Stop Listing

Metro Transit, Twin Cities (mn-metro)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
44364#3400 Entrance & Parklawn Ave44.868570-93.323324
569631st Ave N & 2nd St N / Washington Ave N44.983341-93.269740
155621st Ave NE & 2nd St NE44.988630-93.258394
155591st Ave NE & 4th St NE44.989625-93.255545
155561st Ave NE & 5th St NE44.990116-93.254104
155531st Ave NE & 6th St NE44.990618-93.252658
18881st Ave S & 31st St / Lake St E44.947392-93.276573
18891st Ave S & Lake St44.948754-93.276590
507161st Ave S & Monroe St45.196455-93.390767
530681st St N & 1st Ave N44.984263-93.267549
179621st St N & 2nd Ave N44.985586-93.269179
532651st St N & 2nd Ave N44.985451-93.269227
179691st St N & 4th Ave N44.987015-93.271467
499281st St N & 4th Ave N44.986938-93.271083
487341st St N & #51544.987954-93.272834
499301st St N & #62044.989196-93.274344
179671st St N & #70644.989524-93.275076
499291st St N & Creamette Lofts44.988306-93.273019
179711st St N & Hennepin Ave44.983879-93.267079
489301st St S & Marquette Ave / Hennepin Ave44.983455-93.265724
401641st St S & Marquette Ave S44.983155-93.265443
146112nd 1/2 St NE & 35th Ave NE45.032022-93.265189
146082nd 1/2 St NE & 36th Ave NE45.033572-93.265177
146092nd 1/2 St NE & 36th Ave NE45.033637-93.265062
146062nd 1/2 St NE & 37th Ave NE45.035434-93.265046
146072nd 1/2 St NE & 37th Ave NE45.035365-93.265175
570872nd Ave N & 2nd St N44.984434-93.270437
421582nd Ave N & 5th St N44.981074-93.274925
423762nd Ave N & Washington / 2nd St N44.984006-93.270828
484062nd Ave S & 1st St S44.982381-93.263819
192612nd Ave S & 2nd St S44.981428-93.264617
533102nd Ave S & 4th St - Stop Group E44.979000-93.266637
533222nd Ave S & 4th St - Stop Group H44.978490-93.267026
533142nd Ave S & 5th St - Stop Group F44.977502-93.267844
533182nd Ave S & 5th St - Stop Group G44.978066-93.267427
533092nd Ave S & 6th St - Stop Group E44.977070-93.268233
533212nd Ave S & 6th St - Stop Group H44.976558-93.268727
533132nd Ave S & 7th St - Stop Group F44.975587-93.269488
533172nd Ave S & 7th St - Stop Group G44.976101-93.269076
533082nd Ave S & 8th St - Stop Group E44.975137-93.269886
533202nd Ave S & 8th St - Stop Group H44.974603-93.270378
533122nd Ave S & 9th St - Stop Group F44.973639-93.271190
533162nd Ave S & 9th St - Stop Group G44.974198-93.270718
533072nd Ave S & 10th St - Stop Group E44.973210-93.271550
533192nd Ave S & 10th St - Stop Group H44.972629-93.271973
533112nd Ave S & 11th St - Stop Group F44.971664-93.272760
533152nd Ave S & 11th St - Stop Group G44.972251-93.272268
192502nd Ave S & Convention Center44.969946-93.274293
419112nd Ave S & Convention Center44.970189-93.274213
98292nd Ave S & Southview Blvd44.888985-93.036132
192602nd Ave S & Washington Ave S44.980324-93.265519
518522nd Ave S Loop & American Blvd44.860643-93.274787
514572nd St N & 3rd Ave - Layover44.985509-93.271661
494602nd St N & 10th Ave N44.991062-93.279184
494612nd St N & 10th Ave N44.991232-93.279622
146902nd St NE & 1st Ave NE44.988632-93.258718
146912nd St NE & 1st Ave NE44.988797-93.258620
146892nd St NE & 3rd Ave NE44.990592-93.260037
146872nd St NE & 4th Ave NE44.991735-93.260639
146852nd St NE & 5th Ave NE44.993196-93.261820
146802nd St NE & 7th Ave NE44.995120-93.262933
146812nd St NE & 7th Ave NE44.995093-93.263126
146782nd St NE & 8th Ave NE44.996255-93.263937
146792nd St NE & 8th Ave NE44.996091-93.263628
146692nd St NE & 12th Ave NE44.999922-93.266235
146682nd St NE & 13th Ave NE45.000774-93.266056
146642nd St NE & 15th Ave NE45.002981-93.266066
146652nd St NE & 15th Ave NE45.003161-93.266217
146602nd St NE & 17th Ave NE45.005181-93.266068
146612nd St NE & 17th Ave NE45.005351-93.266270
146562nd St NE & 19th Ave NE45.007368-93.266078
146542nd St NE & 20th Ave NE45.008726-93.266260
146522nd St NE & 22nd Ave NE45.009962-93.266090
146502nd St NE & 23rd Ave NE45.011175-93.266263
146482nd St NE & 24th Ave NE45.012058-93.266100
146722nd St NE & Broadway St44.998552-93.265600
146732nd St NE & Broadway St44.998878-93.266230
495082nd St NE & Jackson Ave44.927891-93.394267
501352nd St NE & Jackson Ave44.927764-93.394649
494972nd St NE & Monroe Ave44.927747-93.395836
495092nd St NE & Monroe Ave44.927889-93.395351
494992nd St NE & Van Buren Ave44.927769-93.393280
495072nd St NE & Van Buren Ave44.927879-93.392997
533412nd St S & 3rd Ave S44.981046-93.263487
572003rd Av & Jackson St45.198763-93.387265
513023rd Ave & Golf St45.199455-93.387256
487393rd Ave & Jackson St45.198546-93.387106
507113rd Ave & Van Buren Ave / Harrison Ave45.200519-93.387094
438973rd Ave & Van Buren St45.199912-93.387109
98273rd Ave N & 2nd St44.891914-93.037250
415423rd Ave N & 4th St Garage44.983300-93.274200
192773rd Ave S & 11th St S44.971380-93.271337
177683rd Ave S & 18th St / 17th St E44.965910-93.272673
177043rd Ave S & 18th St E44.965284-93.272876
177053rd Ave S & 19th St E44.964043-93.272845
177073rd Ave S & 22nd St E44.960989-93.272859
177643rd Ave S & 22nd St E44.960804-93.272665
177083rd Ave S & 24th St E44.959310-93.272829
177633rd Ave S & 24th St E44.959097-93.272659
424553rd Ave S & 25th St / 26th St E44.956287-93.272846
177093rd Ave S & 25th St E44.957042-93.272831
177623rd Ave S & 25th St E44.957220-93.272663
177663rd Ave S & Franklin Ave / 19th St E44.963608-93.272659
177063rd Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962450-93.272833
177653rd Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962436-93.272661
477833rd Ave S & South St W44.865588-93.037474
567473rd St & Olive St / Chestnut St45.054761-92.808205
31763rd St E & #195644.956710-93.017734
32263rd St E & #196144.956823-93.017628
32233rd St E & #214544.956797-93.010099
32123rd St E & #214644.956686-93.010150
31553rd St E & Arcade St44.956682-93.066011
32473rd St E & Arcade St44.956773-93.065748
31683rd St E & Barclay St44.956741-93.037627
32333rd St E & Barclay St44.956850-93.037338
31593rd St E & Earl St44.956709-93.055999
32433rd St E & Earl St44.956801-93.055646
31643rd St E & English St44.956732-93.045333
31663rd St E & Etna St44.956737-93.041121
32363rd St E & Etna St44.956840-93.041300
31573rd St E & Forest St44.956694-93.061064
32453rd St E & Forest St44.956783-93.060753
31613rd St E & Griffith St44.956723-93.050118
569483rd St E & Hancock St44.956818-93.050155
31753rd St E & Hazel St44.956712-93.020358
136433rd St E & Hazel St44.956831-93.019982
31693rd St E & Hazelwood St44.956741-93.035653
32323rd St E & Hazelwood St44.956854-93.035257
32133rd St E & Howard St44.956679-93.008257
32393rd St E & Johnson Pkwy44.956841-93.045785
31713rd St E & Kennard St44.956742-93.030487
32303rd St E & Kennard St44.956849-93.030211
31523rd St E & Maria Ave44.954855-93.070496
32503rd St E & Maria Ave44.955066-93.070332
136403rd St E & Pedersen St44.956810-93.012500
525073rd St E & Pedersen St44.956690-93.012748
31773rd St E & Ruth St44.956692-93.015327
136413rd St E & Ruth St44.956819-93.014957
31743rd St E & Van Dyke St44.956719-93.023069
136443rd St E & Van Dyke St44.956841-93.022817
31733rd St E & White Bear Ave44.956733-93.025959
32343rd St E & White Bear Ave44.956847-93.024972
136123rd St E & White Bear Ave44.956728-93.024811
499143rd St E & White Bear Ave44.956841-93.025712
179603rd St N & 1st Ave N44.981997-93.271172
98263rd St N & 4th Ave N44.893679-93.038536
901333rd St N & I-394 Entrance Ramp Control Point44.983071-93.273182
179563rd St S & 2nd Ave S44.979567-93.266017
413833rd St S & 4th Ave S44.978398-93.263297
424523rd St S & Cedar Ave S44.971128-93.246741
178663rd St S & Chicago Ave S44.976103-93.257855
179593rd St S & Hennepin Ave44.981216-93.269893
528323rd St S & Marquette Ave S44.980106-93.267224
65743rd St S & Myrtle St / Chestnut St45.055458-92.808669
401723rd St S & Nicollet Mall44.980726-93.268687
65653rd St S & Oak St W45.053369-92.807641
65773rd St S & Oak St W45.053195-92.807692
65643rd St S & Pine St E45.052484-92.807223
572073rd St S & Portland Av44.977273-93.260680
120384th Ave & Johnson St / Pierce St45.207635-93.385253
120374th Ave & Johnson St / Pleasant St45.207823-93.385404
438914th Ave & Pleasant St45.206826-93.385450
192944th Ave S & 3rd St S44.978621-93.263496
192954th Ave S & 4th St S44.977653-93.264342
192964th Ave S & 5th St S44.976653-93.265164
192974th Ave S & 7th St S44.974751-93.266741
419364th Ave S & 10th St / 11th St44.971272-93.269597
505614th Ave S & 14th St / 15th St - Layover44.968502-93.270235
517954th Ave S & 28th St E44.951795-93.270169
177164th Ave S & 31st St E44.946750-93.270365
177544th Ave S & 31st St E44.946553-93.270199
177174th Ave S & 32nd St E44.945072-93.270355
177534th Ave S & 32nd St E44.944885-93.270175
177184th Ave S & 33rd St E44.943256-93.270329
177524th Ave S & 33rd St E44.943082-93.270158
177194th Ave S & 34th St E44.941497-93.270295
177514th Ave S & 34th St E44.941212-93.270128
177204th Ave S & 35th St E44.939660-93.270280
177504th Ave S & 35th St E44.939466-93.270111
177214th Ave S & 36th St E44.937866-93.270263
177494th Ave S & 36th St E44.937656-93.270095
177224th Ave S & 37th St E44.936050-93.270238
177484th Ave S & 37th St E44.935866-93.270074
177234th Ave S & 38th St E44.934267-93.270199
177474th Ave S & 38th St E44.934064-93.270068
804204th Ave S & 38th St E44.934276-93.270052
177244th Ave S & 39th St E44.932441-93.270205
177464th Ave S & 39th St E44.932260-93.270058
177254th Ave S & 40th St E44.930639-93.270226
177454th Ave S & 40th St E44.930447-93.270057
177264th Ave S & 41st St E44.928839-93.270200
177444th Ave S & 41st St E44.928647-93.270052
177274th Ave S & 42nd St E44.926920-93.270236
177434th Ave S & 42nd St E44.926751-93.270047
177284th Ave S & 43rd St E44.925207-93.270261
177424th Ave S & 43rd St E44.925033-93.270074
177294th Ave S & 44th St E44.923404-93.270276
177414th Ave S & 44th St E44.923195-93.270114
177304th Ave S & 45th St E44.921585-93.270309
177404th Ave S & 45th St E44.921423-93.270143
518274th Ave S & 46th St E44.919811-93.270333
518294th Ave S & 46th St E44.920070-93.270173
177154th Ave S & Lake St E44.948044-93.270371
177554th Ave S & Lake St E44.948178-93.270214
178594th St N & Hennepin Ave44.980492-93.271627
440624th St S & 2nd Ave / 3rd Ave S44.978335-93.266594
178634th St S & 4th Ave S44.977262-93.264014
178654th St S & Chicago Ave44.975258-93.259325
65604th St S & Churchill St E45.048042-92.807480
511474th St S & Churchill St E45.048261-92.807650
178614th St S & Marquette Ave44.979258-93.268715
65584th St S & Marsh St E45.044556-92.807456
178604th St S & Nicollet Mall44.979852-93.270092
511504th St S & Orleans St (65th St)45.042951-92.807646
65634th St S & Pine St E45.051828-92.808397
178644th St S & Portland Ave44.976388-93.261929
511454th St S & Walnut St E45.051073-92.808234
65614th St S & Willard St E45.049816-92.807496
161234th St SE & 2nd Ave SE44.987210-93.252469
161214th St SE & 4th Ave SE44.986109-93.249694
161194th St SE & 6th Ave SE44.984911-93.246701
161174th St SE & 8th Ave SE44.983804-93.243926
161164th St SE & 10th Ave SE44.982688-93.241112
161134th St SE & 13th Ave SE44.981277-93.237547
802904th St SE & 14th Ave SE44.980473-93.235641
161124th St SE & 15th Ave SE44.980106-93.234715
161574th St SE & 17th Ave SE44.979128-93.232241
161244th St SE & Central Ave44.987758-93.253830
161254th St SE & Hennepin Ave E44.988383-93.254740
161544th St SE & Ridder Arena44.978001-93.229361
120585th Ave & Jefferson St45.194096-93.383522
120595th Ave & Jefferson St45.194443-93.383695
120565th Ave & Madison St45.195548-93.383688
120575th Ave & Madison St45.195011-93.383511
120645th Ave & Military Rd45.190775-93.383665
120545th Ave & Monroe St45.196818-93.383513
120555th Ave & Monroe St45.196892-93.383675
120625th Ave & Washington St45.191772-93.383701
120635th Ave & Washington St45.191400-93.383521
495165th Ave N & 1st St N44.926463-93.406079
494915th Ave N & 2nd St N44.927777-93.405805
495155th Ave N & 2nd St N44.928017-93.405952
98255th Ave N & 3rd St N44.893586-93.039535
494925th Ave N & 3rd St N44.929451-93.405753
495145th Ave N & 3rd St N44.929593-93.405908
494895th Ave N & Mainstreet44.924622-93.406094
495175th Ave N & Mainstreet44.924638-93.406229
98235th Ave N & Marie Ave44.890556-93.039795
98215th Ave S & 3rd St S44.886983-93.039820
99645th Ave S & 3rd St S44.887185-93.039969
98205th Ave S & 4th St S44.885173-93.039751
99655th Ave S & 4th St S44.885431-93.039972
423145th Ave S & 4th St S44.976769-93.263008
98195th Ave S & 5th St S44.883337-93.039717
99665th Ave S & 5th St S44.883649-93.040038
180095th Ave S & 5th St S44.975753-93.263860
98185th Ave S & 6th St S44.881536-93.039716
99675th Ave S & 6th St S44.881836-93.040059
180085th Ave S & 6th St S44.974792-93.264645
98175th Ave S & 7th St S44.879800-93.039851
99685th Ave S & 7th St S44.879995-93.040021
180075th Ave S & 7th St S44.973827-93.265452
98165th Ave S & 8th St S44.877989-93.039838
430255th Ave S & 8th St S44.878204-93.040008
98155th Ave S & 9th St S44.876197-93.039824
99705th Ave S & 9th St S44.876402-93.039993
177595th Ave S & 26th St E44.955413-93.268876
177585th Ave S & 27th St E44.953638-93.268898
501705th Ave S & 27th St E44.953818-93.269049
177575th Ave S & 28th St E44.952291-93.268910
98105th Ave S & Dale St W44.870752-93.039844
99765th Ave S & Dale St W44.870986-93.039988
35705th Ave S & Excelsior Blvd / Mainstreet44.923201-93.406196
48225th Ave S & Mainstreet / Excelsior Blvd44.923236-93.406366
98065th Ave S & Poplar St W44.867060-93.039875
99805th Ave S & Poplar St W44.867403-93.040009
98125th Ave S & Richmond St44.872593-93.039839
523665th Ave S & Richmond St44.872780-93.040003
98225th Ave S & Southview Blvd44.888702-93.039791
98085th Ave S & Spruce St W44.868920-93.039862
99785th Ave S & Spruce St W44.869179-93.039991
180115th Ave S & Washington Ave S44.978645-93.261401
99945th Ave S (Carmen Ave E) & South St W44.865608-93.040024
118345th St & 7th St W44.945505-93.100915
118385th St & Jackson St44.947934-93.089594
31425th St & Market St44.945078-93.096877
118375th St & Minnesota St44.946749-93.092106
493975th St & Minnesota St44.946920-93.091734
118405th St & Sibley St / Wacouta St44.949048-93.087306
483025th St & Wabasha St / Cedar St44.945964-93.093724
493985th St & Washington44.945204-93.098921
425525th St N & Co Rd 73 / Robinwood Lane44.934223-93.419649
425445th St N & Robinwood Lane44.934344-93.419008
403795th St S & 11th Ave S44.917018-93.415013
403805th St S & 11th Ave S44.917152-93.414723
403825th St S & 15th Ave / 16th Ave44.917185-93.420048
403845th St S & 16th Ave44.917077-93.421177
528995th St SE & 18th Ave SE44.979266-93.229304
161535th St SE & Lot #37 Layover44.979251-93.229626
178575th St Transit Center Gate A44.981011-93.275351
512005th St Transit Center Gate B44.981038-93.275316
512015th St Transit Center Gate C44.981085-93.275251
512025th St Transit Center Gate D44.981150-93.275160
118616th St & Cedar St44.947215-93.093876
118596th St & Jackson / Robert44.948520-93.091173
118586th St & Jackson St44.948955-93.090174
520976th St & Minnesota St44.947767-93.092743
118626th St & Wabasha St44.946287-93.095828
118636th St & Washington St44.946148-93.097248
32646th St & Washington St / 7th St44.946325-93.098932
178846th St S & 2nd Ave / 3rd Ave S44.976257-93.267816
178856th St S & 5th Ave S44.975000-93.264875
568036th St S & 10th Ave S44.972096-93.258019
178906th St S & 11th Ave S44.971522-93.256693
178886th St S & Bud Grant Way44.972684-93.259405
178816th St S & Hennepin Ave S44.978874-93.273949
178836th St S & Marquette Ave44.977362-93.270437
178826th St S & Nicollet Mall44.977888-93.271671
178876th St S & Park Ave / Chicago Ave S44.973427-93.261214
563796th St SE & 2nd Ave SE44.989199-93.251292
535976th St SE & 21st Ave SE44.978257-93.223863
179037th & Hennepin Station44.978369-93.275296
179027th & Nicollet Station44.977311-93.273066
563177th & Olson Station44.983974-93.283382
178977th & Park Station44.972836-93.262431
39047th Ave E & 1st St N45.009158-92.997593
38867th Ave E & 2nd St N45.008142-92.999633
39037th Ave E & 2nd St N45.007750-93.000099
38887th Ave E & 3rd St N45.006686-93.002274
497707th Ave E & 5th St N45.003853-93.007234
497447th Ave E & 6th St N45.001966-93.010154
497717th Ave E & 6th St N45.002292-93.009828
497437th Ave E & 7th St N45.000476-93.012684
497727th Ave E & 7th St N45.000830-93.012312
498317th Ave E & Charles St45.013903-92.989417
38847th Ave E & Helen St N45.011003-92.994590
39057th Ave E & Helen St N45.010574-92.995042
498307th Ave E & Henry St45.015356-92.986776
38837th Ave E & Margaret St N45.012433-92.992048
498437th Ave E & Margaret St N45.011733-92.993042
497457th Ave E & McKnight Rd45.004902-93.005174
497697th Ave E & McKnight Rd45.004996-93.005378
38857th Ave E & North St Paul Dr45.009452-92.997342
566727th Ave E & Skillman Ave45.003519-93.007482
39017th Ave E & South Ave (Co Rd B)45.006286-93.002665
498447th Ave N & Charles St45.013479-92.989892
569987th Ave N & Decatur Ave N44.985764-93.392732
569997th Ave N & Decatur Ave N44.985660-93.392686
498457th Ave N & Henry St45.014877-92.987414
179007th St & 3rd/4th Ave Station44.974976-93.267500
103987th St E & #146744.966661-93.037911
128997th St E & #146744.966770-93.037980
103857th St E & Arcade St44.961726-93.066085
129157th St E & Arcade St44.962216-93.065472
102397th St E & Bates Ave44.958738-93.072260
102977th St E & Bates Ave44.958980-93.072111
103977th St E & Birmingham St44.966664-93.040182
129007th St E & Birmingham St44.966774-93.040451
103967th St E & Clarence St44.966659-93.043810
129017th St E & Clarence St44.966770-93.042508
102417th St E & Eichenwald St44.960097-93.069452
102957th St E & Eichenwald St44.960130-93.069779
104027th St E & Flandrau St44.966645-93.027982
128957th St E & Flandrau St44.966749-93.027723
104007th St E & Germain St44.966652-93.033089
128977th St E & Germain St44.966758-93.032839
560497th St E & Hazel St N44.966627-93.020378
560527th St E & Hazel St N44.966739-93.020885
103997th St E & Hazelwood St44.966661-93.035665
128987th St E & Hazelwood St44.966770-93.035408
102427th St E & Hope St44.960657-93.068291
102947th St E & Hope St44.960898-93.068172
103957th St E & Johnson Pkwy44.966665-93.045193
129027th St E & Johnson Pkwy44.966774-93.044834
104017th St E & Kennard St44.966646-93.030558
128967th St E & Kennard St44.966756-93.030258
118467th St E & Kittson St44.954576-93.080795
118537th St E & Kittson St44.954868-93.080608
118457th St E & Lafayette Rd44.953616-93.082722
475867th St E & Lafayette Rd / John St44.953305-93.083968
118497th St E & Maria Ave44.957962-93.073852
118507th St E & Maria Ave44.958200-93.073726
103867th St E & Mendota St44.962856-93.063751
129037th St E & Ocean St44.966764-93.046845
420557th St E & Ocean St44.966659-93.047086
118477th St E & Payne Ave44.956052-93.077801
118527th St E & Payne Ave44.956176-93.077939
496127th St E & Van Dyke St44.966633-93.022916
496507th St E & Van Dyke St44.966748-93.022628
104037th St E & White Bear Ave44.966630-93.025504
496517th St E & White Bear Ave44.966752-93.025128
200117th St E & Willius St44.953996-93.082391
111637th St N & 11th Ave N (Bryant)44.989927-93.291597
89197th St N & Bryant Ave N44.989614-93.290833
428567th St N & Greenway Ave N44.959146-92.969649
428557th St N & Guthrie Ave N44.959143-92.965467
498177th St N & Guthrie Ave N44.959055-92.965754
89187th St N & Oak Lake Ave44.986172-93.286210
517917th St N & Oak Lake Ave44.985613-93.285711
89167th St N & Olson Memorial Hwy44.984850-93.284236
111677th St N & Olson Memorial Hwy44.984571-93.284213
28757th St N & Twins Way44.980668-93.278317
155107th St NE & 26th Ave NE45.015078-93.257997
155337th St NE & Central Ave NE44.991167-93.251592
510777th St NE & Central Ave NE44.991557-93.251667
154857th St NE (Monroe) & 3rd Ave NE44.993277-93.252336
159347th St NW & 8th Ave45.060949-93.198339
200397th St NW & 8th St NW45.061078-93.205149
159327th St NW & 9th Ave45.061046-93.199210
159277th St NW & 11th Ave45.060972-93.202131
159287th St NW & 11th Ave45.061062-93.201759
516137th St NW & 12th Ave45.061062-93.203125
516147th St NW & 12th Ave45.060970-93.203394
179017th St S & 3rd Ave / 2nd Ave S44.975642-93.269091
539417th St S & 3rd Ave S44.975152-93.267922
178997th St S & 5th Ave S44.974257-93.265806
178947th St S & 10th Ave S44.971117-93.258438
178957th St S & Bud Grant Way44.971685-93.259793
537657th St S & Nicollet Mall44.976883-93.271998
474857th St W & 5th St / Kellogg Blvd44.945441-93.102299
102317th St W & Ann St44.936071-93.114285
102387th St W & Chestnut St44.943233-93.104140
102327th St W & Dousman St44.937144-93.112718
103637th St W & Dousman St44.937597-93.112363
570207th St W & Elway St44.913548-93.147435
103647th St W & Goodhue St44.936535-93.113928
102367th St W & Grand Ave44.941674-93.106120
103597th St W & Grand Ave44.941419-93.106753
117397th St W & Jefferson Ave44.930480-93.122510
118657th St W & Kellogg Blvd44.944200-93.103330
570197th St W & Lexington Pkwy S44.913796-93.147412
130967th St W & Madison St44.904461-93.164477
131407th St W & Maynard Dr W44.901883-93.170434
131437th St W & Maynard Dr W44.901822-93.170133
470417th St W & Michigan St44.934773-93.116200
131007th St W & Mickeys Diner44.909897-93.152893
131287th St W & Mickeys Diner44.910155-93.152791
116947th St W & Oneida St44.930340-93.123023
131147th St W & Osceola Ave44.926450-93.128439
131077th St W & Otto Ave44.919876-93.138149
131217th St W & Otto Ave44.919355-93.139248
116957th St W & Palace Ave44.929239-93.124638
117377th St W & Palace Ave44.929049-93.124612
116987th St W & Randolph Ave44.926979-93.127966
130987th St W & Rankin St44.906870-93.159325
131307th St W & Rankin St44.906895-93.159669
131327th St W & Saint Paul Avenue44.904415-93.164999
102347th St W & Smith Ave44.939311-93.109530
103617th St W & Smith Ave44.939789-93.109145
103667th St W & St Clair Ave44.934231-93.117312
117407th St W & St Clair Ave44.934012-93.117328
524807th St W & Superior St44.935595-93.115307
116967th St W & Toronto St44.928645-93.125508
117367th St W & Toronto St44.928172-93.125902
131177th St W & Tuscarora Ave44.923372-93.133318
103587th St W & Walnut St44.942678-93.105139
131117th St W & Watson Ave44.924067-93.131982
179108th & 3rd/4th Station44.973814-93.268283
179068th & Hennepin Station44.977267-93.276084
179078th & Nicollet Station44.976167-93.273825
179128th & Park Station44.972007-93.264035
159368th Ave & Old Hwy 845.059536-93.198068
179668th Ave N & 1st St N44.990031-93.275889
499318th Ave N & 2nd St N44.989517-93.276863
159358th Ave NW & Old Hwy 845.060089-93.198054
568978th St & 9th Ave Station44.970743-93.261059
158938th St NW & 6th Ave NW45.062770-93.194523
159098th St NW & 7th St NW45.061438-93.205399
158978th St NW & 8th Ave NW45.062766-93.198359
158988th St NW & 8th Ave NW45.062871-93.197977
159008th St NW & 9th Ave NW45.062774-93.199585
159038th St NW & 11th Ave NW45.062875-93.201465
159048th St NW & 11th Ave NW45.062861-93.202166
159078th St NW & #136245.062578-93.204510
159068th St NW & #138145.062738-93.204424
158928th St NW & Old Hwy 8 (5th Ave)45.062744-93.193347
179118th St S & 4th Ave / 5th Ave S44.973209-93.266792
179088th St S & Marquette Ave / 2nd Ave S44.974990-93.271085
160578th St SE & 5th Ave SE44.989396-93.245004
160588th St SE & 5th Ave SE44.989411-93.245348
567008th St SE & 8th Ave SE44.987743-93.240833
567018th St SE & 8th Ave SE44.987747-93.241197
165738th St SE & 10th Ave SE44.986633-93.238449
563028th St SE & Hennepin Ave E44.990611-93.248369
438859th Lane & Grant St45.209966-93.371456
438849th Lane & Lincoln St45.207417-93.371579
439099th Lane & Lincoln St45.207646-93.371700
438839th Lane & North St45.205239-93.371210
439109th Lane & North St45.204909-93.371410
494019th St S & 2nd Ave S44.973795-93.270895
494289th St S & 4th Ave S44.972602-93.268126
494419th St S & Nicollet Mall44.975235-93.274242
494279th St S & Portland Ave S44.971486-93.265438
4410710th Ave N & Boone Ave N44.989169-93.389845
4427510th Ave N & Boone Ave N44.989048-93.389890
4709310th Ave N & Wisconsin Ave N44.989059-93.385783
5669910th Ave SE & 5th St SE44.983811-93.240560
4125110th Ave SE & 7th St SE44.985524-93.238991
1604610th Ave SE & 8th St SE44.987216-93.239348
1604710th Ave SE & 8th St SE44.986985-93.237533
1604510th Ave SE & Hennepin Business Center44.989218-93.236996
5232910th St E & Cedar St44.950343-93.096829
306910th St N & Gershwin Ave N44.963163-92.980947
744910th St N & Gershwin Ave N44.963303-92.981168
307010th St N & Glenbrook Ave N44.963154-92.979813
744810th St N & Glenbrook Ave N44.963294-92.979551
307210th St N & Granada Ave N44.963132-92.974779
744610th St N & Granada Ave N44.963278-92.974518
307310th St N & Greenway Ave44.963092-92.969963
744510th St N & Greenway Ave44.963268-92.969552
307110th St N & Holy Cross Church44.963148-92.977298
744710th St N & Holy Cross Church44.963285-92.977120
1117210th St N & Twins Way (3rd Ave)44.980182-93.279679
5601610th St Station44.950612-93.097608
5602810th St Station44.950663-93.097492
387111th Ave & 3rd St N45.015474-93.002578
391711th Ave & 3rd St N45.015599-93.002309
4976011th Ave & #196545.015540-93.017792
4974711th Ave & #197545.015621-93.017277
386911th Ave & Ariel St N45.015410-93.014916
516611th Ave & Ariel St N45.015276-93.015268
381311th Ave & McKnight 36 Plaza45.015405-93.009321
386611th Ave & McKnight 36 Plaza45.015545-93.009376
387011th Ave & McKnight Rd45.015450-93.004455
391811th Ave & McKnight Rd45.015567-93.004566
4974811th Ave & White Bear Ave45.015742-93.019609
4991011th Ave & White Bear Ave45.015536-93.019341
1604911th Ave (Johnson St) & Hennepin Ave E44.991363-93.235828
480911th Ave S & 5th St S44.916915-93.414193
360811th Ave S & 6th St S44.915730-93.414397
480811th Ave S & 6th St S44.915140-93.414198
360911th Ave S & 7th St S44.913610-93.414398
480711th Ave S & 7th St S44.913322-93.414209
1789111th Ave S & 7th St S44.970710-93.257227
1564811th Ave S & 8th St S44.969165-93.258094
1565011th Ave S & 8th St S44.969730-93.258053
1564411th Ave S & 15th St E44.967881-93.258111
1565511th Ave S & 15th St E44.968074-93.258311
1564211th Ave S & 17th St E44.966932-93.258086
1565611th Ave S & 17th St E44.966556-93.258282
1563811th Ave S & 19th St E44.963839-93.258101
1566011th Ave S & 19th St E44.963621-93.258300
360711th Ave S & #41044.917920-93.414385
480411th Ave S & #921-94144.909170-93.414168
361311th Ave S & #1001-101544.907628-93.414335
480311th Ave S & #1001-101544.907420-93.414131
361211th Ave S & #111444.909170-93.414335
361011th Ave S & Landmark Trail N44.912133-93.414360
480611th Ave S & Landmark Trail N44.912128-93.414192
5291411th Ave S & Mainstreet44.924157-93.414064
5304211th Ave S & Mainstreet44.924256-93.413896
360611th Ave S & Scherer Brothers44.919567-93.414332
361111th Ave S & Wagon Wheel Rd44.910583-93.414384
481011th Ave S & Wendys44.919495-93.414048
480511th Ave S & Westbrooke Way44.910940-93.414181
1604811th Ave SE & Talmage Ave44.989543-93.235859
1933011th St S & Harmon Place44.974212-93.278105
1932911th St S & La Salle Ave S44.973541-93.276685
5329611th St S & Marquette Ave44.972720-93.274691
4945011th St W & St Peter St44.950089-93.099956
996312th Ave & Southview Blvd44.889053-93.048852
387412th Ave E & Helen St N45.016448-92.995278
391412th Ave E & Helen St N45.016599-92.994675
387512th Ave E & Margaret St N45.016510-92.992464
4957812th Ave N & 1st St N44.926038-93.415059
4958512th Ave N & 1st St N44.926274-93.415187
984112th Ave N & 2nd St N44.892453-93.048696
996112th Ave N & 2nd St N44.892656-93.048839
4957912th Ave N & 2nd St N44.927807-93.414895
4958412th Ave N & 2nd St N44.928161-93.415044
984212th Ave N & 3rd St N44.894218-93.048678
996012th Ave N & 3rd St N44.894430-93.048836
4958012th Ave N & 3rd St N44.929574-93.414824
4958312th Ave N & 3rd St N44.929921-93.414962
984312th Ave N & 4th St N44.895999-93.048676
995912th Ave N & 4th St N44.896229-93.048828
4958112th Ave N & 4th St N44.931428-93.414730
4958212th Ave N & 4th St N44.931676-93.414871
984512th Ave N & Congress St44.899516-93.048728
995712th Ave N & Congress St44.899930-93.048885
984412th Ave N & Dwane St44.898278-93.048721
995812th Ave N & Dwane St44.898674-93.048884
984012th Ave N & Marie Ave44.890644-93.048680
996212th Ave N & Marie Ave44.890853-93.048844
5688212th Ave N & N Hwy 7 Frontage Rd44.933210-93.414642
984612th Ave N & Thompson Ave44.901420-93.048727
4126712th Ave S & 76th St E44.865305-93.258049
4126912th Ave S & 76th St E44.865435-93.257900
70412th Ave S & 77th St E44.863587-93.257921
4126812th Ave S & 77th St E44.864131-93.258060
4939612th Ave S & 78th St E44.862837-93.257876
67212th Ave S & 78th St E (Hwy 494 Front)44.861666-93.258097
70312th Ave S & American Blvd / 78th St44.860818-93.257923
5118312th St N & Gershwin Ave N44.965604-92.983328
1933512th St S & 2nd Ave / 3rd Ave S44.970526-93.272859
1933212th St S & Hennepin Ave S44.974327-93.280108
1933412th St S & Nicollet Mall44.971839-93.276084
1933312th St S & Yale Place44.973037-93.279060
5616412th St W & John Ireland Blvd44.951417-93.104912
5701812th Street W/Rice St & John Ireland Blv44.951384-93.105617
5696414th Ave S & Franklin Ave S44.962521-93.254904
1611115th Ave SE & 4th St SE44.980291-93.234013
8028915th Ave SE & 5th St SE44.981029-93.233608
1610715th Ave SE & 6th St SE44.981789-93.232856
1610815th Ave SE & 6th St SE44.982034-93.232824
5702215th Ave SE & 7th St SE44.983133-93.231979
1610315th Ave SE & 8th St SE44.983695-93.231331
1610415th Ave SE & 8th St SE44.983985-93.231291
1609715th Ave SE & Como Ave SE44.987657-93.230290
1609815th Ave SE & Como Ave SE44.987528-93.230469
1610115th Ave SE & Rollins Ave44.985245-93.230256
1610215th Ave SE & Rollins Ave44.985482-93.230466
5346115th St E & 1st Ave S44.967556-93.276660
4982115th St N & Gershwin Ave N44.970518-92.981508
4985715th St N & Gershwin Ave N44.970419-92.981544
4982015th St N & Goodwin Ave N44.970507-92.977283
4985615th St N & Goodwin Ave N44.970417-92.977317
4981915th St N & Granada Ave (W)44.970505-92.974572
4985815th St N & Granada Ave (W)44.970411-92.974880
4985915th St N & Granite Ave44.970412-92.971918
4303015th St N & Granite Ave N44.970496-92.971633
1518615th St N & Grospoint Ave N44.970401-92.968030
4302815th St N & Grospoint Ave N44.970491-92.967692
1518715th St N & Hadley Ave N44.970381-92.964859
4837815th St N & Hadley Ave N44.970483-92.965392
4982215th St N & Hwy 120 - Geneva44.970556-92.984123
4985515th St N & Hwy 120 - Geneva44.970426-92.984007
1490515th St W & #32944.967899-93.283737
4922715th St W & Oak Grove St44.968486-93.285926
5721816th Av N & James Av N / Irving Av N44.995157-93.299975
5707016th Ave N & James Ave N44.995156-93.300811
5321816th St & 1st Ave / 3rd Ave S44.967059-93.274239
5346216th St E & 3rd Ave S44.967078-93.273005
5346316th St E & 3rd Ave S44.967234-93.272638
4032216th St W & Double Tree Hilton entrance44.967682-93.351113
5656516th St W & Duke Dr44.968408-93.346828
5656616th St W & Duke Dr44.968264-93.346669
4032416th St W & Park Place East44.967663-93.353981
4032516th St W & Park Place East44.967553-93.353212
5268317th Ave E & Charles Ave45.021063-92.989808
5268417th Ave E & Charles Ave45.021188-92.989491
4232018th Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.005884-93.232167
4232218th Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.006010-93.231909
4231118th Ave NE & Hayes St NE45.006024-93.234473
4231718th Ave NE & Hayes St NE45.005919-93.234728
4232118th Ave NE & Stinson Blvd NE45.005855-93.227108
4232818th Ave NE & Stinson Blvd NE45.006005-93.227782
5403319th Ave S & 2nd St S44.974072-93.245786
5403419th Ave S & 3rd St S44.970998-93.245561
5403719th Ave S & 3rd St S44.970965-93.245735
5403519th Ave S & 3rd St S - Leave44.970965-93.245735
1321519th Ave S & 3rd St S- Leave44.970998-93.245561
4245419th Ave S & 4th St/ Riverside Ave44.970067-93.245741
1353321st St W & Kenwood Pkwy44.961401-93.311119
1353421st St W & Kenwood Pkwy44.961264-93.311456
1353021st St W & Penn Ave S44.961573-93.308547
1353721st St W & Thomas Ave S44.961279-93.313949
5607322nd Ave NE & Edison High - Gate A45.009837-93.251117
5650422nd St E & Cedar Ave S44.961302-93.244999
4379322nd St W & 21st St W44.961155-93.314111
1354522nd St W & Sheridan Ave S44.960210-93.313110
1353822nd St W & Thomas Ave S44.960545-93.313707
1950723rd Ave S & 35th St E44.939388-93.238824
1950123rd Ave S & 37th St E44.936009-93.238951
1950223rd Ave S & 37th St E44.935834-93.238804
5307923rd Ave SE & Transitway / 6th St SE44.976316-93.221826
5656323rd Ave SE & Transitway / 6th St SE44.976377-93.221768
5656423rd Ave SE & Transitway / 6th St SE44.976388-93.221758
5709824th Ave S & 82nd St E44.855016-93.237422
466924th St W & Bryant Ave S44.959171-93.290432
4033324th St W & Bryant Ave S44.959074-93.290716
466524th St W & Harriet Ave S44.959172-93.285362
4033824th St W & Harriet Ave S44.959078-93.285618
467224th St W & Hennepin Ave S44.959180-93.293835
466724th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.959179-93.287831
4033924th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.959074-93.288210
4034024th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.959041-93.278015
5161824th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.959062-93.281402
5161924th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.959167-93.281147
466324th St W & Pleasant Ave S44.959168-93.282813
4034224th St W & Pleasant Ave S44.959063-93.283087
5670425th Ave S & Butler Place44.964881-93.236263
1614825th Ave SE & University Ave44.973629-93.221332
1644725th St E & 23rd Ave S44.957299-93.239472
1644925th St E & 25th Ave S44.957312-93.236408
1760525th St E & 25th Ave S44.957429-93.236496
1645125th St E & 27th Ave S44.957308-93.233590
1760325th St E & 27th Ave S44.957435-93.232821
1645325th St E & 29th Ave S44.957327-93.230078
1760125th St E & 29th Ave S44.957432-93.229727
1645525th St E & 31st Ave S44.957330-93.227113
1759925th St E & 31st Ave S44.957438-93.226793
1645725th St E & 33rd Ave S44.957332-93.224131
1759725th St E & 33rd Ave S44.957447-93.223841
1645925th St E & 35th Ave S44.957332-93.221078
1759525th St E & 35th Ave S44.957437-93.220773
1760825th St E & Minnehaha Ave44.957415-93.240529
1107426th Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.006006-93.295359
1107526th Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.005908-93.295793
1107826th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.005920-93.298222
1107926th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.006022-93.297913
4399326th Ave N & Kilmer Lane45.007535-93.402495
1108426th Ave N & Knox Ave N45.006030-93.301704
1108526th Ave N & Knox Ave N45.005941-93.302022
4399426th Ave N & Lancaster Lane45.007530-93.403078
4399726th Ave N & Medicine Ridge Rd45.007568-93.408282
1108926th Ave N & Morgan Ave N45.005956-93.304548
4399526th Ave N & Nathan Lane45.007542-93.405547
1109126th Ave N & Newton Ave N45.006052-93.305521
5066026th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.005980-93.308374
5066126th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.006074-93.307996
4399626th Ave N & Pilgrim Lane45.007556-93.407308
1551126th Ave NE & Washington St45.014935-93.256871
5152826th Ave S & 28th St E44.951830-93.234563
1631526th Ave S & 29th St E44.950041-93.234640
4197926th Ave S & 29th St E44.950292-93.234837
4197826th Ave S & Cub Foods Entrance44.951323-93.234861
5670226th Ave S & Seward Tower West44.963354-93.235101
5670326th Ave S & Seward Tower West44.963204-93.235129
1776126th St E & 3rd Ave S44.955584-93.272586
5150826th St E & 10th Ave S44.955603-93.259928
5150726th St E & 12th Ave S44.955589-93.257397
5150626th St E & 14th Ave S44.955617-93.254858
1434026th St E & 18th Ave S44.955607-93.248514
4300426th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.955600-93.252284
5016426th St E & Chicago Ave S44.955595-93.262926
1776026th St E & Clinton Ave S44.955586-93.271342
5247026th St E & Oakland Ave S44.955600-93.266153
5224126th St E & Park Ave S44.955610-93.264949
1650626th St W & Inglewood Ave44.955727-93.332762
1650726th St W & Inglewood Ave44.955832-93.332507
1650226th St W & Kipling Ave44.955738-93.335344
1650326th St W & Kipling Ave44.955842-93.335104
740126th St W & Monterey Ave44.955811-93.337917
1649926th St W & Monterey Ave44.955857-93.337674
738026th St W & Natchez Ave44.955934-93.338965
740026th St W & Natchez Ave44.955769-93.339184
739926th St W & Princeton Ave44.955641-93.341773
738126th St W & Princeton Court44.955743-93.341518
1550927th Ave NE & Washington St45.016837-93.257334
1632227th Ave S & 22nd St E44.960824-93.232930
1658227th Ave S & 22nd St E44.961088-93.233102
1632127th Ave S & 24th St E44.959077-93.232975
1658327th Ave S & 24th St E44.959281-93.233113
1632027th Ave S & 25th St E44.957843-93.232971
1658427th Ave S & 25th St E44.957494-93.233140
1631927th Ave S & 26th St E44.955445-93.233001
1658527th Ave S & 26th St E44.955702-93.233165
1658727th Ave S & 28th St E44.952090-93.233201
1324727th Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962873-93.233066
1632327th Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962642-93.232917
5617127th Ave SE & University Ave / 4th St44.972785-93.218161
4492728th Ave N & Niagara Lane45.012153-93.471855
4503028th Ave N & Niagara Lane45.012288-93.471902
1949928th Ave S & 38th St E44.933980-93.232008
1949528th Ave S & 40th St E44.930418-93.232029
1949628th Ave S & 40th St E44.930210-93.232205
1949128th Ave S & 42nd St E44.926769-93.232031
1949228th Ave S & 42nd St E44.927025-93.232212
5158428th Ave S & 42nd St E44.927128-93.232052
1948728th Ave S & 44th St E44.923193-93.232070
1948828th Ave S & 44th St E44.923030-93.232231
1948228th Ave S & 46th St E44.919574-93.232078
1948428th Ave S & 46th St E44.919748-93.232271
1947528th Ave S & 50th St E44.912464-93.232149
1947628th Ave S & 50th St E44.912723-93.232311
1947128th Ave S & 52nd St E44.908844-93.232176
1947228th Ave S & 52nd St E44.909057-93.232329
444728th Ave S & 54th St E44.905234-93.232229
1946828th Ave S & 54th St E44.905429-93.232373
432828th Ave S & 56th St E44.901798-93.232426
444528th Ave S & 56th St E44.901610-93.232253
432928th Ave S & 57th St E44.900000-93.232471
444428th Ave S & 57th St E44.899770-93.232273
1947928th Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.915918-93.232105
1948028th Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.916536-93.232283
1433128th St E & 4th Ave S44.951877-93.270538
4301128th St E & 10th Ave S44.951888-93.260273
5150928th St E & 12th Ave S44.951884-93.257714
5151028th St E & 14th Ave S44.951888-93.255132
5151128th St E & 17th Ave S44.951896-93.250054
5152928th St E & 27th Ave S44.951921-93.233291
4301628th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.951899-93.252860
4302128th St E & Cedar Ave S44.951902-93.247608
5216828th St E & Chicago Ave S44.951882-93.262874
5328228th St E & Hiawatha Ave S44.951901-93.241518
5224028th St E & Park Ave S44.951889-93.265403
5223928th St E & Portland Ave S44.951880-93.267900
1771328th St E & Stevens Ave S44.951877-93.274941
1574029th Ave NE & Stinson Blvd45.020419-93.227022
1286429th Ave NE (Co Rd C) & Anthony Lane45.020453-93.209207
1286729th Ave NE (Co Rd C) & Anthony Lane45.020638-93.209192
8036130th Av S & Healthpartners Lot44.855006-93.229705
834530th Ave N & Xerxes Ave N45.011390-93.318672
1462930th Ave NE & Grand St NE45.022190-93.270530
5659730th Ave S & American Blvd E44.858091-93.229628
5142230th Ave Station44.855597-93.231942
5143730th Ave Station44.855876-93.231499
1462431st Ave NE & Columbia Ave NE45.023964-93.272640
1463031st Ave NE & Grand St NE45.023931-93.270501
4221131st St W & Blaisdell / Nicollet44.946526-93.278823
4415532nd Ave N & Louisiana Ave45.014545-93.370471
4415332nd Ave N & Nevada Ave N45.014566-93.372595
4429732nd Ave N & Nevada Ave N45.014674-93.372547
4415232nd Ave N & Pennsylvania Ave45.014563-93.375362
4429832nd Ave N & Pennsylvania Ave45.014675-93.375103
4508732nd Ave N & Ranchview Lane45.016265-93.476824
4512032nd Ave N & Ranchview Lane45.016371-93.476927
4415132nd Ave N & Sumter Ave45.014547-93.378008
4508632nd Ave N & Vicksburg Lane45.016296-93.481257
4512132nd Ave N & Vicksburg Lane45.016403-93.481534
4430032nd Ave N & Winnetka Ave N45.014689-93.379845
4429932nd Ave N & Winpark Dr45.014688-93.377631
893633rd Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.014995-93.295204
1570433rd Ave NE & Belden Dr45.027681-93.222708
1570533rd Ave NE & Belden Dr45.027811-93.222403
1570633rd Ave NE & Edward St45.027811-93.223491
1570733rd Ave NE & Edward St45.027692-93.223791
1570933rd Ave NE & Roosevelt Court45.027804-93.225307
1570833rd Ave NE & Roosevelt St45.027685-93.225591
1570333rd Ave NE & Silver Lake Rd45.027717-93.218315
5314733rd Ave NE & Stinson Blvd45.027782-93.226723
4472734th Ave N & Fernbrook Lane45.018432-93.461836
4478434th Ave N & Fernbrook Lane45.018295-93.461687
1528234th Ave S & 43rd St E44.925107-93.223063
1541034th Ave S & 43rd St E44.925315-93.223391
1528134th Ave S & 44th St E44.923199-93.222836
1541134th Ave S & 44th St E44.923411-93.222983
1528034th Ave S & 45th St E44.921373-93.222817
1541234th Ave S & 45th St E44.921584-93.223012
1541334th Ave S & 46th St E44.919781-93.223008
5274334th Ave S & 46th St E44.919568-93.222850
5273834th Ave S & 49th St E44.914571-93.222888
5274034th Ave S & 49th St E44.914322-93.222732
1527434th Ave S & 50th St E44.912470-93.222755
5273934th Ave S & 50th St E44.912741-93.222920
1527334th Ave S & 51st St E44.910651-93.222771
1541934th Ave S & 51st St E44.910639-93.222952
1527234th Ave S & 52nd St E44.908911-93.222776
1542034th Ave S & 52nd St E44.909160-93.222924
1527134th Ave S & 53rd St E44.907062-93.222781
1542134th Ave S & 53rd St E44.907316-93.222954
1527034th Ave S & 54th St E44.905270-93.222772
1542234th Ave S & 54th St E44.905508-93.223008
1526934th Ave S & 55th St E44.903456-93.222825
1542334th Ave S & 55th St E44.903689-93.222977
1544534th Ave S & 56th St / 58th St E44.900076-93.223026
1542434th Ave S & 56th St E44.901865-93.223015
1544734th Ave S & 56th St E44.901647-93.222854
1544634th Ave S & 58th St / 56th St E44.900109-93.222868
1544434th Ave S & 58th St E44.898252-93.223050
4854834th Ave S & American Blvd44.859262-93.223458
4197534th Ave S & American Blvd / I-49444.860250-93.222828
5273734th Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.916529-93.222922
5274134th Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.915931-93.222715
1646934th St E & 36th Ave S44.941363-93.220033
1939634th St E & 36th Ave S44.941463-93.220256
1679534th St E & 38th Ave S44.941379-93.218077
1939434th St E & 38th Ave S44.941490-93.217702
1679734th St E & 40th Ave S44.941407-93.215465
1939234th St E & 40th Ave S44.941508-93.215172
1679934th St E & 42nd Ave S44.941420-93.212945
1461035th Ave NE & 2nd 1/2 St NE45.031882-93.265275
1461235th Ave NE & 2nd St NE45.031960-93.266283
1461335th Ave NE & 2nd St NE45.031874-93.266607
1461535th Ave NE & Main St NE45.031965-93.267524
1951135th St E & 21st Ave S44.939586-93.242118
1951235th St E & 21st Ave S44.939467-93.242409
1950835th St E & 23rd Ave S44.939480-93.239100
5719235th St E & Cedar Av S44.939588-93.247235
1951835th St E & Cedar Ave S44.939485-93.246795
1755836th Ave N & Adair Ave N45.021734-93.356330
1755936th Ave N & Adair Ave N45.021865-93.356075
4401036th Ave N & Armstrong High School45.021888-93.415760
1756136th Ave N & Brunswick Ave45.021740-93.357681
1756336th Ave N & Colorado Ave45.021902-93.358623
1754836th Ave N & Cub Foods45.020602-93.345147
4035736th Ave N & Douglas Dr / Colorado Ave45.021764-93.359210
4538436th Ave N & Emerald Point Apts45.021825-93.377545
842036th Ave N & Halifax Ave N45.020560-93.330968
842136th Ave N & Halifax Ave N45.020437-93.331293
842436th Ave N & Kyle Ave N45.020581-93.335163
842536th Ave N & Kyle Ave N45.020436-93.335126
842736th Ave N & Lee Ave N45.020447-93.336489
4428836th Ave N & Louisiana Ave45.021819-93.370331
842836th Ave N & Major Ave N45.020575-93.337379
4416336th Ave N & Maryland Ave45.021950-93.371644
4428736th Ave N & Maryland Ave45.021818-93.371773
4400836th Ave N & Medicine Lake Blvd45.021877-93.420300
1754036th Ave N & Orchard Ave45.020583-93.339979
1754136th Ave N & Orchard Ave N45.020443-93.340299
4401436th Ave N & Pilgrim Lane #145.021941-93.409621
4401536th Ave N & Pilgrim Lane #245.021941-93.408466
1754436th Ave N & Quail Ave N45.020569-93.342600
1754536th Ave N & Quail Ave N45.020442-93.342883
1754636th Ave N & Regent Ave N45.020427-93.344247
4401336th Ave N & Saratoga Lane45.021946-93.411491
4401236th Ave N & Trenton Lane45.021939-93.412791
4401136th Ave N & Union Terrace Lane45.021921-93.414095
1755036th Ave N & Welcome Ave45.021667-93.351028
1755136th Ave N & Welcome Ave45.021787-93.350600
4400936th Ave N & Wellington Lane45.021897-93.417778
4416636th Ave N & Winnetka Ave N45.021972-93.379936
4428436th Ave N & Winnetka Ave N45.021805-93.379787
4537036th Ave N & Winnetka Village Apts45.021952-93.377382
1755236th Ave N & Xenia Ave45.021820-93.352028
1755336th Ave N & Xenia Ave45.021696-93.352151
1755436th Ave N & Yates Ave45.021713-93.353798
1755536th Ave N & Yates Ave45.021826-93.353532
1755736th Ave N & Zane Ave45.021716-93.355141
1755636th Ave N & Zane Ave45.021850-93.354801
1646036th Ave S & 25th St E44.957217-93.220359
1646136th Ave S & 26th St E44.955324-93.220454
1759436th Ave S & 26th St E44.955429-93.220314
1646236th Ave S & 27th St E44.953915-93.220465
1759336th Ave S & 27th St E44.953698-93.220317
1646336th Ave S & 28th St E44.952134-93.220464
1759236th Ave S & 28th St E44.952231-93.220302
1646436th Ave S & 29th St E44.950293-93.220455
1759136th Ave S & 29th St E44.950045-93.220292
1646636th Ave S & 31st St E44.946976-93.220453
1758936th Ave S & 31st St E44.946695-93.220305
1646736th Ave S & 32nd St E44.945156-93.220460
1758836th Ave S & 32nd St E44.944929-93.220328
1646836th Ave S & 33rd St E44.943349-93.220479
1758736th Ave S & 33rd St E44.943130-93.220301
1646536th Ave S & Lake St E44.948521-93.220461
1759036th Ave S & Lake St E44.948640-93.220311
8037936th St W & Alabama Ave S44.937897-93.356248
575336th St W & Aquila Ave44.938771-93.389692
576536th St W & Aquila Ave44.938604-93.389577
469936th St W & Beltline Blvd44.937954-93.342445
5084536th St W & Beltline Blvd44.937749-93.342134
586836th St W & Boone Ave44.938844-93.392074
4338436th St W & Dupont Ave S44.937761-93.293138
4338636th St W & Dupont Ave S44.937643-93.293656
586936th St W & Flag Ave44.939512-93.393690
4133536th St W & Fremont Ave S44.937766-93.295708
1777136th St W & Grand Ave S44.937632-93.284470
1777036th St W & Harriet Ave S44.937647-93.285775
4133736th St W & Hennepin Ave44.937646-93.297855
111336th St W & Humboldt Ave S44.937765-93.300772
111436th St W & Irving Ave S44.937773-93.302100
131336th St W & Irving Ave S44.937608-93.301594
4338936th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.937635-93.288411
576236th St W & Phillips Pkwy44.939250-93.393355
473636th St W & Raleigh Ave44.937769-93.344371
4679936th St W & Raleigh Ave/Park Center Blvd44.937983-93.345030
575036th St W & Utah Ave44.938640-93.381936
576836th St W & Utah Ave44.938502-93.382105
575136th St W & Virginia Ave / Wyoming Ave44.938610-93.383974
576736th St W & Wyoming Ave / Virginia Ave44.938524-93.384039
575236th St W & Zinran Ave44.938661-93.388088
1460437th Ave NE & 3rd St NE45.035601-93.263626
1460537th Ave NE & 3rd St NE45.035482-93.263570
4180137th Ave NE & Chandler Dr45.035781-93.212963
4180437th Ave NE & Chandler Dr45.035652-93.213255
1600037th Ave NE & Cleveland Ave (Hart Blvd)45.035598-93.230963
4180037th Ave NE & Foss Rd45.035803-93.210425
4180537th Ave NE & Foss Rd45.035660-93.210246
1599937th Ave NE & Hart Blvd (Cleveland Ave)45.035718-93.230572
1600137th Ave NE & Hayes St45.035567-93.234851
1600237th Ave NE & Hayes St45.035676-93.234387
4180737th Ave NE & Highcrest Dr45.035679-93.208349
4179837th Ave NE & Highcrest Rd45.035808-93.207947
1597337th Ave NE & Macalaster Dr45.035632-93.215764
1597437th Ave NE & Macalaster Dr45.035780-93.215530
1597637th Ave NE & Silver Lake Rd45.035630-93.217836
4909737th Place NE & 37th Ave / McKinley St45.035927-93.228452
1599237th Place NE & 37th Ave NE45.035737-93.229417
1599137th Place NE & McKinley St NE45.036155-93.228073
4708337th Place NE & Stinson Blvd45.036198-93.227291
8038037th St W & Alabama Ave S44.936688-93.356225
4332537th St W & Aquila Ave S44.936367-93.388408
4332637th St W & Aquila Ave S44.936285-93.387851
4784137th St W & Boone Ave44.936187-93.390362
1263138th St E & 1st Ave S44.934070-93.276770
1262538th St E & 3rd Ave S44.934201-93.272557
1262638th St E & 3rd Ave S44.934080-93.272898
1262238th St E & 4th Ave S44.934082-93.270293
4036638th St E & 4th Ave S44.934210-93.270732
5236438th St E & 16th Ave S44.934058-93.251290
1258938th St E & 17th Ave S44.934066-93.250013
1259038th St E & 17th Ave S44.934186-93.249725
1258238th St E & 19th Ave S44.934175-93.244653
4779238th St E & 19th Ave S44.934071-93.244645
1257738th St E & 21st Ave S44.934062-93.242389
1257838th St E & 21st Ave S44.934167-93.242134
5719138th St E & 23rd Av S44.934061-93.238286
1257138th St E & 23rd Ave S44.934177-93.238721
1256538th St E & 26th Ave S44.934062-93.234767
1256638th St E & 26th Ave S44.934181-93.234518
1256138th St E & 28th Ave S44.934050-93.232270
1256238th St E & 28th Ave S44.934180-93.231965
1254438th St E & 36th Ave S44.934253-93.220263
1254538th St E & 36th Ave S44.934143-93.220564
1254038th St E & 38th Ave S44.934276-93.217737
1254138th St E & 38th Ave S44.934169-93.218025
1253638th St E & 40th Ave S44.934292-93.215187
1253738th St E & 40th Ave S44.934187-93.215480
1253238th St E & 42nd Ave S44.934329-93.212606
1253338th St E & 42nd Ave S44.934217-93.212941
1253138th St E & 43rd Ave S44.934327-93.211348
1252938th St E & 44th Ave S44.934230-93.210365
1252738th St E & 45th Ave S44.934351-93.208791
1252538th St E & 46th Ave S44.934265-93.207800
8025438th St E & Bloomington Ave44.934179-93.251809
1259338th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.934180-93.252195
5156238th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.934066-93.252095
1258538th St E & Cedar Ave S44.934055-93.247537
5638338th St E & Cedar Ave S / 18th Ave S44.934179-93.247932
1254938th St E & Minnehaha Ave44.934215-93.223761
1255038th St E & Minnehaha Ave44.934110-93.223988
1751738th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.934179-93.277717
1261738th St E & Portland Ave S44.934222-93.267340
1261838th St E & Portland Ave S44.934104-93.267749
1255138th St E & Snelling Ave44.934091-93.225782
1255238th St E & Snelling Ave44.934207-93.225553
4036838th St E & Stevens Ave S44.934188-93.275185
5141438th St Station44.934651-93.229461
5142938th St Station44.934655-93.229449
5154238th St Station & Gate A44.934974-93.229832
5154338th St Station & Gate B44.934823-93.229734
5154138th St Station & Gate C44.934636-93.229613
5158538th St Station & Gate D44.934416-93.229542
1751838th St W & Blaisdell Ave S44.934169-93.279616
1751938th St W & Blaisdell Ave S44.934050-93.279904
1753438th St W & Bryant Ave S44.934125-93.290644
1753538th St W & Bryant Ave S44.934021-93.290539
1752438th St W & Grand Ave S44.934022-93.284504
1752538th St W & Grand Ave S44.934149-93.284228
1752638th St W & Harriet Ave S44.934144-93.285536
1752738th St W & Harriet Ave S44.934021-93.285782
1753038th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.934137-93.288058
1753138th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.934037-93.288427
1751638th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.934061-93.278117
1752238th St W & Pleasant Ave S44.934156-93.282930
1752338th St W & Pleasant Ave S44.934037-93.283238
1571139th Ave NE & Apache Lane (W)45.038614-93.224528
1571239th Ave NE & Apache Lane (W)45.038517-93.224880
2003639th Ave NE & Belden Dr / Silver Lake Rd45.039142-93.219472
1168739th Ave NE & Coolidge St45.038825-93.221311
5203339th Ave NE & Coolidge St45.038969-93.220896
5676239th Ave NE & Harding St NE45.038860-93.222434
5667939th Ave NE & Silver Lake Rd / Belden Dr45.039326-93.219284
112739th St W & Chowen Ave S44.932381-93.325080
113039th St W & France Ave S44.932415-93.328877
111739th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.932354-93.312857
131039th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.932260-93.313115
112039th St W & Vincent Ave S44.932347-93.316341
130739th St W & Vincent Ave S44.932242-93.316596
112239th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.932355-93.318690
130539th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.932252-93.318944
112439th St W & Zenith Ave S44.932361-93.321250
130339th St W & Zenith Ave S44.932276-93.321528
1166040th Ave NE & 4th St NE45.040867-93.261448
1460040th Ave NE & 4th St NE45.041039-93.261770
1166140th Ave NE & 5th St NE45.040871-93.260343
1459940th Ave NE & 5th St NE45.041031-93.260470
1459840th Ave NE & 6th St NE45.041031-93.258747
1167340th Ave NE & #96545.040917-93.245235
1459240th Ave NE & #96545.041035-93.245297
1167940th Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.040975-93.232198
1455840th Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.041087-93.231918
1455540th Ave NE & Benjamin Place NE45.041097-93.229722
1455640th Ave NE & Benjamin Place NE45.040985-93.229977
1167240th Ave NE & Central Ave NE45.040882-93.246283
5113040th Ave NE & Central Ave NE45.041042-93.247030
1459140th Ave NE & Circle Terrace45.041050-93.242986
1167840th Ave NE & Hayes St NE45.040961-93.234769
1166640th Ave NE & Jackson St45.040868-93.250153
1459440th Ave NE & Jackson St45.041030-93.250245
1166440th Ave NE & Jefferson St45.040872-93.255387
1459640th Ave NE & Madison St45.041038-93.254103
1166540th Ave NE & Monroe St45.040871-93.252591
1459540th Ave NE & Monroe St45.041038-93.252333
1167740th Ave NE & Polk St NE45.040954-93.236841
1167540th Ave NE & Reservoir Blvd45.040927-93.240868
1168240th Ave NE & Stinson Blvd45.040228-93.227157
1166240th Ave NE & Summit St45.040871-93.258730
1167640th Ave NE & Tyler St NE45.040934-93.238664
1459740th Ave NE & Washington St45.041035-93.256161
8040240th St W & Grand Ave S44.930406-93.284511
5232741st Ave N & West Broadway45.029562-93.337631
5156642nd Ave E & 54th St E44.905259-93.212608
5156442nd Ave E & 56th St E44.901898-93.212803
848542nd Ave N & Adair Ave45.032273-93.356095
848642nd Ave N & Adair Ave45.032171-93.356426
4417742nd Ave N & Aquila Ave45.033085-93.389263
4423842nd Ave N & Aquila Ave45.033221-93.389016
848942nd Ave N & Douglas Dr45.032837-93.359863
4021742nd Ave N & Douglas Dr45.032645-93.359640
5323742nd Ave N & Flag Ave N45.033350-93.395097
849142nd Ave N & Florida Ave45.032868-93.362483
849242nd Ave N & Florida Ave45.032734-93.362347
5323642nd Ave N & Gettysburg Ave45.033580-93.395308
849542nd Ave N & Hampshire Ave45.032853-93.364991
849642nd Ave N & Hampshire Ave45.032718-93.365452
849742nd Ave N & Kentucky Ave45.032858-93.368857
849842nd Ave N & Kentucky Ave45.032721-93.368934
849942nd Ave N & Louisiana Ave45.032871-93.370081
850042nd Ave N & Louisiana Ave45.032745-93.370441
850342nd Ave N & Nevada Ave45.032990-93.372727
850442nd Ave N & Nevada Ave45.032785-93.373168
846942nd Ave N & Quail Ave45.031283-93.342957
850742nd Ave N & Quebec Ave45.032939-93.376338
850842nd Ave N & Quebec Ave45.032747-93.376819
847242nd Ave N & Regent Ave N45.031448-93.344121
847342nd Ave N & Regent Ave N45.031298-93.344522
5663142nd Ave N & Vera Cruz Ave N45.031532-93.349375
861142nd Ave N & W Broadway / Co Rd 8145.031697-93.339079
847842nd Ave N & Welcome Ave45.031551-93.351137
5172442nd Ave N & Welcome Ave / Hwy 10045.031259-93.350314
850942nd Ave N & Winnetka Ave45.032907-93.380037
851042nd Ave N & Winnetka Ave45.032702-93.379717
848042nd Ave N & Xenia Ave N45.031600-93.352591
4421642nd Ave N & Xylon Ave N45.032782-93.385593
4423642nd Ave N & Xylon Ave N45.032944-93.385128
848142nd Ave N & Yates Ave45.031871-93.353481
848242nd Ave N & Yates Ave N45.031786-93.353874
4417842nd Ave N & Zealand Ave45.032985-93.387979
4423742nd Ave N & Zealand Ave N45.033091-93.387604
1758042nd Ave S & 34th St E44.941350-93.212648
1647642nd Ave S & 35th St E44.939788-93.212834
1757942nd Ave S & 35th St E44.939571-93.212661
1647742nd Ave S & 36th St E44.937968-93.212848
1757842nd Ave S & 36th St E44.937752-93.212670
1647842nd Ave S & 37th St E44.935957-93.212829
1757742nd Ave S & 37th St E44.935762-93.212677
1647942nd Ave S & 38th St E44.934381-93.212858
1757642nd Ave S & 38th St E44.934132-93.212695
1648042nd Ave S & 39th St E44.932550-93.212847
1757542nd Ave S & 39th St E44.932365-93.212669
1648142nd Ave S & 40th St E44.930744-93.212842
1757442nd Ave S & 40th St E44.930520-93.212684
1648242nd Ave S & 41st St E44.928935-93.212840
5163242nd Ave S & 41st St E44.928707-93.212672
5164942nd Ave S & 42nd St E44.927142-93.212845
1529842nd St E & 19th Ave S44.926983-93.244645
1539342nd St E & 19th Ave S44.926866-93.244950
1529642nd St E & 21st Ave S44.926962-93.242115
1539542nd St E & 21st Ave S44.926859-93.242434
1529242nd St E & 24th Ave S44.926978-93.237052
1539942nd St E & 24th Ave S44.926854-93.237369
1529042nd St E & 26th Ave S44.926965-93.234516
1540142nd St E & 26th Ave S44.926839-93.234834
1528842nd St E & 28th Ave S44.926949-93.231974
1540342nd St E & 28th Ave S44.926840-93.232306
1540442nd St E & 29nd Ave S44.926839-93.230972
1528742nd St E & 29th Ave S44.926956-93.230671
1528342nd St E & 32nd Ave S44.926963-93.225518
1540842nd St E & 32nd Ave S44.926830-93.225806
5155542nd St E & 40th Ave S44.926933-93.215488
5155742nd St E & 40th Ave S44.927038-93.215168
5155642nd St E & 42nd Ave S44.926942-93.212934
1530042nd St E & Cedar Ave S44.926991-93.247099
1539142nd St E & Cedar Ave S44.926861-93.246907
8014042nd St E & Chicago Ave44.926892-93.262634
8014142nd St E & Chicago Ave44.926996-93.262379
8019942nd St E & Chicago Ave44.926996-93.262681
1528542nd St E & Nokomis Ave S44.926955-93.228134
1540642nd St E & Nokomis Ave S44.926831-93.228509
1529442nd St E & Standish Ave S44.926962-93.239593
1539742nd St E & Standish Ave S44.926859-93.239902
894844th Ave & Girard Ave Station45.035509-93.296962
5690344th Ave & Girard Ave Station45.035371-93.296849
959944th Ave N & James Ave N45.035394-93.301064
963644th Ave N & James Ave N45.035498-93.301379
959344th Ave N & Morgan Ave N45.035399-93.304927
964244th Ave N & Morgan Ave N45.035511-93.305212
958944th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.035391-93.308222
964644th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.035509-93.308383
1422744th Ave NE & 5th St NE45.048236-93.260107
4600944th Ave NE & 5th St NE45.048145-93.260403
1422544th Ave NE & 7th St NE45.048240-93.257530
1457044th Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.048275-93.232301
1421844th Ave NE & Central Ave NE45.048259-93.247908
4601944th Ave NE & Central Ave NE45.048113-93.248077
1421944th Ave NE & Jackson St45.048257-93.249794
4601744th Ave NE & Jackson St45.048134-93.250163
1422344th Ave NE & Jefferson St45.048234-93.254912
4601344th Ave NE & Jefferson St45.048140-93.255263
1422144th Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.048251-93.252391
4601544th Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.048146-93.252661
1458444th Ave NE & Reservoir Blvd45.047747-93.234785
1458344th Ave NE & Tyler St NE45.048154-93.233200
1422944th Ave NE & University Service Rd45.048252-93.262399
620144th St W & Upton Ave S44.923276-93.315225
638044th St W & Upton Ave S44.923377-93.315545
620044th St W & Vincent Ave S44.923276-93.316492
638344th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.923388-93.318779
5719845th Av N & Bryant Av N45.036644-93.291212
5327745th Ave & Cub Foods Layover45.036684-93.410295
1162845th Ave N & Aldrich Ave N45.036651-93.290275
1141545th Ave N & Bryant Ave N45.036752-93.291229
5290245th Ave N & Cub Foods P&R45.036732-93.410279
5290345th Ave N & Cub Foods P&R45.036625-93.410127
1141245th Ave N & Lyndale Ave N45.036925-93.288189
1162945th Ave N & Lyndale Ave N45.036799-93.288070
4289645th Ave N & Nathan Lane45.036727-93.408309
4299345th Ave N & Nathan Lane45.036622-93.408175
4289745th Ave N & Revere Lane45.036722-93.411030
4299245th Ave N & Revere Lane45.036612-93.411109
4289845th Ave N & Trenton Circle #145.036721-93.414588
4299145th Ave N & Trenton Lane45.036780-93.414949
4299046th Ave N & 45th Ave N45.037280-93.415428
4289946th Ave N & Trenton Circle #245.037647-93.415563
