Stop Listing

Maryland Transit Administration (md-mta)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
117522nd St & E Capitol St (Supreme Court) Sb38.889741-77.003441
115643rd St & Constitution Ave NW Fs Sb38.891768-77.015421
115574th St & C St SW Nb38.885906-77.017448
115654th St & C St SW Sb38.885628-77.017643
115564th St & E St SW Nb38.883504-77.017473
115664th St & E St SW Sb38.884173-77.017645
69206th St & Duane Ave Fs Sb39.227943-76.601074
116227th St & D & E Sts SW Mid Sb38.883882-77.022007
136557th St & D E Sts SW Mid Nb38.883682-77.021819
117967th St & Independence Ave SW Nb38.888081-77.021747
115777th St & Maryland & Independence Aves. SW Nb38.887167-77.021784
116217th St & Maryland Ave SW Sb38.885972-77.022011
120467th St NW & Constitution Ave Eb38.892070-77.021839
116187th St. & Maryland Ave. SW (L'Enfant Plaza) Nb38.886184-77.021855
27778th Ave & Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Sb39.170874-76.630679
122548th Ave & Grayburn Dr Sb39.176513-76.624400
27768th Ave & May Wagner Ln Sb39.175862-76.625790
122768th Ave & Penrod Ct Eb39.177208-76.622537
122538th Ave & Penrod Ct Wb39.177468-76.622242
28958th Ave & Wagner Ln Nb39.175693-76.625785
692410th St & Jack St Nb39.231008-76.597395
684510th St & Jeffrey St Fs Sb39.231229-76.597477
692610th St & Patapsco Ave Nb39.234077-76.595765
692210th St & Renick Ct Nb39.228080-76.598908
684810th St & Renick Ct opp Sb39.228048-76.599126
684610th St & Stoll St Sb39.230209-76.598009
692310th St & Stoll St opp Nb39.229900-76.597961
1159711th St & E St NW Sb38.896324-77.027148
1159611th St & H St NW Sb38.899503-77.027139
1363311th St & I St NW Sb38.901514-77.027155
1370911th St & O St SE (Washington Navy Yard)38.873552-76.991238
1163712 St & Constitution Ave NW Nb38.892144-77.027880
1179812th St & E St NW Nb38.896037-77.027948
1158112th St & G St NW Nb38.898508-77.028039
1179113th St & H St NW Sb38.899535-77.029728
1175614th St & Constitution Ave NW Nb38.892107-77.031753
1164614th St & Constitution Ave NW Sb38.892189-77.031834
1175714th St & E & Penn Ave NW Mid Nb38.895708-77.031814
1363914th St & F St NW38.897597-77.032021
1176914th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW Sb38.896329-77.032093
1180115th St & M & Massachusetts Ave NW Mid Nb38.906111-77.034380
1190916th St & Aspen St NW Nb38.973158-77.036147
1178816th St & Aspen St NW Sb38.973240-77.036388
1190016th St & Harvard St NW Nb38.925841-77.036369
1181816th St & Harvard St NW Sb38.925646-77.036546
1179016th St & M St NW38.905476-77.036643
1178916th St & P St NW38.909859-77.036591
1189418th St & C St NW Nb38.893326-77.041651
1189518th St & E St NW Nb38.895247-77.041637
1174218th St & F St NW Nb38.897316-77.041522
1189718th St & K St NW Nb38.902322-77.041609
1189818th St & M St NW Nb38.905517-77.041593
1189918th St & Massachusetts Ave NW Nb38.908756-77.041544
1189618th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW Nb38.899311-77.041613
1158819th St & E St NW Sb38.896049-77.043325
1161919th St & K St NW Fs Sb38.902211-77.043535
1182019th St & M St NW Sb38.905713-77.043328
1204419th St & M St NW Sb38.905432-77.043484
1158719th St & Penn Ave & H St NW Sb38.899879-77.043521
363020th St & Curtain Ave Fs Wb39.313022-76.599732
1159020th St & E St NW Nb38.895836-77.044709
1159120th St & I St NW Nb38.901185-77.044843
1158621st St & M St NW Fs Sb38.905281-77.046684
1164323rd St & I St NW Nb38.900933-77.050039
1164023rd St & I St NW Sb38.900367-77.050206
1384025th St & Aisquith St Wb Ns39.317308-76.597994
1385025th St & Charles St Eb Fs39.317840-76.617162
1384625th St & Charles St Wb Fs39.317886-76.617073
1385225th St & Greenmount Ave Eb Fs39.318094-76.609378
1384425th St & Greenmount Ave Wb Fs39.318139-76.609579
1383925th St & Harford Rd Wb Fs39.316757-76.595775
1385325th St & Homewood Ave Eb Ns39.318260-76.605037
1384325th St & Homewood Ave opp Wb39.318339-76.604910
1385425th St & Kirk Ave Eb Ns39.318210-76.602140
1384125th St & Kirk Ave Wb Ns39.318212-76.601986
1384725th St & Maryland Ave Wb Fs39.317818-76.618448
1385525th St & Robb St Eb Ns39.317509-76.599115
1385125th St & St Paul St Eb Ns39.317863-76.615459
1418732nd St & Harford Rd Eb Ns39.327024-76.584709
1418532nd St & Harford Rd Wb Fs39.327398-76.585529
54733rd St & Abell Ave Eb39.328066-76.612263
47933rd St & Abell Ave Wb39.328447-76.611715
488633rd St & Beech Ave Eb39.327055-76.626377
54633rd St & Calvert St39.327954-76.615003
488533rd St & Chestnut Ave Fs Eb39.326978-76.628734
1051333rd St & Chestnut Ave Wb39.327116-76.628934
55433rd St & Ednor Rd Eb39.328287-76.599852
47433rd St & Ednor Rd Fs Wb39.328539-76.599839
55133rd St & Ellerslie Ave Fs Eb39.328280-76.603037
47533rd St & Ellerslie Ave Wb39.328545-76.603208
55033rd St & Frisby St Eb39.328289-76.606656
47633rd St & Frisby St Fs Wb39.328540-76.606717
47833rd St & Greenmount Ave Fs Wb39.328505-76.610163
48033rd St & Guilford Ave39.328371-76.614189
1051233rd St & Keswick Rd Wb39.327204-76.627482
55533rd St & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Eb39.328274-76.597182
414833rd St & Loch Raven Blvd Wb39.328540-76.597610
54833rd St & Old York Rd Fs Eb39.328290-76.608551
54533rd St & Saint Paul St Eb39.327942-76.616162
55333rd St & Stadium Place Fs Eb39.328291-76.601195
1137833rd St & Stadium Place Wb39.328542-76.601556
56035th St & Hillen Rd39.330976-76.590586
488236th St & Chestnut Ave Eb39.331136-76.629642
502136th St & Chestnut Ave Fs Wb39.331305-76.629736
1133336th St & Ednor Rd Eb39.331634-76.599645
1134136th St & Ednor Rd Wb39.331738-76.598955
1134336th St & Elkader Rd Wb39.331744-76.602492
1133136th St & Ellerslie Ave Fs Eb39.331636-76.603198
1270836th St & Falls Rd Fs Eb39.330923-76.634568
503136th St & Falls Rd Wb39.331084-76.634623
1133436th St & Loch Raven Blvd Eb39.331635-76.598265
1134036th St & Loch Raven Blvd Wb39.331739-76.597426
487436th St & Poole St39.330360-76.637346
488136th St & Roland Ave Eb39.331049-76.632351
502236th St & Roland Ave Wb39.331200-76.632365
1133536th St & The Alameda39.331626-76.595512
1405340th St & Elm Ave Eb Ns39.337049-76.631951
1414640th St & Elm Ave Wb Ns39.337174-76.631055
416340th St & Keswick Ave Wb39.337343-76.628202
898540th St & Keswick Rd Eb39.337145-76.628615
416540th St & Roland Ave Wb39.337131-76.632478
431140th St & Rotunda Mall Dr Eb39.337080-76.630686
416440th St & The Rotunda opp Wb39.337231-76.630119
371341 Culver St Mb39.285194-76.678191
32141st St & Buena Vista Ave Wb39.336397-76.640641
1075441st St & Edgehill Ave Eb39.336690-76.639517
32041st St & Edgehill Ave Wb39.337181-76.638742
430841st St & Falls Rd Eb39.337473-76.637633
416841st St & Falls Rd Wb39.337846-76.637027
417141st St & Girard Ave Wb39.333626-76.646871
430941st St & Hickory Ave Eb39.337804-76.636195
416641st St & Hickory Ave Wb39.337786-76.635450
430441st St & Hooper Ave opp Eb39.333021-76.646965
431041st St & Roland Ave Eb39.337203-76.633469
1418462nd St & 1601 Bldg39.310693-76.530892
1418062nd St & Pulaski39.318517-76.531831
12516103 Dumbarton Rd39.379639-76.619020
12688111 Chesapeake Ave39.399716-76.606503
12272115 Ritchie Hwy Nb39.103969-76.569437
12261142 Ritchie Hwy Sb39.101535-76.567795
2876200 Hospital Dr Wb39.138364-76.620353
10644200 Padonia Rd Wb39.455655-76.637863
10617201 Padonia Rd Eb39.455400-76.637324
10638224 Schilling Cr Sb39.491723-76.664099
1712225 International Cir Fs Nb39.498998-76.665260
10628225 Schilling Cr Wb39.489289-76.663027
12271233 Ritchie Hwy Nb39.093237-76.559781
6564300 Joppa Rd Wb39.402176-76.596972
12684300 Red Brook Blvd Wb39.413494-76.802122
12685300 Red Brook Blvd opp Eb39.413378-76.802330
10676300 Redland Ct39.425333-76.811339
2793301 Hospital Dr Eb39.138438-76.621225
10633307 International Cir39.500446-76.664602
12215412 Colleen Rd39.277987-76.695757
10831600 Patapsco Ave Wb39.240883-76.622630
10830601 Patapsco Ave Eb39.241545-76.626897
14154700 Red Brook Blvd Opp39.412615-76.807928
10828710 Caton Ave & Mary Sue Plant Sb39.276159-76.671637
10654714 Dulaney Valley Rd Sb39.404140-76.601856
12452778 Elkridge Landing Rd Nb39.191881-76.681817
2797795 Aquahart Rd Eb39.151286-76.619487
10922795 Aquahart Rd opp Wb39.151973-76.618455
3336840 Elkridge Landing Rd Nb39.197967-76.688474
3313840 Elkridge Landing Rd Sb39.197708-76.688435
3337880 Elkridge Landing Rd Nb39.200583-76.689628
6891107 North Point Rd Nb39.289185-76.507506
122521120 Crain Hwy Sb39.181636-76.615189
124261160 Winterson Rd Sb39.203370-76.677767
120421160 Winterson Rd opp Nb39.203410-76.677522
106341207 Cooks Ln39.299014-76.710798
110981221 Bernard Dr Nb39.271622-76.657739
110091221 Bernard Dr Sb39.271176-76.657601
28261244 Ritchie Hwy Sb39.046328-76.518255
28431257 Ritchie Hwy Nb39.046375-76.517798
47021305 Woodington Rd Mb Nb39.302732-76.686710
126761400 Cherry Hill Rd39.252253-76.633191
122511400 Crain Hwy Sb39.186994-76.613835
42191400 Joh Ave Eb39.261065-76.671479
49221401 Cherry Hill Rd Ns39.252951-76.633849
32871506 Woodlawn Dr opp Nb39.308456-76.734463
123521627 Joppa Rd Wb39.396998-76.564909
4201637 Joppa Rd Eb39.397012-76.564035
106641700 York Rd Nb39.427407-76.620016
136621701 Twin Springs Rd39.257477-76.673362
126991800 Argonne Dr Eb39.340108-76.584829
127001800 Argonne Dr Wb39.340164-76.585006
112741844 Reisterstown Rd Sb39.388294-76.738441
37842010 Broening Hwy & Amazon Fulfillment Center Sb39.268418-76.543049
38542010 Broening Hwy - Amazon Fulfillment Center Nb39.268493-76.543252
48502021 Kelly Ave Eb39.366513-76.660859
51412023 Woodlawn Dr & Clark Manor Apartments39.321810-76.730404
95792200 Broening Hwy Nb39.265072-76.542903
100852200 Broening Hwy Sb39.263846-76.543135
106142215 Greenspring Dr Nb39.444255-76.633536
106482232 Greenspring Dr Sb39.444414-76.633830
83792310 Broening Hwy39.260592-76.541066
38512400 Broening Hwy Nb39.261829-76.542277
136152419 Lakeview Ave Nb39.315251-76.632525
37882500 Broening Hwy Sb39.259594-76.539166
38502501 Broening Hwy Nb39.260249-76.539938
37892700 Broening Hwy Sb39.257031-76.533095
126812700 Rolling Rd Sb39.330560-76.758963
123582707 Rolling Rd Nb39.330495-76.758710
137392749 Rolling Rd Nb39.331682-76.759177
3312900 Druid Park Dr39.324153-76.659934
42123320 Benson Ave & Catholic Charities Wb39.268031-76.670689
103323431 Benson Ave opp Wb39.267161-76.671784
127503635 Old Court Rd Wb39.379263-76.719527
127513701 Old Court Rd Wb39.379495-76.721882
109333800 Mcdowell Ln Sb39.239907-76.647296
109493801 Mcdowell Ln Nb39.240000-76.647197
124893950 North Point Blvd Nb39.271242-76.471360
136124017 Sinclair Ln Eb39.316276-76.557393
109464201 Mcdowell Ln Nb39.236826-76.646638
109364201 Mcdowell Lnopp Sb39.236983-76.646649
22474367 Hollins Ferry Rd Eb39.237677-76.660685
22624367 Hollins Ferry Rd Wb39.237835-76.659938
25984429 Clifton Rd Eb39.315056-76.690078
33474545 Annapolis Rd Nb39.229313-76.641441
111434601 Monument St Eb39.299755-76.557703
125614710 Hollins Ferry Rd Op Wb39.230055-76.680512
125604711 Hollins Ferry Rd Eb39.229913-76.680479
67335122 Wright Ave Nb39.305753-76.553894
37825501 Holabird Ave Eb39.271893-76.547383
123385600 The Alameda Sb39.358117-76.595116
108815601 Metro Dr39.344248-76.707034
52695708 Gwynn Oak Ave Wb39.326207-76.712031
51516017 Gwynn Oak Ave Eb39.326108-76.717496
126896050 Moravia Park Dr & Senior Apartments Eb39.315653-76.541652
57466301 Pulaski Hwy Eb39.303283-76.542779
16636401 York Rd Nb39.372873-76.609604
57246700 Pulaski Hwy39.305688-76.537156
111486700 Pulaski Hwy39.305621-76.536572
136506820 Hospital Dr Nb39.347356-76.475445
73587111 Park Heights Ave Mid Nb39.367107-76.705454
124457476 New Ridge Rd39.164688-76.707611
135817603 Energy Pkwy opp Wb39.176646-76.549785
122797704 Quarterfield Rd39.148204-76.639133
45037800 Eastern Ave Fs39.293592-76.516116
27947823 Oakwood Road Nb39.142249-76.618363
31238020 Sandpiper Cir opp Wb39.368480-76.470978
31318098 Sandpiper Cir Sb39.368695-76.471422
75308100 Sandpiper Cir Nb39.369299-76.471701
31358219 Town Center Dr Eb39.370864-76.462019
31178219 Town Center Dr Wb39.371040-76.462008
31368221 Town Center Dr Eb39.371940-76.460491
31168221 Town Center Dr opp Wb39.371939-76.460749
4168601 Lasalle Rd Eb39.394724-76.576383
57738623 Philadelphia Rd39.334484-76.494037
47899101 Hospital Dr Nb39.349180-76.478028
120869101 Hospital Dr opp Eb39.348905-76.477902
57779103 Franklin Square Dr Eb39.350694-76.477795
103689103 Franklin Square Dr opp Wb39.351002-76.477576
112109120 Liberty Rd Mb Nb39.369723-76.800302
112119134 Liberty Rd Mb Nb39.371353-76.803962
111699137 Liberty Rd39.370317-76.802082
122049200 Franklin Square Dr Eb39.353627-76.473232
56859200 Franklin Square Dr Sb39.353643-76.473507
106469515 Deereco Rd Sb39.452771-76.638996
106459600 Deereco Rd Sb39.454691-76.641845
106159632 Deereco Rd Nb39.452809-76.638774
126099729 Philadelphia Rd Nb39.359539-76.455082
1259110375 Red Run Blvd Eb39.403847-76.788900
172610610 Beaver Dam Rd Sb39.477317-76.652691
1258910705 Red Run Blvd39.412890-76.797833
1258210705 Red Run Blvd Nb39.413277-76.797713
1258810715 Red Run Blvd Sb39.416777-76.800906
1258510802 Red Run Blvd Nb39.418992-76.801211
876810909 Mccormick Rd Nb39.482400-76.656939
1221011019 Mcormick Rd Sb39.486004-76.656383
1221111100 Mccormick Sb39.482799-76.657145
1231611100 Reisterstown Rd Sb39.432638-76.796484
798811459 Cronhill Dr Wb39.439689-76.775542
12005Aberdeen MARC Nb39.509146-76.162588
11977Aberdeen MARC Sb39.509165-76.162681
13640Accokeek Park & Ride (Rt 210 & Rt 373)38.670139-77.007100
12760Aero Dr & Corporate Blvd39.209296-76.676663
11428Aero Dr & International Dr39.207130-76.677419
12286Aisquith St & Biddle St39.304184-76.602276
3636Aisquith St & Federal St Fs Sb39.307968-76.602458
3633Aisquith St & North Ave Sb39.312020-76.602693
3638Aisquith St & Preston St Sb39.305151-76.602294
12175Alpha Commons Dr & Alpha Center39.290547-76.551228
12439Amtrak Way & Aviation Blvd Fs Nb39.185286-76.690300
3320Amtrak Way & Aviation Blvd39.185310-76.690670
12440Amtrak Way & Employee Parking Lot Nb39.187655-76.690750
11499Amyclae Dr & Econ Dr Fs Eb39.547868-76.316508
11475Amyclae Dr & Econ Dr Wb39.548051-76.316751
3302Annapolis Rd & Adell Plastics Sb39.229611-76.641669
10940Annapolis Rd & Alabama Avenb39.240720-76.641136
10942Annapolis Rd & Daisy Ave Fs Sb39.244744-76.640952
3349Annapolis Rd & Delaware Ave Nb39.231958-76.641722
3299Annapolis Rd & Georgia Ave opp Sb39.236863-76.641504
5203Annapolis Rd & Kent St Fs Sb39.262938-76.634144
4993Annapolis Rd & Kent St Nb39.262916-76.633929
4992Annapolis Rd & Maisel St Nb39.261505-76.634793
4917Annapolis Rd & Maisel St Sb39.261478-76.635071
3345Annapolis Rd & Nursery Rd Fs Nb39.221441-76.642096
3298Annapolis Rd & Park Dr Sb39.240767-76.641305
3295Annapolis Rd & Patapsco Ave Fs Sb39.248453-76.640016
3356Annapolis Rd & Patapsco Ave Nb39.248728-76.639747
3354Annapolis Rd & Rose Ave Nb39.244722-76.640787
10939Annapolis Rd & Vermont Ave Nb39.237235-76.641323
3301Annapolis Rd & Virginia Ave Fs Sb39.234429-76.641610
14151Anne Arundel Medical Center38.989478-76.533437
12259Aquahart Rd & Greenway Rd Ns Eb39.153187-76.615942
13672Aquahart Rd & Greenway Rd Wb39.152788-76.617013
2800Aquahart Rd & Ritchie Hwy Fs Wb39.153531-76.615474
5827Argonne Dr & 41st St Wb39.339148-76.601873
5890Argonne Dr & Cator Ave opp Eb39.339283-76.601601
5828Argonne Dr & Elkader Rd Wb39.337775-76.603059
5615Argonne Dr & Hillen Rd Fs Eb39.339859-76.587243
9588Argonne Dr & Hillen Rd Wb39.340029-76.587459
5829Argonne Dr & Lowndes Ave Wb39.336873-76.604931
5887Argonne Dr & Lowndes Ave opp Eb39.336546-76.605293
10347Argonne Dr & Mccallum Dr Eb39.340333-76.581717
12658Argonne Dr & Mccallum Drwb39.340481-76.581824
5640Argonne Dr & Md Rehabilitation Wb39.340255-76.580099
5889Argonne Dr & N Hill Rd Eb39.337862-76.602594
5888Argonne Dr & Wilsby Ave Eb39.337051-76.604270
10223Argonne Dr & Work Force Tech Center Eb39.339946-76.579566
3226Arlington Ave & Franklin St Nb39.294065-76.635450
3022Arlington Ave & Franklin St Sb39.294384-76.635675
3023Arlington Ave & Mulberry St Fs Sb39.293066-76.635605
3225Arlington Ave & Mulberry St Nb39.293127-76.635460
10720Armistead Way & Fowler Way Sb39.303880-76.548707
6791Armistead Way & Harper Way Sb39.304864-76.549190
12653Armistead Way & Pulaski Hwy Fs Nb39.302779-76.546533
6729Armistead Way & Rodman Way Fs Nb39.304046-76.548655
2507Arundel Mills Shopping Center39.153948-76.724242
12132Assateague Dr & Conowingo Ave Eb39.165614-76.783409
11874Assateague Dr & Conowingo Ave Wb39.165550-76.783281
12133Assateague Dr & Oceano Ave Eb39.158297-76.781118
12131Assateague Dr & Washington Blvd39.168548-76.786157
11875Assateague Dr & Washington Blvd Wb39.168678-76.785991
3705Athol Ave & Cherry Wy Sb39.289930-76.689070
12412Athol Ave & Cherry Wy opp Nb39.288640-76.688997
11170Athol Ave & Edmondson Ave Fs Sb39.293032-76.689452
12411Athol Ave & Old Frederick Rd Fs Nb39.288420-76.688826
13682Avondale Rd & Beal Dr39.239983-76.504827
8655Avondale Rd & Flora Dr39.239543-76.503193
13681Avondale Rd & Glenard Middleton Ct39.238737-76.505626
12234Avondale Rd & Rayme Rd39.240469-76.508180
s7003BWI Airport39.182827-76.669823
7627BWI Airport (Northbound)39.183155-76.670090
7697BWI Airport (Southbound)39.182499-76.669548
s7004BWI Business District39.191429-76.673210
7628BWI Business District (Northbound)39.191368-76.672707
7696BWI Business District (Southbound)39.191483-76.673706
11175BWI International Terminal Eb39.182061-76.669554
4529Back River Neck Rd & Country Ridge Ln Fs Sb39.310167-76.446306
4527Back River Neck Rd & Evergreen Wy Sb39.314486-76.449983
4581Back River Neck Rd & Hopewell Ave Opp39.312060-76.447846
4528Back River Neck Rd & Hopewell Ave Sb39.312199-76.448201
4577Back River Neck Rd & Lanflair Rd Nb39.305715-76.442086
4533Back River Neck Rd & Lanflair Rd Sb39.305788-76.442433
4578Back River Neck Rd & Polesrd Nb39.306950-76.443272
7581Back River Neck Rd & Renaissance Dr Nb39.314055-76.449392
4531Back River Neck Rd & Tripgate Rd Mid Sb39.307828-76.444289
4579Back River Neck Rd & Williams Ave Mid Nb39.309431-76.445423
4530Back River Neck Rd & Williams Ave Sb39.308757-76.445138
695Bais Yaakov Elem39.427868-76.725551
724Bais Yaakov High39.373742-76.662337
2864Balt Anna & Sun Valley Shop Nb39.135561-76.585276
8727Balt Anna Blvd& Faywood Dr Nb39.140902-76.588475
64Baltimore & Howard Mid Eb39.289286-76.618866
3918Baltimore & Pulaskiwb39.288089-76.649954
12594Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Alameda Ave Sb39.065362-76.539809
2851Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Baldy Ave Nb39.064349-76.538847
2852Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Brandywine Ave39.068851-76.544049
8722Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Crain Hwy Eb39.164901-76.625211
2891Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Crain Hwy Fs Wb39.165324-76.625361
2853Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Cypress Creek Rd Nb39.069941-76.544939
2816Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Hoyle Ln Sb39.058425-76.531571
2849Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Hoyle Ln opp Nb39.058424-76.531350
8430Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & King George St Nb38.988556-76.497058
2779Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Maple Ln Eb39.167557-76.627573
2893Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Maple Ln Wb39.167458-76.627297
2813Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Marbury Rd Sb39.078745-76.548400
2854Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Mckinsey Rd Nb39.072060-76.546458
12282Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Mountain Rd Sb39.135233-76.585351
2780Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Oak Ln Eb39.166036-76.626310
2892Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Oak Ln Wb39.166528-76.626460
2814Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Riggs Ave Sb39.071856-76.546509
2815Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Ritchie Ct Sb39.060966-76.535230
12270Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Ritchie Hwy Nb39.079684-76.548197
2850Baltimore Annapolis Blvd & Smith Rd Nb39.062380-76.537021
s7015Baltimore Arena (University Center)39.288818-76.619461
7642Baltimore Arena (University Center) (Northbound)39.289085-76.619431
7682Baltimore Arena (University Center) (Southbound)39.288425-76.619492
14132Baltimore Arena Bay 139.289300-76.618993
14133Baltimore Arena Bay 239.289327-76.618343
14134Baltimore Arena Bay 339.289338-76.618112
6306Baltimore Community High39.284627-76.533007
s7008Baltimore Highlands39.235123-76.632927
7634Baltimore Highlands (Northbound)39.235443-76.632729
7690Baltimore Highlands (Southbound)39.234783-76.633125
3683Baltimore National Pike & Coleridge Rd Eb39.291175-76.715776
7553Baltimore National Pike & Coleridge Rd Wb39.291425-76.716590
12418Baltimore National Pike & Greenwich Ave Eb39.291647-76.708509
3949Baltimore National Pike & Greenwich Ave Wb39.291965-76.708003
7536Baltimore National Pike & Ingleside Ave Fs Eb39.288119-76.730432
7555Baltimore National Pike & Ingleside Ave Fs Wb39.288332-76.731175
8230Baltimore National Pike & Normandy Shopping Center Wb39.285262-76.806461
8218Baltimore National Pike & Normandy Woods Dr Fs39.285103-76.805936
8219Baltimore National Pike & Nuwood Dr Fs39.285940-76.763674
8238Baltimore National Pike & Rogers Ave Fs Eb39.282511-76.810388
8232Baltimore National Pike & Rogers Ave Fs Wb39.282286-76.811601
3740Baltimore St & Aisquith St Eb39.290931-76.601064
56Baltimore St & Arlington Ave39.288614-76.635548
12320Baltimore St & Arlington Ave Wb39.288761-76.634963
10568Baltimore St & Baltimore Arena39.289239-76.618522
10407Baltimore St & Bernice Ave Wb39.285954-76.669639
3734Baltimore St & Calhoun St Eb39.288422-76.639763
3910Baltimore St & Calhoun St Wb39.288579-76.639171
814Baltimore St & Calvert St Fs Eb39.289581-76.612053
3725Baltimore St & Calverton Rd Eb39.287792-76.654047
55Baltimore St & Carey St39.288637-76.637886
277Baltimore St & Careyst Eb39.288487-76.638489
3724Baltimore St & Catherine St Eb39.287680-76.656551
3922Baltimore St & Catherine St Wb39.287814-76.656155
66Baltimore St & Charles St39.289415-76.615426
8924Baltimore St & Ellwood Ave Eb39.292254-76.573473
12405Baltimore St & Ellwood St Wb39.292422-76.573155
2323Baltimore St & Eutaw St Fs Eb39.289268-76.620360
12624Baltimore St & Exeter St Eb39.290343-76.603267
10403Baltimore St & Franklintown Rd Eb39.287568-76.659168
3923Baltimore St & Franklintown Rd Wb39.287711-76.658505
815Baltimore St & Frederick St Eb39.289735-76.608251
3731Baltimore St & Fulton Ave Eb39.288169-76.645582
12273Baltimore St & Fulton Ave Wb39.288316-76.644886
3733Baltimore St & Gilmor St Fs Eb39.288324-76.641986
3912Baltimore St & Gilmor St Wb39.288455-76.641999
3921Baltimore St & Gorman Ave Wb39.287937-76.653340
61Baltimore St & Greene St Eb39.289155-76.624013
3717Baltimore St & Hilton St Fs Eb39.285765-76.672016
3929Baltimore St & Hilton St Wb39.285896-76.671883
67Baltimore St & Light St Mb Eb39.289464-76.614567
14194Baltimore St & Linwood Ave39.292185-76.575933
8601Baltimore St & Linwood Ave Wb39.292313-76.576006
59Baltimore St & MLK Blvd39.288950-76.628363
3904Baltimore St & MLK Blvd Fs Wb39.289057-76.628532
62Baltimore St & Paca St39.289199-76.622481
3735Baltimore St & Pine St Fs Eb39.289013-76.626443
58Baltimore St & Poppleton St39.288756-76.632517
3905Baltimore St & Poppleton St Wb39.288919-76.631597
10534Baltimore St & President St Fs Eb39.289975-76.605435
3728Baltimore St & Pulaski St Eb39.287955-76.650421
12321Baltimore St & Rosedale St Eb39.285858-76.668846
3726Baltimore St & Smallwood St Eb39.287887-76.651828
3919Baltimore St & Smallwood St Wb39.288041-76.651089
1601Baltimore St & University Of MD Transit Center Mid39.289097-76.624174
11948Barnesville MARC Eb39.209452-77.382280
11968Barnesville MARC Wb39.209542-77.382234
4541Bayner Rd & Sandalwood Rd39.296258-76.456688
10542Bayview Blvd & Hopkins Bayview Dr Nb39.289653-76.549552
10536Bayview Blvd & Hopkins-bayview Dr Sb39.289565-76.549787
10764Bayview Blvd & Mason Lord Dr Nb39.287964-76.548267
1725Beaver Dam & Cockeysville Rd Nb39.479199-76.654186
11446Beaver Dam Rd & Beaver Ct Nb39.476238-76.651362
1724Beaver Dam Rd & Swim Club Nb39.480468-76.655644
12283Beaver Dam Rd & Swim Club Sb39.480050-76.655367
219Beechfield Ave & Frederick Rd Fs Sb39.280746-76.694181
358Beechfield Ave & Stafford Rd Nb39.279829-76.694484
12848Beechfield Ave & Thornfield Ave39.275914-76.694633
12217Beechfield Ave & Thornfield Ave Sb39.275402-76.694323
3127Belair & Dunfield Fs Nb39.383511-76.498738
3182Belair & Elmley opp Sb39.317377-76.578701
10464Belair & Olde Forge Sb39.386988-76.494532
3096Belair Rd & Arizona Ave Nb39.340885-76.547495
3074Belair Rd & Belair-edison Crossing Nb39.318130-76.577542
3164Belair Rd & Belwood Ave Sb39.336817-76.553688
3080Belair Rd & Brendan Ave Nb39.323246-76.571277
3176Belair Rd & Brendan Ave Sb39.323549-76.571217
3153Belair Rd & Century Rd Sb39.346650-76.540000
3100Belair Rd & Century Rd opp Nb39.345972-76.540454
3091Belair Rd & Chesmont Ave Fs Nb39.336665-76.553559
3081Belair Rd & Chesterfield Ave Nb39.324499-76.569682
3175Belair Rd & Chesterfield Ave Sb39.325081-76.569330
3075Belair Rd & Cliftmont Ave Nb39.319541-76.575940
10463Belair Rd & Cliftmont Ave opp Sb39.319896-76.575811
14178Belair Rd & Cottington Rd Sb Opp39.396880-76.482608
14179Belair Rd & Ebenezer Rd Nb Ns39.398353-76.480641
3111Belair Rd & Elm Ave Nb39.359829-76.524821
3142Belair Rd & Elm Ave Sb39.359734-76.525139
3073Belair Rd & Elmley Ave Nb39.316932-76.578908
3078Belair Rd & Erdman Ave Nb39.321395-76.573813
3179Belair Rd & Erdman Ave Sb39.321809-76.573535
3146Belair Rd & Fleetwood Ave Sb39.355356-76.530153
3107Belair Rd & Fleetwood Ave opp Nb39.355229-76.529995
3092Belair Rd & Frankford Ave Nb39.337831-76.551848
3162Belair Rd & Frankford Ave Sb39.338344-76.551504
8966Belair Rd & Fullerton Ave Fs Nb39.361698-76.522701
12460Belair Rd & Gardenville Loop Sb39.340932-76.547774
3099Belair Rd & Glenarm Ave Nb39.344934-76.541710
3154Belair Rd & Glenarm Ave Sb39.345652-76.541127
3103Belair Rd & Glenmore Ave Nb39.350965-76.534837
3150Belair Rd & Glenmore Ave Sb39.351306-76.534773
3097Belair Rd & Hamilton Ave Nb39.342247-76.545557
3157Belair Rd & Hamilton Ave Sb39.342578-76.545443
7129Belair Rd & Kenwood Ave Nb39.353703-76.531738
3147Belair Rd & Kenwood Ave Sb39.354080-76.531628
3155Belair Rd & Kinsway Sb39.344188-76.543144
3160Belair Rd & Lasalle Ave Sb39.339135-76.550346
10457Belair Rd & Lasalle Ave opp Nb39.338763-76.550423
10459Belair Rd & Link Ave Nb39.390785-76.489563
3129Belair Rd & Link Ave Sb39.390819-76.489865
8917Belair Rd & Louisa Ave Nb39.382589-76.499829
3086Belair Rd & Moravia Rd Nb39.330967-76.561637
3170Belair Rd & Moravia Rd Sb39.330984-76.561883
3084Belair Rd & Nicholas Ave Fs Nb39.329322-76.563788
3172Belair Rd & Nicholas Ave Sb39.330031-76.563233
3188Belair Rd & North Ave Sb39.312884-76.583845
12605Belair Rd & Old Forge Lane Nb39.386894-76.494351
3109Belair Rd & Overlea Ave Nb39.356769-76.528228
6553Belair Rd & Overlea Loop Sb39.356862-76.528446
3101Belair Rd & Parkmont Ave Nb39.347827-76.538362
3152Belair Rd & Parkmont Ave Sb39.348112-76.538375
3173Belair Rd & Parkside Dr Fs Sb39.327563-76.566319
3083Belair Rd & Parkside Dr Nb39.327438-76.566113
3165Belair Rd & Parkwood Ave Sb39.335896-76.555003
13698Belair Rd & Putty Hill Ave Sb39.377183-76.505764
3102Belair Rd & Raspe Ave Nb39.349388-76.536604
3071Belair Rd & Ravenwood Ave Nb39.315141-76.580956
12533Belair Rd & Ridge Rd Nb39.376651-76.505930
3138Belair Rd & Rossville Blvd Fs Sb39.373909-76.509467
12532Belair Rd & Rossville Blvd Nb39.373204-76.509776
3181Belair Rd & Shopping Center opp Sb39.318726-76.577160
3069Belair Rd & Sinclair Ln Nb39.314115-76.582134
3186Belair Rd & Sinclair Ln Sb39.314398-76.582105
3088Belair Rd & Southern Ave Nb39.332826-76.559056
3167Belair Rd & Southern Ave Sb39.333531-76.558391
3151Belair Rd & Springwood Ave opp Sb39.349188-76.537154
8915Belair Rd & Stanwood Ave Nb39.330137-76.562746
8918Belair Rd & Stillmeadow Rd Sb39.382479-76.500342
3140Belair Rd & Thorncliff Rd Fs Sb39.365166-76.519066
3113Belair Rd & Thorncliff Rd Nb39.365348-76.518638
3098Belair Rd & White Ave Fs Nb39.343334-76.544017
12535Belair Rd & Wholesale Club Dr Fs Sb39.379666-76.503234
12534Belair Rd & Wholesale Club Dr Nb39.379939-76.502535
3168Belair Rd & Wilke Ave Sb39.332918-76.559262
3089Belair Rd & Woodlea Ave Nb39.334169-76.557132
3166Belair Rd & Woodlea Ave Sb39.334677-76.556748
11525Belcamp Park And Ride39.484233-76.247017
6373Belle Ave & Dolfield Ave Wb39.334084-76.673467
2111Bellona Ave & Blenheim Rd Sb39.375403-76.619292
14064Bellona Ave & Charles St Wb Fs39.381870-76.626555
2377Bellona Ave & Gaywood Rd Fs Nb39.374860-76.618989
2372Bellona Ave & Lake Ave Nb39.368034-76.617944
2117Bellona Ave & Lake Ave Sb39.367834-76.618088
2371Bellona Ave & Melrose Ave Nb39.366527-76.617178
2118Bellona Ave & Melrose Ave Sb39.367066-76.617677
2108Bellona Ave & Rodgers Forge Rd Fs Sb39.377285-76.620863
2379Bellona Ave & Rodgers Forge Rd Nb39.377598-76.620952
5062Belvedere & Palmer Ave Mb Wb39.350160-76.673855
5964Belvedere Ave & Beechdale Ave Wb39.357192-76.580726
6161Belvedere Ave & Bradhurst Rd Eb39.360731-76.601617
5976Belvedere Ave & Bradhurst Rd Wb39.360540-76.601015
6163Belvedere Ave & Chinquapin Pkwy Eb39.359906-76.597730
5973Belvedere Ave & Chinquapin Pkwy Wb39.360160-76.597175
6158Belvedere Ave & Clearspring Rd Fs Eb39.363843-76.606897
5980Belvedere Ave & Clearspring Rd Wb39.364027-76.606950
5068Belvedere Ave & Cordelia Avewb39.345128-76.681682
7148Belvedere Ave & Cuthbert Ave Fs Wb39.346432-76.680186
4834Belvedere Ave & Denmore Ave Eb39.348190-76.676978
12595Belvedere Ave & Elderon Ave Nb39.341443-76.685245
4833Belvedere Ave & Elmer Ave Eb39.347228-76.678506
5065Belvedere Ave & Elmer Ave Wb39.347769-76.678096
5966Belvedere Ave & Fenwick Ave Wb39.359131-76.586172
6160Belvedere Ave & Gilpin Rd Eb39.361392-76.602740
5977Belvedere Ave & Gilpin Rd Wb39.361237-76.602262
6170Belvedere Ave & Good Samaritan Hospital Fs Eb39.359098-76.586491
6172Belvedere Ave & Hillen Rd Eb39.358029-76.583166
6173Belvedere Ave & Hillen Rd Fs Eb39.357563-76.581848
5965Belvedere Ave & Hillen Rd Fs Wb39.358200-76.583274
5996Belvedere Ave & Lanier Ave opp Wb39.353516-76.664526
4831Belvedere Ave & Litchfield Ave Eb39.346101-76.680255
6169Belvedere Ave & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Eb39.359642-76.588212
5968Belvedere Ave & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Wb39.360020-76.588978
4830Belvedere Ave & Nelson Ave Fs Eb39.344877-76.681562
5975Belvedere Ave & Northwood Dr Wb39.359973-76.598210
4836Belvedere Ave & Palmer Ave Fs Eb39.350027-76.673824
4835Belvedere Ave & Park Heights Ave Fs Wb39.349082-76.675516
5063Belvedere Ave & Park Heights Ave Wb39.349161-76.675758
4838Belvedere Ave & Pembridge Ave Fs39.351402-76.671328
11372Belvedere Ave & Pembridge Ave Wb39.351635-76.671170
12111Belvedere Ave & Perring Pkwy Eb39.354978-76.576086
12649Belvedere Ave & Preakness Way Wb39.352693-76.667662
14067Belvedere Ave & Preakness Way Wb Ns39.352989-76.666868
4840Belvedere Ave & Preakness Wy Eb39.352755-76.667368
4828Belvedere Ave & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.342830-76.683536
5070Belvedere Ave & Reisterstown Rd Fs Wb39.342747-76.683791
6148Belvedere Ave & Sunset Rd Eb39.353062-76.665661
6165Belvedere Ave & The Alameda Eb39.360645-76.594466
5972Belvedere Ave & The Alameda Wb39.360806-76.593829
5963Belvedere Ave & Willowton Ave Wb39.356267-76.578625
12110Belvedere Ave & Willowton Rd Eb39.356241-76.578859
6167Belvedere Ave & Woodmont Ave Eb39.360528-76.590942
5969Belvedere Ave & Woodmount Ave opp W39.360514-76.590475
7391Belvieu Ave & Granada Ave Eb39.339683-76.687374
7366Belvieu Ave & Granada Ave Wb39.339778-76.686632
7389Belvieu Ave & Hillsdale Rd Eb39.339665-76.691955
7368Belvieu Ave & Hillsdale Rd Wb39.339791-76.691521
4262Benson Ave & Grantley St opp Eb39.266728-76.672074
4263Benson Ave & Saint Agnes Health Care Mb Eb39.267956-76.670599
6414Bentalou St & Arunah Ave Fs Sb39.295331-76.653348
