitland Center Pky and Trafalgar Ct28.634206-81.391784
3068Maitland Center Pky and Winderley Pl28.634315-81.395363
3073Maitland Center Pky and Winderley Pl28.63462-81.395479
5150Major Blvd and Caravan Ct28.478065-81.455007
5151Major Blvd and Caravan Ct28.478058-81.457203
5152Major Blvd and Caravan Ct28.477697-81.456861
5153Major Blvd and Caravan Ct28.477709-81.454827
5146Major Blvd and Vineland Rd28.482485-81.455609
5147Major Blvd and Vineland Rd28.480619-81.453813
5156Major Blvd and Vineland Rd28.481286-81.454342
5148Major Boulevard and Caravan Court28.479193-81.453245
5149Major Boulevard and Caravan Court28.478314-81.453957
5154Major Boulevard and Caravan Court28.479317-81.452778
5155Major Boulevard and Vineland Road28.480881-81.453479
5949Malibu St and S Fanfair Ave28.536616-81.435994
5985Malibu St and S Fanfair Ave28.536704-81.436102
5947Malibu St and S Ivey Ln28.536716-81.434793
5984Malibu St and S Ivey Ln28.536617-81.43463
3826Mall Rd and S Clarke Rd28.554663-81.518438
2273Mandarin Dr and Anzio St28.455899-81.44627
2282Mandarin Dr and Anzio St28.455962-81.446165
2272Mandarin Dr and Belem St28.453595-81.446149
2283Mandarin Dr and Belem St28.453613-81.446252
2275Mandarin Dr and Pueblo St28.459409-81.446205
2280Mandarin Dr and Pueblo St28.459376-81.446301
2274Mandarin Dr and Skeena St28.457273-81.446187
2281Mandarin Dr and Skeena St28.457274-81.446277
2276Mandarin Dr and Vanguard St28.460849-81.446229
2279Mandarin Dr and Vanguard St28.460693-81.44632
2271Mandarin Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.450907-81.44605
2284Mandarin Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.450772-81.446277
9304Mangoustine Ave and Lexington Green Ln28.81242-81.282688
5170Marbello Blvd and Barrios Ave28.512043-81.438062
5172Marbello Blvd and Messina Ave28.511949-81.440659
5171Marbello Blvd and Ravenall Ave28.511955-81.439123
5648Marigold Ave and CR 58028.142101-81.469888
5655Marigold Ave and Haines City Rd28.139468-81.469596
1008Marigold Ave and Laurel Ave28.177431-81.485567
1000Marigold Ave and San Remo Rd28.164411-81.471355
1026Marigold Ave and Stepping Stone Blvd28.153326-81.470953
5656Marigold Ave and Walnut St28.131582-81.470416
6926Marker St and Altamonte Springs Sunrail28.663972-81.356701
9236Marks St and Magnolia Ave28.556859-81.377514
3009Martin St and Well Dr28.691285-81.51793
6169Maury Rd and Alexandra Ct28.582364-81.397561
6170Maury Rd and Alexandra Ct28.582332-81.398127
6172Maury Rd and Ardsley Dr28.581031-81.400059
2005Maury Rd and Edgewater Dr28.583539-81.392628
6185Maury Rd and Edgewater Dr28.583746-81.392566
6192Maury Rd and Grant Blvd28.583277-81.394992
2373Mccoy Rd and Central Ave28.450912-81.35874
10001Mccoy Rd and Daetwhyler Dr28.451147-81.338065
5311Mccoy Rd and Daetwyler Dr28.451408-81.337701
5312Mccoy Rd and Daetwyler Dr28.451268-81.340422
2377Mccoy Rd and Gondola Dr28.451153-81.359154
5565Mccoy Rd and N Frontage Rd28.451807-81.316387
5568Mccoy Rd and N Frontage Rd28.45181-81.317315
2372Mccoy Rd and Parkline Blvd28.450897-81.361094
2378Mccoy Rd and Parkline Blvd28.451096-81.361296
2371Mccoy Rd and S Orange Ave28.450877-81.362809
2374Mccoy Rd and State Rd 528 On Ramp W28.450948-81.354894
2375Mccoy Rd and State Rd 528 On Ramp W28.45132-81.351981
5569Mccoy Rd and Tradeport Dr28.451558-81.335729
5313Mccoy Rd and Via Flora28.451217-81.344743
10000Mccoy Rd and Via Flora Rd28.450936-81.344929
2895Meadow Creek Dr and Vistana Centre Dr28.369912-81.505738
2201Meadow Woods Sunrail Station and Landstar Blvd28.386276-81.373122
9297Medical City Dr and Sanger Rd28.367148-81.288115
4001Mercy Ave and Raymond St28.580382-81.322499
3313Mercy Dr and Brinell Ave28.558367-81.430426
3315Mercy Dr and Brinell Ave28.558502-81.430554
3297Mercy Dr and Colony Way28.561973-81.430479
3330Mercy Dr and El Rey Rd28.554955-81.430372
3312Mercy Dr and Fairvilla Rd28.556287-81.430387
4910Mercy Dr and Fairvilla Rd28.555816-81.430542
3306Mercy Dr and Kalwit Ln28.561873-81.430606
5950Mercy Dr and Kalwit Ln28.560514-81.430614
6201Mercy Dr and Mercy Industrial Ct28.580139-81.430933
2303Mercy Dr and Old Winter Garden Rd28.547735-81.430419
3308Mercy Dr and Old Winter Garden Rd28.548045-81.430222
3298Mercy Dr and Sampson Dr28.564832-81.430496
3305Mercy Dr and Sampson Dr28.564116-81.430618
6213Mercy Dr and Seaboard Rd28.583248-81.431003
6311Mercy Dr and Seaboard Rd28.581121-81.430821
6215Mercy Dr and Shader Rd28.585903-81.431037
2302Mercy Dr and Silver Star Rd28.577558-81.430877
6310Mercy Dr and Silver Star Rd28.577403-81.430718
3309Mercy Dr and W Colonial Dr28.550337-81.430246
3310Mercy Dr and W Colonial Dr28.552345-81.430341
3311Mercy Dr and W Colonial Dr28.553374-81.430325
3316Mercy Dr and W Colonial Dr28.553527-81.430499
3317Mercy Dr and W Colonial Dr28.551768-81.430535
3318Mercy Dr and W Colonial Dr28.550182-81.430434
3296Mercy Dr and W D Judge Dr28.560449-81.43047
3304Mercy Dr and W Hew Hampshire St28.566199-81.430622
3299Mercy Dr and W New Hampshire St28.566873-81.430506
3300Mercy Dr and W New Hampshire St28.568622-81.430555
3303Mercy Dr and W New Hampshire St28.568441-81.430728
3302Mercy Dr and W Princeton St28.569841-81.430762
5956Mercy Dr and W Princeton St28.569872-81.430536
6686Mercy Dr and W Princeton St28.572154-81.430569
5173Messina Ave and Marbello Blvd28.512877-81.440928
5174Messina Ave and Vargas St28.513895-81.44149
5263Metrocenter Blvd and Metrowest Blvd28.517596-81.468664
5264Metrocenter Blvd and Metrowest Blvd28.517952-81.468378
5261Metrocenter Blvd and Valencia Community College Dr28.519607-81.468489
5262Metrocenter Blvd and Valencia Community College Dr28.519709-81.468349
9144Metrowest Blvd and Metro Park Cir28.515094-81.466559
9145Metrowest Blvd and Metro Park Cir28.514689-81.466494
5265Metrowest Blvd and Wilshire Dr28.513672-81.462482
5266Metrowest Blvd and Wilshire Dr28.514-81.462426
646Michigan Ave and Boulder Dr28.309061-81.391191
658Michigan Ave and Cherokee Dr28.312686-81.391421
7051Michigan Ave and Clay St28.588627-81.374273
915Michigan Ave and Cypress Arbor Pl28.322423-81.391399
7048Michigan Ave and E Carroll St28.326528-81.391393
661Michigan Ave and E Donegan Ave28.318829-81.391177
667Michigan Ave and E Donegan Ave28.31853-81.391416
7047Michigan Ave and Garden St28.334556-81.39072
7050Michigan Ave and Garden St28.334942-81.390383
647Michigan Ave and Lake Dr28.312392-81.391187
7049Michigan Ave and Lee Bel St28.328904-81.391174
7444Michigan Ave and Lee Bel St28.32868-81.391419
660Michigan Ave and Marygon St28.306549-81.391426
806Michigan Ave and Mill Creek Cir28.32117-81.391175
868Michigan Ave and Mill Run Blvd28.337554-81.389991
7045Michigan Ave and Mill Run Blvd28.337691-81.389696
648Michigan Ave and Mill Slough Rd28.315098-81.391177
719Michigan Ave and Mill Slough Rd28.316094-81.391162
9187Michigan Ave and Oak Grove Ct28.332181-81.391049
659Michigan Ave and Ocean St28.309538-81.391417
645Michigan Ave and Parade Ave28.306164-81.391184
7046Michigan Ave and Ridge St28.33902-81.389298
869Michigan Ave and Sawdust Trl28.331667-81.391354
807Michigan Ave and Woodcrest Blvd28.325246-81.39117
649Mill Slough Rd and Brookside Ct28.315219-81.388243
651Mill Slough Rd and Denn John Ln28.31451-81.379262
654Mill Slough Rd and Denn John Ln28.315266-81.379618
656Mill Slough Rd and Mill Run Blvd28.315363-81.386783
650Mill Slough Rd and Pine Tree Ter28.315171-81.384328
655Mill Slough Rd and Shenandoah Ln28.31532-81.383143
657Mill Slough Rd and Town and Country Dr28.315355-81.38823
5552Millenia Blvd and Conroy Rd28.489044-81.432014
5555Millenia Blvd and Conroy Rd28.489282-81.431333
5256Millenia Blvd and Northbridge Dr28.477745-81.442154
5257Millenia Blvd and Northbridge Dr28.47793-81.442405
5745Millenia Blvd and Northbridge Dr28.481403-81.442407
5746Millenia Blvd and Northbridge Dr28.48142-81.442176
5811Millenia Blvd and Northbridge Dr28.479231-81.442158
5812Millenia Blvd and Northbridge Dr28.479758-81.44239
5559Millenia Blvd and Radebaugh Way28.485016-81.441058
5560Millenia Blvd and Radebaugh Way28.48496-81.440756
5271Millenia Blvd and The Villages Apartments 28.475948-81.442142
5550Millenia Blvd and Topiary Dr28.486923-81.438533
5551Millenia Blvd and Topiary Dr28.488138-81.43452
5268Millenia Blvd and W Oak Ridge Rd28.47585-81.442371
5269Millenia Blvd and W Oak Ridge Rd28.472728-81.442359
5270Millenia Blvd and W Oak Ridge Rd28.473395-81.442135
4463Mills Ave N and E Colonial Dr28.552579-81.364371
5951Minnesota Ave and Clay St28.589429-81.373474
2964Mohawk Dr and Holly Creek Rd28.736963-81.623785
2965Mohawk Dr and Holly St28.741413-81.623847
1023Monterey Rd and Altera Ct28.158694-81.482416
1015Monterey Rd and Barrington Dr28.168468-81.493527
1019Monterey Rd and Brentford Ct28.163612-81.488901
1018Monterey Rd and Bristol Cir28.163209-81.491657
1022Monterey Rd and Catalina Ct28.161118-81.482819
1010Monterey Rd and Cumbran Ln28.174356-81.489074
1014Monterey Rd and Dorchester Ct28.171982-81.493749
1017Monterey Rd and Elbridge Dr28.164562-81.493254
1013Monterey Rd and Hazel Grove Ct28.173081-81.493707
1021Monterey Rd and Pompei Dr28.162755-81.483334
1020Monterey Rd and Rosaro Ct28.164032-81.486201
1012Monterey Rd and Savona Pl28.174452-81.492197
1011Monterey Rd and Van Loon Ct28.174917-81.49127
1016Monterey Rd and York Ct28.16628-81.493391
1263Montgomery Rd and North St28.685404-81.402869
1264Montgomery Rd and North St28.683861-81.402791
1265Montgomery Rd and North St28.683437-81.402506
1262Montgomery Rd and W SR 43428.685566-81.402598
3131Morse Blvd and New York Ave28.597875-81.35308
4956Municipal Dr and International Dr28.462035-81.452372
3494N Alafaya Trl and Alafaya Woods Ct28.585162-81.207919
3786N Alafaya Trl and Boardwalk Dr28.586354-81.207642
3583N Alafaya Trl and Centaurus Dr W28.602849-81.207491
3489N Alafaya Trl and Central Florida Blvd28.593905-81.20812
3476N Alafaya Trl and Challenger Pky28.572963-81.20758
3499N Alafaya Trl and Challenger Pky28.573603-81.207933
3477N Alafaya Trl and Cochin St28.574619-81.207599
3498N Alafaya Trl and Cochin St28.57517-81.207951
3496N Alafaya Trl and College Park Trl28.579841-81.207919
3479N Alafaya Trl and Coral Reef Dr28.580545-81.207578
3787N Alafaya Trl and Corporate Blvd28.607165-81.207768
3584N Alafaya Trl and Gemini Blvd N28.607978-81.207433
3585N Alafaya Trl and Golden Knight Cir28.609811-81.207444
3586N Alafaya Trl and Golden Knight Cir28.610009-81.207774
3497N Alafaya Trl and Graduate Dr28.576945-81.207963
3478N Alafaya Trl and Huntsman Ln28.576444-81.207621
3495N Alafaya Trl and Lokanotosa Trl28.58279-81.207908
3481N Alafaya Trl and Mackay Blvd28.588281-81.20827
3492N Alafaya Trl and Mackay Blvd28.588089-81.208559
3483N Alafaya Trl and Mendel Dr28.59168-81.208817
3490N Alafaya Trl and Mendel Dr28.591931-81.209136
3501N Alafaya Trl and Orpington St28.568589-81.207922
6647N Alafaya Trl and Orpington St28.568295-81.207527
3484N Alafaya Trl and Pasteur Dr28.595295-81.207678
3488N Alafaya Trl and Pasteur Dr28.59551-81.208
3480N Alafaya Trl and Science Dr28.583521-81.207563
3487N Alafaya Trl and Strategy Blvd28.600621-81.207888
3485N Alafaya Trl and University Blvd28.597468-81.207544
3482N Alafaya Trl and Walden Woods Dr28.590184-81.208851
3491N Alafaya Trl and Walden Woods Dr28.590463-81.209241
4008N Bumby Ave and Corrine Dr28.567218-81.35183
4537N Bumby Ave and E Central Blvd28.542144-81.351938
6246N Bumby Ave and E Colonial Dr28.552574-81.352148
4014N Bumby Ave and E Concord St28.551217-81.351917
4384N Bumby Ave and E Jefferson St28.544802-81.352035
4016N Bumby Ave and E Livingston St28.547105-81.352117
4326N Bumby Ave and E Robinson St28.546236-81.351846
9250N Bumby Ave and E Rosedale Rd28.554174-81.352188
4496N Bumby Ave and E Washington St28.544481-81.3518
6529N Bumby Ave and Jaimie Circle28.557022-81.352142
6243N Bumby Ave and Jamie Cir28.557045-81.352053
4772N Bumby Ave and Rosedale Rd28.553933-81.351985
3992N Bumby Ave and Virginia Dr28.565422-81.351683
4009N Bumby Ave and Virginia Dr28.565398-81.351787
3989N Bumby Ave and Vivada St28.561177-81.351616
6245N Bumby Ave and Vivada St28.561108-81.351757
678N Centrlal Ave and W Cherry St28.303727-81.407925
677N Centrlal Ave and W Columbia Ave28.30707-81.407892
711N Centrlal Ave and W Cypress St28.306507-81.407768
7001N Centrlal Ave and W Lake St28.299888-81.407925
679N Centrlal Ave and W Oak St28.301067-81.407915
710N Centrlal Ave and W Orange St28.30258-81.407708
3661N Chickasaw Trl and Autumn Wood Dr28.547608-81.277447
3683N Chickasaw Trl and Autumn Wood Dr28.547605-81.277658
3663N Chickasaw Trl and Fenwick Dr28.551538-81.277556
3681N Chickasaw Trl and Mendham Blvd28.551283-81.277768
3664N Chickasaw Trl and Valencia College Ln28.553226-81.277568
3680N Chickasaw Trl and Valencia College Ln28.552972-81.277803
3662N Chickasaw Trl and Winter Song Dr28.549418-81.277483
3682N Chickasaw Trl and Winter Song Dr28.549373-81.277682
3858N Clarke Rd and E Silver Star Rd28.573182-81.5175
3859N Clarke Rd and E Silver Star Rd28.570794-81.517519
3862N Clarke Rd and E Silver Star Rd28.571777-81.517273
3135N Denning Dr and Symonds Ave28.598668-81.360957
3136N Denning Dr and W Canton Ave28.600695-81.361004
3148N Denning Dr and W Morse Blvd28.597357-81.361122
3137N Denning Dr and W Swoope Ave28.602104-81.361037
3146N Denning Dr and W Swoope Ave28.601698-81.361204
6967N Division St and Grove Park Dr28.542802-81.384999
996N Doverplum Ave and Koa St28.156318-81.452207
995N Doverplum Ave and Precinct 30628.151556-81.453406
994N Doverplum Ave and Rally Dr28.148328-81.453311
3455N Econlockhatchee Trl and E Colonial Dr28.567761-81.253419
3462N Econlockhatchee Trl and E Colonial Dr28.566466-81.253079
3457N Econlockhatchee Trl and Millinockett Ln28.560594-81.253122
3460N Econlockhatchee Trl and Millinockett Ln28.560639-81.252898
3459N Econlockhatchee Trl and Shepton St28.551622-81.252664
3456N Econlockhatchee Trl and Sundance Ct28.563152-81.253158
3461N Econlockhatchee Trl and Sundance Ct28.563692-81.253029
3458N Econlockhatchee Trl and Valencia Gardens Dr28.556227-81.252971
6672N Econlockhatchee Trl and Valencia Gardens Dr28.556803-81.252673
5948N Fanfair Ave and Edgemoor St28.542242-81.437339
5987N Fanfair Ave and Edgemoor St28.54231-81.437248
5807N Forsyth Rd and Aloma Ave28.605866-81.298979
5815N Forsyth Rd and Aloma Forsyth Center28.603186-81.298984
3564N Forsyth Rd and Astro St28.589967-81.2947
3566N Forsyth Rd and Easter St28.59584-81.298823
3562N Forsyth Rd and Gardner St28.583491-81.294527
3563N Forsyth Rd and Gardner St28.587165-81.294597
3565N Forsyth Rd and Green Needle Dr28.59151-81.296307
3561N Forsyth Rd and Hanging Moss Rd28.579843-81.294477
3567N Forsyth Rd and University Blvd28.598215-81.298862
5798N Forsyth Rd and University Blvd28.600379-81.298938
6968N Garland Ave and E Jefferson St28.545032-81.381748
4830N Garland Ave and W Amelia St28.548485-81.381258
4854N Garland Ave and W Amelia St28.548881-81.381792
6849N Garland Ave and W Amelia St28.54796-81.381269
6850N Garland Ave and W Amelia St28.548913-81.381272
4827N Garland Ave and W Central Blvd28.54241-81.381693
4076N Garland Ave and W Washington St28.544173-81.381715
3574N Goldenrod Rd and Brandywood Cir28.591644-81.286601
3577N Goldenrod Rd and Daniel Webster Dr28.583809-81.286449
3582N Goldenrod Rd and E Colonial Dr28.570146-81.286271
3578N Goldenrod Rd and Eucalyptus St28.581124-81.286406
3350N Goldenrod Rd and Georgeann St28.599364-81.286761
3348N Goldenrod Rd and Glenmoor Blvd28.603186-81.286811
3575N Goldenrod Rd and Laurel Springs Dr28.589938-81.286568
3580N Goldenrod Rd and Partridge Ln28.574512-81.286314
3581N Goldenrod Rd and Puritan Rd28.572092-81.286281
3573N Goldenrod Rd and Restful St28.593013-81.286628
3579N Goldenrod Rd and Stratford Blvd28.578456-81.286368
3349N Goldenrod Rd and Sun Key Blvd28.601109-81.28679
3571N Goldenrod Rd and University Blvd28.596693-81.286702
3572N Goldenrod Rd and University Garden Dr28.594783-81.286661
3576N Goldenrod Rd and Whisperwood Dr28.586048-81.286498
2046N Hiawassee Rd and Almena St28.576445-81.476176
2047N Hiawassee Rd and Almena St28.575253-81.476125
2572N Hiawassee Rd and Almena St28.575424-81.475914
2049N Hiawassee Rd and Ambassador Dr28.569784-81.476085
2297N Hiawassee Rd and Ambassador Dr28.569562-81.475861
2048N Hiawassee Rd and Anoka Dr28.57186-81.476107
2571N Hiawassee Rd and Anoka Dr28.57242-81.475894
2063N Hiawassee Rd and Balboa Dr28.558747-81.476003
6030N Hiawassee Rd and Beggs Rd28.626062-81.476402
6031N Hiawassee Rd and Beggs Rd28.624855-81.476117
2154N Hiawassee Rd and Bentley Pl Way28.550326-81.475963
2876N Hiawassee Rd and Bentley Pl Way28.550648-81.475689
2293N Hiawassee Rd and Blanche Ct28.560328-81.475798
6024N Hiawassee Rd and Clarcona Ocoee Rd28.614169-81.476291
6025N Hiawassee Rd and Clarcona Ocoee Rd28.6133-81.476077
1914N Hiawassee Rd and Colony Oaks Ln28.605867-81.476083
2909N Hiawassee Rd and Coral Cove Dr28.595509-81.476255
5788N Hiawassee Rd and Coral Cove Dr28.59264-81.476219
6026N Hiawassee Rd and Crescent Ridge Rd28.618673-81.476349
6027N Hiawassee Rd and Crescent Ridge Rd28.618715-81.47608
1992N Hiawassee Rd and Crooked Lake Trl28.609942-81.476342
6028N Hiawassee Rd and Goldeneye Dr28.622452-81.476375
6029N Hiawassee Rd and Goldeneye Dr28.622451-81.476111
2151N Hiawassee Rd and Grand Junction Blvd28.542392-81.475678
2157N Hiawassee Rd and Grand Junction Blvd28.542242-81.475932
2050N Hiawassee Rd and Hennepin Blvd28.567577-81.476074
2296N Hiawassee Rd and Hennepin Blvd28.567884-81.475851
2295N Hiawassee Rd and Henrich Dr28.563693-81.475818
1913N Hiawassee Rd and Hiawassee Meadows Dr28.600916-81.476055
1995N Hiawassee Rd and Hiawassee Spring Ln28.587657-81.476215
1910N Hiawassee Rd and Hickory Branch Cir28.581884-81.475944
1997N Hiawassee Rd and Hickory Branch Cir28.58191-81.476176
1994N Hiawassee Rd and Hyland Oaks Dr28.599978-81.476297
2292N Hiawassee Rd and John Alden Way28.556722-81.475764
2837N Hiawassee Rd and John Alden Way28.556677-81.475998
2173N Hiawassee Rd and Kristin Ct28.560865-81.476019
2910N Hiawassee Rd and Nestor St28.595704-81.476026
5787N Hiawassee Rd and Nestor St28.59277-81.475983
6032N Hiawassee Rd and Oakmore Ln28.630324-81.47659
6033N Hiawassee Rd and Oakmore Ln28.630459-81.476326
1915N Hiawassee Rd and Rembrandt Dr28.609536-81.476076
2064N Hiawassee Rd and River Oaks Dr28.554241-81.476043
2291N Hiawassee Rd and River Oaks Dr28.55398-81.475776
6643N Hiawassee Rd and Silver Star Rd28.57928-81.475924
1911N Hiawassee Rd and Stardust Ln28.584042-81.475957
1912N Hiawassee Rd and Stardust Ln28.588223-81.475965
1996N Hiawassee Rd and Stardust Ln28.584142-81.476203
2152N Hiawassee Rd and Tallowtree Ln28.544223-81.475664
2156N Hiawassee Rd and Tallowtree Ln28.543952-81.475941
2153N Hiawassee Rd and W Livingston St28.546407-81.475579
2155N Hiawassee Rd and W Livingston St28.546273-81.475922
6107N Hiawassee Rd and Wakiva Hs28.637643-81.474856
6108N Hiawassee Rd and Wakiva Hs28.63744-81.475174
1993N Hiawassee Rd and White Trilllium Cir28.607083-81.476318
2051N Hiawassee Rd and Willowwood St28.564677-81.476067
6644N Hiawassee Road and Silver Star Road28.578424-81.476202
4088N Hughey Ave and W Concord St28.551674-81.383124
4851N Hughey Ave and W Livingston St28.547708-81.383113
4089N Hughey Ave and W Robinson St28.54533-81.382948
6966N Hughey Ave and W Washington St28.544165-81.38296
2298N Ivey Ln and Old Winter Garden Rd28.54686-81.434506
2304N Ivey Ln and W Robinson St28.54515-81.434677
4996N Ivey Ln and W Robinson St28.544832-81.434409
6061N John Young Pkwy and Centerview Blvd28.337751-81.419537
6470N John Young Pkwy and W Princeton St28.572566-81.41635
743N John Young Pky and Amberwood Blvd28.322256-81.416292
752N John Young Pky and Amberwood Blvd28.322169-81.41586
1055N John Young Pky and Ball Park Rd28.336695-81.419801
745N John Young Pky and Bermuda Lakes Ln28.312161-81.416207
750N John Young Pky and Bermuda Lakes Ln28.312065-81.415719
4918N John Young Pky and Business Center Blvd28.547749-81.413549
4919N John Young Pky and Business Center Blvd28.549899-81.413587
706N John Young Pky and June St28.296455-81.415905