4290046th Ave N & Valley Forge Lane45.038152-93.416195
4298946th Ave N & Valley Forge Lane45.038142-93.416461
4290146th Ave N & Yorktown Lane45.038216-93.419637
4298846th Ave N & Yorktown Lane45.038108-93.419888
4290246th Ave N & Zachary Lane45.038187-93.420694
1252446th Ave S & 38th St E44.934209-93.207598
1252046th Ave S & 39th St E44.932592-93.207719
1252146th Ave S & 39th St E44.932630-93.207573
1251946th Ave S & 40th St E44.930805-93.207720
1251646th Ave S & 41st St E44.928965-93.207734
1251246th Ave S & 42nd St E44.926925-93.207571
1251346th Ave S & 42nd St E44.927183-93.207718
1648846th Ave S & 43rd St E (Becketwood)44.925346-93.207736
1648946th Ave S & 44th St E44.923545-93.207717
1756646th Ave S & 44th St E44.923322-93.207570
1649146th Ave S & 45th St E44.921707-93.207716
1756546th Ave S & 45th St E44.921491-93.207556
1649846th Ave S & 46th St E44.920088-93.207581
5313446th Ave S & 46th St E44.919905-93.207738
1251146th Ave S & Becketwood Driveway44.925514-93.207574
1251846th Ave S & Coffey Lane44.930591-93.207568
1251546th Ave S & Folwell Dr44.929776-93.207577
1649246th Ave S & Godfrey Rd44.918743-93.207724
1649746th Ave S & Godfrey Rd44.918524-93.207546
5151446th St & 46th Ave Station44.919653-93.207841
5612846th St & 46th Ave Station44.919824-93.208186
5354446th St & I-35W44.919752-93.274967
5354546th St & I-35W44.919567-93.274560
1660746th St & Minnehaha Station44.919763-93.215446
5336246th St & Minnehaha Station44.919593-93.215012
1762246th St E & 3rd Ave S44.919611-93.272968
1782146th St E & 3rd Ave S44.919748-93.272694
1773146th St E & 4th Ave S44.919649-93.269720
1781946th St E & 4th Ave S44.919762-93.270042
4252446th St E & 14th Ave S44.919643-93.255115
4253546th St E & 14th Ave S44.919754-93.254827
4252746th St E & 17th Ave S44.919656-93.250025
4253146th St E & 17th Ave S44.919765-93.249674
4253046th St E & 18th Ave S44.919649-93.248748
4253246th St E & 18th Ave S44.919776-93.248418
4889746th St E & 34th Ave S44.919724-93.222789
5151246th St E & 42nd Ave S44.919614-93.212928
5151546th St E & 42nd Ave S44.919800-93.212600
5151346th St E & 44th Ave S44.919637-93.210363
4252946th St E & #112144.919632-93.257913
4807246th St E & #112144.919751-93.257696
4244646th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.919643-93.252602
4244746th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.919792-93.252569
1762846th St E & Chicago Ave S44.919656-93.262752
5157146th St E & Chicago Ave S44.919772-93.262393
1762446th St E & Clinton Ave S44.919630-93.271679
287246th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.919583-93.277499
5306446th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.919689-93.277811
1762646th St E & Park Ave S44.919662-93.265330
1781546th St E & Park Ave S44.919777-93.264955
1773346th St E & Portland Ave S44.919663-93.267881
1781746th St E & Portland Ave S44.919781-93.267498
4889646th St E & Snelling Ave44.919613-93.216621
5074346th St E & Snelling Ave44.919748-93.216365
5141546th St Station44.920736-93.219920
5143046th St Station44.920758-93.219847
5154546th St Station & Gate B44.921190-93.220372
5154646th St Station & Gate C44.921034-93.220285
5154746th St Station & Gate D44.920884-93.220215
5154946th St Station & Gate F44.921005-93.220420
5155046th St Station & Gate G44.920871-93.220370
5155146th St Station & Gate H44.920743-93.220282
5154446th St Station Gate A44.921323-93.220455
287146th St W & Blaisdell Ave S44.919560-93.279379
286546th St W & Garfield Ave S44.919513-93.287148
285246th St W & Grand Ave S44.919660-93.284285
286746th St W & Grand Ave S44.919536-93.284586
285346th St W & Harriet Ave S44.919650-93.285637
285046th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.919676-93.281737
286946th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.919550-93.282002
186647th St E & Stevens Ave S44.917794-93.275520
186848th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.916078-93.277682
1487648th St W & Garfield Ave S44.915910-93.286670
1487848th St W & Grand Ave S44.915915-93.284553
285748th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.915982-93.288114
921749th Ave N & 6th St N45.043858-93.286878
922349th Ave N & 6th St N45.043972-93.287358
921149th Ave N & Bryant Ave N45.043875-93.291660
922949th Ave N & Bryant Ave N45.043950-93.291291
921549th Ave N & Camden Ave N45.043873-93.289040
922549th Ave N & Camden Ave N45.043950-93.288687
920749th Ave N & Dupont Ave N45.043876-93.294223
923349th Ave N & Dupont Ave N45.043952-93.293844
920349th Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.043876-93.296840
923749th Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.043952-93.296424
895549th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.043976-93.299841
919949th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.043842-93.298990
895849th Ave N & Logan Ave N45.043979-93.304087
910649th Ave N & Logan Ave N45.043874-93.304365
896249th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.043991-93.309049
5141650th St - Minnehaha Station44.912410-93.210193
5143150th St - Minnehaha Station44.912429-93.210163
5678750th St E & Ashley Ln44.876423-93.072884
5678850th St E & Ashley Ln44.876323-93.073146
5678950th St E & Ashley Ln44.878358-93.075384
5679050th St E & Ashley Ln44.877912-93.075513
38250th St E & Babcock Trail44.876549-93.065344
40950th St E & Babcock Trail44.876642-93.065369
37750th St E & Robert St S44.880872-93.080055
41450th St E & Robert Trail S44.880947-93.079884
20150th St W & Abbott Ave S44.912538-93.322503
99450th St W & Abbott Ave S44.912426-93.322872
21450th St W & Browndale Ave44.912017-93.342596
98250th St W & Browndale Ave44.911775-93.342903
21250th St W & Bruce Ave44.912597-93.335986
98450th St W & Bruce Ave44.912492-93.336337
4038550th St W & Bryant Ave S44.912246-93.291090
4038650th St W & Bryant Ave S44.912382-93.291286
20350th St W & Chowen Ave S44.912562-93.325017
99250th St W & Chowen Ave S44.912449-93.325417
17950th St W & Dupont Ave S44.912382-93.293231
101650th St W & Dupont Ave S44.912258-93.293524
97950th St W & Edina City Hall44.911488-93.347856
20550th St W & Ewing Ave S44.912583-93.327539
99050th St W & Ewing Ave S44.912465-93.327975
20850th St W & France Ave S44.912578-93.329571
98950th St W & France Ave S44.912490-93.329451
18150th St W & Fremont Ave S44.912394-93.295789
101450th St W & Fremont Ave S44.912260-93.296037
21650th St W & Grange Rd44.911844-93.348515
98650th St W & Indianola Ave44.912482-93.333098
18450th St W & James Ave S44.912400-93.300840
101250th St W & James Ave S44.912274-93.301179
18650th St W & Logan Ave S44.912413-93.303403
100950th St W & Logan Ave S44.912280-93.303737
21050th St W & Maple Rd44.912583-93.333405
18350th St W & Minnehaha Pkwy44.912401-93.297817
101150th St W & Minnehaha Pkwy44.912269-93.298111
18850th St W & Newton Ave S44.912424-93.306029
100750th St W & Newton Ave S44.912281-93.306264
19050th St W & Penn Ave S44.912430-93.308545
100550th St W & Penn Ave S44.912284-93.308012
100450th St W & Queen Ave S44.912303-93.310092
19350th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.912457-93.312318
100250th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.912341-93.312705
19550th St W & Upton Ave S44.912474-93.314860
100050th St W & Upton Ave S44.912358-93.315236
19650th St W & Vincent Ave S44.912489-93.316136
99850th St W & Washburn Ave / Vincent Ave44.912370-93.316766
21350th St W & Wooddale Ave44.912664-93.339019
98350th St W & Wooddale Ave44.912338-93.339993
19850th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.912509-93.318676
99750th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.912391-93.319043
19950th St W & Zenith Ave44.912527-93.321100
99550th St W & Zenith Ave / York Ave44.912402-93.320820
897351st Ave N & Brooklyn Blvd45.047676-93.320714
910051st Ave N & Penn Ave N45.047539-93.309466
896751st Ave N & Sheridan Ave N45.047648-93.312966
909751st Ave N & Sheridan Ave N45.047543-93.313278
897151st Ave N & Washburn Ave N45.047659-93.318048
5695551st Ave N & Washburn Ave N45.047556-93.318313
5267553rd Ave N & Colfax Ave / Dupont Ave45.051177-93.293460
4183953rd Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.051098-93.299401
4184653rd Ave N & Logan Ave N45.051244-93.303977
1417953rd Ave NE & 4th St NE45.064509-93.261292
1417753rd Ave NE & 5th St NE45.064414-93.260439
1417853rd Ave NE & 5th St NE45.064508-93.260159
1417353rd Ave NE & 7th St NE45.064405-93.257865
1417453rd Ave NE & 7th St NE45.064503-93.257539
1416553rd Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.064483-93.252365
1416653rd Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.064389-93.252847
1416953rd Ave NE & Sullivan Dr45.064387-93.255349
1417053rd Ave NE & Sullivan Dr45.064489-93.255081
1416853rd Ave NE & Target - East drive45.064314-93.249809
1416353rd Ave NE & Target driveways45.064470-93.250050
1418253rd Ave NE & University Service Rd45.064405-93.262523
5205154th Ave N & Annapolis Lane45.052383-93.457266
4227754th Ave N & Boone Ave N45.050964-93.390219
4534254th Ave N & Utah Ave N45.051046-93.381548
4225154th Ave N & Virginia Ave N45.051049-93.382806
4228254th Ave N & Virginia Ave N45.050960-93.383075
4535154th Ave N & Winnetka Ave N45.050949-93.380663
4228154th Ave N & Wisconsin Ave N45.050950-93.384198
4225254th Ave N & Xylon Ave N45.051047-93.385506
4225354th Ave N & Yukon Ave N45.051052-93.386677
4227954th Ave N & Yukon Ave N45.050961-93.386902
4225554th Ave N & Zealand Ave / Boone Ave45.051061-93.390169
5183354th St E & 10th Ave S44.905322-93.259956
5183554th St E & 10th Ave S44.905199-93.260260
5183254th St E & 12th Ave S44.905335-93.257384
5183654th St E & 12th Ave S44.905218-93.257729
5183154th St E & 14th Ave S44.905335-93.254830
5183754th St E & 14th Ave S44.905219-93.255180
450954th St E & 42nd Ave S44.905438-93.212555
430854th St E & 46th Ave S44.905441-93.207423
446654th St E & 46th Ave S44.905340-93.207770
446854th St E & 48th Ave S44.905343-93.204906
466254th St E & 48th Ave S44.905446-93.204860
5183854th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.905207-93.252698
5183454th St E & Chicago Ave S44.905303-93.262313
4231054th St E & Robert Trail / Alta Ave44.871123-93.079336
4857955th St E & 55th St Court44.869144-93.066506
4858055th St E & 55th St Court44.869026-93.066868
1526856th St E & 34th Ave S44.901817-93.222730
1526456th St E & 38th Ave S44.901809-93.217676
1542956th St E & 38th Ave S44.901704-93.218011
1543356th St E & 42nd Ave S44.901709-93.212907
5268257th Ave N & Dupont Ave N45.058345-93.293988
5274757th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.058486-93.298748
5275057th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.058372-93.299162
1123157th Ave N & Logan Ave N45.058537-93.304929
1135157th Ave N & Logan Ave N45.058383-93.304278
947958th Ave N & Twin Lake Apts45.059699-93.339679
444258th St E & 28th Ave S44.898133-93.232173
1943758th St E & 28th Ave S44.898029-93.231974
1943558th St E & 31st Ave S44.898058-93.227209
1943658th St E & 31st Ave S44.898165-93.227615
5645958th St E & 34th Ave S44.898066-93.223490
1943358th St E & Sander Dr44.898062-93.225510
1943458th St E & Sander Dr44.898179-93.225247
340158th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.897743-93.288474
43060th St E & 10th Ave S44.894279-93.260526
73860th St E & 10th Ave S44.894369-93.260226
75560th St E & 12th Ave S44.894267-93.258055
76760th St E & 12th Ave S44.894366-93.257763
75460th St E & 13th Ave S44.894279-93.256764
76560th St E & 14th Ave S44.894362-93.255659
75660th St E & 15th Ave S44.894402-93.254254
74060th St E & Chicago Ave S44.894361-93.262674
74160th St E & Chicago Ave S44.894265-93.263060
42960th St E & Park Ave S44.894359-93.265189
73960th St E & Park Ave S44.894256-93.265517
4295162nd Place & Kirkwood Lane45.066777-93.434386
4294062nd Place & Larch Lane45.067062-93.435453
4294962nd Place & Magnolia Lane45.067218-93.436939
4293862nd Place & Meadowlark Lane45.066874-93.432712
4295262nd Place & Northwest Blvd (Hemlock Ln)45.066749-93.431987
4294262nd Place & Norwood Lane45.067465-93.437743
4294362nd Place & Quinwood Lane45.067666-93.439487
5660262nd St W & Shady Oak Rd44.891549-93.419027
5272563rd Ave N & Beard Ave45.069220-93.324860
5272863rd Ave N & Beard Ave45.069351-93.324434
902663rd Ave N & Brooklyn Blvd45.069370-93.328747
908163rd Ave N & Brooklyn Blvd45.069195-93.328266
871863rd Ave N & Brunswick Ave45.069228-93.357982
871363rd Ave N & Douglas Dr45.069220-93.360460
871263rd Ave N & Edgewood Ave45.069221-93.361755
871063rd Ave N & Florida Ave45.069230-93.363031
870763rd Ave N & Forest Ave45.069177-93.364678
902763rd Ave N & Grimes Ave N45.069334-93.330667
907863rd Ave N & Grimes Ave N45.069244-93.330820
870263rd Ave N & Hampshire Ave / Hwy 8145.069427-93.366584
4833963rd Ave N & Hwy 81 / Hampshire Ave45.069139-93.366509
902963rd Ave N & Indiana Ave N45.069340-93.333303
907663rd Ave N & Indiana Ave N45.069245-93.333675
903363rd Ave N & Kathrene Dr45.069334-93.338858
903163rd Ave N & Kyle Ave N45.069336-93.335790
907463rd Ave N & Kyle Ave N45.069242-93.336315
869963rd Ave N & Louisiana Ave N45.069171-93.370694
870063rd Ave N & Louisiana Ave N45.069372-93.370308
907263rd Ave N & Major Ave N45.069240-93.338851
903563rd Ave N & Perry Ave N45.069341-93.342155
906963rd Ave N & Perry Ave N45.069258-93.342804
903863rd Ave N & Scott Ave N45.069339-93.345870
906663rd Ave N & Scott Ave N45.069246-93.346606
904063rd Ave N & Welcome Ave N45.069347-93.351357
906463rd Ave N & Welcome Ave N45.069242-93.351580
5272663rd Ave N & Xerxes Ave N45.069237-93.319638
5272763rd Ave N & Xerxes Ave N45.069341-93.319951
906363rd Ave N & Zane Ave N45.069194-93.354200
872565th Ave N & Douglas Dr45.072964-93.360493
1146965th Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.072922-93.296754
1147365th Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.072976-93.299188
872365th Ave N & Zane Ave N45.072941-93.356253
5017265th Ave N & Zane Ave N45.072847-93.355814
4187665th St W & Drew Ave S44.885446-93.325824
5617065th St W & Drew Ave S44.885330-93.326084
436965th St W & Fairview Hospital44.885453-93.327737
115665th St W & Southdale Medical Bldg44.885369-93.328006
873066th Ave N & Hampshire Ave N45.075152-93.366003
5020566th Ave N & Idaho Ave N45.075236-93.366371
435266th St E & 3rd Ave S44.883561-93.272911
442366th St E & 3rd Ave S44.883381-93.273126
4987966th St E & 5th Ave S44.883408-93.269400
4988066th St E & 5th Ave S44.883578-93.269025
64966th St E & 10th Ave S44.883440-93.260712
72666th St E & 10th Ave S44.883574-93.260348
65166th St E & 12th Ave S44.883429-93.258331
72466th St E & 12th Ave S44.883582-93.257704
65366th St E & 14th Ave S44.883431-93.255817
72266th St E & 14th Ave S44.883583-93.255231
442966th St E & 16th Ave / Richfield Pkwy44.883398-93.251002
65566th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.883418-93.253297
434766th St E & Bloomington Ave S44.883573-93.252777
5177966th St E & Cedar Ave S44.883775-93.248458
64766th St E & Chicago Ave S44.883440-93.263216
72866th St E & Chicago Ave S44.883580-93.263093
64566th St E & Park Ave S44.883439-93.265605
73066th St E & Park Ave S44.883590-93.265210
4752866th St E & Portland Ave / Oakland Ave44.883416-93.267054
4189666th St E & Portland Ave S44.883608-93.267286
434566th St E & Richfield Pkwy / 16th Ave44.883596-93.251229
443166th St E & Richfield Pkwy / Cedar Ave44.883407-93.248795
435466th St E & Stevens Ave S44.883551-93.275451
442166th St E & Stevens Ave S44.883375-93.275697
441766th St W & #6615 Lake Shore Dr44.883050-93.289330
436666th St W & Barrie Rd44.883712-93.323160
437066th St W & Drew Ave S44.883714-93.325724
436066th St W & Grand / Lyndale Ave S44.883521-93.285746
175166th St W & Grand Ave S44.883315-93.284692
175366th St W & Hub Center44.883325-93.282179
435766th St W & Hub Center44.883533-93.281657
218166th St W & Humboldt Ave S44.883330-93.298715
218466th St W & Humboldt Ave S44.883538-93.298299
5032666th St W & I-35W44.883597-93.296313
5032766th St W & I-35W44.883270-93.295644
217966th St W & James Ave S44.883338-93.301326
218666th St W & James Ave S44.883548-93.300864
441666th St W & Lake Shore Dr44.882916-93.291251
217766th St W & Logan Ave S44.883356-93.303688
218866th St W & Logan Ave S44.883564-93.303382
441866th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.883250-93.287113
436366th St W & Lynwood Blvd44.883400-93.292435
441566th St W & Lynwood Blvd44.883295-93.292932
217566th St W & Newton Ave S44.883383-93.306245
219066th St W & Newton Ave S44.883623-93.305926
435666th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.883529-93.279463
441966th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.883342-93.278538
217366th St W & Penn Ave S44.883462-93.308888
219266th St W & Penn Ave S44.883635-93.308035
436266th St W & Rae Dr44.883045-93.290869
180466th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.883649-93.312288
182366th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.883476-93.312593
180766th St W & Vincent Ave S44.883667-93.316131
182066th St W & Vincent Ave S44.883475-93.316385
180866th St W & Washburn Ave S44.883674-93.317576
436166th St W & Woodlake Dr44.883345-93.289105
5290966th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.883458-93.319045
872767th Ave N & #640045.076082-93.362048
5020767th Ave N & #640045.075973-93.362056
872867th Ave N & #655045.076405-93.364690
5020667th Ave N & #655045.076299-93.364562
5020867th Ave N & Douglas Dr45.075821-93.361059
872967th Ave N & Idaho Ave N45.076527-93.366322
978267th St E & Catherine Ave44.851823-93.036644
1000467th St E & Catherine Ave44.851730-93.036844
1000567th St E & Clayton Ave44.851727-93.034897
5709068th St E & 17th Ave S44.879959-93.250293
5709268th St E & 17th Ave S44.879855-93.250548
5709168th St E & Bloomington Ave44.879962-93.252809
931369th Ave N & Beard Ave N45.080222-93.324712
943169th Ave N & Beard Ave N45.080008-93.324681
931569th Ave N & Drew Ave N45.080346-93.327884
942969th Ave N & Drew Ave N45.080116-93.328135
5118869th Ave N & Emerson Ave / Dupont Ave45.079999-93.295758
5267769th Ave N & Emerson Ave N45.080091-93.296772
940369th Ave N & France Ave N45.080320-93.330375
942869th Ave N & France Ave N45.080092-93.330354
5116669th Ave N & Humboldt Ave/Fremont Place45.079992-93.298403
4039669th Ave N & York Place45.079535-93.321337
977870th St E & Clayton Ave44.848160-93.034508
977670th St E & Cloman Ave E44.848158-93.031969
1001370th St E & Cloman Ave E44.847978-93.032240
977570th St E & Cooper Ave E44.848142-93.028523
1001470th St E & Cooper Ave E44.847968-93.028762
977370th St E & Crosby Ave E44.848146-93.025581
1001670th St E & Crosby Ave E44.847971-93.025979
1001770th St E & Dawn Ave44.847961-93.024667
5060370th St W & Target44.876447-93.324368
5060070th St W & Target driveway44.876271-93.323947
940571st Ave N & France Ave N45.083735-93.331119
942671st Ave N & France Ave N45.083669-93.331093
942471st Ave N & Halifax Ave / Grimes Ave45.083657-93.332879
940771st Ave N & Halifax Ave N45.083737-93.333172
4224573rd Ave (Regent) & Unity Ave N45.087366-93.351370
4207273rd Ave N & #570045.087313-93.353068
4206073rd Ave N & #580545.087200-93.353131
4205973rd Ave N & #584945.087199-93.355383
4207373rd Ave N & #588045.087311-93.355247
1125174th Ave N & 74th Circle45.090155-93.325040
1133874th Ave N & 74th Circle45.090468-93.324786
1133674th Ave N & #3100 / #320045.091038-93.321839
1133774th Ave N & Abbott Ave N45.090996-93.323664
1125074th Ave N & Beard Ave N45.089962-93.326662
1133974th Ave N & Beard Ave N45.090087-93.326330
1124974th Ave N & Drew Ave N45.089946-93.328579
1134074th Ave N & Drew Ave N45.090072-93.328202
1125374th Ave N & York Ave N45.090925-93.321646
1125274th Ave N & Zenith Ave N45.090826-93.323840
637074th St W & Bush Lake Rd44.868188-93.359399
4139074th St W & Bush Lake Rd44.868083-93.359004
4861174th St W & Metro Blvd44.868013-93.353051
4860974th St W & Ohms Lane44.868094-93.355476
5204074th St W & Ohms Lane44.868207-93.354476
1002875th St E & Clayton Ave44.840826-93.034469
976675th St E & Cloman Way44.840732-93.032647
1002675th St E & Cloman Way44.840835-93.032256
4942975th St E & Concord Blvd44.840761-93.022114
976775th St E & Conroy Trail44.840737-93.029941
4006675th St E & Conroy Trail44.840840-93.029697
1002475th St E & Craig Ave E44.840837-93.027105
976875th St E & Craig Way44.840745-93.027397
976975th St E & Dawn Ave44.840743-93.024779
4126576th St E & 14th Ave S44.865571-93.255316
4127176th St E & 14th Ave S44.865473-93.255615
5203976th St W & #410044.865584-93.331404
221176th St W & #445044.865601-93.333729
5203876th St W & Centennial Lakes Plaza44.865266-93.326996
5352176th St W & Edinborough Way44.865594-93.324297
4041676th St W & Girard Ave S44.865649-93.297791
5213276th St W & Girard Ave S44.865403-93.297519
194376th St W & Knox Ave S44.865393-93.302532
203876th St W & Knox Ave S44.865608-93.301906
201676th St W & Newton Ave S44.865571-93.305860
5183976th St W & Newton Ave S44.865373-93.305375
5179076th St W & Oliver Av S44.865662-93.307233
221276th St W & Parklawn Ave S44.865587-93.335414
4041476th St W & Penn Ave S44.865670-93.309785
4041576th St W & Sheridan Ave / Penn Ave44.865447-93.310766
193776th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.865452-93.312648
201876th St W & Sheridan Ave S44.865579-93.312295
193576th St W & Upton Ave S44.865442-93.315104
202076th St W & Upton Ave S44.865586-93.314826
193376th St W & Washburn Ave S44.865448-93.317706
202276th St W & Washburn Ave S44.865576-93.317414
4749576th St W & Washington Ave S44.865521-93.398723
193276th St W & York Ave S44.865397-93.320687
202376th St W & York Ave S44.865621-93.320856
4861877th St E & 2nd Ave S44.863663-93.274675
4862677th St E & 2nd Ave S44.863872-93.274463
4861977th St E & 4th Ave S44.863669-93.270843
4862577th St E & 4th Ave S44.863869-93.270737
4862177th St E & 12th Ave S44.863677-93.258192
4334077th St E & 22nd Ave S44.864745-93.240548
4334977th St E & Airport Lane44.864445-93.241063
62477th St E & Chicago Ave S44.863665-93.263300
4862377th St E & Chicago Ave S44.863868-93.262914
4784477th St E & Longfellow Ave S44.865008-93.244007
4820277th St E & Longfellow Ave S44.864806-93.243646
4862777th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.863874-93.278041
4862477th St E & Portland Ave S44.863874-93.267836
5164477th St E & Portland Ave S44.863667-93.268367
5216277th St W & 76th St W44.865125-93.295402
623377th St W & #445544.863104-93.337880
4379577th St W & #456544.863109-93.339932
2019677th St W & #460044.863273-93.340449
438277th St W & #466044.863277-93.342584
4379677th St W & #466044.863113-93.343163
438477th St W & #493044.864036-93.346926
5163977th St W & Best Buy Driveway44.863869-93.292224
5164077th St W & Best Buy Driveway44.863656-93.292385
438377th St W & Computer Ave44.863347-93.345807
622777th St W & Computer Ave44.863278-93.346161
622677th St W & Frontage Rd E44.864033-93.347507
5164277th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.863871-93.287958
5164377th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.863659-93.287955
5164177th St W & Meridian Crossing44.864325-93.294926
4861777th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.863660-93.278519
5333877th St W & Parklawn Ave44.863289-93.335590
5333977th St W & Parklawn Ave44.863100-93.336115
4861677th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.863662-93.282233
4862877th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.863872-93.282120
4861577th St W & Tom Wood Way44.863659-93.286072
1003678th St E & Cahill Ave44.836371-93.042019
975678th St E & Cahill Ave / Chandler Lane44.836371-93.040447
1003578th St E & Chandler / Cahill44.836545-93.040210
975778th St E & Chandler Lane44.837134-93.037482
1003278th St E & Charles Way44.837242-93.036387
4856878th St E & Charles Way44.837138-93.036568
975878th St E & Clayton Ave44.837138-93.034757
1003478th St E & Rolling Meadows Apts44.837217-93.037799
5203778th St W & #581044.861559-93.357238
4108378th St W & #720144.861152-93.378026
4114178th St W & #742444.861192-93.378381
5710978th St W & #766444.860213-93.386171
5710278th St W & #810044.860825-93.393479
5711078th St W & #810044.860942-93.393407
4944678th St W & Bush Lake Rd E44.861790-93.360431
5710378th St W & Bush Lake Rd W44.861023-93.382772
4870378th St W & Cahill Rd44.863348-93.364445
5710478th St W & Cecilia Cir44.862918-93.366238
4108578th St W & Creekridge Circle44.861896-93.374133
4638278th St W & DoubleTree Hotel44.860949-93.353078
5014378th St W & France Ave / Johnson44.860192-93.331038
4113678th St W & Glasgow Dr44.862903-93.366951
4870178th St W & Glenroy Rd44.861600-93.358694
4888278th St W & Glenroy Rd / Bush Lake Rd44.861837-93.359712
4118678th St W & Johnson Ave S44.858854-93.333172
4108778th St W & Lochmere Terrace44.861956-93.369213
4113778th St W & Lochmere Terrace44.862240-93.369026
4113978th St W & Marth Court44.862082-93.373782
4869678th St W & Picture Dr44.861298-93.355946
5710078th St W & Washington Ave44.860246-93.397790
4938079th Ave N & Lakeland Ave N45.098078-93.384452
5249579th St W & Hobby Lobby44.859959-93.313297
5249779th St W & Hobby Lobby44.860031-93.312959
4368979th St W & Target Southtown44.859914-93.311202
5249679th St W & Target Southtown44.860007-93.311103
4328680th St E & Bowman Ave44.833454-93.050842
4329180th St E & Bowman Ave44.833598-93.050516
4328780th St E & Boyd Ave44.833495-93.047643
4329080th St E & Boyd Ave44.833633-93.047773
4349680th St E & Cahill Ave44.834142-93.042181
4705780th St E & Cahill Ave44.833927-93.044289
1010880th St E & Cahill Plaza44.834334-93.041442
1010680th St E & Clayton Ave44.833661-93.033569
968080th St E & Cleadis Ave E44.833536-93.034326
4943080th St E & Concord Blvd44.833618-93.023897
968380th St E & Cooper Ave E44.833531-93.029876
1010380th St E & Cooper Ave E44.833638-93.029556
968580th St E & Corey Path44.833534-93.026514
1010180th St E & Corey Path44.833656-93.026166
4858380th St E & Simley Lake Condos44.834085-93.040485
4858880th St E & Simley Lake Condos44.834190-93.040282
5711581st Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.115055-93.253622
5711781st Ave NE & Terrace Rd NE45.115088-93.258750
5711881st Ave NE & Terrace Rd NE45.115192-93.258795
5711681st Ave NE & University Ave E Svc Rd NE45.115117-93.263327
5023181st St W & Humboldt Ave S44.857075-93.298952
105581st St W & Knox Ave S44.857127-93.300819
5715981st St W & Knox Ave S44.857247-93.301219
9023182nd St E and 24th Ave S Control Pt44.855065-93.236878
4208882nd St W & Aldrich Ave S44.855103-93.289983
4209182nd St W & Aldrich Ave S44.855290-93.289551
148382nd St W & American Blvd44.854482-93.347385
4210382nd St W & Bloomington Frwy Rd E44.855251-93.296978
4208682nd St W & Colfax Ave S44.855123-93.292407
4209382nd St W & Colfax Ave S44.855239-93.292118
4208482nd St W & Emerson Ave S44.855135-93.294898
4209582nd St W & Emerson Ave S44.855240-93.294644
4208382nd St W & Fremont Ave S44.855136-93.296189
5197582nd St W & James Ave S44.855137-93.301315
151182nd St W & Stanley Rd44.854568-93.345684
1127583rd Ave N & 82nd Ave N45.104921-93.332090
4835783rd Ave N & 83rd Circle45.105314-93.340004
1128283rd Ave N & 83rd Circle N45.105324-93.337050
1127883rd Ave N & Halifax Court45.105328-93.334166
1128483rd Ave N & Noble Ave N45.105312-93.341096
147284th St W & Harrison Rd44.851777-93.331444
152184th St W & Harrison Rd44.851647-93.331703
147484th St W & Kell Ave S44.851762-93.335294
151984th St W & Kell Ave S44.851649-93.335589
151784th St W & Morris Ave S44.851639-93.338678
147684th St W & Morris Rd44.851755-93.338369
5717284th St W & Oxborough Av / Palmer Av S44.851774-93.341373
5717384th St W & Palmer Av / Oxborough Av S44.851627-93.341452
147984th St W & Quinn Ave S44.851748-93.343565
151484th St W & Quinn Ave S44.851624-93.343904
148084th St W & Stanley Rd44.851750-93.345631
5710784th St W & Stanley Rd44.851626-93.345938
876985th Ave N & 85th Court45.109112-93.383018
877385th Ave N & 85th Court45.108843-93.383100
882085th Ave N & Adair Ave N45.108744-93.359071
4192885th Ave N & Adair Ave N45.108943-93.358695
881985th Ave N & Brunswick Ave N45.108746-93.360234
876585th Ave N & College Pkwy45.109052-93.373075
876185th Ave N & Douglas Dr45.108966-93.361379
878285th Ave N & Douglas Dr45.108682-93.361892
1131285th Ave N & Edinbrook Crossing45.108774-93.329018
4835985th Ave N & Edinbrook Terrace45.108758-93.332670
878185th Ave N & Hampshire Lane N45.108728-93.366948
878085th Ave N & Idaho Ave N45.108787-93.369370
4835885th Ave N & Inverness Lane N45.108760-93.337471
876485th Ave N & Kentucky Ave N45.109034-93.370458
877985th Ave N & Kentucky Ave N45.108790-93.370516
876785th Ave N & Maplebrook Pkwy45.109120-93.379983
877585th Ave N & Maplebrook Pkwy45.108850-93.380109
877785th Ave N & North Hennepin Comm College45.108812-93.372934
876885th Ave N & Sumter Ave N45.109089-93.381453
877485th Ave N & Sumter Ave N45.108886-93.381527
876285th Ave N & Tessman Farm Rd45.108982-93.366551
876385th Ave N & Tessman Pkwy45.109050-93.368911
877685th Ave N & West Broadway Ave45.108849-93.377481
1131485th Ave N & Xerxes Ave N45.108802-93.321866
877085th Ave N & Xylon Ave N45.109080-93.386636
877285th Ave N & Xylon Ave N45.108849-93.386468
875985th Ave N & Zane Ave N45.108940-93.357423
1395285th Ave NE & Baltimore St45.124621-93.232548
1395885th Ave NE & Davenport St45.124608-93.230127
1395985th Ave NE & Davenport St45.124476-93.230445
1396185th Ave NE & Eldorado St45.124597-93.228371
1396285th Ave NE & Goodhue St45.124588-93.226606
1396385th Ave NE & Goodhue St45.124493-93.226660
4927285th Ave NE & Hwy 65 Central Ave45.124489-93.234319
1395185th Ave NE & Hwy 65 Service Rd E45.124674-93.234489
1396485th Ave NE & Spring Lake Rd45.124487-93.225277
5693485th Ave NE & Springbrook Dr NE45.124475-93.267209
1395485th Ave NE & Sunset Rd45.124481-93.231730
1395785th Ave NE & Sunset Rd45.124616-93.231483
1396085th Ave NE & Westwood Rd45.124468-93.229171
5376185th Ave NW & #455 Ryerson Co45.124521-93.278211
1093285th Ave NW & Cottonwood St45.124423-93.271946
5341885th Ave NW & Cottonwood St45.124610-93.271681
1093085th Ave NW & Evergreen Blvd45.124400-93.275013
1093185th Ave NW & Evergreen Blvd45.124563-93.274284
1092885th Ave NW & Norway St NW45.124315-93.283380
1092985th Ave NW & Norway St NW45.124455-93.283889
5199986th St E & 2nd Ave / Stevens Ave44.848000-93.275212
5197986th St E & 4th Ave / 5th Ave S44.847888-93.270167
5199786th St E & 4th Ave S44.848005-93.270189
5198386th St E & 10th Ave / 11th Ave44.847886-93.260001
5199286th St E & 10th Ave / Elliott Ave44.848008-93.261286
5199186th St E & 12th Ave / 11th Ave S44.848018-93.258686
5198486th St E & 12th Ave / 13th Ave S44.847888-93.257299
5199086th St E & 14th Ave / 13th Ave S44.848021-93.256167
5198586th St E & 15th Ave S44.847897-93.253731
5198986th St E & 15th Ave S44.848018-93.254108
5198686th St E & 16th Ave / 17th Ave S44.847901-93.251102
68486th St E & 22nd Ave S44.847910-93.242406
68986th St E & 22nd Ave S44.848024-93.241943
5199486th St E & Chicago Ave / Columbus Ave44.848007-93.263806
5198286th St E & Chicago Ave / Elliott Ave44.847894-93.262581
5199886th St E & Clinton Ave / 3rd Ave S44.848006-93.272605
5197886th St E & Clinton Ave S44.847889-93.272233
4369986th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.847874-93.278614
5200086th St E & Nicollet Ave S44.848011-93.278209
5163786th St E & Old Cedar Ave S44.847860-93.246863
5198786th St E & Old Cedar Ave S44.848020-93.248888
5198186th St E & Park Ave / Columbus Ave44.847884-93.265146
5199586th St E & Park Ave / Oakland Ave44.848008-93.266391
5198086th St E & Portland Ave / Oakland Ave44.847886-93.267499
5199686th St E & Portland Ave S44.848010-93.268082
5197786th St E & Stevens Ave / 2nd Ave44.847886-93.275267
69086th St E & Village Club Apts44.848017-93.244765
4372886th St E & Village Club Apts44.847900-93.244832
4369886th St W & Blaisdell Ave S44.847894-93.279898
4376086th St W & Blaisdell Ave S44.848006-93.279531
4376486th St W & Garfield Circle44.848047-93.287178
4369586th St W & Harriet Ave S44.847887-93.286233
4376386th St W & Harriet Ave S44.848009-93.285835
4369686th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.847875-93.282011
4376286th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.848003-93.282062
1392387th Lane NE & 89th Ave NE45.131142-93.260242
5712087th Ln NE & Washington St NE45.129680-93.257537
5711989th Ave NE & 87th Ln NE45.131752-93.260098
1394489th Ave NE & Blaine Human Service Cntr45.131886-93.239490
1393289th Ave NE & Jackson St45.131883-93.251183
1393389th Ave NE & Jackson St45.131775-93.251035
1392489th Ave NE & Jefferson St45.131863-93.256432
1392589th Ave NE & Jefferson St45.131738-93.256174
1394589th Ave NE & Lincoln St NE45.131748-93.239074
1392689th Ave NE & Madison St45.131734-93.254851
1392789th Ave NE & Madison St45.131877-93.254903
1394089th Ave NE & Polk St45.131874-93.245503
1394189th Ave NE & Polk St NE45.131758-93.245905
155790th St W & Beard Ave S44.840983-93.323308
160190th St W & Beard Ave S44.840815-93.323395
155990th St W & France Ave S44.842368-93.330110
5128890th St W & France Ave S44.842109-93.329457
5207090th St W & France Ave S44.842149-93.327863
156290th St W & Kell Ave S44.842101-93.334741
159690th St W & Kell Ave S44.841991-93.334992
5230790th St W & Kingsdale Dr44.842276-93.339568
5663790th St W & Queen Ave S44.840697-93.310349
155390th St W & Russell Ave S44.840895-93.311221
160590th St W & Russell Ave S44.840729-93.311466
159490th St W & Southmore Dr44.842194-93.338762
155890th St W & Tretbaugh Dr44.842002-93.326513
160090th St W & Tretbaugh Dr44.841788-93.326640
160490th St W & Vincent Ave S44.840758-93.316011
155490th St W & Vincent Place44.840884-93.315652
160390th St W & Washburn Circle44.840772-93.317482
155590th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.840880-93.317429
160290th St W & York Rd44.840790-93.321193
155690th St W & York Rd S44.840909-93.321331
5613393rd Ave N & West Broadway45.123260-93.377533
5613493rd Ave N & West Broadway45.123389-93.375465
5376994th St W & #190044.833616-93.304440
5377694th St W & Donaldson Co44.833490-93.304867
5376894th St W & James Ave S44.833611-93.301568
5377794th St W & James Ave S44.833489-93.301304
5343595th Ave P&R & Shelter45.145395-93.183907
4780897th Ave N & Almond Ave N45.130561-93.321341
4780997th Ave N & Almond Ave N45.130427-93.321651
4759597th Ave N & Cherrywood Ave45.130529-93.325066
4760297th Ave N & Cherrywood Ave45.130406-93.325372
4759697th Ave N & Evergreen Ave45.130526-93.327517
4760197th Ave N & Evergreen Ave45.130399-93.327796
4759797th Ave N & Fallgold Pkwy45.130681-93.331355
4760097th Ave N & Fallgold Pkwy45.130561-93.331822
5383997th Ave N & Linden Lane45.130538-93.333801
4836397th Ave N & Newton Ave N45.130364-93.308547
4836897th Ave N & Newton Ave N45.130239-93.308880
5383897th Ave N & Noble Pkwy45.130646-93.335441
4708797th Ave N & Oliver Ave N45.130381-93.309792
4836797th Ave N & Oliver Ave N45.130281-93.310100
4708897th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.130305-93.311357
4836597th Ave N & Penn Ave N45.130394-93.311047
4758497th Ave N & Russell Ave N45.130428-93.312979
4758797th Ave N & Russell Ave N45.130307-93.312609
4759297th Ave N & Sheridan Ave N45.130460-93.314858
4760597th Ave N & Sheridan Ave N45.130340-93.315157
4780697th Ave N & Thomas Ave N45.130487-93.316122
4781197th Ave N & Thomas Ave N45.130363-93.316442
4759397th Ave N & Upton Ave N45.130499-93.317376
4760497th Ave N & Upton Ave N45.130392-93.317700
4780797th Ave N & Vincent Ave N45.130527-93.318635
4781097th Ave N & Vincent Ave N45.130409-93.318980
4759497th Ave N & Washburn Ave N45.130554-93.319855
4760397th Ave N & Washburn Ave N45.130437-93.320191
4360698th St E & 4th Ave S44.826349-93.270608
4367498th St E & 4th Ave S44.826201-93.271582
4360198th St E & Chicago Ave S44.826489-93.263095
4360298th St E & Columbus Ave S44.826342-93.264385
4367898th St E & Columbus Ave S44.826206-93.264680
4367698th St E & Oakland Ave S44.826206-93.266783
4360598th St E & Portland Ave S44.826372-93.268105
4367598th St E & Portland Ave S44.826174-93.268760
4360998th St E & Stevens Ave S44.826379-93.276371
4367198th St E & Stevens Ave S44.826178-93.276156
206698th St W & Abbott Ave S44.826477-93.323102
208198th St W & Abbott Ave S44.826349-93.323436
207098th St W & Bloomington Baptist44.825410-93.335644
207998th St W & Chowen Ave S44.827013-93.327378
161698th St W & Dupont Ave / Fremont Ave44.826439-93.294654
174598th St W & Fremont Ave / Dupont Ave S44.826143-93.294749
4366498th St W & Garfield Ave / Grand Ave44.826159-93.285811
161798th St W & Girard Ave S44.826435-93.297603
4361698th St W & Grand Ave / Garfield Ave44.826432-93.286295
207698th St W & Hillside Baptist Church44.825332-93.335352
174398th St W & Humboldt Ave S44.826193-93.298794
162098th St W & James Ave S44.826413-93.300539
174198th St W & James Circle44.826213-93.301691
207198th St W & Little Rd44.825226-93.337985
207598th St W & Little Rd44.825100-93.338339
162198th St W & Logan Ave S44.826418-93.303135
174098th St W & Logan Ave S44.826224-93.304209
4361198th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.826388-93.278186
4366998th St W & Nicollet Ave S44.826180-93.278890
206998th St W & Normandale College44.827167-93.331858
207898th St W & Normandale College44.827139-93.330494
173798th St W & Penn Ave / Newton Ave S44.826225-93.307368
162498th St W & Penn Ave S44.826396-93.308659
5709698th St W & Penn Ave S44.826271-93.308984
4361498th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.826388-93.282324
4366698th St W & Pillsbury Ave S44.826196-93.282458
207298th St W & Rich Rd44.824835-93.345581
207498th St W & Rich Rd44.824821-93.346031
162698th St W & Russell Ave S44.826406-93.311084
173598th St W & Russell Ave S44.826275-93.311398
173498th St W & Upton Circle44.826290-93.314562
162798th St W & Upton Rd44.826429-93.314459
206598th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.826463-93.318971
208298th St W & Xerxes Ave S44.826323-93.319217
41541104th St W & Bloomington Frwy Rd44.815452-93.292691
57131104th St W & Bloomington Fwy W44.815245-93.292297
1397104th St W & Devonshire Rd44.815448-93.294193
1399104th St W & Humboldt Ave S44.815332-93.298578
57130104th St W & Oak Grove Elementary44.815304-93.296207
56986105th St W & Hampshire Ave S44.813621-93.368138
1393106th St & Lyndale / Bloomington Frwy Rd44.811951-93.289744
56981106th St W & Bloomington Ferry Rd44.811607-93.383684
56982106th St W & Bush Lake Rd44.811657-93.378944
56984106th St W & Hampshire / Florida Ave S44.811518-93.367489
57128106th St W & Humboldt Ave S44.811987-93.298711
56989106th St W & Kentucky Ave S44.811700-93.372576
1403106th St W & Lyndale Ave S44.811775-93.288826
56990106th St W & Maryland Ave S44.811731-93.375732
56983106th St W & Maryland Rd44.811626-93.375688
1402106th St W & River Terrace44.811814-93.292583
1401106th St W & Verdi Rd44.811819-93.294625
57127106th St W & Verdi Rd44.811933-93.293785
56991106th StW & Bush Lake Rd44.811761-93.378690
56794108th St W & France Ave S44.808466-93.329378
17050109th Ave NE & 4th St NE45.168132-93.264765
17053109th Ave NE & 6th St NE45.168104-93.262121
17054109th Ave NE & 7th St NE45.167933-93.261762
17055109th Ave NE & 7th St NE45.168110-93.260721
17059109th Ave NE & Jefferson St NE45.168011-93.255942
48934109th Ave NE & Jefferson St NE45.168194-93.256023
17056109th Ave NE & President Dr45.167978-93.260458
17058109th Ave NE & Terrace Rd45.168017-93.259133
40316109th Ave NE & University Ave / 4th St45.167906-93.265019
40319109th Ave NE & University Ave NE45.168159-93.265775
3481110th ST W & Toledo Ave S44.804719-93.347853
3470110th St W & Goodrich Ave S44.804849-93.330663
3513110th St W & Goodrich Ave S44.804730-93.330603
3471110th St W & Harrison Ave S44.804853-93.331932
3512110th St W & Harrison Ave S44.804735-93.331539
3472110th St W & Irwin Ave S44.804840-93.333198
3511110th St W & Irwin Ave S44.804722-93.333529
3473110th St W & Johnson Ave S44.804837-93.334477
3510110th St W & Johnson Ave S44.804728-93.334819
3474110th St W & Little Ave S44.804813-93.336933
3509110th St W & Little Ave S44.804713-93.337316
3475110th St W & Morris Ave S44.804818-93.338236
3508110th St W & Morris Ave S44.804724-93.338527
3476110th St W & Nord Ave S44.804795-93.339562
3507110th St W & Nord Ave S44.804701-93.339870
3477110th St W & Oxborough Ave S44.804800-93.340833
3506110th St W & Oxborough Ave S44.804686-93.341114
3478110th St W & Quinn Ave S44.804777-93.343289
3505110th St W & Quinn Ave S44.804647-93.344081
3479110th St W & Rich Ave S44.804755-93.345156
3504110th St W & Rich Ave S44.804625-93.345404
3480110th St W & Stanley Rd44.804723-93.346746
3503110th St W & Stanley Rd44.804605-93.347160
3482110th St W & Trail West Rd44.804716-93.349052
3502110th St W & Trail West Rd44.804585-93.349301
53836111th Ave NW & Coon Rapids Blvd45.173050-93.343902
53835111th Ave NW & Mississippi Blvd NW45.172140-93.348041
53837111th Ave NW & Mississippi Blvd NW45.172023-93.347912
48082111th St W & Best Buy East44.802068-93.361141
48114111th St W & Best Buy East44.802174-93.361133
48115111th St W & Hampshire Ave S44.802250-93.368653
10992113th Ave NW & Ibis St NW45.175562-93.311433
10993113th Ave NW & Ibis St NW45.175452-93.311705
10990113th Ave NW & Martin St NW45.175523-93.315887
10991113th Ave NW & Martin St NW45.175634-93.315599
12503117th Ave & Colorado Ave45.166320-93.359486
12498117th Ave & Edgewood Ave45.166216-93.362065
12499117th Ave & Edgewood Ave45.166331-93.362345
12472117th Ave & Emery Village Dr45.166508-93.386362
12473117th Ave & Emery Village Dr45.166388-93.386674
12496117th Ave & Florida Ave45.166346-93.363627
12497117th Ave & Florida Ave45.166229-93.363365
12494117th Ave & Georgia Ave45.166220-93.365211
12495117th Ave & Georgia Ave45.166344-93.364876
12490117th Ave & Jersey Ave45.166242-93.368335
12491117th Ave & Jersey Ave45.166355-93.367585
12484117th Ave & Louisiana / Oregon45.166368-93.373259
12486117th Ave & Louisiana Ave45.166247-93.370899
12487117th Ave & Louisiana Ave45.166359-93.370603
12485117th Ave & Oregon Ave45.166254-93.375277
12482117th Ave & Quebec Ave45.166269-93.378657
12483117th Ave & Quebec Ave45.166397-93.378451
12477117th Ave & Utah Ave45.166328-93.382473
12478117th Ave & Utah Ave45.166442-93.382978
12476117th Ave & Virginia Ave45.166333-93.383916
12507117th Ave & West River Rd P&R45.166295-93.357373
12480117th Ave & Winnetka Ave45.166421-93.380509
12481117th Ave & Winnetka Ave45.166281-93.381191
43854117th Ave NE & 3rd St NE45.182543-93.264730
43852117th Ave NE & Terrace Rd45.182606-93.258565
52520118th Ave NE & 4th St NE45.185154-93.262209
52521118th Ave NE & Jefferson St NE45.185105-93.256803
52519118th Ave NE & University Ave NE45.184924-93.265501
42482119th Ave & Jonquil St45.186765-93.345977
43812119th Ave & Jonquil St45.186615-93.346429
42483119th Ave & Marigold St NW45.186735-93.348881
43811119th Ave & Marigold St NW45.186614-93.348397
42484119th Ave & Pheasant Ridge Dr45.186739-93.352967
43810119th Ave & Pheasant Ridge Dr45.186613-93.353118
42488119th Ave & Round Lake Blvd45.186698-93.363042
43806119th Ave & Round Lake Blvd45.186568-93.362602
42485119th Ave & Silverod St45.186740-93.356264
43809119th Ave & Silverod St45.186634-93.355673
43808119th Ave & Tulip St45.186612-93.357091
42487119th Ave & Vintage St45.186707-93.360768
43807119th Ave & Vintage St45.186591-93.360468
42486119th Ave & Wedgewood Dr45.186735-93.357755
56222124th Ave NW & Gladiola St NW45.196117-93.341777
56221124th Ave NW & Gladiola St/Heather St NW45.196197-93.341936
46780124th Ave NW & Northdale Blvd45.195998-93.346350
533352000 Iona Lane & I-35W / Co Rd C P&R45.024104-93.185227
80425Abbott Av N & Oakdale Av N45.015143-93.323638
57202Abbott Ave S & 47th St W44.918017-93.322791
56325Albemarle St & Larpenteur/Wheelock Pkwy44.990579-93.107218
6291Allen Ave & Carmel Ave W44.899917-93.093529
6290Allen Ave & Thompson Ave44.901407-93.093543
395Alta Ave & 54th St / 55th St E44.870409-93.078839
397Alta Ave & Upper 55th St E44.869200-93.078846
51522Alton St & Benson Ave44.902596-93.165876
53279American Blvd 34th Ave Station44.857944-93.223185
53280American Blvd 34th Ave Station44.859536-93.223109
53696American Blvd & 3rd Ave S44.859578-93.272818
53697American Blvd & 3rd Ave S44.859862-93.273016
4517American Blvd & 12th Ave S44.859869-93.259257
4524American Blvd & 12th Ave S44.859672-93.257838
4516American Blvd & 13th Ave S44.859873-93.256667
4511American Blvd & 24th Ave S44.859548-93.239492
4531American Blvd & 24th Ave S44.859134-93.239516
4537American Blvd & 33rd Ave S (Intl)44.858584-93.226003
1510American Blvd & 82nd St W44.854406-93.348377
50076American Blvd & #350044.857026-93.325075
4515American Blvd & Bloomington Ave44.860002-93.252399
42318American Blvd & Bloomington Ave S44.859805-93.252453
4518American Blvd & Chicago Ave S44.859952-93.262478
4523American Blvd & Chicago Ave S44.859687-93.263323
52215American Blvd & Grand Ave44.859167-93.284508
4530American Blvd & Ikea Entrance44.859774-93.243433
1054American Blvd & Knox Ave S44.858564-93.302400
41217American Blvd & Knox Ave S44.858807-93.302421
52214American Blvd & Lyndale Ave S44.859147-93.287271
52216American Blvd & Lyndale Ave S44.859399-93.287392
4513American Blvd & Marriott Hotel44.860113-93.242903
17415American Blvd & Metro Dr E44.858566-93.227412
41215American Blvd & Morgan Circle44.858466-93.305064
51842American Blvd & Nicollet Ave S44.859457-93.277608
53607American Blvd & Nicollet Ave S44.859566-93.280436
53127American Blvd & Norman Creek Tr44.856997-93.356496
53128American Blvd & Norman Creek Trail44.857141-93.356814
53126American Blvd & Normandale Lake Blvd44.855991-93.355716
41226American Blvd & Northland Dr44.855846-93.326628
4514American Blvd & Old Cedar Ave S44.860027-93.249339
4529American Blvd & Old Cedar Ave S44.859810-93.249497
1056American Blvd & Penn Ave S44.858655-93.307819
4520American Blvd & Portland Ave S44.859883-93.267494
4521American Blvd & Portland Ave S44.859659-93.267033
41214American Blvd & Queen Ave S44.858773-93.310256
41220American Blvd & Queen Ave S44.858989-93.310229
4386American Blvd & Social Security Admin44.857328-93.360881
6374American Blvd & Social Security Admin44.857164-93.360665
41218American Blvd & Southtown Center44.858687-93.305659
50075American Blvd & Southtown Dr44.857745-93.323350
41221American Blvd & Thomas Lane (79th St)44.859070-93.313976
57171American Blvd & Thomas Ln44.858866-93.313877
41208American Blvd & Towndale Dr44.855564-93.326972
47447American Blvd & Walmart44.859952-93.264524
41225American Blvd & Wells Fargo Plaza44.858304-93.322100
3729American Blvd & Xerxes Ave S44.859052-93.318289
41210American Blvd & Xerxes Ave S44.858814-93.319106
57106American Blvd W & #550144.855764-93.352446
56605American Blvd W & Bryant Ave S44.859292-93.290528
57094American Blvd W & Fremont Ave S44.859307-93.295657
57095American Blvd W & Fremont Ave S44.859499-93.295400
57108American Blvd W & Home Depot44.859390-93.283250
56604American Blvd W & Lyndale Av/Bryant Av S44.859480-93.289394
53949American Blvd W & Norman Center Dr44.854978-93.351891
53950American Blvd W & Normandale Lake Blvd44.855976-93.354693
52052Annapolis Lane & 52nd Ave N45.048942-93.454703
53345Anoka Station & Platform45.207781-93.384071
53350Anoka Station & Platform45.207712-93.384117
42622Anoka Tech College & Main Entrance45.215765-93.415973
56979Apple Valley Transit Station NB44.726227-93.217516
56980Apple Valley Transit Station SB44.725492-93.218067
49956Aquila Ave S & 36th St W44.938304-93.389540
49537Aquila Ave S & 37th St W44.936621-93.387783
14422Arbogast St & Owasso St45.043026-93.129004
14482Arbogast St & Owasso St45.043109-93.128910
14484Arbogast St & Victoria St45.043096-93.132408
10292Arcade St & 7th St E44.962064-93.065984
13794Arcade St & Case Ave44.970195-93.065886
13827Arcade St & Case Ave44.970425-93.066067
12380Arcade St & Cottage Ave44.983027-93.066100
13808Arcade St & Cottage Ave44.982808-93.065923
13800Arcade St & Geranium Ave44.975612-93.065888
13821Arcade St & Geranium Ave44.975819-93.066042
12374Arcade St & Hoyt Ave44.988475-93.066147
13814Arcade St & Hoyt Ave44.988322-93.065890
12372Arcade St & Idaho Ave44.990277-93.066174
13816Arcade St & Idaho Ave44.990116-93.065920
12382Arcade St & Ivy Ave44.981239-93.066090
13806Arcade St & Ivy Ave44.981027-93.065900
13796Arcade St & Lawson Ave44.971982-93.065895
13825Arcade St & Lawson Ave44.972199-93.066062
13798Arcade St & Magnolia Ave44.973775-93.065878
13823Arcade St & Magnolia Ave44.974024-93.066061
13819Arcade St & Maryland Ave44.977632-93.066064
42053Arcade St & Maryland Ave44.977369-93.065893
10291Arcade St & Minnehaha Ave44.963190-93.066106
51089Arcade St & Minnehaha Ave44.962951-93.065831
12376Arcade St & Nebraska Ave44.986709-93.066129
13812Arcade St & Nebraska Ave44.986515-93.065858
10246Arcade St & Neid Lane44.967022-93.065921
10289Arcade St & Neid Lane44.966854-93.066135
13804Arcade St & Orange Ave44.979198-93.065904
13896Arcade St & Orange Ave44.979441-93.066071
56680Arcade St & Rose Ave E44.976852-93.066050
12378Arcade St & Wheelock Pkwy44.984953-93.066116
13810Arcade St & Wheelock Pkwy44.984627-93.065944
10247Arcade St & York Ave44.968389-93.065905
10288Arcade St & York Ave44.968209-93.066128
13982Ardan Ave & Eastwood Dr45.118050-93.213088
13983Ardan Ave & Eastwood Dr45.117958-93.213507
13976Ardan Ave & Fairchild Ave45.117845-93.219421
13977Ardan Ave & Fairchild Ave45.117930-93.219261
13984Ardan Ave & Greenwood Dr45.118000-93.211265
13985Ardan Ave & Greenwood Dr45.118087-93.211024
13974Ardan Ave & Groveland Rd45.117929-93.221094
13986Ardan Ave & Long Lake Rd45.118124-93.209437
13987Ardan Ave & Long Lake Rd45.118041-93.209369
13978Ardan Ave & Red Oak Dr45.117976-93.217162
13979Ardan Ave & Red Oak Dr45.117878-93.217490
13980Ardan Ave & Sunnyside Rd45.117921-93.215415
13981Ardan Ave & Sunnyside Rd45.118008-93.215138
18111Arkwright St & Case Ave44.970306-93.083591
18128Arkwright St & Case Ave44.970250-93.083758
18117Arkwright St & Geranium Ave44.975417-93.083609
18122Arkwright St & Geranium Ave44.975632-93.083768
18113Arkwright St & Lawson Ave44.971832-93.083597
18126Arkwright St & Lawson Ave44.972022-93.083769
18115Arkwright St & Magnolia Ave44.973617-93.083606
18124Arkwright St & Magnolia Ave44.973840-93.083768
18119Arkwright St & Maryland Ave44.977200-93.083606
49699Arkwright St & Maryland Ave44.977525-93.083763
5545Arlington Ave & #79544.984571-93.133427
5603Arlington Ave & #79544.984676-93.133330
5630Arlington Ave & Arundel St44.984533-93.118757
5649Arlington Ave & Arundel St44.984647-93.118402
51615Arlington Ave & Avon St44.984696-93.134925
51616Arlington Ave & Avon St44.984583-93.135197
5624Arlington Ave & Dale St44.984519-93.126024
5655Arlington Ave & Dale St44.984647-93.126071
5633Arlington Ave & Farrington St44.984520-93.113724
42421Arlington Ave & Farrington St44.984656-93.113434
5635Arlington Ave & Galtier St44.984530-93.111118
42420Arlington Ave & Galtier St44.984636-93.111427
5546Arlington Ave & Grotto St44.984563-93.131403
49909Arlington Ave & Grotto St44.984674-93.131126
5626Arlington Ave & Kent St44.984530-93.123823
5653Arlington Ave & Kent St44.984641-93.123529
5628Arlington Ave & Mackubin St44.984527-93.121267
5651Arlington Ave & Mackubin St44.984646-93.120991
49668Arlington Ave & Park St44.984531-93.103776
49683Arlington Ave & Park St44.984666-93.103774
5639Arlington Ave & Rice St44.984523-93.106023
49907Arlington Ave & Rice St44.984661-93.105668
49667Arlington Ave & St Albans St44.984541-93.128822
49908Arlington Ave & St Albans St44.984654-93.128603
49669Arlington Ave & Sylvan St44.984538-93.101716
49682Arlington Ave & Sylvan St44.984667-93.101407
5605Arlington Ave & Victoria Ave44.984705-93.136208
5632Arlington Ave & Wheelock Pkwy44.984533-93.116456
5647Arlington Ave & Wheelock Pkwy44.984650-93.116550
5637Arlington Ave & Woodbridge St44.984535-93.108571
5642Arlington Ave & Woodbridge St44.984642-93.108339
50676Arlington Ave E & #40 - Post Office44.984534-93.099449
50677Arlington Ave E & #40 - Post Office44.984662-93.099332
18042Arlington Ave E & #17944.984670-93.093517
51606Arlington Ave E & #17944.984538-93.093496
40095Arlington Ave E & Jackson St44.984561-93.095902
40108Arlington Ave E & LOrient St44.984510-93.091878
41146Armour Ave & AFSCME44.887461-93.025065
41144Armour Ave & Concord St44.884883-93.031535
41155Armour Ave & Concord St44.884987-93.031639
41145Armour Ave & Farwell Ave44.886050-93.028337
41154Armour Ave & Farwell Ave44.886182-93.028409
41153Armour Ave & Hardman Ave44.887692-93.024795
56558Arona St & Larpenteur Ave W44.991951-93.164303
49212Arthur St NE & 40th Ave NE45.041158-93.232129
49211Arthur St NE & 41st Ave NE45.042927-93.232140
49218Arthur St NE & 41st Ave NE45.042696-93.231997
49210Arthur St NE & 42nd Ave NE45.044704-93.232166
49219Arthur St NE & 42nd Ave NE45.044473-93.232018
49611Atlantic St & 7th St E44.966551-93.048184
49750Atlantic St & 7th St E44.966351-93.048299
49610Atlantic St & Bush Ave44.964808-93.048181
49652Atlantic St & Bush Ave44.965038-93.048298
49609Atlantic St & Minnehaha Ave44.963282-93.048194
50116Atlantic St & Minnehaha Ave44.963199-93.048312
48577Audubon Ave & #535044.871218-93.069048
48578Audubon Ave & Shelter44.870301-93.068849
53556Auto Club Rd & Auto Club Circle44.792879-93.358222
53559Auto Club Rd & Auto Club Circle44.793090-93.357902
53603Auto Club Rd & Hampshire Ave S44.794312-93.368738
53604Auto Club Rd & Hampshire Ave S44.794201-93.369153
53555Auto Club Rd & Kentucky Ave S44.795362-93.372934
53560Auto Club Rd & Kentucky Ave S44.795385-93.372675
56491Auto Club Rd & Normandale Blvd44.793559-93.352214
56492Auto Club Rd & Normandale Blvd44.794023-93.351560
53601Auto Club Rd & Zion Rd44.793409-93.356093
53602Auto Club Rd & Zion Rd44.793263-93.356086
408Babcock Trail & 52nd St E44.873445-93.064448
48573Babcock Trail & 52nd St E44.873014-93.064602
385Babcock Trail & 55th St E (Cenex Dr)44.869297-93.065880
404Babcock Trail & Cenex Dr (55th St E)44.869449-93.065660
407Babcock Trail & Greystone44.871393-93.064555
48574Babcock Trail & Parkdale Dr (54th St)44.871687-93.064659
387Babcock Trail & Upper 55th St E44.867373-93.066243
40148Babcock Trail & Upper 55th St E44.867453-93.066057
4367Barrie Rd & 65th St W44.885279-93.323234
40434Barrie Rd & 65th St W44.885488-93.323387
4945Barrie Rd & #6417-644744.886657-93.322285
4946Barrie Rd & #6417-644744.886525-93.322435
40435Barrie Rd & Heritage Dr44.888938-93.323265
40436Barrie Rd & Heritage Dr44.888803-93.323410
43776Barry St & 26th St W44.955868-93.343398
7390Barry St & Hwy 100 Svc Rd E44.956709-93.345658
7396Barry St & Hwy 100 Svc Rd E44.956569-93.345647
7397Barry St W & 26th St W44.956014-93.343508
57071Bass Lake Rd & International Pkwy45.058067-93.394564
11345Bass Lake Rd & Northway Dr45.058940-93.316593
9499Bass Lake Rd & St Therese Home45.056010-93.382687
45369Bass Lake Rd (56th Ave) & Elm Grove Ave45.054577-93.377440
9494Bass Lake Rd (56th Ave) & Maryland Ave N45.054769-93.370780
9496Bass Lake Rd (56th Ave) & Pennsylvania45.054749-93.374625
9551Bass Lake Rd (56th Ave) & Pennsylvania45.054615-93.374706
9497Bass Lake Rd (56th Ave) & Rhode Island45.054761-93.377046
9475Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Admiral Lane45.060237-93.329554
9572Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Admiral Lane45.060132-93.329655
9474Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Drew Ave N45.060283-93.326766
9476Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Halifax Ave45.060219-93.332617
9571Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Halifax Ave45.060092-93.332885
9477Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & June Ave45.060196-93.334293
9570Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & June Ave45.060067-93.334526
9478Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Major Ave45.060169-93.337290
9569Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Major Ave45.060034-93.337653
9574Bass Lake Rd (58th Ave) & Northport Dr45.060157-93.326540
11241Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & #570145.059293-93.315288
9548Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & #810945.055987-93.383003
9489Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Adair Ave N45.054758-93.355935
9557Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Adair Ave N45.054568-93.356332
9502Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Boone Ave N45.057760-93.390336
9544Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Boone Ave N45.057506-93.390101
48941Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Elmhurst Ave45.054744-93.359732
48942Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Elmhurst Ave45.054461-93.360257
9493Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Jersey Ave N45.054770-93.368198
9554Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Jersey Ave N45.054568-93.368673
9553Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Maryland Ave N45.054615-93.371531
40437Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Quail Ave N45.053642-93.343491
40438Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Quail Ave N45.053581-93.343877
9484Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Regent Ave N45.053837-93.344762
9564Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Regent Ave N45.053767-93.345095
9491Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Sherburne Av N45.054749-93.362029
9556Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Sherburne Av N45.054532-93.362791
9562Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Unity Ave N45.054149-93.348927
40440Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Unity Ave N45.054242-93.348623
9487Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Welcome Ave N45.054600-93.351111
9560Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Welcome Ave N45.054529-93.351431
9492Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & West Broadway45.054746-93.365196
9555Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & West Broadway45.054562-93.366230
9498Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Winnetka Ave N45.055116-93.380246
9549Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Winnetka Ave N45.055071-93.380742
9022Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Xerxes Ave N45.059610-93.320892
9488Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Yates Ave N45.054695-93.353681
9558Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Yates Ave N45.054566-93.354009
9501Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Yukon Ave N45.056959-93.386904
9545Bass Lake Rd (Co Rd 10) & Yukon Ave N45.056886-93.387270
52047Beam Ave & Intl House of Pancakes45.028192-93.019521
56793Beard Ave S & 108th St W44.808484-93.324493
56791Beard Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.811169-93.324470
53529Becker P&R & Willow St45.392491-93.875928
49742Beebe Rd & Holloway Ave44.999002-93.012474
5338Beebe Rd & Larpenteur Ave44.992112-93.011379
49752Beebe Rd & Larpenteur Ave E44.992215-93.011244
5337Beebe Rd & Maple Pond Homes44.997675-93.012605
5356Beebe Rd & Maple Pond Homes44.997527-93.012473
48194Beebe Rd & Mounds Park Academy44.995478-93.012372
48195Beebe Rd & Mounds Park Academy44.995443-93.012201
52031Belden Dr & Apache Lane (N)45.040742-93.219862
53900Bellows St & Wentworth Ave W44.898149-93.092600
53902Bellows St & Wentworth Ave W44.898275-93.092462
4698Beltline Blvd & 35th St W44.940338-93.339990
4738Beltline Blvd & 35th St W44.940276-93.339832
4697Beltline Blvd & Park Glen Rd44.942626-93.339795
4739Beltline Blvd & Park Glen Rd44.942266-93.339387
53661Benet Rd & Monastery Way44.995039-92.986206
15795Berry St & University Ave44.967812-93.206537
15882Berry St & University Ave44.968071-93.206345
51182Best Buy Corp & 76th St Entrance44.864728-93.306503
8139Betty Crocker Dr & General Mills Blvd44.978713-93.390787
8152Betty Crocker Dr & General Mills Blvd44.978826-93.390819
52818Betty Crocker Dr & General Mills Enter44.979811-93.397074
8153Betty Crocker Dr & General Mills Main En44.979845-93.394696
47249Bielenberg Dr & Nature Path44.933695-92.954411
