Stop Listing

Charlotte Area Transit System (nc-cats)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
407602nd Baxter Xing & Springmaid Ave35.028754-80.968528
33rd / Convention Center Station35.223631-80.843237
82203rd St & Brevard St35.223492-80.842991
450113rd St & College St35.224742-80.844335
82303rd St & Davidson St35.221474-80.840529
82603rd St & Kings Dr35.214431-80.831634
82503rd St & McDowell St35.218933-80.837783
422803rd St & Queens Rd35.210982-80.827983
458253rd St & Torrence St35.212609-80.829527
450103rd St & Tryon St35.225766-80.845539
82403rd St @ Marshall Park35.22004-80.838876
mdl4th4th & McDowell35.221278-80.838247
595904th St & Cedar St35.231797-80.850783
595914th St & Cedar St35.231507-80.850143
457494th St & Church St35.226785-80.844501
73804th St & Davidson St35.222016-80.839027
596604th St & Graham St35.229382-80.847612
75204th St & Hawthorne Ln35.211622-80.825667
75404th St & Hawthorne Ln35.211657-80.825885
74804th St & Kings Dr35.215738-80.831425
457684th St & McDowell St35.220686-80.837385
384204th St & Poplar St35.227629-80.845557
75004th St & Torrence St35.213273-80.827951
256504th St & Tryon St35.226379-80.843945
333204th St Ext & Grandin Rd35.23493-80.860732
333304th St Ext & Grandin Rd35.23519-80.861515
332704th St Ext & Sycamore St35.23303-80.855447
332804th St Ext & Sycamore St35.233135-80.855406
332504th St Ext & Victoria Ave35.232935-80.853408
332604th St Ext & Victoria Ave35.23287-80.853825
333354th St Ext & Wesley Heights Way35.236788-80.864266
176715th & Graham35.231465-80.84606
247205th and Martin st35.242096-80.859356
215115th St & Cedar St35.234337-80.849592
215125th St & Cedar St35.234119-80.849641
332005th St & Frazier Ave35.23937-80.856519
332105th St & Frazier Ave35.239286-80.856246
331505th St & Irwin Ave35.235712-80.851682
331515th St & Irwin Ave35.23582-80.851622
332405th St & Trade St35.241335-80.858142
81207th St & 5th St35.206462-80.811116
79007th St & Alexander St35.223241-80.832308
79707th St & Armory Dr35.216935-80.823733
80807th St & Bascom St35.209018-80.813232
79607th St & Beaumont Ave35.217136-80.823938
80907th St & Cameron Ave35.209065-80.813491
80207th St & Caswell Rd35.212732-80.81838
79407th St & Charlottetowne Ave35.219218-80.827056
456607th St & Charlottetowne Ave35.219315-80.827419
80307th St & Clarice Ave35.211202-80.816519
80407th St & Clarice Ave35.211214-80.816321
80107th St & Clement Ave35.213439-80.819399
81007th St & Dotger Ave35.207929-80.812425
81107th St & Dotger Ave35.207961-80.812204
81307th St & Firefighter Pl35.206278-80.810718
79307th St & Hawthorne Ln35.215565-80.821681
79807th St & Hawthorne Ln35.215499-80.821829
80607th St & Laurel Ave35.210161-80.814966
80707th St & Laurel Ave35.210252-80.814943
79107th St & McDowell St35.222983-80.832226
78907th St @ Carole Hoffner Center35.224791-80.834331
17th St Station35.227375-80.838088
169th Street Station35.229656-80.835022
2684010th St & Seigle Ave35.224095-80.827304
3130010th St & Seigle Ave35.224194-80.82766
5988011th St & Davidson St35.228363-80.830741
4012th St & Davidson St35.229429-80.829693
8225th St Station35.241703-80.817147
4570530th St & Bellefonte Dr35.250521-80.81804
4572130th St & Bellefonte Dr35.25044-80.818081
5990130th St & Tryon St35.249262-80.816236
828036th St & Alexander St35.246585-80.80337
3352036th St & Alexander St35.246499-80.803046
6039436th St & Benard35.251529-80.807492
832036th St & Charles Ave35.24429-80.800615
3354036th St & Charles Ave35.24417-80.8003
839036th St & Holt St35.242203-80.798134
3355036th St & Holt St35.242557-80.798369
830036th St & McDowell St35.245333-80.801841
6039336th St & Ritch35.25175-80.807413
3353036th St & Spencer St35.245192-80.801506
3356036th St & The Plaza35.241362-80.797006
8336th St Station35.249085-80.806364
36thst36th St Station35.250276-80.806647
6039736th Street Station35.248575-80.805485
6039836th Street Station35.249106-80.80583
39740Abbey Plaza35.252773-81.029272
20430Aberdeen St & Whitehall Dr35.233638-80.904929
126Airport Dr & Ashley Cir35.20794-80.929098
140Airport Dr & Sentry Post Rd35.204702-80.927995
120Airport Dr & Stonewall Jackson Home Dr35.204791-80.92795
127Airport Dr & Wilson Air Center Entrance35.208967-80.928956
44620Airport Dr @ 521335.212041-80.928279
44590Airport Dr @ across 511135.211993-80.928355
15000Albemarle Rd & Central Av35.203271-80.746084
38370Albemarle Rd & Circumferential Rd35.211634-80.692371
45874Albemarle Rd & Circumferential Rd35.211363-80.693041
340Albemarle Rd & Dwightware Blvd35.211493-80.690836
180Albemarle Rd & Executive Center Dr35.203106-80.743111
210Albemarle Rd & Farm Pond Ln35.203087-80.7377
45221Albemarle Rd & Farm Pond Ln35.202844-80.73782
45880Albemarle Rd & Faulconbridge Rd35.209752-80.70308
49520Albemarle Rd & Greenbrook Dr35.200917-80.763429
45320Albemarle Rd & Harrisburg Rd35.211762-80.689279
170Albemarle Rd & Jenkins Dr35.203334-80.743471
300Albemarle Rd & Lake Forest Rd East35.204949-80.718297
38400Albemarle Rd & Lake Forest Rd East35.2053-80.717893
285Albemarle Rd & Lawyers Rd Park and Ride35.20398-80.724266
320Albemarle Rd & Lynton Blvd35.207948-80.70861
38390Albemarle Rd & Lynton Blvd35.208144-80.708594
45890Albemarle Rd & Nathanael Greene Ln35.20946-80.703295
330Albemarle Rd & Olde Savannah Rd35.210402-80.699484
38380Albemarle Rd & Olde Savannah Rd35.210492-80.699938
49523Albemarle Rd & Redman Rd35.203867-80.750791
49524Albemarle Rd & Redman Rd35.204182-80.75096
250Albemarle Rd & Regal Oaks Dr35.202501-80.731293
260Albemarle Rd & Regal Oaks Dr35.202699-80.731277
49521Albemarle Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.201266-80.761426
230Albemarle Rd & Winterhaven Dr35.202746-80.734891
240Albemarle Rd & Winterhaven Dr35.202986-80.735569
270Albemarle Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.20246-80.728142
280Albemarle Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.202292-80.728607
49840Alexandriana Rd & Northlake Auto Plaza Bv35.370437-80.833856
49841Alexandriana Rd & Northlake Auto Plaza Bv35.370297-80.834105
60402Alleghany & Ashley35.238332-80.898394
7590Alleghany St & Ashley Rd35.238316-80.895958
37270Alleghany St & Ashley Rd35.238405-80.895551
6710Alleghany St & Crisman St35.238939-80.887529
37320Alleghany St & Freedom Dr35.239038-80.88684
37310Alleghany St @ 120335.237986-80.888393
360Alleghany St @ 133535.237755-80.891235
60401Alleghany St @ 230035.236119-80.905285
400Alleghany St @ Phillip Berry Academy35.237786-80.891189
59490Amazon Distribution Center35.243262-80.997824
46698Amtrak Station35.241403-80.82276
600Anderson St & Byrnes St35.242507-80.79189
630Anderson St & Eastwood Dr35.242055-80.789029
640Anderson St & Eastwood Dr35.241999-80.78922
610Anderson St & Hampshire Pl35.242188-80.790965
620Anderson St & Hampshire Pl35.242201-80.790677
580Anderson St & Tappan Pl35.24338-80.793453
590Anderson St & The Plaza35.243322-80.793288
670Arboretum Center Dr & Providence Rd35.097796-80.779937
23032Arboretum Cinemas Park & Ride35.099193-80.78063
46244Archdale Dr & Ashcrest Dr35.153328-80.885063
46269Archdale Dr & Ashcrest Dr35.15333-80.884802
46248Archdale Dr & Burnley Rd35.152243-80.87071
46265Archdale Dr & Burnley Rd35.152003-80.870266
46250Archdale Dr & Emerywood Dr35.147872-80.86439
46263Archdale Dr & Emerywood Dr35.147939-80.864345
46251Archdale Dr & Leafcrest Ln35.147423-80.860545
46245Archdale Dr & Montcrest Dr35.152955-80.882358
46268Archdale Dr & Montcrest Dr35.153017-80.882276
46249Archdale Dr & Montpelier Rd35.149803-80.868182
46264Archdale Dr & Montpelier Rd35.150273-80.868564
46252Archdale Dr & Old Reid Rd35.147397-80.854582
46261Archdale Dr & Old Reid Rd35.147431-80.854479
46253Archdale Dr & Park Rd35.14493-80.848216
46260Archdale Dr & Park Rd35.145047-80.848289
46262Archdale Dr & Park Royal Ave35.147519-80.862358
46247Archdale Dr & South Blvd35.152664-80.87514
46266Archdale Dr & South Blvd35.152804-80.87515
46548Archdale Dr & Telfair Rd35.145468-80.851423
46549Archdale Dr & Telfair Rd35.145551-80.851178
46242Archdale Dr @ 50035.151001-80.892779
46271Archdale Dr @ 50135.150624-80.892981
46270Archdale Dr @ Highland Apts35.152762-80.890906
46243Archdale Dr @ Lexington Green Apts35.152665-80.891252
12Archdale Station35.152897-80.877485
46035Archdale Station35.152474-80.877792
720Arrowhead Dr & Countryside Dr35.271372-80.769666
750Arrowhead Dr & Elgywood Ln35.271276-80.771512
1100Arrowood Rd & Altacrest Pl35.146012-80.924174
790Arrowood Rd & Arrowpoint Blvd35.140134-80.912853
1020Arrowood Rd & Arrowpoint Blvd35.140563-80.913193
1030Arrowood Rd & Crescent Executive Dr35.143127-80.918572
46122Arrowood Rd & England St35.137852-80.879866
930Arrowood Rd & Fawnbrook Ln35.134557-80.900202
960Arrowood Rd & Forest Point Blvd35.135972-80.903219
770Arrowood Rd & Forrest Point Blvd35.135747-80.90304
45781Arrowood Rd & Gateway Academy35.147694-80.932454
46121Arrowood Rd & Kings Ridge Dr35.137207-80.884249
46124Arrowood Rd & Kings Ridge Dr35.137386-80.884156
795Arrowood Rd & Microsoft Way35.142829-80.918684
46119Arrowood Rd & Nations Ford Rd35.135825-80.890349
46126Arrowood Rd & Nations Ford Rd35.135931-80.890409
46123Arrowood Rd & Old Pineville Rd35.138035-80.879886
1000Arrowood Rd & Red Oak Blvd35.139226-80.910361
810Arrowood Rd & Royal Point Dr35.14504-80.922727
45777Arrowood Rd & Savoy Corporate Dr35.155756-80.942071
45784Arrowood Rd & Savoy Corporate Dr35.155836-80.941826
46120Arrowood Rd & Silver Arrow Dr35.136417-80.887974
46125Arrowood Rd & Silver Arrow Dr35.136444-80.888186
1001Arrowood Rd & Southern Pine Blvd35.139018-80.910437
45775Arrowood Rd & Stonegrove Ln35.150272-80.93502
45782Arrowood Rd & Stonegrove Ln35.150137-80.934739
1110Arrowood Rd & Tryon St35.146358-80.925247
45774Arrowood Rd & Whitehall Commons Center Dr35.148313-80.933824
45776Arrowood Rd & Whitehall Executive Center Dr35.151914-80.937423
45783Arrowood Rd & Whitehall Executive Center Dr35.151878-80.937071
760Arrowood Rd & Windsong Dr35.134176-80.899621
45760Arrowood Rd @ 255035.147628-80.92971
45758Arrowood Rd @ 257035.147466-80.930168
13Arrowood Station35.135606-80.876364
46040Arrowood Station35.134906-80.876563
46045Arrowood Station35.135078-80.876549
1230Ashley & Allegany35.239618-80.897207
1260Ashley & Allegany35.23791-80.897147
410Ashley Rd & Alleghany St35.240269-80.897239
1240Ashley Rd & Alleghany St35.239139-80.897075
1270Ashley Rd & Alleghany St35.237569-80.897293
1310Ashley Rd & Alleghany St35.237879-80.897143
1290Ashley Rd & Bullard St35.235587-80.897016
1300Ashley Rd & Bullard St35.235597-80.897057
46350Ashley Rd & Dublin Rd35.229785-80.893152
46351Ashley Rd & Dublin Rd35.229994-80.893445
1170Ashley Rd & Freedom Dr35.246262-80.892736
1200Ashley Rd & Freedom Dr35.244109-80.895235
1380Ashley Rd & Greenland Ave35.225482-80.890484
1330Ashley Rd & Kempton Pl35.2338-80.895842
1340Ashley Rd & Kempton Pl35.23352-80.895778
1350Ashley Rd & Meredith Ave35.229182-80.892871
1220Ashley Rd & Scott Futrell Dr35.241083-80.897047
37280Ashley Rd & Scott Futrell Dr35.243789-80.896732
1190Ashley Rd & Tuckaseegee Rd35.244198-80.895512
1210Ashley Rd & Tuckaseegee Rd35.243698-80.896592
44545Ashley Rd @ 240135.231033-80.893947
46463Back Creek Dr & University East Dr35.2847-80.728773
46559Back Creek Dr & WT Harris Blvd35.282654-80.724743
1460Baldwin Ave & Kings Dr35.207263-80.835319
44302Ballantyne Commons Pkwy & Ballantyne Medical Pl35.056106-80.855451
46378Ballantyne Commons Pl & Johnston Rd35.055234-80.846359
46332Ballantyne Corporate Pl & Ballantyne Commons Pkwy35.056929-80.843599
46330Ballantyne Corporate Pl & Brixham Hill Ave35.060504-80.855617
46331Ballantyne Corporate Pl & Johnston Rd35.06168-80.852937
44305Ballentyne Corporate Pl & Harney Dr35.058826-80.857389
49294Bamboo St & Wilshire Pl35.200871-80.772498
1800Barclay Downs Dr & Bulfinch Rd35.152351-80.836465
40937Barclay Downs Dr & Bulfinch Rd35.151762-80.836469
1550Barclay Downs Dr & Carnegie Blvd35.156526-80.836784
1600Barclay Downs Dr & Carnegie Blvd35.155397-80.836203
1610Barclay Downs Dr & Carnegie Blvd35.153567-80.836001
1790Barclay Downs Dr & Carnegie Blvd35.156302-80.836361
1760Barclay Downs Dr & Ferncliff Rd35.164725-80.836155
1590Barclay Downs Dr & Inverness Rd35.160286-80.838736
1570Barclay Downs Dr & Runnymede Ln35.165433-80.836011
1670Bardot Dr & Dedmon Dr35.289323-80.869507
1650Bardot Dr & Faggan Way35.288425-80.87031
1630Bardot Dr & Milan Rd East35.286845-80.871815
2040Barrington Dr & Craftsbury Dr35.253646-80.749205
2180Barrington Dr & Delivau Dr35.240173-80.743739
2010Barrington Dr & Lyndeboro Dr35.25505-80.750324
2011Barrington Dr & Lyndeboro Dr35.254959-80.750162
2150Barrington Dr & Markway Dr35.242461-80.744671
2170Barrington Dr & Markway Dr35.242332-80.744454
2190Barrington Dr & Milton Rd35.238249-80.743118
44125Barrington Dr & Milton Rd35.238034-80.742891
2120Barrington Dr & Montego Dr35.249663-80.746068
2130Barrington Dr & Montego Dr35.249458-80.746134
2140Barrington Dr & Rosecran Dr35.246108-80.745168
45071Barrington Dr & Rosecran Dr35.246556-80.745415
1990Barrington Dr & Somersworth Dr35.256969-80.752031
2080Barrington Dr & The Plaza35.251426-80.747446
2100Barrington Dr & The Plaza35.250825-80.747021
2110Barrington Dr & The Plaza35.250577-80.746664
2240Baxter St & Torrence St35.209344-80.833227
2290Bealer Rd & Exchange St35.269328-80.904776
2270Bealer Rd & Hovis Rd35.269466-80.899488
2280Bealer Rd & Terminal St35.269235-80.901419
2370Beatties Ford Rd & 5th St35.242893-80.858482
2380Beatties Ford Rd & 5th St35.242903-80.858341
2720Beatties Ford Rd & B Ave35.275149-80.854655
2850Beatties Ford Rd & Capps Hill Mine Rd35.289357-80.858052
2530Beatties Ford Rd & Celia Ave35.256434-80.855726
2430Beatties Ford Rd & Cemetery St35.247948-80.856591
2440Beatties Ford Rd & Cemetery St35.248612-80.856663
2780Beatties Ford Rd & Cindy Ln35.282649-80.857165
2390Beatties Ford Rd & Dixon St35.244074-80.857993
2400Beatties Ford Rd & Dixon St35.244744-80.857523
2510Beatties Ford Rd & Dundeen St35.254578-80.855831
44035Beatties Ford Rd & Dundeen St35.255295-80.855854
2550Beatties Ford Rd & Estelle St35.258238-80.855509
2760Beatties Ford Rd & Fairdale Dr35.278921-80.856007
2420Beatties Ford Rd & French St35.247258-80.856813
2771Beatties Ford Rd & Friendship Village Pl35.279275-80.855992
2660Beatties Ford Rd & Gilbert St35.267716-80.853913
2790Beatties Ford Rd & Griers Grove Rd35.283086-80.857523
37190Beatties Ford Rd & Hamilton Cir35.300893-80.855556
42190Beatties Ford Rd & Hamilton Cir35.300637-80.855443
2580Beatties Ford Rd & Hildebrand St35.260173-80.855262
2640Beatties Ford Rd & Holly St35.266724-80.853873
2730Beatties Ford Rd & Hoskins Rd35.275405-80.854969
42620Beatties Ford Rd & Hyde Park Dr35.316957-80.86463
42625Beatties Ford Rd & Hyde Park Dr35.316845-80.864748
2630Beatties Ford Rd & Keller Ave35.265622-80.854257
2600Beatties Ford Rd & LaSalle St35.263444-80.854696
2610Beatties Ford Rd & LaSalle St35.263379-80.854521
2740Beatties Ford Rd & Lynchester Pl35.276924-80.855546
2750Beatties Ford Rd & Lynchester Pl35.276908-80.855348
2770Beatties Ford Rd & McAllister Dr35.280941-80.856677
2772Beatties Ford Rd & McAllister Dr35.281209-80.856589
42640Beatties Ford Rd & McIntyre Ave35.312178-80.863569
42645Beatties Ford Rd & McIntyre Ave35.312134-80.863578
2670Beatties Ford Rd & Montana Dr35.267783-80.854025
42660Beatties Ford Rd & Montgomery Gardens Dr35.306172-80.859113
2500Beatties Ford Rd & Oaklawn Ave35.253317-80.855986
2890Beatties Ford Rd & Olde English Dr35.294609-80.856283
42650Beatties Ford Rd & Pauline Ln35.308324-80.860792
46426Beatties Ford Rd & Pauline Ln35.308416-80.861015
45112Beatties Ford Rd & Rosa Parks Pl (Bay C)35.273919-80.854606
2540Beatties Ford Rd & Russell Ave35.256755-80.855613
2470Beatties Ford Rd & Sanders Ave35.252103-80.85612
2480Beatties Ford Rd & Sanders Ave35.252219-80.856223
2840Beatties Ford Rd & Slater Rd35.290864-80.8576
2860Beatties Ford Rd & Slater Rd35.290855-80.8575
2900Beatties Ford Rd & Slater Ridge Dr35.294394-80.856421
2870Beatties Ford Rd & Slater Springs Dr35.292087-80.857092
2880Beatties Ford Rd & Slater Springs Dr35.292152-80.85716
2570Beatties Ford Rd & St Mark St35.260153-80.855184
2552Beatties Ford Rd & St Paul St35.257833-80.8554
2940Beatties Ford Rd & Sunset Rd35.303645-80.857282
42655Beatties Ford Rd & Sunset Rd35.306042-80.859232
45293Beatties Ford Rd & Sunset Rd35.304138-80.857551
2800Beatties Ford Rd @ 364035.284017-80.857695
2810Beatties Ford Rd @ 371335.285829-80.858518
2820Beatties Ford Rd @ 373835.285816-80.85832
2830Beatties Ford Rd @ 393835.288948-80.858029
2910Beatties Ford Rd @ 453035.296916-80.855952
42630Beatties Ford Rd @ 5835 (Kids Workshop)35.313874-80.863914
42635Beatties Ford Rd @ 5901 (Kids Workshop)35.313978-80.864056
46452Beaty St & Barra Row35.509098-80.845193
46453Beaty St & Lakeview Ave35.505776-80.852423
46451Beaty St @ 86635.509161-80.844006
45602Bellhaven Blvd & Bellhaven Cir35.31985-80.951684
59520Bellhaven Blvd & Brookshire Blvd35.29817-80.922322
59530Bellhaven Blvd & Brookshire Blvd35.298139-80.922716
45603Bellhaven Blvd & Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd35.320689-80.952303
45080Bellhaven Blvd & Rozwood Dr35.304611-80.937681
3030Belmont Ave & Allen St35.22701-80.82008
3010Belmont Ave & Seigle Ave35.22821-80.821634
45021Belmont Ave & Seigle Ave35.22716-80.820151
45370Ben Craig Dr & Mallard Creek Rd35.321857-80.773855
59910Benfield Rd & Prosperity Crossing Dr35.367172-80.789045
59911Benfield Rd & Prosperity Crossing Dr35.366865-80.789139
46733Benfield Rd & Prosperity Park Dr35.364396-80.786595
46732Benfield Rd @ Shads Landing35.364196-80.786686
3140Berryhill Rd & Freedom Dr35.233935-80.876033
3160Berryhill Rd & Freedom Dr35.234044-80.876096
3130Berryhill Rd & Tuckaseegee Rd35.235981-80.874927
3150Berryhill Rd & Tuckaseegee Rd35.236248-80.874898
3200Billingsley Rd & Cascade Cir35.190676-80.803853
45314Billingsley Rd & Cascade Cir35.190732-80.803907
45324Billingsley Rd & Jonquil St35.191626-80.800586
3180Billingsley Rd & Randolph Rd35.190485-80.808893
45322Billingsley Rd & Randolph Rd35.190618-80.809154
45318Billingsley Rd @ 41135.190517-80.805623
3190Billingsley Rd @ 43135.190433-80.805735
45955Bilmark Ave & Hughes Dr35.271285-80.779605
6Bland Station35.215787-80.855346
41434Boren St & Kincey Av35.404367-80.865965
41431Boren St & Reese Blvd W35.400818-80.864367
41433Boren St @ Lowes Foods35.404372-80.866139
3410Braden Dr & Dedmon Dr35.288906-80.867889
3390Braden Dr @ 362735.287622-80.867722
3610Bradford Dr & Hoover St35.255079-80.897561
3590Bradford Dr & Key St35.256661-80.897289
3670Brandon Forest Dr & Stradbrook Dr35.116294-80.858982
46422Brandon Forest Dr & Stradbrook Dr35.116401-80.859145
7861Brevard St & 9th St35.228473-80.834561
25270Brevard St & Martin Luther King Jr Blvd35.222573-80.843063
45000Briar Creek Rd & Commonwealth Ave35.210158-80.794195
45864Briar Creek Rd & Commonwealth Ave35.210199-80.794173
3705Briar Creek Rd & Creighton Dr35.211396-80.792023
3710Briar Creek Rd & Creighton Dr35.211789-80.791713
46594Brooklyn Village Ave & College St35.222686-80.847543
8210Brooklyn Village Ave & McDowell St35.216192-80.839971
30760Brooklyn Village Ave & Mint St35.225148-80.8501
4Brooklyn Village Station35.221319-80.847066
12361Brookshire & Hovis35.278991-80.894758
52780Brookshire & Hovis35.279845-80.896527
45082Brookshire Blvd & Hoskins Rd35.267183-80.882044
45091Brookshire Blvd & Hoskins Rd35.26714-80.882311
60387Brown Grier Rd & Cedar Hill Dr35.153751-80.966741
45778Brown-Grier & Griers Fork Dr35.15234-80.959678
45779Brown-Grier & Sandy Porter RD35.152689-80.95357
46203Brown-Grier Rd & Cedar Hill Dr35.15349-80.965995
46204Brown-Grier Rd & Griers Fork Dr35.15221-80.959516
46380Brown-Grier Rd & Sandy Porter Rd35.152605-80.953425
51020Bruns Ave CityLYNX35.240162-80.858449
49850Bryton Town Center Dr @ Walmart (Southbound)35.371811-80.827822
44680Burkland Dr & Bunche Dr35.195302-80.802673
46475Burkland Dr & Marvin Rd35.19483-80.800948