8959Bentalou St & Lafayette Ave Nb39.298221-76.653347
6412Bentalou St & Lafayette Ave Sb39.298579-76.653532
4277Bentalou St & Mosher St Nb39.299336-76.653410
6408Bentalou St & Mosher St Sb39.299917-76.653603
6484Bentalou St & North Ave Nb39.309295-76.654005
6400Bentalou St & North Ave Sb39.309919-76.654197
6481Bentalou St & Presbury St Nb39.307400-76.653892
6402Bentalou St & Presbury St Sb39.307909-76.654076
10808Bentalou St & Presstman St Nb39.304934-76.653743
6409Bentalou St & Presstman St Sb39.305204-76.653913
4279Bentalou St & Winchester St Nb39.301479-76.653534
6406Bentalou St & Winchester St Sb39.302023-76.653725
6486Bentalou St & Windsor Ave Nb39.312497-76.654191
4927Bethune Rd & Round Rd Fs Eb39.244239-76.624668
5223Bethune Rd & Round Rd Wb39.244281-76.624807
4018Biddle St & Calvert St Fs Eb39.303431-76.613074
8564Biddle St & Caroline Ave Eb39.304099-76.598133
4016Biddle St & Charles St Eb39.303372-76.616296
3757Biddle St & Greenmount Ave Eb39.303715-76.608098
13838Biddle St & Guilford Ave Eb39.303567-76.611865
9480Biddle St & Harford Rd Eb39.303918-76.602568
11837Biddle St & Maryland Ave Eb39.303316-76.617545
4017Biddle St & Saint Paul St Eb39.303434-76.614597
4021Biddle St & Valley St Eb39.303813-76.605390
6896Birch St & Curtis Ave Eb39.218869-76.586517
3253Bloomingdale Rd & Baker St Nb39.305649-76.667082
10837Bloomingdale Rd & Belmont Ave Nb39.303285-76.666091
2999Bloomingdale Rd & Belmont Ave Sb39.303092-76.666186
2997Bloomingdale Rd & Brighton St Sb39.305325-76.667114
12383Bloomingdale Rd & Ellicott Dr Sb39.302172-76.665815
3252Bloomingdale Rd & Presstman St Fs Nb39.304782-76.666675
2998Bloomingdale Rd & Presstman St Sb39.304619-76.666790
3254Bloomingdale Rd & Rosedale St Nb39.307743-76.669088
2995Bloomingdale Rd & Rosedale St Sb39.307786-76.669443
12500Bloomingdale Rd & Walbrook Ave Nb39.309976-76.671836
3000Bloomingdale Rd & Winchester St Sb39.301554-76.665463
10354Bloomsbury Ave & Catonsville High School Nb39.260497-76.732016
12682Bloomsbury Ave & Catonsville High School opp Sb39.260729-76.732020
7056Bloomsbury Ave & Holmes Ave39.263613-76.729653
7023Bloomsbury Ave & Holmes Ave Opp39.263627-76.729837
12727Bosley Ave & Chesapeake Ave Fs Sb39.399258-76.608643
11414Boston St & Aliceanna St Eb39.284027-76.586111
3859Boston St & Anglesea St39.277982-76.545507
12421Boston St & Anglesea St39.277766-76.545785
12697Boston St & Clinton St Eb39.276980-76.569586
3800Boston St & Dundalk Ave39.278944-76.534392
3838Boston St & Dundalk Ave39.279056-76.535745
10434Boston St & Ellwood Ave Eb39.277391-76.571988
10446Boston St & Ellwood Ave Wb39.277651-76.572193
3797Boston St & Gusryan St39.277936-76.540838
3840Boston St & Gusryan St39.278099-76.541101
10433Boston St & Kenwood Ave Eb39.278382-76.576519
10447Boston St & Kenwood Ave Wb39.278595-76.576478
10431Boston St & Montford Ave Eb39.282126-76.583058
12308Boston St & Montford Ave Wb39.282310-76.582937
10432Boston St & O'Donnell St Eb39.279616-76.578831
10448Boston St & O'Donnell St Wb39.279602-76.578279
12309Boston St & The Can Co Wb39.280826-76.580510
11991Bowie State MARC Nb39.020792-76.762049
11986Bowie State MARC Sb39.020900-76.762071
897Bowleys Ln & Claybury Ave Op Sb39.317971-76.550540
13707Bowleys Ln & Gunther Ave39.325120-76.554393
6353Bowleys Ln & Homesdale Ave Sb39.322145-76.553057
899Bowleys Ln & Lorelly Ave Op Sb39.315940-76.547866
6352Bowleys Ln & Plainfield Ave Sb39.325350-76.557662
10557Bowleys Ln & Sinclair Ln Sb39.320588-76.552418
11949Boyds MARC Eb39.183837-77.312992
11967Boyds MARC Wb39.183927-77.312969
13751Braddish Ave & Mosher St Nb39.299193-76.659933
12083Brehms Ln & Mayfield Ave Wb39.320586-76.569627
12082Brehms Ln & Pelham Ave Fs Wb39.321091-76.565566
14147Brenbrook Dr & Cinnamon Cir Sb39.361204-76.786262
11497Brierhill Dr & Chambers Cir N Op Nb39.536501-76.323525
11477Brierhill Dr & Chambers Cir N Sb39.536477-76.323719
11496Brierhill Dr & Chambers Cir S Nb39.532965-76.322710
11478Brierhill Dr & Chambers Cir S Sb39.532853-76.322987
11498Brierhill Dr & Todd Rd Nb39.540019-76.324909
11476Brierhill Dr & Todd Rd Sb39.540065-76.325291
11613Bristol P&R MD 4 & MD 25838.791853-76.670125
13340Broadway & Ashland Sb39.300812-76.594569
14160Broadway & Baltimore St Sb Ns39.291653-76.594051
3196Broadway & Biddle St Fs Sb39.304054-76.594813
3197Broadway & Chase Fs Sb39.302923-76.594742
3059Broadway & Eager St Eb39.302202-76.594399
13800Broadway & Fayette Fs Nb39.294191-76.593810
13803Broadway & Fayette St Sb39.294171-76.594182
14159Broadway & Lombard St Nb Ns39.290441-76.593581
13798Broadway & Madison St Fs Nb39.299508-76.594177
13797Broadway & Monument St Nb39.298251-76.594089
11814Broken Land & Cradlerock N opp Sb39.191781-76.851838
11815Broken Land & Cradlerock S Sb39.185320-76.850752
11782Broken Land & Hickory Ridge Sb39.207108-76.866981
11816Broken Land & Snowden River Sb39.178183-76.848237
11783Broken Land Park & Ride39.174347-76.850021
11841Brokenland & Cradlerock N Nb39.192021-76.851423
11840Brokenland & Cradlerock S Nb39.185775-76.850575
11843Brokenland & Hickory Rdg opp Nb39.207195-76.866609
11839Brokenland & Snowden River Nb39.178065-76.847777
6851Brooklyn Homes Am Layover Nb39.226828-76.599583
6849Brooklyn Homes Pm Layover Sb39.226941-76.599691
11943Brunswick Md MARC Eb39.311859-77.627050
11973Brunswick Md MARC Wb39.311949-77.627027
10496Buena Vista Ave & 41st St Nb39.335787-76.640811
4981Bunche Rd & Roundview Rd Fs Wb39.245951-76.624328
4929Bunche Rd & Roundview Rd Nb39.245986-76.624146
11785Burtonsville Park & Ride39.114106-76.930596
1750Bus Stop At Timonium Fairgrounds Light Rail Station Sb39.448595-76.635531
13699Bush St & Russell St Eb39.272634-76.630487
14119BWI Business District Light Rail Station Bay 139.191634-76.673766
12461BWI Marshall MARC Station Sb39.192581-76.694242
11993BWI Rail Station MARC Nb39.192327-76.694560
11984BWI Rail Station MARC Sb39.192280-76.694726
3317BWI Southwest Airlines Eb39.181155-76.671752
13625C St & 20th St NW (State Department)38.893498-77.044653
11180Calhoun St & Edmondson Ave39.295693-76.640021
51Calhoun St & Franklin St39.294392-76.639950
12167Calhoun St & Harlem Ave39.296832-76.639995
50Calhoun St & Harlem Ave39.296686-76.639940
9326Calhoun St & Lafayette Ave39.299233-76.640215
48Calhoun St & Lanvale St39.297819-76.640060
52Calhoun St & Saratoga St39.292266-76.640000
14199California (Hollywood Volunteer Fire Dept)38.349762-76.577397
3366Calvert St & Baltimore St Fs Nb39.290101-76.612237
12266Calvert St & Bladen Ave Wb38.981058-76.494140
2835Calvert St & Bladen St Fs Wb38.980789-76.494455
3369Calvert St & Centre St Nb39.296083-76.612678
13337Calvert St & Clay St Wb38.979432-76.495575
3368Calvert St & Pleasant St Nb39.293495-76.612536
1605Calvert St & Redwood St Nb39.288664-76.612151
6759Calvert St & Saragota St Nb39.292314-76.612456
11734Calvert St & West St Fs Nb38.978572-76.495752
1604Calvert St Between Pratt St & Lombard St Nb39.287025-76.611995
s7013Camden Station39.283745-76.619713
7640Camden Station / Camden Yards (Northbound)39.283703-76.619408
7684Camden Station / Camden Yards (Southbound)39.282791-76.619484
12006Camden Station Marc39.283877-76.619664
5677Campbell Blvd & Franklin Square Dr Fs Eb39.369635-76.454096
5785Campbell Blvd & Franklin Square Dr Wb39.370519-76.454810
5676Campbell Blvd & Hampton Inn Entrance Eb39.372962-76.458381
5678Campbell Blvd & Philadelphia Rd Eb39.367466-76.450532
13618Campbell Blvd & Philadelphia Rd Wb39.367614-76.450199
5786Campbell Blvd & Town Center Dr Nb39.373185-76.458502
11500Campus Hills Shopping Ctr Eb39.555226-76.274494
11474Campus Hills Shopping Ctr Wb39.555409-76.274497
3322Candlewood Rd & Ashton Rd39.162069-76.703675
3331Candlewood Rd & Ashton Rd Sb39.161944-76.703873
12451Candlewood Rd & Dorsey Rd39.159626-76.703347
3321Candlewood Rd & Dorsey Rd Fs Nb39.159497-76.703160
12444Candlewood Rd & Mercedes Dr39.165345-76.702414
12450Candlewood Rd & Mercedes Dr Sb39.165736-76.702422
13914Carey St & Baltimore St39.288430-76.638054
138Carey St & Edmondson Ave39.295252-76.638429
137Carey St & Franklin St39.294051-76.638340
141Carey St & Lafayette Ave39.298759-76.638624
140Carey St & Lanvale St39.297576-76.638559
136Carey St & Mulberry St39.293181-76.638245
3516Carney Park & Ride Lot39.397221-76.523065
4044Caroline St & Baltimore St Nb39.291313-76.597066
4053Caroline St & Biddle St Nb39.303978-76.597851
9486Caroline St & Eastern Ave Fs Sb39.285098-76.596840
10550Caroline St & Fayette St Fs Nb39.293536-76.597179
10548Caroline St & Fayette St Sb39.293404-76.597381
4036Caroline St & Gough St Fs Sb39.287206-76.596994
4039Caroline St & Gough St Nb39.287349-76.596786
4034Caroline St & Lombard St Fs Sb39.290056-76.597166
4050Caroline St & Madison St Nb39.299034-76.597552
4028Caroline St & Madison St Sb39.299502-76.597768
4048Caroline St & Monument St Fs Nb39.298083-76.597488
4029Caroline St & Monument St Sb39.298509-76.597705
4040Caroline St & Pratt St Nb39.288986-76.596883
4035Caroline St & Pratt St Sb39.289253-76.597117
4764Carroll Island Rd & Bowleys Quarters Rd Wb39.337975-76.399893
12149Carroll Island Rd & Carroll Island Shopping Ctr Fs Sb39.337721-76.399384
6283Carter Ave & Bayonne Ave39.349629-76.554098
12342Carville Ave & I-95 Bridge Sb39.241414-76.693820
5493Carville Ave & June Road Sb39.244813-76.694039
4098Cassell Dr & Triad Tech Center - Bayview Medical Center39.288779-76.552712
32496Castle Marina P & R38.976616-76.291676
500Cathedral St & Centre opp Sb39.296411-76.617047
497Cathedral St & Eager St Sb39.300842-76.617646
499Cathedral St & Madison Sb39.298660-76.617188
501Cathedral St & Mulberry Sb39.294254-76.616919
502Cathedral St & Saratoga St Sb39.293237-76.616838
4264Caton Ave & Benson Ave Fs Nb39.269845-76.668936
4211Caton Ave & Benson Ave Sb39.269513-76.669251
3932Caton Ave & Culver St Fs Wb39.287918-76.675861
4256Caton Ave & James St Nb39.258483-76.664103
4269Caton Ave & Kingsley St Fs Nb39.278913-76.671498
4207Caton Ave & Kingsley St Fs Sb39.278748-76.671694
342Caton Ave & Morley St Eb39.286803-76.674463
3930Caton Ave & Morley St Wb39.286508-76.673878
4267Caton Ave & Wilkens Ave Fs Nb39.274633-76.671420
4210Caton Ave & Wilkens Ave Fs Sb39.272984-76.671095
4266Caton Ave & Wilkens Ave Nb39.273219-76.670979
4209Caton Ave & Wilkens Ave Sb39.274444-76.671615
7027CCBC Catonsville Lot 239.254787-76.734418
7026CCBC Catonsville Lot 539.253784-76.736747
7025CCBC Catonsville Lot 739.250807-76.736865
8657CCBC Dundalk Entrance Nb39.263679-76.515287
3822CCBC Dundalk Parking Lot 239.266502-76.514194
5687CCBC Essex Loop39.353654-76.482796
354Cedar Garden Rd & Bethnal Rd Wb39.275763-76.690065
223Cedar Garden Rd & Lucia Ave Eb39.276062-76.691576
355Cedar Garden Rd & Thornfield Rd Wb39.276587-76.692469
225Cedar Garden Rd & Yale Ave Eb39.274923-76.688863
912Cedonia & Daywalt Fs Nb39.329625-76.533116
919Cedonia Ave & Bayonne Ave Opp39.341421-76.531855
917Cedonia Ave & Hamilton Ave Nb39.336878-76.532937
12307Cedonia Ave & Hamilton Ave Sb39.337288-76.532990
12306Cedonia Ave & Hazelwood Cir Opp39.340298-76.531895
12334Cedonia Ave & Hazelwood Swim Club Wb39.340227-76.532096
913Cedonia Ave & Radecke Ave Fs Nb39.331155-76.532716
923Cedonia Ave & Radecke Ave Fs Sb39.330156-76.533160
921Cedonia Ave & Whitby Rd Mid Sb39.333557-76.532665
915Cedonia Ave & Whitby Rd Nb39.333407-76.532443
4463Central Ave & Fayette St Nb39.292420-76.599495
13827Centre St & Charles St Eb Ns39.296304-76.615806
13825Centre St & Eutaw St Eb39.296627-76.621473
11472Centre St & Guilford Ave Eb39.296402-76.612055
13826Centre St & Howard St Eb39.296220-76.619973
13828Centre St & St Paul St Fs Eb39.296376-76.613894
14183Chapel Rd & Chapeltown Cir Eb Fs39.411186-76.461572
10491Chapel Rd & Chapeltown Cir Ns Wb39.412236-76.462885
7512Charles Center (Metro) Nb39.289456-76.614760
7508Charles Center (Metro) Sb39.289603-76.613089
s0012Charles Center Metro39.289452-76.616275
e0012eCharles Center Metro East Entrance39.290001-76.613268
ev0012Charles Center Metro Elevator39.289357-76.615306
e0012wCharles Center Metro West Entrance39.289371-76.616230
534Charles St & 20th St Nb39.311996-76.616524
536Charles St & 22nd St Nb39.313951-76.616648
539Charles St & 25th St Nb39.317561-76.616882
541Charles St & 27th St Nb39.320466-76.617038
542Charles St & 29th St Nb39.323045-76.617207
543Charles St & 31st St Nb39.325872-76.617413
12295Charles St & 33rd St Fs Nb39.328287-76.617578
2343Charles St & 39th St Nb39.335605-76.618090
2150Charles St & 39th St Sb39.336134-76.618281
528Charles St & Biddle St Nb39.303294-76.615945
2340Charles St & Bishop's Rd Nb39.333359-76.617919
14060Charles St & Brookedale (6451) Nb Ns39.384328-76.626339
14063Charles St & Brookedale Apts Sb Mid39.384333-76.626786
13722Charles St & Camden39.285744-76.614777
12164Charles St & Charles Wy Sb39.390143-76.628490
2394Charles St & Charlesway Nb39.389937-76.628043
13641Charles St & Chase St Nb39.302268-76.615970
2349Charles St & Cold Spring Ln Fs Nb39.345571-76.622056
2140Charles St & Coldspring Ln Sb39.345493-76.622164
120Charles St & Conway St39.284007-76.614593
116Charles St & Cross St39.276677-76.614251
2329Charles St & Eager St Nb39.300748-76.615781
519Charles St & Fayette St Nb39.290244-76.615125
2095Charles St & Gbmc Hospital Fs Sb39.393133-76.628379
2396Charles St & Gbmc Hospital Nb39.392741-76.628074
2356Charles St & Goodale Rd Nb39.355040-76.623816
523Charles St & Hamilton St Nb39.295475-76.615450
117Charles St & Henrietta St39.278852-76.614394
2147Charles St & Highfield Rd Fs Sb39.338447-76.618420
2345Charles St & Highfield Rd Nb39.338182-76.618274
74Charles St & Hill St39.281157-76.614771
2136Charles St & Homeland Ave Sb39.353386-76.623624
518Charles St & Hyatt Nb39.285012-76.614727
119Charles St & Lee St39.281921-76.614640
520Charles St & Lexington St Fs Nb39.291520-76.615167
122Charles St & Lombard St39.287551-76.614881
2146Charles St & Millbrook Rd opp Sb39.340103-76.619986
524Charles St & Mt Vernon Pl Nb39.297617-76.615291
533Charles St & North Ave Nb39.310674-76.616432
2365Charles St & Northern Pkwy Nb39.361729-76.624776
2121Charles St & Northern Pky Fs Sb39.361691-76.625025
2353Charles St & Notre Dame University Nb39.351854-76.623162
114Charles St & Ostend St39.274650-76.614134
531Charles St & Penn Station Nb39.307843-76.616213
521Charles St & Pleasant St Nb39.293354-76.615340
121Charles St & Pratt St39.286336-76.614796
529Charles St & Preston St Nb39.304372-76.616022
525Charles St & Read St Nb39.299474-76.615704
506Charles St & Redwood St Nb39.288552-76.614964
2392Charles St & Sheppard Pratt Hospital Sb39.388553-76.625662
2357Charles St & Tunbridge Rd Fs Nb39.357157-76.624253
2339Charles St & University Pkwy Nb39.332273-76.617726
2152Charles St & University Pkwy Sb39.333262-76.618070
2145Charles St & Warrenton Rd Sb39.341407-76.621503
12329Charles St & Wyndhurst Ave Sb39.354713-76.623920
11548Charlotte Hall In St Mary's Co38.491822-76.772249
8868Charwood & New Ridge Mid Wb39.171619-76.703226
10799Charwood Rd & New Ridge Rd Fs Eb39.171575-76.703795
4014Chase St & Park Ave Nb39.302048-76.618836
s7010Cherry Hill39.256016-76.634933
7637Cherry Hill (Northbound)39.256367-76.634827
7687Cherry Hill (Southbound)39.255665-76.635040
9001Cherry Hill Rd & Cherry Hill Station opp Nb39.255286-76.634212
5227Cherry Hill Rd & Cherrydale Apartments39.251166-76.631825
5206Cherry Hill Rd & Cherrydale Apartments opp Eb39.250908-76.631575
4920Cherry Hill Rd & Light Rail Sb39.255608-76.634373
4936Cherry Hill Rd & Roundview Rd Eb39.250884-76.620706
5364Cherry Hill Rd & Roundview Rd Wb39.250967-76.620941
5351Cherry Hill Rd & Seabury Rd Fs Wb39.250255-76.622183
4935Cherry Hill Rd & Seabury Rd opp Eb39.250346-76.622307
10520Cherry Hill Rd & Seamon Ave Eb39.251784-76.618429
4937Cherry Hill Rd & Seamon Ave Fs Wb39.251815-76.619059
4934Cherry Hill Rd & Terra Firma Rd39.249819-76.623563
5209Cherry Hill Rd & Terra Firma Rd Eb39.249561-76.623809
4979Cherryland Rd & Bridgeview Rd Sb39.248540-76.624078
4932Cherryland Rd & Bridgeview Rd Wb39.248526-76.623652
4980Cherryland Rd & Roundview Rd Sb39.247242-76.621776
12838Chesapeake Church38.657261-76.602612
6359Chesterfield Ave & Juneway Nb39.318587-76.563400
6357Chesterfield Ave & Ravenwood Ave Nb39.315803-76.562151
5019Chestnut Ave & 34th St Nb39.328582-76.629154
4884Chestnut Ave & 34th St Sb39.328885-76.629186
11473Cheyenne Park & Ride Nb39.479797-76.384742
11471Cheyenne Park & Ride Sb39.479816-76.384881
14196Church Cir & School St38.978548-76.492313
12531Church St & Fairhaven Ave39.222869-76.589383
6916Church St & Fairhaven Ave Wb39.222969-76.589590
6855Church St & Pennington Ave39.222897-76.588510
472City College39.326664-76.598873
11930Clarksville Park & Ride39.208347-76.940174
2597Clifton Av & Prospect 1 201139.316102-76.691872
2531Clifton Ave & Allendale Rd Wb39.310887-76.679171
2603Clifton Ave & Allendale Rd opp Eb39.310703-76.679711
2532Clifton Ave & Chelsea Ter Wb39.310880-76.680287
14192Clifton Ave & Edgewood St39.310812-76.676476
2986Clifton Ave & Elsinore Ave Eb39.310813-76.677225
12630Clifton Ave & Elsinore Ave Wb39.310971-76.677494
2987Clifton Ave & Garrison Blvd Eb39.310865-76.675284
3259Clifton Ave & Garrison Blvd Fs Wb39.311042-76.675388
3258Clifton Ave & Garrison Blvd Wb39.310982-76.674735
12028Clifton Ave & Holly Ave Wb39.311742-76.683484
10724Clifton Ave & Holly Ave opp Eb39.311762-76.683908
12027Clifton Ave & Mondawmin Ave Eb39.314228-76.686634
2602Clifton Ave & Monticello Rd Fs Eb39.312501-76.685176
3260Clifton Ave & Mount Holly St Wb39.310848-76.681577
2985Clifton Ave & Mt Holly St Eb39.310673-76.681858
2536Clifton Rd & Mondawmin Ave Wb39.314013-76.686395
2539Clifton Rd & Prospect Cir Wb39.316017-76.691668
10729Clifton Rd & Queen Anne Rd Wb39.314862-76.688631
2599Clifton Rd & Talbot Rd Eb39.314840-76.689353
2540Clifton Rd & Westchester Rd Wb39.317051-76.691586
2718Clinton St & Boston St Sb39.277490-76.569459
12376Clinton St & Cardiff Ave Nb39.275788-76.569168
12613Clinton St & Danville Ave Mid Nb39.275373-76.569143
8984Clipper Rd & Union Ave39.331923-76.643965
1053Cloverdale Rd & Madison Ave Wb39.315306-76.640140
764Cloverdale Rd & Mcculloh St39.314457-76.641080
10879Cold Spring & Cold Spring Metro Station Eb39.336843-76.673072
s7023Cold Spring Lane39.344097-76.647903
7651Cold Spring Lane (Northbound)39.344460-76.647934
7674Cold Spring Lane (Southbound)39.343750-76.647865
5606Cold Spring Ln & Alhambra Ave Eb39.346010-76.607151
5653Cold Spring Ln & Alhambra Ave Fs Wb39.346157-76.607497
12656Cold Spring Ln & Atwick Rd Eb39.344739-76.629014
8946Cold Spring Ln & Charles St Eb39.345254-76.622342
10352Cold Spring Ln & Charles St Wb39.345496-76.621359
5661Cold Spring Ln & Cold Spring Light Rail Station Mid Wb39.345181-76.648159
5587Cold Spring Ln & Dayton Ave Fs Eb39.337718-76.670767
5667Cold Spring Ln & Daytona Ave Wb39.337843-76.670837
5597Cold Spring Ln & Evans Chapel Rd Eb39.343425-76.636463
5596Cold Spring Ln & Falls Rd Fs Eb39.342831-76.639121
5030Cold Spring Ln & Falls Rd Wb39.343376-76.640020
10342Cold Spring Ln & Grandview Ave Eb39.344013-76.641712
5660Cold Spring Ln & Grandview Ave Fs Wb39.344624-76.641985
9282Cold Spring Ln & Greenspring Ave Eb39.340740-76.658908
9280Cold Spring Ln & Greenspring Ave Fs Wb39.340869-76.658809
10665Cold Spring Ln & Light Rail Eb39.345002-76.648031
5611Cold Spring Ln & Loch Raven Blvd Eb39.346012-76.592381
8340Cold Spring Ln & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Wb39.346256-76.592737
10668Cold Spring Ln & Metro Ent opp Wb39.336889-76.673415
5607Cold Spring Ln & Midwood Ave Fs Eb39.345440-76.603570
5655Cold Spring Ln & Milbrook Rd Wb39.345424-76.616626
5604Cold Spring Ln & Millbrook Rd Eb39.345249-76.617283
5591Cold Spring Ln & Oakford Ave Eb39.340631-76.661819
5663Cold Spring Ln & Oakford Ave Fs Wb39.340725-76.661832
5590Cold Spring Ln & Pall Mall Rd Eb39.340779-76.664241
5664Cold Spring Ln & Pall Mall Rd Fs Wb39.340876-76.664271
9281Cold Spring Ln & Park Heights Ave Eb39.339499-76.666511
9279Cold Spring Ln & Park Heights Ave Fs Wb39.339536-76.666807
10685Cold Spring Ln & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.338848-76.667938
5666Cold Spring Ln & Reisterstown Rd Wb39.338901-76.668055
4866Cold Spring Ln & Roland Ave Fs Eb39.344088-76.634683
8945Cold Spring Ln & Roland Ave Fs Wb39.343871-76.636083
5651Cold Spring Ln & St Georges Ave Wb39.345441-76.602098
12659Cold Spring Ln & Tamarind Rd Wb39.344106-76.651877
5593Cold Spring Ln & Tamarind Rd opp Eb39.344376-76.651010
5608Cold Spring Ln & The Alameda Fs Eb39.345003-76.599215
5650Cold Spring Ln & The Alameda Wb39.345201-76.599460
5609Cold Spring Ln & The League39.344939-76.598374
5649Cold Spring Ln & The League Wb39.345041-76.597930
5657Cold Spring Ln & Wilmslow Rd Wb39.344926-76.628290
5605Cold Spring Ln & York Rd Eb Fs39.346103-76.609303
5654Cold Spring Ln & York Rd Wb39.346242-76.609107
10880Cold Spring Metro Bus Loop39.336199-76.672242
14111Cold Spring Metro Station Bay 139.336492-76.672803
11803Colesville Rd & Fenton St NW Nb38.997987-77.026707
11786Colesville Rd & Fenton St Sb38.997903-77.026981
2833College Ave & Bladen St Eb38.979920-76.491539
12280College Dr & Ring Rd East Nb Fs39.050838-76.510751
12018College Park MARC Nb38.976141-76.929389
12015College Park MARC Sb38.976159-76.929481
13408College Park Metro Station38.978146-76.927842
2821College Pkwy & Peninsula Farm Rd Wb39.054306-76.517354
2825College Pky & Anne Arundel Community College Rd Eb39.054195-76.513172
12060Columbia 100 Pky & Exec Park Dr Nb39.234903-76.816225
11931Columbia 100 Pky & Exec Pk Dr Fs Sb39.235184-76.816372
11844Columbia Mall & Ring Rd Wb39.212992-76.863217
11779Columbia Mall & South Ring Rd Eb39.212966-76.863549
4562Compass Rd & Honeycomb Rd Eb39.340881-76.455247
12093Compass Rd & Honeycomb Rd Wb39.341085-76.455393
4802Compass Rd & Martin Blvd Fs Eb39.336645-76.456583
12148Compass Rd & Martin Blvd Wb39.337028-76.456489
3309Concourse Dr & Winterson Rd Nb39.205414-76.690780
3310Concourse Dr Loop39.206865-76.689297
1301Conkling St & Dillon St39.281664-76.566961
1307Conkling St & Dillon St39.281469-76.566677
11762Constitution Ave & 3rd St NW Eb38.891954-77.015604
11765Constitution Ave & 3rd St NW Wb38.892066-77.016077
11797Constitution Ave & 9th St NW Wb38.892226-77.023533
11793Constitution Ave & 10th St NW Fs Eb38.892168-77.025794
11893Constitution Ave & 14 & 15 NW Mid Wb38.892191-77.032594
11821Constitution Ave & 14th St NW Eb38.892117-77.031834
11739Constitution Ave & 15th St NW Fs Nb38.892151-77.034952
s7014Convention Center39.285789-76.619392
7641Convention Center (Northbound)39.286160-76.619354
7683Convention Center (Southbound)39.285427-76.619423
3692Cooks & Briarclift Eb39.294845-76.705185
10625Cooks La & Forest Park Ave Fs Eb39.299292-76.711579
3951Cooks Ln & Briarclift Rd Fs Nb39.294941-76.705086
11174Corporate Blvd & Aero Dr Eb39.209353-76.677078
3133Corporate Dr & Comcast Offices Eb39.368517-76.468212
3120Corporate Dr & Comcast Offices opp Wb39.368554-76.468371
6246Covington St & Cross St Mid Sb39.276833-76.607041
7011Craigmont Rd & Bardswell Rd Sb39.292957-76.737019
3976Craigmont Rd & Collwood Rd Nb39.294869-76.738889
7008Craigmont Rd & Fordwood Cr Sb39.296007-76.740631
3977Craigmont Rd & Hartmont Rd Nb39.295834-76.740279
3973Craigmont Rd & Sedgely Rd opp Wb39.292131-76.736334
2961Craigmont Rd & Westview Mall Eb39.289953-76.732573
3971Craigmont Rd & Westview Mall opp Wb39.290081-76.732267
2889Crain Hwy & 2nd Ave Nb39.161760-76.626690
12255Crain Hwy & 2nd Ave Sb39.162004-76.626692
2783Crain Hwy & 3rd Ave Sb39.160972-76.627311
2888Crain Hwy & 4th Ave Nb39.159707-76.627845
2775Crain Hwy & 8th Ave Sb39.176254-76.618107
12277Crain Hwy & 9th Ave39.177106-76.617500
2896Crain Hwy & 11th Ave Nb39.179800-76.616087
2773Crain Hwy & 11th Ave Sb39.179688-76.616334
2785Crain Hwy & 1400 Blk Crain H39.148697-76.632006
2885Crain Hwy & Aquahart Rd Nb39.152547-76.631377
2782Crain Hwy & Central Ave Sb39.164087-76.625519
2899Crain Hwy & Crain Ct Fs Nb39.184157-76.614159
2884Crain Hwy & Crain Ct Nb39.151495-76.631698
2772Crain Hwy & Crain Ct Sb39.184024-76.614291
2784Crain Hwy & Crain Ct Sb39.151298-76.631974
2787Crain Hwy & Crain Towers Bld Sb39.143929-76.631869
12467Crain Hwy & Crainmount Dr Fs Sb39.132683-76.637545
2771Crain Hwy & Furnace Branch Rd Sb39.185443-76.614060
2897Crain Hwy & Furnance Branch Rd Nb39.181513-76.615113
12463Crain Hwy & Green Branch La Mid Nb39.132657-76.637140
12695Crain Hwy & Hidden Brook Dr Eb39.137233-76.633177
12696Crain Hwy & Hidden Brook Dr Wb39.137659-76.633466
14066Crain Hwy & Jackson Ave Nb Fs39.178950-76.616536
2774Crain Hwy & Jackson Ave Sb39.178905-76.616762
2883Crain Hwy & Madison Park Dr Nb39.148206-76.631454
2886Crain Hwy & Main Ave Nb39.155456-76.630211
12256Crain Hwy & Main Ave Sb39.155576-76.630425
12464Crain Hwy & Nolpark Ct Fs Nb39.134007-76.635655
2786Crain Hwy & Oak Manor Dr39.145426-76.631576
2882Crain Hwy & Oak Manor Dr Nb39.146073-76.631126
2890Crain Hwy & Post 40 Road Nb39.163669-76.625526
12257Crain Hwy & Thelma Ave Sb39.153106-76.631482
2887Crain Hwy & Wilson Blvd Nb39.156869-76.629500
12123Crain Hwy & Wilson Blvd Sb39.157417-76.629382
10588Cranbrook Rd & Duke Of Kent Ct Eb39.463831-76.634378
10602Cranbrook Rd & Duke Of Kent Ln Wb39.464174-76.634298
10598Cranbrook Rd & Gelding Dr Fs Wb39.471728-76.623582
10589Cranbrook Rd & Greenside Dr Eb39.467036-76.631474
10600Cranbrook Rd & Greenside Dr Wb39.467306-76.630917
1823Cranbrook Rd & Sorley Rd Eb39.468086-76.628634
10590Cranbrook Rd & Spring Head Ct Eb39.471725-76.622103
1824Cranbrook Rd & Vintage Ct Eb39.470866-76.625688
10599Cranbrook Rd & Vintage Ct opp Wb39.471074-76.625611
12209Cranbrook Rd & Wickersham Way39.468358-76.628495
421Cromwell Bridge Park-n-ride39.402016-76.570491
11351Cromwell Bridge Rd & Loch Raven Blvdfs Wb39.402549-76.567878
14137Cromwell Light Rail Station Bay 139.171801-76.633079
14138Cromwell Light Rail Station Bay 239.171949-76.633198
12388Cromwell St & Insulator Dr39.262430-76.612537
6827Cromwell St & Insulator Dr Fs Eb39.262094-76.613241
10893Cromwell St & Peninsula Dr Fs Wb39.262940-76.608316
13761Cromwell St & Port Covington Dr Eb39.263119-76.607662
2778Cromwell Station Loop39.171949-76.633198
3668Crosby Rd & Chesworth Rd Fs Eb39.296853-76.744758
9133Crosby Rd & Craigmont Rd Eb39.297559-76.741448
9084Crosby Rd & Craigmont Rd Fs Wb39.297624-76.741748
3667Crosby Rd & Glenwilde Rd Fs Eb39.297940-76.752240
3980Crosby Rd & Glenwilde Rd opp Wb39.298058-76.752336
3979Crosby Rd & I-695 Fs39.297020-76.744421
6011Cross Country Blvd & Bancroft Rd Fs39.365274-76.693298
6129Cross Country Blvd & Bancroft Rd Opp39.365354-76.692683
10883Cross Country Blvd & Chilham Rd Nb39.363258-76.664603
5054Cross Country Blvd & Chilham Rd Sb39.363925-76.665001
6012Cross Country Blvd & Clarks Ln39.364730-76.697095
6128Cross Country Blvd & Clarks Ln Eb39.364563-76.697636
7877Cross Country Blvd & Greenspring Ave Fs Wb39.364097-76.673547
14033Cross Country Blvd & Kelly Av Nb Ns39.366429-76.664326
6127Cross Country Blvd & Labyrinth Rd Eb39.364852-76.699798
6131Cross Country Blvd & Strathmore Ave39.364212-76.690147
7907Cross Country Blvd & Stuart Ave39.362626-76.675166
6005Cross Country Blvd & Stuart Ave opp Sb39.362765-76.675296
10910Cross Country Blvd & Sulgrave Ave Nb39.361976-76.664208
4847Cross Country Blvd & Sulgrave Ave Sb39.362201-76.664558
6009Cross Country Blvd & Taney Rd Fs39.362503-76.686829
s7018Cultural Center / State Center39.303680-76.620453
7645Cultural Center / State Center (Northbound)39.304092-76.620445
7679Cultural Center / State Center (Southbound)39.303329-76.620453
3715Culver St & Caton Ave Eb39.287408-76.675756
3714Culver St & St Joseph St Mid Eb39.285849-76.677481
12718Curtis Ave & Cypress St39.223509-76.586570
6856Curtis Ave & Filbert St Mb39.225323-76.586746
6857Curtis Ave & Olmstead St Mb39.228120-76.587012
1Cylburn Ave & Greenspring Ave39.350945-76.660393
10484Daisy Ave & Tulip Ave Eb39.244846-76.647320
5218Daisy Ave & Tulip Ave Fs Wb39.245041-76.647500
13539Davidsonville Park & Ride38.959640-76.651511
13957Deer Park Rd & Liberty Rd Sb39.383656-76.826571
10616Deereco Rd & Padonia Rd Nb39.454999-76.641753
11463Delvale Ave & Dundalk High opp Sb39.269289-76.517588
11455Delvale Rd & Dundalk High School Nb39.267849-76.517233
11456Delvale Rd & Dunshire Wy opp Nb39.270000-76.517644
2988Denison St & Walbrook Ave Sb39.309998-76.674287
11013Desoto Rd & Benson Ave Nb39.274032-76.667014
11094Desoto Rd & Benson Ave Sb39.273385-76.666362
5550Desoto Rd & Wilmarco Ave Fs Sb39.270210-76.662158
5446Desoto Rd & Wilmarco Ave Nb39.270403-76.662200
11947Dickerson MARC Eb39.220087-77.424031
11969Dickerson MARC Wb39.220195-77.424031
2556Dickey Hill Rd & Crimea Rd Wb39.311560-76.701601
3262Dickey Hill Rd & Forest Park Ave Eb39.311999-76.706277
2583Dickey Hill Rd & Forest Park Ave Wb39.311905-76.706369
2555Dickey Hill Rd & Sekots Rd opp Eb39.311860-76.705070
2557Dickey Hill Rd & Tucker Ln Eb39.311501-76.701142
11850Dobbin Rd & Dobbin Ctr Way Eb39.197328-76.820392
11869Dobbin Rd & Dobbin Ctr opp Nb39.196995-76.820539
5582Dolfield Ave & Ayrdale Ave Eb39.338541-76.679087
6506Dolfield Ave & Belle Ave Nb39.333826-76.673339
5669Dolfield Ave & Cold Spring Ln Fs Nb39.336284-76.675498
6370Dolfield Ave & Cold Spring Ln Sb39.336037-76.675077
6504Dolfield Ave & Edgewood Rd Nb39.330670-76.670570
6376Dolfield Ave & Edgewood Rd Sb39.331455-76.671440
5583Dolfield Ave & Fernhill Ave Eb39.337588-76.677379
5670Dolfield Ave & Fernhill Ave Nb39.337576-76.677059
5580Dolfield Ave & Garrison Blvd Eb39.340399-76.683478
6510Dolfield Ave & Garrison Blvd Wb39.340514-76.683415
6505Dolfield Ave & Grantley Rd Nb39.332477-76.672131
6374Dolfield Ave & Grantley Rd Sb39.332885-76.672717
6502Dolfield Ave & Hilton Rd Fs Nb39.329266-76.669349
6234Dolfield Ave & Hilton Rd Sb39.329483-76.669700
5671Dolfield Ave & Lewin Ave Nb39.338544-76.678643
5581Dolfield Ave & White Oak Ave Eb39.339262-76.680949
6509Dolfield Ave & White Oak Ave Mid Nb39.339305-76.680482
4072Dolphin & Eutaw Fs Wb39.302956-76.625494
4007Dolphin St & Druid Hill Ave Eb39.301074-76.627588
4075Dolphin St & Druid Hill Ave Sb39.301323-76.627511
11487Dolphin St & Howard St Eb39.304160-76.620846
4070Dolphin St & Howard St Fs Wb39.304667-76.620629
4005Dolphin St & Myrtle Ave Fs Eb39.298361-76.631085
4079Dolphin St & Myrtle Ave Sb39.298433-76.631299
4006Dolphin St & Pennsylvania Ave Fs Eb39.299785-76.629184
4077Dolphin St & Pennsylvania Ave Sb39.299636-76.629603
12025Dorsey MARC Nb39.181340-76.745306
12008Dorsey MARC Sb39.180994-76.745811
13636Dorsey Run Rd & Montevideo Rd39.163795-76.771092
13637Dorsey Run Rd & Montevideo Rd Sb39.163952-76.771178
800Druid Hill & Hoffman Sb39.300465-76.626766
12521Druid Hill Ave & North Ave Sb39.310299-76.638438
803Druid Hill Ave & Orchard St Sb39.297850-76.623527
801Druid Hill Ave & Preston St Sb39.299661-76.625768
12520Druid Hill Ave & Retreat St Fs Sb39.312967-76.640891
4172Druid Park & Malden Ave Wb39.331565-76.650280
327Druid Park & Park Hghts Wb39.325624-76.657459
10249Druid Park Dr & Clipper Rd Eb39.332831-76.645552
326Druid Park Dr & Greenspring Ave Wb39.330439-76.653649
10752Druid Park Dr & Greenspring Eb39.330141-76.654049
22Druid Park Dr & Hilldale Pl39.328889-76.655886
4301Druid Park Dr & Hilldale Pl39.328309-76.655620
4302Druid Park Dr & Malden Ave39.331320-76.650873
328Druid Park Dr & Park Heights Ave Wb39.325758-76.657499
4303Druid Park Dr & Parkdale Ave39.331986-76.648208
324Druid Park Dr & Parkdale Ave Wb39.332119-76.648267
4297Druid Park Dr & Public Works Eb39.323274-76.661589
4300Druid Park Dr & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.325129-76.657744
10751Druid Park Dr & Reisterstown Rd Fs Eb39.325645-76.657192
4299Druid Park Dr & Reisterstown Rd Fs Wb39.325125-76.658047
10750Druid Park Dr & Towanda Ave Eb39.324203-76.659357
330Druid Park Dr & Towanda Ave Wb39.324596-76.658994
772Druid Park Lake Dr & Callow Ave39.316624-76.631650
4873Due 36th & Poole39.330504-76.637391
1087Due Bais Yaakov High39.374590-76.662992
694Due Bais Yaakovelm39.427695-76.725650
6386Due Bard High School39.315678-76.664877
13750Due Braddish Ave & Mosher St39.299117-76.659891
