Stop Listing

Toronto Transit Commission (on-ttc)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
116551 Overland Dr - Better Living - Thompson House43.732392-79.347425
112591 and 3 Concorde Pl43.728143-79.328163
98682 Sheffield St43.703371-79.470059
160055 Replin Rd - Lawrence Heights Community Ctr43.71767-79.442814
98735 Sheffield St43.703658-79.469982
116599 Haldon Ave - E York Acres43.698307-79.311541
1567410 Deauville Lane43.717409-79.331117
1169910 Disco Rd43.701867-79.592678
1560810 Gower St - Gower Park Place43.702167-79.297834
834911 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.704287-79.348715
834812 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.704579-79.348905
758814 Carluke Cres43.760454-79.391653
301316 Park Lane Cir43.734911-79.3759
198116 The Donway E opp Don Mills Collegiate43.736053-79.340644
1492818 Huddersfield Rd43.74285-79.623045
1492718 Huddersfield Rd43.742753-79.622952
301619 Park Lane Cir43.735003-79.375792
965820 Graydon Hall Dr43.762983-79.345295
966620 Lesmill Rd43.756615-79.352929
967620 Norelco Dr43.762402-79.533297
804520 Railside Rd43.73938-79.320703
1527220/30 Fontenay Crt43.682466-79.512668
442922 Le Page Crt43.758608-79.48726
1085822 Steinway Blvd43.751547-79.621338
909323 Kodiak Cres43.75418-79.466081
282623 Lesmill Rd43.756604-79.352761
634024 Davean Dr43.762073-79.36752
775124 Fenmar Dr43.758823-79.537655
952824 Mabelle Ave43.646229-79.526752
1560625 Brucewood Cres43.719861-79.433408
443325 Le Page Crt43.758592-79.486794
953325 Mabelle Ave43.645939-79.526888
1118825 St Dennis Dr43.717866-79.33313
834726 Thorncliffe Park Dr at Grandstand Pl43.703125-79.346257
987028 Ingram Dr43.699998-79.473545
1153129 Valley Woods Rd43.753958-79.33291
927030 Drewry Ave43.786718-79.41949
805831 Railside Rd43.739136-79.32076
758932 Carluke Cres43.760901-79.390001
1204334 Moore Park Ave43.793262-79.421983
601234 Rivalda Rd43.737167-79.534962
1436735 Carl Hall Rd43.746767-79.479893
1491935 Claireville Dr43.737294-79.621555
835835 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.701905-79.344381
1492036 Claireville Dr43.737349-79.621868
143338 Orfus Rd43.719707-79.459476
835738 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.702133-79.34446
471639 Wynford Dr43.723631-79.335422
448740 Milvan Dr43.753568-79.554849
586540 Norfinch Dr43.757065-79.526962
1560540 Playfair Ave - Villa Colombo43.710529-79.456576
1452741 Torbarrie Rd43.721745-79.521918
929243 Drewry Ave43.78659-79.419446
630244 Coe Hill Dr43.639189-79.469561
910144 Kodiak Cres43.754887-79.468067
283444 Longbourne Dr43.680204-79.568671
135344 Milner Ave43.785124-79.253539
834544 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.702448-79.342715
1152844 Valley Woods Rd43.755137-79.333446
1084645 Ironside Cres43.827009-79.247112
586445 Norfinch Dr43.757191-79.526818
950546 Norelco Dr43.765844-79.534096
297746 Overlea Blvd43.706973-79.34627
987147 Ingram Dr43.700063-79.472622
142747 Orfus Rd43.719368-79.460466
953249 Mabelle Ave43.645387-79.528692
834449 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.702437-79.342468
754350 Beth Nealson Dr43.711282-79.345763
1343050 Claireport Cres43.745865-79.632487
116350 Cordova Ave43.647746-79.52432
467350 Toryork Dr43.754615-79.546478
312553 St Regis Cres43.754702-79.485537
61155 Bridgeland Ave43.726343-79.460272
1163155 Rankin Cres43.658448-79.446615
836256 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.704541-79.341784
792158 Lawson Rd43.784124-79.164244
1454558 Marine Parade Dr43.626687-79.476853
792259 Lawson Rd43.783965-79.164127
332260 Belfield Rd43.703524-79.569311
301960 Park Lane Cir43.729371-79.367137
1429860 Richview Rd - Ukrainian Canadian Care Ctr43.684201-79.519031
1067560 Sport St43.639349-79.473648
1492461 Claireville Dr - BAPS Temple43.739799-79.625047
655961 Maybrook Dr43.823488-79.260369
1527363 Widdicombe Hill Blvd - Huntingwood Place43.677731-79.555206
930065 Skyway Ave43.686617-79.5857
1543166 Keele St43.656422-79.460834
804868 Railside Rd43.737946-79.322386
1435770 Island Rd43.797478-79.141049
135670 Milner Ave43.784175-79.251282
504470 The E Mall43.618406-79.547856
620870 Wicksteed Ave43.711181-79.360018
775372 Fifeshire Rd43.758335-79.389137
775473 Fifeshire Rd43.758551-79.389056
85475 Cosburn Ave43.688912-79.350945
282775 Lesmill Rd43.75908-79.357207
135775 Milner Ave43.784021-79.25133
585875 Norfinch Dr43.759874-79.528818
1126575 Tandridge Cres43.72896-79.546
504575 The E Mall43.618788-79.548016
949875 Thorncliffe Park Dr43.70495-79.341952
453577 Progress Ave43.771549-79.276145
511378 Gulliver Rd at opp Gulliver Park43.698729-79.480374
630380 Coe Hill Dr43.640484-79.472043
85580 Cosburn Ave43.689059-79.350949
1156580 Dynamic Dr43.824305-79.251737
453680 Progress Ave43.771997-79.275892
1601082 Buttonwood Ave - W Park Healthcare Ctr43.689382-79.507733
1601182 Buttonwood Ave - W Park Long Term Care43.689649-79.509091
187984 Davisville Ave - Salvation Army43.699124-79.393026
1367985 Dynamic Dr43.824565-79.251498
242485 Emmett Ave43.687264-79.506296
1502086 Fenmar Dr43.758857-79.54699
1075287 Skyway Ave43.685402-79.58405
1136688 Corporate Dr43.780138-79.249595
1012988 Park Lawn Rd43.624275-79.48426
839088 Upper Canada Dr43.755244-79.403659
839189 Upper Canada Dr43.75529-79.403402
745089 Windermere Ave43.639917-79.472622
1492190 Claireville Dr43.73857-79.623932
630690 Commander Blvd43.793732-79.2663
804990 Railside Rd43.736108-79.324429
1456591 Westmore Dr43.737786-79.602241
587892 Oakdale Rd43.739959-79.525837
1115795 Commander Blvd43.793527-79.266658
805097 Railside Rd43.735906-79.324459
466798 Toryork Dr43.755799-79.549298
604100 Bridgeland Ave43.726123-79.461156
11085100 Carrier Dr43.739353-79.61271
11367100 Consilium Pl43.777354-79.250767
9664100 Lesmill Rd43.758894-79.357208
5850100 Norfinch Dr43.759548-79.529001
8300100 Steeles Ave W43.797152-79.424705
4718100 Wynford Dr (Bell Canada)43.726559-79.33177
2109101 Duncan Mill Rd43.761629-79.355567
1425103 Orfus Rd43.718121-79.466055
14303105 Clement Rd - Richview Residence / Clement43.680743-79.553627
10847105 Ironside Cres43.828637-79.246914
9565105 Nugget Ave43.793328-79.255755
5205106 Lansdowne Ave43.644016-79.438057
13328110 Morningview Trail43.814985-79.199689
605111 Bridgeland Ave43.725687-79.462619
6275111 Cactus Ave43.791796-79.433834
3481111 Disco Rd43.700246-79.599004
1426112 Orfus Rd43.718213-79.466221
11533113 Valley Woods Rd43.75896-79.332778
4668114 Toryork Dr43.756718-79.551449
1366115 Milner Ave43.784655-79.248371
5861115 Norfinch Dr43.761455-79.529072
9299115 Skyway Ave43.683855-79.583031
7528120 Bermondsey Rd43.717989-79.313843
2426120 Emmett Ave / W Park Healthcare Ctr43.686434-79.508669
14535120 Industry St43.693949-79.494006
9596120 McLevin Ave43.801922-79.235123
5851120 Norfinch Dr43.761448-79.529297
9602120 Nugget Ave43.793635-79.255542
14299123 La Rose Ave - St Demetrius43.684992-79.521984
4726123 Wynford Dr43.726923-79.329142
1350124 Milner Ave43.78482-79.248381
7529125 Bermondsey Rd43.718201-79.313727
1367125 Milner Ave43.785255-79.246078
5852125 Norfinch Dr43.763273-79.529539
13943125 The Queensway43.630685-79.482249
11036127 Victoria Park Ave - Neil McNeil Sec School43.67933-79.283347
339130 Bellamy Rd N43.742221-79.230355
1351130 Milner Ave43.785659-79.245565
4485130 Milvan Dr43.757138-79.562589
4669130 Toryork Dr43.757509-79.553392
5881131 Oakdale Rd43.742731-79.525905
10128134 Park Lawn Rd43.626778-79.487561
11156135 Commander Blvd43.794732-79.268697
12170135 La Rose Ave43.685055-79.523068
15728135 The W Mall43.620127-79.561551
5882138 Oakdale Rd43.742964-79.526132
4873140 Church St43.707374-79.514059
6307140 Commander Blvd43.794904-79.268618
6764140 Pleasant View Dr43.785195-79.330497
13321141 Morningview Trail43.816007-79.199255
4874143 Church St43.707312-79.513771
11079145 Carrier Dr43.741627-79.613925
13681145 Dynamic Dr43.828039-79.252357
606150 Bridgeland Ave43.725465-79.464062
9985150 Culford Rd43.7051-79.487242
3477150 Disco Rd43.701024-79.608085
11563150 Dynamic Dr43.828095-79.252608
9551150 Murison Blvd43.800154-79.204657
6611150 Neptune Dr43.729713-79.441202
8046150 Railside Rd43.737725-79.32662
14264150 Staines Rd43.822964-79.219024
5853151 Norfinch Dr43.764794-79.529897
5863154 Norfinch Dr43.764664-79.530085
9662156 Duncan Mill Rd43.761758-79.355471
11086160 Carrier Dr43.741681-79.613749
3704160 Horner Ave - Toronto S Detention Ctr43.609901-79.515026
9521160 Tycos Dr43.703668-79.462574
607161 Bridgeland Ave43.72518-79.46476
5869166 Norfinch Dr43.766382-79.530575
4670166 Toryork Dr43.759064-79.556268
608168 Bridgeland Ave43.725168-79.465374
9649170 Nugget Ave43.794964-79.253399
15022174 Fenmar Dr43.761178-79.552574
699175 Caledonia Rd43.680022-79.456679
11543176 John Garland Blvd43.732537-79.587087
700180 Caledonia Rd43.680034-79.456794
4486180 Milvan Dr43.758449-79.565663
10253180 Yorkland Blvd43.771155-79.335163
2447185 Evans Ave43.618045-79.513156
9654185 Graydon Hall Dr43.764226-79.342218
13684185 Yorkland Blvd43.771262-79.335442
7542190 Bermondsey Rd43.72366-79.314869
8047190 Railside Rd43.739563-79.324849
9648191 Nugget Ave43.794928-79.253156
4671192 Toryork Dr43.760392-79.558741
13322193 Morningview Trail43.818227-79.199824
7537195 Bermondsey Rd43.723838-79.314381
3092195 Rexleigh Dr43.704609-79.305535
11338195-205-215 Wynford Dr43.723798-79.324911
11660200 Dawes Rd - True Davidson Acres43.695471-79.29753
7770201 Garyray Dr43.769409-79.537476
14304201 Lloyd Manor Rd - Lloyd Manor Place (Metro)43.675029-79.555993
15432204 Staines Rd43.825729-79.220367
1823205 Cummer Ave43.788879-79.408567
11076209 Carrier Dr43.747234-79.615107
8660210 The W Mall43.629666-79.559422
8659211 The W Mall43.630067-79.559337
7571215 Carlingview Dr43.683236-79.593797
3719215 Horner Ave43.60771-79.517705
4672220 Toryork Dr43.761355-79.561117
8781220 Wicksteed Ave43.713161-79.347867
11075225 Carrier Dr43.74897-79.615884
6940225 Rexdale Blvd43.712216-79.574622
609227 Bridgeland Ave43.724537-79.467678
7766230 Ian MacDonald Blvd43.775944-79.507154
4851235 Carlaw Ave43.663313-79.340911
610240 Bridgeland Ave43.724511-79.468281
9660240 Duncan Mill Rd43.76158-79.350758
6935240 Rexdale Blvd43.713177-79.577655
7454241 Woodsworth Rd43.764943-79.368031
8661244 The W Mall43.631997-79.560393
16009245 Dixon Rd (No Frills)43.696268-79.54462
8662247 The W Mall43.632068-79.560219
6284250 Carlaw Ave43.662884-79.340914
6321250 Consumers Rd43.770565-79.330154
10291250 Finchdene Sq43.821102-79.234368
5855250 Norfinch Dr43.768306-79.531472
14301250 Wincott Dr - Richview Square Plaza43.679633-79.546443
13686251 Consumers Rd43.77037-79.330219
2111255 Duncan Mill Rd43.761597-79.351627
11550257 Finchdene Sq43.82111-79.23489
5541261 Maple Leaf Dr43.711721-79.492662
11074263 Carrier Dr43.750876-79.614251
14507270 Wilson Ave (No Frills)43.737946-79.433218
14053275 Grandravine Dr43.74816-79.508359
14966278 Cummer Ave - St John's Rehab Hospital43.789813-79.404862
9411279 Rexdale Blvd43.713344-79.579382
7475279 Yorkland Blvd43.773357-79.334456
9516280 Yorkland Blvd43.77336-79.333911
1825285 Cummer Ave - St John's Rehab Hospital43.789637-79.405129
3725289 Horner Ave43.606541-79.523286
1849295 Danforth Rd43.701442-79.271596
5854299 Norfinch Dr43.768397-79.531258
11873300 Atkinson Ave43.815481-79.443674
1850300 Danforth Rd43.701506-79.271864
13698327 Dixon Rd43.694908-79.555404
8665328 The W Mall43.637279-79.563759
1478333 Rathburn Rd / Alanmeade Cres43.656155-79.558725
15601338 Falstaff Ave - Casa Abruzzo43.720607-79.48304
8666339 The W Mall43.637935-79.564062
3415340 Chaplin Cres43.704194-79.42124
15235340 Wilson Ave43.736699-79.437684
15894344 Rathburn Rd / Merrygale Crescent43.656197-79.559387
2932345 Morningside Ave43.775468-79.188826
1841347 Danforth Rd43.703416-79.270199
2936350 Morningside Ave - W Hill Collegiate43.776049-79.189427
8291350 Steeles Ave W43.795394-79.432403
9992361 The W Mall43.640811-79.565235
2200366 The E Mall43.643546-79.558701
5856370 Norfinch Dr43.770049-79.531849
1843375 Danforth Rd43.704862-79.269264
5857375 Norfinch Dr43.770165-79.531686
15234379 Wilson Ave43.736466-79.437971
10835395 Passmore Ave43.829092-79.25692
8681399 The W Mall - Etobicoke Civic Ctr43.643275-79.566528
3288400 Alliance Ave43.677663-79.486127
15437400 Burnhamthorpe Rd43.64699-79.55647
15438400 Burnhamthorpe Rd43.647206-79.556174
1840400 Danforth Rd (Birchmount Garage)43.705338-79.269294
11561400 Evans Ave43.615254-79.528238
2458400 Evans Ave43.615379-79.528493
6955400 Rockcliffe Blvd - Rockcliffe MS43.674444-79.488405
8680400 The W Mall43.64317-79.566764
15402401 Clayson Rd43.726382-79.528272
7306418 Sherbourne St43.665145-79.373952
1328419 Midland Ave43.712292-79.248584
6323422 Consumers Rd43.7708-79.326921
5208422 Lansdowne Ave43.655625-79.441862
3286425 Alliance Ave43.677459-79.486506
7708426 Ellesmere Rd43.762102-79.297487
11556430 Tapscott Rd43.809065-79.23499
7307433 Sherbourne St43.665188-79.373803
7673441 Ellesmere Rd43.761781-79.297639
8685451 The W Mall43.646775-79.567698
3296452 Attwell Dr43.704144-79.609535
3445470 Coronation Dr43.764539-79.168984
15542475 Rathburn Rd43.652416-79.574833
2656480 Gordon Baker Rd43.809298-79.345222
15541480 Rathburn Rd43.652398-79.575634
12352501 Consumers Rd43.770613-79.327515
2746519 Kennedy Rd43.719561-79.262395
5209533 Lansdowne Ave43.655682-79.441766
853545 Commissioners St E Side43.655232-79.329121
3131545 Trethewey Dr43.695497-79.488529
8677546 The W Mall43.651651-79.569908
5876549 Oakdale Rd43.750547-79.526479
14494550 Bayview Ave - Evergreen Brick Works43.683841-79.364847
3610550 Finch Ave W43.773356-79.446508
5877550 Oakdale Rd43.750135-79.526856
8676551 The W Mall43.651749-79.569746
7261555 Sheppard Ave W43.756023-79.435093
3139555 Trethewey Dr43.696575-79.491082
3132572 Trethewey Dr43.696832-79.491399
1501580 Rathburn Rd - Seneca School43.650674-79.581797
4998585 Dixon Rd43.690747-79.574265
1477590 Rathburn Rd43.649652-79.583489
850595 Commissioners St43.655801-79.327775
12325600 Clayson Rd43.726557-79.528466
849600 Commissioners St43.655612-79.32871
1355601 Milner Ave43.793966-79.223153
2198615 The E Mall43.657031-79.566765
2429620 Evans Ave43.610447-79.550449
3608625 Finch Ave W43.771463-79.454512
4984626 Dixon Rd43.690925-79.574582
2207630 The E Mall43.656784-79.566517
2542636 Finch Ave E (Plaza)43.787631-79.380817
3446640 Coronation Dr43.766498-79.159629
15629660 Supertest Rd43.776051-79.478372
15677665 Trethewey Dr43.697134-79.498081
15678665 Trethewey Dr43.697287-79.49767
1626673 Warden Ave43.705637-79.278232
3162682 Warden Ave43.705852-79.278599
3614685 Finch Ave W43.770935-79.456814
1621689 Warden Ave43.707412-79.278973
12926700 Arrow Rd43.745714-79.529601
4533700 Progress Ave43.777918-79.247308
2657700-780 Gordon Baker Rd43.809966-79.342354
4534705 Progress Ave43.777729-79.247221
14079709 Milner Ave43.796035-79.213776
9506715 Finch Ave W43.769727-79.462373
9550715 Milner Ave43.796774-79.206658
11795715 Milner Ave43.796035-79.210028
712724 Caledonia Rd43.700507-79.464052
14317740 Ellesmere Rd at Mondeo Dr43.764086-79.287886
14329741 Ellesmere Rd at Mondeo Dr43.764459-79.287449
5894755 Oakdale Rd43.753125-79.526044
4301777 Kipling Ave43.629266-79.529938
8593781 Warden Ave43.724925-79.286309
13922791 Islington Ave43.616802-79.510286
3758800 Islington Ave43.616817-79.510532
4352800 Kipling Ave43.629254-79.530188
7007800 Royal York Rd43.63922-79.508702
8548800 Warden Ave43.725218-79.286773
4537821 Progress Ave43.780538-79.241416
16007828 Kingston Rd - Glen Stewart Acres43.680223-79.291981
4538830 Progress Ave43.780718-79.241341
9419836 Davenport Rd E Side43.676337-79.419967
15590840 Coxwell Ave - Michael Garron Hospital43.689947-79.326435
3369849 Broadview Ave43.679214-79.35811
11741850 O'Connor Dr43.707052-79.311803
649876 Broadview Ave43.679749-79.358155
4068879 Kennedy Rd43.739873-79.270997
4069900 Kennedy Rd43.739959-79.27129
10575900 The E Mall43.669572-79.572436
10605900 York Mills Rd43.755228-79.350256
8873949 Wilson Ave43.728771-79.474465
5596951 Martin Grove Rd43.695115-79.572353
13424955 Middlefield Rd43.830694-79.266838
28741020 McNicoll Ave43.804303-79.335709
55911030 Martin Grove Rd43.695359-79.572748
116561050 Don Mills Rd - Shops On Don Mills43.734083-79.345789
28751050 McNicoll Ave43.804164-79.333421
55921051 Martin Grove Rd @ Highway 40943.700427-79.574786
28991055 McNicoll Ave43.803997-79.333326
160081091 Kingston Rd - Henley Gardens43.680638-79.282913
96051095 Bellamy Rd N43.776019-79.242101
96131100 Bellamy Rd N43.776198-79.242397
3751103 Birchmount Rd43.73706-79.280486
150691103 Leslie St43.720734-79.349584
149961107 Avenue Rd - Marshall McLuhan Sec School43.708037-79.409118
134571111 Arrow Rd43.751265-79.534408
35791111 Finch Ave W43.767047-79.474414
3761120 Birchmount Rd43.736931-79.280673
56041120 Martin Grove Rd @ Highway 40943.700291-79.575023
108501120 Tapscott Rd43.827823-79.244068
91591121 Leslie St43.722327-79.348968
54241125 Leslie St43.725082-79.348915
1541138 Bathurst St43.675365-79.415346
96121148 Bellamy Rd N43.778161-79.243197
96061149 Bellamy Rd N43.77801-79.242887
26031150 Finch Ave W43.765283-79.483642
155851150 Victoria Park Ave (No Frills)43.708327-79.295914
117191155 Albion Rd43.737594-79.568196
159581161 Royal York Rd43.661921-79.517965
91651165 Leslie St43.727576-79.351398
117181180 Albion Rd43.737809-79.568184
91291183 Finch Ave W43.765108-79.483034
158161189 Huntingwood Dr43.79804-79.278057
64481200 Huntingwood Dr43.798207-79.277466
113971200-1202 York Mills Rd43.759132-79.333893
52061216 Lansdowne Ave43.673282-79.449421
66641222 Pharmacy Ave43.748385-79.306796
9931234 Dupont St43.66824-79.44172
93161235 Ormont Dr43.764798-79.549915
66651235 Pharmacy Ave43.74871-79.306717
10181245 Dupont St43.668187-79.441213
55931245 Martin Grove Rd43.710995-79.579604
29281275 Morningside Ave43.803431-79.200051
49361290 Danforth Rd43.740746-79.245627
76881299 Ellesmere Rd43.769344-79.26411
76721300 Ellesmere Rd43.769539-79.26445
112761300 Leslie St43.731982-79.355501
29301315 Morningside Ave43.805598-79.20091
113291315 and 1319 Neilson Rd43.807848-79.219558
52071325 Lansdowne Ave43.673292-79.449246
56181330 Martin Grove Rd43.711129-79.579926
4211360 Birchmount Rd43.749748-79.285884
40631400 Kennedy Rd43.762743-79.280142
29701415 Morningside Ave43.810785-79.203418
40641420 Kennedy Rd43.763626-79.280569
143071447 Royal York Rd - Humbervale Residence43.686434-79.52746
19071450 Don Mills Rd43.752477-79.347377
134381450 Sheppard Ave W43.744388-79.488837
47821451 Avenue Rd - Havergal College43.720185-79.414877
143001500 Royal York Rd - Royal York Plaza (Metro)43.691175-79.530886
16841515 Albion Rd - Albion Library43.740106-79.583663
16851530 Albion Rd - Albion Mall43.740641-79.585511
143021540 Kipling Ave - Richview Residence / Kipling43.680574-79.552944
69001610 The Queensway43.617112-79.544131
69011611 The Queensway43.616891-79.543869
26321685 Finch Ave W - St Wilfreds School43.760174-79.503471
32771686 Albion Rd43.742559-79.597147
88791700 Wilson Ave - Sheridan Mall43.720552-79.510931
56821710 Midland Ave43.760144-79.268423
37741738 Islington Ave - Richview Collegiate43.678379-79.538485
82571750 Steeles Ave W43.785538-79.478067
87791765 Won Rd43.698774-79.512257
3771792 Birchmount Rd43.765388-79.291431
94071800 The Queensway43.614118-79.559383
118281801 O'Connor Dr43.720331-79.304155
108101811 Albion Rd43.744939-79.611856
142731816 Lake Shore Blvd E43.664228-79.306339
141451816 Lake Shore Blvd E43.664503-79.306173
42431859 Kingston Rd43.695079-79.259393
56861860 Midland Ave43.764015-79.269954
22311900 Eglinton Ave E43.726568-79.293832
71911900 Sheppard Ave E43.775751-79.335749
16001900 Steeles Ave W43.784383-79.482922
22711901 Eglinton Ave E43.726723-79.291936
56021915 Martin Grove Rd43.746303-79.596177
32841919 Albion Rd43.746286-79.619354
158181965 Brimley Rd43.785127-79.266951
158191994 Brimley Rd43.785605-79.267352
23011995 Eglinton Ave E43.728765-79.28281
60572002-2012 Sheppard Ave W43.738711-79.516709
71902025 Sheppard Ave E43.77545-79.335424
66632036 Pharmacy Ave43.779339-79.319296
114852040 Don Mills Rd43.763142-79.347344
13112050 McCowan Rd43.795063-79.261173
12862061 McCowan Rd43.795441-79.261074
51992111 Lake Shore Blvd W43.629066-79.478151
42302121 Kingston Rd43.700849-79.254485
51752155 Lake Shore Blvd W43.625705-79.479741
157462155 Lake Shore Blvd W43.626148-79.479707
149502190 Yonge St43.705096-79.398103
38382200 Islington Ave43.712681-79.554306
141432200 Markham Rd43.808678-79.24389
158552201 Markham Rd43.808298-79.243613
82582215 Steeles Ave W43.785318-79.477801
52532216 Lawrence Ave E43.748715-79.279522
56832220 Midland Ave43.775048-79.274027
52542239 Lawrence Ave E43.74876-79.277949
137012260 Markham Rd43.810941-79.24306
39102265 Jane St43.727526-79.510107
56842265 Midland Ave43.775478-79.27391
137002275 Markham Rd43.810593-79.242772
48142278 Brimley Rd43.797048-79.272874
2992350 Bayview Ave - The Granite Club43.734133-79.381593
2982395 Bayview Ave - Bob Rumball Ctr For The Deaf43.733948-79.381269
92462397 Finch Ave W - Finch/Weston Ctr43.751703-79.54356
4312450 Birchmount Rd - Stephen Leacock Collegiate43.786076-79.300578
4392481 Birchmount Rd43.787012-79.300657
156092490 Gerrard St E43.687873-79.285345
5562500 Bloor St W43.647815-79.487792
15992501 Steeles Ave W43.784126-79.48278
159242615 Danforth Ave43.688554-79.299681
41992665 Kingston Rd E Side43.715917-79.242776
134642666 Danforth Ave43.6888-79.299321
159922672 St Clair Ave W43.666512-79.49723
84262793 Victoria Park Ave43.78242-79.326261
38472825 Islington Ave43.748941-79.567999
104472900 Jane St43.752642-79.516653
142762900 Warden Ave - Bridlewood Mall43.799239-79.31716
104462901 Jane St43.752898-79.51641
57222950 Midland Ave43.802262-79.285792
134222980 Don Mills Rd43.78231-79.352329
116623003 Danforth Ave - Shoppers World43.689995-79.288807
40653008 Kennedy Rd43.807615-79.299985
156043010 Dufferin St - Casa Del Zotto43.71199-79.454958
40663015 Kennedy Rd43.807613-79.29975
97483030 Birchmount Rd - Birchmount Hospital43.802862-79.308625
86913034 Won Rd43.729812-79.536524
156033050 Dufferin St - Caboto Terrace43.712958-79.455245
82323160 Steeles Ave E43.815179-79.343803
134783174 Bathurst St43.721937-79.430488
66793200 Pharmacy Ave43.799855-79.328906
144213223 Kennedy Rd43.815041-79.30302
40673241 Kennedy Rd43.816765-79.303797
3083292 Bayview Ave43.789946-79.393248
3133311 Bayview Ave43.790441-79.39309
105333325 Warden Ave43.814261-79.324383
66683370 Pharmacy Ave43.805754-79.331609
3203377 Bayview Ave43.797005-79.394524
82093381 Steeles Ave E43.81478-79.344182
158093390 Major Mackenzie Dr E43.893681-79.336665
86883395 Won Rd43.747195-79.541201
91533400 Keele St43.747616-79.487209
100373447 Kennedy Rd43.821059-79.305678
18423450 Danforth Ave43.694178-79.275031
108323450 McNicoll Ave43.822277-79.256958
56853450 Midland Ave43.811542-79.290936
108303480 McNicoll Ave43.823145-79.252552
25553501 Finch Ave E43.797904-79.310186
105143507 Ellesmere Rd43.788712-79.179141
9193555 Danforth Ave43.69403-79.274904
161953574 Eglinton Ave W43.68642-79.49232
82963600 Steeles Ave W43.77211-79.538315
86923636 Won Rd43.759232-79.544263
116793660 Midland Ave43.813407-79.291811
159873671 Dundas St W43.665669-79.496954
87013689 Won Rd43.762893-79.544763
5903700 Bloor St W at Resurrection Rd43.643174-79.530639
150113701 Danforth Ave - Variety Village43.698844-79.25868
143983750 Midland Ave43.816183-79.293069
143973750 Midland Ave43.816015-79.292747
89543800 Yonge St43.739128-79.405865
95233900 Victoria Park Ave43.812907-79.340264
160504005 Eglinton Ave W43.683356-79.519442
152714005 Eglinton Ave W - Scarlett Heights43.682744-79.520347
34224050 Chesswood Dr43.758167-79.477164
34234069 Chesswood Dr43.758252-79.476886
52284121 Lawrence Ave E43.766708-79.193248
91464148 Jane St43.75959-79.518409
105304150 Midland Ave43.823372-79.29622
133454242 Dundas St W - Kingsway Mills Plaza43.659653-79.513305
98184325 McCowan Rd (Milliken Park Rec Ctr)43.828928-79.275068
27394359 Jane St43.764049-79.519111
34244375 Chesswood Dr43.761034-79.477914
113424400 Dufferin St43.765559-79.46634
34254420 Chesswood Dr43.761014-79.478103
72164500 Sheppard Ave E43.78841-79.265033
71474515 Sheppard Ave E43.788276-79.264728
82594545 Steeles Ave W43.771904-79.538072
2254600 Bathurst St43.762602-79.44037
9784610 Dufferin St43.77216-79.467924
113324640 Finch Ave E43.806496-79.273956
38604717 Jane St43.771191-79.520801
71924725-4727 Sheppard Ave E43.790774-79.253085
71934770 Sheppard Ave E43.790724-79.25407
38614800 Jane St43.77108-79.521004
854979 Bathurst St43.775615-79.443268
92635010 Steeles Ave W43.759485-79.593025
113455310 Finch Ave E43.811532-79.250495
113445373 Finch Ave E43.811161-79.250966
25625600 Finch Ave E43.813699-79.240113
143745671 Steeles Ave E43.83318-79.265322
158125720 Bathurst St43.777653-79.444158
144475799 Yonge St43.784823-79.41663
154475799 Yonge St43.784935-79.416634
90135800 Yonge St43.784107-79.416819
144435910 Finch Ave E43.81708-79.224083
866030 Bathurst St43.787654-79.446634
66206070 Kingston Rd43.783338-79.169415
1836101 Bathurst St43.787443-79.446244
47486355 Airport Rd43.691085-79.62516
47496465 Airport Rd43.692968-79.627686
115596655 Airport Rd43.696429-79.632365
108646793-6823 Steeles Ave W43.756571-79.608566
108636807 Steeles Ave W43.756036-79.611033
93206900 Airport Rd - International Ctr - N43.701831-79.640204
47576900 Airport Rd - International Ctr - N43.701955-79.63977
47616900 Airport Rd - International Ctr - S43.700595-79.637921
141497074 Warden Ave at Plaza N of Steeles43.821733-79.324889
141507075 Warden Ave at Plaza N of Steeles43.822212-79.325318
105397303 Warden Ave43.830155-79.327016
141577675 Markham Rd43.853231-79.254733
141567710 Markham Rd43.853679-79.255258
106768150 Sheppard Ave E43.802762-79.196983
72398270 Sheppard Ave E43.803942-79.191817
154488600 McCowan Rd43.874177-79.286079
105448601 Warden Ave43.857684-79.334237
72368800 Sheppard Ave E43.804962-79.187062
136479275 Markham Rd43.893776-79.264383
136559350 Markham Rd43.894003-79.264674
155939600 McCowan Rd43.89386-79.291127
156699690 Markham Rd43.902267-79.266654
4747Airport Rd at American Dr43.689113-79.621705
4746Airport Rd at American Dr43.689551-79.621901
4750Airport Rd at Beverley St43.707577-79.647762
4753Airport Rd at Bresler Dr43.686085-79.606403
4752Airport Rd at Bresler Dr43.685993-79.607576
4758Airport Rd at Flight Training Ctr43.692952-79.628239
4760Airport Rd at Highway 427 (On Ramp)43.686016-79.603557
4986Airport Rd at Highway 427 Overpass43.686436-79.602317
4756Airport Rd at Hull St43.70411-79.642841
16261Airport Rd at Hull St43.704405-79.643463
4751Airport Rd at Jetliner Rd E Side43.685805-79.606252
4762Airport Rd at Morning Star Dr43.709112-79.649908
4764Airport Rd at Nwest Dr43.698911-79.636345
4763Airport Rd at Nwest Dr43.698901-79.635642
4766Airport Rd at Orlando Dr43.694887-79.63023
15014Airport Rd at Ripon St43.706254-79.645349
4755Airport Rd at Ripon St43.705848-79.645322
4767Airport Rd at Silver Dart Dr43.695107-79.631147
4768Airport Rd at Victory Cres43.707589-79.647215
6215Albion Rd at Arcot Blvd43.727037-79.552114
6226Albion Rd at Arcot Blvd43.726504-79.552023
6216Albion Rd at Armel Crt43.72131-79.545974
6217Albion Rd at Armel Crt43.721252-79.545458
6219Albion Rd at Bankfield Dr43.730649-79.554146
6218Albion Rd at Bankfield Dr43.73072-79.554499
1680Albion Rd at Beaumonde Heights Park43.738716-79.573613
1681Albion Rd at Benstrow Ave43.739092-79.575981
6221Albion Rd at Calstock Dr43.734052-79.557996
15041Albion Rd at Calstock Dr43.734078-79.558603
3269Albion Rd at Carrier Dr43.74558-79.61401
3268Albion Rd at Carrier Dr43.745412-79.61457
13432Albion Rd at Claireport Cres43.747562-79.632675
6222Albion Rd at Elmhurst Dr43.725042-79.550293
6223Albion Rd at Elmhurst Dr43.725287-79.550901
3270Albion Rd at Finch Ave W43.741056-79.589585
11045Albion Rd at Finch Ave W43.741208-79.588821
6225Albion Rd at Golfdown Dr43.72375-79.548765
6224Albion Rd at Golfdown Dr E Side43.723468-79.548799
3266Albion Rd at Highway 2743.744355-79.607358
3272Albion Rd at Highway 27 E Side43.743938-79.606313
13427Albion Rd at Humberline Dr43.746942-79.621692
3273Albion Rd at Humberline Dr E Side43.746664-79.621491
6228Albion Rd at Islington Ave43.737291-79.565054
11027Albion Rd at Islington Ave43.73714-79.56552
1682Albion Rd at Kipling Ave43.739548-79.580563
1683Albion Rd at Kipling Ave43.739768-79.580072
3275Albion Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.742028-79.593932
3274Albion Rd at Martin Grove Rd E Side43.741652-79.593301
6229Albion Rd at Riverdale Dr43.735283-79.561541
1686Albion Rd at Sanagan Rd43.738903-79.576364
14315Albion Rd at Shendale Dr43.722506-79.547278
6230Albion Rd at Shendale Dr E Side43.722314-79.547425
3280Albion Rd at Silverstone Dr43.743061-79.599836
3279Albion Rd at Silverstone Dr43.742857-79.600272
13428Albion Rd at Steinway Blvd43.748129-79.628327
13433Albion Rd at Steinway Blvd43.747999-79.628933
6232Albion Rd at Thistle Down Blvd43.735665-79.561699
1688Albion Rd at Todd Brook Dr43.738366-79.571394
14328Albion Rd at Todd Brook Dr E Side43.738097-79.571253
3283Albion Rd at Westmore Dr43.743676-79.60368
3282Albion Rd at Westmore Dr E Side43.743454-79.603399
7481Albion Rd at Won Rd43.717248-79.53827
6233Albion Rd at Won Rd43.717594-79.538481
3287Alliance Ave at Dalrymple Dr43.676781-79.49008
3289Alliance Ave at Jane St43.676316-79.495269
3291Alliance Ave at Rockcliffe Blvd43.677053-79.488863
3290Alliance Ave at Rockcliffe Blvd E Side43.67693-79.488843
14838Alness St at Brisbane Rd43.772431-79.472658
14837Alness St at Brisbane Rd43.772542-79.472514
2Alness St at Dolomite Dr43.779605-79.475709
1Alness St at Dolomite Dr43.77939-79.475411
15628Alness St at Finch Ave W43.768012-79.471582
3Alness St at Flint Rd43.781744-79.477584
512Alness St at Flint Rd43.781977-79.478384
7Alness St at Steeles Ave W43.784228-79.480914
15993Alness St at Supertest Rd43.776503-79.474425
6234Ameer Ave at Baycrest Ave43.727738-79.440511
6235Ameer Ave at Baycrest Ave43.727938-79.44074
6236Ameer Ave at Ranee Ave43.725336-79.439686
6240Ameer Ave at Sultana Ave43.727038-79.440355
6239Ameer Ave at Sultana Ave43.726863-79.440154
11195Ancaster Rd at Home Rd43.735672-79.467577
11451Ancaster Rd at Powell Rd43.73656-79.467968
11Anglesey Blvd at Islington Ave43.664493-79.531543
15Anglesey Blvd at Pinehurst Cres43.663562-79.524999
14Anglesey Blvd at Pinehurst Cres E Side43.6631-79.524373
17Anglesey Blvd at Royal York Rd43.665778-79.519819
16Anglesey Blvd at Royal York Rd43.665864-79.52024
12Anglesey Blvd at The Kingsway43.663796-79.521797
13Anglesey Blvd at The Kingsway43.6642-79.521751
19Anglesey Blvd at Wimbleton Rd43.66478-79.528983
18Anglesey Blvd at Wimbleton Rd E Side43.664574-79.52899
14248Angus Glen Community Ctr at Major Mackenzie43.89459-79.337366
20Annette St at Aziel St43.663483-79.466899
22Annette St at Clendenan Ave43.662322-79.472105
21Annette St at Clendenan Ave43.662086-79.472496
23Annette St at Dundas St W43.664325-79.458835
14848Annette St at Dundas St W W Side43.664334-79.459218
25Annette St at Durie St43.659636-79.482199
24Annette St at Durie St43.65934-79.482958
27Annette St at Evelyn Ave43.661294-79.474845
26Annette St at Evelyn Ave E Side43.661127-79.474788
28Annette St at Gilmour Ave43.660479-79.477746
29Annette St at Gilmour Ave43.660716-79.477294
31Annette St at High Park Ave43.662993-79.469082
30Annette St at High Park Ave43.662799-79.46939
32Annette St at Indian Road Cres43.663678-79.46129
33Annette St at Indian Road Cres43.663915-79.460811
34Annette St at Jane St E Side43.658296-79.487694
38Annette St at Keele St43.663671-79.46362
37Annette St at Keele St43.663604-79.463979
36Annette St at Keele St43.663871-79.46439
39Annette St at Medland St43.663412-79.466527
41Annette St at Runnymede Rd43.660161-79.479787
40Annette St at Runnymede Rd43.659969-79.480162
42Annette St at Willard Ave43.658765-79.485561
43Annette St at Willard Ave43.659022-79.485011
1689Ansford Ave at Faywood Blvd43.735741-79.446837
9284Antibes Dr at Bathurst St43.780933-79.445119
9282Antibes Dr at Candle Liteway43.779667-79.448982
9279Antibes Dr at Plum Treeway43.781845-79.446507
9280Antibes Dr at Torresdale Ave43.781966-79.449941
9281Antibes Dr at Torresdale Ave E Side43.779378-79.451816
11267Arcot Blvd at Albion Rd43.726996-79.551708
11269Arcot Blvd at Albion Rd E Side43.726957-79.551356
9215Arleta Ave at Grandravine Dr43.747969-79.507845
9212Arleta Ave at John Lindsay Crt43.745646-79.501779
9218Arleta Ave at John Lindsay Crt43.745887-79.502119
9217Arleta Ave at Medal Lane43.747517-79.506643
9214Arleta Ave at Medal Lane43.747718-79.506309
9220Arleta Ave at Sheppard Ave W43.741662-79.501666
9210Arleta Ave at Sheppard Ave W43.74196-79.501534
9219Arleta Ave at Spenvalley Dr43.743797-79.501596
9211Arleta Ave at Tina Crt43.743611-79.501445
7513Arrow Rd at Bartor Rd43.737823-79.529694
7494Arrow Rd at Deerhide Cres43.749539-79.53298
7496Arrow Rd at Deerhide Cres43.74799-79.530999
7495Arrow Rd at Deerhide Cres43.747641-79.530249
7497Arrow Rd at Finch Ave W43.753006-79.535911
7499Arrow Rd at Gail Grove43.737782-79.529927
7500Arrow Rd at Lido Rd43.741466-79.530633
7501Arrow Rd at Lido Rd43.74154-79.530848
7502Arrow Rd at Pemican Crt43.749441-79.532558
11955Arrow Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.736314-79.529568
11858Arrow Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.736355-79.529315
9425Atkinson Ave at Campbell Cres43.811103-79.443114
118Atkinson Ave at Clark Ave W43.805029-79.440924
12161Atkinson Ave at Ctr St43.812489-79.443473
10710Atkinson Ave at Dundurn Cres43.81725-79.444709
10709Atkinson Ave at Dundurn Cres E Side43.818131-79.446538
8Atkinson Ave at Rodeo Dr43.808739-79.442506
10707Atkinson Ave at Rosedale Heights Dr43.817483-79.450148
10711Atkinson Ave at Rosedale Heights Dr43.813694-79.443633
10Atkinson Rd at Spring Gate Blvd43.806428-79.44158
14540Atlantic Ave at King St W43.639911-79.421069
3300Attwell Dr at Belfield Rd43.698444-79.593272
3295Attwell Dr at Carlingview Dr43.703226-79.603128
9302Attwell Dr at Carlson Crt43.68919-79.587189
3297Attwell Dr at Disco Rd43.701039-79.594894
11963Attwell Dr at Disco Rd43.702454-79.609324
9303Attwell Dr at Farnboro Rd43.691339-79.587417
11197Attwell Dr at Marmac Dr43.695837-79.589596
3299Attwell Dr at Marmac Dr43.695237-79.589518
9304Attwell Dr at McLachlan Dr43.693656-79.588761
11196Attwell Dr at McLachlan Dr43.693563-79.588478
1200Aukland Rd at Bloor St W43.640146-79.540452
14093Aukland Rd at Dundas St W43.638954-79.539233
1203Aukland Rd at Dundas St W43.638579-79.538367
5128Aukland Rd at Dundas St W43.638772-79.538547
46Avenue Rd at Balmoral Ave43.684367-79.400662
45Avenue Rd at Balmoral Ave43.684707-79.400532
48Avenue Rd at Bloor St W43.668803-79.394276
47Avenue Rd at Bloor St W43.669222-79.394239
50Avenue Rd at Boswell Ave43.67262-79.395613
51Avenue Rd at Boswell Ave43.672692-79.395882
53Avenue Rd at Brooke Ave43.733318-79.419645
52Avenue Rd at Brooke Ave43.733142-79.419384
54Avenue Rd at Carmichael Ave43.73762-79.420776
56Avenue Rd at Cottingham St43.679417-79.39837
55Avenue Rd at Cottingham St43.679675-79.398753
58Avenue Rd at Davenport Rd43.674613-79.396402
57Avenue Rd at Davenport Rd43.674804-79.396742
4771Avenue Rd at Douglas Ave43.72381-79.416345
4770Avenue Rd at Douglas Ave43.723919-79.416138
60Avenue Rd at Dunblaine Ave43.736019-79.420228
59Avenue Rd at Dunblaine Ave43.735846-79.41995
62Avenue Rd at Dupont St43.677274-79.397763
61Avenue Rd at Dupont St43.677107-79.397418
64Avenue Rd at Edmund Ave43.682605-79.399936
63Avenue Rd at Edmund Ave43.682897-79.399784
4772Avenue Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.705011-79.408567
4776Avenue Rd at Fairlawn Ave43.727784-79.417711
4777Avenue Rd at Fairlawn Ave43.727986-79.418035
4778Avenue Rd at Glencairn Ave43.716059-79.41251
4779Avenue Rd at Glengrove Ave W43.716875-79.413205
4780Avenue Rd at Glengrove Ave W43.717016-79.41366
4781Avenue Rd at Glenview Ave43.718374-79.414483
65Avenue Rd at Heath St W43.688623-79.402152
66Avenue Rd at Heath St W43.688803-79.402468
4783Avenue Rd at Hillhurst Blvd43.712028-79.411565
4784Avenue Rd at Hillhurst Blvd43.712201-79.411793
4786Avenue Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.722064-79.415331
4785Avenue Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.721943-79.415656
67Avenue Rd at Lonsdale Rd43.690299-79.403055
68Avenue Rd at Lowther Ave43.671185-79.395039
4787Avenue Rd at Lytton Blvd43.713851-79.411727
4788Avenue Rd at Lytton Blvd43.714068-79.411966
4789Avenue Rd at Melrose Ave43.729775-79.418522
4790Avenue Rd at Melrose Ave43.729983-79.41884
11238Avenue Rd at Old Orchard Grove43.731855-79.419461
14416Avenue Rd at Old Orchard Grove43.731541-79.419168
4792Avenue Rd at Otter Cres43.718289-79.41469
69Avenue Rd at Ridley Blvd43.737924-79.420641
4794Avenue Rd at Roselawn Ave43.70848-79.410254
4793Avenue Rd at Roselawn Ave43.708388-79.410473
71Avenue Rd at St Clair Ave W43.686737-79.401728
70Avenue Rd at St Clair Ave W43.686954-79.401452
4796Avenue Rd at St Clements Ave43.710415-79.411259
4795Avenue Rd at St Clements Ave43.710222-79.41096
73Avenue Rd at Wilson Ave43.739705-79.421397
72Avenue Rd at Wilson Ave43.739264-79.421518
4797Avenue Rd at Woburn Ave43.725322-79.416721
4798Avenue Rd at Woburn Ave43.725543-79.417052
74Avenue Rd at Yorkville Ave43.670438-79.394979
7503Avoca Ave at Pleasant Blvd43.688534-79.389352
13423Avon Loop at Won Rd43.681365-79.476844
9328Baldoon Rd at Crow Trail43.813482-79.231714
75Baldoon Rd at Finch Ave E43.815102-79.232194
9327Baldoon Rd at Finch Ave E43.814883-79.232283
6242Bannatyne Dr at Beaverhall Dr43.759205-79.366128
6241Bannatyne Dr at Beaverhall Dr43.758947-79.365919
6243Bannatyne Dr at Davean Dr43.760329-79.368381
6244Bannatyne Dr at Dunlace Dr43.761706-79.372206
6246Bannatyne Dr at Leslie St43.758594-79.361542
6245Bannatyne Dr at Leslie St43.758647-79.361938
6247Bannatyne Dr at Riderwood Dr43.758019-79.364362
6248Bannatyne Dr at Riderwood Dr43.758184-79.364079
6250Bannatyne Dr at Silvergrove Rd43.763725-79.373719
9743Barber Greene Rd at Broadpath Rd43.729763-79.349132
9740Barber Greene Rd at Don Mills Rd43.727601-79.341556
11324Barber Greene Rd at Embla St43.727977-79.34408
9744Barber Greene Rd at Overland Dr43.731026-79.350865
9742Barber Greene Rd at Sill Dr43.728757-79.346279
3304Barkdene Hills at Brooklawn Ave43.716585-79.233773
3306Barkdene Hills at Gradwell Dr43.716004-79.235809
3305Barkdene Hills at Gradwell Dr43.715844-79.236105
3307Barkdene Hills at Larwood Blvd43.715441-79.237913
14297Barkdene Hills at Larwood Blvd43.715589-79.237791
7510Barmac Dr at Garyray Dr43.766174-79.554068
7511Barmac Dr at Ormont Dr43.764464-79.553385
7512Barmac Dr at Steeles Ave W43.767942-79.554807
9457Barrington Ave at Secord Ave43.692496-79.302235
9525Bathurst St / Crown Heights Cres43.796726-79.44669
9526Bathurst St / Mullen Dr43.796714-79.446842
80Bathurst St at Alcina Ave43.680169-79.417216
81Bathurst St at Allingham Gardens43.739895-79.434758
123Bathurst St at Antibes Dr43.781233-79.445042
83Bathurst St at Ardmore Rd43.693588-79.422448
82Bathurst St at Ardmore Rd43.693576-79.422648
87Bathurst St at Ava Rd43.697848-79.424179
15457Bathurst St at Ava Rd43.69802-79.42445
89Bathurst St at Bainbridge Ave43.750654-79.437155
90Bathurst St at Bainbridge Ave43.75091-79.437474
91Bathurst St at Bannockburn Ave43.731194-79.43241
92Bathurst St at Barton Ave43.668015-79.412233
93Bathurst St at Barton Ave43.668194-79.412507
95Bathurst St at Baycrest Ave43.729709-79.43227
94Bathurst St at Baycrest Ave43.729521-79.432022
96Bathurst St at Bloor St W43.665012-79.411065
15518Bathurst St at Bloor St W43.665235-79.411347
156Bathurst St at Blue Flag Gate43.768648-79.441865
99Bathurst St at Briar Hill Ave43.708018-79.427207
98Bathurst St at Briar Hill Ave43.707753-79.426888
153Bathurst St at Bridgman Ave43.674989-79.414992
101Bathurst St at Burton Rd43.691765-79.421687
102Bathurst St at Caribou Rd43.71753-79.429253
15335Bathurst St at Carr St43.648599-79.404431
104Bathurst St at Carscadden Dr43.765547-79.441098
105Bathurst St at Cedarcroft Blvd43.783511-79.445589
106Bathurst St at Chabad Gate43.799281-79.447256
9421Bathurst St at Clark Ave W43.803316-79.448213
259Bathurst St at Clark Ave W43.8029-79.448396
107Bathurst St at Claxton Blvd43.686625-79.419824
108Bathurst St at Codsell Ave43.758401-79.43901
109Bathurst St at Codsell Ave43.758716-79.439386
110Bathurst St at College St43.656244-79.407513
111Bathurst St at College St43.656632-79.407861
11874Bathurst St at Cordoba Dr43.794538-79.44639
112Bathurst St at Covington Rd43.721136-79.430335
116Bathurst St at Danby Ave43.749183-79.437058
117Bathurst St at Davenport Rd43.676508-79.415591
7518Bathurst St at Davenport Rd43.677048-79.415789
119Bathurst St at Dell Park Ave43.717295-79.429418
121Bathurst St at Dewbourne Ave43.699054-79.424867
120Bathurst St at Dewbourne Ave43.698884-79.424601
122Bathurst St at Dewlane Dr43.78586-79.445832
124Bathurst St at Douglas Ave43.720714-79.429983
125Bathurst St at Drewry Ave43.780932-79.444599
127Bathurst St at Dundas St W - Toronto Western Hospital43.652475-79.406185
126Bathurst St at Dundas St W - Toronto Western Hospital43.652178-79.405874
128Bathurst St at Dupont St43.67305-79.41422
129Bathurst St at Dupont St43.673241-79.414496
132Bathurst St at Elderwood Dr43.695157-79.423089
133Bathurst St at Ellerslie Ave43.765906-79.440833
134Bathurst St at Elm Ridge Dr43.705395-79.426541
135Bathurst St at Fairlawn Ave43.724694-79.430905
136Bathurst St at Finch Ave W43.773623-79.44272
137Bathurst St at Finch Ave W43.773391-79.443056
138Bathurst St at Fisherville Rd43.790264-79.445803
13672Bathurst St at Fort York Blvd43.638684-79.400466
100Bathurst St at Fort York Blvd43.638947-79.400771
143Bathurst St at Glencairn Ave43.71225-79.427979
144Bathurst St at Glencairn Ave43.712484-79.428276
145Bathurst St at Glengrove Ave43.714109-79.428447
146Bathurst St at Glengrove Ave43.714354-79.428702
147Bathurst St at Greenwin Village Rd43.790692-79.445237
148Bathurst St at Harbord St43.66142-79.409618
149Bathurst St at Harbord St43.661614-79.409887
151Bathurst St at Heathdale Rd43.688838-79.420513
150Bathurst St at Heathdale Rd43.688764-79.420688
155Bathurst St at Horsham Ave43.768449-79.441504
157Bathurst St at Invermay Ave43.741617-79.435168
15196Bathurst St at Invermay Ave43.741398-79.434877
158Bathurst St at Joicey Blvd43.733827-79.433052
162Bathurst St at King St W43.644139-79.402833
161Bathurst St at King St W43.643664-79.402522
15365Bathurst St at King St W43.644062-79.402862
15364Bathurst St at King St W43.643803-79.402497
163Bathurst St at Laurelcrest Ave43.74451-79.435903
165Bathurst St at Lawrence Ave W43.719105-79.42961
164Bathurst St at Lawrence Ave W43.718829-79.429826
167Bathurst St at Lennox St43.663726-79.410537
15334Bathurst St at Lennox St43.663902-79.410809
168Bathurst St at Lonsdale Rd43.68686-79.419702
170Bathurst St at Lyonsgate Dr43.742895-79.435483
171Bathurst St at Lytton Blvd43.71038-79.427533
172Bathurst St at Marquette Ave43.734195-79.433342
173Bathurst St at Mascot Pl43.770483-79.44229
174Bathurst St at Mcallister Rd43.753514-79.437841
175Bathurst St at Melrose Ave43.727244-79.431501
176Bathurst St at Milner Gate43.799658-79.447632
178Bathurst St at Nassau St - Toronto Western Hospital43.654353-79.406946
177Bathurst St at Nassau St - Toronto Western Hospital43.654168-79.406669
179Bathurst St at Neptune Dr43.731615-79.432722
15224Bathurst St at Niagara St43.641779-79.401753
15225Bathurst St at Niagara St43.642032-79.401977
15226Bathurst St at Niagara St43.642009-79.40203
180Bathurst St at Nina St43.679716-79.416855
181Bathurst St at Olive Ave43.670382-79.413366
184Bathurst St at Patricia Ave43.78418-79.44541
185Bathurst St at Prince Charles Dr43.724518-79.431077
187Bathurst St at Queen St W43.647375-79.404131
186Bathurst St at Queen St W43.647066-79.4039
15230Bathurst St at Queen St W43.64709-79.403831
13368Bathurst St at Queens Quay W / Billy Bishop Airport43.636011-79.398844
188Bathurst St at Raeburn Ave43.744162-79.435564
189Bathurst St at Ranee Ave43.72707-79.431662
190Bathurst St at Reiner Rd43.752651-79.437863
192Bathurst St at Ridge Hill Dr43.703452-79.426013
193Bathurst St at Robinson St43.649099-79.40483
194Bathurst St at Rockford Rd43.785936-79.446214
195Bathurst St at Roselawn Ave43.705064-79.426195
196Bathurst St at Saranac Blvd43.723161-79.430751
220Bathurst St at Sbourne Ave43.738382-79.434132
197Bathurst St at Shelborne Ave43.715842-79.428833
198Bathurst St at Shelborne Ave43.716134-79.429129
200Bathurst St at Sheppard Ave W43.755643-79.438674
199Bathurst St at Sheppard Ave W43.755214-79.43823
204Bathurst St at St Clair Ave W43.683275-79.418455
202Bathurst St at St Clair Ave W43.683539-79.418312
205Bathurst St at Stafford Rd43.7703-79.441951
9719Bathurst St at Steeles Ave W43.792055-79.445475
208Bathurst St at Steeles Ave W43.792653-79.445965
206Bathurst St at Steeles Ave W43.793044-79.44571
207Bathurst St at Steeles Ave W43.791465-79.445601
209Bathurst St at Strathearn Rd43.692041-79.422014
211Bathurst St at Tichester Rd43.685297-79.41907
210Bathurst St at Tichester Rd43.685088-79.41918
16095Bathurst St at Timberlane Dr43.748461-79.43666
11872Bathurst St at Townsgate Dr43.794221-79.44598
213Bathurst St at Ulster St43.659869-79.409188
212Bathurst St at Ulster St43.65973-79.408924
214Bathurst St at Vesta Dr43.703148-79.425728
215Bathurst St at Viewmount Ave43.710114-79.42769
216Bathurst St at Warwick Ave43.695352-79.423363
217Bathurst St at Wellington St W43.642578-79.402012
219Bathurst St at Wells St43.670003-79.413019
15700Bathurst St at Wembley Rd43.701822-79.425582
15701Bathurst St at Wembley Rd43.701719-79.42577
223Bathurst St at Wilson Ave43.737575-79.434232
221Bathurst St at Wilson Ave43.737188-79.433814
222Bathurst St at Wilson Ave43.736782-79.43401
224Bathurst St at Woburn Ave43.722434-79.430385
227Bathurst St at York Downs Dr43.747065-79.436285
228Bathurst St at York Downs Dr43.747362-79.436588
230Bathurst St at Yorkview Dr43.772251-79.442408
229Bathurst St at Yorkview Dr43.772311-79.442749
14617Bathurst Station43.666061-79.411065
14619Bathurst Station43.666532-79.411286
13760Bathurst Station - Ebound Platform43.665949-79.410589
13759Bathurst Station - Wbound Platform43.665649-79.41229
232Bay St at Adelaide St W43.649997-79.380909
231Bay St at Adelaide St W43.650085-79.380752
234Bay St at Albert St43.653029-79.38278
233Bay St at Albert St43.652891-79.382492
235Bay St at Bloor St W - Bay Station43.670012-79.389721
237Bay St at Charles St W43.668073-79.388671
236Bay St at Charles St W43.667981-79.388876
238Bay St at College St43.660671-79.385671
239Bay St at College St43.660921-79.386005
266Bay St at Cumberland St - Bay Station43.670485-79.389669
241Bay St at Davenport Rd43.672664-79.390611
243Bay St at Dundas St W43.65552-79.383541
242Bay St at Dundas St W43.655825-79.383879
244Bay St at Elm St43.657136-79.384178
245Bay St at Elm St43.657387-79.384516
247Bay St at Front St W - Union Station43.645849-79.378935
246Bay St at Front St W- Union Station43.645484-79.378997
249Bay St at Gerrard St W43.6586-79.38502
248Bay St at Gerrard St W43.65878-79.384865
250Bay St at Grosvenor St43.66238-79.386209
251Bay St at Grosvenor St43.662647-79.386557
252Bay St at Hagerman St43.654182-79.383
253Bay St at Hagerman St43.654565-79.383369
254Bay St at Harbour St- Toronto Island Ferry43.641735-79.377377
256Bay St at King St W43.648532-79.380116
15456Bay St at King St W43.648733-79.380405
15151Bay St at Lake Shore Blvd W43.643114-79.377779
261Bay St at Queen St W43.651684-79.381439
260Bay St at Queen St W43.651901-79.382172
262Bay St at Queens Quay W43.641686-79.377069
16259Bay St at Scollard St43.672256-79.39068
265Bay St at St Joseph St43.665791-79.387868
10282Bay St at St Joseph St43.666056-79.387739
268Bay St at Wellesley St W43.664253-79.386996
267Bay St at Wellesley St W43.663965-79.387105
270Bay St at Wellington St W43.647217-79.379555
13757Bay Station - Ebound Platform43.670149-79.390089
13758Bay Station - Wbound Platform43.669849-79.391789
11641Baycrest Home For Aged43.729774-79.434176
15607Baycrest Hospital43.729538-79.433224
274Bayview Ave at Argonne Cres43.794029-79.393853
1710Bayview Ave at Arjay Cres43.740168-79.382719
276Bayview Ave at Bayview Mews Lane43.769272-79.388448
15536Bayview Ave at Bayview Mews Lane43.769522-79.388828
1711Bayview Ave at Bayview Ridge Cres43.742341-79.383159
1713Bayview Ave at Blythwood Rd43.720818-79.378698
1712Bayview Ave at Blythwood Rd43.720431-79.378945
12934Bayview Ave at Brenham Cres43.796194-79.394556
1715Bayview Ave at Broadway Ave43.713964-79.377724
1714Bayview Ave at Broadway Ave43.714395-79.377511
280Bayview Ave at Burleigh Heights Dr43.77972-79.390855
281Bayview Ave at Burleigh Heights Dr43.779345-79.390994
282Bayview Ave at Byng Ave43.782213-79.391381
283Bayview Ave at Byng Ave43.781659-79.391546
284Bayview Ave at Citation Dr43.774828-79.38976
285Bayview Ave at Country Lane43.740267-79.382511
287Bayview Ave at Cummer Ave43.792342-79.393719
286Bayview Ave at Cummer Ave43.792145-79.393442
1718Bayview Ave at Dawlish Ave43.7243-79.379746
1719Bayview Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.712432-79.377483
1720Bayview Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.711559-79.377019
288Bayview Ave at Empress Ave43.77398-79.389824
289Bayview Ave at Fife Rd43.754733-79.385373
10996Bayview Ave at Fifeshire Rd43.760825-79.386863
291Bayview Ave at Fifeshire Rd43.75459-79.385637
293Bayview Ave at Finch Ave E43.785158-79.392374
292Bayview Ave at Finch Ave E43.785614-79.392136
1722Bayview Ave at Fleming Cres43.707182-79.375606
295Bayview Ave at Forest Heights Blvd43.758165-79.386317
294Bayview Ave at Forest Heights Blvd43.758126-79.385998
296Bayview Ave at Foxwarren Dr43.770495-79.388789
16025Bayview Ave at Front St E43.653731-79.353851
297Bayview Ave at Garnier Crt43.799066-79.395035
273Bayview Ave at Garnier Park43.801054-79.395495
1724Bayview Ave at Glenvale Blvd43.71605-79.377795
301Bayview Ave at Heathcote Ave43.752072-79.384794
9139Bayview Ave at Heathcote Ave43.75232-79.385153
303Bayview Ave at Hillcrest Ave43.772666-79.389534
302Bayview Ave at Hillcrest Ave43.77233-79.389207
304Bayview Ave at Hollywood Ave43.770859-79.389136
305Bayview Ave at Holmes Ave43.783024-79.391817
1716Bayview Ave at Kilgour Rd - CNIB43.717092-79.378325
1717Bayview Ave at Kilgour Rd - CNIB43.71722-79.378025
11330Bayview Ave at Lawrence Ave E - York University Glendon43.727687-79.382237
1726Bayview Ave at Lawrence Ave E - York University Glendon43.727267-79.381568
1727Bayview Ave at Manor Rd E43.707037-79.375756
307Bayview Ave at McKee Ave43.778139-79.390729
306Bayview Ave at McKee Ave43.7779-79.390444
14492Bayview Ave at McRae Dr43.700861-79.373188
14491Bayview Ave at Merton St43.701007-79.37344
1708Bayview Ave at Millwood Rd43.704335-79.374731
1728Bayview Ave at Millwood Rd43.704151-79.374446
7526Bayview Ave at Moore Ave43.696992-79.371964
7525Bayview Ave at Moore Ave43.697259-79.371767
14493Bayview Ave at Nesbitt Dr43.694139-79.366043
15540Bayview Ave at Nesbitt Dr43.694087-79.366577
309Bayview Ave at Newton Dr43.799231-79.395302
1730Bayview Ave at Parkhurst Blvd43.708992-79.376279
9476Bayview Ave at Parkview Ave43.776212-79.390312
312Bayview Ave at Post Rd43.736547-79.382082
311Bayview Ave at Post Rd43.736777-79.381847
315Bayview Ave at Ruddington Dr43.787893-79.392586
314Bayview Ave at Ruddington Dr43.787767-79.3928
316Bayview Ave at Ruth Ave43.794226-79.394137
318Bayview Ave at Sheppard Ave E - Bayview Station43.766792-79.388244
317Bayview Ave at Sheppard Ave E - Bayview Station43.767139-79.387913
1731Bayview Ave at Soudan Ave43.708916-79.376494
322Bayview Ave at Steeles Ave E43.802654-79.39615
1734Bayview Ave at Sunnydene Cres43.71947-79.378769
279Bayview Ave at The Bridle Path43.738568-79.382416
278Bayview Ave at The Bridle Path43.738357-79.382163
323Bayview Ave at Truman Rd43.760431-79.386402
324Bayview Ave at Tudor Gate43.743657-79.383183
325Bayview Ave at Valley Rd43.744116-79.383516
9122Bayview Ave at Valleyanna Dr43.724199-79.379442
326Bayview Ave at Wilket Rd43.74599-79.383662
1725Bayview Ave at Wood Ave43.727063-79.382049
329Bayview Ave at York Mills Rd43.748322-79.384408
328Bayview Ave at York Mills Rd43.747851-79.383934
330Bayview Ave at York Mills Rd43.747363-79.384148
327Bayview Ave at York Rd43.745809-79.383845
310Bayview Ave at opp Garnier Park43.800927-79.395689
13844Bayview Station - Ebound Platform43.766872-79.386703
13843Bayview Station - Wbound Platform43.766951-79.38673
333Bedford Rd at Bernard Ave43.673121-79.399388
334Bedford Rd at Davenport Rd43.674533-79.399915
927Bedford Rd at Davenport Rd43.67413-79.399631
11710Bedford Rd at Dupont St43.676063-79.400322
336Bedford Rd at Lowther Ave43.670422-79.398356
335Bedford Rd at Lowther Ave43.670643-79.398208
338Bedford Rd at Tranby Ave43.672925-79.399151
3314Beechgrove Dr at Bethley Dr43.768431-79.15907
3318Beechgrove Dr at Coronation Dr43.766925-79.158407
3319Beechgrove Dr at Dunstall Cres43.772505-79.160886
3320Beechgrove Dr at Janellan Ter43.770246-79.159896
7527Belfield Rd at Attwell Dr43.698236-79.591811
3323Belfield Rd at Attwell Dr E Side43.697942-79.59228
3326Belfield Rd at Brockport Dr43.698544-79.589609
3325Belfield Rd at Brockport Dr43.698945-79.588836
3327Belfield Rd at C.N. E Spur43.701163-79.578452
3328Belfield Rd at C.N. E Spur43.701466-79.577974
3329Belfield Rd at C.N. W Spur43.700268-79.583103
3330Belfield Rd at C.N. W Spur43.699972-79.583628
3331Belfield Rd at City View Dr43.699693-79.58563
3332Belfield Rd at City View Dr E Side43.699535-79.585375
3333Belfield Rd at Iron St43.700484-79.581284
3334Belfield Rd at Iron St43.700797-79.580983
3336Belfield Rd at Kipling Ave - Etobicoke N GO43.704617-79.563789
3335Belfield Rd at Kipling Ave- Etobicoke N GO43.704813-79.564062
3337Belfield Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.701705-79.576011
3338Belfield Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.702132-79.575453
3339Belfield Rd at McCulloch Ave43.702447-79.573153
3340Belfield Rd at McCulloch Ave43.702639-79.573099
3343Belfield Rd at Shaft Rd - Etobicoke N GO43.703944-79.566147
3342Belfield Rd at Shaft Rd- Etobicoke N GO43.704066-79.566635
340Bellamy Rd N at Amberjack Blvd43.77249-79.24104
341Bellamy Rd N at Banmoor Blvd43.75196-79.233231
342Bellamy Rd N at Ben Alder Dr43.760089-79.236288
343Bellamy Rd N at Benleigh Dr43.763167-79.237531
344Bellamy Rd N at Braeburn Blvd43.749205-79.232357
345Bellamy Rd N at Brimorton Dr43.767241-79.238936
346Bellamy Rd N at Brimorton Dr43.767658-79.239344
347Bellamy Rd N at Burnview Cres43.753874-79.234036
348Bellamy Rd N at Burnview Cres43.753661-79.234194
349Bellamy Rd N at Cedar Brae Blvd43.751811-79.233421
353Bellamy Rd N at Eglinton Ave E - Eglinton GO43.740531-79.232292
352Bellamy Rd N at Eglinton Ave E - Eglinton GO43.740751-79.232066
355Bellamy Rd N at Ellesmere Rd43.774032-79.241521
354Bellamy Rd N at Ellesmere Rd43.773883-79.241768
351Bellamy Rd N at Epark Blvd43.755389-79.234689
350Bellamy Rd N at Epark Blvd43.755326-79.234948
356Bellamy Rd N at Farmbrook Rd43.749566-79.232189
357Bellamy Rd N at Grace St43.743598-79.229707
358Bellamy Rd N at Grace St43.743276-79.229867
360Bellamy Rd N at Jarwick Dr43.766248-79.23877
361Bellamy Rd N at Lawrence Ave E43.75758-79.235067
362Bellamy Rd N at Lawrence Ave E43.757906-79.235467
363Bellamy Rd N at Lynnbrook Dr43.772762-79.241395
365Bellamy Rd N at Nelson St43.746466-79.230879
364Bellamy Rd N at Nelson St43.746267-79.2311
367Bellamy Rd N at Nleigh Dr43.769705-79.240156
366Bellamy Rd N at Nleigh Dr43.769796-79.239966
369Bellamy Rd N at Painted Post Dr43.760591-79.236272
370Bellamy Rd N at Pandora Cir43.763114-79.237269
9865Benton Rd at Colville Rd43.707841-79.470907
9877Benton Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.709698-79.471523
9864Benton Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.709849-79.471761
6253Bergamot Ave at Islington Ave43.716772-79.556363
9267Bergamot Ave at Islington Ave43.716837-79.556758
9268Bergamot Ave at Rexdale Blvd43.713511-79.55992
6254Bergamot Ave at Rexdale Blvd43.713873-79.559697
11164Berkeley St at Front St E43.650874-79.36392
7530Bermondsey Rd at Bartley Dr43.719609-79.314316
7531Bermondsey Rd at Bartley Dr43.719756-79.31468
7534Bermondsey Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.725511-79.313538
7535Bermondsey Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.725609-79.313733
15822Bermondsey Rd at Nline Rd43.715254-79.31247
7540Bermondsey Rd at Sunrise Ave43.716858-79.31316
7541Bermondsey Rd at Sunrise Ave43.717074-79.313476
6255Berry Rd at Ballacaine Dr43.635805-79.495229
6256Berry Rd at Bell Manor Dr43.637227-79.488768
6258Berry Rd at Cloverhill Rd43.636958-79.490027
13375Berry Rd at Cloverhill Rd E Side43.636743-79.49035
6259Berry Rd at Glenn Murray Dr43.635583-79.495793
6260Berry Rd at Minstrel Dr43.635106-79.497939
11091Berry Rd at Park Lawn Rd43.635915-79.494083
6262Berry Rd at Park Lawn Rd43.636284-79.493082
6261Berry Rd at Park Lawn Rd E Side43.636174-79.492971
6263Berry Rd at Prince Edward Dr S43.634927-79.499316
6264Berry Rd at Stephen Dr43.637392-79.487365
13845Bessarion Station - Ebound Platform43.769202-79.376312
13846Bessarion Station - Wbound Platform43.769296-79.376345
7546Beth Nealson Dr at Wicksteed Ave43.713018-79.346254
1738Bingham Ave at Kingston Rd43.680832-79.285215
2839Bingham Loop43.68146-79.285
13519Bingham Loop43.681533-79.284747
466Birchmount Rd / Ambercroft Blvd43.813872-79.313644
458Birchmount Rd / River Grove Dr43.818466-79.315655
15410Birchmount Rd at 14th Ave43.839705-79.320034
415Birchmount Rd at 14th Ave43.839298-79.320309
372Birchmount Rd at Allanford Rd43.774149-79.2949
14964Birchmount Rd at Anaconda Ave43.718469-79.272954
15652Birchmount Rd at Anaconda Ave43.718676-79.273241
14263Birchmount Rd at Ashtonbee Rd43.732744-79.278727
374Birchmount Rd at Ashtonbee Rd43.733018-79.279087
378Birchmount Rd at Bay Mills Blvd43.783702-79.299549
380Birchmount Rd at Bertrand Ave43.735389-79.280047
379Birchmount Rd at Bertrand Ave43.735106-79.279701
381Birchmount Rd at Bibury Gate43.829436-79.317489
382Birchmount Rd at Bonis Ave43.783476-79.299124
384Birchmount Rd at Bonniewood Rd43.727596-79.276913
383Birchmount Rd at Bonniewood Rd43.72737-79.277056
387Birchmount Rd at Canadian Rd43.761471-79.290724
388Birchmount Rd at Canadian Rd43.761238-79.290304
389Birchmount Rd at Carncastle Gate43.777111-79.296393
391Birchmount Rd at Cass Ave43.779043-79.297223
390Birchmount Rd at Cass Ave43.778865-79.296902
392Birchmount Rd at Chaldean St43.793417-79.303706
393Birchmount Rd at Chelwood Rd43.725505-79.27619
394Birchmount Rd at Chelwood Rd43.725137-79.275843
15411Birchmount Rd at Citizen Crt43.841976-79.321159
396Birchmount Rd at Comstock Rd43.723821-79.275484
395Birchmount Rd at Comstock Rd43.723644-79.275197
398Birchmount Rd at Crouse Rd43.740861-79.282287
397Birchmount Rd at Crouse Rd43.740666-79.281944
1739Birchmount Rd at Danforth Ave43.697222-79.26419
7547Birchmount Rd at Danforth Ave43.696844-79.263822
399Birchmount Rd at Danforth Rd43.706853-79.267969
7548Birchmount Rd at Danforth Rd43.707213-79.26833
401Birchmount Rd at Denison St43.832967-79.318991
400Birchmount Rd at Denison St43.832657-79.318583
402Birchmount Rd at Dulverton Rd43.748713-79.285171
403Birchmount Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.729686-79.277693
404Birchmount Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.730225-79.278075
405Birchmount Rd at Ellendale Dr43.758141-79.289345
406Birchmount Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.763208-79.291117
407Birchmount Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.763616-79.291569
15412Birchmount Rd at Enterprise Blvd43.84908-79.324444
15419Birchmount Rd at Enterprise Blvd43.849554-79.325046
409Birchmount Rd at Exford Dr43.755068-79.288083
408Birchmount Rd at Exford Dr43.754918-79.287706
410Birchmount Rd at Ferguson Gate43.829894-79.317913
1740Birchmount Rd at Finch Ave E43.799148-79.306217
411Birchmount Rd at Finch Ave E43.798743-79.305691
414Birchmount Rd at Flora Dr43.742233-79.28283
413Birchmount Rd at Flora Dr43.741996-79.282498
417Birchmount Rd at Foxridge Dr43.721734-79.274373
416Birchmount Rd at Foxridge Dr43.721543-79.274496
418Birchmount Rd at Fundy Bay Blvd43.810951-79.312305
419Birchmount Rd at Glendower Circt43.796794-79.304905
420Birchmount Rd at Glendower Circt43.793208-79.303367
422Birchmount Rd at Harleyford Gate43.776799-79.296002
423Birchmount Rd at Harvest Moon Dr43.823839-79.317849
424Birchmount Rd at Highgate Dr43.826312-79.317593
