Stop Listing

Suffolk County Transit (ny-sct)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
25301st St / Adams St41.102919-72.360536
18315th Ave / Christopher St40.795336-73.138930
18325th Ave / Comac St40.792139-73.138460
18305th Ave / Peconic St40.797276-73.139224
182813th Ave / Comac St40.792530-73.144927
182913th Ave / Peconic St40.796285-73.145464
182713th Ave / Vets Hwy40.789289-73.144445
110522nd St / Main Ave40.757943-73.369212
275222nd St / Main Ave40.757917-73.369327
38Abrahams Path / Springs Fireplace Rd40.993347-72.169597
39Accabonac Apartments40.980567-72.166340
41Accabonac Rd / Windmill Village Ln40.977083-72.172583
119Albany Ave / Banbury Ct40.685413-73.414838
121Albany Ave / Bayview Ave40.692894-73.411492
110Albany Ave / Delaware Ave40.696778-73.410635
122Albany Ave / Delaware Ave40.696558-73.410562
109Albany Ave / Great Neck Rd40.699208-73.409568
661Albany Ave / Great Neck Rd40.699186-73.409364
111Albany Ave / Harrison Ave40.693218-73.411616
106Albany Ave / New Hwy40.708614-73.402900
123Albany Ave / New Hwy40.708396-73.402796
108Albany Ave / Rainbow Ln40.702252-73.406204
612Albany Ave / Rainbow Ln40.702688-73.405735
107Albany Ave / Schleigel Blvd40.705120-73.404301
524Albany Ave / Schleigel Blvd40.704724-73.404397
114Albany Ave / Sprauge Ave40.684990-73.415223
112Albany Ave / Steele Pl40.691233-73.411974
120Albany Ave / Steele Pl40.690967-73.411925
113Albany Ave / Sunrise Hwy40.688485-73.413449
662Albany Ave / Sunrise Hwy (N)40.688913-73.413102
117Albany Ave / Sunrise Hwy (S)40.687407-73.413832
1826Albin Ave / Arnold Ave40.701316-73.349394
1061Albin Ave / Ave A40.700815-73.352521
1080Albin Ave / Ave A40.700791-73.353311
3175Aldersgate (E)40.942240-72.675429
3176Aldersgate (N)40.944929-72.679074
2579Aldersgate (S)40.938343-72.673900
3177Aldersgate (W)40.941547-72.676517
3178Aldersgate / Lois Ct40.939861-72.674606
76Amityville LIRR40.680408-73.420104
867Amityville LIRR (No Pick Ups)40.680142-73.420213
1062Arnold Ave / Anchor Ct40.701183-73.347337
2742Arnold Ave / Great East Neck Rd (N)40.700290-73.342090
1063Arnold Ave / Great East Neck Rd (S)40.700222-73.342337
2743Arnold Ave / Little East Neck Rd N (N)40.699919-73.339989
1064Arnold Ave / Little East Neck Rd N (S)40.699734-73.339660
2321Atlantic Ave / Americus Ave40.773607-72.961506
3028Atlantic Ave / Americus Ave40.773731-72.961583
453Atlantic Ave / Connetquot Ave40.774021-73.175589
1933Atlantic Ave / Connetquot Ave40.773903-73.175904
2319Atlantic Ave / Donegan Ave40.773856-72.957962
2320Atlantic Ave / Donegan Ave40.773918-72.958686
3027Atlantic Ave / Scherger Ave40.774013-72.957206
774Avery Village40.769918-72.989419
1350B Rd / H Rd40.792936-73.287869
2794B Rd / H Rd40.793061-73.287811
1071Babylon LIRR40.700342-73.324779
1074Babylon LIRR40.700227-73.325217
1231Babylon LIRR40.700119-73.325681
3201Babylon LIRR40.700297-73.324991
3202Babylon LIRR40.700186-73.325446
3206Babylon LIRR (No Pick Ups)40.700417-73.323558
1101Bagatelle Rd / Hemmingway Dr40.790726-73.374050
1134Bagatelle Rd / Pettit Dr40.790982-73.373970
1103Bagatelle Rd / Tamara Ct40.776822-73.369964
2751Bagatelle Rd / Tamara Ct40.776962-73.370139
1102Bagatelle Rd / Wilmington Dr40.783684-73.370427
2750Bagatelle Rd / Wilmington Dr40.783464-73.370419
1320Baiting Place Rd / Great Neck Rd40.708328-73.424889
1319Baiting Place Rd / Toledo St40.711650-73.424572
3018Bank St40.800822-72.793857
1283Bay Shore Ave / Bay Shore Ave40.738557-73.292324
3219Bay Shore LIRR40.724394-73.252188
283Bay Shore Rd / Arbour St40.740727-73.304853
286Bay Shore Rd / Bay Shore Ave40.738762-73.292540
281Bay Shore Rd / Brook Ave40.742160-73.308144
282Bay Shore Rd / Brook Ave40.742276-73.307967
298Bay Shore Rd / Brookdale Ave40.741110-73.305512
297Bay Shore Rd / Callahan St40.740340-73.301034
3187Bay Shore Rd / Carlls Path40.748072-73.320522
304Bay Shore Rd / County Pl40.748231-73.320506
274Bay Shore Rd / Deer Park Ave40.750040-73.323988
1245Bay Shore Rd / Deer Park Ave40.749464-73.323194
284Bay Shore Rd / Penney St40.740092-73.299944
296Bay Shore Rd / Thompson Dr40.735188-73.281332
285Bay Shore Rd / Udall Rd40.739404-73.295730
1253Bay Shore Rd / Udall Rd40.739079-73.294922
1252Bay Shore Rd / Weeks Rd40.741907-73.307586
2049Beach Ln / Homestead Dr40.868489-72.981478
2962Beach Ln / Homestead Dr40.868600-72.981060
2048Beach Ln / W Yaphank Rd40.868905-72.976469
2138Belle Terre Rd / E Broadway40.949558-73.060337
2137Belle Terre Rd / Myrtle Ave40.946019-73.058200
454Bellmore Ave / Cranberry St40.774523-73.179365
1934Bellmore Ave / Cranberry St40.774496-73.179474
2584Bellport Ln / Osborn Ln40.756736-72.938657
1166Belmont Ave / Arthur Ave40.714439-73.348264
1163Belmont Ave / Claremont Ave40.724444-73.346522
1167Belmont Ave / Kenyon Ave40.710192-73.348936
1164Belmont Ave / Montgomery Ave40.721158-73.347078
1165Belmont Ave / Sheffield Ave40.719131-73.347436
1162Belmont Ave / Throop St40.727467-73.345994
1161Belmont Ave / Warren St40.730808-73.345717
90Bethpage Rd / Iles Pl40.695121-73.404186
491Bethpage Rd / Iles Place40.694871-73.404087
88Bethpage Rd / N Oak St40.692670-73.399053
427Bethpage Rd / N Oak St40.692579-73.399272
89Bethpage Rd / Ralph Ave40.693645-73.402159
489Bethpage Rd / Ralph Ave40.693580-73.402304
992Big H Shopping Center40.857409-73.418974
87Big Lots Shopping Center40.692554-73.394610
125Birch Rd / East St40.711115-73.407619
2655Birch Rd / Overlook Dr40.763981-72.849611
338Bishop Mcgann Village40.778181-73.200655
1425Blue Point Ave / Madison St40.748748-73.036347
2798Blue Point Ave / Maple St40.748928-73.036564
2141Blue Point Ave / Montauk Hwy40.753092-73.038156
2094Blue Ridge Condominiums40.841250-73.001807
457Boulevard Ave / E Cherry St40.780804-73.183943
1945Boulevard Ave / E Cherry St40.780642-73.184032
458Boulevard Ave / E Chestnut St40.784428-73.184570
1949Boulevard Ave / E Chestnut St40.784259-73.184694
459Boulevard Ave / E Locust St40.787263-73.185111
1962Boulevard Ave / E Locust St40.786714-73.185137
456Boulevard Ave / Hickory St40.777852-73.183377
1944Boulevard Ave / Hickory St40.777765-73.183497
723Boyle Rd / Carston St40.869227-73.050166
712Boyle Rd / Carston St W40.869097-73.050376
710Boyle Rd / Hawthorne St40.881690-73.052094
2462Boyle Rd / Hawthorne St40.881420-73.051885
711Boyle Rd / Imperial Dr40.876211-73.051348
707Boyle Rd / Montclair Dr40.887816-73.052967
2461Boyle Rd / Montclair Dr40.887612-73.052783
706Boyle Rd / Rush St40.893253-73.053669
2459Boyle Rd / Rush St40.893449-73.053542
724Boyle Rd / Strauss Ave40.875561-73.051076
337Brentwood LIRR40.779762-73.246011
1185Brentwood LIRR40.779869-73.246278
1638Brentwood Rd / 21st Ave40.753981-73.244191
1641Brentwood Rd / Arkansas Ave40.740981-73.239620
1635Brentwood Rd / Candlewood Rd40.764164-73.246146
2880Brentwood Rd / Candlewood Rd40.764040-73.246282
1640Brentwood Rd / Colorado Ave40.745668-73.241110
2881Brentwood Rd / Colorado Ave40.745519-73.241222
1661Brentwood Rd / Commack Rd40.769011-73.246115
1637Brentwood Rd / Connecticut Ave40.757781-73.245459
1634Brentwood Rd / Fourth St40.767162-73.246276
1639Brentwood Rd / Kentucky Ave40.750185-73.242864
1658Brentwood Rd / Maryland Ave40.754332-73.244168
1636Brentwood Rd / Massachusetts Ave40.759435-73.245730
1598Brentwood Rd / Moffitt Blvd40.731456-73.236103
1659Brentwood Rd / New Jersey Ave40.756370-73.244890
1656Brentwood Rd / Oakwood Blvd40.740426-73.239216
1600Brentwood Rd / Redington St40.731397-73.236258
1633Brentwood Rd / Sixth Ave40.773224-73.246116
2879Brentwood Rd / Sixth Ave40.773269-73.246232
1657Brentwood Rd / Tennessee Ave40.750528-73.242837
1632Brentwood Rd / Third Ave40.776769-73.246111
2878Brentwood Rd / Third Ave40.776589-73.246265
1599Brentwood Rd / Tillie St40.735622-73.237575
1597Brentwood Rd / Union Blvd (E)40.729639-73.235472
931Brentwood Rd / Union Blvd (W)40.729479-73.235588
1660Brentwood Rd / Vermont Ave40.760433-73.245726
659Brettonwoods Drive40.864326-73.012175
473Bridge Rd / Enter Ln40.804760-73.190588
47Bridgehampton Commons40.932452-72.316125
2574Bridgehampton Commons40.932427-72.315725
48Bridgehampton Commons (E)40.934338-72.314636
828Bridgehampton Commons (W)40.933159-72.317809
3131Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Huntington Cross Way40.959833-72.299152
3132Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Huntington Cross Way40.959358-72.298947
2575Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Montauk Hwy40.938456-72.300586
2576Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Sunrise Ave40.948050-72.299467
3098Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Sunrise Ave40.948033-72.299300
1605Brightwaters Dr / N Windsor Ave40.719733-73.266417
399Broadway / Dickman St40.778833-73.227133
420Broadway / Hilton St40.775525-73.226542
400Broadway / Loeffler St40.774665-73.226552
1713Broadway / Melody Ln40.765912-73.225347
402Broadway / Mockingbird Ln40.768821-73.225746
401Broadway / Nolin St40.772272-73.226150
1673Broadway / Nolin St40.772223-73.226226
419Broadway / O Rourke St40.768897-73.225627
403Broadway / Plunkett St40.765653-73.225183
404Broadway / Stahley St40.761158-73.224560
1714Broadway / Stahley St40.760744-73.224652
1715Broadway / Winston Dr40.756598-73.224074
405Broadway / Wurz St40.756658-73.223935
1705Broadway Ave / Church St40.770194-73.066516
1718Broadway Ave / Church St40.770312-73.066249
1707Broadway Ave / Loop Dr40.762856-73.066737
2893Broadway Ave / Loop Dr40.763108-73.066534
1709Broadway Ave / Montauk Hwy40.748354-73.067082
1974Broadway Ave / Starlight Walk40.776179-73.066832
1706Broadway Ave / Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd40.766033-73.066382
1717Broadway Ave / Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd40.766529-73.066142
1977Broadway Ave / Tremper St40.781672-73.067331
1978Broadway Ave / Val Ct40.786381-73.067720
1708Broadway Ave / Versa Pl40.756150-73.067267
2894Broadway Ave / Versa Pl40.756764-73.067136
2938Broadway Ave / Vets Hwy40.776019-73.066994
1975Broadway Ave / Westbridge Dr40.778822-73.067078
1976Broadway Ave / Westbridge Dr40.778502-73.067183
299Brook Ave / Bay Shore Rd40.742809-73.308584
280Brook Ave / Connor Ln40.745023-73.308412
1251Brook Ave / Connor Ln40.744882-73.308615
215Brook Ave / E William St40.733770-73.246619
222Brook Ave / Mackay Rd40.731342-73.245594
214Brook Ave / Palm Rd40.731617-73.245580
213Brook Ave / Second Ave40.727973-73.247766
219Brook Ave / W William St40.733773-73.246760
223Brook St / N 1st Ave40.728527-73.247262
2317Brookhaven Ave / Hoffman Ave40.779110-72.948875
3026Brookhaven Ave / Hoffman Ave40.779192-72.949560
2318Brookhaven Ave / Meade Ave40.778761-72.956072
2373Brookhaven Ave / Provost Ave40.778732-72.954745
3114Brookhaven Ave / Station Rd40.779490-72.944997
2096Brookhaven Executive Center40.842898-72.996684
2969Brookhaven Executive Center40.842166-72.996800
777Brookhaven Memorial Hospital40.780469-72.978139
2592Brookhaven Memorial Hospital40.779945-72.978280
3216Brookwood On The Lake40.833809-73.096825
2267Buckley Rd / Fairmont Ave40.781742-73.034929
749Buckley Rd / Log Rd40.785363-73.035714
2266Buckley Rd / Log Rd40.785460-73.035582
748Buckley Rd / Waverly Ave40.781106-73.035006
2589CR 39 / Henry Rd40.897826-72.405911
2560CR 39 / Inlet Rd40.894914-72.469053
3093CR 39 / Inlet Rd40.894660-72.468865
2563CR 39 / Magee St40.896729-72.415387
3095CR 39 / Magee St40.896311-72.415958
3126CR 39 / Sandy Hollow Rd40.898584-72.409334
2393CR 39 / Shrubland Rd40.895609-72.457202
2564CR 39 / Summer Dr40.897850-72.406900
2562CR 39 / Tuckahoe Ln40.893550-72.423525
2590CR 39 / Tuckahoe Ln40.892959-72.425224
2561CR 39 / Tuckahoe Rd40.891403-72.440558
3094CR 39 / Tuckahoe Rd40.891263-72.439082
1923Caleb Smith State Park40.851961-73.224651
1941Caleb Smith State Park40.851812-73.224484
960Calverton Hills40.902383-72.739636
369Campus Rd / Community College Dr40.794397-73.272167
626Captree State Park Fishing Basin40.641554-73.255065
495Carleton Ave / Adams St E40.740797-73.192510
2230Carleton Ave / Adams St W40.740201-73.192553
497Carleton Ave / Andrew Ave40.750627-73.194303
504Carleton Ave / Beaver Dam Rd40.750549-73.194436
463Carleton Ave / Clayton St40.786104-73.200817
3217Carleton Ave / Hoppen Dr40.765739-73.196841
3218Carleton Ave / Hoppen Dr40.766037-73.197366
505Carleton Ave / Mckinley St40.746056-73.193615
506Carleton Ave / Moffitt Blvd40.738139-73.192174
493Carleton Ave / Montauk Hwy40.732342-73.190979
496Carleton Ave / Nassau St40.746283-73.193520
480Carleton Ave / Smith St40.781273-73.200102
762Carleton Ave / Smith St40.782013-73.200062
464Carleton Ave / Third Ave40.787083-73.200984
494Carleton Ave / Union Blvd40.734854-73.191460
2229Carleton Ave / Union Blvd40.734767-73.191563
850Carleton Ave / W Suffolk Ave40.790001-73.201901
181Carlls Path / Grand Blvd40.759506-73.320636
183Carlls Path / Long Island Ave40.764354-73.320718
921Carlls Path / Long Island Ave40.764154-73.320561
184Carlls Path / Nicolls Rd40.766914-73.320671
182Carlls Path / Parkcenter Dr40.762376-73.320593
240Carlls Path / Parkcenter Dr40.762533-73.320750
1099Carman Rd / Carman Ct40.796944-73.378329
2749Carman Rd / Carman Ct40.796495-73.378082
1098Carman Rd / Langhans Ct40.805665-73.379990
2748Carman Rd / Langhans Ct40.805111-73.379983
1097Carman Rd / Wolf Hill Rd40.810314-73.383396
2747Carman Rd / Wolf Hill Rd40.810056-73.383340
1091Carmans Rd / Louden St40.683922-73.430835
1851Cassata Rd / Michaelian Way40.837083-73.097250
98Center St / Cedar Rd40.710472-73.411056
519Center St / Cedar Rd40.710333-73.411187
490Central Islip LIRR40.791900-73.195561
1719Church St / Knickerbocker Ave40.770567-73.086633
1815Church St / Lake Promenade40.817181-73.116845
1969Church St / Lakeland Ave40.770092-73.102979
1703Church St / Lincoln Ave40.770428-73.083433
2891Church St / Lincoln Ave40.770600-73.083500
1836Church St / Locust Ave40.769042-73.115596
1835Church St / Ocean Ave40.768913-73.118359
2910Church St / Ocean Ave40.768821-73.118200
1704Church St / Raft Ave40.770718-73.070909
2892Church St / Raft Ave40.770837-73.071236
1322Church St / Valley Forge Dr40.770450-73.087450
2416Circle Rd / Campus Dr40.913037-73.129037
1998Circle Rd / Engineering Dr40.911033-73.125946
2952Circle Rd / Engineering Dr40.911106-73.126486
3188Circle Rd / Kelly Dr40.913684-73.129838
1999Circle Rd / Roosevelt Dr40.911897-73.127678
2953Circle Rd / Roosevelt Dr40.912040-73.128079
1997Circle Rd / Tabler Dr40.910353-73.124152
2951Circle Rd / Tabler Dr40.910422-73.124636
462Clayton St / Audwin Rd40.786963-73.194707
1990Clayton St / Audwin Rd40.786849-73.194632
308Clayton St / Carleton Ave40.785729-73.200520
2002Clayton St / Carleton Ave40.785629-73.200397
633Clifton Pl / Piedmont Dr40.931604-73.055605
1550Clinton Ave / Cooper Ln40.721192-73.255622
3133Clinton Ave / Union Blvd40.722632-73.257360
1985Coates Ave / Berdie Ave40.803399-73.080587
2946Coates Ave / Giller Ave40.803034-73.080692
2944Coates Ave / Resiak Ct40.796346-73.080113
2945Coates Ave / Shelby Ave40.799865-73.080428
1983Coates Ave / Terry Blvd40.796128-73.079941
1984Coates Ave / Trumpet Ln40.798919-73.080195
484Cohalan Court Complex40.762152-73.193456
1386College Plaza40.865811-73.048407
1506College Rd / Community College Dr40.794558-73.272247
722College Rd / Elmwood Ave40.862212-73.047332
721College Rd / Galaxie Ln40.857762-73.046582
651College Rd / Highland Pl40.840622-73.054652
669College Rd / Horseblock Pl40.840672-73.054799
714College Rd / Middle Country Rd40.863429-73.047709
717College Rd / Mooney Pond Rd40.851392-73.045561
2491College Rd / Mooney Pond Rd40.851351-73.045735
716College Rd / Palm St40.854014-73.046163
2490College Rd / Palm St40.854326-73.046031
650College Rd / Portion Rd40.836476-73.053863
2241College Rd / Portion Rd40.836291-73.053949
715College Rd / Spruceton St40.857372-73.046714
256Colonial Springs Rd / Little East Neck Rd40.762220-73.392196
310Colonial Springs Rd / Little East Neck Rd40.762548-73.392585
75Colony Park Apartments40.798015-73.134502
1569Commack Fire Dept40.843003-73.295911
1680Commack Plaza40.841999-73.291088
418Commack Rd / 38th St40.753059-73.226506
417Commack Rd / 41st St40.750742-73.224431
416Commack Rd / 45th St40.747763-73.221689
410Commack Rd / 47th St40.744671-73.219182
1804Commack Rd / 47th St40.744588-73.219298
409Commack Rd / Beverly St40.747241-73.221433
1349Commack Rd / Burlington Ave40.780617-73.310431
2793Commack Rd / Burlington Ave40.780042-73.310606
1524Commack Rd / Dorothea St40.839514-73.293928
1568Commack Rd / Fairfield Way40.839822-73.293519
1567Commack Rd / Genesee Dr40.836650-73.294506
237Commack Rd / Grand Blvd40.761250-73.312835
1526Commack Rd / Hauppauge Rd40.828211-73.293211
2835Commack Rd / Jericho Tpk40.842428-73.293178
1565Commack Rd / New Hwy40.828233-73.292961
186Commack Rd / Nicolls Rd40.767993-73.310697
218Commack Rd / Nicolls Rd40.768558-73.310456
275Commack Rd / Prince St40.749224-73.318403
303Commack Rd / Prince St40.749203-73.318554
1566Commack Rd / Rensselaer Dr40.834125-73.294164
407Commack Rd / Spur Dr S40.753389-73.226989
302Commack Rd / Tell Ave40.750844-73.317797
2406Commack Rd / Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy40.816513-73.293962
2403Commack Rd / Vanderbilt Pkwy40.815806-73.293670
408Commack Rd / Weldon St40.750920-73.224766
1525Commack Rd / Wicks Rd40.833608-73.294375
2140Commerce Dr (60)40.810416-73.264164