51096Bielenberg Dr & Tamarack Rd44.936116-92.954381
53348Big Lake Station & Link Bus Stop45.329772-93.730414
53347Big Lake Station & Platform45.329832-93.730028
47058Blaine Ave & 80th St E44.833043-93.054927
50667Blaine Ave & 80th St E44.833269-93.054784
47049Blaine Ave & College Trail44.827214-93.050638
47048Blaine Ave & Granite Bluffs Apartments44.829054-93.052051
47055Blaine Ave & Granite Bluffs Apartments44.829110-93.051901
48933Blaine Human Svc Ctr & #1201 - 89th Ave45.132632-93.239486
14850Blaisdell Ave S & Lake St44.948495-93.279794
4789Blake Rd N & Cambridge St44.934406-93.385825
4791Blake Rd N & Hiawatha Ave44.932044-93.385858
4790Blake Rd N & Oxford St44.933030-93.385839
758Bloomington Ave & 62nd St E44.890852-93.252968
757Bloomington Ave & Hwy 6244.892381-93.252601
15628Bloomington Ave S & 22nd St E44.961021-93.252440
15629Bloomington Ave S & 22nd St E44.961022-93.252222
15626Bloomington Ave S & 24th St E44.959388-93.252276
15627Bloomington Ave S & 24th St E44.958916-93.252479
15624Bloomington Ave S & 25th St E44.957439-93.252502
15625Bloomington Ave S & 25th St E44.957244-93.252313
15622Bloomington Ave S & 26th St E44.955409-93.252334
15623Bloomington Ave S & 26th St E44.955662-93.252518
15620Bloomington Ave S & 27th St E44.953872-93.252554
15621Bloomington Ave S & 27th St E44.953623-93.252370
15618Bloomington Ave S & 28th St E44.951794-93.252376
15619Bloomington Ave S & 28th St E44.952153-93.252571
15616Bloomington Ave S & 29th St E44.950194-93.252575
15617Bloomington Ave S & 29th St E44.950361-93.252399
15612Bloomington Ave S & 31st St E44.946661-93.252581
15613Bloomington Ave S & 31st St E44.946420-93.252418
15610Bloomington Ave S & 32nd St E44.944572-93.252409
15611Bloomington Ave S & 32nd St E44.944888-93.252567
15608Bloomington Ave S & 33rd St E44.943037-93.252538
15609Bloomington Ave S & 33rd St E44.942792-93.252385
15606Bloomington Ave S & 34th St E44.941234-93.252367
15607Bloomington Ave S & 34th St E44.941482-93.252535
15604Bloomington Ave S & 35th St E44.939680-93.252537
15605Bloomington Ave S & 35th St E44.939428-93.252359
15602Bloomington Ave S & 36th St E44.937593-93.252348
15603Bloomington Ave S & 36th St E44.937863-93.252521
15600Bloomington Ave S & 37th St E44.936062-93.252492
15601Bloomington Ave S & 37th St E44.935817-93.252324
15598Bloomington Ave S & 38th St E44.933992-93.252305
15599Bloomington Ave S & 38th St E44.934252-93.252500
15596Bloomington Ave S & 39th St E44.932451-93.252488
15597Bloomington Ave S & 39th St E44.932181-93.252300
15594Bloomington Ave S & 40th St E44.930729-93.252319
15595Bloomington Ave S & 40th St E44.930258-93.252483
15592Bloomington Ave S & 41st St E44.928831-93.252472
15593Bloomington Ave S & 41st St E44.928543-93.252309
15590Bloomington Ave S & 42nd St E44.926807-93.252301
15591Bloomington Ave S & 42nd St E44.927131-93.252494
15588Bloomington Ave S & 43rd St E44.925259-93.252475
15589Bloomington Ave S & 43rd St E44.924975-93.252312
15586Bloomington Ave S & 44th St E44.923193-93.252299
15587Bloomington Ave S & 44th St E44.923446-93.252478
15584Bloomington Ave S & 45th St E44.921638-93.252491
15585Bloomington Ave S & 45th St E44.921390-93.252303
15582Bloomington Ave S & 46th St E44.919577-93.252311
15583Bloomington Ave S & 46th St E44.919519-93.252505
15580Bloomington Ave S & 47th St E44.917994-93.252458
15581Bloomington Ave S & 47th St E44.917764-93.252300
15578Bloomington Ave S & 48th St E44.915971-93.252307
15579Bloomington Ave S & 48th St E44.916223-93.252490
15574Bloomington Ave S & 50th St E44.912324-93.252330
15575Bloomington Ave S & 50th St E44.912655-93.252495
15572Bloomington Ave S & 51st St E44.910806-93.252515
15573Bloomington Ave S & 51st St E44.910547-93.252351
15570Bloomington Ave S & 52nd St E44.908743-93.252356
15571Bloomington Ave S & 52nd St E44.909017-93.252544
15568Bloomington Ave S & 53rd St E44.907180-93.252535
15569Bloomington Ave S & 53rd St E44.906995-93.252368
15567Bloomington Ave S & 54th St E44.905413-93.252558
51886Bloomington Ave S & 62nd St E44.890591-93.252814
51648Bloomington Ave S & 63rd St E44.889040-93.252892
51885Bloomington Ave S & 63rd St E44.888785-93.252803
51880Bloomington Ave S & 64th St E44.887235-93.252988
51884Bloomington Ave S & 64th St E44.887008-93.252845
51881Bloomington Ave S & 65th St E44.885428-93.253020
51883Bloomington Ave S & 65th St E44.885218-93.252862
51882Bloomington Ave S & 66th St E44.883863-93.253014
718Bloomington Ave S & 68th St E44.879805-93.252854
658Bloomington Ave S & 69th St E44.878150-93.252996
717Bloomington Ave S & 69th St E44.877975-93.252864
659Bloomington Ave S & 70th St E44.876461-93.252977
716Bloomington Ave S & 70th St E44.876196-93.252859
660Bloomington Ave S & 71st St E44.874662-93.253022
662Bloomington Ave S & 73rd St E44.870975-93.253004
712Bloomington Ave S & 73rd St E44.870810-93.252857
663Bloomington Ave S & 74th St E44.869213-93.253007
711Bloomington Ave S & 74th St E44.869005-93.252880
664Bloomington Ave S & 75th St E44.867413-93.253016
710Bloomington Ave S & 75th St E44.867232-93.252873
665Bloomington Ave S & 76th St E44.865663-93.253046
709Bloomington Ave S & 76th St E44.865709-93.252888
661Bloomington Ave S & Diagonal Blvd44.873273-93.252998
714Bloomington Ave S & Diagonal Blvd44.873469-93.252856
715Bloomington Ave S & Fern Dr44.874873-93.252862
15614Bloomington Ave S & Lake St E44.948199-93.252410
15615Bloomington Ave S & Lake St E44.948517-93.252625
15577Bloomington Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.914319-93.252267
42033Bloomington Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.913979-93.252513
51421Bloomington Central Station44.856387-93.226485
51436Bloomington Central Station44.856369-93.226485
53551Bloomington Ferry Rd & 109th St W44.806845-93.384340
53564Bloomington Ferry Rd & 109th St W44.806909-93.384054
1694Bloomington Ferry Rd & Landau Circle44.810188-93.384080
53552Bloomington Ferry Rd & Minnesota Bluff44.803896-93.384680
1695Bloomington Ferry Rd & Old Shakopee Rd44.808959-93.384071
57062Bloomington State Fair - Inbound44.856103-93.232387
57061Bloomington State Fair - Outbound44.856266-93.232397
56000Blue Line Rail & Green Line Rail44.971812-93.253367
5754Boone Ave & 36th St W44.938147-93.391833
5763Boone Ave & Bremer Bank44.937573-93.391605
9504Boone Ave N & 60th 1/2 Ave N45.063088-93.390458
40448Boone Ave N & 60th 1/2 Ave N45.063322-93.390621
9542Boone Ave N & 60th Ave N45.062076-93.390606
9505Boone Ave N & 62nd Ave N45.065461-93.390425
9540Boone Ave N & 62nd Ave N45.065406-93.390592
9508Boone Ave N & 63rd Ave N45.068987-93.390661
9537Boone Ave N & 63rd Ave N45.069511-93.390939
9509Boone Ave N & 64th Ave N45.070986-93.390862
9536Boone Ave N & 64th Ave N45.071005-93.391032
42265Boone Ave N & #5632A45.055725-93.390534
44194Boone Ave N & Boone Place45.058323-93.390356
44230Boone Ave N & Boone Place45.058587-93.390515
9510Boone Ave N & Cherokee Dr45.072814-93.391010
9535Boone Ave N & Cherokee Dr45.073038-93.391201
9503Boone Ave N & Meadow Lake Rd45.061399-93.390445
9511Boone Ave N & Modern Rd45.077509-93.391551
9534Boone Ave N & Modern Rd45.077733-93.391896
9506Boone Ave N & North Brook Ave45.067546-93.390587
9539Boone Ave N & North Brook Ave45.067593-93.390771
42267Boone Ave N & Pheasant Park Apts45.055937-93.390699
44108Boone Ave N & Plymouth Ave N44.991445-93.390248
42264Boone Ave N & Research Center Rd E45.054131-93.390715
44192Boone Ave N & Research Center Rd E45.053678-93.390551
49685Brainerd Ave & Burr St44.979030-93.080082
49709Brainerd Ave & Burr St44.979344-93.079692
49687Brainerd Ave & Edgerton St44.980888-93.076284
49686Brainerd Ave & Jessie St44.980233-93.077611
49708Brainerd Ave & Jessie St44.980602-93.077118
52523Bren Rd E & #9900 United Health44.898059-93.404814
48213Bren Rd E & Blue Circle Dr44.895593-93.405321
48312Bren Rd W & Green Circle Dr44.899067-93.407340
41701Broadway St & 10th St E44.954131-93.088834
15494Broadway St & Adams St NE44.998772-93.256115
15522Broadway St & Adams St NE44.998663-93.256445
12661Broadway St & Jefferson St NE44.998654-93.255153
15493Broadway St & Jefferson St NE44.998773-93.254817
12665Broadway St & Monroe St NE44.998648-93.252595
15488Broadway St & Monroe St NE44.998772-93.252945
15497Broadway St & Washington St NE44.998782-93.257325
12253Broadway St NE & 2nd St NE44.998778-93.265787
12258Broadway St NE & 2nd St NE44.998629-93.266042
12249Broadway St NE & 5th St NE44.998780-93.260051
12261Broadway St NE & 5th St NE44.998646-93.260430
12668Broadway St NE & Central Ave NE44.998605-93.247580
12680Broadway St NE & Central Ave NE44.998826-93.246898
12679Broadway St NE & Fillmore Ave NE44.998776-93.242052
12670Broadway St NE & Fillmore St NE44.998644-93.242408
12725Broadway St NE & Godward St NE45.000138-93.214625
12674Broadway St NE & Hoover St44.998948-93.217594
12677Broadway St NE & Hoover St NE44.998760-93.217947
12256Broadway St NE & Marshall St NE44.998644-93.269254
12259Broadway St NE & Marshall St NE44.998769-93.268896
12675Broadway St NE & Stinson Blvd / Taft St44.998631-93.225537
12676Broadway St NE & Stinson Blvd NE44.998796-93.226551
12251Broadway St NE & University Ave44.998784-93.262979
12260Broadway St NE & University Ave NE44.998639-93.263443
9367Brookdale Dr & 77th Ave N45.095686-93.351725
13348Brookdale Dr & #50045.094207-93.288107
40453Brookdale Dr & Brookdale Court45.094379-93.305240
48360Brookdale Dr & Brookdale Court45.094456-93.313461
48928Brookdale Dr & Brookdale Court45.095216-93.316167
9350Brookdale Dr & Brookdale Court (W)45.097719-93.348793
9371Brookdale Dr & Brookdale Court (W)45.097470-93.349054
13351Brookdale Dr & Fairfield Rd45.094393-93.288402
11502Brookdale Dr & Humboldt Ave N45.094471-93.300992
11548Brookdale Dr & Humboldt Ave N45.094348-93.300901
11544Brookdale Dr & James Ave N45.094375-93.303948
11512Brookdale Dr & Newton Ave N45.094527-93.308466
11538Brookdale Dr & Newton Ave N45.094397-93.307780
9340Brookdale Dr & Noble Ave N45.098129-93.341459
9381Brookdale Dr & Noble Ave N45.098003-93.341496
48929Brookdale Dr & Parkhaven Court45.095308-93.316659
11506Brookdale Dr & Pearson Court45.094492-93.303648
11516Brookdale Dr & Penn Ave N45.094554-93.311275
11534Brookdale Dr & Penn Ave N45.094423-93.311499
9346Brookdale Dr & Quail Ave N45.098126-93.344925
9375Brookdale Dr & Quail Ave N45.098004-93.345176
11518Brookdale Dr & Queen Ave N45.094570-93.312719
9348Brookdale Dr & Regent Ave N45.098128-93.345908
9373Brookdale Dr & Regent Ave N45.098006-93.346765
11508Brookdale Dr & Sierra Pkwy45.094494-93.304915
9352Brookdale Dr & Unity Ave N45.096482-93.350665
11522Brookdale Dr & Vincent Ave N45.096530-93.318483
11528Brookdale Dr & Vincent Ave N45.096527-93.318858
9356Brookdale Dr & Welcome Ave N45.095483-93.353053
40454Brookdale Dr & Welcome Ave N45.095333-93.353517
13350Brookdale Dr & West River Rd45.094405-93.287023
11524Brookdale Dr & Xerxes Ave N45.097186-93.320571
11526Brookdale Dr & Xerxes Ave N45.096865-93.320083
56402Brookdale Dr N & Beard Ave N45.098509-93.326351
56403Brookdale Dr N & Beard Ave N45.098347-93.326212
56407Brookdale Dr N & Brookdale Cir N45.098358-93.335422
56404Brookdale Dr N & France Ave N45.099600-93.331401
56405Brookdale Dr N & France Ave N45.099466-93.331257
56406Brookdale Dr N & June Ave N45.098597-93.335239
56419Brookdale Dr N & Lee Ave N45.098014-93.338475
56418Brookdale Dr N & Lee Ave N45.098126-93.338582
9257Brooklyn Blvd & 49th Ave N45.044505-93.319517
9575Brooklyn Blvd & 49th Ave N45.044318-93.319636
9176Brooklyn Blvd & 50th Ave N45.045933-93.320318
9259Brooklyn Blvd & 50th Ave N45.045621-93.319982
9173Brooklyn Blvd & 51st Station45.047714-93.321058
9263Brooklyn Blvd & 51st Station45.048164-93.321032
8974Brooklyn Blvd & 55th Ave N45.054158-93.323277
9090Brooklyn Blvd & 55th Ave N45.054116-93.323549
9023Brooklyn Blvd & 59th Ave N45.062247-93.325141
9024Brooklyn Blvd & 60th Ave N45.063878-93.325408
9083Brooklyn Blvd & 61st Ave N45.065508-93.326013
9025Brooklyn Blvd & 62nd Av N45.067429-93.326796
9082Brooklyn Blvd & 62nd Av N45.067358-93.326913
9282Brooklyn Blvd & 63rd Ave N45.069363-93.328186
52722Brooklyn Blvd & 63rd Ave N45.069032-93.327657
52723Brooklyn Blvd & 65th Ave N45.072421-93.329765
52724Brooklyn Blvd & 65th Ave N45.072124-93.329898
9446Brooklyn Blvd & 68th Ave N45.078655-93.335193
9447Brooklyn Blvd & 68th Ave N45.078006-93.335039
41935Brooklyn Blvd & 69th Ave N45.079683-93.336663
41924Brooklyn Blvd & 70th Ave N45.081395-93.337996
41934Brooklyn Blvd & 70th Ave N45.081349-93.338417
9084Brooklyn Blvd & Admiral Ln45.063869-93.325555
9047Brooklyn Blvd & Brunswick Ave N45.094536-93.358550
9061Brooklyn Blvd & Brunswick Ave N45.094346-93.358342
9060Brooklyn Blvd & Douglas Dr45.094350-93.361628
9052Brooklyn Blvd & Hampshire Ave N45.094557-93.367768
9058Brooklyn Blvd & Hampshire Ave N45.094366-93.366752
42562Brooklyn Blvd & Hennepin Family Serv Ctr45.083619-93.340845
41917Brooklyn Blvd & Jolly Lane45.094668-93.381472
9054Brooklyn Blvd & Kentucky Ave N45.094561-93.371447
9056Brooklyn Blvd & Kentucky Ave N45.094367-93.371890
41925Brooklyn Blvd & Noble Ave (71st Ave N)45.084252-93.341119
41739Brooklyn Blvd & OReilly AutoParts45.094580-93.374148
42063Brooklyn Blvd & Regent Ave N45.089721-93.347802
9048Brooklyn Blvd & Shingle Creek Dr45.094529-93.360340
9050Brooklyn Blvd & Tessman Dr45.094547-93.362874
9059Brooklyn Blvd & Tessman Dr45.094358-93.363115
42064Brooklyn Blvd & Unity Ave N45.091565-93.351041
42248Brooklyn Blvd & Unity Ave N45.091280-93.351006
42065Brooklyn Blvd & Welcome Ave N45.092964-93.353515
42247Brooklyn Blvd & Welcome Ave N45.093079-93.354188
9055Brooklyn Blvd & West Broadway45.094382-93.375360
42246Brooklyn Blvd & Zane Ave N45.094138-93.356692
44655Brooklyn Blvd P&R & 65th Ave N45.072865-93.330983
51845Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate A45.059711-93.317851
51851Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate B45.059547-93.317657
51846Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate C45.059497-93.317882
56822Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate E45.059505-93.318582
56825Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate H45.059721-93.318760
56826Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate I45.059728-93.318324
56827Brooklyn Ctr Transit Ctr Gate J45.059732-93.318148
51083Brunswick Ave & 37th St W44.937019-93.357705
11417Bryant Ave N & 47th Ave N45.040120-93.291375
11625Bryant Ave N & 47th Ave N45.040415-93.291514
11419Bryant Ave N & 49th Ave N45.043734-93.291383
11622Bryant Ave N & 49th Ave N45.044083-93.291546
11422Bryant Ave N & 51st Ave N45.047378-93.291417
11618Bryant Ave N & 51st Ave N45.047712-93.291576
11424Bryant Ave N & 52nd Ave N45.049179-93.291453
11616Bryant Ave N & 52nd Ave N45.049450-93.291598
83Bryant Ave S & 36th St W44.937424-93.290894
163Bryant Ave S & 36th St W44.937560-93.290674
84Bryant Ave S & 37th St W44.935992-93.290851
162Bryant Ave S & 37th St W44.935791-93.290695
85Bryant Ave S & 38th St W44.933870-93.290865
51293Buford Ave & Eckles Ave44.984431-93.185122
52131Buford Ave & Gortner Ave44.984392-93.181393
52138Buford Ave & Gortner Ave44.984488-93.181641
51294Buford Ave & St Paul Student Center44.984570-93.186294
52139Buford Ave & St Paul Student Center44.984568-93.186332
52150Buford Ave - Arrive & Student Center44.984568-93.186332
52149Buford Ave - Leave & Student Center44.984568-93.186332
80424Burke Ave W & Hamline Ave N45.005315-93.156722
13758Burns Ave & #149244.948723-93.037346
13701Burns Ave & #150544.948819-93.037179
13762Burns Ave & #172044.948668-93.027854
47815Burns Ave & #172344.948778-93.027543
13702Burns Ave & Birmingham St44.948809-93.039530
47073Burns Ave & Clarence St44.948794-93.043945
13755Burns Ave & Clarence St / Etna St44.948677-93.043029
13709Burns Ave & Earl St44.948752-93.055607
13704Burns Ave & English St44.948790-93.045375
13754Burns Ave & English St44.948671-93.045546
13708Burns Ave & Frank St44.948758-93.053026
13750Burns Ave & Frank St44.948655-93.053962
13700Burns Ave & Hazelwood St44.948829-93.034480
13759Burns Ave & Hazelwood St44.948733-93.034611
13705Burns Ave & Johnson Pkwy44.948776-93.047881
13699Burns Ave & Kennard St44.948838-93.030212
13761Burns Ave & Kennard St44.948749-93.030409
47797Burns Ave & Mounds Blvd / Johnson Pkwy44.948672-93.048872
13757Burns Ave & Upper Afton Rd44.948730-93.039157
13763Burns Ave & White Bear Ave44.948681-93.025383
56830Burnsville Heart of the City Station44.776176-93.278552
11777Burr St & Beaumont St44.961495-93.079693
11818Burr St & Beaumont St44.961693-93.079866
11778Burr St & Minnehaha Ave E44.962823-93.079673
11776Burr St & Tedesco St44.960374-93.079707
11819Burr St & Tedesco St44.960222-93.079859
56745Bush Lake Rd E & 78th St W44.861221-93.361923
57099Bush Lake Rd E & #783144.860832-93.361761
53832Business Park Blvd & 120th Ave N45.172283-93.391049
53842Business Park Blvd & 121st Ave N45.174755-93.391132
53833Business Park Blvd & 122nd Ave N45.175827-93.391447
53843Business Park Blvd & #1197845.172720-93.390734
53834Business Park Blvd & #1245045.180352-93.390878
53831Business Park Blvd & Emery Village Dr45.168632-93.389528
53844Business Park Blvd & Emery Village Dr45.168585-93.389873
56600Business Park Blvd N & 122nd Ave N45.176460-93.391624
53841Business Park Blvd N & Hayden Lake Rd E45.179675-93.391621
267Butler Ave & Hall Ave44.912468-93.086285
321Butler Ave & Hall Ave44.912361-93.086671
266Butler Ave & Humboldt Ave44.912470-93.084809
322Butler Ave & Humboldt Ave44.912362-93.084832
324Butler Ave & Livingston Ave / Robert St44.912342-93.081327
262Butler Ave & Robert St44.912446-93.081035
268Butler Ave & Stryker Ave44.912475-93.087762
53340Cafferty Court & Walmart - Cahill Ave44.814566-93.039790
9754Cahill Ave & 78th St E44.836143-93.042296
43288Cahill Ave & 80th St E44.834720-93.042989
53407Cahill Ave & Bechtel Ave44.821157-93.041364
53404Cahill Ave & Birch Blvd44.824477-93.041953
53406Cahill Ave & Brooks Blvd44.824838-93.042082
53403Cahill Ave & Carter Ave44.821157-93.041150
53402Cahill Ave & Cheney Trail44.817751-93.039120
53408Cahill Ave & Cheney Trail44.818068-93.039277
41102Cahill Rd & 78th St W44.863817-93.363671
41103Cahill Rd & #7500-752044.866221-93.363334
41121Cahill Rd & #7500-752044.866309-93.363481
41122Cahill Rd & #770044.864110-93.363755
41104Cahill Rd & Dewey Hill Rd44.868646-93.363329
4802Cambridge St & Blake Rd N44.934152-93.386391
4801Cambridge St & Hiawatha Ave44.934499-93.390800
49500Cambridge St & Hiawatha Ave44.934618-93.390494
40288Cambridge St & Ramsgate Apts44.934384-93.392304
49501Cambridge St & Ramsgate Apts44.934481-93.392135
49905Camelot St & Larpenteur/California Ave44.991321-93.105119
46483Campus Dr & #300045.012808-93.453293
53367Campus Dr & #300045.013092-93.453462
46484Campus Dr & #303345.013970-93.453255
46482Campus Dr & Annapolis Circle45.010664-93.450828
53368Campus Dr & Annapolis Circle45.010634-93.451225
46485Campus Dr & Xenium Lane45.014640-93.451681
53080Campus Transitway & 23rd Ave SE44.975716-93.221916
46689Canabury Dr & Co Rd B-245.013684-93.090253
49290Canabury Dr & Co Rd B-245.013618-93.090145
46688Canabury Dr & Demont Ave45.016573-93.090543
46720Canabury Dr & Demont Ave45.016774-93.090439
40459Candlewood Dr & Douglas Dr45.103843-93.362148
8811Candlewood Dr & Georgia Court45.103791-93.365099
8790Candlewood Dr & Georgia Ct45.103865-93.364823
8791Candlewood Dr & Hampshire Court45.103991-93.365967
8810Candlewood Dr & Hampshire Court45.103864-93.366244
8793Candlewood Dr & Idaho Ave N45.103866-93.368288
8808Candlewood Dr & Idaho Ave N45.103757-93.368561
8795Candlewood Dr & Kentucky Ave N45.103716-93.370246
8806Candlewood Dr & Kentucky Ave N45.103322-93.370523
8798Candlewood Dr & Louisiana Ave N45.100573-93.372600
8803Candlewood Dr & Louisiana Ave N45.100205-93.372707
8801Candlewood Dr & Oregon Ave N45.099744-93.376091
8797Candlewood Dr & Shingle Creek Dr45.102327-93.371384
8804Candlewood Dr & Shingle Creek Dr45.102077-93.371383
8800Candlewood Dr & West Broadway45.099862-93.376461
56014Capitol / Rice St Station44.955682-93.105177
56030Capitol / Rice St Station44.955728-93.105179
53019Cargo Rd & #194044.875989-93.243848
53034Cargo Rd & #200544.875698-93.244507
52912Cargo Rd & Fed Ex - Terminal44.883649-93.233863
52911Cargo Rd & UPS - Airport44.879724-93.234512
52913Cargo Rd & UPS - Airport44.879632-93.234631
6292Carmel Ave W & Bellows St44.899783-93.092281
53903Carmel Ave W & Bellows St44.899874-93.092343
9785Carmen Ave & 65th St E44.855082-93.042351
10001Carmen Ave & 65th St E44.854853-93.042481
41293Carmen Ave & #582544.864034-93.039886
41294Carmen Ave & #582544.864204-93.040049
9788Carmen Ave & #611544.860168-93.041092
9998Carmen Ave & #611544.860153-93.041266
9787Carmen Ave & Candace Ave44.861016-93.040246
9997Carmen Ave & Candace Ave44.861371-93.040127
9786Carmen Ave & Claude Way E44.857325-93.040782
9996Carmen Ave & Claude Way E44.862079-93.040058
10000Carmen Ave & Claude Way E44.857552-93.041042
41721Carmen Ave & Claude Way E44.861803-93.039899
9783Carmen Ave & Lake Bridge Apts44.853511-93.040905
10003Carmen Ave & Lake Bridge Apts44.853413-93.041068
9999Carmen Ave & Prairie Estates Homes44.858809-93.041250
9784Carmen Ave & Village Square Center44.853730-93.042149
10002Carmen Ave & Village Square Center44.853643-93.042214
9790Carmen Ave E (5th Ave S) & South St W44.865355-93.039889
12454Cartway Rd & Cartway Court45.182927-93.402000
12443Cartway Rd & Dayton Rd45.190820-93.400910
12447Cartway Rd & Dean Ave45.188823-93.401812
12456Cartway Rd & Elm Creek Rd45.181923-93.401865
12457Cartway Rd & Elm Creek Rd45.182065-93.402013
12455Cartway Rd & Elm Creek Rd N45.182755-93.401875
12444Cartway Rd & Garfield Ave45.189506-93.401798
12450Cartway Rd & Kimball Dr45.187809-93.401953
12451Cartway Rd & Kimball Dr45.187025-93.401808
12448Cartway Rd & Sunset Dr45.188235-93.401823
12449Cartway Rd & Sunset Dr45.188440-93.401951
12452Cartway Rd & Trussell Ave45.185793-93.401799
12453Cartway Rd & Trussell Ave45.186013-93.401933
70099Carver P&R & Ironwood Dr Jonathan Carver44.768977-93.643321
50330Cayuga St & I-35E44.966622-93.088654
57194Cedar Av S & Franklin Av E44.962892-93.244959
57193Cedar Av S & Lake St E44.948277-93.247335
13219Cedar Ave S & 3rd St S44.971163-93.247156
41705Cedar Ave S & 3rd St S44.971451-93.247354
16437Cedar Ave S & 6th St S44.967212-93.247398
19426Cedar Ave S & 6th St S44.967608-93.247163
15364Cedar Ave S & 24th St E44.958767-93.247422
40460Cedar Ave S & 24th St E44.958960-93.247171
15323Cedar Ave S & 26th St E44.955419-93.247254
15368Cedar Ave S & 26th St E44.955298-93.247460
15319Cedar Ave S & 28th St E44.951832-93.247301
15372Cedar Ave S & 28th St E44.952106-93.247474
15313Cedar Ave S & 32nd St E44.944640-93.247326
15378Cedar Ave S & 32nd St E44.944886-93.247484
15310Cedar Ave S & 34th St E44.941199-93.247284
15382Cedar Ave S & 34th St E44.941469-93.247472
15303Cedar Ave S & 39th St E44.932186-93.247254
15388Cedar Ave S & 39th St E44.932412-93.247429
15302Cedar Ave S & 40th St E44.930385-93.247248
15389Cedar Ave S & 40th St E44.930611-93.247419
15301Cedar Ave S & 41st St E44.928624-93.247244
15390Cedar Ave S & 41st St E44.928753-93.247425
17792Cedar Ave S & 42nd St E44.926657-93.247426
17651Cedar Ave S & 43rd St E44.925017-93.247234
17793Cedar Ave S & 43rd St E44.925255-93.247381
17650Cedar Ave S & 44th St E44.923215-93.247243
17794Cedar Ave S & 44th St E44.923449-93.247395
17649Cedar Ave S & 45th St E44.921430-93.247221
17795Cedar Ave S & 45th St E44.921654-93.247384
48976Cedar Ave S & 140th St Station44.748498-93.217356
48977Cedar Ave S & 140th St Station44.748150-93.218069
48179Cedar Ave S & 147th St Station44.737240-93.218046
53494Cedar Ave S & 147th St Station44.736657-93.217419
17618Cedar Ave S & #50144.968896-93.247148
15325Cedar Ave S & #250144.957166-93.247247
15366Cedar Ave S & #250144.957093-93.247459
40467Cedar Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962892-93.245306
15374Cedar Ave S & Lake St E44.948493-93.247541
16435Cedar Ave S & Riverside Plaza44.968985-93.247352
16325Cedar Ave S & Washington Ave (15th Ave)44.973035-93.247355
56510Cedar Grove Busway & Hwy 7744.811616-93.219383
56511Cedar Grove Busway & Hwy 7744.811238-93.219361
8084Cedar Lake & Hwy 169 NB Ramp44.954426-93.399757
13567Cedar Lake Ave & 28th St W44.953262-93.321884
13568Cedar Lake Ave & 28th St W44.953222-93.322444
41395Cedar Lake Ave & Depot St44.953214-93.321255
13571Cedar Lake Ave & Drew Ave S44.953644-93.326035
13572Cedar Lake Ave & Drew Ave S44.953548-93.326338
41396Cedar Lake Ave & France Ave S44.953709-93.328635
8078Cedar Lake Rd & 25th St (Zinran)44.956032-93.388525
41697Cedar Lake Rd & #451244.964371-93.337508
41698Cedar Lake Rd & #451244.964477-93.336948
41695Cedar Lake Rd & #481544.963566-93.340515
49474Cedar Lake Rd & #481544.963769-93.340256
3006Cedar Lake Rd & Blackstone Ave44.964865-93.357895
8040Cedar Lake Rd & Boone Ave44.955359-93.391492
8080Cedar Lake Rd & Boone Ave44.955531-93.391309
2978Cedar Lake Rd & Brunswick Ave44.964682-93.358728
8036Cedar Lake Rd & Cedar Crest Rd44.954899-93.403632
40470Cedar Lake Rd & Cedar Manor School44.954277-93.399472
40468Cedar Lake Rd & Cedarwood Ridge44.956137-93.406864
2980Cedar Lake Rd & Dakota Ave44.963841-93.360735
3004Cedar Lake Rd & Dakota Ave44.963753-93.360590
8038Cedar Lake Rd & Flag Ave44.954898-93.396128
8082Cedar Lake Rd & Flag Ave44.955068-93.395858
8039Cedar Lake Rd & Flag Ave / Stanlen Rd44.955089-93.394064
2981Cedar Lake Rd & Florida Ave44.963128-93.363228
3002Cedar Lake Rd & Florida Ave44.962949-93.363443
40469Cedar Lake Rd & Ford Rd44.955802-93.406267
50121Cedar Lake Rd & Ford Rd44.955708-93.405578
49394Cedar Lake Rd & Greenbrier Rd44.953961-93.411975
2983Cedar Lake Rd & Hampshire Ave44.962137-93.365705
3001Cedar Lake Rd & Hampshire Ave44.962099-93.365495
57069Cedar Lake Rd & Hedberg Dr44.952360-93.419542
2985Cedar Lake Rd & Jersey Ave44.960916-93.368288
2974Cedar Lake Rd & Jewish Community Center44.964299-93.334882
2987Cedar Lake Rd & Louisiana Ave44.959925-93.370663
41366Cedar Lake Rd & Louisiana Ave44.959756-93.370521
8032Cedar Lake Rd & Marcy Lane44.956080-93.408198
8089Cedar Lake Rd & Marcy Lane44.956211-93.407998
41696Cedar Lake Rd & Natchez Ave44.964117-93.339050
41699Cedar Lake Rd & Natchez Ave44.964272-93.338847
8053Cedar Lake Rd & Nevada Ave44.959306-93.373310
8068Cedar Lake Rd & Nevada Ave44.959425-93.373376
41700Cedar Lake Rd & Old Cedar Lake Rd44.963087-93.341897
7422Cedar Lake Rd & Penn Ave S44.973546-93.308608
8050Cedar Lake Rd & Quebec Ave44.958287-93.377270
8070Cedar Lake Rd & Quebec Ave44.958677-93.376698
8071Cedar Lake Rd & Rhode Island Ave44.957741-93.379044
3008Cedar Lake Rd & Ridge Dr44.963470-93.352014
49602Cedar Lake Rd & Ridge Dr44.963595-93.351891
8031Cedar Lake Rd & Royals Dr44.954947-93.410383
8090Cedar Lake Rd & Royals Dr44.955258-93.410228
8081Cedar Lake Rd & Stanlen Rd / Flag Ave44.955230-93.393834
8048Cedar Lake Rd & Sumter Ave44.957608-93.379000
8047Cedar Lake Rd & Texas Ave44.957154-93.381643
8073Cedar Lake Rd & Texas Ave44.957374-93.380955
8046Cedar Lake Rd & Virginia Ave44.956819-93.383527
8074Cedar Lake Rd & Virginia Circle S44.956920-93.383547
8085Cedar Lake Rd & Westview Terrace44.954667-93.402028
8076Cedar Lake Rd & Xylon Ave44.956431-93.386267
8043Cedar Lake Rd & Yukon Ave44.956027-93.387833
2977Cedar Lake Rd & Zarthan Ave S44.965400-93.354600
3007Cedar Lake Rd & Zarthan Ave S44.965294-93.355087
51411Cedar Riverside Station44.968395-93.251064
51426Cedar Riverside Station44.968406-93.251029
1246Cedar St & 5th St44.945930-93.093002
20013Cedar St & 7th Place / 6th St44.947461-93.094522
11912Cedar St & 10th St44.950484-93.097654
49165Centennial Dr & Hamline Ave45.027060-93.157268
57238Central Av NE & Moore Lake Park45.076663-93.240252
50341Central Ave (Co Rd 101) & 1st Ave N44.980102-93.501896
50344Central Ave (Co Rd 101) & 1st Ave N44.980590-93.502227
17225Central Ave NE & 7th St NE44.991325-93.251392
17224Central Ave NE & 7th St SE44.990551-93.251736
17211Central Ave NE & 14th Ave NE45.002152-93.247229
17212Central Ave NE & 14th Ave NE45.002466-93.247457
17206Central Ave NE & 18th 1/2 Ave NE45.006823-93.247232
17207Central Ave NE & 18th 1/2 Ave NE45.007017-93.247519
17208Central Ave NE & 18th Ave NE45.006094-93.247499
17209Central Ave NE & 18th Ave NE45.005841-93.247232
17204Central Ave NE & 19th Ave NE45.008049-93.247507
17205Central Ave NE & 19th Ave NE45.007808-93.247236
17200Central Ave NE & 22nd Ave NE45.010001-93.247503
17201Central Ave NE & 22nd Ave NE45.009754-93.247220
17198Central Ave NE & 23rd Ave NE45.010737-93.247228
17196Central Ave NE & 24th Ave NE45.012272-93.247484
17192Central Ave NE & 26th Ave NE45.015097-93.247471
52073Central Ave NE & 26th Ave NE45.014848-93.247191
17190Central Ave NE & 27th Ave NE45.016632-93.247225
17188Central Ave NE & 28th Ave / 27th Ave45.017436-93.247491
17189Central Ave NE & 28th Ave NE45.018432-93.247204
17186Central Ave NE & 29th Ave NE45.020215-93.247221
17187Central Ave NE & 29th Ave NE45.019984-93.247516
17185Central Ave NE & 30th Ave NE45.022056-93.247193
17182Central Ave NE & 31st Ave NE45.023838-93.247214
17183Central Ave NE & 31st Ave NE45.023571-93.247501
17178Central Ave NE & 33rd Ave NE45.027456-93.247220
17179Central Ave NE & 33rd Ave NE45.027175-93.247511
17177Central Ave NE & 34th Ave NE45.029232-93.247205
17174Central Ave NE & 35th Ave NE45.031093-93.247174
17175Central Ave NE & 35th Ave NE45.030775-93.247496
17169Central Ave NE & 37th Ave NE45.036200-93.247087
17170Central Ave NE & 37th Ave NE45.035874-93.247434
17166Central Ave NE & 39th Ave NE45.038394-93.247454
17168Central Ave NE & 39th Ave NE45.038042-93.247154
17165Central Ave NE & 40th Ave NE45.041095-93.247490
17162Central Ave NE & 41st Ave NE45.042892-93.247478
17163Central Ave NE & 41st Ave NE45.043328-93.247199
17160Central Ave NE & 42nd Ave NE45.044423-93.247211
17161Central Ave NE & 42nd Ave NE45.044742-93.247529
17158Central Ave NE & 43rd Ave NE45.046566-93.247515
17159Central Ave NE & 43rd Ave NE45.046249-93.247242
17156Central Ave NE & 44th Ave NE45.048484-93.247279
17157Central Ave NE & 44th Ave NE45.048444-93.247534
17154Central Ave NE & 45th Ave NE45.049773-93.247544
17155Central Ave NE & 45th Ave NE45.050327-93.247283
17152Central Ave NE & 46th Ave NE45.052141-93.247332
17153Central Ave NE & 46th Ave NE45.051678-93.247731
17150Central Ave NE & 47th Ave NE45.053206-93.247749
17151Central Ave NE & 47th Ave NE45.053880-93.247331
17146Central Ave NE & 49th Ave NE45.056863-93.247754
17147Central Ave NE & 49th Ave NE45.057491-93.247329
17144Central Ave NE & 50th Ave NE45.058697-93.247328
17145Central Ave NE & 50th Ave NE45.059151-93.247754
17142Central Ave NE & 51st Ave NE45.061172-93.247765
17143Central Ave NE & 51st Court45.060373-93.247334
17140Central Ave NE & 52nd Ave NE45.062709-93.247362
17141Central Ave NE & 52nd Ave NE45.062192-93.247777
17138Central Ave NE & 53rd Ave NE45.064064-93.247799
14242Central Ave NE & 64th Ave NE45.084093-93.237659
14243Central Ave NE & 64th Ave NE45.084044-93.237827
14246Central Ave NE & 66th Ave NE45.087999-93.237737
14247Central Ave NE & 66th Ave NE45.088262-93.237906
14250Central Ave NE & 69th Ave NE45.093082-93.237813
14251Central Ave NE & 69th Ave NE45.093463-93.238023
14256Central Ave NE & 72nd Ave NE45.099062-93.238116
14257Central Ave NE & 72nd Ave NE45.098849-93.237927
14258Central Ave NE & 73rd Ave NE45.101066-93.237957
14260Central Ave NE & 73rd Ave NE45.100093-93.238148
14026Central Ave NE & 75th Ave NE45.104191-93.238196
14027Central Ave NE & 75th Ave NE45.103960-93.237982
14024Central Ave NE & 76th Ave NE45.105460-93.238011
14267Central Ave NE & 76th Ave NE45.105610-93.238219
17149Central Ave NE & #476445.055135-93.247749
17148Central Ave NE & #480145.055727-93.247323
14248Central Ave NE & #670045.090149-93.237948
14249Central Ave NE & #670045.090064-93.237781
17215Central Ave NE & Broadway St NE44.999178-93.247143
17216Central Ave NE & Broadway St NE44.998299-93.247433
17171Central Ave NE & Columbia Pkwy45.034000-93.247491
17172Central Ave NE & Columbia Pkwy45.033973-93.247166
14028Central Ave NE & Fireside Dr45.102983-93.237990
14029Central Ave NE & Fireside Dr45.103385-93.238179
14103Central Ave NE & Gardena Ave45.074512-93.242509
14232Central Ave NE & Gardena Ave45.075224-93.241886
14230Central Ave NE & Hackmann Ave45.072188-93.245852
14231Central Ave NE & Hackmann Ave45.072336-93.246010
14238Central Ave NE & Heather Place45.080327-93.237602
14239Central Ave NE & Heather Place45.080643-93.237770
40953Central Ave NE & Hennepin Ave E / 6th St44.989605-93.252481
14234Central Ave NE & Hillcrest Dr45.077468-93.239023
14235Central Ave NE & Hillcrest Dr45.077699-93.238955
17194Central Ave NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013048-93.247212
17195Central Ave NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013279-93.247564
14252Central Ave NE & Medtronic45.095159-93.238052
14253Central Ave NE & Medtronic45.094463-93.237851
14244Central Ave NE & Mississippi St45.086211-93.237880
14245Central Ave NE & Mississippi St45.086268-93.237688
14240Central Ave NE & Moore Lake Dr E45.082160-93.237790
14254Central Ave NE & Norton Ave45.097090-93.237888
14255Central Ave NE & Norton Ave45.097485-93.238082
14030Central Ave NE & Onondaga St45.102417-93.238157
14031Central Ave NE & Onondaga St45.102435-93.237984
14022Central Ave NE & Osborne Rd NE45.107327-93.238253
14241Central Ave NE & Rice Creek Rd45.082570-93.237633
17219Central Ave NE & Spring St NE44.994990-93.248221
17220Central Ave NE & Spring St NE44.994909-93.248554
17180Central Ave NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.025246-93.247523
17181Central Ave NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.025547-93.247217
14236Central Ave NE & Woody Lane45.079351-93.237772
14237Central Ave NE & Woody Lane45.079069-93.237636
56017Central Station44.946130-93.092306
56027Central Station44.946164-93.092297
3066Century Ave (Hwy 120) & 7th St N44.958949-92.984636
3067Century Ave (Hwy 120) & 9th St N44.961154-92.984654
3068Century Ave (Hwy 120) & 10th St N44.963710-92.984620
3065Century Ave (Hwy 120) & Fremont Ave44.957716-92.984638
57025Century Ave S & Parkwood Dr44.925664-92.984381
9738Cesar Chavez St & Ada St44.929515-93.076600
10048Cesar Chavez St & Ada St44.929481-93.077097
9736Cesar Chavez St & Bancroft Ave44.928475-93.072997
10050Cesar Chavez St & Bancroft Ave44.928454-93.073414
40128Cesar Chavez St & Robert St / State St44.930712-93.079705
2605Cesar Chavez St & State St44.930028-93.078371
2606Cesar Chavez St & Winifred St44.931288-93.080218
15971Chandler Dr & 37th Ave NE45.035877-93.213254
15972Chandler Dr & 37th Ave NE45.036085-93.213094
15967Chandler Dr & #382045.038788-93.212301
15968Chandler Dr & #382045.038669-93.212247
15969Chandler Dr & Diamond 8 Terrace45.037131-93.213089
15970Chandler Dr & Diamond 8 Terrace45.037101-93.213248
15965Chandler Dr & Foss Rd45.039483-93.211098
15966Chandler Dr & Foss Rd45.039544-93.211216
51108Chatsworth St & Como Blvd W44.975996-93.141634
42117Chester St & #26144.937527-93.072007
43495Chester St & #341 - Rear44.936477-93.071982
51272Chester St & Plato Blvd44.940607-93.072641
17975Chestnut Ave & 15th St/12th St - Layover44.976892-93.282739
34Chicago Ave S & 8th St S44.971095-93.262426
819Chicago Ave S & 8th St S44.971150-93.262214
36Chicago Ave S & 14th St E44.969039-93.262632
817Chicago Ave S & 14th St E44.968729-93.262466
37Chicago Ave S & 15th St E44.968187-93.262634
39Chicago Ave S & 17th St E44.966423-93.262641
815Chicago Ave S & 17th St E44.966607-93.262473
40Chicago Ave S & 18th St E44.964945-93.262638
813Chicago Ave S & 18th St E44.965041-93.262480
43Chicago Ave S & 22nd St E44.961029-93.262650
810Chicago Ave S & 22nd St E44.960775-93.262493
44Chicago Ave S & 24th St E44.959267-93.262687
809Chicago Ave S & 24th St E44.958980-93.262485
45Chicago Ave S & 25th St E44.957476-93.262668
808Chicago Ave S & 25th St E44.957211-93.262511
46Chicago Ave S & 26th St E44.955687-93.262696
807Chicago Ave S & 26th St E44.955396-93.262503
47Chicago Ave S & 27th St E44.953840-93.262698
806Chicago Ave S & 27th St E44.953493-93.262563
48Chicago Ave S & 28th St E44.952097-93.262734
803Chicago Ave S & 28th St E44.951806-93.262524
50Chicago Ave S & 31st St E44.946818-93.262765
801Chicago Ave S & 31st St E44.946416-93.262551
51Chicago Ave S & 32nd St E44.944832-93.262729
800Chicago Ave S & 32nd St E44.944617-93.262541
52Chicago Ave S & 33rd St E44.943277-93.262722
799Chicago Ave S & 33rd St E44.943054-93.262511
53Chicago Ave S & 34th St E44.941520-93.262693
798Chicago Ave S & 34th St E44.941245-93.262491
54Chicago Ave S & 35th St E44.939680-93.262673
797Chicago Ave S & 35th St E44.939416-93.262462
62Chicago Ave S & 43rd St E44.925239-93.262616
789Chicago Ave S & 43rd St E44.924984-93.262434
63Chicago Ave S & 44th St E44.923472-93.262655
788Chicago Ave S & 44th St E44.923210-93.262456
64Chicago Ave S & 45th St E44.921701-93.262674
787Chicago Ave S & 45th St E44.921440-93.262465
65Chicago Ave S & 46th St E44.919892-93.262684
786Chicago Ave S & 46th St E44.919303-93.262508
66Chicago Ave S & 47th St E44.918028-93.262705
785Chicago Ave S & 47th St E44.917751-93.262519
67Chicago Ave S & 48th St E44.916690-93.262726
784Chicago Ave S & 48th St E44.916395-93.262531
68Chicago Ave S & 49th St E44.914394-93.262740
783Chicago Ave S & 49th St E44.914215-93.262555
69Chicago Ave S & 50th St E44.912608-93.262769
781Chicago Ave S & 50th St E44.912402-93.262573
70Chicago Ave S & 51st St E44.910563-93.262745
780Chicago Ave S & 51st St E44.910549-93.262558
71Chicago Ave S & 52nd St E44.908967-93.262748
779Chicago Ave S & 52nd St E44.909073-93.262552
72Chicago Ave S & 53rd St E44.907204-93.262745
778Chicago Ave S & 53rd St E44.906959-93.262549
73Chicago Ave S & 54th St E44.905355-93.262742
777Chicago Ave S & 54th St E44.905089-93.262546
74Chicago Ave S & 55th St E44.903506-93.262761
776Chicago Ave S & 55th St E44.903291-93.262578
775Chicago Ave S & 56th St E44.901480-93.262586
40472Chicago Ave S & 56th St E44.901300-93.262812
51212Chicago Ave S & 56th St E44.901290-93.263034
76Chicago Ave S & 57th St E44.898979-93.262878
744Chicago Ave S & 57th St E44.899631-93.262670
77Chicago Ave S & 58th St E44.898017-93.262866
743Chicago Ave S & 58th St E44.897794-93.262708
78Chicago Ave S & 59th St E44.896205-93.262905
742Chicago Ave S & 59th St E44.895974-93.262752
79Chicago Ave S & 60th St E44.894442-93.262952
52300Chicago Ave S & Chicago Lake TC Gate C44.949633-93.262555
42Chicago Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962877-93.262661
811Chicago Ave S & Franklin Ave E44.962547-93.262465
52261Chicago Lake Transit Center & Gate A44.949243-93.262056
52262Chicago Lake Transit Center & Gate B44.949410-93.262441
56913Chicago-Lake Transit Center Gate D44.949257-93.262735
53699Chowen Ave S & Southwest High School44.919641-93.325447
9781Clayton Ave & 67th St E44.851682-93.034668
9780Clayton Ave & 68th St E44.851111-93.034663
10006Clayton Ave & 68th St E44.851307-93.034781
9779Clayton Ave & 69th St E44.849721-93.034633
10007Clayton Ave & 69th St E44.849920-93.034755
10008Clayton Ave & 70th St E44.848224-93.034724
9761Clayton Ave & 75th St E44.840656-93.034552
9760Clayton Ave & 76th St E44.839798-93.034547
10029Clayton Ave & 76th St E44.839961-93.034676
9759Clayton Ave & 77th St E44.837892-93.034523
10030Clayton Ave & 77th St E44.838047-93.034649
10031Clayton Ave & 78th St E44.837318-93.034650
51126Cleveland Ave & #260045.019414-93.187143
18788Cleveland Ave & Ashland Ave44.943891-93.187305
18907Cleveland Ave & Ashland Ave/Portland Ave44.943460-93.187449
11752Cleveland Ave & Bayard Ave44.922638-93.187473
11762Cleveland Ave & Bayard Ave44.921974-93.187278
48305Cleveland Ave & Berkeley/St Clair Ave44.933778-93.187326
18794Cleveland Ave & Carroll Ave44.950738-93.187285
18901Cleveland Ave & Carroll Ave44.950945-93.187441
41974Cleveland Ave & Como Ave44.977639-93.188807
52151Cleveland Ave & Dudley Ave44.987089-93.187114
13054Cleveland Ave & Elsie Lane44.903594-93.187460
11755Cleveland Ave & Ford Pkwy44.918090-93.187478
13095Cleveland Ave & Ford Pkwy44.917761-93.187240
42439Cleveland Ave & Ford Pkwy44.917428-93.187523
43573Cleveland Ave & Gilbert Ave44.954729-93.187296
18783Cleveland Ave & Goodrich Ave44.937826-93.187324
18912Cleveland Ave & Goodrich Ave44.938049-93.187445
18785Cleveland Ave & Grand Ave44.940521-93.187316
18910Cleveland Ave & Grand Ave44.940251-93.187456
11751Cleveland Ave & Hartford Ave44.923541-93.187457
11763Cleveland Ave & Hartford Ave44.923344-93.187269
11754Cleveland Ave & Highland Pkwy44.919948-93.187464
13094Cleveland Ave & Hillcrest Ave44.916933-93.187246
18793Cleveland Ave & Iglehart Ave44.949329-93.187278
18902Cleveland Ave & Iglehart Ave44.949763-93.187429
13043Cleveland Ave & Inner Dr (Bohland Ave)44.916147-93.187506
49214Cleveland Ave & Iona Lane W45.024348-93.187298
13050Cleveland Ave & Itasca Ave44.906956-93.187490
13086Cleveland Ave & Itasca Ave44.906984-93.187319
18775Cleveland Ave & Jefferson Ave44.930569-93.187323
18921Cleveland Ave & Jefferson Ave44.930828-93.187446
13048Cleveland Ave & Magoffin Ave44.909017-93.187478
13088Cleveland Ave & Magoffin Ave44.908818-93.187315
18792Cleveland Ave & Marshall Ave44.948204-93.187273
18903Cleveland Ave & Marshall Ave44.948548-93.187435
13045Cleveland Ave & Montreal Ave44.912767-93.187449
13091Cleveland Ave & Montreal Ave44.912402-93.187300
11749Cleveland Ave & Niles Ave44.925380-93.187471
11765Cleveland Ave & Niles Ave44.925156-93.187271
48984Cleveland Ave & Oakcrest Ave45.018011-93.187346
49213Cleveland Ave & Oakcrest Ave45.018040-93.187164
18773Cleveland Ave & Palace Ave44.928794-93.187315
18923Cleveland Ave & Palace Ave44.929006-93.187435
11760Cleveland Ave & Pinehurst Ave44.919172-93.187283
51053Cleveland Ave & Portland Ave44.942793-93.187305
18781Cleveland Ave & Princeton Ave44.936047-93.187330
18914Cleveland Ave & Princeton Ave44.936229-93.187443
13052Cleveland Ave & Ramlow Place44.905341-93.187493
13084Cleveland Ave & Ramlow Place44.905172-93.187342
11748Cleveland Ave & Randolph Ave44.926777-93.187469
11766Cleveland Ave & Randolph Ave44.926708-93.187274
18795Cleveland Ave & Roblyn Ave44.952268-93.187298
18900Cleveland Ave & Roblyn Ave44.952096-93.187448
51125Cleveland Ave & Rosegate Ave45.019584-93.187387
13092Cleveland Ave & Saunders Ave44.913782-93.187281
18790Cleveland Ave & Selby Ave44.946070-93.187298
18905Cleveland Ave & Selby Ave44.946367-93.187437
18796Cleveland Ave & St Anthony Ave44.953626-93.187294
18899Cleveland Ave & St Anthony Ave44.953918-93.187464
18916Cleveland Ave & St Clair Ave44.934441-93.187462
13093Cleveland Ave & St Paul Avenue44.915536-93.187283
18777Cleveland Ave & Stanford Ave44.932412-93.187327
18919Cleveland Ave & Stanford Ave44.932629-93.187447
18909Cleveland Ave & Summit Ave44.941847-93.187467
13044Cleveland Ave & Village Lane44.914123-93.187447
13082Cleveland Ave & Worcester Ave44.903567-93.187313
48979Cleveland Ave N & Centre Pointe Dr (N)45.034286-93.187746
49217Cleveland Ave N & Centre Pointe Dr (N)45.033984-93.187552
48981Cleveland Ave N & Centre Pointe Dr (S)45.027942-93.187588
49215Cleveland Ave N & Centre Pointe Dr S45.027636-93.187391
53798Cleveland Ave N & Co Rd C/Twin Lakes45.021530-93.187249
48980Cleveland Ave N & Lydia Ave45.030933-93.187657
49216Cleveland Ave N & Lydia Ave45.030740-93.187474
56423Cnty Rd 6 & St Philip P&R44.994985-93.497740
47631Co Rd 6 & 16th Ave N44.997292-93.447485
44944Co Rd 6 & Annapolis Lane44.996567-93.454205
45104Co Rd 6 & Hwy 5544.999236-93.442831
47632Co Rd 6 & Hwy 5544.999136-93.442748
45106Co Rd 6 & Water Tower Circle44.997532-93.447332
44945Co Rd 6 & Xenium Lane44.996553-93.451503
45107Co Rd 6 & Xenium Lane44.996801-93.451038
56783Co Rd 15 (Stillwater) & Stillwater Way45.010550-92.862404
56784Co Rd 15 (Stillwater) & Stillwater Way45.009833-92.863005
45004Co Rd 24 & 30th Ave N45.014733-93.502362
44835Co Rd 24 & 32nd Ave N45.017113-93.498795
45005Co Rd 24 & 32nd Ave N45.016829-93.498825
44836Co Rd 24 & Kimberly Lane45.015659-93.500878
44837Co Rd 24 & Lawndale Lane45.014935-93.502145
48687Co Rd 24 & Medina Rd45.019298-93.495784
48688Co Rd 24 & Medina Rd45.019589-93.495010
44838Co Rd 24 & Olive Lane45.014679-93.504964
45003Co Rd 24 & Olive Lane45.014448-93.505338
44765Co Rd 73 & Old Co Rd 1544.986258-93.418975
6069Co Rd 73 & Wayzata Blvd N44.971264-93.420805
44770Co Rd 73 (Hopkins Xroad) & Fairfield Rd44.975383-93.420812
44773Co Rd 73 (Hopkins Xroad) & Fairfield Rd44.975277-93.420553
6767Co Rd 73 P&R & A Bay44.969292-93.421130
7004Co Rd 73 P&R & B Bay44.969296-93.421466
52827Co Rd 73 P&R & From - State Fair44.969332-93.420872
52490Co Rd 73 P&R & To - State Fair44.969332-93.420872
50340Co Rd 101 & 8th Ave N44.987292-93.502138
50343Co Rd 101 & 8th Ave N44.987492-93.502331
50339Co Rd 101 & 12th Ave N44.991099-93.501935
50342Co Rd 101 & 12th Ave N44.991274-93.502141
44845Co Rd 101 & 19th Ave N44.999920-93.502517
44994Co Rd 101 & 19th Ave N44.999858-93.502036
45229Co Rd 101 & 19th Ave N / Co Rd 644.997359-93.502074
44843Co Rd 101 & 24th Ave N45.005278-93.507241
44996Co Rd 101 & 24th Ave N45.005030-93.506990
44997Co Rd 101 & 25th Ave N45.006943-93.506898
44841Co Rd 101 & 26th Ave N45.007329-93.507330
44998Co Rd 101 & 26th Ave N45.007744-93.506964
44840Co Rd 101 & 28th Ave N45.010424-93.507326
44999Co Rd 101 & 28th Ave N45.010130-93.507037
44839Co Rd 101 & 30th Ave N45.012423-93.507517
45000Co Rd 101 & 30th Ave N45.012169-93.507189
45001Co Rd 101 & 30th Place N45.013274-93.507154
53369Co Rd 101 & 38th Ave N45.025577-93.507455
53373Co Rd 101 & 38th Ave N45.025352-93.507048
53010Co Rd 101 & Clear View Dr44.893538-93.515492
44993Co Rd 101 & Co Rd 6 / 19th Ave N44.997242-93.501699
45002Co Rd 101 & Co Rd 2445.014356-93.507133
49522Co Rd 101 & Conifer Trail44.903286-93.508449
49267Co Rd 101 & Covington Rd44.898727-93.512987
49269Co Rd 101 & Covington Rd44.898993-93.512995
49521Co Rd 101 & Hanus Rd44.900974-93.511185
49528Co Rd 101 & Hanus Rd44.901189-93.511308
40597Co Rd 101 & Hutchins Dr44.911104-93.503432
41673Co Rd 101 & Hutchins Dr / Hwy 744.912370-93.503066
6672Co Rd 101 & Hwy 744.912859-93.503410
50173Co Rd 101 & Hwy 5545.030815-93.507171
50174Co Rd 101 & Hwy 5545.031583-93.507562
49523Co Rd 101 & Mahoney Ave44.904874-93.506561
49526Co Rd 101 & Mahoney Ave44.905034-93.506656
44844Co Rd 101 & Merrimac Lane45.001840-93.504320
44995Co Rd 101 & Merrimac Lane45.002060-93.504174
45228Co Rd 101 & Queensland Lane45.006459-93.507281
49527Co Rd 101 & Tamarack Dr44.903628-93.508246
49524Co Rd 101 & Tracy Lynn Terrace44.906832-93.505199
49525Co Rd 101 & Tracy Lynn Terrace44.907139-93.505210
45389Co Rd B & #67045.006109-93.128208
45424Co Rd B & #67045.006245-93.128089
578Co Rd B & Albert St45.006338-93.159730
3960Co Rd B & Albert St45.006211-93.159390
45388Co Rd B & Avon St45.006155-93.131978
5267Co Rd B & Barclay St45.006405-93.038209
5298Co Rd B & Barclay St45.006487-93.037886
5266Co Rd B & Birmingham St45.006538-93.040961
5299Co Rd B & Birmingham St45.006568-93.040650
3998Co Rd B & Dale St45.006241-93.126550
45390Co Rd B & Dale St45.006047-93.126432
575Co Rd B & Dellwood St45.006399-93.153891
5301Co Rd B & English St45.008224-93.045453
573Co Rd B & Fernwood St45.006432-93.151378
5269Co Rd B & Germain St45.006383-93.033074
5296Co Rd B & Germain St45.006474-93.032735
45425Co Rd B & Grotto St45.006288-93.131017
576Co Rd B & Hamline Ave45.006389-93.156317
3961Co Rd B & Hamline Ave45.006190-93.156864
3958Co Rd B & Har Mar Mall45.006112-93.163436
5268Co Rd B & Hazelwood St45.006397-93.035683
5297Co Rd B & Hazelwood St45.006485-93.035314
5270Co Rd B & Kennard St45.006379-93.031337
5295Co Rd B & Kennard St45.006468-93.030131
45428Co Rd B & Lexington Ave45.006511-93.146158
53742Co Rd B & Lexington Ave45.006499-93.146802
5265Co Rd B & McAfee Circle45.007857-93.044621
5300Co Rd B & McAfee Circle45.007807-93.044223
45386Co Rd B & Oxford St45.006320-93.143123
45427Co Rd B & Oxford St45.006443-93.142901
5271Co Rd B & Prosperity Ave45.006365-93.028292
5294Co Rd B & Prosperity Ave45.006467-93.027780
41751Co Rd B & Snelling Ave45.006321-93.165969
580Co Rd B & Target Driveway45.006326-93.162943
45387Co Rd B & Victoria St45.006194-93.136457
45426Co Rd B & Victoria St45.006356-93.136120
46718Co Rd B-2 & #21045.013414-93.092449
594Co Rd B-2 & American St45.014946-93.170499
3948Co Rd B-2 & American St45.015145-93.171525
42050Co Rd B-2 & Cleveland Ave45.015024-93.186294
42051Co Rd B-2 & Cleveland Ave45.014868-93.185855
4111Co Rd B-2 & Fairview Ave45.014289-93.176740
4138Co Rd B-2 & Fairview Ave45.014067-93.177291
45409Co Rd B-2 & Grand Pre Apts45.013523-93.091860
4117Co Rd B-2 & Long Lake Rd45.014365-93.192308
4132Co Rd B-2 & Long Lake Rd45.013902-93.192908
4015Co Rd B-2 & MN Dot45.013275-93.164649
4019Co Rd B-2 & MN Dot45.013081-93.164495
4014Co Rd B-2 & Pascal St45.013424-93.161632
45142Co Rd B-2 & Pascal St45.013273-93.161853
4112Co Rd B-2 & Prior Ave45.015017-93.181829
42052Co Rd B-2 & Prior Ave45.014880-93.182371
45413Co Rd B-2 & Rice St45.013605-93.104815
3949Co Rd B-2 & Rosedale Commons45.015139-93.173742
4140Co Rd B-2 & Rosedale Commons (E)45.014958-93.174110
45412Co Rd B-2 & Roseville Middle School45.013549-93.100528
46715Co Rd B-2 & Roseville Middle School45.013436-93.100580
45411Co Rd B-2 & St Jude Medical Center45.013559-93.098207
46716Co Rd B-2 & St Jude Medical Center45.013429-93.098205
53532Co Rd C & Cleveland Ave N45.020678-93.186485
53533Co Rd C & Cleveland Ave N45.020437-93.186763
53531Co Rd C & Fairview Ave45.021466-93.177478
52571Co Rd C & First Transit45.021162-93.173086
52572Co Rd C & First Transit45.021328-93.172944
4124Co Rd C & Patton Rd45.020699-93.206233
52238Co Rd C & Rosedale Square - Byerlys45.021255-93.170331
4125Co Rd C & Walnut St45.020491-93.205627
48978Co Rd D & Cleveland Ave45.035685-93.188045
49221Co Rd D & Cleveland Ave45.035818-93.187924
4951Co Rd D & Long Lake Rd45.035648-93.195197
18490Co Rd D & Long Lake Rd45.035815-93.194781
41797Co Rd D & McCallum Dr45.035805-93.203399
41806Co Rd D & Meadow Apts45.035665-93.203362
4950Co Rd D & Old Hwy 845.035629-93.200151
18491Co Rd D & Old Hwy 845.035821-93.199823
49135Co Rd E & #108045.050143-93.145778
49192Co Rd E & #120045.050121-93.149695
49194Co Rd E & #120045.050318-93.149923
42347Co Rd E & Bellaire Ave45.050282-92.995356
42359Co Rd E & Bellaire Ave45.050148-92.994616
49838Co Rd E & Century Hills Center45.050169-92.986336
7784Co Rd E & Cranbrook Dr45.050274-93.000522
7738Co Rd E & Ebba St45.050136-93.000293
7737Co Rd E & Golfview Dr45.050128-93.002548
7785Co Rd E & Golfview Dr45.050289-93.002510
7736Co Rd E & McKnight Rd45.050131-93.004789
7739Co Rd E & Mosby Rd45.050127-92.997657
7783Co Rd E & Oak Terrace45.050299-92.997362
49191Co Rd E & Pine Tree Dr45.050109-93.152913
49195Co Rd E & Pine Tree Dr45.050312-93.152098
42344Co Rd E & Rolling View Dr45.050291-92.989593
42362Co Rd E & Rolling View Dr45.050164-92.990069
45260Co Rd E & Victoria St45.050082-93.133626
45256Co Rd E & Vivian Ave45.050284-93.136706
49837Co Rd E & White Bear Hills Center45.050317-92.986363
14452Co Rd F & #4138-413445.064763-93.145849
46661Co Rd F & Chatsworth St45.064660-93.142469
43320Co Rd F & Lexington Ave45.064641-93.146588
14449Co Rd F & Nancy Place45.064774-93.139462
14457Co Rd F & Nancy Place45.064676-93.139783
14451Co Rd F & Oxford St45.064793-93.142891
14446Co Rd F & Victoria St45.064812-93.132297
14460Co Rd F & Victoria St45.064675-93.132330
14448Co Rd F & Wilson Park45.064796-93.135186
14458Co Rd F & Wilson Park45.064672-93.135543
14063Co Rd H & 17th Ave NW45.093477-93.210163
14069Co Rd H & Brighton Lane45.093499-93.213627
14070Co Rd H & Brighton Lane45.093406-93.213540
14065Co Rd H & Eastwood Dr45.093557-93.211113
14064Co Rd H & Greenwood Dr45.093576-93.209863
16279Co Rd H & Long Lake Rd45.093502-93.208913
14075Co Rd H & Longview Dr45.093338-93.217441
14076Co Rd H & Longview Dr45.093430-93.217531
57067Co Rd H & Old Hwy 8 / Mounds View Blvd45.093943-93.193322
14066Co Rd H & Oriole Lane45.093447-93.211368
14067Co Rd H & Rainbow Lane45.093429-93.212655
14068Co Rd H & Rainbow Lane45.093527-93.212397
14073Co Rd H & Red Oak Dr45.093457-93.216225
14074Co Rd H & Robin Lane45.093358-93.216545
14077Co Rd H & Silver Lake Rd45.093422-93.218767
14071Co Rd H & Sunnyside Rd45.093379-93.215068
14072Co Rd H & Sunnyside Rd45.093486-93.214995
14727Co Rd H P&R & Mounds View Blvd / I-35W45.094851-93.190242
14053Co Rd H-2 & Long Lake Rd45.100730-93.209097
40107Co Rd H-2 & Long Lake Rd45.100836-93.209327
14047Co Rd H-2 & Parkview Dr45.100672-93.217036
14046Co Rd H-2 & Red Oak Dr45.100607-93.216712
14050Co Rd H-2 & Scotland Green Apts (E)45.100700-93.211876
14052Co Rd H-2 & Scotland Green Apts (E)45.100783-93.211038
14051Co Rd H-2 & Scotland Green Apts (W)45.100748-93.213081
40135Co Rd H-2 & Scotland Green Apts (W)45.100671-93.213258
14044Co Rd H-2 & Silver Lake Rd45.100654-93.218805
14045Co Rd H-2 & Silver Lake Rd45.100542-93.218825
14048Co Rd H-2 & Sunnyside Rd45.100706-93.215141
14049Co Rd H-2 & Sunnyside Rd45.100632-93.215399
10116College Trail & Blaine Ave44.827209-93.050215
47050College Trail & Brewster Ave44.827295-93.047918
47054College Trail & Brewster Ave44.827404-93.047559
9677College Trail & Cahill Ave44.827749-93.041210
53405College Trail & Cahill Ave44.827865-93.041358
42136Collegeview Rd & Collegeview Circle44.836029-93.343752
42134Collegeview Rd & Marsh Park Condos44.831613-93.337889
42145Collegeview Rd & Marsh Park Condos44.831500-93.337971
42143Collegeview Rd & Palmer Rd44.835805-93.343179
42135Collegeview Rd & Poplar Bridge Apts44.834029-93.339582
42144Collegeview Rd & Poplar Bridge Apts44.834045-93.339769
42137Collegeview Rd & Poplar Bridge Rd44.836330-93.345362
42142Collegeview Rd & Poplar Bridge Rd44.836187-93.345366
14623Columbia Ave NE & 31st Ave NE45.024027-93.272956
14620Columbia Ave NE & Saint Anthony Pkwy45.027292-93.272887
14622Columbia Ave NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.027431-93.272726
49353Columbia Heights Transit & 40/41 Ave NE45.041951-93.246969
49303Columbia Heights Transit Center & Bay A45.042560-93.246762
49304Columbia Heights Transit Center & Bay B45.042367-93.246977
49208Columbia Heights Transit Center & Bay C45.042558-93.246665
53745Commerce St & Albert St / Hamline Ave45.008912-93.158188
53744Commerce St & Pascal St45.008636-93.161979
45190Community Center Dr & Victoria Dr45.080983-93.134725
861Como Ave & Beulah Lane44.977830-93.153399
938Como Ave & Beulah Lane44.977722-93.153329
884Como Ave & Buford Ave44.984523-93.197744
914Como Ave & Buford Ave44.984571-93.198018
881Como Ave & Carter Ave44.981156-93.194168
917Como Ave & Carter Ave44.981492-93.194824
872Como Ave & Cathlin St44.977034-93.179173
926Como Ave & Cathlin St44.976978-93.178826
50129Como Ave & Chatsworth St44.974947-93.141339
50192Como Ave & Chatsworth St44.974847-93.141248
877Como Ave & Cleveland Ave (Raymond)44.977491-93.188766
860Como Ave & Como Park Pool44.977572-93.149011
939Como Ave & Como Park Pool44.977458-93.148868
50125Como Ave & Como Place44.974830-93.135528
50126Como Ave & Como Place44.974923-93.135708
916Como Ave & Doswell Ave44.982503-93.196057
886Como Ave & Eustis St44.987341-93.202875
911Como Ave & Eustis St44.987103-93.202675
870Como Ave & Fairgrounds - Gate #944.977379-93.172085
929Como Ave & Fairgrounds - Gate #944.977228-93.172183
874Como Ave & Fifield St44.976248-93.183784
924Como Ave & Fifield St44.976160-93.184102
876Como Ave & Gibbs Ave44.977033-93.187041
922Como Ave & Gibbs Ave44.976816-93.186812
53040Como Ave & Hamline Ave44.977335-93.157020
53041Como Ave & Hamline Ave44.977463-93.156622
879Como Ave & Knapp St44.979038-93.191782
919Como Ave & Knapp St44.978804-93.191579
56932Como Ave & Luther Pl44.982973-93.196299
826Como Ave & Marion St44.960589-93.108761
972Como Ave & Marion St44.960421-93.108850
864Como Ave & Pascal St44.977420-93.162213
935Como Ave & Pascal St44.977283-93.162134
52897Como Ave & Raleigh St44.976668-93.185601
921Como Ave & Raymond Ave44.977739-93.189574
973Como Ave & Rice St44.958971-93.106233
49895Como Ave & Rice St44.959426-93.106748
866Como Ave & Snelling Ave44.977415-93.166892
931Como Ave & Snelling Ave44.977229-93.167326
828Como Ave & Van Buren Ave44.962474-93.112224
970Como Ave & Van Buren Ave44.962471-93.112480
831Como Ave & Western Ave44.964559-93.115944
49892Como Ave & Western Ave44.964267-93.115778
16093Como Ave SE & 18th Ave SE44.987765-93.227127
16094Como Ave SE & 18th Ave SE44.987880-93.226780
16085Como Ave SE & 22nd Ave SE44.987847-93.221711
57016Como Ave SE & 22nd Ave SE44.987940-93.221440
16081Como Ave SE & 24th Ave SE44.987968-93.218862
16072Como Ave SE & 27th Ave SE44.987912-93.215370
52305Como Ave SE & 27th Ave SE44.988021-93.215016
16066Como Ave SE & 33rd Ave SE44.988137-93.207561
16067Como Ave SE & 33rd Ave SE44.988014-93.208080
16080Como Ave SE & Weeks Ave (24th Ave)44.987873-93.219224
5555Como Blvd E & Maryland Ave44.977265-93.135413
53789Como Eustis P&R & Turnaround44.987632-93.203102
49432Concord Blvd & 78th St E44.837468-93.022213
10079Concord Blvd & Dawn Way E44.862788-93.022753
9707Concord Blvd & Linden St44.864025-93.023140
10078Concord Blvd & Linden St44.864430-93.023480
10068Concord Exchange & #14444.889123-93.033927
40055Concord Exchange & #15144.888793-93.033722
9715Concord Exchange & Armour Ave44.885028-93.032434
10070Concord Exchange & Armour Ave44.884885-93.032567
9716Concord Exchange & Camber Ave44.887034-93.033122
10069Concord Exchange & Camber Ave44.887988-93.033642
9714Concord Exchange & Concord St44.882385-93.032102
10071Concord Exchange & Concord St44.882636-93.032289
9719Concord Exchange & Grand Ave44.892696-93.034868
10066Concord Exchange & Grand Ave44.892402-93.034853
9718Concord Exchange & Veterans Memorial Dr44.890976-93.034246
10067Concord Exchange & Veterans Memorial Dr44.891389-93.034440
9729Concord St & Annapolis St44.919908-93.060140
10057Concord St & Annapolis St44.919678-93.059994
10072Concord St & Armour Ave44.884919-93.032336
9731Concord St & Belvidere St44.922205-93.062381
10055Concord St & Belvidere St44.922247-93.062591
50024Concord St & Concord Exch Rd44.881929-93.031707
9732Concord St & Curtice St44.922978-93.063043
10054Concord St & Curtice St44.923189-93.063398
47044Concord St & Hwy 52 Ramp44.927322-93.069418
47046Concord St & Hwy 52 Ramp44.927030-93.069225
10052Concord St & Kansas St44.926000-93.067115
40099Concord St & Kansas St44.926018-93.066785
9733Concord St & Page St44.924761-93.064678
10053Concord St & Page St44.924942-93.065280
9708Concord St & Poplar St E44.866147-93.024174
9721Concord St N & #52244.900018-93.040117
10064Concord St N & #52244.899872-93.040153
9724Concord St N & #1180-Speedway44.908955-93.050147
10061Concord St N & #1180-Speedway44.908700-93.050137
9728Concord St N & Bircher Ave44.918102-93.058156
10058Concord St N & Bircher Ave44.918234-93.058543
9723Concord St N & Bryant Ave N44.905630-93.046616
10062Concord St N & Bryant Ave N44.905864-93.047069
9726Concord St N & Butler Ave44.914090-93.054517
10060Concord St N & Butler Ave44.913958-93.054622
48728Concord St N & Hardman Ave44.896410-93.036503
48729Concord St N & Hardman Ave / Grand Ave44.895417-93.036155
9727Concord St N & Stanley Ave44.916135-93.056421
10059Concord St N & Stanley Ave44.915983-93.056513
9720Concord St N & Wentworth Ave44.898607-93.038458
10065Concord St N & Wentworth Ave44.898205-93.038520
40152Concord St S & 6th St (Villaume Ave)44.880108-93.032042
48634Concord St S & #140244.868690-93.026668
9709Concord St S & #141444.868881-93.026642
40065Concord St S & Concord Exchange44.881885-93.032044
10074Concord St S & Dale Place44.873397-93.029341
10076Concord St S & Poplar St E44.866094-93.024308
9710Concord St S & Richmond St E44.872820-93.028627
9713Concord St S & Villaume Ave44.880524-93.031701
18665Concordia Ave & Snelling Ave44.951183-93.166572
2423Conway Ave & 5th St44.955769-92.999484
2435Conway Ave & 5th St44.955998-93.000013
2424Conway Ave & 14th St44.955858-92.995847
5177Conway Ave & 14th St44.956057-92.996027
2284Conway Ave & 17th St (Carlton)44.955748-92.992119
2281Conway Ave & 24th St44.955874-92.987089
2287Conway Ave & 24th St44.955669-92.987415
2283Conway Ave & Carlton St44.956029-92.992300
3221Conway Ave & Howard St44.955906-93.007805
2280Conway Ave & Hwy 120 - Century44.955885-92.985572