6286Due Carter Ave & Bayonne Ave39.350010-76.553177
4146Due City- Loch Raven39.326691-76.598884
2438Due Collington (Paquin)39.314349-76.587556
6245Due Covington39.276799-76.607061
1542Due Deepdene Nb39.356307-76.634549
2990Due Edgewood39.310890-76.675918
6318Due Fait Ave39.284636-76.533007
12459Due Fort Ave & Decatur St Eb39.269180-76.594489
757Due Frederick Douglass Hs39.315399-76.654047
14203Due Harford & Institute39.317648-76.594227
13755Due Hilton St & Morley St Nb39.287362-76.672290
14188Due Kirk Ave & Exeter Hall39.320025-76.600350
12617Due Marietta39.365980-76.559983
559Due Mergenthaler High School Fs39.330942-76.589380
11406Due Moravia Rd & Truesdale Rd Nb39.319224-76.546915
6285Due Pioneer (Lewis)39.366621-76.572503
6284Due Plymouth39.366263-76.569826
313Due Poly Western High39.345780-76.641847
10807Due Presstman St Nb39.304938-76.653811
10585Due Talmudical39.367423-76.746917
14156Due Torah Institute39.417966-76.770293
11941Duffields W Va MARC Eb39.362262-77.826636
11975Duffielfs W Va MARC Wb39.362352-77.826660
6387Dukeland Ave & Connexions Academy And Bard High Schoolnb39.316192-76.665012
11008Dukeland St & Wilkens Ave Fs Sb39.276043-76.662258
10680Dulaney Valley Rd & Macy's Nb39.404116-76.601530
12477Dulaney Valley Rd & Southerly Rd39.407770-76.601234
12423Dulaney Valley Rd & Southerly Rd Nb39.407462-76.600849
12236Dundalk & Boston St Nb39.279054-76.533856
659Dundalk Ave & Baltimore Ave39.258694-76.524621
11167Dundalk Ave & Bayship Rd39.260615-76.525178
1978Dundalk Ave & Belclare Rd39.251591-76.521173
1925Dundalk Ave & Boston St Sb39.279346-76.534476
1932Dundalk Ave & Bullneck Rd39.244640-76.506079
655Dundalk Ave & Cameron Dr39.266821-76.528486
12225Dundalk Ave & Cameron Dr Sb39.266711-76.528428
660Dundalk Ave & Center Pl39.256961-76.523489
8666Dundalk Ave & Center Pl39.257086-76.523828
1973Dundalk Ave & Chandlery St39.270208-76.530209
2007Dundalk Ave & Dunhill Rd39.252702-76.521355
2020Dundalk Ave & Eastern Ave Nb39.287380-76.543188
1930Dundalk Ave & Faircross Rd39.244399-76.500835
1922Dundalk Ave & Folcroft St Mb Sb39.286561-76.542419
2019Dundalk Ave & Gusryan St Fs Nb39.286228-76.541294
12223Dundalk Ave & Gusryan St Sb39.285323-76.540469
12224Dundalk Ave & Hartwait St39.274328-76.532102
1949Dundalk Ave & Holabird Ave39.272173-76.531059
10768Dundalk Ave & Holabird Ave39.273149-76.531102
3831Dundalk Ave & Liberty Pkwy39.264053-76.526762
1943Dundalk Ave & Logan Village39.248915-76.519182
1979Dundalk Ave & Logan Village39.248911-76.519643
1942Dundalk Ave & Mcshane Way39.246375-76.515711
1980Dundalk Ave & Mcshane Way39.246424-76.516240
1977Dundalk Ave & Mornington Rd39.255045-76.522876
1990Dundalk Ave & Murray Point Rd39.244439-76.505837
2017Dundalk Ave & O'Donnell St Nb39.281574-76.535204
1924Dundalk Ave & O'Donnell St Sb39.281860-76.535896
1931Dundalk Ave & Peach Orchard Rd39.244190-76.502063
8600Dundalk Ave & Peach Orchard Rd39.243910-76.498256
2014Dundalk Ave & Roberts Ave39.274976-76.531945
1944Dundalk Ave & S Center Pl39.256206-76.523006
10855Dundalk Ave & S Center Pl Fs39.255996-76.523291
658Dundalk Ave & St Helena Ave39.260830-76.525643
2009Dundalk Ave & Thruway39.266669-76.528004
10412Dundalk Ave & Williams Ave39.269804-76.529460
657Dundalk Ave & Willow Spring Rd39.263641-76.526976
1926Dundalk Ave & Youngstown Ave39.277581-76.533632
2015Dundalk Ave & Youngstown Ave39.277549-76.533173
3787Dundalk Marine Terminal39.256637-76.532124
11574Dunkirk P&r MD 525 Near Md438.727375-76.656347
10256Dunmanway & Dunran Rd Eb39.257144-76.519633
11465Dunmanway & Dunran Rd Wb39.257372-76.519096
8925Dunmanway & Liberty Pkwy Eb39.257850-76.517115
11165Dunmanway & Liberty Pkwy Wb39.258129-76.516452
11453Dunmanway & Yorkway Eb39.258489-76.514903
3819Dunmanway & Yorkway Wb39.258710-76.514427
6459Eagle St & Payson St Wb39.281045-76.647174
2420East Ave & Boston St Nb39.277590-76.570848
2425East Ave & Eastern Ave Nb39.286329-76.571405
2708East Ave & Eastern Ave Sb39.286581-76.571602
2427East Ave & Gough St Nb39.288354-76.571546
2706East Ave & Gough St Sb39.288608-76.571743
2704East Ave & Lombard St Sb39.291311-76.571916
2422East Ave & O'Donnell St Nb39.280250-76.571029
2714East Ave & O'Donnell St Sb39.280481-76.571225
5515East Dr & Sulphur Spring Rd Fs Nb39.247752-76.693718
10439East St & Lombard St Nb39.291103-76.571721
12292Eastbourne Ave & Clinton St Wb39.272678-76.568770
7566Eastern & Martin State Airport MARC Eb39.338382-76.419921
7596Eastern Ave & 45th St Eb39.287927-76.530305
4617Eastern Ave & 45th St Wb39.288160-76.530288
7587Eastern Ave & 54th St Wb39.295114-76.511624
8658Eastern Ave & 54th St opp Eb39.294773-76.511952
14161Eastern Ave & Ablemarle St39.285266-76.602169
1919Eastern Ave & Anglesea St Eb39.287241-76.546753
2022Eastern Ave & Anglesea St Wb39.287564-76.546466
4613Eastern Ave & Ashby Ave Fs Wb39.291506-76.521146
2026Eastern Ave & Bayview Blvd Fs Wb39.287471-76.549474
7618Eastern Ave & Bengies Rd Eb39.337434-76.404679
7564Eastern Ave & Bengies Rd Fs Wb39.337400-76.405788
4760Eastern Ave & Biscayne Bay Blvd Fs39.350067-76.379313
1920Eastern Ave & Bonsal St Fs Eb39.287325-76.545286
1888Eastern Ave & Broadway39.285528-76.593081
2053Eastern Ave & Broadway39.285670-76.593203
13805Eastern Ave & Caroline St39.285407-76.596674
13815Eastern Ave & Caroline St39.285459-76.596833
4815Eastern Ave & Chase Elememtary School Fs Eb39.345009-76.393049
1893Eastern Ave & Chester St39.285766-76.587231
12237Eastern Ave & Chester St39.285920-76.587323
1905Eastern Ave & Conkling St39.286531-76.567476
1906Eastern Ave & Conkling St Eb Fs39.286546-76.566761
2036Eastern Ave & Conkling St Wb39.286704-76.566769
4510Eastern Ave & Diamond Point Rd Fs Eb39.299740-76.493923
4602Eastern Ave & Diamond Point Rd Wb39.300000-76.494020
6320Eastern Ave & Dundalk Ave39.287656-76.543255
7563Eastern Ave & Earls Rd Wb39.342297-76.396008
2039Eastern Ave & East Ave39.286539-76.571312
12222Eastern Ave & East Ave39.286381-76.571665
2035Eastern Ave & Eaton St Wb39.286785-76.564944
4492Eastern Ave & Elrino St Eb39.287480-76.542947
4502Eastern Ave & Fairview Ave Fs Eb39.292319-76.519571
2034Eastern Ave & Grundy St Fs Wb39.286845-76.563754
4493Eastern Ave & Gusryan St Eb39.287507-76.541318
1909Eastern Ave & Haven St Eb39.286742-76.562596
1904Eastern Ave & Highland Ave39.286434-76.569443
2037Eastern Ave & Highland Ave39.286644-76.568575
4623Eastern Ave & Hornel St Fs Wb39.287760-76.540203
4494Eastern Ave & Kane St Eb39.287644-76.537648
12160Eastern Ave & Kane St Wb39.287918-76.536591
1897Eastern Ave & Lakewood Ave39.286088-76.578804
2042Eastern Ave & Linwood Ave39.286362-76.575657
12221Eastern Ave & Linwood Ave39.286202-76.575984
2045Eastern Ave & Luzerne Ave39.286216-76.579806
7617Eastern Ave & Lynbrook Rd Eb39.334944-76.412055
2033Eastern Ave & Macon St Wb39.287118-76.557070
1896Eastern Ave & Milton Ave39.285986-76.581600
4368Eastern Ave & Newkirk St Eb39.286952-76.556792
4610Eastern Ave & North Point Blvd Wb39.294024-76.515713
4612Eastern Ave & North Point Rd Fs Wb39.292816-76.519336
2047Eastern Ave & Patterson Park Ave39.286044-76.584110
12220Eastern Ave & Patterson Park Ave39.285888-76.584456
12652Eastern Ave & Pembrooke Blvd Fs Eb39.289232-76.525981
10903Eastern Ave & Pembrooke Blvd Mb Wb39.288840-76.527855
1913Eastern Ave & Ponca St Eb39.287022-76.555234
2030Eastern Ave & Ponca St Wb39.287224-76.554704
1914Eastern Ave & Rappolla St Eb39.287081-76.553258
4099Eastern Ave & Rappolla St opp Wb39.287361-76.552764
4607Eastern Ave & Rolling Mill Rd Wb39.295808-76.509150
4506Eastern Ave & Rolling Mill Rd opp Fs Eb39.295591-76.508989
7621Eastern Ave & Tidewater Ln Eb39.348664-76.384313
7561Eastern Ave & Tidewater Ln Wb39.348879-76.384069
1918Eastern Ave & Umbra St Fs Eb39.287188-76.549886
1892Eastern Ave & Washington St39.285685-76.588952
2049Eastern Ave & Washington St39.285869-76.588624
4614Eastern Ave & Westham Way Fs Wb39.290251-76.524184
4499Eastern Ave & Westham Wy opp Eb39.290166-76.523576
1891Eastern Ave & Wolfe St39.285648-76.590260
2050Eastern Ave & Wolfe St39.285811-76.589945
12508Eastern Blvd & Alcock Rd opp Eb39.320975-76.452779
4809Eastern Blvd & Chesapeake Park Dr Fs Eb39.333488-76.434399
4771Eastern Blvd & Chesapeake Park Dr Wb39.334167-76.432926
4514Eastern Blvd & Dorothy Ave Eb39.305891-76.481131
7585Eastern Blvd & Essex Park & Ride Wb39.303806-76.485506
4599Eastern Blvd & Helena Ave Wb39.305857-76.481706
4549Eastern Blvd & Kingston Rd Eb39.328631-76.440864
7568Eastern Blvd & Kingston Rd opp Wb39.328804-76.441066
7565Eastern Blvd & Lynbrook Rd Fs Wb39.335170-76.412318
4598Eastern Blvd & Mace Ave Wb39.307283-76.478899
10539Eastern Blvd & Marlyn Ave Fs Eb39.312562-76.464936
4591Eastern Blvd & Marlyn Ave Wb39.312858-76.465109
4769Eastern Blvd & Martin State Airport MARC Station Wb39.338382-76.419921
7599Eastern Blvd & Old Eastern Ave39.312690-76.464810
4773Eastern Blvd & Old Eastern Ave Wb39.326545-76.444422
4774Eastern Blvd & Orville Rd Wb39.323836-76.448789
4515Eastern Blvd & Riverside Dr Fs Eb39.306955-76.479135
4518Eastern Blvd & Stuart St Eb39.310085-76.471276
4594Eastern Blvd & Stuart St Wb39.310698-76.470810
4516Eastern Blvd & Taylor Ave Eb39.307976-76.476576
4597Eastern Blvd & Taylor Ave Wb39.308388-76.476123
7597Eastern Blvd & Virginia Ave Eb39.303493-76.485592
12509Eastern Blvd & Wilbur Rd Eb39.324066-76.447763
4517Eastern Blvd & Woodward Dr Eb39.309077-76.473755
4595Eastern Blvd & Woodward Dr Wb39.309419-76.473548
6179Echodale Ave & Catalpha Rd Fs Eb39.353250-76.569495
6188Echodale Ave & Crosswood Ave Eb39.343821-76.557067
5957Echodale Ave & Elsrode Ave Wb39.352795-76.566459
6183Echodale Ave & Harford Rd Eb39.350196-76.563481
5955Echodale Ave & Harford Rd Fs Wb39.350467-76.563536
6176Echodale Ave & Herring Run Dr Eb39.353798-76.572731
5960Echodale Ave & Herring Run Dr Wb39.353845-76.572334
6181Echodale Ave & Latona Rd Eb39.352765-76.566754
6189Echodale Ave & Pembrook Ave Eb39.342573-76.556001
5950Echodale Ave & Pembrook Ave Wb39.342223-76.555523
5961Echodale Ave & Perring Pkwy Wb39.354813-76.575266
6190Echodale Ave & Remmell Ave Eb39.341256-76.554909
5958Echodale Ave & Tramore Rd Fs Wb39.353158-76.568288
5954Echodale Ave & Twin Oak Ave Wb39.347646-76.560110
6184Echodale Ave & Twin Oak Ave opp Eb39.347590-76.560258
6187Echodale Ave & Walther Ave Eb39.345266-76.558297
5951Echodale Ave & Walther Ave Wb39.345054-76.557925
13704Edenvale Rd & Farringdon Rd Nb39.372859-76.671617
13705Edenvale Rd & Farringdon Rd Sb39.372717-76.671794
12004Edgewood MARC Nb39.415967-76.292139
11978Edgewood MARC Sb39.416022-76.292185
2527Edgewood St & Walbrook Ave opp Wb39.309910-76.676015
4125Edison Hwy & Biddle St Nb39.304986-76.572706
4343Edison Hwy & Biddle St Sb39.304553-76.572972
4131Edison Hwy & Cliftmont Ave Nb39.318158-76.572348
4336Edison Hwy & Cliftmont Ave Sb39.318800-76.572455
880Edison Hwy & Duncanwood Ln Nb39.308665-76.572774
10740Edison Hwy & Elmley Ave Nb39.316959-76.572706
4337Edison Hwy & Elmley Ave Sb39.317211-76.572997
10739Edison Hwy & Elmora Ave Nb39.315830-76.573086
4344Edison Hwy & Madison St Sb39.300047-76.572904
10738Edison Hwy & North Ave Nb39.312147-76.572868
948Edison Hwy & Oliver St Sb39.308483-76.573064
879Edison Hwy & Preston St Fs Nb39.306519-76.572745
976Edison Hwy & Preston St Sb39.306328-76.573029
4339Edison Hwy & Sinclair La Sb39.314936-76.573240
4129Edison Hwy & Sinclair Ln Fs Nb39.315012-76.572841
3005Edmondson & Poplar Grove Eb39.294346-76.664464
14055Edmondson Av & Rolling Rd Wb Ns39.273825-76.755493
4730Edmondson Ave & Academy Rd Fs Wb39.281882-76.715848
4390Edmondson Ave & Academy Rd opp Eb39.281845-76.715623
4724Edmondson Ave & Aldershot Rd Wb39.287702-76.710991
4423Edmondson Ave & Allendale St Eb39.293808-76.678517
4689Edmondson Ave & Allendale St Wb39.294040-76.678033
3021Edmondson Ave & Arlington Ave Eb39.295471-76.635977
3227Edmondson Ave & Arlington Ave Fs Nb39.295585-76.636175
3007Edmondson Ave & Ashburton St Fs Eb39.294473-76.660995
4411Edmondson Ave & Athol Ave Eb39.293355-76.690040
4381Edmondson Ave & August Ave Eb39.276733-76.736360
4738Edmondson Ave & August Ave opp Wb39.276904-76.735935
8585Edmondson Ave & Augusta Ave Eb39.293585-76.684574
4695Edmondson Ave & Augusta Ave Fs Wb39.293795-76.685251
4742Edmondson Ave & Beaumont Ave Wb39.275558-76.743175
4376Edmondson Ave & Beechwood Ave Eb39.274383-76.748125
4745Edmondson Ave & Beechwood Ave Wb39.274664-76.747516
3010Edmondson Ave & Bentalou St Eb39.294741-76.653656
6476Edmondson Ave & Bentalou St Wb39.294943-76.652911
3240Edmondson Ave & Braddish Ave Fs Wb39.294693-76.659764
3020Edmondson Ave & Carey St Eb39.295383-76.638642
10467Edmondson Ave & Carey St Wb39.295521-76.638138
4400Edmondson Ave & Chapel Gate Ln Eb39.291556-76.703745
4719Edmondson Ave & Chapel Gate Ln Wb39.291948-76.703777
4723Edmondson Ave & Charing Cross Rd Wb39.289074-76.709125
4383Edmondson Ave & Delrey Ave Eb39.278835-76.729830
4736Edmondson Ave & Delrey Ave Wb39.279072-76.729619
13738Edmondson Ave & Denison St Eb39.293953-76.674477
3008Edmondson Ave & Doswell Ave Eb39.294573-76.658260
4399Edmondson Ave & Drury Ln Eb39.290675-76.705392
4720Edmondson Ave & Drury Ln Wb39.291141-76.705281
4373Edmondson Ave & Dutton Ave Eb39.273340-76.753253
4425Edmondson Ave & Edgewood St Eb39.293906-76.675865
340Edmondson Ave & Edgewood St Wb39.294157-76.675278
4706Edmondson Ave & Edmondson Village Shopping Center39.293520-76.690740
3016Edmondson Ave & Fulton Ave Eb39.295145-76.645984
3231Edmondson Ave & Fulton Ave Wb39.295315-76.645166
3696Edmondson Ave & Glen Allen Dr Eb39.293028-76.696871
4424Edmondson Ave & Grantley St Op Eb39.293852-76.677295
341Edmondson Ave & Grantley St Wb39.294096-76.676919
4386Edmondson Ave & Harlem Ln Fs Eb39.281039-76.723778
4733Edmondson Ave & Harlem Ln Wb39.280810-76.725675
4426Edmondson Ave & Hilton St Eb39.293998-76.672858
4687Edmondson Ave & Hilton St Fs Wb39.294224-76.673140
4382Edmondson Ave & Ingleside Ave Eb39.277446-76.732786
4737Edmondson Ave & Ingleside Ave Wb39.277617-76.732801
4394Edmondson Ave & Kingston Rd Eb39.287184-76.711200
3927Edmondson Ave & Longwood St Wb39.294483-76.666411
4691Edmondson Ave & Lyndhurst St Fs Wb39.293922-76.681509
4391Edmondson Ave & Malbrook Rd Eb39.284872-76.713345
4728Edmondson Ave & Merridale Rd Wb39.284813-76.713622
3014Edmondson Ave & Monroe St Eb39.295081-76.647713
3233Edmondson Ave & Monroe St Wb39.295238-76.646928
4422Edmondson Ave & Mount Holly St Eb39.293764-76.679753
4690Edmondson Ave & Mt Holly St Wb39.293994-76.679437
4421Edmondson Ave & Normandy Ave Eb39.293686-76.681933
4726Edmondson Ave & North Bend Rd Wb39.286463-76.712129
4748Edmondson Ave & Oakdale Ave Mb Wb39.273563-76.753716
4709Edmondson Ave & Old Frederick Rd opp Wb39.293320-76.696078
4743Edmondson Ave & Osborne Ave Wb39.275282-76.744567
4378Edmondson Ave & Osbourne Ave Mb Eb39.275131-76.744476
3243Edmondson Ave & Poplar Grove St Wb39.294512-76.664775
3011Edmondson Ave & Pulaski St Eb39.294968-76.650783
3235Edmondson Ave & Pulaski St Fs Wb39.295088-76.650768
4388Edmondson Ave & Ridge Rd Eb39.281054-76.719216
4396Edmondson Ave & Rock Glen Rd Eb39.288035-76.710258
3928Edmondson Ave & Rosedale St Wb39.294409-76.668483
3719Edmondson Ave & Rosedale St opp Fs39.294177-76.668077
4397Edmondson Ave & Stamford Rd Eb39.289118-76.708280
4722Edmondson Ave & Stamford Rd Wb39.289714-76.707934
4731Edmondson Ave & Stratford Rd Wb39.281189-76.718903
3019Edmondson Ave & Stricker St Fs Eb39.295307-76.641078
3229Edmondson Ave & Stricker St Wb39.295432-76.640924
10905Edmondson Ave & Swann Ave Fs Eb39.293230-76.693214
8391Edmondson Ave & Swann Ave Fs Wb39.293451-76.695198
4708Edmondson Ave & Swann Ave Wb39.293541-76.692759
3695Edmondson Ave & Uplands Pkwy Eb39.292814-76.698317
4412Edmondson Ave & Walnut Ave opp Mb Eb39.293413-76.688063
3009Edmondson Ave & Warwick Ave Eb39.294627-76.656706
3238Edmondson Ave & Warwick Ave Wb39.294827-76.656006
7538Edmondson Ave & Westside Skill Center Mb Eb39.293237-76.693005
4692Edmondson Ave & Wildwood Pkwy Wb39.293857-76.683290
4710Edmondson Ave & Winans Wy Wb39.293194-76.697617
4380Edmondson Ave & Winters Ln Eb39.276207-76.739591
4740Edmondson Ave & Winters Ln Wb39.276416-76.739290
4703Edmondson Ave & Woodington Rd Fs Wb39.293762-76.686220
3704Edmondson Ave & Woodridge Rd Fs Wb39.293640-76.689908
4398Edmondson Ave & Woodside Rd Eb39.289926-76.706785
4721Edmondson Ave & Woodside Rd opp Wb39.290273-76.706929
13568Elgin Ave & Monroe St Fs39.314076-76.649518
11437Elkridge Landing 880 Sb39.199608-76.689858
14069Elkridge Landing & 778 Sb Mid39.191562-76.681965
11435Elkridge Landing Rd 921 Sb39.201981-76.685149
3338Elkridge Landing Rd & Marriott Hotel Nb39.201829-76.685260
3335Elkridge Landing Rd & Nursery Rd Fs Nb39.195745-76.685894
3314Elkridge Landing Rd & Nursery Rd Sb39.195547-76.685941
12673Elkridge Landing Rd & Science Dr Fs Sb39.193322-76.683922
12674Elkridge Landing Rd & Science Dr Nb39.193672-76.683984
5886Ellerslie & Franciscan Sisters Entrance Nb39.335670-76.605491
5885Ellerslie Ave & Chestnut Hill Ave Mid Nb39.334566-76.604664
5831Ellerslie Ave & Chestnut Hill Ave Sb39.334564-76.604824
5884Ellerslie Ave & Mckewin Ave Nb39.332450-76.603669
5832Ellerslie Ave & Mckewin Ave Sb39.332926-76.604052
5830Ellerslie Ave & Parkwyrth Ave Sb39.335350-76.605268
11491Emmorton Rd & Belair South Pky Nb39.499018-76.325269
11483Emmorton Rd & Belair South Pky Sb39.498597-76.325335
11501Emmorton Rd & Crafton Rd Sb39.519989-76.335435
11493Emmorton Rd & Crafton Rd opp Nb39.520076-76.335234
11490Emmorton Rd & Holly Wreath Ct Nb39.485701-76.315627
11484Emmorton Rd & Holly Wreath Ct Sb39.485593-76.315765
11485Emmorton Rd & St Clair Rd Sb39.473932-76.309084
11489Emmorton Rd & St Clair Rd opp Nb39.474101-76.308921
11492Emmorton Rd & West Riding Dr Nb39.514111-76.329541
11482Emmorton Rd & West Riding Dr Sb39.513986-76.329647
11488Emmorton Rd & Woodsdale Rd Nb39.466871-76.311037
11486Emmorton Rd & Woodsdale Rd Op Sb39.466805-76.311405
6877Energy Pkwy & Fort Smallwood Rd39.177268-76.543264
3204Ensor St & Eager St Fs Sb39.301195-76.603670
3053Ensor St & Eager St Mb Nb39.301102-76.603432
821Ensor St & Forrest St Fs Nb39.296573-76.604906
3052Ensor St & Madison St Fs Nb39.299644-76.603561
3205Ensor St & Madison St Sb39.299183-76.603853
10818Ensor St & Monument St Fs Nb39.298386-76.603826
1003Ensor St & Monument St Sb39.298101-76.604273
11608Equestrian Ctr MD 4 West Of US 30138.812589-76.745369
12691Erdman Ave & Annetta Ave Wb Opp39.320816-76.572205
4334Erdman Ave & Belair Rd Fs Eb39.321337-76.573457
4134Erdman Ave & Belair Rd Wb39.321553-76.573350
4135Erdman Ave & Cardenas Ave Wb39.322787-76.575473
4333Erdman Ave & Clarence Ave Eb39.322768-76.575663
4138Erdman Ave & Crossland Ave Eb39.325001-76.579086
10919Erdman Ave & Crossland Ave Wb39.324888-76.578727
13718Erdman Ave & Edison Hwy Eb39.320333-76.571853
12085Erdman Ave & Edison Hwy Sb39.319801-76.571341
12849Erdman Ave & Enoch Pratt Library Center39.315196-76.568774
11376Erdman Ave & Federal St Nb39.309571-76.562804
4139Erdman Ave & Norman Ave Eb39.326179-76.580934
10920Erdman Ave & Norman Ave Wb39.326054-76.580523
4136Erdman Ave & Parklawn Ave Eb39.323432-76.576690
10918Erdman Ave & Parklawn Ave Wb39.323384-76.576410
11361Erdman Ave & Sinclair La Fs Sb39.312451-76.566529
11377Erdman Ave & Sinclair Lane Nb39.312915-76.566962
10561Erdman Shopping Center39.315029-76.569444
1289Essex & Montford Eb39.283113-76.582765
12693Eutaw Pl & Brooks La39.314881-76.638162
5190Eutaw Pl & Dolphin St Sb39.303100-76.625421
5188Eutaw Pl & Lafayette Ave Sb39.304622-76.627288
5235Eutaw Pl & Lanvale Nb39.303988-76.625774
5238Eutaw Pl & Mcmechen St Nb39.306290-76.628633
5186Eutaw Pl & Mcmechen St Sb39.306325-76.629397
7206Eutaw Pl & Presstman St Nb39.309596-76.632699
5184Eutaw Pl & Presstman St Sb39.309367-76.633109
5239Eutaw Pl & Wilson St Nb39.307082-76.629603
5233Eutaw St & 29th Division St Nb39.302229-76.623853
5191Eutaw St & 29th Division St opp Sb39.302048-76.624142
1017Eutaw St & Centre St Nb39.296439-76.621269
5234Eutaw St & Dolphin St Nb39.303027-76.624857
805Eutaw St & Druid Hill Ave Fs Sb39.296878-76.621473
14162Eutaw St & Fayette St Nb Fs39.290791-76.620924
1873Eutaw St & Fayette St Sb39.290509-76.621101
7200Eutaw St & Franklin St Fs Nb39.295236-76.621200
806Eutaw St & George St Mid Sb39.295373-76.621362
7198Eutaw St & Lexington St Fs Nb39.291667-76.620931
5193Eutaw St & Madison Ave Sb39.299015-76.621599
7201Eutaw St & Madison St Nb39.298821-76.621394
12651Eutaw St & MLK Blvd Nb39.299926-76.621484
1870Eutaw St & Mulberry St Sb39.293987-76.621342
1864Eutaw St & Preston St Fs Sb39.301163-76.623054
5232Eutaw St & Preston St Nb39.301371-76.622795
1876Eutaw St & Redwood St Sb39.288762-76.621013
1013Eutaw St & Saratoga St Fs Nb39.293244-76.621085
809Eutaw St & Saratoga St Sb39.293020-76.621263
7657Fairgrounds (Northbound)39.448906-76.635056
7668Fairgrounds (Southbound)39.448212-76.634811
12208Fairmount Ave & Bosley Ave Nb39.407993-76.603549
1765Fairmount Ave & Bosley Rd Sb39.408453-76.604279
1766Fairmount Ave & Dulaney Valley Rd Eb39.406080-76.601960
10622Fairmount Ave & Dulaney Valley Rd Fs Wb39.406409-76.602049
10660Fairmount Ave & Radcliffe Rd Wb39.410269-76.607669
12558Fairmount Ave & Towsongate Dr Fs Eb39.405033-76.598041
11426Fairmount Ave & York Rd Fs Sb39.409831-76.608356
2544Fairview Ave & Windsor Apartments opp Nb39.321891-76.689249
1316Fait & Kenwood Fs Wb39.283146-76.577277
1292Fait & Lakewood Eb39.283036-76.578436
1291Fait & Luzerne Eb39.282999-76.579876
1317Fait & Luzerne Wb39.283079-76.579770
1319Fait & Montford Wb39.282951-76.582626
12579Fait St & Linwood Ave Eb39.283138-76.575698
5032Falls Rd & 37th St Nb39.332190-76.635171
5034Falls Rd & 41st St Nb39.337467-76.637091
319Falls Rd & 41st St Sb39.337920-76.637693
5035Falls Rd & 42nd St Nb39.338567-76.637933
11667Falls Rd & Appleby Ave Nb39.371447-76.649520
11686Falls Rd & Appleby Ave Sb39.371873-76.649830
11668Falls Rd & Bare Hills Ave Nb39.383696-76.657344
11666Falls Rd & Bellemore Rd Nb39.368470-76.648360
315Falls Rd & Cold Spring Ln Sb39.343891-76.640560
5038Falls Rd & Coldspring Lanb39.342793-76.640004
10912Falls Rd & Cox St Sb39.334893-76.636234
4860Falls Rd & Cross Keys Blvd Fs Sb39.355641-76.644298
5041Falls Rd & Cross Keys opp Nb39.352152-76.642919
4859Falls Rd & Edgevale Rd Mb Sb39.358894-76.645473
5042Falls Rd & Elmwood Rd Fs Nb39.355723-76.644071
5043Falls Rd & Englewood Rd Nb39.358698-76.645104
5044Falls Rd & Falls Road Terr Nb39.359844-76.645565
12732Falls Rd & Hamill Rd Sb39.352094-76.643116
10908Falls Rd & Harvest Rd Nb39.352921-76.643099
4861Falls Rd & Harvest Rd Sb39.353177-76.643409
4863Falls Rd & Hillside Rd Fs Nb39.349152-76.641967
10911Falls Rd & Hillside Rd Fs Sb39.348573-76.641949
7849Falls Rd & Lake Ave Mid Sb39.373663-76.650383
7853Falls Rd & Lake Ave Nb39.373932-76.650207
4856Falls Rd & Mattfeldt Ave Fs Sb39.364326-76.647331
5047Falls Rd & Mattfeldt Ave opp Nb39.364221-76.647014
4871Falls Rd & Morling Ave opp Nb39.334413-76.635890
5046Falls Rd & Northern Pkwy Fs Nb39.361927-76.646330
4857Falls Rd & Northern Pkwysb39.361498-76.646392
317Falls Rd & Roland Heights Ave Sb39.341327-76.639699
11685Falls Rd & Shoemaker Rd Sb39.384237-76.658048
11625Falls Rd & Smith Ave Sb39.368185-76.648498
5040Falls Rd & Spaths Lanb39.345809-76.640956
12731Falls Rd & Spaths Ln Fs Sb39.345626-76.641138
4872Falls Rd & Union Ave Sb39.333443-76.635807
4864Falls Rd & Western High School And Polytechnic Institute Sb39.347794-76.641803
5037Falls Rd & Wood Heights Ave Nb39.341742-76.639668
13971Falls Rd Light Rail Station39.376706-76.649315
s7025Falls Road39.376640-76.649727
7654Falls Road (Northbound)39.376820-76.649323
7671Falls Road (Southbound)39.376457-76.650116
7870Fallstaff & Clarks Fs Eb39.369516-76.693903
7913Fallstaff & Clarks Ln Wb39.369593-76.693508
7872Fallstaff & Willowglen Eb39.371122-76.685414
13586Fallstaff Rd & Apollo Dr Eb39.369837-76.690032
11655Fallstaff Rd & Apollo Dr Wb39.369890-76.690206
11654Fallstaff Rd & Doral Dr Wb39.370330-76.687250
7911Fallstaff Rd & Gage Ct Sb39.371682-76.685584
11470Fallston Park & Ride39.500205-76.399383
5864Fallsway & Chase St Fs Nb39.303079-76.611235
5863Fallsway & Eager St Fs Nb39.301486-76.610826
12357Fallsway & Gay St Fs Nb39.293208-76.608967
5861Fallsway & High St Nb39.296046-76.609811
14176Farringdon Rd & Baythorne Rd Eb39.373346-76.675653
14174Farringdon Rd & Baythorne Rd Wb39.373497-76.675153
4649Fayette & Chester Wb39.294289-76.587376
4647Fayette & Montford Wb39.294437-76.583305
3894Fayette St & Aisquith St Wb39.292049-76.601946
4467Fayette St & Broadway Fs Eb39.293911-76.593445
6326Fayette St & Broadway Wb39.294048-76.594671
1009Fayette St & Calvert St Wb39.290479-76.612064
4655Fayette St & Caroline St Eb39.293041-76.597473
998Fayette St & Caroline St Wb39.293437-76.596794
4657Fayette St & Central Ave Mb Wb39.292493-76.600423
4481Fayette St & Ellwood Ave Fs Eb39.294696-76.573227
4641Fayette St & Ellwood Ave Wb39.294807-76.573813
126Fayette St & Eutaw St39.290479-76.620764
130Fayette St & Fremont Ave39.290135-76.629160
3897Fayette St & Front St Wb39.291085-76.605431
283Fayette St & Gay St Wb39.290742-76.608511
4477Fayette St & Glover St Eb39.294450-76.579948
128Fayette St & Greene St39.290320-76.624263
4483Fayette St & Highland Ave Eb39.294840-76.569779
4639Fayette St & Highland Ave Fs Wb39.294944-76.569927
8928Fayette St & Holliday St Wb39.290658-76.609946
125Fayette St & Howard St39.290545-76.619247
4645Fayette St & Lakewood Ave Wb39.294593-76.579008
10899Fayette St & Linwood Ave Eb39.294562-76.576506
4643Fayette St & Linwood Ave Wb39.294675-76.576592
4476Fayette St & Milton Ave Eb39.294351-76.582180
4475Fayette St & Montford Eb39.294279-76.583583
127Fayette St & Paca St39.290460-76.622005
4474Fayette St & Patterson Park Ave Eb39.294224-76.585002
4648Fayette St & Patterson Park Ave Wb39.294373-76.584696
131Fayette St & Poppleton St39.290031-76.631905
4646Fayette St & Rose St Wb39.294533-76.581213
285Fayette St & Saint Paul St Wb39.290537-76.613594
132Fayette St & Schroeder St39.289976-76.633462
4471Fayette St & Washington St Eb39.294053-76.589458
4650Fayette St & Washington St Wb39.294213-76.589144
4470Fayette St & Wolfe St Eb39.294005-76.590755
4652Fayette St & Wolfe St Wb39.294152-76.590415
10567Fayette St Plaza Wb39.290515-76.616287
866Federal & Montford Eb39.308785-76.584524
10719Federal St & Orville Ave Eb39.309425-76.558719
12654Federal St & Orville St Fs Wb39.309455-76.558936
6301Federal St & Wilbur Ave Eb39.308963-76.560687
12655Federal St & Wilbur St Wb39.309103-76.560748
7626Ferndale (Northbound)39.184059-76.640282
7698Ferndale (Southbound)39.183273-76.640045
11921Fernwood Rd & Camalier Bldg Nb39.023904-77.135447
11922Fernwood Rd & Rock Spring Dr Nb39.025071-77.136366
12377Fleet St & Albemarle St Wb39.284311-76.601341
11409Fleet St & Caroline St Eb39.284365-76.596290
11415Fleet St & Chester St Fs Wb39.284923-76.587498
11411Fleet St & Exeter St Eb39.284171-76.600524
11418Fleet St & Wolfe St Eb39.284643-76.589771
6611Fleetwood Ave & Cedonia Ave Eb39.356358-76.533117
1937Fleming Dr & New Pittsburg Ave39.237888-76.508214
1938Fleming Dr & New Pittsburg Ave39.237753-76.508249
13595Food & Drug Administration (White Oak - Bldg 1)39.035175-76.983988
14198Food & Drug Administration (White Oak - Bldg 1)39.035167-76.983624
14041Forest Park Av & Windsor Mill Rd Sb Fs39.310128-76.707785
12597Forest Park Ave & Carmine Ave Fs Nb39.307478-76.709164
14175Forest Park Ave & Chelsea Ter Wb39.325514-76.684054
2587Forest Park Ave & Forest Glen Rd Nb39.321510-76.696253
2549Forest Park Ave & Forest Glen Rd Wb39.321746-76.696103
11998Forest Park Ave & Gatehouse Dr Eb39.319189-76.702446
12030Forest Park Ave & Gatehouse Dr Wb39.319418-76.702278
2590Forest Park Ave & Granada Ave Eb39.323464-76.690214
11997Forest Park Ave & Hillhouse Rd Nb39.312470-76.706445
12032Forest Park Ave & Hillhouse Rd Wb39.312646-76.706540
14057Forest Park Ave & Hillsdale Rd Eb Mid39.320602-76.698909
2550Forest Park Ave & Hillsdale Rd Wb39.320746-76.698988
2589Forest Park Ave & Loudon Ave Eb39.322953-76.691789
2547Forest Park Ave & Loudon Ave Wb39.323208-76.691422
3267Forest Park Ave & Overcrest Ave Sb39.307337-76.709348
12031Forest Park Ave & Pickwick Rd Wb39.317932-76.704954
3269Forest Park Ave & Pleasant St Sb39.305188-76.710929
11996Forest Park Ave & Purnell Dr Eb39.318584-76.703689
13811Forrest St & Greenmount Ave Fs Sb39.297337-76.606148
1607Forrest St & Hillen St Nb39.296857-76.605328
95Fort Ave & Andre St39.268046-76.591246
99Fort Ave & Andre St39.268074-76.590926
81Fort Ave & Charles St39.272577-76.613885
113Fort Ave & Charles St39.272710-76.613936
93Fort Ave & Decatur St39.269180-76.594489
102Fort Ave & Decatur St39.269407-76.594804
86Fort Ave & Jackson St39.272904-76.605228
108Fort Ave & Jackson St39.273051-76.605022
89Fort Ave & Lawrence St39.271740-76.601826
105Fort Ave & Lawrence St39.271665-76.601123
82Fort Ave & Light St39.272634-76.611869
112Fort Ave & Light St39.272799-76.611479
84Fort Ave & Riverside Ave39.272771-76.608436
110Fort Ave & Riverside Ave39.272943-76.608225
91Fort Ave & Woodall St39.270646-76.598696
104Fort Ave & Woodall St39.270820-76.598674
97Fort Mchenry39.265927-76.584132
10969Fort Smallwood Rd & Fort Armistead Rd Fs Nb39.200371-76.555929
10968Fort Smallwood Rd & Fort Armistead Rd Sb39.200261-76.556220
12721Fort Smallwood Rd & Pittman Rd Sb39.193184-76.554791
6888Fort Smallwood Rd & Solley Rd Fs Nb39.182044-76.549177
6872Fort Smallwood Rd & Solley Rd Sb39.181555-76.549009
6204Frankford & Omaha Ave Eb39.326196-76.541174
6199Frankford Ave & Barbara Ave Eb39.332403-76.545530
6193Frankford Ave & Belair Rd Fs Eb39.337436-76.551218
5948Frankford Ave & Belair Rd Wb39.337997-76.551460
5940Frankford Ave & Cedella Ave Eb39.331381-76.543829
11379Frankford Ave & Cedella Ave Wb39.331549-76.543823
6191Frankford Ave & Corse Ave Eb39.340141-76.553035
5949Frankford Ave & Corse Ave Fs Wb39.340227-76.552926
5934Frankford Ave & Dakota Ave Nb39.324848-76.540808
5931Frankford Ave & Force Rd Fs Nb39.321029-76.540303
6209Frankford Ave & Force Rd Sb39.320980-76.540521
5941Frankford Ave & Gerland Ave Wb39.332414-76.545223
6195Frankford Ave & Greenhill Ave Eb39.336241-76.549819
5946Frankford Ave & Greenhill Ave Wb39.336167-76.549538
12099Frankford Ave & Moravia Park Dr Fs Nb39.315267-76.539112
5935Frankford Ave & Omaha Ave Nb39.326021-76.540965
6202Frankford Ave & Philippi Ave Fs Eb39.328892-76.541676
6197Frankford Ave & Plainfield Ave Eb39.334028-76.548103
5944Frankford Ave & Plainfield Ave Wb39.333906-76.547814
5938Frankford Ave & Radecke Ave Nb39.329096-76.541566
5930Frankford Ave & Relcrest Rd Nb39.318092-76.539854
6211Frankford Ave & Relcrest Rd Sb39.318431-76.540110
6207Frankford Ave & Schaub Ave Sb39.323179-76.540779
5933Frankford Ave & Sinclair Ln39.323434-76.540630
6206Frankford Ave & Sinclair Ln Sb39.323983-76.540899
6201Frankford Ave & Sipple Ave Eb39.331220-76.543705
10867Franklin & Arlington Ave Wb39.294375-76.635322
5778Franklin Square Dr & Canterbury Apartments Entrance Eb39.352706-76.474664
5686Franklin Square Dr & Canterbury Apartments opp Sb39.352993-76.474504
10479Franklin Square Dr & King Ave Fs Wb39.357120-76.469620
10358Franklin Square Dr & Lionhead Ct Eb39.350389-76.483588
5779Franklin Square Dr & Paula Pl Eb39.355409-76.471414
5684Franklin Square Dr & Paula Pl opp Sb39.356158-76.470917
10369Franklin Square Dr & Rossville Blvd Wb39.350508-76.484049
4790Franklin Square Hospital Wb39.350350-76.480805
8659Franklin Square Hospital opp Eb39.350142-76.480547
10869Franklin St & Calhoun St Wb39.294196-76.639558
10868Franklin St & Carey St Wb39.294265-76.637998
4429Franklin St & Edmondson Ave Fs Eb39.294060-76.665429
4686Franklin St & Edmondson Ave Wb39.294281-76.665190
4430Franklin St & Franklintown Rd Fs Eb39.293057-76.661779
4685Franklin St & Franklintown Rd Wb39.293281-76.662343
10675Franklin St & Fulton Ave Wb39.293971-76.645233
14163Franklin St & Monroe St Wb Ns39.293892-76.647063
10544Franklin St & Smallwood St Fs Wb39.293687-76.652275
4433Franklin St & Warwick Ave Fs Eb39.293317-76.655647
4681Franklin St & Warwick Ave Wb39.293534-76.655867
