Stop Listing

New Jersey Transit (nj-njt)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
294361st Ave at Aldene Rd40.657789-74.280323
294451st Ave at Aldene Rd40.657699-74.281660
174471st Ave at Ampere Pkwy40.770948-74.192392
174481st Ave at Ampere Pkwy40.770880-74.191940
294371st Ave at Amsterdam Ave40.658088-74.278073
294441st Ave at Amsterdam Ave40.658140-74.278423
294431st Ave at Clover St40.658529-74.275551
294381st Ave at Clover St40.658510-74.274782
272021st Ave at East 22nd St40.940399-74.145862
294411st Ave at Laurel St40.659510-74.268411
294401st Ave at Laurel St40.659518-74.267472
243651st Ave at Mount Ave40.412798-74.038362
243641st Ave at Mount Ave40.412938-74.038090
191371st Ave at North 10th St40.769080-74.186203
191381st Ave at North 10th St40.769049-74.185802
191361st Ave at North 12th St40.769578-74.187880
191391st Ave at North 12th St40.769578-74.187573
191401st Ave at North 13th St40.769839-74.188482
172111st Ave at North 16th St40.770359-74.190162
172121st Ave at North 16th St40.770389-74.190491
294421st Ave at Vine St40.658959-74.272372
294391st Ave at Vine St40.658888-74.272113
174461st Ave at Warwick St40.771469-74.194091
174491st Ave at Warwick St40.771469-74.193863
247521st St at Atlantic St40.438850-74.198340
247551st St at Atlantic St40.438740-74.198511
203711st St at Ave C40.645419-74.130360
121151st St at Berdan Pl40.890548-74.048961
121171st St at Berry St40.892449-74.047871
121191st St at Berry St40.892079-74.048082
247531st St at Cedar St40.439178-74.192983
121201st St at Clay St40.889758-74.049421
247541st St at Fulton St40.439118-74.192742
121141st St at High St40.889320-74.049662
121161st St at James St40.891729-74.048283
121181st St at Stanley Pl40.893148-74.047470
294532nd Ave at Chandler Ave40.659959-74.255522
294492nd Ave at Chandler Ave40.659929-74.254821
294552nd Ave at Chestnut St40.658858-74.263751
294472nd Ave at Chestnut St40.658838-74.262840
272032nd Ave at East 23rd St40.938848-74.145622
294502nd Ave at Harrison Ave40.660307-74.251823
294462nd Ave at Locust St40.658408-74.265940
294522nd Ave at Myrtle St40.660280-74.253073
294512nd Ave at Sheridan Ave40.660658-74.250342
294542nd Ave at Walnut St40.659288-74.260571
294482nd Ave at Walnut St40.659228-74.259853
216772nd St at Bergenline Ave40.753438-74.041331
295362nd St at Park Ave40.649368-74.396862
168352nd St at Stratton Ave39.381469-75.029253
168532nd St at Stratton Ave39.381360-75.029313
168392nd St at Vine St39.399810-75.037142
168482nd St at Vine St39.400237-75.037341
308282nd Street Light Rail Station40.741740-74.042821
167163rd Ave at 83rd St39.062779-74.753831
167143rd Ave at 83rd St39.062729-74.753701
167193rd Ave at 94th St39.056098-74.759480
252623rd Ave at Brighton Ave40.156259-74.027263
294563rd Ave at Hamilton St40.659978-74.245100
294603rd Ave at Linden Rd40.659737-74.247393
252633rd Ave at Ludlow Ave40.159238-74.027952
252663rd Ave at Ludlow Ave40.159008-74.027740
140123rd Ave at Mill St40.987948-74.036230
140133rd Ave at Mill St40.987770-74.036472
252613rd Ave at Morris Ave40.152598-74.028360
252703rd Ave at Morris Ave40.152560-74.028192
252673rd Ave at Newark Ave40.156010-74.027123
319333rd Ave at Park Ave40.990488-74.034552
319343rd Ave at Park Ave40.990409-74.034760
294583rd Ave at Park St40.660398-74.242763
294573rd Ave at Park St40.660359-74.242463
252643rd Ave at Pitney Ave40.163028-74.028363
252653rd Ave at Pitney Ave40.162819-74.028182
294593rd Ave at Prospect St40.660129-74.245081
311943rd St at Church St40.619809-74.418922
152963rd St at Market St39.945938-75.123983
140154th Ave at Siemers Ln40.977529-74.044323
140144th Ave at Taco Ave40.978519-74.043620
238634th St at Rushmore Ave40.592998-74.447970
238644th St at Rushmore Ave40.594500-74.446271
272155th Ave at East 13th St40.935209-74.155911
272045th Ave at East 13th St40.935050-74.155601
272055th Ave at East 16th St40.934458-74.152361
272145th Ave at East 16th St40.934650-74.152932
272065th Ave at East 18th St40.934140-74.150580
272135th Ave at East 18th St40.934258-74.150673
272085th Ave at East 24th St40.933389-74.146341
272115th Ave at East 24th St40.933427-74.145924
272105th Ave at East 26th St40.933088-74.144183
272095th Ave at East 26th St40.933079-74.144513
272075th Ave at Madison Ave40.933899-74.149172
272125th Ave at Madison Ave40.933910-74.148784
269655th Ave at Utter Ave40.960668-74.152242
269975th Ave at Utter Ave40.962589-74.152471
269645th Ave at Van Winkle Ave40.963299-74.152452
135325th St 125' N of US 4640.890819-74.098891
135285th St 150' S of Jefferson Ave.40.889608-74.098264
203735th St at Broadway40.651369-74.128471
135295th St at Lanza Ave40.892370-74.099263
135315th St at Lanza Ave40.892099-74.099321
135265th St at Outwater Lane40.885727-74.096672
135275th St at President St40.887588-74.097451
135335th St at President St40.887309-74.097432
135305th St at Victor St40.895847-74.100080
279816th St at Lanning Ave39.738968-75.463902
279826th St at Leap Ave39.739700-75.464991
279616th St at Race St39.955227-75.149573
152977th St at Pearl St39.949308-75.116233
153027th St at Pearl St39.948889-75.116521
152997th St at Vine St39.951218-75.115682
153007th St at Vine St39.951429-75.115661
255488 Vreeland Rd40.790909-74.370513
311638th St at Ave C40.654898-74.128882
315528th St at Liberty St39.930858-75.112802
311458th Street Light Rail Station40.654298-74.129142
191419th Ave at South 12th St40.751539-74.197312
192099th Ave at South 14th St40.752189-74.199193
192109th Ave at South 14th St40.752030-74.199072
174519th Ave at South 16th St40.752559-74.200803
174529th Ave at South 16th St40.752728-74.201083
174509th Ave at Steuben St40.752909-74.202043
308279th Street Light Rail Station40.748867-74.038522
3079210th Ave at Belmar Plaza40.179839-74.027243
3079310th Ave at Belmar Plaza40.179519-74.027010
2554511 Vreeland Rd40.790878-74.370332
2722011th Ave at 43rd St40.920019-74.132811
2721911th Ave at 43rd St40.919849-74.132182
2722411th Ave at East 33rd St40.921019-74.141140
2721611th Ave at East 35th St40.920740-74.139562
2722311th Ave at East 35th St40.920808-74.139333
2721711th Ave at East 37th St40.920518-74.137694
2722211th Ave at East 37th St40.920589-74.137493
2721811th Ave at East 39th St40.920299-74.135832
2722111th Ave at East 39th St40.920348-74.135581
2554912 Vreeland Rd40.788557-74.370101
1914512th Ave at Bergen St40.742650-74.191471
1914712th Ave at Bergen St40.742820-74.191733
1914412th Ave at Littleton Ave40.743480-74.194153
1914812th Ave at Littleton Ave40.743450-74.193791
1914612th Ave at Newton St40.741370-74.187372
1914312th Ave at South 8th St40.744138-74.196432
1914912th Ave at South 8th St40.744269-74.196593
1914212th Ave at South 11th St40.745039-74.199533
1915214th Ave at Ashland St40.739740-74.204192
1915314th Ave at S 11th St40.739309-74.202233
1915514th Ave at S 14th St40.739918-74.204603
1915114th Ave at S 15th St40.740079-74.205773
1915614th Ave at S 18th St40.740710-74.208182
1915014th Ave at S 18th St40.740679-74.208472
2048914th St at Bloomfield St40.753268-74.026553
2049014th St at Bloomfield St40.753509-74.027262
2048814th St at Park Ave40.753559-74.028220
1915815th Ave at Bedford St40.734969-74.190703
1915915th Ave at Bedford St40.734999-74.190323
3306415th Ave at Bruce St40.735319-74.191722
3306515th Ave at Bruce St40.735319-74.191733
1917016th Ave at 6th St40.734889-74.198721
1917516th Ave at 18th St40.737399-74.209982
3033916th Ave at 18th St40.737238-74.209803
1792316th Ave at 22nd St40.737969-74.213093
1792416th Ave at 22nd St40.738128-74.213301
1916816th Ave at Bergen St40.734018-74.195302
1916916th Ave at Camden St40.734358-74.196383
3014416th Ave at Littleton Ave40.734629-74.198091
2722816th Ave at Madison Ave40.915528-74.154892
2722716th Ave at Rosa Parks Blvd40.915807-74.158791
1889616th Ave at S 10th St40.735550-74.202363
1890716th Ave at S 10th St40.735769-74.202411
1916716th Ave at South 7th St40.735029-74.199913
1917116th Ave at South 7th St40.735078-74.199583
1916616th Ave at South 10th St40.735610-74.202521
1917216th Ave at South 10th St40.735629-74.202051
1916516th Ave at South 13th St40.736237-74.205310
1917316th Ave at South 13th St40.736290-74.205021
1916416th Ave at South 16th St40.736750-74.207623
1917416th Ave at South 16th St40.736898-74.207712
1916216th Ave at South 20th St40.737547-74.211242
2722516th Ave at Straight St40.916079-74.166392
2722616th Ave at Summer St40.915999-74.163674
1793018th Ave at 22nd St40.734127-74.214561
1793118th Ave at 22nd St40.734248-74.214553
1920218th Ave at Alexander St40.738898-74.227713
1918818th Ave at Bergen St40.730220-74.196691
1919418th Ave at Bergen St40.730269-74.196412
1919018th Ave at Boyd St40.729318-74.192520
1919218th Ave at Boyd St40.729368-74.192281
1792618th Ave at Columbia Ave40.737438-74.221981
1793518th Ave at Columbia Ave40.737460-74.221760
1792818th Ave at Eastern Pkwy40.735610-74.218253
1793318th Ave at Eastern Pkwy40.735758-74.218291
1792918th Ave at Grove St40.734758-74.216041
1793218th Ave at Grove St40.734758-74.215792
1918918th Ave at Hunterdon St40.729959-74.195500
1867918th Ave at Irvine Turner Blvd40.729080-74.190632
3134018th Ave at K St40.169100-74.037210
3134118th Ave at K St40.169179-74.037503
1918618th Ave at Kent St40.731417-74.202312
1917818th Ave at Mead St40.740049-74.232562
1918718th Ave at Muhammed Ali Blvd40.730699-74.198931
1919518th Ave at Muhammed Ali Blvd40.730869-74.199233
1792718th Ave at Myrtle Ave40.736629-74.219761
1793418th Ave at Myrtle Ave40.736788-74.219843
1919318th Ave at New Fairview Ave40.729877-74.194633
1920318th Ave at Norwood St40.739559-74.230643
3134218th Ave at Rt 3540.168459-74.046621
3134318th Ave at Rt 3540.168957-74.044643
1920418th Ave at Smith St40.740348-74.233112
1918518th Ave at South 13th St40.732379-74.206761
1919718th Ave at South 13th St40.732439-74.206493
1918418th Ave at South 15th St40.732798-74.208662
1919818th Ave at South 15th St40.732840-74.208311
1918318th Ave at South 17th St40.733188-74.210391
1919918th Ave at South 17th St40.733229-74.210083
1918218th Ave at South 19th St40.733588-74.212162
1920018th Ave at South 19th St40.733648-74.211872
1917918th Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.739548-74.231091
1918018th Ave at Sunset Ave40.739049-74.228804
1792518th Ave at Vermont Ave40.738030-74.223631
1793618th Ave at Vermont Ave40.738060-74.223403
1918118th Ave at West End Ave40.738608-74.226801
1920118th Ave at West End Ave40.738638-74.226453
2118418th St 415' E of Marin Blvd40.733579-74.037353
2119518th St at Marin Blvd40.734429-74.039421
2554419 Vreeland Rd40.788409-74.369932
2722920th Ave at Beech St40.908998-74.164723
2723420th Ave at Beech St40.909058-74.164443
2723220th Ave at Dover St40.908907-74.159021
2723320th Ave at Gray St40.909077-74.161292
2723020th Ave at Gray St40.908959-74.160583
2752820th Ave at Lewis St40.908768-74.158892
2723120th Ave at Madison Ave40.908458-74.157162
2900420th St at Wood Ave40.620749-74.236012
2723621st Ave at East 22nd St40.906318-74.154441
2724121st Ave at East 22nd St40.906458-74.155103
2723721st Ave at East 24th St40.906110-74.153081
2724021st Ave at East 24th St40.906189-74.152833
2723921st Ave at East 27th St40.905827-74.150071
2723821st Ave at East 28th St40.905657-74.149380
3174822 Sylvan Way at Wyndham Worldwide40.845709-74.440071
3084522nd Street Light Rail Station40.661277-74.116410
2554325b Vreeland Rd40.784548-74.370433
3134626th St at Hayes Ave39.953909-75.092812
1530827th St at Arthur Ave39.953589-75.092343
1530627th St at Cleveland Ave39.952830-75.091633
1531127th St at High St39.948127-75.088091
1530427th St at High St39.948289-75.088081
1531027th St at Howell St39.949950-75.089501
1530527th St at Howell St39.949410-75.088960
1530927th St at Sherman Ave39.952509-75.091471
1531227th St at Westfield Ave39.946968-75.087180
1530327th St at Westfield Ave39.947160-75.087192
2555030a Vreeland Rd40.784409-74.370601
2168130th St at Bergenline Ave40.770998-74.029591
2168330th St at Hudson Ave40.769559-74.026162
2134730th St at JFK Blvd40.773568-74.035293
2168230th St at Palisade Ave40.770239-74.027803
2168430th St at Pleasant Ave40.768910-74.024723
2168030th St at Summit Ave40.772738-74.033422
9500130th St. Phl.39.956565-75.182327
2168731st St at Bergenline Ave40.771929-74.030360
2168531st St at Hudson Ave40.770110-74.026060
2168831st St at JFK Blvd40.773779-74.033991
2168631st St at Palisade Ave40.770499-74.027072
2174332nd St at Bergenline Ave40.772058-74.029161
2174132nd St at Central Ave40.773648-74.030461
2174232nd St at New York Ave40.771398-74.028591
2174032nd St at Summit Ave40.774538-74.031321
3084434th Street Light Rail Station40.671778-74.107493
1620036th St River Line Station39.961557-75.078593
3087036th Street Light Rail Station39.960960-75.079622
1794140th St 200' S of Harding Ter40.718659-74.249592
1794240th St at Harding Terr40.719179-74.249283
1794040th St at Lentz Place40.717247-74.250922
1793940th St at Stuyvesant Ave40.715518-74.252273
3084345th Street Light Rail Station40.678670-74.101673
2168948th St at Bergenline Ave40.781488-74.021521
2169048th St at Broadway40.779408-74.017021
3046948th St at Broadway40.779498-74.017024
2169148th St at Hudson Ave40.780159-74.018433
2169248th St at Palisade Ave40.780868-74.020031
2159855 Metro Way Cul-De-Sac40.771458-74.070740
2159555 Metro Way Cul-De-Sac40.771549-74.070663
2038055th St at Ave C40.686880-74.101911
2185860th St at Bergenline Ave40.788670-74.016113
2185960th St at Hudson Ave40.787130-74.012793
2186160th St at Park Ave40.785529-74.009112
2186060th St at Park Ave40.785590-74.009440
2151777th St at Broadway40.797650-74.001963
2134879th St at Bergenline Ave40.801160-74.006342
2135079th St at Hudson Ave40.799779-74.003092
2134979th St at Palisade Ave40.800598-74.004902
25552100 Campus Dr40.783688-74.428250
31763175 Park Ave In Parking Lot40.771628-74.422141
32438180 Park Ave In Circle at Building40.778109-74.415190
25514414 Rt 1040.801409-74.360032
24980Aberdeen Rd at Sutton Pl40.426129-74.235302
24946Aberdeen Rd at Sutton Pl40.426069-74.235281
24982Aberdeen Rd at Tree Haven Village40.426499-74.244042
24944Aberdeen Rd at Tree Haven Village40.426329-74.243770
24981Aberdeen Rd at Union St40.426198-74.238591
24945Aberdeen Rd at Union St40.426107-74.238841
32132Abernathy Ln at Clover Ln40.363788-74.640653
17011Academics Bldg Bus Stop39.440539-75.055343
30128Academy St at Baldwin Ave40.726688-74.062161
17954Access Rd at Peach Tree Hill Rd40.771299-74.361931
17955Access Rd at Peach Tree Hill Rd40.771488-74.362211
12048Ackerman Ave 127' N of Prospect St40.958369-74.111722
12044Ackerman Ave at Harristown Rd40.960819-74.116000
12046Ackerman Ave at Harristown Rd40.960778-74.116102
12047Ackerman Ave at Hillman Ave40.959090-74.113372
12043Ackerman Ave at Jerome Ave40.959169-74.113403
12042Ackerman Ave at Prospect St40.958320-74.111382
12045Ackerman Ave at Rock Rd40.962159-74.117421
10067Across Atlantic Ave at Ohio Ave39.359660-74.433951
24562Adelphia Rd at Coventry Dr40.221020-74.287092
24557Adelphia Rd at Georgia Rd40.220790-74.291422
24558Adelphia Rd at Old Post Rd40.221099-74.279002
24561Adelphia Rd at Old Post Rd40.221220-74.278430
24563Adelphia Rd at Stillwells Corner Rd40.220979-74.293491
14993Admiral Wilson Blvd at Baird Blvd. Overpass39.938890-75.093313
14994Admiral Wilson Blvd at Baird Blvd. Overpass39.938928-75.092602
10043Adriatic Ave at Delta Ave39.370308-74.424812
10039Adriatic Ave at Kentucky Ave39.366658-74.433840
10038Adriatic Ave at Martin Luther King Blvd39.366088-74.435262
10274Adriatic Ave at N New Jersey Ave39.371210-74.422601
33125Adriatic Ave at N New Jersey Ave39.371128-74.422953
10045Adriatic Ave at New York Ave39.366968-74.433370
10040Adriatic Ave at New York Ave39.367160-74.432582
10042Adriatic Ave at South Carolina Ave39.368248-74.429881
10044Adriatic Ave at Tennessee Ave39.367538-74.431980
10041Adriatic Ave at Tennessee Ave39.367628-74.431413
15252Adventure Aquarium39.944518-75.130172
14996Alabama Rd at Octagon St39.905809-75.104683
14995Alabama Rd at Roanoke St39.905269-75.102891
10247Albany Ave 1500' W of Rodeway Inn Motel39.371108-74.477570
10099Albany Ave at Crossan Ave39.358580-74.460833
10253Albany Ave at Crossan Ave39.358709-74.460683
10100Albany Ave at Filbert Ave39.357550-74.459992
10252Albany Ave at Filbert Ave39.357199-74.459463
10101Albany Ave at Porter Ave39.355829-74.458610
10251Albany Ave at Porter Ave39.355968-74.458492
10250Albany Ave at Winchester Ave39.352538-74.455683
24693Aldrich Rd Park & Ride40.156169-74.227181
18163Alexander Ave at Grove St40.850257-74.194071
18162Alexander Ave at Skytop Terrace40.847328-74.186270
18161Alexander Ave at Squire Hill Rd40.847429-74.186830
22909Alexander Rd at Bohren's Way40.321138-74.636683
22908Alexander Rd at Roszel Rd40.320927-74.636673
22554Alexander St 100' N of Faculty Rd40.338520-74.657323
22555Alexander St 100' N of Faculty Rd40.338298-74.657331
22553Alexander St at Basin St40.334300-74.654203
22556Alexander St at Basin St40.333598-74.654382
26640Allwood Park & Ride40.853537-74.174780
26655Allwood Park & Ride40.853907-74.175023
26653Allwood Rd at Brookwood Rd40.850170-74.169503
26646Allwood Rd at Burlington Rd40.845308-74.163083
26649Allwood Rd at Burlington Rd40.845339-74.162652
26643Allwood Rd at Champlin Ct40.848717-74.167791
26650Allwood Rd at Chelsea Rd40.847007-74.165031
26648Allwood Rd at Cottage Lane40.844210-74.161052
26642Allwood Rd at Hepburn Rd40.849600-74.169002
26652Allwood Rd at Mt. Prospect Ave40.848709-74.167421
26644Allwood Rd at New Brier Lane40.847660-74.166314
26647Allwood Rd at Orchard Dr40.844399-74.161680
26641Allwood Rd at Richfield Terrace40.852028-74.172504
26654Allwood Rd at Richfield Terrace40.852250-74.172563
26645Allwood Rd at Windsor Rd40.846750-74.165041
27682Alps Rd at Alpine Dr40.941169-74.243303
27674Alps Rd at Barker Pl40.929588-74.243962
27677Alps Rd at Eleron Pl40.941248-74.243212
27679Alps Rd at Herefort Rd40.946287-74.244072
27683Alps Rd at Highland Terrace40.938319-74.242791
27684Alps Rd at Macdonald Dr40.935828-74.242312
27675Alps Rd at Macdonald Dr40.935609-74.242172
27673Alps Rd at Nellis Dr40.927297-74.245432
27685Alps Rd at Osborne Terrace40.931147-74.243210
27680Alps Rd at Soldatovic Ct40.946540-74.244222
27681Alps Rd at Summit Dr40.943868-74.243661
27678Alps Rd at Summit Dr40.943649-74.243521
27686Alps Rd at Tall Oaks Dr40.927569-74.245353
27676Alps Rd at Wilson Ave40.938669-74.242780
33049Amazon Fulfillment Ctr - West Deptford39.824749-75.215143
24803Amberly Dr. East at Building147-152 Dr40.329650-74.310851
24804Amberly Dr. East at Building167-177 Dr40.330858-74.313501
24799Amberly Dr. West at Building53 Dr40.331779-74.317382
24800Amberly Dr. West at Building81-85 Dr40.328458-74.318953
24801Amberly Dr. West at Building119-127 Dr40.327148-74.316473
24125Amboy Ave 150' S of Cutters Dock Rd40.542289-74.274880
23101Amboy Ave Between 4th & 5th Sts40.534348-74.335744
23089Amboy Ave Between 4th & 5th Sts40.534370-74.336144
24270Amboy Ave at Albert St40.549710-74.279431
23705Amboy Ave at Alpine St40.526519-74.275323
23693Amboy Ave at Arnold Ave40.522439-74.276111
23698Amboy Ave at Ashley St40.531358-74.272851
28868Amboy Ave at Bayway Ave40.637769-74.202613
24123Amboy Ave at Bergen St40.551420-74.280663
24267Amboy Ave at Bunns Lane40.549798-74.279282
23329Amboy Ave at Carson Ave40.537149-74.352393
24124Amboy Ave at Cricket Ln40.546570-74.278172
24119Amboy Ave at Cutters Dock Rd40.543509-74.275770
23694Amboy Ave at Eagle Ave40.524617-74.275672
23706Amboy Ave at Eagle Ave40.524088-74.275872
23327Amboy Ave at Green St40.537338-74.355633
23699Amboy Ave at Inslee St40.532460-74.272343
23702Amboy Ave at Inslee St40.532208-74.272681
23328Amboy Ave at James Pl40.537020-74.351950
23696Amboy Ave at Keene St40.527369-74.275131
23697Amboy Ave at Leon Ave40.530090-74.273703
24122Amboy Ave at Main St40.553089-74.282003
23700Amboy Ave at Maurer Rd40.536639-74.271612
23701Amboy Ave at Maurer Rd40.535978-74.271683
23707Amboy Ave at Meredith St40.522680-74.276202
23695Amboy Ave at Myrtle Ave40.526149-74.275283
24121Amboy Ave at Second St40.552239-74.281102
24120Amboy Ave at St. Joseph's St40.546068-74.277751
23703Amboy Ave at Wagner Ave40.530709-74.273423
23704Amboy Ave at Zambory St40.529659-74.274151
23099Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Albourne St40.532128-74.329291
23088Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Coolidge Ave40.535548-74.340652
23091Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Coral St40.532230-74.330022
23096Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Franklin Ave40.529818-74.319060
23095Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Ireland Ave40.529468-74.318162
23102Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Lafayette Ave40.535567-74.339923
23098Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Lincoln Ave40.530988-74.324310
23093Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Lincoln Ave40.530849-74.324153
23087Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Pierson Ave40.536559-74.347580
23287Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Redfield Village Dr40.536680-74.347641
23100Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Waltuma Ave40.533449-74.333220
23090Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Waltuma Ave40.533159-74.332812
23097Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Wolff Ave40.530320-74.321223
23094Amboy Ave. (Rt. 501) at Wolff Ave40.530199-74.321163
31271American Dream40.810789-74.067143
21520American Way 225' W of Hartz Way40.784088-74.074133
21522American Way 674' W of Hartz Way40.784718-74.075652
21521American Way at Hartz Way40.784178-74.073893
17455Ampere Plaza at 18th St40.766189-74.194733
17453Ampere Plaza at Fourth Ave40.764418-74.194502
17454Ampere Plaza at Fourth Ave40.764388-74.194303
29464Amsterdam Ave at 3rd Ave40.655778-74.277441
29463Amsterdam Ave at 3rd Ave40.655868-74.277371
29466Amsterdam Ave at Christiani St40.652059-74.278913
29461Amsterdam Ave at Christiani St40.652297-74.278672
29467Amsterdam Ave at Dietz St40.650927-74.280061
29465Amsterdam Ave at Robins St40.654399-74.277710
29462Amsterdam Ave at Robins St40.654550-74.277510
11843Anderson Ave at 16th St40.845676-73.978716
11132Anderson Ave at Aurora Ave40.831508-73.985113
11834Anderson Ave at Bluff Rd40.834778-73.983572
11849Anderson Ave at Bluff Rd40.834758-73.983702
11836Anderson Ave at Brinkerhoff Ave40.837449-73.982423
11847Anderson Ave at Brinkerhoff Ave40.838129-73.982283
11841Anderson Ave at Catherine St40.852499-73.975451
11833Anderson Ave at Columbia Ave40.833449-73.984141
11850Anderson Ave at Columbia Ave40.832837-73.984540
11129Anderson Ave at Columbia Ave40.827119-73.986951
11848Anderson Ave at Deerwood Rd40.835929-73.983190
11835Anderson Ave at Dorin-Court Rd40.836238-73.982943
11805Anderson Ave at Edgewater Rd40.821139-73.991202
11126Anderson Ave at Edgewater Rd40.821687-73.990571
11802Anderson Ave at Fairview Ave40.810428-74.000620
11839Anderson Ave at Forest Rd40.843157-73.979392
11844Anderson Ave at Forest Rd40.843388-73.979392
11128Anderson Ave at Gorge Rd40.825729-73.987554
11840Anderson Ave at Harmon Ave40.844648-73.978712
11808Anderson Ave at Henry St40.813020-73.998771
11803Anderson Ave at Henry St40.812828-73.998843
30235Anderson Ave at Kamena St40.815187-73.995990
30236Anderson Ave at Kamena St40.815387-73.995933
11133Anderson Ave at Knox Ave40.828828-73.986370
11130Anderson Ave at Knox Ave40.828878-73.986210
11134Anderson Ave at Nelson Ave40.826088-73.987530
11842Anderson Ave at North Ave40.850200-73.977483
11135Anderson Ave at Oakdene Ave40.824148-73.988832
11127Anderson Ave at Oakdene Ave40.824529-73.988432
11125Anderson Ave at Park Ave40.819207-73.992582
11806Anderson Ave at Park Ave40.819528-73.992491
11846Anderson Ave at Plateau Ave40.839938-73.981392
11131Anderson Ave at Pleasant Ave40.830697-73.985363
11837Anderson Ave at Virginia Ave40.840628-73.980901
11807Anderson Ave at Walker St40.816749-73.994730
11804Anderson Ave at Walker St40.816429-73.994851
11838Anderson Ave at Warwick Ave40.841598-73.980312
11845Anderson Ave at Warwick Ave40.841458-73.980520
12078Anderson St at Main St40.892310-74.040753
12083Anderson St at Union St40.892408-74.041412
95005Anderson Street40.894458-74.043781
30284Anglesea Dr at Oak Ave39.014780-74.794711
28521Anna St at Division St40.666229-74.196972
28522Anna St at Division St40.666350-74.197101
28523Anna St at Henry St40.667429-74.200233
10104Annapolis Ave at Crossan Ave39.356489-74.465010
30873Aquarium Light Rail Station39.945658-75.128682
10051Arctic Ave at California Ave39.357158-74.445071
10054Arctic Ave at Christopher Columbus Blvd39.359618-74.438980
10058Arctic Ave at Delaware Ave39.366779-74.421182
10050Arctic Ave at Iowa Ave39.356629-74.446403
10057Arctic Ave at Maryland Ave39.366269-74.422554
10048Arctic Ave at Montpelier Ave39.354979-74.450493
10055Arctic Ave at Pennsylvania Ave39.365080-74.425500
10052Arctic Ave at Texas Ave39.357667-74.443763
10056Arctic Ave at Virginia Ave39.365609-74.424181
31111Arena Dr 250' W of Bradford Ave40.198309-74.710703
30701Arena Dr at Bradford Ave40.197489-74.709891
22218Arena Dr at Colonial Ave40.195138-74.704944
22124Arena Dr at E. Taylor Ave40.203458-74.714151
32021Arena Dr at Reeves Ave40.202307-74.714093
28552Arnett St at Clifton St40.647820-74.211125
26519Arnold Ave 315' N of Trenton Ave.40.090019-74.058491
26518Arnold Ave 325' N of Trenton Ave.40.090038-74.058390
26522Arnold Ave at Cramer Ave40.091378-74.053860
26516Arnold Ave at Front St40.085557-74.062772
26521Arnold Ave at Front St40.085519-74.062930
26517Arnold Ave at Pinebluff Ave40.087369-74.061081
26520Arnold Ave at Pinebluff Ave40.087618-74.060992
26523Arnold Ave at Woodland Rd40.091487-74.053590
31064Arrival Area Inside Ac Bus Terminal39.360690-74.435443
30536Arrive Metropark Rail Station40.567809-74.329841
31178Arrive Perry Street Lot40.225278-74.760232
30645Arrive Princeton Junction40.315639-74.623501
25136Asbury Ave at Anelve Ave40.224289-74.030062
25139Asbury Ave at Anelve Ave40.224089-74.029713
25138Asbury Ave at Bimbler Blvd40.224549-74.031893
24316Asbury Ave at Central Ave40.222168-74.019972
24315Asbury Ave at Comstock St40.221447-74.016590
24320Asbury Ave at Comstock St40.221288-74.016520
24314Asbury Ave at Langford St40.221009-74.014601
24321Asbury Ave at Langford St40.220877-74.014462
33114Asbury Ave at Main St40.220379-74.011842
25137Asbury Ave at Overbrook Ave40.225350-74.034951
24319Asbury Ave at Pine St40.221809-74.018922
24317Asbury Ave at Ridge Ave40.223179-74.024851
24318Asbury Ave at Ridge Ave40.223039-74.024723
25140Asbury Ave at Whitesville Rd40.223418-74.026570
25135Asbury Ave at Whitesville Rd40.223609-74.026841
95008Asbury Park40.215359-74.014786
24322Asbury Park Transportation Ctr40.215838-74.014011
29723Ashland Rd at Mountain Ave40.703519-74.371703
29720Ashland Rd at Pine Grove Ave40.703760-74.371473
29718Ashland Rd at Silver Lake Dr40.701598-74.375011
29719Ashland Rd at Tulip St40.709999-74.364031
29722Ashland Rd at Tulip St40.709928-74.363833
29721Ashland Rd at Windsor Rd40.701589-74.375221
15480Astoria Blvd 110' S of Rt 7039.906338-74.978672
11377At Target40.813530-73.981852
30412Atco Njt Rail Station39.783497-74.907963
10589Atlantic / Cape Community College39.460499-74.680473
16591Atlantic / Cape Community College39.104028-74.823262
32907Atlantic Ave at 4th St39.928449-75.122053
10705Atlantic Ave at 16th Ave39.307170-74.533112
10579Atlantic Ave at 19th Ave39.443819-74.697313
10584Atlantic Ave at 19th Ave39.443898-74.697281
10707Atlantic Ave at 20th Ave39.309767-74.530282
10711Atlantic Ave at 27th Ave39.313217-74.524661
10066Atlantic Ave at Arkansas Ave39.358569-74.436630
10098Atlantic Ave at Boston Ave39.352779-74.451460
10059Atlantic Ave at Boston Ave39.352760-74.450993
10094Atlantic Ave at Brighton Ave39.354409-74.447421
10062Atlantic Ave at Brighton Ave39.354349-74.447070
14997Atlantic Ave at Broadway39.928658-75.118962
10093Atlantic Ave at California Ave39.355448-74.444852
10063Atlantic Ave at California Ave39.355508-74.444121
10578Atlantic Ave at Cantillon Blvd39.445318-74.702550
10585Atlantic Ave at Cantillon Blvd39.445449-74.702653
10096Atlantic Ave at Chelsea Ave39.353628-74.449322
10061Atlantic Ave at Chelsea Ave39.353730-74.448580
10580Atlantic Ave at County Jail Entrance39.442539-74.693031
10583Atlantic Ave at County Jail Entrance39.442468-74.692552
10092Atlantic Ave at Florida Ave39.356538-74.442162
10064Atlantic Ave at Florida Ave39.356629-74.441413
10069Atlantic Ave at Kentucky Ave39.361178-74.430162
10581Atlantic Ave at Lighthouse Rehab Center39.441229-74.688752
10582Atlantic Ave at Lighthouse Rehab Center39.441207-74.688461
10089Atlantic Ave at Martin Luther King Blvd39.360528-74.432272
10068Atlantic Ave at Martin Luther King Blvd39.360630-74.431431
10075Atlantic Ave at Maryland Ave39.364718-74.421423
10082Atlantic Ave at Maryland Ave39.364598-74.422182
10077Atlantic Ave at Massachusetts Ave39.366768-74.416351
10080Atlantic Ave at Massachusetts Ave39.366628-74.417110
10065Atlantic Ave at Mississippi Ave39.357618-74.438972
10237Atlantic Ave at Mississippi Ave39.357497-74.439763
10097Atlantic Ave at Montpelier Ave39.353239-74.450313
10060Atlantic Ave at Montpelier Ave39.353349-74.449582
31454Atlantic Ave at Moorlyn Terrace39.276988-74.572220
10095Atlantic Ave at Morris Ave39.354028-74.448362
10076Atlantic Ave at New Jersey Ave39.365729-74.418931
10081Atlantic Ave at New Jersey Ave39.365620-74.419701
10087Atlantic Ave at New York Ave39.361630-74.429603
10070Atlantic Ave at New York Ave39.361679-74.428922
10073Atlantic Ave at Pennsylvania Ave39.363688-74.423961
10084Atlantic Ave at Pennsylvania Ave39.363589-74.424723
30615Atlantic Ave at S 24th Ave39.311790-74.526953
30614Atlantic Ave at S 24th Ave39.311919-74.527193
30613Atlantic Ave at S 27th Ave39.313130-74.525182
10072Atlantic Ave at S Carolina Ave39.362699-74.426424
10085Atlantic Ave at S Carolina Ave39.362800-74.426682
10086Atlantic Ave at Tennessee Ave39.362049-74.428523
10593Atlantic Ave at Unami Blvd39.440878-74.687341
10592Atlantic Ave at Unami Blvd39.440769-74.687181
10078Atlantic Ave at Vermont Ave39.367779-74.413912
10079Atlantic Ave at Vermont Ave39.367699-74.414561
10074Atlantic Ave at Virginia Ave39.364208-74.422642
10083Atlantic Ave at Virginia Ave39.364118-74.423401
10522Atlantic Care (Medical Center Dr) 200' S of Hackber39.479028-74.541810
10523Atlantic Care (Medical Center Drive) 142' of Hackb39.478938-74.541963
95010Atlantic City39.363299-74.441486
32129Atlantic City High School39.366858-74.475391
32717Atlantic City Rail Terminal39.362688-74.438942
10420Atlantic County - Social Security Office39.411100-74.539960
30773Atlantic Street Light Rail Station40.744160-74.168491
31510Atlanticare Regional Medical Center39.477919-74.539753
14692Atrium Way 340' E of Commerce Center Dr. (Western)39.917949-74.955490
14691Atrium Way at Commerce Center Dr39.917360-74.953282
22457Avalon Run40.287450-74.681061
22458Avalon Run East40.284038-74.676633
22459Avalon Run East Ii40.278859-74.674581
30453Avalon Watch40.299589-74.640903
22964Avalon Watch40.299627-74.640522
16444Avandale Park & Ride39.711809-74.975671
31161Ave C at 1oth St40.656268-74.127931
20251Ave C at 2nd St40.646948-74.130462
20252Ave C at 3rd St40.648349-74.130363
30226Ave C at 4th St40.649908-74.130251
20253Ave C at 5th St40.651289-74.130152
31162Ave C at 10th St40.656479-74.127982
20306Ave C at 11th St40.657057-74.127463
20254Ave C at 12th St40.657370-74.126993
20255Ave C at 14th St40.658570-74.125993
20305Ave C at 14th St40.658819-74.125983
20256Ave C at 16th St40.660099-74.124700
20304Ave C at 16th St40.660307-74.124741
20257Ave C at 18th St40.661877-74.123202
20302Ave C at 18th St40.662088-74.123243
20258Ave C at 20th St40.662979-74.122261
20301Ave C at 20th St40.663239-74.122261
20259Ave C at 22nd St40.664198-74.121253
20300Ave C at 22nd St40.664429-74.121250
20260Ave C at 24th St40.665840-74.119843
20299Ave C at 24th St40.666040-74.119902
20298Ave C at 25th St40.666909-74.119122
20261Ave C at 26th St40.667528-74.118432
20297Ave C at 26th St40.667709-74.118452
20262Ave C at 28th St40.668999-74.117183
20296Ave C at 28th St40.669219-74.117213
20263Ave C at 30th St40.670079-74.116321
20295Ave C at 30th St40.670460-74.116162
20264Ave C at 31st St40.671098-74.115403
20294Ave C at 31st St40.671359-74.115403
20265Ave C at 32nd St40.672099-74.114592
20293Ave C at 32nd St40.672340-74.114571
20266Ave C at 33rd St40.673110-74.113692
20292Ave C at 33rd St40.673398-74.113670
20291Ave C at 34th St40.674428-74.112813
20267Ave C at 35th St40.674828-74.112251
20290Ave C at 36th St40.675669-74.111750
20268Ave C at 37th St40.676009-74.111251
20289Ave C at 38th St40.676859-74.110753
20269Ave C at 39th St40.677209-74.110232
20288Ave C at 40th St40.678048-74.109731
20270Ave C at 41st St40.678429-74.109232
20287Ave C at 42nd St40.679270-74.108690
20271Ave C at 43rd St40.679610-74.108213
20286Ave C at 44th St40.680448-74.107694
20272Ave C at 45th St40.680810-74.107191
20285Ave C at 46th St40.681649-74.106693
20273Ave C at 47th St40.681999-74.106194
20284Ave C at 48th St40.682868-74.105663
20274Ave C at 49th St40.683230-74.105153
20283Ave C at 50th St40.684030-74.104681
20275Ave C at 51st St40.684438-74.104163
20282Ave C at 52nd St40.685249-74.103651
20276Ave C at 53rd St40.685619-74.103133
20277Ave C at 54th St40.686219-74.102623
20281Ave C at 54th St40.686449-74.102653
20278Ave C at 55th St40.686828-74.102103
20280Ave C at 56th St40.687680-74.101612
20279Ave C at 57th St40.688020-74.101091
20303Ave C at Andrew St40.661499-74.123741
31118Ave C at North St40.654377-74.129141
18244Avon Ave at Bergen St40.725139-74.198831
18249Avon Ave at Bergen St40.725309-74.199014
18250Avon Ave at Chadwick Ave40.725528-74.200042
18246Avon Ave at Irvine Turner Blvd40.723868-74.192911
18247Avon Ave at Irvine Turner Blvd40.724068-74.193151
18248Avon Ave at Jeliff Ave40.724600-74.195593
18245Avon Ave at Jeliff Ave40.724509-74.195923
18252Avon Ave at South 10th St40.726699-74.205540
18242Avon Ave at South 10th St40.726548-74.205412
18241Avon Ave at South 11th St40.726879-74.206952
18240Avon Ave at South 13th St40.727178-74.208341
18253Avon Ave at South 13th St40.727329-74.208473
18239Avon Ave at South 16th St40.727839-74.211422
18254Avon Ave at South 16th St40.727899-74.211172
18238Avon Ave at South 19th St40.728408-74.214150
18255Avon Ave at South 19th St40.728480-74.213871
18243Avon Ave at Treacy Ave40.725909-74.202421
18251Avon Ave at Treacy Ave40.726038-74.202582
28090Bailey St at Rt 4539.645927-75.337503
15003Baird Blvd at Carman St39.945738-75.087181
15004Baird Blvd at Marlton Ave39.942540-75.088451
15002Baird Blvd at Marlton Ave39.943250-75.087642
15007Baird Blvd at Park Blvd39.934618-75.098143
14999Baird Blvd at Park Blvd39.934757-75.097811
15001Baird Blvd at Rand St39.941249-75.089742
15005Baird Blvd at Rand St39.941340-75.090021
15000Baird Blvd at Raritan St39.940260-75.091033
15006Baird Blvd at Raritan St39.940328-75.091333
20534Baldwin Ave at Clifton Pl40.721988-74.065492
20551Baldwin Ave at Clifton Pl40.722158-74.065472
30117Baldwin Ave at Montgomery St40.723638-74.064253
30118Baldwin Ave at Montgomery St40.723498-74.064450
10105Baltic Ave at Delaware Ave39.368138-74.422271
10106Baltic Ave at Maryland Ave39.367409-74.424091
10110Baltic Ave at New York Ave39.364559-74.431132
10107Baltic Ave at Pennsylvania Ave39.366368-74.426643
10108Baltic Ave at South Carolina Ave39.365568-74.428662
10109Baltic Ave at Tennessee Ave39.365069-74.429881
32512Bank St at Barnes St40.223039-74.767023
32508Bank St at N Willow St40.223100-74.767813
22585Barlow St at S. Clinton Ave40.218789-74.755472
95012Basking Ridge40.711378-74.555270
24664Bay Ave at Atlantic St40.403289-73.989900
24660Bay Ave at Atlantic St40.403338-73.990231
17125Bay Ave at Broughton Ave40.812220-74.192662
24663Bay Ave at North Ave40.401330-73.986400
24661Bay Ave at North St40.401047-73.986163
24662Bay Ave at Rt 3640.397140-73.981841
24665Bay Ave at Washington Ave40.404328-73.992351
24659Bay Ave at Washington Ave40.404339-73.992632
24656Bay Ave at Waterwitch Ave40.404928-73.994052
24657Bay Ave at Waterwitch Ave40.404909-73.993743
95013Bay Head40.077178-74.046183
16632Bay Shore Rd at 15th St39.045159-74.917130
16602Bay Shore Rd at 16th St39.044860-74.916142
16606Bay Shore Rd at Delsea Dr39.046257-74.901263
16630Bay Shore Rd at Eldredge Ave39.043177-74.923583
16604Bay Shore Rd at Eldredge Ave39.043139-74.923801
16631Bay Shore Rd at Geneva Ave39.045339-74.920902
16603Bay Shore Rd at Roosevelt Blvd39.045038-74.921480
95014Bay Street40.808178-74.208681
16522Bayshore Rd at Alabama Ave39.021639-74.934340
16513Bayshore Rd at Arizona Ave39.013739-74.939052
16520Bayshore Rd at Atlantic Ave39.028720-74.933631
32551Bayshore Rd at Atlantic Ave39.028868-74.933550
16511Bayshore Rd at Breakwater Rd38.993779-74.935853
16529Bayshore Rd at Breakwater Rd38.992959-74.936163
16528Bayshore Rd at Charles St38.998848-74.935073
16525Bayshore Rd at Evergreen Ave39.013720-74.939203
16509Bayshore Rd at Fire Lane38.985380-74.939991
16514Bayshore Rd at Greenwood Ave39.018000-74.936472
16510Bayshore Rd at Heidi Ave38.987459-74.937832
16515Bayshore Rd at Locust Rd39.021877-74.934030
16518Bayshore Rd at Miami Ave39.035699-74.932372
16519Bayshore Rd at Miami Ave39.035299-74.932893
16523Bayshore Rd at Ridgewood Ave39.018838-74.936092
16527Bayshore Rd at Shawmont Ave39.006540-74.937940
16512Bayshore Rd at Station Rd39.009609-74.938940
16508Bayshore Rd at Town Bank Rd38.982579-74.942161
30094Bayshore Rd at Town Bank Rd38.983319-74.941971
16526Bayshore Rd at Village Rd39.009930-74.939251
16516Bayshore Rd at Weber Ave39.024349-74.932973
16521Bayshore Rd at Weber Ave39.024198-74.933103
16524Bayshore Rd at Woodland Ave39.016490-74.937540
28536Bayway Ave at Bonnett St40.647749-74.217031
28533Bayway Ave at Bonnett St40.647919-74.217102
28531Bayway Ave at Clarkson Ave40.646028-74.214362
28538Bayway Ave at Clarkson Ave40.645367-74.213581
28534Bayway Ave at Grier Ave40.649300-74.219103
28535Bayway Ave at Grier Ave40.649119-74.219011
28532Bayway Ave at Maple Ave40.646650-74.215233
28539Bayway Ave at Mckinley St40.644510-74.212380
28529Bayway Ave at Mckinley St40.644819-74.212583
28537Bayway Ave at Ogden St40.646658-74.215453
28530Bayway Ave at Polonia Ave40.645299-74.213271
28528Bayway Ave at Trenton Ave40.644189-74.207801
21952Bear Tavern Rd 200' N of West Upper Ferry / Cardinal40.266678-74.819862
32823Bear Tavern Rd 322' S of I-295 Overpass40.274990-74.826241
21955Bear Tavern Rd at Cardinal Dr40.267799-74.821110
21953Bear Tavern Rd at Cardinal Dr40.268180-74.821293
32822Bear Tavern Rd at Wheldon Shivers Dr40.274869-74.826040
30164Beckett Rd at Center Square Rd39.758588-75.354821
19806Beckett Rd at Center Square Rd39.758150-75.355000
32619Behnke Way at Alloway-Woodstown Rd39.640567-75.330821
21236Belgrove Dr at Bergen Ave40.761388-74.155802
21235Belgrove Dr at Bergen Ave40.761157-74.155812
21276Belgrove Dr at Halstead St40.764460-74.153752
21275Belgrove Dr at Lincoln Ave40.754510-74.161924
21339Belgrove Dr at Lincoln Ave40.754370-74.161893
21344Belgrove Dr at Midland Ave40.772149-74.147912
21280Belgrove Dr at Oakwood Ave40.769937-74.150112
21343Belgrove Dr at Oakwood Ave40.770159-74.149722
21282Belgrove Dr at Peden Terrace40.764539-74.153903
21281Belgrove Dr at Quincy Ave40.768329-74.151552
21342Belgrove Dr at Quincy Ave40.768110-74.151461
21283Belgrove Dr at Wilson Ave40.759028-74.157572
21341Belgrove Dr at Wilson Ave40.758990-74.157420
21237Belgrove Dr at Woodland Ave40.755367-74.159700
21234Belgrove Dr at Woodland Ave40.755367-74.159563
29162Bell Labs40.684498-74.401873
29163Bell Labs40.684287-74.402091
17132Belleville Ave at Broad St40.799760-74.196251
17128Belleville Ave at Davey St40.797798-74.183064
17035Belleville Ave at Fairway Ave40.795109-74.174691
17129Belleville Ave at Forest Dr40.798718-74.185953
17033Belleville Ave at Franklin Ave40.793290-74.171063
17034Belleville Ave at Franklin Ave40.793769-74.171423
17133Belleville Ave at JFK Dr40.799579-74.191960
17131Belleville Ave at JFK Dr40.799620-74.191323
17137Belleville Ave at Morton St40.797189-74.181622
17031Belleville Ave at Ogden Rd40.796038-74.177552
17036Belleville Ave at Ogden Rd40.796038-74.177291
17135Belleville Ave at Orchard St40.798590-74.185712
17127Belleville Ave at Patton Dr (Willet)40.797099-74.181051
17032Belleville Ave at Rhode Pl40.794959-74.174512
17136Belleville Ave at Smith St40.797989-74.183843
17134Belleville Ave at Williamson Ave40.799069-74.188313
17130Belleville Ave at Williamson Ave40.799198-74.188493
21260Belleville Tpke at Chestnut St40.779369-74.133971
21258Belleville Tpke at Kearny Ave40.781608-74.138364
21259Belleville Tpke at Rutherford Pl40.780548-74.136313
10603Bellevue Ave at Elvins Ave39.647339-74.789971
10604Bellevue Ave at Fourth St39.642220-74.796103
10616Bellevue Ave at Fourth St39.641707-74.796563
10623Bellevue Ave at Liberty St39.644629-74.793263
10605Bellevue Ave at Liberty St39.644168-74.793624
18139Bellevue Plaza at Bellevue Ave40.841478-74.209102
18140Bellevue Plaza at Bellevue Ave40.841319-74.208680
26943Belmont Ave at Barbour St40.933740-74.184293
26946Belmont Ave at Burhans Ave40.929207-74.181912
26939Belmont Ave at Church St40.939319-74.185070
32030Belmont Ave at Cliff St40.925900-74.179510
32031Belmont Ave at Cliff St40.926168-74.179493
26936Belmont Ave at Clinton St40.933748-74.184122
26933Belmont Ave at Cook St40.929818-74.182482
26935Belmont Ave at Henry St40.932219-74.183870
26944Belmont Ave at Henry St40.932378-74.184043
26934Belmont Ave at John St40.930608-74.183391
26945Belmont Ave at John St40.930419-74.183313
26938Belmont Ave at Kossuth St40.936707-74.184601
27243Belmont Ave at North 7th St40.927029-74.179280
27244Belmont Ave at North 7th St40.927169-74.179573
26942Belmont Ave at Norwood St40.935189-74.184531
27242Belmont Ave at Oxford St40.924530-74.179942
27245Belmont Ave at Oxford St40.924417-74.180071
11955Belmont Ave at Palisade Ave40.874950-74.110582
11956Belmont Ave at Palisade Ave40.875038-74.110653
26940Belmont Ave at Pompton Ave40.938617-74.185132
26941Belmont Ave at Tilt St40.936688-74.184761
26937Belmont Ave at Zabriskie St40.934650-74.184250
26958Belmont at Haledon Ave40.939538-74.187121
26959Belmont at Haledon Ave40.939557-74.187883
14933Benigno Blvd at Hall Ave39.861250-75.090331
14932Benigno Blvd at Heller Rd39.860918-75.086331
20574Bergen Ave 70' N of Montgomery St.40.725649-74.067692
20583Bergen Ave 115' S of Glenwood Ave40.725778-74.067860
20578Bergen Ave at Academy St40.729280-74.066023
32216Bergen Ave at Academy St40.729379-74.065942
20582Bergen Ave at Highland Ave40.727340-74.067262
20575Bergen Ave at Mercer St40.726748-74.067280
20577Bergen Ave at Newkirk St40.730138-74.065003
20581Bergen Ave at Vroom St40.728639-74.066942
12926Bergen Blvd at 12th St40.840198-73.989202
12956Bergen Blvd at Brinkerhoff Ave40.841058-73.988473
13207Bergen Blvd at Columbia Ave40.830489-73.992953
13213Bergen Blvd at Day Ave40.826477-73.996213
13212Bergen Blvd at East Art Lane40.827549-73.995383
12924Bergen Blvd at East Edsall Blvd40.847109-73.985281
12923Bergen Blvd at East Edsall Blvd40.846788-73.985231
12925Bergen Blvd at East Palisades Blvd40.844248-73.986661
12922Bergen Blvd at East Palisades Blvd40.843968-73.986661
13214Bergen Blvd at Edgewater Ave40.825137-73.997100
13203Bergen Blvd at Edgewater Ave40.825167-73.996901
13215Bergen Blvd at Fairview Terrace40.823597-73.998103
13202Bergen Blvd at Fairview Terrace40.823688-73.997862
13204Bergen Blvd at Greenmount Ave40.826058-73.996324
11816Bergen Blvd at Kennedy Dr40.816138-74.002371
11811Bergen Blvd at Kennedy Dr40.816179-74.002194
13208Bergen Blvd at Lafayette Ave40.832498-73.991571
13210Bergen Blvd at Lawton Ave40.830519-73.993090
30349Bergen Blvd at Morningside Lane40.837118-73.990631
12927Bergen Blvd at North Woodway Ave40.837699-73.990652
13205Bergen Blvd at Oakdene Ave40.828078-73.994782
11936Bergen Blvd at Oakdene Ave (Ft Lee)40.849359-73.984931
11814Bergen Blvd at Park Ave40.822309-73.998920
11813Bergen Blvd at Park Ave40.822718-73.998491
13209Bergen Blvd at Ray Ave40.832388-73.991822
11809Bergen Blvd at Sherman Pl40.812129-74.003812
32492Bergen Blvd at Sherman Pl40.811959-74.004083
11815Bergen Blvd at Walker St40.818920-74.001070
11812Bergen Blvd at Walker St40.819479-74.000552
13211Bergen Blvd at Washington Ave40.829270-73.993962
13206Bergen Blvd at Washington Ave40.829009-73.994013
13003Bergen Community College Ender Hall40.947658-74.084382
30436Bergen Community College Ender Hall40.947529-74.084300
13002Bergen Community College Student Center40.951338-74.090102
18267Bergen St 85' S of West Market St40.744968-74.190140
18269Bergen St 1200' N of South Orange Ave.40.741189-74.192123
18268Bergen St at 12th Ave40.742367-74.191513
18266Bergen St at 12th Ave40.741589-74.191681
18270Bergen St at Avon Ave40.724498-74.199011
18265Bergen St at Avon Ave40.725049-74.198633
18272Bergen St at Clinton Ave40.721588-74.200231
18263Bergen St at Clinton Ave40.721750-74.200002
18275Bergen St at Hawthorne Ave40.716069-74.202513
18260Bergen St at Hawthorne Ave40.715779-74.202541
32410Bergen St at Hawthorne Pl40.712619-74.204541
18278Bergen St at Lehigh Ave40.708509-74.207902
18256Bergen St at Lyons Ave40.707519-74.208502
18271Bergen St at Madison Ave40.723007-74.199652
18264Bergen St at Madison Ave40.723188-74.199401
18257Bergen St at Mapes Ave40.709207-74.207122
18258Bergen St at Renner Ave40.711068-74.205613
18277Bergen St at Scheerer Ave40.710690-74.206123
18259Bergen St at Watson Ave40.713710-74.203572
18262Bergen St at West Bigelow St40.719300-74.201033
18261Bergen St at West Runyon St40.717617-74.201730
18274Bergen St at West Runyon St40.717478-74.201931
12960Bergen Town Center40.915698-74.062152
21694Bergen Tpk at 37th St40.776969-74.032303
21695Bergen Tpk at 39th St40.778029-74.031583
21693Bergen Tpk at J.F. Kennedy Blvd40.775429-74.032033
21509Bergen Tpke at 37th St40.777268-74.032281
21351Bergen Tpke at 44th St40.783408-74.033301
21352Bergen Tpke at 45th St40.784220-74.033261
12441Bergen Tpke at Backiel Ave40.857670-74.035841
12442Bergen Tpke at Backiel Ave40.857818-74.036023
13266Bergen Tpke at Edison St40.846448-74.025931
13263Bergen Tpke at Edison St40.846218-74.025843
21507Bergen Tpke at Grand Ave40.781340-74.032256
32068Bergen Tpke at Lakeview Ave40.854919-74.034652
13262Bergen Tpke at Teaneck Rd40.842938-74.022641
30098Bergen Tpke at Teaneck Rd40.842289-74.022201
31883Bergen Turnpike at Lakeview Avenue40.854760-74.034813
13284Bergen Turnpike at Oak St40.844210-74.024012
13288Bergen Turnpike at Oak St40.844218-74.024222
30824Bergenline Ave40.782225-74.022271
21698Bergenline Ave Hblr Station40.782227-74.022271
21697Bergenline Ave Hblr Station40.782129-74.022091
21699Bergenline Ave Hblr Station40.782329-74.022523
21717Bergenline Ave at 5th St40.755310-74.040454
21716Bergenline Ave at 7th St40.756469-74.039722
21715Bergenline Ave at 12th St40.759379-74.037890
21714Bergenline Ave at 16th St40.762158-74.036110
21713Bergenline Ave at 18th St40.763489-74.035210
21712Bergenline Ave at 20th St40.764690-74.034442
21711Bergenline Ave at 22nd St40.766200-74.033431
21710Bergenline Ave at 23rd St40.767498-74.032651
32124Bergenline Ave at 26th St40.768649-74.031912
21709Bergenline Ave at 29th St40.770458-74.030542
21708Bergenline Ave at 32nd St40.771738-74.029552
21707Bergenline Ave at 34th St40.772719-74.028830
21706Bergenline Ave at 35th St40.773478-74.028281
21705Bergenline Ave at 37th St40.774448-74.027530
21704Bergenline Ave at 39th St40.775599-74.026621
21703Bergenline Ave at 41st St40.776728-74.025742
21702Bergenline Ave at 43rd St40.777818-74.024862
21701Bergenline Ave at 45th St40.779249-74.023772
21700Bergenline Ave at 47th St40.780687-74.022660
21882Bergenline Ave at 49th St40.782238-74.021493
21696Bergenline Ave at 49th St40.782518-74.021073
21881Bergenline Ave at 52nd St40.784337-74.019873
21873Bergenline Ave at 53rd St40.784537-74.019533
21880Bergenline Ave at 55th St40.785760-74.018793
21864Bergenline Ave at 55th St40.785428-74.018841
21879Bergenline Ave at 57th St40.787059-74.017821
21865Bergenline Ave at 57th St40.786828-74.017802
21878Bergenline Ave at 59th St40.788489-74.016741
21866Bergenline Ave at 59th St40.788108-74.016833
21877Bergenline Ave at 60th St40.789070-74.016303
21867Bergenline Ave at 60th St40.788700-74.016391
21862Bergenline Ave at 60th St40.788779-74.016100
21876Bergenline Ave at 61st St40.790018-74.015592
21875Bergenline Ave at 62nd St40.791309-74.014622
21869Bergenline Ave at 62nd St40.791120-74.014563
21874Bergenline Ave at 64th St40.792509-74.013684
21870Bergenline Ave at 64th St40.792339-74.013653
21871Bergenline Ave at 66th St40.793517-74.012762
21872Bergenline Ave at 67th St40.794060-74.012552
20440Bergenline Ave at 68th St40.794679-74.012084
20435Bergenline Ave at 68th St40.794978-74.011671
20439Bergenline Ave at 69th St40.795488-74.011494
20437Bergenline Ave at 70th St40.796249-74.010702
21353Bergenline Ave at 72nd St40.797499-74.009751
21372Bergenline Ave at 72nd St40.797258-74.010102
21371Bergenline Ave at 74th St40.798718-74.009032
21354Bergenline Ave at 74th St40.798677-74.008881
21370Bergenline Ave at 76th St40.799919-74.008140
21355Bergenline Ave at 77th St40.800149-74.007771
21369Bergenline Ave at 78th St40.800869-74.007422
21356Bergenline Ave at 78th St40.801059-74.007061
21368Bergenline Ave at 79th St40.801598-74.006890
21367Bergenline Ave at 80th St40.802557-74.006201
21358Bergenline Ave at 82nd St40.803648-74.005132
21366Bergenline Ave at 82nd St40.803919-74.005230
21359Bergenline Ave at 85th St40.805098-74.004143
21365Bergenline Ave at 85th St40.805048-74.004382
21360Bergenline Ave at 87th St40.806520-74.003171
21364Bergenline Ave at 87th St40.806388-74.003481
21363Bergenline Ave at 90th St40.808109-74.002303
21362Bergenline Ave at JFK Blvd40.809249-74.001303
95017Berkeley Heights40.682345-74.442649
16312Berlin Ave at Arlington Ave39.830819-74.998433
15917Berlin Rd at Chestnut Ave39.823228-74.983233
15914Berlin Rd at Chestnut Ave39.823228-74.983490
15916Berlin Rd at Cypress Ave39.822168-74.981162
15915Berlin Rd at Cypress Ave39.822179-74.981412
15921Berlin Rd at Highland Ave39.827599-74.991781
15910Berlin Rd at Highland Ave39.827577-74.992030
15919Berlin Rd at Linden Ave39.825380-74.987393
15912Berlin Rd at Linden Ave39.825410-74.987760
15918Berlin Rd at Myrtle Ave39.824289-74.985311
15913Berlin Rd at Myrtle Ave39.824300-74.985600
15909Berlin Rd at Pine Lawn Ave39.828660-74.994191
15922Berlin Rd at Pinelawn Ave39.828668-74.993873
15920Berlin Rd at Walnut Ave39.826758-74.990142
15911Berlin Rd at Walnut Ave39.826298-74.989502
32782Berlin-Cross Keys Rd at Winslow Plaza39.742358-74.996881
11312Berry Creek Rd 330' S of Entrance Stable Gate40.821117-74.077822
11311Berry Creek Rd at Entrance Stable Gates40.823088-74.077624
24126Berry St at Moore Ave40.555240-74.275542
19606Between Macy's & Lenscrafters Entrances39.832288-75.097922
30863Beverly / Edgewater Park Light Rail Sta40.061120-74.915131
14835Beverly Rancocas Rd at Primrose Ln40.026858-74.905010
14840Beverly Rancocas Rd at Primrose Ln40.027039-74.904964
14844Beverly Rancocas Rd at Rockland Dr40.032558-74.913281
14841Beverly Rancocas Rd at Rockland Dr40.032610-74.913063
14842Beverly Rancocas Rd at Rose St40.035728-74.914313
14834Beverly Rancocas at Country Club Plaza40.027469-74.907032
14839Beverly Rancocas at Country Club Plaza40.028779-74.909612
14843Beverly Rd at Rose Street40.035978-74.914653
25927Beverwyck Rd at Longview Ave40.884259-74.381833
25926Beverwyck Rd at Longview Ave40.884629-74.381413
25923Beverwyck Rd at Vail Rd40.872388-74.382900
31141Billie Ellis Lane at Cherry Valley Road40.388700-74.659963
14901Black Horse Pike 60' N of Kennedy Dr.39.897528-75.092610
15990Black Horse Pike 150' N of Prospect Ridge39.876488-75.083992
14865Black Horse Pike 205' S of Nicholson Rd39.892878-75.090661
15832Black Horse Pike at Berwick Ave39.896229-75.092481
15987Black Horse Pike at Buckingham Ave39.882459-75.086561
10449Black Horse Pike at Cains Mill Rd39.603818-74.881861
10447Black Horse Pike at Cains Mill Rd39.603579-74.881790
15693Black Horse Pike at Church St39.801769-75.066853
15708Black Horse Pike at Church St39.802419-75.067001
16240Black Horse Pike at Clements Bridge Rd39.848450-75.072652
16244Black Horse Pike at Clements Bridge Rd39.848560-75.072563
15835Black Horse Pike at Elm St39.905017-75.096010
10391Black Horse Pike at English Creek Road39.433989-74.608952
10397Black Horse Pike at English Creek Road39.433049-74.607920
15986Black Horse Pike at Fifth Ave39.885989-75.088071
15982Black Horse Pike at George St39.882788-75.086541
19964Black Horse Pike at Greentree Rd39.759978-75.047702
19961Black Horse Pike at Greentree Rd39.759279-75.047280
14863Black Horse Pike at Main Street39.889559-75.089341
30876Black Horse Pike at Main Street39.890708-75.090030
15981Black Horse Pike at NJ Ave / Bell Rd39.880399-75.085520
15988Black Horse Pike at NJ Ave / Bell Rd39.879779-75.085401
15833Black Horse Pike at Nicholson Rd39.894750-75.091842
15831Black Horse Pike at Pershing Ave39.898909-75.093643
15985Black Horse Pike at Second Ave39.888367-75.089113
15984Black Horse Pike at Second Ave39.888299-75.088881
15991Black Horse Pike at Thompson Ave39.874050-75.082950
15983Black Horse Pike at Valley Rd39.885718-75.087802
15989Black Horse Pike at White Ave39.877628-75.084491
19965Black Horse Pike at Whitman Dr39.758237-75.047420
27687Black Oak Ridge Rd 235' N of Vans Lane40.949469-74.273330
27701Black Oak Ridge Rd 250' S of Pompton Plains Cross40.968678-74.270571
27697Black Oak Ridge Rd at Armstrong St40.975688-74.273902
27689Black Oak Ridge Rd at Braemar Dr40.953878-74.271242
27706Black Oak Ridge Rd at Eldorado Dr40.957290-74.269842
27692Black Oak Ridge Rd at Furman Dr40.958789-74.268993
27708Black Oak Ridge Rd at Hubbardton Rd40.951499-74.272520
27688Black Oak Ridge Rd at Hubbardton Rd40.951990-74.272091
27691Black Oak Ridge Rd at Hurst Terrace40.956648-74.270062
27703Black Oak Ridge Rd at Jackson Ave40.964099-74.267432
27694Black Oak Ridge Rd at Jackson Ave40.964518-74.267290
27707Black Oak Ridge Rd at Kime Ave40.954799-74.271052
27705Black Oak Ridge Rd at Mandeville Dr40.959548-74.268862
27690Black Oak Ridge Rd at Marling Dr40.955799-74.270531
27704Black Oak Ridge Rd at Marlton Dr40.961748-74.268072
27693Black Oak Ridge Rd at Marlton Dr40.962019-74.267880
27699Black Oak Ridge Rd at North Rd40.979730-74.274143
27698Black Oak Ridge Rd at North Rd40.980330-74.273970
27696Black Oak Ridge Rd at Pompton Plains Cross Rd40.970328-74.271691
27702Black Oak Ridge Rd at Sheffield Rd40.967768-74.269611
27695Black Oak Ridge Rd at Sheffield Rd40.967609-74.269300
27700Black Oak Ridge Rd at South Rd40.975967-74.274113
25488Blackwell St at Carrel St40.883648-74.539123
26164Blackwell St at Carrel St40.883738-74.539021
16210Blackwood-Clementon Rd 190' E of Signal Hill Rd39.805219-75.002081
15940Blackwood-Clementon Rd 225' E of Signal Hill Rd39.805340-75.003522
15607Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Erial Rd39.805680-74.991652
15604Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Forrest Rd39.805398-74.999281
15610Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Forrest Rd39.805458-74.999602
15722Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Kelly Drivers39.804208-75.026502
15721Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Kelly Drivers39.804027-75.026313
15605Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Laurel Rd39.805537-74.996563
15609Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Laurel Rd39.805650-74.996331
15720Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Millbridge Rd39.803748-75.031592
15606Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Wauseon Ave39.805699-74.993242
15608Blackwood-Clementon Rd at Wauseon Ave39.805789-74.993553
19366Bloomfield Ave 15' W of Malvern Pl.40.827549-74.238110
19368Bloomfield Ave 15' E of Westview Rd40.825948-74.234273
26656Bloomfield Ave 48' S of Isabella St.40.838839-74.161992
19401Bloomfield Ave 130' E of Gray St40.846769-74.289423
19404Bloomfield Ave 204' E of Passaic Ave.40.850298-74.295342
17295Bloomfield Ave 214' W of Westover Ave.40.845788-74.286773
19397Bloomfield Ave 265' E of Passaic Ave.40.849948-74.294903
17277Bloomfield Ave 379' E of Prospect St40.844029-74.282692
19406Bloomfield Ave 595' W of Kirkpatrick Lane40.852110-74.300553
17283Bloomfield Ave 618' E of Provost Sq.40.836819-74.272354
17754Bloomfield Ave 877' E of Maple Ave.40.804889-74.207782
19395Bloomfield Ave 960' E of Distler Ave.40.851828-74.300342
18284Bloomfield Ave at 1st Ave40.767978-74.181732
18300Bloomfield Ave at 4th St40.766830-74.180681
17278Bloomfield Ave at Academy Rd40.842009-74.280581
26657Bloomfield Ave at Allwood Rd40.842130-74.160050
26665Bloomfield Ave at Allwood Rd40.841349-74.160660
17138Bloomfield Ave at Ampere Pkwy40.777720-74.188191
17153Bloomfield Ave at Ampere Pkwy40.778139-74.188711
17289Bloomfield Ave at Arlington Ave40.836800-74.272093
18134Bloomfield Ave at Bell St40.817728-74.222352
17037Bloomfield Ave at Belmont Ave40.775270-74.186531
17152Bloomfield Ave at Berkeley Ave40.780849-74.190560
17141Bloomfield Ave at Berkeley Pl40.785390-74.193183
19367Bloomfield Ave at Brookdale Ave40.826908-74.236603
17280Bloomfield Ave at Brookside Ave40.840368-74.277163
17148Bloomfield Ave at Burroughs Place40.790610-74.196081
19237Bloomfield Ave at Centre St40.818237-74.169232
19226Bloomfield Ave at Chestnut St40.821619-74.166500
19235Bloomfield Ave at Chestnut St40.821918-74.166341
18122Bloomfield Ave at Church St40.814108-74.217983
17758Bloomfield Ave at Clark St40.796910-74.200332
17293Bloomfield Ave at Cleveland St40.841779-74.279971
18296Bloomfield Ave at Clifton Ave40.759239-74.175553
18288Bloomfield Ave at Clifton Ave40.759387-74.175881
30634Bloomfield Ave at Clifton Ave40.759670-74.175831
19227Bloomfield Ave at Coeyman Ave40.825579-74.163190
19234Bloomfield Ave at Coeyman Ave40.825820-74.163100
30633Bloomfield Ave at Crittenden St40.755639-74.172622
19375Bloomfield Ave at Cumberland Ave40.830349-74.242823
19364Bloomfield Ave at Cumberland Ave40.829908-74.242490
19402Bloomfield Ave at Dodd Rd40.848139-74.290841
19360Bloomfield Ave at East Lincoln St40.833618-74.250110
17150Bloomfield Ave at Ella St40.786269-74.193821
17288Bloomfield Ave at Elm Rd40.834890-74.259652
17284Bloomfield Ave at Elm Rd40.835649-74.269464
19398Bloomfield Ave at Fairfield Ave40.848969-74.292214
19379Bloomfield Ave at Fairview Ave40.834030-74.250704
19357Bloomfield Ave at Fells Rd40.834490-74.256682
19358Bloomfield Ave at Forest Ave40.834139-74.252481
19380Bloomfield Ave at Forest Ave40.834230-74.252013
17755Bloomfield Ave at Freeman Pkwy40.803728-74.206653
18294Bloomfield Ave at Garside St40.757469-74.174321
18289Bloomfield Ave at Garside St40.757477-74.174610
18124Bloomfield Ave at Gates Ave40.811050-74.214111
19378Bloomfield Ave at Grove Ave40.832928-74.248291
17139Bloomfield Ave at Grove St40.779060-74.189132
18128Bloomfield Ave at Hartley St40.808770-74.211543
18125Bloomfield Ave at Hartley St40.808570-74.211581
19229Bloomfield Ave at High St40.829478-74.159590
19232Bloomfield Ave at High St40.829259-74.159872
17760Bloomfield Ave at High St40.800078-74.202833
17762Bloomfield Ave at Highland Ave40.803908-74.206572
17142Bloomfield Ave at Hill St40.786738-74.193863
19373Bloomfield Ave at Hillcrest Terrace40.827319-74.237193
17757Bloomfield Ave at Hillside Ave40.799338-74.202182
26658Bloomfield Ave at Industrial Dr East40.846668-74.155113
26664Bloomfield Ave at Industrial Dr. East40.846618-74.155392
19405Bloomfield Ave at Kirkpatrick Lane40.851597-74.299051
19396Bloomfield Ave at Kirkpatrick Lane40.851389-74.299053
18129Bloomfield Ave at Lackawanna Plaza40.810948-74.213761