601N John Young Pky and Lyndell Dr28.314917-81.416238
736N John Young Pky and Lyndell Dr28.315718-81.415777
705N John Young Pky and Mabbette St28.293347-81.415955
682N John Young Pky and Martin Luther King Blvd28.298006-81.416203
737N John Young Pky and Mobile Park Ln28.320222-81.416294
986N John Young Pky and Mobile Park Ln28.320072-81.415871
1056N John Young Pky and Ravenwood Cir28.334732-81.41877
1058N John Young Pky and Ravenwood Cir28.335125-81.418677
615N John Young Pky and Regatta Bay Blvd28.33051-81.415919
5761N John Young Pky and Regatta Bay Blvd28.331971-81.41661
5762N John Young Pky and Regatta Bay Blvd28.332245-81.416302
6315N John Young Pky and Silver Star Rd28.577036-81.416579
9837N John Young Pky and Silver Star Rd28.576712-81.416188
744N John Young Pky and Summerfield Ln28.318198-81.416275
742N John Young Pky and W Carroll St28.327085-81.416296
753N John Young Pky and W Carroll St28.327715-81.415922
7006N John Young Pky and W Columbia Ave28.307495-81.416149
7007N John Young Pky and W Columbia Ave28.308944-81.415691
751N John Young Pky and W Donegan Ave28.318566-81.415872
707N John Young Pky and W Lake St28.300353-81.415876
5754N John Young Pky and W Lake St28.299618-81.416167
7008N John Young Pky and W Vine St28.303776-81.416152
7009N John Young Pky and W Vine St28.303618-81.415783
9880N Keller Rd and Maitland Blvd28.629064-81.398373
9881N Keller Rd and Maitland Blvd28.629782-81.398645
9883N Keller Rd and Maitland Center Pky28.63408-81.39873
2770N Kirkman Rd and State Rd 408 Off Ramp E28.547168-81.457941
2769N Kirkman Rd and W Concord Ave28.551002-81.456741
2776N Kirkman Rd and W Concord Ave28.550402-81.456527
2771N Kirkman Rd and W Washington St28.543315-81.458401
2774N Kirkman Rd and W Washington St28.542683-81.458028
2775N Kirkman Road and State Road 408 On Ramp E28.546913-81.457683
3070N Lake Destiny Rd and Lake Destiny Rd28.63827-81.388175
3071N Lake Destiny Rd and Lake Destiny Rd28.637705-81.388232
3173N Lakemont Ave and Aloma Ave28.599283-81.327826
3175N Lakemont Ave and Aloma Ave28.600062-81.328086
3176N Lakemont Ave and Goodrich Ave28.598555-81.327994
3172N Lakemont Ave and Mizell Ave28.596034-81.327819
3177N Lakemont Ave and Mizell Ave28.596352-81.327955
3941N Magnolia Ave and E Amelia St28.549657-81.376723
4753N Magnolia Ave and E Central Blvd28.542372-81.377567
4754N Magnolia Ave and E Central Blvd28.542456-81.377445
3942N Magnolia Ave and E Concord St28.550678-81.376738
4749N Magnolia Ave and E Jefferson St28.544798-81.377512
3944N Magnolia Ave and E Marks St28.556627-81.376795
4751N Magnolia Ave and E Washington St28.543731-81.377572
4752N Magnolia Ave and E Washington St28.543766-81.377456
3943N Magnolia Ave and W Colonial Dr28.553395-81.376765
690N Main St and E Bass St28.298741-81.403564
693N Main St and E Cypress St28.305631-81.403571
691N Main St and E Oak St28.300741-81.403564
692N Main St and E Orange St28.302886-81.403557
699N Main St and W Bass St28.298594-81.403828
694N Main St and W Columbia Ave28.309606-81.403582
695N Main St and W Columbia Ave28.309357-81.403817
696N Main St and W Cypress St28.30588-81.403814
698N Main St and W Lake St28.300033-81.403822
9863N Main St and W Orange St28.302823-81.403819
1638N Mangoustine Ave and Fulton St28.813344-81.282596
1639N Mangoustine Ave and NW US Hwy 17-9228.814726-81.282606
9137N Mangoustine Ave and NW US Hwy 17-9228.814992-81.282748
4459N Mills Ave and E Amelia St28.549309-81.364334
4460N Mills Ave and E Amelia St28.548999-81.36448
4461N Mills Ave and E Concord St28.551197-81.36436
4462N Mills Ave and E Concord St28.551433-81.364517
4841N Mills Ave and E Princeton St28.568918-81.364597
9177N Mills Ave and Hillcrest St28.552425-81.364517
4840N Mills Ave and Illinois St28.555999-81.364354
4607N Mills Ave and Lake Highland Dr28.560872-81.364347
4640N Mills Ave and Lake Highland Dr28.561634-81.364579
4831N Mills Ave and Mccamy St28.567778-81.364338
4833N Mills Ave and Nebraska St28.566038-81.364341
4834N Mills Ave and Nebraska St28.566215-81.364585
4641N Mills Ave and Oregon St28.560099-81.364572
5723N Mills Ave and Park Lake St28.555311-81.364589
4457N Mills Ave and Ridgewood St28.546598-81.364291
4458N Mills Ave and Ridgewood St28.546857-81.36445
4608N Mills Ave and Virginia Dr28.563219-81.36434
4639N Mills Ave and Virginia Dr28.563519-81.36458
4161N Mills Ave and Weber St28.558316-81.364568
4642N Mills Ave and Weber St28.55843-81.364337
4829N Orange Ave and Cheney Pl28.553904-81.379301
3953N Orange Ave and Clay Ave28.579565-81.372224
3956N Orange Ave and Clay Ave28.579713-81.37226
9237N Orange Ave and Concord St28.551623-81.379289
6168N Orange Ave and E Evans St28.578184-81.37294
3960N Orange Ave and E Harvard St28.570575-81.372882
3948N Orange Ave and E New Hampshire St28.567874-81.372625
3961N Orange Ave and E New Hampshire St28.56786-81.372771
3962N Orange Ave and E New Hampshire St28.566603-81.372798
3950N Orange Ave and E Rollins St28.574509-81.372775
3959N Orange Ave and E Rollins St28.573698-81.372941
4680N Orange Ave and E Smith St28.572354-81.372943
4681N Orange Ave and E Smith St28.572023-81.372739
3949N Orange Ave and E Yale St28.570044-81.37268
3957N Orange Ave and Guava St28.577179-81.373076
3964N Orange Ave and Highland Ave28.561134-81.37443
5991N Orange Ave and Legion Pl28.558312-81.37909
3963N Orange Ave and N Ivanhoe Blvd E28.565495-81.372802
3965N Orange Ave and N Magnolia Ave28.55917-81.377707
3966N Orange Ave and Park Lake St28.554889-81.379314
3946N Orange Ave and S Ivanhoe Blvd28.560136-81.375804
9835N Orange Ave and Virginia Dr28.565859-81.372626
3968N Orange Ave and W Amelia St28.54963-81.379249
3971N Orange Ave and W Jefferson St28.544446-81.379141
3969N Orange Ave and W Livingston St28.546976-81.379199
4671N Orange Ave and W Marks St28.556503-81.379335
3954N Orange Ave and Westminster St28.581669-81.369776
3955N Orange Ave and Westminster St28.581751-81.369897
3958N Orange Avenue and E Spruce Street28.575596-81.372999
3258N Orange Blossom Trl and Ace Rd28.589377-81.412165
3259N Orange Blossom Trl and Ace Rd28.591224-81.413098
3264N Orange Blossom Trl and Ace Rd28.590766-81.413285
3265N Orange Blossom Trl and Ace Rd28.588436-81.412063
1736N Orange Blossom Trl and All American Blvd28.6074-81.423562
1733N Orange Blossom Trl and Aquatic Dr28.586886-81.410852
1743N Orange Blossom Trl and Brownell St28.630348-81.449901
2912N Orange Blossom Trl and Brownell St28.628922-81.449386
6055N Orange Blossom Trl and Brownell St28.627648-81.448135
1734N Orange Blossom Trl and Carder Rd28.600092-81.417806
923N Orange Blossom Trl and Centerview Blvd28.342116-81.40355
926N Orange Blossom Trl and Centerview Blvd28.343155-81.403955
1737N Orange Blossom Trl and Cinderlane Pkwy28.610862-81.428855
1768N Orange Blossom Trl and Cinderlane Pky28.61142-81.430278
1738N Orange Blossom Trl and Clarcona Ocoee Rd28.613243-81.432858
1767N Orange Blossom Trl and Corona Dr28.613951-81.434386
921N Orange Blossom Trl and Country Blvd28.334203-81.403535
928N Orange Blossom Trl and Country Blvd28.332951-81.403892
4082N Orange Blossom Trl and Country Club Dr28.560053-81.397471
4396N Orange Blossom Trl and Country Club Dr28.559766-81.397047
1732N Orange Blossom Trl and Cozy Cove Cir28.584863-81.409733
3266N Orange Blossom Trl and Cozy Cove Cir28.584842-81.410035
918N Orange Blossom Trl and E Donegan Ave28.319813-81.403586
6109N Orange Blossom Trl and E Jackson St28.322905-81.403585
919N Orange Blossom Trl and E Keen St28.325733-81.403601
933N Orange Blossom Trl and E Tremont Ave28.31353-81.403835
3254N Orange Blossom Trl and Glen Eagles Way28.566431-81.401707
9923N Orange Blossom Trl and Golfview St28.563615-81.399387
931N Orange Blossom Trl and Hilda St28.317906-81.403834
1955N Orange Blossom Trl and Jones Ave28.730751-81.605758
1963N Orange Blossom Trl and Jones Ave28.731181-81.606628
2690N Orange Blossom Trl and Junction Rd28.717197-81.589744
3262N Orange Blossom Trl and Lake Breeze Dr28.596763-81.41646
1956N Orange Blossom Trl and Laughlin Rd28.733919-81.6093
924N Orange Blossom Trl and Mary Louis Ln28.345928-81.403607
925N Orange Blossom Trl and Mary Louis Ln28.345978-81.40405
1740N Orange Blossom Trl and Mott Ave28.616358-81.437393
1766N Orange Blossom Trl and Mott Ave28.616048-81.437405
3260N Orange Blossom Trl and Nowak Dr28.59361-81.4144
3261N Orange Blossom Trl and Nowak Dr28.595221-81.415252
3263N Orange Blossom Trl and Nowak Dr28.595229-81.415614
5965N Orange Blossom Trl and Nowak Dr28.592612-81.414256
1771N Orange Blossom Trl and Pky Center Ct28.601434-81.418899
4795N Orange Blossom Trl and Polk St28.54413-81.397413
1741N Orange Blossom Trl and Pope Rd28.618028-81.439791
1765N Orange Blossom Trl and Pope Rd28.617892-81.440031
1954N Orange Blossom Trl and Robinson St28.7288-81.603495
1964N Orange Blossom Trl and Robinson St28.72872-81.603761
4895N Orange Blossom Trl and Roosevelt Ave28.577417-81.407195
1735N Orange Blossom Trl and Rosamond Dr28.604341-81.420341
1769N Orange Blossom Trl and Rosamond Dr28.606693-81.423201
1770N Orange Blossom Trl and Rosamond Dr28.603505-81.420146
1742N Orange Blossom Trl and Rose Ave28.619434-81.441819
1764N Orange Blossom Trl and Rose Ave28.619272-81.442047
3257N Orange Blossom Trl and Rubens St28.581226-81.407824
1731N Orange Blossom Trl and Silver Star Rd28.578014-81.4069
3267N Orange Blossom Trl and Silver Star Rd28.579538-81.407354
3256N Orange Blossom Trl and Traylor Blvd28.574313-81.406561
3268N Orange Blossom Trl and Traylor Blvd28.573184-81.406369
929N Orange Blossom Trl and Tropical Lake Dr28.328543-81.403836
4789N Orange Blossom Trl and W Colonial Dr28.552624-81.395559
4790N Orange Blossom Trl and W Colonial Dr28.553277-81.39572
4792N Orange Blossom Trl and W Concord St28.551169-81.39639
917N Orange Blossom Trl and W Hilda St28.317668-81.403579
6110N Orange Blossom Trl and W Jackson St28.322716-81.403847
930N Orange Blossom Trl and W Keen St28.325426-81.403835
3271N Orange Blossom Trl and W New Hampshire St28.567433-81.402864
3269N Orange Blossom Trl and W Princeton St28.572068-81.405662
4896N Orange Blossom Trl and W Princeton St28.572855-81.405868
4203N Orange Blossom Trl and W Robinson St28.54628-81.397232
4793N Orange Blossom Trl and W Robinson St28.546189-81.397475
4794N Orange Blossom Trl and W Washington St28.543628-81.39719
916N Orange Blossom Trl and Washington Ave28.314717-81.403578
2691N Orange Blossom Trl and Wesley Rd28.716317-81.589256
1953N Orange Blossom Trl and Winifred Ave28.723769-81.597634
1965N Orange Blossom Trl and Winifred Ave28.723152-81.59723
920N Orange Blossom Trl and Woodland Creek28.329467-81.403571
5712N Orange Blossom Trl and Woodruff Ave28.564735-81.400477
3140N Orlando Ave and Dixon Ave28.60821-81.365062
3084N Orlando Ave and E George Ave28.629678-81.363394
3088N Orlando Ave and E George Ave28.629324-81.363693
7052N Orlando Ave and E Sybelia Ave28.631865-81.363167
9217N Orlando Ave and E Sybelia Ave28.631567-81.362966
9916N Orlando Ave and Gay Rd28.602052-81.365257
3143N Orlando Ave and Glendon Pky28.60912-81.36538
3096N Orlando Ave and Mayo Ave28.63624-81.359431
3086N Orlando Ave and Versailles Dr28.634278-81.3614
3089N Orlando Ave and W Horatio Ave28.628028-81.363669
6948N Palmetto St and Lake Mary Sunrail28.758702-81.317912
7053N Park Ave and E Magnolia St28.678925-81.509564
3030N Park Ave and E Martin St28.690352-81.50953
3001N Park Ave and E Oak St28.681057-81.509331
3033N Park Ave and E Oak St28.680898-81.509546
3029N Park Ave and E Thrush St28.695964-81.509424
3003N Park Ave and Lake Mccoy Dr28.688053-81.509311
3031N Park Ave and Lake Mccoy Dr28.688185-81.509525
3002N Park Ave and Votaw Rd28.684318-81.509303
3032N Park Ave and Votaw Rd28.684321-81.509519
4209N Parramore Ave and Ossie St28.543304-81.389008
4211N Parramore Ave and W Livingston St28.547377-81.389058
4233N Parramore Ave and W Livingston St28.547696-81.389174
4210N Parramore Ave and W Robinson St28.545401-81.389028
4235N Parramore Ave and W Robinson St28.545485-81.389144
4236N Parramore Ave and W Washington St28.543663-81.389116
1281N Pearl Lake Cswy and Palm Cir28.663447-81.427289
1111N Pearl Lake Cswy and Pisgah Dr28.664342-81.42736
2112N Pine Hills Raod and Deauville Dr28.555841-81.447899
2111N Pine Hills Rd and Balboa Dr28.55814-81.448996
2758N Pine Hills Rd and Balboa Dr28.559193-81.449211
2081N Pine Hills Rd and Belco Dr28.581259-81.451466
9166N Pine Hills Rd and Belco Dr28.580897-81.451677
1715N Pine Hills Rd and Clarcona Ocoee Rd28.611084-81.451642
1713N Pine Hills Rd and Clarion Dr28.607287-81.451545
2759N Pine Hills Rd and Dolores Dr28.561826-81.449639
2920N Pine Hills Rd and Dolores Dr28.561614-81.449939
2110N Pine Hills Rd and Ferdinand Dr28.566745-81.451577
2761N Pine Hills Rd and Ferdinand Dr28.566637-81.451243
2106N Pine Hills Rd and Figwood Ln28.576381-81.451611
2107N Pine Hills Rd and Figwood Ln28.574838-81.452074
2764N Pine Hills Rd and Figwood Ln28.575394-81.451578
2099N Pine Hills Rd and Fir Dr28.594659-81.451527
2767N Pine Hills Rd and Fir Dr28.594624-81.451309
2109N Pine Hills Rd and Hernandes Dr28.569574-81.452274
2762N Pine Hills Rd and Hernandes Dr28.569776-81.452004
2108N Pine Hills Rd and Indialantic Dr28.572051-81.452307
2763N Pine Hills Rd and Indialantic Dr28.572298-81.452037
2101N Pine Hills Rd and Indian Hill Rd28.588823-81.451605
2765N Pine Hills Rd and Indian Hill Rd28.589702-81.45139
1712N Pine Hills Rd and Liming Ave28.601039-81.451375
2103N Pine Hills Rd and Londonberry Blvd28.584332-81.45165
2768N Pine Hills Rd and North Ln28.596169-81.451293
1714N Pine Hills Rd and Pine Cluster Ln28.609376-81.451589
2083N Pine Hills Rd and Pipes O The Glen Way28.586059-81.451142
2066N Pine Hills Rd and Sunniland Dr28.557602-81.44844
2065N Pine Hills Rd and W Colonial Dr28.553897-81.447417
2113N Pine Hills Road and Alhambra Drive28.554352-81.447696
2760N Pine Hills Road and Elinore Drive28.563879-81.45014
6014N Pine Hills Road and Elinore Drive28.5638-81.450392
2102N Pine Hills Road and Pipes O The Glen Way28.58539-81.451418
2100N Pine Hills Road and Van Aken Drive28.591789-81.451568
2766N Pine Hills Road and Van Aken Drive28.591794-81.451347
2082N Pine Hills Road and Via Major28.583644-81.451445
6494N Poinciana Blvd and W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy28.333981-81.489414
2043N Powers Dr and Ambassador Dr28.570397-81.467629
6171N Powers Dr and Ambassador Dr28.570156-81.467769
6175N Powers Dr and Berry St28.553366-81.467714
2040N Powers Dr and Bolling Dr28.560621-81.467608
6174N Powers Dr and Bolling Dr28.56035-81.467733
6570N Powers Dr and Boylston Way28.602603-81.467965
2091N Powers Dr and Breezewood St28.590367-81.467772
6406N Powers Dr and Breezewood St28.59042-81.467898
6576N Powers Dr and Centennial Dr28.598476-81.467841
6405N Powers Dr and Chalet Ct28.5938-81.467918
6574N Powers Dr and Christian Way28.603867-81.467835
6722N Powers Dr and Clarcona Ocoee Rd28.61035-81.468026
6723N Powers Dr and Clarcona Ocoee Rd28.61014-81.467913
6572N Powers Dr and Fox Briar Trl28.607855-81.467989
6573N Powers Dr and Fox Briar Trl28.607454-81.467811
6195N Powers Dr and Holiday Hill Ln28.57599-81.467815
2042N Powers Dr and Jennings Rd28.566201-81.467607
6196N Powers Dr and Jennings Rd28.56651-81.467731
6568N Powers Dr and Lake Horseshoe Dr28.59835-81.467968
2044N Powers Dr and Laurelwood Ct28.572899-81.467668
6198N Powers Dr and Laurelwood Ct28.572715-81.467779
6408N Powers Dr and Livewood Oaks Dr28.583093-81.467902
6411N Powers Dr and Livewood Oaks Dr28.583466-81.467725
2039N Powers Dr and Moore St28.557307-81.467595
6173N Powers Dr and Moore St28.556916-81.467718
2041N Powers Dr and N Hudson St28.562875-81.467742
6218N Powers Dr and N Hudson St28.562871-81.467612
6567N Powers Dr and North Ln28.595965-81.467948
6577N Powers Dr and North Ln28.596017-81.46782
6571N Powers Dr and Powers Pointe Cir28.604508-81.467993
2092N Powers Dr and Powers Ridge Dr28.59416-81.467803
6407N Powers Dr and Ruthie Dr28.58675-81.467916
6412N Powers Dr and Ruthie Dr28.586652-81.467746
6569N Powers Dr and Seabury Way28.600629-81.467981
6575N Powers Dr and Seabury Way28.600979-81.467834
2045N Powers Dr and Shadow Wood Ct28.576181-81.467685
6409N Powers Dr and Silver Star Rd28.57893-81.467819
6410N Powers Dr and Silver Star Rd28.578546-81.467705
3984N Primrose Dr and E Amelia St28.548852-81.348304
4331N Primrose Dr and E Central Blvd28.542471-81.347846
4329N Primrose Dr and E Jefferson St28.545235-81.347892
3983N Primrose Dr and E Livingston St28.546962-81.347754
4328N Primrose Dr and E Robinson St28.546861-81.347915
4382N Primrose Dr and E Robinson St28.545756-81.347733
4330N Primrose Dr and E Washington St28.54427-81.347872
4381N Primrose Dr and E Washington St28.544429-81.347721
3358N Ranger Blvd and Aloma Ave28.602443-81.311232
3359N Ranger Blvd and Aloma Ave28.602493-81.311455
6022N Rock Springs Rd and Ashley Blvd28.703112-81.509331
5913N Rock Springs Rd and Wekiva Pines Blvd28.699676-81.509305
3939N Rosalind Ave and E Central Blvd28.542563-81.375807
4666N Rosalind Ave and Eola Pky28.54482-81.375821
3417N Semoran Blvd and Aloma Ave28.60603-81.307648
3554N Semoran Blvd and Autumn Breeze Way28.602933-81.307152
3546N Semoran Blvd and Auver Blvd28.575654-81.310423
4030N Semoran Blvd and Brosche Rd28.546871-81.310808
3428N Semoran Blvd and Century 21 Blvd28.573538-81.311168
3538N Semoran Blvd and Claude Ave28.555012-81.310621
3430N Semoran Blvd and Cornelia Ave28.568943-81.311149
3543N Semoran Blvd and Cornelia Ave28.56873-81.31069
3553N Semoran Blvd and Driggs Dr28.598811-81.307044
3539N Semoran Blvd and E Colonial Dr28.558412-81.310644
6519N Semoran Blvd and E Colonial Dr28.558572-81.310993
1059N Semoran Blvd and Georgetown Dr28.643484-81.322033
3435N Semoran Blvd and Hewett Dr28.550444-81.310854
3536N Semoran Blvd and Hewett Dr28.550247-81.310566
3537N Semoran Blvd and Hewett Dr28.552889-81.310594
3535N Semoran Blvd and Hibiscus Rd28.547974-81.310541
3431N Semoran Blvd and Old Cheney Hwy28.564519-81.311052
3540N Semoran Blvd and Old Cheney Hwy28.5607-81.310694
3541N Semoran Blvd and Old Cheney Hwy28.562771-81.310722
3542N Semoran Blvd and Old Cheney Hwy28.564494-81.310716
9239N Semoran Blvd and Old Cheney Hwy28.560898-81.310987
3434N Semoran Blvd and Oleander Dr28.553737-81.31089
3555N Semoran Blvd and Raiders Run28.608142-81.30762
3544N Semoran Blvd and Royal Pine Blvd28.571892-81.31072
3433N Semoran Blvd and Santa Rosa Dr28.554453-81.310917
3556N Semoran Blvd and Semoran Park Dr28.610854-81.308772
1545N SR 434 and Calabria Dr28.667764-81.419255
1543N SR 434 and Great Pond Dr28.673948-81.419185
1283N SR 434 and Orange Ave28.662471-81.418848
1284N SR 434 and Orange Ave28.663235-81.419215
1266N SR 434 and Richbee Dr28.679457-81.418879
1542N SR 434 and Richbee Dr28.67935-81.419154
1529N SR 434 and Rio A La Mano Dr28.67464-81.418909
1528N SR 434 and San Sebastian Prado28.671871-81.418942
1544N SR 434 and San Sebastian Prado28.671719-81.41919
1527N SR 434 and W SR 43628.667075-81.418905
6889N Terry Ave and W Livingston St28.547809-81.387176
6525N Texas Ave and W Princeton St28.572073-81.410013
732N Thacker Ave and Boca Palms Cir28.298631-81.424215
733N Thacker Ave and Boca Palms Cir28.298003-81.424361
730N Thacker Ave and Martin Luther King Blvd28.295318-81.424361
731N Thacker Ave and Martin Luther King Blvd28.29532-81.424212
9958N Thacker Ave and N John Young Pkwy28.347313-81.421379
9962N Thacker Ave and N John Young Pkwy28.347091-81.421179
728N Thacker Ave and Verona St28.292273-81.424212
729N Thacker Ave and Verona St28.292558-81.424355
1212N US Hwy 17-92 and Americana Blvd28.76013-81.28437
1444N US Hwy 17-92 and Americana Blvd28.762929-81.284019
1445N US Hwy 17-92 and Americana Blvd28.764602-81.28313
1449N US Hwy 17-92 and Americana Blvd28.764355-81.283666
9168N US Hwy 17-92 and Americana Blvd28.760939-81.285437
1127N US Hwy 17-92 and Collins Dr28.75093-81.290117
1446N US Hwy 17-92 and E Airport Blvd28.766236-81.2823
1448N US Hwy 17-92 and E Airport Blvd28.767654-81.282
1259N US Hwy 17-92 and E Church Ave28.699672-81.326771