363Frederick Ave & Atholwood Ln opp Wb39.281193-76.700346
229Frederick Ave & Augusta Ave Eb39.281643-76.684824
350Frederick Ave & Augusta Ave Wb39.281811-76.684467
267Frederick Ave & Bentalou St Eb39.284720-76.652805
300Frederick Ave & Bentalou St Wb39.284838-76.652901
262Frederick Ave & Brunswick St Eb39.280397-76.660506
265Frederick Ave & Catherine St Eb39.283557-76.655535
302Frederick Ave & Catherine St Wb39.283652-76.655668
10312Frederick Ave & Chapelgate Ln Eb39.281162-76.699287
8431Frederick Ave & Eastlynne Ave Wb39.281177-76.659472
261Frederick Ave & Fonthill Ave Fs Eb39.279566-76.663627
306Frederick Ave & Fonthill Ave Wb39.279805-76.662907
303Frederick Ave & Franklintown Rd Wb39.282750-76.657057
264Frederick Ave & Franklintown Rd opp Eb39.282354-76.657366
235Frederick Ave & Hilton St Eb39.280913-76.672626
343Frederick Ave & Hilton St Fs Wb39.281080-76.672524
216Frederick Ave & Long Island Ave Eb39.281274-76.697244
361Frederick Ave & Long Island Ave opp Wb39.281436-76.696842
230Frederick Ave & Loudon Ave Fs Eb39.281727-76.681649
349Frederick Ave & Loudon Ave Wb39.281862-76.681697
231Frederick Ave & Loudon Cemetery Eb39.281786-76.679414
346Frederick Ave & Morley St Wb39.281812-76.677355
232Frederick Ave & Morley St opp Eb39.281751-76.677905
309Frederick Ave & Mount Olivet Ln Wb39.280322-76.667826
12514Frederick Ave & North Bend Rd39.280646-76.705642
207Frederick Ave & Overbrook Rd39.277981-76.710608
298Frederick Ave & Pulaski St Wb39.285934-76.649641
209Frederick Ave & Stonecroft Rd opp Eb39.279998-76.706295
360Frederick Ave & Tremont Rd Wb39.281480-76.694694
238Frederick Ave & Wellesley St Eb39.280282-76.668423
217Frederick Ave & Wickham Rd Eb39.281297-76.695939
758Frederick Douglass High School39.315399-76.654035
11944Frederick MARC Eb39.412740-77.405563
11972Frederick MARC Wb39.412722-77.405447
13713Frederick MARC Station (Bus)39.411632-77.405285
190Frederick Rd & Beaumont Ave39.270221-76.739506
369Frederick Rd & Belle Grove Rd Wb39.277584-76.711953
12241Frederick Rd & Boswell Rd Wb39.280947-76.704469
12213Frederick Rd & Five Oaks Pool Eb39.268054-76.754859
12242Frederick Rd & Five Oaks Pool Wb39.268180-76.755115
377Frederick Rd & Glenwood Ave Mid Wb39.273078-76.727077
10623Frederick Rd & Ingleside Ave Fs Eb39.272035-76.731213
379Frederick Rd & Ingleside Ave Wb39.272161-76.731256
382Frederick Rd & Locust Dr opp Wb39.270736-76.737848
367Frederick Rd & Mallow Hill Rd Wb39.278866-76.708771
192Frederick Rd & Newburg Ave39.271035-76.735793
366Frederick Rd & North Bend Rd Fs Wb39.280332-76.706309
204Frederick Rd & Nunnery Ln39.276604-76.714083
384Frederick Rd & Osbourne Ave Wb39.270136-76.740615
201Frederick Rd & Paradise Ave39.275632-76.716648
202Frederick Rd & Paradise Ave Eb39.275622-76.716883
372Frederick Rd & Paradise Ave Wb39.275763-76.716997
387Frederick Rd & Rolling Rd opp Wb39.269013-76.745656
378Frederick Rd & Saint Timothys Ln Wb39.272792-76.728362
199Frederick Rd & Shadynook Ave39.274244-76.721115
374Frederick Rd & Shadynook Ave opp Wb39.274458-76.720838
186Frederick Rd & Smithwood Ave39.268515-76.747514
388Frederick Rd & Smithwood Avewb39.268639-76.747692
371Frederick Rd & Symington Ave Wb39.276517-76.714690
197Frederick Rd & Wade Ave39.273260-76.725684
380Frederick Rd & Winters Ln Fs Wb39.271276-76.735283
6547Fullerton Ave & Beech Ave Fs Wb39.360085-76.519906
6548Fullerton Ave & Belair Rd Wb39.361508-76.522632
6619Fullerton Ave & Leslie Ave Sb39.357336-76.517497
6616Fullerton Ave & Linden Ave Fs Eb39.360253-76.520434
6545Fullerton Ave & Linhigh Ave Wb39.359182-76.518152
6617Fullerton Ave & Willowdale Ave Fs Eb39.359191-76.518347
6546Fullerton Ave & Willowdale Ave Wb39.357582-76.517420
38Fulton Ave & Baker St39.306984-76.646394
151Fulton Ave & Baker St39.306352-76.646083
35Fulton Ave & Clifton Ave39.312102-76.646698
154Fulton Ave & Clifton Ave39.311792-76.646395
13809Fulton Ave & Edmondson Ave Fs Nb39.295285-76.645489
762Fulton Ave & Flora St Nb39.315060-76.644199
13810Fulton Ave & Lafayette Ave Nb39.298714-76.645627
36Fulton Ave & North Ave39.310126-76.646581
153Fulton Ave & North Ave39.309556-76.646267
1055Fulton Ave & Parkwood Ave Wb39.314493-76.645066
37Fulton Ave & Presbury St39.308182-76.646467
152Fulton Ave & Presbury St39.307833-76.646170
8554Fulton Ave & Reisterstown Rd Fs Nb39.313774-76.645595
8577Fulton Ave &reisterstown Rd Wb39.313393-76.646236
11758G St & 14th St NW Fs Eb38.898037-77.031878
11952Gaithersburg MARC Eb39.141424-77.193339
11964Gaithersburg MARC Wb39.141532-77.193339
12835Gaithersburg Park & Ride39.147766-77.217084
10620Gallagher Center39.458820-76.603492
3158Gardenville Loop At Belair Rd39.341039-76.547679
11955Garrett Park MARC Eb39.038805-77.093350
11961Garrett Park MARC Wb39.038859-77.093281
7220Garrison Blvd & Alto Rd Nb39.317155-76.676752
7171Garrison Blvd & Alto Rd Sb39.317302-76.676982
9008Garrison Blvd & Barrington Rd39.331655-76.682707
7234Garrison Blvd & Barrington Rd Nb39.331261-76.682467
7221Garrison Blvd & Bateman Ave Nb39.318163-76.676685
7170Garrison Blvd & Bateman Ave Sb39.318357-76.676924
7235Garrison Blvd & Belle Ave Fs Nb39.333428-76.682999
7156Garrison Blvd & Belle Ave Sb39.333460-76.683220
7240Garrison Blvd & Belvieu Ave Fs Nb39.339918-76.684105
6227Garrison Blvd & Boarman Ave Nb39.334502-76.683771
7164Garrison Blvd & Bonner Rd Fs39.323160-76.680969
7227Garrison Blvd & Callaway Ave Fs Nb39.323231-76.680853
6232Garrison Blvd & Cold Spring Ln Sb39.335331-76.684494
7232Garrison Blvd & Dorchester Rd Nb39.329227-76.682306
7159Garrison Blvd & Dorchester Rd Sb39.329756-76.682494
7167Garrison Blvd & Duvall St Sb39.320354-76.677369
7224Garrison Blvd & Edgewood St Nb39.320172-76.676998
7238Garrison Blvd & Fernhill Ave Nb39.337463-76.684610
7152Garrison Blvd & Fernhill Ave Sb39.337918-76.684798
7229Garrison Blvd & Forest Park Ave Nb39.325552-76.682320
5579Garrison Blvd & Groveland Ave Sb39.340839-76.683518
7217Garrison Blvd & Gwynns Falls Pkwy Nb39.314025-76.676289
7175Garrison Blvd & Gwynns Falls Pkwy Sb39.314329-76.676702
6226Garrison Blvd & Liberty Heights Ave Fs Nb39.327588-76.682409
6233Garrison Blvd & Liberty Heights Ave Sb39.327741-76.682553
7218Garrison Blvd & Mondawmin Ave Nb39.315067-76.676721
7162Garrison Blvd & Norfolk Ave Sb39.325173-76.682249
7177Garrison Blvd & Oval Dr Sb39.311375-76.675230
7239Garrison Blvd & Penhurst Ave Fs Nb39.338878-76.684629
7151Garrison Blvd & Penhurst Ave Sb39.338934-76.684797
7237Garrison Blvd & Ridgewood Ave Nb39.336499-76.684639
7153Garrison Blvd & Ridgewood Ave Sb39.336899-76.684812
7214Garrison Blvd & Windsor Ave Nb39.311898-76.675232
7226Garrison Blvd & Woodhaven Ave Nb39.322304-76.679936
7165Garrison Blvd & Woodhaven Ave Sb39.322473-76.680262
11863Gateway Dr & Albert Einstein Sb39.173884-76.802857
11856Gateway Dr & Albert Einstein opp Eb39.173745-76.802576
12538Gateway Dr & Ben Franklin Dr Nb39.177438-76.800225
12537Gateway Dr & Ben Franklin Dr Sb39.177939-76.800198
11861Gateway Dr & Eli Whitney Dr Eb39.183891-76.805952
11858Gateway Dr & Eli Whitney opp Wb39.184121-76.805134
11857Gateway Dr & John Mcadam Nb39.181415-76.799191
11862Gateway Dr & John Mcadam opp Sb39.181497-76.799458
11855Gateway Dr & Samuel Morse Dr Eb39.172253-76.806805
11864Gateway Dr & Samuel Morse opp Wb39.172382-76.806714
3061Gay & Biddle Nb39.304222-76.593911
3190Gay & Collington Sb39.310196-76.586894
3064Gay St & Chester St Nb39.308541-76.588681
3191Gay St & Chester St Sb39.309068-76.588239
820Gay St & Exeter St Eb39.294428-76.606356
3395Gay St & Fayette St Nb39.290335-76.608865
3065Gay St & Lanvale St Nb39.309928-76.587041
816Gay St & Lexington St Fs Nb39.292025-76.608873
3393Gay St & Lombard St Nb39.287204-76.608618
13748Gay St & Montford Ave Nb39.311879-76.584739
14193Gay St & N Wolfe St39.306291-76.591436
3194Gay St & N Wolfe St Sb39.306561-76.591294
3192Gay St & Oliver St Sb39.307838-76.589717
3066Gay St & Patterson Park Ave Nb39.310761-76.586036
3189Gay St & Patterson Park Ave Sb39.311187-76.585717
3062Gay St & Rutland Ave Nb39.305065-76.592866
3063Gay St & Washington St Nb39.307189-76.590303
2397Gbmc Hospital & La Petite Child Care Center Eb39.391201-76.627406
2093Gbmc Hospital & La Petite Child Care Center opp Wb39.391259-76.627286
12690George Clauss Blvd & Wal Mart Wb39.145251-76.648402
11097Georgetown Rd & Wilmington Ave Eb39.268180-76.658012
11010Georgetown Rd & Wilmington Ave Wb39.269135-76.657072
13590Georgia Avenue Park & Ride39.116639-77.076016
11950Germantown MARC Eb39.172595-77.269474
11966Germantown MARC Wb39.172523-77.269566
5207Giles Rd & Cherry Hill Rd Fs Sb39.250295-76.630017
4987Giles Rd & Cherry Hill Rd Nb39.250282-76.629842
4094Gilmor St & Lauren St39.303350-76.643081
3991Gilmor St & Laurens St Sb39.303225-76.643175
10315Gilmor St & Lombard St Fs Nb39.286512-76.642188
3990Gilmor St & Lorman Ct39.303954-76.643215
11114Gilmor St & Mchenry St Nb39.284178-76.642025
10994Gilmor St & Pratt St Sb39.285632-76.642305
4096Gilmor St & Presstman St39.305287-76.643192
4093Gilmor St & Winchester St39.302080-76.643011
3992Gilmor St & Winchester St Sb39.302324-76.643125
s7030Gilroy Road39.482162-76.661728
7659Gilroy Road (Northbound)39.482506-76.661591
7666Gilroy Road (Southbound)39.481892-76.661842
7881Glen Ave & Bland Ave Wb39.359120-76.681929
7904Glen Ave & Bland Ave opp Eb39.358802-76.682289
7901Glen Ave & Clover Rd Fs Eb39.356538-76.686509
7884Glen Ave & Clover Rd Wb39.356628-76.686608
7883Glen Ave & Doverdale Dr Wb39.357356-76.685249
7902Glen Ave & Doverdale Rd opp Eb39.357167-76.685381
7903Glen Ave & Highgate Dr Eb39.357951-76.683897
7882Glen Ave & Highgate Dr Fs Wb39.357944-76.684155
10587Glen Ave & Key Ave Eb39.359896-76.680175
10566Glen Ave & Key Ave Wb39.360044-76.680206
7906Glen Ave & Merville Ave Eb39.360969-76.678250
7879Glen Ave & Merville Ave opp Sb39.361341-76.677797
7886Glen Ave & Park Heights Ave Wb39.355955-76.687851
s7001Glen Burnie (Cromwell)39.172092-76.633080
7625Glen Burnie (Cromwell) (Northbound)39.172428-76.633255
7699Glen Burnie (Cromwell) (Southbound)39.171692-76.632820
1107Glyndon Loop39.478626-76.828998
13671Golden Beach Park & Ride (Charlotte Hall)38.495322-76.770346
5770Golden Ring Rd & Akron Rd Eb39.335523-76.499319
5692Golden Ring Rd & Delegge Rd Fs Wb39.335830-76.499575
14227Gotham Greens39.242171-76.475386
425Goucher Blvd & Colbury Rd opp Nb39.384613-76.579697
6561Goucher Blvd & Joppa Rd Fs Eb39.398700-76.586909
6558Goucher Blvd & Lasalle Rd Wb39.388905-76.581237
8965Goucher Blvd & Lasalle Rd opp Eb39.388792-76.581605
614Goucher Blvd & Prince Rd Fs Nb39.395814-76.584332
411Goucher Blvd & Prince Rd Fs Sb39.395086-76.584365
412Goucher Blvd & Putty Hill Ave Eb39.392424-76.583985
6559Goucher Blvd & Putty Hill Ave Wb39.392561-76.583664
2592Granada Ave & Fairview Ave Sb39.322149-76.689335
2546Granada Ave & Forest Park Ave Wb39.323420-76.689898
2545Granada Ave & Norfolk Ave Nb39.322521-76.689386
2591Granada Ave & Norfolk Ave Sb39.323013-76.689819
2094Greater Baltimore Medical Center39.390027-76.624732
12019Greenbelt MARC Nb39.010192-76.912127
12014Greenbelt MARC Sb39.010227-76.912197
1260Greene & Baltimore Sb39.289612-76.623778
1256Greene & Mulberry Sb39.293945-76.623988
1259Greene St & Fayette St Sb39.290749-76.623881
1258Greene St & Lexington St Sb39.291581-76.623887
1261Greene St & Lombard St Ns Sb39.287707-76.623692
14081Greene St & Lombard St Sb Fs39.287096-76.623588
12397Greene St & Pratt St Sb39.285848-76.623601
10533Greene St & Saratoga St Sb39.293031-76.624002
4909Greene St & Washington Blvd Fs Sb39.284621-76.623538
1590Greenmount & Biddle Sb39.304022-76.608052
1620Greenmount Ave & 22nd St Nb39.314869-76.609385
1582Greenmount Ave & 22nd St Sb39.314624-76.609613
10704Greenmount Ave & 25th St Nb39.317747-76.609377
10698Greenmount Ave & 25th St Sb39.318284-76.609518
1624Greenmount Ave & 27th St Nb39.320538-76.609379
1578Greenmount Ave & 29th St Sb39.323571-76.609511
1576Greenmount Ave & 30th St Sb39.324936-76.609487
1627Greenmount Ave & 30th St opp Nb39.324884-76.609314
1629Greenmount Ave & 32nd St Nb39.326962-76.609335
1574Greenmount Ave & 32nd St Sb39.327349-76.609530
1573Greenmount Ave & 33rd St Sb39.328613-76.609480
12850Greenmount Ave & 35th St Nb39.330718-76.609382
1634Greenmount Ave & 36th St Nb39.332424-76.609392
1570Greenmount Ave & 36th St opp Sb39.332750-76.609541
1638Greenmount Ave & 39th St Nb39.336203-76.609415
1567Greenmount Ave & 39th St Sb39.336465-76.609605
1612Greenmount Ave & Biddle St Nb39.303581-76.607782
12207Greenmount Ave & Eager St Nb39.301127-76.607129
1592Greenmount Ave & Eager St Sb39.301608-76.607399
1626Greenmount Ave & Exeter Hall Ave Nb39.323149-76.609359
1587Greenmount Ave & Federal St Sb39.308111-76.609082
1616Greenmount Ave & Federal St opp Nb39.307977-76.608847
1631Greenmount Ave & Gorsuch Ave Nb39.327702-76.609382
8685Greenmount Ave & Madison St Nb39.298663-76.606446
10700Greenmount Ave & Madison St Sb39.299395-76.606798
1608Greenmount Ave & Monument St Nb39.297678-76.606176
1618Greenmount Ave & North Ave Nb39.311143-76.609383
1584Greenmount Ave & North Ave Sb39.311731-76.609539
1613Greenmount Ave & Preston St Nb39.304584-76.608053
1589Greenmount Ave & Preston St Sb39.304923-76.608289
1640Greenmount Ave & Rose Hill Ter Nb39.338482-76.609439
1566Greenmount Ave & Rose Hill Ter opp Sb39.338913-76.609605
1579Greenmount Ave & Whitridge Ave Fs Sb39.321368-76.609551
7874Greenspring & Cheswolde Rd Sb39.369229-76.681098
7908Greenspring & Pimlico Rd Nb39.364401-76.673033
11651Greenspring & Steele Rd Nb39.366803-76.676919
7873Greenspring & Willow Glen Fs Sb39.371726-76.682370
16Greenspring Ave & Cold Spring Ln39.340440-76.658224
177Greenspring Ave & Cold Spring Ln39.340705-76.658031
21Greenspring Ave & Druid Park Dr39.330559-76.654241
12669Greenspring Ave & Druid Park Dr Fs Nb39.330599-76.654137
15Greenspring Ave & Dupont Ave39.344454-76.659011
10292Greenspring Ave & Dupont Ave Nb Fs39.344667-76.658999
172Greenspring Ave & Foxwell Apartments39.333015-76.655611
12179Greenspring Ave & Foxwell Apartments Sb39.332947-76.655734
12650Greenspring Ave & Kennedy Krieger Institute Nb39.334389-76.655821
17Greenspring Ave & Loyola Southway39.338993-76.657787
11Greenspring Ave & Oakley Ave39.348887-76.659363
18Greenspring Ave & Oswego Ave39.337873-76.656678
12851Greenspring Ave & Oswego Ave Nb39.338169-76.656763
170Greenspring Ave & Park Hill Ave39.331227-76.654431
13619Greenspring Ave & Rellim Rd Eb39.365829-76.674981
7909Greenspring Ave & Shelleydale Dr Nb39.369664-76.681292
19Greenspring Ave & Shirley Ave39.336248-76.656389
175Greenspring Ave & Shirley Ave39.336503-76.656249
179Greenspring Ave & Springarden Dr39.348783-76.659167
12743Greenspring Ave & Taney Rd Eb39.368036-76.679918
12742Greenspring Ave & Taney Rd Wb39.368263-76.679863
12761Greenspring Ave & Wetherburn Rd Sb39.367434-76.678940
12Greenspring Ave & Woodland Ave39.346150-76.659645
178Greenspring Ave & Woodland Ave39.346378-76.659386
7843Greenspring Sta & Foxleigh Bld Opp39.418918-76.667585
7841Greenspring Station39.420680-76.668313
6511Groveland Ave & Garrison Blvd Mid Wb39.340807-76.684948
5855Guilford Ave & Centre St Fs Sb39.296067-76.611506
5853Guilford Ave & Eager St Sb39.301606-76.611872
8420Guilford Ave & Fayette St Fs Sb39.290202-76.611097
5868Guilford Ave & Federal St Nb39.307703-76.612169
5848Guilford Ave & Federal St Sb39.307784-76.612273
5870Guilford Ave & Lafayette Ave Nb39.309831-76.612296
5854Guilford Ave & Madison St Fs Sb39.298499-76.611607
12332Guilford Ave & North Ave Fs Sb39.311103-76.612481
5867Guilford Ave & Oliver St Nb39.306659-76.612143
5856Guilford Ave & Pleasant St Sb39.293828-76.611342
5851Guilford Ave & Preston St Sb39.304786-76.612092
5866Guilford Ave & Preston Stnb39.304514-76.611795
3641Guilford Ave & Saratoga St Fs Sb39.292087-76.611252
7385Gwynn Oak Ave & Belle Ave Nb39.334458-76.693999
7372Gwynn Oak Ave & Belle Ave Sb39.334991-76.694022
5152Gwynn Oak Ave & Cedar Dr Eb39.324926-76.715313
7371Gwynn Oak Ave & Fernhill Ave Mb Sb39.337391-76.693142
5275Gwynn Oak Ave & Gwynn Lake Dr Wb39.323619-76.722283
7388Gwynn Oak Ave & Penhurst Ave Fs Nb39.338866-76.692999
7370Gwynn Oak Ave & Penhurst Ave Fs Sb39.338395-76.693152
5150Gwynn Oak Ave & Poplar Dr Fs Eb39.324357-76.720468
7386Gwynn Oak Ave & Ridgewood Ave Fs Nb39.336908-76.693034
5154Gwynn Oak Ave & Royal Oak Ave Eb39.325429-76.712167
6094Gwynn Oak Ave & Silver Hill Ave Eb39.327308-76.711002
6073Gwynn Oak Ave & Silverhill Ave Fs Wb39.327455-76.711026
12117Gwynn Oak Ave & Woodlawn Dr Wb39.323624-76.724695
5272Gwynn Oak Loop39.325991-76.716293
6389Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Dukeland St Eb39.314478-76.664555
6493Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Dukeland St Wb39.314741-76.664227
6382Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Ellamont St39.314199-76.671428
6497Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Ellamont St Wb39.314471-76.671867
6384Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Longwood St Eb39.314324-76.668106
6495Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Longwood St Wb39.314629-76.667691
160Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Pulaski St39.315790-76.652489
159Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Reisterstown Rd39.316447-76.651199
4290Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Tioga Pkwy39.315900-76.658395
14200Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Tioga Pkwy Eb Fs39.315592-76.658313
161Gwynns Falls Pkwy & Warwick Ave39.316088-76.656887
11912Hagerstown & Mva P&r39.601879-77.732109
10897Haines St & Warner St Eb39.272182-76.628467
13686Haines St & Warner St Wb39.272303-76.628424
2245Halethorpe Farms Rd & Washington Blvd Fs39.233552-76.687186
2264Halethorpe Farms Rd & Washington Blvd Nb39.233761-76.687040
11994Halethorpe MARC Nb39.238780-76.691196
11982Halethorpe MARC Sb39.238781-76.691288
s7012Hamburg Street39.278946-76.619904
7639Hamburg Street (Northbound)39.279297-76.619682
7685Hamburg Street (Southbound)39.278622-76.620140
2228Hammonds Ferry Rd & Garden Ave Sb39.254441-76.663952
2225Hammonds Ferry Rd & Washington Blvd Fs Sb39.256584-76.664396
2732Hanover & Cromwell39.262086-76.614544
5359Hanover & Patapsco (At Alley)39.238944-76.609430
11326Hanover Pk & Butler Rd Fs Sb39.474991-76.829160
11325Hanover Pk & Butler Rd Nb39.475019-76.828955
11323Hanover Pk & Westminster Pk Nb39.469569-76.829595
6928Hanover St & Chesapeake Ave Mb39.240511-76.608454
80Hanover St & Clement St39.273758-76.615407
6935Hanover St & Cromwell St Nb39.261670-76.614538
77Hanover St & Cross St39.276832-76.615602
2923Hanover St & Harbor Hospital Mid Nb39.251369-76.614880
75Hanover St & Henrietta St39.279015-76.615764
2918Hanover St & Jack St Fs Nb39.234478-76.611464
2743Hanover St & Jack St Sb39.234679-76.611563
2741Hanover St & Jeffrey St Sb39.235630-76.611092
2731Hanover St & Mccomas St Sb39.266316-76.614876
79Hanover St & Ostend St39.274806-76.615482
10923Hanover St & Patapsco Ave Nb39.238235-76.609585
2922Hanover St & Reedbird Ave Fs Nb39.250169-76.613847
2736Hanover St & South Baltimore Park & Ride Fs Sb39.241446-76.608205
6933Hanover St & Waterview Ave Nb39.253484-76.616648
10472Harford & Christopher Nb39.358238-76.556259
3578Harford & Christopher Sb39.358712-76.556064
3602Harford & Moravia Sb39.343212-76.568811
3591Harford & White Sb39.355268-76.559037
3399Harford Ave & Biddle St Fs Nb39.304138-76.601991
3402Harford Ave & Federal St Fs Nb39.308737-76.600329
14037Harford Ave & North Ave Nb Ns39.311638-76.599373
3400Harford Ave & Preston St Fs Nb39.305357-76.601574
3538Harford Ave & Putty Hill Ave Sb39.383273-76.534792
3524Harford Rd & 2nd Ave Fs Sb39.391860-76.527363
3512Harford Rd & 5th Ave Nb39.393160-76.525821
10468Harford Rd & 6th Sb39.393516-76.525762
3411Harford Rd & 25th St Nb39.316516-76.595421
3627Harford Rd & 25th St Sb39.316952-76.595282
3620Harford Rd & 30th St Fs Sb39.324922-76.586385
3420Harford Rd & 30th St opp Nb39.324931-76.586024
3618Harford Rd & 32nd St Sb39.327254-76.584503
4332Harford Rd & 32nd St opp Fs Nb39.327402-76.584028
3439Harford Rd & Ailsa Ave Nb39.346910-76.565871
3598Harford Rd & Ailsa Ave Sb39.347275-76.565861
3549Harford Rd & Alvarado Sq Sb39.368969-76.547183
3607Harford Rd & Argonne Dr Sb39.337191-76.574773
3628Harford Rd & Bonaparte Ave Sb39.314381-76.597928
3409Harford Rd & Broadway Nb39.314009-76.598004
3485Harford Rd & Chesley Ave Nb39.365519-76.549871
10251Harford Rd & Cliftview Ave Sb39.315924-76.596325
3507Harford Rd & East Ave Nb39.389970-76.528825
3444Harford Rd & Echodale Ave Nb39.349889-76.563352
3595Harford Rd & Echodale Ave Sb39.350301-76.563301
3505Harford Rd & Edgewood Ave Nb39.385841-76.532346
3500Harford Rd & Garnet Rd Nb39.378248-76.538932
3543Harford Rd & Garnet Rd Sb39.378256-76.539148
3450Harford Rd & Glenmore Ave Nb39.356570-76.557680
3603Harford Rd & Grindon Ave Sb39.342468-76.569883
3593Harford Rd & Hamilton Ave Sb39.352356-76.561554
3488Harford Rd & Harview Ave Nb39.368974-76.546872
3621Harford Rd & Hillen Rd Sb39.323150-76.588250
3418Harford Rd & Hillen Rd opp Nb39.322643-76.588583
3503Harford Rd & Hiss Ave Nb39.382319-76.535382
3413Harford Rd & Homestead St Nb39.318978-76.592742
3625Harford Rd & Homestead St Sb39.319308-76.592794
3412Harford Rd & Institute Mid Nb39.318027-76.593709
3515Harford Rd & Joppa Rd Fs Nb39.394987-76.523023
3523Harford Rd & Joppa Rd Sb39.394962-76.523290
3552Harford Rd & Kildaire Dr Sb39.365264-76.550404
3546Harford Rd & Linganore Ave39.372623-76.543971
3493Harford Rd & Linganore Ave Nb39.372287-76.544042
3537Harford Rd & Manns Ave Sb39.385548-76.532814
3431Harford Rd & Montebello Ter Fs Nb39.339906-76.572302
3606Harford Rd & Montebello Terr Sb39.340191-76.572362
3436Harford Rd & Moravia Rd Nb39.342656-76.569160
3406Harford Rd & North Ave Fs Nb39.312528-76.599037
12313Harford Rd & Northern Pkwy Nb39.363153-76.551918
3554Harford Rd & Northern Pky Sb39.363549-76.551888
3590Harford Rd & Old Harford Rd Sb39.356791-76.557714
3429Harford Rd & Parkside Dr Fs Nb39.337262-76.574498
3504Harford Rd & Putty Hill Ave Nb39.383259-76.534541
3526Harford Rd & Richmond Ave Sb39.390132-76.528908
3497Harford Rd & Taylor Ave Fs Nb39.374328-76.542278
3544Harford Rd & Taylor Ave Sb39.374158-76.542654
4330Harford Rd & The Alameda Fs Nb39.321290-76.590298
3623Harford Rd & The Alameda Sb39.321477-76.590574
3467Harford Rd & Westfield Ave Nb39.360591-76.554223
3576Harford Rd & Westfield Ave Sb39.360809-76.554278
3448Harford Rd & White Ave Nb39.354642-76.559291
3540Harford Rd & Willoughby Rd Fs Sb39.381435-76.536387
6731Harper Wy & Horners Ln39.305020-76.550821
11892Harper's Farm Rd & Cedar La opp Wb39.221679-76.889502
11772Harpers Farm Rd & Cedar La Eb39.221502-76.889459
11942Harpers Ferry W Va MARC Eb39.324496-77.730570
11974Harpers Ferry W Va MARC Wb39.324586-77.730548
13520Harpers Way & Horners Ln Eb39.304783-76.551079
11705Harry S Truman P & R38.979022-76.554830
3677Harwall Rd & Barrett Rd Fs Eb39.297430-76.722778
3967Harwall Rd & Clairidge Rd Fs Wb39.297290-76.722327
3680Harwall Rd & Forest Park Ave Eb39.295407-76.720327
3964Harwall Rd & Forest Park Ave Wb39.295142-76.719588
3968Harwall Rd & Ingleside Ave Wb39.298156-76.723342
3681Harwall Rd & St Agnes Ln Eb39.294531-76.718297
6870Hawkins Point Rd & Chemical Rd Eb39.205859-76.573465
6894Hawkins Point Rd & Chemical Rd Wb39.205918-76.572944
6893Hawkins Point Rd & Coast Guard Facility Wb39.205044-76.568517
10967Hawkins Point Rd & Efficiency Wy Fs Eb39.203064-76.559872
6891Hawkins Point Rd & Quarantine Rd Fs39.203545-76.560979
6871Hawkins Point Rd & Us Coast Guard Facility Eb39.204909-76.568761
11469Hickory Park & Ride39.570696-76.351952
4118Highland Ave & Baltimore St Fs Nb39.292632-76.569315
4350Highland Ave & Baltimore St Sb39.292316-76.569517
12513Highland Ave & Cardiff St Sb39.275325-76.568352
4119Highland Ave & Fayette St Nb39.294749-76.569483
4349Highland Ave & Fayette St Sb39.294994-76.569671
4115Highland Ave & Gough St Nb39.288312-76.569022
4352Highland Ave & Gough St Sb39.288748-76.569243
4348Highland Ave & Jefferson St Sb39.297350-76.569814
4347Highland Ave & Mcelderry St Sb39.298399-76.569907
4123Highland Ave & Monument St Nb39.299041-76.569771
4116Highland Ave & Pratt St Nb39.290065-76.569172
4351Highland Ave & Pratt St Sb39.290372-76.569330
4120Highland Ave & Pulaski Hwy Fs Nb39.296141-76.569549
5642Hillen Rd & Cold Spring Ln Nb39.344677-76.586197
10913Hillen Rd & Coldspring Ln Fs Sb39.345361-76.586375
1004Hillen St & Colvin St Sb39.295974-76.606864
1006Hillen St & High St Sb39.295009-76.608200
13624Hillen St & The Fallsway Sb39.294065-76.609725
590Hillsway & Lyle Fs Nb39.376829-76.567953
3565Hillsway & Saturn Ct Fs Sb39.377326-76.568019
3478Hillsway Ave & Dartmouth Ave Fs Nb39.382264-76.570814
3562Hillsway Ave & Dartmouth Ave Sb39.382227-76.571027
3564Hillsway Ave & Halstead Rd Sb39.378913-76.568739
591Hillsway Ave & Kenton Rd Fs Nb39.378434-76.568151
589Hillsway Ave & Wentworth Rd Nb39.375289-76.568265
3566Hillsway Ave & Wentworth Rd Sb39.375997-76.568383
7052Hilltop Cir & Administration Building Nb39.252938-76.714604
10964Hilltop Cir & Commons Dr (UMBC) Sb39.252489-76.708928
10963Hilltop Cir& Center Rd Sb39.258470-76.708062
6501Hilton Rd & Barrington Rd Nb39.327866-76.669487
6379Hilton Rd & Barrington Rd Sb39.328322-76.669488
6500Hilton Rd & Dorchester Rd Nb39.325564-76.670638
6380Hilton Rd & Dorchester Rd Sb39.326160-76.670554
6235Hilton Rd & Liberty Heights Ave Sb39.324178-76.671392
8978Hilton St & Baltimore St Nb39.285699-76.672175
8982Hilton St & Baltimore St Sb39.286339-76.672399
246Hilton St & Carlisle Ave Nb39.319020-76.672860
336Hilton St & Carlisle Ave Sb39.319259-76.673053
242Hilton St & Culver St Nb39.289698-76.672376
4201Hilton St & Culver St Sb39.289873-76.672593
12248Hilton St & Fairview Ave39.321668-76.672786
248Hilton St & Fairview Ave Nb39.321228-76.672818
250Hilton St & Forest Park Ave Nb39.323101-76.671884
334Hilton St & Forest Park Ave Sb39.323423-76.671918
8977Hilton St & Frederick Ave Nb39.281380-76.672062
8972Hilton St & Frederick Ave Sb39.281403-76.672206
4202Hilton St & Kossuth St Sb39.288985-76.672542
10833Hilton St & Leeds St Nb39.282964-76.672023
251Hilton St & Liberty Heights Ave Nb39.323994-76.671476
4205Hilton St & Massachusetts Ave Sb39.283608-76.672290
240Hilton St & Morley St Nb39.287480-76.672267
338Hilton St & Piedmont Ave Sb39.316432-76.672860
247Hilton St & Powhatan Ave Fs Nb39.320395-76.672887
335Hilton St & Powhatan Ave Sb39.320496-76.673137
244Hilton St & Troy St opp Nb39.315696-76.672685
649Holabird & Searles Fs Wb39.271136-76.506689
675Holabird Ave & Belle Ave Fs Eb39.271626-76.509933
3855Holabird Ave & Broening Hwy Fs Wb39.272088-76.547112
671Holabird Ave & Delvale Ave Fs Eb39.272713-76.517409
12200Holabird Ave & Delvale Ave Wb39.272817-76.517036
11458Holabird Ave & Holaview Rd Fs Wb39.271574-76.508846
13746Holabird Ave & Randolph Ave Fs Eb39.272047-76.512144
11459Holabird Ave & Randolph Wb39.272148-76.511810
677Holabird Ave & Searles Rd Eb39.270997-76.506780
12367Hollins Ferry Rd & 5th Ave Sb39.241598-76.650760
2263Hollins Ferry Rd & American Tire39.231801-76.676693
12355Hollins Ferry Rd & American Tire Wb39.231638-76.677129
10928Hollins Ferry Rd & Banger St Sb39.257626-76.644685
2250Hollins Ferry Rd & Bero Rd Eb39.237685-76.653374
12368Hollins Ferry Rd & Bero Rd Wb39.238058-76.652823
10929Hollins Ferry Rd & Brohawn Ave Sb39.255957-76.645922
2248Hollins Ferry Rd & Freeway Fs Eb39.241518-76.650614
4951Hollins Ferry Rd & Gehb Ave Sb39.250158-76.647291
12289Hollins Ferry Rd & Halethorpe Farms Rd Fs39.228503-76.685376
12290Hollins Ferry Rd & Halethorpe Farms Rd Wb39.228554-76.685710
10959Hollins Ferry Rd & Harman Ave Op Nb39.260153-76.642642
10926Hollins Ferry Rd & Harman Ave Sb39.260364-76.642599
10952Hollins Ferry Rd & Hollinswood Shopping Center Nb39.250811-76.647009
7038Hollins Ferry Rd & Kessler Rd Eb39.237575-76.655027
2260Hollins Ferry Rd & Kessler Rd opp Wb39.237713-76.655438
10955Hollins Ferry Rd & Marbourne Ave Nb39.253446-76.646547
10930Hollins Ferry Rd & Marbourne Ave Sb39.253372-76.646679
10958Hollins Ferry Rd & Northshire Dr Nb39.257422-76.644667
4950Hollins Ferry Rd & Patapsco Ave Fs Nb39.251772-76.646771
4967Hollins Ferry Rd & Patapsco Ave Sb39.251753-76.646923
12356Hollins Ferry Rd & Railroad Tracks Wb39.230310-76.679554
12354Hollins Ferry Rd & Ray Rd Op Wb39.233319-76.675059
10957Hollins Ferry Rd & Rittenhouse Ave Fs Nb39.255793-76.645886
2249Hollins Ferry Rd & Ryerson Cir Fs Eb39.237565-76.657336
10950Hollins Ferry Rd & Shenandoah Ave opp Nb39.246001-76.647645
13661Hollins Ferry Rd & Transway Rd Eb39.234620-76.673149
5403Hollins Ferry Rd & Waterview Ave Nb39.261145-76.641925
5847Homewood Ave & North Ave Nb39.311931-76.607058
12711Homewood Ave & North Ave Ns Sb39.311686-76.607195
504Hopkins Pl & Baltimore Arena Mb Sb39.288491-76.617869
13723Hopkins Pl & Pratt St39.286555-76.617701
13651Hospital Dr & 6820 Hospital Dr opp Sb39.347286-76.475537
2880Hospital Dr & Bw Med Ctr opp Wb39.138821-76.621948
2788Hospital Dr & Bw Medical Ent Eb39.138800-76.622417
2789Hospital Dr & Crain Hwy Fs Eb39.141638-76.630785
8729Hospital Dr & Crain Hwy Wb39.141817-76.631136
2791Hospital Dr & Elvaton Rd Eb39.140127-76.626326
2878Hospital Dr & Elvaton Rd opp Wb39.140413-76.626566
2790Hospital Dr & Mt Ridge Dr Eb39.141369-76.628858
2879Hospital Dr & Mt Ridge Dr Wb39.141496-76.628701
5006Howard St & 20th St Nb39.312010-76.619240
4898Howard St & 21st St Sb39.313260-76.619534
5009Howard St & 23rd St Nb39.315066-76.619441
4896Howard St & 23rd St Sb39.315278-76.619642
5011Howard St & 25th St39.317604-76.619616
4894Howard St & 25th St Sb39.318078-76.619825
4893Howard St & 26th St Fs39.319068-76.619883
5012Howard St & 26th St Nb39.319161-76.619720
12036Howard St & Balt & Fairmount Mis Nb39.289560-76.619425
7529Howard St & Camden St Sb39.285398-76.619294
2074Howard St & Centre St Nb39.295970-76.619751
2069Howard St & Fayette St Nb39.290282-76.619339
2073Howard St & Franklin St Nb39.294816-76.619683
4900Howard St & John St Sb39.306254-76.621045
2936Howard St & Lexington St Nb39.291350-76.619449
4904Howard St & Madison St Sb39.298554-76.620124
5005Howard St & North Ave Nb39.310764-76.619295
4899Howard St & North Ave Sb39.311247-76.619382
7524Howard St & Pratt St Fs Nb39.286607-76.619129
13664Howard St & Pratt St Ns (Convention Center)39.286262-76.619236
4902Howard St & Preston St Sb39.303472-76.620730
4903Howard St & Read St Fs Sb39.300638-76.620252
2067Howard St & Redwood St opp Nb39.288224-76.619240
2072Howard St & Saratoga St Mid Nb39.293665-76.619606
1297Hudson & East Eb39.282293-76.571396
1311Hudson & East Wb39.282474-76.571093
1309Hudson & Highland Wb39.282458-76.568683
1315Hudson & Kenwood Wb39.282154-76.576888
1295Hudson & Potomac Eb39.282184-76.574150
1313Hudson & Potomac Wb39.282263-76.574044
s7033Hunt Valley39.496288-76.654289
7662Hunt Valley (Northbound)39.496227-76.653755
7663Hunt Valley (Southbound)39.496292-76.654762
11602Independence Ave & 1st St SE Eb38.887557-77.005289
11575Independence Ave & 1st St SE Wb38.887692-77.005684
11601Independence Ave & 4th & 3rd St SW Eb38.887598-77.016219
11576Independence Ave & 4th St SW Wb38.887654-77.017313
11634Independence Ave & 6th St SW (Air & Space Museum)38.887655-77.019425
11650Independence Ave & 7&6 St SW Mid Eb38.887573-77.020725
13634Independence Ave & 9th St SW Eb38.887453-77.024513
11648Independence Ave & 12th St Eb38.887461-77.028443
11636Independence Ave & 12th St SW Wb38.887605-77.027722
11738Independence Ave & 14th St SW Wb38.887613-77.031652
11635Independence Ave & L'Enfant Pl SW Wb38.887736-77.025567
11770Independence Ave & New Jersey Ave SE Eb38.887499-77.008577
11754Independence Ave & New Jersey Ave SE Wb38.887689-77.007876
14231Industry Ln & York Rd Eb39.466040-76.638623
14229Industry Ln & York Rd Wb39.466361-76.637993
2966Ingleside Ave & Charles St opp Eb39.297616-76.724278
7016Ingleside Ave & Chrysler Ln Fs Sb39.286646-76.731395
7064Ingleside Ave & Chrysler Ln Nb39.286770-76.731075
7060Ingleside Ave & Edmondson Ave Nb39.277065-76.732990
7061Ingleside Ave & Edmondson Ave Sb39.277585-76.733374