40002Burnette Av & Triumph Dr35.20929-80.919463
40004Burnette Av & Triumph Dr35.209253-80.919385
17141Caldwell & 7th St35.225972-80.835754
25280Caldwell St & 3rd St35.221348-80.842359
60000Caldwell St & 9th St35.227287-80.833798
46507Callabridge Ct @ Walmart35.32775-80.945113
46518Callabridge Ct @ Walmart35.327619-80.945093
46508Callabridge Ct @ Walmart (back)35.32954-80.947581
49370Cambridge Commons Dr @ 810035.252871-80.657959
4220Canterwood Dr & Monteith Dr35.275243-80.7736
4440Capps Hill Mine Rd & Beatties Ford Rd35.288059-80.859021
4450Capps Hill Mine Rd & Beatties Ford Rd35.287984-80.859609
4400Capps Hill Mine Rd & Braden Dr35.289415-80.866815
4360Capps Hill Mine Rd & Firestone Dr35.291024-80.869523
4408Capps Hill Mine Rd & Gold Nugget Ct35.289289-80.865126
4409Capps Hill Mine Rd & Gold Nugget Ct35.289374-80.865181
4350Capps Hill Mine Rd & Milan Rd35.29182-80.870671
4410Capps Hill Mine Rd & Silver Ore Ln35.288928-80.861973
4420Capps Hill Mine Rd & Silver Ore Ln35.288955-80.862216
4500Carlyle Dr & Bromwich Rd35.231353-80.901844
4480Carlyle Dr & Cartwright Pl35.232106-80.898188
4510Carlyle Dr & Paisley Pl35.231146-80.904362
4490Carlyle Dr & Wilson Ave35.231452-80.899234
4570Carmel Rd & Camilla Dr35.133201-80.807718
37810Carmel Rd & Camilla Dr35.133596-80.807377
4520Carmel Rd & Carmel Park Ln35.14727-80.801745
38080Carmel Rd & Carmel Park Ln35.146788-80.801784
4540Carmel Rd & Crooked Oak Ln35.141426-80.801612
42360Carmel Rd & Crooked Oak Ln35.141398-80.801705
4550Carmel Rd & Sharon View Rd35.139034-80.802824
37790Carmel Rd & Sharon View Rd35.139262-80.802802
4560Carmel Rd & Thornridge Rd35.135303-80.806037
37800Carmel Rd & Town & Country Dr35.135322-80.806087
4530Carmel Rd & Wandering Way Dr35.144708-80.801404
38070Carmel Rd & Wandering Way Dr35.144227-80.801423
16790Carnegie Blvd & Roxborough Rd35.154267-80.829542
16800Carnegie Blvd & Sharon Rd35.153359-80.827761
16890Carnegie Blvd & Sharon Rd35.153803-80.828969
16770Carnegie Blvd @ 633735.155745-80.832449
16840Carnegie Blvd @ Double Tree35.155595-80.832543
60570Carolina Lily & Mallard Creek35.371062-80.732365
37050Carolina Place Mall35.079783-80.877704
37055Carolina Place Pkwy & Pineville-Matthews Rd35.084683-80.880046
52800Carowinds Blvd & Avenue of the Carolinas35.096506-80.939023
46174Carowinds Blvd & Choate Cir35.100092-80.948175
46184Carowinds Blvd & Choate Cir35.10033-80.949224
52790Carowinds Blvd & Lakemont Blvd35.095599-80.937693
49334Carowinds Blvd & Pleasant Rd35.098663-80.945087
46175Carowinds Blvd @ John Deere35.102302-80.951873
46183Carowinds Blvd @ TJ Maxx35.1022-80.951911
52494Carowinds Park and Ride @ Cabelas Drive35.096857-80.934811
46414Carrowmore Pl & Thornton Rd35.234499-80.905269
5Carson Station35.218822-80.850947
59460Cascade Pointe Blvd & W Tyvola Rd35.196909-80.915075
45606Catawba Ave & Bluff Point Rd35.453834-80.888549
45608Catawba Ave & Bluff Point Rd35.453734-80.888314
4935Catawba Ave & Ferry St35.484074-80.869839
4940Catawba Ave & Ferry St35.484076-80.869016
40440Catawba Ave & Harborside Dr35.463686-80.888847
40450Catawba Ave & Harborside Dr35.465429-80.888681
45614Catawba Ave & Jetton Rd35.476531-80.891325
40687Catawba Ave & Kings Point Dr35.460498-80.888772
45127Catawba Ave & Meridian St35.482383-80.861534
45126Catawba Ave & Mulberry St35.482438-80.861362
46333Catawba Ave & Nantz Rd35.469022-80.890365
46334Catawba Ave & Nantz Rd35.469009-80.890201
40530Catawba Ave & Torrence Chapel Rd35.482999-80.878678
4932Catawba Ave & Washam St35.483168-80.864884
4933Catawba Ave & Washam St35.483147-80.864419
45609Catawba Ave & Westmoreland Rd35.460855-80.888574
4980Central Ave & 7th St35.220424-80.828232
45498Central Ave & 7th St35.220441-80.828582
5340Central Ave & Briar Creek Rd35.216363-80.788066
5370Central Ave & Briar Creek Rd35.216711-80.78925
5410Central Ave & Carolyn Dr35.21583-80.784187
5120Central Ave & Clement Ave35.220551-80.815041
5130Central Ave & Clement Ave35.220678-80.815002
5280Central Ave & Club Rd35.219407-80.79965
5330Central Ave & Eastcrest Dr35.217863-80.794234
5360Central Ave & Eastcrest Dr35.217282-80.792283
38620Central Ave & Eastway Dr35.215623-80.77991
45437Central Ave & Eastway Dr35.215597-80.78152
5070Central Ave & Hawthorne Ln35.221303-80.81802
5060Central Ave & Heath Ct35.221789-80.820556
5250Central Ave & Iris Dr35.219598-80.802655
5470Central Ave & Kilborne Dr35.214282-80.771901
5100Central Ave & Lamar Ave35.22106-80.817382
5420Central Ave & Longfellow St35.215874-80.782842
5010Central Ave & Louise Ave35.2216-80.823147
5030Central Ave & Louise Ave35.221598-80.822732
5270Central Ave & Lyon Ct35.219356-80.800067
5320Central Ave & Masonic Dr35.218653-80.796008
5465Central Ave & Medallion Dr35.214989-80.774615
5430Central Ave & Medford Dr35.215434-80.779678
5400Central Ave & Merry Oaks Rd35.216104-80.785884
5190Central Ave & Nandina St35.220151-80.809574
5200Central Ave & Nandina St35.220226-80.80881
5500Central Ave & Norland Rd35.214049-80.771654
5050Central Ave & Oakland Ave35.221554-80.819975
4990Central Ave & Piedmont St35.221227-80.824542
5000Central Ave & Piedmont St35.221363-80.824277
5510Central Ave & Progress Ln35.213542-80.768372
5520Central Ave & Progress Ln35.213364-80.768311
160Central Ave & Reddman Rd35.20548-80.750199
1370Central Ave & Reddman Rd35.204859-80.749735
5540Central Ave & Rosehaven Dr35.212452-80.76362
5550Central Ave & Rosehaven Dr35.212341-80.763839
5590Central Ave & Sharon Amity Rd35.209599-80.75643
5480Central Ave & Sheridan Dr35.214632-80.773864
5310Central Ave & St George St35.218373-80.795582
5440Central Ave & Temple Ln35.215274-80.777337
5450Central Ave & Temple Ln35.215446-80.777401
5170Central Ave & Thomas Ave35.22024-80.812446
5180Central Ave & Thomas Ave35.220339-80.811431
5240Central Ave & Tippah Park Ct35.219667-80.802482
5350Central Ave & Wembley Dr35.21717-80.792206
5570Central Ave & Winterfield Pl35.21072-80.758948
5580Central Ave & Winterfield Pl35.211078-80.759224
5560Central Ave @ 490835.211522-80.760617
5630Central Ave @ Eastland Mall35.206955-80.75269
5650Centre St & Tennessee Ave35.261855-80.872391
23520Charlotte Douglas Airport35.221117-80.943078
tranctCharlotte Transportation Center35.224463-80.841077
46143Charlottetowne Ave & Kings Dr35.213729-80.835472
46149Charlottetowne Ave & Kings Dr35.213704-80.83569
60600Church & 23rd St35.243797-80.823753
60610Church & 24th St35.244642-80.822782
60590Church & 26th St35.246464-80.820867
60580Church & 28th St35.247748-80.819423
17150Church & Trade St.35.228309-80.843929
5690Church St & 1st St35.225307-80.848352
5710Church St & 3rd St35.226835-80.846065
60020Church St & 6th St35.229836-80.841826
37410Church St & 9th St35.232342-80.838232
60010Church St & 11th St35.233569-80.836485
60011Church St & Tryon St35.234418-80.834755
5730Cinderella Rd & Candystick Ln35.264696-80.791651
45979Cinderella Rd & Hidden Valley Rd35.265396-80.788755
5750Cinderella Rd & Munsee St35.26451-80.789921
60950Cindy Lane & Bowline Dr35.284598-80.843499
60951Cindy Lane & Hutchinson McDonald Rd35.284455-80.843459
19530Cindy Ln & Belmar Place Rd35.286259-80.828459
19531Cindy Ln & Belmar Place Rd35.286131-80.829287
59800Cindy Ln & Cindy Park Dr35.283326-80.854491
59801Cindy Ln & Cindy Park Dr35.283156-80.854763
59790Cindy Ln & Juniper Dr35.284664-80.847348
59791Cindy Ln & Juniper Dr35.284525-80.847346
59780Cindy Ln & Murray St35.284344-80.837956
59781Cindy Ln & Murray St35.284206-80.837954
19535Cindy Ln & Statesville Rd35.284666-80.83379
19536Cindy Ln & Statesville Rd35.284452-80.833737
40770Cinema Dr @ Regal Manchester34.94447-80.977699
45330Circumferential Rd & Trellis Pointe Blvd35.208413-80.692617
5850Clanton & Revolution Park Dr35.199591-80.887567
5860Clanton Rd & Archer Ave35.200592-80.890148
5970Clanton Rd & Caronia St35.207569-80.893531
5980Clanton Rd & Caronia St35.207869-80.893635
5780Clanton Rd & Dewitt Ln35.195079-80.875263
5990Clanton Rd & Farmer St35.209859-80.893484
6000Clanton Rd & Farmer St35.210064-80.893355
5900Clanton Rd & Fieldcrest Rd35.202604-80.892927
5910Clanton Rd & Fieldcrest Rd35.202865-80.892773
5870Clanton Rd & Manchester Dr35.200278-80.889458
6005Clanton Rd & Pelton St35.195288-80.875385
5820Clanton Rd & Revolution Park Dr35.198938-80.885516
5940Clanton Rd & Sargeant Dr35.204544-80.893484
5950Clanton Rd & Sargeant Dr35.204113-80.893096
5800Clanton Rd & St Vardell Ln35.196953-80.880442
5810Clanton Rd & St Vardell Ln35.197149-80.880597
5790Clanton Rd & Tryon St35.196174-80.878237
6010Clanton Rd & Tryon St35.196356-80.878452
60030Claude Freeman @ Greenway35.331277-80.760355
45422Claude Freeman Dr & David Taylor Dr35.331401-80.760472
45356Claude Freeman Dr & Mallard Creek Church Rd35.336804-80.758593
46695CMC Steelecroft35.100034-80.992048
37380College St & 2nd St35.22366-80.845635
25360College St & 3rd St35.224455-80.844508
25330College St & 4th St35.225372-80.843137
25310College St & 6th St35.227712-80.839776
25390College St & 8th St35.229222-80.837706
25410College St & 11th St35.231073-80.835132
45399College St & Brooklyn Village Ave35.222332-80.847603
45398College St & Morehead St35.220292-80.850974
60376Colony & Clarendon35.164181-80.82903
60379Colony & Richardson35.160127-80.827639
60377Colony & Wheelock35.163431-80.828189
60378Colony & Wickersham35.159957-80.827825
24283Colony Rd & Abbotswood Dr35.11408-80.804805
24284Colony Rd & Abbotswood Dr35.114183-80.804956
24286Colony Rd & Morrowick Rd35.119203-80.807748
24287Colony Rd & Morrowick Rd35.119442-80.807962
24281Colony Rd & Wisley Blvd35.106523-80.808235
24282Colony Rd & Wisley Blvd35.106585-80.808096
6280Colwick Rd & Greenwich Rd35.177506-80.798312
6290Colwick Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.176573-80.797355
concrlCommercial Blvd.35.124389-80.935178
6370Commonwealth Ave & Bascom St35.216063-80.80694
6310Commonwealth Ave & Green Oaks Ln35.211694-80.798428
6380Commonwealth Ave & Hanover St35.215363-80.805458
6390Commonwealth Ave & Hanover St35.214794-80.804527
6400Commonwealth Ave & Lorna St35.21424-80.803343
6410Commonwealth Ave & Lorna St35.21422-80.803426
6420Commonwealth Ave & Morningside Dr35.212536-80.800027
6430Commonwealth Ave & Morningside Dr35.212659-80.800472
6460Commonwealth Ave & Pinecrest Ave35.208319-80.791252
6470Commonwealth Ave & Pinecrest Ave35.208277-80.791298
6440Commonwealth Ave & Rockway Dr35.211591-80.798382
6450Commonwealth Ave & Waterman Ave35.209008-80.793507
45025Commonwealth Ave & Waterman Ave35.2092-80.793709
6360Commonwealth Ave & Westover St35.216781-80.808175
6365Commonwealth Ave & Westover St35.216766-80.808268
36275Concord Mills Mall35.369567-80.725632
59918Concord Rd & College35.498132-80.844552
59920Concord Rd & Conroy Av35.495122-80.83895
59921Concord Rd & Downing St35.491204-80.831523
59917Concord Rd & Faculty Dr35.498327-80.844604
59915Concord Rd & Grey Rd35.495436-80.839526
59922Concord Rd & Kimberly Rd35.488833-80.827687
59914Concord Rd & N Downing St35.491601-80.83193
59913Concord Rd & N Kimberly Rd35.488822-80.82741
59912Concord Rd & Rocky River35.484305-80.820134
59923Concord Rd & Rocky River Rd35.485082-80.821634
59500Cornelius Park & Ride35.480211-80.882614
6530Cove Creek Dr & Barrington Dr35.257464-80.751958
6560Cove Creek Dr & Burleson Dr35.259326-80.748436
6561Cove Creek Dr & Burleson Dr35.259146-80.748375
45368Cove Creek Dr & Delham Dr35.263784-80.740856
45369Cove Creek Dr & Delham Dr35.263401-80.741042
45367Cove Creek Dr & Eastbrook Rd35.261278-80.746093
45371Cove Creek Dr & Eastbrook Rd35.26107-80.746222
51006CPCC CityLYNX35.217582-80.831506
51007CPCC CityLYNX35.217414-80.831112
60940CPCC Harris Campus35.215185-80.921128
49800CPCC Levine Campus35.105223-80.694329
45640CPCC Northeast Campus35.264593-80.730453
43860Craighead Rd & Glory St35.259949-80.802097
60040Craighead Rd & Sofley Rd35.263417-80.802278
60041Craighead Rd & Sofley Rd35.263614-80.802718
43885Craighead Rd & Tiffany Rose Pl35.257113-80.802118
43890Craighead Rd & Tiffany Rose Pl35.257123-80.801955
43887Craighead Rd & Tryon St35.255775-80.801238
43888Craighead Rd & Tryon St35.255688-80.80103
59820Craighead Rd and Graham St35.269844-80.813239
59821Craighead Rd and Graham St35.270018-80.813218
43861Craighead Rd. & Glory St35.259288-80.802029
49955Craven Thomas Rd & Benfield Rd35.369778-80.7881
6770Crownpoint Executive Dr & Independence Blvd35.14336-80.721958
6790Crownpoint Executive Dr & Sardis Rd North35.144307-80.728595
6780Crownpoint Executive Dr @ 220135.142492-80.726907
42375Crownpoint Executive Dr @ 233135.142352-80.724044
46192Crump Rd & Westinghouse Blvd35.112755-80.884829
46217Crump Rd & Westinghouse Blvd35.113235-80.884484
51000CTC / Arena CityLYNX35.224467-80.839864
51001CTC / Arena CityLYNX35.224767-80.840221
2CTC Station35.225336-80.840975
garageCTS Garage35.229344-80.829529
46358Dalecrest Dr & Ashmont Pl35.279091-80.814328
45690Dalecrest Dr & Cedarhurst Dr35.280859-80.818369
60050Dalecrest Dr & Cedarhurst Dr35.278257-80.812024
60051Dalecrest Dr & Cedarhurst Dr35.278251-80.812426
6870Dalecrest Dr & Kenmont Dr35.279714-80.815919
6860Dalecrest Dr & Monmouth Dr35.279417-80.814948
6910Dalecrest Dr & Valeview Ln35.281361-80.819864
6920Dalecrest Dr & Valeview Ln35.281648-80.82025
6890Dalecrest Dr & Wynbrook Way35.280741-80.818377
6990Dalton Ave & Graham St35.239592-80.834396
7000Dalton Ave & Graham St35.239473-80.834474
6930Dalton Ave & Tryon St35.239639-80.82822
6950Dalton Ave & Tryon St35.239555-80.828676
6970Dalton Ave @ 30035.239617-80.831279
6980Dalton Ave @ 30535.239521-80.831286
60347David Cox & Avonlea35.338926-80.80967
60345David Cox & Newfane35.338275-80.801957
60346David Cox & Redbridge Trail35.338861-80.805819
60059David Taylor & Research Drive35.319727-80.75776
44236David Taylor @ Duke Energy35.325516-80.755636
60070David Taylor @ Electrolux35.328807-80.762347
44290David Taylor Dr & Andrew Carnegie Blvd35.322015-80.755895
44291David Taylor Dr & Andrew Carnegie Blvd35.32208-80.755763
45424David Taylor Dr & Claude Freeman Dr35.330228-80.763122
44231David Taylor Dr & Governor Hunt Dr35.32801-80.761827
46525David Taylor Dr & Research Dr35.319727-80.758443
60060David Taylor Dr @ 952835.320632-80.755732
44235David Taylor Dr @ 9711 (Clarke America)35.325699-80.755981
17630Davidson & 35th35.246779-80.806201
46497Davidson Gateway Dr & Griffith St35.501495-80.864487
41252Davidson Gateway Dr & Jetton St35.499015-80.860463
46454Davidson Gateway Dr & Southeast Dr35.499349-80.862996
25420Davidson St & 4th St35.222418-80.838809
17200Davidson St & 5th St35.224038-80.836535
38580Davidson St & 5th St35.223969-80.836437
17210Davidson St & 6th St35.224739-80.835613
38570Davidson St & 7th St35.224877-80.835227
17230Davidson St & 8th St35.225834-80.83408
17220Davidson St & 9th St35.226248-80.833232
17240Davidson St & 10th St35.22801-80.831028
17250Davidson St & 11th St35.227786-80.83112
17260Davidson St & 12th St35.228934-80.829699
17270Davidson St & 12th St35.228851-80.829563
17330Davidson St & 16th St35.232786-80.824151
17340Davidson St & 16th St35.232829-80.824196
17400Davidson St & 19th St35.234342-80.821741
17420Davidson St & 19th St35.234987-80.821155
17450Davidson St & 21st St35.235815-80.819922
17480Davidson St & 22nd St35.236885-80.818579
17490Davidson St & 25th St35.238958-80.815936
17500Davidson St & 25th St35.2395-80.815325
17520Davidson St & 26th St35.239992-80.814602
17540Davidson St & 28th St35.241946-80.812241
17550Davidson St & 28th St35.241788-80.812284
17580Davidson St & 32nd St35.244953-80.809266
17620Davidson St & 33rd St35.245885-80.807772
39550Davidson St & 34th St35.246087-80.807308
17640Davidson St & 36th St35.247439-80.805093
17660Davidson St & 36th St35.2475-80.80487
17290Davidson St & Belmont Ave35.231192-80.826326
17300Davidson St & Belmont Ave35.231502-80.826025
7080Davidson St & Brevard St35.245316-80.808806
51002Davidson St CityLYNX35.222709-80.837803
51003Davidson St CityLYNX35.222777-80.837832
60348Davis Lake & Harris Woods35.336999-80.812661
60349Davis Lake & University Station35.334715-80.812232
45131Depot St & Jackson St35.500809-80.850258
60386Dixie River Rd & New Fashion Rd35.1673-80.973273
49990Dixie River Rd & Steele Creek Rd35.16305-80.970456
49991Dixie River Rd & Trojan Dr35.164069-80.972051
7320Dunn Ave & Heflin St35.20301-80.805708
7East / West Station35.212117-80.85914
43420East Blvd & Camden Rd35.212255-80.858295
8632East Blvd & Euclid Ave35.209926-80.855062
8780East Blvd & Garden Ter35.199103-80.840611
8820East Blvd & Kings Dr35.196174-80.838227
8670East Blvd & Lennox Ave35.206665-80.851087
8680East Blvd & Lennox Ave35.206378-80.85041
8620East Blvd & Lyndhurst Ave35.209205-80.854419
8720East Blvd & Scott Ave35.201094-80.843376
46498East Blvd & South Blvd35.211391-80.857345
46499East Blvd & South Blvd35.21145-80.857235
8660East Blvd & Springdale Ave35.207729-80.852215
edeck1East Deck 1 @ Mary Alexander Rd.35.304948-80.728243
eastldEastland CTC35.207835-80.752893
45104Eastland Transit Center - Bay A35.208067-80.753189
45106Eastland Transit Center - Bay B35.208231-80.753377
45107Eastland Transit Center - Bay C35.208338-80.75356
45103Eastland Transit Center - Bay E35.207818-80.753629
8920Eastway & Howie Circle35.251795-80.780603
9190Eastway Dr & Arnold Dr35.222659-80.779116
9290Eastway Dr & Arnold Dr35.223496-80.778675
9310Eastway Dr & Arnold Dr35.221844-80.779808
9030Eastway Dr & Audrey St35.239162-80.77758
9040Eastway Dr & Audrey St35.239412-80.777626
9150Eastway Dr & Bently Pl35.225166-80.777382
9200Eastway Dr & Bently Pl35.22513-80.777532
41460Eastway Dr & Biscayne Dr35.210495-80.782172
9220Eastway Dr & Burgin St35.219948-80.780537
9230Eastway Dr & Burgin St35.218365-80.78073
9240Eastway Dr & Burgin St35.218108-80.780614
9250Eastway Dr & Central Ave35.216872-80.78059
41480Eastway Dr & Central Ave35.21443-80.780701
41490Eastway Dr & Central Ave35.214487-80.78093
8990Eastway Dr & Citiside Dr35.246737-80.781082
8980Eastway Dr & Commercial Ave35.245649-80.780874
9080Eastway Dr & Dunlavin Way35.232939-80.77448
9000Eastway Dr & Finchley Dr35.243731-80.780243
8950Eastway Dr & Howie Cir35.251605-80.780438
46523Eastway Dr & Independence Blvd35.204292-80.785091
46524Eastway Dr & Independence Blvd35.204588-80.785097
9110Eastway Dr & Kilborne Dr35.22892-80.774775
9120Eastway Dr & Kilborne Dr35.228734-80.775075
9050Eastway Dr & Peace St35.240162-80.778326
9140Eastway Dr & Sandhurst Dr35.226774-80.776252
9270Eastway Dr & Sandhurst Dr35.227153-80.776102
9060Eastway Dr & Shamrock Dr35.235838-80.775089
9070Eastway Dr & Shamrock Dr35.235877-80.775251
9010Eastway Dr & Sugar Creek Rd35.244119-80.7806
45074Eastway Dr & The Plaza35.248689-80.781004
8970Eastway Dr & Weldon Ave35.24711-80.781298
45431Eastway Dr & Woodland Dr35.207615-80.783441
45432Eastway Dr & Woodland Dr35.207443-80.783789
9100Eastway Dr @ 190835.230624-80.774594
45670Eastway Dr @ Church of God35.240944-80.778785
8900Eastway Dr @ CMC Northpark35.256991-80.778174
8940Eastway Dr @ CMC Northpark35.256957-80.777982
36900Eastway Dr @ Eastway Shopping Center35.210887-80.782291
9090Eastway Dr @ Metropolitan Community Church35.231043-80.774483
9380Eastwood Dr & Academy St35.239735-80.788317
9390Eastwood Dr & Academy St35.24052-80.788376
9350Eastwood Dr & Maywood Dr35.23703-80.787984
9360Eastwood Dr & Maywood Dr35.237053-80.787945
9340Eastwood Dr & Shamrock Dr35.235402-80.787305
9420Echo Glen Rd & Bilmark Ave35.27365-80.783786
9660Edgewood Rd & Major St35.249012-80.899298
9640Edgewood Rd & Susan St35.248501-80.899404
9680Elgywood Ln & Blackhawk Rd35.273202-80.772171
9695Elgywood Ln & Canterwood Dr35.274811-80.772689
51008Elizabeth Av & Hawthorne Ln CityLYNX35.21359-80.826492
51009Elizabeth Av & Hawthorne Ln CityLYNX35.213661-80.826467
9970Ellington St & Billingsley Rd35.191357-80.801771
9990Ellington St & Billingsley Rd35.191315-80.801848
9960Ellington St & Wheatley Ave35.19312-80.802116
9980Ellington St & Wheatley Ave35.192189-80.802028
46688Elm Ln & Williams Pond Ln35.053938-80.814365