1260N US Hwy 17-92 and E Church Ave28.700418-81.327233
1441N US Hwy 17-92 and E Lake Mary Blvd28.758012-81.286339
1249N US Hwy 17-92 and Eslinger Way28.745723-81.294995
1250N US Hwy 17-92 and Eslinger Way28.7462-81.29506
1254N US Hwy 17-92 and Eslinger Way28.746992-81.294308
1257N US Hwy 17-92 and Florida Ave28.706068-81.326823
1131N US Hwy 17-92 and General Hutchison Pkwy28.724226-81.31639
1124N US Hwy 17-92 and Golden Birch Ln28.72736-81.312882
1130N US Hwy 17-92 and Golden Birch Ln28.727622-81.313093
1128N US Hwy 17-92 and Lake Minnie Dr28.751353-81.290281
1256N US Hwy 17-92 and Longdale Ave28.711124-81.326089
5767N US Hwy 17-92 and Longdale Ave28.709782-81.325917
1251N US Hwy 17-92 and Orange Ave28.704836-81.326471
1258N US Hwy 17-92 and Orange Ave28.703642-81.327034
1255N US Hwy 17-92 and Raven Ave28.714461-81.32484
1252N US Hwy 17-92 and Shepard Rd28.715534-81.323819
1253N US Hwy 17-92 and Shepard Rd28.717431-81.322449
1129N US Hwy 17-92 and Silkwood Ct28.731353-81.309519
1125N US Hwy 17-92 and SR 41928.731292-81.309028
1123N US Hwy 17-92 and Sunset Drive28.729048-81.311229
1243N US Hwy 17-92 and W County Home Rd28.742616-81.299496
1442N US Hwy 17-92 and W Lake Mary Blvd28.758246-81.28664
1443N US Hwy 17-92 and Woodson Ave28.755325-81.288155
1440N US Hwy 17-92 and Wyndham Crest Blvd28.753474-81.288677
4175N Westmoreland Dr and Bentley St28.54713-81.393287
4166N Westmoreland Dr and Macbro Ct28.542599-81.39312
4174N Westmoreland Dr and W Amelia St28.548828-81.39332
4178N Westmoreland Dr and W Central Blvd28.542508-81.393229
4169N Westmoreland Dr and W Livingston St28.547776-81.393191
4168N Westmoreland Dr and W Robinson St28.545548-81.393159
4176N Westmoreland Dr and W Robinson St28.545404-81.393279
4167N Westmoreland Dr and W Washington St28.543736-81.393115
4177N Westmoreland Dr and W Washington St28.544033-81.393271
7024Nemours Pky and Nemours Hospital28.375842-81.272651
7039New York Ave and Welbourne Ave28.596973-81.352741
5567North Frontage Rd and S Semoran Blvd28.460497-81.311017
3241North Lake Orlando Pky and Long Rd28.600636-81.434837
3327North Lake Orlando Pky and Long Rd28.600597-81.434638
2094North Ln and Centennial Dr28.59619-81.464423
2096North Ln and Meadowbrook Ave28.59632-81.458462
2098North Ln and N Pine Hills Rd28.596291-81.452343
3247North Ln and N Pine Hills Rd28.596419-81.450696
2093North Ln and N Powers Dr28.596109-81.467445
2097North Ln and Robbins Ave28.596306-81.455703
3245North Ln and Signal Hill Rd28.596442-81.444106
3322North Ln and Signal Hill Rd28.596324-81.443831
3246North Ln and Watch Hill Rd28.596435-81.446724
3321North Ln and Watch Hill Rd28.596307-81.447288
2095North Ln and Wendy Dr28.596244-81.462493
1641NW US Hwy 17-92 and Fulton St28.813492-81.273308
10025Ocoee Apopka Rd and Boy Scout Rd28.657281-81.533595
9846Ocoee Apopka Rd and Harmon Rd28.649061-81.53831
6939Office Ct and Sand Lake Sunrail28.453602-81.366303
3935Ohio St and Minnesota Ave28.589267-81.375243
9201Old Boggy Creek Rd and Denn John Ln28.304128-81.378045
555Old Canoe Creek Rd and 5th St28.254174-81.314851
3012Old Dixie Hwy and Citrus Ave28.685811-81.529948
3019Old Dixie Hwy and Citrus Ave28.685714-81.529951
3014Old Dixie Hwy and Errol Pky28.688115-81.535053
3017Old Dixie Hwy and Errol Pky28.687996-81.535165
3013Old Dixie Hwy and Errol Pl Cir28.686867-81.532304
3018Old Dixie Hwy and Errol Pl Cir28.68658-81.531986
3040Old Dixie Hwy and N Bradshaw Rd28.680783-81.52174
5923Old Dixie Hwy and N Bradshaw Rd28.680342-81.521289
3041Old Dixie Hwy and Vick Rd28.683174-81.525244
3042Old Dixie Hwy and Vick Rd28.683037-81.525281
3796Old Goldenrod Rd and Desoto Ave28.479786-81.285477
6236Old Goldenrod Rd and Hoffner Ave28.477746-81.285467
6095Old Winter Garden Rd and Aliso Ridge Rd28.542972-81.511983
6697Old Winter Garden Rd and Blackwood Ave28.548201-81.532081
6702Old Winter Garden Rd and Blackwood Ave28.547942-81.532043
2037Old Winter Garden Rd and Buchan Rd28.545142-81.411887
6097Old Winter Garden Rd and Citrus Medical Ct28.547699-81.527144
2147Old Winter Garden Rd and Condor Rd28.538017-81.463346
2161Old Winter Garden Rd and Condor Rd28.537818-81.463601
2139Old Winter Garden Rd and Dobson St28.547377-81.426274
4931Old Winter Garden Rd and Dobson St28.547157-81.426361
6057Old Winter Garden Rd and Dobson St28.547189-81.423823
6058Old Winter Garden Rd and Dobson St28.547389-81.423644
6090Old Winter Garden Rd and Dorscher Rd28.539969-81.482586
6446Old Winter Garden Rd and Dream Way28.540637-81.490574
6104Old Winter Garden Rd and Edgewood Ranch Rd28.540339-81.487816
2169Old Winter Garden Rd and Fairvilla Rd28.547602-81.432396
2138Old Winter Garden Rd and Ferguson Dr28.547393-81.420885
2171Old Winter Garden Rd and Ferguson Dr28.547202-81.420887
1998Old Winter Garden Rd and Georgiana St28.545471-81.412293
6094Old Winter Garden Rd and Good Homes Rd28.542604-81.505371
6101Old Winter Garden Rd and Good Homes Rd28.542274-81.504061
6105Old Winter Garden Rd and Harbor Point Blvd28.539615-81.481364
2576Old Winter Garden Rd and Irene St28.547684-81.431841
2140Old Winter Garden Rd and Kerry Dr28.547255-81.435298
2168Old Winter Garden Rd and Kerry Dr28.54682-81.435888
6092Old Winter Garden Rd and Killington Way28.541144-81.494538
6103Old Winter Garden Rd and Killington Way28.540925-81.493655
6093Old Winter Garden Rd and Lake Dr28.541135-81.497687
2170Old Winter Garden Rd and Lamar St28.547144-81.429635
6098Old Winter Garden Rd and Matador Dr28.547342-81.526644
3307Old Winter Garden Rd and Mercy Dr28.547372-81.430058
2137Old Winter Garden Rd and N Cottage Hill Rd28.546601-81.415988
2172Old Winter Garden Rd and N Cottage Hill Rd28.546458-81.416178
2141Old Winter Garden Rd and N Mission Rd28.545222-81.442343
2167Old Winter Garden Rd and N Mission Rd28.545125-81.441649
2142Old Winter Garden Rd and Pearlwood St28.542949-81.445988
2166Old Winter Garden Rd and Pearlwood St28.54272-81.445942
2144Old Winter Garden Rd and Quintard Ave28.54069-81.450242
2164Old Winter Garden Rd and Quintard Ave28.540398-81.450448
6096Old Winter Garden Rd and Rowe Ave28.546996-81.52404
6099Old Winter Garden Rd and Rowe Ave28.546731-81.523926
6102Old Winter Garden Rd and S Apopka Vineland Rd28.540884-81.496641
2146Old Winter Garden Rd and S Hastings St28.538076-81.459139
2162Old Winter Garden Rd and S Hastings St28.537872-81.459771
2158Old Winter Garden Rd and S Hiawassee Rd28.538882-81.474575
6088Old Winter Garden Rd and S Hiawassee Rd28.538953-81.473263
2149Old Winter Garden Rd and S Lancelot Ave28.538811-81.47219
2159Old Winter Garden Rd and S Lancelot Ave28.53865-81.472479
2145Old Winter Garden Rd and S Mckinley Ave28.539086-81.455543
2163Old Winter Garden Rd and S Mckinley Ave28.538923-81.455415
2143Old Winter Garden Rd and S Pine Hills Rd28.541346-81.44837
2165Old Winter Garden Rd and S Pine Hills Rd28.541131-81.448327
2148Old Winter Garden Rd and S Powers Dr28.538305-81.467431
2160Old Winter Garden Rd and S Powers Dr28.538131-81.46779
6445Old Winter Garden Rd and Sandpiper Ridge Dr28.540932-81.491145
6100Old Winter Garden Rd and Siena Gardens Cir28.542661-81.510864
4932Old Winter Garden Rd and Silverton St28.546075-81.438399
4933Old Winter Garden Rd and Silverton St28.545993-81.438081
6091Old Winter Garden Rd and Westmoor Bend28.540669-81.488789
6089Old Winter Garden Rd and Winter Ridge Cir28.539543-81.478447
6106Old Winter Garden Rd and Winter Ridge Cir28.53924-81.478259
5740Oliva St and S Fanfair Ave28.538564-81.436683
5741Oliva St and S Fanfair Ave28.538687-81.43695
3220Orange Ave and Cypress Ave28.586624-81.363964
3129Orange Ave and Holt Ave28.592096-81.357597
3157Orange Ave and Minnesota Ave28.589156-81.361302
9941Orange Ave and Pacifica Dr28.342328-81.394158
9952Orange Ave and Pacifica Dr28.342494-81.393926
3221Orange Ave and S Capen Ave28.591148-81.358737
3128Orange Ave and S Denning Dr28.588798-81.361436
3159Orange Ave and S Orlando Ave28.58543-81.36563
5711Orange Ave and S Orlando Ave28.586521-81.364362
6278Orange Ave and S Orlando Ave28.585134-81.365749
3155Orange Ave and S Pennsylvania Ave28.592595-81.357248
3126Orange Ave and Westchester Ave28.583733-81.367405
3160Orange Ave and Westchester Ave28.583734-81.367597
5060Orange Center Blvd and Doby Ave28.532065-81.411888
5097Orange Center Blvd and Doby Ave28.531868-81.411469
4400Orange Center Blvd and S Dollins Ave28.53214-81.407719
4403Orange Center Blvd and S Dollins Ave28.531945-81.406924
5061Orange Center Blvd and S John Young Pky28.531892-81.415724
5096Orange Center Blvd and S John Young Pky28.531699-81.414934
4399Orange Center Blvd and S Tampa Ave28.532158-81.406003
4401Orange Center Blvd and S Texas Ave28.532129-81.409646
4402Orange Center Blvd and S Texas Ave28.531921-81.40881
9858Orlando Ave and Garden Edge Pt28.649508-81.350904
3085Orlando Ave and Versailles Dr28.633725-81.361417
3233Osceola Ave and Henkel Cir28.59649-81.34066
3232Osceola Ave and Ollie Ave28.595445-81.345337
3229Osceola Ave and Osceola Ct28.595702-81.344169
3228Osceola Ave and Trismen Ter28.596252-81.341265
1280Oviedo Mall Blvd and Oviedo Mall Blvd28.662201-81.235394
1290Oviedo Mall Blvd and Red Bug Lake Blvd28.658094-81.237053
9919Oviedo Mall Blvd and Red Bug Lake Rd28.65845-81.237193
1075Oxford Rd and Sharp Ct28.652198-81.340923
1080Oxford Rd and Sharp Ct28.652319-81.34105
5693Oxford Rd and SR 43628.657756-81.338621
6488Palm Pky and Central Florida Pky28.410682-81.4777
6489Palm Pky and Central Florida Pky28.411071-81.477724
6487Palm Pky and Daryl Carter Pkwy28.397716-81.489707
6490Palm Pky and Daryl Carter Pkwy28.397841-81.490034
2891Palm Pky and Lake St28.389502-81.497353
6485Palm Pky and Lake St28.38892-81.497386
6486Palm Pky and Marbella Palms Ct28.393697-81.493659
6491Palm Pky and Marbella Palms Ct28.394024-81.493634
2892Palm Pky and S Apopka Vineland Rd28.385807-81.501984
2893Palm Pky and S Apopka Vineland Rd28.385834-81.504382
6482Palm Pky and S Apopka Vineland Rd28.385543-81.504291
6483Palm Pky and S Apopka Vineland Rd28.385537-81.502147
3345Palmetto Ave and Omega St28.608101-81.288734
3347Palmetto Ave and Sandscove Ct28.605736-81.287753
6711Palmetto St and Audobon Rd28.111802-81.469592
6566Palmetto St and Near28.111834-81.461494
5302Peel Ave and E Compton Ave28.512419-81.347527
5337Peel Ave and E Jersey Ave28.513744-81.347436
5301Peel Ave and Hilmer Ct28.515228-81.347537
5317Peel Ave and Lake Margaret Dr28.506044-81.347479
5338Peel Ave and Page Ave28.516346-81.347442
5316Peel Ave and Raeford Rd28.509212-81.347506
5336Peel Ave and Shannon Rd28.510082-81.347404
5335Peel Ave and Sheffield Ave28.506557-81.347385
3727Pershing Ave and Catherine Wheel Ct28.498863-81.300024
3725Pershing Ave and Commander Dr28.498835-81.30584
3758Pershing Ave and Commander Dr28.499053-81.305918
5729Pershing Ave and Commander Dr28.499041-81.308086
3729Pershing Ave and Glen Village Ct28.498908-81.291474
3756Pershing Ave and Lingo Ln28.499105-81.29977
5512Pershing Ave and Lingo Ln28.499116-81.297067
3728Pershing Ave and Pershing Park Dr28.498916-81.294417
3806Pershing Ave and Redditt Rd28.499131-81.294122
3730Pershing Ave and S Goldenrod Rd28.498866-81.287535
4428Pershing Ave and S Semoran Blvd28.498803-81.308272
4046Pershing Ave and Thornbriar Ln28.498953-81.312822
4057Pershing Ave and Thornbriar Ln28.498807-81.312568
3726Pershing Ave and Wild Horse Rd28.498834-81.303639
3757Pershing Ave and Wild Horse Rd28.499066-81.303048
5511Pershing Ave and Woodgate Blvd28.498881-81.296402
1040Pleasant Hill Rd and Beau Chene Dr28.171758-81.440363
955Pleasant Hill Rd and Bellalago Dr28.192233-81.438866
956Pleasant Hill Rd and Bellalago Dr28.191398-81.438155
5755Pleasant Hill Rd and Bellalago Dr28.186704-81.43878
5756Pleasant Hill Rd and Bellalago Dr28.186699-81.438372
973Pleasant Hill Rd and Blossom St28.252214-81.436475
965Pleasant Hill Rd and Brighton Lakes Blvd28.226491-81.438996
1045Pleasant Hill Rd and Eagle Lake Blvd28.220173-81.440045
976Pleasant Hill Rd and Fern Dr28.257999-81.436154
977Pleasant Hill Rd and Fern Dr28.257866-81.436428
975Pleasant Hill Rd and Forest Dr28.254995-81.436541
1044Pleasant Hill Rd and Fountainbleu Blvd28.213327-81.440388
964Pleasant Hill Rd and Granada Blvd28.22567-81.438945
9191Pleasant Hill Rd and Grasmere View Pky28.205357-81.439878
5757Pleasant Hill Rd and Harbor Rd28.235451-81.434225
5758Pleasant Hill Rd and Harbor Rd28.235458-81.433865
1039Pleasant Hill Rd and Hawkin Dr28.169515-81.439923
9211Pleasant Hill Rd and Hawkin Dr28.169443-81.440351
935Pleasant Hill Rd and Interior St28.199094-81.440118
936Pleasant Hill Rd and Interior St28.198396-81.439737
968Pleasant Hill Rd and Interior St28.242379-81.43589
969Pleasant Hill Rd and Interior St28.242633-81.436263
1035Pleasant Hill Rd and Interior St28.163235-81.439889
1036Pleasant Hill Rd and Interior St28.163413-81.44029
9162Pleasant Hill Rd and Isles Of Bellalago Dr28.183908-81.439898
981Pleasant Hill Rd and Marsh Rd28.266671-81.436292
978Pleasant Hill Rd and Northgate Dr28.263551-81.436037
979Pleasant Hill Rd and Northgate Dr28.263514-81.436233
970Pleasant Hill Rd and Oak Hammock Preserve Blvd28.246154-81.436009
1046Pleasant Hill Rd and Oak Pointe Blvd28.220027-81.440391
974Pleasant Hill Rd and Oberry Rd28.254156-81.436262
982Pleasant Hill Rd and Old Tampa Hwy28.272211-81.436434
983Pleasant Hill Rd and Old Tampa Hwy28.272537-81.436617
1043Pleasant Hill Rd and Pine Needle Trl28.213574-81.439984
967Pleasant Hill Rd and Pineridge Cir28.230054-81.436721
1032Pleasant Hill Rd and S Poinciana Blvd28.155784-81.440202
980Pleasant Hill Rd and Shingle Creek Ct28.266139-81.435985
1038Pleasant Hill Rd and Spinning Reel Ln28.166162-81.440305
1041Pleasant Hill Rd and Stewart Blvd28.21095-81.439957
1042Pleasant Hill Rd and Stewart Blvd28.2121-81.440337
1033Pleasant Hill Rd and Sun Cove Dr28.158215-81.439822
1034Pleasant Hill Rd and Sun Cove Dr28.158811-81.440232
971Pleasant Hill Rd and Suzette Dr28.246838-81.436348
9210Pleasant Hill Rd and Twilight Trl28.206366-81.440269
9174Pleasant Hill Rd and Village Shoppes Dr28.181295-81.439919
9864Pleasant Hill Rd and Village Shoppes Dr28.178395-81.44028
9865Pleasant Hill Rd and Village Shoppes Dr28.178163-81.439927
1031Pleasant Hill Rd and W Southport Rd28.153734-81.439807
1037Pleasant Hill Rd and Wilderness Trl28.166015-81.439885
966Pleasant Hill Rd and Windmill Point Blvd28.230406-81.435884
6934Pleasant St and Neptune Rd28.294435-81.403965
9153Poinciana Sunrail Station28.259704-81.484072
2356Premier Row and Chancellor Dr28.460631-81.412011
2355Premier Row and Currency Dr28.460622-81.409506
2391Premier Row and Currency Dr28.460518-81.409672
2354Premier Row and Dividend Dr28.460659-81.405958
2392Premier Row and Dividend Dr28.460562-81.40534
9156Pres. Barack Obama Pky and Lb Mcleod Rd28.505564-81.442722
5101Prince Hall Blvd and Bruton Blvd28.512391-81.426628
5183Prince Hall Blvd and Bruton Blvd28.51224-81.426884
5106Prince Hall Blvd and Councill Ct28.514891-81.433777
5104Prince Hall Blvd and Kelly Miller Ct28.512551-81.43128
5181Prince Hall Blvd and Kelly Miller Ct28.512456-81.431365
5179Prince Hall Blvd and Lake Richmond Dr28.514632-81.433323
5108Prince Hall Blvd and Willie Mays Pky28.514587-81.437845
7036Princeton St and Bedford Rd28.571907-81.36995
7033Princeton St and Camden Rd28.571743-81.369385
7032Princeton St and Mcrae Ave28.571262-81.371928
7034Princeton St and North Mills Ave28.570257-81.365645
7037Princeton St and North Orange Ave28.571495-81.372498
7035Princeton St and Orlando Loch Haven Park28.571123-81.367107
4934Raleigh St and Aaron H Dowd Ct28.526477-81.470603
4979Raleigh St and Aaron H Dowd Ct28.52707-81.470098
2753Raleigh St and Campanella Ave28.527919-81.436346
2754Raleigh St and Campanella Ave28.527805-81.436614
5209Raleigh St and Deerock Dr28.527864-81.446531
5226Raleigh St and Deerock Dr28.527738-81.446836
5220Raleigh St and Frazier Ave28.527666-81.454359
9198Raleigh St and Frazier Ave28.527767-81.45382
5207Raleigh St and Kozart St28.527888-81.440841
5228Raleigh St and Kozart St28.527756-81.440667
5208Raleigh St and Lescot Ln28.527941-81.443518
5227Raleigh St and Lescot Ln28.527742-81.443794
5210Raleigh St and Poppy Ave28.527821-81.448146
6251Raleigh St and Poppy Ave28.527709-81.449499
5218Raleigh St and S Kirkman Rd28.528002-81.457867
5219Raleigh St and S Kirkman Rd28.527874-81.458543
5206Raleigh St and Willie Mays Pky28.527915-81.438315
5229Raleigh St and Willie Mays Pky28.527801-81.438565
4742Raper Dairy Rd and Folkstone Ln28.518293-81.302152
4741Raper Dairy Rd and Mausser Dr28.519785-81.302165
5176Ravenall Ave and Moira St28.51387-81.43889
10014Reams Rd and Floridian Pl28.432091-81.579187
4972Receiving Rd and Valencia Community College Dr28.519451-81.46415
1156Red Bug Lake Rd and Oviedo Mall Blvd28.656604-81.23629
1160Red Bug Lake Rd and Oviedo Marketpl Blvd28.656252-81.235952
3803Redditt Rd and Edgefield Ln28.490259-81.293614
3804Redditt Rd and Gibraltar Rd28.492293-81.293615
3800Redditt Rd and Hoffner Ave28.481392-81.297692
3801Redditt Rd and Nassau Ave28.484116-81.297718
3805Redditt Rd and Pompeii Rd28.495052-81.293639
3802Redditt Rd and Tidewave St28.486922-81.297732
9827Regency Village Dr and Vineland Ave28.389803-81.488467
9293Rhode Island Woods Ave and Villa Del Sol Cir28.372542-81.361948
7027Rhode Island Woods Cir and Carey Glen Cir28.373112-81.346135
7028Rhode Island Woods Cir and Carey Glen Cir28.373223-81.346077
6941Rhode Island Woods Cir and Landstar Blvd28.36149-81.363962
9292Rhode Island Woods Cir and Oklahoma Woods Ct28.37217-81.361038
5684Rinehart Rd and Garnet Ln28.802787-81.330958
5685Rinehart Rd and W SR 4628.811068-81.330999
5683Rinehart Rd and Wp Ball Blvd28.801472-81.330966
1867Riverside Park Rd and Compass Dr28.62569-81.422062
1882Riverside Park Rd and Compass Dr28.625568-81.422031
1884Riverside Park Rd and Forest City Rd28.625541-81.415896
9167Riverside Park Rd and Forest City Rd28.625678-81.41578
1868Riverside Park Rd and Lakeside Woods Dr28.625707-81.424695
1881Riverside Park Rd and Lakeside Woods Dr28.625541-81.424756
1880Riverside Park Rd and Magnolia Homes Rd28.624921-81.42733
1866Riverside Park Rd and Riverside Pl28.62565-81.418889
1883Riverside Park Rd and Riverside Pl28.625551-81.418717
9218Rode Island Woods Blvd and Salem Woods Ln28.373713-81.351775
9219Rode Island Woods Blvd and Salem Woods Ln28.373878-81.35189
9234Rode Island Woods Blvd and Wyndham Lakes Blvd28.360879-81.350128
9235Rode Island Woods Blvd and Wyndham Lakes Blvd28.361356-81.349242
5005Rogers Dr and Bethune Dr28.530465-81.419001
5063Rogers Dr and Bethune Dr28.530573-81.419102
5006Rogers Dr and S Goldwyn Ave28.531659-81.418268
5062Rogers Dr and S Goldwyn Ave28.531758-81.41824
3244Rose Bay Dr and Beaumont Dr28.595762-81.439827
3243Rose Bay Dr and Landing Dr28.598336-81.439347
3324Rose Bay Dr and Landing Dr28.598059-81.439215
3323Rose Bay Dr and North Ln28.596136-81.439531
3325Rose Bay Dr and Rose Of Tralee Way28.600029-81.439246
3242Rose Of Trlalee Way and Martins Way28.599749-81.436124
3326Rose Of Trlalee Way and Martins Way28.599616-81.43608
3328Rose Of Trlalee Way and Rose Bay Dr28.600271-81.439094
175Rosewood Way and Cinderlane Pky28.608554-81.428267
3320Rosewood Way and Cinderlane Pky28.608422-81.428291
3818S Alder Dr and Bamboo Dr28.540094-81.297634
3815S Alder Dr and N Alder Dr28.545737-81.299115
3817S Alder Dr and Sage Dr28.54269-81.297733
3816S Alder Dr and Yucatan Dr28.544874-81.298557
5934S Apopka Blvd and Chatham Cir28.651048-81.477467
6034S Apopka Blvd and Chatham Cir28.651211-81.477547
5930S Apopka Blvd and N Hiawassee Rd28.648483-81.472452
5932S Apopka Blvd and Wexham Blvd28.650327-81.474668
6692S Apopka Blvd and Wexham Blvd28.650195-81.474808
5935S Apopka Blvd and Whispering Winds Ct28.660101-81.491752
5936S Apopka Blvd and Whispering Winds Ct28.659975-81.491891
6035S Apopka Blvd and Woodstock Dr28.656051-81.488773
6036S Apopka Blvd and Woodstock Dr28.656278-81.488473
5642S Apopka Vineland Rd and Palm Pky28.384011-81.505642
2894S Apopka Vineland Rd and Winter Garden Vineland Rd28.384376-81.5061
5931S Apopka Voulevard and N Hiawassee Rd28.648799-81.472567