3056Conway Ave & McKnight Rd44.955745-93.004119
49860Conway Ave & Tower St44.955896-93.005676
40147Conway St & Tower St44.955803-93.006040
40480Coon Rapids Blvd & 93rd Ave NW45.139249-93.275071
11043Coon Rapids Blvd & 111th Ave NW45.173755-93.343819
11044Coon Rapids Blvd & 111th Ave NW45.173117-93.343197
11039Coon Rapids Blvd & Bittersweet St45.170528-93.336930
11040Coon Rapids Blvd & Bittersweet St45.170013-93.336418
11055Coon Rapids Blvd & Blackfoot St45.184006-93.368210
11056Coon Rapids Blvd & Blackfoot St45.183434-93.367347
10963Coon Rapids Blvd & Crane St45.152264-93.301909
11041Coon Rapids Blvd & Crooked Lake Blvd45.171124-93.338887
11042Coon Rapids Blvd & Crooked Lake Blvd45.171712-93.339503
11058Coon Rapids Blvd & Dakotah St45.184831-93.370949
11059Coon Rapids Blvd & Dakotah St45.184884-93.370571
11037Coon Rapids Blvd & Direct River Dr45.168076-93.332158
10966Coon Rapids Blvd & Egret Blvd45.154502-93.306055
10967Coon Rapids Blvd & Egret Blvd45.155194-93.306747
11060Coon Rapids Blvd & Eldorado St45.185529-93.372344
11061Coon Rapids Blvd & Eldorado St45.185512-93.372741
10938Coon Rapids Blvd & Flintwood St45.139460-93.274836
40212Coon Rapids Blvd & Foley Blvd45.144436-93.281622
42440Coon Rapids Blvd & Foley Blvd45.145513-93.282551
10973Coon Rapids Blvd & Hanson Blvd45.160414-93.317286
11030Coon Rapids Blvd & Hanson Blvd45.161502-93.318760
10940Coon Rapids Blvd & Holly St45.141510-93.277430
10941Coon Rapids Blvd & Holly St45.141252-93.277579
10968Coon Rapids Blvd & Hummingbird St45.157293-93.310653
10969Coon Rapids Blvd & Ibis St45.156765-93.310225
10970Coon Rapids Blvd & Jay St45.158639-93.313251
10971Coon Rapids Blvd & Jay St45.158364-93.313302
11047Coon Rapids Blvd & Mississippi Blvd45.175205-93.346732
11048Coon Rapids Blvd & Mississippi Blvd45.174588-93.346122
11051Coon Rapids Blvd & Oakmont Apts45.180293-93.358646
11052Coon Rapids Blvd & Oakmont Apts45.179835-93.358161
49270Coon Rapids Blvd & Pheasant Ridge Dr45.178628-93.354397
49271Coon Rapids Blvd & Pheasant Ridge Dr45.178073-93.353732
11031Coon Rapids Blvd & Quinn St NW45.163415-93.322501
11032Coon Rapids Blvd & Quinn St NW45.162957-93.322174
11053Coon Rapids Blvd & Round Lake Blvd45.181634-93.362797
11054Coon Rapids Blvd & Round Lake Blvd45.182306-93.363768
48939Coon Rapids Blvd & Springbrook Dr45.138373-93.273383
49520Coon Rapids Blvd & Springbrook Dr45.138135-93.273605
11033Coon Rapids Blvd & Thrush St45.164752-93.325644
11034Coon Rapids Blvd & Thrush St45.165322-93.326163
11035Coon Rapids Blvd & Xavis St45.167638-93.330670
11036Coon Rapids Blvd & Xavis St45.167082-93.330183
11038Coon Rapids Blvd & Yukon St45.168550-93.332559
10957Coon Rapids Blvd & Zilla St NW45.151673-93.299755
53384Coon Rapids Riverdale Station & Gate A45.191105-93.351244
53344Coon Rapids Riverdale Station & Platform45.190833-93.351232
53351Coon Rapids Riverdale Station & Platform45.190813-93.351257
52773Coral Sea St & 82nd Lane45.120715-93.198703
53891Coral Sea St & 84th Lane45.123109-93.198714
50157Cottage Grove P&R & W Point Douglas Rd S44.824987-92.955582
56557Cottage Grove State Fair Express - In44.825344-92.956204
57065Cottage Grove State Fair Express - Out44.824953-92.955529
80416County Rd 101 & Creek View Trl44.893518-93.515333
57068County Rd H & Mounds View Blvd45.094853-93.192369
90169County Road 42 WB & Marschall Rd Control Pt44.746722-93.498929
49160Coventry Apt Homes & #2820 Snelling Dr45.026272-93.166035
16956Cretin Ave & Marshall Ave44.947952-93.192565
18686Cretin Ave & Marshall Ave44.948222-93.192347
16952Cretin Ave & Roblyn Ave44.951836-93.192362
16955Cretin Ave & Roblyn Ave44.952040-93.192550
18673Cretin Ave & Selby Ave44.946352-93.192510
18685Cretin Ave & Selby Ave44.946064-93.192347
18675Cretin Ave & Summit Ave44.941932-93.192543
18683Cretin Ave & Summit Ave44.942041-93.192360
16953Cretin Ave & Temple Court44.954087-93.192381
18669Cretin Ave & Temple Court44.954110-93.192543
11022Crooked Lake Blvd & 119th Ave NW45.186872-93.337869
11023Crooked Lake Blvd & 119th Ave NW45.186167-93.337662
11026Crooked Lake Blvd & 121st Lane NW45.190850-93.337772
11027Crooked Lake Blvd & 121st Lane NW45.190580-93.337592
11028Crooked Lake Blvd & 123rd Ave NW45.194359-93.338019
11029Crooked Lake Blvd & 123rd Ave NW45.194457-93.338335
11019Crooked Lake Blvd & #1174945.184475-93.337712
11018Crooked Lk Blv & Northdale Condos45.184602-93.337908
52176Cub Foods & #3717 Lexington Ave45.053400-93.148206
52570Cub Foods & #3717 Lexington Ave45.053542-93.148061
44369Cub Foods & #6775 York Ave S44.880044-93.320179
47960Curve Crest Blvd & Greeley St S45.040957-92.821288
51155Curve Crest Blvd & Greeley/Industrial45.040964-92.822638
47959Curve Crest Blvd & Industrial Blvd45.041000-92.824163
51290Curve Crest Blvd & Market Dr45.039710-92.841309
47958Curve Crest Blvd & Orleans St W45.041370-92.826261
10715Dale St & Arlington Ave44.984486-93.126127
10725Dale St & Arlington Ave44.984694-93.126312
10758Dale St & Ashland Ave44.944171-93.126322
10700Dale St & Blair Ave44.961049-93.126244
10740Dale St & Blair Ave44.961277-93.126454
10704Dale St & Burgess St44.968256-93.126110
10736Dale St & Burgess St44.968520-93.126407
10752Dale St & Carroll Ave44.950471-93.126409
10696Dale St & Charles Ave44.957419-93.126219
10744Dale St & Charles Ave44.957742-93.126449
10734Dale St & Como Ave44.970454-93.126441
10691Dale St & Concordia Ave44.951126-93.126089
10714Dale St & Cottage Ave44.982670-93.126162
10726Dale St & Cottage Ave44.982826-93.126350
3990Dale St & Dale Court44.996958-93.125931
4045Dale St & Dale Court44.997155-93.126209
3997Dale St & Eldridge Ave45.004753-93.126044
4038Dale St & Eldridge Ave45.004918-93.126243
10705Dale St & Front Ave44.970477-93.126166
10693Dale St & Fuller Ave44.954210-93.126104
10748Dale St & Fuller Ave44.954044-93.126425
10710Dale St & Geranium Ave44.975501-93.126261
10730Dale St & Geranium Ave44.975696-93.126445
56234Dale St & Grand Ave44.940122-93.126279
10680Dale St & Grand Ave44.940171-93.126122
10684Dale St & Holly Ave44.943814-93.126158
5622Dale St & Hoyt Ave44.987729-93.126260
5657Dale St & Hoyt Ave44.987176-93.126083
10689Dale St & Iglehart Ave44.949331-93.126236
10753Dale St & Iglehart Ave44.949572-93.126401
10718Dale St & Iowa Ave44.989030-93.126049
10722Dale St & Iowa Ave44.989175-93.126237
10709Dale St & Jessamine Ave44.973730-93.126270
10731Dale St & Jessamine Ave44.973892-93.126452
4046Dale St & Larpenteur Ave44.991926-93.126265
10720Dale St & Larpenteur Ave44.991631-93.125974
10707Dale St & Lawson Ave44.971878-93.126273
10688Dale St & Marshall Ave44.948424-93.126222
10754Dale St & Marshall Ave44.948652-93.126397
10711Dale St & Maryland Ave44.977253-93.126264
10729Dale St & Maryland Ave44.977471-93.126443
10702Dale St & Minnehaha Ave44.962806-93.126196
10738Dale St & Minnehaha Ave44.962754-93.126440
5623Dale St & Nebraska Ave44.986232-93.126288
5656Dale St & Nebraska Ave44.986298-93.126096
10712Dale St & Orange Ave44.979061-93.126220
10728Dale St & Orange Ave44.979243-93.126422
3992Dale St & Ryan Ave45.000468-93.125980
4043Dale St & Ryan Ave45.000628-93.126208
10685Dale St & Selby Ave44.946474-93.126193
10733Dale St & Simon Ave44.971723-93.126455
3995Dale St & Skillman Ave45.002502-93.126016
4040Dale St & Skillman Ave45.002639-93.126225
10681Dale St & Summit Ave / Portland Ave44.941805-93.126133
10698Dale St & Thomas Ave44.959201-93.126167
10742Dale St & Thomas Ave44.959462-93.126454
10695Dale St & University Ave44.956063-93.126170
10746Dale St & University Ave44.955925-93.126433
10713Dale St & Wheelock Pkwy44.980840-93.126187
10727Dale St & Wheelock Pkwy44.981111-93.126394
53780Dale St N & Selby Ave44.946304-93.126381
56012Dale St Station44.955697-93.125412
56032Dale St Station44.955741-93.127216
56603Davern St & 7th St W44.900590-93.172027
13146Davern St & Munster Ave44.899950-93.172194
13148Davern St & Norfolk Ave44.898205-93.172202
51892Davern St & Norfolk Ave / Shepard Rd44.896975-93.172209
9699Dawn Ave & 69th St E44.849683-93.024450
10086Dawn Ave & 69th St E44.849915-93.024600
9698Dawn Ave & 70th St E44.847656-93.024421
10087Dawn Ave & 70th St E44.848200-93.024580
9696Dawn Ave & 71st St E44.846113-93.024413
9695Dawn Ave & 72nd St E44.844295-93.024400
9692Dawn Ave & 75th St E44.840458-93.024348
9691Dawn Ave & 76th Way E44.839081-93.024337
10095Dawn Ave & 76th Way E44.839215-93.024481
9690Dawn Ave & 77th St E44.837892-93.024325
10096Dawn Ave & 77th St E44.838095-93.024475
9689Dawn Ave & 78th St E44.837091-93.024290
10097Dawn Ave & 78th St E44.837388-93.024462
9687Dawn Ave & 79th St E44.835203-93.024963
9686Dawn Ave & 80th St E44.833971-93.024944
10100Dawn Ave & 80th St E44.833793-93.025115
10098Dawn Ave & Corey Path44.836231-93.024605
9688Dawn Ave & Davidson Court44.836194-93.024417
48569Dawn Ave & Upper 73rd St E44.842505-93.024388
10088Dawn Ave E & 71st St E44.846292-93.024564
10090Dawn Ave E & 72nd St E44.844501-93.024527
40047Dawn Ave E & 75th St E44.840922-93.024490
48584Dawn Ave E & Upper 73rd St E44.842686-93.024512
9705Dawn Way & 61st St E44.860194-93.025460
10080Dawn Way & 61st St E44.860457-93.025684
9704Dawn Way & 63rd St E44.858702-93.025149
10081Dawn Way & 63rd St E44.858933-93.025345
9703Dawn Way & 64th St E44.856905-93.025170
10082Dawn Way & 64th St E44.857125-93.025317
9702Dawn Way & 65th St E44.855070-93.025190
10083Dawn Way & 65th St E44.855333-93.025347
10085Dawn Way & 66th St / 67th St E44.852897-93.025229
9700Dawn Way & 67th St E44.852604-93.024933
9706Dawn Way & Concord Blvd44.862588-93.022753
56469Dean Ave W & Cartway Rd45.188978-93.401573
50529Dellwood Lane & Hudson Rd44.949085-92.976928
46687Demont Ave & Canabury Court45.017036-93.092957
46721Demont Ave & Canabury Court45.017134-93.092710
46723Demont Ave & Jackson St45.017138-93.096104
49150Demont Ave & Jackson St45.017039-93.096584
49138Demont Ave & Park St45.017161-93.102818
49148Demont Ave & Park St45.017080-93.103051
49139Demont Ave & Rice St45.017172-93.105550
49147Demont Ave & Rice St45.017096-93.105599
49137Demont Ave & Stark St45.017144-93.099126
49149Demont Ave & Stark St45.017050-93.099431
56715Desoto St & Mt Vernon Ave45.000971-93.081439
18229Desoto St & Roselawn / Mt Vernon45.000293-93.081262
80408Desoto St N & Roselawn Av E44.998988-93.081258
41389Dewey Hill Rd & Bush Lake Rd44.869155-93.360000
41391Dewey Hill Rd & Bush Lake Rd44.869257-93.360143
56965Dewey Hill Rd & Cahill Rd44.868830-93.363378
48193Division St (Hwy 120) & South Ave45.006898-92.984841
13500Douglas Ave & Bryant Ave S44.966338-93.290605
13502Douglas Ave & Colfax Ave S44.966468-93.291676
13504Douglas Ave & Dupont Ave S44.966357-93.293189
13505Douglas Ave & Dupont Ave S44.966469-93.292949
13508Douglas Ave & Fremont Ave S44.966352-93.295823
13509Douglas Ave & Fremont Ave S44.966457-93.295487
13499Douglas Ave & Hennepin Access44.966337-93.289049
13514Douglas Ave & Irving Ave S44.966477-93.299323
13515Douglas Ave & Irving Ave S44.966375-93.299561
13518Douglas Ave & Knox Ave S44.966486-93.301783
13519Douglas Ave & Knox Ave S44.966371-93.302151
13520Douglas Ave & Logan Ave S44.966370-93.303368
13522Douglas Ave & Morgan Ave S44.966492-93.304416
8651Douglas Dr & 43rd Ave N45.034170-93.359989
8652Douglas Dr & 43rd Ave N45.034326-93.360198
8653Douglas Dr & 44th Ave N45.035479-93.360019
8654Douglas Dr & 44th Ave N45.035532-93.360171
8655Douglas Dr & 45th Ave N45.036277-93.360010
8656Douglas Dr & 45th Ave N45.036518-93.360204
8657Douglas Dr & 46th Ave N45.038110-93.360020
8658Douglas Dr & 46th Ave N45.038323-93.360218
8659Douglas Dr & 47th Ave N45.039816-93.360041
8660Douglas Dr & 47th Ave N45.040182-93.360236
8661Douglas Dr & 48th Ave N45.041768-93.360070
8662Douglas Dr & 48th Ave N45.041978-93.360252
8665Douglas Dr & 50th Ave N45.044522-93.360097
8666Douglas Dr & 50th Ave N45.044710-93.360301
8669Douglas Dr & 51st Place N45.047126-93.360116
8670Douglas Dr & 51st Place N45.046896-93.360304
8671Douglas Dr & 52nd Ave N45.048110-93.360131
8672Douglas Dr & 52nd Ave N45.048297-93.360372
8673Douglas Dr & 53rd Ave N45.049554-93.360384
47347Douglas Dr & 53rd Ave N45.049293-93.360137
50209Douglas Dr & 65th Ave N45.073027-93.360722
8726Douglas Dr & 67th Ave N45.075704-93.360768
8786Douglas Dr & 83rd Place N45.105312-93.361695
8815Douglas Dr & 83rd Place N45.105127-93.361543
8784Douglas Dr & 84th Court N45.107194-93.361714
8817Douglas Dr & 84th Court N45.107039-93.361560
8783Douglas Dr & 85th Ave N45.108490-93.361729
8818Douglas Dr & 85th Ave N45.108504-93.361581
40500Douglas Dr & Candlewood Dr45.104006-93.361787
8667Douglas Dr & Corvallis Ave N45.045550-93.360105
8668Douglas Dr & Corvallis Ave N45.045612-93.360312
19557Douglas Dr & Duluth St N45.000265-93.360312
8663Douglas Dr & Fairview Dr N45.043533-93.360081
8664Douglas Dr & Fairview Dr N45.043810-93.360276
40501Douglas Dr & Frontage Rd N44.987527-93.360083
41944Douglas Dr & Frontage Rd N44.987264-93.360365
44067Douglas Dr & Hwy 55 (Olson Memorial Hwy)44.985171-93.360095
41660Douglas Dr & Phoenix St44.992408-93.360254
41666Douglas Dr & Phoenix St44.992113-93.360091
19554Douglas Dr & Sandburg Rd45.003787-93.360283
19555Douglas Dr & Sandburg Rd45.003300-93.360061
19552Douglas Dr & Wynnwood Rd45.004401-93.360059
19553Douglas Dr & Wynnwood Rd45.004826-93.360247
19546Douglas Dr N & 29th Ave N45.009888-93.360143
19547Douglas Dr N & 29th Ave N45.009765-93.359980
19548Douglas Dr N & 29th Place N45.008712-93.360024
19549Douglas Dr N & 29th Place N45.008921-93.360223
19544Douglas Dr N & 30th Ave N45.011119-93.359977
19545Douglas Dr N & 30th Ave N45.011346-93.360140
19542Douglas Dr N & 31st Ave N45.012870-93.360117
19543Douglas Dr N & 31st Ave N45.012710-93.359963
19540Douglas Dr N & 32nd Ave N45.014388-93.359936
19541Douglas Dr N & 32nd Ave N45.014787-93.360122
19536Douglas Dr N & 34th Ave N45.017999-93.359935
19537Douglas Dr N & 34th Ave N45.018361-93.360135
19535Douglas Dr N & 36th Ave N45.021685-93.359922
19539Douglas Dr N & #331045.016700-93.359928
19538Douglas Dr N & #331745.016817-93.360121
56612Douglas Dr N & Duluth St44.999380-93.360081
19550Douglas Dr N & Medicine Lake Rd45.007445-93.360238
19551Douglas Dr N & Medicine Lake Rd45.007117-93.360026
43381Douglas Dr N & West River Rd45.169423-93.360578
41658Douglas Dr N & Winsdale St44.995060-93.360261
41668Douglas Dr N & Winsdale St44.994866-93.360093
52655Dowling Ave N & 6th St N45.023989-93.286367
52656Dowling Ave N & 6th St N45.023862-93.286717
9624Dowling Ave N & Bryant Ave N45.023892-93.290721
9629Dowling Ave N & Bryant Ave N45.024012-93.290433
9622Dowling Ave N & Dupont Ave N45.023914-93.293250
9631Dowling Ave N & Dupont Ave N45.024020-93.292959
9620Dowling Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.023918-93.295240
9633Dowling Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.024048-93.295463
9626Dowling Ave N & Lyndale Ave N45.023864-93.288241
9627Dowling Ave N & Lyndale Ave N45.023991-93.288510
11954Duluth St & Adair Ave N44.999826-93.356042
11955Duluth St & Adair Ave N44.999963-93.356109
11956Duluth St & Lilac Dr44.999056-93.351630
11950Duluth St N & Douglas Dr N45.000012-93.359538
11951Duluth St N & Douglas Dr N45.000165-93.359562
11957Duluth St N & MnDOT Office Park & Ride44.999299-93.352213
19579Duluth St N & Regent Ave N44.998238-93.343696
19580Duluth St N & Regent Ave N44.998146-93.344031
50382Dunkirk Lane & 39th Ave N45.026820-93.491922
50403Dunkirk Lane & 39th Ave N45.027001-93.492075
50383Dunkirk Lane & 40th Ave N45.028440-93.491928
50384Dunkirk Lane & 40th Ave N45.029307-93.491920
50402Dunkirk Lane & 40th Ave N45.028621-93.492072
50385Dunkirk Lane & 41st Ave N45.030627-93.491940
50401Dunkirk Lane & 41st Ave N45.030855-93.492095
50386Dunkirk Lane & 42nd Ave N45.031604-93.491935
50429Dunkirk Lane & 42nd Ave N45.031801-93.492083
50387Dunkirk Lane & 43rd Ave N45.033477-93.491956
50400Dunkirk Lane & 43rd Ave N45.033709-93.492116
57205Dunkirk Park and Ride45.024844-93.492215
52680Dupont Ave N & 53rd Ave N45.051267-93.294136
11608Dupont Ave N & 55th Ave N45.055015-93.294004
52676Dupont Ave N & 55th Ave N45.054668-93.293893
11442Dupont Ave N & 57th Ave N45.058201-93.293762
11604Dupont Ave N & 57th Ave N45.058608-93.293923
11444Dupont Ave N & 58th Ave N45.060076-93.293711
11602Dupont Ave N & 58th Ave N45.060351-93.293840
11448Dupont Ave N & 60th Ave N45.063649-93.293586
11598Dupont Ave N & 60th Ave N45.063923-93.293707
11459Dupont Ave N & 62nd Ave N45.066931-93.293660
11594Dupont Ave N & 62nd Ave N45.067216-93.293819
17047Dupont Ave N & 65th Ave N45.073503-93.294343
42188Dupont Ave N & 65th Ave N45.073026-93.294445
48069Dupont Ave N & 67th Ave N45.076240-93.294655
51189Dupont Ave N & 67th Ave N45.076198-93.294799
57013E River Pkwy & Appleby Hall44.975663-93.237729
51199Earl St & Pacific St44.951207-93.055649
13748Earl St & Suburban Ave44.949714-93.055813
56002East Bank Station44.973645-93.231064
56042East Bank Station44.973713-93.231063
53082East Creek Station P&R & Hwy 41/Hwy 21244.813535-93.603398
50328East Metro & Bay C2 Layover44.966237-93.088395
56394East Metro Garage & L'Orient St44.966169-93.090298
56395East Metro Garage & L'Orient St44.966112-93.090238
12123East River & Pearson Way/Craigbrook Way45.109439-93.277366
12066East River Rd & 7th Ave45.187874-93.378597
12067East River Rd & 7th Ave45.187858-93.378989
12156East River Rd & 61st Way NE45.078523-93.273349
12157East River Rd & 61st Way NE45.079233-93.273041
12153East River Rd & 62nd Way45.080966-93.273427
12154East River Rd & 62nd Way45.081051-93.273097
12151East River Rd & 63rd Way45.082675-93.273159
12152East River Rd & 63rd Way45.082523-93.273446
12147East River Rd & 64th 1/2 Way45.085442-93.274186
12138East River Rd & 69th Way45.093860-93.275084
12139East River Rd & 69th Way45.093638-93.275484
12136East River Rd & 70th Way45.095326-93.274149
12137East River Rd & 70th Way45.095097-93.273982
12135East River Rd & 71st Way45.096591-93.273296
12125East River Rd & 77th Way45.108055-93.275330
12121East River Rd & 79th Way45.111689-93.279429
10910East River Rd & 84th Lane NE45.122862-93.285732
10911East River Rd & 85th Ave / 84th Lane45.123446-93.286338
12158East River Rd & Charles St45.076872-93.272976
12159East River Rd & Charles St45.076724-93.273314
51258East River Rd & Ely St45.114791-93.282942
12113East River Rd & Fairmont St45.115868-93.283007
12162East River Rd & Georgetown Apts45.073601-93.274582
12163East River Rd & Georgetown Apts45.073120-93.275372
12131East River Rd & Glen Creek Rd45.101600-93.271714
12140East River Rd & Hartman Circle45.091221-93.275849
12142East River Rd & Hartman Circle45.090994-93.275561
12134East River Rd & Hickory Dr45.097176-93.272559
12110East River Rd & Hugo St45.117277-93.283554
12111East River Rd & Hugo St45.117268-93.283921
12160East River Rd & Island Park Dr45.075897-93.273333
10907East River Rd & Kimball St NE45.119346-93.284740
12068East River Rd & Kings Lane45.187092-93.376936
12069East River Rd & Kings Lane45.187239-93.376928
10906East River Rd & Larch St NW45.119475-93.284427
12116East River Rd & Liberty St45.113261-93.281689
12117East River Rd & Liberty St45.113224-93.281178
12132East River Rd & Logan Pkwy45.099655-93.271859
12133East River Rd & Logan Pkwy45.100421-93.271460
12119East River Rd & Longfellow St NE45.112383-93.280679
12145East River Rd & Mississippi St45.086608-93.275143
12128East River Rd & Osborne Rd NE45.103488-93.272331
12129East River Rd & Osborne Rd NE45.104080-93.272310
12122East River Rd & Pearson Way45.109424-93.276859
12070East River Rd & Queens Lane45.186222-93.374166
12071East River Rd & Queens Lane45.186026-93.374072
12143East River Rd & Rice Creek Way45.088830-93.276050
12144East River Rd & Rice Creek Way45.088743-93.276341
12126East River Rd & Rickard Rd45.105735-93.273362
12127East River Rd & Rickard Rd45.105437-93.273516
12065East River Rd & South St45.190457-93.383299
12124East River Rd & Stonybrook Way45.108197-93.275927
51263East St Cloud P&R & Lincoln Ave SE45.553914-94.124858
52898Eckles Ave & Carter Ave N44.981412-93.185468
219Eden Ave & Vernon Ave / Sherwood Rd44.908740-93.355954
220Eden Turnaround & Sherwood Rd/Vernon Ave44.908201-93.356740
18732Edgcumbe Rd & Palace Ave44.928867-93.150340
53727Edgcumbe Rd & Palace Ave44.928636-93.150007
18734Edgcumbe Rd & Randolph Ave44.927221-93.150346
13072Edgcumbe Rd & Saint Paul Avenue44.903824-93.177374
13074Edgcumbe Rd & Sheridan Ave44.901909-93.177362
18236Edgerton St & #256645.018641-93.076360
18245Edgerton St & #257545.018743-93.076505
18191Edgerton St & Arlington Ave44.984542-93.076061
49707Edgerton St & Arlington Ave44.984765-93.076221
49694Edgerton St & Bellwood Ave44.997706-93.076204
49700Edgerton St & Bellwood Ave44.997909-93.076327
18212Edgerton St & Brainerd Ave44.981115-93.076193
5100Edgerton St & Co Rd B45.006218-93.076270
5103Edgerton St & Co Rd B45.006535-93.076408
18233Edgerton St & Co Rd B-245.011564-93.076294
18248Edgerton St & Co Rd B-245.011836-93.076456
18189Edgerton St & Cottage Ave44.982803-93.076047
18211Edgerton St & Cottage Ave44.982927-93.076205
49689Edgerton St & Hoyt Ave44.988173-93.076099
49705Edgerton St & Hoyt Ave44.988418-93.076257
49690Edgerton St & Idaho Ave44.989985-93.076112
49704Edgerton St & Idaho Ave44.990191-93.076269
49692Edgerton St & Kingston Ave44.993545-93.076177
49702Edgerton St & Kingston Ave44.993826-93.076284
49703Edgerton St & Larpenteur Ave44.992083-93.076309
49691Edgerton St & Larpenteur Ave E44.991808-93.076127
49698Edgerton St & Little Canada Rd45.020405-93.076342
50092Edgerton St & Roselawn Ave44.998944-93.076211
5104Edgerton St & Skillman Ave45.002825-93.076406
43293Edgerton St & Sunrise Dr45.013458-93.076329
48190Edgerton St & Sunrise Dr45.013667-93.076464
43394Edgerton St & Sunset Court45.016536-93.076501
56226Edgerton St & Sunset Ct45.016246-93.076355
5101Edgerton St & Trinity Baptist Church45.007542-93.076270
49688Edgerton St & Wheelock Pkwy44.986195-93.076079
49706Edgerton St & Wheelock Pkwy44.986453-93.076240
56225Edgerton St N & Trinity Baptist Church45.007797-93.076450
10583Edgewater Blvd & Rose Ave / Maryland Ave44.976378-93.007644
47489Edina Industrial Blvd & Frontage Rd W44.864093-93.352646
2153Edinborough Way & 76th St W44.865321-93.323728
41182Edinborough Way & 76th St W44.865175-93.323939
41164Edinborough Way & Minnesota Dr44.862795-93.323753
41183Edinborough Way & Minnesota Dr44.862566-93.323954
46884Egret Blvd & Dogwood St NW45.164444-93.271330
46892Egret Blvd & Dogwood St NW45.164318-93.271681
46885Egret Blvd & Foley Blvd45.164175-93.276310
46891Egret Blvd & Foley Blvd45.163777-93.277004
46886Egret Blvd & Juniper St45.163910-93.279674
46890Egret Blvd & Juniper St45.163768-93.279528
46887Egret Blvd & Kumquat St45.163884-93.281648
46889Egret Blvd & Kumquat St45.163734-93.282001
42463Egret Blvd & Quince St45.162654-93.288850
42464Egret Blvd & Tamarack St45.162621-93.291931
43830Egret Blvd & Tamarack St45.162487-93.291608
46883Egret Blvd & University Ave45.164488-93.267006
46893Egret Blvd & University Ave45.164347-93.266658
42465Egret Blvd & Wintergreen St45.161757-93.295483
43829Egret Blvd & Wintergreen St45.161592-93.295596
46888Egret Blvd & Woodcrest Dr45.162515-93.289301
53346Elk River Station & Platform45.282621-93.542206
53349Elk River Station & Platform45.282590-93.542270
16161Elm St SE & 19th Ave SE44.984125-93.225337
16164Elm St SE & 22nd Ave SE44.984173-93.221595
16166Elm St SE & 24th Ave SE44.984217-93.218792
8922Emerson Ave N & 15th Ave N44.994036-93.294057
8923Emerson Ave N & 16th Ave N44.995132-93.294055
8925Emerson Ave N & 18th Ave N44.997622-93.294053
8927Emerson Ave N & 22nd Ave N45.001373-93.294047
8929Emerson Ave N & 24th Ave N45.003596-93.294031
8930Emerson Ave N & 25th Ave N45.004676-93.294048
8931Emerson Ave N & 26th Ave N45.005789-93.294047
8932Emerson Ave N & 27th Ave N45.007609-93.294252
8933Emerson Ave N & 29th Ave N45.009420-93.294250
8934Emerson Ave N & 30th Ave N45.011192-93.294257
8935Emerson Ave N & Lowry Ave N45.012942-93.294266
8920Emerson Ave N & Plymouth Ave44.992267-93.294051
43275Emerson Ave N & West Broadway44.999401-93.294058
18616Energy Park Dr & #120044.970665-93.149256
18626Energy Park Dr & #120044.970857-93.149271
18563Energy Park Dr & Bandana Blvd W44.970859-93.155185
49890Energy Park Dr & Bandana Blvd W44.970674-93.154924
18566Energy Park Dr & Decourcy Circle44.971456-93.164409
18557Energy Park Dr & Energy Tech Center44.971954-93.161955
18556Energy Park Dr & Energy Tech Ctr44.971184-93.164217
18565Energy Park Dr & Energy Tech Ctr44.972146-93.161844
18617Energy Park Dr & Lexington Pkwy44.970323-93.146794
5260English St & Belmont Lane45.004061-93.045667
5305English St & Belmont Lane45.004268-93.045779
52553English St & Burke Ave45.005155-93.045669
52554English St & Burke Ave45.005421-93.045777
5264English St & Co Rd B45.008042-93.045666
49741English St & Frisbie Ave44.996575-93.045632
49781English St & Frisbie Ave44.996716-93.045784
5307English St & Frost Ave44.998382-93.045792
49911English St & Frost Ave44.998582-93.045625
52543English St & Frost Ave45.000060-93.045655
52544English St & Frost Ave45.000109-93.045768
5262English St & Junction Ave45.006372-93.045671
5303English St & Junction Ave45.006632-93.045785
49740English St & Ripley Ave44.995472-93.045635
49782English St & Ripley Ave44.995883-93.045784
50665Eustis St & Como Ave44.986868-93.202380
53796Eustis St & Idaho Ave44.989798-93.202380
53797Eustis St & Idaho Ave44.989491-93.202530
3569Excelsior Blvd & 5th Ave S44.922358-93.405532
51026Excelsior Blvd & 12th Ave / 11th Ave S44.920702-93.415271
51029Excelsior Blvd & 13th Ave S44.920959-93.416880
51025Excelsior Blvd & 17th Ave S44.920773-93.421250
56512Excelsior Blvd & 20th Ave S44.920947-93.425631
56513Excelsior Blvd & 20th Ave S44.920752-93.425899
3532Excelsior Blvd & 32nd St W44.945127-93.323391
4859Excelsior Blvd & 32nd St W44.945170-93.323065
3536Excelsior Blvd & 36th 1/2 St W44.936850-93.333922
4854Excelsior Blvd & 38th St W (Monterey)44.934245-93.336960
50109Excelsior Blvd & #312144.946537-93.321670
3545Excelsior Blvd & Alabama Ave S44.928591-93.355561
4860Excelsior Blvd & Bde Maka Ska Blvd W44.947301-93.320730
3561Excelsior Blvd & Blake Rd44.925708-93.386651
52266Excelsior Blvd & Blake Rd44.925419-93.386563
4848Excelsior Blvd & Brookside Ave44.928490-93.355265
4721Excelsior Blvd & Brunswick Ave44.927566-93.358126
42424Excelsior Blvd & Brunswick Ave S44.927862-93.357745
3533Excelsior Blvd & France Ave S44.940324-93.329548
3534Excelsior Blvd & Glenhurst Ave44.939292-93.330805
4857Excelsior Blvd & Glenhurst Ave44.938971-93.330832
4858Excelsior Blvd & Glenhurst Ave / France44.939738-93.329858
3539Excelsior Blvd & Grand Way44.933260-93.340623
51030Excelsior Blvd & Hopkins Public Works44.920986-93.421417
3535Excelsior Blvd & Huntington Ave44.938269-93.332067
4856Excelsior Blvd & Huntington Ave44.937981-93.332072
3567Excelsior Blvd & Hwy 16944.924348-93.398959
3558Excelsior Blvd & Interlachen Rd44.926028-93.380633
4834Excelsior Blvd & Interlachen Rd44.925891-93.380399
3566Excelsior Blvd & Jackson Ave N44.924705-93.394704
42623Excelsior Blvd & Japs Olson (Lot)44.926764-93.373320
4855Excelsior Blvd & Joppa Ave44.936177-93.334294
41703Excelsior Blvd & Lake St W44.948144-93.318286
4844Excelsior Blvd & Louisiana Ave44.927030-93.365388
50108Excelsior Blvd & Market / Abbott44.946656-93.321798
42034Excelsior Blvd & Market Plaza44.947664-93.320419
3553Excelsior Blvd & Meadowbrook Blvd44.927293-93.366044
3555Excelsior Blvd & Meadowbrook Lane44.927631-93.369810
4836Excelsior Blvd & Meadowbrook Lane44.927412-93.370214
3554Excelsior Blvd & Meadowbrook Manor44.927522-93.368293
40245Excelsior Blvd & Meadowbrook Rd44.926346-93.376213
41311Excelsior Blvd & Meadowbrook Rd44.926143-93.375285
3552Excelsior Blvd & Methodist Hospital44.927108-93.362112
4719Excelsior Blvd & Methodist Hospital44.926834-93.361586
4829Excelsior Blvd & Milwaukee / Jackson Ave44.924444-93.395163
3538Excelsior Blvd & Monterey Ave (38th St)44.934659-93.336781
4853Excelsior Blvd & Natchez Ave44.933148-93.340147
3541Excelsior Blvd & Park Nicollet Blvd44.931751-93.345684
43587Excelsior Blvd & Park Nicollet Blvd44.931442-93.345730
3540Excelsior Blvd & Quentin Ave44.932496-93.343067
4852Excelsior Blvd & Quentin Ave44.932138-93.343435
3542Excelsior Blvd & Wooddale Ave44.931048-93.347952
4850Excelsior Blvd & Wooddale Ave44.930815-93.347763
3544Excelsior Blvd & Yosemite Ave44.929269-93.353476
4849Excelsior Blvd & Yosemite Ave44.929095-93.353366
47141Fairfield Rd & #1136744.975014-93.423232
47145Fairfield Rd & #1170044.971932-93.427741
47140Fairfield Rd & Co Rd 73 (Hopkins Xroad)44.975026-93.421131
47149Fairfield Rd & Co Rd 73 (Hopkins Xroad)44.974919-93.420924
47148Fairfield Rd & Crown Ridge Apts44.974931-93.423231
47142Fairfield Rd & Fairfield Circle44.974136-93.426783
47147Fairfield Rd & Fairfield Circle44.974406-93.426392
47143Fairfield Rd & Fairfield Way44.973435-93.427464
47146Fairfield Rd & Fairfield Way44.973416-93.427328
47144Fairfield Rd & Wayzata Blvd N44.971446-93.427847
45465Fairview Ave & #248745.015955-93.177174
45463Fairview Ave & #262145.020149-93.177234
4055Fairview Ave & Co Rd B45.007012-93.176824
45468Fairview Ave & Co Rd B45.006305-93.177093
52173Fairview Ave & Co Rd C45.020792-93.177006
3951Fairview Ave & Gluek Lane45.007686-93.177094
51368Fairview Ave & Larpenteur Ave44.992328-93.176889
51373Fairview Ave & Larpenteur Ave44.991924-93.177115
45464Fairview Ave & Oakcrest Ave45.018248-93.177215
52172Fairview Ave & Rose Ave45.018366-93.177012
591Fairview Ave & Rosedale / Co Rd B-245.013431-93.176794
3950Fairview Ave & Rosedale Marketplace45.013094-93.177119
51369Fairview Ave & Roselawn Ave44.998734-93.176867
51372Fairview Ave & Roselawn Ave44.999141-93.177089
51370Fairview Ave & Skillman Ave45.002868-93.176901
51371Fairview Ave & Skillman Ave45.002632-93.177035
52787Fairview Ave N & Blair Ave44.960986-93.177120
52790Fairview Ave N & Blair Ave44.960990-93.177309
52788Fairview Ave N & Minnehaha Ave44.962773-93.177145
52789Fairview Ave N & Minnehaha Ave44.962647-93.177371
52786Fairview Ave N & Thomas Ave44.959064-93.177119
52791Fairview Ave N & Thomas Ave44.959097-93.177326
52785Fairview Ave N & University Ave44.956315-93.177097
52792Fairview Ave N & University Ave44.956128-93.177308
56007Fairview Ave Station44.956386-93.178742
56037Fairview Ave Station44.956409-93.178720
44942Fernbrook Lane & 17th Ave N44.997924-93.461662
45016Fernbrook Lane & 17th Ave N44.997721-93.461422
44941Fernbrook Lane & 18th Ave N44.999068-93.461641
45017Fernbrook Lane & 18th Ave N44.998905-93.461458
45098Fernbrook Lane & 19th Ave N45.000307-93.461640
45108Fernbrook Lane & 19th Ave N45.000106-93.461455
45097Fernbrook Lane & 21st Ave N45.001590-93.461643
45109Fernbrook Lane & 21st Ave N45.001360-93.461433
45096Fernbrook Lane & 23rd Ave N45.004084-93.461667
45110Fernbrook Lane & 23rd Ave N45.003782-93.461442
45095Fernbrook Lane & 25th Ave N45.006736-93.461619
45111Fernbrook Lane & 25th Ave N45.006534-93.461449
44726Fernbrook Lane & 35th Ave N45.021395-93.461490
44785Fernbrook Lane & 35th Ave N45.021179-93.461291
44724Fernbrook Lane & 38th Ave N45.025508-93.461443
44787Fernbrook Lane & 38th Ave N45.025288-93.461259
44723Fernbrook Lane & 39th Ave N45.026575-93.461463
44788Fernbrook Lane & 39th Ave N45.026346-93.461257
44722Fernbrook Lane & 40th Ave N45.027623-93.461435
44789Fernbrook Lane & 40th Ave N45.027384-93.461259
48420Fernbrook Lane & 42nd Ave N45.032205-93.461443
47630Fernbrook Lane & 43rd Ave N45.034603-93.461454
50360Fernbrook Lane & 43rd Ave N45.034422-93.461270
47652Fernbrook Lane & 44th Ave N45.035773-93.461481
50361Fernbrook Lane & 44th Ave N45.035557-93.461302
50362Fernbrook Lane & 44th Place N45.037170-93.461319
48153Fernbrook Lane & 45th Ave N45.037813-93.461510
47692Fernbrook Lane & 46th Ave N45.038785-93.461538
50363Fernbrook Lane & 46th Ave N45.038577-93.461349
50364Fernbrook Lane & 46th Place N45.039509-93.461370
47691Fernbrook Lane & 47th Ave N45.040622-93.461575
48152Fernbrook Lane & 48th Ave N45.041680-93.461628
44725Fernbrook Lane & Dallas Lane45.022760-93.461464
44786Fernbrook Lane & Dallas Lane45.022583-93.461296
50365Fernbrook Lane & Empire Lane45.040803-93.461390
50366Fernbrook Lane & Empire Lane (N)45.042767-93.461392
50359Fernbrook Lane & Empire Lane (S)45.032007-93.461259
50358Fernbrook Lane & Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9)45.029657-93.461129
56970Fernbrook Ln N & Highway 5545.011457-93.461413
56971Fernbrook Ln N & Highway 5545.011595-93.461638
52816Ferndale Rd & Lake St W44.970893-93.522602
52817Ferndale Rd & Lake St W44.970663-93.522747
5194Ferndale St & Ivy Ave44.980973-92.989880
5195Ferndale St & Ivy Ave / Maryland Ave44.979466-92.989870
5196Ferndale St & Maryland Ave44.977821-92.989879
12393Ferry St & Benton St45.196040-93.393922
12394Ferry St & Fremont St45.197758-93.393162
47816Fillmore Ave (Bayfield) & Plato Blvd44.942641-93.072403
42881Fillmore Ave E & Eva St44.942326-93.082826
9750Fillmore Ave E & Lafayette Rd E44.944061-93.075759
10041Fillmore Ave E & Lafayette Rd E44.943831-93.075453
10040Fillmore Ave E & Lafayette Rd W44.943606-93.078423
42880Fillmore Ave E & Lafayette Rd W44.943723-93.078452
9749Fillmore Ave E & Ridder Circle44.943547-93.073526
10042Fillmore Ave E & Ridder Circle44.943484-93.073934
9753Fillmore Ave E & Robert St44.941465-93.084842
10037Fillmore Ave E & Robert St44.941485-93.084485
9751Fillmore Ave E & State St44.943419-93.080043
10039Fillmore Ave E & State St44.943206-93.080405
56985Florida Ave S & 106th / 105th St W44.812464-93.365870
70054Flying Cloud Dr & Shady Oak Rd44.882075-93.410420
70055Flying Cloud Dr & Shady Oak Rd44.882379-93.410498
43298Foley Blvd & Coon Rapids Blvd45.144545-93.282427
40213Foley P&R & Evergreen Blvd45.142338-93.285538
52153Folwell Ave & Hodson Hall44.988304-93.183553
56124Ford & Fairview Station44.918021-93.177652
56113Ford & Fairview Station44.917880-93.176754
56112Ford & Finn Station44.917838-93.188815
56126Ford & Finn Station44.918001-93.190381
4283Ford & Kenneth Station44.917838-93.184990
56125Ford & Kenneth Station44.918001-93.184692
56111Ford & Woodlawn Station44.917828-93.195929
56127Ford & Woodlawn Station44.918006-93.196770
18695Ford Pkwy & Cleveland Ave44.918011-93.187138
49392Ford Pkwy & Cleveland Ave44.918014-93.187780
4280Ford Pkwy & Cretin Ave44.917810-93.192690
4287Ford Pkwy & Cretin Ave44.918008-93.192302
4282Ford Pkwy & Finn / Cleveland44.917835-93.189078
4286Ford Pkwy & Finn St44.918024-93.189732
18694Ford Pkwy & Kenneth St44.918020-93.185284
48251Ford Rd & #43544.975401-93.405152
48252Ford Rd & #43544.975432-93.405556
53867Ford Rd & #600 Metropoint Bldg44.975915-93.403029
53868Ford Rd & #600 Metropoint Bldg44.975867-93.403414
48250Ford Rd & Ford Lane44.977007-93.402894
8133Ford Rd & Shelard Pkwy / Ford Lane44.977385-93.403125
52775Ford Rd & Wayzata Blvd N44.974290-93.406201
52778Ford Rd & Wayzata Blvd N44.974001-93.406365
51418Fort Snelling Station44.893229-93.198120
51433Fort Snelling Station44.893222-93.198084
51739Foss Rd & 9th Ave SW45.042891-93.200161
51740Foss Rd & 9th Ave SW45.042991-93.199875
15957Foss Rd & 15th Ave SW45.042900-93.207674
52893Foss Rd & 15th Ave SW45.043005-93.207322
15955Foss Rd & Imperial Lane45.042997-93.202732
15956Foss Rd & Imperial Lane45.042892-93.203000
15959Foss Rd & Mirror Lake Manor #145.042125-93.209808
15964Foss Rd & Mirror Lake Manor #145.040186-93.210576
20042Foss Rd & Mirror Lake Manor #345.040304-93.210743
40852Foss Rd & Mirror Lake Manor #345.041944-93.209799
15952Foss Rd & Old Hwy 845.042872-93.198214
8622France Ave & 46th Ave N45.038382-93.329441
57164France Ave & American Blvd W44.855591-93.328581
8370France Ave N & 34th Ave N45.017042-93.328686
8372France Ave N & 35th Ave N45.018545-93.328491
8374France Ave N & 35th Ave N45.018836-93.328670
8376France Ave N & 36th Ave N45.020086-93.328452
8378France Ave N & 36th Ave N45.020181-93.328660
8624France Ave N & 46th 1/2 Ave / 47th Ave45.040445-93.329458
8626France Ave N & 46th 1/2 Ave N45.040272-93.329620
8623France Ave N & 46th Ave N45.039230-93.329612
11248France Ave N & 73rd Ave N45.087335-93.330796
11341France Ave N & 73rd Ave N45.087421-93.330942
8620France Ave N & Lake Dr45.037059-93.329427
8621France Ave N & Lake Dr45.036881-93.329575
9404France Ave N & Urban Ave N45.080886-93.330662
9427France Ave N & Urban Ave N45.081070-93.330787
1298France Ave S & 39th St W44.932282-93.328964
1131France Ave S & 40th St W44.930643-93.329117
1297France Ave S & 40th St W44.930462-93.328969
1132France Ave S & 41st St W44.928750-93.329130
1296France Ave S & 41st St W44.928662-93.328986
1133France Ave S & 42nd St W44.927036-93.329168
1295France Ave S & 42nd St W44.926854-93.329003
1291France Ave S & 46th St W44.919624-93.329023
53426France Ave S & 46th St W44.919554-93.329202
1139France Ave S & 47th St W44.918015-93.329185
1290France Ave S & 47th St W44.917838-93.329009
1140France Ave S & 48th St W44.916206-93.329175
1289France Ave S & 48th St W44.916033-93.328980
1141France Ave S & 49th St W44.914417-93.329163
1288France Ave S & 49th St W44.914238-93.328966
1287France Ave S & 50th St W44.912300-93.328994
52177France Ave S & 50th St W44.912398-93.329132
1142France Ave S & 51st St W44.910827-93.329136
1286France Ave S & 51st St W44.910621-93.328934
1143France Ave S & 52nd St W44.908990-93.329110
1285France Ave S & 52nd St W44.908846-93.328924
1144France Ave S & 53rd St W44.907160-93.329126
1284France Ave S & 53rd St W44.907022-93.328917
1145France Ave S & 54th St W44.905373-93.329134
1259France Ave S & 54th St W44.905186-93.328898
1146France Ave S & 55th St W44.903515-93.329093
1258France Ave S & 55th St W44.903419-93.328895
1147France Ave S & 56th St W44.901130-93.329122
1257France Ave S & 56th St W44.900991-93.328921
1256France Ave S & 57th St W44.899807-93.328899
1149France Ave S & 58th St W44.898143-93.329101
1255France Ave S & 58th St W44.898001-93.328919
1254France Ave S & 60th St / Grimes Lane44.896256-93.328917
1151France Ave S & 60th St W44.893860-93.329125
1253France Ave S & 60th St W44.894351-93.328933
1153France Ave S & 62nd St W44.890906-93.329112
1250France Ave S & 62nd St W44.891052-93.328925
4374France Ave S & 72nd St W44.872965-93.329094
44393France Ave S & 72nd St W44.872656-93.328713
53263France Ave S & 76th St / Minnesota Dr44.863643-93.329049
4376France Ave S & 76th St W44.866358-93.329086
43642France Ave S & 82nd St W44.855265-93.329264
43637France Ave S & 83rd St W44.853388-93.328956
25053France Ave S & 84th St W44.852003-93.328978
43636France Ave S & 84th St W44.851295-93.328992
43643France Ave S & 84th St W44.852329-93.329309
43631France Ave S & 90th St W44.841484-93.329133
52066France Ave S & 90th St W44.842320-93.329428
43630France Ave S & 98th St W44.829150-93.329275
43650France Ave S & 98th St W44.828764-93.329648
43628France Ave S & 100th St W44.823454-93.329378
43653France Ave S & 100th St W44.823665-93.329575
43627France Ave S & 102nd St W44.819069-93.329400
43654France Ave S & 102nd St W44.819425-93.329609
43625France Ave S & 104th St W44.817148-93.329408
43656France Ave S & 104th St W44.817630-93.329618
3467France Ave S & 108th St W44.808552-93.329622
3516France Ave S & 108th St W44.808312-93.329444
3468France Ave S & 109th St W44.806725-93.329612
3515France Ave S & 109th St W44.806497-93.329455
3469France Ave S & 110th St W44.804941-93.329642
3514France Ave S & 110th St W44.805118-93.329452
44197France Ave S & #622644.889227-93.329087
44198France Ave S & #631644.888157-93.329107
43638France Ave S & American Blvd44.855564-93.328874
43623France Ave S & Canterbury Dr44.814310-93.329425
56560France Ave S & Cedar Lake Ave44.953776-93.328918
1134France Ave S & Colgate Ave44.924984-93.329156
4375France Ave S & Gallagher Dr44.871299-93.329103
1150France Ave S & Grimes Ave / 60th St W44.896148-93.329110
1152France Ave S & Halifax Ave44.892549-93.329093
44196France Ave S & Halifax Ave44.892423-93.328904
43657France Ave S & Heritage Hills Dr44.814626-93.329623
47790France Ave S & Hwy 6244.887496-93.328814
47791France Ave S & Hwy 62 / 62nd St W44.889416-93.328881
3466France Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.809773-93.329717
20197France Ave S & Parklawn Ave44.868385-93.329093
43647France Ave S & Parkshore Estates44.844464-93.329367
43629France Ave S & Pebblebrook Dr44.824265-93.329377
43652France Ave S & Pebblebrook Dr44.825132-93.329637
43634France Ave S & Poplar Bridge Rd44.848011-93.329024
43645France Ave S & Poplar Bridge Rd44.847760-93.329281
43633France Ave S & Shepherd Hills Dr44.845288-93.329109
1136France Ave S & Sunnyside Ave44.922040-93.329204
1292France Ave S & Sunnyside Ave44.921909-93.329003
43620France Ave S & Valley West Center44.812098-93.329689
43624France Ave S & Valley West Center44.812194-93.329421
1294France Ave S & Waveland Terrace44.925024-93.329008
1148France Ave S & Wood End Dr44.899642-93.329116
54098Franklin Ave & Berry St44.964661-93.206346
54099Franklin Ave & Berry St44.964556-93.206613
16523Franklin Ave & Eustis St44.964562-93.202924
16525Franklin Ave & Eustis St44.964685-93.203303
13319Franklin Ave E & 3rd Ave S44.962746-93.272597
13320Franklin Ave E & 3rd Ave S44.962623-93.273016
13309Franklin Ave E & 10th Ave S44.962794-93.259549
13310Franklin Ave E & 10th Ave S44.962631-93.259813
15664Franklin Ave E & 13th Ave S44.962647-93.256364
56137Franklin Ave E & 14th Ave S44.962806-93.255922
13267Franklin Ave E & 22nd Ave S44.962816-93.240714
13269Franklin Ave E & 22nd Ave S44.962675-93.241090
13259Franklin Ave E & 24th Ave S44.962821-93.237595
13261Franklin Ave E & 24th Ave S44.962681-93.237915
16559Franklin Ave E & 30th Ave / Riverside44.962846-93.228699
16513Franklin Ave E & 30th Ave S44.962699-93.228386
16514Franklin Ave E & 31st Ave S44.962726-93.227074
16558Franklin Ave E & 31st Ave S44.962854-93.226712
15630Franklin Ave E & Bloomington Ave S44.962815-93.252925
15668Franklin Ave E & Bloomington Ave S44.962667-93.252540
13279Franklin Ave E & Cedar Ave44.962831-93.244820
13312Franklin Ave E & Chicago Ave44.962615-93.262737
56698Franklin Ave E & Chicago Ave44.962774-93.262409
13318Franklin Ave E & Clinton Ave S44.962751-93.271363
51532Franklin Ave E & Franklin Station44.962405-93.247141
51533Franklin Ave E & Franklin Station44.962681-93.246839
13275Franklin Ave E & Minnehaha Ave44.962616-93.244587
56697Franklin Ave E & Nicollet Ave44.962615-93.277632
13315Franklin Ave E & Portland Ave44.962761-93.268229
13316Franklin Ave E & Portland Ave44.962627-93.267015
16534Franklin Ave SE & 27th Ave SE44.964673-93.220252
52061Franklin Ave SE & Arthur Ave44.964508-93.214946
16527Franklin Ave SE & Bedford St44.964646-93.208705
52063Franklin Ave SE & Bedford St44.964549-93.209155
52059Franklin Ave SE & East River Rd44.964543-93.220343
16531Franklin Ave SE & Malcolm Ave44.964608-93.214745
16532Franklin Ave SE & River Terrace E44.964664-93.217755
52060Franklin Ave SE & River Terrace E44.964565-93.218039
16530Franklin Ave SE & Seymour Ave44.964581-93.212657
52062Franklin Ave SE & Seymour Ave44.964473-93.212860
51412Franklin Ave Station44.962518-93.247072
51427Franklin Ave Station44.962525-93.247027
56705Franklin Ave W & Lyndale Ave S44.962642-93.287697
13324Franklin Ave W & Nicollet Ave S44.962773-93.278260
13330Franklin Ave W & Pleasant Ave44.962635-93.283040
13328Franklin Ave W & Pleasant Ave S44.962769-93.283109
17042Freeway Blvd & James Ave N45.072954-93.303790
17045Freeway Blvd & James Circle #145.072855-93.304742
17046Freeway Blvd & James Circle #245.072766-93.302567
53493Fremont Ave & 33rd Ave / Lowry Ave45.013341-93.295671
11159Fremont Ave N & 15th Ave N44.994267-93.295720
11158Fremont Ave N & 16th Ave N44.995356-93.295721
11156Fremont Ave N & 18th Ave N44.997516-93.295709
11154Fremont Ave N & 22nd Ave N45.001616-93.295703
11152Fremont Ave N & 24th Ave N45.003827-93.295704
11151Fremont Ave N & 25th Ave N45.004926-93.295709
11150Fremont Ave N & 26th Ave N45.006086-93.295651
11149Fremont Ave N & 27th Ave N45.007864-93.295639
11148Fremont Ave N & 29th Ave N45.009654-93.295647
11147Fremont Ave N & 30th Ave N45.011461-93.295653
11145Fremont Ave N & 33rd Ave N45.015059-93.295668
8937Fremont Ave N & 34th Ave N45.016608-93.295519
11144Fremont Ave N & 34th Ave N45.016863-93.295667
8938Fremont Ave N & 35th Ave N45.018415-93.295514
11143Fremont Ave N & 35th Ave N45.018674-93.295670
8939Fremont Ave N & 36th Ave N45.020023-93.295520
11142Fremont Ave N & 36th Ave N45.020489-93.295677
8940Fremont Ave N & 37th Ave N45.022044-93.295543
11141Fremont Ave N & 37th Ave N45.022298-93.295694
8942Fremont Ave N & 39th Ave N45.025708-93.295586
9617Fremont Ave N & 39th Ave N45.025919-93.295749
8943Fremont Ave N & 40th Ave N45.027492-93.295623
9615Fremont Ave N & 40th Ave N45.027735-93.295823
8944Fremont Ave N & 41st Ave N45.029461-93.295688
9613Fremont Ave N & 41st Ave N45.029701-93.295849
8945Fremont Ave N & 42nd Ave N45.031409-93.295698
9611Fremont Ave N & 42nd Ave N45.031627-93.295858
8946Fremont Ave N & 43rd Ave N45.033382-93.295717
9609Fremont Ave N & 43rd Ave N45.033449-93.295854
8941Fremont Ave N & Dowling Ave45.023811-93.295554
9619Fremont Ave N & Dowling Ave N45.024153-93.295719
11146Fremont Ave N & Lowry Ave N45.012770-93.295664
11155Fremont Ave N & West Broadway44.998838-93.295727
53343Fridley Station & Platform45.078921-93.270856
53352Fridley Station & Platform45.078928-93.270940
847Front Ave & Barrett St44.970258-93.135308
952Front Ave & Barrett St44.970128-93.135561
852Front Ave & Chatsworth St44.970264-93.141329
18621Front Ave & Chatsworth St44.970151-93.141340
18618Front Ave & Churchill St44.970170-93.145557
840Front Ave & Dale St44.970226-93.126012
958Front Ave & Dale St44.970120-93.126578
843Front Ave & Grotto St44.970247-93.131269
956Front Ave & Grotto St44.970118-93.131333
18625Front Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.970357-93.146280
838Front Ave & Mackubin St44.970235-93.121070
960Front Ave & Mackubin St44.970126-93.121366
849Front Ave & Milton St44.970247-93.137417
950Front Ave & Milton St44.970142-93.137645
962Front Ave & Western Ave44.970144-93.116274
53885Fuller St & 1st Ave W44.798581-93.528325
53764Fulton St SE & Oak St / River Pkwy44.970329-93.228367
41096Gallagher Dr & Cedar Edina Apts44.870011-93.331465
41127Gallagher Dr & Cedar Edina Apts44.869903-93.331647
41097Gallagher Dr & France Ave S44.870971-93.330295
41128Gallagher Dr & Parklawn Ave44.868385-93.331627
13156Gannon Rd & #272844.897401-93.176971
14104Gardena Ave & Central Ave NE45.074987-93.241470
14107Gardena Ave & Matterhorn Dr45.074934-93.238220
14105Gardena Ave & Tennison Dr45.074827-93.239368
43694Garfield Ave S & 86th St W44.848237-93.287475
43693Garfield Ave S & Cub Foods bus loop44.850079-93.286130
19301Gateway Ramp & Platform44.978245-93.262816
56800Gateway Ramp Layover44.978967-93.262974
40578General Mills Blvd & General Mills44.977198-93.390776
40577General Mills Blvd & General Mills Corp44.976770-93.390534
52781General Mills Lot & Headquarters44.979482-93.396269
52782General Mills Lot & Headquarters44.979562-93.396269
5167Geneva (Hwy 120) & 10th St/Margaret Ave44.962338-92.984878
5170Geneva (Hwy 120) & Fremont Ave44.957892-92.984831
41752Geneva Ave (Hwy 120) & 40th St N45.006596-92.984649
284George St & Hall Ave44.929655-93.086816
303George St & Hall Ave44.929719-93.086430
6259George St W & Orleans St S44.929611-93.099879
6326George St W & Orleans St S44.929524-93.100171
3049Glenwood Ave & Aldrich Ave N44.979623-93.289707
2902Glenwood Ave & Ardmore Dr44.977258-93.334402
3027Glenwood Ave & Ardmore Dr44.977159-93.334692
2885Glenwood Ave & Cedar Lake Rd44.980879-93.298998
3044Glenwood Ave & Cedar Lake Rd44.980740-93.299374
2882Glenwood Ave & Dupont Ave N44.980225-93.292867
3047Glenwood Ave & Dupont Ave N44.980109-93.293081
2884Glenwood Ave & Girard Ave N44.980677-93.296998
42205Glenwood Ave & Girard Ave N44.980578-93.297304
3043Glenwood Ave & Gramercy Ave N44.980770-93.300995
2887Glenwood Ave & Knox Ave N44.980943-93.301847
2907Glenwood Ave & Lawn Terrace44.977545-93.346653
3022Glenwood Ave & Lawn Terrace44.977457-93.346877
2879Glenwood Ave & Lyndale Ave N (W)44.979507-93.287851
3050Glenwood Ave & Lyndale Ave N (W)44.979412-93.288221
2904Glenwood Ave & Maddaus Lane44.977289-93.337420
3025Glenwood Ave & Maddaus Lane44.977195-93.337682
2880Glenwood Ave & Market St44.979741-93.289588
2901Glenwood Ave & Meadow Lane N44.977221-93.330962
3028Glenwood Ave & Meadow Lane S44.977127-93.331478
2889Glenwood Ave & Morgan Ave N44.980849-93.304407
3040Glenwood Ave & Morgan Ave N44.980701-93.304646
2905Glenwood Ave & Natchez Ave N44.977319-93.338732
3024Glenwood Ave & Natchez Ave S44.977215-93.339054
2906Glenwood Ave & Ottawa Ave N44.977331-93.340165
3023Glenwood Ave & Ottawa Ave S44.977253-93.341137
2900Glenwood Ave & Parkview Terrace44.977206-93.329556
3029Glenwood Ave & Parkview Terrace44.977112-93.329856
2891Glenwood Ave & Penn Ave N44.980785-93.308105
56571Glenwood Ave & Penn Ave N44.980677-93.307601
3036Glenwood Ave & Russell Ave N44.980668-93.311251
51207Glenwood Ave & Russell Ave N44.980785-93.310935
2962Glenwood Ave & Turners Crossroad44.977835-93.348910
2883Glenwood Ave & Van White Memorial Blvd44.980510-93.295387
42206Glenwood Ave & Van White Memorial Blvd44.980396-93.295696
2895Glenwood Ave & Vincent Ave N44.980799-93.315916
3034Glenwood Ave & Vincent Ave N44.980688-93.316147
2903Glenwood Ave & Westwood Dr N44.977269-93.336080
3026Glenwood Ave & Westwood Dr S44.977183-93.336381
2899Glenwood Ave & Wirth Beach44.979258-93.322465
3030Glenwood Ave & Wirth Park Beach44.979473-93.322086
2908Glenwood Ave & Xenia Ave44.978147-93.350464
2897Glenwood Ave & Xerxes Ave N44.980779-93.318440
3032Glenwood Ave & Xerxes Ave N44.980691-93.318763
48321Godward St NE & #1300 - United Parcel44.999062-93.213979
48324Godward St NE & #1300 - United Parcel44.999089-93.214167
12724Godward St NE & Broadway St NE45.000365-93.214155
12720Godward St NE & Industrial Blvd45.001800-93.212700
48325Godward St NE & Spring St NE44.995310-93.214130
50471Golden Valley & Glenwood Pkwy45.000285-93.321058
51380Golden Valley & Golden Valley Dr44.985939-93.383633
19605Golden Valley & Theo Wirth Pkwy45.000421-93.322304
19606Golden Valley & Theo Wirth Pkwy45.000603-93.322658
19604Golden Valley Rd & #374045.000316-93.326940
19593Golden Valley Rd & #422545.000127-93.333710
57003Golden Valley Rd & #901044.984664-93.394785
57000Golden Valley Rd & #905044.984755-93.395240
57001Golden Valley Rd & #928044.984704-93.397680
57002Golden Valley Rd & #930044.984595-93.397845
19602Golden Valley Rd & Bassett Creek45.000033-93.328042
19601Golden Valley Rd & Bassett Creek Dr44.999812-93.328245
19603Golden Valley Rd & Bonnie Lane45.000600-93.325891
56067Golden Valley Rd & Boone Ave N44.985831-93.389272
19599Golden Valley Rd & Courage Center44.999589-93.329128
19600Golden Valley Rd & Courage Center44.999480-93.329068
44069Golden Valley Rd & Douglas Dr44.991288-93.360741
44345Golden Valley Rd & Douglas Dr44.991106-93.360733
44070Golden Valley Rd & Florida Ave44.990571-93.362475
44344Golden Valley Rd & Florida Ave N44.990446-93.362529
51377Golden Valley Rd & Golden Valley Dr44.985908-93.383388
44071Golden Valley Rd & Hampshire Ave44.990021-93.364391
44343Golden Valley Rd & Hampshire Ave44.989832-93.364658
44072Golden Valley Rd & Idaho Ave44.989678-93.365558
44342Golden Valley Rd & Idaho Ave N44.989503-93.365858
19595Golden Valley Rd & Indiana Ave / Legend45.000098-93.332423
19596Golden Valley Rd & Indiana Ave N44.999861-93.332121
53792Golden Valley Rd & James Ave N44.998680-93.300824
19591Golden Valley Rd & Kyle Place45.000087-93.335005
19592Golden Valley Rd & Kyle Place45.000220-93.335017
19590Golden Valley Rd & Major Circle N45.000162-93.336407
19589Golden Valley Rd & Major Dr N45.000061-93.336341
52662Golden Valley Rd & Morgan Ave N44.998691-93.304572
52720Golden Valley Rd & Morgan Ave N44.998819-93.304273
19587Golden Valley Rd & Noble Ave N44.999891-93.338479
19588Golden Valley Rd & Noble Dr N44.999794-93.338265
19584Golden Valley Rd & Ordway St44.999061-93.340518
40580Golden Valley Rd & Penn / Queen Ave N44.998839-93.308763
8248Golden Valley Rd & Penn Ave N44.998702-93.308403
44073Golden Valley Rd & Pennsylvania Ave44.986676-93.375060
44341Golden Valley Rd & Pennsylvania Ave44.986511-93.375292
19582Golden Valley Rd & Quail Ave N44.998453-93.341923
19583Golden Valley Rd & Quail Ave N44.998689-93.341740
44074Golden Valley Rd & Rhode Island44.986192-93.377121
44340Golden Valley Rd & Rhode Island Ave44.985850-93.377731
8240Golden Valley Rd & Russell Ave N44.998725-93.310971
8242Golden Valley Rd & Russell Ave N44.998853-93.310611
52155Golden Valley Rd & Sheridan Ave N44.998738-93.312216
52360Golden Valley Rd & Sheridan Ave N44.998848-93.311903
19585Golden Valley Rd & Spring Valley Rd44.998944-93.340393
8228Golden Valley Rd & Upton Ave N44.998771-93.314777
8230Golden Valley Rd & Upton Ave N44.998876-93.314408
44075Golden Valley Rd & Winnetka Ave44.985608-93.379818
44339Golden Valley Rd & Winnetka Ave44.985414-93.379926
57008Golden Valley Rd & Winnetka Ave N44.985617-93.381287
51378Golden Valley Rd & Wisconsin Ave44.986878-93.385171
56069Golden Valley Rd & Wisconsin Ave N44.986719-93.386102
8214Golden Valley Rd & Xerxes Ave N44.998777-93.317893
8216Golden Valley Rd & Xerxes Ave N44.998962-93.318286
40238Golden Valley Rd Turn & Xerxes Ave N44.999421-93.318744
51362Gortner Ave & Buford Ave44.984600-93.181878
54047Gortner Ave & Buford Ave44.984310-93.181738
52844Gortner Ave & Buford Ave / Buford Place44.984883-93.181736
52154Gortner Ave & Carter Ave44.982065-93.181878
51360Gortner Ave & Dudley Ave44.986491-93.181562
51361Gortner Ave & Dudley Ave44.986686-93.181753
10622Gortner Ave & Larpenteur Ave W44.991442-93.181891
51409Government Plaza Station44.976796-93.265899
51424Government Plaza Station44.976863-93.265879
52526Grace Church P&R45.012714-93.156026
3274Grand Ave & #38744.940193-93.116426
3134Grand Ave & #39544.939877-93.116899
3132Grand Ave & #48744.938458-93.121022
48718Grand Ave & #48744.938602-93.120907
41149Grand Ave & Bridgepoint / Concord44.893546-93.033412
41151Grand Ave & Bridgepoint / Hardman44.894101-93.031385
3091Grand Ave & Cambridge St44.940165-93.171358
3112Grand Ave & Cambridge St44.940000-93.171620
3078Grand Ave & Chatsworth St44.940059-93.141368
3124Grand Ave & Chatsworth St44.939902-93.141658
56942Grand Ave & Cleveland Ave44.940161-93.187557
56943Grand Ave & Cleveland Ave44.940056-93.187210
41150Grand Ave & Concord / Bridgepoint44.893389-93.033232
3099Grand Ave & Cretin Ave44.940165-93.192289
3104Grand Ave & Cretin Ave44.940016-93.192070
3130Grand Ave & Dale St44.939844-93.126333
3179Grand Ave & Dale St44.939996-93.126634
3081Grand Ave & Dunlap St44.940087-93.149008
3121Grand Ave & Dunlap St44.939937-93.149297
56945Grand Ave & Fairview Ave44.940043-93.177018
3128Grand Ave & Grotto St44.939874-93.131455
3181Grand Ave & Grotto St44.940026-93.131173
3085Grand Ave & Hamline Ave44.940113-93.156660
56946Grand Ave & Hamline Ave44.939982-93.156652
3135Grand Ave & Hwy 35E / Smith Ave44.941248-93.110464
3122Grand Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.939929-93.146796
56947Grand Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.940051-93.146779
3131Grand Ave & Lincoln Ave44.939524-93.123139
3276Grand Ave & Lincoln Ave44.939669-93.123037
3087Grand Ave & Pascal St44.940140-93.161761
3116Grand Ave & Pascal St44.939985-93.162043
3095Grand Ave & Prior Ave44.940180-93.182074
3108Grand Ave & Prior Ave44.940026-93.182562
3273Grand Ave & Ramsey St44.941104-93.113896
3089Grand Ave & Snelling Ave44.940156-93.167496
3114Grand Ave & Snelling Ave44.940010-93.167238
3084Grand Ave & Syndicate St44.940107-93.154038
3119Grand Ave & Syndicate St44.939957-93.154409
3126Grand Ave & Victoria St44.939883-93.136556
3183Grand Ave & Victoria St44.940042-93.136270
41148Grand Ave E & Hardman Ave44.894233-93.031464
14861Grand Ave S & 37th St W44.935968-93.284440
14862Grand Ave S & 38th St W44.934194-93.284434
14863Grand Ave S & 39th St W44.932385-93.284439
14864Grand Ave S & 40th St W44.930552-93.284442
14886Grand Ave S & 40th St W44.930371-93.284294
14866Grand Ave S & 42nd St W44.926940-93.284482
14884Grand Ave S & 42nd St W44.926727-93.284327
14867Grand Ave S & 43rd St W44.925116-93.284477
14883Grand Ave S & 43rd St W44.924935-93.284329
14868Grand Ave S & 44th St W44.923317-93.284498
14882Grand Ave S & 44th St W44.923103-93.284350
14870Grand Ave S & 46th St W44.919702-93.284519
14880Grand Ave S & 46th St W44.919499-93.284375
14879Grand Ave S & 47th St W44.917697-93.284343
53793Grand Ave S & 47th St W44.917861-93.284518
51781Grand Ave S & 48th St W44.916069-93.284504
56944Grand Avenue & Fairview Ave44.940148-93.177365
14640Grand St NE & 26th Ave NE45.014864-93.270057
14641Grand St NE & 26th Ave NE45.015086-93.270203
14638Grand St NE & 27th Ave NE45.016888-93.270213
14639Grand St NE & 27th Ave NE45.016667-93.270063
14636Grand St NE & 28th Ave NE45.018880-93.270066
14637Grand St NE & 28th Ave NE45.018717-93.270215
14634Grand St NE & 29th Ave NE45.020551-93.270341
14635Grand St NE & 29th Ave NE45.020352-93.270070
14633Grand St NE & 30 Ave NE45.022359-93.270445
14632Grand St NE & 30th Ave NE45.022125-93.270304
14631Grand St NE & 31 Av NE45.023874-93.270256
12036Grant St & 4th Ave45.210264-93.384840
43902Grant St & 4th Ave45.210154-93.385048
43890Grant St & 6th Ave45.210165-93.380389
43903Grant St & 6th Ave45.210058-93.380687
43889Grant St & 7th Ave45.210186-93.377804
43904Grant St & 7th Ave45.210017-93.378230
43887Grant St & 8th Ave45.210158-93.375012
43906Grant St & 8th Ave45.210073-93.375364
43886Grant St & 9th Ave45.210137-93.372716
43907Grant St & 9th Ave45.210045-93.373098
43908Grant St & 9th Lane45.210020-93.371698
43888Grant St & Sprague Ave45.210180-93.376295
19327Grant St E & Nicollet Ave S44.969764-93.277322
49225Grant St W & LaSalle Ave44.969916-93.279624
49226Grant St W & Willow St44.969924-93.281717
6587Greeley St S & Oak St W45.052200-92.819065
6621Greeley St S & Oak St W45.052416-92.819223
57211Green Haven Pkwy & Fairoak Ave45.208718-93.404590
57212Green Haven Pkwy & Fairoak Ave45.208684-93.404737
56104Green Valley Dr & American Blvd44.858682-93.358111
8092Greenbrier Rd & #10411-10501 (E)44.952589-93.410911
8093Greenbrier Rd & #10411-10501 (W)44.951503-93.411542
8028Greenbrier Rd & #10501-1041144.951371-93.411522
8094Greenbrier Rd & #10511-10521 (E)44.951040-93.413413
8095Greenbrier Rd & #10511-10521 (W)44.951033-93.415377
8025Greenbrier Rd & #1072144.950933-93.415243
8096Greenbrier Rd & #1090044.951031-93.417621
8026Greenbrier Rd & Brier Creek Apts44.950935-93.413614
8030Greenbrier Rd & Cedar Lake Rd44.954036-93.411613
8091Greenbrier Rd & Cedar Lake Rd44.953789-93.411576
8097Greenbrier Rd & Hedberg Dr44.951042-93.419445
46882Greenbrier Rd & Hedberg Dr44.950925-93.419755
8098Greenbrier Rd & Hopkins Crossroad44.951026-93.420734
8027Greenbrier Rd & Ponds Apts44.950947-93.412647
8029Greenbrier Rd & Woodlands of Mtka Apts44.952847-93.410762
2308Greenway Ave N & 1st St N44.950397-92.972795
49812Greenway Ave N & 1st St N44.950359-92.972672
2307Greenway Ave N & 2nd St N44.952735-92.972799
49813Greenway Ave N & 2nd St N44.952649-92.972678
2305Greenway Ave N & 4th St N44.954547-92.971616
49814Greenway Ave N & 4th St N44.954305-92.971657
49816Greenway Ave N & 7th St N44.958975-92.969712
2309Greenway Ave N & Hudson Blvd44.949064-92.972795
49811Greenway Ave N & Hudson Blvd44.949196-92.972670
2302Greenway Ave N & Upper 5th St N44.956698-92.969904
49815Greenway Ave N & Upper 5th St N44.956494-92.969891
80406Groveland Rd & Ardan Ave45.117987-93.221309
80404Groveland Rd & Groveland Ct45.121167-93.221207
80405Groveland Rd & Groveland Ct45.121347-93.221357
15191Hadley Ave N & 10th St N44.963404-92.964463
15196Hadley Ave N & 10th St N44.963673-92.964201
42852Hadley Ave N & 10th St N44.962844-92.964461
15190Hadley Ave N & 11th St N44.965082-92.964604
15198Hadley Ave N & 11th St N44.964843-92.964397
15189Hadley Ave N & 13th St N44.968173-92.964649
15199Hadley Ave N & 13th St N44.968043-92.964491
15211Hadley Ave N & 15th St N44.970264-92.964482
15228Hadley Ave N & 15th St N44.970638-92.964680
15215Hadley Ave N & 19th St N44.976473-92.964122
15224Hadley Ave N & 19th St N44.976670-92.964423
15223Hadley Ave N & 21st St N44.978947-92.964679
15218Hadley Ave N & 24th St N44.983549-92.964506
15221Hadley Ave N & 24th St N44.984059-92.964675