18298Bloomfield Ave at Lake St40.762399-74.177661
18286Bloomfield Ave at Lake St40.762758-74.178192
19362Bloomfield Ave at Lakeside Ave40.832037-74.246533
19377Bloomfield Ave at Lakeside Ave40.832158-74.246423
19400Bloomfield Ave at Lane Ave40.845758-74.287621
17145Bloomfield Ave at Liberty St40.795649-74.199241
19381Bloomfield Ave at Linn Dr40.834660-74.257032
17287Bloomfield Ave at Linwood Terrace40.835570-74.267201
18118Bloomfield Ave at Lloyd Rd40.821709-74.225842
26660Bloomfield Ave at Lorraine Dr40.847377-74.149034
26662Bloomfield Ave at Lorraine Dr40.847460-74.149141
17276Bloomfield Ave at Magnolia Lane40.845448-74.285783
18126Bloomfield Ave at Maple Ave40.807219-74.210201
18132Bloomfield Ave at Maple Pl40.815659-74.219683
19399Bloomfield Ave at Melrose Pl40.847290-74.290280
17720Bloomfield Ave at Mountain Ave40.835189-74.264531
17286Bloomfield Ave at Mountain Ave40.835328-74.264613
19369Bloomfield Ave at Mt Prospect Ave40.825250-74.231350
18295Bloomfield Ave at Mt Prospect Ave40.758409-74.174991
17144Bloomfield Ave at Municipal Plaza40.791580-74.196382
18131Bloomfield Ave at N Fullerton Ave40.813620-74.217072
17143Bloomfield Ave at Newark Ave40.788538-74.194821
18301Bloomfield Ave at North 6th St40.768948-74.182083
18283Bloomfield Ave at North 7th St40.768910-74.182373
18302Bloomfield Ave at North 8th St40.770329-74.183042
18281Bloomfield Ave at North 10th St40.771620-74.184200
18303Bloomfield Ave at North 10th St40.772088-74.184253
30635Bloomfield Ave at North 11th St40.773417-74.185161
18280Bloomfield Ave at North 12th St40.773289-74.185351
18279Bloomfield Ave at North 13th St40.774218-74.186043
17154Bloomfield Ave at North 15th St40.775497-74.186890
18135Bloomfield Ave at North Mountain Ave40.819607-74.224603
19233Bloomfield Ave at North Spring Garden Ave40.828239-74.160832
18130Bloomfield Ave at North Willow St40.812198-74.215222
17741Bloomfield Ave at Oak Rd40.857108-74.315772
17742Bloomfield Ave at Oak Rd40.857388-74.315762
17743Bloomfield Ave at Oak Rd40.857999-74.317340
17149Bloomfield Ave at Orange St40.788659-74.195081
17759Bloomfield Ave at Park Ave40.799028-74.201660
19365Bloomfield Ave at Park Ave40.828809-74.240940
19374Bloomfield Ave at Park Ave40.828839-74.240712
19363Bloomfield Ave at Park Pl40.831108-74.244362
19376Bloomfield Ave at Park Pl40.831369-74.244573
18121Bloomfield Ave at Park St40.815168-74.219333
17146Bloomfield Ave at Park St40.797688-74.200643
18297Bloomfield Ave at Parker St40.761379-74.176963
18287Bloomfield Ave at Parker St40.760999-74.177003
31641Bloomfield Ave at Personette St40.839258-74.275272
18127Bloomfield Ave at Pine St40.807049-74.209772
19371Bloomfield Ave at Pompton Ave40.825439-74.231461
17294Bloomfield Ave at Prospect St40.845067-74.283490
17761Bloomfield Ave at Ridgewood Ave40.801078-74.204201
17756Bloomfield Ave at Ridgewood Ave40.800878-74.204182
17281Bloomfield Ave at Roseland Ave40.838998-74.275213
18282Bloomfield Ave at Roseville Ave40.770548-74.183492
18292Bloomfield Ave at Rowland St40.754540-74.171593
17285Bloomfield Ave at Ryerson Ave40.835468-74.267332
17291Bloomfield Ave at Smull Ave40.840398-74.276800
26659Bloomfield Ave at Somerset Pl40.848219-74.153143
26663Bloomfield Ave at Somerset Pl40.847988-74.153631
19361Bloomfield Ave at South Prospect St40.832958-74.248791
19228Bloomfield Ave at South Spring Garden Ave40.827858-74.161053
19231Bloomfield Ave at Spruce St40.830527-74.158923
19230Bloomfield Ave at Spruce St40.830999-74.158491
18119Bloomfield Ave at St. Luke's Pl40.818580-74.223691
18290Bloomfield Ave at Summer Ave40.755650-74.172923
19370Bloomfield Ave at Sunset Ave40.824888-74.228113
26667Bloomfield Ave at Sylvan Rd40.837967-74.162610
18120Bloomfield Ave at Valley Rd40.816749-74.221392
18133Bloomfield Ave at Valley Rd40.816610-74.220923
17147Bloomfield Ave at Ward St40.795098-74.199063
17140Bloomfield Ave at Watsessing Ave40.782458-74.191433
17151Bloomfield Ave at Watsessing Ave40.782849-74.191943
18291Bloomfield Ave at Webster St40.754219-74.171593
19359Bloomfield Ave at West Lincoln St40.834019-74.251330
19372Bloomfield Ave at Westview Rd40.826239-74.234683
19224Bloomfield Ave at White Rock Rd40.835789-74.269560
17721Bloomfield Ave at White Rock Rd40.834778-74.260073
18299Bloomfield Avenue Light Rail Station40.765649-74.179872
18285Bloomfield Avenue Light Rail Station40.765309-74.179912
30764Bloomfield Avenue Light Rail Station40.765460-74.179863
18305Bloomfield Pl at Broadway40.753400-74.170433
28917Bloy St at Chapman St40.700759-74.239021
28916Bloy St at Mundet Pl40.701189-74.238991
28918Bloy St at Rutgers Ave40.696569-74.237772
28915Bloy St at Rutgers Ave40.696619-74.237710
21822Blvd East at 47 / 48th St40.777298-74.013890
21818Blvd East at 47 / 48th St40.778199-74.013241
21893Blvd East at 60th St40.784877-74.008910
21884Blvd East at 60th St40.785420-74.008223
21374Blvd East at 74th St40.794219-74.000152
21387Blvd East at 74th St40.794408-74.000211
21516Blvd East at 74th St40.795359-74.001161
21377Blvd East at 79th St40.797359-73.998021
21384Blvd East at 79th St40.797537-73.998051
21827Blvd East at Highwood Terr40.771458-74.019131
21814Blvd East at Highwood Terr40.770850-74.020493
21813Blvd East- N Marginal40.768808-74.021081
28540Bond St at Henry St40.666720-74.200981
28541Bond St at Henry St40.666889-74.201171
25383Boonton Ave at East Belleview Ave41.000000-74.342443
25385Boonton Ave at Hasbrouck Ave40.997215-74.341973
25382Boonton Ave at Lafayette Ave40.991938-74.344490
25386Boonton Ave at Rt 2340.991466-74.345297
25384Boonton Ave at W Belleview Ave41.000260-74.342252
25648Boonton Tpke 325' E of Homestead Ln.40.918770-74.297462
25650Boonton Tpke at Hope Ter40.916558-74.285693
25653Boonton Tpke at Morris Ave40.920069-74.299901
25651Boonton Tpke at Riveredge Rd40.914319-74.271724
25663Boonton Tpke at Riveredge Rd40.914429-74.271632
25652Boonton Tpke at Ryerson Rd40.916728-74.285872
25649Boonton Tpke at Skyline Dr40.916339-74.289742
25647Boonton Tpke at Terrace Pkwy40.920688-74.301593
23985Bordentown Ave at Stevens Ave40.478978-74.281032
23986Bordentown Ave at Stevens Ave40.479249-74.280821
30858Bordentown Light Rail Station40.148110-74.716271
14221Bordentown Rd at Columbus St40.078657-74.848623
14196Bordentown Rd at Hulme St40.080280-74.844582
14197Bordentown Rd at Jones St40.081019-74.842862
10214Borgata Casino / Hotel39.378918-74.436392
31329Borgata Casino Main Entrance39.379507-74.433772
31293Borgata Surface Parking Access Road at Borgata Em39.380190-74.435632
31881Boscov's Garden Center39.943318-74.961190
27199Botany Village40.873837-74.121271
28975Boulevard 60' W of Michigan Ave40.677017-74.286951
21885Boulevard East 165' N of Highland Pl40.785299-74.006230
21883Boulevard East 528' S of 60th St. (Park Pavilion)40.783288-74.010311
21895Boulevard East 528' S of 60th St. (Park Pavilion)40.783219-74.010561
21382Boulevard East 528' N of Riverview Dr N40.801870-73.996381
21379Boulevard East 528' N of Riverview Dr. N40.801900-73.996211
21828Boulevard East 775' S of Jefferson St. Steps40.770239-74.020982
21821Boulevard East at 49th St40.778558-74.012911
21820Boulevard East at 50th St40.779199-74.012233
21819Boulevard East at 51st St40.779728-74.011773
21896Boulevard East at 54th St40.781427-74.011392
21863Boulevard East at 54th St40.781970-74.011063
21892Boulevard East at 62nd St40.786447-74.004763
21886Boulevard East at 62nd St40.786658-74.004182
21891Boulevard East at 64th St40.787809-74.003623
30515Boulevard East at 65th St40.788429-74.002721
21890Boulevard East at 66th St40.788678-74.002670
21888Boulevard East at 66th St40.789097-74.002212
21889Boulevard East at 67th St40.789549-74.002130
20452Boulevard East at 69th St40.790758-74.000851
20456Boulevard East at 69th St40.790818-74.000980
21388Boulevard East at 72nd St40.793090-74.001572
21373Boulevard East at 72nd St40.793558-74.001034
21386Boulevard East at 75th St40.794589-73.998631
21375Boulevard East at 75th St40.794770-73.998473
21385Boulevard East at 77th St40.795759-73.998593
21376Boulevard East at 77th St40.796397-73.998371
20455Boulevard East at Bellevue Ave40.791969-74.000932
30550Boulevard East at Bergenline Ave40.809468-74.001071
21826Boulevard East at Bonn Pl40.771118-74.018202
21815Boulevard East at Bonn Place40.770918-74.018071
21824Boulevard East at Columbia Terr40.774330-74.015001
21816Boulevard East at Eldorado Pl40.772708-74.015742
20453Boulevard East at Ferry Rd40.792377-74.001013
21823Boulevard East at Fulton St40.775338-74.014474
21817Boulevard East at Fulton St40.775440-74.014342
21894Boulevard East at Highland Pl40.785620-74.006812
21825Boulevard East at Hudson Pl40.771929-74.016223
21829Boulevard East at North Marginal Rd40.768129-74.021441
21381Boulevard East at Palisade Ave40.803950-73.996592
30551Boulevard East at Palisade Ave40.804859-73.998513
21383Boulevard East at Riverview Dr. N40.799338-73.996872
21378Boulevard East at Riverview Dr. N40.800179-73.996690
11434Boulevard at 16th Ave40.916320-74.123360
11437Boulevard at 16th Ave40.916479-74.123703
12276Boulevard at Baldwin Ave40.873580-74.066940
12277Boulevard at Baldwin Ave40.873158-74.067533
31107Boulevard at Beech St40.858689-74.137822
31108Boulevard at Beech St40.858697-74.138152
12308Boulevard at Central Ave40.864518-74.075482
28972Boulevard at Coolidge Dr40.675579-74.295521
12273Boulevard at Division Ave40.860089-74.080001
12280Boulevard at Division Ave40.860399-74.079950
11438Boulevard at Elmwood Dr40.914519-74.122692
12762Boulevard at Floral Court40.919510-74.017752
12274Boulevard at Franklin Ave40.862079-74.078002
12279Boulevard at Franklin Ave40.862068-74.078172
11423Boulevard at Garvey Pl40.894518-74.113440
11433Boulevard at Godwin Ave40.914010-74.122332
11429Boulevard at Lee St40.908189-74.119710
11442Boulevard at Lee St40.908359-74.119911
11445Boulevard at Linden Ave40.904348-74.118251
12735Boulevard at Luhmann Dr40.922359-74.017163
12760Boulevard at Luhmann Dr40.922190-74.017281
12307Boulevard at Madison Ave40.865578-74.074632
11426Boulevard at Market St40.899379-74.115601
32796Boulevard at Market St40.901539-74.116591
12733Boulevard at Martin Pl40.919778-74.017582
28976Boulevard at Michigan Ave40.677138-74.287102
28983Boulevard at N. 7th St40.674820-74.304322
28971Boulevard at N. 12th St40.675198-74.299141
28981Boulevard at N. 12th St40.675338-74.299320
28980Boulevard at N. 14th St40.675519-74.297523
28979Boulevard at N. 19th St40.675968-74.293071
28977Boulevard at N. 23rd St40.676338-74.289443
11428Boulevard at North St40.906518-74.119103
11443Boulevard at North St40.906699-74.119303
11447Boulevard at Palsa Ave40.897639-74.114962
11425Boulevard at Palsa Ave40.897519-74.114782
12282Boulevard at Passaic Ave Circle40.858528-74.081731
11430Boulevard at Philip Ave40.909908-74.120473
11441Boulevard at Philip Ave40.909677-74.120501
12272Boulevard at Raymond St40.859418-74.080640
12281Boulevard at Raymond St40.859629-74.080663
12759Boulevard at Reichelt Rd40.923908-74.017360
12734Boulevard at Ridge St40.921069-74.017344
11435Boulevard at Rt 4 (Broadway)40.918608-74.125223
11436Boulevard at Rt 4 (Broadway)40.918649-74.125422
11424Boulevard at Rudolph Ave40.896130-74.114161
11448Boulevard at Rudolph Ave40.896288-74.114373
28974Boulevard at S. 23rd St40.676160-74.289882
11449Boulevard at US 4640.893828-74.113311
32795Boulevard at Veterans Pl40.901909-74.116572
12732Boulevard at Vomel Dr40.915969-74.018101
12763Boulevard at Vomel Dr40.915777-74.018281
11432Boulevard at Washington Ave40.912629-74.121692
11439Boulevard at Washington Ave40.912919-74.121971
12275Boulevard at Williams Ave40.868647-74.071242
12278Boulevard at Williams Ave40.868979-74.071162
95021Bound Brook40.560929-74.530617
23342Boundbrook Rd at 1st St40.581678-74.491514
23353Boundbrook Rd at 2nd St40.581640-74.492102
23341Boundbrook Rd at 4th St40.580998-74.494101
23351Boundbrook Rd at Cindy Ct40.583358-74.485672
23344Boundbrook Rd at Clay Ave40.583769-74.484292
23355Boundbrook Rd at Dayton Ave40.580300-74.501083
23356Boundbrook Rd at Garden Pl40.579458-74.503390
23347Boundbrook Rd at Grove Ave40.585660-74.477262
23349Boundbrook Rd at Grove Ave40.585638-74.477673
23346Boundbrook Rd at Hallock Ave40.585229-74.478921
23354Boundbrook Rd at John F. Kennedy Dr40.581078-74.494721
23014Boundbrook Rd at Madison Ave40.588559-74.467342
23339Boundbrook Rd at Marlborough Ave40.579299-74.503380
23340Boundbrook Rd at Mountain Ave40.580089-74.501351
23352Boundbrook Rd at N Lincoln Ave40.582388-74.489272
23343Boundbrook Rd at S Lincoln Ave40.582327-74.489070
23013Boundbrook Rd at Sanford Ave40.587770-74.472211
23015Boundbrook Rd at Sanford Ave40.587939-74.471820
23348Boundbrook Rd at Smalley Ave40.586649-74.475231
19714Bowe Blvd 500' S of Carpenter St.39.714300-75.122983
19715Bowe Blvd 500' S of Carpenter St.39.714289-75.122812
31204Bowman Drive 135' W of Eckenhoff Drive39.839550-74.927733
31203Bowman Drive at Eckenhoff Drive39.839689-74.927201
95022Bradley Beach40.203751-74.018891
30067Brakeley Gardens40.705757-75.163993
16217Branch Ave at Blackwood-Clementon Rd39.804948-75.006461
16218Branch Ave at Blackwood-Clementon Rd39.804649-75.006553
18306Branch Brook Park Light Rail Station40.779958-74.174893
30762Branch Brook Park Light Rail Station40.779638-74.174752
25062Bray Ave at Bergen St40.440949-74.111971
25060Bray Ave at Thompson Ave40.436589-74.111971
25059Bray Ave at Thorne St40.438989-74.112051
25061Bray Ave at Thorne St40.439239-74.111940
32878Breunig Ave at Mulberry St40.236609-74.739080
18313Brewster Rd 100' S of Airis Dr40.707837-74.163670
30643Brewster Rd 350' S of Airis Dr40.707769-74.164791
18316Brewster Rd at Bldg 9540.705889-74.178053
18311Brewster Rd at Bldg 9540.705670-74.178301
30697Brewster Rd at Bldg 34440.707829-74.172281
18315Brewster Rd at Conrad Rd40.708029-74.171791
18310Brewster Rd at Conrad Rd40.707950-74.170291
22152Briarwood Shopping Village40.204140-74.663703
22153Briarwood Shopping Village40.204228-74.664141
26312Brick Blvd 550' S of Jackson Ave40.052178-74.141164
26302Brick Blvd at Cedar Bridge Ave40.054869-74.139472
26313Brick Blvd at Cedar Bridge Ave40.054318-74.139511
26304Brick Blvd at Drum Point Rd40.045867-74.142333
26311Brick Blvd at Drum Point Rd40.046018-74.141991
26306Brick Blvd at Essex Dr40.035358-74.143162
26310Brick Blvd at Lake Shore Way40.041168-74.142231
26307Brick Blvd at Molly Ave40.022909-74.144463
26305Brick Blvd at Pine Tree Dr40.039778-74.142690
26309Brick Blvd at Schoener Dr40.036359-74.142732
26303Brick Blvd at University Ct40.047780-74.142333
95023Brick Church40.765134-74.218612
14399Brick Rd at Rockingham Dr39.879908-74.915023
14400Brick Rd at Sunnyside Ct39.879719-74.914733
26324Brick Twp Park Ride40.098968-74.141133
32758Brick Twp Park Ride40.099470-74.141650
15009Bridge Plaza39.947568-75.117911
15010Bridge Plaza39.948549-75.117793
11851Bridge Plaza N at Center Ave40.856278-73.970050
11852Bridge Plaza S at Linwood Ave40.855217-73.971601
27247Bridge St at Godwin St40.921167-74.169752
27246Bridge St at Godwin St40.921280-74.169613
32733Bridge St at Main St40.880198-74.043712
30199Brielle Ave at Hopewell Ave40.235998-74.047041
30202Brielle Ave at Hopewell Ave40.235809-74.046961
30200Brielle Ave at Ring Rd40.234099-74.046760
30201Brielle Ave at Ring Rd40.234398-74.046731
30198Brielle Ave at Sunset Ave40.238048-74.045730
30203Brielle Ave at Sunset Ave40.238127-74.045553
10300Brigantine Ave at 2nd St S39.407168-74.363613
10301Brigantine Ave at 4th St N39.409390-74.360862
10309Brigantine Ave at 4th St S39.405819-74.365840
10302Brigantine Ave at 6th St N39.410357-74.359542
10307Brigantine Ave at 6th St N39.410629-74.359473
10299Brigantine Ave at 6th St S39.405080-74.366860
10310Brigantine Ave at 6th St S39.405299-74.366791
10306Brigantine Ave at 8th St N39.411588-74.358171
10298Brigantine Ave at 8th St S39.404479-74.367971
10303Brigantine Ave at 9th St N39.411689-74.357663
10297Brigantine Ave at 9th St S39.403857-74.369122
10311Brigantine Ave at 9th St S39.404079-74.369031
10305Brigantine Ave at 10th St N39.412519-74.356883
10312Brigantine Ave at 11th St S39.403098-74.370840
10296Brigantine Ave at 12th St S39.402819-74.371002
10304Brigantine Ave at 14th St North39.414128-74.354441
10313Brigantine Ave at 15th St S39.401608-74.373543
10295Brigantine Ave at 16th St S39.400969-74.374381
10294Brigantine Ave at 18th St S39.400139-74.375902
10293Brigantine Ave at 20th St S39.399569-74.376970
10314Brigantine Ave at 20th St S39.399588-74.377282
10292Brigantine Ave at 22nd St S39.398489-74.378932
10315Brigantine Ave at 22nd St S39.398750-74.378781
10291Brigantine Ave at 24th St S39.397670-74.380403
10316Brigantine Ave at 24th St S39.397949-74.380262
10290Brigantine Ave at 26th St S39.396988-74.381390
10317Brigantine Ave at 26th St S39.396957-74.381713
10289Brigantine Ave at 28th St S39.395779-74.383172
10318Brigantine Ave at 28th St S39.396009-74.383092
10339Brigantine Ave at 30th St39.394798-74.384562
10319Brigantine Ave at 32nd St S39.393869-74.386221
10288Brigantine Ave at 34th St S39.392937-74.387292
10320Brigantine Ave at 34th St S39.392918-74.387633
10287Brigantine Ave at 36th St S39.391989-74.388671
10321Brigantine Ave at 36th St S39.392239-74.388613
10286Brigantine Ave at 38th St S39.391238-74.389542
10322Brigantine Ave at 38th St S39.391208-74.389833
10285Brigantine Ave at 40th St S39.389959-74.391033
10323Brigantine Ave at 40th St S39.390200-74.391021
10324Brigantine Ave at 42nd St S39.389189-74.392202
10284Brigantine Ave at Harbor Beach Blvd39.387090-74.394391
10325Brigantine Ave at Harbor Beach Blvd39.386139-74.397883
10308Brigantine Ave at Vernon Pl39.407507-74.363483
10341Brigantine Blvd at Cherokee Blvd39.393579-74.405130
10338Brigantine Blvd at Edgewater Dr39.394077-74.402701
10340Brigantine Blvd at Edgewater Dr39.394288-74.402881
10337Brigantine Blvd at Laurel Way39.391948-74.408191
10336Brigantine Blvd at Lilac Way39.390627-74.411200
10335Brigantine Blvd at Lilac Way39.392250-74.408143
10112Brigantine Blvd at Maryland Ave39.376729-74.430792
10111Brigantine Blvd at North Carolina Ave39.373788-74.431740
10256Brigantine Blvd at North Carolina Ave39.373690-74.432070
14686Briggs Rd 1500' N of Rt 3839.972488-74.899632
14680Briggs Rd 1500' N of Rt 3839.972299-74.899660
29948Brightwood Ave at Embree Ct40.656178-74.366833
29947Brightwood Ave at Fanwood Ave40.656238-74.367032
29946Brightwood Ave at Prospect Ave40.659028-74.364091
29949Brightwood Ave at Prospect St40.658978-74.363950
12939Broad & Columbia Aves40.842639-74.001741
12957Broad & Columbia Aves40.842478-74.001251
11514Broad Ave 172' S of Cross Creek Drive40.873429-73.979431
12397Broad Ave North of Fort Lee Rd40.863348-73.986760
13217Broad Ave S at Pleasantview Terr40.826877-74.010041
13231Broad Ave S at Pleasantview Terr40.827047-74.010263
12403Broad Ave at Ames Ave40.855648-73.992391
13228Broad Ave at Banta Pl40.836449-74.007243
30880Broad Ave at Banta Pl40.836619-74.006933
12931Broad Ave at Brinkerhoff Ave40.847098-73.998373
12932Broad Ave at Central Blvd40.848460-73.997391
12387Broad Ave at Christie Heights St40.867198-73.984000
12394Broad Ave at Christie Heights St40.867409-73.983841
12400Broad Ave at Christie St40.858758-73.990052
12384Broad Ave at Crescent Ave40.860459-73.988833
12399Broad Ave at Crescent Ave40.860599-73.988733
12933Broad Ave at E Edsall Blvd40.852620-73.994404
31610Broad Ave at E Harriet Ave40.841998-74.002043
13229Broad Ave at Edgewater Ave40.833690-74.010102
13223Broad Ave at Elm Ave40.840277-74.003450
13226Broad Ave at Elm Ave40.840508-74.003432
11820Broad Ave at Fairview Ave40.820608-74.007953
11822Broad Ave at Fairview Ave40.820539-74.008182
12398Broad Ave at Fort Lee Rd40.861588-73.988161
12385Broad Ave at Fort Lee Rd40.861969-73.987750
12395Broad Ave at Harrison St40.866529-73.984480
12402Broad Ave at Highwood Ave40.856829-73.991440
12386Broad Ave at Hillside Ave40.865227-73.985401
12396Broad Ave at Hillside Ave40.865408-73.985271
12930Broad Ave at Homestead Ave40.845659-73.999403
12938Broad Ave at Homestead Ave40.845278-73.999861
13232Broad Ave at Island Rd40.824650-74.009061
12391Broad Ave at Lakeview Ave40.871670-73.980873
13218Broad Ave at Lancaster Rd40.830429-74.010283
13224Broad Ave at Maple Ave40.841417-74.002493
13225Broad Ave at Maple Ave40.841658-74.002493
13219Broad Ave at Marion Pl40.832328-74.010062
13230Broad Ave at Marion Pl40.831708-74.010280
12404Broad Ave at Oakdene Ave40.854149-73.993462
12934Broad Ave at Oakdene Ave40.853959-73.993432
12389Broad Ave at Overlook Ave40.870218-73.981813
12392Broad Ave at Overlook Ave40.869828-73.982192
12936Broad Ave at Palisades Blvd40.850008-73.996453
12382Broad Ave at Park Ave40.857489-73.990971
12401Broad Ave at Park Ave40.857708-73.990823
11515Broad Ave at Phelps Ave40.875520-73.977942
11516Broad Ave at Phelps Ave40.875460-73.978131
11823Broad Ave at Prospect Ave40.818728-74.007851
11819Broad Ave at Prospect Ave40.818898-74.007693
12390Broad Ave at Rt. 95 Exit Ramp40.871478-73.980911
13216Broad Ave at Shaler Blvd40.825167-74.009173
11517Broad Ave at Sheffield Ave40.873980-73.979213
13222Broad Ave at Slocum Ave40.838778-74.004742
13227Broad Ave at Slocum Ave40.838759-74.004923
12381Broad Ave at Sylvan Ave40.855760-73.992212
12393Broad Ave at Van Orden Ave40.869138-73.982683
12388Broad Ave at Vreeland Ave40.868888-73.982770
12935Broad Ave at W Edsall Blvd40.852548-73.994633
12937Broad Ave at West Central Blvd40.848008-73.997850
12929Broad Ave at West Ruby Ave40.843349-74.001061
12383Broad Ave at Westview Ave40.858969-73.989911
17181Broad St 85' E of Brookdale Gardens40.824499-74.189463
26687Broad St 150' N of Edison St40.881968-74.168180
26675Broad St 200' S of Notch Rd40.860849-74.174371
26672Broad St 248' S of Anderson Rd.40.852118-74.179592
18336Broad St 275' S of Clark St40.751660-74.169533
17162Broad St 921' E of Bay Ave40.815640-74.194211
17184Broad St 921' W of Glen Ridge Pkwy40.815500-74.194401
31144Broad St (Rt 44) 50' N of Paul Avenue39.829169-75.244134
30477Broad St (Rt 44) 250' N of South Commerce St39.830718-75.238243
19916Broad St (Rt 44) at Chestnut St39.830619-75.239163
19917Broad St (Rt 44) at Pine St39.829438-75.243621
18333Broad St Across From Njt Station40.747289-74.170421
31942Broad St Between Hunter St / Red Bank Ave39.841539-75.150623
16879Broad St at 3rd Street39.402158-75.035771
16872Broad St at 4th Street39.402128-75.034483
16878Broad St at 6th Street39.402389-75.031863
16873Broad St at 6th Street39.402317-75.031650
18334Broad St at 8th Ave40.749067-74.170202
18337Broad St at 8th Ave40.748969-74.170453
16877Broad St at 10th Street39.402800-75.026261
16874Broad St at 10th Street39.402649-75.026090
18346Broad St at Academy St40.737128-74.171382
19754Broad St at Adalisa Ave39.825640-75.282533
26674Broad St at Allwood Rd40.856100-74.177401
26694Broad St at Allwood Rd40.856459-74.177263
17157Broad St at Almira St40.803410-74.194971
14710Broad St at Arch St39.999828-75.028871
14714Broad St at Arch St39.999907-75.028953
29676Broad St at Ashwood Ave40.712457-74.348933
29667Broad St at Ashwood Ave40.712479-74.348643
19759Broad St at Bailey's Ln39.826599-75.273950
19751Broad St at Bailey's Ln39.826520-75.273932
17187Broad St at Baldwin St40.807449-74.192513
18347Broad St at Bank St40.736139-74.171921
17185Broad St at Bay Ave40.812099-74.194060
17161Broad St at Bay Ave40.812307-74.193982
17156Broad St at Belleville Ave40.799620-74.196803
17190Broad St at Belleville Ave40.800058-74.196882
17170Broad St at Bellevue Ave40.837288-74.184571
14300Broad St at Bellview Ave40.014669-75.003513
17189Broad St at Benson St40.804298-74.194513
25200Broad St at Bergen Pl40.342099-74.064102
25203Broad St at Bergen Pl40.342348-74.064343
19745Broad St at Billingsport Rd39.826180-75.256561
19760Broad St at Brandt Ave39.826659-75.270332
18349Broad St at Branford Pl / Edison Pl40.734980-74.172642
18326Broad St at Branford Pl / Edison Pl40.734610-74.172491
17171Broad St at Broadacres Dr40.838178-74.184902
31129Broad St at Broadacres Dr40.839998-74.184422
17164Broad St at Brookdale Gardens40.824088-74.189562
28543Broad St at Caldwell Pl40.664059-74.214783
30632Broad St at Camp St40.726899-74.177041
18355Broad St at Camp Street40.726679-74.177502
17175Broad St at Carol Pl40.842478-74.182983
19912Broad St at Cedar Ave39.827007-75.252451
19918Broad St at Cedar Ave39.827090-75.252473
18329Broad St at Cedar St40.738238-74.170491
18344Broad St at Cedar St40.737925-74.170816
14770Broad St at Cedar St40.010718-75.010251
18341Broad St at Central Ave40.741597-74.169214
29681Broad St at Chapel St40.717308-74.338983
27947Broad St at Cherry St39.955589-75.162923
29672Broad St at Chestnut Ave40.716168-74.362033
29671Broad St at Chestnut Ave40.716318-74.361670
26696Broad St at Chittenden Rd40.850948-74.180203
14708Broad St at Cinnaminson Ave40.004327-75.021202
14709Broad St at Cinnaminson Ave40.004070-75.021982
18335Broad St at Clay St40.750399-74.169692
18328Broad St at Clinton St40.736459-74.171422
26678Broad St at Colfax Ave40.873837-74.168310
26688Broad St at Colfax Ave40.873610-74.168512
26680Broad St at Concord St40.887668-74.168683
26686Broad St at Concord St40.887339-74.168781
19742Broad St at Cooper Ave39.826467-75.268901
18352Broad St at Court St40.730888-74.175030
29682Broad St at Dayton Rd40.718069-74.336810
29661Broad St at Dayton Rd40.718069-74.337201
14717Broad St at Delaware St40.002818-75.023961
14712Broad St at Delaware St40.002730-75.024043
19758Broad St at Democrat Rd39.824527-75.293681
28550Broad St at Dickinson St40.663289-74.215073
18323Broad St at East Kinney St40.728589-74.176021
28542Broad St at Elizabeth Ave40.662489-74.214933
14765Broad St at Elm Ave40.006668-75.017393
29669Broad St at Elm St40.716058-74.358321
26919Broad St at Elmwood Dr40.885300-74.168611
18317Broad St at Emmet St40.720489-74.180961
26684Broad St at Fenner Ave40.892038-74.168620
26682Broad St at Fenner Ave40.891649-74.168563
17172Broad St at Foster St40.842387-74.182813
24748Broad St at Front St40.437488-74.202121
24747Broad St at Front St40.437759-74.202161
14769Broad St at Fulton St40.010797-75.010373
17163Broad St at Glen Ridge Pkwy40.818119-74.193022
17183Broad St at Glen Ridge Pkwy40.817939-74.193343
26691Broad St at Green Lawn Ave40.863479-74.173392
26690Broad St at Greglawn Dr40.865480-74.171852
26920Broad St at Grove St40.878808-74.167900
18339Broad St at H Tubman Sq40.743609-74.169651
26695Broad St at Haddonfield Rd40.853759-74.179122
26673Broad St at Haddonfield Rd40.853748-74.178962
25199Broad St at Harding Rd40.346919-74.064862
19761Broad St at Harmony Rd39.826350-75.266003
19743Broad St at Harmony Rd39.826278-75.266612
26683Broad St at Hazel St40.894968-74.167881
14186Broad St at High St40.077528-74.858590
31132Broad St at High St40.077687-74.858633
31133Broad St at High St40.077789-74.857233
26693Broad St at Highview Dr40.859267-74.175181
26912Broad St at Highview Dr40.859018-74.175191
18351Broad St at Hill St40.731719-74.174522
19747Broad St at Holly Pl39.825810-75.281792
17159Broad St at Hoover Ave40.809310-74.192450
19748Broad St at Hudson St39.825569-75.284181
26911Broad St at Huemmer Terrace40.857588-74.176192
26910Broad St at Huemmer Terrace40.857338-74.176532
29662Broad St at Huntley Rd40.717198-74.339652
26685Broad St at Ivy Ct40.890970-74.168933
17158Broad St at James St40.806109-74.192991
28544Broad St at Jersey St40.666218-74.214880
28549Broad St at Jersey St40.664968-74.214911
28548Broad St at Jersey St40.665629-74.214901
29679Broad St at John St40.715389-74.341931
29664Broad St at John St40.714918-74.342604
17165Broad St at Johnson Ave40.827168-74.187573
17180Broad St at Johnson Ave40.827088-74.187792
18338Broad St at Lackawanna Ave40.747100-74.170571
17155Broad St at Liberty St40.796058-74.197322
17191Broad St at Liberty St40.796159-74.197441
18354Broad St at Lincoln Park40.727699-74.176862
14772Broad St at Linden Ave40.007520-75.015942
14773Broad St at Lippincott Ave40.008830-75.013461
14767Broad St at Lippincott Ave40.009098-75.013272
26679Broad St at Livingston St40.883368-74.168223
18332Broad St at Lombardy St40.743677-74.169400
18340Broad St at Lombardy St40.743069-74.169501
28043Broad St at Main St39.729508-75.468481
28038Broad St at Main St39.729489-75.468331
14771Broad St at Main St40.009539-75.012231
14768Broad St at Main St40.009918-75.011831
19750Broad St at Maple Ave39.824908-75.290793
19757Broad St at Maple Ave39.824818-75.290721
29673Broad St at Maple St40.716088-74.359022
29670Broad St at Maple St40.716379-74.359602
18327Broad St at Market St40.735399-74.172073
18348Broad St at Market St40.735758-74.172164
14718Broad St at Market St39.999220-75.029932
14715Broad St at Market St39.999198-75.030150
17168Broad St at Meadow Ln40.831448-74.182942
19762Broad St at Mellon Ave39.826319-75.261203
19744Broad St at Mellon Ave39.826229-75.261192
29683Broad St at Middle Ave40.718609-74.335313
29660Broad St at Middle Ave40.718670-74.335431
14711Broad St at Morgan Ave40.005229-75.019673
14719Broad St at Morgan Ave40.005289-75.019734
18318Broad St at Murray St40.721769-74.180202
18359Broad St at Murray St40.722048-74.180272
18342Broad St at New St40.739940-74.169821
18331Broad St at New St40.740049-74.169491
19764Broad St at North Market St39.826237-75.277513
19763Broad St at North Repauno Ave39.824768-75.292191
26692Broad St at Notch Rd40.861709-74.174140
19746Broad St at Orchard St39.825958-75.280180
19753Broad St at Orchard St39.825878-75.280312
29678Broad St at Orchard St40.714228-74.343191
29665Broad St at Orchard St40.713828-74.343802
29677Broad St at Park Pl40.712649-74.346162
29666Broad St at Park Pl40.712688-74.346302
18319Broad St at Parkhurst St40.723079-74.179411
18358Broad St at Parkhurst St40.723339-74.179502
17178Broad St at Parkview Dr40.831788-74.182743
18356Broad St at Pennington St40.726000-74.177911
25201Broad St at Pinckney Rd40.339918-74.063791
17188Broad St at Pitt St40.805977-74.193181
26909Broad St at Plymouth Rd40.867307-74.170354
14299Broad St at Pompesse Ave40.012948-75.006430
18330Broad St at Prudential Dr40.738449-74.170402
19755Broad St at Rambo Ave39.825459-75.284481
18345Broad St at Raymond Blvd40.737608-74.171080
31511Broad St at Reckless Pl40.346719-74.064990
17173Broad St at Red Maple Ave40.844229-74.183181
17174Broad St at Red Maple Ave40.844119-74.183323
14298Broad St at Snowden Ave40.015598-75.001901
19752Broad St at South Market St39.826119-75.277901
18320Broad St at South St40.724358-74.178652
18357Broad St at South St40.724309-74.178931
29680Broad St at Springfield Ave40.716258-74.341012
29663Broad St at Springfield Ave40.716129-74.341314
14223Broad St at St. Mary St40.078400-74.853293
29674Broad St at Summit Ave40.715579-74.356723
17182Broad St at Sunset Ave40.822518-74.190730
25250Broad St at Sycamore Ave40.324249-74.061451
25258Broad St at Sycamore Ave40.324098-74.061632
14188Broad St at Talbot St40.076588-74.862451
14296Broad St at Taylor's Ln40.025488-74.985043
14766Broad St at Thomas Ave40.008238-75.014712
26677Broad St at Tremont Pl40.871618-74.168694
14297Broad St at Union Landing Rd40.018588-74.996760
26676Broad St at Van Houten Ave40.869228-74.169071
26689Broad St at Van Houten Ave40.869719-74.169052
17160Broad St at Vernon Terr40.810850-74.193422
14713Broad St at Vine St40.001308-75.026552
16876Broad St at Wade Blvd39.404499-75.019142
16875Broad St at Wade Blvd39.404268-75.019521
18324Broad St at Walnut St40.730519-74.174893
19749Broad St at Walnut St39.825048-75.289341
19756Broad St at Walnut St39.824969-75.289273
29675Broad St at Walnut St40.714899-74.353681
26681Broad St at Warren St40.889758-74.169040
17186Broad St at Warren St40.809238-74.192541
26918Broad St at Warren St40.889558-74.169253
17166Broad St at Watchung Ave40.828549-74.186653
17179Broad St at Watchung Ave40.828870-74.186563
18353Broad St at West Kinney St40.728918-74.176162
17177Broad St at West Passaic Ave40.832909-74.181232
17169Broad St at West Passaic Ave40.833860-74.180620
28546Broad St at Westfield Ave40.668777-74.215783
31512Broad St at Wikoff Pl40.339939-74.063981
18350Broad St at William St40.733278-74.173612
17167Broad St at Winding Ln40.830048-74.184801
18360Broad St at Wright St40.720078-74.181461
31723Broad St at York St40.078159-74.854600
30775Broad Street Light Rail Station40.747209-74.171510
20211Broad Street at Red Bank Avenue39.842830-75.149771
15726Broadacres Dr at Little Gloucester Rd39.800059-75.039781
15723Broadacres Dr at Little Gloucester Rd39.800049-75.039602
15725Broadacres Dr at Oakmont Rd39.801139-75.036181
15724Broadacres Dr at Oakmont Rd39.801008-75.035881
15670Broadway 125' N of Koehler St39.887899-75.120571
15661Broadway 170' N of Koehler St.39.887959-75.120443
25289Broadway 250' W of Florence Ave.40.442099-74.182611
32659Broadway 535' S of Chelton Avenue39.916809-75.119861
32658Broadway 700' S of Chelton Ave39.916368-75.119763
32504Broadway 1400' S of Morgan Blvd39.909237-75.119533
32505Broadway 1500' S of Morgan Blvd39.909150-75.119532
19597Broadway at Peach St. North39.853818-75.140433
19596Broadway at Summer Ave39.852040-75.141880
31094Broadway (CR 551) at Morris St.39.900219-75.120311
15034Broadway Across From WRTC39.942880-75.119340
27270Broadway Bus Terminal40.918778-74.174312
15031Broadway In Front of WRTC39.943250-75.119081
20370Broadway at 1st St40.645340-74.128281
18365Broadway at 2nd Ave40.761218-74.168191
18385Broadway at 2nd Ave40.761040-74.168472
20369Broadway at 2nd St40.647190-74.128310
18364Broadway at 3rd Ave40.758899-74.169240
18386Broadway at 3rd Ave40.759190-74.169360
20368Broadway at 3rd St40.648560-74.128330
18363Broadway at 4th Ave40.757118-74.169690
18387Broadway at 4th Ave40.756918-74.169913
20367Broadway at 4th St40.650119-74.128341
18389Broadway at 7th Ave40.750953-74.170637
27278Broadway at 32nd St40.919057-74.141670
27258Broadway at 32nd St40.918268-74.142651
21512Broadway at 75th St40.796729-74.003101
25290Broadway at Ash St40.441968-74.183473
15049Broadway at Atlantic Ave39.928397-75.119623
15021Broadway at Atlantic Ave39.928559-75.119491
23990Broadway at Augusta St40.483719-74.280513
23988Broadway at Augusta St40.483790-74.280332
26237Broadway at Barclay St40.712408-74.007820
15029Broadway at Benson St39.940748-75.119241
15042Broadway at Berkeley St39.939290-75.119443
15028Broadway at Berkeley St39.939098-75.119293
11479Broadway at Boulevard40.919088-74.125094
27068Broadway at Boulevard40.856639-74.134513
27074Broadway at Boulevard40.856840-74.134402
27066Broadway at Brook Ave40.849438-74.145891
15018Broadway at Carl Miller Blvd39.923289-75.119631
15052Broadway at Carl Miller Blvd39.923648-75.119733
28066Broadway at Carroll Ave39.640228-75.516523
28062Broadway at Carroll Ave39.640529-75.516760
27252Broadway at Carroll St40.918578-74.161444
27265Broadway at Carroll St40.918698-74.162302
20154Broadway at Cedar Ave39.865259-75.131341
16730Broadway at Central Ave38.942889-74.929451
16740Broadway at Central Ave38.943108-74.929472
26244Broadway at Chambers & Warren Sts40.713910-74.006560
15056Broadway at Chelton Ave39.918428-75.119873
15014Broadway at Chelton Ave39.918190-75.119751
18382Broadway at Chester Ave40.768340-74.163731
18369Broadway at Chester Ave40.768027-74.163680
14985Broadway at Chestnut St39.882629-75.120712
30380Broadway at Cooper St39.945699-75.118763
15032Broadway at Cooper St39.946258-75.118411
19600Broadway at Cordelia Ave39.858087-75.137121
19599Broadway at Cordelia Ave39.858249-75.136844
20310Broadway at Cottage St40.653607-74.126910
27076Broadway at Dawson Ave40.849589-74.145803
18381Broadway at Delevan Ave40.770310-74.162790
20152Broadway at Duncan Ave39.868188-75.128973
20147Broadway at Duncan Ave39.868098-75.128852
27254Broadway at East 18th St40.918359-74.155811
27263Broadway at East 18th St40.918468-74.156041
27262Broadway at East 23rd St40.918419-74.151201
27255Broadway at East 25th St40.918268-74.149683
27261Broadway at East 25th St40.918378-74.149334
27256Broadway at East 27th St40.918238-74.147721
27260Broadway at East 27th St40.918359-74.147803
27257Broadway at East 30th St40.918200-74.144933
27259Broadway at East 30th St40.918309-74.144533
18370Broadway at East Delavan Ave40.770028-74.162732
16736Broadway at Eldredge Ave38.938589-74.930101
18379Broadway at Elwood Ave40.772349-74.161733
18380Broadway at Elwood Ave40.771979-74.161780
15020Broadway at Everett St39.926528-75.119552
26233Broadway at Exchange Pl40.706727-74.012603
15053Broadway at Ferry Ave39.922429-75.119772
15017Broadway at Ferry Ave39.921897-75.119663
19598Broadway at Florence Ave39.856599-75.138173
19601Broadway at Florence Ave39.856747-75.138163
18388Broadway at Gouverneur St40.754340-74.170441
18362Broadway at Gouverneur St40.754858-74.170171
18377Broadway at Grafton Ave40.775210-74.159233
18371Broadway at Grafton Ave40.774927-74.159232
24779Broadway at Grand Ave40.299548-74.003663
27070Broadway at Gregory Ave40.859048-74.129891
27072Broadway at Gregory Ave40.858758-74.130742
27071Broadway at Grove St40.859969-74.128163
20157Broadway at Harvard Ave39.861469-75.134381
28067Broadway at Highland Ave39.645927-75.518371
28061Broadway at Highland Ave39.645689-75.518422
18368Broadway at Hinsdale Pl40.765909-74.164662
18383Broadway at Hinsdale Pl40.765838-74.164891
24786Broadway at Howland Pl40.299030-74.005552
14022Broadway at Irvington St40.992658-74.033921
14023Broadway at Irvington St40.990979-74.032731
15051Broadway at Jackson St39.924909-75.119701
15019Broadway at Jackson St39.924747-75.119600
15015Broadway at Jefferson Ave39.919439-75.119723
15055Broadway at Jefferson Ave39.919700-75.119852
23987Broadway at John St40.481888-74.278901
23991Broadway at John St40.482039-74.279192
25288Broadway at Johnson Ave40.441319-74.185381
25291Broadway at Johnson Ave40.441277-74.185972
15048Broadway at Kaighn Ave39.930998-75.119542
15022Broadway at Kaighn Ave39.930759-75.119441
28101Broadway at Keasbey St39.563248-75.458030
15666Broadway at Linden St39.903307-75.120242
24776Broadway at Lipincott Ave40.303968-73.993051
24769Broadway at Lipincott Ave40.303908-73.992883
20144Broadway at Locust Ave39.864470-75.131792
15662Broadway at Market St39.892598-75.120351
15669Broadway at Market St39.893078-75.120470
14987Broadway at Marne Rd39.879525-75.122476
14983Broadway at Marne Rd39.879429-75.122465
24795Broadway at Martin St40.298948-74.006541
16739Broadway at Mechanic St38.939968-74.930270
16729Broadway at Mechanic St38.939688-74.930133
27249Broadway at Memorial Dr40.918838-74.168853
31598Broadway at Memorial Dr40.918855-74.168352
24772Broadway at Memorial Pkwy40.304708-73.985322
15667Broadway at Middlesex St39.898717-75.120342
15663Broadway at Monmouth St39.895859-75.120293
15668Broadway at Monmouth St39.895788-75.120411
18372Broadway at Montclair Ave40.777188-74.157383
18376Broadway at Montclair Ave40.777078-74.157692
32502Broadway at Morgan Blvd39.914148-75.118023
32503Broadway at Morgan Blvd39.913257-75.117931
24777Broadway at Morris Ave40.301140-73.997282
24768Broadway at Morris Ave40.301329-73.996661
31093Broadway at Morris St.39.900129-75.120171
16731Broadway at Myrtle Ave38.935378-74.930533
20148Broadway at New St39.870019-75.127301
18366Broadway at Nursery St40.763410-74.166691
18384Broadway at Nursery St40.763689-74.166713
20153Broadway at Oak Ave39.866749-75.130161
20146Broadway at Oak Ave39.866478-75.130171
25344Broadway at Oakwood Ave40.298619-74.007512
20155Broadway at Olive St39.863700-75.132560
20143Broadway at Olive St39.863658-75.132453
11483Broadway at Orange Ave40.919079-74.125993
27197Broadway at Parkview Pl40.850808-74.143032
27196Broadway at Parkview Pl40.850929-74.143070
31638Broadway at Passaic39.903250-75.120160
27069Broadway at Paulison Ave40.858410-74.131181
27073Broadway at Paulison Ave40.858010-74.132120
19602Broadway at Peach St39.853659-75.140683
24767Broadway at Pearl St40.299778-74.001403
15026Broadway at Pine St39.936380-75.119341
15044Broadway at Pine St39.936588-75.119442
19939Broadway at Pitman Ave39.730728-75.129083
28078Broadway at Plant St39.683938-75.490321
28077Broadway at Plant St39.683699-75.490280
11755Broadway at Plaza Rd40.923179-74.109513
11769Broadway at Plaza Rd40.923088-74.110711
27253Broadway at Rosa Parks Blvd40.918487-74.159541
27264Broadway at Rosa Parks Blvd40.918600-74.159601
15027Broadway at Royden St39.937750-75.119313
15043Broadway at Royden St39.937958-75.119421
24773Broadway at Second Ave40.305149-73.983761
20309Broadway at Silver St40.653018-74.127412
24770Broadway at South Fifth Ave40.304047-73.990312
28072Broadway at South Rd39.668480-75.506191
28055Broadway at South Rd39.667880-75.506812
20145Broadway at Spruce Ave39.865788-75.130722
15045Broadway at Spruce St39.935210-75.119473
15025Broadway at Spruce St39.934988-75.119362
15030Broadway at Stevens St39.941468-75.119211
15041Broadway at Stevens St39.941699-75.119322
27250Broadway at Straight St40.918729-74.165953
27267Broadway at Straight St40.918838-74.166271
19603Broadway at Summer Ave39.851859-75.142111
27266Broadway at Summer St40.918759-74.164082
27251Broadway at Summer St40.918638-74.163601
16737Broadway at Sunset Blvd38.935230-74.930680
24771Broadway at Third Ave40.304308-73.987832
24775Broadway at Third Ave40.304519-73.987222
26238Broadway at Thomas St40.715858-74.004972
20173Broadway at Timber Ave39.872989-75.124872
20178Broadway at Timber Ave39.873027-75.125033
27067Broadway at Van Houten Ave40.853537-74.139421
27075Broadway at Van Houten Ave40.853050-74.140311
18373Broadway at Verona Ave40.779147-74.155921
18374Broadway at Verona Ave40.779449-74.155943
25343Broadway at Victor Ave40.298718-74.008071
15016Broadway at Viola St39.920678-75.119691
15054Broadway at Viola St39.920999-75.119813
24756Broadway at W. 1st St40.433969-74.209692
24745Broadway at W. 1st St40.433950-74.209862
24751Broadway at W. 3rd St40.430919-74.210253
24750Broadway at W. 4th St40.430409-74.210492
15046Broadway at Walnut St39.933829-75.119490
15024Broadway at Walnut St39.934040-75.119373
28104Broadway at Walnut St39.571337-75.465671
20156Broadway at Walnut St39.862847-75.133300
28096Broadway at Walnut St39.571050-75.465623
27248Broadway at Washington St40.918940-74.172221
24778Broadway at Washington St40.300058-74.000113
19938Broadway at West Jersey Ave39.729267-75.127841
15050Broadway at Whitman Ave39.927427-75.119630
20151Broadway at Woodbine Ave39.869739-75.127722
28099Broadway at Yorke St39.564188-75.460462
28068Broadway at Zane St39.649769-75.519601
28060Broadway at Zane St39.649690-75.519721
22487Broemel Place at Rt 3140.329869-74.798625
24996Brookdale College (Parking Lot3)40.327518-74.131981
17201Broughton Ave at Ackerman St40.820547-74.180573
17192Broughton Ave at Bay Ave40.811669-74.190173
17205Broughton Ave at Bay Ave40.812228-74.189732
17197Broughton Ave at Bessida St40.823370-74.179050
17200Broughton Ave at Bessida St40.823249-74.179222
17194Broughton Ave at Fritz St40.816489-74.184661
17196Broughton Ave at Hobson St40.821778-74.179813
17198Broughton Ave at Palmer St40.826209-74.178491
17193Broughton Ave at Pettit St40.814900-74.186590
17204Broughton Ave at Pettit St40.814817-74.186862
17199Broughton Ave at Pierson St40.826428-74.178680
17202Broughton Ave at Rector Pl40.818837-74.182011
17195Broughton Ave at Stone St40.819407-74.181222
17203Broughton Ave at Union Pl40.816259-74.185080
27927Browertown Rd at Briarwood Ct40.883760-74.207802
27928Browertown Rd at Lackawanna Ave40.885010-74.206643
27929Browertown Rd at Lackawanna Ave40.885519-74.206482
27003Browertown Rd at Long Hill Rd40.876978-74.215571
26998Browertown Rd at Long Hill Rd40.877170-74.215021
27000Browertown Rd at Rose St. (Shop Rite Plaza)40.881820-74.210000
27001Browertown Rd at Rose St. (Shop Rite Plaza)40.881239-74.210833
26999Browertown Rd at Stewart Ave40.880589-74.211673
27002Browertown Rd at Stewart Ave40.880658-74.211673
14733Browns Mills Shopping Center39.970998-74.587592
14726Browns Mills Shopping Center39.970699-74.588512
22609Brunswick Ave at E. Paul Ave40.233579-74.754192
22617Brunswick Ave at E. Paul Ave40.233688-74.754001
22610Brunswick Ave at Fuld St40.235617-74.752931
22611Brunswick Ave at Heil Ave40.237599-74.751721
22615Brunswick Ave at Heil Ave40.237829-74.751623
32495Brunswick Ave at Mayflower Ave40.253369-74.732233
32496Brunswick Ave at Mayflower Ave40.253467-74.732401
22616Brunswick Ave at Miller St40.235549-74.753093
22614Brunswick Ave at N Olden Ave40.238867-74.750382
22612Brunswick Ave at N Olden Ave40.239180-74.749693
22613Brunswick Ave at Pine St40.240750-74.747492
23529Brunswick Shopping Center40.466419-74.453463
22580Bunn Dr 200' N of Harrison St40.368668-74.656103
30171Bunn Dr 200' N of Harrison St N40.369110-74.656271
32402Bunn Dr 1980' S of Karl Light Blvd40.371009-74.656231
32401Bunn Dr 1985' S of Karl Light Blvd40.371058-74.655983
22557Bunn Dr 3500' N of Harrison St40.376358-74.652363
14789Burlington County Social Service Bldg40.013258-74.805673
30862Burlington South Light Rail Station40.074558-74.868981
14172Burlington St at Farnsworth Ave40.143988-74.710482
14159Burlington St at Oliver St40.143089-74.713123
14161Burlington St at Oliver St40.143267-74.712853
14158Burlington St at Willow St40.143328-74.712290
30861Burlington Towne Ctr Light Rail Station40.077358-74.859421
29737Burnet Ave at Allen Ave40.709079-74.283891
29734Burnet Ave at Astoria Pl40.714288-74.273373
29923Burnet Ave at Astoria Pl40.714129-74.272991
29738Burnet Ave at Clover Ter40.707018-74.286003
29731Burnet Ave at Copper Hill Dr40.712455-74.277623
29733Burnet Ave at Edward Ter40.714959-74.270062
29732Burnet Ave at Edward Ter40.714967-74.269563
29741Burnet Ave at Girard Pl40.703039-74.288863
29736Burnet Ave at Jackson Ave40.710928-74.281950
29735Burnet Ave at Lee St40.712540-74.277572
29740Burnet Ave at Leslie St40.704719-74.288421
29725Burnet Ave at Morris Ave40.702677-74.288880
29728Burnet Ave at N 3rd St40.706818-74.286081
29726Burnet Ave at Regina St40.704560-74.288400
29729Burnet Ave at Seymour Ave40.708690-74.284133
29730Burnet Ave at Vauxhall Rd40.711019-74.281682
23426Burnet St at Tunison Rd40.483900-74.414483
23427Burnet St at Tunison Rd40.483848-74.413543
16315Burnt Mill Rd at Britton Pl39.845238-75.004253
16319Burnt Mill Rd at Britton Pl39.844789-75.004203
16316Burnt Mill Rd at Laurel Rd39.848390-75.005711
16313Burnt Mill Rd at Linden Ave39.840029-74.998892
16321Burnt Mill Rd at Linden Ave39.840078-74.999171
16314Burnt Mill Rd at Maple Ave39.841109-75.000521
16320Burnt Mill Rd at Maple Ave39.841158-75.000821
16318Burnt Mill Rd at Osage Ave39.846808-75.005062
16317Burnt Mill Rd at Somerdale Rd39.850190-75.006813
18835Bus Lanes (Raymond Blvd Side)40.734538-74.163281
23671Bushnell Rd at Stevens Ave40.400628-74.311972
23672Bushnell Rd at Stevens Ave40.399990-74.312392
22369Business Rt 1 at Texas Ave40.258178-74.726781
20643C Columbus Drive at Grove St40.719519-74.043201
20647C Columbus Drive at Grove St40.719519-74.042561
20644C Columbus Drive at Grove St40.719048-74.041833
20645C Columbus Drive at Hudson St40.717039-74.034173
30646C. William Haines Blvd 125' E of Rt. 30 (White Hor39.773909-74.902613
30249CR 516 100' W of Mannino Park Drive40.407769-74.336961
23598CR 516 & Owens Rd40.406769-74.335213
23619CR 516 & Owens Rd40.406218-74.332522
23610CR 516 at Amboy Rd40.409079-74.254731
23609CR 516 at Appletree Dr40.407698-74.250592
24985CR 516 at Charles Ave40.405339-74.242503
23605CR 516 at Cherry Creek Dr40.408630-74.266691
23612CR 516 at Cherry Creek Rd40.408709-74.266920
23604CR 516 at Highpointe Way40.406468-74.278162
23608CR 516 at Lakeridge Dr. East40.407690-74.251182
23607CR 516 at Lakeridge Dr. West40.409230-74.256263
24992CR 516 at Miriam Dr40.406249-74.244182
24984CR 516 at Miriam Dr40.406268-74.244434
23667CR 516 at Old Matawan Rd40.410088-74.357300
23614CR 516 at Partridge Rd40.406939-74.276200
23618CR 516 at Patio Greens Dr40.404788-74.327111
23597CR 516 at Ridge Rd40.410238-74.355352
23620CR 516 at Ridge Rd40.410340-74.356021
24986CR 516 at Willow Ave40.404588-74.240941
24991CR 516 at Willow Ave40.404610-74.240761
23599CR 516 at Worth Pl40.406018-74.332340
24817CR 522 at Farm Tree Rd40.292379-74.349143
24822CR 522 at Farm Tree Rd40.292289-74.349241
24818CR 522 at Taylors Mills Rd40.290119-74.343230
24821CR 522 at Taylors Mills Rd40.290088-74.343712
24556CR 522 at Wemrock Rd40.269890-74.304732
24555CR 522 at Wemrock Rd40.269868-74.305152
23641CR 527 200' N of Texas Rd.40.357368-74.354880
32494CR 527 1500' N of Gordon's Corner Rd & Oxford Ct40.305809-74.358362
24816CR 527 (Wilson Ave) at Lone Star Ln40.309728-74.359843
23629CR 527 at Belmont Ave40.401349-74.360642
23637CR 527 at Brookside Ave40.392838-74.359411
23642CR 527 at Cannon Rd40.353879-74.355721
23613CR 527 at Cannon Rd40.354449-74.355483
32218CR 527 at Colorado Blvd40.347725-74.357180
32219CR 527 at Colorado Blvd40.347725-74.357180
23634CR 527 at Fifth St40.403289-74.361112
24823CR 527 at Herbert Dr40.309479-74.359932
23627CR 527 at Hillard Rd40.394778-74.359532
23636CR 527 at Hilliard Rd40.394068-74.359592
23631CR 527 at James Ave40.406608-74.361431
23632CR 527 at Mapleton Rd40.351418-74.356342
23621CR 527 at Mapleton Rd40.351260-74.356221
23626CR 527 at Mimi Rd40.391999-74.359112
23413CR 527 at Mounts Mills Rd40.325528-74.361093
23419CR 527 at Mounts Mills Rd40.325608-74.360992
23623CR 527 at Pleasant Valley Rd40.375768-74.356721
23640CR 527 at Pleasant Valley Rd40.375089-74.356780
23630CR 527 at Randolph Ave40.403448-74.360981
23635CR 527 at Sixth St40.400809-74.360700
24835CR 527 at Sobecko Rd40.312679-74.361142
24827CR 527 at Sobecko Rd40.312857-74.361320
23622CR 527 at Texas Rd40.357148-74.354832
23633CR 527 at Third St40.406498-74.361561
23624CR 527 at Tortorice Rd40.387009-74.358382
23639CR 527 at Tortorice Rd40.386598-74.358472
23412CR 527 at Union Hill Rd40.323007-74.361480
23411CR 527 at Union Hill Rd40.322969-74.361362
26348CR 528 at Chapel Ave40.084009-74.267733
26503CR 528 at Church St40.067628-74.529453
26352CR 528 at Don Conner Blvd40.111760-74.351641
26345CR 528 at Don Connor Blvd40.111938-74.352313
26349CR 528 at Grawtown Rd40.085229-74.303234
26505CR 528 at Hawkin Rd40.088218-74.456211
26509CR 528 at Hawkin Rd40.088388-74.455823
26342CR 528 at Hope Chapel Rd40.084160-74.267101
26502CR 528 at Marshalls Corner Rd40.083458-74.479361
26508CR 528 at Marshalls Corner Rd40.083549-74.479644
26351CR 528 at Meadowbrook Retirement Village40.102528-74.320633
26344CR 528 at Meadowbrook Retirement Village40.102448-74.320250
26454CR 528 at Miller Rd40.088920-74.244083
26507CR 528 at Moorehouse Rd40.071489-74.519982
26354CR 528 at North St40.097839-74.313633
26428CR 528 at Pine Circle Dr40.089739-74.241131
26343CR 528 at South St40.097039-74.312243
26427CR 528 at Whitesville Rd40.082329-74.288872
14728CR 530 500' E of Four Mile Rd.39.966558-74.634693
14731CR 530 500' E of Four Mile Rd.39.966419-74.634522
32772CR 530 950' W of Four Mile Rd.39.966520-74.641133
32774CR 530 at Academic Drive39.966679-74.647650
14755CR 530 at Birmingham Rd39.968657-74.710951
14756CR 530 at Birmingham Rd39.968759-74.710500
14757CR 530 at Josh Ln39.968888-74.716661
14774CR 530 at Lenz Ave39.969000-74.716013
14727CR 530 at Newcomb Dr39.968098-74.595410
14732CR 530 at Newcomb Dr39.968087-74.595121
14777CR 530 at Sunset Blvd39.969400-74.728991
14776CR 530 at Sunset Blvd39.969518-74.728980
14775CR 530 at Washington St39.969148-74.719953
24435CR 537 at Bucks Mill Rd40.281659-74.197280
24546CR 537 at Castle Dr40.265727-74.259771
24547CR 537 at Citation Dr40.265270-74.260831
24432CR 537 at Creamery Rd40.290138-74.169210
31147CR 537 at East Freehold Rd40.268698-74.247371
31148CR 537 at East Freehold Rd40.268599-74.248302
24420CR 537 at Five Point Rd40.277919-74.211223
31146CR 537 at Harding Ave40.266569-74.255870
31149CR 537 at Harding Ave40.266618-74.256182
24601CR 537 at Hickory Ln40.272808-74.232070
24418CR 537 at Hockhockson Rd40.300329-74.131391
24429CR 537 at Hockhockson Rd40.300480-74.131203
24423CR 537 at Hominy Hill Rd40.283958-74.187881
24580CR 537 at Hunt Rd40.274559-74.224521
24427CR 537 at Laird Rd40.296777-74.143191
24430CR 537 at Laird Rd40.296947-74.142823
24437CR 537 at Lakeside Ave40.303949-74.113902
24428CR 537 at Lakeside Ave40.304138-74.113813
24602CR 537 at Longview Ave40.270328-74.241803
24434CR 537 at Maplecrest Ln40.284219-74.187343
24422CR 537 at Mercer Rd40.281448-74.197631
24436CR 537 at Montrose Rd40.279599-74.205262
24426CR 537 at Muhlenbrink Rd40.292988-74.157593
24431CR 537 at Muhlenbrink Rd40.293108-74.157423
24421CR 537 at Pheasant Dr40.279368-74.205763
24579CR 537 at Shetland Way40.272570-74.232392
24425CR 537 at Twin Lakes Dr40.290138-74.168733
24600CR 537 at Walling Rd40.274839-74.224213
24419CR 537 at Willow Lake Dr40.278229-74.210703
14782CR 541 450' N of Hancock Ln40.028209-74.818260
32767CR 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Towne Square D40.034377-74.824373
32768CR 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Towne Square D40.034090-74.823682
14786CR 541 at Burrs Rd40.018010-74.807602
14783CR 541 at Burrs Rd40.018070-74.808121
32769CR 541 at Elbow Lane40.038959-74.828963
32770CR 541 at Elbow Lane40.039080-74.828774
14787CR 541 at Hancock Ln40.027148-74.816740
14785CR 541 at Holly Ln40.009457-74.799053
14784CR 541 at Holly Ln40.009170-74.799121
14781CR 541 at Irick Rd40.032070-74.822121
14788CR 541 at Western Dr40.030988-74.820590
20250CR 551 at Paulsboro-Swedesboro Rd39.751959-75.303570
20247CR 551 at Paulsboro-Swedesboro Rd39.752250-75.303262
20245CR 551 at Repaupo Rd39.766878-75.278182
20248CR 551 at Repaupo Rd39.766579-75.278512
27973CR 641 at Gary opp Sandy Ridge39.730769-75.455853
19667CR 663 at Andy Snyder Rd39.827939-75.144443
19654CR 663 at Ayres Ave39.818088-75.139013
19665CR 663 at Ayres Ave39.818348-75.139111
19658CR 663 at Bankbridge Rd39.792790-75.125213
19661CR 663 at Bankbridge Rd39.792759-75.125052
19664CR 663 at Barlow Ave39.816219-75.136923
19655CR 663 at Boundary Rd39.816178-75.136991
19662CR 663 at Cattell Rd39.808368-75.128813
19657CR 663 at Cattell Rd39.808560-75.129203
19659CR 663 at Entrance To Git39.788468-75.126301
19660CR 663 at Entrance To Git39.788970-75.126013
19666CR 663 at Highland Ave39.822549-75.141740
30797CR 663 at Highlands Ave39.822828-75.142080
30796CR 663 at Iszard Rd39.823579-75.142290
19656CR 663 at Kersey Ln39.814049-75.134843
30795CR 663 at Mall Ave39.810938-75.131451
30798CR 663 at Mall Ave39.811018-75.131733
19663CR 663 at Orchard Ln39.814328-75.134940
31750Caesar Pl 200' N of W Commercial Ave40.836046-74.067695
12710Caesar Pl at Moonachie / Commercial Ave40.838088-74.065702
12709Caesar Pl at Moonachie / Commercial Ave40.838869-74.064711
22626Calhoun St 140' E of Fairway Dr40.227188-74.770461
22852Calhoun St at Bellevue Ave40.225939-74.771482
22627Calhoun St at Bellevue Ave40.226309-74.771313
22619Calhoun St at Fairway Dr40.227098-74.770353
21959Calhoun St at Ingham Ave40.232989-74.764771
22854Calhoun St at Kirkbridge Ave40.236470-74.760923
22858Calhoun St at New Willow St40.237157-74.758021
22624Calhoun St at New Willow St40.237018-74.757932
31957Calhoun St at Passaic St40.224349-74.773151
22625Calhoun St at Pennington Ave40.229238-74.768461
22620Calhoun St at Pennington Ave40.228868-74.768641
22860Calhoun St at Reservoir St40.230249-74.767443
21957Calhoun St at Rosell Ave40.235678-74.761941
22623Calhoun St at Rosell Ave40.235428-74.761941
21958Calhoun St at Southard St40.234118-74.763523
22622Calhoun St at Southard St40.234168-74.763272
22861Calhoun St at Spring St40.224988-74.772572
22851Calhoun St at Spring St40.224599-74.772723
22621Calhoun St at Sweets Ave40.230249-74.767293
22628Calhoun St at W. Hanover St40.223059-74.774420
22618Calhoun St at W. Hanover St40.223678-74.773683
22853Calhoun St at Wayne Ave40.231729-74.765761
32765Calhoun St at Wayne Ave40.232008-74.765670
10851California Ave at Falcon Dr39.416290-74.517701
10850California Ave at New Rd39.414720-74.512041
32678California Ave at New Rd39.414788-74.512030
31310Camden Ave 250' W of Fairview Ave39.959828-74.959521
14583Camden Ave 250' W of Flynn Ave39.959308-74.964294
14599Camden Ave at Collins Ave39.959719-74.961491
14601Camden Ave at Colonial Ridge Ave39.959028-74.967003
14582Camden Ave at Colonial Ridge Rd39.958938-74.967693
14598Camden Ave at Devon Ave39.960149-74.957462
14603Camden Ave at Fairview Ave39.960078-74.958420
14600Camden Ave at Flynn Ave39.959458-74.963843
31312Camden Ave at Garfield Ave39.957688-74.979932
32712Camden Ave at Garfield Ave39.957707-74.978581
14604Camden Ave at N Shirley Ave39.957288-74.983761
14584Camden Ave at Pleasant Valley Rd39.959568-74.961963
14541Camden Ave at Revere Ave39.958288-74.974642
31309Camden Ave at Revere Ave39.958099-74.974892
14581Camden Ave at S. Shirley Ave39.958559-74.970982
14580Camden Ave at Villa Ave39.958379-74.972701
15769Camden County College39.786268-75.037891
33127Camden County Technical School39.762594-74.976847
11238Camp Merrit Mem. Circ. / Knickerbocker & Madison Ave40.941108-73.976392
11246Camp Merrit Mem. Circ. / Knickerbocker & Madison Ave40.941410-73.977233
95026Campbell Hall41.450917-74.266554
31042Campus Dr 390' E of Littleton Rd40.845909-74.459533
31747Campus Dr at Driveway Entrance Bldg 20040.784118-74.428222
26057Campus Dr at Hilton Ct40.843859-74.452451
31746Campus Drive at Entrance Driveway Bldg 300-60040.785277-74.426763
22913Canal Point Blvd 240' S of Carillon Blvd40.319357-74.658693
22910Canal Point Blvd at Carillon Blvd40.319557-74.658153
22911Canal Point Blvd at Heritage Blvd40.325419-74.651281
22912Canal Point Blvd at Heritage Blvd40.325698-74.651162
16486Cape May Welcome Ctr - Lafayette Street38.935148-74.922652
15067Carl Miller Blvd at Kolo St39.923407-75.106922
15065Carl Miller Blvd at Maryland St39.923618-75.105611
15066Carl Miller Blvd at Maryland St39.923698-75.105490
15061Carl Miller Blvd at S 6th St39.923459-75.117992
15071Carl Miller Blvd at S 6th St39.923509-75.117753
15062Carl Miller Blvd at S 8th St39.923388-75.112532
15070Carl Miller Blvd at S 8th St39.923459-75.112260
15069Carl Miller Blvd at S 9th St39.923448-75.110481
15063Carl Miller Blvd at S 10th St39.923369-75.108951
15068Carl Miller Blvd at S 10th St39.923429-75.108701
15064Carl Miller Blvd at Tioga St39.923358-75.107193
22933Carnegie Center40.314389-74.652511
22925Carnegie Center40.314597-74.652690
22914Carnegie Center Dr at Roszel Rd40.318439-74.645801
22915Carnegie Center Dr at Roszel Rd40.318258-74.645920
22916Carnegie Way 1039' S of Alexander Rd.40.322859-74.643843
22917Carnegie Way 1234' S of Alexander Rd.40.322818-74.644642
27974Carneys Point Snr Apts39.718958-75.458943
24713Carr Ave at Center Ave40.452710-74.134880
24709Carr Ave at Church St40.441979-74.131520
24710Carr Ave at Francis Pl40.444048-74.132181
24711Carr Ave at Maple Ave40.447139-74.133240
24712Carr Ave at Seeley Ave40.449748-74.133942
31968Cass St at Centre St40.205439-74.758260
30857Cass Street Light Rail Station40.205409-74.754313
21526Castle Rd 903' W of New County Rd40.766419-74.077931
21659Castle Rd 938' W of New County Rd40.766268-74.077962
21524Castle Rd 1330' E of Meadowlands Pkwy.40.772730-74.083411
21530Castle Rd 1330' E of Meadowlands Pkwy40.773360-74.084033
21527Castle Rd 1589' W of New County Rd.40.767540-74.079610
21528Castle Rd 1637' W of New County Rd40.767688-74.079583
21529Castle Rd 2465' W of New County Rd40.770129-74.080863
21525Castle Rd 2470' W of New County Rd40.769869-74.080891
21531Castle Rd at Meadowlands Parkway40.774187-74.085701
21523Castle Rd at Meadowlands Parkway40.773889-74.085141
25515Castle Ridge Plaza40.802368-74.361751
10348Cedar Ave 150' N of Moody Ave.39.492259-74.874682
10352Cedar Ave 150' N of Moody Ave.39.490390-74.875741
10349Cedar Ave at Sam Brunozzi Way39.487219-74.881473
10351Cedar Ave at Sam Brunozzi Way39.487189-74.881242
10350Cedar Ave at Tuckahoe Rd39.480368-74.893233
31032Cedar Knolls Rd at Jori Ln40.817769-74.447090
31031Cedar Knolls Rd at Jori Ln40.817358-74.446720
13625Cedar Lane at Larch Ave40.890479-74.026270