46335England St & Arrowood Rd35.135476-80.879682
46336England St & Arrowood Rd35.135554-80.879546
10060English Dr & Abelwood Rd35.268656-80.862301
45712English Dr & Abelwood Rd35.268576-80.862365
45735English Dr & Englehardt St35.263192-80.863179
45713English Dr & LaSalle St35.263263-80.863303
10050English Dr & Sutton Dr35.265235-80.862856
45750English Dr & Sutton Dr35.265514-80.862859
45868Equitable Pl & Grier Rd35.266286-80.741067
45872Equitable Pl & Grier Rd35.266581-80.741006
10120Erie St & Catherine Simmons Ave35.262621-80.84472
10130Erie St & Catherine Simmons Ave35.262291-80.844899
10110Erie St & LaSalle St35.260763-80.845119
19622Erie St & LaSalle St35.26076-80.845245
10300Exchange St & Tarheel Rd35.267245-80.90525
59600Executive St @ McLoed Center35.237485-80.90771
38091Fairview & Carmel Rd35.149033-80.801926
38092Fairview & Carmel Rd35.148169-80.803585
60080Fairview @ 470535.14767-80.828895
10490Fairview Rd & Barclay Downs Dr35.151065-80.837562
10491Fairview Rd & Barclay Downs Dr35.150904-80.837484
42260Fairview Rd & Barclay Downs Dr35.150174-80.835008
45849Fairview Rd & Barclay Downs Dr35.149823-80.834809
60090Fairview Rd & Cameron Valley Pkwy35.146484-80.824787
60091Fairview Rd & Cameron Valley Pkwy35.147143-80.82614
60630Fairview Rd & Colony Rd35.146928-80.816741
60631Fairview Rd & Colony Rd35.14718-80.816438
38090Fairview Rd & Fairview Oaks Dr35.151312-80.798291
10550Fairview Rd & Oglukian Rd35.151455-80.797896
10400Fairview Rd & Park Rd35.152618-80.847785
10470Fairview Rd & Park South Dr35.151344-80.841017
38100Fairview Rd & Providence Rd35.153808-80.795612
60100Fairview Rd & Simsbury Rd35.147503-80.80895
60101Fairview Rd & Simsbury Rd35.147709-80.808787
10410Fairview Rd & Wintercrest Ln35.151925-80.843479
10420Fairview Rd & Wintercrest Ln35.151739-80.842007
46274Farmhurst Dr & Fairgreen Dr35.144162-80.890563
46239Farmhurst Dr & Nations Ford Rd35.143781-80.894361
46273Farmhurst Dr @ The Landings Apts35.146393-80.890283
46240Farmhurst Dr @ Tree Top Apts35.146585-80.893426
10860Fincher Blvd & Cypress Pond Dr35.284089-80.820207
10870Fincher Blvd & Cypress Pond Dr35.284524-80.820159
10850Fincher Blvd & Dalecrest Dr35.282671-80.820936
10900Fincher Blvd & Nevin Rd35.288278-80.8207
10910Fincher Blvd & Nevin Rd35.288363-80.820762
10880Fincher Blvd @ 350035.286378-80.820443
10890Fincher Blvd @ 350135.286325-80.820475
10960Firestone Dr & Dedmon Dr35.290192-80.870214
46444Forest Point Blvd & Arrowood Rd35.136978-80.903297
46563Forest Point Blvd & Arrowood Rd35.137047-80.903177
46446Forest Point Blvd @ Empl. Sec. Comm.35.142024-80.899881
46448Forest Point Blvd @ Empl. Sec. Comm.35.141855-80.899921
46445Forest Point Blvd @ Samaritan's Purse35.142803-80.897701
46447Forest Point Blvd @ Samaritan's Purse35.142681-80.897782
46562Forest Point Cir & Forest Point Blvd35.13115-80.90615
46561Forest Point Cir @ School of Nursing35.132391-80.90411
52751Freedom & Browns Ave35.252828-80.902184
freedmFreedom / Ashley35.244519-80.894299
11130Freedom Dr & Allenbrook Dr35.259095-80.914213
11131Freedom Dr & Allenbrook Dr35.259108-80.914534
11070Freedom Dr & Ashley Rd35.245968-80.894116
11080Freedom Dr & Ashley Rd35.245901-80.893501
11095Freedom Dr & Bradford Dr35.249942-80.898165
52750Freedom Dr & Browns Ave35.25277-80.901617
11030Freedom Dr & Camp Greene St35.235437-80.879696
11040Freedom Dr & Camp Greene St35.235269-80.879866
45830Freedom Dr & Eagles Landing Dr35.265793-80.927231
52400Freedom Dr & Eagles Landing Dr35.265795-80.927541
11096Freedom Dr & Edgewood Rd35.249852-80.898421
46419Freedom Dr & Elmwood Cir35.267833-80.931595
46420Freedom Dr & McDonald Rd35.268087-80.931297
52440Freedom Dr & Old Little Rock Rd35.27422-80.936336
46401Freedom Dr & Old Mt Holly Rd35.277182-80.937015
46402Freedom Dr & Old Mt Holly Rd35.277358-80.937238
11060Freedom Dr & Pacific St35.238083-80.883582
11140Freedom Dr & Park Fairfax Dr35.262529-80.9192
11120Freedom Dr & Ranch Rd35.257183-80.910086
11121Freedom Dr & Ranch Rd35.257246-80.910543
45833Freedom Dr & Teddington Dr35.265154-80.925297
11151Freedom Dr & Toddville Rd35.263094-80.920642
45599Freedom Dr & Weststone Dr35.25559-80.907412
45605Freedom Dr & Weststone Dr35.255885-80.90771
45831Freedom Dr & Wingate Dr35.273261-80.935591
45832Freedom Dr & Wingate Dr35.273116-80.935332
11050Freedom Dr @ 264035.238185-80.883387
51016French St CityLYNX35.246253-80.856853
41251Gamble St & Walnut St35.498606-80.853571
51028Gateway Station CityLYNX35.23115-80.847669
11230Georgetown Dr & Heatherbrooke Ave35.273463-80.774831
11250Georgetown Dr & Spring Garden Ln35.272988-80.776885
45906Gilbert St & Beatties Ford Rd35.268276-80.852682
45907Gilbert St & Beatties Ford Rd35.268312-80.852659
59550Gilead & Old Statesville35.410869-80.843735
41425Gilead Rd & Commerce Centre Dr35.410566-80.852816
41440Gilead Rd & Hillcrest Dr35.410662-80.846432
41450Gilead Rd & Hillcrest Dr35.410738-80.845947
41420Gilead Rd & Marguerite Ln35.410428-80.851472
41439Gilead Rd & Reese Blvd35.407207-80.863027
41438Gilead Rd @ Huntersville Presbyterian Hospital35.407685-80.86108
41436Gilead Rd @ Torrence Village35.406262-80.864849
11330Graham St & 5th St35.231886-80.845266
17670Graham St & 5th St35.231274-80.845898
17672Graham St & 6th St35.232019-80.844913
11335Graham St & 7th St35.233115-80.843612
17675Graham St & 7th St35.233124-80.843396
11340Graham St & 8th St35.233864-80.842561
17680Graham St & 9th St35.233997-80.842234
11350Graham St & 10th St35.235108-80.840867
46415Graham St & 10th St35.234941-80.840839
17780Graham St & 24th St35.247508-80.829761
17810Graham St & 24th St35.247356-80.829995
40020Graham St & Allen Rd South35.283759-80.803161
40030Graham St & Allen Rd South35.283856-80.803307
17980Graham St & Amble Dr35.272261-80.812342
17990Graham St & Amble Dr35.272532-80.812245
17940Graham St & Ameron Dr35.267802-80.815239
17700Graham St & Armour Dr35.242034-80.833949
42290Graham St & Armour Dr35.24229-80.833858
17180Graham St & Atando Ave35.260475-80.820034
17880Graham St & Atando Ave35.26057-80.820077
40010Graham St & Cannon Ave35.280618-80.805732
17800Graham St & Concordia Ave35.249778-80.82814
17820Graham St & Concordia Ave35.249476-80.828267
18000Graham St & Cottonwood St35.274954-80.810345
17970Graham St & Craighead Rd35.270102-80.813943
17690Graham St & Dalton Ave35.240089-80.835658
39460Graham St & Dalton Ave35.240392-80.835144
17860Graham St & Ennis Ave35.258088-80.821914
17861Graham St & Ennis Ave35.2583-80.821932
200Graham St & Equipment Dr35.279671-80.806609
17830Graham St & Franklin Av35.251321-80.827063
17840Graham St & Franklin Av35.251189-80.826909
17910Graham St & Johnson Rd35.264117-80.817217
17900Graham St & Kennedy St35.262303-80.81851
17740Graham St & Keswick Ave35.244726-80.831993
59840Graham St & Norris Ave35.254472-80.824513
59841Graham St & Norris Ave35.255691-80.823817
40015Graham St & Oneida Rd35.281911-80.804831
40016Graham St & Oneida Rd35.28213-80.804462
45374Graham St & Princess St35.28699-80.800792
45375Graham St & Princess St35.286921-80.800653
49330Graham St & Racine Ave35.290446-80.798191
18010Graham St & Reagan Dr35.274788-80.810221
17950Graham St & Starita Rd35.268838-80.814679
17960Graham St & Starita Rd35.269357-80.81452
17730Graham St & Sylvania Ave35.243735-80.832641
17920Graham St & Toal St35.265446-80.816574
17930Graham St & Toal St35.265505-80.816471
17760Graham St & Wolfberry St35.245531-80.831267
46417Graham St @ 5624 (Food Lion)35.289557-80.798576
11440Green Oaks Ln & Briar Creek Rd35.212669-80.793105
11390Green Oaks Ln & Commonwealth Ave35.212336-80.79722
11430Green Oaks Ln & Eastcrest Dr35.212761-80.793037
11410Green Oaks Ln & Oak Valley Ln35.213059-80.795759
11420Green Oaks Ln & Oak Valley Ln35.213133-80.795945
11490Greenland Ave & Ashley Rd35.226428-80.890127
44570Greenland Ave & Weyland Ave35.226252-80.88927
44605Greenland Ave & Weyland Ave35.226318-80.887761
44610Greenland Ave & Weyland Ave35.226178-80.887139
11500Greenwich Rd & Randolph Rd35.17849-80.800315
45615Grier Rd & Newell Hickory Grove Rd35.265262-80.736223
45620Grier Rd & Newell Hickory Grove Rd35.265107-80.735922
45913Grier Rd & Nicolet Glen Dr35.272619-80.723132
46341Grier Rd & Nicolet Glen Dr35.27244-80.723147
45118Grier Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.26655-80.730911
45869Grier Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.266441-80.730633
41257Griffith & Beatty35.502917-80.853198
46440Griffith St & Grocery Ln35.502135-80.860651
46441Griffith St & Grocery Ln35.5023-80.860837
46554Griffith St & Lakeside Ave35.502996-80.856303
41500Griffith St & Main St35.502088-80.848105
41256Griffith St & Sloan St35.502798-80.852886
11540Griffith St & Watson St35.502557-80.849951
11541Griffith St & Watson St35.502661-80.850202
40630Hambright Rd & Cimmaron Rd35.384739-80.882391
40710Hambright Rd & Comanche Rd35.382243-80.877795
40631Hambright Rd & Frontier Rd35.384706-80.882886
60110Hambright Rd & Pacemaker Ln35.382351-80.87829
11600Hamlin Park Dr & Brandon Forest Dr35.115574-80.858066
46185Hamlin Park Dr & Brandon Forest Dr35.11552-80.857991
46413Harris Corners Pkwy & Harris Oaks Blvd35.344606-80.846238
46412Harris Corners Pkwy & Maple View Ln35.345223-80.842969
49350Harrisburg Rd & First Run Ct35.229297-80.678747
49351Harrisburg Rd & First Run Ct35.229515-80.678729
11710Harrisburg Rd & Pence Rd35.213725-80.687087
38360Harrisburg Rd & Pence Rd35.213341-80.687203
49360Harrisburg Rd & Timbertop Ln35.238877-80.666797
49361Harrisburg Rd & Timbertop Ln35.239095-80.66678
11740Hateras Ave & Erie St35.259689-80.845468
11730Hateras Ave & Kennesaw Dr35.259915-80.846258
51010Hawthorne Ln & 5th St CityLYNX35.21379-80.82453
51011Hawthorne Ln & 5th St CityLYNX35.213796-80.824541
51012Hawthorne Ln & 8th St CityLYNX35.21679-80.820881
11860Hebron St & Nations Ford Rd35.12944-80.894159
38610Hebron St & Nations Ford Rd35.129587-80.89391
60920Hebron St & W. Arrowood Rd35.132688-80.895724
60921Hebron St & W. Arrowood Rd35.132597-80.896058
11910Hickory Grove Rd & Craigwood Dr35.223445-80.738316
11915Hickory Grove Rd & Craigwood Dr35.223294-80.738239
11920Hickory Grove Rd & Gaynelle Dr35.223102-80.735217
11950Hickory Grove Rd & Lawrence Orr Rd35.222757-80.728207
11930Hickory Grove Rd & Martha's Ridge Dr35.222953-80.732552
11935Hickory Grove Rd & Martha's Ridge Dr35.222809-80.73257
11890Hickory Grove Rd & Shamrock Dr35.223963-80.745427
11895Hickory Grove Rd & Shamrock Dr35.223804-80.745461
11880Hickory Grove Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.224248-80.74838
45372Hickory Grove Rd & Susan Dr35.224624-80.722934
11900Hickory Grove Rd & Valleyview Dr35.223938-80.742492
11905Hickory Grove Rd & Valleyview Dr35.22378-80.741907
11940Hickory Grove Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.222708-80.726415
11955Hickory Grove Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.222525-80.726745
45220Hickory Grove Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.223577-80.723888
46241High Meadow Ln @ Tree Top Apts35.148547-80.891548
46272High Meadow Ln @ Tree Top Apts35.148628-80.891613
45765Honeywood Ave & Tennessee Ave35.263843-80.874133
60910Hope Church35.365397-80.77289
60680Hoskins Rd & Black Ave35.26754-80.879046
60681Hoskins Rd & Black Ave35.267467-80.878909
12025Hoskins Rd & Brookshire Blvd35.266792-80.8812
12030Hoskins Rd & Brookshire Blvd35.266807-80.881455
12080Hoskins Rd & Chesapeake Dr35.272833-80.8744
12100Hoskins Rd & Chesapeake Dr35.274714-80.873451
12105Hoskins Rd & Chesapeake Dr35.274815-80.873293
44005Hoskins Rd & Cricketeer Dr35.276068-80.866532
45502Hoskins Rd & Gossett Av35.264958-80.884884
12150Hoskins Rd & Gossett Ave35.265025-80.885036
12050Hoskins Rd & Hoskins Avenue Dr35.262954-80.888529
44010Hoskins Rd & Maple Grove Dr35.275518-80.863014
44285Hoskins Rd & Maple Grove Dr35.275532-80.863544
12210Hoskins Rd & Morgan St35.26242-80.889288
12130Hoskins Rd & Northpointe Industrial Blvd35.276227-80.868205
12125Hoskins Rd & Northpointe Industrial Bv35.276251-80.869276
12120Hoskins Rd & Pompano Rd35.276466-80.871035
12000Hoskins Rd & Rozzelles Ferry Rd35.266252-80.883014
12010Hoskins Rd & Rozzelles Ferry Rd35.265728-80.883672
44365Hoskins Rd & Tuckers Glen Ln35.269916-80.876095
44370Hoskins Rd & Tuckers Glen Ln35.269446-80.876299
12190Hoskins Rd @ 22935.263338-80.887662
12170Hoskins Rd @ 31435.263727-80.887228
12320Hovis Rd & Bradford Dr35.262723-80.896009
12321Hovis Rd & Bradford Dr35.262592-80.895333
12350Hovis Rd & Gulf Dr35.268302-80.898703
12230Hovis Rd & Hoskins Rd35.262206-80.891026
12270Hovis Rd & Hoskins Rd35.262265-80.891084
12360Hovis Rd & Salem Church Rd35.277281-80.895336
12330Hovis Rd & Tarheel Rd35.265871-80.898419
12340Hovis Rd & Tarheel Rd35.265727-80.898342
12240Hovis Rd & Wildwood Ave35.262633-80.893773
12250Hovis Rd & Wildwood Ave35.262561-80.893206
11015Huntersville Gateway Park & Ride35.413539-80.857071
49338Hwy 51 & Marfield Ln35.090049-80.909937
49339Hwy 51 & Marfield Ln35.090389-80.90985
15I-485 Station35.107087-80.882925
46065I-485 Station35.107763-80.883651
46070I-485 Station35.107286-80.883314
46072I-485 Station35.107299-80.883021
45315IBM Dr & Hewitt Associates Dr35.307063-80.776167
45337IBM Dr & Hewitt Associates Dr35.306674-80.775716
45325IBM Dr & Neal Rd35.303996-80.772453
45357IBM Dr & Neal Rd35.304368-80.772746
45138IBM Dr & Old Mallard Creek Rd35.316531-80.776582
45142IBM Dr & Old Mallard Creek Rd35.316774-80.776613
45335IBM Dr & Solectron Dr35.311976-80.777538
45470IBM Dr & Solectron Dr35.311999-80.777666
49928IBM Dr & Vinoy Bv35.302502-80.769492
49930IBM Dr @ Innovation Park35.304741-80.763672
49929IBM Dr @ Vance HS35.3023-80.769315
45471IBM Dr @ YMCA35.31491-80.776831
12670Idlewild Rd & Boston Ave35.186002-80.741748
38240Idlewild Rd & Boston Ave35.18592-80.741723
12630Idlewild Rd & Cedars East Ct35.183782-80.751384
38330Idlewild Rd & Cedars East Ct35.183763-80.751087
12650Idlewild Rd & Cedarwild Rd35.185979-80.746779
38230Idlewild Rd & Cedarwild Rd35.185752-80.747038
46694Idlewild Rd & Chenango Dr35.177252-80.721339
38290Idlewild Rd & Cresthill Dr35.179758-80.724732
45867Idlewild Rd & Cresthill Dr35.180324-80.724964
46697Idlewild Rd & Cross Winds Rd35.177045-80.720635
12640Idlewild Rd & Dion Ave35.184796-80.748943
38220Idlewild Rd & Dion Ave35.18479-80.748792
38270Idlewild Rd & Highbrook Dr35.187057-80.736056
12690Idlewild Rd & Idlebrook Dr35.187422-80.73511
12680Idlewild Rd & Ivydale Dr35.185754-80.739128
38250Idlewild Rd & Ivydale Dr35.185673-80.739224
38260Idlewild Rd & Lynfield Dr35.186262-80.73705
38300Idlewild Rd & Lynworth Pl35.182755-80.72721
12710Idlewild Rd & New Hampshire Dr35.182829-80.726961
52290Idlewild Rd & Oak Dr35.174685-80.708138
38205Idlewild Rd & Piney Grove Rd35.18403-80.727956
38210Idlewild Rd & Piney Grove Rd35.183922-80.72818
12700Idlewild Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.186456-80.73116
38280Idlewild Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.186137-80.730812
46405Idlewild Rd & Wyalong Dr35.175145-80.70892
12660Idlewild Rd @ 700735.186367-80.74519
12580Idlewild Rd North & Lawyers Rd35.198759-80.721548
12730Idlewild Rd North & WT Harris Blvd35.195392-80.724319
12750Idlewild Rd North @ Snow Ln35.197622-80.722478
49611IKEA Blvd @ 820335.29484-80.762416
49610Ikea Blvd @ 820435.294618-80.762686
49602Ikea Blvd @ 830035.292137-80.762337
49603Ikea Blvd @ Burlington35.291719-80.762465
13110Independence Blvd & Calibre Crossing Dr35.154105-80.730643
13090Independence Blvd & Krefeld Dr35.158131-80.734427
45800Independence Blvd & Krefeld Dr35.157184-80.733834
46570Independence Blvd & Rice Rd35.139706-80.717644
46575Independence Blvd & Rice Rd35.139702-80.717892
13115Independence Blvd & Sardis Rd North35.147816-80.725046
13070Independence Blvd & Village Lake Dr35.162486-80.739124
13080Independence Blvd & Village Lake Dr35.161451-80.738469
13030Independence Blvd & Wallace Rd35.169687-80.744358
12980Independence Blvd @ 6052 (KFC)35.178071-80.7516
13010Independence Blvd @ 624835.174694-80.748538
13020Independence Blvd @ 633535.174358-80.747842
13040Independence Blvd @ 670135.169731-80.744024
13060Independence Blvd @ 701635.165965-80.74214
13100Independence Blvd @ Cross Creek Apts35.154745-80.730861
13095Independence Blvd @ Woodway Point Apts35.156329-80.732454
49335Independence Bv @ 695135.167398-80.742631
37210Independence Pointe Pkwy & Matthews-Mint Hill Rd35.118694-80.706389
37200Independence Pointe Pkwy @ 1063035.121647-80.707626
60530Industrial Dr @ Amazon35.241711-80.965182
60531Industrial Drive @ Amazon35.241563-80.965159
inthovInterurban & Hovis35.263649-80.897838
12271Interurban Ave & Hovis Rd35.262858-80.89932
13150Interurban Ave & Westridge Dr35.260762-80.903332
12275Interurban Ave & Willard St35.261756-80.901692
51024Irwin Ave CityLYNX35.235042-80.852809
13190Jennings St & Heil Pl35.255417-80.850379
13240Jennings St & Newcastle St35.25852-80.848014
13250Jennings St & Newcastle St35.258711-80.847921
13210Jennings St & Russell Ave35.25643-80.849695
13230Jennings St & Russell Ave35.256171-80.849951
40590Jetton St & Park Dr35.498262-80.856731
14710John Kirk & University Terrace35.308606-80.723792
60120John Kirk @ Rec Fields35.313143-80.723989
7650John St & Ames Rd35.11715-80.72417
37480John St & Ames Rd35.117258-80.724493
gatwyJohnson & Wales35.231273-80.847804
51026Johnson & Wales CityLYNX35.233737-80.850954
59580Johnson & Wales Way & 4th St35.233147-80.852583
59581Johnson & Wales Way @ Doubletree35.23359-80.852415
51018Johnson C. Smith University CityLYNX35.243514-80.858203
46323Johnston Rd & Birnen Dr35.096452-80.859438
46468Johnston Rd & Carmel Rd35.081421-80.850785
46190Johnston Rd & Cedar Creek Ln35.091913-80.856016
46191Johnston Rd & Cedar Point Ln35.093744-80.857943
46491Johnston Rd & Corporate Center Dr35.085835-80.85312
46467Johnston Rd & Harrowfield Rd35.081772-80.851242
49090Johnston Rd & Hildreth Ct35.079212-80.846818
46186Johnston Rd & Hwy 5135.088721-80.853242
46189Johnston Rd & Hwy 5135.086911-80.852921
13310Johnston Rd & McMullen Creek Pkwy35.092237-80.856779
46593Johnston Rd & North Community House Rd35.070232-80.842934
13280Johnston Rd & Park Rd35.095881-80.859303
44095Johnston Rd & Porterfield Rd35.078759-80.845714
46511Johnston Rd & Porterfield Rd35.076404-80.841362
46512Johnston Rd & Porterfield Rd35.076314-80.841542
49093Johnston Rd & Toringdon Way35.067876-80.844141
46517Johnston Rd & Walsh Blvd35.088983-80.853253
13300Johnston Rd @ Oakbrook Apts35.094556-80.858604
52830Julian Clark & Professional Center35.398596-80.867366
41428Julian Clark Av & Lindley Dr35.39817-80.866798
41430Julian Clark Av & Reese Blvd W35.397534-80.864556
89JW Clay Blvd Station35.310742-80.745189
jwcpnrJW Clay Park and Ride35.310185-80.745751
60130JW Clay Station Bay35.311231-80.746008
13630Kennesaw Dr & Newland Rd35.263678-80.845708
13640Kennesaw Dr & Newland Rd35.263801-80.845718
60140Kenton Cir & West Kenton Dr35.444844-80.890358
60141Kenton Cir & West Kenton Dr35.444791-80.890222
40372Kenton Dr & Waterview Dr35.447426-80.891083
40373Kenton Dr & Waterview Dr35.447608-80.891316
13660Kentucky Ave & Honeywood Ave35.263052-80.874768
13811Kings Dr & 4th Street35.216622-80.832513
25490Kings Dr & Ardsley Rd35.200454-80.836331
13770Kings Dr & Baxter St35.211645-80.835084
25440Kings Dr & Baxter St35.209658-80.836192
44630Kings Dr & Baxter St35.211578-80.834992
25480Kings Dr & Brunswick Ave35.203707-80.836027
25500Kings Dr & East Blvd35.196341-80.836814
13810Kings Dr & Elizabeth Ave35.218493-80.831604
25460Kings Dr & Henley Pl35.205537-80.83599
25510Kings Dr & Morehead St35.205484-80.836083
25450Kings Dr & Torrence St35.206966-80.836093
45769Lakeview Rd & Potomac Blvd35.331106-80.855538
45770Lakeview Rd & Potomac Blvd35.331261-80.855476
45816Lakeview Rd & Reames Rd35.332088-80.853209
45817Lakeview Rd & Reames Rd35.33222-80.852961
43725LaSalle St & Augusta St35.262667-80.852132
42930LaSalle St & Beatties Ford Rd35.262896-80.853715
43925LaSalle St & Beatties Ford Rd35.262752-80.856104
