Stop Listing

DeKalb Public Transit (il-dekalb)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
25556471st St at Laurel Ln41.945183-88.749006
25556461st St at Ridge Dr (Hillcrest Covenant Church)41.945700-88.749090
25555727th St at Lewis St41.934993-88.743706
25555717th St at Lewis St41.935224-88.743860
25555617th St at Pine St NB41.931091-88.744347
25555597th St at Pleasant St41.933228-88.743690
25555677th St at Pleasant St41.933076-88.743859
25555577th St at Sycamore Rd (Rt 23)41.938931-88.743713
255566510th St at E Locust St41.927370-88.741843
387889210th St at E Locust St41.927900-88.741729
255566610th St at Franklin St41.925425-88.742835
387888910th St at Franklin St41.925460-88.742960
257453710th St at Garden St.41.922873-88.742975
387889010th St at Garden St.41.922867-88.743110
255566410th St at Market St41.930733-88.741050
387889310th St at Market St41.930768-88.741165
2555542Afton Rd at Thornwood Dr. (Human Services Dept. )41.971686-88.702339
2574519Alden Circle at W Alden Pl (Tyler Elem School)41.919688-88.765207
2555521Annie Glidden Rd at Arcadia Dr (Hope Haven)41.947216-88.772980
2555523Annie Glidden Rd at Arcadia Dr (Hope Haven)41.947334-88.773247
2555530Annie Glidden Rd at Crane Dr41.939850-88.773010
2555526Annie Glidden Rd at Elks Lodge41.928655-88.772958
2555580Annie Glidden Rd at Hampton Inn41.923426-88.772834
3878405Annie Glidden Rd at Hampton Inn41.923430-88.773071
2555537Annie Glidden Rd at Loren Dr / Univ. Village41.941771-88.772997
2555529Annie Glidden Rd. at Casey''s41.945553-88.773247
2555527Annie Glidden Rd. at Crane Dr41.939838-88.773232
2555528Annie Glidden Rd. at Crane Dr.41.938976-88.773232
2555524Annie Glidden Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.41.945465-88.773003
2574514Annie Glidden Rd. at Knolls Ave.41.927770-88.773164
2555525Annie Glidden Rd. at Stadium Dr (Graham Hall)41.934151-88.772995
2574513Annie Glidden Rd. at Stadium Dr. (Barsema Alumni Visitors Ctr.)41.933686-88.773242
2555522Annie Glidden Rd. at Suburban Apts.41.948895-88.772995
2555519Annie Glidden Rd. at Varsity Dr.41.943295-88.773232
2555520Annie Glidden Rd. at Varsity Dr.41.943466-88.773010
2555511Blackhawk Rd at Edgebrook Dr. (Shelter)41.946863-88.769931
2555508Blackhawk Rd. at Edgebrook Dr.41.947201-88.769913
2555507Blackhawk Rd. at Edgebrook Dr.41.947140-88.770073
2555506Blackhawk Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.41.945544-88.770059
2555505Blackhawk Rd. at Kimberly Dr.41.946342-88.769913
2555504Blackhawk Rd. at Kimberly Dr.41.946266-88.770007
2555502Blackhawk Rd. at Ridge Dr.41.948387-88.769882
2555500Bristol Dr. W at Hathaway Dr (Walgreens)41.978639-88.706687
2555497Castle Dr at College Ave (Still Hall)41.934120-88.763115
2555496Castle Dr at Lincoln Ter (Montgomery Hall)41.932404-88.762894
2555498Castle Dr at Lincoln Ter (Montgomery Hall)41.932358-88.762970
2575005Chestnut Ave. at Somonauk Rd. (Cortland)41.919961-88.688960
2555495College Ave at Castle Dr (Still Hall)41.934261-88.762993
2555748DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Bethany Rd41.966466-88.719413
2555485DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Eastgate Dr.41.974400-88.716579
2555488DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Electric Park Dr.41.974042-88.717215
2555648DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Four Seasons Sports41.972403-88.718049