13638Cedar Lane at Lincoln Pl40.890608-74.026182
13629Cedar Lane at Queen Anne Rd40.886750-74.015112
13624Cedar Ln at Catalpa Ave40.890868-74.027472
13636Cedar Ln at Chestnut Ave40.889449-74.022782
13626Cedar Ln at Elm Ave40.889928-74.024621
13637Cedar Ln at Elm Ave40.890098-74.024713
13627Cedar Ln at Garrison Ave40.889147-74.022181
13630Cedar Ln at Grange Rd40.885810-74.012171
13633Cedar Ln at Grange Rd40.885818-74.011841
13628Cedar Ln at Palisade Ave40.887780-74.018121
13635Cedar Ln at Palisade Ave40.888188-74.019051
13634Cedar Ln at Queen Anne Rd40.886698-74.014641
13622Cedar Ln at River Rd40.891438-74.030731
13632Cedar Ln at Teaneck Rd40.884648-74.008021
13631Cedar Ln at Teaneck Rd40.884689-74.008594
13623Cedar Ln at Westerly Catalpa Ave40.891329-74.029253
13639Cedar Ln at Westerly Catalpa Ave40.891529-74.029841
33098Celia Way (West Entrance) at Rear of Building - H40.285857-74.812963
16331Centennial Blvd 370' E of Cooper Rd.39.858230-74.948852
16332Centennial Blvd at Hermitage Dr39.861129-74.946491
16333Centennial Blvd at Main St39.864028-74.944133
24367Center Ave at 1st Ave40.414288-74.038041
24369Center Ave at 1st Ave40.414319-74.037763
24371Center Ave at Avenue A40.414869-74.040283
24370Center Ave at Avenue A40.414900-74.040092
24368Center Ave at Avenue D40.416198-74.045603
24366Center Ave at Avenue D40.416398-74.045903
25053Center Ave at Bellevue Ave40.418089-74.051133
25079Center Ave at Bellevue Ave40.418229-74.051243
25052Center Ave at Brevent Ave40.418380-74.054793
25080Center Ave at Brevent Ave40.418440-74.054562
11859Center Ave at Bridge Plaza South40.854160-73.971051
25070Center Ave at Clement Ln40.417708-74.049633
25078Center Ave at Clement Ln40.418059-74.050122
11853Center Ave at Elsemere Pl40.845837-73.977822
24720Center Ave at Main St40.450079-74.128363
11855Center Ave at Mccloud Dr40.848109-73.976052
24719Center Ave at Pineview Ave40.450808-74.130663
24717Center Ave at Raritan Ave40.452680-74.133800
24718Center Ave at Seaview Ave40.451838-74.132380
11856Center Ave at Tom Hunter Rd40.849249-73.975011
11854Center Ave at Westview Ave40.846679-73.977173
11857Center Ave at Whiteman St40.850370-73.973923
26109Center Grove Rd at Charles St40.868708-74.566820
26106Center Grove Rd at Charles St40.869119-74.566492
26108Center Grove Rd at Quaker Ave40.872418-74.564631
26107Center Grove Rd at Quaker Ave40.872489-74.564380
26117Center Grove Rd at Quaker Church Rd40.864340-74.569701
26105Center Grove Rd at Quaker Church Rd40.864668-74.568812
19802Center Square Rd at Birch Creek Rd39.777828-75.383791
19797Center Square Rd at Birch Creek Rd39.777978-75.383742
19805Center Square Rd at Heron Dr39.764439-75.364161
19794Center Square Rd at Heron Dr39.764537-75.364051
19803Center Square Rd at Pedricktown-Center Square Rd39.772037-75.376070
19796Center Square Rd at Pedricktown-Center Square Rd39.771580-75.374941
19804Center Square Rd at Sharptown Rd39.768878-75.370141
19795Center Square Rd at Sharptown Rd39.768508-75.369433
30054Center St at Green St40.689118-75.173912
30063Center St at Green St40.688949-75.174023
23330Center St at Middlesex Ave40.541919-74.364863
31729Centerton Rd at Ymca Dr39.971318-74.911853
31730Centerton Rd at Ymca Dr39.970959-74.912883
14678Centerton Rd at Young Ave39.970219-74.914660
14679Centerton Rd at Young Ave39.970408-74.914592
24575Centra State Medical Center40.238097-74.310970
31584Central Ave 175' S of Ford Lane40.727189-74.110714
21238Central Ave 574' N of Hackensack Ave.40.727348-74.110802
12085Central Ave at 2nd St40.888799-74.051231
30243Central Ave at 5th St40.756088-74.043283
22188Central Ave at Arena Dr40.205080-74.715051
22230Central Ave at Arena Dr40.205080-74.715320
20612Central Ave at Beacon Ave40.737460-74.055150
20640Central Ave at Beacon Ave40.737079-74.055531
32061Central Ave at Bigler St40.851828-73.965251
30227Central Ave at Booraem Ave40.741397-74.052493
20636Central Ave at Booream Ave40.741518-74.052542
20631Central Ave at Bowers St40.747489-74.048400
20618Central Ave at Bowers St40.747157-74.048524
18406Central Ave at Broad St40.741438-74.169273
26429Central Ave at Carlton Ave40.090479-74.238143
26947Central Ave at Cedar Cliff Ave40.934608-74.191251
26950Central Ave at Cedar Cliff Ave40.934249-74.191393
20619Central Ave at Charles St40.748149-74.047853
26451Central Ave at Circle Pl40.089769-74.231631
26430Central Ave at Columbus Ave40.090388-74.234881
26452Central Ave at Columbus Ave40.090509-74.234980
20621Central Ave at Congress St40.750720-74.046044
18410Central Ave at D.M.L. King Blvd40.743480-74.175721
12086Central Ave at First St40.887969-74.049723
12093Central Ave at First St40.888777-74.051043
31102Central Ave at Franklin St40.743499-74.051073
26434Central Ave at Freeman Rd40.086829-74.218712
26448Central Ave at Freeman Rd40.086859-74.218361
12603Central Ave at Golf Ave40.895828-74.063513
12648Central Ave at Greenwood Ave40.997320-74.153802
20632Central Ave at Griffith St40.745787-74.049583
20617Central Ave at Griffith St40.746048-74.049250
18407Central Ave at Halsey St40.741869-74.170491
17457Central Ave at Halsted St40.759659-74.222112
17478Central Ave at Halsted St40.759817-74.222031
20610Central Ave at Hoboken Ave40.734599-74.056763
20642Central Ave at Hoboken Ave40.734410-74.056972
20633Central Ave at Hutton St40.744798-74.050232
20616Central Ave at Hutton St40.744930-74.050082
20639Central Ave at Laidlaw Ave40.738060-74.054882
25974Central Ave at Lathrop Ln40.834260-74.504343
31049Central Ave at Lathrop Ln40.834188-74.504112
20624Central Ave at Leonard St40.754518-74.043423
20635Central Ave at Manhattan Ave40.742537-74.051831
20615Central Ave at Manhattan Ave40.742589-74.051660
12081Central Ave at Maple Hill Dr40.892910-74.058512
27710Central Ave at Minns Ave40.939500-74.198741
26431Central Ave at Monterey Circle40.089750-74.231943
26453Central Ave at New Central Ave40.090520-74.238673
20622Central Ave at North St40.752339-74.044930
31072Central Ave at Oldham Rd40.939557-74.199422
12088Central Ave at Park St40.886528-74.046091
12091Central Ave at Park St40.886810-74.046823
30441Central Ave at Pavonia Ave40.732648-74.059283
20637Central Ave at Pershing Plaza40.740570-74.053183
20623Central Ave at Poplar St40.753430-74.044200
12095Central Ave at Prospect Ave40.890939-74.054872
12084Central Ave at Prospect Ave40.890479-74.054222
12087Central Ave at Railroad Pl40.887128-74.048092
26432Central Ave at Regent Dr40.089059-74.228773
20614Central Ave at Reservoir Ave40.740627-74.053012
30594Central Ave at Ridge Ave40.203858-74.718373
17477Central Ave at S Clinton St40.759058-74.220921
20611Central Ave at Saint Pauls Ave40.736018-74.056084
20641Central Ave at Saint Pauls Ave40.736259-74.056062
17349Central Ave at Scotland Rd40.768118-74.240341
20634Central Ave at Sherman Pl40.743990-74.050821
18422Central Ave at South 12th St40.749550-74.198031
18423Central Ave at South 14th St40.750059-74.199791
30221Central Ave at South Hackensack40.725539-74.111753
30220Central Ave at South Hackensack Avenue40.725600-74.111553
20629Central Ave at South St40.749259-74.047191
29156Central Ave at South St40.698257-74.402243
20620Central Ave at South St40.749237-74.047061
12089Central Ave at State St40.886018-74.044362
12090Central Ave at State St40.886040-74.044162
12096Central Ave at Summit Ave40.891879-74.056531
12082Central Ave at Summit Ave40.891309-74.055672
26433Central Ave at Sunset Rd40.087878-74.223501
26449Central Ave at Sunset Rd40.087919-74.223161
12097Central Ave at The Esplanade40.893299-74.059032
20630Central Ave at Thorne St40.748429-74.047762
18409Central Ave at University Ave40.742710-74.173230
26450Central Ave at Valley Dr40.088928-74.227771
26948Central Ave at Valley View Rd40.937568-74.191321
26949Central Ave at Valley View Rd40.936899-74.191241
18405Central Ave at Washington St40.742198-74.171912
18408Central Ave at Washington St40.742159-74.171461
20613Central Ave at Waverly St40.739087-74.054030
20638Central Ave at Waverly St40.739318-74.054024
12092Central Ave at West Railroad Ave40.887210-74.048141
11120Central Blvd 847' N of Commerce Blvd40.829187-74.044791
11082Central Blvd at Commerce Blvd40.827108-74.045673
32213Central Blvd at Empire Blvd40.831569-74.043862
10667Central Square39.358799-74.567810
10673Central Square39.358799-74.568041
19252Centre St at Bloomfield Ave40.818048-74.169071
22634Centre St at Bridge St40.211418-74.759992
22632Centre St at Bridge St40.211599-74.759912
22871Centre St at Cass St40.205409-74.758483
22836Centre St at Cass St40.205220-74.758271
15972Centre St at Cedar St39.955608-75.049693
15974Centre St at Chestnut Ave39.952577-75.049143
22636Centre St at Cliff St40.199558-74.756970
19239Centre St at Franklin Ave40.815168-74.162741
19250Centre St at Franklin Ave40.815078-74.162282
19242Centre St at Freeman Pl40.811968-74.154243
19247Centre St at Freeman Pl40.811990-74.153982
22635Centre St at Furman St40.209489-74.759500
22631Centre St at Furman St40.210040-74.759492
16021Centre St at Harvey Ave39.958768-75.050322
16026Centre St at Harvey Ave39.958620-75.050182
16022Centre St at Irving Ave39.957809-75.050123
16025Centre St at Irving Ave39.957589-75.049973
22630Centre St at Landing St40.202570-74.757592
22872Centre St at Landing St40.202509-74.757692
19249Centre St at Park Dr40.814078-74.159831
19241Centre St at Passaic Ave40.812718-74.156722
19248Centre St at Passaic Ave40.812707-74.156331
19238Centre St at Prospect St40.816489-74.165891
19251Centre St at Prospect St40.816368-74.165411
19240Centre St at Ravine Ave40.814368-74.160824
16023Centre St at Rogers Ave39.956869-75.049932
16024Centre St at Rogers Ave39.956658-75.049792
19243Centre St at Union Ave40.811159-74.151511
19246Centre St at Union Ave40.811129-74.151033
15978Centre St at Walnut Ave39.953838-75.049271
15973Centre St at Walnut St39.954098-75.049443
19244Centre St at Washington Ave40.810036-74.147740
19245Centre St at Washington Ave40.810228-74.148071
12963Century Rd at Essex Rd40.932238-74.076713
12962Century Rd at Essex Rd40.932178-74.076423
12961Century Rd at Hewlett Packard Dr40.934578-74.080673
12964Century Rd at Hewlett Packard Dr40.934529-74.080373
11664Century Rd at Saddle River Rd40.944728-74.100084
13124Century Rd at Scarlett Oak Ln40.936699-74.084402
13125Century Rd at Scarlett Oak Ln40.936669-74.084032
13123Century Rd at Thistle Drive40.938228-74.087082
13126Century Rd at Thistle Drive40.938138-74.086611
13122Century Rd at Twin Berry Ct40.939409-74.089113
13019Century Rd at Twin Berry Ct40.939330-74.088621
13264Challenger Rd 301' N of Emerson St.40.849117-74.013112
13268Challenger Rd 346' N of Emerson St.40.848959-74.013313
13267Challenger Rd 659' N of Emerson St.40.849970-74.013183
23539Chamberlain Univ - College of Nursing40.465258-74.438811
26296Chambers Bridge Rd 50' N of Post Office40.065030-74.144601
26295Chambers Bridge Rd 100' S of Sprucewood Dr40.069190-74.148282
26294Chambers Bridge Rd 150' S of Oak Tree Ave40.074388-74.152812
26301Chambers Bridge Rd at Brick Municipal Bldg40.074750-74.152812
26299Chambers Bridge Rd at Ovation Way / Housing Auth. Dr40.064668-74.143961
26300Chambers Bridge Rd at Sprucewood Dr40.070047-74.148703
22205Chambers St at Cedar Ln40.203310-74.732453
30702Chambers St at Cedar Ln40.203019-74.732361
22638Chambers St at East Howell St40.205918-74.734603
22206Chambers St at East Howell St40.205779-74.734363
30073Chambers St at Hudson St40.690239-75.195651
22637Chambers St at Liberty St40.209757-74.737551
31982Chambers St at Liberty St40.210018-74.737593
22891Chambers St at Morris Ave40.211448-74.738681
22208Chambers St at Redfern St40.207869-74.735973
17764Chancellor Ave 85' W of Krotik Pl40.717519-74.241552
17772Chancellor Ave 150' E of Campfield St40.714359-74.233810
17948Chancellor Ave at 40th St40.720958-74.247903
17777Chancellor Ave at 42nd St40.721909-74.249470
17763Chancellor Ave at 43rd St40.721928-74.249752
17767Chancellor Ave at Chestnut Ave40.714310-74.232383
18428Chancellor Ave at Clinton Pl40.707898-74.218540
18436Chancellor Ave at Clinton Pl40.707889-74.218273
17768Chancellor Ave at Coit St40.713819-74.230132
17771Chancellor Ave at Coit St40.713770-74.229753
17770Chancellor Ave at Cordier St40.712378-74.226943
17774Chancellor Ave at Essex St40.717288-74.240882
17766Chancellor Ave at Greene Terrace40.714239-74.234303
18426Chancellor Ave at Leslie St40.710449-74.223622
18438Chancellor Ave at Leslie St40.710728-74.223862
17775Chancellor Ave at Park Pl40.718187-74.242612
17950Chancellor Ave at Park Pl40.718217-74.242991
18425Chancellor Ave at Schley St40.711260-74.225093
18439Chancellor Ave at Schley St40.711260-74.224803
18048Chancellor Ave at Springfield Ave40.723079-74.251570
17776Chancellor Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.719229-74.244521
18427Chancellor Ave at Summit Ave40.709509-74.221991
18437Chancellor Ave at Summit Ave40.709539-74.221741
17773Chancellor Ave at Union Ave40.715737-74.237893
32721Chancellor Ave at Woolsey St40.713019-74.228520
15358Chapel Ave 300' W of Forrest Rd.39.925049-74.997432
15364Chapel Ave 465' W of Cooper Landing Rd39.928839-75.015740
15342Chapel Ave 600' W of Cooper Landing Rd39.928729-75.015901
15346Chapel Ave at Bellows Ln39.926260-75.003583
15354Chapel Ave at Cornwall Rd39.922769-74.983250
15371Chapel Ave at Evergreen Ave39.942069-75.041204
15345Chapel Ave at Forge Ln39.927000-75.007101
15361Chapel Ave at Forge Ln39.927038-75.006833
15348Chapel Ave at Forrest Rd39.924777-74.996813
15334Chapel Ave at Franklin Ave39.942178-75.041493
15365Chapel Ave at Garden State Dr39.929310-75.017903
15341Chapel Ave at Garden State Dr39.929269-75.018221
15333Chapel Ave at Hampton Rd39.943937-75.043781
15369Chapel Ave at Highland Ave39.936999-75.034342
15337Chapel Ave at Highland Ave39.936958-75.034420
15372Chapel Ave at Hinchman Ave39.944198-75.043942
15336Chapel Ave at Hollywood Ave39.937939-75.035991
15350Chapel Ave at King George Rd39.923580-74.991523
15356Chapel Ave at King George Rd39.923679-74.991702
15347Chapel Ave at Kings Highway39.925408-74.999273
15359Chapel Ave at Kings Highway39.925490-74.999040
15353Chapel Ave at Kingston Dr39.922659-74.982793
15362Chapel Ave at Knollwood Dr39.927819-75.010693
15355Chapel Ave at Lee Ann Rd39.923268-74.986092
15352Chapel Ave at Lee Ann Rd39.923150-74.985813
15332Chapel Ave at Main St39.945129-75.045292
15367Chapel Ave at Mercer St39.933678-75.028993
15339Chapel Ave at Mercer St39.933459-75.028842
15373Chapel Ave at Merchant St39.945949-75.046241
15331Chapel Ave at Merchant St39.946017-75.046452
15366Chapel Ave at Murray Ave39.930288-75.022472
15340Chapel Ave at Murray Ave39.930198-75.022632
15335Chapel Ave at Princeton Ave39.939739-75.038343
15349Chapel Ave at Ramble Rd39.924150-74.993393
15357Chapel Ave at Ramble Rd39.924290-74.993582
15351Chapel Ave at Salsbury Rd39.923358-74.989133
16051Chapel Ave at Spruce St39.947048-75.047673
15975Chapel Ave at Stanley Ave39.949218-75.050601
15370Chapel Ave at State St39.940487-75.039142
15368Chapel Ave at Third Ave39.935580-75.032041
15976Chapel Ave at Victoria St39.948727-75.049971
15344Chapel Ave at Windsor Dr39.927699-75.010671
15360Chapel Ave at Windsor Towers39.926528-75.004402
16050Chapel Ave at Wisteria Ave39.946817-75.047511
18442Chapel St at Albert Ave40.736668-74.140010
18440Chapel St at Fleming Ave40.732670-74.139723
18444Chapel St at Fleming Ave40.732459-74.139841
18441Chapel St at Riverview Ct40.734919-74.139853
18443Chapel St at Riverview Ct40.735018-74.140033
32122Chapin Rd at US 4640.858429-74.341959
32742Charles Ewing Blvd 420' W of Rt 3140.285238-74.785372
32314Charles Ewing Blvd 450' E of Lower Ferry Rd40.286858-74.796491
32319Charles Ewing Blvd 450' E of Lower Ferry Rd40.287058-74.796721
32743Charles Ewing Blvd 520' W of Rt 3140.285257-74.785760
32316Charles Ewing Blvd at Princeton S Corporate Ctr (40.285608-74.787743
32315Charles Ewing Blvd at Princeton S. Corporate Ctr40.287639-74.792442
32317Charles Ewing Blvd at Princeton S. Corporate Ctr40.285770-74.787742
32318Charles Ewing Blvd at Princeton S. Corporate Ctr40.287880-74.792333
32598Charles Rd at Red School Ln40.711287-75.170833
95028Cherry Hill39.928447-75.041661
15727Cherrywood Dr at Broadacres Dr39.801728-75.032593
15728Cherrywood Dr at Broadacres Dr39.801830-75.032462
15971Chestnut Ave at Centre St39.952528-75.048961
28929Chestnut Ave at Hillside Ave40.704439-74.233761
28930Chestnut Ave at Ramsey Ave40.708380-74.232793
28931Chestnut Ave at Ramsey Ave40.708169-74.232961
29754Chestnut St 300' S of Carolyn Rd40.673598-74.266833
29475Chestnut St at 2nd Ave40.658570-74.263341
29474Chestnut St at 2nd Ave40.659159-74.263271
29468Chestnut St at Bonna Villa Ave40.645148-74.260031
29748Chestnut St at Burroughs Terrace40.687118-74.269642
29743Chestnut St at Carolyn Rd40.673929-74.266793
29481Chestnut St at Clark St40.645389-74.260231
31012Chestnut St at Colonial Ave40.684759-74.269264
29480Chestnut St at Dennis St40.647179-74.260651
29524Chestnut St at E Grant Ave40.664349-74.264522
29525Chestnut St at E Lincoln Ave40.667988-74.265383
29473Chestnut St at East 4th Ave40.656698-74.262763
29472Chestnut St at East 6th Ave40.653799-74.262061
29471Chestnut St at East 8th Ave40.651210-74.261443
29470Chestnut St at East 10th Ave40.649130-74.260972
29751Chestnut St at Leo Pl40.682838-74.268993
29747Chestnut St at Longview Rd40.683189-74.268830
29745Chestnut St at New Jersey Ave40.678009-74.267900
30779Chestnut St at New Jersey Ave40.677919-74.268092
18226Chestnut St at Park St40.822600-74.213423
29749Chestnut St at Phillips Terrace40.687998-74.270342
29755Chestnut St at Rutgers Lane40.672740-74.266631
29742Chestnut St at Rutgers Lane40.672449-74.266432
29526Chestnut St at Sumner Ave40.671479-74.266231
29529Chestnut St at W Grant Ave40.664289-74.264652
29527Chestnut St at W Sumner Ave40.671340-74.266312
29752Chestnut St at Washington Ave40.679980-74.268463
29746Chestnut St at Washington Ave40.680289-74.268352
29476Chestnut St at West 4th Ave40.656109-74.262773
29477Chestnut St at West 6th Ave40.653599-74.262154
29478Chestnut St at West 8th Ave40.651168-74.261581
29479Chestnut St at West 10th Ave40.648478-74.260942
29528Chestnut St at West Lincoln Ave40.667048-74.265280
29530Chestnut St at Westfield Ave40.661949-74.264122
29469Chestnut St at William St40.646598-74.260371
16413Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Church Rd39.716259-74.984422
16408Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Church Rd39.715898-74.984051
16407Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Hawthorne Rd Northerly39.714388-74.983494
16414Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Hawthorne Rd Northerly39.714278-74.983550
16415Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Hawthorne Rd Southerly39.712130-74.982593
16406Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Hawthorne Rd Southerly39.712338-74.982600
16412Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Ivy Lane39.719008-74.985501
16409Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Jackson Lane39.718569-74.985080
16411Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Kenwood Dr39.725609-74.988043
16410Chews Landing Rd (CR 704) at Kenwood Dr39.725699-74.987961
15865Chews Landing Rd at Bellevue Ave39.886729-75.044132
15867Chews Landing Rd at Station Ave39.890598-75.042283
15866Chews Landing Rd at West Summit Ave39.890908-75.042041
31214Christopher Columbus Dr at Barrow St40.720199-74.045090
12515Chubb Ave 1584' N of Valley Brook Ave40.801217-74.096842
12516Chubb Ave 2376' N of Valley Brook Ave40.803388-74.097272
12514Chubb Ave at Valley Brook Ave40.798239-74.099882
15374Church Rd 65' E of Lenape Rd.39.943989-75.020341
14641Church Rd 300' N of Waverly Ave39.929669-74.975351
15384Church Rd 960' E of Dacosta Dr.39.931508-74.981982
15385Church Rd 1095' E of Kings Croft Dr.39.931798-74.982582
15394Church Rd at Cherry Hill Mall Dr39.944907-75.022452
15375Church Rd at Chestnut St39.941827-75.013793
15571Church Rd at Chestnut Terrace39.942079-75.014283
14540Church Rd at Cropwell Rd39.930828-74.979183
15383Church Rd at Dacosta Dr39.932647-74.986221
15376Church Rd at Dellwood Rd39.941318-75.012162
15393Church Rd at Dellwood Rd39.941449-75.012363
14640Church Rd at Heather Dr39.930318-74.977721
15386Church Rd at Kings Croft Dr39.932878-74.986522
15387Church Rd at Kings Hwy39.933700-74.989643
15381Church Rd at Millstream Ln39.935059-74.993962
15388Church Rd at Millstream Ln39.935210-74.994141
15377Church Rd at Oak Ave39.939630-75.007213
15392Church Rd at Oak Ave39.939619-75.006942
14645Church Rd at Oregon Ave39.928008-74.968752
14642Church Rd at Oregon Ave39.927838-74.968502
15380Church Rd at Plumm Ct39.935980-74.996583
15389Church Rd at Plumm Ct39.936139-74.996851
14644Church Rd at Roland Ave39.927178-74.965661
14643Church Rd at Roland Ave39.927068-74.965671
15382Church Rd at Rt 4139.933228-74.988281
15379Church Rd at South Lincoln Ave39.937218-75.000162
15390Church Rd at South Lincoln Ave39.937169-74.999883
14646Church Rd at Waverly Ave39.929699-74.974933
15378Church Rd at West Lake Dr39.938649-75.004353
15391Church Rd at West Lake Dr39.938830-75.004610
26240Church St 100' S of Duane St40.715748-74.007251
32490Church St at Murray St40.713940-74.008581
30866Cinnaminson Light Rail Station40.016557-74.999942
18325City Hall40.734078-74.172782
23025Civic Center40.418218-74.420413
23024Civic Center40.417988-74.420501
23661Civic Center40.404350-74.297981
23027Civic Center Bldg 340.415908-74.418832
23026Civic Center Bldg 1240.416418-74.420711
23023Civic Center Lot 240.416259-74.420463
23022Civic Center Lot 340.416198-74.418283
28553Clarkson Ave at Carteret St40.647738-74.211473
30520Clarkson Ave at Richmond Street40.646250-74.212962
31861Clarksville Rd at Raven Blvd40.295185-74.655682
31862Clarksville Rd at Raven Blvd40.295185-74.655682
12518Clay Ave 248' N of Valley Brook Ave.40.800930-74.102453
12517Clay Ave 778' S of Wall St. West40.803127-74.101470
15923Clementon-Gibbsboro Rd 150' N of Cooper Ave.39.815049-74.982981
15928Clementon-Gibbsboro Rd at Cooper Ave39.814890-74.983262
15924Clementon-Gibbsboro Rd at Emerson St39.818438-74.980323
15927Clementon-Gibbsboro Rd at Emerson St39.818397-74.980512
15925Clementon-Gibbsboro Rd at Phillip Ave39.819937-74.979151
15926Clementon-Gibbsboro Rd at Phillip Ave39.819748-74.979493
14908Clements Bridge Rd at Barrington Ave39.873608-75.050653
14913Clements Bridge Rd at Barrington Ave39.873540-75.050764
16256Clements Bridge Rd at Black Horse Pike39.848628-75.072953
16267Clements Bridge Rd at Black Horse Pike39.849077-75.072582
19574Clements Bridge Rd at Caulfield Ave39.828229-75.113051
19578Clements Bridge Rd at Caulfield Ave39.828599-75.112542
16261Clements Bridge Rd at Forrest Ave39.855739-75.063750
16262Clements Bridge Rd at Forrest Ave39.855758-75.063893
14905Clements Bridge Rd at Gloucester Pike39.867698-75.053532
14916Clements Bridge Rd at Gloucester Pike39.867078-75.054002
19575Clements Bridge Rd at Greenbriar Ct39.830049-75.108510
15830Clements Bridge Rd at Highland Ave39.872038-75.051521
16260Clements Bridge Rd at Irish Hill Rd39.853339-75.066882
16263Clements Bridge Rd at Irish Hill Rd39.853618-75.066672
16258Clements Bridge Rd at Johnson Ave39.850749-75.070181
16265Clements Bridge Rd at Johnson Ave39.850949-75.070110
14915Clements Bridge Rd at Lawrence Ave39.869350-75.052832
16257Clements Bridge Rd at Lindsay Ave39.849549-75.071791
16266Clements Bridge Rd at Lindsay Ave39.849847-75.071531
19577Clements Bridge Rd at Locust Grove Blvd39.830068-75.108931
16259Clements Bridge Rd at Mitchell Ave39.851870-75.068781
16264Clements Bridge Rd at Mitchell Ave39.851957-75.068803
14906Clements Bridge Rd at Newton Ave39.869090-75.052860
16255Clements Bridge Rd at Oakland Ave39.847069-75.075033
16268Clements Bridge Rd at Oakland Ave39.847269-75.074923
15828Clements Bridge Rd at Page Ave39.874968-75.050092
14902Clements Bridge Rd at Reamer Dr39.858649-75.060223
14918Clements Bridge Rd at Reamer Dr39.858668-75.060341
16253Clements Bridge Rd at Rowand Ave39.843389-75.079852
16270Clements Bridge Rd at Rowand Ave39.843687-75.079582
14907Clements Bridge Rd at Second Ave39.871539-75.051652
16252Clements Bridge Rd at Singley Ave39.841928-75.081751
16271Clements Bridge Rd at Singley Ave39.841849-75.081993
14914Clements Bridge Rd at Trenton Ave39.870569-75.052253
14903Clements Bridge Rd at Trinity Pl39.861258-75.057623
14904Clements Bridge Rd at Williams Ave39.864889-75.054900
14917Clements Bridge Rd at Williams Ave39.864829-75.055082
16254Clements Bridge Rd at Woodland Ave39.845148-75.077580
16269Clements Bridge Rd at Woodland Ave39.845288-75.077491
26382Clifton Ave 90' S of 6th St.40.095737-74.215403
26716Clifton Ave 118' N of Lakeview Ave.40.876139-74.135523
30253Clifton Ave 150' S of Randolph Ave40.879589-74.126082
18448Clifton Ave at Bloomfield Ave40.758847-74.175753
26732Clifton Ave at Brookside Dr40.857700-74.169793
26714Clifton Ave at Central Ave40.875849-74.136240
26726Clifton Ave at Clifton Blvd40.868108-74.156140
26702Clifton Ave at Colfax Ave40.867907-74.156233
26727Clifton Ave at Colfax Ave40.867409-74.156981
18445Clifton Ave at E 7th Ave40.750599-74.180042
18451Clifton Ave at E 7th Ave40.751109-74.179961
26722Clifton Ave at Fifth St40.873509-74.149991
26711Clifton Ave at First St40.875008-74.141030
26725Clifton Ave at Fornelius Ave40.869319-74.155463
26703Clifton Ave at Fornelius Ave40.869130-74.155411
26721Clifton Ave at Fourth St40.873920-74.147642
26708Clifton Ave at Fourth St40.873788-74.147861
26717Clifton Ave at Getty Ave40.875679-74.137833
26713Clifton Ave at Getty Ave40.875668-74.137322
26731Clifton Ave at Godwin Pl40.859599-74.167881
26705Clifton Ave at Hawthorne Ave40.872199-74.152383
26706Clifton Ave at Jewett Ave40.872780-74.151822
26700Clifton Ave at Kowal St40.863298-74.163531
26715Clifton Ave at Lexington Ave40.876479-74.133620
26718Clifton Ave at Main Ave40.875279-74.140070
26712Clifton Ave at Main Ave40.875347-74.139142
26724Clifton Ave at Paulison Ave40.870319-74.154553
26704Clifton Ave at Paulison Ave40.871127-74.153501
26697Clifton Ave at Richland Ct40.854699-74.171732
26733Clifton Ave at Richland Ct40.855338-74.171561
26698Clifton Ave at Saint Andrews Blvd40.857289-74.169942
26730Clifton Ave at Saint James Pl40.861999-74.165412
26699Clifton Ave at Saint James Pl40.861698-74.165480
30157Clifton Ave at Scribner Pl40.877940-74.130363
26719Clifton Ave at Second St40.874777-74.142892
26710Clifton Ave at Second St40.874618-74.143202
26723Clifton Ave at Sixth St40.873218-74.151564
26729Clifton Ave at Sunny Crest Ave40.863600-74.163492
26720Clifton Ave at Third St40.874350-74.145263
26709Clifton Ave at Third St40.874199-74.145580
26728Clifton Ave at Van Houten Ave40.865518-74.160981
26701Clifton Ave at Van Houten Ave40.865578-74.160241
18446Clifton Ave at Victoria Ave40.753789-74.178402
18450Clifton Ave at Victoria Ave40.754079-74.178402
26707Clifton Ave at Westervelt Ave40.873539-74.149150
30159Clifton Ave at Whitmore Pl40.876717-74.133291
28867Clifton St at Pulaski St40.646378-74.208861
17787Clinton Ave at 20th St40.723629-74.217511
17786Clinton Ave at 21st St40.724158-74.220243
18465Clinton Ave at Astor St40.724120-74.184444
31449Clinton Ave at Avon Ave40.723188-74.187961
18460Clinton Ave at Bergen St40.721459-74.200330
18474Clinton Ave at Bergen St40.721489-74.199990
17791Clinton Ave at Bruen Ave40.725169-74.224651
17782Clinton Ave at Civic Square40.728628-74.234022
17794Clinton Ave at Civic Square40.728759-74.234190
18455Clinton Ave at Clinton Pl40.722939-74.210291
29370Clinton Ave at Clinton Pl40.600178-74.442692
30648Clinton Ave at Coit St40.724468-74.222062
18464Clinton Ave at Elizabeth Ave40.722969-74.188072
18469Clinton Ave at Elizabeth Ave40.723490-74.186931
17798Clinton Ave at Ellery Ave40.729869-74.242442
18453Clinton Ave at Fabyan Pl40.723298-74.215392
17799Clinton Ave at Florence Ave40.730508-74.243861
17790Clinton Ave at Grove St40.724717-74.222653
24025Clinton Ave at Hamilton Blvd40.559430-74.427461
24038Clinton Ave at Hamilton Blvd40.558898-74.427353
18463Clinton Ave at Hillside Ave40.722029-74.191831
18471Clinton Ave at Hillside Ave40.721969-74.192602
17796Clinton Ave at Hillside Terrace40.729258-74.238221
17784Clinton Ave at Howard St40.725339-74.225561
24028Clinton Ave at Ingersoll Rd40.570678-74.430131
24035Clinton Ave at Ingersoll Rd40.569788-74.430191
18457Clinton Ave at Ingraham Pl40.722739-74.206391
24034Clinton Ave at Jersey St40.574189-74.430730
22212Clinton Ave at Lily St40.200169-74.729602
22203Clinton Ave at Lily St40.200320-74.729770
22213Clinton Ave at Mary St40.198728-74.726143
22202Clinton Ave at Mary St40.198709-74.725853
24027Clinton Ave at Montrose Ave40.566398-74.429601
18468Clinton Ave at Murray St40.724660-74.183722
31207Clinton Ave at Nairn Pl40.722986-74.208240
24030Clinton Ave at New Era Dr40.577129-74.430922
24033Clinton Ave at New Market Ave40.579620-74.431392
24031Clinton Ave at New Market Ave40.579968-74.431281
17783Clinton Ave at New St40.727729-74.230614
24026Clinton Ave at Nicholas Ave40.562899-74.429172
17793Clinton Ave at Orange Ave40.728239-74.231371
18458Clinton Ave at Osborne Terrace40.722429-74.205003
18461Clinton Ave at Peshine Ave40.721040-74.198491
18473Clinton Ave at Peshine Ave40.721067-74.198133
18462Clinton Ave at Ridgewood Ave40.721128-74.195221
18472Clinton Ave at Ridgewood Ave40.721388-74.194792
17788Clinton Ave at S 21st St40.724169-74.219502
24032Clinton Ave at Sampton Ave40.582689-74.430320
17779Clinton Ave at Sanford Ave40.729480-74.240482
17797Clinton Ave at Sanford Ave40.729507-74.240074
18459Clinton Ave at Seymour Ave40.721859-74.202391
18475Clinton Ave at Seymour Ave40.721909-74.201942
18477Clinton Ave at Shanley Ave40.722788-74.206091
17792Clinton Ave at Sharon Ave40.725578-74.225833
17780Clinton Ave at Sherman Pl40.729137-74.238041
18478Clinton Ave at South 12th St40.723068-74.209111
18479Clinton Ave at South 14th St40.723049-74.211042
18454Clinton Ave at South 16th St40.723029-74.213161
18480Clinton Ave at South 16th St40.723177-74.213593
18481Clinton Ave at South 18th St40.723320-74.214810
18482Clinton Ave at South 20th St40.723720-74.217171
18470Clinton Ave at Stratford Pl40.722607-74.190191
17781Clinton Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.728899-74.236243
17795Clinton Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.728978-74.235891
24029Clinton Ave at Sylvania Pl40.573498-74.430472
18467Clinton Ave at Thomas St40.725589-74.181691
18466Clinton Ave at Thomas St40.725539-74.181340
18476Clinton Ave at Treacy Ave40.722339-74.204002
24037Clinton Ave at Tyler Pl40.562548-74.429293
24036Clinton Ave at Wade Ave40.566028-74.429723
18493Clinton Pl at Bragaw Ave40.714899-74.212973
18488Clinton Pl at Clinton Ave40.722890-74.210082
18495Clinton Pl at Forest Pl40.713027-74.214742
18486Clinton Pl at Hawthorne Ave40.718409-74.211531
18491Clinton Pl at Hawthorne Ave40.718639-74.211492
18483Clinton Pl at Lehigh Ave40.712400-74.215194
18487Clinton Pl at Millington Ave40.720569-74.210561
18485Clinton Pl at Nye Ave40.715820-74.212150
18492Clinton Pl at Nye Ave40.717149-74.212563
18489Clinton Pl at Randolph Pl40.721810-74.210422
18484Clinton Pl at Renner Ave40.714480-74.213231
18494Clinton Pl at Shephard Ave40.713940-74.213884
17731Clinton Rd 500' N of Oak Rd.40.861169-74.313204
17730Clinton Rd 1000' N of Henderson Dr.40.857500-74.309461
19410Clinton Rd at Passaic Ave40.852080-74.295033
19408Clinton Rd at Sanford Ave40.855149-74.302682
33054Clinton St 75' N of 7th St40.745760-74.033061
20491Clinton St at 1st St40.738638-74.035273
20492Clinton St at 3rd St, St Mary's Medical Ctr40.741099-74.034543
33053Clinton St at 5th St40.743228-74.033832
20494Clinton St at 9th St40.748369-74.032343
20495Clinton St at 11th St40.750898-74.031551
26308Cnty Rt 549 & Holiday City40.024348-74.143982
26550Cnty Rt 549 & Polhemus Rd40.009808-74.147212
26553Cnty Rt 549 & Polhemus Rd40.009679-74.147593
17801Coit St 180' S of Chancellor Ave40.713208-74.230272
17804Coit St at Ens Pl40.710868-74.231770
17800Coit St at Ens Pl40.711109-74.231493
17802Coit St at Melville Pl40.715009-74.228901
17803Coit St at Renee Pl40.712548-74.230773
14684College Circle at Technology Way39.973488-74.895123
14682College Circle at Technology Way39.973398-74.895141
10511College Dr at Parking Lot439.489559-74.528973
31945College Rd East at Siemens St40.342809-74.593452
31946College Rd East at Siemens St40.342639-74.593862
31567College Rd W 70' N of Main St40.356334-74.615671
31568College Rd W at Windrow Dr40.357039-74.615330
23896College Road East 1800' N of Research Way40.354699-74.595990
23899College Road East 2000' N of Research Way40.354000-74.595450
23898College Road East 2000' S of US 140.356850-74.600932
23897College Road East 2270' S of US 140.357458-74.599631
23894College Road East 2500' S of Research Way40.349489-74.593461
23901College Road East 4000' S of Research Way40.347549-74.593552
32280College of New Jersey40.268709-74.782402
15076Collings Rd at Atlanta St39.906579-75.097751
15073Collings Rd at Chesapeake Rd39.904368-75.103492
15077Collings Rd at Congress Rd39.906179-75.098932
15074Collings Rd at Merrimac Rd39.905448-75.100291
15078Collings Rd at Merrimac Rd39.905587-75.100670
15075Collings Rd at Mt Ephraim Ave39.906568-75.097012
15072Collings Rd at New Jersey Rd39.903998-75.104631
10501Collins Rd at Cherokee Dr. West39.491658-74.501890
10502Collins Rd at Federal Ct39.491590-74.501763
10500Collins Rd at Greenwich Dr. East39.493379-74.491163
10503Collins Rd at Greenwich Dr. East39.493218-74.491111
10575Cologne Ave 175' S of Route 32239.456599-74.663351
10574Cologne Ave at Denmead Dr39.453739-74.666710
10577Cologne Ave at Denmead Dr. @ Oakcrest School39.452897-74.667852
10576Cologne Ave at Oak Crest Dr39.454788-74.665664
33070Columbia Rd at Honeywell Main Dr40.793739-74.440482
25527Columbia Tpke at Crescent Rd40.783428-74.379794
25526Columbia Tpke at Felch Rd40.785118-74.384123
25528Columbia Tpke at Fernwood Rd40.781688-74.374961
25529Columbia Tpke at Vreeland Rd40.780079-74.371341
30016Columbus Ave at Congress St40.682928-75.170840
30015Columbus Ave at Pursel St40.684868-75.172713
30012Columbus Ave at Pursel St40.684868-75.172691
30014Columbus Ave at Thomas St40.687050-75.174861
30013Columbus Ave at Thomas St40.687137-75.174833
31854Commerce Blvd 1000' E of Righter Rd40.871048-74.649000
14690Commerce Center Dr 2500' E of Atrium Way39.915850-74.955832
14689Commerce Center Dr at Atrium Way39.918330-74.957063
28504Commerce Dr at Jackson Dr. North40.648299-74.284741
28507Commerce Dr at Jackson Dr. North40.648530-74.284884
28502Commerce Dr at Jackson Dr. South40.642668-74.285512
28509Commerce Dr at Jackson Dr. South40.642359-74.285323
28503Commerce Dr at Moen Ave40.645488-74.285652
28508Commerce Dr at Moen Ave40.645529-74.285832
28505Commerce Dr at Myrtle St40.650818-74.284321
28506Commerce Dr at Myrtle St40.650489-74.284652
20652Communipaw Ave at Bergen Ave40.718278-74.075102
20660Communipaw Ave at Bergen Ave40.718428-74.075172
20654Communipaw Ave at Crescent Ave40.716650-74.071181
20658Communipaw Ave at Crescent Ave40.716639-74.070870
20656Communipaw Ave at Garfield Ave40.714858-74.066963
20657Communipaw Ave at Grand St40.715768-74.068582
30492Communipaw Ave at Grand St40.715337-74.068002
20651Communipaw Ave at J.F. Kennedy Blvd40.719198-74.077383
20661Communipaw Ave at J.F. Kennedy Blvd40.719757-74.078392
20649Communipaw Ave at Mallory Ave40.722328-74.085013
20663Communipaw Ave at Mallory Ave40.722539-74.085242
20648Communipaw Ave at Marcy Ave40.723739-74.089421
20664Communipaw Ave at Marcy Ave40.723668-74.088641
20653Communipaw Ave at Martin Luther King Dr40.717058-74.072170
20659Communipaw Ave at Monticello Ave40.717447-74.072871
21226Communipaw Ave at Rt 44040.723999-74.089552
30524Communipaw Ave at Suydam Ave40.709649-74.060481
20655Communipaw Ave at Van Horne St40.712649-74.064210
20650Communipaw Ave at West Side Ave40.720689-74.081002
20662Communipaw Ave at West Side Ave40.721139-74.081763
30526Communipaw Ave at Woodward St40.712940-74.064413
17207Conger St at Glenwood Ave40.791599-74.199071
20665Congress St at Central Ave40.750999-74.046102
20672Congress St at Central Ave40.750818-74.045890
30017Congress St at Columbus Ave40.682739-75.170782
20666Congress St at Hancock Ave40.750279-74.044671
20671Congress St at Hancock Ave40.750268-74.044404
20668Congress St at Palisade Ave40.748988-74.040933
31211Congress St at Palisade Ave40.748980-74.041092
20670Congress St at Webster Ave40.749599-74.042593
30189Congress St at Webster Ave40.749659-74.042993
30018Congress St at Wilbur Ave40.681909-75.172390
10275Connecticut Ave at Drexel Ave39.371018-74.421330
23902Connector Road 70' W of Merwick Road40.353098-74.615181
28461Connell Corporate Center40.665399-74.410660
28456Connell Corporate Center40.665349-74.410440
28454Connell Dr 600' E of Three Connell Dr.40.659710-74.418891
28460Connell Dr at Building Two Driveway40.663278-74.413483
28458Connell Dr at Bus Stop - Intersection 140.659967-74.418842
28459Connell Dr at Bus Stop - Intersection 240.662447-74.415562
28455Connell Dr at Two Connell Dr40.662987-74.413611
10586Consumer Square39.451859-74.634781
23711Convery Blvd at Brace Ave40.521850-74.281422
23723Convery Blvd at Brace Ave40.522378-74.281443
23718Convery Blvd at Clark Ave40.536798-74.278281
23720Convery Blvd at Dorothy Ave40.531739-74.279402
23725Convery Blvd at Fayette St40.515758-74.286042
23708Convery Blvd at Fayette St40.515410-74.286063
23713Convery Blvd at Harding Ave40.527818-74.280062
23721Convery Blvd at Harding Ave40.527569-74.280342
23712Convery Blvd at Harrington St40.523809-74.280993
23722Convery Blvd at Harrington St40.524028-74.281082
23715Convery Blvd at Kelly Ave40.535998-74.278321
23716Convery Blvd at Kelsey Ave40.539949-74.277462
23710Convery Blvd at Lawrie Ave40.519838-74.282580
23719Convery Blvd at Lindbergh Ave40.534770-74.278732
23717Convery Blvd at Rudyard Dr40.539100-74.277780
32961Convery Blvd at S Park Dr40.531868-74.279170
23724Convery Blvd at Sayre Ave40.518589-74.283943
23709Convery Blvd at Sayre Ave40.518698-74.283661
30543Cookman Ave at Asbury Ave40.218258-74.003221
24325Cookman Ave at Emory St40.216170-74.010042
24328Cookman Ave at Grand Ave40.216729-74.008351
24329Cookman Ave at Heck Ave40.217419-74.006602
24323Cookman Ave at Heck St40.217658-74.006071
24335Cookman Ave at Kingsley St40.220338-74.001912
30566Cookman Ave at Wesley Lake Drive40.218208-74.002902
14702Cookstown Rd at Bolling Boulevard40.041318-74.581013
14703Cookstown Rd at Bolling Boulevard40.041209-74.581021
31664Cookstown-New Egypt Rd at California Village Dr40.058229-74.549933
31667Cookstown-New Egypt Rd at California Village Dr40.058179-74.550223
31666Cookstown-New Egypt Rd at Hanover East Dr40.060010-74.547231
31665Cookstown-New Egypt Rd at Jcp&L Dr40.059859-74.547261
14706Cookstown-New Egypt Rd at Mary St40.055039-74.555133
14707Cookstown-New Egypt Rd at Mary St40.055209-74.555053
15343Cooper Landing Rd at Chapel Ave39.928148-75.012981
15363Cooper Landing Rd at Chapel Ave39.928318-75.013142
15395Cooper Landing Rd at Embassy Dr39.931258-75.011881
15404Cooper Landing Rd at Embassy Dr39.930869-75.012063
15397Cooper Landing Rd at Katherine Ave39.934848-75.011062
15402Cooper Landing Rd at Katherine Ave39.934557-75.011261
15398Cooper Landing Rd at Maple Ave39.936210-75.010753
15401Cooper Landing Rd at Maple Ave39.936059-75.010853
15396Cooper Landing Rd at Maple Ter39.932700-75.011551
15403Cooper Landing Rd at Maple Ter39.932519-75.011701
15399Cooper Landing Rd at Mara Ct39.938150-75.010313
15400Cooper Landing Rd at Mara Ct39.938290-75.010370
16323Cooper Rd 300' N of Ridgeview Ct39.864108-74.955172
16324Cooper Rd at East Red Oak Dr39.860378-74.952152
19581Cooper St at Burke Ave39.827750-75.122990
19584Cooper St at Burke Ave39.828049-75.123230
19585Cooper St at Delsea Dr39.828917-75.125613
19580Cooper St at Delsea Dr39.828520-75.125101
20182Cooper St at Lake Dr39.835269-75.147142
20184Cooper St at Laurel St39.836560-75.149701
19579Cooper St at Mercer Ave39.830079-75.129371
19586Cooper St at Mercer Ave39.830287-75.129432
20183Cooper St at North Bayard Ave39.834050-75.143733
32968Cooper St at Railroad Ave39.836730-75.150241
20180Cooper St at South Bayard Ave39.833918-75.143600
19582Cooper St at Walker Ave39.826999-75.120672
19583Cooper St at Walker Ave39.827059-75.120333
30872Cooper Street / Rutgers Light Rail Station39.947598-75.124070
28846Corbin St 1000' S of North Fleet St.40.684638-74.163251
17806Cordier St 205' S of Lyons Ave40.714899-74.225331
17805Cordier St at Lyons Ave40.715250-74.224832
30122Cornelison Ave at Wayne St40.724038-74.060520
30123Cornelison Ave at Wayne St40.723758-74.060950
15563Cornell Ave 50' E of West Shoprite Rd39.929820-75.042722
15560Cornell Ave 335' N of King Ave39.926898-75.044671
15564Cornell Ave at Executive Campus Dr39.928869-75.045243
31186Corporate Blvd at Corporate Court40.549537-74.421811
31185Corporate Blvd at Hadley Rd40.551529-74.421490
18553Correction Center - Doremus Ave40.719398-74.127401
23643Cottrell Rd at Maiden Ln40.398737-74.297733
23645Cottrell Rd at Old Bridge Plaza40.407279-74.294842
23687Cottrell Rd at Old Bridge Plaza40.407419-74.295021
23686Cottrell Rd at Phillips Dr40.408849-74.295213
23648Cottrell Rd at Rosegate Dr40.399129-74.297700
23647Cottrell Rd at Thames Dr40.401787-74.296532
23644Cottrell Rd at Thames Dr40.401730-74.296382
31394Cottrell Rd at Ticetown Rd40.394739-74.297923
21533County Ave 190' S of Metro Way40.768970-74.067363
21550County Ave 190' S of Metro Way40.768819-74.067611
21543County Ave 493' S of Dorigo Ln40.784337-74.056711
21538County Ave 493' S of Dorigo Ln40.784458-74.056413
21544County Ave 856' N of Ups Drive40.780959-74.058383
21537County Ave Opposite Ups Drive40.778177-74.059771
21541County Ave at Center Ave40.787187-74.055072
21540County Ave at Center Ave40.786848-74.055072
21548County Ave at Charles St40.772047-74.065323
21551County Ave at County Rd40.767139-74.068793
21532County Ave at County Rd40.767370-74.068461
21542County Ave at Dorigo Ln40.785549-74.056001
21539County Ave at Dorigo Ln40.785620-74.055790
21549County Ave at Helen St40.770918-74.066130
21535County Ave at Jefferson Ave40.773160-74.064242
21547County Ave at Jefferson Ave40.772798-74.064702
21534County Ave at Louis St40.771538-74.065543
21536County Ave at Secaucus Rd40.776128-74.061643
21546County Ave at Secaucus Rd40.775358-74.062561
21545County Ave at Ups Drive40.778479-74.059652
19974County House Rd 465' N of Rt 4739.778529-75.101062
19975County House Rd 465' N of Rt 4739.778609-75.101052
26381County Line Rd 150' E of Rt 940.106189-74.218192
30365County Line Rd at Brook Rd40.105139-74.186611
32616County Line Rd E at Somerset Ave40.105189-74.195133
32617County Line Rd E at Somerset Ave40.105287-74.195441
26440County Line Rd at Alamitos Dr40.092518-74.156170
30372County Line Rd at Brook Rd40.105317-74.187372
26380County Line Rd at Lexington Ave40.105978-74.215171
26379County Line Rd at Monmouth Ave40.105808-74.213102
26378County Line Rd at Princeton Ave40.105608-74.210381
26377County Line Rd at Squankum Rd40.105298-74.205974
30363County Line Rd at Squankum Rd40.105109-74.204822
30973County Rd 622' N of Tonnelle Ave40.750659-74.061971
30972County Rd 688' N of Tonnelle Ave40.750659-74.061873
21228County Rd 1400' E of County Ave.40.761749-74.067873
11218County Rd at E. Madison Ave40.938878-73.957462
26548County Rt 549 at Fischer Blvd40.003048-74.155411
26555County Rt 549 at Fischer Blvd40.003508-74.154941
31199Court St In Front of Courthouse40.264270-74.279281
12098Court St at Main St, County Court40.879019-74.044003
18498Court St at Shipman St40.732538-74.180032
18497Court St at University Ave40.732069-74.178832
16055Cove Rd at Camden Ave39.963629-75.055070
16052Cove Rd at Grant Ave39.959858-75.050553
16054Cove Rd at Jefferson Ave39.963059-75.054232
16056Cove Rd at Wayne Ave39.962199-75.053211
16053Cove Rd at Wayne Ave39.961949-75.052782
24802Covered Bridge40.327019-74.310691
32351Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) 90' S of Rancocas R40.059897-74.849861
32352Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) 150' N of Kelly Dr40.055729-74.845633
14257Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) 280' N of Sunset Rd40.051318-74.841240
32302Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) 550' S of Kelly Dr40.053978-74.843841
32303Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) 1100' N of Wedgewoo40.053310-74.842903
14263Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Dresser St40.058527-74.848452
14259Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Ellis Ave40.058889-74.848630
14240Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Fountain Rd40.060868-74.850523
32353Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Kelly Dr40.055760-74.845411
14256Cr 541 (Burlington-Mt Holly Rd) at Sunset Rd40.050989-74.840610
14265Cr 541 (High St) at 11th St40.062758-74.851542
14238Cr 541 (High St) at 11th St40.062599-74.851302
27577Crews St at Union Blvd / Totowa Rd40.902909-74.215552
27618Crews St at Union Blvd / Totowa Rd40.902629-74.213920
27578Crews St at Union Blvd / Totowa Rd40.903298-74.215842
27271Crooks Ave at Lakeview Ave40.892238-74.140162
27529Crooks Ave at Main Ave40.889630-74.153941
31609Crooks Ave at Main Ave40.889709-74.154422
27272Crooks Ave at Trenton Ave40.891457-74.144571
14358Cropwell Rd at Brook View Circle39.898400-74.938640
14361Cropwell Rd at Brook View Circle39.898268-74.938783
14359Cropwell Rd at Kettering Ct39.902189-74.938771
15406Cropwell Rd at Lafayette Ln39.868229-74.956910
15405Cropwell Rd at Lafayette Ln39.867950-74.956782
14360Cropwell Rd at Revere Rd39.902099-74.938910
14357Cropwell Rd at Rt 7039.896139-74.939193
15732Cross Keys Rd-Cr 689 465' W of Williamstown Rd.39.742719-74.996803
20077Crown Point Rd at Mid Atlantic Pkwy39.840629-75.202332
20068Crown Point Rd at Mid Atlantic Pkwy39.840599-75.202061
15846Crystal Lake Ave at Atlantic Ave39.907859-75.046913
15841Crystal Lake Ave at Atlantic Ave39.907738-75.047331
15842Crystal Lake Ave at East Park Blvd39.906039-75.050042
15844Crystal Lake Ave at Pyle Ave39.902768-75.051742
15843Crystal Lake Ave at Pyle Ave39.903379-75.051490
15845Crystal Lake Ave at West Park Blvd39.905587-75.050191
17021Cumberland Family Shelter39.428909-74.914173
17020Cumberland Family Shelter39.429049-74.914333
16934Cumberland Mall - Rt 47 at Hennis Dr39.432458-75.040382
16962Cumberland Mall - Rt 47 at Hennis Dr39.431570-75.040603
30298Cuthbert Blvd 710' E of Hopkins Ave39.902009-75.063743
15849Cuthbert Blvd at Addison Ave39.918398-75.056082
15848Cuthbert Blvd at Emerald Ave39.917488-75.055580
15850Cuthbert Blvd at Fern Ave39.921048-75.056070
15847Cuthbert Blvd at Fern Ave39.920900-75.056363
30297Cuthbert Blvd at Heather Lane39.900468-75.067922
30295Cuthbert Blvd at Johnson Ave39.899298-75.071130
14868Cuthbert Rd at Barrett Ave39.900570-75.067472
14867Cuthbert Rd at Haviland Ave39.899849-75.069392
14866Cuthbert Rd at Lecato Ave39.898959-75.071833
18503D.M.L. King Blvd 230' S of Orange St40.746439-74.174430
18501D.M.L. King Blvd at Baldwin St40.730938-74.181662
18502D.M.L. King Blvd at Court St40.732387-74.181151
18504D.M.L. King Blvd at Court St40.732448-74.181302
20673Danforth Ave at Fowler Ave40.701718-74.095852
20674Danforth Ave at Sullivan Dr40.703908-74.097662
20675Danforth Ave at West Side Ave40.704598-74.098142
30842Danforth Avenue Light Rail Station40.692357-74.087262
33075Danforth Rd at Beech Ave40.771809-74.428983
30763Davenport Avenue Light Rail Station40.772390-74.178272
21324Davis Ave at Bergen Ave40.757718-74.147522
21319Davis Ave at Bergen Ave40.758020-74.147512
20478Davis Ave at Cross St40.750120-74.152260
21272Davis Ave at Garfield Ave40.760319-74.146042
20458Davis Ave at Harrison Ave40.747508-74.151613
20462Davis Ave at Harrison Ave40.747440-74.151400
21267Davis Ave at King Ave40.761738-74.145122
21326Davis Ave at King St40.761478-74.145110
21328Davis Ave at Oakwood Ave40.765969-74.141723
21265Davis Ave at Oakwood Ave40.766200-74.141721
21327Davis Ave at Quincy Ave40.763928-74.143523
21266Davis Ave at Quincy Ave40.764207-74.143512
21322Davis Ave at Tappan St40.754027-74.149973
20463Davis Ave at William St40.749259-74.151850
30129Davis St 240' N of Station Drive39.921149-75.093831
30131Davis St 280' N of Station Drive39.921199-75.093691
15735Davistown Rd at Argyle Ave39.793107-75.046971
15738Davistown Rd at Argyle Ave39.793138-75.047131
15736Davistown Rd at Erial Rd39.795749-75.041552
15737Davistown Rd at Erial Rd39.795670-75.041873
15734Davistown Rd at Lehigh St39.790649-75.053570
15739Davistown Rd at Lehigh St39.790838-75.053353
15733Davistown Rd at Rt 16839.788898-75.057621
17391Day St at Main St40.772678-74.229271
17397Day St at Main St40.772409-74.229592
27077Dayton Ave 295' N of Monroe St.40.869247-74.118361
27078Dayton Ave 314' N of Sherman St.40.873169-74.120681
27080Dayton Ave 314' S of President St.40.872928-74.120633
27082Dayton Ave at Monroe St40.868538-74.118351
27079Dayton Ave at President St40.873610-74.121292
27081Dayton Ave at Sherman St40.871199-74.119063
13885Dean Dr at East Clinton Ave40.922688-73.964391
13884Dean Dr at East Clinton Ave40.923009-73.964111
11523Dean St at Palisade Ave40.892778-73.974942
11526Dean St. South at Forest Ave40.885448-73.980214
11524Dean St. South at Garrett Pl40.889547-73.977482
11527Dean St. South at Honeck St40.883349-73.981631
11525Dean St. South at Linden Ave40.887988-73.978522
27999Deepwater Rd at US 13039.687470-75.487852
27971Deepwater Rd at US 13039.687338-75.487843
13643Degraw Ave at Beech St40.874380-74.018601
13651Degraw Ave at Beech St40.874369-74.018242
13653Degraw Ave at Farrant Terrace40.876068-74.022720
13646Degraw Ave at Frank W. Burr Blvd40.871549-74.007183
13647Degraw Ave at Frank W. Burr Blvd40.871659-74.006693
13645Degraw Ave at Gifford Pl40.872678-74.014122
13648Degraw Ave at Gifford Pl40.872689-74.013742
13641Degraw Ave at James St40.875830-74.022463
13644Degraw Ave at Morningside Ter40.873489-74.016260
13642Degraw Ave at Queen Anne Rd40.874988-74.020212
13652Degraw Ave at Queen Anne Rd40.875199-74.020423
13649Degraw Ave at Rockledge Pl40.873218-74.015133
13650Degraw Ave at Woodbine St40.873939-74.017063
16769Dehirsch Ave at Adams Ave39.240737-74.814533
16770Dehirsch Ave at Madison Ave39.239718-74.812684
30864Delanco Light Rail Station40.048068-74.950280
26844Delawanna Ave & River Rd40.827598-74.123564
26734Delawanna Ave at Beech St40.832890-74.133621
26736Delawanna Ave at Boll St40.829489-74.126823
26737Delawanna Ave at Boll St40.829629-74.126962
26739Delawanna Ave at Cedar Pl40.834698-74.136943
26735Delawanna Ave at Delawanna Station40.831210-74.130283
26738Delawanna Ave at Delawanna Station40.831308-74.130311
27979Delaware Ave at 3rd St39.739560-75.469701
27984Delaware Ave at 3rd St39.739749-75.469663
27980Delaware Ave at 6th Ave39.741157-75.468203
27983Delaware Ave at 6th Ave39.741119-75.468402
15079Delaware Ave at Cooper St39.948568-75.127662
15081Delaware Ave at Elm St39.952619-75.126353
15082Delaware Ave at Elm St39.952649-75.126453
14431Delaware Ave at Grove St40.117060-74.791511
14430Delaware Ave at Grove St40.117218-74.791482
15084Delaware Ave at Linden St39.950610-75.127111
15080Delaware Ave at Pearl St39.951180-75.126813
15083Delaware Ave at Pearl St39.951438-75.126821
14432Delaware Ave at Pelle Ct40.116207-74.790843
28028Delaware Ave at West Pitman St39.736140-75.472851
28029Delaware Ave at West Pitman St39.736329-75.472813
20095Delaware St 60' E of Essex Ave39.842369-75.170162
20092Delaware St at Bergen Ave39.844200-75.177371
20094Delaware St at Essex Ave39.842290-75.170201
20096Delaware St at Hudson Ave39.842978-75.173141
20093Delaware St at Myrtle Ave39.843030-75.173833
20190Delaware St at North Girard St39.841377-75.165461
20186Delaware St at North Horace St39.840679-75.162550
20188Delaware St at North Jackson St39.840078-75.159232
20097Delaware St at Passaic Ave39.844529-75.177733
20185Delaware St at South Girard St39.841298-75.165561
20189Delaware St at South Horace St39.840788-75.162561
20187Delaware St at South Jackson St39.839950-75.158871
19630Delsea Dr at Cooper St39.829517-75.124923
19616Delsea Dr at Cooper St39.829948-75.124803
16637Delsea Dr at Fulling Mill Rd39.023648-74.895753
16599Delsea Dr at Fulling Mill Rd39.023568-74.895453
20163Delsea Dr at Old Broadway39.871328-75.125792
20162Delsea Dr at Old Broadway39.871479-75.125642
16636Delsea Dr at Railroad Ave39.016668-74.881762
16598Delsea Dr at Railroad Ave39.016778-74.881632
16638Delsea Dr at Ridge Rd39.041958-74.899213
16600Delsea Dr at Ridge Rd39.041980-74.899072
19703Delsea Dr at Rt 53839.616998-75.079953
19702Delsea Dr at Rt 53839.616908-75.079593
22827Dep (East State St)40.220677-74.758393
19604Deptford Center Rd 300' W of Rt 4139.828577-75.091703
19605Deptford Center Rd 300' W of Rt 4139.828808-75.091183
24107Devoe Ave at Main St40.391259-74.390272
24109Devoe Ave at Oak St40.387078-74.387292
24108Devoe Ave at Oak St40.386968-74.387473
31577Dey Rd 105' E of Woodland Dr40.336459-74.573601
31576Dey Rd 150' E of Woodland Dr40.336320-74.573612
31573Dey Rd at Pheasant Hollow Dr40.336788-74.563501
31574Dey Rd at Pheasant Hollow Dr40.336920-74.562972
28464Diamond Hill Rd at Valley Rd40.668298-74.404313
23104Distribution Blvd at Mill Rd40.499980-74.371043
28556Division St 250' S of Dowd Ave40.673039-74.191972
28557Division St 300' S of Dowd Ave40.672929-74.192190
28555Division St at Fairmount Ave40.670879-74.193462
28558Division St at Fairmount Ave40.671359-74.193313
28554Division St at Julia St40.667399-74.195873
28559Division St at Julia St40.667298-74.196083
17208Dodd St at Arch St40.782669-74.199252
17487Dodd St at Boyden St40.781178-74.207522
17483Dodd St at Brighton Ave40.781688-74.215822
17496Dodd St at Brighton Ave40.781970-74.216294
17485Dodd St at Colonial Ter40.781857-74.210591
17494Dodd St at Colonial Ter40.781918-74.210330
17497Dodd St at Cottage Pl40.782197-74.217931
17486Dodd St at Glenwood Ave40.781548-74.209274
17493Dodd St at Glenwood Ave40.781540-74.208901
17481Dodd St at Kearny St40.782227-74.219942
17498Dodd St at Long St40.782249-74.219573
17490Dodd St at Meadow St40.781638-74.202740
17489Dodd St at Meadow St40.781518-74.202952
17484Dodd St at Midland Ave40.781219-74.213562
17495Dodd St at Midland Ave40.781340-74.213843
17482Dodd St at North Park St40.782099-74.218272
17488Dodd St at Prospect St40.781118-74.205163
17362Dodd St at Thomas Blvd40.782518-74.221572
17492Dodd St at Westcott St40.781118-74.206383
32135Dodds Ln at Bertrand Dr40.371269-74.634020
26317Dorado (Park & Ride)40.094688-74.146120
30934Dorado (Park & Ride)40.094540-74.146172
18509Doremus Ave 162' N of Wilson Ave.40.713710-74.129991
19223Doremus Ave & Port St40.700148-74.138483
19222Doremus Ave & Port St40.699827-74.138132
10901Dorset Ave at Balfour Ave39.345860-74.481532
10906Dorset Ave at Balfour Ave39.345939-74.481783
10907Dorset Ave at Calvert Ave39.344668-74.480770
10909Dorset Ave at Derby Ave39.342188-74.478783
10902Dorset Ave at Fremont Ave39.347339-74.482721
10905Dorset Ave at Fremont Ave39.347219-74.482810
10903Dorset Ave at Fulton Ave39.348430-74.483600
10904Dorset Ave at Fulton Ave39.348498-74.483830
10900Dorset Ave at Monmouth Ave39.343158-74.479362
10908Dorset Ave at Monmouth Ave39.343380-74.479733
23457Douglas Campus, George St 125' N of Nichol Ave40.485708-74.437853
23445Douglas Campus, George St 150' N of Chapel Dr.40.485670-74.437521
26113Dover-Chester Rd at Rt 1040.861158-74.588862
26110Dover-Chester Rd at Rt 1040.861120-74.588721
29005Drapkin Ave at Raritan Rd40.644869-74.275083
25670Dreyfuss Rd at Florham Rd40.773168-74.439083
32890Dulty's Lane 1600' E of Neck Road40.095946-74.829233
32889Dulty's Lane 2830' W of US 13040.093786-74.813363
14227Dultys Ln at Neck Rd40.095880-74.828542
14266Dultys Ln at Neck Rd40.096009-74.828950
14225Dultys Ln at US 13040.094189-74.813513
14226Dultys Ln at US 13040.094178-74.813743
32695E Atlantic St 35' of Main St40.881349-74.043672
32377E Barber Ave at Allens Ln39.834527-75.154365
20191E Barber Ave at S Barber Ave39.833899-75.153664
20193E Barber Ave at S Woodland Ave39.832197-75.147074
20194E Barber Ave at South Woodland Ave39.832318-75.147213
25476E Blackwell St 160' W of S Salem St40.885179-74.547893
25479E Blackwell St at Bergen St40.884500-74.555853
25475E Blackwell St at Bergen St40.884459-74.555193
25478E Blackwell St at Mercer St40.884919-74.551631
25489E Blackwell St at Mercer St40.884788-74.551603
25477E Blackwell St at S Salem St40.885300-74.547773
26199E Dewey Ave at Huff St40.905948-74.577582
26198E Dewey Ave at Huff St40.906079-74.576530
29220E Front St at Terrill Rd40.642589-74.406082
29221E Front St at Terrill Rd40.642498-74.406303
29546E Front St at Terrill Rd40.643540-74.405512
29232E Front St at Watchung Ave40.620009-74.422502
29209E Front St at Watchung Ave40.620360-74.421962
33008E Gate Dr 270' W of Fellowship Rd39.943409-74.953431
33009E Gate Dr 860' W of Pleasant Valley Rd39.944538-74.947663
33011E Gate Dr 875' E of Fellowship Rd39.942819-74.950013
28562E Jersey St at Broad St40.665169-74.214331
14380E Lincoln Dr at Greentree Rd39.910339-74.938193
14385E Lincoln Dr at Greentree Rd39.910207-74.938322
31681E Main St 200' W of Curtis Lane39.967298-74.935823
31677E Main St 200' W of Poplar Ave39.969948-74.928841
31314E Main St 200' W of Zelley Ave39.968318-74.933663
31680E Main St 200' W of Zelley Ave39.968370-74.933302
26156E Main St at Beach St40.897379-74.505260
26159E Main St at Beach St40.897387-74.504731
10998E Main St at Bogert Pl40.928410-73.985372
27007E Main St at Browertown Rd40.877279-74.217133
27021E Main St at Browertown Rd40.876748-74.215142
10995E Main St at Bush St40.928380-73.986141
10997E Main St at Cedar St40.928040-73.983690
14575E Main St at Chestnut St39.966147-74.939172
31315E Main St at Curtis Lane39.967219-74.936280
32024E Main St at Fort Dix St40.036249-74.618091
32027E Main St at Fort Dix St40.036359-74.618252
14565E Main St at High St39.963569-74.947201
26158E Main St at Hillside Dr (Rt 46)40.897160-74.501394
26157E Main St at Hillside Dr (Rt 46)40.897478-74.499971
26160E Main St at Keller Ave40.899070-74.509883
26155E Main St at Keller Ave40.898629-74.509382
10996E Main St at Lincoln Ave40.928059-73.984173
28364E Main St at Meadow St40.566379-74.606253
31316E Main St at Mill St39.963908-74.946722
14574E Main St at Mount Laurel Rd39.966339-74.938371
14569E Main St at Mt Laurel Rd39.966147-74.938621
14566E Main St at N Stanwick Rd39.969510-74.930321
14567E Main St at N Stanwick Rd39.969748-74.929992
10999E Main St at North Christie St40.928358-73.988191
11000E Main St at North Woodside Ave40.928150-73.991672
31678E Main St at Pancoast Ave39.971439-74.925552
28361E Main St at Park Ave40.566469-74.606051
31679E Main St at Poplar Ave39.970688-74.927543
14586E Main St at S Dudley Ave39.971718-74.924211
10994E Main St at South Christie St40.928248-73.988961
10993E Main St at South Woodside Ave40.928059-73.991923
10992E Main St at Summit St40.927999-73.993223
11001E Main St at Summit St40.928018-73.993422
28020E Main St at Virginia Ave39.726069-75.464473
28024E Main St at Virginia Ave39.726190-75.464403
31313E Main St at Zelley Ave39.968649-74.932881
15957E Maple Ave at Centre St. S39.950448-75.048223
15962E Maple Ave at Clifton Ave39.950868-75.045011
15960E Maple Ave at Cove Rd39.951188-75.041973
15961E Maple Ave at Greenleigh Ct39.951018-75.043531
15958E Maple Ave at Prospect St39.950810-75.044671
18024E Mt Pleasant Ave at Broadlawn Drive40.797469-74.304522
32993E Mt Pleasant Ave at Chelsea Dr40.795627-74.291942
18022E Mt Pleasant Ave at Glendale Ave40.796510-74.311980
18031E Mt Pleasant Ave at Glendale Ave40.796559-74.312302
18023E Mt Pleasant Ave at Knollwood Drive40.797140-74.307942
18030E Mt Pleasant Ave at Knollwood Drive40.797219-74.308093
