Stop Listing

Pittsburgh Regional Transit (pa-prt)

Stop IDStop NameStop LatitudeStop Longitude
206481st Ave at Lock St40.600017-79.752666
206491st Ave at Ross St40.599255-79.755929
109882nd St at Grant Ave40.373260-79.847059
108852nd St at Grant Ave40.373030-79.846878
166062nd St at Hamilton Ave40.375027-79.848608
108842nd St at Kennedy Ave40.371792-79.846339
109892nd St at Kennedy Ave Fs40.371967-79.846542
166052nd St at Oliver Ave40.376552-79.849998
166072nd St at Sr Citizen Hi-rise40.373904-79.847584
55883rd St at Main St40.404453-80.091119
38983rd St at Main St Fs40.404353-80.091124
126594th Ave at 7th St40.562590-79.765741
204284th Ave at Antisbury St40.412731-79.879364
23624th Ave at Broadway St40.517215-80.160437
126584th Ave at Central City Plaza40.564138-79.766112
223374th Ave at Chestnut St40.516657-80.158959
23594th Ave at Coraopolis Bridge Fs40.514756-80.153921
204274th Ave at Duquesne St40.411583-79.877120
204314th Ave at Hawkins Ave40.413128-79.880485
23654th Ave at Main St Ns40.519318-80.166015
23644th Ave at Mill St40.518392-80.163560
23634th Ave at Mulberry St40.517782-80.161949
206504th Ave at Tarentum Park and Ride40.600404-79.757031
23704th Ave at Thorn St40.522472-80.174374
23674th Ave at Watt St40.520608-80.169433
23604th Ave opp Arch St40.515564-80.156059
23664th Ave opp Kendall St40.519985-80.167790
23684th Ave opp Locust St40.521229-80.171080
23714th Ave opp Thorn Run Rd - Thorn Run Park and Ride40.523403-80.176889
125904th St at Corey Ave40.408322-79.867168
120194th St at Grant Ave40.372602-79.848949
216534th St at Hawkins Ave40.409263-79.866848
120184th St at Kennedy Ave40.371318-79.848404
120174th St at Viola Ave40.369441-79.847638
172245th Ave at #168140.353324-79.846079
22015th Ave at Broadway St40.516337-80.161397
187885th Ave at Chess St Fs40.521165-80.173790
187905th Ave at Chestnut St Fs40.515573-80.159382
21975th Ave at Locust St Ns40.520447-80.172012
21995th Ave at Main St40.518416-80.166898
22035th Ave at Office Bldg40.514910-80.157599
98995th Ave at Pirl St40.353135-79.844256
187875th Ave at Thorn Hollow Rd Fs - Thorn Run Pnr40.522403-80.176507
187895th Ave at Wood St Fs40.519451-80.169506
209045th Ave opp #168140.353119-79.846267
208055th St at Brinton Ave40.385962-79.760515
78585th St at Cavit Ave40.385812-79.760005
119715th St at Cochran St40.366692-79.847954
120145th St at Cochran St40.366526-79.847926
119725th St at Crawford Ave40.364745-79.847056
207895th St at Duquesne Ave40.385679-79.759081
119685th St at Kennedy Ave40.371231-79.849617
119705th St at Priscilla Ave40.368458-79.848412
120155th St at Priscilla Ave40.368314-79.848306
119695th St at Viola Ave40.369338-79.848822
125676th St at Baldridge Ave40.405730-79.863463
225826th St at Baldridge St40.405622-79.863596
72926th St at Braddock Ave40.403337-79.868556
225836th St at Main St40.408156-79.858075
204506th St at Margaretta St40.404333-79.866861
225816th St at Margaretta St40.404218-79.866971
207937th St Ext at Timber Dr40.388053-79.748383
208007th St Ext opp Timber Dr40.388264-79.748382
208027th St at Forest Ave40.387463-79.756790
2137th St at Ft Duquesne Blvd40.444445-80.000735
201827th St at Penn Ave40.443323-80.000347
126267th St at Penn Ave Fs40.442940-80.000191
207927th St at Prospect Ave40.386442-79.752504
208017th St at Prospect Ave40.386476-79.752325
126607th St opp New Ken Hospital40.562312-79.766678
98477th St opp Worthington Ave Fs40.292141-79.889450
109098th Ave at Amity St40.407175-79.910787
109628th Ave at Amity St Fs40.407135-79.910571
109088th Ave at Ann St40.407979-79.909218
109638th Ave at Ann St Fs40.407894-79.909069
109068th Ave at Dickson St40.408980-79.905195
109658th Ave at Dickson St40.408819-79.905587
109688th Ave at Grant St40.409218-79.898828
109058th Ave at Heisel St40.409062-79.904030
109668th Ave at Library Pl40.408978-79.903374
109078th Ave at Mcclure St40.408826-79.907397
109648th Ave at Mcclure St40.408667-79.907564
109698th Ave at Ravine St40.408717-79.895468
109108th Ave at West St (Hi-level Bridge)40.406222-79.912062
109618th Ave at West St Fs40.406204-79.911854
109038th Ave opp Andrew St40.409207-79.901489
109028th Ave opp Grant St40.409319-79.898462
202998th Ave opp Ravine St40.408682-79.895009
110279th Ave at Amity St40.406542-79.909984
110269th Ave at Ann St40.407324-79.908436
134799th Ave at Corbet St40.604916-79.753464
134779th Ave at Horner St40.607609-79.747475
133269th Ave at Morgan St40.609611-79.741848
134909th Ave at Morgan St40.609467-79.742065
134789th Ave at Ormond St40.606850-79.749140
201099th Ave at Penn St40.609927-79.740150
134749th Ave at Penn St Fs40.609964-79.740358
134759th Ave at Prospect St40.609062-79.744141
134769th Ave opp Grant St40.608344-79.745864
205479th St at Hemlock Way40.321097-79.891789
206649th St at Ohio Ave40.321017-79.891609
1799th St at Penn Ave40.443888-79.998481
1165210th Ave at Ann St40.406402-79.908138
2065410th Ave at Garfield St40.606814-79.753136
2065610th Ave at Ormond St40.608356-79.750534
2065510th Ave at Summit St40.607629-79.751772
1165012th Ave at Amity St40.404401-79.908146
1938412th Ave at Amity St Fs40.404314-79.908380
1864116th St at Penn Ave40.448769-79.987392
1103622nd Ave at Main St40.397720-79.901853
2026822nd Ave at West St40.397440-79.902637
259326th St at Penn Ave Fs (Spring Way)40.454586-79.978073
216128th St at Liberty Ave40.456319-79.974662
9887628x Inbound Routing40.446700-80.167724
2078231st St Bridge Ramp at 31st St Bridge40.464615-79.979735
2078131st St Bridge Ramp at Rialto St40.464910-79.979896
241032nd St at Spring Way40.460445-79.969566
1815039th St at Butler St40.467498-79.963592
119940th St at Butler St40.468544-79.962105
2010640th St at Davidson St Fs40.467739-79.960861
1815240th St at Penn Ave Ns40.465577-79.958451
114940th St opp Davidson St40.467598-79.960979
925956th St at Butler St40.484288-79.947888
22571A Dr at B Dr40.342166-79.910397
8845Aber Rd at #807740.469151-79.862206
8844Aber Rd at #814140.471161-79.861244
8846Aber Rd at Grove Rd40.467840-79.865285
8847Aber Rd at Urban Dr40.467335-79.869403
8843Aber Rd opp Harvest Dr40.473329-79.861619
9057Adelaide St at Camp St40.453388-79.957995
19491Adelaide St at Iowa St Fs40.452957-79.956719
9002Adelaide St at Milwaukee St40.454494-79.960494
21556Agnew Ave at Becks Run Rd40.396992-79.978550
21557Agnew Ave at Becks Run Rd Fs40.396950-79.978243
21552Agnew Rd at Academy Charter School Drvwy40.399378-79.967591
21558Agnew Rd at Alan St40.396420-79.973911
21562Agnew Rd at Cloverfield Dr40.398782-79.964679
21559Agnew Rd at Joseph St Fs40.396297-79.971179
21553Agnew Rd at Lafferty Dr40.398187-79.969302
21555Agnew Rd at Penn St Fs40.396494-79.974291
21561Agnew Rd opp Academy Charter School Drvwy40.399361-79.967839
21554Agnew Rd opp Joseph St40.396331-79.971483
21560Agnew Rd opp Lafferty Dr40.397905-79.969258
9254Aiken Ave at Broad St40.465635-79.935911
9253Aiken Ave at Kincaid St40.466325-79.935494
9255Aiken Ave at Penn Ave40.464795-79.936414
9252Aiken Ave at Rosetta St40.467076-79.935038
7772Airbrake Ave at 7th St40.401762-79.819502
7773Airbrake Ave at 9th St40.402501-79.821184
7774Airbrake Ave at 10th St40.402899-79.822094
7775Airbrake Ave at 11th St40.403275-79.822954
7839Airbrake Ave at Bridge St40.395302-79.805518
7838Airbrake Ave at Miller St40.395375-79.806546
7836Airbrake Ave opp 1st St40.397889-79.813004
7835Airbrake Ave opp 2nd St40.399457-79.815400
7834Airbrake Ave opp 3rd St40.399909-79.816069
7832Airbrake Ave opp 5th St40.400976-79.817872
7831Airbrake Ave opp 7th St40.401695-79.819527
7830Airbrake Ave opp 9th St40.402503-79.821382
7829Airbrake Ave opp 10th St40.402880-79.822249
7828Airbrake Ave opp 11th St40.403254-79.823119
17182Airbrake Ave opp #62040.396320-79.810545
8085Albert St at Maple Ave40.408027-79.819604
22630Alcoma Blvd at #22540.484610-79.800987
20697Alcoma Blvd at Saltsburg Rd40.481518-79.804679
20696Alcoma Blvd at Turnaround40.485344-79.799667
12232Alger St at Winterburn Ave40.427103-79.939605
2517Alice St at Camfield St40.410337-79.997575
2529Alice St at Georgia Ave40.410138-79.995209
19428Allegheny Ave at Ann St Ns40.520304-79.842877
19427Allegheny Ave at Archie St Ns40.524001-79.841889
16559Allegheny Ave at Delaware Ave40.517799-79.843205
16569Allegheny Ave at Hulton Rd Ns (Porte St Steps)40.524786-79.841354
16558Allegheny Ave at Maryland Ave40.518921-79.843051
1723Allegheny Ave at North Ave40.453228-80.019493
1725Allegheny Ave at North Ave40.452957-80.019310
16556Allegheny Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.522058-79.842640
16567Allegheny Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.521832-79.842593
20381Allegheny Ave at Reedsdale St Fs40.447780-80.017878
1722Allegheny Ave at Sheffield St40.454308-80.019829
16560Allegheny Ave at Washington Ave40.516380-79.843348
16563Allegheny Ave at Washington Ave40.516134-79.843288
16566Allegheny Ave opp Ann St40.520159-79.842814
16568Allegheny Ave opp Archie St40.523682-79.841961
16562Allegheny Ave opp California Ave40.515345-79.843382
20087Allegheny Ave opp College Ave40.514127-79.843616
16564Allegheny Ave opp Delaware Ave40.517633-79.843102
19179Allegheny Ave opp Maryland Ave Ns40.518956-79.842943
1726Allegheny Ave opp Sheffield St40.454192-80.019690
14319Allegheny River Blvd at Center Ave40.506754-79.842946
19435Allegheny River Blvd at Center Ave Fs40.506726-79.842739
19176Allegheny River Blvd at Plum St Fs40.512413-79.843340
19177Allegheny River Blvd at Seldon Ave Fs40.508429-79.842617
14320Allegheny River Blvd at South Ave40.504978-79.843143
14456Allegheny River Blvd at South Ave40.504742-79.843076
99998Allegheny Station40.447890-80.017787
19883Allegheny Station Bay 140.447675-80.019162
19884Allegheny Station Bay 240.447641-80.019387
4195Allendale Cir at #360440.459427-80.064519
4196Allendale Cir at #365840.460523-80.063701
4197Allendale Cir at #372840.459545-80.062821
4204Allendale St at Chartiers Ave40.454053-80.059669
4191Allendale St at Fairdale St40.455405-80.061028
4202Allendale St at Fairdale St40.455482-80.061203
4194Allendale St at Moyer St40.458190-80.063963
4200Allendale St at Stanhope St40.457151-80.062967
19197Allendale St at Tweed St40.456616-80.062401
4193Allendale St opp Stanhope St40.457071-80.062803
22375Allequippa St at Centre Ave40.448158-79.958862
8649Allequippa St at Darragh St40.443162-79.965234
19496Allequippa St at Outlet St40.442398-79.966377
16024Allequippa St at Robinson St40.442734-79.965859
16022Allequippa St at Sr Residence (#2418)40.440622-79.968550
18908Allequippa St at Sr Residence (Terrace)40.440618-79.968814
8650Allequippa St at Sutherland Dr (Petersen Ctr)40.444500-79.963465
16023Allequippa St at Whitridge St40.441034-79.968027
18907Allequippa St at Whitridge St40.441249-79.967882
8654Allequippa St opp Darragh St40.443342-79.965153
8653Allequippa St opp Sutherland Dr Fs40.444370-79.963742
12620Alpha Dr E at Freeport Rd Fs40.538995-79.830224
22367Alpha Dr W opp Anchor Dr40.539375-79.835179
13357Alpha Dr at Freeport Rd40.491642-79.866073
20290Alpha Dr at Freeport Rd (Harmar)40.538899-79.830803
21484Alpha Dr at Freeport Rd Fs40.491737-79.866000
22368Alpha Dr at Harmar Park and Ride40.540591-79.833954
12836Alpha Dr at Print Tech Drvwy40.493153-79.870842
12847Alpha Dr opp Beta Dr Fs40.495142-79.867763
21482Alpha Dr opp Print Tech Drvwy40.493518-79.869737
6189Altmar St opp Reamer St40.391498-80.000247
2537Amanda St at Arlington Ave40.418347-79.988181
2536Amanda St at Charles St40.416511-79.988087
6991Amanda St at Goldbach Way40.415574-79.988046
16051Ambridge Park and Ride40.592449-80.228140
20768Ambulatory Care Center Dr at Bldg #5140.495047-79.888723
20767Ambulatory Care Center Dr at Bldg #7140.494557-79.889135
1061Amity Dr at #21240.545857-79.994511
1105Amity Dr at #21340.545715-79.994515
1060Amity Dr at Blaze Dr40.544802-79.993181
1063Amity Dr at Carriage Hill Rd40.548927-79.996315
1062Amity Dr at Lingay Dr40.547461-79.994557
1107Amity Dr at Sutter Rd40.543476-79.992554
1059Amity Dr at Sutter Rd Fs40.543755-79.992481
19863Amity Dr at Thompson Run Rd40.550148-79.997693
18708Amity Dr at Thompson Run Rd Fs40.550070-79.997515
1106Amity Dr opp Blaze Dr40.544907-79.993431
1103Amity Dr opp Carriage Hill Rd40.549164-79.996613
1104Amity Dr opp Lingay Dr40.547661-79.994705
17519Amity St at 7th St40.407336-79.911127
17518Amity St at 8th Ave40.406968-79.910707
16426Amity St at 8th Ave Ns40.407241-79.911147
17293Amity St at 9th St40.406346-79.910035
20949Amity St at 10th Ave40.405800-79.909576
11651Amity St at 10th Ave40.405702-79.909335
15428Amity St at Target Dr40.409837-79.912281
17744Amity St opp Target Dr40.410010-79.912595
177Anderson St at General Robinson St40.449085-80.000832
178Anderson St at Isabella St40.448349-80.000656
176Anderson St at Lacock St40.449867-80.001076
11653Ann St at 8th Ave40.407779-79.909144
1832Arch St at North Ave40.454995-80.008524
19540Arch St at North Ave Fs40.454730-80.008560
1831Arch St at North Shore Family Health40.454260-80.008957
2601Arch St at Ridge Ave40.452173-80.008837
2600Arch St opp Allegheny Middle School40.453091-80.009118
7351Ardmore Blvd at 2 Parkway Center East40.421055-79.852425
7785Ardmore Blvd at Ave B - Forest Hills Park and Ride40.413048-79.844834
7352Ardmore Blvd at Berkley Ave40.419799-79.850324
7811Ardmore Blvd at Bevington Rd Fs40.426767-79.862889
7787Ardmore Blvd at Braddock Rd40.424638-79.859163
7813Ardmore Blvd at Braddock Rd40.424643-79.859664
7808Ardmore Blvd at Brinton Rd40.435630-79.871733
7791Ardmore Blvd at Bryn Mawr Rd Ns40.431347-79.864037
7432Ardmore Blvd at Centurion Dr40.422156-79.854122
7814Ardmore Blvd at Fairfax Rd40.422174-79.854668
7353Ardmore Blvd at Kenmore Ave40.417437-79.848662
7810Ardmore Blvd at Lafayette Rd40.429678-79.863869
7430Ardmore Blvd at Marion Ave Fs40.419945-79.850124
18508Ardmore Blvd at Marlboro Ave Fs40.435858-79.871694
7788Ardmore Blvd at Newport Rd40.425796-79.861445
7429Ardmore Blvd at Sumner Ave40.417161-79.848222
7815Ardmore Blvd at Yost Blvd Fs40.415479-79.847515
7431Ardmore Blvd opp 2 Parkway Center East40.421244-79.852283
7816Ardmore Blvd opp Ave B -forest Hills Park and Ride40.413200-79.845258
7789Ardmore Blvd opp Bevington Rd40.427036-79.862778
18544Ardmore Blvd opp Bryn Mawr Rd Fs40.432154-79.864941
7812Ardmore Blvd opp Newport Rd40.425711-79.861761
7793Ardmore Blvd opp Rebecca Ave40.436810-79.873154
7786Ardmore Blvd opp Yost Blvd40.415731-79.847354
7027Arlington Ave at #91640.424948-79.990318
6993Arlington Ave at #104740.423457-79.989092
4785Arlington Ave at Clover St40.417560-79.971450
4786Arlington Ave at Cologne St40.417496-79.969558
4788Arlington Ave at Dengler St40.417240-79.967731
6998Arlington Ave at E Carson St40.430674-80.001154
4781Arlington Ave at Fernleaf St40.417334-79.976272
4871Arlington Ave at Fernleaf St40.417166-79.975861
4777Arlington Ave at Frederick St40.417609-79.982741
2670Arlington Ave at Freeland St40.419179-79.989129
4774Arlington Ave at Freeland St40.419301-79.989446
15833Arlington Ave at John St Fs40.417950-79.987142
4873Arlington Ave at Julia St40.417974-79.978534
4773Arlington Ave at Knox Ave40.420224-79.990903
4776Arlington Ave at Koehler St40.417562-79.984648
4876Arlington Ave at Koehler St40.417637-79.984507
6995Arlington Ave at Newton St40.426487-79.992880
4877Arlington Ave at S 18th St40.417582-79.986232
4779Arlington Ave at Spring St40.417905-79.978899
4870Arlington Ave at Sterling St40.417302-79.974416
7029Arlington Ave at Warrington Ave40.421958-79.992244
19667Arlington Ave at Warrington Ave40.421692-79.992267
19314Arlington Ave at William St Fs40.427870-79.996323
19309Arlington Ave opp #1047 Fs40.423464-79.989236
4868Arlington Ave opp Clover St40.417641-79.971345
4867Arlington Ave opp Cologne St40.417542-79.969513
4783Arlington Ave opp Conway St40.417320-79.973661
4865Arlington Ave opp Dengler St40.417289-79.967662
4875Arlington Ave opp Frederick St40.417694-79.982614
19656Arlington Ave opp Josephine St40.417306-79.965627
18632Arlington Ave opp Knox Ave40.420210-79.990732
19305Arlington Ave opp Roanoke St40.425288-79.990457
19306Arlington Ave opp Sycamore St40.430326-80.000526
6996Arlington Ave opp William St Ns40.427951-79.996336
9212Atlantic Ave at Broad St40.465744-79.938240
9248Atlantic Ave at Hillcrest St40.468291-79.938188
9213Atlantic Ave at Kincaid St40.466551-79.938028
9214Atlantic Ave at Rosetta St40.467313-79.937815
7303Aurelius St at Harrison Ave40.422964-79.895854
7314Aurelius St at Mcclure Ave40.421196-79.895210
22633Auriles St at Kennedy Ave40.370436-79.852696
1258Avalon Loop at California Ave Fs40.503682-80.074369
7840Avenue U at Watkins Ave40.394932-79.803925
22573B Dr at #532 (Shed)40.342929-79.912245
22574B Dr at D Dr40.344190-79.912108
22572B Dr at Management Office40.342164-79.911457
22689Babcock Blvd at Browns Lane40.550947-80.024554
18711Babcock Blvd at Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd40.506180-79.990402
125Babcock Blvd at Fairfield Rd40.564226-80.019086
443Babcock Blvd at Hoffman Blvd40.507809-79.989708
19847Babcock Blvd at Laroche College Drvwy40.568125-80.016444
122Babcock Blvd at Mccandless Crossing40.569004-80.016491
22690Babcock Blvd at Roderick Dr40.552261-80.023300
444Babcock Blvd at Rosecliff Dr40.509793-79.991594
1043Babcock Blvd at Thompson Run Rd40.510838-79.993691
259Babcock Blvd at Winchester Dr40.565949-80.016424
123Babcock Blvd opp Duncan Ave40.567435-80.016556
258Babcock Blvd opp Fairfield Rd40.564016-80.019290
254Babcock Blvd opp Perrymont Rd40.558245-80.022979
425Babcock Blvd opp Rosecliff Dr40.509858-79.991849
124Babcock Blvd opp Winchester Dr40.566028-80.016517
6694Bailey Ave at Ruth St40.426997-80.005280
6735Bailey Ave opp Ruth St40.427069-80.005214
19870Baker St at #712440.487805-79.923497
16474Baker St at #720740.487813-79.923153
3285Baker St at Ballard Way40.487378-79.920339
19125Baker St at Butler St40.487453-79.920154
9330Baker St at Gallatin St40.487464-79.921672
9355Baker St opp Gallatin St40.487457-79.921928
22361Bakerstown Rd at #1 Cochran Drvwy Fs40.667030-79.706479
22357Bakerstown Rd at Bp Entrance Fs40.667422-79.711875
22362Bakerstown Rd at Silverville Rd40.667597-79.712515
22358Bakerstown Rd opp #1 Cochran Drvwy40.667062-79.706791
18400Baldridge Ave at 6th St Fs (Sr Hi-rise)40.405488-79.863367
19503Baldridge Ave at Middle St40.404795-79.862436
19756Baldridge Ave at Walnut St Fs40.404462-79.862136
12159Baldwin Rd at Glass Run Rd40.389287-79.932646
12183Baldwin Rd at Glass Run Rd Fs40.389287-79.932743
10157Baldwin Rd at Holy Angel School40.387721-79.932638
10158Baldwin Rd opp Ramp St40.386967-79.932676
19749Balph Ave at Orchard Ave40.499098-80.053113
1317Balph Ave at Teece Ave40.497370-80.054360
6453Bank St at #106040.351765-80.105209
6450Bank St at Chestnut St40.354400-80.107590
6246Bank St at Dewey Ave40.356213-80.110138
6452Bank St at Elizabeth St40.353131-80.105911
6451Bank St at Elm St40.353711-80.106586
6242Bank St at Grandview Ave40.353044-80.105706
6245Bank St at Gregg Ave40.355091-80.108475
6449Bank St at Gregg Ave40.355192-80.108766
2191Bank St at Walnut St40.537697-80.185501
6454Bank St at Winfield St40.350434-80.104948
6244Bank St opp Chestnut St40.354515-80.107620
6243Bank St opp Elm St40.353823-80.106611
4567Banksville Rd at #159340.410121-80.031534
4563Banksville Rd at #302140.401533-80.042428
4661Banksville Rd at #303040.401790-80.042400
19277Banksville Rd at Banksville Ave40.418418-80.029921
4657Banksville Rd at Carnahan Rd40.407116-80.034218
4656Banksville Rd at Chappel Ave40.409498-80.032073
4566Banksville Rd at Coast Ave40.409190-80.032024
19278Banksville Rd at Crane Ave40.416067-80.030038
19270Banksville Rd at Crane Ave Fs40.416121-80.029857
19762Banksville Rd at Days Inn40.419471-80.029859
4658Banksville Rd at Family Links40.405513-80.037424
4568Banksville Rd at Goldstrom Ave40.412967-80.030539
4662Banksville Rd at Mcmonagle Ave40.399796-80.044369
4564Banksville Rd at Potomac Ave40.403202-80.040827
4660Banksville Rd at Potomac Ave40.403513-80.040760
4565Banksville Rd at Wenzell Ave40.406866-80.034359
4570Banksville Rd opp Banksville Ave40.418121-80.029721
4562Banksville Rd opp Mcmonagle Ave40.399654-80.044207
20269Baptist Rd at #534140.353498-80.007001
6876Baptist Rd at #534840.353504-80.007225
6818Baptist Rd at Lachman Dr40.355557-80.002924
6815Baptist Rd at Mckee Dr40.352681-80.009773
6877Baptist Rd at Mckee Dr Fs40.352733-80.009819
17592Baptist Rd at Weyman Rd Fs (Caste Village)40.357663-80.000317
6817Baptist Rd at Windvale Dr40.353957-80.005262
18877Baptist Rd at Windvale Dr Fs40.354016-80.005285
6874Baptist Rd opp Lachman Dr40.355708-80.002843
16967Baum Blvd at Aiken Ave40.457059-79.938339
19572Baum Blvd at Beatty St40.460213-79.927753
19090Baum Blvd at Craig St Fs40.453968-79.952698
14417Baum Blvd at Cypress St40.455864-79.942077
14365Baum Blvd at Cypress St Fs40.455891-79.942307
14368Baum Blvd at Enfield St40.454144-79.949348
19781Baum Blvd at Enfield St Fs40.454073-79.949176
14363Baum Blvd at Graham St40.457481-79.936798
14364Baum Blvd at Liberty Ave40.456721-79.939483
19092Baum Blvd at Liberty Ave Fs40.456668-79.939286
14369Baum Blvd at Melwood Ave40.454077-79.951806
19091Baum Blvd at Melwood Ave Fs40.453993-79.951381
14367Baum Blvd at Millvale Ave40.454454-79.947569
14415Baum Blvd at Millvale Ave40.454308-79.947853
14366Baum Blvd at Morewood Ave40.455071-79.944977
14416Baum Blvd at Morewood Ave40.454888-79.945335
20779Baum Blvd opp Fairmount St Fs40.457961-79.934963
19546Bausman Ave at Bernd St40.414224-79.997109
19548Bausman Ave at Grimes Ave40.414327-79.992930
19547Bausman Ave opp Romeyn St40.414351-79.992038
2608Bausman St at Brownsville Rd40.414406-79.988298
22482Bausman St at Georgia Ave40.414277-79.994035
2605Bausman St at Grimes Ave40.414242-79.993118
19545Bausman St at Knox Ave40.414403-79.990176
2607Bausman St at Knox Ave Fs40.414356-79.990064
2606Bausman St at Romeyn St40.414276-79.992165
2604Bausman St opp Georgia Ave Steps40.414204-79.994949
8039Beacon St at #541440.433452-79.932488
8043Beacon St at Munhall Rd40.434444-79.924881
8040Beacon St at Murdoch St40.433678-79.930687
18494Beacon St at Murdoch St Fs40.433766-79.930892
7993Beacon St at Murray Ave Fs40.434827-79.922059
20274Beacon St at Murray Ave Ns40.434658-79.923434
7994Beacon St at Shady Ave40.435268-79.919080
8041Beacon St at Wendover St40.433866-79.929223
8042Beacon St at Wightman St40.434014-79.928029
21470Beacon St at Wightman St40.434177-79.927078
8019Beacon St opp #541440.433615-79.932093
21471Beacon St opp Munhall Rd40.434559-79.924561
8017Beacon St opp Wendover St40.434009-79.928991
22637Beatty Rd at #56040.451085-79.756374
18611Beatty Rd at Beatty Pointe Village Fs40.445702-79.747410
13523Beatty Rd at Brunner Dr40.451878-79.755051
13610Beatty Rd at College Park Dr40.441634-79.742771
13526Beatty Rd at Haymaker Rd40.448515-79.761033
14716Beatty Rd at Haymaker Rd Fs40.448775-79.760531
19834Beatty Rd at Old Wm Penn Hwy40.440804-79.742410
13611Beatty Rd opp Beatty Pointe Village40.445774-79.747440
13620Beatty Rd opp Brunner Dr40.451725-79.755341
13498Beatty Rd opp College Park Dr40.441799-79.743065
18598Beatty St at Baum Blvd40.459991-79.927805
16471Beatty St at Baum Blvd Ns40.460470-79.927921
20074Beatty St at Centre Ave40.459364-79.927577
16470Beatty St at Eva St40.461242-79.927437
11092Beatty St at Penn Ave Ns40.461603-79.927100
1704Beaver Ave at Branchport St40.459427-80.031136
22478Beaver Ave at Franklin St40.456333-80.030057
1398Beaver Ave at North Ave40.452000-80.028656
1400Beaver Ave at North Pointe Dr40.449610-80.027035
1397Beaver Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.453468-80.029129
4377Beaver Grade Rd at Aiken Rd40.455131-80.136241
3600Beaver Grade Rd opp Aiken Rd40.455161-80.136333
1459Beaver Rd at Blackburn Rd Fs40.541481-80.181943
1353Beaver Rd at Chestnut Rd40.550271-80.190464
1466Beaver Rd at Chestnut Rd40.550158-80.190300
1351Beaver Rd at Church Ln40.556338-80.196974
18287Beaver Rd at Edgeworth Ln Fs40.551969-80.191846
1355Beaver Rd at Meadow Ln40.546842-80.189357
1354Beaver Rd at Quaker Rd40.548647-80.189678
1350Beaver Rd at Shields Ln40.557237-80.198242
1468Beaver Rd opp Church Ln40.556247-80.196793
18298Beaver Rd opp Edgeworth Ln40.552024-80.191797
1349Beaver Rd opp Little Sewickley Rd40.558785-80.200394
1464Beaver Rd opp Meadow Ln Fs40.546983-80.189306
1465Beaver Rd opp Quaker Rd40.548419-80.189540
1469Beaver Rd opp Shields Ln40.557205-80.198096
1342Beaver St at #30540.567784-80.211586
1477Beaver St at #30640.567805-80.211484
1368Beaver St at #144640.529931-80.165589
1449Beaver St at #144940.529967-80.165513
1463Beaver St at Academy Ave40.545031-80.187257
18283Beaver St at Academy Ave Fs40.544841-80.187094
1363Beaver St at Beaver Ct40.536419-80.176705
1364Beaver St at Boundary St40.534951-80.175360
18296Beaver St at Boundary St Fs40.534991-80.175293
1458Beaver St at Broad St40.540066-80.180142
1341Beaver St at Broad St Fs40.569439-80.213829
1474Beaver St at Camp Meeting Rd40.563841-80.205374
1453Beaver St at Davis Ln40.533931-80.173463
18284Beaver St at Division St Fs40.539736-80.179899
20837Beaver St at Glen Mitchell Rd40.531511-80.168770
1357Beaver St at Grant St40.543776-80.185508
1460Beaver St at Grimes St40.542339-80.183232
1340Beaver St at Leet St Fs40.571251-80.216332
1358Beaver St at Little St40.542393-80.183449
1361Beaver St at Logan St Fs40.538025-80.178276
18281Beaver St at Main St Fs40.577597-80.220360
1480Beaver St at Main St Fs40.578540-80.220330
1365Beaver St at Mckown St40.534035-80.173831
1455Beaver St at Nevin Ave40.536416-80.176609
1473Beaver St at Oak Dr40.562412-80.203866
1366Beaver St at Osborne Ln40.533115-80.172087
1452Beaver St at Osborne Ln40.533083-80.171872
18285Beaver St at Peebles St40.537279-80.177534
1343Beaver St at Rapp St40.566605-80.209746
1371Beaver St at River Rd40.526691-80.159254
1446Beaver St at River Rd40.526582-80.158875
1344Beaver St at Spencer St40.565003-80.207118
1456Beaver St at St Andrews Church40.537341-80.177487
1457Beaver St at Straight St40.538414-80.178535
1447Beaver St at Sycamore Ave40.528281-80.161418
1472Beaver St at Valley Ln40.561089-80.202564
1348Beaver St at Village Dr40.559555-80.201319
1359Beaver St at Walnut St40.541287-80.181773
1478Beaver St opp Broad St40.569538-80.213860
1345Beaver St opp Camp Meeting Rd40.564054-80.205796
20836Beaver St opp Glen Mitchell Rd40.531536-80.169029
1462Beaver St opp Grant St40.543882-80.185546
1479Beaver St opp Leet St40.571419-80.216356
1346Beaver St opp Oak Dr40.562504-80.204071
1476Beaver St opp Rapp St40.566680-80.209739
1475Beaver St opp Spencer St40.564936-80.206919
1370Beaver St opp Sycamore Ave40.528420-80.161725
1347Beaver St opp Valley Ln40.561104-80.202660
1471Beaver St opp Village Dr40.559516-80.201192
9007Bedford Ave at Chauncey Dr40.450920-79.972098
20466Bedford Ave at Duff St40.450055-79.973935
20462Bedford Ave at Erin St40.447053-79.981005
9049Bedford Ave at Herron Ave40.452875-79.965257
20452Bedford Ave at Herron Ave Fs40.453012-79.965879
8732Bedford Ave at Kirkpatrick St40.448092-79.978408
8713Bedford Ave at Manilla St40.444970-79.986147
9011Bedford Ave at Memory Ln40.448301-79.978277
8739Bedford Ave at Mercer St40.444389-79.987316
20467Bedford Ave at Morgan St40.451881-79.969517
19490Bedford Ave at Roberts St40.445151-79.985517
9010Bedford Ave at Somers Dr40.449069-79.976469
20465Bedford Ave at Somers St40.449308-79.975565
20468Bedford Ave at Wandless St40.452617-79.967781
9044Bedford Ave at Watt Ln40.450739-79.972320
8711Bedford Ave opp Devilliers St40.446551-79.982401
20456Bedford Ave opp Duff St40.450214-79.973764
20459Bedford Ave opp Erin St40.447197-79.980867
8714Bedford Ave opp Mercer St40.444521-79.987220
20454Bedford Ave opp Morgan St40.452058-79.969430
20453Bedford Ave opp Wandless St40.452798-79.967682
8004Beechwood Blvd at #253040.429335-79.915624
21596Beechwood Blvd at #373540.427365-79.928063
8520Beechwood Blvd at #382540.428298-79.930880
8519Beechwood Blvd at #391140.428213-79.933739
8518Beechwood Blvd at #398640.427631-79.936157
8002Beechwood Blvd at Crombie St Fs40.430872-79.915245
8000Beechwood Blvd at Douglas St Fs40.433266-79.914635
11654Beechwood Blvd at Federal Hill St40.420860-79.927419
8005Beechwood Blvd at Forward Ave40.428040-79.916127
11665Beechwood Blvd at Hazelwood Ave40.419752-79.927280
11656Beechwood Blvd at Lilac St40.422914-79.927556
8524Beechwood Blvd at Lilac St40.423152-79.927605
11663Beechwood Blvd at Loretta St Fs40.422032-79.927811
20419Beechwood Blvd at Monitor St40.425358-79.926689
8003Beechwood Blvd at Nicholson St40.430419-79.915262
11659Beechwood Blvd at Parkway Entrance40.428465-79.931040
8001Beechwood Blvd at Phillips Ave Fs40.432456-79.915199
8007Beechwood Blvd at Tilbury Ave40.426646-79.919099
8006Beechwood Blvd opp Anita Ave (Monitor St)40.426200-79.916849
11664Beechwood Blvd opp Federal Hill St40.420957-79.927575
7999Beechwood Blvd opp Forest Glen Rd40.434269-79.912188
11655Beechwood Blvd opp Loretta St40.422018-79.927688
21264Beechwood Blvd opp Monitor St Fs40.425510-79.926852
7676Beeler St at #535840.445540-79.931889
7675Beeler St at Beelermont Pl40.445417-79.933369
7654Beeler St at Forbes Ave40.444045-79.938608
7672Beeler St at Forbes Ave Fs40.444042-79.938416
7652Beeler St at Olympia Pl40.445362-79.934944
7653Beeler St at Unger Ln40.444969-79.936546
18534Beeler St at Wilkins Ave Fs40.445626-79.931845
7651Beeler St opp Beelermont Pl40.445510-79.933291
7674Beeler St opp Olympia Pl40.445310-79.934945
7673Beeler St opp Unger Ln Fs40.444956-79.936356
7046Bell Ave at Jones Ave40.403385-79.862730
21683Bell Ave at Verona St40.402073-79.861069
1173Bellefield Ave at 5th Ave40.446349-79.951784
32Bellefield Ave at Board Of Education40.444399-79.950906
15835Beltzhoover Ave at Cedarhurst St40.418453-79.997337
7000Beltzhoover Ave at Climax St40.420122-79.997403
20205Beltzhoover Ave at Climax St40.419857-79.997297
6702Beltzhoover Ave at Edgemont St40.422607-79.997475
6701Beltzhoover Ave at Eureka St40.423805-79.997515
19653Beltzhoover Ave at Eureka St40.423641-79.997427
15836Beltzhoover Ave at Freeland St40.419206-79.997358
15838Beltzhoover Ave at Freeland St40.419026-79.997262
6729Beltzhoover Ave at Kathleen St40.425692-79.997492
15839Beltzhoover Ave at Orchard Pl40.417847-79.997214
20422Beltzhoover Ave at Rentz Way40.416737-79.997185
15840Beltzhoover Ave at Sylvania Ave40.417722-79.997307
18882Beltzhoover Ave at Warrington Ave40.421520-79.997354
6720Beltzhoover Ave at Warrington Ave40.421773-79.997443
6999Beltzhoover Ave at Warrington Ave Fs40.421343-79.997436
7019Beltzhoover Ave opp Charles St40.416524-79.997257
8636Bentley Dr at #178440.440109-79.976643
8661Bentley Dr at #178540.440168-79.976723
16845Bentley Dr at Burrows St40.439823-79.970364
16832Bentley Dr at Burrows St40.439637-79.970657
8637Bentley Dr at Kirkpatrick St40.440708-79.974197
8660Bentley Dr at Kirkpatrick St Fs40.440608-79.974592
8662Bentley Dr at Nigh Way40.440622-79.978193
8635Bentley Dr at Nigh Way40.440695-79.978445
16027Bentley Dr at Oak Hill Dr40.440034-79.969837
2603Bernd St at Bausman St40.414211-79.997498
4190Berry St at Center St40.447605-80.068497
4085Berry St at Scotia St40.448341-80.067680
4208Berry St at W Prospect Ave40.447201-80.069052
4157Berry St at Windgap Ave40.447858-80.068371
4156Berry St opp Scotia St40.448400-80.067762
7035Bessemer Ave at Grandview Ave40.395015-79.839172
19570Bessemer Ave at Main St40.395207-79.841582
21486Beta Dr at Alpha Dr Fs40.495895-79.867345
21487Beta Dr at Emerson Process Mgmt40.499177-79.863300
99980Bethel Village40.344605-80.046070
99979Bethel Village40.343744-80.046747
15111Beulah Rd at Long Rd40.450651-79.843744
19146Beulah Rd at Mccrady Rd40.446755-79.848480
19130Beulah Rd opp Mccrady Rd Fs40.446497-79.848450
4669Beverly Rd at Cochran Rd40.387307-80.054605
4558Beverly Rd at Meadowcroft Ave40.389740-80.047981
4666Beverly Rd at Meadowcroft Ave40.390083-80.047831
4557Beverly Rd at Overlook Dr40.388401-80.050340
4559Beverly Rd at Parker Dr40.392222-80.046958
4665Beverly Rd at Parker Dr40.392522-80.047013
4556Beverly Rd at W Marlin Dr40.387756-80.052225
4668Beverly Rd at W Marlin Dr40.387849-80.052110
4667Beverly Rd opp Ralston Pl40.389068-80.049025
8579Bigelow Blvd at Bloomfield Brdge Fs40.458849-79.958193
8580Bigelow Blvd at Finland St40.458077-79.960388
8581Bigelow Blvd at Harding Way40.456732-79.963642
8582Bigelow Blvd at Herron Ave Fs40.455737-79.966160
19088Bigelow Blvd at Herron Ave Fs40.455694-79.965855
8593Bigelow Blvd opp Bloomfield Bridge40.458614-79.957497
8592Bigelow Blvd opp Finland St40.457645-79.961088
8591Bigelow Blvd opp Harding Way40.456624-79.963534
12219Bigelow St at Hazelwood Ave40.419660-79.934074
18964Bigelow St at Hazelwood Ave Fs40.419715-79.934084
12239Bigelow St at Mccaslin St40.419069-79.938281
8510Bigelow St at Mccaslin St40.419159-79.937813
8509Bigelow St at Tesla St40.419436-79.935958
8511Bigelow St at Winterburn Ave40.418997-79.939703
12240Bigelow St opp Tesla St40.419359-79.936110
22747Biggs Ave at Glenrose St40.464972-80.005568
9224Black St at Aiken Ave40.470642-79.932941
9237Black St at Chislett St40.469684-79.929984
9226Black St at Negley Ave40.468788-79.927757
9236Black St at Negley Ave Fs40.468979-79.928055
9225Black St opp Chislett St40.469730-79.930359
22575Blackberry Dr at #84740.342207-79.912661
22656Blair St at Beehive St40.418081-79.950592
22660Blair St at Eliza St40.413823-79.950008
22655Blair St at Eliza St40.414071-79.950076
22658Blair St at Second Ave Fs40.427133-79.955693
22659Blair St opp Beehive St40.418087-79.950652
22657Blair St opp Street A40.426348-79.955690
15587Blazier Dr at Giant Eagle Entrance Drive40.585354-80.037534
15580Blazier Dr at Target Entrance Drive40.586163-80.041105
20947Blossom Dr at Clelia Dr40.344390-80.000276
18857Blossom Dr at Gardenville Rd40.342652-80.005320
18874Blossom Dr at Mcanulty Rd40.343848-79.997244
18859Blossom Dr at Norma Dr40.343669-80.002347
18856Blossom Dr at Norma Dr40.343912-80.001958
20948Blossom Dr opp Clelia Dr40.344332-80.000477
6953Blossom Rd at Laurel Dr40.343397-79.994236
20297Blossom Rd at Laurel Dr Fs40.343614-79.994437
6915Blossom Rd at Mcanulty Rd40.343943-79.996877
7655Bluff St at Stevenson St40.435199-79.986600
8024Blvd Of Allies at Bates St40.435151-79.956253
5923Blvd Of Allies at Cherry Way Fs40.437661-79.999664
8026Blvd Of Allies at Craft Ave40.435900-79.961370
8033Blvd Of Allies at Craft Ave Fs40.435781-79.960915
8022Blvd Of Allies at Dawson St40.434430-79.953002
8037Blvd Of Allies at Dawson St Fs40.434271-79.952872
24Blvd Of Allies at Duquesne Univ Footbridge40.434850-79.988736
5131Blvd Of Allies at Gist St40.436095-79.979464
8025Blvd Of Allies at Halket St Fs40.435976-79.958560
8035Blvd Of Allies at Juliet St40.434979-79.956179
20507Blvd Of Allies at Jumonville St40.436293-79.977708
4410Blvd Of Allies at Marion St (Mercy Hosp)40.435469-79.984277
21Blvd Of Allies at Market St40.439061-80.003826
42Blvd Of Allies at Market St40.439089-80.003482
5132Blvd Of Allies at Miltenberger St40.435858-79.981430
4572Blvd Of Allies at Post Gazette Bldg40.439938-80.006088
23Blvd Of Allies at Smithfield St40.437782-80.000397
43Blvd Of Allies at Stanwix St40.439575-80.004786
5133Blvd Of Allies at Van Braam St40.435703-79.982651
8023Blvd Of Allies at Ward St40.434616-79.954472
8036Blvd Of Allies at Ward St40.434547-79.954734
41Blvd Of Allies at Wood St40.438436-80.001748
22Blvd Of Allies at Wood St40.438444-80.002142
8034Blvd Of Allies opp Halket St40.435796-79.958325
6692Boggs Ave at #20740.426144-80.007845
22677Boggs Ave at #30440.425510-80.008386
19312Boggs Ave at Dewitt St Fs40.424238-80.009206
6737Boggs Ave at Greenbush St40.426387-80.007529
6691Boggs Ave at Kramer Way40.424553-80.008908
6740Boggs Ave at Lelia St40.421852-80.010375
6688Boggs Ave at Lelia St40.421829-80.010291
22307Boggs Ave at Minsinger St40.418614-80.012159
19651Boggs Ave at Paul St40.422415-80.010093
6690Boggs Ave at Smith Way40.423994-80.009245
19303Boggs Ave at Soffel St40.419551-80.011432
6741Boggs Ave at Soffel St40.419703-80.011424
6736Boggs Ave at St Justin's Plaza40.426699-80.006925
6718Boggs Ave at Warrington Ave40.415577-80.011391
6776Boggs Ave at Warrington Ave Fs40.415711-80.011537
22306Boggs Ave opp Minsinger St40.418525-80.012126
6739Boggs Ave opp Paul St40.422517-80.010143
6693Boggs Ave opp Wyoming St40.426808-80.006381
99918Boggs Station40.416682-80.010357
99917Boggs Station40.416499-80.010334
2527Bon Air Ave at Camfield St40.410331-79.997927
99904Bon Air Station40.408156-80.003178
99903Bon Air Station40.407736-80.003113
6250Bower Hill Rd at #73640.358621-80.103978
6445Bower Hill Rd at #73740.358710-80.103917
6251Bower Hill Rd at #80240.359865-80.101768
6444Bower Hill Rd at #80940.360208-80.101500
22517Bower Hill Rd at Bedner's Farm Market40.361568-80.089981
6418Bower Hill Rd at Bower Hill Apts40.375458-80.069763
6283Bower Hill Rd at Carnegie Dr40.383189-80.056427
6276Bower Hill Rd at Clemson Dr40.372440-80.076477
6284Bower Hill Rd at Cochran Rd40.384864-80.053572
6414Bower Hill Rd at Cochran Rd Fs40.384890-80.053923
6252Bower Hill Rd at Cook School Rd40.361157-80.100196
6280Bower Hill Rd at Firwood Dr40.376167-80.067837
18648Bower Hill Rd at Hillaire Dr Fs40.374877-80.071902
6425Bower Hill Rd at Kane Blvd40.371838-80.082474
6275Bower Hill Rd at Kelso Rd40.371967-80.077895
6281Bower Hill Rd at Lakemont Dr (St Clair Hospital)40.377887-80.065164
6056Bower Hill Rd at Liberty St40.359022-80.108893
4749Bower Hill Rd at Longridge Dr40.381925-80.058020
6285Bower Hill Rd at Marlin Dr40.385667-80.050321
6413Bower Hill Rd at Marlin Dr40.385850-80.049954
22759Bower Hill Rd at Mclaughlin Run Rd40.358154-80.105523
6411Bower Hill Rd at N Meadowcroft Ave40.386734-80.045844
6417Bower Hill Rd at N Wren Dr40.376584-80.067407
18645Bower Hill Rd at Painters Run Rd Fs40.364639-80.086596
6282Bower Hill Rd at Parkview Dr40.379760-80.063136
6415Bower Hill Rd at Parkview Dr40.380076-80.062897
6277Bower Hill Rd at Pat Haven Dr40.373246-80.075587
6412Bower Hill Rd at Ralston Pl40.386426-80.047699
6258Bower Hill Rd at Rockhill Rd40.366595-80.086370
6438Bower Hill Rd at Rockhill Rd40.366837-80.086314
4757Bower Hill Rd at Ruth Dr40.380664-80.061377
6287Bower Hill Rd at S Meadowcroft Ave40.386607-80.046370
4748Bower Hill Rd at Salem Dr40.381424-80.059059
6416Bower Hill Rd at Segar Rd40.378362-80.064644
4751Bower Hill Rd at Serpentine Dr40.384303-80.055672
18647Bower Hill Rd at Somerville Dr Fs40.371477-80.079587
6253Bower Hill Rd at Sylva St40.362106-80.097878
6278Bower Hill Rd at Sylvandell Dr40.374374-80.073425
6442Bower Hill Rd at Union St40.362213-80.097662
22518Bower Hill Rd opp Bedner's Farm Market40.361641-80.089690
4753Bower Hill Rd opp Carnegie Dr Fs40.383077-80.056647
6422Bower Hill Rd opp Clemson Dr40.372632-80.076426
6443Bower Hill Rd opp Cooks School Rd40.361173-80.100298
18662Bower Hill Rd opp Hillaire Dr40.375006-80.071841
6423Bower Hill Rd opp Kelso Rd40.372076-80.077913
4754Bower Hill Rd opp Longridge Dr40.382124-80.057853
6446Bower Hill Rd opp Mclaughlin Run Rd40.358359-80.105141
19645Bower Hill Rd opp Painters Run Rd Fs40.364228-80.086916
6421Bower Hill Rd opp Pat Haven Dr40.373441-80.075562
6286Bower Hill Rd opp Ralston Pl40.386325-80.047861
4746Bower Hill Rd opp Ruth St40.380547-80.061375
4755Bower Hill Rd opp Salem Dr40.381722-80.058773
4752Bower Hill Rd opp Serpentine Dr40.384526-80.055460
18663Bower Hill Rd opp Somerville Dr40.371473-80.080073
6420Bower Hill Rd opp Sylvandell Dr Fs40.374384-80.073710
6254Bower Hill Rd opp Universal Cyclops40.361750-80.092865
22617Bowman Ave at #231440.356328-79.838036
22615Bowman Ave at Chestut Ave40.359038-79.834195
20558Bowman Ave at Jarvis St40.355417-79.839720
16227Bowman Ave at Lime St40.360891-79.832850
20586Bowman Ave at Lime St40.361024-79.832889
20559Bowman Ave at Poplar St40.357536-79.835806
20587Bowman Ave at Poplar St40.357627-79.835827
22616Bowman Ave opp Chestnut Ave40.359025-79.834076
20588Bowman Ave opp Jarvis St40.355486-79.839731
13496Boyce Campus East Pkg Lot at Steps40.453202-79.751368
7473Braddock Ave at 2nd St40.406126-79.873303
21614Braddock Ave at 2nd St40.406151-79.873535
7471Braddock Ave at 4th St40.404923-79.871140
7394Braddock Ave at 4th St40.405088-79.871650
20939Braddock Ave at 6th St40.403333-79.868719
20938Braddock Ave at 6th St40.403220-79.868412
7293Braddock Ave at 7th St40.402484-79.867557
7399Braddock Ave at 9th St40.399999-79.864229
7231Braddock Ave at Biddle Ave40.436770-79.896331
7241Braddock Ave at Charleston Ave40.430695-79.892618
7469Braddock Ave at Corey Ave40.403771-79.869163
19894Braddock Ave at Delmar Way40.423876-79.887322
19472Braddock Ave at Electric Ave40.400676-79.833435
71021Braddock Ave at Forbes Ave (Waverly Church)40.439976-79.897980
71020Braddock Ave at Forbes Ave Ext40.439549-79.897483
7225Braddock Ave at Greendale Ave Fs40.428848-79.891720
22549Braddock Ave at Guthrie St40.438142-79.896932
20694Braddock Ave at Hawkins Village Ns40.411527-79.875487
7230Braddock Ave at Henrietta St40.435761-79.895891
7237Braddock Ave at Henrietta St40.435986-79.896104
7228Braddock Ave at Hutchinson St40.432681-79.893884
7239Braddock Ave at Hutchinson St40.433041-79.894287
7574Braddock Ave at Keystone Commons Portal 740.401981-79.832094
7466Braddock Ave at Library St40.401087-79.865502
19499Braddock Ave at Line Ave40.407103-79.875040
7229Braddock Ave at Overton St40.434136-79.894935
7238Braddock Ave at Overton St40.434301-79.895169
7576Braddock Ave at Penn Ave40.404502-79.830172
7240Braddock Ave at Sanders St40.431927-79.893451
7227Braddock Ave at Sanders St40.431687-79.893161
7467Braddock Ave at Turtle Crk Mental Health Ctr40.401779-79.866450
21645Braddock Ave opp 9th St40.400092-79.864135
7236Braddock Ave opp Biddle Ave40.437008-79.896544
7226Braddock Ave opp Charleston Ave40.430650-79.892494
7396Braddock Ave opp Corey Ave40.403880-79.869499
19886Braddock Ave opp Delmar Way40.423769-79.887106
18516Braddock Ave opp Electric Ave40.400386-79.833578
7242Braddock Ave opp Greendale Ave40.428734-79.891808
7235Braddock Ave opp Guthrie St40.438383-79.897147
40111Braddock Ave opp Keystone Commons Portal 9 Fs40.402844-79.831457
20721Braddock Ave opp Library St40.401176-79.865876
7391Braddock Ave opp Line Ave40.407063-79.875153
7357Braddock Hills Shpg Ctr at Giant Eagle40.414495-79.855219
12565Braddock Hills Shpg Ctr at Propel School40.414518-79.853183
1740Branchport St at Preble Ave40.458813-80.033409
19882Brentwood Loop at Brownsville Rd40.380935-79.976105
2616Brereton St at 28th St40.455772-79.972755
2681Brereton St at 30th St40.456493-79.970284
21120Brereton St at 30th St40.456575-79.969999
2682Brereton St at #302840.456535-79.969154
22481Brereton St at #303540.456643-79.968513
2614Brereton St at Dobson St40.456709-79.967194
19550Brereton St opp 28th St Fs40.455842-79.972478
1610Brighton Rd at Acacia Ln40.479706-80.031059
22757Brighton Rd at Bascom Ave Ns40.489667-80.043266
1528Brighton Rd at Benton Ave40.484520-80.035973
1616Brighton Rd at Benton Ave40.484236-80.035728
16881Brighton Rd at Brightridge St40.461496-80.018859
1549Brighton Rd at California Ave Fs40.459423-80.016752
1593Brighton Rd at Columbia Pl40.458351-80.016021
1530Brighton Rd at Davis Ave40.481804-80.034213
1613Brighton Rd at Davis Ave40.481541-80.033551
1596Brighton Rd at Farris St Steps40.463029-80.020522
1717Brighton Rd at Giant Eagle Lower Lot40.489670-80.044536
1540Brighton Rd at Highwood St40.468456-80.025291
1543Brighton Rd at Island Ave (Oliver High School)40.463874-80.022922
1550Brighton Rd at Jacksonia St40.457027-80.015721
18313Brighton Rd at Jacksonia St Fs40.457044-80.015594
1526Brighton Rd at Kleber St40.487061-80.038024
1618Brighton Rd at Kleber St40.486996-80.037224
1601Brighton Rd at Marshall Ave40.466752-80.024901