2139Commerce Dr / Adams Ave40.810629-73.256532
2980Commerce Dr / Adams Ave40.810491-73.256445
389Commercial Blvd / Fulton St40.799633-73.234368
1627Commercial Blvd / Fulton St40.799526-73.234323
388Commercial Blvd / Orient Ave40.799711-73.239936
424Commercial Boulevard40.799952-73.240247
802Conifer Village Senior Apartments40.780700-72.969067
1104Conklin Ave / Lee Ave40.760545-73.370306
1133Conklin Ave / Lee Ave40.760731-73.370109
821Connecticut Ave / Horseblock Rd40.824077-72.979065
807Connecticut Ave / Knickerbocker Ave40.826437-72.979185
2633Connecticut Ave / Knickerbocker Ave40.826816-72.979374
808Connecticut Ave / Race Ave40.831115-72.979701
2634Connecticut Ave / Race Ave40.830984-72.979837
450Connetquot Ave / Amityville St40.763638-73.173067
1916Connetquot Ave / Amityville St40.763533-73.173172
451Connetquot Ave / Cedarhurst St40.766694-73.173843
1921Connetquot Ave / Cedarhurst St40.766573-73.173984
447Connetquot Ave / E Nassau St40.749362-73.170312
513Connetquot Ave / E Nassau St40.749229-73.170455
503Connetquot Ave / Edgewood St40.760216-73.172408
514Connetquot Ave / Freeport St40.745101-73.169740
444Connetquot Ave / Jefferson St40.741924-73.168994
1914Connetquot Ave / Jefferson St40.741973-73.169183
446Connetquot Ave / Jericho St40.746114-73.169719
448Connetquot Ave / Manhattan Blvd40.757105-73.171684
1915Connetquot Ave / Manhattan Blvd40.756929-73.171837
512Connetquot Ave / Maplewood St40.752538-73.171039
1932Connetquot Ave / Rockaway St40.769033-73.174413
452Connetquot Ave / Sea Cliff St40.770860-73.174614
449Connetquot Ave / Seley Cross St40.758630-73.171947
445Connetquot Ave / Westbury St40.744558-73.169466
660Coram Plaza40.867770-72.998492
483Corporate Center Dr / Maxess Rd40.774996-73.410289
1527Crooked Hill Commons40.813240-73.292659
2836Crooked Hill Commons40.812902-73.292878
1534Crooked Hill Rd / Bradley St40.779853-73.260867
1535Crooked Hill Rd / Bradley St40.780094-73.260686
1528Crooked Hill Rd / Henry St40.808128-73.290667
2837Crooked Hill Rd / Henry St40.808525-73.291150
1533Crooked Hill Rd / Mcnair St40.783210-73.265443
2838Crooked Hill Rd / Mcnair St40.783000-73.265423
2448Crooked Hill Rd / Pilgrim Rd40.787108-73.270026
2521Crooked Hill Rd / Pilgrim Rd40.787047-73.270249
3129Crooked Hill Rd / Sagtikos Pkwy40.801017-73.282150
3130Crooked Hill Rd / Sagtikos Pkwy40.801542-73.282938
1563Crooked Hill Rd / Wicks Rd40.781831-73.262158
700Dare Rd / Glenn Way40.886274-73.042616
1371Dare Rd / Glenn Way40.886413-73.042499
699Dare Rd / Hawkins Rd40.881369-73.039174
701Dare Rd / Powder Horn Ln40.889837-73.042931
1280Deer Park Ave / Acorn St40.761875-73.329564
1119Deer Park Ave / Birchfield Ave40.712349-73.321628
178Deer Park Ave / Brennan Pl40.764509-73.330702
1266Deer Park Ave / Caledonia Rd40.820153-73.343461
2756Deer Park Ave / Church St40.755516-73.326977
1276Deer Park Ave / Claremont St40.773333-73.334381
1294Deer Park Ave / Claremont St40.773672-73.334192
1125Deer Park Ave / Cockonoe Ave40.708754-73.322123
1127Deer Park Ave / Cooper Rd40.724731-73.322694
1118Deer Park Ave / Edmunton Dr40.719011-73.322428
2758Deer Park Ave / Edmunton Dr40.718321-73.322660
1126Deer Park Ave / Foster Blvd40.712569-73.321385
3134Deer Park Ave / Freedom St40.714560-73.321630
306Deer Park Ave / Garnet St40.742225-73.321968
1281Deer Park Ave / Grand Blvd40.757744-73.327508
2785Deer Park Ave / Grand Blvd40.756578-73.327378
1272Deer Park Ave / Half Hollow Rd40.789114-73.340439
2781Deer Park Ave / Half Hollow Rd40.787925-73.340328
273Deer Park Ave / Jaqueline Way40.748640-73.324037
1275Deer Park Ave / Kenmore St40.775835-73.335225
2783Deer Park Ave / Kenmore St40.775728-73.335536
243Deer Park Ave / Lake Ave40.759350-73.328134
1174Deer Park Ave / Lake Ave40.759161-73.328400
1270Deer Park Ave / Landview Dr40.799967-73.342725
1277Deer Park Ave / Liberty St40.768833-73.332106
2784Deer Park Ave / Liberty St40.769003-73.332528
179Deer Park Ave / Long Island Ave40.762053-73.329268
1296Deer Park Ave / Macniece Pl40.795589-73.341781
1121Deer Park Ave / Mason Ave40.704914-73.322087
1243Deer Park Ave / Mohawk Dr40.736998-73.320227
1244Deer Park Ave / Mohawk Dr40.736764-73.320564
1216Deer Park Ave / Montauk Hwy40.696797-73.323153
2771Deer Park Ave / Montauk Hwy40.696883-73.322969
1274Deer Park Ave / New Jersey St40.780961-73.337900
1295Deer Park Ave / New Jersey St40.781161-73.337628
244Deer Park Ave / Nicolls Rd40.765655-73.331177
1278Deer Park Ave / Nicolls Rd40.765875-73.330900
1114Deer Park Ave / Oakland Ave40.751687-73.325253
2757Deer Park Ave / Oakland Ave40.751396-73.325529
1122Deer Park Ave / Park Ave40.701595-73.322244
2759Deer Park Ave / Park Ave40.701761-73.322036
1269Deer Park Ave / Parsons Dr40.806097-73.342297
2780Deer Park Ave / Parsons Dr40.806389-73.342653
1128Deer Park Ave / Pell Ave40.728597-73.321514
1116Deer Park Ave / Phelps Ln40.724538-73.322863
1130Deer Park Ave / Poplar St40.743455-73.322008
305Deer Park Ave / Prairie Dr40.747375-73.323924
307Deer Park Ave / Ryder Ave40.739154-73.320991
1271Deer Park Ave / S Service Rd40.795692-73.342222
1117Deer Park Ave / Scott Ave40.722135-73.322459
1282Deer Park Ave / Scott Ave40.722156-73.322613
1124Deer Park Ave / Smith St40.705644-73.321958
1273Deer Park Ave / Straight Path40.783878-73.338514
2782Deer Park Ave / Straight Path40.783967-73.338900
1115Deer Park Ave / Strathmore Dr40.728938-73.321524
1297Deer Park Ave / Talisman Dr40.799786-73.342383
1268Deer Park Ave / Vanderbilt Pkwy40.811622-73.342092
2779Deer Park Ave / Vanderbilt Pkwy40.810825-73.342397
1120Deer Park Ave / Washington St40.708116-73.322257
271Deer Park Ave / Weeks Rd40.738925-73.320542
1113Deer Park Ave / Weston Ave40.755611-73.326653
1267Deer Park Ave / Wolf Hill Rd40.815061-73.342211
2778Deer Park Ave / Wolf Hill Rd40.814981-73.342542
1265Deer Park Ave / Woodedge Dr40.822192-73.343539
1298Deer Park Ave / Woodedge Dr40.822439-73.343275
2460Deer Park LIRR40.769445-73.293341
2566Deer Park LIRR40.769313-73.293276
1262Deer Park Rd / E Jericho Tpk40.832156-73.362664
1263Deer Park Rd / Old Country Rd40.830147-73.360289
2776Deer Park Rd / Old Country Rd40.829772-73.359331
1264Deer Park Rd / Woodfern Ct40.829031-73.352322
2777Deer Park Rd / Woodfern Ct40.828925-73.352736
86Dixon Ave / 31st St40.689531-73.395086
426Dixon Ave / 31st St40.688718-73.396204
668Dixon Ave / Albany Ave (E)40.684303-73.415236
115Dixon Ave / Albany Ave (W)40.684434-73.416117
82Dixon Ave / Bayview Ave40.683744-73.408893
383Dixon Ave / Bayview Ave40.683935-73.408775
83Dixon Ave / Deforest St40.684033-73.406278
128Dixon Ave / Ferraris St40.684750-73.401938
129Dixon Ave / Galvani St40.684351-73.405274
84Dixon Ave / Great Neck Rd40.684568-73.401786
130Dixon Ave / Overland Ave40.683662-73.411279
85Dixon Ave / Verazzano Ave40.685865-73.399180
384Dixon Ave / Vespucci Ave40.685601-73.399967
81Dixon Ave / W Ranick Dr40.683465-73.411672
944Doctors Path / Northville Tpk40.945246-72.655576
3215Doctors Path Apartments40.954135-72.664531
2682Doris Ave / Phillips St40.931078-72.651625
216E Forks Rd / Brook Ave40.737325-73.248468
980E Forks Rd / Brook Ave40.737301-73.248093
2577E Hampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Stephen Hands Path40.971408-72.223064
3099E Hampton Sag Harbor Tpk / Stephen Hands Path40.971285-72.222832
190E Industry Ct / Grand Blvd40.761143-73.297237
1197E Industry Ct / Saxwood St40.764618-73.297149
1236E Industry Ct / Saxwood St40.765467-73.296964
1675E Jericho Tpk (1444)40.831319-73.351423
2883E Jericho Tpk (1444)40.831516-73.351366
1258E Jericho Tpk / Beverly Rd40.833983-73.386472
1259E Jericho Tpk / Cooper Ave40.835014-73.377158
1300E Jericho Tpk / Cooper Ave40.835292-73.376758
1261E Jericho Tpk / Deer Park Rd40.833419-73.363800
1302E Jericho Tpk / Depot Rd40.832767-73.390717
1260E Jericho Tpk / Dix Hills Rd40.835572-73.371325
2775E Jericho Tpk / Dix Hills Rd40.835058-73.369225
1677E Jericho Tpk / Elwood Rd40.837567-73.332833
1301E Jericho Tpk / Longfellow Dr40.834422-73.384947
1741E Jericho Tpk / Manor Rd40.832167-73.358767
1256E Jericho Tpk / Melville Rd40.830828-73.396172
2774E Jericho Tpk / Melville Rd40.831303-73.394319
1254E Jericho Tpk / New York Ave40.828253-73.409075
1674E Jericho Tpk / Old Country Rd40.831929-73.358511
1299E Jericho Tpk / Park Ave40.833531-73.363486
1257E Jericho Tpk / Pidgeon Hill Rd40.832889-73.389786
1255E Jericho Tpk / Poplar Ave40.828077-73.403718
1303E Jericho Tpk / Poplar Ave40.828347-73.405511
1676E Jericho Tpk / Warner Rd40.832063-73.343015
2884E Jericho Tpk / Warner Rd40.831940-73.343984
1060E John St / Centre Ave40.698678-73.359887
1081E John St / Grand Ave40.697960-73.360522
1056E John St / Heling Blvd40.689735-73.370919
2740E John St / Heling Blvd40.689945-73.370122
1083E John St / N Deleware Ave40.691530-73.367138
1057E John St / N Erie Ave40.691742-73.366583
1082E John St / N Fulton Ave40.692225-73.366103
1058E John St / N Greene Ave40.692926-73.364833
1059E John St / N Lewis Ave40.695082-73.362160
2741E John St / N Lewis Ave40.695156-73.362264
1055E John St / N Wellwood Ave40.688792-73.375145
1202E Lakeland St / Ocean Ave40.749453-73.293189
1850E Lakeland St / Ocean Ave40.749392-73.293547
1763E Main St (125)40.884490-73.244563
972E Main St / Benjamin Pl40.917387-72.660946
1761E Main St / Bonnie Gate40.883502-73.232750
1781E Main St / Cosmo Pl40.883298-73.232253
1759E Main St / Dogwood Rd40.882214-73.224428
1783E Main St / Dogwood Rd40.882103-73.224010
3142E Main St / Elton St40.928911-72.649559
1793E Main St / Hemlock Ln40.855210-73.178982
937E Main St / Howell Ave40.921886-72.653142
970E Main St / Howell Ave40.922039-72.653178
1760E Main St / Juniper Rd40.882947-73.229532
1752E Main St / Karl Ave40.854944-73.196125
1779E Main St / Kings Park Blvd40.884178-73.249537
1321E Main St / Landing Ave40.855837-73.191408
1751E Main St / Landing Ave40.855711-73.191863
1791E Main St / Landing Ave40.855613-73.191693
1762E Main St / Lawrence Rd40.884237-73.241191
2899E Main St / Lawrence Rd40.884381-73.240498
935E Main St / Mcdermott Ave40.917400-72.660367
1670E Main St / N Country Rd40.856219-73.187880
2882E Main St / NYS 11140.856053-73.186995
2603E Main St / Old Country Rd40.935738-72.649603
936E Main St / Ostrander Ave40.918703-72.656409
971E Main St / Ostrander Ave40.918714-72.656725
817E Main St / Phyllis Dr40.767149-72.996675
1749E Main St / Plaza Dr40.856193-73.183669
1792E Main St / Plaza Dr40.856041-73.183699
1795E Main St / Prospect Ave40.857241-73.166092
969E Main St / Prospect Pl40.923169-72.652192
2689E Main St / Prospect Pl40.923171-72.652000
3120E Main St / Sunrise Ave40.931717-72.649233
1782E Main St / Wink Pl40.882593-73.228854
2350E Montauk Hwy / Canoe Place Rd40.883173-72.507457
2555E Montauk Hwy / Gravel Hill Rd40.881743-72.511055
2554E Montauk Hwy / Old Riverhead Rd E40.880834-72.513816
3090E Montauk Hwy / Ponquogue Ave40.878549-72.521839
2553E Montauk Hwy / Squiretown Rd40.878552-72.522394
2379E Patchogue Yaphank Rd / Horseblock Rd40.812549-72.951595
460E Poplar St / Boulevard Ave40.787780-73.185598
1963E Poplar St / Boulevard Ave40.787703-73.185363
1987E Poplar St / Prospect Ave40.787374-73.188126
557E Suffolk Ave / Carleton Ave40.790652-73.201171
548E Suffolk Ave / Church St40.791387-73.199097
546E Suffolk Ave / Gibbs Rd40.793820-73.186244
547E Suffolk Ave / Lowell Ave40.792907-73.192011
52East Hampton LIRR40.964834-72.194203
3213East Hampton LIRR (No Pick Ups)40.965081-72.192360
1515East Northport Plaza40.858186-73.319200
100East St / Poplar St40.712769-73.407431
520East St / Poplar St40.712203-73.407529
101East St / Spruce Rd40.714686-73.407600
522East St / Spruce Rd40.714367-73.407703
99East St / Walnut Rd40.711632-73.407348
2186East Wind40.946102-72.818600
2372East Wind Apartment Complex40.767359-72.981712
3040East Wind Apartment Complex40.767363-72.982932
627Echo Ave / Crane Neck Dr40.952871-72.982502
583Echo Ave / Island Rd40.960872-72.977449
1652Echo Ave / Island Rd40.960722-72.977564
581Echo Ave / N Country Rd40.950844-72.986015
582Echo Ave / New York Ave40.953297-72.981840
1309Edison Ave / Bell St40.728892-73.392856
2018Edison Ave / Bell St40.728848-73.392647
1308Edison Ave / Dale Ave40.729728-73.390111
2059Edison Ave / Dale Ave40.729746-73.389667
1307Edison Ave / Lamar St40.733686-73.376986
2156Edison Ave / Lamar St40.733654-73.376620
1306Edison Ave / Otis Ave40.735136-73.372072
2171Edison Ave / Otis Ave40.734923-73.372407
1305Edison Ave / Straight Path40.735394-73.370883
2764Edison Ave / Straight Path40.735447-73.371053
1160Essex St / Belmont Ave40.734056-73.346775
1159Essex St / Mount Pl40.734144-73.349958
1192Executive Dr (126)40.774411-73.291992
1195Executive Dr / Long Island Ave40.772322-73.291633
1191Executive Dr / Rodeo Dr40.775419-73.289122
428Exit 58 Park and Ride40.810497-73.162403
413Exit 63 Park and Ride40.825741-73.020334
1352F Rd / H Rd40.794228-73.282233
2795F Rd / H Rd40.794294-73.282158
940Fairway Ave / E Main St40.930150-72.649078
2681Fairway Ave / E Main St40.930039-72.648936
251Farmingdale State College40.755779-73.427379
967Federally Qualified Health Center40.886220-72.377883
1544Fifth Ave / 5th Industrial Ct40.753114-73.262983
1559Fifth Ave / Arizona Ave40.765158-73.261200
1554Fifth Ave / Brook Ave40.742672-73.263644
1540Fifth Ave / Candlewood Rd40.768375-73.260772
2841Fifth Ave / Candlewood Rd40.767769-73.261103
1541Fifth Ave / Claremont Ave40.765761-73.261358
1557Fifth Ave / Connecticut Ave40.757350-73.262194
1542Fifth Ave / Drexel Dr40.760114-73.262081
1556Fifth Ave / Farrington Ave40.752800-73.262800
1548Fifth Ave / Hansen St40.735189-73.262275
2844Fifth Ave / Hansen St40.734803-73.262378
1547Fifth Ave / Holbrook St40.739375-73.263392
2843Fifth Ave / Holbrook St40.738964-73.263508
1549Fifth Ave / Howells Rd40.730425-73.260967
2845Fifth Ave / Howells Rd40.730469-73.261225
1539Fifth Ave / Inchcape Rd40.772031-73.260442
1560Fifth Ave / Inchcape Rd40.772500-73.260144
1654Fifth Ave / Marc Ct40.721763-73.253730
1543Fifth Ave / Mcadam St40.757636-73.262378
1558Fifth Ave / New Hampshire Ave40.759778-73.261889
1187Fifth Ave / Pine Aire Dr40.775842-73.260022
3127Fifth Ave / Santam Ct40.745814-73.263997
2842Fifth Ave / Spur Dr S40.747550-73.263686
1545Fifth Ave / Spur Drive N40.750797-73.263286
1555Fifth Ave / Spur Drive N40.750478-73.263086
1546Fifth Ave / Spur Drive S40.747675-73.263442
1552Fifth Ave / Union Blvd40.722833-73.255056
339First St / Third Ave40.777170-73.252682
1451First St / Third Ave40.777314-73.252514
1100Five Towns College40.794167-73.369633
2548Flanders Rd / Bell Ave40.909520-72.637428
2549Flanders Rd / Cypress Ave40.909820-72.633664
3087Flanders Rd / Cypress Ave40.909772-72.632945
1765Flanders Rd / Enterprise Zone Dr40.913908-72.653081
2593Flanders Rd / Evergreen Rd40.909721-72.637573
2552Flanders Rd / Longneck Blvd40.903896-72.605350
2547Flanders Rd / Ludlam Ave40.912277-72.647647
2550Flanders Rd / Maple Ave40.909383-72.626455
3182Flanders Rd / Old Riverhead Rd40.885067-72.540783
3183Flanders Rd / Old Riverhead Rd40.884650-72.540533
2594Flanders Rd / Peconic Ave40.914615-72.660812
2551Flanders Rd / Pleasure Dr40.903301-72.617422
3088Flanders Rd / Pleasure Dr40.903138-72.617200
1702Flanders Rd / Rd H40.913845-72.652285
2546Flanders Rd / Riverleigh Ave40.914495-72.661424
3089Flanders Rd / Royal Ave40.903820-72.606085
1595Forest Green Apartments40.731442-73.224308
2865Forest Green Apartments40.731553-73.224569
211Fourth Ave / Union Blvd40.724320-73.251083
979Fourth Ave / Union Blvd40.724134-73.251141
330Franklin St / Jefferson Ave40.803036-73.251568
364Franklin St / Madison Ave40.802946-73.253844
331Franklin St / Washington Ave40.803298-73.248795
1403Franklin St / Washington Ave40.803226-73.248620
2184Fresh Pond Ave / 8th St40.949115-72.784469
2991Fresh Pond Ave / 8th St40.948786-72.784092
2225Fresh Pond Ave / Middle Country Rd40.928514-72.774695
2183Fresh Pond Ave / South Path40.933212-72.775400
2224Fresh Pond Ave / South Path40.933028-72.775509
2334Frowein Rd / Pine St40.812267-72.763819
3036Frowein Rd / Pine St40.812255-72.764758
2335Frowein Rd / Walden Pond40.810158-72.772467
3037Frowein Rd / Walden Pond40.810269-72.772676
390Fulton St / Columbus Ave40.796556-73.232781
1630Fulton St / Columbus Ave40.796903-73.233062
392Fulton St / Nostrand Ave40.789885-73.230165
1642Fulton St / Nostrand Ave40.789843-73.230280
423Fulton St / Suffolk Ave40.785872-73.228589
391Fulton St / Vanderbilt Ave40.793647-73.231635
1631Fulton St / Vanderbilt Ave40.792990-73.231519
2607Furrows Rd / Coates Ave40.805093-73.080238
1353G Rd / Crooked Hill Rd40.793353-73.275842
2180G Rd / Crooked Hill Rd40.793306-73.275494
201Gardiner Manor Mall40.727467-73.277973
764Gateway Shopping Center40.777522-73.039367
955Gatewood / Glynwood40.922711-72.698936
2685Gatewood / Glynwood40.922642-72.698794
664George Link Cir40.883928-72.993694
1466Good Samaritan Hospital40.695834-73.294196
2822Good Samaritan Hospital40.695853-73.295414
2042Gordon Ave / Rose Ln40.853944-72.968077
1039Gosman's Dock41.075022-71.938889
188Grand Blvd / Burt Dr40.761821-73.305088
241Grand Blvd / Carlls Path40.758849-73.320864
1173Grand Blvd / Carlls Path40.758850-73.320139
187Grand Blvd / Commack Rd40.760823-73.311349
236Grand Blvd / Commack Rd40.761023-73.311274
180Grand Blvd / Deer Park Ave40.757314-73.326723
260Grand Blvd / Doe St40.753724-73.357263