15222Hadley Ave N & Grospoint Ave N44.980715-92.964660
42853Hadley Ave N & Hadley Lane44.961898-92.964476
49818Hadley Ave N & Hadley Lane44.961619-92.964201
15216Hadley Ave N & Hallmark Ave N44.978992-92.964506
15219Hadley Ave N & Stillwater Blvd44.985495-92.964501
15214Hadley Ave N & Upper 17th St N44.974536-92.963511
15225Hadley Ave N & Upper 17th St N44.974432-92.963718
15217Hadley Ave N & Upper 22nd St N44.980434-92.964498
9408Halifax Ave N & 72nd Ave N45.085361-93.333309
9423Halifax Ave N & 72nd Ave N45.085571-93.333421
9409Halifax Ave N & Woodbine Lane45.086735-93.333337
45156Hamline Ave & #280045.025878-93.156833
49721Hamline Ave & Arlington Ave44.984433-93.156608
53750Hamline Ave & Arlington Ave44.984733-93.156755
4098Hamline Ave & Brooks Ave45.016758-93.156856
10679Hamline Ave & California Ave44.991026-93.156682
53738Hamline Ave & California Ave44.991190-93.156483
4060Hamline Ave & Co Rd B-245.014167-93.156647
4066Hamline Ave & Co Rd C45.020305-93.156749
49729Hamline Ave & Como Ave44.977681-93.156864
16990Hamline Ave & Concordia Ave44.950750-93.156721
16991Hamline Ave & Concordia Ave44.951019-93.156921
18510Hamline Ave & Hoyt Ave44.988320-93.156677
47484Hamline Ave & Hoyt Ave44.988009-93.156548
16992Hamline Ave & Marshall Ave44.948674-93.156908
16993Hamline Ave & Marshall Ave44.948727-93.156740
49720Hamline Ave & Midway Pkwy44.980887-93.156669
49728Hamline Ave & Midway Pkwy Service44.981314-93.156820
4096Hamline Ave & Oakcrest Ave45.017827-93.156862
4221Hamline Ave & Oakcrest Ave45.017685-93.156695
4198Hamline Ave & Rose Place45.019560-93.156889
4202Hamline Ave & Sextant Ave45.014536-93.156807
16988Hamline Ave & St Anthony Ave44.952330-93.156937
16989Hamline Ave & St Anthony Ave44.953108-93.156748
42040Hamline Ave & Target Entrance44.954699-93.156966
42041Hamline Ave & Target Entrance44.954449-93.156723
4062Hamline Ave & Willow Circle45.016499-93.156683
45154Hamline Ave & Woodhill Dr45.022604-93.156771
56009Hamline Ave Station44.955690-93.155934
56035Hamline Ave Station44.955718-93.157728
8735Hampshire Ave & 63rd Ave N45.069450-93.365549
50200Hampshire Ave & 63rd Ave N45.069516-93.365396
8732Hampshire Ave & 65th Ave N45.073108-93.365818
50203Hampshire Ave & 65th Ave N45.072783-93.365644
8731Hampshire Ave & Dutton Ave N45.073946-93.365850
50204Hampshire Ave & Dutton Ave N45.073738-93.365703
8734Hampshire Ave N & 64th Ave (N)45.072098-93.365728
50202Hampshire Ave N & 64th Ave (N)45.071770-93.365568
48355Hampshire Ave N & 64th Ave (S)45.070678-93.365619
50201Hampshire Ave N & 64th Ave (S)45.070739-93.365466
53778Hampshire Ave N & Liberty Co45.127799-93.366368
53779Hampshire Ave N & Liberty Co45.127682-93.366563
56135Hampshire Ave N & Oak Grove Pkwy N45.132196-93.366463
51045Hampshire Ave S & 110th St W44.803505-93.368918
51046Hampshire Ave S & 110th St W44.803776-93.368759
48081Hampshire Ave S & 111th St W44.802473-93.368922
56987Hampshire Ave S & Hampshire Hill Apts44.809951-93.368639
56988Hampshire Ave S & Hampshire Hill Apts44.809846-93.368414
48116Hampshire Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.807272-93.368377
10976Hanson Blvd & 106th Ave NW45.163058-93.318002
10982Hanson Blvd & 108th Ave NW45.166675-93.317634
40583Hanson Blvd & 108th Lane NW45.167069-93.318010
10984Hanson Blvd & 110th Lane NW45.170915-93.317584
10985Hanson Blvd & 110th Lane NW45.171188-93.317918
10986Hanson Blvd & 111th Ave NW45.172252-93.317552
10987Hanson Blvd & 111th Lane NW45.173006-93.317865
10988Hanson Blvd & 113th Ave NW45.175490-93.317741
56992Hanson Blvd NW & 106th Ave NW45.162770-93.317712
44728Harbor Lane & 34th Ave N45.018566-93.463263
44783Harbor Lane & 34th Ave N45.018486-93.463604
44730Harbor Lane & Currents Apts45.016244-93.464145
44781Harbor Lane & Currents Apts45.016101-93.464004
44729Harbor Lane & Currents Apts (N)45.017488-93.464028
44782Harbor Lane & Currents Apts (N)45.017215-93.463972
44731Harbor Lane & Currents Apts (S)45.015309-93.464161
44779Harbor Lane & Currents Apts (S)45.015153-93.464019
44732Harbor Lane & Fernbrook Lane45.014098-93.461795
44780Harbor Lane & Fernbrook Lane45.014207-93.462040
41147Hardman Ave & #15544.891882-93.026614
41152Hardman Ave & #15544.891713-93.026669
49573Hardman Ave & Bridgepoint Dr44.890676-93.025750
49574Hardman Ave & Bridgepoint Dr44.890863-93.026060
14430Harriet Ave & Dale St45.046746-93.126282
14474Harriet Ave & Dale St45.046652-93.126857
14475Harriet Ave & Kent St45.046658-93.124418
14431Harriet Ave & Owasso St45.046718-93.128970
51301Harrison St & 3rd Ave45.201497-93.386979
50712Harrison St & 4th Ave45.201374-93.385572
49885Harvard St SE & Masonic Memorial44.971998-93.230338
54038Harvard St SE & Washington Ave44.973371-93.230204
56305Hawthorne Ave & 10th St N44.976925-93.278487
49696Hawthorne Ave & Westminster St44.978322-93.086087
12460Hayden Lake & Independence Ave45.180665-93.400460
12461Hayden Lake & Independence Ave45.180511-93.400299
12459Hayden Lake Rd & Cartway Rd45.180651-93.401727
12466Hayden Lake Rd & Champlin Dr45.180488-93.394228
12464Hayden Lake Rd & Gettysburg Ave45.180710-93.396745
12465Hayden Lake Rd & Gettysburg Ave45.180549-93.397046
12462Hayden Lake Rd & Hillsboro Ave45.180539-93.399015
12463Hayden Lake Rd & Hillsboro Ave45.180719-93.398683
50680Hazel St N & 7th St E44.966980-93.020143
53156Hazelton Rd & #3535 - Federal Express44.873941-93.324746
53866Hazelton Rd & France Ave S44.873931-93.327974
53155Hazelton Rd & Target Loading Dock44.874079-93.325110
53436Hazelton Rd & York Ave S44.874517-93.321899
13037Hazelwood St & Arlington Ave44.984869-93.035541
12984Hazelwood St & Hoyt Ave44.988250-93.035378
13033Hazelwood St & Hoyt Ave44.988568-93.035532
12986Hazelwood St & Idaho Ave44.990066-93.035387
12982Hazelwood St & Nebraska Ave44.986456-93.035383
13035Hazelwood St & Nebraska Ave44.986672-93.035535
80516Healthpartners Lot & 30th Av S44.855186-93.229756
40247Hedberg Dr & Cedar Lake Rd/Greenbrier Rd44.951844-93.419648
15749Hennepin Av E & Johnson St NE (10th Ave)44.991411-93.237391
17917Hennepin Ave & 1st St N44.984022-93.266690
17952Hennepin Ave & 1st St S44.984006-93.266061
17926Hennepin Ave & 12th St N44.974917-93.280261
17942Hennepin Ave & 13th St / 12th St S44.974484-93.280878
17928Hennepin Ave & 16th St (Maple)44.972867-93.285238
1329Hennepin Ave & 22nd St W44.960825-93.292665
1328Hennepin Ave & 24th St W44.959009-93.294039
1327Hennepin Ave & 25th St W44.957227-93.295401
1326Hennepin Ave & 26th St W44.955413-93.296736
1325Hennepin Ave & 27th St W44.953656-93.297510
1324Hennepin Ave & 28th St W44.951806-93.298140
1321Hennepin Ave & 31st St W44.946458-93.298221
42216Hennepin Ave & 33rd St W44.943182-93.298262
42219Hennepin Ave & 33rd St W44.942607-93.298437
1318Hennepin Ave & 34th St W44.941197-93.298278
1316Hennepin Ave & 36th St W44.938099-93.298309
17932Hennepin Ave & Douglas Ave44.966644-93.288605
51581Hennepin Ave & Franklin Ave / 22nd St44.961886-93.292079
1096Hennepin Ave & Franklin Ave W44.962418-93.291788
1330Hennepin Ave & Franklin Ave W44.962599-93.291325
17936Hennepin Ave & Groveland Ave44.966906-93.287873
1323Hennepin Ave & Lagoon Ave44.949106-93.298169
1322Hennepin Ave & Lake St W44.948215-93.298190
17927Hennepin Ave & Laurel Ave (Spruce)44.973840-93.282864
17934Hennepin Ave & Lincoln Ave44.964512-93.290093
17940Hennepin Ave & MCTC44.973000-93.284325
17939Hennepin Ave & Maple St (16th St)44.972500-93.285681
17937Hennepin Ave & Oak Grove St44.969274-93.287276
50196Hennepin Ave & Uptown Station - Gate A44.950104-93.298358
50195Hennepin Ave & Uptown Station - Gate B44.950362-93.298138
17950Hennepin Ave & Washington / 2nd St44.982639-93.268173
15477Hennepin Ave E & 2nd St NE (Ortman)44.987567-93.257316
14942Hennepin Ave E & 5th Ave SE44.991415-93.243803
14943Hennepin Ave E & 5th Ave SE44.991565-93.243914
42208Hennepin Ave E & 5th St SE44.988836-93.253678
14955Hennepin Ave E & 6th St SE44.989413-93.251992
14946Hennepin Ave E & 8th St SE44.990606-93.248546
14947Hennepin Ave E & 8th St SE44.990576-93.249135
15750Hennepin Ave E & 12th Ave SE44.991406-93.234755
15782Hennepin Ave E & 12th Ave SE44.991579-93.234549
15752Hennepin Ave E & 14th Ave SE44.991408-93.232197
15780Hennepin Ave E & 14th Ave SE44.991536-93.231876
15753Hennepin Ave E & 15th Ave SE44.991401-93.230955
15779Hennepin Ave E & 15th Ave SE44.991543-93.230581
15778Hennepin Ave E & 16th Ave SE44.991524-93.229346
15756Hennepin Ave E & 18th Ave (Stinson)44.991293-93.227400
15759Hennepin Ave E & 22nd Ave SE44.991430-93.221711
15761Hennepin Ave E & 24th Ave SE44.991461-93.219105
41769Hennepin Ave E & 25th Ave SE44.991478-93.217239
41630Hennepin Ave E & 27th Ave SE44.991659-93.215319
41637Hennepin Ave E & 27th Ave SE44.991499-93.215307
41629Hennepin Ave E & 29th Ave SE44.991689-93.213574
41638Hennepin Ave E & 29th Ave SE44.991543-93.212773
49666Hennepin Ave E & 33rd Ave SE44.991610-93.207941
17916Hennepin Ave E & De LaSalle Dr44.986321-93.262017
15775Hennepin Ave E & Harding St NE44.991579-93.221334
14944Hennepin Ave E & Harrison St NE44.991359-93.246872
56592Hennepin Ave E & Harrison St NE44.991127-93.247080
41632Hennepin Ave E & Hoover St NE (25th Ave)44.991628-93.217552
41628Hennepin Ave E & Industrial Blvd44.991745-93.209906
41639Hennepin Ave E & Industrial Blvd44.991559-93.210763
15783Hennepin Ave E & Johnson St NE44.991585-93.235644
41972Hennepin Ave E & Johnson St NE44.991589-93.237687
14940Hennepin Ave E & Pierce St44.991422-93.241104
14941Hennepin Ave E & Pierce St44.991558-93.240819
15777Hennepin Ave E & Stinson Blvd44.991495-93.227638
15757Hennepin Ave E & Taft St NE44.991407-93.224313
15776Hennepin Ave E & Taft St NE44.991551-93.223897
17953Hennepin Ave E & Wilder St44.986234-93.261169
1099Hennepin Ave S & 22nd St W44.961030-93.292777
1098Hennepin Ave S & 24th St W44.959231-93.294150
1100Hennepin Ave S & 25th St W44.957447-93.295508
1101Hennepin Ave S & 26th St W44.955673-93.296850
1102Hennepin Ave S & 27th St W44.953858-93.297675
1103Hennepin Ave S & 28th St W44.951859-93.298415
1106Hennepin Ave S & 31st St W44.946757-93.298394
1109Hennepin Ave S & 34th St W44.941446-93.298428
1111Hennepin Ave S & 36th St W44.937824-93.298481
1105Hennepin Ave S & Lagoon Ave44.948838-93.298377
9522Hennepin Technical College & Main Door45.095772-93.398251
40586Heritage Dr & Xerxes Ave S44.889486-93.319147
40587Heritage Dr & York Ave S44.889583-93.320800
40588Heritage Dr & York Ave S44.889479-93.320734
90203Highway 61 and Bailey Rd NB Control Pt44.896110-93.008597
90206Highway 61 and Bailey Rd SB Control Pt44.895993-93.008903
90204Highway 61 and Lower Afton Rd NB Control Pt44.929514-93.023593
90205Highway 61 and Lower Afton Rd SB Control Pt44.927833-93.022496
56901Highway 120 & 17th / 18th Ave E45.021679-92.984691
90200Highway 280 and Energy Park Dr Control Pt44.974475-93.202489
90208Highway 280 and University Ave Control Pt44.964741-93.201684
90195Highway 280 to Energy Park Dr Control Pt44.974530-93.202175
44119Hillsboro Ave & Medicine Lake Rd45.007116-93.398027
44263Hillsboro Ave & Medicine Lake Rd45.006880-93.398149
44264Hillsboro Ave & Mendelssohn Lane45.006059-93.398866
13994Hillview Rd & Eastwood Rd45.111553-93.213286
13995Hillview Rd & Eastwood Rd45.111660-93.212999
13992Hillview Rd & Greenwood Dr45.111704-93.210946
13993Hillview Rd & Greenwood Dr45.111588-93.211231
13999Hillview Rd & Red Oak Dr45.111584-93.217106
13996Hillview Rd & Sunnyside Rd45.111625-93.214983
13997Hillview Rd & Sunnyside Rd45.111515-93.215342
46818Hodgson Rd & Bridge St45.077582-93.116210
46934Hodgson Rd & Bridge St45.077584-93.116490
46819Hodgson Rd & Co Rd 9645.079817-93.117234
46933Hodgson Rd & Co Rd 9645.079136-93.117235
46812Hodgson Rd & Co Rd F45.064668-93.109665
46939Hodgson Rd & Co Rd F45.064771-93.110058
46816Hodgson Rd & Colleen Ave45.071481-93.113432
46936Hodgson Rd & Colleen Ave45.071652-93.113649
46815Hodgson Rd & Dennison Ave45.069616-93.112557
46937Hodgson Rd & Dennison Ave45.069868-93.112839
46813Hodgson Rd & Floral Dr W45.066678-93.111173
49143Hodgson Rd & Floral Dr W45.066844-93.111404
53168Hodgson Rd & Gramsie Rd (Rice St)45.062857-93.107111
46814Hodgson Rd & Hawes Ave45.067801-93.111698
46938Hodgson Rd & Hawes Ave45.067942-93.111918
53167Hodgson Rd & Rice St (Gramsie)45.062995-93.106931
46817Hodgson Rd & Snail Lake Rd45.073653-93.114433
46935Hodgson Rd & Snail Lake Rd45.073955-93.114751
46820Hodgson Rd & Village Center Dr45.081092-93.117782
46932Hodgson Rd & Village Center Dr45.081462-93.118342
49983Holloway Ave & 7th Ave44.999343-93.014273
49775Holloway Ave & Beebe Rd44.999139-93.012711
56967Holly Ln & Medina Rd45.020604-93.497773
56269Holmes St S & 4th Ave E44.795629-93.526080
15773Hoover St NE & Hennepin Ave E44.991655-93.217805
48318Hoover St NE & Spring St NE44.995041-93.217639
15763Hoover St NE & Winter St44.993259-93.217808
48317Hoover St NE & Winter St NE44.993258-93.217616
42547Hopkins Cross - Co Rd 73 & Fairway Dr44.938386-93.420983
8106Hopkins Crossroad & Hillside Lane44.960765-93.420544
8107Hopkins Crossroad & Live Oak Dr44.962386-93.420500
44768Hopkins Crossroad & Lorry Lane44.977410-93.420802
44775Hopkins Crossroad & Lorry Lane44.977205-93.420650
8105Hopkins Crossroad & Mill Run44.958510-93.420614
40494Hopkins Crossroad & Minnetonka Blvd44.945407-93.421270
8016Hopkins Crossroad & Oak Knoll Terrace S44.966540-93.420600
8110Hopkins Crossroad & Oak Knoll Terrace S44.966352-93.420443
8108Hopkins Crossroad & Runnymeade Lane44.964104-93.420444
8102Hopkins X Rd & Cedar Hills / Cedar Hills44.954326-93.420758
44776Hopkins Xroad (Zachary Ln) & Ridgemont44.978536-93.420690
8022Hopkins Xroad - Co 73 & Cedar Hills Dr44.955086-93.420887
42549Hopkins Xroad - Co 73 & Minnetonka Blvd44.944757-93.420984
44772Hopkins Xroad - Co 73 & Wayzata Blvd N44.973715-93.420496
8021Hopkins Xroad - Co Rd 73 & Fetterly Rd44.958818-93.420800
8019Hopkins Xroad - Co Rd 73 & Live Oak Dr44.962784-93.420647
42546Hopkins Xroad - Co Rd 73 & Oakton Ridge44.936236-93.420942
42551Hopkins Xroad - Co Rd 73 & Oakvale Rd N44.936495-93.421115
42550Hopkins Xroad - Co Rd 73 & Royzelle Lane44.938589-93.421126
8018Hopkins Xroad - Co Rd 73 & Timberline Rd44.964109-93.420591
3222Howard St & 3rd St E44.956576-93.008019
3214Howard St & Conway St44.955978-93.008128
53176Hudson Rd & Century Ave N44.948973-92.984482
53177Hudson Rd & Century Ave N44.948914-92.984595
51131Hudson Rd & Ruth St44.952619-93.014906
11552Humboldt Ave & Humboldt Circle (N)45.092449-93.300654
11498Humboldt Ave & Humboldt Circle (S)45.091513-93.300453
11554Humboldt Ave & Humboldt Circle (S)45.091643-93.300625
285Humboldt Ave & Robie St44.930444-93.085104
46506Humboldt Ave & Robie St44.930651-93.085261
286Humboldt Ave & Winifred St44.931311-93.085120
11208Humboldt Ave N & 49th Ave N45.044047-93.299350
11394Humboldt Ave N & 49th Ave N45.043644-93.299522
11211Humboldt Ave N & 51st Ave N45.047400-93.299442
11390Humboldt Ave N & 51st Ave N45.047749-93.299407
41842Humboldt Ave N & 53rd Ave N45.051002-93.299138
42183Humboldt Ave N & 65th Ave N45.073400-93.299367
11483Humboldt Ave N & 67th Ave N45.077074-93.299778
11486Humboldt Ave N & 69th Ave N45.079269-93.300029
11488Humboldt Ave N & 70th Ave N45.081696-93.300202
11566Humboldt Ave N & 70th Ave N45.082017-93.300322
11490Humboldt Ave N & 71st Ave N45.083415-93.300246
11564Humboldt Ave N & 71st Ave N45.083777-93.300372
11492Humboldt Ave N & 72nd Ave N45.084926-93.300292
11562Humboldt Ave N & 72nd Ave N45.084933-93.300405
11494Humboldt Ave N & 73rd Ave N45.087103-93.300357
11558Humboldt Ave N & 73rd Ave N45.086788-93.300459
11550Humboldt Ave N & 76th Ave N45.093261-93.300678
48356Humboldt Ave N & 76th Ave N45.093138-93.300496
11481Humboldt Ave N & #652145.075768-93.299657
11500Humboldt Ave N & #760045.092239-93.300469
11496Humboldt Ave N & Meadowood Dr45.090544-93.300422
11556Humboldt Ave N & Meadowood Dr45.090824-93.300607
11397Humboldt Ave N & Shingle Creek Dr45.040778-93.299207
57129Humboldt Ave S & 104th St W44.815199-93.298694
1400Humboldt Ave S & 106th St W44.812380-93.298905
40594Hunting Valley Rd & Como Ave44.987487-93.204313
4823Hwy 7 & 5th Ave N44.933335-93.407318
4824Hwy 7 & 5th Ave N44.933559-93.404714
6748Hwy 7 & 12th Ave N44.932761-93.413963
41835Hwy 7 & 12th Ave N44.933016-93.415153
6737Hwy 7 & Bayswater Rd44.915295-93.498269
6736Hwy 7 & Co Rd 10144.913815-93.502512
20055Hwy 7 & Hopkins Crossroad (17th Ave)44.932709-93.421511
20128Hwy 7 & Hopkins Crossroad (17th Ave)44.932995-93.420678
20126Hwy 7 & Oakridge Rd (5th Ave)44.933565-93.407614
6664Hwy 7 & Shady Oak Rd44.930381-93.429647
49451Hwy 7 & Shady Oak Rd44.930477-93.428734
6670Hwy 7 & Tonkawood Rd44.919838-93.482082
6667Hwy 7 & Williston Rd44.922025-93.468377
6743Hwy 7 & Williston Rd44.921808-93.468214
6740Hwy 7 & Woodland Rd44.919561-93.482040
42542Hwy 7 Svc Rd N & Elmo Rd44.933140-93.416647
42554Hwy 7 Svc Rd N & Elmo Rd44.933034-93.416916
48478Hwy 10 Service Rd & Thurston Ave45.214049-93.413191
56660Hwy 10 Service Rd & Thurston Ave45.213951-93.413083
56096Hwy 36 & Rice St P&R & Shelter45.006477-93.103409
42411Hwy 55 (Olson Memorial Hwy) & Douglas Dr44.984423-93.359835
5039Hwy 61 & Beam Ave45.027598-93.046598
5247Hwy 61 & Beam Ave45.027841-93.046921
48296Hwy 61 & Lower Afton P&R44.927822-93.021724
48297Hwy 61 & Lower Afton P&R44.927990-93.022669
4949Hwy 62 Exit & Xerxes Ave S44.891189-93.318540
17137Hwy 65 - Central Ave NE & Medtronic Pkwy45.071215-93.247642
7723Hwy 120 & Hwy 244 (Co Rd E)45.049824-92.984896
15154Hwy 120 - Century & 7th St N44.959177-92.984850
41766Hwy 120 - Division & 2nd Ave E45.008479-92.984841
41763Hwy 120 - Division & 4th Ave N45.010441-92.984837
41761Hwy 120 - Division & 8th Ave E45.013144-92.984851
49848Hwy 120 - Division & Genevieve Ave45.001373-92.984787
49846Hwy 120 - Division & Upper 46th St N45.015945-92.984858
49847Hwy 120 - Division St & 10th Ave (46th)45.015005-92.984851
49841Hwy 120 - Division St & 17th Ave E45.021340-92.984866
49840Hwy 120 - Division St & 19th Ave E45.023315-92.984848
41953Hwy 120 - East Co Line & #359045.048259-92.984634
41754Hwy 120 - Geneva & 2nd Ave E45.008679-92.984629
49823Hwy 120 - Geneva & 17th St N44.973530-92.984635
49825Hwy 120 - Geneva & 25th St N44.984944-92.984542
41756Hwy 120 - Geneva & 43rd St N45.010214-92.984613
49836Hwy 120 - Geneva & 54th St N45.025873-92.984582
49827Hwy 120 - Geneva & Genevieve Ave45.001330-92.984604
7513Hwy 120 - Geneva & Upper 35th St N44.999341-92.984588
41759Hwy 120 - Geneva & Upper 44th St N45.012950-92.984690
49829Hwy 120 - Geneva & Upper 46th St N45.015690-92.984613
49835Hwy 120 - Geneva & Upper 51st St45.023060-92.984624
49828Hwy 120 - Geneva Ave & 46th St N (10th)45.014786-92.984619
49839Hwy 120 Division St & 54th St N45.026259-92.984921
49849Hwy 120 Division St & Holloway Ave44.999663-92.984802
41954Hwy 120 Division St & Joy Rd45.031697-92.984922
7727Hwy 120 East Co Line & Co Rd D45.036311-92.984911
7724Hwy 120 East Co Line & Elm Dr45.048545-92.984936
52169Hwy 120 East County & Century College45.044283-92.984935
52170Hwy 120 East County & Century College45.042678-92.984607
12299Hwy 120 East County Line & Long Lake Rd45.036913-92.984639
41952Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Hadley Ave45.031718-92.984656
7511Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Ivy Ave44.981332-92.984644
49852Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Ivy Ave44.981583-92.984833
49853Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Maryland Ave44.977873-92.984820
49851Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Ryan Dr44.985459-92.984805
49824Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Stillwater Blvd44.975540-92.984612
49854Hwy 120 Geneva Ave & Stillwater Rd44.975793-92.984886
12442Hwy 169 & Dayton Rd45.188321-93.396708
42509Hwy 169 & Dowlin St45.186971-93.395211
47813Hwy 169 & Miller Rd45.188829-93.396393
42886Hwy 169 NB Exit & 36th Ave N45.021804-93.399953
11585Hwy 252 & 66th Ave N45.073910-93.286840
13345Hwy 252 & 66th Ave N45.075265-93.286610
13346Hwy 252 & 70th Ave N45.082762-93.287548
13376Hwy 252 & 70th Ave N45.081670-93.288101
13347Hwy 252 & 73rd Ave N45.087803-93.287697
13374Hwy 252 & 73rd Ave N45.086726-93.288043
53803Hwy 610 Noble Pkwy P&R & 95th Ave N45.126654-93.338347
53542I-35W & 46th St Station44.919902-93.274801
53543I-35W & 46th St Station44.919417-93.274754
52719I-35W & 66th St Station44.883158-93.296483
48084I-35W & 66th Street Station44.883210-93.295321
56833I-35W & 98th St Station44.825170-93.290862
56831I-35W & 98th Street Station44.825690-93.290866
51821I-35W & 98th Street Station Gate A44.824687-93.290618
51822I-35W & 98th Street Station Gate B44.824863-93.290701
51823I-35W & 98th Street Station Gate C44.825105-93.290695
51824I-35W & 98th Street Station Gate D44.825297-93.290616
56829I-35W & Burnsville Pkwy Station44.770138-93.287037
17780I-35W & Lake St Station44.948626-93.274662
17781I-35W & Lake St Station44.948118-93.274824
90217I-35W and EB I-94 Control Pt44.965629-93.258680
90216I-35W and Lake St NB Control Pt44.948479-93.274498
90207I-94 EB and Highway 280 FS Control Pt44.957289-93.196340
90220I-94 WB and I-394 WB Ramp Control Pt44.974409-93.286981
42157Idaho Ave & Hillcrest Shopping Center44.990111-93.024527
5759Independence Ave & Amhurst Townhomes44.939502-93.399513
40289Independence Ave & Amhurst Townhomes44.939528-93.399147
12716Industrial Blvd & #45144.996268-93.211346
48173Industrial Blvd & #70044.997410-93.211379
44638Industrial Blvd & #701 Delivery Entrance44.998778-93.211376
12718Industrial Blvd & Broadway St NE45.000370-93.211374
41770Industrial Blvd & Hennepin Ave E44.992032-93.210091
41772Industrial Blvd & Spring St44.995063-93.211364
44637Industrial Blvd & Winter / Spring St44.994403-93.211360
41771Industrial Blvd & Winter St44.993580-93.211362
14131Innsbruck Dr & 12th St NW45.069088-93.221673
14132Innsbruck Dr & 27th Ave NW45.068135-93.221029
14128Innsbruck Dr & 29th Ave NW45.069813-93.223350
14129Innsbruck Dr & 29th Ave NW45.069887-93.223060
14126Innsbruck Dr & 32nd Ave NW45.069801-93.226039
14127Innsbruck Dr & 32nd Ave NW45.069640-93.226275
14118Innsbruck Dr & Bavarian Pass45.069258-93.231408
14119Innsbruck Dr & Bavarian Pass45.069374-93.231130
14124Innsbruck Dr & Black Forest Condo45.069482-93.227855
14125Innsbruck Dr & Black Forest Condo45.069619-93.227750
14116Innsbruck Dr & Danube Rd E45.069611-93.233025
14117Innsbruck Dr & Danube Rd E45.069631-93.233433
14114Innsbruck Dr & Danube Rd W45.070130-93.235360
14115Innsbruck Dr & Danube Rd W45.070237-93.235404
14130Innsbruck Dr & Innsbruck Court45.068973-93.221359
14120Innsbruck Dr & Innsbruck Court N45.069455-93.229597
14121Innsbruck Dr & Innsbruck Court N45.069339-93.229830
14133Innsbruck Dr & Innsbruck Trail45.068052-93.220681
14112Innsbruck Dr & Matterhorn Dr45.070228-93.236661
14122Innsbruck Dr & Meister Rd45.069507-93.228769
14123Innsbruck Dr & Meister Rd45.069394-93.228823
14134Innsbruck Dr & Silver Lake Rd45.067655-93.219219
14135Innsbruck Dr & Silver Lake Rd45.067535-93.219013
53353Interstate 35 Ramp & Kenrick Ave P&R44.707082-93.284381
56173Interstate 35E Co Rd 14 P&R & 21st Ave N45.166999-93.035339
56172Interstate 35E Co Rd E P&R & Walmart45.048811-93.061358
56174Interstate 35E Ramp & I-35E Co Rd E P&R45.048980-93.060382
90201Interstate 94 and Highway 280 Westbound Control Pt44.960255-93.208982
41158Interstate 394 En & Gen Mills Blvd P&R44.972737-93.389795
7005Interstate 394 Exit & Louisiana TC - A44.970975-93.372327
9676Inver Hills College & Shelter44.829539-93.054582
40023Iowa Ave & White Bear Ave44.989295-93.024760
5190Ivy Ave & Geneva (Hwy 120)44.981432-92.985260
5193Ivy Ave & Pine Tree Dr44.981394-92.988235
47356Jackson St & 12th St44.953943-93.095229
11903Jackson St & 14th St44.955097-93.095969
11904Jackson St & 14th St44.955299-93.096540
49671Jackson St & #1494 Unit D44.986373-93.096325
49679Jackson St & #1494 Unit D44.986558-93.096508
49672Jackson St & #157744.988656-93.096333
49678Jackson St & #157744.988657-93.096518
49680Jackson St & Arlington Ave44.984735-93.096519
18020Jackson St & Cayuga St44.967388-93.096268
40057Jackson St & Cayuga St44.967204-93.096439
18026Jackson St & Cook Ave44.972788-93.096287
40067Jackson St & Cook Ave44.972961-93.096456
18016Jackson St & Empire Dr44.961716-93.097941
18024Jackson St & Jenks Ave44.970977-93.096284
40097Jackson St & Jenks Ave44.971149-93.096446
18028Jackson St & Jessamine Ave44.974574-93.096294
40098Jackson St & Jessamine Ave44.974778-93.096473
18051Jackson St & Larpenteur Ave44.991549-93.096357
18014Jackson St & Mount Airy (Winter St)44.959364-93.098539
56323Jackson St & Rose Ave E44.976586-93.096476
56324Jackson St & Rose Ave E44.976401-93.096283
18022Jackson St & Sims Ave44.969087-93.096273
40138Jackson St & Sims Ave44.969320-93.096434
18018Jackson St & Sycamore St44.964935-93.096252
49670Jackson St & Timberlake Rd44.985108-93.096323
18012Jackson St & University Ave44.956258-93.097113
20019Jackson St & University Ave44.956163-93.097294
49673Jackson St & Wheelock Pkwy44.990645-93.096352
49677Jackson St & Wheelock Pkwy44.990825-93.096536
40156Jackson St & Winter St (Mount Airy)44.959619-93.098646
42128James Ave S & 96th St W44.829815-93.301201
42139James Ave S & 96th St W44.830201-93.301338
42127James Ave S & 97th St W44.828020-93.301188
42140James Ave S & 97th St W44.827973-93.301355
42129James Ave S & Southtech Plaza44.832175-93.301042
42138James Ave S & Southtech Plaza44.832119-93.301210
18730Jefferson Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.930676-93.149303
53728Jefferson Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.930454-93.149547
17067Jefferson St & 104th Lane NE45.162024-93.255889
17068Jefferson St & 104th Lane NE45.161940-93.255724
17065Jefferson St & 105th Ave NE45.162840-93.255730
17066Jefferson St & 105th Ave NE45.162975-93.255854
17064Jefferson St & 106th Ave NE45.164211-93.255692
17061Jefferson St & 107th Ave NE45.166072-93.255652
17069Jefferson St & Territorial Rd45.161144-93.255884
17063Jefferson St & Washington Blvd45.164449-93.255822
17062Jefferson St NE & 107th Ave NE45.166377-93.255793
40615Jefferson St NE & 117th Ave NE45.182698-93.256311
11885John Ireland Blvd & Marshall Ave44.948050-93.107742
11888John Ireland Blvd & Marshall Ave44.948278-93.108018
51867John P Humphrey Interlocking44.870279-93.223213
41187Johnson Ave & 78th St / Minnesota44.861027-93.333688
53948Johnson High School & Gate B44.981384-93.068163
16041Johnson St NE & 14th Ave NE45.001822-93.237266
16042Johnson St NE & 14th Ave NE45.001816-93.237076
42290Johnson St NE & 19th Ave NE45.007539-93.237046
42306Johnson St NE & 19th Ave NE45.007542-93.237258
16034Johnson St NE & 22nd Ave NE45.009459-93.237085
16035Johnson St NE & 22nd Ave NE45.009707-93.237253
16032Johnson St NE & 23rd Ave NE45.011514-93.237239
42291Johnson St NE & 23rd Ave NE45.011644-93.237093
16028Johnson St NE & 26th Ave NE45.015132-93.237223
42293Johnson St NE & 26th Ave NE45.015239-93.237089
16026Johnson St NE & 27th Ave NE45.016688-93.237076
42303Johnson St NE & 27th Ave NE45.016568-93.237216
16024Johnson St NE & 28th Ave NE45.018733-93.237209
16025Johnson St NE & 28th Ave NE45.018493-93.237040
16022Johnson St NE & 29th Ave NE45.020303-93.237038
16023Johnson St NE & 29th Ave NE45.020571-93.237211
42294Johnson St NE & 30th Ave NE45.022494-93.237030
42302Johnson St NE & 30th Ave NE45.022030-93.237223
16019Johnson St NE & 31st Ave NE45.024192-93.237206
42295Johnson St NE & 31st Ave NE45.024271-93.237052
42296Johnson St NE & 32nd Ave NE45.025989-93.237044
42300Johnson St NE & 32nd Ave NE45.025642-93.237207
16014Johnson St NE & 33rd Ave NE45.027515-93.237036
16015Johnson St NE & 33rd Ave NE45.027796-93.237214
16012Johnson St NE & 34th Ave NE45.029276-93.237212
16013Johnson St NE & 34th Ave NE45.029631-93.237031
42297Johnson St NE & 35th Ave NE45.031476-93.237038
42298Johnson St NE & 35th Ave NE45.031093-93.237206
16007Johnson St NE & 36th Ave NE45.033424-93.237200
16008Johnson St NE & 36th Ave NE45.032782-93.237035
16003Johnson St NE & 37th Ave NE45.035276-93.237214
16004Johnson St NE & 37th Ave NE45.035279-93.237033
16043Johnson St NE & Broadway St44.999077-93.236640
16044Johnson St NE & Broadway St NE44.998861-93.237090
14937Johnson St NE & Hennepin Ave E44.991724-93.237237
16031Johnson St NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013313-93.237242
42292Johnson St NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013050-93.237064
42307Johnson St NE & Quarry Center45.005269-93.236592
42448Johnson St NE & Quarry Center45.004853-93.236646
14935Johnson St NE & Shaw-Stewart Lumber44.996808-93.237108
20046Johnson St NE & Shaw-Stewart Lumber44.996796-93.237293
20033Johnson St NE & Ulysses St NE44.991799-93.235878
49381Jolly Lane & 79th Ave N / Brooklyn Blvd45.096329-93.381816
56021Junction & Blue Green Crossover44.971794-93.253428
40629KTel Dr & Encore Circle #144.914931-93.424741
40630KTel Dr & Encore Circle #144.913243-93.425682
40627KTel Dr & Encore Circle #244.913430-93.425352
40628KTel Dr & Encore Circle #244.914695-93.424542
40631KTel Dr & Shady Oak Rd44.913080-93.426956
40632KTel Dr & Shady Oak Rd44.912820-93.427454
16172Kasota Ave SE & #50044.977230-93.208325
42333Kasota Ave SE & #70144.979595-93.213115
16167Kasota Ave SE & #82844.983508-93.216440
16173Kasota Ave SE & #255044.977325-93.206046
42334Kasota Ave SE & Bridal Veil Circle44.977700-93.209800
42332Kasota Ave SE & Kasota Circle44.981109-93.214367
3254Kellogg Blvd & Broadway St44.948745-93.083499
11928Kellogg Blvd & Broadway St44.948793-93.083005
3151Kellogg Blvd & Lafayette Bridge44.949616-93.081313
2793Kellogg Blvd & Minnesota St44.944997-93.090376
11940Kellogg Blvd & Minnesota St44.945349-93.090363
11883Kellogg Blvd & Mulberry St44.948151-93.105203
11884Kellogg Blvd & Mulberry St44.948188-93.105770
42032Kenneth St & Ford Pkwy44.917642-93.184752
14429Kent St & Harriet Ave45.046453-93.124063
45263Kent St & Kent Lane45.043538-93.123751
14426Kent St & Lake Bayview Ct45.043631-93.123629
14428Kent St & Lake Cove Court45.045343-93.123981
14476Kent St & Lake Cove Ct45.045610-93.124148
12870Kenzie Terrace & 27th Ave NE45.016780-93.219704
12859Kenzie Terrace & #260045.015395-93.221670
40637Kenzie Terrace & #260145.015432-93.222035
12872Kenzie Terrace & Lowry Grove45.013757-93.224966
40635Kenzie Terrace & Lowry Grove45.013523-93.224933
40636Kenzie Terrace & St Anthony Center45.016399-93.219915
12873Kenzie Terrace & Stinson Pkwy45.013371-93.226429
90232Killebrew Dr and NB Highway 77 Control Pt44.852457-93.243808
56828Knox Ave & 76th St Station44.864536-93.302232
56832Knox Ave & 76th St Station44.864050-93.302427
51110Knox Ave & American Blvd Station44.859396-93.301744
56884Knox Ave & American Blvd Station44.858344-93.301933
52661Knox Ave N & Golden Valley Rd44.998915-93.301996
56471Knox Ave N & Golden Valley Rd Ave44.998900-93.301851
52663Knox Ave N & West Broadway44.999310-93.301871
41216Knox Ave S & 82nd St / 81st St W44.855890-93.302251
51974Knox Ave S & #810044.856038-93.302532
51129Knox Landing & #8100 Entrance44.856155-93.303403
56393L'Orient St & Cayuga St44.966401-93.091008
56328L'Orient St & Mount Airy St44.958861-93.091208
49939LOrient St & #130044.981619-93.090873
49948LOrient St & #130144.981828-93.091274
18104LOrient St & Arch St44.960089-93.091305
18134LOrient St & Arch St44.960100-93.091433
49940LOrient St & Arlington Ave44.984178-93.091509
49938LOrient St & Kmart44.979647-93.090119
49949LOrient St & Kmart44.979279-93.090319
18135LOrient St & Mount Airy St (Winter St)44.958668-93.091375
18106LOrient St & Pennsylvania Ave44.961307-93.091734
18133LOrient St & Pennsylvania Ave44.961437-93.091871
11916LaFayette Rd & 8th St44.954081-93.083793
11925LaFayette Rd & 8th St44.954211-93.084228
11774LaFayette Rd & #60044.959771-93.082128
11918LaFayette Rd & Grove St44.955597-93.084682
11923LaFayette Rd & Grove St44.956022-93.084931
11920LaFayette Rd & University Ave44.957714-93.084705
11921LaFayette Rd & University Ave44.958000-93.084885
11269Lad Pkwy & 82nd Ave N45.103798-93.327794
11271Lad Pkwy & 83rd Ave N45.104589-93.328982
11263Lad Pkwy & #7956 - 799845.100780-93.326083
11265Lad Pkwy & #8000 - 801045.101822-93.327279
11267Lad Pkwy & #8100 - 811245.103278-93.327536
11261Lad Pkwy & Beard Ave N45.100056-93.324711
11259Lad Pkwy & Xerxes Ave N45.099730-93.321594
11821Lafayette Rd & Lafayette Plaza44.959589-93.082744
42118Lafayette Rd E & #341 - Front44.936399-93.073084
42119Lafayette Rd E & Riverview Plaza44.938188-93.074062
17040Lagoon Ave & Emerson Ave S44.949166-93.294269
42036Lagoon Ave & Fremont Ave S44.949307-93.295521
3524Lagoon Ave & Irving Ave S44.949312-93.302542
3525Lagoon Ave & Knox Ave S44.949293-93.305214
405Lake Cove Apts & Audubon Ave44.870928-93.069652
8615Lake Dr & Bottineau Blvd (Hwy 81)45.032425-93.338151
8618Lake Dr & Halifax Ave N45.036256-93.330856
8619Lake Dr & Halifax Ave N45.036163-93.331447
8616Lake Dr & Indiana Ave N45.034894-93.332979
8617Lake Dr & Indiana Ave N45.035451-93.332714
8614Lake Dr & Josephine Lane45.033433-93.335665
8613Lake Dr & Lake Rd45.033230-93.335833
43585Lake Dr & Lakeview Ave45.032681-93.337111
16851Lake St & 1st Ave S44.948277-93.276836
16853Lake St & 1st Ave S44.948437-93.277066
51428Lake St - Midtown Station44.948360-93.238864
46492Lake St Bus Loop & France44.948129-93.328212
16857Lake St E & 2nd Ave S44.948271-93.274394
57126Lake St E & 2nd Avenue S44.948409-93.274404
16859Lake St E & 3rd Ave S44.948261-93.273042
16860Lake St E & 3rd Ave S44.948417-93.272630
16863Lake St E & 4th Ave S44.948302-93.270134
47529Lake St E & 5th Ave / 4th Ave S44.948426-93.269586
16875Lake St E & 10th Ave S44.948275-93.260307
16877Lake St E & 10th Ave S44.948444-93.260433
16878Lake St E & 12th Ave S44.948427-93.257956
16879Lake St E & 12th Ave S44.948296-93.257733
16880Lake St E & 14th Ave S44.948300-93.254520
16881Lake St E & 14th Ave S44.948428-93.254786
16886Lake St E & 17th Ave S44.948304-93.250114
16887Lake St E & 17th Ave S44.948424-93.249795
16892Lake St E & 19th Ave S44.948320-93.245046
16894Lake St E & 21st Ave S44.948446-93.242101
16895Lake St E & 21st Ave S44.948304-93.241563
16908Lake St E & 28th Ave S44.948293-93.231752
16909Lake St E & 28th Ave S44.948464-93.231410
16912Lake St E & 31st Ave S44.948307-93.227253
16913Lake St E & 31st Ave S44.948447-93.226913
16914Lake St E & 33rd Ave S44.948438-93.224158
16915Lake St E & 33rd Ave S44.948299-93.224487
16920Lake St E & 36th Ave S44.948274-93.220584
16921Lake St E & 36th Ave S44.948445-93.220187
16924Lake St E & 39th Ave S44.948273-93.216710
16926Lake St E & 39th Ave S44.948419-93.216372
16930Lake St E & 42nd Ave S44.948418-93.212569
16931Lake St E & 42nd Ave S44.948279-93.212889
16932Lake St E & 44th Ave S44.948270-93.210330
16933Lake St E & 44th Ave S44.948443-93.210030
16937Lake St E & 46th Ave S44.948419-93.207439
56591Lake St E & 46th Ave S44.948289-93.207835
16882Lake St E & Bloomington Ave S44.948426-93.252922
16884Lake St E & Bloomington Ave S44.948286-93.252124
16888Lake St E & Cedar Ave S44.948437-93.247176
16890Lake St E & Cedar Ave S44.948300-93.247639
40954Lake St E & Lake St - Midtown Station44.948505-93.239741
43022Lake St E & Lake St - Midtown Station44.948244-93.239165
16902Lake St E & Minnehaha Ave44.948285-93.234480
16904Lake St E & Minnehaha Ave44.948467-93.234037
16867Lake St E & Park Ave S44.948431-93.265656
16868Lake St E & Park Ave S44.948280-93.265433
16865Lake St E & Portland Ave S44.948271-93.267497
16866Lake St E & Portland Ave S44.948438-93.267547
16900Lake St E & Snelling Ave44.948483-93.235763
16901Lake St E & Snelling Ave44.948260-93.236137
16855Lake St E & Stevens Ave S44.948438-93.275192
42039Lake St E & West River Pkwy S44.948296-93.205664
51413Lake St Midtown Station44.948353-93.238902
49538Lake St NE & Tyler Ave N44.931481-93.390519
49567Lake St NE & Tyler Ave N44.931430-93.391033
51367Lake St Transitway & Wendys Driveway44.949180-93.233600
4866Lake St W & Bde Maka Ska Pkwy / Knox Ave44.948327-93.304977
4862Lake St W & Bde Maka Ska Pkwy W44.948916-93.316026
57133Lake St W & Blaisdell Ave44.948395-93.279861
16845Lake St W & Blaisdell Ave S44.948282-93.279865
4771Lake St W & Brownlow Ave44.939388-93.363684
5702Lake St W & Brownlow Ave44.939199-93.363734
16835Lake St W & Bryant Ave S44.948290-93.290851
16836Lake St W & Bryant Ave S44.948443-93.290449
16833Lake St W & Colfax Ave / Dupont Ave44.948448-93.292557
3527Lake St W & Dean Pkwy E44.949418-93.315434
3528Lake St W & Dean Pkwy W44.949120-93.316344
4674Lake St W & Drew Ave S44.948525-93.326104
5806Lake St W & Drew Ave S44.948362-93.326399
16832Lake St W & Dupont Ave S44.948284-93.293373
4676Lake St W & France Ave S44.948516-93.329076
5805Lake St W & France Ave S44.948251-93.328006
50212Lake St W & Girard Ave S44.948289-93.296490
16841Lake St W & Grand Ave S44.948292-93.283939
16842Lake St W & Grand Ave S44.948446-93.284645
16827Lake St W & Humboldt Ave S44.948295-93.300343
4870Lake St W & Irving Ave S44.948283-93.302294
4758Lake St W & Library Lane44.940254-93.362515
16837Lake St W & Lyndale Ave S44.948444-93.287756
16839Lake St W & Lyndale Ave S44.948293-93.288378
4673Lake St W & Market Plaza44.948510-93.320796
5807Lake St W & Market Plaza44.948317-93.320041
3526Lake St W & Thomas Ave S44.949932-93.313737
4864Lake St W & Thomas Ave S44.949596-93.313913
49329Lake St W & Wooddale Ave44.941672-93.360288
49365Lakeland Ave N & 79th Ave N45.098501-93.385039
49366Lakeland Ave N & Walmart45.099170-93.386587
49379Lakeland Ave N & Walmart45.099257-93.387163
42892Lancaster Lane & 4 Seasons Mall45.030394-93.403858
42997Lancaster Lane & 4 Seasons Mall45.030048-93.403581
42888Lancaster Lane & 36th Ave N45.022253-93.402777
43001Lancaster Lane & 36th Ave N45.022213-93.402943
42890Lancaster Lane & 37th Place N45.024903-93.402168
42999Lancaster Lane & 37th Place N45.025159-93.402082
43000Lancaster Lane & Four Seasons Villa45.023752-93.402927
42998Lancaster Lane & Granite Woods Apts45.027485-93.402463
42889Lancaster Lane & Lancaster Village45.023384-93.402778
42891Lancaster Lane & Manor Royal Apts45.028170-93.402323
41627Larpenteur Ave & 33rd Ave SE44.991763-93.207603
49675Larpenteur Ave & #701-73944.992054-93.069651
10619Larpenteur Ave & #1666 Coffman St44.991573-93.191274
43584Larpenteur Ave & #1666 Coffman St44.991794-93.191125
49941Larpenteur Ave & Abell St N44.991942-93.098862
49946Larpenteur Ave & Abell St N44.991798-93.099134
51128Larpenteur Ave & Adolphus St44.991752-93.091316
49674Larpenteur Ave & Agate St44.991797-93.093879
49681Larpenteur Ave & Agate St44.991932-93.093708
10632Larpenteur Ave & Albert St44.991715-93.159376
10649Larpenteur Ave & Albert St44.991932-93.158811
49676Larpenteur Ave & Arcade St44.991939-93.066302
5455Larpenteur Ave & Arcade St N44.992026-93.066635
41055Larpenteur Ave & Arkwright St44.991939-93.083098
41071Larpenteur Ave & Arkwright St44.991781-93.083300
10629Larpenteur Ave & Arona St44.991674-93.164430
10652Larpenteur Ave & Arona St44.991897-93.164019
5374Larpenteur Ave & Barclay St44.992043-93.037819
42004Larpenteur Ave & Barclay St44.991953-93.038172
5376Larpenteur Ave & Birmingham St44.992062-93.040439
42002Larpenteur Ave & Birmingham St44.991946-93.040697
4259Larpenteur Ave & Chatsworth St44.992077-93.141208
10639Larpenteur Ave & Chatsworth St44.991890-93.141309
5377Larpenteur Ave & Clarence St44.992065-93.042981
42001Larpenteur Ave & Clarence St44.991957-93.043247
10620Larpenteur Ave & Cleveland Ave44.991568-93.186455
10661Larpenteur Ave & Cleveland Ave44.991822-93.186828
41054Larpenteur Ave & Desoto St44.991955-93.080379
41072Larpenteur Ave & Desoto St44.991795-93.079698
558Larpenteur Ave & Dunlap St44.991875-93.148990
3979Larpenteur Ave & Dunlap St44.992084-93.148636
5379Larpenteur Ave & Edgerton St44.991983-93.076037
41075Larpenteur Ave & Edgerton St44.991845-93.076387
49783Larpenteur Ave & English St44.992063-93.045502
7234Larpenteur Ave & Eustis St44.991594-93.202692
7235Larpenteur Ave & Eustis St44.991785-93.202236
10624Larpenteur Ave & Fairview Ave44.991630-93.175805
10657Larpenteur Ave & Fairview Ave44.991845-93.176712
557Larpenteur Ave & Fernwood St44.991846-93.151550
3980Larpenteur Ave & Fernwood St44.992064-93.151250
10655Larpenteur Ave & Fry St44.991876-93.170000
7233Larpenteur Ave & Fulham St44.991779-93.197066
10617Larpenteur Ave & Fulham St44.991561-93.197468
10621Larpenteur Ave & Gortner Ave44.991602-93.182278
47075Larpenteur Ave & Gortner Ave44.991835-93.181729
4264Larpenteur Ave & Hamline Ave44.991951-93.156205
10633Larpenteur Ave & Hamline Ave44.991725-93.156820
5352Larpenteur Ave & Hazel St44.992046-93.019994
40084Larpenteur Ave & Hazel St44.991915-93.020258
50156Larpenteur Ave & Hwy 35E / Adolphus44.991956-93.090801
49947Larpenteur Ave & Jackson St44.991799-93.096649
10656Larpenteur Ave & Larpenteur Manor44.991862-93.172136
4261Larpenteur Ave & Lexington Ave44.992112-93.147240
10637Larpenteur Ave & Lexington Ave44.991908-93.146724
10623Larpenteur Ave & Lindig St44.991609-93.179099
10658Larpenteur Ave & Lindig St44.991838-93.178707
40111Larpenteur Ave & Luella St44.991926-93.017778
53896Larpenteur Ave & Malvern St44.991784-93.203533
42000Larpenteur Ave & McAfee St44.991969-93.044465
41057Larpenteur Ave & McMenemy St44.991903-93.086728
5347Larpenteur Ave & Mounds Park Academy44.992058-93.013527
40123Larpenteur Ave & Mounds Park Academy44.991931-93.013610
4260Larpenteur Ave & Oxford St44.992106-93.144143
10638Larpenteur Ave & Oxford St44.991903-93.144491
40124Larpenteur Ave & Parkway Dr44.991918-93.069211
10630Larpenteur Ave & Pascal St44.991680-93.161893
10651Larpenteur Ave & Pascal St44.991920-93.161458
41076Larpenteur Ave & Payne Ave44.991870-93.073849
48377Larpenteur Ave & Payne Ave44.991991-93.073525
7230Larpenteur Ave & Pleasant St44.991593-93.200125
7232Larpenteur Ave & Pleasant St44.991786-93.199643
42006Larpenteur Ave & Prosperity Ave44.991937-93.034143
42156Larpenteur Ave & Prosperity Ave44.992039-93.034029
5348Larpenteur Ave & Ruth St44.992061-93.015031
40132Larpenteur Ave & Ruth St44.991926-93.015234
10628Larpenteur Ave & Snelling Ave44.991669-93.167137
10653Larpenteur Ave & Snelling Ave44.991865-93.166252
5349Larpenteur Ave & Stanich Place44.992055-93.016806
49942Larpenteur Ave & Sylvan St44.991910-93.101806
49945Larpenteur Ave & Sylvan St44.991813-93.102168
47076Larpenteur Ave & Underwood St44.991624-93.171277
5354Larpenteur Ave & Van Dyke St44.992100-93.022051
40151Larpenteur Ave & Van Dyke St44.991896-93.022856
10641Larpenteur Ave & Victoria St44.991851-93.137885
41069Larpenteur Ave & Westminster St44.991756-93.086463
54022Larpenteur Ave E & White Bear Ave N44.991887-93.025533
56960Larpenteur Ave W & Rice / Camelot St44.991823-93.105359
56959Larpenteur Ave W & Rice St44.991947-93.105750
7333Laurel Ave W & Queen Ave S44.973612-93.309511
7421Laurel Ave W & Queen Ave S44.973504-93.309637
7335Laurel Ave W & Sheridan Ave S44.973611-93.312073
7419Laurel Ave W & Sheridan Ave S44.973504-93.312291
7337Laurel Ave W & Upton Ave S44.973610-93.314617
19337Leamington Ramp & Lower - Gate #744.971967-93.271211
49358Leamington Ramp & Lower Level Layover44.971972-93.271227
42837Leamington Ramp & Upper Level - Layover44.971865-93.272188
45208Lexington Ave & Co Rd E45.050532-93.147208
49130Lexington Ave & Co Rd E45.050616-93.146950
43322Lexington Ave & Co Rd F45.064347-93.147329
45176Lexington Ave & Co Rd F45.064502-93.147092
49732Lexington Ave & Energy Park Dr44.970636-93.146720
53749Lexington Ave & Garden Ave44.995716-93.146519
43318Lexington Ave & Gramsie Rd45.061033-93.147053
45205Lexington Ave & Gramsie Rd45.061531-93.147273
45173Lexington Ave & Grey Fox Rd45.053749-93.146988
45207Lexington Ave & Grey Fox Rd45.054040-93.147231
559Lexington Ave & Larpenteur Ave44.992349-93.146338
560Lexington Ave & Larpenteur Ave44.992272-93.146596
45206Lexington Ave & Red Fox Rd45.057717-93.147266
52754Lexington Ave & Red Fox Rd45.057186-93.146956
53739Lexington Ave & Roma / Garden Ave44.995332-93.146328
53740Lexington Ave & Roselawn Ave44.999074-93.146285
53748Lexington Ave & Roselawn Ave44.999369-93.146476
53741Lexington Ave & Shryer Ave45.001811-93.146295
53747Lexington Ave & Shryer Ave45.002017-93.146504
45175Lexington Ave & Target Svc Rd45.055307-93.147002
53733Lexington Pkwy & Ashland Ave44.943858-93.146494
53754Lexington Pkwy & Ashland Ave44.944080-93.146747
49713Lexington Pkwy & Central Ave44.952877-93.146443
49736Lexington Pkwy & Central Ave44.953255-93.146811
49731Lexington Pkwy & Como Ave44.975784-93.146715
49718Lexington Pkwy & Como Ave (Wynne Ave)44.975545-93.146513
53731Lexington Pkwy & Fairmount Ave44.936717-93.146508
53756Lexington Pkwy & Fairmount Ave44.936920-93.146660
49717Lexington Pkwy & Front Ave44.970614-93.146452
53732Lexington Pkwy & Grand Ave44.940355-93.146510
53755Lexington Pkwy & Grand Ave44.939682-93.146678
53736Lexington Pkwy & Hubbard Ave44.965554-93.146461
53752Lexington Pkwy & Hubbard Ave44.965849-93.146728
18960Lexington Pkwy & James Ave44.927656-93.146512
53729Lexington Pkwy & Jefferson Ave44.930927-93.146507
53758Lexington Pkwy & Jefferson Ave44.930818-93.146677
18962Lexington Pkwy & Juliet Ave44.929547-93.146505
49737Lexington Pkwy & Marshall Ave44.948821-93.146799
53735Lexington Pkwy & Marshall Ave44.948223-93.146482
49716Lexington Pkwy & Minnehaha Ave44.962874-93.146486
49733Lexington Pkwy & Minnehaha Ave44.963128-93.146740
53734Lexington Pkwy & Selby Ave44.946461-93.146514
53753Lexington Pkwy & Selby Ave44.946838-93.146783
53730Lexington Pkwy & St Clair Ave44.934030-93.146489
53757Lexington Pkwy & St Clair Ave44.934313-93.146651
49715Lexington Pkwy & Thomas Ave44.959237-93.146482
49734Lexington Pkwy & Thomas Ave44.959501-93.146754
49714Lexington Pkwy & University Ave44.956144-93.146500
49735Lexington Pkwy & University Ave44.955386-93.146796
56010Lexington Pkwy Station44.955705-93.145702
56034Lexington Pkwy Station44.955739-93.147502
45458Lincoln Dr & Co Rd C-245.027796-93.168818
52175Lincoln Dr & Co Rd C-245.027467-93.168849
45459Lincoln Dr & Terrace Dr45.025430-93.169152
52174Lincoln Dr & Terrace Dr45.025300-93.168978
41258Lindau Ln & 26th Ave S44.856717-93.235574
41259Lindau Ln & 26th Ave S44.856630-93.236041
41253Lindau Ln & 30th Ave / Winstead Way44.856707-93.230878
41255Lindau Ln & Winstead Way / 30th Ave44.856528-93.230600
41063Little Canada Rd & Centerville Rd45.022171-93.087689
49697Little Canada Rd & Centerville Rd45.022346-93.087705
45307Little Canada Rd & Co Rd C45.023753-93.093739
41068Little Canada Rd & Edgerton St45.020717-93.076773
45313Little Canada Rd & Fleur Royale Condos45.023876-93.093300
45306Little Canada Rd & Jackson St45.024881-93.097015
45314Little Canada Rd & Jackson St45.024884-93.096657
49178Little Canada Rd & Marketplace45.025795-93.101557
41061Little Canada Rd & McMenemy St45.021020-93.083735
41064Little Canada Rd & McMenemy St45.020974-93.084145
49179Little Canada Rd & Middle St45.026066-93.104091
41059Little Canada Rd & Noel Dr45.020844-93.079653
41066Little Canada Rd & Noel Dr45.020768-93.079860
49784Little Canada Rd & Park View Court45.024573-93.095599
49785Little Canada Rd & Park View Court45.024553-93.095834
328Livingston Ave & Butler Ave / Orme St44.911572-93.081921
374Livingston Ave & Crusader Ave E44.887300-93.083193
417Livingston Ave & Crusader Ave E44.887031-93.083065
372Livingston Ave & Fox Ridge Rd44.889451-93.083207
419Livingston Ave & Fox Ridge Rd44.889233-93.083067
373Livingston Ave & Fox Ridge Rd S44.888387-93.083195
418Livingston Ave & Fox Ridge Rd S44.888453-93.083064
371Livingston Ave & Marie Ave44.890562-93.083215
420Livingston Ave & Marie Ave44.890675-93.083073
375Livingston Ave & Mendota Rd44.883826-93.084438
416Livingston Ave & Mendota Rd44.883936-93.084298
11378Logan Ave N & 53rd Ave N45.051391-93.304333
11227Logan Ave N & 55th Ave N45.054697-93.304103
11374Logan Ave N & 55th Ave N45.054964-93.304217
48342Londin Lane & Burlington Rd44.931890-93.013099
2470Londin Lane & Crestview Dr44.930337-92.996854
42571Londin Lane & Crestview Dr44.930436-92.997785
2469Londin Lane & Dorland Rd44.930252-93.001531
2464Londin Lane & McKnight Rd44.930291-93.004648
3199Londin Lane & McKnight Rd44.930207-93.005091
43549Londin Lane & Parkview Lane E44.930383-92.999524
2460Londin Lane & Sterling St44.930478-92.993693
2472Londin Lane & Sterling St44.930409-92.992790
3201Londin Lane & Winthrop St44.930873-93.009959
57026Londin Ln & Burlington Rd44.931837-93.013489
57027Londin Ln & Winthrop St S44.930786-93.009607
14061Long Lake Rd & Co Rd H45.093674-93.208828
13990Long Lake Rd & Hillview Rd45.111871-93.208955
40650Long Lake Rd & Hillview Rd45.111838-93.209122
14055Long Lake Rd & Ridge Lane45.097961-93.208725
14056Long Lake Rd & Ridge Lane45.098203-93.208896
13988Long Lake Rd & Sherwood Rd45.115424-93.209174
13989Long Lake Rd & Sherwood Rd45.115170-93.209003
14057Long Lake Rd & Woodale Dr45.097356-93.208881
14058Long Lake Rd & Woodale Dr45.097090-93.208705
14059Long Lake Rd & Woodcrest Dr45.095256-93.208673
14060Long Lake Rd & Woodcrest Dr45.095471-93.208841
43342Longfellow Ave S & Cargo Rd44.875372-93.246487
2992Louisiana Ave & 14th St44.968972-93.370699
2993Louisiana Ave & 14th St44.969131-93.370820
2991Louisiana Ave & 16th St44.967184-93.370821
2994Louisiana Ave & 16th St44.967413-93.370930
2990Louisiana Ave & 18th St44.965503-93.370916
2995Louisiana Ave & 18th St44.965592-93.371035
2988Louisiana Ave & 22nd St44.962104-93.370980
2997Louisiana Ave & 22nd St44.962335-93.371108
44295Louisiana Ave & 32nd Ave N45.014770-93.370274
44156Louisiana Ave & 33rd Ave N45.016293-93.370146
44294Louisiana Ave & 33rd Ave N45.016531-93.370271
44158Louisiana Ave & 34th Ave N45.018162-93.370116
44292Louisiana Ave & 34th Ave N45.018221-93.370256
44160Louisiana Ave & 35th Ave N45.019970-93.370109
44290Louisiana Ave & 35th Ave N45.020169-93.370232
8054Louisiana Ave & Cedar Lake Rd44.960093-93.370886
8067Louisiana Ave & Cedar Lake Rd44.960480-93.371115
2989Louisiana Ave & Franklin Ave44.963940-93.370993
2996Louisiana Ave & Franklin Ave44.963887-93.371138
44159Louisiana Ave & Hill Place45.019047-93.370122
44291Louisiana Ave & Hill Place45.019217-93.370236
44157Louisiana Ave & Valley Place45.017233-93.370132
44293Louisiana Ave & Valley Place45.017446-93.370266
44162Louisiana Ave N & 36th Ave N45.021749-93.370090
52551Louisiana Transit Center & B Bay44.970870-93.372607
52552Louisiana Transit Center & C Bay44.970847-93.372928
3204Lower Afton Rd & Winthrop St44.933082-93.009720
57043Lower Afton Rd & Winthrop St S44.932951-93.010005
57028Lower Afton Rd E & Century Ave S44.927922-92.984705
57029Lower Afton Rd E & Century Ave S44.928216-92.984876
12754Lowry Ave & Penn Ave N45.013336-93.307970
12794Lowry Ave N & 2nd St N45.013040-93.280847
12790Lowry Ave N & 4th St / 3rd St N45.013024-93.283884
12789Lowry Ave N & 4th St N45.013136-93.284745
12781Lowry Ave N & Bryant Ave N45.013162-93.290353
52545Lowry Ave N & Colfax Ave N45.013081-93.291754
12777Lowry Ave N & Dupont Ave N45.013201-93.292894
12775Lowry Ave N & Emerson Ave N45.013050-93.294529
52546Lowry Ave N & Fremont Ave N45.013220-93.296174
12769Lowry Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.013118-93.298310
12770Lowry Ave N & Humboldt Ave N45.013224-93.297893
12765Lowry Ave N & James Ave N45.013131-93.300807
12766Lowry Ave N & James Ave N45.013247-93.300492
12761Lowry Ave N & Logan Ave N45.013153-93.303309
12762Lowry Ave N & Logan Ave N45.013266-93.303034
12784Lowry Ave N & Lyndale Ave N45.012873-93.288251
12785Lowry Ave N & Lyndale Ave N45.013155-93.288324
12757Lowry Ave N & Newton Ave N45.013151-93.305866
12758Lowry Ave N & Newton Ave N45.013289-93.305560
52674Lowry Ave N & Penn Ave N45.013367-93.308650
53154Lowry Ave N & Penn Ave N45.013169-93.307780
12749Lowry Ave N & Russell Ave N45.013171-93.310957
12750Lowry Ave N & Russell Ave N45.013320-93.310596
12745Lowry Ave N & Thomas Ave N45.013201-93.313502
12746Lowry Ave N & Thomas Ave N45.013321-93.313132
12742Lowry Ave N & Vincent Ave N45.013332-93.315691
40658Lowry Ave N & Vincent Ave N45.013203-93.316042
12792Lowry Ave N & Washington Ave N45.013173-93.281664
42202Lowry Ave NE & 2nd St / 1st St NE45.013231-93.266888
12802Lowry Ave NE & 2nd St NE45.013085-93.266336
12809Lowry Ave NE & 5th St NE45.013231-93.260180
12810Lowry Ave NE & 5th St NE45.013122-93.260495
12849Lowry Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.013253-93.231814
12850Lowry Ave NE & Arthur St NE45.013162-93.232162
12854Lowry Ave NE & Benjamin St NE45.013149-93.229606
12827Lowry Ave NE & Central Ave NE45.013107-93.247566
12828Lowry Ave NE & Central Ave NE45.013220-93.247104
12797Lowry Ave NE & Grand St NE45.013228-93.269930
12798Lowry Ave NE & Grand St NE45.013094-93.269638
12845Lowry Ave NE & Hayes St NE45.013259-93.234395
12846Lowry Ave NE & Hayes St NE45.013140-93.234791
12825Lowry Ave NE & Jackson St NE45.013234-93.248937
12826Lowry Ave NE & Jackson St NE45.013107-93.249293
42286Lowry Ave NE & Johnson St NE45.013140-93.236817
42287Lowry Ave NE & Johnson St NE45.013258-93.237397
12839Lowry Ave NE & Lincoln St NE45.013127-93.238662
12817Lowry Ave NE & Madison St NE45.013222-93.254128
12818Lowry Ave NE & Madison St NE45.013099-93.254475
12195Lowry Ave NE & Marshall St NE45.013036-93.272020
12196Lowry Ave NE & Marshall St NE45.013227-93.271546
12856Lowry Ave NE & McKinley St NE45.013281-93.227985
47345Lowry Ave NE & McKinley St NE45.013149-93.228316
12821Lowry Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.013232-93.252246
12822Lowry Ave NE & Monroe St NE45.013105-93.252637
12835Lowry Ave NE & Pierce St NE45.013121-93.241119
12836Lowry Ave NE & Pierce St NE45.013233-93.240809
12831Lowry Ave NE & Taylor St NE45.013108-93.243949
12832Lowry Ave NE & Taylor St NE45.013238-93.243598
12805Lowry Ave NE & University Ave45.013233-93.262924
12806Lowry Ave NE & University Ave45.013099-93.263317
12813Lowry Ave NE & Washington St45.013236-93.256547
12814Lowry Ave NE & Washington St45.013110-93.256907
53549Lund Blvd & #100045.221508-93.410824
48491Lund Blvd & #100145.221613-93.412248
53514Lund Blvd & #104045.221493-93.413272
48492Lund Blvd & #110145.221596-93.414752
53513Lund Blvd & McKinley St45.221470-93.416238
53515Lund Blvd & Thurston Ave45.220982-93.409112
53516Lund Blvd & Thurston Ave45.221140-93.409080
5244Lydia Ave & Ariel St45.031753-93.014621
5025Lydia Ave & Concordia Arms Apts45.031615-93.014796
5044Lydia Ave & Frederick Pkwy45.031640-93.012347
5241Lydia Ave & Frederick Pkwy45.031765-93.012134
5239Lydia Ave & Furness Court45.031782-93.009215
5046Lydia Ave & Furness St45.031658-93.009604
41958Lydia Ave & McKnight Rd45.031808-93.005662
5024Lydia Ave & White Bear Ave45.031465-93.017381
5047Lydia Ave & Winthrop Dr45.031684-93.008069
5238Lydia Ave & Winthrop Dr45.031793-93.007739
57196Lyndale Av N & 41st Ave N45.029485-93.288033
57197Lyndale Av N & 42nd Ave N45.031408-93.287959
57195Lyndale Av N & Plymouth Av N44.992057-93.287926
40663Lyndale Av S & 33rd St W44.942741-93.288055
40664Lyndale Av S & 33rd St W44.943144-93.288271
40667Lyndale Av S & 35th St W44.939415-93.288056
40668Lyndale Av S & 35th St W44.939600-93.288298
40259Lyndale Av S & 36th St W44.937404-93.288071
57204Lyndale Av S & 36th St W44.937777-93.288303
40261Lyndale Av S & 37th St W44.935715-93.288122
40262Lyndale Av S & 37th St W44.935973-93.288324
40263Lyndale Av S & 38th St W44.933931-93.288132
40264Lyndale Av S & 38th St W44.934190-93.288334
40267Lyndale Av S & 40th St W44.930315-93.288176
40268Lyndale Av S & 40th St W44.930611-93.288320
40269Lyndale Av S & 41st St W44.928531-93.288186
40270Lyndale Av S & 41st St W44.928734-93.288334
40273Lyndale Av S & 43rd St W44.924857-93.288214
40669Lyndale Av S & 43rd St W44.925172-93.288358
40276Lyndale Av S & 45th St W44.921272-93.288241
40277Lyndale Av S & 45th St W44.921449-93.288433
2855Lyndale Av S & 46th St W44.919401-93.288419
2856Lyndale Av S & 48th St W44.916056-93.288381
140Lyndale Ave & 58th St/57th St - Layover44.898370-93.288344
3355Lyndale Ave & Lyndale Circle / 83rd St44.852784-93.288365
11178Lyndale Ave N & 14th Ave / 18th Ave N44.994536-93.287911
11654Lyndale Ave N & 18th Ave / 14th Ave N44.994495-93.288057
11179Lyndale Ave N & 18th Ave N44.997239-93.287895
11653Lyndale Ave N & 18th Ave N44.997556-93.288080
11183Lyndale Ave N & 23rd Ave N45.002718-93.287921
11649Lyndale Ave N & 23rd Ave N45.002707-93.288063
11186Lyndale Ave N & 26th Ave N45.006125-93.287902
11646Lyndale Ave N & 26th Ave N45.006054-93.288064
11188Lyndale Ave N & 29th Ave N45.009730-93.287927
11644Lyndale Ave N & 29th Ave N45.009626-93.288089
11193Lyndale Ave N & 34th Ave N45.016583-93.287941
11639Lyndale Ave N & 34th Ave N45.016795-93.288094
11195Lyndale Ave N & 36th Ave N45.020167-93.287974
11637Lyndale Ave N & 36th Ave N45.020453-93.288123
11199Lyndale Ave N & 40th Ave N45.027361-93.288009
11633Lyndale Ave N & 40th Ave N45.027695-93.288158
11632Lyndale Ave N & 41st Ave N45.029502-93.288200
51287Lyndale Ave N & 42nd Ave N45.031679-93.288171
11202Lyndale Ave N & 44th Ave N45.035343-93.288027
11630Lyndale Ave N & 44th Ave N45.035300-93.288191
9219Lyndale Ave N & 49th Ave N45.043680-93.285756
11197Lyndale Ave N & Dowling Ave N45.023813-93.287980
11635Lyndale Ave N & Dowling Ave N45.024107-93.288123
11191Lyndale Ave N & Lowry Ave N45.013401-93.287947
11641Lyndale Ave N & Lowry Ave N45.012719-93.288100
11656Lyndale Ave N & Plymouth Ave44.992088-93.288102
11180Lyndale Ave N & West Broadway44.999007-93.287899
11652Lyndale Ave N & West Broadway44.999332-93.288080
103Lyndale Ave S & 22nd St W44.961020-93.288137
20031Lyndale Ave S & 22nd St W44.960809-93.287885
104Lyndale Ave S & 24th St W44.959235-93.288141
175Lyndale Ave S & 24th St W44.959036-93.287895
105Lyndale Ave S & 25th St W44.957462-93.288178
174Lyndale Ave S & 25th St W44.957200-93.287915
106Lyndale Ave S & 26th St W44.955660-93.288155
173Lyndale Ave S & 26th St W44.955427-93.287927
107Lyndale Ave S & 27th St W44.953821-93.288189
172Lyndale Ave S & 27th St W44.953652-93.287942
171Lyndale Ave S & 28th St W44.951840-93.287939
20047Lyndale Ave S & 28th St W44.952062-93.288201
110Lyndale Ave S & 31st St W44.946792-93.288233
169Lyndale Ave S & 31st St W44.946831-93.288007
57203Lyndale Ave S & 46th St W44.919476-93.288267
54058Lyndale Ave S & 48th St W44.915814-93.288205
1776Lyndale Ave S & 50th St W44.912440-93.288358
1857Lyndale Ave S & 50th St W44.912435-93.288178
134Lyndale Ave S & 51st St W44.910041-93.288359
146Lyndale Ave S & 51st St W44.910538-93.288167
136Lyndale Ave S & 53rd St W44.906627-93.288412
1854Lyndale Ave S & 53rd St W44.906287-93.288145
137Lyndale Ave S & 54th St W44.904795-93.288419
1853Lyndale Ave S & 54th St W44.904935-93.288157
139Lyndale Ave S & 56th St W44.901839-93.288433
141Lyndale Ave S & 56th St W44.901763-93.288170
3379Lyndale Ave S & 57th St W44.899569-93.288205
19358Lyndale Ave S & 58th St W44.897721-93.288192
3377Lyndale Ave S & 60th St W44.894126-93.288246
40672Lyndale Ave S & 60th St W44.893932-93.288414
3375Lyndale Ave S & 61st St W44.892019-93.288255
3404Lyndale Ave S & 61st St W44.892563-93.288431
3373Lyndale Ave S & 63rd St W44.888696-93.288213
3407Lyndale Ave S & 63rd St W44.888693-93.288457
3372Lyndale Ave S & 64th St W44.886815-93.287938
3408Lyndale Ave S & 64th St W44.886732-93.288281
3371Lyndale Ave S & 65th St W44.885076-93.285818
3409Lyndale Ave S & 65th St W44.885350-93.286423
3370Lyndale Ave S & 66th St W44.884238-93.285959
3411Lyndale Ave S & 66th St W44.883875-93.286412
3367Lyndale Ave S & 69th St W44.877950-93.288418
3415Lyndale Ave S & 69th St W44.878153-93.288531
3365Lyndale Ave S & 71st St W44.874356-93.288664
3418Lyndale Ave S & 71st St W44.873470-93.288623
3364Lyndale Ave S & 72nd St W44.872559-93.288304
3363Lyndale Ave S & 73rd St W44.870766-93.288304
3362Lyndale Ave S & 74th St W44.868940-93.288278
3421Lyndale Ave S & 74th St W44.869200-93.288499
3361Lyndale Ave S & 75th St W44.867261-93.288309
3422Lyndale Ave S & 75th St W44.867409-93.288507
3360Lyndale Ave S & 76th St W44.865353-93.288278
3423Lyndale Ave S & 76th St W44.865652-93.288527
3359Lyndale Ave S & 77th St W44.863488-93.288156
51869Lyndale Ave S & 77th St W44.863988-93.288571
3357Lyndale Ave S & 80th St / American Blvd44.858413-93.288241
50070Lyndale Ave S & 82nd St W44.855885-93.288286
3427Lyndale Ave S & 83rd St W44.853935-93.288596
3431Lyndale Ave S & 86th St / 90th St W44.844832-93.288658
3430Lyndale Ave S & 86th St W44.848097-93.288715
