Stop Listing

Franklin Regional Transit Authority (ma-frta)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
2505769Academy at Charlemont42.618846-72.825337
2505768Academy of Music42.317660-72.633408
2505764Ave A and 3rd St42.608020-72.556395
2505765Ave A and 3rd St42.607889-72.556535
2505766Ave A and 11th St42.602119-72.563369
2505767Ave A and 11th St42.601844-72.563340
2505763Ave A and Carnegie Library42.604156-72.560783
2505762Ave A and Food City (E)42.604502-72.560900
2505761Ave A at Hubies Tavern42.608524-72.556627
2505760Ave A at The Shea Theater42.608329-72.556496
2505759Big Y Plaza42.586646-72.624709
2505758Big Y Walmart Plaza42.341712-72.641127
2505757Charlemont Center42.627467-72.876935
2505756Charlemont Park & Ride42.619392-72.748990
2505755Cherry Rum Plaza42.608063-72.587000
2505751Colrain Rd and Shelburne Rd42.587627-72.623412
2505752Colrain Rd and Shelburne Rd42.587288-72.623489
2505753Colrain Rd at Charlene Manor42.591352-72.620416
2505754Colrain Rd at Charlene Manor42.591201-72.620162
2505750Corporate Center42.576425-72.623550
2505746Deerfield St and Meridian St42.580691-72.599335
2505747Deerfield St and Meridian St42.580270-72.598985
2505744Deerfield St and Washington St42.577949-72.598348
2505745Deerfield St and Washington St42.577986-72.598177
2505748Deerfield St at Meadows Golf42.571917-72.594387
2505749Deerfield St at Meadows Golf42.572454-72.595111
2505742E River St at Colonial Acres Apts42.585864-72.301664
2505743E River St at Colonial Acres Apts42.585702-72.301467
2505740E River St at Leisure Woods42.578550-72.286069
2505741E River St at Leisure Woods42.578719-72.286425
2505739E River St at Orange Food Pantry42.590404-72.304567
2505737E River St at Orange Riverfront Park42.588614-72.308930
2505738E River St at Orange Riverfront Park42.588503-72.308986
2505736E River St at Orange Senior Center42.590255-72.303976
2505734E River St at Pinecrest Apts42.582899-72.290683
2505735E River St at Pinecrest Apts42.583163-72.290818
2505726Elm St and Oak Cts42.601416-72.611220
2505727Elm St and Oak Cts42.601485-72.611052
2505732Elm St at CDH Health Ctr42.477418-72.612415
2505733Elm St at CDH Health Ctr42.477536-72.612795
2505730Elm St at Elm Terrace Apts42.596305-72.611323
2505731Elm St at Elm Terrace Apts42.596606-72.611130
2505728Elm St at Greenfield Gardens Apts42.591861-72.611202
2505729Elm St at Greenfield Gardens Apts42.592898-72.611014
2505725Erving Center42.599516-72.399849
3453596Erving Center42.599642-72.399866
2505723Ervinside Bowling Alley42.586423-72.489328
2505721Farren Care Center42.586349-72.575848
2505722Farren Care Center42.586208-72.575528
2505720Federal St and Cleveland St42.602672-72.592384
2505718Federal St and Grant St42.603953-72.590864
2505716Federal St and Kenwood St42.600362-72.594668
2505715Federal St and Osgood St42.589504-72.599565
2505714Federal St and Smith St42.600815-72.593936
2505719Federal St at CVS42.592314-72.598174
2505717Federal St at Greenfield Savings Bank42.588877-72.599620
2505712Federated Church of Charlemont42.628084-72.869695
2505713Federated Church of Charlemont42.627971-72.869708
2505711Franklin County Tech School42.597473-72.522459
2505709Greenfield Center School42.575446-72.581055
2505710Greenfield Center School42.574954-72.581314
2505708Greenfield Community College42.599867-72.630279
2505706Greenfield High School42.606656-72.594143
2505707Greenfield High School42.606520-72.596109
2505704Greenfield Middle School42.595780-72.597455
2505705Greenfield Middle School42.596168-72.597174
2505702Greenfield Rd at Magic Wings42.510223-72.605387
2505703Greenfield Rd at Magic Wings42.510652-72.605312
2505700Greenfield Rd at Sunoco42.552441-72.599780
2505701Greenfield Rd at Sunoco42.552604-72.599908
2505698Greenfield Rd at Yankee Candle Corp42.494421-72.610292
2505699Greenfield Rd at Yankee Candle Corp42.494603-72.610534
2505697Hannaford Supermarket Plaza42.582927-72.262710
2505696High St and Church St42.589646-72.594842
2505693High St and George St42.590755-72.594104
2505690High St and Hastings St42.598232-72.588434
2505691High St and Hastings St42.597960-72.588491
2505689High St and Lincoln St42.600630-72.585788
2505688High St and Silver St42.604403-72.579752
2505687High St and Wildwood Ave42.605403-72.578502
2505694High St at Franklin Medical Center42.594903-72.592040
2505695High St at Franklin Medical Center42.594921-72.591836