7018Ingleside Ave & Fern Valley Cir Sb39.281436-76.731776
3274Ingleside Ave & Harford Ave Sb39.298478-76.723405
7062Ingleside Ave & Lodge Rd Nb39.283995-76.730390
7017Ingleside Ave & Lodge Rd opp Sb39.284184-76.730592
12363Ingleside Ave & Melrose Ave Nb39.272839-76.731615
12366Ingleside Ave & Melrose Ave Sb39.273007-76.731822
3275Ingleside Ave & Montgomery St Sb39.297279-76.725027
2968Ingleside Ave & Parallel Dr Eb39.302693-76.715693
2964Ingleside Ave & Prince George St Fs Eb39.296013-76.726591
3277Ingleside Ave & Prince George St Sb39.296140-76.726708
3272Ingleside Ave & Stella Dr Sb39.301453-76.718884
2967Ingleside Ave & Sunset Ave Fs Eb39.299969-76.721075
3273Ingleside Ave & Sunset Ave Sb39.300531-76.720528
3279Ingleside Ave & Talbot St Fs Sb39.293841-76.730007
2962Ingleside Ave & Talbott St Eb39.293784-76.729819
1859International Cir & International Dr Nb39.496840-76.662523
1711International Circle39.502231-76.664022
10635International Cr & Ensemble Ct Sb39.498962-76.665436
10652International Cr & International Dr39.496727-76.661275
12041International Dr & Aero Dr Wb39.206929-76.676916
12024Jessup MARC Nb39.151525-76.776332
12009Jessup MARC Sb39.151561-76.776402
4220Joh Ave & Bloomfield Ave Fs Eb39.260149-76.665633
4258Joh Ave & Bloomfield Ave Fs Wb39.260013-76.666358
4259Joh Ave & Koppers St Fs Wb39.261199-76.671392
4218Joh Ave & Vero Rd Fs Eb39.262452-76.674666
s0014Johns Hopkins Metro39.298289-76.594107
ev0014nJohns Hopkins Metro North Elevator39.298813-76.594631
e0014nJohns Hopkins Metro North Entrance39.298555-76.594531
ev0014sJohns Hopkins Metro South Elevator39.297069-76.594141
e0014sJohns Hopkins Metro South Entrance39.296889-76.594177
7510Johns Hopkins Station (Metro)39.296583-76.594166
13591Jones Bridge Rd & University Rd Wb38.999706-77.085157
13594Jones Bridge Rd Opp. University Rd Fs Eb38.999523-77.085021
2817Jones Station Rd & Severna Park Park & Ride Eb39.057118-76.528422
2848Jones Station Rd & Severna Park Park & Ride Mb Nb39.057190-76.528632
616Joppa Rd & Baltimore County Public Safety Building Mb Wb39.399865-76.589358
6598Joppa Rd & Black & Decker Eb39.400593-76.591632
406Joppa Rd & Manor Care Eb39.401172-76.593576
617Joppa Rd & Manor Care Wb39.401318-76.593531
417Joppa Rd & Mylander Ln Eb39.395759-76.574566
610Joppa Rd & Mylander Ln Wb39.395955-76.574068
419Joppa Rd & Pleasant Plains Rd Eb39.396401-76.568037
608Joppa Rd & Pleasant Plains Rd Wb39.396597-76.567799
6566Joppa Rd & Virginia Ave Wb39.402112-76.599698
2807Jumpers Hole Loop & Woodholme Eb39.128922-76.587998
13644K St & 1st St NE38.902609-77.005745
13547K St & 1st St NE Nb38.902484-77.007093
13679K St & 2nd St NE Wb38.902590-77.003372
13680K St & 3rd St NE Eb38.902475-77.002172
11595K St & 13th St NW Eb38.902497-77.028664
11582K St & 13th St NW Wb38.902593-77.030139
11719K St & 14th St NW Eb38.902448-77.032299
11710K St & 14th St NW Wb38.902596-77.032492
11594K St & 15th St NW Eb38.902461-77.034928
11583K St & 15th St NW Wb38.902609-77.035179
11718K St & 16th St NW Fs Eb38.902564-77.036324
11711K St & 16th St NW Wb38.902589-77.036981
11584K St & 17th St & Connecticut NW Wb38.902626-77.039246
11593K St & 17th St NW Eb38.902492-77.039813
11717K St & 18th St NW Eb38.902458-77.041697
11712K St & 18th St NW Wb38.902599-77.041571
11592K St & 19th St NW Eb38.902462-77.043736
11585K St & 19th St NW Wb38.902589-77.043224
11716K St & 20th St NW Eb38.902259-77.045277
11713K St & 20th St NW Wb38.902572-77.044675
11644K St & 21st St NW Eb38.902485-77.046393
11639K St & 21st St NW Wb38.902550-77.046428
4619Kane St & Patterson High School39.291987-76.536061
4620Kane St & Patterson High School39.291064-76.536847
4855Kelly Ave & Falls Rd Eb39.367046-76.648748
5048Kelly Ave & Falls Rd Fs Wb39.367213-76.648800
5052Kelly Ave & Poplin Ave Wb39.366633-76.660385
4854Kelly Ave & South Rd Eb39.366513-76.652357
4853Kelly Ave & Sulgrave Ave Eb39.366846-76.653966
5049Kelly Ave & Sulgrave Ave Wb39.366779-76.652680
4801Kelso Dr & Martin Blvd Eb39.340478-76.465111
8524Kelso Dr & Martin Blvd Fs Wb39.340502-76.465346
4799Kelso Dr & Nashua Ct Fs Eb39.338418-76.468141
4777Kelso Dr & Nashua Ct Fs Wb39.338475-76.468904
12511Kelso Dr & Rossville Blvd Fs Nb39.334429-76.475588
4845Ken Oak Rd & Greenspring Ave Eb39.358892-76.666570
5057Ken Oak Rd & Greenspring Ave Wb39.359242-76.666104
11956Kensington MARC Eb39.027071-77.072234
11960Kensington MARC Wb39.027125-77.072188
12496Kent Narrows P & R38.971537-76.251940
6626Kenwood Ave & Hazelwood Ave Sb39.341828-76.505081
6539Kenwood Ave & Lillian Holt Dr Nb39.353754-76.512344
6623Kenwood Ave & Mccormick Ave Sb39.354457-76.513242
6538Kenwood Ave & Overlea High School Fs Nb39.350327-76.510224
6624Kenwood Ave & Overlea High School Sb39.349554-76.509921
6536Kenwood Ave & Shady Spring Ave Nb39.341219-76.505053
6540Kenwood Ave & Sipple Ave Fs Wb39.355845-76.515749
6622Kenwood Ave & Sipple Ave opp Eb39.355711-76.515684
6627Kenwood Ave & Weyburn Rd Fs Sb39.338586-76.505233
12340Kenwood Ave & Weyburn Rd Nb39.339075-76.505157
2576Kernan Dr & Clifton Ave Eb39.312291-76.714153
2565Kernan Dr & Clifton Ave Wb39.312439-76.714081
14073Key Hwy & Battery Ave Wb Opp39.280733-76.610003
14079Key Hwy & Boyle St Sb Fs39.273338-76.601741
14070Key Hwy & Boyle St opp Fs Wb39.273452-76.601865
14076Key Hwy & Covington Ns Eb39.280684-76.607251
14077Key Hwy & Cross St Ns Sb39.277649-76.606458
14071Key Hwy & Harborview Wb Fs39.274857-76.604495
14078Key Hwy & Jackson St Sb Ns39.275218-76.605451
14164Key Hwy & Key Hwy E Sb Fs39.271241-76.599748
14075Key Hwy & Light St Fs Eb39.280539-76.612407
13949Key Hwy & Mchenry Row Ns Nb39.270003-76.600124
14072Key Hwy & Pierside Dr Wb Fs39.277551-76.606243
12627King Ave & Armada Way Eb39.355937-76.466099
5683King Ave & Heathcliff Dr Fs Wb39.356489-76.466991
5780King Ave & King Arthur Cir Eb39.356889-76.468418
5781King Ave & Philadelphia Rd Eb39.354750-76.463178
5682King Ave & Princess Dr Nb39.354468-76.462443
5872Kirk Ave & 22nd St Nb39.314231-76.606029
5845Kirk Ave & 22nd St Sb39.314709-76.605693
5875Kirk Ave & 25th St Nb39.317922-76.602268
5841Kirk Ave & 25th St Sb39.318449-76.601919
5881Kirk Ave & 29th St Nb39.324626-76.595471
5835Kirk Ave & 29th St Sb39.325060-76.595209
5836Kirk Ave & Abbotson St opp Sb39.324063-76.596234
13530Kirk Ave & Bartlett St39.315313-76.605044
5873Kirk Ave & Curtain St Nb39.315868-76.604307
5876Kirk Ave & Exeter Hall Ave Nb39.319421-76.600753
5840Kirk Ave & Exeter Hall Ave Sb39.319914-76.600435
5837Kirk Ave & Gorsuch Ave Fs Sb39.322698-76.597616
5879Kirk Ave & Gorsuch Ave Nb39.322662-76.597466
5878Kirk Ave & Montpelier St Nb39.321569-76.598583
5838Kirk Ave & Montpelier St Sb39.322033-76.598292
14181Knecht Ave & John Ave Eb Fs39.257783-76.681448
14182Knecht Ave & John Ave Wb Ns39.258037-76.681944
11673L St & 21st St NW Eb38.903686-77.047015
11671L St & 25th St NW Fs Eb38.903705-77.052655
11684La Plata P&r & Charles Co38.549977-76.977922
4000Lafayette Ave & Arlington Ave Eb39.299066-76.636251
3998Lafayette Ave & Carey St Ns Eb39.298968-76.639032
4086Lafayette Ave & Carey St Wb39.299112-76.638335
13823Lafayette Ave & Fulton Ave Wb39.298836-76.645645
3996Lafayette Ave & Gilmor St Fs Eb39.298860-76.642490
8801Lafayette Ave & Myrtle Ave Eb39.299633-76.633701
8395Lafayette Ave & Myrtle Ave Fs Wb39.299504-76.634094
4089Lafayette Ave & Parrish St Wb39.298980-76.642580
4Lanier Ave & Belvedere Ave39.352749-76.664492
3Lanier Ave & Sinai Hospital39.351545-76.663359
14234Lansdowne High School & Lansdowne Road Eb39.246385-76.650843
8541Lasalle Rd & Joppa Rd Sb39.395762-76.576190
612Lasalle Rd & York Building Sb39.394451-76.576858
12021Laurel MARC Nb39.101817-76.842109
12012Laurel MARC Sb39.101872-76.842178
12011Laurel Racetrack MARC Sb39.105464-76.834411
11999Lawina Rd & Wakefield Rd Fs Sb39.319501-76.691025
2542Lawina Rd & Wakefield Rd Nb39.319438-76.690700
s7016Lexington Market39.292255-76.619621
7513Lexington Market (Metro) Nb39.292228-76.621099
7507Lexington Market (Metro) Sb39.290968-76.620923
7643Lexington Market (Northbound)39.292568-76.619576
7681Lexington Market (Southbound)39.291866-76.619667
s0011Lexington Market Metro39.291730-76.620914
ev0011Lexington Market Metro Elevator39.292992-76.620926
e0011nLexington Market Metro North Entrance39.292935-76.620844
e0011sLexington Market Metro South Entrance39.291640-76.620625
3040Lexington St & Calvert St Eb39.291141-76.612693
12712Lexington St & Gay St Fs39.291256-76.608105
3048Lexington St & Holliday St Eb39.291221-76.610525
5117Liberty & Old Mill Sb39.339766-76.720476
5169Liberty Heights & Ayrdale Ave Fs Sb39.326747-76.680764
5170Liberty Heights & Callaway Ave Sb39.326317-76.678980
5250Liberty Heights & Cedardale Wb39.325367-76.675412
7277Liberty Heights Ave & Burleith Ave Fs Nb39.320504-76.658982
5176Liberty Heights Ave & Burleith Ave Sb39.320546-76.659863
5254Liberty Heights Ave & Carsdale Ave Wb39.328243-76.685060
5251Liberty Heights Ave & Copely Rd Nb39.326169-76.677968
5249Liberty Heights Ave & Denison St Fs Wb39.324733-76.673286
4177Liberty Heights Ave & Druid Park Dr Fs Sb39.321623-76.663396
4295Liberty Heights Ave & Druid Park Dr Nb39.321829-76.663278
253Liberty Heights Ave & Dukeland St Sb39.322675-76.667050
5172Liberty Heights Ave & Edgewood St Sb39.325073-76.675105
5165Liberty Heights Ave & Eldorado Ave Fs Sb39.330026-76.691637
5258Liberty Heights Ave & Eldorado Ave Nb39.330077-76.691149
13714Liberty Heights Ave & Ellamont Rd Nb39.323593-76.669445
7284Liberty Heights Ave & Flannery Ln Nb39.336485-76.711136
5253Liberty Heights Ave & Garrison Blvd Nwb39.327389-76.682222
5168Liberty Heights Ave & Garrison Blvd Sb39.327388-76.682671
5166Liberty Heights Ave & Granada Ave Sb39.328813-76.687624
5255Liberty Heights Ave & Granada Ave Wb39.328871-76.687212
5163Liberty Heights Ave & Gwynn Oak Ave Fs39.331217-76.695382
5260Liberty Heights Ave & Gwynn Oak Ave Nb39.331362-76.695286
5164Liberty Heights Ave & Hillsdale Rd Fs Sb39.330758-76.694045
7281Liberty Heights Ave & Hillsdale Rd Nb39.330910-76.693894
5248Liberty Heights Ave & Hilton Rd Wb39.324142-76.671299
7272Liberty Heights Ave & Hilton St Fs Sb39.323920-76.671174
5291Liberty Heights Ave & Milford Ave Nb39.332942-76.700297
5127Liberty Heights Ave & Milford Ave Sb39.333052-76.701116
6393Liberty Heights Ave & Mondawmin Mall39.318906-76.654846
5167Liberty Heights Ave & Oakfield Ave Sb39.328176-76.685486
13833Liberty Heights Ave & Reisterstown Rd Fs Wb39.318546-76.652731
7282Liberty Heights Ave & Rogers Ave Nb39.334412-76.705020
9255Liberty Heights Ave & Rogers Ave Sb39.334265-76.704975
332Liberty Heights Ave & Rosedale Rd Nb39.322950-76.667285
5245Liberty Heights Ave & Tioga Pkwy39.319497-76.655821
7274Liberty Heights Ave & Tioga Pkwy Sb39.319382-76.656111
5252Liberty Ht & Ayrdale Avewb39.326926-76.680903
5173Liberty Hts & Denison St Sb39.324603-76.673539
252Liberty Hts & Ellamont opp Sb39.323398-76.669509
5171Liberty Hts & Grantley Rd Sb39.325574-76.676871
5289Liberty Hts & Howard Park Ave Nb39.332295-76.698167
5129Liberty Hts & Howard Park Ave Sb39.332287-76.698709
12645Liberty Rd & Anne Hathaway Dr Fs Nb39.364611-76.787229
11218Liberty Rd & Anne Hathaway Dr opp Sb39.364316-76.786890
11213Liberty Rd & Bayer Ave Fs Sb39.368107-76.797463
11201Liberty Rd & Brenbrook Dr Nb39.363472-76.784135
11219Liberty Rd & Brenbrook Dr Sb39.363537-76.784821
5305Liberty Rd & Brubar Ct Nb39.343603-76.729670
7263Liberty Rd & Brubar Ct opp Sb39.343620-76.730321
12647Liberty Rd & Campfield Rd Nb39.341809-76.725049
13961Liberty Rd & Chapman Rd Eb39.371838-76.805432
13953Liberty Rd & Chapman Rd Wb39.371934-76.805278
5311Liberty Rd & Croyden Rd Nb39.347753-76.741196
5108Liberty Rd & Croyden Rd Sb39.347691-76.741569
5315Liberty Rd & Dunhill Village Nb39.351739-76.752218
5112Liberty Rd & Essex Rd Fs Sb39.345170-76.734567
5307Liberty Rd & Essex Rd Nb39.345383-76.734546
11207Liberty Rd & Fieldstone Rd Nb39.366828-76.793443
11214Liberty Rd & Fieldstone Rd opp Sb39.366690-76.793661
7266Liberty Rd & Flannery Ln Sb39.336404-76.711466
11220Liberty Rd & Foxcliff Ct Mb Sb39.362540-76.782101
5097Liberty Rd & Jean Dr Fs Eb39.357919-76.769801
7265Liberty Rd & Kelox Rd Sb39.337628-76.714966
5304Liberty Rd & King James Cir Nb39.343082-76.728373
11200Liberty Rd & Liberty Court Shopping Center Nb39.362074-76.780289
5326Liberty Rd & Liberty Crossroads Shopping Center Nb39.360102-76.774971
14153Liberty Rd & Liberty Pl39.362609-76.781739
5323Liberty Rd & Libertypl Wb39.358144-76.769879
13955Liberty Rd & Live Oak Rd Eb39.376849-76.815409
13959Liberty Rd & Live Oak Rd Eb39.376777-76.815634
11208Liberty Rd & Marcella Op Nb39.367938-76.796509
1433Liberty Rd & Marriotts Ln Fs Nb39.355866-76.764105
5101Liberty Rd & Marriotts Ln opp Sb39.355532-76.763563
13958Liberty Rd & Marriottsville Rd Eb39.381282-76.823374
13956Liberty Rd & Marriottsville Rd Wb39.381255-76.823034
5119Liberty Rd & Meadowside Ave Sb39.339082-76.718647
7094Liberty Rd & Milford Mill Rd Fs Nb39.354128-76.758973
7400Liberty Rd & Milford Mill Rd Fs Sb39.353648-76.758209
6978Liberty Rd & Milford Mill Rd Sb39.353926-76.759067
11209Liberty Rd & Offutt Rd Nb39.368909-76.798667
11212Liberty Rd & Offutt Rd Sb39.369346-76.799998
5327Liberty Rd & Old Court Rd Nb39.361580-76.779128
5093Liberty Rd & Old Court Rd Sb39.361473-76.779272
5302Liberty Rd & Patterson Ave Nb39.340744-76.722368
5116Liberty Rd & Patterson Ave opp S39.340767-76.722936
13960Liberty Rd & Pikeswood Dr Eb39.374113-76.810549
13954Liberty Rd & Pikeswood Dr Wb39.374212-76.810162
5317Liberty Rd & Rockdale Terr Fs Nb39.352973-76.755755
5104Liberty Rd & Rockdale Terr Sb39.352692-76.755486
7095Liberty Rd & Rolling Rd Fs Wb39.356595-76.765949
6977Liberty Rd & Rolling Rd Sb39.356369-76.765937
11221Liberty Rd & Savoy Plaza Sb39.360112-76.775665
14046Liberty Rd & Sedgemoor Rd Eb Fs39.344165-76.731762
5114Liberty Rd & St Lukes Ln Sb39.342854-76.728287
11205Liberty Rd & Stoneybrook Rd Nb39.365987-76.790978
11216Liberty Rd & Stoneybrook Rd Sb39.365944-76.791519
14045Liberty Rd & Sun Mar Ct Wb Ns39.344385-76.731759
5297Liberty Rd & Tulsa Rd Fs Nb39.337502-76.713865
5313Liberty Rd & Washington Ave Fs Nb39.351211-76.750697
5106Liberty Rd & Washington Ave Sb39.350947-76.750690
503Liberty St & Lexington St Sb39.291706-76.617185
6940Light St & Barney St Nb39.269385-76.611608
6821Light St & Barney St Sb39.269662-76.611793
14074Light St & Barre St Fs Opp39.283236-76.612878
6811Light St & Conway St Mb Sb39.283660-76.613351
10887Light St & Cross St Sb39.277244-76.612453
6818Light St & Fort Ave Sb39.272895-76.611838
12728Light St & Heath St Fs Nb39.270696-76.611361
6820Light St & Heath St Sb39.270844-76.611578
6814Light St & Henrietta St Sb39.279150-76.612694
10966Light St & Lee St Fs Sb39.281947-76.613219
6813Light St & Mongomery St Sb39.280089-76.612797
6817Light St & Ostend St Fs Sb39.274590-76.612084
70Light St & Pratt St39.286755-76.613687
68Light St & Redwood St39.288717-76.613857
5488Linden Ave & Highview Road Sb39.251855-76.695390
7047Linden Ave & Leeds Ave Wb39.251248-76.694288
11051Linden Ave & Shelbourne Rd Sb39.254876-76.700206
7630Linthicum (Northbound)39.202633-76.655106
7694Linthicum (Southbound)39.202061-76.655586
10579Linwood Ave & Fayette St Sb39.294767-76.576454
2445Linwood Ave & Jefferson St Nb39.296699-76.576402
2697Linwood Ave & Jefferson St Sb39.297178-76.576584
2444Linwood Ave & Pulaski Hwy Nb39.294973-76.576266
11775Little Patuxent & Bright Passage Eb39.206661-76.899868
11889Little Patuxent & Bright Passage Opp39.206949-76.899819
11777Little Patuxent & Cedar La Eb39.214863-76.887653
11887Little Patuxent & Cedar La Wb39.215055-76.887774
11780Little Patuxent & Gov Warfield Nb39.219995-76.858725
11891Little Patuxent & Gray Star Way opp Eb39.212198-76.896262
11773Little Patuxent & Gray Star Wb39.212252-76.896146
11886Little Patuxent & Harper's Farm Wb39.216604-76.881273
11888Little Patuxent & Hickory Rdg Op Sb39.209470-76.894099
11776Little Patuxent & Hickory Rid Nb39.209334-76.894006
11774Little Patuxent & White Cord Way Wb39.212408-76.900951
11890Little Patuxent & White Cord Way opp Eb39.212476-76.900488
11871Little Patuxent Pkwy & Governor Warfield Pkwy Sb39.219216-76.858972
11781Little Patuxent Pkwy & Vantage Point Rd Nb39.223906-76.856852
11870Little Patuxent Pkwy & Vantage Point Rd opp Wb39.224636-76.856826
565Loch Raven & Argonne Nb39.339741-76.593662
466Loch Raven & Argonne Sb39.339581-76.594135
581Loch Raven & Gleneagle Nb39.362404-76.587189
603Loch Raven Blvd & Aberdeen Rd Nb39.389775-76.568945
427Loch Raven Blvd & Aberdeen Rd Sb39.390470-76.568018
579Loch Raven Blvd & Belvedere Ave Nb39.359647-76.588482
453Loch Raven Blvd & Belvedere Ave Sb39.360052-76.588671
8996Loch Raven Blvd & Cold Spring La Nb39.345844-76.591986
5811Loch Raven Blvd & Coldspring Ln Sb39.345516-76.592431
429Loch Raven Blvd & Cottage Ln Fs Sb39.388693-76.571827
597Loch Raven Blvd & Deanwood Rd Nb39.377137-76.579398
601Loch Raven Blvd & Glen Keith Blvd Fs Nb39.388050-76.572687
436Loch Raven Blvd & Glendale Rd Sb39.377663-76.579755
451Loch Raven Blvd & Gleneagle Rd Fs Sb39.362396-76.587566
467Loch Raven Blvd & Greendale Rd Fs Sb39.336448-76.594425
564Loch Raven Blvd & Greendale Rd Nb39.336641-76.594062
456Loch Raven Blvd & Hartsdale Rd Sb39.352501-76.590581
566Loch Raven Blvd & Havenwood Rd Nb39.341069-76.593178
465Loch Raven Blvd & Havenwood Rd Sb39.340894-76.593619
605Loch Raven Blvd & Joan Ave Nb39.393592-76.563552
595Loch Raven Blvd & Kirkwood Apartments Nb39.370719-76.582705
572Loch Raven Blvd & Kitmore Rd Nb39.350802-76.590804
458Loch Raven Blvd & Kitmore Rd Sb39.351215-76.591026
8701Loch Raven Blvd & Loch Bend Dr Nb39.398084-76.563491
596Loch Raven Blvd & Loch Hill Rd Fs Nb39.372701-76.581536
438Loch Raven Blvd & Loch Hill Rd Fs Sb39.372173-76.582236
3482Loch Raven Blvd & Loch Raven Plaza Sb39.383992-76.577800
578Loch Raven Blvd & Lochner Rd Fs Nb39.358377-76.589079
454Loch Raven Blvd & Lochner Rd Sb39.358294-76.589495
567Loch Raven Blvd & Lochwood Rd Nb39.342679-76.592585
464Loch Raven Blvd & Marble Hall Rd Sb39.342727-76.592918
593Loch Raven Blvd & Meridene Dr Nb39.367941-76.584315
440Loch Raven Blvd & Meridene Dr Sb39.367891-76.584764
8654Loch Raven Blvd & Mussula Rd Sb39.393374-76.564008
583Loch Raven Blvd & Northern Pkwy Nb39.365762-76.585607
449Loch Raven Blvd & Northern Pkwy Sb39.366218-76.585739
571Loch Raven Blvd & Pentridge Rd Fs Nb39.347989-76.591670
461Loch Raven Blvd & Pentridge Rd Fs Sb39.347488-76.592099
604Loch Raven Blvd & Putty Hill Ave Nb39.391236-76.565889
426Loch Raven Blvd & Putty Hill Ave Sb39.391822-76.565497
12729Loch Raven Blvd & Regester Ave Nb39.374437-76.580115
598Loch Raven Blvd & Sayward Ave Nb39.379096-76.579551
435Loch Raven Blvd & Sayward Ave Sb39.379816-76.579833
12351Loch Raven Blvd & Shefford Rd Sb39.375846-76.579632
582Loch Raven Blvd & Sherwood Ave Nb39.363633-76.586608
450Loch Raven Blvd & Sherwood Ave Sb39.364134-76.586747
422Loch Raven Blvd & State Hwy Dr Sb39.399365-76.564743
12323Loch Raven Blvd & Taylor Ave Fs Nb39.385830-76.576029
10774Loch Raven Blvd & Taylor Ave Nb39.384447-76.577052
431Loch Raven Blvd & Taylor Ave Sb39.385848-76.576454
8995Loch Raven Blvd & Walker Ave Fs Sb39.369872-76.583597
8997Loch Raven Blvd & Walker Ave Nb39.369832-76.583212
573Loch Raven Blvd & Winford Rd Nb39.352891-76.590065
577Loch Raven Blvd & Woodbourne Ave Nb39.355146-76.589493
455Loch Raven Blvd & Woodbourne Ave Sb39.355505-76.589850
11425Loch Raven Blvd & Yakona Rd Fs Sb39.395658-76.563267
8540Loch Raven Blvd & Yakona Rd Nb39.395738-76.562938
1335Lombard St & Albemarle St Wb39.288882-76.603602
13783Lombard St & Bioscience Dr Fs Wb39.294126-76.549696
1331Lombard St & Broadway Fs Wb39.290427-76.594159
1338Lombard St & Calvert St39.287923-76.611768
5419Lombard St & Carey St Wb39.286634-76.637842
1332Lombard St & Caroline St Fs Wb39.290323-76.597443
1333Lombard St & Central Ave Wb39.290255-76.599265
3661Lombard St & Charles St39.287766-76.615621
1326Lombard St & Collington Ave Wb39.290759-76.586010
1337Lombard St & Commerce St39.287903-76.609942
8589Lombard St & Eaton St Eb39.291406-76.565880
4635Lombard St & Eaton St Wb39.291570-76.565484
1343Lombard St & Eutaw St39.287578-76.621163
295Lombard St & Fulton Fs Wb39.286291-76.645380
5196Lombard St & Greene St39.287503-76.623267
10689Lombard St & Grundy St Wb39.291626-76.563240
10900Lombard St & Haven St Eb39.291541-76.561892
1341Lombard St & Hopkins Pl39.287772-76.617451
1342Lombard St & Howard St39.287717-76.618978
1339Lombard St & Light St39.287880-76.613375
1336Lombard St & Market Pl39.287992-76.607430
2185Lombard St & MLK Blvd39.287332-76.627704
294Lombard St & Mount St Wb39.286390-76.643163
297Lombard St & Payson St Wb39.286181-76.647743
10535Lombard St & Ponca St Fs Eb39.291770-76.554992
10543Lombard St & Ponca St Wb39.291985-76.555237
5416Lombard St & Poppleton St39.286923-76.631888
5417Lombard St & Schroeder St39.286830-76.633993
5421Lombard St & Stricker St Fs Wb39.286464-76.641136
1328Lombard St & Washington St39.290649-76.588906
1329Lombard St & Wolfe St Wb39.290576-76.590587
7531Long Gate P&R39.246810-76.820027
11771Lotte Plaza US 40 & US 2939.276458-76.816911
11563Louisiana Ave & D St NW (Ibt Headquarters) Sb38.894946-77.009471
13749Louisiana Ave & D St NW (Union Station Plaza) Nb38.894699-77.009554
7655Lutherville (Northbound)39.429317-76.627159
7670Lutherville (Southbound)39.428604-76.627121
14083Lutherville Light Rail Station Bay 139.428251-76.626770
14084Lutherville Light Rail Station Bay 239.428201-76.626280
1506Lutherville Station39.428387-76.626851
13627M St & 1st St SE (Navy Yard) Sb38.876371-77.005852
13628M St & 4th St SE (Southeast Federal Center) Eb38.876413-77.000796
13660M St & 4th St SE Wb38.876618-77.000343
11567M St & 4th St SW Eb38.876353-77.016543
11555M St & 4th St SW Wb38.876567-77.017307
11795M St & 8 & 9th Sts Mid Eb38.876569-76.994681
11570M St & 9th St SE Eb38.876389-76.993011
13629M St & 10th St SE (Washington Navy Yard)38.876578-76.992521
11746M St & 21st St NW Wb38.905719-77.046384
11748M St & 25th St NW Wb38.905311-77.053616
13711M St & Half St SW Eb38.876351-77.011176
13710M St & Half St Sw38.876632-77.009781
11569M St & Isaac Hull Ave SE Eb38.876385-76.997357
11553M St & Isaac Hull Ave SE opp Wb38.876504-76.997680
13630M St & New Jersey Ave SE (Navy Yard)38.876603-77.004884
13598MD 117 & W Diamond Ave & Bureau Dr Far Side Wb39.141816-77.217652
13603MD 117 W & Diamond Ave & Bureau Dr Eb39.141693-77.217993
7649MTA Light Rail Division39.315395-76.625885
11479Macphail Rd & Deerbrook Rd Wb39.531973-76.329207
11495Macphail Rd & Deerbrook Rd opp Eb39.531999-76.327982
11480Macphail Rd & Edgehill Dr Wb39.527702-76.337828
11494Macphail Rd & Edgehill Dr opp Eb39.527743-76.337477
10736Madison Ave & Edison Hwy Wb39.300046-76.571368
1002Madison St & Aisquith St Wb39.299208-76.601637
972Madison St & Bond St Wb39.299446-76.595893
8408Madison St & Broadway Fs Wb39.299491-76.594661
973Madison St & Caroline St Fs Wb39.299371-76.597931
1001Madison St & Central Ave Wb39.299278-76.600010
14165Madison St & Charles St Wb Ns39.298656-76.615344
967Madison St & Chester St Wb39.299754-76.587748
10985Madison St & Ellwood Ave Wb39.300304-76.573802
1609Madison St & Ensor St Fs Wb39.299106-76.604258
13822Madison St & Eutaw St Wb39.298420-76.621312
1610Madison St & Greenmount Ave Wb39.299009-76.606492
13819Madison St & Guilford Ave Wb39.298794-76.611440
10986Madison St & Lakewood Ave Wb39.300092-76.579210
5729Madison St & Linwood Ave Fs Wb39.300203-76.576386
10988Madison St & Milton Ave Wb39.299980-76.582055
8355Madison St & Patterson Park Ave Wb39.299825-76.585675
8566Madison St & Washington St Wb39.299687-76.589438
5732Madison St & Wolfe St Wb39.299631-76.590696
11045Maiden Choice Ln & Gateway Ter Sb39.262899-76.697681
11079Maiden Choice Ln & Warren Tree Wy Nb39.262894-76.697372
11078Maiden Choice Ln & Westland Blvd Nb39.261578-76.695343
11047Maiden Choice Ln & Westland Blvd Sb39.261558-76.695565
5473Maiden Choice Ln & Wilkens Ave Fs Sb39.264104-76.699507
5531Maiden Choice Ln & Wilkens Ave Nb39.264315-76.699453
1940Main St & Avon Beach Rd39.242829-76.512579
1982Main St & Avon Beach Rd39.243163-76.512971
11320Main St & Bond Ave Nb39.462185-76.828035
11237Main St & Bond Ave opp Sb39.462524-76.828334
7495Main St & Chartley Dr Nb39.455416-76.824429
7446Main St & Chartley Dr Sb39.455570-76.824923
1941Main St & Chestnut St39.244450-76.513719
1981Main St & Chestnut St39.244446-76.513901
11236Main St & Cockeys Mill Rd Sb39.464907-76.829283
11321Main St & Cockeys Mill Rd opp Nb39.464833-76.829106
7496Main St & Glyndon Dr Fs Nb39.460155-76.827387
1115Main St & Glyndon Trace Dr opp Sb39.459997-76.827510
1939Main St & Sollers Point Rd39.241206-76.511384
1983Main St & Sollers Point Rd39.241394-76.511703
11327Main St & Village Center Rd Sb39.468800-76.829684
13708Mannasota Ave & Chesterfield Ave Eb39.322448-76.566777
6342Mannasota Ave & Lake Ave Eb39.321020-76.569630
6347Mannasota Ave & Ramona Ave Eb39.323624-76.564418
6350Mannasota Ave & Sheldon Ave39.325611-76.561019
12490Marley Station & B&a Blvd Fs Wb39.147488-76.594452
12281Marley Station & Ritchie Hwy39.141180-76.602159
2803Marley Station &b&a Sb39.147606-76.593782
6514Marlyn Ave & Foxwood Ln Fs Eb39.294010-76.454306
12003Martin Airport MARC Nb39.338324-76.419307
11979Martin Airport MARC Sb39.338324-76.419307
12150Martin Blvd & Riverton Rd Fs Nb39.333519-76.441701
12157Martin Blvd & Riverton Rd Sb39.333207-76.441345
11940Martinsburg W Va Marc39.461113-77.961655
11600Maryland Ave & 7th St SW Fs Eb38.886322-77.021249
2167Maryland Ave & 21st St Sb39.313293-76.618152
2165Maryland Ave & 23rd St Sb39.315357-76.618331
2162Maryland Ave & 25th St Sb39.317971-76.618467
2160Maryland Ave & 27th St Sb39.320697-76.618621
12576Maryland Ave & 29th St Fs Sb39.322949-76.618774
2175Maryland Ave & Biddle St Sb39.303515-76.617513
12714Maryland Ave & Lanvale & Falls Fs39.308790-76.617876
2169Maryland Ave & North Ave Sb39.311253-76.618024
2172Maryland Ave & Oliver St Sb39.306725-76.617724
2174Maryland Ave & Preston St Sb39.304563-76.617567
11502Marywood Park & Ride39.555552-76.368246
10765Mason Lord Dr & Bayview Med Offices39.289986-76.545665
11722Massachusetts Ave & 5th St NW Eb38.901143-77.019216
11707Massachusetts Ave & 5th St NW Wb38.901160-77.018523
11562Massachusetts Ave & Columbus Cir NE Eb38.897140-77.008693
13758Massachusetts Ave & New Jersey Ave NW Eb38.898899-77.012914
13757Massachusetts Ave & New Jersey Ave NW Wb38.899232-77.013051
14173Mathison Way39.170162-76.676812
14220Mathison Way39.170574-76.683717
11549Mattawoman-beantown P&r Nb38.624597-76.873549
s7031McCormick Road39.489548-76.658943
7660McCormick Road (Northbound)39.489628-76.658493
7665McCormick Road (Southbound)39.489510-76.659500
3569Mcclean & Pentland Dr Sb39.369425-76.567189
3476Mcclean Blvd & Perring Manor Rd Nb39.371097-76.566914
3568Mcclean Blvd & Perring Manor Rd opp Sb39.370974-76.567110
10632Mccormick & International Cr Nb39.496444-76.659169
14058Mccormick Rd & Executive Plaza Sb Ns39.494009-76.659046
10657Mccormick Rd & Schilling Cr Sb39.492754-76.658871
10655Mccormick Rd & Shawan Rd Nb39.494352-76.658845
10636Mccormick Rd & Shawan Rd Sb39.496649-76.659539
1840Mccormick Rd & Wight Ave Nb39.487471-76.656658
14068Mccormick Rd & Wight Ave Sb Ns39.487786-76.657023
7308Mcculloh St & Greenspring Ave Nb39.320498-76.651164
1021Mcculloh St & Preston St Nb39.300138-76.624652
10932Mcdowell Ln & Highland Vilage Apartments Sb39.241907-76.647284
10948Mcdowell Ln & Songbird Cir Nb39.239504-76.646428
10934Mcdowell Ln & Twin Circle Wy Sb39.239350-76.646434
13589Mcelderry St & Glover St Wb39.297781-76.579790
2695Mcelderry St & Lakewood Ave Eb39.297787-76.579538
2693Mcelderry St & Milton Ave Fs Eb39.297701-76.581939
11868Mcgraw Rd & Stanford Blvd Wb39.187376-76.819593
11851Mcgraw Rd & Stanford Blvd opp Eb39.187639-76.820188
13674Metro Dr & Marian Dr Nb39.349182-76.708796
13621Metro Dr & Mt Hope Dr Nb39.345161-76.707270
5076Metro Dr & Seton Dr39.343894-76.706235
11951Metropolitan Grove MARC Eb39.149799-77.226993
11965Metropolitan Grove MARC Wb39.149791-77.227110
13759Metzerott Rd (National Archives At College Park) Eb39.003110-76.958798
13760Metzerott Rd (National Archives At College Park) Wb39.003221-76.958790
12763Meyersville Park & Ride39.492448-77.567294
4554Middle River Rd & Ballard Ave Fs Nb39.334407-76.444647
4805Middle River Rd & Ballard Ave opp Sb39.334268-76.444820
12154Middle River Rd & Compass Rd Fs Sb39.343064-76.449551
12088Middle River Rd & Compass Rd Nb39.343027-76.449320
12152Middle River Rd & Midego Dr Nb39.336738-76.447010
4555Middle River Rd & Pawnee Rd Fs Nb39.339225-76.447766
4804Middle River Rd & Pawnee Rd opp Sb39.338180-76.447778
12155Middle River Rd & Windlass Dr Sb39.336543-76.447023
4534Middleborough Rd & Brighton Manor Dr Wb39.301672-76.444843
7613Middleborough Rd & Eddystone Pl Fs Sb39.298173-76.448404
4573Middleborough Rd & Fox Chase Ln opp Eb39.297481-76.448926
4574Middleborough Rd & Glemsford Rd Eb39.299482-76.446840
4576Middleborough Rd & Hadwick Dr opp Eb39.301607-76.444643
4575Middleborough Rd & Hartland Rd Eb39.300714-76.445954
4535Middleborough Rd & Hartland Rd Fs Wb39.300744-76.446183
4571Middleborough Rd & Marlyn Ave Fs39.293940-76.450935
4538Middleborough Rd & Marlyn Ave Sb39.293756-76.451127
4536Middleborough Rd & Sharondale Wy Fs Wb39.299428-76.447073
11222Milford Mill Md & Liberty Rd Fs Nb39.354101-76.758055
s0003Milford Mill Metro39.362777-76.721459
ev0003Milford Mill Metro Elevator39.359646-76.720606
e0003Milford Mill Metro Entrance39.359591-76.720940
14128Milford Mill Metro Station Bay 139.359299-76.721050
14129Milford Mill Metro Station Bay 239.359442-76.721078
11223Milford Mill Rd & Church Ln opp Nb39.357659-76.756393
11191Milford Mill Rd & Cliffedge Rd Wb39.360958-76.738764
11185Milford Mill Rd & Cliveden Rd Wb39.362136-76.728254
1189Milford Mill Rd & Deerfield Rd Fs39.364447-76.720044
1423Milford Mill Rd & Deerfield Rd Wb39.364646-76.720220
7093Milford Mill Rd & Liberty Rd Mid Nb39.353350-76.758856
7092Milford Mill Rd & Milford Garden Dr Fs Nb39.350098-76.762378
6980Milford Mill Rd & Milford Garden Dr Wb39.350183-76.762498
12600Milford Mill Rd & Old Milford Mill Rd39.355073-76.757642
12640Milford Mill Rd & Prince George Rd Nb39.360692-76.739019
1190Milford Mill Rd & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.368475-76.717828
11227Milford Mill Rd & Scotts Hill Dr opp Nb39.359754-76.745568
12118Milford Mill Rd & Scotts Level Rd Wb39.359916-76.745817
11229Milford Mill Rd & Silver Creek Rd opp Nb39.360470-76.740012
14050Milford Mill Rd & Slade Ave Wb Ns39.368055-76.718799
11231Milford Mill Rd & Sudbrook Ln Nb39.361969-76.734175
11188Milford Mill Rd & Sudbrook Ln Wb39.362066-76.734219
11226Milford Mill Rd & Washington Ave Nb39.358685-76.749765
11194Milford Mill Rd & Washington Ave opp Wb39.358934-76.749578
11196Milford Mill Rd & Wildor Ave Fs Wb39.358073-76.755323
11234Milford Mill Rd & Woodside Rd Nb39.362006-76.726277
7520Milford Mill Station (Metro) Nb39.360239-76.720787
11422Milford Mill Station (Metro) Sb39.359036-76.720413
11259Mill Run Cir & Owings Mills Mall39.405729-76.786735
2457Milton & Federal Fs Nb39.309345-76.582785
2450Milton Ave & Monument St Nb39.298725-76.582203
2459Milton Ave & North Ave Nb Ns39.312286-76.582972
3903Mlk Blvd & Fayette St Fs Wb39.289937-76.627860
13735Mlk Blvd & Fayette St Nb39.290356-76.627339
4013Mlk Blvd & Linden Ave Ns39.300811-76.621278
2319Mlk Blvd & Lombard St Fs Nb39.287514-76.627969
11337Mlk Blvd & Lombard St Fs Sb39.286811-76.628306
13724Mlk Blvd & Mcculloh St Sb39.299378-76.623372
2186Mlk Blvd & Pratt St Fs Sb39.285829-76.627820
3935Monastery Ave & Old Frederick Rd Sb39.284255-76.680758
3933Monastery Ave & St Jospeh St Sb39.286695-76.678062
s0007Mondawmin Metro39.318211-76.652759
13528Mondawmin Metro - Bus Bay 839.317836-76.652812
ev0007Mondawmin Metro Elevator39.317809-76.652660
e0007Mondawmin Metro Entrance39.317664-76.652234
13521Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 139.318100-76.652913