18308Brighton Rd at Marshall Ave Ns40.467219-80.025106
1537Brighton Rd at Mcdowell St40.471755-80.027113
1594Brighton Rd at N Charles St40.459609-80.016874
1619Brighton Rd at Pennock St40.487330-80.039015
1551Brighton Rd at Pennsylvania Ave40.456200-80.015452
1620Brighton Rd at Perrott St40.487591-80.040459
7Brighton Rd at Ridge Ave40.450687-80.013512
1536Brighton Rd at Schimmer St40.473804-80.028981
1591Brighton Rd at Taylor Ave40.455793-80.015169
1529Brighton Rd at Termon Ave40.483136-80.035509
1615Brighton Rd at Termon Ave40.482962-80.035329
1535Brighton Rd at Wadlow St40.475463-80.030641
1606Brighton Rd at Westborn St40.473529-80.028626
1539Brighton Rd at Woodland Ave40.470059-80.025708
1534Brighton Rd at Woods Run Ave40.476618-80.031797
1608Brighton Rd at Woods Run Ave40.476352-80.031616
1532Brighton Rd opp Acacia Ln40.479720-80.031195
17552Brighton Rd opp Armandale St40.458032-80.016051
1547Brighton Rd opp Brightridge St40.461564-80.019046
1546Brighton Rd opp Farris St Steps40.462686-80.020229
1602Brighton Rd opp Highwood St40.468433-80.025165
1599Brighton Rd opp Island Ave (Oliver High School)40.463751-80.022547
1605Brighton Rd opp Mcdowell St40.471770-80.026958
1525Brighton Rd opp Pennock St40.487296-80.039297
1607Brighton Rd opp Wadlow St40.475272-80.030153
1603Brighton Rd opp Woodland Ave40.470006-80.025572
7410Brinton Ave at Bowers St40.402232-79.841559
7413Brinton Ave at Pallas St40.405807-79.844196
7453Brinton Ave at Quarry Ave40.403587-79.843025
7455Brinton Ave at Ravine St40.401645-79.841309
7412Brinton Ave at Sheridan St40.404955-79.843725
7452Brinton Ave at Sheridan St40.405054-79.843859
7567Brinton Ave at Terrace St40.400341-79.841205
7454Brinton Ave opp Bowers St40.402566-79.842008
7411Brinton Ave opp Quarry Ave40.403467-79.842864
7530Brinton Ave opp Ravine St40.401493-79.841202
7529Brinton Ave opp Terrace St40.400299-79.841126
8057Brinton Rd at #100140.429009-79.874237
20723Brinton Rd at #124540.422986-79.866695
7347Brinton Rd at #124640.422958-79.866768
8118Brinton Rd at #158440.412790-79.857734
8061Brinton Rd at Ardmore Blvd40.435371-79.871658
8052Brinton Rd at Braddock Rd40.422472-79.863913
7443Brinton Rd at Brinton Manor Dr40.411320-79.852257
20000Brinton Rd at Brinton Manor Dr W Fs40.411812-79.854072
8114Brinton Rd at Columbia Ave40.424634-79.868618
18507Brinton Rd at Driveway40.432598-79.872795
8051Brinton Rd at Fairfax Rd40.421573-79.861297
8111Brinton Rd at Kings Rd40.427615-79.873035
8113Brinton Rd at Mckelvey Rd40.425455-79.869246
8050Brinton Rd at Ridge Rd40.419935-79.858935
7348Brinton Rd at Wilkins Ave40.422505-79.864288
7424Brinton Rd at Yost Blvd40.412552-79.856110
8110Brinton Rd opp #100140.428987-79.874301
8048Brinton Rd opp #158440.412794-79.857638
8047Brinton Rd opp Brinton Manor Dr Fs40.411363-79.852124
22618Brinton Rd opp Brinton Manor Dr W40.411879-79.854090
8053Brinton Rd opp Columbia Ave40.424572-79.868521
18520Brinton Rd opp Driveway40.432786-79.872747
8115Brinton Rd opp Fairfax Rd40.421522-79.861324
8056Brinton Rd opp Kings Rd40.427647-79.872985
8054Brinton Rd opp Mckelvey Rd40.425440-79.869124
8116Brinton Rd opp Ridge Rd40.419919-79.858995
1515Broad St at Bank St Fs40.537069-80.184008
2379Broad St at Beaver St40.540432-80.180254
2375Broad St at Hill St40.541466-80.178363
22521Broad St at St James Church40.537608-80.183588
2373Broad St at Thorn St40.539105-80.181638
3732Broadhead-fording Rd at Village Rd #140.451405-80.078634
3731Broadhead-fording Rd at Village Rd #240.449730-80.080671
4302Broadhead-fording Rd opp Village Rd #140.451684-80.078434
4303Broadhead-fording Rd opp Village Rd #240.449926-80.080572
17503Broadhead-fording Rd opp W Prospect Ave Ns40.448575-80.082218
20874Broadview Dr at Johnston Ave40.408001-79.926369
3647Broadway Ave at 3rd St40.467451-80.066959
3620Broadway Ave at 3rd St40.467846-80.067358
18769Broadway Ave at 9th St40.473497-80.076175
3680Broadway Ave at 9th St Fs40.473437-80.076289
18770Broadway Ave at 11th St40.474094-80.077943
3678Broadway Ave at 13th St40.474618-80.079753
3687Broadway Ave at 13th St40.474699-80.079705
3677Broadway Ave at 14th St40.474985-80.080833
3688Broadway Ave at 14th St40.474999-80.080594
3676Broadway Ave at 15th St40.475330-80.081848
3689Broadway Ave at 15th St40.475305-80.081494
17484Broadway Ave at Belasco40.407036-80.027078
17472Broadway Ave at Belasco40.407213-80.026832
3622Broadway Ave at Charles St40.470432-80.070792
3623Broadway Ave at Dale St40.471820-80.072652
22275Broadway Ave at Hampshire40.410367-80.024636
99987Broadway Ave at Hampshire40.410999-80.024525
3648Broadway Ave at Lake St40.466068-80.066513
21505Broadway Ave at Red Lot Ns (Crosswalk)40.345840-79.827375
17482Broadway Ave at Shiras40.403788-80.030326
22280Broadway Ave at Shiras40.404084-80.030283
3621Broadway Ave at Wayne Ave40.469253-80.069234
3645Broadway Ave opp Charles St40.470256-80.070404
3644Broadway Ave opp Dale St40.471866-80.072540
3646Broadway Ave opp Wayne Ave40.469222-80.069028
16779Broadway Blvd at #101040.400742-79.772732
7752Broadway Blvd at Brinton Ave40.402197-79.775180
7755Broadway Blvd at Broadview Manor Hi-rise40.400948-79.782761
7756Broadway Blvd at Mawco Dr40.398426-79.788831
7851Broadway Blvd at Pitcairn Park Bldg40.401976-79.776335
7758Broadway Blvd at Quarry Rd40.396518-79.793700
7757Broadway Blvd at Valley Rd40.397931-79.792055
7754Broadway Blvd at Wall Ave40.401422-79.780019
17081Broadway Blvd opp #101040.400799-79.772972
7852Broadway Blvd opp Brinton Ave40.402129-79.775407
7848Broadway Blvd opp Broadview Manor Hi-rise40.400862-79.782756
7847Broadway Blvd opp Mawco Dr40.398314-79.788884
7844Broadway Blvd opp Quarry Rd40.396384-79.793716
18547Broadway Blvd opp Valley Rd Ns40.397889-79.791871
7849Broadway Blvd opp Wall Ave40.401278-79.780399
3690Broadway St at Pine Hollow Rd40.475651-80.083726
6192Brookline Blvd at #143940.392472-80.007161
22604Brookline Blvd at Bellaire Pl40.392247-80.012925
6161Brookline Blvd at Castlegate Ave40.394996-80.021754
22605Brookline Blvd at Edgebrook Ave40.392015-80.015151
6198Brookline Blvd at Flatbush Ave40.393720-80.019839
20833Brookline Blvd at Glenarm Ave40.392158-80.017618
6191Brookline Blvd at Greencrest Dr40.392266-80.005128
6647Brookline Blvd at Pioneer Ave40.396176-80.023332
19511Brookline Blvd at Pioneer Ave Fs (#506)40.395939-80.023082
6163Brookline Blvd at Stebbins Ave40.393150-80.019200
6185Brookline Blvd opp #143940.392418-80.007500
6187Brookline Blvd opp #157240.391224-80.003094
6188Brookline Blvd opp Altmar St40.391062-80.000491
6654Brookline Blvd opp Birchland St40.392337-80.009447
6193Brookline Blvd opp Breining St40.392329-80.010706
6199Brookline Blvd opp Castlegate Ave40.394817-80.021351
6162Brookline Blvd opp Flatbush Ave40.393712-80.020141
6186Brookline Blvd opp Greencrest Dr40.392350-80.005410
22442Brownlee St at #4440.349168-79.841167
22441Brownlee St at #6040.350698-79.843137
10958Browns Hill Rd at Imogene Rd40.415666-79.925160
19375Browns Hill Rd at Parkview Blvd Fs40.414065-79.922971
10913Browns Hill Rd opp Imogene Rd40.415316-79.924617
19376Browns Hill Rd opp Parkview Blvd40.413866-79.922983
291Browns Ln at Corbett Ct40.545720-80.020017
203Browns Ln at McKnight Rd40.545837-80.017010
289Browns Ln at McKnight Rd Fs40.545836-80.017418
202Browns Ln at Ross Park Dr40.545364-80.019310
2534Brownsville Rd at #311 (Bausman Ns)40.414067-79.988206
10028Brownsville Rd at #233640.388190-79.984822
9982Brownsville Rd at #234740.388133-79.984626
9757Brownsville Rd at Audbert Dr40.351399-79.988518
9684Brownsville Rd at Baptist Rd Fs40.361322-79.991077
18471Brownsville Rd at Bausman St Fs40.414124-79.988290
10029Brownsville Rd at Biscayne Dr40.387436-79.984055
20423Brownsville Rd at Brentridge Ave40.367548-79.978666
18782Brownsville Rd at Brentwood Loop Shelter40.380661-79.976002
9680Brownsville Rd at Carlyn Dr40.353929-79.989761
18472Brownsville Rd at Cedricton St Fs40.405027-79.990736
9978Brownsville Rd at Churchview Ave40.385795-79.978767
9980Brownsville Rd at Clifton Blvd40.386925-79.981806
9988Brownsville Rd at Crailo Ave40.396629-79.987568
9622Brownsville Rd at Curry Rd40.358279-79.990675
9987Brownsville Rd at E Agnew Ave40.395102-79.986681
9375Brownsville Rd at E Garden Rd40.377797-79.975362
9990Brownsville Rd at E Meyers Ave40.399731-79.989003
9985Brownsville Rd at E Woodford Ave40.393037-79.986482
9758Brownsville Rd at Felix Dr40.350306-79.987923
16612Brownsville Rd at Giant Eagle Drvwy40.365626-79.982424
2663Brownsville Rd at Goldbach Way40.415548-79.987362
18477Brownsville Rd at Hillman St Fs40.371977-79.975265
9543Brownsville Rd at Hillson Ave Fs40.374939-79.975601
18847Brownsville Rd at Hollow Haven Dr Fs40.343505-79.985241
9547Brownsville Rd at Kaufmann Ave Fs40.369085-79.975810
2666Brownsville Rd at Knox Ave40.410832-79.990221
2665Brownsville Rd at Marland Ave40.412120-79.989641
22302Brownsville Rd at Maryal Dr40.352002-79.988763
10033Brownsville Rd at Maytide St40.384581-79.978009
9754Brownsville Rd at Mcanulty Rd40.355383-79.990726
2667Brownsville Rd at Mckinley St40.408978-79.991066
9364Brownsville Rd at Meadowbrook Blvd40.366037-79.981741
20809Brownsville Rd at Nativity Church40.329144-79.987487
10016Brownsville Rd at Nobles Ln40.403958-79.990230
10027Brownsville Rd at Overbrook Blvd40.389384-79.985526
9373Brownsville Rd at Park Dr40.375122-79.975491
10026Brownsville Rd at Parkfield St40.391477-79.986685
9380Brownsville Rd at Sankey Ave40.384114-79.977546
9537Brownsville Rd at Stewart Ave40.382955-79.976962
9675Brownsville Rd at Streets Run Rd Fs40.347167-79.986265
22611Brownsville Rd at Sunny Dr40.344984-79.985743
18870Brownsville Rd at Sylvania Dr40.321828-79.995157
9991Brownsville Rd at The Boulevard40.400888-79.989158
22303Brownsville Rd at Thurner Dr40.352195-79.988947
16611Brownsville Rd at Town Square Drvwy40.366744-79.980960
10023Brownsville Rd at W Agnew Ave40.395140-79.986830
18475Brownsville Rd at W Brentridge Ave Fs40.367575-79.978396
18473Brownsville Rd at W Cherryhill St Ns40.398219-79.988592
9541Brownsville Rd at W Garden Rd40.377925-79.975485
10025Brownsville Rd at W Woodford Ave40.393302-79.986562
9997Brownsville Rd at Walnut St Fs40.416036-79.987081
9994Brownsville Rd at Wynoka St40.405552-79.991058
9678Brownsville Rd opp Audbert Dr40.351437-79.988444
9377Brownsville Rd opp Brentwood Loop40.380994-79.975961
9755Brownsville Rd opp Carlyn Dr40.353915-79.989848
10032Brownsville Rd opp Churchview Ave40.385858-79.979016
10030Brownsville Rd opp Clifton Blvd40.386830-79.981846
10022Brownsville Rd opp Crailo Ave40.396720-79.987743
20806Brownsville Rd opp Curry Rd Fs40.358464-79.990614
20671Brownsville Rd opp Dewalt Ave Fs40.364902-79.982994
10019Brownsville Rd opp E Meyers Ave40.399887-79.989153
9677Brownsville Rd opp Felix Dr40.349961-79.987648
9545Brownsville Rd opp Hillman St40.371652-79.975354
9673Brownsville Rd opp Hollow Haven Dr40.343571-79.985140
9368Brownsville Rd opp Kaufmann Ave40.369195-79.975557
2532Brownsville Rd opp Knox Ave40.410610-79.990193
17634Brownsville Rd opp Matthews Ave40.413422-79.988655
9681Brownsville Rd opp Mcanulty Rd40.355211-79.990528
9996Brownsville Rd opp Mckinley St40.408548-79.991143
20225Brownsville Rd opp Nativity Church40.328994-79.987259
9993Brownsville Rd opp Nobles Ln40.403758-79.990016
9983Brownsville Rd opp Overbrook Blvd40.389310-79.985359
9984Brownsville Rd opp Parkfield St40.391234-79.986547
9379Brownsville Rd opp Stewart Ave40.382785-79.976741
9761Brownsville Rd opp Streets Run Rd40.346842-79.986459
10018Brownsville Rd opp The Boulevard40.401127-79.989317
9989Brownsville Rd opp W Cherryhill St40.397927-79.988322
21252Brownsville Rd opp Wilhelm Ave40.325080-79.987659
979Brule St at Magnet St40.470995-80.005990
18979Brushton Ave at Upland St40.460737-79.888537
3280Bryant St at Euclid Ave40.475749-79.919954
20110Bryant St at Euclid Ave40.475729-79.919684
3122Bryant St at Highland Ave40.475207-79.918528
8175Bryant St at Mellon St40.476440-79.921542
8221Bryant St at Mellon St40.476461-79.921813
8176Bryant St at Negley Ave40.477221-79.923578
8222Bryant St at St Clair St40.476112-79.920899
19493Bryn Mawr Rd at Andover Terr40.450205-79.957035
18906Bryn Mawr Rd at Centre Ave40.449270-79.957618
18896Bryn Mawr Rd at Centre Ave Fs40.449285-79.957542
18902Bryn Mawr Rd at Iowa St40.451462-79.957338
18897Bryn Mawr Rd at Iowa St40.451388-79.957049
19495Bryn Mawr Rd opp Andover Terr40.450253-79.957085
2817Buente St at Rhine St40.466137-79.993025
3283Bunkerhill St opp St Clair St40.479504-79.918747
2413Butler St at 35th St40.464453-79.965909
3404Butler St at 36th St40.465479-79.965310
2414Butler St at 36th St40.465433-79.965183
3403Butler St at 37th St40.466351-79.964695
2415Butler St at 37th St40.466091-79.964775
2416Butler St at 38th St40.466735-79.964298
16178Butler St at 38th St40.466967-79.964263
3401Butler St at 39th St40.467679-79.963700
2417Butler St at 39th St40.467355-79.963858
18420Butler St at 40th St Ns40.468342-79.962688
14974Butler St at 41st St40.469586-79.961250
14973Butler St at 43rd St40.470806-79.960251
14977Butler St at 43rd St40.470478-79.960373
14972Butler St at 44th St40.471596-79.959755
14978Butler St at 44th St40.471294-79.959801
14971Butler St at 46th St40.472942-79.958756
14979Butler St at 46th St40.472671-79.958847
14970Butler St at 47th St40.474084-79.957939
14969Butler St at 48th St40.475983-79.957703
14968Butler St at 49th St40.477139-79.956902
14967Butler St at 51st St (Stanton Ave)40.478523-79.955589
9324Butler St at 52nd St40.480283-79.954491
9263Butler St at 52nd St40.480536-79.954463
16464Butler St at 53rd St40.482044-79.952532
9261Butler St at 54th St40.482944-79.951151
9326Butler St at 54th St40.482786-79.951281
9260Butler St at 55th St40.483737-79.949710
9327Butler St at 55th St40.483504-79.949988
14966Butler St at 56th St40.484504-79.947935
14984Butler St at 56th St40.484234-79.948296
14965Butler St at 57th St40.485257-79.946171
14985Butler St at 57th St40.485073-79.946396
3213Butler St at 62nd St Bridge Fs40.488085-79.938239
2419Butler St at #18840.493357-79.948254
18822Butler St at #5770 (Car Wash)40.485845-79.944298
18823Butler St at #601240.486380-79.942801
3212Butler St at #613040.487981-79.938272
21682Butler St at Baker St40.488020-79.920619
2423Butler St at Bridge St40.497670-79.943859
2421Butler St at Center St40.495299-79.945457
2422Butler St at Freeport St40.496406-79.944150
3219Butler St at Gallatin St40.488174-79.921669
3367Butler St at High St40.497897-79.943953
2420Butler St at Isabella St40.494272-79.946634
3214Butler St at Jancey St (Steps)40.488767-79.924263
17133Butler St at Livonia St40.488803-79.935948
14976Butler St at Main St40.469700-79.960976
3366Butler St at Maplewood St40.499024-79.943899
9262Butler St at Mccandless Ave40.481755-79.953264
9325Butler St at Mccandless Ave40.481472-79.953590
20514Butler St at Penn Ave40.462924-79.967123
20516Butler St at Penn Ave Fs40.463011-79.966971
3371Butler St at Washington St40.493606-79.947985
3405Butler St opp 35th St40.464571-79.965955
14980Butler St opp 47th St40.473847-79.957954
14981Butler St opp 48th St40.475681-79.957550
14982Butler St opp 49th St40.476992-79.956919
14983Butler St opp 50th St (Stanton Ave)40.477838-79.956122
16463Butler St opp 53rd St40.482240-79.952400
14964Butler St opp #600240.486333-79.943177
3369Butler St opp Center St40.495332-79.945575
3368Butler St opp Freeport St40.496565-79.944110
3287Butler St opp Gallatin St40.488408-79.922283
3370Butler St opp Isabella St40.494532-79.946454
3292Butler St opp Jancey St (Steps)40.488852-79.924206
20389Butler St opp Livonia St40.488900-79.935943
19533Butler St opp Maplewood St40.498846-79.943781
12026Buttermilk Hollow Rd at #505540.354732-79.913493
20266Buttermilk Hollow Rd at Lebanon Church Rd40.354270-79.914262
12032Buttermilk Hollow Rd at Naugle St40.364657-79.908165
12030Buttermilk Hollow Rd at Pgh-mckeesport Blvd40.358057-79.909194
12047Buttermilk Hollow Rd at Remnant World40.355283-79.912911
12031Buttermilk Hollow Rd at Thompson Run Rd Fs40.360886-79.907625
12028Buttermilk Hollow Rd at Walnut Dr40.356161-79.911645
12042Buttermilk Hollow Rd opp Naugle St40.364834-79.908379
12044Buttermilk Hollow Rd opp Pgh-mckeesport Blvd40.358799-79.908537
12043Buttermilk Hollow Rd opp Thompson Run Rd40.360766-79.907730
12046Buttermilk Hollow Rd opp Walnut Dr40.356331-79.911554
1948California Ave at #322840.473871-80.038507
1949California Ave at Antrim St40.475190-80.039455
20479California Ave at Avalon Loop40.503530-80.074189
22459California Ave at Bainton St40.472822-80.037781
19563California Ave at Benton Ave Fs40.484659-80.040821
1262California Ave at Birmingham Ave40.501869-80.069385
1326California Ave at Birmingham Ave40.501814-80.068955
1945California Ave at Boston St40.469385-80.035698
1883California Ave at Chellis St40.486236-80.043332
1848California Ave at Chellis St40.486167-80.043436
1264California Ave at Chestnut St40.500204-80.066015
1324California Ave at Chestnut St40.500071-80.065466
22512California Ave at Chidell St40.477328-80.040305
22513California Ave at Chidell St40.477162-80.040107
3236California Ave at Columbus Ave Bridge40.458827-80.023582
1880California Ave at Cooper Ave40.482956-80.041132
1953California Ave at Davis Ave40.479946-80.040968
22266California Ave at Davis Ave40.480164-80.041184
18305California Ave at Elizabeth Ave40.499270-80.063912
19855California Ave at Fairlee St Fs40.478956-80.040802
1952California Ave at Falck Ave40.477976-80.040361
1260California Ave at Fisk Ave40.503205-80.072517
1259California Ave at Florence Ave40.503482-80.074563
1935California Ave at Forsythe St40.470772-80.036290
1946California Ave at Forsythe St40.470636-80.036096
1939California Ave at Halsey Pl Fs40.463833-80.032051
1267California Ave at Home Ave40.498601-80.061969
1321California Ave at Home Ave40.498584-80.061700
3164California Ave at Kunkle Way40.459939-80.025195
1850California Ave at Marmaduke St40.483389-80.041060
3238California Ave at Marquis Way40.459355-80.018436
1395California Ave at Marshall Ave40.462166-80.031004
1419California Ave at Marshall Ave40.462064-80.030585
3166California Ave at Marvista St40.461141-80.028593
18320California Ave at Ohio St40.502647-80.071230
1882California Ave at Perrott St40.485303-80.041847
1950California Ave at Rankin Ave40.476170-80.039800
1325California Ave at School St40.500970-80.067130
1943California Ave at St John's Church40.467899-80.035191
3162California Ave at St Marks Place40.458862-80.021258
3165California Ave at Stranmore St40.460391-80.026590
1940California Ave at Superior Ave40.465430-80.033287
1954California Ave at Termon Ave40.481788-80.041544
19558California Ave at Termon Ave Fs40.481592-80.041627
1884California Ave at Winhurst St Fs40.487567-80.045274
1933California Ave opp #322840.473928-80.038686
1932California Ave opp Antrim St40.475271-80.039665
1934California Ave opp Bainton St40.472777-80.037876
1936California Ave opp Boston St40.469414-80.035805
3163California Ave opp Columbus Ave Bridge40.458794-80.023290
18318California Ave opp Elizabeth Ave40.499397-80.063812
1929California Ave opp Falck Ave40.478146-80.040558
3235California Ave opp Kunkle Way40.460087-80.025955
19755California Ave opp Marquis Way40.459421-80.018438
3233California Ave opp Marvista St Ns40.461390-80.029450
19557California Ave opp Perrott St Fs40.485093-80.041696
1931California Ave opp Rankin Ave40.476472-80.040040
1938California Ave opp St John's Church40.467920-80.035337
3237California Ave opp St Marks Place40.458763-80.021224
3234California Ave opp Stranmore St40.460443-80.026952
1847California Ave opp Winhurst St40.487207-80.045062
8827Calmar Dr at #22040.468574-79.873797
8826Calmar Dr at Mt Carmel Rd Fs40.467296-79.873362
1524Cambronne St at Brighton Rd40.487628-80.041148
16882Cambronne St at Winhurst St40.488497-80.043300
2518Camfield St at Bandi Ave40.409222-79.998360
19541Camfield St at Calle St40.407887-79.998293
2521Camfield St at Drycove St40.404033-79.998119
2520Camfield St at Gosser St40.405856-79.998192
22569Camp Hollow Rd at Beverly Dr40.343500-79.920311
21228Camp Hollow Rd at Lebanon Church Rd40.349689-79.927005
21229Camp Hollow Rd at Lebanon Church Rd Fs40.349578-79.927164
22570Camp Hollow Rd at Lebanon Manor Dr40.342535-79.917765
21227Camp Hollow Rd at Livingston Rd Fs40.346574-79.926214
22567Camp Hollow Rd at Livingston Rd Fs40.345950-79.925745
22568Camp Hollow Rd at Skyport Dr40.344658-79.923466
22578Camp Hollow Rd opp Beverly Dr40.343512-79.920171
22577Camp Hollow Rd opp Lebanon Manor Dr40.342541-79.917614
22579Camp Hollow Rd opp Millport Dr40.345005-79.924212
16839Camp St at Bryn Mawr Rd40.452088-79.958805
4054Carothers Ave at Creek Ave40.401710-80.088397
3904Carothers Ave at Finley Ave Fs40.396567-80.088052
3902Carothers Ave at Hill St40.400288-80.088316
3903Carothers Ave at Locust St40.397847-80.088351
4053Carothers Ave at Pachel Way40.399545-80.088222
5595Carothers Ave at Washington Ave40.395715-80.086949
19263Carothers Ave at Washington Ave Fs40.396069-80.086946
3901Carothers Ave opp Creek40.401629-80.088441
4051Carothers Ave opp Finley Ave40.396635-80.087988
4052Carothers Ave opp Locust St40.397881-80.088246
18286Casino Dr at North Pointe Dr Fs (Bus Bay)40.448389-80.023019
99976Castle Shannon Station40.368492-80.030516
99975Castle Shannon Station40.368066-80.030126
969Catoma St at Lanark St40.460631-80.004087
174Cedar Ave at East Ohio St40.453461-80.001819
19329Cedar Ave at East Ohio St Ns40.452968-80.001504
217Cedar Ave at North Ave (Agh)40.456112-80.002532
944Cedar Ave at Pressley St40.451530-80.001041
2596Cedar Ave at Suismon St40.454780-80.002098
2618Cedar Ave opp Foreland St40.454029-80.001991
175Cedar Ave opp Pressley St40.451587-80.001206
853Cedar Ave opp Suismon St40.454959-80.002302
19846Cedar Ave opp Tripoli St40.455741-80.002558
19721Cedar Blvd at #1046 Fs40.372833-80.058398
6602Cedar Blvd at #115440.369488-80.060616
6582Cedar Blvd at #116340.369265-80.060649
6578Cedar Blvd at #128140.363107-80.063427
6579Cedar Blvd at Beadling Rd40.366334-80.061197
4740Cedar Blvd at Carnegie Dr40.380001-80.052966
6599Cedar Blvd at Greenhurst Dr40.375260-80.056707
6586Cedar Blvd at Hollycrest Dr40.377721-80.055309
6603Cedar Blvd at Lindendale Dr40.367725-80.061354
4741Cedar Blvd at Longridge Dr40.378624-80.054484
6583Cedar Blvd at Mayfair Dr40.370795-80.059912
6585Cedar Blvd at Morgan Dr40.374953-80.056779
6598Cedar Blvd at Salem Dr40.378045-80.055118
19271Cedar Blvd opp #104640.372711-80.058398
6604Cedar Blvd opp Beadling Rd40.366356-80.061272
19275Cedar Blvd opp Duquesne Dr40.379050-80.053877
6581Cedar Blvd opp Lindendale Dr40.367586-80.061278
4762Cedar Blvd opp Longridge Dr40.378539-80.054438
6601Cedar Blvd opp Mayfair Dr40.371078-80.059793
19674Cedar Blvd opp Old Cedar Blvd40.371657-80.059237
1648Center Ave at Allegheny Ave40.513133-80.100991
22589Center Ave at Allegheny Ave40.513050-80.101208
1008Center Ave at Bronx Ave40.520542-80.039529
19748Center Ave at Bronx Ave40.520669-80.039364
1016Center Ave at Chalfonte Ave40.520224-80.037876
1646Center Ave at Church Ave40.513202-80.098470
1007Center Ave at Columbia Ave Fs40.520193-80.041974
1019Center Ave at Cornell Ave40.519643-80.043542
1291Center Ave at Cornell Ave40.519398-80.043643
925Center Ave at Frankfort Ave40.513314-80.025693
849Center Ave at Frankfort Ave40.513492-80.025531
7186Center Ave at Grandview Ave40.395708-79.839277
1303Center Ave at Harvard Ave40.515379-80.044807
1288Center Ave at Harvard Ave40.515067-80.044763
929Center Ave at Hawthorne Ave40.516639-80.022009
22592Center Ave at Locust Ave40.513292-80.095467
22602Center Ave at Locust Ave40.513364-80.095212
22593Center Ave at Miller Ave40.513199-80.093763
22601Center Ave at Miller Ave40.513187-80.093570
22591Center Ave at North Ave40.513167-80.097347
22603Center Ave at North Ave40.513246-80.097179
20179Center Ave at Norwich St40.517792-80.023140
848Center Ave at Oakwood Ave40.514524-80.023951
926Center Ave at Oakwood Ave40.514329-80.024165
851Center Ave at Park Ave40.511549-80.027499
923Center Ave at Park Ave40.511325-80.027534
1647Center Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.513162-80.099814
22590Center Ave at Pennsylvania Ave40.513075-80.099979
1011Center Ave at Perry Hwy40.518114-80.031798
1013Center Ave at Perry Hwy Fs (Steps)40.518018-80.032448
852Center Ave at Perrysville Rd40.509950-80.028263
922Center Ave at Perrysville Rd40.509770-80.028262
22599Center Ave at Plumer Ave40.511051-80.088251
1301Center Ave at Princeton Ave40.518578-80.044190
1290Center Ave at Princeton Ave40.518280-80.044129
927Center Ave at Ridgewood Ave Steps40.515096-80.023044
843Center Ave at Township Rd40.518907-80.025409
931Center Ave at Township Rd40.518930-80.025228
22600Center Ave at Vista St40.511579-80.090626
1649Center Ave at Walliston Ave40.513058-80.102799
22588Center Ave at Walliston Ave40.512997-80.103000
1015Center Ave at Waverly Ave40.517462-80.035564
1289Center Ave at Yale Ave40.516736-80.044425
845Center Ave opp #36040.517045-80.022222
19324Center Ave opp Brightwood Ave40.515873-80.022530
1009Center Ave opp Chalfonte Ave40.520324-80.038181
1018Center Ave opp Columbia Ave Fs40.520235-80.042286
1304Center Ave opp Cornell Ave Ext40.513776-80.045507
20180Center Ave opp Norwich St40.517605-80.023167
847Center Ave opp Ridgewood Ave Steps40.515130-80.023153
22594Center Ave opp Vista St40.511555-80.090891
1010Center Ave opp Waverly Ave40.517416-80.035841
1302Center Ave opp Yale Ave40.516756-80.044561
14710Center Rd at Cottage Ln40.456222-79.759882
14610Center Rd at Four Seasons Apts40.460966-79.759405
14711Center Rd at Franklin Heights Dr Fs40.454509-79.760340
14608Center Rd at Gateway Dr40.458458-79.757721
14602Center Rd at Helmar Dr Fs40.452351-79.761223
14605Center Rd at Lorraine Dr Fs40.454655-79.760244
14607Center Rd at Mckenzie Dr Fs40.457237-79.758280
14604Center Rd at Ruth Dr Fs40.453792-79.760463
19801Center Rd at Wimbledon Dr Fs40.467113-79.757068
14606Center Rd opp Cottage Ln40.456166-79.759822
14706Center Rd opp Four Seasons Apts40.461109-79.759603
14708Center Rd opp Gateway Dr40.458534-79.757835
14714Center Rd opp Helmar Dr Fs40.452396-79.761299
19802Center Rd opp Mckenzie Dr40.457292-79.758334
19803Center Rd opp Ruth Dr40.453767-79.760565
14612Center Rd opp Wimbledon Dr40.467089-79.757021
18326Center St at W 7th Ave40.600218-79.760657
8888Centre Ave at #580340.458038-79.931623
20506Centre Ave at Addison St40.444392-79.978652
8193Centre Ave at Aiken Ave40.456089-79.938178
8203Centre Ave at Aiken Ave40.455835-79.938740
8784Centre Ave at Allequippa St40.448300-79.958955
21727Centre Ave at Arthur St40.442032-79.983747
8783Centre Ave at Avalon St40.448725-79.961662
8891Centre Ave at Bigelow Blvd40.451200-79.954473
8786Centre Ave at Bigelow Blvd40.450642-79.955225
8892Centre Ave at Bryn Mawr Rd40.449137-79.957543
8900Centre Ave at Chauncey St40.445733-79.972024
8788Centre Ave at Craig St40.451825-79.952152
20761Centre Ave at Craig St Ns40.452043-79.951689
8677Centre Ave at Crawford St40.441138-79.985863
22668Centre Ave at Crawford St Fs40.441113-79.985701
8195Centre Ave at Cypress St40.455120-79.941395
8671Centre Ave at Devilliers St40.443735-79.980277
8627Centre Ave at Dinwiddie St40.443240-79.980741
8890Centre Ave at Dithridge St40.451580-79.953205
16601Centre Ave at Dithridge St40.451428-79.953432
8669Centre Ave at Elmore St40.445012-79.977419
20077Centre Ave at Elmore St Fs40.444974-79.977283
8670Centre Ave at Erin St40.444490-79.978661
8894Centre Ave at Ewart Dr40.448758-79.961412
8897Centre Ave at Francis St40.447214-79.967411
8192Centre Ave at Graham St40.456622-79.936379
8204Centre Ave at Graham St40.456475-79.936554
8673Centre Ave at Heldman St40.442571-79.982461
8626Centre Ave at Heldman St40.442415-79.982640
8895Centre Ave at Herron Ave40.448917-79.964740
8672Centre Ave at Hill House40.443102-79.981222
8899Centre Ave at Junilla St Steps40.445604-79.970366
8902Centre Ave at Kirkpatrick St40.445311-79.975842
8780Centre Ave at Kirkpatrick St40.445255-79.976341
8679Centre Ave at Logan St Fs40.440573-79.990103
2632Centre Ave at Melwood Ave40.452328-79.950707
2574Centre Ave at Melwood Ave40.452158-79.950978
8624Centre Ave at Miller St40.441800-79.984087
8197Centre Ave at Millvale Ave40.453387-79.947210
8196Centre Ave at Morewood Ave40.454235-79.944368
8199Centre Ave at Morewood Ave40.454091-79.944553
8772Centre Ave at Morgan St40.447552-79.966764
8889Centre Ave at Negley Ave40.457366-79.933883
8205Centre Ave at Negley Ave (Market District)40.457029-79.934679
2575Centre Ave at Neville St40.452505-79.949818
8676Centre Ave at Protectory Pl40.441542-79.984913
8782Centre Ave at Reed St40.445424-79.971092
8674Centre Ave at Roberts St40.442293-79.983136
21718Centre Ave at Roberts St40.442119-79.983330
8773Centre Ave at Robinson St Ext40.448674-79.965138
20075Centre Ave at S Euclid Ave40.458898-79.928770
8202Centre Ave at Shadyside Hospital40.455549-79.939653
8901Centre Ave at Soho St40.445244-79.973902
8781Centre Ave at Soho St40.445149-79.974172
8898Centre Ave at Watt St40.446503-79.968435
15462Centre Ave at Whole Foods40.458996-79.928060
8789Centre Ave opp #574340.457802-79.932084
8893Centre Ave opp Allequippa St40.448390-79.958832
8785Centre Ave opp Bryn Mawr Rd40.448958-79.957646
8201Centre Ave opp Cypress St40.454968-79.941567
8771Centre Ave opp Francis St40.447021-79.967533
8769Centre Ave opp Junilla St Steps Fs40.445645-79.970034
8198Centre Ave opp Millvale Ave40.453217-79.947453
8896Centre Ave opp Morgan St40.447724-79.966668
2631Centre Ave opp Neville St40.452690-79.949541
8194Centre Ave opp Shadyside Hospital40.455398-79.940461
19436Centre Ave opp Washington Plaza40.440666-79.987163
8770Centre Ave opp Watt St40.446494-79.968296
22628Century Dr at Gabriel Brothers40.343284-79.942669
9613Century Dr at Sam's Club Drvwy Fs40.344507-79.948273
21463Century Dr opp Gabriel Brothers40.343350-79.942587
20775Century Dr opp Sam's Club Drvwy40.344604-79.948263
17596Century Iii Park and Ride Lot at Shelter40.336288-79.945880
15908Century Square Entrance Ramp at Mountainview Dr40.347555-79.949110
9971Century Townhomes at Turnaround40.288794-79.896323
18881Chalfont St at Curtin Ave40.416733-79.998680
20256Chalfont St at Curtin Ave Fs40.416668-79.998687
6971Chalfont St at Delmont Ave40.416631-80.003828
7013Chalfont St at Delmont Ave40.416567-80.004018
18880Chalfont St at Estella Ave40.416701-80.000242
7015Chalfont St at Estella Ave40.416631-80.000500
6972Chalfont St at Gearing Ave40.416614-80.004797
7014Chalfont St at Haberman Ave40.416594-80.002420
6970Chalfont St opp Haberman Ave40.416649-80.002327
2859Chapin St at #35440.489845-80.004822
2919Chapin St at Colby St40.489296-80.006546
2679Charles St at Beltzhoover Ave40.416464-79.996602
2678Charles St at Georgia Ave40.416498-79.994911
7020Charles St at Georgia Ave40.416442-79.995236
7021Charles St at Grimes Ave40.416501-79.993203
2677Charles St at Grimes Ave Fs40.416543-79.993188
2676Charles St at Knox Ave40.416619-79.990519
7022Charles St at Knox Ave40.416570-79.990823
1067Charterwood Dr at Laurelwood Dr40.552469-80.001219
1100Charterwood Dr at Mcintyre Rd40.551785-80.000816
3651Chartiers Ave Ext at #153640.467084-80.081779
3655Chartiers Ave Ext at Heckle Rd40.470600-80.091064
3609Chartiers Ave Ext at Howard St40.467933-80.084366
3653Chartiers Ave Ext at Howard St40.467910-80.084113
3649Chartiers Ave Ext at Owen St40.466554-80.077099
3650Chartiers Ave Ext at State St40.466716-80.079731
3611Chartiers Ave Ext opp #153640.467038-80.081807
3612Chartiers Ave Ext opp State St40.466664-80.079769
3615Chartiers Ave at #1241 (Opp Vfw)40.464933-80.072234
4138Chartiers Ave at #133840.449212-80.044561
4096Chartiers Ave at Allendale St40.453914-80.059574
4146Chartiers Ave at Allendale St40.454053-80.059486
3635Chartiers Ave at Amelia St Ns40.465018-80.068155
4108Chartiers Ave at Azalia St Fs40.444710-80.041492
3634Chartiers Ave at Broadway Ave40.465738-80.066156
4145Chartiers Ave at Citadel St40.454329-80.058286
4097Chartiers Ave at Citadel St Fs40.454256-80.058335
4139Chartiers Ave at Corliss St40.450326-80.045099
22562Chartiers Ave at Crawford St40.464887-80.070473
4098Chartiers Ave at Ditzler St40.453934-80.056388
19619Chartiers Ave at Dubois St40.451355-80.050530
4120Chartiers Ave at Eyre Way40.458097-80.075610
19205Chartiers Ave at Fairdale St40.453780-80.063869
4180Chartiers Ave at Harlow St40.458253-80.070690
4099Chartiers Ave at Hillsboro St40.453375-80.054850
4094Chartiers Ave at Hoover St40.453412-80.062187
4148Chartiers Ave at Huxley St40.453492-80.062020
22586Chartiers Ave at Island Ave Fs (Steps)40.465724-80.062004
4122Chartiers Ave at Krupp St40.458125-80.070882
4100Chartiers Ave at Litchfield St Steps40.452532-80.054234
4109Chartiers Ave at Lorenz Ave40.444018-80.040743
4134Chartiers Ave at Lorenz Ave40.443958-80.040525
3633Chartiers Ave at Margaret St40.465810-80.063944
4133Chartiers Ave at Marlow St40.443095-80.039650
20401Chartiers Ave at Mckees Rocks Plaza Ns40.464401-80.057613
4119Chartiers Ave at Merle St40.458891-80.077193
4121Chartiers Ave at Middletown Rd40.457566-80.073578
4181Chartiers Ave at Middletown Rd40.457732-80.073007
19618Chartiers Ave at Municipal St40.452161-80.052849
4137Chartiers Ave at Nittany St40.447494-80.044004
19705Chartiers Ave at Nittany St Fs40.447221-80.044183
4178Chartiers Ave at Oetting St40.457878-80.067344
4123Chartiers Ave at Oltman St40.458416-80.069091
19215Chartiers Ave at Oltman St Fs40.458543-80.069268
20497Chartiers Ave at Pittsburgh Classical Academy40.450842-80.047667
3638Chartiers Ave at Singer Ave40.465004-80.073953
18785Chartiers Ave at Singer Ave Fs40.464925-80.073974
22676Chartiers Ave at Suter St40.458080-80.075368
4147Chartiers Ave at Universal St40.453774-80.060625
4095Chartiers Ave at Universal St40.453663-80.060763
3637Chartiers Ave at Vfw Bldg (Windgap Ave)40.465004-80.072455
4184Chartiers Ave at Windgap Ave40.459290-80.077535
3617Chartiers Ave opp Amelia St40.464879-80.068538
4135Chartiers Ave opp Azalia St40.444836-80.041452
4104Chartiers Ave opp Corliss St40.450483-80.045619
3636Chartiers Ave opp Crawford St40.464972-80.070591
4105Chartiers Ave opp Danley St40.449523-80.044850
4144Chartiers Ave opp Ditzler St40.453986-80.056232
4141Chartiers Ave opp Dubois St40.451409-80.050313
20476Chartiers Ave opp Furman Way Fs40.453786-80.064506
20831Chartiers Ave opp Island Ave Ns40.465662-80.062292
19204Chartiers Ave opp Litchfield St Steps40.452625-80.054243
3629Chartiers Ave opp Margaret St40.465760-80.064176
4110Chartiers Ave opp Marlow St40.442902-80.039676
2247Chartiers Ave opp Mckees Rocks Plaza40.464104-80.057642
4142Chartiers Ave opp Municipal St40.452196-80.052669
4124Chartiers Ave opp Oetting St40.457868-80.067497
4183Chartiers Ave opp Warfle St40.458813-80.076903
17374Chartiers Valley Sc Dr at Giant Eagle40.366977-80.109697
19764Chartiers Valley Sc at Cinema Front40.366965-80.111159
22423Chaske St at #803840.476024-79.870897
8839Chaske St at #816840.474744-79.866941
8840Chaske St at Bramble St40.474346-79.866036
8841Chaske St at Westminster Dr40.473912-79.863870
8838Chaske St opp Cross St40.475781-79.869240
1735Chateau St Turnaround at Beaver Ave40.461407-80.031593
1733Chateau St at Adams St40.458163-80.029651
22678Chateau St at Hoffman St Fs40.459636-80.030131
1418Chateau St at Juniata St40.456372-80.029081
16086Chateau St at N Franklin St40.455436-80.028775
1414Chateau St at North Ave40.451778-80.027579
1416Chateau St at Pennsylvania Ave40.453522-80.028151
1415Chateau St at Sheffield St40.452677-80.027880
8585Chatham St at Centre Ave40.440406-79.993507
6166Chelton Ave at Freedom Ave40.388400-80.012749
6165Chelton Ave at Oakridge St40.389858-80.014770
6164Chelton Ave at Queensboro St40.391615-80.017159
22714Cherrington Pkwy at #1000 (Eaton)40.492224-80.201818
22713Cherrington Pkwy at #1200 (Servicelink)40.490199-80.197129
22715Cherrington Pkwy at Coraopolis Heights Rd40.498160-80.207348
22708Cherrington Pkwy at Coraopolis Heights Rd40.498194-80.207575
22709Cherrington Pkwy opp #1000 (Eaton)40.492180-80.201889
22710Cherrington Pkwy opp #1200 (Servicelink)40.490269-80.197411
2827Chestnut St at Phineas St (East Ohio)40.455502-79.994728
2620Chestnut St at Progress St40.453305-79.992912
2595Chestnut St at Progress St Fs40.453352-79.992800
2826Chestnut St at Suismon St40.456180-79.994962
2839Chestnut St at Suismon St40.456177-79.994891
2825Chestnut St at Tripoli St Fs40.456806-79.995168
18640Chestnut St at Zona Way40.457030-79.995167
2841Chestnut St opp Concord St40.458356-79.995364
1829Children's Way40.452023-80.006447
9347Chislett St at Bryant St40.478971-79.928840
9351Chislett St at Greenwood St40.485262-79.925947
9346Chislett St at Hampton St40.476962-79.929487
9349Chislett St at Villanova Rd40.482279-79.927764
15671Chislett St at Wellesley Ave40.475715-79.929901
9350Chislett St opp Martha St40.484272-79.927122
9348Chislett St opp Vetter St40.480749-79.928267
22596Church Ave at Dalzell Ave40.509140-80.085108
22597Church Ave at Dalzell Ave40.509141-80.084899
1578Church Ave at Dickson Ave40.507545-80.081372
1577Church Ave at Forest Ave40.508209-80.082928
1637Church Ave at Forest Ave40.508149-80.082591
22598Church Ave at Perrysville Ave40.510250-80.086899
1579Church Ave at Ridge Ave40.507353-80.079397
1635Church Ave at Ridge Ave40.507393-80.079144
22595Church Ave at Rostrevor Pl40.510324-80.087140
1633Church Ave at Victoria Ave40.506430-80.074632
1580Church Ave at Walnut Rd40.506971-80.076942
1634Church Ave at Walnut Rd40.506989-80.076590
1581Church Ave opp Victoria Ave40.506461-80.074766
7372Church St at Braddock Ave Ns40.422936-79.887711
7382Church St at Monongahela Ave40.421993-79.890305
20918Churchill Rd at Holland Rd40.444465-79.844586
21588Churchview Ave at Andrade St Fs40.385817-79.969884
21579Churchview Ave at Castleview Dr40.385015-79.959244
21531Churchview Ave at Cathell Rd40.384672-79.949494
21582Churchview Ave at Cathell Rd Ns40.384544-79.949732
21584Churchview Ave at Donahue Dr Ns40.385568-79.940671
21536Churchview Ave at Glass Run Rd Fs40.385857-79.967832
21532Churchview Ave at Greenglen Dr40.384047-79.952816
21580Churchview Ave at John Romanus Dr Fs40.383455-79.955418
21581Churchview Ave at Mary Ann Dr Fs40.383975-79.952995
21577Churchview Ave at Mellott Rd Ns40.385803-79.967536
21583Churchview Ave at Revo Rd40.386102-79.943032
21573Churchview Ave at Sankey Ave40.385389-79.976615
21578Churchview Ave at Village Dr40.386018-79.962275
21574Churchview Ave at Waidler Ave Fs40.384890-79.973664
21587Churchview Ave at Walton Rd Fs40.385512-79.961087
21575Churchview Ave at Willett Rd40.385616-79.971512
21576Churchview Ave opp Andrade St40.385774-79.969459
21534Churchview Ave opp Castleview Dr40.385025-79.959127
21533Churchview Ave opp John Romanus Dr40.383515-79.955537
21530Churchview Ave opp Revo Rd40.386149-79.942889
11548Churchview Ave opp Sankey Ave40.385387-79.976336
21539Churchview Ave opp Waidler Ave40.384855-79.974002
11425Churchview Ave opp Willett Rd40.385744-79.971319
21528Churchview Garden Apartments40.386074-79.938050
21529Churchview Garden Apts Drvwy at Churchview Ave40.385643-79.940525
8980Clarissa St at Camp St40.452687-79.958547
8979Clarissa St at Lyon St40.453145-79.959898
3698Clever Rd at Field Club Dr40.468880-80.126389
16651Clever Rd at Montour High School40.468488-80.123990
3671Clever Rd at Patricia Park Dr40.469416-80.101537
19180Clever Rd at Pitchfork Ln40.465137-80.109118
22398Clever Rd at Regina Dr Fs40.466034-80.136034
4389Clever Rd at Silver Ln Fs40.465961-80.136438
16650Clever Rd opp Field Club Dr40.468800-80.126358
20439Clever Rd opp Montour High School40.468488-80.123558
3693Clever Rd opp Patricia Park Dr40.469768-80.100838
16652Clever Rd opp Pitchfork Ln40.464995-80.109499
6989Climax St at Beltzhoover Ave40.419974-79.997475
6988Climax St at Curtin Ave40.419949-79.998986
7001Climax St at Curtin Ave40.420018-79.998776
6987Climax St at Estella Ave40.419920-80.000602
7002Climax St at Estella Ave40.419990-80.000383
6985Climax St at Haberman Ave40.419838-80.002541
7004Climax St at Haberman Ave40.419956-80.002324
7006Climax St opp Gearing Ave40.419154-80.005545
17212Cloverfield Dr at Agnew Rd40.398709-79.964555
21564Cloverfield Dr at Edward Dr40.394864-79.966380
21549Cloverfield Dr at Edward Dr Fs40.394942-79.966224
21550Cloverfield Dr at Sandra Dr40.397312-79.966058
21563Cloverfield Dr at Sandra Dr40.397482-79.966032
20630Clyde Ave at Port Perry Rd40.385949-79.832780
19169Coal Hollow Rd at Cliff Dr40.463470-79.844244
20732Coal Hollow Rd at Frankstown Rd Fs40.460893-79.842446
19161Coal Hollow Rd at Old Coal Hollow Rd #140.466548-79.846915
19433Coal Hollow Rd at Old Coal Hollow Rd #240.462075-79.842542
19162Coal Hollow Rd opp Cliff Dr40.463554-79.844771
19170Coal Hollow Rd opp Old Coal Hollow Rd #140.466731-79.846840
19434Coal Hollow Rd opp Old Coal Hollow Rd #240.462137-79.842484
7079Coal St at Franklin Ave40.439402-79.880738
7078Coal St at Rebecca Ave40.438593-79.881191
7273Coal St at South Ave40.440222-79.880264
19407Coal St at Walnut St Fs40.436370-79.882450
7075Coal St opp Hutchinson Ave40.435203-79.883112
7077Coal St opp Woodworth St40.437434-79.881846
20576Coal Valley Rd at Jefferson Physical Therapy Drvwy40.322784-79.930764
9800Cochran Mills Rd at #98540.323825-79.984652
4552Cochran Rd at Altoona Pl40.382581-80.052309
4672Cochran Rd at Altoona Pl40.383011-80.052547
20198Cochran Rd at Arden Rd40.387806-80.055263
4555Cochran Rd at Beverly Rd40.387090-80.054649
19605Cochran Rd at Beverly Rd40.387276-80.054923
4673Cochran Rd at Cedar Blvd40.380579-80.052642
4670Cochran Rd at Mccully Rd40.385820-80.054029
4554Cochran Rd at Mccully St40.385642-80.053810
4553Cochran Rd at Navato Pl40.384008-80.052804
15744Cochran Rd at Osage Rd40.388581-80.057434
19583Cochran Rd at Parker Dr40.388419-80.056916
15746Cochran Rd at Robinwood Dr40.390833-80.059083
15747Cochran Rd at Roessler Rd40.392973-80.063113
4671Cochran Rd opp Navato Pl Fs40.384061-80.052945
19603Cochran Rd opp Robinwood Dr40.390968-80.059445
19602Cochran Rd opp Roessler Rd40.392956-80.063394
21251Cochrans Mill Rd at Brownsville Rd Fs40.325086-79.985709
2858Colby St at Chapin St40.489035-80.006465
1768Colby St at Faber St40.486115-80.005005
1772Colby St at Mt Pleasant Rd40.483251-80.003855
1797Colby St at Mt Pleasant Rd Fs40.483187-80.003796
20826Colby St opp Regulus St40.484706-80.004358
9244Columbo St at #513440.469789-79.940218
9218Columbo St at #514940.469869-79.940150
19465Columbo St at Atlantic Ave40.468950-79.938115
9246Columbo St at Pacific Ave40.469095-79.939239
9217Columbo St at Pacific Ave40.469120-79.938956
9219Columbo St at Schenley Ave40.471602-79.940106
1705Columbus Ave at Chateau St Fs40.457423-80.028880
1706Columbus Ave at Manhattan St40.457656-80.027622
18996Commercial St at Blackhawk St40.420353-79.898450
18997Commercial St at Homestead St40.420834-79.899449
19001Commercial St at Whipple St40.421281-79.900409
22627Commonwealth Ave at Clonmel St40.380236-79.861971
22623Commonwealth Ave at Clonmel St40.380107-79.862083
22622Commonwealth Ave at Hilltop/parkview Manor Apts40.380168-79.865464
22629Commonwealth Ave at Miller Ave40.380294-79.864574
22626Commonwealth Ave at Overland Ave40.381636-79.859677
22624Commonwealth Ave at Overland Ave40.381496-79.859785
12571Commonwealth Ave at Rite Aid40.382927-79.877057
15433Commonwealth Ave opp Rite Aid40.383012-79.876429
11763Conlin St at Carolina Ave40.362188-79.869421
11764Conlin St at Pennsylvania Ave40.361741-79.868114
22636Conlin St at Worton Blvd40.362590-79.870469
11696Conlin St opp Carolina Ave40.362225-79.869366
14601Connecting Rd at Haymaker Rd40.449637-79.761730
913Connie Dr at #11040.500124-80.028087
803Connie Dr at Jacks Run Rd40.499214-80.029161
916Connie Dr at Merwood Dr40.499467-80.024817