51284Lyndale Ave S & 86th St W44.848813-93.288370
3351Lyndale Ave S & 90th St W44.841245-93.288459
3432Lyndale Ave S & 90th St W44.840019-93.288725
3434Lyndale Ave S & 92nd St / 93rd St W44.835766-93.288748
3349Lyndale Ave S & 92nd St W44.836997-93.288505
3433Lyndale Ave S & 92nd St W44.837217-93.288752
3347Lyndale Ave S & 94th St / 93rd St W44.834287-93.288517
3436Lyndale Ave S & 94th St / 95th St W44.832614-93.288760
3435Lyndale Ave S & 94th St W44.833655-93.288781
3437Lyndale Ave S & 96th St W44.830080-93.288736
3438Lyndale Ave S & 96th St W44.828791-93.288722
40676Lyndale Ave S & 98th St W44.827054-93.288723
51858Lyndale Ave S & 99th St / 98th St W44.825009-93.288408
42099Lyndale Ave S & 99th St W44.824653-93.288781
1407Lyndale Ave S & 102nd St W44.818944-93.288527
42514Lyndale Ave S & 102nd St W44.818825-93.288702
1405Lyndale Ave S & 104th St W44.814988-93.288537
42516Lyndale Ave S & 104th St W44.815253-93.288702
51631Lyndale Ave S & #1003144.821381-93.288521
51854Lyndale Ave S & #1003144.821556-93.288692
1406Lyndale Ave S & #1030144.817212-93.288529
42515Lyndale Ave S & #1032044.816488-93.288700
50026Lyndale Ave S & #1032544.815975-93.288535
51628Lyndale Ave S & American Blvd44.858692-93.288648
102Lyndale Ave S & Franklin Ave W44.962869-93.288125
177Lyndale Ave S & Franklin Ave W44.962548-93.287918
3352Lyndale Ave S & Halsey Lane44.842413-93.288459
50082Lyndale Ave S & Halsey Lane / 86th St44.844416-93.288444
47789Lyndale Ave S & Hwy 6244.890785-93.288492
3374Lyndale Ave S & Hwy 62 WB Exit44.890523-93.288134
3413Lyndale Ave S & Lake Shore Dr44.880988-93.287863
49080Lyndale Ave S & Lake Shore Dr44.880608-93.287700
170Lyndale Ave S & Lake St W44.948750-93.287986
20048Lyndale Ave S & Lake St W44.948548-93.288234
3428Lyndale Ave S & Lyndale Circle44.851713-93.288625
50081Lyndale Ave S & McDonalds44.830329-93.288442
135Lyndale Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.908789-93.288378
1855Lyndale Ave S & Minnehaha Pkwy44.907571-93.288147
1391Lyndale Ave S & Mission Rd44.813772-93.288699
1404Lyndale Ave S & Mission Rd44.813692-93.288535
3417Lyndale Ave S & Oak Grove Blvd44.875312-93.289127
50080Lyndale Ave S & Oxboro Plaza44.828163-93.288422
17931Lyndale Ave S & Vineland Place44.969077-93.288166
11365MJR Service Rd & South Entrance45.076604-93.311295
51405MOA Transit Station44.854277-93.238877
56873MOA Transit Station Gate A44.853778-93.238644
56874MOA Transit Station Gate B44.854165-93.238675
56875MOA Transit Station Gate C44.853811-93.238538
56876MOA Transit Station Gate D44.854170-93.238551
56877MOA Transit Station Gate E44.853805-93.238300
56880MOA Transit Station Gate H44.854295-93.237929
56939MSP Terminal 1 Transit Station44.880600-93.204600
57209Madison St & 3rd Av45.195403-93.387335
51570Madison St & Benson Ave44.903803-93.163786
51521Madison St & Rockwood Ave44.903085-93.163110
12047Main St & 2nd Ave45.197828-93.389680
12049Main St & 2nd Ave45.198040-93.389149
12050Main St & 3rd Ave45.197848-93.387382
12051Main St & 3rd Ave45.198038-93.386940
12029Main St & Branch Ave45.200057-93.394393
12025Main St & Cutter St45.202897-93.398189
12026Main St & Cutter St45.203102-93.398137
12046Main St & Ferry St45.199703-93.393583
42110Main St & Mulberry St45.058402-92.806829
12027Main St & State Ave45.201415-93.395892
12028Main St & State Ave45.201598-93.396471
14614Main St NE & 35th Ave NE45.031829-93.267622
14616Main St NE & Edge Place NE45.029642-93.267782
14617Main St NE & Edge Place NE45.030082-93.267640
14618Main St NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.028023-93.266931
14619Main St NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.027773-93.266572
50095Mainstreet & 6th Ave / 5th Ave S44.924354-93.406598
3571Mainstreet & 6th Ave N44.924473-93.407309
4820Mainstreet & 7th Ave S44.924350-93.408449
3572Mainstreet & 9th Ave N44.924439-93.411226
4819Mainstreet & 9th Ave S44.924333-93.411666
3573Mainstreet & 11th Ave N44.924443-93.414264
43380Mainstreet & 12th Ave / 11th Ave S44.924315-93.414563
4818Mainstreet & 13th Ave S44.924314-93.416528
41312Mainstreet & 14th Ave N44.924432-93.417629
3598Mainstreet & 15th Ave N44.924425-93.419394
4817Mainstreet & 15th Ave S44.924305-93.419397
3600Mainstreet & 17th Ave N44.924405-93.421896
3592Mainstreet & 17th Ave S44.924281-93.421208
3601Mainstreet & 20th Ave N44.924382-93.425314
4814Mainstreet & 20th Ave S44.924253-93.425146
57176Mall of America Crossing44.853322-93.238911
57177Mall of America Crossing44.853329-93.238932
51442Maple Grove P&R & Transit Station45.091409-93.436758
5020Maplewood Mall Transit Center & Gate A45.028869-93.024037
42319Maplewood Mall Transit Center & Gate B45.028479-93.023658
52015Maplewood Mall Transit Center & Gate D/E45.028857-93.024166
50689Maplewood Mall Transit Center & Gate F45.029021-93.024297
52651Margaret St & 12th Ave45.016692-92.992421
56899Margaret St N & 12th Ave / 13th Ave E45.017038-92.992187
56902Margaret St N & 15th / 14th Ave E45.018518-92.992352
56900Margaret St N & 15th Ave E45.019193-92.992199
53148Margaret St N & Centennial Dr45.014793-92.992188
53149Margaret St N & Centennial Dr45.015167-92.992352
48260Margaret St N & Seppala Blvd45.012974-92.992326
56898Margaret St N & Seppala Blvd45.012802-92.992177
9828Marie Ave & 2nd Ave S44.890624-93.036190
9910Marie Ave & #178 - Animal Hospital44.891737-93.077774
9911Marie Ave & #22044.891973-93.075511
9878Marie Ave & #24544.892067-93.074996
9877Marie Ave & Kathleen Dr44.890766-93.073105
9912Marie Ave & Kathleen Dr44.890791-93.073515
9876Marie Ave & Oakdale Ave44.890464-93.070779
9914Marie Ave & Oakdale Ave44.890265-93.070594
9909Marie Ave & Robert St S44.890809-93.080148
4988Marie Ave & Target - S Entrance44.892141-93.077400
18843Marion St & Como Ave44.960150-93.108598
45305Marketplace Dr & Little Canada45.026506-93.101900
49141Marketplace Dr & Little Canada TC45.027897-93.102569
19238Marquette Ave & 2nd St S44.982236-93.265999
19267Marquette Ave & 2nd St S44.981964-93.266008
53292Marquette Ave & 3rd St - Stop Group B44.980357-93.267579
53297Marquette Ave & 3rd St - Stop Group C44.979800-93.268058
53288Marquette Ave & 4th St - Stop Group A44.978820-93.268872
53302Marquette Ave & 4th St - Stop Group D44.979365-93.268435
53293Marquette Ave & 5th St - Stop Group B44.978412-93.269232
53298Marquette Ave & 5th St - Stop Group C44.977824-93.269698
53289Marquette Ave & 6th St - Stop Group A44.976877-93.270512
53303Marquette Ave & 6th St - Stop Group D44.977433-93.270051
53294Marquette Ave & 7th St - Stop Group B44.976481-93.270870
53299Marquette Ave & 7th St - Stop Group C44.975929-93.271325
53290Marquette Ave & 8th St - Stop Group A44.975105-93.272017
53304Marquette Ave & 8th St - Stop Group D44.975498-93.271686
53295Marquette Ave & 9th St - Stop Group B44.974554-93.272476
53300Marquette Ave & 9th St - Stop Group C44.973973-93.272982
53291Marquette Ave & 10th St - Stop Group A44.973025-93.273668
53305Marquette Ave & 10th St - Stop Group D44.973577-93.273311
53301Marquette Ave & 11th St - Stop Group C44.972032-93.274496
53287Marquette Ave & Wash Ave S - Stop Grp A44.980905-93.267133
51449Marshall Ave & Aldine St44.948357-93.172275
51453Marshall Ave & Aldine St44.948498-93.172012
16959Marshall Ave & Cleveland Ave44.948303-93.187519
16960Marshall Ave & Cleveland Ave44.948467-93.187131
16949Marshall Ave & Cretin Ave44.948451-93.192899
16950Marshall Ave & Cretin Ave44.948294-93.192650
16969Marshall Ave & Dewey St44.948473-93.178369
16947Marshall Ave & Exeter Place44.948285-93.195154
16948Marshall Ave & Exeter Place44.948447-93.194894
16971Marshall Ave & Fairview Ave44.948327-93.177356
16957Marshall Ave & Finn St44.948452-93.189719
16958Marshall Ave & Finn St44.948320-93.190061
51450Marshall Ave & Fry St44.948356-93.169269
51452Marshall Ave & Fry St44.948508-93.168907
16967Marshall Ave & Howell St44.948335-93.180905
16968Marshall Ave & Howell St44.948447-93.180556
16945Marshall Ave & Montrose Place44.948447-93.196491
16946Marshall Ave & Montrose Place44.948290-93.196501
16963Marshall Ave & Moore St44.948317-93.184325
16964Marshall Ave & Moore St44.948467-93.183986
16941Marshall Ave & Otis Ave44.948274-93.198054
16943Marshall Ave & Otis Ave44.948460-93.197750
16965Marshall Ave & Prior Ave44.948470-93.182553
16966Marshall Ave & Prior Ave44.948312-93.182892
51448Marshall Ave & Wheeler St44.948337-93.174812
51454Marshall Ave & Wheeler St44.948492-93.174504
11797Maryland Ave & Arcade St44.977431-93.066174
11798Maryland Ave & Arcade St44.977581-93.065754
5565Maryland Ave & Arundel St44.977322-93.118948
5585Maryland Ave & Arundel St44.977429-93.118654
12959Maryland Ave & Barclay St44.977470-93.038575
12973Maryland Ave & Barclay St44.977587-93.037828
5201Maryland Ave & Beaverdale Rd44.977659-92.997652
5207Maryland Ave & Beaverdale Rd44.977553-92.998073
12926Maryland Ave & Clarence St44.977468-93.043300
12927Maryland Ave & Clarence St44.977625-93.042956
5594Maryland Ave & Como Blvd E44.977445-93.134868
12918Maryland Ave & Cypress St44.977478-93.058457
12935Maryland Ave & Cypress St44.977583-93.058167
5560Maryland Ave & Dale St44.977311-93.126555
5589Maryland Ave & Dale St44.977422-93.126180
5200Maryland Ave & Deerfield Dr44.977677-92.995286
12921Maryland Ave & Duluth St44.977487-93.050870
12932Maryland Ave & Duluth St44.977601-93.050563
12919Maryland Ave & Earl St44.977479-93.055953
12934Maryland Ave & Earl St44.977593-93.055626
10588Maryland Ave & Edgewater Blvd44.977595-93.006559
49627Maryland Ave & Edgewater Blvd44.977479-93.007146
5209Maryland Ave & Ferndale St44.977647-92.990023
12963Maryland Ave & Flandrau St44.977460-93.027983
12969Maryland Ave & Flandrau St44.977572-93.027685
12917Maryland Ave & Forest St44.977466-93.061040
12936Maryland Ave & Forest St44.977591-93.060580
12920Maryland Ave & Frank St44.977485-93.053438
12933Maryland Ave & Frank St44.977597-93.053093
5571Maryland Ave & Galtier St44.977332-93.111184
5579Maryland Ave & Galtier St44.977442-93.110921
5210Maryland Ave & Geneva (Hwy 120)44.977698-92.985700
11794Maryland Ave & Greenbrier St44.977408-93.071316
11801Maryland Ave & Greenbrier St44.977538-93.070716
5556Maryland Ave & Grotto St44.977330-93.131127
5593Maryland Ave & Grotto St44.977441-93.131701
12960Maryland Ave & Hazelwood St44.977463-93.035619
12972Maryland Ave & Hazelwood St44.977584-93.035297
12961Maryland Ave & Herbert St44.977454-93.031821
12971Maryland Ave & Herbert St44.977577-93.032165
12924Maryland Ave & Johnson Pkwy44.977454-93.047440
12929Maryland Ave & Johnson Pkwy44.977648-93.046936
40101Maryland Ave & LOrient St44.977042-93.091424
5202Maryland Ave & Lakewood Dr44.977654-92.999755
5206Maryland Ave & Lakewood Dr44.977519-93.000646
5563Maryland Ave & Mackubin St44.977322-93.121429
5587Maryland Ave & Mackubin St44.977425-93.121089
5204Maryland Ave & McKnight Rd44.977579-93.004931
10585Maryland Ave & McKnight Rd44.977486-93.005209
12916Maryland Ave & Mendota Ave44.977472-93.063602
12937Maryland Ave & Mendota Ave44.977585-93.063161
10589Maryland Ave & Nokomis Ave44.977559-93.009491
12958Maryland Ave & Phalen Blvd (Prosperity)44.977450-93.040751
12974Maryland Ave & Prosperity Ave (Phalen)44.977618-93.040144
5575Maryland Ave & Rice St44.977284-93.106250
47074Maryland Ave & Rice St44.977444-93.106296
5208Maryland Ave & Sterling St44.977585-92.995104
11795Maryland Ave & Walsh St44.977430-93.069525
11800Maryland Ave & Walsh St44.977548-93.069231
11796Maryland Ave & Weide St44.977454-93.067735
11799Maryland Ave & Weide St44.977561-93.067429
5567Maryland Ave & Western Ave44.977313-93.116329
5583Maryland Ave & Western Ave44.977435-93.115897
3496Masonic Home Dr & Heritage Center44.797002-93.347335
3498Masonic Home Dr & Normandale Blvd44.798005-93.350305
14110Matterhorn Dr & #569545.071597-93.237262
14111Matterhorn Dr & #569545.071530-93.237052
14108Matterhorn Dr & #577645.073228-93.237750
14109Matterhorn Dr & #577645.073226-93.237897
14106Matterhorn Dr & Gardena Ave45.074653-93.237865
14113Matterhorn Dr & Innsbruck Dr45.070322-93.236924
48496McKinley St & #105045.218477-93.413254
48495McKinley St & #110045.218776-93.415959
53512McKinley St & #110145.218898-93.415929
48494McKinley St & #115045.219281-93.416951
53511McKinley St & #350145.218520-93.412689
48477McKinley St & Thurston Ave45.218189-93.411920
15724McKinley St NE & 26th Ave NE45.015131-93.228217
15736McKinley St NE & 26th Ave NE45.014893-93.228090
15723McKinley St NE & 27th Ave NE45.016939-93.228216
15737McKinley St NE & 27th Ave NE45.016737-93.228088
15721McKinley St NE & 29th Ave NE45.020228-93.228205
15739McKinley St NE & 29th Ave NE45.020314-93.228074
15725McKinley St NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013331-93.228213
15722McKinley St NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.019173-93.228212
15738McKinley St NE & St Anthony Pkwy45.018820-93.228079
3054McKnight Rd & 1st St44.952156-93.004790
2446McKnight Rd & Edgebrook Ave44.937766-93.004788
3193McKnight Rd & Edgebrook Ave44.937851-93.004958
7734McKnight Rd & Elm Dr45.046587-93.005068
7787McKnight Rd & Elm Dr45.046903-93.005221
7735McKnight Rd & Emerald Dr45.049140-93.005065
7786McKnight Rd & Emerald Dr45.049170-93.005225
5079McKnight Rd & Gall Ave45.034751-93.005064
5082McKnight Rd & Gall Ave45.034904-93.005257
2443McKnight Rd & Hillsdale Ave44.935147-93.004752
3196McKnight Rd & Hillsdale Ave44.935384-93.004929
7728McKnight Rd & Karth Rd (Bergeron)45.037977-93.005085
7793McKnight Rd & Karth Rd (Bergeron)45.037754-93.005259
3197McKnight Rd & Lower Afton Rd44.933338-93.004954
48380McKnight Rd & Lower Afton Rd44.933268-93.004715
5077McKnight Rd & Lydia Ave45.031920-93.005007
7729McKnight Rd & Manitou Ridge Apts45.039204-93.005084
7792McKnight Rd & Manitou Ridge Apts45.039448-93.005242
3185McKnight Rd & McKnight Village Apts44.946672-93.005056
48974McKnight Rd & McKnight Village Apts44.946568-93.004875
7730McKnight Rd & Orchard Lane45.043223-93.005073
7791McKnight Rd & Orchard Lane45.043572-93.005218
47794McKnight Rd & Sun Ray Bowl44.952022-93.005067
7732McKnight Rd & Tracy Rd45.045078-93.005071
7789McKnight Rd & Tracy Rd45.045284-93.005218
2450McKnight Rd & Upper Afton Rd44.940865-93.004813
3189McKnight Rd & Upper Afton Rd44.941206-93.005004
3217McKnight Rd & Wilson Ave44.953850-93.005073
3055McKnight Rd & Wilson St / 3 M Rd44.953867-93.004798
5078McKnight Rd & Woodlynn Ave45.033307-93.005021
5083McKnight Rd & Woodlynn Ave45.033556-93.005231
44003Medicine Lake Blvd E & 30th Ave N45.013391-93.415690
44004Medicine Lake Blvd E & 32nd Ave N45.016148-93.418752
44005Medicine Lake Blvd E & 34th Ave N45.016767-93.419485
44007Medicine Lake Blvd E & 36th Ave N45.021810-93.420698
44006Medicine Lake Blvd E & Missions Center45.018112-93.420642
44762Medicine Lake Dr W & 12th Ave N44.992492-93.425186
44801Medicine Lake Dr W & 12th Ave N44.992340-93.424940
44760Medicine Lake Dr W & 18th Ave N44.999716-93.430104
44803Medicine Lake Dr W & 18th Ave N44.999709-93.429544
44759Medicine Lake Dr W & 23rd Ave N45.003813-93.430710
44804Medicine Lake Dr W & 23rd Ave N45.003645-93.430529
44745Medicine Lake Dr W & 30th Ave N45.013944-93.438855
44744Medicine Lake Dr W & 32nd Ave N45.016054-93.440418
44822Medicine Lake Dr W & 32nd Ave N45.015940-93.440121
44761Medicine Lake Dr W & Evergreen Lane44.994795-93.427085
44802Medicine Lake Dr W & Evergreen Lane44.994502-93.426898
44763Medicine Lake Dr W & Hwy 5544.989188-93.423943
44800Medicine Lake Dr W & Hwy 5544.989453-93.423806
44823Medicine Lake Dr W & NW Blvd (Co Rd 61)45.017137-93.441781
53199Medicine Lake Rd & Aquila Ave N45.007344-93.388779
53204Medicine Lake Rd & Boone Ave45.007489-93.390086
44122Medicine Lake Rd & Decatur Ave45.007381-93.392949
44259Medicine Lake Rd & Decatur Ave45.007503-93.392493
53709Medicine Lake Rd & Douglas Dr/Florida Av45.007342-93.361232
44121Medicine Lake Rd & Ensign Ave45.007380-93.393964
44261Medicine Lake Rd & Ensign Ave45.007511-93.394126
44120Medicine Lake Rd & Flag Ave45.007387-93.395708
44262Medicine Lake Rd & Flag Ave45.007504-93.395348
53710Medicine Lake Rd & Hampshire Ave N45.007354-93.365042
53715Medicine Lake Rd & Idaho / Hampshire Ave45.007239-93.366024
53711Medicine Lake Rd & Idaho Ave N45.007364-93.366377
53712Medicine Lake Rd & Nevada Ave N45.007393-93.372209
53713Medicine Lake Rd & Nevada Ave N45.007262-93.371126
53201Medicine Lake Rd & Virginia / Winnetka45.007254-93.382231
53202Medicine Lake Rd & Virginia Ave45.007432-93.383778
53200Medicine Lake Rd & Xylon Ave N45.007318-93.385929
53203Medicine Lake Rd & Zealand Ave45.007464-93.387669
50487Medicine Lake Rd (27th Ave) & Rosalyn Ct45.007396-93.378721
52744Medicine Lake Rd (27th Ave) & Rosalyn Ct45.007263-93.378663
53716Medicine Lake Rd (27th) & Douglas Dr N45.007207-93.360679
43999Medicine Ridge Rd & 27th Ave N45.009713-93.411010
44000Medicine Ridge Rd & 28th Ave N45.010628-93.411739
44001Medicine Ridge Rd & 29th Ave N45.012002-93.413296
44002Medicine Ridge Rd & Medicine Lake Blvd45.012607-93.414601
43998Medicine Ridge Rd & Revere Lane45.009183-93.410444
45090Medina Rd & 28th Ave N45.012188-93.473447
50334Medina Rd & Co Rd 2445.019139-93.496152
50345Medina Rd & Co Rd 2445.019311-93.495971
53370Medina Rd & Co Rd 10145.023610-93.506692
53372Medina Rd & Co Rd 10145.023951-93.506877
56972Medina Rd & Holly Ln N45.020513-93.497638
50346Medina Rd & Lawndale Lane45.022071-93.502613
53371Medina Rd & Lawndale Lane45.021934-93.503077
45118Medina Rd & Ranchview Lane45.013232-93.476420
53231Medtronic & Main Entrance45.119430-93.198860
57004Mendelssohn Ave & #9400 Golden Valley Rd44.985757-93.400282
44116Mendelssohn Ave & Earl St45.000136-93.400513
44266Mendelssohn Ave & Earl St45.000264-93.400621
44117Mendelssohn Ave & Kings Valley Rd45.004069-93.400502
44265Mendelssohn Ave & Kings Valley Rd45.004170-93.400610
44118Mendelssohn Ave & Mendelssohn Lane45.005943-93.399005
44115Mendelssohn Ave & Naper St44.998017-93.400468
44267Mendelssohn Ave & Naper St44.998209-93.400578
44114Mendelssohn Ave & Olympia St44.996523-93.400435
44268Mendelssohn Ave & Olympia St44.996733-93.400546
44113Mendelssohn Ave & Winsdale St44.994758-93.400203
44269Mendelssohn Ave & Winsdale St44.995027-93.400496
57007Mendelssohn Ave N & Plymouth Ave N44.992801-93.400067
57009Mendelssohn Ave N & Plymouth Avenue N44.992773-93.400216
9919Mendota Rd & Audrey Ave E44.883848-93.068096
9870Mendota Rd & Christensen Ave44.884137-93.067815
9871Mendota Rd & Oakdale Ave44.883656-93.069809
9918Mendota Rd & Oakdale Ave44.883493-93.069816
415Mendota Rd & Robert St S44.883649-93.080942
376Mendota Rd & Robert Trail S44.883482-93.080866
6364Metro Blvd & 74th St W44.867727-93.352962
6362Metro Blvd & 76th St W44.865630-93.353927
48613Metro Blvd & 76th/Edina Industrial Blvd44.865281-93.354119
41609Metro Blvd & Edina Industrial Blvd44.864545-93.353942
53409Metro Bus Transit Ctr & #510 - 1st St S45.560123-94.157367
56966Middlebrook Hall Entrance44.969436-93.241214
53410Miller Learning Center & #720-4th Ave S45.552615-94.153077
41585Miller Rd & Hwy 16945.189071-93.395629
56503Minnehaha Ave & 21St Ave S44.960481-93.242747
56502Minnehaha Ave & 27th Ave S44.947196-93.233224
18816Minnehaha Ave & Albert St44.962868-93.159572
18870Minnehaha Ave & Albert St44.962995-93.158603
18809Minnehaha Ave & Aldine St44.962827-93.172235
18883Minnehaha Ave & Aldine St44.962918-93.171993
50114Minnehaha Ave & Asbury St44.962828-93.165473
15062Minnehaha Ave & Avon St44.962920-93.134200
15093Minnehaha Ave & Avon St44.963032-93.133821
11817Minnehaha Ave & Burr St44.963009-93.079593
15059Minnehaha Ave & Chatsworth St44.962933-93.141747
15096Minnehaha Ave & Chatsworth St44.963055-93.141390
49605Minnehaha Ave & Cypress St44.962995-93.058546
49659Minnehaha Ave & Cypress St44.963095-93.058270
15065Minnehaha Ave & Dale St44.962896-93.126627
15090Minnehaha Ave & Dale St44.963017-93.126878
49608Minnehaha Ave & Duluth St44.963027-93.050926
49656Minnehaha Ave & Duluth St44.963123-93.050655
15056Minnehaha Ave & Dunlap St44.962937-93.149297
15099Minnehaha Ave & Dunlap St44.963040-93.149010
49606Minnehaha Ave & Earl St44.962988-93.056049
49658Minnehaha Ave & Earl St44.963089-93.055728
11781Minnehaha Ave & Edgerton St44.962931-93.076277
11814Minnehaha Ave & Edgerton St44.963040-93.075935
49604Minnehaha Ave & Forest St44.962999-93.061133
49660Minnehaha Ave & Forest St44.963103-93.060792
49607Minnehaha Ave & Frank St44.963002-93.053480
49657Minnehaha Ave & Frank St44.963107-93.053186
18810Minnehaha Ave & Fry St44.962823-93.169772
18882Minnehaha Ave & Fry St44.962956-93.169533
15055Minnehaha Ave & Griggs St44.962927-93.151898
15100Minnehaha Ave & Griggs St44.963022-93.151568
15063Minnehaha Ave & Grotto St44.962915-93.131621
15092Minnehaha Ave & Grotto St44.963033-93.131272
15102Minnehaha Ave & Hamline Ave44.963009-93.156636
18817Minnehaha Ave & Hamline Ave44.962885-93.157028
56050Minnehaha Ave & Hazel St44.963029-93.019921
56051Minnehaha Ave & Hazel St44.963123-93.020072
10562Minnehaha Ave & Howard St / McKnight Rd44.962973-93.005972
53281Minnehaha Ave & Lake St / Transitway44.948986-93.234560
15057Minnehaha Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.962950-93.146844
15098Minnehaha Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.963068-93.146344
10565Minnehaha Ave & McKnight Rd44.963102-93.004978
56235Minnehaha Ave & Mendota St44.963007-93.064131
15060Minnehaha Ave & Milton St44.962935-93.139252
15095Minnehaha Ave & Milton St44.963051-93.138974
15058Minnehaha Ave & Oxford St44.962948-93.144265
15097Minnehaha Ave & Oxford St44.963052-93.143935
18814Minnehaha Ave & Pascal St44.962852-93.162280
18872Minnehaha Ave & Pascal St44.962969-93.161997
49751Minnehaha Ave & Payne Ave44.962945-93.074203
10559Minnehaha Ave & Pedersen St44.963014-93.012680
10608Minnehaha Ave & Pedersen St44.963113-93.012495
18873Minnehaha Ave & Simpson St44.962968-93.163568
18811Minnehaha Ave & Snelling Ave44.962818-93.167255
18875Minnehaha Ave & Snelling Ave44.962942-93.166823
15064Minnehaha Ave & St Albans St44.962904-93.129081
15091Minnehaha Ave & St Albans St44.963025-93.128984
15054Minnehaha Ave & Syndicate St44.962899-93.154393
15101Minnehaha Ave & Syndicate St44.963003-93.154138
15061Minnehaha Ave & Victoria St44.962927-93.136676
15094Minnehaha Ave & Victoria St44.963041-93.136349
18808Minnehaha Ave & Wheeler St44.962812-93.174779
18884Minnehaha Ave & Wheeler St44.962960-93.174528
10560Minnehaha Ave & Winthrop St44.963009-93.010295
10607Minnehaha Ave & Winthrop St44.963107-93.009986
16444Minnehaha Ave S & 22nd St E44.961134-93.243409
16445Minnehaha Ave S & 24th St E44.959359-93.242201
17609Minnehaha Ave S & 24th St E44.959015-93.241725
16311Minnehaha Ave S & 32nd St E44.945465-93.232016
16593Minnehaha Ave S & 32nd St E44.945060-93.231951
16310Minnehaha Ave S & 33rd St E44.942972-93.230217
16594Minnehaha Ave S & 33rd St E44.942728-93.230220
16309Minnehaha Ave S & 34th St E44.941147-93.228893
16595Minnehaha Ave S & 34th St E44.941545-93.229364
16596Minnehaha Ave S & 35th St E44.939823-93.228091
16632Minnehaha Ave S & 35th St E44.939352-93.227560
16307Minnehaha Ave S & 36th St E44.937533-93.226257
16597Minnehaha Ave S & 36th St E44.938033-93.226854
16598Minnehaha Ave S & 37th St E44.935642-93.225051
16303Minnehaha Ave S & 38th St E44.934484-93.224019
16599Minnehaha Ave S & 38th St E44.933815-93.223789
16302Minnehaha Ave S & 39th St E44.932201-93.222407
16301Minnehaha Ave S & 40th St E44.930233-93.220991
16601Minnehaha Ave S & 40th St E44.930816-93.221561
16300Minnehaha Ave S & 41st St E44.928505-93.219713
16602Minnehaha Ave S & 41st St E44.929034-93.220261
16299Minnehaha Ave S & 42nd St E44.926737-93.218482
16603Minnehaha Ave S & 42nd St E44.926661-93.218577
16298Minnehaha Ave S & 43rd St E44.925013-93.217577
16297Minnehaha Ave S & 44th St E44.923085-93.216555
16605Minnehaha Ave S & 44th St E44.923634-93.216983
16296Minnehaha Ave S & 45th St E44.921372-93.215629
16606Minnehaha Ave S & 45th St E44.921849-93.216048
4478Minnehaha Ave S & 46th St E44.920039-93.214890
53567Minnehaha Ave S & Lake St E44.948793-93.234704
53554Minnesota Bluffs Dr & 113th St W44.799976-93.377273
53561Minnesota Bluffs Dr & 113th St W44.799940-93.377054
53563Minnesota Bluffs Dr & Bloom Ferry Rd44.803825-93.384200
53553Minnesota Bluffs Dr & Quebec Circle44.802218-93.380584
53562Minnesota Bluffs Dr & Quebec Circle44.802317-93.380499
48667Minnesota Dr & France / Johnson44.861998-93.331547
56554Minnesota Dr & France Ave / Edinborough44.861808-93.327165
41184Minnesota Dr & France Ave S44.862012-93.327037
41161Minnesota Dr & Johnson Ave / France Ave44.861806-93.331551
2611Minnesota St & 4th St44.945939-93.091069
1235Minnesota St & 6th St44.947590-93.092693
41241Minnesota St & 7th Place / 7th St44.948678-93.093770
50540Minnesota St & 9th St44.949669-93.094696
16494Minnesota Veterans Home & Bldg 444.911357-93.202589
16493Minnesota Veterans Home & Bldg 1944.913999-93.204907
16496Minnesota Veterans Home & Bldg 1944.914140-93.204832
5794Minnetonka Blvd & #562144.948895-93.350817
5914Minnetonka Blvd & Aquila Ave44.949410-93.388873
6392Minnetonka Blvd & Aquila Ave44.949533-93.388026
5728Minnetonka Blvd & Blackstone Ave44.949534-93.356674
47836Minnetonka Blvd & Blackstone Ave44.949459-93.357136
5913Minnetonka Blvd & Boone Ave44.949317-93.390303
6393Minnetonka Blvd & Boone Ave44.949521-93.389862
5729Minnetonka Blvd & Brunswick Ave44.949579-93.358046
5789Minnetonka Blvd & Brunswick Ave44.949482-93.358316
5912Minnetonka Blvd & Cavell Ave44.948840-93.391842
6394Minnetonka Blvd & Cavell Ave44.949192-93.391097
5788Minnetonka Blvd & Colorado Ave44.949524-93.359794
5730Minnetonka Blvd & Dakota Ave44.949682-93.360396
5911Minnetonka Blvd & Decatur Ave44.948664-93.393483
6395Minnetonka Blvd & Decatur Ave44.948802-93.393160
5910Minnetonka Blvd & Ensign Ave44.948483-93.394887
6396Minnetonka Blvd & Ensign Ave44.948615-93.394982
5909Minnetonka Blvd & Flag Ave44.948426-93.395734
47840Minnetonka Blvd & Flag Ave / Gettysburg44.948448-93.396499
5732Minnetonka Blvd & Florida Ave44.949640-93.362968
5786Minnetonka Blvd & Florida Ave44.949537-93.363399
5908Minnetonka Blvd & Gettysburg Ave44.948261-93.397241
5734Minnetonka Blvd & Hampshire Ave44.949618-93.365537
5784Minnetonka Blvd & Hampshire Ave44.949517-93.365437
6399Minnetonka Blvd & Hillsboro Ave44.948081-93.398129
5795Minnetonka Blvd & Hwy 10044.948390-93.349281
5906Minnetonka Blvd & Independence Ave44.947382-93.398681
6400Minnetonka Blvd & Independence Ave44.947661-93.398704
4678Minnetonka Blvd & Inglewood Ave44.948520-93.332570
5804Minnetonka Blvd & Inglewood Ave44.948366-93.332812
5736Minnetonka Blvd & Jersey Ave44.949591-93.368089
5782Minnetonka Blvd & Jersey Ave44.949485-93.368438
4679Minnetonka Blvd & Joppa Ave44.948530-93.333789
5803Minnetonka Blvd & Joppa Ave44.948374-93.334065
5781Minnetonka Blvd & Louisiana Ave44.949447-93.371066
42374Minnetonka Blvd & Louisiana Ave44.949595-93.371138
5802Minnetonka Blvd & Lynn Ave44.948370-93.336246
4681Minnetonka Blvd & Monterey Ave44.948537-93.337674
5801Minnetonka Blvd & Natchez / Monterey44.948384-93.338578
5738Minnetonka Blvd & Nevada Ave44.949563-93.373072
5780Minnetonka Blvd & Nevada Ave44.949454-93.373503
4683Minnetonka Blvd & Ottawa Ave44.948543-93.340150
5800Minnetonka Blvd & Ottawa Ave44.948376-93.339987
4680Minnetonka Blvd & Park Embassy44.948539-93.336011
5740Minnetonka Blvd & Pennsylvania Ave44.949533-93.375629
5778Minnetonka Blvd & Pennsylvania Ave44.949410-93.376022
5799Minnetonka Blvd & Princeton Ave44.948380-93.341757
4685Minnetonka Blvd & Quentin Ave44.948570-93.342808
5742Minnetonka Blvd & Rhode Island Ave44.949497-93.378219
5776Minnetonka Blvd & Rhode Island Ave44.949398-93.378549
56129Minnetonka Blvd & Salem Ave44.948554-93.345326
5797Minnetonka Blvd & Salem Ave/Raleigh Ave44.948413-93.344787
5918Minnetonka Blvd & Texas Ave44.949353-93.381135
6389Minnetonka Blvd & Texas Ave44.949516-93.381111
5917Minnetonka Blvd & Utah Ave44.949370-93.382303
5722Minnetonka Blvd & Vernon Ave44.948826-93.350187
5916Minnetonka Blvd & Virginia Ave44.949388-93.383770
6390Minnetonka Blvd & Virginia Ave44.949500-93.383328
6391Minnetonka Blvd & Wyoming Ave44.949503-93.384919
5724Minnetonka Blvd & Xenwood Ave44.949381-93.351942
5793Minnetonka Blvd & Xenwood Ave44.949296-93.352189
5915Minnetonka Blvd & Xylon Ave44.949396-93.386133
5726Minnetonka Blvd & Zarthan Ave S44.949469-93.354135
5791Minnetonka Blvd & Zarthan Ave S44.949365-93.354636
49513Minnetonka Mills & Sweet Briar Lane44.929605-93.404455
49496Minnetonka Mills & Washington Ave44.928215-93.400729
49510Minnetonka Mills Rd & Althea Lane44.928353-93.400836
49494Minnetonka Mills Rd & Burnes Dr44.929217-93.403703
49511Minnetonka Mills Rd & Campbell Dr44.928735-93.401950
52595MnDOT Office Park & Ride45.000578-93.352103
8571Modern Rd & Quebec Ave N45.077859-93.377570
8572Modern Rd & West Broadway Ave45.077597-93.376431
53660Monastery Way & Benet Rd44.994862-92.986275
53659Monastery Way & Maple Ave44.993704-92.985855
53662Monastery Way & Rustic Court44.993458-92.986056
15532Monroe St & 3rd Ave NE44.993458-93.252510
12385Monroe St & 4th Ave45.196769-93.385092
15486Monroe St & Spring St NE44.995013-93.252355
15531Monroe St & Spring St NE44.994848-93.252518
15487Monroe St & Summer St NE44.996805-93.252352
15530Monroe St & Summer St NE44.996996-93.252518
40704Monroe St NE & 78th Ave NE45.109417-93.253437
40705Monroe St NE & 78th Ave NE45.109769-93.253571
40706Monroe St NE & 79th Ave NE45.111373-93.253436
40707Monroe St NE & 79th Ave NE45.111613-93.253570
40708Monroe St NE & 80th Ave NE45.113174-93.253420
40709Monroe St NE & 80th Ave NE45.113411-93.253564
40710Monroe St NE & 81st Ave NE45.114952-93.253442
40723Monroe St NE & Osborne Rd NE45.108237-93.253440
40724Monroe St NE & Osborne Rd NE45.108173-93.253597
50850Monterey Dr & 36th 1/2 St W44.937048-93.339950
50846Monterey Dr & Excelsior Blvd44.934551-93.337175
53726Montreal Ave & Elway St44.912461-93.146052
53759Montreal Ave & Elway St44.912377-93.146077
53725Montreal Court & Montreal Ave44.913667-93.140839
52852Mound TC & Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15)44.937423-93.664304
53805Mount Ridge Rd & Twin Lakes Pkwy45.022802-93.184880
6573Myrtle St & 2nd St45.056391-92.807320
47948Myrtle St & Union St45.056371-92.806946
56883N Highway 7 Frontage Rd & 12th Ave N44.933244-93.414980
51081Naples St & 89th Ave NE45.131527-93.184378
51080Naples St & Flowerfield Rd45.131445-93.184217
14733Naples St NE & 90th Ave NE45.133158-93.184204
14734Naples St NE & 90th Ave NE45.133293-93.184366
14735Naples St NE & 90th Lane NE45.134644-93.184364
48945Naples St NE & 90th Lane NE45.134567-93.184196
48947Naples St NE & 92nd Ave NE45.136651-93.184203
48950Naples St NE & 92nd Ave NE45.136856-93.184365
48948Naples St NE & 93rd Curve45.139013-93.184198
48949Naples St NE & 93rd Curve45.139074-93.184356
45236Nathan Lane & #605545.062710-93.410396
42894Nathan Lane & Cub Foods45.035030-93.408540
42995Nathan Lane & Cub Foods45.035127-93.408862
42893Nathan Lane & Rockford Rd45.032692-93.407531
42996Nathan Lane & Rockford Rd45.032470-93.407373
57210Nathan Ln N & 59th Av N45.060349-93.408394
48083Nesbitt Ave S & 110th St W44.804774-93.358404
48126Nesbitt Ave S & 110th St W44.804745-93.358557
48087Nesbitt Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.807254-93.358295
48112Nesbitt Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.807050-93.358558
12868New Brighton Blvd & 29th Ave (Co Rd C)45.019790-93.213900
49229New Brighton Blvd & St Anthony Blvd45.016983-93.216825
49230New Brighton Blvd & St Anthony Blvd45.017699-93.216656
45027Niagara Lane & 23rd Ave N45.003713-93.471543
44929Niagara Lane & 25th Ave N45.006386-93.471733
45028Niagara Lane & 25th Ave N45.006163-93.471553
44928Niagara Lane & 27th Ave N45.009439-93.471674
45029Niagara Lane & 27th Ave N45.009213-93.471466
44930Niagara Lane & Polaris Lane45.004015-93.471733
56969Niagara Ln N & County Rd 644.997355-93.472275
56973Niagara Ln N & County Road 644.997771-93.472130
1920Nicollet Ave S & 14th St / Grant St E44.969396-93.277710
1198Nicollet Ave S & 15th St E44.967860-93.277912
1917Nicollet Ave S & 15th St E44.968333-93.277743
1199Nicollet Ave S & 16th St / Hwy 9444.966622-93.277913
1914Nicollet Ave S & 16th St E44.967105-93.277717
1911Nicollet Ave S & 18th St E44.965108-93.277721
1200Nicollet Ave S & 18th St W44.965341-93.277917
1902Nicollet Ave S & 22nd St E44.960813-93.277739
1203Nicollet Ave S & 22nd St W44.961007-93.277937
1900Nicollet Ave S & 24th St E44.959080-93.277742
1204Nicollet Ave S & 24th St W44.959246-93.277996
1897Nicollet Ave S & 25th St E44.957237-93.277779
1205Nicollet Ave S & 25th St W44.957430-93.277967
1206Nicollet Ave S & 26th St W44.955192-93.277982
52309Nicollet Ave S & 27th St / 26th St E44.954773-93.277773
1207Nicollet Ave S & 27th St W44.953878-93.278002
1890Nicollet Ave S & 28th St E44.951808-93.277785
1208Nicollet Ave S & 28th St W44.952089-93.278013
1887Nicollet Ave S & 31st St E44.946497-93.277827
1886Nicollet Ave S & 32nd St E44.944852-93.277838
1212Nicollet Ave S & 32nd St W44.944849-93.278012
1885Nicollet Ave S & 33rd St E44.943053-93.277844
1214Nicollet Ave S & 33rd St W44.943036-93.278007
1884Nicollet Ave S & 34th St E44.941212-93.277831
1215Nicollet Ave S & 34th St W44.941468-93.278002
1883Nicollet Ave S & 35th St E44.939429-93.277831
1216Nicollet Ave S & 35th St W44.939676-93.278018
1882Nicollet Ave S & 36th St E44.937613-93.277812
1217Nicollet Ave S & 36th St W44.937861-93.278029
1881Nicollet Ave S & 37th St E44.935833-93.277827
1218Nicollet Ave S & 37th St W44.936035-93.277992
1880Nicollet Ave S & 38th St E44.933970-93.277822
1219Nicollet Ave S & 38th St W44.934254-93.278003
1879Nicollet Ave S & 39th St E44.932190-93.277834
1220Nicollet Ave S & 39th St W44.932417-93.277997
1878Nicollet Ave S & 40th St E44.930377-93.277830
1221Nicollet Ave S & 40th St W44.930639-93.278010
1877Nicollet Ave S & 41st St E44.928593-93.277831
1222Nicollet Ave S & 41st St W44.928772-93.278017
1876Nicollet Ave S & 42nd St E44.927084-93.277830
1223Nicollet Ave S & 42nd St W44.926619-93.278032
1875Nicollet Ave S & 43rd St E44.924938-93.277844
1224Nicollet Ave S & 43rd St W44.925161-93.278030
1874Nicollet Ave S & 44th St E44.923160-93.277847
1225Nicollet Ave S & 44th St W44.923339-93.278046
1873Nicollet Ave S & 45th St E44.921354-93.277854
1226Nicollet Ave S & 45th St W44.921529-93.278049
1872Nicollet Ave S & 46th St E44.919520-93.277854
51828Nicollet Ave S & 46th St E44.919911-93.277874
1227Nicollet Ave S & 46th St W44.919750-93.278066
1870Nicollet Ave S & 47th St E44.917731-93.277880
1228Nicollet Ave S & 47th St W44.917626-93.278065
1869Nicollet Ave S & 48th St E44.916174-93.277885
1229Nicollet Ave S & 48th St W44.916131-93.278083
1863Nicollet Ave S & 49th St E44.914128-93.277893
1230Nicollet Ave S & 49th St W44.914301-93.278107
1770Nicollet Ave S & 50th St E44.912671-93.277926
1231Nicollet Ave S & 50th St W44.912810-93.278160
1769Nicollet Ave S & 51st St E (Elmwood Pl)44.910428-93.277937
1768Nicollet Ave S & 52nd St E44.908746-93.277973
1336Nicollet Ave S & 52nd St W44.908856-93.278161
1765Nicollet Ave S & 56th St E44.901403-93.277994
1339Nicollet Ave S & 56th St W44.901637-93.278217
1764Nicollet Ave S & 57th St E44.899603-93.278008
1340Nicollet Ave S & 57th St W44.899771-93.278201
1763Nicollet Ave S & 58th St E44.897757-93.278006
1341Nicollet Ave S & 58th St W44.897975-93.278196
1762Nicollet Ave S & 59th St E44.895476-93.278003
1342Nicollet Ave S & 59th St W44.895701-93.278208
1760Nicollet Ave S & 61st St E44.892838-93.278004
1344Nicollet Ave S & 61st St W44.892468-93.278212
1345Nicollet Ave S & 62nd St E44.890959-93.278214
1759Nicollet Ave S & 62nd St E44.890883-93.277999
1346Nicollet Ave S & 63rd St W44.888948-93.278229
1758Nicollet Ave S & 63rd St W44.888777-93.278013
1347Nicollet Ave S & 64th St W44.887111-93.278251
1756Nicollet Ave S & 65th St E44.886260-93.277977
1348Nicollet Ave S & 65th St W44.885982-93.278277
1754Nicollet Ave S & 66th St E44.884036-93.278028
1349Nicollet Ave S & 66th St W44.883836-93.278329
1446Nicollet Ave S & 67th St E44.881528-93.278061
1350Nicollet Ave S & 67th St W44.881840-93.278244
1445Nicollet Ave S & 68th St E44.879747-93.278062
1351Nicollet Ave S & 68th St W44.879995-93.278273
1444Nicollet Ave S & 69th St E44.878553-93.278076
1352Nicollet Ave S & 69th St W44.878229-93.278275
1443Nicollet Ave S & 70th St E44.876191-93.278058
1353Nicollet Ave S & 70th St W44.876443-93.278271
1442Nicollet Ave S & 71st St E44.874385-93.278095
1354Nicollet Ave S & 71st St W44.874566-93.278277
1441Nicollet Ave S & 72nd St E44.872593-93.278078
1355Nicollet Ave S & 72nd St W44.872916-93.278313
1440Nicollet Ave S & 73rd St E44.870751-93.278098
1356Nicollet Ave S & 73rd St W44.871028-93.278323
1439Nicollet Ave S & 74th St E44.868960-93.278103
1357Nicollet Ave S & 74th St W44.869220-93.278332
1438Nicollet Ave S & 75th St E44.867166-93.278147
1358Nicollet Ave S & 75th St W44.867427-93.278307
1437Nicollet Ave S & 76th St E44.865380-93.278149
1359Nicollet Ave S & 76th St W44.865639-93.278354
1436Nicollet Ave S & 77th St E44.863599-93.278165
1360Nicollet Ave S & 77th St W44.864035-93.278376
1361Nicollet Ave S & 78th St W (Frontage Rd)44.862971-93.278386
1433Nicollet Ave S & 81st St E44.856863-93.278226
1364Nicollet Ave S & 81st St W44.857139-93.278426
1432Nicollet Ave S & 82nd St E44.855042-93.278245
1365Nicollet Ave S & 82nd St W44.855281-93.278445
1431Nicollet Ave S & 83rd St E44.853247-93.278264
1366Nicollet Ave S & 83rd St W44.853665-93.278460
1430Nicollet Ave S & 84th St E44.851421-93.278279
1367Nicollet Ave S & 84th St W44.851688-93.278478
1429Nicollet Ave S & 85th St E44.849652-93.278293
1368Nicollet Ave S & 85th St W44.849840-93.278495
1428Nicollet Ave S & 86th St E44.847801-93.278309
1369Nicollet Ave S & 86th St W44.848066-93.278520
1427Nicollet Ave S & 87th St E44.846139-93.278318
1370Nicollet Ave S & 87th St W44.846329-93.278514
56867Nicollet Ave S & 88th St44.844415-93.278522
1426Nicollet Ave S & 88th St E44.844199-93.278337
1425Nicollet Ave S & 89th St E44.842432-93.278319
1372Nicollet Ave S & 89th St W44.842648-93.278527
1424Nicollet Ave S & 90th St E44.840388-93.278290
1373Nicollet Ave S & 90th St W44.840328-93.278623
1423Nicollet Ave S & 91st St E44.839119-93.278339
1374Nicollet Ave S & 91st St W44.838598-93.278547
1422Nicollet Ave S & 92nd St E44.836999-93.278341
1375Nicollet Ave S & 92nd St W44.837228-93.278545
1421Nicollet Ave S & 93rd St E44.835160-93.278344
1376Nicollet Ave S & 93rd St W44.835235-93.278541
1420Nicollet Ave S & 94th St E44.833410-93.278364
1377Nicollet Ave S & 94th St W44.833438-93.278563
1419Nicollet Ave S & 95th St E44.831157-93.278373
56868Nicollet Ave S & 95th St W44.831047-93.278542
1418Nicollet Ave S & 96th St E44.829713-93.278370
1379Nicollet Ave S & 96th St W44.829938-93.278589
1417Nicollet Ave S & 98th St E44.826710-93.278345
56869Nicollet Ave S & 98th St W44.826632-93.278624
48129Nicollet Ave S & American Blvd44.859082-93.278441
1435Nicollet Ave S & American Blvd / I-49444.860198-93.278173
1338Nicollet Ave S & Diamond Lake Rd44.904110-93.278200
1766Nicollet Ave S & Diamond Lake Rd44.903783-93.277996
1335Nicollet Ave S & Elmwood Place (51st St)44.910587-93.278136
1202Nicollet Ave S & Franklin Ave W44.962817-93.277919
1905Nicollet Ave S & Franklin Ave W44.962605-93.277721
1197Nicollet Ave S & Grant St E44.969476-93.277929
17976Nicollet Mall & 3rd St44.980401-93.269493
17998Nicollet Mall & 3rd St S44.980584-93.269053
17978Nicollet Mall & 5th St S44.979031-93.270549
17996Nicollet Mall & 5th St S44.978664-93.270626
17980Nicollet Mall & 7th St S44.977120-93.272189
17994Nicollet Mall & 7th St S44.976718-93.272273
17982Nicollet Mall & 9th St S44.975123-93.273807
17992Nicollet Mall & 9th St S44.974805-93.273893
17984Nicollet Mall & 11th St S44.973182-93.275527
17990Nicollet Mall & 11th St S44.972858-93.275532
17988Nicollet Mall & Alice Rainville44.970913-93.277207
17986Nicollet Mall & Alice Rainville Place44.971192-93.277173
51408Nicollet Mall Station44.978541-93.269960
51423Nicollet Mall Station44.978597-93.269919
50493Noble Ave & 36th Ave N45.020759-93.338709
50508Noble Ave & 36th Ave N45.020787-93.338913
8432Noble Ave & 37th Ave N45.022185-93.338753
8433Noble Ave & 37th Ave N45.022430-93.338940
8434Noble Ave & 38th Ave N45.023996-93.338820
8435Noble Ave & 38th Ave N45.024230-93.338992
50104Noble Ave & 39th Ave N45.026115-93.338891
50107Noble Ave & 39th Ave N45.026049-93.339042
50105Noble Ave & 40th Ave N45.027770-93.338953
50106Noble Ave & 40th Ave N45.027855-93.339120
9332Noble Ave & 75th Ave N45.090671-93.341039
9389Noble Ave & 75th Ave N45.090913-93.341228
9334Noble Ave & 76th Ave N45.092938-93.341104
9387Noble Ave & 76th Ave N45.093680-93.341271
9336Noble Ave & 78th Ave N45.095390-93.341134
9385Noble Ave & 78th Ave N45.095583-93.341303
9338Noble Ave & 78th Lane N45.096931-93.341145
9383Noble Ave & 78th Lane N45.097117-93.341314
11310Noble Ave & 85th Ave N45.108596-93.341249
9330Noble Ave & Major Ave N45.088713-93.341014
9391Noble Ave & Major Ave N45.088571-93.341180
41931Noble Ave & Wingard Lane45.086619-93.341136
41927Noble Ave & Woodbine Lane45.086705-93.340976
41933Noble Ave (71st Ave) & Brooklyn United45.084902-93.341084
51465Noble Pkwy & 101st Ave N45.137342-93.337426
51467Noble Pkwy & 101st Ave N45.137773-93.337752
53003Noble Pkwy & Fallgold Pkwy N45.142896-93.335892
51076Noble Pkwy & Kyle Ave N45.150351-93.335884
51464Noble Pkwy & Marigold Ave45.133364-93.337176
52165Noble Pkwy & Marigold Ave45.133609-93.337592
52362Noble Pkwy & Oxbow Creek Dr N45.144691-93.335565
52363Noble Pkwy & Oxbow Creek Dr N45.144967-93.335768
51466Noble Pkwy & Willow Rd45.147626-93.335571
52321Noble Pkwy & Willow Rd45.147441-93.335405
10575Nokomis Ave & Case Ave44.970204-93.011440
10596Nokomis Ave & Case Ave44.970382-93.011575
52178Nokomis Ave & Magnolia St44.973147-93.012102
52179Nokomis Ave & Magnolia St44.973344-93.012218
49626Nokomis Ave & Maryland Ave44.977386-93.009613
10581Nokomis Ave & Rose Ave44.976140-93.011132
10590Nokomis Ave & Rose Ave44.976294-93.011109
10597Nokomis Ave & Stillwater Ave44.969348-93.011590
13158Norfolk Ave & Davern St44.898031-93.172305
13157Norfolk Ave & Wheeler St44.898021-93.174855
50735Norman Center Dr & 83rd St W44.853658-93.352101
48164Norman Center Dr & 84th St W44.852885-93.352072
53557Normandale Blvd & Masonic Home44.797831-93.350402
3485Normandale Blvd & Overlook Dr44.801269-93.350555
3499Normandale Blvd & Overlook Dr44.800963-93.350380
3484Normandale Blvd & Trail West Rd44.802992-93.350535
3500Normandale Blvd & Trail West Rd44.802787-93.350368
53558Normandale Blvd & Xavier Rd44.798106-93.350580
56725Normandale College Transit Station44.829002-93.333238
53052Normandale Lake Blvd & 83rd St / 84th St44.853555-93.356236
52068Normandale Lake Blvd & 83rd St W44.854547-93.356192
56105Normandale Lake Blvd & Amer/Green Valley44.856884-93.353352
56106Normandale Lake Blvd & Green Valley Dr44.857644-93.352332
2073Normandale Village & P&R44.824942-93.348488
18561Norris Circle & Energy Lane44.969697-93.151095
43911North St & 11th Ave45.204742-93.368060
42479Northdale Blvd & 117th Ave N45.183645-93.340628
42480Northdale Blvd & 117th Lane45.184474-93.341677
43815Northdale Blvd & 117th Lane45.184620-93.342152
42481Northdale Blvd & 118th Lane45.185632-93.343169
43814Northdale Blvd & 118th Lane45.185617-93.343419
11013Northdale Blvd & Bittersweet St45.183116-93.334972
11014Northdale Blvd & Bittersweet St45.182983-93.335288
11016Northdale Blvd & Crocus St NW45.183118-93.336293
11017Northdale Blvd & Crooked Lake Blvd45.183128-93.337578
43816Northdale Blvd & Crooked Lake Blvd45.182958-93.338126
11001Northdale Blvd & Hanson / Partridge45.181486-93.318609
11000Northdale Blvd & Hanson Blvd45.180312-93.317073
11015Northdale Blvd & North Heights Dr NW45.182988-93.336609
11002Northdale Blvd & Partridge / Hanson45.181436-93.319056
11003Northdale Blvd & Raven St45.182889-93.322724
11004Northdale Blvd & Raven St45.183010-93.322310
11005Northdale Blvd & Wren St45.183112-93.327318
11006Northdale Blvd & Wren St45.182988-93.328444
11007Northdale Blvd & Xavis St45.182990-93.329709
11008Northdale Blvd & Xavis St45.183120-93.329449
11011Northdale Blvd & Zion St45.182994-93.332343
11012Northdale Blvd & Zion St45.183120-93.332093
57186Northdale Blvd NW & 124th Av NW45.196204-93.347000
57187Northdale Blvd NW & 124th Av NW45.195910-93.346791
57184Northdale Blvd NW & #323145.198988-93.346917
57185Northdale Blvd NW & #323145.198700-93.346569
57182Northdale Blvd NW & Lily St NW45.204744-93.348660
57183Northdale Blvd NW & Lily St NW45.204884-93.349011
57180Northdale Blvd NW & Marigold St NW45.206641-93.351539
57178Northdale Blvd NW & Silverod St NW45.207560-93.355449
57179Northdale Blvd NW & Silverod St NW45.207293-93.354850
57181Northdale Blvd NW & Silverod St NW45.206592-93.351934
9516Northland Dr & 73rd Ave N45.087126-93.395605
9529Northland Dr & 73rd Ave N45.086790-93.395793
52716Northland Dr & 75th Ave N45.089921-93.395662
52717Northland Dr & 75th Ave N45.090262-93.395864
9514Northland Dr & #702445.082439-93.395435
9512Northland Dr & Boone Ave N45.081694-93.392382
52845Northland Dr & Brooklyn Blvd45.094247-93.395953
9513Northland Dr & Marriott Northwest45.082418-93.394246
48374Northland Dr & Marriott Northwest45.082121-93.393207
9532Northland Dr & Marriott Northwest W45.082295-93.394690
44833Northland Dr & Northland Terrace45.083641-93.395922
44834Northland Dr & Northland Terrace45.083803-93.396067
56763Northland Drive & Brooklyn Blvd45.094434-93.395756
57165Northtown Transit Ctr Gate A45.127031-93.265081
57166Northtown Transit Ctr Gate B45.126892-93.265071
57167Northtown Transit Ctr Gate C45.126923-93.264843
56775Northtown Transit Ctr Gate D45.126732-93.264865
57169Northtown Transit Ctr Gate E45.126810-93.264660
44742Northwest Blvd & 32nd Ave N45.015911-93.443494
44824Northwest Blvd & 32nd Ave N45.016151-93.443456
42931Northwest Blvd & Bass Lake Rd45.062622-93.438484
42959Northwest Blvd & Bass Lake Rd45.062993-93.438271
44826Northwest Blvd & Campus Dr45.010656-93.449416
50761Northwest Blvd & Gramercy Ave/62nd Place45.065170-93.433335
50760Northwest Blvd & Gramercy Park45.064177-93.435859
52505Northwest Blvd & Gramercy Park45.064165-93.435379
44743Northwest Blvd & Medicine Lake Dr45.017071-93.442285
44741Northwest Blvd & Xenium Lane45.012341-93.448538
44825Northwest Blvd & Xenium Lane45.012776-93.448749
56417Oak Grove Pkwy N & 96th Ln N45.132089-93.363583
56416Oak Grove Pkwy N & 99th Ave N45.132300-93.362860
56415Oak Grove Pkwy N & Colorado Ln N45.132356-93.359696
56136Oak Grove Pkwy N & Hampshire Ave N45.132262-93.366930
56413Oak Grove Pkwy N & Schreiber Ter N45.132876-93.359183
56414Oak Grove Pkwy N & Zane Ave N45.132898-93.357530
49884Oak St SE & 4th St SE44.977326-93.226995
52826Oak St SE & Delaware St SE44.972276-93.227186
53766Oak St SE & Delaware St SE44.972316-93.227015
52141Oak St SE & McNamara Alumni - Leave44.975235-93.226948
41243Oak St SE & University Ave SE44.975350-93.226535
41248Oak St SE & Washington Ave SE44.973889-93.227228
80426Oakdale Av N & Abbott Av N45.015031-93.323787
9916Oakdale Ave & Country Club Manor44.887600-93.070501
9874Oakdale Ave & Oakdale Terrace44.887481-93.070305
9872Oakdale Ave & Southview Acres44.885570-93.070286
9917Oakdale Ave & Southview Acres44.885642-93.070491
9875Oakdale Ave & Westview Dr44.888813-93.070307
9915Oakdale Ave & Westview Dr44.888960-93.070501
8356Oakdale Ave N & Chowen Ave N45.015456-93.324637
8358Oakdale Ave N & Chowen Ave N45.015417-93.324946
8360Oakdale Ave N & Drew Ave N45.015893-93.325848
52527Oakdale Ave N & Drew Ave N45.015863-93.326222
8368Oakdale Ave N & France Ave N45.016767-93.328335
41982Oakdale Ave N & North Memorial Medical45.014756-93.322952
41984Oakdale Ave N & Oakdale Medical Center45.014775-93.322654
8348Oakdale Ave N & West Broadway45.013809-93.320252
40764Oakdale Ave N & West Broadway Ave45.013967-93.320275
7027Oakland Rd & Brightwood Dr44.969301-93.461870
7082Oakland Rd & Brightwood Dr44.969157-93.461533
7025Oakland Rd & Carlson Pkwy44.969647-93.468891
42502Oakland Rd & Carlson Pkwy44.969756-93.469425
7026Oakland Rd & Oakways Rd44.970285-93.463432
7083Oakland Rd & Oakways Rd44.970269-93.463082
6258Ohio St S & George St W44.929699-93.097819
6327Ohio St S & George St W44.929785-93.097690
6329Ohio St S & Winifred St W44.931139-93.097703
43734Old Cedar Ave S & 86th St E44.847478-93.248008
56937Old Cedar Ave S & 87th / 86th St E44.847008-93.247839
43724Old Cedar Ave S & 89th St E44.842354-93.247751
43737Old Cedar Ave S & 89th St E44.842435-93.247959
43722Old Cedar Ave S & 90th St E44.840649-93.247733
52308Old Cedar Ave S & 90th St E44.840932-93.247951
43725Old Cedar Ave S & #880644.844666-93.247778
43736Old Cedar Ave S & #880644.844395-93.247970
43686Old Cedar Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.838556-93.247742
43730Old Cedar Ave S & Old Shakopee Rd44.838483-93.247979
57054Old Highway 8 & Mustang Dr45.087636-93.188480
57055Old Highway 8 & Mustang Dr45.087774-93.188702
57056Old Highway 8 & Windsor Way45.091287-93.190197
57057Old Highway 8 & Windsor Way45.091383-93.190458
57048Old Highway 8 NW & 1st Ave NW45.074181-93.189452
57049Old Highway 8 NW & 1st Ave NW45.074231-93.189683
56355Old Highway 8 NW & 14th St NW45.071896-93.191488
57053Old Highway 8 NW & #205045.083529-93.188403
57050Old Highway 8 NW & Highway 96 W45.079269-93.188145
57051Old Highway 8 NW & Highway 96 W45.079235-93.188292
57052Old Highway 8 NW & Mounds Ave NW45.083192-93.188120
56962Old Hudson Rd & McKnight Rd N44.951158-93.005971
15947Old Hwy 8 & 1st St SW (9th Ave)45.048123-93.198531
15943Old Hwy 8 & 2nd St NW45.052615-93.198139
15944Old Hwy 8 & 2nd St NW45.052647-93.198373
15949Old Hwy 8 & 3rd St SW45.045839-93.198061
15950Old Hwy 8 & 3rd St SW45.045649-93.197854
15941Old Hwy 8 & 3rd Terrace NW45.055020-93.198142
15942Old Hwy 8 & 3rd Terrace NW45.055116-93.197925
15939Old Hwy 8 & 4th St NW45.056133-93.197941
15940Old Hwy 8 & 4th St NW45.056199-93.198184
15937Old Hwy 8 & 5th St NW45.057521-93.198187
15938Old Hwy 8 & 5th St NW45.057261-93.197984
15948Old Hwy 8 & 9th Ave SW45.048399-93.198883
51282Old Hwy 8 & 14th St45.072334-93.191397
52054Old Hwy 8 & Central Park Blvd45.070247-93.192492
15945Old Hwy 8 & Co Rd E45.051267-93.199547
15946Old Hwy 8 & Co Rd E45.050910-93.199441
15951Old Hwy 8 & Foss Rd45.043098-93.198041
52055Old Hwy 8 & Northwest Pkwy45.068892-93.193065
15891Old Hwy 8 (5th Ave) & 8th St NW45.062934-93.193247
42408Old Hwy 8 (5th Ave) & 10th St NW45.065003-93.193074
42409Old Hwy 8 (5th Ave) & 10th St NW45.065742-93.193306
50388Old Rockford Rd & Dunkirk Lane45.034425-93.492480
50399Old Rockford Rd & Dunkirk Lane45.034316-93.492379
50389Old Rockford Rd & Fountain Lane45.034445-93.494391
50398Old Rockford Rd & Fountain Lane45.034354-93.494687
50390Old Rockford Rd & Holly Lane45.034504-93.496948
50397Old Rockford Rd & Holly Lane45.034389-93.497341
50391Old Rockford Rd & Jewel Lane45.034549-93.499908
50396Old Rockford Rd & Jewel Lane45.034393-93.499770
50392Old Rockford Rd & Lawndale Lane45.034710-93.502583
50395Old Rockford Rd & Lawndale Lane45.034622-93.502919
50393Old Rockford Rd & Merrimac Lane45.034932-93.503663
50394Old Rockford Rd & Merrimac Lane45.034893-93.504103
3666Old Shakopee Rd & 10th Ave S44.828742-93.259387
3667Old Shakopee Rd & 12th Ave S44.830729-93.256512
43598Old Shakopee Rd & 12th Ave S44.830854-93.256612
43594Old Shakopee Rd & 16th Ave S44.835481-93.250380
43684Old Shakopee Rd & 16th Ave S44.835185-93.250464
43593Old Shakopee Rd & 17th Ave S44.836156-93.249585
43685Old Shakopee Rd & 17th Ave S44.836042-93.249457
685Old Shakopee Rd & 86th St E44.848637-93.238970
688Old Shakopee Rd & 86th St E44.848121-93.239446
3668Old Shakopee Rd & 96th St E44.829894-93.257734
43599Old Shakopee Rd & 96th St E44.830171-93.257630
3462Old Shakopee Rd & Beard Ave S44.811870-93.324228
3521Old Shakopee Rd & Beard Ave S44.811630-93.324587
3464Old Shakopee Rd & Drew Ave S44.811265-93.326718
3519Old Shakopee Rd & Drew Ave S44.811048-93.327020
43600Old Shakopee Rd & Elliott Ave S44.827500-93.261463
3465Old Shakopee Rd & France Ave S44.810641-93.328732
43621Old Shakopee Rd & France Ave S44.810678-93.329269
3343Old Shakopee Rd & Irving Ave S44.824953-93.300255
3448Old Shakopee Rd & Irving Ave S44.825290-93.300031
52210Old Shakopee Rd & Kell Ave S44.809153-93.335719
52211Old Shakopee Rd & Kell Ave S44.808986-93.336063
47581Old Shakopee Rd & Killebrew Dr44.850998-93.237768
3449Old Shakopee Rd & Logan Ave S44.823182-93.303005
43732Old Shakopee Rd & Metro Tower44.849850-93.238565
3340Old Shakopee Rd & Moir Park Apts44.820598-93.306083
42423Old Shakopee Rd & Morgan Ave / Penn Ave44.820347-93.306686
3341Old Shakopee Rd & Morgan Ave S44.821824-93.304475
52208Old Shakopee Rd & Nord Ave S44.808767-93.339085
52209Old Shakopee Rd & Nord Ave S44.808530-93.339903
52296Old Shakopee Rd & Normandale Blvd44.807708-93.349657
43592Old Shakopee Rd & Old Cedar Ave/17th Ave44.836867-93.248755
43596Old Shakopee Rd & Old Shakopee Circle44.833915-93.252227
43682Old Shakopee Rd & Old Shakopee Circle44.833649-93.252292
52087Old Shakopee Rd & Old Shakopee Circle44.807930-93.352629
3334Old Shakopee Rd & Penn Ave S44.818556-93.308601
3451Old Shakopee Rd & Penn Ave S44.818970-93.308473
3452Old Shakopee Rd & Queen Ave S44.817201-93.310367
52306Old Shakopee Rd & Queen Ave S44.816968-93.310397
52206Old Shakopee Rd & Rich Ave S44.808166-93.344678
52207Old Shakopee Rd & Rich Ave S44.807996-93.344969
43597Old Shakopee Rd & Riverview Ave44.832778-93.253839
43681Old Shakopee Rd & Riverview Ave44.832878-93.253413
3342Old Shakopee Rd & St Lukes P&R44.823372-93.302404
3331Old Shakopee Rd & Thomas / Sheridan Ave44.814647-93.313829
3454Old Shakopee Rd & Thomas Ave S44.814772-93.313917
52204Old Shakopee Rd & Toledo / Normandale44.808001-93.349075
3665Old Shakopee Rd & Trail East Rd/10th Ave44.828891-93.259505
52212Old Shakopee Rd & Valleywest Center44.809541-93.333819
52213Old Shakopee Rd & Valleywest Center44.809556-93.333036
3330Old Shakopee Rd & Vincent Ave S44.813665-93.316890
3456Old Shakopee Rd & Vincent Ave S44.813941-93.316531
52086Old Shakopee Rd & Whalen/Old Shak Cir44.807695-93.352978
3328Old Shakopee Rd & Xerxes Ave S44.812800-93.319939
3458Old Shakopee Rd & Xerxes Ave S44.813219-93.318938
48088Old Shakopee Rd & Yosemite Rd44.807690-93.355775
53266Old Shakopee Rd & Yosemite Rd44.807969-93.356101
3326Old Shakopee Rd & Zenith Ave S44.812255-93.322050
3460Old Shakopee Rd & Zenith Ave S44.812540-93.321506
43679Old Shakopee Rd (98th St) & Chicago Av S44.826434-93.262798
90233Old Shakopee Rd E and Winstead Way WB Control Pt44.851670-93.232845
90219Old Shakopee Rd EB to Winstead Way Control Pt44.851474-93.232803
6594Olive St W & Brick St S45.053110-92.827011
6613Olive St W & Brick St S45.052999-92.827302
6591Olive St W & Center St S45.053106-92.823027
6592Olive St W & Grove St S45.053109-92.824276
6615Olive St W & Grove St S45.052998-92.824583
6593Olive St W & Hemlock St S45.053114-92.825674
6618Olive St W & Owens St S45.052985-92.820545
6596Olive St W & Pine Tree Trail45.053107-92.829768
6611Olive St W & Pine Tree Trail45.053000-92.829987
6595Olive St W & Seeley St S45.053113-92.828417
6612Olive St W & Seeley St S45.053003-92.828656
6590Olive St W & Sherburne St S45.053094-92.821427
6617Olive St W & Sherburne St S45.052991-92.821696
13524Oliver Ave S & Douglas Ave44.966344-93.306909
40771Oliver Ave S & Douglas Ave44.966349-93.307109
13527Oliver Ave S & Penn Ave S44.963320-93.308115
13525Oliver Ave S & Summit Ave44.965210-93.307371
13526Oliver Ave S & Summit Ave44.965118-93.307542
17856Olson & 7th Station44.984519-93.284843
17852Olson & Bryant Station44.984205-93.291374
17853Olson & Bryant Station44.984501-93.290844
17847Olson & Humboldt Station44.984213-93.298396
17848Olson & Humboldt Station44.984543-93.298023
17839Olson & Penn Station44.984220-93.307743
17840Olson & Penn Station44.984590-93.308021
47771Olson Hwy 55 & Ardmore Dr44.984060-93.333393
47770Olson Hwy 55 & Dahlberg Dr44.984381-93.334127
47772Olson Hwy 55 & Meadow Lane / Wirth Pkwy44.984023-93.329918
44066Olson Hwy 55 & Schaper Rd44.984502-93.343080
44346Olson Hwy 55 & Schaper Rd44.984128-93.340899
47769Olson Hwy 55 & Wirth Pkwy / Meadow Lane44.984348-93.329394
17854Olson Memorial Hwy & Lyndale Ave (E)44.984162-93.286718
44139Olympia St & Florida Ave44.995925-93.362529
44324Olympia St & Florida Ave44.995831-93.362845
44140Olympia St & Hampshire Ave44.995918-93.364414
44323Olympia St & Hampshire Ave44.995823-93.364759
44141Olympia St & Jersey Ave N44.995909-93.367662
44322Olympia St & Jersey Ave N44.995801-93.367896
44144Olympia St & Kelly Dr44.996028-93.372649
44319Olympia St & Kelly Dr44.995907-93.372932
44142Olympia St & Louisiana Ave44.996002-93.370141
44321Olympia St & Louisiana Ave44.995878-93.370431
44146Olympia St & Pennsylvania Ave44.996421-93.375176
44317Olympia St & Pennsylvania Ave44.996317-93.375448
44147Olympia St & Quebec Ave N44.996429-93.376452
44316Olympia St & Quebec Ave N44.996355-93.376791
44149Olympia St & Sumter Ave44.996444-93.378716
44314Olympia St & Sumter Ave44.996348-93.379293
50670Ontario St SE & Beacon St44.974825-93.225742
56940Ontario St SE & Essex St SE44.971266-93.225631
51365Opportunity Court & Opportunity Partners44.903216-93.404089
80273Opus Pkwy & Bren Rd W44.898871-93.407252
9481Orchard Ave N & 57th Ave N45.056637-93.340818
9567Orchard Ave N & 57th Ave N45.055951-93.340786
9480Orchard Ave N & 58th Ave N45.058378-93.340471
9568Orchard Ave N & 58th Place N45.058139-93.340342
47070Orleans St W & Market Dr45.042980-92.838880
41712Orme St & Robert St S44.910458-93.080893
40773Osborne Rd NE & 5th St NE45.107823-93.260721
40778Osborne Rd NE & 5th St NE45.107600-93.261078
14276Osborne Rd NE & Able St45.107885-93.248227
14283Osborne Rd NE & Able St NE45.107756-93.248613
14270Osborne Rd NE & Central Ave NE45.107800-93.238509
14271Osborne Rd NE & Hwy 65 Svc Rd45.107886-93.242324
14272Osborne Rd NE & Hwy 65 Svc Rd45.107704-93.242711
14278Osborne Rd NE & Jackson St45.107913-93.250670
14281Osborne Rd NE & Jackson St45.107799-93.251854
40776Osborne Rd NE & Madison St45.107989-93.254955
40780Osborne Rd NE & Madison St45.107803-93.255417
14279Osborne Rd NE & Quincy St45.107935-93.252005
14273Osborne Rd NE & Taylor St45.107726-93.245225
14274Osborne Rd NE & Taylor St45.107905-93.244663
40225Osborne Rd NE & Terrace Rd45.107834-93.258141
40285Osborne Rd NE & Terrace Rd45.107997-93.258411
14275Osborne Rd NE & Tyler St45.107896-93.246286
14277Osborne Rd NE & Van Buren St45.107903-93.249437
14282Osborne Rd NE & Van Buren St45.107771-93.250457
51153Osgood Ave N & 60th St N45.036798-92.807664
18399Osgood Ave N & 61th St N45.037106-92.807448
7196Osgood Ave N & 62nd St N45.038935-92.807487
51152Osgood Ave N & 62nd St N45.039317-92.807668
7197Osgood Ave N & 63rd St45.040522-92.807503
7198Osgood Ave N & 65th St (Orleans)45.042712-92.807459
9577Osseo Rd & 47th Ave N45.039465-93.315249
9658Osseo Rd & 47th Ave N45.039630-93.315229
9652Osseo Rd & Russell Ave N45.037463-93.312029
9582Osseo Rd & Sheridan Ave N45.038119-93.313234
9656Osseo Rd & Thomas Ave N45.038875-93.314110
9584Osseo Rd & Victory Memorial Dr45.037135-93.311817
14424Owasso Blvd N & Dale St45.043526-93.126848
14480Owasso Blvd N & Dale St45.043573-93.126459
14425Owasso Blvd N & Owasso Hts Rd45.043142-93.124747
14479Owasso Blvd N & Owasso Hts Rd45.043232-93.124773
14432Owasso St & #3505-352545.047799-93.128637
14472Owasso St & #3525-350545.047828-93.128782
14434Owasso St & #354545.049060-93.127866
14470Owasso St & #354545.049136-93.128065
14438Owasso St & #3575-358545.050161-93.130515
14468Owasso St & #3585-357545.050042-93.130176
14473Owasso St & Harriet Ave45.046791-93.129235
14439Owasso St & Victoria St45.050226-93.132795
14467Owasso St & Victoria St45.050090-93.132518
13731Pacific St & Cherry St44.951533-93.065180
13725Pacific St & Cypress St44.951350-93.058554
13734Pacific St & Cypress St44.951273-93.058408
13735Pacific St & Earl St44.951259-93.055884
13726Pacific St & Forest St44.951361-93.060891
13733Pacific St & Forest St44.951288-93.060958
13727Pacific St & Mound St44.951547-93.063040
13732Pacific St & Mound St44.951475-93.063148
57206Park Av & 7th St S44.972757-93.262738
49542Park Ave & 5th St S44.974626-93.261109
80138Park Ave & 38th St E44.934065-93.264972