13930LaSalle St & Botany St35.262443-80.860634
45714LaSalle St & Botany St35.26241-80.860605
39730LaSalle St & Brownstone St35.261014-80.843229
42950LaSalle St & Custer St35.262731-80.853169
43720LaSalle St & Jennings St35.261548-80.847117
39240LaSalle St & Kennesaw Dr35.261387-80.84632
39230LaSalle St & Madrid St35.2622-80.850511
39250LaSalle St & Newcastle St35.260926-80.84317
13910LaSalle St & Taylor Ave35.262856-80.855923
60364Lawn Market & Lovers Lawn35.480486-80.855688
14090Lawyers Rd & Bent Creek Cir35.191427-80.703329
14140Lawyers Rd & Danbrooke Park Dr35.180983-80.682419
14150Lawyers Rd & Danbrooke Park Dr35.180827-80.682017
14205Lawyers Rd & Evans Rd35.176208-80.660843
14100Lawyers Rd & Glenmont Dr35.190322-80.701592
45848Lawyers Rd & Glenmont Dr35.190342-80.701529
14160Lawyers Rd & Golden Spike Dr35.17859-80.674464
14070Lawyers Rd & Harri Ann Dr35.194264-80.70754
14080Lawyers Rd & Harri Ann Dr35.194473-80.707772
14210Lawyers Rd & Hwy 5135.174038-80.657612
14220Lawyers Rd & Hwy 5135.174018-80.657495
44059Lawyers Rd & Lawyers Glen Dr35.177462-80.664066
14170Lawyers Rd & Lawyers Station Dr35.178626-80.674414
14130Lawyers Rd & Lebanon Rd35.185983-80.68768
14040Lawyers Rd & Maplewood Ln35.197969-80.717246
14110Lawyers Rd & Meadow Glen Dr35.18857-80.693453
45767Lawyers Rd & Meadow Glen Dr35.188478-80.692701
14240Lawyers Rd & Old Lawyers Rd35.200524-80.72252
14055Lawyers Rd & Rolling Oak Ln35.195739-80.711317
14060Lawyers Rd & Rolling Oak Ln35.195719-80.711878
44060Lawyers Rd & Truelight Church Rd35.17803-80.666704
14050Lawyers Rd & Walnut Grove Ln35.197503-80.716383
14120Lawyers Rd & Wilson Grove Rd35.186332-80.688086
14180Lawyers Rd & Wooden Rail Ln35.17783-80.669829
14190Lawyers Rd & Wooden Rail Ln35.177875-80.66974
10920Lightspun Ln & Firespun Dr35.288988-80.872737
14340Little Rock Rd & I-8535.243212-80.938012
14335Little Rock Rd & Tuckaseegee Rd35.245245-80.937138
ewstsLYNX East / West Blvd Station35.211757-80.857712
40200Main & Hickory35.479458-80.85695
40210Main & Hickory35.479529-80.856951
60368Main & Smith35.476249-80.854479
60369Main & Smith35.476283-80.85468
40300Main St & Catawba Ave35.495862-80.85294
40320Main St & Concord Rd35.498745-80.848728
40330Main St & Concord Rd35.49878-80.848573
40280Main St & Cornelius St35.491564-80.857596
40290Main St & Cornelius St35.491861-80.857418
52190Main St & Eugenia St35.494742-80.853368
52191Main St & Eugenia St35.495087-80.853163
40340Main St & Griffith St35.501117-80.847617
41259Main St & Griffith St35.501414-80.847618
40240Main St & Legion St35.487443-80.858446
40250Main St & Legion St35.487366-80.858397
40260Main St & McCall St35.489786-80.857945
40270Main St & Pecan St35.489781-80.857895
40220Main St & Railroad St35.482595-80.858281
40230Main St & Railroad St35.48264-80.858208
52199Main St & Walnut St35.496972-80.851119
41258Main St @ Davidson Town Hall35.497738-80.849569
41959Main St @ Davidson Town Hall35.497693-80.849598
60660Main St. & Cranford Dr.35.086279-80.892011
60661Main St. & Cranford Dr.35.086579-80.89215
45856Mallard Creek Church & Alexander Pointe35.323082-80.736073
60160Mallard Creek Church & Alexander Village35.334194-80.750927
60170Mallard Creek Church & Berkeley Place35.327464-80.737403
45441Mallard Creek Church & David Taylor35.33885-80.763356
60161Mallard Creek Church & Legranger35.333559-80.748868
60150Mallard Creek Church @ 218235.338096-80.760435
14640Mallard Creek Church Rd & Alexander Glen Dr35.318516-80.729179
45921Mallard Creek Church Rd & Bonnie Cone Ln35.317691-80.72727
46379Mallard Creek Church Rd & Claude Freeman Dr35.338119-80.761135
60200Mallard Creek Church Rd & Crescent View Dr35.342364-80.765324
60201Mallard Creek Church Rd & Crescent View Dr35.342482-80.765729
45410Mallard Creek Church Rd & David Taylor Dr35.340181-80.765954
60210Mallard Creek Church Rd & Galloway Rd35.343965-80.762742
60211Mallard Creek Church Rd & Galloway Rd35.344848-80.761789
45923Mallard Creek Church Rd & John Kirk35.315885-80.724047
45931Mallard Creek Church Rd & John Kirk Dr35.315473-80.724088
14650Mallard Creek Church Rd & Mary Alexander Rd35.316877-80.726365
60180Mallard Creek Church Rd & Mine Shaft Ln35.31207-80.72001
60171Mallard Creek Church Rd & Pinnacle Dr35.328601-80.738031
60190Mallard Creek Church Rd & Senator Royall Dr35.335666-80.754648
14610Mallard Creek Church Rd & Tryon St35.320507-80.732329
14635Mallard Creek Church Rd & Tryon St35.320615-80.732725
45927Mallard Creek Church Rd & University City Blvd35.309857-80.718924
45936Mallard Creek Church Rd & University City Blvd35.309864-80.719327
45958Mallard Creek Church Rd & University Village Blvd35.313741-80.721522
45959Mallard Creek Church Rd & University Village Blvd35.313783-80.721897
45354Mallard Creek Park & Ride35.323821-80.772774
40100Mallard Creek Rd & Avalon Oaks Dr35.304818-80.797758
40160Mallard Creek Rd & Baucom Rd35.315174-80.78247
60212Mallard Creek Rd & Breezewood35.358407-80.753988
60213Mallard Creek Rd & Breezewood35.358197-80.754058
45344Mallard Creek Rd & Hubbard Rd35.311844-80.7904
45346Mallard Creek Rd & Hubbard Rd35.311481-80.791715
46625Mallard Creek Rd & Island Park Cir35.327265-80.772862
40170Mallard Creek Rd & Krystle June Blvd35.314612-80.783497
46620Mallard Creek Rd & Legacy Park Dr35.323604-80.774114
40140Mallard Creek Rd & Mallard Forest Dr35.309233-80.793969
40150Mallard Creek Rd & Mallard Forest Dr35.308817-80.794406
45400Mallard Creek Rd & Mallard Hill Dr35.339295-80.770498
40130Mallard Creek Rd & Mallard Park Dr35.307048-80.795872
40080Mallard Creek Rd & Mallard Square Ln35.302304-80.799975
40110Mallard Creek Rd & Nevin Rd35.304599-80.798098
60403Mallard Creek Rd & Odell School Rd35.365505-80.741986
60404Mallard Creek Rd & Odell School Rd35.365036-80.74231
40190Mallard Creek Rd & Old Mallard Creek Rd35.316933-80.780574
40155Mallard Creek Rd & Penninger Cir35.312762-80.78818
40156Mallard Creek Rd & Penninger Cir35.312548-80.788544
40120Mallard Creek Rd & Rockwell Church Rd35.306826-80.796149
40090Mallard Creek Rd & Sugar Creek Rd35.301787-80.80054
40180Mallard Creek Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.316685-80.780496
14880Marvin Rd & Billingsley Rd35.191321-80.798922
45910Marvin Rd & Billingsley Rd35.192111-80.799111
43945Marvin Rd & Villa Ct35.193149-80.799842
14870Marvin Rd & Wendover Rd35.1905-80.798603
42935Marvin Rd & Wendover Rd35.190909-80.798692
42355Matthews Park & Ride35.134354-80.715484
41130Matthews Township Pkwy & Paces Ave35.121832-80.713185
40159Matthews Township Pkwy & Sam Newell Rd35.121801-80.716137
49385Matthews Township Pkwy & Sardis Rd35.118183-80.739239
49386Matthews Township Pkwy & Sardis Rd35.118412-80.739196
49380Matthews Township Pkwy & W John St35.122176-80.729567
49381Matthews Township Pkwy & W John St35.121878-80.729811
37220Matthews-Mint Hill Rd & Crestdale Rd35.11788-80.708464
37250Matthews-Mint Hill Rd @ 701 (Conbraco)35.117831-80.710669
37230Matthews-Mint Hill Rd @ Presbyterian Hospital35.117712-80.71283
45081McClure Cir & Bellhaven Blvd35.304009-80.93599
40720McCoy Rd & Stratton Farm Rd35.395177-80.874523
40730McCoy Rd & Stratton Farm Rd35.394813-80.875109
60220McCoy Rd & Toronto Pl35.38732-80.881302
60221McCoy Rd & Toronto Pl35.387027-80.881361
88McCullough Station35.301124-80.752875
25530McDowell St & 3rd St35.21801-80.838244
25570McDowell St & Baxter St35.214967-80.84298
25580McDowell St & Baxter St35.214612-80.843227
25540McDowell St & Martin Luther King Jr Blvd35.217742-80.838901
25550McDowell St & Martin Luther King Jr Blvd35.217237-80.839382
51004McDowell St CityLYNX35.221125-80.835988
51005McDowell St CityLYNX35.221186-80.836004
44245Medical Plaza Dr & WT Harris Blvd35.318467-80.775856
44246Medical Plaza Dr & WT Harris Blvd35.318705-80.775942
60340Metrolina Greenhouses35.421057-80.777043
15210Milan Rd & Big River Rd35.290953-80.872876
15160Milan Rd East & Braden Dr35.286827-80.868361
15150Milan Rd East & Otwell Ct35.286417-80.87053
15440Milton Rd & Barrington Dr35.237549-80.744368
59850Milton Rd & Belle Plaine Dr35.243724-80.751595
59851Milton Rd & Belle Plaine Dr35.24367-80.751862
15360Milton Rd & Briarhill Dr35.23939-80.748179
15370Milton Rd & Briarhill Dr35.239167-80.747809
15390Milton Rd & Meadowcliff Dr35.238041-80.746978
15400Milton Rd & Mendham Dr35.237716-80.745708
15320Milton Rd & Oak Forest Dr35.24018-80.748822
15480Milton Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.237068-80.740462
15500Milton Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.237113-80.7391
15510Milton Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.236782-80.737123
15310Milton Rd & Tipperary Pl35.241601-80.749995
45426Milton Rd & Tipperary Pl35.241505-80.749772
11990Mint Hill Festival Shopping Ctr @ Hwy 5135.172153-80.657417
51030Mint St CityLYNX35.229461-80.845694
46406Mintworth Ave & Margaret Wallace Rd35.171881-80.709226
44275Monroe Crossing Mall35.004878-80.558109
15800Monroe Rd & Alcott St35.204077-80.802455
16100Monroe Rd & Ashmore Dr35.186284-80.765147
16120Monroe Rd & Ashmore Dr35.186123-80.764326
16150Monroe Rd & Bainbridge Rd35.183126-80.759698
16160Monroe Rd & Bainbridge Rd35.183247-80.760052
15810Monroe Rd & Briar Creek Rd35.204227-80.802381
15880Monroe Rd & Buford Ave35.199083-80.794959
16300Monroe Rd & Burtonwood Cir35.171124-80.756695
16370Monroe Rd & Chasewood Dr35.162514-80.752755
15850Monroe Rd & Chipley Ave35.201036-80.797731
15855Monroe Rd & Chipley Ave35.201338-80.797878
15980Monroe Rd & Chippendale Rd35.193648-80.782429
16000Monroe Rd & Chippendale Rd35.193391-80.781319
15790Monroe Rd & Colonnade Dr35.204326-80.804158
16010Monroe Rd & Commodore St35.192706-80.780152
15950Monroe Rd & Commonwealth Ave35.194387-80.784631
15960Monroe Rd & Commonwealth Ave35.194237-80.784966
16230Monroe Rd & Conference Dr35.177201-80.756635
16490Monroe Rd & Covedale Dr35.147477-80.745097
16510Monroe Rd & Covedale Dr35.146911-80.744336
16550Monroe Rd & Delmar Office Dr35.142228-80.740348
15770Monroe Rd & Dunn Ave35.204444-80.808453
16240Monroe Rd & Eaglewood Ave35.173964-80.756863
16040Monroe Rd & Eaton Rd35.191101-80.776016
15830Monroe Rd & Fortune St35.202512-80.799401
16351Monroe Rd & Fox Run Dr35.165542-80.754574
16610Monroe Rd & Galleria Blvd35.134038-80.736413
37520Monroe Rd & Galleria Blvd35.134929-80.737071
36480Monroe Rd & Hwy 5135.120319-80.727963
45119Monroe Rd & Hwy 5135.123807-80.729107
16130Monroe Rd & Idlewild Rd35.184788-80.762487
16640Monroe Rd & Lois St35.12089-80.727989
16140Monroe Rd & Long Ave35.184858-80.762283
16360Monroe Rd & Lumarka Dr35.162827-80.752765
42325Monroe Rd & Mandarin Blvd35.190126-80.773551
45948Monroe Rd & Matthews Township Pkwy35.123648-80.729251
16420Monroe Rd & McAlpine Station Dr35.155347-80.748174
15930Monroe Rd & McAlway Rd35.194858-80.788134
16250Monroe Rd & McLaughlin Dr35.173738-80.757046
16090Monroe Rd & McMullen Way35.186952-80.766882
16091Monroe Rd & McMullen Way35.187076-80.766634
15760Monroe Rd & Montrose St35.204338-80.808515
15890Monroe Rd & Oak Grove Rd35.198722-80.794616
16190Monroe Rd & Old Post Rd35.179246-80.75715
16200Monroe Rd & Old Post Rd35.178768-80.75683
16521Monroe Rd & Orchard Lake Dr35.145086-80.74283
16540Monroe Rd & Orchard Lake Dr35.143616-80.741428
16560Monroe Rd & Orchard Lake Dr35.142176-80.740524
16350Monroe Rd & Painter Pl35.165023-80.754432
16290Monroe Rd & Pinafore Dr35.171717-80.757036
15780Monroe Rd & Puhlman St35.204212-80.805083
16380Monroe Rd & Renard Ridge Rd35.160744-80.751606
16390Monroe Rd & Renard Ridge Rd35.160845-80.751487
16030Monroe Rd & Ross Moore Ave35.191188-80.776661
16580Monroe Rd & Sardis Rd North35.140107-80.73958
16600Monroe Rd & Sardis Rd North35.139798-80.739249
37460Monroe Rd & Sardis Rd North35.137925-80.738623
37465Monroe Rd & Sardis Rd North (Eckerd Drugs)35.138026-80.738462
43340Monroe Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.188477-80.770643
42340Monroe Rd & Summey Ave35.190404-80.774534
16430Monroe Rd & Timber Springs Dr35.155246-80.747828
16400Monroe Rd & Village Lake Dr35.156667-80.749018
16410Monroe Rd & Village Lake Dr35.158085-80.749638
16260Monroe Rd & Wallace Ln35.175389-80.756497
15820Monroe Rd & Washburn Ave35.203145-80.800429
15900Monroe Rd & Wendover Rd35.197237-80.791915
15910Monroe Rd & Wendover Rd35.196083-80.790403
16320Monroe Rd & Woodberry Rd35.167148-80.755538
16450Monroe Rd @ 851635.153482-80.746962
16480Monroe Rd @ 853935.153298-80.7466
37490Monroe Rd @ 10600 (Animal Clinic)35.128806-80.732522
16630Monroe Rd @ 1070135.128252-80.731694
45957Monroe Rd @ 1080135.12678-80.730298
46477Monroe Rd @ 1080435.126555-80.730409
37510Monroe Rd @ Drake Apts35.132446-80.735833
16620Monroe Rd @ Family Dollar35.131499-80.735004
16520Monroe Rd @ Greylyn Park35.14521-80.74265
16310Monroe Rd @ Mason Wallace Park35.168225-80.755762
12490Montana Dr @ 53235.265916-80.873849
16650Monteith Dr & Canterwood Dr35.274325-80.774176
45407Morehead St & Arty Ave35.225011-80.87743
45429Morehead St & Arty Ave35.224829-80.877412
33430Morehead St & Grandin Rd35.2291-80.865636
33440Morehead St & Grandin Rd35.229209-80.864629
7820Morehead St & Harding Pl35.206308-80.837762
7821Morehead St & Harding Pl35.206056-80.837361
7800Morehead St & Kenilworth Ave35.208874-80.839973
7810Morehead St & Kenilworth Ave35.208123-80.839467
33470Morehead St & Millerton Av35.227999-80.872411
33371Morehead St & Millerton Ave35.227854-80.872959
20282Morris Field Dr & Airport Center Pkwy35.216641-80.921518
20281Morris Field Dr & CPCC Harris Campus Dr35.216492-80.921332
16690Morris Field Dr & Seymour35.220047-80.915033
16691Morris Field Dr & Seymour Dr35.220066-80.91483
46550Mt Holly Rd & Chattaroy Dr35.296568-80.977245
46551Mt Holly Rd & Chattaroy Dr35.296625-80.977446
46654Mt Holly Rd & Hugh Caldwell Rd35.28223-80.943763
46655Mt Holly Rd & Hugh Caldwell Rd35.282193-80.944027
46529Mt Holly Rd & Meadecroft Rd35.286155-80.956787
46530Mt Holly Rd & Meadecroft Rd35.286531-80.957562
46533Mt Holly Rd & Sonoma Valley Dr35.290629-80.968952
46534Mt Holly Rd & Sonoma Valley Dr35.290834-80.968813
46527Mt Holly Rd & Ventner Ct35.284696-80.949955
46528Mt Holly Rd & Ventner Ct35.284614-80.949339
46555Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Brookmere Ln35.309485-80.974746
46552Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Cayenne Dr35.315881-80.960445
46505Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Couloak Dr35.324047-80.947593
46506Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Couloak Dr35.323612-80.948297
46553Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Country Ln35.315861-80.961254
46556Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Dipali Ct35.309494-80.974436
46601Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Falls Branch Ln35.305389-80.980337
46602Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Falls Branch Ln35.304986-80.980447
46501Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Garron Point Rd35.302552-80.985379
46502Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Garron Point Rd35.302493-80.985284
49921Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Harwood Ln35.315141-80.964479
49920Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Mountain Aire Cir35.315109-80.964234
46531Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Newfound Hollow Dr35.308838-80.976093
46532Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Newfound Hollow Dr35.308643-80.976212
46519Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Northwoods Forest Dr35.311898-80.969403
46520Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Northwoods Forest Dr35.311376-80.970247
49298Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Pawley Dr35.303967-80.982519
46503Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Rozzelles Ferry Rd35.319911-80.953523
46504Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd & Rozzelles Ferry Rd35.319772-80.953486
45975Mt Kisco Dr & Squirrel Hill Rd35.271751-80.786435
60700Mt. Holly Rd & Hansard Dr35.285346-80.953601
60701Mt. Holly Rd and Hansard Dr35.285465-80.953491
46604Mt. Holly-Huntersville Rd & Rozzelles Ferry35.321807-80.95146
13200Mulberry Ave & Heil Pl35.255228-80.850512
16990Mulberry Ave & Miles Ct35.252628-80.850888
17000Mulberry Ave & Miles Ct35.252649-80.850976
17050Mulberry Church Rd & Queen City Dr35.241002-80.919438
17020Mulberry Church Rd & Tuckaseegee Rd35.243871-80.919761
19130N Tryon St @ Cookout35.317825-80.738069
44165Nations Ford Rd & Arrowood Rd35.134072-80.891874
44170Nations Ford Rd & Arrowood Rd35.134008-80.891752
19330Nations Ford Rd & Choyce Ave35.150177-80.897485
19400Nations Ford Rd & Colony Acres Dr35.139207-80.893713
19410Nations Ford Rd & Deanna Ln35.140069-80.893994
19270Nations Ford Rd & Echodale Dr35.156826-80.897037
19280Nations Ford Rd & Echodale Dr35.156897-80.896925
19350Nations Ford Rd & Farmhurst Dr35.145775-80.895669
19360Nations Ford Rd & Farmhurst Dr35.143176-80.894598
19370Nations Ford Rd & Forest Point Blvd35.14305-80.894712
19260Nations Ford Rd & Glenrock Dr35.158614-80.896844
19420Nations Ford Rd & Hilary Cir35.138598-80.892996
19430Nations Ford Rd & Huntsmoor Dr35.137687-80.892376
19440Nations Ford Rd & Huntsmoor Dr35.136905-80.89192
19200Nations Ford Rd & Lone Pine Ln35.168775-80.89184
46118Nations Ford Rd & Lone Pine Ln35.168805-80.892018
19160Nations Ford Rd & Marshall Air Dr35.17117-80.890524
19320Nations Ford Rd & Nations Dr35.15065-80.897804
44145Nations Ford Rd & Old Hebron Rd35.131029-80.891784
46117Nations Ford Rd & Radford Ave35.172007-80.890606
44140Nations Ford Rd & Ramblelake Rd35.130215-80.892156
19340Nations Ford Rd & Red Roof Dr35.145503-80.895683
19310Nations Ford Rd & Regency Executive Park Dr35.15276-80.897649
19240Nations Ford Rd & Sharview Cir35.161085-80.896423
19250Nations Ford Rd & Sharview Cir35.161257-80.89631
19380Nations Ford Rd & Short Hills Dr35.141404-80.89452
19390Nations Ford Rd & Short Hills Dr35.14137-80.894399
19140Nations Ford Rd & Tryon St35.17808-80.891129
46116Nations Ford Rd & Tryon St35.177996-80.891227
45150Nations Ford Rd & Tyvola Glen Cir35.165747-80.893724
19210Nations Ford Rd & Tyvola Rd35.163497-80.895399
19230Nations Ford Rd & Tyvola Rd35.162638-80.896058
45756Nations Ford Rd & Tyvola Rd35.165955-80.893721
19290Nations Ford Rd @ EE Waddell High School35.154321-80.897293
19300Nations Ford Rd @ EE Waddell High School35.154316-80.89743
45460Neal Rd & IBM Dr35.302567-80.774168
45461Neal Rd & Rumstone Ln35.296304-80.778845
45462Neal Rd & Rumstone Ln35.29627-80.778727
19560Nevin Rd & Spring Terrace Ln35.288203-80.823145
19570Nevin Rd & Spring Terrace Ln35.288329-80.822638
8New Bern Station35.199887-80.869042
wstbkvNew Renaissance & Burnette35.207128-80.919931
40000New Renaissance Way & Burnette Ave35.209172-80.920613
40005New Renaissance Way & West Blvd35.207884-80.919993
40006New Renaissance Way & West Blvd35.207722-80.919707
19670Newland Rd & Gilbert St35.268137-80.850775
45763Newland Rd & Gilbert St35.268107-80.850805
19650Newland Rd & Holly St35.267252-80.850105
19660Newland Rd & Holly St35.267519-80.850396
19630Newland Rd & Irma St35.265207-80.847599
19640Newland Rd & Irma St35.265072-80.847435
19835Nobles Ave & Holabird Ln35.209365-80.91469
19740Nobles Ave & Leake St35.209532-80.918458
19810Nobles Ave & Leake St35.209789-80.917809
19850Nobles Ave & Leake St35.209789-80.917615
19800Nobles Ave @ 310035.209456-80.916103
19860Norris Ave & Catalina Ave35.251889-80.819572
19870Norris Ave & Catalina Ave35.251644-80.819514
45715Norris Ave & Graham St35.254801-80.823753
45718Norris Ave & Graham St35.254668-80.823704
36820Norris Ave & Grimes St35.253501-80.821453
45719Norris Ave & Grimes St35.253438-80.821391
19890Norris Ave & Isenhour St35.257541-80.832482
19900Norris Ave & Isenhour St35.257474-80.832957
45717Norris Ave & Olando St35.256177-80.826237
45725Norris Ave & Olando St35.256357-80.826373
19905Norris Ave & Statesville Ave35.257488-80.834408