917Connie Dr at Mulkerin Dr40.498524-80.023384
920Connie Dr at Perry Hwy40.496327-80.020340
802Connie Dr opp #11040.500150-80.028140
799Connie Dr opp Merwood Dr40.499406-80.024634
798Connie Dr opp Mulkerin Dr40.498387-80.023183
19349Connie Dr opp Old Connie Dr40.496248-80.022731
919Connie Dr opp Old Connie Dr40.496384-80.022881
2525Conniston Ave at Bandi Ave40.409307-79.999420
2526Conniston Ave at Bon Air Ave40.410372-79.999461
2524Conniston Ave at Calle St40.407689-79.999328
2523Conniston Ave at Gosser St40.405640-79.999232
3430Coraopolis Rd at #2840.484056-80.106992
21524Coraopolis Rd at #28540.502029-80.120723
21520Coraopolis Rd at #29840.502288-80.122448
2287Coraopolis Rd at #33340.502964-80.127041
21632Coraopolis Rd at #33840.502995-80.126871
3429Coraopolis Rd at Dorothy St40.483095-80.107229
2292Coraopolis Rd at Herbst Rd40.501031-80.114745
3436Coraopolis Rd at Hwy Rt 5140.491904-80.111687
3434Coraopolis Rd at Long Valley Dr40.489929-80.109089
3431Coraopolis Rd at Porter Hollow Rd40.486190-80.106471
3432Coraopolis Rd opp Ehle Ave40.487941-80.106990
2401Coraopolis Rd opp Herbst Rd40.501065-80.114653
20647Corbet St at 2nd Ave40.601302-79.751293
20646Corbet St at 4th Ave40.602372-79.752157
15072Corbet St at 6th Ave40.603119-79.752560
15071Corbet St at 8th Ave40.604394-79.753265
20651Corbet St at 8th Ave40.604300-79.753104
20652Corbet St at 9th Ave40.604793-79.753470
20653Corbet St at 10th Ave Ns (Freeport)40.605848-79.754280
15079Corbet St at E 6th Ave40.602932-79.752394
201Corbett Ct at Browns Ln40.545902-80.020157
293Corbett Ct at Club Julian Spa40.548188-80.020068
19910Corbett Ct at Corbett Towers40.548021-80.020099
200Corbett Ct at Towne Towers North40.546654-80.020218
292Corbett Ct opp Towne Towers North40.546592-80.020111
7545Corey Ave at 4th St40.408180-79.867125
7544Corey Ave at 5th St40.407538-79.866615
7554Corey Ave at 5th St40.407606-79.866776
7557Corey Ave at Braddock Ave40.403976-79.869218
7543Corey Ave at Center St40.406104-79.866276
7555Corey Ave at Center St40.406372-79.866268
7542Corey Ave at Margaretta St40.404901-79.867691
7556Corey Ave at Mills Ave40.405158-79.867432
22551Cornell Ave at #171840.511979-80.045263
22552Cornell Ave at #171940.511982-80.045118
1306Cornell Ave at Oakridge Rd40.510788-80.045582
19753Cornell Ave at Spruce Valley Dr40.510769-80.045492
19754Cornell Ave at William St40.513548-80.045461
127Corporate Dr at #570040.563606-80.022751
256Corporate Dr opp #570040.563531-80.023052
3708Crabapple Dr at #402340.468634-80.112200
16658Crabapple Dr at Pitchfork Ln40.467091-80.110390
39Craft Ave at Fifth Ave Fs (Dialysis Ctr)40.437583-79.963749
8027Craft Ave at Forbes Ave40.436928-79.962853
20865Craft Ave at Hamlet Pl Fs40.436320-79.962186
16637Crafton Ingram Sc at Bank (Citizens)40.440389-80.069690
3714Crafton Ingram Sc at Giant Eagle40.440760-80.071756
3711Crafton Ingram Sc at Rite-aid40.441776-80.069946
20914Craig St at Baum Blvd40.453773-79.953125
14370Craig St at Baum Blvd Fs40.454418-79.953522
2634Craig St at Bayard St40.449869-79.950854
2572Craig St at Bayard St40.449697-79.950619
19089Craig St at Bigelow Blvd Fs40.456253-79.954782
2573Craig St at Centre Ave40.451709-79.951836
2633Craig St at Centre Ave Fs40.451553-79.951881
2635Craig St at Fifth Ave40.447258-79.949188
2571Craig St at Park Plaza40.447868-79.949477
19109Craig St opp Baum Blvd Fs (Moorehead Tower)40.453808-79.953117
8578Craig St opp Bigelow Blvd40.456575-79.954833
11973Crawford Ave at Catherine St40.364334-79.847772
12012Crawford Ave at Catherine St40.364205-79.847947
12576Crawford Ave at Juno Ave40.362571-79.853595
11978Crawford Ave at Mifflin St40.362275-79.854811
11977Crawford Ave at Monterey St40.362927-79.852097
12008Crawford Ave at Monterey St40.362826-79.852250
11974Crawford Ave at Pirl St40.364036-79.848616
12011Crawford Ave at Pirl St40.363899-79.848798
11975Crawford Ave at State St40.363670-79.849599
12010Crawford Ave at State St40.363562-79.849713
11976Crawford Ave at Wool Alley40.363367-79.850426
12009Crawford Ave at Wool Alley40.363222-79.850657
12013Crawford Ave opp 5th St40.364567-79.846973
12588Crawford Ave opp Juno Ave40.362483-79.853675
8737Crawford St at Webster Ave40.443173-79.987475
22670Crawford St at Wylie Ave40.442774-79.987348
20842Crawford Village Pl at Grandview Ave40.351055-79.837512
4068Crennell Ave at Broadhead Ave Fs40.436860-80.069144
4070Crennell Ave at Crafton Municipal Bldg40.435042-80.066397
4069Crennell Ave at Linwood Ave40.435815-80.068574
20828Crennell Ave at Linwood Ave40.435723-80.068362
19635Crennell Ave at W Crafton Ave40.436720-80.069089
16484Crescent St at Sullivan Way40.502019-79.946954
16485Crescent St opp Sullivan Way40.502042-79.946767
331Cumberland Rd at Fox Hunt Dr40.571960-80.018435
333Cumberland Rd at Lancelot Dr40.572170-80.022438
325Cumberland Rd opp Fox Hunt Dr40.571888-80.018456
323Cumberland Rd opp Lancelot Dr40.572107-80.022649
9807Curry Hollow Rd at Arbor Ln40.336357-79.971718
9808Curry Hollow Rd at Green Dr40.339913-79.967503
9740Curry Hollow Rd opp Arbor Ln40.336694-79.971284
20920Curry Hollow Rd opp Green Dr40.340257-79.967396
6906Curry Rd at #541540.339049-79.990887
6960Curry Rd at Horning Rd40.337344-79.991440
6958Curry Rd at Olympic Rd40.340421-79.990978
6959Curry Rd opp #541540.338944-79.990972
6909Curry Rd opp Laurel Dr40.344281-79.992085
6907Curry Rd opp Olympic Rd40.340186-79.990873
21548Custer Ave at Edward Dr40.395549-79.968369
21547Custer Ave at Joseph St40.394506-79.970163
21546Custer Ave at Mary St40.393603-79.972750
21545Custer Ave at St Wendelin Church40.393345-79.974345
21566Custer Ave opp Bickar St40.394198-79.971040
21586Custer Ave opp Mary St40.393680-79.972645
21569Custer Ave opp Spencer Ave40.393085-79.976218
21568Custer Ave opp St Wendelin Church40.393354-79.974616
20709Cypress St at Mifflin St40.396266-79.891234
20715Cypress St at Mifflin St Fs40.396103-79.891107
20708Cypress St at Oak St40.394136-79.887588
20716Cypress St opp Oak St40.394252-79.887814
7688Dallas Ave at Edgerton Ave40.447640-79.910896
7635Dallas Ave at Penham Pl40.451130-79.908455
7691Dallas Ave at Penn Ave40.451229-79.908302
7637Dallas Ave at Reynolds St40.448921-79.910072
7689Dallas Ave at Reynolds St40.448649-79.910179
7638Dallas Ave opp Edgerton Ave40.447921-79.910794
7997Darlington Rd at Beacon St40.436193-79.913774
9022Darragh St at Fifth Ave40.440692-79.960497
9021Darragh St opp Victoria St40.441153-79.961379
8450Dean St at Larimer Ave40.469236-79.905671
8398Dean St at Paulson Ave40.468033-79.903725
18803Delafield Rd at Fox Chapel Rd40.499128-79.883898
19982Delafield Rd opp Patriot Way40.497126-79.890987
18673Delwar Dr at Applebee's Drvwy40.348981-79.947753
18672Delwar Dr at Ritter Engineering40.350809-79.950933
18667Delwar Rd opp Applebee's Drvwy40.348939-79.947650
18668Delwar Rd opp Ritter Engineering40.350830-79.950821
99916Denise Station40.399855-79.999029
99915Denise Station40.399416-79.998987
9846Desiderio Blvd at Jefferson Dr40.288758-79.891315
9969Desiderio Blvd at Soltis Dr40.286547-79.895825
9968Desiderio Blvd at Washington Ave40.286991-79.894781
22632Desiderio Blvd opp Baker Ave40.290610-79.889808
20275Desiderio Blvd opp Jefferson Dr40.288651-79.891341
9845Desiderio Blvd opp Washington Ave40.286903-79.894837
9028Desoto St at O'hara St40.443129-79.959714
20469Devilliers St at Bedford Ave40.446417-79.982332
19494Devilliers St at Centre Ave40.443700-79.980447
8708Devilliers St at Webster Ave40.445613-79.981739
20461Devilliers St at Webster Ave40.445759-79.981951
8707Devilliers St at Wylie Ave40.444159-79.980689
8745Devilliers St at Wylie Ave40.444320-79.980903
6448Dewey Ave opp Bank St40.356428-80.110329
1632Division St at Marie Ave40.504413-80.075068
1582Division St opp Marie Ave40.504389-80.075174
19551Dobson St at Brereton St Fs40.456875-79.967251
2684Dobson St at Hancock St40.457527-79.965896
2685Dobson St at Harding Way40.457930-79.965047
2686Dobson St at Herron Ave40.458260-79.964262
99970Dormont Junction40.392010-80.040762
99969Dormont Junction40.391329-80.041080
15418Drive To Lowe's at Storefront Drive40.412970-79.903123
2522Drycove St at Conniston Ave40.403967-79.999100
704Duncan Ave at Allegheny Memorial Park40.566962-80.004952
506Duncan Ave at Royal Manor Ct #140.566068-80.001590
507Duncan Ave at Royal Manor Ct #240.566636-80.003578
508Duncan Ave opp Allegheny Memorial Park40.566991-80.004816
705Duncan Ave opp Royal Manor Ct #140.566602-80.003709
706Duncan Ave opp Royal Manor Ct #240.566016-80.001668
10992Duquesne Blvd at Camp Ave40.369399-79.842845
10881Duquesne Blvd at Center St40.363650-79.842881
10994Duquesne Blvd at Center St40.363978-79.842911
10981Duquesne Blvd at Commonwealth Ave40.383000-79.857584
10982Duquesne Blvd at Fairmont Ave40.382124-79.856660
16270Duquesne Blvd at Grant Ave40.373794-79.845012
18159Duquesne Blvd at Library Pl40.371923-79.843883
20191Duquesne Blvd at Miller Ave40.383978-79.860024
10983Duquesne Blvd at Oakmont Ave40.380929-79.855409
10984Duquesne Blvd at Overland Ave40.379702-79.854128
16625Duquesne Blvd at Whitfield Ave40.371173-79.843506
20911Duquesne Blvd at Wylie Ave40.367433-79.842408
10890Duquesne Blvd opp Commonwealth Ave40.382941-79.857302
10889Duquesne Blvd opp Fairmont Ave40.382068-79.856386
18397Duquesne Blvd opp Herman Ave Fs40.384300-79.860554
10888Duquesne Blvd opp Oakmont Ave40.380765-79.855038
20913Duquesne Blvd opp Wylie Ave40.367188-79.842139
99900Duquesne Incline at Lower Station40.440126-80.018026
99899Duquesne Incline at Upper Station40.438510-80.019468
17422Dynamo Way at Beech St40.400510-79.835580
16595E 4th Ave at Boyd St40.600704-79.756126
12830E 4th Ave at Hickory Al40.601977-79.752892
18358E 4th Ave at Wood St40.601206-79.754922
12833E 5th Ave at Ross St40.601021-79.756676
12634E 6th Ave at Lock St40.602516-79.754408
12635E 7th Ave at Wood St40.602566-79.755702
4825E Carson St at S 2nd St40.430079-79.998841
4823E Carson St at S 5th St40.428776-79.994951
4821E Carson St at S 7th St40.428668-79.992130
18465E Carson St at S 7th St Fs40.428600-79.991973
20719E Carson St at S 9th St40.428719-79.989713
4847E Carson St at S 10th St40.428654-79.988994
17286E Carson St at S 11th St40.428772-79.987377
4848E Carson St at S 12th St40.428718-79.986560
4817E Carson St at S 14th St40.428849-79.983942
4850E Carson St at S 14th St40.428770-79.984251
4816E Carson St at S 17th St40.428889-79.981913
4852E Carson St at S 17th St40.428818-79.982179
4815E Carson St at S 18th St40.428809-79.980429
4853E Carson St at S 18th St40.428719-79.980704
2647E Carson St at S 20th St40.428643-79.977481
2553E Carson St at S 20th St40.428549-79.977847
2646E Carson St at S 21st St40.428559-79.976071
2554E Carson St at S 21st St40.428469-79.976455
2645E Carson St at S 22nd St40.428462-79.974487
2555E Carson St at S 22nd St40.428374-79.974784
4814E Carson St at S 24th St40.428244-79.971017
4854E Carson St at S 24th St40.428163-79.971310
4855E Carson St at S 25th St40.427820-79.969955
10128E Carson St at S 26th St40.427492-79.968210
19663E Carson St at S 26th St40.427449-79.968584
10127E Carson St at S 27th St40.427077-79.966831
21625E Carson St at S 28th St40.426238-79.965605
4841E Carson St at Station Square Station40.431835-80.003456
4824E Carson St at Terminal Way Fs40.429505-79.997189
4826E Carson St opp Arlington Ave40.430843-80.001105
4842E Carson St opp S 2nd St40.430133-79.999278
4844E Carson St opp S 5th St40.428733-79.995170
11216E Carson St opp Station Square Station40.431895-80.003312
19877E Carson St opp Terminal Way40.429326-79.996899
5282E Railroad St at 1st St40.393424-80.087496
5325E Railroad St at 1st St Fs40.393292-80.087705
5281E Railroad St at 2nd St40.391832-80.087732
5326E Railroad St at 2nd St Steps40.391901-80.087834
5280E Railroad St at 3rd St40.390313-80.087998
5327E Railroad St at 3rd St Steps40.390435-80.088057
5279E Railroad St at 4th St40.389222-80.088653
19245E Railroad St at 4th St40.389298-80.088714
5278E Railroad St at Collier Ave40.388093-80.090040
5329E Railroad St at Collier Ave40.388341-80.089850
8165East Busway at East Liberty Station A40.459475-79.922535
16109East Busway at East Liberty Station B40.459348-79.923089
8161East Busway at East Liberty Station C40.459448-79.923137
16120East Busway at East Liberty Station D40.459539-79.922767
16083East Busway at Garage Employees Only Stop40.457698-79.912029
16085East Busway at Garage Employees Only Stop40.457606-79.912099
16105East Busway at Hamnett Station A40.436841-79.885696
15878East Busway at Hamnett Station C40.437189-79.885613
16014East Busway at Hay St Ramp Inbound Shelter40.443528-79.886976
8153East Busway at Hay St Ramp Outbound Shelter40.442845-79.887025
5125East Busway at Herron Station A40.459241-79.966667
16107East Busway at Herron Station B40.459163-79.966949
8163East Busway at Herron Station C40.459235-79.967085
16122East Busway at Herron Station D40.459362-79.966613
8160East Busway at Homewood Station A40.452819-79.898925
16110East Busway at Homewood Station B40.453000-79.899379
8154East Busway at Homewood Station C40.453102-79.899342
16119East Busway at Homewood Station D40.452929-79.898897
20501East Busway at Negley Station A40.456722-79.932370
20502East Busway at Negley Station B40.456583-79.932616
8162East Busway at Negley Station C40.456536-79.932912
16121East Busway at Negley Station D40.456705-79.932622
20287East Busway at Penn Station A40.443780-79.992188
5124East Busway at Penn Station B40.443964-79.991858
1407East Busway at Penn Station C40.443968-79.992195
16106East Busway at Roslyn Station A40.419086-79.886292
15879East Busway at Roslyn Station C40.419440-79.886376
16063East Busway at Swissvale Station A40.415288-79.879050
16104East Busway at Wilkinsburg Station A40.446225-79.888508
16111East Busway at Wilkinsburg Station B40.446405-79.888607
15880East Busway at Wilkinsburg Station C40.446491-79.888388
16118East Busway at Wilkinsburg Station D40.446313-79.888275
623East Commons at East Ohio St Ns40.452519-80.003425
9164East Hills Dr at #222040.454613-79.872040
16345East Hills Dr at #230340.456141-79.871015
16346East Hills Dr at #234040.455867-79.870829
22519East Hills Dr at Calistoga Pl Fs40.452963-79.873486
8948East Hills Dr at Park Hill Dr40.452644-79.873644
20489East Hills Dr at School Drvwy40.453878-79.873085
20418East Hills Dr at Wilner Dr40.454998-79.871240
8946East Hills Dr opp #222040.454690-79.872012
9165East Hills Dr opp Wilner Dr40.455206-79.871112
9342East Liberty Blvd at Broad St40.460932-79.915977
20100East Liberty Blvd at Centre Ave40.465039-79.920097
8541East Liberty Blvd at Dahlem Pl40.458052-79.916635
9228East Liberty Blvd at Euclid Ave40.466662-79.925528
9234East Liberty Blvd at Euclid Ave40.466732-79.925108
8543East Liberty Blvd at Frankstown Ave40.460617-79.915665
8542East Liberty Blvd at Hamilton Ave40.459669-79.915828
9233East Liberty Blvd at Highland Ave40.465836-79.921753
20101East Liberty Blvd at Highland Ave Fs40.465770-79.922330
18966East Liberty Blvd at Larimer Ave40.463642-79.917804
20096East Liberty Blvd at Larimer Ave40.463313-79.917174
9235East Liberty Blvd at Negley Ave40.467743-79.927925
19457East Liberty Blvd at Negley Ave Fs40.467458-79.927774
20097East Liberty Blvd at Negley Run Blvd40.465090-79.919599
8880East Liberty Blvd at Penn Ave40.457652-79.917320
8879East Liberty Blvd opp Dahlem Pl40.458507-79.916626
8878East Liberty Blvd opp Hamilton Ave40.460010-79.915777
17511East Liberty Div Drvwy at Employee Parking Lot40.456647-79.911422
19738East Ohio St at Cedar Ave40.453372-80.001478
1796East Ohio St at Cedar Ave40.453216-80.001918
20683East Ohio St at Chestnut St40.454684-79.994674
18354East Ohio St at Chestnut St Fs40.454574-79.995279
20674East Ohio St at Grant Ave40.478296-79.968920
20673East Ohio St at Heinz St40.455233-79.992771
1998East Ohio St at James St40.453559-80.000497
1997East Ohio St at Middle St40.453857-79.998947
2089East Ohio St at Middle St40.453704-79.999291
2090East Ohio St at Nash St Fs40.453886-79.998096
2088East Ohio St opp James St40.453453-80.000643
22554East Pittsburgh Mckeesport Blvd at #92040.381593-79.828047
20567East Pittsburgh Mckeesport Blvd at Maryland Ave40.380023-79.828305
20579East Pittsburgh Mckeesport Blvd at Maryland Ave40.380301-79.828568
22555East Pittsburgh Mckeesport Blvd opp #92040.381631-79.828263
20581East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at #62540.374323-79.827698
16230East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at Ault St40.364505-79.829199
20565East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at Brown Pl40.375122-79.827362
20585East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at Fairmont St40.362220-79.830647
20583East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at Orris Rd40.369082-79.830758
16198East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at Overhill Dr Fs40.377703-79.828056
20566East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at Pine Pl40.377987-79.827954
16233East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd at The Lane40.371262-79.828348
20584East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd opp Ault St40.364455-79.829314
16229East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd opp Fairmont St40.362175-79.830558
16231East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd opp Orris Rd40.368953-79.830665
20582East Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd opp The Lane40.371430-79.828428
225East St at Hazlett St40.474530-80.005074
221East St at Lareda St40.462256-79.998861
165East St at Milroy St40.476913-80.006848
227East St at Mt Pleasant Rd40.482220-80.005855
222East St at Royal St40.465814-79.999642
167East St at Suffolk St40.469084-80.001562
163East St at Venture St Fs40.485058-80.009567
166East St opp Hazlett St40.474771-80.005385
170East St opp Lareda St40.462822-79.998985
226East St opp Milroy St40.476754-80.006704
164East St opp Mt Pleasant Rd40.482270-80.005994
169East St opp Royal St40.465996-79.999840
224East St opp Suffolk St Ns40.468904-80.001347
228East St opp Venture St40.485056-80.009377
11962Eastman St at Greensprings Ave40.383622-79.877927
11911Eastman St at Greensprings Ave Fs40.383589-79.877821
20946Eben St at Shire Pl40.388376-80.008278
16026Eckstein Pl at Wadsworth St40.442613-79.968430
18918Eckstein Pl at Wadsworth St Fs40.442670-79.968450
10552Eden Park Blvd at Mayfair Ave40.343353-79.829344
10550Eden Park Blvd at Mckeesport High School Drvwy Fs40.344907-79.830532
10629Eden Park Blvd at O'neil Blvd40.347419-79.832327
10628Eden Park Blvd at Victory Dr40.345673-79.830978
19409Edgewood Ave at Braddock Ave Ns40.423629-79.886339
7067Edgewood Ave at Columbia Ave40.424387-79.885993
7068Edgewood Ave at Delaware Ave40.425418-79.885655
7072Edgewood Ave at Edgewood Ct40.430273-79.884342
19406Edgewood Ave at Elm St Fs40.431744-79.884461
7071Edgewood Ave at Gordon St40.428795-79.884537
7069Edgewood Ave at Lacrosse St40.426685-79.885234
7070Edgewood Ave at Lloyd Ave40.427825-79.884845
7074Edgewood Ave at Maple Ave40.432843-79.884685
19405Edgewood Ave at Sailor Pl Fs40.423430-79.886315
7154Edgewood Ave opp Columbia Ave40.424655-79.885998
7153Edgewood Ave opp Delaware Ave40.425625-79.885681
19408Edgewood Ave opp Elm St40.431873-79.884601
7151Edgewood Ave opp Gordon St40.428851-79.884637
7152Edgewood Ave opp Lacrosse Ave40.426817-79.885278
7376Edgewood Towne Centre at Dollar Tree40.427403-79.886398
19888Edgewood Towne Centre at Giant Eagle Fs40.425965-79.886878
7378Edgewood Towne Centre at Laundry Room40.427890-79.887289
7379Edgewood Towne Centre at Rent Way40.426673-79.887691
7374Edgewood Towne Centre at Towne Centre Offices40.424797-79.887434
21565Edward Dr at Custer Ave40.395650-79.968252
22262Electric Ave at #120840.407166-79.841556
20003Electric Ave at Dynamo Way40.401207-79.835075
7821Electric Ave at Electric Avenue Apartments40.402107-79.836670
7820Electric Ave at Greek Catholic Church40.402862-79.837488
7782Electric Ave at North Ave40.405459-79.839103
7780Electric Ave at Olympia Hall40.402808-79.837315
7778Electric Ave opp Dynamo Way40.401177-79.834857
7779Electric Ave opp Electric Avenue Apartments40.402203-79.836617
7818Electric Ave opp North Ave40.405558-79.839368
11958Eliza St at Corbin St40.387478-79.874924
11915Eliza St at Corbin St Fs40.387484-79.874856
17666Eliza St at Division St40.394594-79.879598
11932Eliza St at Division St40.394506-79.879442
11931Eliza St at Frank St40.391829-79.877208
11916Eliza St at Glencairn St40.389058-79.875401
11967Eliza St at Glencairn St Fs40.388710-79.875420
11966Eliza St opp Frank St (#3932)40.391949-79.877396
19120Ella St at Friendship Ave Fs40.464453-79.950619
14856Ella St at Liberty Ave40.463297-79.951732
8249Ellsworth Ave at Aiken Ave40.452860-79.936579
8261Ellsworth Ave at Aiken Ave40.452654-79.936836
8251Ellsworth Ave at Amberson Ave40.451390-79.940849
8259Ellsworth Ave at Amberson Ave40.451250-79.941055
8256Ellsworth Ave at Cathedral Mansions40.448528-79.947031
8268Ellsworth Ave at College St40.457038-79.929406
18143Ellsworth Ave at College St40.457248-79.929216
8250Ellsworth Ave at Colonial Pl40.451955-79.939154
8253Ellsworth Ave at Devonshire St40.450554-79.944922
8257Ellsworth Ave at Devonshire St40.450386-79.945093
18141Ellsworth Ave at East Liberty Station40.459262-79.922968
8260Ellsworth Ave at Ellsworth Pl40.451962-79.938890
8263Ellsworth Ave at Filbert St40.453832-79.934392
8248Ellsworth Ave at Graham St40.453746-79.934724
8244Ellsworth Ave at Maryland Ave40.456230-79.930721
8267Ellsworth Ave at Maryland Ave40.455959-79.930892
8252Ellsworth Ave at Morewood Ave40.450959-79.942875
8258Ellsworth Ave at Morewood Ave40.450821-79.943188
8246Ellsworth Ave at Negley Ave40.454871-79.932391
8265Ellsworth Ave at Negley Ave40.454662-79.932657
8255Ellsworth Ave at Neville St40.448155-79.947564
18144Ellsworth Ave at Spahr St40.458228-79.927539
8245Ellsworth Ave at Summerlea St40.455315-79.931689
8266Ellsworth Ave at Summerlea St40.455077-79.931849
8254Ellsworth Ave opp Clyde St40.448918-79.946762
20416Ellsworth Ave opp East Liberty Station40.459179-79.922894
18142Ellsworth Ave opp Spahr St40.458357-79.927439
8666Elmore St at Rose St40.443855-79.976625
21250Elmore St at Rose St Fs40.443656-79.976586
18707Ennerdale Dr at Laurelwood Dr40.551704-80.006004
1071Ennerdale Ln at #21040.552584-80.007390
1096Ennerdale Ln at Dounreay Pl40.551537-80.006790
2808Essen St at Sunset Ave40.473239-80.000709
1820Essen St opp Penfort St40.473048-80.003181
2807Essen St opp Penfort St Fs40.473201-80.002421
3282Euclid Ave at Bunkerhill St40.479018-79.917770
3281Euclid Ave at Callowhill St40.477098-79.918946
10587Evans St at Baldwin St40.347292-79.849351
10588Evans St at Colfax St40.348013-79.849425
18194Evans St at Hospital Dr40.350027-79.849480
10668Evans St at Lamont St40.346713-79.849343
17520Evans St at Mckeesport Hospital Emergency40.350924-79.849927
17521Evans St at Mckeesport Hospital Main Entrance40.351476-79.850446
20902Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd at #453440.500885-80.003708
20901Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd at #453540.500992-80.003792
442Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd at Babcock Blvd40.506035-79.990961
18709Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd at Ivory Ave Ns40.496285-80.007915
428Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd at Nelson Run Rd40.505720-79.995088
441Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd at People's Twp Rd40.505611-79.995486
1211Evergreen Ave at David St40.489175-79.972150
1136Evergreen Ave at Emma St40.489246-79.972206
1212Evergreen Ave at Franklin St40.490176-79.971767
1137Evergreen Ave at Frederick St40.488068-79.972687
1138Evergreen Ave at John St40.487221-79.972710
22614Evergreen Ave at Klopfer St40.485566-79.972353
1135Evergreen Ave opp Franklin St40.490466-79.971754
1209Evergreen Ave opp John St40.487126-79.972619
162Evergreen Rd at Baytree St40.488746-80.010295
229Evergreen Rd opp Baytree St40.488397-80.010081
20369Everton St at Oakdene St40.462583-79.890960
8433Everton St at Silverton St40.462797-79.891618
22712Ewing Rd at Coventry Health Care40.484613-80.196190
22711Ewing Rd opp Coventry Health Care40.484834-80.195942
20685Expomart Dr at West Entrance40.432640-79.794151
20688Expomart Dr at West Entrance40.432449-79.793976
3511Fairhaven Rd at #5940.470950-80.100110
3513Fairhaven Rd at Kenmawr Plaza Entrance (Shelter)40.474821-80.099333
3478Fairhaven Rd opp #6340.470546-80.100145
3476Fairhaven Rd opp Kenmawr Plaza Entrance40.475023-80.099363
6856Fairhaven Rd opp Stewart Ave40.378233-79.993675
99968Fallowfield Station40.411148-80.023078
99967Fallowfield Station40.411176-80.023434
4089Faronia St at Wynette St40.451812-80.067743
4152Faronia St at Wynette St Fs40.451893-80.067697
839Federal St at Alpine St40.458938-80.007857
19577Federal St at Hemlock St40.457232-80.007126
875Federal St at Henderson St40.458763-80.007621
873Federal St at North Ave Fs40.455887-80.006700
840Federal St at Sampsonia Way40.457744-80.007458
19843Felicity Rd at Kane Ctr (Staff Entrance)40.549619-80.015005
2503Ferguson Rd at Duncan Ave Ns40.565775-79.998152
3375Ferguson Rd at Foxcroft Ln40.565075-79.995804
3377Ferguson Rd at Guyton Rd40.564919-79.992843
3379Ferguson Rd at Lammerton Dr40.561237-79.987555
3380Ferguson Rd at Linwood Dr #140.558149-79.984849
3383Ferguson Rd at Linwood Dr #240.557117-79.973527
3384Ferguson Rd at Mt Royal Blvd40.555184-79.971386
19534Ferguson Rd at Mt Royal Blvd Fs40.555684-79.971802
3381Ferguson Rd at Ohio Dr40.557338-79.978771
3378Ferguson Rd at Post Rd40.563795-79.990021
2499Ferguson Rd at Post Rd40.563859-79.989982
2495Ferguson Rd at Sweeney Rd40.557968-79.975240
3374Ferguson Rd at Thompson Run Rd Fs40.565739-79.998253
20829Ferguson Rd at Wallace Rd40.564862-79.992513
3424Ferguson Rd at Wyland Ave40.561745-79.987548
2502Ferguson Rd opp Foxcroft Ln40.565142-79.995836
2498Ferguson Rd opp Lammerton Dr40.561302-79.987487
2494Ferguson Rd opp Linwood Dr #140.557043-79.973344
2497Ferguson Rd opp Linwood Dr #240.558170-79.984757
2496Ferguson Rd opp Ohio Dr40.557392-79.978424
3382Ferguson Rd opp Sweeney Rd40.557850-79.975678
2205Ferree St at 4th Ave40.514327-80.153265
13639Fiesta Dr at #25140.473174-79.708198
13640Fiesta Dr opp Riviera Dr40.474728-79.709107
13638Fiesta Dr opp Sun Valley Dr40.471518-79.707606
16029Fifth Ave Ramp at Fifth Ave Fs40.456011-79.910856
17765Fifth Ave Ramp at Fifth Ave Ns40.455928-79.910932
2556Fifth Ave at #235840.437206-79.971321
2557Fifth Ave at #2410 (Acta Program)40.436863-79.970223
3145Fifth Ave at Aiken Ave40.448493-79.934101
1166Fifth Ave at Amberson Ave40.447758-79.938742
36Fifth Ave at Atwood Station40.441902-79.958443
8318Fifth Ave at Beechwood Blvd40.453542-79.915543
1171Fifth Ave at Bellefield Ave40.446708-79.951709
3254Fifth Ave at Bellefield Ave40.446282-79.952095
3144Fifth Ave at Bellefonte St40.449009-79.932498
2567Fifth Ave at Bigelow Blvd (Pitt)40.444218-79.954941
3252Fifth Ave at Birmingham Bridge40.437748-79.972942
18165Fifth Ave at Brenham St Fs40.436504-79.968541
38Fifth Ave at Chesterfield Rd40.439483-79.961698
3141Fifth Ave at College St40.451301-79.925696
2561Fifth Ave at Craft Ave (Carlow Univ)40.437759-79.964150
1170Fifth Ave at Craig St40.447054-79.948816
1174Fifth Ave at Craig St Ns40.446805-79.949606
5128Fifth Ave at Desoto St40.442349-79.957815
3151Fifth Ave at Dinwiddie St40.438397-79.980639
18377Fifth Ave at Frankstown Ave40.458552-79.908061
17764Fifth Ave at Grant St Ns40.439220-79.996223
2562Fifth Ave at Halket St40.439035-79.962115
14573Fifth Ave at Hamilton Ave40.457381-79.909031
9257Fifth Ave at Hamilton Ave40.457103-79.909137
20015Fifth Ave at Hastings St Fs (Penn Ave)40.453872-79.913150
8312Fifth Ave at Highland Ave40.452049-79.923842
18164Fifth Ave at Kirkpatrick St Fs40.437875-79.973039
21497Fifth Ave at Latterman Family Health Center40.354262-79.836574
3156Fifth Ave at Magee St40.438698-79.988113
3142Fifth Ave at Maryland Ave40.450605-79.927407
19850Fifth Ave at Maurice St40.437404-79.965384
17671Fifth Ave at Mckee Pl Fs40.440629-79.959911
20016Fifth Ave at Mcpherson St40.455578-79.910663
2564Fifth Ave at Meyran Ave40.441136-79.959188
1167Fifth Ave at Morewood Ave40.447476-79.942284
1177Fifth Ave at Morewood Ave40.447365-79.942604
3251Fifth Ave at Moultrie St40.437998-79.974606
3147Fifth Ave at Moultrie St Fs40.438082-79.974544
3143Fifth Ave at Negley Ave40.449917-79.929560
3257Fifth Ave at Negley Ave40.449741-79.929775
1169Fifth Ave at Neville St40.447121-79.947174
1175Fifth Ave at Neville St40.447024-79.947427
2565Fifth Ave at Oakland Ave40.442132-79.957867
20014Fifth Ave at Penn Ave Fs40.453986-79.913047
3154Fifth Ave at Pride St40.438587-79.984852
2640Fifth Ave at Robinson St40.437773-79.965235
22609Fifth Ave at Robinson St Fs40.437071-79.965827
20293Fifth Ave at Ross St40.439002-79.995827
8681Fifth Ave at Ross St40.439020-79.995337
3250Fifth Ave at Seneca St40.438118-79.976007
8311Fifth Ave at Shady Ave40.452962-79.920585
8317Fifth Ave at Shady Ave40.452829-79.920856
20691Fifth Ave at Smithfield St40.440121-79.998838
8682Fifth Ave at Smithfield St40.440051-79.998423
3155Fifth Ave at Stevenson St40.438646-79.986237
33Fifth Ave at Tennyson Ave40.445740-79.953102
35Fifth Ave at Thackeray Ave40.443282-79.956511
8320Fifth Ave at Thomas Blvd40.454810-79.911464
34Fifth Ave at University Pl40.443970-79.955660
3157Fifth Ave at Washington Pl40.438843-79.990669
1179Fifth Ave at Wilkins Ave Fs40.447790-79.936871
17629Fifth Ave at William Penn Pl Fs40.439895-79.998008
20690Fifth Ave at Wood St40.440792-80.000658
18800Fifth Ave at Wood St Ns40.440475-79.999540
3149Fifth Ave at Wyandotte St40.438275-79.977362
2644Fifth Ave opp #235840.437202-79.970999
2643Fifth Ave opp #2410 (Acta Program)40.436907-79.970095
3255Fifth Ave opp Aiken Ave40.448296-79.934387
1178Fifth Ave opp Amberson Ave40.447642-79.938893
8310Fifth Ave opp Beechwood Blvd40.453713-79.915207
3256Fifth Ave opp Bellefonte St40.448985-79.932213
2558Fifth Ave opp Brenham St40.436405-79.968582
1176Fifth Ave opp Clyde St40.447201-79.944955
3259Fifth Ave opp College St40.451085-79.925929
2639Fifth Ave opp Craft Ave (Carlow Univ)40.437962-79.963795
18161Fifth Ave opp Diamond St40.438923-79.992504
3150Fifth Ave opp Gist St40.438346-79.979360
8316Fifth Ave opp Highland Ave40.451839-79.924060
21499Fifth Ave opp Latterman Family Health Center40.354011-79.836587
3258Fifth Ave opp Maryland Ave40.450439-79.927538
20684Fifth Ave opp Mcmasters Way40.441178-80.001434
20108Fifth Ave opp Mcpherson St Fs40.455505-79.910881
3148Fifth Ave opp Seneca St40.438191-79.975796
3253Fifth Ave opp Tennyson Ave40.445465-79.953224
2566Fifth Ave opp Thackeray Ave40.443040-79.956611
3152Fifth Ave opp Van Braam St40.438469-79.982426
1165Fifth Ave opp Wilkins Ave40.447892-79.936896
15844Fingal St at #225 (Fingal & Rutledge Terminus)40.440038-80.027037
99997First Avenue Station40.435574-79.996468
99996First Avenue Station40.435282-79.996698
29Forbes Ave at Atwood St40.440987-79.957685
7094Forbes Ave at Beechwood Blvd40.438093-79.915957
7129Forbes Ave at Beechwood Blvd40.438003-79.916373
7103Forbes Ave at Beeler St40.443833-79.938618
31Forbes Ave at Bigelow Blvd (Schenley Dr)40.443052-79.953835
30Forbes Ave at Bouquet St Fs40.442173-79.956062
3241Forbes Ave at Boyd St (Duquesne Univ)40.437995-79.993535
26Forbes Ave at Craft Ave Fs40.437225-79.962845
4409Forbes Ave at Craig St40.444525-79.948541
7128Forbes Ave at Denniston St40.437942-79.917844
2638Forbes Ave at Dithridge St40.444180-79.950002
3248Forbes Ave at Gist St40.437387-79.979635
27Forbes Ave at Halket St (Magee Hospital)40.438295-79.961409
7112Forbes Ave at Jumonville St40.437332-79.977997
3243Forbes Ave at Magee St40.437790-79.988495
18173Forbes Ave at Margaret Morrison St Ns40.442789-79.937780
3242Forbes Ave at Mcanulty Dr40.437950-79.991234
28Forbes Ave at Mckee Pl40.439670-79.959500
9023Forbes Ave at Meyran Ave40.440465-79.958405
3247Forbes Ave at Miltenberger St40.437476-79.981691
4407Forbes Ave at Morewood Ave Fs (Carnegie Mellon)40.444698-79.943756
7114Forbes Ave at Moultrie St40.437179-79.974813
7098Forbes Ave at Murdoch St40.437906-79.930587
7124Forbes Ave at Murdoch St40.437806-79.930837
7126Forbes Ave at Murray Ave40.438010-79.923198
7096Forbes Ave at Murray Ave Fs40.438095-79.923523
20103Forbes Ave at Northumberland St40.438956-79.934247
7100Forbes Ave at Northumberland St Fs40.439003-79.934171
9024Forbes Ave at Oakland Ave40.441461-79.957040
7101Forbes Ave at Plainfield St40.440376-79.935417
3245Forbes Ave at Pride St (Mercy Hospital)40.437633-79.985293
15659Forbes Ave at Schenley Dr (Golf Course)40.437974-79.933358
7113Forbes Ave at Seneca St40.437241-79.976135
7095Forbes Ave at Shady Ave40.438088-79.919217
7127Forbes Ave at Shady Ave40.438000-79.919581
3244Forbes Ave at Stevenson St40.437715-79.986693
3246Forbes Ave at Van Braam St40.437528-79.982842
7097Forbes Ave at Wightman St40.438102-79.927520
7125Forbes Ave at Wightman St40.437986-79.927988
7119Forbes Ave opp Beeler St40.443959-79.939400
2568Forbes Ave opp Bellefield Ave Ns40.443642-79.951492
7115Forbes Ave opp Craig St40.444327-79.948893
7102Forbes Ave opp Margaret Morrison St40.442606-79.937477
7117Forbes Ave opp Morewood Ave (Carnegie Mellon)40.444458-79.942291
7121Forbes Ave opp Plainfield St40.440575-79.935719
22733Forbes Hospital40.429049-79.748998
20798Forbes Rd at Ck Studios Driveway40.392151-79.758333
20794Forbes Rd at Meadow St40.389075-79.750174
20795Forbes Rd opp Ck Studios Driveway40.392094-79.758172
20799Forbes Rd opp Meadow St40.388935-79.750338
1314Forest / Balph40.499960-80.052560
20790Forest Ave at 6th St40.386826-79.757629
20803Forest Ave at 6th St40.386996-79.757561
20791Forest Ave at 7th St40.387290-79.757095
1275Forest Ave at #41440.498951-80.050481
1278Forest Ave at #54640.500653-80.053781
1277Forest Ave at Balph Ave40.499958-80.052374
1312Forest Ave at Carolyn Ave Fs40.502197-80.054516
19555Forest Ave at Center Ave Fs40.508155-80.047401
20804Forest Ave at Duquesne Ave40.385946-79.758745
1309Forest Ave at Klemont Ave40.506703-80.051236
1311Forest Ave at Maryland Ave40.504290-80.052416
1280Forest Ave at Maryland Ave40.504092-80.052545
1310Forest Ave at Ravenswood Ave40.505840-80.051601
1281Forest Ave at Ravenswood Ave40.505613-80.051547
1313Forest Ave opp #55040.500884-80.054378
19752Forest Ave opp #105540.508139-80.048642
1279Forest Ave opp Carolyn Ave40.502514-80.054345
19564Forest Ave opp Klemont Ave Fs40.506908-80.051069
3454Forest Grove Rd at #324 (Flamingo Landscape)40.480961-80.106140
3503Forest Grove Rd at #1764 (Plaza)40.476234-80.100788
3428Forest Grove Rd at Coraopolis Rd40.481175-80.106514
3455Forest Grove Rd at Diebold Rd40.479599-80.104187
3458Forest Grove Rd at Fairhaven Rd40.475708-80.099249
3456Forest Grove Rd at Midway Dr40.477795-80.102852
3453Forest Grove Rd at Speer Dr40.481812-80.109840
3505Forest Grove Rd at St Malachy Church40.479858-80.104234
3502Forest Grove Rd at Starling Dr40.475740-80.098754
3504Forest Grove Rd opp Midway Dr40.477876-80.102765
21097Forward Ave at Beechwood Blvd40.427926-79.916292
8011Forward Ave at Murray Ave40.429792-79.923314
8010Forward Ave at Shady Ave40.429144-79.920907
3715Foster Ave at Sr Citizen Bldg40.440754-80.068642
19707Foster Ave at Willow Ave (Opp Playground)40.441838-80.068282
18758Foster Ave opp Willow Ave (Playground)40.441581-80.068327
12178Fourth Ave at Grant St Fs40.437769-79.997031
10147Fourth Ave at Ppg Entrance40.440204-80.003579
11669Fourth Ave at Smithfield St40.438694-79.999638
12177Fourth Ave at Wood St40.439482-80.001669
18804Fox Chapel Rd at #325 (O'hara Municipal Building)40.495564-79.882158
18814Fox Chapel Rd at Freeport Rd Fs40.488406-79.883011
18817Fox Chapel Rd at N Margery Dr40.492092-79.881397
18818Fox Chapel Rd at Park Entrance (Baseball Field)40.496901-79.882543
18816Fox Chapel Rd at S Margery Dr40.489839-79.882638
18819Fox Chapel Rd opp Delafield Rd Ns40.498564-79.883360
18805Fox Chapel Rd opp N Margery Dr40.491845-79.881670
18806Fox Chapel Rd opp S Margery Dr40.489905-79.882762
9133Frankstown Ave at 5th Ave40.458678-79.908211
9136Frankstown Ave at Bennett St Fs40.458086-79.903669
19783Frankstown Ave at Blackadore Ave40.455486-79.883249
9111Frankstown Ave at Braddock Ave40.455910-79.889557
9143Frankstown Ave at Braddock Ave40.455961-79.890160
9110Frankstown Ave at Brushton Ave40.455527-79.887932
9144Frankstown Ave at Brushton Ave40.455516-79.888214
9112Frankstown Ave at Collier St40.456394-79.891705
9142Frankstown Ave at Collier St40.456390-79.892053
9149Frankstown Ave at Dornbush St40.455089-79.879877
9117Frankstown Ave at East View St40.458174-79.903634
9121Frankstown Ave at Finley St Ns40.459058-79.909511
19571Frankstown Ave at Gerritt St40.458652-79.902018
9140Frankstown Ave at Homewood Ave40.457390-79.896445
9114Frankstown Ave at Homewood Ave40.457396-79.896120
9139Frankstown Ave at Homewood House40.457625-79.897454
9131Frankstown Ave at Julius St40.459618-79.911476
9138Frankstown Ave at Lang Ave40.457900-79.898687
9115Frankstown Ave at Lang Ave Ns40.457885-79.898244
9134Frankstown Ave at Laschall St40.458317-79.906265
9107Frankstown Ave at Lawndale St40.455226-79.881720
9123Frankstown Ave at Lincoln Ave40.460306-79.913294
9116Frankstown Ave at Murtland St40.458485-79.900940
9137Frankstown Ave at Murtland St40.458486-79.901250
9145Frankstown Ave at Oakwood St40.455071-79.886238
8877Frankstown Ave at Paulson Ave40.460881-79.914969
9130Frankstown Ave at Putnam St40.459953-79.912514
9106Frankstown Ave at Standard Ave40.457215-79.877624
9113Frankstown Ave at Sterrett St40.456902-79.893952
9141Frankstown Ave at Sterrett St40.456898-79.894269
9120Frankstown Ave at Washington Blvd40.458667-79.907788
19096Frankstown Ave at Wilkinsburg Ave Fs40.458269-79.875603
18630Frankstown Ave opp Blackadore Ave40.455422-79.883552
19094Frankstown Ave opp Finley St Fs40.459017-79.909648
9135Frankstown Ave opp Inwood St40.458107-79.904995
9122Frankstown Ave opp Julius St40.459623-79.911281
9119Frankstown Ave opp Laschall St40.458329-79.905863
8794Frankstown Ave opp Lincoln Ave40.460448-79.913985
9109Frankstown Ave opp Oakwood St40.455114-79.885869
19095Frankstown Ave opp Standard Ave Fs40.457135-79.877541
9105Frankstown Ave opp Wilkinsburg Ave40.458210-79.875839
14242Frankstown Rd at 1st Reformed Church40.481488-79.821606
9103Frankstown Rd at #887740.460927-79.872337
14397Frankstown Rd at #1048540.460592-79.844448
22681Frankstown Rd at #1224540.472418-79.819675
14390Frankstown Rd at Banyon Dr40.466568-79.832756
14394Frankstown Rd at Bartholomew Church Dr40.464932-79.839371
14512Frankstown Rd at Beulah Rd Fs40.460712-79.841860
19059Frankstown Rd at Bon Air Rd Fs40.463635-79.855727
14406Frankstown Rd at Champa St40.462151-79.859425
14396Frankstown Rd at Coal Hollow Rd40.460444-79.842425
13795Frankstown Rd at Crab Hollow Rd40.461843-79.848849
19055Frankstown Rd at Crescent Hills Rd Fs40.472955-79.820262
19792Frankstown Rd at Crestview Dr40.479868-79.822493
14165Frankstown Rd at Crestview Rd40.479902-79.822576
13794Frankstown Rd at Curtis St40.462707-79.850078
19789Frankstown Rd at Duff Rd Fs40.465033-79.828093
13796Frankstown Rd at Duffield Ave40.461323-79.847962
19097Frankstown Rd at East Hills Dr Ns40.461136-79.870474
8956Frankstown Rd at Eastwood Rd40.461159-79.870010
14393Frankstown Rd at Erhardt Dr40.465916-79.838623
19102Frankstown Rd at Evernia Dr Fs40.464901-79.831041
9153Frankstown Rd at Eymard St Fs40.460521-79.872936
19786Frankstown Rd at Frankstown Gardens40.463546-79.851204
14408Frankstown Rd at Graham Blvd40.461430-79.862717
14511Frankstown Rd at Graham Blvd40.461374-79.863266
14524Frankstown Rd at Harvard Dr Fs40.469431-79.823570
13797Frankstown Rd at Hebron Church Park and Ride40.460423-79.844364
14517Frankstown Rd at Highland Rd40.467125-79.836296
14391Frankstown Rd at Highpoint Dr Fs40.467469-79.834708
22620Frankstown Rd at Hochberg Rd40.461739-79.860850
13791Frankstown Rd at Howard St40.462757-79.856728
14386Frankstown Rd at Lime Hollow Rd40.468456-79.824669
14520Frankstown Rd at Long Rd40.465760-79.832330
14402Frankstown Rd at Mcclutcheon Ln40.464876-79.853070
13793Frankstown Rd at Orin St40.464847-79.853228
9102Frankstown Rd at Overbrook Rd40.460926-79.867401
19104Frankstown Rd at Parkridge Dr40.470808-79.821387
19101Frankstown Rd at Penn Arbors Dr Fs40.464178-79.839647
19793Frankstown Rd at Petermans Ln40.483801-79.819236
14513Frankstown Rd at Ritzland Rd40.462399-79.840782
14510Frankstown Rd at Robinson Blvd Fs40.461225-79.865464
9155Frankstown Rd at Robinson Blvd Ns40.460865-79.867165
14522Frankstown Rd at Rodi Rd Fs40.466628-79.825881
14528Frankstown Rd at Shenandoah Dr40.474221-79.821772
14382Frankstown Rd at Spring Grove Rd40.474430-79.822022
14405Frankstown Rd at Tremont St40.462378-79.857997
19057Frankstown Rd at Wilson Dr Ns40.466912-79.837048
9104Frankstown Rd at Woods Rd40.460007-79.873744
14164Frankstown Rd opp 1st Reformed Church40.481163-79.822136
13792Frankstown Rd opp Bon Air Rd40.463679-79.855552
13789Frankstown Rd opp Champa St40.462013-79.859627
14399Frankstown Rd opp Crab Hollow Rd40.461884-79.848788
14400Frankstown Rd opp Curtis St40.462830-79.850126
14388Frankstown Rd opp Duff Rd40.465041-79.828292
14516Frankstown Rd opp Erhardt Dr40.465717-79.838753
14401Frankstown Rd opp Frankstown Gardens40.463667-79.851234
14385Frankstown Rd opp Harvard Dr40.469486-79.823647
19788Frankstown Rd opp Highpoint Dr40.467406-79.834790
14404Frankstown Rd opp Howard St40.463037-79.856477
14523Frankstown Rd opp Lime Hollow Rd40.468272-79.824698
19056Frankstown Rd opp Long Rd Fs40.465796-79.832230
19791Frankstown Rd opp Municipal Bldg40.472419-79.819559
14384Frankstown Rd opp Parkridge Dr Fs40.470882-79.821251
19058Frankstown Rd opp Ritzland Rd Fs40.462184-79.840973
14387Frankstown Rd opp Rodi Rd40.466393-79.826126
14514Frankstown Rd opp Vance St40.463322-79.839954
9152Frankstown Rd opp Woods Rd40.459716-79.873906
22621Frankstown opp Hochberg Rd Fs40.461629-79.860954
19510Freedom Ave at Creedmore Ave Fs40.389035-80.011747
6169Freedom Ave at Merrick Ave40.390076-80.010468
6168Freedom Ave at Wareman Ave40.389410-80.011288
12652Freeport Rd at 1st St40.573322-79.777489
12651Freeport Rd at 2nd St40.574878-79.777883
12650Freeport Rd at 3rd St40.577020-79.778416
12656Freeport Rd at #15340.567774-79.776218
15263Freeport Rd at #105040.487257-79.884597
12595Freeport Rd at #115040.488047-79.879415
12598Freeport Rd at #137240.489658-79.872719
12613Freeport Rd at #223840.527344-79.850562
13323Freeport Rd at Alabama Ave40.616583-79.736409
13334Freeport Rd at Alabama Ave40.616348-79.736633
3192Freeport Rd at Alpha Dr (Ridc Park)40.491591-79.865783
12689Freeport Rd at Alpha Dr E40.538742-79.830223
19426Freeport Rd at Alpha Dr W40.537945-79.834557
22359Freeport Rd at Altermoor Dr40.656057-79.707500
13335Freeport Rd at Argonne Dr40.617415-79.733948
13462Freeport Rd at Auto Parts Store40.631893-79.715232
19822Freeport Rd at Bailey's Run Rd40.587544-79.776306
12644Freeport Rd at Bartsch St40.585804-79.777023
13409Freeport Rd at Beacon St40.629010-79.718945
12603Freeport Rd at Blaw Ave40.492792-79.863087
18373Freeport Rd at Bonnieview Dr Fs40.643063-79.710374
3185Freeport Rd at Boyd Ave40.498219-79.854585
12608Freeport Rd at Boyd Ave40.497920-79.854793
3206Freeport Rd at Brilliant Ave40.488856-79.900961
13408Freeport Rd at Burtner Rd40.629697-79.718271
13460Freeport Rd at Burtner Rd40.629480-79.717677
3188Freeport Rd at Cable Ave40.494728-79.859360
16443Freeport Rd at California Ave40.618413-79.732157
13336Freeport Rd at California Ave40.618123-79.732368
3208Freeport Rd at Center Ave (Aspinwall)40.489935-79.904907
3191Freeport Rd at Center Ave (Blawnox)40.492051-79.864863