242Grand Blvd / E 1st St40.757497-73.326748
1235Grand Blvd / E Jefryn Blvd40.760989-73.298336
261Grand Blvd / Lake Dr40.752960-73.353093
1217Grand Blvd / Lake Dr40.752725-73.352316
1112Grand Blvd / W 1st St40.757021-73.328799
1111Grand Blvd / W 4th St40.756526-73.330996
2755Grand Blvd / W 4th St40.756280-73.331252
1132Grand Blvd / W 8th St40.755719-73.334532
1110Grand Blvd / W 9th St40.755393-73.335155
1109Grand Blvd / W 13th St40.754723-73.338898
2754Grand Blvd / W 13th St40.754586-73.338688
1222Grand Blvd / W 16th St40.753855-73.341940
263Grand Blvd / W 18th St40.753694-73.343366
1108Grand Blvd / W 18th St40.753483-73.343598
262Grand Blvd / W 23rd St40.752595-73.348293
3107Grand Blvd / W 23rd St40.752583-73.347521
189Grand Blvd / W Jefryn Blvd40.761315-73.300866
235Grand Blvd / W Jefryn Blvd40.761469-73.300908
1107Grand Blvd / Woodland Rd40.753973-73.359398
2043Granny Rd / Gordon Ave40.851833-72.967413
40Grant Ave / Pine Aire Dr40.770423-73.290937
3125Grant Ave / Pine Aire Dr40.770344-73.291172
2046Gray Ave / Carr Ln40.862265-72.970716
2041Gray Ave / Cedar Ln40.856091-72.969974
2047Gray Ave / Norfleet Ln40.865495-72.971185
1146Great East Neck Rd / Bruce St40.698783-73.342583
1144Great East Neck Rd / Crocus Ct40.690978-73.345233
2763Great East Neck Rd / Evergreen St (E)40.696011-73.343469
1142Great East Neck Rd / Evergreen St (W)40.696383-73.343561
1141Great East Neck Rd / Muncy Ave40.698711-73.342797
1143Great East Neck Rd / Railroad Ave40.694394-73.344389
92Great Neck Rd / Albany Ave40.699173-73.410107
498Great Neck Rd / Albany Ave40.699146-73.410394
851Great Neck Rd / Anthony Ct40.672730-73.395880
2788Great Neck Rd / Baiting Place Rd40.708203-73.424972
93Great Neck Rd / Benjoe Dr40.701057-73.413035
127Great Neck Rd / Carrol St40.701080-73.413431
151Great Neck Rd / Copiague Pl40.675634-73.397490
147Great Neck Rd / Dante Ave40.683962-73.401141
157Great Neck Rd / Dixon Ave40.684417-73.401059
152Great Neck Rd / Greenlawn Terrace40.672719-73.395607
94Great Neck Rd / Johnson St40.703202-73.416555
502Great Neck Rd / Johnson St40.703144-73.416860
156Great Neck Rd / Marconi Blvd40.681345-73.399802
153Great Neck Rd / Montauk Hwy40.669447-73.392983
852Great Neck Rd / Montauk Hwy40.669350-73.393157
149Great Neck Rd / Oak St40.679608-73.399077
812Great Neck Rd / Oak St40.679594-73.399311
91Great Neck Rd / Prospect St40.696480-73.406208
148Great Neck Rd / Railroad Ave40.681063-73.399890
492Great Neck Rd / Somerset Rd40.696338-73.406336
1981Grundy Ave / Bening Ln40.791500-73.075954
2942Grundy Ave / Bening Ln40.790946-73.076037
1979Grundy Ave / Pearl St40.782933-73.075203
1980Grundy Ave / Poulsen St40.788000-73.075645
2941Grundy Ave / Poulsen St40.787342-73.075723
57Gurney's Inn Resort & Spa41.016289-71.991658
1351H Rd / E Rd40.793534-73.285309
1370H Rd / E Rd40.793775-73.284825
794HELP Housing Complex40.780113-72.935626
981Halesite Fire Department40.888839-73.416000
2586Hampton Rd / David Whites Ln40.891948-72.380345
2569Hampton Rd / Leland Ln40.892260-72.379710
2570Hampton Rd / Narrow Ln40.894295-72.376611
2587Hampton Rd / Osborne Ave40.891167-72.381233
2585Hampton Rd / Potato Field Ln40.894728-72.376290
325Hancock St / Wicks Rd40.789030-73.264166
1369Hancock St / Wicks Rd40.788926-73.263917
644Hans Blvd / Portion Rd40.828900-73.098117
2157Hans Blvd / Portion Rd40.829200-73.098050
643Hans Blvd / School St40.831981-73.098045
671Hans Blvd / School St40.832223-73.097934
2596Harrison Ave / Old Country Rd40.929595-72.680428
2545Harrison Ave / School St40.925771-72.675507
2605Hawkins Ave / Alma Ave40.843288-73.113468
637Hawkins Ave / Church St40.818206-73.107785
2129Hawkins Ave / Church St40.816929-73.107972
639Hawkins Ave / Division Rd40.823561-73.107479
2143Hawkins Ave / Division Rd40.823874-73.107608
1803Hawkins Ave / Ethan Ln40.836768-73.110234
1869Hawkins Ave / Ethan Ln40.835762-73.109603
638Hawkins Ave / Lakewood Rd40.821044-73.107614
2142Hawkins Ave / Lakewood Rd40.820642-73.107784
1279Hawkins Ave / Portion Rd40.826902-73.107408
1989Hawkins Ave / Portion Rd40.826188-73.107543
1288Hawkins Ave / Railroad Ave40.808696-73.107928
1871Hawkins Ave / Ralph Ave40.841643-73.112920
673Hawkins Ave / School St40.831337-73.108584
2388Hawkins Ave / School St40.831864-73.108517
2044Hawkins Ave / Smith Ln40.854874-72.966445
636Hawkins Ave / Thorne St40.814758-73.107973
674Hawkins Ave / Thorne St40.814653-73.108184
635Hawkins Ave / Union Ave (E)40.810128-73.108026
736Hawkins Ave / Union Ave (W)40.810816-73.108282
1801Hawkins Ave / Washburn Ave40.852860-73.115039
1872Hawkins Ave / Washburn Ave40.852924-73.114845
1800Hawkins Ave / Williams Blvd40.856831-73.114273
1873Hawkins Ave / Williams Blvd40.857372-73.113783
697Hawkins Rd / Boyle Rd40.880211-73.052464
2420Hawkins Rd / Boyle Rd40.880393-73.052787
696Hawkins Rd / Campo Ave40.880526-73.056611
726Hawkins Rd / Capri Rd40.880415-73.062295
2426Hawkins Rd / Dare Rd40.881138-73.039120
1802Hawkins Rd / Dual Dr40.840540-73.112862
1858Hawkins Rd / Eastwood Blvd40.882611-73.083007
1922Hawkins Rd / Eastwood Blvd40.882746-73.083506
2583Hawkins Rd / Hammond Rd40.881079-73.072169
2598Hawkins Rd / Hammond Rd40.881519-73.073696
698Hawkins Rd / Magnolia Dr40.880202-73.043793
694Hawkins Rd / N Coleman Rd40.880550-73.067381
2424Hawkins Rd / N Evergreen Dr40.880294-73.043389
2413Hawkins Rd / Newport Ave40.880627-73.055920
727Hawkins Rd / Strathmore Village Dr40.880750-73.067911
695Hawkins Rd / Taylor Ave40.880264-73.062624
501Hawkins Rd / Tree Rd40.882876-73.086161
1931Hawkins Rd / Tree Rd40.883065-73.086594
475Hawthorne Ave / Feller Dr40.801947-73.196968
2126Hawthorne Ave / Feller Dr40.801549-73.196797
1662Hawthorne Ave / Francisco Ave40.796060-73.196047
474Hawthorne Ave / LI Motor Pkwy40.804184-73.197248
499Hawthorne Ave / LI Motor Pkwy40.804272-73.197110
477Hawthorne Ave / Suffolk Ave40.792232-73.195684
476Hawthorne Ave / William Ave40.795520-73.196124
527Health Sciences Dr / Nicolls Rd40.914134-73.115605
2004Health Services Dr / Nicolls Rd40.913727-73.114795
1220Heartland Blvd / Long Island Ave40.778786-73.284844
1194Heartland Blvd / Mercedes Way40.782303-73.284853
858Herkimer St / Carlton Ave40.805267-72.840583
3123Herkimer St / Carlton Ave40.805067-72.840683
1225Higbie Ln / Paprocki Ave40.709119-73.306278
1211Higbie Ln / Paumanake Ave40.709803-73.306769
1212Higbie Ln / Union Blvd40.706524-73.306627
1224Higbie Ln / Union Blvd40.706483-73.306400
1156Hilltop Ave / Little East Neck Rd N40.735611-73.368781
1157Hilltop Ave / Schenectady Ave40.733858-73.363325
56Hither Hills State Park41.009233-72.011056
293Hither Hills State Park41.009322-72.011119
35Hog Creek Rd / Kings Point Rd41.038492-72.164761
2407Holbrook Rd / Waverly Ave40.767281-73.023917
2408Holbrook Rd / Waverly Ave40.767037-73.024373
822Horseblock Rd / Americus Ave40.818732-72.966586
2255Horseblock Rd / Blue Point Rd (N)40.832112-73.034570
2253Horseblock Rd / Blue Point Rd (S)40.831689-73.033523
803Horseblock Rd / E Patchogue Yaphank Rd40.812271-72.952792
806Horseblock Rd / Expwy Dr S40.821481-72.972952
2632Horseblock Rd / Expwy Dr S40.821133-72.972632
2458Horseblock Rd / Lidge Dr40.833632-73.039321
805Horseblock Rd / Manor Rd40.818709-72.966113
804Horseblock Rd / Rice Ct40.816083-72.960752
2384Horseblock Rd / Sawgrass Dr40.809125-72.947628
823Horseblock Rd / Scouting Blvd40.815393-72.959720
2631Horseblock Rd / Sills Rd40.811945-72.952795
2252Horseblock Rd / Waverly Ave40.835714-73.047768
2256Horseblock Rd / Waverly Ave40.835605-73.046279
779Hospital Rd / Club Dr40.789425-72.978935
2614Hospital Rd / La Bonne Vie Dr W40.789388-72.979127
2613Hospital Rd / Pondview Dr40.781362-72.978407
778Hospital Rd / Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd40.782458-72.978341
1200Howells Rd / Brentwood St40.755408-73.292756
3103Howells Rd / Brentwood St40.754908-73.292794
1201Howells Rd / Garden City St40.752408-73.292131
1233Howells Rd / Garden City St40.752542-73.292025
1198Howells Rd / Udall Rd40.757631-73.293408
610Hub Drive (25)40.759486-73.437479
939Hubbard Ave / 2nd St40.926867-72.646386
2680Hubbard Ave / 2nd St40.926833-72.646758
2231Hulse Landing Rd / 16th St40.960263-72.809510
2240Hulse Landing Rd / 16th St40.960068-72.809518
2212Hulse Landing Rd / 19th St40.958336-72.808369
3002Hulse Landing Rd / 19th St40.958620-72.808417
2211Hulse Landing Rd / 22nd St40.956613-72.807111
2239Hulse Landing Rd / N Wading River Rd40.963839-72.811738
994Huntington LIRR40.853014-73.411556
2700Huntington LIRR40.853469-73.411873
1006Huntington Shopping Center40.817581-73.410967
2710Huntington Shopping Center40.817383-73.411283
1519Huntington Square Mall40.838613-73.317271
2265IRS Center North40.790128-73.041475
3138Independence Plaza40.865950-73.050981
1770Indian Head Rd / Byron Rd40.858625-73.269346
2901Indian Head Rd / Byron Rd40.858933-73.269338
1775Indian Head Rd / Carldon Rd40.856584-73.271476
1767Indian Head Rd / Cortez Ln40.878122-73.253326
1772Indian Head Rd / Cowie Rd40.851390-73.276883
2902Indian Head Rd / Cowie Rd40.851340-73.277209
3106Indian Head Rd / Ellen Pl40.877528-73.253843
1323Indian Head Rd / Jericho Tpk40.844350-73.279752
1774Indian Head Rd / Jericho Tpk40.844888-73.279512
1776Indian Head Rd / Kings Park Rd40.863859-73.263914
1768Indian Head Rd / Old Indian Head Rd40.872223-73.256720
1777Indian Head Rd / Old Indian Head Rd40.872886-73.256029
1778Indian Head Rd / Park Dr40.882135-73.253344
1769Indian Head Rd / Reydon Way40.863410-73.264660
1771Indian Head Rd / Somers Ln40.855170-73.273247
1766Indian Head Rd / Stattel Dr40.881981-73.253563
1615Islip Ave / Apricot St40.780750-73.217186
1585Islip Ave / Beaver Dam Rd40.749403-73.208314
2856Islip Ave / Beaver Dam Rd40.749350-73.208450
1581Islip Ave / Chestnut St40.764544-73.210397
2852Islip Ave / Chestnut St40.763694-73.210400
1579Islip Ave / Cocoanut St40.770611-73.211942
2850Islip Ave / Cocoanut St40.770161-73.211853
1576Islip Ave / Codman St40.781269-73.217603
2849Islip Ave / Hagen St40.777131-73.215467
1586Islip Ave / Ironwood St40.746975-73.207981
2857Islip Ave / Ironwood St40.746556-73.208072
1584Islip Ave / Juniper St40.752733-73.208761
2855Islip Ave / Juniper St40.752625-73.208903
1578Islip Ave / Kopf St40.773597-73.213644
1577Islip Ave / Lemon St40.777603-73.215564
1588Islip Ave / Oak St40.740417-73.207494
1614Islip Ave / Palm St40.773711-73.213547
1587Islip Ave / Pine St40.743728-73.207494
1582Islip Ave / Plum St40.761769-73.210003
1583Islip Ave / Poplar St40.758108-73.209508
2854Islip Ave / Poplar St40.757925-73.209619
1575Islip Ave / Sage St40.784573-73.219425
1616Islip Ave / Sage St40.784614-73.219189
1589Islip Ave / Spruce St40.738783-73.207583
1123Islip Ave / Suffolk Ave40.786478-73.220391
1574Islip Ave / Suffolk Ave40.786739-73.220267
1580Islip Ave / Sycamore St40.767733-73.210800
2851Islip Ave / Sycamore St40.767164-73.210897
2859Islip Ave / W Oak St40.740356-73.207639
2858Islip Ave / W Pine St40.743994-73.207714
2853Islip Ave / W Plum St40.761186-73.210061
2860Islip Ave / W Spruce St40.738431-73.207747
1590Islip LIRR40.735719-73.207772
2861Islip LIRR40.735678-73.208050
435Islip Town Hall40.729516-73.211654
1874Islip Town Hall40.729756-73.211035
1531J Rd / B Rd40.795149-73.288684
3128J Rd / C Rd40.794419-73.291286
1532J Rd / E Rd40.796017-73.285964
1745Jericho Tpk / Arlington Ave40.859696-73.160797
1929Jericho Tpk / Beechwood Ln40.845052-73.272816
2935Jericho Tpk / Beechwood Ln40.845207-73.273007
1520Jericho Tpk / Calvert Ave40.840869-73.309994
1570Jericho Tpk / Calvert Ave40.841022-73.310253
1678Jericho Tpk / Daly Rd40.838609-73.327322
1740Jericho Tpk / Eldorado Dr40.838675-73.328698
2885Jericho Tpk / Elwood Rd40.838031-73.332373
1794Jericho Tpk / Fairview St40.855530-73.172305
1747Jericho Tpk / Franklin Dr40.855758-73.172089
1935Jericho Tpk / Harned Rd40.843997-73.279039
1748Jericho Tpk / Hemlock Ln N40.855558-73.179778
1746Jericho Tpk / Highway Pl40.857737-73.165285
1743Jericho Tpk / Hobson Ave40.861416-73.149355
1930Jericho Tpk / Indian Head Rd40.844171-73.279076
1928Jericho Tpk / Kings Park Rd40.846241-73.266185
2934Jericho Tpk / Kings Park Rd40.846425-73.266204
1744Jericho Tpk / Lake Ave40.860759-73.152852
2896Jericho Tpk / Lake Ave40.860749-73.154027
1679Jericho Tpk / Larkfield Rd40.840176-73.314947
2886Jericho Tpk / Larkfield Rd40.840473-73.314346
815Jericho Tpk / Old Indian Head Rd40.843082-73.284292
1773Jericho Tpk / Old Indian Head Rd40.843019-73.285748
1521Jericho Tpk / Rural Pl40.841767-73.304839
2833Jericho Tpk / Rural Pl40.841569-73.304847
1523Jericho Tpk / Townline Rd40.843239-73.293822
2834Jericho Tpk / Valmont Ave40.842183-73.300528
1522Jericho Tpk / Wiltshire Dr40.842258-73.301283
1936Jericho Tpk / Wyandanch Blvd40.846585-73.256895
1218John St / Whalers Cove Dr40.702342-73.317297
2772John St / Whalers Cove Dr40.702433-73.317378
1722Johnson Ave / Aero Rd40.780071-73.096346
1720Johnson Ave / Aimee Ln40.771173-73.091637
1721Johnson Ave / Carlough Rd40.775445-73.093902
1700Johnson Ave / Corporate Dr40.779559-73.096304
1701Johnson Ave / Davinci Dr40.774631-73.093696
2611Johnson Ave / Eastover Rd40.756086-73.089479
1968Johnson Ave / Elizabeth Ct40.756863-73.089447
846Johnson Ave / John St40.747340-73.088292
1967Johnson Ave / John St40.747462-73.088173
1572Joshuas Path / Commercial Blvd40.798678-73.218261
2847Joshuas Path / Commercial Blvd40.798956-73.218336
1571Joshuas Path / Lexington Ave40.801650-73.217839
1573Joshuas Path / Ralph Ave40.793708-73.219233
2848Joshuas Path / Ralph Ave40.793608-73.219417
946K-Mart Shopping Center40.933150-72.660817
479Kennedy Dr / Plant Ave40.810723-73.243641
608King Kullen Shopping Center40.886105-72.924031
1958King Kullen Shopping Center40.886181-72.923028
1780Kings Park HS Fields40.884341-73.244714
1764Kings Park LIRR40.884106-73.253594
2900Kings Park LIRR40.884045-73.253838
2400Kings Park Manor40.880092-73.261885
1822LI Macarthur Airport40.789046-73.096966
1646LI Motor Pkwy / Church Dr40.801907-73.225607
1671LI Motor Pkwy / Express Dr S40.807401-73.193590
1663LI Motor Pkwy / Gilpin Ave40.802067-73.225543
471LI Motor Pkwy / Hawthorne Ave40.804597-73.196879
1685LI Motor Pkwy / Hawthorne Ave40.804930-73.197605
1629LI Motor Pkwy / Hoffman Ave40.802767-73.228656
1664LI Motor Pkwy / Hoffman Ave40.803414-73.229500
470LI Motor Pkwy / Jetson Ln40.804541-73.205094
2072LI Motor Pkwy / Jetson Ln40.804752-73.204742
2874LI Motor Pkwy / Joshuas Path40.802169-73.218139
1686LI Motor Pkwy / LIE N Service Rd40.810437-73.193470
1665LI Motor Pkwy / LIE S Service Rd40.805767-73.232917
3224LI Motor Pkwy / LIE S Service Rd40.805809-73.233469
1618LI Motor Pkwy / Oakland Ave40.802467-73.214206
1687LI Motor Pkwy / Vets Hwy40.812589-73.190849
2888LI Motor Pkwy / Vets Hwy40.812800-73.191504
521LI Motor Pkwy / Wheeler Rd40.802689-73.214099
5LIU - Brentwood Campus40.778401-73.237257
225LIU - Brentwood Campus40.778276-73.237475
780La Bonne Vie Dr / Club Dr40.789983-72.977013
2615La Bonne Vie Dr / Club Dr40.790221-72.977166
781La Bonne Vie Dr / Gerri Ln40.793740-72.975202
2616La Bonne Vie Dr / Gerri Ln40.793295-72.975827
678Lake Grove Shopping Center40.863017-73.123250
1809Lake Shore Rd / Schoolhouse Rd40.833206-73.123111
1849Lakeland Ave / Locust Ave40.789755-73.117034
679Lakeland Ave / Ocean Ave40.797367-73.122100
692Lakeland Ave / Ocean Ave40.798317-73.122383
1861Lakeland Ave / Pond Rd40.790857-73.117419
1819Lakeland St / Locust Ave40.807710-73.121361
1862Lakeland St / Ocean Ave40.807468-73.123478
1863Lakeland St / Pond Rd40.807640-73.120344
1158Lakeway Dr / Lamont Pl40.732836-73.355261
1512Larkfield Rd / 5th Ave40.872317-73.323453
1517Larkfield Rd / Burr Rd40.848308-73.316058
3105Larkfield Rd / Burr Rd40.848981-73.316042
1516Larkfield Rd / Cedar Rd40.856375-73.318594
1513Larkfield Rd / Clay Pitts Rd40.865169-73.321117
2831Larkfield Rd / Clay Pitts Rd40.864600-73.321128
2832Larkfield Rd / Jericho Tpk40.841681-73.313936
1514Larkfield Rd / Meadow Lark Dr40.862828-73.320639
1292Larkfield Rd / Netcong Pl40.860273-73.319617
1511Larkfield Rd / Pulaski Rd40.877331-73.324736
2830Larkfield Rd / Pulaski Rd40.876628-73.324736
1518Larkfield Rd / Shelbourne Ln40.842347-73.313917
328Lincoln Ave / Clarke St40.798664-73.256646
1391Lincoln Ave / Clarke St40.798896-73.256534
2271Lincoln Ave / Franklin St40.802425-73.256944
327Lincoln Ave / Hale St40.795068-73.256081
326Lincoln Ave / Hancock St40.789090-73.255493
1387Lincoln Ave / Hancock St40.789373-73.255390
329Lincoln Ave / Harrison St40.802314-73.257084
365Lincoln Ave / Morton St40.794592-73.256181
3179Little East Neck Rd / Arthur Ave40.714378-73.351575
1154Little East Neck Rd N / Bailey St40.728047-73.362317
1147Little East Neck Rd N / Berkshire Rd40.705614-73.345372
1149Little East Neck Rd N / Broadway40.716067-73.352511
3102Little East Neck Rd N / Evergreen St40.697693-73.337549
1150Little East Neck Rd N / Lexington Ave40.719828-73.355475
1148Little East Neck Rd N / Old Farmingdale Rd40.710294-73.349297
1155Little East Neck Rd N / Pheonix Rd40.731417-73.365308
1078Little East Neck Rd N / Pine St40.699075-73.338748
1168Little East Neck Rd N / Rutland Rd40.706217-73.346164
1153Little East Neck Rd N / Silver St40.724525-73.359239
1151Little East Neck Rd N / Windmill Ave40.722369-73.357489
3152Log Rd / Buckley Rd40.785630-73.036019
3153Log Rd / Buckley Rd40.785586-73.035885
750Log Rd / Risley Rd40.786042-73.032218