2555653DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Foxpoint Dr (Farm & Fleet)41.979799-88.705791
2555487DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Mercantile Dr.41.970455-88.718117
2555486DeKalb Ave (Rt 23) at Plaza Dr.41.981626-88.705939
2555489Dekalb Ave (Rt 23) at Spartan Trail (Sycamore High School)41.983909-88.699941
2555481Dosen Dr. at Gateway Dr (Northwestern Medicine Immediate Care Sycamore)41.960427-88.712518
2555478Dresser Rd & Wildflower Ln (DeKalb H.S.)41.952279-88.754493
2555477Dresser Rd & Wildflower Ln (DeKalb H.S.)41.952465-88.756208
2555634Dresser Rd at Annie Glidden Rd (County Health Dept.)41.955936-88.771126
2555475Dresser Rd at Annie Glidden Rd (Dresser Ct Apts.)41.954535-88.769547
2555479Dresser Rd at N 1st St41.952109-88.744905
2555480Dresser Rd at N 1st St41.952311-88.744873
2574536E Taylor St at Springdale Ln41.921722-88.746238
3878891E Taylor St at Springdale Ln41.921798-88.746153
3878894E. Hillcrest Dr. at Fox Hollow41.944740-88.756517
2574541E. Hillcrest Dr. at Fox Hollow41.944771-88.756189
2555337E. State St at N. Main St (Post Office)41.988362-88.684147
2555338E. State St at N. Main St (Public Library)41.988574-88.683843
2555339E. State St at S Governor St (Family Dollar)41.987861-88.679117
2574521E. Sunset Pl at Holmes Pl (Lincoln Elem School)41.918199-88.755068
2555472Eco Park Apts.41.942469-88.778153
2574528Fairview Dr. at Macom Dr. (Nestle Entrance)41.907272-88.739712
2574529Fairview Dr. at Peace Rd (Panduit Entrance)41.907226-88.730390
2555638Gateway Dr. at Hauser Ross Ct (DaVita Dialysis)41.961996-88.717061
2555463Gilbert Way at Gilbert Hall41.935471-88.762131
2555464Gilbert Way at Gilbert Hall41.935471-88.762276
2555462Grant St at Stark Ave. (Civic Apts)41.988118-88.692511
2555458Greenbrier Rd at Normal Rd41.944190-88.766298
2555453Greenbrier Rd. at Evans Scholar41.944283-88.768898
2555452Greenbrier Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.41.945240-88.770927
2555451Greenbrier Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.41.944796-88.770765
2555450Greenbrier Rd. at Normal Rd.41.944115-88.765976
2555454Greenbrier Rd. at Russell Rd41.944153-88.769066
2745330Gurler Rd (801 E) (Ferrara Candy Company)41.894734-88.740111
3878394Gurler Rd at Crego Rd (Facebook / META)41.892428-88.732553
2574527Harvestore Dr. at Corporate Dr. (Superior Diesel)41.898443-88.767124
2574526Harvestore Dr. at Wagner Ct.41.898992-88.759642
2555513Health Services Dr. at Bethany Rd (Ben Gordon Ctr.)41.964588-88.721370
2555512Health Services Dr. at Bethany Rd (Ben Gordon Ctr.)41.964822-88.721544
2555281Health Services Dr. at NW Loop (YMCA)41.964067-88.722786
2555445Health Services Dr. at NW Loop (YMCA)41.964209-88.723096
2555420Hillcrest Dr at KinderCare41.941090-88.748100
2555439Hillcrest Dr at KinderCare41.941141-88.748127
2555438Hillcrest Dr at Pappas Dr41.945164-88.774529
2555437Hillcrest Dr at Spiros Ct41.945263-88.776772
3878438Hillcrest Dr at Sunnymeade Trail41.941219-88.754349
2574540Hillcrest Dr at Sunnymeade Trail41.941437-88.754507
2555436Hillcrest Dr. at Spiros Ct.41.945396-88.776497
2555440Hillcrest at Pappas Dr.41.945313-88.774590
2555435Holmes Student Center41.935471-88.767220
2555326Holmes Student Center (HSC) / 2R / 2L41.935540-88.767206