12602Freeport Rd at Center Ave (Blawnox)40.491803-79.865135
3183Freeport Rd at Clifton Ave40.499570-79.852991
3173Freeport Rd at Comfort Inn40.538296-79.832710
12646Freeport Rd at Crawford Run Rd40.582478-79.778435
16491Freeport Rd at Dallas Ave40.622754-79.726233
13406Freeport Rd at Davis St40.632736-79.714828
3204Freeport Rd at Delafield Ave Fs40.488036-79.897999
17355Freeport Rd at Dollar Bank Fs (Waterworks)40.487273-79.885363
3195Freeport Rd at E Oak Hill Rd40.489329-79.875036
3207Freeport Rd at Eastern Ave40.489450-79.903171
17323Freeport Rd at Evergreen Dr40.649166-79.708945
13319Freeport Rd at Fairmont Ave40.622225-79.727024
19820Freeport Rd at Ferry St Fs40.587511-79.776189
3198Freeport Rd at Fox Chapel Rd Ns (Plaza Drvwy)40.487870-79.880675
12662Freeport Rd at Glassmere Gas Station40.560579-79.772956
3178Freeport Rd at Guys Run Rd40.534012-79.844813
13464Freeport Rd at Harrison Ave Fs40.634537-79.713376
13468Freeport Rd at Harvard Ave Fs40.625907-79.722268
20657Freeport Rd at Horner St40.609265-79.749064
21681Freeport Rd at Hulton Bridge Fs40.529750-79.849670
3187Freeport Rd at Humboldt St40.496346-79.857063
12606Freeport Rd at Humboldt St40.496128-79.857172
13321Freeport Rd at Idaho Ave40.619673-79.730355
13337Freeport Rd at Idaho Ave40.619336-79.730541
12685Freeport Rd at Jefferson Ave40.540527-79.813489
19986Freeport Rd at Jefferson Ave Fs40.632614-79.714718
13405Freeport Rd at Lengel Ave40.634599-79.713500
18362Freeport Rd at Lewis Ave40.497037-79.855976
3186Freeport Rd at Lewis Ave Fs40.497280-79.855794
13410Freeport Rd at Lilac St Fs40.628311-79.719634
9329Freeport Rd at Main Entrance (Waterworks)40.487113-79.886433
12604Freeport Rd at Maple Ave40.493918-79.860825
3189Freeport Rd at Mckinley Ave40.494002-79.860896
13324Freeport Rd at Mile Lock Ln40.615670-79.738702
13333Freeport Rd at Mile Lock Ln40.615491-79.738793
13320Freeport Rd at Montana Ave40.621186-79.728489
13338Freeport Rd at Montana Ave40.620925-79.728594
12687Freeport Rd at Mulligan's40.540985-79.818588
12647Freeport Rd at Murray Hill Rd40.581448-79.778872
17350Freeport Rd at Oak Manor Dr40.650726-79.708371
12600Freeport Rd at Old Freeport Rd40.489956-79.871491
3309Freeport Rd at Old Freeport Rd (Fox Chapel Rd)40.487441-79.883056
13466Freeport Rd at Olive Ave40.638864-79.711198
3210Freeport Rd at Original Mattress Factory40.492023-79.909084
12684Freeport Rd at Orr Ave40.540497-79.811728
18380Freeport Rd at Paddock Restaurant40.643415-79.710113
13461Freeport Rd at Painter Ave40.630989-79.715912
12686Freeport Rd at Pearl Ave40.540773-79.816047
13317Freeport Rd at Pennsylvania Ave40.624944-79.723233
13411Freeport Rd at Poplar St40.627358-79.720678
21362Freeport Rd at Powers Run Rd Fs40.506549-79.851641
13318Freeport Rd at Princeton Ave40.623948-79.724420
13339Freeport Rd at Princeton Ave40.623707-79.724534
12663Freeport Rd at Riddle Run Rd40.545899-79.770572
13459Freeport Rd at Ross St40.627822-79.719322
12819Freeport Rd at Rowe's Crossing40.583613-79.777835
12645Freeport Rd at Rowe's Crossing40.583650-79.777950
3196Freeport Rd at S Oak Hill Rd40.488955-79.876906
13404Freeport Rd at Saxonburg Rd40.636115-79.712513
13467Freeport Rd at Spring Hill Rd40.626810-79.721289
15081Freeport Rd at Spring Hill Rd40.626517-79.721271
3175Freeport Rd at Target (Harmar)40.537572-79.836640
3177Freeport Rd at Valley Motel40.535428-79.842594
3205Freeport Rd at Virginia Ave Fs40.488464-79.899564
3209Freeport Rd at Western Ave40.490701-79.907450
12683Freeport Rd at Wilson Ave40.540666-79.809401
12822Freeport Rd at Works Entrance #340.593906-79.769818
12813Freeport Rd opp 1st St Fs40.573294-79.777354
12814Freeport Rd opp 2nd St Fs40.574852-79.777743
12815Freeport Rd opp 3rd St40.576934-79.778255
12809Freeport Rd opp #15340.567870-79.776113
17356Freeport Rd opp #105040.487400-79.884395
12784Freeport Rd opp #1101 (Mulligan's)40.540913-79.818825
3197Freeport Rd opp #115040.488158-79.879419
3194Freeport Rd opp #137240.489773-79.872514
3180Freeport Rd opp #223840.526393-79.851014
21680Freeport Rd opp #236640.530595-79.849301
12601Freeport Rd opp Alpha Dr (Ridc Park)40.491378-79.866017
12782Freeport Rd opp Alpha Dr E40.538586-79.830208
12619Freeport Rd opp Alpha Dr W40.537748-79.834780
17327Freeport Rd opp Altermoor Dr40.655803-79.707327
13407Freeport Rd opp Auto Parts Store40.630188-79.717697
12820Freeport Rd opp Bartsch St40.585537-79.777013
3190Freeport Rd opp Blaw Ave40.492969-79.862948
3307Freeport Rd opp Brilliant Ave Fs40.488691-79.900748
12605Freeport Rd opp Cable Ave40.494788-79.859041
3305Freeport Rd opp Center Ave40.490011-79.905520
12610Freeport Rd opp Clifton Ave40.499529-79.852853
12818Freeport Rd opp Crawford Run40.582387-79.778334
12597Freeport Rd opp E Oak Hill Rd40.489240-79.875024
3306Freeport Rd opp Eastern Ave40.489480-79.903626
17324Freeport Rd opp Evergreen Dr40.649055-79.708800
12808Freeport Rd opp Glassmere Gas Station40.560153-79.772559
12616Freeport Rd opp Guys Run Rd40.533763-79.844916
3179Freeport Rd opp Hulton Bridge Ns40.528983-79.850181
12618Freeport Rd opp Hwy Rt 910 (Werner Camp)40.536857-79.839260
12786Freeport Rd opp Jefferson Ave40.540454-79.813517
12817Freeport Rd opp Murray Hill Rd40.581140-79.778861
17349Freeport Rd opp Oak Manor Dr (Ymca Entrance)40.651210-79.708426
12787Freeport Rd opp Orr Ave40.540421-79.811831
12785Freeport Rd opp Pearl Ave40.540734-79.816466
21361Freeport Rd opp Powers Run Rd40.507276-79.851597
12807Freeport Rd opp Riddle Run Rd40.546179-79.770383
12596Freeport Rd opp S Oak Hill Rd40.488762-79.877214
13465Freeport Rd opp Saxonburg Rd40.636058-79.712346
3308Freeport Rd opp St Margaret's Dr40.487252-79.895639
12617Freeport Rd opp Valley Motel40.535264-79.842571
3304Freeport Rd opp Western Ave40.490614-79.907452
12788Freeport Rd opp Wilson Ave40.540578-79.809571
12642Freeport Rd opp Works Entrance #340.593011-79.770861
12761Freeport St at Bridge St40.496748-79.942023
12711Freeport St at Butler St40.496504-79.943842
12710Freeport St at Garden Alley40.496703-79.942578
1274Fremont Ave at Orchard Ave40.497647-80.050595
1273Fremont Ave at Teece Ave40.495795-80.051680
14846Friendship Ave at Aiken Ave40.461929-79.937472
14873Friendship Ave at Aiken Ave40.461878-79.937768
14847Friendship Ave at Atlantic Ave40.462029-79.938846
14872Friendship Ave at Atlantic Ave40.461986-79.939095
14853Friendship Ave at Edmond St40.462889-79.947706
14866Friendship Ave at Edmond St40.462614-79.947863
14863Friendship Ave at Ella St40.464615-79.950508
14849Friendship Ave at Evaline St40.462238-79.941508
14870Friendship Ave at Evaline St40.462191-79.941738
14875Friendship Ave at Fairmount St40.461308-79.934272
14844Friendship Ave at Fairmount St Fs40.461476-79.934539
14845Friendship Ave at Graham St40.461789-79.936196
14874Friendship Ave at Graham St40.461752-79.936473
14851Friendship Ave at Gross St40.462476-79.944382
14868Friendship Ave at Gross St40.462265-79.944658
18153Friendship Ave at Howley St40.465250-79.951388
14852Friendship Ave at Millvale Ave40.462720-79.945472
19127Friendship Ave at Millvale Ave40.462386-79.946194
14876Friendship Ave at Negley Ave40.460724-79.932623
14848Friendship Ave at Pacific Ave40.462144-79.940285
14871Friendship Ave at Pacific Ave40.462092-79.940489
14854Friendship Ave at Pearl St40.463490-79.948812
14865Friendship Ave at Pearl St40.463627-79.949135
19118Friendship Ave at Stratford Ave40.460995-79.933182
14864Friendship Ave at Taylor St40.464046-79.949724
14850Friendship Ave at Winebiddle St40.462365-79.943113
14869Friendship Ave at Winebiddle St40.462311-79.943332
18149Friendship Ave opp Howley St40.465109-79.951069
5928Ft Couch Rd at Medical Arts Bldg40.340878-80.052343
22749Ft Duquesne Blvd at 6th St40.443853-80.002818
98870Ft Duquesne Bridge - Inbound40.447859-80.008789
4828Ft Pitt Blvd at Smithfield St Fs40.437066-80.001663
21257Ft. Duquesne Bridge Hov Exit40.451023-79.997715
6573Galleria Storefront at Southeast Entrance40.356559-80.052006
21489Gamma Dr at Comfort Inn Drvwy40.500996-79.860983
12838Gamma Dr at Zeta Dr Ns40.500591-79.864784
21480Gamma Dr opp Zoll Driveway40.498724-79.868205
6931Gardenville Rd at Baptist Rd40.351982-80.010758
6936Gardenville Rd at Baptist Rd Fs40.351506-80.010472
20226Gardenville Rd at Charlotte Dr40.345644-80.006911
18879Gardenville Rd at Cross St40.349904-80.008162
6928Gardenville Rd at Koeffler Dr40.347836-80.007590
6938Gardenville Rd at Koeffler Dr40.348023-80.007710
18873Gardenville Rd opp Blossom Dr40.342678-80.005553
6940Gardenville Rd opp Charlotte Dr40.345836-80.007031
6929Gardenville Rd opp Cross St40.349908-80.008158
99991Gateway Station40.441705-80.004104
98880Gateway Station40.441588-80.004162
7012Gearing Ave at Chalfont St40.416665-80.004943
6983Gearing Ave at Climax St40.419063-80.005454
16489Gearing Ave at Freeland St40.418280-80.005260
7007Gearing Ave at Lafferty Ave40.418334-80.005373
6978Gearing Ave at Sylvania Ave40.417263-80.004878
18884Gearing Ave at Sylvania Ave40.417422-80.005029
15666Giant Eagle (Verona Rd) at Entrance40.462338-79.865005
15423Giant Eagle Dr at Drug Store40.411455-79.908297
17028Gilkeson Rd at #18740.357037-80.054313
6609Gilkeson Rd at #22340.357510-80.055404
6577Gilkeson Rd at Cedar Blvd40.361648-80.063758
20199Gilkeson Rd at Galleria Driveway Fs40.356964-80.053785
6576Gilkeson Rd at Old Gilkeson Rd40.359018-80.059790
19284Gilkeson Rd at Washington Rd40.355115-80.050458
19269Gilkeson Rd at Washington Rd Fs40.355715-80.051165
6608Gilkeson Rd opp Old Gilkeson Rd40.358795-80.059631
20912Glenbury St Ramp at South Busway40.382754-79.996639
2216Grand Ave at 2nd St40.510366-80.125975
2347Grand Ave at 2nd St40.510423-80.125756
2215Grand Ave at 4th St40.510891-80.127800
2348Grand Ave at 4th St40.510925-80.127541
2340Grand Ave at #3000 (Holden Corp)40.505370-80.104811
22265Grand Ave at #470040.509425-80.122260
2343Grand Ave at Army Corp Of Engineers40.508188-80.113331
2218Grand Ave at Calgon Carbon40.508991-80.119050
2209Grand Ave at Cottage Ave40.515663-80.144245
2355Grand Ave at Cottage Ave40.515745-80.143997
22264Grand Ave at Frontier Steel40.509504-80.122270
2210Grand Ave at Gibson Ln40.515129-80.142557
2354Grand Ave at Gibson Ln40.515198-80.142285
22491Grand Ave at Hubert St (Neville Park-and-ride)40.513100-80.135114
2352Grand Ave at Idaho Ave40.514069-80.138607
2356Grand Ave at Maple Ln40.516529-80.146301
15991Grand Ave at Neville Metals40.506232-80.106802
18797Grand Ave at Neville Rd Fs40.502479-80.101867
2226Grand Ave at Neville Rd Ns40.502892-80.101837
2341Grand Ave at Neville Recycling40.507125-80.109008
2353Grand Ave at Orchard St40.514515-80.140129
2349Grand Ave at Pershing Rd Fs40.512158-80.131546
2211Grand Ave at Pine Ln40.514516-80.140627
2344Grand Ave at Pittsburgh Recycling Center40.508769-80.116829
2221Grand Ave at Triad Metals40.507935-80.112392
18798Grand Ave at Von Stein Ln Fs40.517395-80.148785
2224Grand Ave opp #3000 (Holden Corp)40.505272-80.104820
2220Grand Ave opp Army Corps Of Engineers40.508108-80.113395
2345Grand Ave opp Calgon Carbon40.509087-80.119005
15974Grand Ave opp Hubert St (Neville Park and Ride)40.512871-80.135091
2208Grand Ave opp Maple Ln40.516422-80.146440
2223Grand Ave opp Neville Metals40.505991-80.106522
2222Grand Ave opp Neville Recycling40.507024-80.108999
2214Grand Ave opp Pershing Rd40.511989-80.131655
2219Grand Ave opp Pittsburgh Recycling Center40.508686-80.116943
2342Grand Ave opp Triad Metals40.507913-80.111629
2206Grand Ave opp Von Stein Ln40.517240-80.148792
22563Grandview Ave at #3940.349782-79.837390
15842Grandview Ave at #1209 (Duquesne Incline)40.438188-80.018936
6658Grandview Ave at Augusta St40.439816-80.022141
18513Grandview Ave at Bessemer Ave Ns40.395087-79.839308
20841Grandview Ave at Brownlee St40.348856-79.837207
11153Grandview Ave at Center Ave40.395612-79.839121
6660Grandview Ave at Cohassett St40.437868-80.018323
6661Grandview Ave at Hallock St40.437310-80.017330
6662Grandview Ave at Labelle St40.436425-80.015718
6659Grandview Ave at Plymouth St40.438881-80.020553
6657Grandview Ave at Shaler St40.440396-80.023224
6771Grandview Ave opp Augusta St40.439760-80.021955
19296Grandview Ave opp Cohassett St40.437917-80.018250
19295Grandview Ave opp Hallock St40.437296-80.017192
6770Grandview Ave opp Plymouth St40.438925-80.020502
6772Grandview Ave opp Shaler St40.440406-80.023119
10886Grant Ave at 1st St40.373374-79.845977
11783Grant Ave at 2nd St40.373085-79.847145
11782Grant Ave at 4th St40.372609-79.849171
11677Grant Ave at 4th St Fs40.372631-79.849411
11679Grant Ave at 6th St40.372266-79.850983
11780Grant Ave at 6th St40.372133-79.851168
1201Grant Ave at #11440.478066-79.969696
1204Grant Ave at Black St40.480088-79.973408
22613Grant Ave at Black St40.480043-79.973459
3360Grant Ave at Byerley Ave40.508183-79.951881
1670Grant Ave at Davis Ave40.490247-80.050707
1146Grant Ave at East Ohio St40.477821-79.969467
19389Grant Ave at Erwin St40.371720-79.853243
2430Grant Ave at Herman St40.508453-79.952020
19531Grant Ave at Lehr Ave Fs40.506790-79.951019
1672Grant Ave at Lincoln Ave40.491966-80.048481
2429Grant Ave at Mt Hope St40.506750-79.950894
1205Grant Ave at North Ave40.480871-79.974815
1202Grant Ave at Sheridan St40.478588-79.970668
1144Grant Ave at Sherman St40.479332-79.972138
1203Grant Ave at Sherman St40.479274-79.971929
3362Grant Ave at Vilsack St40.505177-79.949951
1671Grant Ave at Washington Ave Fs40.490874-80.049883
3363Grant Ave at Wilson St40.504208-79.949249
1668Grant Ave at Woodlawn Ave40.488936-80.052393
1669Grant Ave opp Jefferson Ave40.489448-80.051722
1667Grant Ave opp Laurel Ave40.488400-80.053093
1145Grant Ave opp School St40.478348-79.970406
2428Grant Ave opp Vilsack St40.505123-79.949829
2427Grant Ave opp Wilson St40.504141-79.949046
15287Grant St at Liberty Ave Fs (Fed Bldg)40.443292-79.994316
17396Grant St at Oliver Ave40.440245-79.996334
8100Grant St at Penn Ave40.404865-79.825859
3427Grant St at Post Office40.443027-79.994296
15474Grant St at Seventh Ave Fs40.442787-79.994301
7874Grant St at Strawberry Way (Us Steel Tower)40.441557-79.995472
8099Grant St at Tri-boro Expwy40.406308-79.825194
8122Grant St at Tri-boro Expwy40.405803-79.825197
1510Grant St at Us Steel Stop A40.441202-79.995360
15946Grant St at Us Steel Stop B40.441664-79.995195
5564Grant St opp Oliver Ave40.440094-79.996232
21490Green Lot at Broadway Ave40.346081-79.828415
17269Greenfield Ave at #32240.425356-79.948151
12137Greenfield Ave at Beehner Rd40.424244-79.934128
12134Greenfield Ave at Blanton St Steps40.424366-79.937523
11068Greenfield Ave at Delevan St40.423521-79.931631
12139Greenfield Ave at Delevan St40.423499-79.931758
18952Greenfield Ave at Frank St Fs40.424139-79.933088
12212Greenfield Ave at Frazier St40.425718-79.949754
11071Greenfield Ave at Graphic St40.424362-79.935158
12210Greenfield Ave at Hayworth St40.425372-79.945104
8505Greenfield Ave at Hazelwood Ave40.419868-79.929271
12132Greenfield Ave at Hoosac St40.425833-79.941092
18954Greenfield Ave at Hoosac St Fs40.425883-79.941162
12100Greenfield Ave at Irvine St40.424821-79.952401
18447Greenfield Ave at Irvine St Fs40.424903-79.951833
12130Greenfield Ave at Kearcher St40.425299-79.943942
19906Greenfield Ave at Loretta St40.421882-79.929833
18950Greenfield Ave at Loretta St40.421693-79.929690
12131Greenfield Ave at Lydia St40.425471-79.942559
18955Greenfield Ave at Lydia St Fs40.425535-79.942606
12135Greenfield Ave at Mccaslin St40.424087-79.936474
11072Greenfield Ave at Mccaslin St40.424297-79.936081
12085Greenfield Ave at Second Ave40.424988-79.952568
12127Greenfield Ave at Sylvan Ave40.425641-79.949668
18951Greenfield Ave at Windsor St Fs40.423000-79.930411
12133Greenfield Ave at Winterburn Ave40.426083-79.940054
18953Greenfield Ave at Winterburn Ave Fs40.426170-79.939998
19904Greenfield Ave at Yoder St40.425148-79.947039
11070Greenfield Ave opp Beehner Rd40.424290-79.934090
11073Greenfield Ave opp Blanton St Steps Fs40.424559-79.937667
12138Greenfield Ave opp Frank St (#912)40.423938-79.932797
12136Greenfield Ave opp Graphic St40.424318-79.935394
12129Greenfield Ave opp Hayworth St40.425200-79.945376
12209Greenfield Ave opp Kearcher St40.425354-79.943777
12211Greenfield Ave opp Yoder St Fs40.425297-79.947543
18948Greenfield Bridge at Alger St40.427294-79.938801
19899Greenfield Rd at Overlook Dr40.432839-79.937307
6775Greenleaf St at Fingal St40.439023-80.027202
21243Greensburg Pike at 1st St Fs40.401907-79.823750
14022Greensburg Pike at Bowling Alley40.383638-79.819283
21235Greensburg Pike at Central Ave Fs40.392942-79.819059
21241Greensburg Pike at Central Ave Fs40.392787-79.819170
15732Greensburg Pike at Corvette Technicians40.382375-79.818214
14024Greensburg Pike at Hilda Ave40.380808-79.814711
21237Greensburg Pike at Kline Ave40.397689-79.821042
21239Greensburg Pike at Kline Ave Fs40.397816-79.821085
21236Greensburg Pike at Lloyd Ave40.396761-79.821229
14023Greensburg Pike at Union Ave40.381135-79.817004
21234Greensburg Pike at Versailles Castle Apts40.388629-79.821747
21238Greensburg Pike opp 1st St40.402059-79.823776
15735Greensburg Pike opp Bowling Alley40.383666-79.819216
21240Greensburg Pike opp Lloyd Ave40.397009-79.821253
21242Greensburg Pike opp Versailles Castle Apts40.388359-79.822212
11715Greensprings Ave at Borough Parking Lot40.391844-79.884638
11713Greensprings Ave at Church St40.390627-79.882385
11746Greensprings Ave at Church St Fs40.390715-79.882556
11716Greensprings Ave at Cypress St40.393009-79.886031
11744Greensprings Ave at Duquesne Ave Fs40.391860-79.884732
11710Greensprings Ave at Hazel St40.387095-79.880609
11711Greensprings Ave at High St40.387806-79.880829
11707Greensprings Ave at Municipal Bldg40.384098-79.878430
11750Greensprings Ave at Roberta Dr40.386039-79.880322
11714Greensprings Ave at Spring St40.391476-79.883479
11752Greensprings Ave opp Eastman St40.383543-79.878252
11749Greensprings Ave opp Hazel St40.387215-79.880724
11748Greensprings Ave opp High St40.387889-79.880924
11709Greensprings Ave opp Roberta Dr40.385798-79.880054
18891Greensprings Ave opp Spring St Fs40.391397-79.883477
5881Greentree Rd at #208040.391972-80.069099
19592Greentree Rd at Arla Dr Fs40.403529-80.058299
5656Greentree Rd at Banbury Ln40.406342-80.053023
5661Greentree Rd at Carnahan Rd40.414111-80.045016
5822Greentree Rd at Chatham Park Dr40.403345-80.058376
5862Greentree Rd at Covenant Church Park and Ride40.400571-80.064294
5655Greentree Rd at Forest Dr Fs40.405522-80.054181
5863Greentree Rd at Forsythe Rd40.399857-80.065010
5861Greentree Rd at Green Oak Ln40.401536-80.063061
20812Greentree Rd at Greenbriar Dr40.396871-80.065896
5741Greentree Rd at Greenridge Ln40.409908-80.048134
22699Greentree Rd at Junius St40.431622-80.038879
22705Greentree Rd at Junius St40.431931-80.038861
5795Greentree Rd at Lindsay Rd40.386087-80.084647
5736Greentree Rd at Manilla Ave40.418648-80.045868
5663Greentree Rd at Manilla Ave Fs40.418682-80.045713
5879Greentree Rd at Manor Care Driveway40.396586-80.066160
20420Greentree Rd at Manorview Rd40.394720-80.066166
5553Greentree Rd at Mansfield Ave40.422172-80.046055
22697Greentree Rd at Mckninney Ln Fs40.425676-80.041612
5660Greentree Rd at Orchard Dr40.412117-80.045942
5659Greentree Rd at Oriole Dr40.410280-80.047472
5460Greentree Rd at Parkway Center Dr South40.424606-80.042834
19693Greentree Rd at Pocono Dr Fs40.416730-80.044980
5657Greentree Rd at Potomac Ave40.408367-80.050176
22698Greentree Rd at Ridgemont Dr40.429004-80.040118
22706Greentree Rd at Ridgemont Dr40.429122-80.040127
19580Greentree Rd at Ryan Dr Ns40.402324-80.061703
17007Greentree Rd at St Margaret School Driveway40.423084-80.044874
20814Greentree Rd at Virginia Manor Sc Driveway40.392205-80.067613
5882Greentree Rd at Virginia Mansions40.391672-80.071292
22700Greentree Rd at Wabash St40.436132-80.033835
5552Greentree Rd at Warriors Rd40.424250-80.043385
5743Greentree Rd opp Banbury Ln40.406612-80.052778
5738Greentree Rd opp Carnahan Rd40.414317-80.045095
5744Greentree Rd opp Forest Dr40.405559-80.054260
5819Greentree Rd opp Forsythe Rd40.399517-80.064987
5820Greentree Rd opp Green Oak Dr Ns40.401118-80.063307
5878Greentree Rd opp Greenbriar Dr40.398529-80.065668
5658Greentree Rd opp Greenridge Ln40.409844-80.048089
5880Greentree Rd opp Manorview Rd40.394717-80.066373
5458Greentree Rd opp Mansfield Ave Fs40.422491-80.045508
22707Greentree Rd opp Mckinney Ln40.425933-80.041503
5739Greentree Rd opp Orchard Dr40.412212-80.045994
5740Greentree Rd opp Oriole Dr40.410360-80.047495
19590Greentree Rd opp Pocono Dr Fs40.416383-80.045074
5742Greentree Rd opp Potomac Ave40.408620-80.049956
5860Greentree Rd opp Ryan Dr40.402916-80.060647
20813Greentree Rd opp Virginia Mansions Fs40.391559-80.071087
9352Greenwood St at Jancey St40.485885-79.926432
18148Gross St at Friendship Ave40.462316-79.944469
8836Grove Rd at Chaske St40.474794-79.871544
8835Grove Rd at Selvin Dr40.473825-79.868673
8833Grove Rd at Suncrest Dr40.470995-79.866867
8834Grove Rd at Westminster Dr40.473207-79.867977
6734Haberman Ave at Bailey Ave40.426867-80.002561
19311Haberman Ave at Kathleen St Fs40.425932-80.002596
4890Haberman Ramp at Harwood St Steps40.421543-80.003502
6706Haberman Ramp at South Hills Jct40.421537-80.006101
4765Haberman Ramp opp Harwood St Steps40.421520-80.003623
11076Halket St at Forbes Ave40.438406-79.961113
11075Halket St at Louisa St40.437051-79.959414
8299Hamilton Ave at Braddock Ave40.453121-79.890694
8332Hamilton Ave at Braddock Ave40.453171-79.891297
8298Hamilton Ave at Brushton Ave40.452717-79.888910
8333Hamilton Ave at Brushton Ave40.452728-79.889339
8300Hamilton Ave at Collier St40.453609-79.892823
8305Hamilton Ave at Dallas Ave40.456290-79.904615
8325Hamilton Ave at Dallas Ave40.456269-79.904900
14358Hamilton Ave at East Liberty Blvd40.459819-79.915520
14357Hamilton Ave at Enterprise St40.459349-79.914352
8307Hamilton Ave at Fifth Ave40.457147-79.908405
18934Hamilton Ave at Fifth Ave Fs40.457033-79.908283
8297Hamilton Ave at Hale St40.452376-79.887422
8334Hamilton Ave at Hale St40.452353-79.887665
8302Hamilton Ave at Homewood Ave40.454644-79.897391
8328Hamilton Ave at Homewood Ave40.454631-79.897689
14355Hamilton Ave at Julius St40.458267-79.911563
8303Hamilton Ave at Lang Ave40.455119-79.899498
8327Hamilton Ave at Lang Ave40.455104-79.899767
8306Hamilton Ave at Laschall St40.456666-79.906307
8335Hamilton Ave at Mulford St40.452113-79.886641
8304Hamilton Ave at Murtland St40.455711-79.902082
8326Hamilton Ave at Murtland St40.455692-79.902364
18936Hamilton Ave at Oakwood St40.451715-79.884876
14356Hamilton Ave at Putnam St40.458824-79.913027
8301Hamilton Ave at Sterrett St40.454129-79.895127
8331Hamilton Ave opp Collier St40.453591-79.893116
14421Hamilton Ave opp Enterprise St40.459316-79.914620
14422Hamilton Ave opp Julius St40.458202-79.911682
8324Hamilton Ave opp Laschall St40.456745-79.906999
18937Hamilton Ave opp Rosedale St40.452042-79.885949
8329Hamilton Ave opp Sterrett St40.454076-79.895263
7213Harriet St at 5th Ave40.414645-79.883319
7254Harriet St at 5th Ave40.414827-79.883297
7212Harriet St at Bldg #240.413906-79.883657
7255Harriet St opp Bldg #240.413944-79.883782
12201Hartman St at Anderson Ave40.349977-79.834371
21496Hartman St at Camp St40.354733-79.834704
21501Hartman St at O'neil Blvd40.347764-79.832699
12170Hartman St at Sarah St Fs40.349870-79.834240
7053Hawkins Ave at 2nd St40.411868-79.869768
7168Hawkins Ave at 2nd St40.411910-79.869939
7170Hawkins Ave at 4th St40.409409-79.866944
7051Hawkins Ave at 4th St40.409214-79.866592
7171Hawkins Ave at #50440.408220-79.865525
7050Hawkins Ave at #50940.408253-79.865457
7172Hawkins Ave at #55240.406967-79.863914
7173Hawkins Ave at Middle St40.405536-79.861839
7169Hawkins Ave at Overland St40.411050-79.868915
7210Hawkins Ave at Rankin Blvd40.412138-79.881089
7049Hawkins Ave at Rose St40.406859-79.863618
7052Hawkins Ave opp Overland St40.410873-79.868582
7625Hay St at Penn Ave40.444335-79.885783
8313Hay St at Penn Ave40.443912-79.885912
13603Haymaker Rd at Clover Dr40.442193-79.760116
13507Haymaker Rd opp Clover Dr40.442448-79.760208
22653Haymaker Village (Shop N Save)40.389442-79.766828
980Hazelton St at N Charles St40.471237-80.007174
977Hazelton St at Suffolk St40.467290-80.005838
976Hazelton St opp Seabright St40.466885-80.005070
20486Hazelwood Ave at #73740.419915-79.931716
18963Hazelwood Ave at #77140.419882-79.930425
20882Hazelwood Ave at Calvary St40.419456-79.934099
20866Hazelwood Ave at Emahlea St40.418148-79.936668
20487Hazelwood Ave at Frank St40.419856-79.932901
20880Hazelwood Ave at Giddings St40.414509-79.939171
17229Hazelwood Ave at Gladstone St40.412525-79.940300
11065Hazelwood Ave at Greenfield Ave40.419731-79.928993
22661Hazelwood Ave at Lytle St40.410800-79.946773
22654Hazelwood Ave at Lytle St40.410911-79.946820
20878Hazelwood Ave at Nansen St40.413361-79.939324
12241Hazelwood Ave at Notley St40.419846-79.931424
22754Hazelwood Ave at Osprey Way40.411266-79.944329
20881Hazelwood Ave at Sabina St40.415852-79.938477
12250Hazelwood Ave at Second Ave40.411411-79.944466
12248Hazelwood Ave at Sylvan Ave40.411953-79.941742
20867Hazelwood Ave at Winterburn Ave40.415669-79.939018
19902Hazelwood Ave opp #71140.419791-79.932618
20879Hazelwood Ave opp Emahlea St40.417938-79.936661
20877Hazelwood Ave opp Gladstone St40.412399-79.940231
12242Hazelwood Ave opp Greenfield Ave40.419731-79.929354
20868Hazelwood Ave opp Nansen St40.413525-79.939415
12215Hazelwood Ave opp Sylvan Ave40.411892-79.941803
3482Heckle Rd at Ohio Valley Hospital Entrance40.471759-80.091657
3483Heckle Rd at Pine Hollow Rd40.474942-80.095929
3507Heckle Rd at Shop-n-save Drvwy Fs40.473517-80.094421
3508Heckle Rd opp Ohio Valley Hospital Entrance40.471688-80.091671
16940Heckle Rd opp Shop-n-save Drvwy40.473413-80.094148
22720Helen St at Agnes St40.475092-80.058109
3575Helen St at Catherine St40.472643-80.056236
3552Helen St at Catherine St40.472795-80.056347
3551Helen St at Ella St40.473970-80.057317
3576Helen St at Ella St Fs40.474345-80.057502
3554Helen St at Robb St (Munson Ave)40.470665-80.054687
3574Helen St at Sproul St40.471510-80.055306
18778Helen St at Sproul St Fs40.471469-80.055359
1085Hemlock Dr at #442440.578872-79.980699
18699Hemlock Dr at Babcock Blvd40.587194-79.999078
18695Hemlock Dr at Laurel Oak Dr40.577244-79.979532
504Hemlock Dr at North Park Pool Park and Ride40.586694-79.996333
1131Hemlock Dr at Sample Rd40.576218-79.978973
1083Hemlock Dr at Sample Rd Fs40.576425-79.978994
1129Hemlock Dr opp #442440.578812-79.980765
18719Hemlock Dr opp Laurel Oak Dr40.577199-79.979590
18717Hemlock Dr opp North Park Pool Park and Ride40.586742-79.996834
967Henderson St at Carrie St40.461217-80.001631
983Henderson St at Fountain St40.459033-80.006879
985Henderson St at James St Steps40.459567-80.002579
986Henderson St opp Jay St40.460163-80.001694
984Henderson St opp Sandusky Ct40.459144-80.005697
3439Herbst Rd at #22540.499466-80.116578
3438Herbst Rd at #23540.499532-80.115160
15992Herbst Rd at Bostian Dr40.485336-80.113008
3443Herbst Rd at Downs Dr40.492833-80.118277
3452Herbst Rd at Forest Grove Rd40.482228-80.111894
21116Herbst Rd at Herbst Manor Rd40.491383-80.119188
3447Herbst Rd at Mary St40.486407-80.117525
18783Herbst Rd at Rose Ave Fs40.487232-80.118370
3445Herbst Rd at Vigne Rd40.489527-80.119555
22419Herbst Rd opp Agnes St40.486335-80.113749
3448Herbst Rd opp Grant St40.486903-80.115178
3441Herbst Rd opp Jenny Ln40.493981-80.117055
22643Herman Ave at Commerce St40.392502-79.808601
2612Herron Ave at Dobson St40.458354-79.964275
2613Herron Ave at Hancock St40.457016-79.964760
2688Herron Ave at Liberty Ave40.461447-79.966996
2687Herron Ave at Ruthven St40.459202-79.965914
2611Herron Ave opp Ruthven St Fs40.459198-79.965996
3265Highland Ave at Alder St40.457050-79.925112
3135Highland Ave at Alder St40.457415-79.925244
19383Highland Ave at Baum Blvd40.460630-79.924998
17602Highland Ave at Broad St40.462540-79.924240
3128Highland Ave at East Liberty Blvd40.466480-79.922588
3272Highland Ave at East Liberty Blvd40.465716-79.922805
20765Highland Ave at Ellsworth Ave Steps40.458806-79.925153
20766Highland Ave at Ellsworth Ave Steps40.459009-79.925091
3137Highland Ave at Elwood St40.455070-79.925384
3140Highland Ave at Fifth Ave40.452057-79.924126
19420Highland Ave at Fifth Ave Fs40.452311-79.924161
3123Highland Ave at Hampton St40.473884-79.919162
3277Highland Ave at Hampton St40.473348-79.919282
3127Highland Ave at Hays St40.468209-79.921783
3139Highland Ave at Howe St40.453410-79.924941
3261Highland Ave at Howe St40.453237-79.924715
3125Highland Ave at Jackson St40.471209-79.920396
3275Highland Ave at Jackson St40.471040-79.920347
3268Highland Ave at Penn Ave40.461264-79.924789
3129Highland Ave at Rippey St40.464872-79.923326
3126Highland Ave at Stanton Ave40.469802-79.921045
3274Highland Ave at Stanton Ave40.469594-79.921019
3270Highland Ave at Station St40.463612-79.923811
8539Highland Ave at Vintage Senior Citizen Ctr40.465361-79.923099
3138Highland Ave at Walnut St40.454233-79.925407
3262Highland Ave at Walnut St40.454105-79.925237
3124Highland Ave at Wellesley Ave40.472637-79.919746
3276Highland Ave at Wellesley Ave40.472346-79.919742
3267Highland Ave opp Baum Blvd40.460348-79.924930
3278Highland Ave opp Bryant Ct40.474412-79.918790
3263Highland Ave opp Elwood St40.455145-79.925271
19412Highland Ave opp Hays St40.468152-79.921679
9294Highland Ave opp Rippey St Fs40.464870-79.923197
20313Highland Dr at Job Corp Dr Fs40.478259-79.899287
8407Highland Dr opp Job Corps Dr40.478217-79.898975
19675Highland Rd at Oxford Dr40.348917-80.050166
19268Highland Rd at Oxford Dr Fs40.348821-80.050792
6613Highland Rd at Washington Rd Fs40.348209-80.051758
2376Hill St at Locust Pl40.542179-80.178633
9215Hillcrest Ave at Atlantic Ave40.468215-79.938063
9251Hillcrest St at Aiken Ave40.467689-79.934766
9249Hillcrest St opp Fannell St40.467946-79.936562
22312Hillcrest St opp Wicklow St40.467825-79.935715
21469Hobart Rd at Greenfield Rd Fs40.432569-79.936292
20185Hoffman Blvd at Clonmel St40.382773-79.866925
19569Hoffman Blvd at Duquesne Blvd Fs40.384438-79.863571
20406Hoffman Blvd at Kennywood Blvd40.384712-79.862880
22610Hoffman Blvd at Kennywood Mall Dr40.382387-79.868368
20160Hoffman Blvd opp Clonmel St Ns40.382904-79.866847
13565Holiday Park Dr at Hwy Rt 28640.475287-79.707584
20247Hollyrood Dr at Prospect Rd40.362776-79.963595
11754Homeville Rd at Castle Dr #140.381464-79.877411
11756Homeville Rd at Castle Dr #240.376822-79.875540
11706Homeville Rd at Commonwealth Ave40.382700-79.877766
11759Homeville Rd at Duquesne Village Entrance #140.366901-79.871599
11760Homeville Rd at Duquesne Village Entrance #240.365499-79.870586
11757Homeville Rd at Municipal Rd40.373795-79.873863
11703Homeville Rd opp Castle Dr #140.376823-79.875446
11705Homeville Rd opp Castle Dr #240.381288-79.877237
11700Homeville Rd opp Duquesne Village Entrance #140.366678-79.871328
11699Homeville Rd opp Duquesne Village Entrance #240.365609-79.870489
11702Homeville Rd opp Municipal Rd40.373624-79.873668
8380Homewood Ave at Bennett St40.456356-79.896663
8465Homewood Ave at Bennett St40.456576-79.896660
8377Homewood Ave at Finance St (East Busway)40.452946-79.898624
8464Homewood Ave at Frankstown Ave40.457505-79.896304
20044Homewood Ave at Frankstown Ave Fs40.457685-79.896149
8378Homewood Ave at Hamilton Ave40.454534-79.897553
8467Homewood Ave at Hamilton Ave40.454737-79.897505
8384Homewood Ave at Hermitage St40.460095-79.895206
8462Homewood Ave at Hermitage St40.460290-79.895222
20045Homewood Ave at Idlewild St40.458102-79.895985
8385Homewood Ave at Kedron St40.460755-79.894950
8379Homewood Ave at Kelly St40.455404-79.897035
8466Homewood Ave at Kelly St40.455679-79.897008
8383Homewood Ave at Monticello St40.459391-79.895481
8386Homewood Ave at Mt Vernon St40.461303-79.894734
8461Homewood Ave at Mt Vernon St40.461532-79.894724
8375Homewood Ave at Penn Ave40.449025-79.901395
8470Homewood Ave at Penn Ave40.449375-79.901241
8382Homewood Ave at Race St40.458770-79.895722
8463Homewood Ave at Race St40.458930-79.895748
8472Homewood Ave at Reynolds St40.446598-79.903162
8471Homewood Ave at Roycrest Pl40.448219-79.902048
8376Homewood Ave at Thomas Blvd40.450779-79.900146
8469Homewood Ave at Thomas Blvd40.451085-79.900015
20372Homewood Ave opp Finance St (East Busway)40.453066-79.898625
8374Homewood Ave opp Roycrest Pl40.448104-79.902065
21616Horning Rd at #562140.333033-79.989037
20808Horning Rd at Broughton Rd40.330636-79.988323
18853Horning Rd at Broughton Rd Fs40.330774-79.988297
21647Horning Rd opp #562140.333017-79.989130
14862Howley St at Friendship Ave40.465054-79.951390
19447Howley St at Shur Save Drvwy Fs (Gangwish St)40.464384-79.952270
14508Hulton Rd at 3rd St40.526027-79.842532
14466Hulton Rd at 5th St40.525004-79.838598
14311Hulton Rd at 5th St40.525024-79.838369
14467Hulton Rd at 7th St40.524338-79.835884
14468Hulton Rd at 9th St40.523697-79.833183
14469Hulton Rd at 10th St40.523865-79.831764
14470Hulton Rd at 11th St40.524078-79.830399
14471Hulton Rd at 12th St40.524319-79.828995
15112Hulton Rd at 13th St40.524735-79.827057
14472Hulton Rd at 15th St40.525604-79.823052
19133Hulton Rd at Center Ave40.522238-79.811170
14474Hulton Rd at Coxcomb Hill Rd40.527034-79.816721
19151Hulton Rd at Frankland Ave40.522060-79.810915
15122Hulton Rd at Hulton Arbors40.513655-79.804199
15149Hulton Rd at Hulton Estates40.513394-79.803444
20123Hulton Rd at Jefferson St40.523081-79.811690
20125Hulton Rd at Lincoln Ave40.524994-79.813677
19150Hulton Rd at Pennsylvania Ave40.525955-79.815246
14371Hulton Rd at Riverview High School40.526325-79.844132
14473Hulton Rd at The Fairways40.525948-79.821671
14309Hulton Rd opp 9th St40.523839-79.832854
14308Hulton Rd opp 10th St40.523990-79.831644
20036Hulton Rd opp 12th St40.524467-79.828759
16546Hulton Rd opp 13th St40.524815-79.826986
15150Hulton Rd opp Hulton Arbors40.513741-79.804234
15123Hulton Rd opp Hulton Estates40.513214-79.803198
20024Hulton Rd opp Jefferson St40.522957-79.811691
20023Hulton Rd opp Lincoln Ave40.525113-79.813992
20022Hulton Rd opp Pennsylvania Ave40.525991-79.815426
14305Hulton Rd opp The Fairways40.525983-79.821770
7339Hutchinson St at Braddock Ave40.433122-79.893523
7320Hutchinson St at East End Ave40.433182-79.893181
20004Hutchinson St at East End Ave40.433333-79.892982
7321Hutchinson St at Savannah Ave40.433611-79.892198
19876Hwy Rt 51 Ramp at Hwy Rt 51 (Steps)40.342380-79.965775
9648Hwy Rt 51 at #279040.378346-79.989857
9649Hwy Rt 51 at #285040.377594-79.987442
9695Hwy Rt 51 at #285940.377704-79.987343
9651Hwy Rt 51 at #350040.373095-79.982146
9653Hwy Rt 51 at #404040.368452-79.983506
9421Hwy Rt 51 at Beall Dr40.355419-79.979426
11257Hwy Rt 51 at Blue Flame40.305157-79.934197
9590Hwy Rt 51 at Borough Park Dr40.352256-79.977752
9700Hwy Rt 51 at Brentwood Town Square40.366702-79.984203
9424Hwy Rt 51 at Brownsville Rd40.363540-79.983860
18431Hwy Rt 51 at Brownsville Rd40.363980-79.984324
9414Hwy Rt 51 at Cloverleaf Towers40.341990-79.966174
11214Hwy Rt 51 at Coal Valley Rd40.313092-79.938532
18432Hwy Rt 51 at Coal Valley Rd Fs40.312438-79.938461
9652Hwy Rt 51 at Delco Rd40.370796-79.982348
11261Hwy Rt 51 at Dick Corporation Dr40.292375-79.915705
20237Hwy Rt 51 at E Bruceton Rd Fs40.328065-79.944898
2400Hwy Rt 51 at Edgetown Apts40.500011-80.112061
20238Hwy Rt 51 at Elliott Rd Fs40.310328-79.937574
9588Hwy Rt 51 at Glen Elm Dr40.356702-79.980487
9736Hwy Rt 51 at Glenburn Dr40.339028-79.960278
9810Hwy Rt 51 at Glenburn Dr40.338936-79.960625
20645Hwy Rt 51 at Grace St40.344044-79.971740
9650Hwy Rt 51 at Greenlee Rd40.375664-79.983688
9704Hwy Rt 51 at Greenlee Rd40.375346-79.983158
18677Hwy Rt 51 at Hillview St Fs40.381293-79.995505
19898Hwy Rt 51 at Irwin Dr Fs40.343586-79.970155
11258Hwy Rt 51 at Jefferson Veterinary Clinic40.301631-79.930273
11259Hwy Rt 51 at Large Vfd40.300589-79.923550
11215Hwy Rt 51 at Lewis Run Rd40.321001-79.942067
9702Hwy Rt 51 at Marylea Dr40.370518-79.982295
9591Hwy Rt 51 at Maxwell Dr Fs40.350023-79.976465
18421Hwy Rt 51 at Maxwell Dr Ns40.349593-79.975905
11274Hwy Rt 51 at Monro Muffler40.331322-79.945749
9419Hwy Rt 51 at Nurnberger Dr40.352284-79.977589
9815Hwy Rt 51 at Old Clairton Rd40.366919-79.984277
9791Hwy Rt 51 at Old Clairton Rd Fs40.340494-79.964389
18434Hwy Rt 51 at Old Clairton Rd Fs (Large)40.294400-79.917992
9737Hwy Rt 51 at Old Lebanon Church Rd40.340531-79.964186
20520Hwy Rt 51 at Party City (Century Iii)40.335355-79.947225
9813Hwy Rt 51 at Pep Boys40.337683-79.951689
9733Hwy Rt 51 at Petco Driveway40.338335-79.953013
11207Hwy Rt 51 at Peters Creek Rd40.292341-79.915368
9701Hwy Rt 51 at Pizza Hut40.368006-79.983551
10222Hwy Rt 51 at Primanti Brothers40.324570-79.943857
9607Hwy Rt 51 at South Mall Entrance Dr40.335166-79.946884
9606Hwy Rt 51 at Southland Shopping Ctr Entrance40.332179-79.945835
2399Hwy Rt 51 at Stanford Ct40.495251-80.111231
9647Hwy Rt 51 at Stewart Ave40.378742-79.993248
9423Hwy Rt 51 at Stilley Rd40.361158-79.982392
9417Hwy Rt 51 at Streets Run Rd40.346239-79.973317
9592Hwy Rt 51 at Streets Run Rd40.346450-79.973576
2372Hwy Rt 51 at Valley Ambulance40.527478-80.185032
11211Hwy Rt 51 at Wray Large Rd40.300406-79.922522
9589Hwy Rt 51 opp Beall Dr40.355602-79.979737
11212Hwy Rt 51 opp Blue Flame40.304798-79.933545
9596Hwy Rt 51 opp Cloverleaf Towers40.342102-79.966751
10145Hwy Rt 51 opp E Bruceton Rd40.328475-79.944830
11213Hwy Rt 51 opp Elliott Rd40.309895-79.937161
9422Hwy Rt 51 opp Glen Elm Dr40.356579-79.980212
9416Hwy Rt 51 opp Grace St40.344022-79.971331
9594Hwy Rt 51 opp Irwin Dr40.343486-79.970306
15463Hwy Rt 51 opp Jefferson Veterinary Clinic40.301396-79.929547
11254Hwy Rt 51 opp Lewis Run Rd40.321184-79.942318
11208Hwy Rt 51 opp Old Clairton Rd40.294458-79.917807
10144Hwy Rt 51 opp Primanti Brothers40.323893-79.943333
22301Hwy Rt 51 opp Stewart Ave40.378650-79.992751
9587Hwy Rt 51 opp Stilley Rd40.361387-79.982709
2193Hwy Rt 51 opp Valley Ambulance40.527403-80.185185
13629Hwy Rt 286 at #161040.435106-79.714115
18624Hwy Rt 286 at Alpine Village Park and Ride40.429104-79.719682
13931Hwy Rt 286 at Day Chevrolet40.431525-79.716964
13567Hwy Rt 286 at Duane Dr40.468421-79.705984
13568Hwy Rt 286 at Holiday Park Vfd40.466522-79.705536
13635Hwy Rt 286 at Kane Rd (Ymca)40.457768-79.708463
13572Hwy Rt 286 at New Texas Rd - Plum Park and Ride40.450972-79.713580
13571Hwy Rt 286 at Pine Valley Dr40.455090-79.710802
13569Hwy Rt 286 at Presque Isle Dr40.463731-79.705538
13631Hwy Rt 286 at Rickenbaker Dr40.442050-79.713245
13574Hwy Rt 286 at Rickenbaker Dr40.442413-79.713402
18627Hwy Rt 286 at Royal Oaks Shopping Center Drvwy Fs40.443966-79.713486
13636Hwy Rt 286 at Sandune Dr40.463377-79.705450
13576Hwy Rt 286 opp #161040.435577-79.713989
20020Hwy Rt 286 opp Alpine Village Park and Ride40.429049-79.719444
13577Hwy Rt 286 opp Day Chevrolet40.431539-79.717118
13570Hwy Rt 286 opp Kane Rd (Ymca)40.458055-79.708362
13633Hwy Rt 286 opp New Texas Rd - Plum Park and Ride40.450647-79.713551
13634Hwy Rt 286 opp Pine Valley Dr40.454971-79.710756
20640Hwy Rt 885 at #111840.311440-79.916380
22587Hwy Rt 885 at #162040.324054-79.926871
22631Hwy Rt 885 at Andrew Dr40.321168-79.924543
12050Hwy Rt 885 at Coal Valley Rd40.322754-79.926491
20642Hwy Rt 885 at Coal Valley Rd Fs40.322095-79.925844
10215Hwy Rt 885 at Gordons Ln40.335938-79.936816
10075Hwy Rt 885 at Hampton Rd40.327536-79.931088
10131Hwy Rt 885 at Huston Dr40.338381-79.937652
22753Hwy Rt 885 at Lebanon Church Rd (Sheetz)40.347173-79.939031
12055Hwy Rt 885 at Lebanon Church Rd Fs40.347985-79.939228
10078Hwy Rt 885 at Lewis Run Rd40.332344-79.933663
12059Hwy Rt 885 at Lewis Run Rd Ns40.333464-79.934872
20641Hwy Rt 885 at Payne Hill Rd Fs40.310058-79.915485
10197Hwy Rt 885 at Spartz Dr40.328124-79.931677
20534Hwy Rt 885 at Sunset Dr40.306464-79.908653
20667Hwy Rt 885 at Wall Rd40.306952-79.904973
20532Hwy Rt 885 at Wray Dr Fs40.315177-79.917160
20531Hwy Rt 885 at Wray Large Rd40.318595-79.921816
22612Hwy Rt 885 opp Andrew Dr40.321049-79.924235
10130Hwy Rt 885 opp Gordons Ln40.335958-79.936625
10214Hwy Rt 885 opp Huston Dr40.338258-79.937829
20613Hwy Rt 885 opp Sunset Dr40.306715-79.909254
20535Hwy Rt 885 opp Wall Rd Fs40.307031-79.904340
20616Hwy Rt 885 opp Wray Dr40.315227-79.917096
20617Hwy Rt 885 opp Wray Large Rd40.318534-79.921627
18458Imogene Rd at Browns Hill Rd40.415093-79.924930
18450Imogene Rd at Browns Hill Rd Fs40.415265-79.924993
12123Imogene Rd at Desdemona Ave40.411704-79.922799
12062Imogene Rd opp Desdemona Ave40.411896-79.922847
12661Industrial Blvd at Key Lincoln-Mercury40.563447-79.767920
320Ingomar Rd opp Saratoga Dr40.584080-80.028099
4187Ingram Ave at Mainsgate St40.446104-80.067642
19614Ingram Ave at Marcross Ave40.443850-80.066310
19192Ingram Ave at West Busway Ramp Fs40.443931-80.066180
11626Interboro Ave at Brierly Ln40.376779-79.909381
11056Interboro Ave at Leaside Dr40.372220-79.912366
11622Interboro Ave at Leaside Dr #1 (Mifflin)40.370143-79.912825
11623Interboro Ave at Leaside Dr #240.371988-79.912347
11054Interboro Ave at Lindberg Ave Fs40.375433-79.910523
11057Interboro Ave at Mifflin Rd40.369951-79.912954
11055Interboro Ave at Plaport St40.373828-79.911892
11625Interboro Ave opp Lindberg Ave40.375316-79.910482
11624Interboro Ave opp Plaport St40.373761-79.911865
9055Iowa St opp Clarissa St40.452382-79.956671
12080Irvine St at Berwick St40.413064-79.945196
12082Irvine St at Mobile St40.415956-79.946641
12081Irvine St at Tullymet St40.414518-79.945884
12105Irvine St opp Berwick St40.413123-79.945349
12103Irvine St opp Mobile St40.416081-79.946823
2237Island Ave at #117940.479477-80.067741
2235Island Ave at #130840.481851-80.069605
2334Island Ave at #147040.486857-80.076279
18256Island Ave at Adrian St40.474383-80.064048
1702Island Ave at Beaver Ave40.461933-80.032517
2244Island Ave at Bouquet St40.466650-80.060497
2242Island Ave at Bradley St40.470415-80.060455
2321Island Ave at Bradley St40.470432-80.060348
2245Island Ave at Chartiers Ave Ns (Mary St)40.465943-80.060861
18796Island Ave at Churchill St40.472378-80.061609
2322Island Ave at Cutler St40.471707-80.061179
2241Island Ave at Cutler St Fs40.471641-80.061253
2333Island Ave at Fleming Ave40.484996-80.073384
2331Island Ave at Franklin Interiors40.483409-80.071052
2335Island Ave at Glenn Way40.488950-80.079287
2320Island Ave at John St Fs40.469253-80.060134
2324Island Ave at Mckees Rocks Bridge40.473413-80.062277
18793Island Ave at Orr St Fs40.484155-80.072340
2238Island Ave at Tunnel Way40.477246-80.066341
2328Island Ave opp #117940.479456-80.067613
2330Island Ave opp #130840.481803-80.069441
2231Island Ave opp #147040.486778-80.076325
2239Island Ave opp Adrian St40.474514-80.064317
2319Island Ave opp Bouquet St40.466601-80.060404
2232Island Ave opp Fleming Ave40.485215-80.073914
19609Island Ave opp Franklin Interiors40.483335-80.071095
2230Island Ave opp Glenn Way40.488934-80.079483
2326Island Ave opp Mccoy Rd40.475573-80.065030
2240Island Ave opp Mckees Rocks Bridge40.473317-80.062404
18794Island Ave opp Orr St40.484389-80.072535
2327Island Ave opp Tunnel Way40.477109-80.066138
2844Itin St at Diana St40.461801-79.992148
2822Itin St at Goehring St40.461071-79.993394
2842Itin St at High St40.459767-79.994776
2824Itin St at Spring Garden Ave40.457850-79.995499
20824Itin St opp Diana St40.461846-79.992179
2843Itin St opp Goehring St40.461051-79.993325
2823Itin St opp High St40.459737-79.994697
2799Ivory Ave at Cherryland St40.496491-80.008984
2798Ivory Ave at Evergreen & Peoples Plank Rd40.496047-80.007572
2698Ivory Ave at Evergreen Rd40.496066-80.008083
2802Ivory Ave at Peachtree Way40.496780-80.014756
21364Ivory Ave at Scherling St40.495825-80.005372