32992E Mt Pleasant Ave at Lafayette Dr40.795449-74.291270
18025E Mt Pleasant Ave at Shrewsbury Drive40.796929-74.297693
18028E Mt Pleasant Ave at Shrewsbury Drive40.796940-74.297200
18029E Mt Pleasant Ave at Tiffany Drive40.797529-74.304771
31244E Palisade Ave 120' W of S Woodland St40.886429-73.961750
22215E Park Ave at Parkinson Ave40.200079-74.721673
22200E Park Ave at Parkinson Ave40.199588-74.722180
13340E Ridgewood & N Van Dien Aves40.976428-74.104694
30338E Ridgewood Ave 80' W of Chimes Road40.970158-74.085102
12983E Ridgewood Ave 100' W of Gsp Overpass40.964258-74.066682
31112E Ridgewood Ave 300' W of Veronica Ct40.956278-74.055821
31113E Ridgewood Ave 300' W of Veronica Ct40.956158-74.055874
13063E Ridgewood Ave at Chadwick Dr40.966508-74.071361
13064E Ridgewood Ave at Chadwick Dr40.966489-74.070911
13061E Ridgewood Ave at Evans St40.970807-74.087083
13067E Ridgewood Ave at Evans St40.970838-74.086752
13169E Ridgewood Ave at Highland Ave40.967659-74.074413
13065E Ridgewood Ave at Highland Ave40.967958-74.074511
13068E Ridgewood Ave at Paramus Rd40.972298-74.091213
13166E Ridgewood Ave at Paramus Rd40.971788-74.090243
13062E Ridgewood Ave at Roosevelt Blvd40.969350-74.082292
13066E Ridgewood Ave at Roosevelt Blvd40.969528-74.082163
13108E Ridgewood Ave at Wagner Ct40.955550-74.053614
13112E Ridgewood Ave at Wagner Ct40.955599-74.053294
30708E State St Ext 200' E of Sculptors Way40.240388-74.722493
30706E State St Ext at Fairgrounds Rd40.243460-74.717983
30707E State St Ext at Fairgrounds Rd40.243789-74.717803
30935E State St Ext at Nebraska Ave40.244510-74.704561
30936E State St Ext at Nebraska Ave40.244748-74.704693
30705E State St Ext at Sculptors Way40.240207-74.722472
31997E State St at Carroll St40.220949-74.756484
22741E State St at Chambers St40.222968-74.746821
22744E State St at Cleveland Ave40.228128-74.737363
22742E State St at Cuyler Ave40.225818-74.741202
32985E State St at Monmouth St40.221858-74.749491
22750E State St at N Broad St40.220209-74.763921
22743E State St at N Olden Ave40.226890-74.739250
22745E State St at N Olden Ave40.226528-74.740041
22749E State St at N. Montgomery St40.220428-74.761681
31966E State St at North Cook Ave40.224938-74.743181
22748E State St at North Stockton St40.220650-74.759592
31733E State St at S Broad St40.220149-74.764280
30703E State St at S Johnston Ave40.231740-74.732021
30704E State St at S Johnston Ave40.231699-74.732322
22740E State St at S. Stockton St40.220598-74.759312
22841E State St at South Cook Ave40.224908-74.743002
31965E State St at South Logan Ave40.228528-74.736960
22747E State St at West Canal St40.220929-74.757323
31554E State Street Ext at Norcross Cir40.240459-74.697712
33010E. Gate Dr 825' E of Harper Dr39.945760-74.956324
29042E. Linden Ave at Urbanowitz Ave40.648277-74.229121
19432Eagle Rock Ave at Barry Dr40.807917-74.253830
19440Eagle Rock Ave at Barry Dr40.808518-74.254052
19434Eagle Rock Ave at Blackburne Ter40.804528-74.251543
19431Eagle Rock Ave at Conforti Ave40.809008-74.254562
19441Eagle Rock Ave at Conforti Ave40.809499-74.255104
19433Eagle Rock Ave at Fitzrandolph Rd40.805999-74.253013
19430Eagle Rock Ave at Mann Ave40.809559-74.256041
19439Eagle Rock Ave at Phyllis Rd40.807449-74.253393
19437Eagle Rock Ave at Robertson Rd40.804868-74.251793
19326Eagle Rock Ave at Roseland Ave40.820830-74.294622
19327Eagle Rock Ave at Roseland Pl40.820728-74.294920
19438Eagle Rock Ave at Terrace Ave40.805879-74.252793
19435Eagle Rock Ave at Woodhull Ave40.803467-74.248921
19436Eagle Rock Ave at Woodhull Ave40.803719-74.249172
28847Earhart Dr at Metroplex Rd40.677639-74.187291
28852Earhart Dr at Metroplex Rd40.677259-74.187252
29296East 2nd St at Berckman St40.627249-74.413691
29309East 2nd St at Berckman St40.626807-74.414193
29534East 2nd St at Farley Ave40.643430-74.401623
29538East 2nd St at Farley Ave40.643309-74.401873
29297East 2nd St at Johnston Ave40.631299-74.410824
29308East 2nd St at Johnston Ave40.631110-74.411103
29299East 2nd St at Leland Ave40.634209-74.408701
29306East 2nd St at Leland Ave40.634168-74.408903
29535East 2nd St at Myrtle Ave40.646609-74.399003
29537East 2nd St at Myrtle Ave40.647039-74.398811
29298East 2nd St at Netherwood Ave40.632759-74.409961
29307East 2nd St at Netherwood Ave40.632737-74.410084
29301East 2nd St at Pine View Ter40.638909-74.405163
29304East 2nd St at Pine View Ter40.639150-74.405122
29300East 2nd St at Reeve Ter40.637240-74.406732
29295East 2nd St at Richmond St40.624119-74.416501
29302East 2nd St at Terrill Rd40.641008-74.403172
29303East 2nd St at Terrill Rd40.640898-74.403462
29533East 2nd St at Terrill Rd40.641588-74.402623
29180East 5th St at Richmond St40.621658-74.413501
29181East 5th St at Richmond St40.621669-74.413692
29179East 5th St at Roosevelt Ave40.619439-74.415871
29375East 5th St at Roosevelt Ave40.619379-74.416131
29178East 5th St at Watchung Ave40.618050-74.417332
27273East 6th St at 5th Ave40.936080-74.161803
27274East 6th St at 5th Ave40.935839-74.162023
27275East 6th St at 6th Ave40.934518-74.162441
18511East 7th Ave at Amity Pl40.751158-74.176943
18516East 7th Ave at Cutler St40.751268-74.177261
18510East 7th Ave at Mt. Prospect Ave40.751347-74.178812
18517East 7th Ave at Mt. Prospect Ave40.751408-74.178543
18513East 7th Ave at Ruggierio Pl40.751090-74.175382
18512East 7th Ave at Ruggierio Pl40.751208-74.175583
18514East 7th Ave at Summer Ave40.751029-74.173841
18515East 7th Ave at Summer Ave40.751120-74.173551
27526East 7th St at 6th Ave40.933918-74.161892
29324East 7th St at Leland Ave40.629400-74.398911
27516East 7th St at Leon St40.929520-74.162351
27525East 7th St at Leon St40.929969-74.162172
29323East 7th St at Marshall Pl40.630838-74.396911
29322East 7th St at Sterling St40.632348-74.394304
29321East 7th St at Terrill Rd40.634168-74.391842
27276East 7th St at Wood St40.932257-74.162023
27277East 7th St at Wood St40.932060-74.162153
27279East 33rd St at 11th Ave40.920869-74.141291
27282East 33rd St at 11th Ave40.921129-74.141331
27283East 33rd St at 12th Ave40.919299-74.141722
27280East 33rd St at Rt 2040.922507-74.140942
27281East 33rd St at Rt 2040.922307-74.141093
27284East 39th St at Vreeland Ave40.903608-74.139281
30327East Blvd 130' S of Park Dr39.496128-75.024981
16991East Blvd at Vietnam Way39.493988-75.025052
29957East Broad St at Bradson Ct40.659258-74.340132
29958East Broad St at Euclid Ave40.655479-74.344361
29959East Broad St at Euclid Ave40.655260-74.344381
29956East Broad St at Jefferson Ave40.660798-74.338512
29961East Broad St at Jefferson Ave40.660729-74.338400
29960East Broad St at South Chestnut St40.658699-74.340541
29962East Broad St at Wychview Dr40.669317-74.332110
29955East Broad St at Wychview Dr40.669528-74.332123
28100East Broadway 519' E of Yorke St39.563089-75.457951
28097East Broadway at Eakin St39.569770-75.464233
28103East Broadway at Ninth St39.569800-75.464073
28098East Broadway at Union St39.566720-75.462210
28102East Broadway at Union St39.566619-75.461982
13655East Forest Ave at Arlington Ave40.892808-73.999030
13660East Forest Ave at Arlington Ave40.892770-73.998762
13657East Forest Ave at Lorraine Ave40.891148-73.994504
13658East Forest Ave at Lorraine Ave40.891249-73.994462
13661East Forest Ave at Overlook Ave40.893669-74.001194
13654East Forest Ave at Teaneck Rd40.893628-74.001270
13659East Forest Ave at Tuxedo Ave40.891910-73.996302
13656East Forest Ave at Tuxedo Sq40.891918-73.996592
29233East Front St 75' E of Somerset St40.618880-74.423712
29222East Front St at Academy Ave40.640520-74.407791
29229East Front St at Berckman St40.627747-74.415680
29212East Front St at Berckman St40.627778-74.415493
29218East Front St at Berkeley Ter40.639210-74.408682
29223East Front St at Berkeley Ter40.639128-74.408831
25177East Front St at Buena Pl40.355099-74.055702
29228East Front St at Farragut Rd40.629778-74.414333
29213East Front St at Farragut Rd40.629468-74.414361
25188East Front St at Fisher Pl40.355770-74.054252
25185East Front St at Harrison St40.355849-74.053852
25184East Front St at High St40.354948-74.055801
29214East Front St at Johnston Ave40.632039-74.413133
29227East Front St at Johnston Ave40.631899-74.413303
25186East Front St at Lake Ave40.356619-74.052213
29216East Front St at Leland Ave40.635919-74.410981
29225East Front St at Leland Ave40.635428-74.411443
29224East Front St at Leland Ct40.636749-74.410592
25179East Front St at N Washington St, Hospital40.353219-74.062040
29215East Front St at Netherwood Ave40.634069-74.412161
29226East Front St at Netherwood Ave40.633998-74.412302
29230East Front St at Norwood Ave40.624180-74.418252
29208East Front St at Park Ave40.618828-74.423543
29219East Front St at Pine View Ter40.640758-74.407454
25178East Front St at Prospect Ave40.354098-74.057951
29211East Front St at Richmond Ave40.624708-74.417584
29231East Front St at Roosevelt Ave40.621598-74.420834
29210East Front St at Roosevelt Ave40.621987-74.420293
29217East Front St at Sumner Ave40.637670-74.409824
25183East Front St at Throckmorton Ave40.353408-74.058841
25182East Front St at Washington St, Hospital40.353087-74.061891
14607East Gate Rd at Harper Dr39.945099-74.956024
14606East Gate Rd at Harper Dr39.945488-74.956363
32516East Hazelwood Ave at Frontage Road40.599218-74.271454
32517East Hazelwood Ave at Frontage Road40.599339-74.271391
29382East Hazelwood Ave at Hopkinson St40.599788-74.261790
29381East Hazelwood Ave at Hopkinson St40.599747-74.261441
29383East Hazelwood Ave at Lawrence St40.598739-74.269062
29384East Hazelwood Ave at Leesville Ave40.600030-74.274001
29379East Hazelwood Ave at Leesville Ave40.599808-74.273581
29380East Hazelwood Ave at Whelan Pl40.598659-74.267803
28585East Jersey St at Catherine St40.663368-74.209072
28565East Jersey St at Catherine St40.663059-74.208461
28564East Jersey St at East Scott Pl40.663730-74.210492
28587East Jersey St at Jefferson Ave40.664949-74.213243
28563East Jersey St at Jefferson Ave40.664557-74.212560
28586East Jersey St at Madison Ave40.664018-74.210900
28584East Jersey St at US 1 & 940.662798-74.207362
25462East Main Ave at Front St40.875199-74.480843
25461East Main Ave at Front St40.875188-74.480970
25463East Main Ave at Manor Rd40.880918-74.479673
25460East Main Ave at Manor Rd40.880729-74.479812
25459East Main Ave at Menagh Ave40.887418-74.479370
25464East Main Ave at Richwood Pl40.886349-74.479493
27005East Main St 528' E of Van Ness Ave40.878918-74.221472
14371East Main St at Bettlewood Rd39.887027-74.909632
14364East Main St at Bettlewood Rd39.887370-74.910053
27006East Main St at Cedar Grove Rd40.877918-74.219243
14368East Main St at Cooper Ave39.890798-74.919282
14367East Main St at Cooper Ave39.890869-74.919211
27009East Main St at Hopson Ave40.877918-74.218920
14370East Main St at Plymouth Dr39.888918-74.913382
32613East Main St at S William St40.927897-73.994711
27010East Main St at Turnbury Rd40.878608-74.220620
27004East Main St at Van Ness Ave40.880269-74.223514
27011East Main St at Van Ness Ave40.880198-74.223261
20058East Mantua Ave at North Clinton Ave39.791269-75.149152
20063East Mantua Ave at South East Ave39.791148-75.149900
20059East Mantua Ave at South Princeton Ave39.791389-75.146203
20062East Mantua Ave at South Princeton Ave39.791280-75.146491
20060East Mantua Ave at Woodbury-Glassboro Rd39.791510-75.141842
20061East Mantua Ave at Woodbury-Glassboro Rd39.791378-75.141613
29385East Milton Ave at Broad St40.605869-74.276982
17957East Northfield Rd 415' E of Burnet St40.773360-74.320703
17970East Northfield Rd 415' E of Burnet St40.773579-74.320813
17960East Northfield Rd at Chestnut Street40.771609-74.310420
17966East Northfield Rd at Chestnut Street40.771749-74.309992
17962East Northfield Rd at East Cedar Street40.770858-74.301783
17964East Northfield Rd at East Cedar Street40.770869-74.300990
17959East Northfield Rd at Heron Road40.772478-74.315721
17968East Northfield Rd at Heron Road40.772617-74.315293
17967East Northfield Rd at Northfield Court40.771960-74.311901
17963East Northfield Rd at Old Short Hills Rd40.770389-74.300180
17958East Northfield Rd at Swan Road40.772938-74.318322
17969East Northfield Rd at Swan Road40.773108-74.318111
17961East Northfield Rd at Sycamore Road40.771439-74.308681
17965East Northfield Rd at Sycamore Road40.771598-74.308383
95037East Orange40.760977-74.210464
22216East Park Ave at Field Ave40.201600-74.720622
22199East Park Ave at Field Ave40.201868-74.720592
32264East Park Ave at Ridge Ave40.203595-74.719152
14677East Park Dr at Fellowship Rd39.936958-74.955713
14676East Park Dr at Fellowship Rd39.936898-74.956321
17209East Passaic Ave at West Passaic Ave40.834690-74.172520
17210East Passaic Ave at West Passaic Ave40.834378-74.172683
13341East Ridgewood Ave at North Irving St40.977729-74.110260
13342East Ridgewood Ave at North Maple Ave40.978719-74.113541
13339East Ridgewood Ave at North Pleasant Ave40.975189-74.100052
30504East Ridgewood Ave at Pershing Ave40.974049-74.096073
30505East Ridgewood Ave at Pershing Ave40.974189-74.096253
13336East Ridgewood Ave at South Irving St40.977469-74.109552
13335East Ridgewood Ave at South Maple Ave40.978590-74.113422
13338East Ridgewood Ave at South Pleasant Ave40.974970-74.099310
13337East Ridgewood Ave at South Van Dien Ave40.976039-74.103773
25229East River Rd at Black Point Rd40.372160-73.999730
25221East River Rd at Black Point Rd40.372009-73.999531
25231East River Rd at Lakeside Ave40.375418-74.002312
25230East River Rd at North St40.373390-74.000703
25220East River Rd at Ward Ln40.373889-74.000952
25219East River Rd at Wilson Circle40.376040-74.002732
18733Eastbound Market St Under Bridge40.733779-74.164461
17812Eastern Pkwy at 15th Ave40.741208-74.214883
17810Eastern Pkwy at 18th Ave40.735709-74.218642
17809Eastern Pkwy at Argyle Terrace40.733399-74.220210
17808Eastern Pkwy at Berkley Terrace40.732198-74.221033
17811Eastern Pkwy at Grove Terrace40.738369-74.216843
17807Eastern Pkwy at North Maple Ave40.729269-74.223301
23433Easton Ave at Bristol St40.500078-74.454763
23434Easton Ave at Hamilton St40.498349-74.450342
23430Easton Ave at Prosper St40.499388-74.452731
23429Easton Ave at Somerset St40.497689-74.448033
32603Easton Transportation Center40.689398-75.209163
16358Echelon Rd at Abitare Blvd39.854109-74.998323
16326Echelon Rd at Bibbs Rd39.848209-74.990423
16354Echelon Rd at Laurel Rd39.851448-74.997591
16327Echelon Rd at Van Buren Rd39.849028-74.995511
16328Echelon Rd at Van Buren Rd39.848919-74.994943
29010Edgar Rd 600' N of Willow Glade Rd.40.636670-74.233633
29016Edgar Rd 700' N of Willow Glade Rd.40.638138-74.233214
29009Edgar Rd 1050' N of West Brook Dr.40.633990-74.236140
29013Edgar Rd at Bacheller Ave40.647518-74.224972
29124Edgar Rd at Bacheller Ave40.647899-74.224271
29006Edgar Rd at Clinton St40.627347-74.242402
29018Edgar Rd at Clinton St40.627698-74.242453
28590Edgar Rd at Garden St40.653018-74.220712
28592Edgar Rd at Garden St40.652988-74.220853
28589Edgar Rd at Gibbons Ct40.651810-74.221403
29011Edgar Rd at Gilchrist Ave40.644088-74.227531
29015Edgar Rd at Gilchrist Ave40.643619-74.228283
29017Edgar Rd at Industrial Lane40.629978-74.240322
28594Edgar Rd at Kenneth Ave40.649560-74.223113
28591Edgar Rd at Lidgerwood Ave40.654328-74.219962
28593Edgar Rd at South Elmora Ave40.650927-74.222081
29008Edgar Rd at West Brook Dr40.632039-74.238012
29007Edgar Rd at Woodlawn Ave40.628539-74.241332
11378Edgewater Commons at Acme Bus Stop40.811869-73.984153
27712Edison Dr at Riverview Dr40.911878-74.244950
27711Edison Dr at Riverview Dr40.911870-74.244533
95038Edison Station40.519148-74.410972
22461Educational Testing Services Bus Stop40.348108-74.715720
26071Edwards Rd at Sagamore Ave40.862739-74.364801
25989Edwards Rd at Sagamore Rd40.862638-74.364581
25990Edwards Rd at Sweetwoods Ct40.868809-74.368991
26070Edwards Rd at Winfield Dr40.868899-74.369273
95039Egg Harbor39.526441-74.648028
30414Egg Harbor City Rail Station39.526638-74.648191
30413Egg Harbor City Rail Station39.526619-74.647953
19998Egg Harbor Rd 135' W of County House Rd.39.779409-75.097093
19992Egg Harbor Rd 335' W of Grenloch-Hurfville Rd39.765929-75.086270
10608Egg Harbor Rd 350' W of US 3039.617308-74.775032
10607Egg Harbor Rd at Bellevue Ave39.634728-74.803491
10610Egg Harbor Rd at Bellevue Ave39.634898-74.803622
20004Egg Harbor Rd at Bently Dr39.753398-75.078313
10617Egg Harbor Rd at Cherry St39.632878-74.800053
19995Egg Harbor Rd at County House Rd39.779318-75.096643
20002Egg Harbor Rd at Golfview Dr39.760928-75.084221
19991Egg Harbor Rd at Golfview Dr39.760808-75.083900
19988Egg Harbor Rd at Greentree Rd39.749348-75.074952
20005Egg Harbor Rd at Greentree Rd39.749140-75.074973
20001Egg Harbor Rd at Grenloch-Hurfville Rd39.765288-75.086090
19986Egg Harbor Rd at Heather Rd39.743618-75.070422
20007Egg Harbor Rd at Heather Rd39.743980-75.070933
10619Egg Harbor Rd at Lakeview Ave39.621829-74.781473
10620Egg Harbor Rd at Lakeview Ave39.622139-74.782081
10622Egg Harbor Rd at Line St39.633128-74.800650
19999Egg Harbor Rd at Long Bow Dr39.774339-75.092422
19994Egg Harbor Rd at Long Bow Dr39.775030-75.092723
19993Egg Harbor Rd at Mount Pleasant Way39.772150-75.090683
10621Egg Harbor Rd at Park Ave39.628847-74.793060
10618Egg Harbor Rd at Park Ave39.628968-74.793312
20006Egg Harbor Rd at Pembrook Dr39.746317-75.072731
19987Egg Harbor Rd at Pembrook Dr39.746098-75.072371
19997Egg Harbor Rd at Ronald Lane39.782330-75.100510
19996Egg Harbor Rd at Ronald Lane39.782508-75.100503
20000Egg Harbor Rd at Saddlebrook Dr39.772407-75.091083
20003Egg Harbor Rd at Talon Ct39.756969-75.081152
19990Egg Harbor Rd at Talon Ct39.756697-75.080791
19989Egg Harbor Rd at Trent Rd39.753968-75.078621
10609Egg Harbor Rd at US 3039.615669-74.772662
17972Eisenhower Parkway at Beaufort Ave40.799149-74.341140
17973Eisenhower Parkway at Dorsa Ave40.808709-74.338192
17974Eisenhower Parkway at Dorsa Ave40.808589-74.338603
17975Eisenhower Parkway at Executive Parkway40.799639-74.341411
17976Eisenhower Parkway at Walnut St40.787738-74.350161
17971Eisenhower Parkway at Walnut St40.787368-74.350193
30053Elder Ave at Frost Ave40.698019-75.178991
28545Elizabeth Arch40.666720-74.214901
29021Elizabeth Ave 460' S of N. Wood Ave.40.629770-74.253210
32660Elizabeth Ave 536' N of Donaldson Pl.40.628079-74.255003
29024Elizabeth Ave at Bowers St40.636648-74.246012
18520Elizabeth Ave at Chancellor Ave40.702239-74.210093
18551Elizabeth Ave at Chancellor Ave40.702469-74.209791
18534Elizabeth Ave at Clinton Ave40.722728-74.187561
18535Elizabeth Ave at Clinton Ave40.722648-74.187840
18545Elizabeth Ave at Custer Ave40.709048-74.200291
18532Elizabeth Ave at E Alpine St40.718798-74.189703
18529Elizabeth Ave at E Peddie St40.712910-74.193631
18530Elizabeth Ave at E Runyon St40.714899-74.192120
29387Elizabeth Ave at East Grand Ave40.611558-74.272792
18522Elizabeth Ave at Goldsmith Ave40.704248-74.207473
18519Elizabeth Ave at Grumman Ave40.700978-74.212690
18552Elizabeth Ave at Grumman Ave40.700959-74.212940
18528Elizabeth Ave at Hawthorne Ave40.712400-74.194370
18542Elizabeth Ave at Hawthorne Ave40.712238-74.194723
29388Elizabeth Ave at Jackson Ave40.612890-74.271343
29390Elizabeth Ave at Jackson Ave40.612550-74.271931
18547Elizabeth Ave at Lehigh Ave40.706999-74.203501
29025Elizabeth Ave at Lincoln St40.639037-74.243482
29036Elizabeth Ave at Lincoln St40.638640-74.244060
29040Elizabeth Ave at Lumber St40.628249-74.255001
18523Elizabeth Ave at Lyons Ave40.705538-74.206021
18548Elizabeth Ave at Lyons Ave40.705788-74.205903
29038Elizabeth Ave at Maple Ave40.633798-74.249141
29022Elizabeth Ave at Maple Ave40.633899-74.248913
29029Elizabeth Ave at Mckinley St40.647009-74.235072
29032Elizabeth Ave at Mckinley St40.646918-74.235372
18526Elizabeth Ave at Meeker Ave40.709098-74.198472
18544Elizabeth Ave at Meeker Ave40.709229-74.198680
29019Elizabeth Ave at N Stiles St40.626358-74.256763
29041Elizabeth Ave at N Stiles St40.626079-74.257293
29039Elizabeth Ave at North Wood Ave40.630427-74.252713
29031Elizabeth Ave at Park Ave40.649398-74.232733
18533Elizabeth Ave at Poinier St40.720508-74.188781
18536Elizabeth Ave at Poinier St40.720418-74.189061
18549Elizabeth Ave at Pomona Ave40.704738-74.207193
18525Elizabeth Ave at Renner Ave40.707610-74.202233
18546Elizabeth Ave at Renner Ave40.707980-74.202063
29037Elizabeth Ave at Roselle St40.635349-74.247512
29023Elizabeth Ave at Roselle St40.635519-74.247182
29028Elizabeth Ave at Sherman St40.645028-74.237182
29033Elizabeth Ave at Sherman St40.644929-74.237443
29027Elizabeth Ave at St. Marks St40.642879-74.239432
29034Elizabeth Ave at St. Marks St40.643079-74.239383
31692Elizabeth Ave at Stanton St40.717489-74.190433
18524Elizabeth Ave at Stengel Ave40.706349-74.204523
18521Elizabeth Ave at Vassar Ave40.703330-74.208513
18550Elizabeth Ave at Vassar Ave40.703609-74.208412
18537Elizabeth Ave at W Alpine St40.719009-74.189821
18539Elizabeth Ave at W Bigelow St40.716688-74.191122
18541Elizabeth Ave at W Peddie St40.713359-74.193380
29026Elizabeth Ave at W. Baltimore Ave40.641377-74.241021
29035Elizabeth Ave at W. Baltimore Ave40.641279-74.241293
18527Elizabeth Ave at Watson Ave40.709720-74.197421
18543Elizabeth Ave at Watson Ave40.709939-74.197382
18538Elizabeth Ave at West Bigelow St40.717069-74.190861
29391Elizabeth Ave at West Grand Ave40.611158-74.273460
29389Elizabeth Ave at West Scott Ave40.613849-74.270471
19721Ellis Ave at Church St39.702829-75.116282
19722Ellis Ave at Oakwood Ave39.702980-75.116083
19720Ellis Ave at Sewell Rd39.699670-75.123641
30679Ellis St at Snowden Ave39.896838-75.029931
30678Ellis St at Walnut St39.896709-75.030013
27286Ellison St at Church St40.917199-74.170162
27285Ellison St at City Hall40.917268-74.172091
25814Elm St at Altamont Ct40.794128-74.475010
21333Elm St at Bellville Tpke40.778468-74.132273
30786Elm St at Bellville Tpke40.778399-74.132524
31142Elm St at Blachley Pl40.795699-74.474081
21330Elm St at Columbia Ave40.770650-74.139752
29938Elm St at Dudley Ave40.655388-74.355032
29937Elm St at Dudley Ave40.655268-74.354570
29939Elm St at E Broad St40.652158-74.349120
29936Elm St at E Broad St40.652308-74.349133
18175Elm St at Elmwood Ave40.807347-74.215533
25813Elm St at Franklin St40.793517-74.475232
18178Elm St at Hawthorne Pl40.807438-74.215691
21331Elm St at Laurel Ave40.771938-74.138532
21262Elm St at Laurel Ave40.772119-74.138512
18173Elm St at Lincoln St40.803689-74.218673
18180Elm St at Llewellyn St40.803108-74.219363
21269Elm St at Seeley Ave40.776758-74.134073
21268Elm St at Seeley Ave40.776550-74.134112
21270Elm St at Stewart Ave40.773878-74.136853
21332Elm St at Stuyvesant Ave40.774810-74.135782
21261Elm St at Stuyvesant Ave40.774818-74.135941
18177Elm St at Union St40.809170-74.214022
18176Elm St at Washington St40.808909-74.214072
28597Elmora Ave at Bailey Ave40.669849-74.231473
28595Elmora Ave at Livingston Rd40.667339-74.233561
28599Elmora Ave at Livingston Rd40.667248-74.233782
28596Elmora Ave at Magie Ave40.669049-74.232200
28598Elmora Ave at Magie Ave40.668619-74.232721
15802Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center39.789378-75.072461
24560Elton-Adelphia & Jackson Mills Rds40.221398-74.270512
24559Elton-Adelphia & Jackson Mills Rds40.221247-74.270502
12711Empire Blvd 770' W of Central Blvd.40.832380-74.046952
13845Engle St at Bliss Ave40.910538-73.964320
13837Engle St at Bliss Ave40.910269-73.964320
11531Engle St at Chestnut St40.898848-73.969971
13841Engle St at Coppell Dr40.916758-73.961273
11534Engle St at Davidson Place40.903709-73.967502
11535Engle St at Davison Pl40.905668-73.966561
11530Engle St at Demarest Ave40.896960-73.970882
11533Engle St at Glenwood Rd40.902218-73.968263
11532Engle St at Hamilton Ave40.900758-73.969001
13840Engle St at Howard Park Dr40.915788-73.961733
11536Engle St at Hudson Ave40.908850-73.964982
13844Engle St at Oak St40.913149-73.963130
13838Engle St at Oak St40.912788-73.963153
11528Engle St at Palisade Ave40.893718-73.972511
13843Engle St at South Park Dr40.914750-73.962382
13839Engle St at South Park Dr40.914498-73.962342
11529Engle St at Spring Lane40.895129-73.971803
13842Engle St at Westvelt Ave40.916528-73.961541
11539Englewood Ave at Brookway Ave40.896088-73.983952
11538Englewood Ave at Cottage Pl40.895949-73.982953
11537Englewood Ave at Park Ave40.895990-73.983351
23625Englishtown & Collins Rds40.390138-74.358832
23638Englishtown & Collins Rds40.390289-74.359032
21553Enterprise Ave N at American Way40.782219-74.069821
21563Enterprise Ave South 260' N of Metro Way40.775040-74.072661
21562Enterprise Ave South 396' N of Metro Way40.774689-74.072972
21564Enterprise Ave South 466' S of Secaucus Rd.40.778128-74.071041
21561Enterprise Ave South 466' S of Secaucus Rd40.777248-74.071623
21558Enterprise Ave at American Way40.781940-74.070081
32009Enterprise Ave at Plum St40.238527-74.738961
21647Enterprise Ave at Secaucus Rd40.778747-74.069792
21654Enterprise Ave at Secaucus Rd40.779517-74.071982
21552Enterprise Ave at Secaucus Rd40.780038-74.070981
21560Enterprise Ave at Secaucus Rd40.780038-74.071082
30874Entertainment Center Light Rail Station39.940940-75.128473
16325Entrance Between Macy's & Boscov's39.850409-75.002823
28463Entrance Dr. - Smg at Mountain Ave40.679188-74.413211
16404Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) 125' S of Villa Knoll39.704199-74.945423
16393Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) 150' S of Villa Knoll39.704547-74.945563
16405Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) 205' N of Seven Cause39.701240-74.943302
16399Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Andrews Rd39.720178-74.956770
16398Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Andrews Rd39.720498-74.956881
16401Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Eden Hollow Ln39.711368-74.950583
16396Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Eden Hollow Ln39.711828-74.950711
33129Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Lampart Avenue39.774638-75.002613
33130Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Lampart Avenue39.774638-75.002613
16400Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Lehigh Manor Dr39.716289-74.954102
16397Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Lehigh Manor Dr39.716610-74.954152
16392Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Seven Causeways39.701270-74.943213
16402Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Vanderbilt Ct39.708499-74.948550
16395Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Vanderbilt Ct39.708808-74.948600
16403Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Victoria Manor Ct39.706668-74.947231
16394Erial New Brooklyn Rd (CR 706) at Victoria Manor Ct39.706898-74.947203
16225Erial Rd at 2nd Ave39.791899-74.989593
16226Erial Rd at 2nd Ave39.791828-74.989700
16224Erial Rd at 4th Ave39.789699-74.990261
16227Erial Rd at 4th Ave39.789948-74.990272
16223Erial Rd at 6th Ave39.787819-74.990832
16228Erial Rd at 6th Ave39.788200-74.990801
15613Erial Rd at Audubon Ave39.801188-74.989591
15612Erial Rd at Berlin Rd39.805058-74.990420
16222Erial Rd at Branch Ave39.783988-74.992232
16229Erial Rd at Branch Ave39.783749-74.992703
16221Erial Rd at Cloverdale Ave39.781968-74.994473
16230Erial Rd at Cloverdale Ave39.782168-74.994373
16220Erial Rd at Spring St39.780699-74.995872
16231Erial Rd at Spring St39.780699-74.996061
15615Erial Rd at Tomilson Ave39.796678-74.988433
15616Erial Rd at West Evanson Ave39.794719-74.988812
15611Erial Rd at Woodland Ave39.798829-74.988882
15614Erial Rd at Woodland Ave39.798958-74.989010
15742Erial-Clementon Rd at Bromley Dr39.778367-74.998411
15743Erial-Clementon Rd at Bromley Dr39.778250-74.998671
15745Erial-Clementon Rd at Pleasant View Rd39.774830-75.002553
15740Erial-Clementon Rd at Sawood Dr39.774539-75.002741
15741Erial-Clementon Rd at Shultz Ave39.776178-75.000801
15744Erial-Clementon Rd at Shultz Ave39.776359-75.000733
27867Erie Ave at Mountain View Blvd40.914380-74.267770
17374Erie Loop40.776119-74.238420
17390Erie Loop40.775969-74.237821
30255Ernston Rd at Center Avenue40.457108-74.303001
23918Ernston Rd at Gondek Dr40.462668-74.278701
23925Ernston Rd at Gondek Dr40.462690-74.278351
23920Ernston Rd at Mini Mall Dr40.454088-74.295062
23923Ernston Rd at Mini Mall Dr40.454568-74.293253
23924Ernston Rd at Nathan Dr40.458229-74.285333
23919Ernston Rd at Nathan Dr40.458519-74.285103
23679Ernston Rd at Rutgers Rd40.457809-74.304792
23922Ernston Rd at Singer Ct40.459108-74.307632
23921Ernston Rd at Singer Ct40.459248-74.307671
23680Ernston Rd at Villanova Rd40.456508-74.301944
30254Ernston Rd at Washington Rd40.463759-74.313473
19544Essex Green Shopping Center40.792418-74.254433
19539Essex Green Shopping Center40.790969-74.254741
19409Essex Mall / Clinton Rd Stop40.852880-74.297373
12099Essex St 150' W of Easterly Arcadia Rd40.885848-74.062603
12112Essex St at Easterly Arcadia Rd40.885829-74.062371
12105Essex St at Green St40.878808-74.050863
13450Essex St at High St40.893658-74.075504
18095Essex St at Holmes St40.725279-74.303863
12102Essex St at Hospital Dr40.882508-74.057002
12106Essex St at Huyler St40.878310-74.047730
12604Essex St at Maybrook Dr40.888268-74.066502
12462Essex St at Maywood Ave40.889090-74.068191
12605Essex St at Maywood Ave40.889309-74.068203
12107Essex St at Newman St40.880389-74.053202
12108Essex St at Polifly Rd40.881450-74.054960
12103Essex St at Polifly Rd40.881080-74.054610
12101Essex St at Prospect Ave, Medical Ctr40.883058-74.057952
12104Essex St at Railroad Ave40.879510-74.052013
13451Essex St at Rochelle Ave40.895039-74.078053
12460Essex St at Rochelle Ave40.894628-74.077362
30525Essex St at Route 17 South Exit Ramp40.892227-74.073481
30596Essex St at Route 17 South Exit Ramp40.892110-74.072920
12100Essex St at Summit Ave40.883889-74.059373
12111Essex St at Summit Ave40.884640-74.060331
32856Essex St at Union St40.878400-74.049291
30293Essex St at University Medical Ctr40.883009-74.057590
12113Essex St at Westerly Arcadia Rd40.887048-74.064353
95043Essex Street40.878973-74.051893
30834Essex Street Light Rail Station40.712838-74.036082
31330Estates Blvd at Whitehorse Mercerville Rd40.228668-74.687701
31331Estates Blvd at Whitehorse Mercerville Rd40.228849-74.688070
31334Esther St at Albert Ave40.737139-74.134092
18554Euclid Ave at Lockwood St40.735339-74.132901
14363Evans Rd at Dominion Dr39.880418-74.908870
14362Evans Rd at Dominion Dr39.880327-74.909142
17499Evergreen Pl 200' N of Central Ave40.761089-74.222662
17504Evergreen Pl 260' N of Central Ave.40.761070-74.222861
17501Evergreen Pl at Freeway Dr40.764739-74.219861
17502Evergreen Pl at Halsted Pl40.763939-74.220730
17503Evergreen Pl at Harvard St40.762780-74.221632
17500Evergreen Pl at Harvard St40.762928-74.221323
23106Evergreen Rd at Meadow Brook Rd40.557769-74.336942
23107Evergreen Rd at Meadow Brook Rd40.557758-74.337191
14373Eves Dr at East Stow Rd39.912539-74.929363
14374Eves Dr at East Stow Rd39.912509-74.929670
14375Eves Dr at West Stow Rd39.911638-74.934071
14372Eves Dr at West Stow Rd39.911377-74.934332
31572Evesham Rd (CR 544) at Carnie Blvd39.864889-74.959353
31571Evesham Rd (CR 544) at Carnie Blvd.39.864749-74.959121
16329Evesham Rd at Holly Oak Dr39.863678-74.963033
15582Evesham Rd at Main St39.868180-74.947503
15407Evesham Rd at Short Hill Rd39.862877-74.966631
16330Evesham Rd at White Horse Rd39.860567-74.974350
22547Ewing St at Mt. Lucas Rd40.370718-74.659401
22546Ewing St at Mt. Lucas Rd40.371107-74.659623
21967Ewingville Rd at Eggerts Crossing Rd40.267689-74.761563
21965Ewingville Rd at Eggerts Crossing Rd40.268660-74.762060
21970Ewingville Rd at Heath St40.259118-74.761792
21962Ewingville Rd at Heath St40.258589-74.761890
21969Ewingville Rd at Sherbrooke Rd40.260239-74.761101
21963Ewingville Rd at Sherbrooke Rd40.261159-74.760481
21968Ewingville Rd at Whitehead Rd. Extension40.262568-74.760112
21964Ewingville Rd at Whitehead Rd. Extension40.262708-74.759921
30833Exchange Place Light Rail Station40.716009-74.034092
23105Executive Ave at Corporation Row40.495990-74.377452
28462Exit Dr. - Smg at Mountain Ave40.679270-74.413362
31892Export St at Tyler St40.689998-74.143560
18559Fabyan Pl at Beverley St40.721810-74.216091
18561Fabyan Pl at Beverley St40.721988-74.216082
18560Fabyan Pl at Clinton Ave40.723158-74.215152
18918Fabyan Pl at Clinton Ave40.723408-74.215033
18562Fabyan Pl at Hawthorne Ave40.720897-74.217163
18558Fabyan Pl at Hawthorne Ave40.720659-74.217271
18556Fabyan Pl at Loretto St40.717568-74.220083
18564Fabyan Pl at Loretto St40.717700-74.220052
18557Fabyan Pl at Nye Ave40.719779-74.217970
18563Fabyan Pl at Nye Ave40.719968-74.217903
11670Fair Lawn Ave at 20th St40.938648-74.122401
11666Fair Lawn Ave at Arnold St40.936368-74.130742
11667Fair Lawn Ave at Burbank St40.937149-74.127932
11669Fair Lawn Ave at Chandler Dr40.938349-74.123573
11686Fair Lawn Ave at Chandler Dr40.938448-74.123611
11687Fair Lawn Ave at Elmary Pl40.937319-74.127651
11688Fair Lawn Ave at Elmwood Pl40.936858-74.129332
11665Fair Lawn Ave at George St40.935899-74.132412
11668Fair Lawn Ave at Orchard St40.937568-74.126422
11689Fair Lawn Ave at Parmalee Ave40.935948-74.132640
11685Fair Lawn Ave at Pollitt Dr40.938839-74.122203
17740Fairfield Ave at Lincoln Dr40.867379-74.282583
19411Fairfield Crescent at Fairfield Ave40.865488-74.284971
19412Fairfield Crescent at Fairfield Place40.865899-74.290000
19414Fairfield Pl 122' S of Fairfield Ave.40.863370-74.286360
19413Fairfield Pl 830' S of Fairfield Ave.40.864389-74.288452
17735Fairfield Rd at Appet Ct40.880359-74.288790
17733Fairfield Rd at Gloria Ln40.875928-74.296221
17732Fairfield Rd at Kulick Rd40.874818-74.297793
17734Fairfield Rd at Spielman Rd40.877430-74.294163
20709Fairmount Ave at Bergen Ave40.724238-74.069413
20711Fairmount Ave at Bergen Ave40.724408-74.069371
10118Fairmount Ave at California Ave39.358237-74.446683
10116Fairmount Ave at Florida Ave39.359268-74.444160
10119Fairmount Ave at Iowa Ave39.357708-74.448030
28626Fairmount Ave at Jefferson Ave40.675469-74.206743
28628Fairmount Ave at Jefferson Ave40.675658-74.206950
10115Fairmount Ave at Mississippi Ave39.360279-74.441662
10114Fairmount Ave at Missouri Ave39.360747-74.440500
20710Fairmount Ave at Monticello Ave40.723238-74.069082
10120Fairmount Ave at Morris Ave39.356829-74.450183
28625Fairmount Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.676258-74.209621
28629Fairmount Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.676409-74.209800
10122Fairmount Ave at Providence Ave39.354998-74.454721
10121Fairmount Ave at Sovereign Ave39.355719-74.452951
11824Fairview Ave at Broad Ave40.820698-74.008321
11831Fairview Ave at Burdett Pl40.820638-74.006783
11828Fairview Ave at Grant St40.810888-74.001313
32373Fairview Ave at Grant St40.809849-74.000530
31337Fairview Ave at Harding Pl40.812738-74.002631
11861Fairview Ave at Linwood Ave40.863518-73.967673
11825Fairview Ave at Maple St40.820419-74.005891
11826Fairview Ave at Prospect Ave40.817618-74.004394
11830Fairview Ave at Prospect Ave40.817728-74.004331
11829Fairview Ave at Wendell Pl40.813239-74.002661
15085Fairview St at Arnold St39.913899-75.106150
15090Fairview St at Arnold St39.914019-75.105793
15087Fairview St at Denfield St39.913888-75.102702
15088Fairview St at Denfield St39.913970-75.102463
15086Fairview St at Patton St39.913918-75.104442
15089Fairview St at Patton St39.913989-75.104253
29519Faitoute Ave at Seaton Ave40.661258-74.276963
29521Faitoute Ave at W Colfax Ave40.666199-74.279963
29522Faitoute Ave at W Colfax Ave40.666067-74.280022
29520Faitoute Ave at Webster Ave40.663330-74.278223
29523Faitoute Ave at Webster Ave40.663130-74.278261
95045Far Hills40.685710-74.633734
10611Farley Service Plaza39.550640-74.735103
10612Farley Service Plaza39.550440-74.735892
14163Farnsworth Ave at Burlington St40.144377-74.710542
14171Farnsworth Ave at Park St40.148548-74.713592
13128Farview Ave at Ardale Ct40.914928-74.070720
13153Farview Ave at Ardale Ct40.915128-74.070812
13137Farview Ave at Arnot Pl40.944079-74.059413
13144Farview Ave at Arnot Pl40.944147-74.059532
13132Farview Ave at Century Rd40.928489-74.065581
13149Farview Ave at Century Rd40.927889-74.066020
13131Farview Ave at Colgate Ave40.926127-74.066372
13150Farview Ave at Colgate Ave40.926218-74.066524
13136Farview Ave at Concord Dr40.941070-74.060572
13145Farview Ave at Concord Dr40.940780-74.060862
13148Farview Ave at Harmon Dr40.931989-74.064402
13135Farview Ave at Heights Rd40.937847-74.061901
13146Farview Ave at Heights Rd40.937349-74.062252
13051Farview Ave at Homestead Rd40.954497-74.058333
13116Farview Ave at Jerome Ave40.953738-74.058462
13133Farview Ave at Lawrence Dr40.932918-74.063831
13107Farview Ave at Mckinley Blvd40.953018-74.058091
13049Farview Ave at Midland Ave40.947038-74.058181
13143Farview Ave at Midland Ave40.947348-74.058243
13130Farview Ave at Prospect St40.922568-74.067440
13151Farview Ave at Prospect St40.922379-74.067642
13129Farview Ave at Route 4 Overpass40.920249-74.068311
13050Farview Ave at Sweet Briar Pl40.951360-74.057502
13117Farview Ave at Sweet Briar Pl40.950760-74.057474
13106Farview Ave at Sweet Briar Pl40.950919-74.057341
13134Farview Ave at Wyoming Dr40.934967-74.063033
13147Farview Ave at Wyoming Rd40.934748-74.063260
15094Federal St 40' W of Cooper St39.943959-75.110830
15115Federal St at 27th St39.946458-75.086603
15100Federal St at 27th St39.946379-75.086103
15113Federal St at Church Ave39.946919-75.082333
15121Federal St at Cooper St39.944118-75.110552
15092Federal St at Haddon Ave39.944020-75.116302
15120Federal St at N 15th St39.944228-75.103082
15118Federal St at N 19th St39.945138-75.096762
15114Federal St at N 28th St39.946648-75.084913
15109Federal St at N 35th St39.947787-75.073904
15112Federal St at N Dudley St39.947119-75.080211
15119Federal St at N. 17th St39.944669-75.100002
15117Federal St at N. 21st St39.945669-75.093053
15116Federal St at N. 26th St39.946160-75.089291
15110Federal St at N. 32nd St39.947557-75.076141
15093Federal St at S 10th St39.943959-75.113293
15095Federal St at S 16th St39.944269-75.101881
15096Federal St at S 17th St39.944529-75.100263
15097Federal St at S 19th St39.945069-75.096483
15098Federal St at S 21st St39.945560-75.092842
15111Federal St at S 31st St39.947259-75.078931
15104Federal St at S 31st St39.947228-75.078141
15105Federal St at S 33rd St39.947489-75.075722
15103Federal St at S Dudley St39.946938-75.080632
15091Federal St at S. 5th St39.944080-75.121743
15099Federal St at S. 26th St39.946119-75.088644
15101Federal St at S. 29th St39.946689-75.083073
15102Federal St at S. 30th St39.946817-75.081761
15106Federal St at S. 35th St39.947708-75.073710
15107Federal St at Terrace Ave39.947919-75.071913
15108Federal St at Terrace Ave39.948029-75.071731
14647Fellowship Rd & Century Parkway39.928227-74.962242
14652Fellowship Rd & Century Parkway39.928869-74.962003
31467Fellowship Rd at E Park Dr39.936848-74.956803
14649Fellowship Rd at East Gate Dr39.942797-74.952812
14650Fellowship Rd at East Gate Dr39.942669-74.953073
14694Fellowship Rd at Pleasant Valley Ave39.947418-74.949981
14648Fellowship Rd at West Park Dr39.934749-74.958191
14651Fellowship Rd at West Park Dr39.934670-74.958352
23108Fernwood Rd at Mayfield Rd40.502468-74.353912
31131Ferry Ave 145' W of 7th Street39.920979-75.114482
15123Ferry Ave Patco39.922950-75.092560
16454Ferry Ave at Cooper Ave39.919779-75.095881
16455Ferry Ave at Evergreen Ave39.920527-75.093211
16451Ferry Ave at Maple Ave39.918499-75.100401
32906Ferry Ave at Mechanic St39.928559-75.127370
16453Ferry Ave at Parker Ave39.919417-75.097120
16452Ferry Ave at Powelton Ave39.918919-75.098923
31213Ferry Rd 900' E of Rt 1840.382109-74.322631
31245Ferry Rd Opposite Raritan Bay Medical Ctr40.382088-74.322193
23651Ferry Rd at Kentfield Rd40.384269-74.312443
23650Ferry Rd at Kentfield Rd40.384148-74.312893
23652Ferry Rd at Schindler Dr. N40.383797-74.315951
23649Ferry Rd at Schindler Dr. S40.383518-74.316252
20713Ferry St at Abbett St40.740989-74.049742
18569Ferry St at Adams St40.729168-74.158393
18590Ferry St at Adams St40.729568-74.158993
18572Ferry St at Alyea St40.728148-74.154380
18584Ferry St at Blanchard St40.734278-74.128483
20712Ferry St at Central Ave40.741989-74.051642
18587Ferry St at Chambers St40.728529-74.152991
18578Ferry St at Christie St40.730620-74.142961
30853Ferry St at Courtland Pl40.731878-74.139664
18574Ferry St at Fillmore St40.728839-74.150861
18586Ferry St at Fillmore St40.729020-74.150512
18579Ferry St at Hawkins St40.731368-74.140953
30554Ferry St at Jefferson St40.730398-74.160553
30553Ferry St at Jefferson St40.730908-74.161082
18577Ferry St at Lexington St40.729850-74.145632
18583Ferry St at Lockwood St40.733557-74.131012
18575Ferry St at Main St40.729220-74.148940
18585Ferry St at Main St40.729379-74.148682
18581Ferry St at Manufacturers Pl40.732217-74.137551
18588Ferry St at Merchant St40.728080-74.155212
18573Ferry St at Niagara St40.728510-74.152543
20714Ferry St at Palisade Ave40.740030-74.047161
18571Ferry St at Polk St40.728318-74.156392
31062Ferry St at Polk St40.728510-74.156611
18566Ferry St at Union St40.732138-74.162750
18593Ferry St at Union St40.732379-74.162932
18582Ferry St at Waydell St40.732319-74.134100
23109Fieldcrest Ave 200' S of Raritan Center Parkway40.519849-74.341363
23110Fieldcrest Ave 1000' S of Raritan Center Parkway40.518860-74.342972
23112Fieldcrest Ave 1200' S of Seneca St.40.513927-74.345291
23113Fieldcrest Ave at Northfield Ave40.510420-74.345093
23111Fieldcrest Ave at Seneca St40.516618-74.344782
33126Filbert Ave at N Elberon Ave39.356037-74.462298
28212Finderne Ave at Union Ave40.569859-74.575722
31468Fire Rd at California Ave. (2511 Fire)39.420899-74.526313
18596Firmench Way 90' E of Doremus Ave40.702138-74.135713
19215Firmench Way at Doremus Ave40.702058-74.135883
19216Firmench Way at G.O.D. Way / Warehouse Pl40.700789-74.132941
18595Firmench Way at G.O.D. Way / Warehouse Place40.701050-74.133003
30483Firmenich Way at Doremus Ave40.699348-74.129690
29744Five Points at Chestnut St40.676669-74.267393
29753Five Points at Chestnut St40.676779-74.267572
18598Fleming Ave at Christie St40.731960-74.143952
18599Fleming Ave at Oxford St40.731439-74.145733
18597Fleming Ave at Richards St40.732549-74.141703
25296Florence Ave at Center St40.450049-74.173711
25299Florence Ave at Center St40.450038-74.173852
25293Florence Ave at Edmunds Ave40.446037-74.178810
25302Florence Ave at Edmunds Ave40.445999-74.178991
25294Florence Ave at Ninth St40.447607-74.176831
25301Florence Ave at Ninth St40.447769-74.176771
25295Florence Ave at Sixth St40.448969-74.175102
25300Florence Ave at Sixth St40.449178-74.174952
25303Florence Ave at St. Johns Ave40.444308-74.180870
25297Florence Ave at Third St40.450819-74.172752
25298Florence Ave at Third St40.450970-74.172682
25292Florence Ave at Victoria Pl40.444399-74.180693
30860Florence Light Rail Station40.100048-74.805112
32392Florence River Line Station40.099938-74.804812
30121Florence St 97' E of Cornelison Ave40.723199-74.060422
30120Florence St 242' E of Cornelison Ave40.723120-74.060102
33074Florham Rd Extension at Drive Entrance 130-15040.779188-74.425974
33073Florham Rd Extension at Doyle Dr40.776939-74.418293
33072Florham Rd Extension at Driveway Entrance To 10040.778969-74.426601
24131Ford Ave at Arlington Dr40.546087-74.318973
24130Ford Ave at Brandywine Rd40.543849-74.318351
24134Ford Ave at Burnham Dr40.546038-74.319021
24135Ford Ave at Hearthstone Ave40.543539-74.318382
24128Ford Ave at Jackson Ct40.540398-74.317743
32810Ford Ave at Linden St40.532989-74.316491
24138Ford Ave at Main St40.537050-74.317411
24127Ford Ave at Main St40.537590-74.317331
24129Ford Ave at Marie Rd40.542248-74.318084
24137Ford Ave at Murdock St40.540198-74.317802
24136Ford Ave at Thistle Ct40.541980-74.318122
24133Ford Ave at Webb Dr40.548710-74.320801
24132Ford Ave at Webb Dr40.549099-74.320913
32809Ford Ave at Wildwood Avenue40.532939-74.316603
13044Forest Ave 150' N of Brookfield Ave.40.918600-74.053213
13109Forest Ave at Addison Pl40.937368-74.051383
13039Forest Ave at Ashley Pl40.938998-74.051373
13048Forest Ave at Ashley Pl40.938870-74.051161
13043Forest Ave at Brookfield Ave40.917928-74.053700
11505Forest Ave at Cindy Ln40.973638-74.045883
11541Forest Ave at Decatur Ave40.890419-73.992183
11540Forest Ave at Decatur Ave40.890268-73.992181
13035Forest Ave at Drew Ave40.953927-74.051243
13022Forest Ave at Drew Ave40.953749-74.051071
11511Forest Ave at Franklin Ct40.973857-74.045993
13042Forest Ave at Howland Ave40.922858-74.052273
13038Forest Ave at Lentz Pl40.942119-74.051322
12969Forest Ave at Midland Ave40.946148-74.051321
13005Forest Ave at Midland Ave40.945830-74.051122
13041Forest Ave at Norman Way40.925078-74.051621
13045Forest Ave at Norman Way40.925379-74.051363
13036Forest Ave at Seton Hall Dr40.949850-74.051281
13021Forest Ave at Seton Hall Dr40.949598-74.051103
12970Forest Ave at Spring Valley Rd40.935110-74.051391
13047Forest Ave at Spring Valley Rd40.935228-74.051193
13004Forest Ave at Taft Ct40.941739-74.051153
13110Forest Ave at Van Saun Park40.930947-74.051401
13046Forest Ave at Van Saun Park40.930608-74.051202
13040Forest Ave at Van Saun Park40.930290-74.051402
31711Fort Dix Rd at Rt 6840.020090-74.637151
31712Fort Dix Rd at Rt 6840.019958-74.637602
12414Fort Lee Rd at Broad Ave40.861660-73.987671
12407Fort Lee Rd at Broad Ave40.861819-73.988151
12409Fort Lee Rd at Chestnut St40.859848-73.984040
12411Fort Lee Rd at Cumley Terrace40.859067-73.981623
12406Fort Lee Rd at Gladwin Ave40.862728-73.989631
12415Fort Lee Rd at Gladwin Ave40.862558-73.989220
12408Fort Lee Rd at Glenwood Ave40.860448-73.985833
12413Fort Lee Rd at Glenwood Ave40.860607-73.985903
12405Fort Lee Rd at Grand Ave40.864249-73.992542
12416Fort Lee Rd at Grand Ave40.864068-73.991892
12410Fort Lee Rd at Irving St40.858988-73.981683
13663Fort Lee Rd at Lees Ave40.871199-74.016302
12412Fort Lee Rd at Linden Terrace40.859969-73.984231
13664Fort Lee Rd at Locust St40.871188-74.016070
13662Fort Lee Rd at Park Ave40.871927-74.018282
13665Fort Lee Rd at Woodbine Ave40.872040-74.018364
24461Fort Monmouth (Main Gate)40.307648-74.062793
24451Fort Monmouth (Main Gate)40.307459-74.062842
14416Fourth St 250' S of Delaware St40.135419-74.730521
14415Fourth St 380' S of Delaware St40.135197-74.730833
14043Fourth St at Center St40.844697-74.090461
14048Fourth St at Center St40.844897-74.090350
14042Fourth St at Fritsch Ave40.843470-74.091233
14049Fourth St at Fritsch Ave40.843519-74.091352
14045Fourth St at Main Ave40.847018-74.088303
14046Fourth St at Main Ave40.847218-74.088213
14417Fourth St at Union St40.137250-74.727003
14414Fourth St at Washington St40.136359-74.728812
14413Fourth St at Washington St40.136329-74.729102
30499Fowler Ave at Danforth Ave40.701488-74.095833
14537Fox Meadow Dr 65' S of Washington Dr39.951218-74.982953
14536Fox Meadow Dr at Hamilton Dr39.952377-74.985753
14535Fox Meadow Dr at Hamilton Dr39.952547-74.986003
14538Fox Meadow Dr at Jackson Dr39.949440-74.984252
14533Fox Meadow Dr at Jackson Dr39.949388-74.984212
14534Fox Meadow Dr at Washington Dr39.951237-74.982853
20486Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Angelo Cifelli Dr40.740748-74.155660
20481Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Angelo Cifelli Dr40.741038-74.155892
20484Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Cape May St40.735040-74.155261
20483Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Cape May St40.734980-74.155493
20469Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Central Ave40.750128-74.157201
20470Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Cleveland Ave40.747059-74.156421
20475Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Cleveland Ave40.747440-74.156352
20459Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Jersey St40.745489-74.156012
20480Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Sussex St40.743729-74.156061
20487Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at Sussex St40.743707-74.155840
20476Frank E. Rodgers Blvd at William St40.748848-74.156731
95167Frank R Lautenberg Secaucus Lower Level40.761188-74.075821
95168Frank R Lautenberg Secaucus Upper Level40.761188-74.075821
13667Frank W Burr Blvd at Townhouses40.874520-74.005813
13668Frank W Burr Blvd at Townhouses40.874369-74.006352
13666Frank W. Burr Blvd 140' N of Glenwood Ave40.871878-74.004080
13669Frank W. Burr Blvd 590' N of Glenwood Ave.40.872519-74.004633
11951Franklin Ave 200' W of Bowers Ln41.018680-74.201911
11953Franklin Ave 221' E of Circle Ave41.024210-74.209542
11942Franklin Ave 221' E of Circle Ave41.023878-74.209593
11948Franklin Ave 323' W of Packer Ave41.011380-74.191203
11950Franklin Ave 421' W of Old Mill Rd41.016310-74.199750
17040Franklin Ave 1300' N of Belleville Ave40.796778-74.170101
30985Franklin Ave (CR 692) at Grove Avenue39.812248-74.932253
30991Franklin Ave (CR 692) at Grove Avenue39.812150-74.932442
31065Franklin Ave (CR 692) at Mt Vernon Ave39.812659-74.936651
31069Franklin Ave (CR 692) at Mt Vernon Ave39.812509-74.936323
30986Franklin Ave (CR 692) at Veteran's Avenue39.812969-74.939912
30990Franklin Ave (CR 692) at Veteran's Avenue39.812769-74.939092
10800Franklin Ave at Adams Ave39.394730-74.517092
10805Franklin Ave at Adams Ave39.394719-74.516872
18602Franklin Ave at Anthony St40.780608-74.175581
17041Franklin Ave at Arthur St40.800089-74.169982
17049Franklin Ave at Belleville Ave40.793668-74.170863
17039Franklin Ave at Belleville Ave40.792758-74.170851
11949Franklin Ave at Blue Hill Ter41.011939-74.194371
11946Franklin Ave at Blue Hill Ter41.011769-74.194271
11944Franklin Ave at Bowers Ln41.017578-74.201193
11952Franklin Ave at Campgaw Plaza41.022670-74.207612
11943Franklin Ave at Campgaw Plaza41.021308-74.205701
12873Franklin Ave at Cardinal Dr41.027438-74.222244
12872Franklin Ave at Cardinal Dr41.027430-74.222582
19255Franklin Ave at Centre St40.814987-74.162562
19269Franklin Ave at Centre St40.815259-74.162501
17044Franklin Ave at Chestnut St40.806739-74.167602
17045Franklin Ave at Chestnut St40.806588-74.167832
19257Franklin Ave at Chestnut St40.819550-74.159212
19267Franklin Ave at Chestnut St40.819418-74.159453
19256Franklin Ave at Church St40.817588-74.160621
19268Franklin Ave at Church St40.817769-74.160662
18600Franklin Ave at Clara Maass Dr40.785458-74.174533
17051Franklin Ave at Clara Maass Dr40.785828-74.174872
17047Franklin Ave at Continental Ave40.801028-74.169982
14092Franklin Ave at Cresthaven Rd41.010429-74.185490
19260Franklin Ave at East High St40.824899-74.153532
19264Franklin Ave at East High St40.824910-74.153760
14094Franklin Ave at Edward St41.009908-74.174322
17048Franklin Ave at Essex Cty Hosp. Main Entrance40.797039-74.170232
19253Franklin Ave at Essex St40.809099-74.166313
14098Franklin Ave at Fairview Pl41.010278-74.179761
11947Franklin Ave at Haddon Pl41.011309-74.189432
19254Franklin Ave at Harrison St40.811948-74.164732
19270Franklin Ave at Harrison St40.811839-74.164921
12871Franklin Ave at Holyoke Dr41.028139-74.225651
17043Franklin Ave at Joralemon St40.803440-74.169431
17046Franklin Ave at Joralemon St40.802618-74.169824
19262Franklin Ave at Kingsland St40.828258-74.149721
11954Franklin Ave at Lakeside Blvd41.026038-74.219131
11941Franklin Ave at Lakeside Blvd41.025728-74.217681
14099Franklin Ave at Lawlins Rd41.011298-74.186701
19258Franklin Ave at Lloyd St40.821619-74.157734
19266Franklin Ave at Lloyd St40.821838-74.157731
10799Franklin Ave at Merion Ave39.396319-74.515672
10806Franklin Ave at Merion Ave39.396130-74.515641
17050Franklin Ave at Mill St40.789210-74.172443
17038Franklin Ave at Mill St40.788749-74.172792
14096Franklin Ave at Morse Ave41.009878-74.169463
14095Franklin Ave at Morse Ave41.009799-74.169432
13343Franklin Ave at North Walnut St40.980768-74.116293
10804Franklin Ave at Old Turnpike39.392389-74.518420
10801Franklin Ave at Old Turnpike39.392299-74.518641
12874Franklin Ave at Rutgers Dr41.028238-74.225853
18601Franklin Ave at Stephen Crane Plaza40.783050-74.174671
11945Franklin Ave at Summit Ave41.014649-74.199223
19271Franklin Ave at Tremont Pl40.808789-74.166631
19259Franklin Ave at Vreeland Ave40.822808-74.156322
19265Franklin Ave at Vreeland Ave40.823057-74.156211
10802Franklin Ave at Washington Ave39.390800-74.519862
10803Franklin Ave at Washington Ave39.390740-74.519773
14093Franklin Ave at Wishing Well Rd41.010169-74.180463
14097Franklin Ave at Wyckoff Ave41.009878-74.173712
19261Franklin Ave at Yantacaw Pl40.826198-74.151743
19263Franklin Ave at Yantacaw Pl40.826420-74.151672
30184Franklin Corner Rd 2158' E of Princeton Pike40.275529-74.709431
30185Franklin Corner Rd 2688' E of Princeton Pike40.275598-74.708953
17055Franklin St 50' W of Eugene Pl40.779619-74.178783
17213Franklin St at Baldwin Pl40.786138-74.185701
17054Franklin St at Belmont Ave40.780438-74.180113
17222Franklin St at Berkeley Ave40.786987-74.187183
17214Franklin St at Berkeley Ave40.787248-74.187702
17217Franklin St at Fremont St40.794060-74.196544
20717Franklin St at Hancock Ave40.742529-74.049223
17219Franklin St at Hill St40.788379-74.193053
17216Franklin St at Hill St40.788500-74.193081
32368Franklin St at Kossuth St40.039419-74.958102
32369Franklin St at Kossuth St40.039608-74.958002
17221Franklin St at Lexington Ave40.784779-74.184511
17218Franklin St at Municipal Plaza40.792298-74.195342
17052Franklin St at Naples Ave40.783058-74.182911
17056Franklin St at North 9th St40.779958-74.179181
17220Franklin St at Willard Ave40.787519-74.189063
17215Franklin St at Willard Ave40.787659-74.189282
20716Franklin Street at Webster Avenue40.741858-74.047593
24502Freehold Center40.259219-74.276440
31548Freehold Center40.259178-74.276451
24545Freehold Mall40.245910-74.282461
24530Freehold Mall40.245058-74.282103
24520Freehold Raceway Mall40.253437-74.301322
18611Frelinghuysen Ave at Noble St40.704979-74.193813
18623Frelinghuysen Ave at Noble St40.704859-74.194132
18612Frelinghuysen Ave at Victoria St40.706549-74.192892
18622Frelinghuysen Ave at Victoria St40.706818-74.192991
27713French Hill Rd at Matthew Rd40.917298-74.242982
27717French Hill Rd at Moro Terrace40.920819-74.244020
27718French Hill Rd at Parish Dr40.917739-74.243213
27715French Hill Rd at Prospect Rd40.923508-74.245212
27716French Hill Rd at Rigby Ct40.923039-74.245072
27714French Hill Rd at Witkowski Way40.921488-74.244173
20009Fries Mill Rd 145' S of Watson Dr.39.730750-75.048961
20012Fries Mill Rd at Lorne Rd39.728549-75.049612
20008Fries Mill Rd at Lorne Rd39.728199-75.049540
20011Fries Mill Rd at White Birch Rd39.731429-75.048970
13069From Rd at Entrance To Mack-Cali Centre Vi & Vii40.950850-74.066862
13053From Rd at Entrance To Mack-Cali Centre Vi & Vii40.950379-74.066763
14446Front St 105' W of Woodlawn / Richardson40.122839-74.820401
29544Front St 147' E of Myrtle Ave40.648209-74.401093
24040Front St 350' N of S. Plainfield Ave40.580338-74.411323
24039Front St 350' N of S. Plainfield Ave40.580308-74.411222
14449Front St at Boulevard St40.123918-74.813203
14442Front St at Boulevard St40.123949-74.812780
14453Front St at Broad St40.121789-74.804143
14438Front St at Broad St40.122099-74.804841
25174Front St at Broad St40.352358-74.064582
25215Front St at Broad St40.352169-74.065782
30682Front St at Broad St40.352068-74.065650
14456Front St at Cedar St40.119589-74.795331
14433Front St at Cedar St40.119600-74.795012
14437Front St at Chestnut St40.121449-74.802330
14450Front St at Church St40.123729-74.811842
14441Front St at Church St40.123718-74.811361
21574Front St at Fifth St40.793098-74.062623
21567Front St at Fifth St40.793158-74.062861
21572Front St at First St40.791399-74.059752
21569Front St at First St40.791468-74.060001
14444Front St at Foundry St40.123839-74.818980
21570Front St at Golden Ave40.790210-74.057950
29540Front St at Grant Ave40.645589-74.403463
21575Front St at Hudson Ave40.794339-74.064703
21566Front St at Hudson Ave40.794449-74.065002
14448Front St at Iron St40.124209-74.815181
14443Front St at Iron St40.124308-74.815392
29545Front St at Jackson Ave40.645978-74.403244
21571Front St at Minnie Pl40.790969-74.059103
29541Front St at Myrtle Ave40.648108-74.401010
22653Front St at N Broad St40.218910-74.763432
21576Front St at Ninth St40.795219-74.066172
21565Front St at Ninth St40.795288-74.066410
29543Front St at Park Ave40.650500-74.398832
14434Front St at Pine St40.120057-74.796860
25304Front St at Pine St40.450608-74.169841
29542Front St at Senger Pl40.650338-74.398852
14452Front St at Spring St40.122367-74.806522
14455Front St at Spruce St40.120518-74.798952
14435Front St at Spruce St40.120657-74.799192
15124Front St at State St39.953600-75.124333
15253Front St at State St39.953778-75.123883
14439Front St at Summer St40.122880-74.808084
29539Front St at Terrill Rd40.642835-74.405997
21573Front St at Third St40.792388-74.061423
21568Front St at Third St40.792328-74.061453
14454Front St at Walnut St40.120989-74.800783
14436Front St at Walnut St40.120989-74.800554
14447Front St at Woodlawn40.122880-74.820203
18633Frontage Rd (Sheraton Hotel)40.711887-74.162092
13233Fulton Pl at Edgewater Ave40.834608-74.015243
27581Furler St 1056' W of Union Blvd40.895620-74.228722
27580Furler St at Minnisink Rd40.896609-74.232362
27584Furler St at Minnisink Rd40.896700-74.232351
27582Furler St at Union Blvd40.895209-74.227193
27583Furler St at Union Blvd40.895768-74.228952
13670Fycke Ln at Teaneck Rd40.879499-74.009881
11933G W Bridge Plaza East40.854209-73.967801
11934G W Bridge Plaza West40.854968-73.968221
30670G.S. Pkwy Exit 165 288' N of Ridgewood Ave. Park / R40.964277-74.064711
12972G.S. Pkwy Exit 165 at Northeast Park / Ride Lot40.964179-74.064143
33006Gaither Dr 1165' W of S Church St39.943198-74.939634
33007Gaither Dr 2225' W of S Church St39.943198-74.939634
33004Gaither Dr 2985' E of E Park Dr39.936769-74.955884
33005Gaither Dr 3895' E of E Park Dr39.936769-74.955884
14672Gaither Dr at Church St39.942948-74.940553
14675Gaither Dr at Church St39.943058-74.939881
14674Gaither Dr at East Park Dr39.937588-74.954202
14673Gaither Dr at East Park Dr39.937599-74.954252
12973Garden State Parkway Under Ridgewood Ave40.963979-74.065833
15562Garden State Pavilion / Njt Rail Station39.928469-75.041912
12974Garden State Plaza40.919208-74.079413
32127Garden State Plaza Blvd 277' E of Garden State Pla40.918646-74.083196
32128Garden State Plaza Blvd 277' E of Garden State Pla40.918646-74.083196
12811Garden Terrace at Ridge Rd40.783759-74.137300
20733Garfield Ave at Bramhall Ave40.712287-74.068871
20732Garfield Ave at Harmon St40.714269-74.067570
25093Garfield Ave at Leonardville Rd40.414998-74.093271
20734Garfield Ave at Union St40.710709-74.070272
30838Garfield Avenue Light Rail Station40.710509-74.071120
14792Garfield Dr at East Stokes Rd40.014677-74.873852
14797Garfield Dr at Eastbrook Ln - North40.025929-74.876321
14795Garfield Dr at Eastbrook Ln - South40.020229-74.873503
14800Garfield Dr at Eden Rock Ln - North40.019010-74.873182
14794Garfield Dr at Eden Rock Ln - South40.018478-74.872960
14798Garfield Dr at Elsin Ln40.023339-74.875080
14796Garfield Dr at Elsin Ln40.023529-74.875051
14793Garfield Dr at Evergreen Dr40.016138-74.873151
14799Garfield Dr at Gabriel Ln40.022109-74.874690
14801Garfield Dr at Genesee Ln40.015149-74.873763
12471Garibaldi Ave at Brook St40.883168-74.079063
12464Garibaldi Ave at Brook St40.883190-74.079262
12463Garibaldi Ave at Main St40.884848-74.082061
12472Garibaldi Ave at Main St40.885029-74.082201
12469Garibaldi Ave at Meta Ln40.880367-74.074361
12465Garibaldi Ave at Mill St40.881329-74.076161
12470Garibaldi Ave at Mill St40.881477-74.076203
12466Garibaldi Ave at Short St40.879839-74.073643
12468Garibaldi Ave at Wisse St40.877649-74.069781