7550Birchmount Rd at Highview Ave43.699574-79.264956
7549Birchmount Rd at Highview Ave43.69976-79.265226
463Birchmount Rd at Highway 401 - Walkway N of Rolark43.77185-79.293899
464Birchmount Rd at Highway 401 - Walkway N of Rolark43.771792-79.294137
7551Birchmount Rd at Hollis Ave43.694991-79.263049
7552Birchmount Rd at Hollis Ave43.694816-79.263149
426Birchmount Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.790601-79.302489
425Birchmount Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.79078-79.302328
427Birchmount Rd at Ivy Bush Ave43.811052-79.31214
7553Birchmount Rd at Kingston Rd43.693136-79.26245
7563Birchmount Rd at Kingston Rd43.693823-79.262534
428Birchmount Rd at L'Amoreaux Dr43.800672-79.307267
429Birchmount Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.747262-79.284608
430Birchmount Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.747757-79.285096
7554Birchmount Rd at Mack Ave43.701725-79.26608
15806Birchmount Rd at McNabb St43.837105-79.319634
434Birchmount Rd at McNicoll Ave43.808754-79.311362
433Birchmount Rd at McNicoll Ave43.808462-79.310925
435Birchmount Rd at Merryfield Dr43.751882-79.286464
436Birchmount Rd at Merryfield Dr43.752111-79.286846
12095Birchmount Rd at Micro Crt43.834835-79.319237
432Birchmount Rd at Modern Rd43.74394-79.283273
437Birchmount Rd at Modern Rd43.744265-79.283661
14142Birchmount Rd at Newlands Ave43.710031-79.269463
15010Birchmount Rd at Parkette Pl43.696184-79.263708
7556Birchmount Rd at Parnell Ave43.705327-79.267345
7555Birchmount Rd at Parnell Ave43.705135-79.267462
440Birchmount Rd at Pinegrove Ave43.698101-79.264342
7557Birchmount Rd at Raleigh Ave43.701761-79.265833
443Birchmount Rd at Ranstone Gardens43.73857-79.281097
442Birchmount Rd at Ranstone Gardens43.738819-79.281447
9172Birchmount Rd at Riseborough Ave43.826823-79.317703
9173Birchmount Rd at Riseborough Ave43.824208-79.318211
446Birchmount Rd at Rolark Dr43.767899-79.292518
445Birchmount Rd at Rolark Dr43.76753-79.292024
15559Birchmount Rd at Rougeside Promenade43.856419-79.324148
15417Birchmount Rd at Rougeside Promenade43.855767-79.324092
15420Birchmount Rd at Royal Crest Crt43.842307-79.321578
7558Birchmount Rd at Sadler Dr43.709408-79.269018
441Birchmount Rd at Sanwood Blvd43.816133-79.314333
447Birchmount Rd at Scarden Ave43.774297-79.295184
449Birchmount Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.781222-79.298411
448Birchmount Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.780849-79.297827
450Birchmount Rd at Silver Springs Blvd43.800591-79.306795
451Birchmount Rd at St Clair Ave E43.714658-79.271238
7560Birchmount Rd at St Clair Ave E43.713521-79.270951
453Birchmount Rd at Staley Ter43.806828-79.310174
454Birchmount Rd at Staley Ter43.807046-79.310572
9720Birchmount Rd at Steeles Ave43.820861-79.316825
456Birchmount Rd at Steeles Ave E43.821616-79.317153
10713Birchmount Rd at Steeles Ave E43.821906-79.31698
459Birchmount Rd at Timberbank Blvd43.797215-79.305331
460Birchmount Rd at Vauxhall Dr43.758838-79.289314
15413Birchmount Rd at Verdale Crossing43.851566-79.325197
15418Birchmount Rd at Verdale Crossing43.852091-79.325465
469Birchmount Rd at Wintermute Blvd43.816283-79.314742
7562Birchmount Rd at Zenith Dr43.711213-79.269937
7561Birchmount Rd at Zenith Dr43.711289-79.269784
465Birchmount Rd at opp Walkway to Ambercroft Blvd43.813928-79.313425
457Birchmount Rd at opp Walkway to River Grove Dr43.818456-79.315394
11740Birmingham St at Eighth St43.602865-79.507664
476Bloor St E at Castle Frank Rd43.674024-79.368037
15528Bloor St E at Castle Frank Rd E Side43.673998-79.367592
479Bloor St E at Church St43.671146-79.382992
478Bloor St E at Church St43.670877-79.383423
480Bloor St E at Jarvis St43.671706-79.380383
481Bloor St E at Jarvis St43.671464-79.38077
483Bloor St E at Parliament St43.672194-79.370653
482Bloor St E at Parliament St43.671775-79.371544
485Bloor St E at Sherbourne St43.672463-79.376704
16003Bloor St E at Sherbourne St E Side43.672409-79.376272
486Bloor St E at Yonge St43.67034-79.38664
11116Bloor St E at Yonge St E Side43.670297-79.386126
487Bloor St W at Aberfoyle Cres43.64582-79.51879
488Bloor St W at Acorn Ave43.640219-79.541945
489Bloor St W at Ashbourne Dr43.64042-79.542019
490Bloor St W at Avenue Rd43.66884-79.393879
491Bloor St W at Bathurst St43.665017-79.411321
492Bloor St W at Bathurst St43.665214-79.411078
16002Bloor St W at Bay St43.669648-79.390032
16001Bloor St W at Bay St E Side43.669639-79.389248
495Bloor St W at Bedford Rd43.667897-79.39756
15527Bloor St W at Bedford Rd43.668013-79.397785
15321Bloor St W at Brock Ave43.658989-79.439249
15322Bloor St W at Brock Ave43.65917-79.439035
499Bloor St W at Brunswick Ave43.665998-79.40732
498Bloor St W at Brunswick Ave43.665819-79.407548
500Bloor St W at Christie St43.663559-79.418706
514Bloor St W at Clendenan Ave43.652613-79.469857
501Bloor St W at Clendenan Ave43.652394-79.470107
502Bloor St W at Colborne Lodge Dr43.653432-79.465379
504Bloor St W at Dovercourt Rd43.661237-79.429285
503Bloor St W at Dovercourt Rd43.661043-79.429553
505Bloor St W at Dufferin St43.659755-79.435463
473Bloor St W at Dufferin St43.659959-79.43512
16006Bloor St W at Dufferin St43.659913-79.435637
506Bloor St W at Dundas St W43.656202-79.452611
507Bloor St W at Dundas St W43.656441-79.452231
509Bloor St W at Eagle Rd E Side43.645392-79.519755
513Bloor St W at Forest View Rd E Side43.632851-79.572971
517Bloor St W at Grace St43.663363-79.418948
518Bloor St W at Green Lanes E Side43.644156-79.525224
519Bloor St W at Grenview Blvd S E Side43.648045-79.507789
521Bloor St W at Havelock St43.66057-79.432314
520Bloor St W at Havelock St43.660401-79.432505
522Bloor St W at High Park Ave43.653658-79.465101
525Bloor St W at Indian Rd43.655222-79.457156
474Bloor St W at Indian Rd43.65548-79.456725
11999Bloor St W at Islington Ave43.644845-79.52317
527Bloor St W at Islington Ave43.64447-79.523669
526Bloor St W at Islington Ave43.64451-79.524265
528Bloor St W at Jackson Ave43.648038-79.508793
9952Bloor St W at Jane St43.649118-79.484624
529Bloor St W at Jane St43.649446-79.484271
530Bloor St W at Keele St43.654837-79.45974
531Bloor St W at Kingscourt Dr43.649329-79.502121
532Bloor St W at Kingsmill Rd43.649282-79.503083
534Bloor St W at Koos Rd43.634617-79.56607
535Bloor St W at Lansdowne Ave43.65822-79.442959
536Bloor St W at Lansdowne Ave43.658441-79.442571
537Bloor St W at Laurel Ave43.638305-79.551291
539Bloor St W at Manning Ave43.66416-79.415911
538Bloor St W at Manning Ave43.663979-79.416138
541Bloor St W at Mapledawn Rd43.632914-79.573329
547Bloor St W at Markland Dr43.633715-79.570485
546Bloor St W at Markland Dr E Side43.633599-79.570302
548Bloor St W at Martin Grove Rd43.639772-79.54493
552Bloor St W at Mill Rd43.6323-79.574706
550Bloor St W at Mill Rd E Side43.632171-79.574579
15892Bloor St W at Montgomery Rd43.646671-79.51522
554Bloor St W at Montrose Ave43.662921-79.420987
559Bloor St W at Old Mill Rd43.650164-79.49887
524Bloor St W at Old Mill Trail43.649571-79.495659
523Bloor St W at Old Mill Trail43.649585-79.495066
561Bloor St W at Ossington Ave43.661881-79.42573
562Bloor St W at Ossington Ave43.662066-79.425497
564Bloor St W at Palmerston Ave43.66468-79.413525
563Bloor St W at Palmerston Blvd43.664504-79.413751
565Bloor St W at Parkside Dr43.65453-79.460165
568Bloor St W at Peacock Ave43.634938-79.565662
569Bloor St W at Prince Edward Dr N43.648628-79.506028
570Bloor St W at Prince Edward Dr S43.648508-79.505687
573Bloor St W at Queens Park43.668555-79.394305
589Bloor St W at Resurrection Rd43.642903-79.53091
574Bloor St W at Riverside Dr43.648007-79.490859
575Bloor St W at Riverside Dr43.648056-79.490491
576Bloor St W at Riverside Dr E Side43.647665-79.487732
577Bloor St W at Riverview Gardens43.648688-79.485483
579Bloor St W at Royal York Rd43.647202-79.511546
578Bloor St W at Royal York Rd43.647373-79.511729
475Bloor St W at Runnymede Rd43.651237-79.476129
580Bloor St W at Runnymede Rd43.650991-79.476466
555Bloor St W at S Kingsway43.648025-79.485977
582Bloor St W at Shaver Ave N43.63918-79.547528
581Bloor St W at Shaver Ave S E Side43.638962-79.547422
583Bloor St W at Shaw St43.662405-79.423339
584Bloor St W at Shaw St43.662583-79.423134
585Bloor St W at Spadina Ave43.666541-79.403982
586Bloor St W at Spadina Rd43.666758-79.403654
588Bloor St W at St George St43.667614-79.399681
587Bloor St W at St George St43.667383-79.399986
591Bloor St W at Sterling Rd43.65713-79.448096
592Bloor St W at Symington Ave43.657389-79.447578
510Bloor St W at The E Mall43.636748-79.556812
511Bloor St W at The E Mall43.637103-79.556527
533Bloor St W at The Kingsway43.649909-79.499461
595Bloor St W at The W Mall43.635412-79.562688
596Bloor St W at The W Mall43.635815-79.562124
15893Bloor St W at Thompson Ave43.646546-79.514834
594Bloor St W at Tremont Rd E Side43.637886-79.55211
597Bloor St W at Wilmar Rd43.639615-79.544571
598Bloor St W at Windermere Ave43.65008-79.480567
599Bloor St W at Windermere Ave43.650327-79.48028
13863Bloor Station - Nbound Platform43.671044-79.385918
13864Bloor Station - Sbound Platform43.670049-79.385389
14189Bombay Loop at Avenue Rd43.743614-79.424182
3349Borough Dr at Progress Ave43.775269-79.261387
4806Bradstock Rd at Rivalda Rd43.739757-79.535765
4807Bradstock Rd at Won Rd E Side43.739021-79.538944
9553Breckon Gate at Sheppard Ave E43.800287-79.20671
12258Brentcliffe Rd at Vanderhoof Ave43.712582-79.35886
4812Brentcliffe Rd at Wicksteed Ave43.711815-79.358792
9838Brenyon Way / John Tabor Trail43.803534-79.208118
9849Brenyon Way / Lowry Sq43.803485-79.208297
9837Brenyon Way at Foregate Ave43.801663-79.207257
9850Brenyon Way at Foregate Ave43.80183-79.207533
9839Brenyon Way at John Tabor Trail43.805533-79.211291
9847Brenyon Way at Pioneer Pathway43.806177-79.213499
9840Brenyon Way at Pioneer Pathway43.806469-79.213787
9841Brenyon Way at Sewells Rd43.807648-79.21538
9846Brenyon Way at Sewells Rd43.807377-79.21541
9851Brenyon Way at Sheppard Ave E43.800741-79.207086
9848Brenyon Way at Wickson Trail43.805362-79.211263
6265Brian Ave at Margaret Ave43.78653-79.334248
6266Brian Ave at Van Horne Ave43.787739-79.334818
614Bridgeland Ave at Dufferin St43.726894-79.457961
613Bridgeland Ave at Dufferin St43.727002-79.458339
4834Brimley Rd / Audrelane Crt43.822814-79.285125
4835Brimley Rd / Goldhawk Trail43.818639-79.28304
4836Brimley Rd / McCool Crt43.818488-79.283192
3362Brimley Rd S at Kingston Rd43.717705-79.240255
4813Brimley Rd at Alexmuir Blvd43.810796-79.279726
9636Brimley Rd at Anson Ave43.724347-79.242793
615Brimley Rd at Applefield Dr43.768438-79.260929
616Brimley Rd at Applefield Dr43.762263-79.258528
617Brimley Rd at Arnprior Rd43.751152-79.254486
3359Brimley Rd at Barkdene Hills43.71542-79.239285
618Brimley Rd at Bernadine St43.768103-79.260567
4815Brimley Rd at Brimley Woods Park43.80931-79.278836
619Brimley Rd at Brimorton Dr43.765029-79.259375
4816Brimley Rd at Brimwood Blvd43.810933-79.279562
620Brimley Rd at Britwell Ave43.755975-79.255807
621Brimley Rd at Britwell Ave43.756125-79.256188
4818Brimley Rd at Chartland Blvd S43.801619-79.274871
4817Brimley Rd at Chartland Blvd S43.801303-79.274493
9644Brimley Rd at Comrie Ter43.726135-79.243761
9645Brimley Rd at Comrie Ter43.724683-79.243151
622Brimley Rd at Dallyn Cres43.741205-79.25039
9641Brimley Rd at Danforth Rd43.735285-79.247571
9640Brimley Rd at Danforth Rd43.735116-79.247234
4829Brimley Rd at Danjohn Cres43.812904-79.280443
9667Brimley Rd at Danjohn Cres43.812873-79.280655
641Brimley Rd at Deerfield Rd43.745579-79.252159
4820Brimley Rd at Dennett Dr43.793232-79.271211
15733Brimley Rd at Dennett Dr43.793438-79.271063
624Brimley Rd at Dorcot Ave43.758675-79.256852
623Brimley Rd at Dorcot Ave43.758728-79.257178
9673Brimley Rd at Eagledance Dr43.824863-79.285856
626Brimley Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.736862-79.248419
15424Brimley Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.735946-79.247582
625Brimley Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.737162-79.248253
15898Brimley Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.73623-79.247961
627Brimley Rd at Elgar Ave43.74108-79.250082
628Brimley Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.770553-79.261209
629Brimley Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.769639-79.261388
4821Brimley Rd at Finch Ave E43.80535-79.277042
4822Brimley Rd at Finch Ave E43.805858-79.277641
642Brimley Rd at Fraserton Gate43.748774-79.253297
631Brimley Rd at Golden Gate Crt43.772087-79.262095
10144Brimley Rd at Grittani Lane43.780755-79.265176
10149Brimley Rd at Grittani Lane43.780833-79.265503
633Brimley Rd at Gully Dr43.74353-79.251113
632Brimley Rd at Gully Dr43.743455-79.251289
15863Brimley Rd at Heather Rd43.790846-79.26995
4824Brimley Rd at Heather Rd43.790273-79.269945
4826Brimley Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.798641-79.2736
4825Brimley Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.79823-79.273117
3361Brimley Rd at Kingston Rd43.719185-79.240657
635Brimley Rd at Largo Lane43.747161-79.252597
634Brimley Rd at Largo Lane43.747098-79.252804
636Brimley Rd at Larkhall Ave43.751108-79.25425
637Brimley Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.753163-79.255078
639Brimley Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.753732-79.255604
9642Brimley Rd at Lombardy Cres43.731931-79.246177
9639Brimley Rd at Lombardy Cres43.73219-79.246028
9635Brimley Rd at Mandarin Rd43.722455-79.241999
4827Brimley Rd at McNicoll Ave43.815485-79.28163
4828Brimley Rd at McNicoll Ave43.815808-79.282061
9646Brimley Rd at Minerva Ave43.722726-79.242349
9637Brimley Rd at Oakridge Dr43.725802-79.243379
630Brimley Rd at Omni Dr43.772371-79.261895
10148Brimley Rd at Pitfield Rd43.783587-79.266568
15817Brimley Rd at Pitfield Rd43.78327-79.266209
9674Brimley Rd at Port Royal Trail43.825062-79.286196
4831Brimley Rd at Port Royal Trail43.821421-79.284532
10150Brimley Rd at Progress Ave43.775499-79.26342
10143Brimley Rd at Progress Ave43.775111-79.262909
640Brimley Rd at Seminole Ave43.745342-79.251847
643Brimley Rd at Shediac Rd43.748931-79.253566
10146Brimley Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.787394-79.268016
10147Brimley Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.787785-79.268704
9638Brimley Rd at Skagway Ave43.728252-79.244397
9643Brimley Rd at Skagway Ave43.728519-79.244769
644Brimley Rd at St Andrews Rd43.761927-79.258147
9647Brimley Rd at St Clair Ave E43.721067-79.241646
3366Brimley Rd at St Clair Ave E43.720738-79.241307
3367Brimley Rd at St Clair Ave E43.720503-79.241428
9678Brimley Rd at Steeles Ave E43.828106-79.287072
10865Brimley Rd at Steeles Ave E43.82845-79.287341
9679Brimley Rd at Steeles Ave E43.82885-79.287081
9680Brimley Rd at Steeles Ave E43.827797-79.28735
646Brimley Rd at Strode Dr43.739443-79.249414
645Brimley Rd at Strode Dr43.739428-79.24961
647Brimley Rd at Waterfield Dr43.765319-79.259711
4837Brimley Rd at Wenlock Gate43.821165-79.284157
14440Brimley Rd at opp Brimley Woods Park43.808919-79.278877
9392Brimley Rd at opp Walkway to Audrelane Crt43.822934-79.284963
4838Brimorton Dr at Dalehurst Ave43.770891-79.214209
11098Brimorton Dr at Dalehurst Ave43.770724-79.21432
4839Brimorton Dr at Linville Rd43.77042-79.216335
11097Brimorton Dr at Linville Rd43.770268-79.216367
4840Brimorton Dr at Mid Pines Rd43.771233-79.211723
11099Brimorton Dr at Mid Pines Rd43.771113-79.211966
11100Brimorton Dr at Orton Park Rd43.771343-79.208995
4841Brimorton Dr at Orton Park Rd43.77125-79.210112
4842Brimorton Dr at Scarborough Golf Club Rd43.770016-79.218094
650Broadview Ave at Bater Ave43.686963-79.355778
655Broadview Ave at Browning Ave43.680882-79.357665
651Broadview Ave at Chester Hill Rd43.681397-79.357724
652Broadview Ave at Cosburn Ave43.688765-79.355049
653Broadview Ave at Cosburn Ave43.688182-79.355485
3371Broadview Ave at Danforth Ave43.676342-79.359041
1755Broadview Ave at Danforth Ave43.676051-79.358601
3372Broadview Ave at Dundas St E43.662248-79.351175
1756Broadview Ave at Dundas St E43.6626-79.351506
11925Broadview Ave at Erindale Ave43.677373-79.358606
654Broadview Ave at Fernwood Gardens43.691712-79.355851
1757Broadview Ave at Gerrard St E43.665274-79.352444
1758Broadview Ave at Gerrard St E43.665663-79.352794
656Broadview Ave at Hillside Dr43.686476-79.356194
1763Broadview Ave at Jack Layton Way43.666481-79.353132
1760Broadview Ave at Langley Ave-Bridgepoint Health Ctr43.668079-79.353319
1759Broadview Ave at Langley Ave-Bridgepoint Health Ctr43.667664-79.353308
1761Broadview Ave at Millbrook Cres43.671897-79.354734
1762Broadview Ave at Millbrook Cres43.672144-79.355165
657Broadview Ave at Mortimer Ave43.684347-79.356745
9317Broadview Ave at Mountstephen St43.663942-79.35187
9318Broadview Ave at Mountstephen St43.664096-79.35214
658Broadview Ave at O'Connor Dr43.691682-79.355641
659Broadview Ave at Pottery Rd43.683554-79.357145
660Broadview Ave at Pretoria Ave43.678521-79.358476
3374Broadview Ave at Queen St E43.659107-79.350021
15790Broadview Ave at Torrens Ave43.690523-79.355167
663Broadview Ave at Torrens Ave43.690072-79.355184
1767Broadview Ave at Withrow Ave43.669859-79.353435
1766Broadview Ave at Withrow Ave43.669638-79.35303
1769Broadview Ave at Wolfrey Ave43.674457-79.357342
1768Broadview Ave at Wolfrey Ave43.674192-79.356904
14634Broadview Station43.67715-79.357849
14636Broadview Station43.676887-79.358245
14637Broadview Station43.676772-79.358451
14638Broadview Station43.676691-79.358611
14639Broadview Station43.677013-79.358147
14640Broadview Station43.677134-79.358206
13749Broadview Station - Ebound Platform43.677049-79.358088
13750Broadview Station - Wbound Platform43.676349-79.359588
11696Brockport Dr at Belfield Rd43.699977-79.587936
7567Brookbanks Dr at Valley Woods Rd43.752304-79.331617
7566Brookbanks Dr at Valley Woods Rd43.752164-79.331971
3377Brooklawn Ave at Barkdene Hills43.71686-79.233802
3379Brooklawn Ave at Kingston Rd43.721792-79.235959
3378Brooklawn Ave at Kingston Rd43.72161-79.235893
3381Brooklawn Ave at Sloley Rd43.719584-79.23492
3380Brooklawn Ave at Sloley Rd43.71939-79.234702
7568Brookmere Rd at Elmhurst Dr43.728733-79.572478
7569Brookmere Rd at Kipling Ave43.728245-79.57441
6267Brown's Line at Coules Crt43.608822-79.548079
6268Brown's Line at Coules Crt43.608085-79.548111
6269Brown's Line at Finsbury Cres43.604007-79.546361
3383Brown's Line at Horner Ave43.601526-79.545017
6270Brown's Line at Horner Ave43.601827-79.54543
3382Brown's Line at Horner Ave43.601337-79.545187
3384Brown's Line at Jellicoe Ave43.5964-79.542659
3385Brown's Line at Jellicoe Ave43.596288-79.542878
3386Brown's Line at Lake Shore Blvd W43.593263-79.539318
6271Brown's Line at Rimilton Ave43.603759-79.545963
6272Brown's Line at Valermo Dr43.605912-79.546909
6273Brown's Line at Valermo Dr43.606236-79.547324
3388Brown's Line at Woodbury Rd43.59937-79.54429
15805Brown's Line at Woodbury Rd43.599214-79.543953
665Burnhamthorpe Rd at Appleby Rd43.649317-79.547202
666Burnhamthorpe Rd at Ashbourne Dr43.649315-79.54632
668Burnhamthorpe Rd at Botfield Ave E Side43.650365-79.541802
670Burnhamthorpe Rd at Burnhamthorpe Cres43.649446-79.53158
671Burnhamthorpe Rd at Burnhamthorpe Cres43.649493-79.530732
677Burnhamthorpe Rd at Burnhamthorpe Park Blvd43.650449-79.533969
672Burnhamthorpe Rd at Dundas St W43.648998-79.529096
675Burnhamthorpe Rd at Echo Valley Rd43.650363-79.54266
676Burnhamthorpe Rd at Holloway Rd43.650369-79.534433
679Burnhamthorpe Rd at Kipling Ave43.650862-79.539519
678Burnhamthorpe Rd at Kipling Ave43.651053-79.539705
669Burnhamthorpe Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.64852-79.549756
681Burnhamthorpe Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.648791-79.54948
683Burnhamthorpe Rd at Mulgrove Dr43.64406-79.568974
684Burnhamthorpe Rd at Mulgrove Dr43.644287-79.568748
685Burnhamthorpe Rd at Old Burnhamthorpe Rd43.642747-79.575602
13484Burnhamthorpe Rd at Old Burnhamthorpe Rd43.640875-79.581609
687Burnhamthorpe Rd at Old Burnhamthorpe Rd43.640511-79.582059
691Burnhamthorpe Rd at Renforth Dr43.643187-79.572682
690Burnhamthorpe Rd at Renforth Dr43.643391-79.572865
693Burnhamthorpe Rd at Royalavon Cres43.650582-79.536343
692Burnhamthorpe Rd at Royalavon Cres43.650712-79.536203
686Burnhamthorpe Rd at Saturn Rd43.642427-79.576
695Burnhamthorpe Rd at Shaver Ave N43.648209-79.551986
694Burnhamthorpe Rd at Shaver Ave N E Side43.648143-79.551357
689Burnhamthorpe Rd at Silver Shadow Path43.641831-79.578843
688Burnhamthorpe Rd at Silver Shadow Path43.641829-79.578333
674Burnhamthorpe Rd at The E Mall43.646462-79.559669
673Burnhamthorpe Rd at The E Mall E Side43.646242-79.559466
697Burnhamthorpe Rd at The W Mall43.644357-79.567438
698Burnhamthorpe Rd at The W Mall43.644752-79.567037
9609Bushby Dr at McCowan Rd - McCowan Rt Station43.774745-79.251924
6276Cactus Ave at Connaught Ave43.786105-79.432148
6277Cactus Ave at Connaught Ave43.786247-79.432353
6279Cactus Ave at Drewry Ave43.784196-79.431492
6278Cactus Ave at Drewry Ave43.784461-79.431457
6280Cactus Ave at Green Bush Rd43.793203-79.435872
6281Cactus Ave at Homewood Ave43.787839-79.432814
6282Cactus Ave at Homewood Ave43.787995-79.432986
6283Cactus Ave at Pleasant Ave43.789617-79.433211
701Caledonia Rd at Bentworth Ave43.719375-79.468437
702Caledonia Rd at Bentworth Ave43.719708-79.468754
704Caledonia Rd at Bowie Ave43.695042-79.462882
703Caledonia Rd at Bowie Ave43.695175-79.462803
706Caledonia Rd at Bridgeland Ave43.72337-79.469508
705Caledonia Rd at Bridgeland Ave43.723356-79.469773
709Caledonia Rd at Cartwright Ave43.721696-79.469256
708Caledonia Rd at Cartwright Ave43.721252-79.468903
711Caledonia Rd at Castlefield Ave43.698567-79.463624
710Caledonia Rd at Castlefield Ave43.698305-79.463329
713Caledonia Rd at Corby Ave43.684568-79.458579
714Caledonia Rd at Corby Ave43.684866-79.458857
716Caledonia Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.693187-79.462242
715Caledonia Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.692778-79.462026
718Caledonia Rd at Glencairn Ave43.704857-79.464897
717Caledonia Rd at Glencairn Ave43.704493-79.464646
720Caledonia Rd at Glengrove Ave43.706807-79.465457
719Caledonia Rd at Glengrove Ave43.706301-79.465166
722Caledonia Rd at Innes Ave43.681143-79.457264
721Caledonia Rd at Innes Ave43.681242-79.45715
725Caledonia Rd at Keith Ave43.690575-79.461131
726Caledonia Rd at Keith Ave43.690784-79.461358
728Caledonia Rd at Kitchener Ave43.689093-79.460642
727Caledonia Rd at Kitchener Ave43.688899-79.460424
730Caledonia Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.711656-79.466725
15844Caledonia Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.711957-79.46654
732Caledonia Rd at Leswyn Rd43.7159-79.467783
731Caledonia Rd at Leswyn Rd43.71565-79.467473
733Caledonia Rd at Norman Ave43.677577-79.45562
734Caledonia Rd at Norman Ave43.677844-79.455867
735Caledonia Rd at Orfus Rd43.717578-79.467995
736Caledonia Rd at Orfus Rd43.717344-79.468129
737Caledonia Rd at Playfair Ave43.707998-79.465644
738Caledonia Rd at Playfair Ave43.708349-79.465873
740Caledonia Rd at Raitherm Rd43.701758-79.464121
739Caledonia Rd at Raitherm Rd43.701623-79.46431
741Caledonia Rd at Rogers Rd43.68288-79.457838
742Caledonia Rd at Rogers Rd43.68339-79.45825
744Caledonia Rd at Schell Ave43.696763-79.463166
743Caledonia Rd at Schell Ave43.696645-79.462995
747Caledonia Rd at Summit Ave43.686657-79.459454
746Caledonia Rd at Summit Ave43.686437-79.459522
749Caledonia Rd at Tycos Dr43.703137-79.464384
748Caledonia Rd at Tycos Dr43.703212-79.464537
3391Calvington Dr at Dalraith Rd43.732035-79.490497
9137Calvington Dr at Dalraith Rd E Side43.731968-79.490034
9208Calvington Dr at Dalsby Rd43.729396-79.501809
3392Calvington Dr at Dalsby Rd43.729585-79.501502
3394Calvington Dr at Exbury Rd43.730998-79.495198
3393Calvington Dr at Exbury Rd43.730837-79.495444
3395Calvington Dr at Forthbridge Cres43.728042-79.503711
9135Calvington Dr at Keele St43.733493-79.484279
3397Calvington Dr at Lexfield Ave43.730181-79.498916
3396Calvington Dr at Lexfield Ave43.730029-79.499106
9136Calvington Dr at Renshaw St43.732757-79.486776
3398Calvington Dr at Renshaw St43.732598-79.487016
3399Calvington Dr at Roding St43.731336-79.49321
3400Calvington Dr at Roding St43.731519-79.492928
15229Canada Blvd at Princes' Blvd43.635281-79.410178
3401Canarctic Dr at Keele St43.775507-79.493063
15622Canarctic Dr at Petrolia Rd43.776155-79.489112
11380Canmore Blvd at Calverley Trail E Side43.793262-79.181841
11382Canmore Blvd at Charcoal Dr E Side43.793825-79.176797
11379Canmore Blvd at Conlins Rd E Side43.793077-79.184515
11381Canmore Blvd at Halfmoon Sq43.793671-79.179528
15913Carl Hall Rd at Centennial College43.747621-79.476042
6286Carlaw Ave at Commissioners St43.652706-79.335714
4853Carlaw Ave at Commissioners St43.652946-79.335648
4854Carlaw Ave at Dundas St E43.664707-79.341479
6287Carlaw Ave at Dundas St E43.66513-79.341846
6288Carlaw Ave at Eastern Ave43.658457-79.339088
5058Carlaw Ave at Eastern Ave43.658753-79.339024
6289Carlaw Ave at Gerrard St E43.667707-79.342879
4856Carlaw Ave at Gerrard St E43.668143-79.342863
6291Carlaw Ave at Lake Shore Blvd E43.655953-79.338055
4857Carlaw Ave at Lake Shore Blvd E43.655499-79.337672
6290Carlaw Ave at Lake Shore Blvd E43.654374-79.337065
15880Carlaw Ave at Langley Ave43.670102-79.343647
15881Carlaw Ave at Langley Ave43.669815-79.343771
6292Carlaw Ave at Queen St E43.661324-79.340284
4858Carlaw Ave at Queen St E43.660953-79.339939
7575Carlingview Dr at Disco Rd43.699305-79.601374
7578Carlingview Dr at Dixon Rd43.68704-79.595817
7580Carlingview Dr at Fasken Dr43.691115-79.597649
7581Carlingview Dr at International Blvd43.677453-79.591163
7584Carlingview Dr at Meteor Dr43.680652-79.592629
7583Carlingview Dr at Meteor Dr43.680524-79.592833
7582Carlingview Dr at Renforth Dr43.677093-79.5913
7587Carlingview Dr at Worcester Rd43.693235-79.598612
751Carlton St at Church St43.661891-79.379357
753Carlton St at Jarvis St43.662439-79.376733
755Carlton St at Ontario St43.66373-79.370529
757Carlton St at Parliament St43.664255-79.367993
758Carlton St at Sherbourne St43.663186-79.373077
7592Carluke Cres at Fifeshire Rd43.760717-79.388573
7591Carluke Cres at Fifeshire Rd43.759914-79.389549
7594Carnforth Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.74095-79.314144
761Carpenter Rd at Steeles Ave W43.79187-79.447447
11077Carrier Dr at Albion Rd43.745809-79.614347
11088Carrier Dr at Albion Rd43.745234-79.614192
11087Carrier Dr at Dansk Crt43.743832-79.614549
11078Carrier Dr at Dansk Crt43.743515-79.61474
14566Carrier Dr at Highway 2743.739261-79.605103
16036Carrier Dr at Highway 2743.738991-79.605617
14568Carrier Dr at Humber College Blvd43.738033-79.610213
7596Carrier Dr at Humber College Blvd E Side43.738081-79.609365
14567Carrier Dr at Woodbine Downs Blvd43.738845-79.60679
14641Castle Frank Station43.673452-79.369136
14642Castle Frank Station43.673628-79.36885
13752Castle Frank Station - Ebound Platform43.674049-79.368088
13751Castle Frank Station - Wbound Platform43.673549-79.369788
15392Castlemore Ave at Fred McLaren Blvd43.902882-79.272971
15391Castlemore Ave at Markham Rd43.9043-79.268
15393Castlemore Ave at Mingay Ave43.901805-79.276284
13523Castlemore Ave at Ridgecrest Rd43.897223-79.303475
13524Castlemore Ave at The Bridle Walk43.896173-79.308065
6296Castleton Ave at Henrietta St43.670487-79.486567
13476Cedarvale Ave at Stan Wadlow Park43.698314-79.316375
11597Centenary Hospital Loop at Neilson Rd43.78123-79.204142
15884Centennial College Bus Terminal43.785751-79.229132
15885Centennial College Bus Terminal43.785894-79.229231
15886Centennial College Bus Terminal43.786091-79.229355
764Central Park Rdwy at Islington Ave43.648248-79.525282
3403Ceramic Rd at Ashwarren Rd43.757548-79.484622
3404Ceramic Rd at Ashwarren Rd43.757132-79.484364
3405Ceramic Rd at Le Page Crt43.758851-79.484719
15626Champagne Dr at Finch Ave W43.767311-79.471206
3407Chaplin Cres at Avenue Rd43.698727-79.405846
3406Chaplin Cres at Avenue Rd E Side43.698503-79.405551
765Chaplin Cres at Colin Ave43.698061-79.399556
3409Chaplin Cres at Duncannon Dr43.700339-79.410496
3408Chaplin Cres at Duncannon Dr E Side43.700106-79.410209
9879Chaplin Cres at Duplex Ave43.698076-79.397883
766Chaplin Cres at Duplex Ave43.697883-79.398196
3414Chaplin Cres at Eglinton Ave W43.70236-79.416376
3411Chaplin Cres at Eglinton Ave W43.703285-79.41868
767Chaplin Cres at Lascelles Blvd43.698153-79.4006
3417Chaplin Cres at Oriole Pkwy43.697898-79.403592
3418Chaplin Cres at Oriole Pkwy43.697933-79.403071
3419Chaplin Cres at Roselawn Ave43.705299-79.423672
3421Chaplin Cres at Russell Hill Rd43.702012-79.415372
3420Chaplin Cres at Russell Hill Rd E Side43.701746-79.414883
11060Chaplin Cres at opp Walkway to Shallmar Apts43.704671-79.422902
13937Cherry Beach Loop43.636968-79.344351
15460Cherry St at Front St E43.652513-79.357841
15461Cherry St at Front St E43.65284-79.358092
4867Cherry St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.647947-79.354768
6297Cherry St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.648084-79.354603
13933Cherry St at Polson St43.642779-79.350246
13934Cherry St at Polson St43.642679-79.350425
13936Cherry St at Unwin Ave43.639101-79.346824
13945Cherry St at Unwin Ave43.639564-79.34707
6299Cherry St at Villiers St43.646745-79.353463
4868Cherry St at Villiers St43.646387-79.353455
9201Chesham Dr at Heathrow Dr43.726974-79.504909
3426Chesswood Dr at Champagne Dr43.764125-79.476417
15627Chesswood Dr at Champagne Dr43.763892-79.476486
3432Chesswood Dr at Vanley Cres43.762766-79.476493
3431Chesswood Dr at Vanley Cres43.76247-79.476516
3434Chesswood Dr at Vanley Cres43.759446-79.477988
3433Chesswood Dr at Vanley Cres43.759209-79.47809
13748Chester Station - Ebound Platform43.678241-79.352502
13747Chester Station - Wbound Platform43.678351-79.352537
4871Chisholm Ave at Crewe Ave43.694283-79.30583
4872Chisholm Ave at Epsom Ave43.692275-79.30496
4869Chisholm Ave at Lumsden Ave43.694463-79.305743
4870Chisholm Ave at Orley Ave43.692896-79.305058
13434Christie St at Barton Ave43.666475-79.419496
769Christie St at Barton Ave43.666296-79.419594
9371Christie St at Benson Ave43.67969-79.424806
9373Christie St at Benson Ave43.680087-79.425172
9375Christie St at Davenport Rd43.675754-79.423265
9369Christie St at Davenport Rd43.675463-79.422878
771Christie St at Dupont St43.67175-79.421688
770Christie St at Dupont St43.671498-79.421389
772Christie St at Essex St43.66813-79.420263
773Christie St at Follis Ave43.668608-79.420307
774Christie St at Lambertlodge Ave43.6735-79.422347
775Christie St at Melita Ave43.673407-79.422121
9372Christie St at St Clair Ave W43.681432-79.425521
9477Christie St at St Clair Ave W43.681289-79.425661
9370Christie St at Tyrrel Ave43.678108-79.424072
9374Christie St at Tyrrel Ave43.678341-79.424458
778Christie St at Yarmouth Rd43.670279-79.420936
779Christie St at Yarmouth Rd43.669768-79.420884
776Christie Station43.664124-79.418567
13761Christie Station - Ebound Platform43.664449-79.41729
13762Christie Station - Wbound Platform43.664149-79.41899
4877Church St at Cypress St43.706615-79.516833
4876Church St at Elm St43.706758-79.516166
4878Church St at George St43.703987-79.523486
4875Church St at George St43.704209-79.523249
4879Church St at Grattan St43.705597-79.519976
10720Church St at Grattan St43.705729-79.519814
4880Church St at Jane St43.709167-79.505757
4881Church St at Pine St43.707929-79.511079
4882Church St at Pine St43.708131-79.510801
4883Church St at Rosemount Ave43.705045-79.52125
4884Church St at Rosemount Ave43.705211-79.521147
15509Church St at The Esplanade43.647498-79.37348
4886Church St at Uphill Ave43.708692-79.508365
4885Church St at Uphill Ave43.708489-79.508686
4888Church St at Won Rd43.703138-79.525413
4887Church St at Won Rd E Side43.703318-79.524885
13429Claireport Cres at Albion Rd43.74677-79.632156
13431Claireport Cres at Albion Rd43.746846-79.634653
14925Claireville Dr at Huddersfield Rd43.741769-79.625803
14926Claireville Dr at Huddersfield Rd43.741736-79.62596
14918Claireville Dr at Humberline Dr43.737944-79.618703
277Clark Ave W at York Hill Blvd43.804157-79.44469
7614Clayson Rd at Bartor Rd43.720907-79.524325
7616Clayson Rd at Bartor Rd43.728609-79.525817
12326Clayson Rd at Bartor Rd43.728704-79.525838
12327Clayson Rd at Bartor Rd43.721056-79.524609
12328Clayson Rd at Huxley Rd43.723967-79.525842
15400Clayson Rd at Huxley Rd43.723726-79.525589
7622Clayson Rd at Wilson Ave43.718465-79.523435
7621Clayson Rd at Wilson Ave43.718363-79.523211
3437Cliff St at Alliance Ave43.678591-79.483787
3438Cliff St at Cordella Ave43.679451-79.484146
9691Clonmore Dr at Cornell Ave43.691478-79.275328
9693Clonmore Dr at Cornell Ave43.691784-79.275172
9690Clonmore Dr at Queensbury Ave43.690487-79.276666
9694Clonmore Dr at Queensbury Ave43.690375-79.277083
9692Clonmore Dr at Warden Ave43.692851-79.273724
6304Coe Hill Dr at The Queensway43.637672-79.468551
6305Coe Hill Dr at Windermere Ave43.641321-79.474063
809College St at Augusta St43.657369-79.403141
811College St at Bathurst St43.656448-79.407715
813College St at Bay St43.660795-79.385927
815College St at Beverly St43.658611-79.395889
816College St at Borden St43.65694-79.405184
818College St at Brock Ave43.651699-79.436456
819College St at Brock Ave43.651884-79.4362
822College St at Crawford St43.655133-79.418985
825College St at Dovercourt Rd43.653692-79.426251
824College St at Dovercourt Rd43.653509-79.426497
827College St at Dufferin St43.652635-79.432423
826College St at Dufferin St43.652456-79.43266
828College St at Elizabeth St43.660485-79.387422
830College St at Euclid Ave43.65573-79.411386
832College St at Grace St43.654916-79.415634
834College St at Havelock St43.653051-79.429269
836College St at Lansdowne Ave43.651168-79.439866
835College St at Lansdowne Ave43.650681-79.440227
837College St at McCaul St43.659157-79.39355
839College St at Ossington Ave43.654255-79.42294
842College St at Rusholme Park Cres43.652817-79.429769
843College St at Spadina Ave43.657861-79.400492
847College St at University Ave - Queen's Park Station43.659789-79.390649
848College St at Yonge St - College Station43.661434-79.382871
13808College Station - Nbound Platform43.661449-79.383088
13807College Station - Sbound Platform43.660149-79.382688
12121Colonel Samuel Park at Humber College Cottages43.595885-79.515835
12126Colonel Samuel Park opp Humber College Cottages43.595725-79.515972
12120Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr43.594276-79.51684
6308Commander Blvd at Huntingwood Dr43.797498-79.269666
11159Commander Blvd at McCowan Rd43.79597-79.262012
6310Commander Blvd at McCowan Rd43.796002-79.262448
11158Commander Blvd at N Wind Pl43.794875-79.264701
6312Commander Blvd at N Wind Pl43.794994-79.26481
6314Commissioners St at Bouchette St43.650831-79.339932
4892Commissioners St at Bouchette St43.650492-79.340069
6317Commissioners St at Logan Ave43.651835-79.337506
4895Commissioners St at Logan Ave43.65142-79.337972
6319Commissioners St at Saulter St43.649851-79.342232
15832Commissioners St at Saulter St E Side43.649824-79.341712
12343Concord Ave at Bloor St W43.661842-79.426954
11230Concorde Pl at Concorde Gate43.729085-79.328506
11229Concorde Pl at Concorde Pl Cul De Sac43.730036-79.328253
11260Concorde Pl at McDonald's Pl43.727944-79.328295
10905Conlins Rd at Challenger Crt43.791661-79.184608
13687Consumers Rd at Hallcrown Pl43.771524-79.323434
13683Consumers Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.774466-79.331542
6324Consumers Rd at Victoria Park Ave43.771883-79.322301
3442Cordella Ave at Louvain St43.680849-79.483057
762Cordova Ave at Central Park Roadway43.647614-79.526191
9534Cordova Ave at Dundas St W43.648728-79.528413
763Cordova Ave at Dundas St W43.648526-79.528396
9527Cordova Ave at Mabelle Ave43.6474-79.526042
3450Coronation Dr at Chemical Crt43.765644-79.163145
3454Coronation Dr at Manse Rd43.76452-79.173148
3456Coronation Dr at Wallsend Dr43.764615-79.167327
12100Corporate Dr at Lee Ctr Dr43.780433-79.247143
12099Corporate Dr at Lee Ctr Dr43.780521-79.24748
11365Corporate Dr at Progress Ave43.780553-79.243864
9478Cosburn Ave at Binswood Ave43.694898-79.324088
9479Cosburn Ave at Binswood Ave43.694897-79.324715
856Cosburn Ave at Broadview Ave E Side43.688406-79.354928
1778Cosburn Ave at Cedarvale Ave43.696958-79.315328
1777Cosburn Ave at Cedarvale Ave43.696711-79.315761
9454Cosburn Ave at Coxwell Ave43.694013-79.328203
9464Cosburn Ave at Coxwell Ave43.694223-79.327828
852Cosburn Ave at Coxwell Ave43.694085-79.328558
15791Cosburn Ave at Donlands Ave43.690922-79.341784
857Cosburn Ave at Donlands Ave43.690981-79.342035
9455Cosburn Ave at Glebemount Ave43.695413-79.321719
1779Cosburn Ave at Gledhill Ave43.69693-79.313427
1780Cosburn Ave at Gledhill Ave43.697067-79.313067
9467Cosburn Ave at Greenwood Ave43.692125-79.337602
9451Cosburn Ave at Greenwood Ave43.691898-79.338016
9452Cosburn Ave at Linsmore Cres43.692559-79.334938
9466Cosburn Ave at Linsmore Cres43.69285-79.334238
859Cosburn Ave at Logan Ave43.688427-79.353396
860Cosburn Ave at Logan Ave43.68867-79.352986
862Cosburn Ave at Pape Ave43.689514-79.34864
861Cosburn Ave at Pape Ave43.689304-79.34897
9463Cosburn Ave at Roblin Ave43.695386-79.322445
9465Cosburn Ave at Roosevelt Rd43.693426-79.331599
9453Cosburn Ave at Roosevelt Rd E Side43.693505-79.330567
864Cosburn Ave at Todmorden Lane43.690184-79.345205
863Cosburn Ave at Todmorden Lane43.689979-79.345478
1782Cosburn Ave at Wlake Cres43.697384-79.310489
1781Cosburn Ave at Wlake Cres E Side43.697362-79.310059
9456Cosburn Ave at Woodbine Ave43.696293-79.317537
9462Cosburn Ave at Woodbine Ave43.696509-79.317285
9630Cosburn Ave at Woodmount Ave43.696005-79.319587
9629Cosburn Ave at Woodmount Ave43.69577-79.320049
4900Coxwell Ave at Barker Ave43.692127-79.327069
1783Coxwell Ave at Casci Ave43.677303-79.320962
14425Coxwell Ave at Casci Ave43.677393-79.321238
4902Coxwell Ave at Cosburn Ave43.694002-79.327834
4901Coxwell Ave at Cosburn Ave43.69424-79.328168
1786Coxwell Ave at Danforth Ave43.683532-79.32377
1785Coxwell Ave at Danforth Ave43.683205-79.323439
1787Coxwell Ave at Dundas St E43.668538-79.317395
1788Coxwell Ave at Dundas St E43.668972-79.317745
1789Coxwell Ave at Earl Haig Ave43.681321-79.32284
9541Coxwell Ave at Earl Haig Ave43.681455-79.322718
1790Coxwell Ave at Ewood Rd43.672707-79.319104
1791Coxwell Ave at Fairford Ave43.675524-79.320451
1800Coxwell Ave at Gerrard St E43.675096-79.320091
4904Coxwell Ave at Glebeholme Blvd43.685858-79.324737
4903Coxwell Ave at Glebeholme Blvd43.685691-79.324472
1793Coxwell Ave at Hanson St43.679672-79.321983
1792Coxwell Ave at Hanson St43.679563-79.32213
1794Coxwell Ave at Lower Gerrard St E43.673091-79.319449
15132Coxwell Ave at Lower Gerrard St E43.672485-79.319196
4905Coxwell Ave at Memorial Park Ave43.691779-79.327152
4908Coxwell Ave at Mortimer Ave - Michael Garron Hospital43.690745-79.326731
4907Coxwell Ave at Mortimer Ave - Michael Garron Hospital43.690393-79.326395
4899Coxwell Ave at O'Connor Dr43.697645-79.329298
4909Coxwell Ave at O'Connor Dr43.697287-79.329479
4911Coxwell Ave at Plains Rd43.696055-79.328913
4910Coxwell Ave at Plains Rd43.695696-79.328534
11183Coxwell Ave at Queen St E43.665944-79.316311
1795Coxwell Ave at Queen St E43.666692-79.316748
1797Coxwell Ave at Robbins Ave43.669844-79.318125
1796Coxwell Ave at Robbins Ave43.669777-79.317896
4912Coxwell Ave at Sammon Ave43.68867-79.325674
4913Coxwell Ave at Sammon Ave43.688879-79.325993
4914Coxwell Ave at Springdale Blvd43.687212-79.32509
4915Coxwell Ave at Springdale Blvd43.687416-79.325385
14643Coxwell Station43.684079-79.322919
14644Coxwell Station43.684135-79.323123
14859Coxwell Station43.68397-79.322979
13739Coxwell Station - Ebound Platform43.684549-79.321986
13740Coxwell Station - Wbound Platform43.684249-79.323686
4918Craigton Dr at Pharmacy Ave43.727075-79.298426
6328Craigton Dr at Pharmacy Ave43.72721-79.298614
4919Craigton Dr at Rannock St E Side43.727718-79.300106
4920Craigton Dr at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.726926-79.302403
6329Crescent Rd at Cluny Dr43.677499-79.386639
6330Crescent Rd at Cluny Dr43.677528-79.386115
6331Crescent Rd at Lamport Ave43.677942-79.378216
6333Crescent Rd at Mt Pleasant Rd43.678222-79.380131
6332Crescent Rd at Mt Pleasant Rd E Side43.678128-79.380209
6335Crescent Rd at Rosedale Rd43.677806-79.384925
6334Crescent Rd at Rosedale Rd E Side43.677739-79.384541
6336Crescent Rd at S Dr43.677489-79.377782
6338Crescent Rd at S Dr43.678317-79.382775
6337Crescent Rd at S Dr43.678533-79.382497
14296Crescent Town Rd at Massey Sq E43.6963-79.291553
14295Crescent Town Rd at Victoria Park Ave43.696332-79.290958
11054Crosby Ave at Varsity Rd43.662023-79.499594
9962Crosby Ave at Warren Cres43.661701-79.500094
867Crow Trail at Baldoon Rd43.813546-79.231021
11547Crow Trail at Baldoon Rd43.813203-79.232078
11546Crow Trail at Bradstone Sq43.811065-79.232681
3458Crow Trail at Carrying Pl43.80882-79.232496
3459Crow Trail at Crittenden Sq43.812209-79.233305
11545Crow Trail at Horseley Hill Dr43.809414-79.23223
868Crow Trail at McGinty Pl43.813581-79.2284
3460Crow Trail at Tapscott Rd43.807819-79.232668
3461Crow Trail at Tunmead Sq43.81063-79.232672
4923Culford Rd at Flamborough Dr43.699794-79.484354
4924Culford Rd at George Anderson Dr43.703148-79.486494
4926Culford Rd at Gracefield Ave43.710302-79.489668
4925Culford Rd at Gracefield Ave43.709789-79.489355
9861Culford Rd at Gulliver Rd43.697985-79.483987
4927Culford Rd at Harrow Dr43.701344-79.485051
4928Culford Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.706222-79.487509
4929Culford Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.706888-79.487765
4930Culford Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.705907-79.487538
4931Culford Rd at Maple Leaf Dr43.712034-79.48988
4932Culford Rd at Ridge Point Cres43.703315-79.486721
4933Culford Rd at Valencia Cres43.708185-79.488379
4934Culford Rd at Valencia Cres43.708164-79.488549
9860Culford Rd at Woolton Cres43.700005-79.484592
4935Culford Rd at Woolton Cres N43.701453-79.485361
1803Cummer Ave at Bayview Ave43.792571-79.39306
1802Cummer Ave at Bayview Ave43.792124-79.39381
1804Cummer Ave at Beardmore Cres43.794872-79.382429
1806Cummer Ave at Conacher Dr43.791653-79.396537
1805Cummer Ave at Conacher Dr43.791392-79.397163
1807Cummer Ave at Craigmont Dr43.797426-79.379064
1808Cummer Ave at Craigmont Dr43.797161-79.379136
1809Cummer Ave at Fleming Dr43.794345-79.384901
1810Cummer Ave at Leslie St43.801133-79.370964
1811Cummer Ave at Mallaby Rd43.800853-79.371899
1813Cummer Ave at Maxome Ave43.790632-79.401142
1812Cummer Ave at Maxome Ave43.790352-79.401825
1815Cummer Ave at Pineway Blvd43.79885-79.375798
1814Cummer Ave at Pineway Blvd E Side43.798759-79.375492
1817Cummer Ave at Ruddington Dr43.792957-79.390829
1816Cummer Ave at Ruddington Dr43.793056-79.390872
1819Cummer Ave at Silverview Dr43.787944-79.413388
1818Cummer Ave at Silverview Dr43.787742-79.413773
1820Cummer Ave at Simeon Crt43.793438-79.389125
1821Cummer Ave at Snowcrest Ave43.794692-79.382673
1822Cummer Ave at Snowcrest Ave43.7936-79.387913
1827Cummer Ave at Willowdale Ave43.788744-79.409783
1826Cummer Ave at Willowdale Ave43.788556-79.410029
1829Cummer Ave at Yonge St43.7873-79.416321
1828Cummer Ave at Yonge St E Side43.787115-79.416628
7632Curity Ave at Cranfield Rd43.709237-79.31405
7631Curity Ave at Cranfield Rd43.709067-79.313987
7633Curity Ave at Hollinger Rd43.710161-79.316249
7630Curity Ave at O'Connor Dr43.70797-79.311347
7634Curity Ave at O'Connor Dr43.708178-79.311502
1831Danforth Ave at August Ave43.692909-79.281089
870Danforth Ave at Broadview Ave43.676076-79.358958
871Danforth Ave at Broadview Ave43.676352-79.35854
872Danforth Ave at Byng Ave43.692932-79.280266
873Danforth Ave at Byron Ave E Side43.680831-79.33493
874Danforth Ave at Caithness Ave43.681063-79.334596
877Danforth Ave at Carlaw Ave43.678557-79.347166
876Danforth Ave at Carlaw Ave43.678349-79.347451
878Danforth Ave at Cedarvale Ave43.686063-79.3108
879Danforth Ave at Cedarvale Ave43.68621-79.310823
881Danforth Ave at Chester Ave43.677652-79.351832
880Danforth Ave at Chester Ave43.677439-79.352076
882Danforth Ave at Coxwell Ave43.683222-79.323734
920Danforth Ave at Coxwell Ave43.683471-79.323473
15925Danforth Ave at Dawes Rd43.689287-79.296466
15926Danforth Ave at Dawes Rd43.689305-79.297164
884Danforth Ave at Donlands Ave43.680534-79.337072
13560Danforth Ave at Donlands Ave43.680298-79.337426
885Danforth Ave at E Lynn Ave43.685037-79.315347
886Danforth Ave at Elward Blvd43.692495-79.282221
887Danforth Ave at Emmott Ave43.691864-79.285088
1847Danforth Ave at Ewood Ave43.69542-79.269176
921Danforth Ave at Ewood Ave E Side43.695211-79.268979
890Danforth Ave at Glebemount Ave43.684726-79.317555
889Danforth Ave at Glebemount Ave43.684512-79.317806
891Danforth Ave at Gledhill Ave43.686769-79.308455
892Danforth Ave at Greenwood Ave43.681346-79.332469
893Danforth Ave at Greenwood Ave43.681564-79.332253
894Danforth Ave at Hillingdon Ave43.683769-79.321292
895Danforth Ave at Jones Ave43.679738-79.340249
896Danforth Ave at Jones Ave43.679958-79.339988
897Danforth Ave at Leyton Ave43.693398-79.278057
1833Danforth Ave at Leyton Ave43.693513-79.278367
898Danforth Ave at Linnsmore Cres43.681899-79.329933
899Danforth Ave at Linnsmore Cres43.682126-79.329679
9955Danforth Ave at Main St43.688277-79.301688
15923Danforth Ave at Main St43.688018-79.302035
11388Danforth Ave at Medford Ave43.694945-79.271312
903Danforth Ave at Monarch Park Ave43.682686-79.327079
902Danforth Ave at Monarch Park Ave43.68248-79.327268
905Danforth Ave at Pape Ave43.679046-79.344736
904Danforth Ave at Pape Ave43.678822-79.344981
906Danforth Ave at Patricia Dr43.686511-79.308823
1836Danforth Ave at Pharmacy Ave43.692436-79.283201
907Danforth Ave at Playter Blvd43.676835-79.355193
908Danforth Ave at Playter Blvd43.67703-79.354978
1837Danforth Ave at Sibley Ave43.690361-79.292442
910Danforth Ave at Sibley Ave43.690091-79.292815
1838Danforth Ave at St Dunstan Dr43.691762-79.286263
1839Danforth Ave at Victoria Park Ave43.691385-79.28801
911Danforth Ave at Victoria Park Ave43.691046-79.288739
1864Danforth Ave at Warden Ave43.6945-79.273428
923Danforth Ave at Warden Ave43.694206-79.273978
913Danforth Ave at Wlake Ave43.687592-79.304867
912Danforth Ave at Wlake Ave43.687271-79.305467
915Danforth Ave at Woodbine Ave43.685785-79.312657
914Danforth Ave at Woodbine Ave43.68556-79.312926
916Danforth Ave at Woodington Ave43.684044-79.320702
917Danforth Ave at Woodmount Ave43.685247-79.315142
918Danforth Ave at Woodycrest Ave43.679623-79.341698
4937Danforth Rd at Barrymore Rd43.750508-79.244527
1845Danforth Rd at Birchmount Rd43.706112-79.268531
1844Danforth Rd at Birchmount Rd43.706662-79.268473
4939Danforth Rd at Brimley Rd43.734725-79.247559
4938Danforth Rd at Brimley Rd43.734996-79.247684
4940Danforth Rd at Carslake Cres S43.746255-79.244464
1846Danforth Rd at Cotton Ave E Side43.712503-79.262091
4942Danforth Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.737276-79.24626
4941Danforth Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.73687-79.246243
4946Danforth Rd at Glenshephard Dr43.730593-79.250791
4945Danforth Rd at Glenshephard Dr E43.731729-79.250118
4944Danforth Rd at Glenshephard Dr E E Side43.731817-79.249776
4950Danforth Rd at Gordonridge Pl E Side43.727826-79.252323
4947Danforth Rd at Hart Ave43.718747-79.258628
4948Danforth Rd at Hart Ave43.718938-79.25874
4952Danforth Rd at Hollyhedge Dr S43.75106-79.244317
4949Danforth Rd at Horton Blvd43.73601-79.247026
1848Danforth Rd at Hubert Ave43.713943-79.261551
662Danforth Rd at Kennedy Rd43.714379-79.260939
1863Danforth Rd at Landry Ave43.694796-79.276241
4954Danforth Rd at Linden Ave43.721087-79.257054
4953Danforth Rd at Linden Ave43.720579-79.257181
1853Danforth Rd at Mack Ave43.700261-79.272824
1852Danforth Rd at Mack Ave43.700102-79.272633
4955Danforth Rd at Magnolia Ave43.722467-79.255705
4956Danforth Rd at Magnolia Ave43.722968-79.255585
1854Danforth Rd at Marsh Rd43.71181-79.26286
1855Danforth Rd at McDonald Ave43.695779-79.275837
1857Danforth Rd at Medford Ave43.698709-79.273571
1856Danforth Rd at Medford Ave43.69913-79.273592
4957Danforth Rd at Midland Ave43.725436-79.253783
4958Danforth Rd at Midland Ave E Side43.725151-79.253659
14953Danforth Rd at N Woodrow Blvd43.710082-79.264702
15062Danforth Rd at N Woodrow Blvd43.710406-79.26451
4959Danforth Rd at Neston Ave43.733175-79.248928
4961Danforth Rd at Savarin St43.743307-79.245123
4963Danforth Rd at Seminole Ave43.747921-79.244648
4962Danforth Rd at Seminole Ave43.748003-79.244427
4965Danforth Rd at St Clair Ave E43.717008-79.25993
4964Danforth Rd at St Clair Ave E43.717462-79.25946
4966Danforth Rd at Tansley Ave43.746116-79.244702
4967Danforth Rd at Trudelle St43.739516-79.245412
4968Danforth Rd at Tyne Crt43.733206-79.248642
9441Danforth Rd at Warden Ave43.697668-79.274787
9442Danforth Rd at Warden Ave43.696759-79.274854
4969Danforth Rd at Wetherby Dr43.739556-79.245634
15031Danforth Rd at Winter Ave43.729586-79.251749
4951Danforth Rd at Wolfe Ave43.727577-79.25269
6341Davean Dr at Bannatyne Dr43.760422-79.368607
6342Davean Dr at Dunlace Dr43.76136-79.368378
6343Davean Dr at Woodsworth Rd43.76265-79.364615
926Davenport Rd at Avenue Rd43.674582-79.396689
925Davenport Rd at Avenue Rd43.674697-79.397061
9377Davenport Rd at Bathurst St43.676778-79.415368
9382Davenport Rd at Bathurst St43.676626-79.415963
929Davenport Rd at Bedford Rd43.674448-79.399659
930Davenport Rd at Belmont St43.674638-79.392555
933Davenport Rd at Caledonia Park Rd43.67121-79.45078
932Davenport Rd at Caledonia Park Rd E Side43.671107-79.450521
935Davenport Rd at Christie St43.675485-79.423207
934Davenport Rd at Christie St43.67551-79.423565
11884Davenport Rd at Dartnell Ave E Side43.676735-79.411842
937Davenport Rd at Dufferin St43.672861-79.441114
938Davenport Rd at Dufferin St43.673086-79.440785
940Davenport Rd at Dupont St43.675511-79.401938
941Davenport Rd at Greenlaw Ave43.672151-79.445095
942Davenport Rd at Lansdowne Ave43.671402-79.448812
943Davenport Rd at Lansdowne Ave43.671651-79.448053
3467Davenport Rd at Laughton Ave43.670378-79.455667
3466Davenport Rd at Laughton Ave43.670202-79.45596
945Davenport Rd at Lightbourn Ave43.672478-79.443566
944Davenport Rd at Lightbourn Ave43.672278-79.443935
948Davenport Rd at New St43.6747-79.39311
949Davenport Rd at Oakwood Ave43.674514-79.433361
936Davenport Rd at Oakwood Ave43.67431-79.433896
3469Davenport Rd at Old Won Rd43.671082-79.462147
3468Davenport Rd at Old Won Rd E Side43.670892-79.461898
3470Davenport Rd at Osler St43.670457-79.460029
3471Davenport Rd at Osler St43.670383-79.459172
951Davenport Rd at Ossington Ave43.67478-79.430634
950Davenport Rd at Ossington Ave E Side43.674664-79.43042
952Davenport Rd at Primrose Ave43.671832-79.446126
954Davenport Rd at Salem Ave43.674073-79.4368
953Davenport Rd at Salem Ave43.67387-79.437352
16060Davenport Rd at Shaw St43.674694-79.427505
16059Davenport Rd at Shaw St43.674837-79.428016
3473Davenport Rd at Symington Ave43.670556-79.453794
3472Davenport Rd at Symington Ave43.670661-79.453929
9376Davenport Rd at Walmer Rd43.677033-79.409707
9420Davenport Rd at Wychwood Park43.676582-79.419513
1866Davisville Ave at Acacia Rd43.69965-79.389801
1865Davisville Ave at Acacia Rd43.699932-79.389138
1869Davisville Ave at Bayview Ave43.702804-79.374692
1868Davisville Ave at Bayview Ave43.702938-79.374563
1875Davisville Ave at Belle Ayre Blvd43.700997-79.383433
1870Davisville Ave at Belle Ayre Blvd43.701157-79.383144
1871Davisville Ave at Cleveland St43.702088-79.378112
1872Davisville Ave at Cleveland St43.702242-79.377901
1874Davisville Ave at Forman Ave43.701721-79.380502
1873Davisville Ave at Forman Ave43.701547-79.380739
1876Davisville Ave at Mt Pleasant Rd43.700417-79.38676
1878Davisville Ave at Mt Pleasant Rd43.700197-79.387156
11581Davisville Ave at Mt Pleasant Rd43.700276-79.38748
1867Davisville Ave at Pailton Cres43.699192-79.392008
1883Davisville Ave at Yonge St43.698505-79.395939
1882Davisville Ave at Yonge St E Side43.69832-79.396197
14645Davisville Station43.697614-79.396911
14646Davisville Station43.697799-79.397014
14647Davisville Station43.697786-79.396955
14648Davisville Station43.69763-79.396868
13797Davisville Station - Nbound Platform43.698248-79.39729
13798Davisville Station - Sbound Platform43.697048-79.39689
1884Dawes Rd at Beth St43.704583-79.296235
1885Dawes Rd at Beth St43.704516-79.296462
13621Dawes Rd at Brenton St43.701231-79.296853
11256Dawes Rd at Crescent Town Rd43.696704-79.297354
11255Dawes Rd at Crescent Town Rd43.696877-79.297108
1886Dawes Rd at Danforth Ave43.689761-79.296736
1889Dawes Rd at Dentonia Park Ave43.692236-79.29716
1888Dawes Rd at Dentonia Park Ave43.691876-79.296963
1891Dawes Rd at Donora Dr43.700206-79.297083
1893Dawes Rd at Ferris Rd43.705948-79.295416
1892Dawes Rd at Ferris Rd43.705884-79.295669
1895Dawes Rd at Goodwood Park Crt43.695251-79.297513
1894Dawes Rd at Goodwood Park Crt43.694804-79.297225
1897Dawes Rd at Gower St43.702372-79.297052
1896Dawes Rd at Gower St43.702604-79.296851
1898Dawes Rd at Park Vista43.697875-79.296925
13346Dawes Rd at Park Vista43.697984-79.297192
1901Dawes Rd at Secord Ave43.693621-79.297316
1900Dawes Rd at Secord Ave43.693473-79.297122
3474Deauville Lane at Grenoble Dr43.716123-79.33018
3476Deauville Lane at St Dennis Dr43.71805-79.331096
3475Deauville Lane at St Dennis Dr43.717713-79.331085
6345Denton Ave at Macey Ave43.693312-79.287138
1905Denton Ave at Madelaine Ave43.693522-79.285673
1906Denton Ave at St Dunstan Dr43.693583-79.285951
11700Disco Rd at Attwell Dr43.701362-79.594843
3478Disco Rd at Attwell Dr43.701043-79.595806
11698Disco Rd at Brockport Dr43.702435-79.590215
3480Disco Rd at Carlingview Dr43.699929-79.601176
3479Disco Rd at Carlingview Dr E Side43.69981-79.600769
15462Distillery Loop43.650856-79.356822
4973Dixon Rd at 950 Dixon Rd43.686752-79.598885
4972Dixon Rd at Attwell Dr43.688146-79.586563
4976Dixon Rd at Carlingview Dr43.686894-79.595256
4975Dixon Rd at Carlingview Dr43.686589-79.595728
15227Dixon Rd at Carlingview Dr43.686809-79.596362
4978Dixon Rd at Celestine Dr43.69358-79.562351
4977Dixon Rd at Celestine Dr43.693233-79.562611
4971Dixon Rd at Chetta Pl43.696037-79.551671
4979Dixon Rd at City View Dr43.690404-79.576877
4980Dixon Rd at Dixington Cres E Side43.697806-79.542843
4982Dixon Rd at Golfwood Heights43.698722-79.539741
4983Dixon Rd at Havenridge Dr43.697927-79.543339
4988Dixon Rd at Islington Ave43.697362-79.54593
4987Dixon Rd at Islington Ave E Side43.697104-79.545978
4989Dixon Rd at Kelfield St43.690031-79.577194
4991Dixon Rd at Kipling Ave43.694487-79.558316
4990Dixon Rd at Kipling Ave43.694072-79.558873
4993Dixon Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.691791-79.570592
4992Dixon Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.691368-79.571115
4995Dixon Rd at McManus Rd43.699004-79.537343
4994Dixon Rd at McManus Rd43.699229-79.537414
6047Dixon Rd at Riverview Heights43.701228-79.52797
5000Dixon Rd at Roxaline St43.700656-79.530666
4999Dixon Rd at Roxaline St43.700443-79.530724
5001Dixon Rd at Royal York Rd E Side43.699818-79.533639
5003Dixon Rd at Skyway Ave43.687734-79.587111
5004Dixon Rd at St Phillips Rd43.699997-79.533962
4981Dixon Rd at Tamarack Cir43.698427-79.539973
5005Dixon Rd at Wincott Dr43.695627-79.552328
15128Dockside Dr at Queens Quay E43.644848-79.365374
15526Don Mills Rd at Barber Greene Rd43.727242-79.340888
1912Don Mills Rd at Bond Ave43.746471-79.346065
1913Don Mills Rd at Chipping Rd43.744603-79.345239
1914Don Mills Rd at Chipping Rd43.744827-79.345629
1915Don Mills Rd at Cliffwood Rd43.806959-79.356619
1916Don Mills Rd at Cliffwood Rd43.807061-79.357042
1918Don Mills Rd at Cliffwood Rd43.804969-79.354936
1917Don Mills Rd at Cliffwood Rd43.805381-79.354928
1962Don Mills Rd at Clock Tower Rd43.734675-79.342942
1961Don Mills Rd at Clock Tower Rd43.73428-79.342483
1919Don Mills Rd at Deerford Rd43.785281-79.35057
1924Don Mills Rd at Duncan Mill Rd43.761374-79.34741
14258Don Mills Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.720674-79.339121
15731Don Mills Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.719079-79.338169
9125Don Mills Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.721373-79.338926
1928Don Mills Rd at Esterbrooke Ave43.779239-79.348996
1929Don Mills Rd at Fairview Mall Dr43.77953-79.348701
1930Don Mills Rd at Farmcote Rd43.74814-79.346186
1932Don Mills Rd at Finch Ave E43.792867-79.355008
9140Don Mills Rd at Finch Ave E43.792415-79.354488
1933Don Mills Rd at Freshmeadow Dr43.808831-79.358726
1935Don Mills Rd at Gateway Blvd43.71453-79.336562
1934Don Mills Rd at Gateway Blvd43.7142-79.336076
1936Don Mills Rd at Gateway Blvd43.710963-79.33466
1938Don Mills Rd at Godstone Rd43.782682-79.348922
1939Don Mills Rd at Goodview Rd43.783994-79.35303
1940Don Mills Rd at Graydon Hall Dr43.761635-79.346994
1941Don Mills Rd at Graydon Hall Pl43.765093-79.34674
1942Don Mills Rd at Green Belt Dr43.727486-79.340618
1943Don Mills Rd at Havenbrook Blvd43.769772-79.346695
15988Don Mills Rd at Helen Lu Rd43.772241-79.346165
15989Don Mills Rd at Helen Lu Rd43.772591-79.346477
1945Don Mills Rd at Kern Rd43.750175-79.347097
1944Don Mills Rd at Kern Rd43.75035-79.346828
1946Don Mills Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.736801-79.34314
1947Don Mills Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.737319-79.34365
14255Don Mills Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.736625-79.343442
1948Don Mills Rd at Legato Crt43.746211-79.345677
1950Don Mills Rd at Leith Hill Rd43.777291-79.348163
1949Don Mills Rd at Leith Hill Rd43.777534-79.347811
1951Don Mills Rd at Mallard Rd43.74829-79.346563
1953Don Mills Rd at McNicoll Ave43.799769-79.35425
1952Don Mills Rd at McNicoll Ave43.799468-79.353974
1955Don Mills Rd at Moatfield Dr43.758464-79.346899
1954Don Mills Rd at Moatfield Dr43.758327-79.34732
1956Don Mills Rd at Mogul Dr43.802406-79.353199
1959Don Mills Rd at Parkway Forest Dr43.769413-79.346352
1960Don Mills Rd at Pebble Byway43.802517-79.353511
1965Don Mills Rd at Premier Davis Blvd - Seneca College43.79651-79.35536
1966Don Mills Rd at Premier Davis Blvd - Seneca College43.796264-79.355054
1968Don Mills Rd at Seneca Hill Dr43.790373-79.354328
1967Don Mills Rd at Seneca Hill Dr43.790161-79.353964
1970Don Mills Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.77549-79.347401
6349Don Mills Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.775794-79.347104
1972Don Mills Rd at St Dennis Dr - Ontario Science Ctr43.716388-79.33703
1973Don Mills Rd at St Dennis Dr - Ontario Science Ctr43.716659-79.337512
1974Don Mills Rd at Steeles Ave E43.81104-79.360513
1920Don Mills Rd at The Donway E43.740691-79.344191
1922Don Mills Rd at The Donway E43.732636-79.342026
1921Don Mills Rd at The Donway W43.741002-79.344645
1923Don Mills Rd at The Donway W43.732335-79.342295
1975Don Mills Rd at Van Horne Ave43.787246-79.352783
1976Don Mills Rd at Van Horne Ave43.787443-79.353252
1977Don Mills Rd at Wynford Dr43.722851-79.339326
1978Don Mills Rd at Wynford Dr43.723169-79.339832
1979Don Mills Rd at York Mills Rd43.755636-79.346848
1980Don Mills Rd at York Mills Rd43.756038-79.347245
9107Don Mills Rd at York Mills Rd43.75526-79.347225
14623Don Mills Station43.776123-79.346242
14624Don Mills Station43.776036-79.34585
14625Don Mills Station43.775993-79.3455
14626Don Mills Station43.776014-79.345151
14628Don Mills Station43.775804-79.345236
14629Don Mills Station43.775755-79.345605
14630Don Mills Station43.775711-79.345959
14631Don Mills Station43.775638-79.346345
14632Don Mills Station43.775993-79.346972
14633Don Mills Station43.776222-79.347048
14949Don Mills Station - Subway Platform43.775547-79.346584
14109Don Mills Station - Wbound Platform43.775248-79.346189
5007Doncaster Ave at Main St43.691607-79.303525
5008Doncaster Ave at Main St43.691816-79.303103
5006Doncaster Ave at Main St43.691659-79.303796
5518Doncliffe Loop at Glen Echo Rd43.734669-79.400282
959Donlands Ave at Baltic Ave43.682999-79.338438
961Donlands Ave at Cosburn Ave43.691019-79.341513
960Donlands Ave at Cosburn Ave43.690679-79.34159
15921Donlands Ave at Danforth Ave43.680568-79.337414
9449Donlands Ave at Elmsdale Rd43.695797-79.344719
962Donlands Ave at Floyd Ave43.689149-79.340977
963Donlands Ave at Glebeholme Blvd43.682783-79.338167
964Donlands Ave at Memorial Park Ave43.689286-79.340814