1221Long Island Ave / Executive Dr40.772314-73.290236
248Long Island Ave / Straight Path40.754057-73.360826
913Long Island Ave / Straight Path40.753821-73.361252
1090Louden Ave / County Line Rd40.684470-73.425870
584Lower Rocky Point Rd / Long Beach Dr40.961363-72.976046
1859Lower Rocky Point Rd / Rockaway Dr40.961379-72.975639
51Lumber Ln / Gingerbread Ln Ext40.962944-72.193478
309Main Ave / N 23rd St40.757388-73.369684
741Main St / Furrows Rd40.807863-73.074763
2606Main St / Furrows Rd40.807595-73.074628
769Main St / Grundy Ave40.810018-73.077483
1876Main St / Islip Ave40.730212-73.207752
168Main St / N 23rd St40.757308-73.370331
1498Main St / N Ocean Ave40.727958-73.219243
740Main St / Railroad Ave40.810220-73.077928
1380Main St / Shore Rd40.917510-73.147600
18Main St / Washington St41.001061-72.295242
20Main St / Washington St41.000317-72.295428
809Maine Ave / Horseblock Rd40.826876-72.989156
820Maine Ave / Lad Ave40.827161-72.989044
345Manatuck Blvd / Benton Pl40.768963-73.274691
1473Manatuck Blvd / Benton Pl40.768752-73.274773
349Manatuck Blvd / Cedar Dr40.750415-73.269661
1486Manatuck Blvd / Cedar Dr40.751003-73.269892
353Manatuck Blvd / Chenango Dr40.735641-73.266954
1496Manatuck Blvd / Chenango Dr40.735705-73.267070
351Manatuck Blvd / Chestnut Dr40.745509-73.269517
346Manatuck Blvd / Elm Dr40.764369-73.273340
1483Manatuck Blvd / Elm Dr40.764576-73.273613
348Manatuck Blvd / Hemlock Dr40.755766-73.270960
1485Manatuck Blvd / Hemlock Dr40.755592-73.271038
347Manatuck Blvd / Locust Dr40.760155-73.272045
1484Manatuck Blvd / Locust Dr40.760028-73.272156
352Manatuck Blvd / Ontario Dr40.739870-73.268040
1494Manatuck Blvd / Ontario Dr40.740089-73.268222
344Manatuck Blvd / Pine Aire Dr40.772641-73.275667
1471Manatuck Blvd / Pine Aire Dr40.772533-73.275779
350Manatuck Blvd / Spur Dr S40.747501-73.270022
1487Manatuck Blvd / Spur Dr S40.747280-73.270105
354Manatuck Blvd / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.732718-73.266152
1497Manatuck Blvd / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.732436-73.266237
1488Manatuck Dr / Chestnut Dr40.744770-73.269466
488Manhattan Blvd / Bellmore Ave40.756157-73.175689
2220Manhattan Blvd / Bellmore Ave40.756205-73.176211
485Manhattan Blvd / Carleton Ave40.753546-73.194368
2198Manhattan Blvd / Carleton Ave40.753632-73.194427
487Manhattan Blvd / N Roslyn St40.755370-73.181285
2228Manhattan Blvd / Spur Dr N40.755446-73.181654
486Manhattan Blvd / Spur Dr S40.754741-73.185631
2218Manhattan Blvd / Spur Dr S40.754822-73.185931
202Manor Ln / Damyon St40.723146-73.279755
976Manor Ln / Damyon St40.722771-73.279919
287Manor Ln / Howells Rd40.732940-73.279767
1287Manor Ln / Howells Rd40.733332-73.279909
204Manor Ln / Orinoco Dr40.716143-73.279729
977Manor Ln / Orinoco Dr40.715780-73.279903
203Manor Ln / Runyon St40.719816-73.279922
228Manor Ln / Wohseepee Dr40.720783-73.279779
1181Marcus Blvd / Arkay Dr40.812478-73.247033
2765Marcus Blvd / Arkay Dr40.812239-73.247158
1293Marcus Blvd / Motor Pkwy40.807767-73.246917
1326Marcus Blvd / Motor Pkwy40.807779-73.246721
2071Marcus Blvd / Oser Ave40.817050-73.247489
689Mark Tree Rd / 43rd St40.872827-73.090814
2405Mark Tree Rd / 43rd St40.873025-73.091114
690Mark Tree Rd / Forest Rd40.878384-73.092091
729Mark Tree Rd / Forest Rd40.878538-73.092318
691Mark Tree Rd / Hawkins Rd40.880365-73.092374
728Mark Tree Rd / Hawkins Rd40.880149-73.092552
688Mark Tree Rd / Linda Dr40.868270-73.086995
2398Mark Tree Rd / Linda Dr40.868100-73.087009
686Mark Tree Rd / Middle Country Rd40.858901-73.083255
2392Mark Tree Rd / Middle Country Rd40.858857-73.083460
687Mark Tree Rd / School St40.863228-73.083775
2397Mark Tree Rd / School St40.863101-73.083994
2380Maryhaven Adult Service Center40.815808-72.949076
2295Mastic Beach Rd / Mastic Rd40.778970-72.848003
2297Mastic Beach Rd / Pine Rd40.771379-72.842637
2355Mastic Beach Rd / Pine Rd40.771558-72.843008
2356Mastic Beach Rd / Quay Ave40.779047-72.847847
2296Mastic Beach Rd / Washington Ave40.773581-72.845469
3020Mastic Beach Rd / Washington Ave40.772878-72.845339
827Mastic Rd / Coventry Ave40.790749-72.844239
926Mastic Rd / Coventry Ave40.791128-72.843903
2294Mastic Rd / Madison St40.780662-72.847971
925Mastic Rd / Market St40.786758-72.845511
859Mastic Rd / Patchogue Ave40.801364-72.840578
929Mastic Rd / Patchogue Ave40.801292-72.840422
866Mastic Rd / Riverside Ave40.785798-72.846057
927Mastic Rd / Shinnecock Ave40.797389-72.840686
864Mastic Rd / Southaven Ave40.797960-72.840721
2357Mastic Rd / Wavecrest Dr40.781947-72.847303
2063Mather Hospital40.939069-73.055591
2394Meadow Rd W / Indian Head Rd40.883060-73.255077
1458Mechanicsville Rd / Bay Shore Ave40.723495-73.246924
1551Mechanicsville Rd / Clinton Ave40.720047-73.253650
210Mechanicsville Rd / Park Ave40.721300-73.250517
978Mechanicsville Rd / Park Ave40.721500-73.250350
810Medford Plaza40.826550-72.993312
1011Melville Mall40.799414-73.412322
2715Melville Mall40.799306-73.412717
481Melville Park Rd / NYS 11040.775993-73.420077
3168Merrick Rd / S Bayview Ave40.668883-73.409067
1910Middle Country Rd / Adirondack Dr40.867230-73.029862
2932Middle Country Rd / Adirondack Dr40.867454-73.029937
1900Middle Country Rd / Arnold Dr40.877519-72.968694
1897Middle Country Rd / Birchwood Park Dr40.881054-72.952474
2926Middle Country Rd / Birchwood Park Dr40.881231-72.952488
1950Middle Country Rd / Blue Point Rd40.866232-73.036639
2276Middle Country Rd / Boyle Rd40.863853-73.048466
1798Middle Country Rd / Cambon Pl40.861298-73.142765
1899Middle Country Rd / Church Ln40.878386-72.961941
1913Middle Country Rd / College Rd40.863814-73.047244
1905Middle Country Rd / Country Club Dr40.872730-72.989310
1954Middle Country Rd / Country Club Dr40.872657-72.988679
1890Middle Country Rd / Crescent Bow40.901918-72.863438
1961Middle Country Rd / Crescent Bow40.901788-72.863393
1911Middle Country Rd / Dare Rd40.866585-73.035816
1797Middle Country Rd / Doyle St40.861255-73.149594
1918Middle Country Rd / Eastwood Blvd40.859164-73.078947
1883Middle Country Rd / Edwards Ave40.926561-72.747126
2918Middle Country Rd / Edwards Ave40.926712-72.747182
1955Middle Country Rd / Erna Dr40.874467-72.977959
2181Middle Country Rd / Frances Blvd40.927539-72.767681
2990Middle Country Rd / Frances Blvd40.927784-72.768470
1884Middle Country Rd / Fresh Pond Ave40.928157-72.773951
2182Middle Country Rd / Fresh Pond Ave40.928273-72.774345
1891Middle Country Rd / Half Moon Pond Rd40.898473-72.876268
732Middle Country Rd / Hammond Ln40.858401-73.099563
1943Middle Country Rd / Hawkins Ave40.859616-73.111338
680Middle Country Rd / Hawkton Pl40.860304-73.115046
1920Middle Country Rd / Hawkton Pl40.860518-73.114678
2924Middle Country Rd / Hay Rd40.898484-72.877295
1919Middle Country Rd / Holbrook Rd40.858562-73.081690
1946Middle Country Rd / Holbrook Rd40.858320-73.081959
1904Middle Country Rd / Homestead Dr40.873375-72.982360
2930Middle Country Rd / Homestead Dr40.873663-72.981883
1947Middle Country Rd / Horseblock Rd40.859411-73.077252
1742Middle Country Rd / Huber Pl40.861439-73.142927
1887Middle Country Rd / Kay Rd40.919381-72.824547
2921Middle Country Rd / Kay Rd40.918827-72.826274
681Middle Country Rd / Lake Grove Blvd40.858243-73.103160
609Middle Country Rd / Lakeview Dr40.884314-72.936301
1903Middle Country Rd / Lakeview Dr40.884683-72.935300
1908Middle Country Rd / Lobel St40.868257-73.020900
2933Middle Country Rd / Magnolia Dr40.865387-73.041970
1912Middle Country Rd / Magnolia Pl40.865105-73.042054
1882Middle Country Rd / Manor Rd40.925884-72.735146
2277Middle Country Rd / Marshall Dr40.862112-73.059794
734Middle Country Rd / Mc Gaw Ave40.859237-73.108279
1959Middle Country Rd / Medford Rd40.893914-72.895245
1906Middle Country Rd / Mt Sinai Coram Rd40.871026-72.996258
1953Middle Country Rd / Mt Sinai Coram Rd40.871238-72.994456
2245Middle Country Rd / N Coleman Rd40.861140-73.065246
3004Middle Country Rd / N Coleman Rd40.861000-73.064485
1917Middle Country Rd / N Howell Ave40.860188-73.073215
1948Middle Country Rd / N Howell Ave40.860046-73.072769
731Middle Country Rd / N Washington Ave40.858347-73.089730
1952Middle Country Rd / New Ln40.868057-73.020912
2927Middle Country Rd / Old Middle Country Rd40.878869-72.961162
116Middle Country Rd / Old Saddle Rd40.904151-72.857066
1889Middle Country Rd / Panamoka Trail40.909533-72.844787
2923Middle Country Rd / Panamoka Trail40.909358-72.845410
1956Middle Country Rd / Park Ln40.877825-72.966403
1799Middle Country Rd / Parsnip Pond Rd40.861435-73.122105
1909Middle Country Rd / Patchogue-Mt Sinai Rd40.867840-73.026944
1951Middle Country Rd / Patchogue-Mt Sinai Rd40.867605-73.026456
1907Middle Country Rd / Paul's Path Mooney Pond Rd40.868694-73.010132
2246Middle Country Rd / Paula Blvd40.862015-73.058659
2931Middle Country Rd / Pauls Path40.868824-73.010749
1385Middle Country Rd / Picasso Way40.885568-72.929185
2387Middle Country Rd / Picasso Way40.885695-72.928533
685Middle Country Rd / Pleasant Ave40.858259-73.085634
1886Middle Country Rd / Princeton Blvd40.922788-72.814503
2920Middle Country Rd / Princeton Blvd40.923108-72.814030
1129Middle Country Rd / Raynor Rd40.891155-72.902926
1893Middle Country Rd / Ridge Rd40.893900-72.895950
1898Middle Country Rd / Robin Dr40.880446-72.956581
3150Middle Country Rd / Robin Dr40.880312-72.956368
683Middle Country Rd / Rustic Rd40.857995-73.093112
2370Middle Country Rd / Rustic Rd40.858141-73.093926
1892Middle Country Rd / Ruth Ln40.894938-72.890980
684Middle Country Rd / S Washington Ave40.858211-73.088982
1960Middle Country Rd / Sally Ln40.894905-72.887860
682Middle Country Rd / Smith Ln40.858192-73.099065
606Middle Country Rd / Smith Rd40.890653-72.903975
1796Middle Country Rd / Southern Blvd40.859440-73.161083
1896Middle Country Rd / St Margaret Blvd40.882062-72.947254
1957Middle Country Rd / St Margaret Blvd40.881968-72.946847
1901Middle Country Rd / Swezey Ln40.876196-72.972923
2928Middle Country Rd / Swezey Ln40.876307-72.972951
1885Middle Country Rd / Timber Dr40.928129-72.784190
2919Middle Country Rd / Timber Dr40.928304-72.784193
2925Middle Country Rd / Tudor Ln40.883897-72.939146
605Middle Country Rd / Village Dr40.892126-72.899945
611Middle Country Rd / Village Dr40.891958-72.899930
607Middle Country Rd / Wading River Hollow Rd40.887237-72.918250
1877Middle Country Rd / Wading River Hollow Rd40.886929-72.919260
1888Middle Country Rd / Wading River Manor Rd40.914349-72.834393
2922Middle Country Rd / Wading River Manor Rd40.914132-72.835184
1902Middle Country Rd / Westfield Rd40.874465-72.978735
733Middle Country Rd / Wood Rd40.858486-73.104042
1895Middle Country Rd / Yaphank Middle Island Rd40.883332-72.940886
1426Middle Rd / Blue Point Ave40.743800-73.034855
2799Middle Rd / Blue Point Ave40.743831-73.035161
1428Middle Rd / Boylan Ln40.739380-73.038638
1432Middle Rd / Foster Ave40.735857-73.078156
2805Middle Rd / Foster Ave40.735961-73.078186
2802Middle Rd / Gillette Ave40.737564-73.043144
1427Middle Rd / Lanes End40.743065-73.037205
2801Middle Rd / N Boylan Ln40.739050-73.039650
2800Middle Rd / Nelson Ave40.743211-73.037075
2804Middle Rd / Oakwood Ave40.736164-73.062608
949Middle Rd / Ostrander Ave40.937362-72.672698
1429Middle Rd / S Gillette Ave40.737650-73.042497
1430Middle Rd / S Snedecor Ave40.737158-73.054553
2803Middle Rd / Snedecor Ave40.737283-73.054522
1431Middle Rd / Suydam Ln40.736061-73.062249
2176Mill Rd / Fanning St40.919985-72.691228
2989Mill Rd / Fanning St40.920801-72.691810
2177Mill Rd / Old Country Rd40.924774-72.696214
2401Mill Rd / Old Country Rd40.924133-72.695830
956Mill Rd / W Main St40.916844-72.689408
2175Mill Rd / W Main St40.916794-72.689261
629Miller Place Rd / Heather Ln40.956770-72.994529
628Miller Place Rd / N Country Rd40.952642-72.992107
312Monatuk Hwy / Cemetery Rd40.877109-72.528763
95Monroe St / Great Neck Rd40.704918-73.418921
510Monroe St / Great Neck Rd40.705028-73.419020
96Monroe St / Parkway Ave40.707200-73.417413
511Monroe St / Parkway Ave40.707143-73.417611
2817Montauk Hwy / 4th Ave40.722628-73.248862
55Montauk Hwy / Abrahams Landing Rd40.979103-72.128578
292Montauk Hwy / Abrahams Landing Rd40.979103-72.128136
2385Montauk Hwy / Abrahams Path40.972300-72.151233
516Montauk Hwy / Alan St40.735027-73.173545
1448Montauk Hwy / Aletta Pl40.801500-72.865231
905Montauk Hwy / Ashley Pl40.800423-72.875008
432Montauk Hwy / Athasca Rd40.727852-73.222869
2155Montauk Hwy / Athasca Rd40.728019-73.222967
1437Montauk Hwy / Atlantic Ave40.728650-73.095300
2364Montauk Hwy / Atlantic Ave40.804747-72.761156
1423Montauk Hwy / Atlantic Ave (East)40.759482-73.031808
1503Montauk Hwy / Atlantic Ave (W)40.728836-73.094671
1454Montauk Hwy / Awixa Ave40.726710-73.234014
2362Montauk Hwy / Bay Ave40.800039-72.771286
1476Montauk Hwy / Bayport Ave40.747028-73.051147
2825Montauk Hwy / Bayport Ave40.747189-73.051172
2361Montauk Hwy / Beachfern Rd40.799986-72.789439
2284Montauk Hwy / Bellview Ave40.801903-72.780922
3016Montauk Hwy / Bellview Ave40.801797-72.781519
1291Montauk Hwy / Belton Rd40.694378-73.330347
1504Montauk Hwy / Benson Ave40.732599-73.088581
1441Montauk Hwy / Berard Blvd40.736497-73.118738
2809Montauk Hwy / Berard Blvd40.736580-73.118589
1289Montauk Hwy / Bergen Ave40.685853-73.345008
855Montauk Hwy / Berkley Pl40.805214-72.847308
1477Montauk Hwy / Bernice Dr40.746700-73.055083
2826Montauk Hwy / Bernice Dr40.746847-73.055111
1424Montauk Hwy / Blue Point Ave40.753732-73.038004
3157Montauk Hwy / Blue Point Ave40.754304-73.037607
2637Montauk Hwy / Bonny Dr40.803961-72.853217
2814Montauk Hwy / Brentwood Rd40.726700-73.235081
1479Montauk Hwy / Broadway Ave40.747568-73.066425
1710Montauk Hwy / Broadway Ave40.747786-73.066482
2827Montauk Hwy / Broadway Ave40.747728-73.067514
3214Montauk Hwy / Brook St40.733297-73.114953
2288Montauk Hwy / Brookfield Ave40.800364-72.800210
1474Montauk Hwy / Buffin Ln40.752489-73.039872
2612Montauk Hwy / Buffin Ln40.752492-73.039611
849Montauk Hwy / Camp Upton Rd40.801038-72.869333
2306Montauk Hwy / Camp Upton Rd40.800850-72.869201
2307Montauk Hwy / Candido Ave40.800577-72.875188
73Montauk Hwy / Canoe Place Rd40.883479-72.506966
1462Montauk Hwy / Captains Way40.705087-73.267255
439Montauk Hwy / Carleton Ave40.731176-73.191247
2310Montauk Hwy / Carman Blvd40.787692-72.916853
2402Montauk Hwy / Carman Blvd40.786931-72.917233
2325Montauk Hwy / Case Ave40.766578-73.002071
831Montauk Hwy / Cedar Pl40.803864-72.852997
518Montauk Hwy / Champlin Ave40.732647-73.183933
135Montauk Hwy / Chestnut St40.676797-73.367967
3104Montauk Hwy / Clinton Ave40.718897-73.253139
772Montauk Hwy / Conklin Ave40.766789-72.998405
291Montauk Hwy / Conklin Ln40.976056-72.139958
515Montauk Hwy / Connetquot Ave40.736216-73.168352
1446Montauk Hwy / Connetquot Ave40.736447-73.167278
46Montauk Hwy / Corwith Ave40.935693-72.305724
2371Montauk Hwy / Cross Hwy40.972583-72.149800
1439Montauk Hwy / Dale Dr40.730892-73.109536
3171Montauk Hwy / Doges Promenade40.670333-73.386517
1285Montauk Hwy / Douglas Ave40.693753-73.332819
1442Montauk Hwy / E Shore Rd40.739355-73.123463
1469Montauk Hwy / Eaton Ln40.697139-73.309683
1491Montauk Hwy / Eaton Ln40.696898-73.309280
1215Montauk Hwy / Evelyn Rd40.696972-73.312497
1467Montauk Hwy / Everdell Ave40.695517-73.297956
1075Montauk Hwy / Fleets Point Dr40.687764-73.341213
1286Montauk Hwy / Fleets Point Dr40.687711-73.340903
2571Montauk Hwy / Flying Point Rd40.899609-72.369871
2812Montauk Hwy / Forbes St40.744879-73.142063
1433Montauk Hwy / Foster Ave40.737583-73.080021
1481Montauk Hwy / Foster Ave40.738036-73.079847
2390Montauk Hwy / Garden Pl40.802142-72.861199
3041Montauk Hwy / Garden Pl40.802310-72.861443
1436Montauk Hwy / Garfield Ave40.732900-73.088297
1475Montauk Hwy / Gillette Ave40.749658-73.044567
2824Montauk Hwy / Gillette Ave40.749828-73.044617
1672Montauk Hwy / Grand Ave40.801730-72.865200
1067Montauk Hwy / Great East Neck Rd40.686045-73.344897
3163Montauk Hwy / Great Neck Rd40.669003-73.393413
3170Montauk Hwy / Great Neck Rd40.668933-73.392850
1500Montauk Hwy / Great River Rd40.736084-73.168089
1435Montauk Hwy / Greene Ave40.734533-73.085063
2806Montauk Hwy / Greene Ave40.734467-73.085422
771Montauk Hwy / Grove Ave40.766483-73.001177
2293Montauk Hwy / Gunther Pl40.806508-72.838942
1463Montauk Hwy / Hampshire Rd40.703406-73.272464
2820Montauk Hwy / Hampshire Rd40.703592-73.272422
2279Montauk Hwy / Harts Rd40.816016-72.755604
2365Montauk Hwy / Harts Rd40.815817-72.755592
2285Montauk Hwy / Hawkins Ave40.799803-72.786589
3017Montauk Hwy / Hawkins Ave40.799942-72.786403
3162Montauk Hwy / Hawkins Blvd40.670350-73.387217
1465Montauk Hwy / Hellwig Ln (N)40.696150-73.293125
1493Montauk Hwy / Hellwig Ln (S)40.696101-73.292177
1460Montauk Hwy / Hemlock Ln40.716075-73.256586
2308Montauk Hwy / Horseblock Rd40.794356-72.905569
3024Montauk Hwy / Horseblock Rd40.794268-72.906138
44Montauk Hwy / Huntting Ln40.961303-72.187736
1501Montauk Hwy / Idle Hour Blvd40.744470-73.141535
436Montauk Hwy / Islip Ave40.730163-73.207080
2287Montauk Hwy / James Hawkins Rd40.804683-72.815617
2291Montauk Hwy / James Hawkins Rd40.804975-72.815863
2292Montauk Hwy / Jerusalem Hollow Rd40.807892-72.824282
2808Montauk Hwy / La Salle Pl40.732578-73.113461
2360Montauk Hwy / Lake Ave40.800333-72.799072
3164Montauk Hwy / Lake Dr40.667831-73.404132