12467Garibaldi Ave at Wisse St40.877449-74.069621
15749Garwood Rd at Easterly Red Bank Dr39.767190-75.035322
15748Garwood Rd at Easterly Red Bank Dr39.767160-75.035161
15750Garwood Rd at Sicklerville Rd39.765858-75.039013
15747Garwood Rd at Sicklerville Rd39.765828-75.038792
31179Gate 1 Inside the WRTC39.943439-75.118563
30225Gate 2 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360169-74.435383
30621Gate 2 Inside the WRTC39.943337-75.118531
10186Gate 3 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360249-74.435432
31156Gate 3 Inside the WRTC39.943208-75.118573
10188Gate 4 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360290-74.435470
15035Gate 4 Inside the WRTC39.943280-75.118573
10190Gate 5 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360339-74.435502
15036Gate 5 Inside the WRTC39.943348-75.118573
10192Gate 6 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360369-74.435523
15037Gate 6 Inside the WRTC39.943419-75.118563
10194Gate 7 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360408-74.435551
15038Gate 7 Inside the WRTC39.943499-75.118563
10185Gate 8 Inside AC Bus Terminal39.360449-74.435583
15039Gates 8, 9, 10 Inside the WRTC39.943559-75.118563
23454George St 55' S of New St.40.491879-74.443143
23450George St at Albany St40.497760-74.444523
29249George St at Colonial Pl40.636678-74.397412
23447George St at Commercial Ave40.487728-74.440271
29246George St at Emerson Ave40.632839-74.403370
29247George St at Hillcrest Ave40.633877-74.401752
23448George St at Liberty St40.493389-74.443453
23452George St at Paterson St40.494899-74.443922
23449George St at Paterson St40.495409-74.443933
23455George St at Remsen Ave40.490169-74.441991
29248George St at Seneca Pl40.635248-74.399640
31453George St at Tabernacle Way40.489958-74.441693
23456George St at Throop Ave40.488750-74.441064
30390George Washington Middle School40.980900-74.127744
23531George's Rd at 4th Ave40.469617-74.451493
23530George's Rd at 4th Ave40.469549-74.451342
23442George's Rd at Hazelhurst St40.478129-74.446983
23537George's Rd at Nassau St40.472599-74.449362
23532George's Rd at Nassau St40.472569-74.449193
23444George's Rd at North Ward St40.478529-74.446761
23443George's Rd at Sandford St40.481039-74.445313
27520Getty Ave at Crooks Ave40.890408-74.152692
27521Getty Ave at Crooks Ave40.890630-74.152661
27517Getty Ave at Madison Ave40.899659-74.161281
27524Getty Ave at Madison Ave40.899519-74.160881
27519Getty Ave at Michigan Ave40.893578-74.155633
27522Getty Ave at Michigan Ave40.893499-74.155311
27518Getty Ave at Thomas St40.896798-74.158602
27523Getty Ave at Thomas St40.896678-74.158241
15618Gibbsboro Rd at Silver Lake Ave39.811018-74.986101
15620Gibbsboro Rd at Silver Lake Ave39.810470-74.986742
15619Gibbsboro Rd at US 3039.812229-74.985143
15621Gibbsboro Rd at US 3039.812048-74.985503
15617Gibbsboro Rd at White Horse Ave39.809470-74.987340
24140Gill Ln 542' N of Barbara Ct40.568678-74.323701
24141Gill Ln 575' S of Middlesex-Essex Tpke40.568388-74.323682
95050Glen Ridge40.800590-74.204655
95051Glen Rock Boro Hall40.961370-74.129300
95052Glen Rock Main Line40.962206-74.133485
17225Glenwood Ave at Conger St40.791769-74.199463
17223Glenwood Ave at Evergreen Ave40.787508-74.203330
17228Glenwood Ave at Evergreen Ave40.787470-74.203533
13818Glenwood Ave at Hemlock Terrace40.873909-74.002252
13816Glenwood Ave at Hemlock Terrace40.873509-74.002413
17226Glenwood Ave at Lackawanna Plaza40.791509-74.199911
13671Glenwood Ave at Roosevelt St40.875947-74.000992
13817Glenwood Ave at Roosevelt St40.876128-74.000982
17224Glenwood Ave at Second St40.789519-74.201641
17227Glenwood Ave at Second St40.789689-74.201682
28853Glimcher Realty Way at Marriott40.662617-74.177153
14100Godwin Ave 65' N of Crescent Ave41.006099-74.159621
12654Godwin Ave 175' W of Princeton Ave40.987970-74.140243
12663Godwin Ave at Chestnut St40.993889-74.144372
12651Godwin Ave at Chestnut St40.993998-74.144661
12658Godwin Ave at Cottage St40.983799-74.136120
12657Godwin Ave at Cottage St40.983618-74.136014
14103Godwin Ave at Crescent Ave41.005359-74.159382
12659Godwin Ave at Erie Ave40.985218-74.138493
12656Godwin Ave at Erie Ave40.984920-74.138242
12661Godwin Ave at Franklin Ave40.990258-74.141193
12653Godwin Ave at Franklin Ave40.989729-74.141051
14101Godwin Ave at Godwin Dr41.008848-74.162103
12655Godwin Ave at Goffle Rd40.986117-74.139401
12664Godwin Ave at Irving St40.997018-74.148540
12650Godwin Ave at Irving St40.997089-74.148772
14102Godwin Ave at Jacqueline Dr41.008719-74.162083
13347Godwin Ave at Lincoln Ave40.980039-74.129953
13346Godwin Ave at Maltbie Ave40.983218-74.135343
13349Godwin Ave at Maltbie Ave40.983098-74.135021
12665Godwin Ave at Park Ave40.998328-74.150381
12649Godwin Ave at Park Ave40.998109-74.150224
12652Godwin Ave at Post St40.991009-74.141653
12660Godwin Ave at Princeton Ave40.987978-74.140141
12662Godwin Ave at Prospect St40.992149-74.142221
13348Godwin Ave at South Monroe St40.979730-74.129082
14105Goffle Rd 313' S of Ravine Ave40.974057-74.147292
26968Goffle Rd at Braen Ave40.970637-74.149941
12667Goffle Rd at Godwin Ave40.984599-74.140061
12668Goffle Rd at Godwin Ave40.984950-74.139893
12666Goffle Rd at Lake St40.983237-74.140831
12669Goffle Rd at Lake St40.983078-74.141091
14104Goffle Rd at Liberty St40.978730-74.144480
26966Goffle Rd at NJ Route 20840.968758-74.152720
26969Goffle Rd at NJ Route 20840.968440-74.153453
13350Goffle Rd at Ravine Ave40.974978-74.146592
26967Goffle Rd at Rock Rd40.970709-74.149682
10128Golden Nugget Casino39.379590-74.426440
11145Gorge Rd 225' S of Walker St / Laird Ave40.813368-73.990392
11137Gorge Rd at Cliff St40.815239-73.989490
11144Gorge Rd at Cliff St40.815418-73.989531
11142Gorge Rd at Edgewater Rd40.820188-73.988111
11139Gorge Rd at Edgewater Rd40.820268-73.987951
11141Gorge Rd at Oakdene Ave40.823959-73.987661
11140Gorge Rd at Oakdene Ave40.823989-73.987523
11138Gorge Rd at Park Ave40.817440-73.988833
11143Gorge Rd at Park Ave40.817799-73.988850
11136Gorge Rd at Walker St40.814017-73.990021
16639Goshen Rd at Ella Ave39.091878-74.831562
16623Goshen Rd at Ella Ave39.091609-74.831361
16605Goshen-Swainton Rd at Rt 4739.141178-74.852981
16624Goshen-Swainton Rd at Rt 4739.141268-74.852953
11088Gotham Pkwy at Amor Ave40.831119-74.066214
11085Gotham Pkwy at Amor Ave40.831158-74.066021
11084Gotham Pkwy at Jony Dr40.828190-74.068901
11089Gotham Pkwy at Jony Dr40.828417-74.068833
11087Gotham Pkwy at Universal Pl40.833139-74.064540
11086Gotham Pkwy at Universal Pl40.833238-74.064383
11083Gotham Pkwy at Veterans Blvd40.827138-74.069824
11090Gotham Pkwy at Veterans Blvd40.827020-74.070053
19205Gouvernour St at Rt 2140.754370-74.167532
10124Grammercy Pl at Connecticut Ave39.367878-74.418523
10125Grammercy Pl at Massachusetts Ave39.368338-74.417442
10123Grammercy Pl at New Jersey Ave39.367338-74.419923
10126Grammercy Pl at Rhode Island Ave39.368809-74.416291
10127Grammercy Pl at Vermont Ave39.369357-74.414933
27422Grand & Nagle Sts, Paterson40.910447-74.189832
27423Grand & Nagle Sts, Paterson40.910439-74.190082
11550Grand Ave 122' N of Englewood Ave40.891668-73.973671
21974Grand Ave at Central Ave40.263009-74.817672
21972Grand Ave at Central Ave40.262809-74.817442
11546Grand Ave at Forest Ave40.884239-73.977632
11548Grand Ave at Franklin St40.888660-73.976290
11544Grand Ave at Honeck St40.881420-73.978410
11547Grand Ave at Linden Ave. (E.)40.886889-73.977250
11545Grand Ave at Meadowbrook Rd40.882847-73.977861
11549Grand Ave at Tracey Pl40.890868-73.974393
11543Grand Ave at Van Nostrand Ave40.879998-73.979561
21973Grand Ave at W Upper Ferry Road40.265199-74.818890
22110Grand Ave at W Upper Ferry Road40.265769-74.819633
20747Grand St at Arlington Ave40.715050-74.069871
20751Grand St at Barbara Pl40.717447-74.057581
20768Grand St at Bates St40.717209-74.053864
20777Grand St at Bramhall Ave40.714340-74.072924
20765Grand St at Bright St40.716258-74.045481
20746Grand St at Clinton Ave40.714839-74.070723
20775Grand St at Clinton Ave40.714929-74.070660
20774Grand St at Communipaw Ave40.715469-74.068542
30136Grand St at Communipaw Ave40.715398-74.068503
20770Grand St at Fairmount Ave40.717349-74.060923
31689Grand St at Garfield Ave40.715869-74.066542
20757Grand St at Grove St40.715998-74.044551
27295Grand St at Henderson St40.909590-74.185682
20766Grand St at Jersey Ave40.716790-74.050073
27290Grand St at Jersey St40.911168-74.175831
20750Grand St at Johnston Ave40.716820-74.062611
20771Grand St at Johnston Ave40.717058-74.061971
20759Grand St at Luis Munoz Marin Blvd40.715828-74.042901
20764Grand St at Luis Munoz Marin Blvd40.715959-74.043012
30356Grand St at Marshall St40.912009-74.173530
20754Grand St at Monmouth St40.716888-74.052472
20767Grand St at Monmouth St40.716990-74.052080
32562Grand St at Morris St40.910239-74.178401
32563Grand St at Morris St40.910349-74.178462
27288Grand St at New St40.909809-74.182003
20752Grand St at Pacific Ave40.717160-74.054862
20753Grand St at Prior St40.717598-74.059253
20769Grand St at Prior St40.717738-74.058832
27294Grand St at Reservoir Ave40.909908-74.182303
27287Grand St at Rockland St40.909549-74.184943
27534Grand St at Spruce St40.910560-74.177513
20749Grand St at State St40.716469-74.064090
20772Grand St at State St40.716499-74.064231
20773Grand St at Summit Ave40.715869-74.067040
20760Grand St at Warren St40.715518-74.039594
20762Grand St at Warren St40.715529-74.039181
20761Grand St at Washington St40.715280-74.037901
28107Grant St at Eighth St39.572398-75.462192
28108Grant St at Eighth St39.572148-75.461981
21977Green Ln 352' W of Running Brook Dr. West40.267720-74.768530
21981Green Ln at Hollowbrook Dr40.266119-74.771790
29759Green Ln at North Floral Ave40.677859-74.245210
29756Green Ln at North Floral Ave40.678138-74.244781
21980Green Ln at Running Brook Dr. West40.267569-74.768922
21979Green Ln at Spring Valley Dr40.269509-74.766163
29757Green Ln at Woodland Ave40.680539-74.241570
29758Green Ln at Woodland Ave40.680558-74.241711
24149Green St 320' E of Worth St.40.565639-74.304974
24144Green St at Benjamin Ave40.572377-74.315920
24152Green St at Benjamin Ave40.572460-74.316093
24150Green St at Dundee Ave40.568319-74.309592
24146Green St at Dundee Ave40.568029-74.309353
24145Green St at Elizabeth Ave40.570067-74.312030
24151Green St at Elizabeth Ave40.570678-74.312541
24143Green St at Middlesex-Essex Tpke40.572909-74.319772
13928Green St at North St (Henry St)40.867137-74.060684
13926Green St at North St (Henry St)40.868979-74.059062
24148Green St at Tyler Ave40.564628-74.302890
24271Green St at Universal Ave40.564929-74.303270
22477Green St at West Delaware Ave40.327795-74.793966
24147Green St at Worth St40.565847-74.305881
30910Greenbrook Rd at Glenside Pl40.618419-74.443983
30912Greenbrook Rd at Maple Ave40.618680-74.443551
28337Greenbrook Rd at Wilson Ave40.621258-74.437681
30911Greenbrook Rd at Wilson Ave40.620990-74.438441
15409Greentree Rd at Olney Ave39.905108-74.969162
30152Greenwich St at Battery Place40.705440-74.014634
22654Greenwood Ave 153' E of Hudson St.40.217299-74.752293
22128Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) 250' E of Dickinson Ave.40.230268-74.724002
22143Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) 250' E of Dickinson Ave.40.230230-74.724261
22129Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) 380' E of Ward Ave.40.231649-74.721091
22142Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) 380' E of Ward Ave.40.231540-74.721540
22127Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) at Bromley Ave40.228838-74.727060
22144Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) at Bromley Ave40.228808-74.727283
22126Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) at Lynwood Ave40.227618-74.729590
22145Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) at Lynwood Ave40.227608-74.729823
22125Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) at Massachusetts Ave40.226459-74.732073
22146Greenwood Ave (Rt 33) at Massachusetts Ave40.226399-74.732393
22664Greenwood Ave at Chestnut Ave40.218359-74.749322
22660Greenwood Ave at Cleveland Ave40.225229-74.734851
22655Greenwood Ave at Hollywood Ave40.217918-74.750271
22665Greenwood Ave at Hollywood Ave40.217838-74.750702
22656Greenwood Ave at Monmouth St40.218839-74.747832
22663Greenwood Ave at Monmouth St40.219080-74.747462
22864Greenwood Ave at S Cook St40.222349-74.740291
22850Greenwood Ave at S Cook St40.222300-74.740593
22661Greenwood Ave at S Olden Ave40.223870-74.737553
22658Greenwood Ave at S Olden Ave40.224229-74.736662
22659Greenwood Ave at South Logan Ave40.225448-74.734200
22824Greenwood Ave at Walnut Ave40.217148-74.753352
26225Greenwood Lake Park & Ride (Jersey Ave)41.223299-74.296001
26220Greenwood Lake Park & Ride (Jersey Ave)41.223140-74.295821
27884Greenwood Lake Tpke at Awosting Rd41.139910-74.327593
27891Greenwood Lake Tpke at Awosting Rd41.139759-74.327401
27892Greenwood Lake Tpke at East Shore Rd41.141318-74.315012
27883Greenwood Lake Tpke at East Shore Rd41.141367-74.315281
27572Greenwood Lake Tpke at Margaret King Ave41.132198-74.297903
27573Greenwood Lake Tpke at Margaret King Ave41.132070-74.298061
27889Greenwood Lake Tpke at Marshall Hill Rd41.137309-74.342173
27885Greenwood Lake Tpke at Olcott Ave41.143168-74.345493
27888Greenwood Lake Tpke at Yellowstone Ave41.143439-74.345811
32096Gregory Ave at Pennington Ave40.856070-74.124723
25975Greystone Park Hospital Entrance40.838159-74.509840
33067Grieves Pkwy 200' E of Yorke St39.560568-75.462665
33066Grieves Pkwy 250' E of Yorke St39.560568-75.462665
28111Grieves Pkwy at Whispering Waters Entrance39.559488-75.458423
28109Grieves Pkwy at Whispering Waters Entrance39.559338-75.458123
30495Griggs Dr 191' S of David Brearley Ct40.387078-74.659264
22570Griggs Farm40.387828-74.662430
23121Grove Ave 325' N of Wintergreen Ave.40.592209-74.361072
23124Grove Ave 365' N of Wintergreen Ave.40.591907-74.361201
23114Grove Ave at Edison Ave40.559328-74.357672
23127Grove Ave at George Ave. East40.567549-74.357930
19901Grove Ave at Hessian Ave39.865689-75.179972
19896Grove Ave at Hessian Ave39.865648-75.179843
19893Grove Ave at Liberty St39.859329-75.183151
19891Grove Ave at Liberty St39.859688-75.183153
23116Grove Ave at Marlin Ave. East40.564798-74.357693
23128Grove Ave at Marlin Ave. West40.564929-74.357793
23120Grove Ave at Martha St40.588348-74.360612
23125Grove Ave at Martha St40.588709-74.360783
23115Grove Ave at Monroe Ave40.563178-74.357663
23129Grove Ave at Monroe Ave40.562458-74.357762
23119Grove Ave at New Dover Rd40.584350-74.360172
23126Grove Ave at Oak Tree Rd40.570758-74.358023
23118Grove Ave at Oak Tree Rd40.571109-74.357811
23122Grove Ave at Rev. Samuel C. Carpenter Blvd40.595338-74.361252
23123Grove Ave at Rev. Samuel C. Carpenter Blvd40.595198-74.361333
23117Grove Ave at Timber Rd40.567919-74.357833
23130Grove Ave at Twin Oaks Drive40.560208-74.357752
19894Grove Ave at Woodlawn Ave39.862998-75.181310
19892Grove Ave at Woodlawn Ave39.862919-75.181503
32830Grove Rd at Denston Rd39.824749-75.193870
32836Grove Rd at Denston Rd39.824719-75.193581
32831Grove Rd at Mantua Grove Rd39.817827-75.194493
32837Grove Rd at Mantua Grove Rd39.817748-75.194261
17838Grove St 100' N of Springfield Ave.40.729307-74.219992
17232Grove St 325' E of Bloomfield Ave40.780778-74.188372
18635Grove St at 13th Ave40.745530-74.209753
18636Grove St at 13th Ave40.745749-74.209732
17829Grove St at 14th Ave40.741389-74.211980
17830Grove St at 14th Ave40.741628-74.211942
17828Grove St at 15th Ave40.739808-74.212893
17831Grove St at 15th Ave40.740068-74.212862
17827Grove St at 16th Ave40.738098-74.213902
17832Grove St at 16th Ave40.738298-74.213871
17826Grove St at 17th Ave40.736139-74.215032
17825Grove St at 18th Ave40.734640-74.216093
17824Grove St at 19th Ave40.733379-74.216970
17836Grove St at 19th Ave40.733700-74.216862
17229Grove St at Abington Ave40.773818-74.193910
17236Grove St at Abington Ave40.773828-74.194033
23726Grove St at Amboy Ave40.527697-74.274612
17833Grove St at Arverne Terrace40.737577-74.214291
17235Grove St at Beardsley Ave40.775108-74.192612
17823Grove St at Berkeley Terrace40.731198-74.218540
17837Grove St at Berkeley Terrace40.731398-74.218491
17233Grove St at Bloomfield Ave40.779789-74.189092
17231Grove St at Bloomfield Ave40.779539-74.189083
17835Grove St at Breckenridge Terrace40.735139-74.215813
17234Grove St at Chester Ave40.776180-74.191453
17821Grove St at Clinton Ave40.724479-74.222890
17839Grove St at Clinton Ave40.724808-74.222851
30941Grove St at Cumberland Avenue39.847968-75.189643
20099Grove St at Delaware St39.849869-75.188602
17819Grove St at Herpers St40.720928-74.225201
17841Grove St at Herpers St40.721150-74.225180
17820Grove St at Nye Ave40.722528-74.224172
17840Grove St at Nye Ave40.722750-74.224130
17818Grove St at Olson Pl40.718478-74.226791
17842Grove St at Olson Pl40.718648-74.226782
17520Grove St at Park Ave40.765169-74.202352
17529Grove St at Park Ave40.765520-74.202262
23019Grove St at Prospect Ave40.588378-74.463962
23020Grove St at Prospect Ave40.588430-74.464362
20098Grove St at Rt 4439.844540-75.191531
18634Grove St at S Orange Ave40.743507-74.210953
18637Grove St at S Orange Ave40.744190-74.210783
20103Grove St at Salem Rd39.847548-75.190041
17834Grove St at Tichenor Terrace40.736068-74.215163
17230Grove St at Tunbridge Pl40.776928-74.190653
20102Grove St at West Lecato Ave39.850560-75.188391
20101Grove St at Woodbury Terrace39.852527-75.187282
20100Grove St at Woodbury Terrace39.852659-75.187083
17519Grove St. North 470' N of William St40.763569-74.202901
17521Grove St. North at 4th Ave40.766959-74.201292
17528Grove St. North at 4th Ave40.767219-74.201202
17516Grove St. North at Eaton Pl40.759009-74.203593
17532Grove St. North at Eaton Pl40.758878-74.203681
17517Grove St. North at Grove Pl40.760799-74.203473
17524Grove St. North at Hoffman Blvd40.772368-74.195594
17525Grove St. North at Hoffman Blvd40.772738-74.195293
17531Grove St. North at New St40.760459-74.203570
17523Grove St. North at Rutledge Ave40.770559-74.198102
17526Grove St. North at Rutledge Ave40.770458-74.198331
17522Grove St. North at Springdale Ave40.769189-74.199821
17527Grove St. North at Springdale Ave40.769480-74.199673
17530Grove St. North at William St40.762078-74.203373
17518Grove St. North at William St40.761829-74.203361
17514Grove St. South at 9th Ave40.753559-74.204862
17534Grove St. South at 9th Ave40.753940-74.204923
17535Grove St. South at Ashland Place40.752430-74.205442
17513Grove St. South at Central Ave40.751438-74.205803
17515Grove St. South at Sussex Ave40.755439-74.204252
17533Grove St. South at Sussex Ave40.755828-74.204252
30539Grove Street Light Rail Station40.780317-74.187931
23662Gsp Exit 120 Park & Ride40.432429-74.251681
32640Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.848989-73.939201
32641Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.849008-73.939331
32642Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.848969-73.939143
32643Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.849030-73.939153
32644Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.849000-73.939263
32646Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.849049-73.939284
32647Gw Bridge Bus Terminal40.849038-73.939211
14934Haag Ave at Benigno Blvd39.862129-75.094963
12126Hackensack Ave 60' N of Rt 4 Ramp W40.908620-74.033112
12127Hackensack Ave at Bergen Cty Academies (Tech Hs)40.902320-74.034873
12124Hackensack Ave at Bloomingdale's Entrance40.907080-74.032962
12125Hackensack Ave at Commerce Way40.910417-74.033081
12128Hackensack Ave at Temple Ave40.898198-74.037552
12123Hackensack Ave at Temple Ave40.899048-74.036750
12208Hackensack Bus Terminal40.881938-74.041823
12129Hackensack Bus Terminal40.881960-74.042493
31669Hackensack Bus Terminal40.881960-74.042073
12173Hackensack Bus Terminal - On Moore St40.883719-74.042431
32729Hackensack Bus Terminal - On Moore St40.882398-74.042491
32095Hackensack St 130' N of Paterson Ave40.832435-74.095095
11092Hackensack St at Berry Ave40.839899-74.089803
14050Hackensack St at Center St40.843048-74.087573
14057Hackensack St at Center St40.842900-74.087832
14052Hackensack St at Columbia Blvd40.847260-74.082221
11096Hackensack St at Division Ave40.838759-74.090871
11091Hackensack St at Division Ave40.838688-74.090770
11313Hackensack St at Hoboken Rd40.835430-74.092831
14055Hackensack St at North Ave40.846169-74.084032
11352Hackensack St at Paterson Ave40.832580-74.095071
11094Hackensack St at Summit Ave40.841099-74.088980
11093Hackensack St at Summit Ave40.841220-74.088783
14051Hackensack St at Union Ave40.844470-74.086302
14056Hackensack St at Union Ave40.844648-74.086253
14054Hackensack St at Windsor Rd40.849170-74.080452
14053Hackensack St at Windsor Rd40.848969-74.080432
32097Hackensack St at Winter Pl40.826897-74.098791
32098Hackensack St at Winter Pl40.826897-74.098791
15636Haddon Ave at Ardmore Ter39.921010-75.082911
15136Haddon Ave at Benson St39.941148-75.114882
15141Haddon Ave at Benson St39.940909-75.114841
15639Haddon Ave at Browning Rd39.920409-75.081512
15635Haddon Ave at Browning Rd39.920398-75.081112
15851Haddon Ave at Carlton Ave39.906738-75.044121
15857Haddon Ave at Chestnut Ave39.910569-75.049952
15146Haddon Ave at Chestnut St39.933919-75.105660
15645Haddon Ave at Collings Ave39.916280-75.069343
15649Haddon Ave at Conard Ave39.914027-75.061192
15138Haddon Ave at Cooper St39.945820-75.116612
15125Haddon Ave at Copewood St39.925690-75.093683
15852Haddon Ave at Crystal Lake Ave39.908618-75.046543
15858Haddon Ave at Crystal Lake Ave39.908048-75.046013
15856Haddon Ave at Cuthbert Blvd39.912778-75.056623
15855Haddon Ave at Cuthbert Blvd39.913189-75.057610
15631Haddon Ave at East Madison Ave39.917847-75.073552
15137Haddon Ave at Federal St39.944368-75.116743
15139Haddon Ave at Federal St39.944209-75.117061
15638Haddon Ave at Franklin Ave39.920840-75.082761
15628Haddon Ave at Frazer Ave39.915598-75.066462
15632Haddon Ave at Garfield Ave39.918478-75.075440
15128Haddon Ave at Gwen Faison Ave39.929450-75.098943
15633Haddon Ave at Hillcrest Ave39.919138-75.077400
15130Haddon Ave at Kaighn Ave39.931930-75.102374
15147Haddon Ave at Kaighn Ave39.932239-75.103011
15637Haddon Ave at Narberth Ter39.921580-75.084621
15142Haddon Ave at Newton Ave39.939449-75.113393
15135Haddon Ave at Newton Ave39.939808-75.113562
15650Haddon Ave at Ogden Ave39.913518-75.059312
15634Haddon Ave at Palmer Ave39.919760-75.079231
15640Haddon Ave at Palmer Ave39.919708-75.079442
15131Haddon Ave at Park Blvd39.934078-75.105721
15624Haddon Ave at Penn Ave39.913548-75.059033
15134Haddon Ave at Pine St39.937350-75.110881
15143Haddon Ave at Pine St39.937237-75.110881
15853Haddon Ave at Reeve Ave39.910520-75.049580
15648Haddon Ave at Stiles Ave39.914770-75.063852
15626Haddon Ave at Stiles Ave39.914638-75.062940
15854Haddon Ave at Strawbridge Ave39.912660-75.055701
15126Haddon Ave at Vesper Blvd39.927129-75.095731
15151Haddon Ave at Vesper Blvd39.927329-75.096221
15643Haddon Ave at West Madison Ave39.917847-75.073963
15642Haddon Ave at West Zane Ave39.918708-75.076620
15149Haddon Ave at Whitman Ave39.929019-75.098523
15629Haddon Ave at Woodlawn Ave39.916839-75.070581
15869Haddon Ave. N at Hawthorne Ave39.902798-75.039072
15868Haddon Ave. N at Hopkins Ave39.900710-75.036343
15871Haddon Ave. N at Marne Ave39.905190-75.042142
15873Haddon Ave. N at Mt. Vernon Ave39.902367-75.038682
15872Haddon Ave. N at Wayne Ave39.904149-75.040950
15870Haddon Ave. N at Wayne Ave39.904069-75.040711
15887Haddonfield Patco39.897649-75.037190
16063Haddonfield Rd at Broad St39.955249-75.026470
16058Haddonfield Rd at Broad St39.954978-75.026330
15410Haddonfield Rd at Church Rd39.946439-75.028130
15413Haddonfield Rd at Church Rd39.947048-75.028271
16062Haddonfield Rd at Fairway Blvd39.959039-75.025680
15580Haddonfield Rd at Garden Park Blvd.39.928899-75.032303
15575Haddonfield Rd at Garden Park Blvd.39.929058-75.031961
16064Haddonfield Rd at Gladwyn Ave39.953909-75.026750
15412Haddonfield Rd at Maple Ave39.952298-75.027140
16061Haddonfield Rd at Marion Ave39.961179-75.025141
16060Haddonfield Rd at New York Ave39.960247-75.025210
16059Haddonfield Rd at Osler Ave39.959168-75.025373
15411Haddonfield Rd at Overbrook Dr39.952298-75.026872
16057Haddonfield Rd at Rudderrow Ave39.953468-75.026653
15579Haddonfield Rd at Towne Center Drive39.924520-75.033220
15576Haddonfield Rd at Towne Center Drive39.924709-75.032992
31551Haddonfield Sorrell Rd 100' W of Pennsauken Hwy39.979388-75.021122
16066Haddonfield Sorrell Rd 360' E of US 13039.981378-75.020711
16065Haddonfield Sorrell Rd at Haddonfield Rd39.978210-75.020223
15415Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Brace Rd39.889869-75.019092
15426Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Brace Rd39.890790-75.019812
15417Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Brookfield Rd39.885359-75.014392
15424Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Brookfield Rd39.885298-75.014071
15422Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Browning Ln39.877689-75.006152
15419Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Burnt Mill Rd39.877439-75.006152
15423Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Chandler Ave39.883528-75.012221
15420Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Cranford Rd39.873778-75.002322
15421Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Cranford Rd39.873658-75.001961
16334Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Eagle Plaza Entrance39.851727-74.980230
15427Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Moore Ave39.892179-75.021243
15418Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at North Valley Brook39.883649-75.012593
15416Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at South Mansfield Blvd39.887378-75.016513
15425Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at South Mansfield Blvd39.887219-75.016092
15414Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Tavistock Rd39.892338-75.021672
16335Haddonfield-Berlin Rd at Voorhees Dr39.850138-74.978411
31193Hadley Rd at Industrial Park40.554278-74.425820
26953Haledon Ave at Halsey Ave40.938979-74.183253
26955Haledon Ave at Harris St40.938009-74.182240
26952Haledon Ave at Harris St40.938217-74.182372
27303Haledon Ave at Holsman St40.926829-74.168801
26954Haledon Ave at Mangold St40.938949-74.183311
27301Haledon Ave at North 2nd St40.927810-74.170662
27297Haledon Ave at North 2nd St40.928040-74.170663
27300Haledon Ave at North 4th St40.929259-74.172053
27298Haledon Ave at North 4th St40.929139-74.171731
27299Haledon Ave at North 7th St40.930909-74.173892
26957Haledon Ave at North 12th St40.934069-74.177673
27567Haledon Ave at North 15th St40.935899-74.179641
27566Haledon Ave at Wagaraw Blvd40.934148-74.177531
26956Haledon Ave at Zabriskie St40.937129-74.181310
26951Haledon Ave at Zabriskie St40.937368-74.181391
23730Hall Ave at Catherine St40.519838-74.267963
23731Hall Ave at Charles St40.519438-74.266121
23732Hall Ave at Cortlandt St40.519819-74.267653
23735Hall Ave at Jacques St40.521129-74.274003
23727Hall Ave at Jacques St40.520918-74.273382
23734Hall Ave at Johnstone St40.520759-74.272193
23728Hall Ave at Johnstone St40.520559-74.271640
23733Hall Ave at Penn St40.520427-74.270592
23729Hall Ave at Penn St40.520249-74.270100
31920Hall Ave at State St40.519219-74.264613
17536Halsted St at Central Ave40.759889-74.221622
17539Halsted St at Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd40.765490-74.217302
17540Halsted St at Halsted Pl40.763150-74.219251
17541Halsted St at Harvard St40.762029-74.220102
17537Halsted St at Harvard St40.761780-74.220202
17538Halsted St at University Pl40.763399-74.218970
27753Hamburg Tpke at Wpu Hobart Hall40.941267-74.201062
27752Hamburg Tpke at Wpu Hobart Hall40.941199-74.201193
27765Hamburg Turnpike at Black Oak Ridge Road40.982728-74.275033
27738Hamburg Turnpike at Black Oak Ridge Road40.980779-74.273512
27756Hamburg Turnpike at Valley Rd40.958498-74.226693
27748Hamburg Turnpike at Valley Rd40.958378-74.227072
27819Hamburg Turnpike at Valley Rd40.956709-74.226124
22149Hamilton Ave 100' E of Salem Pl40.230268-74.705061
30711Hamilton Ave 125' E of Salem Pl40.230298-74.705223
22679Hamilton Ave at Anderson St40.216548-74.745052
22668Hamilton Ave at Anderson St40.216487-74.744880
30715Hamilton Ave at Atlantic Ave40.221379-74.726771
22681Hamilton Ave at Benton St40.215189-74.750273
22669Hamilton Ave at Bert Ave40.217427-74.741293
30709Hamilton Ave at Birkshire Rd40.231718-74.702092
30714Hamilton Ave at Brook Ln40.224618-74.717011
22678Hamilton Ave at Chambers St40.217148-74.742733
22675Hamilton Ave at Cuyler Ave40.219189-74.735002
22311Hamilton Ave at Cypress Ln40.226728-74.712343
22305Hamilton Ave at Donald Dr40.227049-74.712102
31264Hamilton Ave at Francis Ave40.220677-74.729062
22151Hamilton Ave at Haslach Ave40.222708-74.721754
30712Hamilton Ave at Johnston Ave40.222349-74.722792
22148Hamilton Ave at Klockner Rd40.229408-74.706841
22150Hamilton Ave at Klockner Rd40.229348-74.707282
22310Hamilton Ave at Kuser Rd40.223039-74.720192
22673Hamilton Ave at Logan Ave40.220529-74.729891
22671Hamilton Ave at Lyndale Ave40.218559-74.737013
30710Hamilton Ave at Meade Dr40.231838-74.702063
22309Hamilton Ave at Newkirk St40.221428-74.726232
22672Hamilton Ave at Park Ave40.219039-74.735171
32550Hamilton Ave at Pope Ave40.225610-74.714844
22677Hamilton Ave at Quintin Ave40.218140-74.739002
22670Hamilton Ave at Revere Ave40.218019-74.739063
22147Hamilton Ave at S Olden Ave40.219809-74.732301
22674Hamilton Ave at S Olden Ave40.219669-74.733303
22666Hamilton Ave at South Clinton Ave40.214208-74.753641
22676Hamilton Ave at South Cook Ave40.218510-74.737591
30856Hamilton Avenue Light Rail Station40.211928-74.755882
33077Hamilton Continuing Care Center40.249379-74.657743
31717Hamilton Mall39.455429-74.644161
31720Hamilton Mall39.455720-74.643113
22184Hamilton Marketplace40.199969-74.635013
21186Hamilton Park40.728419-74.045151
31177Hamilton Park40.726984-74.046207
22187Hamilton Rail Station40.254799-74.704571
22234Hamilton Senior Citizens Complex40.225108-74.692170
22247Hamilton Shop-Rite40.226407-74.664110
31918Hampton St at Hanover St39.967569-74.684621
31919Hampton St at Hanover St39.967517-74.685483
25802Hanover Ave 330' W of Canfield Pl40.821668-74.480602
25766Hanover Ave 400' W of Canfield Pl40.821898-74.480851
25557Hanover Ave 1000' W of Horse Hill Rd40.814859-74.472264
31060Hanover Ave 1056' W of Martin Luther King Ave40.814047-74.471950
25558Hanover Ave 2000' W of Horse Hill Rd40.816708-74.473533
31059Hanover Ave 2112' W of Martin Luther King Ave40.815988-74.473371
25803Hanover Ave at American Rd40.820309-74.475053
25556Hanover Ave at Martin Luther King Ave40.812009-74.469581
25793Hanover Ave at Martin Luther King Ave40.811779-74.469593
25541Hanover Rd 70' S of Tilden Dr / Vreeland Rd40.795918-74.374903
25540Hanover Rd at Tilden Dr40.795959-74.374631
25542Hanover Rd at Vreeland Rd40.794578-74.376470
10329Harbor Beach Blvd 140' E of Manitoba Ave.39.382248-74.404232
10328Harbor Beach Blvd 290' W of Surfside Rd39.382779-74.403271
10326Harbor Beach Blvd 350' W of Bay Shore Ave39.392080-74.397631
10331Harbor Beach Blvd at Amherst Ave39.393968-74.397763
10330Harbor Beach Blvd at Bay Shore Ave39.391008-74.397312
10327Harbor Beach Blvd at Lighthouse Dr39.384358-74.400431
10417Harbor Square39.400720-74.564824
30832Harborside Light Rail Station40.719519-74.034003
12049Harding Plaza at Borough Hall40.962019-74.128792
13672Hargreaves Ave at Ardley Court40.903188-73.991112
21592Harmon Cove Towers (Under Building)40.782118-74.078113
21670Harmon Cove Townhouses (Club House)40.789758-74.074913
30785Harmon Cove Townhouses (Club House)40.789867-74.075103
14558Harper Dr at East Gate Dr39.945878-74.956131
14593Harper Dr at East Gate Dr39.945839-74.955831
14557Harper Dr at Pleasant Valley Ave39.948640-74.951340
31460Harper Dr at Pleasant Valley Ave39.948659-74.951523
10213Harrah's Atlantic City Casino39.384138-74.426562
32720Harrah's Casino Jitney Bus Stop39.384418-74.425861
20474Harrison Ave at 3rd St40.746187-74.158421
20471Harrison Ave at 3rd St40.746330-74.158021
20479Harrison Ave at 5th St40.746930-74.153971
20461Harrison Ave at 6th St40.747059-74.152472
12003Harrison Ave at Arnot St40.880480-74.093862
18149Harrison Ave at Cedar Ave40.799930-74.225832
12005Harrison Ave at Charles St40.874490-74.097483
18148Harrison Ave at Charles St40.798499-74.226393
12004Harrison Ave at Elizabeth St40.877159-74.095472
19442Harrison Ave at Elm St40.794170-74.230531
19445Harrison Ave at Elm St40.794189-74.230672
20460Harrison Ave at Fe Rodgers Blvd40.746557-74.155722
12006Harrison Ave at Frederick St40.873098-74.098670
18231Harrison Ave at Gates Ave40.807268-74.224103
18153Harrison Ave at Gates Ave40.807079-74.224010
12007Harrison Ave at Grand St40.870738-74.100692
12002Harrison Ave at Highland Ave40.884629-74.092510
19444Harrison Ave at Kirk St40.795329-74.228503
19446Harrison Ave at Kirk St40.795038-74.228991
18151Harrison Ave at Llewellyn Rd40.803358-74.224903
32524Harrison Ave at Llewellyn Rd40.803629-74.224990
11957Harrison Ave at Macarthur Ave40.870138-74.102232
19443Harrison Ave at Maple St40.794819-74.229170
12041Harrison Ave at Marsellus Pl40.867998-74.104363
20473Harrison Ave at North 2nd St40.745930-74.159870
20472Harrison Ave at North 2nd St40.746028-74.160010
18230Harrison Ave at Porter Pl40.809518-74.223352
32483Harrison Ave at Tichenor Pl40.799198-74.226241
32484Harrison Ave at Union St40.810729-74.222753
18147Harrison Ave at Virginia Ave40.795989-74.227841
18146Harrison Ave at Warman St40.797258-74.227111
18232Harrison Ave at Warren Pl40.804848-74.224710
18152Harrison Ave at Warren Pl40.804988-74.224531
22551Harrison St N at Clearview Ave40.360787-74.650780
22549Harrison St N at Clearview Ave40.360689-74.650461
22510Harrison St N at Ewing St40.358039-74.648813
22552Harrison St N at Franklin Ave40.359247-74.649750
22548Harrison St N at Franklin Ave40.359368-74.649653
22514Harrison St N at Hornor Ln40.357579-74.648300
22513Harrison St N at Mershon Dr40.355778-74.647002
22512Harrison St N at Nassau St40.354608-74.645942
22511Harrison St N at Spruce Circle40.355589-74.646952
24139Harrows Gate (Gill Lane)40.560668-74.312643
24142Harrows Gate (Gill Lane)40.560449-74.312573
30831Harsimus Cove Light Rail Station40.722668-74.037281
21577Hartz Way 343' S of American Way40.782808-74.073972
18648Hawthorne Ave at Bergen St40.715899-74.202330
18645Hawthorne Ave at Bergen St40.715899-74.202714
18652Hawthorne Ave at Clinton Pl40.718489-74.211262
18641Hawthorne Ave at Clinton Pl40.718398-74.211722
18654Hawthorne Ave at Fabyan Pl40.720788-74.217081
18639Hawthorne Ave at Fabyan Pl40.720788-74.217382
18642Hawthorne Ave at Goodwin Ave40.717938-74.209392
18653Hawthorne Ave at Leslie St40.719788-74.215031
18650Hawthorne Ave at Osborne Terr40.717239-74.206402
18643Hawthorne Ave at Osborne Terr40.717239-74.206702
18647Hawthorne Ave at Peshine Ave40.715337-74.200742
18651Hawthorne Ave at Reeves Pl40.717938-74.208972
18649Hawthorne Ave at Seymour Ave40.716529-74.204283
18644Hawthorne Ave at Seymour Ave40.716499-74.204540
31912Hawthorne Ave at Wainwright St40.719859-74.215453
26749Hazel St at Adams St40.891718-74.161432
27312Hazel St at Bloomfield Ave40.894458-74.165911
27309Hazel St at Buffalo Ave40.890698-74.160454
26750Hazel St at Chestnut St40.890419-74.160453
26751Hazel St at Crooks Ave40.888407-74.159772
26746Hazel St at Crooks Ave40.888238-74.159651
26745Hazel St at Florence Dr40.886040-74.159592
26752Hazel St at Florence Dr40.885769-74.159711
27310Hazel St at Gould Ave40.891910-74.161643
26742Hazel St at Hazelview Ave40.880367-74.160352
27308Hazel St at Knickerbocker Ave40.889298-74.159893
26747Hazel St at Kuller Rd40.894359-74.165974
27311Hazel St at Montclair Ave40.893008-74.163513
26748Hazel St at Montclair St40.892978-74.163571
26743Hazel St at Park Slope40.881518-74.160092
26754Hazel St at Van Orden Pl40.882108-74.160031
26744Hazel St at West 7th St40.883289-74.159663
26753Hazel St at West 7th St40.883500-74.159711
30021Heckman St at Anderson St40.695150-75.177992
30041Heckman St at Anderson St40.695438-75.177654
30020Heckman St at Bates St40.693188-75.181432
30042Heckman St at Bates St40.693388-75.181230
30043Heckman St at Filmore St40.689039-75.188920
30022Heckman St at Roseberry St40.696158-75.176193
30019Heckman St at Warren St40.691409-75.184583
30023Heckman St at Warren St40.691609-75.184392
16772Heilprin Ave at Clay St39.234920-74.811982
16771Heilprin Ave at Dehirsch Ave39.237589-74.809470
23103Heller Industrial Park40.498609-74.378733
18658Heller Pkwy 220' E of North 6th St40.778479-74.175383
18657Heller Pkwy at 1st St40.777380-74.172392
18661Heller Pkwy at Clifton Ave40.775840-74.167082
18662Heller Pkwy at Clifton Ave40.775840-74.166782
18665Heller Pkwy at Forest Hill Pkwy40.777648-74.172371
18666Heller Pkwy at Franklin Ave40.778849-74.176331
18659Heller Pkwy at Lake St40.776837-74.170632
18664Heller Pkwy at Lake St40.776980-74.170203
18603Heller Pkwy at North 6th St40.778838-74.176733
19416Henderson Dr 638' W of Dedrick Pl40.856478-74.296471
19417Henderson Dr 2025' W of Dedrick Pl40.858569-74.300850
19418Henderson Dr 3142' W of Dedrick Pl40.859339-74.304752
19419Henderson Dr 4140' W of Dedrick Pl40.857130-74.306772
19415Henderson Dr at Dedrick Pl40.855330-74.294242
13237Hendricks Causeway at Fulton Pl40.834468-74.015111
13236Hendricks Causeway at Fulton Pl40.834539-74.015462
13238Hendricks Causeway at Victoria Terrace40.835918-74.017772
13234Hendricks Causeway at Victoria Terrace40.836038-74.018020
28645Henry St at Anna St40.667298-74.200473
17363Henry St at South Essex Ave40.768389-74.234043
17364Henry St at South Essex Ave40.768499-74.234104
19898Hessian Ave at Girard Ave39.863700-75.172681
19899Hessian Ave at Girard Ave39.863598-75.172131
19888Hessian Ave at Luther Ave39.864957-75.176691
19887Hessian Ave at Luther Ave39.864900-75.176241
32982Hessian Ave at Red Bank Ave39.862469-75.168913
32983Hessian Ave at Red Bank Ave39.862609-75.168871
32975Hessian Ave at Saint Johns Walk39.865338-75.177882
32984Hessian Ave at Saint Johns Walk39.865398-75.177853
19724Heston Rd 185' W of Main St.39.717720-75.118113
15800Hickstown Rd 948' W of Erial Rd.39.778669-75.015662
15801Hickstown Rd 948' W of Erial Rd.39.778699-75.016112
30881Higgins Dr at Crescent Ct39.699248-75.133031
19723Higgins Dr at Ellis St39.697809-75.128891
95060High Bridge40.666884-74.895863
30166High Hill Rd 1000' W of Hawk Ct39.781639-75.366042
30165High Hill Rd 1000' W of Hawk Ct39.781628-75.366313
19792High Hill Rd at Heron Dr39.768138-75.357933
19777High Hill Rd at Heron Dr39.767817-75.357382
19790High Hill Rd at Pedricktown Rd-Center Square Rd39.776559-75.365533
19779High Hill Rd at Pedricktown-Center Square Rd39.776578-75.365391
19791High Hill Rd at Sharptown Rd39.770810-75.360742
19807High Hill Rd at Sharptown Rd39.771158-75.360841
19719High St 125' E of Academy St39.702089-75.109252
19718High St 125' E of Academy St39.702259-75.109623
31726High St 203' S of Belmont St40.073278-74.856244
14200High St at 4th St40.067219-74.853562
14203High St at 4th St40.066918-74.853243
14201High St at 7th St40.065257-74.852682
14202High St at 7th St40.065088-74.852421
14627High St at Bartram Ave39.999707-74.790950
31134High St at Broad St40.077208-74.857992
31724High St at Dewey St40.070568-74.854870
14190High St at Federal St40.075468-74.857223
14624High St at Hillside Rd40.000288-74.791211
17365High St at Main St40.774209-74.233113
17368High St at Park Ave40.777928-74.230264
17367High St at Park Ave40.777977-74.230032
25387High St at Park Pl41.001408-74.339933
19725High St at Poplar St39.703007-75.113173
19726High St at Poplar St39.703120-75.113323
14628High St at Rancocas Rd39.995589-74.788281
14626High St at Ridgely St / Levis St40.004103-74.793784
14625High St at Ridgely St / Levis St40.005029-74.794562
23736High St at Smith St40.508779-74.264740
14207High St at US 13040.072059-74.855693
31725High St at Wall St40.073059-74.856000
17366High St at White St40.776328-74.231391
17369High St at White St40.776648-74.231301
33171Highland Ave at 4th Ave39.877538-75.048751
14909Highland Ave at Chesterfield Rd39.878779-75.048133
15829Highland Ave at Crest Ave39.882829-75.046220
14912Highland Ave at Hutchinson Ave39.882468-75.046323
14910Highland Ave at Kent Ave39.880180-75.047432
13121Highland Ave at Maryland Rd40.971879-74.072810
14911Highland Ave at Mercer Dr39.881459-75.046803
13141Highland Ave at Reeder Rd40.972539-74.072802
95061Highland Avenue40.766863-74.243744
25796Hill Complex Off Morris View Dr40.832399-74.516842
30008Hillcrest Plaza40.698608-75.176203
30348Hillcrest Professional Plaza at Professional Build40.699099-75.173700
30452Hillcrest Rd at Morningside Rd41.004258-74.122641
29631Hillside & S Springfield Ave40.688609-74.324660
29622Hillside & S Springfield Ave40.688590-74.324501
28934Hillside Ave 105' W of Hiawatha Ave40.701990-74.231100
28943Hillside Ave 335' E of Bloy St.40.702590-74.237922
24094Hillside Ave at Allgair St40.441798-74.390263
28932Hillside Ave at Bloy St40.702228-74.238710
28936Hillside Ave at Boa Pl40.698688-74.225372
28939Hillside Ave at Boa Pl40.699129-74.225960
28933Hillside Ave at Florence Ave40.703549-74.234283
28941Hillside Ave at Hiawatha Ave40.702148-74.231171
28935Hillside Ave at Highland Ave40.700099-74.227801
28940Hillside Ave at Highland Ave40.700808-74.228842
13886Hillside Ave at Highwood Ave40.924979-73.964312
28942Hillside Ave at Montgomery St40.703519-74.234670
28937Hillside Ave at Munn Ave40.698087-74.220690
28938Hillside Ave at Munn Ave40.698170-74.220693
18071Hilton Garage Time Point40.723238-74.251243
18072Hilton Garage Time Point40.723377-74.250953
20783Hoboken Ave at Summit Ave40.734659-74.058621
20784Hoboken Ave at Summit Ave40.734859-74.058991
20496Hoboken Terminal40.735588-74.029110
20497Hoboken Terminal Lane 640.735437-74.029210
30829Hoboken Terminal Light Rail Station40.734059-74.029192
17545Hoffman Blvd at Abington Ave40.774848-74.196012
17237Hoffman Blvd at Beardsley Ave40.777120-74.196792
17238Hoffman Blvd at Beardsley Ave40.776898-74.196870
17543Hoffman Blvd at Grove St. North40.772368-74.195272
17546Hoffman Blvd at Grove St. North40.772768-74.195513
17544Hoffman Blvd at La France Ave40.774757-74.195872
31650Hollister Rd 75' S of North St40.865718-74.054643
31652Hollister Rd at US 4640.862528-74.057851
20052Holly Ave at Rt 4739.739749-75.113493
20049Holly Dell Circle at Holly Dell Dr39.747479-75.111521
20051Holly Dell Circle at Holly Dell Dr39.747449-75.111692
27996Hollywood Ave at Hickory Ave39.702868-75.469644
27995Hollywood Ave at Hickory Ave39.702520-75.469783
27305Holsman St at Haledon Ave40.926758-74.168613
27304Holsman St at Stout St40.925059-74.169742
27307Holsman St at Stout St40.925308-74.169801
33096Homefront Family Campus40.285057-74.812781
26540Hooper Ave 140' S of Ocean County Complex39.953879-74.193460
26546Hooper Ave 350' S of Bay Ave39.977380-74.182833
26544Hooper Ave 750' S of Edken / Caudina Ave39.970118-74.183842
26556Hooper Ave at Brokaw Blvd39.997858-74.167351
26609Hooper Ave at Brokaw Blvd39.997748-74.166912
26545Hooper Ave at Caudina Ave39.972099-74.183710
26560Hooper Ave at Chestnut St39.971929-74.184002
26563Hooper Ave at Dayton Ave39.960047-74.189943
26557Hooper Ave at Feathertree Dr39.991810-74.174823
26605Hooper Ave at Feathertree Dr39.992089-74.174301
26541Hooper Ave at Hadley Ave39.959598-74.190083
26543Hooper Ave at James St39.965218-74.185870
26561Hooper Ave at James St39.965660-74.185891
26559Hooper Ave at Mapletree Dr39.976440-74.183193
26564Hooper Ave at Ocean County Complex39.953569-74.193721
26549Hooper Ave at South Shore Dr40.005437-74.150380
26554Hooper Ave at South Shore Dr40.005429-74.151013
26542Hooper Ave at Terrace Ave39.961448-74.188691
26562Hooper Ave at Terrace Ave39.961730-74.188731
26315Hooper Ave at Yorktowne Blvd40.019599-74.144510
26314Hooper Ave at Yorktowne Blvd40.018919-74.144850
27083Hoover Ave at Madison St40.863657-74.125880
27084Hoover Ave at Washington Pl40.861660-74.124451
30951Horizon Dr 1051' E of Klockner Rd40.199120-74.645373
30950Horizon Dr 1200' E of Klockner Rd40.199079-74.646080
14688Horizon Way 725' E of Springdale Rd.39.920927-74.961281
14687Horizon Way at Springdale Rd39.921218-74.961953
14425Hornberger Ave 110' W of Parish Lane40.115909-74.784673
14428Hornberger Ave at 3rd Ave40.116750-74.774190
14419Hornberger Ave at 3rd Ave40.116807-74.773903
14427Hornberger Ave at 5th Ave40.116539-74.776251
14420Hornberger Ave at 5th Ave40.116599-74.775953
14426Hornberger Ave at 10th Ave40.116180-74.780992
14421Hornberger Ave at 10th Ave40.116207-74.781171
14418Hornberger Ave at Amboy Ave40.115339-74.770631
14424Hornberger Ave at Kinsman Rd40.115610-74.789002
14423Hornberger Ave at Kinsman Rd40.115648-74.788812
14429Hornberger Ave at Norman Ave40.115667-74.770942
14422Hornberger Ave at Parish Lane40.115950-74.784612
32949Hornet Rd at Ranger Rd39.002619-74.912871
27313Hospital Plaza at Getty Ave40.904808-74.166322
21240Hudson County Correctional Facility40.726910-74.106331
12142Hudson St 100' N of Lafayette St40.872489-74.041873
12139Hudson St 100' S of Main St40.877729-74.044161
12137Hudson St at East Broadway40.874188-74.042413
12133Hudson St at East Kennedy St40.868738-74.040240
12130Hudson St at East Moonachie Rd40.863087-74.037991
12144Hudson St at Franklin St40.869749-74.040782
12134Hudson St at Franklin St40.869848-74.040682
12135Hudson St at Frederick St40.870968-74.041132
12143Hudson St at Frederick St40.871078-74.041301
12141Hudson St at Jackson Ave40.873859-74.042421
12140Hudson St at Kansas St40.875358-74.043014
12145Hudson St at Kennedy St40.868277-74.040192
12136Hudson St at Lafayette St40.872640-74.041802
12148Hudson St at Moonachie Rd40.862260-74.037781
12131Hudson St at Pulaski Pl40.864419-74.038521
12147Hudson St at Shafer Pl40.864449-74.038662
12132Hudson St at Vreeland Ave40.866450-74.039331
12146Hudson St at Vreeland Ave40.866710-74.039571
11865Hudson Terrace 1600' S of Myrtle Ave40.856700-73.962201
11863Hudson Terrace at Myrtle Ave40.857270-73.961722
11864Hudson Terrace at Myrtle Ave40.860769-73.959763
20024Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd 50' W of Tuckahoe Rd39.712787-75.029291
20020Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Altair Dr39.736518-75.070162
20017Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Altair Dr39.736628-75.070031
20023Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Bridge Dr39.728579-75.056721
20014Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Bridge Dr39.728738-75.056682
20022Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Egg Harbor Rd39.732668-75.063350
20015Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Egg Harbor Rd39.733038-75.063672
20019Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Wilkshire Sq39.738288-75.073452
20018Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd at Wilkshire Sq39.738307-75.072971
10129Huron Ave at Penrose Ave39.373049-74.442280
32776Hutchinson Rd 65' N of Moorsleigh Way (North)40.227668-74.627392
32777Hutchinson Rd at Ambleside Dr40.230879-74.629282
32789Hutchinson Rd at Project Freedom Entry40.229359-74.628200
32790Hutchinson Rd at Project Freedom Entry40.229287-74.628362
13883Huyler Ave at Westervelt Ave40.919657-73.964361
13882Huyler Ave at Westervelt Ave40.919899-73.964213
13606Huyler St 351' N of North St40.865288-74.049061
13599Huyler St 351' N of North St40.865559-74.048971
13603Huyler St at Division St40.872919-74.048680
13601Huyler St at Hoffman St40.871100-74.048773
13602Huyler St at Michael St40.872240-74.048671
13921Huyler St at Ruta Ct40.859150-74.050752
13922Huyler St at Ruta Ct40.859098-74.050713
13605Huyler St at Wesley St40.869417-74.049331
13600Huyler St at Wesley St40.868968-74.049213
13604Huyler St at Wilson St40.871410-74.048841
16207Hylton Rd at Thomas Busch Memorial Hwy39.987889-75.029120
28845Ikea Dr 200' N of Big Lots Store40.672058-74.171053
28843Ikea Dr 2000' N of North Ave40.669347-74.171733
28844Ikea Dr at Ikea40.673959-74.169753
12975Ikea Drive40.923360-74.074912
15731Independence Blvd 550' N of Cross Keys Rd. (CR 689)39.749370-74.991940
22318Independence Plaza40.192869-74.718933
10132Indiana Ave at Grant Ave39.368828-74.438912
10131Indiana Ave at Lincoln Ave39.368017-74.438372
10133Indiana Ave at Marmora Ave39.370327-74.439863
10130Indiana Ave at Reverend J J Walters Ave39.367288-74.437880
13910Industrial Ave 950' N of Malcolm Ave40.856360-74.064103
31369Industrial Ave 998' N of Malcolm Ave40.856330-74.064002
12283Industrial Ave at Railroad St40.850159-74.073582
13911Industrial Ave at Vincent Pl40.851638-74.068951
13909Industrial Ave at Vincent Pl40.851778-74.068671
17977Industrial Pkwy at Okner Pkwy40.803829-74.352171
26755Industrial Way West40.845029-74.155063
24168Inman Ave 100' E of West St40.599158-74.323291
24161Inman Ave 285' E of North Lincoln Ave40.600230-74.309791
24169Inman Ave 400' E of Amherst Ave40.598988-74.325061
24158Inman Ave 660' E of West St.40.599320-74.320283
24162Inman Ave 800' E of North Lincoln Ave40.600328-74.308151
24157Inman Ave at Amherst Ave40.598848-74.325603
23133Inman Ave at Amherst St40.597399-74.347663
23134Inman Ave at Beatrice Parkway40.597599-74.344611
23137Inman Ave at Beatrice Parkway40.597698-74.344091
24159Inman Ave at Broadway Ave40.599969-74.313684
24165Inman Ave at Cavour St40.600128-74.312733
24160Inman Ave at Cleveland Ave40.600068-74.311903
24156Inman Ave at Clover Ave40.598459-74.329732
24164Inman Ave at Conduit Way40.600260-74.310862
23139Inman Ave at Davis Blvd40.597358-74.352412
24167Inman Ave at Delaware Ave40.599449-74.320152
24155Inman Ave at Edgewood Ave40.598109-74.332943
23138Inman Ave at Feather Bed Lane40.597610-74.346452
23131Inman Ave at Grove Ave40.597059-74.358792
23140Inman Ave at Grove Ave40.597210-74.357592
24272Inman Ave at Harrison Ave40.599739-74.316093
24170Inman Ave at Jordan Rd40.598780-74.327480
24171Inman Ave at Kimberly Rd40.598550-74.329810
24154Inman Ave at Kline Blvd40.597969-74.334662
24166Inman Ave at Roosevelt Ave40.599860-74.315962
24163Inman Ave at Savoy St40.600468-74.307630
29430Inman Ave at St Georges Ave40.599377-74.289883
29431Inman Ave at St Georges Ave40.599758-74.290891
23132Inman Ave at Wakefield Dr40.597210-74.353031
23135Inman Ave at West Dr40.597848-74.340091
23136Inman Ave at West Dr40.597939-74.339791
30894Inman Ave at West St40.598999-74.323841
24153Inman Ave at Wood Ave40.597878-74.337301
24172Inman Aveat Thelma Ct (School21)40.598237-74.332790
31888Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill39.717090-75.151862
17012Inspira Medical Center Vineland39.446540-75.057592
17013Inspira Medical Center Vineland39.446570-75.057752
25908Interpace Pkwy 3168' W of Cherry Hill Rd.40.868499-74.449103
25907Interpace Pkwy at Cherry Hill Rd40.868647-74.442963
25909Interpace Pkwy at Upper Pond Rd40.871697-74.450222
26611Iron St at Water St39.952969-74.200051
26604Irons St 125' N of Water St.39.953548-74.199462
26539Irons St 125' N of Water St.39.953490-74.199702
18682Irvine Turner Blvd 300' N of Madison Ave40.722999-74.193151
18678Irvine Turner Blvd at 17th Ave40.730088-74.190212
18672Irvine Turner Blvd at 17th St40.730647-74.189772
18681Irvine Turner Blvd at Avon Ave40.724038-74.192721
18669Irvine Turner Blvd at Avon Ave40.724539-74.192311
18674Irvine Turner Blvd at Court St40.734369-74.188253
18680Irvine Turner Blvd at Muhammed Ali Ave40.726627-74.191641
18670Irvine Turner Blvd at Muhammed Ali Ave40.727419-74.191101
18676Irvine Turner Blvd at Springfield Ave40.734070-74.188582
18671Irvine Turner Blvd at Spruce St40.729250-74.190351
18673Irvine Turner Blvd at West Kinney St40.731987-74.189223
18677Irvine Turner Blvd at West Kinney St40.731949-74.189451
29393Irving St at Broad St40.607299-74.275741
29392Irving St at Elizabeth Ave40.609070-74.276393
31442Irvington Ave 92' S of Putnam St40.732933-74.244379
18053Irvington Ave 200' N of Manor Dr.40.734599-74.249393
31632Irvington Ave 1000' N of Manor Dr40.736758-74.251122
19328Irvington Ave at Academy St40.745330-74.257303
18684Irvington Ave at Boyden Ave40.734297-74.247982
18055Irvington Ave at Elsman Terrace40.733670-74.246021
18049Irvington Ave at Hillcrest Rd40.732160-74.244351
18685Irvington Ave at Manor Dr40.734580-74.249003
19329Irvington Ave at Prospect St40.744308-74.256431
19333Irvington Ave at Prospect St40.744108-74.256064
19332Irvington Ave at Riggs Pl40.742299-74.254443
19331Irvington Ave at Seton Pl40.738569-74.251842
19330Irvington Ave at Tichenor Ave40.742167-74.254531
18683Irvington Ave at Tuxedo Pkwy40.733799-74.246143
18052Irvington Ave at Union Ave40.736638-74.251221
18051Irvington Ave at Wetmore Ave40.738109-74.251851
17843Irvington Bus Terminal40.726627-74.227103
17869Irvington Bus Terminal40.726600-74.227410
31249Irvington Bus Terminal40.726279-74.227171
31250Irvington Bus Terminal40.726170-74.227241
31251Irvington Bus Terminal40.726589-74.227241
18686Ivy Hill Loop (Mt Vernon Pl)40.737739-74.245290
31591JFK Blvd 50' N of Bayview Avenue40.709177-74.085792
31098JFK Blvd 54' N of 83rd Street40.806377-74.009483
21900JFK Blvd 197' N of 58th St40.790709-74.022640
30232JFK Blvd 300' N of Tonnelle Ave40.731779-74.065583
20430JFK Blvd at 2nd St40.647650-74.138742
21401JFK Blvd at 3rd Ave40.810819-74.003721
21398JFK Blvd at 3rd Ave40.810548-74.003352
20383JFK Blvd at 3rd St40.648719-74.137621
20384JFK Blvd at 4th St40.650519-74.136124
21719JFK Blvd at 5th St40.757239-74.045812
21435JFK Blvd at 5th St40.757549-74.045851
21720JFK Blvd at 8th St40.759039-74.044573
21434JFK Blvd at 8th St40.759058-74.044782
20385JFK Blvd at 8th St40.656370-74.131151
20428JFK Blvd at 8th St40.656008-74.131683
21433JFK Blvd at 10th St40.760270-74.044083
20386JFK Blvd at 10th St40.657718-74.130012
21721JFK Blvd at 10th St40.760538-74.043620
20427JFK Blvd at 10th St40.657298-74.130574
20387JFK Blvd at 12th St40.658589-74.129284
20426JFK Blvd at 12th St40.658819-74.129331
21722JFK Blvd at 13th St40.762229-74.042292
21432JFK Blvd at 13th St40.762467-74.042351
20388JFK Blvd at 14th St40.660058-74.128020
21723JFK Blvd at 15th St40.763758-74.042052
21431JFK Blvd at 15th St40.763580-74.042213
20389JFK Blvd at 16th St40.661590-74.126720
20425JFK Blvd at 16th St40.661129-74.127332
21724JFK Blvd at 17th St40.765509-74.042283
32529JFK Blvd at 17th St39.954060-75.168172
30106JFK Blvd at 18th St40.766309-74.042330
21725JFK Blvd at 19th St40.767370-74.041473
20391JFK Blvd at 19th St40.663908-74.124721
20424JFK Blvd at 19th St40.663459-74.125351
21726JFK Blvd at 21st St40.768797-74.040181
21429JFK Blvd at 21st St40.768597-74.040814
20392JFK Blvd at 21st St40.665048-74.123732
21727JFK Blvd at 23rd St40.769910-74.038452
21428JFK Blvd at 23rd St40.769888-74.038832
20393JFK Blvd at 23rd St40.666498-74.122541
20423JFK Blvd at 23rd St40.665999-74.123121
20422JFK Blvd at 25th St40.667638-74.121791
21728JFK Blvd at 26th St40.770850-74.036511
21427JFK Blvd at 26th St40.770839-74.036833
20394JFK Blvd at 27th St40.669649-74.119863
20421JFK Blvd at 27th St40.669260-74.120381
21729JFK Blvd at 28th St40.772179-74.035644
21426JFK Blvd at 28th St40.772760-74.035690
20395JFK Blvd at 30th St40.671638-74.118222
20420JFK Blvd at 30th St40.671219-74.118812
32510JFK Blvd at 30th St39.956008-75.183523
21730JFK Blvd at 31st St40.773779-74.034371
21425JFK Blvd at 31st St40.774130-74.034482
21731JFK Blvd at 32nd St40.775089-74.032620
21424JFK Blvd at 32nd St40.775119-74.033260
20396JFK Blvd at 32nd St40.673208-74.116913
20419JFK Blvd at 33rd St40.674299-74.116232
20397JFK Blvd at 34th St40.675658-74.114821
20418JFK Blvd at 35th St40.676217-74.114602
21732JFK Blvd at 36th St40.775440-74.030293
20417JFK Blvd at 37th St40.678078-74.114493
30400JFK Blvd at 38 Th St40.678199-74.114152
21739JFK Blvd at 38th St40.776569-74.029380
21733JFK Blvd at 39th St40.776867-74.028881
20398JFK Blvd at 39th St40.679240-74.113403
21423JFK Blvd at 40th St40.777448-74.028580
21734JFK Blvd at 41st St40.778128-74.027692
21422JFK Blvd at 42nd St40.778660-74.027403
20415JFK Blvd at 42nd St40.680648-74.112602
21421JFK Blvd at 43rd St40.779479-74.026610
21736JFK Blvd at 44th St40.779789-74.026110
20414JFK Blvd at 44th St40.682320-74.111411
21737JFK Blvd at 46th St40.781457-74.024510
21420JFK Blvd at 46th St40.781427-74.024742
20413JFK Blvd at 46th St40.683109-74.110820
21738JFK Blvd at 48th St40.782529-74.023432
21419JFK Blvd at 48th St40.782488-74.023701
20400JFK Blvd at 48th St40.684479-74.109572
20412JFK Blvd at 48th St40.684778-74.109593
20401JFK Blvd at 50th St40.686099-74.108382
21418JFK Blvd at 51st St40.784288-74.022902
21897JFK Blvd at 51th St40.783967-74.022671
20402JFK Blvd at 52nd St40.687280-74.107381
20411JFK Blvd at 52nd St40.686869-74.107932
20403JFK Blvd at 54th St40.688507-74.106373
20410JFK Blvd at 54th St40.688009-74.107000
21898JFK Blvd at 55th St40.787500-74.023454
21417JFK Blvd at 55th St40.787818-74.023681
21899JFK Blvd at 57th St40.789380-74.023313
21416JFK Blvd at 57th St40.789188-74.023511
20404JFK Blvd at 57th St40.689949-74.105141
20409JFK Blvd at 57th St40.689790-74.105512
21415JFK Blvd at 58th St40.790418-74.023122
20405JFK Blvd at 58th St40.690609-74.104580
21902JFK Blvd at 61st St40.792350-74.021203
21414JFK Blvd at 61st St40.792260-74.021483
21903JFK Blvd at 62nd St40.793660-74.019253
20406JFK Blvd at 63rd St40.692659-74.102702
20407JFK Blvd at 63rd St40.692758-74.102921
21413JFK Blvd at 64th St40.794668-74.017893
21904JFK Blvd at 65th St40.794909-74.017231
21905JFK Blvd at 67th St40.795910-74.016161
21412JFK Blvd at 67th St40.795918-74.016371
20448JFK Blvd at 70th St40.798258-74.014961
21411JFK Blvd at 70th St40.798329-74.015133
21390JFK Blvd at 72nd St40.799428-74.014503
21410JFK Blvd at 72nd St40.799149-74.014793
21391JFK Blvd at 74th St40.800817-74.013652
21409JFK Blvd at 74th St40.801089-74.013681
21392JFK Blvd at 76th St40.802557-74.012391
21408JFK Blvd at 76th St40.802018-74.013071
21393JFK Blvd at 79th St40.804098-74.011161
21407JFK Blvd at 79th St40.803519-74.011821
21406JFK Blvd at 81st St40.804999-74.010700
21405JFK Blvd at 82nd St40.805777-74.010121
21395JFK Blvd at 85th St40.807358-74.008800
21404JFK Blvd at 85th St40.807098-74.009181
21403JFK Blvd at 86th St40.808479-74.008232
21396JFK Blvd at 87th St40.808687-74.007870
20390JFK Blvd at Andrew St40.662768-74.125771
20801JFK Blvd at Audubon Ave40.707889-74.087250
20869JFK Blvd at Audubon Ave40.707939-74.087481
31592JFK Blvd at Bayview Ave40.708988-74.086181
20822JFK Blvd at Beacon Ave40.739857-74.061662
20859JFK Blvd at Belmont Avenue40.722199-74.075740
20810JFK Blvd at Bentley Ave40.720928-74.076392
20860JFK Blvd at Bentley Ave40.720919-74.076642
21400JFK Blvd at Bergenline Ave40.809849-74.001722
21397JFK Blvd at Bergenwood Ave (90th St)40.810129-74.006091
21402JFK Blvd at Bergenwood Ave (90th St)40.809997-74.006872
20830JFK Blvd at Bleeker St40.752449-74.052442
20839JFK Blvd at Bleeker St40.752517-74.052731
20806JFK Blvd at Boyd Ave40.716107-74.081513
20864JFK Blvd at Boyd Ave40.715768-74.082042
20802JFK Blvd at Broadman Pkwy40.710989-74.084642
20868JFK Blvd at Broadman Pkwy40.710928-74.084993
20825JFK Blvd at Carlton Ave40.744239-74.058511
20845JFK Blvd at Carlton Ave40.743790-74.059070
31879JFK Blvd at Cini Ave39.157540-74.695186
20803JFK Blvd at Claremont Ave40.712178-74.083832
20867JFK Blvd at Claremont Ave40.712140-74.084082
20807JFK Blvd at Clendenny Ave40.717647-74.079651
20863JFK Blvd at Clendenny Ave40.717508-74.080332
20824JFK Blvd at Cliff St40.743028-74.059402
20846JFK Blvd at Cliff St40.742518-74.059972
20808JFK Blvd at Clinton Ave40.718878-74.078341
20809JFK Blvd at Communipaw Ave40.720018-74.077192