9447Donlands Ave at Millwood Rd43.697193-79.34892
965Donlands Ave at Mortimer Ave43.687481-79.340084
966Donlands Ave at Mortimer Ave43.687704-79.340387
968Donlands Ave at O'Connor Dr43.694547-79.342941
967Donlands Ave at O'Connor Dr43.694244-79.343044
9448Donlands Ave at Pape Ave E Side43.696972-79.34881
969Donlands Ave at Plains Rd43.692886-79.342285
970Donlands Ave at Sammon Ave43.685734-79.339384
971Donlands Ave at Sammon Ave43.685927-79.339667
973Donlands Ave at Somers Ave43.684382-79.338826
972Donlands Ave at Somers Ave43.684304-79.338993
15922Donlands Ave at Strathmore Blvd43.681052-79.337613
15959Donlands Ave at Strathmore Blvd43.6815-79.337874
976Donlands Ave at Torrens Ave43.69285-79.342456
9446Donlands Ave at Wolverton Ave43.696232-79.345562
13743Donlands Station - Ebound Platform43.681149-79.337487
13744Donlands Station - Wbound Platform43.680949-79.339187
3485Dorothy St at Greenwood Ave43.665946-79.326308
6351Douglas Dr at Douglas Dr - Chorley Park43.686892-79.370973
10764Dovercourt Rd at Davenport Rd43.67396-79.43443
10890Dovercourt Rd at Davenport Rd43.673928-79.434562
10766Dovercourt Rd at Dupont St43.669764-79.432858
10762Dovercourt Rd at Dupont St43.669562-79.432587
10765Dovercourt Rd at Geary Ave43.67079-79.433281
10763Dovercourt Rd at Geary Ave43.671083-79.433224
10304Dovercourt Rd at Hallam St43.667087-79.431564
10767Dovercourt Rd at Hallam St43.667286-79.431828
10769Dovercourt Rd at Numberland St43.662283-79.429754
10302Dovercourt Rd at Numberland St43.662158-79.429533
10768Dovercourt Rd at Shanly St43.664511-79.430679
10303Dovercourt Rd at Shanly St43.664221-79.430371
15664Downsview Park Station - Nbound Platform43.753311-79.478693
15665Downsview Park Station - Sbound Platform43.753311-79.478693
9278Drewry Ave at Bathurst St43.781163-79.44451
9274Drewry Ave at Cactus Ave43.784131-79.431237
9291Drewry Ave at Fairchild Ave43.786064-79.421807
9271Drewry Ave at Fairchild Ave43.786246-79.421537
9288Drewry Ave at Gardenia Crt43.78388-79.431676
9275Drewry Ave at Grantbrook St43.783607-79.433593
9287Drewry Ave at Grantbrook St43.783394-79.433869
9290Drewry Ave at Hilda Ave43.785533-79.42422
9272Drewry Ave at Hilda Ave43.785736-79.42395
9276Drewry Ave at Lister Dr43.782779-79.43732
9286Drewry Ave at Lister Dr43.782537-79.4377
9277Drewry Ave at Marathon Cres43.78207-79.440435
9285Drewry Ave at Marthon Cres43.781792-79.441105
9289Drewry Ave at Norwin St43.784624-79.428335
9273Drewry Ave at Norwin St43.784883-79.427732
9293Drewry Ave at Yonge St43.786892-79.418072
9269Drewry Ave at Yonge St43.787075-79.417804
1997Driftwood Ave at Cobbler Cres43.765619-79.51163
1998Driftwood Ave at Driftwood Crt43.766989-79.515202
15614Driftwood Ave at Driftwood Crt43.767316-79.514506
2000Driftwood Ave at Finch Ave W43.758183-79.513554
1999Driftwood Ave at Finch Ave W43.757895-79.513233
2001Driftwood Ave at Grandravine Dr43.749248-79.510522
2002Driftwood Ave at Hoover Cres43.764329-79.512131
15613Driftwood Ave at Jane St43.765998-79.519426
2003Driftwood Ave at Jane St E Side43.765959-79.519079
2004Driftwood Ave at Laskay Cres43.763306-79.515264
15616Driftwood Ave at Laskay Cres E43.76313-79.515517
15615Driftwood Ave at Niska Rd43.766021-79.511534
2006Driftwood Ave at Stong Crt43.762084-79.51697
15617Driftwood Ave at Stong Crt43.761808-79.516865
2008Driftwood Ave at Wilmont Dr43.759887-79.516325
2007Driftwood Ave at Wilmont Dr43.759758-79.515958
2010Driftwood Ave at Yewtree Blvd43.755583-79.514158
2009Driftwood Ave at Yewtree Blvd43.755335-79.514038
2012Driftwood Ave at Yorkwoods Gate43.751397-79.512586
2011Driftwood Ave at Yorkwoods Gate43.751706-79.512914
2032Dufferin Gate Loop43.634401-79.425872
11630Dufferin Mall43.655795-79.434031
2014Dufferin St at Alma Ave43.644509-79.429381
2015Dufferin St at Alma Ave43.644682-79.429661
2016Dufferin St at Apex Rd43.716313-79.455342
2017Dufferin St at Ascot Ave43.680238-79.444056
15199Dufferin St at Ascot Ave43.680038-79.443781
2018Dufferin St at Auburn Ave43.675422-79.441934
2085Dufferin St at Auburn Ave43.675622-79.442182
2019Dufferin St at Bentworth Ave43.721949-79.456556
2104Dufferin St at Billy Bishop Way43.730328-79.458326
2020Dufferin St at Bloor St W - Dufferin Station43.660199-79.435337
2013Dufferin St at Bloor St W - Dufferin Station43.659958-79.435506
2021Dufferin St at Bowie Ave43.698016-79.451269
2022Dufferin St at Brandon Ave43.670324-79.439719
2023Dufferin St at Briar Hill Ave43.702508-79.452277
10262Dufferin St at Briar Hill Ave43.702243-79.451968
2024Dufferin St at Bridgeland Ave43.726345-79.457682
2026Dufferin St at Castlefield Ave43.700952-79.451951
2025Dufferin St at Castlefield Ave43.700622-79.45155
2027Dufferin St at Celt Ave43.718016-79.455386
2028Dufferin St at Chandos Ave43.67138-79.440351
2030Dufferin St at Claver Ave43.712312-79.454494
2029Dufferin St at Claver Ave43.712269-79.454204
2034Dufferin St at College St43.652658-79.432662
2033Dufferin St at College St43.652873-79.43258
2035Dufferin St at Croatia St43.658039-79.434742
2037Dufferin St at Dane Ave43.716083-79.454991
2039Dufferin St at Davenport Rd43.673079-79.441106
2038Dufferin St at Davenport Rd43.673384-79.441066
7648Dufferin St at Dolomite Dr43.780694-79.46963
7649Dufferin St at Dolomite Dr43.781047-79.46999
9341Dufferin St at Dufferin Park Ave43.657218-79.43441
2040Dufferin St at Dufferin Park Ave43.656933-79.434122
2043Dufferin St at Dundas St W43.649459-79.431252
2041Dufferin St at Dundas St W43.649807-79.431591
2045Dufferin St at Dupont St43.668259-79.438833
2044Dufferin St at Dupont St43.668082-79.43895
2048Dufferin St at Eversfield Rd43.686836-79.44654
2049Dufferin St at Eversfield Rd43.687023-79.446808
981Dufferin St at Finch Ave W43.769172-79.467188
980Dufferin St at Finch Ave W43.768709-79.466643
14836Dufferin St at Finch Ave W43.769623-79.466863
12176Dufferin St at Finch Ave W43.768007-79.466943
2051Dufferin St at Geary Ave43.669816-79.439678
7662Dufferin St at Gerry Fitzgerald Dr43.783999-79.470278
2052Dufferin St at Gibson St43.690767-79.448119
2054Dufferin St at Glencairn Ave43.707138-79.453371
2053Dufferin St at Glencairn Ave43.706896-79.453031
2056Dufferin St at Glengrove Ave43.709102-79.453783
2055Dufferin St at Glengrove Ave43.70891-79.453442
2058Dufferin St at Gordon St43.646893-79.43048
2057Dufferin St at Gordon St43.646696-79.430224
15197Dufferin St at Hallam St43.665717-79.437786
2060Dufferin St at Holmesdale Rd43.688777-79.44751
2061Dufferin St at Hope St43.682439-79.444935
10092Dufferin St at Hope St43.68227-79.444698
2063Dufferin St at Hunter Ave43.694512-79.449837
2062Dufferin St at Hunter Ave43.694802-79.449745
985Dufferin St at Jane Osler Blvd - Yorkdale Shopping Ctr43.725083-79.456993
2064Dufferin St at Jane Osler Blvd - Yorkdale Shopping Ctr43.724737-79.457304
2066Dufferin St at King St W43.638781-79.427202
2067Dufferin St at King St W43.63907-79.427505
15516Dufferin St at King St W43.638676-79.42715
2068Dufferin St at Lappin Ave43.666082-79.438076
2070Dufferin St at Lawrence Ave W43.714241-79.454916
2069Dufferin St at Lawrence Ave W43.714493-79.454638
2072Dufferin St at Liberty St43.637147-79.42675
2071Dufferin St at Liberty St43.636946-79.426505
15758Dufferin St at Livingstone Ave43.69669-79.450712
7655Dufferin St at Martin Ross Ave43.775284-79.468573
7654Dufferin St at Martin Ross Ave43.775081-79.468294
15058Dufferin St at Martin St43.688509-79.447222
9739Dufferin St at Melbourne Ave43.640185-79.427735
2074Dufferin St at Melbourne Ave43.640638-79.428104
2091Dufferin St at Orfus Rd43.720389-79.455958
2076Dufferin St at Orfus Rd43.720555-79.456276
2078Dufferin St at Playfair Ave43.710983-79.454179
2079Dufferin St at Preston Rd43.690529-79.448215
2081Dufferin St at Queen St W43.642008-79.428427
15030Dufferin St at Queen St W43.64236-79.428744
2046Dufferin St at Ramsden Rd43.696359-79.450938
982Dufferin St at Ranee Ave43.722329-79.456448
2083Dufferin St at Rogers Rd43.685674-79.446257
2082Dufferin St at Rogers Rd43.685461-79.445973
2065Dufferin St at Rowan Ave43.692029-79.448632
2086Dufferin St at Rowan Ave43.692263-79.448915
2087Dufferin St at Samor Rd43.71788-79.455672
2089Dufferin St at Shanly St43.663251-79.436864
2088Dufferin St at Shanly St43.662856-79.436555
9991Dufferin St at Springhurst Ave43.634831-79.425646
2092Dufferin St at Springhurst Ave43.635014-79.425934
2094Dufferin St at St Clair Ave W43.678395-79.443316
2093Dufferin St at St Clair Ave W43.677768-79.442907
983Dufferin St at Stanstead Dr43.763075-79.465455
2095Dufferin St at Stayner Ave43.703481-79.452235
7658Dufferin St at Steeles Ave W43.786712-79.470251
9417Dufferin St at Steeprock Dr43.761869-79.465528
7661Dufferin St at Supertest Rd43.778085-79.46926
7660Dufferin St at Supertest Rd43.777829-79.468955
2099Dufferin St at Sylvan Ave43.654788-79.433476
2098Dufferin St at Sylvan Ave43.655107-79.433431
15469Dufferin St at Wenderly Dr43.710483-79.453838
2105Dufferin St at Whitley Ave43.729347-79.458372
15470Dufferin St at Whitmore Ave43.697772-79.450959
2108Dufferin St at Wilson Ave43.731811-79.458665
2107Dufferin St at Wilson Ave43.731126-79.458778
15471Dufferin St at Wingold Ave43.703932-79.452566
979Dufferin St at Yorkdale Rd43.726531-79.457356
13765Dufferin Station - Ebound Platform43.660849-79.43389
13766Dufferin Station - Wbound Platform43.660549-79.43569
2110Duncan Mill Rd at Don Mills Rd43.761572-79.34766
9776Duncan Mill Rd at Don Mills Rd43.761806-79.347777
9663Duncan Mill Rd at Lesmill Rd43.760844-79.358184
2113Duncan Mill Rd at Valleybrook Dr43.761912-79.353465
9661Duncan Mill Rd at Valleybrook Dr43.761898-79.352804
2115Dundas St E at Broadview Ave43.662249-79.351814
2117Dundas St E at Church St43.656583-79.376993
2116Dundas St E at Church St43.656371-79.377358
2118Dundas St E at Jarvis St43.656947-79.374706
2119Dundas St E at Jarvis St43.657163-79.374378
2121Dundas St E at Munro St43.662157-79.352831
2120Dundas St E at Munro St43.661937-79.353136
2122Dundas St E at Ontario St43.658752-79.368653
2123Dundas St E at Ontario St43.658961-79.368357
2125Dundas St E at Parliament St43.65951-79.365882
2124Dundas St E at Parliament St43.659283-79.366291
15873Dundas St E at Regent Park Blvd43.660471-79.361655
15872Dundas St E at Regent Park Blvd43.660247-79.361966
2127Dundas St E at River St43.661284-79.358
2126Dundas St E at River St43.661093-79.358286
2130Dundas St E at Sherbourne St43.65822-79.371303
2131Dundas St E at Sherbourne St43.658406-79.370878
2136Dundas St E at Yonge St - Dundas Station43.656426-79.380755
2138Dundas St W at Acorn Ave43.637518-79.539041
2137Dundas St W at Acorn Ave43.637002-79.539088
3486Dundas St W at Annette St43.664503-79.459097
2139Dundas St W at Aukland Rd43.638232-79.538008
2140Dundas St W at Bathurst St - Toronto Western Hospital43.652163-79.406259
2141Dundas St W at Bathurst St - Toronto Western Hospital43.652424-79.405874
2143Dundas St W at Bay St43.655845-79.383493
2142Dundas St W at Bay St43.655582-79.384014
2147Dundas St W at Beverley St43.653887-79.393724
2146Dundas St W at Beverley St43.65371-79.393961
9856Dundas St W at Bloor St W43.656442-79.452572
2150Dundas St W at Bloor St W43.6561-79.45233
16014Dundas St W at Bloor St W43.642915-79.532701
2152Dundas St W at Brock Ave43.649938-79.4355
2151Dundas St W at Brock Ave43.649826-79.435721
3491Dundas St W at Chelsea Ave43.658218-79.453041
3490Dundas St W at Chelsea Ave43.658209-79.452836
3492Dundas St W at Chestnut Hills Cres43.653186-79.524855
2153Dundas St W at Chestnut St43.655136-79.386129
2154Dundas St W at Chestnut St43.655337-79.385867
15983Dundas St W at Clendenan Ave43.665447-79.473744
15984Dundas St W at Clendenan Ave43.665608-79.473831
2157Dundas St W at Denison Ave43.652113-79.402165
2156Dundas St W at Denison Ave43.651939-79.40236
5012Dundas St W at Donnybrook Lane E Side43.653394-79.524415
2158Dundas St W at Dovercourt Rd43.649365-79.424889
2159Dundas St W at Dovercourt Rd43.649513-79.424553
2160Dundas St W at Dufferin St43.649587-79.431565
2161Dundas St W at Dufferin St43.649675-79.431314
13702Dundas St W at Dundas W Outer Platform43.656768-79.453253
3493Dundas St W at Dupont St43.664363-79.458505
2148Dundas St W at E Mall Cres43.63037-79.549175
2149Dundas St W at E Mall Cres43.630726-79.549041
5014Dundas St W at E Mall Cres43.630229-79.551376
3496Dundas St W at Gilmour Ave43.665624-79.478748
3495Dundas St W at Gilmour Ave43.665481-79.479365
2165Dundas St W at Gladstone Ave43.649633-79.429626
2164Dundas St W at Gladstone Ave43.649516-79.429975
14050Dundas St W at Glenlake Ave43.660032-79.453794
3497Dundas St W at Glenlake Ave43.660077-79.453638
2166Dundas St W at Grace St43.650777-79.413806
10181Dundas St W at Grace St43.650581-79.41422
9722Dundas St W at Highway 42743.628813-79.555162
9721Dundas St W at Highway 42743.629242-79.554797
2167Dundas St W at Howard Park Ave43.652232-79.448522
986Dundas St W at Howard Park Ave43.651921-79.447458
3499Dundas St W at Howland St43.664017-79.503494
5015Dundas St W at Howland St43.663706-79.50357
5016Dundas St W at Humber Hill Ave43.664716-79.501573
14190Dundas St W at Humber Hill Ave43.665097-79.501201
3500Dundas St W at Humberside Ave43.662951-79.456295
3501Dundas St W at Humberside Ave43.663295-79.456935
2168Dundas St W at Huron St43.653245-79.396248
2169Dundas St W at Huron St43.653407-79.396044
3502Dundas St W at Indian Grove43.665429-79.462163
3503Dundas St W at Indian Road Cres43.665156-79.461274
3504Dundas St W at Islington Ave43.65187-79.526097
5017Dundas St W at Islington Ave E Side43.651497-79.526029
3505Dundas St W at Jane St43.665764-79.490945
5018Dundas St W at Jane St43.665598-79.491412
9943Dundas St W at Jane St43.66578-79.492146
9942Dundas St W at Jane St E Side43.665583-79.490433
3507Dundas St W at Jerome St43.661579-79.455147
3508Dundas St W at Keele St43.665343-79.464755
3509Dundas St W at Keele St43.665465-79.464324
16015Dundas St W at Kipling Ave43.640268-79.535098
16016Dundas St W at Kipling Ave43.640627-79.534538
2170Dundas St W at Lansdowne Ave43.650111-79.440135
2171Dundas St W at Lansdowne Ave43.650206-79.43948
2172Dundas St W at Lisgar St43.649434-79.426882
15354Dundas St W at Manning Ave43.651197-79.411029
15355Dundas St W at Manning Ave43.651375-79.410818
2173Dundas St W at McCaul St43.654219-79.391552
5019Dundas St W at Nottingham Dr43.655267-79.522723
3511Dundas St W at Nottingham Dr43.655609-79.522688
5020Dundas St W at Old Dundas St43.661755-79.507295
3512Dundas St W at Old Dundas St43.661895-79.507489
5021Dundas St W at Old Oak Dr E Side43.657008-79.519687
2175Dundas St W at Ossington Ave43.64927-79.420944
2176Dundas St W at Ossington Ave43.64943-79.42049
3513Dundas St W at Pacific Ave43.66539-79.468708
3514Dundas St W at Pacific Ave43.665505-79.46845
2178Dundas St W at Paulart Dr43.631321-79.546629
2177Dundas St W at Paulart Dr E Side43.631061-79.54646
5022Dundas St W at Poplar Ave43.636297-79.54012
3515Dundas St W at Prince Edward Dr N43.660808-79.510304
5023Dundas St W at Prince Edward Dr N43.660474-79.510565
2182Dundas St W at Roncesvalles Ave43.653685-79.451357
2181Dundas St W at Roncesvalles Ave E Side43.65348-79.451258
3520Dundas St W at Royal York Rd43.658997-79.515133
5024Dundas St W at Royal York Rd E Side43.658613-79.515176
3519Dundas St W at Royalavon Cres43.645406-79.531899
5025Dundas St W at Royalavon Cres E Side43.645722-79.531352
3521Dundas St W at Runnymede Rd43.665646-79.481997
15827Dundas St W at Runnymede Rd43.665493-79.481638
4455Dundas St W at Runnymede Rd43.66565-79.482921
2183Dundas St W at Rusholme Rd43.649553-79.426473
5027Dundas St W at Scarlett Rd43.665376-79.499338
3522Dundas St W at Scarlett Rd43.665631-79.499107
2184Dundas St W at Shaver Ave S43.632336-79.544636
2185Dundas St W at Shaw St43.649703-79.418489
15356Dundas St W at Shaw St43.649911-79.418123
2186Dundas St W at Sheridan Ave43.649721-79.433841
2187Dundas St W at Sheridan Ave43.649825-79.433524
5028Dundas St W at Shorncliffe Rd43.631902-79.544849
988Dundas St W at Sorauren Ave43.651198-79.445012
987Dundas St W at Sorauren Ave43.651247-79.445756
2190Dundas St W at Spadina Ave43.653064-79.397708
2189Dundas St W at Spadina Ave43.652776-79.398341
16064Dundas St W at St Patrick St43.654566-79.390141
990Dundas St W at Sterling Rd43.650684-79.442777
991Dundas St W at Sterling Rd43.650631-79.443251
2180Dundas St W at Subway Cres43.635838-79.5401
3510Dundas St W at The Kingsway43.657339-79.519447
2193Dundas St W at University Ave - St Patrick Station43.654679-79.388742
2194Dundas St W at University Ave - St Patrick Station43.654919-79.387813
7670Dundas St W at W Mall Cres E Side43.627446-79.560881
3527Dundas St W at Willard Ave43.665718-79.488659
5030Dundas St W at Willard Ave E Side43.66554-79.488063
2196Dundas St W at Wilmar Rd43.634928-79.541384
2195Dundas St W at Wilmar Rd43.634088-79.541828
3528Dundas St W at Windermere Ave43.665676-79.48568
5031Dundas St W at Windermere Ave43.665544-79.48605
2197Dundas St W at Yonge St - Dundas Station43.65619-79.38119
13809Dundas Station - Nbound Platform43.657149-79.381188
13810Dundas Station - Sbound Platform43.655949-79.380788
14662Dundas W Station43.656862-79.453415
14663Dundas W Station43.656975-79.453099
14665Dundas W Station43.656821-79.453463
13769Dundas W Station - Ebound Platform43.657449-79.451091
13770Dundas W Station - Wbound Platform43.657149-79.452791
13898Duplex Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.70623-79.400108
995Dupont St at Bartlett Ave43.669022-79.43629
994Dupont St at Bartlett Ave43.668801-79.436702
997Dupont St at Bathurst St43.673237-79.414218
996Dupont St at Bathurst St43.673032-79.414476
998Dupont St at Bedford Rd43.676176-79.400835
1001Dupont St at Christie St43.671704-79.421375
1000Dupont St at Christie St43.671515-79.421673
11881Dupont St at Davenport Rd43.675676-79.402686
11711Dupont St at Davenport Rd43.675896-79.402358
1002Dupont St at Dovercourt Rd43.669591-79.432851
1003Dupont St at Dovercourt Rd43.669781-79.432577
1004Dupont St at Dufferin St43.668358-79.439136
1005Dupont St at Dufferin St43.66854-79.438784
1007Dupont St at Edwin Ave E Side43.664842-79.455161
1008Dupont St at Emerson Ave43.667119-79.444266
1009Dupont St at Emerson Ave43.667414-79.444033
1010Dupont St at Franklin Ave43.665206-79.454018
1011Dupont St at Howland Ave43.673573-79.411904
14341Dupont St at Howland Ave43.673765-79.411699
1012Dupont St at Huron St43.675228-79.404837
1013Dupont St at Huron St43.675327-79.405139
1014Dupont St at Kendal Ave43.674062-79.409554
1015Dupont St at Lansdowne Ave43.666581-79.446666
1016Dupont St at Lansdowne Ave43.666827-79.446331
1024Dupont St at Manning Ave43.672342-79.418331
1017Dupont St at Manning Ave E Side43.672099-79.418732
1019Dupont St at Osler St43.664644-79.456422
1021Dupont St at Ossington Ave43.6701-79.429377
14147Dupont St at Ossington Ave43.670351-79.429628
1022Dupont St at Palmerston Ave43.672509-79.416844
1023Dupont St at Perth Ave43.66531-79.45294
1026Dupont St at Shaw St43.670665-79.426478
1025Dupont St at Shaw St43.670463-79.426696
1027Dupont St at Spadina Rd- Dupont Station43.674795-79.406768
1028Dupont St at Spadina Rd- Dupont Station43.674888-79.407407
1030Dupont St at Symington Ave43.665812-79.45108
1029Dupont St at Symington Ave43.665626-79.451366
13828Dupont Station - Nbound Platform43.674949-79.40709
13827Dupont Station - Sbound Platform43.673749-79.406689
16127Durnford Rd at Durness Ave43.800394-79.150948
16128Durnford Rd at Tallpines Park43.798663-79.150156
10828Dynamic Dr at McNicoll Ave43.822872-79.251158
10827Dynamic Dr at Nashdene Rd43.820101-79.248652
13872Dynamic Dr at Passmore Ave43.829769-79.253294
16249Dynamic Dr at Passmore Ave43.829556-79.253438
11564Dynamic Dr at Turbina Ave43.826754-79.252028
13680Dynamic Dr at Turbina Ave43.827116-79.251922
7948Earlscourt Loop at St Clair Ave W43.675983-79.451027
6354East Ave at Clark Secor Pl43.78995-79.135406
5035East Ave at E Willow Gate43.787478-79.134523
6355East Ave at E Willow Gate43.787304-79.134296
5036East Ave at Fanfare Ave43.792439-79.136613
5037East Ave at Golders Green Ave43.784664-79.133348
5123East Ave at Island Rd43.797824-79.138695
5038East Ave at Kirkdene Dr43.794901-79.137471
5039East Ave at Kirkdene Dr43.79529-79.137805
6357East Ave at Maberley Cres43.785051-79.133342
5032East Ave at Maberley Cres43.782525-79.132461
5041East Ave at Ridgewood Rd43.792319-79.136383
5042East Ave at Tudor Glen Cres43.789975-79.135627
5043East Ave at Wheeling Dr43.782809-79.132408
14538East Liberty St at Lynn Williams St43.638683-79.416984
14537East Liberty St at Pirandello St43.638634-79.414425
2228East York Acres Parking Lot at Haldon Ave43.697877-79.311402
11651East York Town Ctr43.705908-79.347132
5056Eastdale Ave at Goodwood Park Cres43.694608-79.300771
9459Eastdale Ave at Goodwood Park Cres43.69475-79.300684
5057Eastdale Ave at Secord Ave43.693358-79.30024
13483Eastern Ave at Knox Ave43.662408-79.325367
13926Eastern Ave at Leslie St E Side43.66168-79.328567
3536Eastern Ave at Minto St(Post Office)43.662898-79.323253
11181Eastern Ave at Queen St E43.666788-79.312738
9855Edna Ave at Dundas St W43.657134-79.453027
2235Eglinton Ave E at Banff Rd43.710122-79.38211
2234Eglinton Ave E at Banff Rd43.709914-79.382341
2239Eglinton Ave E at Bayview Ave43.711241-79.376822
2240Eglinton Ave E at Bayview Ave E Side43.711112-79.376375
2242Eglinton Ave E at Beachell St43.742641-79.221935
2241Eglinton Ave E at Beachell St43.742332-79.222161
2244Eglinton Ave E at Bellamy Rd N - Eglinton GO43.740039-79.23221
15901Eglinton Ave E at Bellamy Rd N- Eglinton GO43.740238-79.232608
2246Eglinton Ave E at Bermondsey Rd43.725907-79.3138
2247Eglinton Ave E at Bessborough Dr E Side43.711689-79.373595
2250Eglinton Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.730169-79.277553
2249Eglinton Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.729763-79.278138
2252Eglinton Ave E at Brentcliffe Rd43.714457-79.359905
2251Eglinton Ave E at Brentcliffe Rd43.714625-79.360121
2253Eglinton Ave E at Brimley Rd43.736674-79.248799
2255Eglinton Ave E at Bruce Park Ave43.710528-79.38007
2256Eglinton Ave E at Cedar Dr43.743769-79.215702
2257Eglinton Ave E at Cedar Dr43.744094-79.215486
2258Eglinton Ave E at Credit Union Dr43.725943-79.318405
2260Eglinton Ave E at Danforth Rd43.737338-79.245756
2259Eglinton Ave E at Danforth Rd43.736844-79.246727
2261Eglinton Ave E at Don Avon Dr43.714217-79.362093
15704Eglinton Ave E at Don Avon Dr43.713918-79.362496
15706Eglinton Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.720462-79.339864
15705Eglinton Ave E at Don Mills Rd E Side43.720546-79.337734
2267Eglinton Ave E at Don Valley Pkwy43.722963-79.331434
2266Eglinton Ave E at Don Valley Pkwy43.722361-79.332371
2264Eglinton Ave E at Don Valley Pkwy E Side43.72333-79.328922
2268Eglinton Ave E at Dunfield Ave43.707461-79.395252
15702Eglinton Ave E at Dunfield Ave43.707208-79.395605
10467Eglinton Ave E at Eglinton Sq43.725114-79.300489
15703Eglinton Ave E at Falcon St43.70884-79.387668
2269Eglinton Ave E at Falcon St43.709168-79.386703
1032Eglinton Ave E at Falmouth Ave43.735453-79.253308
2270Eglinton Ave E at Forman Ave43.709106-79.38633
1033Eglinton Ave E at Gilder Dr43.735775-79.25309
16040Eglinton Ave E at Hanna Rd43.712067-79.372621
2274Eglinton Ave E at Hoyle Ave43.710446-79.379721
2275Eglinton Ave E at Ionview Rd43.731274-79.27128
2276Eglinton Ave E at Ionview Rd43.731605-79.271119
2278Eglinton Ave E at Jonesville Cres43.725127-79.306649
2277Eglinton Ave E at Jonesville Cres E Side43.724922-79.306962
2280Eglinton Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.732572-79.266788
2279Eglinton Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.732009-79.268205
3539Eglinton Ave E at Kennedy Station43.732292-79.267117
2283Eglinton Ave E at Kingston Rd43.743796-79.212135
2282Eglinton Ave E at Kingston Rd43.744079-79.212339
5071Eglinton Ave E at Laird Dr43.713371-79.365372
2285Eglinton Ave E at Laird Dr43.713582-79.365203
2232Eglinton Ave E at Lebovic Ave43.727116-79.291325
2233Eglinton Ave E at Lebovic Ave E Side43.726941-79.290955
2287Eglinton Ave E at Leslie St43.717134-79.3502
2286Eglinton Ave E at Leslie St E Side43.716917-79.34976
2288Eglinton Ave E at Markham Rd43.743168-79.219635
15903Eglinton Ave E at Markham Rd E Side43.743171-79.218404
2290Eglinton Ave E at Mason Rd43.741584-79.225483
15902Eglinton Ave E at Mason Rd43.74179-79.225649
2293Eglinton Ave E at McCowan Rd43.73901-79.238255
2292Eglinton Ave E at McCowan Rd43.738651-79.238637
1037Eglinton Ave E at Midland Ave43.73431-79.258468
15278Eglinton Ave E at Midland Ave43.734712-79.257961
1036Eglinton Ave E at Midland Ave43.734493-79.258911
15896Eglinton Ave E at Midland Ave E Side43.734509-79.257649
2298Eglinton Ave E at Petman Ave43.709591-79.384625
2300Eglinton Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.725855-79.297172
2299Eglinton Ave E at Pharmacy Ave E Side43.725616-79.296932
13449Eglinton Ave E at Prudham Gate43.728602-79.284686
2303Eglinton Ave E at Prudham Gate43.728248-79.285087
15707Eglinton Ave E at Rawlinson Ave43.708849-79.388416
2305Eglinton Ave E at Redpath Ave43.707987-79.392646
2304Eglinton Ave E at Redpath Ave43.707755-79.392936
2307Eglinton Ave E at Rosemount Dr43.730969-79.273818
2306Eglinton Ave E at Rosemount Dr43.730673-79.273945
2309Eglinton Ave E at Rumsey Rd43.712675-79.369465
2308Eglinton Ave E at Rumsey Rd43.712456-79.369755
2310Eglinton Ave E at Sinnott Rd43.72919-79.280808
2311Eglinton Ave E at Sloane Ave43.726134-79.313172
2313Eglinton Ave E at Sutherland Dr43.713201-79.36698
2312Eglinton Ave E at Sutherland Dr43.712965-79.367323
2314Eglinton Ave E at Swift Dr43.726325-79.318099
2315Eglinton Ave E at Thermos Rd43.729428-79.281029
1039Eglinton Ave E at Torrance Rd43.739362-79.235449
1040Eglinton Ave E at Torrance Rd43.739553-79.235824
11722Eglinton Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.724837-79.302367
2317Eglinton Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.724858-79.303672
2316Eglinton Ave E at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.72457-79.302094
2319Eglinton Ave E at Warden Ave43.727633-79.287859
2318Eglinton Ave E at Warden Ave43.72804-79.28733
2321Eglinton Ave E at Wynford Dr43.72418-79.325533
2320Eglinton Ave E at Wynford Dr43.724363-79.325724
11716Eglinton Ave W / Emmett Ave43.684593-79.508136
2416Eglinton Ave W / Rangoon Rd43.670474-79.577739
11488Eglinton Ave W at Avenue Rd E Side43.704641-79.407957
15710Eglinton Ave W at Bathurst St E Side43.701216-79.424063
2328Eglinton Ave W at Bemersyde Dr43.678401-79.545008
2329Eglinton Ave W at Bicknell Ave- York Civic Ctr43.689681-79.476781
2331Eglinton Ave W at Black Creek Dr43.688149-79.483113
2401Eglinton Ave W at Black Creek Dr43.688343-79.483304
2332Eglinton Ave W at Blackthorn Ave43.691842-79.465459
2333Eglinton Ave W at Blackthorn Ave43.692037-79.465167
15712Eglinton Ave W at Braemar Ave43.704426-79.409947
2334Eglinton Ave W at Caledonia Rd43.692905-79.462355
2335Eglinton Ave W at Caledonia Rd43.693177-79.46177
2336Eglinton Ave W at Castle Knock Rd43.704064-79.4114
2339Eglinton Ave W at Chiltern Hill Rd43.700418-79.427874
11393Eglinton Ave W at Commerce Blvd E Side43.662754-79.590607
2342Eglinton Ave W at Duplex Ave43.706175-79.400656
15530Eglinton Ave W at Dynevor Rd43.695343-79.451587
2404Eglinton Ave W at Eden Valley Dr43.680945-79.533052
2346Eglinton Ave W at Elmsthorpe Ave43.703986-79.411032
15359Eglinton Ave W at Emmett Ave43.684309-79.504438
15360Eglinton Ave W at Emmett Ave43.684382-79.503971
2349Eglinton Ave W at Ennerdale Rd43.694869-79.453583
2350Eglinton Ave W at Ennerdale Rd43.695064-79.453323
10704Eglinton Ave W at Gabian Way43.691651-79.467936
2398Eglinton Ave W at Gabian Way43.691865-79.467349
2351Eglinton Ave W at Gardiner Rd43.702096-79.419973
10966Eglinton Ave W at Gilbert Ave43.692512-79.463573
2355Eglinton Ave W at Glen Cedar Rd43.699728-79.431124
2354Eglinton Ave W at Glenarden Rd43.699564-79.432546
2356Eglinton Ave W at Glenhaven St43.691366-79.469903
2358Eglinton Ave W at Glenholme Ave43.696854-79.445081
2357Eglinton Ave W at Glenholme Ave43.696671-79.445418
2359Eglinton Ave W at Heddington Ave43.703573-79.413714
2360Eglinton Ave W at Henning Ave43.706201-79.401309
2361Eglinton Ave W at Hilltop Rd43.70065-79.427436
2363Eglinton Ave W at Islington Ave43.679988-79.538778
2362Eglinton Ave W at Islington Ave43.679694-79.539177
2364Eglinton Ave W at Jane St43.684263-79.499094
16243Eglinton Ave W at Jane St43.68446-79.499316
2366Eglinton Ave W at Jane St E Side43.68452-79.498076
2378Eglinton Ave W at Jimmy Wisdom Way43.696414-79.447136
2367Eglinton Ave W at Kane Ave E Side43.691218-79.470015
15488Eglinton Ave W at Keele St43.690531-79.473755
2368Eglinton Ave W at Keele St E Side43.690316-79.473978
2369Eglinton Ave W at Keele St/Trethewey Dr43.689983-79.475292
2370Eglinton Ave W at Kipling Ave43.677014-79.551181
2371Eglinton Ave W at Kipling Ave43.677368-79.550642
2375Eglinton Ave W at Lascelles Blvd43.705725-79.403558
2374Eglinton Ave W at Lascelles Blvd E Side43.705641-79.403203
2376Eglinton Ave W at Little Blvd43.693751-79.458683
2377Eglinton Ave W at Lloyd Manor Rd43.675433-79.558022
2380Eglinton Ave W at Marlee Ave43.698127-79.439204
13440Eglinton Ave W at Marlee Ave43.698177-79.438962
2379Eglinton Ave W at Marlee Ave43.697932-79.439508
2381Eglinton Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.674662-79.562929
2382Eglinton Ave W at Martin Grove Rd E Side43.67442-79.562591
2385Eglinton Ave W at Montcalm Ave43.693699-79.459547
2330Eglinton Ave W at Municipal Dr - York Civic Ctr43.689752-79.477026
2386Eglinton Ave W at Nairn Ave43.694343-79.456028
2387Eglinton Ave W at Ncliffe Blvd43.696164-79.447778
2388Eglinton Ave W at Oakwood Ave43.697197-79.442946
2389Eglinton Ave W at Oakwood Ave43.697418-79.442561
2391Eglinton Ave W at Old Forest Hill Rd43.701626-79.42291
2390Eglinton Ave W at Old Forest Hill Rd E Side43.701517-79.422636
2392Eglinton Ave W at Old Park Rd43.699989-79.430703
2394Eglinton Ave W at Oriole Pkwy E Side43.705148-79.405541
12133Eglinton Ave W at Renforth Dr43.666757-79.587469
2399Eglinton Ave W at Renforth Dr E Side43.666543-79.587065
2409Eglinton Ave W at Richardson Ave43.691058-79.471319
2337Eglinton Ave W at Ronald Ave43.694247-79.456973
2402Eglinton Ave W at Royal York Rd43.682131-79.526845
2403Eglinton Ave W at Royal York Rd43.68247-79.526336
12135Eglinton Ave W at Royal York Rd E Side43.682279-79.526015
2353Eglinton Ave W at Russell Hill Rd43.703225-79.415404
15711Eglinton Ave W at Russell Hill Rd E Side43.703134-79.415151
2405Eglinton Ave W at Russell Rd43.681231-79.532617
2407Eglinton Ave W at Scarlett Rd43.6841-79.511249
2406Eglinton Ave W at Scarlett Rd43.683789-79.511557
2408Eglinton Ave W at Scott Rd43.690592-79.47281
15532Eglinton Ave W at Shortt St43.695401-79.451953
2410Eglinton Ave W at Spadina Rd43.702476-79.418838
2413Eglinton Ave W at Tarlton Rd43.703485-79.413342
2343Eglinton Ave W at The E Mall43.671654-79.571438
2344Eglinton Ave W at The E Mall43.672032-79.571143
2415Eglinton Ave W at Vesta Dr43.702097-79.420708
2421Eglinton Ave W at Widdicombe Hill Blvd43.675664-79.558038
2422Eglinton Ave W at Wincott Dr43.678667-79.544745
9383Eglinton Ave W at Won Rd43.68671-79.489925
2419Eglinton Ave W at Won Rd43.687153-79.489369
2420Eglinton Ave W at Wover Hill Rd43.699305-79.433091
2417Eglinton Ave W at opp Walkway to Rangoon Rd43.670682-79.577791
14668Eglinton Station43.70565-79.399863
14670Eglinton Station43.70476-79.398499
14671Eglinton Station43.705093-79.398567
14672Eglinton Station43.705256-79.398613
14673Eglinton Station43.705532-79.399237
14674Eglinton Station43.705572-79.399461
14675Eglinton Station43.705608-79.399657
14954Eglinton Station43.704931-79.398536
13796Eglinton Station - Nbound Platform43.706548-79.39839
13795Eglinton Station - Sbound Platform43.704648-79.39889
14676Eglinton W Station43.699447-79.436493
14677Eglinton W Station43.699606-79.436478
14679Eglinton W Station43.6997-79.436081
14680Eglinton W Station43.699598-79.435953
14681Eglinton W Station43.699453-79.435904
14682Eglinton W Station43.699302-79.435846
13832Eglinton W Station - Nbound Platform43.700648-79.436691
13831Eglinton W Station - Sbound Platform43.699348-79.436291
11506Eighth St at Birmingham St43.602795-79.507259
3543Eighth St at Lake Shore Blvd W43.60078-79.506431
7676Ellesmere Rd at Bellamy Rd N43.774149-79.241959
7677Ellesmere Rd at Bellamy Rd N43.774537-79.241437
7678Ellesmere Rd at Birchmount Rd43.763213-79.29162
7679Ellesmere Rd at Birchmount Rd43.763409-79.291907
7680Ellesmere Rd at Birkdale Rd43.768788-79.266622
7681Ellesmere Rd at Birkdale Rd43.769104-79.26641
7683Ellesmere Rd at Borough Approach E43.771125-79.255707
7682Ellesmere Rd at Borough Approach E43.771587-79.255056
7710Ellesmere Rd at Borough Approach W43.771077-79.257524
7684Ellesmere Rd at Brimley Rd43.769843-79.261788
7685Ellesmere Rd at Brimley Rd43.770303-79.261001
9471Ellesmere Rd at Calthorpe Ave43.788586-79.180524
9469Ellesmere Rd at Calthorpe Ave43.788307-79.180898
10527Ellesmere Rd at Calverley Trail43.78949-79.176571
7687Ellesmere Rd at Claudius Gate43.759437-79.308022
7686Ellesmere Rd at Claudius Gate43.759681-79.307806
9468Ellesmere Rd at Conlins Rd43.787692-79.183514
9472Ellesmere Rd at Conlins Rd43.788024-79.182973
7689Ellesmere Rd at Crocus Dr43.760452-79.30435
10517Ellesmere Rd at Deep Dene Dr43.790749-79.170421
7690Ellesmere Rd at Dewey Dr43.76023-79.304551
1044Ellesmere Rd at Dolly Varden Blvd43.775626-79.235048
1043Ellesmere Rd at Dolly Varden Blvd43.775797-79.235291
1045Ellesmere Rd at Dormington Dr43.777621-79.226939
7722Ellesmere Rd at Dundalk Dr43.765185-79.284336
9622Ellesmere Rd at E Service Rd43.767379-79.273102
9619Ellesmere Rd at E Service Rd43.767743-79.272603
1046Ellesmere Rd at Gander Dr E Side43.777555-79.226206
7691Ellesmere Rd at Helicon Gate43.778605-79.222594
10528Ellesmere Rd at Highland Creek Park43.788976-79.178809
7692Ellesmere Rd at Kennedy Rd43.766017-79.28076
7693Ellesmere Rd at Kennedy Rd43.765591-79.281448
1049Ellesmere Rd at Markham Rd43.776669-79.231287
1048Ellesmere Rd at Markham Rd43.776245-79.232002
7694Ellesmere Rd at McCowan Rd43.771961-79.251774
7695Ellesmere Rd at McCowan Rd43.77237-79.251163
9604Ellesmere Rd at McCowan Rd E Side43.77225-79.25047
10523Ellesmere Rd at Meadowvale Rd43.792623-79.163292
10519Ellesmere Rd at Meadowvale Rd43.792312-79.163843
7697Ellesmere Rd at Midland Ave43.768149-79.270795
7696Ellesmere Rd at Midland Ave43.76772-79.271469
9473Ellesmere Rd at Military Trail43.78669-79.188167
7698Ellesmere Rd at Military Trail43.786439-79.188422
7699Ellesmere Rd at Military Trail43.786502-79.189027
7700Ellesmere Rd at Military Trail43.779894-79.217004
10904Ellesmere Rd at Mirrow Crt43.787289-79.185159
7701Ellesmere Rd at Mornelle Crt43.785001-79.195193
7702Ellesmere Rd at Morningside Ave43.785158-79.193623
7703Ellesmere Rd at Morningside Ave43.785523-79.193129
10516Ellesmere Rd at Morrish Rd43.789964-79.173574
10526Ellesmere Rd at Morrish Rd43.790274-79.173121
10522Ellesmere Rd at Muirbank Blvd43.793969-79.157635
10520Ellesmere Rd at Muirbank Blvd43.793732-79.157941
7705Ellesmere Rd at Neilson Rd - Centenary Hospital43.782805-79.204762
7704Ellesmere Rd at Neilson Rd - Centenary Hospital43.782441-79.205092
7707Ellesmere Rd at Oakley Blvd43.768604-79.268713
7706Ellesmere Rd at Oakley Blvd E Side43.768395-79.268369
1051Ellesmere Rd at Orton Park Rd43.7796-79.217311
7709Ellesmere Rd at Packard Blvd43.770694-79.257782
7712Ellesmere Rd at Parkington Cres43.773539-79.245841
7711Ellesmere Rd at Parkington Cres43.773188-79.246369
6368Ellesmere Rd at Pharmacy Ave43.758847-79.310443
7714Ellesmere Rd at Pharmacy Ave43.75918-79.310072
11859Ellesmere Rd at Principal Rd43.76279-79.294575
7715Ellesmere Rd at Principal Rd E Side43.762583-79.294268
7717Ellesmere Rd at Saratoga Dr E Side43.771657-79.253176
10525Ellesmere Rd at Scarboro Ave43.79106-79.169811
1052Ellesmere Rd at Scarborough Golf Club Rd43.778371-79.222373
6372Ellesmere Rd at Victoria Park Ave43.758123-79.31474
6371Ellesmere Rd at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.757877-79.314607
9620Ellesmere Rd at W Service Rd43.766455-79.278682
9621Ellesmere Rd at W Service Rd E Side43.766111-79.278977
7719Ellesmere Rd at Warden Ave43.760959-79.301062
7720Ellesmere Rd at Warden Ave43.761429-79.300415
10515Ellesmere Rd at Watson St43.789459-79.17583
7721Ellesmere Rd at Wye Valley Rd43.764958-79.284138
10518Ellesmere Rd at Zaph Ave43.791626-79.16673
10524Ellesmere Rd at Zaph Ave43.79184-79.166565
15189Ellesmere Station43.766958-79.277486
13727Ellesmere Station - Nbound Platform43.767048-79.276286
13728Ellesmere Station - Sbound Platform43.766548-79.276186
12162Ellis Ave at Lake Shore Blvd W43.636779-79.465781
12165Ellis Ave at Lake Shore Blvd W43.636808-79.465565
6373Elm Ave at Sherbourne St43.675161-79.377707
1053Elm St at University Ave E Side43.65647-79.387885
7724Elmhurst Dr at Albion Rd43.724914-79.550866
7723Elmhurst Dr at Albion Rd43.725017-79.551193
3546Elmhurst Dr at Cromarty Dr43.723439-79.562484
7725Elmhurst Dr at Drumheller Rd43.723664-79.563472
7726Elmhurst Dr at Fordwich Cres43.726312-79.565479
7727Elmhurst Dr at Genthorn Ave43.725054-79.564692
7728Elmhurst Dr at Harefield Dr43.727851-79.569447
7729Elmhurst Dr at Henley Cres43.728728-79.571792
7730Elmhurst Dr at Hinton Rd43.727442-79.566076
7732Elmhurst Dr at Islington Ave43.723235-79.558658
7731Elmhurst Dr at Islington Ave43.722989-79.559057
7735Elmhurst Dr at Muncey Ave43.724516-79.553251
7734Elmhurst Dr at Muncey Ave43.724247-79.55368
3548Elmhurst Dr at Redwater Dr43.722909-79.560199
2427Emmett Ave at Jane St43.69001-79.500826
2423Emmett Ave at Verona Ave43.688587-79.503988
15589Erie St at Rustic Rd43.717565-79.481344
2428Erindale Ave at Broadview Ave43.677531-79.358416
11926Erindale Ave at Broadview Ave E Side43.67738-79.358218
7738Eringate Dr at Sanctbury Pl43.661653-79.578729
7739Eringate Dr at Sigmont Rd43.661924-79.577148
7741Eringate Dr at Wellesworth Dr43.660956-79.580612
10722Esna Park Dr Loop at Steeles Ave E43.818156-79.336961
2431Evans Ave at Arnold St43.616399-79.521073
2430Evans Ave at Arnold St43.616633-79.520893
2433Evans Ave at Bellman Ave43.614317-79.533196
2432Evans Ave at Bellman Ave E Side43.61425-79.532809
2435Evans Ave at Brown's Line43.610792-79.549007
2434Evans Ave at Brown's Line43.61044-79.549451
9403Evans Ave at Carnarvon Ave43.620144-79.504117
9396Evans Ave at Carnarvon Ave43.620403-79.503359
9404Evans Ave at Cremorne Ave43.620658-79.501613
9395Evans Ave at Cremorne Ave43.620848-79.501364
2439Evans Ave at Ewick Rd43.617617-79.515524
2438Evans Ave at Ewick Rd43.617783-79.51559
2440Evans Ave at Gair Dr43.609809-79.552434
2441Evans Ave at Gair Dr43.610092-79.551991
2443Evans Ave at Gamma St43.612363-79.541086
14496Evans Ave at Gamma St43.612666-79.540612
9397Evans Ave at Garroch Pl43.619698-79.506615
9402Evans Ave at Garroch Pl43.619545-79.506869
2445Evans Ave at Horner Ave43.617136-79.518641
2444Evans Ave at Horner Ave43.616805-79.519106
9399Evans Ave at Islington Ave43.618566-79.511139
9400Evans Ave at Islington Ave43.618189-79.511567
2446Evans Ave at Islington Ave43.618229-79.51288
2449Evans Ave at Kipling Ave43.616042-79.524347
2448Evans Ave at Kipling Ave43.615753-79.524963
2451Evans Ave at N Carson St43.613104-79.538677
2450Evans Ave at N Carson St43.612876-79.538877
9401Evans Ave at Ourland Ave43.618838-79.509639
9398Evans Ave at Ourland Ave43.619134-79.50928
2453Evans Ave at Sheldon Ave43.611297-79.545875
2452Evans Ave at Sheldon Ave43.61153-79.545796
2454Evans Ave at Sherway Gate43.609022-79.556933
2437Evans Ave at The E Mall43.612047-79.543583
2436Evans Ave at The E Mall43.611724-79.543977
2455Evans Ave at Treeview Dr43.613429-79.536462
2456Evans Ave at Treeview Dr43.61365-79.536222
2457Evans Ave at Wickman Rd43.614836-79.530171
9738Evans Ave at Wickman Rd43.614966-79.530325
12584Exhibition Loop43.636331-79.415373
15190Exhibition Loop43.635874-79.417054
13366Exhibition Loop at Manitoba Dr43.636511-79.41471
11202Farnboro Rd at Attwell Dr E Side43.691554-79.58687
2460Faywood Blvd at Almore Ave43.745627-79.448995
2462Faywood Blvd at Ansford Ave43.735933-79.446771
2463Faywood Blvd at Bainbridge Ave43.748013-79.449509
2464Faywood Blvd at Bainbridge Ave43.74825-79.449868
2465Faywood Blvd at Clanton Park Rd43.743635-79.448587
2466Faywood Blvd at Clanton Park Rd43.743861-79.448893
2467Faywood Blvd at Dresden Rd43.741404-79.448055
2468Faywood Blvd at Faith Ave43.739215-79.447563
2469Faywood Blvd at Goodwill Ave43.736941-79.446836
2470Faywood Blvd at Goodwill Ave43.737002-79.447053
2471Faywood Blvd at Invermay Ave43.73878-79.447227
2461Faywood Blvd at Joel Swirsky Blvd43.745325-79.449224
2459Faywood Blvd at Laurelcrest Ave43.741529-79.447859
2473Faywood Blvd at Reiner Rd43.749763-79.450397
2472Faywood Blvd at Reiner Rd43.749609-79.450079
2474Faywood Blvd at Sheppard Ave W43.752486-79.451677
13949Fenelon Dr at Graydon Hall Dr43.763443-79.338922
13950Fenelon Dr at Graydon Hall Dr43.763361-79.33904
15056Fenelon Loop at Graydon Hall Dr43.763763-79.339098
15021Fenmar Dr at Kenhar Dr43.760003-79.549746
15019Fenmar Dr at Won Rd43.7579-79.544695
13958Fenside Dr at Slidell Cres43.76331-79.329061
2476Ferris Rd at Dawes Rd43.706312-79.296023
11455Ferris Rd at Ferris Cres43.703036-79.303363
2477Ferris Rd at Plaxton Dr43.704058-79.30066
2478Ferris Rd at Squires Ave43.704938-79.298704
7755Fifeshire Rd at Caldy Crt43.760185-79.388493
10603Finch Ave E / Chester Le Blvd43.79396-79.328039
2531Finch Ave E / Huntingdale Blvd43.795052-79.323292
2530Finch Ave E / Sprucewood Crt43.794952-79.32286
2481Finch Ave E at Adirondack Gate43.800369-79.299752
2482Finch Ave E at Alamosa Dr43.789011-79.373464
2483Finch Ave E at Alexmuir Blvd43.804819-79.282003
2549Finch Ave E at Au Large Blvd - Seneca College43.793985-79.349573
2484Finch Ave E at Baldoon Rd43.815123-79.232554
2486Finch Ave E at Baylawn Dr43.803284-79.28868
2485Finch Ave E at Baylawn Dr43.802979-79.289082
9127Finch Ave E at Bayview Ave43.785219-79.391751
2488Finch Ave E at Bayview Ave43.784734-79.392599
2491Finch Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.799172-79.305756
2490Finch Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.798802-79.306189
14442Finch Ave E at Blackbird Gate43.816771-79.224426
2492Finch Ave E at Brahms Ave43.792108-79.357897
2493Finch Ave E at Bridletowne Circle43.797319-79.312475
2495Finch Ave E at Bridletowne Circle43.797673-79.312116
2496Finch Ave E at Bridletowne Circle43.796055-79.319098
2494Finch Ave E at Bridletowne Circle43.795663-79.319477
2497Finch Ave E at Brimley Rd43.805485-79.277599
2498Finch Ave E at Brimley Rd43.80588-79.277127
2501Finch Ave E at Chartland Blvd S43.804493-79.282244
2503Finch Ave E at Cherokee Blvd43.793549-79.336707
2502Finch Ave E at Cherokee Blvd43.793502-79.337202
2504Finch Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.79247-79.355044
9617Finch Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.792602-79.355799
2506Finch Ave E at Don Mills Rd E Side43.792619-79.354183
2507Finch Ave E at Dudley Ave43.780925-79.409832
2508Finch Ave E at Dudley Ave43.781174-79.409624
2509Finch Ave E at Estelle Ave43.783865-79.396432
9910Finch Ave E at Finchdene Sq43.815508-79.231916
2511Finch Ave E at Gaspe Rd43.785871-79.388957
2510Finch Ave E at Gaspe Rd E Side43.785724-79.388535
2512Finch Ave E at Heathview Ave43.786113-79.386721
2514Finch Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.801077-79.296731
2515Finch Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.801487-79.29616
2516Finch Ave E at Kenneth Ave43.78032-79.412517
2517Finch Ave E at Kenneth Ave43.780577-79.412214
2519Finch Ave E at Leslie St - Old Cummer GO43.790162-79.369075
2518Finch Ave E at Leslie St E Side43.789867-79.367095
11264Finch Ave E at Leslie St- Old Cummer GO43.789733-79.370022
2520Finch Ave E at Linus Rd E Side43.791934-79.357687
2521Finch Ave E at Liszt Gate43.790982-79.362961
2522Finch Ave E at Longmore St43.782077-79.404565
2523Finch Ave E at Longmore St43.782313-79.404351
2526Finch Ave E at Markham Rd43.813199-79.242764
2525Finch Ave E at Markham Rd43.812754-79.243363
2528Finch Ave E at Maxome Ave43.783459-79.399176
2527Finch Ave E at Maxome Ave E Side43.783345-79.398811
1055Finch Ave E at McCowan Rd43.807845-79.266726
2529Finch Ave E at McCowan Rd43.808227-79.26627
14968Finch Ave E at McCowan Rd43.807918-79.267454
2532Finch Ave E at Middlefield Rd43.809716-79.257907
2533Finch Ave E at Middlefield Rd43.810081-79.257463
2535Finch Ave E at Midland Ave43.803931-79.286077
2534Finch Ave E at Midland Ave43.803567-79.286503
10658Finch Ave E at Milliken Blvd43.801662-79.294408
10659Finch Ave E at Milliken Blvd43.801965-79.294139
14444Finch Ave E at Morningside Ave43.81923-79.220758
14445Finch Ave E at Morningside Ave43.81918-79.221189
14549Finch Ave E at Neilson Rd43.816137-79.227758
14550Finch Ave E at Neilson Rd43.816521-79.227338
9909Finch Ave E at Neilson Rd43.816209-79.228536
2537Finch Ave E at Page Ave43.786618-79.384456
2536Finch Ave E at Page Ave43.786782-79.384733
2539Finch Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.794498-79.325792
2538Finch Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.794135-79.326177
2540Finch Ave E at Pineway Blvd43.789319-79.373112
2544Finch Ave E at Ravel Rd43.790454-79.365186
2543Finch Ave E at Ravel Rd E Side43.790302-79.365145
2546Finch Ave E at Sandhurst Cir43.808657-79.262987
2545Finch Ave E at Sandhurst Cir43.809001-79.262558
2548Finch Ave E at Sandhurst Cir43.807357-79.270215
2547Finch Ave E at Sandhurst Cir43.807017-79.270567
2559Finch Ave E at Scottfield Dr43.8107-79.253187
2550Finch Ave E at Seneca Hill Dr opp Seneca College43.793442-79.350627
2552Finch Ave E at Skymark Dr43.793347-79.352074
2558Finch Ave E at Tapscott Rd43.814063-79.237335
2557Finch Ave E at Tapscott Rd43.814418-79.236908
2560Finch Ave E at Tiffield Rd43.811034-79.252626
2563Finch Ave E at Tollerton Ave43.786413-79.386577
2564Finch Ave E at Trudy Rd E Side43.790826-79.36296
2565Finch Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.792902-79.331671
2566Finch Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.793308-79.331145
2567Finch Ave E at Walkway E of Birchmount Rd43.799488-79.303501
2570Finch Ave E at Warden Ave43.79697-79.315476
2569Finch Ave E at Warden Ave43.796575-79.316012
2571Finch Ave E at Wayside Ave43.80065-79.299471
2572Finch Ave E at Wilfred Ave43.782645-79.401995
2573Finch Ave E at Wilfred Ave43.782881-79.401773
2575Finch Ave E at Willowdale Ave43.781737-79.406965
2574Finch Ave E at Willowdale Ave43.781498-79.407257
2576Finch Ave E at Winlock Park43.784179-79.395886
9131Finch Ave E at Yonge St - Finch Station43.780191-79.414106
9912Finch Ave E at Yonge St E Side43.779842-79.414782
2568Finch Ave E at opp Walkway E of Birchmount Rd43.799792-79.303031
11250Finch Ave W / Farr Ave43.743726-79.579543
11040Finch Ave W at Albion Mall43.743079-79.587002
2578Finch Ave W at Albion Rd43.740914-79.589123
2579Finch Ave W at Albion Rd43.740704-79.58959
2580Finch Ave W at Alexdon Rd E Side43.764657-79.485147
2582Finch Ave W at Alness St43.768021-79.471197
3578Finch Ave W at Ancona St43.774869-79.438068
15784Finch Ave W at Ancona St E Side43.77466-79.438062
2583Finch Ave W at Ardwick Blvd43.748626-79.55775
2584Finch Ave W at Ardwick Blvd43.747602-79.562474
2585Finch Ave W at Arrow Rd43.753081-79.536653
16061Finch Ave W at Bathurst St43.773842-79.442282
16062Finch Ave W at Bathurst St43.773877-79.443542
14389Finch Ave W at Beecroft Rd43.77894-79.41862
3584Finch Ave W at Carney Rd43.777198-79.427696
2589Finch Ave W at Champagne Dr43.767646-79.471686
2590Finch Ave W at Chesswood Dr43.766456-79.477022
2591Finch Ave W at Chesswood Dr43.766502-79.478024
3585Finch Ave W at Clarkhill St43.775305-79.435171
2592Finch Ave W at Damascus Dr43.735424-79.597859
2593Finch Ave W at Driftwood Ave43.757924-79.513523
2594Finch Ave W at Driftwood Ave43.758188-79.513256
3587Finch Ave W at Dufferin St43.768624-79.467298
3588Finch Ave W at Dufferin St43.769131-79.466342
2596Finch Ave W at Duncanwoods Dr43.748959-79.557477
3589Finch Ave W at Edithvale Dr43.777055-79.427166
2597Finch Ave W at Elana Dr43.756605-79.520829
15785Finch Ave W at Glenborough Park Cres43.775707-79.434316
3593Finch Ave W at Goldfinch Crt E Side43.772257-79.450489
3594Finch Ave W at Grantbrook St43.776224-79.432093
3595Finch Ave W at Greenview Ave43.779237-79.418329
2600Finch Ave W at Halesia Dr43.733636-79.606898
11293Finch Ave W at Highway 2743.73404-79.604094
14254Finch Ave W at Humber College Blvd E Side43.733914-79.609339
11028Finch Ave W at Islington Ave43.746233-79.569111
3599Finch Ave W at Islington Ave E Side43.746226-79.567918
13709Finch Ave W at Jane St43.757066-79.518106
3600Finch Ave W at Jane St43.757312-79.518677
2606Finch Ave W at Jane St E Side43.757192-79.516982
2609Finch Ave W at Jayzel Dr43.750455-79.549378
2608Finch Ave W at Jayzel Dr43.75079-79.548836
2610Finch Ave W at John Garland Blvd43.735889-79.595065
2614Finch Ave W at Kendleton Dr43.738939-79.589967
2613Finch Ave W at Kendleton Dr43.73862-79.589772
11035Finch Ave W at Kipling Ave43.743099-79.582285
11029Finch Ave W at Kipling Ave43.743324-79.582681
2615Finch Ave W at Kiskadee Dr43.735161-79.598247
2616Finch Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.736624-79.591871
2617Finch Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.736947-79.591363
11200Finch Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.736705-79.59245
2618Finch Ave W at Milady Rd43.747162-79.564529
2619Finch Ave W at Milady Rd43.747462-79.564253
2620Finch Ave W at Milvan Dr43.750105-79.552105
2621Finch Ave W at Norfinch Dr - Humber Reactivation Care43.756133-79.524087
2622Finch Ave W at Oakdale Rd - Humber Reactivation Care43.755759-79.524467
2624Finch Ave W at Pearldale Ave43.747924-79.562184
2625Finch Ave W at Romfield Lane43.762438-79.493647
2626Finch Ave W at Romfield Lane43.762721-79.493586
2627Finch Ave W at Rumike Rd43.749782-79.552422
12456Finch Ave W at Rumike Rd E Side43.749971-79.551625
3613Finch Ave W at Senlac Rd43.776326-79.430344
2629Finch Ave W at Sentinel Rd43.761191-79.499797
9821Finch Ave W at Sentinel Rd E Side43.761114-79.499231
2630Finch Ave W at Signet Dr43.753266-79.53702
2631Finch Ave W at Silverstone Dr43.736168-79.594749
15312Finch Ave W at Talbot Rd43.777993-79.42309
15313Finch Ave W at Talbot Rd43.778263-79.422806
2635Finch Ave W at Tangiers Rd43.764272-79.488069
2636Finch Ave W at Tobermory Dr43.759158-79.507973
2637Finch Ave W at Tobermory Dr43.759379-79.507788
2638Finch Ave W at Topcliff Ave43.758788-79.509716
2639Finch Ave W at Topcliff Ave43.759008-79.50946
3618Finch Ave W at Torresdale Ave43.772336-79.451367
3620Finch Ave W at Virgilwood Dr - Finch Branson Site43.772698-79.448324
3619Finch Ave W at Virgilwood Dr- Finch Branson Site43.772898-79.448603
2640Finch Ave W at Westmore Dr43.734502-79.601178
2641Finch Ave W at Westmore Dr43.734862-79.600609
3622Finch Ave W at Wilmington Ave43.770054-79.460827
3623Finch Ave W at Wilmington Ave43.770363-79.46065
2643Finch Ave W at Won Rd43.752276-79.542034
7761Finch Ave W at Won Rd43.752093-79.542932
2642Finch Ave W at Won Rd E Side43.752042-79.541706
2644Finch Ave W at Woodbine Downs Blvd43.733802-79.606418
9130Finch Ave W at Yonge St43.779729-79.416164
9132Finch Ave W at Yonge St - Finch Station43.779444-79.416584
3626Finch Ave W at York Gate Blvd43.7569-79.520527
11041Finch Ave W at opp Albion Mall43.743183-79.587564
14683Finch Station43.780942-79.414829
14684Finch Station43.78073-79.414746
14685Finch Station43.780467-79.414636
14686Finch Station43.78029-79.414537
14687Finch Station43.780619-79.414857
14688Finch Station43.780786-79.414927
14689Finch Station43.780942-79.414992
14690Finch Station43.781111-79.415064
14691Finch Station43.78127-79.415127
14692Finch Station43.78143-79.415193
14955Finch Station43.780488-79.414808
14956Finch Station43.781435-79.41502
14111Finch Station - Sbound Platform43.780147-79.415692
14944Finch Station - Subway Platform43.780847-79.415291
15565Finch W Station43.765364-79.490954
15566Finch W Station43.765126-79.490896
15567Finch W Station43.764919-79.490859
15568Finch W Station43.764723-79.49081
15659Finch W Station - Nbound Platform43.764855-79.491118
15658Finch W Station - Sbound Platform43.764855-79.491118
10724Finchdene Sq at Finch Ave E43.815701-79.2317
10293Finchdene Sq at Finchdene Sq43.817462-79.23243
11548Finchdene Sq at Finchdene Sq43.817144-79.23213
10290Finchdene Sq at Finchdene Sq E Side43.820436-79.23748
11551Finchdene Sq at Pullman Crt43.820512-79.23776
10292Finchdene Sq at Torham Pl43.819452-79.233233
11549Finchdene Sq at Torham Pl43.819525-79.233091
1056Fisherville Rd at Bathurst St43.79026-79.446185
14512Fleet St at Bastion St43.63585-79.403771
14511Fleet St at Bastion St43.635968-79.404148
10210Fleet St at Bathurst St43.63647-79.400131
13362Fleet St at Bathurst St43.63642-79.400545
15502Fleet St at Fort York Blvd43.636282-79.407391
14509Fleet St at Fort York Blvd43.636422-79.407397
14508Fleet St at Fort York Blvd E Side43.636256-79.406278
1062Fleet St at Strachan Ave43.636172-79.410145
11653Flemingdon Park Shopping Ctr43.714156-79.334738
6382Flemington Rd at Blossomfield Dr43.719114-79.448356
6381Flemington Rd at Blossomfield Dr43.719203-79.448181
6380Flemington Rd at Dynasty Lane43.718973-79.446589
13622Flemington Rd at Dynasty Lane43.718814-79.44674
6384Flemington Rd at Ranee Ave43.723165-79.448483
6390Flemington Rd at Ranee Ave43.722887-79.448571
6386Flemington Rd at Replin Rd43.719546-79.442806
6385Flemington Rd at Replin Rd E Side43.719457-79.443253
6388Flemington Rd at Stockton Rd43.72094-79.449408
6387Flemington Rd at Stockton Rd43.721156-79.449119
6389Flemington Rd at Varna Dr43.719641-79.441353
1065Flint Rd at Supertest Rd43.775121-79.481022
15503Fort York Blvd at Bastion St E Side43.63749-79.403513
15500Fort York Blvd at Fleet St43.636519-79.406992
15499Fort York Blvd at Gzowski Blvd43.637609-79.403939
9207Forthbridge Cres at Calvington Dr43.727781-79.504181
6392Foxwell St at Bruton Rd43.670129-79.498562
6391Foxwell St at Bruton Rd E Side43.670048-79.498441
6394Foxwell St at Duern St43.671065-79.495697
6393Foxwell St at Duern St43.670893-79.495862
6396Foxwell St at Jane St43.671507-79.493975
6395Foxwell St at Jane St43.671537-79.494259
6398Foxwell St at Scarlett Rd43.669481-79.501455
6397Foxwell St at Scarlett Rd E Side43.669452-79.501108
2646Freshmeadow Dr at Don Mills Rd43.809241-79.358694
9116Freshmeadow Dr at Don Mills Rd43.809161-79.358829
16024Front St E at Bayview Ave43.653507-79.353876
16039Front St E at Berkeley St43.651134-79.364259
15510Front St E at Cherry St43.652436-79.358636
11914Front St E at Parliament St43.651418-79.362968
9406Front St W at Bay St- Union Station43.645995-79.378521
11738Garnett Janes Rd at Coin St43.601428-79.50908
11737Garnett Janes Rd at Twelfth St E Side43.601037-79.510878
1074Garratt Blvd at Katherine Rd43.732227-79.468997
1075Garratt Blvd at Plewes Rd43.733358-79.46944
1076Garratt Blvd at Regent Rd43.730975-79.46846
5098Gary Dr at Dalbeattie Ave43.7121-79.513984
5099Gary Dr at Dalbeattie Ave43.712292-79.513791
5101Gary Dr at Langside Ave43.711282-79.518289
5100Gary Dr at Langside Ave43.711073-79.518539
5102Gary Dr at Lockerbie Ave43.711576-79.516254
5103Gary Dr at Lockerbie Ave43.711641-79.516592
5109Gary Dr at Meadow Oak Pl43.70907-79.527969
5104Gary Dr at Portage Ave43.710543-79.520831
15049Gary Dr at Portage Ave43.710643-79.521041
5107Gary Dr at Wendell Ave43.709789-79.524233
5106Gary Dr at Wendell Ave43.709852-79.524542
5108Gary Dr at Yelland St43.708941-79.527978
7771Garyray Dr at Norelco Dr43.769757-79.535855
3689Gateway Blvd at Don Mills Rd43.710173-79.334116
9507Gateway Blvd at Sunny Glenway43.710587-79.331417
9508Gateway Blvd at Sunny Glenway43.710687-79.331693
3635Gateway Blvdat Don Mills Rd E Side43.710049-79.333744
3636Gateway Blvdat Grenoble Dr43.711661-79.330127
3634Gateway Blvdat Sunny Glenway E Side43.71162-79.330353
7772Gentian Dr at Renforth Dr43.665005-79.58541
7773Gentian Dr at Sagamore Cres43.665011-79.584841
7774Gentian Dr at Wellesworth Dr43.665276-79.581771
1077Gerrard St E at Alton Ave43.670216-79.330793
1114Gerrard St E at Beaton Ave43.67629-79.316879
1113Gerrard St E at Beaton Ave43.676047-79.317086
1080Gerrard St E at Blackburn St43.664667-79.355383
9697Gerrard St E at Blantyre Ave43.687401-79.284572
13474Gerrard St E at Blantyre Ave E Side43.687475-79.283636
1115Gerrard St E at Bowmore Rd43.677874-79.315075
1116Gerrard St E at Bowmore Rd43.67819-79.314912
1081Gerrard St E at Broadview Ave43.665376-79.352906
1082Gerrard St E at Broadview Ave43.665547-79.352365
1083Gerrard St E at Carlaw Ave43.667491-79.342998
1084Gerrard St E at Carlaw Ave43.667717-79.342605
9689Gerrard St E at Clonmore Dr43.688532-79.278699
9695Gerrard St E at Clonmore Dr43.688594-79.279092
1085Gerrard St E at Coxwell Ave43.672761-79.319529
1117Gerrard St E at Coxwell Ave43.675659-79.319842
1086Gerrard St E at De Grassi St43.66641-79.348419
1087Gerrard St E at De Grassi St43.666207-79.348755
9699Gerrard St E at Dengate Rd43.686309-79.289605
1118Gerrard St E at Glenmount Park Rd43.682547-79.306185
1119Gerrard St E at Glenmount Park Rd43.682773-79.305845
1121Gerrard St E at Golfview Ave43.682091-79.308289
1120Gerrard St E at Golfview Ave43.681652-79.30886
1090Gerrard St E at Greenwood Ave43.671001-79.327856
1089Gerrard St E at Greenwood Ave43.670802-79.328156
1093Gerrard St E at Jones Ave43.669327-79.335419
1092Gerrard St E at Jones Ave43.669085-79.33578
1123Gerrard St E at Kingsmount Park Rd43.67986-79.312662
1122Gerrard St E at Kingsmount Park Rd43.679449-79.312986
1094Gerrard St E at Leslie St43.669663-79.333264
1095Gerrard St E at Leslie St43.66988-79.332933
1096Gerrard St E at Logan Ave43.666983-79.345317
1097Gerrard St E at Logan Ave43.667162-79.345079
9703Gerrard St E at Main St43.684091-79.299832
1124Gerrard St E at Main St43.683838-79.300386
9701Gerrard St E at Malvern Ave43.685253-79.294545
9683Gerrard St E at Malvern Ave43.685056-79.294792
1099Gerrard St E at Marjory Ave43.668855-79.337448
1098Gerrard St E at Marjory Ave43.668684-79.337632
1126Gerrard St E at Norwood Rd43.683463-79.302731
1125Gerrard St E at Norwood Rd43.683235-79.303202
9702Gerrard St E at Osborne Ave43.684674-79.297221
9682Gerrard St E at Osborne Ave43.684444-79.297542
1101Gerrard St E at Pape Ave43.668233-79.340247
1100Gerrard St E at Pape Ave43.668045-79.340492
1102Gerrard St E at Parliament St43.662071-79.3667
1103Gerrard St E at Prust Ave43.670451-79.330316
9688Gerrard St E at Rathmore Ave43.688041-79.280959
9696Gerrard St E at Rathmore Ave43.688004-79.281828
1104Gerrard St E at River St43.663559-79.359334
1105Gerrard St E at River St43.66382-79.359047
16031Gerrard St E at River St43.663948-79.358666
1107Gerrard St E at Sackville St43.662685-79.363903
1106Gerrard St E at Sackville St43.662508-79.364115
9685Gerrard St E at Scarborough Rd43.68611-79.28993
1108Gerrard St E at St Matthews Rd43.664968-79.354903
1109Gerrard St E at Sumach St43.663061-79.361596
1110Gerrard St E at Sumach St43.66327-79.361269
1111Gerrard St E at University Ave43.657731-79.388929
9686Gerrard St E at Victoria Park Ave43.686811-79.286674
9698Gerrard St E at Victoria Park Ave43.68687-79.287143
1128Gerrard St E at Woodbine Ave43.680919-79.310592
1127Gerrard St E at Woodbine Ave43.680644-79.310829
1112Gerrard St E at Woodfield Rd43.671677-79.324168
15357Gerrard St E at Woodfield Rd43.671946-79.323676
1088Gerrard St W at Elizabeth St43.658144-79.386788
15358Gerry Fitzgerald Dr at Dufferin St43.783901-79.470677
14531Gerry Fitzgerald Dr at Steeles Ave W43.785962-79.474526
3637Gervais Dr at Eglinton Ave E43.722-79.336684
3639Gervais Dr at Wynford Dr43.723081-79.336445
1130Gilley Rd at Garratt Blvd43.734764-79.469802
11234Giltspur Dr at Calico Dr43.737458-79.503701
11237Giltspur Dr at Jane St43.734812-79.511004
11236Giltspur Dr at Magellan Dr43.735386-79.50836
11235Giltspur Dr at Peterdale Rd43.736269-79.505942
6399Glen Rd at Douglas Dr43.685279-79.372548
6401Glen Rd at Elm Ave43.676149-79.37519
6400Glen Rd at Elm Ave43.67592-79.375063
6402Glen Rd at Highland Ave43.680771-79.373857
12491Glen Rd at S Dr43.677754-79.375178
6403Glen Rd at Whitney Ave43.683024-79.373018
3641Glencairn Ave at Bathurst St43.712197-79.428372
3640Glencairn Ave at Bathurst St43.712279-79.428713
3642Glencairn Ave at Caledonia Rd E Side43.704671-79.464333
3644Glencairn Ave at Capitol Ave43.707634-79.44985
3645Glencairn Ave at Capitol Ave43.707818-79.449628
3646Glencairn Ave at Dalemount Ave43.711263-79.432802
3647Glencairn Ave at Dalemount Ave43.71146-79.432593
3648Glencairn Ave at Danesbury Ave43.708267-79.446835