1495Montauk Hwy / Lawrence Ln40.715936-73.256474
1482Montauk Hwy / Lincoln Ave40.737657-73.080177
3174Montauk Hwy / Linton Ave40.681167-73.358383
1066Montauk Hwy / Little East Neck Rd N40.692706-73.334460
3019Montauk Hwy / Louis Ave40.807737-72.824298
441Montauk Hwy / Marilynn St40.734065-73.176969
2678Montauk Hwy / Mastic Rd40.806042-72.836161
2929Montauk Hwy / Mastic Rd40.806208-72.835824
440Montauk Hwy / Matinecock Ave40.732407-73.184344
1290Montauk Hwy / Melbury Rd40.693886-73.331833
54Montauk Hwy / Miankoma Ln40.976133-72.139447
1848Montauk Hwy / Middle Rd40.736486-73.081348
2283Montauk Hwy / Mill Pond Ln40.800121-72.771401
2828Montauk Hwy / Millpond Rd40.745122-73.072528
2816Montauk Hwy / Montgomery Ave40.725044-73.240425
2363Montauk Hwy / Moriches Ave40.802006-72.767017
2366Montauk Hwy / Musell Rd40.771911-72.955808
2786Montauk Hwy / N Carll Ave40.695797-73.326069
2322Montauk Hwy / N Dunton Ave40.770537-72.963481
3029Montauk Hwy / N Dunton Ave40.770643-72.963635
2282Montauk Hwy / N Paquatuck Ave40.801910-72.767579
1712Montauk Hwy / N Prospect Ave40.760953-73.029947
2818Montauk Hwy / N Windsor Ave40.713108-73.258619
3097Montauk Hwy / Newlight Ln40.928128-72.327689
1507Montauk Hwy / Nicolls Rd40.750704-73.042494
1505Montauk Hwy / Northwood Ln40.759636-73.031911
1464Montauk Hwy / Oak Neck Ln40.697032-73.283392
2821Montauk Hwy / Oak Neck Rd40.697128-73.284264
830Montauk Hwy / Oakland Ave40.805397-72.847133
1478Montauk Hwy / Oakwood Ave40.746825-73.057899
433Montauk Hwy / Ocean Ave40.728007-73.218413
2810Montauk Hwy / Ockers Dr40.739392-73.123211
2290Montauk Hwy / Old Neck Rd40.802639-72.807856
2358Montauk Hwy / Old Neck Rd40.802747-72.808642
443Montauk Hwy / Overlook Dr40.735091-73.172678
2815Montauk Hwy / Penataquit Ave40.725756-73.237886
2281Montauk Hwy / Pine St40.804839-72.761254
1434Montauk Hwy / Railroad Ave40.736289-73.081981
2286Montauk Hwy / Railroad Ave40.800097-72.789448
1421Montauk Hwy / River Ave40.764335-73.023949
3165Montauk Hwy / Riverside Ave40.670081-73.413136
1438Montauk Hwy / Rollstone Ave40.727959-73.098750
2807Montauk Hwy / Rollstone Ave40.728036-73.098158
442Montauk Hwy / Rose Ct40.734652-73.174516
517Montauk Hwy / Rose Ct40.734495-73.175734
1445Montauk Hwy / Ruland Rd40.739733-73.162832
2813Montauk Hwy / Ruland Rd40.738678-73.163706
3161Montauk Hwy / S 9th St40.672817-73.377017
162Montauk Hwy / S Broadway40.675135-73.371287
3160Montauk Hwy / S Broadway40.675300-73.371383
1284Montauk Hwy / S Carll Ave40.695667-73.326036
1459Montauk Hwy / S Clinton Ave40.718702-73.253226
3158Montauk Hwy / S Delaware Ave40.681225-73.358632
1456Montauk Hwy / S Montgomery Ave40.725180-73.238956
1455Montauk Hwy / S Penataquit Ave40.725675-73.237634
1422Montauk Hwy / S Prospect Ave40.761156-73.029352
3159Montauk Hwy / S Wellwood Ave40.678517-73.364100
3173Montauk Hwy / S Wellwood Ave40.678150-73.364500
1461Montauk Hwy / S Windsor Ave40.713454-73.258212
431Montauk Hwy / Saxon Ave40.727965-73.227616
1453Montauk Hwy / Saxon Ave40.728050-73.228761
1480Montauk Hwy / Sayville Blvd40.745597-73.071591
49Montauk Hwy / School St40.935573-72.305559
2289Montauk Hwy / Senix Ave40.800267-72.801883
2316Montauk Hwy / Senix Ave40.800097-72.801961
1490Montauk Hwy / Sequams Ln40.696873-73.312230
758Montauk Hwy / Shoestring Ln40.799633-72.893397
760Montauk Hwy / Shoestring Ln40.799821-72.893255
163Montauk Hwy / Shore Rd40.676761-73.367524
2323Montauk Hwy / Sills Rd40.767254-72.985352
3031Montauk Hwy / Sills Rd40.767422-72.985359
434Montauk Hwy / Smith Ave40.728696-73.215523
1452Montauk Hwy / Smith Ave40.728651-73.216304
904Montauk Hwy / Smith Rd40.800530-72.879136
2367Montauk Hwy / Smith Rd40.800717-72.879761
507Montauk Hwy / Sommerset Ave40.730325-73.196472
2819Montauk Hwy / Southwood Ct40.705036-73.267908
64Montauk Hwy / Springville Rd40.876844-72.529625
2339Montauk Hwy / Station Rd - Bellport40.774033-72.943606
2572Montauk Hwy / Station Rd - Water Mill40.911450-72.351188
3039Montauk Hwy / Station Rd - Bellport40.774096-72.944232
3096Montauk Hwy / Station Rd - Water Mill40.910808-72.352019
856Montauk Hwy / Sterling Pl40.806397-72.840131
437Montauk Hwy / Suffolk Ln40.730275-73.198070
1468Montauk Hwy / Tahlulah Ln40.696594-73.304500
1489Montauk Hwy / Tahlulah Ln40.696344-73.304009
2340Montauk Hwy / Taylor Ave40.772013-72.956064
1444Montauk Hwy / Vanderbilt Blvd40.744064-73.138440
3172Montauk Hwy / Venetian Promenade40.672533-73.377133
1440Montauk Hwy / W Oak Dr40.730975-73.110036
45Montauk Hwy / Wainscott Northwest Rd40.947564-72.248189
257Montauk Hwy / Wainscott Northwest Rd40.947656-72.247000
829Montauk Hwy / Washington Ave40.806554-72.840826
1716Montauk Hwy / Waverly Ave40.764056-73.024542
1492Montauk Hwy / West Bay Dr40.695347-73.297814
438Montauk Hwy / William Ave40.730545-73.193720
3169Montauk Hwy / William St40.668267-73.396400
2573Montauk Hwy / Windmill Ln40.927823-72.328529
1878Montauk Hwy / Woodland Dr40.731197-73.190104
2280Montauk Hwy / Woodlawn Ave40.809997-72.757625
3015Montauk Hwy / Woodlawn Ave40.809988-72.757811
2309Montauk Hwy / Yaphank Ave40.790248-72.914457
3025Montauk Hwy / Yaphank Ave40.790418-72.914475
1894Montauk Hwy / Yockel Pl40.733750-73.179064
272Montauk Lighthouse41.072739-71.859667
58Montauk Village41.034781-71.945689
656Mooney Pond Rd / Adirondack Dr40.857891-73.028708
2244Mooney Pond Rd / Adirondack Dr40.858532-73.028286
2243Mooney Pond Rd / Blue Point Rd40.854424-73.033935
2369Mooney Pond Rd / Brettonwoods Dr40.864511-73.012044
653Mooney Pond Rd / College Rd40.851317-73.044345
667Mooney Pond Rd / College Rd40.851202-73.045359
658Mooney Pond Rd / Highview Ter40.863190-73.017438
666Mooney Pond Rd / Highview Ter40.863281-73.017894
654Mooney Pond Rd / Lidge Dr40.852419-73.039980
657Mooney Pond Rd / S Bicycle Path40.860049-73.026466
2354Mooney Pond Rd / S Bicycle Path40.860209-73.026497
2242Mooney Pond Rd / S Evergreen Dr40.852419-73.040483
655Mooney Pond Rd / Wilson Ave40.854889-73.032836
1368Moreland Rd / Austin Blvd40.809689-73.270400
371Moreland Rd / Commerce Dr40.810235-73.270324
1367Moreland Rd / Mall Dr40.814158-73.270392
370Moreland Rd / Motor Pkwy40.806325-73.269385
1538Moreland Rd / Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy40.806467-73.269628
372Moreland Rd / Wireless Blvd40.814029-73.270225
316Motor Pkwy / Adams Ave40.806742-73.256072
1733Motor Pkwy / Expwy Dr N40.810511-73.193748
1734Motor Pkwy / LIE S Service Rd40.808100-73.193787
315Motor Pkwy / Marcus Blvd40.807420-73.247241
469Motor Pkwy / Wheeler Rd40.803166-73.211535
1617Motor Pkwy / Yalta Dr40.802161-73.216653
665Mt Sinai Coram Rd / Minti Rd40.878986-72.994272
663Mt Sinai Coram Rd / W Denis Ln40.879064-72.994057
200Muncey Rd / Hyman Ave40.728769-73.284020
199Muncey Rd / Ocean Ave40.725627-73.293739
229Muncey Rd / Robert Moses Cswy40.728725-73.284633
131Muncey Rd / Spruce Ave40.725965-73.298056
975Muncey Rd / Wilson Pl40.725511-73.293719
2065Myrtle Ave / NYS 25A40.940926-73.064658
249N 18th St / Merritt Ave40.754166-73.363934
258N 18th St / Merritt Ave40.753869-73.363967
1137N Carll Ave / Park Ave40.701878-73.325819
2167N Columbia St / Highlands Blvd40.934054-73.045584
2985N Columbia St / Highlands Blvd40.934308-73.045493
2166N Columbia St / N Country Rd40.936375-73.045985
570N Country Rd / 2nd Ave40.937667-73.047667
1232N Country Rd / 2nd Ave40.938046-73.048992
588N Country Rd / Babylon Dr40.945326-72.964313
623N Country Rd / Babylon Dr40.945554-72.964670
632N Country Rd / Belle Terre Rd40.938219-73.053694
571N Country Rd / Crystal Brook Hollow Rd40.937813-73.038037
2368N Country Rd / Crystal Brook Hollow Rd40.937679-73.038820
631N Country Rd / Edgewood Ave40.937565-73.046765
576N Country Rd / Honey Ln40.957891-73.004609
630N Country Rd / Honey Ln40.958005-73.004947
574N Country Rd / Mt Sinai Coram Rd40.946171-73.021895
1649N Country Rd / Mt Sinai Coram Rd40.946470-73.021837
569N Country Rd / Oakland Ave40.938036-73.053859
573N Country Rd / Old Field Ln40.940808-73.028257
2389N Country Rd / Old Field Ln40.940888-73.028312
575N Country Rd / Pipe Stave Hollow Rd40.953228-73.015241
1651N Country Rd / Pipe Stave Hollow Rd40.953280-73.015396
579N Country Rd / Rolling Rd40.952431-72.992151
572N Country Rd / Shore Rd W40.938862-73.035028
2386N Country Rd / Shore Rd W40.938696-73.035796
578N Country Rd / Woodland Rd40.956719-72.994666
3030N Dunton Ave / Montauk Hwy40.770701-72.964086
2341N Dunton Ave / Stanley St40.771415-72.963949
756N Ocean Ave / E Roe Blvd40.774604-73.015296
3220N Ocean Ave / Harris St40.782282-73.015894
757N Ocean Ave / Lake St40.766983-73.015150
761N Ocean Ave / Lake St40.767722-73.015007
3221N Ocean Ave / Oakleigh Ave40.782300-73.016186
2581N Ocean Ave / W Roe Blvd40.774480-73.015448
27N Sea Rd / Hillcrest Ave40.894467-72.397583
8N Sea Rd / Willow St40.895478-72.397797
3144N Wading River Rd / Great Rock Dr40.962871-72.827124
2238N Wading River Rd / Hulse Ave40.965789-72.816690
2660N Wading River Rd / Hulse Ave40.965918-72.816900
2214N Wading River Rd / Hulse Landing Rd40.964651-72.812448
2215N Wading River Rd / Little Flower Dr40.960344-72.832062
2216N Wading River Rd / N Country Rd40.954273-72.846522
2236N Wading River Rd / N Country Rd40.954163-72.847013
2237N Wading River Rd / Remsen Rd40.959072-72.838024
3145N Wading River Rd / Terry Rd40.961774-72.828767
1054N Wellwood Ave / E Hoffman Ave40.687216-73.373837
2739N Wellwood Ave / W Hoffman Ave40.687117-73.373960
1417N Wellwood Ave / W John St40.688639-73.375411
1359NY State Office Building40.821094-73.220025
2531NYS 25 / 9th St41.100017-72.370997
3077NYS 25 / 9th St41.100068-72.371401
2529NYS 25 / Bay Ave41.127967-72.339814
2535NYS 25 / Cox Ln41.022411-72.477081
2542NYS 25 / Edgar Ave40.944682-72.625926
3086NYS 25 / Edgar Ave40.944728-72.626751
2601NYS 25 / Harvest Ln41.023207-72.476266
2540NYS 25 / Laurel Ln40.965487-72.564517
3084NYS 25 / Laurel Ln40.964879-72.565373
2538NYS 25 / Love Ln40.991667-72.533167
3082NYS 25 / Love Ln40.991626-72.533652
3083NYS 25 / Marlene Ln40.984982-72.538384
2537NYS 25 / New Suffolk Rd41.010850-72.485257
2600NYS 25 / New Suffolk Rd41.010967-72.484960
3075NYS 25 / Old Orchard Ln41.126562-72.341586
2534NYS 25 / Peconic Ln41.041149-72.454141
3080NYS 25 / Peconic Ln41.040845-72.454682
2541NYS 25 / S Jamesport Ave40.949533-72.581199
3085NYS 25 / S Jamesport Ave40.949651-72.581311
2539NYS 25 / Sigsbee Rd40.984163-72.539081
2536NYS 25 / Sterling Ln41.018806-72.480283
3081NYS 25 / Sterling Ln41.018703-72.480570
2528NYS 25 / Village Ln41.142757-72.302026
2533NYS 25 / Wells Ave41.063707-72.429259
3079NYS 25 / Wells Ave41.063737-72.429555
2532NYS 25 / Youngs Ave41.064823-72.426560
3078NYS 25 / Youngs Ave41.064983-72.426550
3074NYS 25 / Youngs Rd41.142802-72.303274
621NYS 25A (463)40.946098-72.934991
2223NYS 25A / Amber Ln40.943949-72.850224
2203NYS 25A / Angela Ln40.942870-72.977557
2017NYS 25A / Arden Pl40.945809-73.068567
2015NYS 25A / Barnum Ave (N)40.945736-73.072000
1825NYS 25A / Barnum Ave (S)40.941984-73.066552
2011NYS 25A / Bay View Ave40.943643-73.097868
2958NYS 25A / Bay View Ave40.943712-73.098386
2067NYS 25A / Beach St40.944957-73.073431
2006NYS 25A / Bennetts Rd40.930294-73.115078
2954NYS 25A / Bennetts Rd40.929782-73.115839
594NYS 25A / Broadway40.947348-72.923955
2194NYS 25A / Broadway40.947484-72.924038
2207NYS 25A / Chestnut St40.935256-73.019731
2169NYS 25A / Crystal Brook Hollow Rd40.933057-73.035266
2209NYS 25A / Crystal Brook Hollow Rd40.933129-73.034014
2190NYS 25A / Defense Hill Rd40.943693-72.871300
2994NYS 25A / Defense Hill Rd40.943831-72.871381
2016NYS 25A / E Broadway40.946502-73.069443
2421NYS 25A / E Broadway40.946262-73.070252
2191NYS 25A / East St40.945595-72.888561
2995NYS 25A / East St40.945839-72.889098
591NYS 25A / Fairway Dr40.944817-72.944380
2399NYS 25A / Fairway Dr40.945018-72.945543
617NYS 25A / Fish Rd40.947874-72.910844
2210NYS 25A / Fulton St40.932699-73.042043
2189NYS 25A / Gateway Dr40.944078-72.850329
2010NYS 25A / Gnarled Hollow Rd40.943156-73.102111
2957NYS 25A / Gnarled Hollow Rd40.943308-73.102150
3148NYS 25A / Hallock Landing Rd40.945515-72.940609
618NYS 25A / Harding St40.948046-72.914637
2222NYS 25A / Harding St40.947858-72.913098
2013NYS 25A / Harmony Ln40.945536-73.086524
2202NYS 25A / Harrison Ave40.943882-72.971701
2170NYS 25A / Highland Ave40.934120-73.024423
2068NYS 25A / Hoyt Ln40.944943-73.080673
2200NYS 25A / Hunter Ave40.944650-72.965389
2221NYS 25A / Jackson St40.947912-72.916882
2187NYS 25A / Little Leaf Ct40.944679-72.834310
3147NYS 25A / Little Leaf Ct40.944403-72.835994
593NYS 25A / Long Trail40.945343-72.939704
2193NYS 25A / Madison St40.947971-72.918174
2956NYS 25A / Main St40.941354-73.106446
2192NYS 25A / Miller Ave40.946182-72.894117
2996NYS 25A / Miller Ave40.946409-72.894466
580NYS 25A / Miller Place Rd40.941672-72.989030
2204NYS 25A / Miller Place Rd40.941606-72.987261
2998NYS 25A / Mineola Ave40.943280-72.976425
3000NYS 25A / Mt Sinai Coram Rd40.937006-73.014285
2199NYS 25A / N Country Rd40.944916-72.962970
2009NYS 25A / Old Town Road40.941414-73.105680
2206NYS 25A / Patchogue-Mt Sinai Rd40.938399-73.009050
2205NYS 25A / Pipe Stave Hollow Rd40.940523-72.998716
2999NYS 25A / Pipe Stave Hollow Rd40.940745-72.999045
2201NYS 25A / Radio Ave40.944072-72.967852
2997NYS 25A / Radio Ave40.944169-72.969183
616NYS 25A / Randall Rd40.947266-72.901326
2005NYS 25A / Randall Rd40.946895-72.900268
2014NYS 25A / Red Barn Ln40.944805-73.080807
1203NYS 25A / Rocky Point Landing Rd40.946809-72.928355
2168NYS 25A / S Columbia St40.932328-73.044935
2070NYS 25A / S Jersey Ave40.939383-73.109500
3001NYS 25A / School St40.935606-73.019363
2019NYS 25A / Sheep Pasture Rd40.935975-73.056256
2066NYS 25A / Spring St40.943879-73.067192
2007NYS 25A / The Hills Dr40.935518-73.110615
2955NYS 25A / The Hills Dr40.936163-73.110589
2012NYS 25A / Van Brunt Manor Rd40.945809-73.091342
2959NYS 25A / Van Brunt Manor Rd40.945932-73.091732
2986NYS 25A / W Gate Dr40.934091-73.025567
2188NYS 25A / Wading River Manor Rd40.943976-72.842501
2219NYS 25A / Wading River Manor Rd40.943865-72.842308
2069NYS 25A / Washington St40.945565-73.085993
589NYS 25A / Westchester Dr40.944957-72.959206
2395NYS 25A / Westchester Dr40.945374-72.957508
1030NYS 110 / Allen Blvd40.716092-73.426594
1317NYS 110 / Allen Blvd40.715903-73.427197
2713NYS 110 / Amityville Rd40.809414-73.409576
1012NYS 110 / Arlington St40.791806-73.415386
1010NYS 110 / Arrowood Ln40.802828-73.411497
1018NYS 110 / Baylis Rd40.772664-73.421814
2722NYS 110 / Baylis Rd40.772569-73.422275
2732NYS 110 / Bentley Rd40.694758-73.423897
2708NYS 110 / Boston Pl40.827267-73.411931
2729NYS 110 / Brefni St40.704308-73.427581
1026NYS 110 / Conklin St40.739942-73.422889
1312NYS 110 / Conklin St (N)40.740208-73.423256
1313NYS 110 / Conklin St (S)40.738019-73.423453
1311NYS 110 / Daniel St40.746625-73.422678
2714NYS 110 / Davis St40.802781-73.411914
1029NYS 110 / Dell Dr40.718892-73.425878
995NYS 110 / Depot Rd40.850786-73.411478
2701NYS 110 / Depot Rd40.850303-73.411664
1003NYS 110 / Detroit Rd40.826656-73.411724
2709NYS 110 / Detroit Rd40.825236-73.412492
80NYS 110 / Dixon Ave40.684244-73.418022
1019NYS 110 / Duryea Rd40.767583-73.423414
996NYS 110 / E 9th St40.846597-73.411411
997NYS 110 / E 11th St40.843767-73.411861
2704NYS 110 / E 12th St40.842294-73.412119
998NYS 110 / E 13th St40.841903-73.411931
999NYS 110 / E 16th St40.837811-73.412075
1000NYS 110 / E 18th St40.835536-73.411497
1001NYS 110 / E 21st St40.833103-73.410992
1008NYS 110 / E Lyons St40.806328-73.410144
1316NYS 110 / Executive Blvd40.718358-73.426431
1027NYS 110 / Fairchild Hiller Ln40.732072-73.423389
1314NYS 110 / Fairchild Hiller Ln40.731614-73.423856
990NYS 110 / Fairmont St40.864478-73.422886
989NYS 110 / Fairview St40.868372-73.425742
1024NYS 110 / Gazza Blvd40.747419-73.422008
987NYS 110 / Gibson Ave40.875336-73.424083
2698NYS 110 / Grandview St40.863783-73.422917
952NYS 110 / Great Neck Rd40.710300-73.429017
1031NYS 110 / Great Neck Rd40.711542-73.428464
2728NYS 110 / Great Neck Rd (N)40.712317-73.428758
1028NYS 110 / Grumman Ln40.727533-73.423631
1035NYS 110 / Harrison Ave40.694350-73.423289
2697NYS 110 / High St40.867994-73.425650
984NYS 110 / Hill Pl40.880450-73.420917
1017NYS 110 / Huntington Quad40.774853-73.420911
2721NYS 110 / Huntington Quad40.774342-73.421553
991NYS 110 / Jacobson Ave40.860106-73.419939
1034NYS 110 / Jefferson Ave40.698278-73.425542
2731NYS 110 / Jefferson Ave40.698117-73.425847
1002NYS 110 / Jericho Tpk40.828786-73.411153
982NYS 110 / Ketewomoke Dr40.885036-73.418275
2691NYS 110 / Ketewomoke Dr40.885289-73.418328
1038NYS 110 / Louden Ave40.683694-73.418044
2699NYS 110 / Lowndes Ave40.858675-73.416644
2712NYS 110 / Lyons St40.806258-73.410578
988NYS 110 / Main St40.871422-73.426233
2696NYS 110 / Main St40.870925-73.426333
1016NYS 110 / Melville Park Rd40.776653-73.420156
2720NYS 110 / Melville Park Rd40.775989-73.420886
3166NYS 110 / Merrick Rd40.671503-73.416424
3167NYS 110 / Merrick Rd40.672100-73.416450
1315NYS 110 / Michael Ave (N)40.727708-73.424142
872NYS 110 / Michael Ave (S)40.726577-73.424230
1023NYS 110 / Milbar Blvd40.750428-73.421808
2692NYS 110 / Mill Dam Rd40.883392-73.419378
985NYS 110 / Mill Ln40.878783-73.421956
2693NYS 110 / Mill Ln40.878999-73.422044
79NYS 110 / Mill St (E)40.682272-73.416971
118NYS 110 / Mill St (W)40.681899-73.417158