20861JFK Blvd at Communipaw Ave40.719218-74.078232
20831JFK Blvd at Congress St40.753189-74.050942
20838JFK Blvd at Congress St40.753219-74.051282
20851JFK Blvd at Cottage St40.734758-74.063242
20794JFK Blvd at Danforth Ave40.700140-74.094342
20877JFK Blvd at Danforth Ave40.699997-74.094752
20399JFK Blvd at Delvin Dr40.680289-74.112642
20416JFK Blvd at Dillon Dr40.679629-74.113362
20813JFK Blvd at Duncan Ave40.725098-74.073401
20856JFK Blvd at Duncan Ave40.725030-74.073680
20800JFK Blvd at Dwight St40.706938-74.088491
20805JFK Blvd at Ege Ave40.714450-74.082683
20865JFK Blvd at Ege Ave40.714378-74.082923
21205JFK Blvd at Elm St40.740098-74.061681
20797JFK Blvd at Fowler Ave40.704138-74.090173
20791JFK Blvd at Gates Ave40.695207-74.099332
20881JFK Blvd at Gates Ave40.694890-74.099972
20815JFK Blvd at Glenwood Ave40.727710-74.070450
20793JFK Blvd at Greenville Ave40.699148-74.095471
20878JFK Blvd at Greenville Ave40.698888-74.095991
20854JFK Blvd at Highland Ave40.728197-74.070303
20827JFK Blvd at Hutton St40.747519-74.056252
20843JFK Blvd at Hutton St40.746968-74.056824
20812JFK Blvd at Jewett Ave40.723747-74.074441
20811JFK Blvd at Kensington Ave40.722807-74.075104
20858JFK Blvd at Kensington Ave40.723139-74.075103
20834JFK Blvd at Leonard St40.756220-74.046523
20828JFK Blvd at Lincoln St40.749418-74.055020
20841JFK Blvd at Lincoln St40.748799-74.055632
20826JFK Blvd at Manhattan Ave40.745209-74.057822
20844JFK Blvd at Manhattan Ave40.745508-74.057851
20795JFK Blvd at Mcadoo Ave40.701658-74.092513
20876JFK Blvd at Mcadoo Ave40.701669-74.092733
20814JFK Blvd at Montgomery St40.726427-74.071370
20855JFK Blvd at Montgomery St40.726808-74.071322
20804JFK Blvd at Morton Pl40.713427-74.083101
20866JFK Blvd at Morton Pl40.713348-74.083402
32531JFK Blvd at N 19th St39.954378-75.171251
20832JFK Blvd at North St40.753608-74.048882
20837JFK Blvd at North St40.753830-74.048804
20862JFK Blvd at Oxford Ave40.718398-74.079160
20790JFK Blvd at Pamrapo Ave40.693659-74.100933
20882JFK Blvd at Pamrapo Ave40.693659-74.101262
20792JFK Blvd at Pearsall Ave40.697808-74.096713
20879JFK Blvd at Pearsall Ave40.697830-74.096911
20833JFK Blvd at Poplar St40.754940-74.047411
20836JFK Blvd at Poplar St40.754649-74.047802
20848JFK Blvd at Saint Pauls Ave40.737218-74.062853
20817JFK Blvd at Sip Ave40.731239-74.067861
20852JFK Blvd at Sip Ave40.731108-74.068152
20823JFK Blvd at Spruce St40.741710-74.060333
20847JFK Blvd at Spruce St40.741329-74.060823
20870JFK Blvd at Stegman Pkwy40.707369-74.088251
20875JFK Blvd at Stevens Ave40.702918-74.091251
20816JFK Blvd at Stuyvesant Ave40.729137-74.069503
20853JFK Blvd at Stuyvesant Ave40.729348-74.069551
20829JFK Blvd at Thorne St40.750920-74.053992
20840JFK Blvd at Thorne St40.750909-74.054202
20871JFK Blvd at Van Houten Ave40.706829-74.088843
20873JFK Blvd at Van Nostrand Ave40.704387-74.090333
20820JFK Blvd at Van Winkle Ave40.735999-74.062941
20849JFK Blvd at Van Winkle Ave40.735848-74.063210
31596JFK Blvd at W 4th Street40.650398-74.136410
31595JFK Blvd at W 6th Street40.652139-74.135433
31594JFK Blvd at W 7th Street40.652969-74.135063
31455JFK Blvd at W 44th St40.681969-74.111423
20796JFK Blvd at Wade St40.702749-74.091220
20880JFK Blvd at Winfield Ave40.696989-74.097803
31756JFK Blvd at Winfield Ave40.696978-74.097561
20799JFK Blvd at Woodlawn Ave40.705448-74.089261
20872JFK Blvd at Woodlawn Ave40.705138-74.089803
20021JFK Hospital39.734287-75.066212
20016JFK Hospital39.734800-75.066773
23145JFK Medical Center40.557890-74.350723
23142JFK Medical Center40.557720-74.351063
27586Jackson Rd at Madison Rd40.907140-74.243783
27587Jackson Rd at Madison Rd40.906967-74.243871
24095Jackson St at Wilson / Raritan Aves40.448018-74.381333
23144James St at Egan St40.556648-74.346080
23143James St at Egan St40.556410-74.345941
23146James St at Mundy Ave40.557588-74.355172
23141James St at Mundy Ave40.557528-74.354942
29396Jaques Ave at Clinton St40.605869-74.280732
29397Jaques Ave at Clinton St40.605790-74.280892
29399Jaques Ave at Walters St40.600290-74.286183
29395Jaques Ave at West Hazelwood Ave40.603578-74.282403
29398Jaques Ave at West Hazelwood Ave40.603148-74.282981
29394Jaques Ave at West Stearns St40.601770-74.284343
15752Jarvis Rd at Dunlin Way39.752677-75.022091
15759Jarvis Rd at Maynard Dr39.758490-75.015732
15761Jarvis Rd at Pine Glen Dr39.752968-75.021921
15756Jarvis Rd at Pine St39.762789-75.009511
15757Jarvis Rd at Pine St39.762978-75.009333
15755Jarvis Rd at Prospect Ave39.760189-75.013603
15758Jarvis Rd at Prospect Ave39.760060-75.013980
15751Jarvis Rd at Sicklerville Rd39.751688-75.023251
15753Jarvis Rd at Vance Ave39.756199-75.018152
15760Jarvis Rd at Vance Ave39.756097-75.018362
15754Jarvis Rd at Wilshire Ave39.758207-75.015881
25915Jefferson Rd 149' S of Webro Rd40.853877-74.416513
25912Jefferson Rd 190' S of Webro Rd40.854009-74.416324
25916Jefferson Rd 900' N of E Halsey Rd40.851427-74.418201
25911Jefferson Rd at East Halsey Rd40.849657-74.419333
25917Jefferson Rd at East Halsey Rd40.848758-74.420032
25910Jefferson Rd at Parsippany Rd (Ups)40.846618-74.421492
25918Jefferson Rd at Parsippany Rd (Ups)40.846668-74.421492
25913Jefferson Rd at Smith Rd40.857527-74.413892
25914Jefferson Rd at Smith Rd40.856360-74.414792
31242Jefferson St 100' E of Main St40.908729-74.040562
28658Jersey Ave at Acme St40.660990-74.237573
28664Jersey Ave at Bellevue St40.661198-74.236751
20786Jersey Ave at Bright St40.717198-74.048531
20789Jersey Ave at Bright St40.717439-74.048492
28663Jersey Ave at Elmora Ave40.661609-74.233691
28660Jersey Ave at Elmora Ave40.661538-74.233522
28662Jersey Ave at Grove St40.662239-74.229111
28661Jersey Ave at Grove St40.662160-74.228891
30502Jersey Ave at Mercer St40.719168-74.047421
20788Jersey Ave at Montgomery St40.718768-74.047781
28665Jersey Ave at Standish St40.660738-74.239942
28657Jersey Ave at Standish St40.660729-74.239562
95065Jersey Ave.40.476912-74.467363
30836Jersey Avenue Light Rail Station40.714978-74.048491
28856Jersey Gardens - Cinema Bus Stop40.658529-74.167372
28855Jersey Gardens - Main Entrance40.661798-74.170930
25118Jersey Shore Medical Center40.207628-74.039253
25104Jersey Shore Medical Center40.207708-74.039751
30472Jersey Shore Premium Outlets40.224670-74.093091
12026Jewell St at Market St40.884379-74.119842
12025Jewell St at Morris Ave40.882869-74.119161
11958Jewell St at Outwater Ln40.880578-74.118202
10494Jimmie Leeds Rd at Ash Ave39.475609-74.535661
10492Jimmie Leeds Rd at Ash Ave39.475798-74.536172
10517Jimmie Leeds Rd at Pitney Rd39.463639-74.494032
32606Jimmie Leeds Rd at Pitney Rd39.462749-74.493203
31336Jimmie Leeds Rd at Seashore Gardens Entrance39.475258-74.533562
10490Jimmie Leeds Rd at Seaview Ave39.459000-74.486840
10496Jimmie Leeds Rd at Seaview Ave39.459030-74.487120
16027John Tipton Blvd at US 13039.977369-75.032440
30530Johnston Ave at Monitor St40.712718-74.057283
18687Jones St at Springfield Ave40.735210-74.188223
20883Journal Square Transportation Center40.732059-74.062111
31731Journal Square Transportation Center40.732100-74.062292
31732Journal Square Transportation Center40.732048-74.062003
32056Juliustown Rd at Carp Ln39.974617-74.591051
32057Juliustown Rd at Carp Ln39.974417-74.590902
31710Juliustown Rd at Pointville Rd39.992199-74.623091
31713Juliustown Rd at Pointville Rd39.992018-74.623671
32058Juliustown-Brown Mills Rd at Crescent Dr39.972828-74.587734
31714Juliustown-Brown Mills Rd at Pemberton Browns Mil39.971828-74.586340
22825Justice Complex Parking Lot Entrance40.212807-74.764582
29161K-Line Access Rd at Bus Stop40.681218-74.410150
29164K-Line Acess Rd at Bus Stop40.688338-74.395241
32905Kaighn Ave at 4th Street39.930738-75.121653
15164Kaighn Ave at Broadway39.930929-75.119313
15158Kaighn Ave at Haddon Ave39.932108-75.103332
15157Kaighn Ave at Haddon Ave39.932099-75.102313
15159Kaighn Ave at Louis St39.931998-75.104761
15156Kaighn Ave at Louis St39.931938-75.104511
15162Kaighn Ave at Maurice St39.931299-75.114222
15160Kaighn Ave at Mt. Ephraim Ave39.931658-75.109331
15155Kaighn Ave at Mt. Ephraim Ave39.931598-75.108980
31695Kaighn Ave at Princess Ave.39.932190-75.101434
15163Kaighn Ave at S. 7th St39.931168-75.115901
15154Kaighn Ave at S. 9th St39.931398-75.111753
15161Kaighn Ave at S. 9th St39.931499-75.111481
30378Karl Light Blvd at Butternut Row40.377758-74.651121
30377Karl Light Blvd at Mulberry Row40.376369-74.651003
21297Kearny Ave at Afton St40.761448-74.150501
21278Kearny Ave at Bennett Ave40.779169-74.140751
21248Kearny Ave at Bergen Ave40.759560-74.151763
21242Kearny Ave at Bergen Ave40.759217-74.151803
21298Kearny Ave at Boyd St40.758220-74.152712
21307Kearny Ave at Boyd St40.758168-74.152571
21289Kearny Ave at Columbia Ave40.773308-74.143890
21314Kearny Ave at Columbia Ave40.773039-74.143853
21305Kearny Ave at Dukes St40.755480-74.155372
21308Kearny Ave at Garfield Ave40.761648-74.150202
21294Kearny Ave at Grove St40.764879-74.148223
21310Kearny Ave at Grove St40.764698-74.148181
21296Kearny Ave at Halstead St40.762728-74.149633
21274Kearny Ave at Halstead St40.762489-74.149621
21241Kearny Ave at Hoyt St40.756510-74.154283
21249Kearny Ave at Johnston Ave40.752830-74.157312
21303Kearny Ave at Johnston Ave40.752800-74.157160
21287Kearny Ave at Laurel Ave40.774738-74.143121
21295Kearny Ave at Liberty St40.763958-74.148801
21309Kearny Ave at Liberty St40.763720-74.148793
21290Kearny Ave at Locust Ave40.772149-74.144471
21285Kearny Ave at Magnolia Ave40.776210-74.142381
21318Kearny Ave at Magnolia Ave40.775928-74.142380
21246Kearny Ave at Midland Ave40.770968-74.145082
21243Kearny Ave at Midland Ave40.771107-74.144852
21291Kearny Ave at New Lawn Terrace40.769748-74.145711
21292Kearny Ave at Oakwood Ave40.768589-74.146310
21313Kearny Ave at Oakwood Ave40.768329-74.146291
21300Kearny Ave at Paterson St40.756718-74.154241
21293Kearny Ave at Pavonia Ave40.767430-74.146913
21312Kearny Ave at Pavonia Ave40.767189-74.146872
21247Kearny Ave at Quincy Ave40.765909-74.147701
21311Kearny Ave at Quincy Ave40.765978-74.147501
21301Kearny Ave at Rose St40.755189-74.155842
21284Kearny Ave at Seeley Ave40.780087-74.139991
21257Kearny Ave at Seeley Ave40.779819-74.140042
21245Kearny Ave at Stewart Ave40.777067-74.141940
21256Kearny Ave at Stewart Ave40.776728-74.141962
21244Kearny Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.777728-74.141441
21315Kearny Ave at Washington Ave40.773730-74.143491
21299Kearny Ave at Wilson Ave40.757609-74.153341
21306Kearny Ave at Wilson Ave40.757348-74.153412
21302Kearny Ave at Woodland Ave40.754299-74.156471
21304Kearny Ave at Woodland Ave40.754049-74.156463
15166Kearsage Rd at Collings Rd39.903450-75.107351
15165Kearsage Rd at Octagon St39.904738-75.106701
28113Keasbey Ave at Roe Ave39.564720-75.459041
28112Keasbey Ave at Roe Ave39.564889-75.458751
27314Keen St at Summer St40.927018-74.162844
27316Keen St at Summer St40.927119-74.163162
18690Kellogg St 290' E of Corbin St40.702269-74.150650
18689Kellogg St 320' E of Corbin St40.701899-74.150170
28982Kenilworth Blvd at 8th St40.674968-74.302893
28973Kenilworth Blvd at 21st St40.675968-74.291571
28978Kenilworth Blvd at 21st St40.676138-74.291321
28970Kenilworth Blvd at Columbia Ave40.674839-74.302692
26372Kennedy Blvd at Lexington Ave40.106509-74.214202
26373Kennedy Blvd at Monmouth Ave40.106400-74.212813
26374Kennedy Blvd at Princeton Ave40.106189-74.210013
26375Kennedy Blvd at Squankum Rd40.105838-74.204843
30311Keystone Ave at Olney Ave39.908818-74.968712
31135Keystone Ave at Olney Ave39.908728-74.968522
13400Kinderkamack Rd 50' S of Reservoir Ave.40.915818-74.035273
14025Kinderkamack Rd 100' N of Old Hook Rd40.986548-74.025772
12908Kinderkamack Rd 108' S of Lake Ave40.947510-74.030973
32780Kinderkamack Rd 140' N of Allison Way40.970259-74.029592
13393Kinderkamack Rd 150' N of Continental Ave.40.933249-74.032861
14026Kinderkamack Rd 160' N of Lotus Ave40.989148-74.027552
32778Kinderkamack Rd 176' N of Louis St40.971079-74.029272
13404Kinderkamack Rd 220' N of Rutgers Pl.40.914067-74.035923
13391Kinderkamack Rd 250' S of Midland Ave40.938848-74.030811
31483Kinderkamack Rd 365' N of Soldier Hill Rd40.960230-74.030772
12890Kinderkamack Rd at Argyle St40.943599-74.029101
12892Kinderkamack Rd at Brookside Ave40.948488-74.031863
13390Kinderkamack Rd at Christie Ave40.938458-74.030722
12906Kinderkamack Rd at Church St40.952987-74.031971
13388Kinderkamack Rd at Continental Ave40.933079-74.032791
12907Kinderkamack Rd at Cooper Ave40.949507-74.032321
12898Kinderkamack Rd at East Dr40.962669-74.030613
12903Kinderkamack Rd at East Dr40.963020-74.030772
13401Kinderkamack Rd at Grand Ave40.910998-74.036112
13380Kinderkamack Rd at Grand Ave40.911900-74.036100
12910Kinderkamack Rd at High St40.945838-74.028901
12899Kinderkamack Rd at Homestead Pl40.966787-74.030033
12902Kinderkamack Rd at Homestead Pl40.966579-74.030301
13382Kinderkamack Rd at Howland Ave40.919118-74.034051
13399Kinderkamack Rd at Howland Ave40.917819-74.034663
13387Kinderkamack Rd at Jefferson Ave40.930720-74.034001
13394Kinderkamack Rd at Jefferson Ave40.930577-74.034162
32388Kinderkamack Rd at Jefferson Ave40.977168-74.025613
14024Kinderkamack Rd at Lester Ave40.983267-74.024461
14031Kinderkamack Rd at Lester Ave40.983210-74.024582
12896Kinderkamack Rd at Lotus Ave40.957079-74.030963
12905Kinderkamack Rd at Lotus Ave40.957350-74.031021
32553Kinderkamack Rd at Lozier Ave40.977579-74.025531
12911Kinderkamack Rd at Mackay Ave40.943739-74.029132
13385Kinderkamack Rd at Manning Ave40.926938-74.034442
13396Kinderkamack Rd at Manning Ave40.926640-74.034591
13386Kinderkamack Rd at Monroe Ave40.929158-74.034232
13395Kinderkamack Rd at Monroe Ave40.928618-74.034380
12891Kinderkamack Rd at New Milford Ave40.945989-74.028732
12895Kinderkamack Rd at Oradell Ave40.954538-74.031432
12894Kinderkamack Rd at Park Ave40.951108-74.032112
12900Kinderkamack Rd at Park Pl40.969119-74.029701
12901Kinderkamack Rd at Park Pl40.969410-74.029911
13381Kinderkamack Rd at Reservoir Ave40.916158-74.035051
12893Kinderkamack Rd at Ridgewood Ave40.949828-74.032241
32779Kinderkamack Rd at Seneca Ave40.981958-74.024301
12897Kinderkamack Rd at Soldier Hill Rd40.959759-74.030732
11499Kinderkamack Rd at Van Wagoner Ave40.982199-74.024494
13389Kinderkamack Rd at Washington Ave40.937708-74.030793
13392Kinderkamack Rd at Washington Ave40.937508-74.030901
13383Kinderkamack Rd at Wayne Ave40.922118-74.034153
13398Kinderkamack Rd at Wayne Ave40.922118-74.034302
13384Kinderkamack Rd at Windsor Rd40.925338-74.034372
13397Kinderkamack Rd at Windsor Rd40.924979-74.034511
15577King Ave 350' W of Union Ave39.927627-75.048463
15565King Ave 365' W of Union Ave39.927838-75.048660
15578King Ave at Executive Dr39.929658-75.051902
15566King Ave at Executive Dr39.929189-75.051011
23291King Georges Post Rd at Clearview Rd40.523069-74.330561
32811King Georges Post Rd at Hoy Ave40.531419-74.309352
32814King Georges Post Rd at Izola Ave40.531230-74.310020
32812King Georges Post Rd at Liberty St40.532838-74.305813
32813King Georges Post Rd at Liberty St40.533140-74.305201
24287King Georges Post Rd at May St40.525798-74.318482
23289King Georges Post Rd at May St40.525870-74.318572
24286King Georges Post Rd at New St40.524308-74.323312
23290King Georges Post Rd at New St40.524499-74.322830
23292King Georges Post Rd at Raritan Center Pkwy40.521559-74.337351
23288King Georges Post Rd at Saffan Ave40.528029-74.317032
24288King Georges Post Rd at Saffan Ave40.527908-74.316971
14877King's Highway at 13th Ave39.881610-75.074193
14871King's Highway at Amhurst Rd39.887458-75.058133
14875King's Highway at Cedarcroft Ave39.882898-75.070471
14870King's Highway at Crystal Lake Ave39.888159-75.056221
15993King's Highway at Davis Ave39.880799-75.090003
14876King's Highway at Edgewood Ave39.882139-75.072523
14878King's Highway at Hampshire Ave39.881780-75.078161
15996King's Highway at Hill Ave39.881610-75.082231
15994King's Highway at James St39.881128-75.088150
14869King's Highway at Lippincott Ave39.889568-75.052431
16001King's Highway at Market St39.880319-75.093901
16000King's Highway at Oak Ave39.880558-75.092302
14873King's Highway at Third Ave39.885200-75.064253
14874King's Highway at Wyoming Ave39.884008-75.067482
19946Kings Highway 30' N of Church St.39.750367-75.306772
19942Kings Highway 365' N of Bridgeport Ave.39.742040-75.315233
19949Kings Highway 415' N of Bridgeport Ave.39.742089-75.315301
19945Kings Highway at Church St39.750280-75.306821
15501Kings Highway at NJ 7039.915567-75.008372
15510Kings Highway at NJ 7039.915899-75.008402
15431Kings Highway at Nevada Ave39.911479-75.013053
15432Kings Highway at Nevada Ave39.911668-75.013043
19943Kings Highway at Poplar Ave39.745418-75.312370
19948Kings Highway at Poplar Ave39.745728-75.312251
19951Kings Highway at Shoemaker Drive39.738598-75.317611
32515Kings Highway at South Ave39.739258-75.317030
19941Kings Highway at Turner Ave39.740149-75.316472
19950Kings Highway at Turner Ave39.740500-75.316382
32863Kings Hwy (CR 611) at Avon Ter39.956069-74.964795
32864Kings Hwy (CR 611) at Beacon Street39.955710-74.965155
14609Kings Hwy (CR 611) at Foxwood Dr39.950637-74.970641
15879Kings Hwy E at Grove St39.899630-75.028921
15874Kings Hwy E at Haddon Ave S39.898290-75.031223
15877Kings Hwy E at Hopkins Ln39.902189-75.024222
15888Kings Hwy E at Lee Ln39.902088-75.024161
15875Kings Hwy E at Potter St39.899257-75.029403
15876Kings Hwy E at Roberts Ave39.900827-75.026491
15878Kings Hwy E at Sylvan Lake Rd39.901027-75.026352
15885Kings Hwy W at Avondale Ave39.893640-75.041432
15881Kings Hwy W at Chews Landing Rd39.894089-75.040040
15884Kings Hwy W at Estaugh Ave39.894908-75.038631
15886Kings Hwy W at Hinchman Ave N39.891368-75.047542
15880Kings Hwy W at Hinchman Ave S39.891198-75.047770
15883Kings Hwy W at Tanner St39.897049-75.034121
32279Kings Hwy W at Tanner St After Patco39.896977-75.034321
15882Kings Hwy W at Warwick Rd39.894958-75.038242
15429Kings Hwy at Bel-Aire Ave39.906070-75.018963
15435Kings Hwy at Bel-Aire Ave39.906278-75.018921
19677Kings Hwy at Berkeley Rd39.810168-75.211123
19678Kings Hwy at Berkeley Rd39.809798-75.212563
15995Kings Hwy at Black Horse Pike39.881350-75.085291
15998Kings Hwy at Black Horse Pike39.881259-75.087822
15430Kings Hwy at Caldwell Rd39.908297-75.016542
19674Kings Hwy at Cohawkin Rd39.799928-75.223821
19681Kings Hwy at Cohawkin Rd39.799580-75.224422
15820Kings Hwy at Dallas Ave39.881569-75.076642
19683Kings Hwy at Democrat Rd39.790110-75.238254
19672Kings Hwy at Democrat Rd39.790499-75.237442
15821Kings Hwy at Edgewood Ave39.881939-75.072762
15823Kings Hwy at Eighth Ave39.884608-75.065583
15827Kings Hwy at First Ave39.888718-75.054443
32526Kings Hwy at Franklin St39.748068-75.309824
15822Kings Hwy at Glover Ave39.883158-75.069494
20104Kings Hwy at Hillside Rd39.812950-75.201682
20118Kings Hwy at Hillside Rd39.813207-75.201330
20114Kings Hwy at Jessup Rd39.824410-75.176410
20109Kings Hwy at Jessup Rd39.824859-75.175063
20107Kings Hwy at Kingswick Apartments39.820258-75.185370
20115Kings Hwy at Kingswick Apartments39.820359-75.185520
15428Kings Hwy at Munn Ave39.904628-75.020543
15436Kings Hwy at Park Blvd39.904119-75.021282
20106Kings Hwy at Parkville Rd39.817219-75.192200
20116Kings Hwy at Parkville Rd39.816778-75.193501
20117Kings Hwy at Parliament Way39.815347-75.196673
20105Kings Hwy at Parliament Way39.815249-75.196673
20108Kings Hwy at Plantation Dr39.823228-75.178760
19947Kings Hwy at Railroad Ave39.747948-75.310233
15819Kings Hwy at St. Martins Ave39.881569-75.081313
14563Kings Hwy at Stokes Terr39.957110-74.963451
31319Kings Hwy at Stokes Terr39.957228-74.962933
15826Kings Hwy at Third Ave39.887567-75.057562
15433Kings Hwy at Utah Ave39.910098-75.014741
20112Kings Hwy at Vallee Dr39.829460-75.165240
20111Kings Hwy at Vallee Dr39.829298-75.165343
15824Kings Hwy at West Atlantic Ave39.885668-75.062722
20113Kings Hwy at Westwood Dr39.826868-75.171000
20110Kings Hwy at Westwood Dr39.826810-75.170832
15825Kings Hwy at White Horse Pike39.886408-75.060781
14872Kings Hwy at White Horse Pike39.886619-75.060463
15434Kings Hwy at Winding Way39.907810-75.017252
19671Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Bodo Otto Dr39.788109-75.241343
19673Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Curriden Ave39.798078-75.226252
19682Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Curriden Ave39.797949-75.226561
19684Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Quaker Rd39.788548-75.240781
19669Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Rattling Run Rd39.778129-75.258672
19686Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Rattling Run Rd39.778080-75.258921
19675Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Shady Lane Rd39.803257-75.219781
19680Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Shady Lane Rd39.803419-75.219742
19670Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Still Run Dr39.786679-75.243803
19685Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Still Run Dr39.786358-75.244451
19687Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Tomlin Station Rd39.773690-75.266482
19668Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Tomlin Station Rd39.773430-75.266780
19676Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Whiskey Mill Rd39.805039-75.217913
19679Kings Hwy. (Rt. 551) at Whiskey Mill Rd39.804688-75.218400
26758Kingsland Rd 250' W of River Rd40.823649-74.135821
26759Kingsland Rd at River Rd40.823638-74.135571
26757Kingsland Rd at Target Drive40.824808-74.138110
26760Kingsland Rd at Target Drive40.825050-74.138332
19287Kingsland St 1218' W of Cathedral Ave.40.831898-74.156702
19277Kingsland St at Alexander Ave40.834290-74.161032
19279Kingsland St at Bloomfield Ave40.832648-74.157740
19288Kingsland St at Bloomfield Ave40.832829-74.158072
19280Kingsland St at Cathedral Ave40.829878-74.153223
19278Kingsland St at Edison Ave40.833238-74.159461
19289Kingsland St at Edison Ave40.833429-74.159673
19285Kingsland St at Franklin Ave40.828319-74.149510
19281Kingsland St at Franklin Ave40.828439-74.149911
19276Kingsland St at Joerg Ave40.835830-74.162192
19291Kingsland St at Joerg Ave40.836008-74.162172
19282Kingsland St at Passaic Ave40.826828-74.146851
19286Kingsland St at Terrace Ave40.829440-74.151710
24336Kingsley St at 4th Ave40.222459-74.001141
24332Kingsley St at 4th Ave40.222360-74.001343
24330Kingsley St at 8th Ave40.227988-73.999323
24338Kingsley St at 8th Ave40.228408-73.999002
24333Kingsley St at Second Ave40.220760-74.001932
24337Kingsley St at Sixth Ave40.225889-73.999944
24331Kingsley St at Sunset Ave40.224897-74.000430
15439Kingston Dr at Belle Arbor Dr39.919798-74.990282
15448Kingston Dr at Belle Arbor Dr39.919628-74.990403
15440Kingston Dr at Chelten Pkwy39.917708-74.993531
15447Kingston Dr at Chelton Pkwy39.917420-74.993712
15438Kingston Dr at Douglas Dr39.919889-74.987463
15449Kingston Dr at Howard Rd39.919779-74.987831
15441Kingston Dr at North Abington Rd39.916209-74.994650
15446Kingston Dr at North Abington Rd39.915967-74.994661
15443Kingston Dr at South Abington Rd39.912517-74.998800
15444Kingston Dr at South Abington Rd39.912709-74.998633
15442Kingston Dr at Tampa Ave39.914797-74.998003
15445Kingston Dr at Tampa Ave39.914578-74.998014
15437Kingston Dr at Yorkshire Rd39.921089-74.983130
15450Kingston Dr at Yorkshire Rd39.920818-74.983123
32136Kingston Rd at Shady Brook Ln40.366838-74.626542
19420Kirkpatrick Lane at Bloomfield Ave40.852367-74.298182
30576Klockner Ave at Collier Ave40.245189-74.710461
30579Klockner Ave at Collier Ave40.244989-74.710523
30575Klockner Ave at Hamilton Lakes Dr40.241928-74.710183
30580Klockner Ave at Hamilton Lakes Dr40.242230-74.710293
30581Klockner Ave at Smith Ave40.237349-74.710113
30751Klockner Ave at Smith Ave40.238010-74.710061
30937Klockner Rd 210' E of E State Street Ext40.248549-74.710972
30938Klockner Rd 283' E of E State Street Ext40.248768-74.711183
31265Klockner Rd 554' W of Whatley Rd40.222560-74.681903
31856Klockner Rd at Back Creek Rd40.195979-74.648313
31857Klockner Rd at Back Creek Rd.40.195809-74.648432
30569Klockner Rd at Whatley Rd40.221609-74.679491
30572Klockner Rd at Whatley Rd40.221847-74.679601
15574Knollwood Dr at Kings Highway39.927140-74.996502
16336Kresson Rd 460' N of Centennial Blvd.39.868169-74.943011
15453Kresson Rd at Coopers Run Dr39.877228-74.961681
15456Kresson Rd at Coopers Run Dr39.877478-74.962003
15452Kresson Rd at Oakley Dr39.878538-74.964203
15457Kresson Rd at Oakley Dr39.878448-74.963711
15454Kresson Rd at Saddlebrook Ct39.875598-74.958402
15455Kresson Rd at Saddlebrook Ct39.875938-74.958781
15451Kresson Rd at Springdale Rd39.881648-74.969331
32125Kroc Center39.955148-75.100873
10135Kuehnle Ave at Arkansas Ave39.373169-74.451361
10138Kuehnle Ave at Arkansas Ave39.373358-74.451403
10136Kuehnle Ave at Michigan Ave39.374199-74.450862
10137Kuehnle Ave at Michigan Ave39.374449-74.450892
10134Kuehnle Ave at Missouri Ave39.372120-74.451843
10139Kuehnle Ave at Missouri Ave39.372078-74.451992
22222Kuser Rd at Country Ln40.202518-74.672183
30583Kuser Rd at Heaton Dr40.200939-74.675712
30582Kuser Rd at Hempstead Rd40.202348-74.681702
30587Kuser Rd at Hempstead Rd40.202559-74.681820
30584Kuser Rd at Summerton Blvd40.202498-74.671871
22194Kuser Rd at Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Rd40.204808-74.687722
22225Kuser Rd at Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Rd40.205858-74.689832
30585Kuser Rd at Willow Bend Dr40.201498-74.674612
26981Lafayette Ave 100' S of Utter Ave / Rea Ave.40.959468-74.155721
11566Lafayette Ave at Bennett Rd40.896538-73.980400
26973Lafayette Ave at Diamond Bridge Ave40.949280-74.155281
26984Lafayette Ave at Diamond Bridge Ave40.948669-74.155360
26986Lafayette Ave at Elberon Ave40.943199-74.155643
26977Lafayette Ave at Genevieve Ave40.962189-74.156061
26980Lafayette Ave at Genevieve Ave40.962129-74.156163
26979Lafayette Ave at Goffle Rd40.965700-74.156903
11567Lafayette Ave at Haring Pl40.896190-73.981812
26972Lafayette Ave at Llewellyn Ave40.945728-74.155354
26985Lafayette Ave at Llewellyn Ave40.945449-74.155524
23147Lafayette Ave at Parsonage Rd40.545528-74.331841
26978Lafayette Ave at Roosevelt Ave40.964899-74.156621
26976Lafayette Ave at Utter Ave40.960068-74.155663
26975Lafayette Ave at Vreeland Ave40.956248-74.155471
26982Lafayette Ave at Vreeland Ave40.956109-74.155603
23278Lafayette Ave at Wainwright St40.547057-74.328651
26974Lafayette Ave at Warburton Ave40.953308-74.155381
26983Lafayette Ave at Warburton Ave40.952818-74.155491
26971Lafayette Ave at Washington St40.942437-74.155543
11571Lafayette Pl 109' N of Third St.40.893329-73.987963
11569Lafayette Pl at First St40.891287-73.989253
11576Lafayette Pl at First St40.891139-73.989382
11568Lafayette Pl at Forest Ave40.890219-73.990032
11574Lafayette Pl at Garden St40.893910-73.987712
11575Lafayette Pl at Genesee Ave40.892499-73.988460
11572Lafayette Pl at Hirliman Rd40.894579-73.987283
11573Lafayette Pl at Hirliman Rd40.894828-73.987141
11577Lafayette Pl at Rosemont Pl40.890419-73.989932
11570Lafayette Pl at Second St40.892318-73.988521
14759Lafayette St at Fairview St40.037699-74.962123
14758Lafayette St at Fairview St40.037740-74.962370
14763Lafayette St at Madison St40.038488-74.960692
10332Lagoon Blvd at Delmar Dr39.385659-74.403871
10334Lagoon Blvd at Manitoba Ave39.383599-74.406101
10333Lagoon Blvd at Sailfish Rd39.389008-74.403411
28483Lake Ave at Cellar Ave40.614808-74.337133
28482Lake Ave at Schwinn Dr40.614660-74.337170
95067Lake Hopatcong40.904219-74.665697
26067Lake Shore Dr at Morton Pl40.874309-74.370542
26068Lake Shore Dr at Vail Rd40.872119-74.367073
25993Lake Shore Rd at Norton Pl40.874369-74.370433
26037Lake Shore Rd at Rockaway Blvd40.877838-74.372493
25992Lake Shore Rd at Vail Rd40.872138-74.366943
18692Lake St Loop40.783959-74.166500
18691Lake St at Verona Ave40.783367-74.167111
15766Lakeland Rd 50' E of Woodbury-Turnersville / Barbara39.785750-75.070123
15765Lakeland Rd at Elmwood Ave39.788117-75.060633
15763Lakeland Rd at Elmwood Ave39.788090-75.060412
15764Lakeland Rd at Rt 16839.788638-75.058762
15762Lakeland Rd at Woodbury-Turnersville Rd39.785679-75.069991
19388Lakeside Ave at Hillside Ave40.824888-74.250630
19389Lakeside Ave at Pease Ave40.828258-74.247541
19392Lakeside Ave at Windemere Rd40.826568-74.248542
27893Lakeside Rd 202' N of Greenwood Lake Tpke.41.154129-74.350572
27896Lakeside Rd 5200' S of Glendale Rd41.163207-74.345782
27901Lakeside Rd 5200' S of Glendale Rd41.162958-74.345940
27903Lakeside Rd at Gleason Rd41.155378-74.347941
27897Lakeside Rd at Glendale Rd41.177007-74.337921
27900Lakeside Rd at Glendale Rd41.176920-74.338071
26264Lakeside Rd at Greenwood Lake Tpke41.187448-74.330913
26249Lakeside Rd at Greenwood Lake Tpke41.188210-74.329661
27894Lakeside Rd at Mcdonald Rd41.155488-74.347590
27904Lakeside Rd at Reidy Pl41.154219-74.350604
27902Lakeside Rd at Rocky Point Rd41.156748-74.346652
27898Lakeside Rd at Winter Terrace41.180909-74.335183
27899Lakeside Rd at Winter Terrace41.180948-74.335281
26762Lakeview Ave at Alyea Terrace40.877529-74.136333
26776Lakeview Ave at Alyea Terrace40.877649-74.136520
26764Lakeview Ave at Arlington Ave40.880450-74.137021
26774Lakeview Ave at Arlington Ave40.880620-74.137200
26768Lakeview Ave at Crooks Ave40.891318-74.139422
26769Lakeview Ave at Crooks Ave40.891600-74.139633
27323Lakeview Ave at Delaware Ave40.896420-74.140563
27318Lakeview Ave at Delaware Ave40.896228-74.140221
27317Lakeview Ave at Dundee Ave40.894250-74.139870
26767Lakeview Ave at East 6th St40.887950-74.138772
26770Lakeview Ave at East 6th St40.888068-74.138952
26771Lakeview Ave at East 8th St40.886769-74.138673
24043Lakeview Ave at Elm St40.581609-74.413872
27322Lakeview Ave at Illinois Ave40.898440-74.140932
27319Lakeview Ave at Illinois Ave40.898289-74.140582
27321Lakeview Ave at Maryland Ave40.900467-74.141293
27320Lakeview Ave at Maryland Ave40.900188-74.140933
26766Lakeview Ave at Merselis Ave40.885240-74.138133
26772Lakeview Ave at Merselis Ave40.885459-74.138340
26763Lakeview Ave at Rosalie Ave40.878910-74.136672
26775Lakeview Ave at Rosalie Ave40.879049-74.136841
26765Lakeview Ave at Trimble Ave40.883848-74.137841
26773Lakeview Ave at Trimble Ave40.884070-74.138023
26412Lakewood Bus Terminal40.091008-74.212570
22835Lalor St at Beatty St40.198889-74.749143
22241Lalor St at Caroline Ave40.199588-74.743681
22684Lalor St at Hancock St40.198689-74.750841
22346Lalor St at Hewitt Ave40.198528-74.751203
32802Lalor St at Home Ave40.199098-74.747840
22243Lalor St at Julia Ave40.200090-74.740121
31956Lalor St at Liberty St.40.199290-74.746480
22683Lalor St at Remsen Ave40.200128-74.740483
22685Lalor St at Rt 12940.198478-74.752391
22244Lalor St at South Broad St40.200668-74.735692
22855Lalor St at South Broad St40.200575-74.736923
22240Lalor St at Stenton Ct40.199237-74.746143
22682Lalor St at Stokley Ave40.198150-74.753873
22686Lalor St at Stokley Ave40.198237-74.754053
31239Lamont Ave Circle at Alvin E Gershen Apts40.224659-74.692523
16978Landis Ave 500' W of Lincoln Ave39.483109-74.959452
16976Landis Ave 930' E of Giampetro Park Ent39.483199-74.965744
16988Landis Ave at 4th St39.486430-75.029043
16965Landis Ave at 4th St39.486219-75.028883
16967Landis Ave at 8th St39.485728-75.018451
16986Landis Ave at 8th St39.485978-75.019040
16968Landis Ave at Arcadia St39.485479-75.013462
16975Landis Ave at Brewster Rd39.483739-74.975692
16979Landis Ave at Brewster Rd39.483909-74.976502
16984Landis Ave at Columbia Ave39.485509-75.010710
16963Landis Ave at Coney Ave39.486868-75.041063
16990Landis Ave at Coney Ave39.486940-75.041003
16980Landis Ave at Eastwood Dr39.484008-74.978810
16985Landis Ave at Ewan Ter39.485709-75.013703
16974Landis Ave at Highland Rd39.484079-74.983291
16969Landis Ave at Howard St39.485419-75.010781
16977Landis Ave at Lincoln Ave39.482829-74.956583
16972Landis Ave at Main Rd39.484789-74.998133
16982Landis Ave at Main Rd39.485090-75.000441
16971Landis Ave at Main Rd39.484898-75.000281
16973Landis Ave at Spring Rd39.484347-74.988091
16981Landis Ave at Spring Rd39.484468-74.988823
10353Landis Ave at Tuckahoe Rd39.479968-74.895750
10355Landis Ave at Union Rd39.481108-74.921011
10354Landis Ave at Union Rd39.481180-74.920461
16970Landis Ave at Valley Ave39.485238-75.007340
16983Landis Ave at Valley Ave39.485328-75.006982
16989Landis Ave at West Ave39.486778-75.036323
16964Landis Ave at West Ave39.486498-75.035101
26407Lanes Mill Rd at Alamitos Dr40.092649-74.156581
31171Lanes Mill Rd at Alvarado Ave40.098639-74.166002
30375Lanes Mill Rd at Barrymor Dr40.094389-74.159034
30374Lanes Mill Rd at Barrymor Dr40.094469-74.159362
30373Lanes Mill Rd at Cedarwood Dr40.098108-74.165330
26408Lanes Mill Rd at Newport Dr40.096768-74.162902
26409Lanes Mill Rd at Newport Dr40.096949-74.162993
26376Lanes Mill Rd at Ridge Ave40.101388-74.171213
30371Lanes Mill Rd at Ridge Ave40.101659-74.171393
26316Lanes Mill Rd at Sandra Ln40.092400-74.149430
11959Lanza Ave at Jewell St40.886240-74.120650
11964Lanza Ave at Jewell St40.886558-74.120643
12027Lanza Ave at Main Ave40.888429-74.112813
11962Lanza Ave at Main St40.888498-74.113001
11961Lanza Ave at Ray St40.887248-74.117663
11963Lanza Ave at Ray St40.887248-74.117942
25359Lathrop Ave at Madison St40.902238-74.406200
25360Lathrop Ave at Main St40.902328-74.407012
25370Lathrop Ave at Old Boonton Rd40.901720-74.403913
25365Lathrop Ave at Old Boonton Rd40.901180-74.403123
25364Lathrop Ave at Overlook Ave40.903698-74.398053
25367Lathrop Ave at Vreeland Ave40.904279-74.394590
25363Lathrop Ave at Vreeland Ave40.904208-74.394460
25371Lathrop Ave at Wilson St40.903668-74.398761
15890Laurel Ave at Lakeview Ave39.821288-75.013693
15889Laurel Ave at Locust Ave39.823048-75.012572
16341Laurel Oak Rd 600' E of White Horse Rd39.846759-74.987273
16340Laurel Oak Rd at Voorhees Dr39.844827-74.983973
16339Laurel Oaks Rd at Rt 56139.845658-74.974230
31524Laurel Pl at Azalea Ct40.291768-74.056232
15929Laurel Rd 200' N of Blackwood / Clementon Rd39.805439-75.022531
15938Laurel Rd 250' N of Blackwood / Clementon Rd39.805537-75.022670
16337Laurel Rd 765' E of Britton Pl.39.849020-75.000543
15934Laurel Rd at Aston Martin Dr39.816898-75.016201
16307Laurel Rd at Central Ave39.830128-75.008052
16304Laurel Rd at Central Ave39.830679-75.007482
16309Laurel Rd at East Atlantic Ave39.827438-75.009821
16302Laurel Rd at East Atlantic Avenue39.827248-75.009782
15933Laurel Rd at Fifth Ave39.816430-75.016293
16308Laurel Rd at Grand Ave39.828868-75.008903
16303Laurel Rd at Grand Ave39.828999-75.008621
16306Laurel Rd at Kirkwood Ave39.832058-75.006781
16305Laurel Rd at Kirkwood Ave39.831918-75.006752
16311Laurel Rd at Saratoga Rd39.820899-75.014092
15935Laurel Rd at Seventh Ave39.814958-75.017143
15932Laurel Rd at Seventh Ave39.815068-75.016983
16301Laurel Rd at Stone Road39.824410-75.011632
15937Laurel Rd at Stonington Court Apts39.808138-75.020492
15936Laurel Rd at Tenth Ave39.813109-75.018142
15931Laurel Rd at Tenth Ave39.812788-75.018153
15930Laurel Rd at Timber Creek Apts. Entrance39.808719-75.019722
16338Laurel Rd at Voorhees Town Ctr Entrance39.848979-75.000811
16310Laurel Rd at Warwick Rd39.823179-75.012590
22463Lawrence Square40.272679-74.672920
23737Lawrence St at Amboy Ave40.528440-74.274573
22460Lawrence Station Rd at Fountayne Blvd40.274019-74.679230
22849Leave Perry Street Lot40.225380-74.760192
29252Leland Ave at George St40.631510-74.403250
29251Leland Ave at South Ave40.630370-74.401002
11881Lemoine Ave at Bridge Plaza S40.853398-73.968823
11871Lemoine Ave at Bridge Plaza S40.854179-73.968091
32859Lenola Road (CR 608) 395' N of K-Mart Drive39.944116-74.968243
32860Lenola Road (CR 608) (Acme Markets) 640' S of King39.948270-74.970982
25095Leonardo Ave at Rt 3640.414790-74.057344
25065Leonardo Ave at Rt 3640.415149-74.057472
25069Leonardville Rd at Drift Rd40.414538-74.095972
25086Leonardville Rd at East Rd40.414508-74.087320
25068Leonardville Rd at East Rd40.414609-74.086931
25094Leonardville Rd at Garfield Ave40.414658-74.093092
25050Leonardville Rd at Garfield Ave40.414749-74.093022
25088Leonardville Rd at Glenwood Pl40.414247-74.069983
25067Leonardville Rd at Glenwood Pl40.414338-74.069752
25089Leonardville Rd at Leonard Ave40.412699-74.057802
25066Leonardville Rd at North Leonard Ave40.412809-74.057901
27325Levine St at Courtland St40.900240-74.165201
27326Levine St at Courtland St40.900188-74.165361
27324Levine St at Pacific St40.898349-74.167060
27327Levine St at Pacific St40.898357-74.167162
14810Levitt Pkwy at Babbitt Ln40.044338-74.892043
14813Levitt Pkwy at Brooklawn Dr40.040707-74.892172
14809Levitt Pkwy at Brooklawn Dr40.040598-74.891911
14808Levitt Pkwy at Charleston Rd40.039069-74.891743
14819Levitt Pkwy at Garfield Dr40.028198-74.878431
14818Levitt Pkwy at J.F.K. Way40.028878-74.881083
14802Levitt Pkwy at J.F.K. Way40.028669-74.879523
14806Levitt Pkwy at Mainbridge Ln40.033580-74.892502
14803Levitt Pkwy at Meribrook Circle A40.030459-74.886723
14804Levitt Pkwy at Meribrook Circle B40.031327-74.888340
14816Levitt Pkwy at Millbrook Dr40.031919-74.889811
14805Levitt Pkwy at Millbrook Dr40.032078-74.889603
14817Levitt Pkwy at Millstone Ln40.031059-74.888340
14807Levitt Pkwy at Rev Dr Martin Luther King Dr40.034188-74.893293
14815Levitt Pkwy at Salem Rd40.033829-74.893232
14812Levitt Pkwy at Sedgwick Ln40.043719-74.892390
30074Lewis St at Heckman St40.688729-75.189241
30069Lewis St at Hudson St40.690848-75.194721
30070Lewis St at Summit Ave40.691878-75.197614
30072Lewis St at Summit Ave40.691798-75.198090
26778Lexington Ave at Ackerman Ave40.874898-74.132051
26782Lexington Ave at Alyea Terrace40.878019-74.134660
26781Lexington Ave at Arlington Ave40.881039-74.134702
26777Lexington Ave at Center St40.873788-74.130781
26783Lexington Ave at Clifton Ave40.876049-74.133774
26779Lexington Ave at Clifton Ave40.876819-74.134113
27086Lexington Ave at Harrison St40.869579-74.127692
27088Lexington Ave at Harrison St40.869379-74.127770
27085Lexington Ave at Jackson St40.866537-74.127282
27089Lexington Ave at Jackson St40.866398-74.127403
26784Lexington Ave at Kulik St40.875158-74.132552
26785Lexington Ave at Portland Ave40.873109-74.130361
26780Lexington Ave at Seger Ave40.879148-74.134890
27190Lexington Ave at Sherman St40.867918-74.127284
27192Lexington Ave at Sherman St40.868118-74.127473
27087Lexington Ave at Summer St40.870039-74.128110
27191Lexington Ave at Summer St40.870549-74.128282
28946Liberty Ave at Bloy St40.694788-74.235481
28953Liberty Ave at Bloy St40.694267-74.236082
28955Liberty Ave at Conant St40.690028-74.237111
28945Liberty Ave at Fitzpatrick St40.693128-74.236621
28954Liberty Ave at Fitzpatrick St40.692618-74.236763
28949Liberty Ave at Florence Ave40.700839-74.229861
28950Liberty Ave at Florence Ave40.700428-74.230490
28944Liberty Ave at Livingston Rd40.690749-74.236363
28948Liberty Ave at Long Ave40.698709-74.232051
28951Liberty Ave at Long Ave40.698570-74.232403
28947Liberty Ave at Millard Ave40.696260-74.234110
28952Liberty Ave at Rutgers Ave40.696290-74.234251
17247Liberty St at Broad St40.795638-74.197182
12445Liberty St at Chamberlain Ave40.846089-74.042661
12450Liberty St at Eckel Rd40.843670-74.043203
12444Liberty St at Eckel Rd40.843818-74.042762
12446Liberty St at Kavrik St40.849079-74.043053
12447Liberty St at Red Neck Ave40.851027-74.043763
12449Liberty St at Union Ave40.846350-74.042853
12448Liberty St at Williams St40.849400-74.043234
20884Liberty State Park Station40.710219-74.056342
30837Liberty State Park-Ride Light Rail Sta40.710378-74.055812
28669Lidgerwood Ave at Rosehill Pl40.653459-74.221621
28667Lidgerwood Ave at South Elmora Ave40.652119-74.223481
28666Lidgerwood Ave at Spofford Ave40.650640-74.225713
28670Lidgerwood Ave at Spofford Ave40.650840-74.225581
28668Lidgerwood Ave at Stewart Pl40.654558-74.220061
21579Lighting Way at Mill Creek Dr40.790709-74.049551
21578Lighting Way at Mill Creek Dr40.790569-74.049643
17370Lincoln Ave at Central Ave40.767340-74.238414
17372Lincoln Ave at Frankfort St40.768880-74.237012
17371Lincoln Ave at Henry St40.769299-74.236451
26987Lincoln Ave at Lee Ave40.965058-74.141324
13351Lincoln Ave at Mckinley Pl40.973589-74.135161
13352Lincoln Ave at Mckinley Pl40.973087-74.135642
32448Lincoln Ave at Oak Rd39.497328-74.945221
32462Lincoln Ave at Oak Rd39.497098-74.945650
12073Lincoln Ave at Rock Rd40.965678-74.141131
32436Lincoln Ave at Wheat Rd39.512619-74.929161
32437Lincoln Ave at Wheat Rd39.512400-74.929612
14381Lincoln Dr. East 1000' N of Greentree Rd39.912309-74.939241
14384Lincoln Dr. East 1000' N of Greentree Rd39.912060-74.939252
14383Lincoln Dr. East at Commerce Pkwy39.913287-74.939981
14382Lincoln Dr. East at Commerce Pkwy39.913778-74.940210
14379Lincoln Dr. West at Apple Way39.907379-74.941453
14376Lincoln Dr. West at Apple Way39.906957-74.940903
14377Lincoln Dr. West at Bittersweet Ct39.911279-74.943603
14378Lincoln Dr. West at Bittersweet Ct39.910618-74.943120
21830Lincoln Harbor40.759508-74.022242
21831Lincoln Harbor40.759878-74.022280
30826Lincoln Harbor Light Rail Station40.761399-74.024000
21250Lincoln Hwy at Hackensack Ave40.728367-74.103261
21251Lincoln Hwy at Hackensack Ave40.728759-74.103803
95069Lincoln Park40.924138-74.301826
18693Lincoln Park at Halsey St40.727099-74.178471
18694Lincoln Park at Washington St40.726219-74.180400
29030Linden & Park Aves40.649500-74.232461
29125Linden Ave 150' S of Ashton Ave40.649968-74.226883
33152Linden Plaza (At Supermarket)40.613446-74.253307
32851Linden St 137' N of Passaic St40.893819-74.045211
15939Lindenwold Patco39.834477-75.001193
11890Linwood Ave 436' N of Main St40.854858-73.974023
13138Linwood Ave at Alden Rd40.978888-74.081434
11889Linwood Ave at Bridge Plaza N40.857229-73.971443
13139Linwood Ave at Lyncrest Ave40.978009-74.076432
13353Linwood Ave at North Maple Ave40.983728-74.111913
11885Linwood Ave at Park Pl40.862049-73.967553
11886Linwood Ave at Park Pl40.862279-73.967644
13355Linwood Ave at Sollas Ct40.980609-74.091834
13356Linwood Ave at Sollas Ct40.980689-74.092090
13354Linwood Ave at Van Dien Ave40.982169-74.101681
13357Linwood Ave at Van Dien Ave40.982289-74.101842
11888Linwood Ave at West St40.858369-73.970253
11887Linwood Ave at Wilson Ave40.860490-73.968451
16742Lions Senior Center38.991249-74.815201
31504Lister Ave 550' W of Cornelia St40.737920-74.138792
31505Lister Ave 550' W of Cornelia St40.737898-74.139240
31332Lister Ave at Esther St40.738690-74.134664
31333Lister Ave at Esther St40.738819-74.134362
95072Little Falls40.880669-74.235372
15767Little Gloucester Rd 160' N of College Drive39.791578-75.037010
15768Little Gloucester Rd 205' N of College Drive39.791680-75.036900
15804Little Gloucester Rd at Erial Rd39.794379-75.037961
95073Little Silver40.326715-74.041054
30343Livingston Ave 80' S of Beverly Ave40.472010-74.466642
23475Livingston Ave 150' S of 9th St40.472240-74.466712
23474Livingston Ave at 5th St40.475018-74.463312
23525Livingston Ave at 14th St40.469730-74.469772
17987Livingston Ave at Beverly Rd40.798359-74.315631
23459Livingston Ave at Charles St40.478548-74.459323
23469Livingston Ave at Comstock St40.486508-74.451362
30344Livingston Ave at Cornell Street40.474229-74.463933
23473Livingston Ave at Elizabeth St40.477879-74.460332
23460Livingston Ave at Ellen St40.480699-74.457093
23468Livingston Ave at Handy St40.488479-74.449302
23463Livingston Ave at Handy St40.488128-74.449362
32947Livingston Ave at Hermann Rd40.470226-74.468973
23527Livingston Ave at How Ln40.465748-74.474473
32951Livingston Ave at Jessica Ln40.463408-74.477207
32952Livingston Ave at Jessica Ln40.463408-74.477207
23472Livingston Ave at May St40.479849-74.458280
23465Livingston Ave at Morris St40.491819-74.445493
23466Livingston Ave at New St40.492238-74.445302
17978Livingston Ave at Northfield Rd40.774579-74.323793
23545Livingston Ave at Ridgewood Ave40.466688-74.473080
32950Livingston Ave at Ridgewood Ave40.466488-74.473431
23462Livingston Ave at Sandford St40.485610-74.452002
23470Livingston Ave at Stratford Pl40.484478-74.453483
23467Livingston Ave at Suydam St40.489728-74.447993
23464Livingston Ave at Suydam St40.489229-74.448191
23461Livingston Ave at Ward St40.483099-74.454591
23526Livingston Ave at Weber Rd40.468398-74.471362
23471Livingston Ave at Wellington Pl40.482477-74.455561
30953Livingston Mall40.774168-74.353831
31488Livingston Mall40.774108-74.353563
31489Livingston Mall40.774039-74.353332
31490Livingston Mall40.773979-74.353083
24295Lloyd Rd 195' E of Cambridge Dr.40.400699-74.218263
24298Lloyd Rd 195' E of Cambridge Dr.40.400938-74.218041
24297Lloyd Rd 280' E of Rt 3440.396208-74.222302
24296Lloyd Rd 616' E of Rt 3440.396959-74.221683
24300Lloyd Rd at Andover Ln40.411288-74.216191
24294Lloyd Rd at Cypress Ln40.403300-74.217182
24291Lloyd Rd at Dawn Way40.410658-74.216442
24299Lloyd Rd at Idlewild Ln40.404339-74.216610
24289Lloyd Rd at Line Rd40.416670-74.213213
24301Lloyd Rd at Line Rd40.417259-74.212923
24290Lloyd Rd at Norwood Ln40.413368-74.215813
13975Locust Ave 225' S of Maple Ave.40.850718-74.113511
13972Locust Ave at Hatheway St40.853198-74.110852
13973Locust Ave at Hatheway St40.853428-74.110711
13971Locust Ave at Hayward Pl40.851669-74.112392
13974Locust Ave at Hayward Pl40.851619-74.112552
13970Locust Ave at Maple Ave40.851038-74.113051
13976Locust Ave at Paterson Ave40.850079-74.114171
14001Locust Ave at Paterson Ave40.849808-74.114113
32979Locust Ave at Strong St40.854376-74.109740
28922Long Ave at Bloy St40.698748-74.238293
28919Long Ave at Bloy St40.698698-74.238040
28920Long Avenue at New York Place40.698827-74.233102
28921Long Avenue at New York Place40.698899-74.233723
95074Long Branch40.297145-73.988331
24780Long Branch Rail Station40.296229-73.987632
27015Long Hill Rd 226' E of Tanglewood Dr40.872810-74.206590
27018Long Hill Rd 226' E of Tanglewood Dr40.872788-74.206482
27012Long Hill Rd at De Young Dr40.876449-74.214521
27062Long Hill Rd at Glenrock Rd40.864488-74.203010
27063Long Hill Rd at Glenrock Rd40.864468-74.203112
27013Long Hill Rd at Hillcrest Dr40.874868-74.209453
27020Long Hill Rd at Hillcrest Dr40.875038-74.209702
27014Long Hill Rd at Jacobus Ave40.874438-74.208102
27019Long Hill Rd at Jacobus Ave40.874539-74.208181
27016Long Hill Rd at Stephen Pl40.869549-74.205443
27017Long Hill Rd at Woods Rd40.870009-74.205463
17547Long St at Dodd St40.782359-74.219811
17548Long St at Hayward St40.785250-74.219412
30190Long St at Martin Luther King Dr40.700458-74.091353
30468Lorraine Ave at NJ Rt 3540.464139-74.271682
28134Lotus St at Alloway Rd39.642730-75.329920
28135Lotus St at Alloway Rd39.642469-75.330203
14235Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington Co40.048758-74.879903
21991Lower Ferry Rd 200' N of Ashley Ave.40.253728-74.804671
21988Lower Ferry Rd 250' N of Ashley Ave.40.253969-74.804243
30506Lower Ferry Rd 353' N of Stuyvesant Ave40.251927-74.806742
21983Lower Ferry Rd 400' N of Southerly Phillips Dr40.280229-74.796994
21987Lower Ferry Rd 500' N of Southerly Phillips Dr40.279119-74.795821
21990Lower Ferry Rd at Langford Lane40.255120-74.803010
21989Lower Ferry Rd at Langford Lane40.255208-74.802741
21986Lower Ferry Rd at Northerly Phillips Dr40.284060-74.798162
21985Lower Ferry Rd at Northerly Phillips Dr40.284438-74.797831
21984Lower Ferry at Phillips Dr40.278289-74.794612
21982Lower Ferry at Phillips Dr40.278530-74.794701
29047Lower Rd 450' N of Ave. C40.609188-74.249843
29046Lower Rd at Parkway Ave40.613309-74.233891
29045Lower Rd at Tremley Point Rd40.615178-74.233952
14637Lumberton Plaza (NJ 38)39.981578-74.784170
22932Lv Princeton Junction40.315680-74.624072
28858Lyle King St 400' W of Mclester St40.679240-74.160340
30475Lyle King St 400' W of Mclester St40.678889-74.160022
17846Lyons Ave 100' E of Cordier St40.715299-74.224191
18709Lyons Ave at Aldine St40.711698-74.216904
18698Lyons Ave at Aldine St40.711718-74.217203
18702Lyons Ave at Bergen St40.707339-74.208930
18705Lyons Ave at Bergen St40.707497-74.208990
17844Lyons Ave at Coit St40.717130-74.226902
17847Lyons Ave at Coit St40.717069-74.226581
17845Lyons Ave at Cordier St40.715548-74.224764
18697Lyons Ave at Dewey St40.712540-74.218930
18710Lyons Ave at Dewey St40.712910-74.219443
18712Lyons Ave at Fabyan Place40.714178-74.222033
18696Lyons Ave at Leslie St40.713469-74.220891
18711Lyons Ave at Leslie St40.713419-74.220530
18700Lyons Ave at Maple Ave40.710109-74.213952
18707Lyons Ave at Osborne Terr40.709377-74.212362
18701Lyons Ave at Osborne Terr40.709109-74.212202
18706Lyons Ave at Parkview Terrace40.708539-74.210870
18703Lyons Ave at Porter Pl40.706300-74.207181
18704Lyons Ave at Porter Pl40.706448-74.207161
18708Lyons Ave at Schuyler Ave40.710498-74.214443
18695Lyons Ave at Stecher St40.714778-74.223611
15186MLK Blvd 150' E of Front St39.942819-75.126381
30839MLK Drive Light Rail Station40.712008-74.077323
31976MLK Jr Blvd at Beakes St40.233318-74.759523
22688MLK Jr Blvd at Bond St40.230038-74.762670
22694MLK Jr Blvd at E Ingham Ave40.231170-74.761713
31885MLK Jr Blvd at E Ingham Ave40.231208-74.761462
31973MLK Jr Blvd at Evans St40.233280-74.759394
33140MLK Jr Blvd at Fountain Ave40.228515-74.763660
22691MLK Jr Blvd at Heil Ave40.239139-74.753412
19092MLK Jr Blvd at Kinney St40.730398-74.182102
19093MLK Jr Blvd at Kinney St40.730609-74.182392
31975MLK Jr Blvd at Kirkbride Ave40.234990-74.757821
31974MLK Jr Blvd at Paul Ave40.235058-74.757574
22693MLK Jr Blvd at Southard St40.232299-74.760551
22690MLK Jr Blvd at Southard St40.231959-74.760703
31799MLK Jr Blvd at Sweets Ave40.228260-74.763722
22695MLK Jr Blvd at Wayne Ave40.229830-74.763083
22692MLK Jr Blvd at Wiley Ave40.234077-74.758742
12010Macarthur Ave at Arnot St40.880499-74.094692
12009Macarthur Ave at Charles St40.874909-74.098061
11967Macarthur Ave at Elizabeth St40.877287-74.096271
11966Macarthur Ave at Frederick St40.873298-74.099461
11965Macarthur Ave at Grand St40.870949-74.101392
12011Macarthur Ave at Highland Ave40.884028-74.094210
15862Macarthur Blvd 400' E of Cuthbert Blvd.39.902148-75.061043
15861Macarthur Blvd 500' E of Cuthbert Blvd39.902389-75.061382
15863Macarthur Blvd at Briarwood Ave39.902398-75.055592
15860Macarthur Blvd at Briarwood Ave39.902480-75.055260
15864Macarthur Blvd at Glenwood Ave39.902058-75.053212
15859Macarthur Blvd at Glenwood Ave39.902148-75.053130
13172Mack Center Dr 655' W of From Rd40.961148-74.068982
13154Mack Center Dr at Winters Ave40.961378-74.071312
25665Madison Ave 590' E of S Oak Ct.40.773398-74.439653
27373Madison Ave at 2nd Ave40.939078-74.147292
27374Madison Ave at 2nd Ave40.939368-74.147401
27372Madison Ave at 3rd Ave40.937330-74.147841
27375Madison Ave at 3rd Ave40.937228-74.148053
27371Madison Ave at 4th Ave40.935537-74.148413
27376Madison Ave at 4th Ave40.935798-74.148461
27370Madison Ave at 5th Ave40.933789-74.148941
27377Madison Ave at 5th Ave40.933740-74.149141
27369Madison Ave at 6th Ave40.932038-74.149490
27378Madison Ave at 6th Ave40.932249-74.149571
27379Madison Ave at 7th Ave40.930498-74.150121
27367Madison Ave at 8th Ave40.928637-74.150541
27380Madison Ave at 8th Ave40.928898-74.150611
27366Madison Ave at 9th Ave40.926689-74.151143
27381Madison Ave at 9th Ave40.926958-74.151231
27365Madison Ave at 10th Ave40.924190-74.151922
27382Madison Ave at 10th Ave40.924579-74.151991
27364Madison Ave at 11th Ave40.922228-74.152521
27383Madison Ave at 11th Ave40.922480-74.152624
27363Madison Ave at 12th Ave40.920449-74.153071
27384Madison Ave at 12th Ave40.920639-74.153170
27361Madison Ave at 17th Ave40.913648-74.155193
27235Madison Ave at 21st Ave40.906597-74.157023
27359Madison Ave at 21st Ave40.906978-74.157251
12768Madison Ave at Boulevard40.940188-74.015811
12769Madison Ave at Boulevard40.940300-74.016133
27362Madison Ave at Broadway40.918649-74.153642
27385Madison Ave at Broadway40.918539-74.153843
11259Madison Ave at Brookside Ave40.941697-73.968011
32665Madison Ave at Charles St40.940248-74.019993
11277Madison Ave at Chestnut St40.941059-73.981471
11279Madison Ave at Colonial Pkwy40.941218-73.979042
10143Madison Ave at Connecticut Ave39.368968-74.420231
11271Madison Ave at Cooper Ave40.940157-74.001000
11287Madison Ave at Cooper Ave40.940229-74.001043
11257Madison Ave at Cresskill Ave40.941780-73.963722
25669Madison Ave at Danforth Rd40.768419-74.433182
11274Madison Ave at Depew St40.940727-73.988172
11283Madison Ave at Depew St40.940810-73.987892
25666Madison Ave at Dodge Dr40.768140-74.433101
17943Madison Ave at Eastern Pkwy40.729250-74.222882
11253Madison Ave at Eleventh St40.941308-73.974473
11278Madison Ave at Elm St40.941158-73.979242
11256Madison Ave at Fourth St40.941708-73.966512
25816Madison Ave at Franklin St40.788799-74.460122
11276Madison Ave at Garden St40.940897-73.984531
11280Madison Ave at Highwood Dr40.941108-73.981713
11268Madison Ave at Hillside Ave40.940179-74.009692
11275Madison Ave at Howard St40.940818-73.986161
11282Madison Ave at Howard St40.940908-73.985874
11260Madison Ave at Jefferson Ave40.941558-73.969732
11272Madison Ave at Johnson Ave40.940240-73.999182
11286Madison Ave at Johnson Ave40.940319-73.998930
11290Madison Ave at Lincoln Ave40.940240-74.009821
28671Madison Ave at Louisa St40.677648-74.204682
28675Madison Ave at Louisa St40.677587-74.204852
25780Madison Ave at Madison Ct40.786738-74.454273
27360Madison Ave at Market St40.912357-74.155603
10142Madison Ave at Massachusetts Ave39.369519-74.418841
10140Madison Ave at New Hampshire Ave39.370980-74.415240
28674Madison Ave at North Ave40.679659-74.203393
11269Madison Ave at Omaha St40.940157-74.006003
11289Madison Ave at Omaha St40.940210-74.005701
11281Madison Ave at Pershing St40.940980-73.984222
25775Madison Ave at Pitney Pl40.786508-74.454310
11270Madison Ave at Prospect Ave40.940149-74.003391
11288Madison Ave at Prospect Ave40.940218-74.003713
25779Madison Ave at Punch Bowl Rd40.782370-74.450462
25776Madison Ave at Punch Bowl Rd40.782148-74.450493
10141Madison Ave at Rhode Island Ave39.370158-74.417270
12767Madison Ave at River Rd40.940240-74.021150
11255Madison Ave at Sixth St40.941580-73.968382
11254Madison Ave at Tenth St40.941369-73.973181
11273Madison Ave at Thompson St40.940618-73.990412
11284Madison Ave at Thompson St40.940708-73.990193
25819Madison Ave at Turtle Rd40.788738-74.459891
11285Madison Ave at Veterans Plaza40.940418-73.996752
11258Madison Ave at Waverly Pl40.941780-73.965851
10223Magellan Ave at Green St39.368919-74.436441
10230Magellan Ave at Kentucky Ave39.369229-74.435943
10231Magellan Ave at Martin Luther King Blvd39.368708-74.437222
10229Magellan Ave at New York Ave39.369757-74.434621
10224Magellan Ave at New York Ave39.369599-74.434792
10228Magellan Ave at Tennessee Ave39.370240-74.433433
10225Magellan Ave at Tennessee Ave39.370108-74.433523
28676Magie Ave at Browning / Shearer40.673189-74.245841
29911Magie Ave at Browning / Shearer40.673228-74.245331
28685Magie Ave at Elmora Ave40.668769-74.232300
28682Magie Ave at Elmora Ave40.668879-74.232711
28678Magie Ave at Halstead Rd40.672639-74.242302
29910Magie Ave at Halstead Rd40.672748-74.242381
28680Magie Ave at Princeton Rd40.671227-74.237793
28677Magie Ave at Shelley Ave40.673039-74.244141
28686Magie Ave at Springfield Rd40.670008-74.234582
28681Magie Ave at Springfield Rd40.669660-74.234141
28684Magie Ave at Stiles St40.667818-74.230612
28683Magie Ave at Stiles St40.667668-74.230491
28679Magie Ave at Summit Rd40.672099-74.240552
28687Magie Ave at Verona Ave40.671729-74.239013
32133Magnolia Ln at Overbrook Dr40.367189-74.637503
13985Main Ave 130' S of Krug Ct.40.858958-74.103142
13983Main Ave & Blum St40.860350-74.099303
27099Main Ave Terminal40.862789-74.127452
13984Main Ave at Al Ventura Rd40.860380-74.099422
31499Main Ave at Allwood Rd40.832668-74.140030
13977Main Ave at Anderson Ave40.854628-74.117392
27094Main Ave at Aycrigg Ave40.849200-74.124303
27119Main Ave at Aycrigg Ave40.849298-74.124364
27121Main Ave at Bond St40.844670-74.128641
26787Main Ave at Bridewell Pl40.832769-74.139652
27112Main Ave at Broadway40.860599-74.125992
27090Main Ave at Brook Ave40.842198-74.131843
27123Main Ave at Brook Ave40.842138-74.132213
27104Main Ave at Burgess Pl40.870070-74.134582
27105Main Ave at Burgess Pl40.869908-74.134580
27093Main Ave at Carlton Pl40.846818-74.126523
27120Main Ave at Carlton Pl40.846018-74.127463
27101Main Ave at Chestnut St40.865989-74.130821
27108Main Ave at Chestnut St40.865759-74.130871
26786Main Ave at Clay St40.829368-74.144142
26794Main Ave at Clifton Ave40.875219-74.139411
26816Main Ave at Clifton Ave40.875128-74.139470
26801Main Ave at Columbia St40.884818-74.149363
13982Main Ave at Crescent Rd40.859059-74.103771
26804Main Ave at Crooks Ave40.889520-74.154272
26805Main Ave at Crooks Ave40.889377-74.154321
26788Main Ave at Delawanna Ave40.834860-74.138053
26789Main Ave at Delawanna Ave40.837269-74.136290
26822Main Ave at Delawanna Ave40.835298-74.137910
26817Main Ave at Demott Ave40.874068-74.138374
26820Main Ave at Fenlon Blvd40.838759-74.135342
27096Main Ave at Gregory Ave40.855760-74.123201
27115Main Ave at Gregory Ave40.855639-74.123441
26792Main Ave at Hadley Ave40.872248-74.136633
26818Main Ave at Hadley Ave40.872549-74.137061
26815Main Ave at Harding Ave40.876158-74.140502
27102Main Ave at Harrison St40.867960-74.132682
27107Main Ave at Harrison St40.867480-74.132344
13989Main Ave at Hatheway St40.854979-74.112751
13978Main Ave at Hatheway St40.854908-74.113092
27110Main Ave at Henry St40.862369-74.127620
27116Main Ave at High St40.854809-74.123143
26797Main Ave at Hilton St40.879178-74.143490
13979Main Ave at Locust Ave40.854888-74.108832
13988Main Ave at Locust Ave40.854899-74.109042
26812Main Ave at Luddington Ave40.879058-74.143553
26807Main Ave at Madeline Ave40.886210-74.150971
27091Main Ave at Mass Ct40.842889-74.130394
13981Main Ave at Midland Ave40.858470-74.105612
13986Main Ave at Midland Ave40.858308-74.105780
27100Main Ave at Monroe St40.864268-74.129283
27109Main Ave at Monroe St40.863959-74.129054
27114Main Ave at Park Pl40.858629-74.124073
13980Main Ave at Park Row40.857440-74.105954
26800Main Ave at Park Slope40.883198-74.147692
26809Main Ave at Park Slope40.883217-74.147841
27113Main Ave at Passaic Ave40.859498-74.124932
27095Main Ave at Paulison Ave40.853390-74.122482
27117Main Ave at Paulison Ave40.852609-74.122531
26798Main Ave at Piaget Ave40.880798-74.145172
26811Main Ave at Piaget Ave40.880258-74.144801
26793Main Ave at Prescott Ave40.873539-74.137771
27097Main Ave at Prospect St40.857259-74.123292
27111Main Ave at Prospect St40.856708-74.123592
30445Main Ave at Prospect St40.861150-74.126511
26790Main Ave at Rutherford Blvd40.839178-74.134823
26810Main Ave at Sewell Ave40.881338-74.145872
26799Main Ave at Sewell Ave40.881809-74.146193
26819Main Ave at Sheridan Ave40.871188-74.135772
26791Main Ave at South Parkway40.840129-74.134113
13987Main Ave at Stein Ave40.856998-74.106383
27103Main Ave at Summer St40.869089-74.133713
27106Main Ave at Summer St40.868699-74.133493
27118Main Ave at Temple Pl40.850359-74.123681
27122Main Ave at Tennyson Pl40.843248-74.130013
26821Main Ave at Toth Ct40.837559-74.136251
27092Main Ave at Union Ave40.844478-74.128662
26795Main Ave at Union Ave40.876660-74.140892
26814Main Ave at Union Ave40.876879-74.141273
13990Main Ave at Van Winkle Ave40.854579-74.118280
26808Main Ave at Vreeland Pl40.884768-74.149472
26796Main Ave at Washington Ave40.877868-74.142153
26813Main Ave at Washington Ave40.878129-74.142593
27098Main Ave at Washington Pl40.861290-74.126071
26803Main Ave at West 3rd St40.887890-74.152583
26806Main Ave at West 3rd St40.887478-74.152301
26802Main Ave at West 5th St40.886169-74.150772
16999Main Rd at Butler Ave39.439897-75.017471
17010Main Rd at Butler Ave39.438618-75.018143
17004Main Rd at Chestnut Ave39.478319-75.001120