3649Glencairn Ave at Danesbury Ave43.708453-79.446634
3650Glencairn Ave at Dufferin St43.706914-79.453497
3651Glencairn Ave at Dufferin St43.707171-79.452667
3652Glencairn Ave at Englemount Ave43.710646-79.435733
3653Glencairn Ave at Englemount Ave43.710811-79.435552
3655Glencairn Ave at Ennerdale St43.706808-79.455427
3654Glencairn Ave at Ennerdale St E Side43.706656-79.455415
3656Glencairn Ave at Glenmount Ave43.711786-79.430404
3657Glencairn Ave at Glenmount Ave43.711963-79.430158
3659Glencairn Ave at Haven Rd43.706214-79.458107
3658Glencairn Ave at Haven Rd E Side43.706089-79.458048
3660Glencairn Ave at Lansdowne Ave43.705401-79.46096
3661Glencairn Ave at Marlee Ave43.708895-79.443911
3662Glencairn Ave at Marlee Ave43.709079-79.443655
3664Glencairn Ave at Shermount Ave43.710183-79.438496
3663Glencairn Ave at Shermount Ave43.710001-79.43872
3665Glencairn Station43.709467-79.441148
3666Glencairn Station43.709595-79.441316
13833Glencairn Station - Nbound Platform43.709148-79.440892
13834Glencairn Station - Sbound Platform43.708048-79.440191
9133Glenorchy Rd at Royal Oak Dr43.726897-79.364252
2649Glenorchy Rd at Royal Oak Dr43.727035-79.364629
2651Glenorchy Rd at Saintfield Ave43.728709-79.364892
2652Glenorchy Rd at Saintfield Ave43.728122-79.36502
2654Glenorchy Rd at Suncrest Dr43.725757-79.364038
2653Glenorchy Rd at Suncrest Dr43.725801-79.363868
11057Gooch Ave at Magwood Crt43.662062-79.494627
2659Gordon Baker Rd at Sparks Ave43.806915-79.345514
2660Gordon Baker Rd at Victoria Park Ave43.810497-79.340056
6404Goulding Ave at Cactus Ave43.788721-79.433252
12140Grand Ave at Dalesford Rd43.625663-79.493616
12141Grand Ave at Manitoba St43.623181-79.492572
12142Grand Ave at Portland St43.621177-79.491724
2662Grandravine Dr at Derrydown Rd43.75293-79.491796
7797Grandravine Dr at Derrydown Rd43.753035-79.491497
2663Grandravine Dr at Driftwood Ave43.749177-79.510228
2664Grandravine Dr at Futura Dr43.748381-79.507173
9105Grandravine Dr at Futura Dr43.748551-79.507052
2667Grandravine Dr at Gambello Cres43.750552-79.49759
2666Grandravine Dr at Gambello Cres43.750397-79.497891
2669Grandravine Dr at Keele St43.751876-79.488613
2668Grandravine Dr at Keele St43.751972-79.488763
2671Grandravine Dr at Ollerton Rd43.749395-79.502322
9134Grandravine Dr at Ollerton Rd43.749592-79.501884
2672Grandravine Dr at Sentinel Rd43.751779-79.495535
2673Grandravine Dr at Sentinel Rd43.751524-79.495668
9611Grangeway Ave at Progress Ave43.776406-79.250367
9608Grangeway Ave at Progress Ave43.775976-79.250532
6407Grantbrook St at Blake Ave43.779827-79.432701
6406Grantbrook St at Blake Ave43.779985-79.432596
6409Grantbrook St at Charlton Blvd43.781315-79.432972
6408Grantbrook St at Charlton Blvd43.781063-79.432785
6411Grantbrook St at Drewry Ave43.783212-79.433555
6410Grantbrook St at Drewry Ave43.783093-79.433637
6412Grantbrook St at Finch Ave W43.77643-79.431862
6378Grantbrook St at Finch Ave W43.776728-79.431788
6413Grantbrook St at Hendon Ave43.77799-79.432092
6414Grantbrook St at Hendon Ave43.778127-79.432277
9659Graydon Hall Dr at Don Mills Rd43.761915-79.346799
9657Graydon Hall Dr at Graydon Hall Pl43.764854-79.344085
9653Graydon Hall Dr at Graydon Hall Pl E Side43.764706-79.34419
1136Greenwin Village Rd at Bathurst St43.790855-79.444642
1138Greenwin Village Rd at Elise Ter43.791763-79.442132
1139Greenwin Village Rd at Regatta Cres43.791195-79.442929
3669Greenwood Ave at Athletic Ave43.669611-79.327576
3668Greenwood Ave at Athletic Ave43.669339-79.327249
3671Greenwood Ave at Danforth Ave43.681306-79.332193
3670Greenwood Ave at Danforth Ave43.680835-79.332195
3672Greenwood Ave at Dorothy St43.666158-79.326125
3674Greenwood Ave at Dundas St E43.667801-79.326827
3673Greenwood Ave at Dundas St E43.667455-79.326459
3676Greenwood Ave at Felstead Ave43.678111-79.331096
3675Greenwood Ave at Felstead Ave43.677719-79.330707
3677Greenwood Ave at Gerrard St E43.670755-79.327828
3678Greenwood Ave at Gerrard St E43.671002-79.328133
3680Greenwood Ave at Ivy Ave43.673526-79.329182
3679Greenwood Ave at Ivy Ave43.673245-79.328865
3681Greenwood Ave at Kerr Rd43.666185-79.325941
3682Greenwood Ave at Mountnoel Ave43.679361-79.331386
3683Greenwood Ave at Oakvale Ave43.6794-79.331625
3685Greenwood Ave at Queen St E43.664483-79.325432
3684Greenwood Ave at Queen St E43.66471-79.325335
3688Greenwood Ave at Torbrick Rd43.676224-79.330067
3687Greenwood Ave at Torbrick Rd43.675882-79.330173
13742Greenwood Station - Ebound Platform43.682549-79.331687
13741Greenwood Station - Wbound Platform43.682849-79.329987
3690Grenoble Dr at Grenoble Dr43.716171-79.330001
9141Grenoble Dr at Spanbridge Rd43.713142-79.326922
3692Grenoble Dr at Spanbridge Rd43.713269-79.32674
3693Grenoble Dr at Vendome Pl43.715497-79.328232
3694Grenoble Dr at Vendome Pl43.715557-79.328566
2675Guildwood Pkwy at Chancery Lane43.748358-79.195734
2674Guildwood Pkwy at Chancery Lane43.747927-79.197076
2677Guildwood Pkwy at Forsythia Dr43.750205-79.187147
15135Guildwood Pkwy at Galloway Rd43.749566-79.18956
2679Guildwood Pkwy at Guild Inn43.748725-79.193975
2678Guildwood Pkwy at Guild Inn E Side43.748713-79.193517
11372Guildwood Pkwy at Kingston Rd43.74921-79.204867
2680Guildwood Pkwy at Kingston Rd43.749242-79.205455
2682Guildwood Pkwy at Livingston Rd43.747659-79.199145
2681Guildwood Pkwy at Livingston Rd43.74735-79.199399
2683Guildwood Pkwy at Navarre Cres43.749505-79.190293
2686Guildwood Pkwy at Prince Philip Blvd43.746245-79.202992
2685Guildwood Pkwy at Prince Philip Blvd E Side43.746141-79.20265
2688Guildwood Pkwy at Rowatson Rd43.747222-79.201165
2687Guildwood Pkwy at Rowatson Rd E Side43.747041-79.200909
2689Guildwood Pkwy at Scarcliff Gardens43.751101-79.183093
2690Guildwood Pkwy at Scarcliff Gardens43.751318-79.182964
2676Guildwood Pkwy at Schubert Dr43.750274-79.186319
5112Gulliver Rd at Culford Rd43.697844-79.483727
9862Gulliver Rd at Gulliver Park43.698644-79.480274
9863Gulliver Rd at Keele St43.699193-79.476217
5114Gulliver Rd at Keele St43.699213-79.476584
6534Gunns Loop at St Clair Ave W43.671855-79.471606
14958Gunns Loop at St Clair Ave W43.671912-79.471837
7800Hackberry St at Elswick Rd43.705996-79.324262
7801Hackberry St at Woodbine Heights Blvd43.706489-79.322041
5115Hambly Ave at Queen St E43.670942-79.296867
5116Hambly Ave at Williamson Rd43.673686-79.298059
7803Harbord St at Bathurst St43.661421-79.409894
7802Harbord St at Bathurst St43.661613-79.409541
7805Harbord St at Brunswick Ave43.662347-79.405879
7804Harbord St at Brunswick Ave43.662181-79.406126
7807Harbord St at Crawford St43.659361-79.420576
7806Harbord St at Crawford St43.659183-79.420771
7810Harbord St at Grace St43.659844-79.417575
7811Harbord St at Grace St43.660016-79.417409
10220Harbord St at Manning Ave43.660422-79.41477
10221Harbord St at Manning Ave43.660607-79.414566
7814Harbord St at Ossington Ave43.65868-79.42399
7815Harbord St at Ossington Ave E Side43.658579-79.4238
7818Harbord St at Spadina Ave43.663187-79.401875
7817Harbord St at Spadina Ave43.662955-79.402355
7819Harbord St at St George St43.663843-79.398673
7820Harefield Dr at Elmhurst Dr43.727709-79.569248
7821Harefield Dr at Hinton Rd43.72686-79.569503
2691Harold Evans Cres at Gordon Baker Rd E Side43.80497-79.344227
2692Harold Evans Cres at McNicoll Ave43.803531-79.342027
2693Harold Evans Cres at Tempo Ave43.804859-79.342996
9206Heathrow Dr at Chesham Dr43.726714-79.505012
9202Heathrow Dr at Datchet Rd43.725878-79.508076
9205Heathrow Dr at Datchet Rd43.725608-79.508113
9203Heathrow Dr at Jane St43.725031-79.509209
9749Heathrow Dr at Jane St E Side43.72494-79.509055
6417Henrietta St at Castleton Ave43.670324-79.486237
6418Henrietta St at Runnymede Rd43.67061-79.484457
3695High Park Ave at Annette St43.662743-79.469101
5118High Park Ave at Annette St43.663019-79.469398
3696High Park Ave at Dundas St W43.665068-79.47009
5119High Park Ave at Dundas St W43.66514-79.470272
3697High Park Ave at Glenlake Ave43.657034-79.466644
5120High Park Ave at Glenlake Ave43.657296-79.466955
5121High Park Ave at Humberside Ave43.660548-79.468349
3698High Park Ave at Humberside Ave43.660406-79.468086
1252High Park Loop43.647681-79.458045
14695High Park Station43.65397-79.466354
14696High Park Station43.654074-79.465887
13773High Park Station - Ebound Platform43.653849-79.466991
13774High Park Station - Wbound Platform43.653549-79.468691
6419Highland Ave at Glen Rd43.680986-79.37404
6420Highland Ave at Roxborough Dr E Side43.681811-79.376496
6625Highland Creek Overpass at Kingston Rd43.784451-79.168491
11560Highland Creek Overpass at Kingston Rd43.784282-79.168278
1144Highview Ave at Anneke Rd43.701075-79.260018
1145Highview Ave at Aylesworth Ave43.700098-79.264268
2694Highview Ave at Baudina Cres43.701539-79.258418
2695Highview Ave at Birchmount Rd43.700047-79.264885
1146Highview Ave at Kennedy Rd43.702364-79.256107
2696Highview Ave at Kennedy Rd43.702459-79.256133
2697Highview Ave at Lillington Ave43.70047-79.263074
1147Highview Ave at S Edgely Ave43.700554-79.262195
2698Highview Ave at S Woodrow Blvd43.700994-79.26081
15556Highway 7 at Birchmount Rd43.857688-79.324653
11504Highway 27 at Queen's Plate Dr - Woodbine Mall43.722448-79.597785
11505Highway 27 at Queen's Plate Dr- Woodbine Mall43.722083-79.598073
15661Highway 407 Station - Nbound Platform43.783359-79.523454
15660Highway 407 Station - Sbound Platform43.783359-79.523454
12046Hilda Ave at Green Bush Rd43.794365-79.428403
12045Hilda Ave at Moore Park Ave43.792736-79.427045
12004Hilda Ave at Steeles Ave W43.795595-79.429004
7822Hinton Rd at Elmhurst Dr43.72739-79.566418
7823Hinton Rd at Harefield Dr43.726737-79.569095
7824Hollinger Rd at Bermondsey Rd43.714805-79.312835
7826Hollinger Rd at Curity Ave43.710279-79.316438
7828Hollinger Rd at Dohme Ave43.713211-79.3141
16239Hollinger Rd at Dohme Ave43.712661-79.314332
7830Hollinger Rd at Waterman Ave43.711617-79.31539
7829Hollinger Rd at Waterman Ave43.711326-79.315414
3707Horner Ave at Alderbrae Ave43.602597-79.540853
3708Horner Ave at Alderbrae Ave43.602828-79.540636
3710Horner Ave at Belvia Rd43.605324-79.528711
3712Horner Ave at Beta St43.603337-79.538381
3711Horner Ave at Beta St43.603044-79.538963
3713Horner Ave at Connorvale Ave43.605477-79.528801
3715Horner Ave at Delta St43.603778-79.536421
3714Horner Ave at Delta St E Side43.603745-79.53581
3716Horner Ave at Edilou Dr43.604679-79.531509
3717Horner Ave at Edilou Dr43.604931-79.531199
3720Horner Ave at Fima Cres43.605951-79.526696
3721Horner Ave at Fima Cres43.60575-79.526827
3722Horner Ave at Judson St43.611721-79.51549
3724Horner Ave at Kipling Ave43.607357-79.520485
3723Horner Ave at Kipling Ave43.607076-79.520873
3726Horner Ave at Sheldon Ave43.602052-79.543193
3727Horner Ave at Sheldon Ave43.602326-79.542849
3705Horner Ave at Thirtieth St43.604156-79.533871
3706Horner Ave at Thirtieth St43.604404-79.5336
3728Horner Ave at Tupper Ave43.606975-79.522193
7849Hoskin Ave at St George St43.664221-79.398202
7850Hoskin Ave at Tower Rd - Trinity College43.664784-79.395638
7851Hoskin Ave at Tower Rd - Wycliffe College43.664544-79.395953
1729Hospital Rd at Wellness Way- Sunnybrook Main Entrance43.72178-79.376853
9394Hospital Rd at Wellness Way- Sunnybrook Main Entrance43.72182-79.376728
6421Hotspur Rd at Bathurst St43.733132-79.433578
6422Hotspur Rd at Neptune Dr43.732503-79.435594
1149Howard Park Ave at Dundas St W43.651965-79.448329
1150Howard Park Ave at Indian Rd43.650555-79.455063
1151Howard Park Ave at Indian Rd43.650763-79.454889
1153Howard Park Ave at Parkside Dr43.649162-79.457476
1152Howard Park Ave at Parkside Dr E Side43.649054-79.457394
1154Howard Park Ave at Roncesvalles Ave43.651426-79.451176
1155Howard Park Ave at Roncesvalles Ave43.651592-79.45081
3729Hullmar Dr at Bamford Cres43.768505-79.528912
3730Hullmar Dr at Bamford Cres43.768561-79.529198
3731Hullmar Dr at Bimini Cres43.765083-79.527514
9142Hullmar Dr at Bloomington Cres43.761622-79.523111
3733Hullmar Dr at Bloomington Cres43.761282-79.523517
3735Hullmar Dr at Gosford Blvd43.761854-79.52131
9143Hullmar Dr at Hisey Cres43.772347-79.528748
3736Hullmar Dr at Hisey Cres43.772535-79.528627
3739Hullmar Dr at Hisey Cres43.769975-79.530139
3738Hullmar Dr at Hisey Cres43.770083-79.529961
3740Hullmar Dr at Monaco Crt43.76526-79.527908
1158Hullmar Dr at Peter Kaiser Gate43.773259-79.525938
3742Hullmar Dr at Ruthmar Cres43.764259-79.526647
3741Hullmar Dr at Ruthmar Cres43.763868-79.526664
3743Hullmar Dr at Ruthmar Cres43.762157-79.526239
3744Hullmar Dr at Ruthmar Cres43.762079-79.526056
3746Hullmar Dr at Shoreham Dr43.766797-79.528379
3745Hullmar Dr at Shoreham Dr43.767097-79.528588
1159Hullmar Dr at Wheelwright Cres43.773332-79.524072
3747Humber Blvd at Cliff St43.678455-79.483624
3748Humber Blvd at Louvain St43.680885-79.481959
9977Humber Blvd at Won Rd43.683149-79.480157
3749Humber Blvd at Won Rd43.682825-79.480597
11084Humber College Blvd at Carrier Dr43.737138-79.610314
11081Humber College Blvd at Carrier Dr43.7371-79.610515
7857Humber College Blvd at Finch Ave W43.733717-79.610132
11272Humber College Blvd at Highway 2743.730352-79.602333
7861Humber College Blvd at Humberline Dr43.73228-79.609412
7860Humber College Blvd at Humberline Dr43.732116-79.60889
12196Humber College Blvd at Humberline Dr43.731793-79.608899
7863Humber College Blvd at John Garland Blvd43.733547-79.593827
7862Humber College Blvd at John Garland Blvd43.733587-79.594019
7864Humber College Blvd at Lynmont Rd43.731799-79.596075
7865Humber College Blvd at Lynmont Rd43.732113-79.595869
15821Humber College Blvd at Westmore Dr - Etobicoke General Hospital43.730806-79.599536
7867Humber College Blvd at Westmore Dr - Etobicoke General Hospital43.731137-79.598867
15404Humber College Bus Terminal43.728797-79.605346
15406Humber College Bus Terminal43.728595-79.6048
15405Humber College Bus Terminal43.728683-79.605058
15403Humber College Bus Terminal43.728964-79.604532
14253Humber College at Finch Ave W43.734475-79.609669
6532Humber Loop at The Queensway43.631119-79.478867
15547Humber River Hospital43.723566-79.488145
2702Humberline Dr at Claireville Dr43.746109-79.622079
2701Humberline Dr at Claireville Dr43.745708-79.621688
2703Humberline Dr at Claireville Dr43.737127-79.617723
12063Humberline Dr at Finch Ave W43.735484-79.617875
11050Humberline Dr at Finch Ave W43.734711-79.617763
11046Humberline Dr at Finch Ave W43.734366-79.618132
11048Humberline Dr at Holyoake Cres43.731737-79.612174
11030Humberline Dr at Holyoake Cres43.731879-79.612198
2707Humberline Dr at Huddersfield Rd43.743504-79.62084
14929Humberline Dr at Huddersfield Rd43.744079-79.620849
11049Humberline Dr at Humber College Blvd43.731861-79.609562
12064Humberline Dr at Humber College Blvd43.731956-79.609689
13473Humberline Dr at Viewcrest Cir43.732276-79.617211
13472Humberline Dr at Viewcrest Cir E Side43.7322-79.617339
11032Humberline Dr at Woodlot Cres43.732149-79.614745
11047Humberline Dr at Woodlot Cres E Side43.731957-79.61503
2845Humberline Loop at Albion Rd43.74738-79.62259
11289Humberwood Blvd Loop at View Green Cres43.724472-79.621226
11288Humberwood Blvd at Arborwood Dr43.723541-79.618849
11290Humberwood Blvd at Arborwood Dr E Side43.72349-79.618315
11417Humberwood Blvd at Honeyview Pl43.733402-79.619198
11286Humberwood Blvd at Hullrick Dr43.721747-79.61282
11291Humberwood Blvd at Hullrick Dr43.722003-79.613032
11508Humberwood Blvd at Humberline Dr43.733428-79.618516
11295Humberwood Blvd at Kingsplate Cres43.723814-79.616068
11287Humberwood Blvd at Kingsplate Cres43.723892-79.616434
14513Humberwood Blvd at Morning Star Dr43.726047-79.622058
14514Humberwood Blvd at Morning Star Dr43.726267-79.622332
11848Humberwood Blvd at Pinecone Dr43.729112-79.620083
11851Humberwood Blvd at Pinecone Dr43.729041-79.619904
12199Humberwood Blvd at Topbank Dr43.730432-79.619758
12200Humberwood Blvd at Topbank Dr43.730593-79.619596
6424Huntingwood Dr at Batterswood Dr43.782263-79.318645
6426Huntingwood Dr at Belgreen Ave43.7955-79.290967
6425Huntingwood Dr at Belgreen Ave E Side43.79552-79.290217
6428Huntingwood Dr at Birchmount Rd43.790217-79.302892
6427Huntingwood Dr at Birchmount Rd43.790567-79.302039
6431Huntingwood Dr at Bridlewood Blvd43.784891-79.31308
6433Huntingwood Dr at Brimley Rd43.798545-79.273112
6432Huntingwood Dr at Brimley Rd43.798277-79.273592
6434Huntingwood Dr at Colinayre Cres43.794789-79.295192
6435Huntingwood Dr at Commander Blvd43.798076-79.269885
6436Huntingwood Dr at Crockamhill Dr43.797383-79.282142
6438Huntingwood Dr at Davisbrook Blvd43.786128-79.308503
6439Huntingwood Dr at Davisbrook Blvd43.786593-79.308256
6440Huntingwood Dr at Dibgate Blvd43.79835-79.27023
15846Huntingwood Dr at Dunmurray Blvd43.789543-79.306078
6441Huntingwood Dr at Fairglen Ave43.780845-79.323111
15147Huntingwood Dr at Fairglen Ave43.780963-79.323183
6443Huntingwood Dr at Fluellen Dr43.790197-79.303622
6445Huntingwood Dr at Garrybrook Dr43.789178-79.30715
6446Huntingwood Dr at Harfleur Rd43.791016-79.299445
6447Huntingwood Dr at Harfleur Rd43.791252-79.299128
6449Huntingwood Dr at Kenmanor Blvd43.785139-79.312732
6450Huntingwood Dr at Kennedy Rd43.794997-79.293728
6451Huntingwood Dr at Kennedy Rd43.795264-79.293024
6469Huntingwood Dr at Kilkenny Dr43.783675-79.317206
6452Huntingwood Dr at Kilkenny Dr E Side43.783511-79.31712
6453Huntingwood Dr at Kittery Blvd43.796425-79.286696
6454Huntingwood Dr at Kittery Blvd43.796674-79.286192
6457Huntingwood Dr at Midland Ave43.796985-79.284069
15815Huntingwood Dr at Midland Ave E Side43.797082-79.283006
6461Huntingwood Dr at Pharmacy Ave43.781517-79.320391
6462Huntingwood Dr at Pharmacy Ave43.781814-79.319901
6463Huntingwood Dr at St Crispins Dr43.792014-79.297501
6464Huntingwood Dr at Victoria Park Ave43.780531-79.324892
6465Huntingwood Dr at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.780401-79.32483
6466Huntingwood Dr at Warden Ave43.785629-79.310658
6467Huntingwood Dr at Warden Ave E Side43.7856-79.310121
13917Huntingwood Rd at Ridgecrest Dr43.784609-79.315073
13916Huntingwood Rd at Ridgecrest Dr43.78437-79.31528
11623Hupfield Trail at Horseshoe Cres43.812461-79.220537
11624Hupfield Trail at Lady Bower Cres43.81494-79.218782
11625Hupfield Trail at Overlord Cres E Side43.816082-79.216834
7764Ian MacDonald Blvd at Founders Rd E Side43.777657-79.50285
15619Ian MacDonald Blvd at Shoreham Dr43.772143-79.511401
11940Ian MacDonald Blvd at The Chimneystack Rd43.776417-79.500781
11939Ian MacDonald Blvd at The Chimneystack Rd43.776239-79.500549
9325Industry St at Bertal Rd43.691655-79.48926
14534Industry St at Ray Ave43.692549-79.491473
14610Industry St at Ray Ave43.692855-79.491723
9326Industry St at Todd Baylis Blvd43.693011-79.486377
14437Ingram Dr at Kincort St43.700968-79.46925
14868Ingram Dr at Kincort St43.700708-79.469731
9294International Blvd at Carlingview Dr E Side43.676924-79.5905
9296International Blvd at Galaxy Blvd43.678068-79.585698
9295International Blvd at Voyager Crt S43.677487-79.588184
10845Ironside Cres at McNicoll Ave43.82473-79.246129
10849Ironside Cres at Tapscott Rd43.829072-79.244928
6470Island Rd at E Ave43.797941-79.139236
6472Island Rd at Port Union Rd43.796153-79.143056
6471Island Rd at Port Union Rd E Side43.796068-79.142589
2710Islington Ave at Advance Rd43.636079-79.519985
3754Islington Ave at Albion Rd43.736655-79.56489
2712Islington Ave at Albion Rd43.7377-79.565693
3755Islington Ave at Allenby Ave43.711273-79.553078
2713Islington Ave at Ambleside Ave43.629214-79.51696
1162Islington Ave at Anglesey Blvd43.66386-79.531702
2714Islington Ave at Athol Ave43.626717-79.51594
3759Islington Ave at Aviemore Dr43.748528-79.56845
3761Islington Ave at Aylesbury Rd43.666523-79.533099
3760Islington Ave at Aylesbury Rd43.666259-79.532744
3763Islington Ave at Barker Ave43.731993-79.563174
3762Islington Ave at Barker Ave43.73177-79.562725
2711Islington Ave at Barkwin Dr43.738105-79.565505
2716Islington Ave at Beaumonde Heights Dr43.742858-79.567695
3765Islington Ave at Beaumonde Heights Dr43.742225-79.567734
3767Islington Ave at Bergamot Ave43.716748-79.555736
3768Islington Ave at Bergamot Ave43.717119-79.556195
13446Islington Ave at Bering Ave43.639459-79.521343
2718Islington Ave at Bering Ave43.639611-79.521176
3770Islington Ave at Birmingham St43.603386-79.506463
3769Islington Ave at Birmingham St43.603813-79.506396
13363Islington Ave at Bloor St W43.644497-79.523193
9902Islington Ave at Bloor St W43.644861-79.523693
9901Islington Ave at Bloor St W43.64541-79.523592
3771Islington Ave at Bywood Dr43.659278-79.529924
3772Islington Ave at Central Park Roadway43.648075-79.525021
3773Islington Ave at Chestnut Hills Cres43.653052-79.527003
3775Islington Ave at Cordova Ave43.648767-79.525097
3776Islington Ave at Deerfoot Rd43.685138-79.541182
3777Islington Ave at Dixon Rd43.696716-79.546347
3778Islington Ave at Dixon Rd43.697254-79.546973
3779Islington Ave at Duncanwoods Dr43.754994-79.568713
3780Islington Ave at Dundas St W43.651252-79.526155
16190Islington Ave at Dundas St W43.650745-79.526258
3782Islington Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.67969-79.538744
3783Islington Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.67994-79.539209
3785Islington Ave at Elmhurst Dr43.723031-79.558639
3784Islington Ave at Elmhurst Dr43.722846-79.558942
3787Islington Ave at Evans Ave43.618201-79.510979
3786Islington Ave at Evans Ave43.617871-79.511116
3789Islington Ave at Fairway Rd43.654968-79.52804
3788Islington Ave at Fairway Rd43.655037-79.527877
3790Islington Ave at Fenley Dr43.692803-79.544904
3791Islington Ave at Finch Ave W43.745841-79.568376
3792Islington Ave at Finch Ave W43.746396-79.568742
12521Islington Ave at Finch Ave W43.74577-79.568755
3793Islington Ave at Finchley Rd43.656734-79.528602
3794Islington Ave at Fletcher Place43.691428-79.544286
3795Islington Ave at Fordwich Cres43.726961-79.560498
3796Islington Ave at Fordwich Cres43.727108-79.560919
3797Islington Ave at Golfdown Dr43.720786-79.557601
3798Islington Ave at Golfdown Dr43.721595-79.55828
3750Islington Ave at Gosfield Gate43.725737-79.559925
3799Islington Ave at Gosfield Gate43.725271-79.560044
3800Islington Ave at Great Oak Dr43.660902-79.530629
3801Islington Ave at Hilldowntree Rd43.659199-79.529676
3802Islington Ave at Holgate St43.684737-79.541305
3803Islington Ave at Humber Summit Lane43.761881-79.573211
16048Islington Ave at Islington Station43.645156-79.523769
3805Islington Ave at Judson St43.613907-79.508663
3804Islington Ave at Judson St43.614039-79.508392
2722Islington Ave at Jutland Rd43.629036-79.517124
2723Islington Ave at Kingsmoor Gate43.741105-79.56691
2724Islington Ave at Kingsmoor Gate43.740391-79.566904
3807Islington Ave at Kingsview Blvd43.699844-79.548105
3806Islington Ave at Kingsview Blvd43.699602-79.547712
3812Islington Ave at Lake Shore Blvd W43.600902-79.505422
3813Islington Ave at Leduc Dr43.718689-79.556614
3814Islington Ave at Leduc Dr43.718169-79.556712
3816Islington Ave at Milady Rd43.752168-79.568109
3817Islington Ave at Milady Rd43.752433-79.56851
3818Islington Ave at Millwick Dr43.759961-79.571556
3815Islington Ave at Monogram Pl43.70478-79.550106
3819Islington Ave at Muir Ave43.760111-79.572001
3821Islington Ave at New Toronto St43.60655-79.506452
3820Islington Ave at New Toronto St43.606413-79.506705
2725Islington Ave at Nordin Ave43.626838-79.516246
2727Islington Ave at Norseman St43.63431-79.519306
2726Islington Ave at Norseman St43.634118-79.51889
3823Islington Ave at Orrell Ave43.656887-79.528879
3825Islington Ave at Poplar Heights Dr43.675562-79.536919
3826Islington Ave at Prince George Dr43.672344-79.535738
3827Islington Ave at Princess Margaret Blvd43.675429-79.537136
3829Islington Ave at Rathburn Rd43.662257-79.530948
3828Islington Ave at Rathburn Rd43.662127-79.531147
9509Islington Ave at Resources Rd43.708432-79.551717
3830Islington Ave at Resources Rd43.707793-79.551878
14120Islington Ave at Rexdale Blvd43.715356-79.555092
14121Islington Ave at Rexdale Blvd43.715136-79.555271
3833Islington Ave at Ridgevalley Cres43.67211-79.535377
3834Islington Ave at Riverbank Dr43.653404-79.527358
3835Islington Ave at Rowntree Mill Rd43.754366-79.568921
3837Islington Ave at Sandhill Dr43.734462-79.564233
3836Islington Ave at Sandhill Dr43.734502-79.563903
2730Islington Ave at Saybrook Ave43.636325-79.519856
3839Islington Ave at St Andrews Blvd43.701432-79.548832
3840Islington Ave at St Andrews Blvd43.701229-79.548498
3841Islington Ave at St Georges Blvd43.703263-79.54944
3846Islington Ave at Summitcrest Dr43.683282-79.540697
3845Islington Ave at Summitcrest Dr43.683125-79.54029
3809Islington Ave at The Kingsway43.668502-79.534002
3808Islington Ave at The Kingsway43.668756-79.533874
2729Islington Ave at The Queensway43.623813-79.515022
2728Islington Ave at The Queensway43.624047-79.514742
3854Islington Ave at The Wway43.688485-79.542629
3853Islington Ave at The Wway43.68824-79.542872
3848Islington Ave at Thorold Gate43.762953-79.573647
3849Islington Ave at Titan Rd43.630726-79.51757
2731Islington Ave at Titan Rd43.630969-79.517919
2734Islington Ave at Van Dusen Blvd43.641604-79.522221
2733Islington Ave at Van Dusen Blvd43.641412-79.521938
3850Islington Ave at Vanhill Ave43.757355-79.570029
3851Islington Ave at Vanhill Ave43.75723-79.569647
3852Islington Ave at Whampton Dr43.70418-79.550141
3855Islington Ave at Winnipeg Rd43.692368-79.544377
14697Islington Station43.645159-79.524843
16045Islington Station43.644743-79.524639
16046Islington Station43.644788-79.52439
16047Islington Station43.644842-79.524167
13784Islington Station - Ebound Platform43.645548-79.523293
13783Islington Station - Wbound Platform43.645248-79.524994
16263Jack Layton Way at Blue Rodeo Dr43.666089-79.353523
16033Jack Layton Way at St Matthews Rd43.665695-79.354843
3862Jane St at Alliance Ave43.676492-79.495941
15803Jane St at Alliance Ave43.676582-79.495712
3863Jane St at Annette St43.658168-79.487997
13623Jane St at Annette St43.657966-79.488096
1168Jane St at Ardagh St43.655651-79.486965
14547Jane St at Ardagh St43.655868-79.487237
3866Jane St at Beverly Hills Dr43.719192-79.508348
3867Jane St at Bexley Cres43.680384-79.497589
1169Jane St at Bloor St W43.649761-79.484487
3869Jane St at Bradley Ave43.663379-79.490315
3870Jane St at Chalkfarm Dr43.728927-79.510792
3871Jane St at Chalkfarm Dr43.72463-79.509687
3872Jane St at Church St43.709495-79.505694
3873Jane St at Clair Rd43.741335-79.513842
1171Jane St at Colbeck St43.653347-79.486211
1170Jane St at Colbeck St43.653357-79.486024
3874Jane St at Cornell Ave43.689177-79.500146
3875Jane St at Courage Ave43.744784-79.514402
3876Jane St at Courage Ave43.744734-79.514671
3879Jane St at Downsview Ave43.718634-79.507863
3880Jane St at Driftwood Ave43.766138-79.519595
3882Jane St at Dundas St W43.665416-79.490919
3881Jane St at Dundas St W43.665185-79.491086
3883Jane St at E Dr43.679023-79.49698
3885Jane St at Eddystone Ave43.749223-79.515798
3884Jane St at Eddystone Ave43.749031-79.515444
3886Jane St at Eglinton Ave W43.684858-79.498753
3887Jane St at Eglinton Ave W43.68404-79.498872
3888Jane St at Exbury Rd43.729647-79.510597
3889Jane St at Falstaff Ave43.715125-79.506944
3890Jane St at Finch Ave W43.757727-79.517629
3891Jane St at Finch Ave W43.756377-79.517646
3892Jane St at Firgrove Cres43.754548-79.517122
3893Jane St at Firgrove Cres43.750435-79.516103
3895Jane St at Foxwell St43.671734-79.493889
3894Jane St at Frith Rd43.746533-79.515127
3897Jane St at Giltspur Dr43.734721-79.512059
3896Jane St at Giltspur Dr43.734857-79.511818
2735Jane St at Goldwin Ave43.689014-79.500424
3898Jane St at Gordon Mackay Rd43.715134-79.507259
3899Jane St at Grandravine Dr43.747006-79.514928
3902Jane St at Haney Ave43.674081-79.494875
3901Jane St at Haney Ave43.673829-79.494545
9144Jane St at Hanley St43.65987-79.488681
2736Jane St at Harding Ave43.699462-79.50268
2737Jane St at Harding Ave43.699747-79.503069
3903Jane St at Heathrow Dr43.724803-79.509439
10411Jane St at Hullmar Dr43.772801-79.521145
3904Jane St at Hullmar Dr43.773357-79.521585
15152Jane St at John St43.706567-79.504667
15153Jane St at John St43.706726-79.504932
11842Jane St at Lambton Ave43.68093-79.497522
3905Jane St at Lambton Ave43.681333-79.497643
3906Jane St at Lawrence Ave W43.702597-79.503544
3907Jane St at Lawrence Ave W43.703114-79.503968
3908Jane St at Maple Leaf Dr43.709123-79.505308
3911Jane St at Milo Park Gate43.765957-79.519824
9145Jane St at Outlook Ave43.678878-79.496666
3913Jane St at Page Ave43.663971-79.490342
3914Jane St at Patika Ave43.705192-79.504228
3916Jane St at Pritchard Ave43.669731-79.493013
3915Jane St at Pritchard Ave43.669436-79.492679
9481Jane St at Raven Rd43.713764-79.506522
3919Jane St at Rita Dr43.743418-79.51405
3864Jane St at San Romanoway43.759352-79.518034
3920Jane St at Sheppard Ave W43.739207-79.512947
3921Jane St at Sheppard Ave W43.739514-79.513403
10616Jane St at Sheppard Ave W43.738911-79.513248
3923Jane St at Shoreham Dr43.76892-79.520536
3922Jane St at Shoreham Dr43.768687-79.520184
3924Jane St at Spenvalley Dr43.741154-79.513477
3927Jane St at St Clair Ave W43.667629-79.492109
3926Jane St at St Clair Ave W43.667605-79.491813
3928Jane St at St John's Rd43.661881-79.489509
3929Jane St at St John's Rd43.662041-79.489769
3925Jane St at St Marks Rd43.660487-79.489133
3930Jane St at Stanley Rd43.743153-79.514309
10412Jane St at Steeles Ave W43.775288-79.521497
1173Jane St at Steeles Ave W43.774891-79.521862
3931Jane St at Stong Crt43.761793-79.518618
3878Jane St at Trethewey Dr43.697819-79.502577
3932Jane St at Trethewey Dr43.697301-79.502161
14257Jane St at Troutbrooke Dr43.732087-79.511437
3934Jane St at Troutbrooke Dr43.732115-79.51113
1175Jane St at Weatherell St43.651398-79.485222
1174Jane St at Weatherell St43.65138-79.485422
3939Jane St at William Cragg Dr43.72265-79.509187
3938Jane St at William Cragg Dr43.722732-79.50889
3940Jane St at Wilson Ave43.721327-79.50851
3941Jane St at Wilson Ave43.720429-79.508641
3935Jane St at Won Rd43.69169-79.501113
3936Jane St at Won Rd43.690987-79.500683
3942Jane St at Woolner Ave43.671522-79.493576
2740Jane St at Wright Ave43.701092-79.503411
15045Jane St at Wright Ave43.700676-79.503047
3944Jane St at Yewtree Blvd43.755135-79.516962
3945Jane St at York Gate Blvd43.762004-79.518942
3946Jane St at Yorkwoods Gate43.750665-79.515843
14700Jane Station43.649911-79.484072
14701Jane Station43.649968-79.483848
14702Jane Station43.650037-79.483598
14703Jane Station43.650093-79.483319
13777Jane Station - Ebound Platform43.650149-79.482892
13778Jane Station - Wbound Platform43.649749-79.484592
7873Jesmond Ave at Cedric Ave43.690034-79.437502
7874Jesmond Ave at Oakwood Ave43.689637-79.439285
14526Jethro Rd at Wilson Ave43.719323-79.518545
15144Jetliner Rd at Airport Rd43.685321-79.607296
11542John Garland Blvd at Collingdale Rd43.732398-79.584087
11536John Garland Blvd at Collingdale Rd E Side43.732593-79.5834
11199John Garland Blvd at Finch Ave W43.735579-79.594631
12146John Garland Blvd at Finch Ave W43.73531-79.594657
11541John Garland Blvd at Jamestown Cres43.734189-79.582493
11535John Garland Blvd at Jamestown Cres43.732415-79.58675
11537John Garland Blvd at Jamestown Cres E Side43.734095-79.582325
11538John Garland Blvd at Kipling Ave43.735359-79.578514
11540John Garland Blvd at Kipling Ave43.73536-79.579129
11577John Garland Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.732198-79.589061
7876John Garland Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.731901-79.589609
7875John Garland Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.732009-79.589827
11576John Garland Blvd at Martin Grove Rd E Side43.73217-79.588505
7878John Garland Blvd at Mosque Cres43.732458-79.592402
7877John Garland Blvd at Mosque Cres43.73258-79.592318
1180Jones Ave at Baird Ave43.676662-79.338684
1182Jones Ave at Boultbee Ave43.672735-79.337193
1181Jones Ave at Boultbee Ave43.672553-79.336939
1184Jones Ave at Danforth Ave43.679674-79.339967
1183Jones Ave at Danforth Ave43.679387-79.340036
1185Jones Ave at Dundas St E43.666057-79.334146
1186Jones Ave at Dundas St E43.666282-79.334444
1188Jones Ave at Gerrard St E43.669347-79.335743
1187Jones Ave at Gerrard St E43.669595-79.335655
1191Jones Ave at Myrtle Ave43.671351-79.3364
1190Jones Ave at Myrtle Ave43.671212-79.336545
1193Jones Ave at Queen St E43.663137-79.333046
1192Jones Ave at Queen St E43.662925-79.33282
1196Jones Ave at Shudell Ave43.675267-79.33828
1195Jones Ave at Shudell Ave43.675036-79.337976
1198Jones Ave at Sproat Ave43.667795-79.334889
1197Jones Ave at Sproat Ave43.667755-79.335064
1199Jones Ave at Strathcona Ave43.67714-79.339079
3948Judson St at Horner Ave43.612349-79.515013
3950Judson St at Magnificent Rd43.612785-79.512331
3949Judson St at Magnificent Rd43.612947-79.51211
7883Keele St at Annette St43.663862-79.464024
7882Keele St at Annette St43.663412-79.463587
3953Keele St at Arrowsmith Ave43.704338-79.477212
3955Keele St at Beechborough Ave43.694256-79.474659
11780Keele St at Bloor St W - Keele Station43.654873-79.460164
15434Keele St at Bloor St W - Keele Station43.655485-79.460098
3959Keele St at Broadoaks Dr43.757271-79.489263
9148Keele St at Broadoaks Dr43.757567-79.48964
3964Keele St at Calvington Dr43.733145-79.483707
15621Keele St at Canarctic Dr43.775091-79.493718
3970Keele St at Clearview Heights43.693687-79.474736
3972Keele St at Colville Rd43.706337-79.477644
15786Keele St at Colville Rd43.706533-79.477429
3975Keele St at Densley Ave43.702868-79.476582
3977Keele St at Diana Dr43.740992-79.485359
3976Keele St at Diana Dr43.740824-79.48559
3978Keele St at Donald Ave43.684824-79.472665
3979Keele St at Donald Ave43.684989-79.47293
3981Keele St at Dovehouse Ave43.749865-79.487488
7885Keele St at Dovehouse Ave43.749356-79.487633
4047Keele St at Downsview Park Blvd43.736856-79.48436
7886Keele St at Dundas St W43.665275-79.464376
7887Keele St at Dundas St W43.665088-79.464501
15998Keele St at Eglinton Ave W43.689975-79.474862
3986Keele St at Falstaff Ave43.720613-79.480557
3987Keele St at Falstaff Ave43.720257-79.480793
11321Keele St at Finch Ave W - Finch W Station43.763952-79.491402
9149Keele St at Finch Ave W - Finch W Station43.764093-79.490996
3993Keele St at Flamborough Dr43.703006-79.476876
3995Keele St at Four Winds Dr43.765884-79.491793
15653Keele St at Four Winds Dr - Finch W Station43.765411-79.491477
3982Keele St at George Appleton Way43.724812-79.481456
7889Keele St at Glenlake Ave43.658499-79.461695
7888Keele St at Glenlake Ave43.658146-79.461353
9151Keele St at Grandravine Dr43.751925-79.487981
3997Keele St at Grandravine Dr43.752257-79.488314
3966Keele St at Greenbrook Dr43.69692-79.475238
3998Keele St at Greenbrook Dr43.696813-79.475456
3999Keele St at Gulliver Rd43.699667-79.476145
7890Keele St at Hillsview Ave43.660394-79.46249
7892Keele St at Humberside Ave43.661716-79.463068
7891Keele St at Humberside Ave43.661536-79.462808
4002Keele St at Ingram Dr43.699279-79.475771
7894Keele St at Junction Rd43.667947-79.46573
7893Keele St at Junction Rd43.667688-79.465429
4003Keele St at Keelegate Dr43.73283-79.483379
9152Keele St at Lawrence Ave W43.708825-79.478254
4007Keele St at Lawrence Ave W43.709426-79.478013
4011Keele St at Maple Leaf Dr43.714888-79.479565
4010Keele St at Maple Leaf Dr43.714682-79.479246
15787Keele St at Milford Ave43.704955-79.477086
4014Keele St at Murray Ross Pkwy43.767461-79.492384
4016Keele St at N Park Dr43.711163-79.478741
15584Keele St at N Park Dr43.711071-79.478465
4018Keele St at Paxtonia Blvd43.728966-79.482397
14867Keele St at Rogers Rd43.682269-79.471749
4024Keele St at Rogers Rd43.682632-79.471717
4025Keele St at Rustic Rd43.717813-79.479942
4026Keele St at Rustic Rd43.717967-79.480244
7897Keele St at Sheppard Ave W43.745187-79.486295
4030Keele St at Sheppard Ave W43.744425-79.486485
3983Keele St at Sir William Hearst Ave43.724529-79.48185
11689Keele St at St Clair Ave W43.672216-79.467341
7899Keele St at St Clair Ave W43.672009-79.467228
4036Keele St at St Regis Cres43.754632-79.488881
13924Keele St at St Regis Cres43.754893-79.488713
4028Keele St at The Pond Rd43.771666-79.492851
13374Keele St at The Pond Rd43.771671-79.493292
9801Keele St at Tilbury Dr43.730459-79.483066
10755Keele St at Toro Rd43.75995-79.490202
4043Keele St at Toro Rd43.759536-79.489856
9880Keele St at Victory Dr43.728712-79.482637
7902Keele St at W Toronto St43.670163-79.466669
7901Keele St at W Toronto St43.669883-79.466359
4045Keele St at Wandle Ave43.731083-79.482944
4048Keele St at Whitburn Cres43.73701-79.484656
9154Keele St at Wilson Ave43.72718-79.481969
4049Keele St at Wilson Ave43.726047-79.48212
4051Keele St at Wycombe Rd43.742976-79.485841
4052Keele St at Wycombe Rd43.742981-79.48611
4054Keele St at Yore Rd43.69209-79.474388
4053Keele St at Yore Rd43.692148-79.474206
4058Keele St at Ypres Rd43.687533-79.47402
4057Keele St at Ypres Rd43.68743-79.473783
14704Keele Station43.65565-79.459571
14705Keele Station43.655427-79.459586
14706Keele Station43.655373-79.459836
13772Keele Station - Ebound Platform43.655649-79.458691
13771Keele Station - Wbound Platform43.655349-79.460391
6479Kendal Ave at Davenport Rd43.676271-79.410226
9155Kennard Ave at William R Allen Rd43.759523-79.464436
4094Kennedy Rd at Antrim Cres43.771564-79.282938
4062Kennedy Rd at Antrim Cres43.771331-79.283286
4070Kennedy Rd at Bellbrook Rd43.798949-79.294947
13696Kennedy Rd at Bertrand Ave43.737678-79.270323
4112Kennedy Rd at Bonis Ave43.785211-79.289393
4073Kennedy Rd at Brigstock Rd43.761387-79.279261
4072Kennedy Rd at Brigstock Rd43.760979-79.279507
4111Kennedy Rd at Cardwell Ave43.785629-79.289243
4074Kennedy Rd at Collingwood St43.781615-79.287209
4075Kennedy Rd at Cornwallis Dr43.752206-79.275682
4076Kennedy Rd at Cornwallis Dr43.751587-79.275821
2748Kennedy Rd at Corvette Ave43.725201-79.264834
2755Kennedy Rd at Corvette Ave43.725354-79.265159
4109Kennedy Rd at Cowdray Crt43.780431-79.286698
1207Kennedy Rd at Craiglee Dr43.705502-79.256904
2749Kennedy Rd at Craiglee Dr43.705838-79.257183
4078Kennedy Rd at Dancy Ave43.805403-79.298996
4077Kennedy Rd at Dancy Ave43.8059-79.298967
2751Kennedy Rd at Danforth Rd43.714994-79.261065
2750Kennedy Rd at Danforth Rd43.71552-79.260971
4079Kennedy Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.765595-79.280867
4080Kennedy Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.765995-79.281298
4082Kennedy Rd at Finch Ave E43.801374-79.296959
4081Kennedy Rd at Finch Ave E43.801081-79.296199
4083Kennedy Rd at Flora Dr43.748144-79.274372
4084Kennedy Rd at Flora Dr43.748488-79.274791
4085Kennedy Rd at Forbes Rd43.75534-79.276894
4086Kennedy Rd at Forbes Rd43.755088-79.27719
2754Kennedy Rd at Foxridge Dr43.724159-79.264676
4087Kennedy Rd at Glamorgan Ave43.768713-79.282189
13342Kennedy Rd at Havendale Rd43.791187-79.29188
4089Kennedy Rd at Havendale Rd43.791022-79.291521
4090Kennedy Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.79502-79.293198
4091Kennedy Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.795259-79.293699
4092Kennedy Rd at Jade St43.781686-79.28759
2757Kennedy Rd at Kenmark Blvd43.730282-79.267333
2756Kennedy Rd at Kenmark Blvd43.729953-79.26688
4093Kennedy Rd at Landseer Rd43.734685-79.269149
4095Kennedy Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.749286-79.274696
4096Kennedy Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.749694-79.27518
4098Kennedy Rd at Linwood Ave43.79345-79.29257
4097Kennedy Rd at Linwood Ave43.793178-79.29276
4099Kennedy Rd at Lovering Rd43.799183-79.295366
2758Kennedy Rd at Malta St43.704327-79.256564
1208Kennedy Rd at Malta St43.704334-79.256392
4100Kennedy Rd at Marilyn Ave43.787485-79.290016
4101Kennedy Rd at Marilyn Ave43.78696-79.290122
11558Kennedy Rd at McNicoll Ave43.812989-79.30244
11562Kennedy Rd at McNicoll Ave43.811954-79.301706
4060Kennedy Rd at McNicoll Ave43.811559-79.301785
2760Kennedy Rd at Merrian Rd43.727384-79.265764
2759Kennedy Rd at Merrian Rd43.727149-79.265979
1209Kennedy Rd at Mewburn Ave43.707574-79.257757
2761Kennedy Rd at Mewburn Ave43.707785-79.258005
4102Kennedy Rd at Munham Gate43.759165-79.278473
4103Kennedy Rd at Munham Gate43.759482-79.278888
4105Kennedy Rd at Norcap Ave43.797278-79.294518
4104Kennedy Rd at Norcap Ave43.797157-79.294171
1210Kennedy Rd at Park St43.70938-79.258513
10036Kennedy Rd at Passmore Ave43.818875-79.304769
4110Kennedy Rd at Pently Cres43.779544-79.286703
10601Kennedy Rd at Perthshire St43.809073-79.300661
10600Kennedy Rd at Perthshire St43.808773-79.300277
4113Kennedy Rd at Progress Ave43.769265-79.282028
12197Kennedy Rd at Purcell Sq43.817073-79.304258
4116Kennedy Rd at Radnor Ave43.746029-79.27381
4115Kennedy Rd at Radnor Ave43.745861-79.273417
4118Kennedy Rd at Ranstone Gardens43.742208-79.272214
4117Kennedy Rd at Ranstone Gardens43.742091-79.271893
4119Kennedy Rd at Reidmount Ave43.788865-79.290614
4120Kennedy Rd at Reidmount Ave43.788431-79.290744
4122Kennedy Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.783429-79.288528
4121Kennedy Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.783126-79.287936
4123Kennedy Rd at Shropshire Dr43.757678-79.277851
4124Kennedy Rd at Shropshire Dr43.757087-79.277979
2763Kennedy Rd at St Clair Ave E43.716745-79.261559
2762Kennedy Rd at St Clair Ave E43.716845-79.261256
10511Kennedy Rd at Steeles Ave E43.823521-79.3068
4126Kennedy Rd at Stratton Ave43.737942-79.270186
2764Kennedy Rd at Summer Dr43.722225-79.263563
2765Kennedy Rd at Summer Dr43.721863-79.263652
4129Kennedy Rd at Treverton Dr43.73445-79.268738
4130Kennedy Rd at Trojan Gate43.803763-79.298004
4131Kennedy Rd at Trojan Gate43.804063-79.298391
4128Kennedy Rd at Village Green Sq43.777387-79.28586
15917Kennedy Rd at Village Green Sq43.777116-79.285362
4127Kennedy Rd at Village Green Sq43.777591-79.285448
4132Kennedy Rd at Wickware Gate43.753344-79.276476
14707Kennedy Station43.732739-79.263253
14708Kennedy Station43.732502-79.263315
14709Kennedy Station43.732432-79.263523
14710Kennedy Station43.732361-79.26374
14711Kennedy Station43.732269-79.264011
14713Kennedy Station43.732522-79.263895
14714Kennedy Station43.73259-79.263693
14715Kennedy Station43.73266-79.263479
14112Kennedy Station - Nbound Platform43.732449-79.263885
14946Kennedy Station - Platform43.732382-79.263862
14947Kennedy Station - Subway Platform43.732487-79.263718
13865Kennedy Station - Wbound Platform43.732149-79.264785
12538King St E at Church St43.64984-79.374971
12537King St E at Church St E Side43.649982-79.373826
15351King St E at Lower River St43.65673-79.356254
4139King St E at Ontario St43.651864-79.365876
15352King St E at Ontario St43.651647-79.366167
4141King St E at Parliament St43.65291-79.363021
4140King St E at Parliament St43.652556-79.363371
4142King St E at River St43.657079-79.35597
4143King St E at Sackville St43.6543-79.360379
4144King St E at Sackville St43.654602-79.360165
4146King St E at Sherbourne St43.651347-79.368135
4145King St E at Sherbourne St43.651169-79.368367
4148King St E at Sumach St43.65528-79.358705
4149King St E at Sumach St43.655658-79.358336
4155King St W at Atlantic Ave43.640051-79.421415
4156King St W at Bathurst St43.644048-79.402307
15650King St W at Bathurst St E Side43.643941-79.40203
15639King St W at Bay St43.648622-79.380619
15640King St W at Bay St E Side43.648724-79.379621
15646King St W at Blue Jays Way E Side43.646101-79.391644
4164King St W at Dowling Ave43.636552-79.438719
4165King St W at Dowling Ave43.636773-79.438379
4166King St W at Dufferin St43.639085-79.427001
4167King St W at Dufferin St43.638819-79.427487
4169King St W at Dunn Ave43.637837-79.433063
4168King St W at Dunn Ave43.637647-79.433376
4174King St W at Jameson Ave43.637264-79.435861
4173King St W at Jameson Ave43.636909-79.436166
15635King St W at Jarvis St43.650391-79.372454
15636King St W at Jarvis St E Side43.650541-79.371287
4175King St W at Jefferson Ave43.640065-79.422082
14400King St W at Joe Shuster Way43.639804-79.423411
15353King St W at Joe Shuster Way43.639591-79.423721
15643King St W at John St43.646538-79.390161
15644King St W at John St E Side43.646614-79.389267
4179King St W at Niagara St43.642987-79.407539
4178King St W at Niagara St43.642809-79.40776
15645King St W at Peter St43.645967-79.392895
10176King St W at Portland St43.644527-79.39994
15649King St W at Portland St E Side43.644458-79.399504
11596King St W at Queen St W43.638535-79.445759
13624King St W at Shaw St E Side43.641451-79.414528
15641King St W at Simcoe St - St. Andrew Station43.647522-79.385945
15647King St W at Spadina Ave43.64537-79.395811
15648King St W at Spadina Ave E Side43.645507-79.394296
4186King St W at Spencer Ave43.638134-79.430997
13890King St W at Spencer Ave43.63831-79.430761
4188King St W at Strachan Ave43.642127-79.411783
13344King St W at Sudbury St43.640853-79.417479
4190King St W at Tecumseth St43.643488-79.405049
4189King St W at Tecumseth St43.643296-79.405362
15642King St W at University Ave- St Andrew Station43.647725-79.384175
4194King St W at Wilson Park Rd43.636938-79.442453
4193King St W at Wilson Park Rd43.637035-79.442107
15638King St W at Yonge St- King Station43.649232-79.377256
15637King St W at Yonge St- King Station43.649058-79.378565
13813King Station - Nbound Platform43.649649-79.378088
13814King Station - Sbound Platform43.648449-79.377688
15222Kingston Rd at Amiens Rd43.772639-79.18523
2767Kingston Rd at Beech Ave43.680314-79.29052
2766Kingston Rd at Beech Ave43.680164-79.290892
6484Kingston Rd at Beechgrove Dr43.776782-79.173522
6483Kingston Rd at Beechgrove Dr43.776158-79.173723
4204Kingston Rd at Bellamy Rd S43.732376-79.224488
2768Kingston Rd at Bingham Ave43.680647-79.285096
4205Kingston Rd at Birchcliff Ave43.691339-79.264814
4206Kingston Rd at Birchcliff Ave43.691611-79.264661
4208Kingston Rd at Birchmount Rd43.693207-79.262256
4207Kingston Rd at Birchmount Rd E Side43.693239-79.261882
11840Kingston Rd at Blantyre Ave43.681329-79.281449
4209Kingston Rd at Blantyre Ave43.681534-79.281335
12540Kingston Rd at Brimley Rd43.717955-79.240455
10970Kingston Rd at Brimley Rd43.718014-79.240892
2769Kingston Rd at Brinloor Blvd43.74133-79.214529
2770Kingston Rd at Brookside Dr43.677113-79.303837
4211Kingston Rd at Cathedral Bluffs Dr43.724857-79.232508
15906Kingston Rd at Celeste Dr- Guildwood GO43.757245-79.198945
15907Kingston Rd at Celeste Dr- Guildwood GO43.756753-79.199757
4215Kingston Rd at Chine Dr43.714299-79.245098
4214Kingston Rd at Chine Dr43.713921-79.245046
10914Kingston Rd at Choiceland Blvd43.787226-79.164653
14441Kingston Rd at Choiceland Blvd43.786936-79.164855
4216Kingston Rd at Claremore Ave43.704162-79.252829
4217Kingston Rd at Cliffside Dr43.703801-79.252646
13465Kingston Rd at Collinsgrove Rd43.772407-79.184975
2772Kingston Rd at Columbine Ave43.671675-79.310365
6486Kingston Rd at Cromwell Rd43.749401-79.206461
6621Kingston Rd at Deep Dene Dr43.785085-79.168054
2774Kingston Rd at Dixon Ave43.669775-79.311175
2775Kingston Rd at Dundas St E43.670087-79.311229
12543Kingston Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.74353-79.211648
12544Kingston Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.793856-79.153976
12545Kingston Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.793758-79.154476
2776Kingston Rd at Elmer Ave43.675537-79.306008
2777Kingston Rd at Elmer Ave43.67582-79.305884
4218Kingston Rd at Ewood Ave43.690304-79.267035
4222Kingston Rd at Fallingbrook Rd43.682406-79.279087
4221Kingston Rd at Fallingbrook Rd43.682141-79.27935
4223Kingston Rd at Fenwood Heights43.727269-79.229715
4224Kingston Rd at Fenwood Heights43.727383-79.230088
6623Kingston Rd at Franklin Ave43.785922-79.166403
6622Kingston Rd at Franklin Ave43.786063-79.166476
15909Kingston Rd at Galloway Rd43.761802-79.195118
15908Kingston Rd at Galloway Rd E Side43.762214-79.194368
4228Kingston Rd at Glen Everest Rd43.697868-79.25667
4227Kingston Rd at Glen Everest Rd E Side43.69801-79.256199
2779Kingston Rd at Glen Manor Dr43.679631-79.294644
15349Kingston Rd at Glen Manor Dr43.679904-79.293952
4229Kingston Rd at Guildwood Pkwy E Side43.74987-79.205505
4231Kingston Rd at Hunt Club Dr43.68369-79.276978
4232Kingston Rd at Kildonan Dr43.689961-79.267336
4233Kingston Rd at Lakehurst Dr43.696163-79.258001
6488Kingston Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.767363-79.189589
15911Kingston Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.767147-79.190165
2783Kingston Rd at Lee Ave43.678324-79.300903
2782Kingston Rd at Lee Ave43.678012-79.301308
2785Kingston Rd at Main St43.679023-79.297762
7904Kingston Rd at Manderley Dr43.689073-79.269114
4235Kingston Rd at Manderley Dr43.688668-79.269367
6490Kingston Rd at Manse Rd43.774713-79.178071
6491Kingston Rd at Manse Rd43.775016-79.177804
12549Kingston Rd at Markham Rd43.738337-79.217329
12548Kingston Rd at Markham Rd43.738674-79.217426
4239Kingston Rd at Mason Rd43.734649-79.221929
4240Kingston Rd at McCowan Rd43.725443-79.232326
4242Kingston Rd at McNab Blvd43.72896-79.228287
4241Kingston Rd at McNab Blvd E Side43.728894-79.227864
4246Kingston Rd at Midland Ave43.710777-79.248216
4245Kingston Rd at Midland Ave43.710974-79.248508
6492Kingston Rd at Military Trail43.781511-79.169244
6493Kingston Rd at Military Trail43.781393-79.169994
6494Kingston Rd at Morningside Ave43.770097-79.18712
6495Kingston Rd at Morningside Ave43.770998-79.186736
2787Kingston Rd at Muir Dr43.743244-79.212491
4247Kingston Rd at Neilson Ave43.72337-79.234227
1212Kingston Rd at Neilson Ave43.7234-79.23469
13466Kingston Rd at Old Kingston Rd43.773854-79.183177
13694Kingston Rd at Old Kingston Rd43.774223-79.182991
4251Kingston Rd at Parkcrest Dr43.736092-79.22033
4250Kingston Rd at Parkcrest Dr43.73564-79.220356
4253Kingston Rd at Pine Ridge Dr43.730112-79.226453
4220Kingston Rd at Pine Ridge Dr43.730572-79.226452
4255Kingston Rd at Poplar Rd43.765656-79.191177
15910Kingston Rd at Poplar Rd43.765768-79.191466
14058Kingston Rd at Queen St E43.667985-79.312277
15211Kingston Rd at Queensbury Ave43.685301-79.274394
15212Kingston Rd at Queensbury Ave43.685572-79.274292
2790Kingston Rd at Rainsford Rd43.672756-79.309127
4258Kingston Rd at Ravine Dr43.731626-79.224812
13334Kingston Rd at Resthaven Memorial Gardens43.715819-79.243388
4259Kingston Rd at Ridgemoor Ave43.706146-79.251174
16023Kingston Rd at Rylander Blvd43.796887-79.149251
4260Kingston Rd at Sandown Ave43.70858-79.249674
4261Kingston Rd at Sandown Ave43.708964-79.249854
15905Kingston Rd at Scarborough Golf Club Rd43.745786-79.209733
15904Kingston Rd at Scarborough Golf Club Rd E Side43.746198-79.208997
2794Kingston Rd at Scarborough Rd43.680468-79.287193
2795Kingston Rd at Scarborough Rd43.680614-79.287061
4264Kingston Rd at Sharpe St43.706529-79.25137
15744Kingston Rd at St Clair Ave E43.721614-79.23625
15745Kingston Rd at St Clair Ave E43.722191-79.236115
2796Kingston Rd at Swood Dr43.678753-79.298363
4266Kingston Rd at Victoria Park Ave43.6809-79.283931
4265Kingston Rd at Victoria Park Ave43.680713-79.284309
3344Kingston Rd at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.680773-79.28358
4268Kingston Rd at Warden Ave43.688019-79.27067
4267Kingston Rd at Warden Ave43.687592-79.271014
2800Kingston Rd at Waverley Rd43.676824-79.304185
4269Kingston Rd at Whitecap Blvd E Side43.734323-79.221794
4270Kingston Rd at Wood Glen Rd43.684071-79.27612
2802Kingston Rd at Woodbine Ave43.673673-79.308088
15350Kingston Rd at Woodbine Ave43.674156-79.307787
4274Kipling Ave at Advance Rd43.633929-79.532198
4276Kipling Ave at Albion Rd43.739168-79.579932
4275Kipling Ave at Albion Rd43.739088-79.580217
4277Kipling Ave at Annabelle Dr43.751045-79.585973
4281Kipling Ave at Beaconhill Rd43.753495-79.586852
4282Kipling Ave at Beaconhill Rd43.753672-79.587255
4284Kipling Ave at Beaverbrook Ave43.662466-79.544522
4283Kipling Ave at Beaverbrook Ave43.662184-79.544053
4285Kipling Ave at Belfield Rd - Etobicoke N GO43.704725-79.56316
4286Kipling Ave at Belfield Rd - Etobicoke N GO43.705019-79.563774
4288Kipling Ave at Bethridge Rd43.70926-79.56567
4287Kipling Ave at Bethridge Rd43.708973-79.565222
4289Kipling Ave at Birmingham St43.600574-79.517845
4290Kipling Ave at Birmingham St43.600828-79.518202
16020Kipling Ave at Bloor St W43.641997-79.535575
4291Kipling Ave at Bloor St W43.642305-79.535426
4293Kipling Ave at Brookmere Rd43.72804-79.574378
4295Kipling Ave at Burnhamthorpe Rd43.651133-79.539555
4294Kipling Ave at Burnhamthorpe Rd43.650777-79.539101
4298Kipling Ave at Bywood Dr43.656484-79.541568
4299Kipling Ave at Bywood Dr43.657086-79.542164
4300Kipling Ave at Clement Rd43.681599-79.55304
4302Kipling Ave at Dixon Rd43.694479-79.558887
4303Kipling Ave at Dixon Rd43.694765-79.558658
4305Kipling Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.677377-79.551153
4304Kipling Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.677048-79.550647
4308Kipling Ave at Evans Ave43.616013-79.524922
4307Kipling Ave at Evans Ave43.616344-79.524766
4309Kipling Ave at Farr Ave43.744337-79.582407
11044Kipling Ave at Finch Ave W43.743452-79.582397
16004Kipling Ave at Finch Ave W43.743618-79.582146
4313Kipling Ave at Genthorn Ave43.723547-79.572536
4312Kipling Ave at Genthorn Ave43.723684-79.57228
4315Kipling Ave at Goswell Rd43.649147-79.538702
4314Kipling Ave at Goswell Rd43.649052-79.538342
4317Kipling Ave at Gracey Blvd43.683704-79.553986
4316Kipling Ave at Gracey Blvd43.683576-79.553582
4318Kipling Ave at Greensboro Dr43.702381-79.562056
4320Kipling Ave at Hayhurst Rd43.692199-79.557813
4321Kipling Ave at Henley Cres43.730588-79.575998
15749Kipling Ave at Henley Cres43.730431-79.57561
4323Kipling Ave at Hinton Rd43.725844-79.573657
4322Kipling Ave at Hinton Rd43.725707-79.573246
4325Kipling Ave at Holywell Dr43.68837-79.556092
4324Kipling Ave at Holywell Dr43.688235-79.555712
4327Kipling Ave at Horner Ave43.607333-79.520921
4326Kipling Ave at Horner Ave43.607025-79.520518
4328Kipling Ave at Hunting Ridge43.681304-79.552563
4330Kipling Ave at John Garland Blvd43.735663-79.578565
4329Kipling Ave at John Garland Blvd43.735777-79.578231
4353Kipling Ave at Jutland Rd43.627059-79.529279
4280Kipling Ave at Jutland Rd43.627168-79.529046
4332Kipling Ave at Kidron Valley Dr43.756348-79.588563
4331Kipling Ave at Kidron Valley Dr43.756076-79.588057
4334Kipling Ave at Kingsview Blvd43.697018-79.560039
4333Kipling Ave at Kingsview Blvd43.696843-79.559597
12122Kipling Ave at Lake Shore Blvd W43.598061-79.516776
12124Kipling Ave at Lake Shore Blvd W43.598354-79.517145
4336Kipling Ave at Learmont Dr43.690196-79.556942
4337Kipling Ave at Longfield Rd43.673677-79.549483
4338Kipling Ave at Mattice Rd43.646894-79.537407
13447Kipling Ave at Mattice Rd43.647035-79.53777
4340Kipling Ave at Mount Olive Dr43.746891-79.583987
4346Kipling Ave at N Heights Rd43.66486-79.545581
4345Kipling Ave at N Heights Rd43.66527-79.545439
4347Kipling Ave at N Queen St43.624878-79.528241
4348Kipling Ave at N Queen St43.625356-79.528651
15236Kipling Ave at Ncrest Rd43.691981-79.557451
4342Kipling Ave at New Toronto St43.603822-79.519182
4341Kipling Ave at New Toronto St43.60359-79.519313
4343Kipling Ave at Norseman St43.631305-79.530804
4344Kipling Ave at Norseman St43.631617-79.531213
4349Kipling Ave at Nugent Rd43.690331-79.556664
4350Kipling Ave at Olivewood Rd43.635401-79.532553
4351Kipling Ave at Olivewood Rd43.63565-79.532964
4354Kipling Ave at Panorama Crt43.746663-79.583501
4355Kipling Ave at Penlea Ave43.740301-79.58042
4272Kipling Ave at Penlea Ave43.740704-79.581018
4357Kipling Ave at Prince George Dr43.667539-79.546431
4356Kipling Ave at Prince George Dr43.666968-79.546523
4359Kipling Ave at Princess Margaret Blvd43.670159-79.547917
4358Kipling Ave at Princess Margaret Blvd43.669943-79.547522
4365Kipling Ave at Rathburn Rd43.659936-79.543403
4364Kipling Ave at Rathburn Rd43.659757-79.542992
4368Kipling Ave at Redwater Dr43.715401-79.568295
14891Kipling Ave at Redwater Dr43.714896-79.568362
4370Kipling Ave at Rexdale Blvd43.711534-79.566413
4371Kipling Ave at Rexdale Blvd43.711884-79.56695
4372Kipling Ave at Ronson Dr43.702689-79.562632
16248Kipling Ave at Rowntree Rd43.751231-79.585822
4273Kipling Ave at Six Point Rd43.634001-79.531933
4374Kipling Ave at Snaresbrook Dr43.721872-79.571732
4373Kipling Ave at Snaresbrook Dr43.721647-79.571298
4376Kipling Ave at St Andrews Blvd43.698444-79.560339
4375Kipling Ave at St Andrews Blvd43.69826-79.560584
9878Kipling Ave at Steeles Ave W43.759381-79.58961
15789Kipling Ave at Steeles Ave W43.759079-79.589794
4377Kipling Ave at Stevenson Rd43.744609-79.582868
15747Kipling Ave at Taber Rd43.719316-79.570212
15748Kipling Ave at Taber Rd43.71953-79.570562
4335Kipling Ave at The Kingsway43.673497-79.549095
4361Kipling Ave at The Queensway43.621363-79.526788
4362Kipling Ave at The Queensway43.620472-79.526733
4387Kipling Ave at The Wway43.685484-79.554422
4388Kipling Ave at The Wway43.685773-79.554959
4378Kipling Ave at Torlake Cres43.614007-79.523427
4379Kipling Ave at Torlake Cres43.614189-79.523828
4380Kipling Ave at Torlake Cres43.611492-79.522363
4381Kipling Ave at Torlake Cres43.611649-79.522735
4382Kipling Ave at Tyre Ave43.64501-79.536573
4383Kipling Ave at Tyre Ave43.645111-79.53695
4384Kipling Ave at Warnica Ave43.62267-79.527387
4385Kipling Ave at Warnica Ave43.622816-79.527682
4386Kipling Ave at Whumber Blvd43.72821-79.574872
4390Kipling Ave at Widdicombe Hill Blvd43.679027-79.551874
4389Kipling Ave at Widdicombe Hill Blvd43.678865-79.551493
4391Kipling Ave at Wingrove Hill43.654293-79.540646
5134Kipling Ave at Wingrove Hill43.654019-79.540794
14716Kipling Station43.637209-79.536117
14717Kipling Station43.637354-79.535939
14718Kipling Station43.637465-79.53581
14719Kipling Station43.637582-79.535677
14720Kipling Station43.637717-79.535511
14721Kipling Station43.637851-79.535345
14722Kipling Station43.637963-79.535215
14723Kipling Station43.638084-79.535066
14724Kipling Station43.638195-79.534941
15052Kipling Station43.638467-79.534689
13785Kipling Station - Ebound Platform43.637648-79.535694
14948Kipling Station - Subway Platform43.637392-79.535892
9931Knob Hill Dr at Won Rd43.71131-79.534253
9091Kodiak Cres at Sheppard Ave W43.752079-79.467028
9094Kodiak Cres at Whitehorse Rd43.754826-79.468832
12173La Rose Ave at Arcade Dr43.686395-79.516788
14597La Rose Ave at Royal York Rd E Side43.684227-79.526751
12174La Rose Ave at Scarlett Rd43.686547-79.51461
12172La Rose Ave at Timothy Crt43.685822-79.519582
5136Laird Dr at Canvarco Rd43.703666-79.360705
5138Laird Dr at Commercial Rd43.708794-79.362723
15870Laird Dr at Commercial Rd43.708293-79.362815
5140Laird Dr at Esandar Dr43.70517-79.36129
5141Laird Dr at Industrial St43.707189-79.362124
5142Laird Dr at Kenrae Rd43.704608-79.361289
5143Laird Dr at Lea Ave43.706229-79.361939
5145Laird Dr at McRae Dr43.710526-79.363668
15671Laird Dr at Millwood Rd43.70331-79.360766
5146Laird Dr at Vanderhoof Ave43.711648-79.363909
5147Laird Dr at Vanderhoof Ave43.712008-79.364257
5148Laird Dr at Wicksteed Ave43.710209-79.363298
14543Lake Shore Blvd W at Brookers Lane43.62699-79.479017
5174Lake Shore Blvd W at Burlington St43.617446-79.48738
5173Lake Shore Blvd W at Burlington St43.617151-79.487284
12163Lake Shore Blvd W at Colborne Lodge Dr43.637568-79.459315
12164Lake Shore Blvd W at Colborne Lodge Dr43.637953-79.459485
5182Lake Shore Blvd W at Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr43.598047-79.517179
5155Lake Shore Blvd W at Fifteenth St43.598973-79.513857
5154Lake Shore Blvd W at Fifteenth St43.598665-79.514396
5171Lake Shore Blvd W at Fifth St43.601388-79.502863
5170Lake Shore Blvd W at Fifth St43.601151-79.503113
13946Lake Shore Blvd W at First St43.60214-79.498592
13947Lake Shore Blvd W at First St43.602383-79.498357
15428Lake Shore Blvd W at Fortieth St43.592468-79.541863
5179Lake Shore Blvd W at Hillside Ave43.611265-79.490136
5180Lake Shore Blvd W at Islington Ave43.600896-79.505092
5181Lake Shore Blvd W at Kipling Ave43.598331-79.516749
5186Lake Shore Blvd W at Legion Rd43.620622-79.483163
5185Lake Shore Blvd W at Legion Rd43.620372-79.483407
14829Lake Shore Blvd W at Legion Rd43.620357-79.483841
5187Lake Shore Blvd W at Long Branch Ave43.594303-79.53413
5188Lake Shore Blvd W at Long Branch Ave43.594693-79.53303
5190Lake Shore Blvd W at Louisa St43.619048-79.486446
5189Lake Shore Blvd W at Louisa St43.618786-79.486469
14831Lake Shore Blvd W at Louisa St43.618653-79.486723
5191Lake Shore Blvd W at Miles Rd43.607993-79.490263
5192Lake Shore Blvd W at Mimico Ave43.613542-79.489314
5193Lake Shore Blvd W at Mimico Ave43.613855-79.489387