2800Ivory Ave at Valley View St40.496766-80.011171
2697Ivory Ave opp Cherryland St40.496434-80.009008
2695Ivory Ave opp Nelson Run Rd40.496621-80.014573
2693Ivory Ave opp Rodenbaugh Ave Fs40.497304-80.017454
21363Ivory Ave opp Scherling St40.495990-80.007329
2696Ivory Ave opp Valley View St40.496738-80.011318
22607Jacks Run Rd at #315040.349139-79.791023
11176Jacks Run Rd at #319340.352159-79.789420
11175Jacks Run Rd at Biros Trailer Park40.360209-79.785726
11177Jacks Run Rd at Mckee Rd40.344054-79.798456
11130Jacks Run Rd at Mckeesport Sportsmen's Assoc40.358595-79.786057
11128Jacks Run Rd at Oak Park Mall40.337842-79.807186
11178Jacks Run Rd at Rainbow Shopping Ctr Entrance40.338111-79.806605
858Jacks Run Rd at York Dr40.499943-80.031822
859Jacks Run Rd opp Connie Dr40.499146-80.029366
11129Jacks Run Rd opp Mckee Rd40.343804-79.798810
860Jacks Run Rd opp York Dr40.499943-80.031517
8130James St at #53040.410841-79.818780
8082James St at #53140.410879-79.818861
22564James St at #144540.421196-79.806332
22565James St at #144640.421209-79.806157
8078James St at Boone Dr40.414924-79.815784
17126James St at Buena Vista Rd40.420174-79.808328
8080James St at Carothers Dr40.413136-79.817791
8081James St at Garden Dr40.412629-79.818399
18395James St at Harper Dr40.416306-79.814820
8071James St at James St Ext40.423633-79.793952
8133James St at Lower Boone Dr40.414753-79.815788
8083James St at Monroeville Ave40.409218-79.818901
18523James St at Monroeville Ave40.409024-79.818855
8135James St at Ohio St40.419083-79.811298
8074James St at Queen Dr40.421864-79.803116
8140James St at Speelman Ln40.421176-79.799956
8128James St at Turtle Creek-monroeville Rd40.424469-79.790625
8137James St opp Buena Vista Rd40.420078-79.808367
8131James St opp Carothers Dr40.412898-79.817998
8077James St opp Harper Dr40.416761-79.814647
8142James St opp James St Ext40.423468-79.794105
8076James St opp Ohio St40.419145-79.811293
8139James St opp Queen Dr40.421877-79.803323
18503James St opp Speelman Ln Fs40.421710-79.797985
9353Jancey St at #184240.487100-79.925194
9332Jancey St at #185340.486950-79.925440
19869Jancey St at Baker St40.487671-79.924698
9337Jancey St at Bryant St40.479447-79.929774
9333Jancey St at Greenwood St40.486014-79.926461
9338Jancey St at Hampton St40.477310-79.930466
9334Jancey St at Martha St40.484970-79.927788
9340Jancey St at Stanton Ave40.474308-79.931448
9336Jancey St at Vetter St40.481113-79.929232
9335Jancey St at Vilsack St40.482677-79.928725
9339Jancey St at Wellesley Ave40.476175-79.930827
9331Jancey St opp Gael Way40.487679-79.924786
17235Jeffers St at #133040.453006-80.065562
4092Jeffers St at #133140.452919-80.065506
4091Jeffers St at Fadette St40.452025-80.065951
4151Jeffers St opp Fadette St40.452097-80.066031
17432Jefferson Dr at Mccoy Rd40.479716-80.078489
20577Jefferson Hospital40.317834-79.933164
14959Jefferson Rd at Universal Rd40.465379-79.824506
12070Johnston Ave at #63540.404871-79.935356
12069Johnston Ave at #65740.405358-79.934098
12116Johnston Ave at #66640.405465-79.933832
12067Johnston Ave at #85740.406218-79.930971
20885Johnston Ave at Broadview Dr Fs40.407196-79.926827
12073Johnston Ave at Gertrude St40.406575-79.941279
12112Johnston Ave at Glenwood Ave40.406469-79.939846
12072Johnston Ave at Glenwood Ave40.406474-79.939644
12071Johnston Ave at Mansion St40.405517-79.937283
12114Johnston Ave at Mansion St40.405408-79.937219
20886Johnston Ave at Naomi Dr40.408299-79.925845
18457Johnston Ave at Rivermont Dr40.406560-79.927812
18452Johnston Ave at Rivermont Dr Fs40.406657-79.927785
12068Johnston Ave at Roselle Ct Fs40.406200-79.932842
12074Johnston Ave at Second Ave40.406185-79.942843
18453Johnston Ave at Second Ave Fs40.406135-79.942619
12113Johnston Ave at Winston St40.405819-79.938236
12115Johnston Ave opp #64340.404825-79.935035
12118Johnston Ave opp #85740.406120-79.930677
20887Johnston Ave opp Broadview Dr40.407416-79.926433
12111Johnston Ave opp Gertrude St40.406496-79.941243
20176Johnston Ave opp Naomi Dr40.408398-79.925736
18455Johnston Ave opp Roselle Ct40.406163-79.932674
7272Jones Ave at Bell Ave40.403340-79.862896
7559Jones Ave at Miller Ave40.405669-79.859516
7538Jones Ave at Parkview Ave40.403664-79.862579
7560Jones Ave at Zuerner Way40.406036-79.858462
7558Jones Ave opp Hawkins Ave40.404807-79.860882
7561Jones Ave opp Main St40.407498-79.856915
4806Josephine St at #303340.421910-79.964981
4804Josephine St at #320340.419960-79.964246
4803Josephine St at #323740.418956-79.964629
20785Josephine St at Arlington Ave40.417514-79.965511
4859Josephine St at Barry St40.423821-79.969052
4809Josephine St at S 26th St40.424076-79.969795
19370Josephine St at Salisbury St Ns40.418107-79.966897
4861Josephine St opp #303340.421863-79.965044
19666Josephine St opp #320140.420042-79.964279
4863Josephine St opp #323740.418987-79.964677
4808Josephine St opp Barry St40.423810-79.968812
4802Josephine St opp Salisbury St Ns40.417832-79.966700
4807Josephine St opp Telescope St40.422887-79.966790
22259Jughandle at Ivyglen St Fs40.382402-79.995621
3249Jumonville St at Watson St40.437729-79.977658
22640Kane Blvd at Bower Hill Rd40.371851-80.082752
6272Kane Blvd at Church Rectory40.373069-80.083982
6267Kane Blvd at Davis St40.378016-80.091450
6269Kane Blvd at Elm Dr40.375889-80.088639
6270Kane Blvd at Green Commons Dr40.375371-80.087923
6268Kane Blvd at Hughes St40.377249-80.090478
19731Kane Blvd at Our Lady Of Grace Church40.374043-80.085023
18664Kane Blvd at Providence Point Blvd40.375230-80.087600
19644Kane Blvd opp Church Rectory40.373064-80.083892
6431Kane Blvd opp Davis St40.378087-80.091418
6429Kane Blvd opp Elm Dr40.375956-80.088619
6430Kane Blvd opp Hughes St40.377351-80.090497
6426Kane Blvd opp Our Lady Of Grace Church40.373912-80.084665
12091Kane Center Main Entrance (Glen Hazel)40.407563-79.929895
6700Kathleen St at Beltzhoover Ave40.425688-79.997641
6699Kathleen St at Craighead St40.425655-79.998660
19307Kathleen St at Estella Ave Fs40.425594-80.001007
15887Kathleen St at Haberman Ave40.425539-80.002824
15886Kathleen St at Harwood St40.425450-80.004162
6731Kathleen St at Judicial St40.425687-79.999805
6730Kathleen St opp Craighead St40.425720-79.998641
6732Kathleen St opp Estella Ave40.425654-80.001036
6698Kathleen St opp Judicial St40.425624-79.999828
9766Keeport Dr at #540240.339527-79.980301
12357Keeport Dr at #540740.339562-79.980222
12358Keeport Dr at Knoedler Rd40.341981-79.981157
9767Keeport Dr at Travis Dr40.338259-79.979176
20243Keeport Dr at Travis Dr Fs40.338377-79.979093
10005Keeport Dr at Youngridge Dr40.340754-79.981175
9765Keeport Dr opp Youngridge Dr40.340929-79.981265
7140Kelly Ave at Hay St40.440118-79.888290
7088Kelly Ave at Peebles St40.441271-79.894206
7085Kelly Ave at Pitt St40.440542-79.889366
7139Kelly Ave at Pitt St40.440568-79.889636
7137Kelly Ave at Trenton Ave40.441217-79.892502
19007Kelly Ave at Trenton Ave Fs40.441283-79.892690
7086Kelly Ave at West St40.441133-79.891147
7138Kelly Ave at West St40.441169-79.891419
16680Kendall Ave at Cedar Ave40.486660-80.053636
1659Kendall Ave at Crawford Ave40.488972-80.050720
1658Kendall Ave at Davis Ave40.489674-80.049881
1660Kendall Ave opp Watson Ave40.487930-80.051987
18410Kennedy Ave at 2nd St40.371828-79.846640
18409Kennedy Ave at 4th St40.371348-79.848583
18411Kennedy Ave at 4th St40.371480-79.848341
18408Kennedy Ave at 6th St40.370846-79.850644
18412Kennedy Ave at 6th St40.370961-79.850453
18413Kennedy Ave at Auriles St40.370458-79.852508
22634Kennedy Ave at Auriles St40.370295-79.852680
11777Kennedy Ave at Catherine St40.369709-79.853575
16620Kennedy Ave at Dell St40.366496-79.857290
11686Kennedy Ave at Mifflin St40.366181-79.857698
11685Kennedy Ave at Peter St40.367585-79.855851
11775Kennedy Ave at Peter St40.367463-79.855902
11684Kennedy Ave at Wilmot St40.368893-79.854475
11774Kennedy Ave opp Dell St40.366429-79.857264
11776Kennedy Ave opp Wilmot St40.368742-79.854521
3479Kennedy Ctr Giant Eagle40.467880-80.097160
10895Kennywood Blvd at #400040.392553-79.869860
10976Kennywood Blvd at #400040.393051-79.870401
10978Kennywood Blvd at Glencairn St40.389117-79.867993
18176Kennywood Blvd at Glencairn St Fs40.389083-79.867784
10894Kennywood Blvd at Glenn St40.390578-79.869040
10977Kennywood Blvd at Glenn St40.390712-79.869320
10979Kennywood Blvd at Hoffman Blvd40.385019-79.863085
10975Kennywood Blvd at Mifflin St40.401454-79.880826
10892Kennywood Blvd opp Hoffman Blvd40.384975-79.862540
18177Kennywood Blvd opp Mifflin St40.401288-79.880477
12589Kennywood Mall Dr at Hoffman Blvd40.382439-79.868764
11670Kennywood Mall Fire Lane at Giant Eagle40.383913-79.868381
11791Kennywood Mall Fire Lane at Hollywood Video40.383592-79.867459
99909Killarney Station40.373624-80.008182
99962Kings School Road40.308545-80.033333
99961Kings School Road40.308018-80.033251
8668Kirkpatrick St at Centre Ave40.445153-79.976067
8630Kirkpatrick St at Centre Ave Fs40.445085-79.976144
20504Kirkpatrick St at Rose St40.444479-79.975709
16614Knoedler Rd at Baldwin Towers (#200)40.341909-79.982312
9664Knoedler Rd at Brownsville Rd40.341664-79.984815
18848Knoedler Rd at Brownsville Rd Fs40.341621-79.984516
9665Knoedler Rd at Keeport Dr40.342028-79.981401
16403Knoedler Rd opp Merryheart Home (#100)40.341969-79.982456
2675Knox Ave at Rochelle St40.415178-79.990587
20252Kohne St at Fisher St40.410562-79.973745
20397Labelle St at Grandview Ave40.436320-80.015608
6663Labelle St at Piermont St40.434605-80.016043
20396Labelle St at Piermont St40.434490-80.015973
20395Labelle St at Sycamore St40.433118-80.016261
6665Labelle St at Virginia Ave40.432235-80.016524
6664Labelle St opp Sycamore St40.433320-80.016311
4086Ladoga St at #321840.449796-80.068213
4154Ladoga St at Kathy Dr40.450645-80.069388
4088Ladoga St at Middletown Rd40.451368-80.069520
4153Ladoga St at Middletown Rd40.451686-80.069430
7719Laketon Rd at #174640.449086-79.866019
7612Laketon Rd at #175340.449168-79.865981
7730Laketon Rd at #360040.459447-79.843850
7728Laketon Rd at Churchill Ave40.457677-79.850241
7724Laketon Rd at Collins Rd40.453389-79.859048
19432Laketon Rd at Douglas Dr Fs40.454807-79.858412
19164Laketon Rd at Doyle St Fs40.456156-79.857780
7605Laketon Rd at Graham Blvd40.457142-79.857299
20086Laketon Rd at Graham Blvd Ns40.455756-79.857848
7604Laketon Rd at Howard St40.458240-79.855400
7601Laketon Rd at Lindberg Ave40.458489-79.846274
7729Laketon Rd at Lindberg Ave40.458387-79.846344
7720Laketon Rd at Paden St40.449123-79.864156
7727Laketon Rd at Southern Ave40.457923-79.851529
7609Laketon Rd at Turner Ave40.452656-79.860324
7611Laketon Rd at Turner School40.449238-79.863950
7722Laketon Rd at Winton St40.450905-79.862051
7610Laketon Rd at Winton St40.451068-79.862051
7726Laketon Rd at Woodgate Rd40.458224-79.855200
7602Laketon Rd opp Churchill Ave40.457737-79.850183
20107Laketon Rd opp Collins Rd40.453568-79.859013
7725Laketon Rd opp Douglas Plaza Apts40.454609-79.858370
7600Laketon Rd opp Nelbon Ave40.459575-79.843778
7603Laketon Rd opp Southern Ave40.457986-79.851537
7723Laketon Rd opp Turner Ave40.452484-79.860411
15495Large Park and Ride Inbound Platform40.293240-79.910950
22430Large Park-and-ride Outbound Platform40.293143-79.910912
8396Larimer Ave at Apple St40.468440-79.906534
8451Larimer Ave at Apple St40.468625-79.906449
8537Larimer Ave at Auburn St40.463776-79.916916
22485Larimer Ave at Auburn St40.463788-79.916832
8397Larimer Ave at Dean St40.469139-79.905838
8553Larimer Ave at Deary St40.467793-79.907257
8536Larimer Ave at Mayflower St40.464396-79.915982
18970Larimer Ave at Mayflower St40.464255-79.916089
18976Larimer Ave at Meadow St40.465215-79.914592
20047Larimer Ave at Meadow St40.465350-79.914442
8532Larimer Ave at Orphan St40.467040-79.910137
8533Larimer Ave at Shetland St40.466259-79.912113
20399Larimer Ave at Shetland St40.466110-79.912315
8452Larimer Ave opp Deary St40.467954-79.907125
8552Larimer Ave opp Orphan St40.466849-79.910463
8534Larimer Ave opp Winslow St40.465761-79.913391
20398Larmier Ave at Winslow St40.465682-79.913453
20231Laurel Dr at Curry Rd40.344282-79.992313
1097Laurelwood Dr at #12540.551796-80.005131
1069Laurelwood Dr at #12640.551855-80.005049
1099Laurelwood Dr at Charterwood Dr40.552424-80.001431
1070Laurelwood Dr at Ennerdale Ln40.551525-80.006574
1068Laurelwood Dr at Fenwick Dr40.552144-80.002260
1098Laurelwood Dr opp Fenwick Dr40.551984-80.002556
19866Lawrenceville Shopping Center Drop Off40.483150-79.948351
22662Lawrenceville Shopping Ctr (Boarding Stop-shelter)40.483407-79.947505
10934Lebanon Church Rd at #422040.352092-79.907612
10935Lebanon Church Rd at #451240.352293-79.903280
11011Lebanon Church Rd at #451340.352298-79.903528
11016Lebanon Church Rd at Buttermilk Hollow Rd40.354296-79.913500
12038Lebanon Church Rd at Camp Hollow Rd40.350181-79.927704
10115Lebanon Church Rd at Ceco Dr40.346247-79.957045
22550Lebanon Church Rd at Cloverleaf Towers40.342654-79.964652
19879Lebanon Church Rd at Comfort Inn40.345996-79.957292
12053Lebanon Church Rd at County Airport Entrance40.350432-79.926750
12025Lebanon Church Rd at Curry Hollow Rd40.350625-79.924508
10035Lebanon Church Rd at Ott Dr Fs40.342936-79.964138
10937Lebanon Church Rd at Pgh-mckeesport Blvd40.355968-79.899450
11009Lebanon Church Rd at Pgh-mckeesport Blvd Fs40.355934-79.899839
9974Lebanon Church Rd at Pleasant Hills Blvd40.344937-79.961113
21590Lebanon Church Rd at Pleasant Hills Blvd40.344734-79.961277
11010Lebanon Church Rd at Pleasant St40.353692-79.901525
11015Lebanon Church Rd at Polk Ave40.354259-79.912274
10038Lebanon Church Rd at Regis Ave40.347555-79.952147
10930Lebanon Church Rd at Rodeo Dr40.352940-79.917364
11017Lebanon Church Rd at Vindale Dr Fs40.353855-79.915251
11013Lebanon Church Rd at Wilson St40.352370-79.906947
10936Lebanon Church Rd opp Pleasant St40.353712-79.901432
10932Lebanon Church Rd opp Polk Ave40.354194-79.912200
18844Lebanon Church Rd opp Regis Ave40.347870-79.951515
9618Lebanon Rd at Noble Dr40.361889-79.932259
20906Lebanon Rd at South Hills Industrial Park40.359182-79.934128
17657Lebanon Rd opp Noble Dr Fs (Harley Davidson)40.360881-79.933188
20909Lebanon Rd opp South Hills Industrial Park40.359614-79.933663
22576Lebanon School Rd at Camp Hollow Rd40.340660-79.914996
21230Lebanon School Rd at Livingston Rd Fs40.346299-79.926305
21231Lebanon School Rd opp Old Elizabeth Rd40.348168-79.929074
14641Leechburg Rd at #650340.487170-79.803227
19070Leechburg Rd at Alcoma Blvd40.488197-79.801287
19052Leechburg Rd at Auburn St Fs40.492919-79.790796
14634Leechburg Rd at Barckhoff St Fs40.493752-79.789271
19078Leechburg Rd at Caldwell Ave40.493827-79.786307
14643Leechburg Rd at Cloverleaf Rd40.486989-79.808504
14642Leechburg Rd at Courtney Dr40.486735-79.804821
19779Leechburg Rd at Garden Dr40.488181-79.801409
19797Leechburg Rd at Railroad St Fs40.491746-79.785538
14645Leechburg Rd at Richey Dr40.486292-79.814618
14646Leechburg Rd at Saltsburg Rd40.485149-79.817707
19076Leechburg Rd at Saltsburg Rd Fs40.485454-79.817413
14636Leechburg Rd at Sutton Dr40.491851-79.792853
19069Leechburg Rd opp #650340.487108-79.803181
19075Leechburg Rd opp Auburn St40.492859-79.790715
19859Leechburg Rd opp Barckhoff St40.493736-79.789161
19067Leechburg Rd opp Cloverleaf Rd40.486953-79.808850
19068Leechburg Rd opp Courtney Dr40.486776-79.804454
14633Leechburg Rd opp Railroad St40.494021-79.787474
19065Leechburg Rd opp Richey Dr40.486217-79.814753
19074Leechburg Rd opp Sutton Dr40.491784-79.792790
8442Lemington Ave at #724940.467089-79.891710
8423Lemington Ave at Lincoln Ave40.468895-79.896196
8444Lemington Ave at Lincoln Ave40.468713-79.895957
8426Lemington Ave at Oberlin St40.467114-79.890228
8422Lemington Ave at Paulson Ave40.470150-79.897221
8403Lemington Ave at Wardsons St40.471383-79.898108
8443Lemington Ave at Westmoreland Ave40.466966-79.893436
8425Lemington Ave opp #724940.467026-79.891747
8445Lemington Ave opp Paulson Ave40.470040-79.897029
8424Lemington Ave opp Westmoreland Ave40.466909-79.893747
6528Lesnett Rd at Bank St Fs40.349209-80.103668
21523Lewis Ave at #123640.505208-80.142415
20524Lewis Run Rd at Annhurst Apts40.326845-79.938869
20522Lewis Run Rd at Hwy 51 Fs40.321410-79.941637
20628Lewis Run Rd at Hwy 51 Ns40.321596-79.941675
20526Lewis Run Rd at Hwy 88540.332361-79.934023
20627Lewis Run Rd at Hwy 885 Fs40.332322-79.934403
20731Lewis Run Rd at Kelly Ln40.331365-79.936609
20523Lewis Run Rd at Mon Valley School Drvwy40.324592-79.939887
20663Lewis Run Rd at North Ave40.331672-79.936237
20622Lewis Run Rd at Southwestern Health Center40.329200-79.937903
20637Lewis Run Rd opp Annhurst Apts40.326798-79.938967
20623Lewis Run Rd opp Mon Valley School Drvwy40.324285-79.940108
20726Lewis Run Rd opp Southwestern Health Center40.328626-79.938183
20183Ley St at Froman St40.464845-79.982168
2762Ley St opp Cowley St40.465614-79.981896
1410Liberty Ave at 6th St40.442021-80.001567
22256Liberty Ave at 6th St Ns (Shelter)40.442127-80.001396
180Liberty Ave at 7th St (Clark Bldg)40.442537-79.999766
7279Liberty Ave at 10th St Ns40.443810-79.994892
2169Liberty Ave at 12th St40.445309-79.991730
2168Liberty Ave at 14th St40.446945-79.989163
2166Liberty Ave at 17th St40.449248-79.985329
2165Liberty Ave at 21st St40.451240-79.982383
2163Liberty Ave at 25th St40.453463-79.979127
2162Liberty Ave at 26th St40.454480-79.977677
2617Liberty Ave at 27th St40.455463-79.976227
20482Liberty Ave at 28th St40.456398-79.974861
2160Liberty Ave at 29th St40.457484-79.973307
2180Liberty Ave at 29th St Fs40.457384-79.973270
2159Liberty Ave at 30th St40.458420-79.971944
2158Liberty Ave at 31st St40.459341-79.970625
20481Liberty Ave at 32nd St40.460400-79.969093
19362Liberty Ave at 32nd St Ns40.460087-79.969376
17517Liberty Ave at 34th St40.461768-79.965700
2186Liberty Ave at 36th St40.461832-79.963870
2154Liberty Ave at 36th St40.461936-79.963831
2153Liberty Ave at 37th St40.462126-79.961863
2152Liberty Ave at 39th St40.462568-79.959154
2689Liberty Ave at 40th St40.462760-79.957393
2610Liberty Ave at 40th St Ns40.463033-79.956405
1185Liberty Ave at Baum Blvd40.456562-79.939392
1159Liberty Ave at Baum Blvd40.456711-79.939926
2609Liberty Ave at Canoe Way40.463252-79.955043
2690Liberty Ave at Canoe Way40.463092-79.955382
1192Liberty Ave at Edmond St40.461145-79.947957
1154Liberty Ave at Edmond St40.461119-79.948164
1194Liberty Ave at Ella St40.463127-79.951650
1152Liberty Ave at Ella St40.463154-79.951974
1187Liberty Ave at Evaline St40.457999-79.942071
11186Liberty Ave at Fifth Ave40.441797-80.002514
20295Liberty Ave at Gateway #440.441341-80.004990
1189Liberty Ave at Gross St40.459412-79.944722
9127Liberty Ave at Gross St40.459455-79.945061
2185Liberty Ave at Herron Ave40.461448-79.967266
2156Liberty Ave at Ligonier St (Herron Ave)40.461666-79.966822
18596Liberty Ave at Main St Fs40.463438-79.953997
45Liberty Ave at Market St40.441802-80.002082
1191Liberty Ave at Mathilda St (West Penn Hosp)40.460582-79.946912
1190Liberty Ave at Millvale Ave40.459969-79.945756
1155Liberty Ave at Millvale Ave (West Penn Hosp)40.460035-79.946124
19997Liberty Ave at Osceola St40.457931-79.942210
1193Liberty Ave at Pearl St40.462088-79.949752
1153Liberty Ave at Pearl St40.462109-79.949989
8778Liberty Ave at Sixth Ave40.442219-80.000290
1403Liberty Ave at Smithfield St40.443186-79.996792
15266Liberty Ave at Tito Way40.442792-79.998610
15285Liberty Ave at William Penn Pl40.443544-79.995390
1188Liberty Ave at Winebiddle St40.458814-79.943591
1156Liberty Ave at Winebiddle St40.458904-79.944020
46Liberty Ave at Wood St40.442500-79.999419
4126Liberty Ave at Wyndham Grand Hotel40.441440-80.005643
15283Liberty Ave opp 9th St40.442835-79.998105
2171Liberty Ave opp 11th St Fs (Amtrak)40.444042-79.993311
2172Liberty Ave opp 14th St40.446727-79.989306
2174Liberty Ave opp 17th St40.449107-79.985387
18607Liberty Ave opp 21st St Fs40.451336-79.982078
2177Liberty Ave opp 26th St40.454150-79.977968
2178Liberty Ave opp 27th St40.455219-79.976433
2182Liberty Ave opp 31st St40.458996-79.970940
2187Liberty Ave opp 37th St40.461977-79.962108
2188Liberty Ave opp 39th St40.462457-79.959236
2691Liberty Ave opp Main St (Bloomfield Bridge)40.463497-79.953365
1158Liberty Ave opp Pacific Ave40.457293-79.941013
1408Liberty Ave opp Smithfield St40.443417-79.996451
18175Library Pl at 1st St40.371774-79.844286
10991Library Pl at Duquesne Blvd - Duquesne Pnr40.371683-79.843844
19388Library Pl at Duquesne Blvd - Duquesne Pnr40.371788-79.844238
7541Library St at Braddock Ave40.401399-79.865500
99942Library Station40.287071-80.020933
8875Lincoln Ave at #40940.460755-79.911409
8803Lincoln Ave at Apple St40.464625-79.899028
8866Lincoln Ave at Arbor St40.466431-79.897770
8799Lincoln Ave at Atwell St40.463126-79.904532
1630Lincoln Ave at Balph Ave40.495525-80.055405
1626Lincoln Ave at Brighton Rd40.492506-80.049223
1518Lincoln Ave at Bryant Ave Fs40.492377-80.049175
16261Lincoln Ave at Burnside Ave Fs40.489103-80.046984
8859Lincoln Ave at Campania St40.472355-79.890932
8811Lincoln Ave at Campania St40.472249-79.890909
8863Lincoln Ave at Churchland St40.469816-79.894517
8876Lincoln Ave at Frankstown Ave40.460503-79.913159
22672Lincoln Ave at Frankstown Ave Fs40.460461-79.912900
16695Lincoln Ave at Harrison Ave40.493535-80.051521
1269Lincoln Ave at Jackson Ave40.496910-80.058350
1319Lincoln Ave at Jackson Ave40.496790-80.057952
8809Lincoln Ave at Joshua St40.470430-79.892873
1519Lincoln Ave at Kendall Ave40.490959-80.048218
1624Lincoln Ave at Keswick Ave40.489931-80.047678
8864Lincoln Ave at Lemington Ave40.468845-79.895993
8806Lincoln Ave at Lemington Ave40.468661-79.896124
8860Lincoln Ave at Lemington Home Drvwy40.471112-79.892066
8812Lincoln Ave at Lincoln Loop40.473150-79.888220
8870Lincoln Ave at Lyric St40.463599-79.903260
21720Lincoln Ave at Lyric St40.463484-79.903411
8865Lincoln Ave at Manning St Fs40.467880-79.897010
8874Lincoln Ave at Meadow St40.461118-79.909727
8796Lincoln Ave at Meadow St40.460999-79.909856
8872Lincoln Ave at Renfrew St40.462233-79.906404
8869Lincoln Ave at Rowan St40.463924-79.902007
1271Lincoln Ave at Sheridan Ave40.495209-80.054928
8873Lincoln Ave at Shetland St40.461675-79.907853
8797Lincoln Ave at Shetland St40.461543-79.908014
1320Lincoln Ave at Starr Ave40.497794-80.059989
19912Lincoln Ave at Starr Ave Fs (Kuhn's)40.497619-80.059800
1625Lincoln Ave at Straw Ave40.491603-80.047725
8801Lincoln Ave at Upland St40.463827-79.902115
8805Lincoln Ave at Vassar St Fs40.467895-79.896891
16596Lincoln Ave at Verona Blvd40.472931-79.888966
8862Lincoln Ave at Wiltsie St40.470227-79.893601
8867Lincoln Ave opp Apple St40.464776-79.898900
8804Lincoln Ave opp Arbor St40.465964-79.897843
19437Lincoln Ave opp Atwell St40.463157-79.904650
8868Lincoln Ave opp Chaucer St40.464350-79.900396
8807Lincoln Ave opp Churchland St40.469736-79.894493
21066Lincoln Ave opp Deary St40.464076-79.901138
1628Lincoln Ave opp Fremont Ave40.493994-80.052254
19746Lincoln Ave opp Fremont Ave Ns40.494297-80.053085
8861Lincoln Ave opp Joshua St40.470497-79.892909
8810Lincoln Ave opp Lemington Home Drvwy40.470965-79.892074
8795Lincoln Ave opp Mayflower St (#408)40.460680-79.911447
8798Lincoln Ave opp Renfrew St40.462145-79.906402
8808Lincoln Ave opp Wiltsie St40.470088-79.893735
11143Lincoln Hwy at 3rd St40.379390-79.806872
11163Lincoln Hwy at 3rd St40.379383-79.807175
11145Lincoln Hwy at 5th Ave Ext40.381048-79.811431
20846Lincoln Hwy at 5th Ave Ext Ns40.381206-79.812249
11167Lincoln Hwy at Broad St40.375572-79.796981
11180Lincoln Hwy at Center Ave40.395784-79.838699
11154Lincoln Hwy at Clyde Ave40.388973-79.830775
11169Lincoln Hwy at Denning Way40.371396-79.789174
11134Lincoln Hwy at Dix Dr40.369168-79.782561
11161Lincoln Hwy at Graham Ave40.380126-79.809183
17170Lincoln Hwy at Greensburg Pike40.381460-79.816771
11141Lincoln Hwy at Isaac St Fs40.377544-79.801790
19482Lincoln Hwy at Jacks Run Rd40.368251-79.780627
19476Lincoln Hwy at Jacks Run Rd Fs40.368467-79.780755
11166Lincoln Hwy at Jacob St40.376807-79.800051
11171Lincoln Hwy at Leuhm St40.370409-79.786434
10700Lincoln Hwy at Lincoln Sq Sr Citizen Home40.387370-79.828141
11168Lincoln Hwy at Mckee Rd40.373066-79.793103
19484Lincoln Hwy at Motel40.377999-79.803335
11147Lincoln Hwy at Santos St Fs40.381355-79.813560
11142Lincoln Hwy at Taylor St40.378180-79.803527
11139Lincoln Hwy opp Broad St.40.375449-79.796521
11179Lincoln Hwy opp Center Ave40.395584-79.838610
11152Lincoln Hwy opp Clyde Ave40.388716-79.830156
11137Lincoln Hwy opp Denning Way40.371424-79.788965
11172Lincoln Hwy opp Dix Dr40.369065-79.782581
11165Lincoln Hwy opp Isaac St40.377604-79.802254
11140Lincoln Hwy opp Jacob St40.376757-79.799597
11135Lincoln Hwy opp Leuhm St40.370471-79.786099
10748Lincoln Hwy opp Lincoln Sq Sr Citizen Home40.386925-79.827746
11138Lincoln Hwy opp Mckee Rd40.373025-79.792726
16535Linden Ave at Beech St Ns40.399804-79.835514
7031Linden Ave at Cable Ave40.399809-79.835632
7032Linden Ave at Sr Citizen Apts40.398736-79.836660
7188Linden Ave opp Bessemer Ave Fs40.395126-79.838135
7190Linden Ave opp Sr Citizen Apts40.398744-79.836523
5900Lindsay Rd at #44340.384186-80.084380
5899Lindsay Rd at #50940.382134-80.085701
5898Lindsay Rd at #55940.382220-80.084368
5897Lindsay Rd at #60140.383129-80.082710
5801Lindsay Rd at #72240.385452-80.079277
5895Lindsay Rd at #72340.385688-80.079343
5803Lindsay Rd at #83440.388577-80.078308
5807Lindsay Rd at Cherry Tree Dr40.385494-80.074008
5804Lindsay Rd at Claireview Dr40.387955-80.077438
5901Lindsay Rd at Greentree Rd40.386117-80.084266
5891Lindsay Rd at Greenview Dr Fs40.386926-80.076484
5806Lindsay Rd at Nixon School40.386143-80.075272
19579Lindsay Rd at Old Greentree Rd40.385844-80.084268
5808Lindsay Rd at Peachtree Rd Fs40.384300-80.071678
5809Lindsay Rd at Swallow Hill Rd40.384605-80.070679
5887Lindsay Rd at Swallow Hill Rd Fs40.384462-80.071032
5894Lindsay Rd at Wynnecliff Dr #140.387481-80.079484
5896Lindsay Rd at Wynnecliff Dr #240.383789-80.080301
5802Lindsay Rd at Wynnecliff Dr #240.387322-80.079396
5796Lindsay Rd opp #44340.384201-80.084457
5797Lindsay Rd opp #50940.382390-80.085733
5798Lindsay Rd opp #55940.382298-80.084168
5799Lindsay Rd opp #60140.383133-80.082512
5893Lindsay Rd opp #83440.388636-80.078271
5889Lindsay Rd opp Cherry Tree Dr40.385473-80.073849
5892Lindsay Rd opp Claireview Dr40.387852-80.077364
5805Lindsay Rd opp Greenview Dr40.386883-80.076523
5890Lindsay Rd opp Nixon School40.386247-80.075353
5888Lindsay Rd opp Peachtree Rd40.384344-80.071673
5800Lindsay Rd opp Wynnecliff Dr #140.383671-80.080521
2377Locust Pl at Centennial Ave40.541736-80.179765
99960Logan Road40.311723-80.033140
99959Logan Road40.311297-80.033358
15090Long Rd at Beulah Rd40.450710-79.843491
20021Long Rd at Clematis Blvd40.464959-79.832637
14920Long Rd at Datura Dr40.462399-79.833922
14953Long Rd at Elizabeth Dr40.462170-79.833965
14955Long Rd at Frankstown Rd40.465565-79.832209
19145Long Rd at Gardenia Dr40.464108-79.832993
14952Long Rd at Joan Dr40.458876-79.833970
14921Long Rd at Paris Rd40.459087-79.833998
14923Long Rd at Pentland Dr40.454316-79.837629
14950Long Rd at Rosewood Dr40.454351-79.837490
14951Long Rd at Saylong Dr40.455986-79.835983
14922Long Rd opp Saylong Dr40.456090-79.835977
98871Long Road40.465113-79.832611
10593Long Run Rd at Coolsprings Rd40.332924-79.813602
21611Long Run Rd at Marshall Dr Fs40.323102-79.820862
20222Long Run Rd at Old Long Run Rd Fs40.322136-79.825775
10518Long Run Rd at Sunset Dr40.335058-79.811558
11126Long Run Rd opp Coolsprings Rd40.332568-79.813734
21610Long Run Rd opp Marshall Dr40.322962-79.820900
20219Long Run Rd opp Old Long Run Rd Ns40.321918-79.826105
11127Long Run Rd opp Sunset Dr40.334998-79.811413
21634Lowes Dr at Fox Plan Rd40.437984-79.761582
13508Lowes Dr at Fox Plan Rd Fs40.438045-79.761741
2742Lowrie St at Claim St40.463196-79.983039
20518Lowrie St at Dehaven St Fs40.461880-79.984328
2735Lowrie St at Fleck St40.465979-79.980952
2739Lowrie St at Heckleman St40.468793-79.979091
2737Lowrie St at Heckleman St40.468706-79.979071
20517Lowrie St at Hoff St40.461989-79.984108
20184Lowrie St at Ley St40.464635-79.982009
2740Lowrie St at Niggel St40.467710-79.979952
2741Lowrie St at Sundeman St40.466273-79.980834
2760Lowrie St opp Claim St40.463119-79.982999
2761Lowrie St opp Froman St40.464601-79.981951
2736Lowrie St opp Niggel St40.467695-79.979873
9898Lysle Blvd at 5th Ave40.352690-79.848289
9916Lysle Blvd at Center St40.352478-79.853088
9896Lysle Blvd at Center St40.352345-79.853365
18174Lysle Blvd at Coursin St Fs40.352217-79.856047
9897Lysle Blvd at Evans St40.352435-79.851240
18492Lysle Blvd at Locust St Fs40.351722-79.862820
18195Lysle Blvd at Locust St Fs40.351758-79.863810
9922Lysle Blvd at Market St40.351425-79.866574
20158Lysle Blvd at Market St Fs40.351336-79.866188
9919Lysle Blvd at Mckeesport Transportation Center40.352054-79.860972
9894Lysle Blvd at Senior Care Plaza40.352058-79.858639
18493Lysle Blvd at Walnut St Fs40.351556-79.864517
10995Lysle Blvd opp 5th Ave40.352858-79.847932
9917Lysle Blvd opp Coursin St40.352325-79.856464
9915Lysle Blvd opp Evans St40.352602-79.850788
9892Lysle Blvd opp Mckeesport Transportation Center40.351905-79.860893
99957Lytle Station40.334217-80.031065
220Madison Ave at Concord St40.457861-79.997990
12706Main St at 6th St40.494693-79.935699
12705Main St at 8th St40.494662-79.934381
12704Main St at 9th St40.494639-79.933472
12701Main St at 13th St Fs40.494358-79.929604
12700Main St at 14th St40.494494-79.927422
12699Main St at 15th St40.494604-79.926230
12698Main St at 16th St40.494705-79.925229
12696Main St at 18th St40.494598-79.921517
12694Main St at 19th St40.494085-79.917976
12693Main St at 21st St40.493679-79.915704
17736Main St at 22nd Ave40.397711-79.901554
16887Main St at 23rd St40.493420-79.914229
19981Main St at 62nd St Bridge40.495403-79.939415
18361Main St at 62nd St Bridge Fs40.495537-79.938847
12702Main St at #110240.494275-79.930866
12768Main St at #111340.494230-79.930445
12697Main St at #170440.494731-79.923001
6265Main St at #173740.376844-80.092911
12695Main St at #183440.494459-79.920310
12775Main St at #184140.494322-79.919910
14683Main St at #234440.469586-79.790071
14686Main St at #263640.473420-79.787598
12765Main St at Ali St40.494596-79.934724
11632Main St at Botsford St40.384388-79.903740
11049Main St at Cambria St40.381678-79.906013
12703Main St at Canal St40.494602-79.932179
11631Main St at Caroline Ave40.382926-79.904513
7523Main St at Center Ave40.395779-79.841423
7572Main St at Center Ave40.396026-79.841452
5406Main St at Chestnut St40.410029-80.082633
4528Main St at Chestnut St40.410294-80.082329
11640Main St at E Edna St40.393238-79.900197
11638Main St at E James St40.391523-79.900450
19390Main St at E Oliver Rd40.389568-79.900964
11627Main St at Elizabeth St40.378392-79.908152
11046Main St at Emerson Ave40.385283-79.903382
7524Main St at Franklin St40.396538-79.841316
7571Main St at Franklin St40.396734-79.841356
11629Main St at Fulton St40.380721-79.906578
12707Main St at Garnier St40.495318-79.937477
11048Main St at Grace St40.383192-79.904454
11641Main St at Homestead Duquesne Rd40.395423-79.899575
20093Main St at Howard St40.397273-79.841193
7570Main St at Howard St40.397474-79.841255
1151Main St at Howley St40.464340-79.953484
19475Main St at Howley St Fs40.464207-79.953178
4527Main St at Jane St40.411996-80.080105
11639Main St at Lea St40.392385-79.900231
11628Main St at Leslie St40.379465-79.907338
7526Main St at Maple St40.398014-79.841080
11668Main St at Marham Rd40.392564-79.900289
11635Main St at Marion St40.388131-79.901769
11043Main St at Marion St40.387988-79.901938
11634Main St at Miller Ave40.387162-79.902309
11044Main St at Miller Ave40.387359-79.902317
11052Main St at N Lehigh Ave40.378549-79.908122
19113Main St at Penn Ave Ns40.465450-79.954829
12708Main St at Powers St40.495638-79.938347
12763Main St at Praeger St40.495230-79.937459
14685Main St at Reiter Rd40.471881-79.787714
7527Main St at Ridge Ave40.398399-79.841026
7569Main St at Ridge Ave40.398590-79.841115
14682Main St at Thompson Run Rd40.468484-79.791108
11633Main St at Virginia Ave40.385783-79.903038
11045Main St at Virginia Ave40.385967-79.903013
11039Main St at W Edna St40.393230-79.900278
11040Main St at W James St40.391660-79.900490
11050Main St at W Lehigh Ave40.380903-79.906563
11042Main St at W Oliver Rd Fs40.389844-79.900966
20028Main St at Washington School40.470533-79.789177
11053Main St at West Run Rd (Brierly Lane)40.377145-79.909195
11041Main St at Woodlawn Ave40.390864-79.900698
12764Main St opp 6th St Fs40.494591-79.935686
12766Main St opp 9th St40.494561-79.933664
12769Main St opp 13th St Fs40.494300-79.929416
12770Main St opp 14th St40.494427-79.927564
12771Main St opp 15th St40.494494-79.926529
12772Main St opp 16th St40.494640-79.925153
12773Main St opp 17th St40.494693-79.923436
12774Main St opp 18th St40.494563-79.921886
12776Main St opp 19th St40.494031-79.918107
12777Main St opp 21st St40.493651-79.915963
19817Main St opp 23rd St40.493369-79.914440
6432Main St opp #173740.377026-80.092876
11630Main St opp #411740.381740-79.905549
11047Main St opp Botsford St40.384692-79.903685
12767Main St opp Canal St40.494509-79.932054
11038Main St opp Homestead-duquesne Rd40.395499-79.899682
4412Main St opp Jane St40.411938-80.080010
11051Main St opp Leslie St40.379611-79.907307
20687Mall Blvd at #120 (At Home Store)40.431650-79.791245
13595Mall Blvd at Altmeyer's Driveway40.434952-79.786024
13517Mall Blvd at Jo Ann Fabric40.433785-79.788780
13516Mall Blvd at Mcdonald's40.434898-79.786522
13594Mall Blvd at Tgi Friday40.433837-79.788410
13596Mall Blvd at Wm Penn Hwy40.435894-79.785446
20689Mall Blvd opp K-mart40.431923-79.791150
15438Mall at Robinson at Entrance K40.452900-80.156992
1707Manhattan St at Juniata St40.456944-80.027298
1709Manhattan St at Liverpool St40.455178-80.026728
1708Manhattan St at N Franklin St40.456131-80.027043
1710Manhattan St at Pennsylvania Ave40.454158-80.026397
3920Mansfield Blvd at Chartiers Ave Fs40.407188-80.089308
20735Mansfield Blvd opp Jefferson St (Carnegie Station)40.406141-80.089826
8127Maple Ave at Albert St40.407925-79.819626
8126Maple Ave at Charles St40.407788-79.820553
8086Maple Ave at James St40.408039-79.818726
8125Maple Ave opp #84340.407482-79.822938
21223Maple Dr at Hollyrood Dr40.364211-79.964450
9814Maple Dr at Skyline Dr40.364496-79.964645
8096Maple St at #84340.407532-79.823002
8095Maple St at Charles St40.407870-79.820376
11949Maple St at Eliza St40.396142-79.881267
11925Maple St opp Kennett St40.395907-79.882019
8829Mark Dr at #784340.468744-79.872349
8830Mark Dr at #786540.469232-79.871120
8831Mark Dr at #791540.469971-79.868105
8828Mark Dr at Calmar Dr Fs40.469677-79.874239
8832Mark Dr at Grove Rd40.470058-79.867119
1975Marshall Ave at California Ave40.462596-80.030157
1911Marshall Ave at New Hampshire Dr40.464644-80.027586
22680Marshall Ave at Sorrel St40.464062-80.028223
1914Marshall Ave opp New Hampshire Dr40.464595-80.027467
1913Marshall Ave opp Sorrel St40.463842-80.028297
1915Marshall Ave opp Stayton St40.466270-80.025635
22429Mathias St at Manor Care Drvwy40.468348-79.994917
9900Mathias St at Quarry St40.352253-79.843217
18639Mathias St at Rhine St40.468156-79.995053
2852Mathias St at South Side Ave40.470017-79.995329
98868McKnight Entrance To 27940.495366-80.012634
21260McKnight Hov Entrance40.495370-80.012544
21261McKnight Hov Exit40.495387-80.011923
22432McKnight Rd at #7905 (Mad Mex)40.549710-80.019092
322McKnight Rd at Arcadia Dr40.576656-80.026146
334McKnight Rd at Arcadia Dr Fs40.576748-80.025970
18686McKnight Rd at Babcock Blvd Ramp Fs40.515078-80.004401
18690McKnight Rd at Braunlich Dr40.521805-80.005137
237McKnight Rd at Brookview Ln40.511664-80.003719
132McKnight Rd at Browns Ln40.545997-80.017083
327McKnight Rd at Cumberland Rd40.572292-80.023789
337McKnight Rd at Cumberland Rd40.571861-80.023438
16842McKnight Rd at Duncan Ave40.568066-80.023872
232McKnight Rd at Evergreen Rd40.493996-80.011604
243McKnight Rd at Houston Rd Fs40.526808-80.005724
18687McKnight Rd at Intown Suites Drvwy Fs40.505076-80.009044
158McKnight Rd at Ivory Ave Ramp (Island)40.498345-80.013054
17389McKnight Rd at Ivory Ave Ramp Fs40.499126-80.012829
17340McKnight Rd at Jareds Jewelers Drvwy40.539458-80.012018
20701McKnight Rd at Johnanna Dr Fs40.546260-80.016980
129McKnight Rd at Malibran Dr40.557392-80.023102
251McKnight Rd at McIntyre Rd40.550342-80.019084
18682McKnight Rd at McKnight Cir opp Ross Park Mall Dr40.542185-80.013331
234McKnight Rd at McKnight-Ivory Bldg40.501455-80.011330
18692McKnight Rd at Mr Tire40.540299-80.012019
154McKnight Rd at Nelson Run Rd40.507012-80.006790
18689McKnight Rd at Nelson Run Rd Ns40.505594-80.008172
139McKnight Rd at North Hills Village (North Ent)40.528288-80.007259
205McKnight Rd at North Hills Village (South Ent)40.522064-80.005447
150McKnight Rd at Northland Medical Center40.519187-80.005040
19524McKnight Rd at Old McKnight Rd Fs40.534181-80.010890
18691McKnight Rd at Patrick Pl Fs40.537692-80.011168
3102McKnight Rd at Peebles Rd40.554336-80.021052
329McKnight Rd at Perrymont Rd40.558319-80.023613
18694McKnight Rd at Perrymont Rd Fs40.558341-80.023342
3079McKnight Rd at Pittsburgh Revival Center40.502923-80.010794
249McKnight Rd at Ross Park Mall Dr Fs (Self Storage)40.542549-80.013268
135McKnight Rd at Ross Towne Center40.537777-80.011459
20830McKnight Rd at Siebert Rd40.530443-80.009582
18685McKnight Rd at Siebert Rd Fs40.530195-80.009692
18684McKnight Rd at Siebert Rd Ns40.531118-80.010346
236McKnight Rd at Stevens Dr40.509073-80.004081
18681McKnight Rd at The Block Northway Drvwy40.553164-80.020703
134McKnight Rd at Toyota Dealership40.540305-80.012294
239McKnight Rd at U-haul40.516450-80.004397
152McKnight Rd opp Brookview Ln40.511681-80.003913
16841McKnight Rd opp Duncan Ave40.568787-80.023956
159McKnight Rd opp Evergreen Rd40.493465-80.011597
242McKnight Rd opp North Hills Village (Center Ent)40.525363-80.005368
244McKnight Rd opp North Hills Village (North Ent)40.528148-80.006732
240McKnight Rd opp Northland Medical Center40.519167-80.004758
136McKnight Rd opp Old McKnight Rd40.533742-80.011139
153McKnight Rd opp Stevens Dr40.509357-80.004159
318Mccandless Park and Ride40.586508-80.030364
17367Mccartan Dr opp 4th Aisle40.425242-80.188625
10665Mccleary St at #91440.347378-79.838531
10667Mccleary St at Versailles Ave40.345069-79.838679
10666Mccleary St opp Ford St40.346224-79.838546
10664Mccleary St opp Idaho St40.348074-79.838510
19000Mcclure Ave at Commercial St40.420026-79.897576
7315Mcclure Ave at Nevada St40.420573-79.896484
11025Mcclure St at 9th Ave40.408169-79.906967
17381Mccoy Rd at #20840.474662-80.070752
3468Mccoy Rd at #72340.480808-80.081358
3491Mccoy Rd at #72440.480859-80.081411
3459Mccoy Rd at #104440.476633-80.096780
3500Mccoy Rd at #104440.476684-80.096848
3466Mccoy Rd at Al Smith Dr40.479946-80.085518
3487Mccoy Rd at Dunn St40.475651-80.072707
18781Mccoy Rd at Ewing Rd Fs40.480491-80.089544
3461Mccoy Rd at Greenwood Dr40.477992-80.094076
3469Mccoy Rd at Hillcrest Ave40.480699-80.079217
3475Mccoy Rd at Island Ave40.475764-80.065353
3489Mccoy Rd at Jefferson Dr40.479544-80.078490
3464Mccoy Rd at Kennedy Ln40.480428-80.089629
3493Mccoy Rd at Lenore Dr40.480020-80.085620
21115Mccoy Rd at N Vireo Dr40.477572-80.095274
18780Mccoy Rd at Neville Ave Fs40.479799-80.083984
21114Mccoy Rd at S Vireo Dr40.477518-80.095230
3490Mccoy Rd at Shafter St40.480791-80.079169
19641Mccoy Rd at Totera Ave40.474633-80.070405
3496Mccoy Rd at Warbler Dr40.480464-80.090920
3472Mccoy Rd opp Dunn St40.475629-80.072771
3498Mccoy Rd opp Greenwood Dr40.478088-80.093998
3470Mccoy Rd opp Jefferson Dr40.479688-80.078663
3467Mccoy Rd opp Neville Ave40.479733-80.083870
3463Mccoy Rd opp Warbler Dr40.480400-80.090987
13521Mccrady Rd at Beulah Church Park and Ride40.446281-79.846642
19276Mcfarland Rd at Dormont Park40.395485-80.046432
19281Mcfarland Rd at Helen Dr Fs40.396180-80.046475
4664Mcfarland Rd at The Fireplace & Patio Place40.394581-80.046462
4561Mcfarland Rd opp Helen Dr Fs40.396477-80.046143
1066Mcintyre Rd at Charterwood Dr40.551776-80.000555
1101Mcintyre Rd at Thompson Run Rd40.552403-79.998573
19862Mcintyre Rd at Thompson Run Rd Fs40.552506-79.998512
22553Mcintyre Square Dr opp Olive Garden40.552714-80.018740
210Mcintyre Square at Gabriel Brothers40.554013-80.016522
17371Mckee Rd at Ccac West40.437271-80.191630
17369Mckee Rd opp Ccac West40.437150-80.191487
22746Mckees Rocks Rd at Connie Park Dr40.468691-80.098320
18772Mckees Rocks Rd at Heckle Rd Fs40.470727-80.092038
20917Mckees Rocks Rd opp Heckel Rd40.470650-80.091388
17791Mckeesport Transportation Center at Bay #140.352284-79.860302
18158Mckeesport Transportation Center at Bay #240.352229-79.861318
10592Mckeesport Transportation Center at Bay #340.352214-79.861675
18183Mckeesport Transportation Center at Bay #440.352165-79.862171
2515Mckinley St at Alice St40.410070-79.994685
2531Mckinley St at Brownsville Rd40.408800-79.991454
2513Mckinley St at Brownsville Rd Fs40.408901-79.991540
2530Mckinley St at Grogan Ave40.409191-79.993836
2514Mckinley St opp Grogan Ave40.409173-79.993639
99912Mcneilly Station40.377718-80.004684
99911Mcneilly Station40.377404-80.005063
970Meadville St at Belleau St40.461920-80.005492
972Meadville St at Rising Main Ave40.463550-80.006014
971Meadville St at Television Hill St40.462470-80.005679
16899Meadville St opp #160340.460641-80.004730
18888Mellon St at Highland Ave40.363058-79.858966
11688Mellon St at Maine Ave40.364842-79.859229
11691Mellon St at Pennsylvania Ave40.362187-79.858827
11772Mellon St at Texas Ave40.365537-79.859248
11689Mellon St at Vermont Ave40.363952-79.859099
11769Mellon St opp Highland Ave40.363036-79.858884
11771Mellon St opp Maine Ave40.364821-79.859149
11770Mellon St opp Vermont Ave40.363929-79.859021
99908Memorial Hall40.366611-80.016186
99907Memorial Hall Station40.366474-80.016720
1483Merchant St at 3rd St40.581822-80.223754
18280Merchant St at 3rd St Fs40.581977-80.223977
1335Merchant St at 4th St40.583768-80.225291
1484Merchant St at 4th St Fs40.584042-80.225393
1334Merchant St at 6th St40.586599-80.227418
22673Merchant St at 6th St40.586488-80.227229
1332Merchant St at 8th St Ns40.589542-80.229424
1488Merchant St at 10th St40.591562-80.229987
1489Merchant St at 11th St40.592676-80.230367
18279Merchant St at 11th St Fs40.592287-80.230336
1487Merchant St at #82640.589468-80.229295
1337Merchant St at Pa Job Service40.580116-80.222298
1481Merchant St at Valley Rd40.579884-80.221357
1338Merchant St opp Valley Rd40.579876-80.221603
6170Merrick Ave at Hobson St40.389546-80.009648
1739Metropolitan St at Branchport St40.458706-80.032318
1737Metropolitan St at Citizen's Bank Drvwy40.455542-80.031277
1738Metropolitan St at Columbus Ave40.456814-80.031684
20421Michigan St at Beltzhoover Ave40.415920-79.997299
2680Michigan St at Bernd St40.415983-79.998057
7767Middle Ave at 1st St40.398204-79.812496
7768Middle Ave at 2nd St40.399710-79.814832
7770Middle Ave at 4th St40.400742-79.816405
7764Middle Ave at #52640.396325-79.808753
7766Middle Ave at #64440.397516-79.811404
20485Middle Ave at Bridge St40.395558-79.805216
7765Middle Ave at Maple Ave40.396685-79.810058
7763Middle Ave at Miller St40.395778-79.806167
7048Middle St at Hawkins Ave40.405441-79.861767
4231Middletown Rd at #284740.447634-80.061812
4227Middletown Rd at #320540.450797-80.066925
4266Middletown Rd at #320640.450894-80.067001
4230Middletown Rd at Berry St40.448607-80.063006
4263Middletown Rd at Berry St40.448493-80.062714
4233Middletown Rd at Hodgson Ave40.445644-80.060015