13522Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 239.317897-76.652889
13523Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 339.318167-76.653472
13524Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 439.317880-76.652446
13525Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 539.318011-76.652716
13526Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 639.317777-76.652235
13527Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 739.317732-76.652594
13529Mondawmin Metro Station Bay 939.318036-76.653213
7517Mondawmin Station (Metro) Nb39.318323-76.653595
7503Mondawmin Station (Metro) Sb39.318333-76.653735
11945Monocacy MARC Eb39.383596-77.393877
11971Monocacy MARC Wb39.383560-77.393761
11913Monocacy MARC Station (Bus)39.382827-77.394387
6455Monroe St & Carroll St Nb39.274136-76.640450
6438Monroe St & Carroll St opp Sb39.274252-76.640866
13824Monroe St & Edmondson Ave Sb39.295201-76.647354
6433Monroe St & Montgomery Park Fs Sb39.277228-76.644758
6456Monroe St & Washington Blvd Fs Nb39.275784-76.642581
10888Monroe St & Washington Blvd Sb39.275753-76.642809
6452Monroe St & Wicomico St Fs Nb39.272750-76.638718
748Monte Verde Apartments39.330972-76.657441
8562Monument St & Aisquith St Fs Eb39.298025-76.601551
11138Monument St & Bouldin St Eb39.299232-76.571125
8422Monument St & Broadway Eb39.298308-76.594802
827Monument St & Caroline St Eb39.298179-76.597958
826Monument St & Central Ave Eb39.298110-76.599748
832Monument St & Chester St Eb39.298566-76.588009
11139Monument St & Dean St Eb39.299347-76.567776
10983Monument St & Dean St Wb39.299774-76.563815
11128Monument St & Ensor St Eb39.297902-76.604677
11127Monument St & Greenmount Ave Eb39.297849-76.605992
11141Monument St & Haven St Eb39.299527-76.563554
5744Monument St & Highland Ave Fs Eb39.299315-76.569174
10984Monument St & Highland Ave Wb39.299549-76.569290
11142Monument St & Kresson St Eb39.299641-76.560846
10980Monument St & Kresson St Wb39.299880-76.561094
5743Monument St & Lakewood Ave Eb39.298894-76.579829
11133Monument St & Linwood Ave Eb39.298994-76.577046
6768Monument St & Miltonave Eb39.298778-76.582533
10979Monument St & Newkirk St opp Fs Wb39.300099-76.555321
9571Monument St & Patterson Park Ave39.298666-76.585263
11145Monument St & Pulaski Hwy Eb39.299855-76.554799
7528Monument St & Rutland Ave Eb39.298278-76.592254
831Monument St & Washington St Fs Eb39.298498-76.589701
12177Monument St & Wolfe St Eb39.298451-76.591114
901Moravia Loop Wb39.320899-76.548084
6216Moravia Park Dr & Proctman Ave Eb39.310499-76.534568
12097Moravia Park Dr & Proctman Ave Nb39.310274-76.534091
6215Moravia Park Dr & Supply Ave Eb39.311930-76.536198
12098Moravia Park Dr & Supply Ave Nb39.311934-76.536005
10237Moravia Rd & Belair Rd Eb39.331262-76.561736
5634Moravia Rd & Belair Rd Fs Wb39.331491-76.561729
8939Moravia Rd & Gunther Ave Fs Eb39.325208-76.551232
8940Moravia Rd & Gunther Ave Fs Wb39.325741-76.551431
5620Moravia Rd & Harcourt Rd Fs Eb39.336784-76.564893
5635Moravia Rd & Harcourt Rd Wb39.337263-76.565001
5622Moravia Rd & Mannasota Ave Eb39.329019-76.558924
5633Moravia Rd & Mannasota Ave Wb39.329271-76.558859
5628Moravia Rd & Moravia Park Dr Fs39.316316-76.544704
5632Moravia Rd & Saint Thomas Ave Wb39.328210-76.556397
12549Moravia Rd & Schley Ave Fs Wb39.335296-76.563882
12550Moravia Rd & Schley Ave opp Eb39.335311-76.564056
10667Moravia Rd & Sinclair Ln Fs Wb39.322395-76.548515
5626Moravia Rd & Sinclair Lneb39.322396-76.548853
5624Moravia Rd & Sipple Ave Fs Eb39.326446-76.552885
5631Moravia Rd & Sipple Ave Wb39.326680-76.552808
5623Moravia Rd & St Thomas Ave opp Eb39.327937-76.556129
12715Moravia Rd & Truesdale Ave Sb39.317850-76.546172
11407Moravia Rd & Truesdale Rd Nb39.319787-76.547354
14149Morgan State University39.341174-76.587670
4821Mount Hope Dr & Metro Dr Wb39.346737-76.707332
10809Mount Hope Dr & Vertis Park Dr Eb39.347707-76.704938
10803Mount Hope Dr & Vertis Park Dr Fs Wb39.347807-76.705102
s7019Mt. Royal / MICA39.307499-76.619888
7646Mt. Royal / MICA (Northbound)39.307747-76.619858
7678Mt. Royal / MICA (Southbound)39.307034-76.619911
s7017Mt. Vernon (Centre Street)39.296818-76.619957
7644Mt. Vernon (Centre Street) (Northbound)39.297176-76.619934
7680Mt. Vernon (Centre Street) (Southbound)39.296509-76.619995
s7024Mt. Washington39.368462-76.652176
7652Mt. Washington (Northbound)39.368793-76.652374
7673Mt. Washington (Southbound)39.368153-76.651970
12020Muirkirk MARC Nb39.062044-76.884971
12013Muirkirk MARC Sb39.062080-76.885040
12623Mulberry & Arlington Fs Eb39.293263-76.635088
4442Mulberry St & Calhoun St Eb39.293104-76.640032
4443Mulberry St & Carey St Eb39.293133-76.639072
10674Mulberry St & Monroe St Eb39.292853-76.647343
10532Mulberry St & Smallwood St Eb39.292740-76.652271
14040Myrtle Ave & Highland Village Apts Nb Mid39.241868-76.647126
14028N Broadway Sb & Monument Stns39.298458-76.594480
11559N Capitol St & E St (Union Station) Nb38.896355-77.008891
11763N Capitol St & E St Nb38.895996-77.008916
11561N Capitol St & H St NW Sb38.899876-77.009171
11560N Capitol St & H St Nb38.899973-77.008958
11989New Carrollton MARC Nb38.946969-76.873141
11988New Carrollton MARC Sb38.947023-76.873210
11819New Hampshire & Dupont Cir NW Sb38.910584-77.042684
11721New York Ave & 9th St NW Eb38.901825-77.024615
11708New York Ave Bet 7 & 9 Sts NW Wb38.902088-77.024583
2643North Ave & Aisquith St Eb39.311687-76.602794
2485North Ave & Aisquith St Fs Wb39.311843-76.603054
2610North Ave & Ashburton St Eb39.309211-76.661057
2521North Ave & Ashburton St Wb39.309335-76.663007
8602North Ave & Belair Fs Wb39.312696-76.583768
2615North Ave & Bentalou St Eb39.309480-76.653913
2514North Ave & Bentalou St Wb39.309617-76.654306
2994North Ave & Bloomingdale Rd Eb39.308836-76.671501
2647North Ave & Broadway Fs Eb39.312049-76.594629
2481North Ave & Broadway Fs Wb39.312196-76.595380
2633North Ave & Charles St Eb39.310954-76.616734
2676North Ave & Chester Eb39.312325-76.588434
2462North Ave & Collington Wb39.312555-76.587807
14144North Ave & Denison St Eb Fs39.308745-76.673697
14145North Ave & Denison St Layover Eb Ns39.308753-76.675319
2625North Ave & Druid Hill Ave Eb39.310154-76.638207
2503North Ave & Druid Hill Ave Wb39.310300-76.638577
2609North Ave & Dukeland St Eb39.309108-76.663736
2620North Ave & Fulton Ave Eb39.309779-76.646838
2509North Ave & Fulton Ave Wb39.310009-76.646057
2639North Ave & Greenmount Ave Fs Wb39.311484-76.609857
2637North Ave & Guilford Ave Fs Eb39.311124-76.612037
2492North Ave & Guilford Ave Wb39.311416-76.612238
8624North Ave & Harford Rd Fs Eb39.311859-76.598980
12501North Ave & Harford Rd Wb39.312038-76.599013
2488North Ave & Homewood Ave Wb39.311642-76.607270
2641North Ave & Homewood Ave opp Eb39.311499-76.606850
12302North Ave & Howard St Fs Eb39.310872-76.618377
12557North Ave & Howard St Wb39.311167-76.619163
1040North Ave & Linden Ave Eb39.310334-76.632272
781North Ave & Linden Wb39.310635-76.631881
2606North Ave & Longwood St Eb39.308968-76.667667
8576North Ave & Madison Ave Fs Eb39.310204-76.635026
783North Ave & Madison Ave Wb39.310384-76.635805
2496North Ave & Maryland Ave Wb39.311203-76.617692
2628North Ave & Mount Royal Ave Eb39.310683-76.625185
2500North Ave & Mt Royal Ave Wb39.310893-76.625727
2499North Ave & North Ave Light Rail Station Wb39.311028-76.622631
2629North Ave & North Ave Light Rail Station opp Eb39.310804-76.622423
2627North Ave & Park Ave Eb39.310541-76.627654
2501North Ave & Park Ave Ns Wb39.310793-76.628172
2678North Ave & Patterson Park Eb39.312416-76.586238
2461North Ave & Patterson Park Wb39.312629-76.585838
2618North Ave & Payson St Eb39.309611-76.650313
2511North Ave & Payson St Wb39.309831-76.649538
2623North Ave & Pennsylvania Ave Eb39.309946-76.642864
2506North Ave & Pennsylvania Ave Wb39.310195-76.642274
2522North Ave & Poplar Grove St Wb39.309183-76.666032
2524North Ave & Rosedale St Wb39.309113-76.668984
12301North Ave & Saint Paul St Eb39.310997-76.615111
2494North Ave & Saint Paul St Fs Wb39.311289-76.615361
2513North Ave & Smallwood Wb39.309713-76.652479
12169North Ave & Thomas Ave Eb39.309277-76.658123
12713North Ave & Thomas Ave Fs Wb39.309502-76.658325
8625North Ave & Washington St Eb39.312239-76.590059
8603North Ave & Washington St Wb39.312444-76.590234
2649North Ave & Wolfe St Eb39.312167-76.591850
2440North Ave & Wolfe St Wb39.312382-76.591479
s7021North Avenue39.311878-76.622589
7648North Avenue (Northbound)39.312244-76.622726
7676North Avenue (Southbound)39.311523-76.622437
11616North Beach Pm 5th & Chesapeake38.707002-76.532759
4393North Bend Loop39.286743-76.711596
14211North Frederick Park & Ride39.460390-77.396232
s7006North Linthicum39.214344-76.646080
7631North Linthicum (Northbound)39.214630-76.645798
7693North Linthicum (Southbound)39.214066-76.646362
12198North Point & St Gregory Dr Sb39.268443-76.469373
12203North Point Blvd & New Battle Grove Rd Nb39.265836-76.467008
12488North Point Blvd & Old Battle Grove39.272197-76.471557
635North Point Blvd & Saint Monica Dr Sb39.269494-76.470110
10847North Point Blvd & St Monica Dr Nb39.269420-76.469580
10848North Point Rd & Charlesmont Rd Nb39.277298-76.480968
633North Point Rd & Charlesmont Rd Sb39.277173-76.480826
690North Point Rd & Hackett Ave Nb39.289946-76.509408
13675North Point Rd & Kimberly Rd Fs Nb39.278056-76.485437
10853North Point Rd & Maple Rd opp Nb39.284364-76.499252
10851North Point Rd & Norris La Nb39.280797-76.491659
12196North Point Rd & Parkwood Rd Sb39.280887-76.491968
10854North Point Rd & Willow Rd Nb39.285887-76.501904
12194North Point Rd & Willow Rd Sb39.286047-76.502360
12195North Point Rd & Willow Sb Fs39.282910-76.496239
6113Northern & Winner Eb39.355010-76.678769
3461Northern Pkwy & Alta Ave Fs Eb39.359901-76.542780
5790Northern Pkwy & Cedonia Ave Wb39.357274-76.532317
6155Northern Pkwy & Charles St Eb39.361879-76.626089
5985Northern Pkwy & Charles St Wb39.362223-76.624809
5915Northern Pkwy & Chinquapin Pkwy39.366212-76.598113
5802Northern Pkwy & Chinquapin Pkwy Eb39.365775-76.598766
6157Northern Pkwy & Clearspring Rd Eb39.364701-76.607490
5917Northern Pkwy & Dartmouth Glen Wy39.365138-76.602699
5803Northern Pkwy & Dunroming Rd Eb39.366341-76.596493
5914Northern Pkwy & Dunroming Rd Fs39.366545-76.596702
5913Northern Pkwy & Edlynne Rd Wb39.367068-76.594116
5792Northern Pkwy & Everall Ave Fs Wb39.358302-76.537287
6151Northern Pkwy & Falls Rd Eb39.361479-76.645515
5990Northern Pkwy & Falls Rd Wb39.361550-76.646033
446Northern Pkwy & Fenwick Ave Wb39.367146-76.581487
6055Northern Pkwy & Gist Ave Wb39.350667-76.688403
5794Northern Pkwy & Glen Oak Ave opp Wb39.361511-76.546465
6608Northern Pkwy & Glenoak Ave Eb39.361346-76.546765
3574Northern Pkwy & Hampnett Ave Eb39.363752-76.553428
6294Northern Pkwy & Harford Rd Fs Eb39.363196-76.551831
5796Northern Pkwy & Harford Rd Fs Wb39.363569-76.552251
6112Northern Pkwy & Highgate Dr Eb39.354265-76.680427
6049Northern Pkwy & Highgate Dr Wb39.354579-76.680281
3462Northern Pkwy & Hilltop Ave Fs Eb39.359298-76.541153
3579Northern Pkwy & Hilltop Ave Wb39.359527-76.541052
6047Northern Pkwy & Key Ave Wb39.356043-76.677230
10380Northern Pkwy & Laurelton Ave Eb39.366702-76.562771
10777Northern Pkwy & Laurelton Ave Fs Wb39.366998-76.562813
13582Northern Pkwy & Lenton Ave Fs Eb39.364928-76.602556
8700Northern Pkwy & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Nb39.365898-76.585226
447Northern Pkwy & Loch Raven Blvd Wb39.366105-76.586400
10802Northern Pkwy & Marietta Ave Eb39.365740-76.560056
3473Northern Pkwy & Marietta Ave Wb39.366110-76.560345
3570Northern Pkwy & Mcclean Blvd Fs Eb39.368228-76.566906
5911Northern Pkwy & Mcclean Blvd Wb39.368462-76.566901
11391Northern Pkwy & Metro Dr Wb39.343669-76.705441
3460Northern Pkwy & Moyer Ave Eb39.360456-76.544322
3581Northern Pkwy & Moyer Ave Wb39.360569-76.543919
6109Northern Pkwy & Narcissus Ave Eb39.351435-76.686255
6054Northern Pkwy & Narcissus Ave Wb39.351686-76.686355
10882Northern Pkwy & Northwest Plaza Eb39.344533-76.701088
11390Northern Pkwy & Northwest Plaza Entrance Wb39.345027-76.700226
6110Northern Pkwy & Park Heights Eb39.352233-76.684634
6052Northern Pkwy & Park Heights Wb39.352867-76.683905
585Northern Pkwy & Pioneer Dr Eb Fs39.368433-76.572318
444Northern Pkwy & Pioneer Wb39.368636-76.572608
6107Northern Pkwy & Price Ave Fs Eb39.349774-76.689605
13688Northern Pkwy & Rogers Ave Wb39.360305-76.651722
1545Northern Pkwy & Roland Ave Fs Eb39.361947-76.634044
5988Northern Pkwy & Roland Ave Wb39.362206-76.634087
1550Northern Pkwy & Springlake Wy Fs Eb39.364315-76.617022
2120Northern Pkwy & Springlake Wy Wb39.364459-76.617383
5789Northern Pkwy & Spruce St Fs Wb39.356615-76.529788
5983Northern Pkwy & St Albans Way Wb39.363323-76.619968
13689Northern Pkwy & Stuart Ave Wb39.357073-76.673603
5804Northern Pkwy & The Alameda Eb39.366807-76.593591
6609Northern Pkwy & Walther Blvd Eb39.358076-76.537873
584Northern Pkwy & Waverly Wy Eb39.366947-76.581212
3442Northern Pkwy & York Rd Eb39.364970-76.610832
5982Northern Pkwy & York Rd Fs Wb39.365188-76.610286
1540Northern Pkwy & York Rd Ns Wb39.365222-76.609260
13836Northwest Hospital39.358923-76.783505
3304Nursery Rd & Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Fs Wb39.221294-76.642866
3342Nursery Rd & Barkwood Ct Eb39.223506-76.654687
3306Nursery Rd & Barkwood Ct Wb39.223622-76.654570
11177Nursery Rd & Gloria Ave opp Nb39.216131-76.676564
3307Nursery Rd & Hammonds Ferry Rd39.224609-76.663647
3341Nursery Rd & Hammonds Ferry Rd Eb39.224473-76.664209
11178Nursery Rd & Raynor Ave Fs Eb39.224282-76.658964
11173Nursery Rd & Raynor Ave opp Wb39.224411-76.658578
s7007Nursery Road39.221573-76.641403
7632Nursery Road (Northbound)39.221882-76.641197
7692Nursery Road (Southbound)39.221256-76.641632
13732O'Donnell St & Dean St39.280658-76.565660
13733O'Donnell St & Dean St39.280525-76.565485
13716O'Donnell St & Macon St39.280776-76.556804
13717O'Donnell St & Macon St39.280931-76.557162
3861O'Donnell St Cutoff & Travel Center39.278760-76.547316
12420O'Donnell St Cutoff & Travel Center39.278529-76.547301
11906Oakland Mills & Village Ctr Nb39.209950-76.846823
11810Oakland Mills & Village Ctr Sb39.209852-76.846892
2796Oakwood Rd & Mary Ln Nb39.148588-76.619398
2873Oakwood Rd & Mary Ln Sb39.148506-76.619584
2795Oakwood Rd & Mayflower Cir Nb39.143623-76.618492
2874Oakwood Rd & Mayflower Cir Sb39.143962-76.618769
2875Oakwood Rd & Oak Manor Dr Sb39.141496-76.618534
12258Oakwood Rd & Rt 100 Nb39.140427-76.618354
11873Oceano Ave & Assateague Dr Wb39.158192-76.780301
11992Odenton MARC Nb39.086860-76.706099
11985Odenton MARC Sb39.086896-76.706191
s0002Old Court Metro39.371003-76.743665
e0002Old Court Metro Entrance39.372343-76.743214
6965Old Court Metro Station Sb39.372756-76.743025
13742Old Court Rd & Al Hannah Cir Wb39.366627-76.757493
6971Old Court Rd & Allenswood Rd Sb39.367379-76.767139
7111Old Court Rd & Bedford Ave Eb39.377791-76.728173
12749Old Court Rd & Cedarwood Cir39.377302-76.732669
12637Old Court Rd & Cedarwood Cir Eb39.377170-76.734074
6973Old Court Rd & Church Ln Fs Sb39.365169-76.775959
7098Old Court Rd & Church Ln Nb39.365226-76.775532
7100Old Court Rd & Downy Dale Dr Nb39.367214-76.767467
7110Old Court Rd & Estates Ct Eb39.377333-76.730102
7108Old Court Rd & Greenwood Rd Eb39.373645-76.739608
7290Old Court Rd & Harden Ln Eb39.375157-76.738329
6974Old Court Rd & Liberty Court Shopping Center Sb39.362340-76.777985
7105Old Court Rd & Mollye Rd Fs Nb39.367161-76.753889
6967Old Court Rd & Mollye Rd opp Sb39.367236-76.754177
7097Old Court Rd & Mount Olive Cemetery Nb39.362247-76.777815
6962Old Court Rd & Naylors Ln Wb39.377291-76.730910
12639Old Court Rd & Old Court Station Entrance Wb39.373018-76.740729
12752Old Court Rd & Pikesville Plaza Wb39.379057-76.724645
6966Old Court Rd & Prescott Square Apartments Sb39.369419-76.746382
7291Old Court Rd & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.378249-76.726844
7317Old Court Rd & Reisterstown Rd Fs Wb39.378180-76.727472
7104Old Court Rd & Rolling Rd Fs Eb39.366417-76.757857
7102Old Court Rd & Three Oaks Rd Eb39.367093-76.762089
6969Old Court Rd & Three Oaks Rd Sb39.367144-76.761736
7318Old Court Rd & Woodholme Ave Wb39.375581-76.738254
7522Old Court Station (Metro) Nb39.371586-76.744827
10906Old Court Station (Metro) Sb39.370976-76.743454
12053Old Dobbin Rd & MD 175 Fs Nb39.198976-76.817066
4548Old Eastern Ave & Eastern Blvd Eb39.326334-76.444012
4524Old Eastern Ave & Essex Ave Eb39.313917-76.456889
4587Old Eastern Ave & Essex Ave Wb39.314177-76.456526
4522Old Eastern Ave & Selig Ave Fs Eb39.313112-76.461640
4589Old Eastern Ave & Selig Ave Wb39.313323-76.461790
12233Old Eastern Ave & Stemmers Run Blvd Fs Wb39.314885-76.452152
8930Old Frederick & Athol Ave Fs Eb39.287946-76.688514
3710Old Frederick Rd & Collins Ave Eb39.285454-76.683745
3937Old Frederick Rd & Collinsave39.285300-76.683338
3712Old Frederick Rd & Monastery Ave Eb39.284021-76.680383
3939Old Frederick Rd & Woodington Rd39.287140-76.686437
3708Old Frederick Rd & Woodington Rd Fs Eb39.287094-76.686576
631Old North Point & Kimberly opp Sb39.277871-76.485279
12347Oregon Ave & Elm Rd Nb39.241571-76.693490
12349Oregon Ave & June Rd opp Nb39.244560-76.693664
6588Osler Dr & Auburn Dr Fs Sb39.384532-76.611667
12068Osler Dr & Auburn Dr opp Nb39.385551-76.612041
6586Osler Dr & Sheppard Pratt Hospital39.391005-76.613527
12069Osler Dr & Sister Pierre Dr Nb39.387926-76.613161
6575Osler Dr & Sister Pierre Dr Sb39.387895-76.613345
11544Otsego St & Juniata St P&r Eb39.552695-76.097413
11520Otsego St & Juniata St P&r Wb39.552786-76.097587
11736Overlook Ave & Laboratory Rd Nb38.822912-77.017263
11680Overlook Ave & Laboratory Rd Sb38.823285-77.017480
11604Owings Dash-in MD 2 & MD 26038.717439-76.601221
11615Owings Dask-in MD 2 & MD 260 Eb38.717014-76.600929
s0001Owings Mills Metro39.407642-76.780768
ev0001Owings Mills Metro Elevator39.407550-76.780341
e0001nOwings Mills Metro North Entrance39.408147-76.780111
e0001sOwings Mills Metro South Entrance39.407156-76.780685
14124Owings Mills Metro Station Bay 239.408236-76.779725
14125Owings Mills Metro Station Bay 339.408160-76.779567
7500Owings Mills Station (Metro)39.407371-76.779885
1143Owings Mills Town Center Wb39.406452-76.793950
1344Paca St & Baltimore Nb39.289143-76.622155
1345Paca St & Fayette St Fs Nb39.290535-76.622242
14167Paca St & Lombard St Nb Fs39.287699-76.622083
10545Paca St & Saratoga St Fs Nb39.293061-76.622391
7485Painters Mill Rd & Dolfield Rd Eb39.411678-76.778302
7455Painters Mill Rd & Dolfield Rd Sb39.411798-76.778474
11298Painters Mill Rd & Red Run Blvd Fs Eb39.402458-76.782237
11258Painters Mill Rd & Red Run Blvd Wb39.402515-76.782667
1149Painters Mill Rd & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.414276-76.774643
7982Painters Mill Rd & Reisterstown Rd Fs Wb39.414384-76.774917
2571Parallel Dr & Security West Building Wb39.308832-76.739260
732Park Heights & Garrison Ave Sb39.347211-76.673367
12394Park Heights Ave & Bancroft Rd Nb39.361247-76.698243
12395Park Heights Ave & Bancroft Rd opp Sb39.361007-76.698268
1083Park Heights Ave & Belvedere Ave Fs Nb39.349263-76.676312
730Park Heights Ave & Belvedere Ave Sb39.349149-76.676444
710Park Heights Ave & Clarinth Rd Sb39.363255-76.701036
7355Park Heights Ave & Clarks Ln Fs Nb39.362734-76.700087
10320Park Heights Ave & Clarks Ln Sb39.362664-76.700292
1074Park Heights Ave & Cold Spring Ln Nb39.339442-76.666101
739Park Heights Ave & Cold Spring Ln Sb39.339898-76.666704
10028Park Heights Ave & Druid Park Dr Fs Nb39.326073-76.657488
1099Park Heights Ave & Fallstaff Rd Nb39.364611-76.702404
713Park Heights Ave & Fords Ln Sb39.360105-76.696839
1096Park Heights Ave & Fords Ln opp Nb39.360167-76.696558
1081Park Heights Ave & Garrison Ave Nb39.347287-76.673116
8581Park Heights Ave & Glen Ave Nb39.355609-76.687807
718Park Heights Ave & Glen Ave Sb39.355780-76.688354
1085Park Heights Ave & Hayward Ave Nb39.349935-76.678594
728Park Heights Ave & Hayward Ave Sb39.349909-76.679118
1064Park Heights Ave & Hilldale Ave Fs Nb39.328630-76.658166
750Park Heights Ave & Hilldale Ave Sb39.328364-76.658272
7327Park Heights Ave & Ingleside Ave Fs Sb39.351066-76.682345
7325Park Heights Ave & Jewishcommunity Center Mid Nb39.353648-76.686358
8578Park Heights Ave & Keyworth Ave Fs Nb39.333477-76.661682
7331Park Heights Ave & Keyworth Ave Sb39.333578-76.662031
1098Park Heights Ave & Labyrinth Rd Nb39.363647-76.701201
709Park Heights Ave & Labyrinth Rd Sb39.363746-76.701610
1092Park Heights Ave & Menlo Dr Nb39.356522-76.689388
717Park Heights Ave & Menlo Dr Sb39.356539-76.689820
1088Park Heights Ave & Northern Pkwy Nb39.352921-76.685085
723Park Heights Ave & Northern Pkwy Sb39.352268-76.684358
1094Park Heights Ave & Pinkney Rd Nb39.358102-76.692611
715Park Heights Ave & Pinkney Rd Sb39.357938-76.692714
1071Park Heights Ave & Quantico Ave Nb39.336643-76.664025
742Park Heights Ave & Quantico Ave Sb39.336848-76.664439
1086Park Heights Ave & Rogers Ave Nb39.352054-76.683605
9289Park Heights Ave & Seven Mile Ln Nb39.368058-76.706613
706Park Heights Ave & Seven Mile Ln Sb39.368312-76.707233
1104Park Heights Ave & Shelburne Rd Nb39.369826-76.708688
12643Park Heights Ave & Shelburne Rd Sb39.370057-76.709266
1069Park Heights Ave & Shirley Ave Nb39.334345-76.662336
744Park Heights Ave & Shirley Ave Sb39.334792-76.662943
731Park Heights Ave & Spaulding Ave Sb39.348379-76.674897
1067Park Heights Ave & Springhill Ave Nb39.331892-76.660524
746Park Heights Ave & Springhill Ave Sb39.332218-76.661080
1095Park Heights Ave & Strathmore Ave Nb39.358765-76.693909
714Park Heights Ave & Strathmore Ave Sb39.358878-76.694552
1076Park Heights Ave & Sumter Ave Nb39.341843-76.668021
1093Park Heights Ave & Taney Rd Nb39.357405-76.691199
716Park Heights Ave & Taney Rd opp Sb39.357342-76.691527
1090Park Heights Ave & Trainor Ave Nb39.354292-76.686674
719Park Heights Ave & Trainor Ave Sb39.354334-76.686956
1066Park Heights Ave & Violet Ave Nb39.330510-76.659529
747Park Heights Ave & Violet Ave Sb39.330855-76.660104
8579Park Heights Ave & Virginia Ave Nb39.344037-76.670063
734Park Heights Ave & Virginia Ave Sb39.344354-76.670677
1079Park Heights Ave & Woodland Ave Nb39.345037-76.671001
733Park Heights Ave & Woodland Ave Sb39.345371-76.671616
1075Park Heights Ave & Wylie Ave Nb39.340916-76.667191
737Park Heights Ave & Wylie Ave Sb39.341325-76.667833
10558Parkside Shopping Center39.323936-76.545168
7635Patapsco (Northbound)39.242317-76.629791
7689Patapsco (Southbound)39.241669-76.630180
6837Patapsco Ave & 2nd St Eb39.238219-76.608822
6838Patapsco Ave & 4th St Eb39.237315-76.605828
4237Patapsco Ave & 4th St Wb39.237301-76.605179
6839Patapsco Ave & 6th St Eb39.236299-76.602576
4238Patapsco Ave & 6th St Wb39.236360-76.602109
6841Patapsco Ave & 9th St Eb39.234863-76.597951
4245Patapsco Ave & 9th St Wb39.234917-76.597378
7040Patapsco Ave & Annapolis Rd Fs Eb39.248633-76.639445
4230Patapsco Ave & Annapolis Rd Fs Wb39.249386-76.640167
4234Patapsco Ave & Brody Trail Ent Eb39.242046-76.628185
6840Patapsco Ave & Brooklyn Ave Eb39.235395-76.599655
4239Patapsco Ave & Brooklyn Ave Wb39.235528-76.599367
2920Patapsco Ave & Dunlap Tire Co Wb39.241805-76.626714
4228Patapsco Ave & Elizabeth Ave Eb39.252484-76.651881
4247Patapsco Ave & Hanover St Wb39.238505-76.609114
4229Patapsco Ave & Hollins Ferry Rd Eb39.251439-76.647195
4251Patapsco Ave & Hollins Ferry Rd Wb39.251630-76.646732
8973Patapsco Ave & James St Fs Sb39.258021-76.664121
12391Patapsco Ave & Janice Ave Wb39.253263-76.653014
4227Patapsco Ave & Lorena Ave Fs Eb39.253323-76.653817
4231Patapsco Ave & Magnolia Ave Fs Eb39.245989-76.635319
5379Patapsco Ave & Magnolia Ave Fs Wb39.246120-76.635004
4250Patapsco Ave & Mallview Rd Wb39.250699-76.643158
10829Patapsco Ave & Malview Ave opp Eb39.250719-76.643904
5377Patapsco Ave & Marmenco Ct Fs Eb39.244118-76.632409
7041Patapsco Ave & Marmenco Ct opp Wb39.244465-76.632424
4226Patapsco Ave & Nieman Ave Fs Eb39.254980-76.657848
10832Patapsco Ave & Nieman Ave Fs Wb39.255368-76.658149
2740Patapsco Ave & Potee St Mb Eb39.238708-76.610349
2919Patapsco Ave & Potee St Mid Wb39.238731-76.609809
6843Patapsco Ave Btwn St Victor St & 10th St Eb39.234344-76.596293
14089Patapsco Light Rail Station Bay 139.241762-76.630230
14090Patapsco Light Rail Station Bay 239.241810-76.630226
14091Patapsco Light Rail Station Bay 339.241996-76.630145
14092Patapsco Lightrail Station Bay 439.242004-76.630066
964Patterson Park & Ashland Sb39.300811-76.585274
837Patterson Park & Chase Nb39.303470-76.585344
962Patterson Park & Chase Sb39.303542-76.585437
836Patterson Park & Eager Nb39.301721-76.585219
1287Patterson Park & Eastern Fs Sb39.285806-76.584392
1322Patterson Park & Eastern Nb39.285830-76.584200
834Patterson Park & Madison Nb39.299641-76.585079
839Patterson Park & Preston Nb39.305544-76.585448
9576Patterson Park Ave & Lanvale Sb39.309394-76.585896
1325Patterson Park Ave & Pratt St Nb39.289399-76.584445
11872Patuxent Range Rd & Dorsey Run Rd Eb39.145736-76.792452
12134Patuxent Range Rd & Dorsey Run Rd Nb39.145851-76.791907
12135Patuxent Range Rd & Stayton Dr Nb39.148772-76.799361
11833Patuxent Range Rd & Stayton Rd Eb39.148763-76.799487
s0008Penn North Metro39.310195-76.642590
ev0008Penn North Metro Elevator39.310251-76.642470
e0008nPenn North Metro North Entrance39.310338-76.642185
e0008sPenn North Metro South Entrance39.309781-76.642562
7516Penn North Station (Metro) Nb39.310792-76.643398
7504Penn North Station (Metro) Sb39.309921-76.642229
s7020Penn Station39.307823-76.616173
12002Penn Station MARC Nb39.307177-76.615903
11980Penn Station MARC Sb39.307177-76.615903
12709Pennington Ave & Benhill Ave Sb39.220547-76.588114
6915Pennington Ave & Cypress St Fs Sb39.223595-76.588394
6913Pennington Ave & Olmstead St Sb39.226916-76.588757
13694Pennington Ave & Open St Nb39.215411-76.587442
13693Pennington Ave & Open St Sb39.215321-76.587599
6895Pennington Ave & Ordnance Rd Nb39.209534-76.585048
12710Pennington Ave & Ordnance Rd Sb39.210161-76.585773
1250Pennsylvania & Hoffman opp Sb39.298638-76.628584
1252Pennsylvania & MLK Blvd Sb39.296789-76.626282
1251Pennsylvania & Preston Sb39.297911-76.627677
1253Pennsylvania & Saint Mary39.295671-76.625039
14155Pennsylvania & Saint Mary St39.295523-76.624706
11761Pennsylvania Ave & 6th St NW Eb38.892729-77.020332
11578Pennsylvania Ave & 7th St NW Fs Wb38.893606-77.022483
11760Pennsylvania Ave & 9th St NW Eb38.893602-77.023458
11767Pennsylvania Ave & 9th St NW Wb38.893973-77.023712
11598Pennsylvania Ave & 10th St NW Eb38.894113-77.025236
11579Pennsylvania Ave & 10th St NW Wb38.894171-77.025581
11759Pennsylvania Ave & 12th St NW Eb38.894840-77.028378
11580Pennsylvania Ave & 12th St NW Wb38.895319-77.028582
1367Pennsylvania Ave & Clifton Ave Nb39.312326-76.645063
1364Pennsylvania Ave & Cumberland St Nb39.309456-76.641656
1238Pennsylvania Ave & Cumberland St Sb39.309434-76.641841
1369Pennsylvania Ave & Fulton Ave Nb39.313062-76.645941
1352Pennsylvania Ave & Hoffman Mb Nb39.298951-76.628827
1245Pennsylvania Ave & Laurens St Fs Sb39.304038-76.635359
1357Pennsylvania Ave & Laurens St Nb39.304149-76.635285
1351Pennsylvania Ave & MLK Blvd Fs Nb39.296958-76.626351
1247Pennsylvania Ave & Mosher St Nb39.301805-76.632384
10477Pennsylvania Ave & Mosher St Sb39.302006-76.632858
1365Pennsylvania Ave & North Ave Nb39.309852-76.642136
1237Pennsylvania Ave & North Ave Sb39.310335-76.642957
1359Pennsylvania Ave & Presstman St Nb39.305683-76.637146
1244Pennsylvania Ave & Presstman St Sb39.305917-76.637635
1366Pennsylvania Ave & Retreat St Nb39.311080-76.643577
1236Pennsylvania Ave & Retreat St Sb39.311818-76.644694
12687Pennsylvania Ave & Washington Ave39.400968-76.606362
13638Pennsylvania Ave Between 4th & 6th St NW (Canadian Embassy)38.892480-77.018326
s7032Pepper Road39.492107-76.656273
7661Pepper Road (Northbound)39.492168-76.655678
7664Pepper Road (Southbound)39.492104-76.656693
10791Perry Hall Blvd & Haylock Ct39.407985-76.462255
11976Perryville MARC39.558089-76.073180
12058Phelps Luck Dr & High Tor Hill Nb39.224404-76.817861
11932Phelps Luck Dr & High Tor Hill Opp39.224283-76.818018
11934Phelps Luck Dr & Sheerock Ct Sb39.216212-76.821433
12056Phelps Luck Dr & Sheerock opp Nb39.216181-76.821291
12057Phelps Luck Dr & Thurso Ct Nb39.218493-76.823277
11933Phelps Luck Dr & Thurso Ct opp Sb39.218609-76.823728
5751Philadelphia Rd & 66th St Fs Eb39.313060-76.525918
5720Philadelphia Rd & 66th St Wb39.312690-76.526631
5783Philadelphia Rd & A & J Way Nb39.357353-76.457950
5680Philadelphia Rd & Baron Pl Fs Sb39.355519-76.460925
13620Philadelphia Rd & Chesaco Ave Fs Wb39.320965-76.514479
10972Philadelphia Rd & Dalton Ave Wb39.328465-76.503459
5759Philadelphia Rd & Dalton Rd Eb39.328770-76.502764
10971Philadelphia Rd & Evering Ave Wb39.330604-76.500359
5689Philadelphia Rd & Fontana Ln39.338941-76.487766
6632Philadelphia Rd & Fontana Ln opp Eb39.338444-76.488054
13700Philadelphia Rd & Golden Ring Middle School39.332477-76.497479
5772Philadelphia Rd & Golden Ring Rd Eb39.333208-76.496047
5690Philadelphia Rd & Golden Ring Rd Wb39.334407-76.494530
5717Philadelphia Rd & Hamilton Ave Wb39.318755-76.517764
6533Philadelphia Rd & I-695 Entrance Sb39.336920-76.490705
11157Philadelphia Rd & Kenwood Ave Eb39.330363-76.500419
5679Philadelphia Rd & King Henry Cir Wb39.358519-76.456723
5718Philadelphia Rd & Long View Ave Wb39.315994-76.521715
5752Philadelphia Rd & Longview Ave Eb39.315677-76.522010
5782Philadelphia Rd & Middle River Rd Nb39.356006-76.459776
5757Philadelphia Rd & Neighbors Ave Eb39.326312-76.506301
10974Philadelphia Rd & Neighbors Ave Wb39.326379-76.506514
12548Philadelphia Rd & Petrie Wy Eb Fs39.337335-76.489729
5784Philadelphia Rd & Ravenwood Rd opp Nb39.361183-76.453418
4785Philadelphia Rd & Ridge Rd opp Nb39.341179-76.483753
11153Philadelphia Rd & Rosedale Ave Eb39.318836-76.517364
5719Philadelphia Rd & Rosedale Heights Ave39.314856-76.523429
11151Philadelphia Rd & Rosedale Heights Ave Eb39.314446-76.523795
11154Philadelphia Rd & Rosewick Ave Opp39.320530-76.514877
5706Philadelphia Rd & Seling Ave39.323719-76.510438
11156Philadelphia Rd & Sellier Ave Eb39.323267-76.510813
4844Pimlico Rd & Ken Oak Rd Fs Sb39.357321-76.670862
12665Pimlico Rd & Rogers Ave Sb39.357321-76.671000
11614Pindell P&r MD 4 & Lower Pindell Rd38.771982-76.659374
6282Pioneer & Fleetwood (Lewis)39.366646-76.572505
6281Plymouth & Pinewood39.366257-76.568793
11946Point Of Rocks MARC Eb39.273403-77.533416
11970Point Of Rocks MARC Wb39.273493-77.533370
257Poly Western High School39.345751-76.641861
3779Ponca St & Bostonst Fs Sb39.277581-76.554379
5485Poplar Ave & Hilltop Cir Fs Sb39.254325-76.705672
7050Poplar Ave & Hilltop Cir Wb39.254392-76.705357
7034Poplar Ave & Shelbourne Rd Sb39.252732-76.702825
3004Poplar Grove St & Franklintown Rd Sb39.296671-76.665128
3246Poplar Grove St & Lafayette Ave Nb39.297969-76.665040
3002Poplar Grove St & Lafayette Ave Sb39.298251-76.665193
3247Poplar Grove St & Mosher St Nb39.299048-76.665087
12384Poplar Grove St & Mosher St Sb39.299302-76.665273
3245Poplar Grove St & Rayner Ave Nb39.295970-76.664933
3248Poplar Grove St & Riggs Ave Nb39.300076-76.665164
3001Poplar Grove St & Riggs Ave Sb39.300517-76.665350
3250Poplar Grove St & Winchester St Nb39.301156-76.665223
2734Potee St & Cherry Hill Rd Fs Sb39.251965-76.617092
2735Potee St & Reedbird Ave Sb39.249562-76.615079
6831Potee St & Waterview Ave Sb39.253949-76.617985
1272Pratt & Albemarle Eb39.287287-76.603085
11117Pratt St & Arlington Ave39.285635-76.635269
1278Pratt St & Broadway Eb39.289173-76.593975
1268Pratt St & Calvert St39.286503-76.612475
5571Pratt St & Carey St Fs Eb39.285563-76.637751
1277Pratt St & Caroline St Eb39.289047-76.597190
1282Pratt St & Chester St Eb39.289406-76.587420
272Pratt St & Fulton Ave Eb39.285181-76.645146
1270Pratt St & Gay St39.286624-76.608375
11123Pratt St & Greene St39.286106-76.623708
1265Pratt St & Howard St39.286194-76.619562
1267Pratt St & Light St39.286447-76.614044
1276Pratt St & Lloyd Fs Eb39.288291-76.600423
1271Pratt St & Market Pl39.286701-76.606248
11121Pratt St & MLK Blvd39.285980-76.628176