6698S Bluford Ave and Rew Cir28.549895-81.535958
6701S Bluford Ave and Rew Cir28.549688-81.536106
4548S Bumby Ave and Buckminster Cir28.533597-81.351718
4568S Bumby Ave and Buckminster Cir28.533646-81.351834
4495S Bumby Ave and E Central Blvd28.542003-81.351757
4494S Bumby Ave and E Church St28.540416-81.35177
4549S Bumby Ave and E Gore St28.532034-81.351823
4807S Bumby Ave and E Gore St28.531172-81.351706
4539S Bumby Ave and E Jackson St28.539836-81.351984
4431S Bumby Ave and E Jersey Ave28.514505-81.351727
5297S Bumby Ave and E Jersey Ave28.513965-81.351522
4766S Bumby Ave and Hargill Dr28.528399-81.351677
4767S Bumby Ave and Hargill Dr28.528819-81.351792
4569S Bumby Ave and Lake Como Cir28.534692-81.351749
5393S Bumby Ave and Raehn St28.524773-81.351713
5422S Bumby Ave and Raehn St28.524843-81.35159
4551S Bumby Ave and Vine St28.526248-81.351731
4566S Bumby Ave and Vine St28.52673-81.351657
4550S Bumby Ave and Walnut St28.530187-81.351824
4567S Bumby Ave and Walnut St28.529654-81.351684
4538S Bumby Avenue and E Pine Street28.541138-81.352012
1755S Centrlal Ave and E 15th St28.660562-81.511372
1754S Centrlal Ave and E 18th St28.657275-81.511386
1753S Centrlal Ave and E Cleveland Stret28.655158-81.511354
2991S Centrlal Ave and E Michael Gladden Blvd28.666518-81.511424
5764S Centrlal Ave and M A Broad St28.670002-81.510828
3743S Chickasaw Trl and Cascade Rd28.498408-81.269244
3660S Chickasaw Trl and Lake Underhill Rd28.540033-81.277166
3741S Chickasaw Trl and Mattituck Cir28.504309-81.269122
3684S Chickasaw Trl and Neighborhood Market Rd28.540495-81.277518
3742S Chickasaw Trl and Scarborough Ct28.501973-81.269155
3740S Chickasaw Trl and Sparrowhawk Ct28.507369-81.269073
3860S Clarke Rd and Adriatic Dr28.566971-81.517511
3861S Clarke Rd and Adriatic Dr28.568821-81.51727
4911S Clarke Rd and Matthew Paris Blvd28.553736-81.520632
6696S Clarke Rd and Matthew Paris Blvd28.553492-81.520359
1844S Clarke Rd and Rachels Ridge Loop28.566599-81.517263
3827S Clarke Rd and W Colonial Dr28.557315-81.51634
1842S Clarke Rd and White Rd28.563399-81.517516
1843S Clarke Rd and White Rd28.563177-81.517255
4555S Conway Rd and E Michigan St28.514765-81.331107
9834S Conway Rd and Lake Margaret Dr28.506628-81.330757
5205S Cottage Hill Rd and C R Smith St28.53462-81.416286
5204S Cottage Hill Rd and Joe Louis Dr28.53656-81.41631
5231S Cottage Hill Rd and Joe Louis Dr28.536511-81.416218
5230S Cottage Hill Rd and Long St28.535167-81.416187
3211S Denning Dr and Douglas Ave28.595573-81.360903
3210S Denning Dr and W Comstock Ave28.593645-81.360877
6950S Denning Dr and W Fairbanks Ave28.593474-81.361037
6949S Denning Dr and W Lyman Ave28.594704-81.361063
4648S Division Ave and Callahan Dr28.533255-81.38494
6952S Division Ave and W Anderson St28.535812-81.384748
6434S Division Ave and W Central Blvd28.541638-81.385028
4727S Division Ave and W Church St28.540489-81.384894
4290S Division Ave and W Pine St28.540648-81.385007
4647S Division Avenue and Carter Street28.535068-81.384954
4646S Division Avenue and W Anderson Street28.536106-81.384945
4586S Dollins Ave and W Chruch St28.540383-81.407484
4585S Dollins Ave and W Church St28.540456-81.407643
9828S Doverplum Rd and Country Club Rd28.144056-81.452067
5742S Fanfair Ave and Barley St28.540046-81.437075
5743S Fanfair Ave and Barley St28.540538-81.437199
5739S Fanfair Ave and Gilman Cir28.537838-81.436252
5986S Fanfair Ave and Gilman Cir28.537985-81.436381
3657S Goldenrod Rd and Alachua St28.535164-81.285584
3687S Goldenrod Rd and Alachua St28.535198-81.285874
3655S Goldenrod Rd and Autumn Pines Dr28.529676-81.285505
3651S Goldenrod Rd and Barksdale Dr28.518422-81.289119
3692S Goldenrod Rd and Barksdale Dr28.518604-81.289333
3795S Goldenrod Rd and Beatty Dr28.484242-81.285503
3650S Goldenrod Rd and Curry Ford Rd28.516947-81.28962
3693S Goldenrod Rd and Curry Ford Rd28.516976-81.289882
3793S Goldenrod Rd and Duval Ave28.488055-81.285501
3794S Goldenrod Rd and Fort Jefferson Blvd28.485983-81.285517
3732S Goldenrod Rd and Govern Blvd28.504655-81.285358
3691S Goldenrod Rd and Gregg Rd28.520034-81.288246
3656S Goldenrod Rd and Ivory Way28.531656-81.285535
9169S Goldenrod Rd and Ivory Way28.53208-81.285818
3688S Goldenrod Rd and Langford Way28.529486-81.285788
3792S Goldenrod Rd and Mai Tai Dr28.490123-81.285496
3654S Goldenrod Rd and Nolton Way28.526488-81.285438
3689S Goldenrod Rd and Nolton Way28.526995-81.285763
3733S Goldenrod Rd and Pine Fork Dr28.506891-81.285887
3731S Goldenrod Rd and Quail Pond St28.501037-81.28532
3652S Goldenrod Rd and Rio Pinar Lakes Blvd28.520068-81.287814
3686S Goldenrod Rd and Snyder Dirve28.537766-81.285888
3658S Goldenrod Rd and Snyder Dr28.537503-81.285613
3734S Goldenrod Rd and Sugarbin St28.513284-81.28943
3653S Goldenrod Rd and Toledo St28.5234-81.285444
3690S Goldenrod Rd and Toledo St28.523283-81.285721
5007S Goldwyn Ave and Eccleston St28.532724-81.417838
5267S Goldwyn Ave and Monte Carlo Trl28.528985-81.418013
4986S Goldwyn Ave and North Lake Mann Dr28.533762-81.418119
2990S Hawthorne Ave and W 10th St28.665407-81.517665
2178S Hiawassee Rd and Ardis St28.531225-81.47588
4980S Hiawassee Rd and Fairway Cove Dr28.527546-81.473241
5252S Hiawassee Rd and Fairway Cove Dr28.527852-81.474092
2150S Hiawassee Rd and Grand Junction Blvd28.54076-81.475669
2177S Hiawassee Rd and Grosvenor Ln28.533163-81.475911
2289S Hiawassee Rd and Grosvenor Ln28.533951-81.475658
2176S Hiawassee Rd and Harbor Heights Dr28.536861-81.475936
2288S Hiawassee Rd and Haughton Ln28.532833-81.475648
2174S Hiawassee Rd and Old Winter Garden Rd28.5405-81.475935
2175S Hiawassee Rd and Old Winter Garden Rd28.538532-81.475935
2290S Hiawassee Rd and Westmont Dr28.536765-81.475674
4993S Ivey Ln and America St28.533402-81.434234
4999S Ivey Ln and America St28.533249-81.434461
4994S Ivey Ln and College Dr28.53514-81.434237
4998S Ivey Ln and College Dr28.535065-81.434455
5237S Ivey Ln and Conley St28.532158-81.434213
5280S Ivey Ln and Malibu St28.536981-81.434258
5001S Ivey Ln and Piedmont St28.529956-81.434449
5285S Ivey Ln and Piedmont St28.529795-81.434217
5000S Ivey Ln and W Cypress St28.531761-81.43445
5276S Ivey Ln and W Jackson St28.539886-81.434559
2943S Jhon Young Pky and Hunters Creek Blvd28.354213-81.419888
2928S John Young Pky and 36th St28.50633-81.41774
2956S John Young Pky and 36th St28.505671-81.417359
2929S John Young Pky and 39th St28.502942-81.417686
2930S John Young Pky and 40th St28.500629-81.41765
5906S John Young Pky and 40th St28.501656-81.417322
2940S John Young Pky and Battles Blvd28.380674-81.425781
4984S John Young Pky and C R Smith St28.536424-81.414143
5009S John Young Pky and C R Smith St28.534805-81.41397
2931S John Young Pky and Cathy St28.498074-81.417625
2955S John Young Pky and Cathy St28.497642-81.4173
2937S John Young Pky and Central Florida Pky28.40969-81.42478
2950S John Young Pky and Central Florida Pky28.410955-81.423766
5259S John Young Pky and Clear Way28.510771-81.419855
2861S John Young Pky and Colonial Grand Blvd28.357318-81.42044
2962S John Young Pky and Commerce Park Dr28.431102-81.42268
6052S John Young Pky and Commerce Park Dr28.430964-81.423178
5747S John Young Pky and Conroy Rd28.488176-81.417592
6015S John Young Pky and Conroy Rd28.485195-81.417639
2939S John Young Pky and Crystal Creek Blvd28.388116-81.425244
2947S John Young Pky and Deerfield Blvd28.381957-81.425123
2935S John Young Pky and Directors Row28.46072-81.422762
2951S John Young Pky and Directors Row28.460797-81.422112
2926S John Young Pky and Equity Row28.443602-81.427348
2936S John Young Pky and Equity Row28.443162-81.427832
5509S John Young Pky and Grand Central Pky28.488796-81.417212
5842S John Young Pky and Greenwald Way North28.347915-81.419442
2944S John Young Pky and Hunters Creek Blvd28.351867-81.41944
5260S John Young Pky and I-4 Off Ramp W28.512879-81.420759
5274S John Young Pky and I-4 Off Ramp W28.51616-81.420358
5275S John Young Pky and I-4 Off Ramp W28.515214-81.42027
2699S John Young Pky and Lazlo Ln28.403633-81.425376
2700S John Young Pky and Lazlo Ln28.403957-81.424931
2948S John Young Pky and Menta St28.389137-81.424823
2932S John Young Pky and Millenia Blvd28.49377-81.417649
2954S John Young Pky and Millenia Blvd28.494018-81.417221
5843S John Young Pky and N Thacker Ave28.348813-81.419868
2946S John Young Pky and National Parks Dr28.369532-81.425561
6007S John Young Pky and National Parks Dr28.370418-81.426011
2957S John Young Pky and Presidents Dr28.464468-81.419055
2958S John Young Pky and Presidents Dr28.464324-81.418707
2917S John Young Pky and Southpark Center Loop28.435727-81.424773
2963S John Young Pky and Southpark Center Loop28.435086-81.423791
2961S John Young Pky and Substation Rd28.37696-81.42561
2844S John Young Pky and Taft Vineland Rd28.415974-81.423007
5696S John Young Pky and Taft Vineland Rd28.416964-81.422557
2960S John Young Pky and Town Loop Blvd28.377167-81.426038
2945S John Young Pky and Village Center Dr28.363494-81.423279
6056S John Young Pky and Vision Blvd28.503822-81.417319
5011S John Young Pky and W Church St28.538158-81.413378
9841S John Young Pky and W Church St28.538187-81.41371
2933S John Young Pky and W Oak Ridge Rd28.4773-81.417714
2952S John Young Pky and W Oak Ridge Rd28.471092-81.417676
2953S John Young Pky and W Oak Ridge Rd28.477175-81.417359
5704S John Young Pky and W Oak Ridge Rd28.470543-81.417285
2942S John Young Pky and W Town Center Blvd28.363794-81.423898
2938S John Young Pky and Whisper Lakes Blvd28.396392-81.425294
2949S John Young Pky and Whisper Lakes Blvd28.397515-81.424873
2862S John Young Pky and Zaharias Dr28.356985-81.419875
9876S Keller Rd and Shadow Ln28.62527-81.398365
9877S Keller Rd and Shadow Ln28.625977-81.39855
4943S Kirkman Rd and Arnold Palmer Dr28.508494-81.459284
5243S Kirkman Rd and Arnold Palmer Dr28.511371-81.458814
5241S Kirkman Rd and Conroy Rd28.494722-81.458716
5251S Kirkman Rd and Conroy Rd28.49631-81.459205
5946S Kirkman Rd and Conroy Rd28.492591-81.459172
4970S Kirkman Rd and L B Mcleod Rd28.506379-81.458757
5249S Kirkman Rd and L B Mcleod Rd28.503773-81.459252
5022S Kirkman Rd and Major Blvd28.479884-81.459031
5244S Kirkman Rd and Metropolis Way28.515674-81.458896
5953S Kirkman Rd and Metropolis Way28.516266-81.459404
5248S Kirkman Rd and Metrowest Blvd28.512786-81.459314
4969S Kirkman Rd and Pine Shadows Pky28.496904-81.458728
5250S Kirkman Rd and Pine Shadows Pky28.499602-81.459225
5242S Kirkman Rd and Pne Shadows Pky28.501458-81.458745
5247S Kirkman Rd and Preferred Pky28.529703-81.459544
5246S Kirkman Rd and Raleigh St28.528858-81.459037
4935S Kirkman Rd and Valencia College Dr28.525387-81.459485
5245S Kirkman Rd and Valencia Community College Dr28.524981-81.458975
2772S Kirkman Rd and W Church St28.539773-81.458329
2773S Kirkman Rd and W Church St28.53941-81.458003
4944S Kirkman Rd and Windhover Dr28.486386-81.459175
4968S Kirkman Rd and Windhover Dr28.486016-81.458653
5958S Kirkman Road and Valencia Community College Drive28.521726-81.458948
3066S Lake Destiny Rd and Lucien Way28.622588-81.387114
3075S Lake Destiny Rd and Lucien Way28.622434-81.387253
3101S Lake Destiny Rd and W Kennedy Blvd28.619457-81.387098
3103S Lake Destiny Rd and W Kennedy Blvd28.62077-81.38722
3104S Lake Destiny Rd and W Kennedy Blvd28.618904-81.38723
3170S Lakemont Ave and Banchory Rd28.590028-81.327778
3179S Lakemont Ave and Banchory Rd28.589967-81.327909
3167S Lakemont Ave and Lakemont Cir28.582735-81.327678
3181S Lakemont Ave and Lakemont Cir28.582696-81.327855
3171S Lakemont Ave and Loch Berry Rd28.592896-81.327784
3178S Lakemont Ave and Loch Berry Rd28.593176-81.327913
3169S Lakemont Ave and Whitehall Dr28.586491-81.327717
3180S Lakemont Ave and Whitehall Dr28.586247-81.327877
3166S Lakemont Avenue and Lanier Court28.580968-81.327679
4714S Lucerne Cir E and S Orange Ave28.533791-81.376251
4312S Lucerne Ter and W Gore St28.53005-81.380659
4755S Magnolia Ave and E Church St28.540114-81.377512
4757S Magnolia Ave and E South St28.538669-81.377476
1648S Mellonville Ave and E 2nd St28.810084-81.25501
3130S New York Ave and W New England Ave28.5958-81.352697
5710S New York Ave and W New England Ave28.596106-81.352842
2234S Orange Ave and 1st Ave28.433149-81.368316
2193S Orange Ave and 1st St28.431355-81.369517
2233S Orange Ave and 1st St28.431452-81.369274
2194S Orange Ave and 4th St28.428948-81.369527
5818S Orange Ave and 4th St28.427679-81.369581
4252S Orange Ave and Butler Dr28.507057-81.376128
4672S Orange Ave and Canonilus Ct28.530092-81.376634
5971S Orange Ave and Columbia St28.527741-81.376341
2195S Orange Ave and E 7th St28.425286-81.370791
2231S Orange Ave and E 7th St28.424893-81.370711
2243S Orange Ave and E Buchanon Ave28.467131-81.367566
6011S Orange Ave and E Buchanon Ave28.467483-81.36786
4759S Orange Ave and E Church St28.540072-81.378902
4238S Orange Ave and E Copeland Dr28.526515-81.376583
4255S Orange Ave and E Crystal Lake St28.51501-81.376244
4260S Orange Ave and E Gore St28.532056-81.376456
4257S Orange Ave and E Hollenbeck St28.522335-81.376288
4713S Orange Ave and E Jackson St28.539575-81.379086
4256S Orange Ave and E Kaley St28.52072-81.376275
2183S Orange Ave and E Lancaster Rd28.464589-81.367554
2242S Orange Ave and E Lancaster Rd28.465378-81.367458
2191S Orange Ave and E Landst Rd28.435627-81.367614
2235S Orange Ave and E Landst Rd28.436997-81.367397
4663S Orange Ave and E Muriel St28.517156-81.376244
2182S Orange Ave and E Pierce Ave28.469206-81.368265
5735S Orange Ave and E Pineloch Ave28.508652-81.37619
2188S Orange Ave and E Sand Lake Rd28.452508-81.364196
2181S Orange Ave and E Wallace St28.471342-81.368894
2226S Orange Ave and E Wetherbee Rd28.392267-81.374836
2180S Orange Ave and Fairln Ave28.472413-81.369206
5726S Orange Ave and Fernwood St28.525404-81.376333
5845S Orange Ave and Gatlin Ave28.493174-81.374418
5520S Orange Ave and Gem St28.476597-81.371052
2184S Orange Ave and Glenrose Rd28.462123-81.366856
4245S Orange Ave and Grant St28.516035-81.376528
2227S Orange Ave and Intermodal Way28.400352-81.37596
5525S Orange Ave and Jamaica Ln28.487368-81.372608
5287S Orange Ave and Jennie Jewel Dr28.502494-81.376394
5290S Orange Ave and Jennie Jewel Dr28.502394-81.376142
5513S Orange Ave and Kelsey St28.496776-81.375557
5529S Orange Ave and Kelsey St28.497005-81.375379
4241S Orange Ave and Lake Beauty Dr28.522529-81.376537
5527S Orange Ave and Lake Gatlin Rd28.492495-81.373864
2179S Orange Ave and Larue Ave28.478545-81.371589
2238S Orange Ave and Mccoy Rd28.452267-81.363817
4247S Orange Ave and Michigan St28.51192-81.376405
2197S Orange Ave and Mid Florida Dr28.416655-81.372378
2229S Orange Ave and Mid Florida Dr28.416585-81.37203
2241S Orange Ave and Nela Ave28.461795-81.366495
5288S Orange Ave and Oakwater Cir28.50059-81.37631
5289S Orange Ave and Oakwater Cir28.501116-81.376074
2186S Orange Ave and Office Ct28.455276-81.364912
2239S Orange Ave and Office Ct28.455746-81.364836
2189S Orange Ave and Parkline Blvd28.447452-81.364583
2237S Orange Ave and Parkline Blvd28.447381-81.364336
4242S Orange Ave and Pennsylvania St28.521241-81.376537
2185S Orange Ave and Perkins Rd28.458272-81.365768
2240S Orange Ave and Perkins Rd28.458164-81.365482
2190S Orange Ave and Pine Ave28.442885-81.365973
2236S Orange Ave and Pine Ave28.442907-81.365724
2192S Orange Ave and Pine St28.432985-81.368708
5516S Orange Ave and Prescott Dr28.487329-81.372869
4261S Orange Ave and S Lucerne Cir E28.533375-81.376538
4237S Orange Ave and S Lucerne Cir W28.533149-81.376856
4249S Orange Ave and Southgate Commerce Blvd28.505738-81.376376
5518S Orange Ave and Stratemeyer Dr28.483959-81.372136
4239S Orange Ave and Sturtevant St28.52437-81.37659
4250S Orange Ave and Suddath Dr28.504157-81.376397
4251S Orange Ave and Suddath Dr28.504915-81.376139
2196S Orange Ave and Taft Vineland Rd28.422734-81.371353
2230S Orange Ave and Tradeport Dr28.422045-81.371165
9176S Orange Ave and W Anderson St28.5366-81.378759
4244S Orange Ave and W Harding St28.517885-81.37651
4254S Orange Ave and W Illiana St28.511385-81.376201
5519S Orange Ave and W Mary Jess Rd28.480519-81.372072
9194S Orange Ave and W Pine St28.541646-81.379103
5503S Orange Ave and W Pineloch Ave28.508807-81.376447
2200S Orange Ave and W Wetherbee Rd28.392296-81.375195
2198S Orange Ave and Wetherbee Rd28.412492-81.374111
2228S Orange Ave and Wetherbee Rd28.412717-81.373635
2199S Orange Ave and Zell Dr28.399744-81.376115
9868S Orange Ave Ave Tupperware Sunrail28.343849-81.390116
5528S Orange Avenue and Holden Avenue28.495036-81.374866
2187S Orange Avenue and Office Court28.454289-81.364646
5526S Orange Avenue and Prescott Drive28.489341-81.373081
5478S Orange Blossom Trl and 23rd St28.517825-81.397175
5469S Orange Blossom Trl and 24th St28.51719-81.396911
4413S Orange Blossom Trl and 29th St28.512575-81.396866
5480S Orange Blossom Trl and 29th St28.512949-81.397129
2647S Orange Blossom Trl and 35th St28.506848-81.396782
2646S Orange Blossom Trl and 37th St28.505243-81.396757
2648S Orange Blossom Trl and 37th St28.505642-81.397039
2645S Orange Blossom Trl and 39th St28.503385-81.396734
2649S Orange Blossom Trl and 39th St28.503823-81.397022
2644S Orange Blossom Trl and 41st St28.502084-81.396738
2650S Orange Blossom Trl and 42nd St28.501254-81.397024
2643S Orange Blossom Trl and 43rd St28.500469-81.39675
2651S Orange Blossom Trl and 43rd St28.500113-81.39702
2642S Orange Blossom Trl and 45th St28.497498-81.396674
2652S Orange Blossom Trl and 45th St28.496782-81.397059
2656S Orange Blossom Trl and Americana Blvd28.483775-81.396895
2617S Orange Blossom Trl and Barley Club Dr28.411754-81.4045
2677S Orange Blossom Trl and Barley Club Dr28.411643-81.404816
1748S Orange Blossom Trl and Benbow Ct28.650938-81.46618
1760S Orange Blossom Trl and Benbow Ct28.651309-81.467093
2618S Orange Blossom Trl and Caroni Dr28.414852-81.404515
2676S Orange Blossom Trl and Caroni Dr28.414834-81.404828
4769S Orange Blossom Trl and Carter St28.535016-81.397334
2621S Orange Blossom Trl and Cecil Dr28.424544-81.404577
2673S Orange Blossom Trl and Cecil Dr28.42503-81.404849
2484S Orange Blossom Trl and Central Florida Pky28.406586-81.404819
2616S Orange Blossom Trl and Central Florida Pky28.407881-81.404468
2982S Orange Blossom Trl and Colour Pl28.652757-81.468132
4424S Orange Blossom Trl and Colyer St28.537237-81.397335
2622S Orange Blossom Trl and Consulate Dr28.427921-81.404533
2665S Orange Blossom Trl and Counselor Row28.456996-81.399087
2605S Orange Blossom Trl and Cypress Crossing Dr28.355701-81.404318
2685S Orange Blossom Trl and Cypress Crossing Dr28.355882-81.404657
2609S Orange Blossom Trl and Deerfield Blvd28.379127-81.404312
2682S Orange Blossom Trl and Deerfield Blvd28.380756-81.404705
5822S Orange Blossom Trl and Deerfield Blvd28.378235-81.404701
2632S Orange Blossom Trl and Doss Ave28.46965-81.396491
2661S Orange Blossom Trl and Doss Ave28.468569-81.396772
2636S Orange Blossom Trl and Duskin Ave28.4802-81.396566
2606S Orange Blossom Trl and Falcon Trace Blvd28.36248-81.404259
1763S Orange Blossom Trl and Floral Ave28.638181-81.455341
2681S Orange Blossom Trl and Ginger Mill Blvd28.386686-81.404725
5473S Orange Blossom Trl and Grand St28.526043-81.396959
5474S Orange Blossom Trl and Grand St28.526068-81.397203
2612S Orange Blossom Trl and Heritage Village Ln28.394462-81.404413
5820S Orange Blossom Trl and Heritage Village Ln28.392444-81.404744
6010S Orange Blossom Trl and Heritage Village Ln28.394562-81.404751
6049S Orange Blossom Trl and Heritage Village Ln28.392599-81.404404
3059S Orange Blossom Trl and Hiawassee28.653037-81.468952
2640S Orange Blossom Trl and Holden Ave28.491785-81.396667
2641S Orange Blossom Trl and Holden Ave28.493831-81.396674
2653S Orange Blossom Trl and Holden Ave28.493881-81.396975
6653S Orange Blossom Trl and Holden Ave28.495347-81.396693
2684S Orange Blossom Trl and Hunters Creek Blvd28.361475-81.404622
2628S Orange Blossom Trl and Jordan Ave28.458488-81.398355
3046S Orange Blossom Trl and Kenneth St28.658665-81.475417