5194Lake Shore Blvd W at Norris Cres43.610699-79.489978
5195Lake Shore Blvd W at Park Lawn Rd43.62278-79.481308
5196Lake Shore Blvd W at Park Lawn Rd43.622602-79.481558
14854Lake Shore Blvd W at Park Lawn Rd43.621763-79.482259
5198Lake Shore Blvd W at Royal York Rd43.60382-79.493033
5197Lake Shore Blvd W at Royal York Rd43.603496-79.493243
5172Lake Shore Blvd W at Seventh St43.600638-79.505392
5202Lake Shore Blvd W at Superior Ave43.615096-79.48869
5201Lake Shore Blvd W at Superior Ave43.614817-79.488619
5203Lake Shore Blvd W at Symons St43.608629-79.490452
5151Lake Shore Blvd W at Tenth St43.600155-79.508496
5150Lake Shore Blvd W at Tenth St43.599877-79.508796
5168Lake Shore Blvd W at Third St43.601881-79.500644
5167Lake Shore Blvd W at Third St43.601653-79.500866
5152Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirteenth St43.599214-79.51196
5153Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirteenth St43.599445-79.511706
5162Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirtieth St43.595472-79.52966
5163Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirty First St43.595155-79.530407
13482Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirty Ninth St43.59282-79.541218
5164Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirty Seventh St43.593334-79.538348
5165Lake Shore Blvd W at Thirty Seventh St43.593494-79.537978
5160Lake Shore Blvd W at Twenty Eighth St43.595685-79.527699
5161Lake Shore Blvd W at Twenty Ninth St43.595809-79.528185
5156Lake Shore Blvd W at Twenty Second St43.597338-79.521251
5157Lake Shore Blvd W at Twenty Second St43.597116-79.521413
5159Lake Shore Blvd W at Twenty Seventh St43.596328-79.525043
5158Lake Shore Blvd W at Twenty Sixth St43.596668-79.524268
11843Lambton Ave at Beechwood Ave E Side43.681788-79.494374
13450Lambton Ave at Cashman Cres43.683564-79.487045
13441Lambton Ave at Cashman Cres43.683418-79.487139
6504Lambton Ave at Guestville Ave43.682894-79.489445
13445Lambton Ave at Guestville Ave43.683172-79.488786
13442Lambton Ave at Won Rd43.683946-79.484819
13443Lambton Ave at Won Rd43.68406-79.484884
1216Lankin Blvd at O'Connor Dr43.697359-79.330416
5210Lansdowne Ave at Bloor St W43.658219-79.442624
13703Lansdowne Ave at Bloor St W43.658445-79.442808
4400Lansdowne Ave at Brandon Ave43.669207-79.447534
4399Lansdowne Ave at Brandon Ave43.669248-79.447348
5211Lansdowne Ave at College St43.650661-79.439813
5212Lansdowne Ave at College St43.651115-79.440132
5214Lansdowne Ave at Davenport Rd43.671426-79.448192
5213Lansdowne Ave at Davenport Rd43.671144-79.44826
5216Lansdowne Ave at Dundas St W43.650369-79.439863
5215Lansdowne Ave at Dundas St W43.649963-79.439556
11632Lansdowne Ave at Dundas St W43.649559-79.439653
4402Lansdowne Ave at Dupont St43.666865-79.446607
4401Lansdowne Ave at Dupont St43.666612-79.446297
4403Lansdowne Ave at Glencairn Ave43.705206-79.460763
4404Lansdowne Ave at Lappin Ave43.664789-79.445593
4405Lansdowne Ave at Lappin Ave43.665163-79.445918
5217Lansdowne Ave at Paton Rd43.660848-79.443775
4406Lansdowne Ave at Paton Rd43.660539-79.443451
5218Lansdowne Ave at Queen St W43.640886-79.436848
5220Lansdowne Ave at Rideau Ave43.646627-79.438911
5219Lansdowne Ave at Rideau Ave43.646368-79.438986
5221Lansdowne Ave at Seaforth Ave43.642783-79.437588
15191Lansdowne Ave at Seaforth Ave43.643088-79.437541
11578Lansdowne Ave at St Clair Ave W43.676123-79.450405
4409Lansdowne Ave at Tycos Dr43.704192-79.460331
4408Lansdowne Ave at Wade Ave - Lansdowne Station43.659077-79.442882
5224Lansdowne Ave at Wade Ave - Lansdowne Station43.659323-79.443165
4411Lansdowne Ave at Wallace Ave43.662412-79.444618
4410Lansdowne Ave at Wallace Ave43.662225-79.444175
5226Lansdowne Ave at Whytock Ave43.653917-79.441232
5225Lansdowne Ave at Whytock Ave43.653613-79.440973
13768Lansdowne Station - Ebound Platform43.659246-79.442463
13767Lansdowne Station - Wbound Platform43.659314-79.442471
7911Laurentide Dr at Barnwood Crt E Side43.753092-79.33874
7912Laurentide Dr at Bushbury Dr43.754865-79.340939
7913Laurentide Dr at Larabee Cres43.752395-79.336977
7915Laurentide Dr at Silverdale Cres43.755278-79.340341
7916Laurentide Dr at Tetbury Cres43.753215-79.338987
7917Laurentide Dr at Three Valleys Dr43.751768-79.336782
9971Lawrence Ave E / Ridgewood Rd43.786249-79.125134
5229Lawrence Ave E at Barrymore Rd43.754129-79.251669
5230Lawrence Ave E at Barrymore Rd43.754448-79.251333
5231Lawrence Ave E at Bathgate Dr43.776614-79.15038
1220Lawrence Ave E at Bayview Ave43.727666-79.383231
1219Lawrence Ave E at Bayview Ave43.727834-79.383212
4413Lawrence Ave E at Beechgrove Dr43.7737-79.161987
4412Lawrence Ave E at Beechgrove Dr43.77395-79.162168
5233Lawrence Ave E at Bellamy Rd N43.757514-79.23561
5232Lawrence Ave E at Bellamy Rd N43.757749-79.235742
5234Lawrence Ave E at Ben Stanton Blvd43.757245-79.238096
5235Lawrence Ave E at Ben Stanton Blvd E Side43.756956-79.238185
4414Lawrence Ave E at Bennett Rd43.772716-79.16665
4415Lawrence Ave E at Bennett Rd43.773036-79.166039
11676Lawrence Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.747291-79.285133
15243Lawrence Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.74768-79.284634
2813Lawrence Ave E at Blaine Dr43.734799-79.35908
2812Lawrence Ave E at Blaine Dr E Side43.734605-79.358928
5250Lawrence Ave E at Bridgeport Dr43.778477-79.140996
5239Lawrence Ave E at Brimley Rd43.753319-79.255596
5238Lawrence Ave E at Brimley Rd43.753545-79.255814
5240Lawrence Ave E at Brockley Dr43.752209-79.262362
9930Lawrence Ave E at Brockley Dr E Side43.752153-79.261408
5241Lawrence Ave E at Burnview Cres43.756528-79.241423
5242Lawrence Ave E at Burnview Cres E Side43.756645-79.239711
5244Lawrence Ave E at Canlish Rd43.748245-79.281864
5243Lawrence Ave E at Canlish Rd E Side43.748099-79.28121
1221Lawrence Ave E at Cardinal Pl43.725917-79.398686
5246Lawrence Ave E at Carnforth Rd43.741633-79.314011
5245Lawrence Ave E at Carnforth Rd E Side43.741391-79.313816
5307Lawrence Ave E at Cedarbrae Mall43.758704-79.229975
5248Lawrence Ave E at Centennial Rd43.777575-79.145968
16250Lawrence Ave E at Centennial Rd E Side43.777376-79.146048
5249Lawrence Ave E at Charlottetown Blvd43.778635-79.141305
5251Lawrence Ave E at Cherryhill Ave43.776343-79.150675
5252Lawrence Ave E at Collinsgrove Rd43.769269-79.182716
5255Lawrence Ave E at Crockford Blvd43.745931-79.291536
5256Lawrence Ave E at Curlew Dr43.741297-79.3196
1222Lawrence Ave E at Dinnick Cres E Side43.726421-79.39552
9156Lawrence Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.736929-79.343888
5257Lawrence Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.737346-79.343215
13068Lawrence Ave E at E Ave - Rouge Hill GO43.780829-79.131368
5263Lawrence Ave E at Ellington Dr43.74633-79.290738
13704Lawrence Ave E at Fern Meadow Rd43.771784-79.171597
4417Lawrence Ave E at Flerimac Rd43.772426-79.168774
5265Lawrence Ave E at Fortune Gate43.76116-79.219676
5264Lawrence Ave E at Fortune Gate E Side43.760842-79.219824
5267Lawrence Ave E at Galloway Rd43.766302-79.196317
5266Lawrence Ave E at Galloway Rd43.765979-79.196566
5304Lawrence Ave E at Goldberry Sq43.776098-79.152547
5270Lawrence Ave E at Gooderham Dr43.743931-79.302102
5271Lawrence Ave E at Greenbrae Circt43.758343-79.23285
5273Lawrence Ave E at Greencedar Circt E Side43.758141-79.232683
5274Lawrence Ave E at Greencrest Circt E Side43.760144-79.223083
5272Lawrence Ave E at Greenholm Circt43.760464-79.222841
5275Lawrence Ave E at Greenland Rd E Side43.738331-79.337526
4418Lawrence Ave E at Homestead Rd43.769641-79.180335
5276Lawrence Ave E at Howden Rd43.746988-79.287822
5280Lawrence Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.749508-79.275633
5279Lawrence Ave E at Kennedy Rd E Side43.74948-79.274276
5281Lawrence Ave E at Kingston Rd43.767313-79.190543
5282Lawrence Ave E at Kingston Rd43.767941-79.188877
2816Lawrence Ave E at Leslie St43.734392-79.356175
2815Lawrence Ave E at Leslie St43.734608-79.356821
4419Lawrence Ave E at Ling Rd43.769003-79.18293
5285Lawrence Ave E at Manse Rd43.770564-79.176953
5284Lawrence Ave E at Manse Rd E Side43.770643-79.175848
5286Lawrence Ave E at Marcos Blvd43.752704-79.258639
9504Lawrence Ave E at Markham Rd43.759995-79.225042
9503Lawrence Ave E at Markham Rd43.759631-79.225553
9650Lawrence Ave E at McCowan Rd43.755706-79.245279
5290Lawrence Ave E at McCowan Rd Scarborough General Hospital43.755304-79.245927
5289Lawrence Ave E at McCowan Rd Scarborough General Hospital43.755437-79.246651
5292Lawrence Ave E at Meadowvale Rd43.775359-79.156006
5291Lawrence Ave E at Meadowvale Rd E Side43.775069-79.156041
4422Lawrence Ave E at Megan Ave43.771806-79.170693
5293Lawrence Ave E at Midland Ave43.751534-79.265714
5294Lawrence Ave E at Midland Ave E Side43.751579-79.264207
2817Lawrence Ave E at Mildenhall Rd43.728507-79.386361
9157Lawrence Ave E at Mildenhall Rd43.72831-79.38669
11185Lawrence Ave E at Morning Dew Rd43.772188-79.169034
4424Lawrence Ave E at Morningside Ave43.768579-79.185862
4423Lawrence Ave E at Morningside Ave43.76821-79.186546
5297Lawrence Ave E at Mossbank Dr43.762725-79.211184
5296Lawrence Ave E at Mossbank Dr43.763024-79.210926
2819Lawrence Ave E at Mt Pleasant Rd43.726022-79.397414
1226Lawrence Ave E at Mt Pleasant Rd43.726457-79.396179
5299Lawrence Ave E at Orton Park Rd43.763877-79.205766
5300Lawrence Ave E at Orton Park Rd43.764262-79.205256
5302Lawrence Ave E at Overture Rd43.765307-79.199552
5301Lawrence Ave E at Overture Rd43.765491-79.199864
5303Lawrence Ave E at Paulander Ave43.775814-79.15299
5305Lawrence Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.743031-79.304863
5306Lawrence Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.743397-79.30447
5310Lawrence Ave E at Port Union Rd43.779434-79.136915
5309Lawrence Ave E at Port Union Rd43.779534-79.137369
5311Lawrence Ave E at Prudential Dr E Side43.751064-79.266658
5312Lawrence Ave E at Railside Rd43.741041-79.319697
5313Lawrence Ave E at Railside Rd E Side43.740739-79.323821
5314Lawrence Ave E at Rodda Blvd43.767583-79.190555
1227Lawrence Ave E at Ronan Ave43.72674-79.394017
1228Lawrence Ave E at Ronan Ave43.726952-79.39381
5315Lawrence Ave E at Rushley Dr43.752873-79.259095
5316Lawrence Ave E at Scarborough Golf Club Rd43.761645-79.216118
5317Lawrence Ave E at Scarborough Golf Club Rd43.762057-79.215531
9967Lawrence Ave E at Stotts Ter43.782983-79.128003
9972Lawrence Ave E at Stotts Ter43.78315-79.128039
5319Lawrence Ave E at Susan St43.763163-79.209074
5260Lawrence Ave E at The Donway E43.737804-79.340749
5259Lawrence Ave E at The Donway E43.737567-79.341124
5262Lawrence Ave E at The Donway W43.736685-79.346298
5261Lawrence Ave E at The Donway W43.736327-79.34671
5320Lawrence Ave E at Tower Dr43.744754-79.298236
5322Lawrence Ave E at Townley Ave43.742834-79.30707
5321Lawrence Ave E at Townley Ave E Side43.742614-79.30696
2821Lawrence Ave E at Tremont Cres43.73559-79.350253
2820Lawrence Ave E at Tremont Cres43.735828-79.350249
5323Lawrence Ave E at Tremont Cres43.734868-79.353681
2822Lawrence Ave E at Tremont Cres43.735106-79.353626
5324Lawrence Ave E at Underhill Dr43.740918-79.324491
5325Lawrence Ave E at Underwriters Rd43.746625-79.288269
4425Lawrence Ave E at Valia Rd43.771392-79.172549
5328Lawrence Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.741897-79.310081
5326Lawrence Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.742302-79.309589
5327Lawrence Ave E at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.742149-79.309078
4427Lawrence Ave E at W Hill Dr43.769932-79.179771
1230Lawrence Ave E at Wanless Cres43.727662-79.389692
1229Lawrence Ave E at Wanless Cres43.727816-79.389722
1232Lawrence Ave E at Wanless Cres43.727365-79.391895
1231Lawrence Ave E at Wanless Cres43.727149-79.392116
5329Lawrence Ave E at Warden Ave43.745551-79.294565
5330Lawrence Ave E at Warden Ave43.745187-79.295013
5331Lawrence Ave E at Wayne Ave43.744542-79.297957
5332Lawrence Ave E at Wexford Blvd43.743797-79.301487
1233Lawrence Ave E at Weybourne Cres E Side43.725694-79.399003
5333Lawrence Ave E at Woodcliff Pl43.738509-79.337564
1235Lawrence Ave E at Yonge St E Side43.725036-79.401814
5308Lawrence Ave E at opp Cedarbrae Mall43.758785-79.230855
9969Lawrence Ave E at opp Walkway to Ridgewood Rd43.786215-79.12498
5334Lawrence Ave W at Apex Rd43.713417-79.458406
5336Lawrence Ave W at Avenue Rd43.722424-79.41525
5335Lawrence Ave W at Avenue Rd43.722072-79.415812
5337Lawrence Ave W at Bathurst St43.719036-79.430158
5339Lawrence Ave W at Bathurst St43.719461-79.429301
5338Lawrence Ave W at Bathurst St43.719198-79.430504
5340Lawrence Ave W at Benton Rd43.710145-79.47202
5341Lawrence Ave W at Benton Rd43.710536-79.471373
5342Lawrence Ave W at Blackstone St43.70375-79.499989
5343Lawrence Ave W at Bolingbroke Rd43.714836-79.449526
5344Lawrence Ave W at Bolingbroke Rd43.715134-79.449301
5346Lawrence Ave W at Brookhaven Dr43.704218-79.496793
5345Lawrence Ave W at Brookhaven Dr43.704339-79.497169
5348Lawrence Ave W at Brookview Dr43.718172-79.434957
5347Lawrence Ave W at Brookview Dr43.717875-79.43526
5349Lawrence Ave W at Brucewood Cres43.71859-79.432804
5351Lawrence Ave W at Caledonia Rd43.711463-79.467181
5350Lawrence Ave W at Caledonia Rd E Side43.711461-79.466099
5352Lawrence Ave W at Chatsworth Dr43.723084-79.41138
15198Lawrence Ave W at Corona St43.714227-79.452548
5357Lawrence Ave W at Culford Rd43.706494-79.487529
5356Lawrence Ave W at Culford Rd E Side43.706314-79.487335
5358Lawrence Ave W at De Marco Blvd43.705831-79.490629
5359Lawrence Ave W at Duckworth St43.70346-79.500152
5361Lawrence Ave W at Dufferin St43.714223-79.454377
5360Lawrence Ave W at Dufferin St43.713907-79.454938
5363Lawrence Ave W at Dufflaw Rd43.712617-79.460944
5364Lawrence Ave W at Dufflaw Rd43.712892-79.460753
5365Lawrence Ave W at Duplex Ave43.724245-79.405751
5367Lawrence Ave W at Duval Dr43.709838-79.474431
5366Lawrence Ave W at Duval Dr43.709569-79.474703
5368Lawrence Ave W at Elm Rd43.723052-79.412392
5369Lawrence Ave W at Englemount Ave E Side43.717282-79.438059
5370Lawrence Ave W at Glen Rush Blvd43.719781-79.426884
5371Lawrence Ave W at Glenmount Ave43.718362-79.433132
5373Lawrence Ave W at Good Shepherd Crt43.71314-79.458605
5374Lawrence Ave W at Greer Rd43.7236-79.408916
5375Lawrence Ave W at Greer Rd43.723812-79.408611
5376Lawrence Ave W at Grey Rd43.721754-79.418346
5377Lawrence Ave W at Hickory Tree Rd43.699064-79.520142
5379Lawrence Ave W at Jane St43.70302-79.503444
2824Lawrence Ave W at Jane St43.702738-79.504198
5380Lawrence Ave W at Jedburgh Rd43.724505-79.4055
5382Lawrence Ave W at Keele St43.709011-79.477644
5381Lawrence Ave W at Keele St E Side43.708821-79.477376
5384Lawrence Ave W at Kimbark Blvd43.721572-79.41848
5385Lawrence Ave W at Ledbury St43.720695-79.422596
5386Lawrence Ave W at Ledbury St43.720924-79.422336
5387Lawrence Ave W at Little Ave43.699382-79.519719
5388Lawrence Ave W at Lorindale Ave43.724924-79.403462
5355Lawrence Ave W at Lorindale Ave E Side43.724699-79.403671
5389Lawrence Ave W at Marlee Ave43.715432-79.446757
5390Lawrence Ave W at Marlee Ave43.715591-79.447093
5391Lawrence Ave W at Olympia Dr E Side43.705431-79.491251
5394Lawrence Ave W at Pimlico Rd43.707392-79.482544
5393Lawrence Ave W at Pimlico Rd43.707563-79.482732
5396Lawrence Ave W at Pine St43.702096-79.508129
5395Lawrence Ave W at Pine St43.701855-79.508389
5398Lawrence Ave W at Ralph St43.70106-79.512602
5397Lawrence Ave W at Ralph St - Won GO43.701092-79.511712
5392Lawrence Ave W at Rosewell Ave E Side43.722684-79.413216
5400Lawrence Ave W at Roxaline St43.696903-79.529527
5399Lawrence Ave W at Roxaline St43.696704-79.529765
5401Lawrence Ave W at Royal York Rd43.696286-79.532489
5402Lawrence Ave W at Royal York Rd E Side43.69618-79.532182
5403Lawrence Ave W at Sage Ave43.712092-79.463282
5404Lawrence Ave W at Sage Ave43.712379-79.463057
5406Lawrence Ave W at Scarlett Rd43.698314-79.523078
5405Lawrence Ave W at Scarlett Rd43.698042-79.523367
6046Lawrence Ave W at Scarlett Rd E Side43.698378-79.522285
5408Lawrence Ave W at Shermount Ave43.716859-79.441035
5407Lawrence Ave W at Shermount Ave E Side43.71665-79.441023
5410Lawrence Ave W at Varna Dr43.717543-79.437933
5354Lawrence Ave W at Via Bagnato43.71448-79.452245
5411Lawrence Ave W at Welland Rd43.720066-79.4263
5414Lawrence Ave W at Won Rd43.699921-79.516784
5413Lawrence Ave W at Won Rd43.700019-79.517036
5415Lawrence Ave W at Won Rd - Won GO43.700276-79.516006
5417Lawrence Ave W at Wona St43.697258-79.527859
5418Lawrence Ave W at Wona St E Side43.69728-79.526961
1236Lawrence Ave W at Yonge St - Lawrence Station43.724964-79.402398
1234Lawrence Ave at Yonge St - Lawrence Station43.725251-79.401896
14728Lawrence E Station43.750347-79.270358
14729Lawrence E Station43.750534-79.270435
14730Lawrence E Station43.750667-79.270497
13730Lawrence E Station - Nbound Platform43.750748-79.270186
13729Lawrence E Station - Sbound Platform43.750148-79.270186
11638Lawrence Plaza at Canada Trust43.719613-79.432586
11637Lawrence Sq at Nwest Entrance43.717187-79.448281
14725Lawrence Station43.725556-79.402351
14726Lawrence Station43.725383-79.40231
14727Lawrence Station43.725127-79.402224
15184Lawrence Station43.725245-79.402249
13794Lawrence Station - Nbound Platform43.726548-79.40249
13793Lawrence Station - Sbound Platform43.725348-79.40229
12203Lawrence W Station43.716218-79.444374
12202Lawrence W Station43.715964-79.444097
14731Lawrence W Station43.715672-79.443696
14732Lawrence W Station43.715629-79.443912
14733Lawrence W Station43.715586-79.444126
14734Lawrence W Station43.715545-79.444333
14735Lawrence W Station43.7155-79.444568
13836Lawrence W Station - Nbound Platform43.715784-79.444038
13835Lawrence W Station - Sbound Platform43.714748-79.443791
9890Lawson Rd at Brumwell St43.788338-79.147327
7923Lawson Rd at Brumwell St E Side43.788189-79.147236
7925Lawson Rd at Cedarview Dr43.786901-79.153707
7924Lawson Rd at Cedarview Dr E Side43.786882-79.153183
7927Lawson Rd at Centennial Rd43.787318-79.151189
7926Lawson Rd at Centennial Rd43.787462-79.151168
7928Lawson Rd at Clyde Rd43.785603-79.159012
7929Lawson Rd at Clyde Rd43.785835-79.158599
6489Lawson Rd at Highway 2A Overpass43.782487-79.16655
7920Lawson Rd at Highway 2A Overpass E Side43.782906-79.165851
7931Lawson Rd at Irvine Rd43.786638-79.154968
7930Lawson Rd at Irvine Rd E Side43.786494-79.154905
7480Lawson Rd at Kingston Rd (Highway 2A Overpass)43.784126-79.168334
7933Lawson Rd at Meadowvale Rd43.785189-79.160874
7932Lawson Rd at Meadowvale Rd43.785289-79.161088
7934Lawson Rd at Port Union Rd43.789502-79.141184
7935Lawson Rd at Wichey Rd43.788892-79.14401
9889Lawson Rd at Wichey Rd43.789085-79.143788
4430Le Page Crt at Ceramic Rd43.758939-79.485229
4432Le Page Crt at Keele St43.758192-79.489184
4431Le Page Crt at Keele St E Side43.758093-79.488998
9158Leslie St at Ballyronan Rd43.749395-79.359037
5421Leslie St at Bannatyne Dr43.758903-79.361143
5426Leslie St at Bannatyne Dr43.758454-79.361377
5427Leslie St at Bond Ave43.743601-79.357806
5430Leslie St at Castlebury Cres43.796638-79.369681
5431Leslie St at Clansman Blvd43.796452-79.369363
5432Leslie St at Coldwater Rd43.754732-79.360222
1238Leslie St at Commissioners St43.656679-79.326626
1237Leslie St at Commissioners St43.65695-79.326541
5433Leslie St at Corning Rd43.78177-79.365968
5434Leslie St at Corning Rd43.782001-79.366312
9160Leslie St at Cummer Ave43.801401-79.370903
5436Leslie St at Denlow Blvd43.746129-79.358658
5438Leslie St at Dexter Blvd43.799369-79.37007
5437Leslie St at Dexter Blvd43.799373-79.370328
11145Leslie St at Eastern Ave43.661641-79.329622
13421Leslie St at Eastern Ave43.661387-79.32928
5440Leslie St at Eglinton Ave E43.717819-79.350442
5439Leslie St at Eglinton Ave E43.71835-79.350236
5487Leslie St at Elsa Vineway43.787733-79.367594
5450Leslie St at Esther Shiner Blvd43.769218-79.364041
5441Leslie St at Farmstead Rd43.754948-79.360611
5442Leslie St at Finch Ave E43.789655-79.36772
5443Leslie St at Finch Ave E43.790417-79.368339
5445Leslie St at Francine Dr43.804785-79.371406
5444Leslie St at Francine Dr43.804428-79.371619
5448Leslie St at Greyhound Dr43.792031-79.368629
5452Leslie St at Kirkwood Rd43.756517-79.360962
5451Leslie St at Kirkwood Rd43.757087-79.36075
1240Leslie St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.659362-79.328632
5455Leslie St at Lawrence Ave E43.734288-79.355687
5453Leslie St at Lawrence Ave E43.735046-79.355901
5454Leslie St at Lawrence Ave E43.734157-79.356045
10757Leslie St at Lesmill Rd43.763557-79.361675
10758Leslie St at Lesmill Rd43.763514-79.362094
5456Leslie St at Longwood Dr43.749578-79.359402
5458Leslie St at Marowyne Dr43.775075-79.364803
5457Leslie St at Marowyne Dr43.774721-79.364412
5459Leslie St at Marshfield Crt43.732103-79.355219
5460Leslie St at McNicoll Ave43.801224-79.370502
1241Leslie St at Mosley St43.659967-79.328644
5462Leslie St at Nymark Ave43.778404-79.365502
5461Leslie St at Nymark Ave43.778209-79.365155
5463Leslie St at Old Cummer Ave43.794245-79.368828
9162Leslie St at Old Cummer Ave - Old Cummer GO43.79403-79.369088
9161Leslie St at Oriole GO43.766821-79.363566
5468Leslie St at Overland Dr43.729753-79.353536
5469Leslie St at Overland Dr43.730186-79.35434
11377Leslie St at Queen St E43.662648-79.330047
5471Leslie St at Ravel Rd - Old Cummer GO43.791798-79.36829
5472Leslie St at Rippleton Rd43.742689-79.35795
9166Leslie St at Sheppard Ave E43.771985-79.364326
5476Leslie St at Sheppard Ave E43.771396-79.363948
9167Leslie St at Sheppard Ave E43.772252-79.363929
5480Leslie St at Steeles Ave E43.808146-79.372255
5479Leslie St at Steeles Ave E43.807738-79.372397
5478Leslie St at Swell Dr43.746257-79.358382
5481Leslie St at Talwood Dr43.74077-79.357205
5482Leslie St at Talwood Dr43.740964-79.357581
5484Leslie St at Talwood Dr43.738194-79.356653
5483Leslie St at Talwood Dr43.738289-79.357015
5485Leslie St at Tangmere Rd43.735579-79.356361
9168Leslie St at Thorny Vineway43.787707-79.367312
5489Leslie St at Thorny Vineway43.785833-79.367161
5488Leslie St at Thorny Vineway43.785615-79.366817
5490Leslie St at Van Horne Ave43.783616-79.366381
5491Leslie St at Van Horne Ave43.78393-79.366718
13707Leslie St at Wicksteed Ave43.712943-79.350748
5492Leslie St at York Mills Rd43.75271-79.359741
9169Leslie St at York Mills Rd43.752553-79.360065
5447Leslie St at opp Oriole GO43.767866-79.363778
14620Leslie Station43.77041-79.367644
14621Leslie Station43.770516-79.367765
13848Leslie Station - Ebound Platform43.771348-79.36499
13847Leslie Station - Wbound Platform43.771248-79.36679
2828Lesmill Rd at Duncan Mill Rd43.760484-79.358302
9665Lesmill Rd at Valleybrook Dr43.75777-79.354884
2829Lesmill Rd at Valleybrook Dr43.757793-79.355475
9777Lesmill Rd at York Mills Rd43.754889-79.352262
2830Lesmill Rd at York Mills Rd43.755081-79.352084
14539Liberty St at Atlantic Ave43.638372-79.420366
10272Linkwood Lane at St Dennis Dr43.71933-79.327563
10270Linkwood Lane at Windy Golfway43.716262-79.324953
10271Linkwood Lane at opp 5 Shady Golfway43.717633-79.326338
11243Littles Rd at Birrell Ave43.817234-79.204301
11244Littles Rd at Birrell Ave43.817377-79.204624
11242Littles Rd at Grayson Cres43.815917-79.202967
11245Littles Rd at Grayson Cres43.815885-79.203119
11246Littles Rd at Morningview Trail43.814739-79.202628
10951Littles Rd at Old Finch Ave43.820932-79.206036
10956Littles Rd at Sewells Rd43.819011-79.205405
10950Littles Rd at Sewells Rd43.819188-79.205285
5494Lloyd Manor Rd at Beaverbrook Ave43.661511-79.54748
5495Lloyd Manor Rd at Beaverbrook Ave43.661742-79.547757
5497Lloyd Manor Rd at Firwood Cres43.665524-79.550939
5496Lloyd Manor Rd at Firwood Cres43.665826-79.550934
5498Lloyd Manor Rd at N Heights Rd43.663699-79.549292
5499Lloyd Manor Rd at N Heights Rd43.663912-79.549793
5500Lloyd Manor Rd at Princess Margaret Blvd43.667433-79.5521
5501Lloyd Manor Rd at Rathburn Rd43.659217-79.546634
4435Long Branch Loop43.592111-79.5437
5511Long Branch Loop43.591811-79.544124
2835Longbourne Dr at Martin Grove Rd43.680803-79.566618
2837Longbourne Dr at Redgrave Dr43.67925-79.570117
2838Longbourne Dr at Willowridge Rd43.677937-79.571914
1242Lonsdale Rd at Avenue Rd E Side43.690834-79.402303
7954Lord Seaton Rd at The Links Rd43.752549-79.401702
7955Lord Seaton Rd at Upper Canada Dr43.753327-79.404577
4456Louvain St at Humber Blvd43.680602-79.482233
6475Lower Jarvis St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.645428-79.369676
6477Lower Jarvis St at Queens Quay E43.64439-79.369148
6474Lower Jarvis St at The Esplanade43.648078-79.370754
9460Lumsden Ave at Barrington Ave43.695338-79.302815
5521Lumsden Ave at Barrington Ave E Side43.695184-79.303012
5523Lumsden Ave at Cedarvale Ave43.693168-79.314397
5522Lumsden Ave at Cedarvale Ave E Side43.693064-79.313648
5524Lumsden Ave at Gledhill Ave43.693844-79.310953
9461Lumsden Ave at Main St43.694929-79.304642
2851Lumsden Ave at Main St43.694746-79.3049
5525Lumsden Ave at Oak Park Ave43.693826-79.310537
2852Lumsden Ave at Wlake Ave43.694557-79.307848
5526Lumsden Ave at Wlake Ave43.694261-79.308634
11053Lundy Ave at Warren Cres43.662607-79.502697
9963Lundy Ave at Warren Cres43.662723-79.502614
13960Lynedock Cres at Climans Rd43.762316-79.324862
13959Lynedock Cres at Fenside Dr E Side43.761865-79.328158
13961Lynedock Cres at Roywood Dr43.763956-79.322579
9530Mabelle Ave at Dundas St W43.646426-79.529926
9531Mabelle Ave at Dundas St W43.646369-79.530116
5527MacDonell Ave at Queen St W43.640726-79.437986
5528MacDonell Ave at Seaforth Ave43.642144-79.438522
7956MacPherson Ave at Spadina Rd43.67553-79.408864
6536Maclennan Ave at Douglas Dr43.684806-79.377845
5529Main St at Benlamond Ave43.681139-79.299089
1262Main St at Danforth Ave43.688037-79.301635
11826Main St at Danforth Ave43.687796-79.301532
1263Main St at Danforth Ave43.688299-79.302006
2855Main St at Doncaster Ave43.691558-79.303255
1264Main St at Gerrard St E43.684061-79.300315
13923Main St at Gerrard St E43.684182-79.300207
5533Main St at Gerrard St E43.683794-79.300051
5534Main St at Kingston Rd43.67926-79.298179
5535Main St at Lyall Ave43.680659-79.298542
5538Main St at Swanwick Ave43.682102-79.299333
5539Main St at Swanwick Ave43.682461-79.299637
14736Main Street Station43.689037-79.301926
14737Main Street Station43.689096-79.301708
14738Main Street Station43.689158-79.301482
14739Main Street Station43.689215-79.301272
14740Main Street Station43.689034-79.301209
14741Main Street Station43.688861-79.301804
13735Main Street Station - Ebound Platform43.689249-79.300686
13736Main Street Station - Wbound Platform43.688949-79.302386
15808Major Mackenzie Dr E at Glenbourne Park Dr43.892723-79.340551
15810Major Mackenzie Dr E at Glenbourne Park Dr43.892929-79.340351
15381Major Mackenzie Dr E at Markham Rd43.909707-79.268583
13528Major Mackenzie Dr E at McCowan Rd43.903281-79.293772
15596Major Mackenzie Dr E at McCowan Rd43.903427-79.294134
15382Major Mackenzie Dr E at Ralph Chalmers Ave43.908378-79.273087
13527Major Mackenzie Dr E at Ridgecrest Rd43.900657-79.304807
15187Major Mackenzie Dr E at Stonebridge Dr43.902225-79.299231
15188Major Mackenzie Dr E at Stonebridge Dr43.901723-79.299976
14361Manitoba Dr at Nova Scotia Ave43.635201-79.418839
14308Manitoba Dr at Nova Scotia Ave43.635338-79.419168
14362Manitoba Dr at Quebec St43.63344-79.421804
15237Manitoba Dr at Saskatchewan Rd43.632907-79.422304
1063Manitoba Dr at Strachan Ave43.6363-79.410411
15718Manitoba St at Legion Rd43.62449-79.488878
1265Maniza Rd at Gilley Rd43.735734-79.464573
11194Maniza Rd at Home Rd43.736487-79.464898
1266Maniza Rd at Plewes Rd43.734903-79.464216
11450Maniza Rd at Powell Rd43.7375-79.465327
1267Maniza Rd at Regent Rd43.732257-79.463087
1268Maniza Rd at Spalding Rd43.734032-79.463844
4459Manse Rd at Deanscroft Sq43.765474-79.174068
4462Manse Rd at Hainford St43.768338-79.175291
14081Mantis Rd at Poppy Pl43.82401-79.222705
6537Maple Ave at Glen Rd E Side43.674873-79.375273
11517Maple Leaf Dr / 290-300 Queens Dr Apartments43.709813-79.502456
11516Maple Leaf Dr / 290-300 Queens Dr Apartments43.709687-79.502436
5543Maple Leaf Dr at Bourdon Ave43.711288-79.495864
5542Maple Leaf Dr at Bourdon Ave43.711062-79.496359
5544Maple Leaf Dr at Culford Rd43.7122-79.490392
5545Maple Leaf Dr at Jane St43.709365-79.505335
5546Maple Leaf Dr at Liscombe Rd43.7108-79.498067
5548Maple Leaf Dr at Stella St43.710329-79.500126
5547Maple Leaf Dr at Stella St43.710176-79.500282
5540Maple Leaf Dr at Veerland Dr43.711946-79.492171
5549Maple Leaf Dr at Venice Dr43.710599-79.498395
10116Marine Parade Dr Loop at Lake Shore Blvd W43.622551-79.480911
14544Marine Parade Dr at Lake Shore Blvd W43.62998-79.476401
13638Markham Rd / Clandfield St43.859253-79.256305
13637Markham Rd at 14Th Ave43.856591-79.255581
13663Markham Rd at 14Th Ave43.856238-79.255878
13656Markham Rd at 16Th Ave43.892174-79.264278
13646Markham Rd at 16Th Ave43.891827-79.263892
5552Markham Rd at Blakemanor Blvd43.750967-79.22208
5553Markham Rd at Blakemanor Blvd43.750815-79.222323
5554Markham Rd at Brimorton Dr43.773367-79.230476
5555Markham Rd at Brimorton Dr43.773714-79.230844
13659Markham Rd at Bullock Dr43.881496-79.261788
13654Markham Rd at Bur Oak Ave - Mount Joy GO43.900455-79.266217
14339Markham Rd at Bur Oak Ave - Mount Joy GO43.900026-79.265771
15449Markham Rd at Castlemore Ave43.904534-79.267211
5557Markham Rd at Cougar Crt43.744964-79.219554
13634Markham Rd at Denison St43.844258-79.252597
13666Markham Rd at Denison St43.844662-79.253085
14325Markham Rd at Edward Jeffreys Ave43.896388-79.265252
14324Markham Rd at Edward Jeffreys Ave43.896004-79.264866
4466Markham Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.74298-79.21863
5559Markham Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.743397-79.219195
5561Markham Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.776283-79.231507
5560Markham Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.776664-79.232023
13667Markham Rd at Elson St43.840837-79.252183
13633Markham Rd at Elson St43.840339-79.251667
5558Markham Rd at Epark Blvd43.755724-79.224217
5562Markham Rd at Finch Ave E43.813201-79.243361
9333Markham Rd at Finch Ave E43.812817-79.242767
13665Markham Rd at Golden Ave43.848191-79.253938
5563Markham Rd at Greenbrae Circt43.762388-79.226409
5565Markham Rd at Greencedar Circt43.757974-79.224943
5564Markham Rd at Greencrest Circt43.758172-79.224634
15535Markham Rd at Greenholm Circt43.762077-79.226054
13664Markham Rd at Highglen Ave43.851489-79.254731
13661Markham Rd at Highway 743.874234-79.260028
13640Markham Rd at Highway 743.87375-79.259621
13639Markham Rd at James Scott Rd43.866411-79.257959
5567Markham Rd at Kingston Rd43.738896-79.2173
2860Markham Rd at Kingston Rd43.739442-79.217165
13636Markham Rd at Kirkham Dr43.851046-79.254243
5568Markham Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.760008-79.225565
5569Markham Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.759679-79.225072
5571Markham Rd at Luella St43.745213-79.219916
5572Markham Rd at Markanna Dr43.740729-79.218032
2861Markham Rd at Markanna Dr43.740623-79.217674
5573Markham Rd at McLevin Ave43.798401-79.24081
12602Markham Rd at McNicoll Ave43.824152-79.248125
13629Markham Rd at McNicoll Ave43.823823-79.247559
4469Markham Rd at Milner Ave43.789774-79.237366
4468Markham Rd at Milner Ave43.789364-79.236737
10841Markham Rd at Nashdene Rd43.820321-79.246455
12603Markham Rd at Nashdene Rd43.820127-79.245947
13635Markham Rd at New Delhi Dr43.847622-79.253399
5574Markham Rd at Nugget Ave43.79875-79.241345
4470Markham Rd at Orchid Place Dr43.792995-79.238548
5575Markham Rd at Painted Post Dr43.76769-79.228502
5576Markham Rd at Painted Post Dr43.767395-79.228128
5578Markham Rd at Pandora Cir43.769473-79.229188
13643Markham Rd at Parkway Ave43.881208-79.261486
13669Markham Rd at Passmore Ave43.830781-79.250916
13631Markham Rd at Passmore Ave43.830357-79.250385
13900Markham Rd at Passmore Ave43.831141-79.250611
13662Markham Rd at Princess St43.866676-79.258372
5580Markham Rd at Progress Ave43.781634-79.233561
5579Markham Rd at Progress Ave43.78118-79.233832
13644Markham Rd at Ramona Blvd - Markham GO43.882893-79.261892
13642Markham Rd at Robinson St43.877739-79.260689
13660Markham Rd at Robinson St43.877632-79.260864
5581Markham Rd at Rochman Blvd43.76411-79.227104
5582Markham Rd at Scranton Rd43.765086-79.227226
14608Markham Rd at Select Ave43.833243-79.25076
14609Markham Rd at Select Ave43.833674-79.251192
5583Markham Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.794082-79.239147
4471Markham Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.793604-79.238418
13645Markham Rd at Springdale St43.885657-79.26252
13657Markham Rd at Springdale St43.885989-79.262791
13658Markham Rd at Station St - Markham GO43.882371-79.26199
13632Markham Rd at Steeles Ave E43.836408-79.250894
13668Markham Rd at Steeles Ave E43.836078-79.251323
5584Markham Rd at Stevenwood Rd43.755949-79.223981
13641Markham Rd at Thomson Crt43.874837-79.259936
13630Markham Rd at Turbina Ave43.827124-79.249028
12605Markham Rd at Turbina Ave43.827452-79.249554
5586Markham Rd at Tuxedo Crt43.779611-79.233182
5585Markham Rd at Tuxedo Crt43.77944-79.232752
5587Markham Rd at Verne Cres43.795761-79.240146
5588Markham Rd at Verne Cres43.79608-79.239867
14155Markham Rd at opp Walkway to Clandfield St43.859187-79.256598
1269Markland Dr at Bloor St W43.629667-79.580248
1271Markland Dr at Cherry Post Cres43.633138-79.582671
1272Markland Dr at Mill Rd43.636216-79.580313
1274Markland Dr at Silverthorne Bush Dr43.634687-79.581453
6538Marlee Ave at Dell Park Ave43.71406-79.445731
6540Marlee Ave at Elway Crt43.712336-79.445054
6541Marlee Ave at Glencairn Ave43.708904-79.443657
6542Marlee Ave at Glencairn Ave43.709076-79.443904
6543Marlee Ave at Glengrove Ave43.711158-79.444575
6544Marlee Ave at Glengrove Ave43.710515-79.444518
6546Marlee Ave at Lawrence Ave W43.71525-79.446207
6545Marlee Ave at Lawrence Ave W43.714964-79.446296
6547Marlee Ave at Livingstone Ave43.698896-79.439797
6548Marlee Ave at Ridelle Ave43.703758-79.441573
6549Marlee Ave at Ridelle Ave43.70393-79.441849
6550Marlee Ave at Roselawn Ave43.702027-79.440878
6551Marlee Ave at Roselawn Ave43.702311-79.441199
6552Marlee Ave at Stayner Ave43.705048-79.4421
6553Marlee Ave at Stayner Ave43.705648-79.442538
6555Marlee Ave at Viewmount Ave43.706986-79.442835
6554Marlee Ave at Viewmount Ave43.706879-79.443013
6556Marlee Ave at Wenderly Dr43.713142-79.44558
6557Marlee Ave at Whitmore Ave43.699828-79.440014
6558Marlee Ave at Whitmore Ave43.700395-79.440405
5595Martin Grove Rd / 308 Silverstone Dr43.749189-79.597892
5589Martin Grove Rd at Albion Rd43.742431-79.594611
5590Martin Grove Rd at Albion Rd43.741497-79.593786
5598Martin Grove Rd at Belfield Rd43.702095-79.575866
5597Martin Grove Rd at Belfield Rd43.701702-79.575302
5600Martin Grove Rd at Bethridge Rd43.70765-79.578409
5599Martin Grove Rd at Bethridge Rd43.707846-79.57813
15882Martin Grove Rd at Betteridge Lane43.739129-79.592965
15883Martin Grove Rd at Betteridge Lane43.73921-79.592753
9726Martin Grove Rd at Brunello Gate43.755992-79.601499
9724Martin Grove Rd at Brunello Gate43.756062-79.601838
9266Martin Grove Rd at Cabernet Cir43.75413-79.600277
5605Martin Grove Rd at Caverley Dr43.679414-79.565563
5606Martin Grove Rd at Dewitt Rd43.669281-79.560897
14849Martin Grove Rd at Dewitt Rd43.669023-79.560608
5608Martin Grove Rd at Dixon Rd43.691857-79.571186
5607Martin Grove Rd at Dixon Rd43.691959-79.570844
5612Martin Grove Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.674217-79.562842
5609Martin Grove Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.674653-79.563427
5610Martin Grove Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.674908-79.563145
5614Martin Grove Rd at Enterprise Rd43.6964-79.572898
5613Martin Grove Rd at Enterprise Rd43.696455-79.573277
5616Martin Grove Rd at Finch Ave W43.736669-79.5914
11331Martin Grove Rd at Finch Ave W43.737241-79.591714
5615Martin Grove Rd at Finch Ave W43.736015-79.591413
5617Martin Grove Rd at Garfella Dr43.744233-79.595156
9259Martin Grove Rd at Gihon Spring Dr43.753916-79.599856
5622Martin Grove Rd at Jeffcoat Dr43.718704-79.583171
5623Martin Grove Rd at Jeffcoat Dr43.718887-79.583579
5620Martin Grove Rd at John Garland Blvd43.731919-79.589166
5621Martin Grove Rd at John Garland Blvd43.732225-79.589683
5624Martin Grove Rd at Lexington Ave43.744359-79.59553
5626Martin Grove Rd at Longbourne Dr43.680944-79.566235
5625Martin Grove Rd at Longbourne Dr43.681122-79.565975
5627Martin Grove Rd at Mercury Rd43.726119-79.586894
5629Martin Grove Rd at Milkwood Ave43.73022-79.588737
5628Martin Grove Rd at Milkwood Ave43.730679-79.5886
5630Martin Grove Rd at Nottinghill Gate43.672069-79.562193
5631Martin Grove Rd at Porterfield Rd43.722128-79.584782
5632Martin Grove Rd at Porterfield Rd43.722298-79.585192
5634Martin Grove Rd at Racine Rd43.716804-79.5826
5633Martin Grove Rd at Racine Rd43.716605-79.582177
5636Martin Grove Rd at Rampart Rd43.734111-79.590525
5635Martin Grove Rd at Rampart Rd43.733945-79.590127
5637Martin Grove Rd at Redgrave Dr43.683481-79.56738
5639Martin Grove Rd at Rexdale Blvd43.713597-79.580768
5638Martin Grove Rd at Rexdale Blvd43.713568-79.581134
5640Martin Grove Rd at Richgrove Dr43.676926-79.564426
2865Martin Grove Rd at Richgrove Dr43.677322-79.564238
5641Martin Grove Rd at Ronson Dr43.693647-79.571648
5642Martin Grove Rd at Ronson Dr43.693836-79.572034
9258Martin Grove Rd at Royalcrest Rd43.752246-79.599103
5643Martin Grove Rd at Royalcrest Rd43.752422-79.599501
5644Martin Grove Rd at Sabine Rd43.666823-79.559785
2866Martin Grove Rd at Sedgeley Dr43.679286-79.565154
5646Martin Grove Rd at Silverstone Dr43.75081-79.598364
5647Martin Grove Rd at Silverstone Dr43.751076-79.598837
5648Martin Grove Rd at Smithfield Park43.748484-79.597251
5656Martin Grove Rd at The Wway43.683182-79.566907
5649Martin Grove Rd at Tollington Rd43.686563-79.568443
5650Martin Grove Rd at Tollington Rd43.686679-79.568781
5652Martin Grove Rd at Vulcan St43.704926-79.576812
5651Martin Grove Rd at Vulcan St43.70461-79.576985
5654Martin Grove Rd at Waterbury Dr43.687841-79.569309
5653Martin Grove Rd at Waterbury Dr43.687701-79.568932
5655Martin Grove Rd at Whumber Blvd43.72593-79.586467
5657Martin Grove Rd at Winterton Dr43.672311-79.56199
1275Martin Ross Ave at Alness St43.774135-79.473691
14840Martin Ross Ave at Alness St43.774145-79.4742
1279Martin Ross Ave at Brisbane Rd43.773418-79.476878
1280Martin Ross Ave at Brisbane Rd43.773686-79.476268
1284Martin Ross Ave at Flint Rd43.77284-79.480089
1283Martin Ross Ave at Flint Rd E Side43.772741-79.479946
6560Maybrook Dr at McNicoll Ave43.82166-79.259422
10833Maybrook Dr at McNicoll Ave43.822016-79.259554
10237Maybrook Dr at Newmill Gate43.825459-79.261236
10241Maybrook Dr at Newmill Gate43.825884-79.261584
10236Maybrook Dr at Passmore Ave43.827861-79.261674
10240Maybrook Dr at Passmore Ave43.827716-79.261784
9800McCowan Rd / Alanbull Sq43.819978-79.272989
9819McCowan Rd / Enchanted Hills Cres43.828786-79.275376
9799McCowan Rd / Historic Ter43.820193-79.272839
15597McCowan Rd / Snowden Cir - Centennial GO43.875011-79.286562
9808McCowan Rd Loop at Steeles Ave E43.832437-79.275113
9995McCowan Rd at 14Th Ave43.849009-79.279491
10012McCowan Rd at 14Th Ave43.849399-79.279883
13480McCowan Rd at 14Th Ave43.850231-79.279674
10002McCowan Rd at 16Th Ave43.885025-79.288702
13716McCowan Rd at 16Th Ave43.884643-79.288871
9806McCowan Rd at Alton Towers Cir43.826687-79.275711
9810McCowan Rd at Alton Towers Cir43.82702-79.276064
9364McCowan Rd at Alton Towers Cir43.822598-79.274169
9805McCowan Rd at Alton Towers Cir43.822377-79.273762
1285McCowan Rd at Anson Ave43.72664-79.233247
5660McCowan Rd at Bellechasse St43.761349-79.247246
5661McCowan Rd at Benleigh Dr43.758218-79.245956
5662McCowan Rd at Benleigh Dr43.75845-79.246336
9358McCowan Rd at Big Red Ave43.814781-79.270447
12094McCowan Rd at Bridlegrove Dr43.7345-79.236519
12093McCowan Rd at Bridlegrove Dr43.734657-79.236305
9366McCowan Rd at Bridley Dr43.814517-79.270578
5664McCowan Rd at Brimorton Dr43.765576-79.249121
5663McCowan Rd at Brimorton Dr43.765254-79.248748
10008McCowan Rd at Bullock Dr43.872917-79.286108
9999McCowan Rd at Bullock Dr - Centennial GO43.872507-79.285637
13529McCowan Rd at Bur Oak Ave43.895058-79.291414
13521McCowan Rd at Bur Oak Ave43.89452-79.29095
777McCowan Rd at Bushby Dr43.774936-79.252175
10007McCowan Rd at Carlton Rd43.877216-79.287113
13877McCowan Rd at Castlemore Ave43.898403-79.29187
13878McCowan Rd at Castlemore Ave43.898895-79.292372
11800McCowan Rd at Coleraine Ave43.838225-79.276865
1290McCowan Rd at Commander Blvd43.796262-79.261695
1289McCowan Rd at Commander Blvd43.796506-79.261528
1291McCowan Rd at Cree Ave43.730642-79.234607
1292McCowan Rd at Cree Ave43.73082-79.235
10013McCowan Rd at Denison St43.841646-79.278162
9994McCowan Rd at Denison St43.841358-79.277698
11804McCowan Rd at Devonshire Ave43.838563-79.277355
1294McCowan Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.738578-79.238017
1293McCowan Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.73832-79.238182
5665McCowan Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.771989-79.251202
5666McCowan Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.77154-79.251482
9993McCowan Rd at Elson St43.834965-79.27602
9368McCowan Rd at Finch Ave E43.80821-79.266727
1296McCowan Rd at Finch Ave E43.807878-79.266239
2872McCowan Rd at Finch Ave E43.808611-79.266562
10014McCowan Rd at Gillingham Ave43.835334-79.276532
10009McCowan Rd at Heritage Rd43.870059-79.285397
9998McCowan Rd at Heritage Rd43.869608-79.284966
11801McCowan Rd at Highglen Ave43.845666-79.278819
11803McCowan Rd at Highglen Ave43.846056-79.279319
11907McCowan Rd at Highway 743.867349-79.284786
9997McCowan Rd at Highway 743.866966-79.284291
12078McCowan Rd at Highway 40143.782557-79.255208
5668McCowan Rd at Hollyhedge Dr43.753466-79.244573
5669McCowan Rd at Hollyhedge Dr43.753308-79.244715
1298McCowan Rd at Horfield Ave43.728523-79.23404
1297McCowan Rd at Horfield Ave43.728368-79.23366
1299McCowan Rd at Huntingwood Dr43.798816-79.262774
5670McCowan Rd at Hurley Cres43.768651-79.250339
5671McCowan Rd at Huronia Gate43.768414-79.249994
1300McCowan Rd at Invergordon Ave43.787318-79.257047
1301McCowan Rd at Kenhatch Blvd43.801324-79.263574
1302McCowan Rd at Kenhatch Blvd43.801585-79.263996
1304McCowan Rd at Kingston Rd43.72522-79.232658
1303McCowan Rd at Kingston Rd43.725677-79.232547
5672McCowan Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.755237-79.245257
5673McCowan Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.755742-79.245668
13532McCowan Rd at Manhattan Dr43.881911-79.288247
1306McCowan Rd at Martindale Rd43.732898-79.235869
1305McCowan Rd at Martindale Rd43.732748-79.23549
9359McCowan Rd at McNicoll Ave43.817821-79.271764
9365McCowan Rd at McNicoll Ave43.818132-79.272206
5675McCowan Rd at Meldazy Dr43.763591-79.248343
5674McCowan Rd at Meldazy Dr43.763574-79.248106
5676McCowan Rd at Meldazy Dr43.762072-79.247759
1307McCowan Rd at Middlefield Rd43.798532-79.262287
9836McCowan Rd at Milliken Wells Shopping Ctr43.825587-79.275465
1309McCowan Rd at Milner Ave43.78552-79.256738
1308McCowan Rd at Milner Ave43.785961-79.256495
9858McCowan Rd at Nugget Ave43.792208-79.260059
1310McCowan Rd at Nugget Ave43.791895-79.259599
15591McCowan Rd at Percy Reesor St43.901152-79.292549
15592McCowan Rd at Percy Reesor St43.900703-79.292744
1312McCowan Rd at Pitfield Rd43.787486-79.257514
1313McCowan Rd at Progress Ave43.776643-79.252857
10001McCowan Rd at Raymerville Dr43.881381-79.28777
10435McCowan Rd at Raymerville Dr43.876809-79.286683
9996McCowan Rd at S Unionville Ave43.860711-79.282728
10011McCowan Rd at S Unionville Ave43.861033-79.28314
2873McCowan Rd at Sandhurst Cir43.811497-79.268991
9367McCowan Rd at Sandhurst Cir43.811768-79.269357
1316McCowan Rd at Sandhurst Cir43.805288-79.265506
1315McCowan Rd at Sandhurst Cir43.804979-79.265073
14238McCowan Rd at Sdale Dr43.865443-79.283954
14310McCowan Rd at Sdale Dr43.86503-79.284087
1318McCowan Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.789787-79.259086
1317McCowan Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.789465-79.258561
5677McCowan Rd at St Andrews Rd43.760033-79.246706
5678McCowan Rd at St Andrews Rd43.760142-79.247004
10576McCowan Rd at Steeles Ave E43.830834-79.274962
9811McCowan Rd at Steeles Ave E43.831169-79.275424
9807McCowan Rd at Steeles Ave E43.83177-79.2752
10577McCowan Rd at Steeles Ave E43.830294-79.275161
9616McCowan Rd at Town Ctr Crt43.774794-79.252588
13520McCowan Rd at Trail Ridge Lane43.88733-79.289261
13530McCowan Rd at Trail Ridge Lane43.88768-79.289637
9623McCowan Rd at Triton Rd43.775532-79.252861
14158McCowan Rd at Wilfred Murison Ave43.890421-79.289968
14159McCowan Rd at Wilfred Murison Ave43.89081-79.290506
10653McCowan Rd at opp Milliken Wells Shopping Ctr43.825007-79.274966
1319McCowan Rd at opp Woodside Square Mall43.810168-79.26781
13721McCowan Station - Platform43.77496-79.251111
13722McCowan Station - Wbound Platform43.774882-79.251654
958McLevin Ave at Empringham Dr43.809833-79.210504
9579McLevin Ave at Empringham Dr E Side43.809704-79.210692
9587McLevin Ave at Fawcett Trail43.808636-79.207228
9572McLevin Ave at Greenspire Rd43.802912-79.232596
9595McLevin Ave at Greenspire Rd43.803144-79.232276
9591McLevin Ave at Hupfield Trail43.810477-79.219816
9580McLevin Ave at John Tabor Trail43.80779-79.206871
9570McLevin Ave at Malvern St43.799705-79.237767
9597McLevin Ave at Malvern St43.799731-79.237987
9590McLevin Ave at Pennyhill Dr43.810574-79.217599
9589McLevin Ave at Sewells Rd43.81057-79.214683
9574McLevin Ave at Tapscott Rd43.80495-79.226855
9593McLevin Ave at Tapscott Rd43.804911-79.227198
2908McNicoll Ave / Hawkshead Cres43.808082-79.313863
2877McNicoll Ave at Bedle Ave43.799485-79.35716
2876McNicoll Ave at Bedle Ave43.799662-79.356975
2879McNicoll Ave at Birchmount Rd43.808458-79.311412
2878McNicoll Ave at Birchmount Rd43.808556-79.311781
12028McNicoll Ave at Boxdene Ave43.818577-79.269377
12024McNicoll Ave at Boxdene Ave43.81831-79.269852
2881McNicoll Ave at Brahms Ave43.799544-79.359911
2880McNicoll Ave at Brahms Ave43.799614-79.360212
12032McNicoll Ave at Bramblebrook Ave43.814539-79.286299
12021McNicoll Ave at Brimley Rd43.815533-79.282137
12031McNicoll Ave at Brimley Rd43.815856-79.281506
2884McNicoll Ave at Clansman Blvd43.801843-79.362894
2883McNicoll Ave at Clansman Blvd43.801929-79.363231
12020McNicoll Ave at Cleadon Rd43.814436-79.286171
2885McNicoll Ave at Don Mills Rd43.799544-79.35439
2886McNicoll Ave at Don Mills Rd43.79967-79.353848
10829McNicoll Ave at Dynamic Dr E Side43.823316-79.250753
2887McNicoll Ave at Eagle Point Rd43.805294-79.326121
2882McNicoll Ave at Eagle Point Rd43.804986-79.326598
2888McNicoll Ave at Harold Evans Cres43.803557-79.341482
2889McNicoll Ave at Hines Dr43.801462-79.348424
12030McNicoll Ave at Hutchcroft Ave43.816964-79.276511
12022McNicoll Ave at Hutchcroft Ave E Side43.816842-79.276515
2890McNicoll Ave at Innislawn Rd43.807506-79.316335
12034McNicoll Ave at Kennedy Rd43.812285-79.30168
12018McNicoll Ave at Kennedy Rd43.811982-79.302128
2891McNicoll Ave at La Peer Blvd43.807417-79.315865
2892McNicoll Ave at Leslie St43.801451-79.370452
10840McNicoll Ave at Markham Rd43.823774-79.24824
12023McNicoll Ave at McCowan Rd43.817832-79.272213
12029McNicoll Ave at McCowan Rd43.818092-79.271744
2893McNicoll Ave at Michael Dr43.803117-79.365198
2894McNicoll Ave at Michael Dr43.803074-79.364838
12026McNicoll Ave at Middlefield Rd43.819937-79.262383
6563McNicoll Ave at Middlefield Rd43.820586-79.260854
12019McNicoll Ave at Midland Ave43.814437-79.292415
12033McNicoll Ave at Midland Ave43.814703-79.291996
2895McNicoll Ave at Mogul Dr43.799755-79.351958
2896McNicoll Ave at Mogul Dr43.800092-79.351105
11071McNicoll Ave at Morbank Dr43.80906-79.308999
11073McNicoll Ave at Morbank Dr43.809319-79.308617
2897McNicoll Ave at Myers Lane43.802859-79.368176
2898McNicoll Ave at Myers Lane43.803048-79.367798
2901McNicoll Ave at Pharmacy Ave43.804256-79.330498
2900McNicoll Ave at Pharmacy Ave43.80393-79.331097
2902McNicoll Ave at Picola Crt43.801676-79.348388
2903McNicoll Ave at Placer Crt43.803283-79.342119
12049McNicoll Ave at Shady Hollow Dr43.81937-79.264798
12027McNicoll Ave at Shady Hollow Dr43.819408-79.265313
12017McNicoll Ave at Silver Springs Blvd43.809896-79.306447
12035McNicoll Ave at Silver Springs Blvd43.810154-79.306225
15006McNicoll Ave at Silver Star Blvd43.813689-79.295226
15007McNicoll Ave at Silver Star Blvd43.81401-79.294772
14116McNicoll Ave at Stonebridge Blvd43.80556-79.324084
6562McNicoll Ave at Tiffield Rd E Side43.820863-79.259952
9179McNicoll Ave at Victoria Park Ave43.803924-79.336632
2904McNicoll Ave at Victoria Park Ave43.804006-79.336971
2905McNicoll Ave at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.804215-79.335379
2909McNicoll Ave at Warden Ave43.80617-79.321258
2910McNicoll Ave at Warden Ave43.806495-79.320661
12050McNicoll Ave at White Heather Blvd43.819032-79.267387
12025McNicoll Ave at White Heather Blvd43.818827-79.267586
2907McNicoll Ave at opp Walkway to Hawkshead Cres43.807964-79.313688
7959McRae Dr at Laird Dr43.71-79.363684
7960McRae Dr at Laird Dr43.710017-79.363889
7962McRae Dr at Rumsey Rd43.707391-79.367245
7961McRae Dr at Rumsey Rd E Side43.707243-79.367246
7964McRae Dr at Sutherland Dr43.70842-79.365512
7963McRae Dr at Sutherland Dr43.708563-79.365684
9343Meadowvale Loop at Sheppard Ave E43.809148-79.170722
6578Meadowvale Rd at Dean Park Rd43.804327-79.168982
6565Meadowvale Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.792363-79.163397
6566Meadowvale Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.792656-79.163771
6568Meadowvale Rd at Euclid Ave43.796107-79.165195
6569Meadowvale Rd at Generation Blvd43.804115-79.168529
6570Meadowvale Rd at Kingston Rd43.788846-79.162248
6571Meadowvale Rd at Kingston Rd43.789314-79.162252
14316Meadowvale Rd at Lavery Trail43.795871-79.164864
10257Meadowvale Rd at Muirbank Blvd43.793713-79.16411
10256Meadowvale Rd at Muirbank Blvd43.793646-79.163829
6572Meadowvale Rd at Rotary Dr43.806698-79.169822
6579Meadowvale Rd at Rotary Dr43.806818-79.170155
6575Meadowvale Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.808582-79.171055
11668Meadowvale Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.808077-79.170511
6573Meadowvale Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.808976-79.170941
6564Meadowvale Rd at Zoo Rd43.818114-79.173192
11657Michael Garron Hospital43.689524-79.326019
11628Michael Power / St Joseph H.S.43.659476-79.582965
11627Michael Power / St Joseph H.S.43.659289-79.582873
11629Michael Power / St Joseph H.S.43.65916-79.58283
6600Middlefield Rd / Buckhurst Cres43.805348-79.254808
10920Middlefield Rd Loop at Steeles Ave E43.835135-79.268277
6581Middlefield Rd at Arbor Low Gate43.811951-79.258687
15539Middlefield Rd at Arbor Low Gate43.81158-79.258298
6583Middlefield Rd at Compass Crt43.801894-79.256693
15538Middlefield Rd at Compass Crt43.801785-79.257
6585Middlefield Rd at Finch Ave E43.809741-79.257418
6586Middlefield Rd at Finch Ave E43.810072-79.25795
10242Middlefield Rd at Ingleton Blvd43.826901-79.265054
6602Middlefield Rd at McCowan Rd43.799166-79.260706
6588Middlefield Rd at McNicoll Ave43.820307-79.262243
6587Middlefield Rd at McNicoll Ave43.81994-79.261898
6590Middlefield Rd at Nashdene Rd43.817441-79.261068
6589Middlefield Rd at Nashdene Rd43.817581-79.260909
10243Middlefield Rd at Newmill Gate43.825134-79.264109
10238Middlefield Rd at Newmill Gate43.824777-79.263728
6593Middlefield Rd at Orator Gate43.808041-79.256466
13896Middlefield Rd at Orator Gate43.808245-79.256455
10239Middlefield Rd at Passmore Ave43.827006-79.264802
11604Middlefield Rd at Passmore Ave E Side43.82746-79.264401
6595Middlefield Rd at Pebblewood Ave43.823063-79.262989
6596Middlefield Rd at Pebblewood Ave43.823309-79.263322
6597Middlefield Rd at Richmond Park Blvd43.814165-79.259442
6598Middlefield Rd at Richmond Park Blvd43.814349-79.259733
11600Middlefield Rd at Select Ave43.829141-79.266123
11603Middlefield Rd at Select Ave43.829576-79.266573
11605Middlefield Rd at Steeles Ave E43.832509-79.267626
10923Middlefield Rd at Steeles Ave E43.832957-79.268141
10921Middlefield Rd at Steeles Ave E43.833459-79.267992
6601Middlefield Rd at opp Walkway to Buckhurst Cres43.805305-79.254551
6599Middlefield Rd at opp Walkway to Bushcroft Grove43.799133-79.260164
5680Midland Ave at Artillery St43.818006-79.293639
5681Midland Ave at Artillery St43.818293-79.294015
1323Midland Ave at Aylesworth Ave43.714067-79.249318
2911Midland Ave at Aylesworth Ave43.713481-79.249277
5687Midland Ave at Baylawn Dr43.800337-79.284978
5688Midland Ave at Boarhill Dr43.799936-79.284552
5689Midland Ave at Broadbent Ave43.738778-79.25981
1324Midland Ave at Brussels Rd43.732556-79.257169
16042Midland Ave at Copthorne Ave43.82057-79.294763
2913Midland Ave at Danforth Rd43.724981-79.254164
1325Midland Ave at Danforth Rd43.724738-79.253779
5695Midland Ave at Dorcot Ave43.758095-79.267625
5694Midland Ave at Dorcot Ave43.757824-79.267294
16043Midland Ave at Duxbury Dr (Truro Cres Walkway)43.823413-79.296033
5697Midland Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.734723-79.258371
5696Midland Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.735216-79.258277
5699Midland Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.768139-79.271312
5698Midland Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.767566-79.270917
5700Midland Ave at Emblem Crt43.779052-79.275656
5701Midland Ave at Emmeline Cres43.796001-79.283134
5703Midland Ave at Finch Ave E43.803907-79.286564
5702Midland Ave at Finch Ave E43.803574-79.286069
5704Midland Ave at Gilder Dr43.735967-79.258633
5705Midland Ave at Goodland Gate43.779038-79.275377
1326Midland Ave at Hagley Rd43.715707-79.249999
5707Midland Ave at Havendale Rd43.793401-79.282047
5706Midland Ave at Havendale Rd43.793225-79.281704
5709Midland Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.797197-79.283686
5708Midland Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.796901-79.283225
5711Midland Ave at Kilcullen Castle Gate43.809931-79.289989
5710Midland Ave at Kilcullen Castle Gate43.80947-79.290016
5713Midland Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.751707-79.265301
5712Midland Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.751281-79.264867
5714Midland Ave at Lockie Ave43.78933-79.280053
5715Midland Ave at Lockie Ave43.788673-79.280081
5718Midland Ave at Lord Roberts Dr43.735772-79.258784
1327Midland Ave at Lorraine Ave43.730662-79.256386
5719Midland Ave at Marcos Blvd43.746225-79.262908
5721Midland Ave at McNicoll Ave43.814719-79.292391
5720Midland Ave at McNicoll Ave43.814436-79.292004
9618Midland Ave at Midland Station43.770503-79.271864
5692Midland Ave at Midland Station43.770434-79.272115
5723Midland Ave at Midwest Rd43.766055-79.270722
5690Midland Ave at Midwest Rd43.765681-79.270348
5724Midland Ave at Midwest Rd43.754112-79.266076
5726Midland Ave at Millbridge Gate43.762513-79.269114
5725Midland Ave at Millbridge Gate43.762342-79.269279
5727Midland Ave at Montgomery Ave43.79083-79.28072
5728Midland Ave at Montgomery Ave43.790915-79.280968
5730Midland Ave at Norbury Cres43.755793-79.266489
5729Midland Ave at Norbury Cres43.755787-79.266742
2914Midland Ave at Park St43.712145-79.248704
5732Midland Ave at Passmore Ave43.820918-79.295178
5734Midland Ave at Progress Ave43.773157-79.273219
5733Midland Ave at Progress Ave43.772736-79.272762
5736Midland Ave at Prudential Dr43.74949-79.264254
5735Midland Ave at Prudential Dr43.749747-79.264703
5737Midland Ave at Romulus Dr43.746772-79.263388
5739Midland Ave at Rural Ave43.787285-79.279459
5738Midland Ave at Rural Ave43.787473-79.279241
5744Midland Ave at S Shields Ave43.806921-79.288598
2915Midland Ave at Safari St43.731156-79.256788
5740Midland Ave at Salome Dr43.781639-79.276398
5741Midland Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.785521-79.278841
5742Midland Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.785192-79.278303
5743Midland Ave at Silver Star Blvd43.807163-79.288962
1329Midland Ave at St Clair Ave E43.718432-79.251018
2917Midland Ave at St Clair Ave E43.71904-79.251614
1330Midland Ave at St Clair Ave E43.719303-79.251364
2916Midland Ave at St Clair Ave E43.718401-79.251308
5746Midland Ave at Stansbury Cres43.74243-79.261332
15991Midland Ave at Stansbury Cres43.742293-79.261487
16044Midland Ave at Steeles Ave E43.825502-79.296966
11251Midland Ave at Steeles Ave E43.825426-79.297157
5745Midland Ave at Stubbswood Sq43.794831-79.282368
2912Midland Ave at Town Haven Pl43.733036-79.257608
5748Midland Ave at Treewood St43.753548-79.265625
1331Midland Ave at Verdun Ave43.728826-79.255599
2918Midland Ave at Verdun Ave43.728502-79.255665
5749Midland Ave at Wainfleet Rd43.739022-79.260133
5751Midland Ave at Weybright Crt43.781758-79.276726
2919Midland Ave at Wilkie Ave43.71552-79.250145
1332Midland Ave at Wolfe Ave43.727054-79.254847
2920Midland Ave at Wolfe Ave43.727211-79.255132
13725Midland Station - Ebound Platform43.770448-79.271586
13726Midland Station - Wbound Platform43.770448-79.272286
7969Military Trail at Bobmar Rd43.782663-79.176986
7970Military Trail at Bobmar Rd43.782638-79.177488
7971Military Trail at Conlins Rd43.783779-79.182208
7973Military Trail at Gladys Rd43.783008-79.179576
7972Military Trail at Gladys Rd43.783066-79.179188
7974Military Trail at Lash Crt43.783478-79.181795
11415Military Trail at Morningside Ave43.789009-79.193257
7975Military Trail at Old Kingston Rd43.782049-79.174233
15281Military Trail at Pan Am Dr43.787767-79.190398
7977Military Trail at University of Toronto Scarborough43.785926-79.186773
1249Mill Rd at Burnhamthorpe Loop43.640606-79.582909
1340Mill Rd at Markland Dr - Silverthorne C.I.43.636821-79.580761
1494Mill Rd at Rathburn Rd Loop43.645355-79.590085
1348Mill Rd at Toledo Rd43.634066-79.57709
15246Mill St at Cherry St43.65127-79.357883
6603Mill St at Parliament St43.650318-79.36191
6604Mill St at Trinity St43.650855-79.359623
7979Millwood Rd at McRae Dr43.704797-79.367852
7978Millwood Rd at McRae Dr43.704652-79.367698
4484Millwood Rd at Overlea Blvd43.70187-79.35243
5753Millwood Rd at Overlea Blvd43.702117-79.353246
2927Millwood Rd at Overlea Blvd43.701557-79.352492
7980Millwood Rd at Randolph Rd43.702915-79.362657
11621Millwood Rd at Randolph Rd43.703118-79.363458
5752Millwood Rd at Redway Rd43.701745-79.357668
7981Millwood Rd at Svale Dr43.702461-79.361822
7982Millwood Rd at Village Station Rd43.701944-79.357766
9558Milner Ave at Burrows Hall Blvd43.794918-79.219399
9548Milner Ave at Burrows Hall Blvd43.794705-79.219718
12066Milner Ave at Cinemart Dr43.797855-79.204297
12065Milner Ave at Cinemart Dr43.7976-79.204422
1358Milner Ave at Executive Crt43.786435-79.242431
1360Milner Ave at Markham Rd43.789447-79.237386
10749Milner Ave at Markham Rd43.789771-79.236768
9474Milner Ave at McCowan Rd43.785732-79.255226
1361Milner Ave at McCowan Rd E Side43.785461-79.255629
1363Milner Ave at Mid-Dominion Acres43.786919-79.241991
9557Milner Ave at Neilson Rd43.795624-79.216322
9549Milner Ave at Neilson Rd E Side43.795563-79.215845
1365Milner Ave at Novopharm Crt43.790987-79.230493
15857Milner Ave at Novopharm Crt43.791263-79.229095
1352Milner Ave at Progress Ave43.79036-79.233874
1368Milner Ave at Progress Ave E Side43.790343-79.233051
9330Milner Ave at Scunthorpe Rd43.788982-79.240015
9854Milner Ave at Shadowood Crt43.798662-79.202988
4488Milvan Dr at Millwick Dr43.760715-79.566035
4489Milvan Dr at Millwick Dr43.756247-79.560203
4490Milvan Dr at Penn Dr43.755316-79.55831
4491Milvan Dr at Penn Dr43.75159-79.5531
11584Mimico Ave at Lake Shore Blvd W W Side43.613708-79.489947
11586Mimico Ave at Royal York Rd43.61236-79.496407
15127Mimico Ave at Royal York Rd43.612399-79.496206
11585Mimico Ave at Wheatfield Rd43.613097-79.492905
15394Mingay Ave at Fred McLaren Blvd43.903786-79.276762
15395Mingay Ave at Major Mackenzie Dr E43.907142-79.277864
7984Montressor Dr at Troon Crt43.75865-79.392075
7983Montressor Dr at Troon Crt43.758592-79.391835
7985Moore Ave at Brendan Rd43.695296-79.378662
7986Moore Ave at Brendan Rd43.695491-79.378399
7987Moore Ave at Lumley Ave43.695729-79.376458
7988Moore Ave at Lumley Ave43.695951-79.376216
7989Moore Ave at Orchard Green43.696143-79.374664
7990Moore Ave at Orchard Green43.696364-79.374325
12044Moore Park Ave at Fargo Ave43.792727-79.424384
12003Moore Park Ave at Yonge St43.793725-79.419859