4261Middletown Rd at Justine St40.446648-80.060822
4268Middletown Rd at Ladoga St40.451575-80.069282
4232Middletown Rd at Marshall St40.446697-80.060986
19212Middletown Rd at Martera Pl Fs40.444161-80.055995
4265Middletown Rd at Mutual St40.450245-80.065281
4262Middletown Rd at Straka St Fs40.447614-80.061658
19206Middletown Rd at Stratmore St Fs40.444452-80.058252
4229Middletown Rd at Tyndall St40.449580-80.064384
4264Middletown Rd at Tyndall St40.449517-80.064155
4267Middletown Rd at Wynette St40.451171-80.067927
4260Middletown Rd opp Hodgson Ave Fs40.445813-80.060072
4235Middletown Rd opp Martera Pl40.444085-80.056029
4228Middletown Rd opp Mutual St40.450203-80.065350
4259Middletown Rd opp Stratmore St40.444670-80.058530
11115Midway Dr at #1f40.398099-79.884419
11114Midway Dr at #4a40.397606-79.883239
11110Midway Dr at #1940.397286-79.882713
11111Midway Dr at #2440.397647-79.880800
11109Midway Dr at Whitaker St Fs40.398054-79.884526
12284Mifflin Rd at #60540.383235-79.930313
10160Mifflin Rd at #66940.381897-79.928452
12187Mifflin Rd at #123640.371105-79.915089
12034Mifflin Rd at #541940.368199-79.910351
12154Mifflin Rd at Glenhurst Rd40.372058-79.916852
10159Mifflin Rd at Hays School40.382969-79.929993
12152Mifflin Rd at Interboro Ave Fs40.369984-79.913408
18449Mifflin Rd at Lebanon Rd Fs40.379334-79.924908
18442Mifflin Rd at Mcbride Ave Ns40.369216-79.910308
12041Mifflin Rd at Mohrbach St Fs40.366629-79.909768
12033Mifflin Rd at Mohrbach St Fs40.366918-79.909867
22679Mifflin Rd at Mooney Rd Fs40.379133-79.924070
10120Mifflin Rd at Slate St40.381351-79.927594
18484Mifflin Rd opp #123640.371128-79.914995
12040Mifflin Rd opp #541940.368151-79.910455
12186Mifflin Rd opp Glenhurst Rd40.372110-79.917079
18490Mifflin Rd opp Interboro Ave40.369789-79.913212
18485Mifflin Rd opp Lebanon Rd Fs40.379633-79.925430
12039Mifflin Rd opp Mcbride Ave40.369333-79.910727
20710Mifflin St at Cherry St40.397117-79.889317
20714Mifflin St at Cherry St40.397242-79.889155
11943Mifflin St at George St40.397693-79.887885
20713Mifflin St at George St40.397828-79.887705
11945Mifflin St at Whitaker St40.398660-79.885482
7215Miller Ave at Gas St40.416033-79.885251
7252Miller Ave at Gas St40.416013-79.885384
7253Miller Ave at Harriet St40.415509-79.883181
20027Milltown Rd at Community Market Drvwy40.498496-79.790011
20026Milltown Rd at Hulton Rd40.506012-79.793167
19136Milltown Rd at Leechburg Rd40.494605-79.788624
19134Milltown Rd at Newfield Dr40.501027-79.792372
20034Milltown Rd opp Community Market Drvwy40.498707-79.790045
19152Milltown Rd opp Hulton Rd40.505901-79.793119
20033Milltown Rd opp Leechburg Rd Fs40.494525-79.788432
19149Milltown Rd opp Newfield Dr40.500973-79.792096
2577Millvale Ave at Baum Blvd40.454257-79.947589
2629Millvale Ave at Baum Blvd40.454496-79.947768
2630Millvale Ave at Centre Ave40.453381-79.947434
19539Millvale Ave at Centre Ave Fs40.453674-79.947428
2580Millvale Ave at Cypress St40.458649-79.947116
2626Millvale Ave at Cypress St40.458853-79.947060
17284Millvale Ave at Mitre Way40.459597-79.946247
2578Millvale Ave at Morewood Ave40.455914-79.947573
2628Millvale Ave at Morewood Ave40.456085-79.947660
2579Millvale Ave at Yew St40.457884-79.947347
2627Millvale Ave at Yew St40.458332-79.947419
8687Milwaukee St at Herron Ave40.452403-79.964233
20213Milwaukee St at Orion St40.454443-79.961227
8686Milwaukee St opp Bryn Mawr Rd40.453217-79.963030
20362Mingo St at Oakdene St40.464640-79.890990
20366Mingo St at Vann Rd40.465075-79.892767
20554Monongahela Ave at 1st St40.334244-79.891101
20553Monongahela Ave at 2nd St40.332474-79.891824
20595Monongahela Ave at 2nd St40.332701-79.891851
20552Monongahela Ave at 3rd St40.330718-79.892494
20596Monongahela Ave at 3rd St40.330873-79.892600
20551Monongahela Ave at 4th St40.328943-79.892465
20550Monongahela Ave at 5th St40.327500-79.892448
20598Monongahela Ave at 5th St40.327742-79.892560
9870Monongahela Ave at 6th St40.325879-79.892422
20599Monongahela Ave at 6th St40.326105-79.892537
20570Monongahela Ave at 7th St40.324239-79.892394
20600Monongahela Ave at 7th St40.324454-79.892507
9868Monongahela Ave at 8th St40.322580-79.892380
20601Monongahela Ave at 8th St40.322796-79.892483
16500Monongahela Ave at #212940.417361-79.887544
7250Monongahela Ave at #213040.417416-79.887697
20730Monongahela Ave at Arch St40.337802-79.889393
7220Monongahela Ave at Church St40.421751-79.890252
7246Monongahela Ave at Church St40.421986-79.890516
7217Monongahela Ave at Duquesne Ave40.418161-79.888042
20555Monongahela Ave at Harrison St40.336532-79.890162
20593Monongahela Ave at Harrison St40.336731-79.890196
7219Monongahela Ave at Irvine St40.420721-79.889612
20631Monongahela Ave at Lincoln St40.339894-79.888024
7245Monongahela Ave at Mcclure Ave40.423057-79.891175
7247Monongahela Ave at Schley Ave40.420772-79.889764
7222Monongahela Ave at Schoyer Ave40.423480-79.891312
7218Monongahela Ave at Washington St40.419829-79.889063
19006Monongahela Ave at Whipple St Fs40.425376-79.891597
20594Monongahela Ave opp 1st St40.334484-79.891120
20597Monongahela Ave opp 4th St40.329231-79.892578
20729Monongahela Ave opp Arch St40.337942-79.889419
7249Monongahela Ave opp Duquesne Ave40.418393-79.888292
20632Monongahela Ave opp Lincoln St40.340207-79.887936
7248Monongahela Ave opp Washington St40.420107-79.889346
7223Monongahela Ave opp Whipple St (#1641)40.425607-79.891606
20850Monongahela Blvd at #122440.405815-79.886326
20849Monongahela Blvd opp #122440.405892-79.886232
99897Monongahela Incline at Lower Station40.432559-80.004904
99898Monongahela Incline at Upper Station40.431371-80.006097
8067Monroeville Blvd at Bosses Dr40.428433-79.787415
22736Monroeville Blvd at Ivanhoe Dr40.433967-79.763965
8144Monroeville Blvd at Jamison Ln40.427223-79.788138
22741Monroeville Blvd at Municipal Bldg40.436466-79.780039
22740Monroeville Blvd at Northern Pike Fs40.436462-79.780141
22730Monroeville Blvd at Oxford Dr40.430599-79.785740
22731Monroeville Blvd at Oxford Dr Fs40.430854-79.785356
22737Monroeville Blvd at Target Dr Fs40.435533-79.770294
8145Monroeville Blvd opp Bosses Dr40.428250-79.787437
8070Monroeville Blvd opp Brinton St40.424797-79.790245
22735Monroeville Blvd opp Ivanhoe Dr40.434022-79.764605
8068Monroeville Blvd opp Jamison Ln40.427355-79.788206
22729Monroeville Blvd opp Target Drive40.435795-79.770582
22750Monroeville Mall Park and Ride West40.428791-79.799665
22743Monroeville Mall Rt40.431461-79.798290
22742Monroeville Mall Rt40.430059-79.799920
20686Monroeville Mall at West Court Entrance40.428730-79.796955
14618Monroeville Trestle Rd at Saltsburg Rd40.476299-79.760091
14614Monroeville-trestle Rd at Four Seasons40.470100-79.754807
19086Monroeville-trestle Rd opp Boyce Park Entrance40.470428-79.754943
7713Montier St at #143840.445206-79.873910
7617Montier St at #144940.445346-79.873897
7614Montier St at #182340.448171-79.868676
7717Montier St at #182440.448069-79.868626
7616Montier St at Bessica St40.446248-79.871115
7615Montier St at Herr St40.447336-79.869738
7716Montier St at Herr St40.447187-79.869739
7715Montier St at Labelle Ave40.446617-79.870451
19174Montier St at Laketon Rd40.448935-79.867519
7613Montier St at Laketon Rd Fs40.448865-79.867791
7714Montier St at Park Ave40.445900-79.871688
22490Montier St at Wright St Ns40.448579-79.867972
22641Morewood Ave at Forbes Ave Fs40.445113-79.942700
19466Mossfield St at Azure St40.472159-79.934461
19454Mossfield St at Fern St40.471267-79.933649
19453Mossfield St opp Azure St Fs40.472075-79.934518
19461Mossfield St opp Fern St40.471273-79.933513
99954Mount Lebanon Station40.382651-80.043180
99953Mount Lebanon Station40.381726-80.043434
11615Mountain Ave at Fisher St40.411581-79.977276
11581Mountain Ave at Fisher St40.411429-79.977221
21527Mountain Ave at Schuler St40.409609-79.977359
20258Mountain Ave opp Schuler St40.409729-79.977393
15876Mountainview Dr at Century Dr Fs40.346586-79.951512
9616Mountainview Dr at Grease Monkey40.344582-79.939678
22748Mountainview Dr at Heritage Credit Union Dr40.343717-79.953410
9611Mountainview Dr at Home Depot40.342289-79.953791
21465Mountainview Dr at Pool City Dr40.344946-79.942187
9447Mountainview Dr opp Grease Monkey40.344669-79.939865
9451Mountainview Dr opp Home Depot40.342239-79.953896
4199Moyer St at Allendale St40.458294-80.063986
8960Mt Carmel Rd at Aber Rd40.467141-79.869528
8961Mt Carmel Rd at Calmar Dr40.466848-79.873134
8820Mt Carmel Rd at Chadwick St40.468518-79.886128
18592Mt Carmel Rd at Dollman Rd40.466401-79.868685
8822Mt Carmel Rd at Elk Rd40.467613-79.882962
8963Mt Carmel Rd at Faybern Dr40.466570-79.874288
22422Mt Carmel Rd at Geisler Way40.468155-79.884475
8819Mt Carmel Rd at Highlandview St40.468820-79.886773
8824Mt Carmel Rd at Pershing St40.465604-79.876441
18594Mt Carmel Rd at Tiers St40.470383-79.887595
8932Mt Carmel Rd at Tyler Rd40.467974-79.883190
18593Mt Carmel Rd at Verona Rd40.465749-79.865584
20042Mt Carmel Rd at Verona Rd Fs40.465865-79.866131
18586Mt Carmel Rd opp Dollman Rd40.466373-79.868518
8825Mt Carmel Rd opp Faybern Dr40.466287-79.874812
8934Mt Carmel Rd opp Highlandview St40.468741-79.886569
8931Mt Carmel Rd opp Mason Rd40.465484-79.878214
8930Mt Carmel Rd opp Pershing St40.465706-79.876343
1828Mt Pleasant Rd at #30540.482028-80.002755
1774Mt Pleasant Rd at #38440.480453-80.002007
1826Mt Pleasant Rd at #41540.479870-80.001650
1827Mt Pleasant Rd at Beech St40.481167-80.002245
1775Mt Pleasant Rd at Chicago St40.478703-80.000974
1825Mt Pleasant Rd at Chicago St40.478536-80.000751
1776Mt Pleasant Rd at Hazlett St40.477836-80.000288
1773Mt Pleasant Rd at Northview Hts School40.481891-80.002784
1777Mt Pleasant Rd at Penfort St40.477118-79.999685
1824Mt Pleasant Rd opp Hazlett St40.477650-80.000032
3353Mt Royal Blvd at Braun St40.519035-79.959015
3336Mt Royal Blvd at Bridle Rd40.545101-79.972420
3347Mt Royal Blvd at Campbell Pl40.526573-79.963528
3332Mt Royal Blvd at Dehaven Ave40.551157-79.971515
2456Mt Royal Blvd at Dehaven Ct40.544603-79.972326
3335Mt Royal Blvd at Eade Ave40.546607-79.972393
3334Mt Royal Blvd at Elfinwild Ln40.549296-79.971840
2443Mt Royal Blvd at Garden Pl40.524622-79.962010
2437Mt Royal Blvd at Genessee Ave40.517538-79.958952
3354Mt Royal Blvd at Genessee Ave Fs40.517483-79.959014
2440Mt Royal Blvd at Glenn Ave40.521358-79.959574
2441Mt Royal Blvd at Glenshaw Ave40.522845-79.960231
2459Mt Royal Blvd at Grandview Ave40.550199-79.971457
20900Mt Royal Blvd at Hampton Ave40.554330-79.971164
3338Mt Royal Blvd at Hartle Rd40.541251-79.972346
19527Mt Royal Blvd at Hoffman St Fs40.522548-79.960017
2458Mt Royal Blvd at Illinois Ave40.549207-79.971804
3342Mt Royal Blvd at Iola Ave40.536852-79.971499
3359Mt Royal Blvd at Irene Ave40.510693-79.956893
2431Mt Royal Blvd at Kenneth Dr40.510899-79.956952
2449Mt Royal Blvd at Kleber Rd40.535619-79.970440
3345Mt Royal Blvd at Mcelheny Rd40.532624-79.968151
3344Mt Royal Blvd at Morewood Rd40.534672-79.969782
3358Mt Royal Blvd at Pennview Ave40.512321-79.958020
2432Mt Royal Blvd at Pennview Ave40.512305-79.957933
3337Mt Royal Blvd at Royal Court Dr40.542829-79.972370
3340Mt Royal Blvd at Scott Ave40.539237-79.972297
2445Mt Royal Blvd at Shaler Library40.528064-79.964577
3346Mt Royal Blvd at Shaw Pl40.529669-79.965828
2446Mt Royal Blvd at Shaw Pl40.529433-79.965556
3355Mt Royal Blvd at Undercliff St40.515911-79.959122
2435Mt Royal Blvd at Undercliff St40.515795-79.959077
3343Mt Royal Blvd at Vilsack Rd40.535901-79.970755
3351Mt Royal Blvd at W Glenn Ave Fs40.521357-79.959632
3348Mt Royal Blvd at Wetzell Rd40.524902-79.962257
3357Mt Royal Blvd at Wiljohn St40.514046-79.959091
2447Mt Royal Blvd at Wood Pl40.532467-79.967928
3341Mt Royal Blvd at Woodland Ave40.537915-79.972177
2438Mt Royal Blvd opp Braun St40.518965-79.958947
2444Mt Royal Blvd opp Campbell Pl40.526597-79.963440
2460Mt Royal Blvd opp Dehaven Ave40.551102-79.971436
2457Mt Royal Blvd opp Eade Ave40.546510-79.972338
3333Mt Royal Blvd opp Grandview Ave40.550249-79.971527
15548Mt Royal Blvd opp Hampton Ave40.554467-79.971234
3417Mt Royal Blvd opp Hartle Rd40.541268-79.972272
2450Mt Royal Blvd opp Iola Ave40.536736-79.971352
2448Mt Royal Blvd opp Morewood Rd40.534451-79.969528
2455Mt Royal Blvd opp Royal Court Dr40.542723-79.972288
2452Mt Royal Blvd opp Scott Ave40.539102-79.972210
2433Mt Royal Blvd opp Wiljohn St40.514039-79.959026
2451Mt Royal Blvd opp Woodland Ave40.537922-79.972107
2723Mt Troy Rd at #263740.473450-79.985237
2772Mt Troy Rd at #265240.473447-79.985240
2773Mt Troy Rd at #272240.473907-79.986534
2774Mt Troy Rd at #276840.475278-79.986928
2776Mt Troy Rd at #284040.476891-79.987588
2713Mt Troy Rd at #346740.487644-79.992033
2710Mt Troy Rd at #373540.491867-79.993894
2785Mt Troy Rd at #380240.492169-79.994015
2780Mt Troy Rd at # 322240.485641-79.991881
2770Mt Troy Rd at Alfred St40.473098-79.983389
16347Mt Troy Rd at Baun Rd40.481491-79.989209
2728Mt Troy Rd at Beckert St40.470250-79.982254
2767Mt Troy Rd at Beckert St40.470198-79.982134
2724Mt Troy Rd at Cronemeyer Ave Fs40.473726-79.984462
19854Mt Troy Rd at Fornof Ln40.478229-79.986067
2715Mt Troy Rd at Gardenview Dr40.485059-79.991975
2709Mt Troy Rd at Geyer Rd40.493714-79.995076
2786Mt Troy Rd at Geyer Rd40.493395-79.994772
2768Mt Troy Rd at Highland Ave40.470813-79.982393
2784Mt Troy Rd at Hoffman Rd40.490628-79.991980
2769Mt Troy Rd at Homestead Ave40.472522-79.982978
2777Mt Troy Rd at Kinkura Dr40.479500-79.987630
2712Mt Troy Rd at Klementina Dr40.489481-79.992484
2771Mt Troy Rd at Lonsdale St40.473770-79.984078
2789Mt Troy Rd at Mt Troy Rd Ext40.495739-80.000345
2729Mt Troy Rd at Pittview Ave40.469349-79.981919
2788Mt Troy Rd at St Mary Cemetery Entrance40.495528-79.998956
22644Mt Troy Rd at Villa Dr40.495731-80.000688
2722Mt Troy Rd opp #272240.473908-79.986626
2720Mt Troy Rd opp #284040.476791-79.987744
2725Mt Troy Rd opp Alfred St40.473092-79.983485
2719Mt Troy Rd opp Fornof Ln40.478464-79.986385
2727Mt Troy Rd opp Highland Ave (#1287)40.470804-79.982467
2711Mt Troy Rd opp Hoffman Rd40.490721-79.992101
2726Mt Troy Rd opp Homestead Ave40.472433-79.983036
2718Mt Troy Rd opp Kinkura Dr40.479397-79.987611
2783Mt Troy Rd opp Klementina Dr40.489475-79.992393
2782Mt Troy Rd opp Most Holy Name Of Jesus Cemetery40.488016-79.992087
2778Mt Troy Rd opp Ridgelawn Cemetery Entrance40.482084-79.989472
16066Mulhatton St at Bartlett St40.435486-79.916361
18499Mulhatton St at Beacon St Fs40.435016-79.916415
7996Mulhatton St at Darlington Rd40.436351-79.916228
10918Murray Ave at #282540.427736-79.925852
8367Murray Ave at Aylesboro Ave40.439579-79.923007
20072Murray Ave at Aylesboro Ave40.439921-79.923122
10948Murray Ave at Bartlett St40.436133-79.922916
10924Murray Ave at Bartlett St Fs40.436209-79.922831
18156Murray Ave at Beacon St40.434911-79.922897
10923Murray Ave at Beacon St Ns40.434610-79.922780
10947Murray Ave at Darlington Rd40.437173-79.922999
19999Murray Ave at Flemington St40.426386-79.927607
18179Murray Ave at Flemington St Fs40.426440-79.927392
20119Murray Ave at Forbes Ave40.437748-79.922900
11077Murray Ave at Forbes Ave40.438273-79.923017
8366Murray Ave at Forbes Ave Fs40.438431-79.922942
10920Murray Ave at Forward Ave40.429877-79.923403
10952Murray Ave at Forward Ave40.430171-79.923505
19994Murray Ave at Hazelwood Ave40.419851-79.928350
18178Murray Ave at Hazelwood Ave Fs40.420304-79.928399
10922Murray Ave at Hobart St40.433577-79.922917
10950Murray Ave at Hobart St40.433853-79.923009
10915Murray Ave at Lilac St40.423092-79.928628
10957Murray Ave at Lilac St40.423292-79.928685
10914Murray Ave at Loretta St40.421788-79.928753
8526Murray Ave at Loretta St40.422036-79.928915
10919Murray Ave at Morrowfield Ave Fs40.428223-79.924777
8368Murray Ave at Northumberland St40.441325-79.923307
20071Murray Ave at Northumberland St40.441554-79.923442
10921Murray Ave at Phillips Ave40.432237-79.923099
10951Murray Ave at Phillips Ave40.432522-79.923188
8369Murray Ave at Solway St40.442791-79.923592
8477Murray Ave at Solway St40.442982-79.923724
10916Murray Ave at Welfer St40.424896-79.928058
10956Murray Ave at Welfer St40.425058-79.928130
8370Murray Ave at Wilkins Ave40.443864-79.923811
20717Murray Ave at Wilkins Ave Fs40.443606-79.923839
10954Murray Ave opp Burchfield Ave40.427500-79.926342
10953Murray Ave opp Morrowfield Ave40.428107-79.925165
1812N Charles St at #256240.467593-80.016678
1786N Charles St at Bizet St40.466454-80.019862
1792N Charles St at Brighton Rd40.459844-80.017086
1790N Charles St at Brightridge St40.462182-80.018485
1806N Charles St at Brightridge St40.462022-80.018133
1809N Charles St at Cross St40.465170-80.020588
1819N Charles St at Hazelton St40.471233-80.007310
1811N Charles St at Irwin St40.466824-80.018892
1813N Charles St at Kenn Ave40.467922-80.015746
1815N Charles St at Kimberlin Way40.469781-80.013966
961N Charles St at Linwood Ave40.470039-80.013840
960N Charles St at Norwood Ave40.470272-80.012608
19857N Charles St at Perrysville Ave40.470959-80.008712
981N Charles St at Perrysville Ave40.471063-80.008481
959N Charles St at Shelton Ave40.470547-80.011154
1807N Charles St at Strauss St40.463207-80.019716
1814N Charles St at Wilson Ave40.469134-80.014589
1784N Charles St opp #256840.467835-80.016196
1810N Charles St opp Bizet St40.466452-80.019749
1787N Charles St opp Cross St40.465212-80.020681
1785N Charles St opp Irwin Ave40.466939-80.018809
1788N Charles St opp Izora St40.464078-80.020577
1783N Charles St opp Kenn Ave40.468224-80.015565
1816N Charles St opp Leland St40.470261-80.012344
1817N Charles St opp Shelton Ave40.470452-80.011328
1789N Charles St opp Strauss St40.463215-80.019854
1782N Charles St opp Wilson Ave40.469262-80.014573
8190Negley Ave at #370 (Baum Blvd)40.459043-79.933468
8206Negley Ave at Baum Blvd40.458245-79.933818
8182Negley Ave at Black St40.468903-79.927490
8186Negley Ave at Broad St40.464603-79.930093
8210Negley Ave at Broad St Fs40.464592-79.929957
8220Negley Ave at Bryant St40.477164-79.923782
8191Negley Ave at Centre Ave40.457468-79.934247
8188Negley Ave at Coral St40.462040-79.931625
11088Negley Ave at East Busway Steps40.456074-79.933304
8213Negley Ave at East Liberty Blvd40.467518-79.928196
8566Negley Ave at Ellsworth Ave40.454689-79.932481
15455Negley Ave at Ellsworth Ave40.454902-79.932714
19996Negley Ave at Elmer St40.453343-79.931674
15454Negley Ave at Elmer St Fs40.453261-79.931738
8189Negley Ave at Friendship Ave40.460808-79.932366
8207Negley Ave at Friendship Ave40.460560-79.932404
8177Negley Ave at Hampton St40.475563-79.924549
8219Negley Ave at Hampton St40.475307-79.924549
8181Negley Ave at Hays St40.469880-79.927067
8215Negley Ave at Hays St40.469639-79.926972
8179Negley Ave at Jackson St40.472561-79.925875
19011Negley Ave at Jackson St Ns40.472401-79.925819
15452Negley Ave at Kentucky Ave40.450566-79.930145
19995Negley Ave at Kentucky Ave Ns40.450231-79.929837
8183Negley Ave at Margaretta St40.467857-79.928116
8209Negley Ave at Penn Ave40.463207-79.930756
19060Negley Ave at Penn Ave Fs40.463180-79.930960
8212Negley Ave at Rippey St40.466532-79.928798
8211Negley Ave at Rural St40.465544-79.929397
8180Negley Ave at Stanton Ave40.471697-79.926263
8216Negley Ave at Stanton Ave40.471324-79.926314
8564Negley Ave at Walnut St40.451995-79.930879
15453Negley Ave at Walnut St40.452143-79.931078
8218Negley Ave at Wellesley Ave Ns40.474102-79.925083
8214Negley Ave opp Black St40.468642-79.927516
15456Negley Ave opp Claybourne St40.456655-79.933747
8208Negley Ave opp Coral St40.461982-79.931552
8184Negley Ave opp Rippey St Fs40.466863-79.928721
8185Negley Ave opp Rural St40.465996-79.929244
8178Negley Ave opp Wellesley Ave40.474306-79.925102
2668Neville Ramp at Centre Ave40.452725-79.949753
19008Neville Ramp at Centre Ave Fs40.452738-79.949668
22559Neville Rd at #20040.492623-80.080237
2337Neville Rd at Gulf Oil Entrance40.497722-80.091318
2228Neville Rd opp Gulf Oil Entrance40.497685-80.091728
8170Neville St at Bayard St40.450315-79.948651
5126Neville St at Bayard St40.450508-79.948837
8169Neville St at Ellsworth Ave Ns40.447689-79.947517
5127Neville St at Fifth Ave40.447346-79.947469
19630Noble Ave at E Crafton Ave40.435994-80.064532
4170Noble Ave at E Crafton Ave40.435973-80.064624
4075Noble Ave at Steuben St40.438262-80.063244
4168Noble Ave opp Sidney St40.437855-80.063255
7063Noble St at Dickson St40.420642-79.885351
19411Noble St at Roslyn St40.420272-79.884806
7157Noble St at Washington St40.421473-79.886291
7064Noble St opp Washington St40.421275-79.885996
5411Noblestown Rd at #64040.415791-80.070707
5465Noblestown Rd at #209440.432745-80.051798
5466Noblestown Rd at #212840.431988-80.052700
5468Noblestown Rd at #221240.429811-80.053529
5414Noblestown Rd at #279340.419037-80.066485
5483Noblestown Rd at Alter St40.413893-80.073256
5471Noblestown Rd at Baldwick Rd40.426636-80.056706
5429Noblestown Rd at Bartow St40.436208-80.052019
5462Noblestown Rd at Bartow St40.436195-80.052139
5416Noblestown Rd at Brenford Ave40.420562-80.066827
5427Noblestown Rd at Colescott St40.434235-80.050202
5461Noblestown Rd at Crafton Blvd Fs40.437477-80.053848
5428Noblestown Rd at Denisonview St40.435102-80.050413
5484Noblestown Rd at Duncan Way Fs40.413128-80.075347
5526Noblestown Rd at Durbin St40.423801-80.066531
5467Noblestown Rd at Fire Station (#2200)40.431121-80.053458
5464Noblestown Rd at Harris Ave Fs40.434116-80.050350
4444Noblestown Rd at Hartwell St40.437470-80.051061
5412Noblestown Rd at Hawthorne St40.416294-80.067123
5419Noblestown Rd at Holiday Dr40.426341-80.061945
5485Noblestown Rd at Idlewood Ave40.413371-80.076804
5413Noblestown Rd at Mansfield Ave Fs40.417135-80.066124
5528Noblestown Rd at Morange Rd40.420840-80.066969
5470Noblestown Rd at Noble Manor (Rite Aid)40.427084-80.055592
4495Noblestown Rd at Obey St40.438135-80.049369
5422Noblestown Rd at Poplar St40.427818-80.053781
5469Noblestown Rd at Poplar St40.428149-80.053674
5420Noblestown Rd at School St40.426422-80.057121
5529Noblestown Rd at St Paul's Seminary40.420063-80.066799
4493Noblestown Rd at Weaver St Fs40.437159-80.039853
4447Noblestown Rd opp #60840.437108-80.040117
5481Noblestown Rd opp #64040.415859-80.070763
5425Noblestown Rd opp #2120 (Shop-n-save Dr #2)40.431806-80.052764
5424Noblestown Rd opp #2148 (Shop-n-save Dr #1)40.431142-80.053322
5423Noblestown Rd opp #221240.429879-80.053421
5530Noblestown Rd opp #279340.419055-80.066564
5409Noblestown Rd opp Alter St40.413765-80.073312
19682Noblestown Rd opp Bartow St40.437612-80.052346
5430Noblestown Rd opp Crafton Blvd40.437486-80.053761
5463Noblestown Rd opp Denisonview St40.435053-80.050533
5408Noblestown Rd opp Duncan Way40.413083-80.075495
5418Noblestown Rd opp Durbin St40.423628-80.066591
4497Noblestown Rd opp Hartwell St40.437551-80.050959
5480Noblestown Rd opp Hawthorne St40.416189-80.067468
5524Noblestown Rd opp Holiday Dr40.426431-80.061660
5407Noblestown Rd opp Idlewood Ave40.413247-80.078008
5421Noblestown Rd opp Noble Manor (Cogos)40.427067-80.055400
4445Noblestown Rd opp Obey St40.438015-80.049477
5525Noblestown Rd opp Pace Dr40.424904-80.065741
5415Noblestown Rd opp St Paul's Seminary40.419590-80.066635
22635Norman St at Grant Ave40.371736-79.852579
1556North Ave at Arch St40.454999-80.008809
1587North Ave at Arch St40.455176-80.008476
1590North Ave at Brighton Rd40.454075-80.014394
1553North Ave at Brighton Rd Fs40.454003-80.014070
627North Ave at Cedar Ave (Agh)40.456117-80.002860
1140North Ave at Elizabeth St40.483799-79.972946
1207North Ave at Elizabeth St40.483494-79.972840
1557North Ave at Federal St40.455316-80.006962
1141North Ave at Freemont Alley40.482237-79.973840
1142North Ave at Grant Ave40.481209-79.974801
172North Ave at James St40.456478-80.001419
1208North Ave at Klopfer St40.484847-79.972964
1206North Ave at Lincoln Ave40.481522-79.974350
219North Ave at Middle St40.456629-80.000195
171North Ave at Middle St Fs40.456696-80.000267
1589North Ave at Monterey St40.454419-80.012437
18636North Ave at Sandusky St (Agh)40.456043-80.003929
625North Ave opp Boyle St40.455564-80.005715
1554North Ave opp Monterey St40.454277-80.012695
626North Ave opp Sandusky St40.455747-80.004727
624North Commons at Federal St40.454030-80.006050
588North Commons at West Commons40.453732-80.007393
20314North Hills Village Terminus40.527752-80.008324
1298North Hills Village at Best Buy40.523263-80.006316
1297North Hills Village at Burlington40.525518-80.007163
19838North Hills Village at Target40.526876-80.007560
99999North Side Station40.448100-80.010515
98881North Side Station40.447859-80.009498
15733North Versailles Park and Ride at Shelter40.388225-79.823308
22732Northern Pike at Mosside Blvd40.433937-79.753502
22734Northern Pike at Mosside Blvd Fs40.433941-79.754355
399Northgate Dr at #939640.576688-79.990731
468Northgate Dr at #939640.576433-79.990636
400Northgate Dr at Sample Rd40.574761-79.990631
469Northgate Dr at Springfield Dr40.577794-79.992243
21263Northside Hov Entrance40.449643-80.000811
16020Oak Hill Dr at Bentley Dr40.440214-79.969859
16028Oak Hill Dr at Eckstein Pl40.441506-79.969941
16019Oak Hill Dr at Hyman Pl40.441375-79.970077
20370Oakdene St at Stranahan St40.462032-79.890890
20356Oakdene St opp Everton St40.462504-79.890823
9197Oakwood St at Bennett St40.454318-79.885782
8913Oakwood St at Bennett St40.453925-79.885575
8914Oakwood St at Frankstown Ave40.455001-79.885891
9199Oakwood St at Hamilton Ave40.451885-79.884835
9200Oakwood St at Inglenook Pl Fs40.450724-79.884536
9198Oakwood St at Kelly St40.453159-79.885453
16572Oakwood St at Nimick Pl40.449860-79.884232
9201Oakwood St at Tioga St40.449361-79.884202
8911Oakwood St opp Hamilton Ave40.451524-79.884648
8910Oakwood St opp Inglenook Pl40.450980-79.884522
8912Oakwood St opp Kelly St40.452835-79.885262
8428Oberlin St at Mingo St40.464863-79.890083
20065Oberlin St at Oakdene St Fs40.466320-79.890110
8441Oberlin St opp Lemington Ave40.467051-79.890073
8440Oberlin St opp Oakdene St40.466438-79.890060
20546Ohio Ave at Broadway St40.319048-79.890603
9865Ohio Ave at Wall St40.317039-79.889439
20603Ohio Ave opp Broadway St40.319146-79.890716
20604Ohio Ave opp Wall St40.317160-79.889672
1390Ohio River Blvd at #4401 (Opp Spring Ave Steps)40.488804-80.057814
1377Ohio River Blvd at Allegheny Ave40.511400-80.101116
1440Ohio River Blvd at Allegheny Ave40.511481-80.100904
1386Ohio River Blvd at Birmingham Ave Steps40.499137-80.071566
1430Ohio River Blvd at Birmingham Ave Steps40.499159-80.071410
1435Ohio River Blvd at Brighton Rd40.504964-80.084785
18294Ohio River Blvd at Camp Horne Rd Ns40.510241-80.094071
1434Ohio River Blvd at Dickson Ave40.503582-80.080877
1388Ohio River Blvd at Eat-n-park40.494148-80.064288
18293Ohio River Blvd at Elizabeth Ave Fs40.495960-80.067201
1432Ohio River Blvd at Fisk Ave40.501390-80.074861
1431Ohio River Blvd at Harrison Ave40.500467-80.073427
1441Ohio River Blvd at Hazelwood Ave40.512184-80.103676
1422Ohio River Blvd at Kendall Ave40.486275-80.053883
1444Ohio River Blvd at Kilbuck St (I-79 Ent)40.517883-80.130653
1433Ohio River Blvd at Laurel Ave40.501937-80.076208
1429Ohio River Blvd at Locust St40.497706-80.069651
1379Ohio River Blvd at Maple Ave40.510479-80.098060
18288Ohio River Blvd at Mckees Rocks Bridge40.478927-80.043253
1436Ohio River Blvd at Memorial Dr40.508833-80.090682
1421Ohio River Blvd at Millerton Ave40.481481-80.045977
1438Ohio River Blvd at Orchard Ave40.510580-80.097923
1439Ohio River Blvd at Pennsylvania Ave40.511139-80.099710
18292Ohio River Blvd at Riverview Ave Fs40.491826-80.061352
1424Ohio River Blvd at Shiloh Ave40.487903-80.056318
1425Ohio River Blvd at Spring Ave Steps40.488865-80.057664
16963Ohio River Blvd at Thrift Store40.495210-80.065870
1376Ohio River Blvd at Walliston Ave40.511940-80.103236
1380Ohio River Blvd at Willow St40.510135-80.094113
1382Ohio River Blvd opp Brighton Rd (#7139)40.504826-80.084668
1383Ohio River Blvd opp Dickson Ave40.503591-80.081160
1427Ohio River Blvd opp Eat-n-park40.494317-80.064299
1387Ohio River Blvd opp Elizabeth Ave40.495937-80.067434
1373Ohio River Blvd opp Glenfield Park and Ride40.517850-80.131232
1385Ohio River Blvd opp Harrison Ave40.500448-80.073567
1392Ohio River Blvd opp Kendall Ave40.486328-80.054165
20832Ohio River Blvd opp Locust St40.497772-80.069861
18291Ohio River Blvd opp Mckees Rocks Bridge Fs40.479422-80.043519
1381Ohio River Blvd opp Memorial Dr40.508720-80.090674
1384Ohio River Blvd opp Monitor Ave40.501564-80.075483
1378Ohio River Blvd opp Pennsylvania Ave40.511049-80.099867
1389Ohio River Blvd opp Riverview Ave40.491819-80.061533
1391Ohio River Blvd opp Shiloh Ave40.487869-80.056511
13637Old Abers Creek Rd at Holiday Park Vfd40.466695-79.705973
1941Old California Ave at Woodland Ave40.466718-80.033951
21224Old Elizabeth Rd at Bluemont Dr40.347339-79.937065
21226Old Elizabeth Rd at Lebanon School Rd40.348079-79.929310
21225Old Elizabeth Rd at Woodhill Rd40.347675-79.933602
11021Old Elizabeth Rd opp Bluemont Dr40.347405-79.936855
21232Old Elizabeth Rd opp Woodhill Rd40.347741-79.933469
9362Old Freeport Rd at #138040.488752-79.872743
19983Old Freeport Rd at Chapel Harbor Dr40.487617-79.878954
3302Old Freeport Rd at Freeport Rd (Term)40.490139-79.869972
9361Old Freeport Rd at Post Office40.488368-79.875718
13505Old William Penn Hwy at #453340.442898-79.756249
13502Old William Penn Hwy at Bayhill Dr40.441806-79.749807
20111Old William Penn Hwy at Beatty Rd40.440216-79.742051
13500Old William Penn Hwy at Glenwood Dr40.440760-79.745005
13506Old William Penn Hwy at Good Shepherd Church40.443849-79.757671
13608Old William Penn Hwy at Roth Dr40.441112-79.747792
13606Old William Penn Hwy at Scott Dr40.441384-79.751748
13605Old William Penn Hwy at Williamsburg Dr40.441411-79.753778
13839Old William Penn Hwy opp #453340.442898-79.756310
13607Old William Penn Hwy opp Bayhill Dr40.441713-79.749619
13840Old William Penn Hwy opp Beatty Rd40.440259-79.742323
13609Old William Penn Hwy opp Glenwood Dr40.440660-79.745259
13604Old William Penn Hwy opp Good Shepherd Church40.443722-79.757749
13501Old William Penn Hwy opp Roth Dr40.441144-79.747628
13503Old William Penn Hwy opp Scott Dr40.441522-79.751442
13504Old William Penn Hwy opp Williamsburg Dr40.441433-79.753636
10252Olympia Driveway at Life Span40.321759-79.835382
21255Olympia Shopping Center Park and Ride at Shelter40.322443-79.834806
16370Olympia Shopping Ctr Dr at Save-a-lot40.322044-79.835432
8685Orion St at Milwaukee St40.454341-79.961475
11611Ottilla St at St Joseph St40.413523-79.981787
99902Overbrook Junction40.365906-80.027101
99901Overbrook Junction40.365888-80.027136
17430Overlook Pl at Pleasant Ridge Rd40.480071-80.075060
5931Oxford Dr at Giant Eagle40.346526-80.048560
16384Oxford Dr at Home Depot40.344515-80.049766
18522Oxford Dr at Mall Blvd40.432003-79.789124
8065Oxford Dr at Primary Care Center40.431416-79.788117
8146Oxford Dr at Racquet Club Apts40.431294-79.787605
5929Oxford Dr at Thomas More Manor40.343425-80.051929
6018Oxford Dr opp Giant Eagle40.346680-80.048845
5932Oxford Dr opp Village Square Upper Entrance40.347887-80.049638
7451Pallas St at Brinton Ave40.405857-79.844391
7414Pallas St at Wolfe Ave40.405784-79.845291
98879Palm Garden40.416466-80.011827
98878Palm Garden40.416126-80.011822
6721Palm Garden Ramp at Warrington Ave40.416928-80.011307
18495Panther Hollow Rd at Bartlett Rd Fs40.433481-79.937157
17527Panther Hollow Rd at Panther Hollow Bridge Fs40.435162-79.945351
8021Panther Hollow Rd opp Schenley Park Pool40.434663-79.948415
22434Park Ave at Montier St40.444655-79.874594
7618Park Ave at Swissvale Ave40.444752-79.875496
15678Park Hill Dr at #210140.452989-79.874317
8949Park Hill Dr at #210240.453000-79.874264
8951Park Hill Dr at #235040.455514-79.874152
15676Park Hill Dr at #240140.455542-79.874206
15675Park Hill Dr at #250140.456271-79.873382
15674Park Hill Dr at #256740.456619-79.871804
9162Park Hill Dr at East Hills Dr40.456557-79.871890
8950Park Hill Dr at White Pine Pl40.454482-79.874110
3822Park Manor Blvd at Ikea40.453407-80.167687
17168Park Manor Blvd at Robinson Center Dr40.451745-80.161385
21093Park Manor Blvd at Robinson Center Dr Fs40.451896-80.161898
3991Park Manor Blvd at Robinson Ln40.452866-80.165184
3825Park Manor Blvd opp Ikea40.453556-80.167587
3824Park Manor Blvd opp Robinson Ln40.452780-80.164821
21717Park Manor Dr at #6000 (Olive Garden)40.450753-80.161663
20692Park Manor Dr at Robinson Plaza40.449169-80.162989
13023Parker St at #9040.493740-79.951630
3414Parker St at Hill St40.494351-79.956596
19741Parker St at Koehler St40.494219-79.958796
20941Parker St at Koehler St Fs40.494289-79.958847
2064Parker St at Soose Rd40.494162-79.962905
12989Parker St opp #9040.493801-79.952087
3422Parker St opp Hill St40.494284-79.956618
21456Parkline Dr at #1551 (Rental Office)40.365997-79.968173
21458Parkline Dr at #162040.366759-79.967672
21455Parkline Dr at #163140.367080-79.967448
21459Parkline Dr at #169040.367953-79.965410
21454Parkline Dr at #169540.367997-79.965491
22311Parkline Dr at Radford Rd40.364979-79.966986
21457Parkline Dr at Radford Rd Fs40.365201-79.966925
21460Parkline Dr at Skyline Dr40.367262-79.964100
5551Parkway Center Dr South at Building #740.423579-80.041033
98875Parkway Ramp40.432162-79.869079
4544Parse Way at Mt Lebanon Station40.382302-80.043484
20728Passavant Hospital at 4th Floor Entrance Bldg T40.574220-80.014891
20727Passavant Hospital at Main Entrance40.572155-80.013514
16991Patriot Way at Delafield Rd40.497006-79.890916
7762Patton St Bridge at Middle Ave40.395325-79.804666
7761Patton St at Middle Ave40.395691-79.804772
8400Paulson Ave at Brainard St40.468572-79.901901
8449Paulson Ave at Dean St40.468037-79.903493
8402Paulson Ave at Lemington Ave40.470014-79.897249
8448Paulson Ave at Navarro St Fs40.468288-79.902840
8401Paulson Ave at Olivant St40.469466-79.899515
8446Paulson Ave at Olivant St40.469617-79.899188
8447Paulson Ave opp Brainard St40.468689-79.901780
20436Peebles Rd at #807740.557353-80.017660
452Peebles Rd at Bingay Dr40.558984-80.015220
409Peebles Rd at Duncan Ave Fs40.567100-80.007243
18714Peebles Rd at Duncan Ave Fs40.568337-80.005721
19528Peebles Rd at Duncan Ave Ns40.567170-80.007044
408Peebles Rd at Knoll St40.568226-80.006073
407Peebles Rd at Locust St40.569645-80.003876
19526Peebles Rd at Mcintyre Square Dr Fs40.557269-80.017633
456Peebles Rd at Parkway Rd Fs40.564139-80.009548
410Peebles Rd at Peebles School Drvwy40.565399-80.008535
454Peebles Rd at Remington Dr40.561158-80.013202
414Peebles Rd at Remington Dr40.561447-80.013031
461Peebles Rd at Sample Rd40.570540-80.002813
20896Peebles Rd at Vincentian Drvwy Fs40.556973-80.018753
416Peebles Rd opp Bingay Dr40.559005-80.015308
460Peebles Rd opp Locust St40.569558-80.003857
411Peebles Rd opp Parkway Rd40.564091-80.009728
20178Peebles Rd opp Peebles School Drvwy40.565293-80.008536
7089Peebles St at Forbes Ave40.439923-79.894710
7334Peebles St at Guthrie40.438905-79.894956
710018Peebles St at Kelly Ave40.441305-79.894381
7136Peebles St at Kelly Ave40.441162-79.894316
7135Peebles St opp Forbes Ave40.439758-79.894652
1780Penfort St at #17340.474438-80.002425
1821Penfort St at #17440.474354-80.002411
1778Penfort St at #33840.476208-80.000478
1781Penfort St at Essen St40.473297-80.002953
1823Penfort St at Mt Pleasant Rd40.476915-79.999586
2932Penn Ave at 7th St40.443320-80.000090
2833Penn Ave at 11th St40.445090-79.993589
2591Penn Ave at 28th St40.456953-79.975562
2589Penn Ave at 30th St40.458924-79.972701
2588Penn Ave at 31st St40.459962-79.971188
2587Penn Ave at 32nd St40.461002-79.969689
2412Penn Ave at 34th St Ns40.462492-79.967299
2585Penn Ave at 36th St40.464241-79.963840
2582Penn Ave at 39th St40.464856-79.960170
2624Penn Ave at 39th St40.464779-79.960281
1197Penn Ave at 40th St40.465262-79.957734
2625Penn Ave at 40th St40.465118-79.958117
9183Penn Ave at 44th St (Childrens Hospital)40.466021-79.953405
9182Penn Ave at 45th St40.466226-79.951797
11608Penn Ave at #19740.414052-79.983380
9175Penn Ave at Aiken Ave40.464718-79.936226
9193Penn Ave at Aiken Ave40.464632-79.936695
7948Penn Ave at Ambassador Apts40.442679-79.867678
7951Penn Ave at Angela Dr40.439571-79.874687
9176Penn Ave at Atlantic Ave40.464607-79.938461
9192Penn Ave at Atlantic Ave40.464524-79.938759
18942Penn Ave at Bakery Square40.455992-79.915142
7902Penn Ave at Beacon Hill Dr Fs40.443978-79.864417
9128Penn Ave at Beatty St40.462162-79.927033
7629Penn Ave at Braddock Ave40.447112-79.894918
7697Penn Ave at Braddock Ave40.447144-79.895355
7946Penn Ave at Brittany Apts (#1717)40.443665-79.865893
7628Penn Ave at Brushton Ave40.446600-79.893367
2586Penn Ave at Butler St40.462837-79.966974
18542Penn Ave at Carnegie Pl Fs40.448010-79.897916
20762Penn Ave at Dallas Ave40.451482-79.908039
20763Penn Ave at Dallas Ave40.451492-79.908345
7698Penn Ave at East End Ave40.446739-79.894096
19574Penn Ave at Eastside Iii Dr40.460154-79.921487
22727Penn Ave at Euclid Ave40.462501-79.927682
9177Penn Ave at Evaline St40.464760-79.941002
9191Penn Ave at Evaline St40.464751-79.941276
7970Penn Ave at Fairmont St40.443661-79.865578
20512Penn Ave at Fairmount St40.464147-79.932353
20513Penn Ave at Fairmount St40.464121-79.932645
8230Penn Ave at Fifth Ave40.453915-79.912130
8280Penn Ave at Fifth Ave40.454221-79.912814
7900Penn Ave at Findley Dr East40.444409-79.863172
7901Penn Ave at Findley Dr West (Beacon Hill)40.444028-79.864586
9186Penn Ave at Friendship Ave40.466100-79.952368
20104Penn Ave at Grant St40.404656-79.825593
18518Penn Ave at Grant St40.404804-79.826014
7904Penn Ave at Greensburg Pike40.444677-79.861177
8882Penn Ave at Highland Ave40.461403-79.924630
3133Penn Ave at Highland Ave40.461453-79.925052
7632Penn Ave at Homewood Ave40.449141-79.901020
7694Penn Ave at Homewood Ave40.449179-79.901458
18617Penn Ave at Jackson St40.444770-79.861181
7633Penn Ave at Lang Ave40.449958-79.903460
7693Penn Ave at Lang Ave40.450016-79.903908
7631Penn Ave at Lexington St40.448678-79.899627
7695Penn Ave at Lexington St40.448606-79.899721
8229Penn Ave at Linden Ave40.452524-79.910125
8281Penn Ave at Linden Ave40.452654-79.910500
9184Penn Ave at Main St40.465725-79.955054
1150Penn Ave at Main St40.465573-79.955463
9180Penn Ave at Mathilda St40.465497-79.946348
9188Penn Ave at Mathilda St40.465453-79.946577
7965Penn Ave at Midland St40.439489-79.874949
9179Penn Ave at Millvale Ave40.465322-79.945117
9189Penn Ave at Millvale Ave40.465297-79.945355
18528Penn Ave at Murtland St Fs40.450810-79.906033
9196Penn Ave at Negley Ave40.463500-79.930909
9172Penn Ave at Negley Ave40.463414-79.930203
9187Penn Ave at Pearl St40.465679-79.948183
7950Penn Ave at Princeton Blvd40.440823-79.871589
7966Penn Ave at Princeton Blvd40.440518-79.871880
11607Penn Ave at School Way Fs40.413937-79.987155
8276Penn Ave at Shady Ave Fs (Giant Eagle)40.459236-79.920097
18505Penn Ave at Shaw Ave Ns40.405271-79.828736
8881Penn Ave at Sheridan Ave40.461031-79.923589
7969Penn Ave at Summit St40.443100-79.866739
7968Penn Ave at Superior St40.442463-79.867884
7952Penn Ave at Swissvale Ave40.441290-79.877391
17383Penn Ave at Thompson St40.405253-79.827010
18527Penn Ave at Trenton Ave Fs (Life Care)40.446167-79.892069
18536Penn Ave at Trenton Ave Fs (Life Care)40.445789-79.891199
8233Penn Ave at Village Of Eastside Shpg Ctr40.458198-79.918378
7949Penn Ave at Weber St40.441951-79.869199
7700Penn Ave at West St40.445282-79.889755
9178Penn Ave at Winebiddle St40.464995-79.942717
9190Penn Ave at Winebiddle St40.464971-79.942994
2621Penn Ave opp 36th St40.464131-79.964031
9185Penn Ave opp 44th St (Childrens Hospital)40.465871-79.953722
8279Penn Ave opp Bakery Square40.456136-79.915602
7630Penn Ave opp Carnegie Pl40.448143-79.898021
7903Penn Ave opp Findley Dr East40.444267-79.863396
7692Penn Ave opp Murtland St40.450745-79.906082
9181Penn Ave opp Pearl St40.465712-79.947850
22726Penn Ave opp Shady Ave40.459718-79.920499
18515Penn Ave opp Shaw Ave Fs40.405198-79.828935
7947Penn Ave opp Summit St40.443249-79.866638
18517Penn Ave opp Thompson St40.405214-79.827345
8277Penn Ave opp Village Of Eastside Shpg Ctr40.458359-79.918793
7967Penn Ave opp Weber St40.441915-79.869064
7626Penn Ave opp West St40.445175-79.889183
7501Penn Center Blvd at Bldg #340.427975-79.811913
7502Penn Center Blvd at Bldg #740.426579-79.811591
7504Penn Center Blvd at Penn Towers (Lower)40.424599-79.814003
7503Penn Center Blvd at Penn Towers (Upper)40.424416-79.812322
7500Penn Center Blvd at Rite Aid Drvwy40.429318-79.812050
7505Penn Center Blvd at Rodi Rd40.429382-79.815834
13593Penn Center Blvd at Wm Penn Hwy40.429811-79.811999
13592Penn Center Blvd opp Bldg #340.428246-79.811840
13591Penn Center Blvd opp Bldg #740.426345-79.811304
13590Penn Center Blvd opp Penn Towers (Upper)40.424239-79.812522
13472Penn St at Atlantic Ave40.611679-79.740818
13492Penn St at Atlantic Ave40.611543-79.740670
13495Penn St at Broadview Blvd40.613875-79.742083
18372Penn St at Broadview Blvd Fs40.613527-79.741918
13493Penn St at Pacific Ave40.612252-79.740958
13473Penn St at Roup Ave40.610882-79.740494
13471Penn St at Union Ave40.613160-79.741656
13494Penn St at Union Ave40.613040-79.741480
1721Pennsylvania Ave at Allegheny Ave40.455151-80.020235
1727Pennsylvania Ave at Bidwell St40.455047-80.021165
15952Pennsylvania Ave at Brighton Rd40.456026-80.015513
19353Pennsylvania Ave at Brighton Rd Fs40.456085-80.015779
11979Pennsylvania Ave at Carnegie St40.362212-79.856098
12006Pennsylvania Ave at Carnegie St40.362137-79.856415
1731Pennsylvania Ave at Chateau St40.453747-80.028143
11695Pennsylvania Ave at Conlin St40.361812-79.867918
1720Pennsylvania Ave at Fontella St40.454631-80.023000
1719Pennsylvania Ave at Fulton St40.454299-80.024834
1729Pennsylvania Ave at Fulton St40.454406-80.024624
1730Pennsylvania Ave at Manhattan St40.454102-80.026254
11980Pennsylvania Ave at Mellon St40.362120-79.858684
11768Pennsylvania Ave at Mellon St40.362070-79.858867
12007Pennsylvania Ave at Mifflin St40.362182-79.854977
1728Pennsylvania Ave at Sedgewick St40.454844-80.022223
11692Pennsylvania Ave at Taft Ave40.362125-79.861430
11767Pennsylvania Ave at Taft Ave40.362072-79.861667
11694Pennsylvania Ave at Vermont Ave40.362111-79.866598
11765Pennsylvania Ave at Vermont Ave40.362059-79.866962
19871Pennwood Ave at Franklin Ave40.441851-79.887263
20895Perry Hov Entrance40.507473-80.030954
650Perry Hwy at #32840.518423-80.027666
22685Perry Hwy at Ccac North40.566421-80.038111
641Perry Hwy at Cemetery Ln40.503282-80.024849
643Perry Hwy at Clarwin Ave40.505238-80.028328
574Perry Hwy at Connie Dr40.496533-80.020025
22696Perry Hwy at Cumberland Rd40.571787-80.036900
19728Perry Hwy at Hanway Ave40.504393-80.026471
571Perry Hwy at I-279 Ramp40.503623-80.025527
22691Perry Hwy at Lombardy Dr40.545102-80.035874
19327Perry Hwy at Mcdonalds40.517924-80.029064
22671Perry Hwy at Old Perrysville Rd Fs40.507824-80.029608
22694Perry Hwy at Perrymont Rd40.556154-80.038995
22686Perry Hwy at Perrymont Rd40.556366-80.039197
568Perry Hwy at Ross Park and Ride - Lower Lot40.508795-80.029448
22688Perry Hwy at Trion Rd40.548744-80.037105
651Perry Hwy at Vfw40.517746-80.030041
22687Perry Hwy at Washington Blvd40.552759-80.038028
639Perry Hwy at West View Ave40.500125-80.021776
22695Perry Hwy opp 19 North Dr (Ccac North)40.566326-80.037968
563Perry Hwy opp #32840.518581-80.026751
569Perry Hwy opp Clarwin Ave40.505238-80.028571
22684Perry Hwy opp Cumberland Rd40.572099-80.037022
570Perry Hwy opp Hanway Ave40.504332-80.026665
573Perry Hwy opp Ivory Ave40.498325-80.020375
22692Perry Hwy opp Trion Rd (Pines Plaza)40.548491-80.036917
22693Perry Hwy opp Washington Blvd40.552532-80.037792
572Perry Hwy opp West View Ave Fs40.499926-80.021673