2555434Holmes Student Center (HSC) / Rt 3 / Rt 441.936270-88.767175
2555433Holmes Student Center (HSC) / Rt 5 / Rt 10 / Rt 1141.935978-88.767197
2555540Kishwaukee Dr at Anderson Hall41.938463-88.761081
2555517Kishwaukee Dr at Barsema Hall/Engineering Building41.939769-88.761018
2555416Kishwaukee Hosp.41.962412-88.722560
2555414Kishwaukee Hosp.41.962523-88.722844
2555622Lincoln Dr N at Stadium Dr E (New Hall)41.937794-88.775658
2555621Lincoln Dr N at Stadium Dr E (New Hall)41.937866-88.775543
2555387Locust St at 2nd St41.931342-88.752047
2555381Locust St at 6th St41.929710-88.746140
2555386Locust St at N 6th St41.929585-88.746059
2555380Locust St. at 2nd St.41.931339-88.752251
2555376Lucas St at N Maple St (Opportunity House)41.993576-88.684918
2555589Lucinda Ave at Campus Recreation Center41.936333-88.774390
2555413Lucinda Ave at Lincoln Hall41.936409-88.774428
2555444Lucinda Ave. at Garden Rd (Health Services)41.936474-88.764236
2555448Lucinda Ave. at Wirtz Dr (Health Services)41.936352-88.764023
2574531Macom Dr. at Distribution Center (DK5)41.912628-88.734315
2574530Macom Dr. at Distribution Center (DK6)41.912619-88.731692
2574532Macom Dr. at Target Distribution Center41.912642-88.740731
2752325Manning Dr. at 4th St. (Rt 23)41.904503-88.753343
2574525Manning Dr. at Nestle Turnaround41.904516-88.750745
2555499N. California at Bill Johnson Blvd41.989544-88.688082
2555627N. Maple St at Opportunity House residence41.991909-88.685170
2555368N. Maple St at W. Exchange St (DeKalb County Courthouse)41.989348-88.685710
2555350N. Sacramento St at W. Exchange St41.990452-88.690014
2555544Normal Rd at Islamic Center of DeKalb41.942081-88.765701
2555543Normal Rd at Islamic Center of DeKalb41.942043-88.765820
2555421Normal Rd at Kimberly Dr.41.946137-88.765855
2555391Normal Rd at Lincoln Terrace (Parking Garage)41.931824-88.765800
2555614Normal Rd at Lucinda Ave (Holmes Student Ctr. HSC)41.935756-88.765878
2555348Normal Rd at NIU School of Nursing41.947837-88.765855
2555613Normal Rd at Ridge Dr.41.949020-88.765832
2555609Normal Rd. at Edgebrook Dr.41.946907-88.765686
2555610Normal Rd. at Edgebrook Dr.41.946856-88.765799
2555605Normal Rd. at Greenbrier Rd.41.944206-88.765686
2555606Normal Rd. at Greenbrier Rd.41.944206-88.765848
2555741Normal Rd. at High Terrace41.942836-88.765841
2555603Normal Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.41.945541-88.765678
2555604Normal Rd. at Hillcrest Dr.41.945423-88.765846
2555602Normal Rd. at Lucinda Ave.41.936623-88.765862
2555601Normal Rd. at Newman Ln41.937881-88.765686
2555599Normal Rd. at Northern Ln41.939957-88.765694
2555600Normal Rd. at Northern Ln41.939995-88.765862
2555363Normal Rd. at Ridge Rd (NIU School of Nursing)41.947971-88.765640
2555569North 7th St at Pine St.41.931197-88.744441
2555565North 7th St at Sycamore Rd (Rt 23)41.938463-88.743869
2555460North Grant Dr. at Grant Towers41.938544-88.777121
2555461North Grant Dr. at Grant Towers41.938585-88.777336
2555596Northern View Clr at Presidents Blvd41.939777-88.788116
2555637Oakland Dr. at Sycamore Rd (Rt 23)41.958089-88.719797
2561393Plank Rd at N Main St (Center for Family Health)42.015760-88.674368
2574538Pleasant St at North 10th St EB41.932870-88.741562
3878776Pleasant St at North 10th St WB41.933011-88.741464
2555468Railroad Ave at Elburn Metra Station41.890536-88.464326