19910Norris Ave & Statesville Ave35.257337-80.835299
39260Norris Ave & Wells St35.257522-80.829242
45063Norris Ave & Wells St35.257623-80.829333
52613North Community House Rd & Ballantyne Commons Pkwy35.055841-80.835823
52604North Community House Rd & Endhaven Ln35.067916-80.839165
52600North Community House Rd & Johnston Rd35.070062-80.842255
52612North Community House Rd @ 1160535.059449-80.837431
46582Northcross Dr & Andy Dr35.440887-80.873936
46583Northcross Dr & Andy Dr35.440689-80.874066
46580Northcross Dr & Bridgeford Ln35.431732-80.872188
46581Northcross Dr & Bridgeford Ln35.432555-80.871385
45363Northcross Park & Ride35.448334-80.871575
60930Northeast Pkwy @ Annecy Dr35.138273-80.711829
60710Northeast Pkwy @ Windsor Landing Apartments35.135641-80.708541
46438Northlake Centre Pkwy & Northlake Mall Dr35.35246-80.855795
46439Northlake Centre Pkwy & Point O'Woods Dr35.34958-80.856913
45818Northlake Mall (1st stop)35.350306-80.854621
45813Northlake Mall (2nd Stop)35.349871-80.854054
45815Northlake Mall Park & Ride35.352833-80.855219
38640Oakland St & Main Ave35.264641-81.179888
20070Oaklawn & Fairfield35.25057-80.850765
20080Oaklawn & Mulberry35.25117-80.851575
20030Oaklawn Ave & Andrill Ter35.248814-80.847592
20040Oaklawn Ave & Andrill Ter35.248566-80.847513
20050Oaklawn Ave & Blazer Dr35.250049-80.84952
20010Oaklawn Ave & Burton St35.247689-80.843196
39370Oaklawn Ave & Burton St35.247716-80.843916
20060Oaklawn Ave & Clifton St35.249912-80.8495
45911Oaklawn Ave & Ethel Guest Ln35.246233-80.839002
45912Oaklawn Ave & Ethel Guest Ln35.24633-80.83895
45901Oaklawn Ave & Rush Wind Dr35.248138-80.84474
19970Oaklawn Ave & Spring St35.245892-80.837533
45762Oaklawn Ave & Spring St35.245678-80.8372
19990Oaklawn Ave & Stroud Park Ct35.247005-80.84116
45761Oaklawn Ave & Stroud Park Ct35.246773-80.840742
85Old Concord Road Station35.259934-80.77279
60230Old Concord Station Bay35.260672-80.771858
45827Old Mt Holly Rd & East Todd Ln35.280174-80.901795
52512Old Mt Holly Rd & East Todd Ln35.280292-80.903182
52513Old Mt Holly Rd & East Todd Ln35.280379-80.902951
45829Old Mt Holly Rd & Melynda Rd35.281535-80.909335
45836Old Mt Holly Rd & Melynda Rd35.281472-80.909296
52430Old Mt Holly Rd & Tank Farm Rd35.280524-80.923933
46484Old Mt Holly Rd & Todd Ln35.28052-80.904172
46494Old Mt Holly Rd & Toddville Rd35.281796-80.91404
52429Old Mt Holly Rd & Toddville Rd35.281232-80.914223
52480Old Mt Holly Rd & Tom Sadler Rd35.279226-80.935587
46495Old Mt Holly Rd & West Ave35.281864-80.911838
52511Old Mt Holly Rd & West Todd Ln35.28065-80.904174
44390Old Mt Holly Rd & Windy Valley Dr35.279982-80.901827
52478Old Mt Holly Rd @ Post Office35.278617-80.930162
60240Old Statesville & Alexandriana Rd35.3716-80.832188
60241Old Statesville & Alexandriana Rd35.371872-80.832685
60355Old Statesville & Gibbon35.315395-80.833588
60360Old Statesville & Henderson35.324763-80.826852
60353Old Statesville & Henderson Cir35.318663-80.83037
60354Old Statesville & Henderson Cir35.322077-80.827732
60351Old Statesville & Laborde35.328773-80.826351
60361Old Statesville & LaBorde35.328709-80.826241
60358Old Statesville & Oak Dr35.319562-80.8293
60359Old Statesville & Pete Brown35.322151-80.82747
60352Old Statesville & Ratcliff35.32526-80.826899
60357Old Statesville & Spring Trace35.31274-80.836143
60350Old Statesville & Twin35.332335-80.825804
60362Old Statesville & Twin35.332303-80.825673
45806Old Statesville Rd & Gibbon Rd35.31498-80.833665
49854Old Statesville Rd & Hambright Rd35.376537-80.833271
49855Old Statesville Rd & Hambright Rd35.377836-80.833722
41295Old Statesville Rd & Mt Holly Huntersville Rd35.404591-80.84111
41296Old Statesville Rd & Mt Holly Huntersville Rd35.405366-80.841498
41293Old Statesville Rd & Mullen St35.407112-80.842147
41294Old Statesville Rd & Mullen St35.408206-80.842226
45814Old Statesville Rd & Spring Trace Dr35.312586-80.836136
49860Old Statesville Rd & Verhoeff Dr35.39531-80.83612
49861Old Statesville Rd & Verhoeff Dr35.395072-80.836115
45804Old Statesville Rd @ Davita Dialysis35.313451-80.835105
60356Old Statesville Rd @ Davita Dialysis35.313659-80.83523
41292Old Statesville Rd @ Huntersville Municipal Bldg35.410122-80.842701
41921Old Statesville Rd @ Huntersville Municipal Bldg35.410076-80.842872
41297Old Statesville Rd @ Monteith Place35.399339-80.838574
41298Old Statesville Rd @ Monteith Place35.399374-80.838437
46134Old Steele Creek Rd & Wilkinson Blvd35.223589-80.898696
46139Old Steele Creek Rd & Wilkinson Blvd35.223577-80.898555
52720Old Steele Creek Rd & Willow St35.218144-80.904574
52721Old Steele Creek Rd & Willow St35.218177-80.904703
20400Orange St & Maxwell Ariel Ln35.200782-80.808328
20410Orange St & McVay St35.202217-80.807158
20380Orange St & Sam Drenan Rd35.19914-80.809578
52474Orr Rd & Old Concord Rd35.263544-80.76388
52472Orr Rd & Pecan Grove Mhp Dr35.264866-80.766547
52000Outlets Bv & Designer Dr35.170452-80.972855
20830Park Rd & Abbey Pl35.168706-80.850616
21260Park Rd & Arbor Pointe Dr35.107358-80.858187
21270Park Rd & Arbor Pointe Dr35.107848-80.858148
21020Park Rd & Archdale Dr35.14583-80.849755
21135Park Rd & Barcan Ct35.132348-80.853628
21280Park Rd & Birnen Dr35.103873-80.857823
21290Park Rd & Birnen Dr35.103825-80.857571
21403Park Rd & Blue Heron35.081787-80.867758
21400Park Rd & Blue Heron Dr35.082517-80.867972
21420Park Rd & Camelback Cir35.078486-80.868839
21425Park Rd & Camelback Cir35.078412-80.868794
46355Park Rd & Carolina Place Pkwy35.075322-80.877763
49297Park Rd & Carolina Place Pkwy35.075318-80.876746
20540Park Rd & Charlotte Dr35.19934-80.852078
20550Park Rd & Charlotte Dr35.199593-80.851985
20980Park Rd & Closeburn Rd35.151169-80.848715
20890Park Rd & Cortland Rd35.162094-80.849161
46354Park Rd & Gleneagles Rd35.119321-80.855092
21220Park Rd & Hamlin Park Dr35.115495-80.856576
21230Park Rd & Hamlin Park Dr35.115665-80.856232
20670Park Rd & Hampton Gardens Ln35.185415-80.85276
20770Park Rd & Heather Ln35.174516-80.851281
20710Park Rd & Hillside Ave35.180714-80.851434
20720Park Rd & Hillside Ave35.179474-80.851319
21360Park Rd & Hunter Ridge Dr35.088119-80.870905
21370Park Rd & Hunter Ridge Dr35.088228-80.870712
21385Park Rd & Hunter Trail Ln35.085412-80.868931
21120Park Rd & Huntington Farms Ln35.133831-80.853568
21427Park Rd & I-48535.077211-80.871267
21428Park Rd & I-48535.077118-80.871238
20520Park Rd & Ideal Way35.200925-80.852272
20530Park Rd & Ideal Way35.200888-80.852177
44130Park Rd & Magnolia Ave35.202788-80.852509
44135Park Rd & Magnolia Ave35.202523-80.852402
20930Park Rd & Manning Dr35.157272-80.848432
20640Park Rd & Marsh Rd35.187875-80.853066
20660Park Rd & Marsh Rd35.186345-80.852884
20570Park Rd & McDonald Ave35.197689-80.851813
21200Park Rd & Meeting St35.121394-80.85468
21210Park Rd & Meeting St35.121-80.854616
20820Park Rd & Mockingbird Ln35.168112-80.850676
20840Park Rd & Mockingbird Ln35.167058-80.850394
20790Park Rd & Montford Dr35.17109-80.851112
21080Park Rd & Northampton Dr35.139363-80.852262
21090Park Rd & Northampton Dr35.140018-80.851899
21325Park Rd & Old Park Dr35.096157-80.861165
21060Park Rd & Old Reid Rd35.141765-80.851062
20560Park Rd & Ordermore Ave35.197685-80.851709
21380Park Rd & Osprey Dr35.086046-80.869704
21330Park Rd & Park Cedar Dr35.095038-80.865854
21335Park Rd & Park Cedar Dr35.095089-80.866099
21300Park Rd & Park Crossing Dr35.099498-80.859245
21310Park Rd & Park Crossing Dr35.099411-80.859022
20760Park Rd & Park Rd Shopping Center Dr35.175579-80.85098
20680Park Rd & Park Slope Dr35.185226-80.852906
21100Park Rd & Park South Dr35.136995-80.852937
21110Park Rd & Park South Dr35.137109-80.853027
21320Park Rd & Plum Creek Ln35.096089-80.860963
20580Park Rd & Poindexter Dr35.191524-80.85316
20630Park Rd & Poindexter Dr35.191467-80.853095
20650Park Rd & Princeton Ave35.188662-80.853014
20600Park Rd & Salem Dr35.194241-80.851802
20920Park Rd & Scofield Rd35.15597-80.848379
20950Park Rd & Scofield Rd35.155805-80.848191
20910Park Rd & Selwyn Ave35.159198-80.8486
20940Park Rd & Selwyn Ave35.159925-80.848827
20850Park Rd & Seneca Pl35.165861-80.850508
20860Park Rd & Seneca Pl35.164857-80.850164
21160Park Rd & Seth Thomas Rd35.129013-80.854285
20590Park Rd & Sunset Dr35.194007-80.85206
20700Park Rd & Townes Rd35.183301-80.85229
21405Park Rd & Tradewinds Ln35.079986-80.8678
21410Park Rd & Tradewinds Ln35.080232-80.867846
20970Park Rd & Tyvola Rd35.15215-80.848751
21340Park Rd & Willow Ridge Rd35.09352-80.86818
21345Park Rd & Willow Ridge Rd35.094359-80.867819
20800Park Rd & Woodlawn Rd35.171328-80.850947
20480Park Rd & Worthington Ave35.204495-80.851181
20490Park Rd & Worthington Ave35.204693-80.850854
20690Park Rd @ 3420 (YWCA)35.183253-80.852386
20780Park Rd @ 433535.172958-80.851141
20870Park Rd @ 491235.163669-80.849739
20880Park Rd @ 494335.163481-80.849416
21350Park Rd @ Black Lion35.092485-80.868663
20900Park Rd @ Cielo Apts35.161804-80.848933
21355Park Rd @ CMC Pineville35.091191-80.869658
20990Park Rd @ Park Road Park35.147642-80.849833
21426Park Rd @ Sam's Club35.076163-80.874709
21429Park Rd @ Sam's Club35.076068-80.874667
21252Park Rd @ South Meck High School35.110616-80.858084
21251Park Rd @ Southminister Retirement Dr35.110457-80.857879
46256Park South Dr & Fairview Rd35.150782-80.842005
46259Park South Dr & Pine Valley Rd35.145903-80.844608
46255Park South Dr & Royal Crest Dr35.149143-80.842811
46258Park South Dr & Royal Crest Dr35.148469-80.84322
46254Park South Dr & Winslow Green Dr35.145332-80.844779
46257Park South Dr @ Brighton Senior Center35.150036-80.842483
21590Parkwood Ave & Barry St35.232619-80.80927
21570Parkwood Ave & Hawthorne Ln35.23296-80.810902
21580Parkwood Ave & Hawthorne Ln35.232769-80.810479
21600Parkwood Ave & The Plaza35.232726-80.808371
21560Parkwood Ave & Umstead St35.23312-80.81255
60540Parkwood Ave & Umstead St35.233041-80.81296
81Parkwood Station35.236921-80.82329
21680Pegram St & 16th St35.227948-80.817802
21690Pegram St & 16th St35.228403-80.817358
21700Pegram St & 17th St35.229417-80.816621
21710Pegram St & 17th St35.229368-80.816596
21750Pegram St & 20th St35.232031-80.814606
21760Pegram St & 20th St35.232066-80.814613
21640Pegram St & Belmont Ave35.226857-80.818911
21650Pegram St & Belmont Ave35.22675-80.818889
21740Pegram St & Parkwood Ave35.232722-80.814142
21770Pegram St & Parkwood Ave35.233081-80.813869
45230Pence Rd & Hickory Trace Dr35.225643-80.720104
45195Pence Rd & Highland Ave35.225753-80.720042
21790Pence Rd & Holly Hill Rd35.22259-80.704738
38410Pence Rd & Holly Hill Rd35.222871-80.705793
45240Pence Rd & Montezuma Trl35.225488-80.715312
45175Pence Rd & Parkers Crossing Dr35.224771-80.711016
45242Pence Rd & Parkers Crossing Dr35.224669-80.710445
45185Pence Rd & Pence Grove Rd35.225666-80.715335
21800Pence Rd & Viola Dr35.21697-80.695341
21805Pence Rd & Viola Dr35.216745-80.695122
38350Pence Rd & Viola Dr35.215564-80.690138
45155Pence Rd & Viola Dr35.215908-80.690752
45165Pence Rd @ 790135.221024-80.700379
49438Pineville Matthews Rd & Bannington Rd35.086804-80.837254
49439Pineville Matthews Rd & Bannington Rd35.087062-80.837379
37100Pineville Rd & Industrial Dr35.094951-80.883618
46408Pineville Rd & Industrial Dr35.094426-80.884
49394Pineville-Matthews Rd & Alexander Rd35.114701-80.752366
49395Pineville-Matthews Rd & Alexander Rd35.114016-80.754165
49410Pineville-Matthews Rd & Arboretum Dr35.100861-80.776994
49411Pineville-Matthews Rd & Arboretum Dr35.100373-80.777174
49420Pineville-Matthews Rd & Arboretum View35.098423-80.783823
49421Pineville-Matthews Rd & Arboretum View35.098356-80.783308
49436Pineville-Matthews Rd & Baybrook Ln35.082953-80.830136
49437Pineville-Matthews Rd & Baybrook Ln35.08369-80.831522
49406Pineville-Matthews Rd & Beckmore Pl35.104136-80.770853
49407Pineville-Matthews Rd & Beckmore Pl35.104028-80.770492
49402Pineville-Matthews Rd & Beverly Crest Bv35.106722-80.766548
49471Pineville-Matthews Rd & Blue Heron Dr35.087467-80.863034
49441Pineville-Matthews Rd & Carmel Commons Blvd35.087641-80.843633
49440Pineville-Matthews Rd & Carmel Executive Dr35.087761-80.842275
49450Pineville-Matthews Rd & Carmel Rd35.08787-80.846263
49451Pineville-Matthews Rd & Carmel Rd35.087596-80.847368
60510Pineville-Matthews Rd & Cary Ridge Dr35.087974-80.808989
60520Pineville-Matthews Rd & Cary Ridge Dr35.087764-80.809085
49400Pineville-Matthews Rd & Echo Forest Dr35.110005-80.762064
49401Pineville-Matthews Rd & Echo Forest Dr35.110328-80.761224
49433Pineville-Matthews Rd & Elm Ln35.084152-80.822568
49434Pineville-Matthews Rd & Elm Ln35.084226-80.822832
49403Pineville-Matthews Rd & Hugh Forest Rd35.106229-80.76678
49454Pineville-Matthews Rd & Johnston Rd35.087792-80.850679
49460Pineville-Matthews Rd & Johnston Rd35.087756-80.855801
49461Pineville-Matthews Rd & Johnston Rd35.087579-80.851982
49465Pineville-Matthews Rd & McMullen Creek Pkwy35.087548-80.856677
37060Pineville-Matthews Rd & Polk St35.085197-80.88489
49414Pineville-Matthews Rd & Providence Rd35.099959-80.779984
49430Pineville-Matthews Rd & Rea Rd35.087208-80.813964
49431Pineville-Matthews Rd & Rea Rd35.087015-80.813536
49390Pineville-Matthews Rd & Schooner Ln35.114807-80.750181
49391Pineville-Matthews Rd & Schooner Ln35.114543-80.748511
49425Pineville-Matthews Rd & Strawberry Ln35.09262-80.796757
49470Pineville-Matthews Rd @ 850035.087709-80.862722
46411Polk St & College St35.087131-80.886808
37090Polk St & Morrow Ave35.092015-80.884924
46409Polk St & Morrow Ave35.092157-80.885005
37070Polk St & Pineville-Matthews Rd35.086995-80.886636
37080Polk St @ 40035.088927-80.88631
46410Polk St @ 41335.089031-80.886391
45820Pondella Dr & Bilmark Ave35.273147-80.782482
45965Pondella Dr & Kirt Ct35.274522-80.781104
22070Pressley Rd & Bishop Dr35.189339-80.893064
22080Pressley Rd & Bishop Dr35.189229-80.893048
21990Pressley Rd & Charlotte Park Dr35.185646-80.889336
22000Pressley Rd & Charlotte Park Dr35.185881-80.89011
22130Pressley Rd & Revolution Park Dr35.192816-80.894949
22150Pressley Rd & Rose Vine Pl35.194496-80.894904
22160Pressley Rd & Rose Vine Pl35.194481-80.895009
22030Pressley Rd & Stuart Andrew Blvd35.1866-80.890928
21970Pressley Rd & Tryon St35.18446-80.887491
22040Pressley Rd @ 65435.187816-80.89187
46725Prosperity Church Rd & Billingham Dr35.356709-80.7815
46702Prosperity Church Rd & Driwood Ct35.342342-80.769445
46703Prosperity Church Rd & Driwood Ct35.342427-80.769326
46720Prosperity Church Rd & Heritage Hills Ln35.356882-80.781678
46710Prosperity Church Rd & Katelyn Dr35.352318-80.779072
46715Prosperity Church Rd & Katelyn Dr35.352268-80.778763
46735Prosperity Church Rd & Loganville Dr35.362906-80.784372
60620Prosperity Church Rd & Loganville Dr35.36269-80.784355
46730Prosperity Church Rd & Panthersville Dr35.362023-80.783377
46731Prosperity Church Rd @ 472235.359792-80.782318
45754Prosperity Church Rd @ Senior Apts.35.347758-80.774189
46705Prosperity Church Rd @ Stone Bridge Church35.3479-80.774085
45747Providence Rd & Alberto St35.206011-80.824073
45748Providence Rd & Alberto St35.205697-80.824205
22930Providence Rd & Alexander Rd35.115948-80.779006
22200Providence Rd & Altondale Ave35.20005-80.825551
22230Providence Rd & Altondale Ave35.199607-80.825612
22470Providence Rd & Andover Rd35.174831-80.8137
22190Providence Rd & Ardsley Rd35.202013-80.825009
22210Providence Rd & Ardsley Rd35.201734-80.824943
46481Providence Rd & Ashleytown Ln35.074506-80.773014
23000Providence Rd & Azalea Ridge Rd35.103872-80.779227
45321Providence Rd & Ballantyne Commons Pkwy35.065447-80.77027
45349Providence Rd & Berkeley Greene Dr35.068902-80.772775
22970Providence Rd & Beverly Crest Blvd35.107844-80.778604
22350Providence Rd & Beverly Dr35.18765-80.822177
22360Providence Rd & Beverly Dr35.187518-80.822007
22780Providence Rd & Brockton Ln35.141862-80.785583
22530Providence Rd & Brookridge Ln35.170141-80.807058
22980Providence Rd & Candlewyck Ln35.108634-80.778682
22410Providence Rd & Cassamia Pl35.18047-80.819178
42284Providence Rd & Caswell Rd35.208853-80.825173
45531Providence Rd & Caswell Rd35.20869-80.824868
22570Providence Rd & Cavendish Ct35.163231-80.801713
22600Providence Rd & Cavendish Ct35.16295-80.801409
22950Providence Rd & Cedar Croft Dr35.114509-80.778763
22960Providence Rd & Cedar Croft Dr35.114215-80.778914
45440Providence Rd & Cedar Ln35.150873-80.793048
22320Providence Rd & Cherokee Rd35.192138-80.824306
22590Providence Rd & Cloister Dr35.161336-80.800586
22220Providence Rd & Cottage Pl35.198806-80.826076
22240Providence Rd & Cottage Pl35.198609-80.826018
22720Providence Rd & Creola Rd35.150117-80.792318
22740Providence Rd & East Barden Rd35.145431-80.788605
22750Providence Rd & East Barden Rd35.145624-80.788599
22640Providence Rd & Fairview Rd35.156222-80.796471
22800Providence Rd & Folger Dr35.141218-80.78512
22540Providence Rd & Greentree Dr35.168535-80.805029
22710Providence Rd & Greylyn Dr35.149288-80.791845
22910Providence Rd & Hamilton Hill Rd35.122463-80.780362
22380Providence Rd & Hanson Dr35.184064-80.820722
22420Providence Rd & Harris Rd35.178914-80.818514
22580Providence Rd & Huntington Park Dr35.165035-80.802797
42135Providence Rd & Huntington Park Dr35.165176-80.802706
22810Providence Rd & International Dr35.134762-80.78252
22840Providence Rd & International Dr35.135235-80.782524
22730Providence Rd & Jefferson Dr35.148886-80.791371
52701Providence Rd & Kuykendall Rd35.079828-80.772329
22920Providence Rd & Lynbridge Dr35.122014-80.780472
22670Providence Rd & Mammoth Oaks Dr35.152543-80.79363
45319Providence Rd & McKee Rd35.065859-80.770159
22620Providence Rd & Meadowood Ln35.161409-80.800478
22250Providence Rd & Middleton Dr35.197752-80.82637
22260Providence Rd & Middleton Dr35.197916-80.826444
22770Providence Rd & Old Farm Rd35.143089-80.786453
22660Providence Rd & Old Sardis Rd35.155391-80.795593
22890Providence Rd & Outer Bridge Ln35.124156-80.780703
22900Providence Rd & Outer Bridge Ln35.123962-80.780866
22300Providence Rd & Oxford Pl35.193573-80.825396
22310Providence Rd & Oxford Pl35.193333-80.825113
22760Providence Rd & Pine Tree Dr35.143602-80.786723
23010Providence Rd & Pineville-Matthews Rd35.101475-80.778894
23020Providence Rd & Pineville-Matthews Rd35.101269-80.77911
22400Providence Rd & Pinewood Cir35.181901-80.819779
22330Providence Rd & Portland Ave35.19028-80.823287
22340Providence Rd & Portland Ave35.189812-80.822982
22690Providence Rd & Provence Village Ln35.152048-80.793646
22430Providence Rd & Providence Dr35.179107-80.818426
22270Providence Rd & Queens Rd35.195189-80.826517
22290Providence Rd & Queens Rd35.19529-80.826703
22940Providence Rd & Rea Rd35.116336-80.779348
22550Providence Rd & Rutledge Ave35.167077-80.80402
22820Providence Rd & Sardis Ln35.138321-80.783859
42185Providence Rd & Sardis Ln35.137788-80.783787
22370Providence Rd & Scotland Ave35.18414-80.820596
22715Providence Rd & Shalom Park Dr35.14695-80.790063
22735Providence Rd & Shalom Park Dr35.147681-80.790389
22510Providence Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.172107-80.809684
22520Providence Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.172135-80.809464
46483Providence Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.170158-80.806768
22480Providence Rd & Shoreham Dr35.174454-80.813377
22610Providence Rd & Strawberry Hill Dr35.157959-80.7983
22870Providence Rd & Summertree Ln35.126647-80.781186
22880Providence Rd & Summertree Ln35.126272-80.780933
22390Providence Rd & Vernon Dr35.182701-80.819974
22460Providence Rd & Vernon Dr35.175976-80.81561
22450Providence Rd & Wendover Rd35.176949-80.81687
22560Providence Rd & Westbury Rd35.16817-80.804479
42250Providence Rd @ 602035.129866-80.781507
22990Providence Rd @ Arboretum Apts35.103988-80.779029
22630Providence Rd @ Camden Pinehurst Apts35.157091-80.797351
22650Providence Rd @ Camden Pinehurst Apts35.156942-80.797059
22850Providence Rd @ Heatherwood Apts35.132561-80.781606
22860Providence Rd @ Heatherwood Apts35.132544-80.781803