273Pratt St & Mount St Eb39.285251-76.643730
12670Pratt St & Parkin St39.285884-76.630048
1284Pratt St & Patterson Park Ave Eb39.289545-76.584748
11119Pratt St & Poppleton St39.285809-76.631667
269Pratt St & Pulaski St Eb39.284952-76.650009
1266Pratt St & Sharp St39.286356-76.616806
1879Pratt St & South St39.286537-76.610949
11115Pratt St & Stricker St Eb39.285360-76.640928
1281Pratt St & Washington St Eb39.289340-76.589161
1280Pratt St & Wolfe St Eb39.289319-76.590445
5059Preakness Way & Bus Shelter Mb Sb39.353419-76.667748
5998Preakness Wy Between Northern Pky & Belvedere Ave Nb39.353452-76.667599
11408President St & Eastern Ave Sb39.285332-76.603207
11420President St & Fawn St39.285678-76.602984
14168Presstman St & Mount St39.305287-76.644373
12330Preston & Decker Ave Wb39.306201-76.574822
875Preston & Kenwood Eb39.305919-76.578672
953Preston & Kenwood Wb39.306070-76.578279
876Preston & Linwood Eb39.305969-76.577247
952Preston & Linwood Wb39.306113-76.577006
873Preston & Milton Eb39.305761-76.582889
877Preston & Potomac Fs Eb39.306045-76.575455
10815Preston St & Caroline St Wb Fs39.305261-76.598356
4065Preston St & Charles St Wb39.304614-76.615980
4062Preston St & Greenmount Ave Fs Wb39.304878-76.608376
13834Preston St & Guilford St Ns Wb39.304738-76.611711
4057Preston St & Harford Rd Fs Wb39.305155-76.601193
874Preston St & Lakewood Ave Eb39.305860-76.580079
955Preston St & Luzerne Ave Wb39.305964-76.581099
11511Preston St & Maryland Ave Wb39.304535-76.617309
977Preston St & Montford Ave Wb Ns39.305841-76.584021
4064Preston St & Saint Paul St Wb39.304634-76.614389
4060Preston St & Valley St Wb39.305022-76.604842
11572Prince Frederick P&r (Fairground & Armory Rd)38.548248-76.581118
14029Progress Dr & Digital Dr Eb Fs39.216922-76.673409
14030Progress Dr & Digital Dr Wb39.216936-76.673632
12422Pulaski Hwy & 62nd St Wb39.309698-76.530867
11149Pulaski Hwy & 62nd St opp Eb39.309533-76.530585
11146Pulaski Hwy & Erdman Ave Eb39.301347-76.549235
5726Pulaski Hwy & Harbor Tunnel Wb39.303530-76.542916
5723Pulaski Hwy & I-95 Entrance Wb39.306738-76.535261
5745Pulaski Hwy & Mapleton Ave Fs Eb39.301977-76.547260
5727Pulaski Hwy & Mapleton Ave opp Wb39.302064-76.547957
5748Pulaski Hwy & Moravia Park Dr Eb39.308137-76.532652
5725Pulaski Hwy & North Point Blvd opp Wb39.304362-76.540145
12619Pulaski Hwy & North Point Rd Eb39.304200-76.539755
6422Pulaski St & Baltimore St39.287751-76.649976
9004Pulaski St & Baltimore St Sb39.288332-76.650163
6395Pulaski St & Bryant Ave Mb Sb39.315288-76.651716
6429Pulaski St & Christian St Sb39.281873-76.649603
6420Pulaski St & Fayette St Fs Sb39.289286-76.650212
6469Pulaski St & Fayette St Mb Nb39.289137-76.650050
6416Pulaski St & Franklin St Sb39.293785-76.650462
6465Pulaski St & Frederick Ave Nb39.285679-76.649846
6425Pulaski St & Frederick Ave Sb39.285843-76.650021
6423Pulaski St & Hollins St Fs Sb39.286731-76.650061
6466Pulaski St & Hollins St Nb39.286728-76.649907
6427Pulaski St & Mchenry St Fs Sb39.283881-76.649906
6463Pulaski St & Mchenry St Nb39.283862-76.649744
4676Pulaski St & Mulberry St Nb39.292700-76.650247
6464Pulaski St & Pratt St Nb39.284753-76.649804
6426Pulaski St & Pratt St Sb39.285403-76.649992
6472Pulaski St & Saratoga St Nb39.291621-76.650184
6418Pulaski St & Saratoga St Sb39.291248-76.650338
6489Pulaski St & Whittier Ave Nb39.314479-76.651511
6461Pulaski St & Wilkens Ave Fs Nb39.281517-76.649234
6488Pulaski St & Windsor Ave Fs Nb39.313004-76.651414
6396Pulaski St & Windsor Ave Sb39.312997-76.651597
613Putty Hill Ave & Towson Pl Wb39.393246-76.581666
12611Quarterfield Rd & 7671 Quarterfield39.150284-76.636644
12610Quarterfield Rd & Jonathan Ave Wb39.150016-76.637213
14043Quarterfield Rd & Landmark Dr Sb Ns39.147372-76.639991
12468Quarterfield Rd & Pamela Rd39.147506-76.639537
5080Randallstown Loop39.372591-76.805580
7949Red Brook Blvd & Red Run Blvd39.414287-76.800392
12599Red Brook Blvd & Red Run Blvd Eb39.414163-76.800238
12583Red Land Ct & Red Run Blvd Fs Wb39.426192-76.809759
12587Red Run Blvd & Dolfield Rd Sb39.423567-76.805710
12581Red Run Blvd & Owings Mills Blvd Wb39.403886-76.795865
13549Red Run Blvd & Paladium Ct39.406704-76.797958
13548Red Run Blvd & Paladium Ct Sb39.406967-76.798070
12586Red Run Blvd & Pleasant Hill Rd Nb39.423826-76.805959
12584Red Run Blvd & Red Land Ct Fs Sb39.425990-76.809475
12590Red Run Blvd & Resturant Park Dr Eb39.403672-76.793887
s0004Reisterstown Plaza Metro39.352589-76.706095
e0004eReisterstown Plaza Metro East Entrance39.351548-76.703984
ev0004Reisterstown Plaza Metro Elevator39.351633-76.704298
e0004wReisterstown Plaza Metro West Entrance39.351008-76.704802
10309Reisterstown Plaza Stat Nb39.350977-76.705786
7519Reisterstown Plaza Station (Metro) Nb39.352283-76.705383
4819Reisterstown Plaza Station (Metro) Sb39.351609-76.704034
11244Reisterstown Rd & Austin Rd opp Sb39.443875-76.810443
11290Reisterstown Rd & Avalon Way opp Nb39.394967-76.745914
11271Reisterstown Rd & Avalon Wy Sb39.394158-76.745318
1409Reisterstown Rd & Bancroft Rd Nb39.356244-76.702256
1214Reisterstown Rd & Belvedere Ave Fs Sb39.342719-76.683280
1393Reisterstown Rd & Belvedere Ave Nb39.342784-76.683209
11241Reisterstown Rd & Caraway Rd Fs Sb39.450609-76.818826
11318Reisterstown Rd & Caraway Rd Nb39.450994-76.818910
11245Reisterstown Rd & Cherry Valley Rd Sb39.442343-76.808605
11243Reisterstown Rd & Chestnut Hill Ln Sb39.446269-76.813358
11316Reisterstown Rd & Chestnut Hill Lnnb39.446096-76.812811
167Reisterstown Rd & Chowan Ave39.323398-76.655952
12634Reisterstown Rd & Chowan Ave Sb39.323553-76.656438
1173Reisterstown Rd & Church Ln Sb39.375347-76.723811
11281Reisterstown Rd & Church Ln opp Nb39.375167-76.723437
1176Reisterstown Rd & Claredon Ave Sb39.371721-76.720528
1439Reisterstown Rd & Clarendon Ave opp Nb39.371495-76.720122
7470Reisterstown Rd & Clarks Ln Fs Sb39.358048-76.705090
7473Reisterstown Rd & Clarks Ln Nb39.357959-76.704582
1381Reisterstown Rd & Classen Ave Nb39.337022-76.666389
1221Reisterstown Rd & Cold Spring Ln Sb39.338927-76.668053
1382Reisterstown Rd & Coldspring Ln Nb39.338771-76.667711
1192Reisterstown Rd & Colonial Rd Sb39.363811-76.712746
11289Reisterstown Rd & Craddock Ln Nb39.396799-76.748130
11268Reisterstown Rd & Crossroads Dr Fs Sb39.398929-76.751096
12314Reisterstown Rd & Dolfield Blvd39.434895-76.799194
23Reisterstown Rd & Druid Park Dr39.324981-76.657527
168Reisterstown Rd & Druid Park Dr39.325295-76.657350
31Reisterstown Rd & Elgin Ave39.314786-76.648330
11305Reisterstown Rd & Enchanted Hills Rd Nb39.427751-76.790117
6122Reisterstown Rd & Fallstaff Rd Nb39.361873-76.709684
1407Reisterstown Rd & Fordleigh Rd Nb39.354465-76.699752
7301Reisterstown Rd & Fordleigh Rd Sb39.354377-76.699980
1201Reisterstown Rd & Fords La Sb39.355604-76.701646
11242Reisterstown Rd & Franklin Blvd Sb39.448051-76.815560
7341Reisterstown Rd & Fulton Ave39.313737-76.646756
1215Reisterstown Rd & Garrison Ave Fs Sb39.341871-76.681875
1390Reisterstown Rd & Garrison Ave Nb39.342109-76.682099
11294Reisterstown Rd & Garrison Forest School Nb39.410365-76.767086
11264Reisterstown Rd & Garrison Forest School Sb39.409671-76.766470
11295Reisterstown Rd & Garrison View Rd Nb39.412516-76.770177
11262Reisterstown Rd & Garrison View Rd opp Sb39.412746-76.770914
1206Reisterstown Rd & Glen Ave opp Sb39.351297-76.695543
1193Reisterstown Rd & Glengyle Ave opp Sb39.362899-76.711445
1223Reisterstown Rd & Grantly Ave Fs Sb39.337287-76.666702
1454Reisterstown Rd & Greenspring Valley Rd Nb39.402907-76.756057
12661Reisterstown Rd & Grey Rock Rd Nb39.391280-76.741588
8553Reisterstown Rd & Gwynns Falls Pkwy39.317005-76.651037
1058Reisterstown Rd & Gwynns Falls Pkwy Fs Nb39.317148-76.650874
11314Reisterstown Rd & Hammershire Rd Nb39.442339-76.808151
13712Reisterstown Rd & Harden Ave Sb39.404255-76.758410
1212Reisterstown Rd & Hayward Ave Fs Sb39.344718-76.686132
1394Reisterstown Rd & Hayward Ave Nb39.344908-76.686137
11247Reisterstown Rd & High Falcon Rd opp Sb39.437800-76.802808
11312Reisterstown Rd & Highfalcon Rd Nb39.437755-76.802410
1231Reisterstown Rd & Hilldale Ave Sb39.327691-76.659410
7481Reisterstown Rd & Hooks Ln Nb39.386474-76.735967
11285Reisterstown Rd & I-695 Nb39.382967-76.731869
1178Reisterstown Rd & Irving Pl Sb39.369378-76.718321
11266Reisterstown Rd & Kenmar Ave Sb39.405842-76.760778
1377Reisterstown Rd & Keyworth Ave Nb39.332602-76.662980
1227Reisterstown Rd & Keyworth Ave Sb39.332699-76.663243
1412Reisterstown Rd & Labyrinth Rd Nb39.360131-76.707360
1196Reisterstown Rd & Labyrinth Rd opp Sb39.360250-76.707901
1216Reisterstown Rd & Lewin Ave Sb39.341873-76.677071
1395Reisterstown Rd & Lewiston Ave Nb39.346123-76.687849
164Reisterstown Rd & Liberty Heights Ave39.318227-76.652247
755Reisterstown Rd & Liberty Heights Ave Fs Sb39.317621-76.651787
1387Reisterstown Rd & Lucille Ave Nb39.341292-76.674581
1217Reisterstown Rd & Lucille Mid Sb39.341336-76.675141
12635Reisterstown Rd & Manchester Ave Nb39.341787-76.676394
12121Reisterstown Rd & Mcdonough Rd39.397539-76.749357
1172Reisterstown Rd & Mchenry Ave Sb39.376728-76.725033
11277Reisterstown Rd & Naylors Ln Fs Sb39.379764-76.728466
11283Reisterstown Rd & Naylors Ln opp Nb39.379923-76.728324
1211Reisterstown Rd & Newbern Ave Sb39.346273-76.688364
1209Reisterstown Rd & Northern Pkwy Fs Sb39.348415-76.691480
1398Reisterstown Rd & Northern Pkwy Nb39.348682-76.691499
1389Reisterstown Rd & Oakmont Ave Nb39.342092-76.677407
25Reisterstown Rd & Ocala Ave39.321251-76.654724
165Reisterstown Rd & Ocala Ave39.320853-76.654064
11278Reisterstown Rd & Old Court Rd Fs Sb39.377908-76.726364
1443Reisterstown Rd & Old Court Rd Nb39.378100-76.726264
11270Reisterstown Rd & Old Craddock Rd opp Sb39.396468-76.748143
1225Reisterstown Rd & Oswego Ave opp Sb39.335100-76.665068
7489Reisterstown Rd & Owings Mills Blvd Nb39.417779-76.777576
7983Reisterstown Rd & Painters Mill Rd Fs Nb39.415335-76.774152
1137Reisterstown Rd & Painters Mill Rd Sb39.415604-76.774937
1372Reisterstown Rd & Park Heights Ave Fs Nb39.326173-76.658116
1404Reisterstown Rd & Pinkney Rd Nb39.352472-76.696910
1204Reisterstown Rd & Pinkney Rd Sb39.352916-76.697797
12318Reisterstown Rd & Pleasant Ridge Dr39.424652-76.786651
11304Reisterstown Rd & Pleasant Ridge Dr Nb39.424547-76.786167
1401Reisterstown Rd & Primrose Ave Fs39.350667-76.694336
1418Reisterstown Rd & Randall Ave Nb39.365690-76.714469
7469Reisterstown Rd & Reisterstown Plaza Entrance39.356970-76.703680
13745Reisterstown Rd & Reisterstown Shopping Center Nb39.448121-76.815318
11309Reisterstown Rd & Richmar Rd Nb39.434503-76.798371
11252Reisterstown Rd & Ritters Ln Fs Sb39.427620-76.790329
1396Reisterstown Rd & Rogers Ave Nb39.347530-76.689866
6057Reisterstown Rd & Rogers Ave Sb39.347646-76.690346
7985Reisterstown Rd & Rosewood Ln Nb39.416734-76.776162
11256Reisterstown Rd & Rosewood Ln opp Sb39.416933-76.776824
156Reisterstown Rd & Ruskin Ave39.314763-76.647968
12663Reisterstown Rd & Sam's Club Nb39.407435-76.762741
11265Reisterstown Rd & Sam's Club Sb39.407795-76.763706
9177Reisterstown Rd & Seven Mile Ln Nb39.363923-76.712595
13756Reisterstown Rd & Shetland Cir Fs Sb39.441265-76.807218
1378Reisterstown Rd & Shirley Ave Nb39.333781-76.663893
1226Reisterstown Rd & Shirley Ave Sb39.333903-76.664137
7475Reisterstown Rd & Slade Ave Fs Nb39.368653-76.717302
1228Reisterstown Rd & Springhill Ave Sb39.331463-76.662267
11263Reisterstown Rd & St Thomas Center Entrance Sb39.411000-76.768400
12664Reisterstown Rd & St Thomas Ln39.413703-76.771842
11261Reisterstown Rd & St Thomas Ln Sb39.413760-76.772333
11303Reisterstown Rd & Straw Hat Rd Nb39.423348-76.784735
1440Reisterstown Rd & Sudbrook Ln Nb39.374126-76.722506
1174Reisterstown Rd & Sudbrook Ln Sb39.374632-76.723167
1132Reisterstown Rd & Tollgate Rd Sb39.422455-76.783991
1374Reisterstown Rd & Ulman Ave Nb39.328854-76.660132
1230Reisterstown Rd & Ulman Ave Sb39.328906-76.660367
11291Reisterstown Rd & Village Queen Dr Nb39.399116-76.750941
11275Reisterstown Rd & Village Rd opp Sb39.381796-76.730891
1375Reisterstown Rd & Violet Ave39.329993-76.660998
1385Reisterstown Rd & Virginia Ave Nb39.340595-76.672236
1218Reisterstown Rd & Virginia Ave Sb39.340642-76.672789
11282Reisterstown Rd & Walker Ave Nb39.376101-76.724255
1420Reisterstown Rd & Warren Rd Nb39.367527-76.716239
701Reisterstown Rd & Warren Rd opp Sb39.367495-76.716452
24Reisterstown Rd & Wichita Ave39.322682-76.655801
32Reisterstown Rd & Windsor Ave39.313782-76.647158
12660Reisterstown Rd & Woodholme Center Cir Nb39.388304-76.738077
7462Reisterstown Rd & Woodholme Ln Fs Sb39.386148-76.736022
1383Reisterstown Rd & Wylie Ave Nb39.339838-76.669440
5013Remington Ave & 27th St Fs Nb39.320773-76.620928
4890Remington Ave & 28th St Sb Mid39.320671-76.620940
10508Remington Ave & 29th St Nb39.322037-76.621918
10510Remington Ave & 31st St Fs Nb39.324224-76.623701
4888Remington Ave & 31st St Sb39.324253-76.623928
10511Remington Ave & Wyman Park Dr Nb39.325595-76.624721
4887Remington Ave & Wyman Park Dr Sb39.325986-76.625272
14056Richie Hwy & 1875 Richie Hwy Nb Mid39.002365-76.481958
3324Ridge Rd & Mellon Rd39.161136-76.712461
3329Ridge Rd& Mellon Rd Nb39.160887-76.712376
1697Ridgely Rd & Kurtz Ave Wb39.429504-76.623399
1826Ridgland Rd & Cranbrook Rd Fs Nb39.471919-76.620166
1734Ridgland Rd & Cranbrook Rd Sb39.471961-76.620416
1507Ridgley Rd & Kurtz Ave Eb39.428978-76.624349
10024Riggs & Calhoun Eb39.301095-76.640279
12180Riggs Ave & Carey St39.301221-76.639189
145Riggs Ave & Gilmor St39.301070-76.642939
3993Riggs Ave & N Parrish St39.300988-76.642242
2824Ring Rd & Aacc Eb39.050816-76.510861
10917Ring Rd & West Campus (Aacc) Eb39.048172-76.513459
2822Ring Rd & West Campus Dr Sb39.048169-76.513608
2744Ritchie Hwy & 2nd Ave Sb39.231950-76.612357
14044Ritchie Hwy & 3rd Ave Sb Fs39.230687-76.612907
2745Ritchie Hwy & 5th Ave Sb39.229355-76.613326
2746Ritchie Hwy & 7th Ave Sb39.227608-76.613449
2914Ritchie Hwy & 11th Ave Nb39.223764-76.613526
2747Ritchie Hwy & 11th Ave Sb39.224251-76.613756
2913Ritchie Hwy & 14th Ave Nb39.220852-76.613770
2748Ritchie Hwy & 15th Ave Sb39.220653-76.614098
2865Ritchie Hwy & Americana Cir Nb39.138223-76.600369
12260Ritchie Hwy & Americana Cir Sb39.138367-76.601123
2840Ritchie Hwy & Arnold Rd Fs Nb39.029492-76.504014
2828Ritchie Hwy & Arnold Rd Sb39.028376-76.503670
2909Ritchie Hwy & Arundel Corporation Rd Nb39.204497-76.613915
2752Ritchie Hwy & Arundel Corporation Rd opp Fs Sb39.204257-76.614218
2858Ritchie Hwy & Baltimore Annapolis Blvd39.086704-76.553849
2910Ritchie Hwy & Cedar Hill Rd Nb39.210799-76.614765
2768Ritchie Hwy & Chesapeake Shopping Center Fs Sb39.191211-76.613759
2912Ritchie Hwy & Church St Nb39.217834-76.614101
2749Ritchie Hwy & Church St Sb39.217874-76.614351
2751Ritchie Hwy & Cresswell Rd Sb39.212003-76.615046
8725Ritchie Hwy & Earleigh Heights Rd Sb39.098965-76.565505
8724Ritchie Hwy & East West Blvd Sb39.110138-76.575532
2917Ritchie Hwy & Edison Ave Nb39.232292-76.612001
2862Ritchie Hwy & Elvaton Dr Nb39.118588-76.582611
2902Ritchie Hwy & Glen Burnie Mall Nb39.190901-76.613346
2860Ritchie Hwy & Hamburg St Nb39.106717-76.571877
2810Ritchie Hwy & Hamburg St Sb39.106790-76.572523
2750Ritchie Hwy & Hammonds Ln Sb39.216212-76.614562
2799Ritchie Hwy & Harundale Plaza Sb39.151845-76.613242
2901Ritchie Hwy & Holsum Way39.188841-76.613349
2827Ritchie Hwy & Joyce La Sb39.036046-76.509876
2842Ritchie Hwy & Joyce Ln Nb39.037147-76.510272
2863Ritchie Hwy & Jumpers Hole Rd Fs Nb39.126966-76.590193
2806Ritchie Hwy & Jumpers Hole Rd Mid Sb39.126301-76.590164
2805Ritchie Hwy & Kellington Dr Sb39.129876-76.593419
2859Ritchie Hwy & Magothy Bridge Rd Nb39.099078-76.565037
2867Ritchie Hwy & Marley Neck Rd Ns Nb39.141236-76.603111
2802Ritchie Hwy & Marley Station Mall Sb39.140857-76.603335
14039Ritchie Hwy & Marley Station Nb39.142594-76.604339
14038Ritchie Hwy & Mountain Rd Nb Ns39.135884-76.598257
2906Ritchie Hwy & Mva Nb39.197357-76.613099
2756Ritchie Hwy & Mva opp Sb39.196856-76.613488
2801Ritchie Hwy & Norfolk Rd Sb39.146677-76.608552
2869Ritchie Hwy & Norman Rd Nb39.146593-76.607925
14036Ritchie Hwy & Old Frederick Rd opp Sb Mid39.025190-76.500963
2916Ritchie Hwy & Orchard Ave Nb39.228827-76.613072
2905Ritchie Hwy & Ordnance Rd Fs Nb39.194308-76.613249
2767Ritchie Hwy & Ordnance Rd Fs Sb39.193366-76.613671
8726Ritchie Hwy & Pasadena Rd Fs Nb39.109817-76.574729
2857Ritchie Hwy & Robinson Rd39.081597-76.549294
12262Ritchie Hwy & Robinson Rd Sb39.081893-76.550082
12726Ritchie Hwy & Seward Ave Nb39.219016-76.613937
2915Ritchie Hwy & Townsend Ave Nb39.225654-76.613339
2911Ritchie Hwy & Walton Ave Nb39.215397-76.614356
2907Ritchie Hwy & Warfield Rd Nb39.202558-76.613654
2808Ritchie Hwy & Waterford Rd Sb39.118491-76.583098
2770Ritchie Hwy & Wellham Ave Sb39.188335-76.613849
2812Ritchie Hwy & Whites Rd Sb39.086747-76.554477
11724Riva Rd & Forest Dr Eb38.981269-76.544364
11704Riva Rd & Forest Dr opp Wb38.981037-76.545515
12017Riverdale MARC Nb38.962906-76.934863
12016Riverdale MARC Sb38.962925-76.934956
11865Rob Fulton & Gateway Dr Fs Wb39.175329-76.811105
11866Rob Fulton & Lee Deforest opp Wb39.175922-76.818080
11867Rob Fulton & Solar Walk Wb39.177502-76.821628
11854Rob Fulton Dr & Gateway Dr Eb39.175051-76.810474
11853Rob Fulton Dr & Lee Deforest Eb39.176228-76.817940
11852Rob Fulton Dr & Solar Walk Eb39.177629-76.822378
11918Rockledge 6710 & Rock Ctr opp Eb39.030096-77.135817
11919Rockledge & Rock Exec Plaza Eb39.028993-77.132467
11920Rockledge & Rock Spr Demo Mid Sb39.024705-77.132717
11916Rockledge Dr & 6901 opp Nb39.027658-77.138798
11917Rockledge Dr & Lockheed Martin opp Nb39.028999-77.138565
11954Rockville MARC Eb39.085144-77.147085
11962Rockville MARC Wb39.085198-77.146993
14197Rockville Pike & North Wood Rd39.004141-77.097187
13593Rockville Pike & South Dr Fs Sb38.998742-77.097029
13592Rockville Pike & South Wood Rd Fs Nb38.999948-77.096788
2107Rodgers Forge Rd & Dumbarton Rd Fs Wb39.378988-76.618985
12106Rogers Ave & Belle Ave Nb39.337585-76.700505
6062Rogers Ave & Belle Ave Wb39.337960-76.700302
12105Rogers Ave & Bosworth Ave Nb39.329178-76.707767
6103Rogers Ave & Elderon Ave Nb39.341656-76.695999
6068Rogers Ave & Fernpark Ave Sb39.331660-76.706896
6096Rogers Ave & Fernpark Avefs Nb39.331556-76.706783
6070Rogers Ave & Gwynn Oak Ave Sb39.328664-76.707759
6101Rogers Ave & Haddon Ave Nb39.336175-76.702588
6063Rogers Ave & Haddon Ave Wb39.336438-76.702448
6059Rogers Ave & Kennison Ave Fs Wb39.342565-76.695115
6104Rogers Ave & Kennison Ave Nb39.342648-76.694742
6099Rogers Ave & Liberty Heights Ave Nb39.334250-76.705375
6065Rogers Ave & Liberty Heights Ave Sb39.334891-76.705012
12107Rogers Ave & Merceron Ave Nb39.339298-76.698427
13690Rogers Ave & Rogers Post Apartments Sb39.338755-76.699252
s0005Rogers Ave Metro39.346336-76.694382
ev0005Rogers Ave Metro Elevator39.345166-76.692507
e0005Rogers Ave Metro Entrance39.344899-76.692563
14096Rogers Ave Metro Station39.345157-76.692698
14093Rogers Ave Metro Station Bay 139.344580-76.691605
14094Rogers Ave Metro Station Bay 239.344716-76.691850
14095Rogers Ave Metro Station Bay 339.344621-76.691936
14097Rogers Ave Metro Station Bay 539.345075-76.692195
14098Rogers Ave Metro Station Bay 639.344929-76.691956
4825Rogers Ave Station39.344621-76.691936
10420Rogers Ave Station (Metro) Nb39.345171-76.692547
10419Rogers Ave Station (Metro) Sb39.344504-76.691204
6106Rogers Metro Station Entrance Nb39.345112-76.692978
4880Roland Ave & 37th St Nb39.332469-76.632661
5024Roland Ave & 38th St Nb39.333941-76.632757
13848Roland Ave & 38th St Sb Ns39.334279-76.632909
10953Roland Ave & Beechdale Rd Sb39.353313-76.634152
6654Roland Ave & Bellmore Rd Fs Sb39.367678-76.634363
5029Roland Ave & Cold Spring Ln Fs Nb39.343771-76.635127
6667Roland Ave & Coldspring Ln Sb39.344288-76.635552
6717Roland Ave & Colorado Ave Nb39.355459-76.634380
6718Roland Ave & Deepdene Rd Nb39.356307-76.634549
6660Roland Ave & Deepdene Rd Sb39.356611-76.634989
1544Roland Ave & Gilman School Nb39.358285-76.634932
6651Roland Ave & Melrose Ave Nb39.365224-76.634010
6655Roland Ave & Melrose Ave Sb39.365594-76.634338
6657Roland Ave & Northern Pkwy Fs Sb39.361706-76.635006
6649Roland Ave & Northern Pkwy Nb39.361865-76.634618
6711Roland Ave & Oakdale Rd Nb39.347328-76.635737
6665Roland Ave & Oakdale Rd Sb39.347712-76.636079
6674Roland Ave & Somerset Rd opp Sb39.342202-76.635022
6656Roland Ave & St George Rd Fs Sb39.364702-76.634349
6650Roland Ave & St George Rd Nb39.364337-76.634021
6658Roland Ave & St Mary's Seminary Sb39.361246-76.635109
5025Roland Ave & St Mary's Towers Nb39.336449-76.632930
6713Roland Ave & Upland Rd Nb39.349708-76.635167
6663Roland Ave & Upland Rd Sb39.350308-76.635262
6715Roland Ave & Wyndhurst Ave Nb39.352845-76.633836
3983Rolling & Security Sq Mall Ent Nb39.310116-76.753686
180Rolling Rd & Baltimore National Pike39.282739-76.753535
182Rolling Rd & Beverly Rd39.276891-76.755214
10877Rolling Rd & Beverly Rd opp Nb39.276771-76.755152
12502Rolling Rd & Collegiate Dr39.251885-76.725707
7055Rolling Rd & Collegiate Dr Fs Nb39.252095-76.725639
7084Rolling Rd & Dogwood Rd Fs Nb39.321018-76.758438
6989Rolling Rd & Dogwood Rd Sb39.321002-76.758588
392Rolling Rd & Edmondson Ave Nb39.273543-76.756435
13737Rolling Rd & Edmondson Ave Sb39.273670-76.756377
3294Rolling Rd & Fairbrook Rd Sb39.311648-76.754736
7556Rolling Rd & Geipe Rd Nb39.281572-76.753952
7534Rolling Rd & Geipe Rd Sb39.281083-76.754377
7088Rolling Rd & Hithergreen Dr Nb39.328151-76.758777
6987Rolling Rd & Hithergreen Dr Sb39.328930-76.758737
3981Rolling Rd & Johnnycake Rd Nb39.306434-76.753954
3666Rolling Rd & Johnnycake Rd Sb39.306161-76.754291
11401Rolling Rd & Manor Care Nb39.304128-76.754362
11400Rolling Rd & Manor Care Sb39.303886-76.754461
10878Rolling Rd & Old Frederick Rd opp Nb39.280216-76.754393
2941Rolling Rd & Rolling Bend Rd Fs Nb39.310901-76.754229
3664Rolling Rd & Rolling Bend Rd Fs Sb39.310159-76.753955
12212Rolling Rd & Rollingwood Rd Sb39.270646-76.756874
391Rolling Rd & Rollingwood Rd Wb39.271366-76.756749
13538Rolling Rd & Roxy Dr Fs Sb39.344070-76.764209
6988Rolling Rd & Sandown Cir Fs Sb39.324881-76.759323
7087Rolling Rd & Tudsbury Rd Nb39.325627-76.759100
12373Rolling Rd & Tudsbury Rd Sb39.326543-76.759205
11350Rolling Rd & Wild Cherry Rd Nb39.347850-76.764696
6981Rolling Rd & Wild Cherry Rd Sb39.348007-76.764881
6986Rolling Rd & Windsor Blvd Fs Sb39.333319-76.759836
13740Rolling Rd & Windsor Blvd Nb39.333363-76.759628
4780Rossville Blvd & Citation Rd Nb39.335375-76.478424
6637Rossville Blvd & Citation Rd Sb39.335718-76.479094
6523Rossville Blvd & Kelso Dr Fs Nb39.334243-76.477001
6639Rossville Blvd & Kelso Dr Fs opp Sb39.333574-76.476426
6521Rossville Blvd & Orems Rd Nb39.330631-76.472449
6640Rossville Blvd & Orems Rd Sb39.330723-76.472860
6633Rossville Blvd & Philadelphia Rd Sb39.340302-76.486692
6531Rossville Blvd & Ross Ridge Apartments Mb Sb39.349301-76.485789
4792Rossville Blvd & Shakerwood Rd Sb39.344351-76.487634
12185Rossville Blvd & Square Ridge Rd Nb39.344350-76.487271
4783Rossville Blvd & Yellow Brick Rd Fs Nb39.338692-76.483741
6635Rossville Blvd & Yellow Brick Rd Fs Sb39.338141-76.482840
5225Round Rd & Booker Dr Fs39.247128-76.627943
5224Round Rd & Bridgeview Rd Nb39.245423-76.626623
4926Round Rd & Bridgeview Rd Sb39.245534-76.627042
5208Round Rd & Woodview Rd Mid Sb39.247057-76.628075
4930Roundview Rd & Cherryland Rd Nb39.247045-76.621693
2836Rowe Blvd & College Ave Nb38.984582-76.498706
2830Rowe Blvd & College Crk38.984524-76.499065
10921Rowe Blvd & Taylor Ave Fs38.986696-76.502602
11735Rowe Blvd & Taylor Ave Nb38.987110-76.502711
11693Rowe Blvd & Taylor Ave Sb38.986949-76.502886
13653Rowe Blvd & Taylor Ave Wb38.986941-76.502365
3685Rt 40 & Catonsville Plaza Fs39.290814-76.718507
3960Rt 40 & Channing Rd Wb39.291107-76.719054
12267Rt 450 & Badger Rd Eb38.989678-76.494280
12265Rt 450 & Badger Rd Wb38.989988-76.493984
12268Rt 450 & Brice Rd Eb39.000917-76.481204
12264Rt 450 & Brice Rd Sb39.001245-76.482045
8436Rt 450 & King George St Wb38.988641-76.497218
4996Russell St & Bush St Nb39.272200-76.630025
12671Russell St & Bush St Sb39.272878-76.629637
5000Russell St & Camden St Nb39.285086-76.622599
12064Russell St & Hamburg St Fs Nb39.280345-76.623350
12592Russell St & Lee St Sb39.281536-76.623400
9002Russell St & Tacoma St Mid Wb39.263895-76.633901
11679S Capital St & Malcolm X Ave Wb38.845173-77.007675
11737S Capitol St & Malcolm X Ave Eb38.845466-77.008077
14158S East Ave & Hudson St Nb Fs39.282612-76.571199
14157S East Ave & Hudson St Sb Fs39.282151-76.571325
2834Saint Johns St & College Ave Fs Nb38.980391-76.491511
891Saint Lo Dr & Indian Dr39.318679-76.587143
515Saint Paul Pl & Lexington St Sb39.291284-76.614055
512Saint Paul Pl & Mulberry St Mb Sb39.294341-76.614324
514Saint Paul Pl & Saratoga St Sb39.293035-76.614271
488Saint Paul St & 22nd St Sb39.314441-76.615252
486Saint Paul St & 25th St Sb39.318031-76.615496
484Saint Paul St & 27th St Sb39.320818-76.615668
483Saint Paul St & 29th St Sb39.323499-76.615839
482Saint Paul St & 31st St Sb39.326146-76.616031
495Saint Paul St & Biddle St Fs Sb39.303154-76.614502
2346Saint Paul St & Charlcote Rd Nb39.341491-76.618765
516Saint Paul St & Fayette St Fs Sb39.290157-76.613975
509Saint Paul St & Madison St Sb39.298800-76.614219
489Saint Paul St & North Ave Fs Sb39.310765-76.615009
493Saint Paul St & Penn Station Fs Sb39.306995-76.614790
494Saint Paul St & Preston St Sb39.304228-76.614575
507Saint Paul St Between Chase St & Eager St Sb39.301783-76.614412
511Saint Paul St Between Monument St & Centre St Sb39.296783-76.614086
3132Sandpiper Cir & Corporate Dr Fs Eb39.367792-76.470618
3130Sandpiper Cir & White Marsh Health Center Sb39.370749-76.471791
3122Sandpiper Cir & White Marsh Health Center Wb39.370806-76.471487
7867Sanzo & Marnat Rd Sb39.373266-76.692691
11656Sanzo Rd & Marnat Rd Nb39.372909-76.692337
12158Sanzo Rd & Smith Ave Fs Sb39.375377-76.693296
3210Saratoga St & Calvert St Wb39.292450-76.612261
3213Saratoga St & Cathedral St Wb39.293110-76.616521
3038Saratoga St & Charles St Eb39.292247-76.615460
7540Saratoga St & Eutaw St Eb39.292761-76.621468
8444Saratoga St & Eutaw St Wb39.292903-76.620942
3223Saratoga St & Fremont Ave Wb39.292655-76.630510
11356Saratoga St & Fremont St Eb39.292531-76.630482
3029Saratoga St & Greene St Eb39.292667-76.624017
3220Saratoga St & Greene St Wb39.292878-76.623722
3208Saratoga St & Guilford Ave Wb39.292523-76.611032
3034Saratoga St & Howard St Eb39.292823-76.619865
3215Saratoga St & Howard St Wb39.292970-76.619492
7192Saratoga St & Lexington St39.291234-76.607902
3036Saratoga St & Libertyst Eb39.292921-76.616947
12570Saratoga St & MLK Blvd Eb39.292625-76.628409
3222Saratoga St & MLK Blvd Fs Wb39.292745-76.628249
3031Saratoga St & Paca St Eb39.292705-76.622656
3218Saratoga St & Paca St Wb39.292876-76.622226
3035Saratoga St & Park Ave Eb39.292888-76.618443
12571Saratoga St & Saint Paul Pl Eb39.292289-76.614255
3211Saratoga St & Saint Paul St Mb Wb39.292436-76.613191
3224Saratoga St & Schroder St Wb39.292527-76.633766
11355Saratoga St & Schroeder St Eb39.292390-76.634273
3027Saratoga St Between Pine St & Arch St Mid Eb39.292714-76.625996
12023Savage MARC Nb39.122855-76.796351
12010Savage MARC Sb39.122927-76.796374
11784Scaggsville Park & Ride39.146785-76.908691
10629Schilling Cr & Huntington Cr Nb39.490632-76.664275
10630Schilling Cr & Mccormick Rd Eb39.491975-76.659771
10640Schilling Cr & Mccormick Rd Eb39.489336-76.659435
13794Schroeder St & Fayette St Fs Sb39.289864-76.633852
13795Schroeder St & Saratoga St Nb39.292411-76.633967
11990Seabrook MARC Nb38.973444-76.842772
11987Seabrook MARC Sb38.973499-76.842818
7000Security Blvd & Belmont Ave Eb39.312773-76.751064
3293Security Blvd & Belmont Ave Wb39.313120-76.749539
6995Security Blvd & Center For Medicare And Medicaid Services Eb39.314802-76.763560
2950Security Blvd & Gwynn Oak Ave Eb39.311720-76.729964
3284Security Blvd & Gwynn Oak Ave Fs Wb39.312077-76.730416
10834Security Blvd & Kennicott Rd39.313481-76.757236
10835Security Blvd & Kennicott Rd Wb39.313675-76.756648
7074Security Blvd & Lord Baltimore Dr Fs Wb39.313109-76.753077
12165Security Blvd & Mt Vernon Dr Fs Eb39.306062-76.713902
3283Security Blvd & Perimeter Dr Wb39.311511-76.725368
2943Security Blvd & Rolling Rd Eb39.312853-76.753884
8386Security Blvd & Security East Building Eb39.311449-76.727690
8385Security Blvd & Security East Building opp Wb39.311708-76.727522
2945Security Blvd & Whitehead Rd Eb39.311855-76.739028
3289Security Blvd & Whitehead Rd Wb39.312125-76.739821
3285Security Blvd & Woodlawn Dr Wb39.312412-76.736195
2938Security Square Mall39.307906-76.750685
12343Selma Ave & Magnolia Ave Sb39.236145-76.688744
5502Selma Ave & Winans Ave Sb39.237921-76.690342
12748Seven Mile La & Southvale Rd Nb39.377945-76.708122
12762Seven Mile Ln & Southvale Rd39.377852-76.708329
13663Severna Park Park & Ride39.057686-76.528124
11915Shady Grove & Metro Station39.120179-77.163407
4923Shellbanks Rd & Giles Rd Fs Sb39.249619-76.630205
4986Shellbanks Rd & Giles Rd Nb39.249720-76.630134
395Sheppard Pratt Hospital Eb39.392297-76.619751
14148Sheppard Pratt Hospital Wb39.392399-76.619601
s0013Shot Tower Metro39.289915-76.605583
ev0013eShot Tower Metro East Elevator39.289919-76.605555
e0013eShot Tower Metro East Entrance39.289779-76.605417
ev0013wShot Tower Metro West Elevator39.289754-76.606147
e0013wShot Tower Metro West Entrance39.289423-76.606566
7511Shot Tower Station (Metro) Nb39.289808-76.606310
7509Shot Tower Station (Metro) Sb39.290029-76.604697
11957Silver Spring MARC Eb38.994441-77.030733
11959Silver Spring MARC Wb38.994459-77.030698
11787Silver Spring Metro Station38.994552-77.030886
11910Silver Spring Metro Station Nb38.993717-77.031807
14104Sinai Hospital Loop Bay 139.353505-76.664378
14103Sinai Hospital Loop On-street Stop39.353415-76.664272
2661Sinclair & Collington Nb39.314316-76.587574
2439Sinclair & Collington Wb39.314340-76.587614
928Sinclair & Frankford Plaza Wb39.324532-76.539145
903Sinclair & Moravia Fs Eb39.321839-76.547805
11370Sinclair La & Erdman Ave Fs Wb39.313516-76.567918
10559Sinclair La & Parkside Dr Wb39.318879-76.553999
12672Sinclair La & Sinclair Plaza39.325526-76.536742
6354Sinclair Ln & Arbor View Wb39.316181-76.557886
896Sinclair Ln & Bowleys Ln Eb39.319748-76.552144
934Sinclair Ln & Bowleys Ln Wb39.320302-76.552031
12331Sinclair Ln & Cedgate Rd39.327953-76.533616
925Sinclair Ln & Cedgate Rd Wb39.327844-76.533891
11363Sinclair Ln & Coleman Ave Fs Eb39.313526-76.565246
13654Sinclair Ln & Coleman Ave Wb39.313684-76.564368
6355Sinclair Ln & Dudley Ave Fs Wb39.315176-76.559742
13829Sinclair Ln & Erdman Ave Fs Eb39.313449-76.567228
909Sinclair Ln & Frankford Ave Eb39.323495-76.540954
929Sinclair Ln & Frankford Ave Fs Wb39.323805-76.541190
13611Sinclair Ln & Friar Field Run Fs Eb39.314570-76.560755
911Sinclair Ln & Gardenvillage Apartments Wb39.326454-76.535259
908Sinclair Ln & Goodnow Fs Eb39.323042-76.542433
930Sinclair Ln & Goodnow Rd Wb39.323303-76.542825
932Sinclair Ln & Moravia Rd Fs Wb39.321957-76.549225
12716Sinclair Ln & Moravia Rd Ns Eb39.321674-76.548779
8565Sinclair Ln & Parkside Dr Fs Eb39.318537-76.553954
907Sinclair Ln & Parkside Plaza Eb39.322484-76.544232
931Sinclair Ln & Parkside Plaza Mb Wb39.322920-76.544052
926Sinclair Ln & Sinclair Plaza Wb39.325361-76.537503
697Slade Ave & Park Heights Ave Eb39.371618-76.712150
1106Slade Ave & Park Heights Ave Fs Wb39.371796-76.712246
700Slade Ave & Reisterstown Rd Eb39.369576-76.716223
10925Slade Ave & Reisterstown Rd Wb39.369105-76.717272
14152Smallwood St & W Mulberry St Sb Ns39.292833-76.651842
11751Smallwood Village Ctr38.601137-76.902986
11661Smith Ave & Baythorne Rd Eb39.375391-76.675525
11629Smith Ave & Bonnie Ridge Dr Fs Wb39.376399-76.662721
11660Smith Ave & Coppersmith Rd Eb39.375420-76.684820
11662Smith Ave & Edenvale Rd Eb39.375813-76.671403
7916Smith Ave & Greenspring Ave Eb39.374872-76.682577
7865Smith Ave & Greenspring Ave Fs Wb39.375068-76.682953
11664Smith Ave & Kenway Ave Sb39.371657-76.659686