2555493Recreation Dr at Convocation Center Ent #341.936363-88.785385
2555494Recreation Dr at Convocation Center Ent #341.936443-88.785309
2555377Recreation Dr at Convocation Center Lot #341.936340-88.787148
2555378Recreation Dr at Convocation Center Lot #341.936443-88.787453
2555588Regent Dr at Hillcrest Dr41.945251-88.778069
2555587Regent Dr. at Eco Park Dr.41.941821-88.778900
2555586Regent Dr. at Hillcrest Dr.41.944904-88.778290
2555585Regent Dr. at Varsity Blvd.41.943379-88.778892
2555366Ridge Dr. at Amber Manor Apts.41.948479-88.767303
2555365Ridge Dr. at Amber Manor Apts.41.948582-88.767153
2555503Ridge Dr. at Blackhawk Rd.41.948560-88.769885
2555364Ridge Rd. at Normal Rd.41.948473-88.765920
2555579Russell Rd at Moraine Ter (Welsh Park)41.941601-88.768298
2555355Russell Rd. at Crane Dr.41.939846-88.768135
2555354Russell Rd. at Crane Dr.41.939922-88.768295
2555352Russell Rd. at High Terrance (Hillel Jewish Center)41.942310-88.768295
2555353Russell Rd. at Hillel Jewish Center41.942303-88.768127
2555351Russell Rd. at Lucinda Ave.41.936522-88.768317
2555349S Annie Glidden at S Malta Rd (Schnuck's Shopping Ctr.)41.919498-88.775078
3878906S. Peace Rd at Sarah Dr (Meijer's)41.986071-88.711349
2574522South 4th St (Rt 23) at E Sunset Pl41.918666-88.753517
2574524South 4th St (Rt 23) at Fairlane Ave (Huntley Middle School)41.910623-88.753609
2574523South 4th St (Rt 23) at Karen Ave (Dollar General)41.913344-88.753613
2574533South 7th St & Best Ave41.911482-88.748522
3878444South 7th St & Best Ave41.911270-88.748697
2574535South 7th St at Culver St (Founders Elementary)41.919706-88.748543
3878446South 7th St at Culver St (Founders Elementary)41.919849-88.748687
2555575South 7th St at Garden St41.924356-88.748179
2555574South 7th St at Grove St41.927430-88.746518
2574534South 7th St at Tyler St41.916805-88.748533
3878445South 7th St at Tyler St41.916787-88.748727
2555331Stadium Dr. W at Lucinda Ave (Stevenson South)41.936565-88.780969
2555333Stadium Dr. W at Lucinda Ave (Stevenson South)41.936543-88.781097
3878780Stadium Dr. at Barsema Alumni Visitor's Center41.934126-88.775339
2555335Stevenson Dr. North at Stevenson Towers41.937801-88.780051
2555336Stevenson Dr. North at Stevenson Towers41.937897-88.780060
2555325Sycamore RD (Rt 23) at Dresser Rd.41.945195-88.735081
2555357Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Barber Greene Rd.41.952740-88.725171
2555362Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Berkshire Ctr.41.946281-88.733109
2555649Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at DeKalb Shopping Center41.945507-88.734361
2555324Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Gateway Dr.41.961698-88.719980
2555322Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Hillcrest Dr.41.939316-88.743652
2555426Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Hollister Ave (Jewel)41.942692-88.738129
2555636Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Market Square Dr. (Walmart)41.949837-88.721920
2555347Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at NIU Speech -Language -Hearing Clinic41.964008-88.717796
2555631Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at NIU Speech -Language -Hearing Clinic41.963086-88.718356
2555359Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Northland Shopping Plaza41.955284-88.722351