877Perrysville Ave at #166440.461227-80.009012
836Perrysville Ave at #174940.460011-80.011670
834Perrysville Ave at #192340.461448-80.013643
895Perrysville Ave at #300040.476111-80.012273
898Perrysville Ave at #335840.481119-80.013367
899Perrysville Ave at #343640.483082-80.013035
905Perrysville Ave at #382040.488096-80.016424
810Perrysville Ave at #383540.488237-80.016822
636Perrysville Ave at #414640.493964-80.021717
577Perrysville Ave at Bascom St40.492954-80.021996
828Perrysville Ave at Burgess St40.467682-80.009949
887Perrysville Ave at Burgess St40.467511-80.009839
902Perrysville Ave at Cherryfield St40.485052-80.015549
884Perrysville Ave at Clayton Ave40.464060-80.011255
830Perrysville Ave at Cutler St40.466257-80.011618
897Perrysville Ave at Delaware St40.479644-80.011695
906Perrysville Ave at East St40.489284-80.018169
824Perrysville Ave at Ellzey St40.471776-80.010063
837Perrysville Ave at Federal St40.461155-80.008894
633Perrysville Ave at Franklin Rd Fs40.490481-80.018760
893Perrysville Ave at Kennedy Ave40.474245-80.010352
19326Perrysville Ave at Kennedy Ave Fs40.474291-80.010501
886Perrysville Ave at Koerner Ave40.466451-80.011206
885Perrysville Ave at Lafayette Ave40.464799-80.011426
881Perrysville Ave at Langley St40.462475-80.013306
821Perrysville Ave at Marshall Ave40.475117-80.011597
819Perrysville Ave at Marshall Rd40.478250-80.012114
833Perrysville Ave at Mcclintock Ave40.463044-80.013807
827Perrysville Ave at Mcintyre Ave40.468921-80.009310
888Perrysville Ave at Mcintyre Ave40.468736-80.009447
825Perrysville Ave at N Charles St40.471083-80.008709
890Perrysville Ave at N Charles St40.470914-80.008508
835Perrysville Ave at O'hern St40.460316-80.013187
809Perrysville Ave at Perry Academy40.489254-80.018288
576Perrysville Ave at Perryview Ave40.493832-80.022118
904Perrysville Ave at Richey Ave40.486722-80.016145
811Perrysville Ave at Semicir St40.487333-80.016344
635Perrysville Ave at Vinceton St40.492753-80.021682
19332Perrysville Ave at Waldorf St Fs40.491406-80.020202
896Perrysville Ave at Watson Blvd40.478354-80.011957
900Perrysville Ave at Watson Blvd40.484191-80.013481
832Perrysville Ave at Wilson Ave40.463741-80.012195
878Perrysville Ave opp #175740.460068-80.011591
880Perrysville Ave opp #192340.461598-80.013489
820Perrysville Ave opp #300040.476110-80.012407
817Perrysville Ave opp #335840.480935-80.013406
816Perrysville Ave opp #341840.482768-80.013405
813Perrysville Ave opp Cherryfield St40.485043-80.015689
637Perrysville Ave opp Connie Dr40.496286-80.019926
818Perrysville Ave opp Delaware St40.479917-80.012065
891Perrysville Ave opp Ellzey St40.471837-80.009947
579Perrysville Ave opp Franklin Rd40.490297-80.018670
831Perrysville Ave opp Lafayette Ave40.464931-80.011579
894Perrysville Ave opp Marshall Ave40.474922-80.011113
879Perrysville Ave opp O'hern St40.460411-80.013260
578Perrysville Ave opp Waldorf St40.491273-80.020192
815Perrysville Ave opp Watson Blvd Fs40.483943-80.013342
883Perrysville Ave opp Wilson Ave40.463630-80.012351
22682Pgh Airport Upper Level (Departures)40.495319-80.255609
4405Pgh Internl Airport Lower Level (Door 2)40.495696-80.255676
3675Pine Hollow Rd at #1625 (Mickey's Place)40.475581-80.085777
22561Pine Hollow Rd at #180640.479040-80.103662
3673Pine Hollow Rd at Kenmawr Plaza Drvwy40.475432-80.097575
22560Pine Hollow Rd at Lab Corp Square40.476178-80.100932
3484Pine Hollow Rd at Mccoy Rd40.475373-80.096834
6099Pioneer Ave Ramp at Pioneer Ave40.411808-80.009236
6093Pioneer Ave Ramp at South Busway40.411828-80.009028
6081Pioneer Ave at Bellaire Ave40.397164-80.023215
6086Pioneer Ave at Bellbrook St40.401149-80.018511
19507Pioneer Ave at Belle Isle Ave Fs40.399938-80.020418
6084Pioneer Ave at Berwin Ave40.399156-80.021201
19506Pioneer Ave at Crysler St Fs40.403374-80.015534
6088Pioneer Ave at Dunster St40.402386-80.015965
6083Pioneer Ave at Gallion Ave40.398492-80.022089
6085Pioneer Ave at Metz Way40.400098-80.020180
6092Pioneer Ave at Northcrest Dr40.409412-80.013843
6082Pioneer Ave at Rossmore Ave40.397892-80.022880
6091Pioneer Ave at Southcrest Dr40.406925-80.014989
6102Pioneer Ave at Stetson St40.405731-80.015063
6106Pioneer Ave opp Bellbrook St40.401254-80.018092
6108Pioneer Ave opp Berwin Ave40.399220-80.021223
19509Pioneer Ave opp Crysler St Ns40.403402-80.015607
6104Pioneer Ave opp Dunster St40.402537-80.015976
6109Pioneer Ave opp Gallion Ave40.398527-80.022146
6100Pioneer Ave opp Northcrest Dr40.409286-80.014301
6110Pioneer Ave opp Rossmore Ave40.398101-80.022722
19508Pioneer Ave opp Southcrest Dr Fs40.406656-80.015021
6090Pioneer Ave opp Stetson St40.405443-80.015050
22440Pirl St opp Brownlee St40.352144-79.844757
7751Pitcairn-trafford Rd at Clark St40.395159-79.767222
18530Pitcairn-trafford Rd at Haymaker Rd Fs40.391879-79.766099
7853Pitcairn-trafford Rd opp Clark St40.395273-79.767378
3710Pitchfork Ln at Clever Rd40.465184-80.109312
16657Pitchfork Ln at Fiddleback Dr40.469762-80.111654
3706Pitchfork Ln opp Crabapple Dr40.470551-80.112004
12678Pittsburgh St at Allegheny Ave40.541276-79.797705
12793Pittsburgh St at Allegheny Ave40.541225-79.797943
19819Pittsburgh St at Blockdale St40.540794-79.807179
12806Pittsburgh St at Butler St40.542548-79.773145
12664Pittsburgh St at Butler St Fs40.542507-79.773393
18349Pittsburgh St at Cheswick Ave40.540833-79.807469
12671Pittsburgh St at Colfax St40.541093-79.783997
18331Pittsburgh St at Colfax St Fs40.541027-79.784225
12675Pittsburgh St at Duquesne Ct Fs40.541009-79.793372
18348Pittsburgh St at Elizabeth St40.541071-79.805046
12805Pittsburgh St at Hartrey St40.541945-79.774666
18342Pittsburgh St at Highland Ave Fs40.541594-79.799552
12792Pittsburgh St at Highland Ave Fs40.541445-79.799743
12680Pittsburgh St at Hill Ave40.541115-79.802422
12802Pittsburgh St at James St40.541182-79.779641
12668Pittsburgh St at James St Fs40.541225-79.780351
12666Pittsburgh St at Moyhend St40.541829-79.775830
18341Pittsburgh St at Murrayhill Ave Fs40.540986-79.795585
12670Pittsburgh St at Murtland St40.541130-79.782293
12801Pittsburgh St at Oak St40.541037-79.782300
12665Pittsburgh St at Orchard St40.542023-79.774696
12673Pittsburgh St at Porter St40.541262-79.788470
12798Pittsburgh St at Porter St40.541169-79.788926
18339Pittsburgh St at Rosa St Fs40.541274-79.786875
18337Pittsburgh St at School St Fs40.541438-79.778078
12794Pittsburgh St at Shady Ave40.540921-79.795923
12796Pittsburgh St opp Duquesne Ct40.540940-79.793071
12791Pittsburgh St opp Hill Ave40.541021-79.802476
12804Pittsburgh St opp Moyhend St40.541693-79.776120
12790Pittsburgh St opp Pillow Ave40.540998-79.804275
12799Pittsburgh St opp Rosa St40.541180-79.786429
12803Pittsburgh St opp School St40.541380-79.777912
12797Pittsburgh St opp Washington St40.541106-79.790545
2766Pittview Ave at Mt Troy Rd40.469241-79.981949
2765Pittview Ave at Teutonia St40.469022-79.982813
2730Pittview Ave opp Teutonia St40.469097-79.982796
17426Pleasant Ridge Rd at Community Center40.480002-80.076496
17431Pleasant Ridge Rd at Senior Highrise40.480035-80.076368
17427Pleasant Ridge Rd opp Oak Dr40.479061-80.073827
17625Pleasant Ridge Rd opp Overlook Pl40.480536-80.072590
8012Pocussett St at Wightman St40.429316-79.927243
16243Port Perry Rd at Clyde Ave40.385900-79.832527
20665Port Perry Rd at E Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd40.383401-79.828345
20568Port Perry Rd at E Pittsburgh-mckeesport Blvd Fs40.383731-79.828437
99947Potomac Station40.397354-80.036243
99946Potomac Station40.397127-80.036748
1742Preble Ave at Island Ave40.461418-80.034515
478Presidential Dr at Babcock Blvd40.586342-80.000233
22483Presidential Dr at Babcock Blvd Fs40.586478-80.000428
472Presidential Dr at Cleveland40.581934-79.993713
393Presidential Dr at Coolidge40.582372-79.996940
474Presidential Dr at Coolidge40.582413-79.996891
394Presidential Dr at Harding40.582099-79.994735
473Presidential Dr at Harding40.582226-79.995172
18716Presidential Dr at Jackson40.583268-79.998138
476Presidential Dr at Jefferson40.584322-79.999447
1080Presidential Dr at Kennedy40.585345-79.999826
475Presidential Dr at Madison (Lease Office)40.583504-79.998797
16950Presidential Dr at Washington40.584852-79.999604
18700Presidential Dr opp Cleveland40.581898-79.993757
16948Presidential Dr opp Jackson40.583292-79.998360
391Presidential Dr opp Jefferson40.584558-79.999580
392Presidential Dr opp Madison (Lease Office)40.583465-79.998856
18701Presidential Dr opp Washington40.584988-79.999735
7419Private Dr at Brinton Towers40.409817-79.852440
9427Prospect Rd at Abbott Dr40.364069-79.973079
9431Prospect Rd at Bauman Ave40.360803-79.980008
17534Prospect Rd at Beryl Dr Fs40.361387-79.962217
20249Prospect Rd at Caparel Townhouse40.359673-79.959878
9560Prospect Rd at Colter Dr40.362980-79.971208
9561Prospect Rd at E Willock Rd40.363332-79.968349
9558Prospect Rd at Giese Dr40.363623-79.975046
22663Prospect Rd at Hollyrood Rd Fs40.362715-79.963648
18679Prospect Rd at Stilley Rd40.359545-79.980531
9554Prospect Rd at Stilley Rd Fs40.359533-79.980438
9556Prospect Rd at Wainwright Ave40.362215-79.978555
9559Prospect Rd opp Abbott Dr40.364070-79.973373
9555Prospect Rd opp Bauman Ave40.360768-79.979955
16340Prospect Rd opp Beryl Dr40.361337-79.962258
17533Prospect Rd opp Caparel Townhouses40.359633-79.959714
9426Prospect Rd opp Colter Dr40.362877-79.970655
9428Prospect Rd opp Giese Dr40.363753-79.974918
9430Prospect Rd opp Wainwright Ave40.362326-79.978391
20659Prospect St at 9th Ave40.609077-79.744358
20668Prospect St opp Reservoir Dr40.610779-79.746547
20658Prospect St opp Roup Ave40.609741-79.744985
6857Provost Rd at Arcata St40.376783-79.994158
6868Provost Rd at Baptist Rd40.361173-79.991077
9705Provost Rd at Barlind Dr40.363821-79.992155
6866Provost Rd at Barlind Dr40.364019-79.992224
9706Provost Rd at Brightview Dr40.364708-79.992119
6865Provost Rd at Brightview Dr40.364900-79.992188
6830Provost Rd at Frank St Fs40.368782-79.994223
6825Provost Rd at Mulberry Ct40.362988-79.992186
6831Provost Rd at Shadow Dr Fs40.370783-79.994547
6859Provost Rd at Shadowlawn Dr40.372410-79.994766
6836Provost Rd at Stewart Ave40.378146-79.993622
6867Provost Rd at W Lawnview Ave40.363008-79.992270
6858Provost Rd at Weyman Rd40.375969-79.994045
6863Provost Rd at Whitehall Cir40.367071-79.993602
9707Provost Rd at Whitehall Country Club40.372174-79.994702
6862Provost Rd opp Frank St40.368388-79.994191
6861Provost Rd opp Shadow Dr40.370787-79.994626
20245Provost Rd opp Weyman Rd40.375672-79.993938
6829Provost Rd opp Whitehall Cir40.367050-79.993496
19709Pti Dr at Mckee Rd40.422115-80.191628
17370Pti Dr at Mckee Rd Fs40.422093-80.191236
5403Raceway Firelane at Shop N Save40.387951-80.093620
9425Radford Rd at Willock Rd (Opp 7-11)40.363839-79.967986
9816Radford Rd opp Bevan Rd40.364348-79.967366
6447Railroad St at Station St40.358016-80.110706
6248Railroad St at Station St Fs40.358235-80.110379
2860Ramage Rd at Charlemma Dr40.490130-80.003189
2918Ramage Rd at Charlemma Dr40.490137-80.002969
2917Ramage Rd at Cherrywood Dr Fs40.490680-80.000034
2862Ramage Rd at Spring Garden Rd40.492489-79.996353
2861Ramage Rd opp Cherrywood Dr40.490693-79.999871
12158Ramp St at Baldwin Rd40.386716-79.932477
7258Rankin Blvd at #21140.411420-79.880137
7211Rankin Blvd at Bldg #540.413062-79.883043
18995Rankin Blvd at Hawkins Ave40.411973-79.880966
7259Rankin Blvd at Kenmawr Ave40.410202-79.877843
18994Rankin Blvd at Kenmawr Ave Fs40.410381-79.877991
7256Rankin Blvd opp Bldg #540.413005-79.883151
7257Rankin Blvd opp Hawkins Ave40.412011-79.881276
20537Ravensburg Blvd at Clairton Municipal Complex40.295756-79.893890
20633Ravensburg Blvd at Hwy Rt 88540.304618-79.895108
20536Ravensburg Blvd at Hwy Rt 885 Fs40.304401-79.895569
20610Ravensburg Blvd opp Clairton Municipal Complex40.295828-79.893824
6190Reamer St at #155540.391900-80.002648
7807Rebecca Ave at Ardmore Blvd40.436802-79.873568
7806Rebecca Ave at Craft St40.437095-79.876099
7805Rebecca Ave at Ella St40.437594-79.877883
7146Rebecca Ave at Swissvale Ave Fs40.438012-79.879136
21245Reed St at Addison St40.442657-79.977384
21248Reed St at Addison St40.442821-79.977147
21244Reed St at Elmore St40.442177-79.978467
21246Reed St at Elmore St40.443113-79.976291
21249Reed St opp Elmore St40.442366-79.978214
18289Reedsdale St at Boyce St40.447823-80.019870
12346Regis Ave Ext at Home Depot40.339769-79.953036
9453Regis Ave Ext opp Home Depot40.339571-79.952974
1770Regulus St at Colby St40.484647-80.004502
1092Remington Dr at Balmoral Dr #140.558434-80.008812
1075Remington Dr at Balmoral Dr #240.558210-80.008644
1094Remington Dr at Balmoral Dr #240.555130-80.007530
1091Remington Dr at Bingay Dr40.559422-80.009994
1090Remington Dr at Hazlett Rd40.560087-80.011021
1077Remington Dr at Hazlett Rd40.559823-80.010634
1078Remington Dr at Peebles Rd40.561295-80.012953
1093Remington Dr at Regency Dr40.556194-80.007591
1074Remington Dr at Regency Dr40.555956-80.007523
1095Remington Dr at Waldwick Dr40.554142-80.007485
1073Remington Dr opp Balmoral Dr #140.554954-80.007464
1076Remington Dr opp Bingay Dr40.559393-80.009758
1072Remington Dr opp Waldwick Dr40.553924-80.007410
6774Republic St at Greenleaf St40.439066-80.026417
6773Republic St at Rutledge St40.440375-80.025209
8475Reynolds St at Dallas Ave40.448730-79.909936
18985Reynolds St at Homewood Ave40.446498-79.903442
8372Reynolds St at Lang Ave40.447246-79.905737
8473Reynolds St at Lang Ave40.447238-79.905533
8474Reynolds St at Murtland St40.447953-79.907598
8371Reynolds St at Murtland St40.447984-79.907917
2850Rhine St at #214640.467593-79.994734
2816Rhine St at Buente St40.466539-79.993970
2848Rhine St at Buente St40.466159-79.992991
2820Rhine St at Itin St40.462603-79.991035
2845Rhine St at Itin St Fs40.462896-79.991054
2818Rhine St at Steine St40.465325-79.992226
2819Rhine St at Yetta Ave Fs40.463398-79.991437
2849Rhine St opp #212940.467004-79.994291
2815Rhine St opp #214640.467547-79.994811
2847Rhine St opp Steine St40.465241-79.992032
2846Rhine St opp Yetta Ave40.463652-79.991429
2733Rialto St at Ley St40.465977-79.981941
2763Rialto St at Tours St40.466569-79.982324
2732Rialto St opp Tours St40.466575-79.982417
2764Rialto St opp Wicklines Ln40.467267-79.982885
11005Richland Ave at 3rd St40.349037-79.891934
11006Richland Ave at 4th St Fs40.349838-79.893172
11007Richland Ave at 6th St40.350472-79.895107
10941Richland Ave at Bridge Steps40.348041-79.891286
10940Richland Ave at Cemetery Ln40.349729-79.893264
10939Richland Ave opp 6th St40.350383-79.895232
12750Ridc Park Terminal40.500414-79.860934
20390Ridge Ave at Allegheny Ave40.449603-80.018561
19543Ridge Ave at Arch St Ns40.452159-80.008150
8Ridge Ave at Galveston Ave40.450237-80.015516
57Ridge Ave opp Brighton Rd40.450516-80.013619
56Ridge Ave opp Galveston Ave40.450058-80.016045
20234Ridgevue Dr at Brownsville Rd40.319067-79.995860
973Rising Main Ave at Lanark St40.463748-80.005344
22719River Ave at Lane Steel40.467572-80.052717
3570River Ave at Marina40.466238-80.052690
3572River Ave at Railroad Underpass40.470385-80.053927
18257River Ave at Underpass40.470435-80.054089
3556River Ave at W Carson St Ns40.465422-80.053341
3573Robb St at Helen St40.470637-80.054546
20195Roberts St at Bedford Ave40.445158-79.985350
8748Roberts St at Centre Ave40.442285-79.983365
20206Roberts St at Webster Ave40.444530-79.984996
20194Roberts St at Webster Ave40.444341-79.984756
20207Roberts St at Wylie Ave40.443675-79.984376
20193Roberts St at Wylie Ave40.443493-79.984134
20091Robinson Blvd at #2600 (Opp E Gate)40.459355-79.865886
15665Robinson Blvd at Douglass Dr40.455676-79.863734
20089Robinson Blvd at East Gate Entrance Fs40.459227-79.866044
20092Robinson Blvd at Frankstown Rd40.460958-79.866291
20088Robinson Blvd at Frankstown Rd Fs40.460748-79.866485
9169Robinson Blvd at Sunrise Ave40.451243-79.868341
21389Robinson Blvd at W'burg-penn Joint Water Authority40.457561-79.864426
20090Robinson Blvd opp Douglass Dr40.456037-79.863942
9099Robinson Blvd opp Sunrise Ave40.451116-79.868185
21388Robinson Blvd opp W'burg-penn Joint Water Authorit40.457801-79.864874
98873Robinson Rt40.456255-80.161634
98874Robinson Rt40.455681-80.160538
8648Robinson St at Allequippa St40.442900-79.965834
9034Robinson St at Allequippa St40.442756-79.965686
9016Robinson St at Ellers St40.441719-79.965703
9017Robinson St at Terrace St40.440422-79.965606
20819Robinson St opp Ellers St40.441617-79.965614
15995Robinson Towne Ctr Dr at Park Manor Blvd40.453559-80.171974
20352Rodenbaugh Ave at Ivory Ave Fs40.497341-80.017884
13588Rodi Rd opp Penn Center Blvd Ns40.430393-79.816969
12225Ronald St at Beechwood Blvd40.426722-79.938573
8667Rose St at Kirkpatrick St40.444356-79.975683
7703Ross Ave at Center St40.441960-79.882529
7705Ross Ave at Coal St40.441110-79.879977
7704Ross Ave at Mill St40.441581-79.881394
17677Ross Ave at Wood St Fs (Save A Lot)40.442493-79.884110
19825Ross Garage at Terminal40.501111-80.022331
15716Ross Park and Ride Entrance at Hov Ramp40.507614-80.030113
734Ross Park and Ride at Shelter (Middle Upper Lot)40.506752-80.030472
17587Ross Park Mall40.545247-80.006204
7141Rowland Connector at Pennwood Ave40.440555-79.887099
7084Rowland Connector opp Highrise40.440610-79.887459
15885Ruth St opp Kathleen St40.425795-80.005168
6656Rutledge St at Republic St40.440299-80.025391
2658S 18th St at #262040.420859-79.985839
2661S 18th St at Arlington Ave40.417935-79.986416
2654S 18th St at Crossman St Fs40.421745-79.979358
2551S 18th St at E Carson St40.428466-79.980531
2542S 18th St at Gable St40.421328-79.984615
2547S 18th St at Josephine St40.424808-79.979416
2548S 18th St at Mary St40.425959-79.980789
9998S 18th St at Mission St40.423670-79.977640
2657S 18th St at Monastery Ave40.421700-79.984288
2653S 18th St at Pius St40.424008-79.977763
2649S 18th St at Sarah St40.427948-79.980684
2543S 18th St at St Patrick St40.421383-79.982455
2651S 18th St at Steps40.425042-79.980977
2545S 18th St opp Crossman St40.421675-79.979294
2652S 18th St opp Josephine St40.424843-79.979924
2539S 18th St opp Mt Oliver St Fs40.418717-79.986239
2656S 18th St opp St Patrick St40.421488-79.982507
2541S 18th St opp Wachter St40.420634-79.986125
8777S 20th St at E Carson St40.428713-79.977671
19369S 21st St at Sidney St40.429336-79.976120
4812S 26th St at E Carson St40.427235-79.968440
19665S 26th St at Jane St40.425830-79.969199
4858S 26th St at Josephine St40.424233-79.969956
4811S 26th St at Sarah St40.426475-79.968792
17263S 26th St at Sidney St40.428212-79.967983
71019S Dallas Ave at Forbes Ave40.439224-79.912754
22758S Dallas Ave at Forbes Ave40.438113-79.913143
4450S Main St at Sanctus St40.441554-80.032959
19237S Main St at Sanctus St40.441718-80.032761
4449S Main St at Wabash St40.440857-80.034895
4491S Main St at Wabash St40.441011-80.034685
14755Saltsburg Rd at Alcoma Dr40.477017-79.798096
14674Saltsburg Rd at Alcoma Golf Club40.481016-79.802589
19804Saltsburg Rd at Alcoma Park Plaza40.476727-79.788258
19808Saltsburg Rd at Aster St40.483893-79.814787
14790Saltsburg Rd at Chanticleer Dr40.475468-79.793738
14745Saltsburg Rd at Chapel Hill Dental Bldg (#7641)40.475128-79.775271
14792Saltsburg Rd at Colonial Village Dr40.475030-79.790912
14759Saltsburg Rd at Crestview Apts40.481449-79.805733
14746Saltsburg Rd at Crestview Dr40.475920-79.778182
14689Saltsburg Rd at Ford Ave40.476689-79.782775
14675Saltsburg Rd at Hershey Rd40.477612-79.799696
14647Saltsburg Rd at Hulton Rd Ns40.484593-79.818763
14763Saltsburg Rd at Leechburg Rd40.484983-79.817407
14744Saltsburg Rd at Millers Ln40.475205-79.773019
14796Saltsburg Rd at Pierson Run Rd Fs40.477062-79.759684
14743Saltsburg Rd at Regency Dr40.475269-79.770813
14690Saltsburg Rd at Reiter Rd40.476371-79.780830
14671Saltsburg Rd at Stotler Rd40.482986-79.809785
14791Saltsburg Rd at Tilford Rd40.475018-79.792216
19811Saltsburg Rd at Universal Rd40.477595-79.785364
14749Saltsburg Rd at Universal Rd Fs40.477681-79.785400
20392Saltsburg Rd opp Alcoma Golf Club40.481103-79.802524
19810Saltsburg Rd opp Alcoma Park Plaza40.476817-79.787938
14762Saltsburg Rd opp Aster St Ns40.483902-79.814333
14754Saltsburg Rd opp Chanticleer Dr40.475500-79.793749
19813Saltsburg Rd opp Chapel Hill Dental Bldg (#7641)40.475109-79.776184
14752Saltsburg Rd opp Colonial Village Dr40.475044-79.791016
19809Saltsburg Rd opp Crestview Apts40.481427-79.805771
14691Saltsburg Rd opp Crestview Dr40.476033-79.778596
14748Saltsburg Rd opp Ford Ave40.476736-79.782693
14756Saltsburg Rd opp Hershey Rd40.477718-79.799706
19806Saltsburg Rd opp Leechburg Rd40.484894-79.817972
14693Saltsburg Rd opp Millers Ln40.475159-79.772827
20118Saltsburg Rd opp Monroeville Trestle Rd40.476457-79.760658
14697Saltsburg Rd opp Monroeville Trestle Rd40.476504-79.760247
19815Saltsburg Rd opp Regency Dr40.475261-79.770960
14747Saltsburg Rd opp Reiter Rd40.476465-79.780434
14760Saltsburg Rd opp Stotler Rd40.482749-79.809457
14753Saltsburg Rd opp Tilford Rd40.475033-79.792099
465Sample Rd at #184840.572340-79.996328
466Sample Rd at Arden Dr40.573666-79.992931
403Sample Rd at Collington Sq40.572079-79.998062
462Sample Rd at Eastview Dr #140.570658-80.000769
463Sample Rd at Eastview Dr #240.571078-79.999730
401Sample Rd at Highmeadow Rd40.573462-79.993624
406Sample Rd at Peebles Rd40.570639-80.002403
464Sample Rd at Ringeisen Rd40.571766-79.998505
18705Sample Rd opp Arden Dr40.573776-79.992831
21119Sample Rd opp Eastview Dr #140.570711-80.000806
404Sample Rd opp Eastview Dr #240.571223-79.999593
16482Sample Rd opp Highmeadow Rd40.573361-79.993726
18697Sample Rd opp Northgate Dr40.574646-79.990532
22702Sanctus St at Main St40.441531-80.032803
12712Sandusky St at General Robinson St40.448730-80.002382
214Sandusky St at Isabella St40.447846-80.001964
215Sandusky St at Stockton Ave40.450321-80.002776
854Sandusky St at Underpass40.450040-80.002796
99945Sandy Creek40.296474-80.030397
99919Sandy Creek40.296466-80.030448
21624Sarah St at E Carson St40.424271-79.962356
18644Sarah St at Winfield St40.350351-80.103735
7324Savannah Ave at Biddle Ave40.437349-79.894215
7335Savannah Ave at Biddle Ave40.437467-79.894371
7338Savannah Ave at Hutchinson St40.433849-79.892269
7337Savannah Ave at Overton St40.435077-79.893153
7322Savannah Ave at Overton St40.434972-79.892986
7325Savannah Ave at Union St40.438659-79.894798
7323Savannah Ave at Whitney Ave40.436310-79.893772
7336Savannah Ave at Whitney Ave40.436564-79.893977
7701Sawyer Way at East Busway40.443813-79.886971
19456Schenley Ave at Fern Cir40.472249-79.937594
9242Schenley Ave at Pacific Ave40.472022-79.938845
20098Schenley Ave opp Columbo St40.471724-79.940108
9220Schenley Ave opp Pacific Ave40.471970-79.938809
7306Schoyer Ave at Monongahela Ave40.423550-79.891594
7305Schoyer Ave at Monroe St40.423157-79.892755
7304Schoyer Ave at Tonette St40.422535-79.894821
7312Schoyer Ave opp Tonette St40.422629-79.894731
22395Seavey Rd at Elbe Dr Fs40.491343-79.969569
2046Seavey Rd at Parker St40.493971-79.963524
22484Seavey Rd opp Elbe Dr Ns40.491359-79.969759
12181Second Ave at Allegheny County Jail40.435214-79.993679
12160Second Ave at Aluvian St40.400252-79.937948
12145Second Ave at American St40.402927-79.941978
12180Second Ave at B St40.436324-79.996554
12088Second Ave at Bates St Fs40.431413-79.959459
12090Second Ave at Brady St40.435855-79.972532
12075Second Ave at Elizabeth St40.406964-79.943174
12109Second Ave at Elizabeth St40.407198-79.943363
12078Second Ave at Flowers Ave40.409879-79.944012
12077Second Ave at Glen Caladh St40.408923-79.943734
12161Second Ave at Glenwood Ave40.400994-79.939296
12079Second Ave at Hazelwood Ave40.411115-79.944562
12106Second Ave at Hazelwood Ave40.411400-79.944840
12165Second Ave at Johnston Ave40.405881-79.942871
12163Second Ave at Mansion St40.403622-79.942219
17733Second Ave at Pgh Tech Ctr (Middle Access Rd)40.432779-79.962507
12147Second Ave at Renova St40.400976-79.939411
18489Second Ave at S 10th St Bridge40.434467-79.990082
12092Second Ave at Second Ave Parking Pl (#1250)40.434470-79.987227
12095Second Ave at Technology Dr40.434089-79.965542
12108Second Ave at Tecumseh St40.408757-79.943805
12076Second Ave at Tipton St40.407659-79.943375
12146Second Ave at Vespucius St40.401689-79.940663
12164Second Ave at Winston St40.404466-79.942480
12148Second Ave opp Aluvian St40.400208-79.938132
12097Second Ave opp Bates St Fs40.430963-79.959081
12094Second Ave opp Brady St40.435782-79.972824
12107Second Ave opp Flowers Ave40.410123-79.944203
12182Second Ave opp Johnston Ave40.406173-79.943062
12144Second Ave opp Mansion St40.404020-79.942468
5922Second Ave opp Municipal Courts Dr Fs40.435982-79.995478
18398Second Ave opp Pgh Tech Ctr (Middle Access Rd)40.432781-79.962126
18487Second Ave opp S 10th St Bridge Fs40.434554-79.990186
12089Second Ave opp Technology Dr40.434051-79.965084
12162Second Ave opp Vespucius St40.401704-79.940508
12143Second Ave opp Winston St40.404649-79.942636
1125Seventh Ave at Smithfield St40.442791-79.996620
20698Seventh Ave at William Penn Pl40.442563-79.996139
2192Sewickley Bridge Ramp opp Kramer Way40.535955-80.184884
1855Shadeland Ave at #347540.479317-80.034208
1861Shadeland Ave at Casement St40.470717-80.030662
19350Shadeland Ave at Complete St Fs40.473410-80.031524
1876Shadeland Ave at Davis Ave40.481465-80.034789
1854Shadeland Ave at Davis Ave Fs40.481438-80.034882
1868Shadeland Ave at Dickson St40.469712-80.030243
1875Shadeland Ave at Etola St Fs40.479687-80.034214
1858Shadeland Ave at Geyer Ave40.474932-80.031987
1873Shadeland Ave at Harbison St Fs40.477550-80.033540
19351Shadeland Ave at Oakhill St Fs40.472036-80.031073
1870Shadeland Ave at Rancheria St40.471862-80.030926
1871Shadeland Ave at Schimmer St40.473185-80.031343
1857Shadeland Ave at Stokes Way40.477308-80.033560
1862Shadeland Ave at Woodland Ave40.469180-80.030179
1869Shadeland Ave opp Casement St40.470518-80.030494
1872Shadeland Ave opp Geyer Ave40.474899-80.031887
8481Shady Ave at #181040.436657-79.919201
11078Shady Ave at Aylesboro Ave40.440182-79.919523
8530Shady Ave at Aylesboro Ave40.440088-79.919628
8482Shady Ave at Beacon St40.435420-79.919038
8364Shady Ave at Beacon St40.435215-79.918899
8365Shady Ave at Darlington Rd40.437032-79.919164
11099Shady Ave at Deveraux Ln40.448005-79.921531
8363Shady Ave at Douglas St40.433464-79.918495
8483Shady Ave at Douglas St40.433632-79.918600
16427Shady Ave at Fifth Ave Ns40.452006-79.920397
8531Shady Ave at Forbes Ave40.438191-79.919434
11082Shady Ave at Hastings St40.445570-79.920974
11098Shady Ave at Highmont Rd40.449905-79.920763
11079Shady Ave at Northumberland St40.441695-79.919804
8529Shady Ave at Northumberland St40.442082-79.920036
8484Shady Ave at Phillips Ave40.432444-79.918306
8528Shady Ave at Solway St40.442978-79.920303
11081Shady Ave at Wilkins Ave40.443756-79.920424
11101Shady Ave at Wilkins Ave40.444057-79.920635
11083Shady Ave opp Braeburn Pl40.448456-79.921234
11100Shady Ave opp Hastings St40.445796-79.921162
11084Shady Ave opp Highmont Rd40.449823-79.920672
17277Shady Ave opp Hobart St40.434362-79.918710
11080Shady Ave opp Solway St40.442656-79.920096
4546Shady Dr E at Mt Lebanon Station40.381857-80.043162
6779Shiloh St at Virginia Ave40.429270-80.007281
6677Shiloh St at Virginia Ave Fs40.429105-80.007341
22619Shire Pl at Breining St40.388402-80.007088
4764Shj Bus Turnaround Shelter40.421034-80.006031
21622Sidney St at Circuit Center Drvwy Fs40.425639-79.962264
17264Sidney St at S 27th St40.427862-79.966481
17265Sidney St at S 28th St40.427134-79.964965
21623Sidney St at Sarah St40.425123-79.961615
15980Silver Lane at Diana Dr Fs40.459539-80.138833
19612Silver Lane at Falck Rd Fs40.462752-80.139462
3596Silver Lane opp Diana Dr40.459423-80.138807
3593Silver Lane opp Falck Rd40.462846-80.139556
20368Silverton St at Everton St40.462928-79.891796
8434Silverton St opp Tilden St40.463408-79.891736
1769Sirius St at #351740.484936-80.005661
1509Sixth Ave at Bigelow Blvd40.440418-79.994637
20292Sixth Ave at Centre Ave40.439752-79.994187
18799Sixth Ave at Fifth Ave40.439326-79.994571
3158Sixth Ave at Smithfield St40.441434-79.997553
4833Sixth Ave at Smithfield St40.441593-79.998260
3159Sixth Ave at Wood St40.442074-79.999261
21453Sklyline Dr at Parkline Dr40.367138-79.963975
21451Skyline Dr at #176540.365706-79.963997
21452Skyline Dr at Baldwin Health Center40.366636-79.962492
21461Skyline Dr at Maple Dr Ns40.364870-79.964596
21462Skyline Dr opp Baldwin Health Center40.366862-79.962728
99941Smith Road40.356887-80.029222
99940Smith Road40.356835-80.029261
6096Smithfield St Bridge at Station Square40.432960-80.003494
22728Smithfield St at Fifth Ave40.440232-79.998609
4838Smithfield St at Forbes Ave40.439558-79.999055
4840Smithfield St at Ft Pitt Blvd40.436891-80.000842
7280Smithfield St at Sixth Ave40.441684-79.997611
4839Smithfield St at Third Ave40.438302-79.999898
11324Soltis Dr at Desiderio Blvd40.286625-79.896080
7275South Ave at Center St40.441135-79.882656
7284South Ave at Center St40.441212-79.883133
8062South Ave at Coal St40.440284-79.880105
7286South Ave at Coal St40.440300-79.880417
18509South Ave at Elvia Way Fs40.439024-79.876324
19470South Ave at Hay St40.442414-79.886506
7274South Ave at Mill St40.440760-79.881526
7285South Ave at Mill St40.440750-79.881726
7283South Ave at Mulberry St40.441622-79.884348
20013South Ave at Pennwood Ave40.442685-79.887565
7330South Ave at Pitt St40.442946-79.888318
7287South Ave at Swissvale Ave40.439850-79.879028
7796South Ave at Swissvale Ave40.439703-79.878350
7329South Ave at West St40.443714-79.890610
7282South Ave at Wood St40.442123-79.885895
18510South Ave at Wood St Ns40.441936-79.885063
7276South Ave opp Mulberry St40.441620-79.884122
99914South Bank Station40.393266-79.998330
99913South Bank Station40.392837-79.998309
6840South Busway at Central Shelter40.390282-79.998173
6852South Busway at Central Shelter40.390360-79.998222
6299South Busway at Dawn Ave Shelter40.412922-80.010819
6400South Busway at Dawn Ave Shelter40.413133-80.010907
6843South Busway at Edgebrook Shelter40.402986-80.002187
6849South Busway at Edgebrook Shelter40.402875-80.002304
6855South Busway at Glenbury St Ramp40.382852-79.996781
6839South Busway at Inglewood Shelter40.387610-79.997069
6853South Busway at Inglewood Shelter40.387674-79.997204
6838South Busway at Overbrook Shelter40.385218-79.995853
6854South Busway at Overbrook Shelter40.385268-79.995902
6094South Busway at Palm Garden40.416432-80.011833
6098South Busway at Palm Garden40.416100-80.011821
20224South Busway at Pioneer Ave Ramp Fs40.411841-80.008547
6841South Busway at South Bank40.392454-79.998352
6851South Busway at South Bank40.392555-79.998433
6095South Busway at South Hills Jct40.421255-80.006804
19685South Busway at South Hills Jct40.421090-80.007097
9827South Busway at Station Square40.431789-80.003705
6842South Busway at Whited St Shelter40.395584-79.999582
6850South Busway at Whited St Shelter40.395546-79.999717
6844South Busway opp Pioneer Ave Ramp40.411883-80.008493
10129South Campus Drvwy at Library Entrance40.330153-79.923501
18312South Commons at Federal St Fs40.450461-80.003891
99935South Hills Junction Station40.420841-80.007226
99934South Hills Junction Station40.420363-80.008222
99939South Hills Village Station40.339376-80.052715
99937South Hills Village Station40.339308-80.053341
15478South Mall Entrance Dr at Dsw Driveway40.335406-79.946519
9401South Mall Entrance Dr at Pnc Drvwy40.335500-79.946635
99933South Park Road40.327821-80.030536
99932South Park Road40.328103-80.030599
2812South Side Ave at Lappe Ln40.470195-79.996568
2811South Side Ave at Luella St40.469923-79.997831
2813South Side Ave at Mathias St40.470079-79.995478
2855South Side Ave at Sunset Ave40.469523-79.999287
2810South Side Ave opp Entrance St40.469620-79.998803
2853South Side Ave opp Lappe Ln40.470303-79.996866
2854South Side Ave opp Luella St40.470072-79.997637
6745Southern Ave at #22140.423755-80.011040
6742Southern Ave at Carfel Way40.420177-80.013101
17307Southern Ave at Cowan St40.427595-80.008950
6746Southern Ave at Dewitt St40.424547-80.010256
6743Southern Ave at Lelia St40.421778-80.012557
6777Southern Ave at Minsinger St40.418773-80.013575
6678Southern Ave at Natchez St40.428699-80.008103
6683Southern Ave at Ottawa St Steps40.423807-80.011104
6679Southern Ave at Prospect St40.428167-80.008668
6748Southern Ave at Whitworth St40.425932-80.009239
6750Southern Ave opp Cowan St40.427578-80.008880
6682Southern Ave opp Dewitt St40.424594-80.010311
6749Southern Ave opp Gray St40.426708-80.008982
19292Southern Ave opp Lelia St40.421503-80.012734
6717Southern Ave opp Minsinger St40.418807-80.013647
6751Southern Ave opp Prospect St40.428091-80.008635
6747Southern Ave opp Sandwich St40.425069-80.009668
6752Southern Ave opp Shiloh St40.428788-80.007344
6744Southern Ave opp Simms St40.422385-80.012350
6716Southern Ave opp Soffel St40.419825-80.013304
6680Southern Ave opp Whitworth St40.426024-80.009288
21571Spencer Ave at Almora St40.390026-79.976292
11373Spencer Ave at Beau St40.387624-79.976412
21544Spencer Ave at Custer Ave40.392975-79.976306
21570Spencer Ave at Makary Way40.391876-79.976398
21542Spencer Ave at Steiner St40.389273-79.976197
21543Spencer Ave at Waterman Ave Fs40.391474-79.976357
21572Spencer Ave opp Beau St40.387752-79.976442
2881Spring Garden Ave at #103640.459331-79.993700
2899Spring Garden Ave at #104340.459212-79.993701
16271Spring Garden Ave at #1435 Waltmire Pharmacy40.462850-79.986800
2880Spring Garden Ave at Arcola Way40.460169-79.991527
2900Spring Garden Ave at Arcola Way40.460100-79.991644
2901Spring Garden Ave at Basin St40.460312-79.990535
2874Spring Garden Ave at Borough St40.468745-79.985455
2870Spring Garden Ave at Giddy Way40.474632-79.989122
2876Spring Garden Ave at Lager St40.464188-79.985947
2904Spring Garden Ave at Lager St40.463988-79.985931
2907Spring Garden Ave at Mauch St40.471602-79.986448
2898Spring Garden Ave at Moneta St40.457833-79.994901
2877Spring Garden Ave at Old Honesty St40.462180-79.987237
2910Spring Garden Ave at Reekes Way40.476272-79.989269
2871Spring Garden Ave at Reppel Way40.473031-79.987768
2875Spring Garden Ave at Spring Garden Loop Pnr40.466396-79.985291
2902Spring Garden Ave at Tell St Fs40.460707-79.988478
2873Spring Garden Ave at Tracy's Deli40.469414-79.985733
19319Spring Garden Ave at Williams Rd40.477290-79.993594
16180Spring Garden Ave opp #1435 Waltmire Pharmacy40.462756-79.986909
16894Spring Garden Ave opp #220040.470705-79.986046
2879Spring Garden Ave opp Basin St40.460361-79.990477
2906Spring Garden Ave opp Borough St40.468726-79.985376
2882Spring Garden Ave opp Constance St40.458007-79.994643
19322Spring Garden Ave opp Giddy Way40.474636-79.989019
2872Spring Garden Ave opp Mauch St40.471672-79.986580
2903Spring Garden Ave opp Old Honesty St40.461995-79.987257
2869Spring Garden Ave opp Reekes Way40.476317-79.989390
2908Spring Garden Ave opp Reppel Way40.472791-79.987512
2905Spring Garden Ave opp Spring Garden Loop Pnr40.466589-79.985194
19321Spring Garden Ave opp Williams Rd40.477227-79.993267
2912Spring Garden Rd at #325340.478432-79.994914
2866Spring Garden Rd at #336440.480614-79.996060
2915Spring Garden Rd at #368140.485347-79.996505
2916Spring Garden Rd at #385140.487910-79.997138
2865Spring Garden Rd at Beech St40.481300-79.996290
2913Spring Garden Rd at Fire House (#3367)40.480436-79.995917
2867Spring Garden Rd at Luke's Road House (#3254)40.478631-79.995139
2864Spring Garden Rd opp #368140.485444-79.996594
2863Spring Garden Rd opp #385140.487666-79.997300
2914Spring Garden Rd opp Beech St40.481195-79.996182
2878Spring Garden opp Tell St40.460720-79.988668
18704Springfield Dr at Northgate Dr40.577893-79.992421
471Springfield Dr at Peebles Rd40.579567-79.994746
396Springfield Dr at Peebles Rd Fs40.579478-79.994669
470Springfield Dr at Shady Oak Dr40.579497-79.993694
18703Springfield Dr opp Shady Oak Dr40.579464-79.993905
99931St Anne's40.360892-80.029244
99930St Anne's40.360648-80.029385
9851St Clair Ave at 3rd St40.292206-79.881993
9962St Clair Ave at 3rd St40.292206-79.881744
9849St Clair Ave at 5th St40.292978-79.885698
9964St Clair Ave at 5th St40.293012-79.885390
9848St Clair Ave at 6th St40.293348-79.887763
9965St Clair Ave at 6th St Fs40.293462-79.887887
20639St Clair Ave at 8th St40.294022-79.890996
9963St Clair Ave at Miller Ave40.292628-79.883268
20242St Clair Ave at Miller Ave Fs40.292534-79.883233
9853St Clair Ave at State St40.292371-79.875625
9960St Clair Ave at State St Fs40.292409-79.875144
20638St Clair Ave opp 8th St40.293974-79.891236
3120St Clair St at Bryant St40.476226-79.920729
3118St Clair St at Bunker Hill Apts40.478918-79.919091
3119St Clair St at Callowhill St40.477651-79.919868
11587St Joseph St at #14440.413387-79.985348
11586St Joseph St at #18440.413437-79.983675
11613St Joseph St at Como St Steps40.413481-79.979220
11588St Joseph St at Hays Ave Ns40.413325-79.987484
11585St Joseph St at Ottilla St40.413507-79.981714
11584St Joseph St at Raton St40.413539-79.980599
11583St Joseph St opp Como St Steps40.413538-79.979195
20402St Joseph St opp Ormsby St40.412663-79.977303
11614St Joseph St opp Ormsby St40.412694-79.977435
11612St Joseph St opp Raton St40.413480-79.980558
2316Stanhope St at Chartiers Ave40.463627-80.056418
18764Stanhope St at Chartiers Ave Fs (Sunoco)40.463508-80.056286
2249Stanhope St at W Carson St40.464189-80.053738
2315Stanhope St at W Carson St Fs40.464308-80.053845
9318Stanton Ave at 52nd St40.477688-79.950298
9273Stanton Ave at #434040.480438-79.942445
9313Stanton Ave at #434340.480476-79.942519
9323Stanton Ave at Butler St40.478275-79.955448
9264Stanton Ave at Butler St Fs40.478069-79.955326
9322Stanton Ave at Carnegie St40.477784-79.954758
9283Stanton Ave at Chislett St40.473278-79.930902
9303Stanton Ave at Chislett St40.473259-79.930598
9280Stanton Ave at Demarillac Home40.476909-79.932571
9319Stanton Ave at Duncan St40.477611-79.951867
9288Stanton Ave at Euclid Ave40.470394-79.923181
9297Stanton Ave at Euclid Ave40.470400-79.922946
9301Stanton Ave at Heths Ave40.472329-79.928244
20891Stanton Ave at Highland Ave40.469698-79.921212
9302Stanton Ave at Highview St40.472922-79.929756
9320Stanton Ave at Holmes St40.477614-79.952681
9304Stanton Ave at Jancey St40.474000-79.931448
9321Stanton Ave at Keystone St40.477339-79.953916
9317Stanton Ave at Mccandless Ave40.478243-79.949017
9312Stanton Ave at Mccandless Ave Fs40.481881-79.940804
9286Stanton Ave at Mellon St40.471068-79.925085
9299Stanton Ave at Mellon St40.471076-79.924842
9305Stanton Ave at Morningside Ave40.475398-79.931925
9285Stanton Ave at Negley Ave40.471596-79.926580
9300Stanton Ave at Negley Ave40.471490-79.926039
9278Stanton Ave at Oranmore St40.480587-79.934940
9308Stanton Ave at Stanton Ct East40.480634-79.934784
9316Stanton Ave at Steps40.477831-79.947615
9314Stanton Ave at Upview Terrace40.479322-79.943754
9275Stanton Ave at Woodbine St40.481750-79.939531
9311Stanton Ave at Woodbine St Fs40.481749-79.939210
9272Stanton Ave at Woodbine St Fs40.479400-79.943555
9268Stanton Ave opp 52nd St40.477516-79.950501
9306Stanton Ave opp Demarillac Home40.476833-79.932448
9267Stanton Ave opp Duncan St40.477520-79.951852
9276Stanton Ave opp Hawthorne St40.481208-79.937323
9284Stanton Ave opp Heth's Ave40.472374-79.928604
9266Stanton Ave opp Holmes St40.477515-79.952756
9282Stanton Ave opp Jancey St40.474210-79.931627
9265Stanton Ave opp Keystone St40.477258-79.954033
9310Stanton Ave opp Mccabe St40.481379-79.937685
19444Stanton Ave opp Mccandless Ave40.478119-79.949245
19445Stanton Ave opp Mccandless Ave Ns40.481744-79.940844
9281Stanton Ave opp Morningside Ave40.475380-79.932034
9270Stanton Ave opp Steps Fs40.477775-79.947708
44Stanwix St at Forbes Ave40.441042-80.003964
2261Stanwix St at Fourth Ave (Ppg Place)40.440308-80.004441
1502Stanwix St at Penn Ave (Gateway #2)40.442650-80.004413
19514Stanwix St at Penn Ave Fs40.442445-80.004108
20769Stanwix St opp Fourth Ave40.440689-80.004448
20624State St at Division Ave40.306947-79.886495
20760State St at Elm St40.309255-79.890551
20540State St at Francis Ave40.296628-79.874612
9957State St at Francis St40.296812-79.874746
22585State St at Locust Ave Fs40.307520-79.887519
9857State St at Maple Ave40.298423-79.875322
20607State St at Maple Ave40.298619-79.875578
20539State St at Mill Dr40.294379-79.874564
20543State St at Mill Dr (2)40.306987-79.886379
20606State St at Montour Trail40.305475-79.884047
20625State St at Shaw Ave40.294733-79.874654
9950State St at Walnut Ave40.308422-79.889127
20786State St at Walnut Ave Fs40.308756-79.889532
22584State St opp Locust Ave40.307633-79.887547
20542State St opp Montour Trail40.305521-79.883953
99929Station Square Station40.431324-80.002671
99928Station Square Station40.431606-80.003158
7801Station St at Sr Citizen Bldg40.393204-79.807678
7798Station St at Westinghouse Ave40.393269-79.809319
14108Station St opp Herman Ave40.393280-79.808411
99995Steel Plaza Station40.439844-79.995224
99994Steel Plaza Station40.439580-79.995288
4111Steuben St at #21140.441242-80.036666
4239Steuben St at #112940.441066-80.046604
4253Steuben St at #126040.441143-80.047096
4113Steuben St at Alexander St40.441920-80.034611
3766Steuben St at Crafton Blvd40.440284-80.079920
21074Steuben St at Cumberland St Fs40.442090-80.060626
5094Steuben St at Cvs Drvwy40.438485-80.070008
19710Steuben St at Dexter St40.442281-80.050637
3767Steuben St at Duncan Ave40.439504-80.076178
5097Steuben St at Duncan Ave40.439527-80.075901
4243Steuben St at Elbon St40.441642-80.040910
19616Steuben St at Elliott Heights Senior Ctr40.441689-80.045710
4241Steuben St at Harker St40.442988-80.044141
4240Steuben St at Herschel St Fs40.442139-80.045014
5099Steuben St at Ingram Ave40.440339-80.079797
5096Steuben St at Linden Ave40.438982-80.072822
4132Steuben St at Linhart St40.441326-80.037478
4250Steuben St at Lorenz Ave40.442649-80.042168
21071Steuben St at Mccormick Ave40.439845-80.078014
4236Steuben St at Obey St40.443010-80.052801
4131Steuben St at Planet St (Wabash St)40.441723-80.035398
5095Steuben St at Richmond St40.438656-80.070992
5031Steuben St at Richmond St40.438654-80.071414
5035Steuben St at Ridenour Ave40.440518-80.061195
4255Steuben St at Ringgold St Fs40.442395-80.050716
4114Steuben St at Sanctus St Fs40.442464-80.033115
5037Steuben St at Stratmore St Fs40.443131-80.057816
5034Steuben St at Union Ave40.438953-80.062519
5092Steuben St at Union Ave Fs (Noble Ave)40.438960-80.062707
4112Steuben St at Wabash St40.441639-80.035399
4238Steuben St at Whitewood Dr Fs40.442008-80.049505
21081Steuben St at Winlock Ave40.440778-80.061234
4257Steuben St at Woodlow St40.443509-80.053828
5090Steuben St opp Cumberland St40.442071-80.060755
4249Steuben St opp Elbon St40.441625-80.040749
19615Steuben St opp Elliott Heights Senior Ctr40.441354-80.045966
21073Steuben St opp Foster Ave40.438354-80.069694
4251Steuben St opp Harker St40.443098-80.044137
4252Steuben St opp Herschel St40.442191-80.045090
5030Steuben St opp Linden Ave40.438993-80.073220
4242Steuben St opp Lorenz Ave40.442814-80.042520
5098Steuben St opp Mccormick Ave40.439843-80.077676
4256Steuben St opp Obey St40.442955-80.052453
4129Steuben St opp Sanctus St40.442412-80.033496
19225Steuben St opp Stratmore St40.443201-80.057846
19227Steubenville Pike at #446040.443756-80.097373
5022Steubenville Pike at #618140.444720-80.149722
18763Steubenville Pike at Campbells Run Rd Fs40.448242-80.157086
5021Steubenville Pike at Devassie Rd40.445873-80.151649
19221Steubenville Pike at E Windhaven Rd Fs40.444352-80.099004
4363Steubenville Pike at Fireside Inn40.439728-80.088867
17645Steubenville Pike at Haddock Rd40.449416-80.107668