42245Providence Rd @ Heatherwood Apts35.129329-80.781257
23190Queens Rd & Ardsley Rd35.200591-80.831479
23160Queens Rd & Edgehill Rd South35.201741-80.832627
23240Queens Rd & Hopedale Ave35.196294-80.827754
23260Queens Rd & Hopedale Ave35.196324-80.828089
23280Queens Rd & Pembroke Ave35.194483-80.827966
23310Queens Rd & Pembroke Ave35.194591-80.827669
23250Queens Rd @ Queens Towers Apts35.197294-80.828513
24090Randolph Rd & Beckham Ct35.168785-80.795497
23760Randolph Rd & Billingsley Rd35.191216-80.810875
23770Randolph Rd & Billingsley Rd35.191206-80.811048
23860Randolph Rd & Canterbury Rd35.182358-80.806142
23910Randolph Rd & Canterbury Rd35.18187-80.805532
7565Randolph Rd & Caswell Rd35.210395-80.824276
23590Randolph Rd & Caswell Rd35.210376-80.824085
23615Randolph Rd & Chase St35.207599-80.821579
23620Randolph Rd & Chase St35.207496-80.821355
23940Randolph Rd & Cheltenham Rd35.179517-80.80302
23600Randolph Rd & Colonial Ave35.208945-80.822717
23610Randolph Rd & Colonial Ave35.208637-80.822569
23720Randolph Rd & Cranbrook Ln35.200296-80.813634
23690Randolph Rd & Dotger Ave35.202851-80.817019
23700Randolph Rd & Dotger Ave35.202683-80.816677
24050Randolph Rd & Gaynor Rd35.174636-80.797661
23990Randolph Rd & Greenwich Rd35.178038-80.800658
24110Randolph Rd & Hunter Ln35.168423-80.795231
23670Randolph Rd & Laurel Ave35.204848-80.818842
23680Randolph Rd & Laurel Ave35.203956-80.818072
23800Randolph Rd & Meadowbrook Rd35.187818-80.810056
23710Randolph Rd & Museum Plaza35.200297-80.813762
38200Randolph Rd & Randolph Oaks Ct35.171536-80.796598
24130Randolph Rd & Rembrandt Cir35.165843-80.794274
23991Randolph Rd & Sam Drenan Rd35.198286-80.810965
24190Randolph Rd & Sardis Rd35.160764-80.787432
38060Randolph Rd & Sardis Rd35.160485-80.787336
23980Randolph Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.174628-80.797814
24020Randolph Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.176723-80.799096
24030Randolph Rd & Sharon Amity Rd35.176515-80.798656
24160Randolph Rd & Shasta Ln35.163752-80.791999
23650Randolph Rd & Van Ness St35.205804-80.819837
23660Randolph Rd & Van Ness St35.205721-80.819635
23790Randolph Rd & Wendwood Ln35.188117-80.810083
24150Randolph Rd & Willhaven Dr35.164083-80.792502
23960Randolph Rd & Woodlark Ln35.179429-80.802646
24080Randolph Rd @ 480135.171499-80.79644
23780Randolph Rd @ Randolph Park35.192913-80.810966
24360Rea Rd & Ballantyne Commons Pkwy35.059808-80.812865
24330Rea Rd & Bevington Pl35.078366-80.816507
37760Rea Rd & Bevington Pl35.078376-80.816755
24300Rea Rd & Carmel Estates Rd35.096827-80.809615
37700Rea Rd & Carmel Estates Rd35.096782-80.809874
44117Rea Rd & Five Knolls Dr35.092918-80.810514
44118Rea Rd & Five Knolls Dr35.092863-80.810745
24290Rea Rd & Macandrew Dr35.100007-80.808863
37690Rea Rd & Macandrew Dr35.100024-80.809107
24340Rea Rd & Old Course Dr35.071279-80.819251
37764Rea Rd & Old Course Dr35.071051-80.819423
24315Rea Rd & Pineville-Matthews Rd35.086265-80.812086
24316Rea Rd & Pineville-Matthews Rd35.086301-80.811863
24350Rea Rd & Piper Glen Dr35.067162-80.817795
37762Rea Rd & Piper Glen Dr35.067104-80.818015
24370Rea Rd & Piper Station Dr35.061197-80.813481
24280Rea Rd & Reacroft Dr35.103905-80.80795
24285Rea Rd & Reacroft Dr35.103775-80.808193
37720Rea Rd & Sundancer Ln35.089348-80.811599
44115Rea Rd & Sundancer Ln35.089414-80.811335
24320Rea Rd @ Calvary Park & Ride35.081935-80.813474
37770Rea Rd @ Calvary Park & Ride35.081807-80.814324
45601Rea Rd @ St. Matthews Church Park & Ride35.056231-80.812608
46488Reames Rd & Auston Crossing Dr35.336159-80.854154
46489Reames Rd & Auston Crossing Dr35.33627-80.85409
45377Reames Rd & Bayview Pkwy35.340527-80.858024
45381Reames Rd & Bayview Pkwy35.340477-80.858079
45378Reames Rd & Perimeter Pkwy35.344775-80.857519
46521Reames Rd & Prestbury Blvd35.34246-80.858468
46522Reames Rd & Secretariat Dr35.34369-80.85793
60800Reames Rd & Secretariat Dr.35.343808-80.858129
46487Reames Rd @ Lee's Living Center35.339117-80.856807
46490Reames Rd @ Lee's Living Center35.339078-80.856659
60670Reese Blvd. & Kincey Ave35.405768-80.862123
60671Reese Blvd. & Kincey Ave35.404767-80.861803
24530Remount & Revolution Park Dr35.214418-80.879378
59510Remount & Revolution Park Dr35.214075-80.878439
24470Remount Rd & Baltimore Ave35.206425-80.870582
24510Remount Rd & Brookhill Rd35.208554-80.872944
24560Remount Rd & Parker Dr35.220584-80.88345
24561Remount Rd & Parker Dr35.22052-80.883245
24520Remount Rd & Toomey Ave35.208791-80.873429
24490Remount Rd & Tryon St35.206448-80.870368
11465Remount Rd & West Blvd35.216869-80.883671
11466Remount Rd & West Blvd35.216842-80.883874
11460Remount Rd & Wilkinson Blvd35.224663-80.883313
11461Remount Rd & Wilkinson Blvd35.225022-80.883217
44225Research Dr & David Taylor35.32-80.759804
44226Research Dr & David Taylor35.320832-80.760566
49911Research Dr @ 692535.319034-80.766762
49912Research Dr @ 950035.322009-80.764182
49913Research Dr @ 950135.321785-80.76416
49910Research Drive @ 970035.318841-80.768194
49950Ridge Rd Park and Ride35.372606-80.786828
46605Riverbend Park and Ride35.328783-80.941876
46700Rivergate Pkwy & Tryon St35.102014-80.983849
rivergRivergate Shopping Center35.100956-80.985332
46564Rocky River Rd & Grier Rd35.275862-80.720212
46565Rocky River Rd & Grier Rd35.275942-80.72014
46464Rocky River Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.275711-80.726479
46465Rocky River Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.275874-80.726592
24580Rodman St & Burkland Dr35.195699-80.804446
24590Rodman St & Burkland Dr35.195734-80.80445
24600Rosa Parks Pl & Beatties Ford Rd35.273264-80.855007
bfdhltRosa Parks Place CTC35.272793-80.857583
46393Rosada Ave & Echo Glen Rd35.275331-80.782194
24620Rose Thorn Pl & Pressley Rd35.195015-80.894213
24690Rowan St & Fair St35.257677-80.892797
24710Rowan St & Hoskins Rd35.257697-80.895029
60374Roxborough Rd & Carnegie Blvd35.155598-80.830326
60375Roxborough Rd & Carnegie Blvd35.155402-80.830241
24920Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Coronet Way35.253893-80.872262
25070Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Crigler St35.263482-80.882343
25030Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Dupree St35.25988-80.879249
24820Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Gardener Ave35.245545-80.866184
24830Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Gardener Ave35.245472-80.866239
25060Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Goff St35.263665-80.882395
25000Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Halsey St35.258465-80.877923
25020Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Honeywood Ave35.259868-80.879085
25080Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Hoskins Rd35.265652-80.884251
25090Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Hoskins Rd35.266084-80.884481
39800Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Hough St35.278183-80.898438
39870Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Hough St35.278168-80.898505
25210Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Hovis Rd35.275709-80.895471
24880Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Judson Ave35.25046-80.870176
24890Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Judson Ave35.25034-80.870301
24960Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Lakewood Ave35.25646-80.875286
25010Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Lander St35.258223-80.877679
25140Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Lawton Rd35.271225-80.889037
25150Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Lawton Rd35.270754-80.888446
24760Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Lima Ave35.243478-80.862107
24770Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Lima Ave35.243615-80.862472
25040Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Linwood Ave35.261755-80.880732
25050Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Linwood Ave35.262092-80.881178
25120Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Manley St35.268919-80.886839
25130Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Manley St35.268947-80.88697
24940Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Norwood Dr35.255444-80.874
24950Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Norwood Dr35.255379-80.874109
24970Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Oregon St35.257568-80.876802
25190Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Salem Church Rd35.273818-80.891319
25200Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Salem Church Rd35.274937-80.893523
24840Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Smallwood Pl35.246125-80.86737
24850Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Smallwood Pl35.24636-80.867994
24730Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Trade St35.242263-80.859794
24800Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Turner Ave35.244818-80.86467
24810Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Turner Ave35.244857-80.864986
24860Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Yellowstone Drive35.248063-80.868962
24870Rozzelles Ferry Rd & Zebulon Ave35.247859-80.869011
24905Rozzelles Ferry Rd @ 302035.253412-80.871708
24955Rozzelles Ferry Rd @ 324535.256412-80.875375
25170Rozzelles Ferry Rd @ 481035.272566-80.889969
25180Rozzelles Ferry Rd @ 490935.273277-80.89074
25220Runnymede Ln & Barclay Downs Dr35.167881-80.836795
45845Runnymede Ln & Michael Baker Pl35.167488-80.836803
25250Runnymede Ln & Selwyn Ave35.170835-80.840758
52271S Tryon St & Nevada Bv35.123975-80.944711
52450S Tryon St & Rivergate Py35.103545-80.986982
52740S Tryon St & Tyvola Rd35.168495-80.906601
tryhrmS. Tryon & Herman35.198884-80.874878
21513Salem Church Rd & Rozzelles Ferry Rd35.276316-80.893927
26490Sam Drenan Rd & Leroy St35.197617-80.806702
26480Sam Drenan Rd & Orange St35.198841-80.809414
45312Sam Drenan Rd & Randolph Rd35.198624-80.810607
45323Sam Drenan Rd & Randolph Rd35.198633-80.810735
26470Sam Drenan Rd & Stancill Pl35.197465-80.806738
40350Sam Furr Rd & Birkdale Commons Pkwy35.443477-80.880379
40355Sam Furr Rd & Birkdale Commons Pkwy35.443272-80.88045
40681Sam Furr Rd & Northcross Dr35.442671-80.873332
40682Sam Furr Rd & Northcross Dr35.442844-80.873316
40360Sam Furr Rd & Sedgebrook Ln35.443761-80.885635
40370Sam Furr Rd & Sedgebrook Ln35.44397-80.88577
45924Sam Newell Rd & Mann Dr35.124168-80.717873
45932Sam Newell Rd & Mann Dr35.124111-80.718002
42357Sam Newell Rd & Matthews Commons Dr35.132559-80.718706
42358Sam Newell Rd & Matthews Commons Dr35.132026-80.719134
38150Sardis Rd & Coventry Row Ct35.156942-80.792432
26702Sardis Rd & Independence Blvd35.146531-80.725087
38106Sardis Rd & Providence Rd35.156324-80.793489
26700Sardis Rd North & Crownpoint Executive Dr35.145112-80.727635
46280Scaleybark Rd & Belrose Ln35.175188-80.860143
46289Scaleybark Rd & Brookrun Dr35.174996-80.860357
46285Scaleybark Rd & Conway Ave35.188195-80.874217
46288Scaleybark Rd & Falls Creek Ln35.179385-80.862815
46283Scaleybark Rd & Hartford Ave35.185585-80.869936
46286Scaleybark Rd & Hartford Ave35.18554-80.870005
46287Scaleybark Rd & Murrayhill Rd35.181907-80.865701
46281Scaleybark Rd & Sewickley Dr35.179532-80.862762
46284Scaleybark Rd & South Blvd35.188222-80.874097
49331Scaleybark Rd & University Dr35.183317-80.867434
46282Scaleybark Rd & Wall Street35.181154-80.864663
9Scaleybark Station35.190842-80.875075
60900Scaleybark Station Bus Bay35.191389-80.874559
26750Scott Ave & Blythe Blvd35.204757-80.841013
26790Scott Ave & Filmore Ave35.201881-80.842952
26770Scott Ave & Pierce St35.203417-80.841541
12370Scott Futrell Dr & Billy Graham Pkwy35.237622-80.921121
12420Scott Futrell Dr & Little Rock Rd35.237155-80.939509
12400Scott Futrell Dr & Stafford Dr35.241248-80.931601
12390Scott Futrell Dr @ 370935.240321-80.927988
12430Scott Futrell Dr @ 410135.239605-80.937551
26890Seigle Ave & Belmont Ave35.228197-80.822498
26850Seigle Ave & Greenway Crescent Ln35.224043-80.826301
26860Seigle Ave & Greenway Crescent Ln35.224305-80.826212
26820Seigle Ave & Otts St35.22615-80.824636
26870Seigle Ave & Otts St35.226157-80.824552
27010Selwyn Ave & Colony Rd35.174149-80.840174
27020Selwyn Ave & Hassell Pl35.17201-80.840826
26950Selwyn Ave & Sterling Rd35.179572-80.837045
26970Selwyn Ave & Sterling Rd35.179216-80.836931
27000Selwyn Ave & Tranquil Ave35.174757-80.839337
26919Selwyn Ave & Westfield Rd35.183459-80.83596
26920Selwyn Ave & Westfield Rd35.184108-80.835593
26909Selwyn Ave @ Queens University35.188264-80.831632
26910Selwyn Ave @ Queens University35.187516-80.832246
27150Seymore & Plato35.219643-80.911233
27160Seymour & Plato35.219571-80.911094
27100Seymour Dr & Faber St35.217258-80.906436
27110Seymour Dr & Faber St35.21741-80.907215
27120Seymour Dr & Mayfair Ave35.217743-80.907767
27200Shamrock Dr & Airlie St35.235687-80.785674
27270Shamrock Dr & Cardiff Ave35.237446-80.777858
27250Shamrock Dr & Connecticut Ave35.237994-80.780023
27260Shamrock Dr & Connecticut Ave35.238031-80.779941
27280Shamrock Dr & Eastway Dr35.237056-80.776747
27230Shamrock Dr & Elkwood Cir35.237359-80.783975
27310Shamrock Dr & Finchley Dr35.235498-80.773071
27275Shamrock Dr & Finchley Rd35.236176-80.774139
27255Shamrock Dr & Flamingo Av35.23858-80.782024
27360Shamrock Dr & Foxford Pl35.235109-80.763689
27370Shamrock Dr & Foxford Pl35.235056-80.76218
27330Shamrock Dr & Glenville Ave35.234376-80.76796
27210Shamrock Dr & Hilliard Dr35.235538-80.786089
27220Shamrock Dr & Palm Ave35.236614-80.784518
27240Shamrock Dr & Springway Dr35.238288-80.782994
27380Shamrock Dr & Tipperary Pl35.234755-80.760985
27340Shamrock Dr @ Charlotte Museum of History35.234361-80.76725
27350Shamrock Dr @ Wesley Nursing Home35.234885-80.76431
27300Shamrock Dr @ Windsor Harbor Apts35.23475-80.771147
27320Shamrock Dr @ Windsor Harbor Apts35.23448-80.770796
28117Sharon Amity @ 580135.235696-80.738364
28020Sharon Amity Rd & Abbeydale Dr35.22062-80.751811
27810Sharon Amity Rd & Albemarle Rd35.201012-80.760734
27820Sharon Amity Rd & Albemarle Rd35.202435-80.76038
27770Sharon Amity Rd & Amity Pl35.196838-80.76277
27780Sharon Amity Rd & Amity Springs Dr35.199228-80.760927
27800Sharon Amity Rd & Amity Springs Dr35.199104-80.760776
27950Sharon Amity Rd & Auburndale Rd35.215568-80.755266
27730Sharon Amity Rd & Buena Vista Ave35.192349-80.76907
27830Sharon Amity Rd & Campbell Dr35.204185-80.760018
27860Sharon Amity Rd & Central Ave35.208195-80.757563
27870Sharon Amity Rd & Central Ave35.208656-80.757605
27890Sharon Amity Rd & Central Ave35.211151-80.756647
27910Sharon Amity Rd & Central Ave35.211779-80.756564
27840Sharon Amity Rd & Clearmont Ave35.206057-80.758493
27850Sharon Amity Rd & Clearmont Ave35.207082-80.758137
27570Sharon Amity Rd & Clover Rd35.173218-80.804845
27600Sharon Amity Rd & Crosby Rd35.172519-80.806011
27660Sharon Amity Rd & Delane Ave35.181657-80.776537
27670Sharon Amity Rd & Delane Ave35.18166-80.776664
27520Sharon Amity Rd & Hardwicke Rd35.176632-80.795609
27540Sharon Amity Rd & Hardwicke Rd35.176538-80.796461
28030Sharon Amity Rd & Hickory Grove Rd35.223183-80.749814
28050Sharon Amity Rd & Hickory Grove Rd35.224182-80.748723
27760Sharon Amity Rd & Holbrook Dr35.195632-80.765201
28100Sharon Amity Rd & Kimmerly Glen Ln35.230395-80.74176
28115Sharon Amity Rd & Kimmerly Glen Ln35.229638-80.743277
42305Sharon Amity Rd & Lynnville Ave35.191964-80.770059
27633Sharon Amity Rd & Lyttleton Dr35.177192-80.783812
27635Sharon Amity Rd & Lyttleton Dr35.177833-80.784625
28120Sharon Amity Rd & Milton Rd35.234155-80.738601
28125Sharon Amity Rd & Milton Rd35.234095-80.738834
27700Sharon Amity Rd & Monroe Rd35.188731-80.772915
43330Sharon Amity Rd & Monroe Rd35.188794-80.773127
27690Sharon Amity Rd & Montague St35.185451-80.775086
27590Sharon Amity Rd & Night Heron Ln35.178755-80.791105
27790Sharon Amity Rd & Pierson Dr35.19712-80.762635
27500Sharon Amity Rd & Randolph Rd35.175659-80.79949
27530Sharon Amity Rd & Randolph Rd35.175132-80.800711
28060Sharon Amity Rd & Shamrock Dr35.225897-80.747575
28095Sharon Amity Rd & Shamrock Dr35.226318-80.747644
28070Sharon Amity Rd & Sharon Chase Dr35.229069-80.744126
28105Sharon Amity Rd & Sharon Chase Dr35.229227-80.744222
28000Sharon Amity Rd & Sudbury Rd35.219682-80.752645
27650Sharon Amity Rd & Tangle Dr35.178554-80.779719
27970Sharon Amity Rd & Tarrywood Ln35.218552-80.753674
27980Sharon Amity Rd & Tarrywood Ln35.218741-80.753646
28025Sharon Amity Rd & Twisted Oaks Rd35.22234-80.750335
27580Sharon Amity Rd & Water Oak Rd35.178959-80.790262
27920Sharon Amity Rd & Wilora Lake Rd35.214307-80.755493
27560Sharon Amity Rd @ 309 (Cotswold Plaza II)35.174608-80.80179
27510Sharon Amity Rd @ 338 (UPS Store)35.174618-80.802004
28140Sharon Lakes Rd & Harvest Ln35.120477-80.870152
28150Sharon Lakes Rd & Meadowlark Ln35.123291-80.869621
45200Sharon Lakes Rd & Oak Meadow Ct35.125191-80.871177
28170Sharon Lakes Rd & Shady Oak Trl35.125188-80.872424
28220Sharon Lakes Rd & Sharon Rd West35.118672-80.86978
28145Sharon Lakes Rd & Smoke Ridge Ct35.120014-80.869996
28190Sharon Lakes Rd & South Blvd35.127578-80.875533
28200Sharon Lakes Rd & South Blvd35.127135-80.874506
28210Sharon Lakes Rd & Stoney Point Ln35.123259-80.869597
28890Sharon Rd & Champaign St35.137955-80.83866
28915Sharon Rd & Coleman Cir35.134336-80.839026
28810Sharon Rd & Coltsgate Rd35.148982-80.830447
28840Sharon Rd & Fairview Rd35.146937-80.83176
28850Sharon Rd & Fairview Rd35.146748-80.831548
45851Sharon Rd & Fairview Rd35.149602-80.830357
29030Sharon Rd & Greencastle Dr35.124243-80.852253
29032Sharon Rd & Greencastle Dr35.124359-80.852003
28940Sharon Rd & Quail Hollow Rd35.132537-80.840412
29000Sharon Rd & Sharon Acres Rd35.127856-80.846183
28990Sharon Rd & Sharon Commons Ln35.12797-80.846109
28950Sharon Rd & Sharon Rd35.133407-80.839203
28690Sharon Rd & Sharon View Rd35.143751-80.833104
28970Sharon Rd & Sherbrooke Dr35.129657-80.843287
28980Sharon Rd & Sherbrooke Dr35.129497-80.843474
28880Sharon Rd & Sulkirk Rd35.138873-80.83829
29020Sharon Rd & Whistlestop Rd35.126807-80.849414
29021Sharon Rd & Whistlestop Rd35.126782-80.849108
28875Sharon Rd @ Sharon Presbyterian Church35.141602-80.834888
28874Sharon Rd @ Sharon Tower Apts35.142011-80.834708
28870Sharon Rd @ Sharon Towers Apts35.14374-80.833318
28760Sharon Rd @ SouthPark Mall Entrance35.151465-80.828559
46112Sharon Rd West & Brandon Forest Dr35.117493-80.859385
46115Sharon Rd West & Brandon Forest Dr35.117307-80.859616
46113Sharon Rd West & Hopeton Rd35.118105-80.864686
46114Sharon Rd West & Hopeton Rd35.11804-80.865327
28320Sharon Rd West & Maggie Ln35.11907-80.879907
29040Sharon Rd West & Maggie Ln35.118742-80.878722
28350Sharon Rd West & Regent Park Ln35.117815-80.873657
29080Sharon Rd West & Regent Park Ln35.117774-80.874361
28370Sharon Rd West & Sharon Lakes Rd35.118338-80.87127
29100Sharon Rd West & Sharon Lakes Rd35.118429-80.871296
28330Sharon Rd West & Sharonbrook Dr35.118499-80.878435
28340Sharon Rd West & Sharonbrook Dr35.117573-80.876142
29060Sharon Rd West & Winter Oaks Ln35.117955-80.87669
14Sharon Rd West Station35.11945-80.881962
46050Sharon Road West Station35.119683-80.882008
46055Sharon Road West Station35.119811-80.881872
46384Sharon Road West Station35.119266-80.882192
52020Shopton Rd & Robbie Cir35.172667-80.961999
29160Skyland Ave & Dunn Ave35.202395-80.804668
29140Skyland Ave & Marney Ave35.200485-80.806139
29130Skyland Ave & Sam Drenan Rd35.199245-80.807109
29150Skyland Ave @ 41735.201603-80.805253
46455Sloan St & Eden St35.500959-80.852163
45977Snow White Ln & Thornwood Rd35.268791-80.786966
29920South Blvd & Archdale Dr35.154233-80.876354
29930South Blvd & Archdale Dr35.153621-80.87625
29940South Blvd & Archdale Dr35.151724-80.876383
30030South Blvd & Arrowood Rd35.139072-80.876644
29280South Blvd & Bland St35.215861-80.852863