1014NYS 110 / N Service Rd40.783661-73.417286
2718NYS 110 / N Service Rd40.783503-73.417827
1005NYS 110 / Norwich St40.819353-73.411567
2716NYS 110 / Old Country Rd40.793039-73.415700
993NYS 110 / Olive St40.857811-73.413108
983NYS 110 / Park Ave40.883209-73.419281
1013NYS 110 / Pinelawn Rd40.788917-73.415283
986NYS 110 / Prime Ave40.877036-73.423033
2694NYS 110 / Prime Ave40.877203-73.423156
78NYS 110 / Railroad Ave40.680591-73.416835
1033NYS 110 / Ritter Ave40.702488-73.426851
2730NYS 110 / Ritter Ave40.701447-73.427039
1021NYS 110 / Ruland Rd (E)40.757725-73.421906
2725NYS 110 / Ruland Rd (W)40.758383-73.422397
1015NYS 110 / S Service Rd (E)40.778222-73.419508
2719NYS 110 / S Service Rd (W)40.778283-73.419953
1007NYS 110 / Schwab Rd40.815444-73.410242
2711NYS 110 / Schwab Rd40.814594-73.410411
1025NYS 110 / Sherwood Ave40.744022-73.422536
2727NYS 110 / Sherwood Ave40.744142-73.423008
2726NYS 110 / Smith St40.753572-73.422411
1022NYS 110 / Smith St (N)40.754611-73.421911
1036NYS 110 / Smith St (S)40.692500-73.422222
1823NYS 110 / Snyder St40.790511-73.415822
1037NYS 110 / South Dr40.689492-73.420256
1020NYS 110 / Spagnoli Rd (E)40.763628-73.423061
2724NYS 110 / Spagnoli Rd (W)40.762378-73.423336
357NYS 110 / Sterling Pl40.680374-73.417187
2717NYS 110 / Sweet Hollow Rd40.788347-73.415867
2695NYS 110 / Union Pl40.873867-73.425214
2702NYS 110 / W 9th St40.847100-73.411614
2703NYS 110 / W 11th St40.843744-73.412067
2706NYS 110 / W 18th St40.835861-73.411758
2707NYS 110 / W 21st St40.833381-73.411222
2705NYS 110 / W Hills Rd40.838458-73.412489
2733NYS 110 / W Smith St40.692044-73.422322
2723NYS 110 / Walt Whitman Rd40.768472-73.423797
2734NYS 110 / Washington Ave40.688897-73.420283
1621NYS 111 / E Main St40.855713-73.187597
1622NYS 111 / Maple Ave40.837580-73.193750
2875NYS 111 / Maple Ave40.836320-73.194486
1624NYS 111 / NYS 34740.829007-73.199184
1645NYS 111 / NYS 34740.828334-73.199886
1668NYS 111 / Sherbrook Rd40.832814-73.196054
1669NYS 111 / Singer Ln40.854667-73.187469
1625NYS 111 / Townline Rd40.826012-73.201058
2602NYS 111 / Townline Rd40.826821-73.201157
1623NYS 111 / Westbrook Ln40.832461-73.196529
2092NYS 112 / 3rd St40.863013-72.999028
2125NYS 112 / 4th St40.863989-72.998951
2127NYS 112 / Barone Dr40.880317-73.010285
2131NYS 112 / Birchwood Dr40.909185-73.028629
2082NYS 112 / Central Ave40.916272-73.035202
2132NYS 112 / Central Ave40.916817-73.035740
2076NYS 112 / Cherub Ln40.930649-73.052460
2119NYS 112 / Clark St40.781705-73.008258
2086NYS 112 / Colby Dr40.894606-73.017324
2965NYS 112 / Colby Dr40.894228-73.017217
2115NYS 112 / Columbia St40.768237-73.006993
2979NYS 112 / Columbia St40.767750-73.007208
2097NYS 112 / Commercial Blvd40.838496-72.996206
2970NYS 112 / Commercial Blvd40.838324-72.996404
2135NYS 112 / Crescent Dr40.930503-73.052115
2118NYS 112 / Dahlia St40.777550-73.007906
2130NYS 112 / E Grove St40.904616-73.025776
2114NYS 112 / E Lakewood St40.773081-73.007734
2117NYS 112 / E Lakewood St40.773168-73.007460
2978NYS 112 / E Roe Blvd40.775308-73.007947
2106NYS 112 / E Woodside Ave40.794663-73.006903
2977NYS 112 / E Woodside Ave40.793754-73.007488
2095NYS 112 / Granny Rd40.847549-72.997169
2968NYS 112 / Granny Rd40.845521-72.997167
2102NYS 112 / Greenport Ave40.808793-73.002362
2974NYS 112 / Greenport Ave40.808134-73.002774
2109NYS 112 / Harris St40.784545-73.008878
2120NYS 112 / Harris St40.783962-73.008544
2089NYS 112 / Hawkins Path40.880676-73.010581
2098NYS 112 / Horseblock Rd40.827952-72.995004
2971NYS 112 / Horseblock Rd40.828568-72.995261
2084NYS 112 / Industrial Rd40.903807-73.025327
2101NYS 112 / Jamaica Ave40.813083-73.000951
2973NYS 112 / Jamaica Ave40.812299-73.001408
2088NYS 112 / Kensington Gate40.885666-73.011694
2967NYS 112 / Kensington Gate40.885836-73.012037
2111NYS 112 / Lincoln Rd40.781185-73.008509
2116NYS 112 / Maple Ave40.765842-73.011772
2052NYS 112 / Middle Country Rd40.869774-73.003928
2107NYS 112 / Morris Ave40.792279-73.008011
2122NYS 112 / Morris Ave40.792673-73.007555
2081NYS 112 / N Bicycle Path40.918581-73.038680
2091NYS 112 / Old Middle Country Rd40.870234-73.004806
2105NYS 112 / Park Ave40.796109-73.006660
2123NYS 112 / Park Ave40.796927-73.006201
2100NYS 112 / Peconic Ave40.815560-73.000136
2972NYS 112 / Peconic Ave40.815399-73.000426
2087NYS 112 / Pine Rd40.891530-73.014549
2966NYS 112 / Pine Rd40.890891-73.014269
2079NYS 112 / Rose Ln40.923737-73.046194
2083NYS 112 / Sagamore Hill Dr40.908372-73.028373
2108NYS 112 / Shaber Rd40.787453-73.009201
2121NYS 112 / Shaber Rd40.788281-73.008908
2104NYS 112 / Southaven Ave40.801590-73.004683
2976NYS 112 / Southaven Ave40.800959-73.005113
2134NYS 112 / State St40.923331-73.045497
2110NYS 112 / Terry St40.781666-73.008569
2090NYS 112 / Towne Woods Rd40.874755-73.008385
2103NYS 112 / Tremont Ave40.806225-73.003200
2975NYS 112 / Tremont Ave40.806367-73.003379
2112NYS 112 / Vernon St40.776136-73.008052
2113NYS 112 / Vernon St40.775289-73.007712
2099NYS 112 / Waverly Ave40.822058-72.997838
2124NYS 112 / Waverly Ave40.822350-72.997263
2085NYS 112 / Wedgewood Dr40.901735-73.023397
2964NYS 112 / Wedgewood Dr40.901200-73.023179
2077NYS 112 / Wyckoff Ave40.927621-73.049568
2963NYS 112 / Wyckoff Ave40.927632-73.049933
2162NYS 347 / Arrowhead Ln40.904592-73.071908
2984NYS 347 / Arrowhead Ln40.904227-73.073096
2160NYS 347 / Belle Mead Rd40.894301-73.088185
2144NYS 347 / Brooksite Dr40.826413-73.206492
2675NYS 347 / Brooksite Dr40.827097-73.205766
2232NYS 347 / Browns Rd40.854545-73.145746
2159NYS 347 / Emily Dr40.888127-73.097919
2154NYS 347 / Fairhaven Dr E40.854373-73.145329
2153NYS 347 / Gibbs Pond Rd40.852793-73.149477
2661NYS 347 / Gibbs Pond Rd40.852743-73.151451
564NYS 347 / Hallock Rd40.873379-73.122975
2149NYS 347 / Helen Ave40.843445-73.175050
2665NYS 347 / Helen Ave40.843431-73.175536
2152NYS 347 / Lake Ave S40.852197-73.153277
566NYS 347 / Lakeside Ave40.878031-73.114905
2981NYS 347 / Mark Tree Rd40.890312-73.095117
2148NYS 347 / Mt Pleasant Rd40.836834-73.184106
2666NYS 347 / Mt Pleasant Rd40.836531-73.185340
2982NYS 347 / N Belle Mead Rd40.894104-73.089145
2145NYS 347 / NYS 11140.830517-73.197650
2669NYS 347 / NYS 11140.830122-73.199329
2163NYS 347 / Old Town Rd40.909836-73.064031
2411NYS 347 / Old Town Rd40.909048-73.065798
2667NYS 347 / Plaisted Ave40.834152-73.189793
2158NYS 347 / Pond Path40.886066-73.101211
2147NYS 347 / S Plaisted Ave40.834141-73.189006
2146NYS 347 / Sequoia Dr40.832022-73.194047
2668NYS 347 / Sequoia Dr40.831998-73.194896
2151NYS 347 / Southern Blvd40.851631-73.158206
2663NYS 347 / Southern Blvd40.851609-73.161115
565NYS 347 / Stony Brook Rd40.876503-73.117524
2150NYS 347 / Terry Rd40.847900-73.168947
2664NYS 347 / Terry Rd40.847369-73.170956
2161NYS 347 / Wireless Rd40.899598-73.079820
2983NYS 347 / Wireless Rd40.899231-73.081013
2164NYS 347 / Woodhull Ave40.914525-73.057627
2410NYS 347 / Woodhull Ave40.915105-73.057399
875Neighborhood Rd / Elder Dr40.762647-72.856360
2656Neighborhood Rd / Elder Dr40.762603-72.855941
883Neighborhood Rd / Flower Rd40.761443-72.862968
2674Neighborhood Rd / Flower Rd40.761426-72.862330
873Neighborhood Rd / Jefferson Dr40.765108-72.843225
922Neighborhood Rd / Jefferson Dr40.764914-72.843494
874Neighborhood Rd / Overlook Dr40.764092-72.849850
2409Nesconset Shopping Center40.918076-73.053751
105New Hwy / Albany Ave40.712388-73.403349
103New Hwy / Maple Rd40.714154-73.404420
102New Hwy / Oak Rd40.715696-73.405158
104New Hwy / Walnut Rd40.712137-73.403481
124New Hwy / Watkins Ter40.714331-73.404270
531New Moriches Rd / Burr Ln40.869142-73.127655
563New Moriches Rd / Encore Blvd40.869175-73.127419
1304New York Ave / Albany St40.827753-73.409283
1093New York Ave / Edison Dr40.816811-73.407684
2745New York Ave / Edison Dr40.816714-73.407931
1092New York Ave / Saddler Ct40.824975-73.408153
30Newtown Ln / Muchmore Ln40.964368-72.188037
534Nichols Rd / Browns Rd40.849850-73.131725
2275Nichols Rd / Browns Rd40.849906-73.131824
533Nichols Rd / Eliot Dr40.853946-73.128105
535Nichols Rd / Gibbs Pond Rd40.843665-73.137849
538Nichols Rd / Mumford Pl40.825952-73.147902
562Nichols Rd / Mumford Pl40.826532-73.147889
2278Nichols Rd / Roy Dr40.843971-73.137665
536Nichols Rd / Smithtown Blvd40.833322-73.146084
2315Nichols Rd / Smithtown Blvd40.832730-73.146718
539Nichols Rd / Terry Rd40.818828-73.153287
2326Nichols Rd / Terry Rd40.818867-73.153424
537Nichols Rd / Townline Rd40.829380-73.148475
2324Nichols Rd / Townline Rd40.828883-73.148674
173Nicolls Rd / Buchanan Ave40.760712-73.353970
238Nicolls Rd / Commack Rd40.768602-73.311626
1145Nicolls Rd / Deer Park Ave40.765441-73.331670
245Nicolls Rd / Drake Ave40.761856-73.349296
2250Nicolls Rd / Eliot Dr40.853944-73.128380
2463Nicolls Rd / Fox Hunt Ln40.900738-73.114576
175Nicolls Rd / Half Hollow Rd40.763579-73.341113
918Nicolls Rd / Half Hollow Rd40.763533-73.340849
529Nicolls Rd / Hastings Dr40.901333-73.115266
962Nicolls Rd / Livingston St40.767268-73.319617
177Nicolls Rd / N 1st St40.765070-73.332952
169Nicolls Rd / N 18th St40.758063-73.365727
250Nicolls Rd / N 18th St40.758092-73.365939
239Nicolls Rd / Osceola Ave40.767917-73.315995
185Nicolls Rd / Prospect Pl40.767854-73.315590
174Nicolls Rd / Somerset Pl40.761651-73.349798
1106Nicolls Rd / Straight Path40.759918-73.357983
530Nicolls Rd / Sycamore Dr40.890987-73.111135
2235Nicolls Rd / Sycamore Dr40.890794-73.111490
176Nicolls Rd / Totten Ave40.764275-73.337762
920Nicolls Rd / Totten Ave40.764202-73.337571
246Nicolls Rd / Venedia Dr40.760955-73.353328
1172North Dr / County Center Rd40.825950-73.229967
1190North Dr / County Center Rd40.825996-73.229828
2559North Hwy / Boathouse Rd40.894652-72.474273
3092North Hwy / Boathouse Rd40.894468-72.474472
2557North Hwy / E Rd40.893277-72.485253
2558North Hwy / Peconic Rd40.894551-72.483487
3119North Rd / Oakhurst Rd40.893424-72.490591
2556North Rd / Old Canoe Place Rd40.885848-72.499650
3112North Rd / Old Canoe Place Rd40.886276-72.500179
3091North Rd / Peconic Rd40.894709-72.482941
1510Northport LIRR40.880889-73.326817
1508Northport VA Med Cen40.894572-73.308467
4Nugent St / Windmill Ln40.885836-72.392094
53Nugent St / Windmill Ln40.885983-72.392189
523Oak Rd / New Hwy40.716019-73.405560
1046Oak St / Bayview Ave40.678884-73.409785
2735Oak St / Bayview Ave40.678958-73.410105
1047Oak St / Beachview St40.679375-73.404161
1088Oak St / Cedar St40.679558-73.403350
1329Oak St / County Line Rd (N)40.679113-73.423866
1044Oak St / County Line Rd (S)40.679014-73.423799
1049Oak St / Garfield Ave40.681507-73.391141
2737Oak St / Garfield Ave40.681665-73.391222
1048Oak St / Great Neck Rd40.679961-73.398904
2736Oak St / Great Neck Rd40.680030-73.399109
1089Oak St / Ketcham Ave40.679347-73.420296
2738Oak St / N Strong Ave40.682368-73.388769
356Oak St / NYS 11040.679303-73.418268
1045Oak St / NYS 110 (E)40.678991-73.416906
77Oak St / NYS 110 (W)40.679170-73.418261
1050Oak St / S Strong Ave40.682209-73.388777
1443Oakdale LIRR40.742397-73.132229
2811Oakdale LIRR40.742519-73.132061
425Oakland St / Brentwood Pkwy40.802911-73.242649
386Oakland St / Washington Ave40.802544-73.247881
1604Oakland St / Washington Ave40.802470-73.247599
387Oakland St / Winfield Ave40.802770-73.243402
31Oakview Hwy / Winstead St40.978275-72.192089
1833Ocean Ave (1600)40.784711-73.121068
1820Ocean Ave / Johnson Ave40.807204-73.124417
1821Ocean Ave / Peconic St40.800692-73.123153
2909Ocean Ave / Peconic St40.801056-73.123511
1834Ocean Ave / Shirley St40.781905-73.120624
1857Ocean Ave / Shirley St40.781827-73.120455
2178Old Country Rd / Commerce Dr40.924749-72.700051
965Old Country Rd / Delores Ave40.929500-72.682083
2543Old Country Rd / Doctor's Path Rd40.936991-72.649505
2599Old Country Rd / E Main St40.936501-72.651217
2544Old Country Rd / Harrison Ave40.930739-72.679754
1965Old Country Rd / Kroemer Ave40.923775-72.707165
2690Old Country Rd / Kroemer Ave40.923805-72.708386
964Old Country Rd / Mill Rd40.924891-72.697546
943Old Country Rd / Northville Tpk40.935992-72.656780
1966Old Country Rd / Osborne Ave40.927789-72.686064
2597Old Country Rd / Roanoke Ave40.932358-72.675567
3100Old Country Rd / Roanoke Ave40.932253-72.676361
1881Old Country Rd / Tanger Mall Dr40.923012-72.711023
1964Old Country Rd / Tanger Mall Dr40.922985-72.712599
951Old Country Rd / Woodcrest Ave40.929553-72.682482
3076Old Dock Rd / E Patchogue Yaphank Rd40.820467-72.944338
2383Old Dock Rd / Horseblock Rd40.807300-72.944314
2381Old Dock Rd / Industry Ct40.817149-72.943288
2382Old Dock Rd / Todd Ct40.814275-72.942961
60Old Montauk Hwy / Maple St41.016125-71.993408
542Old Nichols Rd / Halsey St40.802413-73.166662
561Old Nichols Rd / Johnson Ave40.803161-73.166023
540Old Nichols Rd / N Connecting Rd40.810667-73.158523
2338Old Nichols Rd / N Connecting Rd40.811165-73.158488
543Old Nichols Rd / S Bedford Ave40.799840-73.169644
560Old Nichols Rd / S Bedford Ave40.799816-73.169321
541Old Nichols Rd / S Connecting Rd40.807672-73.161190
2342Old Nichols Rd / S Connecting Rd40.807587-73.161548
2034Old Town Rd / Aycock Pl40.873921-73.017826
2035Old Town Rd / Aycock Pl40.874034-73.017701
2057Old Town Rd / Bicycle Path40.888818-73.035506
2078Old Town Rd / Brookwood Dr40.872290-73.011978
3137Old Town Rd / Brookwood Dr40.872392-73.011456
2025Old Town Rd / Colony Rd40.899092-73.048656
2026Old Town Rd / Dare Rd40.895031-73.043486
2053Old Town Rd / Fairwood Ln40.874549-73.019198
2032Old Town Rd / Freemont Ln40.875456-73.022806
2033Old Town Rd / Harford Dr40.874721-73.020560
2055Old Town Rd / Hawkins Path40.881978-73.029048
2030Old Town Rd / Hawkins Rd40.880847-73.028123
2054Old Town Rd / Howe Rd40.875729-73.023032
2031Old Town Rd / Hyson Way40.878481-73.026674
2961Old Town Rd / Hyson Way40.878870-73.026722
702Old Town Rd / Jayne Blvd40.897584-73.045891
2437Old Town Rd / Jayne Blvd40.897235-73.045823
705Old Town Rd / Lilac Ln40.902798-73.053916
2452Old Town Rd / Lilac Ln40.902802-73.054195
2028Old Town Rd / N Bicycle Path40.887761-73.034781
2029Old Town Rd / Nevada St40.884017-73.031894
2058Old Town Rd / Pagnotta Dr40.892844-73.040438
2027Old Town Rd / Richard Dr40.892443-73.040152
704Old Town Rd / Terryville Rd40.900201-73.050229
2056Old Town Rd / Wedgewood Dr40.883448-73.030934
2877Old Willet Path / Oser Ave40.815648-73.233130
380Old Willets Path / Engineers Rd40.812444-73.233160
1564Old Willets Path / Engineers Rd40.813339-73.232883
381Old Willets Path / LI Motor Pkwy40.808883-73.235090
1666Old Willets Path / LI Motor Pkwy40.808329-73.235270
1628Old Willets Path / Oser Ave40.816440-73.233182
2773Old Willets Path / Vets Hwy40.824215-73.234645
1249Old Willets Path / Vets Hwy (N)40.825869-73.234714
1248Old Willets Path / Vets Hwy (S)40.824419-73.234492
2939Opal St / Broadway Ave40.786664-73.068032
455Orange St / Boulevard Ave40.774845-73.182419
1942Orange St / Boulevard Ave40.774747-73.182530
2527Orient Point Ferry Dock41.155227-72.241402
227Orinoco Dr / Asharoken Rd40.718661-73.272391
205Orinoco Dr / Ridgeway Blvd40.717946-73.274130
2936Orville Dr (80)40.775573-73.101879
1970Orville Dr (95)40.775925-73.101756
2610Orville Dr / Church St40.770555-73.101456
1971Orville Dr / Vets Hwy40.782654-73.102320
2937Orville Dr / Vets Hwy40.782606-73.102494
2609Orville Dr / Wilbur Pl40.780068-73.102270
2917Osborn Ave / Pulaski St40.921802-72.670725
2595Osborne Ave / Harrison Ave40.924738-72.673948
1880Osborne Ave / Old Country Rd40.928058-72.684176
1879Osborne Ave / Pulaski St40.921697-72.670806
1179Oser Ave (40)40.816117-73.237997
378Oser Ave (45)40.815931-73.237665
374Oser Ave (301)40.816544-73.259657
1365Oser Ave (310)40.816647-73.260461
375Oser Ave / Adams Ave40.816491-73.256339
1553Oser Ave / Adams Ave40.816625-73.256626
376Oser Ave / Marcus Blvd40.817166-73.246731
2075Oser Ave / Marcus Blvd40.817461-73.247908
1561Oser Ave / Old Willets Path (N)40.815956-73.233742
379Oser Ave / Old Willets Path (S)40.815834-73.233734
1366Oser Ave / Parkway Dr S40.816803-73.264814
373Oser Ave / Pkwy Dr S40.817506-73.266939
377Oser Ave / Plant Ave40.816582-73.242502
1364Oser Ave / Plant Ave40.816775-73.242950
942Osprey Ave / Old Country Rd40.936161-72.652458
2683Osprey Ave / Old Country Rd40.935978-72.652422
966Ostrander Ave / Old Country Rd40.934983-72.669842
472Oval Dr / Bridge Rd40.802611-73.189713
3205Pantigo Pl (200)40.969129-72.169268
1070Park Ave / Kansas St40.690743-73.355964
1139Park Ave / Litchfield Ave (N)40.702303-73.336297
2761Park Ave / Litchfield Ave (S)40.702186-73.336014
1140Park Ave / Little East Neck Rd N (N)40.701464-73.340247
2762Park Ave / Little East Neck Rd N (S)40.701450-73.339947
1069Park Ave / Montauk Hwy40.686595-73.352739
1170Park Ave / N Carll Ave40.701983-73.326242
1138Park Ave / Ralph Ave (N)40.702178-73.330225
2760Park Ave / Ralph Ave (S)40.702075-73.330278
500Park Dr (15)40.768462-73.431367
2254Park Pl / Woodycrest Dr40.831424-73.028947
126Parkway Ave / Schleigel Blvd40.707645-73.413308
759Patchogue LIRR40.761622-73.014921
3207Patchogue LIRR (No Pick Ups)40.761886-73.013536
745Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Greenbelt Pkwy40.789848-73.049313
2565Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Greenbelt Pkwy40.789176-73.048775
742Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Somerset Dr40.799175-73.063808
767Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Somerset Dr40.799498-73.063787
766Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Springmeadow Dr40.794250-73.056384
2526Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Springmeadow Dr (N)40.796303-73.059743
744Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Springmeadow Dr (S)40.793573-73.055869
743Patchogue-Holbrook Rd / Springwood Dr40.796572-73.059647
2940Pearl St / Grundy Ave40.782637-73.074939
950Peconic Bay Medical Center40.934234-72.674745
3155Peconic Bay Medical Center40.934171-72.674895
2093Pederson-Krag Center40.859169-72.998928
941Phillips St / Doris Ave40.931086-72.651306
1188Pine Aire Dr / Manatuck Blvd40.772861-73.275233
2766Pine Aire Dr / Manatuck Blvd40.772969-73.275236
1189Pine Aire Dr / N Thompson Dr40.771411-73.281597
2767Pine Aire Dr / N Thompson Dr40.771569-73.281400
343Pine Aire Dr / Peck Ave40.773961-73.270439
1470Pine Aire Dr / Peck Ave40.773925-73.271098
342Pine Aire Dr / Savoy Ave40.774975-73.265909
1457Pine Aire Dr / Savoy Ave40.775008-73.266424
341Pine Aire Dr / Wicks Rd40.776285-73.260835
461Poplar St / Prospect Ave40.787526-73.188203
2074Port Jefferson Ferry Dock40.947454-73.068897
568Port Jefferson LIRR40.934566-73.054534
2352Port Jefferson LIRR40.933750-73.054133
567Port Jefferson Shopping Plaza40.930848-73.053446
2080Port Plaza40.919618-73.040233
2133Port Plaza40.920136-73.040637
647Portion Rd / Ave B40.833601-73.076748
2136Portion Rd / Ave B40.833611-73.077393
2233Portion Rd / Ave D40.834626-73.072795
645Portion Rd / Bayberry Rd40.831087-73.088835
670Portion Rd / Cenacle Rd40.831550-73.087350
1806Portion Rd / Cleary Rd40.827317-73.102646
1867Portion Rd / Foster Rd40.827357-73.101908
640Portion Rd / Hawkins Ave40.826423-73.107119
1807Portion Rd / Hawkins Ave40.826573-73.108255
646Portion Rd / Holbrook Rd40.832393-73.081353
2128Portion Rd / Holbrook Rd40.832155-73.083466
649Portion Rd / Morris Ave40.835006-73.061930
2234Portion Rd / N Morris Ave40.835188-73.062747
1808Portion Rd / Ronkonkoma Ave40.826662-73.109842
2903Portion Rd / Ronkonkoma Ave40.827197-73.110918
648Portion Rd / University Dr40.834274-73.073768
763Prince St / Risley St40.786252-73.032057
2578Prince St / Seaside Ave40.788522-73.026548
1176Rabro Dr / Constance Ct40.812783-73.225081
1178Rabro Dr / Power Dr40.811022-73.232614
1177Rabro Dr / Ranick Rd40.812086-73.230342
1169Railroad Ave / Cedarwood Rd40.693094-73.350842
2336Railroad Ave / Frowein Rd40.805669-72.790203
3038Railroad Ave / Frowein Rd40.805952-72.790376
1846Railroad Ave / Henry St40.740646-73.084947
2916Railroad Ave / Henry St40.740510-73.085026
848Railroad Ave / Montauk Hwy40.800380-72.789709
2337Railroad Ave / Montauk Hwy40.800323-72.789882
1818Railroad Ave / Powell St40.808395-73.110001
1847Railroad Ave / Swayze St40.738389-73.083724
770Rider Ave / Terry St40.764583-73.008850
818Rider Ave / Terry St40.764774-73.009319
959River Rd / 2nd St40.917461-72.723347
2179River Rd / Splish Splash Dr40.925707-72.735476
2688River Rd / W Main St40.917744-72.721986
1711Riverhead Centre (E)40.926213-72.692345
3143Riverhead Centre (E)40.926411-72.690331
1324Riverhead Centre (W)40.925625-72.694236
1357Riverhead Centre (W)40.925800-72.694367
933Riverhead County Center40.912944-72.667464
3212Riverhead County Center (No Pick Ups)40.913907-72.666662
934Riverhead LIRR40.919608-72.667692
953Riverhead Landing40.934547-72.698258
2684Riverhead Landing40.934461-72.697631
947Riverhead Plaza40.933467-72.666417
614Robert Moses State Park40.623699-73.265021
1193Rodeo Dr / Mercedes Way40.782478-73.288714
411Romaine St / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.741355-73.217388
1816Ronkonkoma Ave / Church St40.816837-73.112461
2908Ronkonkoma Ave / Church St40.816913-73.112613
1817Ronkonkoma Ave / Expwy Dr N40.814061-73.112209
1864Ronkonkoma Ave / Expwy Dr N40.813985-73.111932
558Ronkonkoma LIRR40.808067-73.107333
634Ronkonkoma LIRR40.808064-73.107358
3211Ronkonkoma LIRR (No Pick Ups)40.808435-73.107858
1812Rosevale Ave / Kirk Ave40.822844-73.127896
2906Rosevale Ave / Kirk Ave40.822372-73.127414
1811Rosevale Ave / LI Motor Pkwy40.823135-73.129486
1866Rosevale Ave / Lake Dr40.823636-73.129911
1814Rosevale Ave / Pond Rd40.817959-73.118762
1865Rosevale Ave / Pond Rd40.818032-73.118577
1813Rosevale Ave / Rose Dr40.820035-73.123295
2907Rosevale Ave / Rose Dr40.819794-73.123185
1810Rosevale Ave / Victory Dr40.828965-73.134038
2905Rosevale Ave / Victory Dr40.828394-73.134156
1196S 2nd St / Dunton Ave40.767432-73.294735
1237S 2nd St / Dunton Ave40.767298-73.294844
2331S Country Rd / Abets Creek Path40.761129-72.974570
2312S Country Rd / Beaver Dam Rd40.773591-72.920005
3110S Country Rd / Beaver Dam Rd40.773106-72.920279
2311S Country Rd / Chapel Rd40.779473-72.915252
3109S Country Rd / Chapel Rd40.779382-72.915419
2348S Country Rd / County Greens Dr40.754090-72.951403
2329S Country Rd / Donegan Ave40.755267-72.958718
2332S Country Rd / Durkee Ln40.762417-72.979670
3034S Country Rd / Durkee Ln40.762513-72.979433
2328S Country Rd / Golf Course Rd40.754025-72.950469
2349S Country Rd / Livingston Rd40.755963-72.940934
2313S Country Rd / Maplewood Dr40.761469-72.933188
2351S Country Rd / Maplewood Dr40.761141-72.933522
2347S Country Rd / Melrose Pkwy40.755179-72.958838
3033S Country Rd / N Dunton Ave40.756629-72.962606
3032S Country Rd / N Howells Point Rd40.754443-72.945450
2404S Country Rd / New Jersey Ave40.758850-72.937612
3035S Country Rd / Pine Neck Ave40.766962-72.991179
2333S Country Rd / Robinson Blvd40.766561-72.990561
2346S Country Rd / Roosevelt Blvd40.760761-72.974057
2330S Country Rd / S Dunton Ave40.756665-72.963268
2327S Country Rd / S Howells Point Rd40.754494-72.944852
2251S Country Rd / Station Rd40.756808-72.940115
2314S Country Rd / Woodruff St40.758210-72.938104
2248S Evergreen Dr / Oakdale Ave40.860887-73.040724
2274S Evergreen Dr / Oakdale Ave40.860995-73.040623
847S Evergreen Dr / Sunset Ave40.856361-73.039995
2249S Evergreen Dr / Sunset Ave40.856286-73.040137
2247S Evergreen Dr / Woodmere Pl40.864561-73.041069
3005S Evergreen Dr / Woodmere Pl40.864895-73.041265
790S Village Dr / Horizon Gate St40.797071-72.944894
2624S Village Dr / Horizon Ln40.793590-72.944169
321SCCC - Brentwood Campus40.797072-73.273961
1331SCCC - Brentwood Campus40.796875-73.274028
930SCCC - Riverhead Campus40.877412-72.699342
652SCCC - Selden Campus40.846439-73.053401
1996SUNY Stony Brook South Campus40.904473-73.121536
2950SUNY Stony Brook South Campus40.904768-73.121725
526SUNY Stony Brook Student Union40.918991-73.121219
2359SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital40.909018-73.114161
429Saxon Ave / Delaware St40.736917-73.228679
430Saxon Ave / Moffitt Blvd40.732844-73.228497
1852Saxon Ave / Moffitt Blvd40.733033-73.228334
508Saxon Ave / Montauk Hwy40.728567-73.228148
3180Saxon Ave / Montauk Hwy40.729147-73.228412
509Saxon Ave / Niagra St40.736296-73.228480
1986Sayville Plaza40.763877-73.093898
97Schleigel Blvd / Columbus Blvd40.707552-73.412740
642School St / Cleary Rd40.831879-73.102321
672School St / Cleary Rd40.831937-73.102898
641School St / Hawkins Ave40.831574-73.108241
396Second Ave / Brentwood Rd40.778403-73.245506
1653Second Ave / Brentwood Rd40.778260-73.245349
421Second Ave / Broadway40.779051-73.227948
397Second Ave / Fairfield Cir40.778392-73.239830
1655Second Ave / Fairfield Cir40.778274-73.239692
398Second Ave / Hilltop Dr40.778377-73.233203
1667Second Ave / Hilltop Dr40.778375-73.232518
360Second Ave / Second St40.778261-73.250447
1499Second Ave / Second St40.778422-73.250339
791Second Ave / Union Blvd40.726195-73.247241
1643Second Ave / Union Blvd40.726563-73.247358
2040Seymour Ave / Gray Ave40.858638-72.970685
2045Seymour Ave / Hawkins Ave40.858985-72.967440
2039Seymour Ln / W Yaphank Rd40.858047-72.978025
868Siena Village40.866297-73.225948
775Sills Rd / Hewlett Ave40.769479-72.984330
2582Sills Rd / Hewlett Ave40.769342-72.984846
2378Sills Rd / Horseblock Rd40.810808-72.952966
814Sills Rd / Hospital Rd40.775317-72.977562
786Sills Rd / National Blvd40.807505-72.955357
2621Sills Rd / National Blvd40.807154-72.956077
776Sills Rd / Yaphank Rd40.774473-72.978132
782Sipp Ave / Southaven Ave40.803063-72.974636
2617Sipp Ave / Southaven Ave40.803038-72.974805
300Skidmore Rd / De Kay Pl40.748849-73.307755
279Skidmore Rd / Skidmores Rd40.748439-73.307918
278Skidmore Rd / Tiber Ave40.750883-73.307500
301Skidmore Rd / Tiber Ave40.750850-73.307383
532Smith Haven Mall40.864909-73.132893
3101Smith Haven Mall40.864983-73.132433
3208Smith Haven Mall (No Pick Ups)40.864882-73.133390
1870Smith Rd / Arlington Rd40.839416-73.103939
254Smith St (375)40.756786-73.410694
1199Smith St (399)40.756676-73.410128
252Smith St / NYS 11040.754394-73.420444
1180Smith St / NYS 11040.754221-73.420798
253Smith St / New Hwy40.754803-73.413936
1186Smith St / New Hwy40.754675-73.413907
255Smith St / Wellwood Ave40.757328-73.403648
1208Smith St / Wellwood Ave40.757192-73.403656
1837Smithtown Ave / Church St40.769473-73.108689
2911Smithtown Ave / Church St40.769431-73.108805
1856Smithtown Ave / Island Blvd40.754864-73.106377
1838Smithtown Ave / Karshick St40.764260-73.107909
2912Smithtown Ave / Karshick St40.764138-73.107994
1839Smithtown Ave / Kathy Ln40.760645-73.107512
1840Smithtown Ave / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.758446-73.107010
2913Smithtown Ave / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.758328-73.107254
1841Smithtown Ave / Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd40.756934-73.106736
2914Smithtown Ave / Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd40.756449-73.106953
2904Smithtown Blvd / Schoolhouse Rd40.833412-73.123892
1620Smithtown LIRR40.856500-73.197033
2391Smithtown Town Hall40.855296-73.198461
2185Sound Ave / Hulse Landing Rd40.949895-72.802174
2992Sound Ave / Hulse Landing Rd40.950169-72.801727
587Sound Beach Blvd / Cedar Rd40.947928-72.966152
624Sound Beach Blvd / Cedar Rd40.947894-72.966016
586Sound Beach Blvd / Fresh Pond Rd40.950732-72.966150
1875Sound Beach Blvd / Malba Dr40.950988-72.965945
625Sound Beach Blvd / New York Ave40.956164-72.967360
1868Sound Beach Blvd / Rosedale Rd40.955588-72.966592
585Sound Beach Blvd / Woodhaven Dr40.956218-72.967658
1068South Bay Shopping Center40.686405-73.349199
217South Shore Mall40.738671-73.246912
3210South Shore Mall (No Pick Ups)40.737910-73.247509
1472South St / West Ave40.764468-73.018489
2823South St / West Ave40.764391-73.018355
6Southampton Hospital40.885642-72.381042
155Southampton Hospital40.885908-72.380578
61Southampton Town Hall40.887780-72.386604
62Southampton Town Hall40.887661-72.386434
784Southaven Ave / Christopher Ct40.804001-72.962486
2619Southaven Ave / Christopher Ct40.804078-72.962997
2618Southaven Ave / Matsunaye Dr40.803547-72.971284
785Southaven Ave / Meadow Ave40.804259-72.958625
2620Southaven Ave / Meadow Ave40.804345-72.958972
783Southaven Ave / Silver Pine Dr40.803483-72.970729
42Spinner Ln / Springs Fireplace Rd40.978325-72.176333
37Springs Fireplace Rd / Cedar Ridge Dr41.006914-72.166147
36Springs Fireplace Rd / Gardiner Ave41.016336-72.159211
43Springs Fireplace Rd / Jackson St40.976072-72.179892
406Spur Dr N / Commack Rd40.755598-73.227720
1750Spur Dr N / Commack Rd40.755735-73.227801
1755St Catherine of Siena Hospital40.867868-73.222615
2064St Charles Hospital40.946105-73.059141
1785St Johnland Rd / Ashland Dr40.874437-73.220046
1787St Johnland Rd / Bishops Rd40.865630-73.220555
1758St Johnland Rd / Leonard St40.881145-73.220512
2898St Johnland Rd / Leonard St40.881490-73.220489
1757St Johnland Rd / Monroe St40.877714-73.219459
1756St Johnland Rd / Oakside Rd40.871689-73.219679
1786St Johnland Rd / Oakside Rd40.871312-73.219835
1784St Johnland Rd / Rumford Rd40.877770-73.219713
2897St Johnland Rd / Summerset Dr40.860516-73.214938
1754St Johnland Rd / W Jericho Tpk40.859104-73.212983
709St Josephs Village40.886506-73.050893
366St Pauls Garden40.789015-73.265628
797Station Rd / Beaver Dam Rd40.772922-72.942708
2628Station Rd / Beaver Dam Rd40.772741-72.942485
2626Station Rd / Brookhaven Ave (E)40.779696-72.944602
795Station Rd / Brookhaven Ave (W)40.779225-72.944603
787Station Rd / E Patchogue Yaphank Rd40.807815-72.953329
2376Station Rd / E Woodside Ave (E)40.797626-72.950030
2591Station Rd / E Woodside Ave (W)40.797500-72.950150
1648Station Rd / Hampton Ave (E)40.781994-72.945340
2588Station Rd / Hampton Ave (W)40.781866-72.945444
798Station Rd / Head Of The Neck Rd40.765383-72.940440
2629Station Rd / Head Of The Neck Rd40.765431-72.940300
2375Station Rd / Hollow St (E)40.794006-72.948978
3113Station Rd / Hollow St (W)40.793758-72.949038
799Station Rd / Kreamer St40.759386-72.939785
2625Station Rd / Martha Ave (E)40.786385-72.946666
792Station Rd / Martha Ave (W)40.786492-72.946871
796Station Rd / Montauk Hwy40.774503-72.943173
2627Station Rd / Montauk Hwy40.774499-72.943033
800Station Rd / S Country Rd40.757358-72.939551
2630Station Rd / S Country Rd40.757652-72.939446
2377Station Rd / Sills Rd40.808168-72.953280
2374Station Rd / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.789971-72.947686
2622Station Rd / Tarpon Ave (E)40.804322-72.952133
788Station Rd / Tarpon Ave (W)40.804391-72.952292
2623Station Rd / Tie St40.799994-72.950790
789Station Rd / Tie St (W)40.800087-72.950973
525Stony Brook LIRR40.921306-73.127524
2423Stony Brook LIRR40.921827-73.128012
3042Stony Brook LIRR40.921732-73.127894
2464Stony Brook Museums40.912338-73.141297
1994Stony Brook Rd / Memory Way40.888040-73.124561
2948Stony Brook Rd / Memory Way40.888204-73.124896
1991Stony Brook Rd / NYS 34740.876872-73.118152
2073Stony Brook Rd / Olney Way40.881319-73.120762
1992Stony Brook Rd / Parsons Pl40.878016-73.118747
2947Stony Brook Rd / Parsons Pl40.877836-73.118969
1993Stony Brook Rd / Perigee Dr40.881514-73.120581
1995Stony Brook Rd / University Heights Dr40.892045-73.127284
2949Stony Brook Rd / University Heights Dr40.891911-73.127370
2465Stony Brook Village40.916589-73.147184
2753Straight Path40.759864-73.357657
1338Straight Path / 4th St40.713953-73.381742
1382Straight Path / 4th St40.713642-73.382144
1340Straight Path / 11th St40.720139-73.378414
1378Straight Path / 14th St40.722375-73.377447
1341Straight Path / 16th St40.724544-73.376033
1347Straight Path / 18th St40.750111-73.362511
1373Straight Path / 18th St40.750150-73.362700
1374Straight Path / 20th St40.748036-73.363808
1332Straight Path / 35th St40.692800-73.393086
2790Straight Path / 35th St40.692625-73.393425
1333Straight Path / 41st St40.695169-73.391878
1334Straight Path / 45th St40.698175-73.390292
2792Straight Path / 48th St40.700517-73.389365
1335Straight Path / 52nd St40.702697-73.387817
1384Straight Path / 53rd St40.703228-73.387828
1339Straight Path / Babylon Farmingdale Rd40.715030-73.381193
1381Straight Path / Babylon Farmingdale Rd40.715048-73.381267
1337Straight Path / Bedell St40.710586-73.383603
1336Straight Path / Colonial Rd40.707289-73.385347
1348Straight Path / Commonwealth Dr40.752889-73.361028
1372Straight Path / Commonwealth Dr40.753217-73.361078
1377Straight Path / Edison Ave40.735842-73.370292
1342Straight Path / Gordon Ave40.728894-73.373722
3203Straight Path / Gordon Ave40.728775-73.373986
1379Straight Path / Herzel Blvd40.717275-73.380194
1375Straight Path / Levey Blvd40.745811-73.364939
3223Straight Path / Levey Blvd40.745318-73.364994
1376Straight Path / Lincoln Ave40.741453-73.367283
1344Straight Path / Little East Neck Rd N40.736142-73.369889
1383Straight Path / Maple Dr40.709500-73.384394
1343Straight Path / Matthews Ave40.732169-73.372008
1346Straight Path / Mount Ave40.748331-73.363405
172Straight Path / Nicolls Rd40.759483-73.357734
1171Straight Path / Nicolls Rd40.759804-73.357376
2791Straight Path / Ralph Ave40.695246-73.392103
171Straight Path / Washington Ave40.757691-73.358461
247Straight Path / Washington Ave40.757365-73.358853
1345Straight Path / Wyandanch Ave40.741450-73.367031
395Suffolk Ave / Brentwood Pkwy40.782087-73.242658
422Suffolk Ave / Brentwood Pkwy40.781933-73.242599
2449Suffolk Ave / East Ave40.813354-72.917760
393Suffolk Ave / Fulton St40.785173-73.228954
1647Suffolk Ave / Fulton St40.785237-73.228098
2345Suffolk Ave / Gibbs Rd40.794028-73.186521
553Suffolk Ave / Joshuas Path40.787000-73.221167
559Suffolk Ave / Lowell Ave40.792640-73.192040
1537Suffolk Ave / Monroe Ave40.780333-73.250411
2840Suffolk Ave / Monroe Ave40.780369-73.249504
1536Suffolk Ave / Park Ave40.778589-73.258050
2839Suffolk Ave / Park Ave40.778493-73.257863
1562Suffolk Ave / Reese St40.780914-73.247881
545Suffolk Ave / Sycamore Ave40.795679-73.177212
2344Suffolk Ave / Sycamore Ave40.796099-73.176859
544Suffolk Ave / Vets Hwy40.798226-73.173999
2343Suffolk Ave / Vets Hwy40.798653-73.173819
478Suffolk Ave / Weeks Ave40.792004-73.196339
394Suffolk Ave / Willoughby St40.784320-73.232268
1650Suffolk Ave / Willoughby St40.784384-73.232511
1361Suffolk County Dennison Bldg40.822075-73.224328
1358Suffolk County North Complex (E)40.827986-73.231578
1362Suffolk County North Complex (E)40.828031-73.231418
1250Suffolk County North Complex (W)40.828181-73.233878
1363Suffolk County North Complex (W)40.828314-73.233949
719Suffolk County Offices40.840457-73.056296
1529Suffolk County Probation40.816645-73.264737
3185Suffolk County Social Services40.872536-72.982916