2624S Orange Blossom Trl and La Quinta Dr28.439769-81.403646
2625S Orange Blossom Trl and La Quinta Dr28.442037-81.403003
2669S Orange Blossom Trl and La Quinta Dr28.44103-81.403589
2670S Orange Blossom Trl and La Quinta Dr28.438975-81.404139
2657S Orange Blossom Trl and Lake Jessamine Dr28.479671-81.396843
3056S Orange Blossom Trl and Lake Pleasant Rd28.659047-81.476547
4770S Orange Blossom Trl and Long St28.536148-81.397084
2668S Orange Blossom Trl and Morning Dr28.443731-81.402816
1746S Orange Blossom Trl and Morrison Blvd28.645795-81.460827
1762S Orange Blossom Trl and Morrison Blvd28.645686-81.461219
1747S Orange Blossom Trl and Oranole Way28.647811-81.4629
1745S Orange Blossom Trl and Pemberton Dr28.639045-81.455514
2611S Orange Blossom Trl and Pepper Mill Blvd28.391043-81.404393
2680S Orange Blossom Trl and Pepper Mill Blvd28.390235-81.404748
2638S Orange Blossom Trl and Pickerel Cir28.484991-81.39661
3045S Orange Blossom Trl and Piedmont Wekiwa Rd28.655556-81.471134
2629S Orange Blossom Trl and Premier Row28.461298-81.397552
2664S Orange Blossom Trl and Premier Row28.461338-81.397893
2672S Orange Blossom Trl and Principal Row28.426342-81.404853
2639S Orange Blossom Trl and Redman St28.487985-81.396638
2654S Orange Blossom Trl and Redman St28.491207-81.396944
2655S Orange Blossom Trl and Redman St28.487967-81.396917
3052S Orange Blossom Trl and Sheeler Ave28.668503-81.490363
3050S Orange Blossom Trl and Sheeler Ave S28.669891-81.492207
3051S Orange Blossom Trl and Sheeler Ave S28.669569-81.492348
2627S Orange Blossom Trl and Skyview Dr28.456194-81.399006
1761S Orange Blossom Trl and Sprint Blvd28.647396-81.462987
2696S Orange Blossom Trl and Stable Dr28.382915-81.404345
5821S Orange Blossom Trl and Stable Dr28.383335-81.404718
3054S Orange Blossom Trl and Suncrest Dr28.664366-81.48383
2619S Orange Blossom Trl and Taft Vineland Rd28.418831-81.404535
2620S Orange Blossom Trl and Taft Vineland Rd28.422858-81.40457
2674S Orange Blossom Trl and Taft Vineland Rd28.422601-81.404861
2675S Orange Blossom Trl and Taft Vineland Rd28.418599-81.404842
2608S Orange Blossom Trl and Tenpoint Ln28.375807-81.404301
5823S Orange Blossom Trl and Tenpoint Ln28.374857-81.404679
3048S Orange Blossom Trl and Victor Dr28.664432-81.483438
5988S Orange Blossom Trl and W Amelia St28.548125-81.397471
4418S Orange Blossom Trl and W Central Blvd28.541803-81.397166
4422S Orange Blossom Trl and W Central Blvd28.541645-81.39738
4417S Orange Blossom Trl and W Church St28.539965-81.397135
4423S Orange Blossom Trl and W Church St28.539845-81.397358
4415S Orange Blossom Trl and W Gore St28.530581-81.396985
4425S Orange Blossom Trl and W Gore St28.530609-81.397252
5470S Orange Blossom Trl and W Kaley Ave28.519932-81.396941
5493S Orange Blossom Trl and W Kaley Ave28.520167-81.397192
2630S Orange Blossom Trl and W Lancaster Rd28.464382-81.396761
2631S Orange Blossom Trl and W Lancaster Rd28.466628-81.396544
2662S Orange Blossom Trl and W Lancaster Rd28.466619-81.396938
2663S Orange Blossom Trl and W Lancaster Rd28.46461-81.397174
2623S Orange Blossom Trl and W Landst Rd28.436979-81.40426
2671S Orange Blossom Trl and W Landst Rd28.436659-81.404591
5468S Orange Blossom Trl and W Michigan St28.514408-81.396884
5479S Orange Blossom Trl and W Michigan St28.514772-81.397145
5472S Orange Blossom Trl and W Miller Ave28.523558-81.39696
5475S Orange Blossom Trl and W Miller Ave28.523817-81.397211
2633S Orange Blossom Trl and W Oak Ridge Rd28.473482-81.396469
2660S Orange Blossom Trl and W Oak Ridge Rd28.471874-81.396825
2626S Orange Blossom Trl and W Sand Lake Rd28.45269-81.399997
4416S Orange Blossom Trl and W South St28.538098-81.397114
2607S Orange Blossom Trl and W Town Center Blvd28.36831-81.404282
2683S Orange Blossom Trl and W Town Center Blvd28.367317-81.40465
5824S Orange Blossom Trl and W Town Center Blvd28.37065-81.404664
9175S Orange Blossom Trl and W Town Center Blvd28.372244-81.404298
2610S Orange Blossom Trl and W Wetherbee Rd28.387692-81.40435
2634S Orange Blossom Trl and Wakulla Way28.47661-81.396534
2659S Orange Blossom Trl and Wakulla Way28.475726-81.396861
2614S Orange Blossom Trl and Water Bridge Blvd28.401405-81.404442
2615S Orange Blossom Trl and Water Bridge Blvd28.404035-81.404454
6641S Orange Blossom Trl and Water Bridge Blvd28.402434-81.404784
9226S Orange Blossom Trl and Water Bridge Blvd28.404751-81.404798
2613S Orange Blossom Trl and Wellfleet Ct28.398023-81.404427
6008S Orange Blossom Trl and Whisper Lakes Blvd28.399202-81.404772
6009S Orange Blossom Trl and Whisper Lakes Blvd28.396683-81.404761
2637S Orange Blossom Trl and Woodsmere Ave28.482992-81.396593
2666S Orange Blossom Trl and Ziegler Rd28.45442-81.399815
3081S Orlando Ave and Cir Dr28.61459-81.365622
3083S Orlando Ave and E Packwood Ave28.624931-81.363354
3090S Orlando Ave and E Packwood Ave28.625573-81.363663
3091S Orlando Ave and E Ventris Ave28.624088-81.363688
3141S Orlando Ave and Elvin Ave28.611214-81.365155
3142S Orlando Ave and Elvin Ave28.610692-81.365461
3061S Orlando Ave and Lake Ave28.617667-81.365363
3079S Orlando Ave and Lake Ave28.617956-81.365664
3080S Orlando Ave and Magnolia Rd28.616028-81.365637
3082S Orlando Ave and S Maitland Ave28.622875-81.363749
3092S Orlando Ave and S Maitland Ave28.622457-81.364272
3060S Orlando Ave and Tangerine Pl28.615191-81.365324
4729S Oxalis Ave and Appian Way28.537266-81.299486
4739S Oxalis Ave and Columbian Dr28.523326-81.302192
4740S Oxalis Ave and Curry Ford Rd28.521012-81.302175
4736S Oxalis Ave and Gelwood Ave28.527299-81.298847
4735S Oxalis Ave and Inca St28.529178-81.298868
4733S Oxalis Ave and Kearce St28.531495-81.299103
4734S Oxalis Ave and Lido Ct28.530624-81.298885
4731S Oxalis Ave and Lyons St28.53403-81.299123
4730S Oxalis Ave and Mackenzie St28.53591-81.29915
4737S Oxalis Ave and Mary Lynn Ct28.525935-81.299705
4738S Oxalis Ave and Mary Lynn Ct28.525087-81.300841
4732S Oxalis Ave and Shenandoah Way28.532444-81.299112
2999S Park Ave and E 2nd St28.67582-81.509334
3035S Park Ave and E 2nd St28.675053-81.509571
2988S Park Ave and E 8th St28.667962-81.509508
2997S Park Ave and E 8th St28.668049-81.509393
2989S Park Ave and E 10th St28.665902-81.509452
2996S Park Ave and E 10th St28.66568-81.509328
3000S Park Ave and E Orange St28.677692-81.509324
4652S Parramore Ave and Citrus St28.529561-81.388979
4653S Parramore Ave and Columbia St28.527763-81.388952
4718S Parramore Ave and Columbia St28.527679-81.388768
4412S Parramore Ave and Conley St28.5332-81.388868
4470S Parramore Ave and Conley St28.533176-81.388992
4464S Parramore Ave and W Anderson St28.53637-81.388918
4469S Parramore Ave and W Anderson St28.536275-81.389022
4465S Parramore Ave and W South St28.537949-81.38893
4468S Parramore Ave and W South St28.537983-81.389055
4411S Parramore Ave and Willis St28.531796-81.388861
4719S Parramore Avenue and Citrus Street28.529243-81.388795
4471S Parramore Avenue and Conley Street28.532645-81.388975
1112S Pearl Lake Cswy and Lamar Ave28.659495-81.427398
1288S Pearl Lake Cswy and West Town Pky28.659023-81.427195
9891S Poinciana Blvd and Crescent Lakes Way28.223898-81.483797
6707S Poinciana Blvd and Octavia Blvd28.234605-81.487088
6708S Poinciana Blvd and Octavia Blvd28.235732-81.48751
9892S Poinciana Blvd and Trafalgar Blvd28.224845-81.484018
4380S Primrose Dr and E Central Blvd28.542208-81.347687
4379S Primrose Dr and E Jackson St28.539375-81.347656
4332S Primrose Dr and E Jackson Stree28.539728-81.347794
5484S Rio Grande Ave and 20th St28.520509-81.401074
5490S Rio Grande Ave and 22nd St28.517673-81.401333
5483S Rio Grande Ave and 23rd St28.518032-81.401132
9231S Rio Grande Ave and 26th St28.515273-81.401108
5464S Rio Grande Ave and 29th St28.51248-81.401083
5463S Rio Grande Ave and 30th St28.512019-81.401283
2247S Rio Grande Ave and 34th St28.508338-81.401213
2317S Rio Grande Ave and 34th St28.508729-81.401078
2248S Rio Grande Ave and 37th St28.505418-81.401158
2316S Rio Grande Ave and 37th St28.505241-81.401011
2249S Rio Grande Ave and 40th St28.502361-81.401117
2315S Rio Grande Ave and 40th St28.502497-81.40097
2250S Rio Grande Ave and 42nd St28.500766-81.401102
2314S Rio Grande Ave and 42nd St28.501106-81.400966
2251S Rio Grande Ave and 44th St28.498574-81.401087
2313S Rio Grande Ave and 45th St28.497936-81.400915
4572S Rio Grande Ave and Acme St28.528179-81.401181
4574S Rio Grande Ave and Acme St28.528113-81.401382
2809S Rio Grande Ave and Americana Blvd28.48368-81.402995
2880S Rio Grande Ave and Americana Blvd28.48327-81.402713
2811S Rio Grande Ave and Blossom Ter28.479293-81.400933
2348S Rio Grande Ave and Doss Ave28.469163-81.400924
2397S Rio Grande Ave and Doss Ave28.469198-81.400668
5489S Rio Grande Ave and Duchess Ave28.519715-81.401309
5486S Rio Grande Ave and Grand St28.526083-81.401115
2252S Rio Grande Ave and Holden Ave28.494983-81.401031
2312S Rio Grande Ave and Holden Ave28.495107-81.400882
2256S Rio Grande Ave and Honour Rd28.490963-81.401033
5487S Rio Grande Ave and Indiana St28.525825-81.401329
2810S Rio Grande Ave and Lake Heritage Cir28.482408-81.402621
2879S Rio Grande Ave and Lake Heritage Cir28.482084-81.402419
9283S Rio Grande Ave and Lex Hester Ln28.533649-81.401259
9284S Rio Grande Ave and Lex Hester Ln28.533537-81.401408
5492S Rio Grande Ave and Montview St28.515117-81.401314
2812S Rio Grande Ave and Rose Blvd28.477727-81.400922
2877S Rio Grande Ave and Rose Blvd28.47793-81.400804
2878S Rio Grande Ave and Vagabond Ln28.479398-81.400821
4573S Rio Grande Ave and W Gore St28.530672-81.401426
9303S Rio Grande Ave and W Gore St28.531748-81.401215
5485S Rio Grande Ave and W Miller Ave28.523958-81.401106
5488S Rio Grande Ave and W Miller Ave28.523548-81.401321
2815S Rio Grande Ave and W Oak Ridge Rd28.473156-81.400902
2834S Rio Grande Ave and W Oak Ridge Rd28.473248-81.400755
2813S Rio Grande Ave and Wakulla Way28.476532-81.400878
2814S Rio Grande Ave and Wakulla Way28.474572-81.400901
2835S Rio Grande Ave and Wakulla Way28.474623-81.400786
2836S Rio Grande Ave and Wakulla Way28.476095-81.400787
5482S Rio Grande Avenue and 24th Street28.516687-81.401117
4262S Rosalind Ave and E Anderson St28.535595-81.376335
4263S Rosalind Ave and E Jackson St28.539526-81.375687
4673S Rosalind Ave and E South St28.538127-81.375766
4848S Semoran Blvd and Abercorn Dr28.488231-81.309968
5847S Semoran Blvd and Abercorn Dr28.486588-81.310359
4048S Semoran Blvd and Amurcon Pl28.492113-81.310411
4071S Semoran Blvd and Andora St28.534854-81.310377
4511S Semoran Blvd and Andora St28.535162-81.310652
5772S Semoran Blvd and Annshire Way28.501461-81.310453
3422S Semoran Blvd and Banchory Rd28.590033-81.307305
4032S Semoran Blvd and Beau Barton Pl28.537342-81.310677
5617S Semoran Blvd and Bent Pine Dr28.474173-81.310299
5749S Semoran Blvd and Bent Pine Dr28.475509-81.309889
5619S Semoran Blvd and Butler National Dr28.465344-81.310279
5623S Semoran Blvd and Butler National Dr28.46665-81.309862
4034S Semoran Blvd and Casa Blanca Ln28.530844-81.310621
4069S Semoran Blvd and Casa Blanca Ln28.531547-81.310339
5796S Semoran Blvd and Curry Ford Rd28.520349-81.310614
5816S Semoran Blvd and Curry Ford Rd28.523056-81.310639
5854S Semoran Blvd and Curry Ford Rd28.52116-81.31013
5718S Semoran Blvd and Dahlia Dr28.545639-81.310517
4031S Semoran Blvd and Dogwood Dr28.541657-81.310735
4074S Semoran Blvd and Dogwood Dr28.541598-81.310459
5794S Semoran Blvd and E Grant St28.516583-81.310582
5800S Semoran Blvd and E Grant St28.518165-81.310096
5768S Semoran Blvd and E Michigan St28.511802-81.310516
5777S Semoran Blvd and E Michigan St28.513179-81.310107
5795S Semoran Blvd and E Michigan St28.514197-81.310565
5853S Semoran Blvd and E Michigan St28.515306-81.310119
5852S Semoran Blvd and Estancia Dr28.502534-81.310032
5775S Semoran Blvd and Five Flags Blvd28.506223-81.310025
5776S Semoran Blvd and Five Flags Blvd28.509711-81.31008
3425S Semoran Blvd and Golfside Villas28.581164-81.308041
3426S Semoran Blvd and Hanging Moss Rd28.579167-81.309042
5620S Semoran Blvd and Hazeltine National Dr28.462405-81.310274
5622S Semoran Blvd and Hazeltine National Dr28.464023-81.309852
4846S Semoran Blvd and Hoffner Ave28.478693-81.309897
5728S Semoran Blvd and Hoffner Ave28.481633-81.309892
5773S Semoran Blvd and Hoffner Ave28.479638-81.310332
5849S Semoran Blvd and Hoffner Ave28.482397-81.310358
4075S Semoran Blvd and Kalmia Dr28.543843-81.310495
4072S Semoran Blvd and Kislin Pl28.536667-81.310393
4035S Semoran Blvd and La Costa Dr28.528073-81.310579
4067S Semoran Blvd and La Costa Dr28.527409-81.3103
5770S Semoran Blvd and Lake Margaret Dr28.508462-81.310494
5771S Semoran Blvd and Lake Margaret Dr28.505118-81.310495
4073S Semoran Blvd and Lake Underhill Rd28.538768-81.31042
5618S Semoran Blvd and Leevista Blvd28.468225-81.310285
5624S Semoran Blvd and Leevista Blvd28.470009-81.309875
4068S Semoran Blvd and Lido St28.530038-81.310324
5563S Semoran Blvd and North Frontage Rd28.459874-81.310276
5774S Semoran Blvd and Pershing Ave28.499835-81.31002
5778S Semoran Blvd and Pershing Ave28.499569-81.310464
5797S Semoran Blvd and Pershing Ave28.498422-81.31046
4036S Semoran Blvd and Sanibel St28.525061-81.310567
4066S Semoran Blvd and Sanibel St28.525394-81.310281
4049S Semoran Blvd and St Charles Prado28.489735-81.310388
5850S Semoran Blvd and St Charles Prado28.490987-81.309986
4033S Semoran Blvd and Stonewall Jackson Rd28.533451-81.310632
4070S Semoran Blvd and Stonewall Jackson Rd28.532986-81.310356
3423S Semoran Blvd and Summer Wind Dr28.584745-81.307191
5748S Semoran Blvd and T G Lee Blvd28.460888-81.309815
3548S Semoran Blvd and Terry Brook Dr28.582398-81.306999
4847S Semoran Blvd and Turnbull Dr28.485643-81.309951
5848S Semoran Blvd and Turnbull Dr28.484393-81.310347
3420S Semoran Blvd and University Center Dr28.595661-81.307461
3551S Semoran Blvd and University Park Dr28.591031-81.306874
3552S Semoran Blvd and University Park Dr28.594185-81.30696
3549S Semoran Blvd and Whisper Lake Ln28.586639-81.306739
1332S SR 434 and Gateway Dr28.645442-81.415027
5910S SR 434 and Gateway Dr28.644353-81.415542
1331S SR 434 and Hillview Dr28.646705-81.415447
1333S SR 434 and Hillview Dr28.648247-81.414994
1330S SR 434 and Lotus Landing Blvd28.650397-81.415732
1326S SR 434 and Orange Ave28.661096-81.419186
1328S SR 434 and Orange Ave28.660291-81.418934
1335S SR 434 and Sunshine Ln28.655798-81.418974
1334S SR 434 and Trlwood Dr28.651531-81.415839
1329S SR 434 and Vineridge Run28.65398-81.418407
9285S Terry Ave and W Central Blvd28.54187-81.386933
9887S Terry Ave and W Church St28.540322-81.38705
2805S Texas Ave and Downing St28.49014-81.4093
2883S Texas Ave and Honour Rd28.49049-81.409145
2806S Texas Ave and Huntington Green Ct28.488472-81.409298
2882S Texas Ave and Huntington Green Ct28.488702-81.409137
2804S Texas Avenue and Buchanan Bay Circle28.492006-81.409315
2884S Texas Avenue and Buchanan Bay Circle28.492366-81.409156
2803S Texas Avenue and Holden Avenue28.493741-81.409316
2885S Texas Avenue and Holden Avenue28.4941-81.409215
725S Thacker Ave and Brown St28.287909-81.424196
724S Thacker Ave and Bruce St28.288126-81.424347
726S Thacker Ave and Patrick St28.289657-81.424197
727S Thacker Ave and Patrick St28.290082-81.424353
722S Thacker Ave and W Martin St28.282765-81.424169
723S Thacker Ave and W Martin St28.28276-81.42431
1069S US Hwy 17-92 and Atlantic Dr28.645505-81.352745
1214S US Hwy 17-92 and Concord Dr28.674299-81.337519
1347S US Hwy 17-92 and Concord Dr28.673771-81.337288
1349S US Hwy 17-92 and Dog Track Rd28.682771-81.334888
1338S US Hwy 17-92 and E SR 43428.696965-81.327435
1340S US Hwy 17-92 and E Wildmere Ave28.692012-81.327959
1348S US Hwy 17-92 and Golden Days Dr28.681483-81.33487
1078S US Hwy 17-92 and Hudson Ln28.645355-81.353298
1261S US Hwy 17-92 and Irene Dale Dr28.692956-81.327352
1336S US Hwy 17-92 and Kathryn Dr28.684581-81.333263
1083S US Hwy 17-92 and Lake Irene Dr28.696151-81.327097
1337S US Hwy 17-92 and Laura St28.688554-81.32911
1341S US Hwy 17-92 and Laura St28.688785-81.329438
1344S US Hwy 17-92 and Live Oak Gardens28.670254-81.338702
1350S US Hwy 17-92 and N Griffin Dr28.679338-81.335945
1068S US Hwy 17-92 and N Lakewood Cir28.643655-81.353743
1077S US Hwy 17-92 and Obrien Rd28.647936-81.351915
1343S US Hwy 17-92 and Piney Ridge Rd28.667746-81.339181
1345S US Hwy 17-92 and Piney Ridge Rd28.667581-81.339507
1071S US Hwy 17-92 and Ridge Rd28.651521-81.348928
1076S US Hwy 17-92 and Ridge Rd28.6514-81.349547
1079S US Hwy 17-92 and Spartan Dr28.64326-81.354425
1339S US Hwy 17-92 and Sunbranch Ln28.69474-81.327641
1070S US Hwy 17-92 and Thunderbird Way28.649108-81.350744
1346S US Hwy 17-92 and Triplet Lake Dr28.671129-81.33815
1273S Westmonte Dr and Mayflower Center28.660147-81.393282
1272S Westmonte Dr and Springs Colony Cir28.658791-81.391932
4578S Westmoreland Dr and Conley St28.533073-81.393113
4765S Westmoreland Dr and Conley St28.533202-81.393005
4577S Westmoreland Dr and W Anderson St28.536657-81.393232
4580S Westmoreland Dr and W Anderson St28.536332-81.393052
4575S Westmoreland Dr and W Church St28.539687-81.393272
4582S Westmoreland Dr and W Church St28.539945-81.393069
6987S Westmoreland Dr and W Church St28.540489-81.393082
4579S Westmoreland Dr and W Gore St28.531559-81.393104
4764S Westmoreland Dr and W Gore St28.531581-81.39296
4576S Westmoreland Dr and W South St28.53844-81.393258
4581S Westmoreland Dr and W South St28.538147-81.393038
2253San Antonio Ave and Americana Blvd28.485885-81.405679
2259San Antonio Ave and Americana Blvd28.486317-81.405481
2692San Antonio Ave and Honour Rd28.490452-81.405148
2693San Antonio Ave and Honour Rd28.490182-81.405234
2254San Antonio Ave and Lake Fountain Dr28.488019-81.405116
2258San Antonio Ave and Lake Fountain Dr28.488308-81.405221
1002San Lorenzo Rd and Ashford Pl28.172899-81.47355
1004San Lorenzo Rd and Colonade Ct28.176413-81.478525
1003San Lorenzo Rd and Dagama Ct28.174593-81.47563
1007San Lorenzo Rd and Darlington Ct28.180564-81.486622
1006San Lorenzo Rd and Dartford Dr28.18135-81.483469
1001San Lorenzo Rd and Nelson Dr28.169685-81.475419
1005San Lorenzo Rd and Sherborne Ln28.178986-81.481171
2444Sand Lake Commons Blvd and Docs Grove Cir28.430285-81.479848
2443Sand Lake Commons Blvd and Turkey Lake Rd28.43013-81.477113
1436Sand Pond Rd and Greenwood Blvd28.741989-81.364677
9173Sand Pond Rd and Lake Emma Rd28.74203-81.360937
3361Scarlet Rd and Lincolnshire Rd28.597114-81.310532
3356Scarlet Rd and N Ranger Blvd28.597186-81.31124
9897Scarlet Rd and Prince Charles Ln28.597234-81.308757
3808Scarlet Rd and U K Cir28.597102-81.308954
2820Sea Harbor Dr and Academic Dr28.40894-81.468659
2829Sea Harbor Dr and Central Florida Pky28.408417-81.468614
6902Sea Harbor Dr and Grand Vacations Way28.407134-81.469633
2818Sea Harbor Dr and Sea World Dr28.415455-81.462007
2830Sea Harbor Dr and Sea World Dr28.411412-81.467022
2832Sea Harbor Dr and Sea World Dr28.415277-81.461563
2927Sea Harbor Dr and Sea World Dr28.41131-81.467404
3418Semoran Blvd and Aloma Ave28.602321-81.30751
1356Semoran Blvd and Sausalito Blvd28.643963-81.322487
6177Shader Rd and Center Loop28.586392-81.42687
6312Shader Rd and Center Loop28.586366-81.428577
6191Shader Rd and Friendly Ave28.585476-81.417773
6314Shader Rd and Heatherington Rd28.585371-81.418712
6214Shader Rd and Seneca Club Loop28.585465-81.423406
6313Shader Rd and Seneca Club Loop28.585319-81.423362
2027Silver Star Rd and Ashland Blvd28.577843-81.445509
2009Silver Star Rd and Belco Dr28.578095-81.453939
2017Silver Star Rd and Bon Air Dr28.577444-81.488142
2574Silver Star Rd and Bon Air Dr28.577733-81.488664
3301Silver Star Rd and Coast Line Dr28.578144-81.442743
6706Silver Star Rd and Coolidge Ave28.578164-81.403158
3903Silver Star Rd and Coventry Ln28.577408-81.504096
2006Silver Star Rd and Dardanelle Dr28.578159-81.439554
2029Silver Star Rd and Dardenelle Dr28.577896-81.438898
6183Silver Star Rd and Dinneen Ave28.578264-81.411607
6184Silver Star Rd and Dinneen Ave28.578044-81.411318