15345Park Ave S & 15th St E44.967939-93.265002
15344Park Ave S & 16th St E44.967031-93.265018
15343Park Ave S & 18th St E44.965138-93.264994
43329Park Center Blvd & #366344.936715-93.345480
49571Park Center Blvd & Auto Club Way44.932840-93.349336
43328Park Center Blvd & Byerly Foods44.935680-93.347640
4693Park Glen Rd & #430144.944262-93.334201
4694Park Glen Rd & #430144.944326-93.334334
4692Park Glen Rd & #440144.943699-93.336367
4695Park Glen Rd & #440144.943795-93.336374
4691Park Glen Rd & #450144.943155-93.338262
4696Park Glen Rd & #450144.943212-93.338330
3012Park Place Blvd & 16th St44.967279-93.349205
2970Park Place Blvd & 16th St W44.967300-93.349551
3010Park Place Blvd & Cedar Lake / Gamble Dr44.964445-93.349137
2973Park Place Blvd & Gamble / Cedar Lake Rd44.964779-93.349513
3013Park Place Blvd & Wayzata Blvd S44.969099-93.349622
48749Park Place Blvd & Wayzata Blvd S44.969192-93.350194
56546Park Place Blvd S & 16th St W44.967832-93.349589
56547Park Place Blvd S & 16th St W44.968012-93.349227
41093Parklawn Ave & #430844.868183-93.336108
50605Parklawn Ave & France Ave S44.868161-93.329583
41091Parklawn Ave & Parklawn Court44.866470-93.335850
41094Parklawn Ave & Parklawn Estates44.868322-93.332788
53947Parkview Dr & Rice Creek Pkwy45.121203-93.184220
53537Parkway Station & P&R45.132440-93.476007
49167Pascal St & #283545.025488-93.160836
42046Pascal St & University Ave / St Anthony44.954027-93.161973
56351Pascal St N & St Anthony Ave44.952300-93.161995
11788Payne Ave & Case Ave44.970135-93.073448
11806Payne Ave & Case Ave44.970370-93.073642
11803Payne Ave & Geranium Ave44.975760-93.073619
11790Payne Ave & Lawson Ave44.972323-93.073443
11812Payne Ave & Lawson Ave44.972145-93.073624
11791Payne Ave & Magnolia Ave44.973747-93.073437
11804Payne Ave & Magnolia Ave44.973424-93.073618
11811Payne Ave & Minnehaha Ave44.963149-93.073735
11784Payne Ave & Reaney Ave44.963774-93.073495
11810Payne Ave & Reaney Ave44.964002-93.073650
11792Payne Ave & Rose Ave44.976448-93.073440
11786Payne Ave & Whitall St44.966525-93.073471
11808Payne Ave & Whitall St44.966785-93.073645
11787Payne Ave & York Ave44.968325-93.073468
11807Payne Ave & York Ave44.968544-93.073637
13667Pedersen St & Sun Ray Transit Center - F44.952790-93.012539
49979Pedersen St & Sun Ray Transit Center - G44.953048-93.012680
11098Penn & 29th Station45.009777-93.308310
11099Penn & 29th Station45.009514-93.308146
56399Penn & 36th Station45.020690-93.308194
56400Penn & 36th Station45.020283-93.308370
56527Penn & 43rd Station45.033280-93.308442
56528Penn & 43rd Station45.033481-93.308619
9673Penn & Dowling Station45.023956-93.308263
9674Penn & Dowling Station45.024239-93.308436
52667Penn & Golden Valley Station44.998455-93.308297
56420Penn & Golden Valley Station44.999086-93.308129
56401Penn & Lowry Station45.013577-93.308142
56834Penn & Lowry Station45.013450-93.308357
56421Penn & Plymouth Station44.991747-93.308142
56422Penn & Plymouth Station44.991233-93.308302
52664Penn & West Broadway Station45.004280-93.308271
52671Penn & West Broadway Station45.003624-93.308127
49559Penn Ave N & 2nd Ave N44.978827-93.308263
49787Penn Ave N & 2nd Ave N44.979018-93.308424
11095Penn Ave N & 26 Ave N45.006427-93.308135
40794Penn Ave N & 26th Ave N45.006144-93.308299
11096Penn Ave N & 27th Ave N45.007712-93.308138
11097Penn Ave N & 27th Ave N45.007980-93.308302
11100Penn Ave N & 30th Ave N45.011329-93.308156
11101Penn Ave N & 30th Ave N45.011581-93.308318
9102Penn Ave N & 49th Ave N45.044087-93.309307
8964Penn Ave N & 51st Ave N45.047453-93.309248
49558Penn Ave N & Chestnut Ave44.976930-93.308272
49562Penn Ave N & Chestnut Ave44.977124-93.308441
49561Penn Ave N & Glenwood Ave44.980305-93.308405
49563Penn Ave N & Hawthorne Ave44.975433-93.308437
13529Penn Ave S & 21st St W44.961827-93.308467
1018Penn Ave S & 50th St W44.911845-93.308773
1019Penn Ave S & 51st St W44.910646-93.308764
1094Penn Ave S & 51st St W44.910454-93.308621
1020Penn Ave S & 52nd St W44.908858-93.308734
1093Penn Ave S & 52nd St W44.909027-93.308623
1021Penn Ave S & 53rd St W44.907055-93.308724
1092Penn Ave S & 53rd St W44.906836-93.308589
1023Penn Ave S & 54th St W44.905252-93.308720
1091Penn Ave S & 54th St W44.905001-93.308544
1024Penn Ave S & 55th St W44.903429-93.308716
1090Penn Ave S & 55th St W44.903226-93.308574
1025Penn Ave S & 56th St W44.901615-93.308729
1089Penn Ave S & 56th St W44.901426-93.308584
1088Penn Ave S & 57th St W44.899662-93.308591
1027Penn Ave S & 58th St W44.898049-93.308757
1087Penn Ave S & 58th St W44.897855-93.308596
1086Penn Ave S & 59th St W44.896852-93.308596
1029Penn Ave S & 60th St W44.894473-93.308743
1085Penn Ave S & 60th St W44.894203-93.308528
1030Penn Ave S & 61st St W44.892207-93.308743
1084Penn Ave S & 61st St W44.892420-93.308572
1031Penn Ave S & 62nd St S44.891245-93.308761
1081Penn Ave S & 63rd St / Hwy 6244.889779-93.308547
1036Penn Ave S & 63rd St W44.888918-93.308765
1080Penn Ave S & 63rd St W44.888827-93.308528
1037Penn Ave S & 64th St W44.887226-93.308752
1079Penn Ave S & 64th St W44.886981-93.308535
1038Penn Ave S & 65th St W44.885446-93.308755
1078Penn Ave S & 65th St W44.885225-93.308535
1039Penn Ave S & 66th St W44.883725-93.308783
1077Penn Ave S & 66th St W44.883362-93.308487
1040Penn Ave S & 67th St W44.881868-93.308749
1076Penn Ave S & 67th St W44.881570-93.308520
1041Penn Ave S & 68th St W44.880051-93.308751
1075Penn Ave S & 68th St W44.879806-93.308509
1042Penn Ave S & 69th St W44.878269-93.308692
1074Penn Ave S & 69th St W44.877989-93.308500
1043Penn Ave S & 70th St W44.876497-93.308686
1073Penn Ave S & 70th St W44.876185-93.308494
1044Penn Ave S & 71st St W44.874575-93.308718
1072Penn Ave S & 71st St W44.874390-93.308507
1045Penn Ave S & 72nd St W44.872893-93.308723
1071Penn Ave S & 72nd St W44.872572-93.308529
1046Penn Ave S & 73rd St W44.871108-93.308731
1070Penn Ave S & 73rd St W44.870799-93.308519
1047Penn Ave S & 74th St W44.869277-93.308748
1069Penn Ave S & 74th St W44.869008-93.308540
1048Penn Ave S & 75th St W44.867440-93.308755
1067Penn Ave S & 75th St W44.867135-93.308554
2043Penn Ave S & 76th St W44.864824-93.308816
2047Penn Ave S & 81st St W44.857147-93.308908
2101Penn Ave S & 82nd St W44.856015-93.308611
2048Penn Ave S & 82nd St W (S)44.855407-93.308941
2099Penn Ave S & 83rd St W44.853771-93.308691
2051Penn Ave S & 84th St W44.851775-93.308898
2098Penn Ave S & 84th St W44.851490-93.308703
2053Penn Ave S & 86th St W44.848199-93.308913
2096Penn Ave S & 86th St W44.847854-93.308718
2054Penn Ave S & 88th St W44.844503-93.308932
2095Penn Ave S & 88th St W44.844354-93.308748
2055Penn Ave S & 89th St W44.842578-93.308972
2093Penn Ave S & 89th St W44.842585-93.308730
2092Penn Ave S & 90th St W44.841206-93.308726
40796Penn Ave S & 90th St W44.841213-93.309000
56490Penn Ave S & 94th St W44.833242-93.308901
53770Penn Ave S & 95th St W44.832046-93.308919
53775Penn Ave S & 95th St W44.831985-93.308722
53771Penn Ave S & 96th St W44.830101-93.308934
53774Penn Ave S & 96th St W44.830473-93.308725
53773Penn Ave S & 98th St W44.827096-93.308757
57097Penn Ave S & 98th St W44.826048-93.308929
57125Penn Ave S & 98th St W44.825774-93.308782
3446Penn Ave S & 102nd St W44.819431-93.308927
43658Penn Ave S & 102nd St W44.819338-93.308727
3445Penn Ave S & #1004044.820726-93.308937
3335Penn Ave S & #1004144.820892-93.308747
1066Penn Ave S & Best Buy44.864583-93.308426
56586Penn Ave S & Cedar Lake Rd S44.973811-93.308456
2100Penn Ave S & Dixon Dr44.854680-93.308628
13528Penn Ave S & Franklin Ave W44.963058-93.308107
3443Penn Ave S & Gideon Pond Apts44.822712-93.308939
43660Penn Ave S & Gideon Pond Apts44.822534-93.308701
49557Penn Ave S & Hawthorne Ave44.975282-93.308276
1830Penn Ave S & Hwy 6244.891676-93.308589
1053Penn Ave S & Hwy 49444.860836-93.308992
3337Penn Ave S & Ivy Lane44.824273-93.308756
2052Penn Ave S & Penn Circle44.849840-93.308898
2086Penn Ave S & Penn Circle44.849590-93.308713
2094Penn Ave S & Penn Lake Circle44.843504-93.308750
1028Penn Ave S & Queen Ave S44.897033-93.308743
40800Penn Ave S & Queen Ave S44.852912-93.308704
40801Penn Ave S & Queen Ave S44.853140-93.308882
2104Penn Ave S & Southtown Center44.860315-93.308581
50178Peony Lane & Old Rockford Rd45.035153-93.507253
50179Peony Lane & Old Rockford Rd45.035240-93.507574
52016Peony Lane & Old Rockford Rd45.035935-93.507597
52019Peony Lane & Old Rockford Rd45.035468-93.507270
52024Peony Lane & Schmidt Lake Rd45.043235-93.507543
52025Peony Lane & Schmidt Lake Rd45.043074-93.507206
45191Perimeter & Shoreview Community Center45.080713-93.132842
51605Picture Dr & 78th St W44.859860-93.352480
80363Pierce St & 4th Av45.206726-93.385215
80364Pierce St & 4th Av45.206622-93.385168
56562Pillsbury Dr SE & Church St SE44.976939-93.233208
6581Pine St W & 6th St S45.051424-92.811079
6626Pine St W & 6th St S45.051276-92.811319
6583Pine St W & Harriet St S45.051073-92.813968
6624Pine St W & Harriet St S45.050971-92.814473
6625Pine St W & Holcombe St S45.050966-92.813028
6585Pine St W & William St S45.051079-92.817671
6622Pine St W & William St S45.050985-92.818192
42920Pineview Lane & 50th Ave N45.044813-93.441054
42970Pineview Lane & 50th Ave N45.045009-93.441198
42921Pineview Lane & 52nd Ave N45.046377-93.441034
42969Pineview Lane & 52nd Ave N45.046592-93.441174
42922Pineview Lane & 53rd Ave N45.047747-93.441021
42968Pineview Lane & 53rd Ave N45.047917-93.441190
42923Pineview Lane & 54th Ave #145.048661-93.441003
42965Pineview Lane & 54th Ave #145.052426-93.441159
42924Pineview Lane & 54th Ave #245.049830-93.440984
42966Pineview Lane & 54th Ave #245.050014-93.441121
42925Pineview Lane & 54th Ave #345.052184-93.440985
42967Pineview Lane & 54th Ave #345.048841-93.441151
42926Pineview Lane & 55th Ave N45.053949-93.441009
42964Pineview Lane & 55th Ave N45.054144-93.441161
42929Pineview Lane & 58th Ave N45.058744-93.441207
42961Pineview Lane & 58th Ave N45.058995-93.441363
42960Pineview Lane & Co Rd 61 (NW Blvd)45.060142-93.442024
42930Pineview Lane & Northwest Blvd(Co Rd 61)45.060523-93.442349
42928Pineview Lane & Oakview Lane45.056809-93.441415
42962Pineview Lane & Oakview Lane45.057027-93.441555
42927Pineview Lane & Quinwood Lane45.055019-93.441083
42963Pineview Lane & Quinwood Lane45.055184-93.441267
42971Pineview Lane & Schmidt Lake Rd45.043860-93.441209
9748Plato Blvd & Bayfield (Fillmore)44.942322-93.071973
9747Plato Blvd & Chester St44.940811-93.073160
10044Plato Blvd & Chester St44.940902-93.073456
9745Plato Blvd & Eva St44.938899-93.080546
10046Plato Blvd & Eva St44.939165-93.080225
9746Plato Blvd & State St44.939219-93.078174
10045Plato Blvd & State St44.939467-93.077932
53550Pleasant Ave & 50th St / Busch Terrace44.913227-93.283720
49237Pleasant St & Eddy Hall44.978228-93.236047
49881Pleasant St & Jones Hall44.978413-93.235341
54046Pleasant St SE & Scholars Walk44.974371-93.236936
13792Plum St & Maria Ave44.951533-93.066815
13729Plum St & Mounds Blvd44.950689-93.068348
13730Plum St & Mounds Blvd44.950665-93.068197
17656Plymouth Ave & Bryant Ave N44.992031-93.290908
17699Plymouth Ave & Bryant Ave N44.991909-93.291211
17658Plymouth Ave & Emerson Ave N44.992047-93.293930
11161Plymouth Ave & Fremont / 7th St N44.991897-93.295122
17659Plymouth Ave & Fremont Ave N44.992049-93.295450
17661Plymouth Ave & Humboldt Ave N44.991657-93.298063
17696Plymouth Ave & Humboldt Ave N44.991443-93.298536
17663Plymouth Ave & James Ave N44.991556-93.300521
17694Plymouth Ave & James Ave N44.991429-93.300947
17665Plymouth Ave & Logan Ave N44.991561-93.303036
17692Plymouth Ave & Logan Ave N44.991438-93.303369
17654Plymouth Ave & Lyndale Ave N44.992014-93.287683
17701Plymouth Ave & Lyndale Ave N44.991858-93.288260
17667Plymouth Ave & Newton Ave N44.991559-93.305570
17690Plymouth Ave & Newton Ave N44.991450-93.305825
17669Plymouth Ave & Penn Ave N44.991571-93.308053
17688Plymouth Ave & Penn Ave N44.991437-93.308408
17685Plymouth Ave & Sheridan Ave N44.991465-93.312182
17679Plymouth Ave & Theo Wirth Pkwy44.991602-93.321068
56978Plymouth Ave & Theodore Wirth Pkwy44.991942-93.321585
17674Plymouth Ave & Upton Ave N44.991595-93.314512
17683Plymouth Ave & Upton Ave N44.991483-93.314752
17676Plymouth Ave & Washburn Ave N44.991610-93.317040
17681Plymouth Ave & Washburn Ave N44.991508-93.317323
17653Plymouth Ave & Washington Ave44.992064-93.281964
17702Plymouth Ave & Washington Ave44.991899-93.281756
52659Plymouth Ave N & 2nd St N44.991960-93.280033
44274Plymouth Ave N & Boone Ave N44.991724-93.390560
44109Plymouth Ave N & General Mills44.992193-93.394700
44273Plymouth Ave N & General Mills44.992453-93.395492
44110Plymouth Ave N & Gettysburg Ave44.992792-93.396557
44272Plymouth Ave N & Gettysburg Ave44.992688-93.396846
44111Plymouth Ave N & Hillsboro Ave44.992854-93.397819
44271Plymouth Ave N & Hillsboro Ave44.992740-93.397949
44112Plymouth Ave N & Mendelssohn Ave44.992938-93.399715
44270Plymouth Ave N & Mendelssohn Ave44.992810-93.399549
57162Plymouth Ave N & Sheridan Ave N44.991578-93.311939
44797Plymouth Blvd & 37th Ave N45.024482-93.477557
50316Plymouth Blvd & 37th Ave N45.024481-93.477212
44795Plymouth Blvd & Co Rd 9 (Rockford Rd)45.026931-93.478736
44796Plymouth Blvd & Creek Place Condos45.026366-93.478248
50317Plymouth Blvd & Creek Place Condos45.026203-93.477767
50318Plymouth Blvd & Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9)45.027173-93.478513
6772Plymouth Rd & Cartway Lane44.968151-93.443017
41706Plymouth Rd & Ridgehaven / Cartway Lane44.969023-93.444009
6999Plymouth Rd P&R & Turnaround Entrance44.972317-93.446254
17102Polk St NE & 89th Ave NE45.131972-93.245761
17100Polk St NE & 90th Ave NE45.132961-93.245649
17101Polk St NE & 90th Ave NE45.133131-93.245772
17098Polk St NE & 90th Lane NE45.134346-93.245758
17099Polk St NE & 90th Lane NE45.134161-93.245650
17096Polk St NE & 91st Ave NE45.135382-93.245633
17097Polk St NE & 91st Ave NE45.135587-93.245781
17093Polk St NE & 95th Ave NE45.143318-93.245847
17092Polk St NE & 95th Lane NE45.143567-93.245698
17090Polk St NE & 96th Ave NE45.144718-93.245875
17091Polk St NE & 96th Ave NE45.144537-93.245714
17088Polk St NE & 97th Ave NE45.146181-93.245744
17089Polk St NE & 97th Ave NE45.146440-93.245918
17087Polk St NE & 98th Ave NE45.147466-93.245735
17085Polk St NE & 98th St NE45.148781-93.245897
17086Polk St NE & 98th St NE45.148493-93.245728
17083Polk St NE & 99th Ave NE45.149835-93.245709
17084Polk St NE & 99th Ave NE45.150155-93.245884
17082Polk St NE & 99th Lane45.151279-93.245717
17081Polk St NE & 99th Lane NE45.151509-93.245880
17079Polk St NE & 101st Lane45.153954-93.245689
17080Polk St NE & 101st Lane NE45.154220-93.245848
17077Polk St NE & 103rd Ave NE45.157318-93.245845
17078Polk St NE & 103rd Ave NE45.157440-93.245691
17094Polk St NE & Clover Leaf Pkwy45.141705-93.245837
17095Polk St NE & Clover Leaf Pkwy45.141424-93.245663
1565Poplar Bridge Rd & 91 St W44.839805-93.344516
1592Poplar Bridge Rd & 91 St W44.839554-93.344429
1566Poplar Bridge Rd & 92 St W44.838545-93.344903
1591Poplar Bridge Rd & Forest Hills Circle44.838736-93.344675
47782Poplar St W & 3rd Ave S44.867229-93.037564
57123Portland Ave & 28th St E44.952025-93.267769
80139Portland Ave & 38th St E44.934249-93.267589
618Portland Ave & American Blvd/I-494 Front44.860718-93.268066
57124Portland Ave & Lake St E44.948441-93.267807
49407Portland Ave S & 6th St S44.974555-93.263243
19338Portland Ave S & 9th St S44.971313-93.265962
15346Portland Ave S & 15th St E44.967748-93.267783
15347Portland Ave S & 17th St E44.966374-93.267774
15348Portland Ave S & 18th St E44.964648-93.267770
431Portland Ave S & 60th St E44.894061-93.267891
737Portland Ave S & 60th St E44.894215-93.267702
432Portland Ave S & 61st St E44.892390-93.267889
736Portland Ave S & 61st St E44.892401-93.267718
435Portland Ave S & 64th St E44.887250-93.267969
733Portland Ave S & 64th St E44.887009-93.267770
436Portland Ave S & 66th St E44.883978-93.267991
643Portland Ave S & 66th St E44.882993-93.267718
437Portland Ave S & 67th St E44.881845-93.268009
642Portland Ave S & 67th St E44.881543-93.267866
439Portland Ave S & 68th St E44.880082-93.268052
641Portland Ave S & 68th St E44.879774-93.267843
440Portland Ave S & 69th St E44.878268-93.268068
640Portland Ave S & 69th St E44.877981-93.267893
441Portland Ave S & 70th St E44.876434-93.268076
639Portland Ave S & 70th St E44.876179-93.267929
442Portland Ave S & 71st St E44.874654-93.268105
638Portland Ave S & 71st St E44.874345-93.267921
443Portland Ave S & 72nd St E44.872982-93.268127
637Portland Ave S & 72nd St E44.872599-93.267937
444Portland Ave S & 73rd St E44.871059-93.268161
636Portland Ave S & 73rd St E44.870718-93.267973
445Portland Ave S & 74th St E44.869250-93.268180
635Portland Ave S & 74th St E44.868952-93.267996
446Portland Ave S & 75th St E44.867466-93.268196
634Portland Ave S & 75th St E44.867129-93.268013
447Portland Ave S & 76th St E44.865663-93.268210
633Portland Ave S & 76th St E44.865343-93.268031
449Portland Ave S & 77th St E44.863998-93.268225
620Portland Ave S & 77th St E44.864116-93.268021
450Portland Ave S & 78th St / American Blvd44.861062-93.268245
434Portland Ave S & #624444.888914-93.267957
40176Portland Ave S & Grant St E44.969390-93.267617
47786Portland Ave S & Hwy 6244.890087-93.267742
47787Portland Ave S & Hwy 6244.891255-93.267929
619Portland Ave S & Hwy 494 Front (78th St)44.861718-93.268054
735Portland Ave S & Park Ave44.891615-93.267730
57030Pouliot Pkwy & Century Cir44.923429-92.982060
57033Pouliot Pkwy & Century Cir44.923308-92.982461
49452Prairie Center Dr & Eden Prairie Library44.850809-93.427332
52558Prairie Center Dr & Eden Prairie Library44.851041-93.427228
56004Prospect Park Station44.971754-93.215303
56040Prospect Park Station44.971754-93.215229
13038Prosperity Ave & #137044.983080-93.036728
12978Prosperity Ave & #139044.982970-93.036648
41995Prosperity Ave & Arlington Ave44.984642-93.035433
13031Prosperity Ave & Idaho Ave44.990280-93.035509
13039Prosperity Ave & Ivy Ave44.981234-93.038045
47805Prosperity Ave & Ivy Ave44.980972-93.038047
12975Prosperity Ave & Maryland Ave44.977893-93.040218
13041Prosperity Ave & Maryland Ave44.977709-93.040550
56556Queen Ave N & 26th Ave N45.005922-93.309432
57031Queens Dr & Currell Blvd44.925885-92.958437
57032Queens Dr & Currell Blvd44.926175-92.958378
57034Queens Dr & Woodbury Theatre44.927691-92.957082
56074Quincy St NE & Edison High - Gate B45.009199-93.250979
42947Quinwood Lane & 62nd Place N45.067448-93.439564
42403Quinwood Lane & Bass Lake / 62nd Place45.065748-93.439520
42945Quinwood Lane & Bass Lake Rd45.064995-93.439806
80381Raleigh Ave S & 36th St W44.938025-93.344346
17905Ramp A / 7th Street Station44.978070-93.277804
56097Ramsey Station & Platform45.231795-93.461286
56098Ramsey Station & Platform45.231732-93.461326
45088Ranchview Lane & 31st Ave N45.015000-93.476701
45119Ranchview Lane & 31st Ave N45.014784-93.476546
45089Ranchview Lane & Medina Rd45.013308-93.476711
52137Randall Ave & Fairgrounds Lot44.983256-93.178713
52140Randall Ave & Fairgrounds Lot44.983424-93.178853
11735Randolph Ave & 7th St W (Osceola)44.926801-93.128690
11711Randolph Ave & Albert St44.927029-93.159252
11722Randolph Ave & Albert St44.926909-93.158859
11699Randolph Ave & Bay St44.926924-93.130514
11734Randolph Ave & Bay St44.926814-93.130832
11715Randolph Ave & Brimhall St44.927045-93.165578
11718Randolph Ave & Brimhall St44.926930-93.165358
11704Randolph Ave & Chatsworth St44.926963-93.141397
11730Randolph Ave & Chatsworth St44.926863-93.141700
11742Randolph Ave & Davern St44.927081-93.171978
11772Randolph Ave & Davern St44.926938-93.172234
11707Randolph Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.927001-93.149876
11726Randolph Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.926885-93.149704
11744Randolph Ave & Fairview Ave44.927101-93.177038
11770Randolph Ave & Fairview Ave44.926961-93.177399
11710Randolph Ave & Hamline Ave44.927015-93.156699
11723Randolph Ave & Hamline Ave44.926904-93.157021
11745Randolph Ave & Howell St44.927116-93.179611
11769Randolph Ave & Howell St44.926971-93.179865
11705Randolph Ave & Hwy 35E NB Ramp44.927000-93.143680
11729Randolph Ave & Hwy 35E NB Ramp44.926850-93.144083
11747Randolph Ave & Kenneth St44.927136-93.184707
11767Randolph Ave & Kenneth St44.926985-93.184505
11706Randolph Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.926989-93.146880
11728Randolph Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.926883-93.146872
11741Randolph Ave & Macalester St44.927071-93.169453
11773Randolph Ave & Macalester St44.926932-93.169699
11703Randolph Ave & Milton St44.926956-93.138817
11731Randolph Ave & Milton St44.926856-93.139210
11712Randolph Ave & Pascal St44.927038-93.161776
11721Randolph Ave & Pascal St44.926923-93.161709
11746Randolph Ave & Prior Ave44.927125-93.182150
11768Randolph Ave & Prior Ave44.926977-93.182433
11716Randolph Ave & Snelling Ave S44.927063-93.167623
11717Randolph Ave & Snelling Ave S44.926927-93.167285
11709Randolph Ave & Syndicate St44.927010-93.154135
11724Randolph Ave & Syndicate St44.926902-93.154470
11702Randolph Ave & Victoria St44.926948-93.136262
11732Randolph Ave & Victoria St44.926851-93.136605
11700Randolph Ave & View St44.926935-93.132954
11733Randolph Ave & View St44.926828-93.133272
11743Randolph Ave & Wheeler St44.927095-93.174504
11771Randolph Ave & Wheeler St44.926953-93.174773
14628Randolph St NE & 31st Ave / 30th Ave45.022978-93.271669
80410Raymond Av & Brewster St44.977052-93.189869
80392Raymond Av & Carter Av44.981853-93.188652
80393Raymond Av & Carter Av44.982035-93.188796
80391Raymond Av & Commonwealth Av44.980694-93.188672
80394Raymond Av & Commonwealth Av44.980876-93.188817
80395Raymond Av & Knapp St44.979733-93.188826
18577Raymond Ave & Atty St44.976387-93.191364
18578Raymond Ave & Blake St44.975338-93.193260
45432Raymond Ave & Energy Park Dr44.974562-93.193901
45478Raymond Ave & Energy Park Dr44.974361-93.194462
18650Raymond Ave & Hampden Ave44.969155-93.197860
45480Raymond Ave & Hampden Ave44.969155-93.198164
80390Raymond Ave & Knapp St44.979551-93.188682
45431Raymond Ave & Manvel St44.970902-93.197207
45479Raymond Ave & Manvel St44.971113-93.197142
18571Raymond Ave & Standish St44.975879-93.192027
18636Raymond Ave & Territorial Rd44.965676-93.197655
18647Raymond Ave & Territorial Rd44.965725-93.197450
56006Raymond Ave Station44.963067-93.195466
56038Raymond Ave Station44.963091-93.195441
13998Red Oak Dr & Hillview Rd45.111438-93.217224
42071Regent Ave (73rd Ave) & Unity Ave N45.087630-93.351089
48375Regent Ave N & #745145.088974-93.347918
42062Regent Ave N & #745545.088234-93.349558
42070Regent Ave N & #745545.088345-93.349593
42249Regent Ave N & Brooklyn Blvd45.089193-93.347835
51104Reserve Transit Station & Cheshire Lane45.050317-93.456589
14590Reservoir Blvd & 40th Ave NE45.041113-93.240383
14563Reservoir Blvd & 41st Ave NE45.042690-93.238621
14589Reservoir Blvd & 41st Ave NE45.042915-93.238623
14565Reservoir Blvd & 42nd Ave NE45.044508-93.237020
14587Reservoir Blvd & 42nd Ave NE45.044716-93.237050
14567Reservoir Blvd & 43rd Ave NE45.046257-93.235472
14585Reservoir Blvd & 43rd Ave NE45.046492-93.235475
14568Reservoir Blvd & 44th Ave NE45.047507-93.234888
14564Reservoir Blvd & Circle Terrace45.043402-93.238000
14588Reservoir Blvd & Circle Terrace45.043649-93.237965
14566Reservoir Blvd & McLeod St NE45.045356-93.236296
46709Rice St & #187044.997955-93.105726
46701Rice St & Arlington Ave44.984726-93.105968
46702Rice St & Arlington Ave44.985159-93.105758
11896Rice St & Aurora/St Anthony Av44.953760-93.106146
46695Rice St & Center St44.997443-93.105990
974Rice St & Charles Ave44.957727-93.106070
10488Rice St & Charles Ave44.957765-93.105837
46691Rice St & Co Rd B45.006586-93.106110
46713Rice St & Co Rd B45.006112-93.105709
45402Rice St & Co Rd B-245.013289-93.105811
50576Rice St & Co Rd B-245.013737-93.106134
46943Rice St & Co Rd C45.021158-93.106203
49142Rice St & Co Rd C45.020935-93.106019
46956Rice St & Co Rd E45.047365-93.106455
10484Rice St & Como Ave44.959214-93.106073
10489Rice St & Como Ave44.958835-93.105847
10467Rice St & Cottage Ave44.982504-93.105973
10508Rice St & Cottage Ave44.982737-93.105803
47427Rice St & Country Dr (Owasso N)45.042469-93.106156
50674Rice St & Demont Ave45.017326-93.105954
50675Rice St & Demont Ave45.017139-93.106150
46692Rice St & Elmer St45.002363-93.106084
46712Rice St & Elmer St45.002194-93.105784
10496Rice St & Front Ave44.970153-93.105874
11891Rice St & Fuller Av44.953842-93.105843
10473Rice St & Geranium Ave44.975743-93.106017
10501Rice St & Geranium Ave44.975487-93.105847
49145Rice St & Grandview Ave45.012800-93.106159
46699Rice St & Hoyt Ave44.988319-93.105969
46704Rice St & Hoyt Ave44.988429-93.105779
46978Rice St & Iona Lane45.022798-93.106003
10468Rice St & Ivy Ave44.981083-93.105987
10507Rice St & Ivy Ave44.980905-93.105802
46957Rice St & Jerrold St45.039952-93.106379
46984Rice St & Jerrold St45.040085-93.106166
46697Rice St & Larpenteur Ave44.992062-93.106035
46707Rice St & Larpenteur Ave44.991731-93.105772
10476Rice St & Lawson Ave44.972154-93.106047
10498Rice St & Lawson Ave44.971937-93.105868
10479Rice St & Litchfield St44.969359-93.106048
46979Rice St & Little Canada Rd45.025968-93.106032
10494Rice St & Manitoba Ave44.968263-93.105863
46961Rice St & Maple Lane45.029053-93.106251
46980Rice St & Marketplace S Entrance45.027648-93.106044
10471Rice St & Maryland Ave44.977526-93.106019
10503Rice St & Maryland Ave44.977206-93.105843
46693Rice St & McCarrons Blvd N45.000621-93.105998
46711Rice St & McCarrons Blvd N45.000248-93.105797
46696Rice St & McCarrons Blvd S44.994148-93.105986
46708Rice St & McCarrons Blvd S44.994026-93.105781
46694Rice St & McCarrons St44.999238-93.106034
10480Rice St & Milford St44.967912-93.106044
45401Rice St & Minnesota Ave45.009696-93.105790
49146Rice St & Minnesota Ave45.009533-93.106216
46700Rice St & Nebraska Ave44.986496-93.105975
52555Rice St & Nebraska Ave44.986315-93.105750
46942Rice St & North Owasso Blvd45.042273-93.106400
10470Rice St & Orange Ave44.979269-93.105966
10505Rice St & Orange Ave44.979088-93.105819
46960Rice St & Owasso Blvd S45.031809-93.106301
46981Rice St & Owasso Blvd S45.031382-93.106048
46958Rice St & Owasso Lane E45.036839-93.106324
46983Rice St & Owasso Lane E45.036811-93.106082
10483Rice St & Pennsylvania Ave44.960511-93.106072
10490Rice St & Pennsylvania Ave44.960793-93.105835
46964Rice St & Rosedale Estates S45.024875-93.106212
46710Rice St & Roselawn Ave44.999392-93.105789
46954Rice St & Rustic Place45.056747-93.106419
46987Rice St & Rustic Place45.056561-93.106249
46955Rice St & Saint Marie St45.050411-93.106394
46986Rice St & St Marie St45.050332-93.106221
53138Rice St & Suzanne Ave45.061940-93.106245
10482Rice St & Sycamore St44.964960-93.106015
10491Rice St & Sycamore St44.964694-93.105843
50574Rice St & Transit Ave45.015618-93.105917
50575Rice St & Transit Ave45.015464-93.106094
975Rice St & University Ave44.956019-93.106068
11893Rice St & University Ave44.955594-93.105839
46985Rice St & Vadnais Blvd (Co Rd E)45.046660-93.106185
46786Rice St & Wewers Rd45.018913-93.105980
46793Rice St & Wewers Rd45.019106-93.106149
46698Rice St & Wheelock Pkwy44.990115-93.105976
46705Rice St & Wheelock Pkwy44.989873-93.105749
46959Rice St & Woodlynn Ave45.034767-93.106318
46982Rice St & Woodlynn Ave45.034265-93.106099
53016Richardson Park P&R & Dayton Rd45.189839-93.398987
57089Richfield Pkwy & 67th St E44.881418-93.249240
57093Richfield Pkwy & 67th St E44.881467-93.249052
1115Richfield Rd & Trolley Stop44.936227-93.304956
1312Richfield Rd & Trolley Stop44.935707-93.305409
1116Richfield Rd & William Berry Pkwy44.933425-93.310633
1311Richfield Rd & William Berry Pkwy44.933394-93.310463
7035Ridgedale Dr & Cartway Lane44.966940-93.444242
56601Ridgedale Dr & Cartway Lane44.967454-93.443990
7032Ridgedale Dr & Essex Rd44.970560-93.451572
7077Ridgedale Dr & Essex Rd44.970679-93.451430
7031Ridgedale Dr & Fairfield Rd S44.970579-93.454045
7078Ridgedale Dr & Fairfield Rd S44.970669-93.454006
6771Ridgedale Dr & Hennepin Service Center44.965751-93.440941
7000Ridgedale Dr & Hennepin Service Center44.965533-93.439971
49391Ridgedale Dr & Plymouth Rd / Cartway Ln44.966439-93.443859
7034Ridgedale Dr & Ridgehaven / Cartway Lane44.968277-93.444352
7033Ridgedale Dr & Target Entrance44.970572-93.447566
52200Ridgedale Dr & Wayzata Blvd N44.972299-93.432247
52201Ridgedale Dr & Wayzata Blvd N44.972194-93.432532
7030Ridgedale Dr & Wayzata Childrens Clinic44.970509-93.456633
7079Ridgedale Dr & Wayzata Clinic44.970638-93.456137
7028Ridgedale Dr & White Birch Rd44.968264-93.459515
7081Ridgedale Dr & White Birch Rd44.968307-93.459655
5924Ridgedale Dr & YMCA Lane44.965796-93.434604
52901Ridgedale Dr & YMCA Lane44.966100-93.433889
41157Ridgedale Mall & East Entrance44.967857-93.435928
40113River Park Plaza & Xfinity44.942884-93.084109
9752River Park Plaza & Xfinity Entrance44.943119-93.083964
48757River Rapids Dr & Main St45.197164-93.354458
43882Riverdale (North St) & 11th Ave45.204878-93.367778
48758Riverdale Commons & Party Cit45.194789-93.351907
52346Riverdale Commons & Party City45.194884-93.351418
48759Riverdale Commons & Target Entrance45.194906-93.349957
52345Riverdale Commons & Target Entrance45.194993-93.349605
57005Riverdale Commons Pl & Home Depot45.194923-93.354784
57006Riverdale Commons Pl & Home Goods45.194718-93.354549
48124Riverdale Crossing & Cub Foods45.205292-93.361663
53360Riverdale Crossing & Walmart45.207086-93.361428
43912Riverdale Dr & Northdale Blvd45.207120-93.359026
54011Riverside Ave & 8th St S44.965047-93.234928
13236Riverside Ave & 9th St S44.963906-93.232249
13245Riverside Ave & 9th St S44.963818-93.232326
13225Riverside Ave & 20th Ave S44.968870-93.243878
13231Riverside Ave & 22nd Ave S44.967498-93.241077
13235Riverside Ave & 23rd Ave S44.966996-93.239395
13239Riverside Ave & 24th / 25th Ave S44.965589-93.236520
13241Riverside Ave & 25th Ave S44.965105-93.235455
13243Riverside Ave & 25th Ave S44.965927-93.236954
56706Riverside Ave S & 20th Ave S44.968586-93.243635
50153Robbinsdale Transit Center & Gate A45.029930-93.339591
50154Robbinsdale Transit Center & Gate B45.030024-93.339788
50155Robbinsdale Transit Center & Gate C45.030151-93.339725
49935Robert St & 5th St44.947370-93.090665
49112Robert St & 6th St44.948171-93.091455
49952Robert St & 6th St / 5th St44.947650-93.091211
49936Robert St & 7th Place44.949209-93.092510
49951Robert St & 7th Place44.949083-93.092569
49950Robert St & 9th St44.950330-93.093775
50848Robert St & 9th St44.950441-93.093634
49993Robert St & 10th St E44.951413-93.094816
51611Robert St & 11th St44.951973-93.095134
49995Robert St & Kellogg Blvd44.945956-93.089630
9886Robert St S & Annapolis St44.919969-93.080606
9903Robert St S & Annapolis St44.919740-93.080824
9883Robert St S & Arion St44.914056-93.080512
9906Robert St S & Arion St44.914677-93.080774
9884Robert St S & Bernard St44.915849-93.080532
9905Robert St S & Bernard St44.916285-93.080786
9881Robert St S & Butler Ave44.912186-93.080497
9908Robert St S & Butler Ave44.912651-93.080770
2608Robert St S & Colorado St44.934690-93.080749
2797Robert St S & Colorado St44.934881-93.080969
369Robert St S & Crusader Ave44.887328-93.080690
370Robert St S & Cub Foods44.885402-93.080680
9890Robert St S & Curtice St44.922824-93.080608
9899Robert St S & Curtice St44.923196-93.080815
258Robert St S & Emerson Ave44.904981-93.080517
331Robert St S & Emerson Ave44.905358-93.080752
2610Robert St S & Fillmore Ave44.941254-93.084824
2794Robert St S & Fillmore Ave44.941392-93.085186
9885Robert St S & Haskell St44.917759-93.080558
9904Robert St S & Haskell St44.918064-93.080804
2607Robert St S & Isabel St44.932895-93.080720
2798Robert St S & Isabel St44.933200-93.080937
259Robert St S & Logan Ave44.906848-93.080503
330Robert St S & Logan Ave44.907100-93.080755
365Robert St S & Lothenbach Ave44.894601-93.080729
425Robert St S & Lothenbach Ave44.894668-93.080491
366Robert St S & Marie Ave44.891170-93.080718
56425Robert St S & Marie Ave E44.891359-93.080462
260Robert St S & Moreland Ave44.908640-93.080506
329Robert St S & Moreland Ave44.908979-93.080760
261Robert St S & Orme St44.910237-93.080515
326Robert St S & Orme St44.910701-93.080757
2795Robert St S & Plato Blvd44.938586-93.082856
40126Robert St S & Plato Blvd44.937699-93.082119
2609Robert St S & Plato Blvd E44.938293-93.082344
9891Robert St S & Sidney St44.923795-93.080605
332Robert St S & Thompson Ave44.901811-93.080763
9859Robert St S & Thompson Ave E44.901899-93.080516
364Robert St S & Wentworth Ave44.898260-93.080818
426Robert St S & Wentworth Ave44.897863-93.080507
9888Robert St S & Winona St44.921208-93.080595
9901Robert St S & Winona St44.921444-93.080817
56015Robert St Station44.954023-93.097507
56029Robert St Station44.954047-93.097459
42466Robinson Dr & 105th Ave45.161912-93.299913
43827Robinson Dr & 105th Ave45.162107-93.300278
42468Robinson Dr & 106th Ave NW45.163247-93.300160
43826Robinson Dr & 106th Ave NW45.163518-93.300120
42469Robinson Dr & 107th Ave NW45.164709-93.299467
43825Robinson Dr & 107th Ave NW45.164676-93.299608
42470Robinson Dr & 108th Ave NW45.166346-93.299760
43824Robinson Dr & 108th Ave NW45.166501-93.300012
42472Robinson Dr & 109th Ave NW45.167557-93.303482
43822Robinson Dr & 109th Ave NW45.167606-93.303774
42473Robinson Dr & 109th Lane45.168875-93.304236
43821Robinson Dr & 109th Lane45.169198-93.304441
42475Robinson Dr & 111th Ave NW45.171581-93.304233
43819Robinson Dr & 111th Ave NW45.171856-93.304425
40816Robinson Dr & 113th Ave NW45.176439-93.307178
42478Robinson Dr & 113th Ave NW45.176314-93.306686
10995Robinson Dr & 113th Lane NW45.178365-93.311255
10997Robinson Dr & 113th Lane NW45.178293-93.310876
42471Robinson Dr & Bluebird St45.167289-93.301442
43823Robinson Dr & Bluebird St45.167187-93.301767
42476Robinson Dr & City Hall45.173246-93.304369
43818Robinson Dr & City Hall45.173166-93.304543
42477Robinson Dr & Creek Meadow Dr45.174308-93.304782
43817Robinson Dr & Creek Meadow Dr45.174658-93.305234
42474Robinson Dr & Eagle St45.170270-93.304264
43820Robinson Dr & Eagle St45.170455-93.304428
10998Robinson Dr & Martin St45.179842-93.315186
10999Robinson Dr & Martin St45.179716-93.315561
42553Robinwood Lane & Hwy 7 Svc Rd N44.933296-93.418597
50406Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Annapolis Lane45.029052-93.457712
50357Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Berkshire Lane45.029315-93.457163
50381Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Dunkirk Lane45.024195-93.489003
50404Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Dunkirk Lane45.024216-93.488441
44790Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Fernbrook Lane45.029326-93.461776
50323Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Fernbrook Lane45.029044-93.461761
50405Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Fernbrook Lane45.029069-93.460689
44791Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Glacier Lane45.029273-93.463006
50322Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Glacier Lane45.029028-93.463425
44792Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Juneau Lane45.029352-93.466187
50321Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Juneau Lane45.029128-93.466638
44793Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Minnesota Lane45.029267-93.469375
50320Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Minnesota Lane45.029033-93.469793
48149Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Old Rockford Rd45.029162-93.474058
50319Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9) & Polaris Lane45.028791-93.474813
13134Rockwood Ave & Madison St / Alton St44.902282-93.164478
57199Rollins Ave SE & #141044.985306-93.231237
3947Rosedale Mall & Big Bowl entrance45.012523-93.170551
52573Rosedale Sqr & I Sight Family Eye Care45.022567-93.169996
52574Rosedale Sqr & I Sight Family Eye Care45.022396-93.170113
52171Rosedale Square & Byerlys45.021873-93.169964
52530Rosedale Transit Center & Gate B45.012760-93.168117
52532Rosedale Transit Center & Gate C45.012447-93.168376
52531Rosedale Transit Center Gate A45.012557-93.168544
18220Roselawn Ave & Desoto St44.999129-93.081137
56792Roselawn Ave & Desoto St / Edgerton St44.999040-93.077564
18219Roselawn Ave & Edgerton School44.999152-93.078105
42489Round Lake Blvd & 120th Ave NW45.188404-93.363129
43805Round Lake Blvd & 120th Ave NW45.188585-93.363354
42490Round Lake Blvd & 121st Ave NW45.190207-93.363141
43804Round Lake Blvd & 121st Ave NW45.190426-93.363339
52348Round Lake Blvd & Main St45.196971-93.357858
52350Round Lake Blvd & Main St45.197035-93.358205
52347Round Lake Blvd & Wedgewood Dr45.192558-93.362153
52351Round Lake Blvd & Wedgewood Dr45.192902-93.362051
41588Russell Ave N & 99th Ave N45.134079-93.313208
41598Russell Ave N & 99th Ave N45.134349-93.313366
41597Russell Ave N & 100th Ave N45.136482-93.313761
41587Russell Ave N & Penn Ave N45.132012-93.313228
13407Russell Ave N & Russell Circle45.132259-93.313360
49624Ruth St & 5th St E44.959589-93.015250
49635Ruth St & 5th St E44.959353-93.015095
13672Ruth St & Burns Ave44.948303-93.015179
13789Ruth St & Burns Ave44.948512-93.015022
3178Ruth St & Conway St44.955986-93.015227
3306Ruth St & Conway St44.955702-93.015072
49625Ruth St & Fremont Ave44.957764-93.015234
49634Ruth St & Fremont Ave44.957509-93.015082
13677Ruth St & Larry Ho Dr44.942491-93.015097
13784Ruth St & Larry Ho Dr44.942418-93.014941
49623Ruth St & Margaret St44.961410-93.015271
49636Ruth St & Margaret St44.961130-93.015094
49637Ruth St & Minnehaha Ave44.962915-93.015112
51289Ruth St & Minnehaha Ave44.962865-93.015269
13676Ruth St & North Park Dr44.943993-93.015118
13785Ruth St & North Park Dr44.944175-93.014965
13624Ruth St & Old Hudson Rd44.952377-93.015035
13675Ruth St & Parkside Dr44.945296-93.015132
13786Ruth St & Parkside Dr44.945042-93.014977
13674Ruth St & Pathways Dr44.946119-93.015140
13787Ruth St & Pathways Dr44.945926-93.014981
5003Ruth St & Suburban Ave44.949503-93.015221
13790Ruth St & Suburban Ave44.949415-93.015051
13678Ruth St & Upper Afton Rd44.941213-93.015079
42425Ruth St & Wilson Ave44.953575-93.015214
51132Ruth St & Wilson Ave44.953870-93.015072
57072Ruth St N & 3rd St E44.956646-93.015078
90012SB I-94 to 4th St N Control Point44.992147-93.284940
47705SW Station P&R & Technology Dr44.860044-93.443823
50737Saint Paul Avenue & 7th St44.904095-93.165843
50736Saint Paul Avenue & 7th Street44.904010-93.165979
42915Schmidt Lake Rd & 49th Place N45.044473-93.433090
42975Schmidt Lake Rd & 49th Place N45.044212-93.433103
42914Schmidt Lake Rd & 50th Ave N45.045206-93.432827
42976Schmidt Lake Rd & 50th Ave N45.044990-93.432706
42908Schmidt Lake Rd & Arrowwood Lane45.047380-93.422189
42982Schmidt Lake Rd & Arrowwood Lane45.047227-93.422415
42909Schmidt Lake Rd & Balsam Lane45.046941-93.424155
42981Schmidt Lake Rd & Balsam Lane45.046758-93.424462
52021Schmidt Lake Rd & Comstock Lane45.045021-93.490985
52028Schmidt Lake Rd & Comstock Lane45.044911-93.491356
47688Schmidt Lake Rd & Fernbrook Lane45.043583-93.461859
50367Schmidt Lake Rd & Fernbrook Lane45.043821-93.461929
42910Schmidt Lake Rd & Forestview Lane45.046643-93.427737
42980Schmidt Lake Rd & Forestview Lane45.046494-93.428036
42911Schmidt Lake Rd & Goldenrod Lane45.046575-93.430215
42979Schmidt Lake Rd & Goldenrod Lane45.046458-93.430505
47687Schmidt Lake Rd & Harbor Lane45.043634-93.463220
50368Schmidt Lake Rd & Harbor Lane45.043846-93.462936
42912Schmidt Lake Rd & Hemlock Lane45.046520-93.431319
42978Schmidt Lake Rd & Hemlock Lane45.046361-93.431472
52022Schmidt Lake Rd & Holly Lane45.044112-93.497661
52027Schmidt Lake Rd & Holly Lane45.043882-93.497781
42913Schmidt Lake Rd & Ives Lane45.046162-93.432205
42977Schmidt Lake Rd & Ives Lane45.045901-93.432298
42916Schmidt Lake Rd & Jonquil Lane45.043900-93.433892
42974Schmidt Lake Rd & Jonquil Lane45.043696-93.434097
42917Schmidt Lake Rd & Larch Lane45.043760-93.435899
42973Schmidt Lake Rd & Larch Lane45.043625-93.436249
48151Schmidt Lake Rd & Minnesota Lane45.043112-93.470132
50369Schmidt Lake Rd & Minnesota Lane45.043256-93.469662
42918Schmidt Lake Rd & Norwood Lane45.043777-93.438976
42972Schmidt Lake Rd & Norwood Lane45.043652-93.439308
52023Schmidt Lake Rd & Olive Lane45.043550-93.505405
52026Schmidt Lake Rd & Olive Lane45.043345-93.505676
47686Schmidt Lake Rd & Orchid Lane45.043359-93.472215
50370Schmidt Lake Rd & Orchid Lane45.043422-93.471766
42919Schmidt Lake Rd & Pineview Lane45.043784-93.440886
47685Schmidt Lake Rd & Quantico Lane45.043652-93.476167
50371Schmidt Lake Rd & Quantico Lane45.043822-93.475843
47684Schmidt Lake Rd & Terraceview Lane45.043682-93.479212
50372Schmidt Lake Rd & Terraceview Lane45.043870-93.478741
52017Schmidt Lake Rd & Vicksburg Lane45.043932-93.481460
52018Schmidt Lake Rd & Vicksburg Lane45.043662-93.482043
52029Schmidt Lake Rd & Yuma Lane (W)45.044398-93.485871
42907Schmidt Lake Rd & Zachary Lane45.047379-93.421310
42983Schmidt Lake Rd & Zachary Lane45.047245-93.421177
17028Selby Ave & Arundel St44.946622-93.118375
17029Selby Ave & Arundel St44.946526-93.118156
17016Selby Ave & Avon St44.946543-93.133383
17017Selby Ave & Avon St44.946644-93.132710
17008Selby Ave & Chatsworth St44.946548-93.141715
17009Selby Ave & Chatsworth St44.946677-93.141422
17022Selby Ave & Dale St44.946533-93.126716
17023Selby Ave & Dale St44.946619-93.125366
17002Selby Ave & Dunlap St44.946687-93.149045
17003Selby Ave & Dunlap St44.946565-93.149356
17034Selby Ave & Farrington St44.946490-93.113576
17035Selby Ave & Farrington St44.946624-93.113245
17000Selby Ave & Griggs St44.946576-93.151893
17001Selby Ave & Griggs St44.946696-93.151499
17019Selby Ave & Grotto St44.946537-93.131741
16996Selby Ave & Hamline Ave44.946592-93.156228
16997Selby Ave & Hamline Ave44.946713-93.156641
17024Selby Ave & Kent St44.946624-93.123473
17025Selby Ave & Kent St44.946535-93.124032
17004Selby Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.946559-93.146861
17005Selby Ave & Lexington Pkwy44.946679-93.146406
17026Selby Ave & Mackubin St44.946529-93.120512
17027Selby Ave & Mackubin St44.946625-93.121058
17010Selby Ave & Milton St44.946675-93.138826
17011Selby Ave & Milton St44.946545-93.138611
17036Selby Ave & Nina St44.946621-93.111950
17037Selby Ave & Nina St44.946484-93.112158
17006Selby Ave & Oxford St44.946675-93.143951
17007Selby Ave & Oxford St44.946553-93.144259
17018Selby Ave & St Albans St / Grotto St44.946638-93.129859
17038Selby Ave & Summit Ave44.946473-93.108537
17039Selby Ave & Summit Ave44.946590-93.108705
16998Selby Ave & Syndicate St44.946697-93.154085
16999Selby Ave & Syndicate St44.946581-93.154409
56870Selby Ave & Victoria / Fisk St44.946548-93.135670
17013Selby Ave & Victoria St44.946665-93.136713
17030Selby Ave & Western Ave44.946514-93.116358
17031Selby Ave & Western Ave44.946612-93.115933
4813Shady Oak Rd & Bradford Rd44.921633-93.426960
3604Shady Oak Rd & Excelsior Blvd44.921239-93.427263
8131Shelard Pkwy & #275 - Westwind44.978431-93.406480
8129Shelard Pkwy & #38544.977516-93.409425
8128Shelard Pkwy & #405 - Shelard 244.975982-93.410281
8159Shelard Pkwy & #100044.974994-93.409990
8132Shelard Pkwy & Ford Rd44.978418-93.404764
49410Shelard Pkwy & Ford Rd44.978680-93.403258
8127Shelard Pkwy & Marriott West44.975160-93.409997
8130Shelard Pkwy & Nathan Lane44.978446-93.407550
8156Shelard Pkwy & Nathan Lane44.978578-93.407961
8158Shelard Pkwy & Twin Fountains E44.977708-93.409413
40839Shelard Pkwy & Wayzata Blvd N44.974069-93.409128
40840Shelard Pkwy & Wayzata Blvd N44.973778-93.409255
8155Shelard Pkwy & Willow Grove Center44.978562-93.406261
13055Sheridan Ave & Cleveland Ave44.901580-93.187082
13081Sheridan Ave & Cleveland Ave44.901687-93.187219
13061Sheridan Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.901606-93.177512
13057Sheridan Ave & Kenneth St44.901585-93.185000
13079Sheridan Ave & Kenneth St44.901697-93.184734
13059Sheridan Ave & Prior Ave44.901596-93.182489
13077Sheridan Ave & Prior Ave44.901701-93.182150
13060Sheridan Ave & Sue St44.901597-93.179914
13076Sheridan Ave & Sue St44.901690-93.179621
13546Sheridan Ave S & 22nd St W44.960152-93.312888
13547Sheridan Ave S & 24th St W44.959082-93.312910
13548Sheridan Ave S & 24th St W44.959236-93.313525
6206Sheridan Ave S & 39th St W44.932196-93.312924
6205Sheridan Ave S & 40th St W44.930381-93.312958
6376Sheridan Ave S & 40th St W44.930362-93.313117
6204Sheridan Ave S & 41st St W44.928600-93.312953
6377Sheridan Ave S & 41st St W44.928767-93.313131
6203Sheridan Ave S & 42nd St W44.927541-93.312982
6378Sheridan Ave S & 42nd St W44.926967-93.313361
50611Shingle Creek Dr & 45th Ave N45.036745-93.293341
50608Shingle Creek Dr & Dupont Ave N45.037177-93.293823
50609Shingle Creek Dr & Fremont Ave N45.039154-93.296453
50610Shingle Creek Dr & Fremont Ave N45.039298-93.296777
8953Shingle Creek Dr & Humboldt Ave N45.040650-93.298981
40205Shingle Creek Pkwy & 69th Ave N45.079517-93.320639
11353Shingle Creek Pkwy & Bass Lake Rd45.060025-93.313606
51143Shingle Creek Pkwy & Bass Lake Rd45.060067-93.313875
11368Shingle Creek Pkwy & Civic Center Dr45.068501-93.308647
9309Shingle Creek Pkwy & Freeway Blvd45.078604-93.318869
9435Shingle Creek Pkwy & Freeway Blvd45.078308-93.318673
11360Shingle Creek Pkwy & John Martin Dr45.064394-93.310104
11370Shingle Creek Pkwy & John Martin Dr45.064787-93.310049
48394Shingle Creek Pkwy & MN Business School45.063232-93.312005
11361Shingle Creek Pkwy & Summit Dr45.067104-93.308745
11369Shingle Creek Pkwy & Summit Dr45.066284-93.309151
6810Shoreline Dr (Co 15) & Shadywood (Co 19)44.934704-93.608825
6959Shoreline Dr (Co 15) & Shadywood (Co 19)44.934593-93.607283
6957Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & #346544.934563-93.611490
6945Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & #449744.936027-93.638358
6821Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & #452744.936227-93.638803
6824Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Bartlett Blvd44.937078-93.645858
6942Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Bartlett Blvd44.936983-93.646334
6802Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Beach Lane44.942547-93.580672
6969Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Beach Lane44.942334-93.580634
6813Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Blaine Ave44.934684-93.614538
6954Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Casco Point Rd44.934526-93.614834
6827Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Chateau Lane44.936668-93.652972
6939Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Chateau Lane44.936567-93.653561
6831Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Cypress Lane44.936422-93.659418
6936Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Cypress Lane44.936250-93.659426
6814Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Dunwoody Ave44.934641-93.620718
6953Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Dunwoody Ave44.934509-93.620987
6978Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Ferndale Rd W44.968111-93.552553
6826Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Fernside Lane44.937029-93.650077
6940Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Fernside Lane44.936881-93.650251
6829Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Hiddenvale Ln44.936714-93.655353
6937Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Hiddenvale Ln44.936595-93.655402
6818Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Interlachen Rd44.935334-93.631884
6948Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Interlachen Rd44.935096-93.632345
6822Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Island Dr44.936420-93.641467
6944Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Island Dr44.936277-93.641652
6811Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Kelly/Navarre44.934696-93.611325
6820Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Kings Rd44.935509-93.635483
6946Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Kings Rd44.935310-93.635393
6941Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Montclair Lane44.937001-93.647823
6977Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Orono Lane44.965706-93.558400
6794Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Orono Orch Rd44.965856-93.558443
6790Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Peavey Rd44.970276-93.528132
6982Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Peavey Rd44.970234-93.528489
6825Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Sandy Lane44.937130-93.647269
6816Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Sunset Dr44.935266-93.627122
6951Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Sunset Dr44.935033-93.626886
6964Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Westwood Dr44.939514-93.593346
6807Shoreline Dr (Co Rd 15) & Westwood Rd44.939665-93.593126
56465Shoreview Comm Ctr Dr & Mounds View Pub45.080300-93.134101
49134Shoreview Community Center & Victoria Dr45.081151-93.134682
56976Sibley St & 4th St44.947854-93.087234
14152Silver Lake & 39th Ave / Apache Lane45.040649-93.218235
14153Silver Lake & Apache Lane / 39th Ave45.039995-93.218563
14142Silver Lake Rd & 3rd St NW45.053519-93.218159
14140Silver Lake Rd & 5th St NW45.057381-93.218365
14141Silver Lake Rd & 5th St NW45.057082-93.218108
47708Silver Lake Rd & 5th St NW45.056685-93.218373
14138Silver Lake Rd & 7th St NW45.060807-93.218049
14139Silver Lake Rd & 7th St NW45.061078-93.218304
14136Silver Lake Rd & 8th St (10th St)45.062909-93.218339
14137Silver Lake Rd & 10th St NW (8th St)45.062725-93.218029
14099Silver Lake Rd & 14th St NW45.071510-93.218594
14100Silver Lake Rd & 14th St NW45.071799-93.218871
14097Silver Lake Rd & 15th St NW45.073608-93.218911
14098Silver Lake Rd & 15th St NW45.073345-93.218638
14095Silver Lake Rd & 16th St NW45.075414-93.218685
14096Silver Lake Rd & 16th St NW45.075461-93.218923
14093Silver Lake Rd & 17th St NW45.077239-93.218973
14094Silver Lake Rd & 17th St NW45.076999-93.218720
14091Silver Lake Rd & 17th Terrace45.078062-93.218742
14092Silver Lake Rd & 17th Terrace NW45.078108-93.218988
14162Silver Lake Rd & 33rd Ave NE45.027906-93.218230
14159Silver Lake Rd & 34th Ave NE45.029285-93.218243
14160Silver Lake Rd & 34th Ave NE45.030539-93.218043
14157Silver Lake Rd & 36th Ave NE45.033316-93.218115
14158Silver Lake Rd & 36th Ave NE45.033636-93.218298
14156Silver Lake Rd & 37 Av NE45.036181-93.218186
14155Silver Lake Rd & 37th Ave NE45.035908-93.218450
53146Silver Lake Rd & 37th Ave NE45.035512-93.218140
14154Silver Lake Rd & 39th Ave NE45.039132-93.218227
14004Silver Lake Rd & Bronson Dr45.103606-93.219190
14005Silver Lake Rd & Bronson Dr45.103543-93.219025
14144Silver Lake Rd & Co Rd E45.050383-93.218494
14145Silver Lake Rd & Co Rd E45.049894-93.218234
14078Silver Lake Rd & Co Rd H45.093213-93.218846
14002Silver Lake Rd & Co Rd I45.107627-93.219119
14003Silver Lake Rd & Co Rd I45.107992-93.219302
14079Silver Lake Rd & Eastman Dr45.092165-93.218858
14080Silver Lake Rd & Eastman Dr45.092337-93.219028
14083Silver Lake Rd & Erin Court45.089494-93.218859
14081Silver Lake Rd & Gregory Dr45.090720-93.219014
14082Silver Lake Rd & Gregory Dr45.090715-93.218863
14089Silver Lake Rd & Hamilton Court45.079303-93.219015
14090Silver Lake Rd & Hamilton Court45.079216-93.218761
14101Silver Lake Rd & Innsbruck Dr45.067844-93.218760
14085Silver Lake Rd & Mississippi St45.086249-93.219054
14086Silver Lake Rd & Mississippi St45.085945-93.218795
40850Silver Lake Rd & Mounds Ave45.083324-93.218775
14000Silver Lake Rd & Mounds View Blvd45.110399-93.218655
14001Silver Lake Rd & Mounds View Blvd45.110348-93.218462
14102Silver Lake Rd & Palmer Dr45.067431-93.218490
14087Silver Lake Rd & Rice Creek Rd45.082364-93.218758
14088Silver Lake Rd & Rice Creek Rd45.082621-93.219023
14150Silver Lake Rd & Silver Lane45.043074-93.218174
14151Silver Lake Rd & Silver Lane45.042400-93.218539
14143Silver Lake Rd & Wexford Heights Lane45.053789-93.218410
14146Silver Lake Rd & Windsor Lane (N)45.047977-93.218229
14147Silver Lake Rd & Windsor Lane (N)45.048119-93.218459
14148Silver Lake Rd & Windsor Lane (S)45.046054-93.218472
14149Silver Lake Rd & Windsor Lane (S)45.045746-93.218214
5098Skillman Ave & Bradley St45.002719-93.079017
5107Skillman Ave & Bradley St45.002810-93.078679
5099Skillman Ave & Edgerton St45.002681-93.076708
80388Skillman Ave W & Fernwood St N45.002696-93.151626
80389Skillman Ave W & Lexington Ave N45.002765-93.146524
48311Smetana Dr & #5720 Brenwood Offices44.899694-93.404159
48392Smetana Dr & Bren Rd44.899300-93.403981
51120Smetana Dr & Opportunity Court44.902599-93.404939
3614Smetana Rd & 11th Ave S44.906143-93.413501
41302Smetana Rd & 11th Ave S44.906260-93.413715
3615Smetana Rd & #801-82144.906233-93.411471
41301Smetana Rd & #801-82144.906131-93.411782
51440Smetana Rd & Tension Envelope44.906183-93.405402
40250Smetana Rd & Westbrooke Way44.906213-93.407740
51119Smetana Rd & Westbrooke Way44.906113-93.408113
80421Smith Av & Kellogg Blvd44.945504-93.103591
52758Smith Ave & 5th St W44.946265-93.102551
6270Smith Ave & Annapolis St W44.919754-93.101883
6314Smith Ave & Annapolis St W44.919474-93.101723
6344Smith Ave & Betty Lane44.900825-93.101124
6349Smith Ave & Betty Lane44.900644-93.100973
6274Smith Ave & Butler Ave44.912621-93.101875
6358Smith Ave & Butler Ave44.912378-93.101741
3139Smith Ave & Chestnut St44.944078-93.105383
6342Smith Ave & Christine Lane44.902572-93.101910
6351Smith Ave & Christine Lane44.902302-93.101772
6313Smith Ave & Dewerff St44.918366-93.101725
6272Smith Ave & Dodd Rd44.916417-93.101871
6312Smith Ave & Dodd Rd44.915959-93.101724
6340Smith Ave & Emerson Ave W44.905372-93.101917
6354Smith Ave & Emerson Ave W44.905141-93.101791
6324Smith Ave & George St44.929385-93.101811
3136Smith Ave & Grand Ave44.941738-93.108318
3271Smith Ave & Grand Ave44.941445-93.108987
42114Smith Ave & Kellogg Blvd44.945137-93.104066
6262Smith Ave & King St W44.927673-93.101977
6322Smith Ave & King St W44.927474-93.101821
6271Smith Ave & Mina St44.917896-93.101869
6338Smith Ave & Moreland Ave44.908989-93.101899
6356Smith Ave & Moreland Ave44.908745-93.101767
6264Smith Ave & Morton St W44.925731-93.101951
6320Smith Ave & Morton St W44.925519-93.101797
6337Smith Ave & Orme St W44.910800-93.101885
6357Smith Ave & Orme St W44.910573-93.101758
52759Smith Ave & Ramp Entrance44.946237-93.102941
52760Smith Ave & Ramp Exit / Kellogg Blvd44.945729-93.103619
6341Smith Ave & Ruby Dr44.904377-93.101913
6353Smith Ave & Ruby Dr44.904170-93.101769
6345Smith Ave & Runge Lane44.899933-93.101122
6348Smith Ave & Runge Lane44.899752-93.100975
3270Smith Ave & Sherman St44.942596-93.107485
6266Smith Ave & Sidney St W44.923754-93.101936
6318Smith Ave & Sidney St W44.923538-93.101780
6343Smith Ave & Thompson Ave W44.901774-93.101733
6350Smith Ave & Thompson Ave W44.901533-93.101351
3138Smith Ave & Walnut St44.943234-93.106464
6347Smith Ave & Wentworth Ave44.898272-93.100976
40153Smith Ave & Wentworth Ave44.898148-93.101123
6268Smith Ave & Winona St W44.921785-93.101910
6316Smith Ave & Winona St W44.921550-93.101762
52847Smith Ave N & Chestnut St44.944353-93.105272
52761Smith Ramp & Layover44.946184-93.103309
50013Snelling & Co Rd B Station45.004575-93.166164
50015Snelling & Co Rd B Station45.005850-93.166705
18523Snelling & Como Station44.976978-93.167713
56119Snelling & Como Station44.977774-93.166471
17371Snelling & Dayton Station44.947257-93.166882
17307Snelling & Dayton Station44.947560-93.167118
17312Snelling & Grand Station44.939751-93.167133
17366Snelling & Grand Station44.939760-93.166903
18508Snelling & Hewitt Station44.966791-93.166906
15114Snelling & Hewitt Station44.966100-93.167192
17332Snelling & Highland Station44.919897-93.167128
56114Snelling & Highland Station44.920091-93.166932
56121Snelling & Hoyt Station44.987922-93.167147
50010Snelling & Larpenteur Station44.992226-93.166419
50032Snelling & Larpenteur Station44.991240-93.166871
56118Snelling & Minnehaha Station44.963256-93.166929
15116Snelling & Minnehaha Station44.962460-93.167191
56120Snelling & Nebraska Station44.986075-93.166847
56115Snelling & Randolph Station44.927254-93.166927
56123Snelling & Randolph Station44.926695-93.167153
56292Snelling & Spruce Tree Dr44.954666-93.166830
56116Snelling & St Clair Station44.934545-93.166902
17318Snelling & St Clair Station44.934444-93.167139
56117Snelling & University Station44.955130-93.166859
56122Snelling & University Station44.954969-93.167142
17305Snelling Ave & Carroll Ave44.950382-93.167208
17373Snelling Ave & Carroll Ave44.950131-93.166838
17342Snelling Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.909434-93.166925
56293Snelling Ave & Univ Ave / SpruceTree Dr44.955227-93.167164
50454Snelling Ave Exit & Co Rd B-245.013544-93.166051
56008Snelling Ave Station44.955650-93.166107
56036Snelling Ave Station44.955696-93.167894
49161Snelling Dr N & #290645.028540-93.166623
52236Snelling Dr N & Co Rd C-245.028126-93.166497
45242Snelling Dr N & Lydia Ave45.031137-93.166236
52235Snelling Dr N & Lydia Ave45.031092-93.166390
52489South Garage - IN44.864721-93.241122
9791South St & 5th Ave S44.865531-93.039559
52894SouthWest Vill P&R & Great Plains Blvd44.842727-93.537199
51438Southdale Exit & York Ave44.879889-93.321549
53703Southdale Transit Center & Gate A44.881482-93.322280
53704Southdale Transit Center & Gate B44.881954-93.322306
53705Southdale Transit Center & Gate C44.882196-93.321987
51609Southlawn Dr & Maplewood Mall45.029796-93.025334
57163Southtown Fire Ln & TJ Maxx Entrance44.859519-93.305932
44366Southtown Service Rd & Kohls Entrance44.860474-93.305501
9830Southview Blvd & 3rd Ave S44.888912-93.037177
9832Southview Blvd & 5th Ave S44.888910-93.039725
9938Southview Blvd & 5th Ave S44.888785-93.040057
9834Southview Blvd & 7th Ave S44.888897-93.042266
56770Southview Blvd & 8th Ave S44.888886-93.044051
56773Southview Blvd & 8th Ave S44.888768-93.043828
56771Southview Blvd & 10th Ave S44.888977-93.046102
56772Southview Blvd & 10th Ave S44.888868-93.046386
9932Southview Blvd & 11th Ave S44.888872-93.047655
9930Southview Blvd & 12th / 13th Ave S44.888886-93.049437
9839Southview Blvd & 12th Ave S44.889001-93.048581
9862Southview Blvd & 15th Ave S44.889021-93.052429
9928Southview Blvd & 15th Ave S44.888906-93.052714
9864Southview Blvd & 17th Ave S44.889026-93.054985
9866Southview Blvd & 19th Ave S44.889026-93.057525
9924Southview Blvd & 19th Ave S44.888905-93.057776
9922Southview Blvd & 21st Ave S44.885951-93.060344
51470Southview Blvd & 21st Ave S44.886006-93.060506
9926Southview Blvd & Oakridge Dr44.888909-93.055283
48320Spring St NE & R St NE44.995171-93.214165
42559Springbrook Dr & 85th Ave NW45.125216-93.266994
42394Springbrook Dr & 90th Ave45.135699-93.274362
42399Springbrook Dr & 90th Ave45.135488-93.274053
42393Springbrook Dr & Holly St NW45.137039-93.274621
42400Springbrook Dr & Holly St NW45.136773-93.274542
56056Springbrook Dr & Outback Steakhouse45.131286-93.270682
56057Springbrook Dr & Outback Steakhouse45.131324-93.270487
42560Springbrook Dr & Springbrook Mall45.125597-93.267200
42396Springbrook Dr & Target - N drive45.127698-93.267493
42397Springbrook Dr & Target - N drive45.127793-93.267824
42395Springbrook Dr & YMCA45.132841-93.272226
42398Springbrook Dr & YMCA45.133220-93.272487
56872Springbrook YMCA Parking Lot45.131574-93.270808
57088St Anthony Ave & Snelling Ave N44.952141-93.167421
14621St Anthony Pkwy & California St NE45.027559-93.269487
47071St Croix Rec Center & P&R Shelter45.041076-92.837217
13068St Paul Ave & 7th St W44.904155-93.165734
13069St Paul Ave & #149144.904338-93.169763
13067St Paul Ave & #1491 / #150144.904122-93.169512
13066St Paul Ave & Davern St44.904119-93.172299
13070St Paul Ave & Davern St44.904336-93.171952
18768St Paul Ave & Delano Place44.914732-93.186224
18761St Paul Ave & Dorothea Ave44.905991-93.179501
52479St Paul Ave & Dorothea Ave44.905947-93.179800
13064St Paul Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.904117-93.176762
17395St Paul Ave & Edgcumbe Rd44.904330-93.176919
18766St Paul Ave & Montreal Ave44.912356-93.184655
18930St Paul Ave & Montreal Ave44.912709-93.185210
18935St Paul Ave & Quirnia Ave44.905313-93.179239