17005Main Rd at Chestnut Ave39.477428-75.001683
17007Main Rd at Elmer Rd39.460419-75.008541
17002Main Rd at Elmer Rd39.461367-75.008003
17001Main Rd at Grant Ave39.451489-75.012352
17008Main Rd at Grant Ave39.451100-75.012621
17000Main Rd at Sherman Ave39.445997-75.014781
17009Main Rd at Sherman Ave39.444948-75.015383
17003Main Rd at Walnut Rd39.471348-75.003520
17006Main Rd at Walnut Rd39.470139-75.004172
19448Main St 40' N of White St40.779479-74.238231
14520Main St 65' E of N Holly Ave39.956340-74.992772
12169Main St 75' S of Linden / Ross Sts40.897930-74.040281
17389Main St 80' W of Bell St40.775078-74.236133
17388Main St 100' W of High St40.774100-74.234203
12166Main St 120' S of Grand / Elm Aves40.902660-74.042210
12162Main St 122' S of Jefferson St.40.908507-74.041311
24098Main St 137' W of Gordon St40.449638-74.382833
19734Main St 200' S of Heston Rd.39.717290-75.116331
10831Main St 200' N of Pleasant Ave39.393979-74.520500
19735Main St 200' S of Heston Rd39.717479-75.116381
32757Main St 207' S of University Plaza Dr40.895420-74.039622
29402Main St 230' S of East Milton Ave40.604658-74.275163
25389Main St 314' E of Garden Ave.40.745478-74.393480
25404Main St 343' E of Garden Ave.40.745530-74.393281
25674Main St 528' E of Seaman St.40.749158-74.399562
25675Main St 576' E of Seaman St.40.749459-74.399751
24100Main St Between Wilcox / Devoe40.445108-74.387001
30637Main St Ext at Chevalier Ave40.493559-74.303394
33113Main St at 5th Ave40.225659-74.009892
16867Main St at 7th Street39.395209-75.030172
16870Main St at 7th Street39.395269-75.029821
24396Main St at 10th Ave40.179677-74.025412
24389Main St at 10th Ave40.179669-74.025613
16868Main St at 10th St39.395047-75.025974
16869Main St at 10th St39.395138-75.025562
24757Main St at 16th Ave40.174518-74.027401
24760Main St at 16th Ave40.174449-74.027251
24758Main St at 18th Ave40.170889-74.027523
24759Main St at 18th Ave40.171139-74.027340
24762Main St at 20th Ave40.169108-74.027582
24763Main St at 20th Ave40.169240-74.027394
24764Main St at 22nd Ave40.167387-74.027643
10817Main St at Adams Ave39.395538-74.519212
10832Main St at Adams Ave39.395319-74.519252
19452Main St at Alden St40.785190-74.233100
23337Main St at Amboy Ave40.537998-74.360362
23331Main St at Amboy Ave40.538130-74.360263
24182Main St at Amboy Ave40.553379-74.283371
12155Main St at Anderson St40.892589-74.039350
12172Main St at Anderson St40.891888-74.039541
12477Main St at Arnot St40.876619-74.086762
13313Main St at Arthur St40.865340-74.022993
24342Main St at Asbury Ave40.220499-74.011873
10826Main St at Ashland Ave39.378967-74.534670
19456Main St at Ashwood Terrace40.791977-74.233173
12473Main St at Avenue C40.887298-74.081201
12476Main St at Avenue C40.887210-74.081311
12475Main St at Avenue F40.889569-74.080473
19879Main St at Avery Dr39.675569-74.981780
19846Main St at Avery Dr39.675089-74.981363
10820Main St at Bayview Ave39.386739-74.526992
10829Main St at Bayview Ave39.386399-74.527242
17376Main St at Bell St40.774779-74.235781
11891Main St at Bergen Blvd40.856598-73.979111
11900Main St at Bergen Blvd40.856957-73.979312
24185Main St at Bersey Ct40.537828-74.314462
27355Main St at Bloomfield Ave40.897448-74.162173
27331Main St at Bloomfield Ave40.897289-74.161863
14573Main St at Borton Landing Rd39.972439-74.922463
14570Main St at Borton Landing Rd39.972179-74.922720
14518Main St at Boulevard Ave39.956628-74.989240
14519Main St at Boulevard Ave39.956778-74.988701
25399Main St at Bowers Lane40.740088-74.380303
29401Main St at Bridge St40.608579-74.274130
10814Main St at Brighton Ave39.400188-74.515023
26504Main St at Brindletown Rd40.067609-74.531473
13305Main St at Brinkerhoff St40.852269-74.025851
24403Main St at Brinley Ave40.203288-74.017821
24407Main St at Brinley Ave40.203227-74.018001
28025Main St at Broad St39.729569-75.467890
28019Main St at Broad St39.729878-75.468563
23993Main St at Broadway40.486149-74.284112
23994Main St at Broadway40.486188-74.284273
25405Main St at Brooklake Rd40.746957-74.395741
27025Main St at Brookside Ave40.884259-74.236822
25676Main St at Bruns St40.752189-74.404191
25673Main St at Bruns St40.752098-74.404311
14700Main St at Bunting Bridge Rd40.048890-74.562632
14701Main St at Bunting Bridge Rd40.048618-74.562772
24987Main St at CR 51640.404489-74.237121
24932Main St at CR 51640.404267-74.237353
10842Main St at California Ave39.413388-74.503852
12165Main St at Catalpa Ave40.906000-74.042080
32210Main St at Cedar Ave39.956439-74.991002
13326Main St at Cedar St40.855590-74.025463
10808Main St at Cedarcrest Ave39.409949-74.506393
10840Main St at Cedarcrest Ave39.410108-74.506112
11858Main St at Center Ave40.852299-73.972081
11894Main St at Center Ave40.852480-73.973013
11897Main St at Center Ave40.852488-73.972821
27030Main St at Center Ave40.881658-74.229752
27028Main St at Center Ave40.881420-74.229163
19834Main St at Center St39.761929-75.160171
19823Main St at Center St39.761830-75.160171
13321Main St at Central Ave40.863830-74.023491
26204Main St at Central Ave40.898549-74.583162
32687Main St at Central Ave40.899517-74.582776
11895Main St at Central Rd40.850699-73.966582
11896Main St at Central Rd40.850740-73.966161
14544Main St at Chester Ave39.965618-74.941560
14542Main St at Chester Ave39.965539-74.942651
32735Main St at Chestnut St39.681869-74.989920
13327Main St at Christie St40.853568-74.025913
24952Main St at Church St40.411129-74.232661
18099Main St at Church St40.721878-74.306754
24725Main St at Church St40.442078-74.129903
24973Main St at Church St40.411159-74.232441
25661Main St at Clover Ln40.924590-74.317910
25401Main St at Coleman Ave40.741438-74.385761
14509Main St at Coles Ave39.954748-75.007451
14527Main St at Coles Ave39.954748-75.008570
24176Main St at Columbus Ave40.552639-74.284921
24504Main St at Court St40.260219-74.274072
25672Main St at Cross St40.754299-74.407890
12163Main St at Davis Ave40.908337-74.041451
17379Main St at Day St40.772209-74.229891
17387Main St at Day St40.772447-74.229993
10830Main St at Decatur Ave39.388969-74.524952
10819Main St at Decatur Ave39.389008-74.525101
10837Main St at Delilah Rd39.405069-74.510613
10811Main St at Delilah Rd39.404748-74.511040
27023Main St at Dewey Ave40.886349-74.242332
27358Main St at Dey St40.892079-74.157063
25388Main St at Division Ave40.746878-74.395843
25402Main St at Dunbar St40.742737-74.388391
25391Main St at Dunbar St40.742609-74.388421
19841Main St at Durness Dr39.698779-75.011262
19884Main St at Durness Dr39.698949-75.011711
10827Main St at E. Glendale Ave39.381749-74.531390
10822Main St at E. Glendale Ave39.381530-74.531693
10828Main St at E. Greenfield Ave39.384538-74.528890
10821Main St at E. Greenfield Ave39.384728-74.528850
10833Main St at E. Merion Ave39.397270-74.517571
18098Main St at East Willow St40.717998-74.307851
29594Main St at Edison Pl40.711887-74.307483
29595Main St at Edison Pl40.711698-74.307502
19462Main St at Edisonia Ter40.784537-74.233784
11899Main St at Edwin Ave40.855228-73.977090
19461Main St at Erwin Pl40.785979-74.232622
12170Main St at Euclid Ave40.895620-74.039793
24401Main St at Evergreen Ave40.198939-74.019413
26506Main St at Evergreen Blvd40.067718-74.530752
12167Main St at Fairmount Ave40.900267-74.041121
12159Main St at Fairmount Ave40.900297-74.041001
14514Main St at Fellowship Rd39.955759-74.997472
14522Main St at Fellowship Rd39.955899-74.997261
24348Main St at Fifth Ave40.225889-74.009713
14512Main St at Fork Landing Rd39.955359-75.001450
14524Main St at Fork Landing Rd39.955378-75.002362
24408Main St at Fourth Ave40.200939-74.018852
19454Main St at Franklin Ave40.788478-74.231113
12451Main St at Franklin St40.855500-74.047893
24373Main St at Garfield Ave40.192469-74.021821
17383Main St at Glenwood Ave40.768129-74.221020
27329Main St at Gould Ave40.894178-74.158950
27357Main St at Gould Ave40.894159-74.159081
13322Main St at Grand Ave40.862019-74.023932
13311Main St at Grand Ave40.862117-74.023771
27347Main St at Grand St40.912489-74.172742
27339Main St at Grand St40.912270-74.172523
19880Main St at Grandview Ave39.702339-75.015791
19883Main St at Grandview Ave39.702467-75.016111
19843Main St at Grandview Ave39.719970-75.031033
27337Main St at Green St40.909779-74.171412
28362Main St at Grove St40.567138-74.609103
28363Main St at Grove St40.567587-74.609851
13323Main St at Hackensack Ave40.861158-74.024103
19866Main St at Hall St39.684077-74.992782
19837Main St at Hall St39.683998-74.992473
26215Main St at Hance St40.891287-74.581010
24730Main St at Hancock St40.440069-74.130203
23149Main St at Harrison Ave40.519438-74.356102
13312Main St at Hazelton St40.863529-74.023430
25398Main St at Hedge Ave40.739487-74.377541
19824Main St at Heritage Rd39.765239-75.164191
17381Main St at Hickory St40.770258-74.225311
25658Main St at Hillcrest Ter40.922907-74.307850
25659Main St at Hillcrest Ter40.923050-74.307530
25394Main St at Hillside Ave40.739740-74.379770
24096Main St at Hillside Ave40.442039-74.389513
17384Main St at Hillyer St40.768978-74.222940
13307Main St at Hobart St40.854258-74.025661
31847Main St at Holly Ave39.956219-74.993101
19833Main St at Hollybrook Dr39.765918-75.164553
24175Main St at Howell Ave40.543720-74.303372
24184Main St at Howell Ave40.543607-74.303922
19822Main St at Hurff Ln39.757999-75.154471
24507Main St at Jackson St40.263919-74.266274
24503Main St at Jackson St40.263979-74.266470
24376Main St at Jefferson Ave40.188348-74.022893
24375Main St at Jefferson Ave40.188359-74.023180
11892Main St at John St40.855469-73.977623
19842Main St at Kerry Lynn Ct39.700138-75.012991
19453Main St at Kling St40.786779-74.231832
27350Main St at Lackawanna Pl40.906408-74.170071
25390Main St at Lafayette Ave40.743518-74.390103
19463Main St at Lakeside Ave40.783937-74.234322
19451Main St at Lakeside Ave40.784099-74.234041
23371Main St at Lakewood Ave40.449249-74.434830
23380Main St at Lakewood Ave40.449098-74.434543
10809Main St at Leeds Ave39.407850-74.508281
10839Main St at Leeds Ave39.408099-74.507900
27333Main St at Levine St40.900498-74.164850
27353Main St at Levine St40.900199-74.164763
12452Main St at Liberty St40.852910-74.043521
12453Main St at Liberty St40.853058-74.043603
19840Main St at Lindale Ave39.689849-74.999951
19844Main St at Lindale Ave39.689668-74.999884
12158Main St at Linden St40.898889-74.040371
19465Main St at Lindsley Ave40.777720-74.239284
19447Main St at Lindsley Ave40.777958-74.239013
11898Main St at Linwood Ave40.854107-73.975352
19460Main St at Llewellyn Ave40.788209-74.231162
14369Main St at Locust Ave39.889918-74.915471
14366Main St at Locust Ave39.890299-74.916082
24728Main St at Lohsen Ave40.436589-74.131071
24729Main St at Lorraine Pl40.436518-74.130971
25655Main St at Mabey Ln40.925070-74.320151
27332Main St at Madison Ave40.898388-74.162884
25124Main St at Main Ave40.213988-74.014172
19830Main St at Mantua Blvd39.791129-75.171861
19832Main St at Maple Ave39.783719-75.169400
12171Main St at Maple Ave40.892718-74.039483
24723Main St at Maple Ave40.448169-74.129552
27029Main St at Maple St40.881148-74.225172
14511Main St at Margaret St39.955200-75.003062
27345Main St at Market St40.915988-74.173392
27341Main St at Market St40.916290-74.173255
31172Main St at Martha Washington Way40.851079-73.968801
23148Main St at Martin Ave40.518030-74.355252
23277Main St at Martin Ave40.518200-74.355471
24174Main St at Mary Ave40.538839-74.312391
27351Main St at Mary St40.903249-74.167651
27335Main St at Mary St. (Hospital Plaza)40.903498-74.167692
24476Main St at Matawan St40.302329-74.356773
19455Main St at Mckinley Ave40.789969-74.232350
19459Main St at Mckinley Ave40.789629-74.232223
16571Main St at Mechanic St39.082509-74.823801
16578Main St at Mechanic St39.082539-74.823582
18097Main St at Mechanic St40.715899-74.308492
18103Main St at Mechanic St40.715590-74.308682
24183Main St at Metuchen Ave40.551730-74.287382
27328Main St at Michigan Ave40.892370-74.157212
18100Main St at Millburn Ave40.723528-74.307122
25395Main St at Minton Ave40.739318-74.376540
19736Main St at Monroe Ave39.722710-75.121442
27356Main St at Montclair Ave40.895669-74.160492
27026Main St at Montclair Ave40.883179-74.234702
27032Main St at Montclair Ave40.883409-74.234953
23150Main St at Morris Ave40.522907-74.358223
13270Main St at Mt Vernon St40.856757-74.025161
13269Main St at Mt Vernon St40.856829-74.025051
25657Main St at Mt. Heights Ave40.922929-74.310403
25660Main St at Mt. Heights Ave40.923118-74.310891
10834Main St at Mulberry Ave39.399218-74.515823
10815Main St at Mulberry Ave39.398739-74.516332
19731Main St at Mullica Hill Rd39.706260-75.111060
19739Main St at Mullica Hill Rd39.706238-75.111163
24177Main St at N William St40.554119-74.279840
19825Main St at New York Ave39.782349-75.169270
27354Main St at Newark Ave40.898700-74.163333
19732Main St at Normal Blvd39.712648-75.111753
19738Main St at Normal Blvd39.712489-75.111731
13320Main St at North Ave40.865288-74.023121
24761Main St at North Blvd40.166900-74.027323
17386Main St at North Center St40.771729-74.228282
25656Main St at Northwest St40.924617-74.318411
24405Main St at Ocean Park Ave40.206080-74.016812
24406Main St at Ocean Park Ave40.205929-74.017022
12161Main St at Orchard St40.906148-74.042064
11062Main St at Palisade Ave40.877087-74.025613
11063Main St at Palisade Ave40.877139-74.025442
24505Main St at Park Ave40.254139-74.282832
19449Main St at Park Ave40.781729-74.236801
24974Main St at Park Ave40.413749-74.230270
24724Main St at Park Ave40.444127-74.129692
19457Main St at Park Dr North40.791720-74.233321
17385Main St at Park St40.770269-74.225022
13325Main St at Park St40.858010-74.024873
13308Main St at Park St40.858188-74.024711
19458Main St at Park Terrace40.790889-74.233123
19464Main St at Park Way40.781529-74.237092
25396Main St at Parrot Mill Ave40.739249-74.374172
24178Main St at Pearl St40.554840-74.277280
24180Main St at Pearl St40.554640-74.278270
24179Main St at Pearl St40.554999-74.277254
10818Main St at Pleasant Ave39.393768-74.520792
24726Main St at Port Monmouth Rd40.441198-74.130060
24731Main St at Port Monmouth Rd40.441058-74.130022
13309Main St at Preston St40.860018-74.024241
17382Main St at Prince St40.769167-74.223513
32025Main St at Railroad Ave40.035947-74.616292
32026Main St at Railroad Ave40.036008-74.616141
25392Main St at Railroad Plaza North40.741310-74.385693
10813Main St at Reading Ave39.400849-74.514431
10835Main St at Reading Ave39.401630-74.513660
10841Main St at Redwood Ave39.412180-74.504621
10807Main St at Redwood Ave39.412267-74.504681
24099Main St at Reid St40.451880-74.379661
24112Main St at Renaissance Plaza40.395518-74.385573
24116Main St at Renaissance Plaza40.396518-74.385292
10825Main St at Ridgewood Ave39.377849-74.536030
10824Main St at Ridgewood Ave39.377997-74.535983
25677Main St at Rosedale Ave40.754608-74.408141
31461Main St at Rowan Blvd / College Ave39.704199-75.111702
32032Main St at Rowan Blvd / College Ave39.704249-75.111520
27022Main St at Rt 2340.885629-74.244891
27036Main St at Rt 2340.885738-74.244890
23335Main St at Rt 2740.543328-74.362663
23334Main St at Rt 2740.543890-74.362842
24954Main St at Rt 3440.407649-74.236143
24972Main St at Rt 3440.407800-74.235792
27349Main St at Rt 80 Ramp (Near Green St)40.909729-74.171550
24181Main St at School St40.554130-74.280320
17377Main St at Scotland Rd40.773730-74.233870
24341Main St at Second Ave40.222617-74.011091
24346Main St at Second Ave40.222330-74.011002
27027Main St at Shady Lane40.881998-74.231673
27031Main St at Shady Lane40.882168-74.231983
24506Main St at Sheriff St40.260899-74.272902
17380Main St at South Center St40.771488-74.228172
27024Main St at South Grey Rock Ave40.885127-74.238651
18116Main St at Spring St40.719508-74.307191
18101Main St at Spring St40.719700-74.307301
27334Main St at St Joseph's Univ Med Ctr40.901818-74.166123
31136Main St at St Joseph's Univ Med Ctr40.901446-74.165822
10836Main St at Stenton Pl39.402698-74.512711
10812Main St at Stenton Pl39.402909-74.512643
23995Main St at Stevens Ave40.484039-74.285932
23992Main St at Stevens Ave40.483960-74.285782
14521Main St at Stiles Ave39.956129-74.994952
24115Main St at Summerhill Rd (Rite Aid)40.396688-74.385593
19826Main St at Summit Ave39.787989-75.170761
19831Main St at Summit Ave39.787808-75.170561
13324Main St at Summit St40.859618-74.024471
27330Main St at Thomas St40.895609-74.160283
10838Main St at Thompson Ave39.406008-74.509763
10810Main St at Thompson Ave39.405850-74.510041
10823Main St at Tilton Rd39.378820-74.534983
17378Main St at Tony Galento Plaza40.773048-74.232191
19821Main St at Tylers Lake Rd39.753738-75.148791
19815Main St at Tylers Mill Rd39.754900-75.149740
13328Main St at US 4640.850970-74.027150
13310Main St at Union Pl40.861298-74.023952
25397Main St at University Ave40.739328-74.373842
12157Main St at University Plaza Dr40.896278-74.039803
25403Main St at Van Doren Rd40.743839-74.390361
27343Main St at Van Houten St40.918460-74.173093
24173Main St at Vine St40.536389-74.316793
12160Main St at Voorhis Pl40.903358-74.042383
19835Main St at Walnut St39.679359-74.986602
32734Main St at Ward St40.890660-74.039673
19836Main St at Washington Ave39.682828-74.991000
27336Main St at Washington Ave40.906189-74.169823
24953Main St at Washington St40.409419-74.234351
24469Main St at Water St40.296928-74.358350
24468Main St at Water St40.296747-74.358470
27034Main St at West End Ave40.885708-74.239961
19557Main St at White St40.778649-74.238931
11893Main St at William St40.854077-73.975490
12164Main St at Willow Ave40.907258-74.041872
18102Main St at Willow St40.717730-74.308110
19737Main St at Wilson Ave39.714470-75.113643
19733Main St at Wilson Ave39.714678-75.113711
19812Main St at Wilson Ave39.758328-75.154822
12474Main St at Wilson St40.891888-74.079393
24727Main St at Wood St40.439348-74.130481
23332Main St at Woodbridge Ave, Rail Station40.540478-74.360702
23336Main St at Woodbridge Ave, Rail Station40.540119-74.360723
14508Main St at Woodcrest Ave39.954230-75.012623
14528Main St at Woodcrest Ave39.954318-75.012870
10816Main St at Woodland Ave39.396387-74.518473
27033Main St at Woodside Ave40.884908-74.237812
27035Main St at Zeliff Ave40.886410-74.242473
13285Main St. Bypass at College Pl40.849000-74.027002
13287Main St. Bypass at Ridgefield Ave40.848608-74.027170
19839Main Street at Sicklerville Road39.686138-74.995210
19865Main Street at Sicklerville Road39.686859-74.996311
24097Main at Jackson St40.447988-74.384621
23043Mall Entrance Next To AMC Theaters40.422830-74.382362
28201Mall Near Bloomingdale's40.587309-74.619310
27590Maltese Dr at West End Rd40.900169-74.241883
27589Maltese Dr at West End Rd40.900308-74.241802
20887Manhattan Ave at JFK Blvd40.745700-74.058493
31668Manhattan Ave at Liberty Ave40.745908-74.059300
18714Manor Dr 620' S of Mt. Vernon Pl.40.736418-74.247072
18715Manor Dr 620' S of Mt. Vernon Pl.40.736468-74.247172
19827Mantua Blvd at Main St39.791419-75.171681
32832Mantua Grove Rd 555' N of Patsy Court39.822379-75.207932
32838Mantua Grove Rd 555' N of Patsy Court39.822247-75.208020
32833Mantua Grove Rd at Forest Pkwy - South39.823618-75.211402
32839Mantua Grove Rd at Forest Pkwy - South39.823198-75.210861
31873Maple Ave 160' W of Union Ave39.952218-75.031773
12057Maple Ave 212' N of Park Ave40.970068-74.119022
28923Maple Ave 313' N of Hillside Ave.40.699658-74.223454
13241Maple Ave at Abbott Ave40.839499-73.998991
13243Maple Ave at Abbott Ave40.839398-73.998681
12058Maple Ave at Ackerman Ave40.966217-74.122574
12055Maple Ave at Ackerman Ave40.965809-74.122851
16070Maple Ave at Ambler Ave39.953200-75.024082
15459Maple Ave at Ambler Rd39.952969-75.024443
13239Maple Ave at Broad Ave40.841258-74.002042
13245Maple Ave at Broad Ave40.841439-74.002243
30603Maple Ave at Burling Ave39.952029-75.033481
30608Maple Ave at Burling Ave39.952139-75.033793
24047Maple Ave at Cady Ln40.589680-74.404380
24052Maple Ave at Cedar Ave40.589638-74.404572
18721Maple Ave at Chancellor Ave40.707048-74.216423
18726Maple Ave at Chancellor Ave40.706919-74.216642
18720Maple Ave at Chancellor Ave40.706678-74.216763
30612Maple Ave at Church Road39.951218-75.040783
28927Maple Ave at Clark St40.701669-74.221532
28924Maple Ave at Clark St40.701458-74.221614
15462Maple Ave at Colmar Rd39.953638-75.018113
28926Maple Ave at Conklin Ave40.703549-74.219752
30602Maple Ave at Cooper Ave39.951829-75.035322
30609Maple Ave at Cooper Ave39.951920-75.035540
16069Maple Ave at Delaware Ave39.953759-75.018503
11694Maple Ave at Elm Ave40.949450-74.137813
24054Maple Ave at Faulks Pl40.585449-74.408543
24053Maple Ave at Faye St40.587698-74.406401
11691Maple Ave at Forest St40.943328-74.140543
11697Maple Ave at Forest St40.942807-74.140781
18725Maple Ave at Goldsmith Ave40.708339-74.215384
18728Maple Ave at Grumman Ave40.705089-74.218352
15458Maple Ave at Haddonfield Rd39.952769-75.026451
12050Maple Ave at Harristown Rd40.951749-74.136332
12063Maple Ave at Harristown Rd40.952108-74.136251
11693Maple Ave at Hemlock Ave40.947140-74.139062
11695Maple Ave at Hemlock Ave40.946178-74.139821
11692Maple Ave at Henderson Blvd40.944747-74.140182
11696Maple Ave at Henderson Blvd40.944090-74.140502
28928Maple Ave at Hillside Ave40.699049-74.224222
18727Maple Ave at Keer Ave40.705700-74.217782
15460Maple Ave at Lenape Rd39.953309-75.021283
24044Maple Ave at Leonard Ave40.583319-74.410493
24050Maple Ave at Lewis Pl40.592809-74.400362
24049Maple Ave at Lewis Pl40.592820-74.400192
24055Maple Ave at Lincoln Ave40.583040-74.411003
18724Maple Ave at Lyons Ave40.709838-74.214063
18723Maple Ave at Lyons Ave40.709928-74.213842
30605Maple Ave at Manor Avenue39.952619-75.027992
30606Maple Ave at Manor Avenue39.952728-75.028292
16067Maple Ave at Maryland Ave39.954178-75.014504
15461Maple Ave at Merion Rd39.953430-75.020183
24046Maple Ave at Michael St40.587348-74.406613
16068Maple Ave at New Jersey Ave39.953978-75.016462
24051Maple Ave at Norman St40.590959-74.402823
24048Maple Ave at Norman St40.591110-74.402461
12056Maple Ave at Park Ave40.969889-74.119003
12054Maple Ave at Parkview Pl40.964277-74.124280
24045Maple Ave at Pine St40.585509-74.408312
15970Maple Ave at Poplar Ave39.948870-75.063733
15951Maple Ave at Poplar Ave39.948799-75.063601
13240Maple Ave at Prospect Ave40.840518-74.000752
13244Maple Ave at Prospect Ave40.840669-74.000891
11690Maple Ave at River Rd40.941040-74.142430
12051Maple Ave at Robert Ct40.954459-74.134733
12053Maple Ave at Rock Rd40.962110-74.126331
12060Maple Ave at Rock Rd40.961058-74.127791
12061Maple Ave at Rodney St40.958460-74.131022
12052Maple Ave at Rodney St40.958120-74.131290
13242Maple Ave at Shaler Blvd40.838499-73.997222
12062Maple Ave at Somerset Ct40.955128-74.134460
28036Maple Ave at South Broad St39.721819-75.474880
28925Maple Ave at Summer Ave40.703190-74.219962
28046Maple Ave at US 13039.717638-75.471030
28035Maple Ave at US 13039.717769-75.470860
30607Maple Ave at Union Ave39.952408-75.031112
13991Maple Ave at Union Blvd40.852850-74.114783
13992Maple Ave at Union Blvd40.852989-74.114771
12059Maple Ave at Van Allen Rd40.964118-74.124572
11698Maple Ave at Wagaraw Rd40.940927-74.142983
25214Maple Ave at White St40.350109-74.069471
29724Maple St at Ashland Rd40.710169-74.361872
29714Maple St at Ashland Rd40.710090-74.361861
29716Maple St at Broad St40.716338-74.359262
27038Maple St at Main St40.881488-74.225081
29715Maple St at Morris Ave40.714619-74.359930
29717Maple St at Morris Ave40.714389-74.360142
27037Maple St at Paterson Ave40.882639-74.224830
21832Marginal Rd N at Pleasant Ave40.769118-74.024022
32033Marginal Rd at College Pl40.820619-74.119231
30444Marginal Rd at Wilson Ave40.817078-74.113603
20891Marin Blvd at 8th St40.726608-74.040282
32672Marin Blvd at Metro Plaza Driveway40.723509-74.040622
32673Marin Blvd at Metro Plaza Driveway40.723109-74.040833
20890Marin Blvd at Thomas Gangemi Dr40.725487-74.040304
30835Marin Boulevard Light Rail Station40.714428-74.043241
32609Market St 125' W of 10th St39.951509-75.157213
11466Market St 183' E of Van Riper Ave40.900939-74.123403
32976Market St 200' E of Pine St40.900139-74.118960
32610Market St 205' W of 8th St39.951199-75.154430
31970Market St 254' E of Wm Trent Pl40.214230-74.764181
13537Market St 300' E of 5th St. / Hickey Ter40.897130-74.098713
11451Market St 322' E of Slaughter Dam Park40.901939-74.130222
26825Market St 463' S of Brighton Rd.40.845539-74.159853
11468Market St 876' W of River Dr40.902079-74.130133
13543Market St & Fairview Ave40.895107-74.079600
13544Market St & Saddle River Rd40.895318-74.080982
18741Market St Bus Lane at Raymond Plaza W40.734149-74.164901
13550Market St at 5th St40.897448-74.100282
27949Market St at 7th St39.951059-75.152371
32611Market St at 7th St39.950939-75.152242
27950Market St at 8th St39.951248-75.153941
27951Market St at 9th St39.951418-75.155561
27952Market St at 10th St39.951649-75.157142
27953Market St at 11th St39.951758-75.158643
27954Market St at 12th St39.952038-75.160142
27955Market St at 13th St39.952260-75.162202
32533Market St at 16th St39.952788-75.166841
27405Market St at 20th Ave40.907458-74.149512
27397Market St at 20th Ave40.907809-74.150161
32607Market St at 30th St39.954819-75.183611
11457Market St at Augusta St40.898440-74.108811
15676Market St at Baynes Ave39.887948-75.112072
13542Market St at Bella-Vista Ave40.895409-74.082420
13545Market St at Bella-Vista Ave40.895639-74.083462
11464Market St at Boulevard40.899749-74.116340
18730Market St at Broad St40.735588-74.172382
18743Market St at Broad St40.735810-74.172702
22687Market St at Broad St40.216000-74.761461
13539Market St at Caldwell Ave40.896700-74.094581
13548Market St at Caldwell Ave40.896828-74.094743
11465Market St at Church St40.900539-74.121051
27389Market St at City Hall40.916449-74.171411
27408Market St at City Hall40.916747-74.172071
15673Market St at Cold Springs Dr39.887998-75.112372
15671Market St at Conrail Rail Road Crossing39.891817-75.118823
15672Market St at Daley St39.889579-75.115041
23741Market St at Davidson Ave40.509828-74.278513
27400Market St at East 22nd Ave40.903079-74.143880
27396Market St at East 24th St40.909477-74.152393
27406Market St at East 24th St40.909688-74.152482
27395Market St at East 24th St40.910428-74.153623
27398Market St at East 30th St40.905770-74.147432
27404Market St at East 30th St40.906038-74.147632
27399Market St at East 32nd St40.904539-74.145803
27403Market St at East 32nd St40.904509-74.145561
27401Market St at East 36th St40.902558-74.142462
27402Market St at East 36th St40.902608-74.142171
11462Market St at Edward H. Ross Dr40.898470-74.108572
18737Market St at Ferguson St40.731179-74.152270
18738Market St at Fillmore St40.730738-74.150131
28092Market St at Grant St39.574360-75.465923
28093Market St at Grant St39.574269-75.466132
18744Market St at Halsey St40.736048-74.173513
11456Market St at Kohner Pl40.898927-74.111931
11463Market St at Kohner Pl40.899018-74.111893
27394Market St at Madison Ave40.911809-74.155522
23738Market St at Madison Ave40.507778-74.271144
27409Market St at Main St40.916150-74.173742
27388Market St at Main St40.916158-74.173430
23739Market St at Maple St40.508280-74.272883
13547Market St at Mayhill St40.896598-74.092491
13540Market St at Mayhill St40.896420-74.092152
27390Market St at Memorial Drive, NJ Rr Station40.915479-74.167831
27125Market St at Mercer St40.865597-74.116860
27124Market St at Mercer St40.865729-74.116761
11459Market St at Midland Ave40.897708-74.104303
11460Market St at Midland Ave40.897908-74.104460
27387Market St at Mill St40.914878-74.177001
27410Market St at Mill St40.915089-74.176763
18735Market St at Monroe St40.732217-74.157101
18739Market St at Mott St40.729998-74.146653
18731Market St at Mulberry St40.734840-74.169874
18742Market St at Mulberry St40.734848-74.169013
15183Market St at N 3rd St39.946330-75.124112
15181Market St at N 6th St39.945428-75.119291
15180Market St at N 10th St39.944329-75.113951
15184Market St at N. 2nd St39.946598-75.125643
15182Market St at N. 4th St39.946047-75.122771
15185Market St at N. Delaware Ave39.947070-75.128093
32800Market St at New Warren St40.214588-74.763771
16005Market St at Northmont Ave39.881048-75.096603
16002Market St at Northmont Ave39.881029-75.096281
11458Market St at Obal Ave40.898048-74.106561
11461Market St at Obal Ave40.898100-74.106332
32628Market St at Passaic St40.862189-74.116267
32629Market St at Passaic St40.861909-74.116252
27393Market St at Pennington St40.912648-74.157840
16004Market St at Remington Ave39.881489-75.097943
11469Market St at River Rd40.902460-74.132293
27392Market St at Rose St40.913640-74.161223
32537Market St at S 20th St39.953589-75.173321
13538Market St at Sampson St40.896839-74.095961
13549Market St at Sampson St40.897130-74.097491
16003Market St at Sartori Ave39.881980-75.099712
11450Market St at Slaughter Dam Rd40.902290-74.132052
22874Market St at South Broad St40.215898-74.761913
15677Market St at Sparks Ave39.889598-75.114902
15674Market St at Spruce Ave39.882659-75.101353
27386Market St at Spruce St40.913889-74.178833
27411Market St at Spruce St40.914067-74.178733
27391Market St at Summer St40.914248-74.163323
18734Market St at Union St40.733168-74.161741
19206Market St at University Ave40.736849-74.176321
11453Market St at Van Riper Ave40.900898-74.123911
18745Market St at Washington St40.736388-74.174533
18729Market St at Washington St40.736437-74.175592
15678Market St at Washington St39.891949-75.118870
13541Market St at Westminster Pl40.895960-74.087732
13546Market St at Westminster Pl40.896179-74.088693
15675Market St at Weston Ave39.883038-75.101911
22186Marketplace Blvd 528' S of Patriots Way40.192877-74.643761
22182Marketplace Blvd 528' S of Patriots Way40.192658-74.643661
22185Marketplace Blvd at Spirit of 76 Blvd40.196459-74.638721
22183Marketplace Blvd at Spirit of 76 Blvd40.196579-74.638183
15463Marlkress Rd 135' S of Rt 7039.905160-74.975713
15169Marlton Ave at Baird Blvd39.942649-75.087583
15177Marlton Ave at Baird Blvd39.943178-75.088403
15176Marlton Ave at Benson St39.942359-75.086682
15175Marlton Ave at Berkeley St39.941710-75.085261
15179Marlton Ave at Carman St39.944929-75.092250
15167Marlton Ave at Federal St39.945239-75.093230
15172Marlton Ave at Highland Ave39.939117-75.079621
15171Marlton Ave at Midvale Ave39.941299-75.084692
15174Marlton Ave at N 27th St39.940408-75.082423
15170Marlton Ave at Thorndyke Ave39.942189-75.086520
15173Marlton Ave at Waldorf Ave39.939539-75.080541
15168Marlton Ave at Westminster Ave39.944458-75.091452
15178Marlton Ave at Westminster Ave39.944368-75.091023
16077Marlton Pike at Chandler Ave39.938709-75.078730
16073Marlton Pike at Highland Ave39.938629-75.078791
16071Marlton Pike at Lee Ave39.940170-75.082140
16075Marlton Pike at Roosevelt Ave39.936818-75.074623
16074Marlton Pike at Roosevelt Ave39.936629-75.074483
16072Marlton Pike at Waldorf Ave39.939539-75.080780
16076Marlton Pike at Woodland Ave39.938109-75.077421
10222Marmora Ave at Indiana Ave39.369938-74.439823
14668Marne Hwy at Ark Rd39.978429-74.870773
14669Marne Hwy at Ark Rd39.978528-74.871023
14478Marne Hwy at Hainesport Rd39.982287-74.836611
14490Marne Hwy at Hainesport Rd39.982230-74.837942
14666Marne Hwy at Hartford Rd39.976210-74.893163
14671Marne Hwy at Hartford Rd39.976358-74.892512
14667Marne Hwy at Larchmont Blvd39.977648-74.877993
14670Marne Hwy at Larchmont Blvd39.977689-74.879123
14480Marne Hwy at Lumberton Rd39.983540-74.827641
14485Marne Hwy at Maple Ave39.989070-74.805503
14482Marne Hwy at Maple Lane39.986968-74.813531
14486Marne Hwy at Maple Lane39.987028-74.813703
14477Marne Hwy at Maryland Ave39.981378-74.844583
14491Marne Hwy at Maryland Ave39.981449-74.844880
33036Marne Hwy at N Broad Street39.983669-74.827236
14476Marne Hwy at New York Ave39.980800-74.849712
14481Marne Hwy at Oak Lane39.986099-74.817023
14487Marne Hwy at Oak Lane39.985979-74.817860
14492Marne Hwy at Trenton Ave39.980690-74.851643
14479Marne Hwy at Washington St39.982959-74.831071
14489Marne Hwy at Washington St39.983027-74.831282
31895Marsh St at Coastwise St40.693180-74.145642
31894Marsh St at Maritime St40.694218-74.148721
27908Marshall Hill Rd at Coolidge Terrace41.135848-74.349691
27909Marshall Hill Rd at Coolidge Terrace41.135769-74.349921
27907Marshall Hill Rd at Lincoln Ave41.134478-74.357343
27906Marshall Hill Rd at Morsetown Rd41.131878-74.361953
27910Marshall Hill Rd at Morsetown Rd41.131908-74.361712
27911Marshall Hill Rd at Union Valley Rd41.131568-74.366092
27905Marshall Hill Rd at West Shore Rd41.131628-74.365073
27414Marshall St at Dakota St40.896330-74.167732
27412Marshall St at Paxton St40.896908-74.167493
32857Marter Ave at Centerton Rd39.968605-74.919726
32858Marter Ave at Centerton Rd39.968989-74.919841
23521Martin Gerber Apartments40.475909-74.456793
23522Martin Gerber Apartments40.475898-74.457092
25782Martin Luther King Ave at Erin Ave40.807490-74.472742
25820Martin Luther King Ave at Flagler St40.800987-74.478101
25827Martin Luther King Ave at Flagler St40.800987-74.478413
25822Martin Luther King Ave at Garden St40.804150-74.474722
25821Martin Luther King Ave at George St40.801738-74.476551
25823Martin Luther King Ave at Hillairy Ave40.806038-74.473591
25824Martin Luther King Ave at Hillairy Ave40.805599-74.473992
25825Martin Luther King Ave at Linden St40.803769-74.475021
25781Martin Luther King Ave at Walnut St40.808260-74.472132
25826Martin Luther King Ave at Willow St40.802040-74.476303
20678Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Armstrong Ave40.703530-74.087672
20700Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Armstrong Ave40.703129-74.088201
20681Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Bidwell Ave40.706829-74.083742
20697Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Bidwell Ave40.706478-74.084271
20690Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Bramhall Ave40.715039-74.075203
20689Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Bramhall Ave40.715559-74.074731
20684Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Claremont Ave40.709977-74.080110
20694Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Claremont Ave40.709649-74.080541
20687Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Forrest St40.713148-74.076861
20692Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Forrest St40.712729-74.077282
20679Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Fulton Ave40.704639-74.086411
20699Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Fulton Ave40.704379-74.086823
20685Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Kearney Ave40.710868-74.079051
20693Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Kearney Ave40.711038-74.078940
20703Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Mcadoo Ave40.700759-74.091111
20695Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Myrtle Ave40.708629-74.081631
20683Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Myrtle Ave40.708679-74.081511
20680Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Stegman St40.705659-74.085163
20698Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Stegman St40.705440-74.085552
20677Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Stevens Ave40.702159-74.089221
20701Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Stevens Ave40.702050-74.089450
20688Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Union St40.714419-74.075652
20691Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Union St40.714280-74.075892
30323Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Virginia Ave40.711808-74.078121
20686Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Virginia Ave40.711978-74.077902
20676Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Warner Ave40.701129-74.090391
20702Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Warner Ave40.701348-74.090232
20696Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Wilkinson Ave40.707610-74.082843
20682Martin Luther King Jr Dr at Wilkinson Ave40.707739-74.082632
29593Martine Ave at Country Club Blvd40.617718-74.341542
32870Martine Ave at Lake Ave40.617858-74.341403
28871Martine Ave at Midway Ave40.644699-74.391054
28878Martine Ave at Midway Ave40.644740-74.391320
31096Mary Louise Ave at Parking Lot Entrance40.873599-74.654771
10147Maryland Ave at Caspian Ave39.371158-74.426270
10146Maryland Ave at Magellan Ave39.372758-74.427351
12312Massachusetts Ave at Washington Ave40.954629-73.984824
24979Matawan Ave at Aberdeen Rd40.424389-74.231162
24947Matawan Ave at Aberdeen Rd40.424449-74.231273
24948Matawan Ave at Daniel Dr40.421879-74.231982
24978Matawan Ave at Daniel Dr40.421709-74.231951
24949Matawan Ave at Marc Dr40.418739-74.233331
24977Matawan Ave at Marc Dr40.418519-74.233372
24950Matawan Ave at Ravine Dr40.415949-74.233592
23654Matawan Rd 1500' N of Cliffwood Ave.40.431388-74.250780
23653Matawan Rd 1500' N of Cliffwood Ave.40.431780-74.250751
23655Matawan Rd at Briarwood Dr40.427938-74.248762
26470Mathistown Rd 100' E of Center St39.582359-74.369513
26465Mathistown Rd at Center St39.582128-74.369412
26471Mathistown Rd at High Ridge Rd39.584469-74.372750
26466Mathistown Rd at Lake Champlain Dr39.578459-74.366041
26469Mathistown Rd at Lake Champlain Dr39.578969-74.366112
26464Mathistown Rd at Mystic Shores Blvd39.584249-74.372670
26467Mathistown Rd at Radio Rd39.576300-74.365780
26468Mathistown Rd at Radio Rd39.576527-74.365661
10883Mays Landing Rd 500' E of Rt 939.312039-74.612612
10899Mays Landing Rd at Greate Bay Dr39.310768-74.607603
33108Mays Landing Rd at Greate Bay Dr39.310855-74.608002
10898Mays Landing Rd at Holly Hills Dr39.309639-74.603503
10897Mays Landing Rd at Holly Hills Dr39.309310-74.602473
10896Mays Landing Rd at Rt 939.312020-74.612042
12614Maywood Ave at East Fairmount Ave40.910447-74.058332
12613Maywood Ave at East Forest Ave40.908428-74.059192
12607Maywood Ave at East Magnolia Ave40.897828-74.064793
12610Maywood Ave at East Pleasant Ave40.903958-74.061130
12611Maywood Ave at Grove Ave40.905208-74.060610
12620Maywood Ave at Grove Ave40.905079-74.060771
12618Maywood Ave at Mendez Ave40.908620-74.059233
12612Maywood Ave at Parkway40.906729-74.059953
12619Maywood Ave at Parkway40.906929-74.059943
12615Maywood Ave at Spring Valley Ave40.911779-74.057760
12616Maywood Ave at Spring Valley Ave40.911708-74.057903
12609Maywood Ave at Taplin Ave40.901498-74.062583
12622Maywood Ave at Taplin Ave40.901679-74.062551
12608Maywood Ave at Thoma Ave40.899870-74.063763
12623Maywood Ave at Thoma Ave40.900048-74.063761
12617Maywood Ave at West Fairmount Ave40.910228-74.058541
12624Maywood Ave at West Magnolia Ave40.898078-74.064812
12621Maywood Ave at West Pleasant Ave40.903898-74.061283
27944Mcbride Ave 75' S of Rose Pl / Nesser Ln40.895149-74.201190
27940Mcbride Ave 200' S of Bergen Blvd40.892118-74.211713
27415Mcbride Ave at Carlisle Ave40.909458-74.192913
27416Mcbride Ave at Carlisle Ave40.909349-74.193172
27932Mcbride Ave at Dowling Pkwy40.893208-74.205133
27936Mcbride Ave at Glover Ave40.907167-74.194733
27938Mcbride Ave at Hillery St40.903698-74.198750
27941Mcbride Ave at Hughes Pl40.891668-74.212762
27930Mcbride Ave at Lackawanna Ave40.890838-74.214532
27942Mcbride Ave at Lackawanna Ave40.890408-74.215903
27933Mcbride Ave at Rose Pl40.895138-74.201002
27931Mcbride Ave at Ryle Park Ave40.892989-74.209351
27935Mcbride Ave at West 34th St40.904970-74.197341
27934Mcbride Ave at West 36th St40.902339-74.199352
27939Mcbride Ave at Whippany Ave40.893798-74.207661
27937Mcbride Ave at Willow Way40.904898-74.197650
16779Mccormick Pl at Orange St39.427788-75.232082
18747Mcwhorter St at Green St40.729680-74.166734
18746Mcwhorter St at Hamilton St40.731379-74.164950
21583Meadowlands Parkway at Cove Court (Nb)40.790350-74.073042
21590Meadowlands Parkway at Cove Court (Sb)40.789459-74.074073
21662Meadowlands Pkwy 250' N of Castle Rd40.776188-74.085793
21584Meadowlands Pkwy 265' S of Tenth St40.793378-74.070333
21582Meadowlands Pkwy 373' N of American Way40.786160-74.075454
21589Meadowlands Pkwy 425' N of Cove Ct40.791158-74.072760
21580Meadowlands Pkwy 1056' S of Seaview Dr40.777498-74.083823
21594Meadowlands Pkwy 1056' S of Seaview Dr40.777520-74.084141
30641Meadowlands Pkwy at American Way40.784968-74.076402
21671Meadowlands Pkwy at American Way40.784620-74.076323
31218Meadowlands Pkwy at Broadcast Plz40.795400-74.068762
21586Meadowlands Pkwy at Extended Stay Hotel40.799409-74.064733
21588Meadowlands Pkwy at Harmon Plz(Outlets)40.793808-74.070342
21593Meadowlands Pkwy at Seaview Dr40.778920-74.082083
21581Meadowlands Pkwy at Seaview Dr40.779158-74.081302
21587Meadowlands Pkwy at Wood Ave. @ Red Roof Inn40.798548-74.065682
95174Meadowlands Sports Complex Station40.813053-74.072114
16607Mechanic St at Main St39.082509-74.824150
16622Mechanic St at Main St39.082588-74.824101
25972Medical Drive at Central Ave40.832067-74.498721
10236Mediterranean Ave at Indiana Ave39.364148-74.435941
10150Mediterranean Ave at North Carolina Ave39.367149-74.428531
10149Mediterranean Ave at Tennessee Ave39.366368-74.430454
18748Meeker Ave at Empire St40.706327-74.196690
18751Meeker Ave at Empire St40.706579-74.196691
18750Meeker Ave at Frelinghuysen Ave40.703828-74.195433
22837Mellon St at Eisenhower Ave40.235960-74.775071
22868Mellon St at Eisenhower Ave40.235738-74.775143
10153Melrose Ave at Massachusetts Ave39.370919-74.419463
10151Melrose Ave at Massachusetts Ave39.370939-74.419193
27419Memorial Dr at Broadway40.919068-74.168521
27420Memorial Dr at Ellison St40.916777-74.168492
27417Memorial Dr at Ellison St, Opposite Passaic Ccc40.917547-74.168233
27418Memorial Dr at Paterson St40.919510-74.168712
12478Memorial Dr at Washington St40.876019-74.087194
28002Memorial Hospital39.594219-75.442942
23151Menlo Park Mall40.546800-74.336811
22934Mercer County College - Library Loop40.254838-74.651372
22936Mercer County Technical School40.249368-74.654943
22423Mercer Mall40.297528-74.683163
22424Mercer Mall at Bus Stop Near Shoprite40.298389-74.683731
30723Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Delotto Dr40.240010-74.681473
22295Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Hughes Dr40.249398-74.661592
30721Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Hughes Dr40.249749-74.660923
30718Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Lansing Ave40.240150-74.681013
30719Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Marshall Ave40.241460-74.679261
30717Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Nottingham Way40.236829-74.687141
30720Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Paxson Ave40.246219-74.670363
30722Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Paxson Ave40.245899-74.671373
22332Mercerville - Edinburg Rd at Stamford Rd40.241830-74.679034
30727Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd 270' N of Cooney Ave40.255060-74.680570
30730Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd 353' N of Nami Ln40.259208-74.677982
22157Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd 500' N of Edinburgh40.238248-74.688282
30728Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at Hughes Dr40.268259-74.672292
30729Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at Hughes Dr40.267659-74.672923
30724Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at New St40.241520-74.687801
30732Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at New St40.241369-74.687963
22303Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at Pollman St40.239078-74.688451
30731Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at Quakerbridge Pl40.254098-74.681622
30726Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at Tally Rd40.251500-74.683203
22300Mercerville - Quaker Bridge Rd at Youngs Rd40.263617-74.674991
32399Mercerville - Quakerbridge Rd at Nami Ln40.257589-74.678803
21596Metro Way 212' E of Enterprise Ave.40.773749-74.072470
21597Metro Way 253' E of Enterprise (Bldg 10-16)40.773489-74.071953
21599Metro Way 600' W of County Ave (Bldg 50-52)40.772420-74.071213
30532Metropark Rail Station Bus Lane 140.567289-74.330592
30533Metropark Rail Station Bus Lane 240.567418-74.330433
30534Metropark Rail Station Bus Lane 340.567549-74.330284
24265Metropark Rail Station Bus Lane 440.567670-74.330120
30535Metropark Rail Station Bus Lane 540.567798-74.329960
28990Michigan Ave at Clinton Ave40.676069-74.285912
28989Michigan Ave at Clinton Ave40.675908-74.285523
28985Michigan Ave at Fairfield Ave40.668958-74.281541
28995Michigan Ave at Fairfield Ave40.669109-74.281771
28996Michigan Ave at Faitoute Ave40.667780-74.281043
28984Michigan Ave at Lexington Ave40.668169-74.281122
28988Michigan Ave at Newark Ave40.674579-74.284903
28991Michigan Ave at Newark Ave40.674729-74.285141
28987Michigan Ave at Summit Ave40.672469-74.283640
28993Michigan Ave at Trenton Ave40.671608-74.283272
28986Michigan Ave at Vernon Ave40.670208-74.282292
28994Michigan Ave at Vernon Ave40.669959-74.282312
18005Microlab Road at Industrial Parkway40.801070-74.348581
18004Microlab Road at Regent St40.799239-74.350272
20142Mid Atlantic Pkwy at Grove Rd39.829849-75.194313
32827Mid Atlantic Pkwy at Grove Rd39.829687-75.193552
20141Mid Atlantic Pkwy at Imperial Way39.832318-75.199241
32829Mid Atlantic Pkwy at Imperial Way39.832480-75.199652
20136Mid-Atlantic Parkway at Metropolitan Ave39.829928-75.197410
32828Mid-Atlantic Parkway at Metropolitan Ave39.830208-75.198143
23152Middlesex County College40.504498-74.367522
24188Middlesex-Essex Tpke at Juliet St40.570909-74.323711
24186Middlesex-Essex Tpke at Juliet St40.570879-74.323563
95085Middletown Nj40.389780-74.116131
95086Middletown Ny41.457488-74.370390
13993Midland Ave 310' N of Stevens Rd40.862298-74.105830
13103Midland Ave at Acorn Dr40.948869-74.064612
11699Midland Ave at Arcadia Rd40.919019-74.111223
11704Midland Ave at Arcadia Rd40.918389-74.111020
13552Midland Ave at Banta Ave40.889430-74.103522
12035Midland Ave at Belmont Ave40.876887-74.103093
11700Midland Ave at Cambridge Rd40.920288-74.111810
11703Midland Ave at Cambridge Rd40.919657-74.111622
12040Midland Ave at Charles St40.876887-74.102923
13104Midland Ave at Chelsea St40.948767-74.062281
11974Midland Ave at Clark St40.872939-74.104112
32363Midland Ave at Davis Ave40.768110-74.140132
11970Midland Ave at Elizabeth St40.879099-74.102182
11973Midland Ave at Elizabeth St40.879408-74.102153
11702Midland Ave at Ellington Rd40.920899-74.112231
13118Midland Ave at Farview Ave40.947899-74.058432
13105Midland Ave at Farview Ave40.947649-74.058282
21279Midland Ave at Forest St40.768499-74.140540
12000Midland Ave at Frederick St40.875460-74.103411
13120Midland Ave at Garden State Parkway Overpass40.948397-74.066483
11968Midland Ave at Grand St40.871519-74.104172
11975Midland Ave at Grand St40.871640-74.104290
12039Midland Ave at Krakow St40.881488-74.100852
12036Midland Ave at Krakow St40.881590-74.101003
12037Midland Ave at Lanza Ave40.890608-74.104051
11471Midland Ave at Market St40.898187-74.103891
11472Midland Ave at Market St40.897330-74.104134
13551Midland Ave at Outwater Lane40.884779-74.100790
11972Midland Ave at Outwater Lane40.883949-74.100771
11998Midland Ave at Palisade Ave40.863948-74.105640
11994Midland Ave at Palisade Ave40.866039-74.105506
13590Midland Ave at Pehle Ave40.904430-74.105433
13592Midland Ave at Pehle Ave40.904800-74.105273
11473Midland Ave at Rena Lane40.894469-74.104233
11470Midland Ave at Rena Lane40.894299-74.104112
11976Midland Ave at River Dr40.864129-74.106000
11971Midland Ave at Semel Ave40.887999-74.103140
13994Midland Ave at Stevens Rd40.861638-74.106063
12038Midland Ave at US 4640.892548-74.104293
13553Midland Ave at Van Bossum Ave40.893129-74.104141
11969Midland Ave at Van Winkle Ave40.874018-74.103852
11993Midland Ave at Van Winkle Ave40.874059-74.104000
13119Midland Ave at Yuhas Dr40.948918-74.062352
28872Midway Ave at Forest Rd40.645450-74.387263
28877Midway Ave at Forest Rd40.645378-74.388260
28870Midway Ave at Hunter Ave40.643329-74.395333
28879Midway Ave at Hunter Ave40.643000-74.396372
28875Midway Ave at Shasta Pass40.645778-74.379463
28874Midway Ave at Shasta Pass40.645639-74.379432
28869Midway Ave at Terrill Rd40.640898-74.400060
28880Midway Ave at Terrill Rd40.640890-74.400291
28873Midway Ave at Tillotson Rd40.645699-74.383732
28876Midway Ave at Tillotson Rd40.645759-74.384902
30770Military Park Light Rail Station40.737449-74.170883
21601Mill Creek Dr 373' N of Lighting Way40.792460-74.049821
30354Mill Creek Dr at Lightning Way40.792788-74.049901
30126Mill Rd at Academy St40.724969-74.061242
30127Mill Rd at Academy St40.725498-74.061333
30642Mill Rd at Executive Ave40.497409-74.369672
23153Mill Rd at Nixon Lane40.499270-74.370032
31278Mill Rd at Saw Mill Pond Rd40.492710-74.369111
17083Mill St at Main St40.781000-74.151153
18061Millburn Ave at Cypress St40.722558-74.284844
18059Millburn Ave at Cypress St40.722788-74.285261
18060Millburn Ave at Cypress St40.722468-74.284960
18104Millburn Ave at Lackawanna Pl40.724317-74.305253
18057Millburn Ave at Manley Terrace40.720380-74.278544
18063Millburn Ave at Mildred Terrace40.720780-74.279661
18107Millburn Ave at Myrtle Ave40.722109-74.294722
18112Millburn Ave at Myrtle Ave40.722459-74.295652
18109Millburn Ave at Norwood Ter40.722569-74.287512
18110Millburn Ave at Norwood Ter40.722629-74.287703
18105Millburn Ave at Parkview Dr40.724178-74.301711
18062Millburn Ave at Raymond Terrace40.721659-74.281374
18064Millburn Ave at Springfield Ave40.719700-74.277382
18058Millburn Ave at Valley St40.721939-74.281682
18108Millburn Ave at Vauxhall Rd40.721678-74.290384
18111Millburn Ave at Vauxhall Rd40.721780-74.290650
18106Millburn Ave at Wyoming Ave40.723029-74.298022
18113Millburn Ave at Wyoming Ave40.723199-74.298144
32130Millville Ave at Harley Ave39.442260-74.808311
32131Millville Ave at Harley Ave39.442249-74.808672
25998Minnehaha Blvd at Calumet St40.880198-74.379682
26000Minnehaha Blvd at Navajo Ave40.880069-74.377871
26038Minnehaha Blvd at Navajo Ave40.880129-74.377682
26001Minnehaha Blvd at River Dr40.879789-74.374492
19553Mississippi Ave Loop40.794339-74.232802
31508Mississippi Ave at Sheridan Ave39.372229-74.455841
17560Ml King Jr Blvd at 15th St40.756088-74.198161
17559Ml King Jr Blvd at 15th St40.755910-74.198011
17561Ml King Jr Blvd at Greenwood Ave40.756869-74.200482
17551Ml King Jr Blvd at Halsted St40.765558-74.216582
17569Ml King Jr Blvd at Lincoln St40.765830-74.216691
17565Ml King Jr Blvd at North Arlington Ave40.760878-74.210722
17568Ml King Jr Blvd at North Clinton St40.764128-74.214712
17562Ml King Jr Blvd at North Grove St40.758269-74.203543
17563Ml King Jr Blvd at North Maple Ave40.758878-74.205182
17564Ml King Jr Blvd at North Munn Ave40.760168-74.209293
17567Ml King Jr Blvd at North Walnut St40.763048-74.213294
17570Ml King Jr Blvd at Prospect St40.767049-74.218310
17549Ml King Jr Blvd at S Harrison St40.767570-74.220020
17553Ml King Jr Blvd at South Burnet St40.763298-74.213852
17552Ml King Jr Blvd at South Clinton St40.764388-74.215223
17557Ml King Jr Blvd at South Grove St40.758338-74.203933
17556Ml King Jr Blvd at South Munn Ave40.760229-74.209723
17554Ml King Jr Blvd at South Walnut St40.762528-74.212811
17558Ml King Jr Blvd at Steuben St40.756888-74.201112
17555Ml King Jr Blvd at Winans St40.761848-74.211920
17566Ml King Jr Blvd at Winans St40.762078-74.212052
24467Monmouth Mall40.287069-74.057102
95162Monmouth Park40.313425-74.015172
25169Monmouth St at Broad St40.349689-74.065920
25172Monmouth St at Drummond Pl40.349467-74.067653
31526Monmouth St at Drummond Pl40.349478-74.068271
28999Monroe Ave at N. 10th St40.679089-74.301823
28998Monroe Ave at N. 12th St40.679229-74.300521
28997Monroe Ave at N. 14th St40.679459-74.298203
27130Monroe St at 4th St40.868447-74.115040
27131Monroe St at 4th St40.868439-74.115671
11102Monroe St at Broad St40.839398-74.095412
11097Monroe St at Broad St40.839209-74.095501
11101Monroe St at Division Ave40.840820-74.093982
11098Monroe St at Division Ave40.840650-74.094031
27126Monroe St at Hamilton Ave40.865449-74.124790
27135Monroe St at Hoover Ave40.864879-74.126420
27127Monroe St at Hope Ave40.866748-74.121771
27134Monroe St at Hope Ave40.866488-74.122372
27129Monroe St at Market St40.868239-74.117373
27132Monroe St at Market St40.868288-74.117532
11977Monroe St at Palisade Ave40.869678-74.108333
11978Monroe St at Palisade Ave40.869828-74.108102
27128Monroe St at Parker Ave40.867499-74.119961
27133Monroe St at Parker Ave40.867518-74.120161
12022Monroe St at River Dr40.868938-74.111364
12020Monroe St at River Dr40.869089-74.111760
11099Monroe St at Summit Ave40.842587-74.092063
11100Monroe St at Summit Ave40.842757-74.092003
95089Montclair Heights40.857536-74.202500
18141Montclair State University40.859678-74.200673
20909Montgomery St 365' E of Marin Blvd40.717099-74.040683
20917Montgomery St 540' E of Marin Blvd40.717288-74.041031
20895Montgomery St at Boland St40.725800-74.069422
20928Montgomery St at Boland St40.725600-74.068662
20894Montgomery St at Britton St40.726219-74.070512
20913Montgomery St at Greene St40.716639-74.035342
20930Montgomery St at Kennedy Blvd, St Peters College40.726589-74.071141
20893Montgomery St at Kennedy Blvd, St Peters College40.726627-74.071523
20900Montgomery St at Mill Rd40.723120-74.062304
20926Montgomery St at Mill Rd40.723320-74.062431
20910Montgomery St at Warren St40.716930-74.039221
20914Montgomery St at Washington St40.716960-74.037861
20911Montgomery St at Washington St40.716749-74.037611
20933Monticello Ave at Astor Pl40.719670-74.071060
20934Monticello Ave at Belmont Ave40.719818-74.071062
20943Monticello Ave at Brinkerhoff St40.718089-74.072071
20931Monticello Ave at Communipaw Ave40.717508-74.072313
20938Monticello Ave at Fairmount Ave40.722920-74.069093
20939Monticello Ave at Fairview Ave40.722059-74.069733
20944Monticello Ave at Harrison Ave40.717398-74.072492
20935Monticello Ave at Jewett Ave40.721588-74.069890
20940Monticello Ave at Jewett Ave40.721240-74.070213
31200Monument St In Front of Courthouse40.264387-74.277563
12713Moonachie Ave at Charles Lindbergh Blvd40.839650-74.067660
12716Moonachie Ave at Charles Lindbergh Blvd40.839759-74.067731
12712Moonachie Ave at Grand St40.841039-74.073043
31115Moonachie Ave at Grand St40.841269-74.073243
12714Moonachie Ave at Moonachie Rd40.834139-74.054771
12715Moonachie Ave at Redneck Ave40.836608-74.060512
11103Moonachie Rd at Eastern Way40.834188-74.055433
12719Moonachie Rd at Garden St40.839568-74.048732
12720Moonachie Rd at Joseph St40.840439-74.047533
11114Moonachie Rd at Moonachie Ave40.831810-74.053631
12724Moonachie Rd at Moonachie Ave40.835117-74.052190
12718Moonachie Rd at Moonachie Ave40.836748-74.051061
12721Moonachie Rd at Park St40.841288-74.046352
12722Moonachie Rd at Park St40.841478-74.046241
12723Moonachie Rd at Rooney Pl40.839379-74.049162
32005Moore Rd at Cape May Vo-Tech Entrance39.105209-74.799212
32439Moore Rd at Crest Haven Rd39.100348-74.804572
32006Moore Rd at Nursing / Rehab Ctr39.103039-74.801832
15220Morgan St at Lake Shore Dr39.912970-75.107952
15221Morgan St at Lake Shore Dr39.913159-75.107823
15319Morgan St at Morgan Blvd39.912528-75.110001
15219Morgan St at S 8th St39.912528-75.112552
15223Morgan St at S 8th St39.912660-75.112252
15222Morgan St at S 9th St39.912649-75.110373
11714Morlot Ave 86' W of John St.40.934650-74.099462
11707Morlot Ave at 2nd St40.925787-74.134071
11721Morlot Ave at 2nd St40.925689-74.134870
11720Morlot Ave at 4th St40.926168-74.133040
11708Morlot Ave at 4th St40.926300-74.132212
11709Morlot Ave at 6th St40.926640-74.130921
11719Morlot Ave at 6th St40.926670-74.131141
11705Morlot Ave at Canger Pl40.924817-74.137742
11723Morlot Ave at Canger Pl40.924730-74.138450
11713Morlot Ave at Dorothy St40.933929-74.102191
11716Morlot Ave at Dorothy St40.934008-74.102422
11706Morlot Ave at Essex Pl40.925289-74.135992
11722Morlot Ave at Essex Pl40.925209-74.136671
11715Morlot Ave at John St40.934910-74.099053
11712Morlot Ave at Mckinley St40.932819-74.106430
11717Morlot Ave at Mckinley St40.932918-74.106531
11710Morlot Ave at Plaza Rd40.930799-74.114071
11718Morlot Ave at Van Saun Pl40.932419-74.108412
11711Morlot Ave at Van Saun Pl40.932400-74.108002
10154Morningside Ave at Arkansas Ave39.372479-74.447541
10157Morningside Ave at Emerson Ave39.372468-74.447633
10156Morningside Ave at Madison Ave39.373577-74.447112
10155Morningside Ave at Madison Ave39.373698-74.446973
10158Morningside Ave at Missouri Ave39.371297-74.448172
13377Morningside Rd at Avondale Rd41.000748-74.121440
13359Morningside Rd at California St40.997678-74.123401
13358Morningside Rd at Fairmount Rd40.996878-74.124561
13378Morningside Rd at Richards Rd41.002458-74.122121
30446Morningside Rd at Richards Rd41.002849-74.122341
29765Morris Ave 110' W of Apgar Ct40.701019-74.286192
29912Morris Ave 140' E of Lowes (Jug Handle)40.692418-74.255421
29771Morris Ave at Adams Ave40.695298-74.265531
29635Morris Ave at Baltusrol Ave40.716039-74.323263
29649Morris Ave at Baltusrol Ave40.716050-74.322872
29642Morris Ave at Battlehill Ave40.708459-74.303403
29687Morris Ave at Bedford Rd40.722977-74.368280
29697Morris Ave at Bedford Rd40.722429-74.367782
29797Morris Ave at Burnet Ave40.702477-74.289612
29689Morris Ave at Butler Pkwy40.725068-74.371510
29793Morris Ave at Caldwell Ave40.698038-74.276692
29768Morris Ave at Caldwell Ave40.697739-74.275993
28696Morris Ave at Cherry St40.674299-74.224723
28697Morris Ave at Cherry St40.674280-74.224893
29774Morris Ave at Colonial Ave40.689329-74.247262
29786Morris Ave at Colonial Ave40.689299-74.246811
29795Morris Ave at Commerce Ave40.699310-74.282300
29766Morris Ave at Commerce Ave40.699027-74.281624
29763Morris Ave at Creger Ave40.703847-74.293471
29633Morris Ave at Crescent Rd40.717330-74.327803
29698Morris Ave at Edgar St40.720818-74.366772
29790Morris Ave at Grandview Ave40.695788-74.266683
29778Morris Ave at Green Ln40.682260-74.235092
29773Morris Ave at Greenwood Rd40.690198-74.249621
28694Morris Ave at Irvington Ave40.670687-74.219903
29769Morris Ave at Johnson Pl40.697128-74.273151
29792Morris Ave at Johnson Pl40.697309-74.273442
29781Morris Ave at Kean Dr40.681298-74.233642
29779Morris Ave at Kean Dr40.680720-74.233221
29638Morris Ave at Keeler St40.712087-74.314812
29699Morris Ave at Kent Place Blvd40.719078-74.365853
29685Morris Ave at Kent Place Blvd40.719248-74.365822
29694Morris Ave at Lafayette Ave40.726219-74.373533
29691Morris Ave at Lafayette Ave40.726427-74.373633
29800Morris Ave at Larchmont Rd40.706489-74.298743
29777Morris Ave at Lehigh Ave40.685978-74.239912
29783Morris Ave at Lehigh Ave40.685797-74.239303
29799Morris Ave at Liberty Ave40.704659-74.294892
29693Morris Ave at Lincoln Ave40.727027-74.374673
29796Morris Ave at Lousons Rd40.700699-74.285262
29690Morris Ave at Lowell Ave40.725929-74.372740
29788Morris Ave at Lowes Shop Ctr40.692697-74.255552
29644Morris Ave at Maple Ave40.709898-74.306571
29643Morris Ave at Marion Ave40.708369-74.302822
29640Morris Ave at Meisel Ave40.710408-74.308154
29634Morris Ave at Millburn Ave40.716930-74.325392
29650Morris Ave at Millburn Ave40.717047-74.325340
29645Morris Ave at Mountain Ave40.711230-74.311501
29639Morris Ave at Mountain Ave40.711128-74.311433
29780Morris Ave at North Ave40.676628-74.227803
29913Morris Ave at North Ave40.676349-74.227773
29686Morris Ave at Norwood Ave40.720958-74.366680
28699Morris Ave at Orchard St40.670570-74.219973
29692Morris Ave at Plain St40.727778-74.375242
29637Morris Ave at Prospect Pl40.713469-74.317280
29647Morris Ave at Prospect Pl40.713869-74.317671
29641Morris Ave at S Maple Ave40.709369-74.305690
29784Morris Ave at Salem Rd40.687548-74.242871
29776Morris Ave at Salem Rd40.687167-74.242390
29787Morris Ave at Sayre Rd S40.690428-74.249810