5758Morning Star Dr at Airport Rd E Side43.709985-79.649766
15015Morning Star Dr at Cambrett Dr43.71728-79.645238
15016Morning Star Dr at Cambrett Dr43.717684-79.645283
5755Morning Star Dr at Catalpa Rd43.719752-79.643204
5756Morning Star Dr at Catalpa Rd43.720149-79.643031
10260Morning Star Dr at Collett Rd43.710376-79.649557
16251Morning Star Dr at Goreway Dr43.720611-79.642243
5759Morning Star Dr at Lancaster Ave43.712757-79.647418
5760Morning Star Dr at Manion Rd43.71257-79.647738
5762Morning Star Dr at Netherwood Rd43.716309-79.645894
5761Morning Star Dr at Netherwood Rd43.715993-79.645872
5764Morning Star Dr at Reindeer Dr43.714642-79.646501
5763Morning Star Dr at Reindeer Dr43.714132-79.646964
2971Morningside Ave / McKnight Dr43.810596-79.203704
14104Morningside Ave / Raponi Cir43.826549-79.232874
2935Morningside Ave at Casebridge Crt43.808784-79.202489
10947Morningside Ave at Casebridge Crt43.809256-79.20275
14327Morningside Ave at Cinemart Dr43.797707-79.197446
14188Morningside Ave at Cinemart Dr43.797923-79.198018
2938Morningside Ave at Coronation Dr43.76203-79.183779
2937Morningside Ave at Coronation Dr43.762152-79.183604
2939Morningside Ave at Cumber Ave43.754973-79.180689
2940Morningside Ave at Danzig St43.764773-79.184746
14611Morningside Ave at Danzig St43.764989-79.185058
2943Morningside Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.785474-79.193594
2942Morningside Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.785187-79.193109
14559Morningside Ave at Finch Ave E43.819532-79.221383
2944Morningside Ave at Fordover Dr43.75464-79.180318
2945Morningside Ave at Gardentree St43.759612-79.182708
2946Morningside Ave at Greyabbey Trail43.753468-79.179805
2947Morningside Ave at Guildwood Pkwy43.753316-79.179952
9501Morningside Ave at Halfway Ave43.81788-79.213959
9499Morningside Ave at Halfway Ave43.817946-79.213552
15159Morningside Ave at Hwy 40143.795015-79.1967
2949Morningside Ave at John Stoner Dr43.813347-79.206612
11249Morningside Ave at John Stoner Dr43.813037-79.206022
2951Morningside Ave at Kingston Rd43.770709-79.187088
2950Morningside Ave at Kingston Rd43.770429-79.186653
15280Morningside Ave at Kingston Rd43.771286-79.187002
6605Morningside Ave at Lavinia Ave E Side43.645239-79.476587
2953Morningside Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.768582-79.186385
6607Morningside Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.769376-79.186259
2952Morningside Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.768225-79.186029
2954Morningside Ave at Ling Rd43.766498-79.185497
14612Morningside Ave at Ling Rd43.7667-79.185828
2956Morningside Ave at McLevin Ave43.809027-79.203015
2957Morningside Ave at Military Trail43.789519-79.194624
2958Morningside Ave at Military Trail43.788865-79.19396
2959Morningside Ave at Milner Ave43.80012-79.198796
2960Morningside Ave at Milner Ave43.800408-79.199317
2963Morningside Ave at Morningside Park43.780477-79.191414
2948Morningside Ave at Morningview Trail43.813343-79.206063
14969Morningside Ave at Nightstar Rd43.822569-79.229635
9500Morningside Ave at Old Finch Ave43.81882-79.21536
14555Morningside Ave at Old Finch Ave43.818701-79.214714
16256Morningside Ave at Passmore Ave43.833489-79.241136
16252Morningside Ave at Passmore Ave - Amazon Fulfillment Ctr43.835793-79.242093
2964Morningside Ave at Pixley Cres43.760016-79.182665
14991Morningside Ave at Plantain Way43.82109-79.226349
14970Morningside Ave at Plantain Way43.820848-79.226547
9502Morningside Ave at Sewells Rd43.816359-79.211539
2965Morningside Ave at Sewells Rd43.816633-79.21143
2966Morningside Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.801848-79.199507
2967Morningside Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.802147-79.200072
14556Morningside Ave at Staines Rd43.819856-79.220785
14990Morningside Ave at Staines Rd43.819734-79.221875
2933Morningside Ave at Tams Rd43.791907-79.195301
2961Morningside Ave at Tams Rd43.792159-79.195743
2969Morningside Ave at Tefft Rd43.772819-79.18794
2968Morningside Ave at Tefft Rd43.772365-79.187508
6608Morningside Ave at Windermere Ave43.644998-79.478178
2962Morningside Ave at opp Morningside Park43.780882-79.19135
11241Morningview Trail at Gennela Sq43.814468-79.202932
13329Morningview Trail at Littles Rd43.814615-79.202266
13324Morningview Trail at Old Finch Ave43.821842-79.201705
13325Morningview Trail at Old Finch Ave43.821706-79.201763
13327Morningview Trail at Rangeley Dr43.817555-79.199796
13323Morningview Trail at Sewells Rd43.819758-79.200709
13326Morningview Trail at Sewells Rd43.819952-79.201003
11384Morrish Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.79041-79.173512
11383Morrish Rd at Grantown Ave43.792886-79.174542
5766Mortimer Ave at Broadview Ave E Side43.683928-79.356471
5768Mortimer Ave at Burley Ave43.684444-79.3544
5767Mortimer Ave at Burley Ave E Side43.684395-79.354074
5770Mortimer Ave at Carlaw Ave43.685367-79.349689
5769Mortimer Ave at Carlaw Ave E Side43.685303-79.34947
5771Mortimer Ave at Coxwell Ave - Michael Garron Hospital43.690445-79.326727
5772Mortimer Ave at Coxwell Ave - Michael Garron Hospital43.690677-79.326343
5773Mortimer Ave at Coxwell Ave- Michael Garron Hospital43.69056-79.327056
5774Mortimer Ave at Dewhurst Blvd43.686947-79.342315
5775Mortimer Ave at Dewhurst Blvd43.68702-79.342498
5776Mortimer Ave at Donlands Ave43.687502-79.340447
5777Mortimer Ave at Donlands Ave43.687734-79.339921
5778Mortimer Ave at Dunkirk Rd43.691303-79.323192
5780Mortimer Ave at Glebemount Ave43.691522-79.320499
5779Mortimer Ave at Glebemount Ave43.691335-79.320811
5781Mortimer Ave at Greenwood Ave43.688544-79.335631
5782Mortimer Ave at Greenwood Ave43.688722-79.335354
5784Mortimer Ave at Inwood Ave43.688147-79.337457
5783Mortimer Ave at Inwood Ave43.688157-79.338093
5785Mortimer Ave at Knight St43.691012-79.32416
5786Mortimer Ave at Linsmore Cres43.689443-79.332075
5787Mortimer Ave at Linsmore Cres43.689143-79.332753
5788Mortimer Ave at Logan Ave43.684794-79.352053
5789Mortimer Ave at Logan Ave43.684951-79.351821
5791Mortimer Ave at Pape Ave43.68585-79.347273
5790Mortimer Ave at Pape Ave43.685657-79.347635
5793Mortimer Ave at Roosevelt Rd43.68975-79.329935
5792Mortimer Ave at Roosevelt Rd43.690015-79.329302
5795Mortimer Ave at Woodbine Ave43.692547-79.315907
5794Mortimer Ave at Woodbine Ave43.692559-79.316192
5797Mortimer Ave at Woodmount Ave43.692042-79.318088
5796Mortimer Ave at Woodmount Ave43.691885-79.318293
5798Mortimer Ave at Woodycrest Ave43.686491-79.344572
5799Mortimer Ave at Woodycrest Ave43.686686-79.344244
9894Mountcastle Gate at Steeles Ave E43.820299-79.320232
5802Mt Pleasant Rd at Belsize Dr43.702367-79.387635
5803Mt Pleasant Rd at Belsize Dr43.702552-79.387956
5804Mt Pleasant Rd at Blythwood Rd43.717773-79.393994
5805Mt Pleasant Rd at Bowood Ave43.729717-79.398155
5806Mt Pleasant Rd at Broadway Ave43.711019-79.391043
5807Mt Pleasant Rd at Broadway Ave43.711254-79.391333
5810Mt Pleasant Rd at Davisville Ave43.700213-79.3868
5811Mt Pleasant Rd at Davisville Ave43.700441-79.387123
5812Mt Pleasant Rd at Dinnick Cres43.722895-79.395847
5817Mt Pleasant Rd at Erskine Ave43.712685-79.391869
5816Mt Pleasant Rd at Erskine Ave43.712508-79.391602
5818Mt Pleasant Rd at Glenforest Rd43.731393-79.398814
5819Mt Pleasant Rd at Glengowan Rd43.720261-79.394781
5820Mt Pleasant Rd at Glengowan Rd43.720724-79.395167
5821Mt Pleasant Rd at Golfdale Rd43.733037-79.399452
5823Mt Pleasant Rd at Heath St E43.692304-79.384217
5822Mt Pleasant Rd at Heath St E43.692142-79.383921
5825Mt Pleasant Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.725787-79.396998
5828Mt Pleasant Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.726711-79.396602
5826Mt Pleasant Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.726749-79.39643
5827Mt Pleasant Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.725748-79.397165
5829Mt Pleasant Rd at Lawrence Cres43.724052-79.396478
5830Mt Pleasant Rd at Lawrence Cres43.724756-79.396589
5831Mt Pleasant Rd at Manor Rd E43.70422-79.388369
5832Mt Pleasant Rd at Manor Rd E43.704415-79.388721
5833Mt Pleasant Rd at Merton St43.698052-79.386295
5834Mt Pleasant Rd at Merton St43.698396-79.386638
5835Mt Pleasant Rd at Moore Ave43.693467-79.384469
5836Mt Pleasant Rd at Moore Ave43.693653-79.384773
5809Mt Pleasant Rd at Mt Pleasant Cemetery43.694928-79.385302
5808Mt Pleasant Rd at Mt Pleasant Cemetery43.695742-79.38538
5837Mt Pleasant Rd at Ranleigh Ave43.728996-79.39772
15534Mt Pleasant Rd at Roehampton Ave43.709704-79.390743
15713Mt Pleasant Rd at Roehampton Ave43.709502-79.39046
5838Mt Pleasant Rd at Roslin Ave43.730321-79.398227
5840Mt Pleasant Rd at Sherwood Ave43.715163-79.392804
11995Mt Pleasant Rd at Sherwood Ave43.714879-79.392503
5841Mt Pleasant Rd at Snowdon Ave43.731983-79.398877
5843Mt Pleasant Rd at Soudan Ave43.706182-79.389421
5842Mt Pleasant Rd at Soudan Ave43.705959-79.389091
5844Mt Pleasant Rd at St Clair Ave E43.690842-79.383386
5845Mt Pleasant Rd at St Leonards Ave43.722398-79.395822
5846Mt Pleasant Rd at Stibbard Ave43.717052-79.39382
5847Mt Pleasant Rd at Teddington Park Ave43.733864-79.399593
5848Mt Pleasant Rd at Wanless Ave43.727719-79.397392
9552Murison Blvd at Breckon Gate43.799756-79.206259
9723Murison Blvd at Milner Ave43.799295-79.202522
9853Murison Blvd at Split Maple Crt43.79964-79.203148
9852Murison Blvd at Usherwood Crt E Side43.79973-79.206015
16238Murray Ross Pkwy at Columbia Gate43.766223-79.494362
14832Murray Ross Pkwy at Evelyn Wiggins Dr43.766725-79.493876
14860Murray Ross Pkwy at Haynes Ave43.765622-79.497611
14861Murray Ross Pkwy at Haynes Ave E Side43.765533-79.497545
13671Murray Ross Pkwy at Sentinel Rd43.765014-79.500877
14845Murray Ross Pkwy at Sentinel Rd E Side43.764927-79.500283
15634Murray Ross Pkwy at Shoreham Dr43.772002-79.513943
12658Murray Ross Pkwy at Shoreham Dr43.772235-79.513864
11511Murray Ross Pkwy at Steeles Ave W43.775841-79.516905
13825Museum Station - Nbound Platform43.667249-79.393389
13826Museum Station - Sbound Platform43.665949-79.392989
10826Nashdene Rd at Markham Rd43.820098-79.247102
9908Neilson Ave at Crow Trail43.812755-79.225784
1371Neilson Rd / Blackwater Cres & Kessack Crt43.799867-79.218453
1385Neilson Rd / Blackwater Cres & Kessack Crt43.799907-79.218183
1373Neilson Rd at Berner Trail43.802292-79.217834
1375Neilson Rd at Crow Trail43.812353-79.225946
1379Neilson Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.782798-79.205156
1378Neilson Rd at Ellesmere Rd43.783012-79.205028
13904Neilson Rd at Finch Ave E43.81611-79.227271
1380Neilson Rd at Finch Ave E43.81544-79.227311
11667Neilson Rd at Finch Ave E43.815638-79.227412
1383Neilson Rd at Keeler Blvd43.790075-79.211457
1384Neilson Rd at Livonia Pl43.78543-79.206107
11714Neilson Rd at Malvern Town Ctr (East Entrance)43.8079-79.219949
9410Neilson Rd at McLevin Ave43.809181-79.222072
9409Neilson Rd at McLevin Ave43.8091-79.221269
1387Neilson Rd at Military Trail43.787917-79.208112
1386Neilson Rd at Military Trail43.78765-79.208069
1388Neilson Rd at Milner Ave43.795851-79.216863
1389Neilson Rd at Milner Ave43.795994-79.216541
13903Neilson Rd at Neilson Park Dr43.81439-79.226549
1392Neilson Rd at Oakmeadow Blvd43.791189-79.213692
1393Neilson Rd at Oakmeadow Blvd43.791116-79.213303
9426Neilson Rd at Oakmeadow Blvd43.79014-79.211951
1394Neilson Rd at Purpledusk Trail43.785235-79.20626
1399Neilson Rd at Sewells Rd43.806417-79.218347
1400Neilson Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.797971-79.217375
1401Neilson Rd at Sheppard Ave E43.798278-79.217892
1403Neilson Rd at Silverbell Grove43.804102-79.217064
1402Neilson Rd at Silverbell Grove43.804009-79.217316
1404Neilson Rd at Tapscott Rd43.806674-79.218959
9983Neilson Rd at Wickson Trail43.801842-79.217723
6613Neptune Dr at Bathurst St43.731285-79.4334
6618Neptune Dr at Rajah St43.732085-79.438452
6617Neptune Dr at Rajah St43.731733-79.438991
11933New Wminster Dr at Bathurst St43.817037-79.452049
11932New Wminster Dr at Beverley Glen Blvd43.813935-79.45661
11930New Wminster Dr at Ctr St43.809212-79.457135
11931New Wminster Dr at Katerina Ave43.811469-79.457406
15715Newcastle St at Windsor St- Mimico GO43.617842-79.497107
5849Newgale Gate at Finchdene Sq43.818861-79.237676
11552Newgale Gate at Finchdene Sq43.818881-79.238096
14082Nightstar Rd at Cranberry Dr43.825574-79.224469
13906Nightstar Rd at Morningside Ave43.823402-79.230475
14083Nightstar Rd at Pogonia St43.824774-79.226653
14557Nightstar Rd at Wharnsby Dr43.823871-79.229293
11739Ninth St at Birmingham St43.602332-79.508392
7995Norelco Dr at Fenmar Dr43.760173-79.532773
7996Norelco Dr at Ormont Dr43.767357-79.534477
5868Norfinch Dr / Shoreham Dr43.766445-79.530388
9180Norfinch Dr at Finch Ave W43.756148-79.52451
9181Norfinch Dr at Finch Ave W43.756568-79.524486
5867Norfinch Dr at Steeles Ave W43.772864-79.531451
9184Norfinch Dr at Steeles Ave W43.772811-79.531686
15602North Park Plaza (Walmart)43.709155-79.474315
9510North Queen St at Atomic Ave43.621833-79.543026
9511North Queen St at Atomic Ave43.622082-79.542704
10628North Queen St at Eside Dr43.619964-79.552113
10625North Queen St at Eside Dr E Side43.619815-79.552003
10624North Queen St at Index Rd43.619294-79.554263
10629North Queen St at Index Rd43.619313-79.555066
10630North Queen St at Manstor Rd43.61851-79.557597
10623North Queen St at Manstor Rd43.617687-79.557511
9241North Queen St at Medulla Ave43.62126-79.54552
9238North Queen St at Medulla Ave43.621519-79.545196
13670North Queen St at Nova Rd43.615963-79.556747
10631North Queen St at Nova Rd43.616293-79.557141
10627North Queen St at The E Mall43.620636-79.549127
14320North Queen St at The E Mall E Side43.620509-79.548785
10632North Queen St at The Queensway43.614581-79.5565
10621North Queen St at The Queensway43.61511-79.556375
1038North Service Rd at Eglinton Ave E43.733029-79.265477
13790North York Ctr Station - Nbound Platform43.768547-79.412592
13789North York Ctr Station - Sbound Platform43.767347-79.412492
13688North York General Hospital - Main Entrance43.76971-79.363485
14439North York General Hospital - Main Entrance43.769584-79.363668
11233Northover St at Giltspur Dr43.738716-79.500376
11222Northover St at Sheppard Ave W43.74084-79.501268
11232Northover St at Slater Crt43.740104-79.500961
9567Nugget Ave at Dovedale Crt43.796749-79.24753
9600Nugget Ave at Dovedale Crt43.796931-79.247408
14085Nugget Ave at Markham Rd43.798356-79.24176
9598Nugget Ave at Markham Rd43.798528-79.241813
9603Nugget Ave at McCowan Rd43.792335-79.258866
15040Nugget Ave at McCowan Rd E Side43.792132-79.259109
9601Nugget Ave at Shorting Rd43.796508-79.250759
9566Nugget Ave at Shorting Rd43.796251-79.251224
9568Nugget Ave at Transfer Pl43.797902-79.244522
9599Nugget Ave at Transfer Pl43.798094-79.244177
14309Nunavut Rd - Horse Palace43.634699-79.416659
5919O'Connor Dr at Amsterdam Ave43.714143-79.305963
5918O'Connor Dr at Amsterdam Ave43.714263-79.306145
1406O'Connor Dr at Athlone Rd43.696118-79.337377
1407O'Connor Dr at Beechwood Dr43.692737-79.353065
5920O'Connor Dr at Bermondsey Rd43.712699-79.307406
5922O'Connor Dr at Binswood Ave43.698634-79.325691
5921O'Connor Dr at Binswood Ave E Side43.698573-79.325163
1408O'Connor Dr at Chilton Rd43.693731-79.347312
1409O'Connor Dr at Coxwell Ave43.697612-79.329696
5923O'Connor Dr at Cranborne Ave43.723135-79.302819
5924O'Connor Dr at Curity Ave43.708113-79.311026
1410O'Connor Dr at Derwyn Rd43.696467-79.335009
1411O'Connor Dr at Derwyn Rd43.696688-79.334719
5925O'Connor Dr at Dohme Ave43.710376-79.308937
5926O'Connor Dr at Dohme Ave43.710687-79.308998
1412O'Connor Dr at Don Mills Rd43.695546-79.340081
1414O'Connor Dr at Donlands Ave43.69452-79.343274
1413O'Connor Dr at Donlands Ave43.694605-79.343539
7997O'Connor Dr at Gardens Cres43.708139-79.310704
5928O'Connor Dr at Glebemount Ave E Side43.69902-79.323174
5930O'Connor Dr at Glenwood Cres43.702345-79.315985
5929O'Connor Dr at Glenwood Cres43.702316-79.316311
1415O'Connor Dr at Hopedale Ave43.692753-79.352314
5931O'Connor Dr at Hutton Ave43.698063-79.327554
1417O'Connor Dr at Milton Rd43.697048-79.332295
1416O'Connor Dr at Milton Rd43.697218-79.332385
1418O'Connor Dr at Nbrook Rd43.695741-79.338346
1419O'Connor Dr at Pape Ave43.693124-79.350439
1420O'Connor Dr at Pape Ave43.693341-79.35014
5932O'Connor Dr at Ralston Ave43.698228-79.327577
1421O'Connor Dr at Rivercourt Blvd43.693704-79.348146
5933O'Connor Dr at Sandra Rd43.704655-79.31359
5935O'Connor Dr at St Clair Ave E43.705556-79.312845
5934O'Connor Dr at St Clair Ave E43.705873-79.312314
1422O'Connor Dr at St Hubert Ave43.695301-79.340418
5937O'Connor Dr at Sunrise Ave43.719092-79.304597
5936O'Connor Dr at Sunrise Ave43.718806-79.30439
5938O'Connor Dr at Taylor Dr43.699121-79.323373
5939O'Connor Dr at Victoria Park Ave43.723885-79.301592
5940O'Connor Dr at Wakunda Pl43.715734-79.304903
13719O'Connor Dr at Wakunda Pl43.715803-79.305137
1423O'Connor Dr at Warland Ave43.694117-79.346018
1424O'Connor Dr at Wolverton Ave43.694131-79.345283
5942O'Connor Dr at Woodbine Ave43.699767-79.319601
5943O'Connor Dr at Woodbine Ave43.699971-79.319573
5944O'Connor Dr at Woodmount Ave43.699373-79.321548
5945O'Connor Dr at Woodvale Cres43.699517-79.321597
5946O'Connor Dr at Yardley Ave E Side43.712756-79.307061
5870Oak St at Roadway to Piggott Mews43.708296-79.530743
5873Oak St at Won Rd43.708091-79.532567
12689Oak St at Won Rd E Side43.707885-79.532712
5879Oakdale Rd at Eddystone Ave43.746592-79.526286
5880Oakdale Rd at Eddystone Ave43.74681-79.526502
9183Oakdale Rd at Finch Ave W43.755656-79.523986
9182Oakdale Rd at Finch Ave W43.755152-79.524025
5885Oakdale Rd at Humber Reactivation Care Ctr43.753346-79.525933
5892Oakdale Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.737399-79.524639
5891Oakdale Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.737561-79.524547
5895Oakwood Ave at Burlington Cres43.677165-79.434813
5897Oakwood Ave at Clovelly Ave43.695054-79.441966
5896Oakwood Ave at Clovelly Ave43.694727-79.441622
15985Oakwood Ave at Conway Ave43.682738-79.437077
15986Oakwood Ave at Conway Ave43.682962-79.436877
5898Oakwood Ave at Davenport Rd43.674783-79.433978
5900Oakwood Ave at Earlsdale Ave43.685104-79.438004
5899Oakwood Ave at Earlsdale Ave43.685432-79.437922
5903Oakwood Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.696886-79.442511
5904Oakwood Ave at Eglinton Ave W43.696926-79.442725
5908Oakwood Ave at Highview Cres43.676397-79.43463
5910Oakwood Ave at Jesmond Ave43.689834-79.439719
5909Oakwood Ave at Jesmond Ave43.689468-79.439406
5911Oakwood Ave at Rogers Rd43.687031-79.438568
5912Oakwood Ave at Rogers Rd43.687221-79.438826
5913Oakwood Ave at Rosemount Ave43.678178-79.435399
5915Oakwood Ave at St Clair Ave W43.679367-79.435722
5916Oakwood Ave at St Clair Ave W43.679864-79.435844
5914Oakwood Ave at St Clair Ave W43.680177-79.435813
5905Oakwood Ave at Vaughan Rd43.692326-79.440768
5917Oakwood Ave at Vaughan Rd43.692373-79.440597
15778Oakwood Ave at Vaughan Rd43.692076-79.440463
13907Oasis Blvd at Seasons Dr43.829031-79.233701
9964Old Dundas St at Humber Hill Ave43.6645-79.501487
14869Old Dundas St at Lundy Ave43.662973-79.503465
11052Old Dundas St at Varsity Rd43.664226-79.502302
14553Old Finch Ave at Baffin Crt43.819839-79.21122
14487Old Finch Ave at Baffin Crt43.819746-79.212238
10954Old Finch Ave at Bingley Rd43.821709-79.203782
14486Old Finch Ave at Harvest Moon Dr43.82041-79.209342
10952Old Finch Ave at Kengate Dr43.821434-79.204264
14554Old Finch Ave at Littles Rd43.820893-79.206601
14488Old Finch Ave at Morningside Ave43.819204-79.214629
14552Old Finch Ave at Morningside Ave E Side43.819086-79.214496
10955Old Finch Ave at Valley Ctr Dr43.821266-79.20563
8002Old Kingston Rd at Military Trail43.782122-79.172681
8003Old Kingston Rd at Morrish Rd43.783097-79.170854
8004Old Kingston Rd at Morrish Rd43.783129-79.171091
13691Old Leslie St at 1200 Sheppard Ave E43.771772-79.367133
14742Old Mill Station43.650156-79.495072
15297Old Mill Station43.650311-79.495025
13780Old Mill Station - Ebound Platform43.649448-79.493392
13779Old Mill Station - Wbound Platform43.650048-79.494892
16253Old Stock Yards Rd at W Toronto St43.669401-79.470176
4506Old Won Rd at Kane Ave43.68052-79.466245
4507Old Won Rd at Lavender Rd43.680671-79.466636
4503Old Won Rd at Rockwell Ave43.67668-79.464001
4502Old Won Rd at Rockwell Ave43.676463-79.463762
4505Old Won Rd at Rogers Rd43.681721-79.467457
4504Old Won Rd at Rogers Rd43.681515-79.467486
11583Old Won Rd at St Clair Ave W43.673248-79.462852
4508Old Won Rd at St Clair Ave W43.673628-79.463123
4509Old Won Rd at St Clair Ave W43.673945-79.463061
10651Old Won Rd at Steeles Ave W43.77113-79.543542
4511Old Won Rd at Turnberry Ave43.678463-79.464937
4510Old Won Rd at Turnberry Ave43.67825-79.46463
16051Opp 4005 Eglinton Ave W43.683481-79.52009
11654Opposite 8 Donway Place - Revera Downey Place43.735042-79.340109
7752Opposite 15 Fenmar Dr43.759283-79.535507
9747Opposite 20 Graydon Hall Dr43.763008-79.345073
9102Opposite 25 Kodiak Cres43.754066-79.46622
11192Opposite 25 St Dennis Dr43.717951-79.33338
11529Opposite 29 Valley Woods Rd43.753842-79.333227
5871Opposite 35 Oak St43.708598-79.530044
7595Opposite 38 Carnforth Rd43.739168-79.315925
14525Opposite 41 Torbarrie Rd43.7217-79.522098
1369Opposite 44 Milner Ave43.784944-79.253717
11532Opposite 44 Valley Woods Rd43.755229-79.333336
9529Opposite 49 Mabelle Ave43.645504-79.528623
7545Opposite 50 Beth Nealson Dr43.711723-79.345733
3341Opposite 60 Belfield Rd E Side43.703369-79.56919
3020Opposite 60 Park Lane Cir43.729425-79.367231
14923Opposite 61 Claireville Dr - BAPS Temple43.739935-79.624941
11253Opposite 65 Passmore Ave43.819548-79.300258
8053Opposite 68 Railside Rd43.737875-79.322204
6561Opposite 71 Maybrook Dr43.824338-79.260937
11362Opposite 88 Corporate Dr43.779955-79.24941
10118Opposite 88 Park Lawn Rd43.624424-79.484087
14922Opposite 90 Claireville Dr43.738367-79.623938
14562Opposite 91 Westmore Dr43.737769-79.602388
5890Opposite 92 Oakdale Rd43.739882-79.525671
9283Opposite 100 Antibes Dr43.779568-79.446995
11080Opposite 100 Carrier Dr43.739311-79.612839
4729Opposite 100 Wynford Dr43.726456-79.331376
5204Opposite 104 Lansdowne Ave43.644009-79.437865
3482Opposite 111 Disco Rd43.700349-79.599302
9571Opposite 120 McLevin Ave43.801589-79.235258
5862Opposite 125 Norfinch Dr43.763255-79.529752
13944Opposite 125 The Queensway43.630963-79.481928
368Opposite 130 Bellamy Rd N43.741986-79.230588
6616Opposite 130 Neptune Dr E Side43.729902-79.440744
9984Opposite 150 Culford Rd43.705192-79.487119
8054Opposite 150 Railside Rd43.737447-79.32698
9656Opposite 185 Graydon Hall Dr43.764325-79.342106
9297Opposite 195 Galaxy Blvd43.677121-79.583776
11697Opposite 200 Brockport Dr43.701588-79.588513
1801Opposite 205 Cummer Ave43.789086-79.408265
11089Opposite 209 Carrier Dr43.747076-79.614869
9412Opposite 210 Milner Ave43.788313-79.240646
7585Opposite 215 Carlingview Dr43.683178-79.594033
3718Opposite 215 Horner Ave43.607917-79.517485
11090Opposite 225 Carrier Dr43.749175-79.615811
6939Opposite 225 Rexdale Blvd43.712498-79.574726
6948Opposite 230 Rexdale Blvd43.712759-79.576999
11000Opposite 230 The Donway W43.738748-79.346774
3237Opposite 247 Yonge St - Toronto Eaton Ctr43.654934-79.380414
13699Opposite 327 Dixon Rd43.695236-79.555207
3416Opposite 340 Chaplin Cres43.704349-79.422274
1862Opposite 347 Danforth Rd43.703484-79.270414
8290Opposite 350 Steeles Ave W43.795105-79.432906
2214Opposite 366 The E Mall43.64355-79.558383
7573Opposite 385-387 Carlingview Dr43.695983-79.599829
6963Opposite 400 Rockcliffe Blvd - Rockcliffe MS43.674739-79.488356
4664Opposite 430 Tapscott Rd43.80948-79.23493
8686Opposite 451 The W Mall43.64707-79.567951
2658Opposite 455 Gordon Baker Rd43.80809-79.345832
2747Opposite 519 Kennedy Rd (Cemetery)43.719412-79.262595
7292Opposite 555 Sheppard Ave W43.756119-79.43537
1500Opposite 580 Rathburn Rd - Seneca School43.650602-79.581583
9559Opposite 601 Milner Ave43.794012-79.223604
3609Opposite 625 Finch Ave W43.771704-79.454303
2541Opposite 636 Finch Ave E (Plaza)43.787498-79.380413
15630Opposite 660 Supertest Rd43.776047-79.477592
13470Opposite 675 Wilson Ave43.733006-79.455114
3615Opposite 685 Finch Ave W - St Bernard's Residence43.771053-79.457455
10604Opposite 689 Warden Ave43.707399-79.2792
10470Opposite 700 Arrow Rd43.745407-79.529314
13569Opposite 709 Milner Ave43.796148-79.21391
11796Opposite 715 Milner Ave43.796103-79.210457
9556Opposite 715 Milner Ave43.79698-79.206377
707Opposite 724 Caledonia Rd43.699908-79.463748
14452Opposite 810 Royal York Rd43.639217-79.508461
11271Opposite 840 Tandridge Cres43.729251-79.548455
10574Opposite 900 The E Mall43.669751-79.571728
4974Opposite 950 Dixon Rd43.686507-79.598336
13425Opposite 955 Middlefield Rd43.830882-79.267166
13894Opposite 1000 New Wminster Dr43.816059-79.455099
13151Opposite 1042 Sheppard Ave W43.750517-79.461721
14957Opposite 1103 Leslie St43.721049-79.349747
14965Opposite 1105 Leslie St43.726786-79.350823
13458Opposite 1111 Arrow Rd43.751047-79.534451
3580Opposite 1111 Finch Ave W43.767126-79.475169
2929Opposite 1275 Morningside Ave43.803405-79.200274
7968Opposite 1314 Military Trail43.784336-79.183802
2931Opposite 1315 Morningside Ave43.805736-79.201285
1957Opposite 1450 Don Mills Rd43.752754-79.346954
4791Opposite 1451 Avenue Rd - Havergal College43.720427-79.415189
2633Opposite 1685 Finch Ave W - St Wilfreds School43.760411-79.503238
3278Opposite 1686 Albion Rd43.742378-79.597507
8878Opposite 1700 Wilson Ave - Sheridan Mall43.720358-79.510855
5731Opposite 1710 Midland Ave43.760297-79.268255
10718Opposite 1750 Brimley Rd43.776672-79.26351
438Opposite 1792 Birchmount Rd43.765676-79.291272
10809Opposite 1801-1821 Albion Rd43.745179-79.611781
4244Opposite 1859 Kingston Rd43.695443-79.259361
5603Opposite 1915 Martin Grove Rd43.746054-79.596357
3285Opposite 1921 Albion Rd43.746443-79.618864
2302Opposite 2001 Eglinton Ave E43.729-79.28304
7260Opposite 2002-2012 Sheppard Ave W43.738511-79.51671
6730Opposite 2036 Pharmacy Ave43.779418-79.319082
14542Opposite 2155 Lake Shore Blvd W43.625719-79.479637
15708Opposite 2190 Yonge St43.705297-79.397908
3859Opposite 2265 Jane St43.727438-79.510353
4830Opposite 2278 Brimley Rd43.796697-79.272467
13316Opposite 2650 St Clair Ave W43.666472-79.496591
8489Opposite 2791 Victoria Park Ave43.782185-79.326411
14275Opposite 2900 Warden Ave - Bridlewood Mall43.799101-79.316801
9788Opposite 3030 Birchmount Rd / Scarb Hospital43.803109-79.308505
6731Opposite 3200 Pharmacy Ave / Deerbrook Trail43.800107-79.328794
6732Opposite 3370 Pharmacy Ave43.805715-79.331356
7895Opposite 3400 Keele St43.747916-79.48704
5750Opposite 3450 Midland Ave43.811696-79.290787
10831Opposite 3471 McNicoll Ave43.822752-79.254543
2553Opposite 3501 Finch Ave E - St Aidan43.798192-79.309772
16194Opposite 3574 Eglinton Ave W43.686259-79.49217
15096Opposite 3671 Dundas St W43.665792-79.49642
8702Opposite 3689 Won Rd43.763041-79.5451
15012Opposite 3701 Danforth Ave - Variety Village43.699224-79.258549
9522Opposite 4000 Victoria Park Ave43.813517-79.340233
5298Opposite 4125 Lawrence Ave E43.7671-79.192779
560Opposite 4345 Bloor St W43.631124-79.577346
3858Opposite 4355-4363 Jane St43.763886-79.519352
11341Opposite 4400 Dufferin St43.765369-79.465972
226Opposite 4600 Bathurst St43.762333-79.439959
182Opposite 4981 Bathurst St43.775844-79.443659
2561Opposite 5600 Finch Ave E43.813554-79.239965
15813Opposite 5720 Bathurst St43.777364-79.443767
10854Opposite 6793-6823 Steeles Ave W43.756748-79.608612
10855Opposite 6807 Steeles Ave W43.756198-79.611243
10561Opposite 7303 Warden Ave43.830215-79.32738
7238Opposite 8270 Sheppard Ave E43.803542-79.192347
15670Opposite 9690 Markham Rd43.902238-79.266305
1430Orfus Rd at Dufferin St43.720169-79.45695
1429Orfus Rd at Dufferin St43.720406-79.456593
1432Orfus Rd at Dufflaw Rd43.718709-79.463528
1431Orfus Rd at Dufflaw Rd43.718769-79.463735
10787Oriole Pkwy at Anderson Ave43.703148-79.405248
1435Oriole Pkwy at Chaplin Cres43.697472-79.402926
1434Oriole Pkwy at Chaplin Cres43.697017-79.403007
10789Oriole Pkwy at College View Ave43.702134-79.405063
10788Oriole Pkwy at Eglinton Ave W43.704648-79.406075
1438Oriole Pkwy at Gormley Ave43.693805-79.401999
1437Oriole Pkwy at Gormley Ave43.693639-79.401714
10786Oriole Pkwy at Hillsdale Ave W43.701735-79.404644
1440Oriole Pkwy at Kilbarry Rd43.695393-79.402281
15753Oriole Pkwy at Kilbarry Rd43.695204-79.402497
10790Oriole Pkwy at Tranmer Ave43.700083-79.404206
10785Oriole Pkwy at Tranmer Ave43.699901-79.403912
8005Ormont Dr at Barmac Dr43.764704-79.547461
15023Ormont Dr at Fenmar Dr43.761956-79.55666
8006Ormont Dr at Won Rd43.764703-79.545746
10673Ormskirk Ave at Ripley Ave E Side43.639262-79.475792
5948Orton Park Rd at Ladysbridge Dr43.769062-79.207629
5949Orton Park Rd at Ladysbridge Dr43.766163-79.206392
11103Orton Park Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.764243-79.205829
11102Orton Park Rd at Lisa Rd43.766455-79.206759
5950Orton Park Rd at Nfield Rd43.764517-79.205736
11101Orton Park Rd at Thornbeck Dr43.768807-79.207749
13820Osgoode Station - Nbound Platform43.651749-79.386888
13819Osgoode Station - Sbound Platform43.650449-79.386488
5952Ossington Ave at Argyle St43.646988-79.419915
15890Ossington Ave at Argyle St43.647166-79.419842
8008Ossington Ave at Bloor St W43.661821-79.425454
9857Ossington Ave at Bloor St W43.662062-79.425772
5954Ossington Ave at Churchill Ave43.651764-79.421588
5955Ossington Ave at Churchill Ave43.652123-79.421898
5957Ossington Ave at College St43.654463-79.422802
5956Ossington Ave at College St43.654282-79.422547
5959Ossington Ave at Davenport Rd43.674503-79.430794
5958Ossington Ave at Davenport Rd43.674344-79.430882
5961Ossington Ave at Dewson St43.65672-79.423493
5960Ossington Ave at Dewson St43.656601-79.423646
5962Ossington Ave at Dundas St W43.649438-79.420865
5963Ossington Ave at Dundas St W43.649724-79.420791
13895Ossington Ave at Dupont St43.670395-79.429239
5965Ossington Ave at Dupont St43.669929-79.42888
5966Ossington Ave at Essex St43.66628-79.427347
5970Ossington Ave at Hallam St43.668114-79.428289
5969Ossington Ave at Hallam St43.667784-79.427976
5972Ossington Ave at Harbord St43.6584-79.424161
5971Ossington Ave at Harbord St43.658263-79.424266
5974Ossington Ave at Hepbourne St43.659829-79.424863
5973Ossington Ave at Hepbourne St43.660046-79.424765
5976Ossington Ave at Leeds St43.663933-79.426369
5975Ossington Ave at Leeds St43.663872-79.426518
15869Ossington Ave at Numberland St - Ossington Station43.662668-79.426052
5977Ossington Ave at Pendrith St43.665987-79.427402
5979Ossington Ave at Queen St W43.644501-79.419048
5978Ossington Ave at Queen St W43.644832-79.419001
5967Ossington Ave at Salvador Allende Crt43.671948-79.429712
5968Ossington Ave at Salvador Allende Crt43.671906-79.429892
14743Ossington Station43.662271-79.426546
14744Ossington Station43.662251-79.426749
14745Ossington Station43.662338-79.426607
14746Ossington Station43.662437-79.426176
15298Ossington Station43.662347-79.426249
13764Ossington Station - Ebound Platform43.662349-79.42609
13763Ossington Station - Wbound Platform43.662049-79.42789
9745Overland Dr at Paperbirch Dr43.732375-79.349513
9746Overland Dr at Paperbirch Dr E Side43.732411-79.347731
2978Overlea Blvd at Don Mills Rd43.709806-79.335392
2988Overlea Blvd at E York Town Ctr (East Side)43.706974-79.345216
12127Overlea Blvd at Leaside Park Dr43.703546-79.351559
2980Overlea Blvd at Leaside Park Dr E Side43.703699-79.350961
8009Overlea Blvd at Millwood Rd43.702345-79.352727
2979Overlea Blvd at Millwood Rd E Side43.702452-79.35223
8011Overlea Blvd at Thorncliffe Park Dr43.70725-79.344028
4518Overlea Blvd at Thorncliffe Park Dr43.707457-79.344198
8012Overlea Blvd at Thorncliffe Park Dr43.705197-79.349856
4520Overlea Blvd at Thorncliffe Park Dr43.704776-79.349853
2987Overlea Blvd at William Morgan Dr43.707837-79.341551
2986Overlea Blvd at William Morgan Dr43.708042-79.341737
6627Pape Ave at Bain Ave43.673043-79.342537
5982Pape Ave at Bain Ave43.672746-79.34222
2990Pape Ave at Canning Ave43.682431-79.346265
2992Pape Ave at Cosburn Ave43.689497-79.348949
2991Pape Ave at Cosburn Ave43.689301-79.348704
6628Pape Ave at Danforth Ave43.679055-79.344994
5983Pape Ave at Danforth Ave43.678778-79.344739
5984Pape Ave at Eastern Ave43.65903-79.336743
2994Pape Ave at Floyd Ave43.687582-79.348221
2993Pape Ave at Floyd Ave43.687418-79.347965
2989Pape Ave at Fulton Ave43.683787-79.346784
15149Pape Ave at Gamble Ave43.690502-79.349323
5986Pape Ave at Harcourt Ave43.677287-79.344119
6629Pape Ave at Harcourt Ave43.677622-79.344439
2996Pape Ave at Hopedale Ave43.696351-79.350064
11846Pape Ave at Lipton Ave43.679891-79.345139
10531Pape Ave at Minton Pl43.694911-79.350853
2998Pape Ave at Minton Pl43.694551-79.350923
3000Pape Ave at Mortimer Ave43.685846-79.347563
2999Pape Ave at Mortimer Ave43.685674-79.347319
5989Pape Ave at O'Connor Dr43.693109-79.350105
5988Pape Ave at O'Connor Dr43.693358-79.350465
4501Pape Ave at O'Connor Dr43.693657-79.350372
3003Pape Ave at Rivercourt Blvd43.696523-79.349602
5991Pape Ave at Riverdale Ave43.671547-79.341737
2995Pape Ave at Sammon Ave43.684244-79.346758
3004Pape Ave at Selkirk St43.68208-79.345945
3008Pape Ave at Torrens Ave43.691684-79.349574
5993Pape Ave at Wroxeter Ave43.675007-79.343202
6631Pape Ave at Wroxeter Ave43.675223-79.343439
14747Pape Station43.680042-79.344585
14748Pape Station43.679925-79.344557
15150Pape Station43.680066-79.344974
13746Pape Station - Ebound Platform43.679949-79.344087
13745Pape Station - Wbound Platform43.679649-79.345787
3015Park Lane Cir at Lawrence Ave E43.732022-79.372322
3014Park Lane Cir at Lawrence Ave E43.731803-79.371931
3018Park Lane Cir at Post Rd43.73689-79.37811
9185Park Lane Cir at Post Rd43.736687-79.378055
10122Park Lawn Rd at Cannon Rd43.632976-79.491946
14080Park Lawn Rd at Gardiner Expressway (Eb Off Ramp)43.62577-79.485783
13697Park Lawn Rd at Gardiner Expressway (Wb On Ramp)43.625856-79.486331
10119Park Lawn Rd at Gardiner Expressway (Wb On Ramp)43.626981-79.487429
10124Park Lawn Rd at Keywell Crt43.634822-79.492952
10123Park Lawn Rd at Kinsdale Blvd43.6355-79.493005
10130Park Lawn Rd at Lake Shore Blvd W43.622987-79.481651
10117Park Lawn Rd at Lake Shore Blvd W43.62332-79.481886
10126Park Lawn Rd at Lorne Ave43.630874-79.491255
14331Park Lawn Rd at Lorne Ave43.630729-79.490963
10125Park Lawn Rd at Park Lane43.633116-79.492224
10120Park Lawn Rd at The Queensway43.629486-79.4904
10127Park Lawn Rd at The Queensway43.628662-79.490031
9672Park Rd (Zoo) at Kirkhams Rd E Side43.81813-79.175121
1443Park St at Atlee Ave43.711332-79.250949
3009Park St at Atlee Ave43.711491-79.250708
3010Park St at Claremore Ave43.710245-79.256332
1448Park St at Claremore Ave43.710071-79.256611
3011Park St at Kennedy Rd43.709759-79.258569
10434Park St at Midland Ave43.711833-79.248658
1449Park St at Natal Ave43.710853-79.253393
3012Park St at Sharpe St43.710768-79.254089
1450Parkette Pl at Birchmount Rd43.696348-79.263987
11774Parkside Dr at Algonquin Ave43.643073-79.45541
11785Parkside Dr at Garden Ave43.641051-79.454762
11776Parkside Dr at Geoffrey St43.646551-79.456818
11783Parkside Dr at Geoffrey St43.646725-79.457071
11775Parkside Dr at High Park Blvd43.644754-79.456095
11784Parkside Dr at High Park Blvd43.645008-79.456353
11777Parkside Dr at Howard Park Ave43.64849-79.457616
11782Parkside Dr at Howard Park Ave43.648781-79.457901
11781Parkside Dr at Indian Valley Cres43.650881-79.458497
15399Parkside Dr at Indian Valley Cres43.651012-79.458361
11786Parkside Dr at The Queensway43.639998-79.454301
11773Parkside Dr at The Queensway43.639879-79.45406
8017Parkview Hill Cres at Alder Rd43.703778-79.325212
8019Parkview Hill Cres at Aspen Ave43.703603-79.328292
8018Parkview Hill Cres at Aspen Ave E Side43.704395-79.328255
8020Parkview Hill Cres at Elswick Rd43.704685-79.323105
8021Parkview Hill Cres at Hackberry St43.705517-79.32554
8023Parkview Hill Cres at Woodbine Heights Blvd43.704508-79.320606
8025Parkwoods Village Dr at Brookbanks Dr43.76093-79.323736
8024Parkwoods Village Dr at Brookbanks Dr43.760994-79.323484
8027Parkwoods Village Dr at Combermere Dr43.758032-79.319424
8026Parkwoods Village Dr at Combermere Dr43.758376-79.319508
8028Parkwoods Village Dr at Gailong Crt43.759388-79.321096
8029Parkwoods Village Dr at Gisburn Rd43.760085-79.321793
6632Parliament St at Adelaide St E43.653617-79.363704
6633Parliament St at Bloor St E43.671579-79.37081
1451Parliament St at Carlton St43.663906-79.36772
6634Parliament St at Carlton St43.664361-79.368101
13463Parliament St at Carlton St43.663713-79.367639
6635Parliament St at Dundas St E43.659597-79.366164
15218Parliament St at Dundas St E43.65935-79.365861
9535Parliament St at Front St E43.65167-79.362867
6637Parliament St at Gerrard St E43.661708-79.366812
6650Parliament St at Gerrard St E43.662405-79.367314
6638Parliament St at Howard St43.671114-79.37085
6639Parliament St at King St E43.652654-79.363075
6640Parliament St at King St E43.65278-79.363342
15513Parliament St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.647384-79.361231
15512Parliament St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.647168-79.361601
15068Parliament St at Mill St43.650094-79.362006
5996Parliament St at Mill St43.650273-79.36228
6641Parliament St at Oak St43.660975-79.366731
6642Parliament St at Oak St43.660599-79.366381
6643Parliament St at Queen St E43.655432-79.364271
6644Parliament St at Queen St E43.655756-79.364606
10229Parliament St at Richmond St E43.654616-79.364127
6645Parliament St at Richmond St E43.65445-79.363856
6646Parliament St at Shuter St43.656843-79.364855
6647Parliament St at Shuter St43.657021-79.365124
6648Parliament St at St James Ave43.669711-79.370053
6649Parliament St at St James Ave43.66965-79.370267
6651Parliament St at Wellesley St E43.668507-79.369582
6652Parliament St at Wellesley St E43.667919-79.369546
6653Parliament St at Winchester St43.665766-79.368485
6654Parliament St at Winchester St43.665936-79.368736
11254Passmore Ave at Kennedy Rd43.818764-79.303701
11601Passmore Ave at Middlefield Rd43.827482-79.265057
11252Passmore Ave at Silver Star Blvd43.820112-79.297805
10834Passmore Ave at State Crown Blvd43.828583-79.259231
14092Pearson Airport Terminal 143.681739-79.611041
14278Pearson Airport Terminal 343.686811-79.620932
6655Peckham Ave at Donnalyn Dr43.790595-79.436822
6656Peckham Ave at Pleasant Ave43.788704-79.43586
5998Pelmo Cres at Longview Dr43.710801-79.510821
5997Pelmo Cres at Longview Dr43.710964-79.510853
6339Penworth Rd at Crosland Dr43.765213-79.310578
6657Penworth Rd at Pharmacy Ave43.764963-79.31254
1453Peter Kaiser Gate at Steeles Ave W43.774009-79.526633
4527Petrolia Rd at Canarctic Dr43.776388-79.488995
15624Petrolia Rd at Steeles Ave W43.782352-79.48987
4529Petrolia Rd at Steeles Ave W43.781756-79.489815
4530Petrolia Rd at Wildcat Rd43.778354-79.488489
15623Petrolia Rd at Wildcat Rd43.778096-79.488271
9440Pharmacy Ave / Crayford Dr43.813989-79.335042
6762Pharmacy Ave / Ecclesfield Dr43.809041-79.332875
6658Pharmacy Ave at Albion Ave43.695701-79.284922
6659Pharmacy Ave at Alvinston Rd43.723908-79.296781
6661Pharmacy Ave at Arnall Ave43.807108-79.331997
6662Pharmacy Ave at Arnall Ave43.807302-79.332319
6669Pharmacy Ave at Beverly Glen Blvd43.801691-79.329506
6670Pharmacy Ave at Biscayne Blvd43.731048-79.299767
6671Pharmacy Ave at Bolster Ave43.70656-79.2896
6672Pharmacy Ave at Brian Ave43.746138-79.305689
6673Pharmacy Ave at Brian Ave43.7463-79.305996
6674Pharmacy Ave at Camilla Cres43.713844-79.292526
6675Pharmacy Ave at Chester Le Blvd43.80194-79.329852
6676Pharmacy Ave at Chester Le Blvd43.796481-79.327366
6678Pharmacy Ave at Christina Cres43.760833-79.311035
6677Pharmacy Ave at Christina Cres43.760657-79.310807
6680Pharmacy Ave at Collingsbrook Blvd43.789346-79.323385
6681Pharmacy Ave at Comstock Rd43.71919-79.294806
6682Pharmacy Ave at Conroy Ave43.702832-79.287997
6683Pharmacy Ave at Corinthian Blvd43.792891-79.325151
14060Pharmacy Ave at Corinthian Blvd43.789186-79.323553
6686Pharmacy Ave at Craigton Dr43.727371-79.298294
6685Pharmacy Ave at Craigton Dr43.727126-79.29791
6688Pharmacy Ave at Dawes Rd43.708426-79.290411
13927Pharmacy Ave at Dawes Rd43.708398-79.290183
6690Pharmacy Ave at Denton Ave43.694401-79.284381
6689Pharmacy Ave at Denton Ave43.694477-79.284183
6692Pharmacy Ave at Dewey Dr43.755116-79.309498
6691Pharmacy Ave at Dewey Dr43.75477-79.309161
6694Pharmacy Ave at Dolphin Dr43.700196-79.286863
6693Pharmacy Ave at Dolphin Dr43.700332-79.286721
6696Pharmacy Ave at Donside Dr43.701545-79.287448
6695Pharmacy Ave at Donside Dr43.70172-79.287305
6000Pharmacy Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.726007-79.297712
6697Pharmacy Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.725514-79.297383
6728Pharmacy Ave at Eglinton Sq (East Entrance)43.72414-79.297118
6698Pharmacy Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.758892-79.310043
6699Pharmacy Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.759303-79.3104
9827Pharmacy Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.758635-79.310162
6701Pharmacy Ave at Elm Bank Rd43.734485-79.301168
6703Pharmacy Ave at Finch Ave E43.794107-79.325661
6704Pharmacy Ave at Finch Ave E43.794461-79.326294
6702Pharmacy Ave at Finch Ave E43.795092-79.326333
6705Pharmacy Ave at Florens Ave43.704289-79.288426
6707Pharmacy Ave at Glendinning Ave43.8116-79.333977
8034Pharmacy Ave at Gordon Baker Rd43.811984-79.33442
6708Pharmacy Ave at Gordon Baker Rd43.811175-79.334094
6710Pharmacy Ave at Holswade Rd43.719454-79.295105
6711Pharmacy Ave at Huntingdale Blvd43.796249-79.327024
6712Pharmacy Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.781496-79.319955
6713Pharmacy Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.781783-79.32034
14876Pharmacy Ave at Innisdale Dr43.734772-79.301096
6714Pharmacy Ave at Innismore Cres43.735932-79.301561
6715Pharmacy Ave at Innismore Cres43.736208-79.301876
6718Pharmacy Ave at Janet Blvd43.74203-79.304263
6720Pharmacy Ave at Kellyvale Rd43.756911-79.310014
6719Pharmacy Ave at Kellyvale Rd43.757372-79.310275
15368Pharmacy Ave at Knightsbridge Rd43.716352-79.293805
15439Pharmacy Ave at Knightsbridge Rd43.716079-79.293483
6723Pharmacy Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.743443-79.304881
6722Pharmacy Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.743024-79.304422
6726Pharmacy Ave at McNicoll Ave43.803881-79.330511
6727Pharmacy Ave at McNicoll Ave43.804315-79.330941
6729Pharmacy Ave at Nancy Ave43.706253-79.289249
6735Pharmacy Ave at Pachino Blvd43.763108-79.311847
6734Pharmacy Ave at Pachino Blvd43.762974-79.311959
6736Pharmacy Ave at Penaire St43.702653-79.287703
6737Pharmacy Ave at Pinemeadow Blvd43.792638-79.324805
6738Pharmacy Ave at Princeway Dr43.752997-79.308447
6739Pharmacy Ave at Princeway Dr43.753264-79.308784
6740Pharmacy Ave at Rannock St43.728963-79.298694
6741Pharmacy Ave at Rannock St43.729103-79.298977
6742Pharmacy Ave at Rosita Cres43.712137-79.291805
6744Pharmacy Ave at Rosscowan Gate43.785219-79.321597
6743Pharmacy Ave at Rosscowan Gate43.784997-79.321745
6746Pharmacy Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.776716-79.318042
6745Pharmacy Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.777067-79.317954
6748Pharmacy Ave at Sherwood Ave43.73998-79.303217
6747Pharmacy Ave at Sherwood Ave43.739869-79.303394
6749Pharmacy Ave at Singleton Rd43.731392-79.299708
6706Pharmacy Ave at St Bedes Rd43.704685-79.288796
6751Pharmacy Ave at St Clair Ave E43.709678-79.290706
6750Pharmacy Ave at St Clair Ave E43.710092-79.291175
6752Pharmacy Ave at Stamford Sq43.712033-79.291977
6754Pharmacy Ave at Steeles Ave E43.81668-79.336221
6753Pharmacy Ave at Steeles Ave E43.81629-79.336392
6755Pharmacy Ave at Stellarton Rd43.713755-79.292742
6757Pharmacy Ave at Sundridge Dr43.721584-79.296037
6756Pharmacy Ave at Sundridge Dr43.72129-79.295687
6759Pharmacy Ave at Surrey Ave43.737505-79.302417
6758Pharmacy Ave at Surrey Ave43.737276-79.302117
6760Pharmacy Ave at Teesdale Place43.696843-79.285207
6761Pharmacy Ave at Teesdale Place43.697134-79.285559
6763Pharmacy Ave at opp Walkway to Crayford Dr43.813902-79.335235
6733Pharmacy Ave at opp Walkway to Ecclesfield Dr43.808885-79.333027
3021Pine St at Lawrence Ave W43.701353-79.507916
15572Pioneer Village Station43.776747-79.509208
15573Pioneer Village Station43.776806-79.509408
15574Pioneer Village Station43.776878-79.50968
15575Pioneer Village Station43.776939-79.509883
15577Pioneer Village Station43.777064-79.50966
15578Pioneer Village Station43.776996-79.509404
15579Pioneer Village Station43.776902-79.509087
15580Pioneer Village Station43.776839-79.508835
15581Pioneer Village Station43.776783-79.50861
15656Pioneer Village Station - Nbound Platform43.776741-79.509334
15657Pioneer Village Station - Sbound Platform43.77675-79.509372
1454Plains Rd at Coxwell Ave43.695885-79.32923
7504Pleasant Blvd at Avoca Ave43.688313-79.389151
6766Pleasant View Dr at Brian Dr43.784614-79.333107
14532Pleasant View Dr at Clipper Rd43.785511-79.329049
9885Port Union Rd at Adenmore Rd43.781768-79.13747
8035Port Union Rd at Clappison Blvd43.7815-79.137591
8036Port Union Rd at Conference Blvd43.786201-79.139586
9891Port Union Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.780253-79.137057
10141Port Union Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.780021-79.136654
9887Port Union Rd at Ravine Park Cres43.788351-79.140204
8037Port Union Rd at Ravine Park Cres43.787808-79.140236
9886Port Union Rd at Winter Gardens Trail43.785227-79.13891
12143Portland St at Milton St43.620268-79.49454
12145Portland St at Royal York Rd43.619179-79.499358
12144Portland St at Wesley St43.619736-79.496882
3023Post Rd at Bayview Ave43.736627-79.380514
3022Post Rd at Bayview Ave E Side43.736369-79.381338
6767Prince Edward Dr S at Ashton Manor43.64608-79.504461
13426Prince Edward Dr S at Berry Rd43.634976-79.499704
6768Prince Edward Dr S at Bloor St W43.648494-79.505295
6771Prince Edward Dr S at Bloor St W43.648017-79.505305
6773Prince Edward Dr S at Edgemore Dr43.645529-79.504023
6774Prince Edward Dr S at Edwalter Ave43.636851-79.500334
6775Prince Edward Dr S at Fairmar Ave43.637559-79.500826
6776Prince Edward Dr S at Glenaden Ave E43.642845-79.502871
6777Prince Edward Dr S at Glenellen Dr W43.639644-79.501717
6778Prince Edward Dr S at Glenroy Ave43.643687-79.503444
6783Prince Edward Dr S at Kingslea Gardens43.640679-79.501964
6786Prince Edward Dr S at Kirk Bradden Rd E43.638729-79.501094
6787Prince Edward Dr S at Meadowvale Dr43.646879-79.504626
6794Prince Edward Dr S at Sunnylea Ave W43.641652-79.502575
14930Princes' Blvd at Newfoundland Rd43.633954-79.412826
15501Princes' Blvd at Strachan Ave43.635089-79.408555
14363Princes' Gates Loop at Canada Blvd - CNE E Entrance43.635575-79.409889
6001Princess Margaret Blvd at Cramond Crt43.666276-79.556785
6002Princess Margaret Blvd at Dornoch Dr43.666336-79.557978
6003Princess Margaret Blvd at Lloyd Manor Rd43.667319-79.552488
6004Princess Margaret Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.66642-79.559225
16038Princess St at The Esplanade43.649789-79.366189
6796Pritchard Ave at Batavia Ave43.670208-79.489483
6795Pritchard Ave at Batavia Ave43.670196-79.490056
6797Pritchard Ave at Jane St43.669628-79.492607
6798Pritchard Ave at Jane St E Side43.66956-79.492402
6799Pritchard Ave at Mould Ave43.670503-79.488168
6800Pritchard Ave at Mould Ave43.670686-79.487855
4539Progress Ave at Bellamy Rd N43.780003-79.244186
13460Progress Ave at Bellamy Rd N E Side43.780176-79.243159
4543Progress Ave at Brimley Rd43.775084-79.263355
11370Progress Ave at Brimley Rd43.775221-79.263934
9607Progress Ave at Corporate Dr43.780138-79.244348
4546Progress Ave at Cosentino Dr43.773435-79.270315
4545Progress Ave at Cosentino Dr43.773652-79.270125
6006Progress Ave at Estate Dr43.781041-79.23775
4547Progress Ave at Estate Dr E Side43.781324-79.23551
11998Progress Ave at Kennedy Rd E Side43.769509-79.281508
6005Progress Ave at Markham Rd43.781656-79.234801
11364Progress Ave at Markham Rd E Side43.781933-79.233259
4554Progress Ave at Midland Ave43.772768-79.273338
4555Progress Ave at Midland Ave43.773126-79.272691
12057Progress Ave at Milner Ave43.790487-79.234372
12052Progress Ave at Milner Ave43.789947-79.23395
12051Progress Ave at Milner Business Crt43.78833-79.233194
12058Progress Ave at Milner Business Crt43.788208-79.233484
4556Progress Ave at Production Dr43.780615-79.238949
6007Progress Ave at Roadway to Centennial College43.783526-79.231618
12056Progress Ave at Rosebank Dr43.792455-79.234239
12053Progress Ave at Rosebank Dr43.792409-79.233987
4541Progress Ave at Schick Crt43.774415-79.266923
14448Progress Ave at Schick Crt43.774474-79.266241
12054Progress Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.794411-79.234769
12055Progress Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.794213-79.234918
4532Progress Ave at William Kitchen Rd43.769923-79.279404
4531Progress Ave at William Kitchen Rd43.770157-79.27927
6008Progress Ave at opp Roadway to Centennial College43.783468-79.231974
11928Promenade Bus Terminal at Promenade Cir43.809255-79.454201
11927Promenade Cir at E Promenade43.807581-79.450171
11635Queen Elizabeth Hospital at 130 Dunn Ave43.635202-79.432965
3029Queen St E at Alton Ave43.66388-79.327688
15699Queen St E at Alton Ave43.663648-79.328109
6801Queen St E at Beech Ave43.672555-79.287687
15347Queen St E at Beech Ave43.672733-79.287448
15338Queen St E at Bellefair Ave43.669987-79.299922
15339Queen St E at Bellefair Ave43.670148-79.299743
3031Queen St E at Boulton Ave43.65966-79.346553
3032Queen St E at Broadview Ave43.658746-79.35006
3033Queen St E at Broadview Ave43.658999-79.349497
3034Queen St E at Brooklyn Ave43.662069-79.335808
3035Queen St E at Carlaw Ave43.660953-79.340208
3036Queen St E at Carlaw Ave43.661142-79.339954
3037Queen St E at Caroline Ave43.662018-79.335437
3039Queen St E at Carroll St43.658422-79.352103
3038Queen St E at Carroll St43.658204-79.352454
3041Queen St E at Church St43.653269-79.37552
3040Queen St E at Church St43.653064-79.375879
4557Queen St E at Coxwell Ave43.666193-79.316789
3045Queen St E at Coxwell Ave43.666427-79.316446
6803Queen St E at Elmer Ave43.669336-79.303443
15342Queen St E at Elmer Ave43.669159-79.303645
3047Queen St E at Empire Ave43.660216-79.344102
3046Queen St E at Empire Ave43.659991-79.344501
6804Queen St E at Glen Manor Dr43.671698-79.292442
15344Queen St E at Glen Manor Dr43.671493-79.292818
3049Queen St E at Greenwood Ave43.664452-79.325179
3048Queen St E at Greenwood Ave43.664281-79.325493
3050Queen St E at Jarvis St43.653602-79.373383
3051Queen St E at Jarvis St43.653797-79.373076
3052Queen St E at Jones Ave43.662783-79.332569
3030Queen St E at Jones Ave43.662578-79.332925
11845Queen St E at Kingston Rd43.667029-79.312948
13461Queen St E at Kingston Rd43.667119-79.31289
6806Queen St E at Kingston Rd43.667398-79.312137
3056Queen St E at Leslie St43.663143-79.330376
3057Queen St E at Leslie St43.66333-79.330109
6811Queen St E at Lockwood Rd43.668108-79.308924
3058Queen St E at Logan Ave43.660394-79.342681
3059Queen St E at Logan Ave43.660599-79.342373
6813Queen St E at Neville Park Blvd43.673911-79.281723
11683Queen St E at Neville Park Blvd43.673616-79.282531
3060Queen St E at Ontario St43.654914-79.367262
3061Queen St E at Ontario St43.655161-79.366816
3062Queen St E at Pape Ave43.661429-79.338074
3063Queen St E at Pape Ave43.66166-79.337625
3064Queen St E at Parliament St43.655473-79.364679
3065Queen St E at Parliament St43.655688-79.364283
3066Queen St E at River St43.657255-79.356674
3067Queen St E at River St43.657449-79.356403
3068Queen St E at Sackville St43.656101-79.361873
3069Queen St E at Sackville St43.656346-79.361351
6810Queen St E at Sarah Ashbridge Ave43.667893-79.309305
3072Queen St E at Saulter St E Side43.659402-79.347097
3070Queen St E at Sherbourne St43.654424-79.369555
3071Queen St E at Sherbourne St43.654602-79.369316
6817Queen St E at Silver Birch Ave43.673262-79.28497
10158Queen St E at Silver Birch Ave43.673035-79.285343
15348Queen St E at Sudbury St43.642398-79.427345
3074Queen St E at Sumach St43.656918-79.358807
3073Queen St E at Sumach St43.656738-79.359007
3077Queen St E at Victoria St - St Michaels Hospital43.652769-79.377857
3076Queen St E at Victoria St - St Michaels Hospital43.652563-79.378221
6821Queen St E at Wineva Ave43.670847-79.295932
6822Queen St E at Wineva Ave43.671104-79.295327
6824Queen St E at Woodbine Ave43.668635-79.305945
15343Queen St E at Woodbine Ave43.668835-79.305659
15336Queen St E at Woodfield Rd43.665141-79.32153
15337Queen St E at Woodfield Rd43.665353-79.321174
3079Queen St E at Yonge St - Queen Station43.652476-79.379054
6825Queen St W at Abell St43.642976-79.424466
15633Queen St W at Abell St43.643197-79.424093
3080Queen St W at Augusta Ave43.648153-79.399534
6826Queen St W at Augusta Ave43.647951-79.399869
6827Queen St W at Bathurst St43.647084-79.40418
3081Queen St W at Bathurst St43.647313-79.4037
3083Queen St W at Bay St43.652037-79.381347
3082Queen St W at Bay St43.651714-79.382149
10152Queen St W at Beaty Ave43.639599-79.441272
6839Queen St W at Brock Ave43.641545-79.432245
6836Queen St W at Brock Ave43.641387-79.432411
6830Queen St W at Claremont St43.646157-79.409404
6831Queen St W at Dovercourt Rd43.643394-79.422528
6832Queen St W at Dovercourt Rd43.643567-79.422228
6834Queen St W at Dufferin St43.642115-79.428787
14977Queen St W at Dufferin St43.642145-79.429333
6835Queen St W at Dunn Ave43.640919-79.434664
6838Queen St W at Gladstone Ave43.642608-79.427
6840Queen St W at Jameson Ave43.64039-79.437517
6841Queen St W at John St43.649759-79.391191
3084Queen St W at John St43.649947-79.390954
6842Queen St W at Lansdowne Ave43.640685-79.436463
6844Queen St W at Niagara St43.645898-79.410006
6845Queen St W at O'Hara Ave43.641174-79.434064
6847Queen St W at Ossington Ave43.644283-79.41869
6846Queen St W at Ossington Ave43.64406-79.418976
6848Queen St W at Palmerston Ave43.646763-79.406434
6829Queen St W at Peter St43.64922-79.393771
6849Queen St W at Roncesvalles Ave43.638864-79.445773
6051Queen St W at Shaw St43.644499-79.416852
6850Queen St W at Shaw St43.64456-79.416511
6851Queen St W at Shaw St43.64479-79.416155
3087Queen St W at Soho St43.649465-79.393288
6852Queen St W at Sorauren Ave43.639824-79.440785
3088Queen St W at Spadina Ave43.648886-79.396062
6853Queen St W at Spadina Ave43.648593-79.396692
15340Queen St W at St Patrick St43.65048-79.388482
6854Queen St W at Strachan Ave43.645241-79.413308
6855Queen St W at Strachan Ave43.645421-79.413052
6856Queen St W at Tecumseth St43.646569-79.406716
6857Queen St W at Triller Ave43.639319-79.44338
15341Queen St W at Triller Ave43.639092-79.443874
6859Queen St W at University Ave - Osgoode Station43.65097-79.386257
6858Queen St W at University Ave - Osgoode Station43.650683-79.386931
6861Queen St W at Yonge St - Queen Station43.652296-79.379369
11794Queen St W at York St43.651287-79.384787
3091Queen St W at York St43.651068-79.385092
13812Queen Station - Nbound Platform43.653349-79.379588
13811Queen Station - Sbound Platform43.652149-79.379188
1460Queen's Park Cres E at College St43.661006-79.390108
1459Queen's Park Cres E at St Joseph St43.66527-79.391226
1464Queen's Park Cres E at Wellesley St W43.663459-79.390475
1457Queen's Park Cres W at Hart House43.663704-79.393497
8038Queen's Park Cres W at Hoskin Ave43.665601-79.393747
13824Queen's Park Station - Nbound Platform43.660549-79.390689
13823Queen's Park Station - Sbound Platform43.659249-79.390289
1458Queen's Park at Charles St W - Museum Station43.667095-79.393602
1456Queen's Park at Charles St W - Museum Station43.667603-79.393512
12039Queen's Plate Dr W at Janda Crt43.722865-79.601188
12041Queen's Plate Dr at Harness Rd43.720175-79.594413
12040Queen's Plate Dr at Highway 2743.722629-79.598612
12037Queen's Plate Dr at Highway 2743.722879-79.597436
12038Queen's Plate Dr at Janda Crt43.723155-79.600731
9670Queen's Plate Dr at Rexdale Blvd43.719441-79.603448
12132Queen's Plate Dr at Rexdale Blvd43.719322-79.603233
13485Queen's Plate Dr at Triple Crown Ave43.722703-79.602657
15514Queens Quay E at Dockside Dr43.644968-79.365675
1466Queens Quay E at Freeland St43.642619-79.372942
15087Queens Quay E at Freeland St43.642357-79.373211
15320Queens Quay E at Lower Jarvis St43.643988-79.368495
15129Queens Quay E at Lower Jarvis St43.643833-79.369494
15515Queens Quay E at Lower Sherbourne St43.645321-79.365284
6865Queens Quay E at Richardson St43.644697-79.36709
1467Queens Quay E at Yonge St43.642166-79.37421
10927Queens Quay Loop at Lower Spadina Ave43.638419-79.39184
13371Queens Quay W at Bathurst St / Billy Bishop Airport43.636048-79.397767
1465Queens Quay W at Bay St E Side43.641548-79.375474
13367Queens Quay W at Dan Leckie Way43.636492-79.397299
13369Queens Quay W at Dan Leckie Way E Side43.636798-79.396172
15332Queens Quay W at Harbourfront Ctr43.639613-79.381765
15333Queens Quay W at Harbourfront Ctr43.639782-79.381319
13370Queens Quay W at Lower Spadina Ave43.637528-79.392624
13131Queens Quay W at Lower Spadina Ave E Side43.637757-79.391176
15331Queens Quay W at Rees St43.638746-79.386798
6864Queens Quay W at Rees St43.63876-79.387157
10945Queens Quay/Ferry Docks Station43.641806-79.377186
10946Queens Quay/Ferry Docks Station43.641422-79.377093
11247Raab Blvd at Hospital Rd(K & L Wings)43.722578-79.376201
11248Raab Blvd at Hospital Rd(K & L Wings)43.72264-79.375956
8051Railside Rd at Codeco Crt43.736069-79.327139
8052Railside Rd at Codeco Crt E Side43.735749-79.327083
8057Railside Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.740842-79.319131
8056Railside Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.740663-79.319361
8055Railside Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.740558-79.324491
8059Railside Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.740203-79.324615
6927Ranee Ave at Ameer Ave43.725147-79.439662
6932Ranee Ave at Flemington Rd - Yorkdale Station43.723464-79.448054
6929Ranee Ave at Mikado Ave43.724612-79.442678
6928Ranee Ave at Mikado Ave43.724461-79.44284
6931Ranee Ave at Varna Dr - Yorkdale Station43.723727-79.446059
8062Rangoon Rd at Eringate Dr43.66233-79.576648
8064Rangoon Rd at Hagersville Crt43.663964-79.577647
8063Rangoon Rd at Hagersville Crt43.664001-79.577509
6934Rannock St at Pharmacy Ave43.728834-79.299053
1469Rathburn Rd at Birchcroft Rd43.661854-79.533564
1468Rathburn Rd at Birchcroft Rd43.661951-79.533659
1470Rathburn Rd at Cedarland Dr43.661376-79.535773
1474Rathburn Rd at Edenwood Dr43.658373-79.549223
1475Rathburn Rd at Elmcrest Rd43.647665-79.586672
1476Rathburn Rd at Elmcrest Rd43.647366-79.586973
1481Rathburn Rd at Haliburton Ave43.658996-79.546523
1483Rathburn Rd at Islington Ave43.662151-79.53199
1482Rathburn Rd at Islington Ave43.662364-79.531737
1485Rathburn Rd at Ivybridge Dr43.648372-79.585225
1484Rathburn Rd at Ivybridge Dr43.648527-79.585255
1486Rathburn Rd at Kipling Ave43.659715-79.543335
1487Rathburn Rd at Kipling Ave43.659984-79.543032
6010Rathburn Rd at Kipling Ave43.659829-79.54369
6011Rathburn Rd at Lloyd Manor Rd43.659201-79.546369
1489Rathburn Rd at Lloyd Manor Rd43.658947-79.547446
1491Rathburn Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.656925-79.555395
1490Rathburn Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.657196-79.554979
1493Rathburn Rd at Melbert Rd43.649836-79.582788
1495Rathburn Rd at Pheasant Lane43.66157-79.535378
1496Rathburn Rd at Ravenscrest Dr43.658494-79.549408
1497Rathburn Rd at Remington Dr43.660612-79.539257
1499Rathburn Rd at Renforth Dr43.651221-79.579698
1498Rathburn Rd at Renforth Dr43.651448-79.579936
1473Rathburn Rd at The E Mall43.654977-79.564857
1472Rathburn Rd at The E Mall E Side43.655001-79.563677
1505Rathburn Rd at The W Mall43.653248-79.572307
1504Rathburn Rd at The W Mall43.652839-79.57279
1502Rathburn Rd at The Wynd43.660935-79.538389
9323Ray Ave at Bartonville Ave E43.689654-79.493461
10794Reddins Rd at Crosland Dr43.764415-79.310455
8066Renforth Dr at Convair Dr43.672064-79.59309
8065Renforth Dr at Convair Dr43.672344-79.593633
8069Renforth Dr at Eglinton Ave W43.666096-79.587166
8067Renforth Dr at Eglinton Ave W43.665826-79.586989
15594Renforth Station43.66359-79.590572
15599Renforth Station43.663613-79.590482
6938Rexdale Blvd at Brydon Dr43.711667-79.57103
6937Rexdale Blvd at Brydon Dr43.711516-79.571654
6942Rexdale Blvd at Frost St43.71244-79.564054