2895Sun Vet Mall40.770130-73.062750
295Sunrise Hwy / Howells Rd (N)40.730929-73.273037
288Sunrise Hwy / Howells Rd (S)40.731200-73.268096
294Sunrise Hwy / Manatuck Blvd40.732371-73.265911
314Sunrise Hwy / Mobile Dr40.734515-73.255222
290Sunrise Hwy / Ross Ave40.734665-73.251455
289Sunrise Hwy / Third Ave40.733622-73.256710
412Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd / Saxon Av40.739788-73.227821
938Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd / St Louis Ave40.738732-73.234574
415Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd / Fuller Ave40.740424-73.218590
414Sunrise Hwy S Service Rd / Saxon Ave40.739306-73.225929
1042Sunrise Mall40.682083-73.432367
773Swan Nursery Commons40.768074-72.990315
2396Swan Nursery Commons (E)40.768109-72.988755
816Swan Nursery Commons (W)40.768178-72.990989
1131Tanger Outlets At The Arches40.762802-73.304919
1854Tariff St / Chester Rd40.745587-73.095363
1845Tariff St / Greeley Ave40.745504-73.088957
1853Tariff St / Lakeland Ave40.745632-73.088542
819Taylor Ln / Terry St40.764233-73.012600
276Tell Ave / Crown St40.751282-73.316746
277Tell Ave / Washington Ave40.751559-73.311877
1247Tell Ave / Washington Ave40.751463-73.312204
1982Terry Blvd / Grundy Ave40.796066-73.076725
2943Terry Blvd / Grundy Ave40.795959-73.076623
1842Terry Rd / Bourne Blvd40.750873-73.102448
2915Terry Rd / Bourne Blvd40.751004-73.102789
1844Terry Rd / Cherry Ave40.745517-73.095852
1843Terry Rd / St Johns St40.748373-73.100203
1855Terry Rd / Sterling Pl40.748272-73.099925
703Terryville Plaza40.898473-73.047102
725Terryville Plaza40.898240-73.046993
2003Terryville Rd (51)40.927175-73.053004
2020Terryville Rd (100)40.927741-73.053208
2021Terryville Rd / Ardmer Dr40.925251-73.052945
2960Terryville Rd / Ardmer Dr40.924928-73.052742
2024Terryville Rd / Half Mile Rd40.905777-73.050647
2060Terryville Rd / Lisa Ln40.906309-73.050550
2022Terryville Rd / Norwood Ave40.921550-73.052483
3136Terryville Rd / Norwood Ave40.921641-73.052373
861Terryville Rd / Old Town Rd40.900228-73.049964
3108Terryville Rd / Old Town Rd40.900692-73.049857
1402Terryville Rd / University Dr40.918041-73.052107
2062Terryville Rd / University Dr40.918129-73.051938
2023Terryville Rd / Viceroy Pl40.909414-73.051101
2061Terryville Rd / Viceroy Pl40.909827-73.050964
1410Terryville Rd / Whitman Ave40.914713-73.051721
1411Terryville Rd / Whitman Ave40.914774-73.051581
358Third Ave / Fifth Ave40.776520-73.259066
340Third Ave / First St40.777106-73.254923
359Third Ave / Stein Dr40.776919-73.255377
33Three Mile Harbor Rd / Gardiners Ln41.016064-72.178150
32Three Mile Harbor Rd / Muir Blvd40.995047-72.182500
34Three Mile Harbor Rd / Washington Ave41.032875-72.171386
2008Three Village Shopping Center40.937517-73.110000
3184Three Village Shopping Center40.937433-73.110200
50Toilsome Ln / Gingerbread Ln40.963517-72.199608
1325Toldeo St / Baiting Place Rd40.711650-73.424319
2787Toledo St / Grand Ave40.712061-73.418608
1318Toledo St / Van Buren St40.711972-73.418583
754Traction Blvd / Fry Blvd40.785799-73.022292
2580Traction Blvd / Fry Blvd40.785775-73.022503
753Traction Blvd / Midway St40.787595-73.024522
752Traction Blvd / Prince St40.788915-73.025391
1073Trolley Line Rd / Little East Neck Rd N40.697071-73.336394
209US Citizenship and Immigration Services40.807099-73.040412
3181US District Court40.758767-73.191933
1209Udall Rd / Anthony Dr40.718767-73.302900
194Udall Rd / Bay Shore Rd40.739756-73.295224
973Udall Rd / Bay Shore Rd40.739590-73.295342
196Udall Rd / Bellmore St40.731920-73.296667
974Udall Rd / Bellmore St40.731853-73.296864
231Udall Rd / Breslau St40.735666-73.295713
1227Udall Rd / Chris Ln40.718272-73.302939
1210Udall Rd / Duffin Ave40.714894-73.304503
2768Udall Rd / Duffin Ave40.715303-73.304564
233Udall Rd / E Belmont St40.746384-73.295101
234Udall Rd / E Lakeland St40.749274-73.294969
232Udall Rd / E Oakdale St40.743508-73.295132
192Udall Rd / Garden City St40.752167-73.294942
968Udall Rd / Garden City St40.751904-73.295106
1226Udall Rd / Higbie Ln40.710806-73.306356
191Udall Rd / Howells Rd40.757753-73.293759
963Udall Rd / Howells Rd40.757602-73.293951
1205Udall Rd / Hunter Ave40.726544-73.298780
198Udall Rd / Muncey Rd40.726590-73.298587
1206Udall Rd / N Monroe Ave40.723392-73.300439
230Udall Rd / Rockaway St40.729112-73.297665
1207Udall Rd / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.721347-73.301558
1228Udall Rd / Sunrise Hwy N Service Rd40.721442-73.301344
197Udall Rd / Van Buren Ave40.728555-73.297958
1229Udall Rd / W 5th St40.724072-73.299944
193Udall Rd / W Belmont St40.746103-73.295252
195Udall Rd / Watts Pl40.735489-73.295879
737Union Ave / Babcock Ave40.811289-73.098829
1988Union Ave / Babcock Ave40.811179-73.098643
739Union Ave / Coates Ave40.812063-73.081861
2523Union Ave / Coates Ave40.811959-73.080916
738Union Ave / Maple Ave40.811938-73.084203
2508Union Ave / Maple Ave40.811836-73.084010
1612Union Blvd / Aberdeen Ln40.716933-73.274764
2873Union Blvd / Aberdeen Ln40.716586-73.276303
1602Union Blvd / Aletta Pl40.727214-73.243408
1609Union Blvd / Beach St40.707228-73.301947
2872Union Blvd / Beach St40.707225-73.302364
2846Union Blvd / Brentwood Rd40.729342-73.235008
1644Union Blvd / Fifth Ave40.722778-73.255807
1603Union Blvd / First Ave40.726292-73.246033
2869Union Blvd / First Ave40.726436-73.246133
212Union Blvd / Fourth Ave40.724774-73.250304
1592Union Blvd / Grant Ave40.733058-73.215286
2863Union Blvd / Grant Ave40.733083-73.216053
207Union Blvd / Hemlock Ln40.720902-73.261560
768Union Blvd / Higbie Ln40.706197-73.305792
2195Union Blvd / Higbie Ln40.706370-73.307039
1594Union Blvd / Johnston Dr40.731961-73.221336
2864Union Blvd / Johnston Dr40.732081-73.221603
1608Union Blvd / Keith Ln40.709783-73.296583
1610Union Blvd / Keith Ln40.709769-73.296153
2868Union Blvd / Lake View Ave40.727008-73.244511
208Union Blvd / Lanier Ln40.721414-73.259020
1601Union Blvd / Montgomery Ave40.728006-73.240275
2867Union Blvd / Montgomery Ave40.728100-73.240569
1593Union Blvd / N Ocean Ave40.732500-73.219300
1613Union Blvd / N Ocean Ave40.732472-73.218608
1591Union Blvd / Nassau Ave40.734028-73.209986
2862Union Blvd / Nassau Ave40.734050-73.210500
1607Union Blvd / Oak Neck Rd40.713436-73.285197
2871Union Blvd / Oak Neck Rd40.713497-73.285550
1223Union Blvd / Park Ln40.705733-73.309644
2196Union Blvd / Park Ln40.705799-73.310000
2568Union Blvd / Penataquit Ave40.728478-73.238317
1596Union Blvd / Saxon Ave40.730839-73.227586
2866Union Blvd / Saxon Ave40.730668-73.229471
206Union Blvd / Sunset Rd40.719910-73.264452
226Union Blvd / Sunset Rd40.720413-73.263550
1611Union Blvd / Tanglewood Rd40.711497-73.291019
224Union Blvd / Third Ave40.725210-73.249658
1606Union Blvd / Thompson Dr40.714603-73.281733
2870Union Blvd / Thompson Dr40.714872-73.281436
382Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy / Kennedy Dr40.808014-73.238636
317Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy / Thomas St40.806136-73.264107
1509Vernon Valley Rd / Clarke Dr40.890199-73.327528
2829Vernon Valley Rd / Clarke Dr40.889819-73.327556
1727Vets Hwy / 5th Ave40.788385-73.138508
1691Vets Hwy / 13th Ave40.788823-73.145948
1728Vets Hwy / 13th Ave40.789005-73.144908
1725Vets Hwy / Alexander Blvd40.787184-73.124902
1973Vets Hwy / Broadway Ave40.773761-73.066267
1690Vets Hwy / Connetquot Ave40.792913-73.167036
2889Vets Hwy / Connetquot Ave40.793368-73.167245
1737Vets Hwy / Dorset Way40.837522-73.274387
1530Vets Hwy / Express Dr S40.807831-73.184126
1731Vets Hwy / Express Dr S40.807963-73.183569
1732Vets Hwy / Expwy Dr N40.810281-73.186427
3222Vets Hwy / Expwy Dr N40.810109-73.186942
1682Vets Hwy / Harned Rd40.838049-73.277027
1738Vets Hwy / Harned Rd40.838675-73.277940
1699Vets Hwy / Johnson Ave40.782348-73.098430
1860Vets Hwy / Johnson Ave40.782695-73.098783
1692Vets Hwy / Kenwood Dr40.787879-73.136533
1972Vets Hwy / Knickerbocker Ave40.782133-73.087512
1724Vets Hwy / Lakeland Ave40.785518-73.112967
1684Vets Hwy / Lincoln Ave40.831919-73.258260
2608Vets Hwy / Lincoln Ave40.782150-73.084630
1696Vets Hwy / Locust Ave40.786337-73.118016
1824Vets Hwy / Locust Ave40.786694-73.118242
1726Vets Hwy / Louis Kossuth Ave40.787477-73.129285
1736Vets Hwy / New Hwy40.825600-73.236176
2887Vets Hwy / Oaklawn Dr40.833156-73.260971
1695Vets Hwy / Ocean Ave40.786710-73.120860
1729Vets Hwy / Old Nichols Rd40.799434-73.173470
1698Vets Hwy / Orville Dr40.782903-73.102638
2890Vets Hwy / Orville Dr N40.783262-73.102720
1683Vets Hwy / Scarlet Way40.836953-73.273683
1723Vets Hwy / Schaefer Dr40.784793-73.109642
1697Vets Hwy / Smithtown Ave40.784808-73.111274
1689Vets Hwy / Suffolk Ave40.799348-73.173861
1681Vets Hwy / Sunkean Meadow Pkwy40.840514-73.284596
1739Vets Hwy / Sunken Meadow Pkwy40.840856-73.284640
1694Vets Hwy / Sycamore Ave (E)40.786865-73.124989
1688Vets Hwy / Sycamore Ave (W)40.803593-73.178096
1730Vets Hwy / Sycamore Ln40.804237-73.178376
1693Vets Hwy / Washington Ave40.787269-73.130530
265W 16th St / Central Ave40.749819-73.340060
1230W 16th St / Central Ave40.750050-73.340288
264W 16th St / Grand Blvd40.753796-73.341635
266W 16th St / Westview Ave40.745615-73.338394
1238W 16th St / Westview Ave40.745803-73.338616
1053W Hoffman Ave / S 5th St40.685581-73.377372
1085W Hoffman Ave / S 5th St40.685553-73.378116
1052W Hoffman Ave / S 7th St40.685083-73.379065
1086W Hoffman Ave / S 8th St40.684798-73.380684
1051W Hoffman Ave / S 13th St40.683568-73.384189
1087W Hoffman Ave / S 13th St40.683606-73.384699
1939W Jericho Tpk (886)40.847494-73.240535
1940W Jericho Tpk / Bridge Branch Rd40.846908-73.237402
1926W Jericho Tpk / Cornell Dr40.847723-73.251428
1938W Jericho Tpk / Ledgewood Dr40.848203-73.246039
1925W Jericho Tpk / Morewood Dr40.848403-73.247745
1924W Jericho Tpk / Plymouth Blvd40.847250-73.234934
1927W Jericho Tpk / Siracusa Blvd40.846856-73.258034
1937W Jericho Tpk / Winston Dr40.847562-73.251228
957W Main St (1433)40.916483-72.700447
2686W Main St (1433)40.916427-72.699911
1753W Main St / Arthur Dr40.857547-73.207420
1788W Main St / Arthur Dr40.857259-73.207191
2987W Main St / Court St40.918243-72.669717
2687W Main St / Forge Rd40.915783-72.706236
958W Main St / Kroemer Ave40.915931-72.706269
1790W Main St / Maple Ave40.854944-73.197355
2672W Main St / Mill Rd40.916162-72.688842
2673W Main St / Mill Rd40.914981-72.687932
1789W Main St / New York Ave40.855267-73.198967
2172W Main St / Nugent Dr40.918150-72.670350
2173W Main St / Raynor Ave40.917968-72.675666
2988W Main St / Raynor Ave40.918085-72.675812
961W Main St / Tanger Mall Dr40.917058-72.715056
1805W Main St / Tanger Mall Dr40.916892-72.713086
2174W Main St / Winters Ln40.917147-72.681046
2227W Main St / Winters Ln40.917503-72.679206
1330W Oak St / John St40.679178-73.419844
550W Suffolk Ave / Allyn Ln40.789868-73.206022
556W Suffolk Ave / Allyn Ln40.789800-73.205717
554W Suffolk Ave / Islip Ave40.787101-73.219550
552W Suffolk Ave / Joshuas Path40.787587-73.217677
555W Suffolk Ave / N Peters Blvd40.788830-73.209919
551W Suffolk Ave / Oakland Ave40.788732-73.211235
549W Suffolk Ave / Wheeler Rd40.790560-73.202885
2037W Yaphank Rd / Norfleet Ln40.865119-72.977084
2038W Yaphank Rd / Teller Ave40.860801-72.977460
2217Wading River Manor Rd / Benjamin St40.946167-72.842304
3003Wading River Manor Rd / Charles St40.946493-72.842490
3146Wading River Manor Rd / Front St40.944400-72.842246
2604Wading River Manor Rd / NYS 25A40.944220-72.842083
1004Walt Whitman Mall40.819502-73.409870
1040Walt Whitman Mall40.819339-73.409852
1041Walt Whitman Mall40.819168-73.409845
3209Walt Whitman Mall (No Pick Ups)40.819831-73.409860
1183Washington Ave / Arthur St40.804247-73.248583
361Washington Ave / Brevoort Pl40.789123-73.246649
1502Washington Ave / Brevoort Pl40.788878-73.246711
332Washington Ave / Clarke St40.799057-73.247963
363Washington Ave / Clarke St40.798963-73.247800
1449Washington Ave / Cleveland St40.785432-73.246342
385Washington Ave / Expy Dr N40.806293-73.248652
1182Washington Ave / Expy Dr N40.806442-73.248932
335Washington Ave / Flick Pl40.786049-73.246244
333Washington Ave / Hale St40.795498-73.247537
1184Washington Ave / Harrison St40.802294-73.248350
336Washington Ave / Mcwhorter St40.782142-73.246052
1450Washington Ave / Mcwhorter St40.781688-73.246254
362Washington Ave / Merion Rd40.795517-73.247384
1246Washington Ave / Oakland St40.802661-73.248242
334Washington Ave / Sherman St40.792249-73.247024
1419Washington Ave / Sherman St40.792043-73.247142
2268Wavely Ave / W Roe Blvd40.774856-73.028416
2257Waverly Ave / 1st St40.834251-73.047957
3006Waverly Ave / 1st St40.834314-73.048104
2263Waverly Ave / Blue Point Rd W40.797967-73.043000
3012Waverly Ave / Blue Point Rd W40.797877-73.043174
713Waverly Ave / Buckley Rd40.780508-73.034920
730Waverly Ave / Buckley Rd40.780671-73.034722
2258Waverly Ave / Division St40.827374-73.046785
3007Waverly Ave / Division St40.827062-73.046856
2273Waverly Ave / E 7th St40.771815-73.027565
3008Waverly Ave / Expwy Dr N40.822284-73.046057
2259Waverly Ave / Expy Drive N40.822441-73.045931
2260Waverly Ave / Haspel Ln40.819124-73.045382
3009Waverly Ave / Haspel Ln40.819052-73.045498
746Waverly Ave / Johnson St40.784451-73.040809
765Waverly Ave / Johnson St40.784713-73.040709
2261Waverly Ave / Long Island Ave40.814608-73.044618
3010Waverly Ave / Long Island Ave40.814481-73.044768
3014Waverly Ave / Mowbray St40.774238-73.028474
2262Waverly Ave / Storm Dr40.804915-73.043051
3011Waverly Ave / Storm Dr40.804746-73.043209
2270Waverly Ave / W 1st St40.768104-73.026484
2272Waverly Ave / W 2nd St40.768412-73.026446
2269Waverly Ave / W 6th St40.771139-73.027563
2264Waverly Ave / W Woodside Ave40.793344-73.043066
3013Waverly Ave / W Woodside Ave40.793154-73.043322
1310Wellwood Ave / Long Island Ave40.744453-73.400512
1328Wellwood Ave / Long Island Ave40.745469-73.400978
167Wheatley Heights Shopping Center40.757015-73.375690
892Wheatley Heights Shopping Center40.756933-73.375944
468Wheeler Rd / Adams Rd40.798000-73.208271
2036Wheeler Rd / Coventry Ln40.794336-73.205239
465Wheeler Rd / First Ave40.789866-73.201521
2051Wheeler Rd / Mcgowan Ln40.797592-73.208102
1619Wheeler Rd / Mcgrath St40.791714-73.203055
1735Wheeler Rd / Motor Pkwy40.803222-73.212820
467Wheeler Rd / Oakdale Ave40.794325-73.205055
1175Wheeler Rd / Rabro Dr40.813301-73.218220
1360Wheeler Rd / Rabro Dr40.813075-73.218381
466Wheeler Rd / Suffolk Ave40.790969-73.202159
1626Wheeler Rd / Vets Hwy40.821907-73.209081
2876Wheeler Rd / Vets Hwy40.821951-73.209264
871Whittier Dr / Neighborhood Rd40.766786-72.837736
2653Whittier Dr / Neighborhood Rd40.766986-72.837667
870Whittier Dr / Queen Rd40.769517-72.838917
2651Whittier Dr / Queen Rd40.770097-72.839061
322Wicks Rd / Campus Rd (S)40.795721-73.266897
323Wicks Rd / Chapel Hill Dr40.793232-73.265831
320Wicks Rd / College Rd (N)40.796386-73.267166
367Wicks Rd / Ellery St40.790747-73.264914
319Wicks Rd / Fairdale Dr40.799773-73.267956
1354Wicks Rd / Fairdale Dr40.799759-73.268265
324Wicks Rd / Garnet Dr40.790254-73.264862
368Wicks Rd / Heyward St40.795742-73.266656
318Wicks Rd / LIE S Service Rd40.803852-73.268826
1327Wicks Rd / LIE S Service Rd40.803554-73.268992
1356Wicks Rd / Polly Dr40.792560-73.265724
895William Floyd Pkwy / Brushwood Dr (E)40.757306-72.871850
2677William Floyd Pkwy / Brushwood Dr (W)40.757649-72.872258
755William Floyd Pkwy / Coraci Blvd40.771927-72.868163
865William Floyd Pkwy / Coraci Blvd40.772819-72.867461
894William Floyd Pkwy / E Parkview Dr40.753449-72.871639
2353William Floyd Pkwy / Flintlock Dr40.785817-72.864067
896William Floyd Pkwy / Havenwood Dr (E)40.760994-72.871208
912William Floyd Pkwy / Havenwood Dr (W)40.760317-72.871819
2302William Floyd Pkwy / Lawrence Rd40.786715-72.863570
2303William Floyd Pkwy / Linden Ave40.789497-72.864300
2451William Floyd Pkwy / Linden Ave40.790208-72.864001
824William Floyd Pkwy / Palmetto Dr40.755467-72.871783
3156William Floyd Pkwy / Roberts Rd40.783473-72.864530
911William Floyd Pkwy / Robinwood Dr40.764323-72.870140
2300William Floyd Pkwy / Robinwood Dr40.763806-72.870733
2304William Floyd Pkwy / Stuart Rd40.791314-72.864839
3023William Floyd Pkwy / Stuart Rd40.791987-72.864374
2305William Floyd Pkwy / Surrey Cir40.797250-72.866100
2450William Floyd Pkwy / Surrey Cir40.797130-72.865694
2301William Floyd Plaza40.781719-72.864619
2165Wilson St / NYS 25A40.933767-73.055133
2567Windmill Ln / Jagger Ln40.887298-72.392920
3194Windmill Village40.979040-72.172600
1096Wolf Hill Rd / Dunford St40.811317-73.390455
1136Wolf Hill Rd / Greenwich Ave40.812519-73.401705
1095Wolf Hill Rd / Jayne Ave40.812287-73.400316
1094Wolf Hill Rd / New York Ave40.813550-73.407498
2746Wolf Hill Rd / New York Ave40.813195-73.407241
1135Wolf Hill Rd / Windsor Pl40.811306-73.388994
270Woods Rd / Deer Park Ave40.738015-73.321676
1242Woods Rd / Deer Park Ave40.737899-73.321629
269Woods Rd / French Ave40.739275-73.326721
1241Woods Rd / French Ave40.739282-73.326995
268Woods Rd / Nolting Ave40.740129-73.330342
1240Woods Rd / Nolting Ave40.740004-73.330495
267Woods Rd / Prairie Dr40.742955-73.334782
1239Woods Rd / Prairie Dr40.743206-73.335397
170Wyandanch LIRR40.754085-73.360043
259Wyandanch LIRR40.754273-73.359904
3204Yaphank Correctional Facility40.817413-72.920811

Agency Stops: 2836