2555315Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Oakland Dr.41.958647-88.720920
2555320Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Oakwood Ave (Jewel-Osco)41.943122-88.737209
2555358Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Target (Walkway)41.954227-88.723425
2555501Sycamore Rd (Rt 23) at Toyota Dealer41.946957-88.732147
2555314Sycamore Rd (Rt. 23) at Advance Auto Parts41.951216-88.726916
2555632Sycamore Rd (Rt. 23) at Oakland Dr. (HyVee)41.959044-88.720557
2555432Sycamore Rd (Rt. 23) at Oakwood Ave (Hopkins Park)41.944324-88.736249
2555309Taylor St at 2nd St41.921937-88.757091
2555308Taylor St at 4th St (Taylor St. Plaza)41.921950-88.752027
2555303Taylor St at Glidden Ave41.921928-88.763115
2555304Taylor St. at David Ave (Ashbury Ct. Apts)41.921947-88.769600
2574516Taylor St. at David Ave (Lions Park)41.921811-88.768898
2574517Taylor St. at Glidden Ave.41.921802-88.763051
2574518Taylor South 2nd St.41.921795-88.756849
2555300Thornwood Dr at S. Prairie Dr.41.972423-88.698241
2555298Twombly Rd. at Annie Glidden Rd.41.950832-88.773293
2555297Twombly Rd. at Eden's Gate Dr41.950981-88.780518
2555296Twombly Rd. at Suburban Estates41.950829-88.781960
2555295Twombly Rd. at Suburban Estates41.950825-88.780327
2555294Twombly Rd. at Suburban Estates41.950825-88.777847
2555293University Cir (DuSable) 2L / 2R41.934709-88.770508
3878452University Cir (DuSable) Rt 3 / Rt 4 / Rt 1241.934676-88.770154
2555473University Cir (DuSable) Rt 5 / Rt 1041.934803-88.769974
2555625University Cir (DuSable) Rt 16 / Rt 1741.935103-88.769967
3878779University Cir (DuSable) Rt 18 / Rt 1941.935082-88.770610
2555288Varsity Blvd at Regent Dr41.943615-88.778633
2555287Varsity Blvd at Varsity Square Apts41.943474-88.776398
2555286Varsity Blvd at Varsity Square Apts41.943619-88.776085
2555285Varsity Blvd. at Pappas Dr.41.943478-88.774513
2555284Varsity Blvd. at Pappas Dr.41.943570-88.774182
2561392W Peace Rd at N Main St (Jewel)42.014253-88.677170
2574520W Sunset Pl at South 1st St41.918861-88.760919
2555467W. Exchange St at N. Cross St41.990923-88.693905
3878895W. Hillcrest at Garden Rd.41.944945-88.762507
2574542W. Hillcrest at Garden Rd.41.945187-88.762531
2555408West Lincoln Hwy & Pearl St41.930847-88.758029
2555389West Lincoln Hwy & Pearl St41.930930-88.757958
2555401West Lincoln Hwy at Annie Glidden (CVS)41.930923-88.772179
2555406West Lincoln Hwy at Annie Glidden (Popeye's Chicken)41.930911-88.774823
2555392West Lincoln Hwy at Annie Glidden Rd (Potbelly)41.931084-88.771563
2555430West Lincoln Hwy at NIU Human Resources Building41.931511-88.783852
2555409West Lincoln Hwy at Park Ave (FNBO)41.930843-88.755723
2555403West Lincoln Hwy. at Burger King41.931120-88.769874
2555402West Lincoln Hwy. at Culvers41.930695-88.777702
2555399West Lincoln Hwy. at Gideon Ct. Apts41.930746-88.779769
2555398West Lincoln Hwy. at High Meadows Apts41.930634-88.779510
2555397West Lincoln Hwy. at Junction Plaza41.931086-88.769304
2555718West Lincoln Hwy. at Lincoln Towers41.930825-88.774887
2555652West Lincoln Hwy. at Lincolnshire & Stadium View Apts41.930768-88.778600
2555394West Lincoln Hwy. at Normal Rd (Psych building)41.931015-88.765884
2555405West Lincoln Hwy. at Normal Rd (Psych building)41.931199-88.765177
2555310West Taylor St at South 1st St41.921970-88.759280

Agency Stops: 256