6941Rexdale Blvd at Frost St E Side43.712262-79.563763
11841Rexdale Blvd at Humberwood Blvd43.720614-79.612281
6944Rexdale Blvd at Kipling Ave43.71146-79.567189
6945Rexdale Blvd at Kipling Ave43.71191-79.566462
6947Rexdale Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.713892-79.58083
6946Rexdale Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.713759-79.581288
9671Rexdale Blvd at Precision Rd43.715839-79.59029
9669Rexdale Blvd at Precision Rd43.715782-79.588989
10614Rexdale Blvd at Queen's Plate Dr43.716605-79.592338
12079Rexdale Blvd at Queen's Plate Dr E Side43.716232-79.592005
6950Rexdale Blvd at Tidemore Ave43.714705-79.585408
6949Rexdale Blvd at Tidemore Ave43.714999-79.585487
3093Rexleigh Dr at Ferris Rd43.703047-79.304808
3094Rexleigh Dr at St Clair Ave E43.706475-79.30699
3095Richgrove Dr at Martin Grove Rd43.676703-79.564492
13717Ridgecrest Rd at Major Mackenzie Dr E43.900348-79.304527
13626Ridgecrest Rd at Wiltshire Dr43.89876-79.303632
16028River St at Dundas St E43.661107-79.358032
16029River St at Dundas St E43.660838-79.358107
16030River St at Gerrard St E43.663491-79.359065
16027River St at King St E43.656931-79.356315
16026River St at Queen St E43.657289-79.356389
6952Riverdale Ave at Pape Ave43.671147-79.342275
6954Rockcliffe Blvd at Alliance Ave43.677021-79.489486
6953Rockcliffe Blvd at Alliance Ave43.676751-79.489207
6956Rockcliffe Blvd at Caesar Ave43.679361-79.490326
4564Rockcliffe Blvd at Caesar Ave43.678867-79.490268
6958Rockcliffe Blvd at Corbett Ave43.671799-79.487262
6957Rockcliffe Blvd at Corbett Ave43.671785-79.487065
6959Rockcliffe Blvd at Homer Ave43.680467-79.490789
6961Rockcliffe Blvd at Lambton Ave43.682267-79.491548
6960Rockcliffe Blvd at Lambton Ave43.682009-79.4916
6962Rockcliffe Blvd at Outlook Ave43.680334-79.490888
11589Rogers Rd at Bicknell Ave43.681783-79.47437
11588Rogers Rd at Bicknell Ave43.682014-79.473592
11622Rogers Rd at Boon Ave43.684805-79.449172
6014Rogers Rd at Boon Ave43.684595-79.44944
6016Rogers Rd at Caledonia Rd43.683098-79.457709
6015Rogers Rd at Caledonia Rd43.683074-79.458202
6019Rogers Rd at Day Ave43.685123-79.448015
6021Rogers Rd at Dufferin St43.685645-79.445975
6020Rogers Rd at Dufferin St43.685463-79.446245
6023Rogers Rd at Gilbert Ave43.683371-79.459752
6024Rogers Rd at Gilbert Ave43.683445-79.459325
6026Rogers Rd at Glenholme Ave43.686648-79.441179
6025Rogers Rd at Glenholme Ave43.686394-79.441746
6029Rogers Rd at Kane Ave43.682166-79.466393
6031Rogers Rd at Keele St43.68219-79.471323
6030Rogers Rd at Keele St43.682039-79.471705
6032Rogers Rd at Nairn Ave43.68407-79.451847
6027Rogers Rd at Nairn Ave43.684144-79.452164
6033Rogers Rd at Ncliffe Blvd43.685933-79.444049
6034Rogers Rd at Ncliffe Blvd43.686109-79.443821
6035Rogers Rd at Oakwood Ave43.687011-79.438871
6036Rogers Rd at Oakwood Ave43.687044-79.439442
6028Rogers Rd at Old Won Rd E Side43.68199-79.466658
6018Rogers Rd at Prospect Cemetery43.683485-79.454596
6017Rogers Rd at Prospect Cemetery43.683669-79.45434
4566Rogers Rd at Scott Rd43.682239-79.469228
4567Rogers Rd at Scott Rd43.682377-79.468987
6038Rogers Rd at Silverthorn Ave43.682689-79.463405
6037Rogers Rd at Silverthorn Ave43.682877-79.463136
4568Roncesvalles Ave at Boustead Ave43.653173-79.451549
4569Roncesvalles Ave at Boustead Ave43.653079-79.45167
15300Rosedale Station43.676639-79.388776
13804Rosedale Station - Nbound Platform43.677249-79.388589
13803Rosedale Station - Sbound Platform43.676049-79.388089
4585Roselawn Ave at Bathurst St43.705302-79.426087
4584Roselawn Ave at Bathurst St E Side43.70525-79.425724
4586Roselawn Ave at Chaplin Cres43.705564-79.424184
8075Rossdean Dr at Garyray Dr43.76913-79.539739
8076Rossdean Dr at Steeles Ave W43.771026-79.540507
6530Rouge Hill GO Loop at Lawrence Ave E43.780905-79.129822
15557Rougeside Promenade at Uptown Dr43.856324-79.324977
13361Royal York Rd at Albani St43.604343-79.493513
6970Royal York Rd at Allanhurst Dr43.679236-79.525162
6969Royal York Rd at Allanhurst Dr43.679033-79.525302
6972Royal York Rd at Anglesey Blvd43.666085-79.519759
6971Royal York Rd at Anglesey Blvd43.666023-79.519512
1510Royal York Rd at Ashley Park Rd43.663913-79.518628
6974Royal York Rd at Ashley Rd43.663454-79.518609
6981Royal York Rd at Bell Royal Crt43.672553-79.5223
6976Royal York Rd at Bloor St W43.647184-79.511128
6975Royal York Rd at Bloor St W43.646969-79.511292
7020Royal York Rd at Castlebar Rd43.632338-79.505182
6978Royal York Rd at Cavell Ave43.614961-79.497737
6977Royal York Rd at Cavell Ave43.614676-79.497843
6979Royal York Rd at Chapman Rd43.687475-79.528699
6980Royal York Rd at Chapman Rd43.68762-79.529035
6982Royal York Rd at Cobble Hills43.672692-79.522574
6984Royal York Rd at Coney Rd43.634093-79.505949
6983Royal York Rd at Coney Rd43.634574-79.50594
6985Royal York Rd at Country Club Dr43.674485-79.523222
6986Royal York Rd at Country Club Dr43.67465-79.523452
6987Royal York Rd at Dalesford Rd43.624359-79.501631
6988Royal York Rd at Darlingbrook Cres43.670934-79.521782
6989Royal York Rd at Dartmouth Cres43.605546-79.494017
6991Royal York Rd at Dixon Rd43.699615-79.533986
1511Royal York Rd at Dundas St W43.657704-79.515878
1512Royal York Rd at Dundas St W43.657399-79.516019
6992Royal York Rd at Edenvale Cres43.677213-79.52449
6993Royal York Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.682095-79.526306
6994Royal York Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.682456-79.52678
12175Royal York Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.681704-79.526478
7009Royal York Rd at Evans Ave43.621502-79.500447
7008Royal York Rd at Evans Ave43.621585-79.500782
6995Royal York Rd at Frankwood Rd43.628942-79.503779
6996Royal York Rd at Glendarling Rd43.671004-79.521641
6997Royal York Rd at Glenroy Ave43.642141-79.509142
6999Royal York Rd at Hartfield Crt43.668977-79.520973
7001Royal York Rd at Hillside Ave43.610167-79.49594
1514Royal York Rd at King Georges Rd43.650225-79.512691
1513Royal York Rd at King Georges Rd43.649956-79.512407
1516Royal York Rd at Kingsgrove Blvd43.653862-79.514294
1515Royal York Rd at Kingsgrove Blvd43.653388-79.513913
7003Royal York Rd at La Rose Ave43.684236-79.527582
7002Royal York Rd at La Rose Ave43.684028-79.527197
7005Royal York Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.696011-79.532473
1517Royal York Rd at Lynngrove Ave43.651466-79.513239
7011Royal York Rd at Melrose St43.6198-79.499772
7010Royal York Rd at Melrose St43.61992-79.50002
7013Royal York Rd at Mimico Ave43.612353-79.496884
7018Royal York Rd at N Dr43.677231-79.524277
7015Royal York Rd at Newcastle St43.617438-79.498765
7014Royal York Rd at Newcastle St43.616909-79.498777
7017Royal York Rd at Norseman St43.637251-79.507323
7016Royal York Rd at Norseman St43.637372-79.50708
7019Royal York Rd at Oakfield Dr43.632858-79.505253
7029Royal York Rd at Renault Cres43.686157-79.52813
7024Royal York Rd at Romney Rd43.669159-79.520846
7026Royal York Rd at Royaleigh Ave43.698515-79.533557
7025Royal York Rd at Royaleigh Ave43.698221-79.533679
7028Royal York Rd at Sinclair St43.624154-79.501817
1518Royal York Rd at Strath Humber Crt43.661189-79.517388
7030Royal York Rd at Summitcrest Dr43.685944-79.528321
7031Royal York Rd at Symons St43.607652-79.494895
6990Royal York Rd at Tenby St43.627715-79.503065
7022Royal York Rd at The Queensway43.626209-79.502417
7023Royal York Rd at The Queensway43.626498-79.50282
7037Royal York Rd at The Wway43.696346-79.53294
15546Royal York Rd at The Wway43.695776-79.532686
7032Royal York Rd at Thompson Ave43.641883-79.509219
7034Royal York Rd at Trehorne Dr43.690289-79.529987
7033Royal York Rd at Trehorne Dr43.690038-79.530124
1520Royal York Rd at Tremayne Ave43.651534-79.513105
1521Royal York Rd at Usher Ave43.655551-79.514837
7036Royal York Rd at Van Dusen Blvd43.64425-79.510141
7035Royal York Rd at Van Dusen Blvd43.644415-79.510058
7039Royal York Rd at Won Wood Rd43.69197-79.531007
7038Royal York Rd at Won Wood Rd43.692098-79.530804
7043Royal York Rd at York View Dr43.630923-79.5046
7042Royal York Rd at York View Dr43.630572-79.504255
7041Royal York Rd at Yorkleigh Ave43.694243-79.531969
7040Royal York Rd at Yorkleigh Ave43.694162-79.531677
14751Royal York Station43.648338-79.511178
14752Royal York Station43.648282-79.511038
14753Royal York Station43.6481-79.51129
13781Royal York Station - Ebound Platform43.648548-79.508693
13782Royal York Station - Wbound Platform43.648348-79.510493
11519Royalcrest Rd at Cabernet Cir43.751296-79.603933
11525Royalcrest Rd at Cabernet Cir E Side43.751151-79.60384
11521Royalcrest Rd at Highway 2743.750044-79.609374
11523Royalcrest Rd at Highway 27 E Side43.749901-79.60932
11520Royalcrest Rd at Leading Rd43.750549-79.607131
11524Royalcrest Rd at Leading Rd E Side43.750423-79.607085
11526Royalcrest Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.752146-79.599639
11518Royalcrest Rd at Martin Grove Rd43.752207-79.599953
13957Roywood Dr at Fenside Dr43.765137-79.329915
13962Roywood Dr at Fortrose Cres43.765953-79.326021
13963Roywood Dr at Fortrose Cres43.765905-79.329219
13956Roywood Dr at Marbury Cres43.764221-79.333938
13955Roywood Dr at Marbury Cres E Side43.764386-79.33345
4450Runnymede Loop at Dundas St W43.665824-79.482355
7047Runnymede Rd at Annette St43.659951-79.47988
7048Runnymede Rd at Annette St43.66018-79.48013
11760Runnymede Rd at Bloor St W43.651438-79.476301
7049Runnymede Rd at Bloor St W43.650853-79.47626
7054Runnymede Rd at Colbeck St43.655017-79.477995
7053Runnymede Rd at Colbeck St43.655055-79.477786
7056Runnymede Rd at Deforest Rd43.648854-79.47542
7055Runnymede Rd at Deforest Rd43.648653-79.4752
7059Runnymede Rd at Dundas St W43.665816-79.482314
7057Runnymede Rd at Dundas St W43.665365-79.481933
7058Runnymede Rd at Dundas St W43.666091-79.482223
7061Runnymede Rd at Glenwood Ave43.65703-79.478841
7060Runnymede Rd at Glenwood Ave43.657137-79.47866
7062Runnymede Rd at Henrietta St43.670564-79.484123
7065Runnymede Rd at Mac Gregor Ave43.658484-79.479458
7064Runnymede Rd at Maher Ave43.662105-79.480571
7063Runnymede Rd at Maher Ave43.662007-79.480732
7067Runnymede Rd at Morningside Ave43.645951-79.474253
7066Runnymede Rd at Morningside Ave43.646227-79.474214
7068Runnymede Rd at St Clair Ave W43.668822-79.483369
7069Runnymede Rd at St Clair Ave W43.668539-79.483462
7071Runnymede Rd at St John's Rd43.663878-79.481514
7070Runnymede Rd at St John's Rd43.663697-79.48124
7073Runnymede Rd at Webb Ave43.658554-79.479255
14755Runnymede Station43.651732-79.475954
14756Runnymede Station43.651787-79.475714
15092Runnymede Station43.651824-79.475539
13776Runnymede Station - Ebound Platform43.652049-79.474992
13775Runnymede Station - Wbound Platform43.651749-79.476692
12748Rylander Blvd at Kingston Rd43.797731-79.149996
11868Saint John Paul II S.S.43.79059-79.199909
8078Sandra Rd at O'Connor Dr43.704485-79.313874
8079Sandra Rd at St Clair Ave E43.704867-79.314217
14470Saskatchewan Rd at Dufferin St43.632771-79.424659
14469Saskatchewan Rd at Dufferin St E Side43.632643-79.424278
14757Scarborough Ctr Station43.77429-79.25875
14758Scarborough Ctr Station43.774257-79.258185
14759Scarborough Ctr Station43.774207-79.258411
14760Scarborough Ctr Station43.77417-79.258565
14761Scarborough Ctr Station43.774369-79.25849
14762Scarborough Ctr Station43.774436-79.258212
14763Scarborough Ctr Station43.774515-79.257894
14765Scarborough Ctr Station43.774636-79.257344
14766Scarborough Ctr Station43.774499-79.257246
14767Scarborough Ctr Station43.77443-79.257498
14768Scarborough Ctr Station43.774373-79.257735
14769Scarborough Ctr Station43.774322-79.257944
15002Scarborough Ctr Station43.774141-79.258721
14118Scarborough Ctr Station - Ebound Platform43.774548-79.257086
14119Scarborough Ctr Station - Wbound Platform43.774448-79.257786
11096Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Brimorton Dr43.769696-79.218495
11094Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Chandler Dr43.764833-79.21653
6040Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Chandler Dr43.764649-79.216685
6039Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Densgrove Rd43.767633-79.217915
6042Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.762027-79.215999
11093Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Lawrence Ave E43.762492-79.215713
11095Scarborough Golf Club Rd at Mossbank Dr43.76743-79.217576
7075Scarlett Rd at Alma Dr43.692744-79.517763
13311Scarlett Rd at Bernice Cres43.666777-79.499347
13315Scarlett Rd at Bernice Cres43.667169-79.499833
7077Scarlett Rd at Chapman Rd43.689097-79.514516
7076Scarlett Rd at Chapman Rd43.689295-79.514336
7080Scarlett Rd at Crane Ave43.69422-79.519078
7081Scarlett Rd at Delemere Ave43.6703-79.502543
5002Scarlett Rd at Dixon Rd E Side43.701124-79.527573
7083Scarlett Rd at E Dr43.676906-79.506183
7082Scarlett Rd at E Dr43.676759-79.505786
7084Scarlett Rd at Edenbridge Dr43.681165-79.508941
7085Scarlett Rd at Edenbridge Dr43.680395-79.508761
7086Scarlett Rd at Edinborough Crt43.672596-79.503958
7087Scarlett Rd at Edinborough Crt43.672063-79.503981
7089Scarlett Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.684124-79.511769
16257Scarlett Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.684511-79.511722
13312Scarlett Rd at Eileen Ave43.667889-79.500203
7090Scarlett Rd at Ellins Ave43.670712-79.502634
7092Scarlett Rd at Fontenay Crt43.682816-79.510612
13313Scarlett Rd at Foxwell St43.669109-79.501269
13314Scarlett Rd at Foxwell St43.66854-79.501042
15675Scarlett Rd at Hill Garden Rd43.696108-79.520729
15676Scarlett Rd at Hill Garden Rd43.696197-79.521127
7094Scarlett Rd at La Rose Ave43.686968-79.513366
7093Scarlett Rd at La Rose Ave43.687137-79.513122
7096Scarlett Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.697994-79.522914
7095Scarlett Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.697749-79.522901
6045Scarlett Rd at Lockheed Blvd43.699844-79.525329
6044Scarlett Rd at Lockheed Blvd43.699987-79.52517
7100Scarlett Rd at Richview Rd43.685593-79.512675
7099Scarlett Rd at Richview Rd43.685771-79.51242
13451Scarlett Rd at Saxony Cres43.690849-79.515696
7101Scarlett Rd at Saxony Cres43.690884-79.516097
7102Scarlett Rd at Scarlettwood Crt43.692838-79.517514
7103Scarlett Rd at Tilden Cres43.694185-79.518704
7106Scholfield Ave at Maclennan Ave43.683283-79.377666
14105Seasons Dr at Canoe Cres43.829267-79.228259
6049Secord Ave at Barrington Ave43.692772-79.302157
9458Secord Ave at Palmer Ave E Side43.693011-79.300461
7110Senlac Rd at Burnett Ave43.762414-79.424112
7109Senlac Rd at Burnett Ave43.761974-79.423756
7114Senlac Rd at Churchill Ave43.76998-79.427339
7113Senlac Rd at Churchill Ave43.7704-79.427703
7115Senlac Rd at Ellerslie Ave43.768501-79.426542
7116Senlac Rd at Ellerslie Ave43.768707-79.426784
7118Senlac Rd at Elmhurst Ave43.760422-79.423089
7117Senlac Rd at Elmhurst Ave43.760358-79.423261
7120Senlac Rd at Finch Ave W43.775862-79.429872
7119Senlac Rd at Finch Ave W43.776174-79.430223
7122Senlac Rd at Hounslow Ave43.772575-79.428629
7121Senlac Rd at Hounslow Ave43.772709-79.428546
7123Senlac Rd at Lurgan Dr43.774386-79.429243
7124Senlac Rd at Lurgan Dr43.774582-79.429513
7125Senlac Rd at Park Home Ave43.766951-79.425864
7126Senlac Rd at Park Home Ave43.765968-79.425621
7127Senlac Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.759325-79.422808
7108Senlac Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.759497-79.422696
7112Senlac Rd at York Cemetery43.764059-79.424846
7111Senlac Rd at York Cemetery43.76448-79.424811
14284Sentinel Rd at Cook Rd43.766939-79.500977
15130Sentinel Rd at Cook Rd43.767142-79.501342
8080Sentinel Rd at Derrydown Rd43.759919-79.499799
9227Sentinel Rd at Dovehouse Ave43.748769-79.493363
9223Sentinel Rd at Dovehouse Ave43.748459-79.49309
8082Sentinel Rd at Finch Ave W43.761193-79.500227
8081Sentinel Rd at Finch Ave W43.760788-79.499749
8083Sentinel Rd at Fountainhead Rd43.762568-79.500745
8084Sentinel Rd at Fountainhead Rd43.762623-79.500454
9222Sentinel Rd at Fredrick Mowat Lane43.74593-79.492381
9228Sentinel Rd at Fredrick Mowat Lane43.745652-79.492501
9225Sentinel Rd at Grandravine Dr43.751588-79.495322
8085Sentinel Rd at Grandravine Dr43.751718-79.495975
8086Sentinel Rd at Hucknall Rd43.75699-79.499016
8087Sentinel Rd at Hucknall Rd43.757219-79.499104
8088Sentinel Rd at Lamberton Blvd43.753784-79.499361
8089Sentinel Rd at Lamberton Blvd43.753941-79.499671
8090Sentinel Rd at Murray Ross Pkwy43.764562-79.50104
8091Sentinel Rd at Murray Ross Pkwy43.764335-79.501308
9221Sentinel Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.744191-79.491913
9226Sentinel Rd at Stilecroft Dr43.750572-79.494337
9224Sentinel Rd at Stilecroft Dr43.750357-79.494043
4498Sentinel Rd at The Pond Rd43.769916-79.502298
7992Sentinel Rd at The Pond Rd43.76938-79.5024
9842Sewells Rd at Alford Cres43.809182-79.213953
10873Sewells Rd at Brenyon Way43.80792-79.215527
10870Sewells Rd at Brenyon Way E Side43.807953-79.215028
11304Sewells Rd at Empringham Dr43.812259-79.214044
11626Sewells Rd at Hupfield Trail43.814431-79.213541
10871Sewells Rd at McLevin Ave43.810308-79.213775
10872Sewells Rd at McLevin Ave43.809975-79.214076
11949Sewells Rd at Neilson Rd43.806301-79.218935
10874Sewells Rd at Neilson Rd43.806813-79.218271
11691Shaw St at Adelaide St W43.642702-79.415587
6050Shaw St at Adelaide St W43.642626-79.415367
11695Shaw St at King St W43.641791-79.415057
6052Shaw St at Queen St W43.644422-79.416079
9876Sheffield St at Colville Rd43.707357-79.471206
9874Sheffield St at Densley Ave43.705094-79.47051
9867Sheffield St at Densley Ave43.704666-79.470556
9866Sheffield St at Hafis Rd43.706257-79.47105
9875Sheffield St at Hafis Rd43.706261-79.470895
7133Sheppard Ave E / Burrows Hall Blvd43.796945-79.222996
7138Sheppard Ave E / Howell Sq43.797075-79.22322
7135Sheppard Ave E / Hutcherson Sq43.797687-79.220076
13901Sheppard Ave E / Murison Blvd43.801068-79.203406
7134Sheppard Ave E / Winstanly Cres43.799917-79.210176
7162Sheppard Ave E at Abbotsfield Gate43.777372-79.314502
7139Sheppard Ave E at Abbotsfield Gate43.777024-79.314849
7142Sheppard Ave E at Allanford Rd43.782148-79.293818
7141Sheppard Ave E at Allanford Rd E Side43.782105-79.292879
7143Sheppard Ave E at Ambrose Rd43.770526-79.371147
7145Sheppard Ave E at Amethyst Rd43.780679-79.30024
7144Sheppard Ave E at Amethyst Rd43.780363-79.300493
7146Sheppard Ave E at Aragon Ave43.779428-79.304454
7180Sheppard Ave E at Atrium Lane43.800904-79.150306
13561Sheppard Ave E at Barberry Pl43.767239-79.385106
7148Sheppard Ave E at Barberry Pl43.767462-79.385448
7149Sheppard Ave E at Bay Mills Blvd43.77973-79.304265
7151Sheppard Ave E at Bayview Ave - Bayview Station43.766886-79.387704
7152Sheppard Ave E at Bayview Ave- Bayview Station43.766665-79.387427
13677Sheppard Ave E at Bessarion Rd- Bessarion Station43.769184-79.376076
7154Sheppard Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.780868-79.298317
7155Sheppard Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.781231-79.297891
7157Sheppard Ave E at Blue Ridge Rd43.769539-79.374392
7156Sheppard Ave E at Blue Ridge Rd43.76977-79.374553
7158Sheppard Ave E at Boydwood Lane43.80462-79.15811
7159Sheppard Ave E at Breckon Gate43.80027-79.20723
7160Sheppard Ave E at Brenyon Way43.800473-79.207625
7161Sheppard Ave E at Brian Dr43.775295-79.331712
7164Sheppard Ave E at Brimley Rd43.787766-79.268187
7163Sheppard Ave E at Brimley Rd E Side43.787581-79.267739
7166Sheppard Ave E at Brownspring Rd43.788997-79.262392
15734Sheppard Ave E at Brownspring Rd E Side43.788857-79.262007
13454Sheppard Ave E at Buchan Crt43.772377-79.358775
7168Sheppard Ave E at Buchan Crt43.772734-79.358533
13678Sheppard Ave E at Burbank Dr - Bessarion Station43.769432-79.375993
11026Sheppard Ave E at Chichester Pl43.776093-79.320113
1534Sheppard Ave E at Clairtrell Rd43.766284-79.389938
10918Sheppard Ave E at Clairtrell Rd43.765889-79.390328
7172Sheppard Ave E at Commons Dr43.775706-79.320546
11025Sheppard Ave E at Commons Dr43.775605-79.320939
15245Sheppard Ave E at Conlins Rd43.804369-79.189886
7173Sheppard Ave E at Conlins Rd E Side43.80425-79.189258
7175Sheppard Ave E at Consumers Rd E Side43.774901-79.330647
7177Sheppard Ave E at Dean Park Rd43.806137-79.18052
15163Sheppard Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.774879-79.347243
7178Sheppard Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.775075-79.347844
13563Sheppard Ave E at Doris Ave43.761942-79.408411
1535Sheppard Ave E at Doris Ave43.762274-79.408102
1536Sheppard Ave E at Dudley Ave43.763171-79.40296
1537Sheppard Ave E at Dudley Ave43.763572-79.402073
7181Sheppard Ave E at Durnford Rd43.800865-79.150843
14123Sheppard Ave E at Ecopark Gate43.805824-79.183075
14122Sheppard Ave E at Ecopark Gate E Side43.805524-79.183242
7252Sheppard Ave E at Gateforth Dr43.795461-79.230553
9965Sheppard Ave E at Gateforth Dr43.79572-79.230168
6054Sheppard Ave E at Glen Watford Dr43.786094-79.275891
6053Sheppard Ave E at Glen Watford Dr E Side43.785926-79.275531
9778Sheppard Ave E at Grand Marshall Dr43.802911-79.195105
7182Sheppard Ave E at Grand River Blvd43.806161-79.160781
13889Sheppard Ave E at Grand River Blvd43.805751-79.160671
7185Sheppard Ave E at Greenbriar Rd43.76856-79.380202
7184Sheppard Ave E at Greenbriar Rd43.768237-79.38048
7186Sheppard Ave E at Harrisfarm Gate43.786963-79.270764
7187Sheppard Ave E at Harrisfarm Gate43.787278-79.270339
7188Sheppard Ave E at Havenview Rd43.791522-79.249452
7189Sheppard Ave E at Hawksbury Dr43.767965-79.383021
7195Sheppard Ave E at Idagrove Gate43.807471-79.175429
7194Sheppard Ave E at Idagrove Gate43.807169-79.175765
7197Sheppard Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.783432-79.288075
7196Sheppard Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.783046-79.288704
1539Sheppard Ave E at Kenneth Ave43.762924-79.405138
7199Sheppard Ave E at Kingston Rd43.799271-79.146963
7198Sheppard Ave E at Kingston Rd43.799459-79.146775
14974Sheppard Ave E at Lamont Ave43.785-79.280872
15017Sheppard Ave E at Lamont Ave E Side43.784726-79.280985
7202Sheppard Ave E at Lapsley Rd E Side43.796173-79.226955
1540Sheppard Ave E at Leona Dr43.762778-79.404772
7204Sheppard Ave E at Leslie St - Leslie Station43.771847-79.363688
7203Sheppard Ave E at Leslie St- N York General Hospital43.771591-79.363431
1541Sheppard Ave E at Longmore St43.76471-79.396859
7205Sheppard Ave E at Longmore St E Side43.764666-79.39621
4592Sheppard Ave E at Malvern St43.794789-79.234821
7215Sheppard Ave E at Maris Shepway43.772118-79.361499
7214Sheppard Ave E at Maris Shepway E Side43.771924-79.360843
7206Sheppard Ave E at Markham Rd43.793616-79.239385
7207Sheppard Ave E at Markham Rd43.794017-79.238525
9859Sheppard Ave E at Markham Rd43.793838-79.239638
7208Sheppard Ave E at Massie St43.792506-79.245714
15732Sheppard Ave E at Massie St E Side43.792516-79.244755
7211Sheppard Ave E at McCowan Rd43.789822-79.258623
7210Sheppard Ave E at McCowan Rd43.789452-79.25905
11669Sheppard Ave E at Meadowvale Rd43.80818-79.171104
7213Sheppard Ave E at Meadowvale Rd43.808525-79.170563
11670Sheppard Ave E at Meadowvale Rd43.808291-79.171598
7212Sheppard Ave E at Meadowvale Rd E Side43.808442-79.169871
7218Sheppard Ave E at Midland Ave43.785496-79.278393
7217Sheppard Ave E at Midland Ave43.78511-79.279041
15244Sheppard Ave E at Midland Ave43.78523-79.279671
7219Sheppard Ave E at Morningside Ave43.801751-79.200009
9319Sheppard Ave E at Morningside Ave43.801976-79.200526
7137Sheppard Ave E at Murison Blvd43.798969-79.214298
7221Sheppard Ave E at Murison Blvd E Side43.799156-79.212357
7223Sheppard Ave E at Neilson Rd43.798313-79.217426
7222Sheppard Ave E at Neilson Rd43.797935-79.21787
7243Sheppard Ave E at Old Leslie St43.771525-79.366549
7242Sheppard Ave E at Old Leslie St - Leslie Station43.771198-79.366681
7225Sheppard Ave E at Palmdale Dr43.778058-79.311338
7224Sheppard Ave E at Palmdale Dr43.77783-79.311293
7226Sheppard Ave E at Parkway Forest Dr43.775632-79.34516
13705Sheppard Ave E at Parkway Forest Dr E Side43.775897-79.342662
7228Sheppard Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.776351-79.31788
7229Sheppard Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.776681-79.317566
4591Sheppard Ave E at Progress Ave43.794491-79.235159
7230Sheppard Ave E at Provost Dr E Side43.770333-79.370641
7232Sheppard Ave E at Rainbow Ridge Ave43.807276-79.163127
13887Sheppard Ave E at Rainbow Ridge Ave43.807286-79.162715
7233Sheppard Ave E at Rean Dr43.767639-79.38331
10480Sheppard Ave E at Reidmount Ave - Agincourt GO43.783793-79.285171
15018Sheppard Ave E at Reidmount Ave - Agincourt GO43.784251-79.284671
7237Sheppard Ave E at Rouge River Dr43.804795-79.186784
7176Sheppard Ave E at Rouge River Dr43.806486-79.180046
7240Sheppard Ave E at Scunthorpe Rd43.793124-79.241892
11258Sheppard Ave E at Scunthorpe Rd43.793243-79.24221
7245Sheppard Ave E at Settlers Rd43.774798-79.326438
7244Sheppard Ave E at Settlers Rd43.774535-79.326911
7246Sheppard Ave E at Shaughnessy Blvd43.773531-79.353473
7247Sheppard Ave E at Shaughnessy Blvd43.77391-79.353107
7248Sheppard Ave E at Shorting Rd43.791888-79.24873
7249Sheppard Ave E at Tallpines Crt43.804167-79.157816
13888Sheppard Ave E at Twyn Rivers Dr43.809216-79.166608
11113Sheppard Ave E at Twyn Rivers Dr43.808624-79.165526
9812Sheppard Ave E at Vandorf St43.803095-79.155949
9813Sheppard Ave E at Vandorf St43.803066-79.155492
7250Sheppard Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.775039-79.323295
7251Sheppard Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.775457-79.322733
9513Sheppard Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.775213-79.323709
13918Sheppard Ave E at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.775286-79.322236
7254Sheppard Ave E at Warden Ave43.778548-79.30811
7255Sheppard Ave E at Warden Ave43.778938-79.307608
7256Sheppard Ave E at Washburn Way43.796344-79.227343
9779Sheppard Ave E at Water Tower Gate43.803267-79.194779
1543Sheppard Ave E at Wilfred Ave43.764976-79.394809
15730Sheppard Ave E at Wilfred Ave43.765222-79.39456
1544Sheppard Ave E at Willowdale Ave43.763809-79.399985
1545Sheppard Ave E at Willowdale Ave43.76413-79.399503
8093Sheppard Ave E at Yonge St E Side43.761625-79.409843
7136Sheppard Ave E at opp Walkway to Hutcherson Sq43.797514-79.220056
13902Sheppard Ave E at opp Walkway to Murison Blvd43.801275-79.20352
7253Sheppard Ave E at opp Walkway to Winstanly Cres43.799679-79.210016
13437Sheppard Ave W / Norman Wesley Way43.744142-79.489186
15386Sheppard Ave W at Abraham Welsh Rd E Side43.7347-79.533297
6058Sheppard Ave W at Arleta Ave43.741662-79.501303
6060Sheppard Ave W at Arrow Rd43.735485-79.529638
6059Sheppard Ave W at Arrow Rd43.735717-79.529808
3106Sheppard Ave W at Bakersfield St Wside - Downsview Park Station43.754319-79.480593
11876Sheppard Ave W at Banting Ave43.750818-79.460115
7262Sheppard Ave W at Banting Ave43.751162-79.459386
7265Sheppard Ave W at Bathurst St43.7556-79.437993
7263Sheppard Ave W at Bathurst St43.755315-79.438927
7266Sheppard Ave W at Bathurst St43.755487-79.439308
7264Sheppard Ave W at Bathurst St E Side43.755396-79.437829
15433Sheppard Ave W at Beecroft Rd43.760839-79.413489
12192Sheppard Ave W at Beecroft Rd43.760978-79.413797
7269Sheppard Ave W at Brentwood Ave43.758338-79.425494
7270Sheppard Ave W at Bryant St43.754543-79.443751
6063Sheppard Ave W at Buckland Rd43.741224-79.50321
6062Sheppard Ave W at Buckland Rd43.740796-79.504068
7271Sheppard Ave W at Chesswood Dr43.755399-79.474597
3108Sheppard Ave W at Chesswood Dr43.755612-79.473803
7272Sheppard Ave W at Don River Blvd43.7565-79.432941
7273Sheppard Ave W at Don River Blvd43.756599-79.433307
6090Sheppard Ave W at Downsview Dells Park43.742465-79.496512
7275Sheppard Ave W at Dufferin St - Sheppard W Station43.750543-79.462607
7276Sheppard Ave W at Eon Rd43.75804-79.426151
3110Sheppard Ave W at Faywood Blvd43.752518-79.452097
7282Sheppard Ave W at Goddard St43.753643-79.44794
7283Sheppard Ave W at Gorman Park Rd43.753278-79.448484
7284Sheppard Ave W at Harlock Blvd43.753826-79.445872
7285Sheppard Ave W at Hove St43.755075-79.44128
6068Sheppard Ave W at Jane St43.739571-79.512964
6067Sheppard Ave W at Jane St43.73919-79.513494
6069Sheppard Ave W at Jane St E Side43.739369-79.512583
6071Sheppard Ave W at John Drury Dr43.748435-79.482947
6070Sheppard Ave W at John Drury Dr43.748114-79.48252
6074Sheppard Ave W at Keele St43.744618-79.486717
6072Sheppard Ave W at Keele St43.744972-79.486103
6076Sheppard Ave W at Kodiak Cres43.753967-79.469364
4596Sheppard Ave W at Kodiak Cres43.751865-79.466919
6079Sheppard Ave W at Laura Rd43.73797-79.519976
6078Sheppard Ave W at Laura Rd E Side43.737839-79.519556
6081Sheppard Ave W at Magellan Dr43.73954-79.509788
6080Sheppard Ave W at Magellan Dr43.739805-79.509568
7290Sheppard Ave W at Maxwell St43.754151-79.445628
6082Sheppard Ave W at Min Ave43.740159-79.507007
7291Sheppard Ave W at Nover St43.741344-79.501572
6064Sheppard Ave W at Nwood Park43.742758-79.496344
6084Sheppard Ave W at Oakdale Rd43.736741-79.523996
6085Sheppard Ave W at Oakdale Rd43.737157-79.523585
16232Sheppard Ave W at Pewter Rd43.759662-79.418889
16233Sheppard Ave W at Quilter Rd43.759994-79.418241
6086Sheppard Ave W at Rivalda Rd43.73481-79.533737
7296Sheppard Ave W at Senlac Rd43.75877-79.422884
7295Sheppard Ave W at Senlac Rd43.758866-79.423184
6087Sheppard Ave W at Sentinel Rd43.743786-79.491659
16240Sheppard Ave W at Sentinel Rd43.743701-79.491195
6089Sheppard Ave W at Tuscan Gate43.75246-79.482684
3113Sheppard Ave W at Tuscan Gate43.752994-79.482768
15631Sheppard Ave W at Vitti St - Downsview Park Station43.754173-79.480489
15435Sheppard Ave W at William R Allen Rd43.750035-79.463663
4598Sheppard Ave W at William R Allen Rd43.750252-79.463904
7298Sheppard Ave W at Wilmington Ave43.752815-79.451879
7299Sheppard Ave W at Wilson Heights Blvd43.751438-79.457028
7300Sheppard Ave W at Wilson Heights Blvd43.751824-79.45659
3114Sheppard Ave W at Wilson Heights Blvd E Side43.751748-79.4556
6091Sheppard Ave W at Won Rd43.733919-79.537904
6092Sheppard Ave W at Yatescastle Dr43.740433-79.506722
7304Sheppard Ave W at Yeomans Rd E Side43.754366-79.443496
15458Sheppard Ave W at Yonge St43.761506-79.41155
3109Sheppard Ave W at Yukon Lane43.751934-79.46747
14651Sheppard W Station43.749571-79.462186
14652Sheppard W Station43.749529-79.462548
14654Sheppard W Station43.749353-79.462105
14655Sheppard W Station43.749195-79.462047
14656Sheppard W Station43.748976-79.461968
14657Sheppard W Station43.748718-79.461907
14658Sheppard W Station43.748826-79.462288
14659Sheppard W Station43.749049-79.462373
14660Sheppard W Station43.749209-79.462434
14653Sheppard W Station43.749659-79.462575
14110Sheppard W Station - Sbound Platform43.749147-79.461993
14945Sheppard W Station - Subway Platform43.750204-79.462781
14771Sheppard-Yonge Station43.761885-79.412389
14772Sheppard-Yonge Station43.761886-79.412127
14773Sheppard-Yonge Station43.761702-79.411916
14774Sheppard-Yonge Station43.761564-79.412107
13862Sheppard-Yonge Station - Ebound Platform43.761494-79.410394
13859Sheppard-Yonge Station - Nbound Platform43.761648-79.410891
13860Sheppard-Yonge Station - Sbound Platform43.760348-79.410691
13861Sheppard-Yonge Station - Subway Platform43.761648-79.410091
7305Sherbourne St at Adelaide St E43.652544-79.368691
7309Sherbourne St at Bloor St E - Sherbourne Station43.672155-79.376648
7308Sherbourne St at Bloor St E- Sherbourne Station43.672008-79.376834
7311Sherbourne St at Carlton St43.663382-79.373214
7310Sherbourne St at Carlton St43.66305-79.372904
7313Sherbourne St at Dundas St E43.658477-79.371168
7312Sherbourne St at Dundas St E43.658793-79.371128
7314Sherbourne St at Earl St43.668965-79.375374
7316Sherbourne St at Front St E43.650224-79.367695
7317Sherbourne St at Front St E43.650576-79.368044
7318Sherbourne St at Gerrard St E43.661074-79.372083
7319Sherbourne St at Gerrard St E43.661373-79.372381
7321Sherbourne St at Isabella St43.669792-79.3759
7323Sherbourne St at King St E43.651428-79.368398
7322Sherbourne St at King St E43.651097-79.368116
7324Sherbourne St at Lake Shore Blvd E43.646013-79.366069
7326Sherbourne St at Maple Ave43.674816-79.377618
7327Sherbourne St at Queen St E43.654311-79.36931
7328Sherbourne St at Queen St E43.654689-79.369583
7329Sherbourne St at Richmond St E43.652663-79.368912
7331Sherbourne St at Shuter St43.656418-79.370296
7330Sherbourne St at Shuter St43.656015-79.369955
7315Sherbourne St at The Esplanade43.649212-79.367441
7333Sherbourne St at Wellesley St E43.667257-79.374835
7332Sherbourne St at Wellesley St E43.666898-79.374519
13753Sherbourne Station - Ebound Platform43.672103-79.376162
13754Sherbourne Station - Wbound Platform43.672174-79.376173
3117Sherway Gardens Rd at Sherway Gate (Mall)43.609729-79.558438
9109Sherway Gardens Rd at Sherway Gate (Mall)43.609785-79.558022
9108Sherway Gardens Rd at Sherway Gate (Mall)43.610024-79.558228
11587Sherway Gardens Rd at Sherway Gate Mall)43.609847-79.557773
13618Shoreham Dr at Shoreham Crt43.769044-79.518791
15620Shoreham Dr at Shoreham Crt43.769161-79.51926
9244Shorncliffe Ave at Lockport Ave43.627616-79.542736
9235Shorncliffe Ave at Lockport Ave43.62761-79.54294
9237Shorncliffe Ave at N Queen St43.622732-79.540842
9243Shorncliffe Ave at Newbridge Rd43.625836-79.541965
9236Shorncliffe Ave at Newbridge Rd43.625815-79.542173
9245Shorncliffe Rd at Dundas St W43.631979-79.544419
9234Shorncliffe Rd at Dundas St W43.631702-79.544524
9242Shorncliffe Rd at N Queen St43.623031-79.540769
10860Signal Hill Ave at Steeles Ave W43.752776-79.624819
10859Signal Hill Ave at Steinway Blvd43.750913-79.623994
8098Signet Dr at Fenmar Dr43.758347-79.538735
8097Signet Dr at Fenmar Dr43.75793-79.538861
9668Signet Dr at Finch Ave W43.754061-79.536541
7498Signet Dr at Finch Ave W43.752754-79.536043
8099Signet Dr at Garyray Dr43.768228-79.542067
14519Signet Dr at High Meadow Pl43.755553-79.537291
14520Signet Dr at High Meadow Pl43.755927-79.537834
15953Signet Dr at Kenhar Dr43.762948-79.54012
8101Signet Dr at Ormont Dr43.765443-79.540895
8102Signet Dr at Steeles Ave W43.770606-79.543123
8103Silverdale Cres at York Mills Rd43.756875-79.341192
11534Silverdale Cres at York Mills Rd43.756605-79.341245
9301Skyway Ave at Dixon Rd43.687681-79.586549
9298Skyway Ave at Meridian Rd43.682479-79.581726
8109Sloane Ave at Anewen Dr43.734247-79.311624
8105Sloane Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.726537-79.313343
8104Sloane Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.726471-79.313187
8107Sloane Ave at Elvaston Dr43.730104-79.309801
8106Sloane Ave at Elvaston Dr43.730221-79.309635
8108Sloane Ave at Kenewen Crt43.734144-79.311312
8110Sloane Ave at Sweeney Dr43.735468-79.312392
8111Sloane Ave at Tinder Cres43.727794-79.310738
8112Sloane Ave at Trophy Dr43.728017-79.310674
8114Sloane Ave at Wigmore Dr43.732467-79.31046
8113Sloane Ave at Wigmore Dr43.73229-79.310221
7335South Dr at Glen Rd43.677655-79.374974
7336South Dr at Glen Rd43.677609-79.375709
7337South Dr at May St43.677706-79.375855
10662South Kingsway at Ormskirk Ave43.638666-79.476559
10661South Kingsway at Ripley Ave43.636704-79.475022
12198South Service Rd at Transway Cres43.732636-79.264907
10995Southport St at Windermere Pl43.638188-79.472291
6095Southwood Dr at Glen Ames43.676086-79.296881
6098Southwood Dr at Glen Ames43.675736-79.296726
6097Southwood Dr at Glen Stewart Cres43.677721-79.297527
6099Southwood Dr at Kingston Rd43.678785-79.297828
6100Southwood Dr at Williamson Rd43.674546-79.296404
10929Spadina Ave at Bremner Blvd43.640814-79.393172
10777Spadina Ave at Bremner Blvd43.641232-79.393194
7347Spadina Ave at College St43.658504-79.400214
8120Spadina Ave at College St43.657372-79.399868
7349Spadina Ave at Dundas St W43.653388-79.398172
8121Spadina Ave at Dundas St W43.65248-79.397924
8123Spadina Ave at Front St W43.642934-79.394028
7346Spadina Ave at Front St W43.643182-79.394027
7351Spadina Ave at Harbord St43.663544-79.402228
8124Spadina Ave at Harbord St43.662648-79.401984
8126Spadina Ave at King St W43.645671-79.395169
7353Spadina Ave at King St W43.645998-79.395149
11986Spadina Ave at Nassau St43.655658-79.399071
8128Spadina Ave at Nassau St43.655393-79.399077
7355Spadina Ave at Queen St W43.649178-79.396495
8129Spadina Ave at Queen St W43.64822-79.396223
12085Spadina Ave at Queens Quay W43.638141-79.39201
11985Spadina Ave at Richmond St W43.6476-79.395827
8131Spadina Ave at Sullivan St43.651021-79.397338
7356Spadina Ave at Sullivan St43.651288-79.397326
7357Spadina Ave at Sussex Ave43.664513-79.40261
8132Spadina Ave at Sussex Ave43.664224-79.402616
8134Spadina Ave at Willcocks St43.66145-79.401512
7358Spadina Ave at Willcocks St43.661123-79.401263
4606Spadina Rd at Archer Rd43.696032-79.415645
4607Spadina Rd at Ardmore Rd43.695334-79.415549
7342Spadina Rd at Bernard Ave43.672078-79.405882
8117Spadina Rd at Bernard Ave43.671797-79.405979
4608Spadina Rd at Burton Rd43.69299-79.414567
7348Spadina Rd at Davenport Rd43.677147-79.407959
8122Spadina Rd at Dupont St - Dupont Station43.675002-79.407221
7350Spadina Rd at Dupont St - Dupont Station43.67473-79.406924
12795Spadina Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.702252-79.418832
4604Spadina Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.702077-79.418877
14062Spadina Rd at Elderwood Dr43.696785-79.416161
4609Spadina Rd at Hawarden Cres43.694517-79.415063
4610Spadina Rd at Heath St W43.686674-79.411904
4611Spadina Rd at Heath St W43.686854-79.412167
7352Spadina Rd at Kendal Ave43.670357-79.405188
8125Spadina Rd at Kendal Ave43.670392-79.405426
4612Spadina Rd at Kilbarry Rd43.69263-79.414257
4613Spadina Rd at Lonsdale Rd43.688574-79.412538
4614Spadina Rd at Lonsdale Rd43.688713-79.412799
8127Spadina Rd at Lowther Ave43.66905-79.404899
7354Spadina Rd at Lowther Ave43.668881-79.404621
14321Spadina Rd at Old Forest Hill Rd43.698869-79.416862
4605Spadina Rd at Old Forest Hill Rd43.699106-79.417129
4615Spadina Rd at St Clair Ave W43.684783-79.411333
14364Spadina Rd at St Clair Ave W43.685077-79.411256
4617Spadina Rd at Strathearn Blvd43.690876-79.413518
4616Spadina Rd at Strathearn Blvd43.690717-79.413623
14777Spadina Station43.667271-79.403784
14816Spadina Station43.667221-79.403665
13852Spadina Station - Ebound Platform43.667249-79.403889
13853Spadina Station - Nbound Platform43.670249-79.405189
13854Spadina Station - Sbound Platform43.669049-79.404789
13851Spadina Station - Wbound Platform43.666949-79.405689
10268Spanbridge Rd at Grenoble Dr E Side43.712821-79.326492
10269Spanbridge Rd at Vicora Linkway43.712357-79.324724
4699St Albans Rd at W Service Rd43.639057-79.534403
13817St Andrew Station - Nbound Platform43.648249-79.385088
13818St Andrew Station - Sbound Platform43.647049-79.384488
13467St Basil The Great College School43.726797-79.533957
15598St Basil The Great College School43.726819-79.533818
1552St Clair Ave E at Andrew Ave43.720079-79.244714
1553St Clair Ave E at Andrew Ave43.720304-79.24451
1554St Clair Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.714145-79.271838
6103St Clair Ave E at Birchmount Rd E Side43.714182-79.270532
4622St Clair Ave E at Brimley Rd43.720746-79.241603
1555St Clair Ave E at Brimley Rd43.720854-79.241966
10686St Clair Ave E at Clifton Rd43.690041-79.384484
1556St Clair Ave E at Cotton Ave43.715853-79.263794
4623St Clair Ave E at Danforth Rd43.71665-79.260259
1558St Clair Ave E at Danforth Rd43.717085-79.259368
8140St Clair Ave E at Denvale Rd43.704594-79.318304
8139St Clair Ave E at Denvale Rd43.704379-79.318373
8141St Clair Ave E at Doris Dr43.705046-79.315492
1559St Clair Ave E at Elfreda Blvd43.713659-79.273123
1560St Clair Ave E at Fermoy Rd43.721461-79.239054
4624St Clair Ave E at Fermoy Rd43.72124-79.239268
1561St Clair Ave E at Gidley Rd43.719424-79.247666
3118St Clair Ave E at Glen Eden Cres43.706846-79.305951
6107St Clair Ave E at Glenburn Ave43.708758-79.298211
3119St Clair Ave E at Glenburn Ave43.708511-79.29844
6109St Clair Ave E at Herron Ave43.711293-79.285075
6108St Clair Ave E at Herron Ave E Side43.710956-79.285543
6110St Clair Ave E at Hodder St43.706615-79.30791
6112St Clair Ave E at Inglewood Dr43.689714-79.386688
6111St Clair Ave E at Inglewood Dr E Side43.689575-79.386639
4625St Clair Ave E at Jeanette St43.719753-79.246965
1562St Clair Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.716364-79.261557
1563St Clair Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.716705-79.261083
4626St Clair Ave E at Kingston Rd43.721743-79.23683
1565St Clair Ave E at Kingston Rd43.721913-79.237176
6115St Clair Ave E at Linden Ave - Scarborough GO43.717955-79.255615
1566St Clair Ave E at Linden Ave - Scarborough GO43.717393-79.256113
8143St Clair Ave E at Marilyn Cres43.705042-79.3163
1568St Clair Ave E at Marsh Rd43.715953-79.264399
6134St Clair Ave E at Maybourne Ave43.709324-79.29384
1569St Clair Ave E at Midland Ave43.718543-79.251592
1570St Clair Ave E at Midland Ave43.71894-79.251064
6119St Clair Ave E at Mt Pleasant Rd43.690306-79.383911
1571St Clair Ave E at N Woodrow Blvd43.715452-79.266449
4628St Clair Ave E at N Woodrow Blvd43.715113-79.266834
6122St Clair Ave E at O'Connor Dr43.705767-79.311704
10715St Clair Ave E at O'Connor Dr E Side43.705462-79.312134
6135St Clair Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.709892-79.291396
6123St Clair Ave E at Pharmacy Ave E Side43.709822-79.290466
3120St Clair Ave E at Plaxton Dr43.707535-79.302772
15279St Clair Ave E at Plaxton Dr43.70777-79.302586
6136St Clair Ave E at Presley Ave43.710524-79.288479
6124St Clair Ave E at Presley Ave43.710261-79.288601
6125St Clair Ave E at Rexleigh Dr43.706518-79.307206
6126St Clair Ave E at Santamonica Blvd43.713222-79.276424
4629St Clair Ave E at Santamonica Blvd43.712912-79.276699
6127St Clair Ave E at Selwyn Ave43.707088-79.305805
3121St Clair Ave E at Squires Ave43.707958-79.300873
6128St Clair Ave E at St Columba Pl43.705761-79.31061
3122St Clair Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.708726-79.296441
6131St Clair Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.708945-79.296378
6130St Clair Ave E at Victoria Park Ave E Side43.708706-79.295559
15820St Clair Ave E at Warden Ave43.711773-79.281726
14055St Clair Ave E at Warden Ave43.712074-79.281556
6132St Clair Ave E at Wbourne Ave E Side43.709338-79.292626
8145St Clair Ave E at Welland Ave43.691076-79.379718
6133St Clair Ave E at Wview Blvd43.706133-79.310074
8146St Clair Ave E at Yonge St - St Clair Station43.688202-79.394003
14346St Clair Ave E at Yonge St E Side43.688136-79.393454
8147St Clair Ave W at Arlington Ave43.680901-79.428975
8148St Clair Ave W at Arlington Ave43.68117-79.428773
14875St Clair Ave W at Arlington Ave43.680962-79.429411
14874St Clair Ave W at Arlington Ave E Side43.681096-79.428315
8150St Clair Ave W at Avenue Rd43.686535-79.402103
14350St Clair Ave W at Avenue Rd43.686608-79.402137
8149St Clair Ave W at Avenue Rd E Side43.686666-79.400882
14349St Clair Ave W at Avenue Rd E Side43.686603-79.400819
8153St Clair Ave W at Bathurst St43.683286-79.418144
8152St Clair Ave W at Bathurst St43.682988-79.418395
14337St Clair Ave W at Bathurst St43.683061-79.418852
14336St Clair Ave W at Bathurst St E Side43.683213-79.417671
7360St Clair Ave W at Britannia Ave43.669697-79.480616
7359St Clair Ave W at Britannia Ave43.669394-79.481314
8155St Clair Ave W at Caledonia Park Rd43.675211-79.454887
11715St Clair Ave W at Caledonia Rd43.675536-79.454364
14932St Clair Ave W at Caledonia Rd43.675275-79.455281
11579St Clair Ave W at Caledonia Rd E Side43.675379-79.454079
14931St Clair Ave W at Caledonia Rd E Side43.675437-79.454201
8157St Clair Ave W at Christie St43.681535-79.42584
8158St Clair Ave W at Christie St43.681823-79.425619
14873St Clair Ave W at Christie St43.681621-79.426289
14872St Clair Ave W at Christie St E Side43.681758-79.425152
7361St Clair Ave W at Cobalt Ave43.670097-79.478134
14347St Clair Ave W at Deer Park Cres43.687154-79.398239
14348St Clair Ave W at Deer Park Cres43.687409-79.39792
8159St Clair Ave W at Deer Park Cres43.687185-79.398655
8160St Clair Ave W at Deer Park Cres E Side43.687341-79.397451
8161St Clair Ave W at Dufferin St43.677782-79.443177
8162St Clair Ave W at Dufferin St43.678072-79.442941
14885St Clair Ave W at Dufferin St43.678011-79.442476
14886St Clair Ave W at Dufferin St43.677855-79.443635
14351St Clair Ave W at Dunvegan Rd43.685922-79.404757
8163St Clair Ave W at Dunvegan Rd43.685864-79.40547
14352St Clair Ave W at Dunvegan Rd43.685988-79.40522
9979St Clair Ave W at Earlscourt Ave43.676826-79.4475
9980St Clair Ave W at Earlscourt Ave43.677094-79.447319
14888St Clair Ave W at Earlscourt Ave43.677042-79.447244
14887St Clair Ave W at Earlscourt Ave E Side43.677045-79.446847
13309St Clair Ave W at Florence Cres43.666983-79.494262
13317St Clair Ave W at Florence Cres E Side43.666846-79.49421
8165St Clair Ave W at Glenholme Ave43.678747-79.438835
8166St Clair Ave W at Glenholme Ave43.67905-79.438527
14882St Clair Ave W at Glenholme Ave43.678811-79.439285
14881St Clair Ave W at Glenholme Ave E Side43.678985-79.438072
13340St Clair Ave W at Gunns Rd43.671925-79.470925
8168St Clair Ave W at Hounslow Heath Rd43.674054-79.460091
14935St Clair Ave W at Hounslow Heath Rd E Side43.674274-79.459436
13318St Clair Ave W at Jane St43.667011-79.492085
13308St Clair Ave W at Jane St43.667281-79.491534
15421St Clair Ave W at Jane St E Side43.667174-79.491124
7898St Clair Ave W at Keele St/ Won Rd43.672376-79.467746
14939St Clair Ave W at Keele St/ Won Rd43.672451-79.467842
11620St Clair Ave W at Lansdowne Ave43.676091-79.450893
8171St Clair Ave W at Lansdowne Ave43.676419-79.450412
13173St Clair Ave W at Lansdowne Ave43.676186-79.451121
14889St Clair Ave W at Lansdowne Ave E Side43.676353-79.450021
8172St Clair Ave W at Laughton Ave43.67485-79.457543
8173St Clair Ave W at Laughton Ave43.674577-79.45772
14934St Clair Ave W at Laughton Ave43.674639-79.458176
14933St Clair Ave W at Laughton Ave E Side43.67479-79.457079
13307St Clair Ave W at Mariposa Ave43.667688-79.489614
14895St Clair Ave W at Mariposa Ave E Side43.667591-79.489328
15061St Clair Ave W at Mondovi Gate43.670715-79.475324
13711St Clair Ave W at Mondovi Gate43.670832-79.475535
13320St Clair Ave W at Mould Ave43.668068-79.487241
13306St Clair Ave W at Mould Ave43.66831-79.486848
8175St Clair Ave W at Ncliffe Blvd43.678272-79.440957
8176St Clair Ave W at Ncliffe Blvd43.67855-79.440752
14884St Clair Ave W at Ncliffe Blvd43.678342-79.441377
14883St Clair Ave W at Ncliffe Blvd E Side43.678485-79.440298
8177St Clair Ave W at Oakwood Ave43.679399-79.435995
8178St Clair Ave W at Oakwood Ave43.679725-79.435515
14880St Clair Ave W at Oakwood Ave43.679668-79.43546
14879St Clair Ave W at Oakwood Ave E Side43.679661-79.43507
13341St Clair Ave W at Old Stock Yards Rd43.671612-79.471239
15050St Clair Ave W at Old Stock Yards Rd43.671859-79.470488
8179St Clair Ave W at Old Won Rd43.673441-79.463154
8180St Clair Ave W at Old Won Rd43.673686-79.46275
14938St Clair Ave W at Old Won Rd43.673427-79.463578
14937St Clair Ave W at Old Won Rd E Side43.673599-79.462439
13343St Clair Ave W at Runnymede Rd43.668843-79.483773
13305St Clair Ave W at Runnymede Rd43.66887-79.484326
14353St Clair Ave W at Russell Hill Rd43.685193-79.407938
14354St Clair Ave W at Russell Hill Rd43.685472-79.407778
8182St Clair Ave W at Russell Hill Rd43.685262-79.408389
8181St Clair Ave W at Russell Hill Rd E Side43.685403-79.407321
8183St Clair Ave W at Silverthorn Ave43.67433-79.459897
14936St Clair Ave W at Silverthorn Ave43.674107-79.460547
8184St Clair Ave W at Spadina Rd43.684754-79.411042
4630St Clair Ave W at Spadina Rd43.684479-79.41123
14355St Clair Ave W at Spadina Rd43.684535-79.4117
14344St Clair Ave W at Spadina Rd E Side43.684699-79.410569
7364St Clair Ave W at Symes Rd43.670456-79.47726
14343St Clair Ave W at Tweedsmuir Ave43.684084-79.413336
14605St Clair Ave W at Tweedsmuir Ave43.684014-79.413307
14606St Clair Ave W at Tweedsmuir Ave43.684274-79.413275
4632St Clair Ave W at Tweedsmuir Ave43.684089-79.41371
8185St Clair Ave W at Vaughan Rd43.682575-79.420404
14334St Clair Ave W at Vaughan Rd43.682656-79.420844
14356St Clair Ave W at Vaughan Rd43.682752-79.420698
14335St Clair Ave W at Vaughan Rd E Side43.682875-79.419348
8187St Clair Ave W at Warren Rd E Side43.685631-79.405781
8189St Clair Ave W at Winona Dr43.680394-79.432412
14878St Clair Ave W at Winona Dr43.680191-79.433048
14877St Clair Ave W at Winona Dr E Side43.680326-79.431948
14897St Clair Ave W at Winona Dr E Side43.680227-79.432102
8169St Clair Ave W at Won Rd/ Keele St43.672509-79.46824
14940St Clair Ave W at Won Rd/ Keele St43.672435-79.468189
8191St Clair Ave W at Wychwood Ave43.682308-79.42311
8190St Clair Ave W at Wychwood Ave43.681989-79.423592
14871St Clair Ave W at Wychwood Ave43.68208-79.424035
14870St Clair Ave W at Wychwood Ave E Side43.682189-79.422895
14345St Clair Ave W at Yonge St43.688014-79.394607
14778St Clair Station43.687857-79.391958
14819St Clair Station43.687713-79.392394
14818St Clair Station43.687733-79.392216
13800St Clair Station - Nbound Platform43.688649-79.393489
13799St Clair Station - Sbound Platform43.687449-79.393089
14779St Clair W Station43.684231-79.415227
14780St Clair W Station43.684447-79.415555
14783St Clair W Station43.68437-79.415255
15308St Clair W Station43.684297-79.415609
13829St Clair W Station - Nbound Platform43.685148-79.41589
13830St Clair W Station - Sbound Platform43.683948-79.41539
11189St Dennis Dr at Deauville Lane43.718185-79.331789
4633St Dennis Dr at Deauville Lane43.718675-79.330402
11193St Dennis Dr at Don Mills Rd43.71677-79.336676
11187St Dennis Dr at Don Mills Rd E Side43.716675-79.33644
4728St Dennis Dr at Linkwood Lane43.719618-79.327989
4727St Dennis Dr at Linkwood Lane43.719209-79.32776
11347St Dennis Dr at opp 195-205-215 Wynford Dr43.723589-79.324472
14784St George Station43.668655-79.398053
13856St George Station - Ebound Platform43.668549-79.397989
13858St George Station - Nbound Platform43.668249-79.399689
13857St George Station - Sbound Platform43.668549-79.397889
13855St George Station - Wbound Platform43.668249-79.399689
13479St Joseph'S Health Ctr at 30 The Queensway43.639439-79.450798
16034St Matthews Rd at Gerrard St E43.66496-79.355329
13821St Patrick Station - Nbound Platform43.655249-79.388388
13822St Patrick Station - Sbound Platform43.654049-79.387988
7369St Phillips Rd at Dixon Rd43.700006-79.534443
7366St Phillips Rd at Riverview Heights43.703313-79.531934
7365St Phillips Rd at Riverview Heights43.703316-79.531666
7368St Phillips Rd at Won Rd43.70584-79.532167
4636St Regis Cres N at Bakersfield St43.75704-79.481072
4635St Regis Cres N at Bakersfield St43.757032-79.481627
4638St Regis Cres N at Ceramic Rd43.756548-79.48381
4637St Regis Cres N at Ceramic Rd E Side43.756479-79.483595
3303St Regis Cres at Bakersfield St43.755202-79.480719
4639St Regis Cres at Bakersfield St43.755231-79.481099
3123St Regis Cres at Keele St43.754743-79.487887
13925St Regis Cres at Keele St E Side43.754624-79.487752
3124St Regis Cres at St Regis Cres N43.755144-79.486134
14988Staines Rd at Boulderbrook Dr43.833043-79.224963
14985Staines Rd at Hepatica St43.834862-79.230163
14986Staines Rd at Hepatica St43.834895-79.22975
14446Staines Rd at Jacques Rd43.82082-79.2207
15423Staines Rd at Knowles Dr43.823668-79.219031
14086Staines Rd at Mantis Rd43.821587-79.220303
14423Staines Rd at Palk Lane43.840107-79.231969
14982Staines Rd at Point Rouge Trail43.825562-79.220539
14382Staines Rd at Quietbrook Cres43.8387-79.2323
14983Staines Rd at Quietbrook Cres43.837151-79.231588
14987Staines Rd at Rivendell Trail43.833283-79.224968
14989Staines Rd at Seasons Dr43.830857-79.223769
14266Staines Rd at Seasons Dr43.830149-79.223612
14984Staines Rd at Solstice Dr43.836626-79.231597
14107Staines Rd at Warbler Cir43.82671-79.221682
9970Starspray Loop at Lawrence Ave E43.788634-79.123111
9882Steeles Ave E / Dairis Cres43.829251-79.283542
9830Steeles Ave E / Enchanted Hills Cres43.830278-79.27779
9785Steeles Ave E / Hornchurch Cres43.828019-79.288891
11612Steeles Ave E / Irenemount Cres43.835243-79.257531
11614Steeles Ave E / Joycedale St43.833683-79.264264
12077Steeles Ave E / Norm Cres43.832317-79.270029
9784Steeles Ave E / Scoville Sq43.827819-79.288717
8245Steeles Ave E / Whitman St43.800243-79.409414
9176Steeles Ave E Loop43.798341-79.417889
1254Steeles Ave E Loop at Bayview Ave43.803431-79.397336
9783Steeles Ave E at Ashcott St43.827008-79.292081
8261Steeles Ave E at Bathurst St43.792709-79.44514
8211Steeles Ave E at Bayview Ave43.802916-79.39735
8210Steeles Ave E at Bayview Ave43.803048-79.397598
8213Steeles Ave E at Bestview Dr43.80629-79.383217
8212Steeles Ave E at Bestview Dr E Side43.806055-79.382961
9346Steeles Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.821204-79.317134
9355Steeles Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.821577-79.316703
11413Steeles Ave E at Birchmount Rd43.821303-79.31785
8214Steeles Ave E at Bluffwood Dr43.807554-79.376213
9833Steeles Ave E at Brimley Rd43.828448-79.286833
9828Steeles Ave E at Brimley Rd43.828058-79.287519
8224Steeles Ave E at Conacher Dr43.802369-79.400756
15239Steeles Ave E at Conacher Dr43.802122-79.401007
8215Steeles Ave E at Don Mills Rd43.811361-79.360551
12816Steeles Ave E at Don Mills Rd E Side43.811216-79.360112
8216Steeles Ave E at Dudley Ave43.798816-79.416983
8217Steeles Ave E at Dumont St43.798569-79.417152
6139Steeles Ave E at Edgar Woods Rd43.810793-79.362948
8218Steeles Ave E at Esna Park Dr43.817107-79.336038
14379Steeles Ave E at Evale Rd43.83816-79.245033
8219Steeles Ave E at Fairway Heights Dr43.807882-79.375931
9786Steeles Ave E at Fenton Rd43.827387-79.291476
10138Steeles Ave E at Ferrier St43.818633-79.32951
16013Steeles Ave E at Ferrier St E Side43.818427-79.329259
8221Steeles Ave E at Firebrace Rd43.817679-79.33227
8222Steeles Ave E at Firebrace Rd43.817856-79.332775
8225Steeles Ave E at Henderson Ave43.801188-79.406152
9832Steeles Ave E at Hillcroft Dr43.829982-79.280198
8287Steeles Ave E at Jewell St43.799973-79.411681
9347Steeles Ave E at Kelvin Grove Ave43.822309-79.312378
9780Steeles Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.823486-79.307333
9352Steeles Ave E at Kennedy Rd43.823608-79.308043
8227Steeles Ave E at Laureleaf Rd43.80572-79.385651
8226Steeles Ave E at Laureleaf Rd43.805432-79.385852
8228Steeles Ave E at Leslie St43.808226-79.372863
8229Steeles Ave E at Leslie St43.808687-79.372445
8230Steeles Ave E at Lillian St E Side43.799781-79.41153
14377Steeles Ave E at Markham Rd43.836389-79.251567
11611Steeles Ave E at Markham Rd43.836512-79.25219
14376Steeles Ave E at Marydale Ave43.835698-79.254563
14603Steeles Ave E at Marydale Ave43.83606-79.254107
15238Steeles Ave E at Maxome Ave43.800946-79.406362
10922Steeles Ave E at McCowan Rd43.831245-79.274918
10919Steeles Ave E at McCowan Rd43.830837-79.275525
11606Steeles Ave E at Middlefield Rd43.832511-79.268102
11615Steeles Ave E at Middlefield Rd43.832924-79.267602
9787Steeles Ave E at Midland Ave43.826099-79.297089
16247Steeles Ave E at Midland Ave E Side43.825932-79.296916
16255Steeles Ave E at Morningside Ave43.838216-79.243873
9356Steeles Ave E at Mountcastle Gate43.82074-79.320341
9345Steeles Ave E at Mountcastle Gate43.820394-79.320622
8233Steeles Ave E at Old English Lane43.804155-79.392546
4640Steeles Ave E at Old Kennedy Rd43.825479-79.299832
6140Steeles Ave E at Paul Markway E Side43.808975-79.36984
8234Steeles Ave E at Pharmacy Ave43.816625-79.336828
9354Steeles Ave E at Putnam Gate43.822702-79.311866
12092Steeles Ave E at Quail Valley Dr43.809405-79.369115
8235Steeles Ave E at Quail Valley Dr43.80932-79.369522
14256Steeles Ave E at Redlea Ave43.823929-79.30533
11608Steeles Ave E at Shadlock St43.834084-79.261385
11613Steeles Ave E at Shadlock St43.834486-79.260884
9781Steeles Ave E at Silver Star Blvd43.825065-79.300444
14380Steeles Ave E at Staines Rd43.840734-79.232774
9829Steeles Ave E at Strawberry Hills Dr43.829662-79.280495
14981Steeles Ave E at Tapscott Rd43.837061-79.248697
8236Steeles Ave E at Tarbert Rd43.804084-79.392106
8237Steeles Ave E at Townsend Rd43.811738-79.357697
8238Steeles Ave E at Townsend Rd43.81194-79.358022
8240Steeles Ave E at Valloncliffe Rd43.805174-79.388087
8239Steeles Ave E at Valloncliffe Rd43.804891-79.388366
8243Steeles Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.815376-79.341773
8241Steeles Ave E at Victoria Park Ave43.815581-79.342182
6142Steeles Ave E at Waggoners Wells Lane43.80991-79.366126
15742Steeles Ave E at Waggoners Wells Lane43.810155-79.365733
9344Steeles Ave E at Warden Ave43.819426-79.324739
9357Steeles Ave E at Warden Ave43.819848-79.324123
8247Steeles Ave E at Willowdale Ave43.799392-79.414344
8246Steeles Ave E at Willowdale Ave43.79913-79.414582
8250Steeles Ave E at Woodbine Ave43.814178-79.348291
13339Steeles Ave E at Woodbine Ave43.813706-79.348866
9881Steeles Ave E at opp Walkway to Dairis Cres43.828963-79.28354
9831Steeles Ave E at opp Walkway to Enchanted Hills Cres43.830596-79.277601
14375Steeles Ave E at opp Walkway to Irenemount Cres43.83491-79.257864
12076Steeles Ave E at opp Walkway to Norm Cres43.832127-79.269844
8256Steeles Ave E at opp Walkway to Whitman St43.80052-79.409206
9262Steeles Ave W / Cathy Jean Cres43.759309-79.592962
8273Steeles Ave W / Friuli Crt43.765154-79.571975
8272Steeles Ave W / Plunkett Rd43.764965-79.57122
9170Steeles Ave W Loop at Islington Ave43.764093-79.576584
9824Steeles Ave W Loop at Martin Grove Rd43.756665-79.607838
8253Steeles Ave W at Adesso Dr43.77444-79.526647
8255Steeles Ave W at Alness St43.784882-79.480869
13435Steeles Ave W at Alness St E Side43.784771-79.480095
1587Steeles Ave W at Bathurst St43.792234-79.446093
1585Steeles Ave W at Bathurst St E Side43.792559-79.444561
8262Steeles Ave W at Cactus Ave43.79425-79.436708
8264Steeles Ave W at Capstan Gate43.783447-79.487039
8266Steeles Ave W at Carpenter Rd43.791875-79.447721
8265Steeles Ave W at Carpenter Rd43.792072-79.448117
8267Steeles Ave W at Conley St43.788864-79.462964
8268Steeles Ave W at Dufferin St43.787029-79.470392
8269Steeles Ave W at Dufferin St43.787469-79.469756
8270Steeles Ave W at Dufferin St E Side43.787239-79.469563
8314Steeles Ave W at Emerald Lane43.793572-79.440815
8271Steeles Ave W at Fenmar Dr E Side43.766574-79.563755
1595Steeles Ave W at Founders Rd - York University43.779428-79.504234
1594Steeles Ave W at Founders Rd- York University43.779212-79.503758
8274Steeles Ave W at Futurity Gate43.786355-79.474561
8277Steeles Ave W at Gaudaur Rd43.767589-79.560311
8276Steeles Ave W at Gaudaur Rd E Side43.767387-79.56018
8275Steeles Ave W at Gerry Fitzgerald Dr43.785992-79.4749
9264Steeles Ave W at Gihon Spring Dr43.759409-79.596885
9261Steeles Ave W at Gihon Spring Dr43.7591-79.597122
8278Steeles Ave W at Hidden Trail43.788495-79.463345
10862Steeles Ave W at Highway 2743.755222-79.61449
10856Steeles Ave W at Highway 2743.755416-79.614879
11522Steeles Ave W at Highway 27 E Side43.755518-79.61325
8280Steeles Ave W at Hilda Ave43.796207-79.429071
8279Steeles Ave W at Hilda Ave43.795863-79.4294
8281Steeles Ave W at Irondale Dr43.769499-79.549749
4643Steeles Ave W at Islington Ave43.764154-79.574983
8283Steeles Ave W at Islington Ave43.764537-79.574602
8284Steeles Ave W at Islington Ave E Side43.76433-79.57411
8285Steeles Ave W at Islington Ave Loop43.764147-79.576339
12088Steeles Ave W at Jane St43.775231-79.52209
8286Steeles Ave W at Jane St43.775471-79.522085
1591Steeles Ave W at Keele St43.781743-79.4942
1590Steeles Ave W at Keele St E Side43.781584-79.493751
9822Steeles Ave W at Kipling Ave43.759773-79.589707
9826Steeles Ave W at Kipling Ave43.759394-79.59007
8288Steeles Ave W at Klondike Dr43.76923-79.552088
8289Steeles Ave W at Klondike Dr43.768972-79.552407
10866Steeles Ave W at Markbrook Lane43.759939-79.586358
9825Steeles Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.757668-79.603509
9823Steeles Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.758023-79.60324
9835Steeles Ave W at Martin Grove Rd43.757726-79.604437
1593Steeles Ave W at Murray Ross Pkwy43.776613-79.516784
1592Steeles Ave W at Murray Ross Pkwy E Side43.776344-79.516416
8292Steeles Ave W at New Wminster Dr43.789674-79.457799
8293Steeles Ave W at New Wminster Dr43.79007-79.45726
8295Steeles Ave W at Norfinch Dr43.773471-79.531611
8294Steeles Ave W at Norfinch Dr43.773147-79.531973
1602Steeles Ave W at Nwest Gate43.777918-79.510766
1601Steeles Ave W at Nwest Gate E Side43.777721-79.510466