5114Steubenville Pike at Hightower Blvd Fs40.447780-80.154935
5105Steubenville Pike at Holy Trinity Church40.451699-80.136026
19231Steubenville Pike at Lorish Rd Ns (Econo Lodge)40.449186-80.106607
3604Steubenville Pike at Mccormick Rd Fs40.449191-80.124441
4370Steubenville Pike at Mckees Rocks Rd40.449349-80.119180
3605Steubenville Pike at Omega Dr40.448852-80.122683
5024Steubenville Pike at Paul Ln40.445706-80.143890
5101Steubenville Pike at Pittsburgh Motel40.439867-80.091255
4371Steubenville Pike at Robinson Manor Blvd40.448824-80.121831
5027Steubenville Pike at Sunset Dr40.450834-80.138541
5108Steubenville Pike at Waterford Dr40.449458-80.141083
3602Steubenville Pike at West Hills Plaza40.451543-80.131580
5023Steubenville Pike at West Way Shoppes40.444272-80.146082
5111Steubenville Pike opp #618140.444982-80.149974
3601Steubenville Pike opp Beaver Grade Rd Fs40.451885-80.133110
21086Steubenville Pike opp Campbells Run Rd40.448523-80.157893
5112Steubenville Pike opp Devassie Rd40.445715-80.151194
4330Steubenville Pike opp Fireside Inn40.439595-80.089324
21067Steubenville Pike opp Hightower Blvd40.447736-80.155165
5028Steubenville Pike opp Holy Trinity Church40.451547-80.136211
4373Steubenville Pike opp Mccormick Rd40.449364-80.124783
5109Steubenville Pike opp Paul Ln40.445826-80.143963
4329Steubenville Pike opp Pittsburgh Motel40.439704-80.090939
5106Steubenville Pike opp Sunset Dr40.450901-80.138634
5025Steubenville Pike opp Waterford Dr40.449458-80.140928
5103Steubenville Pike opp West Hills Plaza40.451542-80.131007
5110Steubenville Pike opp West Way Shoppes40.444410-80.145989
7658Stevenson St at Fifth Ave40.438525-79.986414
7657Stevenson St at Forbes Ave40.437619-79.986493
7656Stevenson St at Locust St40.436805-79.986576
9433Stilley Rd at Hwy Rt 5140.361288-79.982221
18678Stilley Rd at Hwy Rt 51 Fs40.361169-79.982075
18978Stranahan St at Brushton Ave40.461326-79.888635
8431Stranahan St at Oakdene St40.461876-79.890732
18988Stranahan St at Oberlin St40.461688-79.889936
20365Stranahan St opp Oberlin St40.461656-79.889967
5045Summit Park Dr at #2040.452926-80.193532
5115Summit Park Dr at #3540.450543-80.190204
3896Summit Park Dr at Andrew Dr40.449997-80.176064
3818Summit Park Dr at Andrew Dr (Walmart)40.449577-80.176163
3816Summit Park Dr at Chauvet Dr #140.450233-80.183661
21069Summit Park Dr at Chauvet Dr #240.448279-80.181589
21087Summit Park Dr at Home Depot Service Dr40.451019-80.184491
3827Summit Park Dr at Home Dr40.449890-80.183092
3828Summit Park Dr at Park Lane #140.451100-80.186792
5118Summit Park Dr at Park Lane #240.454822-80.191840
19186Summit Park Dr at Quinn Dr40.447628-80.178691
5116Summit Park Dr opp #2040.452911-80.193398
5046Summit Park Dr opp #3540.450454-80.190450
19187Summit Park Dr opp Chauvet Dr #140.448034-80.181014
19626Summit Park Dr opp Park Lane #140.450919-80.187164
19625Summit Park Dr opp Park Lane #240.455092-80.191978
3826Summit Park Dr opp Quinn Dr40.447842-80.178352
2856Sunset Ave at Norris St40.471276-80.000748
20825Sunset Ave opp Essen St40.472945-80.000504
2809Sunset Ave opp Norris St40.471256-80.000823
1108Sutter Dr at Thompson Run Rd40.543377-79.993492
5883Swallow Hill Rd at Greentree Rd Fs40.390078-80.074184
5885Swallow Hill Rd at Nob Hill Apts40.387931-80.074016
5813Swallow Hill Rd at The Bourse40.389176-80.073972
5884Swallow Hill Rd opp The Bourse40.389250-80.074122
5811Swallow Hill Rd opp The Knolls40.387276-80.073708
7147Swissvale Ave at #441 (Mercy Gardenview Manor)40.436793-79.880608
17335Swissvale Ave at Coal St40.434899-79.882796
7288Swissvale Ave at Franklin Ave40.439083-79.879097
7619Swissvale Ave at Hill Ave40.443817-79.876389
7710Swissvale Ave at Hill Ave40.443630-79.876358
19874Swissvale Ave at Jane St Loop Fs40.435899-79.881643
7620Swissvale Ave at North Ave40.443043-79.876846
7709Swissvale Ave at North Ave40.442848-79.876816
7711Swissvale Ave at Park Ave40.444534-79.875846
7708Swissvale Ave at Penn Ave Fs40.441654-79.877480
7289Swissvale Ave at Rebecca Ave40.438319-79.879570
7707Swissvale Ave at Stoner Way40.440880-79.877937
7149Swissvale Ave opp Maple Ave40.433212-79.884816
20817Tarentum Park and Ride (Terminus)40.600684-79.757112
17740Target Dr at Target Perimeter Rd40.411125-79.909742
9019Terrace St at Chesterfield Rd40.440947-79.963844
9020Terrace St at Darragh St40.441872-79.962883
9030Terrace St at Darragh St40.442090-79.962786
18910Terrace St at Oak Hill Dr40.439966-79.967684
9032Terrace St at Robinson St40.440393-79.965411
18909Terrace St at Robinson St40.440285-79.965677
18894Terrace St at Sutherland Dr40.442906-79.961949
20818Terrace St at Whitridge St40.440064-79.967514
9031Terrace St opp Chesterfield Rd40.441039-79.963867
9018Terrace St opp Dunsseith St40.440388-79.964965
11687Texas Ave at Mellon St40.365741-79.858977
20159Texas Ave at Mifflin St40.366041-79.857787
22674The Block Northway Dr at Dave and Busters40.549778-80.021047
20438The Block Northway Dr opp Dave and Busters40.549632-80.021095
22751The Block at Northway at Northway Apartments40.550223-80.022644
22752The Block at Northway opp Northway Apartments40.550317-80.022484
11194Third Ave at Rt 51 Overpass - Elizabeth Pnr40.273078-79.885653
1120Thompson Run Rd at #21840.519872-79.992013
1052Thompson Run Rd at Abard Dr40.531605-79.990242
1115Thompson Run Rd at Barnwood Ln40.530410-79.990382
1056Thompson Run Rd at Berkley Meadows Ct40.538152-79.989930
1111Thompson Run Rd at Cherrington Dr40.536461-79.990349
1117Thompson Run Rd at Easley Rd40.527439-79.988577
1123Thompson Run Rd at Evergreen Rd40.511454-79.993700
1053Thompson Run Rd at Hodil Rd40.534733-79.990341
1054Thompson Run Rd at Horizon Dr40.535465-79.990643
1048Thompson Run Rd at Loire Valley Dr40.524227-79.988714
1119Thompson Run Rd at Miller Rd40.522336-79.990991
1047Thompson Run Rd at Miller Rd40.522286-79.990921
1122Thompson Run Rd at Radcliffe Dr40.517302-79.993752
1110Thompson Run Rd at Sangree Rd40.538902-79.990189
1116Thompson Run Rd at Siebert Rd40.529193-79.990430
1118Thompson Run Rd at Sunnyhill Dr40.524117-79.988876
1114Thompson Run Rd at Sunset Dr40.532173-79.990227
1058Thompson Run Rd at Sutter Rd40.543215-79.993360
1049Thompson Run Rd at Vilsack Rd40.526807-79.988225
1109Thompson Run Rd at White Oak Dr40.541959-79.992438
1045Thompson Run Rd at Woodbridge Dr40.518309-79.992907
1046Thompson Run Rd opp #21840.519772-79.991928
1051Thompson Run Rd opp Barnwood Ln40.530208-79.990315
1055Thompson Run Rd opp Cherrington Dr40.536466-79.990282
1113Thompson Run Rd opp Hodil Rd40.534863-79.990440
1112Thompson Run Rd opp Horizon Dr40.535385-79.990669
1044Thompson Run Rd opp Radcliffe Dr40.517544-79.993546
1050Thompson Run Rd opp Siebert Rd40.528952-79.990181
1057Thompson Run Rd opp White Oak Dr40.541928-79.992309
1121Thompson Run Rd opp Woodbridge Dr40.518541-79.992734
8487Tilbury Ave at Forward Ave40.428570-79.918494
8009Tilbury Ave at Forward Ave40.428336-79.918504
8486Tilbury Ave at Nicholson St40.430411-79.917810
21095Tilbury Ave at Nicholson St40.430276-79.917739
21096Tilbury Ave at Waldron St40.431604-79.918020
20048Tilbury Ave opp Alderson St40.427446-79.918873
8485Tilbury Ave opp Waldron St Fs40.431418-79.918057
20360Tilden St at #710140.464824-79.894890
20363Tilden St at #711040.464796-79.894980
20359Tilden St at #718240.463848-79.893250
20367Tilden St at Silverton St40.463481-79.891882
20364Tilden St opp #718240.463921-79.893667
98861Till Room40.337577-80.056613
18631Tokay St at Bennett St40.454835-79.880898
8225Trenton Ave at Franklin Ave40.443292-79.892365
8227Trenton Ave at Penn Ave40.445685-79.891373
8283Trenton Ave at Penn Ave Fs40.445483-79.891593
8226Trenton Ave at South Ave40.444033-79.892114
8284Trenton Ave at South Ave40.444326-79.892103
8224Trenton Ave opp Rebecca Ave Ns40.441944-79.892357
2738Troy Hill Loop at Lowrie St40.469269-79.978632
2749Troy Hill Rd at #103440.456259-79.992296
2753Troy Hill Rd at #103440.456318-79.991996
2751Troy Hill Rd at Chestnut St40.455497-79.994447
2752Troy Hill Rd at Chestnut St Fs40.455501-79.994045
2746Troy Hill Rd at Goettmann St40.459788-79.985873
2758Troy Hill Rd at Lowrie St40.461192-79.984921
2745Troy Hill Rd at N Catholic High School40.460280-79.985224
2747Troy Hill Rd at Providence St Fs40.457562-79.989446
2748Troy Hill Rd at Vinial St40.456887-79.991086
2756Troy Hill Rd opp Goettmann St40.459686-79.985831
2757Troy Hill Rd opp N Catholic High School40.460376-79.984952
2755Troy Hill Rd opp Province St Fs40.457581-79.989143
2754Troy Hill Rd opp Vinial St40.456899-79.990886
19084Unity Trestle Rd at #101040.478829-79.762591
14620Unity Trestle Rd at #104940.478284-79.761287
19082Unity Trestle Rd at Anderson Ln40.485580-79.769564
19799Unity Trestle Rd at Ashland Dr40.486222-79.771430
14623Unity Trestle Rd at College Ave40.484570-79.767443
19776Unity Trestle Rd at East Alley Ns40.489771-79.779596
19774Unity Trestle Rd at Francis Rd40.483598-79.765745
14624Unity Trestle Rd at Jackson Rd40.485456-79.769142
14631Unity Trestle Rd at Leechburg Rd40.491498-79.784952
19080Unity Trestle Rd at Millers Ln40.489392-79.778517
19085Unity Trestle Rd at Saltsburg Rd40.477575-79.759484
19798Unity Trestle Rd at Universal Rd40.490452-79.783371
19083Unity Trestle Rd at Willow Dr40.484851-79.768145
19775Unity Trestle Rd opp Ashland Dr Fs40.486367-79.771565
19800Unity Trestle Rd opp Francis Rd40.483683-79.765902
14630Unity Trestle Rd opp Universal Rd40.490419-79.783024
14221Universal Rd at #15040.466181-79.822564
14227Universal Rd at #104840.460306-79.806934
19143Universal Rd at Anthon Dr40.463963-79.800966
14687Universal Rd at Austin St40.475244-79.786634
14191Universal Rd at Collins Dr40.461216-79.812707
19142Universal Rd at Deerfield Dr40.466939-79.798844
14226Universal Rd at Frey Rd40.460536-79.811485
14192Universal Rd at Greenway Dr40.462283-79.814749
20040Universal Rd at Hazel Rd Fs40.461235-79.812906
19140Universal Rd at Hershey Rd Fs40.468995-79.795811
14186Universal Rd at Joslyn Dr40.463295-79.802536
14179Universal Rd at Joslyn Dr40.463120-79.802682
16981Universal Rd at Main St40.467691-79.793399
20029Universal Rd at Poplar Ridge Rd40.463604-79.816689
14193Universal Rd at Poplar Ridge Rd Fs40.464636-79.820254
14688Universal Rd at Saltsburg Rd40.477453-79.785231
20903Universal Rd at Saltsburg Rd Fs40.476891-79.785674
14187Universal Rd at Stotler Rd40.460789-79.804611
14194Universal Rd at Volunteer Fire Co40.466121-79.824354
14223Universal Rd at Webster Dr40.462171-79.814720
20112Universal Rd at Webster Dr Fs40.463800-79.818213
20032Universal Rd opp #15040.466288-79.822766
14188Universal Rd opp #104840.460368-79.807214
19153Universal Rd opp Anthon Dr40.463924-79.800888
19144Universal Rd opp Austin St40.475344-79.786660
19154Universal Rd opp Deerfield Dr40.466925-79.798746
14190Universal Rd opp Frey Rd40.460517-79.811247
20041Universal Rd opp Hershey Rd40.469302-79.795620
20038Universal Rd opp Poplar Ridge Rd40.464579-79.820308
19138Universal Rd opp Reiter Rd40.472025-79.787754
14228Universal Rd opp Stotler Rd40.460592-79.804698
19139Universal Rd opp Thompson Run Rd40.468430-79.791269
20030Universal Rd opp Webster Dr40.463897-79.818413
15634University Blvd Park and Ride at Shelter40.503917-80.225737
22647University Blvd at Carnot Rd40.514886-80.222202
22649University Blvd at Moon Plaza40.519950-80.217855
22645University Blvd at Patton Dr40.506140-80.223094
22648University Blvd at Robert Morris40.519619-80.217834
22646University Blvd at Tiger Trail40.508976-80.222973
22650University Blvd opp Carnot Rd40.515241-80.222424
22652University Blvd opp Patton Dr40.506421-80.223302
22651University Blvd opp Tiger Trail40.509325-80.223086
12168University Dr at Eden Park Blvd40.343265-79.829087
20305Upland St at #731040.461252-79.891687
20306Upland St at #750040.460877-79.889998
22675Upland St at #750640.460883-79.889734
18980Upland St at Apple St40.461895-79.893609
18986Upland St at Brushton Ave40.460553-79.888607
18983Upland St opp Apple St40.461891-79.893795
20068Upland St opp Sterrett St Steps Ns40.461463-79.892169
20116Upmc East Drive at Hospital40.437363-79.759818
20114Upmc East Drive opp Hospital40.437388-79.759807
17734Va Hospital Transit Loop at Shelter40.446697-79.960418
6263Vanadium Dr at Volunteer Fire Company40.374319-80.092305
17453Vanadium Rd at Bower Hill Rd40.368406-80.084332
18646Vanadium Rd at Bower Hill Rd Fs40.368861-80.084835
6260Vanadium Rd at Elmbrook Ln40.369478-80.085734
6436Vanadium Rd at Elmbrook Ln40.369455-80.085846
18654Vanadium Rd at Green Commons Dr Fs40.371625-80.088843
6435Vanadium Rd at Vanadium Woods Village Ns40.372217-80.089814
6434Vanadium Rd opp Volunteer Fire Company40.374261-80.092323
16932Vann Rd at Mingo St40.465035-79.892789
8817Verona Blvd at #727840.470899-79.888331
8936Verona Blvd at #728140.470954-79.888267
8937Verona Blvd at Lincoln Ave40.472891-79.888799
8935Verona Blvd at Runnette St40.470534-79.887576
14453Verona Rd at 2nd St40.501444-79.837624
14331Verona Rd at Arthur Dr40.484963-79.837450
14445Verona Rd at Brinley Dr40.484391-79.837354
14324Verona Rd at Elliott St40.499010-79.837516
14328Verona Rd at Galeton Dr40.490444-79.836174
14435Verona Rd at Giant Eagle Driveway40.462195-79.865903
14436Verona Rd at Graham Blvd Ext40.463244-79.865660
14332Verona Rd at Homestead Rd40.481787-79.838084
14333Verona Rd at Maple Ave40.479959-79.839313
22638Verona Rd at Pelone Dr (Verona Estates)40.488362-79.836905
14330Verona Rd at Poketa Rd40.486653-79.837343
14446Verona Rd at Poketa Rd40.486442-79.837308
14449Verona Rd at Quincy Dr40.493361-79.836326
14326Verona Rd at Raithel St40.496224-79.836830
14450Verona Rd at Raithel St Fs40.496046-79.836745
14334Verona Rd at Randolph Ln40.478855-79.840787
14327Verona Rd at Riverside Rd40.493561-79.836495
14325Verona Rd at Riverview Dr40.497303-79.836883
14444Verona Rd at Rosedale St40.481711-79.838047
14248Verona Rd at Third St40.477984-79.845272
14323Verona Rd opp 2nd St40.501560-79.837734
14452Verona Rd opp Elliott St40.498911-79.837415
14448Verona Rd opp Galeton Dr40.490376-79.836093
14340Verona Rd opp Graham Blvd Ext40.463290-79.865765
14443Verona Rd opp Maple Ave40.479761-79.839445
22639Verona Rd opp Pelone Dr (Verona Estates)40.488569-79.836901
14442Verona Rd opp Randolph Ln40.478847-79.840684
14451Verona Rd opp Riverview Dr40.497389-79.836822
21640Verona St at Bell Ave40.401959-79.861007
21639Verona St at Mapleview Dr40.400314-79.863064
21644Verona St opp Mapleview Dr40.400450-79.862980
10579Versailles Ave at Craig St40.345079-79.839339
10585Versailles Ave at Evans St40.345863-79.849266
20168Versailles Ave at Freemont St40.345272-79.841982
10583Versailles Ave at Maple St40.345531-79.845792
10582Versailles Ave opp Hamilton St40.345428-79.844212
10584Versailles Ave opp Packer St40.345661-79.847710
18193Versailles Ave opp Sumac St40.345188-79.840851
21258Veterans Bridge Hov Entrance40.442983-79.990904
21262Veterans Bridge Hov Exit40.442831-79.990979
98867Veterans Bridge Ramp - North40.445206-79.989909
2299Village Dr at Lewis Ave40.506603-80.140160
17347Village Dr at South Hills Village Parking Garage40.340025-80.053800
19687Village Dr at Stairtower40.339737-80.054789
22537Village Dr at Washington Rd Fs40.342759-80.059774
21521Village Dr opp Groveton Dr40.504379-80.140442
99890Village at Terminal- No Stop40.338073-80.057655
6787Virginia Ave at Bertha St40.431473-80.012191
19648Virginia Ave at Bigham St40.431987-80.015247
16648Virginia Ave at Bigham St40.431984-80.015540
6674Virginia Ave at Kearsarge St40.431144-80.010727
6756Virginia Ave at Kearsarge St40.431054-80.010226
6761Virginia Ave at Labelle St40.432161-80.016383
6675Virginia Ave at Maple Terrace40.430652-80.009673
6755Virginia Ave at Maple Terrace40.430636-80.009447
20203Virginia Ave at Merrimac St40.431719-80.013531
20204Virginia Ave at Merrimac St40.431745-80.013973
6676Virginia Ave at Shop-n-save40.429819-80.008101
6673Virginia Ave opp Bertha St40.431422-80.012165
6754Virginia Ave opp Shop-n-save40.429864-80.007988
17606W 4th Ave at Ross St40.600414-79.756836
11001W 5th Ave at Perry St40.349023-79.876856
18481W 5th Ave at Ramp #1 Fs40.350065-79.872134
11003W 5th Ave at Ramp #240.346930-79.880394
10946W 5th Ave at Rebecca St40.350037-79.873698
10815W 5th Ave opp Ramp #140.349985-79.871699
10942W 5th Ave opp Ramp #240.346625-79.880719
10999W 5th Ave opp Rebecca St40.350138-79.873251
10943W 5th Ave opp Windsor St40.348584-79.877612
12638W 7th Ave at Center St40.600351-79.760731
12826W 7th Ave at Center St40.600178-79.760818
12640W 7th Ave at Grantham St40.598318-79.764464
12824W 7th Ave at Grantham St40.598041-79.764744
12639W 7th Ave at Western St40.599447-79.762397
12825W 7th Ave at Western St40.599167-79.762691
22397W Carson St at Corliss Tunnel Ns40.453027-80.039574
2260W Carson St at Duquesne Incline40.439865-80.017433
2252W Carson St at Earl St40.460217-80.048287
2310W Carson St at Gateway View Plaza40.441703-80.021367
2255W Carson St at Glenmawr Ave40.454433-80.040944
2251W Carson St at Saginaw St40.461062-80.049715
2250W Carson St at Tabor St40.462823-80.052030
2312W Carson St at West End Bridge Steps (Underpass)40.444780-80.028825
2313W Carson St opp Busway Ramp Fs40.451017-80.037035
2309W Carson St opp Duquesne Incline40.439873-80.017168
2258W Carson St opp Gateway View Plaza40.441694-80.021743
4270W Prospect Ave at #21040.447581-80.074212
4222W Prospect Ave at #221 (Steps)40.447525-80.074116
4220W Prospect Ave at Allegheny Valley School40.446514-80.078466
4273W Prospect Ave at Arbordale St Fs40.446942-80.080475
19620W Prospect Ave at Berry St Fs40.447203-80.069690
4189W Prospect Ave at Berry St Ns40.446834-80.068749
4275W Prospect Ave at Broadhead-fording Rd40.448238-80.082360
4210W Prospect Ave at Ingram Ave40.444952-80.066296
4223W Prospect Ave at Kingsland Ave40.447532-80.071672
4272W Prospect Ave opp Allegheny Valley School40.446542-80.078517
4219W Prospect Ave opp Arbordale St40.446893-80.080568
4225W Prospect Ave opp Berry St40.447052-80.069267
4269W Prospect Ave opp Kingsland Ave40.447595-80.071654
4209W Prospect Ave opp Mainsgate St40.446228-80.067964
22704Wabash St at Mccartney St40.436183-80.034030
22701Wabash St at Neptune St40.440149-80.034287
22703Wabash St at Neptune St40.440261-80.034470
8642Wadsworth St at Robinson St40.443291-79.966172
16025Wadsworth St at Robinson St Fs40.443311-79.966436
7623Wallace Ave at Center St40.443551-79.881346
7621Wallace Ave at Coal St40.442701-79.878797
16628Wallace Ave at Hay St40.444868-79.885315
7622Wallace Ave at Mill St40.443157-79.880181
16627Wallace Ave at Pitt St40.445320-79.886694
20120Wallace Ave at Swissvale Ave Fs40.442375-79.877799
7624Wallace Ave at Wood St40.444485-79.884162
8314Wallace Ave at Wood St40.444522-79.884504
16281Walmart Drvwy at Shelter (West Mifflin)40.341259-79.944847
15851Walmart at Shelter (N Versailles)40.387651-79.823500
21504Walnut St at 1st Evangelical Free Church40.344785-79.826489
10464Walnut St at 5th Ave40.350901-79.864903
18196Walnut St at 5th Ave Fs40.350626-79.864952
10831Walnut St at 7th Ave40.349058-79.864512
18197Walnut St at 7th Ave Fs40.348921-79.864565
10828Walnut St at 9th St40.346976-79.864033
10364Walnut St at 9th St40.347303-79.864216
10271Walnut St at 12th Ave40.343472-79.863172
10370Walnut St at 13th Ave40.342472-79.862240
18191Walnut St at 13th Ave Fs40.342769-79.862416
20309Walnut St at 14th Ave40.341202-79.860858
10371Walnut St at 14th Ave Fs40.341186-79.860977
20310Walnut St at 15th Ave Bridge40.339964-79.859745
10372Walnut St at 15th Ave Bridge Fs40.339546-79.859517
10375Walnut St at 25th Ave40.334550-79.849625
10265Walnut St at 25th Ave Fs40.334711-79.849731
10376Walnut St at 26th Ave40.333973-79.848666
10264Walnut St at 26th Ave Fs40.334112-79.848729
10263Walnut St at 27th Ave Fs40.333570-79.847826
10377Walnut St at 28th Ave40.332788-79.846717
10262Walnut St at 28th Ave40.332712-79.846427
10261Walnut St at 29th Ave Fs40.332328-79.845792
10260Walnut St at 30th Ave Fs40.331936-79.845149
10259Walnut St at 31st Ave40.330952-79.843547
20170Walnut St at 31st Ave Fs40.330734-79.843348
10258Walnut St at 33rd Ave Fs40.330177-79.842326
10257Walnut St at 34th Ave40.329593-79.841462
10256Walnut St at 35th Ave40.328467-79.840827
10378Walnut St at #290640.331945-79.845342
10248Walnut St at #491340.316331-79.832916
18184Walnut St at Center St Fs40.315837-79.831857
10266Walnut St at Cp Industries40.335701-79.851522
10374Walnut St at Cp Industries40.335656-79.851621
10255Walnut St at Eden Park Blvd Fs40.327762-79.840427
10386Walnut St at Grant St40.319853-79.835293
10250Walnut St at Juniper St40.319025-79.834328
10387Walnut St at Juniper St40.319232-79.834662
10388Walnut St at Larch St40.318261-79.834106
10249Walnut St at Larch St Fs40.318385-79.834048
10246Walnut St at Linden St40.314624-79.829663
12167Walnut St at Penn State Main Building40.344797-79.826586
10267Walnut St at Sunoco Station40.336469-79.852917
16679Walnut St at Wampler St40.317162-79.833728
10389Walnut St at Worthington St40.316427-79.833302
18199Walnut St opp 27th Ave40.333325-79.847604
10380Walnut St opp 33rd Ave40.329979-79.842189
10381Walnut St opp 35th Ave40.328686-79.841060
10390Walnut St opp Center St40.315688-79.831718
10382Walnut St opp Eden Park Blvd40.327422-79.840363
10383Walnut St opp Exxon Station40.325772-79.839474
10254Walnut St opp Exxon Station40.325893-79.839409
10251Walnut St opp Grant St40.319932-79.835255
10391Walnut St opp Linden St40.314645-79.829811
10384Walnut St opp Long Run Rd40.324179-79.839157
10373Walnut St opp Sunoco Station40.336416-79.852997
16678Walnut St opp Wampler St40.317288-79.833672
8420Wardsons St at Churchland St40.472089-79.897383
8404Wardsons St at Churchland St40.471928-79.897463
8421Wardsons St at Lemington Ave40.471498-79.898132
8405Wardsons St at Wiltsie St40.472498-79.896703
20221Warren Dr at Lincoln Hwy Fs40.384752-79.823563
20220Warren Dr at Lincoln Hwy Ns40.384883-79.823255
15734Warren Dr at Walmart Drvwy40.385718-79.821611
15736Warren Dr opp Walmart Drvwy40.385476-79.821663
968Warren St at Catoma St40.460915-80.002652
4771Warrington Ave at Allen St40.421767-79.993842
4884Warrington Ave at Allen St40.421845-79.993579
4772Warrington Ave at Arlington Ave40.421789-79.992502
4886Warrington Ave at Beltzhoover Ave40.421712-79.997246
21447Warrington Ave at Beltzhoover Ave40.421583-79.997592
6723Warrington Ave at Delmont Ave Fs40.420787-80.004713
4888Warrington Ave at Estella Ave40.421067-80.000455
4767Warrington Ave at Estella Ave40.420990-80.000733
6722Warrington Ave at Montooth St40.420575-80.006069
19650Warrington Ave opp Boggston Ave40.420070-80.007921
5286Washington Ave at Academy St40.407432-80.083673
4050Washington Ave at Carothers Ave40.396109-80.086365
5387Washington Ave at Chartiers St Fs40.356150-80.113583
5284Washington Ave at Dollar Tree40.398192-80.083208
3907Washington Ave at Franklin Ave40.401462-80.082966
5283Washington Ave at Hope Hollow Rd Fs40.395997-80.086191
3905Washington Ave at Hope St40.396637-80.084938
4049Washington Ave at Hope St40.396778-80.084934
3909Washington Ave at Lincoln Ave40.404492-80.083476
5405Washington Ave at Main St40.409135-80.083601
19241Washington Ave at Main St Fs40.409183-80.083691
19243Washington Ave at Marshall Ave Fs40.399497-80.082724
5500Washington Ave at Murray St40.360294-80.111523
5499Washington Ave at Prestley Rd40.362701-80.110473
19247Washington Ave at Station St40.358593-80.112235
19765Washington Ave at Station St Ns40.358059-80.112371
5285Washington Ave at Trimble Ave40.405456-80.083630
5322Washington Ave at Trimble Ave40.405582-80.083735
5321Washington Ave opp Academy St40.407600-80.083752
22488Washington Ave opp Dollar Tree40.398017-80.083568
4047Washington Ave opp Franklin Ave40.401687-80.083092
5502Washington Ave opp James St Fs (Post Office)40.356579-80.113406
4046Washington Ave opp Knox Ave Fs40.402742-80.083260
19242Washington Ave opp Lincoln Ave Fs40.404541-80.083564
3906Washington Ave opp Marshall Ave40.399678-80.082669
5389Washington Ave opp Murray St40.360333-80.111396
18369Washington Blvd at Allegheny River Blvd40.483298-79.908048
16551Washington Blvd at Cyphers Company40.463186-79.905896
14572Washington Blvd at Frankstown Ave40.458849-79.907997
14577Washington Blvd at Highland Dr40.474002-79.908205
14570Washington Blvd at Liberty Welding40.466916-79.908610
15084Washington Blvd at Negley Run Blvd Fs40.470047-79.908729
14571Washington Blvd at Shetland St40.460079-79.907074
18378Washington Blvd at Silver Lake Dr40.462171-79.905558
14568Washington Blvd opp Highland Dr40.474341-79.908378
99925Washington Junction40.353933-80.028173
99924Washington Junction40.353447-80.028117
22557Washington Pike at #130840.377210-80.097194
22558Washington Pike at #134340.377255-80.097327
22606Washington Pike at #137040.379495-80.096014
5391Washington Pike at Anderson Equipment40.364544-80.109230
5395Washington Pike at Beram Ave Fs40.368943-80.101863
5498Washington Pike at Chartiers Valley Sc40.365601-80.108075
5494Washington Pike at Great Southern Sc Ent #140.368758-80.102365
5495Washington Pike at Great Southern Sc Ent #240.367714-80.104225
5392Washington Pike at Mayer St40.365906-80.107231
5393Washington Pike at Pizza Hut40.367592-80.104187
5330Washington Pike at Raceway Plaza40.387398-80.091466
5390Washington Pike at Schulte St40.362932-80.110293
5490Washington Pike at Steen Rd40.376324-80.097860
19246Washington Pike at Thoms Run Rd - Woodville Pnr40.381330-80.094755
5396Washington Pike at Vanadium Rd40.370075-80.100845
5491Washington Pike at Winstein St40.374050-80.099162
5401Washington Pike opp #137540.379403-80.095900
5394Washington Pike opp Great Southern Shpg Ctr40.368303-80.102929
5497Washington Pike opp Mayer St40.366212-80.106937
5277Washington Pike opp Raceway Plaza40.386396-80.092379
5399Washington Pike opp Steen Rd40.376175-80.097809
19716Washington Pike opp Thoms Run Rd - Woodville Pnr40.381698-80.094251
5493Washington Pike opp Vanadium Rd40.370472-80.100718
5398Washington Pike opp Winstein St40.373741-80.099106
6611Washington Rd at Abbeyville Rd40.352315-80.050609
6571Washington Rd at Abbeyville Rd40.351983-80.050520
6410Washington Rd at Bower Hill Rd40.387057-80.043758
19607Washington Rd at Bower Hill Rd Fs40.386600-80.043867
20807Washington Rd at Bower Hill Rd Fs40.387284-80.043549
22538Washington Rd at Consol Dr Fs40.345859-80.057481
6612Washington Rd at Fidelity Investments40.350225-80.051365
6002Washington Rd at Florence Pl40.384457-80.043904
5950Washington Rd at Shady Dr40.383109-80.043827
19587Washington Rd opp Cedar Blvd40.381398-80.044217
19586Washington Rd opp Florence Pl40.384443-80.043758
7310Washington St at Monongahela Ave40.420166-79.888931
7308Washington St at Noble St40.421207-79.886193
19991Waterfront Dr at 5th Ave Fs40.404110-79.920097
17824Waterfront Dr at Amc Theatre40.407484-79.918805
21318Waterfront Dr at Bridge St40.409142-79.916713
20834Waterfront Dr at Commonwealth Bank Dr Fs40.413375-79.906536
17647Waterfront Dr at Costco Wholesale Drvwy40.404341-79.920553
19993Waterfront Dr at Lowes Drvwy Fs40.414166-79.902527
20379Waterfront Dr at Recreation Center40.413917-79.904917
20285Waterfront Dr opp Amc Theatre40.407047-79.919491
17737Waterfront Dr opp Bridge St (Red Robin)40.409498-79.916568
15853Waterfront Dr opp Commonwealth Bank40.413344-79.907259
3203Waterworks Mall at Giant Eagle40.487701-79.893956
3202Waterworks Mall at Marshalls40.488814-79.891879
17655Waterworks Mall at Walmart Main Entrance Fs40.488385-79.890047
18827Waterworks Mall opp Bed Bath & Beyond (Walmart)40.488188-79.890223
9356Waterworks Mall opp Giant Eagle40.487630-79.893833
9357Waterworks Mall opp Marshalls40.488773-79.891997
7065Waverly Ave at Braddock Ave40.422202-79.886139
7156Waverly Ave at Braddock Ave Fs40.422234-79.886253
8764Webster Ave at Orion St40.454858-79.961966
8763Webster Ave opp Mcneil Pl40.453993-79.963243
17633West Busway at Bell Station A40.415441-80.083026
18732West Busway at Bell Station B40.415637-80.082887
15277West Busway at Bell Station C40.415600-80.082726
15276West Busway at Carnegie Station40.406216-80.090038
15275West Busway at Carnegie Station40.406091-80.090234
18721West Busway at Crafton Station A40.435530-80.067735
18730West Busway at Crafton Station B40.435725-80.067743
15279West Busway at Crafton Station C40.435745-80.067571
18722West Busway at Idlewood Station A40.426101-80.072903
18731West Busway at Idlewood Station B40.426263-80.072750
15278West Busway at Idlewood Station C40.426224-80.072562
18720West Busway at Ingram Station A40.443662-80.066085
18729West Busway at Ingram Station B40.443815-80.066065
15280West Busway at Ingram Station C40.443860-80.065889
18579West Busway at Sheraden Station A40.452753-80.053154
15270West Busway at Sheraden Station B40.452707-80.052905
15281West Busway at Sheraden Station C40.452566-80.052935
15881West Commons at The Allegheny Sr Home40.450584-80.007149
6289West Liberty Ave at #266540.397479-80.028444
6408West Liberty Ave at #266640.397784-80.027957
18652West Liberty Ave at Belle Isle Ave40.400055-80.023769
6288West Liberty Ave at Blaine St40.396783-80.030414
6291West Liberty Ave at Brookline Blvd Fs40.398558-80.025756
6401West Liberty Ave at Brookside Ave40.410571-80.015487
6298West Liberty Ave at Busway Island40.411343-80.012146
6402West Liberty Ave at Cape May Ave40.408661-80.017676
19717West Liberty Ave at Capital Ave40.405178-80.018790
6403West Liberty Ave at Curranhill Ave40.405405-80.018885
6151West Liberty Ave at Dormont Ave40.391328-80.038927
6154West Liberty Ave at Illinois Ave40.395175-80.033986
18650West Liberty Ave at Kelton Ave40.392318-80.037655
18658West Liberty Ave at Kelton Ave Fs40.392590-80.037533
6409West Liberty Ave at Lasalle Ave40.396705-80.031013
18659West Liberty Ave at Mcfarland Rd40.389702-80.041496
6207West Liberty Ave at Park Blvd40.391242-80.039256
6405West Liberty Ave at Pauline Ave40.401903-80.022071
18653West Liberty Ave at Ray Ave Steps40.402687-80.020869
6407West Liberty Ave at Wenzell Ave40.398453-80.026140
6153West Liberty Ave at Wisconsin Ave Fs40.393828-80.035899
6406West Liberty Ave opp Belle Isle Ave40.400392-80.023626
22524West Liberty Ave opp Brookside Ave40.410348-80.015592
6296West Liberty Ave opp Cape May Ave40.408332-80.017760
18649West Liberty Ave opp Mcfarland Rd Fs40.389661-80.041336
6293West Liberty Ave opp Pauline Ave40.401657-80.022164
18655West Liberty Ave opp Pioneer Ave Fs40.395642-80.033494
18657West Liberty Ave opp Ray Ave Steps40.402780-80.020971
6205West Liberty Ave opp Wisconsin Ave40.393816-80.036110
99921West Library40.294139-80.029802
99920West Library40.294131-80.029852
11649West St at 13th Ave40.402992-79.908101
11667West St at 13th Ave40.403157-79.908461
11648West St at 15th Ave40.401932-79.906677
11031West St at 15th Ave40.402010-79.906926
11032West St at 17th Ave40.400719-79.905710
11646West St at 18th Ave40.400013-79.904970
11644West St at 21st Ave40.397946-79.903184
16604West St at Homestead Health Center40.399708-79.904832
11034West St at Munhall Boro Bldg40.399179-79.904375
11033West St opp 18th Ave40.400050-79.905137
11035West St opp 21st Ave40.398052-79.903405
11645West St opp Munhall Boro Bldg40.399210-79.904276
842West View Park Dr at Perry Hwy40.517688-80.031100
617West View Park Dr at Perry Hwy Fs40.517479-80.031983
618West View Park Dr at West View Towers40.516986-80.033418
733West View Park Dr opp West View Tower40.516855-80.033563
16529West View Plaza Fire Lane at Dollar Tree40.517571-80.037758
619West View Plaza Fire Lane at Giant Eagle40.516673-80.038650
620West View Plaza Fire Lane at Uhaul40.516553-80.036697
60Western Ave at Allegheny Ave40.451580-80.018486
18275Western Ave at Allegheny Ave Fs40.451551-80.018572
6Western Ave at Brighton Rd40.452355-80.014206
18276Western Ave at Brighton Rd Fs40.452320-80.014565
59Western Ave at Galveston Ave40.451977-80.016411
5Western Ave at Galveston Ave40.451900-80.016679
1413Western Ave at Manhattan St Fs40.450377-80.025365
7799Westinghouse Ave at Commerce St40.392745-79.809774
22556Westinghouse Ave at Herman Ave40.391797-79.809766
6793Weyman Rd at Foxwood Manor Apts40.367182-79.999221
20228Weyman Rd at Hennig Dr Fs40.364339-79.999732
6901Weyman Rd at Mcroberts Rd40.370395-79.997671
20443Weyman Rd at South Passage Dr40.362647-80.000443
6900Weyman Rd at Village Ln40.359857-80.000839
6792Weyman Rd at White Hampton Ln40.364269-79.999698
6897Weyman Rd opp Foxwood Manor Apts40.367445-79.999202
6794Weyman Rd opp Mcroberts Rd40.370258-79.997661
20442Weyman Rd opp South Passage Dr40.362560-80.000389
18849Weyman Rd opp Village Ln40.359704-80.000731
4834Wharton St at S 20th St40.430421-79.977196
7302Whipple St at Aurelius St40.424602-79.896312
7300Whipple St at Nevada St40.423001-79.899143
11107Whitaker St at Grant Ave40.399522-79.886239
11108Whitaker St at Mifflin St40.398767-79.885486
11116Whitaker St at Mifflin St Fs40.398801-79.885425
11926Whitaker St at Oak St40.396203-79.883629
11947Whitaker St at Oak St40.396323-79.883797
11106Whitaker St at Oak St40.400207-79.886933
11927Whitaker St opp Elm St Fs40.397110-79.884246
11117Whitaker St opp Grant Ave40.399459-79.886088
11118Whitaker St opp Oak St40.400290-79.886927
11123Whitaker Way at Highwood St40.405989-79.892801
18403Whitaker Way at Larkspur St40.403488-79.890361
11121Whitaker Way at Larkspur St40.403261-79.890045
17660Whitaker Way at Marigold St40.402562-79.889355
18419Whitaker Way at Marigold St40.402448-79.889140
11105Whitaker Way at Schwab Ave40.401897-79.888633
11119Whitaker Way at Schwab Ave40.401642-79.888273
11102Whitaker Way opp Highwood St40.405958-79.892995
20827White Ave at Stotz Ave Fs40.435200-80.066158
18967Whitfield St at Baum Blvd40.460623-79.926479
8016Wightman St at Beacon St40.433976-79.927551
8015Wightman St at Hobart St40.432455-79.927492
8014Wightman St at Phillips Ave Fs40.431402-79.927450
14321Wildwood Ave at #44440.503695-79.841251
14322Wildwood Ave at Food Park40.503574-79.840097
16437Wildwood Ave opp Verona St40.503342-79.839386
7686Wilkins Ave at #664040.446049-79.914475
7640Wilkins Ave at #664740.446231-79.914378
7685Wilkins Ave at Barnsdale St40.444777-79.915685
7642Wilkins Ave at Beechwood Blvd40.444427-79.917577
7684Wilkins Ave at Beechwood Blvd40.444284-79.917918
7678Wilkins Ave at Bellerock St40.444760-79.929370
7677Wilkins Ave at Fair Oaks St40.445366-79.930634
7649Wilkins Ave at Fair Oaks St40.445161-79.930062
7681Wilkins Ave at Murray Ave40.443947-79.924156
7646Wilkins Ave at Negley Ave40.444065-79.925887
7680Wilkins Ave at Negley Ave40.444004-79.926113
18529Wilkins Ave at Shady Ave Fs40.443893-79.920996
7683Wilkins Ave at Shady Ave Fs40.443890-79.920075
7647Wilkins Ave at Wightman St40.444100-79.927666
7679Wilkins Ave at Wightman St40.444145-79.928063
7644Wilkins Ave at Woodland Rd40.443936-79.922085
7687Wilkins Ave at Worth St40.446621-79.912842
7641Wilkins Ave opp Barnsdale St40.444862-79.915650
7648Wilkins Ave opp Bellerock St40.444708-79.929084
7645Wilkins Ave opp Murray Ave40.444010-79.924123
7682Wilkins Ave opp Woodland Rd40.443894-79.922165
7639Wilkins Ave opp Worth St40.446652-79.912966
7907William Penn Hwy at Churchill Boro Bldg40.446052-79.850201
20017William Penn Hwy at Elliott Rd40.434037-79.732310
15601William Penn Hwy at Jadens Ii40.431966-79.730328
7896William Penn Hwy opp Churchill Boro Bldg40.446157-79.851367
20019William Penn Hwy opp Elliott Rd40.434066-79.732674
13626William Penn Hwy opp Jadens Ii40.431919-79.730517
99906Willow Station40.365469-80.026193
99905Willow Station40.365186-80.026632
15672Wilner Dr at #220240.454261-79.868121
8944Wilner Dr at #227840.454353-79.869699
8943Wilner Dr at Bracey Dr40.454020-79.867054
8945Wilner Dr at East Hills Dr40.455078-79.871014
9168Wilner Dr at Robinson Blvd40.452763-79.866758
18583Wilner Dr at Robinson Blvd Fs40.452910-79.866757
9166Wilner Dr opp #227840.454144-79.869209
9167Wilner Dr opp Bracey Dr40.454040-79.867246
964Wilson Ave at Burgess St40.466527-80.013270
963Wilson Ave at Chester Ave40.467432-80.013563
965Wilson Ave at Drum St40.465029-80.012784
18643Wilson Ave at N Charles St Fs40.468950-80.014180
966Wilson Ave at Perrysville Ave40.463772-80.012369
16898Wilson Ave opp Kenwood Ave40.468468-80.013909
8406Wiltsie St at #690340.473847-79.897653
20064Wiltsie St at Highland Dr Fs40.476241-79.898523
8419Wiltsie St at Wardsons St40.472594-79.896726
8418Wiltsie St opp #690340.473733-79.897653
3741Windgap Ave at Belhurst Ave40.458209-80.079043
3752Windgap Ave at Belhurst Ave40.458368-80.078982
3742Windgap Ave at Chartiers Ave40.459235-80.077777
3753Windgap Ave at Summerdale St40.456255-80.080271
3740Windgap Ave at Summerdale St Fs40.456291-80.080158
6240Winfield St at Bank St40.350401-80.104623
18317Winhurst St at California Ave40.487361-80.044920
18307Winhurst St at California Ave Fs40.487384-80.044824
1522Winhurst St at Cambronne St40.488513-80.043615
12238Winterburn Ave at Bigelow St40.419024-79.939888
18959Winterburn Ave at Blanton St40.424326-79.939754
12237Winterburn Ave at Connor St40.420570-79.939877
19901Winterburn Ave at Denmarsh St40.425534-79.939831
12236Winterburn Ave at Farnsworth St Fs40.423166-79.939859
18961Winterburn Ave at Greenfield Ave40.426009-79.939746
12233Winterburn Ave at Greenfield Ave40.426299-79.939836
8515Winterburn Ave at Minnesota St40.425188-79.939754
19900Winterburn Ave opp Blanton St40.424360-79.939847
8512Winterburn Ave opp Connor St40.420403-79.939781
8513Winterburn Ave opp Farnsworth St40.423122-79.939797
7897Wm Penn Hwy at #229540.446023-79.853103
13509Wm Penn Hwy at #4155 (Panda Express)40.438953-79.764900
18612Wm Penn Hwy at Center Rd Fs40.438751-79.769642
13600Wm Penn Hwy at Denny's40.438290-79.772423
17109Wm Penn Hwy at Dollar Bank40.438818-79.764542
13512Wm Penn Hwy at Duff Rd40.438225-79.774095
7905Wm Penn Hwy at Graham Blvd40.445107-79.858649
19131Wm Penn Hwy at Graham Blvd Fs40.445121-79.859072
13707Wm Penn Hwy at Hawthorne Dr40.432880-79.819061
7590Wm Penn Hwy at Home Depot40.430328-79.806320
15435Wm Penn Hwy at Kia Dealership40.433580-79.797336
7499Wm Penn Hwy at Kingston Dr Fs40.429989-79.809511
7591Wm Penn Hwy at Kohl's Drvwy40.432919-79.798790
7906Wm Penn Hwy at Mccrea Dr40.445553-79.855523
18613Wm Penn Hwy at Northern Pike Fs40.437556-79.778354
13585Wm Penn Hwy at Nottingham Dr40.438214-79.830701
15092Wm Penn Hwy at Old Gate Rd40.445726-79.855115
12594Wm Penn Hwy at Penn Center Blvd Ns (Donut Shop)40.430306-79.813582
7498Wm Penn Hwy at Pep Boys40.430695-79.805725
13513Wm Penn Hwy at Red Lobster40.438007-79.775597
13518Wm Penn Hwy at Rodi Rd Fs40.438462-79.830801
7497Wm Penn Hwy at Sam's Warehouse Drvwy40.433270-79.798401
13601Wm Penn Hwy at Stroschein Rd40.438534-79.769760
13515Wm Penn Hwy at Value City40.436615-79.782997
19836Wm Penn Hwy opp Kingston Dr40.429811-79.809405
18622Wm Penn Hwy opp Northern Pike40.437456-79.777903
13706Wm Penn Hwy opp Penn Center Blvd40.430082-79.811688
13599Wm Penn Hwy opp Red Lobster40.437892-79.775456
17110Wm Penn Hwy opp Rite Aid40.438669-79.767918
13597Wm Penn Hwy opp Value City40.436297-79.783665
7447Wolfe Ave at General Braddock Dr Fs40.408711-79.849861
7418Wolfe Ave at General Braddock Dr Ns40.410093-79.850683
7449Wolfe Ave at Mary St40.406878-79.847914
7450Wolfe Ave at Pallas St40.405774-79.845628
7416Wolfe Ave at Turner Dr40.407733-79.849121
7415Wolfe Ave opp Mary St40.406892-79.847828
7566Wolfe Ave opp Turner Dr Ns40.408021-79.849412
4831Wood St Btw Forbes Ave & Fifth Ave40.440292-80.000640
15218Wood St at Franklin Ave40.441207-79.886095
8290Wood St at Hill Ave40.445980-79.883370
8341Wood St at Hill Ave40.446192-79.883411
8340Wood St at Holmes St40.447309-79.883679
8909Wood St at Mooseheart St40.448847-79.883969
8287Wood St at Ross Ave40.442783-79.885201
4832Wood St at Sixth Ave40.441801-79.999643
8286Wood St at South Ave40.441975-79.885658
8339Wood St at Susquehanna St Fs40.448033-79.883850
4829Wood St at Third Ave Fs40.439076-80.001471
8289Wood St at Wallace Ave40.444376-79.884293
8343Wood St at Wallace Ave40.444685-79.884218
8291Wood St opp Holmes St40.446995-79.883496
8292Wood St opp Susquehanna St40.448100-79.883780
19361Wood St opp Tioga St40.449263-79.884077
99993Wood Street Station40.442275-79.999574
99992Wood Street Station40.442338-79.999525
1864Woodland Ave at Brighton Rd40.469876-80.025775
19354Woodland Ave at Brighton Rd Fs40.469916-80.025973
1867Woodland Ave at Shadeland Ave40.469140-80.029970
1863Woodland Ave at Stayton St40.469573-80.027450
1866Woodland Ave at Stayton St40.469679-80.027252
17313Woodstock Ave at #269040.414304-79.872838
7055Woodstock Ave at #269540.414302-79.872644
7062Woodstock Ave at Ardmore St40.419070-79.884156
7159Woodstock Ave at Ardmore St40.419126-79.884408
7164Woodstock Ave at Belmar Pl40.415284-79.875757
7163Woodstock Ave at Braddock Ave40.415389-79.876907
20448Woodstock Ave at Braddock Ave Fs40.415489-79.877193
7060Woodstock Ave at Melrose St40.417069-79.880779
7161Woodstock Ave at Melrose St40.417158-79.881084
7061Woodstock Ave at Ormond St40.418099-79.882518
7160Woodstock Ave at Ormond St40.418155-79.882763
16177Woodstock Ave at Swissvale Station Steps40.415777-79.878730
7059Woodstock Ave at Vernon Ave (Busway)40.416110-79.879151
7162Woodstock Ave at Vernon Ave (Busway)40.416146-79.879380
18401Woodstock Ave at Wilkins Ave Fs40.413559-79.871373
7165Woodstock Ave at Woodstock Terrace40.414847-79.874385
7057Woodstock Ave opp Belmar Pl40.415302-79.875521
20446Woodstock Ave opp Swissvale Station Steps40.415683-79.878250
7167Woodstock Ave opp Wilkins Ave40.413345-79.871225
7056Woodstock Ave opp Woodstock Terr40.414812-79.874062
22522Worthington Ave at 8th St40.292385-79.890209
11197Worthington Ave at 9th St40.292190-79.891505
11198Worthington Ave at 10th St40.292042-79.893567
20240Worthington Ave at 10th St Fs40.291971-79.893589
11199Worthington Ave at 11th St Fs40.292360-79.895955
11200Worthington Ave at 12th St40.292732-79.897195
11267Worthington Ave at 12th St40.292915-79.897871
11266Worthington Ave at 13th St40.293595-79.899508
11206Worthington Ave at Hwy Rt 5140.291027-79.913624
11262Worthington Ave at Hwy Rt 51 Fs40.290720-79.912907
17510Worthington Ave at Interchange Lounge (#1560)40.292725-79.909450
11205Worthington Ave at Oneida Dr40.294604-79.905487
11263Worthington Ave at Oneida Dr40.294574-79.905718
11264Worthington Ave at Peterson Dr40.293844-79.903305
11196Worthington Ave opp 8th St40.292465-79.890175
11270Worthington Ave opp 9th St40.292100-79.891598
11268Worthington Ave opp 11th St40.292276-79.895864
11202Worthington Ave opp 13th St40.293673-79.899525
17509Worthington Ave opp Interchange Lounge (#1560)40.292744-79.909534
11204Worthington Ave opp Peterson Dr40.293857-79.903216
11762Worton Blvd at Conlin St40.362866-79.870699
21618Worton Blvd at Homestead Duquesne Rd40.364456-79.869766
21619Worton Blvd at Homestead Duquesne Rd Fs40.363909-79.869942
978Wurzell Ave at Burgess St40.468689-80.004160
22667Wylie Ave at Crawford St40.442614-79.987326
22666Wylie Ave at Fullerton St40.441873-79.989136
22669Wylie Ave at Fullerton St40.442042-79.988885
20843Yester Sq at Craig St40.349549-79.839717
20844Yester Sq at Crawford Village Pl40.350465-79.839080
7426Yost Blvd at Ardmore Blvd40.415329-79.848000
7354Yost Blvd at Ardmore Blvd Fs40.415474-79.848030
20484Yost Blvd at Ardmore Manor Dr40.413878-79.851082
7564Yost Blvd at Brinton Rd40.412504-79.856384
7531Yost Blvd at Brinton Rd Fs40.412324-79.856389
7533Yost Blvd opp Main St40.408289-79.857999
20840Young Dr at Yester Sq40.349673-79.840575
18864Zupancic Dr at Broglie Dr40.320680-79.985351
9801Zupancic Dr at Hurl Ln40.321026-79.983325
18866Zupancic Dr at Quaker Dr40.320770-79.989408
20233Zupancic Dr at Springvale Dr40.320577-79.994214
18867Zupancic Dr opp #651640.320510-79.992141

Agency Stops: 6801