50110St Paul Ave & Quirnia Ave44.905220-93.178813
18767St Paul Ave & Saunders Ave44.913577-93.185460
18929St Paul Ave & Saunders Ave44.913732-93.185891
18763St Paul Ave & Susan Ave44.908462-93.181732
18933St Paul Ave & Susan Ave44.908517-93.182125
18937St Paul Ave & Worcester Ave44.904272-93.178223
18765St Paul Ave & Yorkshire Ave44.911415-93.184030
18931St Paul Ave & Yorkshire Ave44.911566-93.184439
56003Stadium Village Station44.974753-93.222757
56041Stadium Village Station44.974799-93.222881
1512Stanley Rd & 82nd St / 84th St W44.852780-93.346229
1482Stanley Rd & 82nd St W44.854279-93.345132
1481Stanley Rd & 84th St / 82nd St W44.852998-93.346044
53222Starlite Transit Center & Gate A45.093386-93.379472
53224Starlite Transit Center & Gate C45.093483-93.379331
53853State Fair Transit Center & Gate 444.982587-93.177929
53855State Fair Transit Center & Gate 644.982528-93.177093
53857State Fair Transit Center & Gate 844.983184-93.176746
53849State Fair Transit Center & S-98s44.982600-93.176815
2800State St & Cesar Chavez St (Concord)44.929400-93.078254
9894State St & King St44.927885-93.078889
9895State St & King St44.928104-93.078942
9893State St & Morton St44.925672-93.079591
9896State St & Morton St44.925750-93.079709
9898State St & Robert St S44.924302-93.080531
52478Station 73 P&R & #10905 Hwy 5544.987113-93.418549
3392Stevens Ave & Diamond Lake Rd44.903781-93.275607
17711Stevens Ave S & 26th St E44.955286-93.275374
17712Stevens Ave S & 27th St E44.953639-93.275398
1867Stevens Ave S & 48th St E44.916112-93.275508
49620Stillwater Ave & #238044.969060-93.001270
49614Stillwater Ave & Algonquin Ave44.968073-93.019037
49648Stillwater Ave & Algonquin Ave44.968256-93.018879
49615Stillwater Ave & Iroquois Ave44.968815-93.016497
49647Stillwater Ave & Iroquois Ave44.968986-93.016233
49619Stillwater Ave & Manitou Ave44.969070-93.013945
49646Stillwater Ave & Manitou Ave44.969177-93.013797
49618Stillwater Ave & McKnight Rd44.968528-93.005318
49641Stillwater Ave & McKnight Rd44.968728-93.005530
50681Stillwater Ave & Mohawk Ave44.969107-93.012664
50682Stillwater Ave & Mohawk Ave44.969222-93.012641
49616Stillwater Ave & Nokomis Ave44.969155-93.011420
49643Stillwater Ave & Nokomis Ave44.969285-93.011117
49640Stillwater Ave & Silver Ridge Apts44.969172-93.001333
49617Stillwater Ave & Waukon Ave44.969117-93.009450
49642Stillwater Ave & Waukon Ave44.969225-93.009350
7459Stillwater Blvd & 31st St N44.995967-92.916132
7502Stillwater Blvd & 31st St N44.995852-92.916539
50591Stillwater Blvd & 31st St N44.993884-92.924467
50594Stillwater Blvd & 31st St N44.993849-92.924742
7256Stillwater Blvd & 50th St N45.021787-92.858266
7258Stillwater Blvd & 50th St N45.021427-92.858155
7259Stillwater Blvd & 53rd St N45.024246-92.857032
7254Stillwater Blvd & 55th St N45.028447-92.854670
7260Stillwater Blvd & 55th St N45.028551-92.854080
7253Stillwater Blvd & 58th St N45.032144-92.850700
7261Stillwater Blvd & 58th St N45.032775-92.849512
47077Stillwater Blvd & Autumn Way45.048223-92.834696
6602Stillwater Blvd & Croixwood Blvd45.047913-92.835273
6605Stillwater Blvd & Croixwood Blvd45.047562-92.835299
47069Stillwater Blvd & Curve Crest45.040167-92.842229
6598Stillwater Blvd & Fairmeadows Rd45.052514-92.832452
7489Stillwater Blvd & Hale Ave N44.985964-92.963636
47081Stillwater Blvd & Hale Ave N44.986080-92.963724
7472Stillwater Blvd & Hamlet Ave N44.988278-92.959265
7490Stillwater Blvd & Hamlet Ave N44.988163-92.959195
7491Stillwater Blvd & Hayward Ave N44.989220-92.957037
7470Stillwater Blvd & Helena Ave N44.989551-92.956686
47062Stillwater Blvd & Helmo Ave N44.991233-92.944502
7469Stillwater Blvd & Hemingway Ave N44.990174-92.954992
7492Stillwater Blvd & Hemingway Ave N44.990088-92.954833
7494Stillwater Blvd & Henslow Ave N44.990417-92.952461
7495Stillwater Blvd & Hilo Ave N44.990662-92.950104
7465Stillwater Blvd & Homestead Ave N44.991094-92.947174
7496Stillwater Blvd & Homestead Ave N44.991002-92.946841
50592Stillwater Blvd & Hwy 5 (34th St N)44.996121-92.923529
50593Stillwater Blvd & Hwy 5 (34th St N)44.996320-92.923740
7464Stillwater Blvd & Ideal Ave N44.991397-92.944321
50589Stillwater Blvd & Innsdale Ave44.992059-92.936410
50596Stillwater Blvd & Innsdale Ave44.992215-92.936116
50590Stillwater Blvd & Inwood Ave N44.992243-92.933311
50595Stillwater Blvd & Inwood Ave N44.992355-92.933665
7457Stillwater Blvd & Kelvin Ave N44.996582-92.897926
7504Stillwater Blvd & Kelvin Ave N44.996404-92.898549
7455Stillwater Blvd & Klondike Ave N44.998422-92.888059
7506Stillwater Blvd & Klondike Ave N44.998145-92.888397
7453Stillwater Blvd & Lake Elmo Ave (E)45.002348-92.880047
7508Stillwater Blvd & Lake Elmo Ave (E)45.001656-92.881033
7454Stillwater Blvd & Lake Elmo Ave (W)45.000995-92.882725
7507Stillwater Blvd & Lake Elmo Ave (W)45.000456-92.883397
7285Stillwater Blvd & Laverne Ave N45.003109-92.878584
7287Stillwater Blvd & Laverne Ave N45.002677-92.879074
7272Stillwater Blvd & Layton Ave N45.003799-92.877206
7277Stillwater Blvd & Layton Ave N45.003490-92.877484
51184Stillwater Blvd & Linden Trail45.016852-92.860263
7255Stillwater Blvd & Marquess Trail45.023744-92.857469
6608Stillwater Blvd & Oak St W45.051999-92.832553
6604Stillwater Blvd & Orleans St W45.043596-92.838934
6601Stillwater Blvd & Pine St W45.050901-92.833335
47078Stillwater Blvd & Pine St W45.050925-92.833127
7456Stillwater Blvd & Stillwater Lane E44.997012-92.893295
7505Stillwater Blvd & Stillwater Lane E44.996807-92.893569
7458Stillwater Blvd & Stillwater Lane W44.996306-92.904768
7503Stillwater Blvd & Stillwater Lane W44.996152-92.905099
47068Stillwater Blvd (Hwy 5) & McDonald Dr45.017522-92.859739
7466Stillwater Blvd N & Stillwater Way N44.990829-92.949712
7468Stillwater Blvd N & Stillwater Way N44.990462-92.953365
7493Stillwater Blvd N & Stillwater Way N44.990296-92.953671
5182Stillwater Rd & #233844.966776-93.000980
5181Stillwater Rd & Bush Ave44.964752-93.002820
5221Stillwater Rd & Bush Ave44.965086-93.002754
5220Stillwater Rd & Silver Ridge South Enter44.966857-93.001131
15730Stinson Blvd & 18th Ave NE45.006113-93.226985
15731Stinson Blvd & 18th Ave NE45.006410-93.226585
15729Stinson Blvd & 19th Ave NE45.007870-93.226922
15732Stinson Blvd & 19th Ave NE45.007653-93.226630
15728Stinson Blvd & 22nd Ave NE45.009681-93.226926
15733Stinson Blvd & 22nd Ave NE45.009401-93.226602
15727Stinson Blvd & 23rd Ave NE45.011545-93.226893
15734Stinson Blvd & 23rd Ave NE45.011253-93.226581
15720Stinson Blvd & 29th Ave NE45.020587-93.226958
15719Stinson Blvd & 30th Ave NE45.022390-93.226963
15741Stinson Blvd & 30th Ave NE45.022163-93.226795
15718Stinson Blvd & 31st Ave NE45.024227-93.226966
15742Stinson Blvd & 31st Ave NE45.023957-93.226792
15717Stinson Blvd & 32nd Ave NE45.026018-93.226946
15743Stinson Blvd & 32nd Ave NE45.025812-93.226792
15744Stinson Blvd & 33rd Ave NE45.027593-93.226802
15998Stinson Blvd & 37th Place NE45.036431-93.227010
15994Stinson Blvd & 38th Ave NE45.037319-93.226847
11684Stinson Blvd & 39th Ave NE45.038345-93.227006
11691Stinson Blvd & 39th Ave NE45.038405-93.226859
11692Stinson Blvd & 39th Ave NE / #400145.039570-93.226870
11683Stinson Blvd & #390045.039511-93.227047
15789Stinson Blvd & Broadway St44.998521-93.226664
15786Stinson Blvd & Hennepin Ave E44.991820-93.227007
15785Stinson Blvd & Kennedy St NE44.994407-93.227019
15787Stinson Blvd & Kennedy St NE44.994911-93.226664
46493Stinson Blvd & Ridgway Pkwy45.003044-93.227698
15788Stinson Blvd & Summer St NE44.996921-93.226677
48172Stinson Blvd NE & Broadway St NE44.998862-93.226985
12696Stinson Blvd NE & Ridgway Pkwy45.003417-93.227109
272Stryker Ave & Annapolis St44.919787-93.087926
316Stryker Ave & Annapolis St44.919777-93.088110
269Stryker Ave & Arion St44.914376-93.087887
319Stryker Ave & Arion St44.914594-93.088048
270Stryker Ave & Bernard St44.916021-93.087912
318Stryker Ave & Bernard St44.916249-93.088072
320Stryker Ave & Butler Ave44.912549-93.088018
276Stryker Ave & Curtice St44.922975-93.087958
312Stryker Ave & Curtice St44.923136-93.088128
280Stryker Ave & Elizabeth St44.927044-93.088007
307Stryker Ave & Elizabeth St44.927330-93.088151
304Stryker Ave & George St44.929448-93.088172
271Stryker Ave & Haskell St44.917870-93.087931
317Stryker Ave & Haskell St44.918094-93.088092
278Stryker Ave & Morton St44.925349-93.087979
309Stryker Ave & Morton St44.925535-93.088139
282Stryker Ave & Stevens St44.928658-93.088026
274Stryker Ave & Winona St44.921293-93.087954
314Stryker Ave & Winona St44.921489-93.088124
13627Suburban Ave & #189144.949731-93.021676
13620Suburban Ave & #194044.949608-93.018270
13626Suburban Ave & #195944.949699-93.017823
13621Suburban Ave & #199044.949850-93.016229
13619Suburban Ave & Burns Ave44.949604-93.021369
13625Suburban Ave & Ruth St44.949969-93.015991
13618Suburban Ave & White Bear Ave44.949591-93.024683
13628Suburban Ave & White Bear Ave44.949747-93.024582
3101Summit Ave & Cretin Ave44.941694-93.191803
51586Summit Ave & Cretin Ave44.941313-93.191931
10761Summit Ave & Dale St44.941244-93.126063
51113Sun Ray Transit Center & Gate A44.953119-93.012511
51114Sun Ray Transit Center & Gate B44.953303-93.012511
51116Sun Ray Transit Center & Gate D44.953147-93.012413
41399Sunset Blvd & Cedar Lake Pkwy44.953206-93.320170
45174Super Target & #3800 Lexington45.056347-93.144794
40146Sycamore St & Jackson St44.964807-93.096524
46952Tanglewood Dr & Chandler Rd45.086391-93.123617
46990Tanglewood Dr & Hodgson Connection45.086562-93.126838
46953Tanglewood Dr & Hodgson Rd45.086326-93.121164
46988Tanglewood Dr & Hodgson Rd45.086460-93.122462
46951Tanglewood Dr & Laura Lane45.086444-93.126547
46950Tanglewood Dr & Lorinda Dr45.086454-93.129719
50066Target Bldg B & #7000 Oak Grove Pkwy45.134794-93.369871
53889Target Bldg D & #7000 Oak Grove Pkwy45.132718-93.370108
53888Target Bldg E/F & Target West Lot45.134832-93.373211
53743Target Driveway & Pascal St45.007746-93.162521
53342Target Field Station & Rail Platform44.983385-93.276823
56333Target Field Station Platform 144.983045-93.277453
56335Target Field Station Platform 144.982905-93.277396
56334Target Field Station Platform 244.983442-93.278615
56339Target Field Station Platform 244.983543-93.278703
50786Technology Dr & MTS - #1400044.858044-93.455696
52557Technology Dr & St Andrew Lutheran44.858605-93.448948
51419Terminal 1 Lindbergh Station44.880770-93.205000
51434Terminal 1 Lindbergh Station44.880770-93.204922
51420Terminal 2 Humphrey Station44.874102-93.224116
51435Terminal 2 Humphrey Station44.874119-93.224068
4118Terminal Rd & #226245.013420-93.195316
4131Terminal Rd & #226245.013312-93.195431
4121Terminal Rd & #242545.013427-93.202444
4128Terminal Rd & Airgas Medical45.013297-93.202727
4119Terminal Rd & Fulham St45.013424-93.197400
4130Terminal Rd & Fulham St45.013305-93.197629
4120Terminal Rd & St Croix St45.013424-93.199979
4129Terminal Rd & St Croix St45.013298-93.199734
4122Terminal Rd & Walnut St45.013426-93.204496
4127Terminal Rd & Walnut St45.013304-93.204550
49185Terrace Dr & #138045.025178-93.159030
49186Terrace Dr & Hamline Ave45.025191-93.157079
17075Territorial Rd & Jackson St NE45.160530-93.250545
17076Territorial Rd & Jackson St NE45.160499-93.250993
17070Territorial Rd & Jefferson St NE45.161073-93.255511
17071Territorial Rd & Madison St NE45.161025-93.254382
17072Territorial Rd & Madison St NE45.160932-93.254725
17073Territorial Rd & Quincy Blvd NE45.160860-93.253449
17074Territorial Rd & Quincy Blvd NE45.160954-93.253057
18640Territorial Rd & Westgate Dr44.968927-93.205033
5744Texas Ave S & 31st St W44.947300-93.380980
5774Texas Ave S & 31st St W44.947487-93.380790
5773Texas Ave S & 32nd 1/2 St W44.945202-93.380818
5745Texas Ave S & 32nd St W44.945917-93.380977
5746Texas Ave S & 33rd St W44.944175-93.380971
5772Texas Ave S & 33rd St W44.943931-93.380826
5747Texas Ave S & 34th St W44.942245-93.380973
5771Texas Ave S & 34th St W44.942157-93.380819
5748Texas Ave S & 35th St W44.940514-93.380952
5770Texas Ave S & 35th St W44.940334-93.380804
5749Texas Ave S & 36th St (Walker St)44.938934-93.380957
5743Texas Ave S & Minnetonka Blvd44.948978-93.381021
5775Texas Ave S & Minnetonka Blvd44.949271-93.380826
5769Texas Ave S & Walker St (36th St)44.938977-93.380785
18836Thomas Ave & Arundel St44.959310-93.118865
18850Thomas Ave & Arundel St44.959426-93.118441
18853Thomas Ave & Dale St44.959403-93.125995
41971Thomas Ave & Dale St44.959286-93.125929
18839Thomas Ave & Farrington St44.959316-93.113582
18847Thomas Ave & Farrington St44.959430-93.113273
18841Thomas Ave & Galtier St44.959327-93.110734
18845Thomas Ave & Galtier St44.959444-93.110455
18834Thomas Ave & Kent St44.959291-93.124013
18852Thomas Ave & Kent St44.959404-93.123643
18835Thomas Ave & Mackubin St44.959299-93.121448
18851Thomas Ave & Mackubin St44.959409-93.121072
18837Thomas Ave & Western Ave44.959306-93.116323
18849Thomas Ave & Western Ave44.959416-93.115961
9956Thompson Ave & 12th Ave N44.901472-93.048946
9847Thompson Ave & 13th Ave N44.901581-93.049818
9954Thompson Ave & 14th Ave N44.901475-93.051502
9849Thompson Ave & 15th Ave N44.901583-93.052424
9953Thompson Ave & 15th Ave N44.901476-93.052749
9951Thompson Ave & 17th Ave N44.901472-93.055292
40033Thompson Ave & 17th Ave N44.901582-93.054982
2565Thompson Ave & 18 Ave N44.901581-93.056397
9950Thompson Ave & 18th Ave N44.901471-93.056608
2566Thompson Ave & 19 Ave N44.901585-93.057507
9949Thompson Ave & 19th Ave N44.901477-93.057842
9850Thompson Ave & 20th Ave N44.901584-93.058795
9852Thompson Ave & 22nd Ave N44.901589-93.061336
9854Thompson Ave & 23rd Ave N44.901589-93.062624
254Thompson Ave & #85 - The Oaks Apts44.901557-93.090111
336Thompson Ave & #85 - The Oaks Apts44.901623-93.089315
9858Thompson Ave & #171 - Oaks Apts44.901585-93.077731
9940Thompson Ave & #171 - Oaks Apts44.901468-93.077665
252Thompson Ave & Bellows St44.901563-93.092344
338Thompson Ave & Bellows St44.901670-93.091945
337Thompson Ave & Bidwell St44.901671-93.090665
255Thompson Ave & Carmel Ave44.900256-93.087856
335Thompson Ave & Carmel Ave44.900200-93.087485
9857Thompson Ave & Carrie St44.901581-93.072844
9941Thompson Ave & Carrie St44.901476-93.072998
9855Thompson Ave & Christensen Ave44.901597-93.068135
9943Thompson Ave & Christensen Ave44.901477-93.068053
9947Thompson Ave & Cresthaven Dr44.901482-93.059740
256Thompson Ave & Humboldt Ave44.900034-93.085201
334Thompson Ave & Humboldt Ave44.900265-93.084980
9944Thompson Ave & Levander Way44.901489-93.062925
257Thompson Ave & Livingston Ave44.901473-93.082264
333Thompson Ave & Livingston Ave44.901591-93.082050
4992Thompson Ave & Oakdale Ave44.901477-93.069810
9856Thompson Ave & Oakdale Ave44.901593-93.071073
9939Thompson Ave & Robert St S44.901465-93.079276
9946Thompson Ave & Star Lane (21st Ave N)44.901485-93.061005
48497Thurston Ave & Hwy 10 Service Rd45.214180-93.412988
18096Timberlake Rd & Biglow Lane (N)44.988666-93.093528
18095Timberlake Rd N & #158144.989889-93.093868
43791Timberlake Rd N & #158144.989863-93.093454
43563Timberlake Rd N & Biglow Lane (N)44.988493-93.093336
18045Timberlake Rd N & Klainert St44.986965-93.093028
18098Timberlake Rd N & Klainert St44.987135-93.093199
18043Timberlake Rd S & #147944.985240-93.095399
43773Timberlake Rd S & #147944.985314-93.095546
52920Townline Rd (Co Rd 62) & Co Rd 10144.891442-93.515205
56977Trailhead Bldg44.991299-93.326265
52136Transitway & Commonwealth Ave44.980662-93.180644
52142Transitway & Commonwealth Ave44.980623-93.180806
45235Trenton Lane & #590545.060562-93.412551
4795Tyler Ave N & 2nd St NE44.928219-93.390668
49506Tyler Ave N & 2nd St NE44.927942-93.390847
4796Tyler Ave N & Lake St NE44.931338-93.390572
56956U of M Service Rd & Bell Museum Entrance44.991388-93.188652
90197U of M Transitway and Como Ave Control Pt44.976389-93.180806
90198U of M Transitway and Como Ave Control Pt44.976354-93.180952
90196U of M Transitway and Energy Park Dr Control Pt44.975022-93.196809
90199U of M Transitway and Energy Park Dr Control Pt44.975122-93.196870
56330U.S. Bank Stadium Station44.975101-93.259722
56338U.S. Bank Stadium Station44.974960-93.259658
56100Union Depot & Gate A144.947140-93.085704
57174Union Depot Crossing44.947510-93.088139
57175Union Depot Crossing44.947534-93.088165
56018Union Depot Station44.948208-93.086735
56026Union Depot Station44.948226-93.086720
56099Union Depot Station & Terminal44.947343-93.084932
40226University Ave & 57th Ave NE45.071958-93.263222
40227University Ave & 57th Ave NE45.071187-93.263653
40228University Ave & 61st Ave NE45.079202-93.263350
40229University Ave & 61st Ave NE45.078634-93.263681
40230University Ave & 69th Ave NE45.093985-93.263280
40231University Ave & 69th Ave NE45.093329-93.263694
40232University Ave & 73rd Ave NE45.100851-93.263388
40234University Ave & 73rd Ave NE45.100305-93.263907
49383University Ave & 81st Ave NE45.115383-93.263334
49384University Ave & 81st Ave NE45.114841-93.264161
40428University Ave & 91st Ave NE45.136236-93.266666
51178University Ave & 91st Ave NE45.136057-93.267051
40893University Ave & 92nd Ave NE45.137974-93.266640
10853University Ave & 92nd Lane NE45.139574-93.266972
10852University Ave & 94th Circle NE45.141124-93.266955
40895University Ave & 94th Circle NE45.140307-93.266574
40896University Ave & 97th Ave NE45.146762-93.266531
10850University Ave & 97th Ave NW45.146445-93.266876
40872University Ave & 99th Ave NE45.150186-93.266449
10848University Ave & 99th Lane NW45.150542-93.266775
10847University Ave & 101st Ave NW45.152947-93.266771
40868University Ave & 101st Ave NW45.153112-93.266404
10846University Ave & 101st Lane NE45.154178-93.266716
40869University Ave & 101st Lane NE45.154026-93.266374
10845University Ave & 102nd Lane NE45.155992-93.266670
40870University Ave & 102nd Lane NE45.156086-93.266312
40871University Ave & 103rd Ave NE45.156713-93.266329
10844University Ave & 103rd Ave NW45.156851-93.266659
10843University Ave & 104th Ave NW45.157662-93.266611
53359University Ave & 105th Ave NE45.161048-93.266233
40876University Ave & 115th Ave NW45.179005-93.266010
40877University Ave & 117th Ave NE45.182782-93.265955
15859University Ave & Albert St44.955826-93.159681
42213University Ave & Albert St44.955561-93.158839
15883University Ave & Bedford St SE44.968390-93.208298
15881University Ave & Berry St44.967553-93.206248
47532University Ave & Broadway St NE44.998897-93.263038
47537University Ave & Broadway St NE44.998823-93.263337
15799University Ave & Carleton St44.963303-93.196387
15876University Ave & Carleton St44.963364-93.195765
15804University Ave & Cleveland Ave44.959794-93.187593
15796University Ave & Eustis St44.965906-93.202888
15880University Ave & Eustis St44.966355-93.203285
15878University Ave & Franklin Ave (Pelham)44.965083-93.200102
15816University Ave & Hamline Ave44.955566-93.157077
15801University Ave & Hampden Ave44.962023-93.193082
15874University Ave & Hampden Ave44.962099-93.192728
15868University Ave & Lynnhurst Ave44.957063-93.180019
15807University Ave & Lynnhurst Ave W44.956893-93.180334
15884University Ave & Malcolm Ave SE44.970067-93.212469
40235University Ave & Mississippi St NE45.086497-93.263335
40236University Ave & Mississippi St NE45.085740-93.263730
40237University Ave & Osborne Rd NE45.106779-93.264011
49280University Ave & Osborne Rd NE45.107605-93.263441
15814University Ave & Pascal St44.955560-93.161285
15860University Ave & Pascal St44.955821-93.161718
15806University Ave & Prior Ave44.957788-93.182578
15869University Ave & Prior Ave44.957882-93.182052
15798University Ave & Raymond Ave44.963977-93.198072
15877University Ave & Raymond Ave44.963996-93.197364
15131University Ave & Simpson St44.955558-93.163134
15861University Ave & Simpson St44.955817-93.164062
15130University Ave & Snelling Ave44.955546-93.166050
43794University Ave & Transfer Rd44.959829-93.186909
15803University Ave & Vandalia St44.960736-93.189949
56941University Ave & Vandalia St44.960910-93.189747
47534University Ave (Hwy 47) & 37th Ave NE45.035831-93.262623
47535University Ave (Hwy 47) & 37th Ave NE45.035192-93.262955
40881University Ave (Hwy 47) & 40th Ave NE45.041244-93.262887
40882University Ave (Hwy 47) & 40th Ave NE45.040616-93.263164
40883University Ave (Hwy 47) & 44th Ave NE45.048483-93.262991
40884University Ave (Hwy 47) & 44th Ave NE45.047907-93.263345
40885University Ave (Hwy 47) & 49th Ave NE45.057507-93.263021
40886University Ave (Hwy 47) & 49th Ave NE45.056976-93.263365
40887University Ave (Hwy 47) & 53rd Ave NE45.064755-93.263040
40888University Ave (Hwy 47) & 53rd Ave NE45.064198-93.263464
56326University Ave E & Valley Apt # 26144.957558-93.093427
56327University Ave E & Valley Apt # 26144.957227-93.094604
49420University Ave NE & 1st Ave NE44.989404-93.257246
49421University Ave NE & 1st Ave NE44.989101-93.257263
40874University Ave NE & 111th Ave NE45.171499-93.266028
10904University Ave NE & 111th Lane NW45.171940-93.266367
57121University Ave NE & 113th Ave NE45.174991-93.266058
10903University Ave NE & 115th Ave NW45.179088-93.266330
47533University Ave NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013040-93.263013
47536University Ave NE & Lowry Ave NE45.013274-93.263229
57122University Ave NW & 113th Ave NW45.175172-93.266288
16126University Ave SE & 2nd Ave SE44.986244-93.253647
16128University Ave SE & 4th Ave SE44.985098-93.250790
16130University Ave SE & 6th Ave SE44.983944-93.247890
16131University Ave SE & 7th Ave SE44.983394-93.246481
16132University Ave SE & 8th Ave SE44.982842-93.245089
16136University Ave SE & 12th Ave SE44.980616-93.239529
16137University Ave SE & 15th Ave SE44.978986-93.235429
16140University Ave SE & 17th Ave SE44.977890-93.232665
16569University Ave SE & 23rd Ave (Huron)44.974214-93.223031
16562University Ave SE & 25th Ave SE44.973423-93.221615
15887University Ave SE & 27th Ave SE44.972370-93.218410
15885University Ave SE & 29th Ave SE44.971358-93.215858
12281University Ave SE & Central Ave44.986808-93.255077
16145University Ave SE & Oak St SE44.975471-93.225982
16143University Ave SE & Ontario St/Huron Blv44.974697-93.224898
16142University Ave SE & Univ Rec Center44.976759-93.229845
14203University Service Rd & 44th Ave NE45.048377-93.262907
14201University Service Rd & 45th Ave NE45.050104-93.262918
14202University Service Rd & 45th Ave NE45.049812-93.262790
14199University Service Rd & 46th Ave NE45.051729-93.262794
14200University Service Rd & 46th Ave NE45.051974-93.262912
14197University Service Rd & 47th Ave NE45.053868-93.262918
14198University Service Rd & 47th Ave NE45.053559-93.262795
14195University Service Rd & 48th Ave NE45.055320-93.262794
14196University Service Rd & 48th Ave NE45.055448-93.262922
14193University Service Rd & 49th Ave NE45.057395-93.262932
14194University Service Rd & 49th Ave NE45.057053-93.262808
14191University Service Rd & 50th Ave NE45.058920-93.262803
14192University Service Rd & 50th Ave NE45.059100-93.262936
14189University Service Rd & 51st Ave NE45.060974-93.262930
14190University Service Rd & 51st Ave NE45.060738-93.262818
14188University Service Rd & 52nd Ave NE45.062482-93.262922
14185University Service Rd & 53rd Ave NE45.064147-93.262939
14186University Service Rd & 53rd Ave NE45.064293-93.262812
392Upper 55th St E & Alta Ave44.869121-93.078594
390Upper 55th St E & Annette Ave44.869142-93.075346
400Upper 55th St E & Annette Ave44.869084-93.075591
389Upper 55th St E & Asher Ave44.867830-93.072938
401Upper 55th St E & Asher Ave44.867868-93.073223
388Upper 55th St E & Audrey Ave44.867364-93.069824
402Upper 55th St E & Audrey Ave44.867285-93.069858
393Upper 55th St E & Robert Trail S44.869094-93.080284
13769Upper Afton Rd & Battle Creek Place44.943463-93.024122
13690Upper Afton Rd & Battle Creek Rd44.942310-93.020400
13770Upper Afton Rd & Battle Creek Rd44.942287-93.020718
13773Upper Afton Rd & Luella St44.941070-93.017106
13774Upper Afton Rd & Ruth St44.941002-93.015182
13688Upper Afton Rd & Sandralee Dr W44.941278-93.017485
13692Upper Afton Rd & White Bear Ave44.943646-93.024968
6202Upton Ave S & 43rd St W44.924453-93.314570
6379Upton Ave S & 43rd St W44.924780-93.314705
7417Upton Ave S & Laurel Ave W44.973481-93.314662
7339Upton Ave S & Wayzata Blvd N44.970569-93.314788
7415Upton Ave S & Wayzata Blvd N44.970643-93.314668
50542Uptown Station & Terminal44.950122-93.297402
52857Uptown Station Gates D/E44.950066-93.297867
50160Uptown Transit Station Gate C44.950062-93.298126
40295Utica Ave S & Wayzata Blvd S44.969919-93.345240
4558VA Medical Center & Visitors Entrance44.901751-93.204225
51417VA Medical Center Station44.902785-93.202297
51432VA Medical Center Station44.902790-93.202266
57035Valley Creek Rd & Valley Creek Plz44.924638-92.962903
57036Valley Creek Rd & Valley Creek Plz44.924822-92.962584
57042Valley Creek Rd & Weir Dr44.926273-92.972260
51275Valley West Center & Cub Foods44.811932-93.331398
49503Van Buren Ave & Van Buren Trail44.933308-93.393319
4799Van Buren Ave N & Ramsgate Apts44.932879-93.393316
941Van Slyke Ave & Churchill St44.977154-93.144906
51109Van Slyke Ave & Churchill St44.977060-93.144575
47445Van Slyke Ave & Como Ave44.976111-93.142668
80422Van White Memorial & Olson Memorial Hwy44.984592-93.293805
80423Van White Memorial & Olson Memorial Hwy44.984560-93.294178
56249Vandalia St & Wabash Ave44.958931-93.190933
56250Vandalia St & Wabash Ave44.958541-93.191492
543Vernon Ave & #510144.910946-93.355300
545Vernon Ave & Arcadia Ave44.912299-93.352882
542Vernon Ave & Eden Ave44.909226-93.356155
217Vernon Ave & Interlachen Blvd44.912265-93.353963
544Vernon Ave & Interlachen Blvd44.912010-93.354203
218Vernon Ave & Wells Fargo Bank44.910781-93.355711
4557Veterans Dr & VA Medical Center Station44.902388-93.202468
4559Veterans Dr & VA Medical Center Station44.902146-93.202680
4554Veterans Dr & VAMC Layover44.902020-93.203256
47636Vicksburg Lane & 41st Ave N45.030625-93.481625
50379Vicksburg Lane & 41st Ave N45.030959-93.481860
47638Vicksburg Lane & 43rd Ave N45.033674-93.481633
50376Vicksburg Lane & 43rd Ave N45.033674-93.481887
47639Vicksburg Lane & 46th Ave N45.038257-93.481660
50375Vicksburg Lane & 46th Ave N45.038459-93.481865
47682Vicksburg Lane & 48th Ave N45.040975-93.481638
50374Vicksburg Lane & 48th Ave N45.041144-93.481837
53374Vicksburg Lane & 60th Ave N45.061720-93.481697
53377Vicksburg Lane & 60th Ave N45.061948-93.481899
53375Vicksburg Lane & Co Rd 4745.064021-93.481673
53376Vicksburg Lane & Co Rd 4745.063734-93.481952
47463Vicksburg Lane & Hwy 5545.018360-93.481593
47637Vicksburg Lane & Old Rockford Rd45.032020-93.481603
50378Vicksburg Lane & Old Rockford Rd45.032359-93.481894
48150Vicksburg Lane & Plymouth Covenant45.033288-93.481622
50377Vicksburg Lane & Plymouth Covenant45.033280-93.481916
50380Vicksburg Lane & Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9)45.027096-93.481892
53989Vicksburg Lane & Rockford Rd (Co Rd 9)45.026642-93.481592
47683Vicksburg Lane & Schmidt Lake Rd45.043602-93.481619
50373Vicksburg Lane & Schmidt Lake Rd45.043450-93.481891
56974Vicksburg Ln N & 37th Ave N45.024245-93.481618
80376Vicksburg Ln N & Hwy 5545.018444-93.481943
14441Victoria St & #3660 - Deluxe Corp45.052860-93.132315
14465Victoria St & #3660 - Deluxe Corp45.053439-93.132437
14442Victoria St & #385045.058998-93.131103
14464Victoria St & #385045.058944-93.131295
14420Victoria St & Arbogast St45.042860-93.132992
5543Victoria St & Arlington St44.984746-93.136436
4079Victoria St & Brenner Ave45.033705-93.136661
4081Victoria St & Brenner Ave45.033964-93.136794
4080Victoria St & Co Rd D45.035704-93.136699
14486Victoria St & Co Rd D45.035950-93.136836
14461Victoria St & Crystal Ave45.063085-93.131702
14418Victoria St & Edgewater Ave45.038845-93.135936
14485Victoria St & Edgewater Ave45.038989-93.135962
14444Victoria St & Gramsie Rd45.061408-93.131285
14462Victoria St & Gramsie Rd45.061281-93.131463
5539Victoria St & Hoyt Ave44.988369-93.137835
5609Victoria St & Hoyt Ave44.988188-93.137688
5537Victoria St & Idaho Ave44.990194-93.137830
5611Victoria St & Idaho Ave44.990002-93.137705
5613Victoria St & Larpenteur Ave44.991815-93.137658
4078Victoria St & Millwood Ave45.029731-93.136585
4082Victoria St & Millwood Ave45.029944-93.136712
45189Victoria St & Mound Ave45.082769-93.134120
45193Victoria St & Mound Ave45.082706-93.133965
5541Victoria St & Nebraska Ave44.986558-93.137866
5607Victoria St & Nebraska Ave44.986252-93.137532
4075Victoria St & Orchard Lane45.026467-93.138774
4085Victoria St & Orchard Lane45.026837-93.138686
4077Victoria St & Owasso Blvd W45.028372-93.136775
4083Victoria St & Owasso Blvd W45.028687-93.136707
46992Victoria St & Tanglewood Dr45.086023-93.132333
14445Victoria St & Valley View Court45.063064-93.131532
4086Victoria St & Woodhill Dr45.022952-93.139281
56224Victoria St N & Tanglewood Dr45.086380-93.132018
56386Victoria St N & Woodhill Dr45.023335-93.139153
56011Victoria St Station44.955710-93.135578
56033Victoria St Station44.955750-93.137323
49223Vineland Place (15th St) & Oak Grove St44.968543-93.286320
50408Vinewood Lane & 39th Ave N45.025775-93.449233
50356Vinewood Lane & #390045.026799-93.448671
50407Vinewood Lane & Rockford Rd45.027404-93.448922
289Wabasha St & Cesar Chavez St44.933669-93.084239
287Wabasha St & Congress St44.932137-93.084631
299Wabasha St & Congress St44.932334-93.084665
45127Wabasha St & Fillmore (Water W)44.939337-93.089283
292Wabasha St & Plato Blvd44.937253-93.087516
2619Wabasha St & Plato Blvd44.937145-93.087719
2781Wabasha St & Torre de San Miguel44.934677-93.084646
42007Wabasha St & Torre de San Miguel44.934618-93.084849
291Wabasha St & Vision Loss Resources44.936163-93.086649
47040Wabasha St & Vision Loss Resources44.935905-93.086629
45128Wabasha St & Water St W (Fillmore)44.939496-93.089685
300Wabasha St & Winifred St44.931514-93.085258
11842Wacouta St & 5th St / 6th St44.949713-93.087324
11857Wacouta St & 7th St E44.950651-93.088408
49753Wacouta St & 8th St / 9th St E44.952009-93.089497
41702Wacouta St & 9th St E44.952570-93.089907
49555Walker St & 37th St (Hwy 7 Svc Rd)44.938630-93.372619
4782Walker St & 37th St W44.938821-93.372682
4772Walker St & Gorham Ave44.939048-93.365467
5701Walker St & Gorham Ave / Lake St44.938905-93.365436
4781Walker St & Louisiana Ave44.939298-93.370706
5699Walker St & Louisiana Ave44.939109-93.369501
4783Walker St & Pennsylvania Ave44.938762-93.375464
43311Walker St & Pennsylvania Ave44.938667-93.375814
4784Walker St & Quebec Ave44.938751-93.376708
43310Walker St & Quebec Ave44.938656-93.377118
4773Walker St & Republic Ave44.938973-93.367084
5700Walker St & Republic Ave44.938817-93.367445
4785Walker St & Rhode Island Ave44.938739-93.378090
43309Walker St & Rhode Island Ave44.938639-93.378441
4786Walker St & Sumter Ave44.938730-93.379413
43308Walker St & Sumter Ave44.938627-93.379697
47785Wall St & 5th St / 6th St44.950337-93.086230
43281Wall St & 7th St44.951383-93.087228
43282Wall St & 7th St / 6th St44.950945-93.087005
53217Walmart & Main Entrances45.100319-93.385785
53419Walnut St & Rose Place45.017731-93.204834
53420Walnut St & Rose Place45.017679-93.205009
4126Walnut St & Rose Place / Terminal Rd45.014788-93.204968
4123Walnut St & Terminal Rd / Rose Place45.014576-93.204800
56332Warehouse Hennepin Ave Station44.980177-93.273202
56336Warehouse Hennepin Ave Station44.980074-93.273244
8344Washburn Ave & Lowry Ave N45.013091-93.317230
90284Washington Av N to I-94 Control Pt45.001611-93.281966
17876Washington Ave & 3rd Ave N44.984527-93.272709
19313Washington Ave & 3rd Ave N44.984451-93.272215
16330Washington Ave & 6th Ave N44.986860-93.275638
16336Washington Ave & 8th Ave N44.988803-93.278373
16342Washington Ave & 10th Ave N44.990262-93.280323
16406Washington Ave & 10th Ave N44.990413-93.280802
16349Washington Ave & 15th Ave N44.994063-93.281421
16397Washington Ave & 15th Ave N44.994291-93.281677
16395Washington Ave & 17th Ave / 16th Ave N44.995744-93.281744
16353Washington Ave & 17th Ave N44.996174-93.281425
13223Washington Ave & Anderson Hall44.972421-93.242843
52133Washington Ave & Blegen Hall44.972216-93.244004
13207Washington Ave & Coffman Union44.973746-93.235586
13209Washington Ave & Coffman Union44.973532-93.235085
19311Washington Ave & Hennepin Ave / 1st Ave44.982535-93.269470
16393Washington Ave & West Broadway44.998449-93.281943
13211Washington Ave & Willey Hall44.972534-93.243642
57011Washington Ave N & 6th Ave N44.986673-93.275643
57010Washington Ave N & 8th Ave N44.988924-93.278728
57208Washington Ave N & 10th Ave N44.990455-93.280598
19314Washington Ave N & Hennepin Ave44.982170-93.269321
16401Washington Ave N & Plymouth Ave N44.992252-93.281631
52658Washington Ave N & Plymouth Ave N44.992397-93.281333
19308Washington Ave S & 3rd Ave / 2nd Ave44.980501-93.264870
19317Washington Ave S & 3rd Ave / 4th Ave44.979494-93.263196
19307Washington Ave S & 5th Ave S44.979120-93.261684
19303Washington Ave S & 10th Ave S44.976274-93.254803
19321Washington Ave S & 10th Ave S44.975961-93.254778
19302Washington Ave S & 11th Ave S44.975442-93.252829
19322Washington Ave S & 11th Ave S44.975395-93.253472
57023Washington Ave S & 15th Ave S44.973082-93.247862
47514Washington Ave S & 76th St W44.865689-93.398688
19304Washington Ave S & Chicago Ave44.977189-93.256938
19320Washington Ave S & Chicago Ave S44.977126-93.257527
19315Washington Ave S & Marquette Ave44.981157-93.267044
57012Washington Ave S & Marquette Ave44.981407-93.267040
19306Washington Ave S & Park Ave44.978038-93.258969
19318Washington Ave S & Portland Ave44.978264-93.260250
13221Washington Ramp & Cedar Ave S44.971690-93.246154
42646Washington St & 5th St44.945243-93.097607
15498Washington St & 13th Ave NE45.000808-93.257462
15520Washington St & 13th Ave NE45.000989-93.257610
15499Washington St & 15th Ave NE45.002987-93.257464
15519Washington St & 15th Ave NE45.003167-93.257612
15500Washington St & 17th Ave NE45.005525-93.257468
15518Washington St & 17th Ave NE45.005340-93.257614
15501Washington St & 19th Ave NE45.007386-93.256885
15502Washington St & 20th Ave NE45.008451-93.256889
15516Washington St & 20th Ave NE45.008674-93.257077
15503Washington St & 22nd Ave NE45.009885-93.256757
15515Washington St & 22nd Ave NE45.010109-93.256813
15504Washington St & 23rd Ave NE45.010905-93.256652
15514Washington St & 23rd Ave NE45.011199-93.256807
15507Washington St & 26th Ave NE45.014879-93.256645
15521Washington St & Broadway St NE44.998849-93.257628
15506Washington St & Lowry Ave NE45.013040-93.256660
15512Washington St & Lowry Ave NE45.013281-93.256819
42111Water St & Myrtle St45.057571-92.805903
49431Wayzata Access Rd & Cedar Lake Pkwy44.969348-93.321337
56549Wayzata Access Rd & Cedar Lake Pkwy44.969178-93.321069
7343Wayzata Blvd & #370144.969713-93.327423
44646Wayzata Blvd & #370144.969778-93.326407
52819Wayzata Blvd & Benton Ave44.971237-93.504599
6781Wayzata Blvd & Broadway Ave44.972328-93.509892
6993Wayzata Blvd & Broadway Ave44.972101-93.509633
6776Wayzata Blvd & Brueggers Bagel44.971228-93.500684
6997Wayzata Blvd & Central Ave (Co Rd 101)44.970974-93.501282
51718Wayzata Blvd & Edgewood Ave / Barry Ave44.974086-93.519454
7193Wayzata Blvd & Ferndale Rd44.974815-93.522105
8150Wayzata Blvd & General Mills Blvd P&R44.972603-93.389807
6778Wayzata Blvd & Glenbrook Rd44.971530-93.506095
6995Wayzata Blvd & Grand Ave S44.971627-93.507418
6774Wayzata Blvd & Holiday Station44.971265-93.495582
6998Wayzata Blvd & Holiday Station44.971077-93.496478
6996Wayzata Blvd & Superior Blvd44.971048-93.504296
6782Wayzata Blvd & Walker Ave44.972789-93.512086
6992Wayzata Blvd & Walker Ave44.972731-93.512520
51717Wayzata Blvd & Wayzata Jr High School44.974168-93.519229
8120Wayzata Blvd N & #1190044.971301-93.429559
8166Wayzata Blvd N & #1190044.971431-93.429968
8163Wayzata Blvd N & Co Rd 7344.973280-93.421219
8121Wayzata Blvd N & Fairfield Rd44.971252-93.427389
8165Wayzata Blvd N & Fairfield Rd44.971356-93.427486
52776Wayzata Blvd N & Shelard Pkwy44.973630-93.408720
52777Wayzata Blvd N & Shelard Pkwy44.973719-93.408891
7340Wayzata Blvd N & Upton Ave / Wirth Pkwy44.970555-93.316970
8122Wayzata Blvd N & Westridge Market44.971256-93.425789
41852Wayzata Blvd N & Westridge Market East44.972270-93.422115
8164Wayzata Blvd N & Westridge Market West44.971371-93.425766
7414Wayzata Blvd N & Wirth / Upton44.970471-93.316815
7341Wayzata Blvd N & Wirth Pkwy44.970902-93.322045
6784Wayzata Blvd P&R & Gate A44.973214-93.515866
6990Wayzata Blvd P&R & Gate B44.973300-93.515511
6658Wayzata Blvd S & #840144.973436-93.387477
40919Wayzata Blvd S & #1030144.972649-93.410930
42596Wayzata Blvd S & #1030144.972768-93.410627
8177Wayzata Blvd S & Archwood Rd44.971607-93.415748
42598Wayzata Blvd S & Archwood Rd44.971745-93.415706
40921Wayzata Blvd S & Colorado Ave S44.970346-93.359092
40922Wayzata Blvd S & Colorado Ave S44.970237-93.359087
40923Wayzata Blvd S & Dakota Ave / Hampshire44.970968-93.363497
40924Wayzata Blvd S & Dakota Ave S44.970580-93.360424
7348Wayzata Blvd S & Fairlawn Way44.969874-93.337805
7353Wayzata Blvd S & Fairlawn Way44.969684-93.337947
7344Wayzata Blvd S & France Ave S44.969867-93.328557
7357Wayzata Blvd S & France Ave S44.969775-93.328777
40926Wayzata Blvd S & Hampshire / Dakota Ave44.970837-93.362989
40927Wayzata Blvd S & Hampshire Ave S44.970982-93.365974
7350Wayzata Blvd S & Hwy 100 Bridge44.968536-93.340531
43775Wayzata Blvd S & Hwy 100 Bridge44.968455-93.341423
47781Wayzata Blvd S & Hwy 100 Bridge44.968808-93.342880
40914Wayzata Blvd S & Hwy 100 Overpass44.969302-93.343185
40929Wayzata Blvd S & Idaho Ave S44.971098-93.366770
40930Wayzata Blvd S & Idaho Ave S44.970970-93.367280
7346Wayzata Blvd S & June Ave S44.970014-93.333711
7355Wayzata Blvd S & June Ave S44.969934-93.333929
40917Wayzata Blvd S & Kentucky Ave S44.970517-93.369632
40933Wayzata Blvd S & Kentucky Ave S44.970366-93.369667
7349Wayzata Blvd S & Natchez Ave S44.969261-93.339100
7352Wayzata Blvd S & Natchez Ave S44.969084-93.339179
2971Wayzata Blvd S & Park Place Blvd44.969520-93.349295
3015Wayzata Blvd S & Park Place Blvd44.970000-93.349100
11995Wayzata Blvd S & Pennsylvania Ave44.971021-93.376356
53233Wayzata Blvd S & Pennsylvania Ave44.970922-93.376421
8181Wayzata Blvd S & Shelard Pkwy44.972536-93.409117
11994Wayzata Blvd S & Texas Ave44.971087-93.379819
53232Wayzata Blvd S & Texas Ave44.971060-93.380320
8179Wayzata Blvd S & Tonka Terrace44.972199-93.413361
42597Wayzata Blvd S & Tonka Terrace44.972336-93.413302
7345Wayzata Blvd S & Tyrol Trail44.969880-93.329869
7356Wayzata Blvd S & Tyrol Trail44.969800-93.330135
40936Wayzata Blvd S & Utica Ave S44.970030-93.345615
40937Wayzata Blvd S & Utica Ave S44.970139-93.345297
7342Wayzata Blvd S & Wayzata Access Rd44.969888-93.320757
7359Wayzata Blvd S & Wayzata Access Rd44.969994-93.321940
40939Wayzata Blvd S & Wilshire Dr S44.969797-93.418750
42599Wayzata Blvd S & Wilshire Dr S44.969891-93.418889
11991Wayzata Blvd S & Winnetka Ave44.971459-93.381514
57039Weir Dr & Valley Creek Mall44.923752-92.973366
57041Weir Dr & Valley Creek Mall44.923686-92.973244
57040Weir Dr & Valley Creek Rd44.925655-92.972982
57038Weir Dr & Woodwinds Dr44.923377-92.976961
57037Weir Dr & Woodwinds Health44.923282-92.976806
51065Wells Fargo & Parkview Dr45.121468-93.176787
6346Wentworth Ave & Charlton St44.897998-93.096124
53901Wentworth Ave & Charlton St44.898089-93.095797
56001West Bank Station44.971935-93.246119
56043West Bank Station44.971988-93.246139
8316West Broadway & 4th St N44.999236-93.284764
8312West Broadway & 5th St / 4th St N44.999051-93.285354
8336West Broadway & 26th Ave N45.005902-93.311210
8337West Broadway & 26th Ave N45.006110-93.311868
8338West Broadway & 27th Ave N45.007705-93.313214
8339West Broadway & 27th Ave N45.007964-93.313717
8340West Broadway & 29th Ave N45.009506-93.314794
8342West Broadway & 29th Ave N45.009786-93.315368
8384West Broadway & 37th Ave N45.022577-93.329083
8385West Broadway & 37th Ave N45.022667-93.329343
8388West Broadway & 39th Ave N45.026042-93.333007
8389West Broadway & 39th Ave N45.026350-93.333542
8390West Broadway & 40th Ave N45.027586-93.334764
8391West Broadway & 40th Ave N45.027808-93.335252
8675West Broadway & 54th Ave N45.051140-93.361966
40219West Broadway & 54th Ave N45.051091-93.361469
8676West Broadway & 55th Ave N45.051949-93.362677
40220West Broadway & 55th Ave N45.052104-93.363276
8579West Broadway & 68th Ave N45.078953-93.376236
8580West Broadway & 68th Ave N45.078870-93.376409
8584West Broadway & 69th Ave N45.080689-93.376504
8585West Broadway & 72nd Lane N45.084745-93.375760
8588West Broadway & 73rd Ave N45.087136-93.376460
8589West Broadway & 73rd Ave N45.087465-93.376666
8600West Broadway & 75th Ave N45.090240-93.376730
41736West Broadway & 75th Ave N45.090011-93.376532
8598West Broadway & 76th Ave N45.092454-93.376859
48350West Broadway & 76th Ave N45.092546-93.376556
44660West Broadway & 82nd Ave N45.102281-93.376944
48993West Broadway & 82nd Ave N45.102519-93.376737
44657West Broadway & 84th Ave N45.105870-93.376988
48996West Broadway & 84th Ave N45.106580-93.376725
8386West Broadway & #381045.024635-93.331419
8387West Broadway & #381545.024745-93.331734
8677West Broadway & #5537 - Target45.052946-93.363835
8678West Broadway & #5537 - Target45.053141-93.364387
8305West Broadway & Aldrich Ave N44.999067-93.289695
8306West Broadway & Aldrich Ave N44.999218-93.289350
43295West Broadway & Bass Lake Rd45.055170-93.365931
43296West Broadway & Bass Lake Rd45.055072-93.366247
53153West Broadway & Brooklyn Blvd45.095688-93.376613
8682West Broadway & Cloverdale Ave45.057326-93.368313
43395West Broadway & Cloverdale Ave45.056981-93.367751
44659West Broadway & College Park Dr45.104633-93.377000
48994West Broadway & College Park Dr45.104331-93.376748
8674West Broadway & Douglas Dr45.050321-93.360441
40221West Broadway & Douglas Dr45.050018-93.360462
53152West Broadway & Dragon Star45.096222-93.376895
8685West Broadway & Dudley Ave N45.059157-93.369868
8296West Broadway & Dupont Ave N44.999070-93.292788
8298West Broadway & Dupont Ave N44.999237-93.292389
8292West Broadway & Emerson Ave N44.999093-93.293818
8294West Broadway & Emerson Ave N44.999237-93.293918
8286West Broadway & Fremont Ave N44.999074-93.295822
8291West Broadway & Fremont Ave N44.999244-93.295468
8274West Broadway & Irving Ave N44.999496-93.299346
8277West Broadway & Irving Ave N44.999531-93.298771
8684West Broadway & Kentucky Ave N45.058291-93.369273
8265West Broadway & Knox Ave N44.999491-93.302384
8271West Broadway & Knox Ave N44.999548-93.301682
8326West Broadway & Logan Ave45.002157-93.305739
8328West Broadway & Logan Ave45.002408-93.306146
8308West Broadway & Lyndale Ave N44.999046-93.288228
8318West Broadway & Morgan Ave N45.000294-93.304567
8320West Broadway & Morgan Ave N45.000098-93.304582
8332West Broadway & Penn Ave N45.003594-93.307938
12255West Broadway Ave & 2nd St N44.999011-93.280425
12257West Broadway Ave & 2nd St N44.999192-93.280005
8679West Broadway Ave & 57th Ave N45.056106-93.366901
8680West Broadway Ave & 57th Ave N45.056126-93.367263
8683West Broadway Ave & 58th Ave N45.058086-93.368826
8686West Broadway Ave & 58th Ave N45.058978-93.369889
8687West Broadway Ave & 59th Ave N45.060028-93.370719
8688West Broadway Ave & 59th Ave N45.060320-93.371221
8689West Broadway Ave & 60th Ave N45.061842-93.372464
8690West Broadway Ave & 60th Ave N45.062143-93.372987
8693West Broadway Ave & 62nd Ave N45.065567-93.375200
8694West Broadway Ave & 62nd Ave N45.065861-93.375447
8697West Broadway Ave & 63rd Ave N45.069036-93.375675
40206West Broadway Ave & 63rd Ave N45.069086-93.375495
8583West Broadway Ave & 69th Ave N45.081178-93.376453
8692West Broadway Ave & #6007-605145.063474-93.374376
8587West Broadway Ave & #7100-711745.085040-93.376307
8691West Broadway Ave & Broadway Village Apt45.063181-93.373865
8330West Broadway Ave & Penn Ave N45.004175-93.308534
13354West River Rd & 79th Ave N45.097722-93.286044
13355West River Rd & 79th Ave N45.098171-93.286196
13358West River Rd & 81st Ave N45.101243-93.286736
13359West River Rd & 81st Ave N45.101663-93.286996
13361West River Rd & 82nd Ave N45.103196-93.287312
13364West River Rd & 83rd Ave N45.105205-93.288097
13365West River Rd & 83rd Ave N45.105322-93.287995
13368West River Rd & 85th Ave N45.108808-93.290456
13369West River Rd & 85th Ave N45.108971-93.291075
13377West River Rd & 88th Ave N45.113472-93.296876
13378West River Rd & 88th Ave N45.113478-93.296746
13379West River Rd & 89th Ave N45.115675-93.297534
13380West River Rd & 89th Ave N45.116052-93.297769
13381West River Rd & 92nd Ave N45.120880-93.298088
13382West River Rd & 92nd Ave N45.120221-93.298088
47583West River Rd & 93rd Ave N45.123353-93.298161
47588West River Rd & 93rd Ave N45.123354-93.298273
41589West River Rd & 100th Ave N45.136265-93.313567
41590West River Rd & 101st Lane45.137197-93.313839
41596West River Rd & 101st Lane45.137357-93.314032
13421West River Rd & 105 Ln N45.144842-93.320702
13420West River Rd & 105th Lane N45.144818-93.320967
13434West River Rd & 109th Ave N45.152031-93.337720
43583West River Rd & 117th Ave P&R45.166916-93.356718
13463West River Rd & 119th Place45.171183-93.362463
13468West River Rd & 120th Ave N45.172712-93.366471
13352West River Rd & #773345.095809-93.286419
41586West River Rd & #780045.095992-93.286237
13357West River Rd & #793245.099181-93.286283
13366West River Rd & #840045.106833-93.288871
51204West River Rd & #950045.126801-93.299279
13435West River Rd & #1095045.152603-93.338873
13458West River Rd & #1182745.168473-93.358487
13372West River Rd & Banfill Circle45.112451-93.296284
13373West River Rd & Banfill Circle45.112727-93.296556
13349West River Rd & Brookdale Dr45.094563-93.286416
13418West River Rd & Coon Rapids Dam45.139448-93.314762
13419West River Rd & Coon Rapids Dam45.139996-93.315292
13442West River Rd & Creekview Lane45.157996-93.347789
13462West River Rd & Douglas Dr45.169707-93.360137
13464West River Rd & Edgewood Court45.171287-93.362304
13465West River Rd & Florida Ave N45.172053-93.363876
13466West River Rd & Florida Ave N45.171964-93.363974
13467West River Rd & Hampshire Ave45.172788-93.366114
13485West River Rd & Hayden Lake Rd45.180044-93.384523
13486West River Rd & Hayden Lake Rd45.180621-93.385143
51203West River Rd & Hwy 610 bridge45.127265-93.299677
13469West River Rd & Idaho Ave N45.172903-93.367450
13470West River Rd & Idaho Ave N45.172998-93.367187
13430West River Rd & Indiana Ave45.151145-93.334424
13431West River Rd & Indiana Ave45.151063-93.334719
48361West River Rd & Irving Ave N45.128737-93.301842
48370West River Rd & Irving Ave N45.128772-93.302238
47086West River Rd & James Ave N45.129144-93.303294
47089West River Rd & James Ave N45.129140-93.303666
48558West River Rd & Kentucky Circle45.173572-93.370049
48563West River Rd & Kentucky Circle45.173477-93.370223
48362West River Rd & Logan Ave N45.129640-93.305294
48369West River Rd & Logan Ave N45.129626-93.305626
13473West River Rd & Louisiana Ave N45.173704-93.371319
13474West River Rd & Louisiana Ave N45.173818-93.371241
13370West River Rd & Mattson Brook Lane45.110272-93.293812
13371West River Rd & Mattson Brook Lane45.110424-93.293957
13429West River Rd & Mississippi Dr N45.149753-93.331577
13436West River Rd & Noble Ave N45.153514-93.340306
51124West River Rd & Noble Ave N45.153418-93.339913
13432West River Rd & Noble Pkwy45.150775-93.335553
13440West River Rd & Oxbow Trail45.156973-93.346061
13441West River Rd & Oxbow Trail45.157215-93.346186
13362West River Rd & Pearson Pkwy45.104045-93.287547
13363West River Rd & Pearson Pkwy45.104291-93.287791
13476West River Rd & Pennsylvania Ave45.175525-93.376395
13475West River Rd & Pennsylvania Ave N45.175877-93.376774
13439West River Rd & Perry Ave45.154724-93.342307
13438West River Rd & Perry Ave N45.154895-93.342298
13477West River Rd & Quebec Ave N45.176251-93.377867
13478West River Rd & Quebec Ave N45.176349-93.377739
13453West River Rd & Riverview Entry45.164172-93.354003
48557West River Rd & Riverview Entry45.164301-93.354309
13483West River Rd & Sherwood St45.179070-93.383098
13484West River Rd & Sherwood St45.179014-93.383303
13422West River Rd & Sunset Rd45.146507-93.325212
13423West River Rd & Sunset Rd45.146414-93.325253
13428West River Rd & Sunset Terrace45.149705-93.331669
48567West River Rd & Sunset Trail45.150314-93.332638
48364West River Rd & Sunset Trail N45.150316-93.332859
43578West River Rd & Toledo Ave N45.158215-93.347839
13444West River Rd & Vera Cruz Ave45.159809-93.350150
13445West River Rd & Vera Cruz Ave45.159715-93.349836
13446West River Rd & Welcome Ave N45.161043-93.351151
13447West River Rd & Welcome Ave N45.160836-93.351155
13437West River Rd & West River Rd (Kyle)45.151149-93.336391
13426West River Rd & Willow Rd45.148541-93.329211
13427West River Rd & Willow Rd45.148570-93.329486
13481West River Rd & Winnetka Ave N45.177678-93.380839
13482West River Rd & Winnetka Ave N45.178037-93.381217
13448West River Rd & Xenia Ave N45.161617-93.351925
13449West River Rd & Xenia Ave N45.161648-93.351769
13450West River Rd & Yates Ave N45.162289-93.352335
13451West River Rd & Yates Ave N45.162368-93.352596
13424West River Rd & Ziegler Dr45.147671-93.327712
13425West River Rd & Ziegler Dr45.147781-93.327715
832Western Ave & Atwater St44.966444-93.116053
966Western Ave & Atwater St44.966711-93.116211
836Western Ave & Front Ave44.970095-93.116051
56013Western Ave Station44.955736-93.115269
56031Western Ave Station44.955776-93.117045
56005Westgate Station44.967132-93.205740
56039Westgate Station44.967838-93.207226
40030Westminster St & #132544.980953-93.086340
18035Westminster St & #136244.981470-93.086147
18197Westminster St & #151144.986625-93.086161
18203Westminster St & #151144.986652-93.086312
18038Westminster St & Arlington Ave44.984468-93.086154
43770Westminster St & Arlington Ave44.984672-93.086301
56150Westminster St & Case Ave44.969997-93.085418
53785Westminster St & Cayuga St W44.966448-93.085608
18036Westminster St & Cottage St E44.982756-93.086141
40068Westminster St & Cottage St E44.982874-93.086326
51134Westminster St & Hawthorne Ave44.978589-93.086274
18198Westminster St & Hoyt Ave44.988082-93.086171
18202Westminster St & Hoyt Ave44.988263-93.086318
18034Westminster St & Hyacinth Ave E44.979466-93.086144
40091Westminster St & Hyacinth Ave E44.979630-93.086288
18200Westminster St & Larpenteur Ave44.991737-93.086215
56139Westminster St & Old Cayuga St E44.967190-93.085452
18199Westminster St & Wheelock Pkwy44.990565-93.086198
18201Westminster St & Wheelock Pkwy44.990721-93.086345
56142Westminster St & York Ave44.967987-93.085448
56143Westminster St & York Ave44.968323-93.085576
13592White Bear Ave & 4th St E44.958502-93.025195
13610White Bear Ave & 4th St E44.958661-93.025362
13594White Bear Ave & 6th St E44.960342-93.025211
13608White Bear Ave & 6th St E44.960514-93.025380
12894White Bear Ave & 7th St E44.966888-93.025388
13601White Bear Ave & 7th St E44.966553-93.025221
5276White Bear Ave & 11th Ave (Gervais Ave)45.015446-93.019756
5277White Bear Ave & #257045.018017-93.019616
5290White Bear Ave & #257045.018219-93.019830
5324White Bear Ave & Aldrich Arena44.997029-93.025360
10409White Bear Ave & Ames Ave44.971994-93.025200
12888White Bear Ave & Ames Ave44.972238-93.025380
10419White Bear Ave & Arlington Ave44.984589-93.025150
12878White Bear Ave & Arlington Ave44.984833-93.025314
5283White Bear Ave & Beam Ave45.027373-93.018206
52041White Bear Ave & Beam Ave45.028701-93.018185
53119White Bear Ave & Beam Ave45.028717-93.017786
13596White Bear Ave & Beech St44.962115-93.025226
13697White Bear Ave & Burns Ave44.948340-93.025125
13599White Bear Ave & Bush Ave44.964775-93.025229
13603White Bear Ave & Bush Ave44.965034-93.025388
10407White Bear Ave & Case Ave44.970169-93.025195
12890White Bear Ave & Case Ave44.970412-93.025372
5273White Bear Ave & Co Rd B45.006802-93.025067
5293White Bear Ave & Co Rd B45.006568-93.025325
5278White Bear Ave & Co Rd C45.020695-93.018954
5287White Bear Ave & Co Rd C45.021000-93.019118
5274White Bear Ave & Cope Ave45.009682-93.023566
5292White Bear Ave & Cope Ave45.009538-93.024242
10417White Bear Ave & Cottage Ave44.982809-93.025170
12880White Bear Ave & Cottage Ave44.983019-93.025334
5319White Bear Ave & Flandrau St45.000977-93.025108
5322White Bear Ave & Flandrau St45.001070-93.025294
5318White Bear Ave & Frost Ave44.998975-93.025113
5323White Bear Ave & Frost Ave44.999536-93.025360
5533White Bear Ave & Gervais Ave (11th Ave)45.015833-93.019985
10410White Bear Ave & Hazel Park Junior High44.975801-93.025213
12887White Bear Ave & Hazel Park Junior High44.974944-93.025380
12874White Bear Ave & Hoyt Ave44.988434-93.025314
51604White Bear Ave & Hoyt Ave44.988648-93.025142
13853White Bear Ave & Idaho Ave44.989865-93.025320
40007White Bear Ave & Idaho Ave44.989863-93.025138
40009White Bear Ave & Iowa Ave44.989140-93.025137
40010White Bear Ave & Iowa Ave44.989350-93.025313
10415White Bear Ave & Ivy Ave44.980992-93.025184
12882White Bear Ave & Ivy Ave44.981339-93.025344
5279White Bear Ave & Kohlman Ave45.022544-93.018434
5286White Bear Ave & Kohlman Ave45.022930-93.018599
5326White Bear Ave & Larpenteur Ave44.991425-93.025067
13851White Bear Ave & Larpenteur Ave44.991625-93.025309
13695White Bear Ave & Louise Ave44.946420-93.025111
13765White Bear Ave & Louise Ave44.946567-93.025269
12886White Bear Ave & Maryland Ave44.977650-93.025421
42427White Bear Ave & Maryland Ave44.977872-93.025194
5280White Bear Ave & Mesabi Ave45.024627-93.017948
5285White Bear Ave & Mesabi Ave45.025082-93.018200
13597White Bear Ave & Minnehaha Ave44.962928-93.025215
13605White Bear Ave & Minnehaha Ave44.963279-93.025420
12876White Bear Ave & Nebraska Ave44.986645-93.025319
40014White Bear Ave & Nebraska Ave44.986403-93.025145
13586White Bear Ave & Old Hudson Rd44.952515-93.025155
13616White Bear Ave & Old Hudson Rd44.952872-93.025319
10413White Bear Ave & Orange Ave44.979186-93.025204
12884White Bear Ave & Orange Ave44.979415-93.025370
5281White Bear Ave & Radatz Ave45.026103-93.017879
5317White Bear Ave & Ripley / Aldrich Arena44.997030-93.025119
5316White Bear Ave & Ripley Ave44.995071-93.025061
5325White Bear Ave & Ripley Ave44.995717-93.025366
13767White Bear Ave & Rowe Place44.944860-93.025245
10404White Bear Ave & Stillwater Ave44.967608-93.025217
12893White Bear Ave & Stillwater Ave44.967857-93.025385
13587White Bear Ave & Wilson Ave44.954017-93.025169
13615White Bear Ave & Wilson Ave44.954216-93.025327
13694White Bear Ave & Woodcrest Dr44.945318-93.025093
10405White Bear Ave & York Ave44.968650-93.025211
12892White Bear Ave & York Ave44.968864-93.025376
14906Willow St & 14th St44.968659-93.281784
49296Willow St & 14th St W44.968916-93.281948
14907Willow St & Grant St44.969777-93.281764
13669Wilson Ave & Ruth St44.954129-93.014959
6254Winifred St W & Bellows St S44.931425-93.093163
6331Winifred St W & Bellows St S44.931324-93.093482
6253Winifred St W & Bidwell St S44.931431-93.090917
6332Winifred St W & Bidwell St S44.931330-93.091255
6336Winifred St W & Humboldt Ave S44.931330-93.085402
6256Winifred St W & Ohio St S44.931419-93.097434
2624Winifred St W & Stryker Ave S44.931424-93.087951
6334Winifred St W & Stryker Ave S44.931333-93.088346
44089Winnetka Ave & Medicine Lake Rd45.007152-93.380156
44086Winnetka Ave & Winnetka Heights Dr45.001733-93.380202
44310Winnetka Ave & Winnetka Heights Dr45.001896-93.380421
44077Winnetka Ave N & 10th Ave N44.988558-93.380246
44332Winnetka Ave N & 10th Ave N44.989507-93.380534
44087Winnetka Ave N & 23rd Ave N45.003501-93.380200
44309Winnetka Ave N & 23rd Ave N45.003771-93.380409
44091Winnetka Ave N & 29th Ave N45.010662-93.380188
44307Winnetka Ave N & 29th Ave N45.010666-93.380413
44092Winnetka Ave N & 30th Ave N45.011756-93.380198
44306Winnetka Ave N & 30th Ave N45.011530-93.380399
44093Winnetka Ave N & 32nd Ave N45.014478-93.380170
44305Winnetka Ave N & 32nd Ave N45.014737-93.380399
44095Winnetka Ave N & 33rd Place45.017292-93.380166
44303Winnetka Ave N & 33rd Place45.017472-93.380380
44302Winnetka Ave N & 35th Ave N45.019761-93.380367
44097Winnetka Ave N & 36th Ave N45.021708-93.380072
44301Winnetka Ave N & 36th Ave N45.022192-93.380359
44099Winnetka Ave N & 38th 1/2 Ave N45.025865-93.380168
44282Winnetka Ave N & 38th 1/2 Ave N45.026014-93.380347
44100Winnetka Ave N & 40th Ave N45.029033-93.380145
44281Winnetka Ave N & 40th Ave N45.028846-93.380370
44101Winnetka Ave N & 42nd Ave N45.032591-93.380153
44280Winnetka Ave N & 42nd Ave N45.032998-93.380464
8513Winnetka Ave N & 44th Ave N45.035667-93.380240
45353Winnetka Ave N & 44th Ave N45.035825-93.380459
8516Winnetka Ave N & 45th 1/2 Ave N45.037216-93.380240
8518Winnetka Ave N & 46th Ave N45.038353-93.380459
8519Winnetka Ave N & 47th Ave N45.039929-93.380249
8520Winnetka Ave N & 47th Ave N45.040172-93.380465
8523Winnetka Ave N & 48th Ave N45.042232-93.380251
8524Winnetka Ave N & 48th Ave N45.041933-93.380444
8525Winnetka Ave N & 49th Ave N45.043542-93.380254
8526Winnetka Ave N & 49th Ave N45.043833-93.380467
8527Winnetka Ave N & 50th Ave N45.045807-93.380271
8528Winnetka Ave N & 50th Ave N45.046062-93.380490
8529Winnetka Ave N & 51st Ave N45.046841-93.380271
8530Winnetka Ave N & 51st Ave N45.047064-93.380536
8535Winnetka Ave N & 54th Ave N45.051135-93.380532
8536Winnetka Ave N & 55th Ave N45.052802-93.380340
45352Winnetka Ave N & 55th Ave N45.053007-93.380545
8542Winnetka Ave N & 59th Ave N45.060106-93.380363
8543Winnetka Ave N & 59th Ave N45.060763-93.380504
8547Winnetka Ave N & 60th 1/2 Ave N45.063536-93.380477
8545Winnetka Ave N & 60th Ave N45.062463-93.380340
8546Winnetka Ave N & 60th Ave N45.062588-93.380499
8548Winnetka Ave N & 61st Ave N45.063846-93.380335
8550Winnetka Ave N & 62nd Ave N45.065568-93.380314
8551Winnetka Ave N & 62nd Ave N45.065493-93.380482
8552Winnetka Ave N & 63rd Ave N45.069071-93.380622
8553Winnetka Ave N & 63rd Ave N45.069428-93.380786
8554Winnetka Ave N & 64th Ave N45.071377-93.380840
8555Winnetka Ave N & 64th Ave N45.071554-93.380975
8566Winnetka Ave N & 67th Ave N45.076824-93.381186
8567Winnetka Ave N & 67th Ave N45.077051-93.381313
8511Winnetka Ave N & #422045.034385-93.380221
8531Winnetka Ave N & Angeline Dr45.048949-93.380308
8532Winnetka Ave N & Angeline Dr45.049079-93.380538
8558Winnetka Ave N & Aster Dr45.073200-93.380984
8559Winnetka Ave N & Aster Dr45.073417-93.381120
8538Winnetka Ave N & Bass Lake Rd45.055510-93.380363
8539Winnetka Ave N & Bass Lake Rd45.055338-93.380557
44085Winnetka Ave N & Duluth St N44.999878-93.380206
44311Winnetka Ave N & Duluth St N45.000140-93.380415
8534Winnetka Ave N & Elm Grove / 54th Ave N45.050756-93.380272
52092Winnetka Ave N & Golden Valley Rd44.985243-93.380504
53269Winnetka Ave N & Golden Valley Rd44.985250-93.380231
47773Winnetka Ave N & Gregory Rd44.974162-93.381205
2925Winnetka Ave N & Harold Ave44.982015-93.380455
2946Winnetka Ave N & Harold Ave44.981777-93.380221
8564Winnetka Ave N & Iris Dr45.075927-93.381137
8565Winnetka Ave N & Iris Dr45.076138-93.381265
44335Winnetka Ave N & Laurel Ave44.974574-93.381005
44308Winnetka Ave N & Medicine Lake Rd45.007893-93.380445
8512Winnetka Ave N & New Hope Center45.034072-93.380467
8562Winnetka Ave N & Noid Dr45.075014-93.381093
8563Winnetka Ave N & Noid Dr45.075245-93.381217
44079Winnetka Ave N & Phoenix St44.991124-93.380300
44330Winnetka Ave N & Phoenix St44.991393-93.380470
44080Winnetka Ave N & Plymouth Ave N44.992666-93.380330
44329Winnetka Ave N & Plymouth Ave N44.993072-93.380498
2928Winnetka Ave N & Ridgeway Rd44.975880-93.380827
2943Winnetka Ave N & Ridgeway Rd44.975672-93.380754
8541Winnetka Ave N & St Therese Home45.057668-93.380549
44090Winnetka Ave N & Terra Linda Dr45.009075-93.380176
44076Winnetka Ave N & Valley Square Commons44.986536-93.380233
44333Winnetka Ave N & Valley Square Commons44.986641-93.380514
44084Winnetka Ave N & Wesley Dr44.997345-93.380234
44312Winnetka Ave N & Wesley Dr44.997397-93.380452
2926Winnetka Ave N & Western Ave44.978456-93.380389
2945Winnetka Ave N & Western Ave44.978193-93.380185
8540Winnetka Ave N & Wincrest Apts45.057697-93.380378
44096Winnetka Ave N & Winpark Dr45.019431-93.380152
44082Winnetka Ave N & Winsdale St44.995003-93.380282
44327Winnetka Ave N & Winsdale St44.995267-93.380481
7413Wirth Pkwy & Wayzata Blvd N44.970668-93.322016
44106Wisconsin Ave & 10th Ave N44.988697-93.