8307Steeles Ave W at Old Won Rd43.771107-79.543085
8263Steeles Ave W at Palm Gate Blvd43.794536-79.436382
8297Steeles Ave W at Pearce Rd43.769841-79.54938
6144Steeles Ave W at Peter Kaiser Gate43.774182-79.527044
1596Steeles Ave W at Petrolia Rd43.782395-79.490224
8298Steeles Ave W at Pine Valley Dr43.766739-79.564649
8302Steeles Ave W at Rossdean Dr43.77169-79.54045
8301Steeles Ave W at Rossdean Dr43.771323-79.540862
8260Steeles Ave W at Scholes Rd/Barmac Dr43.768372-79.555194
8303Steeles Ave W at Scholes Rd/Barmac Dr43.768748-79.554719
8304Steeles Ave W at Sea Hawkway43.790082-79.455881
1597Steeles Ave W at Shale Gate43.783056-79.487457
8306Steeles Ave W at Signet Dr43.770762-79.54357
10861Steeles Ave W at Steinway Blvd43.754005-79.620088
1598Steeles Ave W at Tandem Rd43.782754-79.489902
8309Steeles Ave W at Tangreen Crt43.796484-79.42658
8311Steeles Ave W at Thurman Rd43.791062-79.452739
8310Steeles Ave W at Torresdale Ave43.790688-79.453166
8313Steeles Ave W at Turbine Dr43.767809-79.558204
8312Steeles Ave W at Turbine Dr43.767973-79.558138
1603Steeles Ave W at Village Gate43.793281-79.441127
8316Steeles Ave W at Won Rd43.770521-79.546149
8315Steeles Ave W at Won Rd43.770086-79.546903
8317Steeles Ave W at Yonge St43.798021-79.42066
8299Steeles Ave W at Yonge St - Centerpoint Mall43.797286-79.422816
9097Steeprock Dr at Chesswood Dr43.75741-79.474874
9098Steeprock Dr at Chesswood Dr E Side43.757368-79.474606
9099Steeprock Dr at Whitehorse Rd43.758296-79.472614
10857Steinway Blvd at Steeles Ave W43.753659-79.619736
7370Stephen Dr at Berry Rd43.63738-79.487062
7372Stephen Dr at Cloverhill Rd43.63522-79.486341
7371Stephen Dr at Cloverhill Rd43.635359-79.48627
7374Stephen Dr at The Queensway43.630499-79.484418
7373Stephen Dr at The Queensway43.630844-79.484358
7376Stephen Dr at Whitworth Ave43.632393-79.485187
7375Stephen Dr at Whitworth Ave43.632813-79.48521
13625Strachan Ave at Canniff St43.641543-79.411854
14536Strachan Ave at E Liberty St43.639439-79.411078
11992Strachan Ave at Fleet St43.636507-79.409869
11991Strachan Ave at Fleet St43.636606-79.409631
16063Strachan Ave at Wellington St W43.641093-79.411473
16097Strathmore Blvd at Coxwell Ave - Coxwell Station43.684264-79.323101
7377Summerhill Ave at Jean St43.686558-79.373787
7378Summerhill Ave at Maclennan Ave43.685729-79.377692
13801Summerhill Station - Nbound Platform43.683349-79.391189
13802Summerhill Station - Sbound Platform43.682049-79.390789
11948Sunrise Ave at O'Connor Dr43.719177-79.303662
11947Sunrise Ave at Victoria Park Ave43.719571-79.30186
1607Supertest Rd at Alness St43.776637-79.474853
1606Supertest Rd at Alness St43.77674-79.474998
1609Supertest Rd at Flint Rd43.775464-79.480838
8326Sutherland Dr at Bayview Ave43.698816-79.372316
8325Sutherland Dr at Bayview Ave E Side43.698745-79.372081
8327Sutherland Dr at Bessborough Dr43.699165-79.370248
8328Sutherland Dr at Bessborough Dr43.699459-79.369617
8329Sutherland Dr at Hanna Rd43.701423-79.365594
8330Sutherland Dr at Hanna Rd43.701662-79.36558
8332Sutherland Dr at Millwood Rd43.703236-79.364402
8331Sutherland Dr at Millwood Rd43.703319-79.364532
8334Sutherland Dr at Rolph Rd43.700469-79.367108
8333Sutherland Dr at Rolph Rd43.700225-79.36725
8335Sweeney Dr at Gretna Ave43.73542-79.315687
8338Sweeney Dr at Sloane Ave43.735703-79.312716
8339Sweeney Dr at Victoria Park Ave43.736716-79.308291
8336Sweeney Dr at Wyndcliff Cres43.735496-79.317251
4653Symington Ave at Adrian Ave43.667821-79.452188
4647Symington Ave at Antler St43.664003-79.45057
4646Symington Ave at Antler St43.663834-79.450344
4649Symington Ave at Bloor St W43.657415-79.447871
4648Symington Ave at Bloor St W43.657711-79.447811
4651Symington Ave at Dupont St43.665798-79.451346
4650Symington Ave at Dupont St43.665587-79.451073
4652Symington Ave at Ernest Ave43.659864-79.448853
4645Symington Ave at Kingsley Ave43.668374-79.45221
4654Symington Ave at Paton Rd43.659453-79.448538
4656Symington Ave at Wallace Ave43.661361-79.449464
4655Symington Ave at Wallace Ave43.661194-79.449242
11270Tandridge Cres at Arcot Blvd43.728041-79.5496
11266Tandridge Cres at Byng Ave43.727411-79.549047
9975Tapscott Rd at Blackwell Ave43.805402-79.22109
10875Tapscott Rd at Blackwell Ave43.805477-79.221424
11557Tapscott Rd at Crow Trail43.807582-79.23284
4657Tapscott Rd at Crow Trail43.807698-79.232416
4659Tapscott Rd at Finch Ave E43.814017-79.236857
11554Tapscott Rd at Finch Ave E43.814413-79.237381
9911Tapscott Rd at Finch Ave E43.814645-79.237169
4662Tapscott Rd at Lighthall Cres43.810955-79.235578
4660Tapscott Rd at McLevin Ave43.804908-79.225741
4661Tapscott Rd at McLevin Ave43.805224-79.227067
10851Tapscott Rd at McNicoll Ave43.826054-79.243336
10844Tapscott Rd at McNicoll Ave43.825661-79.244275
11555Tapscott Rd at Melford Dr43.81059-79.235664
6146Tapscott Rd at Newgale Gate43.818214-79.239653
16022Tapscott Rd at Newgale Gate43.818131-79.239856
15193Tapscott Rd at Select Ave43.833518-79.246834
4665Tapscott Rd at Washburn Way43.804389-79.2244
10876Tapscott Rd at Washburn Way43.804609-79.224069
8341Teak Ave at Carnforth Rd43.737394-79.317564
1746The Bridle Path at Lawrence Ave E43.733152-79.364427
1745The Bridle Path at Lawrence Ave E43.733072-79.364553
1747The Bridle Path at Park Lane Cir43.730749-79.361238
1748The Bridle Path at Park Lane Cir43.730999-79.361609
1750The Bridle Path at Saintfield Ave43.729257-79.360483
1749The Bridle Path at Saintfield Ave43.729123-79.360337
1752The Bridle Path at Suncrest Dr43.726432-79.360313
1751The Bridle Path at Suncrest Dr43.726749-79.360192
13627The Bridle Walk at Drawbridge Dr43.897354-79.308697
13526The Bridle Walk at Major Mackenzie Dr E43.899444-79.309415
1982The Donway E at Don Mills Rd43.732617-79.341124
11001The Donway E at Dutch Myrtleway43.740834-79.343924
1983The Donway E at Greenland Rd - Donway Place43.734213-79.340141
1984The Donway E at Lawrence Ave E43.73801-79.341171
1985The Donway E at Wingreen Crt43.738988-79.341436
1991The Donway W at Clock Tower Rd43.733429-79.346994
1987The Donway W at Don Mills Rd43.740692-79.344717
1988The Donway W at Duncairn Rd43.739947-79.346237
1990The Donway W at Lawrence Ave E43.736269-79.346292
1989The Donway W at Lawrence Ave E43.737449-79.34679
14433The Donway W at Sanderling Pl43.734264-79.348147
2202The E Mall at Bloor St W43.637189-79.556997
2201The E Mall at Bloor St W43.636832-79.556401
2204The E Mall at Burnhamthorpe Rd43.646093-79.559717
2203The E Mall at Burnhamthorpe Rd43.645908-79.56
2206The E Mall at Capri Rd43.652863-79.563408
2205The E Mall at Capri Rd43.652678-79.563094
2209The E Mall at Eglinton Ave W43.671689-79.571002
2208The E Mall at Eglinton Ave W43.671379-79.57119
9628The E Mall at Evans Ave43.612083-79.544015
9626The E Mall at Evans Ave43.612232-79.543767
15950The E Mall at Gibbs Rd43.638519-79.557361
15951The E Mall at Gibbs Rd43.63869-79.556951
2211The E Mall at Gordon Park Dr43.634103-79.556423
2210The E Mall at Gordon Park Dr43.634355-79.556853
2213The E Mall at Keane Ave43.648739-79.560303
2212The E Mall at Keane Ave43.649208-79.560313
9239The E Mall at N Queen St43.620076-79.549379
2216The E Mall at Rathburn Rd43.654763-79.563999
2217The E Mall at Rathburn Rd43.655161-79.564454
2218The E Mall at Talgarth Rd43.662652-79.570684
2219The E Mall at Talgarth Rd43.662526-79.570449
9627The E Mall at The Queensway43.61622-79.546041
5055The E Mall at The Queensway43.616743-79.546582
2221The E Mall at Valhalla Inn Rd43.641605-79.557891
2220The E Mall at Valhalla Inn Rd43.641893-79.557673
2223The E Mall at W Deane Park Dr43.65915-79.56893
2222The E Mall at W Deane Park Dr43.659098-79.569135
2225The E Mall at W Deane Valley Rd43.666899-79.572468
2224The E Mall at W Deane Valley Rd43.666704-79.572201
2227The E Mall at Yarn Rd43.632288-79.553477
2226The E Mall at Yarn Rd43.632002-79.553379
15583The Esplanade at Church St43.647131-79.37365
11169The Esplanade at Lower Jarvis St43.648293-79.370746
6375The Esplanade at Lower Jarvis St E Side43.648249-79.370453
11167The Esplanade at Lower Sherbourne St43.649115-79.367145
6376The Esplanade at Lower Sherbourne St43.648887-79.367679
11166The Esplanade at Princess St43.649601-79.365268
12425The Esplanade at Yonge St43.645867-79.37637
8342The Links Rd at Lord Seaton Rd43.752371-79.401446
8343The Links Rd at Tournament Dr43.750801-79.401941
14422The Pond Rd at Arboretum Lane - Sobeys Stadium43.77224-79.511219
13439The Pond Rd at Ian MacDonald Blvd43.770797-79.498522
12193The Pond Rd at Ian MacDonald Blvd43.77063-79.499806
7763The Pond Rd at Sentinel Rd43.769982-79.503019
16245The Queensway at Algie Ave43.618966-79.536056
16246The Queensway at Algie Ave E Side43.618841-79.535733
6871The Queensway at Atomic Ave43.617607-79.540934
6872The Queensway at Atomic Ave43.617927-79.540721
6873The Queensway at Berl Ave43.627627-79.497278
6874The Queensway at Brawley Ave43.622221-79.521619
6875The Queensway at Burma Dr43.628106-79.495054
6876The Queensway at Canmotor Ave43.624187-79.511821
14393The Queensway at Colborne Lodge Dr43.639445-79.460301
14280The Queensway at Colborne Lodge Dr E Side43.639566-79.458635
6883The Queensway at Culnan Ave43.621659-79.524124
6882The Queensway at Culnan Ave43.621327-79.524538
11770The Queensway at Ellis Ave43.637601-79.46663
11789The Queensway at Ellis Ave43.637819-79.466978
14394The Queensway at Ellis Ave43.637677-79.467157
14281The Queensway at Ellis Ave E Side43.637929-79.465682
6889The Queensway at Glendale Ave43.639302-79.451069
6888The Queensway at Glendale Ave43.639168-79.450773
6890The Queensway at Grand Ave43.627976-79.494685
6893The Queensway at Holbrooke Ave43.626991-79.500217
6894The Queensway at Islington Ave43.623384-79.515045
6895The Queensway at Islington Ave43.62379-79.51454
6896The Queensway at Kipling Ave43.620747-79.527059
6897The Queensway at Kipling Ave43.621127-79.526519
10655The Queensway at Lady Bank Rd43.624445-79.511558
6899The Queensway at Loma Rd43.625085-79.508653
6898The Queensway at Loma Rd43.624845-79.508881
6902The Queensway at Milton St43.627434-79.497227
12139The Queensway at Morgan Ave43.626433-79.501779
6904The Queensway at N Queen St43.614416-79.555907
6903The Queensway at N Queen St E Side43.6142-79.555577
6907The Queensway at Park Lawn Rd43.629223-79.490113
6905The Queensway at Park Lawn Rd E Side43.629138-79.489215
6908The Queensway at Parkside Dr43.639665-79.453923
6909The Queensway at Parkside Dr43.639746-79.454176
6912The Queensway at Roncesvalles Ave43.638568-79.446462
6914The Queensway at Royal York Rd43.62647-79.502471
6913The Queensway at Royal York Rd43.626216-79.502764
15145The Queensway at S Kingsway43.635809-79.472863
15146The Queensway at S Kingsway43.636234-79.472881
12194The Queensway at Sherway Gardens Mall43.61368-79.559743
6880The Queensway at Smith Cres43.625834-79.505342
6881The Queensway at Smith Cres E Side43.625613-79.505415
6917The Queensway at St Lawrence Ave43.622458-79.519305
6918The Queensway at St Lawrence Ave43.622815-79.518873
6920The Queensway at Stephen Dr43.630517-79.484019
6919The Queensway at Stephen Dr43.630183-79.484391
6884The Queensway at The E Mall43.616252-79.546531
6885The Queensway at The E Mall43.616649-79.546058
14604The Queensway at Wesley St43.626911-79.499658
14279The Queensway at Windermere Ave43.637041-79.470013
6923The Queensway at Windermere Ave43.637314-79.470466
14282The Queensway at Windermere Ave E Side43.637256-79.469205
6926The Queensway at Zorra St43.621791-79.522414
8667The W Mall at Bloor St W43.635254-79.56188
8668The W Mall at Bloor St W43.63574-79.562491
8669The W Mall at Bloor St W43.636021-79.562345
8671The W Mall at Burnhamthorpe Rd43.644668-79.567501
8670The W Mall at Burnhamthorpe Rd43.644355-79.566955
8672The W Mall at Civic Ctr Crt43.642068-79.56573
8673The W Mall at Civic Ctr Crt43.641647-79.565797
8675The W Mall at Eva Rd43.639441-79.564959
8674The W Mall at Eva Rd43.639177-79.564597
8679The W Mall at Holiday Dr43.649229-79.568483
15044The W Mall at Holiday Dr43.649527-79.56885
8664The W Mall at Leavenworth Cres43.634096-79.561061
8663The W Mall at Leavenworth Cres43.634272-79.561376
12881The W Mall at Paxman Rd43.623927-79.559414
12880The W Mall at Paxman Rd43.623919-79.559741
8683The W Mall at Rathburn Rd43.652803-79.572344
8682The W Mall at Rathburn Rd43.652618-79.572504
1632The W Mall at Sherway Dr43.609781-79.560638
1633The W Mall at Sherway Dr - Trillium Health Ctr43.609464-79.560579
3169The W Mall at Sherway Dr - Trillium Health Ctr43.609417-79.559813
1638The W Mall at The Queensway43.611806-79.562012
11119The W Mall at The Queensway43.61175-79.562334
1631The W Mall at Trillium Health Ctr (North Stop)43.610381-79.56148
15729The W Mall at Waulron St43.620069-79.56205
6182The Wway at Brampton Rd43.684642-79.561103
6181The Wway at Brampton Rd43.684753-79.561303
6183The Wway at Brougham Cres43.686484-79.552452
15737The Wway at Callowhill Dr E Side43.684002-79.563816
6186The Wway at Celestine Dr43.685449-79.557262
6185The Wway at Celestine Dr E Side43.685282-79.556491
6187The Wway at Epping St43.688113-79.545915
6188The Wway at Fulford Pl43.686504-79.552001
6189The Wway at Hartsdale Dr43.688072-79.544879
6191The Wway at Islington Ave43.688783-79.542619
6190The Wway at Islington Ave43.688489-79.543178
6193The Wway at Kipling Ave43.685799-79.554456
6194The Wway at Kipling Ave E Side43.68565-79.554169
6196The Wway at Martin Grove Rd43.683505-79.566887
6195The Wway at Martin Grove Rd E Side43.683365-79.566594
6198The Wway at Royal York Rd43.696-79.532921
6199The Wway at Sandwell Dr43.683967-79.564694
6203The Wway at Sun Row Dr43.6893-79.540694
6202The Wway at Sun Row Dr E Side43.689215-79.540494
6172The Wway at Trehorne Dr43.690998-79.536223
15736The Wway at Trehorne Dr43.691393-79.536135
15735The Wway at Trio Ave43.694395-79.534936
15035The Wway at Trio Ave E Side43.694564-79.534752
6206The Wway at Wincott Dr43.687522-79.549582
6205The Wway at Wincott Dr E Side43.687381-79.549398
9249Thirtieth St at Akron Rd43.600383-79.532085
9254Thirtieth St at Akron Rd43.599917-79.531646
9255Thirtieth St at Alhena Ave43.602249-79.53273
9248Thirtieth St at Alhena Ave43.602452-79.532974
9250Thirtieth St at Elder Ave43.597919-79.530991
9253Thirtieth St at Elder Ave43.597687-79.530664
9256Thirtieth St at Horner Ave43.604097-79.533531
9247Thirtieth St at Horner Ave43.603747-79.533562
9251Thirtieth St at Lake Shore Blvd W43.595474-79.529908
9252Thirtieth St at Lake Shore Blvd W43.595671-79.529797
11575Thistle Down Blvd at Albion Rd43.736103-79.560691
11566Thistle Down Blvd at Albion Rd E Side43.735793-79.560798
14959Thistle Down Blvd at Atwood Pl43.741392-79.550688
11574Thistle Down Blvd at Barkwin Dr43.737098-79.559458
11567Thistle Down Blvd at Barkwin Dr E Side43.737229-79.55876
11573Thistle Down Blvd at Bentwick Cres43.737811-79.556739
11572Thistle Down Blvd at Bridgenorth Cres43.738805-79.552533
11569Thistle Down Blvd at Dashwood Cres43.740063-79.556304
11570Thistle Down Blvd at Kenhill Dr43.741274-79.553785
11568Thistle Down Blvd at Thistle Down Blvd43.738261-79.556203
8364Thorncliffe Park Dr E at Overlea Blvd43.707719-79.3438
8363Thorncliffe Park Dr E at Overlea Blvd43.707945-79.343711
8361Thorncliffe Park Dr E at Overlea Blvd43.707006-79.343507
8350Thorncliffe Park Dr at Milepost Pl43.703301-79.346929
8352Thorncliffe Park Dr at Overlea Blvd43.706926-79.343188
8366Thorncliffe Park Dr at Pat Moore Dr43.709226-79.344311
8365Thorncliffe Park Dr at Pat Moore Dr43.708846-79.344305
11106Three Valleys Dr at Groveland Cres43.751639-79.335076
8367Three Valleys Dr at Laurentide Dr43.751485-79.336354
8368Toba Dr at Fifeshire Rd43.756228-79.390007
8369Toba Dr at Fifeshire Rd43.756369-79.389999
8371Toba Dr at Montressor Dr43.757546-79.391531
8370Toba Dr at Montressor Dr E Side43.757312-79.39135
14528Torbarrie Rd at Joseph Griffith Lane43.725571-79.523137
14524Torbarrie Rd at Joseph Griffith Lane43.725333-79.523293
14529Torbarrie Rd at Judy Sgro Ave43.727398-79.523497
14523Torbarrie Rd at Judy Sgro Ave43.72736-79.523711
14522Torbarrie Rd at Sergio Marchi St43.730099-79.524304
14530Torbarrie Rd at Sergio Marchi St43.729955-79.524055
3709Toronto S Detention Ctr43.609555-79.514632
6528Toronto Zoo43.819735-79.179955
6527Toronto Zoo43.819606-79.17988
6526Toronto Zoo43.819273-79.179669
4674Toryork Dr at Milvan Dr43.762579-79.564051
4675Toryork Dr at Won Rd43.75345-79.543364
8372Tournament Dr at The Links Rd43.750696-79.401724
8374Tournament Dr at Upper Highland Cres43.750866-79.398475
8373Tournament Dr at Upper Highland Cres43.750932-79.399008
3129Townsend Rd at Freshmeadow Dr43.810118-79.356868
6148Townsend Rd at Steeles Ave E43.811061-79.357307
11582Townsley Loop at Tonwsley St43.674041-79.463577
11879Transit Rd at Wilson Ave43.734385-79.452674
11878Transit Rd at Wilson Ave43.734708-79.45215
3134Trethewey Dr at Brookhaven Dr43.696992-79.493473
3133Trethewey Dr at Brookhaven Dr43.696817-79.494201
15994Trethewey Dr at Eglinton Ave W43.690333-79.475237
3137Trethewey Dr at Greentree Crt43.692967-79.478294
3143Trethewey Dr at Irving Rd43.692348-79.477022
3145Trethewey Dr at Jane St43.697693-79.502135
3144Trethewey Dr at Jane St E Side43.69741-79.501083
3146Trethewey Dr at King Georges Dr43.693695-79.479094
3140Trethewey Dr at Martha Eaton Way43.696035-79.489323
3147Trethewey Dr at Paulson Rd43.693882-79.482066
15957Trethewey Dr at Paulson Rd43.69359-79.482329
3142Trethewey Dr at Todd Baylis Blvd43.695244-79.487345
3141Trethewey Dr at Todd Baylis Blvd43.694956-79.487304
1613Triton Rd at Borough Dr43.773482-79.261427
1612Triton Rd at Brimley Rd43.773658-79.261533
9614Triton Rd at McCowan Rd43.775294-79.252967
15878Turtle Island Rd at Lawrence Heights Way43.722071-79.441647
15879Turtle Island Rd at Lawrence Heights Way43.722224-79.441747
3151Tuscan Gate at Sheppard Ave W43.752899-79.483158
4678Tuscan Gate at St Regis Cres43.75434-79.483884
4679Tuscan Gate at St Regis Cres43.75402-79.483974
11736Twelfth St at Lake Shore Blvd W43.600018-79.510888
4680Tycos Dr at Caledonia Rd43.703314-79.464281
8376Underhill Dr at Beveridge Dr43.748182-79.326399
8375Underhill Dr at Beveridge Dr43.748107-79.326209
8377Underhill Dr at Broadlands Blvd43.744031-79.326011
8379Underhill Dr at Brookbanks Dr43.753391-79.327649
8378Underhill Dr at Brookbanks Dr43.753216-79.327525
8381Underhill Dr at Cassandra Blvd43.752467-79.326211
8380Underhill Dr at Cassandra Blvd43.75243-79.326374
8382Underhill Dr at Cornerbrook Dr43.743816-79.326092
8384Underhill Dr at Doonaree Dr43.745335-79.325826
8383Underhill Dr at Doonaree Dr43.745369-79.32597
8385Underhill Dr at Kellythorne Dr43.750408-79.326334
8387Underhill Dr at Roanoke Rd43.742-79.325315
13436Underhill Dr at Roanoke Rd43.742154-79.325202
8388Underhill Dr at Shawfield Cres43.750167-79.326233
13952Underpass Gate at Fenelon Dr43.762094-79.3376
13951Underpass Gate at Fenelon Dr E Side43.762033-79.337416
13953Underpass Gate at Roywood Dr43.762471-79.3356
13954Underpass Gate at Roywood Dr43.762551-79.335751
11058Underwood Ave at Varsity Rd43.659921-79.495183
10935Union Station43.645652-79.37921
13816Union Station - Nbound Platform43.645849-79.379688
13815Union Station - Nbound Platform43.645549-79.381488
15838University Ave at Adelaide St W43.648966-79.385738
1614University Ave at College St - Queen's Park Station43.659717-79.390178
15889University Ave at College St - Queen's Park Station43.659593-79.390491
1616University Ave at Gerrard St W43.658034-79.389781
15114University of Toronto Scarborough43.78451-79.184841
15116University of Toronto Scarborough43.784391-79.184989
6149Uphill Ave at Church St43.708701-79.508634
6151Uphill Ave at Woodward Ave43.709563-79.509005
6150Uphill Ave at Woodward Ave43.709411-79.508797
8389Upper Canada Dr at Aldershot Cres43.754477-79.404327
8393Upper Canada Dr at Fairmeadow Ave43.758096-79.399259
8392Upper Canada Dr at Fairmeadow Ave43.757865-79.399397
8394Upper Canada Dr at Lord Seaton Rd43.75965-79.396442
8395Upper Canada Dr at Lord Seaton Rd43.753351-79.404778
8402Upper Canada Dr at Lord Seaton Rd E Side43.759698-79.396086
8397Upper Canada Dr at Normandale Cres43.756569-79.401326
8396Upper Canada Dr at Normandale Cres43.756371-79.401439
8398Upper Highland Cres at Munro Blvd43.746221-79.396657
8400Upper Highland Cres at Owen Blvd43.748517-79.397726
8399Upper Highland Cres at Owen Blvd43.748354-79.397492
8401Upper Highland Cres at York Mills Rd43.745587-79.396545
15558Uptown Dr at Highway 743.8574-79.32581
11530Valley Woods Rd at Brookbanks Dr43.752396-79.331912
11527Valley Woods Rd at York Mills Rd43.758994-79.33307
7381Van Horne Ave at Bickerton Cres43.788106-79.334411
7382Van Horne Ave at Clipper Rd43.788696-79.331756
7383Van Horne Ave at Don Mills Rd43.787525-79.352484
7384Van Horne Ave at Don Mills Rd E Side43.787416-79.352355
7386Van Horne Ave at Edmonton Dr43.787002-79.339917
7385Van Horne Ave at Edmonton Rd E Side43.786993-79.339497
7387Van Horne Ave at Hobart Dr43.787936-79.349884
7388Van Horne Ave at Hobart Dr43.788065-79.349482
7390Van Horne Ave at Houston Cres43.787625-79.347637
7389Van Horne Ave at Houston Cres43.787804-79.347779
7391Van Horne Ave at Kingslake Rd43.786639-79.345567
7392Van Horne Ave at Kingslake Rd43.786603-79.345148
7394Van Horne Ave at Lucifer Dr43.787545-79.337482
7393Van Horne Ave at Lucifer Dr43.787334-79.337949
7395Van Horne Ave at Victoria Park Ave43.789053-79.330117
11056Van Stassen Blvd at Skylark Rd43.66195-79.496244
12838Vanderhoof Ave at Brentcliffe Rd43.713117-79.358159
13706Vanderhoof Ave at Thomas Elgie Dr43.713375-79.356289
13708Vanderhoof Ave at Thomas Elgie Dr43.713566-79.355982
7403Varna Dr at Flemington Rd43.720078-79.4406
7405Varna Dr at Lawrence Ave W43.717831-79.437849
7404Varna Dr at Lawrence Ave W43.718066-79.437792
7408Varna Dr at Ranee Ave43.723475-79.445385
7407Varna Dr at Ranee Ave43.723511-79.445524
7409Varna Dr at Rondale Blvd43.721389-79.440968
7410Varna Dr at Rondale Blvd43.721224-79.441056
7397Varna Dr at Tundra Lane43.719446-79.4396
7406Varna Dr at Tundra Lane43.719278-79.439099
11055Varsity Rd at Bralorne Cres43.661247-79.498199
9961Varsity Rd at Doran Ave43.661987-79.499144
11059Varsity Rd at Van Stassen Blvd43.660726-79.497115
15662Vaughan Metropolitan Ctr Station - Nbound43.794021-79.527906
15663Vaughan Metropolitan Ctr Station - Sbound43.794021-79.527906
8404Vaughan Rd at Arlington Ave43.688873-79.431524
8403Vaughan Rd at Arlington Ave E Side43.688739-79.431428
8411Vaughan Rd at Humewood Dr43.688858-79.428144
8410Vaughan Rd at Humewood Dr43.688739-79.428738
8413Vaughan Rd at Kenwood Ave43.68762-79.423454
8414Vaughan Rd at Kenwood Ave43.687586-79.423807
8415Vaughan Rd at Louise Ave43.683816-79.421055
8416Vaughan Rd at Louise Ave43.684699-79.421621
8418Vaughan Rd at Maplewood Ave43.685654-79.421833
8417Vaughan Rd at Maplewood Ave43.685684-79.422035
11835Vaughan Rd at Oakwood Ave E Side43.691979-79.439825
8421Vaughan Rd at St Clair Ave W43.683145-79.420586
8423Vaughan Rd at Winona Dr43.690283-79.43633
8405Vaughan Rd at Winona Dr E Side43.689592-79.435349
7946Victoria Park Ave Loop at Steeles Ave E43.81662-79.341413
8428Victoria Park Ave at Altair Ave43.78448-79.327193
8430Victoria Park Ave at Amsterdam Ave43.715142-79.298512
8429Victoria Park Ave at Amsterdam Ave43.714867-79.298659
8431Victoria Park Ave at Arncliffe Cres43.732117-79.305549
8434Victoria Park Ave at Bassett Ave43.713701-79.297915
8435Victoria Park Ave at Biscayne Blvd43.729432-79.304467
8436Victoria Park Ave at Brenton St43.702272-79.293286
8437Victoria Park Ave at Cassandra Blvd43.754257-79.313859
10730Victoria Park Ave at Cassandra Blvd43.754442-79.314192
8438Victoria Park Ave at Clydesdale Dr43.783948-79.327253
8439Victoria Park Ave at Combermere Dr43.7558-79.314681
8440Victoria Park Ave at Conroy Ave43.701514-79.292757
7411Victoria Park Ave at Consumers Rd43.77212-79.321768
8442Victoria Park Ave at Craigton Dr43.726546-79.303276
8443Victoria Park Ave at Crescent Town Rd43.69642-79.290297
15026Victoria Park Ave at Crescent Town Rd43.696117-79.290419
8445Victoria Park Ave at Curlew Dr43.747467-79.311799
4689Victoria Park Ave at Danforth Ave43.691077-79.288182
4690Victoria Park Ave at Danforth Ave43.691357-79.288525
8446Victoria Park Ave at Dawes Rd43.706606-79.294903
8447Victoria Park Ave at Dawes Rd43.70621-79.29498
8449Victoria Park Ave at Deanvar Ave43.744898-79.310652
8448Victoria Park Ave at Deanvar Ave43.745244-79.311028
11348Victoria Park Ave at Denton Ave43.692631-79.288768
14962Victoria Park Ave at Denton Ave43.692935-79.289196
8450Victoria Park Ave at Draycott Dr43.731992-79.305827
8451Victoria Park Ave at Edge Park Ave43.717518-79.299514
6153Victoria Park Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.724095-79.302236
8453Victoria Park Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.724882-79.302914
6152Victoria Park Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.725366-79.302758
8455Victoria Park Ave at Eglinton Sq43.722771-79.30171
8456Victoria Park Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.758242-79.315211
8457Victoria Park Ave at Elvaston Dr43.729518-79.304809
8458Victoria Park Ave at Ernest Ave43.791872-79.330958
7412Victoria Park Ave at Esquire Rd43.77342-79.321965
7414Victoria Park Ave at Farm Greenway43.764563-79.318432
8459Victoria Park Ave at Ferncrest Gate43.789178-79.329409
8460Victoria Park Ave at Finch Ave E43.792931-79.33113
8461Victoria Park Ave at Finch Ave E43.793262-79.331663
8463Victoria Park Ave at Furnival Rd43.712557-79.297658
4692Victoria Park Ave at Gerrard St E43.687541-79.286934
4691Victoria Park Ave at Gerrard St E43.687474-79.286664
8464Victoria Park Ave at Gordon Baker Rd43.810295-79.338919
8465Victoria Park Ave at Gordon Baker Rd43.81076-79.339383
8466Victoria Park Ave at Greylawn Cres43.748458-79.311836
8468Victoria Park Ave at Hare Gate43.796089-79.332897
8467Victoria Park Ave at Hare Gate43.796039-79.332581
8469Victoria Park Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.780242-79.325218
8470Victoria Park Ave at Innismore Cres43.734555-79.306545
8471Victoria Park Ave at Ivordale Cres43.755572-79.314331
8473Victoria Park Ave at Ivordale Cres43.752759-79.313327
8472Victoria Park Ave at Ivordale Cres43.752862-79.313674
8474Victoria Park Ave at Janet Blvd43.740849-79.309156
8441Victoria Park Ave at Jonesville Cres43.726169-79.303436
7413Victoria Park Ave at Lansing Sq43.773567-79.32242
8478Victoria Park Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.742303-79.310044
8475Victoria Park Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.741755-79.309523
8477Victoria Park Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.741562-79.309752
8479Victoria Park Ave at McNicoll Ave43.804226-79.336567
8480Victoria Park Ave at McNicoll Ave43.803897-79.336067
14261Victoria Park Ave at McNicoll Ave43.804733-79.336418
9415Victoria Park Ave at Meadow Ave43.681801-79.28454
8481Victoria Park Ave at Meadowacres Dr43.771798-79.321251
8482Victoria Park Ave at Medhurst Rd43.700715-79.292584
8484Victoria Park Ave at Meighen Ave43.705359-79.294425
8485Victoria Park Ave at Morecambe Gate43.797966-79.333423
8487Victoria Park Ave at Navaho Dr43.800546-79.334889
8486Victoria Park Ave at Navaho Dr43.800463-79.334556
8427Victoria Park Ave at O'Connor Dr43.722825-79.302043
8488Victoria Park Ave at Old Sheppard Ave43.78047-79.325602
7416Victoria Park Ave at Pachino Blvd43.76253-79.317161
7417Victoria Park Ave at Paget Rd43.760187-79.316115
7418Victoria Park Ave at Paget Rd43.759737-79.316217
8490Victoria Park Ave at Parkwoods Village Dr43.758063-79.31549
8491Victoria Park Ave at Parma Crt43.716414-79.299315
7420Victoria Park Ave at Patrick Blvd43.777828-79.324375
7419Victoria Park Ave at Patrick Blvd43.778056-79.324151
8492Victoria Park Ave at Pawnee Ave43.798178-79.333828
8493Victoria Park Ave at Peard Rd43.710775-79.296911
7421Victoria Park Ave at Pleasant View Dr43.785815-79.328126
8494Victoria Park Ave at Pleasant View Dr43.785985-79.327909
8495Victoria Park Ave at Ripon Rd43.703874-79.293941
14272Victoria Park Ave at Rowena Dr43.751604-79.313175
14271Victoria Park Ave at Rowena Dr43.751403-79.312873
8496Victoria Park Ave at Ruscica Dr43.734757-79.306935
7426Victoria Park Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.775507-79.323318
8497Victoria Park Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.775084-79.322721
7424Victoria Park Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.775785-79.323069
7425Victoria Park Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.774647-79.322908
8500Victoria Park Ave at Sloane Ave43.738869-79.308634
8499Victoria Park Ave at Sloane Ave43.738523-79.308202
8502Victoria Park Ave at Smead Rd43.720693-79.300881
8501Victoria Park Ave at Smead Rd43.720405-79.301006
3156Victoria Park Ave at Sparks Ave43.808438-79.338128
8503Victoria Park Ave at Sparks Ave43.808645-79.33851
8462Victoria Park Ave at St Bedes Rd43.703375-79.293554
8505Victoria Park Ave at St Clair Ave E43.708618-79.295766
8504Victoria Park Ave at St Clair Ave E43.708984-79.296257
8506Victoria Park Ave at Stamford Sq43.710602-79.296595
8509Victoria Park Ave at Steeles Ave E43.815913-79.341584
8511Victoria Park Ave at Steeles Ave E43.815312-79.341009
8510Victoria Park Ave at Steeles Ave E43.815023-79.341245
8512Victoria Park Ave at Surrey Ave43.736617-79.307405
4695Victoria Park Ave at Swanwick Ave43.684926-79.285674
4696Victoria Park Ave at Swanwick Ave43.685254-79.285963
8513Victoria Park Ave at Sweeney Dr43.736564-79.307686
8516Victoria Park Ave at Tempo Ave43.806522-79.337577
3159Victoria Park Ave at Tempo Ave43.805994-79.337017
7429Victoria Park Ave at Terraview Blvd43.764448-79.317956
8520Victoria Park Ave at Valdane Dr43.718719-79.300284
8519Victoria Park Ave at Valdane Dr43.718598-79.299971
8521Victoria Park Ave at Van Horne Ave43.789331-79.329793
11376Victoria Park Ave at Victoria Park Station43.694208-79.289374
14963Victoria Park Ave at Victoria Park Station43.694409-79.289812
4697Victoria Park Ave at Wakehood St43.690033-79.287986
4698Victoria Park Ave at Winston Ave43.683693-79.285161
9414Victoria Park Ave at Woodale Ave43.683422-79.28521
8522Victoria Park Ave at Yardley Ave43.713877-79.298218
8523Victoria Park Ave at York Mills Rd43.762734-79.317551
14785Victoria Park Station43.693745-79.288368
14787Victoria Park Station43.694134-79.288543
14788Victoria Park Station43.694329-79.288637
14975Victoria Park Station43.694476-79.288705
14976Victoria Park Station43.694411-79.289249
13734Victoria Park Station - Ebound Platform43.695149-79.287885
13733Victoria Park Station - Wbound Platform43.694649-79.289485
6154Victory Cres at McNaughton Ave43.708724-79.644832
1617Village Gate at Steeles Ave W43.792558-79.440731
15918Village Green Sq at Metrogate Park43.778807-79.281892
15828Villiers St at Cherry St43.647069-79.353658
15829Villiers St at Cherry St43.647004-79.35309
15831Villiers St at Don Roadway43.650253-79.346131
15214Villiers St at Munition St43.647635-79.351587
15830Villiers St at Munition St43.648069-79.351299
11640Wagman Ctr43.729171-79.439941
8526Walsh Ave at Wilson Ave43.715641-79.532544
8524Walsh Ave at Won Rd43.717159-79.537219
8525Walsh Ave at Won Rd E Side43.716734-79.536796
8616Warden Ave / Seagrave Cres43.809176-79.322148
10541Warden Ave at 14Th Ave43.837399-79.328885
10547Warden Ave at 16Th Ave43.873705-79.338418
13385Warden Ave at 16Th Ave43.874244-79.338917
9634Warden Ave at 125 Bamburgh Cir Apts43.81447-79.32467
10559Warden Ave at Alden Rd43.837189-79.329261
8527Warden Ave at Apartments (South of Finch)43.794578-79.314803
8528Warden Ave at Apartments (South of Finch)43.794836-79.315109
10554Warden Ave at Apple Creek Blvd43.860065-79.33516
8529Warden Ave at Arkona Dr43.772972-79.30511
8531Warden Ave at Ashtonbee Rd43.730871-79.288956
8530Warden Ave at Ashtonbee Rd43.730551-79.288567
10534Warden Ave at Bamburgh Cir43.816083-79.324402
10566Warden Ave at Bamburgh Cir43.816331-79.324666
8533Warden Ave at Bamburgh Cir43.811524-79.323201
8532Warden Ave at Bamburgh Cir43.811731-79.323609
13386Warden Ave at Baycliffe Rd43.867699-79.337172
8535Warden Ave at Bertrand Ave43.733255-79.289926
8534Warden Ave at Bertrand Ave43.732909-79.28951
8537Warden Ave at Boem Ave43.748435-79.296132
8536Warden Ave at Boem Ave43.748156-79.295755
8539Warden Ave at Bowater Dr43.781022-79.309184
8538Warden Ave at Bowater Dr43.781056-79.308879
10555Warden Ave at Bridge to Markham Theatre43.858114-79.334685
8541Warden Ave at Bridletowne Cir43.801367-79.318512
8540Warden Ave at Bridletowne Cir43.801146-79.318699
8543Warden Ave at Bridletowne Cir43.792328-79.314083
8542Warden Ave at Bridletowne Cir43.792101-79.313683
3163Warden Ave at Burn Hill Rd43.700304-79.276248
14246Warden Ave at Cachet Pkwy43.888387-79.342154
14250Warden Ave at Cachet Pkwy43.888545-79.342536
14252Warden Ave at Calvert Rd43.877107-79.339688
14244Warden Ave at Calvert Rd43.877573-79.339413
8545Warden Ave at Canadian Rd43.758595-79.300254
8544Warden Ave at Canadian Rd43.759008-79.300085
10546Warden Ave at Carlton Rd43.867355-79.336749
8546Warden Ave at Cass Ave43.775838-79.306372
8547Warden Ave at Castille Ave43.740433-79.292601
3164Warden Ave at Cataraqui Cres43.70247-79.277192
1622Warden Ave at Cataraqui Cres43.702311-79.276824
14430Warden Ave at Clegg Rd43.853707-79.333614
14429Warden Ave at Clegg Rd43.853265-79.333084
8549Warden Ave at Clonmore Dr43.692947-79.273191
8550Warden Ave at Cloverleaf Gate43.773195-79.305546
8552Warden Ave at Comstock Rd43.721839-79.285342
8551Warden Ave at Comstock Rd43.721444-79.284808
8553Warden Ave at Danforth Ave43.694237-79.273479
8554Warden Ave at Danforth Ave43.694553-79.273869
8555Warden Ave at Danforth Rd43.697015-79.274631
1623Warden Ave at Danforth Rd43.697766-79.274961
9905Warden Ave at Danforth Rd43.696469-79.274634
8556Warden Ave at Danube Dr43.743648-79.294219
10562Warden Ave at Denison St43.827649-79.326714
10538Warden Ave at Denison St43.827921-79.326516
8557Warden Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.727494-79.287359
8558Warden Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.728014-79.287869
8559Warden Ave at Eglinton Ave E43.728424-79.287699
8561Warden Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.761392-79.300962
8560Warden Ave at Ellesmere Rd43.760997-79.300528
8562Warden Ave at Ellington Dr43.757044-79.299326
10558Warden Ave at Enterprise Blvd43.848684-79.332174
10542Warden Ave at Enterprise Blvd43.848286-79.331592
8563Warden Ave at Fairfax Cres43.716096-79.282539
8564Warden Ave at Fairfax Cres43.716262-79.282981
8566Warden Ave at Finch Ave E43.796921-79.316007
8565Warden Ave at Finch Ave E43.796614-79.315507
3160Warden Ave at Firvalley Crt43.703737-79.277715
15013Warden Ave at Firvalley Crt43.703967-79.277518
14187Warden Ave at Frey Cres43.74345-79.293834
10563Warden Ave at Gibson Dr43.824064-79.32576
8569Warden Ave at Glen Springs Dr43.804646-79.320021
8570Warden Ave at Glen Springs Dr43.80467-79.320349
14251Warden Ave at Glenbourne Park Dr43.882815-79.341097
14245Warden Ave at Glenbourne Park Dr43.882274-79.34063
10545Warden Ave at Glencove Dr43.859654-79.334719
10543Warden Ave at Highway 743.855541-79.333641
10556Warden Ave at Highway 743.855913-79.334113
8572Warden Ave at Hollis Ave43.693189-79.27304
8573Warden Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.785344-79.310732
8574Warden Ave at Huntingwood Dr43.78558-79.311163
8575Warden Ave at Hymus Rd43.719508-79.284
8576Warden Ave at Hymus Rd43.719732-79.284407
8577Warden Ave at Ionson Blvd43.690676-79.27205
8578Warden Ave at Ionson Blvd43.690728-79.272214
8580Warden Ave at Kingston Rd43.688074-79.27117
8579Warden Ave at Kingston Rd43.688193-79.27104
8581Warden Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.745093-79.29451
8582Warden Ave at Lawrence Ave E43.74556-79.29498
8583Warden Ave at Lowcrest Blvd43.775486-79.306523
8585Warden Ave at Lupin Dr43.765659-79.302328
8584Warden Ave at Lupin Dr43.765746-79.302059
1625Warden Ave at Mack Ave43.700133-79.275932
14247Warden Ave at Major Mackenzie Dr E43.892093-79.343075
14249Warden Ave at Major Mackenzie Dr E43.891491-79.343258
8587Warden Ave at Manhattan Dr43.752109-79.297613
8586Warden Ave at Manhattan Dr43.751817-79.297226
8588Warden Ave at Marble Arch Cres43.73628-79.29117
10537Warden Ave at Masseyfield Gate43.823658-79.325363
10540Warden Ave at McNabb St43.832967-79.327788
8590Warden Ave at McNicoll Ave43.806521-79.321195
8589Warden Ave at McNicoll Ave43.806712-79.321025
10560Warden Ave at McPherson St43.833382-79.328235
8591Warden Ave at Metropolitan Rd43.767101-79.302603
8592Warden Ave at Metropolitan Rd43.766822-79.302799
8595Warden Ave at Minford Ave43.737216-79.291294
8596Warden Ave at Murray Glen Dr43.756169-79.299232
14319Warden Ave at Roper Rd43.714325-79.282151
12138Warden Ave at Roper Rd (North Commuter Parking Lot)43.713879-79.281661
8599Warden Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.77887-79.308173
8598Warden Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.778574-79.307628
12013Warden Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.779426-79.308122
8601Warden Ave at Sherry Rd43.723511-79.286034
8600Warden Ave at Sherry Rd43.723671-79.285797
8602Warden Ave at Sherwood Ave43.741919-79.293484
11982Warden Ave at St Clair Ave E43.711551-79.280628
12861Warden Ave at St Clair Ave E43.711465-79.280905
10535Warden Ave at Steeles Ave E43.819365-79.324229
10564Warden Ave at Steeles Ave E43.819799-79.324712
10536Warden Ave at Steeles Ave E43.820301-79.32448
10565Warden Ave at Steeles Ave E43.818977-79.324472
8612Warden Ave at Tower Dr43.75447-79.298554
8611Warden Ave at Tower Dr43.754307-79.298221
8614Warden Ave at Upton Rd43.718451-79.283907
8613Warden Ave at Upton Rd43.718146-79.283427
8615Warden Ave at Walbon Rd43.739791-79.292609
8619Warden Ave at Wayne Ave43.738069-79.291901
8594Warden Ave at opp Walkway to Seagrave Cres43.809163-79.322396
13462Warden Loop at Steeles Ave E43.82097-79.325087
14790Warden Station43.710977-79.279519
14791Warden Station43.710984-79.279607
14792Warden Station43.710991-79.279698
14793Warden Station43.710998-79.279785
14794Warden Station43.711006-79.279873
14795Warden Station43.711013-79.279962
14796Warden Station43.71102-79.280047
15311Warden Station43.711028-79.280133
13732Warden Station - Ebound Platform43.712149-79.278785
13731Warden Station - Wbound Platform43.710949-79.279085
7434Wasdale Cres at Neptune Dr43.731087-79.434667
7435Wasdale Cres at Rajah St E Side43.730287-79.437748
4705Washburn Way at Berner Trail43.800727-79.226279
4701Washburn Way at Griffen Dr43.798171-79.22806
4706Washburn Way at Griffen Dr43.798039-79.228238
4707Washburn Way at Mammoth Hall Trail43.801071-79.226152
4702Washburn Way at Nahanni Ter43.802274-79.224569
13376Washburn Way at Nahanni Ter43.802358-79.224717
4709Washburn Way at Sheppard Ave E43.796306-79.22768
4703Washburn Way at Sheppard Ave E43.796634-79.227621
4704Washburn Way at Tapscott Rd43.804149-79.224085
6157Waterbury Dr at Clarion Rd43.685022-79.571152
6158Waterbury Dr at Martin Grove Rd43.687672-79.569349
6159Waterbury Dr at Redgrave Dr43.683214-79.569859
8621Welland Ave at Heath St E43.693098-79.380508
8620Welland Ave at Heath St E43.692921-79.38026
8622Welland Ave at St Clair Ave E43.691409-79.37978
8626Wellesley St E at Church St43.66561-79.381083
8627Wellesley St E at Church St43.665787-79.380783
8629Wellesley St E at Jarvis St43.666368-79.378188
8628Wellesley St E at Jarvis St43.666175-79.378501
8630Wellesley St E at Ontario St43.66753-79.372262
8631Wellesley St E at Ontario St43.667701-79.372048
8632Wellesley St E at Parliament St43.668122-79.370103
8637Wellesley St E at Sherbourne St43.667166-79.374485
15714Wellesley St E at Sherbourne St E Side43.667082-79.374288
8640Wellesley St E at Yonge St43.665033-79.38449
8624Wellesley St W at Bay St43.664477-79.386908
8625Wellesley St W at Bay St43.664214-79.387412
8633Wellesley St W at Parliament Building43.663208-79.391858
8634Wellesley St W at Queen's Park Cres E43.663712-79.390476
8635Wellesley St W at Queen's Park Cres E E Side43.663633-79.390156
8639Wellesley St W at Yonge St43.664814-79.384802
14797Wellesley Station43.665358-79.383941
14798Wellesley Station43.665306-79.383605
13805Wellesley Station - Nbound Platform43.666149-79.383788
13806Wellesley Station - Sbound Platform43.664949-79.383488
8646Wellesworth Dr at Clumber Rd43.657206-79.577574
8647Wellesworth Dr at Dixfield Dr43.656904-79.577284
8648Wellesworth Dr at Dixfield Dr43.655349-79.572883
8649Wellesworth Dr at Eringate Dr43.660683-79.580662
8641Wellesworth Dr at Faversham Cres43.658866-79.579656
8650Wellesworth Dr at Faversham Cres43.658794-79.57939
8642Wellesworth Dr at Gentian Dr43.665383-79.581455
8651Wellesworth Dr at Rangoon Rd43.66621-79.579122
8643Wellesworth Dr at Rangoon Rd43.666198-79.579569
8645Wellesworth Dr at The W Mall43.655137-79.572679
8644Wellesworth Dr at Torrington Dr43.65518-79.576576
8652Wellesworth Dr at Torrington Dr43.655378-79.5766
14510Wellness Way at Armistice Dr - Wellspring Ctr43.723603-79.378616
11996Wellness Way at Hospital Rd - Odette Cancer Ctr43.721379-79.377773
11997Wellness Way at Hospital Rd - Odette Cancer Ctr43.721476-79.377723
11723West Lodge Ave at May Robinson Apartments43.641943-79.435951
1642West Mall Cres at Dundas St W43.626881-79.562135
1644West Mall Cres at The W Mall43.627091-79.559674
1643West Mall Cres at The W Mall43.627244-79.559493
11929West Promenade at New Wminster Dr43.80618-79.455443
12130West Service Rd at St Albans Rd43.639282-79.534872
4618West Service Rd at St Albans Rd43.639364-79.534744
15825West Toronto St at Keele St43.669867-79.467004
15826West Toronto St at Keele St43.66999-79.466938
16254West Toronto St at Old Stock Yards Rd43.669375-79.46984
8653Westhumber Blvd at Delsing Dr E Side43.726859-79.582844
8654Westhumber Blvd at Esther Lorrie Dr43.727324-79.577602
8655Westhumber Blvd at Ixworth Rd43.727191-79.577426
8656Westhumber Blvd at Kipling Ave43.727987-79.574783
7957Westhumber Blvd at Martin Grove Rd43.726355-79.586705
8657Westhumber Blvd at Martin Grove Rd E Side43.726064-79.58615
8658Westhumber Blvd at Moon Valley Dr43.727098-79.58238
3167Westlake Ave at Hamstead Ave43.696561-79.309265
3166Westlake Ave at Hamstead Ave43.696423-79.309042
3170Westlake Ave at Lumsden Ave43.694512-79.308371
3168Westlake Ave at Wallington Ave43.695028-79.308431
14563Westmore Dr at Finch Ave W43.734858-79.601177
14564Westmore Dr at Finch Ave W43.735251-79.601116
7439Weston Rd at Albion Rd43.717017-79.537874
8693Weston Rd at Aura Lea Blvd43.723246-79.536833
14866Weston Rd at Avon Cres43.68111-79.476373
8694Weston Rd at Bartonville Ave W43.689401-79.496555
8752Weston Rd at Birdstone Cres43.674019-79.469132
14434Weston Rd at Birdstone Cres43.674271-79.469585
8696Weston Rd at Black Creek Dr43.683549-79.481082
8697Weston Rd at Bradmore Ave43.723203-79.537139
8698Weston Rd at Bradstock Rd43.738874-79.539217
8699Weston Rd at Bradstock Rd43.739191-79.539595
8690Weston Rd at Burgundy Crt43.729288-79.535903
8700Weston Rd at Bushey Ave43.683845-79.483343
7441Weston Rd at Cardell Ave43.709803-79.534726
14262Weston Rd at Cardell Ave43.709503-79.5343
8704Weston Rd at Church St43.702978-79.525105
6173Weston Rd at Church St43.7027-79.524832
8706Weston Rd at Clouston Ave43.694624-79.506148
8707Weston Rd at Clouston Ave43.694911-79.506782
6174Weston Rd at Coral Gable Dr43.735517-79.538468
8708Weston Rd at Coral Gable Dr43.73566-79.538805
8710Weston Rd at Coronado Crt43.740369-79.539904
8709Weston Rd at Coronado Crt43.740185-79.539566
8712Weston Rd at Coulter Ave43.704553-79.528399
8711Weston Rd at Coulter Ave43.704727-79.528464
8713Weston Rd at Craydon Ave43.690365-79.498482
7442Weston Rd at Dee Ave43.711287-79.535271
8714Weston Rd at Denison Rd E43.696187-79.507974
8715Weston Rd at Denison Rd W43.696304-79.508408
8716Weston Rd at Dennis Ave43.684932-79.485196
13196Weston Rd at Dennis Ave43.685137-79.485956
8744Weston Rd at Dora Spencer Rd43.69223-79.503319
8758Weston Rd at Dora Spencer Rd43.69228-79.503078
8719Weston Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.687159-79.490142
8718Weston Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.686788-79.488987
9677Weston Rd at Eglinton Ave W43.686654-79.489128
16056Weston Rd at Elsmere Ave43.701048-79.519092
8703Weston Rd at Ernest Dockray Ave43.690367-79.498854
8720Weston Rd at Fenmar Dr43.758067-79.543677
8721Weston Rd at Fenmar Dr43.756921-79.543747
6176Weston Rd at Fern Ave43.702351-79.523516
6175Weston Rd at Fern Ave43.702116-79.523302
8723Weston Rd at Finch Ave W43.75179-79.542165
8722Weston Rd at Finch Ave W43.751644-79.542439
8724Weston Rd at Flindon Rd43.720773-79.537557
8726Weston Rd at Garyray Dr43.767534-79.545753
8727Weston Rd at Gaydon Ave43.720275-79.537346
11068Weston Rd at Gunns Rd43.67581-79.47009
11069Weston Rd at Gunns Rd43.675541-79.470205
8729Weston Rd at Habitant Dr43.746053-79.541212
8728Weston Rd at Habitant Dr43.745851-79.540889
8730Weston Rd at Humber Blvd43.683252-79.480482
8731Weston Rd at Imogene Ave43.742618-79.540119
8732Weston Rd at Imogene Ave43.742865-79.540501
8734Weston Rd at Jane St43.691391-79.501346
8733Weston Rd at Jane St43.691277-79.50065
8737Weston Rd at Jubilee Cres43.725848-79.535589
8739Weston Rd at Kenhar Dr43.761598-79.544474
8738Weston Rd at Kenhar Dr43.761317-79.544728
7445Weston Rd at Knob Hill Dr43.710855-79.534766
8740Weston Rd at Lambton Ave43.684216-79.483795
8742Weston Rd at Lanyard Rd43.748355-79.54178
8741Weston Rd at Lanyard Rd43.748184-79.541419
16058Weston Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.700325-79.516475
16057Weston Rd at Lawrence Ave W43.700163-79.516549
16055Weston Rd at Little Ave43.701011-79.51964
11717Weston Rd at Mainshep Rd43.731765-79.537755
8745Weston Rd at Mainshep Rd43.73191-79.537535
8749Weston Rd at McCormack St43.677281-79.472119
8748Weston Rd at McCormack St43.677134-79.471618
8750Weston Rd at Nland Ave43.678973-79.474256
8751Weston Rd at Nland Ave43.678752-79.473703
7444Weston Rd at Oak St43.707859-79.533756
7443Weston Rd at Oak St43.708152-79.533625
8753Weston Rd at Ormont Dr43.764726-79.545136
10702Weston Rd at Ormont Dr43.76496-79.545497
8755Weston Rd at Oxford Dr43.687906-79.491792
8754Weston Rd at Oxford Dr43.687777-79.491894
8759Weston Rd at Ray Ave43.688657-79.493997
8760Weston Rd at Ray Ave43.688661-79.494487
8761Weston Rd at Reuben Ave43.718805-79.537817
8763Weston Rd at Rogers Rd43.681291-79.476257
4713Weston Rd at Rogers Rd43.682026-79.477086
8762Weston Rd at Rogers Rd43.681288-79.4766
8765Weston Rd at Seneca Ave43.680368-79.475653
8764Weston Rd at Seneca Ave43.680249-79.475239
8766Weston Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.733471-79.538003
8767Weston Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.733887-79.53842
14518Weston Rd at Sidney Belsey Cres43.693345-79.504878
14517Weston Rd at Sidney Belsey Cres43.693182-79.504412
15750Weston Rd at St Clair Ave W43.672671-79.467774
16053Weston Rd at St Phillips Rd43.706366-79.532048
16052Weston Rd at St Phillips Rd43.706383-79.532709
8736Weston Rd at Starview Lane43.726642-79.535661
11875Weston Rd at Steeles Ave W43.770129-79.546298
8771Weston Rd at Sunset Trail43.72174-79.537093
8772Weston Rd at Toryork Dr43.753493-79.542887
9104Weston Rd at Toryork Dr43.753169-79.542526
8773Weston Rd at Verobeach Blvd43.738166-79.539385
8775Weston Rd at Victoria Blvd43.689497-79.496388
8777Weston Rd at Wallasey Ave43.718479-79.537597
7446Weston Rd at Walsh Ave43.716396-79.537036
8778Weston Rd at Wilby Cres - Won GO43.698344-79.511454
15999Weston Rd at Wright Ave - Won GO43.69826-79.510864
7447Weston Rd at York Ave43.68587-79.487531
8780Weston Rd at York Ave43.685981-79.487374
14061Westwood Square Bus Terminal at Morning Star Dr43.721726-79.640711
13536Wheeltrans Exit at Commissioners St43.654958-79.330348
9100Whitehorse Rd at Rimrock Rd43.756392-79.471432
9095Whitehorse Rd at Rimrock Rd43.756138-79.471076
9096Whitehorse Rd at Steeprock Dr43.758263-79.472177
8782Wicksteed Ave at Beth Nealson Dr43.713212-79.34702
6209Wicksteed Ave at Brentcliffe Rd43.711068-79.359815
6210Wicksteed Ave at Laird Dr43.710477-79.363323
9790Wicksteed Ave at Leslie St43.712944-79.350412
1645William R Allen Rd at Overbrook Pl43.760867-79.464927
14834William R Allen Rd at Rimrock Rd43.757572-79.464756
14835William R Allen Rd at Rimrock Rd43.757985-79.465168
3172William R Allen Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.750021-79.463105
1647William R Allen Rd at Sheppard Ave W43.749635-79.463343
6211Williamson Rd at Swood Dr43.674124-79.296434
8790Willowdale Ave at Abitibi Ave43.797687-79.413933
8789Willowdale Ave at Abitibi Ave43.797969-79.413792
8792Willowdale Ave at Bishop Ave43.783495-79.408038
8791Willowdale Ave at Bishop Ave43.7837-79.407812
8794Willowdale Ave at Byng Ave43.778631-79.405942
8793Willowdale Ave at Byng Ave43.778044-79.405499
8798Willowdale Ave at Church Ave43.775919-79.404822
8797Willowdale Ave at Church Ave43.77604-79.404622
8796Willowdale Ave at Ctr Ave43.793106-79.412083
8795Willowdale Ave at Ctr Ave43.792942-79.411754
8800Willowdale Ave at Cummer Ave43.78854-79.409763
8799Willowdale Ave at Cummer Ave43.788361-79.409953
8801Willowdale Ave at Elmwood Ave43.768664-79.401523
8802Willowdale Ave at Empress Ave43.771589-79.402991
15851Willowdale Ave at Empress Ave43.77141-79.402711
8804Willowdale Ave at Finch Ave E43.781711-79.407284
8803Willowdale Ave at Finch Ave E43.7815-79.406929
8805Willowdale Ave at Greenfield Ave43.765365-79.400362
8806Willowdale Ave at Hillcrest Ave43.769824-79.402253
8807Willowdale Ave at Hollywood Ave43.767785-79.401378
8812Willowdale Ave at Newton Dr43.794679-79.412679
8811Willowdale Ave at Newton Dr43.79424-79.412223
8814Willowdale Ave at Nwood Dr43.791598-79.411507
8813Willowdale Ave at Nwood Dr43.791424-79.411164
8817Willowdale Ave at Otonabee Ave43.796052-79.413261
8816Willowdale Ave at Otonabee Ave43.795867-79.412905
15852Willowdale Ave at Parkview Ave43.773436-79.403567
8818Willowdale Ave at Parkview Ave43.772926-79.403558
8819Willowdale Ave at Princess Ave43.770562-79.402303
8821Willowdale Ave at Revcoe Dr43.78565-79.408924
8820Willowdale Ave at Revcoe Dr43.78561-79.409104
8823Willowdale Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.76418-79.399859
8822Willowdale Ave at Sheppard Ave E43.764463-79.399771
8824Willowdale Ave at Silverview Dr43.786828-79.409531
8825Willowdale Ave at Silverview Dr43.786934-79.409788
8826Willowdale Ave at Spring Garden Ave43.766298-79.400521
10445Willowdale Ave at Steeles Ave E43.798893-79.414414
8828Willowdale Ave at Wedgewood Dr43.79028-79.410949
8827Willowdale Ave at Wedgewood Dr43.790112-79.410605
3174Willowridge Rd at Richgrove Dr43.675751-79.568602
14842Wilmington Ave at Blue Forest Dr43.766118-79.458907
3175Wilmington Ave at Cavotti Cres43.764645-79.457765
14841Wilmington Ave at Cavotti Cres43.764408-79.457418
14844Wilmington Ave at Cedar Springs Grove43.769658-79.460376
14843Wilmington Ave at Cedar Springs Grove43.767684-79.459572
3177Wilmington Ave at Codsell Ave43.755325-79.45387
3176Wilmington Ave at Codsell Ave43.754932-79.453524
3179Wilmington Ave at Combe Ave43.759692-79.455693
3178Wilmington Ave at Combe Ave43.759548-79.45544
3180Wilmington Ave at Evanston Dr43.766084-79.459108
3181Wilmington Ave at Finch Ave W43.769368-79.460462
3183Wilmington Ave at Overbrook Pl43.762891-79.456989
3182Wilmington Ave at Overbrook Pl43.762504-79.456633
3184Wilmington Ave at Purdon Dr43.767875-79.459821
3186Wilmington Ave at Searle Ave43.757376-79.454731
3185Wilmington Ave at Searle Ave43.757173-79.454457
3187Wilmington Ave at Sheppard Ave W43.752832-79.452277
3188Wilmington Ave at Sheppard Ave W43.753273-79.452521
15136Wilson Ave at Agate Rd43.725744-79.485637
8833Wilson Ave at Agate Rd43.725812-79.486393
8834Wilson Ave at Allard Ave43.737723-79.429545
8835Wilson Ave at Allard Ave43.73802-79.429296
8843Wilson Ave at Apex Lane43.728721-79.475772
8837Wilson Ave at Avenue Rd43.7397-79.421902
8838Wilson Ave at Avenue Rd43.740088-79.421033
8840Wilson Ave at Bathurst St43.737481-79.433762
1654Wilson Ave at Bathurst St43.737389-79.434643
8839Wilson Ave at Bathurst St E Side43.737304-79.433226
8842Wilson Ave at Belgrave Ave43.740481-79.418302
8841Wilson Ave at Belgrave Ave43.740676-79.418495
15755Wilson Ave at Beverly Hills Dr43.71926-79.516618
15756Wilson Ave at Beverly Hills Dr43.719009-79.51698
9899Wilson Ave at Billy Bishop Way43.733156-79.452938
8845Wilson Ave at Clayson Rd43.717475-79.523537
8844Wilson Ave at Clayson Rd43.717719-79.523505
8847Wilson Ave at Clyde Ave43.738595-79.426958
8846Wilson Ave at Clyde Ave43.738736-79.427049
8850Wilson Ave at Dallner Rd43.71993-79.513678
8849Wilson Ave at Dallner Rd E Side43.719859-79.513086
8851Wilson Ave at Dubray Ave43.728331-79.4775
8848Wilson Ave at Dubray Ave43.728042-79.477861
1657Wilson Ave at Dufferin St43.731854-79.459521
1656Wilson Ave at Dufferin St43.732143-79.459421
8856Wilson Ave at Epic Lane Rd43.72139-79.506142
8855Wilson Ave at Epic Lane Rd E Side43.721239-79.505763
1659Wilson Ave at Faywood Blvd43.734883-79.446263
1658Wilson Ave at Faywood Blvd E Side43.734763-79.445833
8857Wilson Ave at Garratt Blvd43.730462-79.468017
8860Wilson Ave at Highview Ave E Side43.723322-79.496337
8862Wilson Ave at Jane St43.721071-79.508391
8861Wilson Ave at Jane St43.720752-79.508813
8865Wilson Ave at Julian Rd- Humber River Hospital43.724582-79.490689
8866Wilson Ave at Julian Rd- Humber River Hospital43.724669-79.491492
8869Wilson Ave at Keele St43.726925-79.481737
8868Wilson Ave at Keele St43.726427-79.48238
14141Wilson Ave at Keele St43.727289-79.481998
8867Wilson Ave at Keele St E Side43.726932-79.481019
1661Wilson Ave at King High Ave43.735702-79.442466
1660Wilson Ave at King High Ave43.735406-79.442947
1662Wilson Ave at Lady York Ave43.731006-79.464577
8870Wilson Ave at Lady York Ave43.731296-79.464343
8872Wilson Ave at Lexfield Ave43.723418-79.497052
8876Wilson Ave at Murray Rd43.729711-79.471403
8875Wilson Ave at Murray Rd43.729408-79.471719
8877Wilson Ave at Ngate Dr43.730184-79.468213
8881Wilson Ave at Ridge Rd43.723931-79.494594
8880Wilson Ave at Ridge Rd E Side43.723886-79.493795
8882Wilson Ave at Ridley Blvd43.73928-79.423844
8883Wilson Ave at Ridley Blvd43.739512-79.423604
1666Wilson Ave at Transit Rd43.733336-79.453577
8885Wilson Ave at Walsh Ave43.716009-79.531191
8886Wilson Ave at Wendell Ave43.716636-79.527232
8854Wilson Ave at Wendell Ave43.716951-79.526937
8888Wilson Ave at William Cragg Dr43.722678-79.500338
8887Wilson Ave at William Cragg Dr43.722389-79.500473
8890Wilson Ave at Yonge Blvd43.741435-79.415154
8889Wilson Ave at Yonge Blvd E Side43.741284-79.414806
8892Wilson Ave at Yonge St43.743804-79.407263
8891Wilson Ave at Yonge St43.743958-79.407534
3190Wilson Heights Blvd at Brighton Ave43.756829-79.461348
8894Wilson Heights Blvd at Brighton Ave43.756632-79.46094
8895Wilson Heights Blvd at Clifton Ave43.758743-79.462791
3191Wilson Heights Blvd at Clifton Ave43.75896-79.463205
3192Wilson Heights Blvd at Cocksfield Ave43.75293-79.457948
8896Wilson Heights Blvd at Codsell Ave43.753614-79.45827
8904Wilson Heights Blvd at Sheppard Ave W43.751869-79.45709
11877Wilson Heights Blvd at Sheppard Ave W43.752189-79.457006
8905Wilson Heights Blvd at Waterloo Ave43.75522-79.459703
3193Wilson Heights Blvd at Waterloo Ave43.755093-79.459835
14799Wilson Station43.734475-79.45092
14800Wilson Station43.734574-79.450945
14801Wilson Station43.73487-79.450888
14802Wilson Station43.734709-79.450841
14803Wilson Station43.73446-79.450745
14817Wilson Station43.734555-79.450966
15317Wilson Station43.734804-79.451075
15463Wilson Station43.734268-79.450679
15561Wilson Station43.735771-79.4496
15562Wilson Station43.735574-79.449475
15563Wilson Station43.735539-79.449014
13840Wilson Station - Nbound Platform43.735048-79.450192
13839Wilson Station - Sbound Platform43.733848-79.449892
15990Wilson Station Temporary Bus Bay 543.735602-79.448765
7451Windermere Ave at Coe Hill Dr43.641325-79.474456
7452Windermere Ave at Morningside Ave43.644765-79.47817
7448Windermere Ave at St Olaves Rd43.642353-79.475947
7449Windermere Ave at St Olaves Rd43.642489-79.475923
7453Windermere Pl at Windermere Ave43.63814-79.47108
6213Wineva Ave at Queen St E43.671096-79.295898
6214Wineva Ave at Williamson Rd43.673681-79.296945
9892Wintermute Blvd at Birchmount Rd43.816077-79.315336
9893Wintermute Blvd at River Grove Dr43.818001-79.317538
3196Woodbine Ave at Barker Ave43.694244-79.316363
3197Woodbine Ave at Barker Ave43.693898-79.316444
8908Woodbine Ave at Bracebridge Ave43.69795-79.317958
8910Woodbine Ave at Cassels Ave43.678748-79.309809
8909Woodbine Ave at Cassels Ave43.678652-79.309964
8911Woodbine Ave at Columbine Ave43.671862-79.307149
8912Woodbine Ave at Corley Ave43.676368-79.30881
13477Woodbine Ave at Cosburn Ave43.698342-79.31622
3198Woodbine Ave at Cosburn Ave43.696303-79.31725
8913Woodbine Ave at Cosburn Ave43.696521-79.31759
8917Woodbine Ave at Ewood Rd43.676586-79.309075
8918Woodbine Ave at Gerrard St E43.680685-79.310607
8919Woodbine Ave at Gerrard St E43.680955-79.310914
8921Woodbine Ave at Kewbeach Ave43.665506-79.304809
8923Woodbine Ave at Kingston Rd43.674045-79.30805
8922Woodbine Ave at Kingston Rd43.673794-79.307742
3199Woodbine Ave at Lumsden Ave43.692652-79.31567
15612Woodbine Ave at Merrill Ave43.683321-79.311673
15611Woodbine Ave at Merrill Ave43.683007-79.311762
3201Woodbine Ave at Milverton Blvd43.689268-79.314445
3200Woodbine Ave at Milverton Blvd43.688716-79.313974
3202Woodbine Ave at Mortimer Ave43.692924-79.316029
8926Woodbine Ave at Norway Ave43.67214-79.307059
8907Woodbine Ave at O'Connor Dr43.699991-79.318853
8927Woodbine Ave at O'Connor Dr43.699641-79.318965
8929Woodbine Ave at Plains Rd43.698422-79.318408
14144Woodbine Ave at Queen St E43.668861-79.305943
8930Woodbine Ave at Queen St E43.669361-79.305922
3203Woodbine Ave at Sammon Ave43.69101-79.314957
3204Woodbine Ave at Sammon Ave43.69125-79.315303
14146Woodbine Beach Loop at Lake Shore Blvd E43.663365-79.309034
8022Woodbine Heights Blvd at Parkview Hill Cres43.704593-79.320873
15891Woodbine Race Track Loop (Main Entrance)43.715857-79.605938
14804Woodbine Station43.68644-79.312471
14805Woodbine Station43.686458-79.312232
13738Woodbine Station - Ebound Platform43.686649-79.312286
13737Woodbine Station - Wbound Platform43.686349-79.313986
10654Woodsworth Rd at Hopperton Dr43.764877-79.371434
7455Woodsworth Rd at Hopperton Dr43.764788-79.372891
7457Woodsworth Rd at Ney Dr43.764973-79.370236
7456Woodsworth Rd at Ney Dr - Oriole GO43.7646-79.365274
4715Woodward Ave at Queen St E43.665512-79.319624
3205Wright Ave at Gibson Ave43.700147-79.5065
3206Wright Ave at Jane St43.700766-79.503809
4719Wynford Dr at Concorde Pl43.727267-79.328478
4720Wynford Dr at Don Mills Rd E Side43.723099-79.338338
4721Wynford Dr at Eglinton Ave E43.72506-79.325723
4722Wynford Dr at Eglinton Ave E43.724762-79.325728
4724Wynford Dr at Garamond Crt43.725059-79.333722
4723Wynford Dr at Garamond Crt43.725144-79.333957
4725Wynford Dr at Gervais Dr43.723387-79.336594
4730Wynford Dr at Wynford Heights Cres43.726526-79.327377
4731Wynford Dr at Wynford Heights Cres43.726234-79.327495
8934Yonge Blvd at Apsley Rd43.739314-79.413182
8937Yonge Blvd at Brooke Ave43.735513-79.408549
15277Yonge Blvd at Brooke Ave43.735675-79.409014
8939Yonge Blvd at Dunster Ave43.739877-79.413594
8940Yonge Blvd at Esgore Dr43.740686-79.414736
8942Yonge Blvd at Felbrigg Ave43.736621-79.409779
8943Yonge Blvd at Felbrigg Ave43.736694-79.410079
8944Yonge Blvd at Harley Ave43.738148-79.41173
8945Yonge Blvd at Harley Ave43.738241-79.41204
8947Yonge Blvd at Ridley Blvd43.737438-79.411183
8948Yonge Blvd at Wilson Ave43.741154-79.41497
8949Yonge Blvd at Yonge St43.734367-79.404989
8953Yonge St at Alcorn Ave - Summerhill Station43.682197-79.391779
3209Yonge St at Alexander St43.662802-79.383587
8955Yonge St at Athabaska Ave43.795291-79.419203
15783Yonge St at Athabaska Ave43.795681-79.419635
13559Yonge St at Avondale Ave43.758551-79.410029
3211Yonge St at Aylmer Ave43.675502-79.388832
8957Yonge St at Balmoral Ave43.68595-79.393304
16000Yonge St at Belmont St43.675671-79.389062
1667Yonge St at Belsize Dr43.700201-79.396851
1668Yonge St at Belsize Dr43.700368-79.39713
8958Yonge St at Berwick Ave43.704437-79.397961
15282Yonge St at Bishop Ave43.782489-79.416016
3212Yonge St at Bishop Ave - Finch Station43.782039-79.415929
3213Yonge St at Bloor St E - Bloor Station43.670773-79.38689
3214Yonge St at Bloor St W - Bloor Station43.670441-79.386954
8959Yonge St at Blythwood Rd43.716269-79.400257
8960Yonge St at Briar Hill Ave43.713729-79.399948
8961Yonge St at Broadway Ave43.709449-79.39881