29798Morris Ave at Schneider Ave40.703760-74.292850
29636Morris Ave at Short Hills Ave40.715168-74.320953
29648Morris Ave at Short Hills Ave40.715480-74.321182
29684Morris Ave at Springfield Ave40.717278-74.364291
30780Morris Ave at Spruce St40.702477-74.289981
29785Morris Ave at Sterling Rd40.688499-74.244983
28698Morris Ave at Stiles St40.672269-74.222221
28695Morris Ave at Stiles St40.672808-74.222743
29791Morris Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.696369-74.269392
29770Morris Ave at Stuyvesant Ave40.696049-74.268831
29775Morris Ave at Townley Ave40.687888-74.244002
28693Morris Ave at Union Ave40.669328-74.218133
31520Morris Ave at Villa Drive40.298359-73.983853
29696Morris Ave at Weaver St40.723460-74.369202
29688Morris Ave at Weaver St40.723629-74.369323
29695Morris Ave at Webster Ave40.724917-74.371450
28700Morris Ave at Westfield Ave40.668438-74.217293
29767Morris Ave at Woolley Ave40.698268-74.278363
29794Morris Ave at Woolley Ave40.698498-74.278701
29762Morris Ave. at Alvin Pl.40.705598-74.297182
15468Morris Dr at Balsam Rd39.869928-74.983511
15476Morris Dr at Balsam Rd39.869909-74.983200
15469Morris Dr at Cypress Ln39.869059-74.981343
15475Morris Dr at Cypress Ln39.869079-74.981100
15465Morris Dr at Downs Dr39.872359-74.993101
15478Morris Dr at Downs Dr39.872438-74.992762
15470Morris Dr at Easterly Country Club Dr39.868078-74.977982
15474Morris Dr at Easterly Country Club Dr39.868128-74.977572
15466Morris Dr at Fireside Ln39.872279-74.990641
15477Morris Dr at Fireside Ln39.872340-74.990330
15467Morris Dr at Gatewood Rd39.871449-74.987333
15471Morris Dr at Knight Pl39.867128-74.975753
15472Morris Dr at Springdale Rd39.866618-74.974382
15473Morris Dr at Springdale Rd39.866738-74.974671
15464Morris Dr at Westerly Country Club Dr39.871570-74.997641
15479Morris Dr at Westerly Country Club Dr39.871438-74.998041
95091Morris Plains40.828637-74.478197
25829Morris St at East Park Pl40.797148-74.479512
25828Morris St at Elm St40.796389-74.473823
25482Morris St at W Blackwell St40.884078-74.557493
31741Morris View Dr 519' E of Raynor Ave40.831119-74.522543
24983Morristown Rd at Cross Rd40.427069-74.246423
24943Morristown Rd at Ravine Dr40.426968-74.246691
27840Mothers Park & Ride Rt 23 North40.922398-74.267803
18752Mott St at Market St40.730179-74.146713
95171Mount Arlington40.896590-74.632731
95093Mount Olive40.907376-74.730653
95094Mount Tabor40.875904-74.481915
29606Mountain Ave 114' N of Caldwell Pl40.707799-74.314203
29615Mountain Ave 300' N of Kimberly Ct40.694098-74.328093
29600Mountain Ave 300' N of Kimberly Ct40.694199-74.327753
29552Mountain Ave at Acacia Rd40.664919-74.384111
29554Mountain Ave at Acacia Rd40.664818-74.384441
29154Mountain Ave at Bergen Rd40.691319-74.392313
29619Mountain Ave at Briar Hills Cir40.686258-74.335883
29609Mountain Ave at Caldwell Pl40.707308-74.314930
29605Mountain Ave at Clinton Ave40.705818-74.316273
29167Mountain Ave at Division Ave40.699789-74.381141
29152Mountain Ave at Division St40.699710-74.381612
28348Mountain Ave at Farragut Rd40.634390-74.422703
30913Mountain Ave at Farragut Rd40.634598-74.422683
28351Mountain Ave at Graybar Dr40.640158-74.416092
28300Mountain Ave at Graybar Drive40.640180-74.416262
29618Mountain Ave at Gregory Rd40.687658-74.334541
29597Mountain Ave at Gregory Rd40.687820-74.334153
29611Mountain Ave at Henshaw Ave40.704069-74.318042
29616Mountain Ave at Hillside Ave40.691749-74.330430
29555Mountain Ave at Jerusalem Rd40.663618-74.386513
29551Mountain Ave at Jerusalem Rd40.663508-74.386441
29557Mountain Ave at Katherine St40.659809-74.392882
31398Mountain Ave at Mapes Ave40.690719-74.331263
33080Mountain Ave at Mapes Ave40.690467-74.331601
29153Mountain Ave at Maple St40.695599-74.388204
29168Mountain Ave at Maple St40.695668-74.387943
29548Mountain Ave at Montague Ave40.655909-74.397520
29608Mountain Ave at Morris Ave40.710838-74.311403
29607Mountain Ave at Morris Ave40.710758-74.311270
29169Mountain Ave at Murray Hill Blvd40.691678-74.391851
29601Mountain Ave at Nelson Pl40.696268-74.325671
30918Mountain Ave at North Dr40.629978-74.428071
28346Mountain Ave at Norwood Ave40.630088-74.427741
28371Mountain Ave at Oak Ter / Brookside Ave40.578250-74.619110
28372Mountain Ave at Oak Ter / Brookside Ave40.580587-74.618941
28347Mountain Ave at Oneida Ave40.632178-74.425300
28350Mountain Ave at Oneida Ave40.632039-74.425662
29547Mountain Ave at Park Ave40.652928-74.400642
29613Mountain Ave at Richland Dr40.699400-74.322720
29602Mountain Ave at Richland Dr40.699110-74.322831
29553Mountain Ave at Roberts Ln40.665928-74.382373
29143Mountain Ave at Rt 2240.685099-74.336981
29596Mountain Ave at Rt 2240.686370-74.335593
29659Mountain Ave at Rt 2240.685038-74.333530
29604Mountain Ave at S Springfield Ave40.703839-74.318073
29559Mountain Ave at Scotland St40.656019-74.397563
29614Mountain Ave at Sherwood Rd40.696649-74.325491
29603Mountain Ave at Shunpike Rd40.702198-74.319754
29612Mountain Ave at Shunpike Rd40.701658-74.320481
29170Mountain Ave at South St40.687820-74.396853
29610Mountain Ave at Tooker Ave40.705957-74.316323
28299Mountain Ave at Watchung Ave40.626237-74.432141
30914Mountain Ave at Watchung Ave40.626120-74.432463
29558Mountain Ave at Westfield Rd40.657959-74.395583
29549Mountain Ave at Westfield Rd40.658359-74.394923
29550Mountain Ave at William St40.662108-74.388862
29556Mountain Ave at William St40.662009-74.389224
95095Mountain Avenue40.848715-74.205306
95096Mountain Lakes40.885947-74.433604
21855Mountain Rd at 18th St40.761018-74.029371
21810Mountain Rd at 18th St40.761248-74.030243
95097Mountain Station40.755365-74.253024
95098Mountain View40.914402-74.268158
31869Mountain View Blvd at Erie Ave40.914780-74.267723
22083Mountain View Complex40.277798-74.830811
22084Mountain View Complex40.277489-74.830822
15215Mt Ephraim Ave 490' N of Olympia Rd39.908909-75.097901
15187Mt Ephraim Ave 514' N of Grant Ave39.908859-75.097743
15214Mt Ephraim Ave 800' S of Fairview St39.911928-75.099192
15188Mt Ephraim Ave 800' S of Fairview St39.911909-75.099031
15197Mt Ephraim Ave at Atlantic Ave39.929419-75.107562
15205Mt Ephraim Ave at Atlantic Ave39.929208-75.107601
15836Mt Ephraim Ave at Collings Ave39.906470-75.096683
15216Mt Ephraim Ave at Collings Ave39.906187-75.096710
15192Mt Ephraim Ave at Decatur St39.922799-75.104251
15210Mt Ephraim Ave at Decatur St39.922898-75.104451
15189Mt Ephraim Ave at Fairview St39.914140-75.100002
15213Mt Ephraim Ave at Fairview St39.913570-75.099901
15212Mt Ephraim Ave at Ferry Ave39.918379-75.102223
15190Mt Ephraim Ave at Ferry Ave39.918447-75.102080
15194Mt Ephraim Ave at Jackson St39.925199-75.105452
15208Mt Ephraim Ave at Jackson St39.925249-75.105630
15198Mt Ephraim Ave at Kaighn Ave39.931877-75.108781
15204Mt Ephraim Ave at Kaighn Ave39.931288-75.108661
15217Mt Ephraim Ave at Minnesota Rd39.905217-75.096333
15195Mt Ephraim Ave at Morton St39.926487-75.106070
15207Mt Ephraim Ave at Thurman St39.926939-75.106472
25503Mt Pleasant Ave 420' E of New Murray Rd.40.806208-74.373421
19479Mt Pleasant Ave at Brookside Rd40.780559-74.244333
19472Mt Pleasant Ave at Byrne Rd40.784949-74.250952
19482Mt Pleasant Ave at Byrne Rd40.785099-74.250842
19485Mt Pleasant Ave at Carolina Ave40.791539-74.272424
19466Mt Pleasant Ave at Crestmont Rd40.793898-74.285750
19489Mt Pleasant Ave at Crestmont Rd40.794208-74.286460
19468Mt Pleasant Ave at Ellison Ave40.791739-74.280964
19487Mt Pleasant Ave at Ellison Ave40.791928-74.281121
19477Mt Pleasant Ave at Gaston St40.779290-74.240592
19478Mt Pleasant Ave at Gaston St40.779449-74.240750
19474Mt Pleasant Ave at Greentree Rd40.781488-74.247324
19480Mt Pleasant Ave at Greentree Rd40.781638-74.247510
19473Mt Pleasant Ave at Gregory Ave40.782808-74.250151
19481Mt Pleasant Ave at Highland Pl40.782438-74.249522
19483Mt Pleasant Ave at Jones Pl40.786508-74.251320
18021Mt Pleasant Ave at Livingston Ave40.795948-74.314751
18020Mt Pleasant Ave at Livingston Ave40.795679-74.316092
18032Mt Pleasant Ave at Livingston Ave40.795808-74.316120
19476Mt Pleasant Ave at Longview St40.780317-74.243933
19467Mt Pleasant Ave at Merklin Ave40.792890-74.283172
19488Mt Pleasant Ave at Merklin Ave40.793109-74.283271
19475Mt Pleasant Ave at Randolph Pl40.780789-74.245293
19484Mt Pleasant Ave at Ridge Rd40.787757-74.254493
19471Mt Pleasant Ave at Ridge Rd40.787689-74.254432
25502Mt Pleasant Ave at Selmar Ter40.804108-74.369730
25501Mt Pleasant Ave at Selmar Ter40.804158-74.370081
19470Mt Pleasant Ave at Skyline Dr40.790399-74.275243
19469Mt Pleasant Ave at Summit St40.790429-74.278471
19486Mt Pleasant Ave at Summit St40.790509-74.278503
18757Mt Prospect Ave 75' S of Ballantine Pkwy.40.769069-74.168883
18755Mt Prospect Ave 100' N of Mt Prospect Pl40.764829-74.170633
18772Mt Prospect Ave 250' N of Mt. Prospect Pl.40.764679-74.170852
18771Mt Prospect Ave at Abington Ave40.766698-74.169983
18756Mt Prospect Ave at Abington Ave40.766359-74.169900
18770Mt Prospect Ave at Ballantine Pkwy40.769778-74.168853
18775Mt Prospect Ave at Bloomfield Ave40.758749-74.175012
18773Mt Prospect Ave at East 2nd Ave40.762659-74.172101
18754Mt Prospect Ave at East 2nd Ave40.762410-74.172121
18774Mt Prospect Ave at East 3rd Ave40.760478-74.173731
18753Mt Prospect Ave at East 3rd Ave40.760270-74.173711
18769Mt Prospect Ave at East Delavan Ave40.771877-74.167820
18758Mt Prospect Ave at East Delavan Ave40.772198-74.167433
18759Mt Prospect Ave at Elwood Ave40.773549-74.166702
18760Mt Prospect Ave at Grafton Ave40.777758-74.164542
18766Mt Prospect Ave at Grafton Ave40.777580-74.164852
18767Mt Prospect Ave at Heller Pkwy40.775610-74.165872
18763Mt Prospect Ave at Sylvan Ave40.783167-74.161710
18764Mt Prospect Ave at Sylvan Ave40.782997-74.162012
18762Mt Prospect Ave at Verona Ave40.782159-74.162232
16450Mt. Ephraim Ave at Woodlynne Ave39.917329-75.101451
18164Mt. Hebron Rd at Park St40.852658-74.195530
18160Mt. Hebron Rd at Park St40.852669-74.195733
22558Mt. Lucas Rd 40' N of Ewing St40.371990-74.659573
18778Mt. Vernon Pl at Kerrigan Blvd40.736290-74.240411
18780Mt. Vernon Pl at Kerrigan Blvd40.736309-74.240133
18783Mt. Vernon Pl at Manor Dr40.737939-74.245483
18782Mt. Vernon Pl at Midland Pl40.737309-74.243421
18777Mt. Vernon Pl at Norman Rd40.736909-74.242423
18781Mt. Vernon Pl at Norman Rd40.736928-74.242141
18779Mt. Vernon Pl at Sandford Ave40.735369-74.237433
31985Mulberry St at Breunig St40.236628-74.739633
18784Mulberry St at Clinton St40.735799-74.168511
18785Mulberry St at Commerce St40.735859-74.168741
17257Municipal Plaza at Bloomfield Ave40.791739-74.196181
10164Murray Ave at Arkansas Ave39.373660-74.452482
10159Murray Ave at Arkansas Ave39.373449-74.452473
27421Murray Ave at Dayton St40.909809-74.187561
27424Murray Ave at Dayton St40.909669-74.187410
10163Murray Ave at Michigan Ave39.374698-74.452000
10160Murray Ave at Michigan Ave39.374328-74.452063
10246Murray Ave at Missouri Ave39.372248-74.453161
10162Murray Ave at Ohio Ave39.375430-74.451652
10161Murray Ave at Ohio Ave39.375539-74.451502
95099Murray Hill40.695068-74.403134
31931Murray Hill Pkwy at East Union Ave40.822378-74.088970
31932Murray Hill Pkwy at East Union Ave40.822509-74.088592
11356Murray Hill Pkwy at Rt 12040.829089-74.083383
11350Murray Hill Pkwy at Rt 12040.829409-74.082771
29166Murray Hill Rail Station40.695007-74.402893
29149Murray Hill Rail Station40.694769-74.402891
25355Myrtle Ave (Route 202) at Main Street40.903769-74.406040
25351Myrtle Ave (Route 202) at Main Street40.903260-74.406693
25353Myrtle Ave at Fulton St40.911478-74.391783
25354Myrtle Ave at Fulton St40.911368-74.392081
11903Myrtle Ave at Hudson Terrace40.861279-73.959734
25368Myrtle Ave at Vreeland Ave40.908168-74.396083
25352Myrtle Ave at Vreeland Ave40.908228-74.395742
17258Myrtle St at Orange St40.783050-74.199161
31608N 5th St at Victor St40.896039-74.100201
27569N 8th St at Planten Ave40.933627-74.172092
27568N 8th St at Planten Ave40.933389-74.172211
25925N Beverwyck Rd at Minnehaha Blvd40.880329-74.382200
25999N Beverwyck Rd at Minnehaha Blvd40.880480-74.382112
30904N Beverwyck Rd at Minnehaha Blvd40.880367-74.381830
22584N Broad St at E State St40.220708-74.764160
28957N Broad St at Hollywood Ave40.694879-74.215862
28958N Broad St at Mertz Ave40.698268-74.216311
28959N Broad St at Mertz Ave40.698249-74.216521
28737N Broad St at North Ave40.681939-74.214282
28960N Broad St at Ridgeway Ave40.695018-74.215990
19816N Broadway at Hazel Ave39.733748-75.132000
19927N Broadway at W Woodland Ave39.736310-75.134621
19932N Broadway at Woodland Ave39.736359-75.134532
31960N Clinton Ave at Dewey Ave40.230438-74.747910
22642N Clinton Ave at Girard Ave40.233050-74.741741
22641N Clinton Ave at Girard Ave40.233028-74.741522
22639N Clinton Ave at Grant Ave40.226150-74.752901
22645N Clinton Ave at Grant Ave40.226468-74.752911
22640N Clinton Ave at North Olden Ave40.232099-74.744012
22643N Clinton Ave at North Olden Ave40.231849-74.744763
22644N Clinton Ave at Ott St40.228388-74.751220
31958N Clinton Ave at Perrine Ave40.228008-74.751580
31959N Clinton Ave at Poplar St40.230230-74.748140
11521N Dean St 488' S of Chestnut St40.898579-73.971602
11519N Dean St at Brownes Ter40.903279-73.970162
11522N Dean St at E Demarest Ave40.897009-73.972422
11518N Dean St at E Hudson Ave40.909768-73.968182
11520N Dean St at W Hamilton Ave40.901709-73.970714
28357N Gaston Ave at E Cliff St40.569497-74.602563
28354N Gaston Ave at E Cliff St40.569289-74.602492
28355N Gaston Ave at Union Ave40.571418-74.601660
28356N Gaston Ave at William St40.571248-74.601932
17575N Harrison St at Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd40.767789-74.219142
31029N Jefferson Rd 100' S of Fanok Rd40.833498-74.430471
31025N Jefferson Rd 157' S of Paper Mill Drive40.830610-74.432281
31026N Jefferson Rd 170' S of Fanok Rd40.833608-74.430231
31030N Jefferson Rd at Town Hall Dr40.830788-74.432330
17990N Livingston Ave at Ashwood Drive40.806679-74.313642
17996N Livingston Ave at Beverly Road40.798518-74.315792
17993N Livingston Ave at Bryant Drive40.806928-74.313683
17994N Livingston Ave at Congressional Parkway40.802799-74.314933
17989N Livingston Ave at Congressional Parkway40.803048-74.314742
17991N Livingston Ave at East Mcclellan Ave40.807898-74.312973
17988N Livingston Ave at Glendale Ave40.801568-74.315273
17995N Livingston Ave at Lincoln Ave40.800519-74.315861
17986N Livingston Ave at Plaza Place40.796329-74.315301
17992N Livingston Ave at W Mcclellan Ave40.807928-74.313142
26206N Main St 200' N of Washington St40.901520-74.581023
26210N Main St 200' S of Harry Shupe Blvd40.902399-74.579953
19881N Main St 200' S of N Tuckahoe Rd39.712998-75.029331
26207N Main St 229' S of Harry Shupe Blvd40.902618-74.579422
23384N Main St at Booream Ave40.456209-74.443962
23369N Main St at Cottage Ave40.453858-74.441100
23382N Main St at East Church St40.452288-74.439213
23365N Main St at East Lawrence St40.460750-74.446103
23370N Main St at Ford Ave40.451479-74.438351
23381N Main St at Herbert Ave40.458448-74.445873
23367N Main St at Pardun Ave40.458059-74.445923
26211N Main St at Pine St40.900920-74.582113
23368N Main St at Riva Ave40.455047-74.442673
26208N Main St at Ross St40.905019-74.579403
26209N Main St at Ross St40.904630-74.578531
23383N Main St at Vanderbilt Ave40.454809-74.442091
23366N Main St at West Lawrence Ave40.460698-74.446261
29760N Monroe St (Rt 22)40.690390-74.302152
32958N Oaks Blvd 255' W of US 140.459169-74.471770
32955N Oaks Blvd 1100' E of Livingston Ave40.460599-74.475172
32956N Oaks Blvd 1230' W of US 140.460829-74.473712
32957N Oaks Blvd 1965' E of Livingston Ave40.460459-74.472763
32954N Oaks Blvd 2000' W of US 140.461498-74.477950
22800N Warren St at Bank St40.222998-74.765512
31972N Warren St at Chauncey St40.224188-74.765313
22801N Warren St at Hanover St40.221639-74.765731
22799N Warren St at Pennington Ave40.225898-74.765011
32989N Willow St at W Hanover St40.222138-74.768213
29000N. 8th St at Monroe Ave40.678557-74.303721
29001N. 20th St at Boulevard40.676289-74.292331
29002N. 20th St at Monroe Ave40.679769-74.292953
23062NJ 18 at Eggers St40.468118-74.407991
23061NJ 18 at Eggers St40.468439-74.407851
23054NJ 18 at Hillsdale Rd40.416119-74.370432
23068NJ 18 at Hillsdale Rd40.416308-74.371233
23585NJ 18 at Southwood Dr40.400368-74.350553
23581NJ 18 at Southwood Dr40.400749-74.350442
23059NJ 18 at Tices Lane40.456308-74.400572
23064NJ 18 at Tices Lane40.456779-74.401191
23678NJ 34 at Bramble Lane40.424699-74.284282
23685NJ 34 at Bramble Lane40.424839-74.284051
23690NJ 34 at Disbrow Rd40.421389-74.262730
23682NJ 34 at Disbrow Rd40.421268-74.262792
24305NJ 35 at Cliffwood Ave40.439228-74.225343
24304NJ 35 at Cliffwood Ave40.438940-74.224612
26527NJ 35 at Mclean Ave40.093340-74.048753
25028NJ 36 at Main St40.420429-74.092022
25044NJ 36 at Main St40.420747-74.092241
19636NJ 47 at Brenner Rd39.804989-75.124461
19609NJ 47 at Brenner Rd39.803419-75.123621
16780NJ 49 at Bank St39.425588-75.231060
16785NJ 49 at Bank St39.425648-75.230851
15535NJ 70 at Covered Bridge Rd39.910328-74.990173
15525NJ 70 at Covered Bridge Rd39.910090-74.990133
16168NJ 70 at Mcclellan Ave39.933319-75.066641
16164NJ 70 at Mcclellan Ave39.933009-75.066690
16356NJ 73 at Cooper Rd39.825349-74.928052
16357NJ 73 at Cooper Rd39.824670-74.927881
21229NJ International & Bulk Mail Center40.756420-74.057232
11744NJ Route 208 at Morlot Ave40.931569-74.110243
11752NJ Route 208 at Morlot Ave40.931819-74.112173
22116NJ State Police Headquarters40.262477-74.838382
22121NJ Talking Book & Braille Center40.250059-74.802931
31305Nassau Park Blvd at Houston St40.304256-74.679465
22920Nassau Park Blvd at Mcclain Ave40.303590-74.680201
22922Nassau Park Blvd at Route 140.303239-74.675933
22924Nassau Park Blvd at Route 140.303519-74.675903
22503Nassau St at Palmer Square40.349489-74.660721
23536Nassau St at Plum St40.473698-74.453263
23533Nassau St at Plum St40.473719-74.452892
33087Nassau St at S Tulane St40.349980-74.658522
16028National Hwy at John Tipton Blvd39.980879-75.035873
16032National Hwy at John Tipton Blvd39.981139-75.035530
16031National Hwy at Thomas Busch Iii Mem39.983627-75.030711
16029National Hwy at Thomas Busch Iii Memorial Hwy39.983299-75.031161
26165Near Macy's Entrance40.906880-74.552893
26166Near Walmart Entrance40.907628-74.563292
25125Neptune Wal-Mart40.224158-74.085363
29337Netherwood Rr Sta, South Ave at Belvidere Ave40.628939-74.402172
29343Netherwood Rr Sta, South Ave at Belvidere Ave40.628589-74.402961
95110New Bridge Landing40.910856-74.035044
32745New Bridge Medical Ctr40.958619-74.062461
11006New Bridge Rd 75' W of Windsor Rd.40.914078-74.002892
11008New Bridge Rd at Brey Ln40.914048-74.007690
11004New Bridge Rd at Rector Court40.913769-74.005373
11002New Bridge Rd at S. Prospect Ave40.914078-74.009652
11005New Bridge Rd at S. Washington Ave40.913848-73.997891
11003New Bridge Rd at Wilbur Rd40.913939-74.007590
11007New Bridge Rd at Wildrose Ave40.913928-74.004682
14986New Broadway at New Jersey Rd39.880876-75.121334
14984New Broadway at New Jersey Rd39.880818-75.121320
14988New Broadway at Town Center Sq39.878766-75.122995
14982New Broadway at Town Center Sq39.878648-75.123013
95103New Brunswick40.497278-74.445751
23747New Brunswick Ave at Amboy Ave40.515380-74.275874
23748New Brunswick Ave at Amboy Ave40.515429-74.275902
23746New Brunswick Ave at Augustine Pl40.517279-74.279093
23750New Brunswick Ave at Augustine Pl40.517739-74.279582
23744New Brunswick Ave at Baker Pl40.519378-74.282574
23754New Brunswick Ave at Colgate Ave40.522220-74.287973
24193New Brunswick Ave at Columbus Ave40.525190-74.300671
23749New Brunswick Ave at Cornell St40.516739-74.277991
24203New Brunswick Ave at Corrielle St40.528459-74.314032
24189New Brunswick Ave at Corrielle St40.528440-74.314303
24200New Brunswick Ave at Crows Mill Rd40.526530-74.306002
24192New Brunswick Ave at Fraser St40.525908-74.303960
23751New Brunswick Ave at Groom St40.518578-74.280952
24191New Brunswick Ave at Hornsby St40.527089-74.308762
24202New Brunswick Ave at Hoy Ave40.527749-74.311082
23752New Brunswick Ave at Lawrie St40.520019-74.283581
23753New Brunswick Ave at Lee St40.521269-74.285974
24199New Brunswick Ave at Liberty St40.526018-74.303891
23742New Brunswick Ave at Mckeon St40.522167-74.288182
24198New Brunswick Ave at Oregon Ave40.525598-74.302113
24190New Brunswick Ave at Paul St40.527588-74.310842
24194New Brunswick Ave at Penn Ave40.524168-74.296502
24197New Brunswick Ave at Penn Ave40.524330-74.296782
23743New Brunswick Ave at Rathbun Pl40.520948-74.285562
24196New Brunswick Ave at South Charles St40.523190-74.292063
24195New Brunswick Ave at South Charles St40.522899-74.291352
23745New Brunswick Ave at Steadman Pl40.518619-74.281211
21603New County Rd at Castle Rd40.764358-74.075131
21602New County Rd at Seaview Dr. Extension40.764498-74.073892
23158New Dover Rd at Darwin Blvd40.585449-74.341631
23154New Dover Rd at Grove Ave40.583769-74.358683
23163New Dover Rd at Jonathan Dr40.584698-74.350661
23156New Dover Rd at Jonathan Dr40.584648-74.350380
23155New Dover Rd at Keen Ln40.584048-74.354300
23162New Dover Rd at Parker Rd40.585158-74.347601
23157New Dover Rd at Parker Rd40.585098-74.347443
23161New Dover Rd at Revere Blvd40.585468-74.342731
23164New Dover Rd at Weinfeld Dr40.584109-74.355223
23159New Dover Rd at Wood Acres Dr40.585599-74.338793
23160New Dover Rd at Wood Ave40.585758-74.338002
31187New Durham Rd at Corporate Blvd40.545479-74.419860
17737New Dutch Lane at Elderidge Rd40.880220-74.277690
17736New Dutch Lane at Kaplan Dr40.882477-74.281783
31940New Grandstand Entrance40.820808-74.071532
10268New Hampshire Ave 170' S of Melrose Ave39.371999-74.415301
10280New Hampshire Ave 170' S of Melrose Ave39.371878-74.415653
10269New Hampshire Ave at Adriatic Ave39.373928-74.416652
10279New Hampshire Ave at Adriatic Ave39.373539-74.416662
10283New Hampshire Ave at Atlantic Ave39.368719-74.413151
10211New Hampshire Ave at Gardners Basin Way39.376249-74.418611
10266New Hampshire Ave at Grammercy Ave39.370070-74.413981
10221New Hampshire Ave at Grammercy Ave39.369557-74.414042
10220New Hampshire Ave at Madison Ave39.371119-74.415101
10217New Hampshire Ave at Parkside Ave39.375728-74.418121
10218New Hampshire Ave at Parkside Ave39.375887-74.417961
16646New Jersey Ave at 1st Ave39.008288-74.794262
16659New Jersey Ave at 1st Ave39.007948-74.794252
30269New Jersey Ave at 4th Ave39.006110-74.795831
16647New Jersey Ave at 5th Ave39.005797-74.796420
30268New Jersey Ave at 6th Ave39.005238-74.796883
30272New Jersey Ave at 8th Ave39.004170-74.798383
30267New Jersey Ave at 9th Ave39.003408-74.799072
16648New Jersey Ave at 10th Ave39.002868-74.799972
30266New Jersey Ave at 11th Ave39.002339-74.800371
30274New Jersey Ave at 13th Ave39.001238-74.801910
16655New Jersey Ave at 15th Ave39.000158-74.803001
30275New Jersey Ave at 16th Ave38.999859-74.803590
30263New Jersey Ave at 17th Ave38.999089-74.804300
30271New Jersey Ave at 19th Ave38.998229-74.805331
30276New Jersey Ave at 19th Ave38.998018-74.805811
30277New Jersey Ave at 21st Ave38.996930-74.807120
30260New Jersey Ave at 22nd Ave38.996628-74.807262
30258New Jersey Ave at 26th Ave38.995708-74.808363
30278New Jersey Ave at 26th Ave38.995549-74.808783
16753New Jersey Ave at Garfield Ave38.989290-74.817421
16762New Jersey Ave at Garfield Ave38.989638-74.817224
16751New Jersey Ave at Glenwood Ave38.992688-74.812460
16764New Jersey Ave at Glenwood Ave38.992998-74.812301
16754New Jersey Ave at Roberts Ave38.987320-74.820121
16761New Jersey Ave at Roberts Ave38.987698-74.819863
16752New Jersey Ave at Wildwood Ave38.991400-74.814493
16763New Jersey Ave at Wildwood Ave38.991770-74.814334
23820New Market Rd at Center St40.581130-74.459712
23016New Market Rd at Walnut St40.586120-74.460671
23017New Market Rd at Walnut St40.585898-74.460463
25090New Monmouth Rd at Daniel Dr40.399609-74.111933
25091New Monmouth Rd at Oakdale Drive40.399839-74.111991
25504New Murray Rd at Rt. 1040.807279-74.374520
31190New Pehle Ave at Park 80 Plaza West40.904328-74.103712
95104New Providence40.712022-74.386501
10879New Rd 85' S of Connecticut Ave39.319460-74.603702
10888New Rd 165' N of Chapman Blvd39.328059-74.596502
10884New Rd 265' S of Chapman Blvd39.327100-74.598083
33131New Rd 290' N of Bethel Rd39.329865-74.594383
25919New Rd 528' N of Edwards Rd.40.850200-74.349480
25922New Rd 1584' S of US 4640.853409-74.348211
25920New Rd 2640' N of Edwards Rd.40.855217-74.348500
31535New Rd at Banning Ave39.373928-74.554793
10787New Rd at Cedar Bridge Rd39.366518-74.562542
10792New Rd at Cedar Bridge Rd39.366639-74.562322
10782New Rd at Chestnut Ave39.379178-74.548871
10797New Rd at Chestnut Ave39.379209-74.548633
10008New Rd at Delaware Ave39.430570-74.503101
10001New Rd at Delaware Ave39.430309-74.503802
10781New Rd at Dolphin Ave39.381058-74.546142
10798New Rd at Dolphin Ave39.381160-74.545801
10659New Rd at Forest Dr39.340039-74.584652
10681New Rd at Forest Dr39.340179-74.584711
10656New Rd at Frances Ave39.332947-74.590341
10657New Rd at Garfield Ave39.334940-74.588023
10683New Rd at Garfield Ave39.335178-74.588043
10890New Rd at Groveland Ave39.325209-74.599901
10877New Rd at Groveland Ave39.324968-74.600211
10666New Rd at Haines Ave39.356859-74.570981
10674New Rd at Haines Ave39.356818-74.571243
10660New Rd at Hamilton Ave39.342089-74.583232
10680New Rd at Hamilton Ave39.342300-74.583313
10894New Rd at Holly Hills Dr39.314549-74.605143
10783New Rd at Jackson Ave39.377578-74.551151
10796New Rd at Jackson Ave39.377967-74.550433
10663New Rd at Jefferson Ave39.351159-74.576720
10677New Rd at Jefferson Ave39.351337-74.576762
10684New Rd at Kirklin Ave39.333600-74.589701
10891New Rd at Massachusetts Ave39.321718-74.602063
10878New Rd at Massachusetts Ave39.322038-74.602072
10006New Rd at Meadowview Ave39.419340-74.509753
10004New Rd at Meadowview Ave39.419258-74.509913
10786New Rd at Mill Rd39.368968-74.560162
10793New Rd at Mill Rd39.368919-74.560063
10662New Rd at Monroe Ave39.349408-74.577830
10678New Rd at Monroe Ave39.349589-74.577883
10002New Rd at New Jersey Ave39.429279-74.504943
10859New Rd at Noahs Rd39.388959-74.535082
10785New Rd at Northfield Ave39.372489-74.556271
10665New Rd at Oak Ave39.355330-74.573462
10675New Rd at Oak Ave39.355379-74.573511
10789New Rd at Oakcrest Ave39.361578-74.565802
10790New Rd at Oakcrest Ave39.361328-74.565821
10886New Rd at Ocean Heights Ave39.331638-74.592253
10007New Rd at Ohio Ave39.426229-74.506362
10003New Rd at Ohio Ave39.426558-74.506321
10855New Rd at Park Ave39.387068-74.537461
10858New Rd at Park Ave39.386958-74.537511
10893New Rd at Pennsylvania Ave39.317690-74.604630
10880New Rd at Pennsylvania Ave39.317799-74.604761
10664New Rd at Poplar Ave39.354168-74.574771
10676New Rd at Poplar Ave39.353998-74.575073
10892New Rd at Rhode Island Ave39.320630-74.602741
10788New Rd at Ridgewood Dr39.363268-74.564663
10791New Rd at Ridgewood Dr39.363408-74.564443
31294New Rd at Rt 40 / 32239.391079-74.531203
10895New Rd at S Village Dr39.313519-74.607991
10882New Rd at S Village Dr39.313670-74.608373
10661New Rd at School House Dr39.344150-74.581883
10679New Rd at School House Dr39.344320-74.581900
10856New Rd at Tilton Rd39.383599-74.542464
10857New Rd at Tilton Rd39.383618-74.542272
10784New Rd at Tilton Rd39.374438-74.554361
10795New Rd at Tilton Rd39.375929-74.552723
25921New Rd at US 4640.856738-74.349002
25986New Rd at US 4640.858659-74.349033
10881New Rd at Village Dr39.313459-74.606543
10658New Rd at West Ave39.337378-74.586361
10682New Rd at West Ave39.337567-74.586441
30163New St at Main St40.541848-74.361971
17854New St at Springfield Ave40.726457-74.230493
17855New St at Springfield Ave40.726298-74.230592
17853New St at Springfield Ave40.726008-74.230392
29255New St at West 4th St40.613969-74.424101
29256New St at West Front St40.615887-74.427152
21744New York Ave at 2nd St40.752909-74.040181
21745New York Ave at 6th St40.755688-74.038513
21746New York Ave at 8th St40.756899-74.037691
21747New York Ave at 10th St40.758228-74.036852
21748New York Ave at 13th St40.760070-74.035711
32872New York Ave at 17th St40.762708-74.033990
21750New York Ave at 19th St40.763890-74.033291
21751New York Ave at 21st St40.765358-74.032320
21752New York Ave at 23rd St40.766698-74.031503
21753New York Ave at 26th St40.768499-74.030333
21754New York Ave at 29th St40.770450-74.029113
30205New York Ave at 35th St40.772878-74.027073
21756New York Ave at 37th St40.774248-74.026053
21757New York Ave at 40th St40.775758-74.024832
21758New York Ave at 43rd St40.777739-74.023282
21759New York Ave at 45th St40.778939-74.022304
21760New York Ave at 46th St40.780008-74.021421
10165New York Ave at Mediterranean Ave39.365669-74.432000
95105New York Penn Station40.750046-73.992358
95164Newark Airport Railroad Station40.704415-74.190717
20971Newark Ave 350' E of Palisade Ave.40.729499-74.055024
31008Newark Ave at 3rd St40.723599-74.049762
20970Newark Ave at 6th St40.725989-74.052353
20972Newark Ave at Baldwin Ave40.731900-74.056790
20969Newark Ave at Brunswick St40.724358-74.050573
20955Newark Ave at Chestnut Ave40.730488-74.055792
20959Newark Ave at Fourth St40.724668-74.051060
20951Newark Ave at JFK Blvd40.735229-74.062411
20967Newark Ave at Jersey Ave40.721829-74.046451
20961Newark Ave at Jersey Ave40.721667-74.046301
30474Newark Ave at Mcpherson Pl40.730568-74.055661
20958Newark Ave at Merseles St40.725559-74.052022
20960Newark Ave at Monmouth St40.723188-74.049293
20973Newark Ave at Oakland Ave, County Building40.732708-74.057464
31301Newark Ave at Oakland Ave, County Building40.731560-74.056581
32741Newark Ave at Pavonia Ave40.729189-74.055093
20952Newark Ave at Summit Ave40.734270-74.058923
20957Newark Ave at Waldo Ave40.728318-74.054753
28702Newark Ave at Waverly Pl40.678919-74.210251
28709Newark Ave at Waverly Pl40.678579-74.210721
95106Newark Broad St40.747621-74.171943
31890Newark Penn Station40.734928-74.164003
95107Newark Penn Station40.734221-74.164554
30467Newark Pompton Tpke 175' S of Cotluss Rd40.989359-74.302622
26093Newark Pompton Tpke 205' N of Marlin Ave.40.945638-74.284740
26088Newark Pompton Tpke 211' S of Wilrue Pkwy40.964529-74.295262
26079Newark Pompton Tpke 307' S of Wilrue Pkwy40.964699-74.295163
26077Newark Pompton Tpke at Alexander Ave40.957150-74.293701
26090Newark Pompton Tpke at Alexander Ave40.957038-74.293832
26132Newark Pompton Tpke at Cedar St40.991907-74.302853
30466Newark Pompton Tpke at Cotluss Rd40.989910-74.302871
26074Newark Pompton Tpke at Fairview Ave40.944868-74.282563
26137Newark Pompton Tpke at Federal Pl40.993028-74.303242
26080Newark Pompton Tpke at Grove St40.966417-74.295521
26078Newark Pompton Tpke at Meyer Pl40.961238-74.294530
26089Newark Pompton Tpke at Meyer Pl40.960827-74.294530
26075Newark Pompton Tpke at New Read St40.947079-74.288402
26092Newark Pompton Tpke at New Read St40.946948-74.288312
26076Newark Pompton Tpke at New St40.951420-74.292632
26091Newark Pompton Tpke at New St40.951420-74.292752
26087Newark Pompton Tpke at Poplar Ave40.967270-74.295810
26082Newark Pompton Tpke at Prospect Ave40.971890-74.296302
26085Newark Pompton Tpke at Prospect Ave40.971999-74.296682
26083Newark Pompton Tpke at Ramapo Rd40.976367-74.297052
26084Newark Pompton Tpke at Ramapo Rd40.976510-74.297522
26133Newark Pompton Tpke at Riverdale Pky40.994957-74.303762
26136Newark Pompton Tpke at Riverdale Pky40.995070-74.303932
26131Newark Pompton Tpke at Rt 2340.987378-74.302342
26138Newark Pompton Tpke at Rt 2340.988279-74.302574
27726Newark Pompton Turnpike at Black Oak Ridge Rd40.942848-74.278301
27728Newark Pompton Turnpike at Ellen Ln40.940769-74.276761
27729Newark Pompton Turnpike at Haul Rd40.937258-74.274153
27724Newark Pompton Turnpike at Haul Rd40.937488-74.274191
27725Newark Pompton Turnpike at Laytham Dr40.940569-74.276451
27722Newark Pompton Turnpike at Mcclelland Ave40.929668-74.273790
27731Newark Pompton Turnpike at Mcclelland Ave40.929328-74.273913
27727Newark Pompton Turnpike at Post Ln40.941697-74.277503
27732Newark Pompton Turnpike at Ryerson Ave40.926588-74.272173
27721Newark Pompton Turnpike at Ryerson Ave40.927070-74.272730
26134Newark-Pompton Tpke at Hamburg Tpke40.996859-74.304431
26135Newark-Pompton Tpke at Hamburg Tpke40.997289-74.304812
26081Newark-Pompton Tpke at Jackson Ave40.968380-74.295851
26086Newark-Pompton Tpke at Jackson Ave40.968278-74.295961
23165Newfield Ave at Fernwood Ave40.502569-74.349860
23166Newfield Rd 800' E of Fernwood Rd.40.504539-74.346421
25189Newman Springs Rd at Clifford Pl40.337038-74.078742
25209Newman Springs Rd at Clinton Pl40.337098-74.076002
31160Newman Springs Rd at Clinton Pl40.337259-74.076032
25084Newman Springs Rd at Half Mile Rd40.336528-74.096863
24997Newman Springs Rd at Half Mile Rd40.336679-74.096473
25207Newman Springs Rd at Hance Ave40.336369-74.085911
25083Newman Springs Rd at Harvey Ave40.335848-74.105233
24998Newman Springs Rd at Hurley's Ln40.331688-74.117371
25002Newman Springs Rd at Hurley's Ln40.331560-74.117121
25187Newman Springs Rd at Munson St40.336558-74.085970
25208Newman Springs Rd at Steven Ave40.336928-74.078334
25001Newman Springs Rd at Swimming River Rd40.330929-74.119882
20886Newport Centre Mall40.726249-74.038833
30830Newport Light Rail Station40.726819-74.036233
29950Newton Pl at Prospect St40.656948-74.359693
29945Newton Pl at Prospect St40.657140-74.359721
14884Nicholson Rd at Beloit Ave39.894889-75.075280
14885Nicholson Rd at Beloit Ave39.894859-75.075473
14880Nicholson Rd at Brittin Ave39.893248-75.082751
14889Nicholson Rd at Brittin Ave39.893418-75.083630
14882Nicholson Rd at Central Ave39.893270-75.078933
14887Nicholson Rd at Central Ave39.893349-75.079123
14881Nicholson Rd at Payson Ave39.893070-75.080901
14888Nicholson Rd at Payson Ave39.893179-75.081133
14879Nicholson Rd at Road B39.893618-75.087420
14883Nicholson Rd at Wyoming Ave39.894010-75.077103
14886Nicholson Rd at Wyoming Ave39.894048-75.077253
30397Nixon Dr 200' S of Harper Dr39.943458-74.958042
30394Nixon Dr at East Gate Square39.939419-74.963971
30399Nixon Dr at East Gate Square39.940529-74.961921
14614Nixon Dr at Harper Rd39.944888-74.959412
30395Nixon Dr at Loehmanns Plaza39.941159-74.959923
30396Nixon Dr at Loehmanns Plaza39.941329-74.960052
30772Njpac / Centre Street Light Rail Station40.739498-74.165580
18508Njt Bus Complex - Doremus Ave40.715948-74.128663
32298Njt Rail - Emerson Station40.974827-74.027782
32409Njt Rail - Emerson Station40.974298-74.027811
26529Njt Rail Station Bus Stop40.093008-74.048403
30781Norfolk St at Bond St40.745319-74.183369
18792Norfolk St at Central Ave40.745590-74.183160
18794Norfolk St at Orange St40.748840-74.181052
18796Norfolk St at Sussex Ave40.746949-74.182433
18793Norfolk St at Sussex Ave40.747218-74.182112
18798Norfolk St at Warren St40.743220-74.184502
18791Norfolk St at Warren St40.742918-74.184531
18799Norfolk St at West Market St40.741058-74.185603
18790Norfolk St at West Market St40.741159-74.185392
30767Norfolk Street Light Rail Station40.745319-74.183033
18224Normal Ave at Upper Mountain Ave40.857788-74.201613
32688Normal Ave at Upper Mountain Ave40.858297-74.203760
18205Normal Ave at Valley Rd40.857588-74.200032
27570North 11th St at Brown Ave40.934828-74.174313
27571North 11th St at Brown Ave40.934869-74.174403
28717North & Dowd Aves40.676478-74.195112
28718North & Dowd Aves40.676658-74.195081
18312North Area - Brewster Road40.707610-74.160130
18888North Area Trans Center - Port St40.707739-74.160031
17572North Arlington Ave at North Maple Ave40.777248-74.197521
17573North Arlington Ave at North Maple Ave40.776788-74.198112
29965North Ave 130' W of Clark St40.649719-74.351672
29927North Ave 135' E of S. Euclid Ave40.651549-74.337621
29802North Ave 152' N of Lynmar Way40.674518-74.229331
29801North Ave 152' N of Lynmar Way40.674579-74.228983
28723North Ave 180' E of Salem Ave40.681958-74.216641
28489North Ave 250' W of John St.40.657529-74.293723
11904North Ave at 13th St40.850888-73.977842
28515North Ave at Alden St40.655830-74.302902
28492North Ave at Alden St40.656408-74.302680
11905North Ave at Ann St40.851849-73.979510
28906North Ave at Cedar St40.653599-74.322423
28905North Ave at Center St40.653188-74.325562
28904North Ave at Chestnut St40.652418-74.331152
29968North Ave at Clark St40.649587-74.351951
29563North Ave at Crestwood Rd40.646907-74.372394
28722North Ave at Cross Ave40.681890-74.211073
29925North Ave at Crossway Pl40.647949-74.363891
28712North Ave at Decker Ave40.673748-74.229833
29930North Ave at Edgewood Ave40.648009-74.364262
11907North Ave at Eighth St40.853307-73.982080
31452North Ave at Eighth St40.854568-73.982802
29926North Ave at Elm St40.650048-74.347361
29929North Ave at Elm St40.650308-74.347684
28724North Ave at Emerson Ave40.671118-74.231182
13318North Ave at Fifth St40.866329-74.026752
28488North Ave at Forest St40.656939-74.298142
28491North Ave at Forest St40.657000-74.298311
13333North Ave at Fourth St40.866589-74.027850
29560North Ave at Hetfield Ave40.646869-74.371802
28963North Ave at Irvington Ave40.679210-74.222733
28966North Ave at Irvington Ave40.679169-74.222953
23009North Ave at Jackson Ave40.593258-74.460801
23011North Ave at Jackson Ave40.593469-74.460663
23010North Ave at Jefferson Ave40.594730-74.458504
11906North Ave at John St40.852548-73.980743
28490North Ave at John St40.657808-74.292340
31140North Ave at Kilsyth Rd40.681558-74.209743
23012North Ave at Madison Ave40.588849-74.467892
28912North Ave at Maple St40.652837-74.328852
28711North Ave at Melrose Ter40.672819-74.230583
28720North Ave at Monroe Ave40.679599-74.202223
28715North Ave at Monroe Ave40.679229-74.201721
28713North Ave at N Broad St40.682208-74.213813
28721North Ave at Newark Ave40.681550-74.208891
28907North Ave at Oak St40.653939-74.319953
28910North Ave at Oak St40.654007-74.320292
28487North Ave at Orchard St40.655498-74.308543
28493North Ave at Orchard St40.655509-74.308641
29561North Ave at Promenade Ave40.647329-74.368472
29562North Ave at Promenade Ave40.647409-74.368651
13316North Ave at Second St40.866718-74.029523
13319North Ave at Seventh St40.865899-74.024613
13314North Ave at Sixth St40.866258-74.025680
29928North Ave at South Euclid Ave40.651618-74.337942
32816North Ave at St Paul St40.651108-74.341143
32817North Ave at St Paul St40.651108-74.341403
13317North Ave at Third St40.866578-74.028930
29967North Ave at Tuttle Pkwy40.648869-74.357202
29966North Ave at Tuttle Pkwy40.649028-74.356922
28719North Ave at Van Buren Ave40.678168-74.198823
28716North Ave at Van Buren Ave40.677979-74.198702
29803North Ave at Vivien Ter40.672408-74.230971
28911North Ave at Walnut St40.653259-74.325763
28964North Ave at Westminster Ave40.681079-74.218771
28965North Ave at Westminster Ave40.680799-74.219583
28908North Ave at Winslow Pl40.654520-74.314563
28909North Ave at Winslow Pl40.654698-74.314402
31105North Bergen Park / Ride Lot at Bus Stop Opposite T40.776418-74.042761
21436North Bergen Park / Ride Lot at Terminal Building B40.776698-74.042811
25929North Beverwyck Rd 168' N of Claudine Terr40.876200-74.382841
25924North Beverwyck Rd at Claudine Terrace40.875890-74.382703
31044North Beverwyck Rd at Hawkins Ave40.863929-74.384361
26053North Beverwyck Rd at Hiawatha Blvd40.882409-74.382122
26041North Beverwyck Rd at Hiawatha Blvd40.881850-74.382261
26055North Beverwyck Rd at Katherine Dr40.890098-74.378122
26039North Beverwyck Rd at Katherine Dr40.889690-74.378611
26052North Beverwyck Rd at Lake Shore Dr40.878770-74.382401
26042North Beverwyck Rd at Lake Shore Dr40.878518-74.382642
25928North Beverwyck Rd at Minnehaha Blvd40.880189-74.382383
26054North Beverwyck Rd at Oswego Ave40.886898-74.380351
26040North Beverwyck Rd at Oswego Ave40.886799-74.380522
25930North Beverwyck Rd at Vail Rd40.871670-74.383141
95108North Branch40.592020-74.683802
28728North Broad St 400' N of Whitehead Pl40.674718-74.212893
27987North Broad St at 7th Ave39.738590-75.461871
27992North Broad St at 7th Ave39.738669-75.461993
28725North Broad St at Chestnut St40.669389-74.215711
28956North Broad St at Coe Ave40.691039-74.215381
28961North Broad St at Coe Ave40.691017-74.215500
28734North Broad St at Concord Pl40.687809-74.214742
28732North Broad St at Country Club Lane40.685348-74.214471
27991North Broad St at Del-A-Vue Ave39.741048-75.459061
27988North Broad St at Del-A-Vue Ave39.740809-75.459180
28738North Broad St at Dewitt Rd40.680267-74.213811
28040North Broad St at East Union St39.733509-75.465642
28729North Broad St at Fairmount Ave40.676768-74.213330
22587North Broad St at Feeder St40.224218-74.764423
28042North Broad St at Griffith St39.731758-75.466943
28039North Broad St at Griffith St39.731418-75.467043
28962North Broad St at Hurden St40.688318-74.214903
28733North Broad St at King St40.686529-74.214632
28735North Broad St at King St40.686378-74.214753
28726North Broad St at Magnolia Ave40.671378-74.214582
28727North Broad St at Mary St40.672540-74.213681
28731North Broad St at North Ave40.682709-74.214252
28740North Broad St at Parker Rd40.672948-74.213720
22586North Broad St at Perry St40.223089-74.764353
28741North Broad St at Prince St40.671378-74.214864
27990North Broad St at Sailor Ave39.742897-75.456820
27989North Broad St at Sailor Ave39.742708-75.456883
28739North Broad St at Salem Ave40.676138-74.213431
28730North Broad St at Waverly Pl40.679618-74.213550
28041North Broad St at West Union St39.733830-75.465531
28736North Broad St at Wilder St40.684370-74.214513
10258North Carolina Ave at Adriatic Ave39.368368-74.429231
10168North Carolina Ave at Arctic Ave39.364748-74.426743
10169North Carolina Ave at Atlantic Ave39.363268-74.425803
10167North Carolina Ave at Baltic Ave39.366069-74.427592
10257North Carolina Ave at Caspian Ave39.369988-74.430372
10166North Carolina Ave at Mediterranean Ave39.367288-74.428533
17394North Day St at Alden St40.780000-74.223971
17393North Day St at Park Ave40.776440-74.226591
17395North Day St at Park Ave40.776750-74.226501
17392North Day St at White St40.774588-74.227913
17396North Day St at White St40.774968-74.227760
95109North Elizabeth40.680265-74.206165
27734North Leg 140' N of Willowbrook Blvd40.888969-74.251582
27733North Leg 207' N of Willowbrook Blvd40.889547-74.251580
25051North Leonard Ave at Center Ave40.418489-74.056840
25055North Leonard Ave at Center Ave40.418467-74.056941
19319North Livingston Ave at Becker Farm Rd40.816308-74.301550
19318North Livingston Ave at Prudential Rd40.816889-74.300213
28142North Main St at Auburn St39.657349-75.326011
28141North Main St at Elm St39.656990-75.326183
28140North Main St at Grant St39.655168-75.328101
28143North Main St at Marlton St39.653948-75.329061
28139North Main St at Marlton St39.654137-75.328920
14392North Maple Ave at Burgundy Dr39.910569-74.922492
14393North Maple Ave at Burgundy Dr39.910868-74.922743
14387North Maple Ave at Cambridge Ave39.896207-74.922123
14398North Maple Ave at Cambridge Ave39.896120-74.922291
14386North Maple Ave at East Main St39.891817-74.922072
14389North Maple Ave at Ingress Ln39.901038-74.922261
14396North Maple Ave at Ingress Ln39.900929-74.922404
14388North Maple Ave at King Ave39.898989-74.922221
14397North Maple Ave at King Ave39.898479-74.922353
13360North Maple Ave at Linwood Ave40.983599-74.112513
14390North Maple Ave at North Locust Ave39.907218-74.922381
14395North Maple Ave at North Locust Ave39.907218-74.922573
14394North Maple Ave at Pickwick Dr39.908388-74.922592
14391North Maple Ave at Pickwick Dr39.908939-74.922413
17857North Maple Ave at Springfield Ave40.728050-74.222033
13554North Midland Ave 950' S of Floral Lane40.911659-74.107982
13559North Midland Ave 950' S of Floral Lane40.911330-74.108033
11754North Midland Ave & Rt 440.922198-74.113463
11701North Midland Ave & Rt 440.922080-74.112670
13555North Midland Ave at Hayes Dr40.914758-74.109171
13558North Midland Ave at Rosol Lane40.914969-74.109422
13556North Midland Ave at Wilson St40.916928-74.110211
13557North Midland Ave at Wilson St40.916868-74.110353
30449North Monroe St at Carlton Ter40.989978-74.125383
30450North Monroe St at Carlton Ter40.989839-74.125421
30448North Monroe St at Monte Vista Ave40.985988-74.126243
30451North Monroe St at North Hillside Pl40.985630-74.126461
13362North Monroe St at West Glen Ave40.993979-74.126211
13363North Monroe St at West Glen Ave40.993839-74.126242
13361North Monroe St at Woodland Ave40.987559-74.125851
13364North Monroe St at Woodland Ave40.987898-74.125850
23541North Oaks Blvd at Livingston Ave40.461769-74.478773
23547North Oaks Blvd at Livingston Ave40.461898-74.478701
21994North Olden Ave 500' E of Parkside Ave.40.248349-74.770280
21993North Olden Ave 500' E of Parkside Ave.40.248129-74.770162
17582North Park St Loop40.787039-74.218210
28334North Plainfield Shopping Center (Rt 22)40.613449-74.457340
31366North St 389' W of Huyler St40.863559-74.050083
31367North St 389' W of Huyler St40.863709-74.050161
31364North St at Hollister Rd40.866039-74.054603
31365North St at Hollister Rd40.866280-74.054861
19906North West Blvd at Columbia Ave39.547930-75.025451
19712North West Blvd at Grub Rd39.565769-75.039471
19903North West Blvd at Grub Rd39.565569-75.039172
19905North West Blvd at Sandy Dr39.552038-75.027701
19910North West Blvd at Sandy Dr39.552418-75.028103
29049North Wood Ave at Melrose Ter40.642430-74.271292
29050North Wood Ave at Princeton Rd40.640150-74.268291
29048North Wood Ave at Rosewood Ter40.643630-74.272932
19214Northern State Prison40.712559-74.170631
19491Northfield Ave Opp. Vizcaya Blvd40.768099-74.295313
19492Northfield Ave at Aspen Rd40.767019-74.293022
19501Northfield Ave at Beverly Rd40.776078-74.249483
19499Northfield Ave at Brandford Ave40.775508-74.259081
19500Northfield Ave at Colony Dr40.776358-74.250602
19490Northfield Ave at Dogwood Rd40.769529-74.298350
32113Northfield Ave at Dogwood Rd40.769526-74.298133
19510Northfield Ave at Grandview Ave40.776410-74.258392
19558Northfield Ave at Grandview Ave40.776149-74.258380
19509Northfield Ave at Gregory Ave40.777098-74.252932
31491Northfield Ave at Gregory Ave40.776739-74.252161
19506Northfield Ave at Hutton Ave40.775588-74.244483
19508Northfield Ave at Linden Ave40.776339-74.249922
19503Northfield Ave at Old Northfield Rd40.775629-74.243820
19511Northfield Ave at Prospect Ave40.774418-74.261422
19498Northfield Ave at Prospect Ave40.774519-74.260520
19512Northfield Ave at Ridgeway Ave40.772719-74.267901
19497Northfield Ave at Ridgeway Ave40.772949-74.266361
19513Northfield Ave at Rock Spring Ave40.770628-74.274134
19496Northfield Ave at Rock Spring Ave40.770428-74.273310
19507Northfield Ave at Seton Hall Prep Dr40.775719-74.247373
19495Northfield Ave at Sheridan Ave40.770148-74.277373
19514Northfield Ave at Sheridan Ave40.770318-74.277614
19517Northfield Ave at Vizcaya Blvd40.768638-74.295992
19515Northfield Ave at Warnick Ln40.769598-74.283793
19493Northfield Ave at Warnick Ln40.769428-74.283643
19505Northfield Ave at Wheeler St40.776328-74.240781
19504Northfield Ave at Wheeler St40.776267-74.240510
19516Northfield Ave at Woods End Rd40.766918-74.292360
19494Northfield Ave at Zoo And Arena Loop40.769598-74.280681
23293Northfield Rd 300' N of Fernwood Rd.40.504739-74.354351
23167Northfield Rd 300' S of Fieldcrest Ave.40.509239-74.346652
23294Northfield Rd 1000' N of Fernwood Rd.40.505879-74.352432
23168Northfield Rd 1000' S of Fieldcrest Ave.40.506227-74.352000
17956Northfield Rd at Livingston Ave40.773818-74.323131
19907Northwest Blvd at Catawba St39.546579-75.025033
19908Northwest Blvd at Catawba St39.546390-75.024752
24311Norwood Ave at Allen Ave40.235047-74.000594
24313Norwood Ave at Allen Ave40.235299-74.000763
25141Norwood Ave at Alpern Ave40.274299-74.002852
24312Norwood Ave at Cedar Ave40.281429-74.003213
24310Norwood Ave at Cedar Ave40.281859-74.001742
24439Norwood Ave at Deal Esplanade40.244608-74.000653
24448Norwood Ave at Deal Esplanade40.244888-74.000822
24766Norwood Ave at Euclid Ave40.232888-74.000823
24765Norwood Ave at Euclid Ave40.233110-74.000993
31560Norwood Ave at Hathaway Ave40.241128-74.000682
31561Norwood Ave at Hathaway Ave40.241339-74.000833
24789Norwood Ave at High St40.293270-74.001540
24793Norwood Ave at Highland Ave40.273929-74.002652
24791Norwood Ave at Hollywood Ave40.285740-74.002333
25346Norwood Ave at Hollywood Ave40.286000-74.002542
30401Norwood Ave at Kirby Ave40.279527-74.002991
31327Norwood Ave at Kirby Ave40.279829-74.002911
24788Norwood Ave at Morford Ave40.297860-74.002672
24787Norwood Ave at Overton Pl40.293659-74.001783
24794Norwood Ave at Park Ave40.270479-74.002101
25142Norwood Ave at Park Ave40.270249-74.002162
24441Norwood Ave at Parker Ave40.250979-74.000332
24446Norwood Ave at Parker Ave40.251240-74.000651
24442Norwood Ave at Phillips Ave40.254528-74.000202
24445Norwood Ave at Phillips Ave40.254788-74.000543
24450Norwood Ave at Roosevelt Ave40.259378-73.999811
25159Norwood Ave at Roosevelt Ave40.259688-74.000122
24440Norwood Ave at Roseld Ave40.246820-74.000513
24447Norwood Ave at Roseld Ave40.247280-74.000772
25143Norwood Ave at South Lincoln Ave40.263900-74.000382
24790Norwood Ave at West End Ave40.291187-74.001503
25341Norwood Ave at West End Ave40.291198-74.001650
27039Notch Rd at Long Hill Rd40.873898-74.206191
27042Notch Rd at Long Hill Rd40.874109-74.206783
27040Notch Rd at Rustic Ridge Rd40.875569-74.203031
27041Notch Rd at Rustic Ridge Rd40.875547-74.203271
22133Nottingham Way (Rt 33) 150' W of Sterling Ave.40.233299-74.705042
22131Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Chewalla Blvd40.232820-74.711393
22138Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Concord Ave40.234269-74.696313
22134Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Concord Ave40.234077-74.696454
22130Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Donald Dr40.232537-74.715421
22141Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Donald Dr40.232650-74.715543
22132Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Klockner Rd40.232959-74.709591
22140Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Klockner Rd40.233099-74.709673
22139Nottingham Way (Rt 33) at Sterling Ave40.233499-74.704191
22336Nottingham Way at Aberfoyle Dr40.228558-74.658281
22315Nottingham Way at Aberfoyle Rd40.228747-74.658481
22258Nottingham Way at Berkeley St40.235900-74.685123
30733Nottingham Way at Berkley St40.235790-74.685213
31555Nottingham Way at Birtin Ave40.234368-74.679503
22337Nottingham Way at Crest Ave40.227059-74.653900
30736Nottingham Way at Deerwood Dr40.233058-74.673951
22341Nottingham Way at George Dye Rd40.224100-74.644870
30738Nottingham Way at George Dye Rd40.223938-74.644771
22306Nottingham Way at Hollywood Dr40.233129-74.727961
30742Nottingham Way at Karl Suess Dr40.232910-74.726310
30735Nottingham Way at Lander Dr40.233759-74.676813
30740Nottingham Way at Lander Dr40.233779-74.676443
22339Nottingham Way at Mario Dr40.222828-74.641423
22334Nottingham Way at Mario Dr40.222828-74.641082
31556Nottingham Way at Marshall Ave40.234450-74.679151
22343Nottingham Way at North Crest Ave40.227358-74.654423
30739Nottingham Way at Park Ave40.230819-74.664131
22275Nottingham Way at Paxson Ave. Extension40.231778-74.668682
22255Nottingham Way at Paxson Ave. Extension40.231929-74.668901
22136Nottingham Way at Regina Ave40.236259-74.689361
22330Nottingham Way at Regina Ave40.236209-74.689031
31269Nottingham Way at Sculptor's Way40.232389-74.724162
31270Nottingham Way at Sculptor's Way40.232458-74.724000
30734Nottingham Way at Shady Ln40.235069-74.682261
30741Nottingham Way at Shady Ln40.235138-74.682020
22342Nottingham Way at Sunset Blvd40.225848-74.650021
30737Nottingham Way at Sunset Blvd40.225629-74.649731
22135Nottingham Way at Vincent Ave40.234579-74.694223
22137Nottingham Way at Vincent Ave40.234908-74.693432
27730Nwk-Pompton Tpke at Packanack Lake Rd40.931819-74.273893
27723Nwk-Pompton Tpke at Packanack Lake Rd40.932698-74.273783
17859Nye Ave 50' W of New St40.725230-74.230483
17858Nye Ave at Lincoln Pl40.725148-74.233731
26248Nys 210 at Lake Shore Rd41.186900-74.330903
26462Oak Ln at Center St39.596868-74.355582
26459Oak Ln at Center St39.596638-74.355492
26463Oak Ln at Leitz Blvd39.600888-74.356572
26458Oak Ln at Leitz Blvd39.600749-74.356701
26461Oak Ln at Radio Rd39.593490-74.351292
26460Oak Ln at Radio Rd39.593158-74.350992
28484Oak Ridge Rd at Lake Ave40.612068-74.331081
28485Oak Ridge Rd at Lake Ave40.612007-74.331991
13366Oak St at Franklin Ave40.980648-74.117761
23756Oak St at New Brunswick Ave40.513527-74.273303
31109Oak St at Paulison Ave40.861528-74.138391
23755Oak St at Smith St40.510760-74.274673
24059Oak Tree Ave 610' E of Park Ave40.577159-74.388721
23169Oak Tree Rd at Alpine St40.576548-74.378743
24208Oak Tree Rd at Correja Ave40.573728-74.326721
23177Oak Tree Rd at Ellmyer Rd40.572408-74.348753
23172Oak Tree Rd at Farmhaven Ave40.572290-74.348371
23174Oak Tree Rd at Henry St40.572838-74.339380
23175Oak Tree Rd at Henry St40.572989-74.339581
24204Oak Tree Rd at Magnolia Rd40.573200-74.331711
24206Oak Tree Rd at Middlesex Ave40.573619-74.323222
24207Oak Tree Rd at Middlesex Ave40.573778-74.323582
23170Oak Tree Rd at Monica Dr40.571509-74.354900
23179Oak Tree Rd at Monica Dr40.571660-74.355051
23180Oak Tree Rd at Plainfield Rd, Oak Tree Commons40.576269-74.377403
24209Oak Tree Rd at Plymouth Dr40.573260-74.332143
23173Oak Tree Rd at Sugar Rd40.572630-74.343960
23176Oak Tree Rd at Sugar Rd40.572769-74.344064
23171Oak Tree Rd at Ventnor Dr40.571909-74.351423
23178Oak Tree Rd at Ventnor Dr40.572120-74.350970
24266Oak Tree Rd at Wood Ave40.572958-74.335411
23283Oak Tree Rd at Woodland Ave40.577178-74.385903
26267Oakland Ave at Orchard St41.254809-74.360092
22867Oakland St at Coolidge Ave40.236119-74.777910
22838Oakland St at Coolidge Ave40.236349-74.777981
22700Oakland St at Nordacs Pl40.238018-74.779870
22697Oakland St at Nordacs Pl40.237870-74.779540
22698Oakland St at Parkside Ave40.240399-74.782131
22699Oakland St at Parkside Ave40.240259-74.782153
24101Obert St 70' N of Washington St.40.450608-74.380250
20503Observer Hwy at Luis Munoz Marin Blvd40.736849-74.038222
20500Observer Hwy at Washington St40.735588-74.031873
20501Observer Hwy at Washington St40.735750-74.031900
20502Observer Hwy at Willow Ave40.736369-74.035422
20499Observer Hwy at Willow Ave40.736079-74.034612
30545Ocean Ave at 4th Ave40.222360-73.999531
21012Ocean Ave at Armstrong Ave40.700548-74.083534
20988Ocean Ave at Armstrong Ave40.700567-74.083363
20992Ocean Ave at Bayview Ave40.704538-74.079490
21008Ocean Ave at Bidwell Ave40.703817-74.080352
21000Ocean Ave at Bramhall Ave40.714197-74.073030
32047Ocean Ave at Carteret Ave40.709723-74.076375
20984Ocean Ave at Chapel Ave40.697649-74.087491
25238Ocean Ave at Church St40.361738-73.974012
20995Ocean Ave at Claremont Ave40.707818-74.077353
21005Ocean Ave at Claremont Ave40.708067-74.077321
21018Ocean Ave at Danforth Ave40.695758-74.090611
20982Ocean Ave at Danforth Ave40.695788-74.090322
21010Ocean Ave at Dwight St40.702020-74.082102
20986Ocean Ave at Eastern Pkwy40.699118-74.085311
21002Ocean Ave at Forrest St40.712068-74.075031
20998Ocean Ave at Forrest St40.711849-74.075142
21011Ocean Ave at Fulton Ave40.701348-74.082750
20989Ocean Ave at Fulton Ave40.701518-74.082463
21025Ocean Ave at Gates Ave40.691070-74.096313
32046Ocean Ave at Kearney Ave40.709479-74.076512
21020Ocean Ave at Lembeck Ave40.693950-74.092773
20980Ocean Ave at Lembeck Ave40.694098-74.092482
21019Ocean Ave at Linden Ave40.694890-74.091663
20981Ocean Ave at Linden Ave40.694939-74.091521
20976Ocean Ave at Merrit St40.689508-74.098002
21027Ocean Ave at Merrit St40.689469-74.098233
21006Ocean Ave at Myrtle Ave40.706358-74.078232
20994Ocean Ave at Myrtle Ave40.706547-74.078070
20978Ocean Ave at Neptune Ave40.692349-74.094621
21024Ocean Ave at Neptune Ave40.691927-74.095273
21017Ocean Ave at New St40.696569-74.089163
20983Ocean Ave at New St40.696690-74.088872
21021Ocean Ave at Pearsall Ave40.693489-74.093331
20977Ocean Ave at Seaview Ave40.691508-74.095582
21016Ocean Ave at Sheffield St40.697328-74.088091
21009Ocean Ave at Stegman St40.702960-74.081151
20990Ocean Ave at Stegman St40.702749-74.081251
21001Ocean Ave at Union St40.713258-74.073971
20999Ocean Ave at Union St40.713329-74.073844
20987Ocean Ave at Van Nostrand Ave40.699759-74.084360
21013Ocean Ave at Van Nostrand Ave40.699748-74.084530
21003Ocean Ave at Virginia Ave40.711148-74.075682
20997Ocean Ave at Virginia Ave40.711117-74.075613
21014Ocean Ave at Wade St40.698849-74.085853
21015Ocean Ave at Warner Ave40.698087-74.086972
20985Ocean Ave at Warner Ave40.698468-74.086263
20991Ocean Ave at Wegman Pkwy40.703749-74.080281
21007Ocean Ave at Wilkinson Ave40.705018-74.079174
20993Ocean Ave at Wilkinson Ave40.705799-74.078423
21023Ocean Ave at Winfield Ave40.692818-74.094182
20979Ocean Ave at Winfield Ave40.693149-74.093653
24784Ocean Blvd at Garfield Ave40.303160-73.981513
24782Ocean Blvd at Laird St40.303598-73.981090
31382Ocean Blvd at Nesto Ter40.299729-73.981362
32861Ocean Blvd at Pavilion Ave40.297517-73.980882
16663Ocean City Transportation Center39.279049-74.578551
26600Ocean County College40.009789-74.165090
26601Ocean County Mall39.981430-74.179382
16482Ocean Dr at 30th St39.096659-74.725083
16481Ocean Dr at 42nd St39.089058-74.731531
16466Ocean Dr at 42nd St39.089359-74.731452
16480Ocean Dr at 53rd St39.081969-74.737503
16461Ocean Dr at 53rd St39.082029-74.737623
16479Ocean Dr at 68th St39.072638-74.745371
16467Ocean Dr at 68th St39.072649-74.745540
16468Ocean Dr at 79th St39.065579-74.751482
16469Ocean Dr at 79th St39.065530-74.751351
16465Ocean Dr at Avalon Blvd39.096588-74.725383
32946Ocean Resort Casino39.363619-74.416032
16494Ocean View Park / Ride39.181698-74.723242
16495Ocean View Park / Ride39.181438-74.722330
25347Oceanport Ave at Broadway40.298808-74.010082
31517Oceanport Ave at Crescent Pl40.307788-74.019903
31516Oceanport Ave at Monmouth Park Race Track40.306338-74.017281
31521Oceanport Ave at N Linden Ave40.300370-74.011553
31522Oceanport Ave at N Linden Ave40.300638-74.011632
25339Oceanport Ave at Rt 3640.302938-74.013851
30905Oceanport Ave at Rt 3640.303107-74.014201
25340Oceanport Ave at Windsor Ave40.299208-74.010253
25168Oceanport Gardens40.312748-74.025610
10176Ohio Ave at Caspian Ave39.366028-74.438732
10170Ohio Ave at E Riverside Dr39.373788-74.445051
10172Ohio Ave at Erie Ave39.371448-74.442372
10171Ohio Ave at Huron Ave39.372750-74.443243
10175Ohio Ave at Magellan Ave39.367658-74.439831
10174Ohio Ave at Mckinley Ave39.368908-74.440680
10173Ohio Ave at Ontario Ave39.369848-74.441302
18006Okner Parkway 800' N of W Mt Pleasant Ave40.801108-74.355122
21043Old Bergen Rd at Bartholdi Ave40.694709-74.094780
21031Old Bergen Rd at Bartholdi St40.694437-74.094932
21034Old Bergen Rd at Danforth Ave40.697728-74.092702
21028Old Bergen Rd at Gates Ave40.692089-74.096691
21047Old Bergen Rd at Gates Ave40.691308-74.097283
21046Old Bergen Rd at Gates Ave40.691988-74.096851
21041Old Bergen Rd at Greenville Ave40.696347-74.093441
21032Old Bergen Rd at Lembeck Ave40.695479-74.093961
21033Old Bergen Rd at Linden Ave40.696808-74.093081
21040Old Bergen Rd at Linden Ave40.697147-74.092983
21049Old Bergen Rd at Merritt St40.689688-74.098542
21048Old Bergen Rd at Pamrapo Ave40.690609-74.097754
21042Old Bergen Rd at Pearsall Ave40.695279-74.094231
21045Old Bergen Rd at Seaview Ave40.692818-74.096401
21030Old Bergen Rd at Winfield Ave40.693919-74.095422
21044Old Bergen Rd at Winfield Ave40.693780-74.095652
26073Old Bloomfield Ave at Ft. Downey Ct40.859810-74.354303
25987Old Bloomfield Ave at Ft. Downey Ct40.859889-74.354012
25985Old Bloomfield Ave at New Rd40.859199-74.350221
26072Old Bloomfield Ave at White Oak Rd40.860679-74.360183
25988Old Bloomfield Ave at White Oa