2019Silver Star Rd and Environs Blvd28.577501-81.472448
2015Silver Star Rd and Florence Ann Ct28.577768-81.473132
2023Silver Star Rd and Forrest Park Dr28.577847-81.45806
2010Silver Star Rd and Golf Club Pky28.578108-81.457185
2024Silver Star Rd and Golf Club Pky28.577823-81.456379
2016Silver Star Rd and Good Homes Rd28.577702-81.499309
2705Silver Star Rd and Good Homes Rd28.577432-81.499776
6193Silver Star Rd and Hansrob Rd28.578214-81.414635
6194Silver Star Rd and Hansrob Rd28.578072-81.414465
2020Silver Star Rd and Healy Dr28.577545-81.469396
6527Silver Star Rd and Healy Dr28.57781-81.469948
4894Silver Star Rd and Johio Shores Rd28.576062-81.507821
2008Silver Star Rd and Kingsland Ave28.578117-81.448246
2026Silver Star Rd and Kingsland Ave28.577828-81.447419
3895Silver Star Rd and Lake St28.577638-81.504823
2704Silver Star Rd and Lake Stanley Rd28.577734-81.495314
2706Silver Star Rd and Lake Stanley Rd28.577441-81.495531
2707Silver Star Rd and Laurel Hill Dr28.577459-81.484709
2708Silver Star Rd and Laurel Hill Dr28.577768-81.484347
2028Silver Star Rd and Le Havre Blvd28.577862-81.443485
2575Silver Star Rd and N Apopka Vineland Rd28.577696-81.491553
2843Silver Star Rd and N Apopka Vineland Rd28.577417-81.4906
9886Silver Star Rd and N Hastings St28.577829-81.460263
2018Silver Star Rd and N Hiawassee Rd28.577468-81.47523
2573Silver Star Rd and N Hiawassee Rd28.57768-81.477912
2864Silver Star Rd and N Hiawassee Rd28.577736-81.475465
5789Silver Star Rd and N Hiawassee Rd28.577417-81.477124
6715Silver Star Rd and N Hiawassee Rd28.577732-81.476907
6205Silver Star Rd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.578307-81.40675
6206Silver Star Rd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.578114-81.407267
6526Silver Star Rd and N Pine Hills Rd28.577818-81.452724
2013Silver Star Rd and Park Hamilton Blvd28.57788-81.466593
2021Silver Star Rd and Park Hamilton Blvd28.577666-81.465055
2022Silver Star Rd and Park Hamilton Blvd28.577748-81.462754
6705Silver Star Rd and Pinewood Dr28.578345-81.403514
2012Silver Star Rd and Pioneer Rd28.577987-81.46316
2701Silver Star Rd and Renegade Dr28.577607-81.480011
6600Silver Star Rd and Renegade Dr28.577305-81.480086
3897Silver Star Rd and Roddy Red Rd28.575385-81.507928
2011Silver Star Rd and Sheringham Rd28.578126-81.459754
2709Silver Star Rd and Silkwood Cir28.577356-81.481628
2710Silver Star Rd and Silkwood Cir28.577644-81.481448
2702Silver Star Rd and Silver Ridge Dr28.577749-81.485761
2703Silver Star Rd and Summer Glen Dr28.577446-81.486335
2007Silver Star Rd and Willow Bend Blvd28.578146-81.445788
2918Silver Star Rd and Woodhaven Ct28.577658-81.502046
2919Silver Star Rd and Woodhaven Ct28.577427-81.502028
782Simpson Rd and Astro Lake Dr West28.302127-81.350999
804Simpson Rd and Astro Lake Dr West28.302753-81.35084
783Simpson Rd and Country Ln28.298434-81.350944
786Simpson Rd and E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy28.287976-81.354615
800Simpson Rd and E Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy28.287844-81.354544
803Simpson Rd and Harbor Town Dr28.299917-81.350823
9300Simpson Rd and Marisol Loop28.308762-81.347658
784Simpson Rd and New Beginnings Rd28.295577-81.350907
802Simpson Rd and New Beginnings Rd28.296081-81.350741
9948Simpson Rd and Plaza Dr28.322049-81.337631
785Simpson Rd and Simpson Ridge Cir28.290356-81.353007
801Simpson Rd and Simpson Ridge Cir28.290269-81.352866
9299Simpson Rd and Winners Cir28.308843-81.34733
5966Sligh Blvd and Columbia St28.527611-81.381466
4284Sligh Blvd and W Copeland Dr28.525705-81.381446
5967Sligh Blvd and W Copeland Dr28.526361-81.381348
9997Solivita Blvd and Cypress Pkwy28.143444-81.473907
5690South Entrlance and Towne Center Cir28.799332-81.340583
2921South Park Cir and S John Young Pky28.439394-81.424793
2922South Park Cir and S John Young Pky28.440984-81.422783
2923South Park Cir and S John Young Pky28.443313-81.421201
2924South Park Cir and S John Young Pky28.447504-81.423347
2925South Park Cir and S John Young Pky28.44399-81.425358
9232South Park Cir and S John Young Pky28.445595-81.420196
4987Spaulding Rd and S Goldwyn Ave28.532431-81.418315
9138SR 46 and Mangoustine Ave28.81154-81.282222
9139SR 46 and Poplar Ave28.81158-81.278138
9140SR 46 and S Holley Ave28.81162-81.275438
10058SR 192 and Columbia Ave28.245967-81.301581
6670SR 415 and E SR 4628.787821-81.212871
6671SR 415 and Klondike Pl28.787829-81.212642
6645SR 415 and Sterling Meadows Way28.792083-81.213277
1359SR 436 and Carmel Cir28.635542-81.320838
1394SR 436 and Casselton Dr28.611102-81.309296
1362SR 436 and Cedar Bay Pt28.626802-81.316703
1364SR 436 and Cedar Bay Pt28.628889-81.317282
1392SR 436 and Chicory Ln28.621392-81.313672
1351SR 436 and Fern Park Blvd28.657246-81.335919
1352SR 436 and Fern Park Blvd28.655755-81.334025
1368SR 436 and Georgetown Dr28.64053-81.322271
1390SR 436 and Greencastle Blvd28.616801-81.311575
1371SR 436 and Hibiscus Rd28.652132-81.328896
1363SR 436 and Howell Branch Rd28.627307-81.316474
1372SR 436 and Jasmine Rd28.653619-81.33078
1355SR 436 and Kewannee Trl28.648495-81.324967
1370SR 436 and Kewannee Trl28.649142-81.325112
1365SR 436 and Lake Howell Ln28.631456-81.318497
1373SR 436 and Lamplite Way28.655851-81.333569
1353SR 436 and Monarch Cir28.654096-81.331946
1376SR 436 and Reflections Cir28.630184-81.318347
1384SR 436 and Sedgefield Cir28.621134-81.314051
1383SR 436 and Semoran North Cir28.623534-81.315227
1393SR 436 and Semoran North Cir28.623704-81.314831
1360SR 436 and Vinings Ln28.633305-81.319804
1366SR 436 and Vinings Ln28.634749-81.320025
1354SR 436 and Wilshire Blvd28.650732-81.327785
1386SR 436 and Winter Green Blvd28.617106-81.312188
2901SR 535 and Lake Bryan Dr28.372388-81.503462
5645State Rd 535 and Hotel Plaza Blvd28.380026-81.504872
5644State Rd 535 and Hotel Plz Blvd28.380468-81.50533
6906State Rd 535 and Ski Holiday Dr28.372828-81.503886
2841State Rd 535 and Vistana Dr28.363749-81.501585
2897State Rd 535 and Vistana Dr28.363435-81.501886
6431Summer Day Ln and Crystal Clear Ln28.449745-81.39803
1570Summerlin Ave and Celery Ave28.801018-81.252345
1658Summerlin Ave and Celery Ave28.80096-81.252436
1660Summerlin Ave and Crescent St28.796729-81.252373
1661Summerlin Ave and E 20th St28.794345-81.252338
1565Summerlin Ave and Forest Dr28.789698-81.252282
9182Summerlin Ave and Forest Dr28.789582-81.252332
1566Summerlin Ave and Langston Dr28.791956-81.252242
1662Summerlin Ave and Langston Dr28.79166-81.25232
9185Summerlin Ave and Mckay Blvd28.794406-81.25226
1569Summerlin Ave and Montezuma Ave28.799483-81.252333
1659Summerlin Ave and Montezuma Ave28.799463-81.252421
1568Summerlin Ave and Summerlin Ave28.796893-81.252273
1564Summerlin Ave and Wynnewood Dr28.788014-81.252164
1664Summerlin Ave and Wynnewood Dr28.788013-81.252241
3748Sun Vista Way and Crossen Dr28.492358-81.28008
3749Sun Vista Way and Sanseviera Ln28.49259-81.284678
6381T G Lee Blvd and Augusta National Dr28.460031-81.306561
6398T G Lee Blvd and Eagle Watch Dr28.460207-81.308105
6429T G Lee Blvd and Eagle Watch Dr28.460385-81.307869
6394T G Lee Blvd and Laurel Valley Dr28.459064-81.304672
6399T G Lee Blvd and Laurel Valley Dr28.458695-81.304673
6456T G Lee Blvd and S Semoran Blvd28.460222-81.309196
6383T P C Dr and Hazeltine National Dr28.461597-81.29608
6535T P C Dr and Hazeltine National Dr28.46168-81.296233
6694T P C Dr and Leevista Blvd28.464025-81.296807
6695T P C Dr and Leevista Blvd28.464588-81.296882
6500Tiger Rd and Caribou Dr28.12282-81.461132
6501Tiger Rd and Dromedary Dr28.120687-81.460806
6498Tiger Rd and Gazelle Dr28.119029-81.460548
6499Tiger Rd and Walnut St28.125435-81.460544
5633Topiary Ln and World Dr28.404711-81.578219
5888Town Center Blvd and The Oaks Apt28.350345-81.666033
5887Town Center Blvd and US Hwy 19228.348813-81.664439
1408Town Center Cir and South Entrance28.803114-81.339743
1406Towne Center Blvd and North Entrance Rd28.807998-81.335236
1405Towne Center Blvd and North Towne Rd28.810082-81.33465
4960Turkey Lake Rd and Hollywood Way28.468902-81.474771
5631Turkey Lake Rd and Lakewood Plaza Dr28.457073-81.475802
2439Turkey Lake Rd and Latrec Ave28.436121-81.475147
2268Turkey Lake Rd and Majorca Pl28.4529-81.477722
2287Turkey Lake Rd and Majorca Pl28.453849-81.477478
2716Turkey Lake Rd and Majorca Pl28.452056-81.477455
2563Turkey Lake Rd and Palmacia Blvd28.435361-81.474879
6081Turkey Lake Rd and Palmacia Blvd28.440117-81.475138
6085Turkey Lake Rd and Palmacia Blvd28.440335-81.474857
4950Turkey Lake Rd and Panther Way28.46789-81.475091
4961Turkey Lake Rd and Paw St28.471311-81.474783
4951Turkey Lake Rd and Service Rd28.464798-81.475067
4959Turkey Lake Rd and Service Rd28.464405-81.474715
5630Turkey Lake Rd and Toscana Blvd28.457207-81.476016
4962Turkey Lake Rd and Universal Studios Plz28.474024-81.474773
4963Turkey Lake Rd and Universal Studios Plz28.475716-81.47477
4964Turkey Lake Rd and Universal Studios Plz28.478403-81.474762
9922Turkey Lake Rd and Universal Studios Plz28.477265-81.47506
2438Turkey Lake Rd and W Sand Lake Rd28.449551-81.478006
4952Turkey Lake Rd and Wallace Rd28.461978-81.475042
4958Turkey Lake Rd and Wallace Rd28.462119-81.474731
4949Turkey Lake Rd and Woodgreen Dr28.474686-81.475079
5863Universal Blvd and Breakview Dr28.423886-81.436804
6442Universal Blvd and Breakview Dr28.426329-81.442913
5023Universal Blvd and Hollywood Way28.473764-81.463285
5900Universal Blvd and Rosen Shingle Creek28.426215-81.442503
9224Universal Blvd and W International Dr28.461577-81.464111
3785University Blvd and Arden Villas Blvd28.597508-81.219757
9969University Blvd and Bibb Ln28.598649-81.267182
3351University Blvd and Calibre Bend Trl28.597651-81.289162
3369University Blvd and Donna Lynn Ln28.597577-81.278315
3355University Blvd and Driggs Dr28.597369-81.304024
3375University Blvd and Gathering Dr28.597374-81.240749
3389University Blvd and Gathering Dr28.597656-81.24044
3394University Blvd and Hall Rd28.598925-81.267064
3386University Blvd and Heather Glen Blvd28.597709-81.229194
3378University Blvd and Hillmont Cir28.597433-81.229154
3807University Blvd and Hwy 41728.597094-81.255579
3371University Blvd and Lake Mira Dr28.599636-81.270042
3395University Blvd and Lake Mira Dr28.59995-81.27011
3368University Blvd and Lake Mirage Blvd28.597308-81.282178
3370University Blvd and Lake Mirage Blvd28.599703-81.273966
3398University Blvd and Lake Mirage Blvd28.597602-81.282214
3377University Blvd and Lake Twylo Rd28.597413-81.232266
3387University Blvd and Lake Twylo Rd28.597706-81.232198
3366University Blvd and Metric Dr28.597393-81.289491
3374University Blvd and N Dean Rd28.597337-81.243758
3391University Blvd and N Dean Rd28.59754-81.248233
5714University Blvd and N Dean Rd28.59722-81.249177
3372University Blvd and N Econlockhatchee Trl28.597247-81.261246
3393University Blvd and N Econlockhatchee Trl28.597534-81.261296
3354University Blvd and N Forsyth Rd28.597646-81.298436
3363University Blvd and N Forsyth Rd28.597336-81.298062
6538University Blvd and N Forsyth Rd28.597203-81.301734
6539University Blvd and N Forsyth Rd28.597485-81.301623
3367University Blvd and N Goldenrod Rd28.597267-81.285263
3399University Blvd and N Goldenrod Rd28.597537-81.285607
3396University Blvd and North Mira Blvd28.599722-81.274765
3379University Blvd and Quadrangle Blvd28.597535-81.215086
3383University Blvd and Quadrangle Blvd28.597827-81.21537
3397University Blvd and Quenita Dr28.597869-81.278421
3385University Blvd and Rouse Rd28.59778-81.225418
3784University Blvd and Rouse Rd28.59746-81.223151
3352University Blvd and Summerwalk Square28.597674-81.292762
3353University Blvd and Summerwalk Square28.59765-81.294483
3364University Blvd and Summerwalk Square28.597371-81.294594
3376University Blvd and Suntree Blvd28.5974-81.235423
3388University Blvd and Suntree Blvd28.597684-81.235435
3390University Blvd and Suntree Blvd28.59762-81.242968
3365University Blvd and Sutton Pl Blvd28.597411-81.292449
3380University Blvd and Systems Way28.597545-81.212436
3788University Blvd and Systems Way28.597843-81.212238
3384University Blvd and Technological Ave28.597772-81.220062
3381University Blvd and Turbine Dr28.597598-81.210596
3382University Blvd and Turbine Dr28.597908-81.209896
3789University Blvd and University Park Dr28.597118-81.303864
3392University Blvd and Woodsong Dr28.597557-81.258797
10061US 192 and Montana Ave28.24613-81.300067
10059US 192 and Wisconsin Ave28.245823-81.29008
10060US 192 and Wisconsin Ave28.246112-81.290537
1113US 441 and Center St28.641687-81.45723
1114US 441 and Center St28.6418-81.457687
1610US Hwy 17-92 and Bayard St28.784585-81.273121
1691US Hwy 17-92 and Desoto Dr28.778748-81.274975
1554US Hwy 17-92 and E Airport Blvd28.771953-81.279245
1615US Hwy 17-92 and E Airport Blvd28.772427-81.279308
1613US Hwy 17-92 and Florida St28.777692-81.275714
1614US Hwy 17-92 and Florida St28.775335-81.277366
1555US Hwy 17-92 and French Ave28.780545-81.273398
1612US Hwy 17-92 and Hiawatha Ave28.780372-81.273838
1684US Hwy 17-92 and Historic Goldsboro Blvd28.800239-81.273216
1672US Hwy 17-92 and Katherine Ct28.791009-81.272953
1556US Hwy 17-92 and Santa Barbara Dr28.783624-81.272904
1678US Hwy 17-92 and W 3rd St28.809642-81.273061
1681US Hwy 17-92 and W 3rd St28.810038-81.273298
1682US Hwy 17-92 and W 7th St28.805858-81.273247
1677US Hwy 17-92 and W 8th St28.805123-81.273026
1676US Hwy 17-92 and W 10th St28.803828-81.273016
1683US Hwy 17-92 and W 10th St28.803092-81.273227
1675US Hwy 17-92 and W 13th St28.800466-81.273001
1674US Hwy 17-92 and W 15th St28.798443-81.272999
1685US Hwy 17-92 and W 15th St28.798352-81.273217
1673US Hwy 17-92 and W 20th St28.793854-81.272988
1686US Hwy 17-92 and W 20th St28.794127-81.273206
1688US Hwy 17-92 and W 24th Pl28.787572-81.273151
1687US Hwy 17-92 and W 24th St28.790453-81.273181
1671US Hwy 17-92 and W 25th St28.78749-81.272943
1226US Hwy 17-92 and W 27th St28.775017-81.277251
1227US Hwy 17-92 and W 27th St28.777795-81.275333
6887US Hwy 27 and Cagan Crossings Blvd28.35411-81.676357
2978US Hwy 192 and Bali Blvd28.347203-81.656884
5652US Hwy 192 and Bali Blvd28.346841-81.657944
5649US Hwy 192 and Summer Bay Blvd28.347191-81.660059
5651US Hwy 192 and Summer Bay Blvd28.346828-81.661296
5886US Hwy 192 and Town Center Blvd28.347173-81.66612
3669Valencia College Ln and Bella Vista Way28.553739-81.259648
5713Valencia College Ln and Bella Vista Way28.553926-81.259164
3667Valencia College Ln and Danville Dr28.553734-81.266299
3677Valencia College Ln and Danville Dr28.553888-81.266399
3676Valencia College Ln and Mclean Ct28.553834-81.262304
3666Valencia College Ln and Mendham Blvd28.55367-81.273322
3678Valencia College Ln and Mendham Blvd28.553824-81.273377
3665Valencia College Ln and Myrtle Lake Ct28.553686-81.275831
3679Valencia College Ln and Myrtle Lake Ct28.553842-81.275159
3671Valencia College Ln and N Econlockhatchee Trl28.553996-81.253886
3673Valencia College Ln and N Econlockhatchee Trl28.554144-81.254174
3668Valencia College Ln and Paradi Ln28.553699-81.262136
3670Valencia College Ln and Vista Palma Way28.553867-81.256967
3674Valencia College Ln and Vista Palma Way28.554005-81.256939
10026Vamguard St and Municipal Dr28.461123-81.454073
2277Vanguard St and Amarilla Ave28.461197-81.449713
2278Vanguard St and Amarilla Ave28.461084-81.450115
4954Vanguard St and Municipal Dr28.461315-81.452069
5175Vargas St and Ravenall Ave28.515058-81.439153
5258Vargas St and Santana Ave28.515044-81.441268
10029Vetarans Way and Lake Nona Blvd28.3697-81.279103
9840Veterans Way and Lake Nona Blvd28.36995-81.278925
9298Veterans Way and Laureate Blvd28.368323-81.2775
6688Vick Rd and Sanctuary Golf Pl28.703087-81.525436
5920Vick Rd and Sun Bluff Ln28.69926-81.525575
5921Vick Rd and Vicks Landing Dr28.695839-81.525616
2905Vineland Ave and Arrezzo Way28.385604-81.487609
5791Vineland Ave and Arrezzo Way28.386896-81.488036
5792Vineland Ave and Arrezzo Way28.386712-81.488222
7030Vineland Ave and Orlando Premium Outlets28.388459-81.489451
2904Vineland Ave and Regency Village Dr28.38867-81.489296
5138Vineland Rd and 34th St28.508088-81.426091
5139Vineland Rd and 34th St28.5033-81.429353
5163Vineland Rd and 34th St28.507668-81.425936
5974Vineland Rd and 34th St28.505051-81.428032
5976Vineland Rd and 34th St28.502803-81.429417
5977Vineland Rd and 34th St28.504425-81.428213
4965Vineland Rd and Backlot Dr28.481602-81.470849
4947Vineland Rd and Cheryl St28.482528-81.469005
4966Vineland Rd and Cheryl St28.482207-81.469094
5160Vineland Rd and Conroy Rd28.496466-81.434216
5158Vineland Rd and Cypress Creek Blvd28.48311-81.445567
5144Vineland Rd and Cypress Creek Dr28.483297-81.445703
5145Vineland Rd and Cypress Creek Dr28.483029-81.448255
5157Vineland Rd and Cypress Creek Dr28.482819-81.448156
5790Vineland Rd and Lake Cane Dr28.480752-81.473322
5806Vineland Rd and Lake Cane Dr28.480976-81.473496
5141Vineland Rd and Orange Cty Fleet Mgmt Rd28.499532-81.432205
4946Vineland Rd and Peregrine Ave28.482978-81.46463
5961Vineland Rd and Peregrine Ave28.482711-81.462527
5140Vineland Rd and Sindelar Way28.501806-81.430474
5161Vineland Rd and Sindelar Way28.499083-81.432237
5162Vineland Rd and Sindelar Way28.501001-81.430784
5975Vineland Rd and Sindelar Way28.497537-81.433722
5253Vineland Rd and Universal Blvd28.483019-81.461613
5254Vineland Rd and Universal Blvd28.482681-81.464434
5143Vineland Rd and Walden Cir28.488206-81.440793
5159Vineland Rd and Walden Cir28.487509-81.441018
5239Vineland Rd and Windhover Dr28.482764-81.456498
5240Vineland Rd and Windhover Dr28.483044-81.45758
1772Vintage Village Ln and W Colonial Dr28.553213-81.514762
6076Vista Blvd and Bonnet Creek Pky28.387635-81.529006
5634Vista Blvd and Fort Wilderness Trl28.399033-81.552495
2896Vistana Centrle Dr and State Rd 53528.368443-81.50372
2590Voltaire Dr and Evangeline Ave28.45531-81.387715
2594Voltaire Dr and Forester Ave28.455987-81.387677
2595Voltaire Dr and Jordan Ave28.458215-81.387379
5907Voltaire Dr and Ridenhour Cir28.453358-81.387583
6051Voltaire Dr and Ridenhour Cir28.453165-81.387699
2591Voltaire Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.451918-81.387978
2593Voltaire Dr and W Sand Lake Rd28.451854-81.387854
1690W 1st St and Laurel Ave28.811657-81.271896
9142W 1st St and Mangoustine Ave28.811784-81.28328
1587W 1st St and N Elm Ave28.811756-81.271556
6462W 1st St and Park Ave28.811666-81.268234
1759W 10th St and S Lake Ave28.665692-81.513291
1756W 13th St and Marvin C Zanders Ave28.66208-81.51397
1757W 13th St and S Hawthorne Ave28.6621-81.517426
9925W 13th St and S Hawthorne Ave28.66211-81.52055
9926W 13th St and S Hawthorne Ave28.662033-81.520834
1225W Airport Blvd and N US Hwy 17-9228.773527-81.285056
6932W Airport Blvd and W SR 4628.81301-81.29816
4796W Amelia St and Hames Ave28.549238-81.396764
6334W Amelia St and N Orange Ave28.549308-81.379498
4788W Amelia St and N Orange Blossom Trl28.549398-81.397171
4785W Amelia St and N Parramore Ave28.549404-81.390663
9985W Amelia St and N Terry Ave28.549889-81.387023
4783W Amelia St and N Westmoreland Dr28.549265-81.392813
4784W Amelia St and N Westmoreland Dr28.54946-81.392993
4786W Amelia St and Ronald Blocker Ave28.549322-81.384789
4787W Amelia St and Ronald Blocker Ave28.549525-81.384839
4149W Anderson Ave and Jernigan Ave28.536432-81.392454
4151W Anderson St and Buck Alley28.536463-81.389268
4150W Anderson St and Glenn Alley28.536462-81.390702
9295W Anderson St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.536455-81.398607
4152W Anderson St and S Terry Ave28.536527-81.386655
4148W Anderson St and Woods Ave28.53646-81.395348
4182W Central Blvd and S Bryan Ave28.541942-81.383999
6989W Central Blvd and S Division Ave28.541918-81.385933
4180W Central Blvd and S Westmoreland Dr28.541914-81.391908
4589W Central Boulevard and Halbe Avenue28.54261-81.404059
4591W Central Boulevard and S Nashville Avenue28.541949-81.399574
4583W Centrlal Blvd and Fred L Maxwell Blvd28.541994-81.406021
4597W Centrlal Blvd and Halbe Ave28.542385-81.4045