2505692High St at Greenfield Police Dept42.601490-72.584602
2505686JWO Transit Center42.585745-72.600632
2505684King St and Barret St42.334297-72.635995
2505685King St and Barret St42.333852-72.635505
2505683King St at Lia Toyota42.331228-72.634484
2505682King St at Sakura Buffet42.331283-72.634232
2505680L St and 4th St42.606479-72.555484
2505681L St and 4th St42.606241-72.555450
2505678L St and 7th St42.604259-72.557779
2505679L St and 7th St42.604160-72.557610
2505677Leyden Woods at Aster Court42.619393-72.614459
2505674Main St and Fort Sq42.587347-72.608391
2505675Main St and Miles St42.587719-72.603246
2505671Main St and Wells St42.587724-72.604908
2505676Main St at Cafe42.587704-72.598341
2505672Main St at Mohawk Mall42.587375-72.606010
2505673Main St at YMCA42.587337-72.597534
2505669Millers Falls Center42.578688-72.494716
2505670Millers Falls Center42.578723-72.494569
2505665Millers Falls Rd and Industrial Blvd42.589683-72.528365
2505666Millers Falls Rd and Industrial Blvd42.589374-72.528579
2505663Millers Falls Rd and Mineral Rd42.579401-72.509363
2505664Millers Falls Rd and Mineral Rd42.579476-72.509963
2505661Millers Falls Rd and NCross Rd42.589830-72.540027
2505662Millers Falls Rd and NCross Rd42.589752-72.540207
2505667Millers Falls Rd at Highland Apts42.576967-72.500329
2505668Millers Falls Rd at Highland Apts42.576831-72.500328
2505660Mohawk High School42.615963-72.756026
2505658Montague Center42.532889-72.532073
2505659Montague Center42.533383-72.531873
2505656Montague St and Crocker Ave42.599232-72.559652
2505657Montague St and Crocker Ave42.599003-72.559203
2505655N King St at B'Nai Israel Cemetery42.352820-72.641828
2505654N King St at Rockridge Community42.354905-72.640580
2505653N Main St at Frontier High School42.484063-72.604536
2505652Orange Center42.590356-72.308382
2505651Park Villa Apts42.588788-72.555752
2505650Pelican Products42.487470-72.607243
2505649Registry of Motor Vehicles42.585697-72.618205
2505647Scotty's Store42.599770-72.551428
2505648Scotty's Store42.599754-72.551634
2505645Shelburne Falls Center at Arms Library42.603848-72.737987
2505646Shelburne Falls Center at Arms Library42.603845-72.738169
2505644Silver St and Country Club Rd42.606363-72.601436
2505643Silver St and Vernon St42.606240-72.601214
2505642South Deerfield Cemetery42.476307-72.607003
2505641South Deerfield Center42.476829-72.607209
3453595South Deerfield Center Common42.477727-72.607685
2505640South Deerfield Common42.477815-72.608011
2505637State Rd and Christian Ln42.444452-72.625790
2505638State Rd and Christian Ln42.445277-72.625787
2505639State Rd at Books-n-More42.416045-72.621740
2505636State Rd at Muffin's Store42.418591-72.621219
2505635State Rd at Orchard Trailer42.425321-72.621630
2505634State Rd at Tom's Hot Dogs42.423289-72.622127
2505633State St and Bedford Terrace (S)42.320010-72.634441
2505632Stop & Shop Plaza42.606832-72.575062
2505631Sugarloaf Estates42.457829-72.581310
2505630Sugarloaf St and Gromacki Ave42.469248-72.596992
2505629Sugarloaf St and Mountain Rd42.472398-72.601153
2505628Sugarloaf St at Post Office42.472940-72.602202
2505627Sugarloaf State Park42.467942-72.595247
2505625Sunderland Rd at Deerfield Industrial Park42.467666-72.606040
2505626Sunderland Rd at Deerfield Industrial Park42.467881-72.606160
2505621Turners Falls Rd and Turnpike Rd42.588239-72.548292
2505622Turners Falls Rd and Turnpike Rd42.588437-72.548470
2505623Turnpike Rd at Turners Falls High School42.588474-72.544117
2505624Turnpike Rd at Turners Falls High School42.588371-72.544231
2505620WalMart Plaza Orange42.588176-72.284163
2505618West River Health Center42.592253-72.330021
2505619West River Health Center42.592109-72.329829
2505615West St and Depot Rd42.411075-72.622852
2505609West St and Mountain Dr42.411666-72.622901
2505607West St and Plain Rd42.401769-72.625540
2505608West St and Plain Rd42.402141-72.625235
2505616West St at Danco Modern Plaza42.367538-72.637425
2505617West St at Danco Modern Plaza42.368157-72.636949
2505613West St at FedEx42.389803-72.633243
2505614West St at FedEx42.389451-72.633052
2505612West St at Hatfield Pub42.408169-72.623598
2505610West St at Kenwood Apts42.394923-72.631639
2505611West St at Kenwood Apts42.394802-72.631413
2505606Whately Park and Ride42.469898-72.615311
2505604Wisdom Way and County Fairgrounds42.580174-72.610194
2505605Wisdom Way and County Fairgrounds42.580046-72.610075

Agency Stops: 167