29290South Blvd & Bland St35.215545-80.853036
29690South Blvd & Briabend Dr35.181931-80.875703
29700South Blvd & Briabend Dr35.181922-80.8758
29270South Blvd & Caldwell St35.217108-80.851049
30170South Blvd & Cressida Dr35.113794-80.883137
30000South Blvd & Edgewater Dr35.143078-80.876566
30010South Blvd & Edgewater Dr35.143284-80.876397
29890South Blvd & Emerywood Dr35.157659-80.876289
29900South Blvd & Emerywood Dr35.157334-80.876131
29850South Blvd & Grover Rd35.163162-80.876212
30070South Blvd & Hill Rd35.130369-80.875604
30080South Blvd & Hill Rd35.130407-80.875702
29760South Blvd & Inwood Dr35.17474-80.875839
29330South Blvd & Kingston Ave35.213077-80.856402
30020South Blvd & Larkfield Ln35.140435-80.876478
30180South Blvd & Longleaf Dr35.110304-80.882416
37120South Blvd & Longleaf Dr35.109297-80.881865
29630South Blvd & Old Pineville Rd35.187966-80.875725
29320South Blvd & Park Ave35.213305-80.855882
29300South Blvd & Rensselaer Ave35.214764-80.854482
29310South Blvd & Rensselaer Ave35.214732-80.854237
29640South Blvd & Scaleybark Rd35.188378-80.87557
29790South Blvd & Seneca Pl35.169716-80.876038
29810South Blvd & Seneca Pl35.167377-80.876081
29820South Blvd & Seneca Pl35.167562-80.875975
46382South Blvd & Sharon Rd West35.119364-80.88137
46383South Blvd & Sharon Rd West35.118436-80.881825
30040South Blvd & Starbrook Dr35.137146-80.876138
30060South Blvd & Starmount Cove Ln35.135795-80.87587
29720South Blvd & Sterling Dr35.179912-80.875817
29260South Blvd & Templeton Ave35.216989-80.851472
29830South Blvd & Tyvola Rd35.166131-80.875975
29840South Blvd & Tyvola Rd35.16453-80.87622
29860South Blvd & Tyvola Rd35.163184-80.875967
30160South Blvd & Westinghouse Blvd35.112632-80.883016
29620South Blvd & Whitton St35.19107-80.874596
29950South Blvd & Wicker Dr35.149957-80.876329
29960South Blvd & Wicker Dr35.149263-80.87643
29980South Blvd & Wisteria Dr35.146656-80.876357
29730South Blvd & Woodlawn Rd35.177563-80.875947
29740South Blvd & Woodlawn Rd35.177354-80.875812
29750South Blvd & Woodlawn Rd35.174512-80.876028
29650South Blvd @ 420035.186075-80.875735
29660South Blvd @ 420335.186071-80.875638
29710South Blvd @ 455535.180309-80.875736
29780South Blvd @ 4900 (ACME Southern)35.171415-80.87602
29800South Blvd @ 5017 (Childcare Network)35.169487-80.875942
29870South Blvd @ 554035.159839-80.876242
29880South Blvd @ 5601 (Rent-A-Center)35.160214-80.876107
29970South Blvd @ 650035.146165-80.876486
30150South Blvd @ 8916 (Hendrick Honda)35.115955-80.883307
36970South Blvd @ 9440 (Discount Tire)35.108429-80.881832
36980South Blvd @ 9716 (Texaco)35.105625-80.881021
46177South Lakes Dr & South Point Blvd35.107707-80.958397
46176South Point Blvd & Carowinds Blvd35.106219-80.955548
46182South Point Blvd & Carowinds Blvd35.106005-80.956045
46181South Point Blvd & South Lakes Dr35.108113-80.957577
46180South Point Blvd @ 1350035.111472-80.957708
46179South Ridge Dr & South Point Blvd35.11413-80.959849
46178South Ridge Dr @ 1350135.111464-80.960557
30190Southpark Community Transit Center35.153163-80.831438
45840Southpark - Wheelchair Accessible35.153465-80.832967
30230Spring Garden Ln & Derrydowne Dr35.272241-80.777237
30240Spring Garden Ln & Snow White Ln35.27033-80.777681
46492Springhill Farm Rd & Centre Dr35.090933-80.924725
46493Springhill Farm Rd & Centre Dr35.090814-80.924704
45985Squirrel Hill Rd & Thornwood Rd35.270247-80.787367
60381Statesville & Old Statesville35.308847-80.838885
30600Statesville Ave & Alma Ct35.266354-80.837261
30660Statesville Ave & Alma Ct35.266504-80.837483
30580Statesville Ave & Atando Ave35.260449-80.836923
30400Statesville Ave & Callahan St35.244001-80.836697
45904Statesville Ave & Carmine St35.268077-80.837598
45905Statesville Ave & Carmine St35.268108-80.837368
30480Statesville Ave & Dearborn Ave35.252893-80.835993
30360Statesville Ave & Graham St35.239493-80.836756
13870Statesville Ave & Holland Ave35.259121-80.836492
30460Statesville Ave & Kohler Ave35.250784-80.835935
45742Statesville Ave & Kohler Ave35.250145-80.835803
45743Statesville Ave & Mona Dr35.253103-80.835886
30540Statesville Ave & Moretz Ave35.255634-80.836121
45744Statesville Ave & Moretz Ave35.255727-80.835993
30410Statesville Ave & Oaklawn Ave35.243886-80.836486
30430Statesville Ave & Oaklawn Ave35.245706-80.83639
3038Statesville Ave & Oliver St35.23987-80.836543
30390Statesville Ave & Oliver St35.24077-80.836811
30640Statesville Ave & Samuel St35.260457-80.837015
45755Statesville Ave & Samuel St35.259123-80.836755
30590Statesville Ave & Whittington St35.264004-80.837094
30650Statesville Ave & Whittington St35.264234-80.837311
30440Statesville Ave & Woodward Ave35.248427-80.835882
45741Statesville Ave & Woodward Ave35.248433-80.835795
46660Statesville Rd & Alexandriana Rd35.368503-80.840521
46665Statesville Rd & Alexandriana Rd35.3684-80.840918
41265Statesville Rd & Bailey Rd35.457294-80.868134
41266Statesville Rd & Bailey Rd35.457715-80.868529
40755Statesville Rd & Bankside Dr35.427608-80.862147
40756Statesville Rd & Bankside Dr35.427571-80.862203
30695Statesville Rd & Burch Dr35.275825-80.835183
41267Statesville Rd & Caldwell Commons Cir35.451009-80.867073
41268Statesville Rd & Caldwell Commons Cir35.450807-80.866961
41269Statesville Rd & Caldwell Creek Dr35.445893-80.866443
30690Statesville Rd & Distribution Center Dr35.27565-80.835497
46364Statesville Rd & Harris Oaks Blvd35.34261-80.841854
49310Statesville Rd & Holly Point Dr35.440104-80.865145
49311Statesville Rd & Holly Point Dr35.439897-80.865496
40745Statesville Rd & Huntersville Commons Dr35.416139-80.856731
59760Statesville Rd & Lake Rd35.292653-80.837986
46376Statesville Rd & Lakeview Rd35.335233-80.842657
46381Statesville Rd & Lakeview Rd35.33604-80.842675
45842Statesville Rd & Long Creek Park Dr35.329226-80.843353
45843Statesville Rd & Long Creek Park Dr35.328766-80.843296
45822Statesville Rd & Metroment Pkwy35.354195-80.84075
45854Statesville Rd & Metroment Pkwy35.352775-80.840757
59750Statesville Rd & Milhaven Ln35.292641-80.838264
30615Statesville Rd & Nevin Rd35.28208-80.834812
30616Statesville Rd & Nevin Rd35.282135-80.834592
41271Statesville Rd & Northcross Center Ct35.445896-80.866153
40751Statesville Rd & Northdowns Ln35.431208-80.863952
40752Statesville Rd & Northdowns Ln35.430955-80.863745
59770Statesville Rd & Oakwood Dr35.286901-80.836381
59610Statesville Rd & Rich Hatchet Rd35.436623-80.865414
59690Statesville Rd & Richfield Ln35.303011-80.839963
59700Statesville Rd & Richfield Ln35.302985-80.839661
40743Statesville Rd & Shiv Dr35.416283-80.856945
45839Statesville Rd & Spector Dr35.31536-80.840219
45852Statesville Rd & Spector Dr35.315361-80.840296
30620Statesville Rd & Starita Rd35.278922-80.83425
46689Statesville Rd & Sunset Rd35.311489-80.838861
46692Statesville Rd & Sunset Rd35.311231-80.839237
60260Statesville Rd & Sunset Rd35.308344-80.839312
59710Statesville Rd & Sunstone Dr35.299566-80.840053
59720Statesville Rd & Sunstone Dr35.299557-80.839751
59730Statesville Rd & Suntrace Way35.295942-80.839636
59740Statesville Rd & Suntrace Way35.296209-80.83944
46431Statesville Rd & Transport Dr35.339927-80.84228
46432Statesville Rd & Transport Dr35.339582-80.842189
59771Statesville Rd & Winslow Dr35.286995-80.836149
45838Statesville Rd & WT Harris Blvd35.349928-80.841279
46435Statesville Rd @ 732035.32224-80.842608
46434Statesville Rd @ 734935.322428-80.842763
46361Statesville Rd @ 760035.325201-80.8433
46362Statesville Rd @ 780135.325318-80.843485
46485Statesville Rd @ 801135.331556-80.843185
46486Statesville Rd @ 810435.331453-80.843014
40753Statesville Rd @ Deer Hill Apts35.418856-80.857834
40754Statesville Rd @ Deer Hill Apts35.418617-80.857507
36890Statesville Rd @ NorthPoint Presbyterian35.437145-80.865172
46199Steele Creek Rd & Branch Bend Ln35.145311-80.972664
52060Steele Creek Rd & Branch Bend Ln35.14521-80.972983
52040Steele Creek Rd & Brown Grier Rd35.154494-80.970176
60382Steele Creek Rd & Brown Grier Rd35.154707-80.970007
46202Steele Creek Rd & Brown-Grier Rd35.153544-80.96999
46200Steele Creek Rd & Collingham Dr35.149139-80.971482
52030Steele Creek Rd & Dixie River Rd35.161956-80.970498
52031Steele Creek Rd & Dixie River Rd35.161789-80.970136
46198Steele Creek Rd & Leighann Wood Ln35.142311-80.974455
60383Steele Creek Rd & Riverdale Dr35.158331-80.970452
60384Steele Creek Rd & Riverdale Rd35.156878-80.97048
52460Steele Creek Rd & S Tryon St35.101729-80.988466
60385Steele Creek Rd & Shopton Rd35.159593-80.970848
52070Steele Creek Rd & Steele Meadow Rd35.142366-80.974643
46201Steele Creek Rd & Steele Oaks Dr35.151052-80.970895
60270Stumptown Dr & Statesville Rd35.42231-80.860778
46577Stumptown Rd & Bytham Castle Dr35.426184-80.872634
46578Stumptown Rd & Bytham Castle Dr35.426242-80.872252
30942Sugar Creek & Greensboro St35.255447-80.793504
40061Sugar Creek & Rumple Rd35.293294-80.797221
30951Sugar Creek @ 12635.256939-80.794559
30941Sugar Creek @ 12735.257013-80.794349
30952Sugar Creek @ Greensboro St35.255034-80.79346
31020Sugar Creek Rd & Argyle Dr West35.268068-80.794617
31010Sugar Creek Rd & Cinderella Rd35.265728-80.795058
30970Sugar Creek Rd & Glory St35.262046-80.795232
31070Sugar Creek Rd & Hidden Valley Rd35.272863-80.79358
30980Sugar Creek Rd & Hondures Dr35.263168-80.795002
30990Sugar Creek Rd & Hondures Dr35.264089-80.795129
40157Sugar Creek Rd & Maple St35.29764-80.799416
40158Sugar Creek Rd & Maple St35.297564-80.799548
31040Sugar Creek Rd & Munsee St35.269601-80.794302
31060Sugar Creek Rd & Munsee St35.270287-80.794324
31080Sugar Creek Rd & Reagan Dr35.27522-80.793367
30960Sugar Creek Rd & Rolling Hill Dr35.261856-80.795087
40060Sugar Creek Rd & Rumple Rd35.294308-80.797328
31030Sugar Creek Rd & Rutgers Ave35.268511-80.794707
31000Sugar Creek Rd & Sofley Rd35.264933-80.79493
30940Sugar Creek Rd & Tryon St35.259756-80.794916
30950Sugar Creek Rd & Tryon St35.260173-80.795153
84Sugar Creek Station35.251423-80.792853
60280Sugar Creek Station Bay35.251817-80.793596
51014Sunnyside St CityLYNX35.219537-80.818898
31160Sunset Rd & Banner Elk Dr35.30654-80.852748
31140Sunset Rd & Hamilton Cir35.305893-80.855466
31180Sunset Rd & Milhaven Ln35.308017-80.843663
31150Sunset Rd & Northpark Blvd35.30618-80.855077
31170Sunset Rd @ 452535.306798-80.852238
31190Sunset Rd @ 500535.308211-80.843691
31200Sunset Rd @ 520135.308746-80.841031
31210Sunset Rd @ 521435.308431-80.841695
31270Tarheel Rd & Exchange St35.266852-80.903726
31260Tarheel Rd & Hovis Rd35.2665-80.900062
45380Technology Dr & Flat River Dr35.317322-80.770514
59480Technology Dr & Overland Park35.317668-80.770186
31290Tennessee Ave & Honeywood Ave35.264107-80.874286
59871The Plaza & 35th St35.240161-80.797627
31400The Plaza & 36th St35.241451-80.796181
59870The Plaza & 36th St35.241489-80.796364
31630The Plaza & Aintree Rd35.24936-80.771388
31430The Plaza & Anderson St35.243579-80.794181
31850The Plaza & Barrington Dr35.2504-80.748486
31520The Plaza & Blackwood Ave35.248729-80.783477
31760The Plaza & Bridgeport Dr35.249579-80.755265
31340The Plaza & Brook Rd35.236269-80.802799
31341The Plaza & Clemson Ave35.236651-80.802255
31490The Plaza & Commercial Ave35.247662-80.785598
31750The Plaza & Cove Creek Dr35.251125-80.757831
31440The Plaza & Dade St35.244643-80.792942
45342The Plaza & Duncan Ave35.234968-80.805061
60250The Plaza & Duncan Ave35.235264-80.80477
31540The Plaza & Eastway Dr35.249173-80.781919
31810The Plaza & Fairmarket Pl35.250403-80.74867
31740The Plaza & Frank Dr35.251128-80.758749
31640The Plaza & Glenfiddich Dr35.249167-80.769581
31650The Plaza & Glenfiddich Dr35.249308-80.769175
31620The Plaza & Harwyn Dr35.249474-80.772238
31420The Plaza & Herrin Ave35.242489-80.795139
31610The Plaza & Highlake Dr35.250088-80.773675
31350The Plaza & Holt St35.237081-80.801059
31940The Plaza & Hunters Crossing Ln35.256632-80.738971
31770The Plaza & Ilford St35.249839-80.755931
31910The Plaza & Karenstone Dr35.254337-80.742419
31780The Plaza & Kildare Dr35.248591-80.754008
31880The Plaza & Lake Dr35.253321-80.744079
31660The Plaza & Lakedell Dr35.249227-80.766809
31670The Plaza & Lakedell Dr35.249366-80.767401
31590The Plaza & Malibu Dr35.250744-80.775589
31320The Plaza & Marguerite Ave35.23341-80.806906
45343The Plaza & Mason Cir35.235506-80.804179
31370The Plaza & Matheson Ave35.237548-80.800114
59860The Plaza & Matheson Ave35.238598-80.799216
31860The Plaza & McBride St35.251537-80.746832
31890The Plaza & McBride St35.252833-80.745004
6325The Plaza & McClintock Rd35.219109-80.81074
6326The Plaza & McClintock Rd35.21933-80.810911
31800The Plaza & Milton Rd35.248117-80.752989
59862The Plaza & Murdock35.240391-80.797205
31900The Plaza & Plaza Ln35.254335-80.742573
31550The Plaza & Plaza Walk Dr35.250389-80.778193
31560The Plaza & Plaza Walk Dr35.249966-80.779181
59861The Plaza & Shamrock Dr35.238959-80.798588
31690The Plaza & Shannonhouse Dr35.250139-80.762142
31700The Plaza & Shannonhouse Dr35.250197-80.762434
38590The Plaza & Starhaven Dr35.248027-80.751791
31470The Plaza & Sugar Creek Rd35.246515-80.788085
31480The Plaza & Sugar Creek Rd35.246465-80.788493
31450The Plaza & Sweetbriar St35.245569-80.791656
31460The Plaza & Sweetbriar St35.245502-80.791554
31500The Plaza & Trembeth Dr35.248053-80.784997
31600The Plaza & Vanderbrook Rd35.250228-80.774455
31720The Plaza & Vickery Dr35.250699-80.760418
31730The Plaza & Vickery Dr35.2509-80.760255
31930The Plaza & WT Harris Blvd35.256514-80.738948
31840The Plaza @ 6301 (car wash)35.249211-80.75047
31830The Plaza @ Family Dollar35.249037-80.750403
32150Thriftwood Dr & Freedom Dr35.254544-80.903039
32120Thriftwood Dr & Interurban Ave35.259009-80.903834
32140Thriftwood Dr & Marble St35.256875-80.902819
32250Tipperary Pl & Bankston Pl35.238812-80.757753
32180Tipperary Pl & Foxford Pl35.237679-80.75932
32190Tipperary Pl & Foxford Pl35.237637-80.759362
32310Tipperary Pl & Marbetta Ln35.241391-80.752615
32350Tipperary Pl & Marbetta Ln35.241255-80.753146
32370Tipperary Pl & Milton Rd35.242103-80.751584
32260Tipperary Pl & Slagle Dr35.239207-80.756469
32290Tipperary Pl & Slagle Dr35.239234-80.756509
32160Tipperary Pl & Stonehaven Dr35.235133-80.760323
32300Tipperary Pl & Vinetta Ct35.240492-80.754249
32330Tipperary Pl & Vinetta Ct35.240585-80.754261
45837Toddville Rd & Brooktree Dr35.267714-80.919616
46449Toddville Rd & CSX Way35.271146-80.917331
46500Toddville Rd & CSX Way35.271149-80.917131
45826Toddville Rd & Eneida Sue Dr35.266846-80.919743
45828Toddville Rd & Freedom Dr35.263932-80.920905
45835Toddville Rd & Freedom Dr35.264245-80.920549
46539Toddville Rd & Macon St35.278403-80.914795
45945Tom Hunter Rd & Canterwood Dr35.278477-80.769317
32455Tom Hunter Rd & Echo Glen Rd35.278177-80.782549
45925Tom Hunter Rd & Hidden Forest Dr35.278509-80.779643
45935Tom Hunter Rd & Monteith Dr35.278777-80.776006
32490Tom Hunter Rd & Reagan Dr35.278874-80.790164
32480Tom Hunter Rd & Vancouver Dr35.277258-80.789196
32470Tom Hunter Rd & White Plains Rd35.276857-80.788048
86Tom Hunter Station35.277951-80.766283
8530Trade St & Alexander St35.222103-80.837214
37240Trade St & Charles St35.117367-80.721238
44045Trade St & Church St35.228288-80.844404
8430Trade St & College St35.226749-80.842601
45720Trade St & Graham St35.230272-80.846726
37170Trade St & Matthews Station St35.117482-80.720893
37180Trade St & Matthews Township Pkwy35.121085-80.717611
37176Trade St & Park Center Dr35.119633-80.718749
37235Trade St & Park Center Dr35.119662-80.718893
45075Transit Center - 4th & Brevard35.224041-80.84134
36140Transit Center - Bay A35.225052-80.840639
45058Transit Center - Bay B35.224824-80.840787
45056Transit Center - Bay C35.224718-80.840955
45054Transit Center - Bay D35.224604-80.841151
45052Transit Center - Bay E35.224483-80.84138
45048Transit Center - Bay F35.224367-80.841559
45047Transit Center - Bay G35.224307-80.841489
45049Transit Center - Bay H35.224411-80.841299
45059Transit Center - Bay I35.224537-80.841086
45055Transit Center - Bay J35.224644-80.840896
45043Transit Center - Bay M35.224605-80.840801
45041Transit Center - Bay N35.224473-80.840997
45039Transit Center - Bay O35.224336-80.841179
45037Transit Center - Bay P35.224229-80.841325
45038Transit Center - Bay Q35.224161-80.841235
45040Transit Center - Bay R35.224289-80.84108
45042Transit Center - Bay S35.224405-80.840905
45044Transit Center - Bay T35.224541-80.840726
45046Transit Center - Bay U35.224665-80.840532
45102Transit Center - Bay V35.224069-80.840809
32550Transit Center - Bay X35.224447-80.841852
42500Trinity Rd & Beatties Ford Rd35.320168-80.86455
42505Trinity Rd & Beatties Ford Rd35.320191-80.864661
42605Trinity Rd & Clairemore Pl35.32503-80.858575
42606Trinity Rd & Evanshire Dr35.323374-80.858472
42615Trinity Rd & Evanshire Dr35.322176-80.859737
42608Trinity Rd & Feldbank Dr35.327052-80.858472
45133Trinity Rd & Feldbank Dr35.327979-80.858575
45132Trinity Rd & Larkhull Dr35.328678-80.858443
42515Trinity Rd @ 911535.321109-80.862502
42510Trinity Rd @ Cemetery35.321026-80.862537
52770Tryon & Shopton35.162484-80.915953
trnhrsTryon & WT Harris35.305764-80.749722
25660Tryon St & 3rd St35.225843-80.845075
18120Tryon St & 6th St35.228932-80.84057
18150Tryon St & 8th St35.230056-80.838934
44020Tryon St & 11th St35.232282-80.835788
45914Tryon St & 13th St35.233863-80.833805
18440Tryon St & 23rd St35.242015-80.823752
18460Tryon St & 23rd St35.242324-80.823049
18450Tryon St & 24th St35.243173-80.82217
18490Tryon St & 27th St35.245835-80.819325
18510Tryon St & 28th St35.246943-80.818018
25720Tryon St & 2nd St35.224794-80.846619
18520Tryon St & 30th St35.249186-80.815256
18530Tryon St & 30th St35.248607-80.816203
18540Tryon St & 32nd St35.25059-80.813154
18550Tryon St & 32nd St35.25053-80.81363
18580Tryon St & 36th St35.252893-80.807754
18590Tryon St & 36th St35.253133-80.807141
46100Tryon St & Arrowcreek Dr35.145732-80.926748
45937Tryon St & Arrowhead Dr35.270552-80.76755
45949Tryon St & Arrowhead Dr35.274078-80.767139
46154Tryon St & Arrowood Rd35.148278-80.925784
46169Tryon St & Arrowood Rd35.147963-80.925703
46416Tryon St & Ashby St35.237738-80.829121
18570Tryon St & Atando Ave35.251709-80.810853
18650Tryon St & Austin Dr35.267765-80.768176
18890Tryon St & Austin Dr35.266774-80.769105
19110Tryon St & Barton Creek Dr35.315413-80.740488
18700Tryon St & Beechway Cir35.258382-80.793258
18750Tryon St & Bennett St35.258244-80.785096
18760Tryon St & Bennett St35.258036-80.784335
44905Tryon St & Bethany Brook Ln35.137874-80.936555
18770Tryon St & Bingham Dr35.258154-80.782816
26090Tryon St & Blairhill Rd35.195182-80.877867
25840Tryon St & Bland St35.21769-80.854454
25850Tryon St & Bland St35.217747-80.854577
26100Tryon St & Bowman Rd35.192812-80.879733
26110Tryon St & Bowman Rd35.192448-80.879805
25990Tryon St & Brookhill Rd35.208044-80.867542
37412Tryon St & Brooklyn Village Ave35.223568-80.848494
26130Tryon St & Cama St35.190718-80.881158
26140Tryon St & Cama St35.190826-80.881276
46165Tryon St & Carowinds Blvd35.117905-80.956203
25815Tryon St & Carson Blvd35.220191-80.85203
45420Tryon St & Carson Blvd35.219274-80.852853
25830Tryon St & Catherine St35.218887-80.853357
46160Tryon St & Choate Rd35.108405-80.978122
46162Tryon St & Choate Rd35.108223-80.977994
26080Tryon St & Clanton Rd35.195441-80.877471
46151Tryon St & Courtney Oaks Rd35.16091-80.91864
18630Tryon St & Craighead Rd35.254764-80.80152
18640Tryon St & Craighead Rd35.255201-80.799982
46326Tryon St & Crescent Springs35.118924-80.954623
18370Tryon St & Dalton Ave35.237943-80.828622
18390Tryon St & Dalton Ave35.239103-80.827267
18400Tryon St & Dalton Ave35.239209-80.826978
25930Tryon St & Doggett St35.212824-80.864447
18740Tryon St & Dorton St35.258181-80.787725
25980Tryon St & Dunavant St35.208291-80.867212
18780Tryon St & Eastway Dr35.25939-80.778022
18800Tryon St & Eastway Dr35.258779-80.778813
46159Tryon St & Erwin Rd35.111713-80.972476
46163Tryon St & Erwin Rd35.111403-80.972592