4419W Centrlal Blvd and Maryland Ave28.541925-81.396043
4593W Centrlal Blvd and Maryland Ave28.542058-81.39622
4206W Centrlal Blvd and N Division Ave28.542075-81.38561
4584W Centrlal Blvd and N Dollins Ave28.541977-81.407411
4595W Centrlal Blvd and N Nashville Ave28.542055-81.399602
4594W Centrlal Blvd and N Orange Blossom Trl28.54206-81.397774
4165W Centrlal Blvd and N Parramore Ave28.542101-81.388793
4207W Centrlal Blvd and N Terry Ave28.542077-81.387278
5944W Centrlal Blvd and N Westmoreland Dr28.542077-81.392194
4420W Centrlal Blvd and Pershing Pl28.541907-81.393387
4421W Centrlal Blvd and Pershing Pl28.54206-81.393998
6888W Centrlal Blvd and S Hughey Ave28.541942-81.383216
4592W Centrlal Blvd and S Orange Blossom Trl28.541931-81.39773
4181W Centrlal Blvd and S Parramore Ave28.541922-81.38873
4588W Centrlal Blvd and S Tampa Ave28.541889-81.405239
4590W Centrlal Blvd and Wilbe Ave28.542671-81.40249
4596W Centrlal Blvd and Wilbe Ave28.542728-81.40232
4292W Church St and Glenn Ln28.54021-81.390335
5200W Church St and S Cottage Hill Rd28.540066-81.415723
5235W Church St and S Cottage Hill Rd28.539956-81.415596
5236W Church St and S John Young Pky28.539973-81.413902
6907W Church St and S John Young Pky28.540075-81.414517
4395W Church St and S Norton Ave28.540227-81.398111
4981W Church St and S Ohio Ave28.540118-81.411198
5013W Church St and S Ohio Ave28.54004-81.411322
4845W Church St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.540062-81.396538
6986W Church St and S Parramore Ave28.540225-81.389595
4301W Church St and S Rio Grande Ave28.540142-81.400928
4295W Church St and S Tampa Ave28.540204-81.40593
4300W Church St and S Tampa Ave28.540083-81.405909
6985W Church St and S Terry Ave28.540265-81.387345
9832W Church St and S Terry Ave28.540228-81.38751
9833W Church St and S Terry Ave28.540113-81.387097
4297W Church St and S Texas Ave28.540151-81.409336
4298W Church St and S Texas Ave28.540041-81.409112
4293W Church St and S Westmoreland Dr28.540198-81.393951
4303W Church St and S Westmoreland Dr28.540062-81.393483
4294W Church Street and S Rio Grande Avenue28.540252-81.401178
9087W Colonial Dr and 5th St28.550913-81.577916
9170W Colonial Dr and 5th St28.551241-81.577934
1908W Colonial Dr and Blackwood Ave28.551594-81.527322
2849W Colonial Dr and Citrus Oaks Ave28.551935-81.518769
1783W Colonial Dr and Conestoga Cir28.552144-81.458869
6465W Colonial Dr and Consumer Ct28.55179-81.544198
6467W Colonial Dr and Consumer Dourt28.551441-81.544331
4140W Colonial Dr and Country Ln28.553014-81.406358
6418W Colonial Dr and Daniels Rd28.550872-81.583862
1785W Colonial Dr and Deauville Dr28.552302-81.450217
1790W Colonial Dr and Deauville Dr28.552656-81.451261
3273W Colonial Dr and Delhi St28.552372-81.442127
1776W Colonial Dr and Dorscher Rd28.551861-81.483721
1798W Colonial Dr and Dorscher Rd28.552193-81.483164
3278W Colonial Dr and Dr Buick Ave28.552491-81.427063
3279W Colonial Dr and Dr Buick Ave28.552515-81.423981
3288W Colonial Dr and Dr Buick Ave28.552885-81.424251
3290W Colonial Dr and Dr Buick Ave28.552861-81.427904
6466W Colonial Dr and Economic Ct28.551753-81.546473
4085W Colonial Dr and Edgewater Dr28.552876-81.387851
6276W Colonial Dr and Elboc Way28.551527-81.561095
1784W Colonial Dr and Emeralda Rd28.552227-81.45442
1791W Colonial Dr and Emeralda Rd28.552592-81.454504
3291W Colonial Dr and Fairvilla Rd28.552823-81.432868
3280W Colonial Dr and Ferguson Dr28.552535-81.422066
3281W Colonial Dr and Ferguson Dr28.552561-81.419626
3287W Colonial Dr and Ferguson Dr28.552917-81.421804
1792W Colonial Dr and Governors Ave28.55251-81.457068
1774W Colonial Dr and Hawaii Ln28.551815-81.492636
4079W Colonial Dr and Hayden Ln28.553104-81.390578
4084W Colonial Dr and Hayden Ln28.552903-81.390703
1787W Colonial Dr and Home Folks Dr28.552734-81.443233
6612W Colonial Dr and Hyde Park Cir28.551206-81.594153
3276W Colonial Dr and Irene St28.552439-81.431967
1803W Colonial Dr and Jacob Nathan Blvd28.551879-81.524614
3332W Colonial Dr and Kensington Dr28.552945-81.418799
3275W Colonial Dr and Kerry Dr28.552431-81.435002
3292W Colonial Dr and Kerry Dr28.552805-81.435792
1781W Colonial Dr and Kirk Ave28.551993-81.465602
4087W Colonial Dr and Lexington Ave28.552927-81.383855
6700W Colonial Dr and Maguire Rd28.551514-81.540273
6275W Colonial Dr and Marshall Farms Rd28.551642-81.54983
6277W Colonial Dr and Marshall Farms Rd28.551424-81.549213
3277W Colonial Dr and Mercy Dr28.552466-81.429857
4917W Colonial Dr and Mercy Dr28.552831-81.430178
3293W Colonial Dr and Montgomery St28.552785-81.439411
4090W Colonial Dr and N Dollins Ave28.552683-81.408084
4141W Colonial Dr and N Dollins Ave28.553051-81.408339
3286W Colonial Dr and N Goldwyn Ave28.552963-81.41722
1779W Colonial Dr and N Hart Blvd28.551951-81.470916
1793W Colonial Dr and N Hastings St28.552444-81.460022
1777W Colonial Dr and N Hiawassee Rd28.551877-81.478118
1797W Colonial Dr and N Hiawassee Rd28.552222-81.479369
6596W Colonial Dr and N Hiawassee Rd28.552236-81.476969
3282W Colonial Dr and N John Young Pky28.552648-81.412013
3285W Colonial Dr and N John Young Pky28.552989-81.415138
3331W Colonial Dr and N John Young Pky28.5526-81.415358
1794W Colonial Dr and N Nowell St28.552355-81.463853
1780W Colonial Dr and N Powers Dr28.551964-81.469155
1795W Colonial Dr and N Powers Dr28.552289-81.468995
4093W Colonial Dr and N Rio Grande Ave28.552821-81.401325
4091W Colonial Dr and N Tampa Ave28.552755-81.405135
3283W Colonial Dr and N Texas Ave28.552662-81.410451
3284W Colonial Dr and N Texas Ave28.553017-81.411433
4080W Colonial Dr and N Westmoreland Dr28.55309-81.393583
4083W Colonial Dr and N Westmoreland Dr28.552871-81.392961
6599W Colonial Dr and Pahoa St28.551732-81.503945
6703W Colonial Dr and Pahoa St28.552055-81.503095
4086W Colonial Dr and Peachtree Rd28.552878-81.385274
4078W Colonial Dr and Putnam Ave28.5531-81.388064
4138W Colonial Dr and Ramona Ln28.553012-81.400404
1778W Colonial Dr and Royal Lake Cir28.551929-81.474444
6699W Colonial Dr and S Bluford Ave28.551797-81.539797
6415W Colonial Dr and S Dillard St28.551199-81.58467
6421W Colonial Dr and S Park Ave28.551183-81.592576
1800W Colonial Dr and Samoa Ave28.552107-81.49387
3274W Colonial Dr and Silverton St28.552388-81.439388
1796W Colonial Dr and Spring West Rd28.552273-81.471455
4094W Colonial Dr and Springdale Rd28.55286-81.397643
4137W Colonial Dr and Springdale Rd28.553054-81.396652
1775W Colonial Dr and Towne Square Way28.551843-81.48671
1799W Colonial Dr and Towne Square Way28.552146-81.48802
4139W Colonial Dr and Valencia Ave28.553-81.402816
6416W Colonial Dr and Vineland Rd28.55119-81.587733
1773W Colonial Dr and Vizcaya Lake Rd28.55175-81.507708
6422W Colonial Dr and Walker St28.55081-81.590037
1786W Colonial Dr and Walkup Dr28.552349-81.445406
1788W Colonial Dr and Walkup Dr28.552716-81.445445
6457W Colonial Dr and Westrun Rd28.551143-81.561988
1789W Colonial Dr and Wilmer Ave28.552701-81.449118
6414W Colonial Dr and Windtree Ln28.551227-81.580444
6419W Colonial Dr and Windtree Ln28.550901-81.579978
9179W Colonial Dr and Winter Garden Vineland Rd28.550862-81.586691
1801W Colonial Dr and Woodlawn Cemetary Rd28.552046-81.507095
668W Columbia Ave and Bonaire Blvd28.30824-81.438986
718W Columbia Ave and Bonaire Blvd28.3084-81.438981
670W Columbia Ave and Cascades Blvd28.30806-81.432847
748W Columbia Ave and Cascades Blvd28.30817-81.433107
746W Columbia Ave and Cattleya Dr28.308227-81.418285
673W Columbia Ave and Delmos Ave28.308012-81.419882
715W Columbia Ave and Delmos Ave28.30819-81.419909
5840W Columbia Ave and Harbor Bay Ct28.307996-81.427131
5841W Columbia Ave and Harbor Bay Ct28.30816-81.42693
676W Columbia Ave and N Central Ave28.308049-81.408168
712W Columbia Ave and N Central Ave28.308228-81.408873
714W Columbia Ave and N John Young Pky28.3082-81.415497
749W Columbia Ave and N John Young Pky28.308025-81.417103
672W Columbia Ave and N Thacker Ave28.308012-81.424518
716W Columbia Ave and N Thacker Ave28.308221-81.424716
669W Columbia Ave and Stratford Blvd28.307956-81.435639
717W Columbia Ave and Stratford Blvd28.308155-81.435589
675W Columbia Ave and Victoria Blvd28.308117-81.412278
713W Columbia Ave and Victoria Blvd28.308209-81.412942
671W Columbia Ave and Vinyard Blvd28.307994-81.430119
747W Columbia Ave and Vinyard Blvd28.308175-81.429893
6468W County Home Rd and Loop Rd28.743246-81.301094
6469W County Home Rd and Loop Rd28.743171-81.301216
2002W D Judge Dr and Ferguson Dr28.559947-81.422981
2032W D Judge Dr and Ferguson Dr28.559859-81.422935
3294W D Judge Dr and Ferguson Dr28.559178-81.425471
3295W D Judge Dr and Ferguson Dr28.559169-81.42622
2003W D Judge Dr and Mercy Dr28.559882-81.427026
2030W D Judge Dr and Mercy Dr28.559779-81.430096
2031W D Judge Dr and Mercy Dr28.559774-81.427336
2121W Fairbanks Ave and Adanson St28.596435-81.393455
2128W Fairbanks Ave and Adanson St28.596621-81.394301
3209W Fairbanks Ave and Brdview Ave28.593008-81.365966
3915W Fairbanks Ave and Cambridge Blvd28.592978-81.379996
3924W Fairbanks Ave and Cambridge Blvd28.593205-81.380134
3917W Fairbanks Ave and Clay St28.59307-81.373769
3921W Fairbanks Ave and Clay St28.593275-81.373748
2123W Fairbanks Ave and Conrad Ct28.595552-81.38735
2126W Fairbanks Ave and Conrad Ct28.595853-81.387534
2122W Fairbanks Ave and Eli St28.596265-81.38985
2127W Fairbanks Ave and Eli St28.59655-81.39032
2120W Fairbanks Ave and Fairview Ave28.596447-81.397084
2129W Fairbanks Ave and Fairview Ave28.596631-81.39704
3916W Fairbanks Ave and Formosa Ave28.593083-81.376571
3923W Fairbanks Ave and Formosa Ave28.59329-81.377276
3925W Fairbanks Ave and Granada Dr28.593122-81.384033
3918W Fairbanks Ave and Harold Ave28.593063-81.371462
3920W Fairbanks Ave and Jackson Ave28.593256-81.370806
3914W Fairbanks Ave and Overspin Dr28.592899-81.383706
3154W Fairbanks Ave and S New York Ave28.593257-81.353223
2124W Fairbanks Ave and S Wymore Rd28.594937-81.386235
2125W Fairbanks Ave and S Wymore Rd28.594673-81.385695
3208W Fairbanks Ave and Shoreview Ave28.593012-81.367932
3219W Fairbanks Ave and Shoreview Ave28.593209-81.36762
4667W Gore St and Lucerne Terrace28.531014-81.381003
4397W Gore St and Plymouth Ave28.531169-81.398868
5736W Gore St and Plymouth Ave28.531045-81.398822
4404W Gore St and Rio Grande Ave28.531028-81.400845
4649W Gore St and S Division Ave28.531179-81.383978
6433W Gore St and S Hughey Ave28.530993-81.382736
4406W Gore St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.531039-81.397381
4398W Gore St and S Rio Grande Ave28.531145-81.401656
6951W Gore St and Sligh Blvd28.531202-81.381431
4407W Gore St and Woods Ave28.531071-81.394729
879W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Bamboo Ln28.331946-81.474713
947W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Black Lake Rd28.345892-81.604463
5646W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Black Lake Rd28.347008-81.606533
895W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Celebration Ave28.332588-81.527113
893W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Celebration Pl28.332594-81.533847
950W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Entry Point Blvd28.336143-81.592526
945W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Formosa Gardens Blvd28.34081-81.597432
949W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Formosa Gardens Blvd28.339375-81.59634
5829W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Four Winds Blvd28.308982-81.465135
5836W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Four Winds Blvd28.309474-81.464951
897W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Holiday Trail28.332665-81.517024
5828W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Interior St28.315809-81.468848
5837W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Interior St28.316186-81.468603
888W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and International Dr28.333034-81.51943
889W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and International Dr28.332971-81.523293
896W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and International Dr28.332659-81.522997
880W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Lawton Dr28.333117-81.482633
904W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Lawton Dr28.332758-81.480717
938W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Legacy Blvd28.346673-81.643179
2976W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Legacy Blvd28.347013-81.642427
939W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Lindfields Blvd28.346714-81.639036
2722W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Lindfields Blvd28.347033-81.638107
884W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Locksley Ln28.333068-81.502742
885W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Locksley Ln28.333038-81.506855
899W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Locksley Ln28.332685-81.506528
900W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Locksley Ln28.332701-81.502848
943W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Morgan Williams Rd28.334161-81.589481
951W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Morgan Williams Rd28.333519-81.589171
881W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and N Poinciana Blvd28.333107-81.490579
903W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and N Poinciana Blvd28.332757-81.488419
887W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Old Town Blvd28.333032-81.514898
2757W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Orange Lake Blvd28.34689-81.623242
5830W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Oren Brown Rd28.305079-81.462516
5835W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Oren Brown Rd28.306092-81.462999
892W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Parkway Blvd28.332925-81.535394
882W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Polynesian Isle Blvd28.333096-81.494785
942W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Reedy Creek Blvd28.332686-81.583421
952W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Reedy Creek Blvd28.332315-81.582534
946W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Rolling Oaks Blvd28.346849-81.612013
902W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Scott Blvd28.332733-81.494551
890W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Seahorse Cir28.332973-81.528359
941W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Secret Lake Dr28.346791-81.629044
886W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Seralago Blvd28.333011-81.510378
898W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Seralago Blvd28.332681-81.510745
5826W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Seven Dwarfs Ln28.326701-81.471089
5839W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Seven Dwarfs Ln28.327733-81.471076
944W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Sherberth Rd28.336646-81.592556
5827W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Siesta Lago Dr28.320827-81.471043
5838W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Siesta Lago Dr28.320031-81.47046
948W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Silk Rd28.34213-81.599569
905W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Storey Lake Blvd28.332248-81.475986
940W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Vista Del Lago Blvd28.34668-81.63362
2721W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Vista Del Lago Blvd28.347085-81.632718
2977W Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy and Westside Blvd28.347038-81.649074
2755W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy and East Orange Lake Blvd28.34719-81.612041
2756W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy and Orange Lake Blvd28.347191-81.624376
2720W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy and Secret Lake Dr28.347137-81.629339
3111W Kennedy Blvd and Bethune Dr28.618521-81.390514
3123W Kennedy Blvd and Bethune Dr28.618376-81.391701
1706W Kennedy Blvd and Davar Ave28.618509-81.411744
3113W Kennedy Blvd and Deacon Jones Blvd28.618608-81.39358
3122W Kennedy Blvd and Deacon Jones Blvd28.618461-81.393836
1707W Kennedy Blvd and Forest City Rd28.618519-81.413804
5702W Kennedy Blvd and Forest City Rd28.618352-81.41338
3115W Kennedy Blvd and Kennedy Cir28.618573-81.399031
3119W Kennedy Blvd and Kennedy Cir28.618431-81.402595
3120W Kennedy Blvd and Kennedy Cir28.618431-81.39893
3116W Kennedy Blvd and Kingston Ct28.618561-81.40281
3117W Kennedy Blvd and Kingston Ct28.618556-81.404945
3118W Kennedy Blvd and Kingston Ct28.618415-81.405271
3112W Kennedy Blvd and Lincoln Blvd28.618571-81.392427
3124W Kennedy Blvd and S Lake Destiny Dr28.618312-81.387562
3110W Kennedy Blvd and S Lake Destiny Rd28.618434-81.387711
3114W Kennedy Blvd and Samuel St28.618593-81.395286
3121W Kennedy Blvd and Samuel St28.618473-81.395372
1419W Lake Mary Blvd and 7th St28.756074-81.330522
1425W Lake Mary Blvd and 7th St28.756375-81.330147
1418W Lake Mary Blvd and 8th St28.756077-81.331778
1242W Lake Mary Blvd and Art Ln28.756612-81.299591
1165W Lake Mary Blvd and College Dr28.75631-81.298419
1417W Lake Mary Blvd and Crystal Dr28.756104-81.338126
1427W Lake Mary Blvd and Crystal Dr28.756394-81.337412
1415W Lake Mary Blvd and Greenwood Blvd28.756015-81.345684
1178W Lake Mary Blvd and Hidden Lake Dr28.757092-81.294294
1452W Lake Mary Blvd and Hidden Lake Dr28.757335-81.294561
1170W Lake Mary Blvd and Lake Emma Rd28.756112-81.357107
1176W Lake Mary Blvd and Live Oak Blvd28.757601-81.291276
1177W Lake Mary Blvd and Live Oak Blvd28.757932-81.291359
1426W Lake Mary Blvd and Longwood Lake Mary Rd28.756365-81.333079
1420W Lake Mary Blvd and N 4th St28.756095-81.325112
1424W Lake Mary Blvd and N 4th St28.75646-81.324512
1416W Lake Mary Blvd and N Forest Blvd28.756057-81.342397
1428W Lake Mary Blvd and N Forest Blvd28.756356-81.341778
1423W Lake Mary Blvd and N Palmetto St28.756524-81.317247
1430W Lake Mary Blvd and N Sun Dr28.756306-81.352007
6540W Lake Mary Blvd and Primera Blvd28.756325-81.354688
1429W Lake Mary Blvd and Rinehart Rd28.756327-81.345484
1421W Lake Mary Blvd and S Palmetto St28.756208-81.317654
1166W Lake Mary Blvd and S Sun Dr28.755971-81.353633
1231W Lake Mary Blvd and Sir Lawrence Dr28.756588-81.311346
1241W Lake Mary Blvd and Sir Lawrence Dr28.756262-81.310625
1234W Lake Mary Blvd and Sterling Pine St28.756556-81.30347
1422W Lake Mary Blvd and Stillwood Ln28.756231-81.30372
4852W Livingston St and N Garland Ave28.547587-81.381762
4853W Livingston St and N Garland Ave28.54754-81.381768
6965W Livingston St and N Hughey Ave28.54741-81.385012
4748W Livingston St and N Orange Ave28.547586-81.379475
4760W Livingston St and N Orange Ave28.547707-81.379478
5922W Martin St and N Lake Ave28.691285-81.513031
3038W Martin St and N Maine Ave28.691283-81.520208
6023W Martin St and Vick Rd28.693135-81.525465
4289W Michigan St and Alamo Dr28.514783-81.387734
4287W Michigan St and Kunze Ave28.512973-81.379711
4288W Michigan St and Lake Holden Ter28.512977-81.383303
4306W Michigan St and Paseo Ave28.514553-81.386013
5462W Michigan St and Recovery Way28.51462-81.399634
5465W Michigan St and Recovery Way28.51446-81.399966
5460W Michigan St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.514693-81.396409
5461W Michigan St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.514647-81.39775
5481W Michigan St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.514503-81.397456
5459W Michigan St and S Westmoreland Dr28.514753-81.392658
5467W Michigan St and S Westmoreland Dr28.514558-81.392507
4307W Michigan St and Sunrise Ct28.512747-81.381958
4308W Michigan St and Taylor Ave28.512803-81.378065
10062W Michigan St and Woods Ave28.514694-81.394499
5466W Michigan St and Woods St28.514524-81.395092
4285W Miller St and Kuhl Ave28.523803-81.377719
5969W Miller St and Kuhl Ave28.523934-81.377886
5968W Miller St and Lucerne Ter28.523819-81.380171
4310W Miller St and S Lucerne Ter28.523906-81.380353