11627Smith Ave & Kenway Rd Nb39.372253-76.660021
13695Smith Ave & Labyrinth Rd Eb39.375418-76.700453
13696Smith Ave & Labyrinth Rd Wb39.375581-76.699948
12457Smith Ave & Laurelwood Ave Fs Wb39.376012-76.691443
12456Smith Ave & Laurelwood Ave opp Eb39.375772-76.692013
11632Smith Ave & Old Pimlico Rd Wb39.375323-76.677504
11663Smith Ave & Penny Ln Eb39.376263-76.662649
9199Smith Ave & Pimlico Rd Eb39.375129-76.678317
12491Smith Ave & Rockland Hills Ct Wb39.376239-76.666201
12493Smith Ave & Rosetta Rd Eb39.376060-76.666603
13692Smith Ave & Seven Mile Ln Eb39.374936-76.705919
13691Smith Ave & Seven Mile Ln Wb39.375043-76.706015
12492Smith Ave & Woodbury Rd Fs Wb39.375864-76.672936
11835Snowden River & Oakland Mills Eb39.178701-76.828492
11838Snowden River & Oakland Mills Wb39.178942-76.828642
11836Snowden River Park & Ride39.192988-76.811181
2572Social Security Terminial39.310293-76.731848
10610Sollers Point Rd & CCBC Dundalk Sb39.263574-76.515408
13730Sollers Point Rd & Merritt Ave39.260194-76.512172
1934Sollers Point Rd & Pine St39.244104-76.509882
12201Sollers Point Rd & Robinwood Rd39.261439-76.513047
1987Sollers Point Rd & Turner Ave39.244006-76.509826
6887Solley Rd & Energy Pkwy Fs Nb39.177883-76.551075
6929South Baltimore Park & Ride39.242059-76.608803
12396South Center Pl & Shipping Pl39.256475-76.522535
10474South Center Pl & Shipping Pl Fs Sb39.256549-76.522677
11689South Potomac Church & US 30138.579565-76.966074
3645South St & Water St Sb39.288455-76.610935
12540Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Stadium38.563476-76.905634
11885Southwest Park & Ride Lot39.246212-76.719621
6859Spruce St & Pennington Ave Wb39.229977-76.588550
11161St Agnes La & Forest Park Ave Sb39.291693-76.720642
3961St Agnes Ln & Addington Rd Fs Nb39.291717-76.720470
10473St Agnes Ln & Masefield Rd Nb39.293659-76.718854
3682St Agnes Ln & Masefield Rd Sb39.293988-76.718731
3962St Agnes Ln Between Masefield Rd & Harwall Rd Nb39.294231-76.718235
11749St Charles Mall & JC Penney38.617645-76.928972
11681St Charles Town Plaza (Jo-ann's)38.611021-76.932123
12026St Denis MARC Nb39.224047-76.704818
12007St Denis MARC Sb39.224119-76.704841
11546St Leonard Church MD 2 & Ball Rd38.468303-76.511328
10594St Vincent's Villa39.460146-76.603060
7514State Center (Metro) Nb39.301157-76.622734
7506State Center (Metro) Sb39.300234-76.621616
s0010State Center Metro39.301515-76.623166
ev0010State Center Metro Elevator39.301717-76.623126
e0010State Center Metro Entrance39.301862-76.622780
1501Stella Maris Hospice39.460038-76.597312
6643Stemmers Run Rd & Catherine Ave Sb39.320704-76.455312
6517Stemmers Run Rd & Doolittle Rd Fs Nb39.318461-76.453695
10521Stemmers Run Rd & Eastern Blvd Fs39.320882-76.455281
12512Stemmers Run Rd & Eastern Blvd Fs Sb39.319126-76.454427
6519Stemmers Run Rd & Essex Service Center Fs Nb39.327104-76.464108
6518Stemmers Run Rd & Marlyn Ave Fs Nb39.324882-76.459456
6642Stemmers Run Rd & Marlyn Ave Sb39.324702-76.459518
6515Stemmers Run Rd & Old Eastern Ave Fs Nb39.315686-76.450807
6646Stemmers Run Rd & Old Eastern Ave Sb39.315632-76.450976
14022Stemmers Run Rd & Rossville Blvd Eb Fs39.327943-76.468697
6641Stemmers Run Rd & Theresa Ave Fs Sb39.327089-76.465020
11812Steven Forest & Farewell Rd opp Sb39.201271-76.847869
11813Steven Forest & Soft Shade Way Sb39.198207-76.850052
11904Stevens Forest & Farewell Rd Nb39.201332-76.847512
11905Stevens Forest & Kilimanjaro Nb39.206094-76.847013
11811Stevens Forest & Kilimanjaro Sb opp39.206005-76.847257
11903Stevens Forest & Soft Shade opp Nb39.198136-76.849759
2106Stevenson Ln & Bellona Ave Fs Eb39.379761-76.622265
12517Stevenson Ln & Hearth Ct opp Wb39.380408-76.621428
3647Stevenson Ln & Heathfield Fs Wb39.383632-76.610238
3388Stevenson Ln & Heathfield Rd Eb39.383499-76.610150
6590Stevenson Ln & Old Trail Rd Eb39.383722-76.607977
2381Stevenson Ln & Stanmore Rd Eb39.381171-76.619454
13635Stevensville Park & Ride (near MD 8 & US 50)38.977262-76.321233
4414Stokes Dr & Wildwood Pkwy39.302668-76.685269
11550Suitland Federal Ctr At Gate 738.846023-76.930713
11551Suitland Metro Station38.845251-76.932590
11573Sunderland P&R (MD 2 near MD 4 & MD 262)38.664203-76.604428
13339Swan Creek & Cabot Dr Nb39.194864-76.551343
13517Swan Creek Dr & Kembo Rd Fs39.192834-76.551285
10584Talmudical Academy39.369253-76.747113
11936Tamar Dr & Cloudleap Ct Sb39.207917-76.814706
12054Tamar Dr & Cloudleap Ct opp Nb39.208313-76.815083
12055Tamar Dr & Sweetwind Pl Wb39.212863-76.819034
11935Tamar Dr & Sweetwind Pl opp Eb39.212796-76.819077
10Tamarind Rd & Springarden Dr39.348262-76.654797
12757Taney Rd & Bartol Ave Sb39.366398-76.680960
12747Taney Rd & Baywood Ave39.363570-76.684570
12758Taney Rd & Baywood Ave Sb39.363652-76.684689
3560Taylor Ave & Collinsdale Rd Eb39.383343-76.572810
3480Taylor Ave & Collinsdale Rd opp Wb39.383372-76.572250
3365Taylor Ave & Loch Raven Blvd Eb39.385609-76.578031
3559Taylor Ave & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Eb39.384410-76.575343
12382Taylor Ave & Loch Raven Blvd Fs Wb39.385540-76.577393
3481Taylor Ave & Loch Raven Blvd Wb39.384654-76.575364
12730Taylor Ave & Ridgely Ave38.988457-76.501436
4328The Alameda & 29th St Fs Sb39.324357-76.593609
4143The Alameda & 29th St Nb39.324507-76.593292
4144The Alameda & 32nd St Fs Nb39.326960-76.594268
4327The Alameda & 32nd St Sb39.327077-76.594703
558The Alameda & 33rd St Fs Nb39.328881-76.595071
470The Alameda & 33rd St Sb39.328705-76.595407
561The Alameda & 35th St Nb39.331225-76.595069
468The Alameda & 36th St Sb39.331983-76.595409
5824The Alameda & 43rd St Fs Sb39.343223-76.600159
5893The Alameda & 43rd St Nb39.343517-76.599775
10382The Alameda & Argonne Ave Sb39.340544-76.600405
5891The Alameda & Argonne Dr Fs Nb39.340503-76.600076
5899The Alameda & Beaumont Ave Nb39.350560-76.598763
5820The Alameda & Beaumont Ave Sb39.351013-76.598865
5908The Alameda & Belvedere Ave Nb39.360300-76.594181
5823The Alameda & Coldspring Ln Fs Sb39.344779-76.599857
5894The Alameda & Coldspring Ln Nb39.345584-76.599510
5910The Alameda & Gleneagle Rd Nb39.364095-76.593729
5900The Alameda & Glenwood Ave Nb39.352041-76.598524
5821The Alameda & Glenwood Ave Sb39.352673-76.598594
4142The Alameda & Kennedy Ave Fs Nb39.323318-76.592834
4329The Alameda & Kennedy Ave Fs Sb39.323021-76.593045
5896The Alameda & Linworth Ave Nb39.346999-76.599324
5904The Alameda & Messiah Church Nb39.357618-76.595162
5903The Alameda & Northwood Dr Fs Nb39.356329-76.596025
5818The Alameda & Northwood Dr Sb39.356365-76.596227
5822The Alameda & Radnor Ave Sb39.347084-76.599479
5909The Alameda & Ramblewood Rd Nb39.362571-76.593906
5814The Alameda & Sherwood Ave Nb39.365925-76.593483
10381The Alameda & Sherwood Ave Sb39.366252-76.593606
5817The Alameda & Walters Ave Sb39.359729-76.594457
5898The Alameda & Winston Ave Nb39.349244-76.598963
5902The Alameda & Woodboure Ave Nb39.354333-76.597990
5810The Alameda & Woodbourne Ave Sb39.354476-76.598043
356Thornfield Ave & Beechfield Ave Wb39.275441-76.693970
11908Thunder Hill & Oakland Mills Op Nb39.218412-76.840392
11808Thunder Hill & Oakland Mills Sb39.218395-76.840643
7656Timonium (Northbound)39.434219-76.628204
7669Timonium (Southbound)39.433510-76.628159
10650Timonium Rd & Aylesbury Rd Eb39.440418-76.627320
10612Timonium Rd & Aylesbury Rd Wb39.440512-76.627785
10613Timonium Rd & Greenspring Ave Wb39.439419-76.630634
10649Timonium Rd & Greenspring Dr Fs Eb39.439283-76.630462
163Tioga Pkwy & Forest Park Ave39.318462-76.657625
2715Toone St & East Ave Fs Eb39.278284-76.570687
13609Torah Institute39.417947-76.770247
10858Towanda Ave & 1st Liberty Village Entrance Sb39.322853-76.658221
10859Towanda Ave & 2nd Liberty Village Entrance Sb39.321867-76.657631
10860Towanda Ave & Anoka Ave opp Sb39.320979-76.657132
12577Town Center Dr & Corporate Dr Fs Eb39.369447-76.467468
3119Town Center Dr & Corporate Dr Wb39.369581-76.467573
3134Town Center Dr & Lowes Theatre Eb39.369870-76.464316
3118Town Center Dr & Lowes Theatre Wb39.370056-76.464256
14135Towson Town Center Bay 139.405033-76.598041
14136Towson Town Center Bay 239.404900-76.597788
10396Towsontown Blvd & Osler Dr Eb39.395532-76.614864
625Towsontown Blvd & Osler Dr Wb39.395681-76.615136
6578Towsontown Blvd & Towson Ct Wb39.396107-76.618854
6583Towsontown Blvd & Towsontown Ct Eb39.395905-76.618645
398Towsontown Blvd & University Ave Eb39.396044-76.611794
12073Towsontown Blvd & University Ave Wb39.396359-76.611383
14191Tradepoint Atlantic Amazon39.227441-76.468288
14219Tradepoint Atlantic Amazon #2 DCA639.232096-76.492315
14232Tradepoint Atlantic Amazon Mtn639.232170-76.478983
14170Tradepoint Atlantic Fedex39.237735-76.488130
14213Tradepoint Atlantic Floor & Decor39.225782-76.478707
14225Tradepoint Atlantic Floor & Decor39.225521-76.478872
14214Tradepoint Atlantic Home Depot39.221474-76.485101
14226Tradepoint Atlantic Royal Farms39.235946-76.475258
14171Tradepoint Atlantic Shipyard39.226298-76.491371
14172Tradepoint Atlantic Under Armour39.223762-76.471758
2976Tucker Ln & Windsor Mill Rd Fs Nb39.309724-76.701340
2558Tucker Ln & Windsor Mill Rd Sb39.309730-76.701468
14035Tulip Av & Daisey Av Nb Ns39.244507-76.647214
11846Twin Rivers & Jason La Wb39.221665-76.876642
11806Twin Rivers & Jason La opp Eb39.221203-76.876917
11805Twin Rivers Rd & Harpers Farm Rd Fs Eb39.219475-76.879523
11847Twin Rivers Rd & Harpers Farm Rd Wb39.219704-76.879509
11807Twin Rivers Rd & Trumpeter Rd Eb39.219156-76.870305
11845Twin Rivers Rd & Trumpeter Rd opp Wb39.219370-76.870240
11538US 40 & Bata Blvd Eb39.468849-76.238342
11526US 40 & Bata Blvd Wb39.470161-76.236376
11521US 40 & Bel Air Ave (Aberdeen MARC)39.509031-76.164009
11543US 40 & Bel Air Ave (Aberdeen MARC) Eb39.508649-76.163829
11533US 40 & Ebenezer Rd Eb39.380692-76.426726
11531US 40 & Ebenezer Rd Wb39.380895-76.426945
11534US 40 & Joppa Farm Rd Eb39.421985-76.372619
11530US 40 & Joppa Farm Rd Wb39.423937-76.370526
12409US 40 & Lewis Lane Aberdeen Wb39.546683-76.106665
12410US 40 & Lewis Lane Eb Aberdeen39.546099-76.106659
11537US 40 & Long Bar Harbor Rd Eb39.460242-76.254927
11527US 40 & Long Bar Harbor Rd Wb39.458983-76.258338
11540US 40 & MD 7 & MD 159 Eb39.488981-76.196022
11524US 40 & MD 7 & MD 159 Wb39.489223-76.196332
11528US 40 & Paul Martin Dr Wb39.435315-76.315407
11536US 40 & Paul Martin Dr opp Eb39.435022-76.315674
11522US 40 & Plater St Wb39.505350-76.166228
11542US 40 & Plater St opp Eb39.505285-76.165897
11541US 40 & Wal-mart Eb39.496806-76.176664
11523US 40 & Wal-mart opp Wb39.497088-76.176664
32497US 40 & West Shores39.441407-76.292677
11535US 40 & Woodbridge Ctr Way Eb39.433592-76.325123
11529US 40 & Woodbridge Ctr Way Wb39.433914-76.324659
14087UM Medical Center Bay 139.289085-76.624884
14086UM Medical Center On-street Stop39.289133-76.623864
10494Union Ave & Ash St Fs Eb39.332011-76.640635
11519Union Ave & Green St Nb39.549941-76.091627
11545Union Ave & Green St Sb39.549771-76.091691
11958Union Station MARC Washington38.899036-77.006795
13596University Of Maryland College Park (Stadium Dr.)38.990612-76.937331
13602University Of Maryland College Park (Stadium Dr.) Nb38.990547-76.937251
4322University Pkwy & 33rd St Eb39.328523-76.611439
4159University Pkwy & 39th St Wb39.335951-76.622808
4154University Pkwy & Calvert St Fs Wb39.331141-76.615441
4317University Pkwy & Canterbury Rd opp Sb39.334451-76.621060
10746University Pkwy & Canterbury Rd Wb39.334167-76.620128
6678University Pkwy & Charles St Sb39.332761-76.618498
10745University Pkwy & Charles St Wb39.332527-76.617634
4321University Pkwy & Guilford Ave Eb39.329915-76.613787
4153University Pkwy & Guilford Ave Wb39.330042-76.613715
3656University Pkwy & Saint Paul St Sb39.331533-76.616524
4316University Pkwy & San Martin Dr Sb39.335765-76.623075
6709University Pkwy & Somerset Rd Nb39.341808-76.634317
10744University Pkwy & St Paul St Wb39.331927-76.616689
s0009Upton Metro39.305318-76.636720
ev0009Upton Metro Elevator39.304132-76.635627
e0009Upton Metro Entrance39.303882-76.635773
7515Upton Station (Metro) Nb39.304754-76.636118
7505Upton Station (Metro) Sb39.304106-76.634812
11914Urbana Park & Ride Lot39.323398-77.355571
11690US 301 P & R & Smallwood Dr38.612843-76.925112
4260Vero Rd & Joh Ave Fs Wb39.262364-76.675454
10763Veterans Park Loop & Dundalk Ave39.256945-76.523294
10944Virginia Ave & Annapolis Rd Fs Wb39.234880-76.641888
10938Virginia Ave & Annapolis Rd Mb Eb39.234742-76.641826
11547Virginia Ave & C St NW Fs Eb38.893645-77.043909
6918Virginia Ave & Farring Ct Fs Nb39.224188-76.597938
6853Virginia Ave & Farring Ct opp Sb39.224131-76.598088
5390Virginia Ave & Mcdowell Ln39.235430-76.647046
4960Virginia Ave & Mcdowell Ln Sb39.235660-76.647361
10945Virginia Ave & Scotia Rd opp Wb39.235306-76.644827
10937Virginia Ave & Walnut Rd Eb39.235188-76.645631
4823Wabash Ave & Northern Pkwy Fs Sb39.345237-76.696479
5073Wabash Ave & Rogers Ave39.343496-76.693844
4824Wabash Ave & Rogers Ave Sb39.343511-76.694419
2543Wakefield Rd & Bonner Rd Fs Nb39.321266-76.689897
2593Wakefield Rd & Bonner Rd Fs Sb39.320734-76.690264
13762Waldorf Park & Ride (Old Washington Rd. & Smallwood Dr.)38.608126-76.923203
7053Walker Ave & Catonsville Government Center Nb39.259838-76.715255
7029Walker Ave & Catonsville Government Center Sb39.259657-76.715404
10642Warren Rd & Abbey Rd Eb39.473588-76.622572
1828Warren Rd & Abbey Rd Wb39.473624-76.621608
10641Warren Rd & Fernwood Rd Eb39.473811-76.625696
1730Warren Rd & Scott Adam Rd Eb39.474481-76.635008
1829Warren Rd & Warren Manor Ctwb39.473946-76.625777
10618Warren Rd & Wilmar Pl Wb39.474226-76.631107
s7029Warren Road39.475903-76.653755
1830Warren Road & Samona Ave Fs Wb39.474424-76.632759
7658Warren Road (Northbound)39.475979-76.654198
7667Warren Road (Southbound)39.475830-76.653297
4182Warwick Ave & Coppin State University Mid Sb39.310796-76.657363
10325Warwick Ave & Gwynns Falls Pkwy Fs39.315375-76.656442
4287Warwick Ave & North Ave Fs Nb39.310510-76.657147
4288Warwick Ave & Windsor Ave Nb39.312252-76.656580
4181Warwick Ave & Windsor Ave opp Sb39.312434-76.656621
2220Washington & Inverness Sb39.261544-76.658330
12413Washington & Sulphur Spring Fs Wb39.243574-76.676360
11880Washington Blvd & Amberton Dr Nb39.190941-76.753315
12078Washington Blvd & Amberton Dr Sb39.191175-76.753439
2224Washington Blvd & Atco Ave Sb39.258812-76.661958
2315Washington Blvd & Barre St Fs Eb39.283156-76.626959
2187Washington Blvd & Barre St Wb39.283204-76.627347
2295Washington Blvd & Breitwert Nb39.268304-76.650517
2307Washington Blvd & Bush St Nb39.278192-76.638446
2198Washington Blvd & Bush St Sb39.278785-76.637868
2311Washington Blvd & Carey St Nb39.280515-76.635452
2193Washington Blvd & Carey St Sb39.280870-76.635214
12288Washington Blvd & Commerce Dr Eb39.248795-76.670458
12287Washington Blvd & Commerce Dr Wb39.248767-76.670772
2312Washington Blvd & Cross St Fs Eb39.282802-76.632019
2191Washington Blvd & Cross St Sb39.282919-76.632187
2217Washington Blvd & Desoto Rd Wb39.264753-76.654700
2288Washington Blvd & Desoto Rd opp Nb39.264496-76.654771
11467Washington Blvd & Dignan Rd Eb39.258742-76.661750
11879Washington Blvd & Dorsey Rd Nb39.183644-76.764011
2303Washington Blvd & Elk Fs Nb39.276660-76.640357
2202Washington Blvd & Elk opp Sb39.276601-76.640653
12408Washington Blvd & Hammonds Ferry Rd39.256835-76.664621
2297Washington Blvd & Hollins Ferry Rd Fs Nb39.270401-76.648065
2209Washington Blvd & Hollins Ferry Rd Wb39.270424-76.648352
12076Washington Blvd & Hunt Club Rd Sb39.200361-76.736854
11882Washington Blvd & Hunt Club Rd opp Nb39.200154-76.736820
2286Washington Blvd & Inverness Ave Nb39.261233-76.658443
11878Washington Blvd & Kit Kat Rd Nb39.178741-76.771295
12840Washington Blvd & Kit Kat Rd Sb39.178624-76.771851
11884Washington Blvd & Levering Ave Nb39.216622-76.709855
12074Washington Blvd & Levering Ave Sb39.216811-76.709866
12128Washington Blvd & Meadowridge Dr Sb39.183822-76.764124
2302Washington Blvd & Monroe St Nb39.275087-76.642357
2205Washington Blvd & Monroe St Wb39.275745-76.641738
11877Washington Blvd & Montevideo Rd Nb39.174949-76.777616
11883Washington Blvd & Montgomery Rd Nb39.207090-76.727008
12075Washington Blvd & Montgomery Rd Sb39.206839-76.727739
12414Washington Blvd & Old Washington Blvd Eb39.243415-76.676047
12129Washington Blvd & Port Capital Dr39.174674-76.778568
12416Washington Blvd & Ridge Ave Eb39.239858-76.681140
12415Washington Blvd & Ridge Ave Wb39.240365-76.680806
2206Washington Blvd & RR Tracks Wb39.274614-76.643165
2211Washington Blvd & Spence St Fs Sb39.268221-76.650846
11881Washington Blvd & Troy Hill Dr Nb39.194749-76.746527
12077Washington Blvd & Troy Hill Dr Sb39.194244-76.747827
2291Washington Blvd & Whistler Ave Fs39.266514-76.652537
2214Washington Blvd & Whistler Ave opp Wb39.266245-76.653046
11953Washington Grove MARC Eb39.135035-77.176494
11963Washington Grove MARC Wb39.135089-77.176378
10573Washington St & Ashland Ave Nb39.300381-76.589617
2473Washington St & Chase St Nb39.303279-76.589794
2472Washington St & Eager St Nb39.301909-76.589696
2435Washington St & Eastern Ave Nb39.285657-76.588684
10571Washington St & Fayette St Nb39.294017-76.589202
2476Washington St & Federal St Nb39.308572-76.590093
2475Washington St & Gay St Nb39.307368-76.590047
2464Washington St & Gough Nb39.287741-76.588840
2478Washington St & Lafayette Ave Nb39.311130-76.590261
2470Washington St & Madison St Nb39.299324-76.589534
12310Washington St & Monument St Nb39.298438-76.589484
2468Washington St & Orleans St Nb39.295464-76.589307
2465Washington St & Pratt St Nb39.289314-76.588926
2474Washington St & Preston St Nb39.304924-76.589883
1992Watersedge Park Loop & Dundalk Ave39.243135-76.497987
12603Waterview Ave & 3301 Waterview Wb39.254587-76.623779
12604Waterview Ave & Erick St Fs Wb39.257298-76.630162
11381Waterview Ave & Neveda St Wb39.260888-76.638952
11382Waterview Ave & Norfolk St Wb39.261188-76.641101
10876Waterview Ave & Potee Fs Wb39.253710-76.618456
4918Waterview Ave & Sidney Ave Fs Wb39.259465-76.634998
4991Waterview Ave & Sidney Ave opp Nb39.259321-76.634406
12618Waterview Ave & Westport St Fs Wb39.260707-76.637795
10962Waterview Ave & Westport St opp Eb39.260527-76.637368
11612Wayson's Corner MD 4 Near MD 40838.808941-76.697411
2928Wells St & Charles St Eb39.268218-76.614595
6824Wells St & Charles St Wb39.268428-76.613654
11995West Baltimore MARC Nb39.293344-76.653102
11981West Baltimore MARC Sb39.293380-76.653171
14107West Baltimore MARC Station Bay 139.293096-76.652258
14108West Baltimore MARC Station Bay 239.293025-76.652256
14109West Baltimore MARC Station Bay 339.293206-76.652720
14110West Baltimore MARC Station Bay 439.293022-76.652146
10397West Campus Dr & Fine Arts Building Wb39.048695-76.517510
s0006West Cold Spring Metro39.336464-76.672632
ev0006eWest Cold Spring Metro East Elevator39.336087-76.672090
e0006West Cold Spring Metro Entrance39.336651-76.672931
ev0006wWest Cold Spring Metro West Elevator39.336471-76.672978
5584West Cold Spring Station (Metro)39.336675-76.673012
5585West Cold Spring Station (Metro)39.335899-76.671734
11701West St & Admiral Dr Wb38.979975-76.522604
11731West St & Amos Garrett Blvd Eb38.976169-76.503757
11697West St & Amos Garrett Blvd Wb38.976367-76.503358
11694West St & Calvert St Fs Wb38.978234-76.496285
11729West St & Cherry Grove Ave (Library) Eb38.977828-76.514744
11699West St & Cherry Grove Ave (Library) Wb38.978171-76.515399
11727West St & Chinquapin Round Rd Eb38.979881-76.523671
2832West St & Church Cir38.978294-76.493539
11703West St & Hudson St Wb38.982824-76.533989
11725West St & Hudson St opp Eb38.982672-76.534211
11733West St & Lafayette Ave (Loews Hotel) Eb38.977815-76.497515
11695West St & Lafayette Ave opp Wb38.977813-76.498134
11728West St & Legion Ave Eb38.979076-76.518278
11700West St & Legion Ave opp Wb38.979171-76.518054
11732West St & Madison Pl Eb38.976926-76.501028
11696West St & Madison Pl Wb38.977064-76.500869
11726West St & Parole St Eb38.981213-76.528642
11702West St & Parole St opp Wb38.981385-76.528609
11730West St & Russell St Eb38.976938-76.512066
11698West St & Russell St opp Wb38.977062-76.511649
2596Westchester Rd & Clifton Rd Sb39.317616-76.691329
12001Westchester Rd & Lawina Rd Fs Wb39.318368-76.690187
2541Westchester Rd & Talbot Rd Nb39.318090-76.690369
12993Westfield Mall38.988352-76.543583
11049Westland Blvd & Circle Dr Wb39.257157-76.699452
11076Westland Blvd & Circle Rd Eb39.257244-76.699187
11077Westland Blvd & Courtney Rd Eb39.259018-76.697428
11048Westland Blvd & Courtney Rd Wb39.259443-76.697208
7638Westport (Northbound)39.262131-76.631889
7686Westport (Southbound)39.261528-76.632378
11907White Acre Rd & Thunder Hill39.211724-76.842285
11809White Acre Rd & Thunder Hill Fs Wb39.211751-76.842045
3125White Marsh Mall39.372633-76.466268
5674White Marsh Park & Ride39.377468-76.461684
14101White Marsh Park And Ride Bay 139.377341-76.461332
7619White Pine Rd & Seneca Bay Apartments Wb39.330394-76.393723
5182Whitelock St & Brookfield Ave Eb39.314342-76.634290
1051Whitelock St & Brookfield Ave Wb39.314478-76.633559
1048Whitelock St & Callow Ave Fs Wb39.314499-76.631803
768Whitelock St & Eutaw Pl Fs Eb39.313305-76.636374
1052Whitelock St & Eutaw Pl Wb39.313473-76.636343
767Whitelock St & Madison Ave Fs Eb39.312644-76.637505
1046Whitelock St & Park Ave Fs Wb39.314729-76.630372
13767Wicomico St & Bush St Nb39.275398-76.634247
13768Wicomico St & Bush St Sb39.275660-76.634123
13702Wicomico St & Monroe St Nb39.272601-76.637803
4419Wildwood Pkwy & Gelston Dr Sb39.295737-76.684116
4415Wildwood Pkwy & Mountwood Rd Sb39.300935-76.683889
4416Wildwood Pkwy & Rokeby Rd Sb39.299580-76.683833
11083Wilkens Ave & Alan Dr East Eb39.266565-76.693065
11043Wilkens Ave & Alan Dr opp Wb39.265695-76.696300
11104Wilkens Ave & Brunswick St Eb39.277892-76.658791
11005Wilkens Ave & Brunswick St Wb39.278184-76.658577
11107Wilkens Ave & Catherine St Eb39.279628-76.653619
11002Wilkens Ave & Catherine St Wb39.279919-76.653400
5543Wilkens Ave & Caton Ave Eb39.273405-76.672392
11018Wilkens Ave & Caton Ave Fs Wb39.273718-76.672150
11093Wilkens Ave & Desoto Rd Eb39.274765-76.668394
11017Wilkens Ave & Desoto Rd Wb39.275052-76.667974
11100Wilkens Ave & Dukeland St Fs Eb39.276862-76.661995
11081Wilkens Ave & Elmridge Ave Eb39.265037-76.697651
12504Wilkens Ave & Fulton Ave Eb39.282672-76.644509
12503Wilkens Ave & Fulton Ave Wb39.282862-76.644592
10996Wilkens Ave & Gilmor St Fs Wb39.283370-76.643025
11014Wilkens Ave & Hurley Ave Wb39.277036-76.661992
11087Wilkens Ave & Joh Ave Eb39.269329-76.684936
11024Wilkens Ave & Joh Ave opp Wb39.269610-76.684567
5536Wilkens Ave & Leeds Ave Eb39.267953-76.688957
5459Wilkens Ave & Leeds Ave Wb39.268242-76.688648
11106Wilkens Ave & Millington Ave Eb39.279063-76.655288
11003Wilkens Ave & Millington Ave Wb39.279101-76.655894
10998Wilkens Ave & Monroe St Wb39.282335-76.646235
5563Wilkens Ave & Payson St Eb39.281494-76.647970
10999Wilkens Ave & Payson St Wb39.281898-76.647533
11090Wilkens Ave & Pine Heights Ave Eb39.272084-76.676499
11020Wilkens Ave & Pine Heights Ave Wb39.272156-76.676859
11091Wilkens Ave & Primson Ave opp Eb39.272754-76.674359
11110Wilkens Ave & Pulaski St Eb39.281049-76.649293
11000Wilkens Ave & Pulaski St Wb39.281473-76.648770
11042Wilkens Ave & Warwick Rd Wb39.266822-76.692803
1986William Wade Ave & Avondale Rd39.239331-76.507045
11653Willow Glen Dr & Glenwick Wb39.372190-76.683136
12744Willow Glen Dr & Pimlico Rd Eb39.372075-76.678606
12745Willow Glen Dr & Pimlico Rd Fs Wb39.372194-76.678564
14186Willow Glen Dr & Wickfield Rd39.372078-76.688569
12346Winans Ave & Potomac Ave Nb39.237565-76.690666
12345Winans Ave & Washington Blvd Fs39.234159-76.688274
6397Windsor Ave & Bentalou St Wb39.312708-76.654203
6984Windsor Blvd & Lord Baltimore Dr Fs Wb39.333356-76.752991
12359Windsor Blvd & Lord Baltimore Dr Nb39.333199-76.753309
2975Windsor Gardens Ln & Bernard E Mason Apartments Eb39.310624-76.699290
12365Windsor Mill Rd & Cresson Ave Op Eb39.338484-76.755935
12361Windsor Mill Rd & Cresson Ave Wb39.338410-76.755542
12033Windsor Mill Rd & Crimea Rd Fs Eb39.309639-76.702875
12034Windsor Mill Rd & Crimea Rd Fs Mb Wb39.309839-76.706230
2562Windsor Mill Rd & Kernan Hospital Fs Wb39.310677-76.708096
6982Windsor Mill Rd & Lord Baltimore Dr Eb39.336639-76.752200
12360Windsor Mill Rd & Lord Baltimore Dr Fs Wb39.336756-76.752097
2578Windsor Mill Rd & Oak Dr Eb39.312016-76.710537
7091Windsor Mill Rd & Rolling Rd Wb39.341267-76.762144
12364Windsor Mill Rd & Rollng Rd Fs Eb39.341150-76.762123
3340Winterson Rd & Elkridge Landing Rd Eb39.203984-76.684913
3308Winterson Rd & Elkridge Landing Rd Wb39.204021-76.683887
11176Winterson Rd & Nursery Rd Fs Eb39.203133-76.680401
12040Winterson Rd & Nursery Rd Wb39.203354-76.680679
645Wise & Church Rd Wb39.268493-76.499399
637Wise & Kirkland Fs Wb39.257899-76.466377
641Wise & Melbourne Wb39.263628-76.485827
648Wise & Merritt Wb39.269597-76.502003
10846Wise & North Point Mid Eb39.256619-76.462647
639Wise & Seabright Wb39.261973-76.480241
643Wise & Stokesley Wb39.265339-76.491276
680Wise Ave & Church Rd Eb39.268563-76.500003
10841Wise Ave & Inverness Ave Eb39.263902-76.487210
10845Wise Ave & Kirkland Rd opp Eb39.257773-76.466532
681Wise Ave & Lynch Rd Fs Eb39.266171-76.494151
644Wise Ave & Lynch Rd Wb39.266702-76.495147
10840Wise Ave & Mavista Ave Eb39.264679-76.489707
679Wise Ave & Merritt Blvd Fs Eb39.269320-76.501782
12199Wise Ave & North Point Rd Fs Wb39.256849-76.462889
13747Wise Ave & Seabright Ave Eb39.261939-76.480101
11461Wise Ave & Watervale Rd Wb39.259255-76.470958
10843Wise Ave & Waterview Rd Eb39.259848-76.473369
2659Wolfe St & Ashland Ave Sb39.300840-76.591087
2669Wolfe St & Baltimore Sb39.291810-76.590536
2656Wolfe St & Biddle St Sb39.304552-76.591336
2658Wolfe St & Eager St Sb39.302106-76.591206
2674Wolfe St & Eastern Ave Sb39.285857-76.590164
10577Wolfe St & Fayette St Sb39.293888-76.590680
2653Wolfe St & Federal St Sb39.308794-76.591596
2655Wolfe St & Gay St Fs Sb39.306036-76.591432
2672Wolfe St & Gough Sb39.287948-76.590290
12303Wolfe St & Lafayette Ave Sb39.310900-76.591740
2670Wolfe St & Lombard St Sb39.290633-76.590451
14142Wolfe St & Madison St Sb Fs Bay 139.299353-76.591038
2664Wolfe St & Mcelderry St Fs39.297262-76.590803
2662Wolfe St & Monument St Fs Sb39.298163-76.590952
2666Wolfe St & Orleans Sb39.295445-76.590720
14195Wolfe St & Orleans St39.295461-76.590797
2671Wolfe St & Pratt St Sb39.289499-76.590392
7650Woodberry (Northbound)39.331551-76.643478
7675Woodberry (Southbound)39.330856-76.643356
14047Woodington Rd & 1215 N Nb Mid39.301895-76.687428
4698Woodington Rd & Colborne Rd Nb39.297488-76.686059
4696Woodington Rd & Gelston Dr Nb39.295251-76.685947
4700Woodington Rd & Rokeby Rd Fs Nb39.299499-76.686189
5279Woodlawn Dr & Clark Manor Apartments Wb39.322000-76.730322
5137Woodlawn Dr & Dogwood Rd Nb39.319051-76.736973
5282Woodlawn Dr & Dogwood Rd Wb39.319593-76.736669
12114Woodlawn Dr & Gwynn Oak Ave Eb39.323474-76.724825
7068Woodlawn Dr & Johnnycake Rd Nb39.300306-76.738275
7006Woodlawn Dr & Johnnycake Rd Sb39.299912-76.738896
5281Woodlawn Dr & Kriel Ave Wb39.321624-76.734018
7382Woodlawn Dr & Kriel St Nb39.321322-76.734309
5284Woodlawn Dr & Lynch Rd Sb39.316781-76.737278
7070Woodlawn Dr & Merimack Rd Nb39.302626-76.736499
7004Woodlawn Dr & Monika Pl Sb39.302912-76.736512
7072Woodlawn Dr & Parallel Dr Fs Nb39.308081-76.734496
2947Woodlawn Dr & Parallel Dr Sb39.307078-76.734199
5287Woodlawn Dr & Security Blvd Fs39.311345-76.735160
5132Woodlawn Dr & Security Blvd Fs Nb39.313824-76.735217
5280Woodlawn Dr & Summit Ave opp Wb39.321758-76.732449
5286Woodlawn Dr & Super Fresh Sb39.313536-76.735339
5136Woodlawn Dr & Whitehead Rd Nb39.317293-76.737307
5142Woodlawn Dr & Windsor Mill Rd Fs Eb39.323039-76.727909
12104Woodlawn Dr & Windsor Mill Rd Wb39.322988-76.728280
4924Woodview Rd & Shellbanks Rd Fs Eb39.248573-76.628838
5226Woodview Rd & Shellbanks Rd Wb39.248681-76.629110
12608Wright Ave & Chase St Fs Sb39.305380-76.554394
6735Wright Ave & Hoffman St Nb39.307481-76.556357
12606Wright Ave & Orville Ave Fs Sb39.308279-76.557571
6736Wright Ave & Orville Ave Nb39.308373-76.557741
12607Wright Ave & Preston St Sb39.306847-76.556328
353Yale Ave & Eldone Rd Nb39.275759-76.687647
352Yale Ave & Eldone Rd Sb39.276052-76.687537
351Yale Ave & Mount Saint Joseph High School Mid Sb39.279774-76.685566
226Yale Ave & Parkton St Nb39.277408-76.686269
12544Yale Ave & Parkton St Sb39.277753-76.686224
12218Yale Ave & Walrad St Nb39.279785-76.685416
8Yellowood Ave & Flax Terr39.346756-76.658233
1643York Rd & 43rd St Nb39.340831-76.609490
1565York Rd & 43rd St opp Sb39.340649-76.609677
1674York Rd & Aigburth Rd Fs Nb39.393165-76.604332
1523York Rd & Aigburth Rd Sb39.393059-76.604562
14034York Rd & Alms House Dr Nb Ns39.462456-76.635525
14042York Rd & Beaumont Ave Nb Ns39.351710-76.609640
1808York Rd & Belfast Rd Nb39.436981-76.624493
1509York Rd & Bellona Ave Sb39.423864-76.618630
1554York Rd & Bellona Ave Sb39.358882-76.610005
10708York Rd & Belvedere Ave Nb39.363917-76.609847
10693York Rd & Belvedere Ave Sb39.364207-76.610030
1654York Rd & Benninghaus Rd Nb39.358427-76.609811
1675York Rd & Burke Ave Nb39.394917-76.603823
1776York Rd & Burke Ave Sb39.394743-76.604139
1793York Rd & Chesapeake Ave Nb39.399139-76.602706
1770York Rd & Chesapeake Ave Sb39.399507-76.602758
10603York Rd & Church Ln Fs Sb39.462528-76.635847
1645York Rd & Cold Spring Ln Nb39.346085-76.609473
1563York Rd & Coldspring Lane Sb39.346514-76.609718
1694York Rd & Croftley Rd Nb39.422083-76.617287
1756York Rd & Crowther Ave Mid Sb39.436015-76.624330
1665York Rd & Dunkirk Rd Nb39.376697-76.608892
14228York Rd & Frankel Way Sb39.469437-76.638825
14230York Rd & Frankel Wy Nb39.469489-76.638616
10583York Rd & Galloway Ave Nb39.461065-76.634935
10717York Rd & Galloway Ave Sb39.460907-76.635148
1536York Rd & Gittings Ave Sb39.370788-76.609915
1557York Rd & Glenwood Ave Fs Sb39.353746-76.609928
1651York Rd & Glenwood Ave Nb39.353944-76.609734
1692York Rd & Greenridge Rd Nb39.417852-76.615070
1512York Rd & Greenridge Rd Sb39.417507-76.615180
8687York Rd & Lake Ave Nb39.366758-76.609768
11427York Rd & Lake Ave Sb39.367133-76.609960
1553York Rd & Lortz Ln Sb39.360737-76.610022
1655York Rd & Lortz Ln opp Nb39.360614-76.609827
1695York Rd & Margate Rd Nb39.423519-76.618167
1806York Rd & Northampton Rd Nb39.432165-76.622254
1658York Rd & Northern Pkwy Fs Nb39.365402-76.609790
1539York Rd & Northern Pkwy Sb39.365216-76.610032
1757York Rd & Northhampton Rd opp Sb39.432582-76.622741
1644York Rd & Northway opp Nb39.342900-76.609494
1558York Rd & Notre Dame Ln Sb39.352052-76.609876
1809York Rd & Oakway Rd Nb39.438790-76.625306
1755York Rd & Oakway Rd opp Sb39.438826-76.625607
10605York Rd & Old Padonia Rd Sb39.457088-76.633517
1552York Rd & Orkney Rd Fs Sb39.362704-76.610051
1656York Rd & Orkney Rd Nb39.362682-76.609859
10582York Rd & Parks Ave Nb39.457060-76.633191
10712York Rd & Pennsylvania Ave Nb39.400228-76.602391
1690York Rd & Radcliffe Rd Nb39.410903-76.609575
1646York Rd & Radnor Ave opp Nb39.347658-76.609530
1561York Rd & Radnor Rd Sb39.348362-76.609782
1666York Rd & Regester Ave Nb39.378311-76.608428
1531York Rd & Regester Ave Sb39.378720-76.608534
10658York Rd & Ridgely Plaza Shopping Center Sb39.429152-76.621117
8667York Rd & Seminary Ave Sb39.421041-76.617017
1693York Rd & Seminary Avenb39.419632-76.615944
1671York Rd & Sister Pierre Dr Nb39.387732-76.605865
1526York Rd & Sister Pierre Dr Sb39.387885-76.606031
10711York Rd & Stevenson La Nb39.383412-76.607041
1779York Rd & Stevenson Lnsb39.384264-76.607048
1775York Rd & Towsontown Blvd39.397726-76.603252
10710York Rd & Walker Ave Nb39.370408-76.609721
1513York Rd & West Rd Fs Sb39.412325-76.611115
1691York Rd & West Rd Nb39.412848-76.611114
1648York Rd & Winston Ave Fs Nb39.350455-76.609610
1559York Rd & Winston Ave Sb39.350289-76.609816
1652York Rd & Woodbourne Ave Nb39.355115-76.609792
1556York Rd & Woodbourne Ave Sb39.355728-76.609958
1534York Rd & York Rd Plaza Fs Sb39.372843-76.609897

Agency Stops: 4794