46158Tryon St & Garden Oaks Ln35.113406-80.968011
46156Tryon St & General Dr35.121559-80.949146
46166Tryon St & General Dr35.1217-80.948397
18920Tryon St & Grace Farms Drive35.281306-80.765005
59570Tryon St & Griffith St35.201747-80.872796
59571Tryon St & Griffith St35.201639-80.872599
26040Tryon St & Herman Ave35.199187-80.874536
26050Tryon St & Herman Ave35.199097-80.874804
18610Tryon St & Hilo Dr35.254311-80.80405
18620Tryon St & Hilo Dr35.254297-80.803148
26370Tryon St & I-48535.143697-80.929219
19040Tryon St & JM Keynes Dr35.3083-80.747484
19060Tryon St & JM Keynes Dr35.307613-80.748612
46157Tryon St & John Price Rd35.117076-80.958381
18420Tryon St & Keswick Ave35.241011-80.824683
18430Tryon St & Keswick Ave35.241156-80.824807
45100Tryon St & Kingman Dr35.175206-80.895112
46110Tryon St & Kingman Dr35.175007-80.895204
18790Tryon St & Lambeth Dr35.258091-80.781351
46172Tryon St & Land Grant Rd35.160579-80.91887
14630Tryon St & Mallard Creek Church Rd35.320879-80.734502
18730Tryon St & Mellow Dr35.258398-80.788651
18190Tryon St & Montford Point St35.231255-80.83726
25800Tryon St & Morehead St35.221619-80.850626
46327Tryon St & Moss Rd35.11506-80.962684
46328Tryon St & Moss Rd35.11466-80.963402
52420Tryon St & Mother Theresa Villas35.114193-80.965656
52270Tryon St & Nevada Bv35.123734-80.945335
18820Tryon St & Northchase Dr35.261942-80.773789
18840Tryon St & Old Concord Rd35.263282-80.771942
42350Tryon St & Old Concord Rd35.261205-80.77459
26180Tryon St & Orchard Cir35.187156-80.883985
26190Tryon St & Orchard Cir35.187193-80.884109
18910Tryon St & Orchard Trace Ln35.280415-80.765964
18860Tryon St & Orr Rd35.265911-80.769044
60290Tryon St & Owen Blvd35.274595-80.766736
60291Tryon St & Owen Blvd35.274438-80.767202
25880Tryon St & Park Ave35.215391-80.8582
25890Tryon St & Park Ave35.215449-80.857843
60311Tryon St & Periwinkle Hill35.286835-80.761304
26160Tryon St & Peterson Dr35.18904-80.882646
26170Tryon St & Peterson Dr35.18904-80.882478
26210Tryon St & Pressley Rd35.185158-80.885759
26220Tryon St & Pressley Rd35.184605-80.885978
45120Tryon St & Queen Anne Rd35.171416-80.901969
46356Tryon St & Queen Anne Rd35.171151-80.90222
25970Tryon St & Rampart St35.209881-80.866938
26020Tryon St & Remount Rd35.206286-80.868961
26030Tryon St & Remount Rd35.20621-80.868859
46324Tryon St & Rivergate Pkwy35.104867-80.984022
46536Tryon St & Rivergate Pkwy35.105963-80.982326
18930Tryon St & Rocky River Rd35.288378-80.758806
26430Tryon St & Sandy Porter Rd35.134218-80.939382
44895Tryon St & Sandy Porter Rd35.134117-80.939688
46164Tryon St & Savannah Club Dr35.113485-80.967275
52760Tryon St & Shopton Rd35.162816-80.915696
52421Tryon St & South Point Bv35.115986-80.960117
45110Tryon St & Southampton Rd35.173258-80.898765
46109Tryon St & Southampton Rd35.173096-80.898838
52462Tryon St & Steele Creek Rd35.102799-80.988084
18680Tryon St & Sugar Creek Rd35.257272-80.796932
46153Tryon St & Thornfield Rd35.152551-80.924078
46170Tryon St & Thornfield Rd35.153676-80.923425
45947Tryon St & Tom Hunter Rd35.276871-80.766772
60300Tryon St & Tom Hunter Rd35.277551-80.766096
45480Tryon St & Township Rd35.131982-80.940868
25641Tryon St & Trade St35.226818-80.843508
25950Tryon St & Tremont Ave35.210796-80.866634
25960Tryon St & Tremont Ave35.211327-80.866535
46150Tryon St & Tyvola Centre Dr35.16512-80.911725
46173Tryon St & Tyvola Centre Dr35.16491-80.91177
46423Tryon St & Tyvola Rd35.169432-80.90492
18960Tryon St & University City Blvd35.292668-80.755837
18300Tryon St & Wadsworth Pl35.235981-80.831023
18330Tryon St & Wadsworth Pl35.236041-80.831181
18720Tryon St & Wellingford St35.258496-80.792026
25910Tryon St & West Blvd35.214089-80.86173
25920Tryon St & West Blvd35.213884-80.862026
46155Tryon St & Westinghouse Blvd35.128808-80.942208
46167Tryon St & Westinghouse Blvd35.127712-80.942417
46168Tryon St & Westinghouse Blvd35.131103-80.941014
25940Tryon St & Woodcrest Ave35.212629-80.864985
46152Tryon St & Yorkdale Dr35.156912-80.922398
46171Tryon St & Yorkdale Dr35.156513-80.922395
45090Tryon St & Yorkmont Rd35.17812-80.891893
46111Tryon St & Yorkmont Rd35.178189-80.89156
18660Tryon St @ 407035.256948-80.797244
18670Tryon St @ 410835.257532-80.796354
44885Tryon St @ 895135.136495-80.93771
19120Tryon St @ 9528 (Hight Veterinary)35.31608-80.73942
45097Tryon St @ UNCC Research Center35.313115-80.742569
26380Tryon St @ White Hall Commons35.144133-80.928403
26360Tryon St @ Whitehall Commons entrance35.14507-80.927579
51032Tryon St CityLYNX35.227272-80.843162
51031Tryon St. CityLYNX35.227361-80.843197
32736Tuckaseegee Rd & Ashley Rd35.245163-80.896349
32437Tuckaseegee Rd & Burkholder Rd35.244832-80.933888
37241Tuckaseegee Rd & Cheshire Av35.246946-80.902505
32740Tuckaseegee Rd & Cheshire Ave35.246726-80.902207
44483Tuckaseegee Rd & Clay Ave35.241375-80.876885
32600Tuckaseegee Rd & Coker St35.2425-80.879102
32730Tuckaseegee Rd & Edgewood Rd35.246215-80.898848
32610Tuckaseegee Rd & Enderly Rd35.243433-80.881146
32620Tuckaseegee Rd & Enderly Rd35.243314-80.881006
32780Tuckaseegee Rd & Forestbrook Dr35.245071-80.917762
1180Tuckaseegee Rd & Freedom Dr35.24617-80.892613
32660Tuckaseegee Rd & Glenwood Dr35.245457-80.885665
32670Tuckaseegee Rd & Glenwood Dr35.245609-80.885816
32675Tuckaseegee Rd & Hazel St35.245974-80.888539
32685Tuckaseegee Rd & Hazel St35.246081-80.888146
32770Tuckaseegee Rd & Heather Glen Ln35.246363-80.915615
32771Tuckaseegee Rd & Heather Glen Ln35.246685-80.915076
32720Tuckaseegee Rd & I-8535.246042-80.898506
32750Tuckaseegee Rd & J Julian Ln35.24818-80.907785
52220Tuckaseegee Rd & Jay St35.236569-80.869779
52221Tuckaseegee Rd & Jay St35.236676-80.870461
32640Tuckaseegee Rd & Karendale Ave35.244108-80.882792
32650Tuckaseegee Rd & Karendale Ave35.244697-80.883677
32630Tuckaseegee Rd & McQuay St35.243939-80.882197
32781Tuckaseegee Rd & Mulberry Church Rd35.24473-80.919648
32760Tuckaseegee Rd & Mulberry Pond Dr35.248326-80.910655
32761Tuckaseegee Rd & Mulberry Pond Dr35.248487-80.910627
32590Tuckaseegee Rd & Parkway Ave35.242556-80.879032
46421Tuckaseegee Rd & Queen City Dr35.246262-80.899674
44482Tuckaseegee Rd & Rush Ave35.241507-80.876805
44484Tuckaseegee Rd & State Ave35.23846-80.875558
44481Tuckaseegee Rd & State St35.239055-80.875655
32700Tuckaseegee Rd & Tennyson Dr35.246557-80.891094
32710Tuckaseegee Rd & Tennyson Dr35.246599-80.891708
32751Tuckaseegee Rd & Timberbrook Dr35.24853-80.908615
32791Tuckaseegee Rd & Toddville Rd35.244678-80.924593
33336Tuckaseegee Rd & Wesley Heights Way35.236749-80.864902
32890Tyvola Rd & 77 Center Dr35.163968-80.884975
32910Tyvola Rd & 77 Center Dr35.164188-80.884813
46641Tyvola Rd & City Park Dr35.181368-80.915782
46642Tyvola Rd & City Park Dr35.181883-80.91695
45140Tyvola Rd & Free Throw Ln35.162654-80.900886
46106Tyvola Rd & Free Throw Ln35.162959-80.899296
32870Tyvola Rd & I-7735.16353-80.89248
32900Tyvola Rd & I-7735.163762-80.892311
46104Tyvola Rd & Nations Ford Rd35.163362-80.89666
46105Tyvola Rd & Nations Ford Rd35.163539-80.896728
33890Tyvola Rd & North Falls Dr35.186907-80.921594
33891Tyvola Rd & North Falls Dr35.186246-80.920987
46309Tyvola Rd & South Stream Blvd35.184015-80.919422
46389Tyvola Rd & South Stream Blvd35.183551-80.919053
46103Tyvola Rd & Tryon St35.168882-80.904443
46108Tyvola Rd & Tryon St35.167953-80.903889
45130Tyvola Rd & Tyvola Centre Dr35.164367-80.903604
46107Tyvola Rd & Tyvola Centre Dr35.164457-80.903509
32880Tyvola Rd & Westpark Dr35.163189-80.886647
46388Tyvola Rd & Yorkmont Rd35.188427-80.921841
46535Tyvola Rd & Yorkmont Rd35.188432-80.921578
46640Tyvola Rd @ Renaissance Athletic Fields35.176062-80.909941
46645Tyvola Rd @ Renaissance Golf Course35.175888-80.910167
11Tyvola Station35.162948-80.87757
46025Tyvola Station35.163319-80.877305
60310UCB Station Bay35.287675-80.762134
90UNC Charlotte Station35.312136-80.733749
33010UNCC - Mary Alexander Rd & Van Landingham Rd35.305375-80.727438
44280Union Towne Center35.06742-80.639319
33030University City Blvd & Broadrick Blvd35.302689-80.729121
46342University City Blvd & John Kirk Dr35.30671-80.723307
33035University City Blvd & Mark Twain Rd35.299801-80.734196
45070University City Blvd & Mark Twain Rd35.30039-80.733324
33060University City Blvd & WT Harris Blvd35.297473-80.74001
33050University City Blvd @ Town Center Plaza35.297429-80.739295
87University City Blvd Station35.286787-80.760864
49940University East Dr & WT Harris Blvd35.286448-80.728225
49620University Pointe Blvd @ Walmart35.296631-80.757756
52640VA Hospital Outbound35.198281-80.913042
33080Valen Way & Mt Kisco Dr35.272886-80.785103
45611Valleydale & Jordans Pond Ln35.293125-80.930508
45613Valleydale & Jordans Pond Ln35.293152-80.930328
60389Valleydale Rd & Coulwood Dr35.301265-80.936435
60391Valleydale Rd & Homestead Glen35.28642-80.923096
60392Valleydale Rd & Homestead Glen35.286379-80.922773
60395Valleydale Rd & Morningside35.290182-80.926988
60396Valleydale Rd & Morningside35.289988-80.926926
14700Van Landingham Rd & John Kirk Dr35.307209-80.724818
60363W Sugar Creek & Waterford Hills35.333852-80.798873
60344W Sugar Creek Rd @ Food Lion35.335981-80.797261
59470W Tyvola Rd & Cascade Pointe Blvd35.196739-80.916407
60641W. Craighead Rd @ 110135.266746-80.808673
60640W. Craighead Rd @ 120035.266975-80.808707
183Wachovia CIC -Entrance 1A35.313753-80.772557
52250Walker Branch Dr & Steele Creek Rd35.098974-80.986804
23030Walmart @ Arboretum35.097462-80.783541
45863Wal-Mart @ Ashley & Wilkinson35.226569-80.891602
49296Walmart @ Pierson & Independence35.198665-80.775944
49293Walmart @ Pierson Dr (front)35.200458-80.775577
41262Washam Potts & Barnette35.474937-80.855199
41263Washam Potts & Coachman's Trace35.470674-80.859712
41264Washam Potts & Coachman's Trace35.470632-80.85962
60371Washam Potts & Heartland35.472186-80.858553
60366Washam Potts & Ruffner35.467017-80.863554
60367Washam Potts & Sherril35.473646-80.857163
60370Washam Potts & Shevington35.473694-80.857333
41261Washam Potts & Tryon35.474993-80.855327
60365Washam Potts & Westmoreland35.463913-80.86651
60373Washam Potts & Westmoreland35.463851-80.866862
60372Washam Potts and Oakbranch35.466556-80.864308
33980Watson St & Griffith St35.502192-80.850484
60480Waverly Park and Ride35.049622-80.768194
33990Welling Ave & Hoskins Rd35.261215-80.89064
45136Wendover Rd & Beal St35.190947-80.796685
45137Wendover Rd & Beal St35.190545-80.797476
43525Wendover Rd & Latrobe Dr35.192177-80.795634
43530Wendover Rd & Latrobe Dr35.192239-80.795772
49336Wendover Rd & Latrobe Dr35.193246-80.794726
49337Wendover Rd & Latrobe Dr35.193347-80.794941
45430Wendover Rd & Monroe Rd35.196156-80.791933
45433Wendover Rd & Monroe Rd35.19627-80.791949
51022Wesley Heights CityLYNX35.237341-80.85881
34850West Blvd & Airport Dr35.20451-80.926253
34860West Blvd & Airport Dr35.204385-80.926006
34450West Blvd & Amay James Ave35.211444-80.901544
34540West Blvd & Amay James Ave35.211237-80.901978
34230West Blvd & Beech Nut Rd35.215132-80.887029
38460West Blvd & Beech Nut Rd35.215066-80.886867
43425West Blvd & Camden Rd35.21274-80.85932
46418West Blvd & Dawnalia Dr35.207074-80.918794
34360West Blvd & Donald Ross Rd35.212396-80.893955
34300West Blvd & Dr Carver Rd35.214401-80.888566
34330West Blvd & Dr Carver Rd35.214375-80.889022
34480West Blvd & Elmin St35.211588-80.899565
34190West Blvd & Fordham Rd35.216715-80.880144
34200West Blvd & Fordham Rd35.216798-80.880294
34710West Blvd & Holabird Ln35.208551-80.914659
34790West Blvd & Holabird Ln35.208406-80.914567
34120West Blvd & I-7735.217618-80.870809
34440West Blvd & James St35.211649-80.897631
34650West Blvd & Kenhill Dr35.209682-80.910332
34670West Blvd & Kenhill Dr35.210169-80.908893
34760West Blvd & Leake St35.207895-80.916626
34080West Blvd & Merriman Ave35.217066-80.869744
34100West Blvd & Merriman Ave35.217091-80.870066
46101West Blvd & Mint St35.215877-80.866087
46102West Blvd & Mint St35.2156-80.865183
34520West Blvd & Morning Dr35.21145-80.899967
34610West Blvd & Old Steele Creek Rd35.210363-80.907023
34620West Blvd & Old Steele Creek Rd35.210388-80.907561
34220West Blvd & Remount Rd35.216314-80.882774
34250West Blvd & Remount Rd35.216118-80.884236
34750West Blvd & Renaissance Way35.2069-80.919961
34140West Blvd & Revolution Park Dr35.217803-80.873944
34150West Blvd & Revolution Park Dr35.21769-80.873583
34400West Blvd & Romare Bearden Dr35.211681-80.895773
34420West Blvd & Romare Bearden Dr35.211918-80.895367
34500West Blvd & Ross Ave35.2115-80.898196
43435West Blvd & Tryon St35.21421-80.862449
45846West Blvd & Tryon St35.214353-80.862449
34560West Blvd & Tyvola Rd35.210847-80.904259
34580West Blvd & Walter St35.21113-80.903462
34320West Blvd & Walton Rd35.213196-80.891495
34340West Blvd & Walton Rd35.21346-80.891287
34070West Blvd & Worthington Ave35.21617-80.867761
44030West Blvd & Worthington Ave35.216214-80.867404
34160West Blvd @ 115035.217213-80.875832
34170West Blvd @ 123835.216924-80.877627
34210West Blvd @ 152035.216602-80.882101
34260West Blvd @ 160335.215923-80.884553
34690West Blvd @ 283835.209619-80.911151
34180West Blvd @ Greater Mt Sinai Baptist35.21681-80.877742
45333Westinghouse & Forsyth Park Dr35.132432-80.955152
34980Westinghouse Blvd & Brookford St35.125475-80.935833
34960Westinghouse Blvd & Cordage St35.122266-80.93388
44120Westinghouse Blvd & Cordage St35.121581-80.933723
46194Westinghouse Blvd & Culp Rd35.110881-80.905651
46215Westinghouse Blvd & Culp Rd35.110782-80.905652
45114Westinghouse Blvd & D Ducks Ln35.131208-80.94745
45360Westinghouse Blvd & D Ducks Ln35.13116-80.947666
46195Westinghouse Blvd & Downs Rd35.111148-80.909266
46214Westinghouse Blvd & Downs Rd35.110903-80.909618
45332Westinghouse Blvd & Forsyth Park Dr35.132518-80.954985
46377Westinghouse Blvd & Fruehauf Dr35.132603-80.958901
44180Westinghouse Blvd & Granite St35.117342-80.929506
44185Westinghouse Blvd & Granite St35.117063-80.929288
46750Westinghouse Blvd & I-7735.116079-80.926472
46755Westinghouse Blvd & I-7735.115889-80.926658
46196Westinghouse Blvd & Nations Ford Rd35.111206-80.915156
46213Westinghouse Blvd & Nations Ford Rd35.111316-80.915808
46193Westinghouse Blvd & Old Nations Ford Rd35.112212-80.895648
46216Westinghouse Blvd & Old Nations Ford Rd35.11197-80.895977
34970Westinghouse Blvd & South Commerce Blvd35.124947-80.935342
46197Westinghouse Blvd & Texland Blvd35.113043-80.92042
46212Westinghouse Blvd & Texland Blvd35.112963-80.920656
34990Westinghouse Blvd & Tryon St35.129262-80.940308
35000Westinghouse Blvd & Tryon St35.129351-80.93944
46343Westinghouse Blvd & Tryon St35.13001-80.942954
46211Westinghouse Blvd & Wilmar Blvd35.117672-80.930691
34940Westinghouse Blvd @ 120035.119776-80.93251
45384Westinghouse Blvd @ 355035.132774-80.96666
52130Westinghouse Bv & Fruehauf Dr35.132506-80.959036
52120Westinghouse Bv & Goodrich Dr35.132666-80.966655
34985Westinghouse Bv & S Tryon St35.130255-80.944472
46344Westinghouse Commons Dr & Westinghouse Blvd35.135858-80.973505
52110Westinghouse Commons Dr @ 380535.136319-80.973506
52090Westlake Dr & Display Dr35.140941-80.967098
52100Westlake Dr & Turtle Creek Ln35.137058-80.970681
52080Westlake Dr @ 1012435.141948-80.97189
45388Westlake Dr @ 1030135.142315-80.971229
45387Westlake Dr @ 1041535.142442-80.967853
45386Westlake Dr @ 1060135.141186-80.967031
45385Westlake Dr @ 1102535.136763-80.970397
35050Wheatley Ave & Bunche Dr35.194422-80.804558
35060Wheatley Ave & Bunche Dr35.194259-80.803681
35070Wheatley Ave & Ellington St35.194075-80.802462
35080Wheatley Ave & Ellington St35.194186-80.802698
40775White Street Park and Ride34.927049-81.026936
wilashWilkinson & Ashley35.224818-80.892244
35300Wilkinson Blvd & Alleghany St35.227873-80.913911
45413Wilkinson Blvd & Alleghany St35.227618-80.912732
35180Wilkinson Blvd & Ashley Rd35.224522-80.893754
44080Wilkinson Blvd & Ashley Rd35.224253-80.891437
35310Wilkinson Blvd & Boyer St35.232551-80.925771
45417Wilkinson Blvd & Boyer St35.232442-80.92471
35210Wilkinson Blvd & Donald Ross Rd35.224378-80.896171
35320Wilkinson Blvd & Harlee Ave35.233754-80.932667
45419Wilkinson Blvd & Harlee Ave35.234229-80.934677
46557Wilkinson Blvd & Huntlynn Rd35.240599-80.977153
46558Wilkinson Blvd & Huntlynn Rd35.24087-80.977534
35250Wilkinson Blvd & Midland Ave35.224947-80.904943
35260Wilkinson Blvd & Midland Ave35.225102-80.904917
35280Wilkinson Blvd & Morris Field Dr35.226444-80.910532
35290Wilkinson Blvd & Morris Field Dr35.225963-80.909148
44065Wilkinson Blvd & Mulberry Church Rd35.229345-80.917297
45415Wilkinson Blvd & Mulberry Church Rd35.229556-80.91732
35230Wilkinson Blvd & Old Steele Creek Rd35.224675-80.899166
35170Wilkinson Blvd & Remount Rd35.223984-80.884354
45409Wilkinson Blvd & Remount Rd35.224082-80.883709
45726Wilkinson Blvd @ DMSI35.24164-80.995311
46560Windsor Square Dr & Independence Blvd35.132748-80.712698
46804Windsor Square Dr & Windsor Crossing Dr35.134077-80.710513
35440Woodland Dr & Commonwealth Ave35.208034-80.789876
35550Woodland Dr & Commonwealth Ave35.208053-80.789528
35470Woodland Dr & Eastway Dr35.208083-80.784352
35480Woodland Dr & Eastway Dr35.208075-80.784134
35450Woodland Dr & Oakmont Ave35.208378-80.788002
35460Woodland Dr @ 131035.208434-80.787581
35770Woodlawn Rd & Castlewood Rd35.172518-80.857212
35580Woodlawn Rd & Chastain Ave35.178317-80.880885
35790Woodlawn Rd & Drexmore Ave35.172063-80.852124
35750Woodlawn Rd & Longwood Dr35.172456-80.857525
35840Woodlawn Rd & Montford Dr35.171527-80.846199
35845Woodlawn Rd & Montford Dr35.171892-80.846386
35570Woodlawn Rd & Nations Crossing Rd35.179186-80.884195
35590Woodlawn Rd & Nations Crossing Rd35.17892-80.882794
35820Woodlawn Rd & Park Rd35.172021-80.850567
35830Woodlawn Rd & Park Rd35.172336-80.849316
35800Woodlawn Rd & Parktowne Village Dr35.172223-80.848868
35860Woodlawn Rd & Selwyn Ave35.171186-80.842131
45348Woodlawn Rd & Wallingford St35.179427-80.884596
35780Woodlawn Rd @ 131535.172273-80.853318
10Woodlawn Station35.175789-80.879063
46010Woodlawn Station35.175937-80.879552
43140WT Harris Blvd & Albemarle Rd35.199642-80.726225
45160WT Harris Blvd & Albemarle Rd35.204587-80.72588
43160WT Harris Blvd & Allister Dr35.192626-80.72633
43150WT Harris Blvd & Baraway Dr35.196965-80.726515
7570WT Harris Blvd & Bonlyn Dr35.199167-80.726127
45180WT Harris Blvd & Delta Crossing Ln35.214146-80.724633
45225WT Harris Blvd & Delta Crossing Ln35.213607-80.725401
45190WT Harris Blvd & Delta Landing Rd35.217051-80.722283
45215WT Harris Blvd & Delta Landing Rd35.216643-80.722567
43175WT Harris Blvd & Denning Pl35.190752-80.727321
43170WT Harris Blvd & Greywood Dr35.190523-80.727564
11631WT Harris Blvd & Grove Park Blvd35.233264-80.731619
11680WT Harris Blvd & Hickory Grove Rd35.223978-80.725433
45908WT Harris Blvd & Hickory Grove Rd35.22215-80.72435
45909WT Harris Blvd & Hickory Grove Rd35.222068-80.724446
7640WT Harris Blvd & Idlewild Rd North35.195205-80.725839
11670WT Harris Blvd & Kimmerly Glen Ln35.225955-80.726135
11671WT Harris Blvd & Kimmerly Glen Ln35.226017-80.726044
43180WT Harris Blvd & Meadowdale Ln35.188112-80.729032
43185WT Harris Blvd & Meadowdale Ln35.187015-80.729419
11621WT Harris Blvd & Robinson Church Rd35.230418-80.728415
11650WT Harris Blvd & Robinson Church Rd35.231471-80.729943
11691WT Harris Blvd & Rosecroft Dr35.235162-80.733865
45759WT Harris Blvd & Snow Ln35.197215-80.726353
11620WT Harris Blvd & Tantilla Cir35.230622-80.72899
45205WT Harris Blvd & Trysting Rd35.218967-80.722936
45210WT Harris Blvd & Trysting Rd35.218969-80.722797
45170WT Harris Blvd & Wallace Ave35.208601-80.725945
45235WT Harris Blvd & Wallace Ave35.208549-80.726105
11630WT Harris Blvd & Williams Rd35.233792-80.732602
11690WT Harris Blvd @ 582035.235395-80.734357
11660WT Harris Blvd @ 667035.22946-80.72779
36110Yuma St & Argyle Dr West35.268089-80.79189
36090Yuma St & Cinderella Rd35.265728-80.792088
36100Yuma St & Gondola Ave35.266423-80.791394
36120Yuma St & Hidden Valley Rd35.270551-80.792658

Agency Stops: 3075