6385W Mitchell Hammock Rd and Sharon Ct28.655805-81.209812
3134W Morse Blvd and N Capen Ave28.597792-81.35929
3133W Morse Blvd and N Pennsylvania Ave28.5978-81.356634
3132W Morse Blvd and N Virginia Ave28.597831-81.354605
3149W Morse Blvd and S Capen Ave28.597597-81.35906
3152W Morse Blvd and S New York Ave28.597668-81.352981
3150W Morse Blvd and S Pennsylvania Ave28.597601-81.357428
3151W Morse Blvd and S Virginia Ave28.597647-81.354561
7004W Neptune Rd and Church St28.296289-81.405086
9847W Neptune Rd and W Sproule Ave28.296856-81.406396
5964W Oak Ridge Rd and Adriana Ave28.471961-81.453752
2341W Oak Ridge Rd and Bonnie Brook Blvd28.472149-81.425885
2340W Oak Ridge Rd and Brookgreen Ave28.472124-81.430827
2406W Oak Ridge Rd and Brookgreen Ave28.472312-81.431064
2404W Oak Ridge Rd and Casa Del Rey Cir28.4724-81.424824
2345W Oak Ridge Rd and Chancellor Dr28.472291-81.412016
2400W Oak Ridge Rd and Chancellor Dr28.472483-81.412524
2582W Oak Ridge Rd and Defiance Ave28.472832-81.381947
2602W Oak Ridge Rd and Defiance Ave28.472641-81.382247
2342W Oak Ridge Rd and Double Eagle Dr28.472229-81.421788
2403W Oak Ridge Rd and Double Eagle Dr28.472407-81.423196
2338W Oak Ridge Rd and Fairlawn Dr28.472064-81.43552
2408W Oak Ridge Rd and Fairlawn Dr28.472265-81.435579
2339W Oak Ridge Rd and Harct Ave28.472097-81.432937
2407W Oak Ridge Rd and Harct Ave28.472289-81.432992
5046W Oak Ridge Rd and International Dr28.471892-81.449451
2399W Oak Ridge Rd and Lake Ellenor Dr28.472391-81.404563
5698W Oak Ridge Rd and Magic Way28.472232-81.419607
2581W Oak Ridge Rd and Marlake Dr28.472855-81.379512
2603W Oak Ridge Rd and Marlake Dr28.472662-81.379583
5047W Oak Ridge Rd and Millenia Blvd28.472-81.441256
5048W Oak Ridge Rd and Millenia Blvd28.472204-81.440854
2580W Oak Ridge Rd and Nomad Ave28.472873-81.377408
2604W Oak Ridge Rd and Nomad Ave28.472687-81.377259
2344W Oak Ridge Rd and Oak Hill Manor Dr28.472246-81.415151
2401W Oak Ridge Rd and Oak Hill Manor Dr28.472494-81.415606
2402W Oak Ridge Rd and P G A Blvd28.472432-81.41967
2409W Oak Ridge Rd and Ridge Club Loop28.472225-81.438674
2398W Oak Ridge Rd and S Rio Grande Ave28.472609-81.401948
2686W Oak Ridge Rd and S Rio Grande Ave28.472422-81.402095
2347W Oak Ridge Rd and S Tampa Ave28.472565-81.405719
2346W Oak Ridge Rd and S Texas Ave28.47232-81.408676
2715W Oak Ridge Rd and S Texas Ave28.472524-81.408132
2405W Oak Ridge Rd and Singing Creek Ln28.472343-81.428382
2337W Oak Ridge Rd and Susie Way28.47203-81.438835
7002W Oak St and N Central Ave28.301009-81.407565
7000W Oak St and N Forrest Ave28.300938-81.423017
6998W Oak St and N John Young Pky28.30097-81.417398
6999W Oak St and N John Young Pky28.300788-81.417189
681W Oak St and N Rose Ave28.300971-81.412463
708W Oak St and N Rose Ave28.300814-81.412189
734W Oak St and N Thacker Ave28.300787-81.423458
680W Oak St and Oak Commons Blvd28.301007-81.409812
709W Oak St and Oak Commons Blvd28.300824-81.40966
7003W Oak St and Robinson Ave28.300947-81.404495
1975W Orange Blossom Trl and Dragon Dr28.688595-81.54235
1940W Orange Blossom Trl and Fudge Rd28.697134-81.56426
1969W Orange Blossom Trl and Fudge Rd28.698906-81.571175
1970W Orange Blossom Trl and Hermit Smith Rd28.697712-81.567325
1971W Orange Blossom Trl and Hermit Smith Rd28.697037-81.565118
1966W Orange Blossom Trl and Longview Rd28.71257-81.585004
6006W Orange Blossom Trl and Neal Sibert Dr28.698495-81.568705
1936W Orange Blossom Trl and Opal Ct28.688433-81.541013
1949W Orange Blossom Trl and Orange Cir28.699617-81.572357
1938W Orange Blossom Trl and Plymouth Sorrento Rd28.693114-81.5554
1973W Orange Blossom Trl and Plymouth Sorrento Rd28.692977-81.555813
1937W Orange Blossom Trl and Shepard Ave28.690676-81.54779
1974W Orange Blossom Trl and Shepard Ave28.690506-81.54812
1952W Orange Blossom Trl and Spillman Dr28.712867-81.584812
1950W Orange Blossom Trl and Wilkins St28.706-81.579632
1968W Orange Blossom Trl and Wilkins St28.704386-81.578885
1951W Orange Blossom Trl and Yothers Rd28.71021-81.582626
1967W Orange Blossom Trl and Yothers Rd28.710289-81.583129
5924W Orange St and N Hawthorne Ave28.678013-81.517381
5927W Orange St and N Washington Ave28.678005-81.515575
5926W Orange St and S Washington Ave28.677916-81.515815
9960W Osceola Pkwy and Dyer Blvd28.342134-81.429989
9961W Osceola Pkwy and N Thacker Ave28.342384-81.425542
6549W Princeton St and Brengle Ave28.570862-81.426954
6690W Princeton St and Brengle Ave28.570552-81.42677
4170W Princeton St and Edgewater Dr28.571096-81.388831
4676W Princeton St and Elizabeth Ave28.571113-81.385005
6471W Princeton St and Mercy Dr28.571249-81.429398
6472W Princeton St and Mercy Dr28.570974-81.429838
6497W Princeton St and N John Young Pky28.569876-81.41785
4172W Princeton St and University Dr28.571299-81.385318
2360W Sand Lake Rd and Chancellor Dr28.450256-81.411721
2361W Sand Lake Rd and Currency Dr28.450289-81.409458
2385W Sand Lake Rd and Currency Dr28.450656-81.410073
2364W Sand Lake Rd and Golden Sky Ln28.450518-81.394687
2382W Sand Lake Rd and Golden Sky Ln28.450824-81.39344
5626W Sand Lake Rd and Kingspointe Pky28.449862-81.440847
5627W Sand Lake Rd and Kingspointe Pky28.450143-81.441729
2908W Sand Lake Rd and Lillwill Ave28.45046-81.402858
2363W Sand Lake Rd and Lilwill Ave28.450129-81.403037
2846W Sand Lake Rd and Presidents Dr28.450265-81.414723
5905W Sand Lake Rd and Presidents Dr28.45063-81.414602
2847W Sand Lake Rd and Sand Lake Pointe Loop28.450752-81.3796
2848W Sand Lake Rd and Sand Lake Pointe Loop28.451078-81.380163
2383W Sand Lake Rd and Skyview Dr28.450515-81.398522
2362W Sand Lake Rd and Southland Blvd28.450201-81.406558
2384W Sand Lake Rd and Southland Blvd28.450606-81.407575
6133W Sand Lake Rd and Summer Day Ln28.450137-81.399359
6691W Sand Lake Rd and Summer Day Ln28.4504-81.397011
4957W Sand Lake Rd and Universal Blvd28.450271-81.466292
2368W Sand Lake Rd and Voltaire Dr28.450675-81.386945
2381W Sand Lake Rd and Voltaire Dr28.450995-81.388844
2845W Sand Lake Rd and Voltaire Dr28.450602-81.390017
2369W Sand Lake Rd and Winegard Rd28.450701-81.38369
2380W Sand Lake Rd and Winegard Rd28.451041-81.384842
2286W Sand Lake Road and International Drive28.450069-81.470187
4146W South St and Albany Ave28.538347-81.393607
6982W South St and Boone Ave28.538496-81.380487
6984W South St and Chapman Ct28.538391-81.385744
4143W South St and Lime Ave28.538354-81.38786
4144W South St and Mcfall Ave28.538373-81.390044
6916W South St and S Hughey Ave28.538421-81.383424
4145W South St and S Lee Ave28.538375-81.39148
9294W South St and S Orange Blossom Trl28.538303-81.39781
4147W South St and Woods Ave28.538357-81.394959
1145W SR 46 and Aero Ln28.811549-81.310644
1404W SR 46 and Central Park Dr28.811382-81.317045
1151W SR 46 and Meisch Rd28.811165-81.30591
1704W SR 46 and Meisch Rd28.811558-81.306238
1147W SR 46 and Monroe Rd28.811826-81.324081
1148W SR 46 and N Elder Rd28.811862-81.326618
6375W SR 46 and N Holly Ave28.811782-81.275511
1705W SR 46 and N Kennel Rd28.811159-81.310085
6376W SR 46 and N Poplar Ave28.811769-81.27771
1146W SR 46 and N White Cedar Rd28.811788-81.314965
1403W SR 46 and Old England Loop28.811778-81.317869
1680W SR 46 and Pomegranite Ave28.811515-81.286436
1144W SR 46 and Rand Yard Rd28.811595-81.302167
1401W SR 46 and S Elder Rd28.811415-81.326458
1150W SR 46 and S White Cedar Rd28.811397-81.314089
1149W SR 46 and Upsala Rd28.811383-81.323346
1143W SR 46 and W Airport Blvd28.811428-81.297748
1679W SR 46 and Willner Cir28.811735-81.288353
6296W SR 434 and Brantley Harbor Dr28.684244-81.418723
6297W SR 434 and Brantley Harbor Dr28.685141-81.417729
6354W SR 434 and Briar Cliff Dr28.687793-81.410732
6357W SR 434 and Briar Cliff Dr28.687564-81.410661
6299W SR 434 and Commerce Park Dr28.689105-81.391177
6531W SR 434 and Courtney Springs Cir28.68993-81.237692
6352W SR 434 and Cross Access Easement28.698006-81.322224
6425W SR 434 and Cross Access Easement28.69779-81.323055
6356W SR 434 and E Lake Brantley Dr28.686608-81.414318
6289W SR 434 and Florida Central Pky28.697936-81.353304
6303W SR 434 and Florida Central Pky28.6977-81.3542
6606W SR 434 and Gum St28.687033-81.400506
6480W SR 434 and Ichabod Trl28.693755-81.38365
6344W SR 434 and Islander Ct28.69775-81.367611
6476W SR 434 and Lake Rena Dr28.686636-81.415183
6353W SR 434 and Lake Shore Dr28.688122-81.407315
6358W SR 434 and Manor Ave28.687719-81.406759
6284W SR 434 and N Edgemon Ave28.698463-81.309334
6607W SR 434 and Oak St28.68735-81.400158
6301W SR 434 and Palm Springs Dr28.697658-81.371332
6347W SR 434 and Powell St28.697878-81.37541
6302W SR 434 and Rangeline Rd28.69779-81.361672
6292W SR 434 and Raymond Ave28.69251-81.385751
6300W SR 434 and Raymond Ave28.692117-81.385974
6287W SR 434 and Ridge St28.698036-81.325371
6349W SR 434 and Ridge St28.697769-81.325781
6481W SR 434 and Robert St28.693596-81.383434
6335W SR 434 and Rock Lake Rd28.697973-81.368155
6478W SR 434 and Roxboro Rd28.695954-81.379385
6428W SR 434 and S Edgemon Ave28.698233-81.309794
6341W SR 434 and S Milwee St28.697931-81.35026
6285W SR 434 and Sheoah Blvd28.69807-81.313814
6427W SR 434 and Sheoah Blvd28.697879-81.313843
6291W SR 434 and Sheridan Ave28.697945-81.371498
6532W SR 434 and Spring Ave28.690233-81.237104
6294W SR 434 and Spring Centre South Blvd28.688625-81.392627
6298W SR 434 and Spring Centre South Blvd28.688194-81.392684
6605W SR 434 and Spring Centre South Blvd28.687018-81.394861
6608W SR 434 and Spring Centre South Blvd28.687392-81.394773
6290W SR 434 and St Laurent St28.698002-81.360954
6479W SR 434 and Tarry Town Trl28.696113-81.37959
6286W SR 434 and Timberlane Trl28.698018-81.319146
6426W SR 434 and Timberln Trl28.697827-81.319847
6348W SR 434 and Tollgate Trl28.697678-81.374812
6530W SR 434 and Tuscora Dr28.689764-81.251228
9190W SR 434 and Tuscora Dr28.690053-81.251223
6363W SR 434 and Tuskawilla Rd28.69587-81.261861
6364W SR 434 and Tuskawilla Rd28.696327-81.261832
6295W SR 434 and Vagabond Way28.687413-81.404721
6477W SR 434 and Vagabond Way28.68724-81.405138
6279W SR 434 and Vistawilla Dr28.690276-81.233712
6280W SR 434 and Vistawilla Dr28.689989-81.233218
6336W SR 434 and W Lake St28.697718-81.349823
1109W SR 436 and Academy Dr28.666774-81.431594
1523W SR 436 and Frances Dr28.662062-81.399483
1522W SR 436 and Grace Blvd28.662063-81.396778
1520W SR 436 and Jay Dr28.661675-81.395999
1110W SR 436 and Jewel Dr28.666094-81.428144
1115W SR 436 and Jewel Dr28.666537-81.428731
1515W SR 436 and Laurel St28.664935-81.414741
1516W SR 436 and Laurel St28.66378-81.412472
1519W SR 436 and Lynchfield Ave28.661683-81.39854
1518W SR 436 and Montgomery Rd28.661696-81.402232
1546W SR 436 and Montgomery Rd28.662076-81.40246
1524W SR 436 and N Weathersfield Ave28.662081-81.406128
1279W SR 436 and N Westmonte Dr28.662073-81.394023
1521W SR 436 and S Westmonte Dr28.661717-81.393174
1525W SR 436 and San Sebastian Prado28.663959-81.411982
1116W SR 436 and W Lake Brantley Rd28.667101-81.431862
1517W SR 436 and Weathersfield Ave28.661695-81.406232
629W Vine St and Armstrong Blvd28.304626-81.440869
6516W Vine St and Armstrong Blvd28.304338-81.44059
628W Vine St and Dyer Blvd28.304622-81.43585
633W Vine St and Dyer Blvd28.304353-81.43705
5833W Vine St and Interior St28.304139-81.449349
5834W Vine St and Interior St28.304461-81.450123
5832W Vine St and N Bass Rd28.303643-81.456639
621W Vine St and N Central Ave28.304656-81.407132
640W Vine St and N Central Ave28.304408-81.408289
624W Vine St and N Emory Ave28.304624-81.41978
637W Vine St and N Emory Ave28.304374-81.419395
6515W Vine St and N Hoagland Blvd28.304293-81.445776
623W Vine St and N John Young Pky28.304642-81.415428
638W Vine St and N John Young Pky28.30438-81.416332
641W Vine St and N Main St28.304358-81.404584
622W Vine St and N Rose Ave28.304654-81.41207
639W Vine St and N Rose Ave28.304388-81.412133
625W Vine St and N Thacker Ave28.304617-81.424735
636W Vine St and N Thacker Ave28.304357-81.42519
5831W Vine St and Old Vineland Rd28.303986-81.45843
627W Vine St and Orange Blvd28.304641-81.430747
626W Vine St and Phillip St28.304675-81.427121
635W Vine St and Phillip St28.304382-81.428704
634W Vine St and W Orange Blvd28.304373-81.432092
4183W Washington St and Beggs Ave28.543923-81.383885
4187W Washington St and Benson Ave28.543914-81.395161
4197W Washington St and Benson Ave28.543803-81.395605
4192W Washington St and Coburn Ave28.544318-81.408894
4190W Washington St and Jamil Ave28.543959-81.401352
4194W Washington St and Jamil Ave28.543785-81.401709
9842W Washington St and Kent Ave28.543743-81.399991
4202W Washington St and N Division Ave28.543815-81.384883
5801W Washington St and N Lee Ave28.543795-81.390848
9843W Washington St and N Nashville Ave28.543937-81.399598
4188W Washington St and N Orange Blossom Trl28.543969-81.397006
4196W Washington St and N Orange Blossom Trl28.543806-81.396641
4184W Washington St and N Parramore Ave28.543905-81.388265
4200W Washington St and N Parramore Ave28.543809-81.388524
4193W Washington St and N Tampa Ave28.544181-81.405738
9192W Washington St and N Tampa Ave28.544392-81.405226
4201W Washington St and N Terry Ave28.543812-81.386718
4186W Washington St and N Westmoreland Dr28.543909-81.392996
4198W Washington St and N Westmoreland Dr28.543811-81.392913
4191W Washington St and Texas Ave28.544633-81.409455
3139W Webster Ave and Galloway Dr28.604028-81.36402
3138W Webster Ave and N Denning Dr28.604069-81.361661
3144W Webster Ave and N Denning Dr28.603913-81.36175
5916W Welch Rd and Falconcrest Blvd28.706002-81.516384
5915W Welch Rd and Honey Rd28.705919-81.513048
5918W Welch Rd and Rocky Point Rd28.706127-81.522385
5917W Welch Rd and Winged Food Dr28.706076-81.519478
9938W Wetherbee Rd and Bisted Dr28.392853-81.38076
9936W Wetherbee Rd and Braxed Dr28.389938-81.394882
9935W Wetherbee Rd and Isle Of Wright Dr28.389876-81.39565
9937W Wetherbee Rd and Sir Winston Way28.393158-81.381415
5033Walden Cir and Vineland Rd28.490678-81.439796
5034Walden Cir and Vineland Rd28.49093-81.444711
5035Walden Cir and Vineland Rd28.488759-81.441477
6448Walmart Dr and Towne Center Dr28.143336-81.449075
6496Walmart Plaza and Lynx Ln28.572502-81.417605
6558Walnut St and Amiens Rd28.123257-81.445763
6557Walnut St and Bordeaux Rd28.124491-81.451135
6555Walnut St and Fairway Rd28.128658-81.464848
6710Walnut St and Marigold Ave28.129248-81.470093
6556Walnut St and Tiger Rd28.125985-81.460763
2004Wd Judge Dr and Mercy Dr28.559889-81.430093
178Wekiva Springs Ln and W SR 43428.688291-81.406598
1244Weldon Blvd and Country Home Rd28.744873-81.303895
9147Weldon Blvd and Feldspar Way28.740237-81.305635
1412Weldon Blvd and Lake Rd28.738156-81.305401
1413Weldon Blvd and Lake Rd28.737796-81.305631
1411Weldon Blvd and N US Hwy 17-9228.736431-81.305396
1414Weldon Blvd and N US Hwy 17-9228.735572-81.305623
5072Wells St and Guinyard Way28.522017-81.424297
5090Wells St and Guinyard Way28.522169-81.423598
9986Wellspring Dr and Lake Nona Blvd28.397448-81.272577
9867Wellspring Dr and Usta Blvd28.398866-81.277575
1286West Town Pky and Alden Pky28.658167-81.42435
1325West Town Pky and Bunnell Rd28.658162-81.422342
1327West Town Pky and Bunnell Rd28.658398-81.422821
1285West Town Pky and Rainer Dr28.658169-81.425963
1287West Town Pky and Rainer Dr28.658402-81.426023
4938Westgate Dr and Raleigh St28.530877-81.467593
4939Westgate Dr and Raleigh St28.532921-81.466162
4976Westgate Dr and Raleigh St28.533031-81.466265
4977Westgate Dr and Raleigh St28.530943-81.467752
4978Westgate Dr and Raleigh St28.528536-81.467664
4937Westgate Dr and Raleight St28.52925-81.467517
4940Westgate Dr and S Kirkman Rd28.532273-81.464311
4941Westgate Dr and S Kirkman Rd28.531983-81.462546
4942Westgate Dr and S Kirkman Rd28.531961-81.459796
4974Westgate Dr and S Kirkman Rd28.532131-81.463122
4975Westgate Dr and S Kirkman Rd28.532275-81.464035
6252Westgate Dr and S Kirkman Rd28.532137-81.46047
2319Westwood Blvd and Academic Dr28.411103-81.470877
2318Westwood Blvd and Central Florida Pky28.408759-81.471674
2853Westwood Blvd and Central Florida Pky28.408678-81.471996
2320Westwood Blvd and Florida Festival Dr28.41383-81.470266
2321Westwood Blvd and Forum Dr28.415507-81.470146
2322Westwood Blvd and Forum Dr28.416485-81.470094
2425Westwood Blvd and Forum Dr28.416519-81.470534
2426Westwood Blvd and Forum Dr28.415337-81.470505
2826Westwood Blvd and Grand Banner Dr28.396726-81.472715
2827Westwood Blvd and Grand Banner Dr28.398183-81.474132
2855Westwood Blvd and Grand Horizons Blvd28.402348-81.47479
2840Westwood Blvd and Harbour Vista Dr28.403519-81.474557
2324Westwood Blvd and International Dr28.418843-81.462911
2423Westwood Blvd and International Dr28.419078-81.463072
2859Westwood Blvd and International Dr28.392721-81.46822
2839Westwood Blvd and Sea Harbor Dr28.4072-81.473243
2854Westwood Blvd and Sea Harbor Dr28.407411-81.473357
2824Westwood Blvd and Tanglewood Bay Dr28.393681-81.468947
2856Westwood Blvd and Turkeyleg Dr28.397873-81.474238
2857Westwood Blvd and Turkeyleg Dr28.396614-81.472975
2825Westwood Blvd and Villa De Costa Dr28.39537-81.470224
2858Westwood Blvd and Villa De Costa Dr28.394881-81.470103
2323Westwood Blvd and West Entrance Dr28.418564-81.466091
2424Westwood Blvd and West Entrance Dr28.418908-81.465633
2427Westwood Blvd and Wilkow Dr28.413864-81.47058
5169Willie Mays Pky and Alhama St28.510467-81.436453
5117Willie Mays Pky and Cassius St28.522022-81.437991
5116Willie Mays Pky and Evers Pl28.520522-81.437969
5109Willie Mays Pky and Kirkland Blvd28.516225-81.437915
5168Willie Mays Pky and L B Mcleod Rd28.509275-81.436109
5177Willie Mays Pky and Prince Hall Blvd28.514345-81.437871
5115Willie Mays Pky and Weldon Pl28.518634-81.43774
2972Willow St and Cilia St28.73611-81.621981
2973Willow St and Cilia St28.736213-81.621954
1960Willow St and Day Care Center Rd28.736265-81.618575
2974Willow St and Day Care Center Rd28.736094-81.619009
1959Willow St and N Orange Blossom Trl28.736291-81.615913
1961Willow St and N Orange Blossom Trl28.736191-81.615873
2587Winegard Rd and Brdmoor Dr28.463069-81.384303
2597Winegard Rd and Brdmoor Dr28.462994-81.384184
2598Winegard Rd and Lancaster Rd28.464472-81.384148
2583Winegard Rd and Trellis Ct28.47194-81.384383
2584Winegard Rd and Trellis Ct28.470605-81.384383
2600Winegard Rd and Trellis Ct28.469481-81.384221
2585Winegard Rd and W Lancaster Rd28.466728-81.384371
2586Winegard Rd and W Lancaster Rd28.464648-81.384342
2599Winegard Rd and W Lancaster Rd28.466392-81.384208
2601Winegard Rd and W Oak Ridge Rd28.472422-81.384255
10009Winter Garden Vineland Rd and Ancilla Blvd.28.495666-81.587206
10021Winter Garden Vineland Rd and Lake Butler Blvd.28.500045-81.586935
10010Winter Garden Vineland Rd and Lake Cawood Dr.28.481378-81.582918
10022Winter Garden Vineland Rd and Sunset Lake Circle28.505507-81.586975
10007Winter Garden Vineland Rd and Tilden Rd28.505588-81.587158
10020Winter Garden Vineland Rd and W. Lake Butler Rd.28.492578-81.585534
10008Winter Garden Vineland Rd and W. Orange Country Club Rd28.500017-81.587119
10019Winter Garden Vineland Rd and Windermere H.S.28.486019-81.582628
2900World Center Dr and State Rd 53528.359573-81.495311
2898World Center Dr and Vacation Way28.361926-81.508629
5635World Dr and Monorail Way28.415638-81.574684
5866World Dr and Topiary Ln28.409115-81.574361
5688Wp Ball Blvd and Rinehart Rd28.800581-81.334106
5689Wp Ball Blvd and Rinehart Rd28.800538-81.332806
5686Wp Ball Blvd and Towne Center Blvd28.799751-81.337836
5687Wp Ball Blvd and Towne Center Blvd28.799987-81.336286
1060Wymore Rd and Ashford Oaks Dr28.64791-81.390402
1269Wymore Rd and Ashford Oaks Dr28.647517-81.390286
1270Wymore Rd and Spanish Trace Dr28.651694-81.39029
1271Wymore Rd and Spanish Trace Dr28.654699-81.390294
1274Wymore Rd and Spanish Trace Dr28.654688-81.390393
1275Wymore Rd and Spanish Trace Dr28.651658-81.390421
1061Wymore Rd and Spring Lake Hills Dr28.645345-81.390292
1268Wymore Rd and Spring Lake Hills Dr28.645208-81.390403

Agency Stops: 4191